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  1. ... Of Crossing Paths ...

    To be 'lost' is seldom regarded as painful. The coastal breeze pulled at the black cloth cloak that draped over Natheniel's shoulders, whipping it every-which-way and mirroring the turmoil within him. What was he supposed to do, where was he supposed to go? It wasn't just a matter of having no direction to move his feet... no, this was deeper and more troubling to his soul than that. It was that he had lost his purpose. Everything he had been created into seemed like a mistake. The wind buffeted his hood and blew it back, revealing his long black hair and young fair skin. His dark purple eyes and features were easily readable. Annoyance. Natheniel had been walking up the main road away from the docks below, his calves already beginning to feel the burn from the pace he set. It was a dull ache that reminded him in an odd way that life would go on. It wasn't going to wait for him to figure things out. He had to sidestep a magitech vehicle that whizzed past him, a flurry of steam and noise that he didn't much care for. Why was it that so many of these things looked as if they were slapped together in a rush? Where was the attention to detail and grace? Nat glanced down at the sword against his hip, his thoughts reminding him of the work he put into making the steel that he so dearly cared for. He always kept it clean and polished, the intricate design that wove its way down the blade a reminder of his family lineage. It was a lineage to be proud of. One to stand tall for. Why was he wasting his time allowing this feeling of defeat to overcome him? Nat shook his head to clear it, pausing now to glance around at the town Casper. He had only just landed here by ship and knew little of this area. That would have to change. He didn't like not knowing the lay of the land, for it was a good way to get caught off guard. He began to map what he could see in his minds-eye, the slope providing a half way decent view of what was below. He could follow the road all the way down to the docks and see the masts of many great ships. It looked to him like a place for abundant opportunity. He just had to find the right one. The thin light weight black and blue pieces of plate armor glimmered with regality in the rising morning sun. The armor was specialty made to fit his lithe build, allowing him ease of movement and comfort. A small smile creased his lips as he considered something he hadn't before. Adventure. For perhaps the first time in his life, he could choose his own adventure. @MJ2431
  2. He could briefly imagine the harrowing scene before him from where he stood, observing the quiet village in the distance. It was like a fading memory of a dream, one moment perfectly clear in front of him and the next nothing but a vague and obscure idea. The very thought of it made his blood begin to rush uncontrollably but only lasted for a short moment. His lips became moistened as a deep exhale pushed steam from his lungs into the brisk sensation of the morning air. He felt it in the gentle breeze as it washed over him, he could already hear their cries, a mixture of fear and desperation as he would slowly squeeze the life out all those who attempted to oppose his rightful claim of their petty existence. He would leave some of them alive, but only after his thirst had been fully satiated. Acanthus looked upon his companion. It was not often he had tolerated the presence of another to share in his exploits, for the road of eternity was one fated to solitude and thus he had forsaken any hopes that he might once had for companionship. After walking endlessly for centuries one could hardly blame him for growing tired of the rather bland nature of creatures that was objectively nothing but fleeting raindrops in the wind compared to him. But something about the woman had intrigued him, and this sparked long forgotten feelings. In his excitement he had agreed to travel with the woman, although he knew little about her. Time would tell if his instincts about the woman would be validated, or if she would be discarded with the rest of the villagers that would be deemed unsatisfactory. He turned to face the woman fully as he moved to put himself between him and the small village. His gesture was slow and graceful as he bowed deeply while extending his left arm up in the air in a such extravagance fashion that would think he was standing before royalty. It was clear that he was familiar with the proper etiquette befitting only the most elite individuals of society. He turned his gaze upon the woman as a faint smile slowly painted itself on his face. Resuming to his original posture he kept his gaze fixed upon the woman. He had welcomed her to the feast that awaited them. “Tell me, what is it you see when look upon these feeble creatures?” His question lingered in the air as he moved in and gestured his companion to gaze upon his offering. He was curious of her perception, her thoughts and desires. “Do you not find their fragile spirits absolutely intoxicating?” As he continued he began to to move gracefully in a circling formation around her, observing her expressions as he took note of her every reaction. Once he stood at her back he stopped and approached slowly until he found himself close enough that he could almost feel the warmth through his cloth. However he did not grace her with his touch, instead he leaned in closer for a gentle whisper. “This is my gift to you, they shall all love you and despair should you wish it.” @MissAllynn
  3. @spacegy4 @ODSTDRAGON @Winter's Sorrow From his vantage point in the bridge, Cecil stared out into the misty skies. He was tense, everyone on the bridge was, and all eyes scanned the fog-choked horizons. The Aria was flying Terrenus' Southern Sea once again, though on business outside the norm. No raids today, no theft and plundering, no they were on a smuggling run. Traffic in the South Sea was in rough shape, and it had been ever since the crew of this very vessel had irritated a sky leviathan in the area. The large, serpent-like creature had been attacking any shipping vessels it found, see or air, and the military was out in force to hunt it down. Standard shipping was close to non-existent, and this sticky situation was making smuggling things into Casper incredibly profitable, though also incredibly dangerous. Hence the Aria's current course, hull laden with luxury goods and other supplies that would sell very well in the deprived city. They just had to dodge the angry sky-serpent and the Terran military. Hence the tension. Still, the mist was providing them good cover, and their navigator's calculations put them almost two-thirds of the way to their destination. Just one more hour of flying and they'd be making their delivery. Something stirred. The captain caught it out of the corner of his eye, but by the time he'd turned to look out that particular corner of the front windscreen, the movement had ceased. He called up to the crow's nest, trying to keep his voice calm. "Ms. Revauld, I do believe we're not alone in this mist. It might be our old friend, or maybe a patrol. Keep your eyes back and left, and we'll watch right and front." Instructions given, Cecil leaned forward in his chair, eyes scanning. Until he needed to give more orders, he was one of the most free members of the bridge crew, and he used it to keep his eyes roving across the windscreen. He really didn't want to be caught by surprise out here. "Signals, let's us know if the magi-tech display picks up on anything. This mist plays havoc with it, but it's better than nothing." Outside the Aria, unseen forces stalked through the mist, either knowingly or unknowingly on their way to a dramatic rendezvous with the pirate vessel.
  4. “I’m sorry, I must be hallucinating from the lack of sleep—you want me to have my people do what, exactly?” “Exactly as I said, sir, you will bring them to me alive.” The glasses wearing woman kept her voice plain and calm, despite the man’s outburst. Large, brown eyes blinked slowly at the incredulous look he gave her. “We both saw the footage that was streamed to you, it was 2 on 5 and – “”And they were outside workers hired that way they could be expendable. Their job was to map the cave system, not to deal properly with skilled, humanoid hostile threats. ““It was 2 on – “ “And the bigger one took six body shots, while the small one took at least two. Or should I play the footage again for you?” Still, despite the subject matter, the woman remained calm and almost… disinterested. The red headed woman cleared her throat, her eyes pulling away from the armed man in front of her to the bright eyed, exciting looking face plastered on the whiteboard opposite her desk. “In the footage, while the younger one is excited, the elder is clearly exhibiting signs of anxiety. Purposely putting herself in harm’s way to keep the younger one safe. If she survives the injuries she sustained, I will be impressed. The footage was certainly—“As she spoke, the footage changed from the mauve skinned child to a side shot of the older girl, sharp teeth latching on and tearing the throat from one of the screaming victims. “…Graphic. While brutal, I am not sure this was planned. Or perhaps, overconfidence. Both startle after the first shot fired, and neither seemed to respond to verbal stand down requests.” The man turned to watch the footage as she spoke, frantic yelling and pained screams filling the small office she had earned. “Language gap then?” “Most likely. I have faith in your people, after all we did hire them. Have them ready within the week. We will give them time to settle down—perhaps move closer towards the mouth of the cave. That party was a day and half into exploring, if we give them any more time to retreat into the cave system, we will probably never find them. “He nodded in agreement with her sentiment. “They will be ready in two days. You’re... you’re sure you’ll be able to restrain it?” The scientist laughed softly at his uncertainty. “If we can’t, I will give you the honor of putting a bullet in its head yourself. “ “Outta the way—get outta the way you’re all slow!” A small voice called amidst the sound of celebration. Heads turn at the sound of the small voice, only for gasps and surprised murmurs to follow. She was a foot shorter than her sister, and not nearly as strong. The small girl stumbled under the woman’s limp weight, each stained in the sibling’s deep indigo colored blood. It took only a few minutes of her attempting to push her way through the crowd before older, helpful hands came to her aid. Her sibling was pulled into stronger arms, while she was thrown atop broad shoulders. Two hands reached to grasp at the man’s shoulders, while the other pair went to carefully use his head to steady herself. “Get a healer!” The man’s roar was heard easily over the ambient merry making, and soon brought a shocked hush over the busy street. Soon, people quickly parted the way so he could make his run towards the temple. He was met, nearly there by a three beautifully clad woman each more extravagant as the next. “Set her down, --CAREFULLY! “The soft spoken woman’s shouted chastisement made both the child and the man jump in surprise. As carefully as he could, the helpful bystander laid the still teen in the middle of the street. Two of the women took over, while the third directed her attention to the child climbing down the man’s back. “What did this?” Her tone was angry and sharp as always. At first, the girl wasn’t sure she was being addressed and remained quiet. “Well child? We do not have all evening, what happened?” The barked questions caused the girl to jump in shock, wide eyes rolling up to the very pissed slate colored woman. “We… we went hunting to surprise mama— “” Forget the explanation, take me, now.” Each of the woman looked from their attempts to save the teen’s life to give the third a chastising look. The look went ignored, and the nervous child darted back the way they came. Her, and her tall shadow not far behind. “It-They … They are right here. “Their pace slowed as they reached the site of the violence. Gray eyes narrowed upon the soiled flooring, nose twitching uncomfortably at a new smell these invaders had to offer. They smelled…. Dirty. Not of earth and crisp water, but of something else—something strange. “Do you smell that?” “Mn’, I do. Smells… like the springs, doesn’t it?” She nodded idly, her eyes narrowing upon the bodies and body parts strewn about the ‘hallway’. “Child, please return to the temple. We will take it from here. “ “Y-Yes! Yes ma’am! “ Scrambling off the girl went, to check on her sibling and tell her parent of what transpired. “You didn’t need to be so harsh with her… “The soft, chastising came at her back, her head shaking a the deep voice behind her. “Children these days are so coddled, honestly—““Says the woman who has had all she has ever wanted. “A deep, rumbling growl was her only response to his teasing chuckling and with that, they begin their examination. Each was methodical when it came time to look over the scene. Each of the bodies was inspected, stripped and removed of any equipment and perceived weapons. They talked quietly among themselves as the process proceeded, noting the odd clothing—and how much clothing they were wearing in comparison to the sparse clothing their people typically wore. Several smashed body cameras were found, probably destroyed in the struggle. The remains were tossed aside, as was the clothing. “Shall we take the bodies back?” “I will not have these… squishy... smelly things soil the temple. Leave them here. Perhaps their people will get the message not to come back. “His eyebrow raised in surprised, it wasn’t often she passed up a potential free meal but like she had mentioned they smelled… dirty compared to their usual fare. “When we return, we will pack for a stay and we will stick out the rest of the festival here—““But ma’am, your presence is required you just ca—“ “And it is better that I am the one protecting the festival, then overseeing a marriage. There will be plenty more. Perhaps if more return, I can talk them into… not coming back. Or we force them back. “ He nodded firmly with her assessment, forever trusting in the woman’s judgement. “Whatever you deem best, Sister Cothel. I am forever your shadow. “ Slitted pupils raised from the body she was investigating and a very slight smile pulled at the corner of her lips. “As it should be, my love. As it should be. “
  5. @scrivener @Diremast It was a damp, chilly spring night in Norkotia. A misty rain flowed down from the heavens, creating a humid atmosphere supplemented by the cool breeze that flowed from the across the mighty Garrison Lake. But though a miserable night such as this could chill the bone, the natives had come to appreciate moisture whenever it was present, for it would be at a premium when the arid summer months rolled around. Still, it took a man or woman of cheery disposition to make light of a night such as this. Fitting, it would seem, that unscrupulous dealings were to be had on this night. A pair of unaffiliated foreigners had been clandestinely summoned to a crumbling brick warehouse at the edge of town, away from the watchful eyes of law enforcement officials and militiamen. The rotten, worm-eaten doors were not locked, allowing the two men access to the dark innards of the abandoned structure. Within lie the broken-down relics of a more useful time, when this warehouse saw frequent business and was staffed by a full complement of employees. But now the only object in the building that wasn’t wreckage was a lone, rectangular table standing at the very center of the warehouse. Closer inspection would reveal a large box-shaped object that appeared to be a primitive sound recorder of some sort. A small note pinned to the table indicated a button they should press to begin the playback and receive their briefing...
  6. It was quiet in the pre dawn hours of the city. The city called called Val Cruxia. It was a bustling city with the vast majority of the citizens living here. A few hubs appeared over the years. Sitting on the fountain was the apothecary, Vanilla. Since the seeds had broken up, most had scattered to the wind doing jobs, or other things. Vanilla was forced to come back home to practice her craft again. It was boring. Vanilla missed being in the organization. She missed the evil doings and the job in general. Sighing as she sat on the fountain she watched the buisnesses open up and the city began to awaken. Val Cruxia was a city that was always crowded and busy, trying to rise above the stigma placed on it. It wanted to show the world that it could house good among the cursed. Vanilla balked at this idea. Shaking her head, she wondered if something would come. Something to shake up the city and show it that it could never return to good. But she didn't know what the day would bring.
  7. Platinum shook his head. The land hadn't been silent in years. But that was besides the point, as the word had begun to spread that a valuable gem was hidden in the city of Black Spade, which resided just east of Hydra. Athentha had not documented this new city in it's island. So the seed wanted to see if the rumors were true. It could possibly bring new people to the land. He shook his head then. Who would be foolish enough to come here and be cursed by the land itself? Platinum didn't know as he walked down the cobblestone road. He remembered the paper he had gotten the other day, a meeting ground for new people to meet and hire others to go protect them along the way. Bodyguard type of work. The small camp laid ahead at the crossroad of Fa'Xue and Black Spade Crossroad. And he was halfway there. It would take a few moments before he reached the camp and sat on the bench. Looking about, the platinum eyes of the seed saw only two or three souls here. Not a lot wanted to find this gem. Perfect. It would make it easier for whomever hired him to find the gem. He sat there awaiting someone who would need him to tag along.
  8. Episode 1: Raining Fire I remember… once… I used to be happy. I still remember her smile, the way she looked at me. But her smile fades slightly each day for each stain of blood which soaked into my skin. Until nothing but a faint trace of her affection remains. These days… I even struggle to remember her name sometimes… My Lucinda… Lucinda of the faint smile… “You there, what are you thinking about?” The question snapped him out from his thoughts and he turned to face it’s origin. It was his newly assigned commanding officer that had interrupted his daydreaming and was now pressing her finger against his chest in an obvious attempt to draw his attention. Captain Evelyn Vagena was her name. “Nothing, ma’am.” He promptly replied as their eyes connected for a brief moment. She was the first female commanding officer he had ever been assigned to serve under. In fact she was the first female officer he had ever seen or heard of during his enlistment Ranger Corps. Given her gender he suspected she had been forced to endure her fair amount of ridicule from the other officers. “Is that so? What is your name, soldier?” It was clear from the stern expression on her face that his prompt answer did not satisfy her, but at least her finger departed from his chest. She tilted her head slightly while taking her time examining her newly acquired pawn. For that was what he was in her eyes. Untested meat, ready for the grinder. For her to respect him he would have to prove himself to be more than just cannon fodder. And respect had to be earned with the currency of blood, sweat and tears. “Joshua Bradley, ma’am.” He did his best to stand tall and proud as he presented himself, but even though he was much taller than the captain her strong presence easily overshadowed his attempt. Given the way she carried herself, it was apparent that she was no stranger to combat nor was her troops for that matter. But he himself had never experienced combat outside of the simulation pods where he had received his training. However unlike him the majority of the veterans in his squadron was from the old school, which meant their training had mostly consisted of trial by fire where the weak would perish and the strong would be forged into fearless warriors in a blaze of conflict and destruction. It was only due to the fact that the mortality rate had reached beyond seventy percent for new recruits in the recent years which in turn had caused to the amount of applicants to take a steep plummet that the council had been forced to alter the training process. In an effort to further bolster the amount of new recruits the council decided that enlisting for military service also came with the benefit of citizenship upon completion. Something before only available for those with enough money of influence to barter their way into a better life. “Tell me something Joshua Bradley, do I look like a “ma’am” to you?” She quickly countered as she tilted her head in amusement of his remark. “No, I mean-” Before he had time to continue, her finger was again pressed on him but this time upon his lips. Her sudden violation of his personal space caught him off guard and froze his posture in an instant of surprise. “The question was rhetorical, little sheep.” She continued before removing her finger and turning from him to continue her inspection of the rest of the troops under her command. It was almost time of their drop from orbit and this she had not much time to finish her inspection to ensure the readiness of her troops. Their vessel “The Vanguard” along with accompanying ships "Orion" and "Draugnath" had been tasked to investigate invalidated reports suggesting a presence of the scourge on the planet Starus III and if necessary cleanse it of the filth. They had been orbiting the for two weeks while performing scans but so far they had not been able to confirm any sign of the scourge upon the surface of the planet due to several powerful geomagnetic storms of unknown origin. Therefore the only remaining option left them was to send troops to the surface to investigate the origin of the reports first hand. For a little while the captain continued his inspection until she was fully satisfied. When she had reached satisfaction she commanded the different squads to prepare their pods for the approaching drop and directed them each to one of the assigned pods for their current mission. Joshua had been assigned to Rhino squad, which would be the first pod to drop and was tasked with secure the landing zone before the others pods would arrive. Like fire raining from the sky, the pods would one after another detach from the Vanguard and begin their descent towards the surface of the planet, taking great care in avoiding the the storms in their approach to the outpost from which the reports had originated. Joshua had seen it once before, as the ranger corps had been sent to cleanse his home planet back when he was just a little boy. He recalled the screams and the terror of his friends and neighbors as they would succumb to the infection of the scourge. He remember looking up into a blackened sky where he witnessed the ranger corps come crashing down as an purifying rain of fire and unparalleled ferocity. The abyss had reached out to claim him that day, but he had survived. Where his friends and family had perished in agony, he alone had endured. The captain had decided to accompany the Rhino squad for their descent to ensure the landing zone would be secured in a swift fashion. Joshua had heard rumors about her, that before she was given command she was one of the ranger corps most decorated sharpshooters. Even though one could say that she had decided to join them due to the fact that she felt they required a babysitter to get their job done, her presence provided him with a sense of relief. But it was apparent that this sentiment wasn’t shared by the rest of the squad. Sure the squad of eight excluding the captain did have enough of experience to go around however none seemed to be of her caliber. Suddenly pod was hit hard by some unknown object and caused to begin to spin out of control. Breanna, one of the other members of Rhino squad had loosened her straps which caused her to come flying across the pod in an instant and hit the opposite site hard and smacking her head against one of the railings. The impact knocked her unconscious and a stream of blood began to gush out of a small wound to her head. One of the other members managed to grab hold her to prevent further injury but as it stood they were unable to treat hur current wound as the pod began to spin further out of control and off course and towards one of the nearby storms. Tools and other supplies that had not been tightly knotted came flying out of their containers. Thankfully the standard full metal plating armor served well to protect the unit. Joshua who had remained strapped tightly in place for the drop, looked to his squad as time seemed to slow down for a moment to then accelerate before their impact to surface. Then everything turned black in an instant. He found himself floating aimlessly in a seemingly endless void, unable to reach out to touch anything or call for anyone. Every time he would open his mouth to try to speak, he would choke upon his words. He reached for his throat in a panic. It felt like he was back there on his home planet again, it felt like the darkness again had set out to swallow him whole. It felt like dying. He could feel his limbs slowly become stiff until the point that he could not longer move them. Paralyzed he would continue to float into the nothingness that had trapped him. Then again, just as he had been drawn into the blackness he was pulled out of it with a bright flash of light, fully blinding him before slowly fading. As his sight regained he could see the familiar face of the captain in front of him. By the lingering pain coming from his right cheek it seemed that she had slapped him in an attempt to release him from his prison. Realizing her success in waking him she turned away to tend to the rest of the surviving squad members of Rhino squad. Blood stained the walls to his right, and to his left laid the mangled corpse of Breanna. She had been halfway decapitated and most of her limbs had been crushed and set in wrong directions. Shocked by the sight before him, Joshua rushed to release the straps that made it hard for him to breath. Gasping for air he fell to his knees next to the lifeless corpse. His hands and knees quickly became soaked in the pool of blood that surrounded her. Unable to contain himself vomit mixed with the blood around him. By this time the captain and rest of the squad had abandoned the shuttle. After taking a moment to gather himself he would join them as he slowly stumbled out and down the entrance pad. There he saw his captain again pointing and screaming orders to the squad. Looking around he quickly realized that they had missed their landing zone and outpost that had been their destination was only a speck on the horizon at this point. Looking back he saw their pod slowly begin to engulf in flames. His grip on his weapon tightened as bullets begin to fly in all directions. It was hard to hear anything over the sound of the gunfire mixed the vicious battle cries of the infected that had begun to charge at them from all directions. At this point Joshua’s hand and knees was shaking from adrenaline and fear. However the sight of the captain and the sharp echo of her .50 caliber rifle exploding the heads of the infected with little effort granted him strength to compose himself. The captain had begun to wave them in the direction of a small building a small distance away. Joining the ranks of his fellow squad mates they began to move in formation towards the building. As the Rhino squad led by the captain began to approach their destination the door was hastily opened and two figures appeared waving and yelling them to hurry. From what he could tell it was an older man and a younger woman, perhaps a father and her daughter? Joshua threw the thoughts from his mind, it wasn’t the right time to ponder upon such things. Aside from poor Breanne, another two soldier of his squad had fallen by the relentless attacks of the infected so far. He could barely make out their charred and bloodied corpses from the infected that were still feasting on them. Turning back towards their destination his face turned pale as an cold shiver ran down his back at the sight before him. One of the infected had made its way up on the roof of the small building and just like it fell down upon the man which had come out to direct them into their safe abode. In a single swoop his head was ripped from his shoulders and thrown to his brothers. Blood came gushing out of his neck like a fountain for a second before the body fell to the ground, now a lifeless husk. The creature then turned to his companion which had dropped to her knees shocked by the brutal sight and was screaming frantically while crying uncontrollably. In terror of the beast that was about to feast upon her she pressed her hands over her eyes to smother her shivering tears. He turned his attention towards the captain for aid but found her surrounded by three infected which were circling her position while getting ready to feast. Saliva spew down along their months and cheeks as they examined their prey. Smoke were coming out of the barrel of her large rifle. He could tell by the open chamber that she was out of bullets and backed into a corner. Their eyes met for a second as she looked back towards him for help. I was the first time he had ever seen fear in her face. The rest of the squad had either fallen at this point or was in the process to being overrun by the increasing attack rate of the infected. He looked back towards the house to notice the door still remaining wide open. And with the rest of the infected either focused on the young woman, the captain or feasting on the remainder of Rhino squad he reckoned that he could easily make his way inside without drawing attention to himself. In that moment, time ceased as he found himself at diverging paths. He knew whatever his choice, it would surely alter the course of future unfolding events. But how would he know which was the right one? Would he rush to save the young woman, his newly assigned captain or rather just ensure his own imminent safety? To be continued...
  9. PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL This document is strictly private, confidential and personal to the client, (1) Ms. Emmeline Walter-Loupe and the named owners of the enclosed contract, these being: a one (2) Mr. Brecht, of Brecht and Undercroft Law Firm and Consultants, and a one (3) Ms. Undercroft, of Brecht and Undercroft Law Firm and Consultants. This document should not be copied, distributed or reproduced in whole or in part, nor passed to any third party. EMPLOYEE #XXX2: EMMELINE WALTER-LOUPE "I CAN MAKE YOUR WISHES COME TRUE. FOR A PRICE." PERSONAL DETAILS Name: Emmeline Walter-Loupe Preferred Name: Emmie Address(es): [HIDDEN] Age: 23 Date Of Birth: February 29th, XXXX Star Sign: Pisces Place of Birth: XXXXXX, Terrenus Name of Father: Caspar Walter [ † ] Occupation: Baker Cause of Death: Stroke Induced By The Introduction Of A Silver Bullet Into Left Arm Notes: Recognised his jolly demeanour. Well-liked by most. Trade Union Representative and one of the founders of C.O.W.L. Name of Mother: Anne-Marie Loupe [ † ] Occupation: School Teacher Cause of Death: Blunt Force Head Trauma, Internal Bleeding Notes: Known for her tendency to day-dream and her forgetfulness. Siblings: None Named Guardians (Past): (1) Mr. Martin Turner [ † ] Alias: Mr. Machite Teuer Occupation: Werewolf Hunter Contract: Complete, Collected. Named Guardians (Present): (1) Mr. Brecht Occupation: Lawyer, Banker (2) Ms. Undercroft Occupation: Lawyer, Species: Lycanthrope Pack Affiliates: None Class: Upper Lower Class AFFILIATE DETAILS OFFICIAL MEMBER OF COWL: COMMITTEE OF WORKING LYCANTHROPES RESIDENT CONSULTANT OF LJB: LYCANTHROPE JUSTICE BOARD ACCREDITED BY THE TBBC: THE TERRENUS BAR OF BLOOD CONTRACTORS EMPLOYMENT DETAILS Occupation: Junior Partner at Brecht and Undercroft Law Firm and Consultants Areas of Specialisation: Blood Contract Law and Practice Blood Contract [?]: Yes [DETAILS HIDDEN] Status of Blood Contract [?]: Ongoing [DETAILS HIDDEN] Employment Stipulated by Blood Contract [?]: Yes [DETAILS HIDDEN] Basic Training Completed: Yes Customer Satisfaction Rate: 99% Contracts Negotiated: 50 Contracts Signed: 49 Contracts Fulfilled: 5 Ongoing Contracts: 44 Average Interest Secured Per Contract: 48.5% of Principal Sum Warnings Recieved: 0 Disciplinary Meetings Required: 0 PHYSICAL DETAILS Human Form Height: 5'5" Weight: 60.8kg Hair Colour: Dark Auburn Eye Colour: Blue Skin Colour: Pale White Lip Colour: Pale Pink Brow Colour: Brown Notable Features: Heavily Freckled. This is most noticeable across the cheeks, bridge of the nose, and the forehead. Extensive Scarring. 1)Twenty long, white scars,(approximately 5cm in length), to be found on the arms and thighs. 2)Three black gouges,(approximately 30cm in length),run diagonally from the right shoulder across the back. 3)Four bite marks,(approximately the size of an adult's curled fist), present on the left thigh, left shoulder, right wrist and the back of the neck. Lycan Form Lycanthropy Type: Type One, [Inherited] Details of Type One Lycanthropy: -Type One Lycanthropy is passed from parent to child. -Type One Lycanthropy allows an individual to shift from a human form to a lupine form at will. -Type One Lycanthropy is impacted by the lunar cycle: or, more specifically, 'lunar energy'. This is energy that is emitted from the moon, which increases as the moon's states change. This energy reacts with the lupine genes present in Lycanthropes, and makes them stronger. However, when the moon is full, this 'lunar energy' emitted is so potent that the lupine genes become aggressive, and take over the body and mind of the individual, until the power source is reduced. This can cause adverse effects, with some of the most common being: Forced Transformation From Human To Wolf. At full moon, the body is shifted against the individual's will, which is known to be an agonising and often dangerous process. Temporary Loss Of Sanity When in this state, Lycanthropes become increasingly animalistic. Because of this, reality can blur, they can lose the power to both speak and understand language, become violent, are rendered unable to recognise human friends and family, and can have disjointed thought processes. Bloodlust Some Lycanthropes can become desperate to hunt and kill prey whilst in the state. Exhaustion (Post-Full Moon) The swell of power, and then subsequent loss of it, alongside the physical and mental strain the transformation has on the individual, usually exhausts them for several days following full moon. Nausea (Pre and Post Full Moon) The power of the moon can make some individuals feel incredibly ill, dizzy and weak. Number of Individuals 'Turned': [DETAILS HIDDEN] Height: 6'1" Weight: 70.8kg Fur Colour: Brown-Grey Eye Colour: Yellow Other Blood Type: O-Positive Allergies: Chocolate, Cat Hair Physical Ailments: Slight Limp (Right Leg) Dominant Hand: Right
  10. Sea Troubles

    Quest: (Class A) You wake up on the ship of pirates, kidnapped from the city of Lo'Bre. You have been chained up with chains designed to withstand magic, and powerful abilities. How will you escape? Quest can have one, or a group. Location: Lo'Bre, Lothrei Kingdom, Elendaron Participants: B2BBear, Mickey Flash, Mittens -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Leper "It's a big one! Last round boys, make it count!" The it was a good day for fishing off the coast of Lo'Bre, the northernmost city of Elendaron. The salty, rejuvenating smell of the sea filled his lungs. The beautiful sun was beginning to set and would soon cast a grand orange hue over the city. He was fond of moments like this. "Leper!!! Get over here and pull you nitwit!" The Leper had been reading up on the city, learning about the population, the system of government, and history in between catches. He was mostly paid to help navigate and guard the ship- though he wasn't much of a fighter. He dabbled in merc and bounty work, but found himself at best when it came to situations of manual labor or mechanics. He had come a long way from an airship leading to La Guardia, Renovatio from Elendaron. He's had a few experiences since then, but none too important for him to really remember, except his time learning the mechanic trade on that ship. He decided to come back to Elendaron to the city he was most familiar with due to the company he worked for- Lo'Bre. He knew his way around and knew the men at the docks from previous work well enough to land a job doing some fishing. The Leper was a bit of a drifter you could say, a man with no history, no relationships, lost in this world. Indeed, the burned man could care less except to drift and be intoxicated. As matter of fact the Bandaged Man would not mind having a a drink with some grass right now, preferably at the popular Basic Blues Bar in town. He found himself staring towards the coast, where a large flag of Lo'Bre flapped freely in the wind... "LEPER! Get over here now!" The Lepers eyes opened through his goggles, his day dream now broken. He rushed over to the men, whom were tugging and pulling at a line. "Heave! Heave!" The captain of the fishing vessel ordered rhythmically. With Lepers aid the small crew began to make real progress, the beast would soon emerge. "Here it is booooys!!!!!" The burly, hairy captain huffed with the final tug of the line. Pop! Out of the water it came and landed on the deck of the vessel. A pink hump on it's back. A humanoid shape. The crew began looking at each other before yelling simultaneously, "A Pink Backed Sleel!!!". The Leper had no clue as to what that was, but the thing began to stand, and it didn't look to happy! "Agh!" The Leper yelled. Without even thinking his own two legs moved forward straight towards the creature, and like a line backer he crouched down slightly in his sprint and pressed his shoulder into it's torso. In a split of a second, before the crewmates could even bring their fists up to fight the damned creature, The Leper tackled the thing overboard back in to the water. The fishing captain rubbed his balding head as the crew watched the pink hump quickly submit to the sea and disappear. "What a day! Good quick thinking, you bandaged bastard!" He patted The Lepers back as he went back to the wheel of the ship. "Sun is setting boys. Time to head home before orange turns to blue, aye?" The crew of six responded with aye aye's and off they were back towards shore. The Leper, now calm, decided to take the rest of the downtime back home to finish up on that mini book he got at the tourist center on docks of the Lo'Bre. He really did find such information interesting, and he thought that one day it could serve important. He focused in on the characters and absorbed its contents as the sun began to set... @Mickey Flash
  11. Wonderland Resorts Presents: Elemental Team Tournament! @Aves and @HollowCipher vs @Die Shize and @The Bone King (Modified T1cs Rules are found here. Turn order will be ABAB. Match ends after the final post of round 7.) Is that hemlock? Maybe sage? It could be lavender? It can't really tell what the old hag is burning, and you have no idea why she is waving it in your face. Someone said it could be for good luck, someone else suggested it was to purify you, but you're like 90% sure that it's because your partner smells like dirty feet. However, the event sponsors assured you that it was absolutely necessary for her to do this. Although no matter how much you pestered them, they couldn't be bothered to tell you exactly why. As the hag continues to wave her burning bush (eww no, stop being a pervert) wildly through the air, the flames grow brighter and stronger. Soon the small confessional that you're sharing with her and your partner (Threeway? Giggity, giggity) is filled with such a deep and dark haze that you can't see more than an inch in front of you. Your lungs fill with the smoke, you feel your head floating away from your body, your eyes water, and you are suddenly hit by a powerful and overwhelming hunger that demands you consume the old lady's face to sate it. As you thrash about, trying to grab the hag for a quick bite, the haze clears and you quickly figure out that you are no longer in the booth. Taking a quick glance around you find that hundreds of steel chairs with lifeless manikins filling the seats. Cameras on rails, and spotlights act as a barrier between the lifeless crowd and the stage. There is certainly a vastness to this room, and grandeur that almost brings you to your knees. But just like the people are false, so is the set up. You notice the balcony is a mock-up, the large columns are cardboard, and the walls a combination of paper and plywood. You're not sure what is beyond the walls, but you suspect that it is much safer within the holy illusion than it is outside of it.
  12. Wonderland Resorts Presents: Elemental Team Tournament! @Stumbler and @Fierach vs @Magister and @dvsn (Modified T1cs Rules are found here. Turn order will be ABAB. Match ends after the final post of round 7.) Did... did you just get a full body cavity search? Did.... did he just say he might have lost his ring up THERE!?! Wha... what was that about a sedative? What do you mean probes!?! Hey, I'm a professional, trust me. One minute you were standing there registering for the tournament, the next thing you know it all went black. Just everything, solid black. Maybe you fell asleep, maybe your one of those narcoleptic goats that passes out when it gets excited, hell maybe you've been drugged! Truth is, you probably just blinked. It doesn't REALLY matter though, because when you open your eyes, you aren't in the Chapel's foyer anymore. Four torches are centered around a 3' by 6' stone alter, which just so happens to have a nice flat bed like but blood stained surface, sitting a little under 4'. That's the perfect height to stab someone! Which might explain the small mound of skulls and other bones that have accumulated at its base. Although there are no chairs, benches, or pews, a close inspection of the grass reveals depressions consistent with kneeling. A lot of kneeling, like thousands of people were kneeling.... in fact if you count the knee imprints you quickly realize that the clearing you're standing in is a near perfect circle with a diameter of around 500'. The four torches in the middle of the circle, positioned at the corners of the alter, offers the only light that keeps the darkness away. You're pretty sure that if you left the ring of light, or if the light went out, the darkness would devour instantly.
  13. Wonderland Resorts Presents: Elemental Team Tournament! @Acies ab Vesania and @Ayden versus @amenities and @Ataraxy (Modified T1cs Rules are found here. Turn order will be ABAB. Match ends after the final post of round 7.) There is a few moments of calm before the start of the fight, they're short lived though. A half dozen men swarm you, spraying you down with some kind of 'inerting' liquid that smells vaguely of grapefruit. In fact, you're pretty fucking sure that they just sprayed you with fruit juice, but you don't have time to question it. Before you can object, or slap the shit out of one of them, one of the attendants runs up and shoves their hand in your face. "Hurry up, eat these." Maybe you go to comply, maybe you try to tell them to piss off, but before you have a chance to do much 5 jellybean looking globs are shoved in your mouth. "Don't chew, just swallow. If you chew them, they'll explode." You're pretty sure you're going to kill one of these guys, maybe stab them in the face. It's a really tempting notion, however the doors to the Chapel begin to open. Caught by the brilliant light that cascades from the growing crack in the darkness, you momentarily lose your train of thought. "Oh~!" A singsong voice pipes up from behind you. "Also can you sign this waiver saying we aren't liable for your death?" A waiver is held up for you to sign with your fingerprint. (You don't have a choice, sign the fucking waiver, it's 100% safe anyway.) As the doors finish opening you and your partner are unceremoniously shoved through them. What you find waiting you on the other side is beyond expectations... Chapel Mensonge morphs and shifts, the ground ripples like freshly disturbed water as the very fabric of reality quivers. It is impossible to tell if you were just force fed hallucinogenics or if this is a natural product of the chapel. Wood gives away to stone, and the ceiling which was only a few feet above your head grows into a massive vault that reaches far beyond what the eye can see. Seeming to dangle from the vast abyss that looms over you, a half dozen wrought iron chandeliers cast an orange glow across the frigid stone floor. Rows of pews are bisected by a single carpeted lane that runs the full length of the building. Taking a quick glance behind you, you notice that the door is gone, but there are windows along the walls that appear to lead into something so dark and so empty that you feel yourself being drawn into oblivion from just a glance.
  14. "Hey! Quiet! The results are coming in!" Several sets of eyes looked up at the man who sat beside the radio in the corner of the dimly-lit basement barroom. A feeling of unease and uncertainty permeated through the air, as those in the de-facto campaign headquarters of the Norkotian Nationalist League impatiently awaited the official word on the election results. Not one of them expected victory for their candidate, as the opposition they faced was formidable and well-entrenched, though a few had hope that a good showing could inspire future anti-establishment movements. "With ninety-seven percent of the ballots recorded, the race for chairman has now been officially called." the voice of the radio announcer spoke, as the volume was turned up for all the here, "And it looks like we have a startling upset tonight. Nationalist candidate Joseph Tynes has been declared winner, edging out both incumbent Chairman Bill Chamblers, and his primary challenger Lars Beddeck. We now turn to our expert panel for analysis on this unexpected result..." All eyes in the room widened, then turned toward the man whose name had just been spoken. Joseph Tynes, an ambitious young man to whom the Nationalists had pinned their hope, now found himself at the center of attention. “Congratulations, Mr. Chairman.” the man at the radio stammered, both surprised and elated by the news. As many of the other people in the room offered similar messages, the lone representative of the media, a newspaper intern sent here only to get a statement from the Nationalist League’s leadership after their expected defeat, shoved her way to the side of the upstart chairman-elect. "Mr. Tynes! Mr. Tynes!" she shouted over the sudden explosion of noise in the small, smokey chamber, "Can I get a statement for the paper on your victory, sir?" Tynes leaned back in his chair, overwhelmed by all that was happening around him. The intern’s words managed to register in his mind, forcing the young man to hurriedly concoct a statement to express himself. As he tried to form the thought in his mind, he couldn’t help be reflect upon the long road it had taken to get here...
  15. Hush, now. It is nighttime, and the town is lost in sleep, wandering the roads of a thousand dreams. If you listen closely, you can hear them- deep snores, soft breaths, dying wheezes, no two quite the same. Signatures, carved in the silence. Here and there you may also catch scribbles, such as the pop and crackle of a fire in the hearth or the scritching and scurrying of hungry rats or the faint murmur of conversation between those few nocturnal dwellers who don't know the meaning of bedtime. And footsteps! Let's not forget the footsteps. There's an artistry to them, a rhythm, such that each soft pad against the earth (heel-toe, heel-toe) fits neatly into the tapestry of the night's sounds, a cleanly drawn line amidst the scrawls emanating elsewhere. The wind picks up, and hums in tune. It's curious, excited. After all, these are no ordinary footsteps! This is the sound of a force of nature, beginning to move. A blue cloak floats down the road, carried by a pair of small feet that stride without the slightest deviation to the threshold of civilization. First it's the shadows of houses and taller buildings that fall behind her, then the long rows of crops rustling faintly in the wind, and finally the last fence marking the border. After that, nothing but barren road, thin grasses and scattered weeds. Then the shadows of the first trees. They fall over the lady in blue, enveloping her swallowing her whole. She does not hesitate, only striding onward, onward, onward into the dark of the wilderness, until she passes out of sight and is lost to the world. Forever.
  16. Somewhere in Genesaris, Lucier was beating Teddy at his own game. They had been playing for a couple of hours. A little less, if you were keeping track of time. With a fully stocked minibar and a deck of cards on standby, it didn’t make much sense to leave the apartment for anything else. There weren’t any poker chips to help them along, but that didn’t matter because they had bonbons. A full bowl of them, big as a pumpkin. The cherry ones were worth five chips, and the blueberries were worth ten. The rest followed the same trend until they ran out of flavours, and eventually they introduced pringles into the mix after Teddy ate all the guava candies. Behind his glasses, Lucier searched his adversary’s face. The bounty hunter, stripped down to a pair of polka-dotted boxer briefs, wasn’t shy about returning the stare. “What’s it going to be?” Lucier asked. At the centre of the table sat a handful of bright red candies. Teddy weighed them with his eyes, trying not to chew on his lip. “I’ll call,” he said, bending low to his chair. Lucier waited, then watched as two white socks joined the pile. “You sure?” Teddy’s only response was an impatient twirl of his finger. Let’s do this. Lucier shrugged. “Alright, cowboy. Pony up.” Both players showed their hands. Teddy seemed to deflate as he leaned back against his chair. A full house stared him in the face while Lucier gazed upon Teddy's three of a kind from across the table. “God damn it." “Don’t look so glum,” Lucier cooed, reaching over to collect his winnings. “It’s not a bad hand. I just got luckier, that’s all. Besides,” He tipped his head downwards, modest in his smile. "You’ve still got some life left in this game.” Teddy took a moment to finish the last of his beer. “Way I see it, I’m a dead man walking.” “Better than being just dead." “Funny, coming from the guy who wants to put a bullet in my head.” Teddy slowly stood up and made his way around the black marble counter, then to the fridge. He fought back a shiver when he rummaged inside, shirtless. “Why do you even want my underwear?” “Well, they are my size.” “Don’t be gross.” This time he did shiver. “Just think of it as you paying me back for the room.” “Oh and you paid for all this. This room.” Teddy extended his arm in a grand, sweeping gesture. It wasn’t hard to find the sarcasm in his words. The place was enormous, like a mansion; the kitchen alone was bigger than the apartment he’d owned in Tia years ago. It also came with all the standard amenities of a luxury penthouse, probably because it was a luxury penthouse. They had a panoramic view of the city, furniture suspended in mid-air, even a balcony with a jacuzzi and surround sound speakers. Just looking at it all made Teddy’s bank account flinch. He shook his head. “You’re rich but not filthy rich. I bet you didn’t drop a dime on this place.” “Guilty as charged,” Lucier drawled, springing cards from one hand to the other. He’d been amusing himself with nimble flourishes for most of Teddy’s beer run, to the point that he almost didn’t notice the gunslinger sit down. “It pays to have friends in high places. Literally, in this case. Maybe it’s time you stop chasing two-bit thugs and join me where the grass is green.” “And the girls are pretty?” A slight curl flickered at their lips before the two found themselves grinning idiotically, like teenage boys passing gas in class. “Something like that,” Lucier waved. “How about it?" Teddy measured his words with a careful sip, aware that he was being baited. “I’m here now, aren’t I?” “Yeah, on a favour.” Lucier mimicked his partner with a swig of his own. “I’d argue that’s not the same as a change of heart.” Teddy wore an apologetic smile. “What can I say, I’m a hard man to change.” “That you are,” Lucier conceded, and they toasted to the statement. For a moment they sat without talking, comfortable with the budding silence the way old friends were only capable of. “Remind me,” Teddy cut in. “Why do you want this airship so badly? If I remember correctly, you said it murdered a truckload of people. Its crew included.” “That I did.” “And you’re not afraid it’ll try to kill us.” It was more of a statement than a question. “Only idiots aren’t afraid of death, and I’ll have you know I never went to school.” Lucier allowed Teddy a snort before continuing in a serious tone. “Supposedly the AI was corrupted by the bones built into the ship’s hull. Those bones belonged to a demon of forbidden secrets.” He paused for another sip. “See where I’m going with this?" Teddy nodded. “You’re hoping the AI might be able to tap into its knowledge.” “That or its memories.” A few seconds’ worth of consideration passed. “You think those bones are really dead?” Lucier held the question in his mind, then answered in a tone of certainty he hadn’t entirely meant. “No.” A familiar silence returned, banishing any thought about their mission. It had been a while since the pair of them were together, and though neither would admit it, they were thankful for the opportunity. In their line of work, it was a rare thing indeed to catch up with friends or colleagues. Most of the time, Lucier had to make do with a picture he carried in his wallet, showcasing him among others at birthday party he couldn’t quite remember. He wondered if Teddy kept anything of the sort, a memento of some kind, but then remembered the gunslinger had never been the sentimental type. For all he knew, the man only needed the iron at his hip and a road to walk, and for the rest of life that would be enough. The thought made him feel strangely lonely. “So.” Lucier cleared his throat. “About those boxers.” Teddy rolled his eyes. “Seriously?” “Hey, merchandise is merchandise.” “You’re an ass, you know that?" The doorbell suddenly interrupted their conversation. “I’m not getting that,” Teddy said stiffly. Lucier plucked a flat-brimmed cattleman hat from his end of the table. It smelled faintly of gunpowder and long walks through the desert. “I’ll give this back if you do.” He waved it in the air like you would a treat with a dog. “I’ll even throw in your socks as a show of good faith.” It didn’t take long for Teddy to snatch his hat with a begrudging swipe. Fitting it around his head, the blonde then held out his hand expectantly. Lucier wagged a finger. “Only half up front. You get the rest after.” A self-satisfied twinkle lit his eyes as he shooed Teddy from the table. “Where’d you even get that thing anyway?” he called out. “Tekwell,” Teddy announced, disappearing down the hallway. “Where the hell is Tekwell?” Teddy’s voice sounded hollow in the distance. “Do you want me to get the door or not?” Lucier held up his hands, despite the fact that there was no one to see them. “By all means, go ahead.” Hearing the door open, Lucier listened for the voice of their first arrival.
  17. Gardens garnished with Gore

    Truth seldom tumbles from tongues, save when tempted by a blade The gardens looked magnificent that night, a wonderland of snow wrought by Wayne, the Black Queen's personal decorator, for much like the castle's interior, an enchantment had blanketed the world in a crisp carpet of white. Frost clung to flowers as though lovers entwined, whilst lights were interlaced throughout thicket and tree, rendering the otherwise blooming region into a paradise for child and courtier alike. It was into this serenity that conflict crashed, and the ground sprayed snow like tears, as first one figure and then another came thundering down upon the smooth stone beneath; for La'Ruta was thick about them that eve, and the elegant marble cracked before the Warlord's might. Armour lay broken now, crumpled and crushed amidst a tangle of flesh, as the remnant's of Agony's disguise began to dissipate, psuedo-skin spiralling away within the soothing midnight breeze, as the creature masquerading as Dolor shed their facade and oozed obscenely from each and every tear within the rent suit. In stark contrast to the ruin that Malice had wrought, the Warlord himself appeared entirely unaffected by the seventy foot drop from the throne room above, sleek obsidian plate contorting unnaturally, as his massive bulk landed in the garden below. If Agony had been watching the warrior's descent he would, perhaps, have witnessed a curious phenomenon during the juggernaut's flight though; for once they had leapt clear of the Castle wall, gravity seemed to almost flee before his passage, refusing to effect the beast at first and then, once within ten feet of the ground, suddenly snatching desperately at their form. Normally, an adversary might have underestimated Agony, believing them destroyed by the blast which had thrust the creature out of the throne room far above, but Malice was no mercenary marred by hubris, hailing from lands older than Valucre itself, and so he had encountered countless horrors, nightmares made flesh which had wreathed worlds in flame. Perhaps that was why the Warlord's guard never faltered, why his conviction never wavered, maintaining a vigil upon Dolor's corpse and observing with interest, as the entity restructured itself, adopting a shape far closer to their natural state. Rather than rushing in then, Malice entertained this rebirth, studying each and every inch of the stranger's frame, as two pits in place of eyes gnawed hungrily upon the sight, cycling through spectrums which transcended mortal minds, as Agony was finally laid bare before his lidless and withering gaze. Wielding his infamous longsword FiendWrath in his right hand, and girding his left with Styx his circular shield, the black swordsman regarded Agony with an eagerness that had long burned within their breast, a hunger for bloodshed which Gabriela had incited, before burying him behind endless duties, and paperwork. 'Tonight creature, you shall discover the meaning of pain'.
  18. Cid's longterm post in Weland was about up, and if she were being honest with people who asked, she couldn't wait to move on. The city of Weland, to her, was more of a dump than anything else. Goverment issues, caste system, nonsensical ethics abound, and to top it all off an entire segment of the city and population was walled off to contain a plague. The Game Officer was almost positive none of this appeared in the travel brochures, either; if she picked one up, she'd probably see some fancy shots of Weland's architecture during warm, sunny days, probably behind a cherry tree or something so that cherry blossoms could obstruct some of the picture, as well as recently cleaned streets being mostly underused, in order to make it seem like everything was just peachy keen. In contrast, Cid's time in the city had been dictated by pushy guards, crowded marketplaces and false advertising. She'd been plagued by drunken stooges looking to get into her pants, and she'd seen poor chumps get swindled into going into the quarantine, only to get mugged, or infected, or worse. Thankfully, Cid had maybe two days left, at the most, and she actually had an appointment today. In addition, she actually had company today as well. Very interesting company. Standing next to the Game Officer, the short, blonde-haired woman in the clean-pressed white and green that somewhat resembled a park ranger's uniform, rested a much larger and much more interesting individual. Namely, a lithe and buxom red-haired woman with startling eyes and full pink lips. Also, she happened to be half snake. From the torso up, or so it seemed. Naleen, as she was called, had been the first to arrive at the Office and was attentively chatting with Cid as the crowds passed them by. The llamia was fairly well-dressed in most respects, or at least compared to her kin, sporting a relatively minimalistic pink-dyed scale mail top. It covered her extremities easily enough, with two pink skeletal hands gripping her breasts firmly while leaving room for her midriff and collar to be exposed. A pair of short, but thick pauldrons rested on her shoulders and around the back, the beast's spine was protected by an exaggerated depiction of a spine. She sported elbow pads of a similar make, but her hands bore a pair of skeletal-looking armguards, fitted with two retracted blades at the moment. More interesting were the series of thin harnesses that lined her tail, from tip to trunk. These thin black straps seemed to be mostly loose, save for the one around her hips, which was pulled tight. Resting next to the Llamia rested a wooden trunk with straps on it, like a crude backpack. At the time being, the rest of their party had yet to arrive, and so the Llamia merely shot the breeze with the Game Officer, who was making a great effort of not staring at the woman's chest.
  19. Where Minds Meld

    'In the darkest of depths, slumbers an Enigma unlike many others. Wraith in habit, but Walker of worlds in accent. An existence that conflicts with Aether and the Nether realm in kind. Left Hand apparatus while Right Hand connected to the Pillars of Existence. Said Patron Lord of all, when really the Lord of none. A glimmer is it's existence a locked away presence soon to be discovered.. Much like a slumbering ring on its way home to its Masters bidding.' Passage I: Enter K'Mari What was there not to like about market places upon the ports of Renovatio? The fresh sea air upon the lovely earth to the rushing sounds of sellers and children crowding the streets. A blue sky kissed the vibrant city with joyful weather and a golden sun with warming rays. The coastal breeze was but a gentle caress like a woman's touch upon her lover. There was life like a thrumming heart beat that circuited the city like lightning; wandering eyes and free ranging hands caressed goods up and down the market stalls. Over head various parasol's draped left and right providing shade for the occasional shopper. Businesses ranged from food goods to small trinkets and antiques. What ever one vendor did not have another was surely to carry in stock. However in today's passage the realm catered more toward the mystic arts. Music crowded the air as people played for money and gypsy's danced about the crowd. Professional pickpockets loitered in the shadows waiting for the unsuspecting victim. Occasionally they were successful but for the most part the city guards were on their A game today. Such odious habits were not tolerated on a day like today; emotions ran high with the sun! The Gods Bacchus and Dionysus were surely drunk upon the overflowing wealth of today; Plutus reigned suppress with jubilee as gold left the pockets of the people into the hands of merchants and later the guards who would see them home. Magic was afoot in the City no doubt the air tingled and fizzled with the energy of the people. When K'Mari entered the folds of the crowd the essence of magic would find her. Like a pulsar the attraction was like magnets to the positive or negative side of its counter part. A voice within the roar of the people and the clatter of booted feet against cobbled stone. 'K'mari~' The voice was deep with bass yet fickle with the white noise. It called to her from within the depths of the market itself. While the sun beat down upon majority of the market place, there was a section of the market that had no sun to it. The Black Market resided ironically in the shadows, where parasol's traversed from building to building in layers. Very little light peeked in from the sky above giving the place a dully lit aura somewhat like a fearful manifesto of evil. The pulsar attraction tugging force became stronger over time. The more time K'Mari spent within the folds the stronger the pull became something like a carrot on a stick. In her field of vision the world appeared normal for the most part, except after about twelve minutes she would begin to see strange things. Small shadowy creatures with large white eyes observed her movements, shadowed figures like etched in bodies with scribbled in space stood upon corners. A Elk of the same bodily fashion sauntered through the crowd seamlessly almost as if one of the people could touch it. Yet they did not exist on the same plane of existence as K'Mari.. They existed somewhere but as for where it was unknown. From the air above a black smoke spiraled down to connect to her pipe. A tugging force was applied to the item forcing her to either hold onto it with her lips or have it taken away and give chase. The fun was just beginning. @Aleksei
  20. Lost in the Mists

    There's something to be said for the sincere comforts of home; an intangible sort of warmth and deep seated comfort that arises from being in familiar environs. That probably had something to do with why he awoke to the rather tangible sensation of hot, stinging rain and howling wind, spluttering and desperately swinging his hands up to protect his face from the onslaught. Around him, the dense forest branches came alive with a thousand protesting branches and an equally wrathful shower of stripped leaves. The young man hastily darted to his feet, wild eyes the color of muddy water scanning the dark and foreboding forest for anything resembling shelter. He had but a moment's warning before a slim branch slapped into the side of his head, sending a stinging blur of crimson blood dripping down his dark brows and cascading down his gaunt cheekbones. He cried out in frustration, and took a long step forwards. Something caught his arm and he lost his grip on the slippery mud and leaves beneath his bare feet, sending him sprawling into a pile of leaves. That was when he realized there was a fine loop of silvery metal bound around his wrist, drawn taut by his sudden movement. He wrapped his callused fingers around the fine metal and yanked hard. At once, the chain grew hot in his grip and a wave of blinding pain raced up his arm and wrapped vicelike grips around his heart. Gasping, he released the chain and crawled along its length, uncovering the fine links bit by bit where they hid beneath the scattered mud and leaves. His fingers closed on warm flesh and he recoiled, eyes widening at the realization. Oh, gods. I'm chained to someone. Where am I? He tried to retrace his steps. But there simply wasn't anything there. It was as if he had always been there, laying beneath the matted earth and flora. He looked down at his muddied clothing, now little more than tattered burlap and coarse linen trousers. If they had a color before, it had been buried under what felt like a solid century's patina of dust and grime. He felt a weight at his neck. Unsteady fingers reached down and withdrew the smooth oval metal from within his shirt. The slightly bent material had the barest hints of an engraving in them, and as his fingers brushed over the letters he felt a sudden burst of frustration at his inability to decipher them. A religious artifact? Perhaps a token from a loved one? Perhaps it was even his own name. If only he could read it! He returned his attention to the slumbering figure beneath the soggy leaves. He could see the bare movements of slow breaths there, and for a moment he reflected on how ludicrous it was that someone could sleep through a storm this fierce. In the distance, lightning flashed, illuminating the forest around them. And then came a sound that froze his blood in his veins. Hunting hounds. He blinked. Somehow, he knew it with absolute certainty. Every fiber of his being screamed at him to run, to hide, to cast himself into a body of water and mask his scent and to flee whomever had those awful beasts out. And that made him rather suspicious of the whole affair. Why do I have the feeling I'm a bit of a bastard? He pursed his lips. He couldn't run on his own. If he tried, the chain would debilitate him and then the beasts would have a rather easy dinner. The nameless man shook his head in a flurry of dark locks, and his fingers closed tightly around the hand of his (hopefully temporary) partner in this misadventure. "Wake the hell up! They're coming for us!" He pulled them up hard, sending the leaves scattering away. The gale drew quieter for a moment. Shock had a way of doing that to you. And then they were off, running through the thick and unfriendly woods, with nothing but the gale and the sounds of hungry beasts behind them.
  21. @Pseudonym The tavern was utterly and completely deserted, even though the evening was just beginning to settle down upon Genesaris. Inside, there were no more than ten individuals, but the two seated in the absolute centre of it all drew the most attention. A man in a deep brown overcoat fitted cleanly with a fedora on his head. His eyes were just as mysterious as every other part of him. When he took a smoke from his pipe, the gas that came out glittered, as if it were ground with the very essence of dreams. When he set his pipe down, his hands folded together as he solemnly regarded the woman seated opposite him. She was elven, and couldn't have been older than twenty. But there was age in her eyes, that her smooth skin and youthful appearance could not hide. Strapped to both of her thighs were a pair of holsters, each with a revolver tucked innocently inside. Her booted feet tapped loudly against the floor, but this was no tap of nervousness. It was a confident, mocking tap. One that was meant to intimidate the man seated opposite her, to express her impatience at his refusal to get straight to the point. At last, he ceased to fiddle with his fingers and opened his mouth. "You must know, Miss LeFay, that every government has put up warrants for your arrest, denouncing the deeds of your 'vigilantism'." The man paused, took a lighter and lit his pipe, nuzzling the shaft between his lips. He took a long puff, the mystical gas wafting out from the rim of the pipe. He set the pipe down once again. "However, I come not to arrest you, but to make a proposal. I want the names of those who have previously done business with you. If you can point me in the right direction that leads to the unveiling of a big case, I will close an eye today, and let you go free." The offer seemed to amuse the woman, who let out an ever so subtle giggle. "Where's the fun in that? Let's play a game," she mused. But although her expression was jovial, her eyes are deadly serious, and the detective knew very well not to underestimate the woman he was dealing with. Several months of studying a single person certainly helped to make them a little more predictable. But what came next, he would never have come to predict. The elven woman slid a revolver out from her left holster, placing it between them on the table. The revolver was coated in gold with inscriptions and carvings made on all sides. Or perhaps it was made from gold. "Here are the rules. Press the barrel against your head and shoot yourself. If its a blank, you get to ask a question which I have to answer honestly. If it's not a blank... I'll have the waiter drag your dead body outside and leave it to rot." "I will play your game, Miss LeFay. But will you really give yourself that half a chance to be ended?" The girl shrugged. The detective had to make sure that it wouldn't be foul play. Taking the revolver, he opened the cylinder and peered inside. There was a single novonium bullet placed within it. The detective laughed to himself. Did fate really want to throw him such a curveball? Here was a chance to bring in the infamous Rebecca LeFay, a vigilante who had never previously been caught. He had a fifty-fifty chance of either being killed or becoming famous for his achievements. He would take that risk. Spinning the cylinder, he put the gun to his temple and shot. Ping. T'was a blank. "What is the name of your middle brother? The necromancer? Where does he reside?" The girl smiled to herself. "His name is Roham. His whereabouts are unknown, although I have a strong feeling that he has been dealing with petty gangs in Mezthaluen." It was her turn now. One shot was a blank. A twenty percent chance that the next shot would end her life. Ping. She grinned at him, cocking her head to one side with false sympathy. "How did you find me? How many others know how to locate me?" Here, the man hesitated, but relented at last. "My department has been after you for a long time. They know where you are, and where you reside. If you kill me, there is not a chance that you are leaving this city alive. But if you cut this shit out, I can help you escape, I can forget about my team, I don't need them." She pouted her lips, as if contemplating his offer, before sliding the gun back to him, shaking her head playfully. So be it, the chance was now twenty-five. He fired. Ping. He exhaled deeply. Dodged death once again. "And your eldest brother, what is his name? Where can I find him?" She paused this time, as if uncomfortable with sharing this piece of information. She turned her head ever so subtly from side to side, making sure that no one was overhearing them, before leaning in close to the man's face. She could feel his breath on her lips and chin. "Matthew. He works in Hyperion." She withdrew before he could capitalize on their almost intimate distance between faces. "You know, you don't have to do this," the detective began, "If you help me and my department catch your brothers and turn them in, I'm sure we can find a way to get a pardon for your past actions." A thirty-three percent chance now. And she took it. Ping. Yet another blank. The next shot would either kill the detective, or it would force her to shoot herself. Bead's of sweat began to form on the detective's neck. This was his big moment. His big risk. But as he reached for the revolver, the woman beat him to it and placed the gun at her temple. Four out of six shots had been fired. One of the remaining two was a live road. She fired. Ping. There was no debate about what the last round was going to be, and there was only dread and shock on the detective's face. For a moment, they were frozen in time, as if he was beginning to contemplate his life choices. The woman smiled to herself, sliding the revolver back towards him, making a soft scraping noise as every second of the remainder of his life was stretched out into a thousand milliseconds. But something in him, told him that he wouldn't resign himself to his fate. Lifting up the golden gun, he turned it upon his adversary with his eyes blazing with desperation. BANG. The man slumped forward onto his face, a hole burned through his chest, straight through his heart. Smoke began to exude from the silver revolver held in the right hand of the elven woman, drawn within a mere half of a second of save her life. The man's arm fell heavily with a thud on the table, the golden gun clattering on its surface. The woman pushed his body aside to retrieve her golden revolver, sliding it back into her left holster. With that, she got up, and looked around hastily. The man had mentioned a department. And it was very unlikely that someone who had done his research would come without a failsafe. Hopefully those watching from the outside would assume that he was drunk and had fallen asleep. All the while, Becky failed to notice the two pairs of eyes that watched her from the corner of the room.
  22. Love and War

    “Libelle! Stop!” Dacre shouted as he watched the female dragon speed off towards the boarder that separate humans from dragons. He made to fly after her, but was immediately stopped by two other male dragons. “Shut it Dacre! Let the Hatchling go.” Veles, a dragon that would constantly bully Libelle for her size, grinned as he turned back to see said female dragon fly away. Young dragons like the three males and the female dragon weren’t permitted to fly or even set foot near the border. Not only was it dangerous for young dragons because of their inexperience, but it would surely end in their deaths. Veles had, much like he did everyday, challenged Libelle, and dared her to fly towards the border just to prove her strength as a dragon. Normally Libelle was much more sensible, but she was tired of hearing Veles taunting. Shifting her wings to increase her speed, Libelle’s eyes scanned through the tree line, but there was no sign of any humans. Surely this wasn’t what the elders meant by dangerous. A snort left her snout at the thought of the rule they had set up. As if on cue to her thoughts, Libelle felt fear grip her being as arrow began to fly at her from the trees. She veered to the left only to be met with a sea of arrows. Many grazed along her scales, while two piereced through the skin of her left wing which created a tear. A roar of pain resounded from the female dragon. Not only did it hurt like hell, but it made flying difficult. In a panic, she clapped her wings trying to regain control, only to head straight towards the dense canopy of the tree. Tree branches snapped under her weight as she fell from the sky, many of the branches scraped along her scales. Libelle landed with a loud thud on the forrest floor. For a moment, the whole Forrest went silent and Libelle struggled to remain conscious. Meanwhile, her body took control on its own and she shifted from her dragon form to her human form. Various scrapes marred her soft skin. Red spots, that would surely bruise, were on her back from colliding with thick tree branches. Blood trickled down her back from two open wounds that the arrows had caused. It was clear that the girl was in a very bad condition, but what made it worse was the side she landed in: the human’s territory.