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Found 6 results

  1. Aleksei

    [GS] Taurus

    ・・・】 God: Taurus・・・】 God Slayer: @ticklefarte・・・】 OOC: Thread Balls of fire are thrown about, catching the village on fire and all within it. He yells during his rampage, cracking the earth and shaking the air; all the while the flames rage forth, causing the surrounding forests to catch on fire.
  2. Aleksei

    [GS] Virgo.

    ・・・】 God: Virgo・・・】 God Slayer: @-Lilium-・・・】 OOC: Thread Holy light is shot from the cannons attached to Virgo, creating large crevices in the earth that are dangerously unstable. The winds surrounding her are sporadic and wild, strong enough to push a person back several feet and can cause minor cuts. Her holy light is blinding and the cannons are beginning to malfunction.
  3. James La Efonte, PRIME of La Guardia. The man rolled his knotted shoulders, trying desperately to get rid of the pain from the previous months stress. What a ridiculous amount of shit. It was way too much for a man of his advanced age. Sixty years he'd been dealing with such fucked up nonsense and, honestly, the passed couple weeks topped most of it. The arrival of Paragons hadn't been particularly bothersome at first. Sure, they were in Nehalen but they'd mostly kept to themselves in the Nu Martyr province. James had debated sending in aid for the now deceased PRIME Dallas, but had ultimately decided not to bother. The fight's winner between Dallas and The Commander had been uncertain at best, leaning heavily in favor of the Commander at best. Like a rolling storm the monster in human flesh had washed over the province and essentially decimated it to nothing. Recently he'd heard rumors of The Commander placing one of her followers in charge, as it was quite clear the woman had no intention of handling the responsibility of a ruling a kingdom. That said, James continued to thank... well, whatever deity was the flavor of the day for Nehalen now, that he hadn't decided to help Dallas. Who knows if the Commander's attack would have spread into La Guardia as well. As Nu Martyr's northern neighbor, it wasn't such an unbelievable possibility. He sighed, reaching an arm over his shoulder to kneed the throbbing muscles. Bloodshot blue eyes looked out from the table he was trying not to slam his head on, landing on the woman at the far end. The other PRIME. On his right, her left, were a half dozen of James' advisers. Opposite them, were a half dozen of her's. James had been rather hesitant about forming an alliance with Avylon. Known for being the province of war where the best of Reno warriors were forged, there was an over looming threat of domination if Avylon decided to invade La Guardia. It would be machinations against magic and physical prowess. There was also the fear that Avylon would believe La Guardia was asking for protection rather than an equal alliance. Worse, the people could think that. For that reason, James had insisted on meeting at the border between the two provinces. A ground both neutral and equally dominant. A dominion of both and of neither. A showing of alliance, but one of caution and hesitation. Not of fear, but of respect. The castle was built years ago, even before the time of Rosinder. It had been, perhaps, new during the time of Zengi's chaotic reign in Terrenus. Heavily fortified with a powerful magic barrier, almost a thousand elite soldiers armed with the best of magi-tech. Throughout the ranks were also Zodiac Knights and Celestial Guards, personas that stood at the same height as the Terran Peacekeepers. If there was a single place James felt most secure from outside forces, the Castle of Strogonoff was by far the first. "It's a pleasure to see you again PRIME Darcoza." Reyliene Darcoza, PRIME of Avylon. As opposed to PRIME Efonte who'd decided to dress up in the fancy dressware of La Guardia, Reyliene had opted for something more practical. Something that addressed what the meeting was really about. Armor. She trusted PRIME Efonte about as far as she could throw him. A PRIME didn't last for as long as he did in the Nehalen environment without being a sneaky son of a bitch. If Reyliene considered herself a wolf, Efonte was a fox. Or a snake. She didn't really know him well enough to make the distinction, but the gist was there. Despite it being the first meeting, Reyliene had been trying to rally support against The Commander and her Paragons of power since the beginning. The moment they'd set foot in Nehalen, she'd been raising a defense, planning attacks; whatever she could do. Unfortunately getting a bunch of wild and uncontrollable warriors to go after an enemy they couldn't see or fight against unless they traveled to a different province was a lot harder than it sounds... actually it was probably just about as hard as it sounds. And unlike Efonte, Castle Strogonoff was one of the places she felt less secure. Abstract countermeasures and defenses set into such an old structure were untrustworthy. She needed to know every inch, every centimeter of wherever she was to feel even a modicum of security. "Let's just get this over with," Reyliene growled, already itching for her sword. Laying eyes on the weak looking bodies of those scholarly La Guardia advisers they called men, Reyline couldn't help the smirk that stretched across her face. "I wouldn't want you ladies to miss your husbands back home." @amenities @danzilla3 @TheShadow @Metty
  4. Diremast

    A Necessary End

    Engulfed by darkness all around, in times when chaos and suffering reign supreme, it can be hard to see the light beyond the tips of your fingers. In times of despair, even looking up into the bright sky, the sunshine provides nothing but to blind you even further. It was a long time since Dilon last stepped foot in his birthplace, the great city of Avylon. The man that departed those many years ago, was not the one that had returned. And unlike back then, he no longer stood alone. He looked over towards Elodie a small distance away, she was his pillar holding up the weight of the world from his shoulders. To him, their reunion had become the rock that had stem the tides of self destruction. Progress, not perfection. He reminded himself as he moved to join her. Neither of them were without scars, but that did not matter because in his eyes; she was a beacon of hope. Hope for a future that he had long ago forsaken the idea of. But before that, there were things that had to be settled once and for all in order to be able to move forward. His hand placed gently on her shoulder, was a request to draw her attention. Seeing her face had always provided him with strength in difficult times and this was no exception. For it was not by coincidence that he had returned to Avylon, the reality was that he had come with a clear purpose. He was the hound that once had been unshackled and banished from his once beloved home, but what is buried in winter will always sooner or later become uncovered in times of spring. He had come for Elion, his former master. But his agenda was not revenge, it was relief for the suffering and the restoration of order in these times of chaos. The old gods have fallen, their banishment signified birth of the new Age of Man. But fractions of their once pious followers remained a blight, spreading chaos and corruption across the land. They had to be stopped, no matter what the cost. “So then it’s true, just as we feared.” “I’m sure that you can sense it in the air, just like me.” “Elion has chosen to remain within the city, using his influence to spread unrest and terror even in the absence of the PRIME.” “We should start at Von Graaf Manor, we should be able to pick up the trail from there.” @Aleksei
  5. Aleksei

    no matter what

    @Darthgamer101 She can already hear him: Back to yer old ways, ey gurl? His drawl, imagined and real, always made her skin crawl; she shuddered in memory and moved from her sheltered little corner to drown the memories in the pouring rain. It's because of her that the man has been able to live comfortably, surrounded by riches and wonders. Of course, he would say it's because of him she was able to obtain such things, if not for the tenacity and gumption he had endowed upon her. Guess they can agree to disagree. Right now, she is on a mission to obtain something rather precious to her. Word on the street is that some kind of Lord of some random house has obtained a very special item, and through complete speculation, she knows what that item is. Not wanting to use resources that no longer belong to her, she has chosen to take on this mission alone. First, she needs to break into the inn and find this Lord of whatever and steal back what belongs to her by proxy. Due to her current situation, she can't go in and charm the room and get the book. She will have to return to her roots and slither through the shadows and sneak around enemies. Killing won't be an option, not unless she wants to sacrifice her element of surprise and ruin this entire mission. By the time she reaches the inn, the rain has already stopped, and the guards have started their patrol. Wearing the usual garb of a sneaky thief, the woman remained rather invisible to the guards. The first gentleman had been lazily standing beneath a streetlamp, whistling some random tune, and often breaking the song to complain about how bored he was. The second was patrolling, taking his sweet time walking up and down the path in front of the inn. A few dodgy steps and she stayed in the shadows, avoiding the flickering lamp lights and the bored guards. It was silly, but this was possibly the most exhilarating thing she has done in the last handful of months. It was saying a lot considering she's discovered dragons, climbed mountains drowning in drakes and wooed a Maharaja. None of that can be compared to the simplicity of lurking through the darkness right beneath the nose of proclaimed, well-trained individuals. The meeting place is the cellar, a nice shady little spot right beneath the main point of the mission. It hadn't been part of the original plan for her to tag along; it's been more beneficial to her to have someone else do the dirty work, but she can't resist this one. This particular task means she will finally get her hands on something of great importance to her. Riforte can't risk the item falling into the wrong hands; thus, she has decided to tag along and perhaps lead this little expedition. Around Valucre were leaflets calling for the brave and the curious. She had left them rather minor and poor looking, instead of grandiose as most calls for adventurers tend to be. These leaflets give simple instructions: meet this person here at this time and introduce yourself. The payment was mentioned but nothing in-depth, just a small little line of print down at the bottom saying the person would get paid. And that's it. If someone is to take one of these leaflets to the city of Caham, they would be guided by the magical line glued between herself and that of the flyer. That way, the person wouldn't have to worry about finding the person paying them for their time. They would have to do their work to go around the guards and sneak through the cellar delivery hatch to get to her, though. Anyone unable to complete such a simple task wasn't worth her time.
  6. Aleksei

    In the heavens

    INSTRUCTIONS https://www.valucre.com/topic/44245-onwards-to-adventures-interest-check/ PROMPT An asteroid has fallen from the sky and has stopped mere moments before it hits the ground. The asteroid begins to segment itself into layers, exposing floating fortresses and cities. Investigate one of the cities and get the item. ↳ Destroy the asteroid once item is obtained. OR ↳ Save the asteroid so it can be studied. _________________________________________________________________________________ She plucked the unfortunate petals of the daisy; a light hum escapes her as she goes about the age-old song - he loves me, he loves me not. There was no one in particular on her mind as she did this, it's just simply what one does when they have a small flower in their hand. If she had the skill to do so, she would make a flower crown but she has never been the creative sort. So she plucks petals and watches them drift across the meadow. The meadow was edged with swaying trees and there is a path that leads to just about anywhere. It was a typical scene you see painted on large canvases that are hung in restaurants or little cafes. What you don't see outside the borders of that canvas is the oddity that's brought Riforte here. Unable to do much, she's been forced to extend her hand to those that can accomplish what she can't. The items that she needs from the asteroid are not worth her life, but they may be worth someone else's life. Some miles to her right is the asteroid, a magnificent piece of the heavens that's stopped a mere feet from hitting the ground. She had studied it, used her own resources to ensure that what she wanted was there, and then threw out some feelers to catch adventurous sorts to get her the tome. This kind of work always draws in the best kind of people, too - no matter the risk, she will get her tome. Plucking another daisy, Riforte waits. Around Valucre were leaflets calling for the brave and the curious. She had left them rather minor and poor looking, instead of grandiose as most calls for adventurers tend to be. These leaflets give simple instructions: meet this person here at this time and introduce yourself. The payment was mentioned but nothing in-depth either, just a small little line of print down at the bottom saying the person would get paid. And that's it. If someone is to take one of these leaflets to the meadow mentioned, they would be guided by the magical line glued between herself and that of the flyer. That way, the person wouldn't have to worry about finding the person paying them for their time. Though it's a bit hard to miss her sitting among a field of wildflowers. _________________________________________________________________________________
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