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Found 101 results

  1. Greetings everyone! @AthenasFire, @HumanBean03, @Soldat Tenaille, @Twitterpated, @Etched in Stone, @Acies ab Vesania, @Deus Ex Aizen, @Grim Wolf, @Alexei, I'm back baby ~ It has been quite a long time since I've last been on; however, as you can see, I have returned. This year's semester has been pretty brutal; however, now that I'm declared and out of the hoops of fire, I've come back to continue my diabolical plans for the Cold South... Long story short, if you want a brief introduction to The Hand of Valjer series, here is the first act (I recommend taking a look at it because it has information from the previous quest that will be important): I think I left at an alright time as the IceStone Tavern had just been strangled and burned by a colossal wyrm, and everyone had seemingly found shelter and/or escaped the burning building. Still, there were numerous casualties, and I'm looking for revenge. That's right, I'm looking to kill the beast. Old blood, fresh blood, whoever you are, this beast is a threat to the Cold South, and perhaps may grow to an even larger threat for Genesaris. Will you join the fallen survivors from the ashes, and take to wilds to hunt the fearsome beast? Valjer stirs... and it is only time before the Dragon God wakes up. As for the minuscule minutiae of technicalities, I am looking for a large party so we can get posts rolling out daily -- I don't want this to die like it did last time when I disappeared ;~;. There will be no fixed order, so you can post whenever you want; however, there will be a "tentative" ordered listing so we can make sure no one falls too far behind. Mild powers is always in play, but I trust we'll all follow that. I'll be posting more information later, so if you are interested, stay tuned. (is it still okay to continue this from last time @The Hummingbird @Acies ab Vesania?)
  2. (Edit: added information about possible rewards, and where I want to take this thread...) Surely, it is common knowledge that wolves are considered to be one of the easiest creatures to slay in modern fantasy and fiction settings; however, if our the strongest NPCs in the Imperial South can't handle them, then surely there is something more to these creatures than meets the eye. The quest I'm looking to take up is in the small shanty of Cobran in Genesaris that had been overtaken during the course of the Whispernight Ragnarok. I am looking for those brave enough to help me liberate this town from the beasts which terrorize the few human inhabitants that still live in it. The rewards for such a task is varied; however there are some pieces of verified loot within the quest details. Aside from that, This quest's purpose is to help reestablish Cobran to its former glory, and perhaps free the Imperial South from the white wolves, and maybe an even more dangerous threat... Now, you are probably wondering: wolves? What makes them so hard to kill, they are just a bunch of normal animals my magic-slinging, sword-wielding, super-amazing adventure can take down with ease. The problem isn't in the strength of these creatures, but their intelligence. Their primary strength lies in the warpack — a group of roughly one hundred fierce and cunning beasts that are as vicious as they are intelligent led by an even more dangerous, sinister leader. The fiends of this area work together, so in short, it will be a small ragtag group of around fifteen challenging an army. There will be wolves, werewolves, beasts of all kinds, and perhaps a few enemies of magical nature that you will be expected to face. The key to this quest will be strategy. Sure, you may believe your character can take on four, maybe five normal wolves at a time; however, don't expect to be able to fight them off from all sides. If you are cornered, that's it. A team of around ten of these monsters should have more than enough the power be overtake you in seconds. The weakness of a single wolf is made up by the rest of the pack. If one goes high, expect the others to go low, to your right, to your left, from behind, and all around. As for the werewolves et al., you should be prepared for whatever cunning tricks they have as they are twisted apparitions out for your flesh. A wolf in man's skin is a hunter that you should be wary of. Perhaps we will be able to free this town from one of two of the dozens of warpacks that occupy it, or perhaps we will be running with our tails between our legs. The choice to join me on this quest is yours. ◆ ◆ ◆ As for the technical parts of this water cooler post, I am looking for a group of around three to seven others. There is currently a group of fifteen soldiers within Cobran right now from caravans as described in this thread (I will have the actual thread up either today or tomorrow, so watch close for updates). Four of the characters in the main party have already been introduced, and are the currently known NPCs (minus Frygg). If you join, then your character(s) will be a part of this group of people who just arrived in the previous linked thread, and are up to date on all of the events that just happened (up to the last post). I am really striving to roll out at least a post by the day. There is a tentative posting order given this quest; however, it is not fixed (essentially there is no posting order, but it would be nice to follow a general pattern). There should be some courtesy time for people who are next to post (around a day since the last written post); however, if you feel that your character is going to do something right there and then, then write, write, write! Sorry for being so stringent about this kind of thing, I am just so used to having really amazing threads written by fantastic writers die out because it was one person's turn and they flaked for a few days without saying anything, allowing others to become bored and abandon thread entirely. Still, if things come up, then just message the group! We can work things out IC, and in the end, real life if more important than our activities here. However, I must stipulate the most important criteria, one that is absolutely necessary if you are to come aboard... You are willing to have a little fun and enjoy writing! I hope that super long paragraph wasn't too discouraging, and I hope to see (and meet) some new faces around here! Join me on this adventure young traveler, and let us craft an adventure unlike any other. To help you decide, here is a cute emoji that describes how I'll feel if you say no: 【 = ◈ ︿ ◈. = 】← sad face
  3. Tired from those long adventures? Need a little coffee boost? That's right, this is the place to join to quench those thirst urges! We are a friendly bunch, don't hesitate. Genre: Fantasy Location: Terrenus, on the seas side of Casper Idea: Casper's city's own little " Cafe corner" on the seaside in the town of Terrenus. The idea of this role play is to provide fellow adventurers and citizens of Terrenus a place to quench their thirst, and satisfy those rumbling tummies! So many quests and adventures to do so little time to eat? Don't hesitate and join the " Corner cafe" group! Lots of yummy treats to eat, and friends to meet. All races are welcome. Any more queries do Pm me :)
  4. On Biazo Isle, there’s a species of territorial crab called the Bramok. Think big motherfuckers the size of Shaquille O’Neal. Or Big Shaq if that’s more your style. They’re unique to the island’s south-eastern coast, where it’s part ashy jungle (kind of like a lush version of Morrowind), part-lava field. They’ve made their nest in a small canyon located near the base of the Baiyale volcano. Recently, the Bramok have become way too aggressive in their expansion because I need a valid reason to kill them. On top of the crabs, there’s also this loony bin tribe of modern degenerates that worship the Bramok as gods. They hunt for the crabs, protect them from harm, kidnap villagers and sacrifice them for drugs. It’s all very symbiotic. Details on that later, if you’re interested. Basically, the military’s been called in to destroy the Bramok nest and wipe out the tribe. At the same time, this’ll hopefully make the land safe enough for the establishment of a faux-ton post, and maybe a research outpost in the future. My character, Echo, will be a part of this mission. Anyone can join but priority goes to military characters. Also, it isn't first come first served. tl;dr: venture into an exotic wasteland, kill drugged-up tribals, fight multiple Big Shaqs, burn down the nest. Maybe you’ll get paid while you’re at it. This will likely be a bit of a slower, more flexible thread (3-5 days to post?) due to life, other threads, and the fact that, occasionally, I kinda need to sleep. That said, it'll be somewhat of a long-term commitment, though hopefully not too long. I’m looking for about 5 people. Got any questions or comments, lemme know either here or via PM. Same goes if you wanna get in on the action. Thanks for your time, fam
  5. Yo would anyone be interested in doing something with my character A'rrazaah? I feel like I haven't really used him, and I want more people to see just how much of a dick he is XD I don't really know what I have in mind, I just want to like... cause destruction. lol. He is also on a personal quest, that I haven't had any idea how to start here so he's just neglected (lol). So yeah, if anyone wants to destroy a few towns with him, let me know I just want to use him, but I don't know where to add him. So if someone could help, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  6. Hello, hello. Book|Ends, your friendly local tomestore, will be hosting a quest in search of Herrington's Black Book of Summonings. Information will supplied below. Contract workers, mercenaries, and ragtag vagabonds are more than welcome to contact the head of the Book|Ends Retrieval Specialists Ioreth Rhavon via messenger imp, crystal communicator, smoke signal, or politely worded letter. Misspellings and improper grammar will be corrected in red ink. This includes the smoke signals1. The mission will take place in the southwest district of Blairville. A rendezvous point will be arranged shortly. As a D level quest, only 7 responses per person are necessary before closing out the mission, unless an Act of Gaia or sheer exhaustion dictates otherwise. 1Please do not ask B|E associates how, as we only know that she can and will do so.
  7. Danger Step: 4 | Post Step: 2 | Quest Grade: A- |Reward: Post Credits+Item Well, it isn’t Bowser, but something particularly nasty all the same. A local mushroom picker named Olivaid has been unable to get down to the lake for fear of losing a limb or worse. The occasional alligator is a normal part of the job, an occupational hazard he’s willing to deal with and has dealt with on a regular basis. However, this time is different, and it cost him one of his hired help. A beast unlike anything he has ever seen before rose out of the water, standing at 10ft tall (on two legs) with five claws per hand, each claw nearly a foot long each, in addition to teeth about 4” long themselves. He was able to get a sketch of the creature made, and with a bit of imagination, you can see something like this. As if that were not bad enough, the creature seems to be hanging around, aware that people go down to pick the River Mushrooms, looking for more human-prey. On top of that, it seems like his presence as made more alligators show up, causing the waters to be completely infested. At the very least, this big one has to go, or else the local mushroom economy might be in trouble- it sounds silly, but some people make their living picking these things. The man is offering good money to the first group willing to go down there and get rid of it and any other Alligators that get in your way, as well as a dozen mushrooms each—quite the deal, as those carry a fair price themselves. Just make sure to do your research on River Mushrooms before chowing down. In addition to Alligators, watch out for Manes and Ambush Mangroves. They are known to be in the area. Group Minimum: 3 Suggested Group: 3-5 Level of Danger explained: This is more of a "soft 4", but rather than call it a 3.5, I rounded to four and gave a lesser item instead of cutting back on the VB. Alligators are tricky as it is, but the primary target is very strong, fairly intelligent, magically resistant and has tough skin. Also surprisingly fast. Remember, in the company of other Alligators and there are those nasty mangroves out there. Storyteller Required: Recommended, not required
  8. Hello friends! WELCOME YOUR FACE TO A WORLD OF ZAMBIES ahem... zombies. That's right. This would be an alternative thread that doesn't take place in Valucre! But obviously it's a zombie survival thread and I'm going to start it later, whether or not no one wants to join. Since I can just do it with a friend of mine, which I'm fine with. AAAAAAAnywayyyyy this world has NO. MAGIC. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN!!~ Curses? HA! no. they don't work here. I say this because my character and my friend's character both have curses. They are kind of stuck here for a bit. BUT anyone else can join! You don't even have to be in the group with my friend and me. I could just narrate every little thing that goes wrong with your group! YAAAAAAY destruction!!! So yeah, Feel free to ask questions, I mean there isn't much to tell... There's zombies. Ya gotta survive. I'd love for others to join, but if not... oh well. I'll survive. OH and I forgot to say! Don't want to make a new character? Fear not! Any character you already have will be accepted. Why? Gods. They brought you to this evil world. Why? Who knows. But this would only be if people want join. I mean come on, who doesn't love zombie survival type of things? WOOO! LETS HAVE SOME FUN WATCHING PEOPLE GET EATEN ALIVE!! ... did I say that out loud?
  9. She has changed. She has grown. The Queen of Elendaron is not as helpless as she used to be. Now she has come into her powers, and she feels the need to defend her kingdom. In order for her to be able to handle the threats in her own land, she must first make sure there are no threats outside of it. She will have to face the leaders of nearby lands and try to convince them that she is a strong leader, while trying to make peace. The first place she will begin her journey will be Athentha, a group of floating islands. The leader's name is Rin. Part demon, part wood elf, Rin is in a struggle for control of her land from the elders who have control of it at this very moment. Hopefully these two strong female leaders can come to some sort of agreement on how to broker peace between their kingdoms. REQUIREMENTS: This adventure requires the strong of heart, who want to join Queen Malia on her journey up in the clouds into the wild islands of Athentha. It will begin on an airship bound for Athentha, and your character may have their own reasons for being on this particular airship. The thread will be flexible posting, and the characters only need to find a reason to be going in the same direction as Malia to be involved in the thread. All that is requested is that consideration will be given to every player, and to make sure and discuss posting ideas in the OOC. @Rin
  10. Okay, so I've tried making my own rps and stuff, but since no one seems to be I interested, I'll turn to you fellow writers! You see I've made a character I'd really love to use, only problem... Idk where she would be good. If anyone is interested in starting something or know somewhere she could go, I'd greatly appreciate it. Idk, even if you think you have characters that would work well with her. I just want to use her. Here she is.
  11. Have you ever wanted to just roleplay a normal thing into a cool story? Here is your chance! In Blairville, crime is popping up over the streets. Come help get rid of these thugs with any means necessary! This could be an opportunity to test out any new characters you have, or you could just mess around with an old character. I will be using my new character Londeran Bilner. If you would like to join, just tell the character your using (it doesn't have to have a character sheet) and let's get this thing started!
  12. -The Forbidden Woods- What could possibly await us, where man fears to tread? Since time immemorial, places linked to the fae of Terrenus have been known as uneasy, tenebrous places. Places where the tightly packed trees and dense foliage, as well as ancient fae magic, begin to weigh on the minds and hearts of men. Those who enter places like this, the fallow home of natural spirits, rarely find their way out, and those who do are...affected. The very trees sap the memories and sanity of trespassers, either through some unseen magic, or through the choking isolation these trees seem to provide. Who is to say what truly lurks in these Forbidden places? Only rumors and stories can supplant any tangible theories, ranging from the presence of some long-slumbering god of the forest, to the more reasonable theories about a hidden race of faerie, so xenophobic that they cursed their own home in order to deter outsiders. Whether or not these tales hold any weight is still not conclusive, but one thing is certain, they have served to keep the vast majority of potential trespassers at bay. The situation in Terrenus is growing increasingly more volatile, and never before has the continent been in more disarray. Conflict abounds, and between the roads being used as major choke points and valuable resources being controlled in the interest of feeding and supplying the armies of each major faction, the bystanders are the ones who hurt most. In the far eastern section of Terrenus, villages and towns are reliant on supplies located closer to the center of the landmass, and with tensions brewing it will soon prove impossible to maintain any civilian roadways into the mainland, and supplies from the major city of Ashville have slowed to a trickle. With no other options left to them, many will be expected to leave their homes and seek sanctuary elsewhere. Unless, of course, there is an alternative solution. Which you already know there is, don't you? It's why you're reading this. The Forbidden Forest, or the Forgotten Forest, as some might call it, looms quite close by. While the twisted advance of the ancient trees may be intimidating, it's still possible that an opportunity to preserve the homes and livelihood of the civilian population could still be found underneath the forest's darkened canopy. At least, that's what one charismatic young woman believes. She has claimed to have made her way through the woods, and met with the denizens therein. If such a claim is grounded in reality, and not in fiction, then surely there exists an opportunity for a parley of sorts. Perhaps there exists a chance the people who want nothing more than to survive the oncoming civil war ☥ So! You've made it this far, have you? Well, let me take a minute more to convince you that this thread is worth joining. This faction, first and foremost, belongs to @Chouette. Without his idea, I would not have decided to get enrolled in the civil war at all, and so the events of the upcoming thread would never have happened. The goal of this thread, of course, is to chronicle the founding of what I hope to be possible the most tragic element in the Terrenus Civil War. Participants will be helping each other navigate through the faewilds, facing off against treacherous beasts, encountering never before seen elements of the fae wild, and communicating with the reclusive fae, in the hopes of helping those who need it the most. PAQ's (Possibly Asked Questions) What kind of characters can we use? All of them! So long as they are acceptable by MP and Terrenus world standards, there are zero limits on the kinds of folk that can come into the thread. Give me anybody you like! How long will this thread be? The thread has to be a minimum of two pages long, but seeing as I have a definite plan for what we should expect upon entering the woods, I would say that we should expect approximately five pages, give or take a few. Do not be discouraged, as the convenient location of the thread allows us to do a sort of drop in and out style of writing; if you're no longer able or interested, you can simply let us know and bow out. We simply assume that you were swallowed up and spit out by the woods, so nothing of value is lost. I will also look into whether or not it is possible to leave with some kind of artifact or loot for your troubles. What will this thread even be about? Well! If you like: Diplomacy Traps Exploring Mass Murder Then this is the thread for you! So you've heard my spiel. Thank you for taking the time to read this little interest check of mine. Please note that the thread is currently underway, and I will not turn down any volunteers. If you post in here with a character sheet and express interest, then feel free to also make your first post here. Thanks again, and have a good one!
  13. Long have the Fae courts observed the mortal realm, jealous of the bounteous resources of life and death held therein. In the eternal lands of the Fae, trapped in the Spirit Realm as they are, there is no death, and without death their cannot be true life. So, many years ago, a plan was put in place. Changelings were left in many a home in the country of Terrenus, and while most were rooted out, a few survived. Now, amidst the chaos of Civil War, these wayward children of the Fae have united, coming together in one place, a small town called Lumin. Together, they've accomplished something long thought impossible. The group found a way to open a stable portal into the Spirit Realm, and through it have come their masters, intent on claiming their rightful place in the mortal realm. Lumin was a town on the brink of destruction. An agrarian community located dangerously close the Coconino Marsh, the thriving town represented one of the bulwark communities established to help prevent the marsh's spread. However, to accomplish this arduous task, the town relied on assistance from the megacities and the federal government. In spite of their rough role in the world, massive tax breaks, incentives for moving their, and a thriving job market kept the town prospering. However, the advent of Civil War changed all that. Suddenly, the federal government has other matters to attend to, and each megacity and small kingdom has their own concerns. Left alone, it wasn't even a single season before the flooding of the marsh destroyed huge swaths of farmland and drove the community to the point of collapse. Amidst the suffering arrived the Fae. Their agents in the mortal realm had been looking for just such a trouble community, and the crafty changeling jumped at the chance to bring their overlords into the mortal realm not as conquering monsters, but rather as benevolent saviors. The Fae were upfront to the community about why they were there, and what they wanted, for the Fae cannot lie, and the town accepted their help, because when you're a farmer draining a toxic swamp, the person protecting you and buying your crops doesn't much matter, as long as they exist. Of course their was some descent, there always is with great change, but many of these detractors quickly changed their tune after some cautious recommendations, or ceased making any noise entirely in the case of the truly devoted ones, and all seemed well for the Fae. They had their foothold in the mortal realm, willing mortal subjects, and a breadbasket to feed their sudden need for food. Things were good for Lumin as well. New benevolent overseers, a voracious market to pedal their crops in, and all the magical help they could ever want draining their problematic swamp. Unknown to all parties, however, were the inherent dangers of their mixing together so. The Fae are children purely of the Wyld, with little influence from the Weaver and the Wyrm. However, in the mortal realm, the influence from these two primal forces is much greater, and unexpectedly, the Fae began to fall ill. Similarly, the people of Lumin began to change, corrupted by the overwhelming Wyld magic leaking from the portal to the spirit realm. Now, the fragile symbiosis between the Fae courts and the town of Lumin is on the brink of collapse. The Fae stand poised to retreat back into their realm and the people of Lumin are threatened by the loss of another group that might protect them from the whims of the swamp. Neither side wants the Fae to go, and everyone is desperately rushing to find a solution to the problem. Somehow, the Fae must be made to stand up to the Wyrm's influence, not eternally, as they did in he spirit realm, but at least longer than the few months they've had in the mortal one. Similarly, the mortals must be made resilient to the Fae corruption, or they risk losing themselves to the madness of the Wyld. Fortunately, the group that bridges the divide between these two worlds, the Changelings, have a plan. They believe that by introducing enough of the Wyrm and the Weaver to the pocket of the spirit realm from which the Fae arrived, they might be able to stabilize the Wyld leakage and immunize the Fae against the worst of the effects from both the Weaver and the Wyrm. There journey will not be an easy one, but it must be made, for the sake of the town of Lumin, and of the Fae themselves. Alright, so after that whole long IC info dump comes the OOC stuff. This thread is an interest check for a faction thread related to the Terrenus Civil War. Consequently, whatever thread spawns from this post will need to be canonized. I'm looking for a small group of players to represent the party dispatched into the spirit realm to introduce the Wyrm and the Weaver to a pocket world never subject before to their direct presence. If enough people show interest, I might act as a designated GM, and if not I'm more than willing to RP this myself with a few others (or alone if really truly need be). All of that said, if you're interested in embarking on this quest, please post your interest here.
  14. Hello there! Well, as the title says, I am looking for one or more partners to participate in some 1x1 RPing that can take place either in messages or as a thread (I'm not fussy). I have been roleplaying for about eight years now and usually like hefty, paragraphed posts (i.e.-more than 8 sentences ) My post rate is not set, I can post anything from three times a day, to three times a week. The minimum I will post is probably once a week. I find the genre's that most pique my interest are: Fantasy (this includes supernatural-based things.) Historical Sci-fi Action (Not too gory.) Adventure Romance-ish (?)---> [Light, about pg 16-18. I like 'fades to black'.] I can do most genres if I find the plot interesting/creative enough, however... I am not interested in: Anything erotic (Hell to the no.) Anime (I just don't have enough knowledge) Real life (A tad boring in my opinion) Furry-anything (Unless it's like werewolves or shape-shifters in which case that will be in the fantasy category). I usually play original characters, although I don't mind doing something creative with certain fandoms (e.g.- Percy Jackson world but you don't rp as a Percy Jackson character.). I prefer my RP partners to be over the age of 17/18 but this doesn't have to be set in stone. I also only play female characters who are between the age of 18-22. I don't have anything super specific planned in terms of plots and am open for ideas. Drop me a personal message or comment on here :). (Thanks for reading this far. *congratulatory thumbs up*)
  15. You know what sucks more than sitting around doing nothing? Standing around doing nothing at large events! That's why, for the grand opening of Wonderland Resorts we have activities out the wazoo! What is the Wonderland Resort? Thanks for asking! The great entrepreneur and philanthropist Ross Edmund noticed that there just weren't any super hip party spots in Terrenus and decided, "Man, this is wack." So with a generous investment from a vigilante organization, some hefty tax breaks, and a massive loan, he built the ultimate great escape! Situated in a Northwestern mountain range, Wonderland Resort features several attractions for peo...vam.... creatures of all ages and size, including all year around artificial snow! Now, I'm not going to bore you with a long drawn out description of each setting. Only because I can do that in the IC thread. What I'm going to tell you about are the super awesome crazy activities! The main event will be taking place at the jointly located Contrarier Ski Lodge and Venin Tavern and Grill. It's a super sweet Murder Mystery game, check out the details below! Fastidio Water Park is a series of wave pools connected by lazy rivers and water elevators (yes that's a thing!) Here you'll be able to enjoy the Amateur Comedy show and the Dunk Tank. The Verargem Ski Slopes make up the majority of the resort and will be hosting the super scary, super intense Ski Maze Obstacle Death Race of DOOOOOM! But that's not all, if you are brave enough to venture into the Supplice Spa you can get your fortune read! By now you might have noticed something about tournaments and ETT and some other stuff, and I'm sure you are wondering what on earth that could. Well, it wouldn't be a proper event if people couldn't punch the ever living crap outta one another. So, I figured the most appropriate place to hold a T1 tournament would be Chapel Mensonge, because nothing says worship like bloody knuckles and a broken face! If you're interested in participating in one of the events, let me know! Because @Mag is running the murder mystery event, he has asked people to to PM him to sign up. In order to simplify this so that there are minimum gaps, please include me in the PM. With regards to the other events, you can list what you'd like to do in the PM or also just volunteer in the thread. Basically just get the information out there and I'll consolidate.
  16. It’s quest-day, my dudes. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH- 'Kay so, I’m looking for comrades to follow me into Telerian. A couple characters of mine are trying to nab an airship, and while I know that sounds awfully plain, I promise you this adventure will be anything but. There’ll be monsters, loot, quality banter, and the opportunity to develop your characters in an awesome story. For the purposes of keeping this thread eyesore-free, I’ve outlined the premise in spoilers below. Beware the casual tone. Now, I’m going explain how I like to operate. I’ll be spearheading the thread as GM for the most part, where I drive a good chunk of the plot; that doesn’t mean you guys can’t push the narrative though. In fact, I encourage people to collaborate or take charge when they’re up to the task, so long as it doesn’t completely derail the thread (or introduce useless tomfoolery). I’ve got a rough outline of the plot in my head, so you’re all free to ask for details to use in your posts; alternatively, you may introduce completely new elements, provided they’re a good fit for the story. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome. We’ll be working off of a 3-day skip timer. I understand life gets hectic sometimes, so I’m willing to allow extensions when the need arises. If your turn is skipped, feel free to post whenever you have the chance; it just won’t affect the post order. Speaking of, the post order is determined by who posts first. If red posts, then blue and green, the order will be: red, blue, green. Rinse and repeat. I’m not sure how many people I want for this yet, though I’ll probably cap off at six- seven if I feel like pushing it. We're currently sitting at two spots filled. Anyone can join, doesn’t matter if you’re old or new. I’m not looking for any specific types of characters, so don’t worry about fitting a certain mould. I reserve the right to refuse any player for whatever reason. So yeah. If you're down to clown, lemme know and post a character sheet (or not, if you don't have one). I also require a quick AAAAAAAAAH to finalize your interest.
  17. Just a group for fantasy roleplaying. Any may join!
  18. It was a dark and stormy night; the strong current of wind was biting into the trees' bark. The tiny droplets of rain plummeted to the surface, make small little puddles. And across the darkly lit moor, was a small patch of road. And on that road clattered a horse, with a man on it. The man was covered in silver armor, sporting an emblem of an unknown place. And ahead of that road, was a castle. Alas, this castle was fated to go somewhere. And so the man entered through the castle gate, old and rusty. No one was present at this scene but the man. The man dropped from his horse and went to the court. And at the far end of the gallant red carpet that was sprawled across the floor, was a throne of lavender. It was an incandescent throne. And once the man approached the throne, the ground shook. However, it was not the ground that was shaking. It was the castle. It slowly lifted from the ground, bits of dirt and stone falling from the bottom. After about a few seconds, the man decided that it would be best to leave. He quickly ran from the throne to his horse, and proceeded out from the floating platform. It had only gone up a few decimeters, and their escape was a soft landing. Within minutes, the large area of land that held the castle was far above the man. And the man wondered what he was going to do next. (And so the adventure begins!) This man is looking to get inside the castle again. He believes there is some kind of treasure. His very good friend, Mr. Rodger, has set up several flyers about the information. (Anyone is welcome to join.)
  19. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take on a large quest with me. As the name of the title implies, the nature of this quest will be a hunt -- a hunt to kill a wyrm within the depths of coastal forests that line Southern Genesaris: The Wilderness. This is a canon quest in Genesaris, and it is titled "Wild Wyrm." * * * * * * The formal quest states that it is rumored that the Wyrm is a manifestation of Valjer's wrath -- I want to expand on this idea. While the nature of this quest is simple, I want to turn the purpose of the quest into a search for the long lost Dragon God of the Cold South: Valjer. While fighting the wyrm is in itself a perilous mission for any adventurer to undertake, I was hoping to use this thread as a means to uncover some of the deeper secrets of Genesaris. We have talk of the one of the last surviving gods down here in the Cold South, and yet no one has seemed to find him yet. I want to stir things up down here in the frozen South -- shake Genesaris up. Maybe include the magestorms or aftereffects of the Whispernight Ragnarok as a central plot point to make it relevant to the current state of Genesaris. The possibilities are endless, and I want you -- whoever you are mysterious stranger -- to help me explore them! If you are willing, I was hoping to recruit four to five individuals for this quest specifically. The pace will be one-two days per post, just so we can keep it rolling for all of the members of the party. I was hoping we could get someone to play the Wyrm later in the plot, maybe asking someone like @The Hummingbird or something. In short, this is probably an overambitious idea from a newcomer who has no idea what he is in for; however, I hope you all have a slight touch of madness like myself, and are willing to embark on this epic quest with me. Hope to hear back from you soon. -Pseudonym
  20. This is an interest check for my newly created organization, the ODSE - an Elven nationalist group. As some of you may know, the Elves in Terrenus are generally described as living in slums - this groups goal at its face is to obtain a sovereign state of their own within Terrenus. An uncomfortable but factually similar real life parallel would be Palestine, and my group is Hamas. As a result on the alignment scale this group is Chaotic Gray - representing the murky nature of their goals. Currently I'm recruiting for the social and military branches. In particular I'm looking for a Diplomat/Ambassador type character. It should be obvious, but just to be clear only Elves are allowed to join - though all varieties are welcome. In addition, if you are a foreign state and would like to provide some sort of assistance to ODSE - be it food, water, medical supplies, weapons or anything else please do PM me.
  21. I am not sure if I have posted this in the right area so if this thread does need to be moved, I understand completely. I just returned to the website after being gone for about five years so I am still trying to re-adjust. I am looking to be involved in any role-plays that may need the following character types: Secretarial assistants Entertainer Assist Character (partner, basically) Princess or any type of female character that you may need for your role-play. I am very good with creating female concepts for just about any type of role-play! I want this return of mine to be a permanent one for sure and I want to create new relationships with a lot of you on this site, so I hope I can receive some responses to this thread. I respond to posts here and in private also! Your choice on how you wish to contact me. I also have a Discord as well, just ask for it!
  22. There's a lot of bad shit in the world. Terrorists killing the innocent, devil's violating the pure, corporations stealing land and wealth from everyone... and the government does nothing to stop them. And why would they? Those in power are Genocidal Kings who carry out racist crusades and Vampiric Emperor's who bleed their subjects dry! Who is left to stop them? When you’re holding your loved ones close, staring down death, and the atrocities that are about to befall your family creep through your mind....do you really want to count on the red tape bound process of the Peacekeepers and Edgemasters to save you? The countless thousands who died in Patia and Telerien City did. How much was their faith worth? Sometimes the system works. Most of the time it doesn't. So where is the Justice? The swift justice owed to the victims? The furious Justice owed to the vile? The righteous retribution that is balm to the tortured, and punishment to the profane? It is here. It is us. We are Justice. Justice aspires to be an international organization dedicated to righting the wrongs of the world. It is a bastion of hope, a lighthouse in the darkness, and an oasis in an unrelenting wasteland. What the government, the army, and the guards can't or won't do... Justice can and will, by any means necessary. Justice isn't a government lapdog operating on a politician’s dime. No - Justice is you. Justice is the strength of every father, the heart of every mother, the soul of every brother and sister, and the unwavering determination of every survivor to beat back the darkness. Justice is vindictive retribution fueled by oppression-born rage that crushes the would-be untouchable and brings to heel those tyrants who think themselves gods. Our common goal is doing the good that the police, the guards, the military, the guardians, the protectors, edgemasters, peacekeepers, inquisitors, champions, and gods cannot and will not do. Join us and together we will lift mountains, slay demons, and save all people regardless of cost. Join us, because in the end it is Just Us against a disinterested world, and Justice is the only organization willing to take the necessary steps to make it a better place. Justice was founded by @supernal and @desolate some years ago, with the intent of having an organization make deep and meaningful impacts to the lore of Valucre. Above all, the group is dedicated to the eradication of evil and the betterment of the world through any means necessary. To be clear, this is very much a “The ends justify the means” group, so traditional, morally rigid heroes need not apply. Currently, Justice is looking to expand. We aim to move throughout Terrenus, Genesaris, and Tellus Mater. We are in the process of establishing outpost throughout all sub-boards. But to do this, we need you. We need dedicated role players willing to contribute time and energy to reshaping Valucre. Every mission, every objective, will be geared toward adding to the established canon and lore. And unlike bounty hunters and mercenaries, we aren't just concerned with getting our mark. We want to bring stability to the people we liberate and ensure that evil is too scared to ever set foot in that community again. If you've ever wanted a real opportunity to contribute something meaningful, this is it. Don't fear the unknown, rise up, grab your sword, and join us on an adventure of a lifetime.
  23. So...I've been rping for about three years now (maybe 4? I don't keep count). I have been busy for the last few months and consequently have not been very active on this site, this combined with the slow death of the RP group I was previously with has made me look for something new I can sink my teeth into. My usual genres are fantasy, medieval, drama/thriller/action style RP's, however I would be happy to try something a little different to what I'm used to. Message me/ comment on here if you have something for me or an idea I can look at. Lastly, thanks for taking the time to read this! :)
  24. I have not been around for a bit however I am unfortunately for my favorite Denizens Back! As the name suggests I’ll be tantilizing you wirh multiple offers ranging from Alternative Ideas and fandoms , to pseudo canonical ( as in the locations used) to brand new ideas of places that will probably only exist inside the realm of the roleplay! im currently looking to get all cyclinders firing again so not a fan of a group? Got ya covered like one rp but not the post order? Don’t worry eachbwill be set up varying depending on audience. So I hope I can SATE you as I do Crave so myself. For reference I will reply At least once a day! If I don’t either something has happened or you need to get on my case. Much as I hate it. now then due to the large ideas I’d rather not get a strike on me for dumping to many ideas on to the cooler so if that’s all sorted let’s begin! Starwars as classic to start to the list off I haven’t seen much of this idea. I’m aiming for a imperial style but I have no qualms about multiple sides and multiple people. More details for intrest pokemon. I’ve started this once before but it fell through ADVENTURES FOR SALE! Step right up all you knew comers for the infamous Tavern of legend man Tobais! The merc who doesn’t know who he really is and switches personalities just like masks! This thrilling quests involves you the rooki getting swept along with this man in the quests to learn more about the world and proper adventurejng technique minus the greed! ( 1x1) looking for something set in val? Got ya covered! Nersherdere ! A up and comming nation is currently one place. The Snowy mountains of Genesaris the coldes place in the world! Come view the marvelous that lay here for you! This can either be the tale of an adventurer , a slice of life, or of a Shellshocked Citizen finding the rest of the world! ( Creater creation required here) TIDAL LOCKED!: on a once beautiful world now destroyed in science epriments* the plant lays divided by light and dark light being a radioactive hellish wastleland dominated by the Fear doctors and their perfected soldiers who sow terror into their citizens with impunity. On the dark side the much more forcing government tries to hold back the fearful hordes with what ever is nessary. Leading to some morally gray areas. the Dark- you play as a blind person in this one. the plot isn’t set as this clearly revolves more around character than the plot. However your meant to face challenges that would harass even those with eyes obviously this will lack any visual discptions in it, hope you packed some other senses LOTR: I just really wanted some more orcs after the Shadow of Games. This one is still up for delopment though. just want to say some of these are mostly blank because I want to work on the story with the group adding in the element of Hey I helped make this and hopefully decreasing drop outs. Quests: we all band togther and when we find a Val quest call the others and form up like a squad to properly beat it. helping the way home!: My Character is a body snatcher named Alishar! He can jack your body and whatever abilities you packing by touching you skin. There are several other types but this focuses mainly on him. Because of his ability he is a hated and loathed creature THE HUNT!: a mysterious creature was sighted Go find it for a reward! Please call ————————— for info! Based on a mimic this one will be rather humorous depending on your humor. The Infestation: blah blah normal undead zombie stuff obligation and all. Potential but this one I want help with. them finally I have a few ideas for pirates and knights and a few other things but you’ll have to ask for those ( Don’t worry no way anyone will be intrested in any of these)
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