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Found 414 results

  1. Once upon a time, in the land in the sky there sat nestled a frontier that became the city-state of Himmelsfestung. A spot untouched by man, the new populace sought to grow and prosper under their new ruler. Little did they know that their new home would soon receive the wrath of the monstrosities that also made their home there. In a desperate bid to drive back the beasts that plagued them, the kingdom's citizens trained to hunt and capture the monsters, killing them if necessary. Still it was not enough, and many found themselves worn from their efforts. Hoping to boost the morale and courage of their strongest, the king had a labyrinth designed. Within it, he unleashed one such caught monster--a Minotaur, and called upon the Kingdom's strongest hero to slay it, so that the men would see their efforts were not in vain--that these foul creatures could be slain by the best of them. But the King's plan failed, and it cost him dearly. The Minotaur not only slayed the hero, but escaped the Labyrinth and slayed its kin and the surrounding monsters that plagued the kingdom. It was a shocking turn the likes of which Himmselfestung had never seen before. In their eyes, he was more a hero than their very own king, who thought a mere game would turn the tide in their favorite. They allowed the Minotaur to take the throne, de-throning the king and chasing him out into the wild where his fate remained unknown. Slowly but surely the new Minotaur King Raz-Nogore won his new people over--and they were all too eager to please their new heroic ruler. Their peace and prosperity seemingly lasted--but that was all according to Raz-Nogore's design. Driven by vengeance and madness over the what his human subjects had done to him and his kin, Himmelsfestung slowly spiraled into descent. Installing a tyrannical rule, King Raz-Nogore subjected his people to unfathomable horrors that kept them close like terrified sheep for slaughtering. Soon Raz-Nogore, King of Himmelsfestung became Raz-Nogore, the Butcher. --- In a take-over disguised as a diplomatic mission, the Countess Raveena and her small convoy make their way to Tellus Mater's Renovatio to scope out the conditions of Himmelsfestung and determine their next course of action with the plan of expanding to a satellite territory for outsourcing and exportation. Determined the liberate the rumored enslaved populace, she must first witness to the King's tyranny before making her move. Known to be outspoken and confident, the rising noble intends to make history as she turns the King's citizens against him while biding time for her reinforcements to arrive and secure the Kingdom as her own. --- What I'm looking for. I will be working closely with @Warlock @The Hound and @King to make this little tidbit come to life. I am also looking for about three to five other people who want to participate in helping us map out this lhistory. I will submit it for canonization and any lore crafted within I will submit to the landing page as it is 'discovered'. If you wish to add to flora, fauna, bestiary, geography, population and culture, I'd love for you to help me refine what I already have. I have a great chunk of lore already typed up to submit for after this conquest, but I also want to make it somewhat unique so it will be open for editing until the conquest is complete. As such, I encourage anyone who participates to submit any ideas they want to add to the information page via PM. You're also welcome to participate in multiple roles! Just be clear on what role(s) you'd like to have a hand in. --- We will need: A few citizens who are not afraid to be beaten or tortured. Some of you will spread the word of the Countess' defiance against the King. Your kingdom is in a deplorable state, and your own spirits are trodden on. A few soldiers on both sides. Eventually there will be a military occupation from Raveena's side. I would love to see opposition from the King's side also. Note: Both the Hound and King are under Rae's service, so I am not looking for much more on my end. Reconnaissance! I would love it if a spy or two stumbled across the terrible secret of how King Raz-Nogore came to power and the horrific deeds he's done since his tyrannical reign. --- Anyone who knows me knows I am not big on micro-managing how these things go about. I strongly believe in users adding flare to the story in a way even I could not perceive to. Since there will be a possible total of eight of us, there will be a posting order enforced. It will probably break down into three threads because I dunno, I tend to plan and work best in threes. --- The first thread will be an introduction to the all parties involved, and the general premise that we got a bad dude to take out. We need proof, though! Proof this sly bastard is up to some heinous shit. Can't go by word of mouth alone but in this city word of mouth is ruled by fear--so good luck to my recon folks. Second thread will be the arrest of Raveena and her subsequent torture. This is a key turn of events, as this is where our citizens will become heroes. Here they will realize they have nothing to fear from their King and begin their own acts of defiance against him. Leading by example despite her imprisonment, she will inspire the citizens to fight back and overcome their tyrannical King until his forces are overthrown. Third thread will involve the Enforcer militia's arrival and disarming the King's forces, extracting Raven for medical care, and working on cleaning up the pestilence the city has suffered by establishing a new order and assisting the citizens in their recovery and bringing them back to a peaceful status. How you awesome people work this out is up to you, as long as it follows the general premise outlined above. I want it to be exciting and fun! Hit me up, let us toss around ideas and make history happen.
  2. Hello there! Well, as the title says, I am looking for one or more partners to participate in some 1x1 RPing that can take place either in messages or as a thread (I'm not fussy). I have been roleplaying for about eight years now and usually like hefty, paragraphed posts (i.e.-more than 8 sentences ) My post rate is not set, I can post anything from three times a day, to three times a week. The minimum I will post is probably once a week. I find the genre's that most pique my interest are: Fantasy (this includes supernatural-based things.) Historical Sci-fi Action (Not too gory.) Adventure Romance-ish (?)---> [Light, about pg 16-18. I like 'fades to black'.] I can do most genres if I find the plot interesting/creative enough, however... I am not interested in: Anything erotic (Hell to the no.) Anime (I just don't have enough knowledge) Real life (A tad boring in my opinion) Furry-anything (Unless it's like werewolves or shape-shifters in which case that will be in the fantasy category). I usually play original characters, although I don't mind doing something creative with certain fandoms (e.g.- Percy Jackson world but you don't rp as a Percy Jackson character.). I prefer my RP partners to be over the age of 17/18 but this doesn't have to be set in stone. I also only play female characters who are between the age of 18-22. I don't have anything super specific planned in terms of plots and am open for ideas. Drop me a personal message or comment on here :). (Thanks for reading this far. *congratulatory thumbs up*)
  3. scrivener

    A heist thing in casper

    I was looking around at port cities and saw that casper has a museum. since my pirate has sticky fingers i thought it'd be cool to have a heist or robbery type thing to steal one of the pieces. does this sound interesting to anyone else?
  4. Once again, the Official Game and Fishing board has posted another series of wanted posters, calling for the attention of idle steel and unused sorcery. These bounties are often made with the understanding that this particular hunt exceeds the limits of the professionals; the guards and soldiers garrisoning in nearby cities aren't able to risk their positions in attempting to route the beasts themselves, and the cities plagued by these monsters cannot afford the help of well-prepared guilds. Thus, the Game and Fishing commission is responsible for potentially luring several freelance adventurers to their demise, and all for a much, much more reasonable price. This particular poster lists as the following: Assistance Needed In the tracking and culling of the Seismoloth. Bounty: 25,000 Cr. to be split with all other members No insurance necessary: The Game and Fishing Board does not offer benefits in the event of death, injury or dismemberment. Contact your local Game and Fishing office directly, or via appointment if necessary. Seismoloth are a rare find in the current state of things. Though able to make their home in just about every terrain, the beasts are notoriously timid, and keep a very limited territory, though they often defend this space to the death. Terrifying to behold, such beasts are capable of startling speed and strength, but are best known for the impressive amounts of adrenaline they constantly produce, keeping the beasts constantly in a state of fight or flight. Worse still, frightening off a Seismoloth is next to impossible; the monsters are often incredibly possessive of their clutches, and, again, will assault anything growing too close to their homes. And, in their paranoia, this just so happens to be a very, very broad radius in comparison to their limited territory. Seismoloth don't seem to have a concept of size, and are easily frightened--and provoked--by creatures of all sizes. This means that when they come across equally timid species, they may be likely to retreat immediately, but upon being aggressed by a far stronger predator, fight ruthlessly to the death. Their natural armor and impressive might makes this an issue, as Seismoloth are known to take down beasts many times their own size, even proving to be a danger for dragons should they draw too near. Needless to say, the Seismoloth isn't to be taken lightly, and there's no guarantee that anyone attempting to fell the monster will come back in one piece, or at all. --- Continuing with my trend of monster hunting threads, this is the third installment in the series. The rules are fairly simple; we spend a round introducing the cast, followed by a round explaining the situation and maybe one or two moving towards the monster's known area. Depending on the size of the party, or the general attitude, we may spend some time tracking it, followed by a brutal fight to the death. This time around, however, I'm putting more of an emphasis on 'to the death.' I won't be actively seeking to kill the players, but I won't pull any punches with the monster, either. Fight smart, or walk home with some serious wounds. If you let me know beforehand, I can also potential be life-threatening to your particular character. I'm fixing for a three to five man group, not including myself. If you're interested or might be interested, post a message, a character sheet if you have one, and whether or not you're okay with potentially getting murdered by a monster I just made up ten minutes ago.
  5. Twitterpated

    FTW - Come bang with the best!

    A Russian Metahuman with super strength and an attitude has arrived in Terrenus and began recruiting new goons for his "syndicate". In exchange for one's allegiance, he offers comradery and wealth, and to the exceptional, he offers the gift of super strength as he himself possesses. In the midst of Terrenus' great civil war, this criminal organization strives to cement itself within the nation, and to fight for it's success against all else. With the high tension rising in Terrenus, and the turmoil of rising religious sects in an already prejudice society, what reason might "you" have to join this motley crew? Money, Respect, Power? Perhaps you crave all three. While this thread will be left quite vague due to the simplicity of the actually happenings, I will at least leave the link to the IC thread I have started. As I continue to post, more will become known about the situation over all. Feel free to speak here, or even ask questions. Likewise, you may message me with any words or interest in regards to. (Warning: This is quite literally an offer to join a "Street Gang" working to establish itself in the underground world of Terrenus. Criminal activity is a must! I'll note here this is a direct plot currently associated with the Civil War Phase 2/Factions plot.)
  6. The following quest can be found on this page. Anyone in Genesaris interested in teaming up with Duke Evaristus of the Cold South in exploring Whispernight, and more importantly, the questline that is Lanternway? The goal is elegant, intricate storywriting and to come across some relics along the way. This could be a single thread quest or could expand into a series of threads (likely three at most). The only requirement is that your character has to be human (due to a plot device dealing with Evaristus himself). I'd planned to take it up myself originally but this would be far more fun with a small group of storytellers.
  7. Okay, so, I had this idea (with the help of some of my friends) to make a role play where a magical world is in a post apocalyptic state. This world has been this way for a couple years, and there are many villages spread across the world. People have become fed up with the constant harassment from the demons and other creatures that now walk this planet; however no one has been strong enough to fight them alone. People have been strong enough to fight the demons, but not the one behind the apocalypse, otherwise known as A'rrazaah. This would kind of be a D&D-like role play, and yes I have a point. I'm not too sure what all I should put here, but here's what I will put: There has been a secret organization which A'rrazaah does not know about. This is an organization which has sent knights to different villages across the land (so you can be from anywhere) in order to find people willing to fight. That's basically the summary of the whole thing. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask. Oh, and make sure to let me know if this is interesting to you!
  8. Song Sprite

    OOC: Finding Nolan

    This quest is now full. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to play a different game. - Y'all remember the thing with the Mists and the Spires? Well, two of my characters participated in that - Mira and Nolan, a girlfriend/boyfriend duo. However, things didn't go so well for them. Mira got her soul all eaten up by hellfire, and Nolan got turned into a sort-of evil demonish thing and flew off tragically into the sunset. Fastforward... uh.... @Kingofgames12? How far we fast forwarding? How much time has Gregor lived through since then? Anyway, fast forward a goodly while, and Mira has woken up from her coma and recovered enough to want to chase down her errant lover boy. She'll be joined by Gregor, who was there and saw it all happen, and, perhaps, a few other adventurers? She has sufficient coin to take on a few hired hands. I don't have a whole lot of specific ideas for this quest yet. Nolan really could be anywhere. We'll probably start with a quest to find some kind of scrying object or spell that will allow him to be located. The traditional methods Mira has tried have had no success, because while she does have several of his personal belongings, he has changed in character so much since he left home that those objects no longer have a spiritual tie to their former owner.
  9. Your local Red here reporting! Recently there has been a slew of sightings of some sort of creatures stalking the edge of the forest surrounding the city of Predators Keep, the guards are on edge and the Queen is on edge as well. The safety of her people is the most important matter at hand, so while she is in her sister city of Port Caelum in Genesaris, she is needing recruits to lead this investigation! There are only whispers of what these things might be, spider like creatures that while in a pack, can ransack and destroy a small town with ease. But those are only rumor! Because of the intensity of these rumors, she has sent out letters to all of Terrenus in search of the most competent, able fighters that would be willing to take on the task of figuring out what these things are, and if they should be destroyed. There will obviously be rewards involved, and with the summons it's noted that the people up for the task could be rewarded with gold, or if they wish weapons or items imbued with a psionic properties to help them on their next endeavors. I will require profiles for this quest, as it is not being DMed, and I want to see characters that are able to handle themselves, as well as writers able to create story out of their posts. I repeat, this is not a quest to be DMed. It is up to you, as the questers, to make it fun and engaging for each other. 2-3 people needed.
  10. KittyvonCupcake

    Dream a Little Dream

    Hello, Val Pals! So I did a bit of a thing (You can find it over here) and now I need some willing participates to dig about in my sandbox. Well. Essentially, I've been on a bit of hiatus for about a year (I'm so sorry, unfinished roleplay partners, I love you) and in the spirit of dipping my toes back in the swirling water of interactive creativity, I'm leaving the fate of my elvish character Ioreth under your control. Here's the rundown: An amulet, possibly evil, most likely spooky, needed a quick despelling for fast reselling. Ioreth's brother, another elfy sort named Draug (character sheet to soon be updated), passed it along to her and probably did not say please. She disappears for quite some time, seems to appear in a vision, and now he is in the Wilds making his very best attempts to break a possibly evil, most likely spooky spell. Now, where do you come in? There are multiple options for your character. And by that, I mean probably two. You're more than welcome to provide any additional suggestions, of course. Depending on your interests, you can pop on in on the physical realm or the metaphysical realm. (Imagine some glitter where those italics are, if you please.) If you wish to be the latter, your job is to figure out what happened to Ioreth while navigating what could be a dream world, or what could be a spiritual purgatory. I'll be giving you puzzles to solve and obstacles to overcome, although what you choose to do is obviously up to you. A warning: have your foot fall in the wrong place, and you may just need to wake up. If you wish to be the former, you will be with Draug and you have to try to open up a tree. Sounds simple, no? You'll see. Your own pace is your decision, and I would like to encourage you to explore your writing and your creativity as much as you want. Have some fitting art or music you want to include? Please do so. Wanna get weird? Go right ahead, my friend.
  11. Cheezeegriff

    Looking for RP

    Hey all. I'm looking for some people to roleplay with, preferably with my drifter druid/mercenary for hire, Jon (see ) but I'm happy to change that if need be. I prefer RPs with an emphasis on character interactions and making friends in difficult situations, struggling together, etc, where combat is used as the occasional distraction. Kind of like Harry Potter. Or Lord of the Rings. Romance or some sort of sexual tension is cool too, so long as it's secondary to an actual plot. Let me know if you'd like me on board:).

    Your not a special

    Congratulations ! You’ve worked ! Been through college and completed your education! You may have had a good life or a crappy one! Let’s be honest your either working, in college , or both! Life is shitty because it’s boring and it’s pretty hard! Hard because it’s repetive and you were probably horribly depressed because life kicked you in the sensitive bits at Mach 5 and didn’t give a shit you couldn’t get back up! ,And that’s how you ended up here! Either for money or because you’ve been brainwashed to be here! Welcome to the lair! Your officially a henchmen for The evil Dr.Goonburg! A super villain! Remember the only way out is retirement or Death! Pick the proper department for your skills and try not to be the lest incompetent person in your group! Don’t worry your still in competent or instead of being a henchmen you would’ve been doing something boring and generic! ( Note this ad is a satire for this roleplay! ) as you can see this is a hench man receruitment drive! This will be an off kilter Dramatic slice of life. And you can be a smarty, A rescuer ( of bad guys) or a good ole thug, or that rpg using Ahole that ruins people’s day! Do agood and maybe you’ll get a promotion. So do keep in mind you’d be completely human in this rp unless the boss has taken you back for expirmentation. You’ll actually have two the actual Villian and the manager who probably wishes every day he’d ended his life. He’ll get the projects and Assaingments and round you bunch into what needs to be done if your qualified for it! Keep in mind that your somewhat incompetent at least! Unless your a super spy hero but even then you’d have to ocassionaly be bad at the job! Because after all the heros are suppose to win! Much to DoomBurg’s dismay! ( the mistake is intentional As Goon is the nickname he gets for his reliance on you) you’ll probably see very little of this Supervillian unless your the Assult unit in charge of carrying out the missions he does. you have the Recon Division! Responsible for spying and gaining intel and all the juicy things that happen, and gossiping about the other goons and Henchies. You have RND! These are the Intellegent ( I hope) of the group! Put togther to work on scientific , magical , and Sometimes Wacky or extreme projects! This also means your the only responsible ones! ( besides Boss Manager Man!) We have the wonderfully horrible Torture division! Your tasked with the brainwashing, extracting of information, pain inflicting, and punishment tasks that need to be run! No doubt this group is filled with the horribly despicable social outcasts society hates oh so much! Rescue Team!: the special smug arrogant buttholes of the organization! Medicine and Antony and Anger management and the pshychology things are your field! You get a chopped and get to reduce the poor Dr when something goes wrong or ( the more likely option) when an incopotent Goon ruins the plan! Assult: your the goons that are screwed and probably the most incompetent! You attended the Blade Vampire school for accuracy sometime in your previous life more than likely! Your either a pistole tooter, shotgun blaster, Asult rifle guy, or the only decent Sniper! Yea your division suffers the most from replacement and a bunch of the crazies and mentally disable end up here if for some reason they apply gate guard : only one or two these are the second lest competent ( under manager bro) in the whole place. This postion is heavily armed but more for looks and for keeping away the trash and weak vigilante from using the front door. Your ocassionaly a body guard! Has a very specific load out and look. Think the Alley Viper from GI JOE. Defense: heavy weapons and slightly better and less suicidal than assault. Your safe most of the time but when a hero infiltrated or an attack happens you’ll be the first to get your butts kicked and handed back to you, if they don’t kill, you fall into one of the traps, or formerly fire doesn’t happen. Think Rainbow Six Siege but with more , larger map and your the terrorists i will allow 1 person to be a hero 1 to be the sneaky person who tries to gain intel 1 actualky super competent employee who’s actually a traitor mole or spy but who has to act incompetent or else they’ll be found out. charaxter sheets comming upon intrest competence Meter : 4-10 4 You can effectively do anything you know how to do, anything new is going to be a kick in the pants. 10 : WHY DO YOU SUCK THIS BAD!?! Your the bane of the organizations existence, Your the people who run into the protangist and get mowed down by the hundreds. Yes we saw that This is required along with your stats or it’ll be your only stats, down people like stats!
  13. Greetings everyone. I have been struck with the abnormal urge to take on another quest (Mahaskiel of the Ancient Curse), so here I am putting myself out there to everyone so that I can ask if anyone would like to join me. The quest itself is for a legendary crossbow called Mahaskiel within Genesaris's heart of darkness: Saint Desolatus. If you seek a legendary weapon who has uncanny speed, accuracy, spacial intelligence, poisonous bolts, immunity to spells, the ability to not be broken, and a knack of always returning straight back to you, then you've come to the right place. However, there is a catch: as with most legendary weapons of superb caliber, this one has a slight caveat attached: it is cursed -- possessed. It's evil power will corrupt even the noblest of souls, and will drive it's owner mad. There is a man in Mageside City who knows how to purify the weapon, and seeks retribution for those who have been slain by its bolts that are blacker than lacquer. I am searching for someone who has a character who will take on this mage's call to retrieve the bow so that it can be purified. If you shall succeed, you will most likely have this unique crossbow all for yourself. To be quite honest, I was planning on soloing this mission so I could claim the bow for myself, but where is the fun in that? Instead, I have a proposal for you: rather than being your standard protagonist co-player, I want to be an antagonist. To be more precise, I want to be the foil to your character. My character wants the evil entity that is sealed within the bow for himself, and he is perfectly willing to murder all those who get in his way (I mean of course, if you let him). If you want the bow, you'll have to go through both the npcs, and through my own character. As for the technical side of things, I am searching for a small group of up to 2 other people. The posting time will range from 1-2 days so that everyone has a chance to write; however, everything is flexible. I have no idea how this story will turn out as it seems to be a bit of a stretch, but may I once again invite you to join me? What do you say, are you up for the challenge?

    Your not a special

    Congratulations ! You’ve worked ! Been through college and completed your education! You may have had a good life or a crappy one! Let’s be honest your either working, in college , or both! Life is shitty because it’s boring and it’s pretty hard! Hard because it’s repetive and you were probably horribly depressed because life kicked you in the sensitive bits at Mach 5 and didn’t give a shit you couldn’t get back up! and that’s how you ended up here! Either for money or because you’ve been brainwashed to be here! Welcome to the lair! Your officially a henchmen for The evil Dr.Goonburg! A super villain! Remember the only way out is retirement or Death! Pick the proper department for your skills and try not to be the lest incompetent person in your group! Don’t worry your still in competent or instead of being a henchmen you would’ve been doing something boring and generic! ( Note this ad is a satire for this roleplay! ) as you can see this is a hench man receruitment drive! This will be an off kilter Dramatic slice of life. And you can be a smarty, A rescuer ( if bad guys) or a good ole thug, or that rpg using a hole that ruins people’s day! Do agood and maybe you’ll get a promotion
  15. Warlock

    Something Lurks in the Forest

    Up in the Black Range Mountains, a be city for the dwarven people is under construction. Things have been going well, but there have been many odd things lurking within the forests. Disappearances, strange noises and sightings of strange creatures lurking just beyond the tree line. Until all this has been sorted out, the construction is henceforth halted. Can you brave the mysterious creatures lurking within the forests? There is plenty of loot and rewards to be had for those that are. Its dangerous out there, so be sure to come in ready for battle! Post your interest here and a brief description of the character you are using if a profile is not available. Hope to have some fun writing with all of you!
  16. A high-profile criminal was caught crossing over the border of Predator’s Keep Underground going into Predators Keep itself. Due to his massive high risk and chance to escape it has been determined by the militia that having him be transported by the now stretched thin military will NOT be a possibility. His currently abrasive mood along with the connections he had made underground has led him to become a very dangerous individual. This leads us to believe that even if we could escort him to our prison facility (Which is on the outskirts of the town.) The travel itself will be halted by either underground residents attempting to break him out, or him trying to break out himself. That is where you guys come in, we will be attempting to transport this criminal into our maximum-security prison, and we need extra guards to make sure neither he breaks out or anyone assists him on escaping. The pay will, of course, be quite high for the high risk. WARNING We repeat this criminal is highly unstable, for the sake of your own lives we implore you that you do not wear anything that can possibly conduct electricity, he is a well-versed electricity manipulator and it is of your best interest that you never give him the opportunity to take advantage of this. Do not speak to him, do not hold eye contact, and for the love of Christ do not play ANY music.
  17. • [WHAT] Essentially I'm pulling from FF7 - FF7 Crisis Core to create a darker version of SOLDIER. Original technology, original concepts, remniscent to the nostalgia of the old fantasy that some may have grown to love. This would be an organization that seeks to expand not just across one continent but across many over the span of several roleplays interconnected. New characters are preferred but any form of character that fits within the scheme of what we're going for here is allowed. • [WHERE] The intended starting location is The Lands of Alterion, Alterion. Being such, there's no pertinient lore that NEEDS to be known, but there are lore articles that exist about the region provided you have no experience there or would like a feel for the surrounding locations. • [WHEN] Being that it's the holidays I'm open to taking it slow, especially right now, and ramping up moreso next year into a settled groove. Meaning posts could be once every three days, or even once a week, depending on the thread and how many people are in it. • [HOW MANY] The immediate group that I want to start with, is a group of four including myself. However there are positions for more to join. Being that I'll be largely acting as the GM and NPCer for the group I'm open to anywhere from four to twelve members in total. • [WHAT?! more details] The Babel Corporation (formerly known as CURE) is an enigmatic organization that exists on the precipice of existence, one that is mysterious as is its origins. It's debut on Valucre was in Renovatio (formerly led by @Reign) but due to his lack of time to dedicate to roleplaying, and the departure of the boards leader, has left the reins to me. The entire scope of the details that exist at current are here: click! The purpose of this interest check is to see how many would be interested in a conceptual revival of the organization here on Valucre, to forge their own unique stories with others with Babel at the foreground: and quite frankly I'm bored and want to do FF7 Crisis Core esque roleplay. • [Requirements?] None really. Anyone who's willing to write is able to participate. All it requires is interest and consistency. Anyone from all walks of roleplaying life will be guided as per what little lore exists as far as character creation and from there it's all fun and games. So gonna go ahead and see if I can generate any amount of interest with this loose idea. If enough interest is generated we can get things going and have some fun. The goal is to write and have fun.
  18. LordYalet

    [Quest] Forsaken hope

    This quest will be split into two sub-quests: while the first is about rescuing a person and fighting a villain, the second will be a tale of revenge and unlikely feats. The main setting for the events will be Saint Desolatus, whereas our initial group will start from within Mageside. The requirements for this quests are the following: 3 additional people, engaged by my character upon start, ideally on the good/neutral side; Optionally, someone willing to play the villain, who will not show up right from the beginning but rather a bit later. As the villain, you will interpret a neutral evil character, and while freedom will be granted over his/her actions, I will hand you some constraints and guidelines to steer the quest in the intended direction. Some enjoyable macabre diversion will be included for sake of your wickedness, however... keep in mind that the epilogue reserved for you won't be pleasant. Thus you most likely do not want to play one of your existing characters, unless you wish to get rid of it. If no one is up to the task, I will take the role upon myself. Additionally, there are some rules: Posting window of 72 hours (3 days). If you cannot make it, send a PM beforehand and we will postpone your turn. Otherwise, you will be automatically excluded; Minimum of 250 words per post. Current role assignment: Author: LordYalet as Kelnor Quester 1: HollowCipher as Damien Quester 2: Quester 3: Villain: In order to ask for participation, please read the prologue to the end. Eleven months passed since Kelnor became a permanent resident of the Academy of Mageside, taking on the position of Honorary Chancellor. Despite being a fictitious office, backed by no real power or responsibility and reserved solely for the purpose of personal decoration, the sage brought several new interesting changes to it. He steadily acquired an increasing popularity among the students, for he acted as a chaperone to the new never-seen-before mysterious art of Yon. Used to the thousand-years-old classical arcana dedicated to elemental magic, every wizard within the circle of the academy was splashed with a breeze of innovation over that amazingly new mastery, barely two centuries in the making. This, coupled with his unwavering enthusiasm for the sharing of knowledge, led Kelnor to become more of a real figure of influence rather than the hollow shell of bogus importance he was supposed to fill. So much indeed, that the actual Chancellor, as well as the Council of Five, occasionally handed him a predicament to tend to, whenever it was of sufficiently negligible political impact. The case of Don Flamberico Shounì was one of those predicaments. The Don was a man of excess, under every observable aspect. He was over six feet tall, with an incredible body mass of over five hundred and fifty pounds, which invariably loomed on every man with the daunting presence of a crooked tower threatening to fall over at any moment. He dressed in sparkling clothes of excruciating and vibrant colours, mostly golden yellow or emerald green. All tailors of the city raced each other to be the one tasked with manufacturing the next of his attires, for every garment was worth a small fortune. The man always bore a pleasant smile, toppled by a perfect thin moustache, over the ripe abundance of five too many chins. He was as extravagant in taste as noisy in attitude, with his voice and hearty laughter often echoing through an impossible number of concrete walls. This explains why Kelnor was utterly bewildered when he saw Don Flamberico walking in his study room with a shabby expression of helplessness, wearing no more than a paltry maroon raincoat. The humongous man looked dishevelled beyond common decency, he had deep black circles under his eyes and, for the love of all the gods! some forty pounds were definitely missing from his soft rotundness. The Honorary Chancellor halted and stood up in sign of reverence, letting the book he was so intensely reading a few seconds before half-open, half-forgotten, on the indifferent silence of the table. "Don Flamberico! You must forgive my manners, but I daresay, I just saw a ghost! Is it really you? What dire event reduced you in this miserable state? Please, come, have a seat and tell me what troubles you." The Don nodded to Kelnor ever so slightly, almost unable to fully acknowledge his existence in the ghastly world he was suddenly living into. "Master Kelnor, the care you show for your peers always greatly surpasses your manners. Which is the one quality that makes you a man of honour among these self-important half-wits political parasites. Should I have a copper for every bow I received, immediately followed by sneering envy and hatred, I'd be... well, far richer than I already am. I guess the similarity does not make it justice, for a man of my wealth." He sighed, incapable even of the tiniest irony. "I am no peer of yours, Don Flamberico. I am but a scholar...", replied the sage, unsure and concerned. "Oh, stop it, Master Kelnor. There is no time for compliments, no time at all. I am indeed plunged in the direst situation and I cannot fathom how to get out of it." He paused, tension building up in the air between them, ready to explode at the slightest vibration, "My daughter has been abducted." "By the immortal Gods! This is terrible, awful I say! The sweet Monique, fallen in the hands of some twisted criminals? Really, my sincerest apology, I would have never presumed...", his speech doddered on and extinguished in the exhausted look of the Don, "Have the captors made any request?" "No. These are no mere criminals, Master Kelnor. My daughter... Monique... they took her to Saint Desolatus. That's as far as my men went, in the attempt to rescue her..." The lapidary statement fell from the sky like a stone boulder, while the ominous truth crushed Kelnor with the fiercest dread. Saint Desolatus, the home of the God of Desolation, a wicked place that hosted the lowliest scum of humanity, especially wizards: blood mages, necromancers, and far, far worse; every last one of their abominable ilk found shelter and tools in the eternal sanctuary of the evil god. No living creature ever returned from Saint Desolatus. Not all in one piece, at least. Kelnor stumbled, caught in a vertigo, and was forced to backpedal quickly to find the nearest armchair, lest he fall straight to the floor. "I... am sorry.", there was nothing more he could say, for both of them knew she was most likely dead by now if she was very, very lucky. "No, I won't accept an apology for an answer. I want you to save her, Master Kelnor. She always had an utter admiration for you, since the first time you set foot in this dusty old academy of old geezers. The students trust you because you are a man of experience and wisdom, not just a bookworm that spent his all life in a library. I trust you.", determination sparkled within the eyes of the Don, only a masquerade of his feeble hope. "I am honoured, but... I am one man. You should ask the Council or the militia. They could swarm in force..." "Oh they could, " sharp tongue cutting off his words, "but they won't. They are a bunch of dimwits, so fucking scared of Saint damned Desolatus they would piss themselves wet. And rightly so. I do not blame them, but the council, the battle mages... they won't march there, risking to cause an incident of epic proportion, to enrage a god! Just for my daughter's sake. Whereas you... you fought that blood mage last year. So I thought that maybe..." Kelnor bit his lips, unsure of how to answer to the wretched man. True, he fought against Libald but he had powerful allies then: two expert storm mages and a pyromancer. Now he was alone, against an unknown "entity", for it would be too forgiving to assume the captor was even a man. "Please, Master Kelnor, I beg you!", the Don knelt down before him, making the sage likely the only man that could look down on Flamberico Shounì, "I implore you! I will grant you everything you desire, but please, please! At least try to save my daughter! I know you have a chance, you are a cunning powerful mage. Please, for Monique...", Flamberico was now a pitiful mass of lamentable sobbing, wriggled down in prostration. His brain was ordering him to reply with a safe and sound No, but when he opened his mouth to speak... "Alright." Damn you moron! "I will try, for Monique's sake. But I will need some help." If you want to apply for the bad guy position, please attach an excerpt or write a paragraph that in your opinion would exemplify his behaviour. If you wish to play one of the heroes, please provide a similar quick one-shot in which your character tries to convince Kelnor and Exanium Finch as to why you would be a good pick for the job. Mr. Finch will act as the intermediary between the contractor (my character) and yourself.
  19. This is General Firebrew of the Tazarek military. We are requesting rescue in the Great Mountain Range of Genesaris. If anyone is out there, please help us, we have many wounded, and no means of protecting ourselves against the elements. Anyone who can find us and give us aid, we promise on our beards we will compensate you with gold and jewels, whatever you wish, just please- In the distance, there was the sound of an unearthly howl. What in the name of the...everyone, prepare for battle! In the southern reaches of the Great Mountain Range in Genesaris, two dwarven airships arrive to colonize a new home. One disappears, the other crashes in the craggy landscape that is filled with danger. Their odds of surviving are slim to none, unless someone answers the call... Will you be the ones to brave the treacherous twists and turns of the Great Mountains? Do you laugh in the face of dangers that could lurk in every nook and cranny? Then respond to the call, save General Firebrew, and discover what has become of the second airship to unlock mysteries, combat dangers and earn some dwarven gold. For honor, for glory, for Tazarek! This thread is set near the base of the mountains some distance away from where the distress call is received. Those who wish to take part in the adventure will have their characters meet up there once I have made the next post setting up the location. From there the participants will navigate perilous terrain, defeat dangerous enemies and discover incredible secrets all in the depths of the Great Mountain Range. Danger setting is set to Medium-High, there is a possibility of character death, but can be mitigated through planning and teamwork. Loot reward is also set to high, and any artifact acquirement can be discussed in the OOC thread I will put up shortly once enough interest has been gathered. This is an exciting adventure I hope to share with everyone and I will promise 110% in giving everyone a fun and exhilarating opportunity to write in a classic adventure setting that is sure to be extraordinary. All those that wish to join in please post here in this thread with either a link to the character you plan on using or a description of who they are and their powers if a profile is not available. Edit: Link to IC thread-https://www.valucre.com/topic/38666-there-goes-the-neighborhood/
  20. Natesh Springhelm

    An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    Hello, fellow citizens of Valucre! I recently finished my character and am in a strong RPing mood. My young Spriggus (Wing Elf) is an adventurous lad who wants to meet new people and see the world. I sadly don't have an idea yet, but I am open to most RPs. Anyone interested in guiding Natesh as he explores, or maybe deceiving his somewhat naive mind, or just to tag along? I'll update and/or make a new post if I have an idea, unless an idea is agreed upon.
  21. This will be my first quest, so bear with me. I'm looking for 1 or 2 companions to do the Baizo quest Class C : Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB
  22. Hello, i was wondering if anyone was interested in joining me in a small adventure in the Wilderness of Genesaris. The event is essentially an exploration of the area, a hunt for an unknown assailant, and dealing with a complication which will be elaborated upon later in the story. I primarily made this thread to build up my own character's narrative; however, I am looking for one or two others to join in if you are interested. This is my first thread, so I hope you will join me in this new experience! -Peter
  23. Secretary

    Searching for Role-Plays!

    I am not sure if I have posted this in the right area so if this thread does need to be moved, I understand completely. I just returned to the website after being gone for about five years so I am still trying to re-adjust. I am looking to be involved in any role-plays that may need the following character types: Secretarial assistants Entertainer Assist Character (partner, basically) Princess or any type of female character that you may need for your role-play. I am very good with creating female concepts for just about any type of role-play! I want this return of mine to be a permanent one for sure and I want to create new relationships with a lot of you on this site, so I hope I can receive some responses to this thread. I respond to posts here and in private also! Your choice on how you wish to contact me. I also have a Discord as well, just ask for it!
  24. The Dark Troupe is a covert ops team composed of Valucre's most dangerous criminals. Transported from Alterion's secretive Kageroth prison, they are kept in check via durable nano-machines that will detonate upon command while being charged by the Alterion military to accomplish tasks and missions the Alterion government prefers deniability. The nano-machines also serve to inhibit the Troupe's powers, keeping them at low-to-mid mild power standards -- however, this can be manually overridden by the Troupe's handler and the High Mason. Additionally, the crystal powered nano-machines allow for closed telepathic conversations (when the handler enables it) allowing the Alterion government to constantly monitor and contact their operatives at all times. In exchange for services rendered the operatives receive a small monetary stipend for personal expenses and reduction of years off their sentences. For the sake of their public profile they pass themselves off as a band of mercenaries called the Dead Apostles. New Info: So, there isn't a huge interest in Dead Apostles, atm, which I can totally understand. Given that, I am going to retool the group a bit. The core idea will remain the same—traitors and criminals working for the nation that imprisoned them, but I'll be tweaking some of the basics. At this point, I'm looking for the following: The Dead Apostles will be a 2-4 man squad. Each member will fill a particular type; striker, defender, scout, support/healer. Striker—standard dps junkie. They put out a lot of damage, can defend but not the ideal member for it. Defender—the tank, whether physical or metaphysical, they're in it for the long haul. Ideal for defending the team and doling out consistent damage. Breaker—Scout, Stealth, tracking, ranged combat, cqc, h2h, the breaker is whatever they need to be when they need to be it. Alone they're dangerous, with a full squad at they're back they're damned near unstoppable. Support—the white mage, the healer, the synergistic, maybe they're a master apothecary, or alchemist or surgeon—either way they're the back bone of the squad and can heal or provide buffs. When the chips are down this person becomes integral to survival. So, that's the idea. Same basic premise, with a smaller more-tight knit squad. (Paradigm, 02/27/2016) Enter the new era. A new commander for the Dark Troupe has been assigned to the mission, Bjorn von Bismarck, and with the change of command comes a newer, more dangerous generation of Dead Apostles rising to meet the challenges the Alterion government face. The Standard of Operations will remain similar to the previous generation, but minor changes can be seen in the form of two two-man teams of specialized elites, and several four-man teams. In order to join this endeavor please PM the new commander of the Dark Troupe your profile. G.H.O.S.T. Operators: A division of the Dead Apostles serving the Alterion empire. These are reserved(limited) members of the Dead Apostle to be called upon for missions requiring higher participants or different skillsets in order to accomplish the request. G.H.O.S.T. Operators is in essence a ROTC program to train soldiers, elevate their skills and knowledge, and provide invaluable battlefield experience in preparation for serving in the Alterion Army.
  25. Echo

    Interest Check

    So, I have been thinking of picking up a second character outside of working Akaru with Aleksei. This character will need to be developed fully. His name is Delta Wulfheim. A Northman from a small coastal tribe of Vikings. They have been lost to time itself and still exist in a primitive way of life. Delta is the son of the North King, Ulfrik Wulfheim. His father has bestowed a quest upon him to travel the unknown, uncharted, world and find a new land in which their people may flourish. Many adventures await him along the way. Right now, I am attempting to put together a group to travel with him. I have five roles that need filled. A younger brother (name to be chosen by the one who plays him), a Shield-Maiden, and three devoted followers.