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Found 7 results

  1. supernal

    Outreach Team AMA

    As most members of Valucre will attest, the community in general is very helpful, and in addition to that we have a lot of very useful and informative guides. That said, sometimes it's a faster and higher quality experience to be able to get a person to speak to rather than reading a guide, and more useful knowing that the person is doing more than taking their best guest We had the outreach team for a while there, got rid of it in favor of pushing the community aspect which I think has gone pretty well, and are bringing it back because it's still pretty useful to have. Right now we're trying something new with the outreach staff model so bear with us as things change but, all that said, the purpose of this thread is to serve as a public interface between the outreach team and the rest of the community to take some of the guesswork and floundering out of getting the information you're looking for I'm also listing the team members out individually in case you'd rather PM your question Team: jaistlyn, supernal, Ataraxy Questions Can I travel into space from planet Valucre and have space roleplay? How do I configure my signature? How do I create an Organization? What are the rules around swearing? What are the numbers next to the + sign on my profile? Can I delete my own posts? What are the limits of MP?
  2. King

    Genesaris AMA.

    This is a continuation of the previous Genesaris AMA. This thread will be used for Genesaris proper (the main content) and also any universal information that might pertain to the subboards therein. For specific information regarding the lands inside of the Genesaris primary boards, I encourage you to visit their individual AMAs: Orisia, Imperial South, Nvengaria, and the Datsuzoku Empire (provide the links and I'll put the others up here). The Genesaris landing page should be your main source of information and covers a wide variety of topics, from culture to economics. It is constantly changing and evolving, so make sure to check back frequently. For the sake of archiving and quick-finding, I will update this first post with a list of questions that as asked so that you can find them and the discussions that follow. Edit: Be sure to tag (@) me with the questions. I've got the thread followed, but just as an extra layer of precaution.
  3. supernal

    Lagrimosa AMA 2.0

    I realize that the old AMA provided an easy means for members to ask me questions about Terrenus and get an authoritative answer, but I didn't put too much thought into archiving, and making it easy for members to find already asked and answered questions. Rather than backtrack the 50 pages of the old AMA, with some data that's sure to be outdated given the yearly changes Terrenus undergoes, I decided to start from scratch and make it easier on myself The Lagrimosa landing page should be your main source of information. It covers the following topics: culture, language, magic, technology, communications, transportation, foreign relations, economy and historical periods. Try answering these questions even as you ask for information so that I'm better informed as to the kind and depth of detail I reply with: Why are you asking? What do you want to do with this information? What story does this help tell or inform? Questions (newer on top) On gaianism and demons Is there a Gaianism equivalent for the sign of the cross? Can I port a full, intact army from another world and have it launch a war against Lagrimosa? What if I want to make a Lagrimosa artificer? Tell me something about noble families and aristocracy in Lagrimosa Is there a format for creating artifacts? Could someone manipulate a genius loci? Various questions about Hell's Gate and Terran history Is Zengi returning? Where can I find missions that benefit the Gaian church? How do Gaians/Fracture natives interpret foreign gods? Converting to a Fracture native What's the current threat level in Terrenus? (2019-09-25) Dangerous creatures and environments in Terrenus? Does Terrenus have cybersecurity laws? Is Weland still part of Empire? | Is the war ongoing? Are armies on the move against the rogue city-states? | If I want to expand on Weland-Chesterfield relations, how would I go about it? What is Terrenus's legislation stance on minors? What is the hardness / durability of Auranite? Does creating new materials or items always require a dedicated thread? Has there been an exploration into the magic distribution canon event? Can members create their own exotic materials? Does Terrenus have any special or exotic materials? Can an ROE (rules of engagement) be forced? What position do church authorities take towards Unnaturals? How do I use the narrative damage system, or other dice/RNG systems in Terrenus? Can I canonize in a location in Terrenus not explicitly featured on the map? How is the Terrenus military affected by the changes to magical availability? What is the incentive for competitive vs collaborative roleplay? Is there a citizenship path? Does military service qualify me for the Gaian Academy? Can I surpass the power limit? Questions about transport speed, summoning abilities, and the power limit On the topic of magitech guns How fast is the average airship?
  4. jaistlyn

    Yh'mi AMA

    Ask Me Anything! Yh'mi is a land of mystery and horror, set in Terrenus. Much of the information known IC-ly is written on the board and in the lore, but it may not be comprehensive. If you have any questions, you can ask me here, and I will answer them as best as I can. To keep the mystery of the area, I might choose to answer you in PM if it's something that I think should not be revealed prematurely. Yh'mi's lore is always being expanded. If you have any suggestions and feedback for the board, you can let me know here as well! I would appreciate it very much. - Dare ye enter this land of utter darkness?
  5. Csl

    Eridianus AMA

    [Work in progress] Hi. I'm Csl, the board leader of Eridianus. It currently consists of the boards Taen and Ursa Madeum. Ask me anything! Important Links: Eridianus lore article Taen lore article Ursa Madeum lore article
  6. Aleksei

    Renovatio AMA

    ``Renovatio Welcome to Renovatio's AMA! I am Aleksei, the Board Leader of that area Here you are welcome to ask any and all questions, which I answer as promptly as I possibly can. I am also open to receiving PMs as well with questions - or cookie recipes, your choice.
  7. Ask me anything that you want to know about Hyperion, it's grassroots, where it's heading, and everything in between. Below will be a few threads with the available resources for Hyperion. From there, if you have any further questions, please ask! Index of Hyperian Resources A Guide to the Hyperian Empire If you're new to Hyperion, this should be your first stop! It details origins, opportunities, cities and organizations you can get involved with. It will constantly be updated, so check back for more. Kingdom, Rising: The History and Culture of Hyperion as written by Scrivener Artamese Prewitt, Co-authored by Johari Ponsky Hyperion City Landing Page Your source for geography, climate, culture, demographics, parks and recreation, quests, residents and canon Port Kyros Landing Page Come visit the largest port in the continent of Genesaris Santado Island A relatively lawless, dangerous island full of pirates and exotic dangers Port Thea A sister port to Kyros that caters more to the tourist crowd who seek adventures and excursions Stonehaven An urban jungle--literally. This ecofriendly, futuristic city is where much of the Empire's corporations and magitech come from Alethea A nation rife with magic divided by civil rights and racism. A pristine city sits on the surface, with a criminal underworld beneath it. Crystallo Stella An underground paradise of magic and beauty, ruled by the lovely Elf Queen Aurora Aequaliter-Nubila. The Unofficial Official Valucre List of Playable Character Races A blurb provided by Jot Notes to describe the Matreyan refugee people. The Enforcers - A look at ranks and their roles in the military police of the Hyperian Empire The Aralim - A breakdown of Imperial Forces, including the Aralim Knights and their roles. T.H.R.I.V.E. - A growing network of volunteer conversation efforts throughout Valucre Aphelion - A covert operations group in service to the Hyperion Empire. They maintain a level of secrecy surpassing that of WEB itself; with its existence only known to operatives, the Director, and King Consort Rowan Knight.
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