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Found 104 results

  1. Rise of Angels

    One hundred miles south of the city of Selemath, a desperate fight for survival is being waged in the unlikeliest of places. The town of Everrun had paid no heed to the recent civil war, feeling they were far enough removed from the fighting to remain neutral. Sadly, this turned out to be untrue, as while they had avoided the fighting, they became a prime target for those driven to desperation and depravity by the conflict. A tribe of bandits descended on the small town, looting, killing, and worse as they swept through the complacent town. Some managed to escape before they could be captured; and they have vowed to take back their homes, and avenge their loved ones. OOC: Yea, it's faction time baby! We're looking for an undecided number of people looking to make their mark on Terrenus. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, comment down below and get with us! And in case you needed another reason to join us, here is a video made by one of our members! Who wouldn't want to adventure with Tony Jaa and Bradley Cooper? Communists. That's who.
  2. FTW - Come bang with the best!

    A Russian Metahuman with super strength and an attitude has arrived in Terrenus and began recruiting new goons for his "syndicate". In exchange for one's allegiance, he offers comradery and wealth, and to the exceptional, he offers the gift of super strength as he himself possesses. In the midst of Terrenus' great civil war, this criminal organization strives to cement itself within the nation, and to fight for it's success against all else. With the high tension rising in Terrenus, and the turmoil of rising religious sects in an already prejudice society, what reason might "you" have to join this motley crew? Money, Respect, Power? Perhaps you crave all three. While this thread will be left quite vague due to the simplicity of the actually happenings, I will at least leave the link to the IC thread I have started. As I continue to post, more will become known about the situation over all. Feel free to speak here, or even ask questions. Likewise, you may message me with any words or interest in regards to. (Warning: This is quite literally an offer to join a "Street Gang" working to establish itself in the underground world of Terrenus. Criminal activity is a must! I'll note here this is a direct plot currently associated with the Civil War Phase 2/Factions plot.)
  3. You know what sucks more than sitting around doing nothing? Standing around doing nothing at large events! That's why, for the grand opening of Wonderland Resorts we have activities out the wazoo! What is the Wonderland Resort? Thanks for asking! The great entrepreneur and philanthropist Ross Edmund noticed that there just weren't any super hip party spots in Terrenus and decided, "Man, this is wack." So with a generous investment from a vigilante organization, some hefty tax breaks, and a massive loan, he built the ultimate great escape! Situated in a Northwestern mountain range, Wonderland Resort features several attractions for peo...vam.... creatures of all ages and size, including all year around artificial snow! Now, I'm not going to bore you with a long drawn out description of each setting. Only because I can do that in the IC thread. What I'm going to tell you about are the super awesome crazy activities! The main event will be taking place at the jointly located Contrarier Ski Lodge and Venin Tavern and Grill. It's a super sweet Murder Mystery game, check out the details below! Fastidio Water Park is a series of wave pools connected by lazy rivers and water elevators (yes that's a thing!) Here you'll be able to enjoy the Amateur Comedy show and the Dunk Tank. The Verargem Ski Slopes make up the majority of the resort and will be hosting the super scary, super intense Ski Maze Obstacle Death Race of DOOOOOM! But that's not all, if you are brave enough to venture into the Supplice Spa you can get your fortune read! By now you might have noticed something about tournaments and ETT and some other stuff, and I'm sure you are wondering what on earth that could. Well, it wouldn't be a proper event if people couldn't punch the ever living crap outta one another. So, I figured the most appropriate place to hold a T1 tournament would be Chapel Mensonge, because nothing says worship like bloody knuckles and a broken face! If you're interested in participating in one of the events, let me know! Because @Mag is running the murder mystery event, he has asked people to to PM him to sign up. In order to simplify this so that there are minimum gaps, please include me in the PM. With regards to the other events, you can list what you'd like to do in the PM or also just volunteer in the thread. Basically just get the information out there and I'll consolidate.
  4. Two Realms As One

    Long have the Fae courts observed the mortal realm, jealous of the bounteous resources of life and death held therein. In the eternal lands of the Fae, trapped in the Spirit Realm as they are, there is no death, and without death their cannot be true life. So, many years ago, a plan was put in place. Changelings were left in many a home in the country of Terrenus, and while most were rooted out, a few survived. Now, amidst the chaos of Civil War, these wayward children of the Fae have united, coming together in one place, a small town called Lumin. Together, they've accomplished something long thought impossible. The group found a way to open a stable portal into the Spirit Realm, and through it have come their masters, intent on claiming their rightful place in the mortal realm. Lumin was a town on the brink of destruction. An agrarian community located dangerously close the Coconino Marsh, the thriving town represented one of the bulwark communities established to help prevent the marsh's spread. However, to accomplish this arduous task, the town relied on assistance from the megacities and the federal government. In spite of their rough role in the world, massive tax breaks, incentives for moving their, and a thriving job market kept the town prospering. However, the advent of Civil War changed all that. Suddenly, the federal government has other matters to attend to, and each megacity and small kingdom has their own concerns. Left alone, it wasn't even a single season before the flooding of the marsh destroyed huge swaths of farmland and drove the community to the point of collapse. Amidst the suffering arrived the Fae. Their agents in the mortal realm had been looking for just such a trouble community, and the crafty changeling jumped at the chance to bring their overlords into the mortal realm not as conquering monsters, but rather as benevolent saviors. The Fae were upfront to the community about why they were there, and what they wanted, for the Fae cannot lie, and the town accepted their help, because when you're a farmer draining a toxic swamp, the person protecting you and buying your crops doesn't much matter, as long as they exist. Of course their was some descent, there always is with great change, but many of these detractors quickly changed their tune after some cautious recommendations, or ceased making any noise entirely in the case of the truly devoted ones, and all seemed well for the Fae. They had their foothold in the mortal realm, willing mortal subjects, and a breadbasket to feed their sudden need for food. Things were good for Lumin as well. New benevolent overseers, a voracious market to pedal their crops in, and all the magical help they could ever want draining their problematic swamp. Unknown to all parties, however, were the inherent dangers of their mixing together so. The Fae are children purely of the Wyld, with little influence from the Weaver and the Wyrm. However, in the mortal realm, the influence from these two primal forces is much greater, and unexpectedly, the Fae began to fall ill. Similarly, the people of Lumin began to change, corrupted by the overwhelming Wyld magic leaking from the portal to the spirit realm. Now, the fragile symbiosis between the Fae courts and the town of Lumin is on the brink of collapse. The Fae stand poised to retreat back into their realm and the people of Lumin are threatened by the loss of another group that might protect them from the whims of the swamp. Neither side wants the Fae to go, and everyone is desperately rushing to find a solution to the problem. Somehow, the Fae must be made to stand up to the Wyrm's influence, not eternally, as they did in he spirit realm, but at least longer than the few months they've had in the mortal one. Similarly, the mortals must be made resilient to the Fae corruption, or they risk losing themselves to the madness of the Wyld. Fortunately, the group that bridges the divide between these two worlds, the Changelings, have a plan. They believe that by introducing enough of the Wyrm and the Weaver to the pocket of the spirit realm from which the Fae arrived, they might be able to stabilize the Wyld leakage and immunize the Fae against the worst of the effects from both the Weaver and the Wyrm. There journey will not be an easy one, but it must be made, for the sake of the town of Lumin, and of the Fae themselves. Alright, so after that whole long IC info dump comes the OOC stuff. This thread is an interest check for a faction thread related to the Terrenus Civil War. Consequently, whatever thread spawns from this post will need to be canonized. I'm looking for a small group of players to represent the party dispatched into the spirit realm to introduce the Wyrm and the Weaver to a pocket world never subject before to their direct presence. If enough people show interest, I might act as a designated GM, and if not I'm more than willing to RP this myself with a few others (or alone if really truly need be). All of that said, if you're interested in embarking on this quest, please post your interest here.
  5. The world has become a very welcoming place in recent years. While racism, slavery and prejudice can still hold sway in some parts of the world, you can meet almost anyone in any place in the world and they'll be welcome in that society. This isn't necessarily the case for monsters, of course, and this can certainly go double for monster girls. The Monster Girl Expeditionary Force is a mercenary group that employs only monster girls looking to make a home for themselves among the more civilized species in the world. This exclusive organization is run by and maintained by monster girls of all kind, who conduct their own business and negotiate their own deals before heading out into the world to join forces with whoever needs their help. Civil protection, monster slaying, adventure and warfare await those who take on these quests, and given that it's self operated there's nothing stopping the members from choosing what kind of work they want to do. With enough work, gold and a good reputation, someday you can even put down your arms and enter any society as a well-respected and adjusted individual. --- The Monster Girl Expeditionary Force is a new faction/organization I've organized with dirty weebs and other lovely people in mind. The concept is simple; do you like Monster Girls? Do you like writing with people as Monster Girls? Great! Then the MGEF is for you. The MGEF accepts every Monster Girl into their ranks, regardless of appearance, attitude or alliance, and you don't have to roleplay exclusively with the group or how the group dictates. Rather, members can accept contracts on their own terms and join other threads as mercenaries, working in any scenario towards any means they want. That means there's no issues concerning location, alignment or who you write with. Does that sound interesting to you? It should. In fact, it should be so interesting that you post a random monster girl on this page every so often just to bump the thread so others can see it. If you wanna join, just check out the thread here! We accept just about everything (so long as it's a Monster Girl)
  6. A Symbol of Unity

    Update: The fan has met the excrement in the harsh peaks of the Blaurg Mountains. Rock trolls are attacking a supply caravan on a narrow switchback known as the Cauda Draconis, with more making their way towards the city that sprawls around the Temple of the Holy Word. Meanwhile, three of the five members of the Holy Council have begun an exploration of a strange warren revealed by the construction... and have disappeared along with their entourage. I'm looking for people willing to play any of several roles: defenders of the caravan on the pass, members of the response force climbing up to help them, people on the city watch preparing a hasty defense, or (especially) members of the rescue team being dispatched to find the missing councilors. You can be mercenaries, or you can make a member of The Order, or even come up with some other idea, run it by me! I can do this while thing myself, but it'll be more fun with more people! Read the thread (or even just the last post) here, and/or read the brief rough-in of The Order of the Word here. Original Interest Check: Across the valleys and plateaus of the Ouread below Blaurg Mountain, sounds of industry echo off the rocky cliffs. The rapid chinks of hundreds of hammers blend with the rumble of stone and the creaks of wagon wheels, and directions yelled out by foremen and workers bounce eerily off the granite. People trickle through the winding passes, all headed in the same direction, and rumors spread among them of a great temple being carved into the mountainside. There is work to be had and money to be made, and probably more importantly in this sparsely populated region, there is a gathering of company the likes of which hasn't been seen since the founding of Blaurg City. Goat herders, trappers, miners, and lowland loggers have suddenly found their wares in high demand, and the scuttlebutt has reached even beyond the harsh peaks to the ears of entrepreneurs from Blairville and elsewhere. Merchants and cobblers and millwrights and mercenaries, whose fortunes were annihilated by the ravages of war, are making the difficult journey for the hope of a new start. Are you among them? ----- OOC: The Order of the Word (brief write-up here, WIP) has begun construction of the Temple of The Holy Word, a symbol of their new unity and a beacon of hope for those who seek to restore the unity of Terrenus. It's a monumental task under the best of conditions, made even more ambitious by the dangerous climate and creatures of the mountain range. I'm looking for players who'd like to help build this new faction's stronghold, either as new members of The Order or as wanderers seeking to build their fortunes on the hopes of those who seek to use this humble beginning to reunify the continent. Or in some other capacity, I'm totally flexible! Post here if you're interested!
  7. The time has come at long last to lay down the foundation and to bring this silly idea I had, to life! After much contemplating, pondering, and brainstorming, I decided to break up the foundation of Hyperion into five separate threads, one for each district and one celebratory event so save your comments until all five projects are listed! This is simply so that no one district depends entirely on the other to thrive and move forward. Hyperion is sustained by you, and requires your ability to be self-sufficient, full of ideas and ready to put them to use. I intend for each event to have its own issues to overcome, and you will be required to work them out as you see fit (that is, please do not become so crazy as to require a PK to come knocking). Those who have quested and written with me before, know how I jive: I create the outline, you provide the content. I am a big fan of users providing their own flavor. Hyperion is brand new and can go in so many different directions. The amount of support I’ve receive when I first garnered interest and now has been ridiculously uplifting, so first and foremost, thanks to everyone from start to finish. Your ideas, suggestions, critique and feedback have been exponential in fine-tuning this conception. It’s going to be really busy for me over the next two weeks trying to pull this off so I have left specific instructions for specific events—please pay attention and adhere to them for my own sanity. The Discord server is up and live so if you want the invite, let me know with your accompanying PM and I'll link you in.
  8. Greetings everyone. I have been struck with the abnormal urge to take on another quest (Mahaskiel of the Ancient Curse), so here I am putting myself out there to everyone so that I can ask if anyone would like to join me. The quest itself is for a legendary crossbow called Mahaskiel within Genesaris's heart of darkness: Saint Desolatus. If you seek a legendary weapon who has uncanny speed, accuracy, spacial intelligence, poisonous bolts, immunity to spells, the ability to not be broken, and a knack of always returning straight back to you, then you've come to the right place. However, there is a catch: as with most legendary weapons of superb caliber, this one has a slight caveat attached: it is cursed -- possessed. It's evil power will corrupt even the noblest of souls, and will drive it's owner mad. There is a man in Mageside City who knows how to purify the weapon, and seeks retribution for those who have been slain by its bolts that are blacker than lacquer. I am searching for someone who has a character who will take on this mage's call to retrieve the bow so that it can be purified. If you shall succeed, you will most likely have this unique crossbow all for yourself. To be quite honest, I was planning on soloing this mission so I could claim the bow for myself, but where is the fun in that? Instead, I have a proposal for you: rather than being your standard protagonist co-player, I want to be an antagonist. To be more precise, I want to be the foil to your character. My character wants the evil entity that is sealed within the bow for himself, and he is perfectly willing to murder all those who get in his way (I mean of course, if you let him). If you want the bow, you'll have to go through both the npcs, and through my own character. As for the technical side of things, I am searching for a small group of up to 2 other people. The posting time will range from 1-2 days so that everyone has a chance to write; however, everything is flexible. I have no idea how this story will turn out as it seems to be a bit of a stretch, but may I once again invite you to join me? What do you say, are you up for the challenge?
  9. Something Lurks in the Forest

    Up in the Black Range Mountains, a be city for the dwarven people is under construction. Things have been going well, but there have been many odd things lurking within the forests. Disappearances, strange noises and sightings of strange creatures lurking just beyond the tree line. Until all this has been sorted out, the construction is henceforth halted. Can you brave the mysterious creatures lurking within the forests? There is plenty of loot and rewards to be had for those that are. Its dangerous out there, so be sure to come in ready for battle! Post your interest here and a brief description of the character you are using if a profile is not available. Hope to have some fun writing with all of you!
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take on a large quest with me. As the name of the title implies, the nature of this quest will be a hunt -- a hunt to kill a wyrm within the depths of coastal forests that line Southern Genesaris: The Wilderness. This is a canon quest in Genesaris, and it is titled "Wild Wyrm." * * * * * * The formal quest states that it is rumored that the Wyrm is a manifestation of Valjer's wrath -- I want to expand on this idea. While the nature of this quest is simple, I want to turn the purpose of the quest into a search for the long lost Dragon God of the Cold South: Valjer. While fighting the wyrm is in itself a perilous mission for any adventurer to undertake, I was hoping to use this thread as a means to uncover some of the deeper secrets of Genesaris. We have talk of the one of the last surviving gods down here in the Cold South, and yet no one has seemed to find him yet. I want to stir things up down here in the frozen South -- shake Genesaris up. Maybe include the magestorms or aftereffects of the Whispernight Ragnarok as a central plot point to make it relevant to the current state of Genesaris. The possibilities are endless, and I want you -- whoever you are mysterious stranger -- to help me explore them! If you are willing, I was hoping to recruit four to five individuals for this quest specifically. The pace will be one-two days per post, just so we can keep it rolling for all of the members of the party. I was hoping we could get someone to play the Wyrm later in the plot, maybe asking someone like @The Hummingbird or something. In short, this is probably an overambitious idea from a newcomer who has no idea what he is in for; however, I hope you all have a slight touch of madness like myself, and are willing to embark on this epic quest with me. Hope to hear back from you soon. -Pseudonym
  11. The Scarlet Kingdom proudly presents to Valucre . . The Deadman Wonderland Resort. Welcome everyone. My name is Alexander Nussenbaum the director and Regent of Deadman Wonderland Resort famously located in Medain Sari Island, Terrenus. It pleases me to announce its opening to Valucre on XX XX XX January 28th. 2018 and request a moment of your time to explain my crown jewel. Deadman Wonderland Resort The large resort can be found on the northern portion of Medain and serves the purpose of housing guests and visitors onboard the submarine wishing to relax on one of Medain’s passenger cruises. Heavily designed with nature in mind, the Deadman Wonderland Resort does not disrupt animal life. Guests are able to make reservations for hotel rooms or tree houses. TimeShares A timeshare (or vacation ownership) is property with a divided form of ownership or use right. These properties are typically resort condominium units, in which multiple parties hold rights to use the property, and each owner of the same accommodation is allotted their period of time. Quarter I (January, February, March) 0/8 availabe Quarter II (April, May, June) 0/15 availabe Quarter III (July, August, September) 0/15 availabe Quarter IV (October, November, December) 0/8 availabe These condominium units are popular for reserving your spot during hunting and questing seasons or special events which are limited to very few guests. Becoming a timeshare holder is painless and quite easy and requires very little in payment.Failure to complete payment will result in eviction Quarter I 20 post per year in building maintenance Quarter II 15 post per year in building maintenance Quarter III 15 post per year in building maintenance Quarter IV 20 post per year in building maintenance During your visit to the condominium unit you will be able to enjoy special VIP perks and have your entrance fee waived, as long as your hunt or quest within the season of your timeshare. While out of season you will be required to pay the entrance fee and rent a hotel room. Hunting & Questing Medain Sari Island is divided into five sectors. Sector O | Resort Sector I | Hunting Grounds | Class S Monsters Sector II | Hunting Grounds | Class S,A, & B Monsters Sector III | Hunting Grounds | Class C,D, & E Monsters Sector IV | Questing Grounds | The monsters are exclusive creatures sourced from other continents (with permission) or bred. To participate each hunter and/or quester will be given a Survival Pack: 100 Credits Timeshare holders receive an additional 100 CP Warping DeviceWhen the Warping Device detects your HP to be 1, you will be warped back to Sector O Weapon Shield Powerstone (Mightstone or Weakstone)Timeshare holders can choose: TWO(2) of one stone type or ONE(1) additional stone type Combat System All players are required to register for their license prior to Hunt/Quests and/or Special Events. Please PM the Game Warden with the following application: Name: Your name Hunt/Quest/SE: Purpose of visit Sector: Which Sector do you wish to visit Level: Everyone will begin at level 1 HP: Everyone will begin with 20 Health MP: Everyone will begin with ONE(1) Mightstone WP: Everyone will begin with ONE(1) Weakstone CP: Everyone will begin with 100 Credits All applications will be filed for future visits to the Deadman Wonderland Resort and updated at the end of all events. Each post is worth 5 Credit Points Timeshare holders will receive 8 Credit Points Each post is worth 1 EXP Timeshare holders will receive 2 EXP 10 EXP gains a new level 3 posts will regenerate 1 HP Timeshare holders will regenerate 2 HP 1 Mightstone can store 15 offensive spellsSpells most be purchased Fire Water Earth Wind Ice Void 1 Weakstone can store 15 defensive spellsSpells most be purchased Fire Water Earth Wind Ice Void Special Events Celebration of New Beginnings January to March Summer's Dream Month of June Twilight Harvest August to September Winter Solstice November to December
  12. This is General Firebrew of the Tazarek military. We are requesting rescue in the Great Mountain Range of Genesaris. If anyone is out there, please help us, we have many wounded, and no means of protecting ourselves against the elements. Anyone who can find us and give us aid, we promise on our beards we will compensate you with gold and jewels, whatever you wish, just please- In the distance, there was the sound of an unearthly howl. What in the name of the...everyone, prepare for battle! In the southern reaches of the Great Mountain Range in Genesaris, two dwarven airships arrive to colonize a new home. One disappears, the other crashes in the craggy landscape that is filled with danger. Their odds of surviving are slim to none, unless someone answers the call... Will you be the ones to brave the treacherous twists and turns of the Great Mountains? Do you laugh in the face of dangers that could lurk in every nook and cranny? Then respond to the call, save General Firebrew, and discover what has become of the second airship to unlock mysteries, combat dangers and earn some dwarven gold. For honor, for glory, for Tazarek! This thread is set near the base of the mountains some distance away from where the distress call is received. Those who wish to take part in the adventure will have their characters meet up there once I have made the next post setting up the location. From there the participants will navigate perilous terrain, defeat dangerous enemies and discover incredible secrets all in the depths of the Great Mountain Range. Danger setting is set to Medium-High, there is a possibility of character death, but can be mitigated through planning and teamwork. Loot reward is also set to high, and any artifact acquirement can be discussed in the OOC thread I will put up shortly once enough interest has been gathered. This is an exciting adventure I hope to share with everyone and I will promise 110% in giving everyone a fun and exhilarating opportunity to write in a classic adventure setting that is sure to be extraordinary. All those that wish to join in please post here in this thread with either a link to the character you plan on using or a description of who they are and their powers if a profile is not available. Edit: Link to IC thread-https://www.valucre.com/topic/38666-there-goes-the-neighborhood/
  13. Hello, i was wondering if anyone was interested in joining me in a small adventure in the Wilderness of Genesaris. The event is essentially an exploration of the area, a hunt for an unknown assailant, and dealing with a complication which will be elaborated upon later in the story. I primarily made this thread to build up my own character's narrative; however, I am looking for one or two others to join in if you are interested. This is my first thread, so I hope you will join me in this new experience! -Peter
  14. "It has come to my attention, in my ambitions that there are quite a few shops catering to the metaphysical and the occult. Though it would seem that time and space has a certain lack of variety in the case of gentleman's wares. For that purpose, I have taken it upon myself not to abandon my plans of a general magic shop, but to modify those plans to include what is most likely Valucre's very first Haberdashery." - Xartia Raye Pendragon the First As explained above, my oldest RPC is already known for being a bit on the metrosexual side, often caring much for his outward appearance. A gentleman should never be ashamed of looking good. Likewise they deserve a place to fulfill the need of looking good. As such, he is taking the full swing into song yet another trade/title to his repertoire, Haberdasher. While I'm still considering the specifics involved with establishing a business IC. However, it is most likely to see this happen first in Port Caelum considering Xartia's regency there under the Scarlet Court. If you have any express interest in what has been shared so far, feel free to join me here in figuring out more fine detail such as exact location, layout, goods and services available. Regardless of input on the business aspect, I hope to see a lot of attention in terms of customer base and rapport.
  15. To begin, my character is not from this world but from Gaia Primus. There are seven pureblood families. I encourage more Houses to come and play along and join us as a Society of Purebloods. However, I think starting with one which would be Choisel, would be a good start until we find more followers. I was kinda' shaky about this one, seeing as I don't know how Valucre and you all are going to take the idea of a totally new race of vampires here. For the most part I feel, people generally don't like vampires, but we all know how cool these undead beings actually are. These pureblood families are the first of vampires and are considered as the highest ranking from a lineage far, far away. I've looked at the vampires of Valkohyr and we share common abilities for the most part, but this is a different breed of vamp from a totally different world. I have information on the pureblood in my profile if you'd like to look. As for goals I plan to take some things over with time. Primarily I want this to be a unification of Purebloods. Let me know what you think, guys!
  16. This is an interest check for my newly created organization, the ODSE - an Elven nationalist group. As some of you may know, the Elves in Terrenus are generally described as living in slums - this groups goal at its face is to obtain a sovereign state of their own within Terrenus. An uncomfortable but factually similar real life parallel would be Palestine, and my group is Hamas. As a result on the alignment scale this group is Chaotic Gray - representing the murky nature of their goals. Currently I'm recruiting for the social and military branches. In particular I'm looking for a Diplomat/Ambassador type character. It should be obvious, but just to be clear only Elves are allowed to join - though all varieties are welcome. In addition, if you are a foreign state and would like to provide some sort of assistance to ODSE - be it food, water, medical supplies, weapons or anything else please do PM me.
  17. There's a lot of bad shit in the world. Terrorists killing the innocent, devil's violating the pure, corporations stealing land and wealth from everyone... and the government does nothing to stop them. And why would they? Those in power are Genocidal Kings who carry out racist crusades and Vampiric Emperor's who bleed their subjects dry! Who is left to stop them? When you’re holding your loved ones close, staring down death, and the atrocities that are about to befall your family creep through your mind....do you really want to count on the red tape bound process of the Peacekeepers and Edgemasters to save you? The countless thousands who died in Patia and Telerien City did. How much was their faith worth? Sometimes the system works. Most of the time it doesn't. So where is the Justice? The swift justice owed to the victims? The furious Justice owed to the vile? The righteous retribution that is balm to the tortured, and punishment to the profane? It is here. It is us. We are Justice. Justice aspires to be an international organization dedicated to righting the wrongs of the world. It is a bastion of hope, a lighthouse in the darkness, and an oasis in an unrelenting wasteland. What the government, the army, and the guards can't or won't do... Justice can and will, by any means necessary. Justice isn't a government lapdog operating on a politician’s dime. No - Justice is you. Justice is the strength of every father, the heart of every mother, the soul of every brother and sister, and the unwavering determination of every survivor to beat back the darkness. Justice is vindictive retribution fueled by oppression-born rage that crushes the would-be untouchable and brings to heel those tyrants who think themselves gods. Our common goal is doing the good that the police, the guards, the military, the guardians, the protectors, edgemasters, peacekeepers, inquisitors, champions, and gods cannot and will not do. Join us and together we will lift mountains, slay demons, and save all people regardless of cost. Join us, because in the end it is Just Us against a disinterested world, and Justice is the only organization willing to take the necessary steps to make it a better place. Justice was founded by @supernal and @desolate some years ago, with the intent of having an organization make deep and meaningful impacts to the lore of Valucre. Above all, the group is dedicated to the eradication of evil and the betterment of the world through any means necessary. To be clear, this is very much a “The ends justify the means” group, so traditional, morally rigid heroes need not apply. Currently, Justice is looking to expand. We aim to move throughout Terrenus, Genesaris, and Tellus Mater. We are in the process of establishing outpost throughout all sub-boards. But to do this, we need you. We need dedicated role players willing to contribute time and energy to reshaping Valucre. Every mission, every objective, will be geared toward adding to the established canon and lore. And unlike bounty hunters and mercenaries, we aren't just concerned with getting our mark. We want to bring stability to the people we liberate and ensure that evil is too scared to ever set foot in that community again. If you've ever wanted a real opportunity to contribute something meaningful, this is it. Don't fear the unknown, rise up, grab your sword, and join us on an adventure of a lifetime.
  18. As Hell's Gate begins to suffer at the hands of progress, progress takes a strange turn as a group of travelers arrive to the city. These strangers, known as Forged Men, are creatures not of flesh and bone, but of steel and electricity. Unlike other androids, these individuals seem completely sentient, with the ability to think and to reason. When asked their intentions, they explain they are refugees from the destroyed city knowj as Talix Engine. For months they had traveled, wanting to find a new home where they may continue their work. What is their work you ask? The Forged Men were constructed with the purpose of maintaining small temple like centers which holds a technology many have not seen as of yet. Others call it magic, but the Forged Men call it The Gift, for it is something they give freely to anyone, without any cost to themselves. This Gift is a complicated apparatus meant to deliver the user into a virtual world where their desires can be met effortlessly. Whatever the heart may want, The Gift can give it to them, but it is only a temperorary thing, as the Forged Men warn that prolonged exposure can be dangerous. However, if one wishes to experience The Gift for all time, then they need only give a small donation if they wish, and they will be set up into The Final Gift, which is a metal tube that holds the user in place so they would not be disturbed. In choosing to live in The Gift, the user gives up their life entirely, for disconnecting after so long will most certainly result in death. In order to help placate those that believe their practices are wrong, the Forged Men regularly take the jobs left open by those that have chosen the Final Gift. Will you wish to take part in this gift of the Forged Men? Do you believe they are wrong and wish to destroy them entirely? Post here to state your alignment and once enough have joined I will begin the thread.
  19. A Child's Nightmare [Canon Quest]

    In Doughton, Terrenus word has it that kids are doing rituals to summon demons into their homes. This is said to be why the missing child rate is so high. Find out if this is true, or what is really happening. Need at least 3 people. Here is my character: Acreanda. 120 word minimum. EDIT- This is already started. 1. HollowCipher as Dan Palmer 2. Knighto as Minda Aniet 3.
  20. Taking Root

    Above is a quest being prescribed for the purpose of playing part in assisting with the building process of a city. While it is only hinted at that a reward is possible for the deeds done, rest assured I will try to commit to some sort of gift as a token of appreciation for helping. Perhaps the aspiring Emperor at hand will show his gratitude in coin or even by the giving of some sort of magic inventory. I will keep a roster here of those that partake in the quest with or without other people. Once a person or group completes the quest for themselves, I will edit their name on the roster here to reflect their completion, at which point their ultimate reward will be generated. If there is a particular reward already in mind by a quest taker that would be relevant to canon personal or not, I am more than willing to help accommodate to the best of my ability. In case it needs to be listed here to save time of reading into the details of the thread and anything relative to, I'd like to note that this quest takes place in Midlands, Genesaris. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to me here or even by message. (Yes, I also have Discord.) Quest Roster LastLight MelonHead ChaoticanWriter P.N. See Metty Hurttoto -
  21. Hello there, my name is Holden, i have been roleplaying for a little while here, and now i feel it is my turn to give back. Now without further ado, i present to you this interest check. There is a place like no other in Terrenus, a place full of treasures untold; a forest so tremendous, filled with sparkling gold. Although a place with treasure inside, it is also a place where many have died. Few have won and many have tried. A place with mystery has to be fun, as they venture in with pride. Without a guide, they lose their way. Their journey is suicide, and the forest wins that day. So... basically, this is a quest into the labyrinth forest, and im looking for 3-4 dedicated people who can post at least once a week. I have been working on a way to portray labyrinth forest well, and i have found a way that i think will work well. As this is a quest, im working on a special goodie for everyone who completes it, as well as a crisp high five. On the other hand, this is a quest, which means there is a 120 word minimum on posts. Posts below that count will not be tolerated. (I really want this canonized!!!) I will be storytelling and moderating, to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. With that said, i can answer any questions you have, and WHO IS READY TO ROLEPLAY???? 1.DemonicMuffin 2.Turtlefrog 3.scriverner 4.Lord Yalet 5. Beelzebub
  22. Shifts in social temperature

    As a result of the on-going civil war in Terrenus, three major cities (designated as "starter" locations for the civil war's initial phase) are experiencing radical shifts in the social temperature of their cityscape. Although criminal activity has always been a possible venture for members, these shifts provide an unprecedented opportunity to get up to all sorts of business in these three cities in particular. So check them out, start up some new threads/ventures, and capitalize on the growing bedlam. I'm not looking to GM anything outside of what I already am, just pointing the way towards cool stuff Blairville Hell's Gate Tia
  23. Elthir S. Background for RP!~

    Elthir S. Aluria was born into a high class family so his parents looked at him with high expectations unfortunately, he was too much of a free spirit. He'd constantly slack off when during his training and studies but the moment they'd scowl at him for it, he'd run in fear of conflict. They soon realized that nothing good would come from him and were quick to toss him to the side. He was abandoned and the news spread through the country quite fast. The boy, at age 13, used his remaining cash and vanished from the country...no...the continent. 8 years later, a man who appears in a nice all black outfit sighs as he searches for the nearest town from within a forest like he's been doing for years.
  24. Thieves Wanted For a Holy Heist

    A heist is being planned to steal stuff from an Archbishop in Biazo. Looking for a few people who have some skill in grand larceny. Lack of a conscience is not required, but highly recommended. In addition, a GM would be much appreciated. The Quest is B rank, and a reward will be recieved from a witch. People currently in: Dan Palmer Jasper Shade Benjamin Frederick Drone
  25. Altissium Bay: Bones

    Hello Valucre! It's your friendly neighborhood Red, here. Remember the project I dropped here in the Watercooler not too long ago? Well. It's done. The wonderful @Wanderlost has already begun Baaj Island beneath Soris, and here I am to give you Altissium Bay beneath my awesome elven character, Lysandra. Soon enough Medain will be up and running with an opening post as well, but I will let Caloric handle that business when he gets to it. For now I am focusing your attention on me! (I hope) Over the next couple of weeks I will be working diligently with the regents and rulers of these new cities to implement quests, colleges, you know all of the fun stuff you are actually here to find. I'm sorry, I do not have a specific quest for any of you yet. What I am here to offer is the chance to become part of the Bay city, help me get it thriving and bustling. I want your input and your posts, your ideas and your candor. I want as much user created lore as you can give me, which means I need your minds, Valucre. I will link you to the very first thread for Altissium, anyone is welcome to join and write with me to begin building the foundation of another great city in Terrenus. If you don't want to join this one, I will be more than happy to chat with you about any ideas, or work together with you to create a story we can write. Please, feel free to post away! Depending on the amount of people that may wish to join, a posting order may take place just to keep everything flowing smoothly, but I will not say that is the case at this exact moment that I am clicking the submit button for this thread. ^__^