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Found 257 results

  1. The Umbral Year has finally arrived in Athentha and its islands. A new child has revealed herself only as Ra. She plans to rejuvenate the islands to keep it afloat in the sky by feeding it the souls of the islands citizens. So, in its time of need every knight and elder along with the resistance, except Sayndar who's off on another assignment have raised up arms to fight the incoming storm. However, those who help the child will gain secrets and forbidden knowledge that the mere mortal citizen does not. I'll be thinking up rewards shortly. And you can to choose to stand with Athentha or destroy her completely to bring forth a new age. Looking for possibly 2-10 people since its a big task ahead. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Interest Check, OOC...
  2. Hello ladies and gentlemen. It's your local nonsensical rambling fool, Rin. I know I've done a couple of water cooler posts to little success, buuut I decided to try again. I am looking for an rp partner during my waiting times for main storyline rps and side rps. And because I love piling on things on top of things, here I am. Gives me time to slack off on my one offs. What I'm looking for is just someone to rp with me even if its just once a day. I'm mostly into any genre, but really good at fantasy. I have male and female characters, links in my signature. I do almost all types of rp, but I don't do the really heavy risque types. Like more than I already write. Samples of my work, also in my signature in the Athentha board link. I mostly write evil characters, with a few exceptions of good ones. I don't mind torturing them either. So... I hope I worded this right. I'm terrible at words. ❤️ Rin
  3. Grubbistch

    DFotOS OOC

    @supernal Out of character thread for our naval battle IC thread
  4. Venus Sprite

    OOC: A Fellowship in Frost

    Friends travel together towards a wedding between tribal royalty. But what will they find when they get there? An RP focussing on relationships, character and adventure. @Fennis Ursai@Scout22@purplepanda Scout, it's your turn!
  5. Fennis Ursai

    A Silver Ticket Gamble (OOC)

    Welcome to the OOC section 😛 For any questions or any discussion feel free to post them below.
  6. This here is the OOC Thread of Not all Threads Involve Water Feel free to use this space to talk amongst yourselves, share resources (including Character Sheets and Area Maps) If you're not already enrolled in this thread, feel free to post in here, and see if we have an opening of some kind! We may use your help if the Skaven threat proves too great! @Bkfootball @Neondragon7 Also, on that note: A Warm Welcome to Neondragon7 for joining rather spontaneously! Have you got a character sheet and stuff you'd like to throw our way?
  7. roboblu

    Diplomatic Arrival OOC

    @Hurttoto @Old Man Jean https://www.valucre.com/topic/40235-the-diplomatic-arrival/ Lovely first round of posts fellas! I’ll probably get around to posting tomorrow or on Saturday.
  8. Hail to the Mountain King So after a very successful opening to the "Legion of Doom" Arc, we wish to not waste any time and push forward into our next chapter. What might that you be you ask? Well sit down and strap in for the next great edition of this hopefully soon to be sweeping epic! All are of course welcome to join and we love interactions and growing through fun and inspiring role play. With that all being said, without any further stalling we present the second chapter of our little fan event! What's The Story? Hail to the Mountain King is all about the "Legion of Doom" getting their legs beneath them. In order to have any hope of world domination, one must start from the beginning and acquire men. Now these men can't be the smartest of people, so naturally the choice recruitment for us are the more savage mountain and cave dwelling goblins. The story in its most simplistic description is all about the Legion entering the belly of the beast and slaying the goblin king and converting the surviving goblins to their cause with promises of land and shiny things. We all know how goblins like their shinnies. This is the core objective of the story, we will get to the juicy details of it soon enough. How Will This Work? We here at the Legion like to mix it up a little bit. Rather than having a large thread of people just doing whatever, this time around our story will play much like a game of DnD or Pathfinder, really whatever tabletop or video game based RPG you subscribe to. So to put in simple terms, us the players will have our objective laid out to us and be in a party. We will have a dedicated and I mean dedicated Dungeon Master writing for the NPCs. Now of course they are still just NPCs, so any minor forces that are thrown at us you don't have to say "I attempted to slash the goblin with a sword." You can kill minor enemies. But any Raid Bosses or Final bosses we ask that you treat like other Player Characters. Our Dungeon Master will be the fantastic @BiggieSmalls and he will gladly provide a extremely fun and challenging game for us. Da Rules Rules are rules and first and foremost are respecting the rules that the admins have gifted us. Please respect the mild powers ceiling of Terrenus. We don't need anyone God modding through this campaign. Secondly another rule we have is please, if you are going to join this thread to oppose us that you do so in a party with the other folks who are also trying to oppose us. We do not need our Dungeon Master writing 12 different story lines because your character is such a rogue who doesn't play by the rules. It just helps things run smoother from a streamlined story perspective. So the mechanics of the game while mostly PVE can contain PVP as well. Also just be respectful, if someone does something bad or rule breaking. Just politely message them and resolve the issue. There is literally 0 reasons we need to involve the admins in this unless they just want to show up and write and have fun. Story Themes Hail to the Mountain King asks a lot of interesting questions from a story perspective. Questions of morality, might equals right, and the choice of intervening where you don't need to. For instance, these are savage mountain goblins. They spend their nights leaving their homes to slaughter and raid the innocent. From the perspective of a hero, you don't need to get involved if other villains are killing or converting them. Will you choose the greater good and save what are essentially blood thirsty monsters trying to kill you? Or will you just let them slip into the hands of a group of dangerous individual? Is it morally wrong for you to keep the status quo of having these monsters continue their current way of life? And does a system where evil villains using their powers to essentially forcibly change the way of life for these creatures really a bad thing if it gives them a sense of order, unity, and culture. We like to ask a lot of hard hitting questions and we love taking these themes and concepts and incorporating them into our Roleplay. While we don't have the answers to these questions, maybe you will find one on an individual basis. Details & Info We plan on having the thread up in a day, two days at most. This thread will serve to help build hype and as an OOC thread where people can comment about the thread when it's posted, socialize, and ask any questions they might have. We want all of you to have fun and do your best! If you want to join our discord please let me know here!
  9. Miss Blonde

    Terrenus Fan Event "Legion of Doom"

    "The Legion of Doom Arc" Who are we? The "Legion of Doom" is a nameless organization consisting of so far newer characters that have been thrown into the mix of Terrenus. We are a group that intends on changing the very landscape and Roleplay that takes place on the continent. We of course serve the forces of evil and wish to present ourselves as a driving force for change. When a system becomes stagnant and the status quo is carried on for too long, the system experiences entropy. The slow and utter demise as it goes through its own heat death. Activity much like matter cools down and becomes uniform and bland. We wish to be the new energy and hype that builds everything back up and has players exited for what will come next. What are our goals? As previously stated, our goal is to bring change. Be it momentary or long term, we wish to take the system that is currently in place and flip it upside down or alter it in a way that can elicit excitement or fun. We of course won't get there through just power and God modding, but through skill and technique. This will be covered soon enough though. While our characters goals do differ, and maybe yours will too. We understand that to craft the new world many of us seek to create, first we must burn the old one. The famous words "Let the past die. Kill it if you have to." Reign true for us a driving force. If and I do strongly say IF we are successful in that act, we may murder and fight among ourselves to until only one stands to build that utopia. While that may not be the case, it's also equally as possible that we villains unite to create a new world together. That's the joy of our goals, it's all left to the story and how individual characters react. How does this work? More than anything "The Legion of Doom" is a huge subscriber to progress, story, and starting a story from its beginning. Only through hard work and an overall sweeping main arc with many different intertwining sub plots and interactions do we intend on accomplishing our goals. I personally stress that while we may be a driving force for change, sometimes change can be halted by those in power. So what is of course valued among us is the possibility to be defeated and lose. We might very well not succeed in our goal and that's ok. As long as we provide a level of hype, fun, and ability for all to join and have a blast, then our overall OOC goal as a team of writers was a success. It's not about winning or losing, it's about the story. So if you are a story driven person we want you here. How can I join? Well that's simple! Just message me with your Discord information and I will gladly add you to our chatroom and we can go from there to introduce you into current or future threads and plots. All are welcome to join. What if I'm a goodie two shoes hero? Even if you are fundamentally opposed to our goals from an Out Of Character and In Character position. We welcome you to join our discord regardless and help plan epic threads where conflict, amazing scenes, and story is put first. We want to make this as much a sweeping member oriented event as possible. The staff here have enough on their plate and we as members and fans of writing can create our own epic tale. All are welcome. Posting Requirements No one likes to talk about this. We all have lives outside of writing and we all of course have our own problems. However we do ask that if you involve yourself in a thread you post at least once a day or at the bare minimum, once every two days before you are skipped and the plot goes on without you. While we won't harm your character while you are away, we will proceed with the plot to keep the thread or story from losing interest. I hope you understand and if you can't accommodate these requests then please message us before hand if you wish to join a thread. All are still welcomed, but the story does have to come first. In Conclusion. To keep this short and sweet, we are simply here to have fun. You are all welcomed to join and to a part of a sweeping epic. We require that all our assets and abilities be earned through threads and stories. We aren't looking for an easy win or a way to dominate. We want all of you to participate and have fun. Feel free to add me on discord, I am Zeds Dead#8227
  10. BiggieSmalls

    "Extending a Hand" - OOC Topic

    @azuranth @Grubbistch @Aleksei @KittyvonCupcake @Zashiii Yo! Since I'm gonna be getting to post two tomorrow sometime around morning(like, 13 hours until I start? Maybe a little bit more?), I figured now was a good time to message everybody who was interested in joining up in the RP, to let them know that the OOC is gonna be out here, if you wanna talk on anything or work something out with each other, along with myself.
  11. Promotion Celebration The Terran military is hosting a promotion celebration for several soldiers that have recently risen in the ranks. All members of the military, even those not promoted in some time, are invited to attend. There will be food, a disc jockey that’ll rattle the walls, a wonderfully designed party environment with soft lights swirling about in artificial fog, pool tables and a phrase game that will encourage guests to mingle with their brothers and sisters in arms. This exercise, though celebratory at heart, is being carried out with the expectation of team building among military personnel. The objective is for the guests to form lasting bonds with fellow soldiers whom they have not yet met. The hope is that this will improve communication among military personnel outside of missions as well. Celebrated personnel are as follows, Cadmium Metireal ( @supernal ), Barrett ( @amenities ), Anouk Enouk ( @Radioactive ) and Nur the Feral ( Me! ) And this is the venue: Military Base #34 Celebration Event Phrase Game The celebration will be accompanied by a phrase game that encourages IC social interaction with as many other guests as possible. Below are listed several social activities, or triggers, that must be performed in-character in order to be presented with the possibility ( dice roll ) of acquiring one or two letters for the phrase. When a guest has successfully acquired all seven letters, they win the prize. The phrase for the event is Suujali, which has a total of seven letters in it. This means that winning guests must, at the minimum, perform at least seven of the social triggers listed below. Depending on how well guests roll, they might unlock more than one letter per social trigger, but no more than three at any time. Hidden Game Details on a possible second game will be withheld and can only be unlocked if certain circumstances are met. Triggers Introducing yourself to someone new. Asking what someone’s hobbies are. Agreeing to work ( do a military mission ) with someone at the celebration. Dancing with someone new. Proposing a toast. ( Can happen once per player ). Exchanging contact information. Inviting someone outside for a more personal interaction. Asking the DJ to play a specific dance track. Gather a few newly acquainted colleagues for a picture. Interview anyone who is celebrating a promotion using a video camera. ( Same person can’t be interviewed twice. ) Give someone a home gift (as this would require foreknowledge of gift-giving as a trigger it is fine for soldiers to come bearing small gifts). Inviting someone out to a social meeting outside of work. Introduce someone you know to someone else you know. Establish a resource channel with another guest ( make personally crafted equipment available to one another ). Sing a song for the audience. Rules Only Terran military personnel are allowed to participate in the celebration. This is a social gathering. If physical conflict occurs, it shouldn’t grow to such a degree that it overpowers the original premise of the thread; the military police will escort you out. Although there will be no hard word number cap, we do suggest players try and stick to a 200 word max. This’ll make the thread easier to respond to and also make it easier to meet the phrase requirements. Whenever one of the trigger conditions are met, players will roll a d100 in the dice rolling thread and the rewards are as follows: 1-60 = 1 letter, 61-80 = 2 letters, 81-100 = 3 letters. The results should be included in each post and once a player has obtained a total of seven letters to complete the phrase, the game ends. Only one trigger per post is allowed. Prize The winner of the phrase game will be able to choose Access to one set of equipment from a higher rank or different unit Object class amount of any Standard or Government material Letter Track | Dice Roller Pembroke Maira: 2 Cadmium Metireal: 4 Delistair Paige: 4 Nur The Feral: 5 Maya Zapatero: 4 Hana Alenko: 3 Other than these essentials, I'll note that there is also a loose posting order. Furthermore, interested parties can post as soon as they're done reading this post! The venue is already up and I dare say it's a shame that it has been since September of last year with no activity. Let's change that. Any questions or chit chatter can be posted here.
  12. Grubbistch

    First Steps to War [OOC]

    @HollowCipher @Animal @Etched in Stone All right here are all the interested parties for our little assault on the dragon's lair. Hollow I believe you said you had a plan for the dragon when we spoke in PMs?
  13. It's finally here, after all this time! [Canned Applause] Alright, but before I get started, I have to make a brief disclaimer here for all the newbies looking at this right now. Take a second and read this next bit, because it's incredibly important. DISCLAIMER: The following list is composed entirely of races other users have already made characters of, and as such this list is always growing. Additionally, this list is not official, and not fully inclusive. You are by no means expected to pick from this list when making characters, nor do you need to conform to this list in any way. This list is not official. This list is not official. Additionally, I am hoping to constantly add more races to this list as I go, so if at any point you would like a race submitted to this page for others to consider using, then by all means go ahead and send me a private message. I'm on here almost every day, and I reply quickly, so it won't be hard to see something you made end up on this page. Also, a tremendous thanks to @supernal for not only supporting this idea before I even started working on it, but also constantly checking in with me. Props to that guy. The following document is an ongoing list of many races that appear in Valucre as player characters and NPC's. They have been documented here for ease of access and identification, and to help new and veteran users find new ideas for characters quicker. The list updates often (hopefully) and I will attempt to frequently interact with users in order to add new races that I find interesting. Please, use this list to your own discretion, and remember that this serves as more of a guideline instead of stiff rules. Do as you please, and make a character you're happy with. If you would like to submit a player race of your own, please feel free to PM me with the following formatting. Race Name: (Official and Colloquial) Basic Physical Description of the Race: (Things like size, weight, body type, etc; are they furries? Zombies?) Age of Race: (How long has the race been around for?) Place of Origin: (If they're indigenous to Val, just specify what continent they came from. Do they share any common ancestors with other races on Val? Are they from another world?) Character Sheets for Reference I am fairly lenient in terms of composition, so as long as all of this information exists somewhere for me to find, I will be satisfied.
  14. Grubbistch

    Cleaning Up the Mess (OOC)

    Here is the link to the IC thread. Post at your leisure as I do not wish to rush anybody. Any questions you have please direct them here and be sure to follow both this and the IC thread to keep track of any updates or changes. First off I would like to thank everyone who signed up to be here. I want to make sure we all have fun and have a good time, which is mainly why this is up. Having a clear line of communication I find is vital to making a thread successful, as well as making sure everyone is on the same page for an idea. If you know there is going to be a conflict with your schedule or some other circumstance that will prevent you from posting for an extended period of time, know you will not be judged for letting us know about it in this thread. Real life will always be more important than a hobby, and I would never make someone feel bad about having to back out for personal reasons. Now as my first question here let's start off with what kind of reward is your character looking for? Do they want money, land or some kind of favor only a powerful political faction could grant? The more information we have about your character's motivation the better we can come to a mutual understanding of what everyone wants out of this thread. Links to the info for House Aetherion and their religion of Astra Terra will be up soon in case you would like access to that lore as well. Good luck and have fun everyone!
  15. Trevor Wisegem

    Wisegem School of Magic Arts OOC

    Heyo. Made this so when we need it. @Slatheok @Grubbistch @aesome
  16. Rin

    Athentha RPs

    So I have a few threads I kinda need help with. Not a lot of people but a few that don't mind having the characters non-canon turned into shadowy ore peoples. Mostly to taint Yuma and make her into the Black Heart Mirror Witch. Also you can play a male, woman or even the ore itself to trick Yuma. You can even with my approval, choose Yuma's darker appearance should she eat the black heart mirror ore I'm trying to sabotage the heroes attempts in Talia; The Breaking of Iblis, link here: The Umbral Year, The Beginning of the End I might need a hero to help Vex escape Manah who's now a tainted knight trying to taint Vex and turn him into a monster. Link here: And finally, Serphus Alumna, Sayndar goes undercover as Atlas to find the Black Heart Mirror Ore to try and find out how to reverse the effects of the most deadliest of ores.
  17. Savanna

    Open Roleplay

    Our kingdoms have been at war for centuries, the difference between day and night. Only royal blood had power. I had lightning and water, constantly contradicting myself. I was unable to use my powers because they often crossed. Your sister arrived at my castle asking for a peace treaty. She wanted to make peace, but in order to do that I had possibly marry the King, you. I agreed on it for I was done with the war. Our journey to your kingdom was hard, but even worse was when I was a few minutes away from meeting you. I stood there in my Navy blue dress that hugged tight to my curves, and had a plunging neck line. a thick black line circled my wrist (tattoo like) and twirled up to my shoulder and revealed itself out to my collarbone. My white hair was in a long braid going down my back and a few sticking and covering some of my blue eyes that stick out because of the dress. I was the embodiment of water but chose to use it or let anyone know. You on the other hand were the Embodiment of fire and I would lie if I said I wasn’t afraid of you. I followed the servant as she led my two head guards and I, walking into your huge, red brick, dimmed room. “Sorry to interfere with your bath, your majesty. We have some guests, Princess Phaedra, from Litide. She is here to discuss the peace treaty,” she said nervously, for you hated it when you’re disturbed. Kik- Fxck._.fxxlingz 😉
  18. The Blue Knight

    Friday Knight Lights [OOC]

    Moved OOC here per request of the big boss man. @Aleksei @Grubbistch @supernal Loving the posts so far and really enjoying playing with you both. I've got a busy weekend ahead, so I'll do my best to put a dent in some post progress, but I probably won't have a post up until Monday.
  19. Ichi

    Not So Bonely Anymore

    This is an OOC. It exists. Kapow! Now you're energized! Your welcome.
  20. Tyler

    Black And Red (OOC)

    This will be our OOC chat area for Mission 3. I will work on starting the RP itself once I have OOC chats for both missions up. Here's our cast for this one: @Tyler as GM/Narrator/NPCs @Abigail666 as Persephone @Ichi as Vince Redhill @Seraphina Jeanne as Hyeok Kyoungjong @Bkfootball as Cal If any of you have some questions, please ask so I can answer them! Also, in case I don't do a good enough job of explaining it in the opening post, I imagine all of your characters were recruited as they were passing through towns or villages in the relative vicinity of Norkotia. So places like Hell's Gate, Langley Keep, maybe Blairville, and any number of unnamed towns in-between them all. If you guys are curious where Norkotia is on the map, it's situated on Sidereal Lake in Terrenus.
  21. Tyler

    Intimidation Game (OOC)

    Okay, so this will be our OOC chat area for Mission 2. I will work on starting the RP itself once I have OOC chats for both missions up. Here's our cast for this one (this doubles as our posting order): @Tyler as The Man in the Suit/GM/Narrator/NPCs @LightningBolt as Dahlia Gloomwood @Seraphina Jeanne as Hyeok Kyoungjong @Abigail666 as Persephone @PandaHat as Gisela Valance If any of you have some questions, please ask so I can answer them! Also, in case I don't do a good enough job of explaining it in the opening post, I imagine all of your characters were recruited as they were passing through towns or villages in the relative vicinity of Norkotia. So places like Hell's Gate, Langley Keep, maybe Blairville, and any number of unnamed towns in-between them all. If you guys are curious where Norkotia is on the map, it's situated on Sidereal Lake in Terrenus.
  22. dvsn

    the Lunaris Praetorium.

    OVERVIEW The Lunaris Praetorium is the theocratic government of Kalopsia governing all surrounding lands under it's unified legislation. It is in this world that all races and walks of life, immortal and not, can coexist in a utopia of perpetual equality. From the ashes of nothingness it appeared overnight, the Citadel of Animus towering over the peerless constructions both old and new, almost as created by the hand of Zaratras, the Valor Star himself. It is here that the mysterious lifestone known as Voltia is regulated throughout all of Renovatio, allowing any and all the power to weave their spirits into magical splendor whether to bring destruction to evil or life to those in need. According to the Renovatian Census Bureau, the population of the Kalopsia province is around 20,000,000 (capital: 400k); with an equal unregistered amount of all races from across Renovatio and beyond. In this land, origins do not matter, all that does is your registration in the Lunaris Praetorium in accordance with the Covenant of Anima. key terms; lunaris praetorium, kalopsia, zaratras, voltia, renovatio, citadel of animus, covenant of anima. GEOGRAPHY Unlike the world that once existed in the same space prior, the ever shifting lands of Kalopsia are a wonder to behold. Every season the land mass dramatically shifts under the pressure of anima cascading from the eternal slumber of Zaratras who is the lifeblood of Kalopsia itself. The result is the appearance of many mystical wonders, land masses, and even enigmatic ruins that may have never existed. According to the Apocrypha of Eumeria, this is a phenomenon that warps worlds, places, and things into, and out of, Kalopsia constantly changing. The Lunaris Praetorium itself however is a series of seven pillars known as Titans as they rest on the back of spawns of Zaratras who appear as nothing more than landmasses to those unable to feel the lifeblood beneath. Each of the tremendously large land-masses are connected by light-vector bridges powered by Voltica technology and adorned by golden rings at either side intricately linked endlessly. The seven Titans are Baal, Rahab, Hesiod, Levant, Ashur, Gila, and Tiamat. key terms; anima, apocrypha of eumeria, voltica CLIMATE As complicated as the land masses surrounding the capital too is the ever changing climate. One region may be in a cycle of perpetual winter, while another may follow the usual cycles of Renovatian weather. This is an important factor in how The Lunaris Praetorium governs the region as will be outlined below, in tandem with the ever changing geography. CULTURE In Kalopsia, your worth is governed by your purpose designated by choice and design. While there are minor exceptions to those with gifts in one area or another (some things being tailored only to specific biological, or mental faculties, i.e sports) the Praetorium's registration system is essential in allowing someone who has entered Kalopsia, whether living at the capital of Lunaris, or in one of the many villages and cities outside, to follow their passion and dreams. Therefore the gap between the aristocratic elite and the poor being eliminated as everyone, regardless of what they chose to do or pursue, is compensated more than enough. While there are minor political issues, primary as far as the Praetor and the Ignatius Council goes, the enriched culture of Lunaris' high-technology, high-magicka society seems to leave most who reside within Kalopsia happy. key terms; praetor, ignatius council. PARKS AND RECREATION tba. GOVERNMENT AND NATIONAL SECURITY The Praetor— Eternally and infinite, the ruler is chosen as the vestige of Zaratras to lead the theocratic government and the world beyond. The current Praetor is none other than Virtrius himself. The Celestial Vanguard— The most talented and powerful warriors from across Renovatio aspire to become a part of the Celestial Vanguard that knows few equal. Much about them rests in enigma, and rumor has it that one of them alone holds the power of an overlord capable of reducing cities to ash by their lonesome. Only the most elite qualify to enter their ranks, and even fewer can learn the mystical arts that they hold, directly descending from Zaratras himself. BORDER 𒀯𒀳— The official military of The Lunaris Imperium and Kalopsia. They use particularly powerful Voltica technology known as Triggers and Voltia itself to protect the kingdom from any threats foreign and domestic. 100,000 of them occupy the capital prepared to depart at a moments notice. The Crow— They exist as extensions of PRIDE who have jurisdiction over the surrounding lands and beyond. They borrow many of their teachings and have transformed them into their own. The few that exist are rumored to be on-par with the Headmaster's due to their combination of arts and Voltia in tandem.
  23. Radioactive


    You find yourself in a dark alley, having followed the instructions on the note you found stuck to your door that morning. You can scarcely make out the silhouette of the man. He’s either wearing a mask, or he isn’t human. Whatever he is, he doesn’t want to be seen. You wouldn’t even know it was a man, were it not for the deep voice, which seemed to be distorted by some staticky interference. ”Chaos is the path to freedom.” He says. You can hear every distorted breath he draws. “Will you serve our order, for the sake of ending order?Perhaps you’ve stolen, pillaged, or even murdered in the past... Perhaps your life has left a trail of fire and blood everywhere you’ve been... But this, this is different. This won’t be petty crime or even an insane killing spree. This will be a meticulously planned assault on the very institution of society. This will break down the very foundations of law and order in Genesaris, and then the world. Will you serve?” He hands you a small square of paper with a map drawn on it. “Go to the desert, and look for the red door.” The criminal syndicate known as Criminal Heathens Against Organized Systems, or CHAOS, is in need of anyone that is weary of law and government strangling the fun out of life. Join us, and help us burn it all down! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Name: CHAOS Etymology: The name is an acronym, Criminal Heathens Against Organized Sytems, presumably created by the founder. Heraldry: Hierarchy: Ranks- Founder: Unknown (Except to the current Warden) Warden: Rein Heavensent C.O.: The Fumigator @FirePenguinDiscoPanda Lieutenants: {2 spots open} Sergeants: {2 spots open} Class- Assassins: The Fumagator Thieves: Spies: Central Location: Valanian Dessert, on the border of the Red sands. Look for the red door (leading into a small underground bunker). Genesaris Affiliations: — Allies: — Enemies: — Neutral Parties: Agenda: CHAOS is a band of unsavory individuals that, to put it simply, hate organized government, and wish to cause as much chaos as possible. While the main objective of the group is anarchy, the secondary objective is to obtain wealth and power... and use that wealth and power to create more anarchy! Historical: Background: While most of the history is not available to the public, or even to the members, a few things are known for certain. -The founder of CHAOS is a powerful individual that takes great care to keep his/her name a secret. Only the current leader knows who the founder is. -CHAOS is well funded. -Both the Founder and the Warden do recognize the irony of an organized group against organized systems. Means to an end... Rules/Regulations: Considering the goal of the group, they have very few rules. 1. Every perspective member must accomplish a mission given to them by the Warden before membership is considered. Membership will NOT be based on whether or not the mission is accomplished, but HOW the mission is accomplished. (If you put some effort into it, you’ll be in. It won’t be anything excessively time consuming or difficult) 2. All members must have the CHAOS heraldry tattooed somewhere on their body. The location and size are to the members discretion. 3. Anyone, who has been a member for at least two weeks, can challenge the current Warden for leadership at any time. The leader is decided by mortal combat, in the place and at the time of the challenge. As soon as the challenge is VERBALLY issued, the current leader automatically accepts, and the fight begins. One exception, this cannot happen during a mission (while the mission is ACTIVELY in progress). The fight is to the death. 4. Badasses only. 5. In-house disputes are to be settled, by any means necessary, between missions, and never during missions. 6. Don’t talk about fight club...err, CHAOS. 7. All offenses to these rules are CAPITAL offenses. If you break a rule, you might want to start running. Pertinent miscellaneous information: There are a few secret code words that every CHAOS agent will need to have memorized. Upon acceptance, you’ll be given these words in private. All missions will be rewarded, either with promotions, useful items, or both. Everyone is assigned a rank and a class, meaning you can be a Lieutenant and a spy, or a Sergeant and an assassin... Recent Events:
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