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  1. On a beautiful day in Athentha. The floating islands were casually floating like they usually would. Suddenly there was a bright trail being seen in the sky if anybody were to be nearby. It emerged from the beginning and disappeared like a shooting star would.. It was somehow very fast but people can see it for about 5 seconds before disappearing into nothing. Meanwhile Nesy was in the sky with a blackbird looking-spacecraft that zipped through the clouds of the area and as the spacecraft did it's gradual decent towards the planet. The aerodynamic effects of the space-craft was almost powerful but it's metalic structure prevented it from blowing up while it was zipping through the thin air like a bullet. It appeared as a shooting star in the sky and the spacecraft's trail disappeared from sight. There was a black dot in the sky trailing closer to the floating island in the distance. Eventually the flying thing would disappear out of sight as it landed on the floating island and the spacecraft went idle. Suddenly the airlock of the spacecraft flung open and Nesy would walk up to the roof of the space-craft and he eventually slided down the front and hit the ground on his 2 feet. Who is this being? Nobody knows. It is time to find out who this multiversal being wants. Once in for all.
  2. Important Links Cult of Power (CoP) Group Page The Commander's Character Sheet The Cult's Public OOC PM to officially join and be added to the Club OOC Information This thread will act as the Cult of Power's official hub thread. I won't promise it'll last forever, but should last for a good long time. The start of this Hub Thread is after the Cult's adventures in Genesaris and Renovatio are momentarily over (after the obtainment of Asteria's Crown, the Cornerstones, etc). As any hub thread, your characters can come and go. Some cool things might develop in this thread and require a storyline, or it'll just roll with the punches. Who knows! There is no required post length or posting order. Location: Delcore, Terrenus. Delcore is a medium sized city a few miles east of Hell's Gate. The Cult has a Lunar Castle taken from another group they absorbed called the Fallen which is another few miles east in the Forbidding Hills. We might go there but this thread will start in Delcore. The city itself is controlled and regulated by Paragons, but it's down in a shadow mannerism where Lilith is not involved. Many of the ruling Paragons don't even know she's in the city. What Lilith is doing in Delcore is anyone's guess. It was a weird sort of feeling, being back in Terrenus after so many months in Genesaris and Renovatio. For so long she'd been focused on accumulating power. Clawing and climbing her way to the top of the world. To a place where no one could so much as reach to the top of her toes, metaphorically speaking of course. Now, however, she was there. More or less. It didn't matter what continent she was on her what foe stood in her way; she was the peak. In a way she always had been but now she absolutely was. The gauntlet of Zengi. The soul cornerstone. The crown of Asteria. The millions of Paragons bearing her mark. The raw, bottomless well of energy constantly stirring through her very being. She'd reached the goal. Now what? Get rid of my past lives? Perhaps. Easier said than done though, or at least one of the previous Lunar Daughters would have already done it. Instead it was almost like they feared the possibility that she'd break the link. As if they had never even considered doing it. Which was probably true. Lilith was a monster even among monsters. Leaning back she crossed one leg over the other and released a sigh, tapping her index finger on the rim of "her" beer mug. One of the men in the tavern had brought her a drink. If she understood correctly, he was hitting on her. It was almost funny, really. Put a whole new meaning on flirting with death. The large man had taken a seat next to her, not put off even a little by the red gleam of her eyes or the stink of death that stuck to her like bad karma. Probably that she was a vampire. Or some sort of undead. Maybe he even knew she was a necromancer and just didn't particularly care. He certainly didn't know who she was though. What she was and who she was, though intrinsically linked, tended to have much different impacts on people. Still... maybe this was what was next for her? Now that was a funny idea. Even the voices of her past lives chuckled in the depths of her mind. Yeah. Right. "So pretty lady," the man slurred, reaching out to sling a hand around her shoulder. "What can I do you for?" A question. A fucking question. Why did mortals ask so many questions? "You are either an absolute fucking moron," Lilith answer with such venom that the man blinked and nearly physically recoiled, "or your inebriation makes you an extremely horrible judge of character."
  3. Source: https://www.valucre.com/topic/40402-lost-house-of-dali/?do=findComment&comment=725522 For aesthetic purposes; not an inflexible representation
  4. OOC notice (March 3, 2019): This is a hub thread for the base being set up at the Furthest Point, a hill in the middle of the Broken Plains. For now it serves as an interaction point for the players involved in the Furthest Point battle threads, but it will eventually become an open thread for anyone who stops by the fort after it is built. They had survived. The night was deceptively calming, the crackling of the fires driving away the unnatural silence of Yh’mi. Normally, adventurers in Yh’mi would avoid building numerous fires, in case they drew dangerous creatures from far and wide. However, this time round, Yh’mi already knew where they were. Cutting down their own visibility would only make it more difficult to spot enemies. At least the fires would keep the Wispered at bay. Those tiny insects invaded the bodies of unwary travellers, devouring them from the inside out. Under the warm glowing light, the two surviving wagons were being unloaded. The dry rations and first aid materials came off first, then the tents and sleeping bags, the group needing to replenish themselves and rest up before the hostile land made their next move against them. The Order of the White Hand had made sure that each wagon carried a variety of food, medicine and building materials, to maximize their survivability if they got attacked. They had a routine of hoping for the best and planning for the worst. Fidelitas portioned out the food, just barely enough to keep the fighters from going hungry. If they had managed to keep even one more wagon from falling, their resources would not be so tight, and perhaps they could even have stripped the Saevion meat and barbecued that for a satisfying meal. They were all going to suffer for their failure, but he would tolerate no complaints. When the next morning came, they had to start to build the foundations of the base, basic walls and traps to fend off any hostile creatures. The next dispatch of warriors from Inns’th would bring the mercenaries their gold for completing the mission, if they survived till then. The silver lining was that the group had felled one of the most dangerous creatures known in Yh’mi, the Chhitten Magnus. That was telling of the battle prowess of the team that was amassed. By a stroke of luck, the colossal creature’s foul gut spilled a variety of sturdy weapons and armour from previous unfortunate adventurers. Fidelitas himself had picked up a fine spear that had not been too damaged by the Magnus’ acid, and had wrapped it with cloth. It with this package that he now headed towards one of the fires, and took a seat beside a dark knight. “That was impressive fighting,” Fidelitas told Gormaric, while unwrapping the spear and starting to clean it up. “Your blade, can I take a look at it?” The obsidian-coloured sword had stood out among the rest, and it intrigued the paladin. @EpicRome23
  5. NOTICE ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Where the neon lights are as bright as the hope for the future is dim. LOCATIONS DISTRICTS LIST OF DISTRICTS The Core The heart of Martial Town, its most central area, is called the Core. Here is where the Martial Town Government is based, as well as some of the most prominent and most wealthy residents of the city. Crime rate is at an all time low within the Core, at least depending on a particular interpretation of the word "crime". While the Core is quite the opposite of the Peripherals, the outer city limits overrun with organized crime groups, anarchic syndicates and street gangs, the government employs its own full-standing military force to police the city's center. This comes with a price. Crimes against the citizens are still committed. Unsanctioned home invasions. Random street inspections. Abuse of evidence and general abuse. It is all contained enough to minimize the threat of riots, but everyone knows it happens. It is something of an accepted reality. Nonetheless, such actions are largely limited to those residents of the Core who make up the general population of the militarized district, versus it's higher class citizens. One need not be particularly esteemed or rich to live here. Maybe you have a particular trade or skill that almost forced you to be relocated. Often, it is just a matter of behaving well enough to remain, or proving so and heading through the gates from the Buffer. A number of people do so gladly. Given the tradeoff, they would rather live under the eyes of a camera and listen to boots marching the streets, wondering if a knock would come on their door and a soldier would show up, compared to a knock on their door and thief or a murderer showing up who was not kept in check. Additionally, residents of the Core have an opportunity to work their way up to better living standards, including within the ginormous skyscrapers at the heart of the heart itself. While some of these great towers are owned by and dedicated to the government and the most powerful corporations, others are self-sustainable complexes that provide the greatest security, sustenance and seclusion from the rest of the city. Living in the Core really boils down to a matter of preference and permission. As long as the city government allows you to, you are allowed to. As long as you would rather live under the thumb of the government and its military than the MTPD, the corporate paramilitary forces or criminal elements of the Buffer, or worse, the endless gangs, rebel groups and crime groups that overrun the Peripherals, then the Core just might be for you. ZONES LIST OF ZONES GRAFT Center (Genetic Research, Augmentation, Fortification and Transformation) The GRAFT Center is the headquarters of the GRAFT Corporation. "GRAFT" stands for "Genetic Research, Augmentation, Fortification and Transformation", a broad series of terms that cover a broad variety of functions. While GRAFT clinics are spread throughout the city of Martial Town, from the Core to its suburbs, the GRAFT Center contains the most sophisticated and state of the art technology to service its clients. It fulfills a variety of needs for cybernetic limb and organ replacements, and cybernetic enhancements, such as infrared eyesight. However, GRAFT is not limited to just 'technology', as with mechanized or digitized features. The former is its primary identity, but it also supports a full-fledged magical enhancement program; a nice alternative to any technophobes, though the reverse also applies. Additionally, the GRAFT Center, located in the militarized heart of Martial Town, is where the bulk of the corporation's research is spearheaded, among all levels, including both magic and technology. The Purple Penguin Amid the night life of Martial Town, where the streets are lit up by neon dancers merely in the way the advertisement signs blink and flash and glow, The Purple Penguin represents the pinnacle of that night life. Located on the 'border' between the Core, the militarized heart of Martial Town, and the far less policed areas that serve as its outskirts, the nightclub receives a diversity of visitors, from regulars to newcomers looking for a good night out after a hard day's work. Amid its trademark purple lightning that basks the entire building, inside and out, day and night, The Purple Penguin boasts three public floors and a fourth VIP floor that includes management. The floors beneath this one cater to a wide variety of music, with soundproof walls offering additional sections and bars. The Purple Penguin offers more than music and drink, however. It is almost impossible to forget or forgive the drug scene running rampant, though this in turn provides any would be do-gooders with a morally questionable source of intel. The CyberFunk Cafe Located nearer the Core, amid its most lively shopping centers, The CyberFunk Cafe is a cybercafe said to always be filled, but always having an empty seat available. This paradox of a statement is in part due to the ear-splitting arcades located beneath the soundproof floor of the main cafe. On the main floor, guests can enjoy a latte spiked with caffeine to see their eyes through a deep dive into their favorite VR program, or simply a soothing cup of tea while they surf the web on a laptop for a fine leather trenchcoat on sale. Whatever the customer's desire, the cafe itself can probably cater to it, with cakes and scones aplenty. In its own parallel, however, the arcade rooms below ground have a much quicker pace. Down here, gamers of all kinds can sit back and relax, or sit forward in highway-racing tension, as they play video games of all types. Sometimes that may mean looking at a screen from feet, or inches, away. Other times, it may mean plugging a cable into the back of your head and closing your eyes while your mind enters a world like in one of those Sword Art Online games. KAWAAIII!! However, what most people are not aware of is that The CyberFunk Cafe has a third level—one beneath the arcade floor, accessed only by a secret door and express permission. This is where an underground hacker club, called ILLusive, plays a whole different game, one with real stakes, and real thrills. Pal's Guard Pal's Guard, obviously a play on "Palgard", is not at all anyone's idea of a playful bar. This drinking establishment is owned by the well established Vilad Circle, one of Martial Town's most ruthless and powerful organized crime groups. Headed by the elven Vilad Family rumored to hail from Palgard since around its inception, the Vilad Circle, as the overall crime syndicate, has since employed other species of all kinds to do its bidding and dirty work. Thieves, assassins, hackers, black market merchants, drug dealers, prostitutes and other colorful careerists come here already under the Vilad Circle's ring or as fresh folk looking for a new career path. Whatever the case, whatever the face, the Vilad Family usually doesn't care who, how or why. They are only concerned with profit and power, two paramount aspects that are inseparable as far as they believe. However, probably not a good idea to come to Pal's Guard for a beer and nothing else. There are nicer, friendlier, cleaner bars out there. Enter at your own risk, and remember where the nearest GRAFT clinic is! MTPD Headquarters (Martial Town Police Department) Where the Core of Martial Town is chiefly policed by the government's military force, along with the private military companies of certain corporations, it falls to the Martial Town Police Department (MTPD) to keep the greater extent of the city in check. As with many things in life, however, that is a task that is easier to write than to carry out. Only the bravest, finest and most able and capable souls sign up for the MTPD, or else those with a death wish, a low IQ or a streak of psychopathy as they seek to abuse the badge and beat the victims being repressed by it. Meanwhile, the farthest suburbs of the city would be hard pressed to find an officer on patrol, unless they're really just strolling toward some crime lord so that they can receive their bribe money. There are, though, those who firmly believe in the badge and what it represents. Then there are those hired by the badge, bounty hunters and private detectives, because, when it comes to Martial Town, the MTPD needs all the help that it can get.
  6. The City of Ebony-Yahera, Athentha It was a Wednesday, mid afternoon in the small city of Ebony-Yahera. The city bustled with life, business going on as usual as the citizens carried on their lives despite the fact of war breaking out among the islands. But that's another problem for another day. This tale is about gathering back a dangerous artifact made by the house of Sakimura itself. The Otherworld Sword and Shield. Though there were about six or seven, this one had bern abandoned in the underdepths of Ebony-Yahera. The demoness, Liú had wanted this set to help her battle the cult that seemed to rise above the lands of Athentha and Talia. She wanted to destroy the cult. Not allowing it to flourish. Walking down the cobblestone street, she watched the townsfolk run here and there. Some carrying the day's grocery runs, others carrying the errands of the day. Children playing child games of tag and hide and seek. It made her sadly smile. These people would never get to be at peace. Not if the islands lost their heroes. Her, Sayndar, Atlas... even Rheumial and Garnet. Yes, the stubborn first seed. His organization was less dangerous than the black heart mirror organization. She sighed as the rain lightly fell. Liú knew the dangers of getting a weapon tied to the family of the monster known as the Dark Winged Beast. Yet, she grabbed ahold of her courage, and ventured to the end of the street. A sign sat there written with Ebony-Yahera underdepths 12mi, east. Absolon 40mi west. It was the beginning of things, that she would brave the Underdepths to try and bring a better tomorrow for Athentha's citizens. With a lift of her right foot, she walked down the right side of the sign, to the east, to the underdepths. Liú knew it wouldn't be easy, it was Athentha. And it housed temptations to keep you from your goal. I hope I'm strong enough... Liú thought as she walked.
  7. Owner: Dali estate Business manager: Merida Spidervalley Context The Dali vineyard has been in the family for centuries and, from historical record, was often used as a private vacation home for various bloodline members of the house. It was forgotten and neglected for a time, but recently discovered by Ampelos Spiderwalker, renovated for new enterprise, and outfitted with a stock of genetically modified, fast-growing grape vines, which have come about as a result of collaboration between Dali transmutation guildmembers and the botanists of Floracle. Dali makes expert use of the volcanic ash settled all across Biazo Isle to bring a unique and bold flavor to their wines which cannot be replicated outside of the Isle without considerable cost. Purpose Although once for the exclusive use of Dali members, Ampelos has put the vineyard in the hands of Merida Spidervalley (cousin; member of the transmutation guild; junior associate on the aforementioned botanical project), who yields executive management power in all things relating to the vineyard. She has been given a charter to see the vineyard turned into public vacation hotspot and its wines sold commercially across the nation. Although the exact details remain a mystery, the Dali estate has announced its working on expanding its transgenic manipulation method to food crops. If they can get yields to anticipated levels, they will ship 10% of their food product to Aspyn to help feed the refugees. Products Una Estoria: Dali-Floracle Syrah wine. Certain vintages now available in major retailers; special vintages available only on premise Book|Ends scones Floracle herbal teas
  8. Being a Gilchrist was not an easy task. Ferghas knew first hand of all his father's and grandfather's deeds. How his family fought in the early wars, serving the Demon King and all that glory junk. However, Ferghas wondered about his brother Alastair. He disappeared during the undercover study of the Black Heart Mirror Organization. Ferghas sighed as he had acquired his new position in the knights. They made him a knight commander of the Plutonium knights. And he was stationed at the base in Serphus Aluminium. And he was now tasked with finding the last location of the cult, the black heart mirror cult that was written off dead. And he heard rumors of it being revived. And he grumbled standing up from the small castle like base. A young vampire named Rhamados-Ashulur stood beside him. She was a good soldier to be his second in command, a good foil to him. And another chance to not mess things up, like he did with Yuma. Which still loomed over him. Rhama tilted her head as she looked at Ferghas not liking the new assignment. Black Heart Mirror artifacts were not something to merely trifle with. And you had to be careful not to be cursed. "Rhama, you sure about wanting to come? It's a long distance to the Azura-Dawn temple. And with your other business attending--" "It's fine. Father knows that business with house Ja'Guthra will be my top priority. But I want to help locate the artifact and make sure its safely retrieved." Rhama replied as she looked at Ferghas not liking the new assignment and she was wanting to get this over with quickly. Ferghas nodded as they walked down the cobblestone steps. They would be walking to the small fishing city of Hydra to get a carriage to Serphus Aluminium and begin their assignment. It was a long silent walk. Well it would have been if Rhama wasn't there. She knew Ferghas's lineage, of his father. How being a Gilchrist meant not failing. Yet, he had failed his last mission. Failed saving a key that was needed. Does it bother you that you couldn't save Yuma? I mean, we have something better in place." Rhama asked as they walked. Ferghas eyed her softly. "As tragic as it was, I'm sorry it happened." "It's complicated." Came the gruff voice of the knight. "I could have done better to be honest. I just didn't think Yuma would fall. What do you mean? You're saying the girl wasn't important?" Rhama said norhing for a moment. His eyes bearing down upon her didn't help either. But it was weird he didn't know what plan of action was taken. Plus now their assignment of finding the cult and Ferghas's missing brother added to the list of annoyances.
  9. 3, January 1678AY Ebony-Azura, Hub of Ebony-Yahera, Athentha Wednesday, Midday Esben sighed as she stood there. It seemed that the artifacts of the Black Heart Mirror were being uncovered so fast. And no one knew what they could truly do. The Black Heart Mirror Organization hadn't been seen in five decades. Yet the rumors she heard didn't make it easy. Looking down at the bounty paper, she saw the picture of a familiar face. Her own brother, Esben Eden. She sighed so softly. When would she be rid of this nusiance in her life? When would she have Marquis imprison this stain upon her life? Esben was a disgrace to her family, taking after their own father. Yet she felt that finding at least one artifact could let her have the lead against him. Esben hoped. Hoped that her twin brother had no idea she was back here in Ebony-Azura to find the Black Heart Mirror Sword and Shield. She worried that the organization was growing. Swallowing pitiful souls to make their true mirror selves. In truth it scared her. Walking down the path, Esben Djinn kept quiet as she didn't want to have his spies find her. She didn't want to alert the ones on his side. Not until she found the artifact. In truth, Esben scared her. He was exactly like their father in every way and shape. This beginning didn't bode well for Esben at all.
  10. Lexdord's guide to handheld Weapons and daily equipment for both its citizens and soilders .. First off you have to know that yest although we use stereotypical weapons like guns, rifiles, and snipers we also have one that was a gift from our great leader. More on that later For now we get onto the citizens and what they are allowed for arment. ------ Steel knives: Mundane knifes made of steel with ether a waxed wodden handle or a handle of stone Stinging Arse poison: ether in a pouch or a glass bottle this in dust, liquid or gas form causes powerful pain by over exciting nerves sometimes even to the point where nerves receive damage. Effects lasts for up to a week. ---- [Now for the security force] This is what they get Supreme kinetic Vaton baton: But It's really just a kinetic bat that sends people flying Taser Laser: a taser thats a laser....its a laser taser! It shocks and causes major cramps by disrupting the muscles and its elastisity causing it to stiffin rapidly, even if you could move through the stiffness you'll end up tearing tye stiffined muscles which causes internal damage to not only muscles but sometimes organs Carbon fiber Riot shields: riot shields but made out of carbon fiber Sniper rifle: Elite cops and army men only especially those that can remain out of sight even when in sight, they use an array of physical, acidic, or implosive and act like well...a rifle Handgun: cant get a more basic gun then this Various magic spells: well idk theres too meny ro lable! [now before we talk about military well talk about Prions and what they are (WIP] A Piron is a specific hyperionized partical that has been fissioned ioniclly through the use of electro magnetics. There are a total of 5 diffrent types of pirons that have slightly diffrent effects and energy levels, they are created In a similar way as how an ion engine works. There are actully over 458 diffrent pirons but only 5 are actually useful (or matter) in their own way.....to simplify them and pervent your brain from exploding we've labled them by letters and corresponding energy levels. A+,B+,0, A-,B- Remember since its simplified the absolute ion charge is not labled only its relative to one another With 0 being netural
  11. WELCOME TO THE REVERIE BALL! On the night of December 25th the castle of Andelusia opens its doors to all citizens of Valucre, far and wide, to come mingle and dance! The floor of the castle and the courtyard outside are all available for public usage. In all rooms there is music playing, each room playing a different song. Perhaps even a different type of music. Spectacular food is served in every room, though the Dining Room is where the most magnificent food rests. From snacks to full meals, everything someone would want lays upon the table. Despite the main food on the table is from Ursa Madeum and Taen, the side food comes from throughout Valucre. Those who participated in the ANT conferences would recognize the castle. However, this time, every room was decked in blue and green decorations. At least one unlit cauldron had been put in each room, some surrounded by wrapped presents without labels. The same day an announcement was sent out to the public and to those allied with Taen Empire. It stated that starting from the 25th of December, the Taen Empire would no longer be referred to as the Taen Empire. As of now, the Empire is switching to the name Veluriyam Empire. Although not known to the public, those with connections in Veluriyam Empire might discover the Veluriyam is a Mork'Outh word for Open Sky. Within the hour of opening the castle filled. Emperor Titus stands in the Sun Room, a glass of wine in his hands as he leans against the wall while he speaks to some Renovation dignitaries. The Ballroom is where Princess Teresa finds herself, dancing with one of her guards but keeping an eye out for someone not on her father's payroll. Someone not lame. Green means open; red means closed. @Tyler @Eternity @supernal @KittyvonCupcake @notmuch_23 @vielle @LikelyMissFortune @danzilla3 @Sleepy Seal @Grubbistch @Alexei @Witches Brew @Praetorian
  12. The United Federal Kingdoms of Lexdord Aero flighting standards report Level of security required: Public (general information for the general public) Type: Airship class labeling Authored by: Education Bureaucrat society --------- Standard Class: a group of common balanced ships whom are balanced in aspects of flight speed, attack power, defences (includes point defence and Arcane force fields), and detection (ether its own or how well it can detect others). This class of airship is the normal every day airship that you might see, most also call it the 'Average class' as it seems like airships within this class are infact the Average of the bunch. Pincer class:: A class of Airship which has an unusual amount of speed due to ether an efficent engine upgrade, being outfitted with tech that works too well, a very good reactor or being lightweight in comparison to its heavier counterparts. It comes at the cost of limited weaponry that can be thrown on it but other then that it has no other penalties associated with it. Troit class: A class of airship built to seige and pillage made mostly of ranged seige equipment
  13. "The world accelerates towards eventual Annihilation , as all worlds do new technologies are developed some form allies with one another but some are destined to seek all the power...to control all that exists within their eyes, to become god themselfs. Yet in the mist of their endeavours they or others that feel threaten may take precautions in a way that ends with a really big bang, this time its something more terrifying then a nuclear warhead this time it is something more, something that would make people feel unsafe once again for the future" The day had clear skies, the sun was shining, and various waves bounced upon the shores of an island so small it was more described as an insignificant hill perfect for certian weapon testing. The first of meny soon to come this was more then the average nuclear bomb, this was a Thirmanium bomb. Boiled in a spinning vat of various reasources like Buborium set to cook for 24 hours until it turned bright red and had its density increased using hydrologic pressurizers to turn it into more of a delicate spherical gel ball the size of a person's head. One that floated in a medium within its bomb capsule. They had build their first and hopefully only nuclear submarine just for this purpose, this test, the 'makers' left suspiciously unnamed were most likely hoping for good results else where. On the Submarine which was being transported to Water well City via airship (2 actually carried it) the bomb was loaded similarly like a torpedo. The transport was quick and within under an hour it was on its way to secretly begin its weapon's test on the insignificant island. ------At ×××××× Facility also known as The X Nexus "Well All going according to plan? I really hope they hurry, I just want to mass produce these already, then we'll have fear on our side" "I dont know how those children were able to conjor up this feat but I love it! Now we have a secondary use for your great gift. However do they wish to continue to remain anonymous? " Rotwell questioned. The thing was there was no children, no one had actully 'conjored' this weapon up, instead the ingredients had accidentally been found within the database in a thought to be corruped file which it turns out only the file itself not its contents were corrupted....but Rotwell never knew that and would never know the council and King Lewis would make sure of that. "Yes and we the council decided it so, anyways how long until the launch commences?" "14 minuets sir considering the speed of the vessel, however we put so. Much into the speed that we never bothered with stealthing the submarine due to all of that strange emp dedication " "We wont need stealth after this, infact I dont believe any sort of stealth could hide that explosion i mean stealth can barely hide a regular classical atomic bomb explosion." Speaking as if Rotwell was a mere child. Shuffleing towards the large array of screens that were tracking everything making sure to record every bit of information for historical benefit and future analysis to futher its research and looking at it it seemed that the sub was headed south south east ---back to the sub Soon it would arrive at the small island and the test would commence. If done right the nations around will know not of who detonated the explosion or how but even where it exactly detonated will prove to be difficult. If this was done right
  14. Art by Ayan This hub is limited to Terrenus military. Facility #137 is a generic lab and R&D center. There are tools, materials, and personnel staffed here which allow for research, analytics, development, and creation of a wide array of military equipment, utilities, and ad-hoc projects. #137 is open-air and above ground, making it a medium-security facility. Measures include the standard array of alarms, sensors, classification and clearance levels, biometrics, AI golems, and manned patrol. Like most military buildings, #137 is designed with redundancy and distributed trust, so that in a worst-case scenario it can be completely blown away and recreated elsewhere. There are no highly specialized tools or ultra-rare materials stored in medium-security zones. Instead, the involvement of facilities like #137 in heavy duty operations is usually as a staging ground for a project which is later continued in a purpose-built, high-security, underground facility.
  15. Serphus Alumnus held many things a person could dream of. Weapons, armor, trinkets, gold, silver, rubies--emeralds, you name it. The ruins hid many of these items that were just being discovered. Flying to the floating islands in an airship was a test should you be afraid of heights. But its the only way to get there. Placing her hands on the bar of the railing outside the outer deck of the airship, the elf stood there taking in the air. It had been a while since she had gone home, since she had gone exploring outside the islands. Shaking her head, the air felt good. But she felt going home wasn't a good idea, as being away from a cursed island made her not as sick as she looked when she left. But here she was. Flying home.
  16. In the Kastoria District, within the Iron Stronghold the street outside is crowded with a procession of priests. The Bravot Library stood as a two-story tower of polished marble, with several stained-glass windows and dwarf-wrought iron furnishings. The further corners and outline were lit by glowing gemstones set into the ceiling, casting eerie shadows on the flying machines and dangling bones of fantastic creatures overhead. The well-spaced domes of intricate detailing and artistry allow natural light to filter in. It's as charming inside as it is on the outside. Marble pillars support the upper floor and the fans attached to them. No corner is left unfilled with otherworldly gadgets, whirring gizmos, and skeletal remains of fantastic creatures. Spaced throughout the Library’s main and second story are globes—detailing far away planets and mysterious lands. There’s no discernible directory to be found, yet the plentiful staff guides have detailed and intimate knowledge of where to find just the right book. It is said that the Bravot collection is vast enough for several stories to be built underground. Some of the books could be seen floating through the halls. Tourists and scholars seem to be the primary clientele here—a good sign. Several long tables are occupied by, what seems to be entire intrigued visitors, dressed eloquently for an evening of spooks and fun, all enjoying the open space. lounging in conversation while accepting unusually colored drinks. The other, smaller tables are also occupied by people who are indulging in carving gourds and pumpkins, while others venture off to explore the complex halls of the Library. Veils of fog hover along the ground, while furniture draped in white sheets are sprinkled throughout rooms. Intricate webs are tastefully placed, courtesy of Rowan, while flickering candles hovered and wandered through over the heads of others. Mysterious twinkling lights--the mischievous Fae, no doubt--blink in and out of existence. Though the machinations that run the Bravot Library are unclear, it is immediately evident that it is no ordinary Library. While the layout presumably is all it appears, the Library itself is not—as rooms upon rooms that could not possibly fit within the confines, do! With books collected from across the multiverse, the Bravot Library is a gem to Kastoria. A lavender feline sits on a table by the entrance, the gentle echo of a voice reverberating in the minds of all who enter: Welcome, Seeker. I am called Mephisto. What and who I am is the same. I am the Articat and the Book of Descendants is my charge. You have questions, I have answers. Please enjoy a bite of food and dessert. Spirits are being served all around, drink at your own discretion. Please be aware that the rooms are very much alive, and it is easy to get lost if you wander off. There are several tricks as well as treats waiting for you within. Please be safe, and enjoy the soirée.
  17. The way the world seem to be heading for has told time and time again that Lexdord requires a new motive of transport for incase they weaken into nothing "Today we are what? A piron Engine? Do you know what that takes, how long it might take to even bring it online?" As Rotwell had sent his team of scientist to work on the projects. "yes Rotwell I know but you've got to understand that this world is the way to its end if you havent seen the reports.....so were going with building that Piron engine early rather then late" The King had said through a secure line "Dont say I didn't warn, these things are fragile as well Cap'n" "Then we'll cover it with protective metals. Now stop complaining and get reserching! Ill fax you the list of priority things." Then the screen went dark laveing Rotwell to start on the first of very difficult project to come. The scientist were baffled as neither of them knew what a Piron engine was, yet from what whas heard about it, it had something to do with super magnetic charged ion particals. The list of other technologies that were to be a priority went through the system's computer and copied itself as a paper listing just what the king wanted by the end of the year. "He does know that its not going to be easy..." As the small model funnel shape steel outer mid cast of the engine was being constructed to give it as an example of what the end product was surpost to look like. Rotwell announced to the scientist in an enclosed disclosed room about the engine and explained its purpose "So this is whats known as a piron engine" its sleek silver streaks that when compared with other engines was pretty unique. with its sharply shaped front and back enclosing a cylinder like sphere enclosed within the classic funnle cone shape of an engine "This is recalled as one of the finest engines that could ever be" of course that probely wasn't true anymore as things get updated all the time, however based on the information left from the damaged data base it pretty much was true to them. "everything that we are to work on for the future of not just our own...but the future of Valcure. As you have heard there are ELE (Extinction level events) being detected all around the globe. Though meny are quickly calmed and relived there are a few however that are currently growing at an unprecedented pace and soon it would be too late." saying this somberly as he dramatizes the large scale events like Elderion's spiritual end, and what ever was going on in Kadia. "as you can see the end will soon come...but will all of us have to face it? Mabye not....mabye if we discover enough to to something about it no one will have to die yet there are some that chose to kill rather then save and because of this....we have left them and actully everyone out of this." depicting that the project remain a secret even to the closest of allies. "And because of this you all might be living here for a while, something like.....4-5 months but then again you shouldn't seem surprised as this is what we all signed up for... To give our lives to research and to presue better technologies, we were never told to just stop" as the scientists stared with blank faces, hiding their regret within newfound responsibilities. As the fate of everything they knew could hang upon their research. They headed over to reaserch bay one
  18. Affiliations: House Hildebrand more to come. Events: upcoming: grand reopening the Guestlist: NOVEMBER 23 | 29 AO Evienne Goldcourt of House Dali NOVEMBER 24 | 29 AO The Mistress Blackhead Evienne Goldcourt of House Dali
  19. 1678AY, 5 August Rain tumbled down upon the cursed island of Athentha as the cries rang out. The red blood moon held its sphere in the sky as it signaled in the Umbral Year. Time moved so slowly here, outside in the realm of Valucre, it was present time. Their current year. Inside Athentha it was still 1678AY. The sounds of blade and steel clashed against each other as the citizens fought to keep their island safe, uncorroded and uncorrupted. The armies of darkness fighting to swallow them whole, their eyes empty, fingers smeared in ore. Servants to a man named Yevan, elder of Allia. No, it was time for heroes to stand. The resistance peering out among the streets of people fighting back. Sayndar was not there to lead them. Cid knowing that he would have to release them to fight the cursed souls. Rain fell harder as lightning danced among the sky. Fire lighting up the burning houses as the citizens tried to save their land. Against a vampire and his army of captured knights and souls. How he was revived was a long a painful process. His knight commander, a young elf by the name of R, as the name had been forgotten with time. He had come back to Allia to assess the damage at the castle. However, it was here the whispers of old captivated and consumed. Placing down, a stone of old malachite and opal, he began the ritual to rebirth the vampric elder back into the realm. His nimble fingers rotting away the embers of his soul as hours rolled by. In the end, at the cost of his life, Yevan awoke. War spread around the islands as it erupted. Yevan was back coming to spread his disease amomg the islanders. Esben was enslaving people. The children however, stood there at the center. Their day of reckon was at hand. They came to reclaim their stake, lives to become enslaved to their cruelty. Will you prevail or become cursed? Will you help save the land or burn it to the ground?
  20. The code of the Red Blood Moon Children Organization is one written in blood and sweat. Built eons ago, by a man claiming vengeance upon the Demon King Absolon and the Fiasco of Talia. --Excerpt from Athentha's Bloodied Past, Book V Ruin crumpled his spirits as he stood there gazing upon the horizon. The children were not something you could just confront. Not with Garnet at the helm. He was a ruthless man who had gone even more ruthless over time. His heart smashed by the loss he acquired and he no longer cared about anything but himself. Yet, two were going to take down him and reclaim the organization, return it to its former glory, its master to command its ship. A figure emerging from beyond the shadows who knew all about the ongoings of the land. And was about to ruffle feathers of the highest calibur. Garnet wouldn’t stand a chance. Oh Ruby sphere, you’ll crumble under my weight, my step. The land beckons for the revival of the Red Blood Moon Children Organization, under a new lead, a new direction of cruelty and suffering. The figure whispered to itself as it took the steps toward the base of operations. Ghulur-Serphus Ju’Hal. Nestled in the new island of Gothra Rhys, a place new discovered and blossomed under this figure. The figure called Ju’Zuthra, Gothra. She smiled with those malicious emerald amber eyes of hers. The demon dressed in the finest silks and robes. Her voluptuous figure hiding the true vilest sin within. She wanted the organization, she wanted to prove to the princess and everyone who doubted the twisted knight commander that she was a force to be reckoned with. Soon, they would feel her wrath. And the seeds would see a new age of war, tyranny and fear.
  21. Rin threw Sayndar to the ground as he came running at her. The rain drowning out his cries as it fell down heavily. Sayndar rolled against the ground, his sword falling to the side as the princess of Athentha made her way towards the hero of Lyonesse. That was his title, his proud achievement of defeating her those long years ago. That day he ripped her eye from her skull. Yet she didn't do the same to him. Picking him up from the back of his collar, she snarled. Nothing left in her eyes as she would make him suffer. Sayndar would have let her but he couldn't let the land fall to her hands. Her dark vision. His hands grasped her arms backwards to singe her skin. Rin hissed in pain as she released him. Sayndar with his last ounce of strength ran at the half breed and slammed her against the tree. He then collapsed into unconsciousness... --- Sayndar gasped as he awoke in a small enclosed camp. Those cold memories trying to suffocate him as the sweat fell down his face. Gripping the sheets as he sat in the bed, he had this dream for a week now. As if it was haunting him for a reason. And he didn't know why. Salsa leaned against the wall, her arms crossed against her chest. Her elf ears peeking out from black blue curls. Her yellow black eyes hauntingly staring at him. She was dressed in the usual resistance garb. About time ya awoke Capt'n. You've been asleep for days now after we found ya beat'n by the princess. She cut yer body up real good. Fin'lly had to shoo her off ya with that old magic tactic. "Salsa, it wasn't that easy. We were evenly matched. I thought I could redeem her this time. Show her the light. We've lost her to that villanous cur's magic. I--I--" Salsa put her hand up as she tried to ease the man's worries. Sayndar sighed as the resistance was growing in numbers yet at the same time couldn't fully go against the half breed and the man running the show. Capt'n, don't stress so much. We'll free yer princess. It will just take time. Plus we have to retrain a demon hunter again. Afraid he got eat'n by the demon raven. But the knights of Gemini Phoenix are here. Sayndar sighed shaking his head as he stood up. Yes, the knights were here to help build numbers in their ranks. Yet, he felt they weren't enough. He told Salsa he was off to see Cid. Waving her off as she stood there in silence.
  22. "A domain of evil it is. In you must go." "What's in there?" "Only what you take with you." ____ There is a place in the Black City where all are welcome, regardless of race or creed. Be you hero or villain, adventurer or pioneer, the great doors at the base of the Lore-Spire are never closed. You, young man, have traveled far to come to this place, and now that you are here, there is nothing to stop you. Have you come for council? Is it knowledge you seek? Stay awhile and listen, and the Lord of the Black City will share with you tales of yore, and dispense age-old wisdom to help guide you down your path. But you are young, and chances are you already know everything. Better yet, perhaps you have come seeking favor in this cold and dismal place. Stand before the Outsider and endure the weight of his scrutiny, and he may just see for himself the ember of potential you espy so proudly within. For a piece of your soul or a favor in the future, you may persuade the Outsider to impart more than wisdom, but action. A token of his esteem, an artifact of great power, or even an act of his own accord, speak to him of your desires, but be warned: ask yourself what you're willing to sacrifice for them. But you are young and powerful, and you need nothing from the Outsider. You, young man, may have come for something far more bold - you have come for the Outsider himself. The Lord of the Black City has no shortage of enemies, and they, like all, are just as welcome in his hall. Look around you, young man. There are no guards here to stop you, you have not been made to surrender your weapons or your gifts, and the walls do not sing with prophylactic measures against violence, esoteric or otherwise. You stand before a thing of grandiloquent power and prestige, and it knows nothing of fear or trepidation. Draw your weapon, show him the strength of your convictions, and know you will be interred beneath the marble you will make your final stand upon. Whatever your reasons for coming to this sacred hall, the Outsider has set aside time and attention for you. Welcome to the Black City, young man. Welcome to the Hall of the Devil-King.
  23. Esben sat silently as he allowed his skin to form over his real form. He loved to hide his true self so it couldn't be used against him. While he enjoyed sitting in the broken tower of Legoniare Fate. A place he liked to visit outside Talia. Though the timing couldn't be better. Virga had sent invitations to a party to introduce his daughter Amoura into the status of Inquistor. His daughter had reached the ripe age of seventeen as it was the year of 1634AY. Though one would wonder how and why he went as Esben. The elf standing there in the broken tower was born as Serphus Alumna; son to the great scientist of old. Yet, here and now he used the name Esben so that his enemies couldn't find him. Exiting the tower, Esben made his way into the market square. He wanted to find the perfect gift to give the young princess. One that was alluring, for he wanted to impress; especially with all the suitors present. Looking down and around the stalls, he smiled to himself. Virga was a man of power, a man he would have to plot one step ahead of. He gave away his children for wealth and power, or even trivial desires. It was a waste. And Esben had his eyes on the young Amoura since he saw her. They crossed paths once, in the magi academy. "You don't have to follow me Pyrrah. I can handle myself among the citizens of Legoniare Fate. Father needs to learn to trust me." Came the soft sultry soprano like voice of Amoura. "I told you Miss Amoura, I cannot leave your side. It's the king's orders. I rather you stay in the castle but you do not listen and wander off." Esben watched the exchange in silence. His eyes and her own catching the light off each other here and there. Short glances the other thought didn't see. Amoura had heard stories of Esben, the ill famed scientist with such a tainted past. Yet, she was enamoured with his work, wanting to learn how to do the science he did. "I'm not a child. Father just says that so his meal ticket remains safe until he sells me off to whomever--whatever pays him the best. Please Pyrrah, let me be." Pyrrah sighed as he nodded. He decided the young princess needed her space. "Come home in an hour, so your father doesn't punish me too much." Amoura nodded as she stood there finally able to breathe. Without someone standing over her shoulder. What to do first, she didn't know.
  24. Dear Ether, You are called to a greater cause. Our city is in dire straights as we are beimg overtaken by a small cult called Farenheit Celisus. We need your aid. We need your strength. Should you receive this letter, meet me at the docks of Farenheit Celisus. An airship will greet you and take you here. Please hurry, Amaranth The artifact looked over the letter with a smile. It looked very convincing to fool the young Ether into coming to the cursed land. She left out the vital information that she was the head of the cult. Sealing the letter, she placed it onto a carrier pigeon and set it off towards Ether. She then walked down the hall towards the massive group and smiled at them. How they writhed as they had become a part of the cult. She then curled her lips into a malicious smile. The plan is set my dears. I have sent out the letter to have her come to us. You will all play your parts beautifully and convince her that you're the evil ones to allow me to feast upon her and bring her forth to greatness. The mass cheered and cried out as Ammy turned and returned to her chambers. The plan was started. The set pieces were in place. It was time to destroy some lives.
  25. Dear Allilan, You are invited to Llewellyn-Mathias as an event of a lifetime is starting. The land of Athentha welcomes you to indulge in your adventure type senses. An airship shall pick you up in Terrenus on the 6th of May. We do hope you can attend. The ruins hold such treasures to make you weathly beyond belief. In the ruins, you'll find a few weapoms, swords, shields, axes. Rings of exotic jewels, Bracelets of extreme strength. Just to name a few. Sincerely, A friend. The letter would read that was written by an unknown figure trying to bring more tourists in to a cursed set of flying islands. Setting it upon a carrier pigeon to make the massive trip to Terrenus, the figure then set up the travel. A massive airship to carry the passengers to Athentha. Lex leaned against the wall as he watched, curious on who this Alliana person was. Would they become corrupted and cursed by the land too? Would they umderstand anything about the land? Lex chuckled. The artifact was excited to be honest. He hadn't met anyone from another land in a long time. And adventurimg was a favourite hobby of his. Eyeing the figure he wondered what would happen in the next coming days. Standing up, Lex exited the room and headed toward the dock to await the newcomer. He would have a lot of fun.
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