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Found 421 results

  1. Danger Step: 4 | Post Step: 2 | Quest Grade: A- |Reward: Post Credits+Item Well, it isn’t Bowser, but something particularly nasty all the same. A local mushroom picker named Olivaid has been unable to get down to the lake for fear of losing a limb or worse. The occasional alligator is a normal part of the job, an occupational hazard he’s willing to deal with and has dealt with on a regular basis. However, this time is different, and it cost him one of his hired help. A beast unlike anything he has ever seen before rose out of the water, standing at 10ft tall (on two legs) with five claws per hand, each claw nearly a foot long each, in addition to teeth about 4” long themselves. He was able to get a sketch of the creature made, and with a bit of imagination, you can see something like this. As if that were not bad enough, the creature seems to be hanging around, aware that people go down to pick the River Mushrooms, looking for more human-prey. On top of that, it seems like his presence as made more alligators show up, causing the waters to be completely infested. At the very least, this big one has to go, or else the local mushroom economy might be in trouble- it sounds silly, but some people make their living picking these things. The man is offering good money to the first group willing to go down there and get rid of it and any other Alligators that get in your way, as well as a dozen mushrooms each—quite the deal, as those carry a fair price themselves. Just make sure to do your research on River Mushrooms before chowing down. In addition to Alligators, watch out for Manes and Ambush Mangroves. They are known to be in the area. Group Minimum: 3 Suggested Group: 3-5 Level of Danger explained: This is more of a "soft 4", but rather than call it a 3.5, I rounded to four and gave a lesser item instead of cutting back on the VB. Alligators are tricky as it is, but the primary target is very strong, fairly intelligent, magically resistant and has tough skin. Also surprisingly fast. Remember, in the company of other Alligators and there are those nasty mangroves out there. Storyteller Required: Recommended, not required
  2. The remote nation of Norkotia, a small, isolationist confederation of city-states, is in need of some unscrupulous foreigners for a handful of tasks. The current administration is trying to stamp out its underhanded political opponents, while at the same time expand the borders of the confederation's legal influence. While much of this will be handled by locals, there are a few jobs that need a special touch. Each of these are separate RPs. I don't intend to do all three of them, since I'm not sure I could handle GMing that many at once while still fulfilling my existing obligations. On that note, I don't intend to start these threads immediately, so give a few days from the point of recruitment before the actual RP gets started. Mission 1 -- A gunslinger and his henchmen are harassing a town outside of the Norkotian sphere of influence, trying to prevent it from joining the confederation. The local sheriff is in favor of joining Norkotia officially, and expresses public support for the current Norkotian chairman, Joseph Tynes. Unfortunately, the sheriff has repeatedly failed to defeat the gunslinger. A foreigner is hired to kill the gunslinger, but with one caveat: They must somehow make it appear that the sheriff is the one who did it! (1 - 2 players) Lack of interest Mission 2 -- The mayor and sheriff of an outlying village have repeatedly resisted offers to join the Norkotian government. It is suspected that they may have been bought-off by local mining companies and land owners. In order to persuade the people to push for annexation into Norkotia, a band of foreign mercenaries has been hired to murder the sheriff and threaten the town, but not destroy it. (2 - 4 players) Mission 3 -- The CEO of the powerful BlackBlood Energy Corporation has been causing political and logistical problems for the Norkotian government. Unable to penetrate his stronghold, the government seeks to contract a small band of foreign mercenaries to break-in and dispose of the CEO. Though it is preferred that he be taken alive, killing him is also acceptable. (2 - 4 players) Full Rewards will come in the form of unmarked silver and gold bars (mostly silver). I'll be handling most of the plot characters, minor NPCs and area descriptions. As noted, I will not do all three, at least not at once, so which ones get selected will depend a bit on how much interest I get and what order I get that interest in. Also note I reserve the right to decline players if I am not confident in them for whatever reason. I intend to get the RPs canonized, so I expect good quality posting from any joiners! Lastly, I would definitely appreciate players reading Norkotian lore, but it is only optional. The general setting to expect is a sort of blend of the American Wild West with the 1930s, though some of the technology can be as new as the 1980s. No computers or digital tech, however. Magic is also severely impaired, so your characters will only be able to work their magic at approximately 25% of its normal power. The population is mostly human with a few elves, so non-humanoid species will be regarded with suspicion. Be sure to ask me questions!
  3. Radioactive

    CHAOS is recruiting...

    CHAOS or Criminal Heathens Against Organized Systems is looking for new members. This is a Genesaris-based organization whose sole purpose is to create anarchy and chaos anywhere we can! There will be plenty of missions (which will hopefully be considered for canonization), but in the downtime, expect foul language, excessive drinking, and a completely unnecessary level of violence. We need thieves, assassins, and spies. If you don’t specialize in any of these areas, we can always use whatever you bring to the table. Weaklings and crybabies need not apply. (That is directed IC, and in no way meant to exclude any actual members) Reply here or PM me with questions, opinions, thoughts, complaints, or expressions of awe and wonder at my inspiring brilliance. 👍
  4. Hello friends! WELCOME YOUR FACE TO A WORLD OF ZAMBIES ahem... zombies. That's right. This would be an alternative thread that doesn't take place in Valucre! But obviously it's a zombie survival thread and I'm going to start it later, whether or not no one wants to join. Since I can just do it with a friend of mine, which I'm fine with. AAAAAAAnywayyyyy this world has NO. MAGIC. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN!!~ Curses? HA! no. they don't work here. I say this because my character and my friend's character both have curses. They are kind of stuck here for a bit. BUT anyone else can join! You don't even have to be in the group with my friend and me. I could just narrate every little thing that goes wrong with your group! YAAAAAAY destruction!!! So yeah, Feel free to ask questions, I mean there isn't much to tell... There's zombies. Ya gotta survive. I'd love for others to join, but if not... oh well. I'll survive. OH and I forgot to say! Don't want to make a new character? Fear not! Any character you already have will be accepted. Why? Gods. They brought you to this evil world. Why? Who knows. But this would only be if people want join. I mean come on, who doesn't love zombie survival type of things? WOOO! LETS HAVE SOME FUN WATCHING PEOPLE GET EATEN ALIVE!! ... did I say that out loud?
  5. Tyler

    Need some burglars...

    A Case For Journalistic Integrity Genre: Western/Dieselpunk/Fantasy Location: Norkotia, Terrenus Idea Info: Okay ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be my first open RP set in a city that I’m building-up. Since the location is my creation, I’ll be GMing the plot and controlling most of the NPCs. I only need one other writer as a minimum, but I’ll take up to three. This is not first-come, first-serve. I would like to canonize this thread if it actually happens, so I reserve the right to deny people based on their posting reliability, writing quality or character choices. (Makes me sound like an ass, but would like to make this a quality thread.) Also, I’d ideally like for you to read up on Norkotia before signing on, but I’ll give a brief summary of what the place is like so you know if you’re interested or not before wasting time reading the whole article: Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the RP’s story premise: The recently elected chairman of the Norkotian council is exceptionally unpopular with the current ruling elite. The chairman’s supporters suspect that the media is collaborating with corporate and political leaders to unfairly undermine the new regime. Now, a few months after the election, several shady characters have began moving about the city, seeking criminals, transients and foreigners for a secret mission. Indications are it involves breaking and entering a facility to steal something, but details are kept vague until the prospective burglars were willing to commit to the mission. Once they have committed, they will be given a mission briefing from an individual over a voice recording. It will then be explained that their task is to break into the headquarters of the Norkotian News Corporation, the city’s largest media conglomerate, and search for any information that would implicate the news media giant of collusion with other entities. The facility has no magic barriers or high-tech devices, but it is guarded by private security guards and is of sturdy construction. It is preferred that the burglars accomplish their goal undetected. Payment will be less substantive if no incriminating evidence is recovered. The PCs will be paid in the form of unmarked silver bars. The RP can either start at the secret assembly point where the PCs receive their briefing, if people prefer that to be on-screen. Alternatively, this can be skipped and the players can start outside the NNC building and start the burglary right off the bat. As I said, I will GM the NPCs and will try to describe most of the settings and scenarios. If you decide to create a local character, run it by me first, but I generally expect everyone will be providing "foreign" characters. I'm probably forgetting some piece of information, so keep an eye on this post in case I edit new things in. And be sure ask if any of you have any questions. I've never officially created an RP or GMed an actual plot on Valucre before, so bear with me.
  6. Grubbistch

    Necropolis Rising

    Hello and welcome my fellow writers. I have quite the opportunity for those wishing to get into the political scene in Orisia. This is a story that is high in intrigue, character development and plenty of mysteries to uncover. It is here on this interest check that the noble house of Estella-Negra makes its debut and first move in the grand game of the political world in Orisia. In this story I am looking for specific people but I can also adapt and work with other characters on it as well. The gist of the story is that House Estella-Negra wishes to become the sole ruling family in the city of Izabal. For centuries House Estella-Negra have patiently waited, taking any opportunity to advance themselves until only one obstacle lies in their path. A noble house of vampires holds a tight fist over their properties in the city, doing everything they can to thwart the attempts of Estella-Negra at gaining more power. Known as House Sangre, the tensions between the two families have been rather fierce as of late. Now Estella-Negra wishes to remove their rival in order to finally achieve the control they have sought. This quest will be mainly for any other noble houses in Orisia wishing to be apart of a quest to help advance their own agendas. Estella-Negra is going to need help in dismantling the political and monetary power of House Sangre. While there is a preference for other houses in Orisia I won't turn down anyone else willing to get in on this, and can adapt the story to help make others be more valuable in it. The big thing about this though is that in order to fully gain control of the board I need to make a thread containing at least sixty posts to take control. That means this is going to be one for the long haul, though I feel the story is solid enough for this to take that many pages to finish. Posting order is loose unless it needs to be changed, I hope to be able to write with some of you wonderful users out there.
  7. The Ardesian House is looking for those willing to aid in the search of justice! We, the Ardeisan house, are recruiting those willing to aid in the assassination of a corrupt king! We seek able bodied warriors, killers, guardians. Those willing to aid shall be paid more then adequately for their troubles. If one is interested in this lone of work, the Ardesians will be in touch. There's is a spot at the bottom of the flyer for people interested to tear off that reads: Hold onto this if you are interested in the job. HOI! I'm looking for some people to help me progress a character arc forwards, those willing to aid in the killing of an off world king will be paid in a sum of trade bars and even in gems depending on how they preform. Once the job is completed the character will earn favor with a house of werewolves that will be building an empire. Do note the risk of death is fairly high (55-65%) since the enemy has trained werewolf warriors. If you are fairly new or even have a character that isn't very experienced don't be afraid to join in. I'm not just looking for god-slayers, I am however looking for people who are willing to post on a regularly weekly basis, if you can't keep up the pace you can drop out or forgo a turn. I've gotten a bit impatient on waiting on this so I figured I'd do it now since things have gotten slow.
  8. HollowCipher

    Honor Among Thieves OOC

    Here's where you can find out what the top stuff means. Danger Step:4 | Post Step: 5 | Quest Grade: S- |Reward: Post Credits+Item It appears that a new guild started up in town and as one could imagine, the established guild isn’t happy about the competition. Normally, the guild would just go to war with the new upstarts and remove them from the picture themselves, but as it turns out, the new leader is a clever bastard. Part of the reason why they are so difficult to pin down is that they are not operating out of one location, but out of several cells connected to the greater network. Rumor has it that there is a central location, but only the guild leader remains there, none of his lieutenants. The organization is complex and difficult to pin down; it will take a great deal of legwork to unravel. Hence, the longtime guild is hiring out, looking for a group with the right combination of investigative skills, tenacity, and “muscle” to take care of the problem. In order to bring down the guild, you are going to have to locate all of the lieutenants and eventually the leader, taking each one of them out. There are a couple ways to “take them out”- you can capture them, obtain evidence of crimes, and then turn them over to the guards or you can just kill them, keeping in mind that discovered bodies lead to bounties. Either way, it will not be easy. If you choose to seize them and turn them into the law, you will have to extricate each one of them without alerting the other thieves, as they will just warn all the rest. If you choose to kill them, you’re going to have to take out all the present members as well. When you successfully complete the mission, the thieves will make it worth your while. Not only will you get paid, you’ll receive what is called a “Guild Token”, a mark of honorary guest membership to the guild, granting you access to certain privileges. You will be alerted to where guild contacts reside in the city, which opens up access to favors they can grant for you. They can tell you where to find available fences (people who buy and sell stolen or illegal goods) They can provide you with info gleaned off the streets as well as generally reliable rumors They can set you up with hired help, should you need someone to do some… sneaky stuff for you If you are trying to outrun some thugs or have guards hot on your tail, they can get you situated at a safe-house or bring in backup to help you fight them off. You will be told the location of some guild networks, which will help you move about the south district without detection, and can get you past the south gate and into the east district without paying the tax. Minimum group: 4 Recommended group: 4-6 Danger: You will be dealing with a criminal enterprise who would much rather stay in business. When you threaten the wellbeing of anyone, they tend to fight back, and when you threaten the wellbeing of a not so nice group of people, you can expect some not so nice responses. They are organized, carry big numbers, and you can expect many to be pretty competent combatants- tread carefully, and do not underestimate anyone. Storyteller: Recommended, not required. I am looking for at least 3 more people for this. I'd prefer an infiltration and take down from within strategy, if possible. As such, thieving abilities are a must. Also, competent fighting might help, but may not be required, depending on how we want to do this. As the post in the link above says, posts must be at least 150 words. 25 posts per person.
  9. DarkHorse

    Under the hot desert sun

    Deep within the Velhatian Desert roams a tribe of warriors like no other. Known for their magic and fighting skills, they worship sun and fire. An exiled priestess, known as the Midnight Demon, has returned to the desert to gather a tribe of her own to seek revenge on those that destroyed her temple and brought disgrace upon her. She has made sanctuary in the ruins of her temple, gathering people and resources she needs to attack and avenge her fallen sisters. I’m looking for a small group, relaxed posting speed (I’m not too picky about how frequently, or posting order), to join her tribe as an outsider or a fellow exiled tribesman or woman.
  10. Okay, so I've tried making my own rps and stuff, but since no one seems to be I interested, I'll turn to you fellow writers! You see I've made a character I'd really love to use, only problem... Idk where she would be good. If anyone is interested in starting something or know somewhere she could go, I'd greatly appreciate it. Idk, even if you think you have characters that would work well with her. I just want to use her. Here she is.
  11. -The Forbidden Woods- What could possibly await us, where man fears to tread? Since time immemorial, places linked to the fae of Terrenus have been known as uneasy, tenebrous places. Places where the tightly packed trees and dense foliage, as well as ancient fae magic, begin to weigh on the minds and hearts of men. Those who enter places like this, the fallow home of natural spirits, rarely find their way out, and those who do are...affected. The very trees sap the memories and sanity of trespassers, either through some unseen magic, or through the choking isolation these trees seem to provide. Who is to say what truly lurks in these Forbidden places? Only rumors and stories can supplant any tangible theories, ranging from the presence of some long-slumbering god of the forest, to the more reasonable theories about a hidden race of faerie, so xenophobic that they cursed their own home in order to deter outsiders. Whether or not these tales hold any weight is still not conclusive, but one thing is certain, they have served to keep the vast majority of potential trespassers at bay. The situation in Terrenus is growing increasingly more volatile, and never before has the continent been in more disarray. Conflict abounds, and between the roads being used as major choke points and valuable resources being controlled in the interest of feeding and supplying the armies of each major faction, the bystanders are the ones who hurt most. In the far eastern section of Terrenus, villages and towns are reliant on supplies located closer to the center of the landmass, and with tensions brewing it will soon prove impossible to maintain any civilian roadways into the mainland, and supplies from the major city of Ashville have slowed to a trickle. With no other options left to them, many will be expected to leave their homes and seek sanctuary elsewhere. Unless, of course, there is an alternative solution. Which you already know there is, don't you? It's why you're reading this. The Forbidden Forest, or the Forgotten Forest, as some might call it, looms quite close by. While the twisted advance of the ancient trees may be intimidating, it's still possible that an opportunity to preserve the homes and livelihood of the civilian population could still be found underneath the forest's darkened canopy. At least, that's what one charismatic young woman believes. She has claimed to have made her way through the woods, and met with the denizens therein. If such a claim is grounded in reality, and not in fiction, then surely there exists an opportunity for a parley of sorts. Perhaps there exists a chance the people who want nothing more than to survive the oncoming civil war ☥ So! You've made it this far, have you? Well, let me take a minute more to convince you that this thread is worth joining. This faction, first and foremost, belongs to @Chouette. Without his idea, I would not have decided to get enrolled in the civil war at all, and so the events of the upcoming thread would never have happened. The goal of this thread, of course, is to chronicle the founding of what I hope to be possible the most tragic element in the Terrenus Civil War. Participants will be helping each other navigate through the faewilds, facing off against treacherous beasts, encountering never before seen elements of the fae wild, and communicating with the reclusive fae, in the hopes of helping those who need it the most. PAQ's (Possibly Asked Questions) What kind of characters can we use? All of them! So long as they are acceptable by MP and Terrenus world standards, there are zero limits on the kinds of folk that can come into the thread. Give me anybody you like! How long will this thread be? The thread has to be a minimum of two pages long, but seeing as I have a definite plan for what we should expect upon entering the woods, I would say that we should expect approximately five pages, give or take a few. Do not be discouraged, as the convenient location of the thread allows us to do a sort of drop in and out style of writing; if you're no longer able or interested, you can simply let us know and bow out. We simply assume that you were swallowed up and spit out by the woods, so nothing of value is lost. I will also look into whether or not it is possible to leave with some kind of artifact or loot for your troubles. What will this thread even be about? Well! If you like: Diplomacy Traps Exploring Mass Murder Then this is the thread for you! So you've heard my spiel. Thank you for taking the time to read this little interest check of mine. Please note that the thread is currently underway, and I will not turn down any volunteers. If you post in here with a character sheet and express interest, then feel free to also make your first post here. Thanks again, and have a good one!
  12. HEY EVERYONE! I'm bored, so what did I do? I created A DUNGEON! it's inspired by a game on the app store called Shattered Pixel Dungeon, but it will be really fun! IT WILL HAVE: EVIL CREATURES TREASURE CURSED ITEMS MAGICAL ITEMS WHY WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO JOIN WOOOOOOOOO! (if you can't tell. I'm hyper) Anyway! Who's interested????
  13. Soooo, I'm a returning Role player from this site. I've been gone for a year now and looking to get back into the swing of things. I have have Four Characters that can be used. I'm really looking for small group roleplays, one on ones, and stories that build character lore. My primary focus is getting myself reconnected to my characters and making new writing companions. Expect to see me crawling around the threads for Quests.
  14. JaviD'Arcana

    Oh boy Here I Go RPing Again~

    So...I've been wanting to host a good RP inspired by the awesome writing I've seen here on this site! And I have some cool characters that could fit into Valucre for some good fantasy adventures! However I will say its a lot of reading to get this world down deep so don't expect me to know the lore all that well (sorry but its a lot to read, wish I had summaries of the places around '>_<) With that being said I would love to lead a group of adventurers or otherwise in a story with any one of my characters. I love magical adventures and epic battles and cute romance encounters or hell, All Of The Above~ Also if you guys would rather do a story with me creating a new character, I'm all ears for that too. If anyone wants to help suggest any ideas on how we could make a adventure together, I'd love to hear them! Otherwise here's some of my characters that I play mostly; Ferris "Xosis" the black Huntsman : he's an old Huntsman that's faced many different strong beasts of the wilds, from massive firey dragons to eldritch horrors, and he's part werewolf. At first he'll come off as a bit intimidating and cold even but trust me he's very kind once you get to know him better, especially if your character is trying to find a Huntsman master to learn from. Yonx the blind wandering samurai : yonx here as his name implies is a wanderer samurai despite being blind in his eyes, however he does use electricity magic and his senses to "see" the waves of things around him (but he sure can't read or write much :D). His goal in life is to find his samurai way, or at least a way of life that he can feel complete with the skills he's learned as a samurai, thus this leads him to journey everywhere in Valucre...sometimes he goes to places he should be in. His kind humorous and wise nature usually get him out of a pickle, that and his electrical katana. Jophiel the free spirited magical wizard : This kid is a classical wizard of mine, his magic focuses on the use of fairies, spirits, sprites, basically any spirit that likes his innocent little butt and his artwork in which he can infuse any spirit to an art piece and make it come to life! Usually he's stuck in the cursed woods deep within an unknown forest that attracts and captures emotionally lost, depressed, or generally sad people. In these woods jophiel does all he can to make people like that stronger and or happier with his magical weirdness and personal weirdness. Wibree Lily Corinthia the badass : Wibree or sometimes called as Lily is a total sarcastic outgoing badass of a fire harpy witch that gives no sh#t about anything but having fun and being with friends, some will say she comes off as a bit strong when you first meet her...and deadly honest but overall she tries to be the best kind of friend she can be. Usually this version of her is suited for magic school type RP but I'm open to use her in anything else.

    A Fickle Little Pickle.

    It’s been a while since I’ve made a post. Your going to want to make throw away characters for this, you can use normal ones but I made this because of the Plot central event that Happens! im going to leave this be for three days, let me know your interested in this and begin thinking up a personality trait Central to a character! Then come up with what they’d look like inside their mind. From nervous wreck to Billy BadBoy! still with me? So you and a band of a few others have been hired for a standard Fetch Quest. And in fact it’s pretty easy getting the items but that’s where it goes horribly horribly wrong! 1 of two things happen depending on a vote of interested parties! Your character get Shackled together arms and legs both, and you have to work togther via the core personality trait of your character, or you all end up in one body vieting for control to complete puzzles defeat enemies and get the object back to your employer to hopefully fix the condrum
  16. HollowCipher

    Who wants a pet phoenix?

    There is yet MORE whispernight things to do, So this time, I'm gonna go one at a time. Same with the originals that I have yet to do. So, first up, killing corrupted phoenixes! I'd like around 3 people with me here, and we can each take a phoenix, kill it, see it reborn, and claim the newborn baby Moltres bird. Anyone in?
  17. ~Harlow.

    Feast or Famine

    Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, What-the-F*ckery Location: Terrenus, Northwest of Doughton You've spotted a small, torn notice hung on the very corner of an open board as you pass by it, somewhere in the area of Doughton. It looks different from the rest, catches your eye, and it draws you over to lift it from beneath the nail that holds it. At first, its faded ink makes reading tough, so you bring it closer to your face, noting the faint smell of... old barn. Perhaps it's been in the sun for a while. You wonder how long? Intrigued, you begin reading: Please help. We herein seek those in Terrenus skilled in the investigation and resolution of complex and extraordinary occurrences, those who hold no fear against the unknown or unsightly. We, the citizens of Loughmiller, have befallen an unfortunate fate: Endless hunger. Our people can't eat the food on their plates; it falls to ash before they taste it. Many have grown meager and have become desperate. Our small, humble town holds poise on the cusp of collapse. There is naught for hope among us, as even the food imported from Doughton fails to fill our stomachs. There are children here. We don't have much money, but we'll pay whatever we can with the means we've got to anyone who can find out how to stop this. You may wonder why we don't just leave. Simply put, we can't. We are two days of travel on horseback directly Northwest of Doughton. I'm seeking 3 - 4 people for this who have characters with skill sets, occupations, or personal interests that would likely respond to the above notice. Didn't want my WC post to get massively complicated my first round back. Hit me with questions :)
  18. Once upon a time, in the land in the sky there sat nestled a frontier that became the city-state of Himmelsfestung. A spot untouched by man, the new populace sought to grow and prosper under their new ruler. Little did they know that their new home would soon receive the wrath of the monstrosities that also made their home there. In a desperate bid to drive back the beasts that plagued them, the kingdom's citizens trained to hunt and capture the monsters, killing them if necessary. Still it was not enough, and many found themselves worn from their efforts. Hoping to boost the morale and courage of their strongest, the king had a labyrinth designed. Within it, he unleashed one such caught monster--a Minotaur, and called upon the Kingdom's strongest hero to slay it, so that the men would see their efforts were not in vain--that these foul creatures could be slain by the best of them. But the King's plan failed, and it cost him dearly. The Minotaur not only slayed the hero, but escaped the Labyrinth and slayed its kin and the surrounding monsters that plagued the kingdom. It was a shocking turn the likes of which Himmselfestung had never seen before. In their eyes, he was more a hero than their very own king, who thought a mere game would turn the tide in their favorite. They allowed the Minotaur to take the throne, de-throning the king and chasing him out into the wild where his fate remained unknown. Slowly but surely the new Minotaur King Raz-Nogore won his new people over--and they were all too eager to please their new heroic ruler. Their peace and prosperity seemingly lasted--but that was all according to Raz-Nogore's design. Driven by vengeance and madness over the what his human subjects had done to him and his kin, Himmelsfestung slowly spiraled into descent. Installing a tyrannical rule, King Raz-Nogore subjected his people to unfathomable horrors that kept them close like terrified sheep for slaughtering. Soon Raz-Nogore, King of Himmelsfestung became Raz-Nogore, the Butcher. --- In a take-over disguised as a diplomatic mission, the Countess Raveena and her small convoy make their way to Tellus Mater's Renovatio to scope out the conditions of Himmelsfestung and determine their next course of action with the plan of expanding to a satellite territory for outsourcing and exportation. Determined the liberate the rumored enslaved populace, she must first witness to the King's tyranny before making her move. Known to be outspoken and confident, the rising noble intends to make history as she turns the King's citizens against him while biding time for her reinforcements to arrive and secure the Kingdom as her own. --- What I'm looking for. I will be working closely with @Warlock @The Hound and @King to make this little tidbit come to life. I am also looking for about three to five other people who want to participate in helping us map out this lhistory. I will submit it for canonization and any lore crafted within I will submit to the landing page as it is 'discovered'. If you wish to add to flora, fauna, bestiary, geography, population and culture, I'd love for you to help me refine what I already have. I have a great chunk of lore already typed up to submit for after this conquest, but I also want to make it somewhat unique so it will be open for editing until the conquest is complete. As such, I encourage anyone who participates to submit any ideas they want to add to the information page via PM. You're also welcome to participate in multiple roles! Just be clear on what role(s) you'd like to have a hand in. --- We will need: A few citizens who are not afraid to be beaten or tortured. Some of you will spread the word of the Countess' defiance against the King. Your kingdom is in a deplorable state, and your own spirits are trodden on. A few soldiers on both sides. Eventually there will be a military occupation from Raveena's side. I would love to see opposition from the King's side also. Note: Both the Hound and King are under Rae's service, so I am not looking for much more on my end. Reconnaissance! I would love it if a spy or two stumbled across the terrible secret of how King Raz-Nogore came to power and the horrific deeds he's done since his tyrannical reign. --- Anyone who knows me knows I am not big on micro-managing how these things go about. I strongly believe in users adding flare to the story in a way even I could not perceive to. Since there will be a possible total of eight of us, there will be a posting order enforced. It will probably break down into three threads because I dunno, I tend to plan and work best in threes. --- The first thread will be an introduction to the all parties involved, and the general premise that we got a bad dude to take out. We need proof, though! Proof this sly bastard is up to some heinous shit. Can't go by word of mouth alone but in this city word of mouth is ruled by fear--so good luck to my recon folks. Second thread will be the arrest of Raveena and her subsequent torture. This is a key turn of events, as this is where our citizens will become heroes. Here they will realize they have nothing to fear from their King and begin their own acts of defiance against him. Leading by example despite her imprisonment, she will inspire the citizens to fight back and overcome their tyrannical King until his forces are overthrown. Third thread will involve the Enforcer militia's arrival and disarming the King's forces, extracting Raven for medical care, and working on cleaning up the pestilence the city has suffered by establishing a new order and assisting the citizens in their recovery and bringing them back to a peaceful status. How you awesome people work this out is up to you, as long as it follows the general premise outlined above. I want it to be exciting and fun! Hit me up, let us toss around ideas and make history happen.
  19. Hello there! Well, as the title says, I am looking for one or more partners to participate in some 1x1 RPing that can take place either in messages or as a thread (I'm not fussy). I have been roleplaying for about eight years now and usually like hefty, paragraphed posts (i.e.-more than 8 sentences ) My post rate is not set, I can post anything from three times a day, to three times a week. The minimum I will post is probably once a week. I find the genre's that most pique my interest are: Fantasy (this includes supernatural-based things.) Historical Sci-fi Action (Not too gory.) Adventure Romance-ish (?)---> [Light, about pg 16-18. I like 'fades to black'.] I can do most genres if I find the plot interesting/creative enough, however... I am not interested in: Anything erotic (Hell to the no.) Anime (I just don't have enough knowledge) Real life (A tad boring in my opinion) Furry-anything (Unless it's like werewolves or shape-shifters in which case that will be in the fantasy category). I usually play original characters, although I don't mind doing something creative with certain fandoms (e.g.- Percy Jackson world but you don't rp as a Percy Jackson character.). I prefer my RP partners to be over the age of 17/18 but this doesn't have to be set in stone. I also only play female characters who are between the age of 18-22. I don't have anything super specific planned in terms of plots and am open for ideas. Drop me a personal message or comment on here :). (Thanks for reading this far. *congratulatory thumbs up*)
  20. scrivener

    A heist thing in casper

    I was looking around at port cities and saw that casper has a museum. since my pirate has sticky fingers i thought it'd be cool to have a heist or robbery type thing to steal one of the pieces. does this sound interesting to anyone else?
  21. Once again, the Official Game and Fishing board has posted another series of wanted posters, calling for the attention of idle steel and unused sorcery. These bounties are often made with the understanding that this particular hunt exceeds the limits of the professionals; the guards and soldiers garrisoning in nearby cities aren't able to risk their positions in attempting to route the beasts themselves, and the cities plagued by these monsters cannot afford the help of well-prepared guilds. Thus, the Game and Fishing commission is responsible for potentially luring several freelance adventurers to their demise, and all for a much, much more reasonable price. This particular poster lists as the following: Assistance Needed In the tracking and culling of the Seismoloth. Bounty: 25,000 Cr. to be split with all other members No insurance necessary: The Game and Fishing Board does not offer benefits in the event of death, injury or dismemberment. Contact your local Game and Fishing office directly, or via appointment if necessary. Seismoloth are a rare find in the current state of things. Though able to make their home in just about every terrain, the beasts are notoriously timid, and keep a very limited territory, though they often defend this space to the death. Terrifying to behold, such beasts are capable of startling speed and strength, but are best known for the impressive amounts of adrenaline they constantly produce, keeping the beasts constantly in a state of fight or flight. Worse still, frightening off a Seismoloth is next to impossible; the monsters are often incredibly possessive of their clutches, and, again, will assault anything growing too close to their homes. And, in their paranoia, this just so happens to be a very, very broad radius in comparison to their limited territory. Seismoloth don't seem to have a concept of size, and are easily frightened--and provoked--by creatures of all sizes. This means that when they come across equally timid species, they may be likely to retreat immediately, but upon being aggressed by a far stronger predator, fight ruthlessly to the death. Their natural armor and impressive might makes this an issue, as Seismoloth are known to take down beasts many times their own size, even proving to be a danger for dragons should they draw too near. Needless to say, the Seismoloth isn't to be taken lightly, and there's no guarantee that anyone attempting to fell the monster will come back in one piece, or at all. --- Continuing with my trend of monster hunting threads, this is the third installment in the series. The rules are fairly simple; we spend a round introducing the cast, followed by a round explaining the situation and maybe one or two moving towards the monster's known area. Depending on the size of the party, or the general attitude, we may spend some time tracking it, followed by a brutal fight to the death. This time around, however, I'm putting more of an emphasis on 'to the death.' I won't be actively seeking to kill the players, but I won't pull any punches with the monster, either. Fight smart, or walk home with some serious wounds. If you let me know beforehand, I can also potential be life-threatening to your particular character. I'm fixing for a three to five man group, not including myself. If you're interested or might be interested, post a message, a character sheet if you have one, and whether or not you're okay with potentially getting murdered by a monster I just made up ten minutes ago.
  22. Twitterpated

    FTW - Come bang with the best!

    A Russian Metahuman with super strength and an attitude has arrived in Terrenus and began recruiting new goons for his "syndicate". In exchange for one's allegiance, he offers comradery and wealth, and to the exceptional, he offers the gift of super strength as he himself possesses. In the midst of Terrenus' great civil war, this criminal organization strives to cement itself within the nation, and to fight for it's success against all else. With the high tension rising in Terrenus, and the turmoil of rising religious sects in an already prejudice society, what reason might "you" have to join this motley crew? Money, Respect, Power? Perhaps you crave all three. While this thread will be left quite vague due to the simplicity of the actually happenings, I will at least leave the link to the IC thread I have started. As I continue to post, more will become known about the situation over all. Feel free to speak here, or even ask questions. Likewise, you may message me with any words or interest in regards to. (Warning: This is quite literally an offer to join a "Street Gang" working to establish itself in the underground world of Terrenus. Criminal activity is a must! I'll note here this is a direct plot currently associated with the Civil War Phase 2/Factions plot.)
  23. The following quest can be found on this page. Anyone in Genesaris interested in teaming up with Duke Evaristus of the Cold South in exploring Whispernight, and more importantly, the questline that is Lanternway? The goal is elegant, intricate storywriting and to come across some relics along the way. This could be a single thread quest or could expand into a series of threads (likely three at most). The only requirement is that your character has to be human (due to a plot device dealing with Evaristus himself). I'd planned to take it up myself originally but this would be far more fun with a small group of storytellers.
  24. Okay, so, I had this idea (with the help of some of my friends) to make a role play where a magical world is in a post apocalyptic state. This world has been this way for a couple years, and there are many villages spread across the world. People have become fed up with the constant harassment from the demons and other creatures that now walk this planet; however no one has been strong enough to fight them alone. People have been strong enough to fight the demons, but not the one behind the apocalypse, otherwise known as A'rrazaah. This would kind of be a D&D-like role play, and yes I have a point. I'm not too sure what all I should put here, but here's what I will put: There has been a secret organization which A'rrazaah does not know about. This is an organization which has sent knights to different villages across the land (so you can be from anywhere) in order to find people willing to fight. That's basically the summary of the whole thing. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask. Oh, and make sure to let me know if this is interesting to you!