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Found 247 results

  1. Before I forget, let me link the important links (lemme know if you have any important links to throw up, will not put up character sheets): Nu Martyr Goes to War Interest Check (has background information I'm not going to retype, but that should be kept in mind) Nu Martyr Lore Article Cult of Power Lore Article IC Thread (when it goes up) Okaaaaaaaay, hey guys! Yeah, I know I said I'd have this up by Friday/ Saturday but, as the saying goes, "man plans; god laughs." Not much I can do when I get hit in the face by a head cold lol Anyways, here's the OOC and I'll have the IC thread up as soon as a I can, though that will probably be early tomorrow afternoon. So here's a quick drawing of the Nu Martyr Province that I put together. It's a very quick map and I didn't bother setting the lines/ colors perfectly. Note that blue is water, sand is land, and the void space connected to the land is where other provinces are, so we can just ignore those parts. For this thread they're irrelevant unless you want to somehow mix in other provinces. Which you can, but at a tangent. Looking at the map you'll see that, along with the two red dots, there are 18 smaller purple dots. Each of those purple dots represent a smaller city, village, or town that characters can attack or defend in basically any form they want to. You can consider these to be "ready made" cities in the sense that you have the right to make them what you want. If you like, you can choose to canonize a city with Aleksei if it grows on you, but that's not really the point of them lmfao Here are the 18 cities you can choose from, the numbers here corresponding to the numbers on the map. Nu Rosinder and Mu Martyr (the city), are playable but not for destruction. That would have to be on the outskirts of it. Note that I do NOT expect all of them to be used. I honestly would be extremely surprised if more than 5 end up used, but you're free to destroy any of the ones that you want. Or save them. Or whatever. Draven Skaiway Primaria Apolypse Yascrow Shrreb Collorea Parrish Landonia Hungary Fannow SkyHaven Ralrome Algany Taronta Nu Delo Keto Tabtany Let me know if you destroy a city or something so I can mark your name down beside it with a small description like "destroyed" or whatever. For the record, Lilith will be arriving in Keto (17) and making her way toward Nu Martyr. So arrange yourself with that in mind as she will be heading toward the Nu Martyr dot. Oh, also any two parties that want to fight need to come up with a system and let me know so I can record it here. That way we can avoid the *ahem* misunderstandings that sometimes occur in big threads when people engage in T1. Feel free to ask any and all questions here. Defenders of Nu Martyr @Alexei @Djinn&Juice @Fierach @Hurttoto @notmuch_23 @Tenkai Matsumoto @Twitterpated @-Lilium- @Chappu @Sir Nathaniel @Tyler Attackers of Nu Martyr Me @Thotification @Die Shize @Metty @Archeos @danzilla3 @Tyler
  2. Mickey Flash

    The Land Thread OOC

    So I decided to start the thread out with Lorial waiting for the other adventurers to join her. She is sitting in a local tavern. I'm going to leave this thread open in case someone else decides to join. I thought we could do a get to know you and introductions before our charries take to the road. Here's a link to the thread. @Venus Sprite @Hurttoto
  3. NOTICE Roleplayer Participants Character List Character Images Character Roles Organizations/Groups/Departments Locations Last Chance Map City La Ultima Fortuna Civil Defense Force Complex (CDFC)
  4. Ataraxy

    Heroes and Villains

    PALGARD -:- Our very own Gotham -:- The premise of this Interest Check is very simple: who would like to play a hero or villain with me? Although Palgard doesn't see much use and a lot of the newer players might be like wtf is that place (click the name to be linked), it's essentially a city run rampant by anarchy with very little if any ruling factions. In fact, most sane people have left it for Martial Town. But that makes it even more like Gotham! My idea is to run this in an episode format. Which is basically just threads labeled with E1, E2, E3, etc. I think it could be fun to just watch the numbers roll up and whatnot, idk. Now I want to be clear, this isn't something for "World saving heroes" or "villains that plan to take over the world" type characters. Similar to superhero shows/ comic, we're going to be specifically focused on Palgard and stuff going on in Palgard. Everything else can suck it lol Characters will have to be those that feel some sort of duty or responsibility to Palgard because it's their home/ their family lives there etc. So I'd prefer characters to not have already made outside affiliations. For example, I'm not going to plop Titus down in Palgard and call him the Veluriyam Angel. While the thread is light hearted, I do want participants to take it seriously and at least try to stick with it. I personally think this will be really fun! (after watching Gotham + starting Young Justice >.> haha) There will be conflict but it'll be narrative. Winning and losing is irrelevant cause in Superhero stuff no one really loses or wins forever. Always another round to be fought, so let's have some fun with it! Not like Palgard can get anymore fucked either way lol Oh! Also, Heroes and Villains have to have something that makes them unique and a Hero/ Villain name cause secret identities and stuff (although villains don't HAVE to have a secret identity, they still have to have a villain name). It'll be boring if everyone is classic hero A or classic anti-hero B. All good superheroes have a unique quality to them. Like Batman. Catwoman. Hulk. Thor. Etc etc etc Powers should follow MP and the Terran mainland limitations 😄 If anyone is interested in this, lemme know!
  5. Jotnotes

    NARCollections OOC

    Hello, my lovely goons. Let me just start by saying, dungeon-making is a terrifying and dizzying process. Tonight, I churned out three random dungeons, populated them randomly with enemies and traps, and flavor text. I say this with the greatest of confidence: I would not wish any of these dungeons on anyone. They are terrifying, they are dangerous, and they are the perfect place for this experiment to begin. So, the rules: You, the party members, have been paid up front, and have been supplied with one-way transportation to the front door of the dungeon in question. You may explore it as you see fit; you will be supplied with a barebones map of the dungeon, for traveling needs, and of course, one of you is holding the Crate. You are free to explore as much as you see fit, and stash the crate where you want. When you are satisfied, you may begin messing with the dungeon as you please, and this includes a ridiculous range of tools, traps, and other things. You can request monsters be transported into the dungeon, as added security, hire thugs to take up residence inside, or whatever you see fit. It's all on you. If you want, you can even avoid fighting baddies to keep them around as security. Before we can do that, however, we need to meet our cast. @vielle and @Hurttoto, feel free to present your character sheets here, get to talking about whatever you like, and put in a first post in the thread, here. You can both decide, in your post, which dungeon appeals to you the most, and cast your vote. In the event of a tie, I would recommend you try and resolve it yourselves, before I have to break the tie. Once that is concluded, I can fill you all in on how you get to the dungeon, and we can begin!
  6. Mae Govanen Friends, Strangers, and Fellow Fortune Seekers, If you happen to be receiving this message you have happened across my Emergency beacon spell. I must be brief but I am Captain Richter Konig of the Justicar. In a recent battle we fought against a Nest of Sky Pirates left my Vessel severely damaged and unable to to make harbor for formal repairs. We are currently Grounded and in needs of supplies to perform emergency repairs. The Goddess has blessed us that most of our engineering team made it out alive. But most of our Personal flyers were destroyed save a handful. We have located a forest and cavern that should provide us the necessary raw materials to salvage my vessel. But alas my former command crew is all missing in action and I need to leave my Ground crew and Marines to keep the Auxiliary teams secure while we secure the resources. I need the aid of a few brave souls to assist me in acquiring these materials. If we all happen to make it out of here alive. I could use capable hands on my Ship. Goddess watch over you. (Themes: Action/Survival/Adventure)
  7. amenities

    Of Men and Half-Men OOC

    Class A: Help the military establish outposts for displaced refugees from Biazo City and protect them from raids Aspyn is a budding mega city embedded on the southwestern hemisphere of Biazo Island. Northward, the ruins of Biazo City, Bi’le’ah, warp on under the influence of an unnatural magical rift. Within the ruins there still survive mutated and deformed people. Their sustenance, their features, their minds are all twisted by the magical catechism that befell Biazo almost a decade ago. It took the Half-Men many years to rise from the haze of what happened. As if a nuclear bomb had dropped on them— an unfortunately comparable incident to what had actually happened— they wandered blindly in the magically radioactive wasteland. Then they slowly organized into clans. Some clans tried to reorganized and pick up new life in the chaos of Bi’le’ah. Other clans probed out, searching for somebody to blame. They found Aspyn. The Mule's Half-Men Attack One of the cornerstones of authority and peace in Terrenus, Peacekeeper No. 5 Michael Commager, took up residence in Aspyn specifically to defend against threats coming from the north. Now he runs continental conquest in search of evil, and Aspyn finds itself naked to attacks from Half-Men, who come down to steal from supply caravans moving to and from Biazo Abbey, a holy location on Biazo Island that lies to the east. Aspyn Watchmen put out a request for authority figures and do-gooders to come stop the Half-Men clan sent by Bi'le'an crime lord the Mule, and come up with a solution to the problem. Possibilities include: Cutting a deal with the Half-Men Killing a significant portion of them and establishing future measures to deal with them Finding a Half-Man leader to take hostage Etc. Join @J. A. Horton and I to solve this problem and fortify Aspyn! Players wanted: 1
  8. Yo, this is an OOC thread for this thing I started called "The Crescent Hammer"... It's open btw if u didn't read the thread name.. Uh... It's about Arsinia Crescentia and her shop, the Crescent Hammer... But it'll probs evolve into something else more adventure-y later. It depends... I guess I just want to see where it goes? Basically some chill chatting w/ Arsinia, but if you want to start an adventure, tell me here or PM me. Uh... Thanks! Btw, you can hop in anytime. But if it's in the middle of the RP try and find a good way to introduce yourself in... At least meeting the other characters. Just popping in to post something where you aren't around the characters is a nice way to introduce yourself, but whatever... If this is too vague and confusing for your understanding, ask me to explain it better.. :/ NEW OOC Thread IC Thread
  9. Part One: @Tyler as Abigail Karradeen, representing House Karradeen @notmuch_23 as Aveline Debbie Singlance, representing House Singlance @Archeos as Asrael Demetrius, representing the Taen Empire @Moon Owl as Arnau Dermont, representing House Dermont @Aleksei as Austere Mythal, representing House Mythal Hello everyone! I'll go in and edit this OOC with more information as needed, for now, I've just included the basics. You can find a description of how the threads will operate at the beginning of each of them, and I'll carry over staples into this thread for ease of access. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, go ahead and post them here and I will attempt to respond in a timely manner. I'll be making the first post in the thread, and afterwards, you all are welcome to begin. Thanks!
  10. The sands of the Velhatien Desert stretch as far as the eye can see, and doubtlessly reach equally deep into the earth. Before the sands, before the heat, and the arid, unforgiving climate, what secrets once laid here? What lost, forgotten relics await the persistent, and the wary underneath these sprawling dunes? What dangers could possibly await the intrepid and persistent explorers in the secret, untouched crypts of the decayed civilizations beneath the desert? What ancient history awaits them, within the corridors of this mysterious ZIggurat? The Thread: Our Cast in this Thread is: @Garion as Azytzeen, a well-traveled psyker, familiar with conflict and danger already. @Alexei as Ghoul Slayer, a battle-hardened warrior, with an almost fetishistic obsession with slaying (you guessed it) ghouls. @Mollusk as Pollst Greeneye, a bard. I accidentally thought his last name was 'Talethief', but his real last name is also quite telling, I think. @Dolor Aeternum, as Ilyana Sevryn, a well-trained adventurer, with a penchant for shiny trinkets, seeking out secrets, and sticking people with the point end. @Zashiii as Zatalya of Izral, who apparently does not need a permission slip to explore ancient tombs beneath the desert. @Csl, both of whom have not yet revealed their characters. (I for one, am on the edge of my seat with anticipation) @ourlachesism Hello and welcome to what will hopefully be a very, very active OOC Thread, for what is otherwise a rather straightforward dungeon. Here, we will be able to post our character sheets early, so we have a better understanding of who is participating in the thread, and what kind of personalities you'll be encountering. I'll also be sorting through the character sheets from time to timse for important, plot-relevant details. As always, we'll also be able to ask questions, keep up to date on whose turn it is to post, and more. But this OOC Thread is far more than that, this time around. In fact, as far as this thread will be concerned, this post is more important to me than the thread itself. This is because I will be writing primarily in here. My posts in this thread will actively detail each new environment we encounter. Every trap, piece of architecture, the lighting, the taste of the air, each and every monster and baddie we come across, it's all going to go in this thread. This is because my goal is to minimize the hand holding within this thread, and in doing so, hopefully make the thread read far more organically, and feel more engaging for you, the writers. I ask only for you to suspend any disbelief you might have in this method, and give it your all. It's, theoretically, the closest I can get to writing a thread the same way I might write a campaign in Pathfinder, or Dungeons and Dragons. So, I would ask that when you get the notification from this thread you post your character sheet, or write a little something about them here right away. That will show me who is interested, and still willing to participate with the thread. Sometime this evening, or perhaps tomorrow sometime, the main thread will go up, along with a post that will detail the party being briefed on the situation they're getting into, transport to the location of the dungeon, and from there...well, that's entirely up to you, once we get inside. The Ziggurat, her ancient treasures, and her untouched history awaits you around every corner. I do hope you have fun.
  11. The Umbral Year has finally arrived in Athentha and its islands. A new child has revealed herself only as Ra. She plans to rejuvenate the islands to keep it afloat in the sky by feeding it the souls of the islands citizens. So, in its time of need every knight and elder along with the resistance, except Sayndar who's off on another assignment have raised up arms to fight the incoming storm. However, those who help the child will gain secrets and forbidden knowledge that the mere mortal citizen does not. I'll be thinking up rewards shortly. And you can to choose to stand with Athentha or destroy her completely to bring forth a new age. Looking for possibly 2-10 people since its a big task ahead. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Interest Check, OOC...
  12. Hello ladies and gentlemen. It's your local nonsensical rambling fool, Rin. I know I've done a couple of water cooler posts to little success, buuut I decided to try again. I am looking for an rp partner during my waiting times for main storyline rps and side rps. And because I love piling on things on top of things, here I am. Gives me time to slack off on my one offs. What I'm looking for is just someone to rp with me even if its just once a day. I'm mostly into any genre, but really good at fantasy. I have male and female characters, links in my signature. I do almost all types of rp, but I don't do the really heavy risque types. Like more than I already write. Samples of my work, also in my signature in the Athentha board link. I mostly write evil characters, with a few exceptions of good ones. I don't mind torturing them either. So... I hope I worded this right. I'm terrible at words. ❤️ Rin
  13. Grubbistch

    DFotOS OOC

    @supernal Out of character thread for our naval battle IC thread
  14. Venus Sprite

    OOC: A Fellowship in Frost

    Friends travel together towards a wedding between tribal royalty. But what will they find when they get there? An RP focussing on relationships, character and adventure. @Fennis Ursai@Scout22@purplepanda Scout, it's your turn!
  15. Fennis Ursai

    A Silver Ticket Gamble (OOC)

    Welcome to the OOC section 😛 For any questions or any discussion feel free to post them below.
  16. This here is the OOC Thread of Not all Threads Involve Water Feel free to use this space to talk amongst yourselves, share resources (including Character Sheets and Area Maps) If you're not already enrolled in this thread, feel free to post in here, and see if we have an opening of some kind! We may use your help if the Skaven threat proves too great! @Bkfootball @Neondragon7 Also, on that note: A Warm Welcome to Neondragon7 for joining rather spontaneously! Have you got a character sheet and stuff you'd like to throw our way?
  17. roboblu

    Diplomatic Arrival OOC

    @Hurttoto @Old Man Jean https://www.valucre.com/topic/40235-the-diplomatic-arrival/ Lovely first round of posts fellas! I’ll probably get around to posting tomorrow or on Saturday.
  18. Hail to the Mountain King So after a very successful opening to the "Legion of Doom" Arc, we wish to not waste any time and push forward into our next chapter. What might that you be you ask? Well sit down and strap in for the next great edition of this hopefully soon to be sweeping epic! All are of course welcome to join and we love interactions and growing through fun and inspiring role play. With that all being said, without any further stalling we present the second chapter of our little fan event! What's The Story? Hail to the Mountain King is all about the "Legion of Doom" getting their legs beneath them. In order to have any hope of world domination, one must start from the beginning and acquire men. Now these men can't be the smartest of people, so naturally the choice recruitment for us are the more savage mountain and cave dwelling goblins. The story in its most simplistic description is all about the Legion entering the belly of the beast and slaying the goblin king and converting the surviving goblins to their cause with promises of land and shiny things. We all know how goblins like their shinnies. This is the core objective of the story, we will get to the juicy details of it soon enough. How Will This Work? We here at the Legion like to mix it up a little bit. Rather than having a large thread of people just doing whatever, this time around our story will play much like a game of DnD or Pathfinder, really whatever tabletop or video game based RPG you subscribe to. So to put in simple terms, us the players will have our objective laid out to us and be in a party. We will have a dedicated and I mean dedicated Dungeon Master writing for the NPCs. Now of course they are still just NPCs, so any minor forces that are thrown at us you don't have to say "I attempted to slash the goblin with a sword." You can kill minor enemies. But any Raid Bosses or Final bosses we ask that you treat like other Player Characters. Our Dungeon Master will be the fantastic @BiggieSmalls and he will gladly provide a extremely fun and challenging game for us. Da Rules Rules are rules and first and foremost are respecting the rules that the admins have gifted us. Please respect the mild powers ceiling of Terrenus. We don't need anyone God modding through this campaign. Secondly another rule we have is please, if you are going to join this thread to oppose us that you do so in a party with the other folks who are also trying to oppose us. We do not need our Dungeon Master writing 12 different story lines because your character is such a rogue who doesn't play by the rules. It just helps things run smoother from a streamlined story perspective. So the mechanics of the game while mostly PVE can contain PVP as well. Also just be respectful, if someone does something bad or rule breaking. Just politely message them and resolve the issue. There is literally 0 reasons we need to involve the admins in this unless they just want to show up and write and have fun. Story Themes Hail to the Mountain King asks a lot of interesting questions from a story perspective. Questions of morality, might equals right, and the choice of intervening where you don't need to. For instance, these are savage mountain goblins. They spend their nights leaving their homes to slaughter and raid the innocent. From the perspective of a hero, you don't need to get involved if other villains are killing or converting them. Will you choose the greater good and save what are essentially blood thirsty monsters trying to kill you? Or will you just let them slip into the hands of a group of dangerous individual? Is it morally wrong for you to keep the status quo of having these monsters continue their current way of life? And does a system where evil villains using their powers to essentially forcibly change the way of life for these creatures really a bad thing if it gives them a sense of order, unity, and culture. We like to ask a lot of hard hitting questions and we love taking these themes and concepts and incorporating them into our Roleplay. While we don't have the answers to these questions, maybe you will find one on an individual basis. Details & Info We plan on having the thread up in a day, two days at most. This thread will serve to help build hype and as an OOC thread where people can comment about the thread when it's posted, socialize, and ask any questions they might have. We want all of you to have fun and do your best! If you want to join our discord please let me know here!
  19. "The Legion of Doom Arc" Who are we? The "Legion of Doom" is a nameless organization consisting of so far newer characters that have been thrown into the mix of Terrenus. We are a group that intends on changing the very landscape and Roleplay that takes place on the continent. We of course serve the forces of evil and wish to present ourselves as a driving force for change. When a system becomes stagnant and the status quo is carried on for too long, the system experiences entropy. The slow and utter demise as it goes through its own heat death. Activity much like matter cools down and becomes uniform and bland. We wish to be the new energy and hype that builds everything back up and has players exited for what will come next. What are our goals? As previously stated, our goal is to bring change. Be it momentary or long term, we wish to take the system that is currently in place and flip it upside down or alter it in a way that can elicit excitement or fun. We of course won't get there through just power and God modding, but through skill and technique. This will be covered soon enough though. While our characters goals do differ, and maybe yours will too. We understand that to craft the new world many of us seek to create, first we must burn the old one. The famous words "Let the past die. Kill it if you have to." Reign true for us a driving force. If and I do strongly say IF we are successful in that act, we may murder and fight among ourselves to until only one stands to build that utopia. While that may not be the case, it's also equally as possible that we villains unite to create a new world together. That's the joy of our goals, it's all left to the story and how individual characters react. How does this work? More than anything "The Legion of Doom" is a huge subscriber to progress, story, and starting a story from its beginning. Only through hard work and an overall sweeping main arc with many different intertwining sub plots and interactions do we intend on accomplishing our goals. I personally stress that while we may be a driving force for change, sometimes change can be halted by those in power. So what is of course valued among us is the possibility to be defeated and lose. We might very well not succeed in our goal and that's ok. As long as we provide a level of hype, fun, and ability for all to join and have a blast, then our overall OOC goal as a team of writers was a success. It's not about winning or losing, it's about the story. So if you are a story driven person we want you here. How can I join? Well that's simple! Just message me with your Discord information and I will gladly add you to our chatroom and we can go from there to introduce you into current or future threads and plots. All are welcome to join. What if I'm a goodie two shoes hero? Even if you are fundamentally opposed to our goals from an Out Of Character and In Character position. We welcome you to join our discord regardless and help plan epic threads where conflict, amazing scenes, and story is put first. We want to make this as much a sweeping member oriented event as possible. The staff here have enough on their plate and we as members and fans of writing can create our own epic tale. All are welcome. Posting Requirements No one likes to talk about this. We all have lives outside of writing and we all of course have our own problems. However we do ask that if you involve yourself in a thread you post at least once a day or at the bare minimum, once every two days before you are skipped and the plot goes on without you. While we won't harm your character while you are away, we will proceed with the plot to keep the thread or story from losing interest. I hope you understand and if you can't accommodate these requests then please message us before hand if you wish to join a thread. All are still welcomed, but the story does have to come first. In Conclusion. To keep this short and sweet, we are simply here to have fun. You are all welcomed to join and to a part of a sweeping epic. We require that all our assets and abilities be earned through threads and stories. We aren't looking for an easy win or a way to dominate. We want all of you to participate and have fun. Feel free to add me on discord, I am Zeds Dead#8227
  20. BiggieSmalls

    "Extending a Hand" - OOC Topic

    @azuranth @Grubbistch @Aleksei @KittyvonCupcake @Zashiii Yo! Since I'm gonna be getting to post two tomorrow sometime around morning(like, 13 hours until I start? Maybe a little bit more?), I figured now was a good time to message everybody who was interested in joining up in the RP, to let them know that the OOC is gonna be out here, if you wanna talk on anything or work something out with each other, along with myself.
  21. Promotion Celebration The Terran military is hosting a promotion celebration for several soldiers that have recently risen in the ranks. All members of the military, even those not promoted in some time, are invited to attend. There will be food, a disc jockey that’ll rattle the walls, a wonderfully designed party environment with soft lights swirling about in artificial fog, pool tables and a phrase game that will encourage guests to mingle with their brothers and sisters in arms. This exercise, though celebratory at heart, is being carried out with the expectation of team building among military personnel. The objective is for the guests to form lasting bonds with fellow soldiers whom they have not yet met. The hope is that this will improve communication among military personnel outside of missions as well. Celebrated personnel are as follows, Cadmium Metireal ( @supernal ), Barrett ( @amenities ), Anouk Enouk ( @Radioactive ) and Nur the Feral ( Me! ) And this is the venue: Military Base #34 Celebration Event Phrase Game The celebration will be accompanied by a phrase game that encourages IC social interaction with as many other guests as possible. Below are listed several social activities, or triggers, that must be performed in-character in order to be presented with the possibility ( dice roll ) of acquiring one or two letters for the phrase. When a guest has successfully acquired all seven letters, they win the prize. The phrase for the event is Suujali, which has a total of seven letters in it. This means that winning guests must, at the minimum, perform at least seven of the social triggers listed below. Depending on how well guests roll, they might unlock more than one letter per social trigger, but no more than three at any time. Hidden Game Details on a possible second game will be withheld and can only be unlocked if certain circumstances are met. Triggers Introducing yourself to someone new. Asking what someone’s hobbies are. Agreeing to work ( do a military mission ) with someone at the celebration. Dancing with someone new. Proposing a toast. ( Can happen once per player ). Exchanging contact information. Inviting someone outside for a more personal interaction. Asking the DJ to play a specific dance track. Gather a few newly acquainted colleagues for a picture. Interview anyone who is celebrating a promotion using a video camera. ( Same person can’t be interviewed twice. ) Give someone a home gift (as this would require foreknowledge of gift-giving as a trigger it is fine for soldiers to come bearing small gifts). Inviting someone out to a social meeting outside of work. Introduce someone you know to someone else you know. Establish a resource channel with another guest ( make personally crafted equipment available to one another ). Sing a song for the audience. Rules Only Terran military personnel are allowed to participate in the celebration. This is a social gathering. If physical conflict occurs, it shouldn’t grow to such a degree that it overpowers the original premise of the thread; the military police will escort you out. Although there will be no hard word number cap, we do suggest players try and stick to a 200 word max. This’ll make the thread easier to respond to and also make it easier to meet the phrase requirements. Whenever one of the trigger conditions are met, players will roll a d100 in the dice rolling thread and the rewards are as follows: 1-60 = 1 letter, 61-80 = 2 letters, 81-100 = 3 letters. The results should be included in each post and once a player has obtained a total of seven letters to complete the phrase, the game ends. Only one trigger per post is allowed. Prize The winner of the phrase game will be able to choose Access to one set of equipment from a higher rank or different unit Object class amount of any Standard or Government material Letter Track | Dice Roller Pembroke Maira: 2 Cadmium Metireal: 4 Delistair Paige: 4 Nur The Feral: 5 Maya Zapatero: 4 Hana Alenko: 3 Other than these essentials, I'll note that there is also a loose posting order. Furthermore, interested parties can post as soon as they're done reading this post! The venue is already up and I dare say it's a shame that it has been since September of last year with no activity. Let's change that. Any questions or chit chatter can be posted here.
  22. Grubbistch

    First Steps to War [OOC]

    @HollowCipher @Animal @Etched in Stone All right here are all the interested parties for our little assault on the dragon's lair. Hollow I believe you said you had a plan for the dragon when we spoke in PMs?
  23. It's finally here, after all this time! [Canned Applause] Alright, but before I get started, I have to make a brief disclaimer here for all the newbies looking at this right now. Take a second and read this next bit, because it's incredibly important. DISCLAIMER: The following list is composed entirely of races other users have already made characters of, and as such this list is always growing. Additionally, this list is not official, and not fully inclusive. You are by no means expected to pick from this list when making characters, nor do you need to conform to this list in any way. This list is not official. This list is not official. Additionally, I am hoping to constantly add more races to this list as I go, so if at any point you would like a race submitted to this page for others to consider using, then by all means go ahead and send me a private message. I'm on here almost every day, and I reply quickly, so it won't be hard to see something you made end up on this page. Also, a tremendous thanks to @supernal for not only supporting this idea before I even started working on it, but also constantly checking in with me. Props to that guy. The following document is an ongoing list of many races that appear in Valucre as player characters and NPC's. They have been documented here for ease of access and identification, and to help new and veteran users find new ideas for characters quicker. The list updates often (hopefully) and I will attempt to frequently interact with users in order to add new races that I find interesting. Please, use this list to your own discretion, and remember that this serves as more of a guideline instead of stiff rules. Do as you please, and make a character you're happy with. If you would like to submit a player race of your own, please feel free to PM me with the following formatting. Race Name: (Official and Colloquial) Basic Physical Description of the Race: (Things like size, weight, body type, etc; are they furries? Zombies?) Age of Race: (How long has the race been around for?) Place of Origin: (If they're indigenous to Val, just specify what continent they came from. Do they share any common ancestors with other races on Val? Are they from another world?) Character Sheets for Reference I am fairly lenient in terms of composition, so as long as all of this information exists somewhere for me to find, I will be satisfied.
  24. Grubbistch

    Cleaning Up the Mess (OOC)

    Here is the link to the IC thread. Post at your leisure as I do not wish to rush anybody. Any questions you have please direct them here and be sure to follow both this and the IC thread to keep track of any updates or changes. First off I would like to thank everyone who signed up to be here. I want to make sure we all have fun and have a good time, which is mainly why this is up. Having a clear line of communication I find is vital to making a thread successful, as well as making sure everyone is on the same page for an idea. If you know there is going to be a conflict with your schedule or some other circumstance that will prevent you from posting for an extended period of time, know you will not be judged for letting us know about it in this thread. Real life will always be more important than a hobby, and I would never make someone feel bad about having to back out for personal reasons. Now as my first question here let's start off with what kind of reward is your character looking for? Do they want money, land or some kind of favor only a powerful political faction could grant? The more information we have about your character's motivation the better we can come to a mutual understanding of what everyone wants out of this thread. Links to the info for House Aetherion and their religion of Astra Terra will be up soon in case you would like access to that lore as well. Good luck and have fun everyone!