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  1. HEAR YE, HEAR YE! THE QUEEN IS TO BE WED! Hello everyone! It's Vielle again, coming to you from the Queendom of Svanhild to cordially invite everyone to a royal wedding! The Queen of Svanhild is to be wed to Sir Quinton Swan, and the realm rejoices in a most glorious fashion. The city of Cal Eteris is rife with preparation for the upcoming festivities. Everyone is invited, whoever you are and wherever you come from! The only limit I can give is that all attendees must be in medieval or fantasy regalia/dress, as per UM’s tech limits. This means that modern and sci-fi themes (such as cybernetics, pet robots, etc) won’t be allowed, and any tech brought into the Queendom is subject to degradation and forced disuse. If you’ve got any guns or gadgets or other high-tech stuff, please just leave them at home; you can always get them after! 😂 EVENTS Taking inspiration from the old traditions of the royal house, marriage is celebrated through three aspects: mind, body, and soul. Because of this, there are three main events of the wedding: a wedding banquet, a tournament, and a scavenger hunt. • • • The soul speaks, bringing forth life and death in equal measure. Love is nothing without the capacity to share what is within. . . BANQUET No proper wedding can call itself such without a bountiful feast and a dance floor! 😂 Mingle with people from all walks of life, hailing from the highest echelons of Svanhild society to the colorful sea of faces from the commonfolk. Make connections, associate yourselves with those in power, or enjoy the festivities with your own circle of friends! It's going to be a wonderful evening for all. If socializing is not quite to your taste, there's always the generous spread at the dinner table, or the strange events that'll be occurring throughout the night. . . 👀 *NEW! SUB-EVENT: THE ORACLE RSVP LIST: House Hildebrand [ @vielle ] Rozharon Parálios, Lenore Parálios, Amoréi [ @Csl ] Addison Nacht [ @Phoebe ] Ewyer Nacht [ @HellstenNacht ] Amraphensbane [ @Shatter ] Dauner A. Light [ @Dabi ] Alexander Rookstone [ @Sanonymous ] Isabella Morcia Marquez [ @Pasion Pasiva ] Madame Silverbush, Holly Sheathe [ @Zashiii ] Raveena Jhanavi Bartolme Senaria [ @Malintzin ] *tentative Rowan Knight [ @The Hound ] *tentative Adá of Hyperion [ @L E V I A T H A N ] *tentative Grant Hyperion [ @danzilla3 ] Jinsoku Hayabusa [ @Twitterpated ] Ilyana Sevryn, Xavier Thoro'kan/Aislyn [ @Dolor Aeternum ] Ana [ @Veloci-Rapture ] Kalmuli [ @Kalmuli ] Farah Marin, Mahariel Marin [ @Witches Brew ] Kalicity Darkbane [ @Malaysia NightReaver ] Sue Hawthrin [ @ChocolateGold ] Igni [ @Venus Sprite ] Aeda [ @elixir ] Luca [ @Lucinda Valentine ] Evelynn Serana Nightmoor [ @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor ] MORE TO BE ADDED. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! The mind deliberates, solving all problems it encounters. Love is nothing without the wits to understand and to adapt. . . SCAVENGER HUNT Thanks to the wonderful @-Lilium-, the Fantas-Menagerie is making its way to UM for the wedding event! TL;DR: it’s a scavenger hunt/treasure quest of sorts where your characters solve riddles related to the constituents of the Menagerie, following a route around the area that leads to the hiding place of the prize. Get your deerstalker ready—let’s see how well you know your lore! 😉 The mechanics of the scavenger hunt are as follows: At the starting line, every participant gets a riddle about one of the things found within the Menagerie (creatures, plants, caretakers, people, etc). At the start of each “round”, PM the Arbiter (that’s me!) with your answer to the riddle. If you get the right answer, you’ll be moving IC to the next exhibit and obtaining another riddle which will be given at the start of the next “round”. If you get a wrong answer, you stay in place IC and try to give the right answer at the start of the next “round”. This is a race to the finish line. Whoever gets to the hidden prize first wins the event! This is a competition, of course, and any IC form of sabotage (stealing the answer from another player, haunting the footsteps of another player and fighting them for the prize) is a-okay as long as it’s discussed OOC beforehand! The prize for this event is the mysterious Viessan Egg known as the Egg of Caged Song, courtesy of @Fierach (thank you! 💖). RSVP LIST: Jorahel of the Ishia Tribe [ @Rabbit ] Alexander Rookstone [ @Sanonymous ] Ana [ @Veloci-Rapture ] J. Rymer [ @Vaudevillian ] MORE TO BE ADDED. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! The body overcomes, thriving against all odds. Love is nothing without a vessel to have and to hold. . . TOURNAMENT I’m not as well-versed in all the different RP combat systems as I’d like to be yet, so for this tournament, the rules of @Ataraxy's Load, Block, Shoot will be used, with myself acting as the Judge. 😊 Based on my prior experience using this system, it’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s competitive, so it should work rather well! The tournament is set in an no-holds-barred, round robin style. Ultimately, I will need at least four competitors for this event to happen; if there’s little interest in this particular venture, I’ll be relegating the tournament to a background event. The prize for the winning combatant is three vials of your choice from the four prominent consumable artifacts of Svanhild (Phoenix Blood, Moon Wine, Golden Scarab, Siren’s Scent). RSVP LIST: Rozharon Parálios [ @Csl ] Vito [ @Rabbit ] Alexander Rookstone [ @Sanonymous ] Jinsoku Hayabusa [ @Twitterpated ] J. Rymer [ @Vaudevillian ] MORE TO BE ADDED. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! • • • So, there you have it! Celebrate with us however you see fit—if you’ve other, more nefarious plans in mind, send me a PM here or on Discord and maybe we can work something out. 😉 The wedding IC threads will be up sometime next week! Please RSVP below or in a PM, as I’ll be tagging all those who have RSVPed in each event! If you’ve any other questions about the overall event, please feel free to ask me here or in a PM. Hope to see you all soon! 💖
  2. Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I'm fairly new to Valucre so please excuse any poor wording or wrong terminology and such 😅 Anyways, into the roleplay check! So in Yh'mi there is a group of paladins intending to cleanse the land of whatever corruption is plaguing it, you know the White Hand paladins well. But what if there was more than just animals and corruption to face? What if some group was actively opposing them from the shadows? I had a cult just sitting around in the back of my head for a while now, named "The Hands of Abberoth." obviously it would be evil aligned. This cult would attempt to cut off the White Hand at every turn. The Hands of Abberoth would also be searching for this corrupting power, not to destroy it, but to harness it. To exploit its power, for what purpose we could decide later. The Hands of Abberoth serve Abberoth, Lord of Oblivion. Abberoth is a multi-limbed, most notably multi-handed, god. He is not the god of death, but rather oblivion. Total annihilation, burning into ashes, etc. As such his disciples are destructive, though Abberoth may not lend much power to them. Abberoth would rather point them towards artifacts of power, or show them how to attain power themselves in other ways. I am looking for Hands of Abberoth, as well as paladins of The White Hand (ranked or unranked, I don't mind either). I will be leading the cult (well my character will be but you get the point) Feel free to ask me any questions! P.S. I added group small and group large because I wanted a small-ER group for The Hands of Abberoth than for the White Hand.
  3. Original interest check Mechanics 1) Health Points (HP) When a character suffers physical damage, their HP is lowered. At tip top condition, they are able to perform 3 actions in a turn. As they get injured, their movements slow and they get less and less actions. Your number of actions for the turn is based on your HP at the start of your turn. You don't immediately gain an extra action after healing, only on the next turn. Every character starts with 5 HP. 2) Sanity Sanity affects your character's state of mind. The less sane you are, the more likely you are to miss or damage yourself, or even attack your team mates. I leave it to each of you as to what low sanity means for your character. Sanity rolls are applied per action, so if you use your first action to increase your sanity, you can use the improved sanity for the next action. Characters who participated in the first arc starts from sanity of 4 due to mental exhaustion from the previous failure and prolonged stay in Yh'mi. Fresh characters start with sanity of 5. 3) Skills Unlike the previous round, your character has a set of skills that they draw from, which differs from character to character. Each character will choose a set of skills from the skills list below. This will form the list of actions that your character gets to choose from every turn. Everyone will get 3 normal skills. On top of that, characters from the first thread will get 3 special skills, and new characters only get 2 special skill. The extra 1 special skill represents the characters gaining experience from the last battle and being able to form a better strategy for this fight. Movement does not require an action, but the distance you can move per turn should make narrative sense. Choose the actions that fit your character's fighting style the most! Support characters (heal, buff etc) could be as useful as offensive characters. Normal skills (choose 3 for your character) - Has no usage limit. Can be stacked in that turn (e.g. attack 3 times). You can delay 1 action over to the next turn (e.g. if you have 3 actions, you can delay 1 action so you have 4 the next turn). Special skills (existing characters choose 3, new characters choose 2) - Each one of these actions can only be used 3 times throughout this whole Furthest Point Part 2 arc. These actions are still affected by sanity, but if they miss or backfire, then they are not considered to be used. Use them wisely! Q: Can I choose an action not on the list when building my character's skills? A: Yes, but run your idea by me for approval please! Q: Can I change my skills halfway through the thread? A: I have no plans to allow for that right now, but if we find any of the skills problematic later on, I may allow a change. Put your characters here!: IC thread:
  4. Alright, so my character Bishop is about to start gaining activity around New Everrun starting with this Fade Out quest. Anyone interested in joining me is invited whether it be as a friendly, neutral, or enemy. @Malintzin I've already vaguely mentioned Jade gave him a lift to town if you wish to partake, @danzilla3 I know you're kicking me off as the governor but am not clear if you plan to host the opposition or not. Lmk and we can modify this invitation accordingly. 😁
  5. In the long ago ages of darkness, or as called in modern education, the age "Before Gaia," Zengi reigned over near 600 years of desolation. In that time, before the valiance of Jason of the Lions, there was nothing that stood as a shield between the people and their death. And when someone that wasn't Zengi rose to power, it was Levas the cruel. That was the option of the people, a two person ballot. The most violent tyrant history would ever see, or the bubonic witch king that reigns death and disease over Terrenus. It is in this terrible time, that a creature was born from that despair, from the intense desire for salvation from the horrors of the era, from fear, and from hope. There are select few that still remember the name, few that know it's real name, few that know who it is and what it's done. The origin of this creature, this specter, is commonly understood by these lonely few and what records remain from the time, to have been born from Zengi himself. Whether the Witch King created it personally, or whether one of the desecrator arch-bishops did, or whether it was even on purpose, is unknown. What is known, is that while Zengi assaulted the land and slaughtered it's people- This spirit, this genie, assaulted it's very soul. It is Sharps. The Maelor. It's true name is Wollygod (Wool-e-odd), but only the most ancient texts, select individuals, or high desecrators, would know that name. A demon. A genie. An evil spirit. A specter. A something. Far too human in appearance, and deceptively vile. Sharps granted wishes. All wishes. He would find a stable hand with dreams of fiefdom, and do everything he could to make that a reality. No matter how impossible, no matter how disruptive or unrealistic or destructive a regime change, he would destroy lives to make this happen. He did the same for everyone who solicited him. All these wishes were soulbound dreams, consecrated in a thick, brown, leatherbound ledger. Eventually, people took notice. Word spread. And eventually, too many wizards became arch-mage, too many kings changed crowns too many times too fast, too many villains were successful and too many heroes had too many problems to solve. History was on a wild, wild rollercoaster, and he was building the track. He was filling the seats. And he was making it go faster, and faster, and faster, each time he pulled the lever. Finally, a group of powerful individuals gathered and put together the pieces- This can't be happening naturally. Someone is behind the chaos. And so they tracked him down, like an animal, and butchered him. They just didn't understand. They don't want their lives lived to their most intense climax? Simpletons. Ignorance. Idiocy. Ignorance. Idiocy. Ignorance. Idiocy. But. Not all were simpletons, not all were ignorant, not all were idiots. His ledger survived his murder. And therefore, so did the dreams inside, and with them, Sharps. So the cycle began, for the first time. Time passed. The ledger moved through time, by Gaia's hand. Through growing trees, through rainfall, through libraries, and eventually, into the hands of a lucky soul. Sharps spoke to this soul. Wollygod spoke to them, and promised them everything. So he was summoned, brought back, and turned history upside down again. Then people noticed, and again, he was slaughtered like some villain. Ignorance, again. And again, and again, and again. But this time, the heroes were a bit smarter, and even though they couldn't destroy the ledger, they would do their best to erase it's history. Then, they sealed it away. Confident that it was solved for good. Confident, that it's pages would never be read again. No one would ever find it, and no one would ever read the dreams inside. But they couldn't have known, that you would. Okay folks! I hope you liked that intro, because I have got some GOOODS for you folks! Heres the deal people, I need recruits! I am in the process of getting this fellas existence entered into canon, and I want him to hit the modern era. So here's what I need, and what I'm offering. If you check my signature, you'll see a very old org called The Mailers. He runs that, check it out, I'll revamp it and redo the page, but for now it still holds up. He runs that. You'll also find his sheet there, check it out! You can join that. But first, I need a volunteer to find this Ledger, and summon Sharps back to the world of the living with a vessel and everything. The details of how, and the consequences, can be discussed. But largely I need for him to have free will at the end, "summoning gone wrong" cliche is in full effect. This is negotiable, however, so feel free to make your case known. I need someone to be one of the relatives of the many groups of heroes who have heard of this spirit, part of an org that would know of the significance of Sharps' summoning, or to otherwise understand the historical ramifications of whats going on here. An antagonist, or maybe even someone looking to take The Maelor's power for themselves, through some kind of genie lantern deal. or maybe just the typical hero, looking to put this evil away, maybe for good this time. Any other interested parties! I might add more, but those are the basics. Thanks for reading. Once this gets going, there will be far more opportunites to 1x1 with Sharps, or for any other interested parties.
  6. The title says it all! xD Recently, I've been super slow in terms of roleplay, and my babies are starting to overwhelm me. As such, I'm helping them to reach out to other Val members via the water cooler. Jack Howard, played by @Jack Howard is the Governor of New Acheron, a city in the rising Empire of Eternus which formed during the Reclamation event in Genesaris. Dude is also the Prime Minister. Currently quite new to Valucre, but already seizing positions of importance among his own people. Jack is looking for other territory holders in Genesaris to make allegiances, contacts, trading deals! So if you are in or from Genesaris and would like to make contact with the righteous boatman, than here is your opportunity to do so!
  7. ... and not for the sake of a joke. Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! Today, I bring you an opportunity that's a little out of the ordinary. Tracking down and obtaining an artifact is pretty typical fare, isn't it? Group meets in a bar or something, intrepid leader susses out the details, and the merry band of adventurers is of to seek out an object of great power- but, oh, how often have you seen somebody undertake a quest to take an existing artifact and make it stronger? To take one of those objects of great power and make it another cut above? That there is precisely what I'm here for. I'm looking for a partner with which to undertake this task. But I'm not opposed to making this a group of 3 or 4, depending on how much interest I get! As this will be raising a B-class artifact to an S-class, it will be three pages long, making up the difference between the artifact class requirements. Standard norms for my threads apply: skipped if no word about posting status after three days, posting order established by the order of the first round, etc. etc.
  8. This will be brief but this is a subsidiary interest check, and I'll try to keep it from being too complex. So here's the rigamarole- Basically, @supernal tossed out a thread asking for new recruits for the Terran military. He also extended this offer to contractors, and mercenaries. Then, he created an interest check for repairs and military investigations in Ignatz that actually was in response to a CANONIZED(!!) thread. This means that that the follow up thread- This one Here is the OOC This will also strive to be canonized, and your participation here will therefore have a real impact on the lore (and Ignatz itself). The actual marching orders read as follows It will vary by person, but any who are interested will receive a missive that directs them to rendezvous at the Ignatz, specifically The Purple Axe Tavern and Inn. So essentially, people are being hired by the Terran Military to come help investigate recent demonic/cult activities here in the religious capital of Terrenus L A g R i M o S a. I would love any help with this, as I feel it has the potential to go from a slow, intense, investigation; and transform into an action packed, high octane, violent lecture on the finer points of Terran litigation to the unwashed cult masses. It'll be a blast! So hit me up here, and pitch a character, and we'll start running.
  9. Have a bone to pick with someone? Need help with hunting someone down, maybe a little espionage, perhaps a tête-à-tête? Whatever the case, if you need someone to make someone“change their mind” or you’re just looking to get a little money and some recognition, then I’ve got the right person for you! But if you want her to scratch your back, you gotta scratch her back. What do you need to do? It’s simple: retrieve certain magical items and return them to my character. She will be taking these magical items and putting them in a museum of some kind - or her private library, doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter the means (legal or not) how the items are obtained, just as long as they are returned to her. A list of items paired with a prompt can be found below. I will tell you where you can find the items, the prompt is a little added spice to keep the story flowing (also an extra opportunity to earn some goodies!), and give you four options to pick from for my character to do in return for you getting her the item. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask me! Instructions Step 1: Pick an item. Step 2: Complete a 1 page (can be more!) thread claiming the item. I will start this thread off so introductions can be made. Step 3: Summarize the thread and tag me in it. Step 4: Return the item to my character and collect your prize. Items & Their Threads: Ancient Notebooks: THREAD — Arcanist's Notebook — Botanist's Notebook — Historian's Notebook — Physician's Notebook — Theologian's Notebook » Claimed: @paradigm » Completed Prompt: A Necromancer seeks Lichdom not for themselves, but for their child. Their child is afflicted with a disease that no healing spell has been able to cure, so they believe their child can be saved if they turn them into a Lich. ↳ Reason with the Necromancer and obtain the item. OR ↳ Kill the Necromancer and obtain the item. Deal: Pick one of the four options here. ▪ Hunt someone down. ▪ Intimidate someone. ▪ Frame someone. ▪ Take payment and nothing else. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Eldritch Tome: THREAD — Eldritch Archer — Mystic Marauder — Sorcerous Sentinel — Spell Sword » Claimed: @Zashiii & @The North Wind » Completed Prompt: An asteroid has fallen from the sky and has stopped mere moments before it hits the ground. The asteroid begins to segment itself into layers, exposing floating fortresses and cities. Investigate one of the cities and get the item. ↳ Destroy the asteroid once item is obtained. OR ↳ Save the asteroid so it can be studied. Deal: Pick one of the four options here. ▪ Hunt someone down. ▪ Intimidate someone. ▪ Frame someone. ▪ Take payment and nothing else.
  10. The history of Lagrimosa can be dated back to long before the Terran Empire and, even, the Oligarchy. Over 900 years ago it was ruled by partnered queens, a royal merger. This is known. This recorded. This is fact. Genesaris can be traced back to the First Era, a time of gods and chaos, where it sat within its protective barrier. Unknown to all. Now, however, this is known. This is recorded. This is fact. But what about Renovatio or, as it used to be called Tellus Mater? Can we even truthfully say that Tellus Mater is the original name of the floating islands? The history of Renovatio has been lost to the times. Records destroyed during war and uprisings. Names forgotten as their great grandchildren join the soil once more. Those history books that have remained intact record only that of the Cartyr Empire, which began an estimated one hundred and thirty four years ago. Though there may be scratches and scribbles of the Days of Chaos before the Cartyr rule, that knowledge remains whispers. Near silent to even those with both ears upon the ground. That, then, begs the question: What existed before Renovatio? What, or who, ruled the lands before the Cartyrs? Was the land always floating? Was it always broken into hundreds of independent islands? Historians, scholars, archaeologists and the like have been searching without rest since Primera's throne stabilized. With the rise of the new Grand Kommadant and the instability of Nehalen caused by the death of its PRIMES, the search was about to be put on hold... ... but the answers were found during the Cult of Power's invasion. The Battle of Nu Sicily was the invasion's single most gruesome and bloody conflict. It was as if the city had suddenly awoken from a long slumber and bared its fangs at the Paragons who invaded. So much blood was spilt and life lost a few miles south of Nu Sicily that the ground beneath the deceased warriors continues to run red all these months later. The soil, thick and loose with liquid, gave away. Collapsed. Revealing a complex catacomb that is as if a maze. Diagrams are painted on the walls and crypts can be found in various positions depending on who they were when alive. Rumors have become screams and ignorance has become knowledge. But so much remains unknown. So much yet remains to be found. Who will traverse into these catacombs to finally unearth the lost history of Nehalen? Of Renovatio? Of Tellus Mater? Of Aedronir? O.o After what feels like forever, the Renovation project I most looked forward to carrying has been officially approved by the awesome @Aleksei and I definitely have not been poking her to review it for weeks like an excited child 😄 I always found it weird that Genesaris and Lagrimosa had these complex and awesome canon histories to play with, but Renovatio had diddly squat. There were histories for each land, sure, lands that got swept away with the times and no longer apply to Renovatio. But there had never been something... all encompassing. Something that players could use regardless of where you are in Renovatio. At time before the lands were split and divided. An explanation for why Renovatio is the way it is beyond the whispers of religious beliefs. BUT I didn't want to just, you know, throw it out there without any care because I super like the history. It's filled with betrayal and violence and peace and diplomacy and love and hate and tragedy and loss. So that's where this thread comes in! It also helps to solidify some of the history details that I haven't quite 100% decided on. Yeah. Who's ready for a catacomb crawl where the histories of Renovatio are unearthed in-character through back flashes, storybooks, wall drawings, tombs, and all sorts of fun adventures! Note that not everything will be covered in this thread and everything not covered will be revealed when Aleksei posts the history in Reno's lore homepage at her own convenience. Hopefully not before the end of this thread but not too long after lol Should be fun! You'll be able to say you were the first to know 🙂 Oh and there might be some juicy IC rewards found in the tombs! Who knows what weapons and tools have been lost to the sands of time. Spoiler: I may or may not have intertwined some of the Marzanna law into this, so if you're interested in that, well, join! Starting around May 20th, give or take a few days~ Who are my Valucre Archaeologists? Ataraxy (moi)
  11. Kill me if you can! For those of you who aren't aware, the Nehalen provinces have been historically ruled by someone called the PRIME. You can assume that to mean something like King, President, Prime Minister, etc. However, the current plans for Renovatio, without spoiling anything, will be removing that title/ position from future existence. In her absence, Aleksei has given me free range to do a lot of stuff in Nehalen. Of those permissions, fucking around with the remaining PRIMES is one of them (with the exception of Oo'Xora since that's player controlled obviously. So, what to do, what to do has been my question. I've debated just using Lilith to kill them, but then I was like nah she has enough infamy. Adding anymore is like trying to put more hot chocolate in a cup already full with hot chocolate. Just kinda spills out. Then I was like, how about I give it to the Cult as a whole? But eh it's kind of the same situation. Instead, what I'm going to do is roleplay the PRIMES of La Guardia and Avylon. Both PRIMES are will be currently meeting in a negotiation structure that sits on a piece of land that borders both provinces. Here's the Map of Renovatio if you're interested in better placing my words. The goal of this thread is for both characters to die... BUT I'm not gonna make it easy for you. Where would the fun in that be? I'm not gonna mess with any of the dice and stuff for this, it's just gonna be GM'd with the ultimate ending being predetermined as both PRIMES being dead. That's where you guys come in. I need a small group of people with the goal to kill the PRIMES. For whatever reason. Maybe you're an assassin for hire, maybe you just want to kill them, maybe your character is rebelling against their rule, whatever you'd like. It can even be that the Cult or w.e. bad organization hired the assassin character. This is a chance for your character to get a +100 in the infamy department. Not everyday you get to kill a big-wig head of a Province character. Disclaimer - I won't accept any godmodding in this. All characters will get injured, increasingly so as the story progresses. If you want to walk in super edgelord and kill everyone in the building cause you're dope af, swipe left. Go to my other threads LOL they all open
  12. Abstract: It has been scarcely a few weeks since the resurgence of the Red Legion and the usurpation of Noviria, and already the fires of civil war sweep the western islands. With initial clashes slightly favoring the upstart House Arcos against a Corinthian Alliance that had just settled into the reality of a new monarch, King Mythal's high command seeks rapid and novel ways to arrest the aggressive rebels' progress ere the islands of Misral and Thraece be lost entirely. Misral especially holds its own strategic importance, housing the vast majority of the kingdom's mineral wealth. Sadly, miners, brave souls though they are, make for poor scouts, and rumors of dubious credulity about a persistent outcropping of elemental crystals ought to be substantiated by royal agents - to say nothing of gauging the movements of the enemy. A select few, whether by oath, desperation, or a fatalistic sense of adventure, set out to the caldera of Mount Egon by order of General Crowley, striking out from Port Mars through the tangle of inland jungles and the choking air of the Ashlands, there to study the after-effects of the great volcano's eruption and the secrets of the slain primordial at its heart. Part scientific enterprise, part military reconnaissance, 100% babysitting of a VIP that has absolutely no business going on such a trip. Tempers will flare, supplies will run low, porters and guides will fall prey to the wild - do you have the will to succeed? ++++ OOC: Though I daresay my thread is likely to be overshadowed by the social event also kicking off shortly (which is also way better formatted, holy cow!), I'm submitting my first 'quest' to enhance the lore of Ursa Madeum. Tangentially related to the Blood and Fire civil war arc, I will elect to begin sometime after Csl returns, but in the meantime I wish to gather 1-3 other player characters for this sanctioned expedition to the Ashlands and Mount Egon. The purpose is three-fold; to introduce my character Eolan to the setting, to determine the true fate of the defeated elemental at the heart of the volcano (world-building, in a word), and to lay the foundation for a more intricate plot I have formulated down the road. Seeing as my character is somewhat of a diva (completely insufferable, actually), I wish to sweeten the deal, as I, the writer, very much do not want anyone to feel like they are mere set pieces for my fan-wank. Thusly, I posit the one or more of the following rewards for participating in this grueling endeavor: A heaping pile of fire-aligned elemental crystals, as much as your character and their horse/mule can carry. These things are frickin spicy from what I hear, and there's a LOT of them. A generous grant of coin, half to be paid upfront. (Wade , want to open the treasury?) Honorary title of Elf-Friend 1 (one) major favor redeemable with Eolan Ys Symarron for your own endeavors, no matter how grand or petty. That's more or less the gist of it - I am available for questions or reprimands for being a bad in equal measure. Thanks for reading! @Csl @Wade
  13. Hi there peeps. The title says it all, but i'll repeat it anyway. So do you wanna join the new Jiyan government? Philip Granier of the Jiyan temporary council called a council meeting which would change Jiyu as we known it. Over time, Jiyu has grown in size exponentially, taking neighboring villages beside it under its political influence. Some of these villages have themselves grown to towns. Now Philip thinks the right time for the council to fulfill the main reason it was created for has come. The councilors are to decide on which form of government to continue under. The council consists of both Dauner and Philip together with 9 other councilors. I could write paragraphs about the idea Philip is planning on bringing to the table, but i'll summarize it in one word. 'Monarch'. The new system of government in Jiyu and its surrounding territories is a monarchy. I'm sure by now you're wondering "Where do i come in in all of this?". Well wonder no more. There are 3 councilors who will go on to continue in a high position in the new government. They are listed below Magnus Lebron(Male) - This character will be moving up to Chancellor of the new kingdom Dragan Livingstone(Male) - This character will be moving up to Royal Advisor of the new kingdom Dalia Lee(Female) - This character will be moving up to Royal Advisor of the new kingdom Winny Brent(Female) - This character will be moving up to Royal Advisor of the new kingdom Pick a character of your choice and let me know if you'd like to take that character as your own. Ofc you'll have the right to design them as you desire. But keep in mind that Magnus is a loyal type of person. I'm still open to any ideas for characters you'd like to have as councilors and what position in the new kingdom do you want them to be. I reserve the right to accept or deny any idea brought up to me. Always wanted to say that Below is the thread for this: Note: Any character who isn't taken, will be played as NPCs through this thread
  14. "I will show you how the mighty fall." ☾ The Grand Kommadant of Nehalen has begun the process of removing the mighty Gods of her land. The balance between these Gods of the people of Nehalen is being disrupted by the Kommadant's blasphemous actions. By erecting a nullifier in the form of an invisible veil, Primera begins the process of pushing these powerful beings back into their own world, sundering them from the land they have called home for eons. An action done to protect her people from the Gods who have all been disruptive before the nullifier had been put in place. The veil is simply the tipping point; it is believed this action to protect her people from the Gods is what has sent the Gods into a frenzy. Their powers are being siphoned from them the more they fight against the push, weakening them immensely, and their minds have begun to dwindle into psychosis. Once revered and fondly feared, the Gods are now looked upon as a disease in the eyes of the Grand Kommadant's followers who believe the time of Man has finally come. ☽ Welcome! I'm glad you all could drop on by to my little event I've got here. Things are pretty straight forward around these parts: Nehalen (formerly Renovatio) is going through some changes and this event will be the spark to said changes. I'm asking you all to affect my lore by joining the threads offered to kill a God and properly canonize them. The Gods are scattered across Nehalen and I will provide you those locations. Kill a God, become a hero (or villian)! Q&A: How many pages do the threads need to be? I am looking for at least two pages. Can always be more but can't be less! How many Gods can I kill? As many as you want but you can only go after one at a time. Can I do this alone? Absolutely! If you want to solo kill a God, I see no issue with that. Do I need to use a specific character? No. You can use whatever character you want but I do expect some sort of fairness from you all. Please keep to mild powers associated with the forum. Do I need to use a specific combat system? No. I am allowing everyone to go kill crazy with this but, again, I do expect some sort of fairness from you all. Please realize this isn't supposed to be easy; I expect damage not only to the area(s) you are fighting the Gods in but also damage to your character. Can I contain a God? Go right ahead! Contain it however you want, doing whatever you want, just keep in mind that it is a lesser, weaker version and it will be that way forever due to my character cutting said God's will off. Can I absorb the spirit/essence of the God? Of course! Do I need to use a storyteller? If you feel it is necessary, go right ahead! I don't know how to start? No worries! I will be creating prompts for all the Gods that need to be killed and you can follow that prompt however you wish. Just post in the thread and have fun. How long do I have once I start? I would appreciate 1 post per 3 days. This will keep the thread going with hopes it'll be finished at an appropriate time. If I see a thread has stalled for more than two weeks, I will assume that God is up for grabs again. If you need more time, reach out to me! I understand how life can be a bit hectic. I'm done, now what? Tag me in your summary for the thread with opportunities (example: killed the God, ended up destroying a city/village/town, how will this affect the area? Was something unleashed during this? etc.) for future role-players. I need some extra help! Never hesitate to reach out to me. I am constantly available on Discord, making it the quickest way to get answers. No Discord? That's okay, just send me a pm or tag me in the OOC for this event. How long is this event? Until all the Gods are killed off or just enough of them are killed. Gods & Their Threads: Titans Cialo ∾ Montis Maximus — Seraphim/Archon/Enigmas Enoch ∾ Liarae ∾ Sarandriel ∾ Ezekiel ┌────┬────┴┬───┴┐ Ynliss Nahum ∾ Vita ∾ Aestus ∾ Ventus ∾ Ophiuchus ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Baal ∾ E`na the Glorifier Libra, Sagittarius ↲ ┊ ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Aries, Gemini, Taurus ↲iiiiiiii iiiii ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Cancer, Leo, Virgo ↲ ┊ Aquarius, Pisces ↲ Rifornire - Cialo: THREAD » Claimed @Thotification » Completed - Montis Maximus: THREAD » Claimed @danzilla3 & @Zashiii » Completed - Vita: THREAD » Claimed @vielle » Completed - Saggitarus: THREAD » Claimed @Thotification » Completed - Aries: THREAD » Claimed @Rabbit » Completed - Gemini: THREAD » Claimed @Ataraxy & @Hydrangeas » Completed - Aquarius: THREAD » Claimed @SteamWarden & @Zashiii » Completed - Ynliss: THREAD » Claimed @Malintzin » Completed - Nahum: THREAD » Claimed » Completed - Aestus: THREAD » Claimed @King » Completed - Taurus: THREAD » Claimed @ticklefarte » Completed - Cancer: THREAD » Claimed @Twitterpated & @Aleksei » Completed - Leo: THREAD » Claimed @Rabbit » Completed - Virgo: THREAD » Claimed @-Lilium- & @Zashiii » Completed - Ventus: THREAD » Claimed @Twitterpated » Completed - Ophiuchus: THREAD » Claimed @Csl » Completed - Baal: THREAD » Claimed @Fierach » Completed - E'na: THREAD » Claimed @Ataraxy » Completed - Libra: THREAD » Claimed @vielle & @Zashiii » Completed - Pisces: THREAD » Claimed @danzilla3 & @Zashiii » Completed - Rifornire: THREAD » Claimed @Metty & @Zashiii » Completed Please let me know which God you would like to go after so I can put your name next to it to keep everything orderly. 
  15. Stretching along the continent's southern coast, Eridianus is a place in between places, an un-land un-anchored to the Real where the walls holding back the Otherworld wax thin; false stars fall in showers, compass needles lie, and the auroras flood the night skies. Within Eridianus’ quiet madness lies several Enclaves, each with varying levels of magic and technology as well as distinct geographies, peoples and cultures. Hi! If you haven't heard yet, there's a new region in Lagrimosa now. I've just finished writing up the artifact page for Eridianus, so come on in and look at these shiny new Mild-Powers-breaking whozits, whatzits and thingamabobs! I've copied the two new artifact sets here, but you may check the Eridianus Artifacts page for the full list. We've got diadems, teleportation ballet shoes, time-dilating violins and hydromantic steel drums. General Artifacts Maharlican Ornaments The Sandaeg Orchestra I also just want to take the opportunity to promote: Svanhild Artifacts There's a resurrection potion in here, as well as a face-changing artifact, a shadow-teleportation mask, and a number of other neat things. Give it a look and pm @vielle if you plan to thread for any of them! Q&A Q: How can I claim an artifact? A: PM Csl with your artifact of choice so I can update availability. Then follow the Standardized Artifact Rules. Q: Can I bring these artifacts out of Eridianus? A: With exception of Ursa Madeum/Svanhild artifacts, which have their own rules, yes. Q: How strong are these artifacts compared to artifacts from Lagrimosa/other boards? A: Rule of thumb is that all things being equal, the artifact from the higher-level board will be more powerful. For example, considering an S-class time artifact from Lagrimosa and an S-class time artifact from Eridianus, the artifact from Lagrimosa will be more powerful. Eridianus artifacts are also strongest when used within the region of Eridianus itself. If you have further questions, you can post them below ^_^
  16. I started a thread going after the Blade of Flames for my character Arashi a while back, December 31st to be exact. I'm over a page done already and currently it's lacking players. So here I am, I'm currently asking for people to help me finish this thing. I'm down to four players including myself, but currently, I lack direction other than a very faint idea on where I want to go. But other than that, it's going extremely slow as of current. Thread in question. Other players are: @Twitterpated, @Meraxa (?) and @Zashiii So I'm here asking for some help completing this thread.
  17. The attack and domination of Nu Martyr by the Cult of Power has grabbed the attention of many world powers that hadn't reacted during the initial invasion of the province. A global military power formed in the wake of Lilith's attack known as the International Police Program (IPP). In a recent interaction between the IPP and Lilith Reiter, it was discovered that the leader of the Cult, previously titled the Commander, was actually Lilith under a pseudonym. Due to the Victory AI reprogrammed into a Trojan paragon, IPP has also discovered that every Paragon is marked with a lunar moon somewhere on their body. This has spurred the IPP to put pressure on governments around the world to take a serious stance on the Cult of Power and its Paragons; to classify belonging to the group as a crime in and of itself. From the smallest village to the largest mega city-state to federal governments, a purge of any person with a lunar tattoo marking is on the rise- regardless of whether the person has actually committed a crime or not. The International Police Program is pushing forth a stance of non-tolerance for any connection to a known tier 1 criminal organizations, currently: the Cult of Power, the Dead, and the Legion of Doom. There are further suspected organizations being classified as tier 2 and tier 3, and others are unclassified due to lack of information. (Let me know if you want your org or group to be added!) Gathering its own forces and reaching out to other judicial forces around Valucre, IPP has begun to make a physical counter move on Nu Martyr in order to free it from the hold of the Cult of Power and its Paragons. Although initially hard to step into the province without massive return fire and destruction, IPP has made contact with Aedos Chanaril, a high ranking member of an old noble house of Renovatio who has connections within the Cult itself but who is not subservient to it. With him as their essential "in," IPP and the other global forces will be making a large and final move into Nu Martyr to upend the current Cult leadership. Meanwhile within Nu Martyr, Lilith is uncovering an enormous power source hidden beneath the land. Connected to the core of Renovatio's encompassing loci, if she manages to harness that power using the combined force of two Genesari cornerstones, the Crown of Asteria, and a handful of Fracture S-class artifacts, it has the potential to cause a global earthquake leading to randomly placed tsunami all across Valucre. Such a catastrophe has the potential lead to millions more deaths. A call to the world and a call to the pure. Save the world. Couple words to anyone reading this who might feel a twinge of interest! There is no current ETA and this is simply an interest check for a potential plot idea that I've been mulling about My character, Lilith Reiter, will not be killed in this event. She will be defeated/ captured. I know there are people who would love to have the pleasure of killing the character, but I'm fairly attached to the character and I don't believe her story to be over. So tough lol The method of Lilith's capture, beyond the actions I described above, is almost completely dependent on who joins. If not enough major characters join, I likely end up doing this. Lilith is supposed to be sort of like "the final boss" so having two level 1 characters beat her would harm the story I'm driving. "Major" characters is subjective. I'm mainly speaking about characters that players have put effort into developing. When/ if this goes through, it won't be a "stomp" if that's what you have in mind. Each side will take major losses. If anyone has character(s) they'd like to sacrifice (harm or death) for the greater good, that would be much appreciated as well. While the "main" thread will occur in Nu Martyr since that's where Lilith will be, the actual event is global. You have permission to involve this event in any thread, any org, in any place (unless the involvement is rejected by a person who controls that lore). Just try to play on the fact that most Paragons world wide are not "evil" and may have done a bad thing for a good reason. Conflict, both on the outside and on the inside is key here. You might be wondering "why" I'm doing this, and the reason is that Lilith has some major personal issues that I can only really play with and dive into when she's in a vulnerable position And finally, NO you can't have my artifacts and relics. Don't even ask lmfao have other plans for them. Timeline: When/ if this goes into motion, it will be after the Nede thread. I want Lilith to take over a demon tower first since it's part of another idea I have for future stuff. I also might have Lilith take a detour back into Terrenus to speak with Alexander Endriel and the Black Queen, though that's dependent on general availability of players involved. Potential Groups Against Lilith International Police Program @amenities Officer-in-charge @paradigm @Veloci-Rapture @Ataraxy (Alexander Hawk) (limited capacity) @supernal (??? prob not but he seems interested!) VCF @Metty @Sanonymous Force Majeure ??? @Fierach ??? @Tenkai Matsumoto House Chanaril Me again lol (limited capacity) Alterion @Meraxa ??? Genesaris @King ??? @Pasion Pasiva ??? @Malintzin ??? Renovatio @Aleksei ??? (she gonezo atm so probs not) @Twitterpated ??? Fracture @notmuch_23 Third Party @Sir Nathaniel @ anyone else I missed? Potential Groups With Lilith Cult of Power Me for a third time, with Lilith! @danzilla3 @Zashiii ??? @AngryCacti ???
  18. "I will level with you, my Brother. I am invested in the People--I wager my godhood that I can restore the Senarian civilization to its glory. I believe I can liberate them from a vicious cycle." "You impress me with your boldness, Banished One. If you can indeed, you will be allowed to return to the Inner Planes and receive your mantle once more. Should you fail, your punishment will be eternal." Once upon a time there was a splendid civilization that saw a golden age. And then? it fell. And from the ashes, another civilization rose, destined--surely--for greatness. But it too, fell. The Sun God Arundae'raa--a Trickster God, saw this and was saddened. He made a wager with his brother Dema; the God of the Moon, of dreams and destruction And then a Sovereign child was born. You see, the Sun God had tricked his brother--as Tricksters do--with this sovereign child. He was determined to see the people who once worshiped him rebuild new. Though he too--in time--fell. But not before he had given his champion the tools and knowledge needed to liberate her people and rebuild. And so, she did. -- Interest Check: Lorebuilding/Lorecrafting Genre: Medieval Fantasy®/ Lite Exalta Crystal & Steam Tech Cit(y)ies: The Sovereign City of Hyperion - Hyperion City is a melting pot of Asian-inspired cultures and serves as the imperial capital, wrapped up in a magical setting and overshadowed by a divine war. Vinosea, the City of Thieves - If you like all things roguish, court of thieves, criminal underworld with conspiracies, sin and debauchery you'll find your fill in Vinosea. The Sentinel City of Athadas - Military? War? Weapons and armor? Harsh training, dragon riding and political plots? Athadas. Always in Athadas. The Garden City of Brehill - Those who enjoy botany, medicines, poisons, agriculture and gardening will enjoy Brehill's more slice of life pace. The Arcane City of Imradel - Sorcery and arcane? Guilds and all things magic and institutionalized education? Imradel is your city. Location: The Rising West, Genesaris Pace: Casual, 1-3 a week, depending on the group Seeking: A group for ICly establishing these cities for canon; residents, business partners, shenanigans! New to Hyperion? Click Here - Some of this is new and being updated over the weekend, pardon the mess! Questions? Ask them here Lore Page? Here's a WIP. Nothing is set in stone Need Inspiration? Look no further Hi guys! Linty here. Been a while since I've done one of these! First let me say, I am overly thrilled that Port Kyros is thriving. Thank you for your awesome support! Now? It's time to rebuild Hyperion and its satellite cities. You see, while I was AFV I asked some awesome folks (I see you danzilla, Rin) to kick down my sandcastle in Fracture so I could eventually rebuild it in Genesaris--and so, here we are! Each city is unique in its flavor, and there will be tons of opportunities in each one. Just take a peek and see what's available to you... ...a lot, as you can see! Q: So what is Hyperion? Hyperion is the overarching name of an empire made of several magic-drenched cities and queendoms in Genesaris that operate under a little lady named Queen Raveena and her family Q: And you need what now? Just some stellar folks who enjoy writing awesome things to join me in (a) thread(s) (and hopefully, many more in the future!) to build these supa' rad cities. The only lore pages that are written out but not set in stone is Hyperion City and Brehill. You will each have an opportunity to contribute something--not just to the thread of building the city, but to the lore pages as well. If you have something in mind? Let's talk about it! I want to hear from you! Because these cities will be newly minted, they can be malleable and fleshed out within the scope of their themes. If you have an interest in helping to build more than one, you're more than welcome to jump between threads with whatever characters you'd like. Tech is light and magitech in nature, with room to grow! I have a lot of sweet artifacts and treasures to roll out after this, but I wanna do right by the lore and get these places canonized, first! All in all, I'm opening up the doors to you guys to come and help me get this idea off the ground and carve up the Rising West with activity. Most importantly, we aim to misbehave are going to rock out and have fun. And in the spirit of continuing to name thread titles after songs, you should totally listen to this super cool song that inspired said IC title. Anyway. Come help me rebuild! ---
  19. Ursa Madeum, 598 WTA. The age of scheming nobles and conspiracies for the throne has come to a quiet close, the distant backdrop of the new era of adventures amidst the commonfolk. The Kingdom of Ursa Madeum and the Queendom of Svanhild have settled into their own establishments in the wake of the empire's withdrawal from the islands, and with this comes a wealth of opportunities. The cities are ripe with daring exploits, the wildlands are fraught with dangerous quests, and in the midst of it all, there are whispers: the Old Magic is awakening. . . WELCOME TO THE QUEENDOM OF SVANHILD! Hello everyone! ❤️ It's your exhausted friendly lorebuilder Vielle again, introducing a brand new sandbox I hope will spark your interests and storytelling senses! (Feel that tingle yet? 😂) Born from the egress of the Veluriyam Empire from the islands and the subsequent reorganization of power in the aftermath, the Queendom of Svanhild stands as the setting for a new era in Ursa Madeum: one that is rife with magic and quests. Shape the Queendom, or let it shape you—adventure is in the wind, and it looks to all who are willing to answer its call. So: what will you find in Svanhild? ADVENTURE! Nothing beats the insatiable desire to explore the world and discover all the wonders it has to offer, and going off the beaten path will always be rewarded here in Svanhild. With five new adventuring locales and two more on the way, the Queendom is ripe for the growth of new characters, stories, and tales to be told for generations to come. Check the Locales list here! QUESTS! There's a sparkling new quest list with multi-thread arcs in play over at the Svanhild Quest Board! If the listed quests don't quite satisfy that appetite for adventure, make your own quests (if applicable; PM me first, please!) and pursue your dreams! Don't let anyone hinder you from them. 😉 NEW LORE & LORE MAKING! With the new lore of the Queendom comes the opportunity to make your own creations. Wanna make something new you haven’t currently seen around that could fit right into the Svanhild setting, like wondrous flora or fauna the world has yet to see, or strange locations to tempt bumbling adventurers to explore? All ideas are welcome here; we need only discuss it and/or check it for approval, and then it’s off and canon to the Queendom lore. You craft the world you write in! ROLEPLAYING OPPORTUNITIES! Looking for artifacts to employ in your personal plots, or an organization to build up or dismantle, or for a place to play out that medieval pirate plot you can't stop thinking about? Svanhild is open for all sorts of roleplaying opportunities; just jump in (with prior permission; collaboration is important!) and you're good to go! NEW STORYLINES! Long-term, inter-connected, and persistent plotlines that can ultimately shape the face of cities, regions, and even the very foundations of the Queendom itself: those are the kind of stories we want to tell in Svanhild. I am very interested in exploring locale-centric roleplaying, which makes for a more intimate, collaborative space. No stories exist in a vacuum in Svanhild! EVENTS! Events in Svanhild are queendom-wide, affecting everyone. There will usually be at least one event in play that has wide-reaching effects on everyone in the Queendom; participating in these events can grant boons and generate new plotlines—there is never a dull moment in Svanhild! Check the Queedom's Bulletin every now and then for the schedule of current and upcoming events within Svanhild. NO MATTER THE STORIES YOU LIVE OUT, THEY'LL BE WRITING TALES ABOUT YOU. . . And that's that! If you find yourself looking for a new sandbox to play in, please don’t hesitate to stop by and look around—maybe you’ll find something you like! 👀 Let me know of your interest here or in a PM! ❤️ WHERE TO, NEXT? SOME SVANHILD QUICK LINKS: • LANDING PAGE • GUIDE TO SVANHILD (RECOMMENDED!) • ARTIFACTS • TIMELINE • LORE INDEX • QUEENDOM'S BULLETIN • AMA • CLUB OOC • CLUB FORUM •
  20. First and Foremost, Hello! ▇ ▇ ____Port Thea - Class S ↓▇ Oceanic dead zones have become an increasing problem along the coasts of Port Thea, putting many fishermen out of work and leaving families to starve and business to crash. Toxic algae is suffocating and killing off ocean wildlife while forcing Nymerians to poach for food sources from the last vestiges of safe ocean waters. Find a way to clear the toxic algae and restore the ecosystem before Port Thea falls into economic crisis. SO WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT THIS YOU GUYS?! We gon’ sail over and clean this mess up! I come to you as one who would see ALL of our ecosystems THRIVE( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) and be healthy! As A Consulate for international affairs, Genesaran affairs, and coastal happenings, we here within the Rising West find it difficult to turn a blind eye to this. Port Thea is west of port Kyros, which makes this more than JUST a Northern Sea Problem. Not all seafolk are nice and Sophisticated. When pushed, they will surely survive in some way - be it relocating or raiding the coasts and ships more frequently than previously necessary. Let us not see(sea?) good folk of the fin suffer any longer! Help us help them and ourselves! I NEED at least 3 players, preferably not counting myself. I need a storyteller or two even? Mix it up a bit. Annnnnd I need like five pages out of us ! 75 posts+ Is the goal for clearing canon agreements! This is a great space if You’re A : warrior! eco-warrior! natural rights supporter! scientist! Hyperian! current or aspiring THRIVE agent! elementalist! pirate! sailor! good swimmer! botanist! Nymerian! curious mind! PLEASE DROP YOUR INQUIRIES HERE OR Here at the Hyperion AMA Thread!! Also I will probably be casting a Nymerian into the pot for this. 🤗 Come mingle!
  21. If you do let me know. I have a . . . thing to discuss with you if so
  22. Alien Abduction Arc: Prelude The hazy, haunting eyes of the “Duck” lay scorched upon a capsulated threshold between dimensions. A hissing, hungered heaving of ozone gas brushes off from the gill-like valves alongside the behemoth’s helmet. It’s eyes dig their violet-churned peepers down towards the spiraling vortex of the portal, whilst it’s gargantuan gauntlets raise the portal upwards throughout a laboratory. The laboratory, drenched in the velvet and ashy smoke of nearby factory wells, circles around the behemoth’s standing. Machinery of all sorts, ranging from that of the Enlightenment's beginning to the 1860s, is burrowed throughout the laboratory’s labyrinth, as though festering jungle greenery. Contraptions of automatons, with hints of amoeba-like DNA hinged around in bottles, are dashed dormant around the room’s interior. Collections of firearms, containing that of Greek-fire to dragoons, are laced around chlorine-rumbling racks. Vines of rusted pipes hang from the ceiling’s silhouetted crimson, as though skulking serpents of sorts. Yet, central amongst the room’s mechanical quagmire, lies the “Duck’s” own pompous ego. The “Duck’s” ego, being of a tumultuous and titanic one, drives the invention of it’s homebrew portal. Taking notation to the original source, delivered by the Observe “Duck” Dimensional Squadron, O.D.D.S. or more commonly of the D-Squad, the beast proceeded upon a fever of experimentation. Hundreds of containers, delivered by nearby disease-drunken canines and other goons of the goliath, are scattered along the floorway behind. Speckles of glass panes, each with a razored-lining of steel, are strewn around, as though in a ravaging of anger. Though, for this very moment of the beast’s holding, it has succeeded upon the last trivalation. Generators, powered by a motor of magnesium, are tentacled around the circumference of the threshold’s capsule. The lights around, decorated by oily candles and other cathedral-like chandeliers, glinter spontaneously as another gust of ozone is pelted around. The goliath’s gargantuan gauntlets seat the capsule back against a countertop, cluttered by varities of automaton parts and design-documents. The threshold has become readied in the last capsule, a thickened-container of glass used to container any instantaneous combustion gasses. Only the dealing of an ego lies, awaiting threshold’s activation. Without a moment’s spinning nor pondering, the goliath grapples a gauntlet against a lever’s hilt. The grappling, being of a viceroy’s victorious holding, draws across the level’s greasy gutters. Metal is clanged as bells of tempered-steams are shot throughout the nearby pipelines. The motors rumble with a rancorous rhythm of magnet pulling, used to act as a compass for swiping northern and southern poles across dimensions. The experimentations, served as long and hard days in between political escapades and other monarchy-meddling held by the goliath, have fruited as the threshold rings. The ringing, a serene cacophony of a tempest’s winds, beckons off throughout the crackling halls of the laboratory. The spiraling glimmer of the threshold, holding an angular and distorted doorway of another eartherian realm, courses across the chambers of the hall. The colossus’ visor draws ahead into the expelling blaze, whilst the threshold begins to invert its own container. Being of the first successful, though careless by the distractions of political orations, experiment drawn by the beast, it spectacularly failed in respects. The capsule around dents downwards, as though eating away as its own insides. The glass cracks, much to the ignorance of the goliath’s jubilation, before combusting inwards. The threshold plunges outwards, with the spiraling matter of it’s interior busting into their beast’ own domain. As though to draw only consciousness, an element forged beneath only the soul of physicality, the threshold locks down onto the “Duck”. The “Duck’s” gauntlets lower themselves slightly, from the maniacally cackling of a victorious experiment, as they wrap around a nearby tabletop. The tabletop, being drenched with mechanical oils and other polishes used for automaton construction, doesn’t hold to the behemoth’s grasp. Moreover, the beast’s gauntlet slings off from the table before sailing back towards the threshold’s vacuum. The cavern graved laboratory, relatively discarded by the threshold’s imbibing, contrasts dramatically with the “Duck’s” frantic fidgeting. The “Duck’s” gauntlets vigorously rattle around, as it’s boots plunge their steely vulture-like talons into the grounds below. Shrieks of metal and ozone course down throughout the hallway, yet, only to be met with the silencing vortex of the threshold. The gallows of the goliath’s eyes gaze down upon the threshold’s wrath, as though to impose their own stubbornness to nature’s consequences. Though, and ultimately, the beast’s punching peepers fail to scare off something of only matter. With nothing of a consciousness nor heart, the threshold forces the goliath’s grasps away. Subsequently, the “Duck” is drawn into another dimension. The “Duck’s” gauntlets are released into the obscured origins of the threshold. The blitzing, bleary blazes of light and matter course around the colossus’ torso. Holding onto the mucus-like substance within, the titan’s armor would be transported alongside. The beast’s helmet fires off another sundering of ozone, whilst it crashes down throughout the threshold’s infinity and isolation. A gauntlet's rotating wrist, freed by the struggles of absolute will, scrapes across the unyielding luminosity. The wrist’s steel continues scraping onto the blanket of fulguration, as another wrist rises around the hatched hollow. The wrists fire off thunderous thumps of sparks, as they continue shredding down onto the dimension-shifting transportation. Following the wrists, contested anonymously by the uselessness of time inside the portal, strike the lengthy leggings below. The legging’s bounding boots press their humongous heels onto the tunnel’s ravine. The talons below, coiling upwards as though a bramble of seaweed, strike onto the infinity around. The beast’s velocity decelerates, allowing for the armada of armor to cease any frictionized flames. The cowl behind, curtained as though that of a theatrical phantom, edges it’s own hooks onto the hollow’s own hinged infinity. As though a thunder of both time and space, the beast ceases it’s motion into the cosmos. Yet, the magnetite’s compassing has ceased by the lack of non-conscious matter being transported. The “Duck’s” eyes sear off throughout a vent of the celestial tunnel, lined around with several others behind, as though a musician blowing into a flute. Due to the ceasing of motion, the exitways have appeared as though internalized inside of their own portal. However, with the hastied hushing of the “Duck’s” own compass, the beast lays stranded onto a randomized hole beyond the intended region for a dropoff. The intended region, being of nearby the opposite gateway proposed by the D-Squad, remains lightyears away from the “Duck’s” own position. Taking account of a lack for any more extraordinary moment or rocketing, the goliath proceeds to gallop down throughout the exposed hollow. Following the gallop, a harsh and laser-like bleating of noise pulses offward, as the threshold compacts into absolute oblivion. Albeit the portal remains vanished into the cosmos’ clutches, a brightened and sprawling dwarf-planet lies beneath. The planet, covered in a naval-azure of atmospheric clouds, drags the “Duck” in with it’s own magnetic pulling of sorts. Hence, the beast proceeds to fire down towards the planetary shrouding of blue and the bleak. Thunders rage onwards from nearby clouds, precipitating fierce and furious fountains acid rain. Skylines, covered by an undercoating of mint-green refractions, deflect off their sunburnt rays onto the “Duck’s” armory. The behemoth continues crashing downwards, as though a mountainous meteorite, as it catches the attention of a sky-patrolling service. The sky-patrol, led by a singular mothership of carbonized titanium, takes an alienated alert upon the sight of the plummeting “Duck”. The “Duck’s” armor, built to withstand that of hydrogen explosions dealt by phoenixes, withstands the initial gravity of the atmosphere. The ‘mucus’ within crashes back against the armor’s shelling, as the g-forces pile onto the speed of sound. The mothership continues spectating onto the mountain, as a captain starts by an emergency beacon of sorts. The beacon, cluttered with an array of buttons designed for contacting different security ports of the mothership, bleats off a beckoning ring of emergency. The goliath becomes a conflagerating spear, searing the sun’s shading from it’s flames. The captain, a naked ant-like being with two bulging eyes, starts by the command center of the cockpit. The signals continue sounding, with texts devised in morse-code being presented onto a radio device of sorts. Lines of other ants, considered as Muraveys by their species title, drill down across the cockpits corners. All the ants, toned differently by shades of their exoskeletons, face onto the screening below. Shocks of horror and an utmost urgency to cease the cascading colossus’ crash, which would possibly lead towards a catastrophic fissure for the planet at the dropping acceleration. The captain, aged by a fine dealing of meteoroids, gazes down across the shooting star beyond. With a simplistic flick of his abdomen, he proclaims “... - --- .--. / - .... .- - / -.-. .-. .- .--. / ..-. .-. --- -- / -.-. .-. .- ... .... .. -. --. -.-.--”, yet with beeps filling the dashes and boops filling the dots. Promptly, with a stressful vigor of naval sailors, the rest of the Muraveys shout “.- -.-- . / .- -.-- . / -.-. .- .--. - .- .. -. -.-.--”, before flinging themselves back along the hallway of the cockpit. Arms are raised, with laser blasters and other stereotypical weaponry, as the sailors storm across the hallway. Their weapons are drawn across a hanger of sorts, holding around three starfighters of sorts. The starfighters, smaller versions of their mothership, model that of a standard, space-sprung saucer. Swiftly, without a moment for leisure, sailors mount themselves down into the saucers’ own cockpits. Engines are roared with a combustion of carbon, as the saucers drill off throughout the entryway of the hanger’s hanging. The saucers, racing at that of mach ten across the bounds of the atmosphere, sail along without any sound-based explosions due to their internal vibration-compression softwares. The saucers continue blasting bombastically across the rainy torrents of the trembling skies. After only moments, the saucers catch their crosshairs onto the sight of the “Duck”. Plummeting for only minutes after entering the atmosphere, the “Duck’s” eyes are sunk against the edges of their visor. Remaining conscious by the sheer volitionalism of the ‘mucus’, the beast’s gauntlets are spread in an attempt to parachute it’s cowl downwards. However, before any rushing ravanging constructs into ideas, the Muravery fleet catches the colossus down into a wedge of the starfighters. Following the catch and the absolute shock of the mountain being a sentient organism, the fleet begins to contain the beast. The “Duck”, brawling vigorously against the ravaging aliens, ultimately fails to cease the capture as it looms thousands of miles above the planet. Promptly, the goliath is contained into an iron-maiden like container, without any of the protruding spikes. Following the moments upon its own capture and abduction into the reigns of alienated foes, the “Duck” nonchalantly leans back against the containment. Rumbles of oxygen pounce off into the swab, yet rustic, hanger of the mothership. A screeching of the saucers, sinking back into their initial formation for slumbering, clashes off around the garrisoned gallery of the hanger. Moments continue passing, as the “Duck” is mobilized along a thin corridor of lightning lights. The lights, steep and icy with dust, line with a bluish hue. Seconds strike across the hour, as the clock for the captain’s steering time rings around a cockpit’s coliseum. Briskly, taking notice of the captain’s presence, the sailors stand at ease, whilst the captain ambles over towards the “Duck’s” containment. The “Duck”, hoisting gallons of vexation from the brief containment, rattles around inside the contaiment’s cellar. Taking notice of the container’s erratic budging, the captain orders “--- .--. . -. / - .... . / -.-. --- -. - .- .. -. . .-. / .- -. -.. / -.- . . .--. / -.-- --- ..- .-. / --. ..- -. ... / --- -. / .. - -.-.--”. The sailors, loyal to anything testing command in their meritocracy of a worldwide society, lock their blasters onto the containment’s corners. A singular sailor clasps his boney, insectoid fingers around the sequence behind the container, before opening it for the inspection of the captain. Seconds continue building into the tension of the cell, as a plumage of puffy ozone strikes off from the containment’s bolts. The electrical wiring beneath, used to house and contain anything for outdoor presentation, grasps the “Duck” down ahead of the sailors. The captain steps by the “Duck”, with an awfully surprised countenance, as it raises a blaster towards the beast. Briefly, overshadowing the light mumbling of the nearby and lower-ranked sailors, the captain barks “-.. --- / -.-- --- ..- / ..- -. -.. . .-. ... - .- -. -.. / --- ..- .-. / .-.. .- -. --. ..- .- --. . ..--.. -.-.--”. The “Duck”, confused horridly by the mismash of beeps and boops pronounced by the captain, locks it’s own violet-dug peepers onto the ant-like captain ahead. Afterwards, the visor would curve around the other forces of the Muraveys, with another gaseous gust of ozone plunging off throughout the cockpit’s corridors. The tension of the titan remains, as it jests an eye over towards the captain, taking note of the inquisitive posture and voice of him. Following brief internal remarks around the room, the “Duck” would leisurely call “I shalln’t hath anything of thy language! Shall thou speak of ancient English’s glorious tongue?!” The captain, taking the same confused marking of the “Duck” following the beast’s statements, would direct it’s buggy eyes back towards the rest of the sailors. The sailors would take the titan’s shouting and overall confusion for resentment, therefore, they’d begin sealing the container. The buttons would be pressed back against one another, as the locks file into their ravines. Yet, the colossus’ draped cowl and felty coverings would take resistance to the electrical shocks. Having not prepared for anything of electrical immunity, as most of those sorts of resources are a scarce rarity in the civilization, the Muraveys lunge backwards. Their blasters point themselves back towards the jockeying “Duck”, as the metallic mountain wrangles it’s wrists against the wiring around. Moments pass as the blasters’ bolts are loaded down with their laser-beam mechanics. The barrels are plugged with the heat of electricity, as they hold their aims onto the maddened monster. The chamber choruses off, as the beast’s helmet huffs off another raucous rhythm of ozone. The tension explodes, as the electrical wiring around the behemoth does. Sparks are flung across the domain of the chambers, as the behemoth’s gargantuan gauntlets strike off from an explosion of fiery smog. Sirens sing off the iron-maiden container, whilst the titan’s torso jolts off the remaining wires. The truest wrath and fury of the beast arises from the locking of the cell. The sulfuric, smothering smog drowns across the aisle of the “Duck”, as it begins across the cockpit’s corridors. It’s visor swings swiftly across the grouping of seven sailors, with the captain centered into the middle of their swarm. The blasters, exploding off with the tension, fire their beams towards the “Duck’s” own steely armor. Consequently, a thunderous inferno bursts off into the cockpit’s controls. The oily polish of the armor withstands the numerous blaster fires, as the plates below are stained by the scorching and cracking chaos. Only the violet visor of the beast remains deviled across the reigning room, as the controls are crumpled by ricocheting bolts. Sailors are launched across the domain, with their exoskeletons bruising down around the muddled technology. On the nail, expecting the worst of a whack, the captain rises from the gashed grounds of the cockpit. His blaster draws another bolt into it’s chambers, as the “Duck” charges piquely towards the captain’s position. A gargantuan gauntlet is raised upwards, as though a blacksmith’s slinging sledgehammer. The boney, pincered fingers tighten themselves into their palm’s basin. The knuckles, rigid as though an alley of trash-cans, prop their needles ahead of the gloving behind. Without a moment’s checking and only the tempering heat around, the fist fires down into the captain’s exo-skeleton-head. The boney exterior is slung aside by the punch’s two-tonne weight, as the behemoth weighs it’s might onto the captain’s torso. The cracking of a stew-can sizzles down throughout the bruiser’s blow, as the captain is flung across the room’s interior. Speedily, taking notice of the captain’s own blaster, “Duck” leaps onto the Muravey’s arm and flings the firearm from his grasp. Thereupon, the titan gains a grasp across the weaponry, yet it’s bolted down another reign of fire. The crew continues blitzing throughout the fumes of ashy smog, with sparks of electricity crashing across the room's center. Yet, unknown to the figures inside, the ship’s loss of control has sent it towards a thunderous streak of shrouding and has raised into the breeches of space. The brawl continues battling onwards, as the “Duck’s” cowl is tattered terribly by the blasting bolts around. Its armory is pounded punctually by the rising might of the Muravey’s machinery, compared to the luster the “Duck” believed. Although, the contest of wills remains drawn at a stalemate of warfare. The crowding of sailors slowly sieve towards the beast, with their blasters loading down another batch of beams. The clocks of the nearby thunderstorm tick onwards, as the mothership’s directional-warning systems blare off throughout the ship’s hundreds of Muraveys. Another gargantuan gauntlet rises into the arena, as the “Duck” darts towards another sailor. It’s own hijacked blaster, remaining unfired, is swiftly pistol-whipped against another sailor’s skull. The sailor, struck by the weaponry, is slung into a shielded window. The rest of the sailors start into a furied frenzy of combat, taking all the stops to cease the ravager’s rampage. Another bolt strikes against the beast’s side, sending it onto a kneecap’s plates. Another screeching of metal breaks and reverberates throughout the chambers of the mothership. Another screen for navigation is torn down, this time by the goliath’s emptied palm. Subsequently and rapidly, the screen is rammed down into a sailor’s thorax. Throughout all of the raging combat, the mothership cruises into the thunders. A striking of lightning, the size and mass of an aircraft carrier, pummels down into the Mothership’s center. The saucer’s gadgets and gizmos, connected by the ports filtered into the main computers along the chasm within, are instantaneously shut down by the thunder’s countering. Hence, the mothership has become stranded across the outer regions of space’s grasp. The atmosphere of azure leaves for the sunburnt sands of the cosmos, as another pouncing of lightning crashes from below. The mothership’s controls spazz violently as it begins rocketing off towards the outer limitations of space. With the wreckage of controls inside, the compasses have taken their targets towards the next livable planet, that of the realm the “Duck” attempted to search. Now, the fruits of the fighting have concluded as the mothership begins a meteoring down towards the clutches of the eartherian world. Asteroids are crumbled by the sheer friction of the ship. Comets are swung aside by the lightspeed engines behind, now crazed by the intrusion of thunder. As the heat beyond spirals into madness, the heat within has closed into only discorded disaster. The “Duck’s” gauntlets grapple a sailor’s scalp down, whilst two of the other sailors launch themselves around the behemoths’ body. Supporting reinforcements, designated with Roman-gladoritorial armor, hurry hotfooted into the closing chambers of the cockpit. The raging brawl edges onwards, as the gravity within the ship begins sinking back towards the eartherian realm below. Machinery is canceled by the new poles of magnification. The mothership fires downwards into the atmosphere below, as though it's its own colossal comet of sorts. Debris, such as the saucer’s outer crust and the engineering platforms around the exterior’s electronics, is flung across the trailing skyline of the mothership. The breakneck speeds of the falling phantasm conclude into a singular, seismic plowing into the mountainous regions of Lacrimosa. With the mothership’s armor having shielded qualities, those of stopping any external blows or heavy fissures from friction, it would simply sink into the dunes of the mountainous rocks. Though, the mountains would rivet and rumble furiously upon the eventually landing of the vessel. After moments of shaking, only the silence would remain between the dusk and the evening beforehand. The “Duck’s” peepers pounce out into the dusty dusk of another morning, with the mountainous regions sundered in two by the vertical vessel. The goliath’s gloves-gauntlets press their palms against a shore of stones beneath, as it’s kneecaps spring upwards from the soot of stone. It’s antennae like horns, jabbed at by the radio frequencies of the mothership, now lay tuning onto the distant breezes of the mountains. Rays of smog remain dragging off the mothership’s tail. Hundreds of surviving sailors have arisen more thirsty for vengeance than ever. The painting of the brave new planet has been driven into the beast’s own vengeful visor. The brawling of it’s ego, struggling from the failures of experimentation and the superiority of the aliens, brings the ceaseless of the colossus’ own schemes for revenge. Its eyes have taken a liking onto the aliens’ transportation, the mothership. Yet, without the proper resources, the beast remains stranded across the mountainous ranges around. In consequence, the colossus pries it’s pupils around, taking an eye onto anything for technology. Hours pass as another evening grows dim onto the mountainous scaping. However, at last upon the evening’s sundown, a rampart of rubble has been discovered. The “Duck”, taking an eager and immensely curious approach upon the technology, scuttles swiftly upon the sight. It’s fingers scourge themselves down across the rampart’s plates, taking discovery to a set of transmitional machines used by the aliens for communicating amongst their starfighters. The transmitional machines are as though 1950s radios, with the same dials and styling. Using the gambles of the radio technology, the beast began a keen testing and experimentation of different frequencies. Using a sample of its own electrons, taking note towards the magnet differences between the portal’s suction and the electrical currents found to power the blasters, the behemoth takes control of a machine. Hours of tinkering follow by, whilst the tension of looming shoulders skulks by across the winding winds of the mountains. The electrons, inserted via a discarded armor-plate of ‘mucus’, are drugged into the machinery’s frequency detonation. Using the frequencies, the beast would bleat off signals for assistance, immense fortunes, magical spells, and any other telemarketing generalities. The signals, taking part towards the electrons specific to the “Duck’s” origin realm, would sound off towards anyone who’ll be persuaded to join the hunt. The “Duck’s” alien abduction hunt has begun.
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