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  1. Metty


    Name: Beefly Type: Sentient Flying Insect > Modified Bombylidade Height: 0.2M (0.5M with their 30cm wide wingspan), 50cm Weight: 0.8lbs (0.36kg) Habitat: Can be found across the world barring UM and Taen Location: All across the world of Valucre except from UM and Taen Lifespan: 100-200 years Biology Physical Description Beeflies are fairly tiny modified insects with fairly large white wings that are wide, flat, have brown loop markings towards the bottom of their wings. They have different colored bodies with a white face and a tail. As well as it has large eyes with spots in them resembling pixels, a long brown nose/beak of sorts and tiny transparent tufts on their head resembling antennae like ants. As well as a tuft of fur between their wings. Their four spindly black legs are long with round feet. Beeflies are known to have various types of fur colors, noting their elemental powers based on their fur. Lifespan Unlike most insects that don't survive long at all, Beeflies have a remarkable lifespan, living to about 100-200 years of age. Many people don't understand how they survive for so long, as their original genetic ancestors they deprive of, die off fairly fast. One thing that is known for sure is that they age extremely slowly, reaching full size in about twenty years. For the first ten years or so, they seem to be half a meter big, only about half the size of an average human hand. Reproductive Information Beeflies are unique in their biology that they reproduce through eggs, much like a dragon, a lizard or anything of the sort. They are known to lay up to about four eggs at a time, however, it has been seen that they have laid about eight in their history over the time they've been on Valucre. Beeflies are known to mate when they know somebody like a human or sentient animal is not around due to them liking privacy. Temperament Beeflies are very friendly creatures despite the way they were created, in a lab by a mad scientist. They spend most of their days, looking after animals, other insects, humans and humanoid creatures in order to gain companionship and make sure everybody is fine. They love to talk to adventurers about their travels, as they seem fairly interested in learning about the world. However, underneath their friendly interior, is a very scared creature that hates any sign of conflict. Upon seeing conflict, a Beefly will cower and run away to hide until the conflict dies out, due to that, they tend to stay away from known places with a lot of ongoing conflicts. They are known to be extremely loyal to people and animals that they care for. Diet Beeflies have a unique diet consisting of sweet food. Due to that, they mostly bond with humans and such, in order to barge into their food supplies while their eating just to eat food. Who can blame them though? Their too cute to resist. If they live in a rural area, however, they will go to try and find food like fruit in order to survive. The beeflies are intelligent enough to know to not eat things that can possibly harm them after all as they can identify plants from working with them to harvest to help people and so forth. Beeflies are known to absolutely hate meat, vegetables, fish, and anything that's pretty much savory, due to them relying on sweet foods for energy to keep them going. Population There is known to be millions of beeflies in the world from how long they have existed as they breed pretty quickly. Unlike their origins, nobody knows where they came from, but people are thankful for the intelligent creatures that can help them with work and whatnot. Beeflies have known to completely fled from UM and Taen due to the conditions and will not be back there. Powers All Beeflies by default has a bunch of powers that are given to them through the genetic evolution they went through. These are by follows: Telekinesis: Due to genetic modified DNA they have, beeflies have the rare power to move objects with their mind. This is extremely limited to what they can lift, as their only shown to be able to lift small objects such as soda cans, small rocks, and even snowballs. Due to their telekinesis, they are known to be extremely good at snowball fighting and it's why people avoiding having a snowball fight with others if they know they're around. Healing Powder: Beeflies can manifest a healing powder to attempt to heal animals and the like that are near death. This speeds up the targeted regeneration to keep them alive for a few extra hours to save them from the brink of death until the beefly gets some help. Calming Aura: Beeflies have a calming aura that manifests around them at all times, allowing them to calm others in a state of panic or are going to start a fight. This can be useful in a worse case situation, where something is going to happen. The aura makes it so, that people wouldn't want to fight among themselves. Elemental/Kinetic Powers: Due to their genetic modification, Beeflies have been given the abilities to control the elements or kinetic things all around them. This varies on what color their fur actually is, as well as they can have either one power or another even regardless of their fur color. WIP, Redoing shiz More to be added. Abilities Telepathy: One of their unique abilities is their telepathy. Unlike how most telepathy works, Beeflies can communicate it to a whole crowd of people instead of one person just hearing it. In most situations, this helps them communicate with others, but in certain situations when they have to flee from combat, it's completely useless, due to the enemy hearing them from their inability to communicate to one person. Expert Healing Factor: Beeflies have the ability to regenerate their limbs and so forth if they become extremely hurt. However, if they get injured in the heart or the brain, it is a certain death for them due to them not being able to regenerate that. Average Intelligence: Beeflies have the average Intelligence of a human being, being able to understand subjects and such on the same scale. This causes them to be extremely useful when even asking for directions because they are literally everywhere. Elemental/Kinetic Resistant: Beeflies possess the resist to their own element they control. Notable Loot(?) Beeflies are known to not be poached very often due to how bad they taste even to predators and humanoid creatures. They are known to be a protected creature over the world of Valucre. They occasionally shed fur, so if you want that to make things with, then go for it. Legends and Rumors Rainbow Colored Beefly (Rumor) There have been rumors of a rainbow-colored beefly being born. There are extremely rare and rarely anybody has ever seen one. Those that have seen one are often told that they are liars due to how rare they are. The "Evil" Beefly (Legend) There have been legends of an evil pitch black beefly that is extremely powerful and that would terrorize the world if it was ever awakened. Nobody knows where this legend came from, or if people even believe the legend. People often laugh it off as they think beeflies are incredibly cute and wouldn't do them any harm. However, the Draconians worship beeflies as a way to prevent the god of all death Beefly to ever appear, time will tell if it works. Affiliations Allies: People that they get attached to, anti-poaching organizations, animal protection organizations, peaceful animals, sheepfly (best buddies) Neutral: Everyone that isn't aggressive Enemies: Monsters, Bandits, Aggressive animals, people, and humanoid creatures, political situations Background Modified Beeflies came into the existence of Valucre one day about fifty years and nobody knew where they came from. People think it's a mad scientist that created the living talking creatures that are extremely useful to all of Valucre, but as for their origins....nobody knows really. Since then, they have almost taken over the world! Not really, they're technically harmless. Notable Beeflies Fluttercup Pootie Unnamed Queen Beeflies Threads/History A beefly canonization thread on UM but due to the conditions, they ran away from there, never to come back. Their known to hate Taen as well. Other
  2. Before hand: I will be editing this every now and then, going into more description in certain areas instead of being vague/brief and half assed about it. What I have right now was something of a quick description, nothing more. Name: Lycarias Type: Humanoid/Animal Size: Under normal circumstances: Females- 5'6" to 6'0"- 140lbs. to 159lbs. Males- 6'0" to 6'3"- 187lbs. to 215lbs. Location: Near Moonwood, caught between it and the Fracture deep in a valley of raging rivers and jungle-like forests. Taking a small roaring river that leads to a massive cavern. Environment: Jungle/Cave/Ruins Organization: Group/Pack Special Qualities/Abilities: Lycarias are wolf people, so while they have a humanoid body they still retain the traits of regular wolves, such as enhanced hearing and smell. The entire race were more of primordial druids, practicing an ancient Earth Worship alongside a race of Giants. Because of their worship they used earth magic and bindings. The race as a whole are quite experienced with weapons, masters at hand to hand with claws and gauntlets, a secondary mastery is of weapons however nothing can compare to their stealth. As for individual powers, save Druidry, each of the tribes spammed the globe at one point. This diversity in certain environments allowed them powers/abilities pending on their area: say an Arctic tribe, they would generally have a thicker coat but in turn they would be weak to fire magic, capable of using Frost Magic and contacting ice elementals. The particular tribe Rain Dark is part of, the Cave tribe, were able to utilize camouflage (most of them), shadow and darkness manipulation, and were able to influence their physical prowess pending on how "in touch" they were woth said powers. They were also capable of summoning spirits, contacting the dead, and speaking with Earthly elementals. Alignment: True Neutral Description: Lycarias are humanoid wolf people, having more a human appearance whilst retaining fur, strong hind legs, tails, ears, and an almost wolfish head (think of a werewolf on this). Generally a Lycarian are a tribe of people who's growth turned into a kingdom, while still active during the day, they are well known for hunting predators and prey at night. The Lycarias range in different colors from white, to grey, to black, and to brown. Their eyes are a pitch black but their pupils (Iris) stand out by glowing any given color. Colors are used as a form of ranking, most Lycarias while warm colors like red and orange make them hunters, scavengers, and gatherers; brown and yellow are marked as warrior and guard. Yellow and white are deemed as higher ranking members (sages), while cooler colors like green are marked as scouts. Blue would be marked as a prophet and holy leaders, while purple or magenta are marked as pack Alphas. Those who have a grey or silver Iris are deemed as a war chieftain. As for their build in muscles and intelligence. Starting from the feet up, there two different types of legs that diverge this particular tribe, half having hind legs much like a wolves (bear that the legs have the same density as a humans albeit thicker in muscle) where the "feet" are more like back paws, however more accommodated to the races walking in evolution; they are particularly faster but can't turn too quick while running due to different joints in the ankles. The other half are what one would expect of humans legs, the defining difference are there are hair covering the legs (and entire body, much like any animals) and there are tough pads on the feet much like a canines. The only difference with Lycarias is they've grown a tail. The rest of the body is almost human. Below is a primary example of how they look male/female:
  3. SAURUS INDEX I. BIOLOGY/ECOLOGY. IA. OVERVIEW IB. INNATE TRAITS IC. SPAWNING ID. CASTES II. CULTURE III. ORIGINS VI. CODEX SHEET I. COLD BLOODED IA. OVERVIEW The Saurus are beings shrouded in mysticism and conjecute; among academics, there are those that believe they are not a race - but a collection of intelligent, bipedal reptillian beastmen inhabiting Taen's deserts and jungles. In some way, this thought holds merit. A great dichotomy exists between the cadres of beasts that constitute the Saurus race as a whole, such creatures come in many varying shapes, sizes and temperments. As a whole, the Saurus are a collection of bipedal reptilian Yet they are all of a singular, shared biological origin. From the smallest of Quetzlings, to the largest of the Huitzigors, they are beings one in the same. Of this race, there are two staple castes; the most common and prevelant of their engimatic species. Quetzlings the skitterish, dimunitive stratum of Saurus bred for their intelligence and dexterity. Small and agile, they are the in largest number of the Saurian population. Among their rank and file, Quetzlings hold the greatest level of political and economic authority of the Saurus race. From priests to craftsmen, scouts to skirmishers, Quetzlings are responsible for the running of the Lizardmen's empire as a whole; without them, their society would fall apart. Huitzigors are the monstrous, hulking warrior-caste of the Saurus race. Predatory savagery perfected, they are without weakness. Or mercy. Half-feral berserkers, theirs is a purer, simpler purpose compared to that of their cousins. Standing at eight foot on average, their dense forms are packed with coils of rippling musculature beneath a coat of interlocking armoured scales. Other variations do exist; namely a more feral, animalistic breed of Saurus. These beasts come in a motley collection of appearances and purposes. Some brutes are clad in layers of thick scales, used as beasts of burden to pull great blocks of granite in the construction of their Temple-Cities, others are voracious carnivores, used in war as mounts or unleashed on enemies to wreak havoc and destruction. IB. INNATE TRAITS Bipedal, reptillian humanoids - though greatly mutable in presence and personality, all of their kind share similar, innate biological quirks signature to their species. The most evident is their ectothermy. Reliant on the heat of the sun to regulate their bodyheat and metabolisms, Saurus possess an inherent adversion towards colder climates. Resulting of their cold-blooded nature, the Lizardfolk can appear to be sluggish or lax when deprived of external warmth. It's quite the spectacle, to see a horde of Saurus sunbathing and catching the rays of early morn. Many an explorer has noted that Saurus are remarkably fond of endothermic races, namely humans, for their ability to control their own bodyheat; countless pioneers have been subject to hours of smothering by packs of heat-greedy Huitzigors in what can only be described as cuddling. They maintain a remarkable amount of control over their metabolisms as well. A Saurian can subsist for several months without a meal - survivg off their fat reserves and tissue. However, they are naturally voracious and gluttonous as a race and eat whenever the opportunity to do so presents itself. Saurian senses are exceptionally keen. Eyesight is more refined on the Quetzlings than on Huitzigors. What their sharp, perceptive eyes may miss their ability to see sensitive pores along their snouts allow them to detect trace thermal radiance on their prey. A long, forked tongue will flick and taste minute chemicals in the air or on surfaces. A Huitzigor hunting party can track a bleeding creature for several miles with pinpoint accuracy. With a naturally affinity for the aquatic, Saurians make for skilled inhabitants of any body of water. Quetzlings are much more agile when in the water, their webbed feet and long tails propelling them through streams, lagoons and rivers in a blur. Huitzigors, however are slow and deliberate as they wade through the deeps. They prefer a sedentary approach, laying submerged under the water for hours with nothing more than their snouts breaking through to the surface. As well as this, the Lizardfolk have a startling ability to dredge up mounds of dirt and bury themselves in an instant. A lost limb or grevious wound doesn't immediately spell the end for one of the reptillians. With the shedding of their skin, rejuvenation comes to them. The first molt may only seal the wound shut, the second and the lost flesh may show the beginnings of its regeneration. After weeks of constant molting, a lost hand or leg will grow back. Albeit smaller and requiring time to grow again. IC. SPAWNING Beings forged from the shifting skein of magic of Taen's loci - Wyldlight. Their metamorphisis is dictated by the cycles of the realm's Suns and Moon, their bodies moulded like clay by the Arch-Priest Quetzlings who oversee the sacred spawning rite within their towering pyramids. Forged from biomancy, changed and mutated at the whims of the celestial bodies that loom overheard, the winds of the Loci that permiate their lands are guided and manipulated by the esoteric rituals of their clerics. In these cauldrons, cast from marble, a clutch is placed into the bubbling, viscous reservoir and fretted over by the Priest's attendants. Saurus females of every caste are invariably larger and much more tempermental than their male counterparts. When a female is ready to breed, the strongest of their race is elected to fertilize the clutch, to ensure the strongest of the race's genepool sires the next generation. Though the selection of the apex of their race is a twofold deliberation; females during their mating-rut become extremely aggressive, and it isn't unheard of for a bachelor to be wounded or killed during the ritual. Afterwards, the male plays no part further, as they make for poor parents. Aspect of the Sun - From which, the warrior castes are created. Biomagic is weaved into hymns and chants whilst a great portal carved into the chamber's ceiling allows daggers of celestial light to shine down upon the calcified shapes of the eggs. They swell and grow to an immense size and before long, a Huitzigor will rupture from the pool, roaring defiance to the world they have been brought into. The warrior-brood is quickly skirted off, as to prevent him to consuming any of his kindred whilst they lay dormant and awaiting their own emergence. Huitzigors are not the only cadre spawned during this cycle. The Sun shapes their forms into beings created for battle and the more feral predatory kith of the Saurians are spawned during this time as well. Aspect of the Moon - During the waning of the Sun and the slow arc of the Moon across the twilight skies, Quetzlings are birthed in great number. The shape of the moon will dictate the exact subspecies of Quetzling that will be born to the world. A crescent brings about a crested Quetzling, whilst a full, gibbous moon will see the spawning of the more common of their kindred. Great, hulking herbivores are created under the moon as well- living battering rams which their cousins quickly put to use. Aspect of the Eclipse - The Eclipse is met with celebration from their species, as it brings with it the creation of another wave of females. During the event, their temples are closely guarded and any outsiders are cast out without explanation. It is rare for more than a handfull of females to be born, however and so each one is a carefully guarded, prized resource by the males. ID. CASTES Queztlings "We're being watched. Watched as we fall to fever and the predators of this land. Glowing eyes cutting through the ocean of green around us. They've been stalking us since we arrived, speaking in their strange, chirped language. It sounds like laughter." 'Extract from failed expedition journal of Quadrant IV, Taen Book of Beasts, Chapter VII; Saurians' Hidden by the veil of the jungle, masked by the sands of the Sierra Ossa badlands, the Quetzlings stalk. Dexterous, agile and cunning they glide through the lands they inhabit without presence or detection. Their chirps and whistles call out to one another. Telling their comrades of prey and intruders. Quetzlings are the minds and spirit of Saurian society. Intelligent compared to their larger cousins, their responsibilities lie in the administration, construction, guidance and planning of their civilization. Social creatures, they are seldom seen alone and prefer the security offered by numbers. Exceptionally organised, they are perfect for the day-to-day running of the great, sprawling Temple-Cities they inhabit. Their communication is a series of subtle hue changes of their hides or a chorus of high-pitched trills and warbles. Without the presence of these creatures, Saurian society as a whole would collapse instantly. They are the craftsmen and priests that keep their species alive. Standing slighly below human height, they do not cast an imposing figure. Nontheless Quetzlings can be formidable foes when corneres or compelled to fight. Skirmishes and ambushers, they litter foes they have stalked with darts and bolas before closing in with spears and javelins. Their skin is fully capable of changing colour to match their environment, making them exceptionally difficult to see. With the Huitzigors they share a special bond; their larger kin find it easy to listen to the commands of their smaller kith and in return the Warrior-Caste recieve food, weapons and scratches for their efforts. A noted quirk of Quetzlings if their complete infatuation with the whistling of other races. Should one find themselves before a group of Quetzlings, whistling will usually be the best way to make a good first impression with them; and the sight of a dozen little Lizardmen bobbing their heads in delight is quite the sight. Crested Quetzlings are much rarer and intelligent than their more common brothers. They fill the ranks of the holy priesthood as leadership and diplomatic roles within their culture, as well as being the only members of their race capable of practising magic. Huitzigors "Rest easy, men! Do not think to run from these simple beasts. Their vision is poor, based on tracking the swift movements of their prey like most cold-blooded predators!" 'Supposed final words of Terran explorer Havri Gostlant, WTA 590' Three meters of hulking, inhuman musculature marches to the leather wardrums of his host. The warrior-breed, shaped by the Arch-Priests to be the personification of primal ferocity. Beyond conflict, their lives have no greater purpose; the rank and file of the Huitzigors are driven by their desire to fight and serve their kingdom to such a degree that they lack a sense of individuality. Without weakness or thoughts of retreat. Driven by predatory instinct and rage, the sight of a charging wall of muscle-bound giant reptiles is enough to make most forces route almost immediately. Huitzigors grow quickly, when pulled from their birthing pool. Then, they are picked by a prospecting pack of their brothers to be raised among their rank, trained in perfecting the art of war and battle. Hardly wanting in this aspect, a warrior will become proficient in the use of Macuahuitl, spear, shield and maul. Though the Quetzlings who command these warriors are hardly afraid to use them, peace (as adverse to the concept as Huitzigors are) must find some other purpose during times of relative tranquility. Many assist their smaller brothers in the construction of their settlements, whilst others put their great strength to use farming or as mercenaries for the various factions of Taen. For this they're well liked, seeing as they don't ask for much beyond food in regards to payment for their services. Though undeniably terrifying to look upon, Huitzigors are surprisingly calm and gregarious to strangers. Mostly because very few things can actively be percieved as a threat by the big brutes. They are rather fond of the body-heat that warm-bloods produce and will pin any unfortunate into a strange sort of embrace to get as much of it as they can. Despite their supposed lack of intelligence, the beasts are surprisingly witty; one wouldn't be incorrect in calling them laconic in manner and humour. The constitution of a Huiztigor is startling. A number of redundant organs, backed by an extreme pain threshold and wrapped in a layer of thick, hardened scales means that their kind are exceptionally hard to fell. Venom is produced by a gland located in their cheeks, which is paralytic and perfect for capturing prisoners for sacrifice or later consumption. Should a Huitzigor survive many battles and be allowed to grow to his full size, he will take on the role of a leader for his brothers. These larger Huitzigors are quite intelligent, compared to their kin and can convey complex thoughts and strategies, as well as learn and understand the myriad of languages outsiders speak. II. CULTURE "We were delivered to the peak of their tallest structure, a vast pyramid that stood in the center of the commune, and within waited a menagerie of the Reptiles. Unlike the tall, broad warrior-lizards that had felled my best men within seconds, these were small, diminutive creatures - reptilian humanoids with large, flared crests atop their heads. I had seen some scampering along our column and within the city, but the ones before me were certainly their elders - each was adorned with grim fetishes and trinkets, sharpened volcanic glass and engraved gold necklaces to mark their status. They conversed in clicks and chittering noises, the flaring of their crests implying a level of depth to their communication, but it was incomprehensible nonetheless. Though I know not of their deliberations, it was the dead of night when they finally deigned to see us. My clothing and stature had understandably presented me as the leader, and one of the hulking warrior-beasts brought me forth to the elders, who surveyed me with keen interest - chirping and chittering amongst themselves as I awaited a grim fate." 'Survivor's testimonial of the Quadrant IV Expedition, WTA 598' Saurian culture is ill understood to this day, the only glimpses of the day-to-day life of the reptiles coming from traumatized survivors, expeditions and convoys that had been unlucky enough to intercede on the path of a Huitzigor hunting party. Those who encounter the Saurians usually do not live to tell the tale, though in rare occasions they have taken prisoners - escorting them through the deeps of the jungle for days until they finally arrive at their communes. Even rarer still is the return of said prisoners, deposited on well-known roads and paths; Battered, malnourished, but generally alive - and oddly enough, adorned with trinkets and fetishes, as if they were an honored guest. The most well known aspect of the reptiles' culture is their worship, which is centered around the Twins - The Sun, and the Moon. The Sun embodies the 'strength' and 'warmth' of the Saurian (the word sharing the same meanings), and is correlates to the birth or 'spawning' of the more aggressive forms common to the Saurian - Huitzigors, and their carnivorous, feral counterparts are those marked by The Sun. At midday, or Sun's Apex, is when the Saurian favor combat - marching out to hunt or defend, considering themselves blessed and imbued by the Sun's vigor, a fact which isn't far from the truth. The Sun's brother, The Moon, is viewed in a subservient position between the Twins, giving counsel to his brother's temper, and keeping watch over the world as it rests. Though less aggressive, The Moon embodies the intelligence and cunning of the numerically greater Quetzlings - aspects of an elusive predator and a patient hunter - One who masters themselves before the hunt. Rare as it may be, Huitzigors take to worshipping the Moon as well as the Sun - times when the brothers are both seen in the sky are considered to be favorable - the watch and protection of both their deities emboldening both Quetzling and Huitzigor alike. The social Hierarchy of the Saurian is simple, largely predetermined by birth, with the race divided into two social strata - Rulers and Followers. The Rulers of the lizardmen are beings quite simply 'born' into their position - a rare spawning, for instance, might produce a single viable egg out of dozens, the lone survivor baring distinctive markings and physical differences from their lesser kin. Whether it be a Quetzling or Huitzigor, those born from such spawnings are considered to be marked for greatness, and as they mature, the aptitude and position they take is quickly determined. Crested Quetzlings, for instance, can often produce a rare spawning marked by a comet across the night sky - a clutch of dozens being reduced to one, or even two to three eggs - the already distinctive leaders of their kindred being born as priests - treated with reverence at the very moment of their birth, and jealously guarded from outsiders, these Priests act as the leaders of the Saurian as a whole. In contrast, a Ruler among the aggressive, bestial Huitzigors will produce an individual who will distinctly take 'command' of the brothers he spawned alongside, growing in height, stature, and displaying an intellect far beyond that the average Huitzigor possesses. What determines the birth of ruling individuals is largely unknown, though some scholars suggest that it is an artificial process, rather than an arbitrary occurrence of nature - the Saurian have never seemed to want for leadership, and yet never possess too many rulers. Saurian economy is a simple matter of give-and-take - Quetzling artisans produce goods, such as masonry, weaponry, tablets for record-keeping - and in return, gain services and supplies needed to continue their work - continued protection, a guaranteed share of food from the hunters, and any materials or ingredients that a Saurian cohort might come across. Money is a new concept to Quetzlings, with gold coins pilfered from warm-blooded interlopers often being melted down into larger, engraved tablets - used to represent a debt that cannot be paid in full immediately, and as such, a sort of 'record' of the transaction, detailing the worth and requisites for its completion. Relations with the other sentient races inhabiting Taen are tenuous, the average encounter one might have with the reptiles would be from a distance - stalked by a Quetzling patrol as the individual in question skirts cold-blooded territory, or the unfortunate encounter with a hunting pack of Huitzigors and their feral kith. Given their language, a combination of clicks, whistles, and body language (depending on the species), communication with the Saurian has been next to impossible; Only the Mork'Outh have successfully engaged in conversation with Saurian, and even then, such conversation is terse and often hostile in nature. What has been shared from the Mork'Outh is largely transcribed here, the Lizardmen having a grudging acceptance for the natives' dominion over the realm - conflict has been incredibly rare, only represented by a mutual conflict of interests, as the Saurian are often stubborn in nature, and incredibly unyielding in their approach. Humans and other warm-bloods are viewed with a detached sort of curiosity - they are equally as intriguing as they are delicious, and the occasional happening upon a group of warm-bloods is usually taken with fervor - for either food, or to sate the curiosities of their Priest-rulers. The Mork'Outh attest that the only species that has met the full ire of the Saurian are the Xer'Orians themselves, the genocidal xenoforms often coming to blows with Saurian war-parties, fighting with a determination that is not seen in any other of their activites. Huitzigors battle the Innumerable Soldier-forms of the Xer'Orian, displaying a single-minded purpose to kill that rivals their enemies'. It has been known for a hunting party to divert at the first sign of a Xer'Orian incursion or raid, abandoning all but the most sacred of duties to counter the hated foe - fighting to the last in either victory or defeat. III. ORIGINS Since the worldrifts carried the first Xel'Orians to Taen, the Mork'Outh have said that the Saurians 'followed soon after', through another rift leading to another time, and the hostilities between the two races became readily apparent. Though the Xel'Orians are naturally xenocidal, the Saurus, displaying some level of basic intellect, had reacted to their presence as if they had encountered a hated foe - the intensity and vigor of their skirmishes implying some depth, a shared history of bloodshed, perhaps. Terran scholars have wondered if the appearance of the Saurians into Taen was a mere coincidence - as far as coincidences go in this dimensionally unstable realm - or if they were interlopers themselves, coming to seek the presence of the Hive and root it out. Whatever the case, they were clearly unsuccessful - The Xel'Orian presence in Taen is quite strong, and though the Saurians engage them at every possible turn, it is clear they are fighting a Pyrrhic war. Their actions are blind, impulsive - the Quetzling priests rule based on prophecy and prediction, but even they alone cannot direct the whole of the race into unity, further cementing the radical theory that the Saurians are not a race, but a weapon, fighting a war they already lost. IV. CODEX SHEET The Saurus The Saurus are an aloof, mysterious race of reptilian huamnoids who physiology and culture are defined and shaped by the cyclical states of Taen's celestial bodies. Though undeniably predatory in nature, the Saurus are largely disinterested in the lives of other races, testimonials of Saurus War-Hosts defending villages and towns from aggressors and invaders have made them a welcome, albeit feared, part of Taen. Physiology A Saurus' physical attributes are divined by the positions of the sun and moon and shaped by the otherworldly magics of the Wildlight. These shapes and sizes range from dimunitive, tiny lizard-folk to towering carnivores barely possessing sentience. Society Saurus society operates as a theocracy, where the governing conclave is comprised of the race's ruling priesthood. Central to their society is the reverence and worship of the Sun and Moon. The dichotomy of the race's biological makeup results in a caste system, wherein members of the Saurus are bred for a specific purpose. The most abundant of these beings are the Quetzlings; who do everything from ruling to farming. Hulking, musclebound killing machines known as Huitzigors are solely bred for war, though in times of peace they are known to take up other professions. Culture & Technology Saurus technology is primitive, yet effective. The signature of their settlements are their temple-cities, with their floating altars. Enhanced by magic, Huitzigor warriors typically wield heavy weapons forged from bronze. As a species, they are remarkably adept at astrology and astronomy. To call the Saurus aloof would be an understatement; they view the other prospective races of their newfound home with a general disinterest. Though a certain curiousity may overtake them from time to time. It is well documented of Saurus brutally slaughtering interlopers and invaders to their lands, and decidedly less known of their general acceptance and even protection of those who seek guidance through the territories they own. Territory Their territory comprises of both Quadrant I and Quadrant IV, though in the latter their numbers are more abundant. A preference for warmer climates means that the beasts rarely, if ever venture outside of these lands. Only during times of war will a Saurus be seen outside of their desert and jungle homes.
  4. Wyrmsong "-- He'll blacken the sky on wings, so high, Bite and burn, he'll chop and slice Drag you back to a pile of gold, And eat you up whole." '- Wyrmsong, ancient folk-poem' “... And though the beasts do have undeniably imprinted themselves upon our culture throughout the ages. Even their name, ‘dragon’ means ‘child of the sun’ in the old tongue.” “It doesn’t. It means death. Fire and death.” ‘Excerpt from Draconids, An Insight; conversation between two Knights-Errant’ "I do not loathe these beasts, no more than I loathe the evils of the world. It is a pitiful existence, to be bound by your most base instincts, coveting wealth and dominion without falter. But make no mistake, these beasts deserve no pity - they are ruthless and cunning without peer, and their continued existence to this day is proof of their enduring nature." 'A Dragonslayer's Memoirs, penned by Taendall Swiftwing, retired Dragon-Slayer.' Table of Contents I - The Innate II - The Biological III - The Nature IV - The Arcane 'O, Dreaded Moloch.' Famous painting of Moloch The End-Wyrm, Beast of the Witch-King Zengi devastating the Blue Hills - 557 BG' I. As taken from the Bestiary Terrennica: Wrym. Fire-Made-Flesh. Dragon. Theirs is a presence that has been felt and told of, the earliest of their stories recorded by Terrans dabbed onto ancient walls of stone in caves millennia past. Beings before the enlightenment of Gaia, watched as Zengi carved a bloody swathe through Terrenus and beyond. Woven, elaborate tapestries depicting Knights in Rhodium-gelded armour doing battle with the monsters to win the hand of a maiden fair are a cultural icon in certain regions of Terrenus, even now. Be it a song or a canvas whose strokes render the gargantuan, scaled form of the beasts - all share the universal sense that the beasts inspire in the hearts and minds of those they cross; dread. Such beings of immense, unimaginable power were heralded as gods in the earliest days of Terran civilization, then to monsters deserving of nothing but fear and destruction and to that of mythical beasts; aspects of the Loci made flesh. They are the push and pull of nature’s intent; the rise and fall of a kingdom, the death and destruction of a race. Elemental, unfettered wrath made manifest. Heralds of the changing tide; bringers of the beginning and end. II. More of Fire than Blood A towering mass of lamellar-like scale, interlocking plates like tenfold rows of a phalanx. Claws like spears and teeth like swords. Such creatures are the stuff of nightmares. Unkillable titans whose path carves a bloody trail of destruction and carnage. A thousand men have claimed a thousand different quirks and descriptions of the beasts, all of them true in their own way. Some would believe that Dragons have a spot under their throat, just short enough for a gallant warrior to ram his sword through and pierce their heart. Others may say that the beasts possess gills, or that they are hermaphrodites, or immortal. The most agreed upon definition of a Dragon is a scaled, element-breathing beast possessing gargantuan size and strength, with an innate control over the magical. At their core, Dragons uphold the biological laws of nature. They are not reptiles; they possess warm blood whose heat they can regulate at will. Should some manner of enchanted or bewitched blade rend through their hide, from the wound a deluge of molten, bubbling ichor will flood from it, melting all it makes contact with. What wounds are made by the creatures quickly knit themselves shut. Shattered bones fold in on themselves, mending and becoming whole again. This process is not instantaneous; and often takes months or even years of rest if the damage sustained is significant. Even still, without their regenerative abilities, Dragons are extremely difficult to fell; half in part to their scales and to their powerful constitutions. Though their forebears did not possess the wings they have now, ‘modern’ Dragons are six-limbed creatures capable of sustained flight. Leathery, giant wings are their signature, beyond their breath weapon and capricious nature. When a dragon flies, it is said that their shadow cast itself over entire cities, such is the length of their wingspan. A common mistake made about their ilk is the nature of both their colour, and their breath weapon. The iridescent, beautiful hue of their scales is not a representation of the beast’s environment, nor its nature - it is more a ‘heraldry’. Dragons are exceptionally proud and boastful of their colouration, holding it like a pedigree or a family name. Some even claim that from this, the original knights of Terrenus created the concept of Heraldic Coats of Arms. Dragons have spectacular low-light vision and other senses. They can pick out a droplet of blood or a sheen of sweat against skin for miles. Their capacity to slumber for decades, even centuries, is legendary. There are testaments of Wyrms sleeping through entire eras; this topor grows longer and longer the older a Dragon becomes. A wyrmling might sleep for only thirty to fifty years, whilst an ancient would be content in a lethargy of centuries, biding their time and sleeping away the ages. IIb. Dragonfire Living fire. Crawling incalescence; that which spews from the gaping maw of a Wyrm in glowing plumes of enchanting, smoldering of fire is feared throughout the realm. Nothing burns like Dragonfire, as many a physicist and bar-patron will be happy to explain. It lives. They'll say - it walks and lives and breathes unlike any other flame that exists. Seeking out fuel, stone and flesh and melting it away without difficulty. Only time or a lack of kindling will properly snuff out a flame belched from one of their gullets for good. A Dragon's flames will only truly die when all around it has as well. Such things are myth, of course. Fire is their signature, yet depending on the creatures lineage, they may spew acid, smoke or a even a paralytic haze of poison. Others, lightning or ice. The source of this power is magical, owing to the Loci and its primary concept. A Veluryiam Dragon for instance, would spew a corrosive bile, owing to the territory it inhabits exuding a dominant biogenic influence. Though subsumed Loci may persist within the form of the Dragon's breath. There have been instances of Wryms from Taen unleashing elements beyond that of acid. III. Capricious, hateful and dominating To call a Dragon a slave is a sure way to invite death to onself and everyone they care for. Theirs is an existence of vanity and pride, to control and dominate. It is said that a Dragon rules all that they set their eyes upon, and they believe it. Yet, one would hardly be wrong in calling them enslaved. Enslaved to their natures, their instincts. Where entire armies have been rendered to naught but ash and cinders in a moment by a wronged Wyrm, countless more have been saved by the silvered, flattering words of a smart diplomat. Hackled scales prick themselves high when their titles and deeds are recounted for all to hear. To tell them how much they are feared and adored - a Dragon will insist on hearing it for hours and days and longer, until their flatterer dies of exhaustion, or poorly placed words. Intelligent, beyond even the most learned of academics, certainly, but they are defined by their core traits, and may be manipulated, or slighted as such. Greed. They covet all that they see, hear and taste. Rhodium, Platinum and Gold, the holy metals of their culture, their beliefs. The more of it one has, the greater they are. But it goes beyond a simple social obligation to reave and take. They are drawn to it. Using their blessed intellects to recount and memorize every coin, every jewel and ornament they sleep upon. Woe to the fool who thinks even a single pinched coin from a Dragon's hoard will go unremembered, unmourned and unavenged. It isn't unheard of for Dragons to become mercenaries, seeking out fortune in exchange for their services. Such a nature is how they came to ally themselves with countless tyrants and dictators - and how they quickly destroyed them when a greater bid was placed on their employ. Power. What is to be admired, beyond power? Dragons see little else of worth in an individual beyond their influence, their strength. A desire to control and dominate coarses through their veins. A want to destroy and burn. Flying iconoclasts, the ruins of Kings and their Gods is the greatest sport that their kind partake in. IV. Wyldspawn Dragons are beings woven by magic; aspects of the elements and creatures who shift the skein of the arcane to their will. Theirs is a primal control over the skein of reality - where other magics seek to weave and shape the Loci to its will, Dragons rip and tear out portions of it, forcing it to become what they desire. In a way, their magics reflect their cruel, selfish natures; Rather than give their own force away, they take from the very world around them - drawing energy from the air, the sun, the earth, and in the most extreme cases, other living beings. Their presence in the Arcanosphere is a great, turbulent change, where the waxing and waning eddies, weak and strong, bend inwards to themselves. Such energy is not consumed, but merely shaped, moulded by their own will, and primal languages so old that not even men existed when they were first uttered. It is through this dominion of the world around them that they invoke magic, simple spells that lack the flair and complexity of man’s own creations, but none of the raw potency. VIb. Their Laws Though their control over the skein of the Loci is much more primal and brutal than that of others, Dragons uphold two of the schools of Magic within Terrenus, that of Method and Exchange. Their understanding of method is remarkably simple, yet potent. A faint flicking of a wrist and a rasping whisper from a ember-spewing mouth will bring about a storm of fire cascading down upon an 'irritant'. The method's technique is however not innately known by the beasts and must be passed on, from Ancient to Wyrmling. As such, certain Dragons might specialize in certain elemental schools of magic. Its said that their kind even taught this method of magic to the earliest Terrans, as well as the Witch-King. Exchange, however, is difficult for their kind. What do Dragons value, beyond their hoard? The sacrifice of gemstones and precious metals to gain primordial, eldritch power is something to give even a Dragon pause. To diminish one's treasures is madness, yet the power gained is immense, even by their standards. VIc. Polymorphism Their youth see the ability to meld and mould one’s form to whatever apparition they desire as pointless. Why would they lower themselves, degrade their perfected forms to the likeness of the lesser races? An everpresent, eroding venom sets. The predator unseen cannot have his designs meddled with. Ancient Dragons utilize this ability with a horrific effiecency. For as long as Terrenus and her people have sought to maintain some level of control through politics and infastructure, they have sank their fangs and claws in. Pulling strings and manipulating for their own gain. Others have genuinely benefitted from their 'rule' and 'interference', whilst others swear they are nothing more than a cancer that eats away at cities and towns and people, leaving them as nothing more than ruined husks. When a Wyrmling does decide to transmute their form into that of one of the mortal races, the most common appearance they take on is that of a feline. The two creatures share similar natures and outlooks, and many a young Dragon has enjoyed exploiting the charity a coat of fluff and a derisivive, disinterested demeanor can bring in the lesser races.
  5. The Listening Moss Description - The Listening Moss, The Listener, Moss of Kindness, etc. The entity goes by many names. But regardless of name one thing stays the same, it’s a gentle giant. The Listening Moss is a mass of sentient flora, primarily fungi and moss, that takes one a rough humanoid form. It is found in the Moss Forest of Taen, its location always changing. The friendly entity appears to be extremely docile, when engaged in combat it will simply decompose and reappear when the threat has passed. When approached and conversed with, it’ll simply stare and listen. It appears to have no way to vocalize, nor willingness to attempt communication. However, if told a story and found to be interesting it’ll provide the storyteller a gift. These gifts have ranged from simple berries, furniture to enchanted gear. It is not known where of how these items are acquired, but are believed to be scavenged from its surrounding area. Powers and Abilities - Not much is known about its powers and abilities, as it'll retreat when faced with combat. What is known is its abilities to decompose and reform itself at will, making it seemingly impossible to kill.
  6. Rheiv'ris, Ethereal Weaver. Description - Weaver of enchantments and ethereal materials, Rheiv'ris is the queen of the Rheiv colony. A species of arachnids that are communal in nature, with members of their species coming together to form a colony. The species of arachnid are simply called Rheivs, a much larger and heavily armored cousin of other arachnid group. Intelligent and even adopting their own basic language, they’ve established a clear monarchical authority with class of said colony member being after the saxon genitive. Rheiv’ris meaning Rheiv queen, Rheiv’ur meaning Rheive’ royal guard, etc. Found south of Scudder Forest, it is believed their numbers span over 800. They inhabit the underground labyrinth that was once a kingdom of dwarves, Little more is known about the colony as most avoid such a horrific sight, with few brave adventures venturing for help in obtaining powerful enchanted items. The queen has been known to work with outsiders, but only in exchange for ways to strengthen her own colony. Rheiv'ris is said to be a behemoth in size and power, exceeding even master enchanters and rumored to be godly in nature. Other rumors state her webs are ethereal in nature, with are used in the crafting of powerful items.
  7. Pseudo Cyclops Description - The pseudo cyclops follows the same physical characteristics as any other cyclops, a giant one eyed monster possessing tremendous strength. Each one may yield a weapon on varying description, from trees to rocks. The differentiation of pseudo cyclops is their telepathic abilities, able to use their abilities in a number of ways. Mental manipulation, dream walking, binding and more are all possibilities. The power only limited to the capabilities of the beast, the more intelligent the cyclops the greater its telepathic abilities. Rumors of higher ranking pseudo cyclops enslaving entire towns via telepathy have been rumored, all from the safety of its nearby cave. Nature and Personality - Much like any other cyclops, its nature and personality will greatly vary. However, pesudo cyclops tend to have a higher level of intelligence. Making them more approachable in conversation, even able to be negotiated and bargained with. Combat and Abilities- Boasting immense strength and telepathic abilities, the pseudo cyclops is lethal in both ranged and melee combat. Able to attack opponents from range with heavy thrown projectiles or telepathic assault, whilst also able crush foe who approach melee range.
  8. "There are wild boars in Ursa Madeum, and then there are the Mok'Tar'Gak. Gaia help you if you meet one of those things on your own."
  9. "You called the beast to your side, hope it'll be worth the havoc." Creature Name - Blood Bound Direwolf Nickname - Fenris Creator - Chinafel Owner - Ragnar Amarth ( @SteamWarden ) Physical Description - The blood bound direwolf is an entirely black member of its species, with many altered characteristics due to the circumstances of its creation. Coming in at 7ft tall and 15ft in length, the beast is a behemoth. Far larger in stature than any of its relatives, a likely result of its mixed blood. Its fur is pitch black, no breaks in coloration. Speaking from an anatomical perspective, dimensions removed, it follows the same trait as any other canis. Nature - Social, much like any other wolf it has its pack and likes to stick to them. Only once the beast accepts you as a pack member will you see its true nature. Fenris is affable but assertive, it won't attack without reason. Its confidence in its own abilities is shown through its good nature, only using force when the time requires it. One flaw is its possessive nature, whether that be over its owner or an item. It doesn't like sharing, you'll have a challenge on your hands retrieving said item. Combat Description- What's worse than fighting a wolf? Fighting a 1 ton 7ft tall wolf. With great speed, high durability and an immensely power jaw Fenris has many assets for close range combat. Able to close the gap on enemies in seconds and dispose of them just as quickly, the front lines is were the beast belongs and aims for. Following the behavioral factors of its canin relatives, Fenris can be trained which will allow for tactical movements on the battlefield. Strengths - Speed- Fenris posses grand speed feats, able to sprint at speeds far surpassing any relative of its species. Durability- Its size, weight and mixed blood gives the beast immense durability. Jaw- Its primary weapons that very little can survive, able to crush all but the strongest of armors. Heightened senses- Much like its wolf relatives, it has a great sense of smell and hearing. Weaknesses- Agility- Due to Fenris' great size and mass, it has severally reduces agility. No ranged attacks- Fenris possesses no ranged abilities, making him unable to fight in ranged combat situations. Hyper Appetite- Due to his immense size the beast has a ferocious appetite, not fulfilling this may have dire consequences. Abilities- Uru Soul Core- As the soul of Fenris is stored within the uru core, destroying his physical body will not end him. The core, and therefor the soul, may be moved into another physical form if need be. Only destuction of the uru core will destroy its soul, truly ending the beasts life. Unknown Capabilities- Due to the extensive mixed blood and materials, the true potential of this beast is not known. Sensory Scrying- Through the shared blood of Ragnar Amarth, he is able to tape into and share all of senses of Fenris. From sight to hearing, he knows all what the beast does. Materials used for Summon- 7 x Fine Wolf Pelts Wolf Heart Uru Metal Core Ragnar Amarth's Blood Creation Story- Link
  10. Creature Name - Scowl peryton Nickname - Cookie Creator - Chinafel Owner - Vito Physical Description - The Scowl peryton is essentially the hybrid of a sabrecat and owl, fused through the use of charm magic. The summon is a bipedal owl like creature, the same size as typical house cat. The colorations are similar to that of a barn owl, with predominantly more white. Its ears are much larger than in comparison to the head than that of a sabrecat, reason for this development is unknown. The eyes are large, following the typical trait of most owls. The wings of the scowl peryton expand to great length, with a wingspan of roughly 190cm. Despite having the paws of a typical feline, the claws are owl like. Longer talons than most creatures, it's amazing that they can be sheathed. Nature - It's curiosity and friendliness make this summon quite the extrovert. Playful and nosy, this companion will require a good bit of stimulus to get rid of pent up energy, not meeting these requirements may result in destroyed property. Whether that be your own or someone else's, you have been warned. Despite this energy, it greatly enjoys sleeping. Combat Description- This summon is good for taking on smaller and faster prey, but will struggle with bigger foes. It small frame and light build give it low durability, stronger attacks could easily take it out. However, if use properly then it can be effective. It's flight, speed and great talons could become lethal. Used to blind, mane or even slit the throats of enemies. However, it is only recommend for smaller faster foes. The Scowl possesses amazing hearing, sight and smell. Great as a watcher or hunting companion. Strengths - Speed and Agility - Possessing the speed of an owl and agility of a cat, the two traits make it a great hunter. Talons - The primary weapon of the scowl is its great talons, a grand total of 18 talons for effective cutting. Senses - It's primary senses are smell, hearing and sight which are far more enhanced than most creatures. Trainable- Due to behavioral factors and high enough intelligence, the Scowl Peryton can be trained. Weaknesses - Light Frame and Build- The light frame and build of the scowl give it low durability. Weather Dependent - Due to not being its feathers not being water and lighter weight, the scowl may struggle to fly in rain and strong winds. Materials used for Summon - Sabrecat Hide Owl Feather Owl Eyes Jewel Manamoss Visionplant Creation Story- Part 1
  11. Pyrolisk Type » Animal; Dragonkin Temperament » Aggressive (Creatures that tend to attack rather than flee, whether for food, to defend a territory within a certain radius. They will usually break pursuit when too threatened.) Sapience » Social Size » 6-7 feet Weight » 800-1000lbs Habitat » Mountains Location » Shienvar Mountains, Genesaris; Various, Terrenus. Organization » Solitary Special Abilities » Flight, fire breathing. The Pyrolisk is a feathered reptile outwardly resembling a flightless avian with distant relation to a cocktarice. Carnivorous and highly territorial Pyrolisk's live solitary lives, grouping only to mate during the spring months. Oviparity reproducers females lay between one and three eggs which hatch in a few short weeks. Males are more colorful then female counterparts, with browns and whites mixed with their black feathering and with a red, scaled head. Further unique among males is an ability to breath a continuous spout of fire, the deep orange flames capable of quickly burning anything unfortunate enough to face it. Large claws dominate their feet, with smaller hidden claws in their prehensile lower wings. Furthermore large jagged claws protrude from the end of the Pyrolisk's flight wings. Constant rivals to wyverns and Terric rider dragons Pyrolisk use these wing claws to rake wyverns and rider dragons in flight, tearing their membranous wings and causing them to tumble out of control. Prey consists mostly of large mammals such as goats, deer and occasionally cattle and horses if especially hungry. They themselves are occasionally preyed upon by true dragons, though a Pyrolisk is unlikely to be prey without a dangerous contest in the skies. A rare few adventurers have managed to steal eggs of Pyrolisk in hopes of training terrifying avian mounts. Intelligent, temperamental and dangerous training a Pyrolisk would require bravery, a stern hand and a single trainer. Once imprinted on a humanoid no others will be allowed to ride the Pyrolisk.
  12. Grubbistch


    Name: Nafanua Type: Aberration Animal (yes) Construct Dragon Elemental Fey Giant Humanoid Magical Beast (yes) Ooze Plant Vermin Size: Height 9'2 feet - Length 14'8 ft wingspan - Weight 1200 lbs Location: Which continent Terrenus, Ursa Madeum, island of Misral Environment: Aquatic Desert Forest (yes) Hills Marsh Mountains Plains Ruins Urban Organization Can be found in packs of twenty to thirty members Special Qualities/Abilities Ex. Echo Location, Flight, Able to Cast Darkness Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Description: Large bats with black fur, able to deal much damage with their sharp claws and teeth.
  13. Silica is remade as Quin Limerick. Zaiko is remade as Samuel Dulavich, he is still a fea but much less of a dick Dean is less of an ass and his backstory will be remade. Mochi is still a Wisp, ill make a Bestiary for that. (with some other monstrosity and celestials) Acer is no more. Make ~( Gone/Dead in my native language ) This is just the following changes ill make along with some other things.
  14. Name: Misral Bugbears Type: Aberration Animal Construct Dragon Elemental Fey Giant Humanoid [Yes] Magical Beast Ooze Plant Vermin Size: Height 6'8 to 7'4- Length 7'5 to 8'2 arm to arm- Weight 600 to 800 lbs Location: Terrenus, Ursa Madeum, Misral Isle Environment: Aquatic Desert Forest [Yes] Hills Marsh Mountains Plains Ruins Urban Organization The Bugbears work on a tribal meritocracy, where each members place within the tribe is determined mostly by gathered trophies or proof of extraordinary deeds. Chieftains of a tribe are the most accomplished, having won their position either by killing a particularly powerful beast or by killing the previous chief in combat. Female members of the tribe have a more difficult time gaining a position within the tribe, as many are barred from hunting in order to pursue more domesticated duties. Mothers of accomplished hunters or chiefs are venerated, honored by proxy for giving birth to such a strong warrior. Special Qualities/Abilities Darkvision: As part of the goblinoid family, the Bugbears of Misral have a powerful ability to see in the dark. This power of theirs has allowed them to excel in hunting and laying ambushes for their enemies. Thick Hide: Having lived in the secluded forests of Misral for so many years has hardened the skin of the bugbear people, adapting them to the hardships and brutal lifestyle they live on a daily basis. With this extra thick skin, the bugbear is able to resist some amount of physical damage, as well as being able to withstand harsher temperatures than normal humans could. Exceptional Physique: As the largest and most powerful of the goblins, Bugbears are incredibly strong, at about three times the strength of a normal human. Cutthroat Cunning: Many Bugbears come off as simple brutes, incapable of much higher thought, but more likely than not they have a brutal, conniving intellect beneath the surface, waiting for the right moment to strike. There are many instances where bugbear ambushes have been the doom of many an adventurer. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Description: They are hairy, ape like creatures, with the claws and snout of a bear, brown skin and muscular. [Courtesy of Land of Empires Wiki]
  15. Name: The Haunting Tree Type: Plant Size: Large Height - Length - Weight 10’4, 6’7 and 1300 lbs Location: Terrenus Environment: Forest, Marsh, Hills, Dessert, Urban Organization Solitary Special Qualities/Abilities Each Haunting Tree has a nook or hole in its surface, one of imperceptible darkness, with a noise coming from it that sounds as if someone were inside, screaming. This noise will increase in volume if one began to cut down the tree, remove it's bark or begin plucking leaves from its branches. Those that reach a hand within the hole will find it seemingly impossibly large inside, a suitable place to store valuable items, but a dangerous one as well. If one happens to have an appendage linger within the hole for more than a minute, they will receive a sharp bite as if from a feral beast. The next five minutes they will receive an even worse bite, tearing off a hefty chunk of flesh, and finally, if they allow their hand to stay within the confines of the hole for ten minutes, they will lose the hand, ripped from its place and devoured by unseen forces, never to be seen again. The sap of the Haunting Tree smells of copper, is of a hue of deep vermillion, and is generally as viscous as water. If used in the forging of weapons or armor, it will imbue it with greater strength and durability. It rarely blossoms, but when it does, it sprouts blood red leaves, which when ground up by a mortar and pestle can be used to create a powerful magical poison that can cause rapid bleeding. Covering the Haunting Tree is a thick bark, soft like leather, and black as night. Eating this bark can restore wounds, but can also instill a basic instinct of cannibalism for those who do ingest this ingredient. Within the Haunting Tree lies it's wooden core, which is tough, for the wood is reluctant to bend to the will of the craftsman. Whatever has been made of this crimson colored wood is known to have strange properties. -Objects within three feet or less in height will animate when no one is around, committing nefarious deeds in their environment that eventually escalate into homicidal violence. -Objects made above three feet or more exude a feeling of dread and unease. They attract hostile spirits like poltergeists, can cause severe nightmares for anyone around them up to at least one hundred yards in a spherical influence. -If used for the construction of a room or building, the building or room will become a magnet for supernatural forces, such as demons and other malevolent entities that feed on the suffering of others. Those residing in the room for longer than one hour will begin to experience delusions intended for causing fright and fear within the resident. The entities that decide to make their home in this building or structure will go to great lengths to make certain the resident is unable to leave, using magic to bar the doors, secure the windows and even fortify them to ensure they cannot be broken out of. Those who are unfortunate enough to die in said room or structure will find their souls trapped within said residence, unable to leave until a cleansing ritual is done. Alignment: Evil Neutral Description: A gnarled, ugly tree that stands in defiance of all things good and decent. In random times it will bloom misshapen, disturbing leaves of red, dropping like tears upon the ground.
  16. Shaka Description Shaka is a small goblin like creature, who's only apparel is a small loan cloth and helmet made from an unknown vegetable. It wields a small metallic sword, which it swing wildly at anything perceived as a threat. It's personality can only be described as similar to a wild animal, with just enough intelligence to use basic tools. Owner - Eli Amsen (Prior owner - Chinafel)
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