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Found 414 results

  1. Hurttoto

    An Infiltrating quest

    Lexdord need YOU to help them infiltrate a certain base in a certain country which will be revealed soon enough all you have to know is that you need to retrieve something, A relic or even advanced blueprints relating to secret technologies. We know they exist we just dont know what they are or wether they are already active. ------ Quest name: An infiltrating quest Genre: sci-fi, Adventure, action. Location: Starts off in Lexdord which is located in Renovatio, north west Oo'xora, then the quest will take place on New Haven. The idea is simple, go in go out and collect what you can however possible by any means necessary. Secrets need to be revealed, and thats your job if you join. The payment will vary depending on what you collected from New Haven. Good luck!
  2. The Xenophobic stellar Empire of Emporion is in a great age of exploration in a time where ships of small and medium size could now be available commercial and residential use. There is a main story but like in video games there be side quest for us!. However heres the catch The Emporians live in what seems like a loney galaxy filled with tomb worlds and ruins, near the late period in the thread however other species would finally be found but most will not be frendily. ---- The year is 2268 (present day) the galaxy is full of mystery and emptiness, filled with relics of old and the structures of civilizations waiting to be explored. Will you take the call?
  3. Hurttoto

    Mayors Election day in Lexdord

    *National music begins playing* Definitely not a stolen Anthem Land of poisoned grounds, survivors, uneven technologies, bi-polar economies, and a great education system based upon interest and favors rather then the institutional way. Now the nation is requesting a new batch of replacements for the Mayors role, There is one (and one space only) space for each city, town village, and new colonies if you favor settling up a colony. To do this how ever you would need to grab the favor of not just the people but the government as well. (Mysterious dissapearences are more noticable then you think!) Cameras are everywhere and on every person just for this very occasion. Requirements to become a mayor: You must have had political experience. You must not currently be in office of another political,Millartary,or corporate role. Any rivalries against our nation will percent you from joining. Those suspected will be interviewed more then the rest. 5. Those of an older age group are less likley to succeed. 6. No Vampires due to historical and political reasons and dispite efforts citizens will go out of their way to brutally murder any vampires within range. 7. Physic being will be interviewed but in secret Eyes are everywhere So now youve go the briefing any questions? (p.s as of today the actuall election starts in two weeks)
  4. Grubbistch

    There Be A Wolf In These Ruins

    Setting: The island of Corinth, thick jungles and hot weather. Daytime, early morning. The Skulking Grounds Genre: Adventure Objective: To claim both the True Crown of Ursa Madeum and to reclaim the remains of Sir Sarvos the Unchecked Danger level: High- A vicious werewolf prowls the grounds, as well as the ghosts of the hunted and traps covering the estate. Reward: The True Crown of Ursa Madeum Desired Story Arc: The full force of the Dogs of War knight order is coming down to Corinth to quest for treasures of great power. In one of the ruined fortresses, known with dread as the Skulking Grounds, these champions of House Uldwar desire both artifact and remains of one of their greatest members in known history, Sarvos the Unchecked. Recently, the knights have uncovered knowledge of a thief who had stolen the crown shortly after the disappearance of the Queen, a master of stealth who had come to Ursa Madeum to plunder all of its magical treasures. After pilfering the True Crown of Ursa Madeum, the thief ventured into the Skulking Grounds, knowing that any artifact of Sarvos the Unchecked would fetch a high price. The thief went into the ruins, but has never come out, his death likely due to the werewolf rumored to lurk within the ruins to this very day, always hunting for new prey to devour in its massive maw. What Roles Am I Looking For?: At the very least one person to serve as either helper or competition for the Crown and other such treasures that may be in the Skulking Grounds. Others can join in, really just depends on how your character fits into the story overall. Expectations: Good communication, an open mind for ideas and a willingness to keep disagreements civil. Aiming for at least five pages for this thread. Created Opportunities: If Oscar Uldwar is allowed both the remains of Sir Sarvos the Unchecked and the True Crown of Ursa Madeum, then he will indeed be a force to be reckoned with in the political and military scene of Ursa Madeum.
  5. has anyone wondered what the fate of that doom station hovering above lexdord has come to? have you wondered what purpose it might serve? well keep on asking and your going to the big house, or slavery or the mental ward which ever comes first....... or you can join the semi-official Security Enforcement Watch (S.E W) for short. The premise of this is to add lore to the doom station which has no lore other then it being an unfinished orbital station from the times when the country factioned. though now a new purpose arises to watch the populous no matter where they go if you join you can be one of those that sit and monitor or a security guard.
  6. ChaosLord

    A Night of Mystery and Mayhem

    Up in the mountains of Terrarus, rests the large and magnificent mansion of upper nobility and wealth, owned by a man with deep pockets and many connections. Someone who many people wanted to know, or cherrished knowing, he was a man with great charisma and strength as well as smarts. There were some who envied him, especially those who were often around him, and he provided much work for adventurers, mercenaries, and so on. His businesses were thriving, and the expeditions he funded were also rather fruitful. Truly a man who was blessed with luck. As such, various adventurers and such, as well as those of influence, would gladly go to his party, and some would even bring their families on occasion. The mansion was a large place that tempted people to explore its depths, built rather intricately and almost like a maze, there were a few who insisted the insides were constantly changed on each visit. With tricks, traps, and secret passages, there was always entertainment to be had. It was practically designed to entertain the curious, although the thieves who attempted to break in sometimes probably didn't find it as funny. However, little did anyone know tonight...about what would occur at this party, and the danger they would face. About just how their lives would be forfit, unless they could solve the mystery of this dangerous mansion. LOOKING FOR people who will be able to post frequently enough and are interested in a mix of mystery and action. There will also be some NPCs around, but its up to the players really. The plan is for all the characters to be trapped in the mansion until they solve the mystery, while trying to survive the attacks of the entities full of malice. As for the resolution, well since it would be nice if my character didn't die from my first try, how about everyone solving the mystery and escaping? The character I plan to use is the first and currently only character I put on this site, Momo Moryan. He came with his "mom", but before they all get trapped, she is going to step outside for a moment and end up locked outside while everyone else is locked inside. Also, neither her nor anyone else will find themselves able to communicate and call for help. It will be a fight for survival against threats while solving the mystery of what is going on so they can escape. BTW, for those who are wondering, leaving aside my map skills, due to the fact that the mansion keeps changing its interior, there is no map of the mansion. It would only end up confusing you more. This is Momo's Profile for those who are curious: Confirmed Characters: Momo Moryan Clover
  7. Vintage

    Knower Of The Grave [OOC]

    I love how @Grubbistch has an interest check set up for In Gaia We Trust so....I'm using the same skeleton. Thanks. The passage to her shores will always be there. If they cannot find the way, then perhaps they are not worthy. Iylianna Setting: Veelos > An Ocean (No clue what the name of the ocean that Veelos sits on > ??? / Spring through Winter Genre: Epic/High Fantasy > Exploration Objective: Detecting/describing/classifying new species of flora/fauna while searching for a gateway that may or may not even exist. Danger Level: Medium to medium-high. Discovery of some species may have an element of danger coupled with environmental factors that might prove difficult. Violence is a possibility but I'd rather not turn this into a combat-style thread. Reward: Adding new entries to the Valucre bestiary. Possible artifacts, weapons, or other loot/treasure, if you will. Desired Story Arc: During her studies as a student of Oceania University in Veelos, Noelani has become obsessed with several tomes which reference a realm filled with magicks, flora & fauna, languages, religions, even entire populations that do not exist in the world of Valucre. However, after studying the translations, she believes she has found a way to travel between the veils that hide another version of Valucre that exists only in fairytales. To fund her expedition, she's relying on the ability to discover, capture, and return new flora/fauna. What roles am I looking for? Basically, I'm looking for 2-4 characters to act as companions, confidantes, protectorates, and/or guides. How you play along is totally up to you. Expectations: Communication, brainstorming of ideas, ability to push a storyline along. I really, really just want to be able to write but I don't want to be the sole person to push this story forward. I can commit a minimum of 3 -4 posts a week, possibly more as my life calms down. I can honestly say that I likely will not stick to a posting order. Meaning...if I gotta wait days for several people to post just so I can post.....I'm gonna post anyway. >_> I'm just sayin'. Please feel free to do the same but ...don't get crazy with it. Created Opportunities: If successful, characters with ties to Iselyr may have a viable explanation of what happened to a land that suddenly disappeared or never existed. And maybe we'll get some new creatures to add to the bestiary. I do love an extensive bestiary. Perhaps we will discover that Noelani's tomes are just profane books, meant to inspire insanity, or maybe someone with some authority will love our story enough to canonize her efforts. Who knows? Link: Knower of the Grave
  8. Mickey Flash

    Secret Thread

    I usually base threads I'm going to start with different ideas in mind. Sometimes my threads are formed around a place, or a character. Sometimes my threads are formed around a certain adventure type (example - demon pirates raiding an aircraft you happen to be on). This time I was thinking of making a thread based on a theme.... a secret theme. Every character that joins the thread will have a secret that they are keeping. It could be any secret.... a secret mission, a secret friend, a secret pain, a secret crush, a secret baby.... you get the idea. It could be anything secret. Of course the secret isn't revealed at the beginning of the thread. Different clues can be given throughout the thread to slowly unravel what juicy secret your character has to hide. Or it might not be revealed. That will depend on you, or how much your character opens up about themselves. Setting won't be the focus of this thread, so I was thinking of a setting that would force characters to go through a kind of crisis to where they will reluctantly bond over the event. One building should do. Swally's Swamp Bar is just as good a spot as any. Remeber, the only requirement for joining this thread.... your character has a big secret. 😉
  9. I have a mercenary/monster hunter/adventurer named Howl who has recently been cursed. Hoping to find a cure, Howl has traveled from Alterion to Terrenus by way of Renovatio in search of a cure. I’m looking for 2-3 individuals who would be interested in taking part in a multi faceted plot which will see us take on a quest in every major continent. 1) Terrenus - Quest TBD - Goal: return Howl to a Human (more or less) form. 2) Genesaris - Quest TBD - Goal: learn the origins of the cursed amulet and how it came to be in Alterion. 3) Alterion - Quest TBD - Goal: Locate Howl’s original client... 4) Renovatio - Quest TBD - Goal: Revenge, Profit????, Answers. Other than the backstory of the Amulet, I have none of this plotted out. Each adventure we take in each region will have its own impact on the story as well as it’s own reward. I’m looking for anyone who is willing to help me push this story forward and vibe some old school random writing.
  10. Grubbistch

    In Gaia We Trust

    The people have been given their freedom, now they must be given purpose to direct their newfound freedom. I for one cannot think of a better use than to help one's fellow man, for freedom from tyranny does not mean freedom from moral obligation. -Illyana Uldwar Setting: The island of Misral, Port Mars, daytime Genre: Political/Religious intrigue Objective: Celebrate Gaia and to spark a revival movement towards her worship in Ursa Madeum. Danger level: Low- As Illyana Uldwar is of noble birth and eldest daughter of the Lord and Lady Uldwar, she has been afforded a great deal of protection in her cause. Several knights, including a Dog of War, have been assigned as her protectors. Violence is possible however, but please make sure to discuss this with ne first before proceeding. Reward: Satisfaction of spreading the Holy Worship of Gaia to those that have lost their faith during the dark times. (More tangible rewards are possible but must be discussed before playing them out in the main thread.) Desired Story Arc: During one of her times devoted to prayer, Illyana Uldwar is given the inspiration and courage she needs to finally make an attempt on spreading the word of Gaia throughout Ursa Madeum. Her journey starts out in Port Mars, where the people feel uncertain and alone on their spiritual journey through life. Through her efforts, she hopes to awaken a fire within their souls, so that they may no longer feel alone in this frightening world. What Roles Am I Looking For?: One to three people to serve as companions or guards during this, its really up to you how you wish to be involved in this story as I left it open ended. Expectations: Good communication, an open mind for ideas and a willingness to keep disagreements civil. Aiming for at least two pages. Created Opportunities: Success of this mission means effecting the religious beliefs of the people of Ursa Madeum. This may also anger or threaten those that wish for the islands to remain secular or following a different religion as well.
  11. Archeos

    Open Storybook

    Hello everyone, I am planning to write something slightly different than normal and would like to see if anyone is interested in joining. I plan on making a chronicle of the continent of Terrenus in its current state and thus decided to have my character travel all around the continent, to every location of interest to me. I want to make things a little more exciting though, so I have decided to add two clauses to this journey. I) I want the chronicle to exist as though someone who truly lived in this world had written in. So, I won't spend too much time in each location, a week or two IRL at maximum. Furthermore, I will be writing only things that are happening in each location while my character is there. So, if a quest is underway in a city, I would want to write about it. but if it isn't resolved before I leave, then it is left unresolved as far as my character is concerned. Furthermore, while I will write this to be mostly objective, it won't be completely impartial. I will include personal anecdotes and opinions on current events. In the grand scheme of things, this means that the chronicle won't contain the writings of an omniscient character, and is even unreliable to a certain extent. I think it would be an interesting challenge and a fun way to record the world at a more personal level to the characters who live in it, rather than just us as the authors. II) As I am traveling the world, other characters besides NPCs exist. I think it would be entertaining to have multiple co-authors on this chronicle, all characters who are joining me in my travels. They can contribute multiple perspectives to each city, or even visit other locations my character is not at, and discuss events from their perspective. An interesting consequence of this approach is that an inhabited world means you will run across people completely on accident. So, if my character or a co-author is in a city or location where you have a character, you would be welcome to jump into the thread and start interacting with these characters. It can be as complex as deciding to have your character join my own for a few cities, or we simply meet in a forest and share a meal. Once you decide you are done with the thread, you can simply have your character leave. You wouldn't need to tell us beforehand either, for the purposes of this thread, you can just start a reply to the thread and write your character into the situation. I believe this would be an interesting and entertaining challenge for myself as an author, and would also serve as an in-universe method of spreading information on a massive scale, as the chronicle would be a book that another character could purchase once it is "completed" and published. Of course, the unreliability of the medium can be used for more than simply spreading information. A character could speculate on certain things and, if logical enough or if the character is prestigious enough, these speculations could be accepted as true by the inhabitants of the world despite not being true in actuality. I can describe a number of other possibilities, but I'm interested to see if anyone would be willing to participate in this to any degree first. What do you think?
  12. The beginning of a musician's journey to becoming business owner in La Guardia Renovatio. Currently doing freelance work to save money for the last airship parts he needs to get his business off the ground. His ultimate goal being: making and managing a jazz club inside of an airship. However, to achieve this, he'll need to form a band that will leave the public no choice but to know they exist so that when the Blue Icarus Jazz club is opened it does not end up being empty. Setting:La Guardia, Renovatio. Daytime. Objective:Form a band for the "Blue Icarus" Danger level:pretty much nonexistent. The roles I'm looking for:Musicians or individuals looking to invest in the making of the "Blue Icarus"
  13. Mollusk

    Rise of a Necromancer

    Jalafrax is a necromancer with cunning, evil plans. What a dastardly sort, he is! He is available to attack, bewitch, annoy, scheme about, oppose, assist, enslave, or resurrect your characters, today. Perhaps you're a grand hero who is starting out, and want an enemy to grow alongside you. Perhaps you're some sort of cleric, or druid, or paladin, or other type of "Say no to necromancy" type folk, and want to purge him. Perhaps you're an undead character, and need someone to bring you back from the grave. Jalafrax is available to fulfil your necromancy needs! Oh, also, Jalafrax can be found anywhere. Because I haven't bothered figuring out where he is.
  14. Rin

    The Black Heart Mirror

    Interest Check. Looking for 2-6 people. The seed Vanilla has been giving the mission of hunting down lost artifacts of the Red Blood Moon Children Organization to sell in her shop. However recent whispers in the little sleepy town of Ebony-Yahera has rumored one such artifact is uncovered. The Black Heart Mirror. A powerful yet dangerous artifact. Since it lies with a few other artifacts, the Black Heart Mirror Ore Bow and Quiver, the Red Blood Moon Chalice, the Ebony Quicksilver Rod and the Farenheit Celisus Heart Sword, it would quite an exciting adventure plus artifacts to acquire for all. I'll be linking the artifact page here as well as adding the aforemented artifacts to it. Hopefully you'll come along for the ride. Ask questions here or PM ❤️ Rin And the link to the artifacts: 1. Zashii- Mistress, Sera 2. Ourlachesism-- 3. Hurttoto 4 5. 6.
  15. Hello everyone, I've been working on a thread the past few weeks involving the Taen Empire and the city of Tethys. The thread has now progressed to where I will be taking my character, Asrael, and two other characters to Tethys as a delegation on behalf of the Taen Empire. As ambassadors, our goal will be to successfully negotiate with the Prime Minister of Tethys and resolve a small conflict that has been ongoing between the two nations, before it grows any larger. Specifications: I am seeking two people to join me in the delegation, and one more to control the Prime Minister for the duration of the thread. Please note, when the thread resolves the Prime Minister will revert to being an NPC. I have no strict requirements for your rate of posting, as long as it remains reasonable. So, if you want to have fun with a small thread for a little bit, please let me know! Reference Threads: - Establishing Thread - Resurrection of the Witch King Exactly how these two threads will be related will be discussed with participants when I have selected them (though you can infer it). Further details of how the negotiation will unfold will also be explained at that time.
  16. Genre: Fantasy Location: Genesaris Idea: Saila is a poor girl who suffers from a condition that devours magic. Nobody knows, except for her, how this manifested, but it has lead to some unforeseen consequences. She desires to consume magic as much as possible, and in doing so, could wreak havoc in a place where magic is omnipresent, venerated, and held up as a pillar of society. Like Genesaris. If your character or organisation wants: To destroy magic, because it's bad. To destroy magic, because it complicates your plans. To investigate antimagic, in hopes of being able to use it. To cure or kill Saila because magic is good. To cure or kill Saila because magic is necessary. Or any number of things, perhaps Saila is a character that could interest them. If you feel that there's a way for them to interact that's beyond glaring at the dishevelled child in the street, please respond! I'm open to any suggestions!
  17. We Can Do Both What Is “We Can Do Both” Having arrived here on Valucre, the once infamous Crime Lord Miss Blonde was fortunate enough to appear directly in the hive of scum and villainy. The Terric coastal city of Last Chance, the perfect place for a person of her particular talents to thrive. Trading and scraping a few exotic items from her world, Miss Blonde has amassed enough capital to make her first move. Lacking the fighting men of her criminal empire, Miss Blonde turns to one constant that seems to apparently populate the grand multiverse. Mercenaries. Mercenaries will be paid in gold to help her acquire a few of the various rackets in the underworld of Last Chance. Two in particular really. Gambling and shall we say the worlds oldest profession. In Last Chance people are often killed for not being able to pay back a debt to send a message to others. While Blonde isn’t against breaking an arm or a leg, a corpse can’t pay you back. Nor can a struggling family of the deceased. Which leads us to the second part of the problem. Often times the daughters of indebted families are sold to local sex traffickers and brothels. And while the institution of slavery is illegal, it happens all the same. This is also something that Miss Blonde intends to put a stop to. This is the premise of We Can Do Both. To do a little bit of good, and also break the law and take power. How Will This Go Down? Violence. Miss Blonde has done terrible things in her life. Things she’s not proud of and can never forget. But this is an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and try to be a better person. The sex traffickers, the enforcers killing decent folk, they need to be dealt with. Permanently. So Miss Blonde will be leading an attack on one of the more popular late night establishments in the Last Chance underworld. A place known simply as Club Euphoria, where one can gamble away fortunes and then find comfort in the arms of a drugged up slave. Though it needs to be said that Miss Blonde is no hero, her overall goal is to secure the establishment and take it as her own no matter what other wannabe Crime Lord she might offend. We will hit them loud and hard in order to send a message. Payment and Rules of Engagement. Rule 1: Your physical identity will be concealed at all times by wearing a hood, mask, or helmet. Rule2: You will have a codename assigned to you. No one is to use their real name. Example names: Mister Crow, Miss Blink, Misses Havoc, Mister Vex, you don’t have to throw a Miss or Mister in front of it if you don’t want to. Rule 3: You will not kill civilians unless they are armed and shooting at you. Do not engage unless you are engaged. Rule 4: Cops, Security Guards, and other enemy Gangsters are fair game. They knew what they signed up for. Rule 5: If anyone is caught breaking any of the rules they will receive a dock in pay. Payment is two hundred gold pieces each and a custom minor magical item made by Miss Blonde (sword, shield, magitech gadget or pistol/rifle etc etc) Details. The thread will be player vs NPC which will be DM’d by me. Though if you wish to aid the side of the local police or even the rival gangsters you may. Or you can just stumble upon the situation. Whatever you’d like! The thread will be up later today.
  18. Let me bring you down a particular street in Andelusia. It’s out of the way, it’s secluded, and the stone tiles crackle under your footfalls, smooth and sun-warmed. You hear the birds chirping in the air, the breeze rustling through the prismatic leaves of the trees, the distant sounds of laughter and civilization just over the edge of the buildings. Can you picture it? You’re good? Now, you see that white door over there? It’s on the left, the building with the barred windows, the shards of painted glass on the ground (don’t mind those; they’ll sweep them up soon). The signage isn’t readable from this distance, so come on, let’s take a closer look. There’s—wait, there’s a woman coming out. She’s placing a colorful sign on the door; can you see it? Oh, look, see what it says: BARISTAS WANTED (we're reopening, dearest citizens! we need baristas: love for tea required! see the manager for more information) Hello all! Vielle here 😊 I've a new project coming up in Ursa Madeum: welcome to The Andelusian High Tea Society hub! A teahouse in Andelusia that caters to all walks of life, including the noble elite to which they provide seclusion and luxury within the city. Despite being a friend and partner of House Hildebrand (in particular, as the house provides uncommon herbs and plants for the teahouse’s special brews), the Andelusian High Tea Society is ultimately considered neutral ground, where commoners and adventurers can enjoy a little of that magic liquid goodness, and where the nobles can meet with each other somewhere they are considered equals. Now, this is a unique teahouse. The baristas are good listeners to people's problems, as well as good people readers, and if permitted, will serve customers the tea that they believe suits them best (they usually get it right 😉). The owner is a tea specialist and a herbalist, also a personal friend of Nairne Hildebrand, and can, for a certain price, weave magic into brewing the tea, which fuses the brew with magical effects. For example: need a dash of courage to propose to your loved one? The owner will brew you a blend that fills you with a little bit of that needed push to do it. After getting shut down during the rule of the Tyrant King, they're now reopening with bigger, better, and more elaborate facilities—thus, they'll be needing new baristas to replace those who have relocated to foreign countries when the teahouse shut down. What does this mean for you, dear reader? 😊 If you'd like to take up the call and become a tea sommelier for the Tea Society, look upon the information below: First, you'll need a barista character! When you've made one, please post your barista's profile on the Tea Society's organization thread. As the teahouse will be a hub thread, any time customers come in, you may be asked to serve them if you are requested to do so. Deep character interaction is one of the founding pillars of the Tea Society, so let's make it so! 😊 I imagine the hub to have a fairly lighthearted atmosphere unless the overarching story calls for it, so if you'd enjoy a little slice of life or casual chats with other characters, this is the place for you. ❤️ Aside from looking for baristas, let me all invite you to The Andelusian High Tea Society's Grand Reopening as well! Every noble house in Ursa Madeum is invited to come celebrate with us, and of course, this event will no doubt allow for social interaction between the houses and so forth. The letters are to be sent soon, stamped with an icon of an ornate tea cup and scented with the faintest hint of mint and lavender. We look forward to seeing you there. 😊 Adventurers and so forth are also invited to come! Now, don’t be late; tea’s at four. ❤️
  19. Fennis Ursai

    A Silver Ticket Gamble (LFG)

    Greetings potential employees I, the great gambler of the Astral Planes, am seeking potential talent for a little investment. In particular, I am looking for a small group of adventurers or 'enforcer' types to help 'secure' a light encampment of hostiles so that I may turn it into a worth while investment location. For those seeking a potential opportunity to turn a quick payout for light physical work, seek out the small heavily armored man that hails by the name Vashka. As a side note, he seeks liquor fairly heavy. To those willing to take on a light task, the pay out will be compensation by means of gems, the currency that will never go wrong. For those that show an aptitude as well as a 'spark' for this line of work will see themselves in standing within my good graces as well as more opportunities for employment. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of this little business opportunity. -The End Game Hello everyone, this is an inquiry for a small group of adventures. This is open for 'any' persons no matter skill level or how confident you are in your roleplay ability. For information, this is a light quest, very low risk of death but high risk of injury. This will be the start of a line of quests by the benefactor know as 'The End Game'. As for characters I do not care what alignment or walk of life/experience of character. I'm hoping for a maximum of eight OC's willing to clear out an area of hostile denizens. The rest of the details will be given once the characters make contact with Vashka. As for the location, I will be setting the location to Blairville, where the contact will be spending at least 5 days wandering the city before either moving on or until a party has been found. Once your character makes contact with Vashka, they will be informed to hold onto a very light pebble (magical for those attuned to 'ancient' millennia old magics) which contains a tracker and responder sigil within it to contact the potential employee as well as making them much easier to find for when Vashka will be assembling the pack together. The most important thing is have fun 😄 Looking forwards to seeing you all on the job. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me or post them below 🙂 Spot 1: Witches Brew Character: Ji-woo Spot 2: Spot 3: Spot 4: Spot 5: Spot 6: Spot 7: Spot 8: To the action!
  20. Well, if the other Noble Houses in Ursa Madeum are doing it... House Singlance is the newest of Ursa Madeum's noble houses, its only two members right now were raised to nobility by Empress Rozharon Parálios, and now seek to modernize Ursa Madeum. A few problems though: They've made an enemy in House Uldwar in a move they saw as loyalty to Taen. They've so far been unable to establish themselves in Ursa Madeum The people generally hate them They have no history They aren't really all that noble They have few if any allies right now So, as a major noble house, Aveline is calling minor noble houses dedicated to STEM pursuits, education, and infrastructure development under their banner. House Tankred has, to her knowledge, pre-declined. Thurgood however, is aligning the house with John Wilder, an organized crime boss, and is calling for other criminals on Ursa Madeum to either work wih them, or die. Also, he's offering support to skilled labor guilds and specialized laborers if they choose to struggle for better working conditions and compensation. Who this is for: Those who want to play a minor noble house in Ursa Madeum, either new, already existing but struggling, or reforming after being disbanded by Damien Gillick's rule, that seek to improve the quality of Ursa Madeum through science, technology, industry, education, and/or infrastructure Those who want to play a criminal element in Ursa Madeum, such as a street gang or smuggling ring, that wants the backing and outside connections that John Wilder can offer, and the "legitimacy" of aligning with a major noble house Those that want to offer political, trade, intellectual, or other support Characters interested can speak with Thurgood or Aveline Singlance, and at least one of them is at the Mil Dot Lunaris lately. The message can either get to a character by either rumor, or officially in either a political circle or the criminal underworld (depending on which side you're responding to). Players interested can post below or send me a PM (but title it appropriately).
  21. The Wild Hunt What Is It? for those of you who don’t know, besides being a Crime Lord. Miss Blonde is an master level enchanter, engineer, and avid constructor of various helpful and deadly trinkets. Trinkets that in the past in her old world easily rival S Class ranked magic artifacts and equipment. With the Valucre being her home, she wants to begin crafting once more, and she has a powerful and S Class magical item in mind that she wishes to create. Unfortunately she can not do so without hunting down and taking what she needs from three of the more powerful magical beasts that Terrenus has to offer. The Wild Hunt is Miss Blonde and other hunters or mercenaries coming with her to track, stalk, and hunt down these beasts. What Will We Hunt? Kirin Wyvern Lagiacrus How Will This Work? I want to do one long and epic thread that’s broken up into separate arcs for each creature being hunted. Ideally I’d like to get a total of 50 to 60 posts with post counts for each beast split evenly, though of course story comes first with however many posts are needed to hunt the target. While hunting the beasts is the main objective of the thread, I don’t want it to be solely that. As you may or may not know, Miss Blonde is a rather mysterious woman who is constantly shrouded behind a mask. Her intentions for these beasts are nefarious at best, and it’s rather clear that she does not wish to divulge what she intends to do with them. So it’s up to you to blindly follow or dig deeper and try to uncover a mystery surrounding this great hunt. So the thread will be very dialogue heavy as well as having the crazy large action scenes. Posting Requirements no one likes to talk about it, but IRL I have a decent amount of free time. I work a lot, go home, cook dinner for my family, and relax. So I’m provided with a good amount of free time. So ideally I like to post at least once a day, and I know a lot of people aren’t me and have more stuff going on in their lives. However as this is a larger endeavor, I would like to try and push through it as fast as I can. So if can’t at least post once a day or at the minimum once every two days, I’m afraid this venture is not for you. 😢 if you can then come right in! And while normally I’m a everyone can join kind of guy. I’m looking for only two people to join this time. So if you are interested let me know! Rewards Besides lots of gold pieces, you will be granted one favor from Miss Blonde, a Custom Minor Magic Item, and a secret prize that I can not discuss at this time.
  22. Etched in Stone

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    To begin, my character is not from this world but from Gaia Primus. There are seven pureblood families. I encourage more Houses to come and play along and join us as a Society of Purebloods. However, I think starting with one which would be Choisel, would be a good start until we find more followers. I was kinda' shaky about this one, seeing as I don't know how Valucre and you all are going to take the idea of a totally new race of vampires here. For the most part I feel, people generally don't like vampires, but we all know how cool these undead beings actually are. These pureblood families are the first of vampires and are considered as the highest ranking from a lineage far, far away. I've looked at the vampires of Valkohyr and we share common abilities for the most part, but this is a different breed of vamp from a totally different world. I have information on the pureblood in my profile if you'd like to look. As for goals I plan to take some things over with time. Primarily I want this to be a unification of Purebloods. Let me know what you think, guys!
  23. Twitterpated

    Omagatoki | Recruiting

    Linked above is the actual organization page dedicated to this unit of elites, serving The Dragon Emperor from the shadows. This black hand is of no official rank to the budding Empire, but is vital to effecting some general outcomes that will ultimately help to decide the Empire's direction. I myself will play 1 of these characters, 2 if there are holes left open by the time I start having the Emperor dispatch them. Feel free to discuss about this here, or to message me directly for any comments, questions, or concerns.
  24. " Yes, I need children brave enough, adventurous enough to test out my newest creation!! A dungeon for children! - No, I am not mad! Children all crave adventure, and I have made just the thing to fit their fancies!" There was a man sitting in the town square in Doughton, screaming all this to no one as he was tossing fliers from his sleeve in all directions! There were far, far too many fliers, spilling every where and creating quite a mess. Next to the man stood a Gleaming door connected to nothing, and had engraved on it in ashen black lettering that read "CHILDREN ONLY." This seemed to be an obvious trap, the man by the door was wearing a gaudy and unpleasant green and purple striped pin-stripe suite for peet sake! That black dreaded hair and his metallic grin that showed no happiness... The man tapped on the door, and as it opened he slowly slid inside, giving one last piece of advice to any one listening. "Just, don't try to enter if you are not a child! I am looking at you... Seventeen year olds!" The man slid fully into the door, leaving only a mass of fliers and the door with him standing transfixed in the air. Soon after his leaving, the fliers shuddered horribly and took to the air like a mass of birds, heading towards the orphanage in that very location and plastering themselves all over the building. The fliers read in glittering golden print: " Seeking all ages, children born for adventure! Treasure and glory (most importantly fun) await you here! Tired of only having bugs and cats to slay and wish to hold a sword in your hand? Come in to the door in the square, and if you do survive, only glory and gold can be had for you here! Hate the head of the orphanage and wish she would go away? Wish you could afford a house to get you off the streets? All are welcome in Taddius's Dungeon for Tot's!" ( The rest is colorful illustrations of birds gently pecking holes into cactuses and filling the holes with ribbons, what did that even mean?!) ——————---------------------——–— (( Okay so I'm looking for a small band of rugrats under the age of 17 who would enter the dungeon around the same time, or even band up together to explore this 'child friendly' dungeon. They all don't have to be orphans from Dougton, but they definitely have to be children! Lemme know if you guys have any interest in this. Basics; there's a door, there's a dungeon, and children is a must.))
  25. Twitterpated

    Liberating The Slaver's Alcove

    After a run in with some local Slavers in Genesaris, the aspiring Slayer known as Jinsoku has decided to take it upon himself to raid and dismantle the Alcove, ultimately freeing the slaves that are already there, and hopefully stopping more from being created. While he very well could do this job on his own, things always go a lot smoother with the right team having been assembled. As a note, Jinsoku affiliates with The Order of Force Majeure whom affiliates with the Scarlet Regions as it's base resides in Predator's Keep. He also affiliates with Hyperion in the Rising West. These affiliations should not be mistaken as the source of this quest, rather this man Jinsoku himself simply couldn't bother to continue turning a blind eye to such a terrible operation happening presumably with the government's support considering the lack of response to the activity. A large group could be ideal, though it seems that any time the involved parties include more than 3-5 people, things start to get a little lost in translation, or the wait time between posts becomes so wide the activity never finishes. For that reason I'm open to a larger or smaller group for this job depending on who is involved and how those of us involved decide to go about the "quest". Also, in the case of larger interest, don't be surprised if I break one huge group into two or three small, fair sized groups for just that reason. This plot is intended to be submitted for canon. It'd be nice to get at least two volunteers to join me, though I definitely wouldn't be going beyond nine additional participants. (Max Party Size = 10 (Including Jinsoku))