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Found 120 results

  1. Setting: Pirate's Cove, Misral, second largest island in Ursa Madeum. Dead of night, calm weather with a full moon showing. Genre: Medieval fantasy/intrigue Objective: To convince the pirate lord to swear fealty to House Uldwar to serve as a makeshift navy/privateer operation. Danger level (Average): As this is a diplomatic mission, violence is not to be expected, but it is possible. Aggression towards the pirate lord or his lackeys will result in them returning the attack in kind if not worse. The use of characters with calm heads is not mandatory but is advised. Character death will not happen unless owner of character wishes for it to happen. Reward: Substantial amount of gold, recognition within the court of House Uldwar and possibly your own pirate ship. Desired Story Arc (Subject to change by participant request): A secret meeting is being held with the Pirate Lord of the Pirate's Cove in Misral and Lord Uldwar, Patriarch of House Uldwar and majority landowner in Misral. In this secret meeting, Lord Uldwar intends to recruit the Pirate Lord and many of his associates to act as Privateers in behalf of House Uldwar, to both protect their trade routes and harass the ships of their competitors so they may build up their own businesses. Through this House Uldwar would begin to start outfitting and improving on Pirate's Cove, making it it's own bustling city in a sense as the raiding would bring in more gold to the area. One twist that will come of this story is that the second oldest daughter of Lord Uldwar, Mia Uldwar, will be on the ship disguised as a boy. Whether or not you notice her will be up to you, giving you the choice of either turning her in to her father or letting her be and interacting with her a little. Should the pirates discover her it has the possibility of jeopardizing the entire negotiation, that detail is dependent on the people involved. Overall this isn't going to be a very action heavy thread (unless you the participants want to make it such). It really does depend on what the interested parties want. Should a tie come up on this decision I will weigh on and break said tie. What Roles Am I Looking For?: Minimum is one player to play as the Pirate Lord but I can play that role if no one wants to. Other than that you can play as either a mercenary in the employ of either Lord Uldwar or the Pirate Lord to make sure the other doesn't try anything funny. If you wish to participate in a different capacity then that is fine, just let me know and we can work it out on this thread. Please post a character sheet if your character has one (otherwise a short description of who they are and what they do) if you are interested in this kind of story. Expectations: Expectations are good communication, good behavior and an open mind towards other people's ideas. Posting window is once per three days, but I will allow at least a week so long as you let us know in the OOC thread that you need more time. As this will be a canon thread we will be going by the mild power settings and for the standard amount of words per post. Created Opportunities: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!: A valuable shipment of rum has gone missing! Discover it's whereabouts to receive a nice reward from the proprietor of the local taverns within the Pirate's Cove. Quest Type: Repeatable Reward: Some gold and a free night's stay at the tavern. Post Requirement: Ten or more Something stirs beneath the waves...: A sea monster has been spotted making trouble in the seas! Kill it, and bring it's briny hide in for a reward. Be it kraken, hydra, or royally pissed off snapping turtle, they'll be the perfect addition to your maritime legend! Post Requirement: 20 or more Quest Type: Repeatable Reward: If turned in to House Uldwar, a grand party held in your honor with a magical item made from the beast you have slain. If turned in to the Pirate's Cove, a raucous party will be held in your honor, with rum and women aplenty. A magical item will also be made from the beast you have slain. X marks the Spot!: There be buried treasure in a deserted island somewhere in those seas. Find it, claim it as your own, and reap the rewards of your labors! Quest Type: Repeatable Quest Reward: Large sum of gold coins and jewels, plus one item made from the Terran material list. Post Requirement: 20 or more
  2. Reinholdt

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Many mysteries of Yh'mi have been explored, though answers have been rare. One of the more enigmatic elements of Yh'mi remains nearly untouched, travel unfairly discouraged by the Order of the White Hand for reasons they can't even properly elaborate upon. The Village of Lirrey. Entrepreneur and adherent to science, Doctor Xeyal wishes to fund an expedition to Lirrey to properly investigate the strange village and open up a possible trade route. I will be sending Doctor Xeyal's pet monster Sasha to accompany the group and @jaistlyn and potentially @Dolor Aeternum will be joining in and as well. I am looking for two other players interested in traveling deep into southern Yh'mi to investigate this strange town. A standard 72 hour post rate will apply. This is a canon thread, so any creative contributions made to Lirrey (within adult reason and following theme) is very likely to become lore. Now's an excellent chance to carve your name into horror history. Are you brave enough to accept? Current Roster: 1. Sasha - Reinholdt 2. Lunara - jaistlyn 3. Agony - Dolor Aeternum 4. Voldemort, Lord 5. Karuna - 1lionFang
  3. Deus Ex Aizen

    The Raid

    It is said the road to Hell is paved with good intentions... ...what a load of shit. “Good, you’re here.” A woman turned around, and it was only by the grace of your wits that you realized she wasn’t real. The projection was so life-like, you thought you could smell wild Gardenias on her. She looked Welander, save for her hazel-green eyes. You quickly recognize her as the Queen Regent of Hyperion. “I’ll make this simple. I want to hire you to raid an island for its technology. There is a wall that surrounds the island. Its citizens do not leave. This is not quite the magitech that Genesarians are known for, and mages are not welcomed among the people. I need someone smart and crazy enough to retrieve what I need without endangering my people. Yes. You are expendable, but if you’re the right type for the job, you won’t get killed and still be paid for your services, correct? Assemble a formidable group, I will send the map for you to review. Because the future of the Empire rests on having this technology, you will be greatly rewarded for your services. If many of you survive, I am willing to pay you to remain in my services to work off your crimes in service to the Crown. This will not be menial work, but hard, life-threatening work. Leave now, if you think you can’t hack it. But the rest of you, I’m interested to see who comes forward. We meet at dawn.” All at once, Raveena’s projected image deconstructs—and she is gone. -- So in light of the technology that I intend for Port Kyros, I want to stage a raid on Antigone Isles—which lies directly across the channel from Port Kyros in the Rising West of Genesaris. It’s full of modern and futuristic technology, but it has a startlingly dark history as to how this came about. I want you to steal as much of this technology as you can while you have the chance, be it blue prints, prototypes or finished products. Or die trying. I want the crazy, the hungry, the hopeless, the broken, the greedy, and the needy for this raid! The end game is not only to start generating activity in Port Kyros, but to also form a splinter cell group that will remain in Rae’s services for the foreseeable future. I will not be DMing this, but I am looking at having a storyteller to get involved, who can study Antigone’s lore and create some good obstacles for everyone to overcome (so if anyone wants to volunteer for that, by all means!) It's going to be intense and dangerous so if anyone wants in--let's do the damn thing. And also if you've never seen the Raid movies, watch them. @Bardic Knowledge @danzilla3 @The Hummingbird
  4. (Edit: added information about possible rewards, and where I want to take this thread...) Surely, it is common knowledge that wolves are considered to be one of the easiest creatures to slay in modern fantasy and fiction settings; however, if our the strongest NPCs in the Imperial South can't handle them, then surely there is something more to these creatures than meets the eye. The quest I'm looking to take up is in the small shanty of Cobran in Genesaris that had been overtaken during the course of the Whispernight Ragnarok. I am looking for those brave enough to help me liberate this town from the beasts which terrorize the few human inhabitants that still live in it. The rewards for such a task is varied; however there are some pieces of verified loot within the quest details. Aside from that, This quest's purpose is to help reestablish Cobran to its former glory, and perhaps free the Imperial South from the white wolves, and maybe an even more dangerous threat... Now, you are probably wondering: wolves? What makes them so hard to kill, they are just a bunch of normal animals my magic-slinging, sword-wielding, super-amazing adventure can take down with ease. The problem isn't in the strength of these creatures, but their intelligence. Their primary strength lies in the warpack — a group of roughly one hundred fierce and cunning beasts that are as vicious as they are intelligent led by an even more dangerous, sinister leader. The fiends of this area work together, so in short, it will be a small ragtag group of around fifteen challenging an army. There will be wolves, werewolves, beasts of all kinds, and perhaps a few enemies of magical nature that you will be expected to face. The key to this quest will be strategy. Sure, you may believe your character can take on four, maybe five normal wolves at a time; however, don't expect to be able to fight them off from all sides. If you are cornered, that's it. A team of around ten of these monsters should have more than enough the power be overtake you in seconds. The weakness of a single wolf is made up by the rest of the pack. If one goes high, expect the others to go low, to your right, to your left, from behind, and all around. As for the werewolves et al., you should be prepared for whatever cunning tricks they have as they are twisted apparitions out for your flesh. A wolf in man's skin is a hunter that you should be wary of. Perhaps we will be able to free this town from one of two of the dozens of warpacks that occupy it, or perhaps we will be running with our tails between our legs. The choice to join me on this quest is yours. ◆ ◆ ◆ As for the technical parts of this water cooler post, I am looking for a group of around three to seven others. There is currently a group of fifteen soldiers within Cobran right now from caravans as described in this thread (I will have the actual thread up either today or tomorrow, so watch close for updates). Four of the characters in the main party have already been introduced, and are the currently known NPCs (minus Frygg). If you join, then your character(s) will be a part of this group of people who just arrived in the previous linked thread, and are up to date on all of the events that just happened (up to the last post). I am really striving to roll out at least a post by the day. There is a tentative posting order given this quest; however, it is not fixed (essentially there is no posting order, but it would be nice to follow a general pattern). There should be some courtesy time for people who are next to post (around a day since the last written post); however, if you feel that your character is going to do something right there and then, then write, write, write! Sorry for being so stringent about this kind of thing, I am just so used to having really amazing threads written by fantastic writers die out because it was one person's turn and they flaked for a few days without saying anything, allowing others to become bored and abandon thread entirely. Still, if things come up, then just message the group! We can work things out IC, and in the end, real life if more important than our activities here. However, I must stipulate the most important criteria, one that is absolutely necessary if you are to come aboard... You are willing to have a little fun and enjoy writing! I hope that super long paragraph wasn't too discouraging, and I hope to see (and meet) some new faces around here! Join me on this adventure young traveler, and let us craft an adventure unlike any other. To help you decide, here is a cute emoji that describes how I'll feel if you say no: 【 = ◈ ︿ ◈. = 】← sad face
  5. BiggieSmalls

    The Prometheus Initiative

    The Prometheus Initiative "The Future of Magic is in Social Progress" -The Prometheus Initiative's Motto- The world is a strange, interesting place. Terrenus especially has undergone strange changes, and continues to undergo worrying social and political events, ranging from the Civil War going on in the cities, to the Guild Wars going on in Blairville(brought about thanks to the Safeguard Riots), to the elimination of the security of the common folks' jobs in Hell's Gate, to the conflicts between humanoids and undead in Tia, the civilization within Terrenus is undergoing massive political revolution and change, and thanks to the escalation of conflicts, magic continues to be a source of death and destruction, used as much as a weapon as an axe or sword. Fireballs sear individuals within the streets, organizations with magical clout wield mages like soldiers, and assist in the destabilization of governments, leading to an outcome of war and suffering, where magical knowledge will become commonplace as a weapon, a tool, meant to inflict one person's will onto others, and take control of them through brute force. On top of that, despite the widespread nature of magic, it remains a relatively insignificant part of the lives of the common folk, who rely on their old tools and old ways in order to ensure that things get done, albeit in a way that is rife with inefficiencies. Despite the everyman's access to magical prowess, the mages who would teach them how to apply it to the tools of their trade remain in lofty towers, restrained by their studies, religions, and searches for arcane secrets. This only widens the gap between mages and the common folk, resulting in magic being relatively unused, treated as a strange anomaly amongst individuals, with social progress between these different power groups coming to a screeching, grinding halt, as the search for magical power and secrets of the universe, knowledge that will help individuals understand and secure their own place in the universe, but offer nothing else of substance to the common folk, becomes the norm. However, one mage has decided to try and change that, by starting up a movement he refers to as the Prometheus Initiative. The Prometheus Initiative's goal is to demystify the arcane arts amongst the people, teaching individuals how to wield magics to better their situations, by introducing specific, economically-assisting arcane arts to the common folk. Amongst the P.I.'s goals are the demystification of magic through exposure at all levels of society, the adjustment of the current economic system to allow a new middle-class skilled laborer, introduced in the form of the Mage-wright(a working-class mage), the training of all magical-prowess-having individuals in order to harness their abilities, to use magic to increase the general quality of life of all people at all levels of social class, and the change of magical research from unknowable secrets and warmaking to developing magical tools to improve quality of life and occupational opportunity for the mage-wright class. Hey everybody! Biggie Smalls here! I'm putting this up because I'm curious about whether or not individuals in the community would be interested in joining the Prometheus Initiative, something that I've started through Promethean Banking and Security, an organization built around the idea of mages applying their abilities in order to create businesses that could thrive in ways traditional businesses would not be able to, through the usage of magic. Stuff like magical glyphs and trap runes being used by business mages who would, upon payment, provide arcane runes, locks, and security in the form of charming and enchanting areas to make them more difficult to invade or take over. As I'm sure you can tell, the general goal of the Prometheus Initiative is to improve the quality of life of people with magic. So, if you're interested in joining an organization to apply magic in creative ways to solve the problems of the everyman, and restructure the economy of the world through magical prowess and smart business decisions, feel free to shoot me a PM or leave a message in this thread! If you have any questions about the initiative, feel free to leave them here too, I'd be happy to respond to any questions you guys have!
  6. Izral, also known as the "free city", is also home to an unfortunate bit of slavery Jericho, founding member of the vigilante group Justice out in Terrenus, isn't much of a fan of slavery, no matter where it's at. He has a notion to drop in on Izral and kick some teeth around until he can find the keystone holding it all together so that he can take it all apart Right now my plan for success involves three distinct threads to carry through different arcs. Right now I'm looking for people that also violently oppose the slave trade to help me take it apart; that said I'm also open to players fulfilling other roles in the story, I'd just like to discuss it before hand to make sure the story doesn't get derailed as a consequence I'm not looking for antagonists yet, though I will be for the second arc, because I don't want to rely on a person to provide the opposing force in this plot's infancy If you're interested post here with either a link to a character sheet or a brief bio about who they are and what they can do IC thread
  7. @jaistlyn A mysterious stranger has appeared in Yh'mi. James Eredas, a warrior hailing from the world of Gaia has come to Valucre in search of challenge, danger, and death. He will find plenty of all. The only question is if there will be anybody brave enough to accompany him into depths.
  8. danzilla3

    Rise of Angels

    One hundred miles south of the city of Selemath, a desperate fight for survival is being waged in the unlikeliest of places. The town of Everrun had paid no heed to the recent civil war, feeling they were far enough removed from the fighting to remain neutral. Sadly, this turned out to be untrue, as while they had avoided the fighting, they became a prime target for those driven to desperation and depravity by the conflict. A tribe of bandits descended on the small town, looting, killing, and worse as they swept through the complacent town. Some managed to escape before they could be captured; and they have vowed to take back their homes, and avenge their loved ones. OOC: Yea, it's faction time baby! We're looking for an undecided number of people looking to make their mark on Terrenus. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, comment down below and get with us! And in case you needed another reason to join us, here is a video made by one of our members! Who wouldn't want to adventure with Tony Jaa and Bradley Cooper? Communists. That's who.
  9. Etched in Stone

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    To begin, my character is not from this world but from Gaia Primus. There are seven pureblood families. I encourage more Houses to come and play along and join us as a Society of Purebloods. However, I think starting with one which would be Choisel, would be a good start until we find more followers. I was kinda' shaky about this one, seeing as I don't know how Valucre and you all are going to take the idea of a totally new race of vampires here. For the most part I feel, people generally don't like vampires, but we all know how cool these undead beings actually are. These pureblood families are the first of vampires and are considered as the highest ranking from a lineage far, far away. I've looked at the vampires of Valkohyr and we share common abilities for the most part, but this is a different breed of vamp from a totally different world. I have information on the pureblood in my profile if you'd like to look. As for goals I plan to take some things over with time. Primarily I want this to be a unification of Purebloods. Let me know what you think, guys!
  10. Grubbistch

    Extinguishing the Flames of Hate

    Now that House Uldwar has established itself with a new city on the island of Misral, there are many challenges left to deal with. One of the more pressing challenges is the local populace, around one thousand approximately, who are aggressive towards the newcomers to the island. The reason they are angry towards them is thug House Uldwar was once aligned with the Tyrant King Damien before the invasion of Taen. Many times they were sent out to pacify and to subjugate the native people on the island, with many atrocities being committed under the current Patriarch, Oscar Uldwar's, direction. These tensions have flared up in many of the surrounding villages refusing to trade with the people of Port Mars, to more extreme cases of violence being committed to those trying to settle on the land itself. If things aren't taken care of soon, an open revolt is bound to happen, and rumors suggest the natives have access to an old supply cache of weapons leftover from the oppressive regime. Efforts to make peace with the natives so far have not gone well, but the eldest daughter of House Uldwar, Illyana Uldwar, believes her plan will finally create peace. She has commissioned a small convoy of food, medical supplies, clothing and clean water to visit the major villages on the island to help with their needs. It is her deepest hope that this will help foster a more supportive relationship between the ruling government and the local populace so that things can run smoother on the island. However in order for this to work she will need help in protecting the caravan, which is where you folks will come in. I am looking for a small group of people to work with on this writing prompt. In order to make things more interesting and challenging, there is also a no killing rule in effect on this thread. Slaying any of the natives or anyone else in the area that Illyana finds out about, then your character will be fired from this mission and asked to leave immediately. Should Illyana die during this quest the thread will immediately be considered a failure and drastic consequences will be written out as to how that will effect House Uldwar. The turn order is going to be loose because I don't like to keep people in an order. Everyone will post once in a round before I start the next round with a post of my own. The goal of this thread is to reach at the very least three pages, but a minimum is not being enforced. Those that succeed will be rewarded greatly for their services.
  11. Thread: Players: @Aleksei @Grizzly @danzilla3 @Alexei @Garion @Grubbistch @Maverick @EpicRome23 Posting Expectations: 1 per 3 days. I am going to be very stringent on this! You will be skipped if you don't post within those time requirements. I am wanting to make the success of this quest canon, so I'm going to be pushing hard to keep this thread on track and 100% completed to The Hummingbird's standards. I will tag you when it's your turn to make sure you know when you're up. Where: Whispernight Ruins - Kuratel. Kuratel This leader in innovation left behind an airship filled with magically-enhanced rifles among a ruin of stone, steel, and dead bodies. Two dragons guard the city against intruders hoping to do good, one a Red Dragon and the other a Black Dragon. Both are lich lords and highly intelligent despite rotted brains, though they are more animalistic in nature and can barely talk. The airship was known as Heaven’s Mercy and is still operational. Warriors from afar have discussed grabbing the ship and fighting the dragons in the sky, suing the ships; powerful firearms to kill them both, then flying away with the ship’s army-full of rifles and guns in hand. The problem is fighting their way through the horde of geists that surround the airship base itself. There are other airships – Warrior’s Soul, Paradise High, Hellion Sky, and more – yours to keep if you can down the guardian dragons and their army of undead. - By @The Hummingbird What: A woman named 'She' has pasted flyers anywhere and everyone for people to see. She is looking for some hardy adventurers to go with her to the Whispernight Ruins in Genesaris, and get the airships - Heaven's Mercy (+ the magically enhanced rifles inside it), Warrior's Soul, Paradise High, and Hellion Sky. If you join her she expects all the ships and the extra goodies to be delivered safely to Aelindra or else no one gets paid and she will make sure you get punished (IC you won't be killed or anything, but you will be hunted down). Goodies: Your characters will be rewarded for their services retrieving the ships and their goods, and delivering them back to Aelindra. This opportunity is for characters looking for wealth and constant flow of work. After the success of this quest, your character will have an income that could sustain a reasonable living for the next 3 years. You will be on a list of people who will have first dibs on a job, which you can deny or not, you're not strapped to take every quest. I will be your DM for this quest, so your characters will have countless opportunities to get other goodies, like weapons, enchantments, etcetc in the quest. Hello everyone! Hope this Interest Check grabs you This is open to everyone. With me being your DM I will make sure to ensure to accommodate everyone the best that I can, but I will say this: This won't be a walk in the park, nor will it be a sprint across lava. It'll be difficult considering there are all sorts of things in the way to a successful completion of the quest. Expect your character to get injured and a little lost. No deaths unless you want me to kill your character, then that's cool, just let me know. If you have questions or concerns, post them here!
  12. As a general note, some of the territories in mind for this quest are either already in process of becoming something, or have plans to be turned into something once discovered/settled. Circumstances surrounding region details and viable rewards will be fully discussed and agreed upon prior to one starting this quest. At large, the mainland region outside of Ventus Temple as well as Oo'Xora Capital and the lot of its neighboring chain of islands are the ideal targets of this quest. I will try to provide a visual references of the areas most available to the request above. Feel free to stick around and inquire about not only the quest above, but also about planned development in mind for the region as a whole. There's no telling where your interests lie if you're simply unaware.
  13. Years ago I tried making an opt-in bounty list but it didn't get used very much. My speculation is that most people didn't even see it, but also I think that people who wanted to use it as a storytelling element didn't put enough orchestration into it and people that wanted to use it as a means to engage in combat didn't have a simple and concrete means to resolve conflict. Basically the idea for my little trial is as follows: The system of combat resolution is the TDS, Chip Damage variant (explained in link above), along with the dice roller Both parties can agree to use the OBS alternatively If you want a bounty on your character, post here with a link and I'll update the bounty list Designate whether your bounty should be taken Alive / Dead or Alive If I get enough interest I'll come up with a classification system to determine bounty value and reward If you want to be a bounty hunter, post here with a link and I'll update the hunter list For hunters going after Alive only bounties, the end result for either the bounty or the hunter will always be incapacitation. For hunters going after a DOA, the character death can go both ways Note that administration does not usually enforce character deaths but will do so in Terrenus for any characters volunteered for the bounty list, since it is opt-in If you enter a bounty hunter and don't use him they'll be flagged as unreliable and ineligible for jobs (at a player level, not just a character level) If you enter a bounty and don't play your character in threads, at the very least when requested by a bounty hunter for the purposes of fulfilling the bounty, then your character will be considered caught. Any further play with that character will only be recognized if you perform a successful Escape first. See below for more detail on escapes. Cool down period: A bounty that successfully beats their hunter enters into a 30 day cool down period where they cannot be hunted again. This is in lieu of a "running away" mechanic Agreeing to be placed on one or the other list is agreeing to the above conditions so if you don't like it then don't sign up. That said I invite members to take this basic system and modify it however they wish to run their own bounty system, but if you keep most of what I've written a link back here would be appreciated. Running away In order to run away you need to prep at least 1 time, even if you are using the prep-less Basic module. 1 = 25% chance of escape 2 = 50% 3 = 75% 4 = 100% You cannot attack and prep to escape in the same turn. Instead your character should be turning their attention on explaining the advantages that give them a better chance of escape, such as a smoke bomb, running into a crowd, putting on a disguise, etc. You can run away immediately, with a low chance of escape, or hope that your HP holds out while you prep for a greater chance Prison and Escaping This is something I haven't tried before. Anyone caught by a bounty and not considered dead is placed into prison, which will be a single thread in which prisoners can make posts to try and escape. Prison thread and instructions here Am open to feedback but note that doesn't mean I'm committing to any changes. So if you're interested, post below with your character. If they're a bounty, what crimes did they commit? If they're a hunter just say so. As I get more people I'll make a list in this first post. Rewards Terran material Weapon class of any Standard material Object class of any Government material (except Silveril) A reward from the rewards table of Bi'le'ah; rerolling if it lands on material or artifact Unclaimed Jennifer Mullins | Alive | Government | Mass murder Jasper Shade | Alive | Government | Grand larceny; assault and battery Aerona El-Amin | Alive | Government| Illegal gambling; petite larceny Raven Kanzaki | Alive | Private | Treason from Predator's Keep; smuggling; destruction of private property from Orisia; resisting arrest; murder Arashi Sato | Alive | Government| Theft; destruction of public property Lucian | DOA | Government | Mass murder; felony assault; destruction of property Black | DOA| Government | Mass murder; felony assault; destruction of property Claimed Kallias | DOA| Government | Mass murder; felony assault; destruction of property - Targeted by Feng Jun-fan in first day of his/herlife Fulfilled Uric Densaw | Alive | Private | Reneging on a contract job and taking the loot for himself - Fulfilled by Willow Church in PM. Capture successful. Item reclaimed and returned to original owner. Rin | DOA | Government | Mass murder; felony assault; destruction of property - Fulfilled by Alexander Polybius in blades and spears. Capture successful. Rin placed in prison. Dan Palmer | Alive | Government | Grand larceny; assault and battery - Targeted by Terryn Rosk in Unwanted Attention. Capture successful. Dan placed in prison. Bounty Hunters Willow Church Feng Jun-fan Alexander Polybius Selandra Windfall Terryn Rosk changelog 2017-12-31: added option for "orchestrated battle system"/OBS 2017-11-22: added prison thread; added rewards 2017-11-29: added "cool down" period 2017-12-08: added "run away" mechanic
  14. danzilla3

    The Golden Jackal

    Scuse me, champion. I'm relieved to see you! We're completely overwhelmed! The Golden Jackal has come for us again and more injured come into our hospital in search of aid, but we're running low in supplies! None of us can afford to leave the injured to seek out more supplies, so we need someone with a trained eye and capable means to do so! Please! Please help us! We are in dire need of Peaceblossom, sea urchin needles, silkweb and honey! Please be careful! The lands are not safe beyond these walls, and I’m not sure how much longer we can take on the injured! If we don’t get our supplies replenished, we’ll have more funerals than celebrations, and the Jackal will come to claim us all! I hope to reward you handsomely, so please—will you please help us?!” --- The Golden Jackal. Since Hyperion’s beginning this elusive band of thieving magi have plagued the city in hopes of poaching the merchants of their goods and wrongfully taking what they think is theirs. Though they have successfully been fended off in the past, it has not been without cost—and as they recruit and return to take on the juvenile city, the toll is taken, and lives are lost. Beyond the Mountains, the Forgotten Forest lays spread, a danger to the mind; there is rumor there that the pieces of the Fae kin’s culture can bewitch the mind—and that memories are stolen that do not belong to the gentry, with time. The Peaceful Woods, where no harm can befall, but an anathema to those born unnatural. A safe place to be for those who follow the teachings of Gaianism, who can respect and worship the earth. Though those worthy of the land can trespass, those who must fend for themselves along the borders may find themselves in more danger than before. Ashville, one of the most well-known powerhouses of Terran technology and economy. A city known for its civility as well as innovation, surely the rogue magi are not welcome there—but there is cunning and malevolence involved. Perhaps there is a certain man there that is capable of finding or trading anything… The mysterious Dr. Silas has answered the call, but he cannot do it alone. The road is dangerous, and the city needs you. --- The Short of It: A medical mage named Sariaa Meziro seeks the company of heroes to assist the medical team in helping the injured. A raiding party struck at merchants returning to Laconia, and they’re completely overwhelmed as more injured come to the hospital for aid, and supplies are running low. They cannot leave the injured unattended, and need a group to search for supplies from the coast. They need a healthy supply of peaceblossom, sea urchin needles, spidersilk and honey—but the raiders are still out and about, so the trek will be dangerous. Classification: Class A (Hard): 1+ players. 3+ pages. Expect the chance of loss of life, as you will be pursued and attacked. What is Needed: A few willing to play the part of Ne’er do well Magi that belong to the growing organization known as the Golden Jackal. A group willing to trek through the dangers of the Forgotten and Peaceful Wood (supernatural beings, beware—you cannot pass here and will be left to defend yourself outside the woods’ borders if the Jackal catches you), and to Asheville and the coast beyond. Where to Begin: Meet with Dr. Silas at the Cut and Jib Tavern in the Laconia District, where you’ll be debriefed on the situation as relayed by Sariaa. Introduce yourselves, plan your move and head out. Rewards Include: Canonization into Hyperion lore, IC spoils, materials to turn in to the Hyperion market. If the quest is too easily accomplished your canonization may be denied or modified. Players should keep in mind that injury and even death aren't permanent in a magical setting like Valucre All quests will be scored on a very basic rubric to determine the level of spoils one gets per quest level. There will be four categories, with a possibility of 1-5 points one can earn per category, with a maximum payout at 20 points total. Those interested in seeing how they scored can DM me.
  15. Ay! So, about six months ago, or maybe longer, I can't recall, I struck a deal with King. I wanted to use one of my characters as the Canon leader of a certain school, and he agreed. However, in order to make this official, he also had me draft some official Lore for the school. It took me a while, and it's far from great, but it's finished, which makes Bodice the canon Headmistress of Bronte, Arcane Academy of Umbra! Now, I understand that quite a few people are fans of the whole magical student shtick. You guys have characters that are nurturing their talents, making them mightier, making them smarter. Maybe they're young, maybe they're ages old, maybe they don't even have a definite age at all. Regardless, I invite you all to consider Bronte as your character's school of choice! ...School of choice sounds so weird. Whatever, rolling with it! So, why should you consider Bronte? Well, for starters, location! Umbra is based in Genesaris, probably the goto location for many fantasy characters. It has that High Fantasy vibe, too, being a city nested against a mountain range and being a city built upon wealthy families and traditional Sanguinist values. That means that the school has that 'prep-school' vibe. It's built on money, and formerly run by money, but accepts almost all students. Being in Genesaris also makes you available for all matter of unique backstories and the like, if you feel like getting really into the lore. Some Umbra lore can be find here. The school itself also caters to your ideal School Days fantasy! I'm going on a limb here, of course, but I'm sure you've all had the craving to roleplay students. I'm talking Hogwarts, I'm talking preppy schools from whatever Anime you watch, I'm talking whatever you may have seen regarding universities and life on a campus. Simply put, the school can give you a chance to put your struggling magic characters into an appropriate environment for them. Does that sound pretentious? It shouldn't, I'm just saying that as far as magical schools go, you wouldn't go wrong with Bronte. Is your character already an accomplished mage? Maybe they studied at Bronte! There's no reason to ask for permission to say your character went to Bronte, and so long as you don't do anything wild, it isn't unrealistic to include your character's time at Bronte in their lore page. Besides, any mage coming out of the school has a little bit of reputation leaving with them. You're already more important just because your character went there! Great, right? Now, what if your character isn't all that talented, but has money or comes from a wealthy family? Maybe your character is talented, but isn't all that wealthy at all? No problem! Bodice and her new regime have made it possible for all matter of students from different backdrops to make it into the school, including the poor, the uneducated, and non-humans of all kinds! I think that covers most of the bases, so maybe let me sum it up like this. If you have a magician that needs to train more, pick Bronte. If your character graduated from an unnamed Magic school, and you'd like to fill in that blank, pick Bronte. Are you a roguish spellthief of some kind who dropped out of school? Drop out of Bronte! Are they a talented mage looking for students and pupils? We have a very liberal guest teaching system, that lets lectures from all kinds of people visit the school and perform demonstrations, give lessons and the like! Oh, and before I forget, you don't have to go through anyone to add Bronte to their lore page, or mention the school, though I wouldn't mind it terribly if you let me know. It's not an official thing or anything, I'd just like to keep a list of people who have gone to the school, on the off chance that I want to make a few threads revolving the school. On that note, I will, from time to time, do Bronte-based quests, like class quests and the like. I will ask that people who want to be what we call 'special cases' to talk to me or King first. No hard feelings, but I'd rather not have ten different rogue students who tried to assassinate the Headmistress roaming around, you dig? We're gonna try and keep the special cases limited, at the very least. So yeah! That's my spiel, thanks for reading along!
  16. Hello! Thank you for taking a look at this thread. I'm new here, but not new to role playing! As stated in the title, I'm looking for partners for both original pairings/plots, and fandoms! Before we begin, I have a few requirements! 1- Please be active. I lose interest if my partner doesn't reply often. I'd love multiple replies a day, but I'll accept one reply a day. 2- Please use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as third person. 3- Match my length. 4- Let me know if you want to quit or change something, or if you're going to be gone for a few days. 5- Be 18 or older please! This is simply because of my own age. So, for canon, I will gladly double up. I only do canon/oc pairings for myself, but if we double, I'll do canon/canon or oc/oc for your romantic pairing. I prefer male/female, but I have a few female/female. I will do whatever pairing genders you prefer for your own pairing. Fandoms (Bold is preferred, * means I have a plot, and Italics mean that a f// pairing is acceptable) The Walking Dead* Supernatural Percy Jackson Dragon Age Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy 8 Chrono Cross Pokemon Dragonball Z Death Note* Ouran High School Host Club Avatar: The Last Air Bender* NANA Naruto FMA: Brotherhood Psycho-Pass Marvel Steven Universe* Sailor Moon Life is Srange Fallout 4 Tomb Raider LOTR The Hobbit Disney/Pixar Fatal Frame Sherlock Originals Basically, anything you can think of, I'm sure I'd be interested. I'm very interested in fantasy and the use of magic, along with historical things. I like unusual pairings as well! If you don't see a fandom listed, please feel free to ask! I'm sure I've forgotten tons! And don't forget to ask about an original pairing you want to do. :>
  17. Danger Step: 4 | Post Step: 2 | Quest Grade: A- |Reward: Post Credits+Item Well, it isn’t Bowser, but something particularly nasty all the same. A local mushroom picker named Olivaid has been unable to get down to the lake for fear of losing a limb or worse. The occasional alligator is a normal part of the job, an occupational hazard he’s willing to deal with and has dealt with on a regular basis. However, this time is different, and it cost him one of his hired help. A beast unlike anything he has ever seen before rose out of the water, standing at 10ft tall (on two legs) with five claws per hand, each claw nearly a foot long each, in addition to teeth about 4” long themselves. He was able to get a sketch of the creature made, and with a bit of imagination, you can see something like this. As if that were not bad enough, the creature seems to be hanging around, aware that people go down to pick the River Mushrooms, looking for more human-prey. On top of that, it seems like his presence as made more alligators show up, causing the waters to be completely infested. At the very least, this big one has to go, or else the local mushroom economy might be in trouble- it sounds silly, but some people make their living picking these things. The man is offering good money to the first group willing to go down there and get rid of it and any other Alligators that get in your way, as well as a dozen mushrooms each—quite the deal, as those carry a fair price themselves. Just make sure to do your research on River Mushrooms before chowing down. In addition to Alligators, watch out for Manes and Ambush Mangroves. They are known to be in the area. Group Minimum: 3 Suggested Group: 3-5 Level of Danger explained: This is more of a "soft 4", but rather than call it a 3.5, I rounded to four and gave a lesser item instead of cutting back on the VB. Alligators are tricky as it is, but the primary target is very strong, fairly intelligent, magically resistant and has tough skin. Also surprisingly fast. Remember, in the company of other Alligators and there are those nasty mangroves out there. Storyteller Required: Recommended, not required
  18. The remote nation of Norkotia, a small, isolationist confederation of city-states, is in need of some unscrupulous foreigners for a handful of tasks. The current administration is trying to stamp out its underhanded political opponents, while at the same time expand the borders of the confederation's legal influence. While much of this will be handled by locals, there are a few jobs that need a special touch. Each of these are separate RPs. I don't intend to do all three of them, since I'm not sure I could handle GMing that many at once while still fulfilling my existing obligations. On that note, I don't intend to start these threads immediately, so give a few days from the point of recruitment before the actual RP gets started. Mission 1 -- A gunslinger and his henchmen are harassing a town outside of the Norkotian sphere of influence, trying to prevent it from joining the confederation. The local sheriff is in favor of joining Norkotia officially, and expresses public support for the current Norkotian chairman, Joseph Tynes. Unfortunately, the sheriff has repeatedly failed to defeat the gunslinger. A foreigner is hired to kill the gunslinger, but with one caveat: They must somehow make it appear that the sheriff is the one who did it! (1 - 2 players) Lack of interest Mission 2 -- The mayor and sheriff of an outlying village have repeatedly resisted offers to join the Norkotian government. It is suspected that they may have been bought-off by local mining companies and land owners. In order to persuade the people to push for annexation into Norkotia, a band of foreign mercenaries has been hired to murder the sheriff and threaten the town, but not destroy it. (2 - 4 players) Mission 3 -- The CEO of the powerful BlackBlood Energy Corporation has been causing political and logistical problems for the Norkotian government. Unable to penetrate his stronghold, the government seeks to contract a small band of foreign mercenaries to break-in and dispose of the CEO. Though it is preferred that he be taken alive, killing him is also acceptable. (2 - 4 players) Full Rewards will come in the form of unmarked silver and gold bars (mostly silver). I'll be handling most of the plot characters, minor NPCs and area descriptions. As noted, I will not do all three, at least not at once, so which ones get selected will depend a bit on how much interest I get and what order I get that interest in. Also note I reserve the right to decline players if I am not confident in them for whatever reason. I intend to get the RPs canonized, so I expect good quality posting from any joiners! Lastly, I would definitely appreciate players reading Norkotian lore, but it is only optional. The general setting to expect is a sort of blend of the American Wild West with the 1930s, though some of the technology can be as new as the 1980s. No computers or digital tech, however. Magic is also severely impaired, so your characters will only be able to work their magic at approximately 25% of its normal power. The population is mostly human with a few elves, so non-humanoid species will be regarded with suspicion. Be sure to ask me questions!
  19. Grubbistch

    Necropolis Rising

    Hello and welcome my fellow writers. I have quite the opportunity for those wishing to get into the political scene in Orisia. This is a story that is high in intrigue, character development and plenty of mysteries to uncover. It is here on this interest check that the noble house of Estella-Negra makes its debut and first move in the grand game of the political world in Orisia. In this story I am looking for specific people but I can also adapt and work with other characters on it as well. The gist of the story is that House Estella-Negra wishes to become the sole ruling family in the city of Izabal. For centuries House Estella-Negra have patiently waited, taking any opportunity to advance themselves until only one obstacle lies in their path. A noble house of vampires holds a tight fist over their properties in the city, doing everything they can to thwart the attempts of Estella-Negra at gaining more power. Known as House Sangre, the tensions between the two families have been rather fierce as of late. Now Estella-Negra wishes to remove their rival in order to finally achieve the control they have sought. This quest will be mainly for any other noble houses in Orisia wishing to be apart of a quest to help advance their own agendas. Estella-Negra is going to need help in dismantling the political and monetary power of House Sangre. While there is a preference for other houses in Orisia I won't turn down anyone else willing to get in on this, and can adapt the story to help make others be more valuable in it. The big thing about this though is that in order to fully gain control of the board I need to make a thread containing at least sixty posts to take control. That means this is going to be one for the long haul, though I feel the story is solid enough for this to take that many pages to finish. Posting order is loose unless it needs to be changed, I hope to be able to write with some of you wonderful users out there.
  20. HollowCipher

    Honor Among Thieves OOC

    Here's where you can find out what the top stuff means. Danger Step:4 | Post Step: 5 | Quest Grade: S- |Reward: Post Credits+Item It appears that a new guild started up in town and as one could imagine, the established guild isn’t happy about the competition. Normally, the guild would just go to war with the new upstarts and remove them from the picture themselves, but as it turns out, the new leader is a clever bastard. Part of the reason why they are so difficult to pin down is that they are not operating out of one location, but out of several cells connected to the greater network. Rumor has it that there is a central location, but only the guild leader remains there, none of his lieutenants. The organization is complex and difficult to pin down; it will take a great deal of legwork to unravel. Hence, the longtime guild is hiring out, looking for a group with the right combination of investigative skills, tenacity, and “muscle” to take care of the problem. In order to bring down the guild, you are going to have to locate all of the lieutenants and eventually the leader, taking each one of them out. There are a couple ways to “take them out”- you can capture them, obtain evidence of crimes, and then turn them over to the guards or you can just kill them, keeping in mind that discovered bodies lead to bounties. Either way, it will not be easy. If you choose to seize them and turn them into the law, you will have to extricate each one of them without alerting the other thieves, as they will just warn all the rest. If you choose to kill them, you’re going to have to take out all the present members as well. When you successfully complete the mission, the thieves will make it worth your while. Not only will you get paid, you’ll receive what is called a “Guild Token”, a mark of honorary guest membership to the guild, granting you access to certain privileges. You will be alerted to where guild contacts reside in the city, which opens up access to favors they can grant for you. They can tell you where to find available fences (people who buy and sell stolen or illegal goods) They can provide you with info gleaned off the streets as well as generally reliable rumors They can set you up with hired help, should you need someone to do some… sneaky stuff for you If you are trying to outrun some thugs or have guards hot on your tail, they can get you situated at a safe-house or bring in backup to help you fight them off. You will be told the location of some guild networks, which will help you move about the south district without detection, and can get you past the south gate and into the east district without paying the tax. Minimum group: 4 Recommended group: 4-6 Danger: You will be dealing with a criminal enterprise who would much rather stay in business. When you threaten the wellbeing of anyone, they tend to fight back, and when you threaten the wellbeing of a not so nice group of people, you can expect some not so nice responses. They are organized, carry big numbers, and you can expect many to be pretty competent combatants- tread carefully, and do not underestimate anyone. Storyteller: Recommended, not required. I am looking for at least 3 more people for this. I'd prefer an infiltration and take down from within strategy, if possible. As such, thieving abilities are a must. Also, competent fighting might help, but may not be required, depending on how we want to do this. As the post in the link above says, posts must be at least 150 words. 25 posts per person.
  21. The world has become a very welcoming place in recent years. While racism, slavery and prejudice can still hold sway in some parts of the world, you can meet almost anyone in any place in the world and they'll be welcome in that society. This isn't necessarily the case for monsters, of course, and this can certainly go double for monster girls. The Monster Girl Expeditionary Force is a mercenary group that employs only monster girls looking to make a home for themselves among the more civilized species in the world. This exclusive organization is run by and maintained by monster girls of all kind, who conduct their own business and negotiate their own deals before heading out into the world to join forces with whoever needs their help. Civil protection, monster slaying, adventure and warfare await those who take on these quests, and given that it's self operated there's nothing stopping the members from choosing what kind of work they want to do. With enough work, gold and a good reputation, someday you can even put down your arms and enter any society as a well-respected and adjusted individual. --- The Monster Girl Expeditionary Force is a new faction/organization I've organized with dirty weebs and other lovely people in mind. The concept is simple; do you like Monster Girls? Do you like writing with people as Monster Girls? Great! Then the MGEF is for you. The MGEF accepts every Monster Girl into their ranks, regardless of appearance, attitude or alliance, and you don't have to roleplay exclusively with the group or how the group dictates. Rather, members can accept contracts on their own terms and join other threads as mercenaries, working in any scenario towards any means they want. That means there's no issues concerning location, alignment or who you write with. Does that sound interesting to you? It should. In fact, it should be so interesting that you post a random monster girl on this page every so often just to bump the thread so others can see it. If you wanna join, just check out the thread here! We accept just about everything (so long as it's a Monster Girl)
  22. -The Forbidden Woods- What could possibly await us, where man fears to tread? Since time immemorial, places linked to the fae of Terrenus have been known as uneasy, tenebrous places. Places where the tightly packed trees and dense foliage, as well as ancient fae magic, begin to weigh on the minds and hearts of men. Those who enter places like this, the fallow home of natural spirits, rarely find their way out, and those who do are...affected. The very trees sap the memories and sanity of trespassers, either through some unseen magic, or through the choking isolation these trees seem to provide. Who is to say what truly lurks in these Forbidden places? Only rumors and stories can supplant any tangible theories, ranging from the presence of some long-slumbering god of the forest, to the more reasonable theories about a hidden race of faerie, so xenophobic that they cursed their own home in order to deter outsiders. Whether or not these tales hold any weight is still not conclusive, but one thing is certain, they have served to keep the vast majority of potential trespassers at bay. The situation in Terrenus is growing increasingly more volatile, and never before has the continent been in more disarray. Conflict abounds, and between the roads being used as major choke points and valuable resources being controlled in the interest of feeding and supplying the armies of each major faction, the bystanders are the ones who hurt most. In the far eastern section of Terrenus, villages and towns are reliant on supplies located closer to the center of the landmass, and with tensions brewing it will soon prove impossible to maintain any civilian roadways into the mainland, and supplies from the major city of Ashville have slowed to a trickle. With no other options left to them, many will be expected to leave their homes and seek sanctuary elsewhere. Unless, of course, there is an alternative solution. Which you already know there is, don't you? It's why you're reading this. The Forbidden Forest, or the Forgotten Forest, as some might call it, looms quite close by. While the twisted advance of the ancient trees may be intimidating, it's still possible that an opportunity to preserve the homes and livelihood of the civilian population could still be found underneath the forest's darkened canopy. At least, that's what one charismatic young woman believes. She has claimed to have made her way through the woods, and met with the denizens therein. If such a claim is grounded in reality, and not in fiction, then surely there exists an opportunity for a parley of sorts. Perhaps there exists a chance the people who want nothing more than to survive the oncoming civil war ☥ So! You've made it this far, have you? Well, let me take a minute more to convince you that this thread is worth joining. This faction, first and foremost, belongs to @Chouette. Without his idea, I would not have decided to get enrolled in the civil war at all, and so the events of the upcoming thread would never have happened. The goal of this thread, of course, is to chronicle the founding of what I hope to be possible the most tragic element in the Terrenus Civil War. Participants will be helping each other navigate through the faewilds, facing off against treacherous beasts, encountering never before seen elements of the fae wild, and communicating with the reclusive fae, in the hopes of helping those who need it the most. PAQ's (Possibly Asked Questions) What kind of characters can we use? All of them! So long as they are acceptable by MP and Terrenus world standards, there are zero limits on the kinds of folk that can come into the thread. Give me anybody you like! How long will this thread be? The thread has to be a minimum of two pages long, but seeing as I have a definite plan for what we should expect upon entering the woods, I would say that we should expect approximately five pages, give or take a few. Do not be discouraged, as the convenient location of the thread allows us to do a sort of drop in and out style of writing; if you're no longer able or interested, you can simply let us know and bow out. We simply assume that you were swallowed up and spit out by the woods, so nothing of value is lost. I will also look into whether or not it is possible to leave with some kind of artifact or loot for your troubles. What will this thread even be about? Well! If you like: Diplomacy Traps Exploring Mass Murder Then this is the thread for you! So you've heard my spiel. Thank you for taking the time to read this little interest check of mine. Please note that the thread is currently underway, and I will not turn down any volunteers. If you post in here with a character sheet and express interest, then feel free to also make your first post here. Thanks again, and have a good one!
  23. Acies ab Vesania

    Mezthaluen Quests

    Did you know the city of Mezthaluen (nestled in the Genesaris Midlands) has ten quests available? All of them earn you credits you can use for Genesaris purchases, items related to the quest (with uses outside the quest) as well as opportunities to shape canon. I keep track of what you do--accomplish something significant, and you end up in the lore. One of the quests has you out dealing with a massive cat problem in one of Mezthaluen's neighborhoods--that is due to one member creating that said cat problem. A taste of the quests available: "Tag, You're It!" Easy quest, tracking a vandalizing prankster who has crossed the line. 'Learning One's Place" A thief has crossed the wrong man. You get to pay this thief back in more ways than just coin. "Cat and Mouse" The aforementioned cat problem. Unusually intelligent, sometimes explosive cats overrunning a district. Good luck. "A Giant Problem" A rogue giant kicked out of his clan survives by fleecing farmers of their sheep. Deal with the giant in whatever way you see fit, providing it resolves the problem. "He Who Would Steal my Steel" A Dwarven Blacksmith's Selarian Steel shipment never made it to his shop. He wants you to recover it in exchange for custom weapons made from this rare, valuable metal. "Trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom" A monstrous aligator creature recently took up residence in the marsh, sending the mushroom pickers fleeing. They want you to get rid of it. Watch out, that Marsh is dangerous even without that beast. "Fish Story" A giant, squid-like sea-monster somehow took up residence in the late. It was rumored to have caused a few deaths over a few months, but now it attacks multiple times a week. You must explore the underwater depths and get rid of it. Watch out, it is very dangerous. "Kicking the Hornet's Nest" A straight forward enough task in theory, you just have to go empty out a Wyverrn nest. It is not like they are not highly venomous and crafty. But hey, the quest giver will make you armor from the scales. "Maintaining the Monopoly" The main thieves guild in Mezthaluen wants assistance in rooting out a clever guild master in a new upstart guild. Bring down the competition and procure powerful friends and allies. "There is Something Strange in the Neighborhood" Nothing like some evil occultist necromancers planning to turn the entire city and region into an undead army for which they will then go on to rule the world. No big deal here. Here's the post with all the details. Have fun. ;)
  24. Prestississimo

    Two Realms As One

    Long have the Fae courts observed the mortal realm, jealous of the bounteous resources of life and death held therein. In the eternal lands of the Fae, trapped in the Spirit Realm as they are, there is no death, and without death their cannot be true life. So, many years ago, a plan was put in place. Changelings were left in many a home in the country of Terrenus, and while most were rooted out, a few survived. Now, amidst the chaos of Civil War, these wayward children of the Fae have united, coming together in one place, a small town called Lumin. Together, they've accomplished something long thought impossible. The group found a way to open a stable portal into the Spirit Realm, and through it have come their masters, intent on claiming their rightful place in the mortal realm. Lumin was a town on the brink of destruction. An agrarian community located dangerously close the Coconino Marsh, the thriving town represented one of the bulwark communities established to help prevent the marsh's spread. However, to accomplish this arduous task, the town relied on assistance from the megacities and the federal government. In spite of their rough role in the world, massive tax breaks, incentives for moving their, and a thriving job market kept the town prospering. However, the advent of Civil War changed all that. Suddenly, the federal government has other matters to attend to, and each megacity and small kingdom has their own concerns. Left alone, it wasn't even a single season before the flooding of the marsh destroyed huge swaths of farmland and drove the community to the point of collapse. Amidst the suffering arrived the Fae. Their agents in the mortal realm had been looking for just such a trouble community, and the crafty changeling jumped at the chance to bring their overlords into the mortal realm not as conquering monsters, but rather as benevolent saviors. The Fae were upfront to the community about why they were there, and what they wanted, for the Fae cannot lie, and the town accepted their help, because when you're a farmer draining a toxic swamp, the person protecting you and buying your crops doesn't much matter, as long as they exist. Of course their was some descent, there always is with great change, but many of these detractors quickly changed their tune after some cautious recommendations, or ceased making any noise entirely in the case of the truly devoted ones, and all seemed well for the Fae. They had their foothold in the mortal realm, willing mortal subjects, and a breadbasket to feed their sudden need for food. Things were good for Lumin as well. New benevolent overseers, a voracious market to pedal their crops in, and all the magical help they could ever want draining their problematic swamp. Unknown to all parties, however, were the inherent dangers of their mixing together so. The Fae are children purely of the Wyld, with little influence from the Weaver and the Wyrm. However, in the mortal realm, the influence from these two primal forces is much greater, and unexpectedly, the Fae began to fall ill. Similarly, the people of Lumin began to change, corrupted by the overwhelming Wyld magic leaking from the portal to the spirit realm. Now, the fragile symbiosis between the Fae courts and the town of Lumin is on the brink of collapse. The Fae stand poised to retreat back into their realm and the people of Lumin are threatened by the loss of another group that might protect them from the whims of the swamp. Neither side wants the Fae to go, and everyone is desperately rushing to find a solution to the problem. Somehow, the Fae must be made to stand up to the Wyrm's influence, not eternally, as they did in he spirit realm, but at least longer than the few months they've had in the mortal one. Similarly, the mortals must be made resilient to the Fae corruption, or they risk losing themselves to the madness of the Wyld. Fortunately, the group that bridges the divide between these two worlds, the Changelings, have a plan. They believe that by introducing enough of the Wyrm and the Weaver to the pocket of the spirit realm from which the Fae arrived, they might be able to stabilize the Wyld leakage and immunize the Fae against the worst of the effects from both the Weaver and the Wyrm. There journey will not be an easy one, but it must be made, for the sake of the town of Lumin, and of the Fae themselves. Alright, so after that whole long IC info dump comes the OOC stuff. This thread is an interest check for a faction thread related to the Terrenus Civil War. Consequently, whatever thread spawns from this post will need to be canonized. I'm looking for a small group of players to represent the party dispatched into the spirit realm to introduce the Wyrm and the Weaver to a pocket world never subject before to their direct presence. If enough people show interest, I might act as a designated GM, and if not I'm more than willing to RP this myself with a few others (or alone if really truly need be). All of that said, if you're interested in embarking on this quest, please post your interest here.
  25. Once upon a time, in the land in the sky there sat nestled a frontier that became the city-state of Himmelsfestung. A spot untouched by man, the new populace sought to grow and prosper under their new ruler. Little did they know that their new home would soon receive the wrath of the monstrosities that also made their home there. In a desperate bid to drive back the beasts that plagued them, the kingdom's citizens trained to hunt and capture the monsters, killing them if necessary. Still it was not enough, and many found themselves worn from their efforts. Hoping to boost the morale and courage of their strongest, the king had a labyrinth designed. Within it, he unleashed one such caught monster--a Minotaur, and called upon the Kingdom's strongest hero to slay it, so that the men would see their efforts were not in vain--that these foul creatures could be slain by the best of them. But the King's plan failed, and it cost him dearly. The Minotaur not only slayed the hero, but escaped the Labyrinth and slayed its kin and the surrounding monsters that plagued the kingdom. It was a shocking turn the likes of which Himmselfestung had never seen before. In their eyes, he was more a hero than their very own king, who thought a mere game would turn the tide in their favorite. They allowed the Minotaur to take the throne, de-throning the king and chasing him out into the wild where his fate remained unknown. Slowly but surely the new Minotaur King Raz-Nogore won his new people over--and they were all too eager to please their new heroic ruler. Their peace and prosperity seemingly lasted--but that was all according to Raz-Nogore's design. Driven by vengeance and madness over the what his human subjects had done to him and his kin, Himmelsfestung slowly spiraled into descent. Installing a tyrannical rule, King Raz-Nogore subjected his people to unfathomable horrors that kept them close like terrified sheep for slaughtering. Soon Raz-Nogore, King of Himmelsfestung became Raz-Nogore, the Butcher. --- In a take-over disguised as a diplomatic mission, the Countess Raveena and her small convoy make their way to Tellus Mater's Renovatio to scope out the conditions of Himmelsfestung and determine their next course of action with the plan of expanding to a satellite territory for outsourcing and exportation. Determined the liberate the rumored enslaved populace, she must first witness to the King's tyranny before making her move. Known to be outspoken and confident, the rising noble intends to make history as she turns the King's citizens against him while biding time for her reinforcements to arrive and secure the Kingdom as her own. --- What I'm looking for. I will be working closely with @Warlock @The Hound and @King to make this little tidbit come to life. I am also looking for about three to five other people who want to participate in helping us map out this lhistory. I will submit it for canonization and any lore crafted within I will submit to the landing page as it is 'discovered'. If you wish to add to flora, fauna, bestiary, geography, population and culture, I'd love for you to help me refine what I already have. I have a great chunk of lore already typed up to submit for after this conquest, but I also want to make it somewhat unique so it will be open for editing until the conquest is complete. As such, I encourage anyone who participates to submit any ideas they want to add to the information page via PM. You're also welcome to participate in multiple roles! Just be clear on what role(s) you'd like to have a hand in. --- We will need: A few citizens who are not afraid to be beaten or tortured. Some of you will spread the word of the Countess' defiance against the King. Your kingdom is in a deplorable state, and your own spirits are trodden on. A few soldiers on both sides. Eventually there will be a military occupation from Raveena's side. I would love to see opposition from the King's side also. Note: Both the Hound and King are under Rae's service, so I am not looking for much more on my end. Reconnaissance! I would love it if a spy or two stumbled across the terrible secret of how King Raz-Nogore came to power and the horrific deeds he's done since his tyrannical reign. --- Anyone who knows me knows I am not big on micro-managing how these things go about. I strongly believe in users adding flare to the story in a way even I could not perceive to. Since there will be a possible total of eight of us, there will be a posting order enforced. It will probably break down into three threads because I dunno, I tend to plan and work best in threes. --- The first thread will be an introduction to the all parties involved, and the general premise that we got a bad dude to take out. We need proof, though! Proof this sly bastard is up to some heinous shit. Can't go by word of mouth alone but in this city word of mouth is ruled by fear--so good luck to my recon folks. Second thread will be the arrest of Raveena and her subsequent torture. This is a key turn of events, as this is where our citizens will become heroes. Here they will realize they have nothing to fear from their King and begin their own acts of defiance against him. Leading by example despite her imprisonment, she will inspire the citizens to fight back and overcome their tyrannical King until his forces are overthrown. Third thread will involve the Enforcer militia's arrival and disarming the King's forces, extracting Raven for medical care, and working on cleaning up the pestilence the city has suffered by establishing a new order and assisting the citizens in their recovery and bringing them back to a peaceful status. How you awesome people work this out is up to you, as long as it follows the general premise outlined above. I want it to be exciting and fun! Hit me up, let us toss around ideas and make history happen.