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Found 4 results

  1. To believe she was getting a promotion... Kalmuli had been pleased to be leaving the mainland even if Drakiss held some fond memories and her greatest work. In advance of her arrival, she had a manor prepared and spared no expense in making it comfortable. Reminiscent of her home in Drakiss, it was made of white stone with several floors and two separate wings used as research facilities and had a beautiful garden atrium added toward the back where she could grow food, herbs and some plants that were easy to work with testing the mysteries of the Arcanum. She had only brought a few of her Valkyries to help with protecting the grounds and her research. The Emperor had also been a great hand with providing her with all the moving equipment to bring her goods from Drakiss to the Arcane East. A short trip from Orisia but between her plants, pets and furniture, she needed many hands and many ships. She stood in front of her new home, rubbing her stomach as she felt the life inside of it kick and flail around. Of course with this new home came a brand new nursery too. Kalmuli had it decorated in deep blues, the ceiling painted with a big silver moon and golden stars. She had also receive a beautiful cradle as a gift from the broody Emperor Estian would call 'Uncle'. Knowing she'd have support of the Capital made the idea of being a mostly-single mother more bearable. Mostly, because she had Paolo. Paolo Valentine. Designer to the nobles who worshiped the ground she walked on and the appendages that touched it. He had prepared dozens of new gowns for her and outfits that would be easy to work in while researching and even more when she gave birth. While Paolo was undoubtedly a devoted friend and kept her a great deal of company while she was preparing to have a child. He benefited from being around her as well with having his own workspace outside of the Capital so he could keep his designs more exclusive. Kalmuli stepped outside of the carriage that had delivered her to Atlus, standing on the cobblestone path and looking up at her new home. "Do you think it was over kill adding two wings?"She asked Paolo who swept back his dark curly hair, perfectly coiffed. "Nonsense. You deserve a place grand enough for what you have to do. You never know what you're going to find doing your research...and this is just a hair bigger than Drakiss. Estian will have all the space for him to run around and learn of the world! Not to mention, the best education one little Dhampire could ask for. If one wants to study magic, one has to be so immersed in it."Paolo said, rubbing her shoulders and leaning to whisper in her ear. "And you do look your best when you're foot deep in your work." Kalmuli gave him a side eye and an awkward smile, shaking her head. "I think you picked the highest heels you can put me in so I'm not walking in muck...and you reap the benefits."She rolled her eyes. "Guilty. Let's go and see the place where you'll nest."Paolo said, pushing her along and Kalmuli chuckled, walking down the path through the front garden and to the large double heavy doors. There were guards already there, opening the doors and Kalmuli was greeted with butterfly stairs that arched around to the middle that lead to the different wings of the building to various floors. She looked on, seeing where she had asked people to put things and looking at the various shades of greens, blacks and silvers in her decor. Kalmuli would take the stairs sweeping up to the left so she could go and explore her room and the nursery. Her room was designed just the same as her space in Drakiss but when she saw the nursery...She wanted to cry. It was beautiful. Kalmuli looked around the space, gliding around and looking about at all the plush toys. She picked up a big dog plush, designed to look more like a wolf and looked up at all of the painted stars. She eased around, easing down to a rocking chair and sat looking upwards. "I've fought wars...monsters...seen dying stars and unspeakable things...but having a child...This is just...it's almost scary."She admitted, looking down at the plush her hands. "I hope I will give him the life he deserves..." "Psh! Nonsense...Between having a handsome, creative papa and a beautiful, intelligent Madre...He will be the most desired bachelor in all of the Dominion! He will have no cares and worries other than if he passes his tests and plays well with others."Paolo praised, moving down by her feet and helping her to remove her heels. He took one into his soft, careful hands and gave each of them a squeeze. "And doesn't stress you out." Kalmuli sighed, hugging the plush close to her chest and let Paolo do his thing with her feet. "He's not even born yet and I'm already worried about him skinning his knees." @King (adding you so you can read any background stuff and be nosy)
  2. The development of the Arcane East and Atlus Arcanum was coming along. Kalmuli had laid out plans to build it up into a booming research-based town focused on the Tower as well as to turn it into a capable, military grounds (via the efforts of her unfortunate betrothed). She stood outside of a manure-coated field, looking to see all of the hard work the community had put into it. There was only one problem though and she looked at the various crows and ravens that were poking at the fields, scratching at some of the new growth. Kalmuli brought her hand back then forward, spreading her hand out as she sent a spell that was just a rush of wind that spooked them and sent them out of the field. She settled her hands on her hips once they had flown off and looked at the 'scarecrow' that the locals had build. "Absolutely useless you are..."She shook her head. Kalmuli looked to her apprentice who stood with her, looking rather exhausted once more. "Ingrid, you're lacking enthusiasm again. Did all that time you spent with the Fenwyld elves not help at all?"She questioned. Ingrid raised her head. She was a head taller than Kalmuli, her hair pulled back in a long, thick curly braid. She had spent sometime away from Kalmuli, returning to her roots and she could see the change in her dress from the more utilitarian style of the Weaver Academy to clothes that were a combination of natural fibers and silk. "Briefly yes...I'm just getting used to being around more people again. I'm fine. I think I just need a little more time."She shook her head. Kalmuli frowned. "What happened at the mountain wasn't your fault..." Ingrid sighed. "I struggled a lot to find forgiveness for myself for failing the elemental at Mt. Egon...We mages and elves are supposed to protect spaces like that and I wasn't able to fend off a few soldiers. I wasn't much of a headmaster to the students either."She said, turning to start walking and Kalmuli waddled after her, heavy with her first child. Ingrid had came to help with the birth but that was still a month or so away. It was good to see her own Master and know that Kalmuli wasn't disappointed about what happened. She always told her 'people lived, buildings could be rebuilt' but it didn't really help. "Or very good at making scarecrows...I'm not sure what would keep the birds out of the gardens" Kalmuli had a hand on her lower back as she walked. "Well, some golemns would do a lot more but at the same time, just tear up the fields. Besides, I heard that there's been rumors of a man who's been seen talking to them. Some say he's a crow god. Others just a druid...but whatever the case, I'll leave you to talk with him. Gizelle's told me to stick closer to the estate nowadays." Ingrid looked back then down at the big bump under Kalmuli's country-girl style dress she wore for going out in the gardens. "I will take care of it then...Maybe I can convince him to tell them to leave the fields alone and find a new pecking round."Ingrid said with a nod before looking out to the fields again. "First I need to catch one." @The Hummingbird
  3. "Surely you understand. I don't doubt your ability to survive on your own, it's just..." He paused in thought of the most precise way to word his thoughts before delivering, for he'd only have one chance to say it correctly, lest he wished to draw false suspicion from his Queen. Thus spiraling the point into a maelstrom of twisting his speech against him. Then again, she could smell lies, and perhaps an imperfect delivery could be well received; so long as he was being honest. "I have this innate urge to protect you. I cannot risk losing you again. These people cannot risk losing you with your coup still fresh, nor can they risk losing one another. If Dredge and his Legion are as they claim to be, then you understand they cannot be tamed. It's not impossible to live peacefully among one another, though the probability of such is slim in my perspective." He refused to bring it up, though his mind easily considered her last attempt to tame chaos. Which resulted in her growing it exponentially. "Of course, you know you have my full support in your endeavors." Everything happened so fast, in seriatim. First was the return of Akako, leading up to her swift coup; And now the return of Red, mysteriously and with nigh perfect timing. At least he'd already been back to get his son. Had he known sooner of Red's absence he'd have gone to him prior. Though sooner than he'd wished, it seemed his ties to the Scarlet Region were also severed. The Bastard Prince an inadvertent consolation, delivered her by nothing more than sheer luck. They just happened to be away at the Hanami festival when she resurfaced. While would have preferred to let the his son have some more direct development around psions, he'd have to settle for the few that remained loyal to him. Otherwise, he didn't doubt that the his own academy will serve Khaliq well. "That reminds me, if the Commander hasn't already shared word with you or one of your familiars, it seems the Scarlet Queen is slowly finding her throne again. While you have your sights on another target, we must avoid tunnel vision. There's three threats at the moment as far as I'm concerned; The Datsuzoku, The Scarlet Region, and The Legion of Doom. Khaliq can't go back or I risk him being stuck there however long, and potentially losing him. I however, have some things I need to sneak in and get, hopefully before I'm removed from my prior council seat formally." @Akako Akari
  4. Waves lapped at the side of the ship, always reminding Sarah Bouchard of their journey. They were going to some city on the coast, looking for more work, more opportunities for them to win fame. Right now Sarah didn't want fame, or gold, all she wanted was one thing, and one thing only. Blood. Light from the Moon shined down upon her, high atop the midnight sky. Nausea was hitting her hard, a symptom of her hunger, her need for the scarlet lifeblood of those around her, but she had to fight it, she had to keep it at bay. "I won't let this beat me." She whispered into the nothing, leaning against the railing of the ship they were on. "I control my own destiny." Sweat trailed down from her pierced eyebrows, past the studs in her lips, and off of her chin. She had to do something, she had to find some kind of relief to this madness.
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