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  1. Sissel Inkflank the Pegasus (Yes, passer-by. this is indeed a my little pony roleplay on Valucre.) had just landed at the top of his small tower near Everfree. Today, of all days, was the day he would pick a topic that would be rejected by his superiors. The male pony was a news reporter in Ponyville, and he liked honest reports a little more than his boss did. The topic that he chose today was reporting about a mystery long wondered in Ponyville; was the mint located in the Everfree Forest an official one, and was it illegal? A review with Government officials provided the short answer; no, it was perfectly legal. But his boss didn't like the report. He didn't think it would attract too much attention. Sissel's boss usually likes reports that Sissel does on racing teams, when they reveal huge scandals or the like. But Sissel didn't enjoy harming a pony's reputation. But it was the honest truth, right? He sighed. "And today is the day just before evaluation. I wonder what my paycheck is going to be this time?"
  2. Trevor, as he had been walking around the land for a while, decided to take a break. He sat down under a tree and had been alone for a while, so he just started talking to himself. He often did this when left alone for too long. "Wow. I can't believe how far I've come in my life." he sighed. "From a simple, poor kid to a hero in some realms. And it all started with my family and home." Trevor chuckled. "It was so long ago since I was there that I don't even remember what it was called. I mean, I remember the place, it sucked. I also remember my family." He sighed. "Ah, my family. They were such great people. There was my mom and dad, older brother, and my baby sister. None of which deserved what they got. All because of the king..." He stopped for a minute thinking. "Was he king? I don't know, he was the ruler though. Anyway, he was a terribly evil ruler. Made everybody pay for things that shouldn't need to be paid for. He turned my family of poor individuals to peasants that fell far below the average peasant. He wouldn't let anyone leave town unless they were traders. Anyone who tried to leave was killed... I suggested that we try to escape. It was better than giving the ruler every little thing we had. We spent months planning, learning every possible way to escape and figuring out which way was the best way. We managed to make it across, but we didn't know about the second line of guards that was past the town's border. We ran as fast as we could... they got everyone except me. I looked back to see my family on their knees. Then I watched as the guards ran their swords through them... even my three year old sister. After that, one of the guards turned around and saw me. With tears flowing from my eyes I ran faster than I thought possible." Trevor's voice became a little bit choppy. He cleared his throat. "Months later I was just a scared, homeless, seven-year-old boy wandering the streets. I was hungry, and no one seemed to have any desire to help me. I ended up stealing food from others it got so bad. But one rainy day- after I just stole a woman's lunch- a tall, muscular man wearing fancy clothing with a hood approached me. I could only see his face. He had a large scar on his left cheek, green eyes, minor facial hair- more of a five-o-clock shadow- and had a rather chiseled face to be honest. He looked down at me and told me to get up. Once I did that, he told me to come with him, and I thought I was in trouble. He took me to a carriage, where he asked me question about myself. I told him my name, why I was alone. He asked about my magic, and being from a realm where magic hardly existed- like not at all- I was confused. I had only heard the word in stories. He looked at me, placed his large, strong hand on my shoulder and said to me, 'Trevor, you posses a unique ability. You are special.' I asked him what he meant and he told me not to worry just yet. I worriedly asked his name and where he was taking me. He said his name was Edgare Wisegem. Then he smiled and said that we were going to a place where my magic would be used, then he said that I needed to sleep. I looked at him confusingly, then he tapped my head and I was asleep." Trevor smiled to himself. "And that's where my life started." He sighed, then got up. "Guess I should keep going." And with that, he kept traveling, awaiting his next adventure.
  3. Proprietor & Blacksmith - Vulcan 'SteelHammer' Godric Blacksmith Specialty: Vulcan Godric is known for: Crafting the strongest of items through mastery of smithing. About SteelHammer Forge: • SteelHammer Forge is open to everyone in need of unique, customisable items and equipment, ranging from: personalised weapons, armour, shields, tunics, riding equipment (saddles etc), furniture and jewellry. Note: personal requests may be granted, just speak with Vulcan Godric. • Depending on the level of item/s requested, Vulcan Godric may present the customer with a quest of equal skill, in order to (a) acquire the necessary materials/gemstones/magical artifacts desired for an items creation and (b) test the skills/abilities of the requesting user, to ensure items of certain powers do not fall into the hands of those too weak to wield them. • Further testing via various means, may also be conducted by Vulcan Godric in order to garner a better psychological understanding of a customer, to ensure these items of power do not fall into the wrong hands. • To the rear of SteelHammer Forge, is the Training Yard. This area may be used for the various means: Testing pre-requisite by Vulcan Godric prior to receiving items of powers. Combat training in solo/pairs/groups, by any member of the public. General social/drinking hang out spot for any member of the public (Note: Barrels of Ale available to all paying customers). WELCOME!
  4. "Hello there! my name is Trevor Wisegem! Welcome to my school for the young, old, large, and small! Here you can learn how to channel your inner magic into something amazing! Not only will you learn to use magic, you'll also learn to fight! Because even mages should know how to fight without magic. Now, since I don't exactly have a whole lot of funds for this school, I can only accept about five students at the moment. But never the less! You will enjoy your time here. I was taught once by a great mage, who had a very large school, and I want to carry on his tradition. So! What do you say? Come on in! I mean come on, who doesn't want to summon a freaking fireball, or move objects with their mind?" He gestured to the building behind him, which looked to be liked a dojo, but more suitable for magic explosions and such. The building had plenty of beautiful plants and scenery around, which made anyone who looked at it feel calm.
  5. Territory. The thing that all wars are fought for. Tradition. The thing that keeps us wary of our past enemies. Grudges. The things that make us resent others. Screw those rules. Two opposite sides and a beautiful middle ground. It's always the same: whether it be Romeo and Juliet, or Heaven and Hell. There are also always defectors who give the 'enemy' a chance. In this case it's the latter of those tales that has caught my attention. So I have used it as a basis. But a basis is nothing without filler and that is where you guys come in. I want to expand this world, but I need people to help.
  6. A place in the forest was decorated for the ball. Every inch was lavished with lights and decorations, it almost looked like the set of a fairy tale. Tonight there is a ball where all of Valucre is invited anyone is allowed to come enjoy, and dance the night away. Anyone, young, old, rich, poor, they are all allowed to come. For those not fortunate enough to dress elegantly for this event, there are two tents with a free closet, make up, and other beauty products. The best part is that everything was free and guest are allowed to take home the clothes they get from the tents. As the night began more and more people are coming to attend as they dance, eat, and talk. If you come you will have the experience of a life time who knows you might be able to meet a friend, or a lover. Music: Scenery: coming soon (so this is an open thread anyone is open to reply)
  7. You see a flyer hanging up on a post. It reads: TO ANY BRAVE AND STRONG SOULS Do you consider yourself to be the brave strong type? Are you having trouble finding work? Or do you just love to fight? Well, you're in luck! That's the type of people I need. Head to the local tavern, and find the man in green. Accepting: Bounty hunters, assassins, mages, warriors, elementals, rogues, angels, and some demons (Basically anyone who can fight)
  8. https://www.valucre.com/topic/37467-trevor-wisegem-the-last-life-mage-currently/?tab=comments#comment-674302 "Hello there! My name is Trevor Wisegem! Now I may look 16, but trust me, I am much older. Recently I've been noticing a lot of people with magic who don't know how to control it. Well, that's why I am here. I was taught majority of the things I know by one man, who was probably the greatest man I've ever met. I now wear his robe, and have his name. Yes, my mentor's full name was Edgare Wisegem. Anyway, I'm going to carry on his legacy in yet another way, by teaching. I will teach anyone who wants to learn, or anyone that needs help controlling their magic. I mean come on, who doesn't want to know how to throw fire or lift objects with their mind? So, I'm glad you showed up! And I'm very excited to get to help you on your journey to becoming a great and powerful mage. Anyway, enough about me, how bout you start by telling me your name and what made you want to come to my school for magic?" I look at you, with a very excited and friendly look on my face.
  9. While going about your daily routine one day, you see someone in a hooded green robe with golden highlights. He was around 20 ft or so away from you. But, where did he come from? The man sits down and looks around, as if he is looking for something, or observing everything around him. What is he doing here? Where did he come from? Is he friendly? Just then he looks at you, and waves while smiling. He gets up like he was going to approach you. What are you going to do? You don't know who this stranger is, and he's now walking toward you. He gets closer and closer. You, trying to figure out what to do, stands there. Finally he reaches you, and you can see his face. He looks not a day older than 16. "Hello!" the mysterious man says in a rather friendly way... almost too friendly...
  10. While walking home one day, you see a young man, who looks no older than 16, unconscious on the side of the road. He looks very beat up, and on the edge of death. His unique green mage-looking robes are covered in blood, most likely his blood. You know nothing about this man as you have never seen him before. All you know is that he's clearly dying and should get help. You could see if you have anything to help him, or hurry and get help. However upon closer inspection, you notice that he's losing a lot of blood. At most he has about half an hour before he bleeds out. In other words, if you're going to help him, you need to do something quickly. So, what will you do?
  11. Florence's face faced skyward with her eyes closed as the warm water transitioned from the flask to her stomach, restoring vital fluids though unfortunately due to the warmth, a lack of refreshment that she readily craved at that moment in time. Keeping her eyes closed as she faced the sky, her heavy breathing was slowing returning to a steady rate along with her heartbeat, as she put the cap back on her flask before clipping it into place on the side of her belt. She allowed the dry heat of the sunlight evaporate the sweat from her face whilst enjoying the caressing feeling of a mild but steady breeze, cool her down. After a moment, she opened her eyes to take in the surrounding landscape, looking for any signs of settlements, water sources, clearings or areas of importance, but from her spot at the top of this jungles tree canopy all she could see was more jungle. She let out a sigh as she used her hand to wipe the last remnants of sweat from her face and began to think about what her next steps should be and most importantly, on how exactly she was going to survive in this new and incredibly different habitat that was so foreign to her. As her head was racing through every possible outcome that she was likely to face, she also created strategies for each and every one of them. She looked down through a break in the canopy to the humid darkness below... **Flashback** It had been just over an hour since she had traveled through a portal to this new land of Taen somewhere deep in the Terrenus region. She had been greeted by strange sounds unknown to even someone as well traveled as her, the plants and flowers just as much a stranger though incredibly beautiful. The first thing that really hit her about this new place however wasn't how different everything was, it was how hot and heavy the humidity of the jungle seemed to be, instantly feeling heavy on her lungs and increasing the volume of her breathing to ensure enough oxygen was entering into her body. Within the first ten minutes of her being here, she already knew that the water she carried upon her would not last her long and that finding a fresh water source was her immediate goal. She began making her way through the dense under-bush of the enormous thick tree's that made up apparently 90% of this dark jungle, looking for potential high ground or an easily climbable tree, something that would allow her to grasp awareness of her current location and landscape in the hope for information. Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks, twisting her head slightly and concentrated in silence as she listened carefully.. she smiled, her heart naturally beating faster in reaction to her sudden increase in happiness, "...water!". With a burst of energy, she began to run in the direction that she was positive it was coming from, excited at its prospect. Skipping over logs and thick flora stems from the over sized plantation, she used her arms to whack aside all vegetation in her path, her arms beginning to itch from their touch, when she caught something large in her peripheral vision to her right. With an inquisitive expression, she turned her head briefly to examine closer what had caught her attention, barely having time to spot what appeared to be a large species of deer or gazelle before her leading leg crashed into something solid, bringing her crashing down into a heap on the floor. Wincing in pain at both her leg hitting something really hard and the impact of her fall, she gingerly began to get to her hands and knees, before catching her breathe and standing up, brushing herself off quickly and checking for damage. Before she had time to finish checking herself over, her head cleared up, looking back at the spot where she had seen that creature and then at the spot where she had crashed into something hard. She froze still as she looked, as there in front of her was the object of which brought her down, staring right back at her getting to its feet. This beast must have stood at almost twice her height, its grayish-light tan hair short with wisp's of black hair upon its chest and mane and long, gnarly antlers protruding upon the top of its head. This was the exact same species of creature that had caught her eye a split second before, which meant that there was at least two of the beasts within close proximity, and Florence had absolutely no idea if they were prey animals of the predators. The giant antelope-like creature began to stalk closer, shortly being joined by the other one seen prior and as they got closer, Florence began to look around her for the nearest exit to safety. Through quick glances, not wanting to take her eyes off of the oncoming beasts that seem to now be stalking her, she spotted a way through the bush to where by she could possibly hide and try to lose them. From out of nowhere, this escape option became a no go, as yet another one of these creatures burst through the bushes directly at her. This was bad. On the appearance of this third beast, the patience of the others clearly gave out with the other two instantly reacting by exploding into stride right at her. Without hesitation Florence turned and began to simply run as fast as she could go through the thick undergrowth, through the humid darkness she was pretty much fleeing blind. As fast as she could run, there was clearly no escaping their much greater strides and with one of them seconds away from being on top of her, she crossed her arms together, used the power of her Stone of Gaheris and summoned forth a big magical shield. Turning to face the oncoming stampede, she ducked her head down into her arms behind the shield and braced for impact, just in time to take the full brunt of this raging creatures powerful antlers smashing into her. The magical shield took the full impact, preventing the antlers from penetrating or smashing into her body, however this still didn't stop Florence from being winded and thrown back through the air with incredible force, crashing into the trunk of a tree hard, spinning her body around and dispelling the shield, before landing in a crumpled heap on the ground several feet away from impact. Taking a deep breathe as she lay there, the hit of the tree trunk taking its toll and potentially breaking at least one rib, the adrenaline kicked in which enabled her to get to her feet as swiftly as possible. She looked around for another exit, taking note of a nearby ledge to a small 20 ft drop in the level of the jungle floor, the tree's reaching up on the other side and some thick vines. She didn't have anymore time to glance around and think, as she turned to look at the oncoming creatures as they hunted her down. One was much closer than the other two and she became aware very quickly that if she didn't handle the front runner first, she wouldn't be able to make it to the ledge. Taking a deep breathe, she turned side-on to the approaching beast, widened her stance in order to brace herself and once again utilized the power of the Stone of Gaheris. Her eyes lit up blue and as she accessed more and more power from her stone, a fiery blue aura began to cloak her body as well, before directly in front of her a large greatsword manifested itself. Clasping both hands around its handle, the sword also became shrouded in her aura, as her face took on a serious demeanor as she allowed this creature to get as close as possible. The beast roared as it lowered its head to once again smash her with its antlers and trample her, though a split-second prior to impact, Florence took a big step back with her right foot, maneuvering herself out the way of the antlers before beginning to swing the greatsword like a baseball bat, all with a mighty roar of her own. The greatsword swung past its head and struck deep into the animals leading leg, cutting like a hot knife through butter thanks to her magically increased strength and aura. Smoke and blood began to spray from the beasts badly gashed ankle as it failed to hold up its weight in full stride, crashing down onto the jungle floor. Once the greatsword emerged through the other side of the leg, Florence dispelled it, momentarily glancing at the other two creatures still charging at her just long enough to gauge the time & distance, before turning once more and running for the ledge, grimacing through the pain of the broken ribs and beat up leg. The downed beast crying in distress, still attempted to snap at her with its mouth as she ran past, narrowly missing her. With a last burst of strength, adrenaline starting to fade, she just managed to grab onto a vine and launch herself off the top of the ledge, swinging herself over the drop and towards the tree in front, taking a leap of faith as she landed onto a large spiraling branch, barely stopping herself from over-committing and falling off the other side. The two last remaining creatures come to a gentle stop, snarling as they stared at her and paced back & forth along the ledge trying to decipher how they could possibly still get to her. Standing up, Florence wraps her left arm around the front of her body in a natural bid to protect herself, trying to catch her breathe back but struggling to breathe deep enough, before facing them now from distance. Watching as the two upon the ledge begin to return back to their fallen friend, she squats in both awe and relief as a sense of mild relaxation comes over her, having been able to escape from such gigantic, powerful beasts. The fallen beast attempting to stand continues to cry out in pain, though that pain soon escalates into something more frightened as the other two become aggressive and begin to attack and cannibalize the wounded creature. **End of Flashback** She snapped out of the daydream of her moments prior to climbing the tree, as she takes one last look above the canopy hoping that she had missed something like some buildings or a water source but to no luck. She had come here to Taen having heard of the birth of a new kingdom that people were calling Lunaris. She had heard of the plight of the people wanting to establish a new life here and how many were dying due to various manor of beasts & creatures, wanting to provide protection to those people whilst possibly finding a new life for herself, having grown weary of the constant wandering since leaving home. The prospect of the rise of a new King and hierarchy grew desire within her to search for the chance of fulfilling what she initially grew up wanting to achieve, to become a Royal Kingsguard and be protector to both the King and its realm, though albeit it now, a far away foreign realm and King. Having witnessed first hand some of the beasts inhabiting this new land, it had become easy for her to understand how the new settlement of people were having trouble protecting themselves in the presence of creatures of that nature, especially if they were not the worst this strange world had to offer. From here on out, she knew she would have to give this place her full attention and just assume everything encountered is out to kill her, as her complacency had almost got her killed. Readying herself, her plan was to still find a water source but running through the dense undergrowth was not only horrendously humid, hard to breathe and incredibly dangerous, but the slowest method of finding a water source, this Lunaris or people in general. She decided that she would concentrate on traveling within the upper levels of the jungle, moving from branch to branch as they seemed strong and reliable, with the height acting as both means to hopefully keep her out of danger as well as gaining viewing advantage, whilst granting her access to constantly peer above the canopy. With one last look at the sun to understand which direction was north, she quickly rotated her arms and head to loosen up her increasingly stiff neck and shoulders, before dropping beneath the canopy to the branch below. With direction mapped out, she began travel from branch to branch.
  12. https://www.valucre.com/topic/37434-wasp-non-valcrue-rp-oc/ Plot In wilds beyond they speak your name with reverence and regret, for none could tame our savage souls yet you the challenge met. Under palest watch, you taught, we changed, base instincts were redeemed, A world you gave to bug and beast as they have never dreamed. -From 'Elgy For Hallownest" by Monomon the Teacher. The Light was worshipped by the insects, seen as a pedestal to peace and harmony. It banished the void, yet couldn't protect the living from corruption. Ever since the Light was birthed, it infected the world and revealed a realm for evil to claim. Wasp knew the veil of darkness was what kept the land hidden, protecting from such infection. She had to find help before it took over completely, villages and cities were already disappearing because of the light. Citizens were vessels to the parasite, becoming zombie-like beasts that attacked with out reason. Leaving the nest, sword in hand, she embarked on her quest, hoping that she wouldn't be persecuted for witchcraft. Light worshipers burned anyone who didn't agree with their religious views. Keeping a low profile and recruiting only the most convinceable adventurers seemed like a good plan. No, beyond a good plan. The Light hurt so many people already, Wasp didn't know how many others were aware of this but she wasn't going to jeopardize the world by dying to some oblivious buffoon. "Avispa," she heard as she left the nest territory. The insect turned around to see her brother. Sighing, she signed, "I'll be back. Go back to the nest, okay?" He looked to the nest, then to her, and pulled her into an embrace. "Be careful. Farewell, sis." He signed as they let go of each other and parted ways. Now, all on her own, Wasp didn't know how to execute her plan. Just travel around and talk to random people? Hide in an alley and convert someone? Give an acquaintance a political and religious talk? All of these options seemed horrible. Especially the second one. There is no way that she was going to be an alleyway cultist. She brainstormed about how she would go about this idea. The sky darkened, moon shining bright but not bright enough to illuminate the densely forested wilderness. Wasp decided that it was time to set up camp unless she wanted to be ambushed by a monster or some other heinous entity.
  13. Name: Araina of the DawnBringer (pronounced Ah-rain-nah) Nicknames: Ara Race: Dragonrider Profession: Volunteer Keeper (Her father runs a dragon stable for the king at which she volunteers to help quite frequently) Age: 22 Height: 5'4" Build: She has an athletic build and is very agile. Easily able to slip from her dragon's back and slash a few evil B*******. Eyes: Forest Green Hair: Shoulder-length, curly, brown (pictured listed below) Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Attitude: Ara is a tad bit stubborn because she follows her heart over her mind. Though, she has a huge heart and cares most about her dragon. Appearance: Abilities: All dragonriders are gifted with the magical ability to read their dragon's minds (making communication between the dragonrider and their dragon much easier.) Weapons: (1) Bow and Arrow- She is most proficient with the bow and arrow seeing how she shoots from a dragon's back. Her family's bloodlineage is traceable back to the first dragon rider Fion the Great. (2) Dagger- Though not used quite as often since battle is done from the saddle of a dragon most often, the dagger does have its uses if abducted and one is low on food. Other mentionable side chars: Jag- Araina's father and confidant. (She dreams of taking over her father's position as head Keeper for the King.) He stands at 6'3" and is quite intimidating at first to a stranger, but you will never meet a kinder soul than his. (imagine Hagrid from Harry Potter if you will) Milah- Araina's mother that died in a disastrous accident many moons ago. Backstory: (Flashback to when Ara turned 10 and discovered her dragon) Upon hearing the cabin door slam shut, Araina ran over to her papaw's massive form. "Papaw! Papaw! Guess what today is?" Araina squealed excitedly. Jag chuckled at Araina's enthusiasm for he secretly knew what today was; not that he was going to let her know of this quite yet. Araina proceeded to grab ahold of Jag's leg and clung while she whispered, "Today is my birthday papaw! Guess how old I am?" Jag smiled knowingly at Araina and said, "I'm guessing that somebody is turning, hmmmm nine today?" Araina giggled loudly and replies back "No, Papaw I'm ten now remember? Also! Today is the special day that I get to meet my dragon rightttt?" Jag proceeded to grin at the little Araina and moved to sit in his chair. "Come here now Araina, now you know the lore of our bloodlines right?" Jag questions. Araina bobbbed her head excitedly, glad that they were finally on topic. "Well I'm going to tell you again just in case." "Long ago there were two wise and gracious Gods, brothers as it so happened. Their names were Fion and Aaron. Fion being the eldest of the two decided that he would create man, for they needed some people to rule over. Man went on about his way building his way up in the world. Eventually Aaron decided that man needed a companion for themselves so he created the first woman known to man. Over the years, man reproduced with woman and it was beautiful. Fion then came up with another companion for man, for he needed something to aid him in travel and in battle. The first Dragon was created and named Kihon. Man eventually tamed Kihon and were known was the first of the Dragonriders. From there on out when man reproduced with woman, a Dragonrider would be born every 3rd generation. Aaron noticed how detrimental Dragon was to man and became jealous, for the people were worshipping only Fion. One fateful night Aaron saught to slay Fion for his jealously had consumed his entire being. Fortunately, Fion the Great predicted his brother's advance and proceeded to banish him to the Netherlands." Jag recited. Araina smiled for she knew the story by heart. She was patient though for her Papaw told that tale with much pride. "Thank you for the story Papaw" Araina said as she snuggled closer to Jag's chest. Jag smiled down at Araina tenderly. She was such a smart girl, only Fion knew what greatest awaited her. Araina suddenly lept up from Jag's lap and proceeded to jump up and down. "Can I go pick out my dragon nowwww Papaw?" Jag picked Araina up despite her squealing protest and carried her out to the Stables where the King's finest dragons were kept. "Remember Araina the dragon chooses the rider and be very gentle with the eggs. You will know when your dragon has chose you." Jag stated. From there Jag proceeded to place Araina on the ground gently. "I will be right outside the door if you need me, okay?" Araina nodded her understanding and walked quietly to where the dragon eggs were nesting. The brood-dragon Chloe, watched Araina intensely while she snuck closer. "Hello darling Chloe, I've come to find my dragon. I hope they are as beautiful as you." she complimented. Chloe snorted her approval of the young humans praise and scooted farther back to reveal her eggs. Ariana's eyes opened widely in astonishment of how pretty her eggs were. "You've got quite the pretty nest this season Chloe!" Chloe then rubbed her head against Araina's back fondly. Araina sat down in front of the eggs and admired there glassy smooth shell. She gently picked up the first egg that caught her eye. This particular egg was a forest green with dark purple swirls encasing the shell. Araina sat still to wait and see if something would happen, but to no avail. The next egg was chocolate brown with green stripes surrounding it. Araina cautiously picked up the egg and waited once more, only to be greeted with nothing once more. Araina huffed her disapproval and stared up at Chloe. "Are you sure I'm a dragonrider? What if I never find a dragon?" Araina sulked. Tears slowly started to form and drip down Araina's chubby cheeks. Chloe glanced knowingly at the young rider and wrapped her tail consolingly around her. Araina smiled slowly and thanked the much larger female. Only one egg was left and it was a deep sapphire blue with lilac striations. A soft glow seemed to emit from Araina as she picked the egg up. Chloe snorted excitedly as she knew that this was Araina's dragon. Grinning, Ariana shouted "Papaw! Come quick! I think I found my dragon!" *I apologize for my writing as it is pretty rusty. It has been some time since I have roleplayed* Character's needed (preferably) - A love interest (of course) doesn't matter if male or female - A best friend for Araina (doesn't matter male or female) *She can have like 2 or 3 other Dragonrider friends it is up to you guys) - A king/queen or both (I'd like them to play an important role in this story)
  14. Commander Ulysses Aella Name: Ulysses Aella (Pronounced: U-Lee-Seas Eye-la). Nicknames: Captain / Commander. Profession: Sky Pirate / Ex-War Commander of the Stormborn Sky Fleet. Race: Stormborn Human. Age: 57 Height: 6' 4" Build: For someone of his height, Ulysses is incredibly stocky with a solid frame and plenty of bulky muscle due to his raw strength. Not overly defined, however his core muscle groups are of obvious definition. Eyes: Light Blue/Grey. Hair: Aged silver hair. Full beard grown with a classical handlebar moustache. Hair medium length, slicked back. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Attitude: Gentleman come war veteran. Extremely masculine and old school in his beliefs on the differences between men and woman (men should be strong and ready to die on the battlefield, woman to care for the men and keep a smile on their faces by helping to forget the demons that men have to face through life). Real charmer and a gentleman, always remembering his manners. Very honorable, fearless, heroic and full of pride. Has the ability to switch on/off his personality between charming, kind and laid back character to soldier of war, being able to kill or get something done, to save himself or others. Is considered a great warrior and finds killing easy, but genuinely has a distaste for having this as a skill. Ulysses favourite pastimes: Drinking heavily. Plenty of good women. Fishing. Being among the clouds during a storm. Flying Sky Ships. Appearance: Giant, stocky & muscular older man that can be found always wearing the same clothes, as he is not one to fuss with his appearance - uniform, comfortable & efficient. Black cargo style trousers, tight black long sleeved top that cling to his muscular frame but allow him to move with ease and chunky, thick soled black boots with numerous straps and buckles on for decoration. He can pretty much always be found travelling wearing a tan coloured knee length shearling coat, lined on the inside with sheep's wool. The collar is large, standing upright in order to keep the breeze off, with the sheep's wool lining facing outwards. Abilities: Commander Ulysses Aella's body generates its own electrical current, which can generate enough currency to rival the strongest of lightning bolts (estimated to be around 1 billion volts). Ulysses is able to focus this natural electrical energy into controlled built up energy within his body, with the ability to release it in bursts, in order to enhance techniques. For example, by concentrating the generated electrical currents into his lower legs, by releasing the pent up energy through the souls of his feet whilst running, the bursts of energy can be used to propel him forward, greatly accelerating his agility. The same can be applied to concentrating the generated electrical energy into his fists, that a split second prior to impact of a punch, can be released resulting in a devastating force being expelled into the punch for greater strength. Using this ability, Ulysses is able to transfer the electrical current through his body in order to power up mechanical objects requiring a power source, electrically stun prey upon capturing etc. When people are near him, due to the level of electrical energy generated within him, the static electricity can be felt (people's hair standing on end and a tingling sensation on the skin). Weapons: Commander Ulysses has a grand total of three weapons, only one of which he carries upon himself at all times... (1) Cutlass - A long curved, thick bladed sword that is incredibly sharp along one side of the blade. The handle is black leather wrapped and the hand guard curves from the butt of the sword to the base of the blade, covering 3/4 of the users hand. The guard itself is gold with a ceremonial decoration engraved over the entirety of its face. They say the sword will never get blunt and after thousands of battles, thus far this remains to be truth. Commander Ulysses Aella carries this blade upon him at all times, never going anywhere without it. (2) Crossbow - Made from a rare black form of ivory, the crossbow is decorated in a golden metal pattern with a solid gold bow end. The crossbow has some basic magical qualities bestowed upon it by an artillery mage, back when Ulysses was commander in the army. The magical quality grants the crossbow unlimited arrows, that magically generate when the user is ready to shoot. Ulysses is also able to transfer his electrical energy through the crossbow into the bolts themselves, increasing the energy expenditure as he see's fit, for stronger, more powerful shots of 'lightning'. (3) Stormhammer - Stormhammer is Commander Ulysses's preferred weapon of choice when out on the battlefield fighting hand to hand combat. It is a giant, two handed warhammer, with a massive solid metal hammer head that is rectangular in shape & flat on all sides. The staff connected is made from the same solid metal as the head, however is wrapped in brown leather strapping from about and inch from the top, to about 3 inches from the bottom. The weapon stands about 6 foot in height and weighs an incredible amount, so much so that very few people are able to wield it due to its weight. Ulysses's is required to control tremendous amounts of his energy in order to use it to its full capacity. Ulysses's is also able to conduct his electrical energy through this weapon as an extension of his body, allowing him to release immense bursts to increase the destructive capability. When Stormhammer makes contact with a target, the impact is so loud that it resembles a loud clap of thunder, giving birth to its name. History of Commander Ulysses Aella The Beginning (Birth-Age 15): Born Ulysses Aella to Commander Augustus Aella and Leilana Aella. From the age of 3, Ulysses began developing his Stormborn genetics, granted to the strongest surviving males of the Stormborn clans of the Cloud Islands. Through thousands of years of genetic evolution, the strongest people of the Cloud Isles were able to originally harness the power of storms, by storing lightning as reusable energy within biological machines, before eventually becoming able to harness this power within themselves. At first, only the strongest of the men were able to do this, even though a high percentage would eventually fail before being burnt to a ashes by the enormous voltage attempted to be controlled. As generations passed, this ability to harness this energy inside the strong, became easier and more of a natural ability of the strongest men until the day the first Stormborn child was born with the genetics to naturally produce the energy without the need to harness it. As Ulysses grew, the reality of the amount of natural energy able to be harnessed by such a young boy began to astonish and concern the adults of the Cloud Isles. By the age of 7, Ulysses was able to generate the same level of energy as an adult Stormborn and by 13, a fully developed berserker (one of the strongest level of individual military warriors). His mother, Leilana had instilled into him from as young as he could remember, that as a Stormborn heir, it was his duty to grow as strong and wise as physically possible, as it was his duty to be the strongest Stormborn in the Cloud Isles in order to destroy their enemies and protect our people. This alongside his admiration for his father Augustus's position as Commander of the Stormborn Military, provided young Ulysses with all the motivation required to spend all his time growing up concentrating on nothing but being able to strengthen his body physically, in order to control as much generated electrical energy as possible.. simply to become the strongest. Finally, at the age of 15, though far earlier than the usual age of acceptance, he was accepted into the military force due to his considerable size and raw power. Invasion of the Highlands (Aged 17): For centuries there had been wars between the people of the Cloud Islands and the Highlanders of the mountain regions, due to the need for the people of the Cloud Islands to venture into the mountains for resources and food. The resources and food were not the easiest to maintain or find, leading to disputes over territory and these valuable needs of both people. What started out as small scouting parties from either tribe, soon escalated into full blown skirmishes resulting in the deaths of thousands from each side over several years. With having no guaranteed source of resources, time had now come for a much more aggressive course of action and the first steps towards building a great Stormborn army - the first step was to rally enough strong soldiers to create a force big enough to invade the mountain regions and wipe out the Highlanders once and for all. Ulysses had impressed during his two years of training, that he was in charge of a small squadron of warriors and due to his reputation and level of strength, was given the honor of being one of the first squads chosen to drop into the Battle of the Highlands. This war lasted for three long years, during which time Ulysses had garnered a huge level of respect and a reputation for being an absolute beast on the battlefield, crushing warrior after warrior with his preferred weapon of choice, a warhammer. The final stages of this war were to invade and conquer the last remaining Highlander settlement and the eventual showdown with the Highlanders War Chief, an 8 ft brute of pure muscular strength and savagery. Upon taking the village, they surrounded the war chief and the last remaining highland warriors, with the Stormborn Major declaring his right to challenge the war chief to a combat to the death. Before the battle had fully begun, the Major eager is his desire for reputation and prestige, made a fatal error and fell to the highland war chief, having his head crushed in with force. Angered, Ulysses charged at war chief swinging his warhammer, the angier he grew the more electrical energy built up inside him. Eventually, he outmaneuvered the war chief causing the chief to fall, and before he had a chance to recover, Ulysses warhammer came crashing down upon his chest with an enormous release of energy, bringing an end to the war with the Highlanders. Ceremonial Recognition - Ulysses Aella, presented with Stormhammer as recognition of victory, skill with use of a warhammer and reputation as a mighty warrior. War for Expansion (Aged 22): Having built up a taste for conquering regions, having won the war vs the Highlanders, Ulysses is again called into war vs. another enemy but this time instead of for the requirement of resources for the Cloud Isles survival, it is for the purpose and desire to control more territory, more resources and to become stronger, demonstrating the might of the Stormborn. Again Ulysses helps to win this war but this time, is almost killed in combat having a lance almost blind his left eye and being struck in the chest with a javelin spear. It was towards the end of this war, that Ulysses started to have doubts over the need to actually go to war and ultimately the destruction of a relatively peaceful race. The Great War of the Skies (Aged 27): Another means of conquering more civilizations, this time the Stormborn had used their newly acquired resources to construct a mass of Sky Ships capable of transporting large masses of warriors to far away distant lands. Ulysses had been made captain of one of the War Birds (Sky Ships version of a Battleship) upon his request, due to his love for the skies. Though Ulysses was a great, natural born leader and warrior who was unrivaled in battle, it was this war that made him realise that there was little need to conquer other nations when they were already abundant with resources. He was a great warrior but the idea of murdering millions of innocent people did not sit well in his heart. Regardless, he was in no position to stop the oncoming war and in refusing to fight, would have left him dishonored and sentenced to death. Once again, he helped the Stormborn armies defeat all those in their path. Became Commander of the Stormborn (Aged 31): Inherited the position of Commander of the Stormborn and was the youngest to ever achieve this feat. Through reputation as one of the greatest Stormborn warriors, many victories in battle, strategic mind developed through years of prolonged war and the untimely death of the previous commander, his father - the great Augustus Aella, Ulysses was chosen as the natural successor to lead the Stormborn armies. Ceremonial Recognition - In honor of his new position, Ulysses Aella was gifted the Commanders Sabre and Crossbow. The War of Lies (Aged 37): As Commander of the Stormborn, it was up to him to lead the armies into battle when called upon. However it was up to the Grand Council, a group of politcal figures made up of those Stormborn with high intelligence but lack of physical strength and thus not suitable for physical combat. Through the years, Ulysses had learned not to trust the desires of the council through the constant invasions and unnecessary wars fought at their direction. However having been ordered to appear before the council and knowing of Ulysses lack of desire for war with no reason, the council had informed him of a small settlement of raiders who had attacked their homelands in the Cloud Isles, agreeing that a retaliation was needed to stop other nations from believing that they were weak. Angered at the attacks and agreeing to put an end to such raids, Ulysses took the Sky Fleet into war once more, flattening the entire settlement and surrounding areas as ordered. However upon inspection of the aftermath, Ulysses was to discover that instead of raiders and warriors that he was told about, he only found farmers, women & children.. the remnants of quite clearly a civilized and peaceful settlement who were never strong enough to attempt to raid the Cloud Isles. This broke Ulysses, as he had become no more than just a tool of war used for the benefit of the greedy. From this moment forth, he refused to fight for the Stormborn Empire and stepped down as Commander. Life of a Pirate (Aged 39-Current): With use of his gold and gem stores, Ulysses purchased himself a small Sky Ship in order to travel the world so he could explore it, leaving behind much of his fortune and fame. After a year or two, his financial resources ran out and in order to survive once more, he returned to his roots of raiding known bandit locations and pirate loot stashes, winning fights vs all manner of scum & so called fighters. His new reputation began to grow as a pirate, even though that was not his aim, and before long he started meeting rogues and other people who wanted to fly with him and follow him on his adventures. Before he knew it, he was acting Captain of his sky ship, The Quetzalcoatl with a small pirate army of his own, who had become his new friends and family. (NOTE: Want to expand on his historical moments in more detail and probably retouch the current history in order to make for a better read and to explore how his history helped develop him into the character I want him to become.
  15. ~ Observations ~ Hessian sat on a stone, with Soliloquy resting across her lap; she hadn't moved in three days and thankfully had been undisturbed for that time. She had followed the Threads of Fate to this strange land, a deep red thread that she had not recognized. She had never seen that colour before, and this concerned her. The Threads of Fate had opened wide the progress of time, an eternally unyielding procession towards the ultimate and unavoidable end of all things; though this land did not seem to have any of those common threads emanating from it. She frowned as her fingertips absently stroked the razor-sharp blade of the massive scythe. She was so focused on reading the threads that she didn't notice the skin of her fingers splitting wide on the edge of the weapon before quickly knitting shut. Closing her eyes, she breathed deep the air—such foul air—before opening her eyes again and starting to walk towards the town at the edge of the wall that separated the world from this mystery. The walk was long, and Hessian was not in a rush. She rested Soliloquy on her right shoulder, the charms that dangled from her horns generating a soft and delicate song. She smiled a little, the path ahead of her making sense as she went. The threads made sense here; her eyes narrowed as those threads disappeared into the distance. "What is it, I wonder, that makes this place a void of time..." This was abnormal to say the least, and worrisome at most. What hides here... Why can I not see the weave? She pursed her lips as she listened to the song, giving the lack of threads no more thought. She would figure it out eventually. It would be quite some time before the town at the edge of the world would be in sight, and she was certain that the arrival of demons, even demons such as herself, were not necessarily welcomed events. Should I hide what I am? She asked no one in particular, and her scythe held no answers.
  16. - Every dragon has a chance, Every dragon has a role, Every dragon follows a leader. Welcome to a Flight Rising RP! Where you (The lovvvely RPer.) Get to RP about a fun game called flight rising all 'bout them dragons. The lore is going to be set in the current time of the game but with more war, fights and maybeee soommee looovee. REQUIRMENT Please have a flight rising account. -
  17. Lady Florence Gaheris Name: Lady Florence Gaheris Heritage: Daughter of Lord Arthur Gaheris, Chief Kingsguard of the King and Protector of the realm and Lady Hildga Gaheris. Siblings: Ser William Gaheris, The Black Draconis - Elite Kingsguard of the King. House Gaheris: One of the great noble houses. For a millennia, House Gaheris have been loyal to the protection of the royal kingdom and the people within its realm, with tradition that the men are trained for combat and duty in order to best serve upon the Royal Kingsguard, the most elite level of warrior, charged with ensuring the safety of the royal family and their people. House Gaheris has been home to several of the greatest Knights of legend, helping to secure the prestige that is expected of their house name. House of Ser Alexander Gaheris, the greatest known Knight of lore, a knight of profound legendary status, the man to have ended The Great War 2000 years ago, putting an end to the reign of the Dark Wights and Dragons. Age: 24 Height: 5' 9" Build: Naturally athletic, Physically strong yet slender. Eyes: Red (Changes to Blue when her 'Stone of Gaheris' is active). Hair: Natural Red Haired. Sexual Orientation: Zero preference. Bonds with a beings soul, not gender or appearance. Attitude: Calm, cool and collected. Due to her high intelligence, she is observant of as much of the fine details as possible at all time, which can come across as her not paying attention. Extremely honorable, her word is her bond, which she will never break. Politically minded in general but on occasion, is able to forego the politics of a situation in order to simply act to achieve the best interest of the many. Enjoys some taboo's in the form of alcohol and smoking. Appearance: Nimble and swift, she is graceful in her movement, almost silent in her light step. Lady Gaheris prefers to keep a low profile and opts to wear a lightweight black hooded cloak, with gold silk trimming, usually worn open and free-flowing. A black leather crop-top covers her upper body enough to keep her modesty, though not too much as to restrict her movements, her stomach on show. The top is adorned with several buckled straps for decoration more than practical use. Black leather trousers, also with buckled straps around the thighs for decoration, are tight in appearance but the material is flexible enough that there is zero restriction to the movement of her legs. The same black leather with buckled straps extend to her leather boots that stop about an inch beneath her knees. Black gloves worn on both hands, with the left hand fully covered whilst the right hands glove are fingerless, stopping at her first knuckle. Lady Gaheris wears no jewellery except for her neckless pendant containing her Grandfathers 'Stone of Gaheris'. Stones of Agaeshia: The Stones of Agaeshia are gifted to the thirteen noble houses, charged to serve the Royal House as knights of the royal Kingsguard. Each son of the thirteen houses upon completing training and becoming strong enough to become accepted into the Kingsguard, receives a crystal clear gemstone (Forged when the King places an Obsidian stone into the eternal dragons flame, gifted to the royal lineage a millennium ago by the Kings personal dragon and friend Agaeshia, until the Obsidian gem is removed in a magical crystal clear state). These gemstones are fixed within an open pendant and attached to a neckless before being gifted to the Kingsguard, granting the magical ability of absolute protection. During the ceremony of the birth of a new Kingsguard, when presented with the clear gemstone, the stone and new recipient are magically bonded as the stone detects the presence of a new protector of the realm. Once the bond is created, the gemstone begins to take on a colour most suited to the new knights truth and will remain in a glowing, colourful state until the death of its bearer. Upon death, the soul of the gems bearer is absorbed within the stone, to which these souls can act as spiritual guidance to whomever comes to inherit the gemstones thereafter. Stone of Gaheris - Abilities: One of the thirteen Stones of Agaeshia, gifted to House Gaheris. The stone is activated through the bearers mind & thoughts. (1) The Kingsguard immediately increases his internal aura, which is the natural energy in control over ones body, increasing their speed, strength and natural abilities. The users body becomes wrapped in an aura that appears like translucent flames, taking on the colour of their gemstone. (2) The Kingsguard is able to magically summon a suit of armour, unique to that respective Kingsguard, that shrouds the user and protects from most physical harm. (3) The Kingsguard is able to magically summon various weapons dependent on the users preference to the situation (Swords, Axes, Maces, Lances, Spears & Bows). The Kingsguard is also able to summon two shields, one small for minor blocking and one large, requiring the use of both arms to maintain. History of Lady Florence Gaheris: Ever since she was old enough to remember, she had watched her father train her older brother Bill in the fighting arts of the Kingsguard, preparing him to one day be strong enough to take his oath and accept his fate of becoming one of the Kings personal protectors. Being a lady of the House Gaheris meant that this gifted inheritance would never be granted to herself personally, to which this fact greatly frustrated and annoyed the young lady of her house. She had absolutely no intention of becoming a true lady and concentrating on perfecting her role as wife, maiden to whatever noble husband her parents deemed as a fit enough match, and bearer of children and nothing more. Though the idea of marriage and children was a nice prospect, being nothing more than this fate was a life well wasted in her young eyes. At every opportunity the young lady would pick up a sparring sword or bow and practice whilst watching her father & brother go at it, however this would only ever end in being disciplined by both parents in order to teach her the lesson of knowing her place. This deterrent inevitably failed, with her becoming more determined each time and choosing to instead practice in seclusion on her own. One day during her private practice, her brother had stumbled across her and had stood in silence watching her train, the young lady completely oblivious to his presence. Upon the realisation that she had once more been caught, she couldn't help but show the panic on her face at the idea of being stopped from these personal private sessions as well.. however having taken notice of the natural talent of swords play on show from his younger sibling, her brother decided to take it upon himself to continue her training in private with him as her teacher, allowing her to inherit the teachings of their father & the Kingsguard. Several years passed and Lady Gaheris had not only become a lot stronger and more skilled, but had grown into a fine young woman. Her brother William had followed his fate and had become a skilled member of the Kingsguard, working under the guidance & council of their father, the Chief of the Kingsguard. A few months after her 17th birthday, Lady Gaheris received a personal invitation to attend an audience with the King. She was fully aware of the traditions and rules of the Kingsguard, however through nothing more than pure belief and confidence in her skills as a warrior, as well as knowing that the Royal Kingsguard would also be in attendance with the King, she had made the decision to request in person from both the King himself and more importantly her father, to ask to serve upon the Kingsguard in protecting the realm. Lady Florence Gaheris had walked up the center isle of the Grand Hall as light and as graceful as petals being danced about in the wind. The Grand Hall was packed from front to back with the people of the realm in attendance, watching and lapping up the grand proceedures of the royal family and the great noble houses. At the very front was an grand Obsidian throne, upon which the King sat, thirteen members of the Kingsguard arched in a line either side of the throne (7 to the left, 6 to the right) with her father and the Chief Kingsguard stood immediately right of the King as personal adviser and friend. Both the King and her father were smiling as she got closer, she briefly glanced at her brother who too was smiling before nodding his head in her direction in welcome. Lady Gaheris curtsied as is tradition for a Lady in the presence of a member of the royal house, before the King began his long winded dialogue to his audience, bringing his speech to a close before gazing his sights unto her. The words that preceded his speech instantly destroyed the smile on her face, as with a mix of anger and horror, she turned to face her father. The King and her father had come to the agreement that the young Lady Gaheris was now of age to be married off to one of the heirs of another noble house. Refusing to accept her fate, Lady Gaheris rallied back with her refusal of the arranged marriage and personal request in joining the Kingsguard. The Grand Hall fell into a mix of shock, astonishment and pure uproar, as the King questioned the meaning behind such abhorrent behaviour, such a stupid request and absolute disregard for tradition. Her father, furious with her apologised to the King, stating he would punish her for her insolence, before taking steps towards his daughter.. she looked at her brother with sadness upon both their faces, as her brother mouthed the word "run". Lady Gaheris instantly turned and with her self-trained swiftness, escaped the proceedings and headed for home. Arriving at her home, she began to panic, the realisation that by refusing the Kings offer of marriage, dishonoring the noble house with whom she was to marry and being adamant on her request to join the Royal Kingsguard, she had unavoidably brought dishonor to herself and more importantly, her family. With this is mind and being fully aware of the punishment that must be granted in such a case, she had decided to leave at once. Quickly grabbing some foods and stockpiling them into a pouch attached to her trousers waistline, she headed for the door before coming to a stand still as a feint recognisable voice like a whisper, caressed her mind. She turned her head and gazed upon the mantle piece above the fire pit, to where an ornamental box sat in mild dust, seemed to be from which the voice emanated from. She walked over to the box and tentatively opened it, to reveal her Grandfather's Royal Kingsguard neckless at rest, colourless in its slumber since his death. The whispering noise continued as she stared at the pendant confused.. unsure of the meaning of this, she decided to steal it and take it with her, promising to return it one day. Lady Gaheris grabbed the the necklass by the gemstone in her right hand, then prepared to turn and run. A sudden ice cold rush of tingles began to eat away at her hand, increasing its speed as it shot right through her, the sensation of placing her heart into the freezing ice cold waters of the north took over her chest. She barely had chance to turn her face towards the now glowing gemstone in her hand, when a sudden extreme rush of cold energy burst its way through her, knocking her flying through the air, landing in a heap a good few feet away from the fire pit. For what felt like an eternity but in reality was no more than a few seconds, Lady Gaheris snapped out of her dazed state and stared upon the now icy blue glowing gemstone that was once lifeless... somehow the gemstone had chosen her to bond with. The door to her house swung open, her mother and enraged father standing in the doorway, her fathers physical appearance changing in a matter of seconds from one of rage and anger, through to confusion and disbelief before ending at confusion and partial acceptance. As swiftly as she had escaped the Grand Hall, Lady Gaheris rose back to her feet, clasping the neckless as tight as physically possible and strode towards the doorway and her parents.. with tears in her eyes, she hugged her mother before turning to stare into her fathers eyes, saying aloud softly.. "I'm sorry....". Her father didn't respond with words but his eyes told her everything, she stepped past both her parents, neither one attempting to stop her as she turned, and began running.... Years have passed since that fateful day and well traveled she has become. Though she still carries her house name Gaheris and wears the Stone of Gaheris amulet, she has never returned back to her homelands. The magic and presence of her Grandfather's voice and other souls within the amulet have guided her across several worlds, protecting the people as she goes, honing her skills in the process. Though never a Kingsguard, her reputation as a protector of the people and her fighting prowess in the service of protecting the people from beasts, demons and mercenaries, has started to precede her. Her victories and notoriety for both courage and honour, coupled with the presence of a blue flamed aura that engulfs her upon activation of her Stone of Gaheris, has earned her the title - The Blue Lioness.
  18. "Get it inside!" Narbor Blent, a local crab fisherman, whispered at a pitch that failed to count as a whisper, "c'mon, we don't want the others to figure it out." The woman hauling the back end of the tideslick tarp, fellow crab fisherwoman Beula Rackerkerny, had the look of a woman unconvinced. "Nab, this is stupid! Its just flotsam! Its eyes were all glossy- likely some sort of bottom dweller that came to the surface to die," Beula stated matter of factly as they ran along the quay to the shack they were renting while in port in Casper. "And what if it aint? What if itsa mermaid? Mermaid will grant you three wishes I reckon," Narbor continued in his faux whisper, bringing it inside quickly, before throwing it on the table. Were someone to peruse the ship's logs, they would of gotten a detailed account of the events that led to their find of the so-called "mermaid": They had taken their crab boat out of the harbor about a week back, making a modest means setting crab pots out in the causeway between Terrenus and Genesaris setting pots, and then generally drinking and making a fast buck at the crab harvest. The usual crabbing grounds were closer in either direction, but the larger boats didn't like to venture too close to their mysterious neighbor, lest they be picked off by Genesaris navy- or worse, corsairs of either side. Both having seen the inside of a prison, Narbor and Beula were keen to do what the other crabbers were unwilling to do, and had a fine and quiet time, making to sure to set and pick up their pots at the dead of night, the latter of which they waited until a moonless night to do so. As they were pulling their last pot, Narbor's half-dwarf strength proved most handy when they worked the winch, this one heavy and ripe with crab. And true, when they pulled the pot, it was filled with crab- all of which were dead. Inside the center of the pot, had been this bloated, gelatinous thing, almost as long as a man was tall, with long, sweeping fins, a translucent body, and two large, downward facing eyes. The creature appeared nibbled, covered in crab blood and a dense sticky black fluid- not unlike ink. They at first had thought the creature was maybe a corpse thrown into the sea, but it did have gills and had appeared at first to be respirating. Hoping to take it back to land as some sort of oddity, and not wanting to put it in with the bilge with the crab, they housed it at first in their steel wash bin, occasionally drawing up sea water to house the creature. By morning, the strange creature had changed- its translucent body and large eyes had shrunk down, its flesh a milky hue. Its fins had sprung off its body, projecting from frog-like legs, facing reverse, and its simple maw had seemed to develop a jaw, sharp teeth covering it. They thought it at that point one of those sirenfolk that used to live at the bottom of a sea, both having been drafted militia in any of the less peaceable times in Casperr's recent history, but given how those sorts were said to be quite intelligent and communicative, not like any other person, they thought it unlikely. Beula likewise had stated she had seen a siren once, and that it didn't seem to look like it. All this creature had done was scuttle about in the water, its fins occasionally sweeping over the sides of the washtank but otherwise wiggling about. Nightfall on the second day, and they were now standing in their salt-rotted shack, the sounds of the harbor playing out behind them, with the oily tarp housing the creature on the table. Having hidden the creature, not knowing what to feed it, and not being able to add any new water, it appeared as though the creature had died- as its flesh had gone firm, and appeared to have emptied the contents of its stomach before its gills had shriveled and its mouth grew stationary and its eyes glossed over. The two crabbers stood there dumbstruck. Of course, Narbor couldn't keep his big mouth shut, and in talking to himself, almost every cutthroat and fisherman in the harbor had found out that the two hapless idiots had managed to catch a mermaid- legend going that to eat the flesh of one granted eternal life, and their tears, once harvested, could grant a wish. Of course, they were just two mostly defenseless longshorfolk. Wouldn't be too hard to sneak in and take the creature, or to do so by force. And of course, any anyone with a penchant for either treasure, rare creatures, and arcanobiology would quickly take a keen interest.
  19. Soris Talra stared out over the waves of his island. After the people had gone home, it seemed their god Kai'mana had waited until the revelers were done before weeping for the controversy that the Scarlet Rule had brought. Their eyes had been locked on him if not averted, wide in anger, awe, and confusion in different combinations when he had made his way to the beach, opposite of those looking to retire. One had pulled him aside. He was under a spell, a gift from his advisor Thorald, that allowed him to understand the native language. The man had to recast it each morning he was to deal with the public. He was still in the process of learning the language naturally, and it was a useful tool he appreciated. It was what allowed him to hear the man's grievances with that hand balled in his shirt. "Why must you and your people make everything so complicated? Can't you see we were fine before? There's no threat that we need your supposed protection from! Leave us to our ways!" He had shouted at Soris. The foreigner-turned-reagent found his hand cupped over the man's fist. "We have your interests at heart. Please excuse me." He had kept it brief, unhanded himself of the man, and walked on. In his trail, the man shouted, "We don't need you!" Before he turned and went home. It was only a faint drizzle that had extinguished the dying fires, but it was quick to soak through the rather thin shirt Soris had chosen, and though he didn't mind, it did cast a certain mood over the night. The air was warm, even as the cold of the night cooled it, and the water felt nice. He'd doffed his boots and they weren't far away. The ends of the waves reached out and grasped his ankles before receding back into the sea, gentle and harmless. His school was complete. He was in the process of electing a final addition to his government for Baaj Island. There was to be a prince and princess. Natives elected as liaisons between the people and the government. He'd have it passed down by blood and they would be treated like royalty. It would solve his issues dealing with the public, and those who were not happy with all the unity and wealth that was being brought by the Scarlet Rule. They would be able to have audience with those officials and offer their complaints, and rather than having to sit through long displays of sorrow and frustration and anger, he would only have to hear the important parts. He had Malligard vetting the locals. The man would find the people appropriate. He had told him that he'd prefer leaders of former tribes of the island as the ones to act as their superiors. Everything was coming into order, it seemed. He had held many counsels with Thorald and Ferrin, who he had named Head of Security, trying to figure out how best to settle the conflict that had arisen with the sudden introduction of their rule and disestablishment of their tribal system. Informing a whole population that they were all united under people so foreign to them had been forceful, at first, but they were trying to show an open hand, and despite an understandable amount of pushing back, many of them had come to accept it, as they did little to interrupt their day-to-day. A few weeks ago, the first ship bearing tourists had come in. They had all been executives or other orderlies under the Scarlet Rule. Many of them had, and they were raving of the food and the weather and the scenery. There was much talk, mostly joking, of a migration from some of the queen's less location-bound officials to this new paradise. Now, the first few submarines had started their routes. Regular, wealthy vacationers and strange travelers were joining the natives on their beaches. Many of the faces he'd seen walking to the beach had been more familiar. Genesarin and Terran respectively. They were doing good, but he found himself tired. Ferrin's policing force made efforts to blend in and appear hostile as little as possible. He hadn't gotten many complaints from the citizens since they had put out a fire next to Akoni's Knife that might otherwise have gotten out of hand. There were few but the most fundamental laws to break. Theft and violence were prohibited, but Soris made sure there would be no conflict with the peoples' regular activity so long as it wasn't particularly harmful, and the natives weren't hostile toward the guests on the island, mostly thanks to welcoming traditions holding their roots, so the guards went pleasantly unneeded for the most part. And still, it took a lot of work to keep everything going smoothly. How other reagents went about running whole cities with little help from others baffled him. Or perhaps they simply offered their compatriots less rights as part of the governing body. He found his mind wandering as he swiped some tangled hair from his face in denial of the gentle breeze. If Red were to die, would the people demand that the prince and princess of their little island be a potential contender for the throne? Would that be an easy issue to solve? ...Would he want to try to take the throne? A fight to the death with Leandros wasn't an exciting idea. The less he fought fair fights, the better these days. He thought he had had his share of violence. And then other concerns came to him. Would The Faceless Man truly hold to his word and leave him be, despite all he had done against his Order, so long as he remained confined to his island? And how long could Soris stand the idea of simply leaving them to their actions? How many important people would die at their hands? Brooding on his concerns, those few vacationers who stayed on the beach into the night were lost to him. He was consumed with his thoughts, the sea, and that constant, fickle hint of rain.
  20. The smell of food perfumed the air. The day was a hot one. Midsummer in Weland was not always merciful on those who were sensitive to heat. Along with the heat came the humidity. The air was charged, ready for the ripe afternoon thunderstorms that brought little relief to the day’s heat and humidity. The heat didn’t bother many of the citizens. The heat didn’t bother the Tenpo, a group of wanderers who had unknown origins. They were said to be of fae blood. Despite the heat, a man strummed on his guitar, humming to himself as he tuned the instrument. A pair of fur covered ears moved around his head as a group of children gathered around him, whispering about what song he was going to play. Even the citizens supported their presence. It was a rumor that the Tenpo brought prosperity with them. There were also rumors of strange happenings that came with them. Those rumors were not untrue. A young woman held out her hand, beckoning to passers-by. “Get your drinks here from our cart! So refreshing! So cold! They even give you wings! ...Maybe… Get your drink! Red drink! Orange drink! Purple drink!” She waved her arms around, trying to get the attention of those around her. And people stopped, approaching the cart. Money exchanged hands quickly. This was the perfect day for the drink, after all. The drink wasn’t the only thing that had drawn people to the small festival that was being thrown for the Tenpo. A small red-haired teenaged girl walked through a crowd, holding three chive and pork dumplings on a stick. She looked around with wide eyes, obviously lost in the city. She waved a hand in front of her in a pale attempt to fan herself. The air was still. Mette took a bite out of one of the dumplings and stood in front of the cart where they were selling some sort of drink. She narrowed her eyes and wrinkled her nose. She just watched the child’s reaction, which was strange at first. Then she moved away, turning her attention elsewhere. Suddenly, there was a high-pitched screech and the pale teenager, who appeared out of place, was staring at the child. The child had grown a full beard and was hysterical. The woman that served the drink reassured her that the effects were temporary. Mette smirked. “Oh yeah?” She raised her hand upwards and then took a bite of her dumpling stick. “I want that drink!” She yelled, holding out a single gold coin. The woman handed Mette a cup of the orange drink. Mette stared at it for a moment, then grinned. The girl took a swig. It was definitely orange flavored. The sweet and tart taste was refreshingly cold. She waited for something to happen. The woman had already moved on. This girl in furs was staring at the woman with some sort of expectation. It hit her like a ton of bricks. Her legs shifted, then she fell to the ground. The Snow Princess was down on the ground and not moving at all.
  21. Benjamin walks outside and starts to walk towards the shop. He decides to strike up a conversation. "Why aren't you angry? I murdered your family?" They approach the shop as a sudden wind swoops by them. Benjamin feels as if he was being watched. "We should hurry up and go inside," Benjamin says as he walks to the door glancing behind him. "Do you have any good bows?" Benjamin says to the clerk. "I have many good bows. Right this way sir," The clerk says as he walks through some curtains. Benjamin follows the man being very cautious. Then Benjamin sees this amazing room with bows all around the walls. "Witch one would you like?" The clerk asks. "It's your bow, you make the decision," Benjamin says. @Element @SaulTiber
  22. No place in the entire world was colder than that of this nations. It was hidden in the most in Hospitable place in all of Genesaris. It had remained largely off the radar despite having a very well made and rounded military the mountains were its borders for sure despite controlling a good bufferzone at the foot. This was their domain and any one who dared to say other wise would meet such a fierce and fiery resistance unimaginable in its grander scale. A place where the snow never left and only 2 inches below the Snow was ice. The ice controlled everything her. Gripping each place with a neitherwordly fury To the south east of the center of this cold place a town of metal meant to be like a clock was slowly emerging. It had yet to make a presence but would soon one day yield a great result. Below the ice of the land were tunnels well built in support and all kinds of transit lines. Below this lies the automated city that produces all the good stuff. The capitol was a glorious gleaming jewl it is here the events take place as the mutlitude of diversity begins to completely set in. As inside the dome of the capitol a beautiful summer has come to bloom.
  23. "It's nice to meet you Mr?" a young tall man stood behind the reception desk typing away at his computer. Greyson took out his Id and slid it across the desk, his hand covered in a faint red tint "Jonson...Mr.Jonson" his voice was deep and smooth. The man took the card noticing his hands, he got paler as he typed in his name "So um...are you with the Henic association?' he mumbled sliding the card back quickly. Greyson nodded putting the card in his back pocket, "Yeah I'm on a mission at the moment..." he smirked slightly scaring the other causing him to look away. He squinted his eyes slightly scanning the man's nametag. "Greg could you tell me where a guy named Jonathan is. Do you have any relationships with him?" he raised a brow leaning onto the desk staring into his eyes. The so called man named Greg shook his head quickly giving him the key card to his hotel room, "No sir I'm sorry please have a wonderful stay..." he mumbled quietly. Greyson nodded taking the card and picking up his messenger bag covered in small splats of blood, "You too kid.." he yelled walking over to the elevator. The Henic association was the number one known spy/assassination agency, the agent's main jobs were to go out and find groups of gangs or terrorists who were planning on committing dangerous stunts or actions. The agency was worldwide, people coming from Europe or Asia and etc. The founder named Jonathan had bailed on them, he decided to do something different. Human trafficking. Everyone knew that they had to find him, clues and evidence had been found from his victims. Crowbars, hammers, rope covered in blood, you name it they had found it. Even human limbs were found, the recruit named Greyson had been sent out to find his small gang that got his victims. Others were sent out to him as well, they were supposed to meet at the Blossom flower resort and hotel for a meeting to set up a plan together. Greyson sighed watching the numbers rising up to the fourth floor, "You have arrived at the fourth floor" a robotic voice called out as the elevator opened its doors. He walked out of the elevator into a long hallway filled with at least twenty rooms. "Ugh...they couldn't have picked a simpler place?" he growled softly irritated as he tried to find his room. Once he slid his card into the lock it opened with a small click revealing a medium sized white room with a bedroom, kitchen, living area, and bathroom. "Nice place...wasn't worth trying to find it tho," he mumbled under his breath taking off his bag and setting it on the kitchen counter. A pistol fell out of it with a flask filled with whiskey, he grabbed the flask and took a sip. "Time to wait for everyone I guess..." he sighed softly drinking from his flask.
  24. Razgule


    Welcome to Valuvia, a world dominated by a single empire, Fenthur. A kingdom of prosperity and life, it consists of 5 divisions each one specifically made for each race and a single division where the royal council resides. Selthin the first division it is inhabited by the Fae, humanoid beings of ethereal beauty they are incredibly gifted with the powers of the arcane. Their division is the Greenwood Forest in the south .Serinia the second division, where the angel-like Seraphians dwell, they much resemble the angels of the biblical religion. The division of the Seraphians are mystical floating islands near Snow's Fall, powered by the rare Tempest Relics Saliun the third division, home to the orc clans. Large brutish figures they tower over men and some Seraphians but they are some of the most misunderstood creatures in this world, gifted with the power to commune to the spirits of their ancestors and the spirits of nature they are the first shamans in Valuva's history. Their division is in the northern mountains of Snow's Fall, where winter is harsh and only the strong survive. Saniel, the fourth division, where the Dwarves lay claim. Under Death's Climb they dwell in caves, constantly mining and smithing the best armor Valuvia can offer. Senal, the fifth division, where the humans live. They are weak compared to the other races, their arcane prowess is nothing compared to the Fae, their fighting techniques are useless against the ever battle ready Seraphians, their elementalism is pitiful compared to the orcish shamans, their forgery is like silk against steel when faced by Dwarven forgery. But humans have ingenuity, imagination, and technology. Their division is a city filled with technological advancements. Lastly, the sixth and final division. Valia, home to the Council of Fenthur. The sixth division is a bustiling city filled with all the races and the rarely seen Akshin. Beings capable of the lost of of Psychokinesis. Only 300 remain and they protected by the most skilled guards the races can provide. Far in the north lies a great canyon named the Infernal's Passageway, named for its seemingly endless pit. But the name was not wrong for from in the darkness of the pit, hundreds of thousands of yellow eyes open. Waiting to ravage this peaceful world. In a tavern in the sixth division named Feliacia's bar, our heroes reside. Come and take your place among the legends, come and enter the world of Valuvia!! So, this is my first time doing this kind of stuff. Any kind of feedback would be fine, just as long it could help. I'm planning to use a different type of magic system here than in Valucre. Relic- are magical stones imbued with different properties Runes-Magical symbols that are fueled by the surrounding mana in the enviroment. Can be written with in the air etheria. Spells- are powered by etheria and take a few seconds to fully cast. Signaled by magic circles. Mana- Energy from the enviroment Etheria- Energy from one's self. That's mostly it. The money system here is standard copper=silver=gold=platinum system. Oh i almost forgot. //This means OOC, as long there are 2 backslashes it means OOC. Anyways this is all i have so you guys will be the ones to start. I'll monitor and be someone in this RP. You guys can pick whatever race you want. Just as long it's power is not op. Got it?
  25. Freia Foxfell leaned forward, her elbows leaning heavily against her wooden storefront counter as she held up a glimmering pocket watch. The customer was on the hook; Freia let the watch twist and turn on its chain through the air, the light catching its gold detailing. "As you can see," she continued with a glimmer in her dark green eyes, "I only sell items of the highest quality here. But only here can you buy such well-made items for such an excellent price." That wasn't a lie, exactly; her wares were, of course, very expensive. However, Freia hadn't paid a cent for any of them. She had other methods of obtaining her stock, but at least that meant she could sell the items for a total profit. This watch, for example, she had snatched off a protester earlier that week. She wasn't quite sure what, exactly, the group had been so vehemently against, but at least it meant they were too distracted to notice her slender fingers slipping into their pockets as she pretended to march and shout along with them. Groups like that were generally hit or miss; as a rule, the rich don't usually stage protests, as they have other means to make their problems disappear. But she had gotten a pretty decent score that time around; along with the pocket watch, Freia had managed to snag a silver compact, a few pieces of jewelry, a couple of Kites, and even a Hawk or two. "Hmm. I don't know," the customer responded, trying his hardest to be wry. "I like the watch, but fifteen Kites? Can you do any better on the price?" Freia pretended to look exasperated. "I tell you what. I'll knock it down to twelve, but that's my final offer." The customer nodded, and walked away looking pleased, his purchase in hand. Freia let him leave with an overpriced watch and a false sense of satisfaction; she had expected him to haggle her down. They almost always did. Any store owner - or, well, Freia didn't actually own a store, so much as a collapsing storefront - worth their salt would overcharge on an item to begin with.
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