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Found 1 result

  1. A double-headed snake with multifaceted eyes stands upon the stage. Those high enough in rank knowing better than to judge the duet before them. It makes for a tense and nervous engagement when there are two monsters in front of you telling you how things are going to be...or else. “All efforts are currently being made to locate the High Mason since the travesty that took place at the King's Feast. Until such a time as a new member of the Royal Family takes seat in his absence, I will be here before you ready to dole out the dregery that is assigned to each of us.” Anything, anything at all for a cigarette, fuck it. The current speaker suddenly whips out a paper stick and shoves it into the corner of her mouth while the young lady beside her clicks and sparks the flint of a lighter. Starting a very quiet moment. Not that anyone had anything to say for the time being. Shock and fear being two potently powerful auras placating those gathered. It is a long drag and hold before the air in front of her mouth is filtered with smoke, “Boring, boring boring….” Stated openly as she flips through the notes some glorified assistants have tasked her to speak. Predicated on nothing more than semantics she really has no desire to regard. “I’m going to get straight to the point. Our merger with Babel out of Nehalen is going to make a large statement, and if any of you has a complaint I’d appreciate it if you write it down crumple it up and eat it. Swallow it and bury it deep, deeeep, within yourself. We have work to do and I want a staff of iron stomachs… not flabby patties like that man over there.” Waving towards the rotund fellow seated three rows back six seats in from the left. Oh, how Daius has fallen in the absence of its most feared leader. And to think juggling one’s own dreams isn’t bad enough that she has to march onto the forefront to dance in the swill of another mans shit. If Ocelot is and or were still alive, she imagines wringing the life out of him herself. “First and foremost, however, we need to deal with this.” Thumb over the shoulder jutting toward imagery on a huge paneled screen. “As you can see the quaking throughout Alterion is currently causing fractures between Xaengri-La and the living continent nestled above it, our domain." Another drag is taken before her voice carries forward. "All around the continent disruptions in atmosphere, life, and geography have been taking place and worsening in a short time period. These malformations have begun to spring up and expand, absorbing and mutating whatever they come in contact with." As if on cue minute vibrations begin to rock the flooring beneath their feet. Unlike the frightened expressions gracing those of her subordinates, the woman continues. "Some time ago, we commissioned a team to investigate the emergence of entities from one of these ruptured fissures at its birth and what they found is concerning."
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