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Found 2 results

  1. "What happened here?" John Wilder's words echoed in the silence that filled the burnt ruins of Everrun. When last he had been here the people were rejoicing after having taken their homes back from a horde of bandits. He had left to pursue his own goals, promising to return one day. It had only been a year since he had taken one last look at the city before riding off. Now all that was left of the settlement were the burnt out husks of a few buildings. The smell of burnt wood still lingered in the air, but other than that there was nothing. No sound. No movement. No life. What could have happened here? Dismounting his Owlbear, he walked through the remains of the city. A great sadness filled his heart at the loss of a city and its people that he had been quite fond of. But he could not deny that this suited his needs perfectly. He had come here to make a proposal, but now that was no longer necessary. He turned to the mercenaries and fellow gangsters behind him and grinned, "This is where we make our city." @Csl @supernal @Dredge @Aleksei @sorainvoked @Laughingmad
  2. The city of Everrun was in ruins, completely destroyed by a tyrannical fire which had swept across the lands. The flames had not burnt the people, causing not a single scorch mark upon their mortal flesh. But they had nonetheless perished, though perhaps not all. It mattered not to Lilith as the Djinn Ilbis had been true to his word and summoned her requests. In the far off distance Lilith could sense an approaching presence and she frowned, recognizing the foreign auras as those of Taen. There were still hours left before their arrival, however, so the necromancer sniffed and turned her eyes away. If those fools were coming to help, they were much too late. If they were running to capture her they would ultimately die, even if they managed to catch up to her upon her departure. A notion which she doubted vehemently. Having arrived an hour or so after Everrun finished burning, Samael stood before her. Silent. Waiting. With every step she took toward him, her red eyes bore down fiercer into the child's own ember ones. There was not a single living presence in their immediate vicinity, the other cult members having momentarily departed. Just her. And him. And the half living body laying at her feet. Samael was weak. Too weak. Initially leaving him in the care of Middy seemed to work, but the development was too slow. To... comfortable. It wasn't training that the boy needed, it was a complete breakdown of will. The quiver in his voice whenever he spoke, irritating her with its nervous weakness. She would shatter his entire identity. His being. Break it apart piece by piece until all that stood before her was a blank canvas waiting to be filled. Then, and only then, would his true nature be revealed and his destiny shown. A wave of pressure exploded from Lilith and it settled chaotically around Samael's body as it shoved him to its knees. In a seemingly permanent expression of inherent superiority, Lilith looked down on the boy and growled. The timbre or her voice dark and deep, a primordial sound that pulled at the very constructs that were built around mortal fears. "Tell me your name," she asked, the promise of death drenching her voice in poison. @vielle
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