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  1. Legacy of Requiem - The New Leaguers Prologue On this Earth, many things have happened, to the World's first Superhero, called Captain Shad, to an Arrogant Billionaire Assassin turned a Hero Bruce Morgan and to a Mighty Being called Magnus and his extraterrestrial homeworld, which was far away from Earth. One could say that this one has experienced quite enough, to the discovery of the Cosmic Twelve Beings called the Vestals and the Mad Vestal called Darkseid with his Kaethrani as an army and that other life forms exist on different planets. It would seem that Earth was no longer alone in the Universe so from that discovery, everything changed... These powered individuals would form a group called, the Destiny League. Which was once an idea to see if the world could bring powerful individuals into a team, so that they could fight the dangerous battles, that the humans never could. It was indeed a success but these Heroes did not know that they would cause other powerful beings to take an interest on the planet Earth, for Darkseid, the true enemy of Life, wanted to wipe out the entire Universe off of its life. He almost succeeded, for the half human and half vestal called Scar, the apparently chosen champion of the Vestals would stop him, which would only cause for the life in the universe to be only half wiped out. As the three long years would pass, the heroes would grief over their total failure and the ones that they have lost. But they were not without hope, because of Bruce's intellect they would discover the ability to travel through back in time, to collect the powerful Crystals, which was a device which gave the Vestals incredible power, they would collect them and come back in the present to undo what Darkseid did. But Darkseid was no fool, for he discovered the attempt to undo what he has done, because of Scar using the Crystals undoing what Darkseid did, they would then have the longest battle in history. The battle was indeed a long one and hard fought one at that, but the heroes would win, because Scar sacrificed himself and used the Crystals and kill Darkseid and unfortunately because not even Scar could use the unlimited and limitless power twice, which created the Universe, only Darkseid could have but that extracted a very heavy toll. Scar would die a noble death, his sacrifice would not be in vain, the same would go for the rest of the other fallen heroes....this was the story of Infinity Requiem but now a new one beginnings... Rules -No killing/seriously maiming other characters without player consent. -No metagaming or godmoding. -No auto-hitting; no auto-dodging, keep it real to some extent. -Please keep characters balanced, and avoid creating any Mary Sues. You can have a strong/powerful character, but they still need limits, flaws, and weaknesses. -While Players are not limited at how many characters one can have. I prefer if you have two-three characters and can play them well, instead of having five of them and are not fully fleshed out, so please keep in mind Quality over Quantity. -Please try to keep your character sheets up-to-date over the course of the game. While the Character Sheets on here are not a must, I prefer if you at least did a quick one so that I can get the feeling to see what the character is, what can it do and so on. It can be also very detailed but it doesn't need to, just tell the important stuff if you don't want to take your time. -While Superheroes are needed in this setting, I don't force you to make them be paragons of virtue and morality, but some good hero characters are needed for this story as well, so please keep the balance between Villains and Heroes, I don't want to see that there are too many Villains and no Heroes to combat them or wise versa. You can play as Hero, Anti-Hero, Villain, Anti-Villain and other affiliations. -OOC discussion will be kept civil and respectful, both in the RP and in the PM. I will not tolerate name-calling, insults, harassment, or anything else of the kind. -While it does not have to be totally PG-13, please keep it clean, no explicit content and excessive Adult themes, while your characters can swear, don't make it too excessive, keep it balanced and please keep it clean. If you want to have a romance, again doesn't need to follow the PG-13 Rule but it does not have to be explicit content like we are in a Pornographic Setting, so keep it to some extent clean and viewer friendly. -Please refrain from making OOC-only posts in the RP. -Other standard Valucre Rules. -Failure to abide by these rules can result in your removal from Legacy of Requiem - The New Leaguers. Information Now there are some things, I want to mention before we can get started. This RP tells a story, while you are free to roam around and create some side plots which can also be significant to the plot which drives this story. You can't just do whatever you want, kill my characters or something like that. You are free to roam around, but you wouldn't get to destroy planets or something on a planetary level, you must first talk with me to see if I agree with you and to see if it does fit in my story...which I can already say it won't happen, this Earth will not live another big fight which could possibly end the universe, because the world now needs to grow accustomed with the new heroes, which is you, the player so till then, there wouldn't be that kind of scale of battle, for the time being. Also, there are some races in my universe, for example, the Cosmic Beings which are the Vestals and live in a different reality called Vestalia, but sadly you won't get to play them because they are freaking powerful, you can interact with them but battling against them won't bring you anywhere because they are powerful and basically they have plot armor, and there will never be another Mad Vestal, Darkseid was the only one and now he is dead, thankfully. The Kaethrani, are energy beings with control over energy manipulation, so it means that they are killable but it is really hard to do so and they have no home planet they roam the galaxy and when they grow tired they go in their pocket dimension which is a place for them to rest. So I don't recommend doing one of them if so maybe a downgraded version of the real thing because these dudes can destroy solar systems if they want to. And they are basically viewed as evil monsters so yeah not good to get things started. There are also Devine Beings, which are practically what the Asgardians are, that's what Magnus is. The differences are that they can have wings, interact with humans, live on planet earth and do not have a shady past. I don't have anything on you doing a Devine Being character, also known: Angel, Angelic Being. But I'd like if you would talk with me first to come to an agreement and see where this might lead because there is this Homeworld called Zuerus, which is a huge planet, it's earth 15 times the size so yeah. And there is this king called Allbeing Omen who is the father of Magnus. There are also meta-humans, of course, you can play them since they are not that powerful but I do recommend to keep them balanced and not too op. There is also a bit of John Wick/Assassin's Creed references around here, but I am not looking for that, for if I would have, I wouldn't call this a Superhero RP, but if you want to play as one, let me firstly know and we'll see what we can figure out. So you have a lot of room to experiment with, create any character you want, except for the Vestals and Kaethrani, because come on, no one likes battling against powerful beings which can take supernovas any day of the week. So you are free to experiment just let me know what kind of character that is, send me the link of the character sheet, again it does not need to be overly detailed but the most important stuff must be there so I know what characters you are playing and so that the other players will know too. Also, I have my share bit of characters, so I'll be sure to do my character sheets so that you may get the idea who they are, what have they done, what can they do, personal stuff about them and so on. And if you have any questions about the Homeworld called Zuerus and anything really, ask me in the OOC Thread and I'll gladly to respond to you. Also, the story takes place in America, and some heroes may live in different cities but their DL Tower would be located in New York. If you want to sign up your characters with a link to your sheets, here it is the link where you can tag me and post them so that I may take a look at them: The Story It is the year 2040, for the past decade the world has changed, technology has evolved beyond our expectations but the Cities still remain normal, there are no over the top cities, it mainly remained the same over the years but technology has improved significantly, it surely did not stay the same after the Cataclysm which wiped out half of the Universe's life because of Darkseid, but because of his death alongside Earth's Greatest Protector Scar, everything returned to normal. At least, so it would seem because some of the heroes have fallen in battle and died and others have retired and now the people of Earth are still trying to recover after the past three years since they won the battle against Darkseid, the World was not in chaos but it was in dire need of new heroes, to protect them and save them when need be. The Fallen Leaguers are: Scar, Bambu, Voltex, and Logan. The Retired Leaguers are: Shad, Reyes, Jade, Katrina, Falcon, Mike, Vience, James and John. The Remaining Leaguers: are: Bruce, Magnus, Spider-Man, Jack, Nathan, and Doctor Mercy Earth has lost some of its protectors, be it retired or by death. But fear not, because Bruce now the leader of the Destiny League and the others would guide you the player through this story. They will be there for you and serve as a mentor figure, it was time for the New Leaguers to appear to take the place of the old ones so that they one day could rest on a grateful planet, but the real question is, are you ready to take that kind of responsibility? what are you prepared to do? will you be a Villain? Hero? something in between? one which only fights for himself? it was time to figure those questions out...
  2. Updates Personal I.D. Numbers are mandatory. If you are an illegal, you can make up a fake one.] If I am away and the RP needs to progress, Atlas can be taken over until I come back on.] You can now sail across the sea and find hidden continents and other uninhabited continents. Try to find the lost continent, which is called The Unknown.] Personal I.D Numbers are a combination of numbers and letters and about 4-10 characters long. For example, Atlas's P.I.N. (306BA-4732)] The tracks "Old Gielnor" and "Attack on Gusling Mansion has been changed. Made an email for the Amarthene Estate Complaint form] Changed Josephs last name from "Glister" to "Tarago" to match the prequel story "Gielnors Last Stand: The Banished Prince] I moved this from another RP site to here so sorry about the formatting, I am slowly working on making it stand out. Please PM me your character once you made it with the character sheet! 🙂 Thank you. Gielnors Last Stand UST The GDVC Old Gielnor Old Gaelis The Beats of Phoenix Town Attack on Gusling Mansion The Criminal Underground Uncharted Waters The Magic Towers Hum Gielnors Last Stand Theme (For now) Gielnors Last Stand Credits - Blackout World Factions - (Ongoing) Wizards Council The Wizards Council is an incredibly important faction in the world of Gielnor, and there is only one building...Which is located in the capitol of Gielnor; [b [i Phoenix Town.]] The council houses legendary wizards and Elder Wizards along with High Wizards. These three types of wizards specialize in all of the magic classes in the world of Gielnor, the council members set the rules on all the magic and how it is to be used. Failure to abide by their rules can lead up to jail time. The council leader is Winston Eldersoul, people may become a council member but only if they have advanced enough through their magic skills. Wizards Council Application: (WARNING: Only people who are good can join the Wizards Council...Sorry evil players. ;/) Name: Age: Powers: Magic Level: Personal ID Number: Amarthene Estate Amarthene Estate is where former President Simons lives, he is the current president of Amarthene. He has four senators who are named; Senator Harry, Senator Williams, Senator Lyle, and Senator Ryan. This place is where current dealings with finance and everything to do with dealing with Amarthenes problems are done at. This place may not be as awesome as the Wizards Council but they also have dealings with them as well since they are a part of the world of Gielnor. Without the Amarthene Estate, Amarthene would have anarachy all over the continent of Amarthene. If you feel like someone in Amarthene is harassing you or doing anything to threaten, or make you uncomfortable...Please message us by filling out this form. Amarthene Estate - Complaint Form Name: Age: Reason for complaint?: Personal ID Number: Personal ID Number of offender: Once you are done, send the form over to amartheneestatecomplaints@gmail.com The GDVC (Gielnor Disease/Virus Control) The GDVC deals with all sorts of epidemics in the lovely world of Gielnor, they are much like the CDC in the world of Earth. Their main job is guarding a massive gate that leads to another part of Gielnor; [b [i A closed off continent.]] The closed off continent has a massive dome surrounding it and it is walled off from the world. This continent is named Old Gielnor, which was struck with a deadly evil virus from the Arcane Clan about 400 years ago during the legendary heroes Kalvin and Khalaris time. It was closed off and the dome has been upgraded ever since to fit with the current technology. Entry is not allowed through the gate unless you are an RPOG member or a GDVC member. GDVC Application (Only rpers who are good can join, not evil rpers.) Name: Age: Talents: Any infections?: Personal ID Number: Nernias House of Kings This is where all the kings of Nernias meet here and discuss major politics and world trade. There are titles among these kings but also civilians may join if they are deemed worthy by The High Council. The titles for civilians along with perks; Advisor - Can discuss world trade with the kings and makes 10% off of the kings economic buildings (Markets, Inns, Taverns, Brothels, Etc), The income for each economic building the king has is 1000 sacreds (Nernias currency) Legionnaire - You are the kings right hand man/woman, you are usually at his side during important events and meetings. You help him with his battle plans and usually take to the front line in battle. Don’t worry, you’ll be accompanied by guards and soldiers. Because you also command your squad. Royal Merchants - You control the world trade and buy and sell various items to certain continents and countries. You must be okay with going out to sea though. That is the only rule. NHK Application Name: Age: Ethnicity: Were you born on Nernias? If no, then where?:]] The High Council The high council is from a hidden continent called Ugenstrav, A nordic like continent. This council deals with all the laws around the world of Gielnor. They are the worlds government and run everything. No one is allowed to join and entering Ugenstrav is forbidden by capital punishment. No one has ever seen the council members...They only receive letters. Royal Docks Express The RDE (Royal Docks Express) is located in the capital of Gielnor; Phoenix Town. This faction is used for trading between the Royal Merchants from Nernias, they receive various goods that citizens want or need. The owner of this faction is named Captain James Sabertooth. People can work at the docks...You just need to meet the requirements (Hunting - Lvl 5, Fishing - Lvl 3) RDE Application Name: Age: Skills: Are you in any other faction?: Nernias Euphoria Farm This is where the medical pink plant is mostly grown and shipped to Gielnor via Royal Merchants. Workers and farmers take good care of the plants to make sure they are grown to perfection. People can work here but need to meet the following requirements; (Farming lvl 5) NEF Application Name: Age: Skills: Do you currently smoke Euphoria?: Do you do any other drugs?: (Magic Dust, Fairy Dust, Nernias Caps, or Green Lightning?)] The Arcane Clan Also known as The Arc, they are an evil demonic race that want to destroy Gielnor and they attack the magic towers. Their true leader is known as Arcanum. Who is said to be sealed away on another planet. You can join this faction but once you do you are no longer a good player. You will become an evil player until you leave the clan. The Arcane Application Name: Age: Skills: Any crimes you commited? Do you pledge yourself to our all true leaders Arcanum and Irving?: Do you pledge that if you ever leave our order you will become a target?: The Royal Police of Gielnor The RPOG is the main military branch in the continent of Gielnor, they are the soldiers and police who work on stopping The Arc. Ganzu is the 2nd In Command, he runs the RPOG operations. If a crime is being committed a citizen will alert an RPOG member. If a crime has been committed please make a report at the RPOG office located in Phoenix Town. In order to join The RPOG, you need; (Attack Lvl 5, Defence Lvl 7, and Agility Lvl 4) RPOG Application Name: Age: Skills: Would you like a starter weapons pack?: Would you like a partner?: Personal I.D. Number: RPOG Complaint Form Name: Age: What crime did you witness?: Was the attacker wearing any mask?: If you saw the attacker would you please provide a photo?: Would you like 24 hr protection? (RPOG members support you and try to stop people from killing you...Try that is): Magic Tower Repair Co. The Magic Tower Repair Co. deals with repairing the magic towers that have been blown up or just shut down randomly due to malfunctioning. They use special tools and magic stone along with magic energy hose. Citizens can join, but they must have; (Magic Lvl 10, Crafting Lvl 5,) MGRC Application Name: Age: Skills: Do you wish to be paid in holo currency or magic energy?: THE CRIMINAL UNDERGROUND The Criminal Underground (TCU) is a mysterious faction that seems to operate all over the world of Gielnor. It is speculated that the location to the faction is literally underground and the only way to access it is via blindfold. Several factions such as The Arc and The Incanter Society are elite members of The Criminal Underground. The Criminal Underground operates in many trades such as; weapon/drug smuggling, assassinations, kidnapping, thievery, regicide and more. There is no true leader of TCU and probably will never happen. Each big crime boss of each criminal faction runs TCU and all meet once a year to discuss their plans for the year ahead. Only way to join TCU is to be recommended by a big crime boss which usually isn't easy. The requirements are as follows; Underdog (Criminal Rank) Five years with current criminal faction Phoenix Technologies Phoenix Technologies is the leading company in the smartphone and PC era, they have developed more than 6.5 billion smartphones and computers with their own OS known as Phoenix OS. Many devices run this OS and is widely used all over the contient of Gielnor. The Phoenix, their top selling brand phone is a favorite among the RPOG due to the walkie talkie system implemented in the hardware. Plot Gielnor is the most technological continent, more advanced than Japan and USA combined. Only using magic to power items instead of electricity and modern power. Magic Towers are placed around the two continents Amarthene and Gielnor, these towers hold the magic energy used to power the objects. A road in the sky powered by alchemy is used as a fast way to get to Amarthene or Gielnor faster than on the lower roads. Cars are common in Gielnor, such as airships, guns, and other objects that is powered by magic. Amarthene is the America of the world of Gielnor, it is a continent that has more money income than Gielnor but Amarthene shares half it's wealth with their friendly continent Gielnor.]]]] Nernias is the continent on the far east, sadly not as technologically advanced as Amarthene or Gielnor, Nernias is a steam-punk continent that has a few kings in power. One of them branded a tyrant by the name of King Ivorian the III. This rp takes place in Gielnor and Amarthene for now, here is the actual plot! An evil demonic group called the Arc is resurrected by a grand necromancer called Irving. He and his evil group start a war with Gielnor and Amarthene, this rp will take you through the history and stories of the world of Gielnor...Bad guys and good guys will collide... Betrayals will happen... Loved ones will be lost... This is... GIELNORS LAST STAND... Premade Characters The Good Ganzu Varson - Open Age - 38 History: Ganzu is the 1st commanding officer of the Royal Police of Gielnor. He wears a naval outfit and a naval hat, and he also has a medium length beard, he can also be cranky at times as well as serious or funny. Mostly serious though. Kalas Varkas - Open Age: 23 History: Kalas is the Assistant Officer of the RPOG (Royal Police of Gielnor) He is still young but he is wise and alot of people can learn a thing or two from him. Jack Lyons - Open Age - 35 History: Jack is an ex pirate who is now a bartender who fights for the greater good. He wears a red bandana, and has short blue hair. Age: 35 Joseph Tarago - Open Age - 65 History: This Nernian man is a very experienced fighter with swords. He may be old, but he can still kick ass and take names with his dual sword skills. He hails from the Itula Tribe, a tribe known for killing. King Desto - Open Age - 77 History: King Desto is the proud king of the Gielnor continent and the founder and leader of the RPOG. Ganzu and Kalas serving under him. Atlas Storm - Me Age - 19 History: Atlas, the main character is the rp, he was taken in by Joseph as his guardian after his parents were murdered. Atlas had joined the RPOG along with Joseph, and their good friend Jack. Mason Reiner - Open History: Once a bad guy to previous heroes in the Gielnors Last Stand series, he decided to become a butler for King Desto and serve under him and the RPOG. He has since been a good ally. Kate Burgess - Open Age - 23 History: Kate was betrayed by her family at a young age when they tried to sacrifice her to the Arc Clan, now as an adult Kate joined the RPOG and will stop at nothing to eradicate the Arc...And maybe find her parents, who now have a bounty of 3 million Holo coins (Currency) Ashely Silver Age - 25 History: The cook of King Destos castle, she is a famous cook on Prime TV as well as worldwide, some people from Nernias even come all the way to Gielnor to try Silvers amazing food. Lilly Angel -Open Age - 22 History: Lilly is a bounty hunter, she hunts down some of the worlds most dangerous criminals in Amarthene and Gielnor. Irving is the most wanted man...Lilly is still trying to find him throughout the world, including other bounty hunters...]]]] The Bad Irving - Open Age - Unknown History: After the previous leader of the Arc died, this evil necromancer took over. He is a malevolent man with horrifying powers. He will stop at nothing to take over the world of Gielnor. Vega - Open Age - 120 History:An Arc member who lives in Amarthene, he is wanted for the bombing of three Magic Towers in Gielnor. His motives are unclear to why he bombed them, but it caused a temporary power outage and killed over 4000 people. Arcanus - Open Age - Unknown History: Arcanus is the creation of the previous leader, Lexius. He is wanted for the attempted assassination of King Desto and the Council Members of Amarthene. Morwinia Fable - Open Age - Unknown History: Morwinia Fable is the leader of nightmares, her pet is called the Nightmare Beast, which consumes peoples souls whole in one bite. She is a high ranking officer in the Arcane Clan Gale Winters - Open Age - 18 History: Gale is a recruit in the Arcane Clan, she just joined. She is nervous to be here, but her magic talking demonic hairpen is there for her... >:] Made Up Characters The Character Sheet Username: Name: Age: Weapons: Powers: Alignment(Good/Evil/): Talents: Appearance: Where do you live?(Amarthene,Gielnor,Nernias): Personal ID number when you became a civilian in Amarthene or Gielnor: Any augmentations?: Family members(Not your real ones): Job(Not your real one): History: Welcome to the wonderful world of Gielnor! In order to pass and become a full citizen in Amarthene or Gielnor you must answer 5 questions, there will be seperate questions for good and bad! If you skip the questionnaire, it will result in your application being denied! Mandatory Questionnaire (Good) 1: If you saw someone in the Magic Tower that looks suspicious, what would you do? 2: Someone was being harassed by a bully in public or in a public building, what would you do? 3: A friend of yours told you a secret of how he's going to steal some of the Magic Energy from a Magic Tower. since this is illegal what would you do? 4: You saw a group of people in purple cloaks who resemble the Arc. What would you do? 5: You were stuck in a situation where a family member of yours commited a serious crime. What would you do? Mandatory Questionnaire (Evil) 1: You have just been accepted into the Arc! What would you do? 2: You were given magic bombs and instructions on blowing up a Magic Tower. What would you do? 3: You have just met Irving, your boss and mentor! What would you do? 4: A high ranking officer in the Arc has given you a task to kill an entire family, including the kids. What would you do? 5: Irving has given you a task to kill the Senator of Amarthene, what would you do? Rules -No godmodding! You can be a badass all you want as long as you don't make yourself godly and start killing people without permission and making yourself invincible. You can die. -No cybering, if it get's to that please take it off site or somewhere else. I don't like seeing my roleplays littered with posts about sex. -Violence is allowed, there will be alot of violence. Just don't take it too far and coat the entire world with copper flavored kool-aid -Romance is allowed, just no love at first sight.Romances must be developed and built. Slow and steady wins the race. Fast and hasty wins the race too but ends up running too fast and runs of a cliff and dies by accident. -Please try not to use one-liners, 500 character posts aren't that hard. If you find that hard just try to do 300 characters. I mean, come on. -Enjoy the roleplay! Oh and no ditching without telling me so please?
  3. It's the year 3713, and the people of Earth had solved much of the problems that faced them in centuries past with the creation of enhanced technology. Now, the common population was working only to support the AI that kept society functioning in top shape. Everyone was getting bored. They had accomplished most everything they had even thought possible, the most remarkable of course being the creation of the ultimate VR experience-the Endless Horizon. A simulated world with endless possibilities-all it takes is a thought, a bit of designing in some menus, and you can have a world of your very own. At the moment, a large event was about to take place, or so everyone heard, with the media spreading the info like a wildfire. Record numbers of people had diven into the Endless Horizon through the microchips connected to their brains at birth. The medieval city everyone had gathered in was abuzz-but for how long would that happiness last?
  4. Jared is back at again with those white vans, looking at his desk silently writing down on the table of some old spell that he was learning. It was a rather exotic kind of spell with words that would be considered tongue twisters along with how you pronounce it was rather confusing too. Man this was some spell if it's that difficult to even say on word. Looking upwards from his desk of the pronunciation, god this wasn't going to be fun at all. Lying his down on his desk listening onto the lesson silently as ever till the bell has rang. Springing up to it before in haste he grabbed all of his things zipped it up into his bag and ran out. "SCHOOL IS OVER!!" He yelled out loudly with a wide grin on his face, running ( while he wasn't focusing at all . ) bumped into a boy, falling, and slamming his face hard onto the ground. Looking up nose now bleeding, "Sorry!" He quickly apologized to the male.
  5. (Hello, may I join the roleplay please?)
  6. You and a group of people are tasked to acquire an extremely powerful artifact from somewhere, but as to where you will be going is still unknown. During the beefing, you were told that this mission was tasked to you by your superiors as a test run of a new technology that has been created. This technology was from a project that had been going on for a few months in the dark. You and group members are the first people outside of the lab to know about this project. It was code name "Project Tempo" and its goal was to utilize a new found temporal space called "W". This space has a few proportions that the scientist have only started to harness. They said that small tests on mice have shown positive results, but prolong exposure in "W" can have adverse effects on the physical body. Following this was a short clip on how the terminological equipment works. In the video, there were 4 distinct electronica l devices in the shape of wrist bands. it almost looks as if it were made of cloth. The first one was strapped to a rat over its wast. Connected to the band was a wire with a button. what the button was pressed quickly the rat became a pail semi translucent blue. same for the 2nt band but rather them blue its red, and the 3rd with Silver and finaly the 4th with a soft Green. "As for what you will be capable of in said "Temporal Space" is what we will be testing" The director of the mission beefing mentioned, "Now any questions."
  7. The Hinterlands were as she remembered them. The ruins of the once proud Sharlayan settlement stood, but the decaying remnants lay slowly reclaimed by the land around it as walls crumbled or were blown out by the Goblins. Machine and monsters alike roamed the the abandoned settlements, prowling through the streets or stalking the open areas around it. Pathways were nearly completely demolished outside the settlement borders. From their vantage point, the bridges that connected east and west were blown out save but one that was guarded by some of the local adventurers who knew it would be impossible to get from one side to another if the bridge were to crumble. The Dravanian Hinterlands were lush, teeming with life, and most importantly: dangerous. Rae had visited the place once, but it was long after it had been abandoned by her people. Well, she could never truly call them “her people”. They tolerated her at best. The only ones who accepted her were a man she crippled herself, and another who wasn’t even Sharlayan, but a visitor to the island. The Sharlayans leered upon her with disdain. They took her from her home and forced her to stay among them to learn and attempt to make her into a weapon, but only two ever treated her as a human worthy of respect. The Sharlayans were as much her people as the Au’Ra were as much of the Dragons’. Still, she would be counted as one of them. These ruins were part of her legacy. The passiveness was part of her history. Their knowledge was her’s, to an extent. She had liberal access to many of their books and many of their studies. Even as a defector, she still held the keys needed to access some of their precious secrets. The Great Gubal Library was one of them. With virtually countless corridors and bookshelves that were once filled to the brim with their collected knowledge, Rae once could have spent her days within the darkened building, letting her skin and hair pale and her eyesight grow dim from having her nose pressed into a book for endless hours in the day. The other great landmark within the Hinterlands that Rae had rare access to was the very thing the Sharlayans created. A machine given a spirit by the Goblins that worshipped the craftsmanship. A machine made to defend the Sharlayans, but now no longer heeds their command unless it deems it so. A creation that all who know of it revere it with awe. Alexander. They stood at the base of the great mechanism. Many years prior, this construct called upon Marishi. As she ventured its bowels and came to the core where the Primal existed, she made a pact with the entity, and in return, she gained perpetual youth until the time came for her task to be completed. That day seemed to soon approach as voices rang in Marishi’s head. It grew increasingly worrisome day by day as her wife related to her the symptoms and her feelings about it. Marishi was not one to speak up about things concerning her health much, unless it was debilitating. This was why Rae knew her wife was gravely serious about what was happening to her. Rae vowed to protect her wife after that day. That day she failed, the day she nearly lost her wife. She swore nothing would befall her. Rae would move heaven and earth for Marishi. She would fight armies. She would forsake all she had, all she believed. She would do the impossible to save Marishi, to spare her from suffering again. Any trials Marishi faced, Rae would be beside her. Any victories she won, Rae would rejoice with her. A door opened, sliding to the side to grant the pair access. Rae turned to Marishi, a comforting smile upon her face as she held out her hand to her wife. “Let’s go. Let’s find a way to stop the voices. Whatever the answer may be, it’ll be in here, I’m sure of it.” Rae assured her, a confident tone in her voice. The sun cast a glow across her face. It was no longer noon, but not nearly yet evening. The weather was perfect for their adventure. It seemed almost a pity to go inside, but they couldn’t speak with the Primal that inhabited Alexander’s body from outside.
  8. “You really messed up this time...” Lotte thought to herself as she gazed outside the tinted window. The weather was dreary and befitting the mood she was in. The light patter of rain made her ears twitch, she would never get used to this planets strange temperature changes. Where she came from there was only ever sunny weather, but where she came from was also unlivable. Earth had given her both a new life and taken a part of her away. There were already so few Behovians left, after the murder of her parents she was truly alone. A pod pulled up next to them at the intersection, a little boy in the pod next to them looked over and stared at Lotte. She stared back at the boy and suddenly he began to cry. She abruptly turned away and sank into the chrome seat. Taking out a small pink stone she pressed on its center and a hologram flashes, all of her writings are stored here. She jotted down something and then put the stone away. ”You da first alien I ever saw with such human like features, ‘sides dem ears,” the man driving said, an attempt at small talk? He looked at her through the rear view mirror, a perverted gaze, now she realized what his comment meant. Lottes ears perked up and then sank down as she looked back out the window at the crying boy. “Are all you alien chicks prudes?” The man asked. ”I’d appreciate if you’d pay attention to driving. My company has paid for my transportation, I don’t want to have to report you,” her palms gripped her bags strap tighter. The man scoffed, “whatever,” he pressed a button and the windows went completely black and a partition appeared separating the front and back of the pod. “Sorry, this point on my boss says no one can see. The location is private.” He then takes off. Lotte took a deep breathe, letting it out softly. Were these signs that she wasn’t making the right choice, or were they signs telling her that if she did do this that things could be better than what they are? She takes out her pink stone and jots that thought down before slipping into a surprisingly deep sleep. ”ey, hello, we’re here. I gotta charge extra if you delay me.” Lottes eyes fluttered opened. She looked outside at her destination. The rain had stopped and turned into snow. It was as though they were in a completely world. She stepped outside of the car, the stillness of the atmosphere was calming and eerie. The facility was humongous. The entire exterior seemed to be white and surrounded by all types of flora. She wondered how the plants survived at all. There were candecent lights lit up every where and the ground was dimly lit up as well. Everyone instructed to come was told to only bring themselves. She looked up at the blue sign which read “EQIXUM” below it a tagline “Bringing you a brighter future, today.” She breathed in deeply before walking toward the entrance.
  9. “I want you to tell this man what you just told me. Exactly what you told me. Don’t leave out a single thing, do you understand? Tell him as if your life and the lives of everyone you care about depend on it.” A male shrouded in shadow said motioning to another male on the opposite side of the small room. The room had no windows, the walls painted a drab grey and only one reinforced door that led to the outside. That could only be unlocked from the outside. The faint musical chime of chains could be heard rustling as the person on the opposite end shifted positions. Manacles. An interrogation room. Nothing was said from the prisoner. “We’ve been through this. We have ways to make you talk. You don’t want that again. We don’t want that again. We just want to know what happened. The truth. That’s all we’ve ever searched for.” Said the first man. A snort in derision was heard from the detainee but nothing else was forthcoming. “Very well. We have the other one in custody as well. Perhaps they will turn out to be more pliable seeing as how you refuse to cooperate. They know our methods rather well-being kin and all. It shouldn’t take long, then we’ll be back to lead you both to the chopping block. A shame you could have spared – “The man’s gravelly voice was cut off from the lighter tone of the prisoner. “I tell you what you want to hear, I’m the only one that pays right?” The man’s body tone resembled an irritated state. “We seek only the truth, not what we want to here, nonbeliever.” The prisoner never moving from their spot in the corner replied “Honestly is not synonymous with the truth. Being a scholar, you should understand this concept. If I tell you what you want to hear, the other gets to go free. That’s my condition. Otherwise, enjoy your red tap nightmare securing all the paperwork to authorize executions.” They said wryly. The man shifted slightly. “You have my word. It will be so. Now, tell this man, what you told me. All of it. Leave nothing out.” “I would grab a chair if I were you. I’ll also take a meal and refreshments. A smoke too. We’re going to be here awhile.” The prisoner said. “How long have you been here?” The second man asked. It was his first time speaking. “In this cell? Oh, a week? Two? Hard to keep track when there is nothing to tell time by.” The prisoner stated. “No, how long have you been here. How long have you been on The New World?” The prisoner was quite long moments almost unwilling to answer. “9 years. Give or take a month or two.” The man sounded bewildered. “9 years? You and your companion have been here 9 years? That’s impossible. We have extensive records of you and your mate from across the sea.” The jangle of chains could be heard like a wind chime. “It’s a long story. But one you are specifically hear told. I am famished and could use what I asked. I don’t think I could properly convey such an incredible tale on an empty stomach. Oh. And I want the one I traveled with brought here. To this room.” The prisoner was clear they were not going to begin before their demands had been met. The first man snapped. ‘Very well. Food and tobacco are easy to procure. The individual will take longer. I suggest once eating your meal that you begin your tale and I’ll begin work on their transfer.” “I agree to your terms.” The prisoner said as they sat back against the wall and waiting for food and provisions to arrive. Once the meal was eaten and the tobacco smoke filled the small cell, the scribe that was to be recording all that was said was having a hard time breathing from all the smoke. “Take a breather outside, boy. Where am I going to go?” The jangle of chains could be heard again. “Off the record,” The scribe began. “Did you do what they say you did?” Fear in his voice staring at the prisoner wide-eyed. The prisoned flashed a dangerous smile and said: “To the last man.” The scribe hastened out of the room to clear his head. He had never met someone more dangerous and it was almost as if they were just getting started. The scribe was sweating when one of the guards came up to him and clapped his hand behind his back. “She scare ya, did she boy? She’s a habit of doing that, though I think she does it to see us squirm than anything else. This place though. This ‘new world’ has a habit of changing people. Making them more savage or violent. We’ve had to lock men up over violent rages they would fly into for no reason. And they state they have been here 9 years. You’ve read the files on them both. They’re the both of them extraordinary. Unlike anyone or anything. Bringing them here was like a lit match on dry tinder.” The guard mused. “Is it true then? Their crimes?” The guard sat a moment. “I don’t know, boy. To kill an ENTIRE village and wipe it off the map in the span of a single night? A village with men who could defend themselves? I can tell you this though. That one in there is a liar. A manipulator. A thief, and a murderer. Can see it plain as day in the eyes.” A man wearing official Sharlayn clothing as a scribe and scholar arrived and address both outside. “I am here to document the occurrences of the prisoner being detained within. Are we ready?” He said stiffly. He was no nonsense. He wanted to record the events and get out. He hated the New World. Savages. “The other hasn’t been released per the demands that were agreed to, but all other request has been fulfilled, sir.” The guard said bowing to the Scholar. “That will be good enough then.” He said as he entered. It was smoky and hard to see. The Scholar lit several candles to provide illumination and sat down flipping through his tomes without saying a word. He continued for long minutes, even when the chains rattled slightly. “For the record, state your Sur and Forename, place of birth, age, and occupation.” The Scholar said dryly. “You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.” The prisoner said with a slight laugh. “It would do well if you wouldn’t waste my time. I hate to waste your own. I could just have an interrogator come and extract that information, but we are doing our utmost to remain civilized.” He snapped. There was a pause of silence. “Have it your way.” The Scholar rose from the chair and closed his tome. “My name is Marishi Ten. Marishi being my surname and Ten being my forename. I was born in the Coerthas Western Lowlands near what is called “Camp Glory”, my current age by Eorzean calendar puts me just shy of 100 summers. I hold multiple occupations. Seamstress, mercenary, wet work, assassin, guard, investigator, and good appraiser to name but a few.” Marishi said. “Please describe and family or blood ties you may have and any anomalies, diseases, or defects you suffer from.” The Scholar sat back down. “All family and blood-related relatives are dead. I am the last of my line. My blood dies with me. I bear permanent damage to my right eye regarding events that don’t concern you. Inquisitor or no. The Primal Alexander that resides in the Dravanian Hinterlands shares an Aetherial bond with me.” She sounded so matter of fact, one would almost believe she was 100 years old and good friends with a metal God that sat quietly in the Thaliak River. “I’ll speak no more until my companion is brought to me. So, the whole story may be told in full telling.” Marishi said with a slight grin. “You don’t scare me with your threats of torture, bookworm. There are things right outside these walls that make your inquisitors look like gentle lovers giving soft caresses.” The scholar stared at her with his hard-grey eyes. “You don’t seem to like authority much, I see. Why did you come here? What were you hoping to find? Who hired you to find it? Don’t insult my intelligence by saying something about adventure. You and your comrade sailed months across the ocean to arrive in these savage lands. We know you spoke with several Mamool Ja concerning the area and its details. You even dined with the head chief of the unified tribes. A rare honor. We know you were present in that hamlet the night it went missing. You and the other are the only two ‘, survivors. I want to know what you know. I want to know what happened. I want you to tell me.” He finished with a hiss. “Are you sure you’re not an interrogator? Ugh, that was unbearable to hear you drone on. Please have mercy on me dark one!” Marishi mocked the scholar. “That wit of yours, while clever, and obviously entertaining to you, will one day be your undoing. Obviously, you’re not going to tell me anything of value and you’ll just lie to spin a web so thick it would take months to decipher and discard. I think we’re done here. I’m canceling the prisoner transfer. Enjoy your new isolated quarters, savage. You don’t even deserve a name, Excommunicated White Mage, failed Shinobi, Mediocre Samurai. You’re more primal than mortal anyway.” The scholar said as he stood. His words stung Marishi, though she tried hard to not show it. Him calling her things of her past brought them to the front of her memory and her painful remembrance of it all. Not that he was lying. It seemed the Sharlayn’s knew more about Marishi and the shadows she kept in her closet than she had thought. “Stop.” Was all she said in a low voice, her head lowered to the ground staring at the dirt. “Can we begin?” The Scholar asked clearly irritated. Marishi sighed. They wouldn’t believe her anyway. But perhaps with her companion’s influence and reaffirmation of her telling they could avoid the gallows. At least, until they were deported to Eorzea and stood formal charges.
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  11. Tucked away in a corner of the Lavender Beds residential areas sat a quiet and non-descript mansion, it’s lawn immaculately maintained and its hedge maze in perfect order. Inside, the floors were buffed to a high mirror shine of marble. The kitchen, dining, sitting rooms, and small library sat quiet, awaiting use. On the second floor lay the bedrooms. The master and it’s bathroom and the spare and it’s bathroom. The master’s bed sheets ruffled from recent use. It was a bright and sunny day in the Shroud. Residents taking strolls outside, home watching or people watching. Enjoying the weather as long as it held. Marishi Ten walked slowly to her home, recently returned from the Markets for various errands and purchases. She didn’t cook, so the least she could do is pick up the groceries. She entered into the mansion and placed the fresh produce and cut meats on the Kitchen island and sat in the sitting area, waiting for her companion to come back from errands of her own. The brightly blazing Sun was too bright for her this day. She preferred overcast weather where rain was threatened, but never followed through. That’s not to say she didn’t love the Sun. She just didn’t care for the one in the heavens this day. The one walking the land was far more important a thing to her. The manor was empty save for Marishi entering. She didn’t expect anyone to be there. Marishi lived in the manor with only one other tenant whom she shared a bed with. A life with. A bond unbroken by countless hardships with. Some bonds are given freely and are deserving of the love that blossoms from it, while some are bonds of blood that are not so easily severed. Rae Ten would never state specifically what she would do this time every single month. She would tell Marishi it had to do with ‘family’. Thinking about what could possibly be so secretive about ‘family’ she let out an audible “Hmph.” She never pressed Rae the why. Not in 10 years and the monthly outing became standard routine for their lives. When they would be called away for extended periods of time due to various employment ventures, Rae would take considerable pains to ensure this issue with ‘family’ was always handled every single month. Marishi could guess as to the what, but she could not fathom the why. But, Marishi had no family. She could not understand the bonds that blood creates. She couldn’t picture the loyalty that ‘family’ is often given of its own accord. All she could do is remain quiet and not press the issue. Marishi lounged on the plush couch waiting for Rae to return home. She did all the cooking. Marishi never learned the trade of Culinarian. She didn’t have the patience. Ironic, coming from someone who had nearly unlimited time. She was 90 this year, though she didn’t look a day over 30. Fate entwining her with the Arbiter of Time, the Primal Alexander. She wore all black this day, dressed in simple tights with calf high brown red leather boots with a small heel and black silken Kimono of far eastern origin and design. Her hair was bobbed at the sides and in the middle, pulled back and held in place by a simple silver brooch. She was pretty, even though her mind would wonder to ugly and dark places. She gazed lazily at the fire in the hearth. Her sanguine left eye-catching fire while her right eye absorbed everything into its Onyx abyss. Her voice was low and raspy with a slight hint of gravel to it as if she didn’t use it very much. Her nails were manicured and filed into points on each long and slender finger. Care was also taken to her complexion as she wore eye shadow smudged black and blending into her cheeks, considered the old and archaic way to adorn make up. On the rack adorning the mantle of the fireplace sat a Katana of near impossible complex and design. White Sayo and grip, its sheath was black high polished lacquer. When drawn, the blade would glow a divine, faint white, edge never becoming dull no matter how many were cut down by it. Marishi was a Samurai of the far east. Her wife, Rae Ten, a Red Mage of the Old World. Abandoned by ‘family’ to her Sharlayn caretakers and raised by what was essentially an orphanage until her master found her and took her into his home where he taught her the ways of blending white and black magic together to devastating and miraculous results. They had been ‘Adventurers’ for most of the 10 years they had been married. Sell swords or mercenaries. Delivery and assassination. No job was too messy or unpleasant. For the right price of course. Nothing in this world was free. A cost was associated with every transaction. Physical, emotional, mental. Her mind wandered around these thoughts as she drifted into a light midday nap. By early evening Marishi heard the doors lock slide the bolt into the home position, opening the door from the outside by use of a house key. Rae entered into the home looking more tired from her errand than normal. “Busy day? Everyone and their pet seemed to be in Gridania today. Taking advantage of the weather. The tanning and wood working guilds were packed.” Marishi said with an annoyed tone in her voice. “How was your errand? You look more taxed than usual from it. Did the Parcel Moogles give you a hard time again?” She inquired. Marishi knew that every month Rae would send a parcel out to an unknown party. Sometimes it was an envelope, sometimes a small container that gave off a muffled metallic jingle when shaken. She knew it was money. She just didn’t know to who. Someone of distant kin in the Old World? Rae had no direct family she interacted with on a regular basis. Choosing instead to bond to Marishi creating their own two person ‘family’. Rae clutched several sheets of white parchment in her hand with thin and delicate words written in black ink scrawled on it. “Oh! Is that for me? My fan mail usually doesn’t arrive until later in the month normally. What a pleasant surprise!” She teased Rae. “We can talk about it later, let me help you prepare the evening meal. I promise this time to listen as not to nearly burn the house down.” She said as she rose from the couch and languidly stretched, standing on her tip toes, arms above her head and tail pointing up. She was small and slender, her petite frame accenting her feminine curves and enhancing her overall allure only adding to the beauty she held as a Sunseeker Miquot’e. She walked up to Rae and kissed her welcoming her home, then took her hand and led her to the kitchen where they would talk about their day as Rae would prepare dinner and Marishi would pretend to help.
  12. "Git off!" He bellowed while waving at the two Miqo'te. "Git off me ship an' never come back! Yer not welcome back on me ship ever again!" The captain was backed up by the shouts of a few other men on the ship. One man cowered, however. His hand was bandaged, but blood still stained through the gauze and his arm was put in a sling while he bore a black eye and a lump on the opposite side of his head. He was the only one who didn't appear as exuberant about the women leaving, but he also looked as though he were about to keel over at any given moment. Rae sighed and shrugged. "If your boys would have just kept-" "AH SAID GIT! OFF!" Rae's ears rose and she grabbed Marishi's hand, tugging her along as they ran off the gangplank and onto the dock. Waiting for them was a rather surprised-looking Elezen man and Lalafell woman. They glanced at the loathsome crew and captain, then back at their two guests. Once the two Miqo'te women were off the ship, the grew pulled up the gangplank and began working to get the ship settled and actually ready to dock. They would have thrown the two off if they weren't formal guests to the Sharlayan scholars. Rae sighed and shook her head, her red pony tail whipping back and forth lazily and the braid in her hair flipped to the back, which she adjusted by pulling back up over her shoulder. She wore typical Sharlayan attire. A collared, grey jacket, a deep, purple tunic with Sharlayan tools equipped to the belt that rest over top it. She wore tall, black stockings and dark-hued boots that reached to her knee. From her ears dangled crescent moon earrings and hanging low off her neck was a pendant bearing the Red Mage soul crystal that her master gave her. All in all, Rae looked rather sharply dressed to be meeting with her old acquaintances. Marishi had protested Rae's efforts in to looking as finely as she did, but she did not sacrifice mobility nor power for her appearance. The garments she wore from Sharlaya enhanced her spell power and allowed her more mana to prolong her well running dry. The wonderful thing about the clothes was that they were augmented to allow her to channel storage of mana as well, so should she need more, she could draw upon it from the very clothes she wore. At her hip rest her prized possession, her Dreadwyrm Rapier. Crafted from the scale and tissue of Bahamut himself, Rae took extra care to tend to it every day. No matter how often she used it, however, it never seemed to dull. "Making friends I see, Miss Rae," quipped the Lalafell with a broad smile. There was a hint of contempt behind the smile, but Rae chose to ignore it. "Ah, indeed," Rae answered, feigning ignorance to the disguised emotion. "Our dearest friend Stumpy up there, the one sporting the black eye and broken arm, thought it'd be a right gaff to pay us a visit in the night! Marishi showed him how we felt about that." Rae waved at the ship with her back still turned to it, but she could still feel eyes on them. They'd have to find a new way back to Eorzea since the only ship that sailed there now had them on their blacklist. The Elezen smiled and chuckled, no hidden emotions seemed to permeate off him. He seemed genuinely entertained by their adventure. "This Isle has suffered without your eccentric personality, Rae," he commented. Rae only smiled at the Elezen. "Well, shall we be off? Matiseau is waiting." Rae's heart leapt and she paused a second. "How.... how is he doing? He didn't answer my last letter." She asked, hesitantly. The Lalafell scoffed. "He's fine enough. You'll see for yourself when you arrive at the settlement. It's not far from here." It was clear Rae was disconcerted from that answer, but she shouldered her satchel and walked onward. The Elezen turned to Marishi and bowed to her while the Lalafell followed behind Rae. "T'is a pleasure to meet you, Marishi. I apologize that you experienced some problems on the ride here with the crew we have appointed to ferry you and your wife here. I hope the rest of those you encounter are not as hostile towards you. May I carry anything for you, Miss Marishi?" He seemed better-mannered than the Lalafell woman that was present to help escort them to the settlement. "Ah, and, if you could, tell me of Ishgard. How is my homeland? I heard it was coated with ice. Has there been any signs of the weather waning?" Rae and the Lalafell walked ahead, Rae paused to wait for Marishi, but the Lalafell nudged her leg, coaxing her to move onward. They had arrived at night, and with night came monsters, and the less time they dawdled, the less chance said monsters had a chance to arrange an ambush on them.
  13. [This is a closed RP that a friend and I are planning to work on together, inspired by the Peter Pan story] I lay with my back resting on a poorly-made hammock. The lost boys and I had worked on it and others like it together, following the guidance of the natives, who didn't speak our language. Which was English, because we all had come from England. It made me wince subconsciously when I thought about how limited my knowledge of the world was, that I had only visited England and Neverland. I winced again. God, even the pirates--even Captain Hook--have seen more of the world than I have. And they can't even fly! No indeed, though they did have an impressive engineering masterpiece of a ship they liked to use for "pirate purposes." Which basically just meant robbing and killing for wealth. And they had actually... experienced some decent results. Pirate Cove--you know, their hideout--was heavily guarded at all times, but I once sent Tinker Bell there as a spy on my behalf, and she had come back with tales of impressive treasures hidden within the cave. Which sometimes made me fantasize. I won't lie. About seizing some of that wealth and heading back to England, and returning to what I had before. I love the lost kid life, but sometimes it gets a bit... monotonous. I've been thinking for a while about taking a vacation, which basically just means a flight, to the mainland. You know. England. The only place I've ever known? I sat up in the hammock, hearing it creak as I shifted my weight. Except that a kid like me... won't fit in anywhere. Because I have nothing to wear but these outfits made of bear skin and other animals' pelts, gifted to us by the natives in exchange for returning to them what the pirates stole. Ha. They never even noticed. But in England, if I remember correctly after all the years it's been, people don't look like that. They don't look like savage children raised in the wild with an island for their backyard and no public or private school education. In England, everyone is civilized and I long forgot all my manners. It's a completely different world in England. I left it long ago, and I don't remember how many years it's been. I never kept track. Even if I had a clock, it wouldn't work. Because here in Neverland, time stands still. That's right. I'm the same 16-year-old "girl" that I was when those damn pirates decided to mess around with my perfect life. I remember very well. Their ship was disguised as an incoming trading ship. The men that got off were dressed well and presented well, and went to different estates pretending to look for potential buyers of whatever product they pretended to sell. Those in charge of the house, like my parents, were occupied trying to understand what these "tradesmen" were saying, while other crew members slipped inside and took the children. Why? They were short on labor. They could use us for whatever they wanted, maybe even sell us. They took me. They took my brother. They took other boys and I didn't see any of them until I woke up on a rough wooden floor that smelled of sea water and I realized I was tied up. I didn't wake up until the ship was well on its way to Neverland. There was nothing I could do, nothing any of us could do. Our parents didn't realize until it was too late. Many parents didn't. Nobody knew the men, nobody knew how to track the ship. They searched for us, different families did. This, I learned later on. When I finally was able to return. Once the ship reached Neverland, it was absolutely safe and hidden from view. Nobody in England knew about Neverland, and I bet they still don't. It's the only place on this Earth that I know of where magic still exists. A place that does not exist on the map, or in anybody's mind. A place where nobody could come and rescue me. After we escaped the ship, we went to hide out with the natives. Because we had stolen from the pirates before jumping down onto the burning sand and tearing for the dense forests lining the coast, the natives accepted us warmly. Even despite the language barrier. There's a language barrier between Tink and I, too. We don't understand each other. And yet we do, because understanding transcends the spoken word. The pirates made me feel weak, vulnerable, and helpless for the first time in my life. They made me want to be strong. I wanted to learn how to fight and be brave and survive in these harsh conditions. I wanted to take care of myself from now on and depend on others no longer. One of the significant things I did was cut my hair. I remember. I had always worn it loose and long. It had been clean and well-brushed. A pleasant blonde color. It had been a part of my identity. Ever since the incident, I wanted to start over. I wanted to remake myself. I grabbed a knife and positioned myself in front of a stolen pirate mirror. Staring hard at myself and forcing myself not to feel any sadness about the fact I was letting my past self go, I made the cuts. I remember the locks falling to the ground beside my knees. But I didn't falter. When I returned the knife to the chief, my hair came down to my chin, in a bob. It was a different feeling. A weight had literally been lifted. I could feel the wind toss my hair and I could feel the wind caress the back of my neck. I felt freer. Now I could run through the forests without my hair flowing behind me and getting caught in something. I had always been a pleasing girl; polite, educated, and proper. Now, I had the freedom to be wild. Mother wouldn't scold me for getting dirty anymore. Not my dress, or my shoes, or my hair. I had the freedom of mobility, action, adventure... and I had freedom from manners and English conventions. It was a new world. I no longer flinched when my clothes got dirty or when I got scratched. I no longer wore dresses because there were none, this was not England, and because it just wasn't practical anymore. The natives taught us how to hunt with spears and arrows. How to set traps for small game. How to catch fish in rivers and collect berries. Which berries were good to eat, which berries weren't. Which plants were poisonous, and which were medicinal. The natives used natural poisons found in the environment to put on the tips of their spears. They taught us how to skin animals, clean them, and cook them. How to make clothes and shoes. The natives taught me how to be silent when I walked through the forest. They taught me how to walk soundlessly, improving my skills as a hunter. They gave me a compass, which I used for my first return trip to England. Stolen from the pirates, of course. They taught me how to track animals. They taught us how to make fires and shelters. They showed us the Hollow Tree. Our current home. I was in the Hollow Tree at the moment. It was, as the name implied, a tree that had been hollowed out. Nobody knows why, but it sure as hell wasn't us lost kids who did it. From the outside, it looks perfectly normal. Like any other tree in this dense forest. But to us, it is a shelter and a hideout. A place where we are safe from the pirates, and a place we must always go to / leave with great care. Because it's been a long time since we stayed with the natives, but we'd have to stay with them again for a while if the pirates found us. That is, assuming we'd make it out of such an encounter alive.
  14. It was only two years ago that the world of Emon was experiencing a golden age. Trade was booming, the peace between the empires thrived, and the font of magic in the world was flowing freely. Then, one day, a rift appeared and out of it stepped the first of many dark entities. It was just a small one, an imp if you will, but it caused so much devastation. After that first incident was handled more came through. Bigger, stronger, better. They started their reign of terror on the floating isles of Drak'onika causing their magic crystals to fail and come crashing into the seas below. From there it spread all across Emon, enveloping all known civilizations. Two years later and the entire world of Emon is a nothing but a black stain. What was once bustling cities are now places you go if you wanna get stabbed. The town of Alundra, what was once a large mercantile town with a bustling red light district, has now become the largest beacon of humanity left. In a tavern in the red light district a short, slender Half-Elven woman she mutters a few words in an ancient language and slices her palm open draining a small bit of her blood into a stone bowl. A red smoke rises from the bowl and her lips move silently as the smoke scribbles a message into the air, "Children of the Gods. You're assistance is needed. Meet at The Dragon's Den in Alundra." The puff of smoke dissipates into the air. Jacob was laying in his bed comfy and happily sleeping when this vision popped into his head. A bunch of words in red smoke. As soon as they vanished he woke up with a gasp. He didn't exactly feel like he was that important but being the son of Hecate he knew he would have to go, either that or his mother would have a fit. She was one of those helicopter parents ya know. He knelt down and gave a small prayer to her for strength and good luck, then he got dressed and headed out for Alundra. It would be a long journey, Shademarsh being in the south east courner of the continent and Alundra being smack dab in the center, but he would make it. He muttered a single word and he went invisible and started walking towards his goal keeping an eye out of any and all enemies.
  15. The wooden slats creaked and moaned as the airship made it's way from Ala Mhigo to the legendary forbidden land of the Allagan. Azys Lla. Marishi’s head wound had been closed up by the best efforts of Rae, though there was only so much she could do with her hand bound behind her back. They sat in the belly of the airship. The cargo area, waiting for the future and what it’s potent would be. The two had been subdued after allowing heavenly deities to occupy their mortal frames to snuff the Aether of a foe that was far beyond the two Miquot’e. The task is done, the Gods could no longer sustain themselves in corporeal bodies and returned to the heavens, draining almost all of the Aether from Marishi and Rae. This was when their Ishgardian enemies struck at them, incapacitated them, and kidnapped them. They were flying to a place only described in dusty tomes found in the back of shelves in the Great Gubal Library. It was a place of legend, of fantasy. It certainly wasn’t real. It couldn’t be. Azys Lla was said to contain the secrets of the Ancients. How to bend Eikons to the will of mortals, how to create wind up automatons to serve as soldiers in an army that doesn’t feel pain or morality. How to create an exact replacement for a living being. How to meld animals with one another to create pitiful and angry monstrosities. How to destroy the world. It was told that the knowledge to perform all of these acts and more lie far above the earth in the forbidden land of Azys Lla. Of course, Marishi didn’t believe it was real. The Allagans were most certainly met their own demise 5,000 years ago when they stretched too far and claimed themselves to be Gods. Their conquest of Eorzea, Islabard, Hingashi, Doma, Thavnavir, The Old World, The Isle of Val, Dravania was complete. The only land left contested was the continent of Meracydia, located in the southern seas of Eorzea. There, the Allagans had their taste of defeat. There, the domination of their Empire ground to a halt. The citizens and denizens of Meracydia could not withstand the might of the Allagan Empire. So they turned their desperation into a weapon of prayer. Summoning an Eikon that laid waste to legions of Allagan constructs and soldiers. Rather than be fearful, the Allagans wanted to harness this great power of belief to bend to their wills. And after the entire land was ravaged by fire, war, and blood, did they find the means how. Dragons. Dragons had long called Meracydia home. Long had they lived in peace. With the arrival of the Allagan Empire, they had no choice but to defend their kin. Among them two great Wyrms. Direct decedents of Midargsomyr himself. Tiamat with her pitch black and sleek frame, and the most powerful of the elder Wyrms and her consort, Bahamut. Thousands they had killed, and thousands more. The toll on both sides high. The Empire could not win a war of attrition against this first brood, nor did they want to slay them. They wanted to use them. To study them. In a pitched battle that altered the course of the war, the Allagan Empire was successful in killing Tiamats love, Bahamut. They killed him in cold blood while she was lured away. Upon hearing that her husband of millennia was no longer on this Star, she wept and gave into her despair. By chance or by fate, Tiamat was taught the art of summoning an Eikon. Of raising a lover from the realm of the dead. Thus did she and her brood pray. They prayed for the resurrection of the king of Dragons, Bahamut. And thus did he rise again, though a mockery of what he once was and what he once stood for. He cared not for the love of Tiamat or the safety of his brethren. He cared only for revenge upon those who had laid bare his life and the lives of his brood. He was no longer The King of Dragons. He was the Great Dreadwyrm Bahamut. In his anger, he pushed the Empire to the brink of the Meracidian shores. Near collapse. But from the floating land of Azys Lla came a breakthrough. The ability to not slay an Eikon, but to suspend it. To imprison it and use it as they deemed fit. The field trial was a success, with the entrapment of the Dreadwyrm and his faithful. They sealed him in a sphere and at the great dock of Azys Lla, three Ragnarok class cruisers launched the globe into the heavens to take its place by Nymeia’s side. Her loyal hound. Dalamud. Appalled by what she had done and witnessed, Tiamat despaired. She was broken in spirit. When the Allagan Empire came for her, she put up no resistance. It is said that she now resides on Azys Lla to serve as a reminder and living trophy of the glory of the Allagan Empire. The Empire did not stop with Bahamut. They also imprisoned what they dubbed as the “Warring Triad” and used these Eikons as perpetual power sources. To what end, the old and crumbling tomes did not say. All of this being a fairy tale to Marishi. The doctrine that couldn’t be relied upon. The same tomes told of Ratokaskyr being devoured by the founding knights of Ishgard. Fairy tales. How long they had been flying, Marishi couldn’t tell. All she knew was their bearing was constantly up. Rae was unusually quiet and said next to nothing. Just staring at the planks under her feet lost in memory or concentration. It began to get cold and Marishi could see her breath as she inhaled. She also was having a harder time breathing due to the air becoming thin. Their bodies would adjust eventually, but Marishi knew they were high above the world and the airship evened out its ascent. Marishi tried to loosen the ropes tied around her wrists, but the knots held fast. She didn’t know where their weapons were, though she knew they were near. She could feel her Katana calling to its master. Rae must be feeling the same pull, though her binding with the Dreadwyrm was much more intimate and much more ingrained than Marishi could imagine. It must pain her to be relieved of it. There was no porthole or window in the cargo area and the only light came from a few dimly lit candles. After what seemed like days, the knight, Honfraint, stepped below deck and summoned them. “Oh, good! You’re finally awake. I almost thought that my blow to your head would have addled your brain. That is if you had any! Ha!” He mocked. “Poor birds! Wings clipped and caged with no view of the world they relished in! How dreadful. It is fortunate for you that myself and my esteemed colleague Tarresson have taken pity upon you. We invite you to the upper decks to view with your own eyes the fruits of our labors. The fruits of your labors. Did you really think being sent to an Allagan Monolith and retrieving a scale from the most powerful Dragon this world has seen as chance? Ah, but it is neither the time nor place to discuss your destiny, is it Marishi?” Honfraint said. “What? Are you insane? I’ve no destiny with you or your leeching crutch of a mage friend. Where is he? Bedridden at the sight of a foe that made him look pathetic and small? For that’s what he is ‘knight’. Pathetic and small. I’d as soon choke the life from his diseased frame than associate any kind of ‘destiny’ with him. Or you.” Marishi snapped with vitriol in her voice. After a moment Honfraint said thoughtfully “I have no doubt that the moment we turn our backs on you that you would bury a dagger in them. I must admit, I find your anger … intimidating. And I respect you for that Marishi Ten. However, in the event that you conjure up any mischief, it’d not be you who would pay the price, but your pretty, pretty wife. Rae Ten.” He looked over Rae with hunger in his eyes. “And what a pretty thing she is. It’d be a shame to have to resort to ravaging her then flaying the marred skin from her bones. Believe me when I tell you this Marishi. And you, Rae. Though we are highborn, we are not above torture. The Heavensward taught us well.” He said proudly. “A heretical sect bereft of its steward because his own stupidity drove him to the very place we are headed to see his shriveled and shameful life cut down. Not before he sacrificed your bothers to his own selfish cause though. Your ‘Heavensward’ has no honor and you’re no better than rats of The Brume.” Marishi retorted. “Your mouth will be the undoing of your companion! You’ll not speak that way of the order. You know nothing outsider!” Honfraint walked to Rae, lifted her up to her feet and with a mailed glove backhanded her across her face. Spattering blood from her mouth on the deck. “On your feet unbeliever. Soon, you will see just how wrong you are and then you will beg us to spare you and your whore.” Honfraint grabbed Rae by her collar and shoved her up the stairs. Marishi followed behind the knight staring at him with pure hate from her red and black eyes. He opened the hatch and instead of a bright pouring of unobstructed sunlight pouring over the deck, the Sun was muffled. Strangled by what appeared to be unnatural yellow storm clouds that shifted in color the same way oil shimmers on water. Tarresson was at the helm guiding the Airship to its location. He glanced over the two quickly before facing forward. “Looks like someone said something they ought not to have. Fork your tongues behind your heads or find that you’ll be missing them. You have been brought up here out of our mercy. To give you each a view of history in the making. We are close now.” Tarresson said. Honfraint shoved Marishi forward to stand next to Rae. She scanned Rae and whispered “Are you alright, love? I’m sorry…” Honfraint kicked the back of Marishi’s knees bringing her down with a yelp of pain “My colleague gave you instruction to keep your mouth shut, heathen. This is your only warning.” Marishi stood up and looked again at Rae. She didn’t even notice the altercation that occurred. Her head was tilted and her ears high up listening to something. Her tail twitching back and forth in extreme focus. She wasn’t aware of what was happening around her. She seemed to be listening to another for instruction. Marishi looked around the deck. Nearby, she spotted her Katana and Rae’s Rapier in the wooden barrel, unharmed. She quickly darted her eyes away from it so it wouldn’t be noticed. The air was thin, but there were an unnatural heat and moisture to it. It stuck to the skin like a thin film of oil and left the taste of rust and chemical in the mouth. The smell was heavy with sulfur and metal, and something else she could not identify. The clouds ahead shimmered like a mirage as they entered them the sickly condensation sticking to everything. “Aetherically charged weather. Truly impressive. The Ancients even had control over the weather.” Tarresson said with awe. “There, we are breaking through now. This should be it.” He called. The clouds became lighter and in the distance could be seen as unnatural lights Red, Blue, Green. All in a fractal configuration. Marishi had seen arrangements like this before. Underneath the monolith in the Boulder Downs. Her eyes began to well up in despair and awe. Azys Lla was real and it lay before them. Floating land masses dotted with Allagan installations connected by massive chains with pulsing green power conduits attached to them drilled into the islands. In the middle was the battery that kept all the islands afloat and operational. A horrifically large installation that radiated heat and energy. Marishi could feel it malms away. It was nauseating. This mass was completely man-made, but it was unlike the other designs of the Allagan buildings. It wasn’t fractal. It was flowing, looping, it’s conduits lit bright green pulsing energy to and fro. It was Allagan and yet, not Allagan. “They call that the ‘Flagship’. It houses the souls of the Eikons the Ancients trapped. They power the facility. Welcome to Azys Lla. The Allagan Empire’s lead research and development installation specializing in Aetherobinding and weaponizing research.” Tarresson said. The close they were to the land the more clear it was that the earth itself was twisted and was ripped right from the ground. Everything had a decaying smell and sight to it. Everything that was somewhat organic. They were headed to a large structure that looked like a giant hollow egg with rings floating on it’s inside. “We make for the Dock. They call it ‘Helix’. It’s said that this dock was able to hold a Ragnarok class ship, though most of the docking rings look to have long since fallen away.” Tarresson said triumphantly as if he had made a monumental discovery. There was a sudden rock and sway of the airship. “The Hells? There’s no crosswind! What was that?!” Honfraint exclaimed to his companion. Rae seemed to rejoin herself on the airship and looked at Marishi concerningly. Marishi looked back at her and smiled. It was all she could do. She nodded in the direction of the barrel where Rae tilted her head slightly to see. Marishi nodded. The unsaid coming across to each other clearly. Take advantage of the chaos and seize our weapons and get the hell off this airship. Another jolt caused the airship mast and wings to creak under pressure as Tarresson struggled with control of the ship. “It’s some kind of aetheric discharge or disturbance! If it hits the Ceruleum engine, we’re going to have a real problem!” Tarresson exclaimed. Another blast, followed by another blast. The Aether storm was pushing them to Helix it seemed. Finally, an aetherically charged bolt of lightning struck the airship with a thunderous clap, and then, nothing. No sound. Not from the wind, nor from the engine. “Hells! Brace for impact! I’m putting it down on Helix! This isn’t going to be smooth!” Tarresson yelled. Honfraint moved away from Marishi and Rae and gripped on the main mast to not be thrown off the airship into the abyss below. Marishi and Rae darted to the barrel with their weapons and Rae pulled Marishi’s katana slightly free of its sheath where Marishi cut the bindings from her wrists. Once free she did the same for Rae. Honfraint was yelling something in their direction. There was no time to decipher what he was shrieking. She belted her Katana as Rae hooked her Rapier to her hip and both crouched down under the wood railing. The ship would be meeting the dock any moment which could very well be the end of them. “Rae!” Marishi yelled her heart pumping in her ears. “Hold fast to me! I love you!” The metallic dock met with the inert airship causing wood to be blown to splinters and grounding the damaged vessel to a screeching halt. All was quiet. There was no movement from the downed bird. The docking rings continued their perpetual spin waiting for a starship that would never arrive.
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