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Found 421 results

  1. Mae Govanen Friends, Strangers, and Fellow Fortune Seekers, If you happen to be receiving this message you have happened across my Emergency beacon spell. I must be brief but I am Captain Richter Konig of the Justicar. In a recent battle we fought against a Nest of Sky Pirates left my Vessel severely damaged and unable to to make harbor for formal repairs. We are currently Grounded and in needs of supplies to perform emergency repairs. The Goddess has blessed us that most of our engineering team made it out alive. But most of our Personal flyers were destroyed save a handful. We have located a forest and cavern that should provide us the necessary raw materials to salvage my vessel. But alas my former command crew is all missing in action and I need to leave my Ground crew and Marines to keep the Auxiliary teams secure while we secure the resources. I need the aid of a few brave souls to assist me in acquiring these materials. If we all happen to make it out of here alive. I could use capable hands on my Ship. Goddess watch over you. (Themes: Action/Survival/Adventure)
  2. Class A: Help the military establish outposts for displaced refugees from Biazo City and protect them from raids Aspyn is a budding mega city embedded on the southwestern hemisphere of Biazo Island. Northward, the ruins of Biazo City, Bi’le’ah, warp on under the influence of an unnatural magical rift. Within the ruins there still survive mutated and deformed people. Their sustenance, their features, their minds are all twisted by the magical catechism that befell Biazo almost a decade ago. It took the Half-Men many years to rise from the haze of what happened. As if a nuclear bomb had dropped on them— an unfortunately comparable incident to what had actually happened— they wandered blindly in the magically radioactive wasteland. Then they slowly organized into clans. Some clans tried to reorganized and pick up new life in the chaos of Bi’le’ah. Other clans probed out, searching for somebody to blame. They found Aspyn. The Mule's Half-Men Attack One of the cornerstones of authority and peace in Terrenus, Peacekeeper No. 5 Michael Commager, took up residence in Aspyn specifically to defend against threats coming from the north. Now he runs continental conquest in search of evil, and Aspyn finds itself naked to attacks from Half-Men, who come down to steal from supply caravans moving to and from Biazo Abbey, a holy location on Biazo Island that lies to the east. Aspyn Watchmen put out a request for authority figures and do-gooders to come stop the Half-Men clan sent by Bi'le'an crime lord the Mule, and come up with a solution to the problem. Possibilities include: Cutting a deal with the Half-Men Killing a significant portion of them and establishing future measures to deal with them Finding a Half-Man leader to take hostage Etc. Join @J. A. Horton and I to solve this problem and fortify Aspyn! Players wanted: 1
  3. I’m craving for some storywriting that has nothing to do with canon (or too trivial to be canon), starts with a lighthearted adventure, has no posting order, and no particular plot planned or anyone driving the story. No restrictions on character, or who introduces NPCs or challenges. Just a simple one step, one post at a time in a continue-the-story writing, and see where it goes. I’m not looking for chat RP though, so at least a paragraph or two, or longer. Really depends on what you want to write in your post! No particular posting speed, but I’m not a super fast writer, depending on how long the posts are, I can take anywhere from 2 days to a week to reply. But anyone can post anytime though, so you don’t have to wait for me! No rules meaning nothing is disallowed. You can have a monster that shows up and blows up the planet, and I can have a god that resurrects everyone, if you and I so wanted during our turns. Not that it’s what I’m going for, but just saying that it can happen. There’s no storyteller, no one to moderate anything written. Lol I know it’s a strange interest check, but anyone wants to join me for this? It’s non-canon for sure, we can use Alternative or any readymade lore areas on Val. Looking for a small group of 2-6 people so that things don’t grow too crazy lol.
  4. Genre: Western Location: Oatpeak, in Alternative Premise: The railroad stop has just been constructed. A load of provisions, medicine, money, and other goods is bound for its first stop into Oatpeak. Your role in this premise is to rob it and sell the goods on the black market for profit. FAQs Is there a GM for this roleplay? Yes. @Die Shize has graciously volunteered to GM the overall plot here. As a GM rather than a regular player don't anticipate that he will have to post every turn and sometimes his post may be simple and information just to help players, but he will also take control of key NPCs throughout the story. What roles are you looking to fill? These are listed in order of preference. If we only get enough people for the 1st, Die will GM the other sets; if we get enough for the first two, he'll only GM the last, etc A few people to play the train robbers Amenities - robber One or two to play on-board Pinkerton private detective Blex - agent One or two to play the sheriff and their deputy/deputies Wade - deputy
  5. Try-outs for Bad Guy Infamy mysterious and powerful criminal syndicate is hosting a try-outs of sorts; a trial mission into the land of Taen for the chance to be inducted into this immaculate trade. Taen, too peaceful? Nonsense! Or at least, that’s what someone might have said 2 years ago. Today though, there is a certain constituent of the criminal class who searches out people and places like this. Someone who is too complacent, too inactive or inattentive, can get their whole world shaken up like a snowglobe! Even some who keep their fingers wrapped tight around their wallets can find themselves shaken up and broke any day. Mortimer's Research Laboratory of Extradimensional Matters and Magical-Affected Physics in the land of Taen fell under a certain someone’s scrutiny when it accepted the yolk of much of Taen’s main city, Lunaris’s scientific innovation. Furthermore, Mortimer’s established itself as the city’s lead apothecary. His advances in medicine and the distribution of pharmaceuticals has attracted the attention of a doctor named Theodore Alexander Roxyer-Rollins Amantis. He has come with four associates, representatives from a pharmaceutical firm called Catalyst Medicinal Corp. in search of employment at Mortimer’s and a contract between Mortimer’s and Catalyst. Good fortune willing, Amantis and the Catalyst representatives hope to establish a pharmacy supplied exclusively with Catalyst medicine. @amenities and @-Lilium- pose as pharmaceutical representatives from Catalyst while Amantis talks them up to Mortimer. What Do I Want? (any of the below) 1-2 Players: Pretend to be pharmaceutical interns with high ranking members of the criminal syndicate and scope out other pharmacies in Taen, then convince them to sell Catalyst medicine; secure permits from Taen quality control centers for Catalyst meds to be distributed in Taen; submit article to the local paper about how Catalyst medicine saved you or a loved one from illness; etc. The effectiveness of the extra 1-2 Players may allow one or both of them a comfortable rank in the mysterious and powerful criminal organization.
  6. Jotnotes

    Dungeon-makers wanted!

    Kachow! What's popping, weirdos? In case you didn't get it in the letter above me, I've had a brilliant idea, and I'm going to attempt to use you, the reader, as a guinea pig! My observation was that most dungeons are designed by one person alone, who knows all the secrets. Not only is this boring, it's also very easy to predict; once you know how the creator thinks, it makes it easy to figure out what you're supposed to do. I believe that I can challenge that, and create an entertaining dungeoneering experience for everyone, with a few simple ideas. You're looking at the first idea right now, even! Enter NARC, the Nondescript Alignment of Reclaiming Collections is a mostly made up on the fly group of nosy do-gooders who collect artifacts and the like. If you want, they are the Mcguffin Men, of sorts. Without a tangible presence in the world, or meaningful contributions to Valucre, they serve as our setpiece, as a nonprofit organization that collects expensive things, puts them in boring obsidian chests, and gives them to wayward adventurers to dispose of for a while. Of course, NARC knows what's in each box, and supposedly eventually returns to pass the box on to a collector. However, to keep the pieces safe, they need helpers. So, in this thread, I'm looking for helpers! I'm looking for anywhere between 1-6 brave volunteers to collect a box (the contents of which are random, so there's no telling what's inside) and...hide it! That's right! Before you go anywhere with it, the group gets to choose from a random assortment of potential dungeons to hide their box in. It could be a small, forgotten tomb belonging to some northern tribe of giants, or a massive ancient pyramid, hidden in the jungles somewhere! Maybe, it's even hidden in the middle of a city, in an unmarked building or warehouse. Regardless, once the dungeon has been chosen, and the adventurers have their map, they have to get through the dungeon to one of the possible hiding places for the artifact. They'll be faced with traps and enemies along the way, and even have a few opportunities to avoid or manipulate these as they see fit. Keeping the traps intact, or the monsters alive, means they can be used as cheap labor to protect the artifact, which is important for the last step! Once the dungeon is navigated, and the artifact hidden, the adventurers get to finalize the dungeon however they like. Each expedition has a fixed budget (dependent on the size of the dungeon) and they're free to spend that budget as they like. By that, I mean they can call upon NARC to supply the dungeon with whatever they may need. Spend money on installing swiveling crossbow traps, or hire some servants to subdue and transport a giant snake into the dungeon! The options are there for you to play with, and you can even go beyond the veneer of NARC's budget and get creative, caving in doorways to shut off easy paths to the dungeons, set down runes, or tripwires to set someone up for a fall. Hell, you can even leave your character behind (or a clone of your character) to guard the piece themselves if you like! Once you're through, however, your characters are paid out of the remaining budget and sent along. If the attempt to crack the dungeon fails, and the artifact is recovered by NARC, you get paid again and whoever attempts to break your dungeon gets laughed at. By you. For being such a creative young thing! So there's my pitch! Explore a dungeon, fight many things, and redecorate as you see fit, then make fun of people who can't figure out your puzzles and riddles. Sounds good, right? This is an interest check, so if you have a passing interest, or want to see how this pans out, leave a little message so that I know! If you'd rather be on the receiving end, and explore a dungeon made by other folks, stay tuned! Once this dungeon is finished, you'll have a chance to try and crack it!
  7. Rin

    The Black Heart Mirror

    Interest Check. Looking for 2-6 people. The seed Vanilla has been giving the mission of hunting down lost artifacts of the Red Blood Moon Children Organization to sell in her shop. However recent whispers in the little sleepy town of Ebony-Yahera has rumored one such artifact is uncovered. The Black Heart Mirror. A powerful yet dangerous artifact. Since it lies with a few other artifacts, the Black Heart Mirror Ore Bow and Quiver, the Red Blood Moon Chalice, the Ebony Quicksilver Rod and the Farenheit Celisus Heart Sword, it would quite an exciting adventure plus artifacts to acquire for all. I'll be linking the artifact page here as well as adding the aforemented artifacts to it. Hopefully you'll come along for the ride. Ask questions here or PM ❤️ Rin And the link to the artifacts: 1. Zashii- Mistress, Sera 2. Ourlachesism-- 3. Hurttoto 4 5. 6.
  8. Flame Hero: Endeavor

    Looking for RP partners

    Looking for RP partner to do storylines with my character.
  9. Freedom in the Innocence of Avarice ouse Dali emerges ever farther from the sands of history, golden family roots finding light and thriving in the cracked dirt. Word of seamless Northtrail leadership and culturally privy Goldcourt tongues spread like wildfire. Attributes, members, and associates of the family’s branches were soon to be found in almost as many places as word of them could be. With growing recognition of the family, as with growing recognition of anything, came a swell of those who held house Dali in ill rapport. While reception of the family was largely well met, the world must always pockets of dissolution. The culturally privy could be mistaken for conniving, the air of leadership snide. What is this? Avarice Goldjest, considered a connoisseur of fashion in his circle of family and friends, had taken liberties with his father’s small fortune and gone travelling the Terran countryside with a couple friends. Well, he had come to village outside Dougton when he found himself accosted for his effeminate attire. Avarice stood up for himself boldly, flavoring his rebuttal with a couple spicy words he thought might add to his masculinity. Unfortunately for Avarice, the person he had exchanged verbal fisticuffs with was the village elder. His friends were not of enough fortitude to defend him when a group of luddite farmers in a recovering village called Tormo had locked him up for the slew of pompous insults; they were, however, man enough to return to House Dali and request help for their friend’s unfortunate blunder. In addition to a warning about the happenings upon Avarice, his friends tell of a large wolf prowling the area that attacks Tormo at night. Belos Titansinger, high priest and lawman of House Dali, answers the call to trial for Avarice’s freedom with two apprentice attorneys or journeymen he finds along the way. Together, the three will venture to Tormo and, do trial with the primitive folk village’s high counsel, and do what it takes to get their loudmouthed cousin back. Just how they will accomplish this feat may entail more danger and surprise than first meets the eye. What do we need? 1-2 people: Join Belos and save Avarice to advance in legal standing in house Dali; see what you can find in the blossoming village of Tormo; attempt to gain favor with the high counsel of Tormo, with Avarice, or Belos. @Diremast @KittyvonCupcake @ethela penna @Witches Brew (All other Dali family members tagged just in case they want to participate)
  10. Apologies, I aim to annul this alliteration annoyance. Anyway, after an attempt at attaining and activating the adventures of two additional allies, I found that intrigue involving either of them was infinitesimal. This thread, through thorough thought and prompting proposals, and attempts to aid in interest gathering. Saila silently stalks cities. Such a scamp! Dangerously, this devil drinks magic. Mayhaps this makes her a malicious murderer? Or a tragic, terror, tortured by terrible torment? Either way, I hope to see if anyone would like to involve her in a plot in some way. Jalafrax jealously japes...heroes. Haughtily, he has not heard a word of whether or not his wicked ways could cause his consecration. Nevertheless, this nihilistic necromancer never gives in. A veritable villain for venerable ventures. If one wishes to face Jalafrax, I think he'd be good as either a villain for a hero, or as a part of some sort of magic research team. Nevertheless, I'm mostly fine with anything. If either of these characters pique your interest, please inform me.
  11. Grubbistch

    To Make an Omlet...

    Setting: Alethea, the Underground, clear weather, daytime. Genre: Crime Mystery Objective: To bust up a ring of smugglers who have stolen a cache of Aluran eggs from Flock Cloud-Dance. Danger level: High-(This group is dedicated with getting away with the sale of the purely innocent offspring of the Aluran people. They will not go down quietly nor will they go without a fight. Hyperion authorities have authorized that anyone looking to turn these felons in may do so dead or alive.) Reward: Large sum of gold, notoriety amongst those in the criminal underworld of Alethea, and a personal gift from Flock Cloud-Dance. Desired Story Arc: Reasonably malleable so long as it stays within the confines of the lore of the given area. Intro: Huxbert "Black Bull" Goldgrave, a recent addition into the rough and tumble world of bounty hunting. His first job, the leader of a ruthless group of smugglers known as the Snatchers, who just so happens to be a real son of a bitch of a werebear. What he was doesn't matter to the minotaur, only that sweet payoff at the end does, so he puts in the time to try and pin down their location within Alethea. That is where the other writers come in. Help or hinder Huxbert in his journey as he delves into the dark depths of the underbelly of Alethea, risking life and limb to take down this group of outlaws. Your choice determines the outcome of this story, and could very well shape the fate of lives born and unborn. What Roles Am I Looking For?: At the very least two people with each or both playing a role that I would wish to have for this quest. Your character doesn't have to meet this requirements, they are only a preference for helping to make the story go smoother. 1. Someone of neutral or good alignment to help Huxbert. 2. Someone of neutral or evil alignment to oppose Huxbert. Expectations: Good communication, an open mind for ideas and a willingness to keep disagreements civil. Created Opportunities: With the smuggling ring defeated, a question is left hanging in the air. Who were they working with, and why did they want Aluran eggs?
  12. Mae Govannen friends and Strangers alike! My name is Richter Konig and I am the Captain of the Airship The Justicar. I had to disappear for a time for unforseen events. But I have returned and I am looking to recruit a small band of Merry... Opportunists. Have no fear I am man of Morals and Scruples. I only employ in honest and noble pursuits. Please find me at the Tavern if you are interested in joining my Crew.
  13. Guten Morgen, Nachmittag und Abend, My name is Reinhardt Relzion, of the Relzion Coven. I ended up here in your world by incident of a Alchemical Experiment. While I do find myself in need of returning home. I am thoroughly intrigued by your World. If you ever find yourself in need of a man who is both Proficent with the Blade, Making Alchemical Draughts, or a Steamwork Engineer. Please feel free to enlist my services. I promise I don't bite...that hard. P.S. I do prefer jobs that can get bloody, lead me into Laboratories of Alchemists, Steamwork Engineers, or anything with High Society. Please understand I rather not get involved with the religious sorts and Any local Churches. Vielen Dank and I wish you all the best.
  14. Updates House Singlance, despite all common sense and reason, have made an ally in House Senaria! House Singlance actually has territory, thanks well, entirely to House Senaria. During oil exploration, Thurgood found the basis of a major industry. What does this mean? House Singlance now has plans for the future they're starting to carry out! What are these? A hydroelectric dam, to power their new industry A concrete production and mixing facility to provide the main material for the dam A massive bauxite mining operation, which leads to: A massive aluminum mill, to provide at least some raw materials for A munitions factory based on vulcanium propulsion technology This does not mean that their plans for modernizing infrastructure, technology, and education are stopping, or even pausing for a second, these industries are in fact part of it. But, if you're reading this, you don't care about any of that at face value, I know what you really care about: What does this mean for you? This means House Singlance will be expanding their "net" for people. Yes, this means they're still looking for criminals, educators, scientists, inventors, and engineers, but they're also looking for people with business skills and/or connections, military types, and really most anybody at this point, since these projects and industries will require a lot of general labor What if you're aiming higher than just being a part of the general populace? House Singlance, as mentioned previously, only has TWO MEMBERS (soon to be four, but still), and is thus looking to expand in sooner than the sixteen to eighteen years it takes to raise a newborn to adulthood. There are two main ways to be a part of House Singlance: Adoption: this is mainly for characters that really do not currently have a real family or are really dissatisfied with their own. I mean, don't kid ourselves, there's plenty of orphan (or in a situation that makes one practically so) player-characters around Valucre. Well, this gives that character a home, a place in Valucre, a reasonably bright future, and a last name that one, in time, may even be at least a little bit proud of. Service: this is mainly for characters that do currently have a family and name that they do not want to leave, but still want to be a major noble in Ursa Madeum. This does not need to be the type of typical service of nobility that the more "proper" houses will subject one to, but applicants ideally should have some skill set that benefits the house. Just remember, House Singlance is not the typical noble house by any means; Thurgood and Aveline despise the "formality" of other noble houses, and seek to redefine what it means to be a noble. One of those ways is staying quite casual, and more importantly, flexible. These positions aren't just handed out though, they need to be earned. As a player, this is through simply roleplaying. As a character, this is through a prospect period with Thurgood and/or Aveline, gaining the house's approval, which involves pledging absolute loyalty first to the Veluriyam Empire, and second to House Singlance. Two caveats though: The general populous of Ursa Madeum still hate them, but their hatred has grown less active through general apathy. Joining or working for House Singlance is still social and policical suicide, at least within Ursa Madeum. NOBODY with any known ties to House Uldwar will even be considered. Characters interested can speak with Thurgood or Aveline Singlance, and at least one of them is at the Mil Dot Lunaris lately, (if not at the Reverie ball, or in the "field"). The message can either get to a character by either rumor, or officially in either a political circle, a chosen source of news (not a main story though), or the criminal underworld (depending on which side you're responding to). Players interested can post below and/or send me a PM (but title it appropriately).
  15. In Lexdord several scientists have begun to test ways of ending famine and ended up with a machine that just might do the job. Concept It involves transforming water through magic and massive amounts of radiation which rapidly increases or decreases the atomic mass of Hydrogen and Oxygen to fabricate food. The reaon why water is being used is related to the abundance of water that exists and the lack of food present often drives people to complain. So Anyone can come and see Or eat food Or see it rain food Anyone is allowed
  16. Theseus

    Quest for Enlightenment

    Dear fellow citizens, I have thought that is was best to hop right into an RP but none truly suited me. That is why I have created "The Quest for Enlightenment". It is a fairly different quest. You will learn the way of the monk. I will not say what the "way of the monk is but by doing to the levels of the quest in succession you may join the ranks of the Island Monks. I am looking for a successor for that is my duty as the last surviving monk of my village. *Out of RP* NOTE: This will be a lax RP and I am not some screen hog. That being said once you say what you want to say, just let it be and I will get back to you in about an hour. I know that is this is kind of sucky bit I am focused on school right now so... live with it. Anyways, DM's open for registration. You can do the quest with others. To apply just fill out the form: ____________________________ Form: Are you willing to wait a bit for each response? (Yes/No) Are you willing to work in a group with others? (Yes/No) ((Saying no is ok but if you say yes I will start with you earlier)) Which time zone are you in? ____________________________ Anyways, Sub to PewDiePie. Destroy T-Series. Blahh Blahh Blahh
  17. Greetings! Vielle here 😄 Boy, this interest check has been a long time in the making— Míra Andronov, headmistress of Toxicant, is an enterprising businesswoman who has it in mind to establish various entrepreneurial endeavors around Terrenus and acquire both wealth and power in equal measure. Through these businesses, she seeks to extend her influence across the face of the continent, and soon to even beyond its shores. At the same time, Míra is also a cultured woman and highly enjoys art and similar intellectual, creative pursuits. Thus, her repertoire of enterprises includes various opera houses, one of which she is soon planning to construct and open in Coth. tl;dr We're establishing some opera houses around Terrenus, and I'm looking for some people to answer the call! ÓPERA TOU MOIRAI | or simply: Opera Moirai Location: Blairville, Terrenus When she became the Crow, Míra Andronov brought along her family’s opera house and incorporated it into the criminal business. Now, it caters to not only those fond of opera, but to the underground syndicates as well. I'm looking for at least 2-3 writers to join me in establishing Ópera tou Moirai, a lavish opera house in Blairville 😊 This thread takes place in the distant past, when Míra first acquires the deed from her family and revitalizes the ailing opera house into a more revered, highly-respected enterprise. Investors and esteemed patrons are also welcome to join! Possible rewards: a favor that can be used to call in a Toxicant agent for your personal goals/quests, gold, connections, and the like. Let's talk perks if need be! ÓPERA STON AÉRA | or simply: Opera Aera Location: Coth, Terrenus Looking for new business opportunities, Míra Andronov plans to establish an open-air opera and performance center in Coth. Due to the circumstances of said location, the criminal underbelly usually present in her other establishments is notably absent (for now) in this one. But no matter; Míra has more than enough of that to go about at the moment. I'm looking for at least 2-3 writers to join me in establishing Ópera ston Aéra, an open-air opera house in Coth 😊 This thread takes place in the current day and age, and will encapsulate the process of buying land to construction to formal opening of the cultural institution. Investors and esteemed patrons are also welcome to join! Possible rewards: a favor that can be used to call in a Toxicant agent for your personal goals/quests, gold, connections, and the like. Let's talk perks if need be! If you're interested to join in, please do specify which opera house you'd like to write for 😊 Feel free to PM me or comment below if you have any questions! ❤️
  18. A little over a year ago, a talented physician and medical scientist by the name of Dr. Kersh Engel was arrested in Port Caelum. It was discovered he was working with a mysterious cult that was kidnapping and torturing psions and magic-users, while he himself was also conducting illegal experimentation in an abandoned wing Port Caelum's general hospital. Engel has languished in prison since then, but his talents have not been forgotten. Agents working for the Norkotian Union, where Engel originally hails and from which he was exiled many years before, are now seeking an elite strike team to bust him out of the slammer. The operation is officially unsanctioned by the Norkotian government, which has prompted the agents to seek mercenaries and contractors who have no direct affiliation with the state. This hasn't stopped them from reaching out to some old friends, however... So, as if it wasn't already obvious, this mission is to break into the Port Caelum prison and extract the brilliant, but sadistic Doctor Kersh Engel. The agents giving out the mission won't identify the Norkotian government as their employers, so unless your character already knows the connection, they won't know any better. That said, I'm hoping to bring back some mercenaries who have worked for Norkotia in the past, and they might know better. But they should also know better than to let on what they know to the wrong people. 😉 Anyway, the thing I want for sure to happen is for Engel to be extracted and returned to Norkotia, most everything else in-between is wide-open. Anyway, I will likely be GMing this plot, possibly with advisement from @Red the Ambivalent. Also, @Djinn&Juice has expressed interest in being involved as well, possibly controlling another prisoner that will be encountered during the mission. Also, I'll be contributing my own member to the strike team, in the form of my bounty hunter Mara Mercer, who is indebted to Engel for saving her life. I'm accepting a max of three more members to this team, though honestly I can work it with only one or two. I'm reserving slots for a couple people I've worked with in the past who I believe I can trust to see the thread through to completion, so I'm just gonna go and tag them now: @scrivener @Abigail666 Top two slots are reserved for you two if you are interested. Beyond that, I'll accept new entries, but there's one a little caveat. See, I've had people abandon me mid-thread before, which leaves named characters kind of just hanging in the balance there, and forces me to have to control them myself. It also kind of disrupts the team dynamic and slows down the thread. THUS! I am putting a little rule into this thread. If you join, and you fail to post or notify me of absence for longer than two weeks, I will assume you have left the site, and subsequently your character will be killed in the narrative. A bit harsh? Perhaps. But I'm not interested in people who are going to just up and vanish without warning. I also think it adds to the narrative flavor if someone dies during the mission, so I consider that an added bonus if you fail me (evil laugh). Anyway, basically just know that if you are putting your character on the line if you enter them into this thread. Now, I'm a reasonable guy, so as I stated, if you communicate with me that you need to be absent for a time, then I will accept that and we can wait for you. It's if you fail to post and fail to respond to tags and attempts to remind/contact you, then I will assume you are gone from the site. This rule applies only to the strike team players. Okay, so if you have read all that, and you haven't already decided I'm an asshole that you definitely don't want to work with, feel free to apply your characters for entry below. I'll wait about a week for word from scrivener and Abigail, after which point I'll pick two or three people from the remaining entrants.
  19. Grubbistch

    In Gaia We Trust

    The people have been given their freedom, now they must be given purpose to direct their newfound freedom. I for one cannot think of a better use than to help one's fellow man, for freedom from tyranny does not mean freedom from moral obligation. -Illyana Uldwar Setting: The island of Misral, Port Mars, daytime Genre: Political/Religious intrigue Objective: Celebrate Gaia and to spark a revival movement towards her worship in Ursa Madeum. Danger level: Low- As Illyana Uldwar is of noble birth and eldest daughter of the Lord and Lady Uldwar, she has been afforded a great deal of protection in her cause. Several knights, including a Dog of War, have been assigned as her protectors. Violence is possible however, but please make sure to discuss this with ne first before proceeding. Reward: Satisfaction of spreading the Holy Worship of Gaia to those that have lost their faith during the dark times. (More tangible rewards are possible but must be discussed before playing them out in the main thread.) Desired Story Arc: During one of her times devoted to prayer, Illyana Uldwar is given the inspiration and courage she needs to finally make an attempt on spreading the word of Gaia throughout Ursa Madeum. Her journey starts out in Port Mars, where the people feel uncertain and alone on their spiritual journey through life. Through her efforts, she hopes to awaken a fire within their souls, so that they may no longer feel alone in this frightening world. What Roles Am I Looking For?: One to three people to serve as companions or guards during this, its really up to you how you wish to be involved in this story as I left it open ended. Expectations: Good communication, an open mind for ideas and a willingness to keep disagreements civil. Aiming for at least two pages. Created Opportunities: Success of this mission means effecting the religious beliefs of the people of Ursa Madeum. This may also anger or threaten those that wish for the islands to remain secular or following a different religion as well.
  20. Rescuing and retriving the populations from the horrid monstrous environment of the lands of Alterion is our goal, to rescue as meny as possible from the dark clutches of wild chaos and suffering and bring the poor people to the safety and sanctuary of Lexdord. For those who dont know yet Lexdord is a constitutional monarchy west Renovatio ,Oo'xora that spans between the two districts known as Oo'xora and Avylon but since its capital lies in Oo'xora its considered to be within Oo'xora. Just to get a sense of where it is exacly (picture of exact territory coming soon) What is to happen: You may be one of those in the airships ether convincing or sneaking people on board to transport them to the screening center in Ruben landing or you can be one of those being transported (or both) Where:The lands of Alterion in general When has this taken place: couple of months prior Why: Safety securing people mainly engineers and scientists, and possibly manpower. How: Being convincing,making them see that their futures would be secure here. Who: Anyone who has not been deemed an enemy of the state.
  21. The Xenophobic stellar Empire of Emporion is in a great age of exploration in a time where ships of small and medium size could now be available commercial and residential use. There is a main story but like in video games there be side quest for us!. However heres the catch The Emporians live in what seems like a loney galaxy filled with tomb worlds and ruins, near the late period in the thread however other species would finally be found but most will not be frendily. ---- The year is 2268 (present day) the galaxy is full of mystery and emptiness, filled with relics of old and the structures of civilizations waiting to be explored. Will you take the call?
  22. Etched in Stone

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    To begin, my character is not from this world but from Gaia Primus. There are seven pureblood families. I encourage more Houses to come and play along and join us as a Society of Purebloods. However, I think starting with one which would be Choisel, would be a good start until we find more followers. I was kinda' shaky about this one, seeing as I don't know how Valucre and you all are going to take the idea of a totally new race of vampires here. For the most part I feel, people generally don't like vampires, but we all know how cool these undead beings actually are. These pureblood families are the first of vampires and are considered as the highest ranking from a lineage far, far away. I've looked at the vampires of Valkohyr and we share common abilities for the most part, but this is a different breed of vamp from a totally different world. I have information on the pureblood in my profile if you'd like to look. As for goals I plan to take some things over with time. Primarily I want this to be a unification of Purebloods. Let me know what you think, guys!
  23. *National music begins playing* Definitely not a stolen Anthem Land of poisoned grounds, survivors, uneven technologies, bi-polar economies, and a great education system based upon interest and favors rather then the institutional way. Now the nation is requesting a new batch of replacements for the Mayors role, There is one (and one space only) space for each city, town village, and new colonies if you favor settling up a colony. To do this how ever you would need to grab the favor of not just the people but the government as well. (Mysterious dissapearences are more noticable then you think!) Cameras are everywhere and on every person just for this very occasion. Requirements to become a mayor: You must have had political experience. You must not currently be in office of another political,Millartary,or corporate role. Any rivalries against our nation will percent you from joining. Those suspected will be interviewed more then the rest. 5. Those of an older age group are less likley to succeed. 6. No Vampires due to historical and political reasons and dispite efforts citizens will go out of their way to brutally murder any vampires within range. 7. Physic being will be interviewed but in secret Eyes are everywhere So now youve go the briefing any questions? (p.s as of today the actuall election starts in two weeks)
  24. has anyone wondered what the fate of that doom station hovering above lexdord has come to? have you wondered what purpose it might serve? well keep on asking and your going to the big house, or slavery or the mental ward which ever comes first....... or you can join the semi-official Security Enforcement Watch (S.E W) for short. The premise of this is to add lore to the doom station which has no lore other then it being an unfinished orbital station from the times when the country factioned. though now a new purpose arises to watch the populous no matter where they go if you join you can be one of those that sit and monitor or a security guard.