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Found 3 results

  1. It's the year 3713, and the people of Earth had solved much of the problems that faced them in centuries past with the creation of enhanced technology. Now, the common population was working only to support the AI that kept society functioning in top shape. Everyone was getting bored. They had accomplished most everything they had even thought possible, the most remarkable of course being the creation of the ultimate VR experience-the Endless Horizon. A simulated world with endless possibilities-all it takes is a thought, a bit of designing in some menus, and you can have a world of your very own. At the moment, a large event was about to take place, or so everyone heard, with the media spreading the info like a wildfire. Record numbers of people had diven into the Endless Horizon through the microchips connected to their brains at birth. The medieval city everyone had gathered in was abuzz-but for how long would that happiness last?
  2. Modern Illusion: Unusual World
  3. Endless Worlds Astonishing Space Adventures Welcome! Endless Worlds is a ever-expanding sandbox roleplay setting, one in which players will create, explore, and destroy in a galaxy of adventure. Endless Worlds is focused on creating new settings, not dwelling on old ones, so while the purpose of this original post will be to provide a starting point for Endless Worlds, the descriptions will be brief. Like so: The year is 20XXX Life has spread among the stars. In the 10th Millennium, a galaxy-wide empire made from a thousand Tribes of Sentients fell to a foe beyond comprehension. From the ashes of that empire Sentients rose again, reclaiming a fraction of their former technology and reawakening the rare, spiritual arts so few can comprehend. There are so many worlds to re-explore, most of which we no longer know anything about. Having re-learned the science of spacefaring, millions have taken to the far reaches of space in search of wealth and adventure. Who Are You? While there were many Tribes of Sentients in the old empire*, thousands of years of genetic decay and environmental destruction have wiped out the vast majority of life in the galaxy. Even still, many Tribes clung to life during the dark eon of the galaxy. They have now found each other once again and restarted the galactic space age. You may choose from any of the below to begin your adventures in Endless Worlds: Omanoids of planet Urd I, Urd II, Urd III, and Urd IV This Tribe of artificial life forms, successor race to a now dead species called "Omans", are still plentiful in the galaxy because the catastrophe of the 10th millennium was easier to bear for their metal bodies. However, many Omanoids suffer unpredictable programming issues as a result of severe physcho-computational stresses inflicted upon them during the catastrophe, which they were present for. While most life forms have begun to evolve back into their pre-catastrophe forms, Omanoid bodies have remained exactly as they were 10 millennia ago. Back then, they were virtually immortal, but now the damage to their mechanical brains require them to wipe their memories every century or so. Until the science of artificial intelligence can be restored, the Omanoids will remain a declining race. Betans of planet Beta I, Beta II, Gursh C, Rhskan, Tolort, Reme I, Reme VIII, and Battlestation X Betans are a Tribe of extremely large and strong bipeds. They have two to four arms, scales, tails and snouts filled with long blunt teeth. These slightly simple creatures are always eager to please and make for good friends and stalwart allies. For many years, other Tribes celebrated the universal benevolence and helpfulness of these creatures until one day, scientists performing mental tests on the Betans learned, to their horror, that Betans possess no shred of sapience, the defining characteristic of highly intelligent life. To understand the Betan brain, one must imagine a very, very observant pet who has learned to speak, perform tasks, and even follow laws not because he can understand language or can even begin to understand why laws exist, but because speaking languages and following laws allows him access to civilization's benefits of food, shelter, and companionship. Debates raged as to whether this species deserved the right to be called a Tribe at all, but in the end they were allowed to keep their Tribehood because they were considered too useful to discard. They are an inferior race in all but name. Starshadows of the Sunless Space One of the worst catastrophes inflicted by the unknown destroyers of the old empire was the simultaneous detonation of one- million stars. The countless victims of this heinous attack were instantly evaporated, yet their spirits somehow remained. These spirits existed as a single tortured collective for eons, more a single unconsciousness roiling in fear and pain than a true living, thinking entity. Yet recently, individual minds have emerged and pulled together wisps of energy to form new bodies. They appear as colorful plasma blobs and seem to have great control over electricity and other energy sources. They cannot, however interact reliably with physical objects as the effort to make their plasma bodies harden causes them terrible pain. They are known for being excellent orators and thinkers. Their bodies can power devices in emergencies. Cimex of Cimex I, Cimex II, Cimex III, Cimex IV Cimex V, Cimex VI, Cimex VII, Cimex VIII and Cimex IX. The Glorious Tribe of Cimex are a race of formidable bug-people. For an unknown reason, Cimex planets and technology were relatively well preserved against the catastrophe of the 10th century. The Cimex credit it to their fearsome ancient warrior kin fending off the enemy. It is a difficult assertion to disprove because there is almost no memory of the catastrophe, though there are other theories. Cimex are four armed, two legged, slender creatures covered in tough chitin, they decorate their impressive mandibles with metal enhancements and often wear valuable goggles to enhance their somewhat poor compound eyesight. Their backs are covered in extra-thick chitin and they can spit acid that can punch a hole through a ship's hull. Cimex will eat the flesh and drink the blood of any creature they legally can. Because of this, Cimex only approve Tribehood for new species if they consider the new species more useful than food. Lamians of planet Light Well, Star Basker, Crystal Drop, Sun Lance, and God's Planet. With their rich orange skin and green eyes, Lamians are a handsome race of powerful bipedal women and crafty men. They have almost solely revived the spiritual arts, and can project thoughts between minds. Female Lamians stand around eight feet tall. While not universally muscular, many women take great care to stay physically fit. Males rarely grow taller than six feet, and compete fiercely with one another unless presented with continuous work or a common enemy. While their matriarchy makes other races nervous, Lamians' ability to connect minds has proven time and again that they are an indispensable people, and one to be feared. Strangely, they practice religion and worship a light god. How to Play Endless Worlds is about exploration and discovery. If you play a race detailed above, your character is responsible for taking a space-ship, gathering a crew, and sailing for the stars to rediscover the galaxy. What you do on the way is your business! Encounter new life. Kill strange aliens! Shake down settlements! Defend the innocent! Because the play setting is so large, there is no end to the stories you can tell and the settings you can create. If you create something and like it, write a sentence or two summary and send it to @Vansin to have it made canon. Invent new races, places and technology, and keep it strange and fantastic! Just keep two things in mind: 1) Endless Worlds does not take place in the Milky Way galaxy. Humans and other common fantasy and science fiction races do not exist here. When creating a new race, create one at random, or in a way that has never or has rarely been done before. Races can exist which are human-like, or human-shape, but try to create huge differences in culture and appearance so that they aren't just different shades of humans. Or better yet: make crab people. Make gender-swapping bird people. Make rock people. Make parasite people. When it comes to making new races, go weird or go home. 2) This setting takes place in a fantasy universe, not a real one. Real world physics and science do not apply in Endless Worlds. Use frequent techno-babble and never let real science get in the way of the story you want to tell. As a personal request, I would also ask that you focus your time in Endless Worlds telling stories about small groups of people, hopefully mostly other Player Characters. In an unlimited universe, you could conceivably begin play, or even eventually work up to, positions of extreme and unchecked power. While there is no rule against it, I would suggest instead enjoying Endless Worlds for its fleeting, frenetic adventures and sense of constant newness and discovery rather than for its potential to amass personal power. This roleplay is rules-light to allow you to do whatever makes you happy. In the end, as long as everyone is having fun then this setting is going in the right direction. Messages An interesting feature of space-age roleplay is the ability to communicate over great distances. Use this in your posts to carry on conversations with other people in other threads and storylines. While blasting your way through an asteroid field, you might add a: tag for a friend and include an IC voice-message. That message would transmit over subspace and arrive during the receiving player's next post. I mention this because a second goal of Endless Worlds is a sense that most characters know most other characters. In an infinite universe it might seem strange, but allowing many characters to know of one another, talk about one another, intrigue and cooperate together, will give the setting a close-knit feel that I think can make the entire experience more fun. So even if you write a whole thread with just two people, send a message to another thread or another player IC and quote them, so they can do the same back to you! If you need more clarification on anything here, PM me! [All art in this post must be attributed to Jean Henri Gaston Giraud, "Moebius"]
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