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Found 11 results

  1. The challenging waters that divided the continents of this world were magnificent, providing a world-weary recluse with revelation after revelation of the good he could extract from the horrific entry he did little to prevent. Heron stood at the forward of the vessel, letting the mist of the open sea and the wind caused by how quickly his vessel was navigating through the waters caress his face. He felt a bit bad for having leveraged his key contribution to the end of the Ceyana incident to steal this expedition out of Luz’s hands, leaving her to deal with an Orisian myth while he navigated through waters in search of marvels worthy of study. For an old man, by Illyrian standards, being one of the first Illyrians to travel outside of Orisia other than his Light was an honor he would gladly smile about when death snuffed him out of existence. Those who had joined Heron on this expedition were being meticulously scrutinized by a group of well-equipped soldiers that prevented their access to the forward of the ship. Though they had all been instructed to keep their distance from the non-Illyrian entrants, every movement that was made would be analyzed to see if it held malicious intent or mischief. Unlike the leader of this expedition, the crew did not possess the necessary demeanor to make everyone feel comfortable. They were on edge…concerned and just plain uncomfortable with having to deal with strangers. Luckily they would eventually keep themselves busy with the vessel’s maintenance, leaving those who intended to participate to roam around anywhere on the deck for a good while except for the area Heron stood. The vessel they were on had several embedded crystals that housed several channels of magical energy that seemed to power most of the ship for those with enough experience with magitech to decipher its structure. It cut through the waters without remorse unfazed by crashing waves even as the waters became choppy along the way. Now several miles away from Illyrian shores, Heron thought it best to gauge what this world of Valucre decided to offer him in terms of aid. Several minutes would pass before the gruff old man would emerge, draped in black robes that held several insignias that vibrated and glowed. A smile was painted on the man’s face, never waivering and clearly providing contrast to the serious expressions that were frozen on to his fellow countrymen and women. Heron inhaled deeply “Mmmm….this is going to be a wonderful trip. Don’t you all agree?”
  2. In recent months, the insides of broken top of Mount Ichthys had been refined. Now, only by entering a secure entrance at the end of a path leading halfway up the mountain, one could ascend staircases through multiple inner offices to two points. From the outside, the North spire rose like a regular mountain peak above the clouds, its outer walls appearing unrefined like the rest of the mountainside with calquartz trees reaching out from the rockface; but inside had been hollowed out rooms and halls like a manor. The other peak of the mountain was hollowed and punched out midway to form a flat surface which, on an overcast day, was concealed by the clouds. There were still black clad workers chipping small windows into the north mountain face and welders doing steelwork on the rafters of the south face. Around the forked mountaintop there circulated the clockwork monolith that was Ramesses. Somewhere deeper in the base of the mountain, almost sitting right on the back of the great hermit, was another room. This room was utterly isolated save for one rigged stairway leading to Ichthys’ main offices. This was where Cain’s shadow was kept. He would forever be the dark, willing sacrifice so that the Cain who walked above could be his greatest self. This testament to his surviving greatness, when completed, would be called the Brain Room. Up above, Cain sat at the head of a conference table somewhere in the mountain near where the spires converged, convening with seven members of the Dead. Gertrude Verdance from Girdy’s Girders and Andrew Jorjorean from the Problem Solvers were each present. There was no complacency on his face that day. Hands folded on the table, his knifelike eyes encapsulated the entire room in their field of view. “The nannies are playing games with them right now in auditoriums on three different floors. We’re going to feed them in an hour. One drop of blood in each meal, then in the morning we’ll file them through my office. How is the totem coming?” “It’s going well sir,” said a man in a construction jumpsuit not unlike those working outside. “Three days until completion.” “The Dojo roof?” “Five days.” said Gertrude. “The salvaged steel from San Yara is being put to good use.” "Great, keep up the good work. Dismissed." As the figures stood, shuffling to leave, Cain's voice came through the shifting fabric. "Darah, if we may have a word." When all the others left, he sat back down and folded his hands again. "Not to get sappy, but I haven't met you yet and I'd like to learn more about my people. What do you think of your little time in the Dead so far? Give me a little overview of your first objective with us, if you could." @jaistlyn
  3. Ramesses was himself a mountain of steel and Uru. The quad-gear that served as his hip joint was as large as a two-story house. Presently, thirty Ulway walked in a layer beneath the gear, carrying it like ants do a giant bread morsel past Cain and Shaman. The jungle landscape— vines, trees, fauna— decorated the massive humanoid machine as it laid on its side, vacant visor that represented its visual field watching as the Ulway deconstructed it. Engineers with skeletal masks pored over blueprints and schematics, altering the materials to add radar fields and sensors of magical and scientific makeup. Meanwhile, two masked psychics levitated the pieces into an orbital field established around Mt. Ichthys. Presently mechanical gears and screens emitting infrared rays and radiation rotated around Icthys at all different altitudes. Lowering his glasses on the bridge of his nose, he looked to the right at Riforte. “What do you think so far,” he said, keeping the fauning out of his voice the best he could. A door stood nearby in the dirt, frameless, detached from anything. Reginald was on Cain’s other side. Looking to Reginald after Riforte appraised the work made of one of Cain’s Tian Titans, he quirked a brow over the still-lowered glasses. “You’ve told me you had a propensity for artifacts and magic scrolls. Picking out your prison record I can imagine the historic docket runs back rather far. Well, we do have need for a couple things I don’t think I can or have the time to procure myself.” Cain unshouldered a cylindrical case with a strap, handing it to the maggotous magus. “Contained in here are a few disembodied ideas with which I, forlorn engineer with too many toys and not enough hands that I am, require assistance. Take your pick and show me your wares, footsoldier, and we’ll consider a chair position in the Arcana division. Right?” Cain looked to Riforte for her approval. @Aleksei @Djinn&Juice
  4. There once was an age where grand magical items permeated the lands and it's denizens with great power that defended, destroyed, and cultivated countless lives. These once aligned with every willful warrior who sought them out and bestowed upon them, while not always outspoken in their power, they possessed a personality all their own. In the present day; they are few and far between...not enjoyed for their utility, but cruelly used for their sheer power. It is time for a change, back to days where our weapons and tools were banded together, not simply used. Welcome to A New Age of Arcanum! "Salutations! I am most pleased that you have arrived!. I am Reginald Baldric Thaydren Omeya Von Lockheed The Third! This is what has been wonderfully coined as my Magus Opus! It is an obelisk designed to fabricate enchantments for the use to all those who seek to embolden themselves! I am becoming quite the busy bee as it were and limit my roster of enchantment requests to three slots! I am a practitioner in all schools of magic and will gladly lend such trinkets to those who use them to forge their own destinies and in return, a legacy for that very item. How can this humble Arch-Magus help you today?" This is a system that will be used by me to essentially offer a new way to provide named items of power to those of Valucre that will coincide with the artifact system already in place! This is essentially my character Reginald desiring to bring forth an age he had once been apart of where all grand warriors, priests, wizards, and defenders possessed an item as precious to them as family. An Item of power that came with it's own name (and in some cases a personality to boot). This will be available to any and all on the site (A 'fast pass' given to the dead member for Cain' direct assistance in setting him free). The rules are as much for me as for you so that these can be distributed freely and not shift favor too much that would cause any injustice for the whole. I want to breathe my fun ideas of enchantment forging into the life of your hands: 1: Keep all enchants a single effect of your choosing that limits to either one utility, one offensive capability, or one defensive capability with respective details that cover at least a single paragraph 2:This is not a place to RP full threads between our characters, this acts as an in character way for you to speak with Reginald through any means that are at your discretion for the sake of brevity (he has a great deal of communication spells that can work both ways for instance) 3: This will act as a platform for your request that will then qualify you for a thread of one page minimum of Reginald and your respective character(s). There we will make sure every inch of this item is to your liking and commit as a canonized item that can be viewed and stolen(at owner's discretion of course). 1: @Thotification 2: @vielle 3: @danzilla3
  5. Only the Dead Shall Pass This Point The Crematory There is a ring of clouds and steel that orbit the jagged top of Mt. Ichthys. Piercing the upper reaches of the troposphere, the position of this mount offers seclusion and mystery. Through an estranged oak door in the rock face, the Dead enters a minimalistic office with a simple desk. Two walls are paneled with oak while the third looks out on an ever changing scape of the resident’s choosing. The only commonality these vistas share is that none of them are native to Mt. Ichthys, or anywhere on Amalia for that matter. Within this office one finds either a masked First or the Architect, and from them come nondescript manila folders containing orders or acceptance required to undertake missions in the Dead. Forging the Cause of the Dead This is where members of the Dead come to accept and report the completion of objectives. Below is always a live list of the missions and causes we deem worth our time. These will be the selection from which officials of the Quick and the Dead may choose their missions; though a proposal to undertake a mission of the Quick or Dead’s own creation may be PM’ed to amenities or Aleksei. Some missions will be marked off limits to the Quick for the sake of safety and posterity, but special requests may be made to bypass these restrictions. Process of Accepting Objectives and Reporting Objective Completion PM the users amenities or Aleksei to request one of the missions below or dream up another to be reviewed and accepted by one of us. Once we have worked out your request to undertake the mission, you must post an In-Character or Out-Of-Character acceptance of the mission to this thread. Once the mission has been completed, the request post is to be updated with a short paragraph summarizing the mission. At least one page is required of every mission, at least two pages if it is designated a Dead Only objective. If all three of these goals are not met, the mission will not be canonized and the spoils not gained. Included in this post are: Updated Quick and the Dead Objectives Most up-to-date Quick and the Dead hierarchy Updated Quick and the Dead Completed Objectives Objectives Procure Randy Tullin’s gun (Dead Only). Collect artifacts from across the planet to be kept in the Dead Vault. Finish off Tian political infrastructure and displace vampire regime. Capitalize on Tian refugees. Expand economic grasp on market regions across the planet. Fill the Dead ranks, begin recruiting the Quick. Re-establish and revamp the Full Deck. Scout out, report information on, and if possible infiltrate any and all Allied Nations of Terrenus. (A.N.T.) Heirarchy Dead Architect (Current): Riforte (Aleksei) Architect (Legacy): Faustus (supernal) First Officer: Cain Rose (amenities) General(s): Captain(s): Lieutenant(s): Quick Footsoldier(s): Skeleton(s): Completed Objectives We Can Do Both Itsy Bitsy Spider
  6. INTERLUDE NARRATION Here she comes once more. The woman, one of fair skin and silver hair, recently exits the docked airship off the coasts of Amalia. She was no foreigner here, as her first venture into this unknown paradise was just a few months past. Her previous visit was rather underwhelming and was unfortunately filled with multitudes of hindrances and a plethora of interruptions. That event was, of course, not entirely her decision as she merely went in for a ride with some random no name company. As to why this woman was so keen on stooping to such amateurs was something even she had trouble understanding. Well, she was not one to sweat wit the details after all. For what purpose now has the woman returned? If anyone were to ask, the woman would simply answer with a smirk and say that she only wanted to explore this place. But what is exploration to someone who brings workers, dozens of them into these untamed wild? Was it a ruse? Perhaps. Perhaps not. One thing one can be certain though, the woman was already heading further into the island while her people are setting up their camp for the night. For expeditions like this, one must be ready and vigilant for nature's respite. What else will the woman encounter as she goes further into the wilds? Perhaps she might encounter the famed people of this lands, the Ulways? Perhaps. Perhaps not,
  7. The island of Amalia, isolated from the rest of time for so meny years life forms thought to have gone extinct during the early days of civilisation live and some still thrive to this very day. The fact that this island had an existing hive mind or semi-hive was of great intrest to Lexdord. Although one might find it strange that Lexdord wasnt interested in the others that had been discovered like in taen. The answer to that would be simple...you see these were one of the less hostile hive minds that have gone around, not to mention they were quite underdeveloped in terms of economical efficiency their technology however was quite equivalent to most civilisations heading straight foward into the information age. ----On the Airship "This place is perfect for beginging our corporation!" Segi had screamed excitedly. The rest of the crew nodded as the airship began to land lightly on the beach of Amalia, upon looking he saw quiet untamed mountain like wilderness yet behind it he saw the life of a settlement. "Look there it is, now begin setting up advertisements....we'll need all we can get"
  8. @supernal @LastLight @Old Man Jean The T.E.S. Bluebird was cruising low and slow, its sails full of fresh, tropical air, and its engines set to half-power. They were nearing the position of Amalia, a modest chain of islands off the continent's southern coast, though visibility was low due to the fluffy white cumulus clouds drifting below them. The air had warmed considerably since they had left Palgard to crawl along the Barnstable Coast, and it was mildly humid despite their position in the skies. The journey hadn't been long, only around a day and a half, and the crew and passengers were in good spirits. There had been no issues on the flight down, even though they had taken the longer route in order to avoid flying over Yh'mi, and the south provided beautiful sailing weather, with no tropical storms on the horizon or powerful air currents to rip their sails down. Deciding to take advantage of the fair weather, many of the crew members were doing their work on deck, and the sounds of humming and whistling and softly sung sea shanties filled the space with cheer. Well, more accurately, most of the space was filled with cheer. There was a distinct pocket of the deck with a considerably more gloomy cloud hanging over it, and at the center of it all was Maya Zapatero. The Terran diplomat looked miserable as she gripped the railing with one hand, while the other hand was clenched around an open book. Although she had bound the pages down with little clips, the wind still caused ripples to appear on the paper, distorting the words she was so desperately trying to read. Maya knew it wasn't an ideal situation. Reviewing the material on Amalia would have been far easier in her private chambers, it was true, but the closed walls and rocking deck had stirred her stomach in an entirely ... unpleasant manner, especially while reading. She had spent the first eight hours of the flight bent over a bucket before one of the crew came and dragged her on deck. As the man had promised, the diplomat's airsickness had subsided enough that she hadn't vomited in hours, but her head was still filled with a vague, unsettling nausea. Maya hated flying. The effect of the ship's gentle rocking was amplified by her horns, whose weight caused her head to tilt her head back and forth with every wayward current. Still, there was something admirable about her commitment to the mission; even now, after emptying her stomach and sleeping very little, the diplomat was still trying to review the reference material on Amalia for the fifth time. She needed to know if there was something they weren't catching. After all, multiple scouting and diplomatic parties had entered the mysterious island in the recent past, and none of them had been even mildly successful. Capital had been wasted. People had been lost. And she, along with her party of military specialists, had been sent in to make sense of it all. She couldn't afford to miss a single detail. "Land ho!" a boy cried from the lookout tower, his eye squinting through a comically long spyglass. He waved the lens in the air a moment later in excitement, drawing the crew and its passengers toward the rail of the deck. "Thank Gaia," Maya sighed, closing her book with a snap. In a few minutes, the green coast of Amalia would break through the cover of clouds, breaking up the landscape of blue and white they had grown accustomed to. The diplomat grinned a little as she watched the island come into focus, ultimately excited despite the very real danger surrounding this quest. She had been practicing her more obscure languages for a few weeks now, and was eager to put her knowledge to good use.
  9. Please State when your Character Enters and Exits the Pub The Khovfe Pub RP Info Current Menu: Drinks Skeletal Ale w/ A Shot of Khovfe - A Pitcher of Ale with a Shot of something Drasx calls Khovfe Amalian Pale Ale Food Drasx Mystery Pie - A Meat Pie made from Meat Services A Stay at the Inn. Potions Pleasure Potion - Brings about a Euphoric Feeling (Non-addictive, but one can become reliant) Canon
  10. [Closed: Avaliable to @Khovfe and @Demonicmuffin ] Basic Layout Orange - Book Shelves Purple - Unknown Green - Entrance Red - Stairs Blue - Meeting Table Black - Work Table [Sugn Enters Master Room] Sugn stepped through the mystic stone doors entering the Master Room given to him by the Pub’s co-owner, Drasx. Revealing a large open room filled with various tools, mechanism, and books filled with unknown knowledge sat upon selves filling the room, some still sat in piles where the original owner had left off. Dust collected in the air from the years of neglect, cobwebs littered every possible corner. The energies in the room were special to this room feeling as if it belonged to a lost time. A large Crystal sat in the center of the room illuminating the surrounding area, the arcane sifted through the air pressing against the two as Sugn made his way over to the dusty table that sat in the right corner of the room adjacent to the entrance. His brown leather pack with his sample jars sprawled out across the table. A few remained in their overturned position forgotten after his encounter with the Fox Mask now bound to his face. Fixing this oversight he hurried to straighten the contents. “Take a seat, Oh…” he paused letting off a loud belch. “Just don’t break anything, I’m still looking over the contents of this room.” Slowly he worked his way over to the Head chair it was padded with long purple fur sinking into its fluff. If someone would have told me such an Armchair existed I would have never sat in another before this. He sighed, then promptly propped his head upon his shoulder awaiting an answer. You best keep your eye on the Necro Boi… For I have a task for you.. The Alien Voice echoed among his thoughts. Sund shifted his eyes over to the millipede like creatures twisting around in one of the jars. “What can you tell me about these creatures here, since you have already experienced the life cycles of these creeps of this island.” He shifted in his seat sinking a little further into his seat of comfort. “I may not be human, but I know when one seeks adventure. I seek the ultimate freedom, and as you see I’m as free to do as I please here on this island and in this Pub… Now what is it you have to offer?”
  11. 2 Day's after: The Meeting with the Toy Maker, Fox Arcane infused sweat beads rolled down his ashen grey skin as he flipped to the new page of his Grimoire. Slowly he placed the book on the Dash of his Airship looking over the strange image of a sword that covered the page along with a phrase written underneath in the same Alien text as the pages before. For hours he drew on his connection with the cursed mask, taking advantage of it's ability to decipher and translate text rapidly draining his energies. “A reward for all of your work.” A familiar voice entered his mind overpowering his own inner monologue. “Don't worry I'm here for you Sugn..." It said hastily "I see the Khusu flows through you now more than ever, soon it will even spread to your flames.” The Grimoire began to glow a strange indigo resembling the coin he had placed in the cover unlocking it moments before. Mentally and physically drained the entity he had managed to keep out had returned prodding around the creases of his brain taking advantage of the situation. Too tired to resist he had allowed the foreign invader to take control for a few moments resulting in them activating the sealed image. The emitting light grew brighter and brighter slowly growing in intensity to sudden grow dim as what looked to be the hilt of a sword rising the pages. The same glow began to take shape around Sugn tainting his flames and turning them a dark purple to then be absorbed. Once beyond fatigue what Sugn felt now was an overwhelming boost in energy flowing through his body that hadn't been present before. "What have you done to me, what is this book and what are these tokens I create?" "Ahhh, you seek questions do you... I suppose I should entertain you since you have been doing your duty" He paused for a moment unsure of what the being meant. "My duty?" Now he was curious to what they had meant, he knew he had promised to obtain power, but by what means. "Don't sound so perplexed, remember.. Don't tell me you forgot.. You did didn't.. Ok ok ok ok ok, so there was a time where you sought infinite knowledge and power and there was this little feeling in your gut that told you to do that one thing that then led to another.. Well, now we are here." Before releasing control of Sugn's body the entity forced his left arm to the hilt and pulled the sheathed blade from the book breaking the seal revealing more of the Alien cryptic text. "For answers.. I am Khusu, and until you, the last Khusu. What I have done is teach you how to use Khusu turning you into Khusu, and the Tokens help you find potential Khusu by bringing those worthy to one of the text you house here." "So I am Khusu, and I use Khusu to be Khusu to find Khusu ummmm oooookay, but that doesn't explain this book aye or or who you are?" His hand slammed onto the pages revealing another had been freed from the forces that kept them held in place. "Next time, tho I'll give you an 'A' for effort hopefully the Grade slash self-esteem boost gives you confidence HA, though I will let you in on one thing the stronger you get the more information will be revealed to you.. For now I leave you with my blade may it guide you." The mental pressure of the invader had been lifted along with the Aura that surrounded the book. To his surprise a few characters on the page had changed revealing the phrase under the faded image of the once sealed blade reading: "The Blade of Kuudraas, Khusu's Void" . The `A's`listed on the page had been converted over as well. "Guess that's what they mean giving me an A for effort.." As if his body had a mind of it's own he unknowingly placed the blade to his waste for the sheath to attach itself and a black wrap around his waist.
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