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Found 7 results

  1. This is a role play Where either: 1(yc) comes home to find (mc) you’re partner, sick with the stomach flu or cold or vice versa. 2 yc comes to the hospital complaining of an upset stomach and mc takes care of you and a romance is born. 3 date night gone bad by way of food poisoning, Where one of us unknowingly orders bad food. My character Resren is an elf with many traits of his kin, but he has a weak immune system and can get sick easily. Despite his weakness, Resren is also a doctor Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.
  2. I'm looking to write a story on this site, and hoping I can find fellow creative writers here to embark on this endeavor with me. The goal is to write fairly frequently with a minimum of at least one post per day. I'm willing to write any type of story, so for people who want to dedicate a little bit of themselves to exploration and fiction, please feel free to share ideas with me on a story you want to write. I don't really have a character, and I'm with either adhering to Valucre's lore or creating new lore. I like all types of stories, but since this is a collaborative art, I think dramatic personal stories would be for the best. Stories that have characters with goals that require interacting with and understanding other writer's characters in order to achieve said goals. Stories like The Shawshank Redemption, Romeo & Juliet, The Darjeeling Unlimited, and The Godfather, etc. (Random, I know, but these stories focus on the characters, not the action or something you see in a Heroes Journey type of tale) *Note, this is simply a preference, and I'm willing to adapt and expand my horizons in writing and reading.
  3. I don't know if my ideas can be suitable for this place, but I would like to try to find a partner for them. I prefer 1x1 role play. I don't have a plot, but I have two ideas. Before exposing my ideas some minimal information: I prefer a male / male story, which also involves intimate relationships I like real Asian photos for my characters, but it's not the letter of the law About ideas: one of them is related to an alternative universe called the A / B / O universe. I've read a lot of facts about the relationship between an Alpha and an Omega. I am still new to this field, but I want to learn as much as possible. The first idea would be: A lone alpha, who owns a car repair shop - he being a mechanic - wakes up one day with an abandoned car at his workshop. There's an injured and beaten omega in the car. The alpha takes him home, calls his cousin to see him. After consulting his doctor's cousin, he gives the mechanic a treatment plan. The lone alpha procures all the written products and takes care of the omega as advised by his cousin. When the omega begins to recover, he cannot speak because of the shock, but the alpha continues to take care of him and be kind, gentle and affectionate with him. But when the omega starts talking, what will the lone alpha find out about him? The second idea would be: A guy of average condition, shy, studious, with a scholarship, always jumping when it comes to helping someone, he finds himself in class in college with a handsome, athletic, rich guy who thinks he has everyone at his feet. Beautiful girls swarm around him, but he's sadder. Nobody knows why he doesn't smile much. By chance, the two get closer. Will the smiling, shy guy manage to soften the heart of the "ready money" guy? I don't know what else can I say. Feel free to put questions.
  4. Hey hey folks~ I'm in the mood to join an RP that's set outside of the Valucre canon. I don't have any concrete ideas that I'm set on, but a few broader settings that come to mind include: - cyberpunk - Cthulhu mythos/eldritch horror, either in the classic 1930s era or in a noir-style 1950s - Fallout post-nuclear apocalyptic (preferably East coast) - The Witcher-esque, not canon characters - other monster horror or outer space/sci-fi tropes maybe? -a re-imagining of Greek mythos in a more flavorful universe, maybe. Kinda like in the games Hades or God of War? I would be interested in incorporating dice into options 1 and 2, but that's not essential. XD And since I feel like I'm just grasping for ideas, I'm also open to hear any settings anyone else has an itch for! Now, I do have a lot going on right now and would only be able to post about once a week if we're talking super literate. More often if brevity is embraced. Amenable to romance if it's well-paced and earned, but mostly just looking for an adventure or thriller with big-bad intrigue. Please don't be offended if I don't agree to the first opportunity that presents itself. It's possibly going to be a challenging transition for me coming back to RP, so I'm looking for the one that really revs my engine, and is easy enough to follow along in terms of readability while still being engaging enough to keep me motivated.
  5. My roleplay information Player name: Belle Gold Fandoms/original verse: ONCE UPON A TIME Characters: Looking For someone to Play Rumplestiltskin/ Mr. Gold for me. I am willing to be someone for you in exchange. Timezone: Eastern Times online to RP: I'm free pretty much all the time. I will let my partners know when I cant be online. Language: I only speak English. Canon Pairings: Rumbelle OC Pairings: maybe Mature: Yes Violence: Yes Strong Language: yes Grammar: 9/10 Average Desired RP Post Length: I am a very literate Roleplayer. I write para to multi para replies but I will occasionally do shorter ones. How much I write depends on how I am feeling and what the situation is in the roleplay. The longest I have written is 10 paragraphs the shortest I have done is 4 paragraphs. Will Not Do: NO RAPE!! I may mention it for past events but I WILL NOT roleplay it so don't ask!! Other than that I'm fine with pretty much anything! Age requirements: I will roleplay with anyone but I prefer to roleplay with people around my own age range which is 18+ if someone wants to roleplay with me and os not 18+ then I will under no circumstances do any kind of smut!! Cuddling, kissing and handholding are fine but nothing more. Places you can find me: if I am not on here than you can find me on discord at Belle Gold#2586 Here is some more info on my character and what I am looking for. Looking For: I know that this may be a shot But I am looking for a long term roleplay partner to play Rumplestiltskin Mr Gold. If you dont know the fandom we can do our own thing only thing I ask is the characters has the same names and personalitys, however if my partner wants to change things up a bit then that's fine with me. I'm very flexible and can work with pretty much anything. I am also more than willing to do a double up if my partner wants. If you do know the ONCE Upon A Time fandom then we can discuss if we are going to do canon or non- canon. I am fine with ether or. I have alot of ideas that I would like to try but most of them are pretty dark and intense but they are also fluffy and romantic. I love fluff, romance and angst. I am also more than happy to hear some other ideas as well. Age wise I am willing to roleplay with anyone but I prefer to roleplay with people 18+ if any smut is going to be involved. I am okay with roleplaying smut but ONLY if my partner is 18+ Handholding, snuggling, kissing and affection is fine but NOTHING over that if you are under 18. I am not going to sugar coat this. I play Belle to help me cope with my actual life and to raise awareness for disabled people. That being said Belle is disabled like me which means she needs her husband to care for her. She tries to be indapendant but it is hard for her sometimes she can be very stubborn at times but she is also understanding. There is a backstory that tells how Belle became disabled which I will DM to whoever wants to see it because it is quite long. If anyone is instrested or has any questions or would just like to chat then DM me my inbox is always open!
  6. Reposting this due to my original having been posted with little details, causing lack of interest moreso than normal. Someone told me that I should lock the original thread and repost. Sorry if that method is frowned upon here, however now that I've ironed out many of the details in addition, i'd like those who initially read my poorly put together thoughts may reignite interest for such a thing. The following is copied from the edited version of the original thread, with some formatting flair added. I've also added tags and a prefix to properly convey my intent. I'm not sure what post time limit I should look for for this kind of rp, because I'm not even sure if there will be any interest " I've been thinking for quite a while of trying to find a way to have a legal drama role play. Set in alternate history real life in the late 1980s. I'm not sure how to proceed with such, yet, but I'd like to check for interest before I set about writing anything out or making a character to do so. Addition: Basically how I'd like to run this to is as either a small group acting as investigators and witnesses in the trial, with one person as narrator for what evidence is found by them, witness Npcs and the opposing counsel, and other parts of the court and world. This role play would require a bit of time investment toward research of laws on the part of the narrator, and in character research to that effect. The case would consist of the death of a well known, but minor politician within the city. The investigators would need to use the evidence to convince the jury of the innocence or guilt of the suspect based on that evidence. The trial and investigation shall have the following steps. 1.) Death of victim 2.) Prefile Investigation determinating cause of death, and method (whether it was murder or not). This will include interviewing witnesses. 3.) Filing suit: If the players find enough evidence to rationalize it as a crime, then the players or npcs can decide to charge someone with the crime. 4.) Arraignment: this is where (in this rp) the suspect will be arraigned and asked to submit a plea based on the narrator. This plea may have complications as an innocent can plea guilty or vice versa for a number of reasons, or insanity, or in some cases crime of passion. If a player is acting as defense counsel, they will have interviewed their client and know whether they are actually innocent or guilty and will be charged with acquitting their client regardless of actual guilt. This step is actually is a combination of multiple steps in real life for entertainment and creativity's sake. In character the players will be given time before the next court date. And at this arraignment the judge will decide whether the suspect will be held in jail or released on bail or bond. 5.)Pretrial Investigation and Discovery: this step is further investigation between the arraignment and trial. Due to discovery the defense and prosecution may investigate different avenues of evidence, but must share all evidence. Any evidence not given in discovery is inadmissible (unusable) in court. This step may be repeated at any time at request of the counsel and approved by the judge. 6.)Evidence submission hearing: this will be a court hearing in which evidence is provided to 7.)Jury selection: this step is where defense and prosecution attempt to choose a jury that is most likely to be "fair" often times political and racial prejudices based on statistics, as well as case details will push this narrative step forward. Both sides will use those details to strike potential jurors from selection for either side or cause recommendation for certain jurors. Some jurors will be stricken and recommended by both sides for different reasons. This will occur before trial and during the Investigation and discovery. 8.)Trial: this step may take multiple hearings, but this is where both counsels use the same evidence at hand to prove or disprove guilt. The counsels will each get opening statements which is telling the jury judge and audience what they believe the evidence will show, making their position known. 9.)Jury deliberation: this step will only be included if a player or players are jurors. The jurors will talk about the evidence and use such to decide how they wish to vote. The jury must be unanimous in deliberation before announcement of guilt. If unanimously found guilty, they will also argue their opinion of sentencing. 10.)Announcement of finding: this is when the Jury lead announces their vote. If not unanimous, then they can explain why and request more investigation and discourse. If found guilty they also announce their recommendations for sentencing. 11.)Sentencing hearing: if found guilty then the counsel can debate sentencing. The defence obviously trying to reduce sentencing at minimum away from the death penalty. 12.)Sentencing: this happens at the end of sentencing hearing. The judge uses the arguments of the opposing counsels and the jury recommendation to decide sentencing. 13.)Appeals: if players wish, then the case can be taken to appeal court. Contrary to popular belief, appeals court cannot overturn a case based on new evidence. Only based on the mistreatment of facts and evidence by those involved. Appeals can appeal the finding of guilt or innocence, or the sentencing. 14.)Countersuit: if the defendant of the case is found innocent, then due to any jail time due to not being released on bail or bond during the trial, the cost of time and money from their defense, the loss of income or employment due to their arrest, or the emotional, social, or physical distress, or defamatory media caused by the suit, the defendant may pursue a countersuit for this damages. Or lawsuits against other entities which caused such due to their trial. These cases will be separate from the murder trial and mostly will take place in a civil suit, taking the same pattern as the original trial. The positions players may take with their character are as follows, all others unlisted will be played by the narrator; Defendant, Prosecution counsel, Defense counsel, Jurors, Investigators. I said before that I would like an alternate reality modern campaign originally, however a modern fantasy campaign would also work. So long as a modern-like court system exists. This would allow players to bring existing characters as jurors, defendant, or investigators. "
  7. Discuss! Feel free to spread the word, be excited, and ask questions. Official responses to any questions will be made in the upcoming FAQ thread.
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