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  1. Ramesses was himself a mountain of steel and Uru. The quad-gear that served as his hip joint was as large as a two-story house. Presently, thirty Ulway walked in a layer beneath the gear, carrying it like ants do a giant bread morsel past Cain and Shaman. The jungle landscape— vines, trees, fauna— decorated the massive humanoid machine as it laid on its side, vacant visor that represented its visual field watching as the Ulway deconstructed it. Engineers with skeletal masks pored over blueprints and schematics, altering the materials to add radar fields and sensors of magical and scientific makeup. Meanwhile, two masked psychics levitated the pieces into an orbital field established around Mt. Ichthys. Presently mechanical gears and screens emitting infrared rays and radiation rotated around Icthys at all different altitudes. Lowering his glasses on the bridge of his nose, he looked to the right at Riforte. “What do you think so far,” he said, keeping the fauning out of his voice the best he could. A door stood nearby in the dirt, frameless, detached from anything. Reginald was on Cain’s other side. Looking to Reginald after Riforte appraised the work made of one of Cain’s Tian Titans, he quirked a brow over the still-lowered glasses. “You’ve told me you had a propensity for artifacts and magic scrolls. Picking out your prison record I can imagine the historic docket runs back rather far. Well, we do have need for a couple things I don’t think I can or have the time to procure myself.” Cain unshouldered a cylindrical case with a strap, handing it to the maggotous magus. “Contained in here are a few disembodied ideas with which I, forlorn engineer with too many toys and not enough hands that I am, require assistance. Take your pick and show me your wares, footsoldier, and we’ll consider a chair position in the Arcana division. Right?” Cain looked to Riforte for her approval. @Aleksei @Djinn&Juice
  2. Only the Dead Shall Pass This Point The Crematory There is a ring of clouds and steel that orbit the jagged top of Mt. Ichthys. Piercing the upper reaches of the troposphere, the position of this mount offers seclusion and mystery. Through an estranged oak door in the rock face, the Dead enters a minimalistic office with a simple desk. Two walls are paneled with oak while the third looks out on an ever changing scape of the resident’s choosing. The only commonality these vistas share is that none of them are native to Mt. Ichthys, or anywhere on Amalia for that matter. Within this office one finds either a masked First or the Architect, and from them come nondescript manila folders containing orders or acceptance required to undertake missions in the Dead. Forging the Cause of the Dead This is where members of the Dead come to accept and report the completion of objectives. Below is always a live list of the missions and causes we deem worth our time. These will be the selection from which officials of the Quick and the Dead may choose their missions; though a proposal to undertake a mission of the Quick or Dead’s own creation may be PM’ed to amenities or Aleksei. Some missions will be marked off limits to the Quick for the sake of safety and posterity, but special requests may be made to bypass these restrictions. Process of Accepting Objectives and Reporting Objective Completion PM the users amenities or Aleksei to request one of the missions below or dream up another to be reviewed and accepted by one of us. Once we have worked out your request to undertake the mission, you must post an In-Character or Out-Of-Character acceptance of the mission to this thread. Once the mission has been completed, the request post is to be updated with a short paragraph summarizing the mission. At least one page is required of every mission, at least two pages if it is designated a Dead Only objective. If all three of these goals are not met, the mission will not be canonized and the spoils not gained. Included in this post are: Updated Quick and the Dead Objectives Most up-to-date Quick and the Dead hierarchy Updated Quick and the Dead Completed Objectives Objectives Procure Randy Tullin’s gun (Dead Only). Collect artifacts from across the planet to be kept in the Dead Vault. Finish off Tian political infrastructure and displace vampire regime. Capitalize on Tian refugees. Expand economic grasp on market regions across the planet. Fill the Dead ranks, begin recruiting the Quick. Re-establish and revamp the Full Deck. Scout out, report information on, and if possible infiltrate any and all Allied Nations of Terrenus. (A.N.T.) Heirarchy Dead Architect (Current): Riforte (Aleksei) Architect (Legacy): Faustus (supernal) First Officer: Cain Rose (amenities) General(s): Captain(s): Lieutenant(s): Quick Footsoldier(s): Skeleton(s): Completed Objectives We Can Do Both Itsy Bitsy Spider
  3. INTERLUDE NARRATION Here she comes once more. The woman, one of fair skin and silver hair, recently exits the docked airship off the coasts of Amalia. She was no foreigner here, as her first venture into this unknown paradise was just a few months past. Her previous visit was rather underwhelming and was unfortunately filled with multitudes of hindrances and a plethora of interruptions. That event was, of course, not entirely her decision as she merely went in for a ride with some random no name company. As to why this woman was so keen on stooping to such amateurs was something even she had trouble understanding. Well, she was not one to sweat wit the details after all. For what purpose now has the woman returned? If anyone were to ask, the woman would simply answer with a smirk and say that she only wanted to explore this place. But what is exploration to someone who brings workers, dozens of them into these untamed wild? Was it a ruse? Perhaps. Perhaps not. One thing one can be certain though, the woman was already heading further into the island while her people are setting up their camp for the night. For expeditions like this, one must be ready and vigilant for nature's respite. What else will the woman encounter as she goes further into the wilds? Perhaps she might encounter the famed people of this lands, the Ulways? Perhaps. Perhaps not,
  4. The island of Amalia, isolated from the rest of time for so meny years life forms thought to have gone extinct during the early days of civilisation live and some still thrive to this very day. The fact that this island had an existing hive mind or semi-hive was of great intrest to Lexdord. Although one might find it strange that Lexdord wasnt interested in the others that had been discovered like in taen. The answer to that would be simple...you see these were one of the less hostile hive minds that have gone around, not to mention they were quite underdeveloped in terms of economical efficiency their technology however was quite equivalent to most civilisations heading straight foward into the information age. ----On the Airship "This place is perfect for beginging our corporation!" Segi had screamed excitedly. The rest of the crew nodded as the airship began to land lightly on the beach of Amalia, upon looking he saw quiet untamed mountain like wilderness yet behind it he saw the life of a settlement. "Look there it is, now begin setting up advertisements....we'll need all we can get"
  5. @supernal @LastLight @Old Man Jean The T.E.S. Bluebird was cruising low and slow, its sails full of fresh, tropical air, and its engines set to half-power. They were nearing the position of Amalia, a modest chain of islands off the continent's southern coast, though visibility was low due to the fluffy white cumulus clouds drifting below them. The air had warmed considerably since they had left Palgard to crawl along the Barnstable Coast, and it was mildly humid despite their position in the skies. The journey hadn't been long, only around a day and a half, and the crew and passengers were in good spirits. There had been no issues on the flight down, even though they had taken the longer route in order to avoid flying over Yh'mi, and the south provided beautiful sailing weather, with no tropical storms on the horizon or powerful air currents to rip their sails down. Deciding to take advantage of the fair weather, many of the crew members were doing their work on deck, and the sounds of humming and whistling and softly sung sea shanties filled the space with cheer. Well, more accurately, most of the space was filled with cheer. There was a distinct pocket of the deck with a considerably more gloomy cloud hanging over it, and at the center of it all was Maya Zapatero. The Terran diplomat looked miserable as she gripped the railing with one hand, while the other hand was clenched around an open book. Although she had bound the pages down with little clips, the wind still caused ripples to appear on the paper, distorting the words she was so desperately trying to read. Maya knew it wasn't an ideal situation. Reviewing the material on Amalia would have been far easier in her private chambers, it was true, but the closed walls and rocking deck had stirred her stomach in an entirely ... unpleasant manner, especially while reading. She had spent the first eight hours of the flight bent over a bucket before one of the crew came and dragged her on deck. As the man had promised, the diplomat's airsickness had subsided enough that she hadn't vomited in hours, but her head was still filled with a vague, unsettling nausea. Maya hated flying. The effect of the ship's gentle rocking was amplified by her horns, whose weight caused her head to tilt her head back and forth with every wayward current. Still, there was something admirable about her commitment to the mission; even now, after emptying her stomach and sleeping very little, the diplomat was still trying to review the reference material on Amalia for the fifth time. She needed to know if there was something they weren't catching. After all, multiple scouting and diplomatic parties had entered the mysterious island in the recent past, and none of them had been even mildly successful. Capital had been wasted. People had been lost. And she, along with her party of military specialists, had been sent in to make sense of it all. She couldn't afford to miss a single detail. "Land ho!" a boy cried from the lookout tower, his eye squinting through a comically long spyglass. He waved the lens in the air a moment later in excitement, drawing the crew and its passengers toward the rail of the deck. "Thank Gaia," Maya sighed, closing her book with a snap. In a few minutes, the green coast of Amalia would break through the cover of clouds, breaking up the landscape of blue and white they had grown accustomed to. The diplomat grinned a little as she watched the island come into focus, ultimately excited despite the very real danger surrounding this quest. She had been practicing her more obscure languages for a few weeks now, and was eager to put her knowledge to good use.
  6. Please State when your Character Enters and Exits the Pub The Khovfe Pub RP Info Current Menu: Drinks Skeletal Ale w/ A Shot of Khovfe - A Pitcher of Ale with a Shot of something Drasx calls Khovfe Amalian Pale Ale Food Drasx Mystery Pie - A Meat Pie made from Meat Services A Stay at the Inn. Potions Pleasure Potion - Brings about a Euphoric Feeling (Non-addictive, but one can become reliant) Canon
  7. [Closed: Avaliable to @Khovfe and @Demonicmuffin ] Basic Layout Orange - Book Shelves Purple - Unknown Green - Entrance Red - Stairs Blue - Meeting Table Black - Work Table [Sugn Enters Master Room] Sugn stepped through the mystic stone doors entering the Master Room given to him by the Pub’s co-owner, Drasx. Revealing a large open room filled with various tools, mechanism, and books filled with unknown knowledge sat upon selves filling the room, some still sat in piles where the original owner had left off. Dust collected in the air from the years of neglect, cobwebs littered every possible corner. The energies in the room were special to this room feeling as if it belonged to a lost time. A large Crystal sat in the center of the room illuminating the surrounding area, the arcane sifted through the air pressing against the two as Sugn made his way over to the dusty table that sat in the right corner of the room adjacent to the entrance. His brown leather pack with his sample jars sprawled out across the table. A few remained in their overturned position forgotten after his encounter with the Fox Mask now bound to his face. Fixing this oversight he hurried to straighten the contents. “Take a seat, Oh…” he paused letting off a loud belch. “Just don’t break anything, I’m still looking over the contents of this room.” Slowly he worked his way over to the Head chair it was padded with long purple fur sinking into its fluff. If someone would have told me such an Armchair existed I would have never sat in another before this. He sighed, then promptly propped his head upon his shoulder awaiting an answer. You best keep your eye on the Necro Boi… For I have a task for you.. The Alien Voice echoed among his thoughts. Sund shifted his eyes over to the millipede like creatures twisting around in one of the jars. “What can you tell me about these creatures here, since you have already experienced the life cycles of these creeps of this island.” He shifted in his seat sinking a little further into his seat of comfort. “I may not be human, but I know when one seeks adventure. I seek the ultimate freedom, and as you see I’m as free to do as I please here on this island and in this Pub… Now what is it you have to offer?”
  8. 2 Day's after: The Meeting with the Toy Maker, Fox Arcane infused sweat beads rolled down his ashen grey skin as he flipped to the new page of his Grimoire. Slowly he placed the book on the Dash of his Airship looking over the strange image of a sword that covered the page along with a phrase written underneath in the same Alien text as the pages before. For hours he drew on his connection with the cursed mask, taking advantage of it's ability to decipher and translate text rapidly draining his energies. “A reward for all of your work.” A familiar voice entered his mind overpowering his own inner monologue. “Don't worry I'm here for you Sugn..." It said hastily "I see the Khusu flows through you now more than ever, soon it will even spread to your flames.” The Grimoire began to glow a strange indigo resembling the coin he had placed in the cover unlocking it moments before. Mentally and physically drained the entity he had managed to keep out had returned prodding around the creases of his brain taking advantage of the situation. Too tired to resist he had allowed the foreign invader to take control for a few moments resulting in them activating the sealed image. The emitting light grew brighter and brighter slowly growing in intensity to sudden grow dim as what looked to be the hilt of a sword rising the pages. The same glow began to take shape around Sugn tainting his flames and turning them a dark purple to then be absorbed. Once beyond fatigue what Sugn felt now was an overwhelming boost in energy flowing through his body that hadn't been present before. "What have you done to me, what is this book and what are these tokens I create?" "Ahhh, you seek questions do you... I suppose I should entertain you since you have been doing your duty" He paused for a moment unsure of what the being meant. "My duty?" Now he was curious to what they had meant, he knew he had promised to obtain power, but by what means. "Don't sound so perplexed, remember.. Don't tell me you forgot.. You did didn't.. Ok ok ok ok ok, so there was a time where you sought infinite knowledge and power and there was this little feeling in your gut that told you to do that one thing that then led to another.. Well, now we are here." Before releasing control of Sugn's body the entity forced his left arm to the hilt and pulled the sheathed blade from the book breaking the seal revealing more of the Alien cryptic text. "For answers.. I am Khusu, and until you, the last Khusu. What I have done is teach you how to use Khusu turning you into Khusu, and the Tokens help you find potential Khusu by bringing those worthy to one of the text you house here." "So I am Khusu, and I use Khusu to be Khusu to find Khusu ummmm oooookay, but that doesn't explain this book aye or or who you are?" His hand slammed onto the pages revealing another had been freed from the forces that kept them held in place. "Next time, tho I'll give you an 'A' for effort hopefully the Grade slash self-esteem boost gives you confidence HA, though I will let you in on one thing the stronger you get the more information will be revealed to you.. For now I leave you with my blade may it guide you." The mental pressure of the invader had been lifted along with the Aura that surrounded the book. To his surprise a few characters on the page had changed revealing the phrase under the faded image of the once sealed blade reading: "The Blade of Kuudraas, Khusu's Void" . The `A's`listed on the page had been converted over as well. "Guess that's what they mean giving me an A for effort.." As if his body had a mind of it's own he unknowingly placed the blade to his waste for the sheath to attach itself and a black wrap around his waist.
  9. The Khovfe Pub - Roleplay Information Structure/Building Location: Western Amalia - Base of Mt. Mt. Ichthys - Cave Grey - Bar Area = 5 stools at the counter, 10 tables with 4chairs, fireplace in middle vented somewhere in the cave, small kitchen room. Green - Room hall = 10 rooms five on each side w/ one bed, chest, and lantern for light Teal - Sugns Master Room = Research /Magic/ Alchemist Lab. (Locked) Purpose : A place for Sugn to conduct research and business on the island. History: After Sugn teleported onto Amalia to undergo research of the newly formed island after finding a cave to rest in the following morning he found that he had been accompanied by a strange skeletal bartender who possessed the ability to create structures over long periods of time. He offered to help with the Pub if he could conduct his research there as well. Security//NPC: Drasx - Skeleton Bartender/Cook, Seems to be missing his sanity along with everything else. Current Menu: Drinks Skeletal Ale w/ A Shot of Khovfe - A Pitcher of Ale with a Shot of something Drasx calls Khovfe Amalian Pale Ale Food Drasx Mystery Pie - A Meat Pie made from Meat Services A Stay at the Inn. Potions Pleasure Potion - Brings about a Euphoric Feeling (Non-addictive, but one can become reliant) Canon
  10. Location: West Side - Amalia - Noon//12pm So Amalia, this… is where I'm needed to set up my shop? Sugn took a look side to side absorbing the landscape seeing a plethora of plants and herbs, not wasting time he stepped into the jungle. He had not yet known what guided him just that the knowledge it brought him granted him great pleasure. The ability to move effortlessly through the world with the power of the unknown sitting in his hands. Welp… He sighed, bored after a few moments noticing he lacked a true companion on this journey. I guess the animal life here will have to do, unless there is a lost tribe on this Island. You could make one, or play with that Token you made in the Tavern. Sugn paused momentarily contemplating the idea. How does one do such a thing, you know.. Make a Companion? He retorted inwardly speaking to what he believed was still his inner monologue. May the Arcane Guide you... A phrase turned Mantra by most mages echoed around the walls of his mind. “And I Guide the Arcane.” He finished continuing his journey into the unknown lands of Amalia. ~ 7mi Inland |~ 3hrs| 3pm After a few hours of walking in the dense and dark Amalian Jungle, Sugn estimated that he had gathered 5 creatures closely resembling a centipede placing them in Jars. As he was placing the last specimen into his bag Sugn rounded the corner to see the actual beauty of this land where the Sun was able to peek through and reveal itself. Stunned by the beauty of the land and the uniqueness of the life that inhabited it his mouth sat agape hanging there for a few moments before a fly flew down his throat causing him to choke, coughing as a result scaring away a few of the creatures that had yet acknowledged his presence. Quickly Sugn removed the remaining sample jars from his backpack and began taking herbal samples grabbing specimen that looked the most interesting to him, collecting their leaves, stems, seeds, and a few shrooms in hopes to regrow them once he officially sets up shop...
  11. Two men in white coats stood in a one-story shack on a dock at the southern tip of Yh’mi, the agreed-upon waypoint for any explorers who were to embark on the land surveying journey to Amalia. Its windows were open and the sunset breeze washed saltily through. It was a great vacation bungalow, but the instrument one of them held in latex gloves looked too vulnerable for such a sandy environment. It was oblong shaped, long, and wires ran like rivers beneath its rubbery surface here and there along its length. “We really gotta grab this by the balls first,” Theodore said, running his hand along its length with a squeaky rubbery noise. “Or it’s gonna slip out from between our fingers and be someone else’s.” “Sorry Theo, but maybe check your wording while you're handling the orienter.” George, Theodore’s younger brother, couldn’t help but chortle in response to the elder Dr. Amantis’s phrasing in such a context. Gathering from the frowning countenance leering at him that Theo hadn’t been joking, George quieted up quickly. “This is why you’re not going,” Theo said matter-of-factly, turning his back on George. “We don’t know how different the atmosphere is there yet. It could have destabilized in the open atmosphere if there’s anything trying to maintain it the way it was underwater. I want to find out what was letting fish swim airborne when that place was still submerged, while you’d probably just wanna try that starfruit they’ve got down there and live it up.” George had circulated the fliers for the expedition. Of this much the luddite was proud, having excluded no detail. Not the slight possibility of danger given the unknown circumstances, the probability of developing assets and bonds that were new to the indigenous pygmies who ran the island, and the positivity of approaching crazy wonderful terrifying things they had never seen before. He glumly solaced himself with this reminiscence as Theodore’s loafers clunked down the dock toward his speedboat. Sleek windshields came to a point overhead to efficiently slice through wind. The trip to Amalia would only take 15 to 20 minutes on that thing. He loaded what George had correctly called ‘the orienter’ into a cylindrical cooler resembling a telescope case and pushed it into a compartment beside the driver seat of the boat. Turning, the bottom of the sun just brushing against the frilly horizon and filling the sky with warm orange, Theodore looked as far down the beach as the curve of the world allowed him, trying to find the three-way intersection between earth, sea, and sky.
  12. Making his way through the dense jungle of Amalia, the mutant orc known as Goliath would push past the dense foliage in order to forge ahead. This strange island had a strong connection to nature, one that he wished to explore more fully as he would attempt to climb the mountain that resided here. Traveling to the island wasn't difficult in the slightest, it was navigating his way through it that posed the difficulty. Thick vines, undergrowth and large trees hampered his ability to even make a few hundred feet without worrying about bothersome obstacles. Vision was impaired due to how thick the foliage was, meaning that trying to see anything more than around thirty feet was next to impossible. Conditions like these made it dangerous to travel through the jungle, as there were a menagerie of dangers that could sneak up on an unsuspecting traveler. For a large creature such as him, going through this place was like a bull in a china shop, so he would not be able to take anything by surprise. Goliath was more built for the colder climates, his fur armor replaced with cloth to keep him from overheating due to the humid high temperatures. His shield was kept at his back, his ax finding more use as a means to cut through difficult foliage blocking his path. As a follower of the druidic path, Goliath found it uncomfortable to chop away at the very plant life he revered, but death was a natural part of the cycle. After making it through a few more yards there was something that stopped the gray skinned orc in his tracks. "Hmm?" He could feel it, something in the air, something that didn't feel right, like a drop in barometric pressure, but on a metaphysical level. Magic was being particularly active in this place, almost as if trying to punch its way through the fabric of space and time. Curious about the source of this, Goliath would start to head in its direction, the sun beating down on his position as it passed noon time. Whatever this was he would discover its purpose or intention, then proceed from there as he did not wish to do battle if it could be helped. @Fortress
  13. Kalmuli had traveled to an area very similar before but the idea of traveling to this island in particular...well...she had only a goal in mind. This was a scientific expedition to discover if this living island could sustain a type of herb that was rare. It needed a certain type of environment since it needed a particular host. It was both a plant of land and sea so an island like this was perfect. If some bird had managed to plop a load and root it into the shell of the sleeping crab, then it was possible to know if it grew there. There was also a chance of picking more herbs for her shops and discovering new ones. While portal travel to such a place would have been faster, there was something about traveling by boat that had it's charms. On the mainland, she had managed to secure passage with a fishing vessel that was going to pass by the island itself. She traveled alone, carrying a huge wicker trunk on her back with varying compartments to help separate her findings as well as a simple bow and quiver as a means of hunting should she feel like extending her stay on the crab's shell. While the fishermen were checking their sails and stays, loading up their traps and nets, Kalmuli sat on a barrel with some sea-side fare of freshly grilled squid. She had several sticks between her fingers, holding them like a sai of meat skewers. 'I haven't done this in awhile...Reminds me of my roaming days. Maybe I've become too complacent with staying in Valucre? Have I lost my traveler's touch?'She thought, munching away with a tentacle dangling from the corner of her mouth waiting to be slurped up. Little did she know that she might have company on this expedition trip...
  14. [Aidni, Rise- cont.] Heaven and Valucre still shook violently, and the ocean still wept with blood, and word passed over the face of Terrenus of the loss of its constituent. The thin frame that rose in the Benefactor’s stead stretched arms above its head, sleeves pulling back on a diamond watch that told something besides time, and Cain’s bleary silver eye looked over all that they had done. His bare heel slid on sullied granite as he turned away from the smoking Aidni, from the bubbled ugliness of what this island had done to whatever poor island was once in its way- presumably San Yara, from his knowledge of ocean charts near Terrenus- and turned his back on them. He did not so much as glance at Conscious, only tighten his face in distaste as his chin passed over en route to gaze upon the rising sun. He was smoking a cigarette, the match he’d used to light it simmering in the pale palm of the Centipede. Warforged 343. Leila Javar. Hana Alenko. I have been just dreadful to you beautiful creatures. You heroes, you fantastic digits, you rebellious figments. I have watched as you bled and spilled blood, fought and ran, stole and gave back; and now look at you. I have dragged you in the mud for over a year now and watched you paint with it just as I watched the Artist when last we came, and now nothing stands between the Ulway and this world. Nothing, that is, except for me. Shaman and his two soldiers were enough to bear witness for all Ulway, the rest of whom had quickly gone to tidying their village from Aidni’s drastic transportation methods. There was only one who ventured, quickly and sure-footedly over the wreckage of Mt. Ichthys with the book of the Ulway, until he reached Shaman, imparted the artifact, and departed. Shaman passed off his spear and opened it, nearing Leila and grabbing whatever nearest tatter of fabric he could reach. “Air dwellers,” he said with obvious regards to the drawing inside, different than the others he had shown and very near the end of the scripture. This was a picture of very rudimentarily drawn monsters staving off a thousand-armed beast as a sorceress cast powerful rays of black magic down upon the beast. Their art depicted 343 and Hana’s mech as titans with plants on their heads and vines strung from their arms. When they had all looked upon the drawing for a sufficient amount of time, the two Ulway on either side of Shaman advanced toward 343 and Hana holding chips similar to that which resided within the altar ignition near Mr. Rose. No words would be spoken about them, but upon contacting the chips a confusing flurry of all the relevant information about them would rush their synapses and smooth out into a full understanding of what they received.1 Shaman himself closed the book and advanced on Leila. “I have much to learn about your new world. When last people like you came to us, we sent our own with that man’s partner, Artist,” said Shaman, pointing a chubby finger at Cain’s far-off back. “We have learned much of your kind since then, but envoys of the outside have never come to us. We do not have a place in this world yet, and to amend this we shall send more of our own to expand our understanding of your land and your air. Let it become our land and our air as my island is now yours. Come now, let us feast.” The two Ulway and Shaman then departed, dancing down Ichthys’ broken slope quickly and happily, like children in the new adventure-laden land it was. The shadow of Cain which had emerged from the shadow of the Benefactor did not waver. 1Keys to Ichthys: microchips that, when paired with an electronic device, allow the device to interact with natural organisms in various forms.
  15. Amalia is a risen underwater island governed by pygmies called the Ulway. As a result of freeing the giant hermit crab whose back it rides on from an undersea trap, Amalia has migrated from the waters of Tellus Mater and crashed into San Yara, shifting its tectonic plates to cause new formations and introducing new flora and fauna. The conglomerate of islands is collectively referred to as Amalia. Amalia’s approximate 14,000 Ulway compose most of its sentient population but immigration brings wave after wave of explorers, ambassadors, and scientists. Missions are available in the Amalia Quest Index. PM @amenities to undertake them or do anything else you would like canonized in Amalia's lore! ? Geography Topography 3,724 miles south of Terrenus, Amalia is a 4,200 mi2 island with Mt. Ichthys in its center crowned by dense tropics. Amino acid dating, though incomplete, has so far dated biological life on Amalia as being at least one thousand years old. Cityscape The Ulway claim a settlement along the northern base of the Mt. Ichthys. On the southern and eastern ends of the island are two gigantic gardens called E.DIN and BAB.L that include hedge mazes, wide fields of colorful flora, and are entirely abandoned. At the crescent-shaped top of the mountain sits the remains of a third garden, Ichthys, ornamented with crystal trees, many of which are shattered. Climate Amalia is a blend of high humidity in the jungles and brisk ocean and mountain air near the beaches and up the slope of Ichthys. Flora and Fauna Having evolved for many years outside of Terrenus, Amalia is home to an array of foreign plants and animals. Since the city’s menagerie of inhabitants have interacted with the technology that sustained it underwater for so long, some smaller species have become a culmination of the two. Millibyte (insect) - Millipede-sized creatures with golden limbs and and silicon bodies that are able to carry data and transmit both biological and technological viruses. Edafos Oplopanax Pagis (EH-tha-fohs oh-PLOH-pan-aks payEEss) A.K.A. Pagis (plant) - Rarely seen and unfriendly forest inhabitant. Technically a terrestrial vine, Edafos uses cleverly browned edges and cracked skin to masquerade as a dying arboreal vine. On the ground, it uses flexion and contraction to shift loose sand and earth, forming a pit, in a method similar to the trapdoor spider. Its ends dangle into the pit and, when its unwitting victim steps on the seemingly 'dead' vine and falls into its trap, typically the entire length of the vine falls atop it. From that point, Edafos' significant thorns (measuring upward of 4" when mature) puncture its victim and the vine attempts, again through its unique flexion and contraction mechanisms, to further ensnare its victim. Escape is possible, but extremely painful, and the long-term effects of Edafos' thorns are unknown. Yellow Calquartz trees (crystal) - Mt. Ichthys is covered in naturally forming trees of crystal that seem clear, but at nighttime release light similar to sunlight shining through water that brightens much of Amalia. Demographics Culture The toddler-sized Ulway are a semi-hivemind, meaning they share a collective subconsciousness but have individual identities. Therefore concepts like family and friendship are obsolete in Ulway society in comparison to the communal life the cumulative Ulway creates for itself. There are still younger and older, smaller and larger, and games and feasts are still commonplace, but each individual moves by the design of the Ulway. The game is a whetstone upon which the Ulway sharpens its acuity and strategy; the feast is an institution by which the Ulway sets down the yolk of labor and takes up one of ample sustenance and introspection. Apart from maintaining a balanced community, every Ulway carries with it a diamond spear. These they use as hammers, knives, shovels, axes, and all other manner of tool. Economy A series of rudimentary trading rings connect Ulway from different sides of the settlement which allow them to transport fruits and meat to one another that does not venture to one side of the island or another, but intercity trade still awaits establishment. Landmarks and monuments Mt. Ichthys: The blown out mountaintop covered in crystal trees where a battle once took place. In the center of the mountain’s remains is a (4 ft) pillar of white light with a microchip stuck into it. Garden E.Din: Notable for iron gates whose engineering is reminiscent of some of Terrenus’ steelwork, E.Din is primarily a field of flowers with a seemingly endless stairway in the middle. After traversing the stairway for an indeterminable amount of time, a circular bloodstained platform (40ft across) of white stone is reached. Garden BAB.L: This garden is mostly a labyrinth of hedges. Through the labyrinth is a courtyard of always freshly cut grass squared off by brown and red cobblestones. A fountain sits in the center that no longer spouts water but is filled with salt. Shamya: At the southern base of the mountain is where a large settlement of the pygmy hivemind resides. Inside can be found surprisingly sophisticated dwellings and elaborate meeting structures of canvas and wood, ringing the outside a garden of great luscious fruits. Government Without federal representation, Amalia is governed solely by the Ulway with the assistance of Cain Rose as a representative of Tia. Shaman, an Ulway who appears at the forefront of his peoples’ issues, is the pinnacle of authority on Amalia. Education Knowledge passes from Ulway to Ulway the same as thoughts cross synapses, so education on Amalia is a constant process of growth and evolution for the Ulway. As more foreign individuals arrive there will be lessons given on the origin of Amalia and the Ulway, but there is no organized sect for education on Amalia as of yet, especially not as Terrenus recognizes. Transportation A series of footpaths spiderweb through Amalia’s thick tangle. Notable Residents Shaman: While the Ulway all share an equal platter of work and play in addition to their thoughts, Shaman stands before them in times of danger and uncertainty. While the Ulway are known for power beyond their stature, his strength is an unknown variable. Shaman travels up the ruins of Mt. Ichthys to convene with the Ulway's Ginger God. History Canon Aidni, Rise- Beckoned by Rose a third party traversed the dangers of former Amalia, Aidni, defeated its final guardian the half-man, half-insect Centipede, and planted a device that freed Aidni from where it was locked on the seafloor. Riding on the back of a hermit crab that emerged from the broken underwater ridge Aidni crash landed on San Yara, which was ground down under the belly of the giant hermit. One Hour After Eating- Cain Rose, co-founder of the Dead, heads a second excursion into Aidni on the premise that Aidni has more useful resources and information for the Dead. The operatives are led to the garden BAB.L, where Artist Dove faced and defeated a second guardian, the tattooed Spider of momentous strength and wit. It was here that it was discovered there was a third guardian, and that Aidni possessed the wherewithal to raise itself from the depths of the ocean. Into The Waves- Faustus Clemens takes a team of Dead agents to an underwater city, confirming that the gyro that stabilizes its environment is still operable. He determines that further inspection of the city could prove fruitful for criminal organization the Dead. A suited guardian named Viper who wears a bowler and monocle and wields a rapier is encountered in the garden E.DIN and defeated. Talk the talk- A squadron of Terrenus soldiers are sent to Amalia with a two-fold mission: 1) make diplomatic contact with the Ulway, who are natives to the island, and 2) uncover what happened to the last team of soldiers who went to Amalia with the same diplomatic purpose. Cadmium and Nur accomplish both. Past Three visits relinquished the three guardians’ holds on Aidni and allowed it to rise, prior Amalia rested in the ocean for an undetermined amount of time. The origin of the city has yet to be fully uncovered, but the technology of the device that maintained its on-land atmosphere even in the crushing depths of the ocean is revolutionary for the time it must have been constructed, at least numerous decades earlier. Quest Index - Class B: Rule themselves? Someone must be sent from mainland Terrenus to evaluate the capability for sovereignty possessed by the Ulway. Are they amenable to trade with other cities? Are they altogether incapable of running Aidni and governing it in this new world? - Class B: New land! A survey must be done of this new terra so that its unique flora and fauna can be observed, understood, and utilized. - Class A: A walk in the gardens. The Ulway have been through a lot more than meets the eye, know more (or less) about the world on land than one might expect of a submerged species. The gardens that once contained their guardians still call to them. Go on a holy journey through the garden of E.din or the garden of Ichthys with an Ulway in order to gain favor among their kind and find the secrets behind the power of the guardians of Aidni. - Class ???: Amalia is a vast, unexplored island of incredibly diverse proportions! Go on a discovering, settling, destroying, chilling, or heartwarming adventure of your choosing! This mission slot is meant to fulfill anything a user could wish to do in Amalia. Just PM amenities your idea first, and a fun and appopriate plot and spoils can be laid out.
  16. East side Gardens of Casa Cala: Mid Afternoon Wisps of blonde sun kissed hair brush across her fair featured face; caught in the evening gentle breeze of a San Yaran late summer. She squints cerulean blue eyes with furrowed brows as she deeply focuses her energies upon the painting coming into creation on the easel before her, dabbing at the vibrant tones of color spread across the canvas. Soft blood tears pool in her orbs after a minute to trickle down her milky skin of her marble cheeks. "Shit," she mutters in sheer frustration, having to tear her attentions away from her artwork to wipe at the blood lining her face with a handkerchief. Maintaining her countenance had been an effortless practice of discipline as she'd had ages of practice in poise and decorum from her years living among the royals, serving the royals, and being one. However, often times of late her body betrayed the rigid facade of composure she'd so carefully constructed with tears, laughter, fits of rage and spurts of lusty passion. Still ever so gently striking about her petite visage, Amina was reaching her mid-life crisis point in her Vampiric existence. A sort of menopausal stage in her development or equally arguable deterioration. With her face restored to it's usual pinched tightness, she returns to touching up the lively scenic landscape painted before her. She loved the Casa Cala parks and gardens filled with serene picturesque statues, lavish fountains, floral arrangements and corners of shaded solitude where she could be alone with her life's original work and passion...Painting Nature. "Such beauty..." she whispers to herself sitting on the edge of a bench by a sprawling fountain that she'd also managed to capture in her painting. Her eyes threaten to water again but before they can brim she drags in a long breathe of air and reigns them in. All was calm and pleasant around her from the casual strolling visitors trickling down the various paved paths of the menagerie, to the light distant voices of laughter and light banter streaming from various other sections of the Regent Naiara's chateau. Yes all was quite quiet and lucid in her world in that self reflecting moment of pride in her work, renewed bonding with her passion. And for one long moment; she almost forgot she was a monster. She almost forgot she was no longer mortal.
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