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Found 33 results

  1. supernal

    Facility #137

    Art by Ayan This hub is limited to Terrenus military. Facility #137 is a generic lab and R&D center. There are tools, materials, and personnel staffed here which allow for research, analytics, development, and creation of a wide array of military equipment, utilities, and ad-hoc projects. #137 is open-air and above ground, making it a medium-security facility. Measures include the standard array of alarms, sensors, classification and clearance levels, biometrics, AI golems, and manned patrol. Like most military buildings, #137 is designed with redundancy and distributed trust, so that in a worst-case scenario it can be completely blown away and recreated elsewhere. There are no highly specialized tools or ultra-rare materials stored in medium-security zones. Instead, the involvement of facilities like #137 in heavy duty operations is usually as a staging ground for a project which is later continued in a purpose-built, high-security, underground facility.
  2. Serphus Alumnus held many things a person could dream of. Weapons, armor, trinkets, gold, silver, rubies--emeralds, you name it. The ruins hid many of these items that were just being discovered. Flying to the floating islands in an airship was a test should you be afraid of heights. But its the only way to get there. Placing her hands on the bar of the railing outside the outer deck of the airship, the elf stood there taking in the air. It had been a while since she had gone home, since she had gone exploring outside the islands. Shaking her head, the air felt good. But she felt going home wasn't a good idea, as being away from a cursed island made her not as sick as she looked when she left. But here she was. Flying home.
  3. In the Kastoria District, within the Iron Stronghold the street outside is crowded with a procession of priests. The Bravot Library stood as a two-story tower of polished marble, with several stained-glass windows and dwarf-wrought iron furnishings. The further corners and outline were lit by glowing gemstones set into the ceiling, casting eerie shadows on the flying machines and dangling bones of fantastic creatures overhead. The well-spaced domes of intricate detailing and artistry allow natural light to filter in. It's as charming inside as it is on the outside. Marble pillars support the upper floor and the fans attached to them. No corner is left unfilled with otherworldly gadgets, whirring gizmos, and skeletal remains of fantastic creatures. Spaced throughout the Library’s main and second story are globes—detailing far away planets and mysterious lands. There’s no discernible directory to be found, yet the plentiful staff guides have detailed and intimate knowledge of where to find just the right book. It is said that the Bravot collection is vast enough for several stories to be built underground. Some of the books could be seen floating through the halls. Tourists and scholars seem to be the primary clientele here—a good sign. Several long tables are occupied by, what seems to be entire intrigued visitors, dressed eloquently for an evening of spooks and fun, all enjoying the open space. lounging in conversation while accepting unusually colored drinks. The other, smaller tables are also occupied by people who are indulging in carving gourds and pumpkins, while others venture off to explore the complex halls of the Library. Veils of fog hover along the ground, while furniture draped in white sheets are sprinkled throughout rooms. Intricate webs are tastefully placed, courtesy of Rowan, while flickering candles hovered and wandered through over the heads of others. Mysterious twinkling lights--the mischievous Fae, no doubt--blink in and out of existence. Though the machinations that run the Bravot Library are unclear, it is immediately evident that it is no ordinary Library. While the layout presumably is all it appears, the Library itself is not—as rooms upon rooms that could not possibly fit within the confines, do! With books collected from across the multiverse, the Bravot Library is a gem to Kastoria. A lavender feline sits on a table by the entrance, the gentle echo of a voice reverberating in the minds of all who enter: Welcome, Seeker. I am called Mephisto. What and who I am is the same. I am the Articat and the Book of Descendants is my charge. You have questions, I have answers. Please enjoy a bite of food and dessert. Spirits are being served all around, drink at your own discretion. Please be aware that the rooms are very much alive, and it is easy to get lost if you wander off. There are several tricks as well as treats waiting for you within. Please be safe, and enjoy the soirée.
  4. Affiliations: House Hildebrand more to come. Events: upcoming: grand reopening
  5. 1678AY, 5 August Rain tumbled down upon the cursed island of Athentha as the cries rang out. The red blood moon held its sphere in the sky as it signaled in the Umbral Year. Time moved so slowly here, outside in the realm of Valucre, it was present time. Their current year. Inside Athentha it was still 1678AY. The sounds of blade and steel clashed against each other as the citizens fought to keep their island safe, uncorroded and uncorrupted. The armies of darkness fighting to swallow them whole, their eyes empty, fingers smeared in ore. Servants to a man named Yevan, elder of Allia. No, it was time for heroes to stand. The resistance peering out among the streets of people fighting back. Sayndar was not there to lead them. Cid knowing that he would have to release them to fight the cursed souls. Rain fell harder as lightning danced among the sky. Fire lighting up the burning houses as the citizens tried to save their land. Against a vampire and his army of captured knights and souls. How he was revived was a long a painful process. His knight commander, a young elf by the name of R, as the name had been forgotten with time. He had come back to Allia to assess the damage at the castle. However, it was here the whispers of old captivated and consumed. Placing down, a stone of old malachite and opal, he began the ritual to rebirth the vampric elder back into the realm. His nimble fingers rotting away the embers of his soul as hours rolled by. In the end, at the cost of his life, Yevan awoke. War spread around the islands as it erupted. Yevan was back coming to spread his disease amomg the islanders. Esben was enslaving people. The children however, stood there at the center. Their day of reckon was at hand. They came to reclaim their stake, lives to become enslaved to their cruelty. Will you prevail or become cursed? Will you help save the land or burn it to the ground?
  6. The code of the Red Blood Moon Children Organization is one written in blood and sweat. Built eons ago, by a man claiming vengeance upon the Demon King Absolon and the Fiasco of Talia. --Excerpt from Athentha's Bloodied Past, Book V Ruin crumpled his spirits as he stood there gazing upon the horizon. The children were not something you could just confront. Not with Garnet at the helm. He was a ruthless man who had gone even more ruthless over time. His heart smashed by the loss he acquired and he no longer cared about anything but himself. Yet, two were going to take down him and reclaim the organization, return it to its former glory, its master to command its ship. A figure emerging from beyond the shadows who knew all about the ongoings of the land. And was about to ruffle feathers of the highest calibur. Garnet wouldn’t stand a chance. Oh Ruby sphere, you’ll crumble under my weight, my step. The land beckons for the revival of the Red Blood Moon Children Organization, under a new lead, a new direction of cruelty and suffering. The figure whispered to itself as it took the steps toward the base of operations. Ghulur-Serphus Ju’Hal. Nestled in the new island of Gothra Rhys, a place new discovered and blossomed under this figure. The figure called Ju’Zuthra, Gothra. She smiled with those malicious emerald amber eyes of hers. The demon dressed in the finest silks and robes. Her voluptuous figure hiding the true vilest sin within. She wanted the organization, she wanted to prove to the princess and everyone who doubted the twisted knight commander that she was a force to be reckoned with. Soon, they would feel her wrath. And the seeds would see a new age of war, tyranny and fear.
  7. Rin threw Sayndar to the ground as he came running at her. The rain drowning out his cries as it fell down heavily. Sayndar rolled against the ground, his sword falling to the side as the princess of Athentha made her way towards the hero of Lyonesse. That was his title, his proud achievement of defeating her those long years ago. That day he ripped her eye from her skull. Yet she didn't do the same to him. Picking him up from the back of his collar, she snarled. Nothing left in her eyes as she would make him suffer. Sayndar would have let her but he couldn't let the land fall to her hands. Her dark vision. His hands grasped her arms backwards to singe her skin. Rin hissed in pain as she released him. Sayndar with his last ounce of strength ran at the half breed and slammed her against the tree. He then collapsed into unconsciousness... --- Sayndar gasped as he awoke in a small enclosed camp. Those cold memories trying to suffocate him as the sweat fell down his face. Gripping the sheets as he sat in the bed, he had this dream for a week now. As if it was haunting him for a reason. And he didn't know why. Salsa leaned against the wall, her arms crossed against her chest. Her elf ears peeking out from black blue curls. Her yellow black eyes hauntingly staring at him. She was dressed in the usual resistance garb. About time ya awoke Capt'n. You've been asleep for days now after we found ya beat'n by the princess. She cut yer body up real good. Fin'lly had to shoo her off ya with that old magic tactic. "Salsa, it wasn't that easy. We were evenly matched. I thought I could redeem her this time. Show her the light. We've lost her to that villanous cur's magic. I--I--" Salsa put her hand up as she tried to ease the man's worries. Sayndar sighed as the resistance was growing in numbers yet at the same time couldn't fully go against the half breed and the man running the show. Capt'n, don't stress so much. We'll free yer princess. It will just take time. Plus we have to retrain a demon hunter again. Afraid he got eat'n by the demon raven. But the knights of Gemini Phoenix are here. Sayndar sighed shaking his head as he stood up. Yes, the knights were here to help build numbers in their ranks. Yet, he felt they weren't enough. He told Salsa he was off to see Cid. Waving her off as she stood there in silence.
  8. "A domain of evil it is. In you must go." "What's in there?" "Only what you take with you." ____ There is a place in the Black City where all are welcome, regardless of race or creed. Be you hero or villain, adventurer or pioneer, the great doors at the base of the Lore-Spire are never closed. You, young man, have traveled far to come to this place, and now that you are here, there is nothing to stop you. Have you come for council? Is it knowledge you seek? Stay awhile and listen, and the Lord of the Black City will share with you tales of yore, and dispense age-old wisdom to help guide you down your path. But you are young, and chances are you already know everything. Better yet, perhaps you have come seeking favor in this cold and dismal place. Stand before the Outsider and endure the weight of his scrutiny, and he may just see for himself the ember of potential you espy so proudly within. For a piece of your soul or a favor in the future, you may persuade the Outsider to impart more than wisdom, but action. A token of his esteem, an artifact of great power, or even an act of his own accord, speak to him of your desires, but be warned: ask yourself what you're willing to sacrifice for them. But you are young and powerful, and you need nothing from the Outsider. You, young man, may have come for something far more bold - you have come for the Outsider himself. The Lord of the Black City has no shortage of enemies, and they, like all, are just as welcome in his hall. Look around you, young man. There are no guards here to stop you, you have not been made to surrender your weapons or your gifts, and the walls do not sing with prophylactic measures against violence, esoteric or otherwise. You stand before a thing of grandiloquent power and prestige, and it knows nothing of fear or trepidation. Draw your weapon, show him the strength of your convictions, and know you will be interred beneath the marble you will make your final stand upon. Whatever your reasons for coming to this sacred hall, the Outsider has set aside time and attention for you. Welcome to the Black City, young man. Welcome to the Hall of the Devil-King.
  9. Esben sat silently as he allowed his skin to form over his real form. He loved to hide his true self so it couldn't be used against him. While he enjoyed sitting in the broken tower of Legoniare Fate. A place he liked to visit outside Talia. Though the timing couldn't be better. Virga had sent invitations to a party to introduce his daughter Amoura into the status of Inquistor. His daughter had reached the ripe age of seventeen as it was the year of 1634AY. Though one would wonder how and why he went as Esben. The elf standing there in the broken tower was born as Serphus Alumna; son to the great scientist of old. Yet, here and now he used the name Esben so that his enemies couldn't find him. Exiting the tower, Esben made his way into the market square. He wanted to find the perfect gift to give the young princess. One that was alluring, for he wanted to impress; especially with all the suitors present. Looking down and around the stalls, he smiled to himself. Virga was a man of power, a man he would have to plot one step ahead of. He gave away his children for wealth and power, or even trivial desires. It was a waste. And Esben had his eyes on the young Amoura since he saw her. They crossed paths once, in the magi academy. "You don't have to follow me Pyrrah. I can handle myself among the citizens of Legoniare Fate. Father needs to learn to trust me." Came the soft sultry soprano like voice of Amoura. "I told you Miss Amoura, I cannot leave your side. It's the king's orders. I rather you stay in the castle but you do not listen and wander off." Esben watched the exchange in silence. His eyes and her own catching the light off each other here and there. Short glances the other thought didn't see. Amoura had heard stories of Esben, the ill famed scientist with such a tainted past. Yet, she was enamoured with his work, wanting to learn how to do the science he did. "I'm not a child. Father just says that so his meal ticket remains safe until he sells me off to whomever--whatever pays him the best. Please Pyrrah, let me be." Pyrrah sighed as he nodded. He decided the young princess needed her space. "Come home in an hour, so your father doesn't punish me too much." Amoura nodded as she stood there finally able to breathe. Without someone standing over her shoulder. What to do first, she didn't know.
  10. Dear Ether, You are called to a greater cause. Our city is in dire straights as we are beimg overtaken by a small cult called Farenheit Celisus. We need your aid. We need your strength. Should you receive this letter, meet me at the docks of Farenheit Celisus. An airship will greet you and take you here. Please hurry, Amaranth The artifact looked over the letter with a smile. It looked very convincing to fool the young Ether into coming to the cursed land. She left out the vital information that she was the head of the cult. Sealing the letter, she placed it onto a carrier pigeon and set it off towards Ether. She then walked down the hall towards the massive group and smiled at them. How they writhed as they had become a part of the cult. She then curled her lips into a malicious smile. The plan is set my dears. I have sent out the letter to have her come to us. You will all play your parts beautifully and convince her that you're the evil ones to allow me to feast upon her and bring her forth to greatness. The mass cheered and cried out as Ammy turned and returned to her chambers. The plan was started. The set pieces were in place. It was time to destroy some lives.
  11. Dear Allilan, You are invited to Llewellyn-Mathias as an event of a lifetime is starting. The land of Athentha welcomes you to indulge in your adventure type senses. An airship shall pick you up in Terrenus on the 6th of May. We do hope you can attend. The ruins hold such treasures to make you weathly beyond belief. In the ruins, you'll find a few weapoms, swords, shields, axes. Rings of exotic jewels, Bracelets of extreme strength. Just to name a few. Sincerely, A friend. The letter would read that was written by an unknown figure trying to bring more tourists in to a cursed set of flying islands. Setting it upon a carrier pigeon to make the massive trip to Terrenus, the figure then set up the travel. A massive airship to carry the passengers to Athentha. Lex leaned against the wall as he watched, curious on who this Alliana person was. Would they become corrupted and cursed by the land too? Would they umderstand anything about the land? Lex chuckled. The artifact was excited to be honest. He hadn't met anyone from another land in a long time. And adventurimg was a favourite hobby of his. Eyeing the figure he wondered what would happen in the next coming days. Standing up, Lex exited the room and headed toward the dock to await the newcomer. He would have a lot of fun.
  12. FLORACLE FLOWER SHOP + APOTHECARY OVERVIEW: Looking to surprise your romantic partner with flowers? Collecting rare, organic ingredients for a spell, tincture, or charm? Want to escape the hustle and bustle of Terrenus's primary port city? Look no further than the Floracle Flower Shop and Apothecary, a beloved landmark of Casper, Terrenus for over 50 years. Founded by Hector Marie, renowned botanist and apothecary, the Floracle has since fallen into the ownership of his granddaughter, Valentine Marie, assisted by her twin brother, Caspian. Hector's memory lives on through the passion his grandchildren carry for flowers, herbs, and natural medicine, and long-time patrons of the Floracle will recognize his sparkling, kind blue eyes in young Valentine. The shop is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 8:00am until dusk, though the courtyard closes at around 11:00pm in the spring and summer. STOREFRONT: As befitting of any flower shop, the Floracle's storefront is characterized by large, floor-to ceiling windows. The purpose of these windows is twofold: one, they allow passersby to admire the forest of flowers and plants just inside its doors, and two, they provide light for the plants growing on nearly every surface within the shop. During nice weather, outdoor displays burst with color and fragrance, and a few small tables and chairs are set up for those who need a minute or two to rest during their shopping. It is not uncommon to see Valentine herself sitting outside when business is slow, typically with a cup of tea in hand and a smile on her face. MAIN ROOM: Upon first entering the Floracle, one is assaulted by a rainbow of colors and scents from every angle. Blue tiles with a floral design cover the floor, bright and glowing in the morning sun. Nearly every other surface is crafted from dark mahogany wood engraved with flowers and swirling, natural designs. The right and left walls are covered in wooden slots containing loose blooms organized by region and color. Although individual blooms may remain on display for weeks at a time, they retain the beauty of a freshly cut flower thanks to a specially crafted longevity spell. Patrons are welcome to pick and choose flowers to design their own bouquets, or they may peruse the pre-made bouquets on several tree-inspired displays around the shop. The colors and style of bouquet rotate seasonally so that customers are presented with the freshest flowers at every point in the year. A containment spell keeps pollen and other irritants away from guests with allergies so that all may enjoy their shopping experience. At the rear of the main room, a dark wooden staircase guides guests to an upper level that overlooks the rest of the shop. Ferns of all shapes and sizes spill from hanging baskets and shelves against the walls, filling the space with green. (Inspiration photo here, though considerably larger in scale.) Tucked beneath the staircase is the cashier's counter, and a wall of glass windows directly behind it sections off the apothecary. APOTHECARY: Located beneath the upper level is the apothecary, a small but mighty room usually occupied by the scholarly Caspian Marie. Its walls are lined with dark wooden shelves containing every manner of herb and common, organic spell ingredients. Bunches of dried fruits and flowers hang from the ceiling, so tall customers may need to watch their step. The resident apothecary stands at a counter in the corner of the room, where he may create simple charms, salves, and tinctures at the customer's request. Rarer ingredients are stored on a shelf behind the apothecary's counter, so guests will need to specially request these items for purchase. A loosely swinging door to the left leads to the greenhouse. GREENHOUSE: Light floods in through the green-tinted, glass windows of the greenhouse, filling the long room with sunshine. Several work benches boast a hodgepodge of pots, trays, and baskets, each filled with dirt and budding blooms. Many hanging plants droop from its ceiling, and shelves containing tools and plants line the wall it shares with the apothecary. A small, man-made creek trickles from a bed of rocks in the corner of the greenhouse, flows across a section of the room, and exits through a narrow, horizontal slit in the wall near the ground. River plants grow in the dirt lining the artificial creek, being too stubborn to grow in any old pot. Another swinging door on the greenhouse's left wall exits into the courtyard. The greenhouse is typically inaccessible to patrons. COURTYARD: The man-made creek exits the greenhouse and flows into a shallow pond in a corner of the courtyard, but the remainder of the space is filled with vegetation. A few proud trees spangle the yard, each one bearing several different kinds of fruit in the summer. The trees provide shade in the heat of day, and visitors are welcome to sit at the tables beneath their branches and enjoy the cool sea breeze. At night, fairy lights strung between the fruit trees create a warm, twinkling ambiance. For the right price, it is possible to rent the courtyard for private events; it is a beautiful, romantic venue perfect for a small garden party or wedding celebration. A white, gated picket fence separates the yard from the sidewalk, though it is scarcely visible through a tangle of green ivy. From the courtyard, it is possible to re-enter the main room through a side door. An iron, spiral staircase rests in the corner of the yard, leading tenants up to the residential apartments above the shop. Thus the Floracle has three levels in total. EMPLOYEES: Valentine Marie - 23 - shop owner, botanist, florist. Valentine has been working at the Floracle since she was able to hold a watering can. She has recently inherited the shop from her grandfather, who passed away due to illness. Sweet, caring, and maybe a little melancholy, the young redhead is easy to take advantage of, but has a small army of big, brooding men looking out for her- scammers beware! Valentine is likely the first friendly face you'll see when walking through the Floracle's thick, walnut doors. Caspian Marie - 23 - apothecary. Caspian is Valentine's twin brother, and has recently returned after graduating from university. He manages the Floracle's apothecary, creating charms, tinctures, and potions from local and rare ingredients alike. Although Caspian is a stereotypical, awkward academic, he is always willing to talk herbology with anyone interested (and a good number who aren't). TO PLAY: The Floracle is a perfect place for casual flower shopping, collecting ingredients for a spell, and slice-of-life moments between players. There are also a number of quests available, with the possibility of earning various charms and potions. To engage the Floracle staff, please tag roboblu in your post. Expect a reply in 3-7 days. Minor power-playing is permitted for small or otherwise insignificant interactions with the shopkeep/apothecary. Please- no violence or shady activities allowed without permission from robot blues! And please mark the date/time in your post. I will section my responses if more than one setting is specified. Happy writing! AESTHETIC: LOGOS n' BANNERS: TRUSTED FRIENDS AND PARTNERS: Want your advertisement listed here? PM roboblu!
  13. Ebony Roux-Salas Hub of Roux-Jericho Augustus Val-Roux, Athentha 1716AY, 4 October The organization was thought to be dead. Thought to be a dead cell lingering in the hub of Roux-Jericho Augustus. Val-Roux was a vast and always bubbling into a huger city by the day. Many hubs were being built and found. However the organization wasn't dead. The Red Blood Moon Children Organization was created in 1616AY by Absolon and the scientist Oisin. He wanted to fuse his ore and an a very rare flower, the Juniper, together. The end result was the child named Magmus. She was born with a deadly curse. It allowed her to create seeds. But these seeds were not just ordinary seeds. The seeds would enter the victim's body burrowing into the heart. It would blossom out of the heart like a flower only deadlier as it attached itself to the nerves, organs and tissues. The seed would blacken the heart as the organs began to fail and die. The vessels would become restricted, as the tissue died. Oxygen would fail as it no longer remained. But you wouldn't die. No one ever died in Athentha. In a way, the victim ascended the mortal coil and gave away the humanity they once had. In other cases it drove the victim mad. And Garnet stood there reading the files left on Platinum. He felt the fifth seed was losing his mind. He wanted to make a cult. But Garnet wanted to bring the organization back to life, back to the old ways. Unfortunately Platinum was in his way. The two had been fighting more and more lately. Vanilla stood there watching the first seed in silence. She felt the tension between the two and she hated it. Garnet looked up at her then. I know what you're thinking. That we have to keep him around because he is good at his job? That would be dumb Vanilla, he's growing more and more unstable. He never should have been made a seed. Platinum wants to make a cult-- And? I think it could be good. Why can't we have one? Everyone else does and it brings more into the fold to make tons of seed. A win-win situation for us. And Platinum is a good man. He's not at fault for things Magmus did to him. I mean you're not perfect either. Garnet sighed. Vanilla was always the level headed seed.
  14. Artist: aisxos Purpose The Holosseum is the spectator area for the MOBS tournament. Not pictured above is the central ring, which is a high-fidelity holographic projection of whatever environment in which the two combatants are squaring off. This is the area where spectators come for entertainment, food, drinks, and betting; there are several betting parlors peppered throughout the large infrastructure. Security Guards armed with modernized magi-tech weaponry ranging from stun batons to handheld laser pistols to Power Words which inflict blindness, deafness, or paralysis Recording devices (visual, auditory, magical) Other stuff when I think of it
  15. KittyvonCupcake

    Book|Ends [Hub]

    Book|Ends OVERVIEW Whether you are searching for a novel on the Daily Weekly bestseller list, an original handwritten account of a half-mad ancient prophetess, or an enchanted tome that grants its owners the power of spontaneous levitation, Book|Ends is here for all of your literary needs. Currently located in the Northeastern part of Ashville, this multileveled building resembles what would happen if an architect fond of columns smashed a historical university’s snobbish library and a museum with a lot of stairs together and then filled it to the brim with books. A set of massive double doors, crafted of heavy wood imported from the Dark Forest, leads one into the Main Room. It is an expansive area, noted for its patterned marble tile and the wooden bookcases that stretch along the walls. Natural lighting pours through skylights and large windows, which have been enchanted to filter out harmful rays that may cause any damage to the texts on display. A fountain, minimalistic and elegant in design, is situated before the collection of shelves containing fictional works. Two desks for customer service are built against the walls on either side of the fountain, as fitting with the symmetrical theme of the store’s architectural structure. Employees at these desks conduct purchases, appraise mundane books for sales and returns, and contact other associates for special requests. Displays advertising suggested literature can be found atop small tables flanking the rows of main level shelves. Off of the Main Room are quieter reading areas, noted for their selection of comfortable seating. The reading areas are decorated with a more bohemian flair. Plush rugs from the Arcane East line the floors and various works of art, ranging from Classical period oil paintings to contemporary prints, can be found clinging to the wall spaces not overtaken by shelves. Rarer works of literature can be found in these separate rooms. A private office is situated in the back right-hand corner of the store. The door is rarely noticed upon first glance, as it is crafted from the same dark stained wood as the bookshelves and seems to exude an aura that wards off potential visitors. “Mister Draug Rhavon” is embossed in silver upon the door. It will not disappear no matter how hard the Mister Draug Rhavon in question scrubs and scrapes at it. Another set of double doors, smaller than those that serve as the front entrance, lead out to shaded courtyard full of exotic plant life. A koi pond and seating provide a scenic respite from city life. The Second Level is where one can find nonfiction work. There are two sets of stairs that lead up to the upper floor, as well as an elevator located at the back of the Main Room, near the restrooms. Like the Main Room, wall to ceiling bookshelves are found on this level. Because the upper floor overlooks the lower, it is advised that customers avoid dangling over the balustrades. The fall would be most unpleasant. The Second Level contains the Retrieval Request Desk, a circular structure that mirrors the fountain’s design. Employees manning the Retrieval Request Desk appraise enchanted tomes, scrolls, grimoires, and other forms of text that house magical properties. They also process requests filed for the Retrieval Specialist team and handle payment from clients. This can be done in person or through holo-calls, official directives signed by a notary (or another authority), messenger imp, crystal-powered communication spells, smoke signal, blood sacrifice, or politely worded letters. Six private conference rooms can be found off the main wings of the Second Level, as well as a two rooms dedicated for Tome Translation and Minor Book Repairs, respectively. The cafe, once overrun by arcane-enhanced raccoons, is now fully functioning and provides the best selection of tea south of Blairville. Might I also recommend sampling the mille-feuille? Beneath Book|Ends lies the Basement Level. Closed off to the public and well protected by systems both mystical and technological, the Basement serves as a Storage Facility. This is also where enchanted texts and magical artifacts are brought for safe examination before they are placed on the Book|Ends Catalog. Copies of the Catalog are available at each Help Desk. Individual copies can be delivered to anyone on the Book|Ends Mailing List. If any customer wishes to examine an item housed within the Storage Facility, an associate will bring the requested object to one of the conference rooms upstairs for the customer to inspect in private. The Book|Ends staff would appreciate it if customers could refrain from summoning eldritch beings or becoming possessed by malicious spirits hellbent on earthly destruction. Every written word that passes through these doors is stored within the Book|Ends database. Although it is accessible to associates only, Book|Ends does accept requests for assistance with research for a negotiable fee. If one wishes to conduct their research alone, associates can pick through the database for the best reading materials pertaining to one’s quest for knowledge. All it takes is one simple question. NOTABLE EMPLOYEES Draug Rhavon Ioreth Rhavon Godric Uldwar CURRENT EVENTS As the event’s title suggests, Book|Ends is hosting a weekend long special that invites local craft breweries to sample their wares in store. Poets, authors, research analysts, and the rest of those odd folks keen on slapping words onto paper or other mediums have been granted the opportunity to sign copies of their work, provide readings and lectures, and have their pick at the free food offered in the courtyard. Anyone that spills their drinks will face such harsh censure that they may pray for a swift and merciful execution. Live musicians can also be found out in the courtyard. One can only hope that they manage to refrain from awakening the beast that slumbers at the bottom of the pond. Ioreth Rhavon, Head Retrieval Agent, named it Stephen. She likes to feed it grapes. REQUEST LOG To Be Announced FLYERS Want to advertise your own business, event, organization, or enterprising character? Shoot me a PM and we can showcase it here. (Contact @LastLight for all your blacksmith-y needs.)
  16. Vansin

    Church On The Hill

    COTH The town of Church On The Hill a Low Tech setting The History: 4/18 Church on the Hill, or Coth as it is commonly called, is a growing town in Terrenus just beyond the domain of Blairville. For many years, the eponymous church stood alone atop the highest hill in the region. It was once the center of a populous parish in the ages before the great cities of Terrenus came to dominate political and social life. In recent times the church stood as more of a watchtower and repository of old knowledge than as a hub of community. The Gaian religion, to whom the church originally belonged, grew lax in replacing deceased clergymen as the location waned in importance until the building was occupied by a mere single man who was forced to live off scant alms and the generosity of local farmers and friends. This man's name was Constans, and though he prayed every day to the great mother of his religion, he had long given up hope that his faith would be rewarded. Times changed, as they are wont to do, and the Church on the Hill bore witness to even further degradation. In the wake of a faraway civil war the patrolmen, nobility, constabulary, and military of Terrenus receded away from the rural lands the church stood watch over, abandoning the fertile farms and meager hovels of its agrarian people. Once the protection of the nobles and their armies were gone, evil began to take root. Monsters and beasts not seen for years began to creep from the deep places of the world, and men turned on each other in banditry and violence. The people cried up to the sky and down to the earth, but found no peace. Meanwhile, Constans watched in horror as families dragged corpses by their hundreds to his church for burial. Starved men and women, murdered children. The peaceful age was ending. Yet one fateful night, a tearful Constans called out to anyone who would hear, any god or great spirit who would ease the suffering of the people and of one broken priest. Miraculously, his call was answered. A great fire exploded inside the church, blowing the very roof off the building and blasting a column of mystical green flame into the sky like a beacon. Among the holy fires, Constans fell victim to a fit of great and terrible visions portending the rise of a new world. For hours, the priest was held in the clutches of these mad prophesies, all the while safe inside the tornado of green flames. When it was over, and the flames subsided, word began to spread across the land. Those who had seen the miracle from afar had rushed to witness it themselves, and had seen the priest among the flames. Others, hearing secondhand stories, flocked to the ruins of the old church to hear the preaching of a holy man who had been chosen by green fire. He preached a message of a new social order in which the people worked for their own good and organized under no higher authority than that of a god. Men were weak, the priest proclaimed, and their promises were illusions. Only the power of a god could be relied upon to hold together a mortal realm. He encouraged his followers to work and share in equal measure, to respect each other's property and freedom, while submitting themselves to the will of a divine monarch-- not some self appointed human king claiming to speak for a god, but a king who was a god, and an authority which no man could undo. It was not long before this appealing promise of protection and community drew huge crowds of abandoned farmers, cobblers, blacksmiths, porters, cooks, healers, herdsmen, and laborers. Seeing himself at a crossroads of destiny, and urged by the whispering of a god, Constans proclaimed the masses of scared commonfolk to be one sanctified people, the people of Coth, the seed of the new world. 7/18 Coth has begun to achieve the dream of its founder, yet while its people celebrate a feast, a cohort of powerful raiders charges toward the nearly defenseless town. The Thread Setting: Coth is an open, low tech, persistent locale characters can freely enter or leave as they like. Coth itself is a 25 square mile area which includes a citizenry of approximately 4000, their domiciles, farms, and workshops arranged at the base of a tall hill upon whose pinnacle sits the famous, half destroyed church. Coth has a small-town feel. People are familiar with each other, helpful, and oftentimes oblivious to subtlety. The townsfolk are overwhelmingly derived from the lowest rung on the social order of Terrenus. Many have never seen magitech, or magic for that matter, yet what they lack in formal education they make up for in skill and spirit. They are working class people, and their work has helped the town of Coth spring up around the ruined church with alarming speed. Rather than have individual threads, I have elected to tell all stories in and around Coth in this single thread. This will give the town a sense of continuity and permanency, in the hope that actions taken by one player can impact the experiences of others. Often, stories told in Coth will be submitted for canonization, and canon events will be featured here in the first post to help inform newcomers and regulars of developing events. If you're unsure how to enter Coth, or aren't sure your character would fit its low power, low tech setting, message @Vansinfor assistance. Resident Characters: Coth has an agreement with the esteemed booksellers and loremasters of Book|Ends, who have arrived to advise Constans as he seeks to develop Coth into a model society that can inspire a world-spanning change in religion, morality, governance, and civilization. A tribe of Ice Giants, led by the mysterious Yahweh, has also made a pact of nonaggression and mutual aid with Coth, and their embassy hosts a quartet of hulking giants who smith for and protect the fledgling town. These character can be found in the town, and their writers are invested with moderator authority within this thread. If I am not around to ask questions, please contact one of them. Headers & Graphics The below graphics have been made for us by the renaissance woman @KittyvonCupcake. While these artistic headers are not mandatory, text headers are highly encouraged to discern where the many characters occupying this thread are. Concerning headers (lifted from an announcement on page 2): Graphics examples:
  17. supernal

    Cap and Bells Market

    Art by artbytheo The Cap and Bells is an open air market situated between Weland and Marlboro Keep. It is a temporary town made up of mobile market stalls and caravans which, as a whole entity moves further north or south depending on the season; the warmer it is, the further sound the market can be found). As its infrastructure is transient, it provides no local law enforcement, no civil services, taxation, and so on. Things like camps, food, and entertainment are all available at prices which are set at the discretion of the provider. If there is a territorial or property dispute it is always settled privately. Players are free to make up NPC small-scale operations for their plots in this thread. Since the beginning of the civil war in Terrenus, the more exotic and expensive items have all moved to affected areas with a larger and more desperate population to sell to, meaning that supplies at Cap and Bells currently skew more towards the commonplace, but the flow of funds is already picking up, which will see the return of exotic goods. OOC thread Current stock Fabric and textiles Weapons and armor Food and provisions Liquor and gambling Camping Alchemist Growth Alchemist arc (24 posts total) Alexander and Gerald get (1) Stoneskin potion each and a skilled Alchemist as a player contact Gauntlet data arc (6 posts total) Sandhi helps Justice make a tracker for the powerful presence radiated by the gauntlets of Zengi Resurrection an assassin arc (15 posts total) Eldwine Wyrmwalker Dali hires Jalafrax, a necromancer, to bring back a corpse he has ferried over so that the zombie can be interrogated. Eldwine gets the information he's after and Jalafrax, for a discount to his fee, gets a zombie assassin bodygyard
  18. Intro - The Black Anvil Hymn is a weapon and armor shop ( no horseshoes, nails, wagon wheels, ploughs, etc to be found here ) owned and operated by Stello Lavis. Coming from a wealthy family, he was able to afford to set up in the downtown metropolitan area of Hell’s Gate, a move that would have seemed otherwise strange if it weren’t for the country’s fixation on combat, which has resulted from a variety of different cultural aspects of Terrenus. One such example is the practice of holo-projected combat tournaments that were popular once upon a time. However, it can be said that the true culprits are the several stories of brave adventurers setting out to truly make a difference in the world, good or bad. The working types who will never find the need to wear armor and wield a weapon go into his shop to hold a sword and perhaps feel like one of the adventurers to bring an end to the Eternal Night, as distant from the real thing as it may be. A surprising number of people seem to find that to be as novel an idea as visiting a teddy bear or candy shop, both of which would be considered to be more conventional sources of “fun.” In the end, the true purpose of this shop is for Stello to engage in a hobby that he thoroughly enjoys, so much so that he doesn’t concern himself with sales. Being filthy rich, he can afford not to make a profit or even close down for a few months and come back when it suits him. He doesn’t sell to those with criminal records ( consent for background checks must be provided ) and has also refused to sell his wares to foolhardy ignorant types before, believing it to be shameful for an idiot to be running around swinging one of his weapons or wearing some of his armor. Weapons and armor purchased from the Black Anvil Hymn can be identified by a small blackened anvil imprint somewhere on them. Description - Due to its location, the shop was built to be attractive and is two stories tall. Its outer layers of smooth cement plaster are accentuated by dark gray ferrous plates with fine vertical grains throughout. The fore is presented through large clear windows that are bisected by metallic cross bars, through which many of his wares can be seen. There are longswords, arming swords, axes, warhammers, spears, etc ( all medieval European, no Japanese, Chinese or other for now ). The door that leads into the shop is constructed of steel that has had the temper colors in it brought out and preserved. To the left, the material is an almost “white gray” tone. A third of a way the metal starts to develop a light straw sheen and towards the center, those brownish hues turn darker. Past that, the metal starts to become purple blue, then a pure deep and dark blue, and finally a more natural gray that that is no longer bright enough to appear white in certain light. Above the entrance, there is a large metal plate with a blackened imprint in the shape of an anvil. The name of the shop, Black Anvil Hymn, rests just above it in elegant lettering. Each time someone moves through the doors, the rich ping of a hammer striking a well made anvil echoes through the establishment. The first floor is the shop itself and it starts with a starkly decorated lobby with comfortable cushioned seats, a magi tech vending machine and a holo-screen on the wall showing the daily news available to customers. There are more items suspended along the walls, including business flyers pertaining to the Hymn and partner companies that can be seen once inside and the area is separated from the smithy itself by one thick division made of red brick, which gives the impression of an olden forge tucked away within a modern building. A rectangular aperture in that brick wall serves as the reception counter, bearing stacks of Hymn and Hymn affiliate business cards on its surface. Other than that, the shop welcomes customers with a display of Stello’s favorite designs hanging above it in airtight chambers attached to brass rimmed ovular slabs of mahogany wood. One is a Bec de Corbin design dubbed Earth, another a bastard sword design he calls Water, a kite shield he calls Shade and a longsword design named Fire. Across the counter, the smithy itself is visible. Front and center is an anvil of steel dark enough to appear black sitting on an altar of resplendent lazurite crystal pillars and surrounded by various power tools like a power hammer, grinding and sanding belts, various tongs hanging from a rack and additional equipment that is used for powder forging. A metal scanner, powered by magi-tech like most of his equipment, sits on one of the far corners and the whole smithy is ventilated by two powerful fans built into the walls that filter out the workspace when necessary. The scent of burning coal, as is common in traditional forges, is decidedly absent because Stello relies on a propane powered forge instead ( Hell’s Gate city regulations strive to maintain cleanliness in commercial areas ). Since he does keep decent amounts of lumber around, the most prominent scent there can be is that of processed wood, at least whenever he’s not using acid of any kind to bring out a the beauty in a metal. When the shop is open, this is where he is usually found, seen operating his equipment and bashing metal into shapes while wearing ear protection. On the far wall, there is a staircase leading up to the second floor, which is restricted to clients. Upstairs is actually his place of residence, complete with a well stocked kitchen and a living room with a huge holo-screen and powerful sound system. In every facet, the whole establishment is basically a man cave. Finally, there is a receiving section at the rearmost section of the first floor with a large steel gate. This is basically the Hymn’s warehouse, where the metals, lumbers, quenching oils, acids, sanding paper and all manner of other equipment and resources are stored. Personnel Stello Lavis - Foul mouthed, modern-centric owner and smith of the Black Anvil Hymn. Being rich, he hardly concerns himself with the financial state of his establishment. Crafting weapons and armor is a hobby for him and he's privileged to be able to dabble in it without having to make a profit to sustain it. The shop is more a self-satisfying endeavor, allowing him to do what he loves and teach simple city folk about what he's learned throughout the years. Lexicus Thoren - Another smith, albeit with a more traditional approach to his profession ( and demeanor overall ) in comparison to the owner of the establishment. He arrived after the destruction of his own shop on an ox driven cart, bearing what remained of his work as he searched for a new forge to operate out of. He ascertains that the piece of his past that burned down his previous work place is no longer an issue but the old world smith has other underlying motivations that he is not so keen on sharing with others. Audio Logs These are logs that can be accessed via Stello’s CROOK terminal in his shop. ( beware, these could be loud ) He Who Smelt It ( Smelting company ) Correspondence Black Anvil 1 Black Anvil 2 He Who Smelt It 1 Black Anvil 3 He Who Smelt It 2 Black Anvil 4 Leper The Amnesiac Ioreth The Librarian Lexicus Smith Knight ( Knight Smith? ) Affiliates @KittyvonCupcake Book|Ends Hub Business Flyers Credit to KittyvonCupcake Business Cards Credit to KittyvonCupcake Rules Send me a private message if you’re interested in visiting the Hymn. Once everything is good to go, you can either use this hub thread or you can start a separate thread in the same board ( Cities of Terrenus ) that you can use for future visits. Noteworthy Designs Water Fire Earth Shade
  19. Upon entering through the front double door entrance, the layout of the main lobby looks relatively simple. The ground level floor is devoted to the tavern aspect of its business. Standing at the door, Patrons can see a clear path straight towards the bar situated against the far back wall, with smaller walk ways littered through the many table sets split into two sections on the left and right of the main walk way. On the immediate left from the front door, secluded off in the corner there’s a stone mason fireplace. Lounging in front of the fire place is a single old rustic couch and two love seats comprised of leather on either side facing inward on a stretch of rug. Complimenting the immediate left fireplace is one on the right side as well with its accompany seats. Several lacquered tables dot the tavern, each with its own distance of seclusion. With the bar stretched along most of the back wall, following the polished wooden bar to the left one would find the stairs leading to the second floor in a spiral of stairs. Towards the middle behind the bar counter lingers a simple framed wooden door leading to the spacious, but rarely seen kitchen. On the immediate right end of the bar is a simple stage where musicians and singers command the presence of the patrons. The rune-marked interior for soft lighting, with its dark walls, sturdy furniture and its spacious but private layout conveys a sense of comfort and welcome. The tables and floors are kept clean, even if a bit scoffed up, but the beer is cold and the food is hot while the locale is rich with adventure. -- Welcome to the bawdy Cut and Jib, aptly named for the Tavern and Inn where most adventurers gather before making off on their next big quest. It was founded by a Terran-born family, and has remained a favorite. Infamous for the local heroes who have lived and died for their adventures, this has become the hub for all manner of communication, send-offs and welcome-homes. Here locals and foreigners from abroad meet to see if they like the cut of a person’s jib. Coordination is key, after all, when collaborating with a group for gold and glory. Though the staff do their best to attend to all, some seedy and unsavory people slip through the cracks so be on your guard. The Enforcers are never far to break up a brawl so be wary with whom you keep for company.
  20. Though the outside was pristine, orderly and minimalist, the inside was warm with terracotta walls, bold patterns, high arches and cheerful, bright lantern light. Wide windows framed by wooden shutters let light filter through, illuminating lacquered mahogany tables and floors. Each table sat low, an engineering feat of interlocked pieces held in place by pegs that allow the staff to adjust the tables to greater heights for the evening crowds. Colorful futons were sprinkled throughout the area between tables, and fluffed pillows adorned the cushioned couches that were interspersed with ottomans. A long stretch of counter space where led towards the back kitchen, accessible only by the staff. Along a section of the counter were. The floors always feel warm, and the breeze from the open windows makes the enjoyment of tea all the better. The menu was rumored to be local and seasonal, based on what the gardens could provide. Laconian market provided fresh produce, dairy, and meats, while the fishermen caught beautiful salmon that were passing through the streams at the base of the mountain. A portion of the counter was lined with baskets filled with fresh baked goods from breads to cookies, some which came as suggestions to pair with a favorite tea. A set of stairs going up leads to the inn, while a second set of stairs vanish into the cellar floor. After lunch in the late afternoon, the Sadira Amar would close its doors for a few hours, and make its transformation as the staff would rearrange the furniture, close the shutters, change the menus, prepare the rooms on the upper floor where patrons could rest. A fire would occupy the grand fireplace along the far wall, the cellar would open as kegs, barrels and caskets of alcohol would make its way to the kitchen. The meats roast and the potatoes cook as a rousing night of bustling business come and go. When the doors open, patrons know they are always treated to a good time, and always come back for more. -- Welcome to the Sadira Amar Tea and Tavern, a long-awaited dream of Raveena herself and the age-old tradition of tea ceremonies. Feeling as though the practice of tea-making was a lost art, she swore one day she would open her own tea house—a dream that became a short-lived reality when she met her husband and they built a tea house over their workshop. When the siege of Predator’s Keep came about and most of the city was razed, Raveena lost both her husband as well as her dream. With the coming of Hyperion, change was in the air. Determined to make her dream a reality, she built her workshop underground adjoining the cellar—endearingly named the Crucible after her late husband, with the Sadira Amar on top, and an inn as the second story. By day, the Sadira Amar is a quaint tea house and café, serving weary travelers who need repairs to their weapons while recovering with a light meal and tea. By night, the tea house is rearranged to accommodate the rowdier tavern crowds. Meals, drinking, gambling and entertainment keeps the staff busy. Patrons pick up orders for custom weaponry soul-forged by the Raveena herself, or prepare for their next adventure while getting a feel for the local life. Though the Sadira Amar is known for its good-natured rowdiness, few have been turned away, and invoked violence is prohibited. Above all else, no one goes without a warm meal and a full cup.
  21. Praetorian

    Wonderland Resort

    (This is the general hub thread. It represents the entirety of the resort. Links will be posted to this post as event threads open up.) Winding up the mountain are a series of trails, trams, and lifts that create a web of ascents and descents that turn the once barren terrain into a work of modern art. The beauty certainly can’t be called natural by any stretch of the imagination, however there is definitely something breathtaking about it. At the nexus of all these pathways, near the zenith of the mountain, a massive complex of interconnected buildings sits in near solitude. At first glance they appear to be wood, maybe oak or maple. However, careful inspection reveals that they are brushed concrete, stained to look like planks. This is part of the charming illusion, for as fake as the wood is, so is the snow. The high altitude minimizes precipitation, but the ever industrious and crafty engineers of Wonderland Resorts ™ were delighted by this challenge and cooked up a wonderful concoction known as Everlast Snow ™. And so, it is, that there is never not snow. Fresh powdery, soft, not made of water, definitely never melts, could be toxic so please don’t eat it (please sign the waiver!), beautiful shimmering and glittering super white (racist white?), supersolid (So solid it is liquid! But not really.) snow. Of course, one doesn’t just come to a ski resort for not-snow ®. That would be preposterous, ridiculous, unimaginably foolish, and silly beyond all means of comprehension. When one abandons their comfortable lifestyle, their cushy chairs, and their nice warm homes to go barreling down steep, sleek, deadly mountain cliffs in an out-of-control slide at ungodly speeds, they are clearly looking to live a little, to indulge. Recognizing the needs of the people, Ross Edmund in all of his infinite wisdom, constructed not just one but five separate and unique structures centered around natural hot springs (Please don’t drink!) and possibly an active volcano (Geothermal power!). The most central of these and largest of these buildings is the Contrarier Ski Lodge, which is co-located with the second largest building, the Venin Tavern and Grill. At first glance the Contrarier appears rustic, but between every false wood panel, and two-way mirror, are numerous glyphs and runes which project holographic display across the floor and through the air. Weather updates, Daily Weekly Reports, as well as imported videos from other times and places dance across open spaces keeping visitors inundated with sights and sounds. There is a unique feel of past meets future which is only further reinforced by the numerous edgeless swimming pools that are fed directly by the hot springs and are inset into recesses and caves within the mountains side. And while the lodge has numerous estate rooms and suites, that none of you can afford, there is a huge common area for the commoners to gather for free and common-about. Firepits, heat lamps, fireplaces, plush couches, wooden chairs, and coffee tables, are scattered about, affording the tired and weary skier an opportunity to rest up, warm up, and drink up, mostly for free. As a compliment to the lodge, the Venin Tavern and Grill is both low tech and made from real wood! It features traditional wooden designs, such as picnic tables and benches. Although the Gargoyle Salad or Land Shark Pepper Steak are award winning dishes, most people come for the personal pizzas that you get with every purchase of a drink. Usually live music, (Lots of Tyler Slow cover bands) of the most trendy and popular variety is playing center stage, adding to the natural chaos of drunken revelry. Contrasting the simplicity of the tavern is Club Invidia. The club, which has a thumping bass from sunset to sunrise, is stylized as sleek and futuristic. The well-polished steel walls sharply contrast vantablack clad statues and pillars that decorate the dance floor. A constant fog rolls across the ground as lasers and strobes illuminate the dense cloud with a rainbow of colors. Cages rise and lower from the ceiling as stranger randomly climb into them to dance/dry hump together. And although it might be something of a hazard, hot tubs are inset into the floors along the edges of the walls, giving strung out dancers something to fall into. For those that need a break from the noise, Wonderland Resorts offers the Fastidio Water Park and the Supplice Spa. The Fastidio Water Park is a series wave pools, salt water tanks, mineral water hot tubs, and fresh water baths that are all connected by a series of lazy rivers and water elevators. Needless to say, as one drifts from one spot to the next, there is never a floating Tiki bar too far away. It’s often thought that the extreme and dynamic temperature changes between each larger body of water, as the water is all kept at different temperature, coupled with the fact that that hottest pools are kept outside in the frigid air, leads to a therapeutic type of thermodynamic shock that purifies the pores and rejuvenates the skin (Or gives you a heart attack, 50/50 really). And with all the fake palm trees around, you may even forget you’re on top of a mountain! (But probably not, it’s a little hard to breath up here.) For those with a little extra cash to blow, the Supplice Spa offers it all. Facials, mud baths, steam rooms, sensory deprivation tanks where you can have psychedelic trips as you get lost within your own mind, massages, electroshock therapy, and of course manicures and pedicures. Now for those of you that have come looking to feel alive, we’ve got two flavors for you. The first is Chapel Mensonge, which holds none denomination all faith worship services every Thursday evening, Saturday Morning, and Sunday Morning. Sometimes you just need your sins forgiven, sometimes you’ve found true love and just NEED to get married. Other times you are about to do something really stupid crazy dangerous and wouldn’t mind a combination blessing and baptism! Regardless of what your religious needs are, our Chapel can take care of them for you! (We also do Funerals every Tuesday!) But truth be told, no one goes to a ski resort and doesn’t ski. And so of course, you are always welcome to risk life and limb on our Verargern Slopes. These slopes twist and turn around rock outcroppings, shoot straight off of near vertical cliffs, and weave in and out of miles upon miles of trees. If you’re feeling a little more daring, our terrain park has jumps, bumps, rails, hoops, loops, flames, logs, enraged polar bears, monstrous hawks that will steal your small children, and enchanted snowmen that will pelt the ever loving crap out of you with snowballs. (We are not legally responsible and/or liable for you being eaten, getting lost, freezing to death, or acts of cannibalism. Your stupid ass not only signed a waiver but also paid us so that we’d let you ski off of our mountain.)
  22. Soldat Tenaille

    Home [Martial Town]

    The home of Guin, a young adventurer living in Martial Town slums. A small middle floor studio apartment Guin has managed to repair or otherwise clean the run down apartment into a livable environment. Few in amenities it has a tub, an old mana impulse stove, a ice enchanted fridge and an old twin sized bed. For the occasional company she keeps a small table with three chairs in the center of the room. It is not heated, and while it has electricity it is far from reliable and frequently goes out. Guin enjoys being home, and can often be found winding down after an odd job or adventure. All in all it a simple home on the outskirts of Martial Town, a deeply dangerous area that rarely has visitors. Guin does not own this apartment, and instead rents it from a faceless multinational housing corporation - any defaulting on the rent means she is quickly evicted, for Martial Town has limited tenant protection laws. [OOC - This is a hub thread for my character Guin where I will roleplay her in between quests/jobs/adventures, it is open to visitors - if you'd like to interact with Guin at her home throw a knock on her door!]
  23. NodeGG

    The Khovfe Pub

    Please State when your Character Enters and Exits the Pub The Khovfe Pub RP Info Current Menu: Drinks Skeletal Ale w/ A Shot of Khovfe - A Pitcher of Ale with a Shot of something Drasx calls Khovfe Amalian Pale Ale Food Drasx Mystery Pie - A Meat Pie made from Meat Services A Stay at the Inn. Potions Pleasure Potion - Brings about a Euphoric Feeling (Non-addictive, but one can become reliant) Canon
  24. Proprietor & Blacksmith - Vulcan 'SteelHammer' Godric Blacksmith Specialty: Vulcan Godric is known for: Crafting the strongest of items through mastery of smithing. About SteelHammer Forge: • SteelHammer Forge is open to everyone in need of unique, customisable items and equipment, ranging from: personalised weapons, armour, shields, tunics, riding equipment (saddles etc), furniture and jewellry. Note: personal requests may be granted, just speak with Vulcan Godric. • Depending on the level of item/s requested, Vulcan Godric may present the customer with a quest of equal skill, in order to (a) acquire the necessary materials/gemstones/magical artifacts desired for an items creation and (b) test the skills/abilities of the requesting user, to ensure items of certain powers do not fall into the hands of those too weak to wield them. • Further testing via various means, may also be conducted by Vulcan Godric in order to garner a better psychological understanding of a customer, to ensure these items of power do not fall into the wrong hands. • To the rear of SteelHammer Forge, is the Training Yard. This area may be used for the various means: Testing pre-requisite by Vulcan Godric prior to receiving items of powers. Combat training in solo/pairs/groups, by any member of the public. General social/drinking hang out spot for any member of the public (Note: Barrels of Ale available to all paying customers). WELCOME!
  25. Sakura Onsen Sento The Sakura Sento was a beautifully built building of bamboo and stone, a building kept to the ancient look of those others that had come before it. Outside was a beautifully marbled jade path that led to the massive sliding doors that opened up to a jade marbled counter where two women of asian descent sat waiting to greet their customers. The inside walls were decorated soft pinks of the sakura tree, and dark maghoney browns. Vases of cherry blossoms and lilies decorated small tables that were placed throughout the many halls that led to each individual bathrooms. Pull strings in each room would be used to order the salts and flowers that would soak in the hot onsen waters, while the attendants laid out the finest of bathrobes and towels for each guest. The layout and decor was of the best taste, even little gold could be spotted in the very fine lines of the flowers themselves on the walls. Eternity had finally found something she wanted to give to everyone, and it was the seduction of the hot springs mixed with the temptations of the salts and flower petals with oils. There would be attendants for each customer’s taste, men and women who aimed to please those who would so graciously give up their coin for such luxuries. The men and women would dress in black and soft pink robes, their hair would be neatly braided or up in buns. Each would be pleasing to the eye, many of them having been taught how to maintain their appearance when working for Lady Sithis. It was finally opening day of the grand hot spring bath house, the attendants were ready for what would be brought throughout the day. Customers of every status would begin to pour in through the doors, each paying for their bath room. The rooms would range from many sizes depending on what would be paid up front, and others of lower born would share a community bath at a more affordable rate. While the attendants of the bath house ran back and forth prepping each room to the specifications of each customer, life in the Sakura came to life.