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Found 88 results

  1. There's a lot of bad shit in the world. Terrorists killing the innocent, devil's violating the pure, corporations stealing land and wealth from everyone... and the government does nothing to stop them. And why would they? Those in power are Genocidal Kings who carry out racist crusades and Vampiric Emperor's who bleed their subjects dry! Who is left to stop them? When you’re holding your loved ones close, staring down death, and the atrocities that are about to befall your family creep through your mind....do you really want to count on the red tape bound process of the Peacekeepers and Edgemasters to save you? The countless thousands who died in Patia and Telerien City did. How much was their faith worth? Sometimes the system works. Most of the time it doesn't. So where is the Justice? The swift justice owed to the victims? The furious Justice owed to the vile? The righteous retribution that is balm to the tortured, and punishment to the profane? It is here. It is us. We are Justice. Justice aspires to be an international organization dedicated to righting the wrongs of the world. It is a bastion of hope, a lighthouse in the darkness, and an oasis in an unrelenting wasteland. What the government, the army, and the guards can't or won't do... Justice can and will, by any means necessary. Justice isn't a government lapdog operating on a politician’s dime. No - Justice is you. Justice is the strength of every father, the heart of every mother, the soul of every brother and sister, and the unwavering determination of every survivor to beat back the darkness. Justice is vindictive retribution fueled by oppression-born rage that crushes the would-be untouchable and brings to heel those tyrants who think themselves gods. Our common goal is doing the good that the police, the guards, the military, the guardians, the protectors, edgemasters, peacekeepers, inquisitors, champions, and gods cannot and will not do. Join us and together we will lift mountains, slay demons, and save all people regardless of cost. Join us, because in the end it is Just Us against a disinterested world, and Justice is the only organization willing to take the necessary steps to make it a better place. Justice was founded by @supernal and @desolate some years ago, with the intent of having an organization make deep and meaningful impacts to the lore of Valucre. Above all, the group is dedicated to the eradication of evil and the betterment of the world through any means necessary. To be clear, this is very much a “The ends justify the means” group, so traditional, morally rigid heroes need not apply. Currently, Justice is looking to expand. We aim to move throughout Terrenus, Genesaris, and Tellus Mater. We are in the process of establishing outpost throughout all sub-boards. But to do this, we need you. We need dedicated role players willing to contribute time and energy to reshaping Valucre. Every mission, every objective, will be geared toward adding to the established canon and lore. And unlike bounty hunters and mercenaries, we aren't just concerned with getting our mark. We want to bring stability to the people we liberate and ensure that evil is too scared to ever set foot in that community again. If you've ever wanted a real opportunity to contribute something meaningful, this is it. Don't fear the unknown, rise up, grab your sword, and join us on an adventure of a lifetime.
  2. Once upon a time, in the land in the sky there sat nestled a frontier that became the city-state of Himmelsfestung. A spot untouched by man, the new populace sought to grow and prosper under their new ruler. Little did they know that their new home would soon receive the wrath of the monstrosities that also made their home there. In a desperate bid to drive back the beasts that plagued them, the kingdom's citizens trained to hunt and capture the monsters, killing them if necessary. Still it was not enough, and many found themselves worn from their efforts. Hoping to boost the morale and courage of their strongest, the king had a labyrinth designed. Within it, he unleashed one such caught monster--a Minotaur, and called upon the Kingdom's strongest hero to slay it, so that the men would see their efforts were not in vain--that these foul creatures could be slain by the best of them. But the King's plan failed, and it cost him dearly. The Minotaur not only slayed the hero, but escaped the Labyrinth and slayed its kin and the surrounding monsters that plagued the kingdom. It was a shocking turn the likes of which Himmselfestung had never seen before. In their eyes, he was more a hero than their very own king, who thought a mere game would turn the tide in their favorite. They allowed the Minotaur to take the throne, de-throning the king and chasing him out into the wild where his fate remained unknown. Slowly but surely the new Minotaur King Raz-Nogore won his new people over--and they were all too eager to please their new heroic ruler. Their peace and prosperity seemingly lasted--but that was all according to Raz-Nogore's design. Driven by vengeance and madness over the what his human subjects had done to him and his kin, Himmelsfestung slowly spiraled into descent. Installing a tyrannical rule, King Raz-Nogore subjected his people to unfathomable horrors that kept them close like terrified sheep for slaughtering. Soon Raz-Nogore, King of Himmelsfestung became Raz-Nogore, the Butcher. --- In a take-over disguised as a diplomatic mission, the Countess Raveena and her small convoy make their way to Tellus Mater's Renovatio to scope out the conditions of Himmelsfestung and determine their next course of action with the plan of expanding to a satellite territory for outsourcing and exportation. Determined the liberate the rumored enslaved populace, she must first witness to the King's tyranny before making her move. Known to be outspoken and confident, the rising noble intends to make history as she turns the King's citizens against him while biding time for her reinforcements to arrive and secure the Kingdom as her own. --- What I'm looking for. I will be working closely with @Warlock @The Hound and @King to make this little tidbit come to life. I am also looking for about three to five other people who want to participate in helping us map out this lhistory. I will submit it for canonization and any lore crafted within I will submit to the landing page as it is 'discovered'. If you wish to add to flora, fauna, bestiary, geography, population and culture, I'd love for you to help me refine what I already have. I have a great chunk of lore already typed up to submit for after this conquest, but I also want to make it somewhat unique so it will be open for editing until the conquest is complete. As such, I encourage anyone who participates to submit any ideas they want to add to the information page via PM. You're also welcome to participate in multiple roles! Just be clear on what role(s) you'd like to have a hand in. --- We will need: A few citizens who are not afraid to be beaten or tortured. Some of you will spread the word of the Countess' defiance against the King. Your kingdom is in a deplorable state, and your own spirits are trodden on. A few soldiers on both sides. Eventually there will be a military occupation from Raveena's side. I would love to see opposition from the King's side also. Note: Both the Hound and King are under Rae's service, so I am not looking for much more on my end. Reconnaissance! I would love it if a spy or two stumbled across the terrible secret of how King Raz-Nogore came to power and the horrific deeds he's done since his tyrannical reign. --- Anyone who knows me knows I am not big on micro-managing how these things go about. I strongly believe in users adding flare to the story in a way even I could not perceive to. Since there will be a possible total of eight of us, there will be a posting order enforced. It will probably break down into three threads because I dunno, I tend to plan and work best in threes. --- The first thread will be an introduction to the all parties involved, and the general premise that we got a bad dude to take out. We need proof, though! Proof this sly bastard is up to some heinous shit. Can't go by word of mouth alone but in this city word of mouth is ruled by fear--so good luck to my recon folks. Second thread will be the arrest of Raveena and her subsequent torture. This is a key turn of events, as this is where our citizens will become heroes. Here they will realize they have nothing to fear from their King and begin their own acts of defiance against him. Leading by example despite her imprisonment, she will inspire the citizens to fight back and overcome their tyrannical King until his forces are overthrown. Third thread will involve the Enforcer militia's arrival and disarming the King's forces, extracting Raven for medical care, and working on cleaning up the pestilence the city has suffered by establishing a new order and assisting the citizens in their recovery and bringing them back to a peaceful status. How you awesome people work this out is up to you, as long as it follows the general premise outlined above. I want it to be exciting and fun! Hit me up, let us toss around ideas and make history happen.
  3. Years ago I tried making an opt-in bounty list but it didn't get used very much. My speculation is that most people didn't even see it, but also I think that people who wanted to use it as a storytelling element didn't put enough orchestration into it and people that wanted to use it as a means to engage in combat didn't have a simple and concrete means to resolve conflict. Use the dice roller along with the Terrenus Dice System: Basically the idea for my little trial is as follows: The system of combat resolution is the TDS, Chip Damage variant (explained in link above) If you want a bounty on your character, post here with a link and I'll update the bounty list Designate whether your bounty should be taken Alive / Dead or Alive If I get enough interest I'll come up with a classification system to determine bounty value and reward If you want to be a bounty hunter, post here with a link and I'll update the hunter list For hunters going after Alive only bounties, the end result for either the bounty or the hunter will always be incapacitation. For hunters going after a DOA, the character death can go both ways Note that administration does not usually enforce character deaths but will do so in Terrenus for any characters volunteered for the bounty list, since it is opt-in If you enter a bounty hunter and don't use him they'll be flagged as unreliable and ineligible for jobs (at a player level, not just a character level) If you enter a bounty and don't play your character in threads, at the very least when requested by a bounty hunter for the purposes of fulfilling the bounty, then your character will be considered caught. Any further play with that character will only be recognized if you perform a successful Escape first. See below for more detail on escapes. Agreeing to be placed on one or the other list is agreeing to the above conditions so if you don't like it then don't sign up. That said I invite members to take this basic system and modify it however they wish to run their own bounty system, but if you keep most of what I've written a link back here would be appreciated. Prison and Escaping This is something I haven't tried before. Anyone caught by a bounty and not considered dead is placed into prison, which will be a single thread in which prisoners can make posts to try and escape. You start off with 10% chance of escape. Every attempt must be followed up with an IC Post in the prison thread. The actions below, which must also be made with an IC post in the prison thread, will add an additional 10% to a single escape attempt. If you roll and fail you default to the default 10%. Actions: Bribe a guard Collaborate with another prisoner Acquire tools to dig your way out Make contact with someone on the outside You can also automatically serve time instead of trying to break out, which will usually be a few IC months depending on the crime, but if the crime is severe enough, like murder, then they would just remain in prison. Community service is also an option. Am open to feedback but note that doesn't mean I'm committing to any changes. So if you're interested, post below with your character. If they're a bounty, what crimes did they commit? If they're a hunter just say so. As I get more people I'll make a list in this first post. Unclaimed Aerona El-Amin | Alive | Government| Illegal gambling; theft Raven Kanzaki | Alive | Private | Treason from Predator's Keep; smuggling; destruction of private property from Orisia; resisting arrest; murder Arashi Sato | Alive | Government| Theft; destruction of public property Lucian | DOA | Government | Mass murder; felony assault; destruction of property Black | DOA| Government | Mass murder; felony assault; destruction of property Claimed Kallias | DOA| Government | Mass murder; felony assault; destruction of property - Targeted by Feng Jun-fan in first day of his/herlife Rin | DOA | Government | Mass murder; felony assault; destruction of property - Targeted by Alexander Polybius in blades and spears Fulfilled Uric Densaw | Alive | Private | Reneging on a contract job and taking the loot for himself - Fulfilled by Willow Church in PM. Bounty Hunters Willow Church Feng Jun-fan Alexander Polybius Selandra Windfall
  4. As Hell's Gate begins to suffer at the hands of progress, progress takes a strange turn as a group of travelers arrive to the city. These strangers, known as Forged Men, are creatures not of flesh and bone, but of steel and electricity. Unlike other androids, these individuals seem completely sentient, with the ability to think and to reason. When asked their intentions, they explain they are refugees from the destroyed city knowj as Talix Engine. For months they had traveled, wanting to find a new home where they may continue their work. What is their work you ask? The Forged Men were constructed with the purpose of maintaining small temple like centers which holds a technology many have not seen as of yet. Others call it magic, but the Forged Men call it The Gift, for it is something they give freely to anyone, without any cost to themselves. This Gift is a complicated apparatus meant to deliver the user into a virtual world where their desires can be met effortlessly. Whatever the heart may want, The Gift can give it to them, but it is only a temperorary thing, as the Forged Men warn that prolonged exposure can be dangerous. However, if one wishes to experience The Gift for all time, then they need only give a small donation if they wish, and they will be set up into The Final Gift, which is a metal tube that holds the user in place so they would not be disturbed. In choosing to live in The Gift, the user gives up their life entirely, for disconnecting after so long will most certainly result in death. In order to help placate those that believe their practices are wrong, the Forged Men regularly take the jobs left open by those that have chosen the Final Gift. Will you wish to take part in this gift of the Forged Men? Do you believe they are wrong and wish to destroy them entirely? Post here to state your alignment and once enough have joined I will begin the thread.
  5. Shifts in social temperature

    As a result of the on-going civil war in Terrenus, three major cities (designated as "starter" locations for the civil war's initial phase) are experiencing radical shifts in the social temperature of their cityscape. Although criminal activity has always been a possible venture for members, these shifts provide an unprecedented opportunity to get up to all sorts of business in these three cities in particular. So check them out, start up some new threads/ventures, and capitalize on the growing bedlam. I'm not looking to GM anything outside of what I already am, just pointing the way towards cool stuff Blairville Hell's Gate Tia
  6. Ay! So, about six months ago, or maybe longer, I can't recall, I struck a deal with King. I wanted to use one of my characters as the Canon leader of a certain school, and he agreed. However, in order to make this official, he also had me draft some official Lore for the school. It took me a while, and it's far from great, but it's finished, which makes Bodice the canon Headmistress of Bronte, Arcane Academy of Umbra! Now, I understand that quite a few people are fans of the whole magical student shtick. You guys have characters that are nurturing their talents, making them mightier, making them smarter. Maybe they're young, maybe they're ages old, maybe they don't even have a definite age at all. Regardless, I invite you all to consider Bronte as your character's school of choice! ...School of choice sounds so weird. Whatever, rolling with it! So, why should you consider Bronte? Well, for starters, location! Umbra is based in Genesaris, probably the goto location for many fantasy characters. It has that High Fantasy vibe, too, being a city nested against a mountain range and being a city built upon wealthy families and traditional Sanguinist values. That means that the school has that 'prep-school' vibe. It's built on money, and formerly run by money, but accepts almost all students. Being in Genesaris also makes you available for all matter of unique backstories and the like, if you feel like getting really into the lore. Some Umbra lore can be find here. The school itself also caters to your ideal School Days fantasy! I'm going on a limb here, of course, but I'm sure you've all had the craving to roleplay students. I'm talking Hogwarts, I'm talking preppy schools from whatever Anime you watch, I'm talking whatever you may have seen regarding universities and life on a campus. Simply put, the school can give you a chance to put your struggling magic characters into an appropriate environment for them. Does that sound pretentious? It shouldn't, I'm just saying that as far as magical schools go, you wouldn't go wrong with Bronte. Is your character already an accomplished mage? Maybe they studied at Bronte! There's no reason to ask for permission to say your character went to Bronte, and so long as you don't do anything wild, it isn't unrealistic to include your character's time at Bronte in their lore page. Besides, any mage coming out of the school has a little bit of reputation leaving with them. You're already more important just because your character went there! Great, right? Now, what if your character isn't all that talented, but has money or comes from a wealthy family? Maybe your character is talented, but isn't all that wealthy at all? No problem! Bodice and her new regime have made it possible for all matter of students from different backdrops to make it into the school, including the poor, the uneducated, and non-humans of all kinds! I think that covers most of the bases, so maybe let me sum it up like this. If you have a magician that needs to train more, pick Bronte. If your character graduated from an unnamed Magic school, and you'd like to fill in that blank, pick Bronte. Are you a roguish spellthief of some kind who dropped out of school? Drop out of Bronte! Are they a talented mage looking for students and pupils? We have a very liberal guest teaching system, that lets lectures from all kinds of people visit the school and perform demonstrations, give lessons and the like! Oh, and before I forget, you don't have to go through anyone to add Bronte to their lore page, or mention the school, though I wouldn't mind it terribly if you let me know. It's not an official thing or anything, I'd just like to keep a list of people who have gone to the school, on the off chance that I want to make a few threads revolving the school. On that note, I will, from time to time, do Bronte-based quests, like class quests and the like. I will ask that people who want to be what we call 'special cases' to talk to me or King first. No hard feelings, but I'd rather not have ten different rogue students who tried to assassinate the Headmistress roaming around, you dig? We're gonna try and keep the special cases limited, at the very least. So yeah! That's my spiel, thanks for reading along!
  7. Thieves Wanted For a Holy Heist

    A heist is being planned to steal stuff from an Archbishop in Biazo. Looking for a few people who have some skill in grand larceny. Lack of a conscience is not required, but highly recommended. In addition, a GM would be much appreciated. The Quest is B rank, and a reward will be recieved from a witch. People currently in: Dan Palmer Jasper Shade Benjamin Frederick Drone
  8. A Child's Nightmare [Canon Quest]

    In Doughton, Terrenus word has it that kids are doing rituals to summon demons into their homes. This is said to be why the missing child rate is so high. Find out if this is true, or what is really happening. Need at least 3 people. Here is my character: Acreanda. 120 word minimum. EDIT- This is already started. 1. HollowCipher as Dan Palmer 2. Knighto as Minda Aniet 3.
  9. Taking Root

    Above is a quest being prescribed for the purpose of playing part in assisting with the building process of a city. While it is only hinted at that a reward is possible for the deeds done, rest assured I will try to commit to some sort of gift as a token of appreciation for helping. Perhaps the aspiring Emperor at hand will show his gratitude in coin or even by the giving of some sort of magic inventory. I will keep a roster here of those that partake in the quest with or without other people. Once a person or group completes the quest for themselves, I will edit their name on the roster here to reflect their completion, at which point their ultimate reward will be generated. If there is a particular reward already in mind by a quest taker that would be relevant to canon personal or not, I am more than willing to help accommodate to the best of my ability. In case it needs to be listed here to save time of reading into the details of the thread and anything relative to, I'd like to note that this quest takes place in Midlands, Genesaris. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to me here or even by message. (Yes, I also have Discord.) Quest Roster LastLight MelonHead ChaoticanWriter P.N. See Metty Hurttoto -
  10. Necropolis Rising

    The Lich Isles: Necropolis Rising Across the seas, tucked away in the thrashing waves and blistering storms of the unforgiving abyss of the deep, the Lich Isles remain. Stoic, poised amid the midnight waters like the ruined carcass of some unknown terror, these Islands play host to a terrifying curse, a mysterious secret, and, above all else, the ceaseless, shambling undead. In a place like this, the only certainty is death, and undeath. For as long as history can recall, they've remained, isolated, entrapped within their own web of conflict and purgatory. A true sanctuary for any necromancer, undead or otherwise that seeks to avoid judgement at the hands of the scornful world we call home. Now, terror comes home. A blasphemous creation, a megalopolis of ruined buildings, formed through cyclopean structure at the hands of mindless, broken-bodied architects granted life anew by some sinister force. This twisted creation, a veritable city at sea, is carried westward, towards the rest of the waiting world. It brings gifts. Should this abominable design make it towards civilization, the aura of death that swirls around the Isles will most assuredly follow. The decrepit antithesis to entropy will swallow all life, in time. Nothing will remain dead, no matter how broken. In time, the carrion-eaters and beasts of the air will blot out the sun as they assail the walking dead with abandon, who will struggle to find a home in the brave, new world as they know it. Unless it can be stopped. Prithee, join the cause. Embark on a journey to sea, and find the mobile city of the dead. Explore its wretched streets, encounter its terrifying denizens. Put an end to this nightmare before it can bring the stench of death to the mainland. Succeed, and perhaps a glimmer of the eldritch truth that pervades this land might be revealed. Perhaps a twisted revelation will put you onto the path of knowledge. Perhaps the glimmer of hidden gold and powerful, ancient weapons and magic is a more suitable goad. Or maybe you just wish to see evil undone. None of that will matter, however, unless the Necropolis is destroyed. --- This is a bump for a thread in progress. The aforementioned thread had run into issues regarding posting times and with the return of school season, the ability to post once per three days has begun to fail. Unwilling to let this die, the thread is continuing with what few characters that remain. I am also looking for new candidates. Are you a fan of deep, atmospheric writing with an emphasis on dark, brooding storytelling set in a twisted, phobia-inducing landscape? Do you enjoy writing about combatting the undead in a challenging, hostile environment? Were you a fan of World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King expansion, or perhaps any undead-driven game? Are you at least able to post within a seven day posting time? If so, let us know. We'd love to have you along for our journey!
  11. Hello there, my name is Holden, i have been roleplaying for a little while here, and now i feel it is my turn to give back. Now without further ado, i present to you this interest check. There is a place like no other in Terrenus, a place full of treasures untold; a forest so tremendous, filled with sparkling gold. Although a place with treasure inside, it is also a place where many have died. Few have won and many have tried. A place with mystery has to be fun, as they venture in with pride. Without a guide, they lose their way. Their journey is suicide, and the forest wins that day. So... basically, this is a quest into the labyrinth forest, and im looking for 3-4 dedicated people who can post at least once a week. I have been working on a way to portray labyrinth forest well, and i have found a way that i think will work well. As this is a quest, im working on a special goodie for everyone who completes it, as well as a crisp high five. On the other hand, this is a quest, which means there is a 120 word minimum on posts. Posts below that count will not be tolerated. (I really want this canonized!!!) I will be storytelling and moderating, to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. With that said, i can answer any questions you have, and WHO IS READY TO ROLEPLAY???? 1.DemonicMuffin 2.Turtlefrog 3.scriverner 4.Lord Yalet 5. Beelzebub
  12. Elthir S. Background for RP!~

    Elthir S. Aluria was born into a high class family so his parents looked at him with high expectations unfortunately, he was too much of a free spirit. He'd constantly slack off when during his training and studies but the moment they'd scowl at him for it, he'd run in fear of conflict. They soon realized that nothing good would come from him and were quick to toss him to the side. He was abandoned and the news spread through the country quite fast. The boy, at age 13, used his remaining cash and vanished from the country...no...the continent. 8 years later, a man who appears in a nice all black outfit sighs as he searches for the nearest town from within a forest like he's been doing for years.
  13. Altissium Bay: Bones

    Hello Valucre! It's your friendly neighborhood Red, here. Remember the project I dropped here in the Watercooler not too long ago? Well. It's done. The wonderful @Wanderlost has already begun Baaj Island beneath Soris, and here I am to give you Altissium Bay beneath my awesome elven character, Lysandra. Soon enough Medain will be up and running with an opening post as well, but I will let Caloric handle that business when he gets to it. For now I am focusing your attention on me! (I hope) Over the next couple of weeks I will be working diligently with the regents and rulers of these new cities to implement quests, colleges, you know all of the fun stuff you are actually here to find. I'm sorry, I do not have a specific quest for any of you yet. What I am here to offer is the chance to become part of the Bay city, help me get it thriving and bustling. I want your input and your posts, your ideas and your candor. I want as much user created lore as you can give me, which means I need your minds, Valucre. I will link you to the very first thread for Altissium, anyone is welcome to join and write with me to begin building the foundation of another great city in Terrenus. If you don't want to join this one, I will be more than happy to chat with you about any ideas, or work together with you to create a story we can write. Please, feel free to post away! Depending on the amount of people that may wish to join, a posting order may take place just to keep everything flowing smoothly, but I will not say that is the case at this exact moment that I am clicking the submit button for this thread. ^__^
  14. Hi there, just looking for some help to find an artifact named Vivarius in the Southern Swell i suppose. I plan on inventing a little made up village there where we can search for it and sort of go from there. I like to write in historical third person so if you can't stand that i guess this isnt for you then. Im going to be using my Hoplite Tescus for this particular quest who is a soldier with no magical abilities just really good at fighting
  15. Reclaiming the Ruins

    Looking for a group of people to help my character Marcelline Get to an island in Ursa Madeum and to vanquish an evil that has taken up residence in the ruins of the city there. Will be dangerous but I will also have NPCs of a small following of religious members who have formed around her so there will be additional support.
  16. The Scarlet Submarine Co. (Three new cities!)

    What do you think of having a reliable trade route from Terrenus to Genesaris? How about reliable transportation for any of your characters from Terrenus to Genesaris? That is what I am here to propose to all of you wonderful Valucreans, beneath the water! Terrenus already has submarine tech, and what we have done here is expanded on the tech Terrenus already offers and made it into an exotic cruise line for a week long expedition under the seas! @The Hound and myself have been working on this for a couple months now, with the help of several other wonderful people to create three new cities with expanded details on the Submarines to bring a great trade opportunity between the three continents. We start at Altissium Bay, a port town located directly east of Marlboro Keep. This city is the base of the submarine tech, and is highly involved with magical trade and arts. The route will begin here, traveling east to Medain Sari. After Altissium the submarines will travel to Medain Sari, a small island full of natural beauty and exotic animal species not found in the rest of Valucre. This city is catagorized as a free range zoo, no fences or gates, but the animals are no threat to the visitors. The submarine will stay docked here for a full day before heading to Lo'Bre, Elandaron. https://www.valucre.com/forum/247-elendaron/ @Mickey Flash welcomes our trade route with open arms, and we are very excited to be partnered with her to bring activity to her wonderful island. As in Medain, the subs stay docked here for a full day as well. From Lo'Bre we travel to Baaj Island. Baaj Island is a favorite along the cruise, the island is dedicated to being a full resort with plenty to offer the visitors in their full day stay. I will spare details on these new places, if the interest is there the information pages are there for you guys to skin through, and of course we are here to answer any questions when needed! From Baaj Island you will be traveling to Port Caelum in Genesaris, each of these lands (minus Lo'Bre) are all within the Scarlet Region, which is ruled by Queen Red of Predator's Keep. https://www.valucre.com/forum/209-port-caelum/ When I get internet again and I am back home (Saturday) I will jump on the computer and add more information I have stored over there, for now this will do! Looking for interested parties for the cities as well! @Caloric @Wanderlost @Howlykin
  17. What this will be A civil war plot in Terrenus. But I want to try something different too. I want the emphasis to be more on the social and political ramifications than on large-scale combat and explosions, though I plan for there to be plenty of action either way. Through the conversations I've had and observed I find that what seems to interest people the most about war plots is the intrigue that happens around the war. That in mind, the plots I see along this vein rarely get to that point. So I'm going for something more organized than the past events I've run (cold snap, world fair, spires and mist). There is going to be a specific and limited number of "starter" threads, with each thread having its own individual premise fit inside the larger context, and its own set of short and long term consequences which will deeply impact and change the present and future of Terrenus. I've already planned and outlined these over the last few weeks. Each starter comes with its own outline which will be (loosely) followed by myself or whoever I elect to take up the GM mantle. The war is going to take place in phases, with the content and nature of each phase revealed as we enter into it. The Guidelines below concerns itself with the Initial (or First) phase. Guidelines This is the Initial phase. This phase is made up of threads which elaborate on how the civil war actually begins. For now threads will take place one after the other. As this is just phase one, keep in mind that these threads aren't designed to go on indefinitely and will be guided to a conclusion. 2 day skip timer. A post order will be established to support pacing. Skipping just means missing a turn, not missing the thread, but if you are skipped many times you will be exited from the plot through the narrative. Since I've spent so much time on this already and plan to spend even more time with it, I'll be prioritizing players that are either new, that I haven't written with before, or that I know I work well with. This is not a "first come, first serve" type of plot. Players not picked for the main threads will have the option to create threads in the general setting which will be altered in some way to reflect the event, as they were in the Cold Snap and Spire events. Combat and conflict is sure to run rampant throughout the life cycle of the threads and the overall event. Combat will be decided by a combination of the Terrenus Dice System, GM discretion and plot pressure. Thread Introductions If you're interested post below. Include a link to your character sheet if you have one; if you don't explain basic competencies and simplified alignment. Also include which starter you're interested in. Blairville - Some people view the Safeguard Act as necessary to ensure proper magical use and the safety of the citizens. Others view it as an infringement on their rights and an impediment to arcane progress. Tensions are on the rise. Hell's Gate - Automation is a double edged sword. On the one hand it makes life easier and generates new kinds of work. On the other hand it phases out industries that have existed for decades. Employers are willing to sacrifice a drop in quality for a much larger drop in expense; who needs a scribe when your Crook and the TSM can record anything you want and you don't have to feed and house it? The newest AI model promises to push this even further. Tia - Interracial violence, in particular between undead humanoids and mortal humanoids, is a growing trend in Tia. Citizen of both class have been disappearing amidst growing racial volatility as shopkeepers prevent one or the other type from patronizing their shops. Cults are increasing in both number and influence.

    At approximately 4:20 PM on the 9th day of this year's 6th month, Dougton's seasonal cold suddenly took a turn for the very worst. This is my following through with my part of @Warlock original planned event--originally planned to affect many cities in Terrenus, Warlock decided to quit the site just before implementing it. However, I, Robbie Rotten, Villain #1, never quit in my attempts to terrorize Terrenus! Therefore, the event will carry forward in Dougton in this thread, with some modifications from the original "version" since the character Arcanos is out of the picture. The situation as laid out in the IC thread is fairly straightforward: Shit has hit the fan in Dougton with this plague and it's up to you to stop it (or, alternately, to help spread it! If you want! I guess!). The military will surely quarantine the city to prevent the plague from spreading beyond Dougton, but if heroic actions aren't taken immediately, the poor farming community could be utterly ravaged before the problem is eventually dealt with. That's where you come in! Maybe! You can play a character who is part of a special team sent into the fungal nexus established by my character, Elenwen, to apprehend her and root out the plague nest she's established in the heart of Dougton. Alternately, you can play a member of the military dealing with the more general chaos in the region, an ally of Elenwen (with or without her knowledge) who seeks to gain somehow from the nefarious plot, a horrified civilian, or anything else. If we make a good enough thread, I might be able to canonize it! But that requires you to join! So join! Noobs!
  19. Valucre seems like a very cool place to roleplay in but I'm having trouble finding somewhere to hop into at the moment. As a solution I though that I may as well make a post looking for people that just want to talk about the world and such.
  20. Tazarek's Quest Hub

    ~Image is also a link to Tazarek's info!~ Tazarek's Quest Hub Standing before you is a Dwarf of seemingly considerable age, hair once brown mottled with patches of grey, his stature not unlike the younger of his kind; Proud, tall, and full of spirit. "Please, sit." A gleam of wonder sparkles in the elder Dwarf's eye, a shine not unlike the innumerable stars of the Terran night sky. "Let me tell you of my home, the Dwarven stronghold hidden in the mountains of the Black Range. Let me tell you of Tazarek." "Ahh! You've found your way! Good, good, I was afraid you might have taken a left turn instead of a right... No, no need to worry, you're here and that's all that matters!" Welcome to Tazarek's quest hub, the place to investigate the current happenings of Valucre's greatest Dwarven city! Found down below is a smattering of quests currently available for the taking, each prompt an option for you to take on and make your own. Every two weeks you'll find that things have changed, with both new opportunities and prior quests posted often taking on a new form. The Halls of Tazarek are a lively place, so stop by often to see what's new! In an effort to inspire growth and activity in Tazarek, attempts will be made to create the feeling of a dynamic entity... Quests that haven't found a taker will either fade or change. While something you had your eye on at one point might still be available, it just might also have disappeared, Tazarek's Dwarves finding other interests to help aid in their expansion. With this in mind, it is highly recommended that you jump on the opportunities presented. As the wise Dwarven poet Enimen once said: "You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to glow." How Does This Work? As mentioned above, Tazarek's quests run on a bi-weekly rotation, a change of quests offered approximately every 14 days. With that in mind, some quests that may have been a few weeks prior may no longer be available, new events taking their place, while others may simply change in details, their situations more dire aid needed even greater than before. Quests which have been extended in their lifetime will be marked with a gear symbol , any marked quests going from solely player driven to Storyteller influenced, a plethora of random dangers and increased loot having chance to appear. If a quest earns a gear and still fails to pull in interest, the quest is considered incomplete, this lacking completion impacting the lore in major and minor ways. This gives most quests an effective life span of ~30 days, which is plenty of time to both be seen and requested. There are several steps to claiming a quest in Tazarek: The first step to claiming a quest opportunity is posting within this thread, mentioning which idea you'd like to take, and bringing my ( @Fae ) attention to that claim. Given that some quests may be more involved than others, and that many individuals may like to take on the same claim, I'll be putting a 24 hold on the quest before passing it off to the individual(s) who have shown interest. The second step is nailing down what feels appropriate for the quest at hand. Knowing that not everyone has the same writing styles and preferred length of posts, Tazarek won't be utilising a hard number rule for posts/word count.(Except for a minimum of 125 words, which is only slightly higher than an expectation for the whole of Valucre to meet 120 words anywhere but the TOL. @Fae) This choice of no hard and fast prerequisites for post length and count is an abnormal one and may change in the future. The third step is a natural extension of the last step and happens to be establishing a deadline. While a hard and fast rule would be easier to manage, Tazarek will again deviate from the norm here on Valucre. I've found that open communication in forum roleplay not only solidifies interest in a quest/adventure/co-writing opportunity, it also can help keep threads afloat that would have otherwise gone under. Generally speaking, a quest will have twice it's required post count in days PLUS a grace period of ten days for inactivity. If you still need clarification of what that looks like for you let me know while we're in communication of the thread's deadline. Once a consensus is made through the above steps, you can begin your efforts to your task at hand. After a quest either reaches it's deadline having been completed or falls through the cracks and fails, that quest goes into a review stage, where the required word/post counts are double-checked, its content combed for lore inconsistencies, and either a metaphorical stamp of approval or a request of edit takes place. When a thread meets the prerequisites discussed in the second step of quest claiming and any needed edits are made, it's finally available for submission for canon inclusion. This last step of questing in Tazarek is completely optional, though it is also highly recommended. Personally, I adore seeing what other people do with ideas they're given, and as Tazarek's Board Leader it is my goal to allow you the quest taker, a chance for me to highlight all of your effort and work. If a completed thread fits the theme and tone of Tazarek's creative direction, it has the opportunity to not only be mentioned within the development of the lore itself but to also actively shape it. It is my sincerest hope that you take the chance to do so, for as the Dwarves would say "With the Strength of a Mountain, We Stand Together" Quests available until August 1st, 2017 Tazarek's First Magitech Expo! Tazarek is hosting an expose of magi-tech and invites anyone with magical and or technical talents to participate! Not keen on showing off but still looking to enjoy the show? We can accommodate that too! ~The Expo has started and can be found here!~ Fungus Among Us ~ Taken by @Peace Is a Lie ~ Strange colonies of mushrooms have been appearing in storerooms across the kingdom and even Tazarek's resident expert is at a loss as to how they're getting there! A contract promising great wealth (Yet strangely containing no set details) has been drafted by the Representatives Builder, Farmer, and Soldier, and has been making it's way through Tazarek's local community to no avail, and so they've decided to extend the task to foreigners as well. Due to the intimate nature of the issue, any takers will be escorted throughout the halls in an effort to ensure the safety of Tazarek's people. ~This quest offers Storyteller assistance~
  21. Tempering Mettle

    For some time now I've been stuck trying to figure out how to progress my Slayer Apprentice character thanks to a very very very very very very very VERY slow quest he's on. With that in mind I've decided to put that quest on the shelf, only to place it in my character's history where I feel it belongs if/when it ever finishes. In the mean time however, we just had one major even that could help marginally with character development. Whispernight. Basically I'm thinking I'd like to play out this character's experience during Whispernight. I'm posting this here to see who might generally be interested in participating. He can stay alone the whole time, find some allies/survivors, watch people die after failing to save them directly, have some close encounters with death himself. I'm mostly looking for some people to play some nasty creatures to mess him up real good over the course of the entire even which will roughly last a month in character. I want him to lose his armor, his weapon, his sanity. Put this man through the grinder, smelt him in the crucible, and refine him into the product I wish for him to become! A slightly psychotic hero type that will toe the line between lawful good and chaotic good. Is chaotic lawful a thing?
  22. It is time, the time has come for the fungus plague to strike in the cities of Terrenus. These infectious mushrooms are all part of a devious plan concocted by the energy being Arcanos in order to grow to powers beyond mortal understanding. Will heroes rise to stop the calamity, or will a new age of darkness spread across the land? The fungal plague has arrived! After a lot of coordination with some awesome people I am confident enough to get this event started. This is a multi thread event going on across the continent that will end in a final, massive battle of good and evil in the city of Ignatz itself. Seven cities, not including Ignatz, are targeted for being infested with the plague. The plague will be spread by either the energy being Arcanos or the people he has allied with to help him in his cause. For every person that is infected and/or killed by the plague makes Arcanos stronger, but hope is not yet lost for the heroes of the land. There is still a chance to help stop his evil from spreading too far. Fortunately for the heroes of Terrenus, the governments and industries of the mega cities have come up with solutions that have made combating the fungus much safer! Both the military of the Terrenus Federal Government and the people of Argus Incorporated have developed specialized technology to help those trying to beat back the plague. Coming from the military of the Saint King we have an experimental vaccine that will render those inoculated with it impossible to be infected with the plague. This will allow one to venture deep into the plague infested streets without worry of falling to its effects themselves. Argus Incorporated's contribution is also incredibly important, as they have made personal teleportation devices that activate as soon as the wearer's health has dropped to a certain point. This insures that no one attempting to stop this heinous plague will perish as they will be instantly teleported to the nearby infirmary unit to obtain medical attention. As the situation plays out in each event, a certain part of each selected city is quarantined by the Terrenus Military, keeping it secured so the plague doesn't spread any further. What they discover is that inside the infested section of the city is a Master Mushroom, acting as a relay center for Arcanos and spreading his control into the plague of that area. Destroying said Master Mushroom (injecting it with the vaccine ideally) will cause the plague to die out and the plague spreader assigned to that area to flee. If it is not destroyed by the beginning of the fourth page of the thread, then the plague will spread beyond the quarantine area, killing many more before finally being contained and neutralized by the military. Its up to you to overcome the plague spreaders and destroy the Master Mushroom to stop Arcanos from growing stronger! Here is the list of cities that will be infected with the plague, followed by their respective plague spreader. Each thread can take up to 4 people in order to start and each thread has a loose turn order (with everyone getting one post in each before the next round begins). Patia- @PandaHat Weland- @B2BBear Palgard- Warlock Last Chance- Warlock Dougton- @Robbie Rotten (crops will not be infected by plague) Casper- @Ghastardly Ashville- @Big Boss Give these people or myself a personal message when you are ready to head out and stop these Plague Spreaders from making Arcanos even stronger. Once these threads have finished we will begin the final battle in Ignatz where Arcanos will fight against the man known as Odin Haze himself. If any issues arise please contact me and I will be sure to take care of them as well as I can. Now lets get fungal!
  23. Hi there! I just got back and I'm really itching to get writing again, and I'd like to do a couple straightforward roleplays before getting really into things. Quests, missions, and artifacts are welcome, I simply enjoy dramatic threads with perhaps a hint of humor. But if it doesn't have a point or an end goal, I'm not terribly interested--though, I'm not opposed. So here is your chance to self-advertise your ideas and threads. Need another person in a thread? Post it. Wanna do a one x one? Post it. Whatever man. My characters are in my signature, but I'll mostly likely use Llewena, Eibhilin, or Nicala. Thanks :)
  24. We are going hunting my wonderful writers, with the prey being the rare blue unicorn in Orisia. They are located in the Ellwood forest and are considered extremely difficult to find. Ellwood forest is also home to a lot of scary and angry alcreatures which is why I need some help. This quest will require at least two more people who can post fairly regularly, once per three to five days at the least. Its going to be dangerous so expect to get into a fight (so grab a character that's either good at fighting or good at hiding). We will be shooting for at least three pages before closing up. So if you want to brave the wild forests of Orisia to take down a unicorn then come on down. This quest promises rewards for all though we may have to figure something out if we can't just settle for gold. Also this is who you shall be hunting with. https://www.valucre.com/topic/35557-annabelle-of-the-plains/
  25. Starting Point, Need Help

    I've read everything already pertaining to lore and rules, but I'm confused on where I should start specifically. I don't really want too much of a few world setting, but I don't want to interrupt ongoing plots either. Basically, I want to try to role play in the Genesaris setting first with an oc based around archery and minor magic. I don't know what too weak would be, although I'm ok with starting as a comparatively weak character. Can anyone help me?