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Found 42 results

  1. The attack and domination of Nu Martyr by the Cult of Power has grabbed the attention of many world powers that hadn't reacted during the initial invasion of the province. A global military power formed in the wake of Lilith's attack known as the International Police Program (IPP). In a recent interaction between the IPP and Lilith Reiter, it was discovered that the leader of the Cult, previously titled the Commander, was actually Lilith under a pseudonym. Due to the Victory AI reprogrammed into a Trojan paragon, IPP has also discovered that every Paragon is marked with a lunar moon somewhere on their body. This has spurred the IPP to put pressure on governments around the world to take a serious stance on the Cult of Power and its Paragons; to classify belonging to the group as a crime in and of itself. From the smallest village to the largest mega city-state to federal governments, a purge of any person with a lunar tattoo marking is on the rise- regardless of whether the person has actually committed a crime or not. The International Police Program is pushing forth a stance of non-tolerance for any connection to a known tier 1 criminal organizations, currently: the Cult of Power, the Dead, and the Legion of Doom. There are further suspected organizations being classified as tier 2 and tier 3, and others are unclassified due to lack of information. (Let me know if you want your org or group to be added!) Gathering its own forces and reaching out to other judicial forces around Valucre, IPP has begun to make a physical counter move on Nu Martyr in order to free it from the hold of the Cult of Power and its Paragons. Although initially hard to step into the province without massive return fire and destruction, IPP has made contact with Aedos Chanaril, a high ranking member of an old noble house of Renovatio who has connections within the Cult itself but who is not subservient to it. With him as their essential "in," IPP and the other global forces will be making a large and final move into Nu Martyr to upend the current Cult leadership. Meanwhile within Nu Martyr, Lilith is uncovering an enormous power source hidden beneath the land. Connected to the core of Renovatio's encompassing loci, if she manages to harness that power using the combined force of two Genesari cornerstones, the Crown of Asteria, and a handful of Fracture S-class artifacts, it has the potential to cause a global earthquake leading to randomly placed tsunami all across Valucre. Such a catastrophe has the potential lead to millions more deaths. A call to the world and a call to the pure. Save the world. Couple words to anyone reading this who might feel a twinge of interest! There is no current ETA and this is simply an interest check for a potential plot idea that I've been mulling about My character, Lilith Reiter, will not be killed in this event. She will be defeated/ captured. I know there are people who would love to have the pleasure of killing the character, but I'm fairly attached to the character and I don't believe her story to be over. So tough lol The method of Lilith's capture, beyond the actions I described above, is almost completely dependent on who joins. If not enough major characters join, I likely end up doing this. Lilith is supposed to be sort of like "the final boss" so having two level 1 characters beat her would harm the story I'm driving. "Major" characters is subjective. I'm mainly speaking about characters that players have put effort into developing. When/ if this goes through, it won't be a "stomp" if that's what you have in mind. Each side will take major losses. If anyone has character(s) they'd like to sacrifice (harm or death) for the greater good, that would be much appreciated as well. While the "main" thread will occur in Nu Martyr since that's where Lilith will be, the actual event is global. You have permission to involve this event in any thread, any org, in any place (unless the involvement is rejected by a person who controls that lore). Just try to play on the fact that most Paragons world wide are not "evil" and may have done a bad thing for a good reason. Conflict, both on the outside and on the inside is key here. You might be wondering "why" I'm doing this, and the reason is that Lilith has some major personal issues that I can only really play with and dive into when she's in a vulnerable position And finally, NO you can't have my artifacts and relics. Don't even ask lmfao have other plans for them. Timeline: When/ if this goes into motion, it will be after the Nede thread. I want Lilith to take over a demon tower first since it's part of another idea I have for future stuff. I also might have Lilith take a detour back into Terrenus to speak with Alexander Endriel and the Black Queen, though that's dependent on general availability of players involved. Potential Groups Against Lilith International Police Program @amenities Officer-in-charge @paradigm @Veloci-Rapture @Ataraxy (Alexander Hawk) (limited capacity) @supernal (??? prob not but he seems interested!) VCF @Metty @Sanonymous Force Majeure ??? @Fierach ??? @Tenkai Matsumoto House Chanaril Me again lol (limited capacity) Alterion @Meraxa ??? Genesaris @King ??? @Pasion Pasiva ??? @Malintzin ??? Renovatio @Aleksei ??? (she gonezo atm so probs not) @Twitterpated ??? Fracture @notmuch_23 Third Party @Sir Nathaniel @ anyone else I missed? Potential Groups With Lilith Cult of Power Me for a third time, with Lilith! @danzilla3 @Zashiii ??? @AngryCacti ???
  2. It has been a week since Jiyū was founded and its new citizens had settled in just fine. During this time, Philip’s men discovered sites, rich in stone and iron ore, which they began exploiting in order to extract the resources. Philip also deemed it necessary to upgrade the weapons used by the warriors of the Black Blade from swords to the more advanced firearms. For this it is necessary to make contact with an arms dealer. With that in mind, he sent runners to various cities of fracture to gather information and if possible, establish communication with the arms dealers they might encounter. The iron ore would prove of little use to Jiyū at the moment and so Philip had his runners try to find any business that would be interested in purchasing the resource. OOC: The newly founded settlement, Jiyū, has begun mining stones and iron ore and is looking to establish trade with any organization which would be interested in purchasing these resources. They also require a supply of firearms and ammunition. This is an interest check I’m throwing out to all businesses in fracture that would be interested in supplying the weapons and/or buying iron ore and stone. We can RP these in one thread or in more in case we have different organizations interested. Please keep in mind that I plan on canonizing the acquisition of better weapons by the Black Blade. Everyone is welcome to voice his/her interest.
  3. BT Con is Live and Open to Everyone. If you still wish to sign up, just let me know. Gala and Charity Event - Open - Formal Attire Only! Private Suite Summit Event - Authorized Personnel Only Business Hall - Organization Panels and Booths Demo Dealer's Hall - Product Demonstrations - Proceed with Caution Sign Ups The Gala will be an open event with a strict formal dress code!
  4. Kill me if you can! For those of you who aren't aware, the Nehalen provinces have been historically ruled by someone called the PRIME. You can assume that to mean something like King, President, Prime Minister, etc. However, the current plans for Renovatio, without spoiling anything, will be removing that title/ position from future existence. In her absence, Aleksei has given me free range to do a lot of stuff in Nehalen. Of those permissions, fucking around with the remaining PRIMES is one of them (with the exception of Oo'Xora since that's player controlled obviously. So, what to do, what to do has been my question. I've debated just using Lilith to kill them, but then I was like nah she has enough infamy. Adding anymore is like trying to put more hot chocolate in a cup already full with hot chocolate. Just kinda spills out. Then I was like, how about I give it to the Cult as a whole? But eh it's kind of the same situation. Instead, what I'm going to do is roleplay the PRIMES of La Guardia and Avylon. Both PRIMES are will be currently meeting in a negotiation structure that sits on a piece of land that borders both provinces. Here's the Map of Renovatio if you're interested in better placing my words. The goal of this thread is for both characters to die... BUT I'm not gonna make it easy for you. Where would the fun in that be? I'm not gonna mess with any of the dice and stuff for this, it's just gonna be GM'd with the ultimate ending being predetermined as both PRIMES being dead. That's where you guys come in. I need a small group of people with the goal to kill the PRIMES. For whatever reason. Maybe you're an assassin for hire, maybe you just want to kill them, maybe your character is rebelling against their rule, whatever you'd like. It can even be that the Cult or w.e. bad organization hired the assassin character. This is a chance for your character to get a +100 in the infamy department. Not everyday you get to kill a big-wig head of a Province character. Disclaimer - I won't accept any godmodding in this. All characters will get injured, increasingly so as the story progresses. If you want to walk in super edgelord and kill everyone in the building cause you're dope af, swipe left. Go to my other threads LOL they all open
  5. First and Foremost, Hello! ▇ ▇ ____Port Thea - Class S ↓▇ Oceanic dead zones have become an increasing problem along the coasts of Port Thea, putting many fishermen out of work and leaving families to starve and business to crash. Toxic algae is suffocating and killing off ocean wildlife while forcing Nymerians to poach for food sources from the last vestiges of safe ocean waters. Find a way to clear the toxic algae and restore the ecosystem before Port Thea falls into economic crisis. SO WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT THIS YOU GUYS?! We gon’ sail over and clean this mess up! I come to you as one who would see ALL of our ecosystems THRIVE( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) and be healthy! As A Consulate for international affairs, Genesaran affairs, and coastal happenings, we here within the Rising West find it difficult to turn a blind eye to this. Port Thea is west of port Kyros, which makes this more than JUST a Northern Sea Problem. Not all seafolk are nice and Sophisticated. When pushed, they will surely survive in some way - be it relocating or raiding the coasts and ships more frequently than previously necessary. Let us not see(sea?) good folk of the fin suffer any longer! Help us help them and ourselves! I NEED at least 3 players, preferably not counting myself. I need a storyteller or two even? Mix it up a bit. Annnnnd I need like five pages out of us ! 75 posts+ Is the goal for clearing canon agreements! This is a great space if You’re A : warrior! eco-warrior! natural rights supporter! scientist! Hyperian! current or aspiring THRIVE agent! elementalist! pirate! sailor! good swimmer! botanist! Nymerian! curious mind! PLEASE DROP YOUR INQUIRIES HERE OR Here at the Hyperion AMA Thread!! Also I will probably be casting a Nymerian into the pot for this. 🤗 Come mingle!
  6. My character Amraphensbane (profile, favor dark theme for this) has received contact from a scientist (@supernal) in possession of a specialized chemical weapon. Said weapon will cause wide spread destruction of a specific resource in the city of Arcturon, located in the strange land of Taen, that keeps the city safe from the swamp miasma. Although known to not be lethal any longer, the swamp miasma causes hallucinations and assuredly makes an area unlivable. In this particular scenario, we’re doing this aware that Arcturon is a city with a population of three hundred thousand, mostly composed of the well off, and magically or scientifically inclined minds. Most of which are scholars with no real battle experience and rumors are abound that they’re developing terrifying and dangerous weapons in the glass depths of the wetlands which the city sinks into. Diffusion of said nerve gas will be done through a series of spray canister administered to the glass itself. The dead (@amenities) will be sifting through potential applicants, and only taking one on this highly dangerous mission which they will not be briefed about until just before mission start. Location and intent will both be veiled until then to said applicant. The expectation is that once the dead operatives have evacuated from the area, the nerve gas will begin flooding the city before they have time to study it, though there is a possibility the dead operatives won’t get out before the resulting chaos from the destruction caused by three hundred thousand people hallucinating. And they themselves may become a victim of it, though they will be coming in carrying concealed gas masks in fanny packs. Our goal is to cause enough of a diversion that they believe our intent is direct bloodshed. The truth of the matter is we are targeting the glass city itself, not the people with our gas attack. We will either have two teams, one focused on distraction while one infiltrates, or a unified force that takes over the upper region of the city by surprise and all at once, then we break out from there. The panic will begin in earnest when we release the nerve gas. Defenders, citizens, and scientists alike will believe we are gassing them when in reality, it is the fungi that coats the lucental glass. They will not have time to study it properly before the madness from the depths of the research facilities where the miasma is likely to pool first reaches up its tendrils to choke out the rest of the city through their own air filtration system. Once a team is assembled, there will be an OOC thread separate from this for discussion and a high likelihood we will face resistance from those player characters who support Taen. We're leaving the decision on defenders, NPC or otherwise in the hands of @Csl, so feel free to discuss your character being there at the time of the attack.
  7. Original interest check Mechanics 1) Health Points (HP) When a character suffers physical damage, their HP is lowered. At tip top condition, they are able to perform 3 actions in a turn. As they get injured, their movements slow and they get less and less actions. Your number of actions for the turn is based on your HP at the start of your turn. You don't immediately gain an extra action after healing, only on the next turn. Every character starts with 5 HP. 2) Sanity Sanity affects your character's state of mind. The less sane you are, the more likely you are to miss or damage yourself, or even attack your team mates. I leave it to each of you as to what low sanity means for your character. Sanity rolls are applied per action, so if you use your first action to increase your sanity, you can use the improved sanity for the next action. Characters who participated in the first arc starts from sanity of 4 due to mental exhaustion from the previous failure and prolonged stay in Yh'mi. Fresh characters start with sanity of 5. 3) Skills Unlike the previous round, your character has a set of skills that they draw from, which differs from character to character. Each character will choose a set of skills from the skills list below. This will form the list of actions that your character gets to choose from every turn. Everyone will get 3 normal skills. On top of that, characters from the first thread will get 3 special skills, and new characters only get 2 special skill. The extra 1 special skill represents the characters gaining experience from the last battle and being able to form a better strategy for this fight. Movement does not require an action, but the distance you can move per turn should make narrative sense. Choose the actions that fit your character's fighting style the most! Support characters (heal, buff etc) could be as useful as offensive characters. Normal skills (choose 3 for your character) - Has no usage limit. Can be stacked in that turn (e.g. attack 3 times). You can delay 1 action over to the next turn (e.g. if you have 3 actions, you can delay 1 action so you have 4 the next turn). Special skills (existing characters choose 3, new characters choose 2) - Each one of these actions can only be used 3 times throughout this whole Furthest Point Part 2 arc. These actions are still affected by sanity, but if they miss or backfire, then they are not considered to be used. Use them wisely! Q: Can I choose an action not on the list when building my character's skills? A: Yes, but run your idea by me for approval please! Q: Can I change my skills halfway through the thread? A: I have no plans to allow for that right now, but if we find any of the skills problematic later on, I may allow a change. Put your characters here!: IC thread:
  8. "I will level with you, my Brother. I am invested in the People--I wager my godhood that I can restore the Senarian civilization to its glory. I believe I can liberate them from a vicious cycle." "You impress me with your boldness, Banished One. If you can indeed, you will be allowed to return to the Inner Planes and receive your mantle once more. Should you fail, your punishment will be eternal." Once upon a time there was a splendid civilization that saw a golden age. And then? it fell. And from the ashes, another civilization rose, destined--surely--for greatness. But it too, fell. The Sun God Arundae'raa--a Trickster God, saw this and was saddened. He made a wager with his brother Dema; the God of the Moon, of dreams and destruction And then a Sovereign child was born. You see, the Sun God had tricked his brother--as Tricksters do--with this sovereign child. He was determined to see the people who once worshiped him rebuild new. Though he too--in time--fell. But not before he had given his champion the tools and knowledge needed to liberate her people and rebuild. And so, she did. -- Interest Check: Lorebuilding/Lorecrafting Genre: Medieval Fantasy®/ Lite Exalta Crystal & Steam Tech Cit(y)ies: The Sovereign City of Hyperion - Hyperion City is a melting pot of Asian-inspired cultures and serves as the imperial capital, wrapped up in a magical setting and overshadowed by a divine war. Vinosea, the City of Thieves - If you like all things roguish, court of thieves, criminal underworld with conspiracies, sin and debauchery you'll find your fill in Vinosea. The Sentinel City of Athadas - Military? War? Weapons and armor? Harsh training, dragon riding and political plots? Athadas. Always in Athadas. The Garden City of Brehill - Those who enjoy botany, medicines, poisons, agriculture and gardening will enjoy Brehill's more slice of life pace. The Arcane City of Imradel - Sorcery and arcane? Guilds and all things magic and institutionalized education? Imradel is your city. Location: The Rising West, Genesaris Pace: Casual, 1-3 a week, depending on the group Seeking: A group for ICly establishing these cities for canon; residents, business partners, shenanigans! New to Hyperion? Click Here - Some of this is new and being updated over the weekend, pardon the mess! Questions? Ask them here Lore Page? Here's a WIP. Nothing is set in stone Need Inspiration? Look no further Hi guys! Linty here. Been a while since I've done one of these! First let me say, I am overly thrilled that Port Kyros is thriving. Thank you for your awesome support! Now? It's time to rebuild Hyperion and its satellite cities. You see, while I was AFV I asked some awesome folks (I see you danzilla, Rin) to kick down my sandcastle in Fracture so I could eventually rebuild it in Genesaris--and so, here we are! Each city is unique in its flavor, and there will be tons of opportunities in each one. Just take a peek and see what's available to you... ...a lot, as you can see! Q: So what is Hyperion? Hyperion is the overarching name of an empire made of several magic-drenched cities and queendoms in Genesaris that operate under a little lady named Queen Raveena and her family Q: And you need what now? Just some stellar folks who enjoy writing awesome things to join me in (a) thread(s) (and hopefully, many more in the future!) to build these supa' rad cities. The only lore pages that are written out but not set in stone is Hyperion City and Brehill. You will each have an opportunity to contribute something--not just to the thread of building the city, but to the lore pages as well. If you have something in mind? Let's talk about it! I want to hear from you! Because these cities will be newly minted, they can be malleable and fleshed out within the scope of their themes. If you have an interest in helping to build more than one, you're more than welcome to jump between threads with whatever characters you'd like. Tech is light and magitech in nature, with room to grow! I have a lot of sweet artifacts and treasures to roll out after this, but I wanna do right by the lore and get these places canonized, first! All in all, I'm opening up the doors to you guys to come and help me get this idea off the ground and carve up the Rising West with activity. Most importantly, we aim to misbehave are going to rock out and have fun. And in the spirit of continuing to name thread titles after songs, you should totally listen to this super cool song that inspired said IC title. Anyway. Come help me rebuild! ---
  9. Rabat the Righteous calls forth champions to his aide! Within the famed Bravot Library, imaginary characters are causing havoc for everyone inside. Protagonists, antagonists and extras alike are running rampant, causing people to flee at the sight of them, and threatening the very building itself. Order must be restored! Join Rabat Kechem, Invoker of the Fifth Realm of Hulmar, Destroyer of Evil, Master of the Divine and Celestial, Instrument of Order, Champion of the Grand Temple of Dakaris! As he works to bring peace and silence to this great repository of both fictional and non-fictional works. Such work is incredibly important, as evil works best against those who have not armed themselves with knowledge! The first of many of these escaped characters is Sniffron, a giant nose made of ice from the incredibly popular work The Baron of the Amulet. He smells all, including your fear! Then there is the famed poetic hero known as Fawn-Mixcyote, a knight who believes dams are actually sea monsters that must be slain! And if you are not yet afraid, then know that the beloved and mischievous Moon-Doku is also on the loose. A trickster god from long ago, in the shape of a frog doing a complex mathematical puzzle. It is easy to think he's harmless, until he has ensnared you in one of his clever deceptions! Will you take this quest up with Rabat, and take your place up in history with all manner of heroes?! Post now with your character, and be aware of the rules set in place for this quest. 1. Each post must be at minimum one hundred words long. There's also certainly going to be things from this thread as well because I spent a damn long time finding it and it shall not be put to waste.
  10. Attention All potential Prisoner Guards / Mercenaries The Kingdom of Reaveth under the leadership of King Augustius Shadowbow is hiring guards// Mercenaries to help with a prisoner Transport from the prison of the unworthy to an outpost in the far end of the island. They are looking for any mercenaries willing to help transport the dangerous criminals through the forest of skógur until their final destination at castle Pura domi. Once there mercenaries will be paid in full for their service and then be free to go. Who are the prisoners you may ask. Almost all of them have broken laws of the kingdom and given a chance for redemption. But there is one prisoner who is kept locked away from the others and under the strictest control and guard, This prisoner should be approached with Caution at all times for they are quite dangerous Why does the Kingdom need Guards, for the following reasons The Forest is yet to be explored and is dangerous The prisoner Caravan needs protection from the unworthy and bandits The prisoners are dangerous and need to be controlled there is a chance to earn Riches and fame if you care for it! So who is brave enough and willing enough to help the transportation of these prisoners for a handsome reward for your troubles. OOC Information Takes place in Alterion ,Renovatio on the umbra insula ( Shadow island) 2 to 5 People at Max Reply to the thread if you are interested, Will create a thread for it in the coming days I intent to Canonized this thread upon completion ( With the help of the Board leader of Alterion)
  11. "I will show you how the mighty fall." ☾ The Grand Kommadant of Nehalen has begun the process of removing the mighty Gods of her land. The balance between these Gods of the people of Nehalen is being disrupted by the Kommadant's blasphemous actions. By erecting a nullifier in the form of an invisible veil, Primera begins the process of pushing these powerful beings back into their own world, sundering them from the land they have called home for eons. This has sent the Gods into a frenzy, their powers are being siphoned from them the more they fight against the push, weakening them immensely, and their minds have begun to dwindle into psychosis. Once revered and fondly feared, the Gods are now looked upon as a disease in the eyes of the Grand Kommadant's followers who believe the time of Man has finally come. ☽ Welcome! I'm glad you all could drop on by to my little event I've got here. Things are pretty straight forward around these parts: Nehalen (formerly Renovatio) is going through some changes and this event will be the spark to said changes. I'm asking you all to affect my lore by joining the threads offered to kill a God and properly canonize them. The Gods are scattered across Nehalen and I will provide you those locations. Kill a God, become a hero (or villian)! Q&A: How many pages do the threads need to be? I am looking for at least two pages. Can always be more but can't be less! How many Gods can I kill? As many as you want but you can only go after one at a time. Can I do this alone? Absolutely! If you want to solo kill a God, I see no issue with that. Do I need to use a specific character? No. You can use whatever character you want but I do expect some sort of fairness from you all. Please keep to mild powers associated with the forum. Do I need to use a specific combat system? No. I am allowing everyone to go kill crazy with this but, again, I do expect some sort of fairness from you all. Please realize this isn't supposed to be easy; I expect damage not only to the area(s) you are fighting the Gods in but also damage to your character. Can I contain a God? Go right ahead! Contain it however you want, doing whatever you want, just keep in mind that it is a lesser, weaker version and it will be that way forever due to my character cutting said God's will off. Can I absorb the spirit/essence of the God? Of course! Do I need to use a storyteller? If you feel it is necessary, go right ahead! I don't know how to start? No worries! I will be creating prompts for all the Gods that need to be killed and you can follow that prompt however you wish. Just post in the thread and have fun. How long do I have once I start? I would appreciate 1 post per 3 days. This will keep the thread going with hopes it'll be finished at an appropriate time. If I see a thread has stalled for more than two weeks, I will assume that God is up for grabs again. If you need more time, reach out to me! I understand how life can be a bit hectic. I'm done, now what? Tag me in your summary for the thread with opportunities (example: killed the God, ended up destroying a city/village/town, how will this affect the area? Was something unleashed during this? etc.) for future role-players. I need some extra help! Never hesitate to reach out to me. I am constantly available on Discord, making it the quickest way to get answers. No Discord? That's okay, just send me a pm or tag me in the OOC for this event. How long is this event? Until all the Gods are killed off or just enough of them are killed. Gods & Their Threads: Titans Cialo ∾ Montis Maximus — Seraphim/Archon/Enigmas Enoch ∾ Liarae ∾ Sarandriel ∾ Ezekiel ┌────┬────┴┬───┴┐ Ynliss Nahum ∾ Vita ∾ Aestus ∾ Ventus ∾ Ophiuchus ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Baal ∾ E`na the Glorifier Libra, Sagittarius ↲ ┊ ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Aries, Gemini, Taurus ↲iiiiiiii iiiii ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Cancer, Leo, Virgo ↲ ┊ Aquarius, Pisces ↲ Rifornire - Cialo: THREAD » Claimed @Thotification » Completed - Montis Maximus: THREAD » Claimed @danzilla3 » Completed - Vita: THREAD » Claimed @vielle » Completed - Saggitarus: THREAD » Claimed @Thotification » Completed - Aries: THREAD » Claimed (@) » Completed - Gemini: THREAD » Claimed (@) » Completed - Aquarius: THREAD » Claimed @SteamWarden » Completed - Ynliss: THREAD » Claimed @Infernal » Completed - Nahum: THREAD » Claimed @Etched In Stone » Completed - Aestus: THREAD » Claimed @Alexei » Completed - Taurus: THREAD » Claimed @ticklefarte » Completed - Cancer: THREAD » Claimed (@) » Completed - Leo: THREAD » Claimed @Rabbit » Completed - Virgo: THREAD » Claimed @-Lilium- » Completed - Ventus: THREAD » Claimed @Twitterpated » Completed - Ophiuchus: THREAD » Claimed @Csl » Completed - Baal: THREAD » Claimed @Fierach » Completed - E'na: THREAD » Claimed @Ataraxy » Completed - Libra: THREAD » Claimed @vielle » Completed - Pisces: THREAD » Claimed (@) » Completed - Rifornire: THREAD » Claimed @Metty » Completed Please let me know which God you would like to go after so I can put your name next to it to keep everything orderly. 
  12. Hey guys. I have a super casual event going on in Port Kyros, and you're all invited! Mid-tier shenanigans are bound to happen one way or another (because that's just the natural course of events), but it's meant to be relaxing and sort of a departure from rigorous character development and questing and to have fun. If you're not sure what to do, you can take advantage of various hot spots here and here to explore. If it gets too crowded and people wanna split off and do their own thing in the same setting, just lemme know so I can keep track. Don't hesitate to ask questions. See ya there!
  13. The Cult of Power is a global community comprised of individuals who share a power-fueled ideology. It is there belief that raw power is the ultimate decider, regardless of political or social authority. Whether you are in Terrenus, Genesaris, or Renovatio, the Cult of Power welcomes you. CoP has hundreds of thousands of members spanning from the lowest rungs of society to those with abundance of political power. During a time of your utmost need, when you have no one left to trust or help you, it is your fellow Cultist who will reign the fire of Hell upon your enemies. It doesn't matter who they are, be it a single individual or an entire country. All enemies burn before the Cult of Power. By swearing allegiance to The Commander and donning her mark, you have the chance to evolve into a being superior to mortals and reign supreme in Valucre. Notable CoP Events: Invaded and conquered Nu Martyr, a large Province in Nehalen, Renovatio Gathered a variety of powerful Artifacts from all three continents Possess 2 of the Genesari Cornerstones Fought on equal and higher ground than Terrenus Peacekeepers Killed Renovation Gods Spread a deadly and highly contagious disease in Casper, Terrenus Burnt the town of Everrun, Terrenus in order to obtain an ancient Grimoire And on we continue, bringing people to their knees and gifting destruction to all OOC: Having been afk for a while, many members who used to play CoP characters have either left Valucre or their characters have left. It's unfortunate to see their characters go, but hey, that one of the great parts of CoP being more of a community than a group or organization. Characters join the Cult as a means to further their own ambitions rather than joining to further the Cult's ambitions. If you read the lore article, you might get a sense that your character will lack a sense of freedom since they have to magically swear allegiance to The Commander (Lilith Reiter), but as your character can overcome the mark at any point of your choosing, it's not really like that. Older Cult members can likely testify that the freedom of their character was little, if at all, impacted while the joining of CoP made a great addition to the story of their character. As a quick little overview of what the Cult is behind what we've done, it's something like if you took a global religion, say Christianity, and loosely connected the individuals. Essentially, it's a belief system without a church-like institution. A brotherhood. A sisterhood. A Cult. The Cult's core group of characters (basically just the active player characters) have historically searched for items of power hidden throughout Valucre. Our remaining characters are currently some of the most canonically powerful characters on Valucre thanks to the artifacts, relics, airships, and plot accomplishments. Now, to be clear, the Cult of power is not an evil group. It's a group that seeks power. If, in order to gain power, some people have to die than the Cult will kill them. But it's not as if the goal of the Cult is to kill people. That's too surface level. Of course, that's not saying your character can't be an evil sonofabitch that enjoys massacring innocents. Or an anti-hero. Even a honest to goodness hero would be welcome, though would doubtless go through various levels of mental anguish lol There's no real requirement to join. What I usually do is have your character go through a trial thread with me or one of the other player characters (which we call Paragons if they're in the Cult), where your character is given a Lilith's Mark (crescent moon mark on the body, like a tattoo) and illustrate all the power they're gaining (which can be anything from raw strength to wisdom). Once that's done, you can either chill with the core Paragons, or go off an do you're own stuff. Completely up to you. Either way, at that point you're one of us, both IC and OOC! The spoiler down below is just me tagging members who were part of CoP/ showed interest to see if anyone is still active/ has a character in the group. I'll be cleaning up the Cult's Club and Discord (not affiliated with the Valucre site/ administration), so once you join there should be fun missions posted and only active members running around looking for enjoyable threads 😄 OH! Also, characters can be new or old. Young or ancient. There's no character restrictions. If you have any questions, I'd prefer you just post them here but you can also PM me and I think there's a CoP AMA in the Help board.
  14. Hey, my fellow role players. I’m not going for lengthy introductions unless you ask, specifically. However, lol. Those of you curious to read this now, I am seeking a few story-teller npcs for the current thread with my Nosferatu. Him and his bride from a distant past attended the Purple Penguin and won’t be not long until the party is ruined and the club notices it’s infested with a pair of bloodsucking undead. Another incident it would seem instead of plaguing New Tia, it was accurate to say that this was a random occurrence out of the spark of desire and greed from a totally seperate Vampire coven.. A massacre and conversion of innocent people is said to occur, something I’ve worked towards in a separate thread for Martial Town. I’m cool enough to be almost down with anything you’re willing to put together for the sake of RP and fun. Whether you play a worker, bartender, hell perhaps off-duty cop, security. Slight opposition, Whatever. If you’re willing to turn and wish to continue a role in the Choisel house of vampires using this opportunity as a platform, I’m also down for that. Thanks for volunteering to help!
  15. Play music for full affect "I've always tried to control things / but in the end that's what controls me." -NF Renovatio Daily Post Written by Dr. Septimus Ne'loz, PhDs of Physics and Philosophy What happens when a god dies? Does the Universe just carry on, none the wiser do the disruption of balance? Let me ask you another question if those are too theoretical. Has sentient life ever existed prior to a god? A faith or belief in some higher being? No, there is always something. So what then happens if you can prove the existence of that superior being and then kill it. Remove its existence from, well, existence. Not seal or trap. Utterly and completely annihilate it. I'll tell you what happens. The Universe corrects itself. Everything has a balance. Entities that oppose and, yet, compliment. Good and evil. Courage and fear. Men and women. Hot and cold. High and low. Heaven and Hell. You cannot have one without the other. Like a Hydra, if you kill one head, more grow back in its place. Same goes for the Universe's attitude of uniformity. To the extent that the Avylon Provincial University has been able to prove, at least. Because of this, my colleagues and I, though we can only guess, suspect disastrous consequences to befall Renovatio in the coming days. Though my support and prayers go with the Grand Kommadant, I can only hope that she knows what she's doing. Renovatio Daily Post Written by Dr. Septimus Ne'loz, PhDs of Physics and Philosophy A new land has fallen from the sky like the tears of a dying god. We don't know exactly why it has come, though we suspect it to be the result of a god perishing. Again, which god is unknown; we can only guess. However the best mages and scholars in Renovatio have all examined the island at a distant to try to determine something about it. Anything. But there is only a powerful surge of divine and demonic energy radiating from it. Some claim to have sensed traces of human energy, but the flicker was so faint it could have just been an error in the machines or the mage's focus. We risk not venturing upon the land for fear of awakening that which should remain dormant. The flailing government in Nu Martyr, however, in what I can only guess is an attempt to recover their lost honor from the death of their PRIME, is sending a party up there to gather information. We pray for their safe return and that it is nothing but a remnant of ancient times. OOC Time! I imagine that right now, the people reading this are in two groups: (1) Alright, this sounds pretty interesting. (2) Wtf is even going on Okay lol so in order to understand what I'm talking about, you have to at least skim this Lore Article: Garden of Nede. Nede is a floating landmass just south of Nehalen (that's in Renovatio, I have a map and everything in the lore article) which has just dropped as of yesterday both IC and OOC. What that means is that it's virgin land for anyone and everyone who wants to try their hand in making their mark in Renovatio. For those of you who are either new to Valucre and are thus unsure about what's going on or just don't really keep up with things in Renovatio, the board leader @Aleksei has ordered a total and unequivocal killing of all Renovatio's god and goddesses. While there may or may not be further consequences from these deaths, the first to really show itself is Nede. If you're wondering what "Nu Martyr" is cause I mentioned it in the above article, it's a province in Nehalen that was attacked by some bitch necromancer that hasn't been around for a while. I'm here to tell you about the opportunities open for you! -:- -:- -:- How to Start in Nede In Nede, there are 4 Demon Lord Towers and 1 Demon King Tower. For now, let's forget about the Demon King Tower because that'll come back around once the Demon Lord Towers are situated. For the Demon Lord Towers, you have 2 options if you'd like to take one (btw having one gives you absolute control over that territory! Even overcomes Artifacts and Relics. Again, read the lore article, super important!). Keep in mind that "taking over" a Demon Lord Tower can be done to save those within the jurisdiction (maybe there are mortals there!) and can be done with any character. You can: A) Be a Demon Lord already in place meaning that you've ruled for hundreds of thousands of years after the fall of the previous era gods died. If you chose this option, you're likely to also have an entourage if not a city of lower Demons that follow your command. What they look like and act, is up to you. Demon-kind can vary. B) Use an already existing Valucre character to overthrow the current Demon Lord and take control of the tower. For good or for bad. With technology or without. Up to you. C) Be a rebel force within a territory. Similar to option A, in that you were already in Nede, but just not ruling. Please note that Demon Towers cannot be destroyed, only controlled. No player can be in charge of more than 1 tower for the moment. This means that parties need to focus on one section. I made it only 4 Towers so that it creates a competitive environment. 1 Player controlling all 4 is hella lame. There's a method to challenging a Player's hold on a Demon Lord Tower, but those are rules for after we get things kick started. If more than one player want the same Demon Lord Tower, we'll use one of the RNG methods + a Dungeon crawl to determine who wins it! Note that the rules will observe artifacts, relics, and canon weapons to give advantages for parties that have obtained those. If no one challenges your claim in the first few days of this going up, you'll be able to establish you claim with a lore article of your Demon City or whatever you plan for it to be like. Keep in mind that Nede is technology free from the start. Until people bring in technology, it doesn't have any beyond Medieval times. Magic is over abundant, at least twice that of the rest of Valucre (until you leave the island). This makes the max capacity of magic at, like, skyscraper destroying level. It's gonna be nuts. Then we have the Demon Seconds, which are essentially branch families or Generals within the main "family" that work under the Demon Lords after swearing fealty to the Tower and it's Lord. Once the Lord is dead, the fealty is voided. The type of fealty, whether magic or otherwise, depends on the Demon Lord. Where do I sign up to be a Demon Lord and have my own Demon City? Demon Lord Candidates Section 1: Ankou Lethe Section 2: @MichaelTheLightBringer ??? maybe lol Section 3: Lilith Reiter, VCF Section 4: Gamboor Demon Second Candidates: Section 1: Kalleth Tzreera Section 2: Section 3: Section 4: Tarsus Hain Note: I absolutely encourage new players to give this a shot. While I like to joke around sometimes that the reason I was able to make Taen and Ursa Madeum so popular back when I was in charge of them was because I have the Midas Touch (lmfao) but it's really because of new and old players showing interest and jumping in the story to make their own mark in the territories If you have faith in me and my story telling, I'll make sure that you are taken on one hell of a ride and help you enjoy Valucre to the fullest! I can only tell my best stories when there are people to enjoy it with me. So let's fuck some shit up! On that note, I'm also interested in players interested in joining the Nede Development Team. You'd essentially be helping me solidify and draft lore, plan stories/ events, create threads in the area, etc. So if you're interested, lemme know! Preferably players that don't have strong ties to other areas of Valucre. Give me, I mean Nede, alllllllll your attention <333 Welcome, to the bloodiest place in Valucre. May the odds be ever in your favor. The Garden of Nede War | Politics | Strategy | Massacre | Adventure | Horror *Current Opportunities open through August 16th
  16. Lunaris has always been a frontier town. As the first settlement built upon the discovery of the Taen subdimension, it has seen its share of adversity. From normal threats like bandits, to a city-sized hydra bursting from beneath her streets, the city and its people fought hard to get to where they are now. This has bred a spirit of self reliance among the populace, and until now there has been little more than a token city guard to keep order. But recently it has been made clear that more is needed. A devastating string of crimes taking place over the span of a day has highlighted the need for a rapid response force, as well as a formal law enforcement apparatus. Enter the Lunarian Protectorate. For our very first official Law Enforcement agency, we need recruits! All positions listed in the lore page are available, but right now what we most need is a Sheriff! Applicants should be tough, independent, with a history of combat or police experience. Apply now! @supernal May I have a banner pls?
  17. So my character, Sikko, is going on a personal quest that (I hope) to be canonized. Basically every year the clans of Shawnee Glacier the clans offer a sacrifice to the water elemental Natlei. If Sikko kills this elemental it unlocks a potentially godlike status on his water wielding abilities. But the elemental can only be invoked once a year by the "Conjuring Sacrifice". So he has to sneak into the festival, make a sacrifice, kill the elemental, and yeet out with his head on his shoulders. Anyone interested? If there are questions just shoot me a PM.
  18. Ursa Madeum has made its decision, a new King sits on the throne. To celebrate this momentous event, you are invited to mingle, drink, and be merry. There are no restrictions as to who can come! Commoners and nobles of all varieties are welcome to enjoy this celebration in comfort and peace. The Castle of Andelusia and its King hopes to see new and familiar faces. Thread: Masquerade! Every face a different shade! Where: Andelusia, UM. What: Masquerade ball open to the public! Posting Expectations: This event has the potential of getting large, so the posting order is pretty open! Tag all the peeps you're talking with to make things less confusing. If an order is needed for your group, then discuss that among yourselves. The Deets: This is a party for everyone to come in and have a good time! I expect some people will want to talk politics, and Milorian is open to entertaining those kinds of talks, but that's not what this ball is all about. This is an opportunity for the new King to get to know everyone and vice-versa. I'm all for shenanigans, but I will lay down the law if things get a little outta hand - please don't break the castle. The Castle: Red is off-limits; green is open. MAP BY @Ataraxy SO HE FEELS GOOD. Things to Note: A Council of Dryads from the Free Marches are holding a meeting in the garden to discuss the current state of nature of Ursa Madeum. They are open to inquiries and are partial to acorns. The Lounge has been occupied by a group of dwarves who are far into their cups for the night. They are holding an arm-wrestling competition; the winner gets a prize. Participants: Open How-to: Dice Rolling Thread - Look at the result for the D2. If a 1 is rolled, you won! If a 2 is rolled, then you lose that round. There will be 3 rounds per-participant. You need a 2/3 win to get the prize. A mourning fairy has taken advantage of the famous festivities. Its victims experience sudden feelings of grief, and if the fairy is not caught, the grief can turn one mad. Catch the fairy and receive a reward. A witch is dropping elemental rune stones around the castle! These stones can be used to enchant weapons, armor, or yourself; only two stones per participant, please. Stones: wind, water, fire, earth
  19. key words: drug empire A drug is gaining in popularity in the streets of Norkotia. For those unaware, this is intriguing because Norkotia's somewhat puritanical worldview has them abstain from most drugs, but there is a portion of the demographic that doesn't believe the same things, the same way, or as fiercely as their predecessors, and these people are ripe pickings. Plus, there are exceptions, and this drug seems to fit the bill. It's a non-addictive stimulant that promotes focus and gives energy, which means that it can be applied to doing better work and more of it, and Work is in King in Norkotia This drug has a naughty cousin though. There's a more powerful stimulant just beginning to make its presence known on the streets, and unlike the stimulant that came before it, this one is addictive. Those who think they can hold onto the ledge of peak performance without falling into the trap find themselves woefully snared. That's how it starts, and also where you come in This particular enterprise is being led by @Moon Owl - and he's on the lookout for reliable soldiers and promising talent that can be recruited as officers. If that's you and you want to be part of the gang that's going to make a black market and then corner it, this is the thread for you. Post here or PM moon owl with your interest
  20. Notice from the Carmine Empire: An unidentified being has been flying across Genesaris, violently massacring town after town. The subject has been described as a very large man in a red suit, in what appears to be a bobsled pulled by what appear to be abnormally large deer. His methods of flight are unknown. His methods of killing vary from witness to witness, though all reports have one thing in common; He always seems to say the same cryptic phrase before he begins: "You have been very naughty." All attempts made by the Imperial Guard to capture or kill this monster have failed. Therefore, we send an open invitation to any who will listen. Calling all mercenaries, adventurers, monster hunters, and anyone that can adequately wield a weapon. The Carmine Empire requests your help in putting an end to this monsters murderous rampage. Any who accept, will be greatly rewarded upon the job's completion. To any who may perish while on this hunt, your reward will be sent to your family. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. Okay so real talk, Santa is evil, and brutally killing anyone he doesn't deem as 'Nice'. Which is everyone. Is anyone -truly- nice? All the time? This will be a raid boss fight taking place in the city of Umbra, in which there are several enemy phases to get through before we take on the final boss, Santa himself. As for what they are... Hollow will be keeping that a secret until it is time to fight them. Upon finishing the event, all who enter will receive rewards from Santa, as well as the Carmine Empire. If you are unconscious when the fight finishes, you will receive less rewards from Santa, but the Carmine reward will be unaffected. There will not be a combat dice system for this event, it will be pure storytelling. However, know that like Santa, Hollow will be both participating, and watching. No god dodging, no unavoidable attacks, and no staying conscious after taking hits that would have you out cold. That being said, dice rolls will be used to dictate a few things. Secret things. Worry not, Hollow is not biased. My character will be having just as hard a time as you, and he will not receive more or better rewards. If your character is knocked out, they are out for the rest of the event unless someone revives them. The amount of people required for this event is flexible, but the absolute max is 9. You may only have one character involved at a time. If you wish an organization be involved, you must pick one representative. Hollow wishes for this to be canonized as well. Please mind the character requirement for canonization. Character sheets for those participating will be an immense help in speeding things along. Current roster of murder victims brave individuals to undertake this task: 1- HollowCipher: Dan Palmer 2- Thotification: Maiden Ravenbush 3- Mr. Optional: Caelus. With Robot Eagle 4- Lawman: Alice Schrodinger 5- Hurttoto: One of Their Newest Characters
  21. Have I got the roleplay for you! So, as an over-arching plot, I've had these body snatching aliens cooking in Terrenus for a while. I'm happy to go into the details of what they've gotten up to in the last few years, and how much of a threat a recent symposium has classified them as, but that's peripheral to what's going on here And what's going on here is that they're branching out. I'm too busy to individually follow these things through but that's the whole point of collaboration right?! It doesn't have to be just me!? So there's two things: 1. Grow an already established presence in Norkotia. This is a slow burn. The thread that comes out of this should be another step, another brick, and not a sudden eruption of ALIENS. Since snatched citizens are already seeded its about establishing and growing a political presence. You can think of this as playing a character with a dark secret, as opposed to a scifi alien plot. This shouldn't be a solo thread although only one of the players needs to be a snatched citizen 2. Establish a presence in another location - specifically Veluriyam empire (wherever their seat is which I believe is Taen), Hyperion, or Predator's Keep. This should be as close to a citizen or vassal or lord as the structure allows; we want to belong to their charter or institution whatever the case may be. There's oodles more locations to pick from but those are the three I want to focus on now. This can be a solo thread (such as the one I did for Norkotia) or a collective effort. Anyone interested? Note for emphasis - I won't be able to join personally but will organize and guide efforts
  22. hello fellow roleplayers, its your favorite rambler who likes to bother people, me. Anyways, I am on the third chapter of one of my biggest rps ever. Its about the war happening in the floating islands due to the princess of the land, Rin. At first she wanted to bring peace back but now she's changed and became evil. What I'm rambling about, is as I decided to focus on the third island, since Athentha and Lyonesse gets tons of exposure. Talia, has its own sets of problems. A dying cult resurfacing. Its princesses caught up in this mess. So for this chapter, I brought in a knight who fought against the mirror and barely escaped. She seeks out Ra, a demoness from Lyonesse, to help her learn more of the secrets of this organization. Lore, though very disorganized, I was wondering if one or two people can help me out by playing a character or two to help destroy any hope of these two finding a light to crush the Black Heart Mirror Organization. So, I need someone to play Nebula's old captain of the Plutonium knights, that has become committed to the cult, and wants to spread more mirror pieces. And another character to play someone from Ra's past to persuade her to the side of the black heart mirror. Sorry if my words are muddled, I am terrible at explaining things. Can ask questions here. All lore, and things Athentha located in the signature and the link posted above. also, here's the girst two chapters to get caught up on if needed. ❤️
  23. The cursed sword, Muramasa. The Immortal Ending. Forged several hundred years ago on a world far away from Valucre, the swords of the infamous smith Sengo Muramasa carry a bloodstained legacy. Each blade possesses an edge of unparalleled sharpness capable of mortally wounding even those who would otherwise be considered "immortal". Yet these peerless blades come with a price, as they all serve as a reflection of Muramasa’s dementia and his obsessive pursuit of the sharpest blade. As a result, the “soul” of each sword bears an unquenchable thirst for blood that spurs it’s wielder on to commit greater acts of violence each time it is used. The swordsman is inevitably driven mad by the cursed blade, until it can be sated by nothing less than taking the swordsman’s own life. Only swordsmen with the most immovable of hearts and unfettered minds could possibly wield a Muramasa blade without giving in to its bloodlust. One such swordsman was the famous Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi, who wielded Muramasa’s final blade against the immortal Amakusa Shiro Tokisada. It was the discipline of Jubei’s art, Yagyu Shinkage-ryu, that allowed him to wield the cursed sword without becoming a monster himself. Today, in a far future and an even further world away, the swordsman monk Tenkai Matsumoto follows in the footsteps of the Yagyu swordsman who came before him, wielding his own Muramasa to cut down those unjust souls who have for too long enjoyed freedom from the fear of death. But now, it would seem even the "Immortal Ending" is has its limits. Faced with a foe whose immortality stood beyond the blade's ability to reach it, Tenkai has learned of how little he truly understood of his longtime personal weapon. Intent on breaking through both his limits and that of Muramasa, the swordsman sets out on a warrior's pilgrimage across the many lands of Valucre, facing other cursed swords in hopes that he may find his answers in the heart of battle. OOC: This may be a little bit in advance (since the actual plot hook that triggers this quest has not yet happened) but I wanted to put out an interest check regarding my quest to make Tenkai's sword Muramasa a canon weapon on Valucre. I'll probably update the blurb above once the actual event happens (and also edit that artwork shown above, since its still slightly unfinished and outdated). The idea I had was based off of something I've thought of for a good while. I always liked the idea of having Tenkai go around fighting evil swordsmen or people cursed with evil/cursed/demonic blades and defeating them, which by extension would defeat their blades and gradually unlock some sort of "awakening" in his sword. The specifics of what exactly happens to it are still being hammered out but I wanted this interest check because as much as I could just write out a bunch of different stories and encounters detailing this, RPing with myself would be incredibly boring. So I wanted to see if anyone wanted to create characters for something like this. A few ideas I had were like... - An innocent swordsman who by some bad luck came into possession of a demonic sword that made him into a murderer - Career assassins/killers for higher making use of other well-storied cursed blades - Otherwise noble warriors that are in possession of exceedingly dangerous swords that they themselves do not understand the consequences of wielding - Voracious sword collectors who collect cursed weaponry purely for self indulgence and obsession - Entire groups/organizations of swordsmen or sword thieves, usually with some sort of common theme between them - Anything involving otherwise famous weapons either originating on or somehow finding their way to Valucre - Finally, something as heavy as facing another completely different Muramasa, or even a Masamune sword These are just some small ideas but I'm open to to other suggestions as I see who's interested in helping out my story with some sword-related roleplay fun.
  24. Technically the term is aristocrat but same banana. Changes are sweeping Ursa Madeum. No longer under the rule of a foreign empire, the nobles have taken back control of the kingdom, creating a council and crowning a new monarch. Some say this is a step away from the time of kings and queens, where power is wielded by one and easily abused. At the same time, a new Queendom rises in the North-- once-House Hildebrand has separated from Ursa Madeum’s new rulers. Tensions are high. Some whisper the nobles have simply been waiting to seize full power of the kingdom all along. Some murmur about the new elvin king - didn’t the old Tyrant King have good reason to order the massacre of that race? The island of Misral remains devastated by the eruption of Mount Egon. Pirates continue to plague the waters, and now strange reports of sea beasts cast fear on coastal folk. Amidst the tumult of the new government finding its footing, the spotlight moves to a different group - the aristocracy. Richer than the commoners, less powerful than the nobles, it is perhaps the aristocrats who have most to gain in these times. Two noble houses have fallen - two power vacuums, perhaps even two seats to be filled in in the fancy new council. As the Great Houses’ game of thrones come to a lull, the “lesser nobles” take the stage. The fight for power, security, or riches continues, in whatever form it takes -- trade deals, poisoned wine, arranged marriages, blackmail, cursed blades, and more. Perhaps some wish to claim their place as nobility. Others may wish to ally with one of the great noble houses, becoming a loyal vassal. Yet others may bear grudges against the king, or against the Noble Houses in the council. The wheel continues to turn. Welcome back to Ursa Madeum. BECOME AN ARISTOCRATIC HOUSE To apply as an aristocratic house, fill out the form below and PM to @Csl and @danzilla3 for approval. Name: Overview: Brief description of the family, what goals/plans they have, where they stand in UM society. Members: Include the head of the family. Estate, domain, holdings: Where do they live? What properties (land, resources, businesses, etc.) do they own? History: Important periods are the time of Queen Analea, the reign of the Tyrant-King and the Veluriyam occupation. There will be 5 slots for aristocratic houses for now. I may add more if there’s enough interest. Two (or more) of the accepted aristocratic will be granted noble house status after a period of time. This will need to happen in-character as well, and may be stopped depending on IC happenings. If you have any ideas for plots unrelated to aristocratic houses, feel free to post below! JOIN AN EXISTING NOBLE HOUSE → House Dali - Want to join a noble house? → House Karradeen - PM @Tyler →House Kholin - PM @King → House Hildebrand / The Queendom of Svanhild - PM @vielle OTHER STUFF → Opportunities in Ursa Madeum → Ursa Madeum Quests Notably, a ghost ship is up for grabs in a quest for any aspiring pirates. Check it out!
  25. Emperor Titus Demetrius, ruler of the Veluriyam Empire, has passed away from a mysterious disease. His funeral is held two weeks later, under the shadow of the growing uncertainty about the empire's future. Veluriyam is young, Princess Teresa is missing, the Empress and her sons are a mystery, and Ursa Madeum is still recovering from the catastrophe in Misral. The emperor's death is an both ending and a beginning - though the beginning of what, exactly, no one seems to know. Perhaps the memorial, a gathering of important names and faces, will reveal more. Titus' funeral thread will take place June 1 in-character, in the city of Lunaris, Taen. We'll be working by this in-character timeline: May 19 - Titus dies. Rozharon leaves Veluriyam to search for Teresa. May 28 - Volcano elemental from Mt. Egon razes Misral, destroys Tankred estate June 1 - Titus funeral June 5? - Ursa Madeum Noble House Meeting (or whenever supernal decides the new year will be) The memorial will be a private event. Those invited include: Veluriyam government and military officials, Friends and allies of Titus and the Empire Members of the Allied Nations of Terrenus The Ursa Madeum nobility As I've mentioned before, this will be a relatively short thread as I'd like to move on to the Ursa Madeum noble house meeting as soon as possible. Brevity is encouraged, but not required. The thread will consist of two parts: Eulogies If there are at least a few players who wish to have their characters give eulogies for Titus, these will be posted immediately after the thread begins. After the eulogy round (if there are enough interested for one to exist) I'll fast-track the thread to after the burial. Post-funeral interactions Ideally, this thread will be an opportunity for notable individuals across Veluriyam, Terrenus (and beyond) to gather, offer condolences/chat/discuss alliances with the widowed Empress Rozharon Paralios and her sons, Pallas and Lenore. Maybe also gossip a bit with your peers about the empire's future, speculate that it was murder and that the twins weren't Titus' sons, make plans to seize control of the throne, consider courting the angel lady in hopes of becoming the emperor etc. etc. Fun stuff. Drink some tea. Spill some tea. The post-funeral interactions will have no set ending, though I'll probably close the thread a week or so after this. Do know that if you plan on making a character cause chaos or something similar, there will be IC consequences. If you're planning on joining, reply below with: The character/s you'll be using in this thread Whether or not your character would/would not be delivering a eulogy Feel free to PM me through Valucre or Discord if you want to plot any interactions. I might encourage some chaos as long as you run it through me before and it doesn't derail the thread. Have a happy funeral~ Confirmed attendees House Hildebrand @vielle House Sheathe @Thotification The Singlances @notmuch_23 Governor Sebastian Heiliger & Som Basil @danzilla3 Koji Datsuzoku @Twitterpated Order of Force Majeure @Fierach Grand Kommandant Primera & Milorian Mythal @Aleksei House Karradeen & Grand Executor Tynes @Tyler Raveena & House Senaria @Deus Ex Aizen Roen @Roen Videntia of the Order of the White Hand @jaistlyn Eulogy squad Aveline Singlance Sebastian Heiliger Roen The thread:
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