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  1. [For the impatient, skip to the next words in bold to get the gist of this quest opportunity] I would like to ask you a question (and you don't have to be joining this thread to answer): How easy do you think it is to fight a pack of wolves? Ponder it for a moment, and really think about your response. If would be easy right? People have done it in real life all the time. Now consider the following situation: You are an adventurer — trapped several stories underground beneath a frozen city in the dead of winter, remnants of buildings ravaged by some past calamity. You, along with six others, are in the heart of enemy grounds. How many are there? Five? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty? You would wish that were the case, but in actuality, there are over a thousand, ravenous wolves lurking in the shadows, remnants of the disaster which befell the city which have made these ruins there home. Over the past year, they've gestated, growing in number, strength, and in intelligence. They aren't a pack of bloodthirsty animals anymore: they are a system of highly capable beasts whose sole purpose is to kill you, or worse. Trying to wipe them all out at once with wide-range magic didn't work — it just brought more of them to you. Splitting up didn't work either — those times you split, you never saw the others again. These white wolves are cunning beasts, and they don't attack blindly. They'll separate you like sheep from a herd, strike when you are at your most vulnerable. It's easy for them — you are in their home after all. These warpacks are led by towering, unnatural, monstrous wolves, so white in color, they fade into the snow itself, and if you were to defeat one, your name would most likely be recorded in the annals of Imperial South for your accomplishment — that is, if you get back. Rumors have it that there is more to these 'simplistic' beasts other than to maim or kill. Clearly, there are other forces behind the growing number of these beasts. Even as intelligent as they are, they are too organized. Too cunning. Too daring. Sightings have shown packs wandering farther and farther from their den, doing things that they've never done before like snatching men and women from their homes. But adventurers don't care. As a mounting threat in this ruined city grows, will you just stand by and watch? * * * So, suppose after that, you think this is all still trivial. Would you like to test your theory? This quest is a continuation of another quest I started in the summer which was taking on the Whispernight Quest in Cobran, Genesaris, but you don't need any prior knowledge to hop in. Just know we are diving into a beast-infested town, with a small party, in the dead of winter, where everything is trying to kill you. The goal? Find the source of the abnormal growth in wolf attacks and abductions. As custom, I shall be leading this adventure with carefully crafted NPCs and enemies, as well as a few characters of my own. Combat will not be easy — bring a character you aren't attached to, I assure you that killing these wolves will be less than easy. During the last quest, people scoffed at the wolves, yet one lost and arm, and the other almost lost her life. For reference, here is a list of things I usually go by when running these quests which you may find useful when deciding if this quest is right for you (my guide). I hope to see you join me in this little adventure, and I promise you... There will be cookies: If you don't join... 【 = ◈ ︿ ◈. = 】← sad face So see you there here ?
  2. Do you want to die? Do you want everyone to die? If you answered "No!", then you should probably attend a round-table to discuss surviving the inevitable apocalypse. The Terran Empire is calling on citizens and their allies who have the means and the wits to discuss solutions for problems facing the modern Terran: the Unnatural Dilemma, the Body Snatching Menace, the Genius Loco, and more. Join us at SAD today, or you'll be really sad tomorrow! If there is a tomorrow. SAD will be held at the First Temple in Ignatz. All high-ranking members of the clergy and military will be present to observe the conference. IC Link: Symposium Against Doom. Thread has started and is closed on a case-by-case basis to future attendees. Hi everyone. ? I'm looking for characters that might be able to help solve many of the crises facing Terrenus today: diplomats, scientists, engineers, wizards, soldiers, neutral foreign nationals who want to survive, etc. SAD will be a dialogue driven thread. Since dialogue should keep moving, we're going to follow brevity rules (300 word max, 3 day turnaround) and characters should have something to say about the topic on every turn. The Terrenus government will implement sweeping changes based on the points raised at the Symposium. The way I imagine it proceeding: a Terrenus official will open with the ?dire? facts of life in Terrenus, and we'll circle through the round-table to present experiences, theories, thoughts, concerns, questions and most importantly how to deal with it all. Be prepared to be famous or infamous depending on what solutions you suggest. Disclaimer: any hostile or evil creatures that come within 10 miles of Ignatz during SAD will be destroyed. Attendance List: 1. Grubbistch - Elsera Elludoria (Diplomat - Terrenus) 2. Lilium - Capria Belvardi (Diplomat - Terrenus) 3. Ataraxy - Saturn (Reporter) 4. Tenkai Matsumoto - Tenkai (Order of Force Majeure) 5. Deus ex Aizen - Raveena (Regent - Hyperion) 6. supernal - Evelyn DeLamprey (Engineer - Handymen) 7. Paroxysm - Renata (Peace Keeper - Terrenus) 8. Grimmholt - Audric (Count - Grey County)
  3. Greetings! Vielle here ? Boy, this interest check has been a long time in the making— Míra Andronov, headmistress of Toxicant, is an enterprising businesswoman who has it in mind to establish various entrepreneurial endeavors around Terrenus and acquire both wealth and power in equal measure. Through these businesses, she seeks to extend her influence across the face of the continent, and soon to even beyond its shores. At the same time, Míra is also a cultured woman and highly enjoys art and similar intellectual, creative pursuits. Thus, her repertoire of enterprises includes various opera houses, one of which she is soon planning to construct and open in Coth. tl;dr We're establishing some opera houses around Terrenus, and I'm looking for some people to answer the call! ÓPERA TOU MOIRAI | or simply: Opera Moirai Location: Blairville, Terrenus When she became the Crow, Míra Andronov brought along her family’s opera house and incorporated it into the criminal business. Now, it caters to not only those fond of opera, but to the underground syndicates as well. I'm looking for at least 2-3 writers to join me in establishing Ópera tou Moirai, a lavish opera house in Blairville ? This thread takes place in the distant past, when Míra first acquires the deed from her family and revitalizes the ailing opera house into a more revered, highly-respected enterprise. Investors and esteemed patrons are also welcome to join! Possible rewards: a favor that can be used to call in a Toxicant agent for your personal goals/quests, gold, connections, and the like. Let's talk perks if need be! ÓPERA STON AÉRA | or simply: Opera Aera Location: Coth, Terrenus Looking for new business opportunities, Míra Andronov plans to establish an open-air opera and performance center in Coth. Due to the circumstances of said location, the criminal underbelly usually present in her other establishments is notably absent (for now) in this one. But no matter; Míra has more than enough of that to go about at the moment. I'm looking for at least 2-3 writers to join me in establishing Ópera ston Aéra, an open-air opera house in Coth ? This thread takes place in the current day and age, and will encapsulate the process of buying land to construction to formal opening of the cultural institution. Investors and esteemed patrons are also welcome to join! Possible rewards: a favor that can be used to call in a Toxicant agent for your personal goals/quests, gold, connections, and the like. Let's talk perks if need be! If you're interested to join in, please do specify which opera house you'd like to write for ? Feel free to PM me or comment below if you have any questions! ❤️
  4. Prelude A man screamed and a fiend laughed. Bound to a wooden post, a POW of the Terrenus military was stripped down to his undergarments and left bare chested. Surrounding him were the uniform and blank emotionless helmets of Legion soldiers, yet underneath lay the faces of monsters eager for revenge. Revenge for their fallen brothers and sisters, and revenge for the loss they had faced down at the hands of men such as the officer now being tormented and tortured. Sitting only a few feet away on a large supply crate, the rolling chuckle of Dredge could be heard after the screams of soldier died down. ”You’re fairing so much better than your friends. The woman, what was her name again?” He asked out of a near rapturous glee, knowing full well who those people were. ”Go fuck yoursel-“ The buttstock of a magictech rifle promptly interrupted the man when it found home in his gut, a large and burly orc has buried it there with full force. The choking gasps and coughs of a man on the verge of breaking were then cut short by a thunderous crack across the face as an iron gauntlet met spongy bruised and bleeding flesh. ”First Lieutenant Ileana Winterblade. That was it. You know, I’ve never understood the tropes of elf, dwarf, and gnome names. Admittedly I’m still new to this world, yet you people have the oddest way of doing things. You add verbs, adjectives, and nouns then just smash them all together and that’s your name.” Something would them rattle and clink in Dredge’s hands. ”Captain Elendor Skyhelm, Warrant Officer Faldan Amberthorn. Oh here’s a good one Garnul Ravenstrike.” One by one the dog tags of captured officers hit the cold metallic floor of the deck until they were no more. ”Personally I’ve always enjoyed the simplicity of my name. Just, Dredge.” Rising from his seat as if he were cobra poised to strike at its prey, he slow began to slink his way over to the dazed man. ”But do you know what they all have in common? Your friends.” The dark iron of his gauntlet grabbed the poor soul’s face by his cheeks and forced him to look to his own deep red eyes. ”They’re all making wonderful decorations for my boat.” That Cheshire grin of illuminated white fangs spread onto the dark abyss that was beneath his helmet’s faceplate. ”You’ll pay for this.” The officer said weakly. ”Maybe. But you won’t be around for it.” There was a quick jab followed by the wet sounds of liquid spilling and dripping onto the ground below. With his free hand, the sharp claws of his armor hand made their way into the man’s gut before retracting. ”Feed him to the dire wolves with what life he still has.” Turning around, Dredge faced the crowd of Legion troops and thrusted his bloody hand into the air. Roars and cheers rose up and Dredge had spurred his men into a frenzy for the coming attack. War would soon return to Terrenus. Revival Revival will be the opening thread to Legion of Doom Season 2. I pondered a lot on how Legion could make a fresh and engaging thread, and I came to the conclusion that plot lines involving political intrigue, betrayal, and schemes could wait until chapter two of this series. While there is a grand yet somewhat fluid narrative planned, I decided that opening up we should stick to our strengths. And what might those strengths be as villains? Slaughter. Legion and our forces will be occupying, slaughtering, consuming, and raiding a coastal town on Shawnee. While the thread will have a fair amount of violence, it will also feature very dialogue heavy scenes that will lay the foundation for the season. Friction between Legion members, establishing a foothold into the frozen north, and other more secretive things. Joining Revival If you front Legion, then there’s nothing to worry about. Just show up on the day in question and we got you. However, as this will be an open thread and you wish to join as opposition to Legion, there are some conditions that need to be met or at least understood. Legion is in Shawnee, the last place anyone in Terrenus would expect them to be. The military has zero idea that they are coming and this town has no military presence or radio communications with Hells Gate or any other major city to the south. While I’d love to talk radio communications with all of you, getting a long range signal around or over a super massive magic glacier isn’t a thing that’s going to happen much less any form of magical communication because of the glacier ‘s magic and the distance. So if your character happens to be there, you’re on your own. No one is coming for you, and the next thread or two for Legion we’ll gladly devote subplots to your characters escaping, fighting, and trying to get word to the military about Dredge and Legion. Essentially it boils down to us wanting to build a large and interconnected multi arc story and not just have some guy be like “Lol I join and now the armies is here to crush you with our weapons.” You get what I mean. Shawnee is such a great location in terms of not only having to battle legion but the environment and elements themselves. So if you decide to join, just know you’re gonna have to get creative. Start Date: 11/25/18
  5. After the fall of the Tyrant Regime, the Taen Empire and it's noble houses established themselves across the islands of Ursa Madeum. The island of Thraece is in dire need of arable land and healthy water to rebuild business and establish Port Thea and it's Consulate ties to Terrenus and Genesaris proper. As the only noble family on the island, House Senaria is spearheading a Conservation alongside the Thean Consulate to help restore the land, and protect and preserve it's ecological integrity, as well as provide an institute for studying, collecting, and breeding new flora and fauna across Ursa Madeum. Certain to be quite the task, she's enlisted the help of other Taen nobility and beyond to assist her in Thraece's renaissance. Thus she proposed THRIVE. Thraecean Headquarters for Rehabilitation and Innovation of Vital Ecology Phase 1: Restoring Coastal Integrity - The coastal waters are rife with dead zones. As areas suffocate from a lack of oxygen due to explosive algae growth triggered by nutrient poisoning from the mainlands, flora and fauna alike either die off, or relocate beyond ideal reaches, a notable reason for Thraece's economic suffering. Extract these suffocating sea beds and help revive the oxygen levels in the water. Introduce new species of floral and fauna (open invitation for lorecrafting!) so that the biome and begin to balance itself out! QUESTS FOF PHASE 1: Phase 2: Restoring the Mainland Integrity - Stripped of nutrients and life, Thraece is practically barren, but holds enormous potential. Having made a deal with the local leyline, Raveena is keen to make the land arable again. Introduce new flora and fauna with the help of House Hildebrand, House Senaria hopes to revive the agricultural business for Thraece, as well as the future Port Thea's economic boom. Phase 3: Building the Conservation - Once the land and sea have been returned to a healthy state, the Thrive Conservation will be built as an open Hot Spot for Port Thea. People will be able to study lore, create lore and invent new species of flora and fauna to contribute or borrow. I like the idea of an IC think tank, where people can study for medicinal purposes whether it's to heal someone or poison them. Of venturing to Port Thea for a quest to find or breed a unique species that is a key component to something else. Of finding the scale of a rare fish for artifact creation. I personally have an apothecary I'm adding to the city so I'll personally get plenty of use! I think the possibilities are limitless, and having everyone's ideas pooled in, invites a wealth of knowledge and information sharing. One component of Thrive will be something like a group that is responsible for traveling outside of UM and collecting species, studying them and reporting back and if any would be vital or may thrive in UM. Some may be quests, others may be Slice-o-Lifes. I'll flesh out more details based on interest. I thought it'd make for a really great project that people could help contribute with. Anyway! Look forward to more details on that once I get caught up with posts I owe.
  6. To begin, my character is not from this world but from Gaia Primus. There are seven pureblood families. I encourage more Houses to come and play along and join us as a Society of Purebloods. However, I think starting with one which would be Choisel, would be a good start until we find more followers. I was kinda' shaky about this one, seeing as I don't know how Valucre and you all are going to take the idea of a totally new race of vampires here. For the most part I feel, people generally don't like vampires, but we all know how cool these undead beings actually are. These pureblood families are the first of vampires and are considered as the highest ranking from a lineage far, far away. I've looked at the vampires of Valkohyr and we share common abilities for the most part, but this is a different breed of vamp from a totally different world. I have information on the pureblood in my profile if you'd like to look. As for goals I plan to take some things over with time. Primarily I want this to be a unification of Purebloods. Let me know what you think, guys!
  7. Legion of Doom S2 Legion of Doom Season 2 is here! I first want to apologize for the delay. Our promo artist was swamped with work, and I went from working 30 or so hours a week to 50 plus. But we’re out here now! So without any further adieu, here is Legion of Doom Season 2. Months have passed since the sacking of Last Chance. While the bodies of those lost have been buried and now lay cold in the earth and ocean, the war is not over. Dredge and the remaining army and civilians of Legion have taken to the sea and have vowed to return and raise Armageddon once more. A thick blanket of fog consumes and shrouds the seas surrounding Terrenus. Slicing through the fog there sails a massive ship. Adorning its sides with gruesome and vile decorations were the corpses of the fallen and captured. Humans, elves, dwarves, all those who dared to hold themselves hire than what Legion comprised itself of. At the forward bow of the ship stood Dredge. Armor beaten and scarred from the previous battle with a mix matched piece of enchanted iron where the original left side of his helmet’s faceplate once was. Rage burned inside the man and even the frigid and cold air around him could not quell the heat that boiled off his form. ”My Lord. We’re a day out from our target. Shall we ready the men?” Approaching the overlord was a spindly drow dressed in a thick winter jacket with ritual scars in honor of various demons of the nine hells covering his face. ”Prepare the men and have them fed with the remaining rations and be ready for battle.” Dredge’s voice was absolute and his resolve was unshakable. ”Yes My Lord.” The drow said with a deep bow afterwards. ”It’s going to be a red Life Day- wait. What do you people celebrate?” Stern deliverance was now replaced by uncertainty as to what this region celebrated as their winter holiday. ”Well my people celebrate the rising of-“ The drow would prattle on some long and unpronounceable name of some patron saint of demons as Dredge would rather of listened to nails on a chalkboard. ”Oh thank god it’s over” He said under his breath only for the Drow to list a following holiday that proceeded after the original one. ”You know what? It doesn’t matter, the point is we’re going to kill a lot of people.” Dredge said in a hurried manner to shut the drow up. ”Of course my lord. I’ll prepare the men.” and that was it. War is coming once again. War that would not only consume the land in darkness, but test the resolve of Terrenus. Seas will bubble. Cities shall burn. The civilized races of Terrenus shall be slain, and a new age of monstrous races will reign supreme. Probably. As the fog begins to clear, and light upon a frozen shore start to shine. They have returned. We have returned. We are Legion. Details! Legion of Doom Season 2 has been a challenge for us and especially me! Deciding what to do and how we can make a fantastic sweeping story as we did the last go around. We’ve debated and we’ve discussed at length how we can make the most interactive fan and community based event that we can. I feel as if we have landed on something that gives us a lot more free reign to tell a large and sweeping plot without sticking our fingers in the pies of too many people and their stuff. I do need to promptly apologize for the delay once again, I was hit with a crazy amount of hours and it’s killed my motivation to do much of anything. However the show must go on! So Legion of Doom Season 2 will be held at Shawnee! Yes, that’s right! The frozen north of Terrenus. There will be all the normal actions taken by legion that you have grown to enjoy, senseless slaughter, emotional moments of loss and heartbreak, and growth of characters through the lens of interactive storytelling. We encourage everyone to get involved be it for or against Legion and just have fun with the whole affair. We don’t take ourselves very seriously over here and if you want to kick back and watch for the luls or get invested in the story. Hard Release Date 11/25/18
  8. Kaess Festival of Lights: The Atrium of Lights Hyperian Funerary Ceremony
  9. In celebration of the legacy of the legendary and ancient Order of the Sword Saints, the most noble and well respected House of Dali is organizing and hosting a Festival of Blades that is going to be held in Ursa Madeum. The event serves to praise the beauty and art of sword fighting in the form of the clashing of blades and spilled blood in heated combat. Word has been sent far and wide at great expense to invite the most naturally talented and renowned warriors both within Terrenus and surrounding continents. The festival will be divided into two acts, all with different types of challenges for the participants to conquer. Should you not wish to partake in the combat there will be a place where people attending the spectacle will be able to socialize during and between the acts. The fighting and the socializing will be in different threads to avoid confusion. You can also apply to be part of a pre-selected jury for each Act. The jury will act in character to vote and give reasoning to their vote to settle disputes and other matters that might rise up. Note that because the jury need to be as unbiased as possible you cannot fight within a act that you are also controlling a jury member for. Please post below if you want to partake in the fighting, be in a jury or just want to attend the event to give homage to the legacy of the Sword Saints, partake in conversations or just watch the fighting. This event will also lay the foundation of the return of the Order of the Sword Saints. Should you be interested to join the order then please tell me here or PM me in private and we can discuss it in more detail. ___Act I___ Singles Exhibition The ultimate showdown to settle superiority. Keep your wits about you, to read your opponent, take advantage of their mistakes and outmaneuver them to claim victory. At the end of the day there can only be one, the question is do you have it what it takes to claim victory against your opponent? Rules & Regulations Victory will be achieved by points in best of three rounds. For each round a maximum of five posts by each participant is allowed and the winner of each round will be decided by who has the advantage after said moves. If nobody has advantage after five moves the round will be draw. Should the final round be considered a draw, an additional sudden death round will be had where the winner will be determined. Should any participant not post within a reasonable time they will be given a 24 hour warning to post or be considered to have yielded and their opponent will be victorious. Any disputes or other matters that might rise up will be settled by a pre-selected jury. Participants Sabine Fenvaris (House Senaria) @Deus Ex Aizen Iyalon Izora (House Hildebrand) @ourlachesism Mōmoku Akuja Kenshi @Etched in Stone Eshara Dominic @Fierach Taira no Kōgyoku (Order of the Blue Orchid) @Bujutsu Abigail Karradeen @Tyler Jinsoku Hayabusa (Order of Force Majeure) @Twitterpated Sir Gerald Ultin (The Dogs of War) @Grubbistch Sir Marshall Gamesly (The Dogs of War) @Grubbistch ___Act II___ Horde Survival Exhibition Battle the most vicious and fierce monsters from the wilds of Terrenus. Survive and claim glory or perish and become lunch food. Display your skills in combat while you compete against fellow warriors to slay the most beasts before the last creature lays dead on the ground. But be careful or the hunter may very well become the hunted. Rules & Regulations Victory will be achieved by the participant with the most points at the end of the a classic exhibition of horde mode. Outsmart your fellow participants to prove yourself at the superior hunter. Injuries to beasts will grant points between 1-3 due to severity of the injury inflicted to the target. Kills will always grant 5 point to the participant striking the killing blow. Should two or more participant strike a killing blow together they will all be granted 5 points. Any disputes or other matters that might rise up will be settled by a pre-selected jury. Participants Iyalon Izora (House Hildebrand) @ourlachesism Mōmoku Akuja Kenshi @Etched in Stone Jinsoku Hayabusa (Order of Force Majeure) @Twitterpated Makiel Thorend @Fennis Ursai Should you want to join as a fight please also post a link to any character sheet and also if you are representing any land/organization etc. Please note that this event is to celebrate the aspect of sword fighting, therefore any weapons that are not bladed ones are not permitted, nor is the use of magic or other similar abilities. Although Valucre is mild power, this even shall be in the Enhanced Realism power scale, meaning that your character will be limited to that scale during the fights. Below you will find some basic info regarding the power levels allowed. Allowed Enhanced Strength Enhanced Speed Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Agility Any skills or techniques based on the above will be allowed. Not allowed Magic of any kind Telekinesis or other mental powers Elemental manipulation Any skills or techniques based on the above will be not be allowed. These are not fights to the death but rather exhibitions so you can use that to explain why your character would hold back. If you have any questions feel free to post them below and I will answer. More info will come regarding the event itself. Rules and other content might change to better cater to the enjoyment players. While the fights will be in T1 style the idea is that it will be quite the casual event, the main goal is not to determine the most skilled individual in T1 combat but rather the fun aspect of each participant.
  10. Let me bring you down a particular street in Andelusia. It’s out of the way, it’s secluded, and the stone tiles crackle under your footfalls, smooth and sun-warmed. You hear the birds chirping in the air, the breeze rustling through the prismatic leaves of the trees, the distant sounds of laughter and civilization just over the edge of the buildings. Can you picture it? You’re good? Now, you see that white door over there? It’s on the left, the building with the barred windows, the shards of painted glass on the ground (don’t mind those; they’ll sweep them up soon). The signage isn’t readable from this distance, so come on, let’s take a closer look. There’s—wait, there’s a woman coming out. She’s placing a colorful sign on the door; can you see it? Oh, look, see what it says: BARISTAS WANTED (we're reopening, dearest citizens! we need baristas: love for tea required! see the manager for more information) Hello all! Vielle here ? I've a new project coming up in Ursa Madeum: welcome to The Andelusian High Tea Society hub! A teahouse in Andelusia that caters to all walks of life, including the noble elite to which they provide seclusion and luxury within the city. Despite being a friend and partner of House Hildebrand (in particular, as the house provides uncommon herbs and plants for the teahouse’s special brews), the Andelusian High Tea Society is ultimately considered neutral ground, where commoners and adventurers can enjoy a little of that magic liquid goodness, and where the nobles can meet with each other somewhere they are considered equals. Now, this is a unique teahouse. The baristas are good listeners to people's problems, as well as good people readers, and if permitted, will serve customers the tea that they believe suits them best (they usually get it right ?). The owner is a tea specialist and a herbalist, also a personal friend of Nairne Hildebrand, and can, for a certain price, weave magic into brewing the tea, which fuses the brew with magical effects. For example: need a dash of courage to propose to your loved one? The owner will brew you a blend that fills you with a little bit of that needed push to do it. After getting shut down during the rule of the Tyrant King, they're now reopening with bigger, better, and more elaborate facilities—thus, they'll be needing new baristas to replace those who have relocated to foreign countries when the teahouse shut down. What does this mean for you, dear reader? ? If you'd like to take up the call and become a tea sommelier for the Tea Society, look upon the information below: First, you'll need a barista character! When you've made one, please post your barista's profile on the Tea Society's organization thread. As the teahouse will be a hub thread, any time customers come in, you may be asked to serve them if you are requested to do so. Deep character interaction is one of the founding pillars of the Tea Society, so let's make it so! ? I imagine the hub to have a fairly lighthearted atmosphere unless the overarching story calls for it, so if you'd enjoy a little slice of life or casual chats with other characters, this is the place for you. ❤️ Aside from looking for baristas, let me all invite you to The Andelusian High Tea Society's Grand Reopening as well! Every noble house in Ursa Madeum is invited to come celebrate with us, and of course, this event will no doubt allow for social interaction between the houses and so forth. The letters are to be sent soon, stamped with an icon of an ornate tea cup and scented with the faintest hint of mint and lavender. We look forward to seeing you there. ? Adventurers and so forth are also invited to come! Now, don’t be late; tea’s at four. ❤️
  11. Thread: Players: @Aleksei @Grizzly @danzilla3 @Alexei @Garion @Grubbistch @Maverick @EpicRome23 Posting Expectations: 1 per 3 days. I am going to be very stringent on this! You will be skipped if you don't post within those time requirements. I am wanting to make the success of this quest canon, so I'm going to be pushing hard to keep this thread on track and 100% completed to The Hummingbird's standards. I will tag you when it's your turn to make sure you know when you're up. Where: Whispernight Ruins - Kuratel. Kuratel This leader in innovation left behind an airship filled with magically-enhanced rifles among a ruin of stone, steel, and dead bodies. Two dragons guard the city against intruders hoping to do good, one a Red Dragon and the other a Black Dragon. Both are lich lords and highly intelligent despite rotted brains, though they are more animalistic in nature and can barely talk. The airship was known as Heaven’s Mercy and is still operational. Warriors from afar have discussed grabbing the ship and fighting the dragons in the sky, suing the ships; powerful firearms to kill them both, then flying away with the ship’s army-full of rifles and guns in hand. The problem is fighting their way through the horde of geists that surround the airship base itself. There are other airships – Warrior’s Soul, Paradise High, Hellion Sky, and more – yours to keep if you can down the guardian dragons and their army of undead. - By @The Hummingbird What: A woman named 'She' has pasted flyers anywhere and everyone for people to see. She is looking for some hardy adventurers to go with her to the Whispernight Ruins in Genesaris, and get the airships - Heaven's Mercy (+ the magically enhanced rifles inside it), Warrior's Soul, Paradise High, and Hellion Sky. If you join her she expects all the ships and the extra goodies to be delivered safely to Aelindra or else no one gets paid and she will make sure you get punished (IC you won't be killed or anything, but you will be hunted down). Goodies: Your characters will be rewarded for their services retrieving the ships and their goods, and delivering them back to Aelindra. This opportunity is for characters looking for wealth and constant flow of work. After the success of this quest, your character will have an income that could sustain a reasonable living for the next 3 years. You will be on a list of people who will have first dibs on a job, which you can deny or not, you're not strapped to take every quest. I will be your DM for this quest, so your characters will have countless opportunities to get other goodies, like weapons, enchantments, etcetc in the quest. Hello everyone! Hope this Interest Check grabs you This is open to everyone. With me being your DM I will make sure to ensure to accommodate everyone the best that I can, but I will say this: This won't be a walk in the park, nor will it be a sprint across lava. It'll be difficult considering there are all sorts of things in the way to a successful completion of the quest. Expect your character to get injured and a little lost. No deaths unless you want me to kill your character, then that's cool, just let me know. If you have questions or concerns, post them here!
  12. "You've never experienced the Whispernight when it first came, have you? No, I can tell from the look in your eyes you haven't, or else the very memory of that event would leave you numb and shaking." “Oh sod off with your theatrics. No fool in their right mind would just venture to the Ruins. Only knobheads and the desperate go there, seeking their gold and glory and what not.” - Orion and Artamese -- Artamese Prewitt loves the safety and comfort of her books and magical artifact research at the Enoteca: Wine and Workshop. As a Scrivener who only excels in the past (an obsolete subject according to the Chapel Alliance), she's quite passionate about historical artifacts and dreams of the day that she can go exploring into the world, embracing danger in the name of history and magic. Plunging into the depeths of Kuratel on the Queen's orders was not her idea of a first rodeo. Raveena has commissioned an expedition in the Whispernight Ruins of Kuratel for magical firearms, and Alethea's Air Force can always use another ship. Relying on Arty's ability to handle magical artifacts, she has explicitly requested the Artificer to be a part of the expedition, much to Arty's dismay. Despite her fears, she hopes this will be the adventure that allows her career to take off faster than before. She just simply cannot do it alone! That's where you come in. Join Artamese as she uses her resources to track down the long-missing Adand Withund and unearth the truth behind the mysterious artifact known as Sovereign's Fury. -- Dibs on this quest go first to: @carrionjackal @danzilla3 @Frostbinder as they defacto work for Rae in some capacity. So prepare to work with them! Ideal characters for this quest: Mechanics and/or engineers, in case the ship has problems before, during, or after taking off. A lich or a necromancer in case Frosty can't join in would be nice. Soldier prospects for the Hyperian Imperial Military, the Aralim. Wizards, witches and/or magi of any affinity would be fun to have too. A weapons specialist! Can't have too many of those! Another Artificer that can talk shop with Arty. As usual, I hope everyone can play nice and have fun with this. The general plot line I have is that there was a well known family of pilots, captains and aeronautical engineers, and supposedly one such family member survived Whispernight, but went into hiding due to some terrible secret. But the jist remains, "Find the clue. Find the clue and find the dude. Find the dude and get to the goods. Don't die." Also Lich Dwagins, yeey~ ^o^
  13. Greetings! Vielle here ? I lovingly represent the bountiful House Hildebrand of Ursa Madeum! To put it simply, we style House Hildebrand as the Queen’s Chalice, with jurisdiction over plentiful farmlands, crop research, and somewhat-most of the food supply of Ursa Madeum. We’re all about that plant life. ? Now, there is a Game of Thrones occurring in our fair nation, and to increase our wealth and power as a noble house, I'm inviting some lovely people—and by that I mean you, yes, you!—to take part by taking control of one of the lesser farming houses of Ursa Madeum under House Hildebrand! Definitely more fun to write together than alone! ? Now, of course, you can play the farming houses however you want: the name, the house members, the land, the crops you control, everything—except that the houses will either be under House Hildebrand’s jurisdiction or partnership, or in negotiations to obtain better ties with our noble house. We’ll also be doing threads to gain more Land, too ? (You can also do diabolical stuff. I'll pretend I never saw you ?) This interest check also extends to anyone who'd like to make a character and be a part of or mingle with House Hildebrand. If you'd like to get in on our very own Game of Thrones through connections with our noble house, that will be quite lovely as well! If these ideas interest you, please leave a comment or send a PM my way so we can plan out our, ehem, plots of intrigue ? House Hildebrand welcomes you, and may your lands be peaceful and your fields be prosperous, as ours are. For Peace and Plenty! ?
  14. Now is the time! Come one, come all, to the intriguing island city of Stonehaven We have a lot of refurbishing going on. New content in the works Lots of open positions for you amazing people to place your characters in Plans, ideas, and more plans We are currently searching for creative thinkers, willing to place their input on a very closed society in order to widen the crack in the door. Do you think that might be you? Iffen ya do, please contact me day or night, and possibly leave a message with your hopes, your wants, your dreams, your desires, your ideas, and/or anything you have on your mind regarding this advertisement… And I will get back to you in as quick a fashion as I possibly can. As always, we appreciate your time and attention. May the day find you well.
  15. Hello Citizens of Valucre! I am working on something relatively large and would like to reach out to all of you for some assistance. What I am looking for are creatures that you have made [or would like to make] for a special venture I have in the works. I have found a lot of interesting plants and creatures on Valucre already, but what I would like is to have the input of multiple creators rather than a few, so that everyone who wants to submit something can have it showcased to the world. Please feel free to drop your submission here or in PM. Things I am looking for: Even if the section you may want is marked out, if you still want to submit something to share with the world, just let me know. I will make it happen for you. 8/8 - Creatures of flight 4/4 - Creatures that live on, in, and under the ground. 9/10 - Creatures that live in the water. 7/10 - Plants Here below I have a list of the information that is needed in order for your submission to be placed in the template pictured. Please do not forget to share an image as well. Thank you & Goodnight!
  16. From the creator of BE A GOD rp meny months ago in times when the creator knew almost nothing of rp (mostly cuz he was newb).... we bring you.... BE AN ALGAE ! Have you ever sought to wonder what it is like to rp not as an individual character, an entire empire, or as a supreme entity with little background, but as a microscopic organisim that starts as an algae. Have you ever questioned wether such a rp was even possible? Start as a single algae that pops up in Renovatio , eastern Oo'xora and find your way to the sea to thrive. Take by the waters or by air even, find and Murder other organisims that get in your way and survive!.
  17. Two if by Sea Legion on the move! Spurred by the dark overlord Dredge, Legion forces have finally made their first large scale attack against the good people of Terrenus! Under the cover of dark and false distractive peace talks by the dark lord Dredge. Legion has taken their fleet of landing and boarding craft to the Terrenus city of Last Chance. However the men and women of the Terric Military have taken precautions for such attacks against Legion and their brutal tactics. Stationing men at the cities of Ashville and Last Chance, the Terric Military hopes to ward off any attacks set forth by Legion. For in the morning, darkness will descend upon Last Chance. Objectives Objectives One (Saving Private Ryan Reference): Landing one and a half kilometers away from the ports of Last Chance, the Legion army must fight their way up through beach fortifications in order to reach the ports. The Terric military must defend the ports and beach at all costs. If the Legion breaks through then the primary objective is not to raid the city itself, but board, steal, and sail off with as many ships as possible. Objectives Two (Prison Break): The various dragons of Legion carry drop pods of elite commando squads. Dropping down within the very walls of the prison itself with enough explosives to release nearly every prisoner within its walls, Legion intends to do just that. The primary objective is to release the prisoners onto the people of Last Chance. Though there is one task that Dredge has personally asked of his men. Within the deepest and darkest reaches of the prison lay the most vile and evil men and women to ever walk Terrenus. Free them and extract them to join Legion’s ranks. Rules New Rules: 1: POST HEADER!! I can not stress this enough!! To make things easier on everyone as this will more than likely be a large thread. Put a header on your post with this template. This is MANDATORY Character Name: (Who is your character) Affiliation: (What side are you on?) Location/Objective: (Where are you?) Allies: (Who are the allies who are next to you and writing in your storyline be sure to @ them) Enemies: (Who are your enemies that you are fighting be sure to @ them) 2: You will only be allowed to command two squads of twelve. That’s twenty four men at your disposal. If you want to control a War Beast or something of the sort, be sure to ask your faction leadership via the OOC thread so faction leaders can make a judgement call on it as all large scale troop movement will be handled as background noise by leadership. This is a character focused thread and not a game of Risk. 3: Have fun! Original Rules (still in effect) 1: Wheaton’s Law aka don’t be a dick 2: Treat your opponent with respect 3: All OOC squabbles need to be settled via a pm. Don’t drag your drama to the OOC thread 4: If an agreement can not be reached then faction leadership will decide. 5: If faction leadership can’t reach an agreement then and ONLY then will site staff will be involved. These people have better things to do than deal with our disputes. 6: No writing damage, character death, or mass NPC death in your post as a fact without the express permission and consent of the other writer 7: Doing a power move that can violate the Mild Powers ceilings is fine. We all love a dramatic moment. But doing so needs to come at a cost. Losing all your strength, injury, death of comrades, etc etc. pay to play baby. 8: All are welcome to partake 9: Really, just please don’t be a dick. The IC thread will drop tomorrow
  18. Hello all. I've started a thread in Aelindra, the sole purpose of which is to steal a prototype for my character. My plans for the thread are pretty low key, and open to everyone. I imagine there will be some infiltration, some fighting, and a speedy exit from the town (see: fleeing from the authorities). For a more in depth breakdown of what I plan on doing please scroll to the bottom, otherwise, here are some keywords to give you an idea of what this thread will be like. Cooperative storytelling Mid level fantasy, with Magitech. Mild Powers (important!) Casual Thieving/Heists Low Impact - no/minimal killing, emphasis on low property destruction. Strategic - Not just a fight, I hope. If you are interested, check it out, here is a link. Otherwise keep reading below if I haven't captivated your interest yet. This thread is open to all, but will be low/no turn order. I wanted to try a new format, I will be the 'anchor' so to speak. I'll be posting a minimum of once every three (3) days, sometimes more often (but no more than once a day). Everyone and anyone else who would like to participate is encouraged to post in between these times, pushing the story or interacting with characters however they want. I think this might either provide an interesting freedom of choice and action, and I can bring everything back together to drive the story when necessary. My only request is that you don't post multiple times between my own posts, to prevent the thread from derailing, or stepping on other people who want to participate. No runaway trains here. From what I have read on Aelindra I imagine it to be a rather modern city, bustling with an enormous amount of people, and driving innovation. My character, Tad, has come to Aelindra in search of a piece of prototype technology. He is resolved to stay in the town until he has taken it by any means necessary. He plans to first steal the security plans for the building that he wants to burgle, followed by burgling the building itself, and finally escaping with the prototype. Since this will be illegal activity, our characters will be actively hunted by the town guard, and unable to use any of the more regulated means of public transportation, such as crossroads, airships, etc. So long as nobody kills anyone, the risk should be pretty minimal, no risk of character death. Mild powers are required for this thread, preferably the lower end of mild powers to keep things interesting. Magitech is more than welcome. Since I will be posting on a regular basis, and anyone can join at any part of the adventure, anyone who shows up will be part of my characters premeditated plan. This is just to help gloss over any awkward timings and introductions, that way we can keep the story flowing. Nothing like joining in the middle of fleeing the town guard to make things awkward/difficult to write. If you need or want to leave, feel free to write yourself out, anybody who doesn't return will be assumed to have contributed their part to the plan and have returned to whatever they were doing before. Again, this is just to keep things flowing. I'm not a fan of when threads start to stagnate as you wait on one person who might have another obligation or doesn't have time to post for a while. Genre: Mid-Fantasy/Magitech. Location: Aelindra, Genesaris. Idea: Stealing a prototype from a heavily guarded building. FAQs: None yet. Feel free to post any questions, as I am sure I have missed some detail or made something unclear, or jump on into the thread. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
  19. The Red Festival The small city of Tormo has been raided of all its gold and valuables. It’s people dragged into the night by a goblin horde lead by mysterious and powerful evil figures. Tormo itself nearly being burned to the ground with very few survivors of this horrific event. Roughly two weeks have passed since the villainous event, and shortly there after small bands of goblins have spread to into the countryside bearing invitations. Envelopes stained with drops of crimson blood. All of them giving the message of an event called The Red Festival written in both common and under-common. ”Demi-Humans, Monsters, mobs,thieves, murderers, all those who have been cast down into the dregs of pecking order just because you weren’t born with smooth skin, or without horns, or that you’ve always been a little different. You are not alone, my children. You are not scum or trash, you are simply a product of your environment. One that was crafted to keep you down. The moment these beautiful smooth skinned and self righteous son’s of bitches showed up and said they get to be humans and elves and in charge, and you get to be mobs and Demi-human (and that’s the nice name they call you) that was it, your fate was sealed. But fear not, for you and your tribes and people are invited to the Red Festival. A place where everyone can be themselves. There will be free food and drink to feast upon, and there will be entertainment and gold to be given out to the rightful people of Terrenus. We can’t wait to have you there. - D What is the Red Festival? The Red Festival is the New Legion of Doom thread for the Terrenus community following the sacking of Tormo aka Fright Night. It’s a large open party/social thread with an air of danger to it. This is due to the festival’s guests. Trolls, orcs, kobalds, goblins, etc etc. very savage monster races. This thread will consist on the members of the Legion talking, recruiting, and building their forces and creating unity between races in order to create a larger army to ultimately have their plans of burning Terrenus succeed. The Legion isn’t going away anytime soon, and will only grow stronger and stronger as they build themselves up. Am I invited? Can I crash it? All are invited to the Red Festival. From an IC standpoint the knowledge of it has spread across Terrenus. However it’s not front page news. It’s more of hushed whispers inside the taverns of even major cities in Terrenus. People gossip about it in the streets from the shadows. So people do know about it. Now I’m sure you are asking. What if my character is in the military or apart of an organization that’s against the Legion and I want to attack it with a force or army? That is perfectly acceptable. Though you should certainly put serious thought into it before you do. We at the Legion love organic story telling and are happy to face whatever is thrown at us. So Revenge or do gooding is your game. It’s all cool with us. Festival Rules 1: Humans and other races are allowed safe passage into the festival and can participate. 2: Murder is allowed only in honorable blood duels or in self defense of a life or death situation. 3: If you are caught murdering outside rule two, you will be drawn, quartered, hung, and then eaten. 4: Have fun and socialize. Details & Info This thread will be going live Thursday in the evening that way people have all of Friday to formulate a post for the weekend or whenever they have time to jump in! We welcome everyone to join and we want to have a great time! live thread
  20. Battle of Last Chance Introducing for all of you haven’t heard of the us. Legion, aka The Legion of Doom!! So a month or so ago I dropped a thread that said “I am here to burn your world.” Now when I say something, I mean it. SO! Allow me to drop Legion’s first macro level thread. The sacking and burning of Last Chance. We here at Legion have decided for our first foray into the larger parts of the game is to be a raid. Rather than the large and intense three part invasion to take the city, which lets be honest. Sounds exhausting. We want to deliver a more intimate and character driven thread than the large scale chess and tactics game that detracts from a good story. We want to keep our focus on the characters rather than the battle itself. How will this work? The thread itself will have various objectives and storylines laid out for people to join or to simply do their own thing. All of which will be laid out in the official OOC thread when it drops this weekend. All characters are encouraged to join an objective and work together to weave a story that will not only be a great read, but will allow yourself and your opponents to have fun. While you can go off and do your own thing around the battlefield, we do recommend working with your fellow writer. Also anyone is allowed to join. You don’t need to a part of the factions who are fighting. Combat & Troop Movements So as far as macro level troop maneuvering goes, all of that will be background noise which will be decided by faction leadership. This is to provide everyone with a fluid sense of a shifting battlefield and setting from an official source rather than five different guys with thousands of troops between them all doing different things. We want to provide a very seamless and cinematic experience when it comes to the macro combat for the thread. Characters will be allowed to command two squads of NPCs each for flavor and fun. Rules 1: Wheaton’s Law aka don’t be a dick 2: Treat your opponent with respect 3: All OOC squabbles need to be settled via a pm. Don’t drag your drama to the OOC thread 4: If an agreement can not be reached then faction leadership will decide. 5: If faction leadership can’t reach an agreement then and ONLY then will site staff will be involved. These people have better things to do than deal with our disputes. 6: No writing damage, character death, or mass NPC death in your post as a fact without the express permission and consent of the other writer 7: Doing a power move that can violate the Mild Powers ceilings is fine. We all love a dramatic moment. But doing so needs to come at a cost. Losing all your strength, injury, death of comrades, etc etc. pay to play baby. 8: All are welcome to partake 9: Really, just please don’t be a dick. Details We will be dropping all the official OOC thread this weekend and possibly the actual thread as well. Faction leadership will be working together to create the best experience for everyone.
  21. Attention Valucre! Crystallo Stella the underground Faerie Nation is finally opening its gates to the outside world! In light of the eldest daughter of the Aequaliter-Nubila Family taking her father’s place as ruler of the land, they’re holding a coronation and summer solstice festival to celebrate. The times are changing in this breathtaking nation, and Aurora Aequliter-Nubila wishes to open the borders to the rest of Valucre with the invitation to this coronation. Will you brave the Rising West and enter the Wicker Mountains at the gate to Crystallo Stella? Enter through the Gates here.
  22. Hey everyone! I am starting my very first topic RP and it will take place in the Badlands of Terrenus. There isn't really a story right now so if you have any ideas of where you want it to go, go for it. @supernal if you want to join as a storyteller it would be appreciated. Here is the character that I am playing. Her name is Fawkes and she is a rare species of human variant known as Avian. Her physiology is that of a human, but her bones are full of air pockets like a bird, with a large set of wings attached to her back. She is a part of a small group of Avians living in the Badlands. That's all I have right now but if you have any thoughts on where story could go or just want to join let me know!!! Here is the link to the first post!!!!
  23. Just wondering if anyone wants to do some research with Lexdord scientist Well be able to research upon anything having to do with the modern age, or the information age (or magic if you'll like) Any questions should be posted here.
  24. Fright Night Deep within the wilds of Terrenus there lays the large and bustling town of Tormo. A town far removed from the chaos of Terrenus’ massive cities. A place where one can help live off the land and escape to a simplistic life of comfort and family. Which is why it will be the first of many victims that the Legion of Doom will claim. This story and thread is all about the Legion’s first foray into Terrenus. Though only at a small level of course. With the Legion now equipped with an army of goblins and war beasts, it’s time to start the process of raiding, killing, and bringing hype and stakes to Terrenus based role play. We are here, we are in your face, and we’re throwing down the gauntlet. In short though, the Legion will be striking a large town in a fashion that will remain unknown until the start of the thread. There will be mass amounts NPCs to fight, enemy writers, and of course myself. How Will This Work? How we intend for this thread to function is a bit more free form in nature. There’s no real posting order other than the common curtesy of waiting for your dance partner to post. While the overarching plot of the story will more than likely go at around a post or two every other day or so, if you get caught in an individual duel with someone, y’all can just fight and bounce posts back and forth off each other as much as you want so long as it doesn’t drastically effect the plot or those who haven’t posted yet. Some property damage is of course alright, just don’t go destroying the town. Other than that, just enjoy yourself and make sure you act within site rules and Terrenus’ mild powers ceiling. I don’t want to read. “Haruki was the ultimate warrior who had no equal, because he was born from the gods and was perfect in every way. So he drew his blood rage katana that was sharpened atop god mountain one billion times and could cut through the fabric of reality to unleash his faithful steed who was also a god.” Please and thank you. Story Elements & Details We’re really shooting for these core themes of good vs evil, and how heroes can rise to the occasion to save the innocent. While that is what we want at its base element. We also have a bit of a mystery thriller aspect to the thread as well for those joining opposition. Who are the people attacking the town, what do they want with Tormo, and other little bits and bobbles scattered in thread. We want to make sure that while we offer the “swish swish, clang clang” of combat, that the thread isn’t just that on its own. For those who love a good mystery and want more out of a story. Not that there’s anything wrong with a good fight. The thread itself will become active this Thursday. If you are interested in joining feel free to drop a comment here, join our discord, or simply wait until the thread becomes available on Thursday. All are of course welcome to join and we always love to have anyone interested in writing with us.
  25. Hey everyone!!! I am unemployed for the time being and need something to do with my life. If you have any open quests or brilliant ideas you are wanting to share with the world? Well reply here and let me join you!!!!
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