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  1. I've posted an interest check for a fun social club a while ago. I never forgot about it. Now I've thought of a name and stuff. I mean, who can be serious about a pile of kittens? I even made a user lore page for the Comity. Box #1 will be in the basement mall of the Copper Bell Hotel Casino. What does this mean for you? Primarily, a chance for your character(s) to network while having fun, because so many things in characters' lives are too damn serious. So if you're interested, How do you join in on this? Well, your character needs to show up at the first initiation night. Don't worry, it'll be widely advertised. The initiation will be a series of silly games. The performance of your character during the games is not important: their demeanor and attitude are. For any other round, the current box members vote on the aspirants, but right now, Thurgood and Aveline Singlance are the only members; they must both approve of an aspirant before becoming a hatted member (literally: each confirmed member gets a kitty hat). Of course, there will be membership dues, but they will go towards operation and things needed for fun activities, and the founders have already given the account a substantial donation. UPDATE: The thread is here
  2. I did it when they finished their manor in Ursa Madeum (which is now likely just a hole in the ground), but this time, it's in the town of Inari in the Kingdom of Hasturia, . Like last time, this is not an exclusive event; Thurgood and Aveline welcome everybody that does not have ill intent, and if somebody does, just remember that they own two gun stores, Aveline is the Captain of the Lunarian Protectorate's Special Operations Squad, both have actual combat experience, so they're definitely packing, and know how to use what they pack. Otherwise, Thurgood is making barbecue, Aveline is making sides, they're making very strong moonshine for this party, as well as bringing plenty of wine from Taen, and there will be great desserts. So, you in? Thread is here, (EDIT: I completely forgot that the Valucrean new year is in the middle of summer...))
  3. "Dance for me, mortals. Show me your worth." A few months ago I came to a sort of standstill with how I wanted to proceed with Lilith's path. She had become one of, if not the most powerful and infamous antagonist in Valucre. Where do you go from there? After a while of pondering, I decided that I might want to try having Lilith be captured. It would open up a whole new avenue of roleplays while also allowing me to expand on her unique species through IC means. I wasn't totally set on whether I wanted to go that route, since I had a potential other route by allowing her to fuck around in Nede, so I kind of bounced around the idea for a bit. After taking a while to think it over and sorting out my real life stuff, I've decided that I'm going to dive right into her capture. And I've got a rough script for how I want it to go down, but I am taking suggestions if someone has any ideas. Keep in mind that any plans that were previously bounced around are officially invalidated and have to be revalidated in THIS thread. The only canon events that automatically carry forward are those that will be stated in the canon summary post for the "Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." thread (I will link the post/ thread when I post it later today). Rough Script There will be two sides: The Cult of Power and The Global Allies The ending of this thread is predetermined. Lilith Reiter will be defeated and then captured. Each member of the Global Allies will be able to claim a single "glory" of her defeat. This means, for example, that you CANNOT be both the team that defeats her AND the team that holds her captive. You get ONE glory (NOTE: more glories may be given out if not enough teams sign up). Event Timeline 1. Starts at the end of the Toto thread. Quick summary of the ending: After putting pressure on the Cult, the International Police Program notice that a second wave of Cult airships is approaching and strategically back off before they could get pinched. Although firepower and numbers are about equal, the IPP had long since created a tracking device for Lilith's Lagrimosan artifact and were therefore prepared for almost all situations. Despite the Garden of Nede's unknown variables, IPP had already called out to various other organizations from around the world to help out. A handful of these groups were tasked with cutting the Cult off by arriving to Nede earlier than the Cult. So, despite managing to land on Nede, the Cult was immediately met with prepared resistance and forced off the unknown island by sheer force and numbers. - This is where we will begin - 2. The Cult of Power and the Global Allies fight back and forth on airships (and w.e.) as the Cult struggles to return back to their stronghold in Nehalen. Having prepared earlier, IPP has voided out any teleportation abilities. They way the allies have positioned makes it so that any escape except the one that goes back to their Stronghold is completely cut off. Although suspicious, the Cult figures it the IPP is simply trying to contain them. But they don't know that a character close to Lilith is actually against her. 3. The Cult arrives back into their Stronghold, only to be immediately bombarded by the Allies from both the outside and the inside. Thus ensues a massive fight that will leave hundreds of thousands dead. 4. Drawing on the power of her Renovation artifact, Lilith connects her core to Nehalen Loci, increasing her power exponentially. A team of Allies squares off against an empowered Lilith and some of her Risen Servants (Elite Cult members, basically). 5. The team is victorious (how and etc will be discussed once the team is determined, but I demand at least major injuries) and the Cult begins to scatter. The Global Allies can clean up however they like, but they will not get everyone. There are simply too many. The Marks of Lilith, however, do not disappear and they still cannot be forcefully removed by a third party. 6. Lilith is taken by the team which will be her captors. Those captors will have a deal with Aurelium Incorporated to aid in the holding of Lilith (this is an OOC requirement because it gives me IC access to her without having to play her directly). 7. The Stronghold is completely destroyed and the hunt for Cultists starts across Nehalen (and maybe the entire region/ world depending on how it goes). Questions and/ or Concerns @supernal Let me know if you still want the IPP involved or not. I assumed you did, but I can make them more / less involved depending on your position/ involvement. If you want to be a team (on your own or with others), post below and I'll add you. Don't forget to request a Glory. It is NOT first come first serve. I reserve the right to pick and choose which glories to give out to whom, but everyone will get at least one so maybe request 3-4 glories and rank them. Questions/ Concerns posted below will be added here: Form to Enter (real quick, just to give me some information) Character name + link Group name + link What glory you want Questions/ Concerns Any other comments or ideas you have Cult of Power: Global Allies:
  4. Hovering thousands of feet above the ground is an individual island nearly a fifth of Nehalen. Atop this island are various demonic inhabitants. Some are humanoid and others not, some with conscious thought and others only instinct. Some kind hearted, some evil hearted, some with no heart at all. Ruling above all the demonic beings, sit the four Demon Lords upon their thrones. In their hands is the potential for complete and absolute control over their territory. When in their territory, very few have the power to stand toe to toe with them, much less defeat them for said throne. The Demon Lord may be of any species. There is only one requirement: you must be strong, both in mind and in body. Above even the four Demon Lords, is the Demon King. Long ago the Demon King walked the plains of Nede, but no longer. For hundreds of years the Demon King's tower remained locked tight with magic. The King within unseen to all, allowing the Lords to reign sovereign. Now, with the annihilation of all divinity in Renovatio, the Garden of Nede has come to been pulled out of the demonic plane and thrown into this material plane with hurricanes on the shores of the closest lands and untold natural disasters at the deepest points of the ocean. In the following months since its arrival into this plane, the first Demon Lord has been overthrown by Ankou Lethe , Middy Ochre, Khaki Khatun, and Sera Mavajo. Now, supreme in the Desolation Section, sitting comfortably in his throne, is Lord of Demons, Ankou Lethe. In the wake of the group's actions and the success of Ankou in dominating the throne, a call has gone out to Paragons across Valucre. Should they choose to respond, their mark of Lilith shall direct them to Nede. Naturally, no secret so wide spread remains a secret. Tales of victory and power spread from the Paragons like wildfire to the general public. Soon enough, information about Nede is easily obtained knowledge that any person on Valucre can or may have heard about. People from all throughout Valucre, of various species, have begun to flock toward Nede and its promises. Some tales true and others false, only one thing is always agreed upon. The Demon Lord throne will grant its successor true sovereignty. OOC: Nede is now officially open to anyone who wants to roleplay in the area! Although there's no board for it as of now, if you decide to roleplay there, please use the tag available in Kingdoms of Renovatio board 😄 The upcoming thread will be Lilith and her Paragons will be headed to the fourth sector, Draconia. You know what that means! DRAAAAGGOOOONNSSSSSSS~ If you'd like to join, as a teammate or enemy, you're more than welcome to, just give me a heads up! If you want to do your own plot in a different section, you're more than allowed to do that as well. If you plan on taking one of the Demon Lord thrones, make sure to send me a PM so we can talk about it. I'm not going to allow solo threads for Throne take-overs. Probably something like 3+ people from now on, but I'm flexible lol could be talked down to 2 if necessary. In any case, I will be building the more detailed lore aspects of Nede as we go along, and will be posting them in the Cult of Power's Club + the Garden of Nede lore thread, so keep an eye out for fun quests 🙂 I will have this thread up in the next few days, maybe even tonight! @danzilla3 @AngryCacti @Zashiii @The North Wind @Casanova @anyone else who wants to join our group!
  5. The short of it is that there is going to be a promotion celebration at base #34 which will honor those soldiers recently promoted to new ranks and which will be open to all levels of military. Although the event itself will not be formally canonized, interactions that spring from it can go anywhere their players please, and are super-dee-duper encouraged Although limited to military personnel, soldiers at the private rank are allowed / encouraged which means that you can use this as a reason to sign yourself up, make some friends, and set yourself up for shenanigan-adventures! Here's the base: https://www.valucre.com/topic/37713-military-base-34/ How's the military overview: https://www.valucre.com/topic/43800-terran-military-overview-and-information/ Here's our flag! Interested?
  6. HEAR YE, HEAR YE! THE QUEEN IS TO BE WED! Hello everyone! It's Vielle again, coming to you from the Queendom of Svanhild to cordially invite everyone to a royal wedding! The Queen of Svanhild is to be wed to Sir Quinton Swan, and the realm rejoices in a most glorious fashion. The city of Cal Eteris is rife with preparation for the upcoming festivities. Everyone is invited, whoever you are and wherever you come from! The only limit I can give is that all attendees must be in medieval or fantasy regalia/dress, as per UM’s tech limits. This means that modern and sci-fi themes (such as cybernetics, pet robots, etc) won’t be allowed, and any tech brought into the Queendom is subject to degradation and forced disuse. If you’ve got any guns or gadgets or other high-tech stuff, please just leave them at home; you can always get them after! 😂 EVENTS Taking inspiration from the old traditions of the royal house, marriage is celebrated through three aspects: mind, body, and soul. Because of this, there are three main events of the wedding: a wedding banquet, a tournament, and a scavenger hunt. • • • The soul speaks, bringing forth life and death in equal measure. Love is nothing without the capacity to share what is within. . . BANQUET No proper wedding can call itself such without a bountiful feast and a dance floor! 😂 Mingle with people from all walks of life, hailing from the highest echelons of Svanhild society to the colorful sea of faces from the commonfolk. Make connections, associate yourselves with those in power, or enjoy the festivities with your own circle of friends! It's going to be a wonderful evening for all. If socializing is not quite to your taste, there's always the generous spread at the dinner table, or the strange events that'll be occurring throughout the night. . . 👀 *NEW! SUB-EVENT: THE ORACLE RSVP LIST: House Hildebrand [ @vielle ] Rozharon Parálios, Lenore Parálios, Amoréi [ @Csl ] Addison Nacht [ @Phoebe ] Ewyer Nacht [ @HellstenNacht ] Amraphensbane [ @Shatter ] Dauner A. Light [ @Dabi ] Alexander Rookstone [ @Sanonymous ] Isabella Morcia Marquez [ @Pasion Pasiva ] Madame Silverbush, Holly Sheathe [ @Zashiii ] Raveena Jhanavi Bartolme Senaria [ @Malintzin ] *tentative Rowan Knight [ @The Hound ] *tentative Adá of Hyperion [ @L E V I A T H A N ] *tentative Grant Hyperion [ @danzilla3 ] Jinsoku Hayabusa [ @Twitterpated ] Ilyana Sevryn, Xavier Thoro'kan/Aislyn [ @Dolor Aeternum ] Ana [ @Veloci-Rapture ] Kalmuli [ @Kalmuli ] Farah Marin, Mahariel Marin [ @Witches Brew ] Kalicity Darkbane [ @Malaysia NightReaver ] Sue Hawthrin [ @ChocolateGold ] Igni [ @Venus Sprite ] Aeda [ @elixir ] Luca [ @Lucinda Valentine ] Evelynn Serana Nightmoor [ @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor ] MORE TO BE ADDED. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! The mind deliberates, solving all problems it encounters. Love is nothing without the wits to understand and to adapt. . . SCAVENGER HUNT Thanks to the wonderful @-Lilium-, the Fantas-Menagerie is making its way to UM for the wedding event! TL;DR: it’s a scavenger hunt/treasure quest of sorts where your characters solve riddles related to the constituents of the Menagerie, following a route around the area that leads to the hiding place of the prize. Get your deerstalker ready—let’s see how well you know your lore! 😉 The mechanics of the scavenger hunt are as follows: At the starting line, every participant gets a riddle about one of the things found within the Menagerie (creatures, plants, caretakers, people, etc). At the start of each “round”, PM the Arbiter (that’s me!) with your answer to the riddle. If you get the right answer, you’ll be moving IC to the next exhibit and obtaining another riddle which will be given at the start of the next “round”. If you get a wrong answer, you stay in place IC and try to give the right answer at the start of the next “round”. This is a race to the finish line. Whoever gets to the hidden prize first wins the event! This is a competition, of course, and any IC form of sabotage (stealing the answer from another player, haunting the footsteps of another player and fighting them for the prize) is a-okay as long as it’s discussed OOC beforehand! The prize for this event is the mysterious Viessan Egg known as the Egg of Caged Song, courtesy of @Fierach (thank you! 💖). RSVP LIST: Jorahel of the Ishia Tribe [ @Rabbit ] Alexander Rookstone [ @Sanonymous ] Ana [ @Veloci-Rapture ] J. Rymer [ @Vaudevillian ] MORE TO BE ADDED. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! The body overcomes, thriving against all odds. Love is nothing without a vessel to have and to hold. . . TOURNAMENT I’m not as well-versed in all the different RP combat systems as I’d like to be yet, so for this tournament, the rules of @Ataraxy's Load, Block, Shoot will be used, with myself acting as the Judge. 😊 Based on my prior experience using this system, it’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s competitive, so it should work rather well! The tournament is set in an no-holds-barred, round robin style. Ultimately, I will need at least four competitors for this event to happen; if there’s little interest in this particular venture, I’ll be relegating the tournament to a background event. The prize for the winning combatant is three vials of your choice from the four prominent consumable artifacts of Svanhild (Phoenix Blood, Moon Wine, Golden Scarab, Siren’s Scent). RSVP LIST: Rozharon Parálios [ @Csl ] Vito [ @Rabbit ] Alexander Rookstone [ @Sanonymous ] Jinsoku Hayabusa [ @Twitterpated ] J. Rymer [ @Vaudevillian ] MORE TO BE ADDED. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! • • • So, there you have it! Celebrate with us however you see fit—if you’ve other, more nefarious plans in mind, send me a PM here or on Discord and maybe we can work something out. 😉 The wedding IC threads will be up sometime next week! Please RSVP below or in a PM, as I’ll be tagging all those who have RSVPed in each event! If you’ve any other questions about the overall event, please feel free to ask me here or in a PM. Hope to see you all soon! 💖
  7. The attack and domination of Nu Martyr by the Cult of Power has grabbed the attention of many world powers that hadn't reacted during the initial invasion of the province. A global military power formed in the wake of Lilith's attack known as the International Police Program (IPP). In a recent interaction between the IPP and Lilith Reiter, it was discovered that the leader of the Cult, previously titled the Commander, was actually Lilith under a pseudonym. Due to the Victory AI reprogrammed into a Trojan paragon, IPP has also discovered that every Paragon is marked with a lunar moon somewhere on their body. This has spurred the IPP to put pressure on governments around the world to take a serious stance on the Cult of Power and its Paragons; to classify belonging to the group as a crime in and of itself. From the smallest village to the largest mega city-state to federal governments, a purge of any person with a lunar tattoo marking is on the rise- regardless of whether the person has actually committed a crime or not. The International Police Program is pushing forth a stance of non-tolerance for any connection to a known tier 1 criminal organizations, currently: the Cult of Power, the Dead, and the Legion of Doom. There are further suspected organizations being classified as tier 2 and tier 3, and others are unclassified due to lack of information. (Let me know if you want your org or group to be added!) Gathering its own forces and reaching out to other judicial forces around Valucre, IPP has begun to make a physical counter move on Nu Martyr in order to free it from the hold of the Cult of Power and its Paragons. Although initially hard to step into the province without massive return fire and destruction, IPP has made contact with Aedos Chanaril, a high ranking member of an old noble house of Renovatio who has connections within the Cult itself but who is not subservient to it. With him as their essential "in," IPP and the other global forces will be making a large and final move into Nu Martyr to upend the current Cult leadership. Meanwhile within Nu Martyr, Lilith is uncovering an enormous power source hidden beneath the land. Connected to the core of Renovatio's encompassing loci, if she manages to harness that power using the combined force of two Genesari cornerstones, the Crown of Asteria, and a handful of Fracture S-class artifacts, it has the potential to cause a global earthquake leading to randomly placed tsunami all across Valucre. Such a catastrophe has the potential lead to millions more deaths. A call to the world and a call to the pure. Save the world. Couple words to anyone reading this who might feel a twinge of interest! There is no current ETA and this is simply an interest check for a potential plot idea that I've been mulling about My character, Lilith Reiter, will not be killed in this event. She will be defeated/ captured. I know there are people who would love to have the pleasure of killing the character, but I'm fairly attached to the character and I don't believe her story to be over. So tough lol The method of Lilith's capture, beyond the actions I described above, is almost completely dependent on who joins. If not enough major characters join, I likely end up doing this. Lilith is supposed to be sort of like "the final boss" so having two level 1 characters beat her would harm the story I'm driving. "Major" characters is subjective. I'm mainly speaking about characters that players have put effort into developing. When/ if this goes through, it won't be a "stomp" if that's what you have in mind. Each side will take major losses. If anyone has character(s) they'd like to sacrifice (harm or death) for the greater good, that would be much appreciated as well. While the "main" thread will occur in Nu Martyr since that's where Lilith will be, the actual event is global. You have permission to involve this event in any thread, any org, in any place (unless the involvement is rejected by a person who controls that lore). Just try to play on the fact that most Paragons world wide are not "evil" and may have done a bad thing for a good reason. Conflict, both on the outside and on the inside is key here. You might be wondering "why" I'm doing this, and the reason is that Lilith has some major personal issues that I can only really play with and dive into when she's in a vulnerable position And finally, NO you can't have my artifacts and relics. Don't even ask lmfao have other plans for them. Timeline: When/ if this goes into motion, it will be after the Nede thread. I want Lilith to take over a demon tower first since it's part of another idea I have for future stuff. I also might have Lilith take a detour back into Terrenus to speak with Alexander Endriel and the Black Queen, though that's dependent on general availability of players involved. Potential Groups Against Lilith International Police Program @amenities Officer-in-charge @paradigm @Veloci-Rapture @Ataraxy (Alexander Hawk) (limited capacity) @supernal (??? prob not but he seems interested!) VCF @Metty @Sanonymous Force Majeure ??? @Fierach ??? @Tenkai Matsumoto House Chanaril Me again lol (limited capacity) Alterion @Meraxa ??? Genesaris @King ??? @Pasion Pasiva ??? @Malintzin ??? Renovatio @Aleksei ??? (she gonezo atm so probs not) @Twitterpated ??? Fracture @notmuch_23 Third Party @Sir Nathaniel @ anyone else I missed? Potential Groups With Lilith Cult of Power Me for a third time, with Lilith! @danzilla3 @Zashiii ??? @AngryCacti ???
  8. Introduction I've written, deleted, and re-written an introduction to this thread about a dozen times now. My biggest concern, perhaps, is striking the balance between professionalism and formality, while simultaneously avoiding the overly formulaic and artificially produced phrases that an empirical document can present as. I want this to be perceived as an open and friendly conversation. Yet, despite that, I also feel like the event needs a firm sense of structure and organization. After all, the larger the scale, the more important methodical arrangements become. Luckily, at the end of the day, this is just a fun project on a role-playing website. So let's jump right to it and see what happens. All of the questions will be in quotes from the person who originally asked them. Some of the questions will be edited, which will be indicated by a red font. None of the challenges call for writing by yourself, unless you are in a 1x1 and your collaborator no-shows the thread and/or consistently needs skipping. Threads may have any number of players depending on 1.) What the situation calls for. 2.) How many people are in each round. As for the writing challenges themselves, let’s start with this: “What is the best way to write a story?” The short reply to that, of course, is that there isn’t one. Writing as an art form is beautiful in its ability to take so many different forms and shapes to communicate one’s ideas. All of the challenges have prompts with varying details, instructions, and stylistic requirements. Some will be more in-depth than others. You can expect to see different types of settings, themes, genres, tenses, and narration. With that said, a lot is also left to the player. The goal of the event is to be selective enough to create a fun and unique experience for the players, but without being so restrictive that the feeling of free-form role-play is lost. Below is the prototype of a writing challenge that will be used during the event. As you read through the example, keep in mind that despite being a competitive event, this is still role-playing, and much of role-play is collaborative. Communication between players may be needed (and is encouraged) to tell the best story with the information provided. 1.) Scenario: A nationally known laboratory located in the middle of a large desert has recently gone on lock down. The lab is famous for its efforts to create a “universal vaccine” by using magic. While these efforts have failed so far, their research has developed advanced healing practices for non-magic-using doctors. While the doctors are still a far cry from healing mages, the quality of healthcare for the general population has substantially increased. Rumors suggest that their latest experiment has accidentally created the opposite problem: a magic-based disease that may result in a terrible pandemic. The Mission: Three people are attempting to gather more information about the laboratory. Each individual has a personal relationship with someone who works and is trapped at the facility, but communication is bidirectionally shut down. The government has erected a circular enclosure surrounding the lab that extends one-hundred and twenty-eight miles in diameter. After being rejected by the guards at the only known entrance, it becomes obvious that something is very wrong and the entire set-up is even more uneasy than the limited news reports suggest. The three people – who were turned back at roughly the same time and each heard the woes of the others - decide to cooperate and break through the enclosure and travel to the lab the hard way. The Challenges: Despite an easy "person versus nature" set-up, this thread should be a thriller, and is to be written in third person present tense. [username1]’s character must be a female with low-level cyromancy. While in the desert, she cannot manifest ice, but can muster just enough water for the trio to make the journey, albeit uncomfortably. [username2]’s character can visually detect heat signatures. The fatigue from the adventure, as well as the heat of the desert itself, makes it difficult for their senses to function properly. However – despite some occasional false positives – this power allows the group to mostly avoid the guard’s search efforts, who are trying to stop them. [username3]’s character is open, so long as their powers and abilities cannot – in any way – provide supplement or assistance to the other two’s abilities. That is to say, they cannot create, manipulate, or magically interact with water of any sort, nor can they detect other individuals outside of a normal person’s means. They also cannot have innate characteristics or powers that make traveling through a desert inconsequential. If this character can “sense magic” in general, they will (without knowing why) become progressively confused, feel overwhelmed and anxious, and acquire a sense of “impending doom” as they get closer to the laboratory. Restrictions to Plot Details: Anything not addressed by this challenge can be made up by the players. While subsequent threads continuing this story may ret-con certain details, each player in this thread should respect any creative decisions as canon while here. The results of any NPC interaction are up to the players. Mandatory Outcome: All three characters – after trials and tribulations - successfully reach the laboratory…only to find it obliterated into gravel. In its place is a crater, being analyzed by officials of various governments in heavy protective clothing. Upon the revelation of the “big reveal,” [username1] and [username2] will feel ill but attribute it to the desert. [username3] will feel the same if they cannot sense magic. If they can sense magic, they will experience a panic attack and pass out. Post Limit: This thread will end regardless of progress if it reaches page six. Time Limit: This thread will end regardless of progress on September 19th. Player Posting: Players may be skipped if they do not respond within 48 hours. Upon request, a dungeon master will use random dice rolls to determine the outcome of an interaction on behalf of a skipped player. However, this process is not mandatory, and the person posting after a skipped player may also detail an outcome, so long as it does not violate any previously established instructions or power-play. In the beginning…: Posting order goes [username2], [username3], [username1]. The thread begins with the three characters in a relatively nearby restaurant finalizing the details of their plan. Time skips and setting skips may be used as is required for the story. Dungeon Master Intervention: A DM will intervene [1] time during this thread. It will occur on page three. One of the benefits of roleplay, of course, is that you can always wear the shoe if it fits. The story takes place outside of “Valucre the world.” We made this decision to allow proof of concept while minimizing outside influences – both in character and out of character. Providing that we have a successful inaugural year, exploring options of canonization and lore into subsequent Valucre Invitationals is on the agenda. In order words, you may need to stretch the shoe first. It depends on the prompt. You may not always be assigned to a challenge where a pre-existing character is comfortably usable. As long as the prompt is being followed, however, you're free to play whoever and however. This is my favorite question. I wish I could take the time to write an essay answering it. I appreciate how important a positive writing experience is to everyone, and quite frankly, that’s what everybody deserves. While I’ll be skipping the essay for the sake of brevity, I hope you’ll find my answer helpful. There are many causes to a negative issue, with just as many ways that it can manifest. So, I will be more of a “shotgun” than a “sniper” in regards to directly addressing specific points. Ultimately, I hope everyone understands that people are their own person, and are perceived as products of their own decisions. With that said, let’s briefly highlight and explore five distinct layers of prevention that are relevant to this concern. 1.) You. a. People who just want to grow, try something new, and have fun are the ones who will drive this event and make it a success. Even if someone exemplifying a positive role model doesn’t enter directly, just by being a part of the conversation and experience, you’re influencing the hospitality of the event. 2.) The nature of pre-determined outcomes. a. Most role-playing toxicity stems from ego, disagreements on logical consequences, and a lack of collaboration. All of these issues typically involve influences over the outcome as it relates to an individual’s character, artifact, or setting. The Valucre Invitational has the in-character outcome of each challenge determined in advance. This eliminates most of the ability to argue in of itself. 3.) The judges, the judging process, and upfront declarations. a. Another section in this thread investigates judging. Read part “C.” of that answer. 4.) Valucre as a family. a. Valucre is a website of values. These values have grown a community that, over time, established a reputation which justifies its high ranking among role-play forums. b. The culture of Valucre is that of a welcoming and open environment. This is not to be confused with weakness. As the saying goes, if you can’t play ball, you won’t make it on the field. 5.) Me. a. Would you take my hand and join me for a walk along the river? We can talk about life, the universe, and everything. As we stroll about and the sun begins to set, you just might see that some people can inspire a wonderful spirit in others. I won’t be so bold to suggest I am such a person. But I will be bold enough to say I’ll try. The length of each challenge will vary based on what it is and how many people are in it. Each challenge has both a time limit and post limit to ensure the event advances on schedule. These limits are not always the same. The time inbetween each challenge will be a week. Assuming you go from start to finish, you can comfortably project there will be five rounds spread across four months. Two main ways immediately come to mind. 1.) Sometimes, the challenges are IC-Cooperative instead of IC-Uncooperative (see the example already provided). 2.) Hard selling the underdog factor, if that isn't the theme of the challenge, will actually work against you, since you'll be wasting effort on the wrong element. No. This also isn't necessary to, at least somewhat, alleviate your concern (see below). a. The judges come from varied backgrounds and each have distinct tastes and interests. One judge doesn't even know the current people on this website and will be judging based solely on the content. b. When it comes to events such as these, a lot of people will sell you on the idea of objectivity and a perfect, free-of-bias decision-making process. There’s no snake oil here. Beyond certain structural and foundational rules, the enjoyment of writing and storytelling comes down to personal preference. So, how are winners determined? If all else is equal? Personal preference. This is the same as almost every other (non-technical) writing contest - at least that I’m aware of. c. To rephrase the above, but way more bluntly: This is a tournament to have fun with challenging prompts and encourage activity for a possible gift at the end. As far as potential entrants are concerned, it should be assumed winners are chosen arbitrarily, although this is not actually the case. d. As a general recommendation: common elements such as detailed descriptions, pacing and flow, character consistency and development, creativity, etc., will be taken into consideration. Minimum event size for function is 8. Minimum event size for prizes is 16. Let the conversation continue. Cheers.
  9. Discuss! Feel free to spread the word, be excited, and ask questions. Official responses to any questions will be made in the upcoming FAQ thread.
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