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  1. HEAR YE, HEAR YE! THE QUEEN IS TO BE WED! Hello everyone! It's Vielle again, coming to you from the Queendom of Svanhild to cordially invite everyone to a royal wedding! The Queen of Svanhild is to be wed to Sir Quinton Swan, and the realm rejoices in a most glorious fashion. The city of Cal Eteris is rife with preparation for the upcoming festivities. Everyone is invited, whoever you are and wherever you come from! The only limit I can give is that all attendees must be in medieval or fantasy regalia/dress, as per UM’s tech limits. This means that modern and sci-fi themes (such as cybernetics, pet robots, etc) won’t be allowed, and any tech brought into the Queendom is subject to degradation and forced disuse. If you’ve got any guns or gadgets or other high-tech stuff, please just leave them at home; you can always get them after! 😂 EVENTS Taking inspiration from the old traditions of the royal house, marriage is celebrated through three aspects: mind, body, and soul. Because of this, there are three main events of the wedding: a wedding banquet, a tournament, and a scavenger hunt. • • • The soul speaks, bringing forth life and death in equal measure. Love is nothing without the capacity to share what is within. . . BANQUET No proper wedding can call itself such without a bountiful feast and a dance floor! 😂 Mingle with people from all walks of life, hailing from the highest echelons of Svanhild society to the colorful sea of faces from the commonfolk. Make connections, associate yourselves with those in power, or enjoy the festivities with your own circle of friends! It's going to be a wonderful evening for all. If socializing is not quite to your taste, there's always the generous spread at the dinner table, or the strange events that'll be occurring throughout the night. . . 👀 *NEW! SUB-EVENT: THE ORACLE RSVP LIST: House Hildebrand [ @vielle ] Rozharon Parálios, Lenore Parálios, Amoréi [ @Csl ] Addison Nacht [ @Phoebe ] Ewyer Nacht [ @HellstenNacht ] Amraphensbane [ @Shatter ] Dauner A. Light [ @Dabi ] Alexander Rookstone [ @Sanonymous ] Isabella Morcia Marquez [ @Pasion Pasiva ] Madame Silverbush, Holly Sheathe [ @Zashiii ] Raveena Jhanavi Bartolme Senaria [ @Malintzin ] *tentative Rowan Knight [ @The Hound ] *tentative Adá of Hyperion [ @L E V I A T H A N ] *tentative Grant Hyperion [ @danzilla3 ] Jinsoku Hayabusa [ @Twitterpated ] Ilyana Sevryn, Xavier Thoro'kan/Aislyn [ @Dolor Aeternum ] Ana [ @Veloci-Rapture ] Kalmuli [ @Kalmuli ] Farah Marin, Mahariel Marin [ @Witches Brew ] Kalicity Darkbane [ @Malaysia NightReaver ] Sue Hawthrin [ @ChocolateGold ] Igni [ @Venus Sprite ] Aeda [ @elixir ] Luca [ @Lucinda Valentine ] Evelynn Serana Nightmoor [ @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor ] MORE TO BE ADDED. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! The mind deliberates, solving all problems it encounters. Love is nothing without the wits to understand and to adapt. . . SCAVENGER HUNT Thanks to the wonderful @-Lilium-, the Fantas-Menagerie is making its way to UM for the wedding event! TL;DR: it’s a scavenger hunt/treasure quest of sorts where your characters solve riddles related to the constituents of the Menagerie, following a route around the area that leads to the hiding place of the prize. Get your deerstalker ready—let’s see how well you know your lore! 😉 The mechanics of the scavenger hunt are as follows: At the starting line, every participant gets a riddle about one of the things found within the Menagerie (creatures, plants, caretakers, people, etc). At the start of each “round”, PM the Arbiter (that’s me!) with your answer to the riddle. If you get the right answer, you’ll be moving IC to the next exhibit and obtaining another riddle which will be given at the start of the next “round”. If you get a wrong answer, you stay in place IC and try to give the right answer at the start of the next “round”. This is a race to the finish line. Whoever gets to the hidden prize first wins the event! This is a competition, of course, and any IC form of sabotage (stealing the answer from another player, haunting the footsteps of another player and fighting them for the prize) is a-okay as long as it’s discussed OOC beforehand! The prize for this event is the mysterious Viessan Egg known as the Egg of Caged Song, courtesy of @Fierach (thank you! 💖). RSVP LIST: Jorahel of the Ishia Tribe [ @Rabbit ] Alexander Rookstone [ @Sanonymous ] Ana [ @Veloci-Rapture ] J. Rymer [ @Vaudevillian ] MORE TO BE ADDED. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! The body overcomes, thriving against all odds. Love is nothing without a vessel to have and to hold. . . TOURNAMENT I’m not as well-versed in all the different RP combat systems as I’d like to be yet, so for this tournament, the rules of @Ataraxy's Load, Block, Shoot will be used, with myself acting as the Judge. 😊 Based on my prior experience using this system, it’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s competitive, so it should work rather well! The tournament is set in an no-holds-barred, round robin style. Ultimately, I will need at least four competitors for this event to happen; if there’s little interest in this particular venture, I’ll be relegating the tournament to a background event. The prize for the winning combatant is three vials of your choice from the four prominent consumable artifacts of Svanhild (Phoenix Blood, Moon Wine, Golden Scarab, Siren’s Scent). RSVP LIST: Rozharon Parálios [ @Csl ] Vito [ @Rabbit ] Alexander Rookstone [ @Sanonymous ] Jinsoku Hayabusa [ @Twitterpated ] J. Rymer [ @Vaudevillian ] MORE TO BE ADDED. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! • • • So, there you have it! Celebrate with us however you see fit—if you’ve other, more nefarious plans in mind, send me a PM here or on Discord and maybe we can work something out. 😉 The wedding IC threads will be up sometime next week! Please RSVP below or in a PM, as I’ll be tagging all those who have RSVPed in each event! If you’ve any other questions about the overall event, please feel free to ask me here or in a PM. Hope to see you all soon! 💖
  2. The quote above is the artifact we're going to hunt down. Hello everyone! Today I'd like to put a new quest on the table that is set in Eridianus, a new area in the Lagrimosa continent. Genre: Adventure, MagitechLocation: Eridianus, LagrimosaIdea: It has come to the attention of Martial Town's GRAFT Center that a small rural area in Eridianus have been blessed by strangely bountiful harvest since a landslide dislodged one of the rivers running towards Barnstable Coast into a new bed. Shortly after, a visiting GRAFT employee came back to their employer with incredible claims ranging from apples of eternal youth to the very rain in the farmlands bringing the dead back to life. While no doubt exaggerated, the idea that something in the area had healing properties was worth investigating, and so the company sent over a few agents along with a handful of able-bodied volunteers to investigate the matter. For the two months duration of the investigation, the hired help will be provided with temporary living quarters, food and medical care, after which any new clue or useful witness found earning them bonus credits on their final pays depending on the importance of each find. Should something noteworthy be found by the end of the investigation, each volunteer would be allowed a single top-grade enhancement of their choice, free of charge. Along with the volunteers, a squad of soldiers were sent as hired muscle and deterrents for would-be thieves, a local guide was hired to keep anyone from getting lost and point the search to the most likely area for the strange phenomena and finally a single agent from GRAFT was sent to act as a liaison and as enforcer of the contract signed by the whole lot. Overall, about two dozen 'mercenaries' were hired for the venture, a few of which would be played by you, I hope. As for the quest itself, I've got a basic outline of obstacles towards acquiring the comb that you are free to expend on or suggest tweaks as they come to you: the rural welcoming committee not being so welcoming the guide having to be tracked down after trying to make a run for it with their advance payment the fields and orchards starting to get sentience dealing with a heartbroken seasonal god Expectations: I'm looking for three to five people, not including myself, and I'd like at least one character with experience as a farmhand, one as a hunter and one character with some decent musical talent for plot purposes. Each character would most likely be from Martial Town due to the place's tendency to hire its own above all else, but should anyone want the guide's role they would of course be from Eridianus instead. I don't know if I mentioned it but most of these people would be from the lower class, with some exceptions in the soldiers since the military and the government seems to be the only two stable jobs to be found in Martial Town that is not likely to get you in jail or worse or something. As for OOC purposes, I don't have any length or quality requirement as long as we keep to the 'third person, past tense' format and that everyone try their best to contribute to the plot and advance and better the story overall, that it may be with character development, lore or even just enjoyable plot twists. FAQs: I'll post any questions you guys ask here, so keep em comin' and check back here from time to time! 🙂
  3. He woke up with no memory. He had the wings of an angel and the disposition of a demon. This told him nothing about himself. His name is Shaym. His background is a mystery, so who would like to be in the thread to solve this mystery? We will be traveling in Renovatio, possibly in the City of Angels or the Demon Village, or both. If you have any angel/sylph characters, or demon/devil characters that would be great. If you don't, that would be fine too, but I'd really like the angel and demon ones for story purposes. One or two of the characters might even be related to Shaym, or have been friends with him. Please contact me in PM, or tag me with @Mickey Flash in this thread if you're interested. Edit: If you see this and you're thinking "Ah, I want to join this thread." The link to the thread is below, and the thread is open. If you need to find the OOC, just PM me and I'll send you that too.
  4. As maybe possibly promised, here is my third quest that I'm hosting in Yh'mi! And this is the big(ger) one too! Did I really end up putting the interest check off this long? rip Description: Venture into the Whitewoods, while trying not to die! Locate a particular variety of vine, then figure out how to harvest it without dying! See if it can be used to calm Saevion... without dying! Is there a trend here? Definitely not! And hey, if this ends up succeeding... Saevion. Riders. ? So anyways, I'm looking for at least two, and up to four other people to undertake this quest with me. Also, as promised, @Ghastardly
  5. Original interest check Mechanics 1) Health Points (HP) When a character suffers physical damage, their HP is lowered. At tip top condition, they are able to perform 3 actions in a turn. As they get injured, their movements slow and they get less and less actions. Your number of actions for the turn is based on your HP at the start of your turn. You don't immediately gain an extra action after healing, only on the next turn. Every character starts with 5 HP. 2) Sanity Sanity affects your character's state of mind. The less sane you are, the more likely you are to miss or damage yourself, or even attack your team mates. I leave it to each of you as to what low sanity means for your character. Sanity rolls are applied per action, so if you use your first action to increase your sanity, you can use the improved sanity for the next action. Characters who participated in the first arc starts from sanity of 4 due to mental exhaustion from the previous failure and prolonged stay in Yh'mi. Fresh characters start with sanity of 5. 3) Skills Unlike the previous round, your character has a set of skills that they draw from, which differs from character to character. Each character will choose a set of skills from the skills list below. This will form the list of actions that your character gets to choose from every turn. Everyone will get 3 normal skills. On top of that, characters from the first thread will get 3 special skills, and new characters only get 2 special skill. The extra 1 special skill represents the characters gaining experience from the last battle and being able to form a better strategy for this fight. Movement does not require an action, but the distance you can move per turn should make narrative sense. Choose the actions that fit your character's fighting style the most! Support characters (heal, buff etc) could be as useful as offensive characters. Normal skills (choose 3 for your character) - Has no usage limit. Can be stacked in that turn (e.g. attack 3 times). You can delay 1 action over to the next turn (e.g. if you have 3 actions, you can delay 1 action so you have 4 the next turn). Special skills (existing characters choose 3, new characters choose 2) - Each one of these actions can only be used 3 times throughout this whole Furthest Point Part 2 arc. These actions are still affected by sanity, but if they miss or backfire, then they are not considered to be used. Use them wisely! Q: Can I choose an action not on the list when building my character's skills? A: Yes, but run your idea by me for approval please! Q: Can I change my skills halfway through the thread? A: I have no plans to allow for that right now, but if we find any of the skills problematic later on, I may allow a change. Put your characters here!: IC thread:
  6. With the bell tolled at the Low-Tide Festival hardly even a few months ago, the public reception of the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast has changed. The trench-diggers, the sandbaggers, the food supplies and supply distributors that courted the residents of Taen, in particular those around Arcturon, still remain, but their presence brings tension. The trenches are dug, and now fill with a grey, surreal rainfall from never-sunny skies, but their diggers are rare. Fugitives, some of them. Myths, others. Their work at the Low-Tide Festival brought the ire of several authorities, and while many of them have joined the effort to keep the peace, and avoid the inevitable flooding, they have other motives, seeking out the Acolytes responsible. Most are questioned and left alone. Others brought in for questioning. The Acolytes have never been stronger, but their work grows dangerous. M'yr Boldbarrow, the appointed 'leader' of the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast, rallies even now to pit his companions against greater and greater threats. Their latest objective; to find the meaning of the visions M'yr and many others observed when the bell rang, and see if perhaps their slumbering god can yet be reached. However, such work is dangerous, and best left to those not involved in the cult. Hence, M'yr's friends have scrapped together enough money to hire a mercenary or five. Enough muscle and mindpower to break into one of the most ancient and strange buildings in Taen; the rumored infinite Library of Totenborough, housing ancient scripts and books older than Taen itself. Such a break in will put the Cult at direct odds with the authorities, and certainly will not be easy, but M'yr believes it is imperative to finding the answers they desperately need. Hello There! This thread is actually the second in a series surrounding the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast, Its Pelagic Mind Treading Above the Wake. an esoteric clergy surrounding a mysterious, anamolous ship found in the wetlands of Taen, that promises the end of times in the form of endless rainfall. They hope to prevent this doomsday--or at least make sure as many people survive it as possible--by working as volunteer workers, waterproofing homes, digging ditches and raising funds to buy food for less fortunate families. However, they moonlight as desperate followers of their Doomsday cult, following the guilt-ridden leader M'yr as he attempts to steer them towards salvation, and answers. This thread can actually hold any number of writers, including just myself, as a few NPCs may be present to help M'yr in his task. The thread itself will include elements of espionage, burglary, stealth, and likely light to heavy combat, while the party of mercenaries work to break into the Library in the underground city of Totenborough, and help M'yr find books relevant to their interests. Along the way, the party may learn about the cult more, as well as M'yr's own reasons for establishing the cult, while also getting a chance to explore the ancient secrets of Taen. It's also entirely possible that the party will be offered some kind of position in the Acolytes, if it is so offered. Furthermore, the contents of this thread are likely illegal. M'yr is acting outside of the law, and against the wishes of the various forces aiming to suppress the Cult's rise to prominence. While your actions are valid, and can change the outcome of the thread potentially, keep in mind that you are directly influencing the Acolyte's public perception as well. Discretion is needed. Lastly, the thread will likely operate on a once a week basis, giving the next guy in line 7 days to post before moving on to the next. This thread is also Canon, meaning that anyone who participates may leave with various Taen artificats, and maybe a few cultist items in tow. Lots to be found, and lots to do. If this interests you, please feel free to express your interest below, and maybe leave a character sheet. After about 2 weeks, this interest check will close, or if we get 3 volunteers by the end of the week first. Thanks for your time, and good evening!
  7. "I will show you how the mighty fall." ☾ The Grand Kommadant of Nehalen has begun the process of removing the mighty Gods of her land. The balance between these Gods of the people of Nehalen is being disrupted by the Kommadant's blasphemous actions. By erecting a nullifier in the form of an invisible veil, Primera begins the process of pushing these powerful beings back into their own world, sundering them from the land they have called home for eons. An action done to protect her people from the Gods who have all been disruptive before the nullifier had been put in place. The veil is simply the tipping point; it is believed this action to protect her people from the Gods is what has sent the Gods into a frenzy. Their powers are being siphoned from them the more they fight against the push, weakening them immensely, and their minds have begun to dwindle into psychosis. Once revered and fondly feared, the Gods are now looked upon as a disease in the eyes of the Grand Kommadant's followers who believe the time of Man has finally come. ☽ Welcome! I'm glad you all could drop on by to my little event I've got here. Things are pretty straight forward around these parts: Nehalen (formerly Renovatio) is going through some changes and this event will be the spark to said changes. I'm asking you all to affect my lore by joining the threads offered to kill a God and properly canonize them. The Gods are scattered across Nehalen and I will provide you those locations. Kill a God, become a hero (or villian)! Q&A: How many pages do the threads need to be? I am looking for at least two pages. Can always be more but can't be less! How many Gods can I kill? As many as you want but you can only go after one at a time. Can I do this alone? Absolutely! If you want to solo kill a God, I see no issue with that. Do I need to use a specific character? No. You can use whatever character you want but I do expect some sort of fairness from you all. Please keep to mild powers associated with the forum. Do I need to use a specific combat system? No. I am allowing everyone to go kill crazy with this but, again, I do expect some sort of fairness from you all. Please realize this isn't supposed to be easy; I expect damage not only to the area(s) you are fighting the Gods in but also damage to your character. Can I contain a God? Go right ahead! Contain it however you want, doing whatever you want, just keep in mind that it is a lesser, weaker version and it will be that way forever due to my character cutting said God's will off. Can I absorb the spirit/essence of the God? Of course! Do I need to use a storyteller? If you feel it is necessary, go right ahead! I don't know how to start? No worries! I will be creating prompts for all the Gods that need to be killed and you can follow that prompt however you wish. Just post in the thread and have fun. How long do I have once I start? I would appreciate 1 post per 3 days. This will keep the thread going with hopes it'll be finished at an appropriate time. If I see a thread has stalled for more than two weeks, I will assume that God is up for grabs again. If you need more time, reach out to me! I understand how life can be a bit hectic. I'm done, now what? Tag me in your summary for the thread with opportunities (example: killed the God, ended up destroying a city/village/town, how will this affect the area? Was something unleashed during this? etc.) for future role-players. I need some extra help! Never hesitate to reach out to me. I am constantly available on Discord, making it the quickest way to get answers. No Discord? That's okay, just send me a pm or tag me in the OOC for this event. How long is this event? Until all the Gods are killed off or just enough of them are killed. Gods & Their Threads: Titans Cialo ∾ Montis Maximus — Seraphim/Archon/Enigmas Enoch ∾ Liarae ∾ Sarandriel ∾ Ezekiel ┌────┬────┴┬───┴┐ Ynliss Nahum ∾ Vita ∾ Aestus ∾ Ventus ∾ Ophiuchus ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Baal ∾ E`na the Glorifier Libra, Sagittarius ↲ ┊ ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Aries, Gemini, Taurus ↲iiiiiiii iiiii ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Cancer, Leo, Virgo ↲ ┊ Aquarius, Pisces ↲ Rifornire - Cialo: THREAD » Claimed @Thotification » Completed - Montis Maximus: THREAD » Claimed @danzilla3 & @Zashiii » Completed - Vita: THREAD » Claimed @vielle » Completed - Saggitarus: THREAD » Claimed @Thotification » Completed - Aries: THREAD » Claimed @Rabbit » Completed - Gemini: THREAD » Claimed @Ataraxy & @Hydrangeas » Completed - Aquarius: THREAD » Claimed @SteamWarden & @Zashiii » Completed - Ynliss: THREAD » Claimed @Malintzin » Completed - Nahum: THREAD » Claimed » Completed - Aestus: THREAD » Claimed @King » Completed - Taurus: THREAD » Claimed @ticklefarte » Completed - Cancer: THREAD » Claimed @Twitterpated & @Aleksei » Completed - Leo: THREAD » Claimed @Rabbit » Completed - Virgo: THREAD » Claimed @-Lilium- & @Zashiii » Completed - Ventus: THREAD » Claimed @Twitterpated » Completed - Ophiuchus: THREAD » Claimed @Csl » Completed - Baal: THREAD » Claimed @Fierach » Completed - E'na: THREAD » Claimed @Ataraxy » Completed - Libra: THREAD » Claimed @vielle & @Zashiii » Completed - Pisces: THREAD » Claimed @danzilla3 & @Zashiii » Completed - Rifornire: THREAD » Claimed @Metty & @Zashiii » Completed Please let me know which God you would like to go after so I can put your name next to it to keep everything orderly. 
  8. The Shields of Valor are moving to become the dominant mercenary group in Genesaris. Ramping up recruitment, setting up outposts and now absorbing other mercenary groups into theirs to bolster their ranks. If any choose not to join, then they will be crushed! You can either thrown in your own group, make one up or even join the Shields as they consolidate their power in Genesaris. Details will come as people join and we discuss the ideal story to write about.
  9. "I will level with you, my Brother. I am invested in the People--I wager my godhood that I can restore the Senarian civilization to its glory. I believe I can liberate them from a vicious cycle." "You impress me with your boldness, Banished One. If you can indeed, you will be allowed to return to the Inner Planes and receive your mantle once more. Should you fail, your punishment will be eternal." Once upon a time there was a splendid civilization that saw a golden age. And then? it fell. And from the ashes, another civilization rose, destined--surely--for greatness. But it too, fell. The Sun God Arundae'raa--a Trickster God, saw this and was saddened. He made a wager with his brother Dema; the God of the Moon, of dreams and destruction And then a Sovereign child was born. You see, the Sun God had tricked his brother--as Tricksters do--with this sovereign child. He was determined to see the people who once worshiped him rebuild new. Though he too--in time--fell. But not before he had given his champion the tools and knowledge needed to liberate her people and rebuild. And so, she did. -- Interest Check: Lorebuilding/Lorecrafting Genre: Medieval Fantasy®/ Lite Exalta Crystal & Steam Tech Cit(y)ies: The Sovereign City of Hyperion - Hyperion City is a melting pot of Asian-inspired cultures and serves as the imperial capital, wrapped up in a magical setting and overshadowed by a divine war. Vinosea, the City of Thieves - If you like all things roguish, court of thieves, criminal underworld with conspiracies, sin and debauchery you'll find your fill in Vinosea. The Sentinel City of Athadas - Military? War? Weapons and armor? Harsh training, dragon riding and political plots? Athadas. Always in Athadas. The Garden City of Brehill - Those who enjoy botany, medicines, poisons, agriculture and gardening will enjoy Brehill's more slice of life pace. The Arcane City of Imradel - Sorcery and arcane? Guilds and all things magic and institutionalized education? Imradel is your city. Location: The Rising West, Genesaris Pace: Casual, 1-3 a week, depending on the group Seeking: A group for ICly establishing these cities for canon; residents, business partners, shenanigans! New to Hyperion? Click Here - Some of this is new and being updated over the weekend, pardon the mess! Questions? Ask them here Lore Page? Here's a WIP. Nothing is set in stone Need Inspiration? Look no further Hi guys! Linty here. Been a while since I've done one of these! First let me say, I am overly thrilled that Port Kyros is thriving. Thank you for your awesome support! Now? It's time to rebuild Hyperion and its satellite cities. You see, while I was AFV I asked some awesome folks (I see you danzilla, Rin) to kick down my sandcastle in Fracture so I could eventually rebuild it in Genesaris--and so, here we are! Each city is unique in its flavor, and there will be tons of opportunities in each one. Just take a peek and see what's available to you... ...a lot, as you can see! Q: So what is Hyperion? Hyperion is the overarching name of an empire made of several magic-drenched cities and queendoms in Genesaris that operate under a little lady named Queen Raveena and her family Q: And you need what now? Just some stellar folks who enjoy writing awesome things to join me in (a) thread(s) (and hopefully, many more in the future!) to build these supa' rad cities. The only lore pages that are written out but not set in stone is Hyperion City and Brehill. You will each have an opportunity to contribute something--not just to the thread of building the city, but to the lore pages as well. If you have something in mind? Let's talk about it! I want to hear from you! Because these cities will be newly minted, they can be malleable and fleshed out within the scope of their themes. If you have an interest in helping to build more than one, you're more than welcome to jump between threads with whatever characters you'd like. Tech is light and magitech in nature, with room to grow! I have a lot of sweet artifacts and treasures to roll out after this, but I wanna do right by the lore and get these places canonized, first! All in all, I'm opening up the doors to you guys to come and help me get this idea off the ground and carve up the Rising West with activity. Most importantly, we aim to misbehave are going to rock out and have fun. And in the spirit of continuing to name thread titles after songs, you should totally listen to this super cool song that inspired said IC title. Anyway. Come help me rebuild! ---
  10. Have a bone to pick with someone? Need help with hunting someone down, maybe a little espionage, perhaps a tête-à-tête? Whatever the case, if you need someone to make someone“change their mind” or you’re just looking to get a little money and some recognition, then I’ve got the right person for you! But if you want her to scratch your back, you gotta scratch her back. What do you need to do? It’s simple: retrieve certain magical items and return them to my character. She will be taking these magical items and putting them in a museum of some kind - or her private library, doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter the means (legal or not) how the items are obtained, just as long as they are returned to her. A list of items paired with a prompt can be found below. I will tell you where you can find the items, the prompt is a little added spice to keep the story flowing (also an extra opportunity to earn some goodies!), and give you four options to pick from for my character to do in return for you getting her the item. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask me! Instructions Step 1: Pick an item. Step 2: Complete a 1 page (can be more!) thread claiming the item. I will start this thread off so introductions can be made. Step 3: Summarize the thread and tag me in it. Step 4: Return the item to my character and collect your prize. Items & Their Threads: Ancient Notebooks: THREAD — Arcanist's Notebook — Botanist's Notebook — Historian's Notebook — Physician's Notebook — Theologian's Notebook » Claimed: @paradigm » Completed Prompt: A Necromancer seeks Lichdom not for themselves, but for their child. Their child is afflicted with a disease that no healing spell has been able to cure, so they believe their child can be saved if they turn them into a Lich. ↳ Reason with the Necromancer and obtain the item. OR ↳ Kill the Necromancer and obtain the item. Deal: Pick one of the four options here. ▪ Hunt someone down. ▪ Intimidate someone. ▪ Frame someone. ▪ Take payment and nothing else. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Eldritch Tome: THREAD — Eldritch Archer — Mystic Marauder — Sorcerous Sentinel — Spell Sword » Claimed: @Zashiii & @The North Wind » Completed Prompt: An asteroid has fallen from the sky and has stopped mere moments before it hits the ground. The asteroid begins to segment itself into layers, exposing floating fortresses and cities. Investigate one of the cities and get the item. ↳ Destroy the asteroid once item is obtained. OR ↳ Save the asteroid so it can be studied. Deal: Pick one of the four options here. ▪ Hunt someone down. ▪ Intimidate someone. ▪ Frame someone. ▪ Take payment and nothing else.
  11. An idea dawned on me very very recently. I'm in a few threads with some people and some of you guys don't know this about me but I have a playwriting background. What I am suggesting for a few guys if yall interested...will some of you guys be interested in doing a thread entirely in playwrite format/script style type thing? I can incorporate this format in The Teachings of the Old Masters thread. What I'm asking for is two point here. I'd like at least one partner (Nobody's yet taken up The Old Master's thread with me just yet) and I want a partner willing to write entirely in script format. The idea is to bring a more rpg style format to my threads. For you guys who bite, I can start up entirely new threads for yall too I just mainly don't want to loose my play writing skills is the main thing here. Script writing format is not that hard, and it allows for a lot of style possibilities. So you guys understand: Velly a blacksmith. My end goal with him is he can make anything with his hands at some point. There is an ulterior motive for me doing this. I want to make the artifacts of THIS age's current history myself in various threads of appropriate canon format. Either way let me know what you guys think of this idea!
  12. Werewolves! Wolves in general! Fantastic creatures and tragic stories come from the thought. Bold, beautiful, and unyielding in pride and prowess. I’ve been mulling over the idea of developing a pack or den. Moreso like a support group and offhand militia of likeminded fellows and beasts. Got an itch to transform? Delve into the psychological perspective of being infected( or blessed in whatever occasions we have), having to work your way around it all, day to day, major events, being hunted, hunting. Anything. I’ll be throwing something together of a character in the next few weeks. Between the excitement of Cobran and various other individuals and events across the continent. If you wish to be Made, to offer your companionship, or if you want to Hunt or be Hunted. Tons of things can be arranged ! You don’t have to commit to this, but do know if it’s a one thread wonder they may be open to danger in the thread for abandonment! Either Hunted by the Alpha or the amassing Hunters in the continent banding together. Anyways, I’m bored and want to play with wolves and hunters and tragedy and finding a safe haven among each other. Alternatively, I would also love to see a coalition of hunters banding together, should the wolves be causing trouble! Tons of savagery! Hit me up about anything. Or other things. (Even if you want to do something on Fracture!)
  13. Ursa Madeum, 598 WTA. The age of scheming nobles and conspiracies for the throne has come to a quiet close, the distant backdrop of the new era of adventures amidst the commonfolk. The Kingdom of Ursa Madeum and the Queendom of Svanhild have settled into their own establishments in the wake of the empire's withdrawal from the islands, and with this comes a wealth of opportunities. The cities are ripe with daring exploits, the wildlands are fraught with dangerous quests, and in the midst of it all, there are whispers: the Old Magic is awakening. . . WELCOME TO THE QUEENDOM OF SVANHILD! Hello everyone! ❤️ It's your exhausted friendly lorebuilder Vielle again, introducing a brand new sandbox I hope will spark your interests and storytelling senses! (Feel that tingle yet? 😂) Born from the egress of the Veluriyam Empire from the islands and the subsequent reorganization of power in the aftermath, the Queendom of Svanhild stands as the setting for a new era in Ursa Madeum: one that is rife with magic and quests. Shape the Queendom, or let it shape you—adventure is in the wind, and it looks to all who are willing to answer its call. So: what will you find in Svanhild? ADVENTURE! Nothing beats the insatiable desire to explore the world and discover all the wonders it has to offer, and going off the beaten path will always be rewarded here in Svanhild. With five new adventuring locales and two more on the way, the Queendom is ripe for the growth of new characters, stories, and tales to be told for generations to come. Check the Locales list here! QUESTS! There's a sparkling new quest list with multi-thread arcs in play over at the Svanhild Quest Board! If the listed quests don't quite satisfy that appetite for adventure, make your own quests (if applicable; PM me first, please!) and pursue your dreams! Don't let anyone hinder you from them. 😉 NEW LORE & LORE MAKING! With the new lore of the Queendom comes the opportunity to make your own creations. Wanna make something new you haven’t currently seen around that could fit right into the Svanhild setting, like wondrous flora or fauna the world has yet to see, or strange locations to tempt bumbling adventurers to explore? All ideas are welcome here; we need only discuss it and/or check it for approval, and then it’s off and canon to the Queendom lore. You craft the world you write in! ROLEPLAYING OPPORTUNITIES! Looking for artifacts to employ in your personal plots, or an organization to build up or dismantle, or for a place to play out that medieval pirate plot you can't stop thinking about? Svanhild is open for all sorts of roleplaying opportunities; just jump in (with prior permission; collaboration is important!) and you're good to go! NEW STORYLINES! Long-term, inter-connected, and persistent plotlines that can ultimately shape the face of cities, regions, and even the very foundations of the Queendom itself: those are the kind of stories we want to tell in Svanhild. I am very interested in exploring locale-centric roleplaying, which makes for a more intimate, collaborative space. No stories exist in a vacuum in Svanhild! EVENTS! Events in Svanhild are queendom-wide, affecting everyone. There will usually be at least one event in play that has wide-reaching effects on everyone in the Queendom; participating in these events can grant boons and generate new plotlines—there is never a dull moment in Svanhild! Check the Queedom's Bulletin every now and then for the schedule of current and upcoming events within Svanhild. NO MATTER THE STORIES YOU LIVE OUT, THEY'LL BE WRITING TALES ABOUT YOU. . . And that's that! If you find yourself looking for a new sandbox to play in, please don’t hesitate to stop by and look around—maybe you’ll find something you like! 👀 Let me know of your interest here or in a PM! ❤️ WHERE TO, NEXT? SOME SVANHILD QUICK LINKS: • LANDING PAGE • GUIDE TO SVANHILD (RECOMMENDED!) • ARTIFACTS • TIMELINE • LORE INDEX • QUEENDOM'S BULLETIN • AMA • CLUB OOC • CLUB FORUM •
  14. First and Foremost, Hello! ▇ ▇ ____Port Thea - Class S ↓▇ Oceanic dead zones have become an increasing problem along the coasts of Port Thea, putting many fishermen out of work and leaving families to starve and business to crash. Toxic algae is suffocating and killing off ocean wildlife while forcing Nymerians to poach for food sources from the last vestiges of safe ocean waters. Find a way to clear the toxic algae and restore the ecosystem before Port Thea falls into economic crisis. SO WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT THIS YOU GUYS?! We gon’ sail over and clean this mess up! I come to you as one who would see ALL of our ecosystems THRIVE( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) and be healthy! As A Consulate for international affairs, Genesaran affairs, and coastal happenings, we here within the Rising West find it difficult to turn a blind eye to this. Port Thea is west of port Kyros, which makes this more than JUST a Northern Sea Problem. Not all seafolk are nice and Sophisticated. When pushed, they will surely survive in some way - be it relocating or raiding the coasts and ships more frequently than previously necessary. Let us not see(sea?) good folk of the fin suffer any longer! Help us help them and ourselves! I NEED at least 3 players, preferably not counting myself. I need a storyteller or two even? Mix it up a bit. Annnnnd I need like five pages out of us ! 75 posts+ Is the goal for clearing canon agreements! This is a great space if You’re A : warrior! eco-warrior! natural rights supporter! scientist! Hyperian! current or aspiring THRIVE agent! elementalist! pirate! sailor! good swimmer! botanist! Nymerian! curious mind! PLEASE DROP YOUR INQUIRIES HERE OR Here at the Hyperion AMA Thread!! Also I will probably be casting a Nymerian into the pot for this. 🤗 Come mingle!
  15. Let's go back. Way, way back. To the canonically written history of mine; the VCF are a secretive organization, think Kingsman and SCP and you're about there. But now the VCF is public, recruiting people out in the open, with now more regular citizens than ever knowing who and what the VCF are. Sure, they don't know what's behind locked doors, on those classified folders and the hidden sites - But they know more than they should. Why is this? Well to put it simply - We're broke. Why are we broke one may ask? Well running a global organization takes money. Money to feed, clothe, maintain, repair, survey, scout, capture, contain, so on and so forth. VCF's coffers are running dry, and this is where you lot come in. With the soon-to-be revealed hidden continent of "Faejarhe", and the subsequent VCF neo-colonization of it's southern-most islands, they need your help now more than ever. The VCF is on unstable footing. It's a relatively new organization on this site, and I potray them in RP as how they are currently in canon; spread thin, broken, disorganized and dirt poor, at least in global organization standards. Their mac and cheese rations somehow taste like chicken and at one point an entire detachment was issued kitchen knives due to a logistical issue. So bottom line is, I need your help. I am looking for global/local organizations with a considerable income, to aid the VCF in an effort to make the world a safer place. I'm of course talking about trade agreements, mutual defense treaties, and future possible deals with the VCF and their subsidiary organizations; think of it as an.... Investment. If all goes according to plan, the VCF will take over what would essentially be a feudal island, and modernizing it with all of it's resources and manpower from around the globe to create an economic miracle, booming like Japan's post-war economic miracle. Soon, it'll develop into a powerhouse, and you'll be a part of it. The VCF would owe you, and they are generous people. You need arms and supplies? Sure, we'll divert two factories to that job - it'll be done by the week. Oh you need surveillance? Well lucky for your our space program took off rapidly, we have satellite imaging now! Maybe you want mindless entertainment and pleasure, just head down to the 5th district, it's lights are red, you can't miss it. Maybe your kingdom/empire/organization is tattered and ruined - well it's only fitting that we would help you when you once helped us. It's an investment opportunity like no other, a whole nation would be indebted to you and/or your organization. In due time. Building a feudal society to one of modern standards will take years, decades, maybe even centuries; but it'll be worth the wait. What do you say? Interested in a life-long deal? 😄 Terms & conditions apply
  16. Approximately one year ago the Emperor of Veluriyam, Titus Demetrius, suddenly passed away after falling victim to an angelic virus. The day before his passing, his daughter, Teresa Demetrius befell the same illness. However, while the Emperor was pronounced dead the next day, Teresa went missing and only presumed to have died. She had, however, disappeared into thin air. Only the slight residue of foreign magics remained where her body had once rested. Under orders of Renovatio's previous Grand Kommadant, Primera Cartyr, Duke Aedos Chanaril has been investigating the disappearance of the Veluriyam heir. Why Primera had ordered him to investigate a foreign princess, Aedos could only guess was because of her connection with the Ursa Madeum King, Milorian Mythal. Though Primera is no longer among the living, having sacrificed herself for Renovatio, Aedos still considers the order valid and his investigation has thus continued. Recent information has come to his attention that the magical residue left behind during Princess Teresa's disappearance matches up near perfect with the magic residue that invaded Nehalen when Grad na Ang'eli made its appearance. Though the evidence is light, it's the first real lead Aedos has been able to uncover since her disappearance. In order to not spook the Angels, however, Aedos has decided that he needs to be real careful about how he approaches the situation. There is too much about Grad na Ang'eli that is unknown for him to risk the lives of his people for a foreign princess, regardless of Primera's will. That being said, Grad na Ang'eli is sending a handful of delegates into Nehalen to observe and talk with the inhabitants. In each group there is a Povisoko Ang'eli: an Archangel. Duke Aedos Chanaril is looking to anonymously hire a small group of characters, regardless of their alignment, to secure the Archangel as a prisoner and deliver them to a predetermined location. Although this mission will not increase their fame or infamy among the populace, Aedos is offering a large sum of gold and precious gems to whoever can bring him a Povisoko Ang'eli alive. The other angels in the delegation groups can be... dealt with whichever way the mercenary believes best. This mission can be accomplished by anyone and everyone. Angel City is sending many delegate groups down into Renovatio as a whole, so you can find them anywhere. Since each group has a different archangel, this means that there can be any number of different threads following this mission occuring at the same time and you can choose your group/ people you want to RP with. If you want a specific reward, let me know and we can arrange it in character! I won't be roleplaying this myself, so the thread's plot is completely up to the participants. This means that you can connect it to any organization you want in any way you choose. The angels can be good or evil, kind or mean. Up to you. Just bring me the Archangel alive. If they're missing an arm or two, well, that sucks for them. At the very least, I need one group! Let's find out what happened to Princess Teresa 😠 *Note that I am no longer affiliated with Lagrimosa's currently named Veluriyam Empire/ Eridianus region so I can only speak about lore pertaining to my characters and not the board as it is now.
  17. Link. With the age of new kingdoms in full force, the Watchers team of Genesaris have decided it's time to establish a place of their own. With nearly a thousand people rescued from Nu Martyr in tow, they are on the run from the Cult of Power and have landed in Genesaris. With many areas still abandoned from the Whispernight Event from years ago, the Watchers and their charges have resettled in one of them, an abandoned town south of Kethlerin. Nathan, leader of the team has declared his intention to build a new haven for all freedom loving people; a sanctuary based around virtue and justice. All are welcome, he declares, provided they uphold the same lofty ideals. Yet, there are malevolent forces in the land that would see this burgeoning haven fall... __________________________________________ I intend to make this new territory official lore as per canonization, but I thought it would be a bit of fun to have this place go through a hard beginning. The Watchers are a group of demon slaying brothers that recently fought against the Cult of Power in the war for Nu Martyr. Obviously, they've made many enemies, so if you have a bone to pick with them, now's the time to get revenge. Of course, they also have allies, so if you want to play the hero game and stand with the Watchers against the forces of evil, you're more than welcome. Nathan might even be tempted to offer a new home in the town they're creating. I have the end of this thread predetermined, but I'm very open to improv and suggestions. In the end, this place will be a haven for heroes, so to speak. Think of it as something like the Justice League's Watchtower, New Avengers Training Compound and the Sanctum Santorum of Kamar Taj all in one.
  18. Houses on the rise Noble Houses that had long been removed from the ruling and political systems of Nehalen are now emerging from a history long thought forgotten to time. These powerful and noble individuals believe that it is their responsibility to fill in the gaps of authority left by the deceased PRIMES and to ensure that the Age of Man stands triumphant. The Great Houses of Renovatio consist of only High Imperialists, noble individuals who are able to trace their roots to noble ancestors who are hailed to have forged and built Nehalen throughout its history. Below the Great Houses of Renovatio is the House of Lords. The House of Lords are Lesser Nobles that typically work in Nehalen' Parliament, such as Marquesses, Counts, and Barons. The House of Lords is split between those Houses which side with the Imperials, and those with side fully with the Aristocracy who push back against the Royal Family and Imperialists, believing that power should lay heavier with Nobles than it should with the Royals; even if many are nouveau riche and cannot trace their roots to established nobility. Nehalen has reached a new age: The Age of Man. The Old Gods have been dealt with, a new Grand Kommadant has been crowned, Nu Martyr has a new face, Avylon and La Guardia PRIMEs have been killed, and a whole lot of dust has been kicked up. With these new changes comes a need for new faces, so @Ataraxy and I offer all of you an opportunity to - once again! - affect the lore of Nehalen. Things are pretty easy around these parts: Look at the brand new lore! This is a given! In order for you to understand what is happening in Nehalen, you should read the lore to make things easier for yourself. Choose a Province! There is currently ONE province that needs a Great House to lead them: La Guardia. Claim your spot in the Hierarchy! We don't just need Great Houses, but also Noble Houses that will make up the House of Lords! We need you (and friends if you have any!) to write a 1 page thread about your House claiming their seat as the respective leader of their province. Q&A: How many pages do the threads need to be? We are looking for at least 1 page. Can always be more but can't be less! How do I make my House? Well that is completely up to you. Their history and their actions are up to your imagination! If you need assistance, I and @Ataraxy are here to help. We suggest creating a lore sheet for your Houses so people have a reference and can be informed! What are the Factions? Here is what can be found in the lore: Imperialists The Imperialists support the Grand Kommadant and their family. They believe that magic should not be restricted and individuals who are touched by magic should live freely, be treated fairly, and be allowed to operate in society with everyone else without being judged for their abilities as per the teachings of the Primier Cycle. Aristocrats The Aristocrats are known to not be friendly towards Imperialists and the royal family; they are always facing off against the Imperialists and the royal family for increased authority within the government. They not only believe that authority should rest mainly with the Nobility, but also that magic should be restricted and individuals touched by magic should be treated as objects, not as people since they have blasphemed against the teachings of Creationism that deems magic appropriate for only those who have been blessed by a Saint of the Church. I finished my thread, now what? Tag myself and @Ataraxy in your summary for the thread. What happens with the area I've claimed? The best part! The player who claimed the Great House will take the lead and work together with their Province's Lesser Nobility to write up a new landing page for the area you've claimed. I'm now a ruler of my area, what can I do? You rule, of course! Take this as an opportunity to do whatever you like (within reason, duh); make this your sandbox and get to creating and having fun. What we expect from you is activity, so that means you draw in the interested crowds however you deem necessary. I'm confused and need someone to hold my hand! That's what we are here for! Tag either one of us and we will be more than happy to assist you in reaching your goal ❤️
  19. While the Datsuzoku Dynasty has already found it's home near the heart of Genesaris, they seek to thrive in their home environment as opposed to the simple survival they're currently accustomed to. As the population grows, so does it's demands. In order to create measures to pertinent to their success, the Emperor has made the choice to build a dam in the Great Lake in order to monopolize it's resources. The Datsuzoku invites it's allies, neighbors, and it's own citizens to help carry out the orders and see the dam to fruition. It is also said that all volunteers will be rewarded with at least one gifted item (likely exclusive to the dynasty), and pounds in gold for their time and effort. For the purpose of trying to complete this project in a timely manner, I will likely divide the main tasks up into separate threads. This to say that while over all I'm seeking a large group, each individual thread will likely be limited to smaller groups respectively. While I'm not settled on any one specific way to go about this, I'm also open to ideas from anyone regardless of considered participation.
  20. Audio log Dr. Brett Date: [ERROR]/[ERROR]/18 618 [DATA CORRUPTED] [DATA CORRUPTED] [DATA CORRUPTED] [DATA CORRUPTED] Log 5 "-is Doctor Brett, daily log. It's day... 5, since the incident. VCF has lost. Valucre, has lost. Facility-03 ceased sending signals by dawn, the last sentinel, our last hope is gone. OS-01 has brought a mass exodus to CS-0001, only for the arks to be ripped apart before making it anywhere near the vortex. I lost him, I lost my scott the other day. He pushed me to the sewers as one of them yanked him towards the skies. I closed my eyes but I could still hear his blood-curdling screams. The snap of his muscles, his bone cruched as his windpipe filled with his own blood. I ran, I didn't look back. I didn-.... [Doctor Brett would continue to sob for 15 minutes, where audible large footsteps could be heard above her. Repetitions of "We shouldn't have opened it" and "Why did we open it" continued for these 15 minutes] Fuck this foundation, fuck this life. I can't live on like this, no one should either. That's why this exists, site-909. CS-0078 is here, a temporal time manipulator; a time travel device. Organics can't travel back in time, but objects can. I'm going to send out a singal for anyone, anyTHING that can get me to site-800, 100 klicks from here. Best case, a group of survivors is willing to risk it all from this ever happening, erasing this line of time from ever existing. Worst case, history repeats itself. I'll continue these logs. If anyone finds these, I have failed. There is no hope. Brett signing off." -Log #5 of DR.Brett, found on site-800 roughly 2 km in a grassy field. Note: No records exist of a DR.Brett exist, or of an active site-800 [defunct by orders of OS-01 25 years ago.] As you've guessed, this is a time travel RP! I had a dream this morning, a rather unenjoyable nightmare. I was within a refuge centre, dark grey concrete with people packed in like sardines. We waited for rescue, it never came. Then we heard a loud thud. Then another. Another, and another. A poem was said, something related to being hungry. I can't remember what was said, but I do remember the roof being ripped off and large, grinning teeth and dark empty eyes staring at us, down like lunch. I ran, ran as fast as my legs could carry until I reached an abandoned apartment, and the nightmare ended. That feeling of desperation and helplessness, that's what I want to convey in writing. What I want to share with others, it's terrifying and thrilling ? The idea is that the VCF opened pandora's box, CS-0666, and unleashed hell on Valucre. Gigantic man-eating monsters roam the lands. Hounds of hell scorch the grounds. Gigantic winged creatures bring down all that tries to fly, and amphibious abominations destroy all those that set sail. Major civilizations have fallen, VCF has fallen as well. Dr.Brett is within Site-909, with CS-0078. Her goal is to head to Site-800 where pandora's box was opened and retrieve it. Send it back to the past, along with a warning, evidence and CS-0078 itself. She can't do it alone, she needs anyone's help, anything. In this future, nothing will be certain. If you join, your quest will be based on luck. In 100 km, anything can happen. Shambling zombies feasting upon your body, titans with soulless eyes munching on your corpse, your body seared alive by inferno hounds, anything is possible and nothing is safe. Some WILL die, some will perish. Some will have to sacrifice themselves, and some will lose. But it doesn't matter. As long as Dr Brett finishes her mission and sends back a warning to the past, then we all win. The future is prevented, the disaster is averted. All thanks to you (In the future of course). ? So who's in? Keep in mind, this is 20 years into the future. You can make an entirely new character or use an existing character who may have survived the first 5 days. Will be fun I hope ? I rarely try to be a GM, so this'll be sort of a new thing for yours truly.
  21. The Red Hat Society, the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes, Possum Lodge, all these are Brother/Sisterhoods of Silly Hats, but where's Valucre's Siblinghood of Silly Hats? On their way back from Port Kyros, Thurgood and Aveline start putting together some ideas on such an organization, even while expanding the Mil Dot. The main ideas from their discussion sessions revolve around: First and Foremost, fun! Silly costumes (or just one article), to maintain levity Sociability; this is a social club after all Fun; parties, sports, games, leisure activities Accessibility: to both genders, all species, all classes, any sapient creature that is not either Lilith Reiter, one of her Paragons, or Middy Ochre Dedicated spaces Fun: this will never be a dour or serious club Dues, to pay for the fun shit Silly and somewhat humiliating initiations, again to instill levity Did I mention fun? Didn't I already post an interest check like, six days ago? Yes, but I'm allowed three in a seven day period, and this will be my last one for a while. The name? Not determined yet. The costumes? Also not determined yet. Why? There's no point in naming a Siblinghood of Silly Hats without the Siblinghood, or no point in forming a social club that nobody wants to be a part of. So, y'all interested?
  22. The Cult of Power is a global community comprised of individuals who share a power-fueled ideology. It is there belief that raw power is the ultimate decider, regardless of political or social authority. Whether you are in Terrenus, Genesaris, or Renovatio, the Cult of Power welcomes you. CoP has hundreds of thousands of members spanning from the lowest rungs of society to those with abundance of political power. During a time of your utmost need, when you have no one left to trust or help you, it is your fellow Cultist who will reign the fire of Hell upon your enemies. It doesn't matter who they are, be it a single individual or an entire country. All enemies burn before the Cult of Power. By swearing allegiance to The Commander and donning her mark, you have the chance to evolve into a being superior to mortals and reign supreme in Valucre. Notable CoP Events: Invaded and conquered Nu Martyr, a large Province in Nehalen, Renovatio Gathered a variety of powerful Artifacts from all three continents Possess 2 of the Genesari Cornerstones Fought on equal and higher ground than Terrenus Peacekeepers Killed Renovation Gods Spread a deadly and highly contagious disease in Casper, Terrenus Burnt the town of Everrun, Terrenus in order to obtain an ancient Grimoire And on we continue, bringing people to their knees and gifting destruction to all OOC: Having been afk for a while, many members who used to play CoP characters have either left Valucre or their characters have left. It's unfortunate to see their characters go, but hey, that one of the great parts of CoP being more of a community than a group or organization. Characters join the Cult as a means to further their own ambitions rather than joining to further the Cult's ambitions. If you read the lore article, you might get a sense that your character will lack a sense of freedom since they have to magically swear allegiance to The Commander (Lilith Reiter), but as your character can overcome the mark at any point of your choosing, it's not really like that. Older Cult members can likely testify that the freedom of their character was little, if at all, impacted while the joining of CoP made a great addition to the story of their character. As a quick little overview of what the Cult is behind what we've done, it's something like if you took a global religion, say Christianity, and loosely connected the individuals. Essentially, it's a belief system without a church-like institution. A brotherhood. A sisterhood. A Cult. The Cult's core group of characters (basically just the active player characters) have historically searched for items of power hidden throughout Valucre. Our remaining characters are currently some of the most canonically powerful characters on Valucre thanks to the artifacts, relics, airships, and plot accomplishments. Now, to be clear, the Cult of power is not an evil group. It's a group that seeks power. If, in order to gain power, some people have to die than the Cult will kill them. But it's not as if the goal of the Cult is to kill people. That's too surface level. Of course, that's not saying your character can't be an evil sonofabitch that enjoys massacring innocents. Or an anti-hero. Even a honest to goodness hero would be welcome, though would doubtless go through various levels of mental anguish lol There's no real requirement to join. What I usually do is have your character go through a trial thread with me or one of the other player characters (which we call Paragons if they're in the Cult), where your character is given a Lilith's Mark (crescent moon mark on the body, like a tattoo) and illustrate all the power they're gaining (which can be anything from raw strength to wisdom). Once that's done, you can either chill with the core Paragons, or go off an do you're own stuff. Completely up to you. Either way, at that point you're one of us, both IC and OOC! The spoiler down below is just me tagging members who were part of CoP/ showed interest to see if anyone is still active/ has a character in the group. I'll be cleaning up the Cult's Club and Discord (not affiliated with the Valucre site/ administration), so once you join there should be fun missions posted and only active members running around looking for enjoyable threads 😄 OH! Also, characters can be new or old. Young or ancient. There's no character restrictions. If you have any questions, I'd prefer you just post them here but you can also PM me and I think there's a CoP AMA in the Help board.
  23. V.C.F Recruitment Page Good day lady/gentlemen, this message has reached you because you are the best of the best, the top of the shelf, the crème de la crème of Valucrean society. Be it for your martial prowess, your vast intellect, your practical specificality or your resourcefulness on the field, we could not have asked for better men and women to protect the life of those weak and innocent around us. We are the Valucrean Containment Foundation. We revel in death to uphold life. We wage wars to maintain peace. We thrive in chaos so that the world remains orderly. We are the bastions that protect. Of course, our history streches far and wide, and our influence vast and powerful, but you may satisfy your curiosity in your own time. Today, you have been called. This is your opportunity to be one of the sentinels of civilization, the torch of society. We are inviting you to become a VCF operative. Consider it well, we await your arrival. -Overseer council [648]th wave of invitation. Good evening! Hopefully you are doing well. I've been here for give or take, half a year, but ever since I returned I really wanted to establish myself as a presence that can be felt in Valucre, to a point where at least if I went AFV, someone would ask "Oh hey where's that anonymous guy?" and of course my first stage of this plan is site-wide domination >:) So I decided I would love to connect and establish relationships with the lot of you Valucrean community, by way of this organization! I made this as a dead ringer of the SCP foundation, and of course thanks to the vortex at the center and implications of a multiverse far before that, it is connected somewhat to the VCF 😄 The VCF acts as a valucrean-wide organization that is essentially a "we do bad stuff for good things, end justify the means" kinda organization. A few weeks/months ago, two people established interest in being a part of the VCF, and I thought to myself that a Foundation without it's representatives is rather just dull and boring 😄 So thanks to Supernal's helpfulness, coupled with @Metty and @The Fire Heart's enthusiasm, I got a club made under the VCF banner and am inviting anyone interested to join. With plenty of jobs like Agents, Special agents, Researchers, etc", your characters can be virtually anything they want and more! Of course, I am all for creative writing and I absolutely HATE when people restrict a person's writing, so if there is a character under the VCF lore, they are free to do as they please 😄 A good example of this is @Metty's Arashi who has been on multiple RPs either representing the VCF, or doing her own gig 😄 Your character could very much be a VCF agent as a part time job! So, if you have a little bit of good in your heart and a whole lot of evil to project onto the bad guys, come join us! Be those new or old on the site, we accept all and discriminate none 🙂
  24. seeing as i'm new to the site this felt risky to do but... I really wanted to introduce a thread with a very indepth D&D experience ❤️ I have never played D&D : D Let's see how it goes. - Yes I've done this sort of event-style before ❤️ 'tis the season for gifting and thrifting !' "Hello! Hopefully this letter has reached you in time. You are invited and urgently requested to be joining J. P. Claws and Family for dinner where thereafter you will be presented with an unique Opportunity to seize an Overseer position in the J.P. Production Factory with a special group of individuals! Further information on the details of this position, and more, will be Conducted by J. P. Claws himself! Instructions on Arrival to the Claws mansion is enclosed on the back of this invitation. P.S. Please bring a gift to pass! Yours Truly~ Luna Claws" Thank you for checking out this thread! I have a lot of time on my hands and thought that this could be a fun way to get to know and interact more with other RolePlayers on Valucre! This RP Event would be based on working with Others as a Team, some Possible mystery solving, most likely monster hunting--- It depends on the paths that your characters all decide upon! As it is Holiday season I would like to have a minimum of three people interested in joining this thread for me to continue plotting and creating. If only 2 people show interest, then that's just fine and it can be treated as a non-event side rp. As I am new myself, this RP will not be Lore-heavy unless Characters bring it into the rp. This thread, unless Canceled due to lack of interest, will be Order and D&D style- Meaning that There will be an intro round where everyone will obtain a Post order, one post per turn, a set date for the Post Master- me, to reply, and then everyone replying after. No matter how strong your character is-- While engaging in combat I'll roll a die and the outcome of the Characters attack will be determined by how high-successful, or Low-almost failure that it lands on. All characters are Welcome, however it is suggestion to bring someone that can play and work well with others! Below are Those Interested in Joining: 1. Lady Blaze and Aquila -- SteamWarden 2. Shishi -- Zashii 3. Shane Haydes - Tyler +ADDED BONUS- All Players will be receiving one piece of Gift art on your OC at the end of the Rp! My gift for you! INTEREST CHECK WILL END ON: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24th, 2019 An OOC thread will be created for Dinner with the woops where any questions, concerns, etc. can be asked for before and during the rp ❤️ The thread itself may not start for another 1.5 weeks, I'll be asking everyone their preference on starting ❤️ page design [c] Gr8ves! deer page art credit to Sqdpxl rose page divider credit to ThePoisonedOne feather credit to MomentaryUnicorn
  25. Hello my name is Nesy! I'm here to do another roleplay perhaps. So I am here to do an alien encounter with someone whatever it is an elf or whatoff. However, I'm an intermediete writer and I love all types of genres. I don't have much to write honestly and I'll just display my character right here. Sorry for being inactive as well, for those who know me. Make sure to PM or reply here if you are up for it.
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