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Found 7 results

  1. The Copper Bell Hotel Casino is, obviously, a gambling establishment. This one isn't as opulent as the King's Fountain, has humanoid dealers on real tables with real cards, chips, dice, wheels, and balls, unlike the Helix, and is a generally affordable place. There are two main entrances: one from the "street" and one at the subway station (yes, it has a subway station). Both have large sheets of polycarbonate letting natural light in during the day, and are about fifty feet high. The five floors above the entrance floors are open to each entrance. The street entrance shows the ends of the first five floors of the casino, while the subway entrance shows the five floors of the mall and entertainment. The floors and walls are all hardwood facades with copper decorations that actually look surprisingly modern. The casino floors have plenty of slot machines, craps, classic Blackjack, Spanish 21, Pai Gow (not Pai Gow Poker, but actual Pai Gow with Chinese dominoes), Five Card Draw, Texas Hold 'Em, Roulette, Faro, Caribbean Stud, and Sic Bo. there are also Keno and Bingo parlors. The mall has various tenants from across Valucre, and plenty of vacancies (it's a big mall, hard to fill it all at once), including a food court. The casino has a buffet of comfort food, and the kitchen is available for orders from the casino floor or hotel rooms. There is a multi-use venue that hosts fights, concerts, performances and other sports. There is also a bowling alley, with 20 lanes of standard 10-pin, 10 lanes of duckpin, and 10 lanes of candlepin, and eight bars scattered around the property. The Hotel is fifty stories of rooms and family suites. The rooms aren't very fancy, only having a bed, microwave, mini fridge, chair, alarm clock, basic bathroom (shower, toilet, sink),Suites have another bed, a couch that can convert into another bed, a couple more chairs, and another TV, but are always clean, comfortable, and reasonably priced. In fact, everything under the casino's control (that is, not in the mall), is priced for lower-class people to generally afford. Even the slots and table games have minimum bets as low as two ounces of tin.
  2. COEUS As if to contrast the garish, edged, world outside its doors, the Coeus building was comprised entirely of pure white curves, glass, chrome, and an imported pale wood from the distant forests of Orisia, which resisted rot and damage. Its expansive glass entrance opened up into a lobby large enough to fit several houses, both end to end and atop of one another, and in the distant ribbed rafters, visitors could spy numerous exotic birds who were allowed to fly freely about the building. Small disc-shaped robots roamed about the floor, scrubbing and cleaning, in order to maintain Coeus' perpetually immaculate shine. To one side, a small series of pools sat at the base of a lush plant wall, which extended up several stories and guided visitors to a small glass desk at which a single receptionist sat to greet guests, near a lunch area where a dozen perfect, white, circular tables sat and waited for occupants. Those who had already been authorized for the building could instead take the second guided path toward a wide, gently sloping, staircase made of light wood, which curved toward a series of muted archs and unobtrusive gateways that supplemented the security and monitoring capabilities for the building and provided entry to the work areas. A wireless network, COEUS-PUBLIC, was made available for guests. Beyond the gates, the steady hum of business droned on like the engine of creation.
  3. danzilla3

    Fade Out

    This was a problem. No, not the fact that the Governor of New Everrun was meeting with mercenaries. John Wilder was a man of the people; unafraid to walk the streets and rub elbows with every class of people, be their collars blue or white. The problem was the corpse on the autopsy table in front of him. A young man, mid-twenties at most, with jet-black hair that now stood in stark contrast to his pale skin. Holes where piercings had once been dotted his ears, lips, and nose. His expression was peaceful, but John knew his death had been anything but. "Cause of death?" he asked the grizzled old medical examiner, though he already suspected the answer. "Multiple organ failure," the man replied wearily, "I'll need to run blood work to know for sure, but it's consistent with all the others." "Tranquil," John growled. "Sixth one this week. And it's only Wednesday." John sighed, "Why to people go for this shit? Are there not enough legal drugs on offer?" "Tranquil's dirt cheap though," the coroner pointed out, "And there's no shortage of morons looking for a bargain high." "Indeed," the governor thought for a moment before turning to leave, "This needs to stop. If The Sentinels can't find who's selling this shit, we'll go freelance." "Just be quick about it," called the coroner, "Before I run out of freezer space." "I'll be sure to mention it when I meet our prospective employee. If my schedule is correct, he should be arriving at my office shortly. @Twitterpated
  4. "What do you mean you lost it?" John Wilder was not the type of man who raised his voice when he was angry. He didn't smash holes in walls, or beat up on his subordinates, or indulge in any kind of theatrics when something pissed him off. But if he were the kind to indulge in such things he would have leveled buildings, such was the rage that he felt right now. Jannik Steinhauser, CEO of Prime Software, was smart enough to realize how incensed the Governor was, despite the mans lack of visual reaction. Somehow the fact that John wasn't blowing up made things even worse. "Well, it isn't lost exactly," Jannik replied cautiously, "I believe the more appropriate term would be... stolen." "So let me see if I have this straight," John began, "Your company developed this, Masterkey, a device capable of finding and exploiting undetected flaws in software in real time. Then you managed to have this incredibly dangerous piece of hardware stolen out from under your nose. Now it's loose in a city that depends on computers for just about every facet of its existence, and you're only telling me now, two days after the fact?" Jannik blanched, "I... well... we wanted to attempt to resolve the situation ourselves..." "I see." The room was deathly silent for a few moments before John got up and walked around his desk to approach Jannik. Every primal instinct the CEO had was screaming at him to flee, but his legs felt like lead. Only inches away, John stopped and regarded the man. Then he smiled and clapped Jannik on the shoulders. "Here's what we're going to do. I am going to help you fix this situation. Your role in that help, is to give the fixer I bring in whatever he needs to get the job done, Resources, cars, weapons, money, whatever he needs, you will provide it. And when this is all over, you will pay his fee, plus a generous bonus. Do I make myself clear?" Jannik's mouth worked for a moment before he stuttered out, "Of course Mr. Wilder." "Good man. Now get lost." The CEO hurried out of the room as John returned to his desk. Paging his secretary, he gave one simple instruction. "Please call Kelsey Bateman and tell him the governor needs to speak with him ASAP." @Nessuno
  5. "So you're saying it's a weapon?" Ruben Becker's expression turned a shade indignant, "Well, yes, in the most basic sense of the word, it's a weapon. But it's far more than that sir!" John Wilder leaned back in his chair, "I don't mean to offend Mr. Becker. Perhaps you could explain what makes this... ATLAS special?" "Of course," Becker pulled a small device from his pocket which he used to generate a holographic image of his design, "The ATLAS weapons system is, to put it in simple terms, a weapons platform that turns its user into a walking tank. Its energy shields make the wearer virtually impervious to small-arms fire; high explosives like anti-tank rockets are the only thing that make a dent. Even if the shields are overwhelmed, the body armor itself is nearly as strong. Physically the suit enables users to run at speeds of 50 MPH, and lift loads into the ten ton range. All of this is without even mentioning the multiple weapons systems ranging from automatic weaponry to directed energy weapons. I do not exaggerate when I say that this suit could level a city in the wrong hands." "So not the kind of thing we want turning up on the black market then?" John asked dryly. "No sir." "And why are you bringing this to my attention Mr. Becker? I can only assume that your employers won't be pleased if they find out their head engineer is blowing the whistle on them." Becker swallowed, "The board wanted this kept quiet but... I can't in good conscience remain silent knowing the kind of threat this poses." "I see," the governor got up and walked around the desk to shake the engineers hand, "You made the right call Becker. When all this is over, I'll see to it that you are rewarded. For now though, just keep on like things are normal. Rest assured that I will see it taken care of." "Gladly sir," said Becker, obviously relieved. Once the man was gone, John also walked out of his office and turned to his secretary. "I'm going out for a bit. I feel the need for a run." @Michael Bloodfang
  6. As the rest of Everrun is getting constructed, Thurgood lowers a giant carved-stone thrust block strapped to the bucket of his large steam shovel into a deep hole, watching the hand signals of the other guys looking in the hole to eventually lower the block into position behind the apex of the four-inch diameter elbow. That's a big pipe. It's a water pipe. But why the fuck would such a big water pipe be laid into a foundation of a building? It's not a main, nor is it even a branch supplying other buildings. It'll be a casino; or more precisely, a hotel casino with an underground shopping mall, and it's far from the only one in New Everrun. John Wilder is building a luxury casino "next door", so Thurgood is building one for the masses. This one will hearken back to the older days of Las Vegas, when rooms, drinks, shows, and food were cheap because the Italian Mafia, who really ran things, knew they would get all that money back, and then a whole fuckton more, from the slot machines, Keno parlor, sports/racebook, and game tables. It's bad when corporations are greedier than organized fucking crime, but I digress. The foundation itself is not nearly deep enough yet.
  7. "What happened here?" John Wilder's words echoed in the silence that filled the burnt ruins of Everrun. When last he had been here the people were rejoicing after having taken their homes back from a horde of bandits. He had left to pursue his own goals, promising to return one day. It had only been a year since he had taken one last look at the city before riding off. Now all that was left of the settlement were the burnt out husks of a few buildings. The smell of burnt wood still lingered in the air, but other than that there was nothing. No sound. No movement. No life. What could have happened here? Dismounting his Owlbear, he walked through the remains of the city. A great sadness filled his heart at the loss of a city and its people that he had been quite fond of. But he could not deny that this suited his needs perfectly. He had come here to make a proposal, but now that was no longer necessary. He turned to the mercenaries and fellow gangsters behind him and grinned, "This is where we make our city." @Csl @supernal @Dredge @Aleksei @sorainvoked @Laughingmad
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