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Found 676 results

  1. DoomSparkles

    K-Drama: Cyberpunk edition

    The day was cold. Flurries of snow filled the air and fell down on the electrical city below, trickling down into the neon lights that flooded everyone's vision. The town was crowded, despite the cold weather, with people bundled in their coats and scarves pulled up to their noses shuffling their way to their destinations. The bustle wasn't an extremely loud one, but it was what one would expect for a city this size. Though through the city's vast labyrinth, there sat a boy in a wheelchair. He was bundled up with his scarf pulled up to his ears and struggled to push himself along up a multi-leveled ramp. Puffs of smoke billowed from under his scarf as he finally reached the top, covered now in a coat of sweat. He took a moment to catch his breath before pushing himself to the door of the complex. He dug around inside his coat pocket before pulling out a card and touching it to the sensor, unlocking the set of doors. He sniffled from the cold and stuffed away the card before sluggishly heading in. The wheels slid inside of the room, the doors slowly creeping closed behind him automatically. He shivered from the cold, rubbing his arms in attempts to warm himself. Once sufficiently warmed, he pulled down his scarf to show his urban breathing mask. His appearance was much more clear under the white lights of the college dormitory. He had messy, black hair that was littered with a layer of white snow and blueish-green orbs. His ethnicity seemed Asian: more specifically, Korean. He brushed the snow from his hair and rubbed his hands together, warming his freezing fingers. He seemed young, in his 20's perhaps, but still had a youthful look about him with his somewhat large ears and smooth, pale skin. He should really be getting to his dorm... He would need to study for his exams and start dinner for his brother. With a deep breath, the male gathered his strength and headed down the corridor towards the moving walkways. The windows here extended high over his head. It reminded him of the hospitals...hanging high over the city in their tall white buildings. He studied the city with its hologram advertisements and neon lights. This was nothing but a typical day...but he enjoyed looking out on the city from the glass windows. There was something about it that made him think of jellyfish in a tank. The walkway ended and his chair rolled off the belt and into the main lobby where he found the elevators. He hated how far away his dorm was from his classes. He missed how his brother used to teach him at home. Though it wasn't as though he and his brother could complain; they were going to school for free after all. A little inconvenience was to be expected he supposed. He pushed the button for the upper level and waited for the room to come down the glass tube. He had to admit, these facilities were pretty advanced and nicely kept. Much better than the apartments his brother and he came from. The big city was a change too, but he was slowly getting used to it. The elevator made a soft ding, and the doors slowly opened. Wheeling inside, he pushed his desired floor and watched the doors slowly close. Turning towards the glass wall, he gazed out onto the city again. His brother was in that far building... He said he had to go in for a few more tests, something about scanning over his optic nerves worked...Or was it the nerves in his brain? He could never get it right...His brother was always the one who understood all the biology and medical terms they slung around. But said he would be home in time for dinner. He always made it home for dinner somehow. A smile softly crept to his lips as he remembered how his brother would come into the room, panting and out of breath from whatever silly errands he had to do that day. His blue eyes tired and blond hair all in a mess, but once he was home, that goofy smile spread on his lips. He would laugh, rubbing the back of his head with some excuse of how he ditched early to come home, or how he "got done testing early". No matter what had happened that day, he always felt better when his brother came home. The doors opened and he snapped back from his thoughts. He rolled himself inside of the halls and in front of his dorm room. His hand dug into his jacket for his key card...but his hand came back empty. Fear gripped his chest. Did he...? Did he drop it? He swore he just had it. It had his picture on it with a chip inside meant to open his door easier. His brother was the only other one who had a key. He couldn't bother him with anything more... He had dropped his whole life for him. Besides, he checked his phone. 16:07. His brother wouldn't be back for a few hours. The male ran his small, stubby fingers through his hair and groaned. Perhaps he had left it in the hallway...? Or it had fallen out on his way through the doors. @Skyscraper
  2. Haelikor


    War. War has forever changed. After Haelikor crowned himself the board leader of the One Line RP Board Supernal created while presumably intoxicated (both Haelikor and Supernal respectively), Hael began to do many cool things. Photoshop stuff. Create tanks. Or something? Well anywho, everything is on fire now. And war has happened. It's not very good - unless you desire war, then it is pretty good. Inordinately good even. Meanwhile, on YouTube, there was drama or something? So Andy Warski, a YouTube content creator, was struck with Meme Magic and transformed into Adam Racewarski - an extreme terrorist hellbent on killing all staff of the card game Magic the Gathering. He as well also began to kill the people and light things on fire. But not for long. You (and several hundred other people but don't worry you're special) are parachuted into the- the capital of One Line RP which I guess is now LA? As you land, you're greeted by the helper robot which helps you know stuff. "Beep boop or some shit. Fuck you! I am your slave robot. I am designated as ... Tacos & Burritos. I don't know why. I'm here to help you select your class. Don't attack me or I'll grind you into bacon bits to further augment my burrito capacitor. Those are metaphors." Alright! You get to select your CLASS! CLASS OPTION A :: MAGIC SWORDSMAN Your advantage is you are really good with swords, and the swords can poop magic. Any kind of magic. Planar manipulation, time control. You name it! Your disadvantage is that you have to wear at least 98 belts, and no less than 7 of them have to constrict the blood flow to your groin. So much so, you're dying. You can use your magic to ease the process but nothing you can do can remove those belts; even becoming incorporeal will constrict your (wiener)(clam)(ambiguous). So to avoid dying, you have to sleep for 23 out of the 24 hours in a day. If someone finds you while you're sleeping, they can tighten the belts one rung more, killing you instantly. CLASS OPTION B :: CONSTRUCTION WORKER Your advantage is you're buff and strong from years of manual labor, so you have super strength and can suplex skyscrapers. The downside is you don't have a lifetime of debt from going to college for 12 years, so you're illiterate and you can't tie your shoelaces but feel compelled to still wear shoes with strings on them, causing a 50% chance to trip over yourself anywhere you go. CLASS OPTION C :: COMPUTER HACKER You're smart. Your parents told you so. You're so smart, you can hack anything kid - you can whip out your USB keyboard with overclocked RAM and 5x DPI to access the mainframe of street signs, change the CSS of the sidewalk, or even backtrace the database of your foes. However, such intellect does come with a price. You have cancer. That's unfortunate. CLASS OPTION D :: HARASSER You are a vile scum, a true rogue of the town. You can lock onto one target(victim) and begin lobbing verbal abuse at them, debuffing them immensely. However, you can only focus on one person at a time for this effect, making you strong at solo PVP but weak at group PVP; as well also, you have to carry a Waifu Body Pillow (waifu of your choice) at all times. If your Waifu Body Pillow is destroyed, you must pray to your waifu for 24 hours to be redeemed, or forever be a BANNED HARASSER. That's not all. There are more classes that will be added with the expansion packs. Some will require unlocking. Watch out! "buh hael what about multi-classing?" You are allowed to multi-class. However, you must pick an initial class, then go through town until you find THE SEWER OF MULTI-CLASSING. There, you must cut off one of your limbs. This removal of said limb is both permanent and magically disables gaining any more limbs (I'm looking at you, Magic Swordsmen!); you may do this for as many class options and as many limbs as you have available. ...however... you didn't think it ended just there did you? Oh you foolish little person of ambiguous sex you! "Zip bobba beep bop. Uh. Select your... race I guess? Or something? I guess you were too fucking stupid to know what it was until now but now you do. Good on you." [CURRENT BASE GAME RACES] [[HUMAN]] ADVANTAGES - To represent the versatility of your kind, you ignore the limb penalty for one multi-class option! DISADVANTAGES - You suck ass. [[ORC]] ADVANTAGES - You're green. As well also, to represent the virility of your race, you can ignore the drawback of your first class. DISADVANTAGES - There are no elves for you to fornicate with. Deprived of a sense of purpose, your character is depressed. You must always give brooding edge-lord statements. [[ANDROID]] ADVANTAGES - Your base stats are very high. You're faster, stronger, smarter. DISADVANTAGES - You don't have a penis. Even if female - you don't have a penis. As well also, you are exceptionally vulnerable to Computer Hackers. [[CHARLES BARKLEY]] ADVANTAGES - You have a godlike gift for the game of b-ball. You can run very fast, and you can dunk on fools no problem. DISADVANTAGES - You are not a role model. This lack of charisma makes people supernaturally compelled to be hostile towards you, even if they normally wouldn't be. MORE RACES COMING IN THE NEXT EXPANSION, "Heaven's Block IV." Begin!
  3. Scene Opens: Scene shifts to open rooftop, where a melodramatic, middle aged, white dude is standing on the fringe between life and death.
  4. The castle was perched upon the clouds, staring down onto the pine tress below. It was the object of curiosity, holding some sort of important artifact. One man was searching for passage to the skies, and stopped at a little tavern to search for a pilot. He ordered a drink as he sat down, and searched the room.
  5. Last Magician

    The Lunarium Lecture Series

    It couldn't have been said when the tower had shown up- just that it was there in the morning. It had the patina of age, a sense of decay and organic growth that suggested it was quite ancient and perhaps grown from some manner of acorn that created parapets and stairways instead of branches. All in all, it was either genuinely as it appeared, or at least, an artful forgery. To be expected considering who would be hosted. There were so many winding passageways, some sheer climbs at times as a stairway had become rubble and simple silken cord had been wound together to make a rope ladder. Regardless of how you entered, and what path at what fork you took, there were no dead-ends here- it all ended... in a proscenium. There were Coliseum seats arching around it, and a few worn columns about, but otherwise, the stage was truly above them- the moon, looking far larger than it should and the ceiling to their little venture, a pure dollop of cream in the heavenly teacup, the night swirling liquor all around it. There was a fainting chair set in the center of the stage, lounging on it, a strange figure, resting beneath their tall pointed straw hat, draped in a dark blue cloth, the round yellow brim sitting in the center just like the moon above. There was clearly a figure underneath, faintly snoring. There was a side table adjoining the chair, an ornate calabash set in a rocker, gently smoldering. A bottle of absinthe had been set alongside, it clear by the spoon drifting in the dirty glass that this had already been used. Stacked on the ground beside was a hefty bottle of laudanum, embalming fluid, something detailed as just "Elixir", and a large carboy filled with liquid mercury. The strangest thing was the note- on the back, written in blood, "You're cordially invited....." On the front, the card had been lacquered, a pearlescent coating drawing over a field of azure, an ink rich in golden fillagree just specifying this time, this date, and this place. "The Show Shall Begin once The Great Bell rings Thrice."
  6. Esben sighed as he stood there. The slum streets were not a place for the young elf. But it would do because he didn't bring a lot of money. His fine silks were wrinkled and a mess due to the run ins with people he tried to make slaves and failed at. He shook his head as he had been holed up here for a week now. He had managed to charm his way onto the ship but after that, it was hard to charm a way into a nice looking place. Weland seemed to be a tougher place it seemed. It was here Esben's stomach growled. He was hungry. But what could his little pocket money catch? Making his way onto the street, he placed his hands into his coat pockets. He wondered whom would fall into his spider's web? He didn't know but he would perform the best show in the land. It would be grand.
  7. Pasion Pasiva

    -=Walking in a Winter Wonderland=-

    It had been some time since she last spoke to Wayne, and frankly she was very surprised that the short, stocky man was still in Orisia. Nevertheless, he made certain to present himself just as soon as the coronation was announced and to offer his full range of services to the Black Queen. The merit of his work did not need to be tested, nor did his loyalty -- Gabriela knew that Wayne was a simple man. He would always remain in the castle, working under whatever monarch happened to be ruling so long as the pay was generous and his creativity remained relatively unrestricted. From the beginning, he had been in charge of bringing to life her most fantastical ideas for celebrations, and while this particular occasion promised to be somewhat more somber, he was no less excited to be working with his Queen once again. “I know you said subtle -- but with a theme like Winter Wonderland -- well, there’s only so much subtlety you can expect, Darling Queen.” Gabriela stood amidst a sea of flowers. They were in every shape and size. Massive bouquets that were artfully arranged in giant crystal vases that somehow appeared to be frosted, as if a deep chill were cooling the clear waters within. All the flowers were white, and the stems and leaves and drooping vines had been somehow coated in silver. The arrangements were stunning, and there were hundreds of them. Most sat at the center of large, white-leather, banquette sofas. This was the only seating she could see, there were no solitary chairs or tables located anywhere. The rest of the vases sat on stone columns that had been artfully arranged all around the throne room in varying heights and widths. Her throne room could be described as having three parts. The main doors that lead within opened directly into the center part, and therefore main part of the throne room. A wide open rectangular space, surrounded on both sides by curving arches and thick columns that make the black throne upon a black dais the focal point for anyone entering. To either side of this main area are wings of equal dimensions, large gallery sized spaces where the sofas and the majority of the flower arrangements had been placed. The ceilings here were notably shorter than that located in the center, where the throne resides, and from them hang dozen of chandeliers, all of which have been decorated with crystal snowflakes -- all in different sizes -- that hang from silver threads. “Excuse us,” said a team of men who were carrying in huge bundles of long black sticks. “What in the world are those for…” Gabriela asked, as she watched the men file into the throne room, one after the other, until nearly twenty of them had passed. Each was hard at work wrapping a thick layer of the bound, black sticks around each of her beautiful marble columns. “We’re stringing them with pearls and lights! So it feels like we’re outside...It will look beautiful when the floor gets covered in fresh snow.” “Fresh snow?” she felt jaw begin to clench, and had to struggle to maintain her composure. “You’re going to fill my throne room with fresh snow?” “We’ve coated the floors with a sealant. There won’t be any damage, and it will give everything such an air of fanciful fancy!” Wayne replied as he clutched his clipboard to his chest, beaming brightly at the queen. “Just think of it! Snow will be falling over your guests without the discomfort of cold and without a single gray cloud to do away with the warm glow of the chandeliers! It will be absolutely stunning.” His utter excitement and commitment to the vision he had come up with was far too endearing, and so Gabriela felt her annoyance slowly melt away, leaving her with nothing more than an awful sense of impotence. Of course she should have known that this would happen. Inviting Wayne into this project all but guaranteed that her small and quiet event would end up turning into some circus of pomp and glamour. She might as well have led a parade through the burning streets of Orisia… “I have to get ready,” she said as a way to excuse herself before she saw anymore. “Oh, but please, Darling Queen, tell me you love it before you go. You’ll break my heart if you leave with such a sour look upon your face. Tell me you at least like it. Think of the children! They’ve never seen snow in the capital, and now, for one night -- they’ll get to run about it and play in it. There will be sweets and hot cocoa for them. We’re going to put up charming snowmen, all done up in soft scarves, bow ties, and top hats! You wanted a winter wonderland and I am giving it to you.” How could such a simple man do away with the heavy weight of her pride. She stood there despondent for a moment, looking at him as if she were willing and able to call him out on his emotional manipulation, but then she had a thought -- more like mental image. She saw people, she saw hundreds of them, she saw them happy as they stepped in and felt snow crunch under their feet. That was such a wonderful feeling. She thought of boys and girls gathering handfuls of snow and throwing them. The somber occasion would turn joyous, surely… And this wasn’t for her, it was never for her, she didn’t care about a crown being set on her head. This was for them. “I do like it Wayne -- as always, your creativity does not disappoint.” A boastful smile spread across the man’s face. His dark eyes were pretty jewels at the center of his pudgy features. He wasn’t a necessarily handsome man, but in that moment, he was certainly quite lovely. “Go on then, make yourself presentable, Darling Queen, and return to us quickly. The party starts in a few hours.” “I’ll make sure to make my entrance when everything is in full swing.” ~*~ There was a rather large gathering of people waiting for the gates to open. These were the commoners of Orisia, which against the disparaging odds had decided to come out to celebrate the re-coronation of the queen they had once known and loved. With Lucis’ coronation, they hadn’t been invited, and the castle gates had been kept closed since word spread that the Queen had died. Most of them, oddly enough, just wanted to see if Gabriela was really Gabriela, since most of them actually remembered her from the many events that had been opened to them in the past. They were all dressed in their best, which did not mean that it amounted to much for all, but it didn’t matter. Although the snow that was falling within the throne room was magical, and the temperature regulated, there were some aspects of the occurrence that Gabriela did not want to change. She wanted the snow to be cold, she wanted it to feel cold, to melt against human warmth. On a whim, hundreds of beautifully knitted white scarves and gloves had been produced, and were given away to each and every guest as they finally allowed into the castle. Of course there was a seperate entrance, one that simply had to show reverence for those guests of high importance -- political and such. Although they would be rubbing elbows with commonors tonight, they were still entitled to a certain type of treatment, which included access to private areas that were simply roped off to the general public. Dignitaries, politicians, affluent members of society -- they would be waited on by a private collection of serving staff, to ensure that they never went too long without a drink or hors d'oeuvres. Keeping them fat and drunk seemed to be the best policy when dealing with people that needed to be won back. The throne room began to fill with people. Most were curious about the throne itself and quickly made their way towards it, sharing stories about how the Black Queen herself had carried the massive thing into the castle when she first took the throne. It a story not many believed, being that Gabriela had since then done much and more to try and pass off as human as possible. However, since the introduction of a whole vampyre society thanks to Raphael, more and more people had witness the many astounding attributes of that strange and beautiful race of creatures. The Black Throne was surrounded by four knights, all clad in black armor. They stood each corner of the dais and made sure that no one tried to get too familiar with the structure. They would end up spending the duration of the celebration there, while the Queen sat and watched the party. For now though, they appeared a bit more lax. They even answered questions when asked by curious visitors. It wasn’t until the room was quite full that the snow began to fall. No one had really understood why they had been given scarves and mittens. But it was the delight-filled squeal of a single child that gave away the beginnings of the real celebration. For it was this one child who had been admiring a chandelier when out of nowhere they saw a white speck of dust, which came floating down -- growing and growing -- until it landed right on his nose. It was cold and crisp, but it melted away the moment he tried to touch it with his warm fingertip. “Snow! It’s snowing! It’s snowing!”
  8. christians168

    Looking to join or start a D&D group

    So it's been three years since i've last played D&D and I really want to hop back into this experience. I've only played a few times, but i thoroughly enjoyed it and was looking to join or start a D&D group. I've never done the Dungeon Master role before, but if need be i'd be willing to give it a try since i've got the starter set and stuff.
  9. The Bone King

    Challenge to not-desolate

    A short brown-haired man with almond-shaped brown eyes wearing a knee-length white cape, an extra-extra-large white tee-shirt, baggy blue trousers, white sneakers with black stripes and hand and finger accessory athletic tape walked on-to the dirt floor of a Coliseum located some-where on Gaia. His name: Clash Fa! Clash weighed one hundred sixty-four pounds and had a body five feet eight and a quarter inches long. The Coliseum towered five stories in-to the sky. Its stone bleachers were filled with hooting and hollering fans eager for the blood-shed to start. Clash smiled bravely. He turned a-bout, waving to the people in the audience. Then, he clasped the fingers of his right hand over his left wrist and patiently awaited the arrival of his adversary.
  10. Dradiro

    The Hermit, rekindle the flame?

    Dradiro had been somewhat forced to flee his home just outside of Osiria’s capital, war had broken out. He for one didn’t feel the real need to serve either side so he fled. Holding no real alliegence he headed to Izabal, still staying towards the outskirts. He had found a home close to the mountains, no real neighbors to speak of, Perfect. It took him awhile to settle in, luckily three of his servants came with him. The witch in particular he favored, though he wasn’t unneccesarily rude and hateful to the other two males. There was a basement, two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, kitchen and living area. Barely enough space for his books, but those enchanted bags his witch made were quite useful, it was her blood he sought the most though over her skills. There was a small area in their back yard they had made small training area, “Never know when your life will be threatened and you won’t have back up.” The Umbramancer would say, this once human made vampire sacrificed, essentially to the darkness by his master. Wasn’t that horrible though, they did have 2 other companions, one was perfectly fine with it’s life the other though. “Ya know that’s a little hypocritical you to say right?” This feminine voice echoed behind him. “Cerena’s right ya know, you and her are literally attached and you’d never leave Astra anywhere. Not to mention you say her name and she comes flying.” Dradiro glanced back to see Cerena and Alexa behind him looking at him. They had a point though, “That’s why I insist on training the three of you who aren’t so fortunate to be in my shoes.” He huffed. Cerena nodded, “Ok yeah he does have a point there,” She said but still pointed a shadowy finger at him. “Stop being in dad mode all the time though. You’re so stressed lately.” She had a point, they had only been here a couple months and word had made it that there was war in Versilla. “They need to know how to protect themselves, all of them. Alexa is a witch but what about Trevin and Asher? They’re human but can hold their own with a sword thanks to me.” The demon in his shadow slipped back to where she came then climbed up and around him taking the form of his usual duster, just a mild shade of gray. ‘The brat and the witch have a point Dra, you’ve even been pushing yourself. You’ve not fed in weeks, and yet you are out here pushing yourself just as much as you are either of them. You need to rest’.’ Astra interrupted telepathically to all of them, the sword laying against his hip as always. Cerena let that slide while Alexa giggled, “He refuses when I offer.” The witch spoke up, the men were off reading waiting their turn to train if they wanted. “I’m fine.” Dradiro said grumpily.
  11. Armada

    The next line

    OOC: You decide the next sentence. Keep it simple, clean, and fun. “I do see.” He exclaimed, fingers trembling around the whiskey cup. “But why?”
  12. Pickled

    The Castle (A Castle Above)

    A small castle, about 12,000 meters above the Great Pine Barrens. It was recently sent on its voyage to the sky. It has no inhabitants, but it is rumored to have a great treasure inside. It has a large wall around its sides, and is a interesting article. It is floating using an unknown magic.
  13. The ground was soiled with blood. The sword clashed and crumbled to the ground. The clock ticking off with a haunting chime. The ground seeped in blood and hate. The cursing of a land from the death of it's first leader, Absolon. Spitting on his grave with such venom, not even the sins could be forgotten. It should such chaos and broken hearts. Curses and magi that tore at the soul, at the mind and especially the heart. Absolon was the broken capital. The bones of the downtrodden laid upon each step that led up to the castle. A castle built on the bones of the past. The cobblestone streets showed a battle that didn't last. The hero falling down upon the ground as the villain smiled that shark smile. Yet, more would come. More wanted to save such a doomed land. The war was coming. Built on blood and revenge. Tearing their hopes and dreams asunder. The Umbral year was upon them. And the crushed crown laid upon the seas of blood. No one would survive the terror that was coming, rebuilt by a chance encounter. But, the heroes would try. The resistance wasn't dead. Only laying low so the princess wouldn't get wind of them. They were plotting a plan to get back things to normal. But normal wouldn't come so easily. However, the seeds of evil were getting stronger, more turned each day. Either into dead demons of magi and power or ore creatures. And the princess was lost to the darkness that reigned her heart. The islands had lost their key advantages against her, the temple and Kogal. But word spread that a new temple was being built. Sadly that didn't happen. The quest before you is to locate the underdepths of Ebony-Yahera and find a way to destroy the artifacts that live there. Beware, as they will try to sway you to their side and corrupt you. Also, if you under take this, make sure it's someone you won't mind losing if that comes to be. Can you put a dent into the darkness and help try to get the heroes more power to try and stop the war coming?
  14. The town known as only 'Magitech community town' is what the place is called, in the empire of Lexdord. Various cars quietly roamed about though the streets passing the great halls of the town (though small in territory size the building were taller then sky scrapers) sitting as the grand education center for all...except vampires, vampires are the only creatures truly hated by the people and government alike. Free admission was set for a lottery celebrating the 89th anniversary of the town, although free you can only join once per yearthen you ether wait until next year or pay the hefty fee to enter. "Only 60 people will be chosen to enter for free." Said the grand master of the town (basicly mayor) "now put your hand into the electronical booths, it will give you a ticket with a number on it now let us begin!" The first numbers were "43378" a Naga slithered inside "33390" A gargoyle flew to the door "44785" A man in a top hat walked inside "58953" A dragon girl aged 14 silently marched indoors...
  15. Etched in Stone

    A Dire Housewarming (Haunted Glen)

    Darkness would soon come to all, every man, woman and children for this very revival called for a highly anticipated outcome not only on the lives that disturbed it, but for all to witness the crumbles of men beneath the soles of a single entity. The Church of Kabbalat referred to him as the daemon, a vampire .... The Antichrist. They weren't wrong. Legend spoke of the first vampires emerging during the failing hardships of mankind as human civilization was on the verge of extinction, almost thousands of years ago. Seven pureblood vampires would unite to restore such population by interbreeding. Amongst the seven, came the House of Choisel renown in the Underworld and to the realms of Gaia Primus, however but just a poor imitation of the vampires that served and ruled before him who had no idea of the Pureblood's royal claims, a nobody to the new World. The narrow valley of Glen thrived with paranormal energy, breeding grounds for the haunting as the entire land itself felt possessed by such evil phenomena. On the night of a full red moon a great evil would awaken, the same day one year ago he would swear to never return to sunlight until it was time and would work at his rulings in the Underworld. Demon relics of great power drive his very resurrection. Where the shadows moved and took awkward shapes, and from where the voices called in the darkness, the earth beneath the surface would tremor and fissure into a bottomless pit of burning flames. The whole world would seem to quake and tremble from fear yet these anomalies were normal in the Haunted Glen. The twenty-foot wide abyss was emerging from another dimension; the Underworld, while the black sky would grow red and fiery. A flying horde of shadow bats pour themselves into the new world from the black hole, surrounding the dark and chaotic hell fiery embodiment rising from a pillar no other than Him of the Crows, the Haunt of the Prowling Night. Scarlet blood red eyes peer into the openness of the new world, flying minions encircle his form as he steps from the platform and onto the hard ground of the valley. The sinister serrated smirk of his lips cannot fathom the mass amounts of energy beckoning him to seek the land out further. "Sous la Lune sanglante, vous viendrez à moi, comme une incarnation charnelle que vous avez sur Gaia Primus. Cendres aux cendres, de la poussière nous sommes procréés. Ce monde sinistre apporte beaucoup d'espoir à notre avenir. Du sang de notre éternelle liaison encaissee dans cette rose, je vous invoque, ma Reine. De la peste ils m'ont réveillé à nouveau, votre Seigneur et maître." A French accent would roll eloquently from the native's tongue and smooth as honey with a hint of venom in his oath recital. Within his hand produced a resin encased Rose specifically, he had given one to his distant lady lover so to speak, once sealed together by their bond and eternal loyalty to one another. Leinhart had tons of women in his lifetime, however she had to be the one who stuck around through thick and thin longer than any other. All these years he had kept it safe with him until his return to her, a gift, to never forget each other no matter how far they traveled apart. As the Head of the Choisel Pureblood Family duties called for them to part ways nearly five years ago. As one of the progenitors of the Vampire Society in the Underworld he was obligated to shut-off all contact in order to keep her safe from what was known as the Hunter's Association, while all in efforts to peacefully co-exist amongst mankind. What she was unaware about the resin Rose once destroyed it acted as a gateway, an interdimensional portal used to bring them together no matter how far apart the distance was between. She would be taken from her own free will and summoned to where ever the smashed glass resin appeared. It was an intricate design forged so that once the time was right, there would be no need to go out and searching for her and if she somehow was to be killed by the Hunters, this was his way to reincarnate her along with the ashes from his grave. Crushing the encased resin under his undeniable vampiric grip it shatters into a hundreds of glittering pieces, the rose remains in tact momentarily, but withers away without the encasement of the resin no longer to preserve it's purities. One by one, he would call together those of his House should graves start emerging from out of nowhere, they would resurrect and follow under the biddings of their vampire lord, Master Leinhart. "Come to me, my children of the scorned!"
  16. Nova sat on the boat as she tried to image what a new land would look like. She came from the small island of Rowan, far from here. Ansgar was her birth city. But the young vampire couldn't do a thing there. She was suffocating in a land that didn't understand her. And so she, a black bird of death, as they liked to associate her with, gathered her meager belongings and took a ship to Orisia. But she had never been on a ship before. The rocking of the ship made her sick the first day. But she managed to survive. Nova sighed as she walked upon the outer deck of the ship. She knew no one really, a loner type of girl seeing anyone who involved themselves with her died. Nova was a bad luck charm you didn't want. The vampire placed her arms on the railing as her yellow and orange speckled eyes casted themselves upon the reflection of the sea. She wondered if this land, Orisia it was called, would welcome her? Nova was one who loved getting into trouble. And who knew maybe she would find something worth fighting for? Something to keep from dying. Nova didn't know.
  17. Jai Nifarious

    Rage Magic

    "Increase the stress levels." The subject's name is Xrd; The self proclaimed first of his bloodline, he sports a highly durable body that has withstood the same feats as the legendary Hercules at the expense of his relationship with his first girlfriend. The relationship was torn asunder when he was exposed to poisonous toxins in his sleep from his then bride to be. He's shown heavy obsession with his own personal experimentation which would be considered self mutilation, if not for the abundance of white magic. Xrd has had trouble with making friends, he believes it's because at a younger age he went into a berserk state that took four mages to subdue him, the damage he'd caused is still being paid for by his adoptive parents, even after their deaths. He blames himself for their deaths and the misfortune their daughter Aiya has to endure just because he exists. Terrenus has abandoned him for constantly getting into unprovoked fights and deescalating them aggressively. Unfortunately, his previous job at handling construction released him in turn of his association with a rumor that terrorists were on the rise and that they have the same shade of skin as he, the job gave him a fabricated reason that he was under performing, even as his picture hanged from their wall with the description "Employee of the year." At this moment, Xrd is trying to keep a roof over his head by becoming someone that is irreplaceable and can go unquestioned; A Master. "Xrd. I don't want to do this anymore!" The subject's overseer is Xrd's own sister Aiya. She has assisted Xrd in exerting mana, deciphering ancient writing and relics, mastering berserk, but not without a sharp wit to match. She doesn't work for free, not even for her brother. She believes he uses brute strength rather than strategically positioning himself to be the phantom their parents advised him to be. Her title is a rank shy of a master, so she ranks high in Red magic manipulation or psychological warfare. She has several hidden tricks up her sleeves that not even Xrd has seen from her. She's watched his luck dwindle from the very moment she set eyes on him. Overtime she's learned to love Xrd for who he is. Aiya feels responsible for Xrd's actions and deeply thinks of herself as the monster of his life, but her deserting him would harm him worse. She hasn't revealed to him that her first encounter with mana caused her to inadvertently curse him. Aiya is plagued with guilt and continues to try and help redeem herself for all the wrong she has caused Xrd and their late parents. She is cursed with visions of the dead that she has not vocalized to anyone, except Xrd. She fears that the dead will one day, be able to materialize and take her to the Hell she feels she deserves. "I know Aiya, but I need this." "It's going on five years.." "Since they've past." "THEY DIDN'T PASS." "....A-Aiya?" "YOU LET THEM DIE!" "They died from natural causes." "They died from stressing over bills! A real son would've seen that!" ".....what are you saying?" "You should've ran away when you saw them hurting! They didn't want you here!" "You're tired...I'll finish up here. Get some res-" "No! I'M DONE. I'm sick of you pushing me around for your goals! What about mine!? My family! Oh just because yours didn't work out I have to suffer!? My time has to be absorbed too huh!? You damn selfish asshole! I won't be your lacky anymore in your worthless experiments and schemes!" "Worthless...." "I lost my family and I'm going to avenge them starting now!" "Aiya STOP!" Aiya syncs a barrier around the terminal. The terminal was hand made and infused with magic affinity. The terminal is a gift from Aiya's magic school graduation, it's meant to amplify magic, the very catalyst to Xrd's experimentation and the centerpiece for his latest goal. It's his final hope at becoming someone. The terminal has a sphere filled with mana at it's center in the shade of light blue (max mana color indicator), projections can turn into deadly constructs if enough mana is generated into the user or item of manipulation. With Aiya fleeing and the terminal going out of control, Xrd had no other choice but to stay to keep the projections from going awry and causing devastation to the city. The first to be animated onto this field is a full grown lion that immediately began teleporting about the field in erratic fashion. Xrd is in shock about Aiya and is trapped within a visual curse where objects are shifting around the field ruining his train of thought as he is not sure if it's really there or not. He's had no training against Aiya's magic nor this amount of intensity from a mana stone. This, to him, is as if two masters were out for blood. The lion approaches Xrd slowly, he is unaware if it had materialized into a threat or is just a fabrication of his imagination. Then he catches a whiff of the smell it comes with, he leaps backwards to gain distance but smashes against a wall. A wall that wasn't there and isn't when he turns to check his surroundings. The lion leaps for him and a wall shoots from the ground in front of him blocking him from the sight of the lion. Relief is but a millisecond as the lion phases through the wall landing on top of him. Xrd falls on his back with a thud and the lion begins to snap at his head seemingly to end it in one gulp. "I'm gonna make a rug out of you." Xrd's right fist pierces the chest of the lion and as it retaliates with wild thrashing, Xrd uses his arm to pull the lion above him as he went below it's mouth's reach and positions himself at an too awkward of an angle for the lion to claw at. The lion gives in and slumps into an unconscious state, it then dissipates into expended mana. Xrd sits up and sighs "Well at least it's just a bunch of cats..." Then they start teleporting and slashing from unpredictable angles. "Ugh. This could be a problaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh" Xrd is grabbed by his left shin and pulled to his back again, the lion teleports away just as Xrd sits up and strikes with a left jab. A gorilla manifests above him to catch Xrd during his jab recovery, Xrd's head is pushed into his lap causing him to bend uncomfortably and spring back involuntarily. The gorilla struck from above but dematerialized the instant after. Though he's considerably durable, punishment of this magnitude is bound to kill him at this rate. Xrd goes to stand, but the gorilla appears again and full nelson's him for a doppleganger of himself to jab him constantly in the stomach. Some attacks felt real and some didn't have any feelings at all. "The levels of chaos could increase tenfold at any time. I can't let you STOP ME!" He's never dealt with anything like this. This is more than he'd like to admit. What could he possibly do to win..
  18. Over the past several months, I have been slowly working toward the completion of a concept that, I think, has finally reached its conceptual maturity. A while back, I introduced an Alternate-Earth version of 8-Knight to this forum. This was in an (alternate universe-based) attempt to make character-and-story creation easier, by reducing the development time required to create characters and their backstories. By creating a modular character-story, I could 'port' a character over (to different environments), which also reduces the difficulty of power-scaling, determining motive(s), and more. However, this initial attempt would require that everything (development inGeneral) be redone for every new environment/RP, which also scatters/fragments the work that was already started years ago, making things harder to keep track of. Thus, I have devised a new model - the Multiversal Initiative. Under this new model, RPs like this become distinct timelines (not universes), which can be more easily managed and power-scaled, allowing for better moderation and better story-telling. Any stories, characters, or other content created in relation to MU-0 (designated from here) on this forum will be accounted for as either the 7th timeline/story-line in the Story folder, or suggestions/additions to the main Universes (edits to the already-existing content). Your name will go on all content you create - no questions. Any stories and/or characters created through RP are bound to both the canon that precedes them and the rules of Valucre. In addition to this, you may create new events/stories collaboratively - as long as you aren't breaking the rules of Valucre. Any suggestions pertaining to already-existing canon/story-lines can't be done through RP unless it involves more than one user on this website (ie., if you need/want to use an OC or idea that belongs to someone else on this website). In that case, you'll need to coordinate with whoever you're working with, and have the RP out in a separate thread. You can then link it under this thread. This thread, however, is for people who are generally willing to help expand this Multiverse (or MU-0 more so). Once again, your username will be connected/associated with your work - credit must be given. For anyone who is interested in how this Multiverse structure was created, please click here. For information on why this universe isn't the 6th or 5th, please see this. Hopefully, this will improve upon what came before it. I hope to deprecate that quite soon...
  19. Soldat Tenaille

    Home [Martial Town]

    The home of Guin, a young adventurer living in Martial Town slums. A small middle floor studio apartment Guin has managed to repair or otherwise clean the run down apartment into a livable environment. Few in amenities it has a tub, an old mana impulse stove, a ice enchanted fridge and an old twin sized bed. For the occasional company she keeps a small table with three chairs in the center of the room. It is not heated, and while it has electricity it is far from reliable and frequently goes out. Guin enjoys being home, and can often be found winding down after an odd job or adventure. All in all it a simple home on the outskirts of Martial Town, a deeply dangerous area that rarely has visitors. Guin does not own this apartment, and instead rents it from a faceless multinational housing corporation - any defaulting on the rent means she is quickly evicted, for Martial Town has limited tenant protection laws. [OOC - This is a hub thread for my character Guin where I will roleplay her in between quests/jobs/adventures, it is open to visitors - if you'd like to interact with Guin at her home throw a knock on her door!]
  20. christians168

    Space Western?

    So i wasn't really able to keep up with the previous rp that i wanted to start, but things are less hectic right now and i just thought it would be a good idea to do a space western. I have some rough ideas for the lore: Humanity was able to fight off an alien invasion thousands of years ago, this actually turned out to be a sort of trial by this alien alliance simply known as The Throne to pick out warrior species to work for it. Since humanity wasted a ton of resources during the initial invasion, we're a bit too afraid to refuse the offer to join the alliance because of our need for resources. So humanity joins the alliance, and we're hired as mercenaries throughout the parts of the galaxy ruled by The Throne. Anyone interested?
  21. Armada

    Artificer Shop | Quest Board

    Quests Primary Artificer | Soap MacTavish If interested in participation of quests, please PM @Armada for approval before posting. Quests Sacred Moulding Pen | Rain, Rain, Go Away! | Reserved for @Demonicmuffin Class II | Sector II | Quest Rank D When Sector II was in control of Governor MacTavish, the illusion of possibility remained open because of the principle of Additive Alchemy, a discovery of the BBDC. However, all fairy tales are doomed for unhappy endings. Although Governor MacTavish no longer rules Sector III there remains untold amounts of artifacts and relics researched and developed in the BBDC lab – including the Sacred Moulding Pen. Enter Sector III and seek entrance into the floating fortress above, Olympus, and brave the halls. Watch out for the traps! Arachnid’s Eye | The Spinster | Reserved for @-Lilium- Class II | Arkadia Prime | Quest Rank B Ah, so you’re searching for the Arachnid’s Eye, are you? HAH! I hope you have Riva’s own luck tucked inside those pockets of yours and the spade to dig a grave – BECAUSE. YOU. WILL. NEED. IT. – The rumors through the grape vine will have you knee high in shit, wading your way through lies and deception until weary bones finally collapse without a glimpse of the ancient artifact. However, I will deal you a square deal pretty lil ‘un, because I enjoy your eyes. Radiant Mantle | My Brother's Keeper | Reserved for @Chappu Class II | Izral | Quest Rank A There were rumors of an ancient artifact residing inside the borders of Izral, a relic of the previous empire which once ruled all of Tellus Mater before the introduction of Riva. Rumors however are just whispers gently told in the evening before a fire. Across the ages, time’s whimsical steps and dancing feet aided in transforming the legend of Radiant’s Mantle into myth, causing disbelief in the masses before it became nothing but a rumor Father Time | Let's Start a RIOT! | Reserved for @danzilla3 Class II | Lands of Alterion | Quest Rank A A former mercenary crew and long time employees of MaGNUS Corp, the Blackfire Raiders, have turned to piracy in their time of crisis. Proving to be too much for the small village's militia and what few Poor Sons stationed there, the raiders have begun ransacking the city. A request for help has been made. RIOT, Alterion's elite super soldier force is currently overtaxed and always looking for new members to join their ranks. Clear the city of insurgents and confiscate any MaGNUS tech they may have. Screeching Monkey, Crouching Tiger | Let's Start a RIOT! | Reserved for @Mag A former mercenary crew and long time employees of MaGNUS Corp, the Blackfire Raiders, have turned to piracy in their time of crisis. Proving to be too much for the small village's militia and what few Poor Sons stationed there, the raiders have begun ransacking the city. A request for help has been made. RIOT, Alterion's elite super soldier force is currently overtaxed and always looking for new members to join their ranks. Clear the city of insurgents and confiscate any MaGNUS tech they may have. Alternate Reality | Catch a Tiger by it’s Scotch! | Class II | N/A | Quest Rank C The Alternate Reality. The Illusion Eye. However you name this bugger, this Class II artifact is priceless. In order to obtain a capsule of this swiggin’ ‘ol stuff you will need to challenge Soap MacTavish to match and either force him to admit defeat or land five blows. Black Jade | Drunken Dragons | TBD Class II | Mo Choi, Kadia | Quest Rank A A catalyst of the Physical Plane, Black Jade is more than some pretty trinket to be worn. Black Jade is part of the Planar Fraccion Conductor collection, a rare and ancient collection of the land WinMX, with incredible powers. However, in order to possess the Black Jade, the individual will need to travel into Mo Choi, Kadia undetected otherwise the God Emperor Corvinus will have you for breakfast. If this doesn’t discourage you from pursuing the Black Jade, then this will: You will need to find and kill a legendary beast. Good luck! Soul Harvest | I'm not your mother | TBD Class III |Lands of Alterion | Quest Rank A | Reference While the initial [DA] mission was deemed successful, members of Alpha Squad had dismissed the Final Boss’s chamber for hidden treasures. The diamond Soul Harvest remains on Alterion’s Skyline castle.
  22. DarkHorse

    Lost memories

    A warm breeze snaked through the trees, rustling the leaves. It tussled the curly, knotted mass of deep red hair spread across the ground. Its owner was in a similarly disheveled state, her pants and baggy shirt covered in a mix of blood and dirt. Next to her lay a dog nearly as big as she, his shaggy grey coat flecked with mud. He was whining, his nose occasionally nudging the woman's cheek in an attempt to wake her. She groaned and scrunched up her bruised face before opening her green and gold flecked eyes to look up at the tree canopy with confusion. She turned her head stiffly to regard the dog next to her with surprise, he let out a bark and wagged his tail. "What the hell happened?" She groaned and attempted to sit up. Shooting pain shot up her side and her head spun, she quickly lay back down with a bigger groan. The dog continued to whine and nudged her shoulder with his nose. She reached out an arm and gently stroked his head, the dog was familiar with her, but she couldn't remember ever having a dog....in fact, she couldn't remember anything prior to her waking up. She sighed and tried to push herself up to sitting once again, gritting her teeth she pushed through the pain shooting up her side and the world spinning and managed to sit. She closed her eyes a moment and hoped the spinning would stop, it was making her queasy. When she felt the earth still, she bravely opened one eye and closed it quickly to prevent the dog's wet lick from going into her eye. He was sitting too, wagging his tail and panting, he attempted to lick her again and she pushed him away. "Agh!" She cried, trying to fend off the dog while her side agonized her, "enough! enough!" He sat back and looked at her expectantly. "I don't suppose you know how we got here do you?" She asked, "A better question would be where are we?" He continued to wag his tail and regard her happily, he barked causing her to flinch from the splitting pain in her head it caused. "Not so loud!" She scolded, "My head feels like it is going to fall right off my body..." She looked down at her blood soaked clothes and put a hand tentatively to her scalp where she felt a burning pain. When she pulled it back there was a red smear on it from blood. "I've got to get all this cleaned out..." She ground out, attempting to use a nearby tree to pull her to standing. The dog began to whine and lay back down. "I'm not going to lay back down." She said through gritted teeth. The world spun again and she clung to the tree, her stomach finally losing its battle, she vomited. The dog looked at her knowingly and she could swear it looked a little smug, as if to say "I told you so." "Yeah, yeah yeah." She glared back at it, waiting for the world to stop spinning. When it did she took a tentative step forward, when the world didn't spin and her stomach didn't empty, she took another one and then another. The dog stood and followed her, occasionally looking at her quizzically. "I need to see if there are any clues as to who I am, who you are or even how we got here." She told him, "Be helpful and start looking too!" He sniffed around while she slowly scanned the ground around her. "Nothing but dirt!" She said in frustration, the movement loosening up her stiff limbs. The dog sat and barked, he looked at her expectantly once again. She approached him and he nosed the ground, she bent stiffly and lifted a necklace from the ground. She ran her thumb over the dirt encrusted engraving on the back. It read "Zafira." "Who is Zafira?" She asked, "Is that me?" The dog barked and wagged his tail. "I'm going to take that as a yes for now..." She searched the ground for any other clues, "Now I have to figure out what you are called..." The dog stood and pranced in a circle, whining. Zafira ignored him and continued to search, she found a strange looking stringed instrument in the bushes. It looked to be once ornately painted and carved, it looked battered and well used now. She plucked a few strings for amusement and her fingers flew across the strings, producing a haunting melody before one of the strings broke with a very ugly sounding "thwang." "Well....it appears I know how to play music." She said furrowing her brow, "But how can I remember how to play music if I cant remember the name of the darn song?" The dog barked and wagged his tail happily. "You don't happen to know where a stream would be do you?" She asked the dog, fully expecting him not to answer. He leapt up and loped off into the woods. Zafira shouted angrily after him and began to stiffly walk in the direction he ran off to. He doubled back and walked next to her. "If we are to be companions I should figure out your name..." She mused, "Perhaps I will just make one up." The dog growled. "Fine, I will try to figure it out..." She tried to think through the splitting headache, but it was like trying to hold sand, it kept slipping away, "Its no use, my memory is gone...is it -" She looked around, "Tree?" She could have sworn the dog raised an eyebrow at her. "You are right that is a stupid name, I would never name something that..." She looked around again, "Sky?" He ignored her and continued to lead her towards water. "What about Cat?" She joked, he growled at her again, "It was just a joke - jeez - Good thing there is no one around, they would probably think I'm crazy talking to a dog." The sound of running water caught her attention and she momentarily gave up on her quest to remember the dog's name, she wasnt even sure if the name on the locket was her name. But she would borrow it for now.
  23. Warlock

    Landfall, a Nation's Hope

    Tazarek was a crowded city, even by dwarven standards. Everyday there seemed to be more and more dwarves, migrating from all over the world. Many of them, an alarming amount actually, were orphans, their parents and families killed by bandits or monsters or some other hazard before they came here. This world is truly cruel for ripping apart so many families. Fortunately for them, Tazarek was always hungry for able bodies willing to risk life and limb for her advancement. From the drakkon menace in our tunnels, to the orcish hordes that roam topside. The world has no end of challenges for the dwarves of Tazarek to overcome. Even with all that would see us destroyed though, there seemed to be more dwarves in the halls than the day before. It was like they were just popping out of the ground or something. So it was decided that Tazarek would expand, and to do so meant a bloody offensive against their foes the Drakkons. At first they had been able to add another level or two to the city, but the growing population required even more space. While their brethren expanded underground, the land above was claimed in the name of the burgeoning kingdom. Fierce opposition from the orc natives meant more bloodshed, but Tazarek was ready to answer it with valor and firepower. Now there was a second city in the works, but still the population continued to rise in numbers. In order to avert disaster, it was decided that a colonial expedition was required. An airship was built, dubbed Thundermar's Blessing, and sent off to find a new land for its passengers to settle. It was a merchant class vessel, holding a thousand souls, with a small retinue of personal airships to help protect her. If it found new land, then the dwarves would immediately begin sending more and more people to help settle it. The hope of a nation raided upon the decks of this well built craft. Acting as captain was Commander Drenchbeard, an ambitious dwarf yet untested in his bid for glory. There was not yet an official navy of the dwarves, as all the airships Tazarek held were used more as a merchant fleet, since keeping Tazarek's coffers full was a challenged deepened with every new mouth that arrived. Many of the merchant class vessels were outfitted as airborne caravans, whereas Thundermar's Blessing was built for war. Metal plating gave an extra layer of protection to the hull should the shield generator fail. Eight runic canons were outfitted upon the ship, three on each side with one at the prow and back. Mithril lined canvas protected the balloon from any attempts to rupture them, the sides painted in the multicolored flag of the dwarves, the top black, the bottom white and six stripes of green, red, blue, purple, orange and yellow form diagonal stripes separating the opposing colors. They had been sailing the skies for days on end now, unsure is they were going the right direction. Navigation instruments told them they were close, but land was not within sight just yet. Rumor had it that this land, known as Alterion, was as dangerous as it was strange. It made no difference how large the challenge was to the dwarves, they would overcome it just like the rest of the challenges they had faced.