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Found 3 results

  1. *Please note that Everrun is not currently connected to Veluriyam Empire at the start of this thread. With most of Terrenus' current abnormal activities concurring in either South Terrenus or East Terrenus, barely anyone payed much attention to the small, albeit growing, city of Everrun. Recently freed from a gang of powerful bandits by a man the people called the Prophet, the man's religious and spiritual teachers had started to attract followers from all over Valucre. He promised freedom and safety. He healed the sick and turned dreams into reality. Because of its spread, not long had passed before news of it reached the ears of the Commander. It wasn't that She was particularly bothered or threatened by such a religion, but rather that Her curiosity was peaked by the rumors concerning the Prophet's ability to grant wishes. If such rumors were true then there was a large possibility the Prophet could retrieve an ancient weapon She desired. One from the past of Ankou Lethe, currently Her most powerful Paragon. Like a nightmare, the Commander traveled to Everrun as smoke darker than black. Those few who spotted Her might revel in the seemingly propelled spiral of black smoke before it suddenly changed trajectory, now coming down upon Everrun. The black smoke was like a streak as it slammed into a fairly crowded street, all sorts of items and people blown backward from the sudden crash. The road catered in, those people unfortunate enough to be the in the smoke's path crushed beyond recognition. Standing where the black smoke had touched down was a tall woman, an aura of overwhelming power clinging to her like water. Brown hair slung silently down to her shoulders as red eyes and thin lips gave a sense of death to whomever she glanced at. But like ants, she ignored them instead choosing to walk forward at a steady pace as if the lives she'd taken upon landing had never existed. Behind the woman a second streak of black smoke crashed against the ground, this time revealing a shorter woman. This one less menacing, but somehow darker. Smelling more of death than of power. This woman, however, did look at the bodies the Commander had killed upon arrival having not killed any herself. The first woman, the Commander, looked around until her eyes landed upon one who wore the Prophet's mark. A twitch of her head toward the marked man sent the second woman flying toward him, swiftly lifting him off his feet and dumping him before the Commander whose pressure kept the man on his knees. Her eyes shun for a moment, looking deep into the marked man's soul to try and find his deepest desires. Then she spoke, her voice smooth, rolling accent making her foreign nature distinct. "Where is your Prophet, Servant?" @Vilhardt @danzilla3 @Veloci-Rapture @Hurttoto @Higuu @A Most Sovereign Lady @Thotification @ChaosLord
  2. The city of Everrun was in ruins, completely destroyed by a tyrannical fire which had swept across the lands. The flames had not burnt the people, causing not a single scorch mark upon their mortal flesh. But they had nonetheless perished, though perhaps not all. It mattered not to Lilith as the Djinn Ilbis had been true to his word and summoned her requests. In the far off distance Lilith could sense an approaching presence and she frowned, recognizing the foreign auras as those of Taen. There were still hours left before their arrival, however, so the necromancer sniffed and turned her eyes away. If those fools were coming to help, they were much too late. If they were running to capture her they would ultimately die, even if they managed to catch up to her upon her departure. A notion which she doubted vehemently. Having arrived an hour or so after Everrun finished burning, Samael stood before her. Silent. Waiting. With every step she took toward him, her red eyes bore down fiercer into the child's own ember ones. There was not a single living presence in their immediate vicinity, the other cult members having momentarily departed. Just her. And him. And the half living body laying at her feet. Samael was weak. Too weak. Initially leaving him in the care of Middy seemed to work, but the development was too slow. To... comfortable. It wasn't training that the boy needed, it was a complete breakdown of will. The quiver in his voice whenever he spoke, irritating her with its nervous weakness. She would shatter his entire identity. His being. Break it apart piece by piece until all that stood before her was a blank canvas waiting to be filled. Then, and only then, would his true nature be revealed and his destiny shown. A wave of pressure exploded from Lilith and it settled chaotically around Samael's body as it shoved him to its knees. In a seemingly permanent expression of inherent superiority, Lilith looked down on the boy and growled. The timbre or her voice dark and deep, a primordial sound that pulled at the very constructs that were built around mortal fears. "Tell me your name," she asked, the promise of death drenching her voice in poison. @vielle
  3. Geography The home base of the Servants was once known as the town of Everrun, a small enclave of merchants and farmers about a hundred miles south of Selmath. Recently, the town was sacked by bandits, and then retaken by the survivors of the attack. As a result, many of the buildings in town have suffered some degree of damage and are currently undergoing repairs. Wary of another attack, increasing security around the town became a priority, though they were unsure how to go about it. The problem was solved by the arrival of the Prophet, who used his mysterious abilities to raise a fifteen foot wall of stone around the city, complete with guard posts and a heavy wooden gates. When asked where the material for these structures had come from, the Prophet had explained that he had drawn it from the stone and old tree roots that lay underneath the city. While the area around Everrun is not strictly speaking desolate, it is certainly not hospitable either. The soil is poor, and only certain crops can grow in it, which is why the people also raise and slaughter livestock; primarily cattle. Rocky terrain makes traveling off the main roads difficult, if not impossible at some points of the year. Clouds cover the sky most of the time, and cold, gentle rain is frequent. Average temperatures range from the high sixties, to low thirties. Organization Most of the Servants are residents of Everrun; a small town of merchants and farmers who made most of their money off of travelers going to and from Selmath. The devastating bandit raid has made the community more insular, and less trusting of outsiders; though under the influence of the Prophet, this has changed. Under his guidance, the Servants welcome those who are sick, hungry, and tired so that they may be taken care of; though visitors are searched, and closely watched. The Servants are heavily in favor of the use of magic, and believe that all should be allowed to use it without government restriction. They believe that when man tries to exercise dominion over such a powerful natural force, that chaos is the inevitable result. Consequently, they are heavily opposed to the Safeguard act enforced by certain cities in Terrenus. However, violent opposition is frowned upon. Children and new members of the Servants are taught the philosophy of the Prophet, though this is not the only subject covered. Optional classes in history, math, writing and reading are also offered, and members are encouraged to take at least one. Group discussions of philosophy are often hosted by the Prophet, who encourages members to share their own personal views on a variety of subjects. Government and Politics The most important law among the Servants is that violence is forbidden except in cases of self defense, or the defense of others. Of similar importance is the law which states that no man shall try to restrict the access of others to magic. Violation of these laws will result in immediate expulsion from the Servants. Besides these two laws, rules are mostly the same as anywhere else in the world. As of yet, the Servants have not reached out to any organizations in either a positive or negative way. This means that while they do not have any enemies, they also do not have any allies either. Efforts are underway to change this, with the recruitment of Preachers to spread the word of the Prophet across the land. While they have not interacted with any major power in the region, they are always welcoming of outsiders in need of food, shelter, or medicine. The military of the Servants are known as Shepard's, and are mostly made up of those who fought to retake Everrun after its capture. New members are accepted and trained in the same manner as the citizens themselves were by mercenaries. Though they mostly act as a peacekeeping force, they are more than capable of defending their territory from those who would take it from them. Economy The Servants engage in trade with any who offer, and the majority of their economy is still based of of this trade; though efforts are being made to diversify. While the services offered by the group are free to all, donations are accepted from those who have the means. The Preachers often travel to nearby towns to offer their services, and frequently bring back gifts of food, money, and material. Canon and History
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