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  1. This is a role play Where either: 1(yc) comes home to find (mc) you’re partner, sick with the stomach flu or cold or vice versa. 2 yc comes to the hospital complaining of an upset stomach and mc takes care of you and a romance is born. 3 date night gone bad by way of food poisoning, Where one of us unknowingly orders bad food. My character Resren is an elf with many traits of his kin, but he has a weak immune system and can get sick easily. Despite his weakness, Resren is also a doctor Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.
  2. I'm looking to write a story on this site, and hoping I can find fellow creative writers here to embark on this endeavor with me. The goal is to write fairly frequently with a minimum of at least one post per day. I'm willing to write any type of story, so for people who want to dedicate a little bit of themselves to exploration and fiction, please feel free to share ideas with me on a story you want to write. I don't really have a character, and I'm with either adhering to Valucre's lore or creating new lore. I like all types of stories, but since this is a collaborative art, I think dramatic personal stories would be for the best. Stories that have characters with goals that require interacting with and understanding other writer's characters in order to achieve said goals. Stories like The Shawshank Redemption, Romeo & Juliet, The Darjeeling Unlimited, and The Godfather, etc. (Random, I know, but these stories focus on the characters, not the action or something you see in a Heroes Journey type of tale) *Note, this is simply a preference, and I'm willing to adapt and expand my horizons in writing and reading.
  3. A character of mine, Emilio, a native of Chesterfield, wants to throw a little get together to familiarize himself with his neighbors. Not everyone has the same incentive as I do to be a Chesterfield native or live-in so consider the atmosphere relaxed and open to the public. If you just happen to be passing by have a sandwich and some lemonade. The main purpose of this is for slice of life networking and narrative exploration of the Chesterfield environment I won't be submitting it to canon so feel free to come with your most creative hat on. We can pick and choose for the interpersonal relationship what we want to survive beyond the thread If that sounds interesting to you let me know and I'll tag you when I have the IC thread up. I don’t slice of life often so be prepared for awkward attempts! Characters Emilio - supernal Igni - Venus Sprite Daichi - Purple Eagle Mira - vielle Stormbreaker - Metty Dia - Houndy Trey - Reflectsor SUPER BRIEF SUMMARY OF CURRENT SCENE Currently at Sharpmate's Noodle Shop
  4. It's a grim occasion in Umbra today, and the Headmistress of Bronte Bodice Brouchard stands poised to send out a request that positively drips dread. Sealed away in a singular enveloped, composed of a thin, combustible paper that will almost certainly burn away after a number of hours, a call for unspeakable, and yes, regrettable, action is mailed out to a random tavern near the outskirts of Umbra's city limits. The bar will, ideally, draw a number of unscrupulous individuals tonight. It has to--Bodice didn't spend all that money on buying an all-day happy hour at the tavern for nothing. The promise of free booze far from the prying eyes of guards and nobility will surely draw out some of Genesaris' most depraved, morally grey mercenaries. As it leaves her office, behind her stoic, tired stare the Headmistress hopes it draws more than dumb muscle this time around. The letter reaches its intended bar, and as per his instructions, the tavernkeep puts it up where any patron can see it. It reads as follows. To Those Whom it May Concern The Arcane Academy Bronte, Located in the City of Umbra, is looking for eager arcane prospects to participate in a number of regrettable, yet morally necessary acts. Individuals seeking to apply should possess a firm understanding of the arcane, or display some small amount of aptitude with magic, in addition to a strong resolve, and high moral fortitude. If interested, please write an unsigned letter to... The letter does not designate who wrote it, and should it ever be found out, the Headmistress has people in place to take the fall already. As it disappears from her grasp, and therefore, her concern, she returns to her desk and reviews the various components that make up the plan once more, as she runs through the plan in her head yet again. Bodice was planning, in no uncertain terms, a series of high profile vandalisms against arguably her greatest rivals and also her new prospect allies. Namely, the other libraries and bookstores of Umbra, and the collectors who donate so generously to their locations. A ludicrous amount of wealth is put into these other stores, wealth that Bodice is convinced she can easily use just a little bit better than these other stores and locations ever could. Worse, these other libraries are in possession of books and tomes of a rare, one of a kind sort, generously put on loan by their donors. It won't do. With the help of her newly hired thugs, Bodice would arrange a series of simultanous, yet 'accidental' fires in each and every one of these locations. Damage would, by the time all is done, number in the millions of gold pieces. Ancient, unrecoverable texts, and history books detailing a world that can never be revisited will go up in smoke, beautiful Umbran architecture will burn to cinders in the span of one night. Every library in the city will be destroyed. Except for two. The one Bodice recently acquired and renovated, open to the public and beautiful, and the massive, revolving shelves of Bronte's Arcane Library, a monolith of moving shelves, airborne reading spaces and moving staircases, both also catching fire, but having the fire be stopped moments after it begins. In the Headmistress' mind, the praise and admiration she stands to gain will crush and lingering doubts about her talents, her abilities as a leader and teacher. Yes, teacher. Her fires wouldn't just be stopped, no, they'd be halted by members of her own school. The latest and brightest minds of Umbra, working tirelessly to protect its wealth of knowledge and art--true champions of what makes their city wonderful. Even as she reclines in her chair, she smiles tiredly to herself as she pours another bottle of fine red. The city will adore them, adore her. Nothing will be out of reach, with that kind of control. The investors in those other businesses will surely see how safe and reliable her libraries are, and flock to her en masse. Donations will come in, and with it, more and more favors to call upon, powerful men and women who will drop everything at her request. Well, maybe not immediately, but they will. Nobody who knew Bodice walked away with having something to offer her. Of course, there wasn't just the money. Those rich farts, those wealthy clergymen and collectors of the profane and secret would doubtlessly inter their rare works in her libraries. Giving her--giving her students access to that kind of knowledge would put them above all else, she was certain. Of course, she wasn't only relying on them to give her the books afterwards. Should nobody else intervene, those books in the other libraries and stores would surely burn, and Bodice was nothing if not a lover of the fine arts. Her arsonists would have to not only set the fires 'accidentally', but also find a way to retrive the rare books in the process, for her own collection. She'd pay extra for those, of course; money was no object in this game for her and the contents of those books would doubtlessly be worth the price paid. She took another sip of red, and watched the world beyond her windows. It would take, she estimated, less than thirty minutes for the note to arrive at the tavern, and in less than twelve hours after that, the paper would catch fire. There would be no evidence after today. She wondered what kind of assistance she'd collect in that timespan. Who was sober enough, talented enough and above all worthy enough for this work? She wouldn't have to wait long to find out. So this is the first in a number of aggressive, plot-moving threads with high stakes, danger and a big ol' reward stacked on it. If you read the short post above, you'll have a pretty good idea of what this thread should entail, but I'll be providing an overview down here. Overview: Bodice Brouchard, the Headmistress of Bronte, is looking for a group of talented young mages, sorcerers and magic users to assist her in the systematic immolation of a series of competing libraries, book collectors and stores, all of whom she suspects have wealthy donors and sponsors. She believes that this destruction will cause the donors to move their money and book collections elsewhere, likely to her own libraries as they will not be damaged by the fires. That said, she also expects the would-be arsonists to recover any potentially valuable books from the stores and libraries that burn, as well as protect her own libraries from taking too much damage, all while dressed as members of Bronte's student body. In doing so, Bodice will prove that her school and library are the only places safe enough to entrust any sort of monetary investment and book storage, while also adding to her growing collection of rare important books and favors from authority. Should the group be successful, they will be offered full-ride scholarships at Bronte, Genesaris' single most prestigious Arcane School and the pride of Umbra. This thread is canon, meaning that there will be a post limit must reach, in order for things to be completed. Your characters will also receive a reward of money and magical items for their work, in addition to the promised place at Bronte. This also means your character should meet the demands of any canon thread, including meeting Mild Powers, as well as just generally being suited to the environment they're going to be writing in. Furthermore, this thread uses the Brevity system, meaning that posts can be short, to the point and advance the story, the posting time is shorter, and the pace of the thread is faster. If this sounds like something you, or a friend, would be interested in writing in, please leave a message below! I'll be looking for around 3-5 participants, meaning I can start the thread with 3 participants after a while, but will start the thread right away if we reach 5 participants.
  5. Priscilla Arrettle, recently returned to her position as runesmith and merchant, has a bit of a problem. Or rather, the problem the size (and value) of a mountain. The runesmith several months back bluffed about owning an impressive, but abandoned mine shaft etched into the mountains North of Vdara Kingdom, a mine which now pumps out a generous amount of precious metals. Her faithful mining crew of kobolds have steadily churned out enough new mithril and platinum to make Priscilla a very wealthy woman once again. But there's a catch; the mine originally belonged to somebody else, somebody neither Priscilla has never met, and according to her research, nobody has seen or heard of them for a long time. Without many leads to go off of, Priscilla bent every resource she had (including visiting her ex) to finding some clue as to how to find the identity of the former mine owner. Now, she's fairly certain she has enough evidence to go off of. However, she's not alone. Since day one, Priscilla has been shadowed by other merchants, many of them vying for the mine and her lucrative operation. Should they discover the deed before her, not only will they be able to claim it for their own, they'll be able to confiscate her profits and materials for their own as well. Furthermore, making money off someone else's land and resources is theft. Priscilla could easily end up in prison for the rest of her life if this goes south. So instead of looking for help through the regular channels, Priscilla Arrettle must once again look to the streets for a handful of rough, efficient, and hopefully understanding brigands, thieves, outlaws or mercenaries to do the job in her stead. If they succeed, the payout will be nothing short of expansive...assuming they actually decide to hand the deed to Priscilla when they're done, that is. This is thread four, or possibly five in an ongoing series involving Priscilla Arrettle, my runesmith maskmaking merchant. With this thread, we'll likely see the end of her current misadventures, as she finally recovers enough wealth to rebuild her hard-earned fortune, and perhaps even start something more significant. If what you've read so far interests you, take a look below and see if this is the thread for you! Who: A group of adventurers not affiliated with any major political or state factions. This group should ideally comprise of between 4 and 5 different people. I am providing one of my own characters, Kian, to guide the thread forward. @Houndy Poochykins has also expressed interest in joining the thread with one of their characters. @Venus Sprite has previously written with Priscilla in another thread, and might be interested in joining us for another adventure (maybe?) That leaves space for 2 or potentially 3 more writers. As stated before, these characters should ideally be located on Genesaris, and be independant contracters, unaffiliated from any major groups. If you have a character that is a part of a major group, but you want them to join anyway for lore reasons (or money reasons), talk to me about it, and maybe we can arrange something! These characters don't necessarily have to be good or evil; they also don't necessarily have to help Priscilla in the end if they don't want to! There's a lot of wiggle room here, so pick what works best for you! What: The thread will consist of the party following Priscilla's only lead on where to find the deed to a number of locations in order to collect it. This will involve burglary, grave-robbing, and probably fighting some undead/magical guardians of some kind, and perhaps some monsters along the way. Furthermore, Priscilla's information broker isn't the best oiled wheel on the cart, it seems, as the party will likely be tailed by other prospectors eager to reach the deed first. Depending on how you want to do this, there could be some murder, a little treason. Who knows what'll happen, right? Because the thread is meant to be canon, it'll need to reach a certain page limit to be considered canon. This also means that upon completion your character earns a valuable artifiact. And because I'm the guy who makes this stuff canon for this thread, I get to dictate what that is. You'll probably leave with a handsome smattering of cool stuff, including your own custom-made runeite mask. What's a runite mask? Well, Runeite is the material used by smiths (typically runesmiths) to give weapons, armor and other equipment enhanced magical properties. This includes junk like making the sword set on fire, allowing the mask to drink blood, changing your shape--all kinds of stuff, potentially! Your mask will be custom made to give you a benefit that reflects your character, so you're guaranteed to get something cool! Where: The thread takes place in and around Vdara Kingdom, in Genesaris. It's a pretty cool place to write, and you should write there more. In fact, you should write in Genesaris too. Do it, you silly fool. More importantly though, the thread will involve travelling from Vdara Kingdom to a nearby city to follow up on a lead. From there, the party will need to determine how best to track the deed down, by visiting a few places around the city. Lastly, the party will need to return the deed back to Vdara Kingdom, at the Merchant's Guild, so Priscilla can finally get it updated with her name. When: The thread will begin within 3 days of confirming enough writers to start. As I already know that Hound wants to participate, and I intend on bringing my own character, this means we will likely be ready to go after two people express interest in the thread. However, if we get 5 characters for this thread, we'll start on that same day, to keep everybody from waiting too long. Because of the nature of the thread, I expect that at the longest, it'll take us about two months to complete, at the longest (hopefully). Don't forget, we're writing at a pace of at least one post every 3 days, so hopefully we get things done quick! Any questions? Any concerns? Let me know below! I'd be happy to hear them!
  6. The short of it is that there is going to be a promotion celebration at base #34 which will honor those soldiers recently promoted to new ranks and which will be open to all levels of military. Although the event itself will not be formally canonized, interactions that spring from it can go anywhere their players please, and are super-dee-duper encouraged Although limited to military personnel, soldiers at the private rank are allowed / encouraged which means that you can use this as a reason to sign yourself up, make some friends, and set yourself up for shenanigan-adventures! Here's the base: https://www.valucre.com/topic/37713-military-base-34/ How's the military overview: https://www.valucre.com/topic/43800-terran-military-overview-and-information/ Here's our flag! Interested?
  7. Kill me if you can! For those of you who aren't aware, the Nehalen provinces have been historically ruled by someone called the PRIME. You can assume that to mean something like King, President, Prime Minister, etc. However, the current plans for Renovatio, without spoiling anything, will be removing that title/ position from future existence. In her absence, Aleksei has given me free range to do a lot of stuff in Nehalen. Of those permissions, fucking around with the remaining PRIMES is one of them (with the exception of Oo'Xora since that's player controlled obviously. So, what to do, what to do has been my question. I've debated just using Lilith to kill them, but then I was like nah she has enough infamy. Adding anymore is like trying to put more hot chocolate in a cup already full with hot chocolate. Just kinda spills out. Then I was like, how about I give it to the Cult as a whole? But eh it's kind of the same situation. Instead, what I'm going to do is roleplay the PRIMES of La Guardia and Avylon. Both PRIMES are will be currently meeting in a negotiation structure that sits on a piece of land that borders both provinces. Here's the Map of Renovatio if you're interested in better placing my words. The goal of this thread is for both characters to die... BUT I'm not gonna make it easy for you. Where would the fun in that be? I'm not gonna mess with any of the dice and stuff for this, it's just gonna be GM'd with the ultimate ending being predetermined as both PRIMES being dead. That's where you guys come in. I need a small group of people with the goal to kill the PRIMES. For whatever reason. Maybe you're an assassin for hire, maybe you just want to kill them, maybe your character is rebelling against their rule, whatever you'd like. It can even be that the Cult or w.e. bad organization hired the assassin character. This is a chance for your character to get a +100 in the infamy department. Not everyday you get to kill a big-wig head of a Province character. Disclaimer - I won't accept any godmodding in this. All characters will get injured, increasingly so as the story progresses. If you want to walk in super edgelord and kill everyone in the building cause you're dope af, swipe left. Go to my other threads LOL they all open
  8. Hello everyone, I'm beak. I'll probably never post an actual introduction thread, so this is as good as it gets (savor the moment!). On to business: I saw this quest was available, PMed the applicable board leader and was advised to post an interest check. This is that interest check. Amelia Badiou seeks fellow do-gooder to help investigate the digestive quirks of local Chesterfield royalty. Wait. Amelia Badiou seeks law-abiding companion more willing to put nose in vicinity of deer carcass than she is (it's icky, okay?). Wait, sorry. Amelia Badiou seeks like-minded gopher to efficiently clout farm that sweet, sweet Chesterfield renown. Perfect. The way I see it, the quest takes the form of a detective story. We begin in the city, where whoever's feeding the ant queen keeps whatever's left of the deer carcass, and go from there. We'll probably venture out into the wilderness to wherever the deer live or, if we're not the hiking type, maybe there's a deer farm (that's the beauty; we decide)... that sources its feed from the wilderness (face it, we're gonna have to hike at some point). You'll be Sherlock, I'll be Watson, and (depending on the status of the deer carcass) the game may literally be a foot. Amelia's a sweetie, really (though she dabbles in the hardest of hard philosophy), and you're a sweetie, too, I can tell, so we can do our part to help our queen(!) through this difficult time and, simultaneously, restore order to that portion of the state's violent apparatus presently out of control. I bet there will be monsters. The only tag I didn't include was one regarding pacing. Elsewhere on the site, I heard a 48hr standard mentioned, which seems perfectly reasonable to me (the only tags offered said 1/day and 3/day, it's not my fault). My feeling is that, in the case where any involved party cannot post within forty-eight hours, the best thing for the remainder to do is simply keep the ball rolling. That's just so we don't lose momentum and end up killing the thread. My priorities, here, are character development and story-building, not word-fights (although there is, of course, a time and a place for word-fights). Okay. That's all. beak out
  9. A while ago (i think a year and some change) I put out a census asking for unique player character races, which I then used to create a big collection of different races people had created. I like to think it was a huge success with tonnes of you guys sending in your unique character races for others to see and use, and I hope that the page was consulted often, leading to more folks using similar races, and creating a sense of community. Anyway, now we're back, and we're putting in new work! This time, however, I'm aiming to lead everybody towards more roleplay opportunities, for reasons I've made known more than once before. So, what's the plan? I think that we can probably make merchants, shops, and craftsmen more functional on Valucre. Currently, there's not really much incentive to seek out a shopkeeper, or a blacksmith or anything like that because you can always just write out one yourself to suit your needs. I think the reason for this isn't based on unwillingness, but rather a lack of availability; it can be tricky to find these merchant PCs and NPCs. By putting this out, I aim to keep a list of every named merchant, tradesperson or anything in between. If they offer a unique or useful service, they can end up on the list for other folks to peruse and use at their leisure. This use can be active, as in they go looking for you and write out an exchange, or passive, where you can simply leave a general idea of how they might deal with customers. So, if you're reading this, you might already have a character that offers a service that doesn't get used. This interest check is for you! Write in some information regarding your character. If I get enough of them, I'll go ahead and compile them all into a single thread, where everyone can see your character, and seek them out for a service if they require. Board Leaders, Regents, or other makers: if you have NPC's, shops, and other characters in your boards, cities and kingdoms, this goes for you too! Drop whatever information you need to below in order to better advertise them. The information I need in order to best catalogue your characters should be as follows. Try to follow it as closely as possible, or with whatever relevant information you have available. Edit: Hey, if you feel like chatting about this, proposing your own ideas, asking questions, or anything that isn't a specific addition to the index, put it here! (Click the Link)
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