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  1. –( I )– Roland The island fled north across the surface of the world, harried every mile by men on the backs of wyverns, pursued almost to the limits of the wide plains of Isore. Ballista-bolts were fired from the ramparts of the castle-island in answer. Every so often, one dark shadow would fall, struck, down through the clouds, and it would not find replacement. After a week of such trades, the cloud of midges dispersed, finding no fruit on the hard walls of Valley. Lily spent her time beside the barred window thus occupied, among other mild entertainments, as days stretched into a week outside her locked door. She observed the wyverns again, just as she had with Isore, and witnessed a victory now instead of defeat; she thought again of Isore, and dreamed of it, and found herself buried in her bed, paralyzed by the fear she had felt in that city as faces surfaced and, before they could say a word, were broken and scorched to death; she thought of Madon, and where he must be now, whether he had survived - she was certain he had, for he was impervious, he had to be - and whether he would continue to do so through the tumultuous times that would come. Occasionally, she drew herself games of solitaire and wondered if a deck of cards could cut a wizard’s throat. This was hardly in earnest. She’d never raised her hands in violence. Especially now. She didn’t try to pick the lock, or bash on the door, or wail for her freedom. Truth be told, all the things she had dreamed of had not come true. The coming of the apocalypse was not glory. She had never seen someone die. It was a city of a hundred thousand. So it was safer in here, sheltered in a hidden room clinging to the underbelly of Valley, and in her inaction she could pretend that she could live out the rest of her days. On the windowsill was a long pot, in which grew tomatoes and basil. She tended to it religiously. Life, at her hands. She spent long hours looking at the sheen of the tomatoes, touching their bright, taut skin that burst forth, a miniature bounty of the earth. Lily read, too. Read all the books that Jack was willing to fetch her from the library. None of the history that she once read, all the bloody half-truths written by bygone conquerors and survivors. She knew all of those by heart, now. Now it was romances and folktales. Children think them childish but now she realized they were a codification of the dreams of happy endings for long-lost people whose only other alternative was to live and then to die. Even life eternal was no good in this sort of world. There was a desk in the room, on which her journal lay open. She had not written anything in it beyond a week, except two questions in neat scrawl atop two blank pages, space for reflection that had not come: Did I make a mistake? What was it? Whatever had compelled her to go so far as to write those two questions had compelled her no further. She felt that things were wrong, somehow, and she knew of many things that were wrong. That was the nature of the world. But her? Something was wrong with her, too. Something had gone wrong. Involving herself in this crisis inevitable?Whether or not she had come, Isore would still be burning. And the Valley would have burned next. That chain of events, so simple and easily followed, as if a child’s math problem. That unsettled her so much that she made herself tea. It was true, wasn’t it, that she had never made a choice at all, that it would have come for her regardless. Then? Where was the mistake? Becoming separated? Being detained? Losing the Dragonstone? That was all against her will. Everything that had happened, was against her will. That was the fact of it. Where was the mistake? A knock came at the door. Lily lay on her back, looking at the ceiling. She remained quiet. A few seconds later, it clicked open. An old man postured at the threshold. He eyed her pitifully. “May I?” Lily closed her eyes. The man stepped into the room. Although he was easily a hundred, he had the look of a man barely breaching fifty. He stepped to the desk, looked over the two pages disinterestedly, then pulled out the chair. He spent a long time getting comfortable. He inspected the pencils in the cup, taking them out and twisting them in his hands. He reached to flip back a page in the journal. “Don’t you dare.” “Ah.” The man retracted, rested his hands on his lap. “The little miss speaks.” His name was Dawnwulf, but that must have been a moniker – for sorcerers never give out their own names. One of the Seven Wizards of Valley, a vast human repository of knowledge, former Exarch of Isore - Madon’s alleged grandfather, in truth far older than that - and warden for her prison. He looked out the window for a little while longer. Lily fell back into silence, pretending to sleep. Both of them pretending some semblance of domestic peace. “The world’s going to hell,” the man rumbled. “I mean, everyone thinks so. I bet that grandson of mine thinks that it is.” He laughed as Lily opened his eyes. “Interested? Do you fancy him?” “Maybe.” She remembered the fervor with which he had protected her. Not many people with that sort of devotion. It left an impression, was her guarded way of saying it. “Sure he is, girl. But to the point. You know what’s he off to now? Courting the support of the Glians. They’re going to get together, and then the four great countries are going to smash all their people together and it’ll be the most blood we’ve seen in about three hundred years. Those fellows are all thinking it: the world’s going to hell. They don’t know the half of it.” Dawnwulf spun a pencil between his fingers, amusing himself. “But we do, don’t we?” “What do you want?” “Missy, the other wizards and I have come to a conclusion. You know what they tell me to do first? Flatter the little girl, as if that’ll have her take more kindly to us. Will it?” “No. But I want to hear it anyway, before you try to rake me over with more bullshit.” “Sounds like a ‘yes’ to me.” Dawnwulf cleared his throat, reached inside his jacket. He produced a small gem in the likeness of a dragon’s claw. Lily recognized it as the Valley dragonstone. It had been separated from the head to which it had fused in Isore - somehow. She looked at the man, narrowed her eyes. “What is this?” “You’re a very perceptive little girl. Your future-sight is probably unmatched in all of Erasmia. You’ve made a lot of trouble for us as a result, and you, a girl hardly a woman, have bumbled yourself into bigger trouble than you should have dreamed of. And still you’re alive.” “No,” Lily said quietly. “I’m not...” Dawnwulf didn’t pause. “We decided that you’d make a formidable ally in this war. Not the war that everyone else is fighting, that’s all prelude. This one’s for the future. This one’s about saving Erasmia.” “I can’t do that. You’re trying to get something from me. I can’t...I can’t do anything about whatever troubles you’re talking about. I can’t go out there again.” The man took her hand. Lily tried to push him away, but he pressed the stone into her hand insistently. “Lily. Listen. I know that Isore must have been difficult for someone like you. Things are horrible out there. People have died for a long time. But this time, nobody will die. That’s a promise I have on good authority. We’re not in the business of ending lives, we’re going to save them.” The girl clutched the dragonstone. She took a deep breath. “What is it?” “Do you know the extent of what’s going on out there? The dragonstone is awakening. The higher-ups in Byrn are assembling their own fragments. The Dragon Cult, they call it. It goes without saying that that cannot come to pass.” “Yeah.” She swallowed. “Yes, I sensed something like that. In a dream. So many of the fragments had clustered heartbeats.” “Exactly. We’ve been in contact with a splinter group, who are subverting the leadership at every opportunity. You must assist them and reacquire as many of these shards as possible. Once we have them, we will find the rest and destroy them.” Dawnwulf’s voice softened. “They’ll protect you. You don’t have to do anything that you have not done before. But help these people, and we can avert disaster.” “I guess I don’t have a choice.” “No, you don’t. The man who’ll guide you away is waiting in his own room on the first floor. Scout’s name is Roland. He snuck a wyvern overnight.” “How long do I get?” “Only as long as you need.” She folded her journal in two, and placed it inside her bag. She strung the dragonstone piece around her neck, then took one last look at the room. She shook her head. There really was nothing left for her here.
  2. The Path that Leads to Worthiness Deep withing this galaxy somewhere in the center of the milky way, there was a planet but not unlike any other planet, nor would there be any other like this one. This was Zuerus, a small planetary body that serves as home to the Zueruzian's such as the Prince of Zuerus, soon to be King, Magnus, and their Ruler and King Father Allomen. It exists in another dimensional plane and is bigger than the size of the United States. It is not round like the Earth, does not spin on its axis, and does not revolve around the sun. This was the paradise home, the Prince of Zuerus, Magnus Omenson lived and strived in with such harmony and peace under the rule of his father Omen, the rightful King of Zuerus. However, all of this did not come with some bloodshed, for Omen only recently choose to live a benevolent life. That desire came right before his first son and future King to the Throne, Magnus was born, as a kid he used to tell him about the great stories of his battling days. But little did Allomen knew that this was just feeding Magnus' ego more and more, wishing to be like his Father, a conqueror but he told his son that a Wise King never seeks out War but he must be always ready for it. However if Magnus took his Father's words to heart is unknown to this day as it was about the time where Magnus would get coronated as the next rightful Ruler and King of Zuerus but sadly his wishes would not be approved of this day as unfortunately the past always came back to Omen as the enemies of Zuerus came and interrupted the coronation. Magnus mad in his mind and his heart full of hatred he does the unthinkable and takes his group of friends with him and travel through all the way to the other realm which was part of other and many more. The enemy did not show hostile intent nor did they want to play to the acts of a little boy hiding behind a man, feeling mocked Magnus would strike down his enemy and thus a battle began which was short lived as Omen came into rescue and took Magnus and his friends away from the enemy's planet with leaving the message that he is sorry fo his boy's action and that the peace should still remain. Magnus and Omen got into a heated Son to Father conversation, Omen trying to talk some sense into his son who was now nothing but arrogant and does not know what he has been given, while his Father tried to reason with him and talk with him about his past failures and that is not the way on how a King should behave. Magnus would end up calling his own Father a old man and a fool with other terrible words, disrespecting his Father and everything he has done for him, giving him powers, giving him life, a safe place and a safe world with peace and now he is trying to ruin that peace. In that moment, Omen breaks all ties loose with his Son and strips him away from his powers, taking everything that he gave his son back as well as his weapon and says. "I, Father Allomen, cast you out for your iniquity, pridefulness and arrogance which has been found in you, for you are not worthy to possess the power I have entrusted you with from birth. So in the name of my Father, my Grandfather and my Great Grandfather I cast you out!" As Magnus was cast out of Zuerus through the opened portal Omen opened, he spoke a spell or a curse depending on what people want to call it, into his weapon and said. "Whosoever shall possess this Weapon, be he not with iniquity, pridefulness, selfishness and arrogance but with selflessness and worthiness, shall posses the power of my son Magnus." Magnus followed by his weapon that day would fly out of his homeworld, Zuerus like a sky rocketing lightning bolt that was coming faster than the speed of light towards the planet of none other than Earth, wherever Magnus may have crashed landed, he would stay there if he does not become worthy, he would stay till he would die for he was now a mere mortal man, not an average one but a mortal man, who now knows shame and that what has been given can be taken back. @Aleksei
  3. The sun had set, and the curtain of night had been drawn over the land. Torie had landed the airship (safely, mind you) at the edge of the stretch of desert which Madon had marked as the location where Arbalest and the shard of the Dragon Emblem were supposed to be buried. The Exarch had taken second watch, trading off with the weary Wymp. He spent a while staring into the fire, occasionally glancing around for any sign of threats approaching the airship. But he spotted nothing. Behind him, however, coming from the airship, a hostile figure quietly approached... Willow, the scorpion woman assassin, had stowed away on the airship, biding her time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to slay the Exarch. Silenced pistols in (four) hands, she approached, wondering if she might not make it slow, go for asphyxiation instead of a swift death at the end of the bullets. She could, she had checked and everyone else was firmly asleep, to her knowledge. She crept forward, coming for her unknowing victim, exultant in the perfect assassination she was about to execute. ... An axe flashed in the darkness. The scorpion-tailed woman did not let out so much as a scream as her head was separated from her body. Madon was startled as Jill stepped into the firelight, kicking the head of Scorpion-Tits in front of her as she walked, the head of the axe she carried covered in blood. He didn't know whether it was the firelight or the traits of the scorpion woman that made it look so... off. Jill sat down next to the Exarch, planting the head of her axe in the sand and tossing the head of the scorpion woman into fire, causing it to flare up merrily. "... Exarch. We both survived the battle. I'm here to honor our deal. And it seems you owe me now, seeing as I just saved your life." "And so you have. But why would you save me, Jill?" The captain of Byrn turned to looked toward the fire, hiding her expression. "You should not die to skullduggery. If you are to die, it will be by my hands, and I will take your head from your shoulders to present to Vlad when you have passed." She sat silent for a few moments, before sighing. "My steadfast dedication to that conviction, somehow, fades more and more the longer I am around you. I don't understand it. Ask what you will about me, Madon, and I will answer." Madon looked over Jill for a moment, his eye settling on her leather glove before he spoke. "The design on that glove... do you have a connection to Zenith?" Jill nodded. "I do, indeed. Once, Madon, I was a noble lady of Zenith. I was young and naive, then. House Fizzart was a family not well-liked, magical talent was not as prevalent among us as it was among the other houses of Zenith. We had enough to get by, however, and we made up for the deficit with ingenuity and martial prowess. But still, our only friend was House Pleuvoir." "Olivia's house?" "Yes. I'm not sure how much you may recall of back then. But Olivia was my dearest friend of the time. And on that fateful day where her house was slaughtered, leaving her the only survivor... at that ball Glia hosted and the elite of Isore and Zenith attended, I met you for the first time, Madon." Madon rubbed his chin for a moment, before the realization hit him. "Ah, I recall. The red-haired girl who nobody would dance with. I danced with you in spite of all the stares. And I complimented you to make you smile, before Olivia dragged me off elsewhere." Jill smiled and nodded. "So you do recall. I'll never forget what you said to me that day. How I stole the radiance of the stars, and I was avoided by the rest out of overwhelming jealousy. I was sure you were somewhat full of shit. Still, I could not help but grin ear to ear. And Olivia shot a jealous glare at me as she pulled you away, you know." Madon chuckled quietly. "Honestly, I'm not all that surprised. Olivia might have claimed me as her betrothed back then, had she more time and had tragedy not struck her house." Jill laughed for a moment, before responding. "Betrothed? Hah, she might have already been planning the wedding at that point. Would have been very like her, too. But as we both know... that was never meant to be. After House Pleuvoir was slaughtered, my own house had no more friends to speak of. Everywhere we went, we were met with hostile gazes, affronted whispers and thinly-veiled scorn. Your act of kindness at the ball led to the other houses trying to shame me in public. Though Isore's involvement was never confirmed, many in Zenith suspected their hand. And rightfully so. Though the fall of House Pleuvoir was beneficial to them, they had to pretend to mourn their loss for the benefit of the general populace. Eventually, my father had had quite enough. In the dead of night, he took my mother and I, escorted by our most loyal guards, out of Zenith. Our property went up with flames soon after our departure, with the most prolific of our harassers inside, laying claim to the possessions we had left behind. House Fizzart, I hope, left a mark that Zenith would not forget." "And as for where you went... it had to be Byrn." "Right on the money. My father had some connections to them. He knew they'd respect all of our talents, instead of looking down their noses at our relative lack of magic. And they did. So... that's how we got to where we are now. The noble lady of Zenith, become the fierce wyvern captain of Byrn. I... should have much reason to hate you, Madon. The actions of your father, that ended up tearing me from my old life, and into this one. And you now, one of the prolific leaders of those who would oppose Byrn..." Madon turned and looked into Jill's eyes, causing her to give a slight start of surprise. "The very same enemy who you are sitting next to. Who you could, if you wished, silently dispatch without his allies knowing until the next morning." The Exarch grinned slightly. "You could have me at your mercy now, yet you approach me with pleasant conversation, and reminiscence of the past. I... can tell that you seem conflicted, Jill. You are right, you have valid reason to hate me. Bringing my head to your leader would likely bring you much prestige. But is that what you truly desire? I can't tell you what to do. I can't tell you to how to feel. But what I can tell you... is that only you can decide what's best for you. And also? I meant every word that I said you to back then, and I mean every one of them now." He stood up, extending a hand toward Jill. "We could dance over the sands in the pale light of the moon, where we will only be seen by the stars above. And they will watch jealously, for they know they cannot compare to you." Jill couldn't muster up a response whatsoever for a bit. Madon's words had taken her off guard. Finally, she spoke, with hesitation. "If your allies see me with you here..." Madon shook his head. "The next watch does not come for a while yet. And my sense of time is well-honed. If they do see, anyways? What do I care, they could never prove it. And the others would never believe them." After a few moments, Jill smiled, and took Madon's hand.
  4. Owend frowned in response to all the judging stares leveled at her. "Okay, you clambakes, what's your brilliant answer to the origin of this heir then, huh? Mine is the best explanation so far, with the facts as they are! And Amber, what do you know about the logistics of time travel? This mystery heir isn't afraid of messing things up, as they've already displayed. Either they're willing to risk erasing themselves from existence, or that's just simply not how time travel works!" Madon gave a deep, weary sigh, before shifting his gaze between Owend and Amber. "This is a question I would like to know the answer to, yes. But baseless speculation is getting us nowhere, both literally and metaphorically. Let us continue on our way, the answer will come to us in time." Owend grumbled for a moment, before taking the reins of her pegasus in hand and rising into the air once more. Madon and Wymp turned their horses back toward the road and resumed their traveling pace. The group, after some time, caught sight of a commotion ahead. Wymp turned toward Madon. The Exarch responded with a nod, and then gestured for everyone to slow down. He looked up towards the Grey Knight above, wondering if they could clearly make out whatever was going on further down the road.
  5. In an asylum she sits constantly being watched. there wasn't anything for her. Kitana Sat in her room waiting to be transferred to a cell. "We need to keep her calm or she's kill one of us" Kitana floated in her room, curled i a ball. She felt the eyes watching her. she couldn't help it. it was fun to be as 'crazy' as she was. Kitana was send to get 'treatment' for her crimes. she killed 12 innocent kids and her teacher. she loved it. And yet. . . it was odd to her that other thought it as 'wrong'. The men in white coats came back and Kitana dropped to the floor. "Restraine the Mut," said the biggest. "And make sure you drag her" ~~~ Kitana walked inside of her class room and sat. she pulled out a book and stated reading. Then, a student thruogh an eraser at the back of her head, she ignored it until it happened for the ninth time. "WITH YOU QUIT IT!?!? YOUR SO IMATURE!! MAYBE YOU SHOULD FIGURE OUT HOW TO KEEP YOU IMMORALITY TO A MINIMUM!!" She grabbed the pencil off of her desk and guided it into a students neck. then pulled it out watching as the blood spurted out onto her and the floor. It was the best moment of her life. ~~~ @Dauner Light
  6. "... One would have no reason to lie about such a thing. But yet, I find myself still bound to a wary distrust, a persistent thought in the back of my head that I could be being roped in by an elaborate ruse." Madon Galen Ingeram, once-Exarch of Isore, took a moment to retrieve Arcane Piercer from the ground on which he had dropped it. Pulling back on the chain attached to his armor, the golden lance of the Exarchs returned to Madon's hand. He held it upright, matching the position in which Dawnwulf held his staff. The gazes of the current yet deposed Exarch and the long-thought-slain but alive Exarch met, careful expressions betraying no emotion. Nobody else was near this small squared centered around a water pump. Nobody else was there to witness or perhaps interrupt the silent contest that took place between the two former rulers of Isore, the destroyed city. Madon was the first to break the silence, eventually. "I know not what proof I could ask of you in order to settle that doubt. And what you have said, I dearly desire that it is true, for it would mean... it would mean I am no longer alone on the path I must walk. That the wisdom of those who have gone before me is not forever lost." Unbidden, a memory sprang to the forefront of Madon's mind. Words, a phrase that he had never heard except from he who the man in front of him claimed to be. As proof, it wasn't the most solid. But it would be enough to assuage the niggling doubt that lingered within Madon's thought, at least for the time being. If he said those words, and Dawnwulf responded as Madon thought he would, then he would know that this was truly his grandfather before him. There was nothing to be lost, only the truth to be gained. "Wyrd bið ful āræd." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "... Indeed. Fate is inexorable. If I taught you nothing else, Madon, it gladdens me to know that you took those words into your heart. Ah, but... you must hate me. Delving into the magic you were raised to loathe, to hate. Leaving you to be raised only by the influence of your father at such a young age. Not being there to give guidance as you ascended the throne. Not being there to save Isore in its most desperate hour. My sins are countless, and I would not blame you for walking away now and never speaking to me again. But, if you stay, there is much I wish to tell you. I will tell you of my compatriots and I... how we plan to save this world from its impending doom." The edge of The Valley, where lush vegetation slowly blended into harsh, sweltering, unforgiving dirt and sand. Navigating through the crowds of refugees and mercenaries to get here had been no small feat, though an armed soldier of Isore had a much easier time than most would have. And looking out into the shimmering sands on the horizon, Wymp shuddered as he recalled the harrowing journey they had taken here, how they had been on the verge of death before a caravan had come across their inert forms, and brought them into the comfort of The Valley to be brought back to the land of the living. Wymp looked down at the crucifix around his neck for a moment, knowing that it must have been the grace of God that had delivered them from the grasp of death. Yet as if as a price, one of their own was now lost. Lily, the blue-haired girl that... Wymp did not quite know what to make of her. But the Exarch seemed to trust her. Was that not enough? Did he not trust the judgement of his liege? Did he believe that God would lead a treacherous fiend into their midst, to tear apart the last remnants and hope of the Walled City? The answers did not come easily, and the soldier who had followed Madon through the blazing fires outside Isore and the deathly heat of the shifting sands around the Valley set the questions aside for a later time. It would not do to dwell upon them to the detriment of his current task. Madon had enough on his plate without having to worry about the disappearance of one of his companions. So that was why Wymp now found himself here at the Valley's edge, pursuing... well, it wasn't quite a lead, and was more akin to a wild notion. He supposed he had to eliminate the chance that agents of Byrn had tracked them to The Valley, going so far as to capture Lily while everyone else was otherwise occupied. And they would have to be camped outside of The Valley to accomplish such a feat, yet they wouldn't be so suicidal as to camp in the unforgiving sands. So here in the outskirts was where Wymp began his search. Time was of the essence, for could they not just toss Lily onto a wyvern and send her and the dragonstone that she held on a course to Byrn? ... But no, Glian pegasi could intercept a lone wyvern, or even a squad of them. If agents of Byrn had Lily, they would hold her at a concealed camp until word reached their leaders, so that they could arrange a suitable guard to ensure the unhindered delivery of her and the valuable treasure on her person. If he could find her, he would have time enough to locate the Exarch and the others and bring a swift ruin to their plans. Or it was a wild goose chase and there were still angles the pious soldier had not yet considered. So be it if so, doubt had to be eliminated lest the world become doomed from their inaction.
  7. The Hinterlands were as she remembered them. The ruins of the once proud Sharlayan settlement stood, but the decaying remnants lay slowly reclaimed by the land around it as walls crumbled or were blown out by the Goblins. Machine and monsters alike roamed the the abandoned settlements, prowling through the streets or stalking the open areas around it. Pathways were nearly completely demolished outside the settlement borders. From their vantage point, the bridges that connected east and west were blown out save but one that was guarded by some of the local adventurers who knew it would be impossible to get from one side to another if the bridge were to crumble. The Dravanian Hinterlands were lush, teeming with life, and most importantly: dangerous. Rae had visited the place once, but it was long after it had been abandoned by her people. Well, she could never truly call them “her people”. They tolerated her at best. The only ones who accepted her were a man she crippled herself, and another who wasn’t even Sharlayan, but a visitor to the island. The Sharlayans leered upon her with disdain. They took her from her home and forced her to stay among them to learn and attempt to make her into a weapon, but only two ever treated her as a human worthy of respect. The Sharlayans were as much her people as the Au’Ra were as much of the Dragons’. Still, she would be counted as one of them. These ruins were part of her legacy. The passiveness was part of her history. Their knowledge was her’s, to an extent. She had liberal access to many of their books and many of their studies. Even as a defector, she still held the keys needed to access some of their precious secrets. The Great Gubal Library was one of them. With virtually countless corridors and bookshelves that were once filled to the brim with their collected knowledge, Rae once could have spent her days within the darkened building, letting her skin and hair pale and her eyesight grow dim from having her nose pressed into a book for endless hours in the day. The other great landmark within the Hinterlands that Rae had rare access to was the very thing the Sharlayans created. A machine given a spirit by the Goblins that worshipped the craftsmanship. A machine made to defend the Sharlayans, but now no longer heeds their command unless it deems it so. A creation that all who know of it revere it with awe. Alexander. They stood at the base of the great mechanism. Many years prior, this construct called upon Marishi. As she ventured its bowels and came to the core where the Primal existed, she made a pact with the entity, and in return, she gained perpetual youth until the time came for her task to be completed. That day seemed to soon approach as voices rang in Marishi’s head. It grew increasingly worrisome day by day as her wife related to her the symptoms and her feelings about it. Marishi was not one to speak up about things concerning her health much, unless it was debilitating. This was why Rae knew her wife was gravely serious about what was happening to her. Rae vowed to protect her wife after that day. That day she failed, the day she nearly lost her wife. She swore nothing would befall her. Rae would move heaven and earth for Marishi. She would fight armies. She would forsake all she had, all she believed. She would do the impossible to save Marishi, to spare her from suffering again. Any trials Marishi faced, Rae would be beside her. Any victories she won, Rae would rejoice with her. A door opened, sliding to the side to grant the pair access. Rae turned to Marishi, a comforting smile upon her face as she held out her hand to her wife. “Let’s go. Let’s find a way to stop the voices. Whatever the answer may be, it’ll be in here, I’m sure of it.” Rae assured her, a confident tone in her voice. The sun cast a glow across her face. It was no longer noon, but not nearly yet evening. The weather was perfect for their adventure. It seemed almost a pity to go inside, but they couldn’t speak with the Primal that inhabited Alexander’s body from outside.
  8. Legacy of Requiem - The New Leaguers Prologue On this Earth, many things have happened, to the World's first Superhero, called Captain Shad, to an Arrogant Billionaire Assassin turned a Hero Bruce Morgan and to a Mighty Being called Magnus and his extraterrestrial homeworld, which was far away from Earth. One could say that this one has experienced quite enough, to the discovery of the Cosmic Twelve Beings called the Vestals and the Mad Vestal called Darkseid with his Kaethrani as an army and that other life forms exist on different planets. It would seem that Earth was no longer alone in the Universe so from that discovery, everything changed... These powered individuals would form a group called, the Destiny League. Which was once an idea to see if the world could bring powerful individuals into a team, so that they could fight the dangerous battles, that the humans never could. It was indeed a success but these Heroes did not know that they would cause other powerful beings to take an interest on the planet Earth, for Darkseid, the true enemy of Life, wanted to wipe out the entire Universe off of its life. He almost succeeded, for the half human and half vestal called Scar, the apparently chosen champion of the Vestals would stop him, which would only cause for the life in the universe to be only half wiped out. As the three long years would pass, the heroes would grief over their total failure and the ones that they have lost. But they were not without hope, because of Bruce's intellect they would discover the ability to travel through back in time, to collect the powerful Crystals, which was a device which gave the Vestals incredible power, they would collect them and come back in the present to undo what Darkseid did. But Darkseid was no fool, for he discovered the attempt to undo what he has done, because of Scar using the Crystals undoing what Darkseid did, they would then have the longest battle in history. The battle was indeed a long one and hard fought one at that, but the heroes would win, because Scar sacrificed himself and used the Crystals and kill Darkseid and unfortunately because not even Scar could use the unlimited and limitless power twice, which created the Universe, only Darkseid could have but that extracted a very heavy toll. Scar would die a noble death, his sacrifice would not be in vain, the same would go for the rest of the other fallen heroes....this was the story of Infinity Requiem but now a new one beginnings... Rules -No killing/seriously maiming other characters without player consent. -No metagaming or godmoding. -No auto-hitting; no auto-dodging, keep it real to some extent. -Please keep characters balanced, and avoid creating any Mary Sues. You can have a strong/powerful character, but they still need limits, flaws, and weaknesses. -While Players are not limited at how many characters one can have. I prefer if you have two-three characters and can play them well, instead of having five of them and are not fully fleshed out, so please keep in mind Quality over Quantity. -Please try to keep your character sheets up-to-date over the course of the game. While the Character Sheets on here are not a must, I prefer if you at least did a quick one so that I can get the feeling to see what the character is, what can it do and so on. It can be also very detailed but it doesn't need to, just tell the important stuff if you don't want to take your time. -While Superheroes are needed in this setting, I don't force you to make them be paragons of virtue and morality, but some good hero characters are needed for this story as well, so please keep the balance between Villains and Heroes, I don't want to see that there are too many Villains and no Heroes to combat them or wise versa. You can play as Hero, Anti-Hero, Villain, Anti-Villain and other affiliations. -OOC discussion will be kept civil and respectful, both in the RP and in the PM. I will not tolerate name-calling, insults, harassment, or anything else of the kind. -While it does not have to be totally PG-13, please keep it clean, no explicit content and excessive Adult themes, while your characters can swear, don't make it too excessive, keep it balanced and please keep it clean. If you want to have a romance, again doesn't need to follow the PG-13 Rule but it does not have to be explicit content like we are in a Pornographic Setting, so keep it to some extent clean and viewer friendly. -Please refrain from making OOC-only posts in the RP. -Other standard Valucre Rules. -Failure to abide by these rules can result in your removal from Legacy of Requiem - The New Leaguers. Information Now there are some things, I want to mention before we can get started. This RP tells a story, while you are free to roam around and create some side plots which can also be significant to the plot which drives this story. You can't just do whatever you want, kill my characters or something like that. You are free to roam around, but you wouldn't get to destroy planets or something on a planetary level, you must first talk with me to see if I agree with you and to see if it does fit in my story...which I can already say it won't happen, this Earth will not live another big fight which could possibly end the universe, because the world now needs to grow accustomed with the new heroes, which is you, the player so till then, there wouldn't be that kind of scale of battle, for the time being. Also, there are some races in my universe, for example, the Cosmic Beings which are the Vestals and live in a different reality called Vestalia, but sadly you won't get to play them because they are freaking powerful, you can interact with them but battling against them won't bring you anywhere because they are powerful and basically they have plot armor, and there will never be another Mad Vestal, Darkseid was the only one and now he is dead, thankfully. The Kaethrani, are energy beings with control over energy manipulation, so it means that they are killable but it is really hard to do so and they have no home planet they roam the galaxy and when they grow tired they go in their pocket dimension which is a place for them to rest. So I don't recommend doing one of them if so maybe a downgraded version of the real thing because these dudes can destroy solar systems if they want to. And they are basically viewed as evil monsters so yeah not good to get things started. There are also Devine Beings, which are practically what the Asgardians are, that's what Magnus is. The differences are that they can have wings, interact with humans, live on planet earth and do not have a shady past. I don't have anything on you doing a Devine Being character, also known: Angel, Angelic Being. But I'd like if you would talk with me first to come to an agreement and see where this might lead because there is this Homeworld called Zuerus, which is a huge planet, it's earth 15 times the size so yeah. And there is this king called Allbeing Omen who is the father of Magnus. There are also meta-humans, of course, you can play them since they are not that powerful but I do recommend to keep them balanced and not too op. There is also a bit of John Wick/Assassin's Creed references around here, but I am not looking for that, for if I would have, I wouldn't call this a Superhero RP, but if you want to play as one, let me firstly know and we'll see what we can figure out. So you have a lot of room to experiment with, create any character you want, except for the Vestals and Kaethrani, because come on, no one likes battling against powerful beings which can take supernovas any day of the week. So you are free to experiment just let me know what kind of character that is, send me the link of the character sheet, again it does not need to be overly detailed but the most important stuff must be there so I know what characters you are playing and so that the other players will know too. Also, I have my share bit of characters, so I'll be sure to do my character sheets so that you may get the idea who they are, what have they done, what can they do, personal stuff about them and so on. And if you have any questions about the Homeworld called Zuerus and anything really, ask me in the OOC Thread and I'll gladly to respond to you. Also, the story takes place in America, and some heroes may live in different cities but their DL Tower would be located in New York. If you want to sign up your characters with a link to your sheets, here it is the link where you can tag me and post them so that I may take a look at them: The Story It is the year 2040, for the past decade the world has changed, technology has evolved beyond our expectations but the Cities still remain normal, there are no over the top cities, it mainly remained the same over the years but technology has improved significantly, it surely did not stay the same after the Cataclysm which wiped out half of the Universe's life because of Darkseid, but because of his death alongside Earth's Greatest Protector Scar, everything returned to normal. At least, so it would seem because some of the heroes have fallen in battle and died and others have retired and now the people of Earth are still trying to recover after the past three years since they won the battle against Darkseid, the World was not in chaos but it was in dire need of new heroes, to protect them and save them when need be. The Fallen Leaguers are: Scar, Bambu, Voltex, and Logan. The Retired Leaguers are: Shad, Reyes, Jade, Katrina, Falcon, Mike, Vience, James and John. The Remaining Leaguers: are: Bruce, Magnus, Spider-Man, Jack, Nathan, and Doctor Mercy Earth has lost some of its protectors, be it retired or by death. But fear not, because Bruce now the leader of the Destiny League and the others would guide you the player through this story. They will be there for you and serve as a mentor figure, it was time for the New Leaguers to appear to take the place of the old ones so that they one day could rest on a grateful planet, but the real question is, are you ready to take that kind of responsibility? what are you prepared to do? will you be a Villain? Hero? something in between? one which only fights for himself? it was time to figure those questions out...
  9. The Princess left her kingdom on a mission to save her sister in a battle against an arranged marriage. only to find that in order to save her sister, she would have to take the place of her sister in the marriage with the handsome/beautiful prince/princess (i do both genders) she chooses to do so while being teased and seduced, does she giving to the erge or fight against her lover.
  10. Fox


    (Character: Amagdalum; Artist: Kawacy) (Character: Nobunaga; Artist: Kawacy) They were inseparable: cat and dog. And they got along just as poorly. "Leave me alone, Amag!" 'Course, Nobunaga didn't really mean it. It came out as a panicked scream, but there was nothing on Nobu's face but sheer delight. Flickering sunlight illuminated her sharp teeth at intervals, and her green eyes' pupils had narrowed into deadly slits, as always under situations of high stress. Her ears, matching in color her black hair, made subconscious adjustments as she tore through the jungle vegetation, constantly changing their angle for her auditory advantage. Nobunaga heard Amagdalum laughing behind her as she wove through the dense foliage, trying to lose the dog spirit. Of course, being a cat spirit, Nobunaga was always the prey: the object of the hunt. She moved swiftly through the trees, "swift" being an understatement. Underfoot, she crushed green, leafy plants. Her shoes left deep footprints in the moist soil, and small branches reached out and snagged her clothing, creating tears and leaving sharp cuts on her skin. Interestingly enough, the game of the chase left no room in her awareness for the processing of pain. She'd deal with it later. The jungle was beautiful at this hour, but Nobu had no time for aesthetic appreciation now. Though she knew Amag would never hurt her—their bond was too strong—her body didn't know that. With the surges of adrenaline racing through her, Nobu's body had entered a mode of "fight-or-flight," a product of Nobu's evolutionary heritage. But it had been too long. They'd been fighting for over an hour now, and her muscles screamed with exhaustion. She cursed under her breath, making a decision. Amag wouldn't win this time. She slowed down purposely, enough for the dog to catch up to her— And heard the unmistakable sound of a blade cutting through the air. Thwack! Nobu leapt back from the flash of white dominating her right-field vision. She blinked hard, clearing the sweat that had fallen through her dark lashes, until the figure before her came into focus. There Amagdalum was, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Her dress shirt, having once been a glossy, shiny white, was stained with dirt and blood. The sleeves were ripped and had been rolled above the elbows. It took her only a moment to pull the blade free from the tree, leaving a deep incision in the wood. Her eyes sparkled with primal joy. "Runner's high?" Nobu gasped, acutely aware that Amag had been seconds too late. She stepped further back and reached for her sword's hilt. With a glittering flash of black, the long and thin blade was out of its scabbard and held menacingly before her. She smirked, crouching slightly in a stance reminiscent of a feline, and made a show of protracting her claws. Amagdalum bared her teeth and lunged. Her blade slammed into Nobu's, forcing her backward. She dug her shoes into the ground and leaned forward, trying her best to prevent the dog spirit from overpowering her, but it was impossible. Strong though Nobu was, she was no match for Amag. But whereas Amag had greater strength, Nobu had greater speed. "Something like that." Amag smirked, sensing victory, and leaned in further, forcing the dark blade closer to Nobu's body. Behind the anger, she saw uncertainty in Nobu's eyes; Amagdalum, both taller and stronger, could easily win now. Nobu grit her teeth, her arm muscles aching as she tried to keep the sword distant. But it took all her strength, and Amag knew it. She effortlessly pushed harder still, until they were only inches away. Then Amagdalum grinned, and delivered a hard kick to Nobu's back leg. Yelping in surprise, the cat spirit lost her balance and landed hard on her back. The force of impact knocked the ebony blade from her fingers. Quickly, she reached for the sword, but Amag beat her to it, using her free hand to press Nobu's deep into the ground. She used her other to aim the edge of her sword at Nobu's neck, pressing the blade against her skin. "I've got you now!" Nobu said nothing for a moment, regaining her breath. Her mind was racing. Due to the speed at which she was currently processing information, it seemed that time began to slow down. Her deep, emerald eyes looked up toward Amag's expression of predatory focus. "No way out," Amag continued. "Might as well give up. I win, again." Amagdalum waited for Nobu to say the words of surrender so she could get off and help her up; at the moment, she had all but pinned Nobunaga beneath her. Nobu said nothing. And then the unexpected happened. Nobu's expression became coy. Her eyes shining with a confusing energy, she reached for Amagdalum's sword-hand, lightly resting her fingers over her wrist. Amagdalum flinched at the unexpected touch, feeling a sudden sensation of fear, but for some reason didn't pull away. She wasn't sure what, but something about Nobu's touch made her skin feel electric. She didn't realize she was staring at Nobu's hand. Nobu used her thumb to stroke the back of her hand gently; soothingly. For some reason unbeknownst to her—a reason she was scared to explore—the touch relaxed her. If it had been somebody else, the massage might have caused her heart rate to slow down and her breathing to deepen; but because it was Nobu, she had to remember how to breathe. Still, she tried to meet Nobu's eyes, not wanting to show weakness. Nobu shot her a charming smile. "You always do, don't you?" Nobunaga murmured softly. "What?" Her voice came out sharper than she'd intended. Having been so distracted by... irrelevant stimuli, Amag had completely forgotten what it was she had said. "You always win," Nobu said, amused. "Very impressive." Her eyes lazily studied Amagdalum, who was struggling to keep her expression guarded. Amag suddenly became aware of the sound of her own heartbeat quickening in her ears, and cursed internally the moment she realized the feline would undoubtedly have noticed. After all, she could hear Nobu's heartbeat, which had for a while been slowing down. Amagdalum didn't mean to—her muscles weren't even tired—but her sword-hand trembled involuntarily. Conscious that Nobu must have felt this subtle, almost imperceptible movement, she suddenly couldn't bring herself to meet Nobu's eyes. In the blink of an eye, Nobu gripped Amagdalum's wrist more tightly, and twisted her arm. Her guard having been temporarily lowered, Nobunaga took advantage of the timing to wriggle her pinned-down hand free of Amag's slackening grasp and reach for her ebony sword. She forced Amagdalum to fall backwards, leaping to her feet and leveling the pointed tip at her chest. Amagdalum's eyes were wide and she wore an expression of shocked alarm. Blushing involuntarily, she looked at Nobu with an expression of disbelief. Nobu raised an eyebrow. "I win." It took Amag a moment to grasp what had occurred, but when she did, her expression deepened into a flustered scowl. "D-damn you!" The jungle was dense, and teeming with life. Caught up in the chase, neither had noticed the minute details that might have earned them wonder for their excruciatingly beautiful surroundings. Slipping through gaps in the thick foliage overhead, the sunlight fell in shafts of glittering light. It made its way down Nobu's sword, and glinted off of her belt and uniform buttons. The sunlight also fell on Amag, glistening off her shirt and lighting a fire to her red eyes. Slowly, Nobu's eyes began to return to normal, the slits widening and her face adopting a more human expression. Amagdalum glared murderously as Nobu laughed at her own cleverness. "That was faster than usual." "You were fast," Amagdalum muttered, almost under her breath. Of course, thanks to her superior senses, Nobu had no trouble understanding her words. Nobu retracted her claws and extended her hand, offering to help Amagdalum up. Amagdalum didn't move. She glanced up at Nobunaga's face, which had now adopted a placid and relaxed expression—a trusting and loving expression—but her own expression was guarded. She ignored the kind gesture until Nobu's ebony-colored blade was back in its sheath. Then she reached for her own sword's hilt and stood up on her own. "You're faster than you used to be," Amag stated, crossing her arms before her chest. She was feeling uncomfortable and she couldn't deny it, though not just because she had lost. It also had to do with the way she had. "And you're stronger than you used to be," Nobu pointed out, a smile on her lips. Amagdalum studied Nobu's expression warily, reassessing the person standing in front of her. Emotionally manipulated. She had been emotionally manipulated. Amagdalum shrugged, part of her frustration dissipating as she thought about the truth of what Nobu had said. She had gotten stronger, and that pleased her. More than she would say. But Nobu's words couldn't quiet the unease that lingered in her mind. Just what exactly did Nobu see in me to make her think that would have been effective? What was that about? "Yeah, whatever, fair enough." She put a hand on her hip and began to look around, adopting a neutral facial expression of boredom. "Too bad that's done with—fighting you is one of my favorite things to do." Avoiding the elephant in the room. Unlike Nobu, Amagdalum was actually barefoot, and her claws sunk into the cool and moist soil. Surrounding her feet was a forest of clovers that had cushioned her fall. Nobu laughed, stepping forward and trying to straighten her collar. A lot of good that would do; this was yet another article of clothing they had, in their passion, damaged. The movement startled Amagdalum, who instinctively tried to pull back. However, after a moment, she stopped resisting. "I promise, the feeling's mutual. And don't worry; there will always be a next time. Besides, I think an hour and a half of playing rough is long enough. Let's head back now—what do you say?"
  11. This world would have been a peaceful place if not for the Humans who sought out power for power sake and to control the world with advanced pieces of technology but now it is too late, for they have set that path in stone and those who have this goal would want to see it till the end in its full fruition. It was believed that Humanity has finally reached its highest peak in both science and technology because the discovery that Ahab Balaena made, he was a very well known Scientist in the Technology Department but little did he knew that the Ahab Reactors, who were named after him because of its huge impact it had on the world for decades, would be the cause of a War. A war that would make Humans turn against one another because the Ahab Reactors were the latest advanced pieces of technology, because they could power anything and make it last for forever because it generates enormous amounts of energy via transforming the artificial generated vacuum elements that were now used to power their interstellar traveling ships. These Ahab Reactors were made to be physically indestructible and once one was manufactured it would continue to proceed energy forever. Because of Ahab Balaena's blessings people sought it out to take it from themselves once the mass production of Ahab Reactors were set into motion and once they did a group of people from over all around the world gathered in the corner of Earth to discuss their actions that will shape Humanity for forever. Because these Ahab Reactors could power and sustain anything, they came up with the idea of creating Mobile Armors who would be unmanned and piloted by Artificial Intelligence, with one simply and direct goal. To take down large groups of Civilization to simplify their true goal, to rule over the world with an iron fist. This group was called N.E.C.R.O.N and with the help of some background friends they manage to take a Ahab Reactor of their own and once their top Scientist Engineers, learned how to properly reproduce the reactors they were once again one step further in completing their goal. Proving that the Ahab Reactors were now easily manageable to be reproduce in amounts of stocks, they finished a rough sketch on what their Mobile Armor should look like but the idea was that it should look like a Bird, an elegant being that even when it delivers a death blow it still has a certain grace to it, with large claws and legs that could be use as arms. A beak that would shoot out concentrated energy beams that can destroy city and the ability to fly with ease, the rough idea was of an Angel...called the Hashmal which one of the ten classes of angels in Judaism, that were sent out by God to punish. How ironic it was that they used "Angels" to punish the Humankind just because they did not want to bow before anyone and wanted to live a life where freedom was allowed for everyone, N.E.C.R.O.N more so demonized the Angel meaning because the cause was a evil and selfish one. Once the Artificial Intelligence was implanted in this Angel it was ready to go, for weapons it had the deadliest of them all such as the capabilities to fly and even in space. Having claws that could penetrate and impale anything besides Nanolaminate Armor. In fact the whole Hashmal was made out of Nanolaminate Armor. The Nanolaminate Armor was a defensive, metallic paint with multi-layered molecular arrangement that is vacuum deposited on the armor of mobile armors and ships. First glance, the armor seemed hard but in principle it was a very thin cushion with several layers. It is also effective against physical projectiles, where its energy bearing molecules can absorb the impact from live ammunition and explosive charges, thereby protecting the machine's body from damage. Also the armor's strength is influenced mostly by the Ahab Waves or Particles and the gravitational field that was generated which also had an effect on the armor's multi-layered molecular arrangement. And if the Ahab Reactor would shut down, the armor's capabilities would also drop. The Hashmal also had a Beam Weapon, whenever the Mobile Armor opened its so called "mouth" it fired a concentrated beam of energy that takes a bit to fire and has a massive damage output with its destructive power and effective range, besides that there was the Kinetic Energy Shot Launcher's which were mounted on each claw that allowed the Hashmal to fly or hover around from place to place which could also fire rockets that were more like protruding weapons. If Hashmal had a effective weapon during close combat situation it was none other than the Superhard Wire Blade with a blade that had high hardness that was attached to a wire made of a special alloy, that was mounted on the back of the Hashmal's head. The wire's special alloy is vicious because it can bend flexibly when charged with a trace amount of electrical current and can move easily in any direction and it can also be used as a launch surprise attack from blind spots. They also made sure that the Mobile Armor and future ones would have an Energy Supply System that were build into each shoulder and were located behind the large red panels. This system supplied power to the Plumas via microwaves, even so the system is not directly related to combat, it is more so than proof that Mobile Armors are an autonomous unmanned weapons. And lost but not least there are the Plumas, they are also an unmanned but small, sub-unit produced by the Hashmal and since it is the Angel the sub-unit it is its so called feathers that are in reality deadly just like the Hashmal. It has a pair of claws on its arms and a drill on its tail and a concealed railgun underneath its regular red eye. A single Pluma is no real threat however, if there are in large groups then they can become a real problem because they can easily decimate productions plants, human beings and Cities. In melee combat they close the distance by hovering then leaping or flying as they launch with their attacks. They can attack from various directions, which can confuse the enemy with their tricky movements because of their thrusters around their body as it makes them able to move around with agile movements and with ease. Also the power they receive is from the supplies that come from the Hashmal via the microwaves and it operates based on the orders coming from the Mobile Armor and it will not stop functioning unless it is destroyed. While they are made to be serving units and attack while protecting the Hashmal, they can also carry out other functions, like scavenging, collecting resources such as fuel, propellant and other materials the Mobile Armor needs to be repaired by the Plumas themselves and it can also manufacture new Plumas with these resources if the enough amount of time and materials are given as they can multiply infinitely. The Plumas also serve as a collective data about the surroundings of the area which is transmitted in real time to Hashmal as they are a part of the Mobile Armor. "Finally, we're finished." Said a Scientist who was in his mid 40s with black heir, fair skin, brown eyes, glasses, standing about 5'7 with a neutral expression and a slim body, as he sighed of relief, they have been working for hours none stopping as the leader of the N.E.C.R.O.N's Jonathan Wallace, the 6' tall muscular man with grey hair and beard with black accents to it, having blue eyes and a imposing stature, was standing besides his favorite Scientist Abraham Brown. "Well they are only 10 units." Jonathan said with a brief chuckle before folding his arms under his chest, staring at the Hashmals as they were being transported. "You have them on stand by?" He asked Abraham. He looked at him and slightly gave him a nod. "Yeah, they are to be honest still prototypes." He used a cloth to dry the sweat on his forehead and Jonathan placed a hand on his shoulder. "Abraham, they are perfected. We've been at this for 3 years and now we are so close to reach our objective." "I know but we still don't know if they are capable enough to do what we set them out to do." Abraham said, still worried because he was a perfectionist and he always wanted to make sure things would go according to the plan, something Jonathan knew all to well. "Set them outside and activate 2 of them and let's watch how they do our job for us in matter of seconds." He said as he withdraw his hand back in its folded position. Abraham took a deep breath before taking his console and taking out 2 units as ordered and setting them down. Working some schematics he finally activates them and once they did, they became alive immediately as the Hashmal started to walk as well as the other one, surprised enough Abraham felt as he looked at Jonathan. "Of course, we had to set a microchip inside the AI so that it wouldn't kill us but the rest of the humans. Only a fool would create a weapon that will destroy even its master." His edged out voice spoke as the Heshmals were tracking a few signals, turning their head into the direction with the biggest population. "Berlin, Germany." Abraham said and Jonathan looked at him. "That's were the biggest population in Germany is...they are heading towards it." Then they watched how the Hashmals folded their legs into their shoulders and flew off in a instant while making a few mechanical noises and sounds. Their base of operations, or at least the one they used in making the first pair of Hashmals was in Germany and now their first experiment shall happen live before their very own eyes, as Abraham and Jonathan watched how the Hashmals were approaching Berlin in a rather fast pace. "They are fast." Jonathan said with a grin. "It is mostly because of the Ahab Reactors." Abraham adds. "They are getting closer by the minute...I guess this is the moment of truth, me and you have been waiting for 3 years now." He said as Jonathan chuckled. "Indeed my friend, indeed." The two Hashmals landed in the City of Berlin in Germany and their humanity extermination system was picking up multiple humans that were now staring at them, in pure shock as to what they were. When the Hashmal opened its beak, revealing its beam weapon the people immediately broke into panic and started to run in different directions. Causing havoc and chaos in the street as cars were speeding off, the Hashmal's beam weapon charged and fired in a straight life killing many people by vaporizing them into nothing but ashes. The other Hashmal deployed its Plumas that were starting to get into the 10s and then 20s and 50s. Building up the number into 100s as the Plumas rained havoc upon the people, killing them with their claws or railguns with significant ease, the Government of Berlin already took notice of this and they sent in the military. Soon tanks and helicopters came in but it was too late as the Hashmals already killed over 2.000 of people. Throwing everything they had with the best of technology they had such as live ammunition, it did little to affect the Hashmals as they used their beams to destroy the helicopters and some of the tanks that were firing down upon them. The Hashmal got hit but it did not damage any vital part as it was aimed towards it shoulder, commanding the Plumas to take care of the tanks while the Hashmal took care of the soldiers that continued on firing upon them. The other Hashmal took note that the soldier's main priority was escorting the civilians, realizing this the Hashmal followed on their trail, while the soldier's fire power did little to nothing in easing this Mobile Armor down before it unleashed another devastating beam of energy that destroyed the civilians as well as the street and a few buildings. "Somebody call reinforcements!" A soldier said through the line before watching how the Plumas were going towards him and the outpost, screaming with a inhuman scream. The Plumas made short work of the soldiers, jumping from one car to another with relative ease. Using their thrusters all around their bodies to throw off the soldiers that were aiming their guns at them that already did little to no damage. "They are everywhere!!" Another said. "We are going to die, nooo!!!" One screamed as rage took over him but he soon died as a Pluma jumped on him and stabbed him with its claws before the others were surrounding the soldiers and firing at them with their railguns, eliminating them quickly. The massacre continued, soon everyone was in danger as the Hashmal deployed even more Plumas, approximately 300 or so as they ravaged the area rather quickly. And now their next objective is to head towards the Government building of Germany's capital, Berlin. Speeding towards it while they continued to destroy everything that stood in their way the German Military stood little to no chance as it was something they have never seen before and they were so terrifying that the soldiers were trembling from angst. "We need to get you out of here." A Government agent said to the Federal Cancelar. "I am not going to retreat like a coward." He protests against that decision. "But Sir, if we stay here we can risk getting ourselves killed. Our weapons cannot penetrate its armor nor do we seem to have something effective against it!" The General of the German army said. "And we cannot risk killing even more civilian lives with a nuke! We need to get out of here now! Time is of the essence, Federal Cancelar!" The Federal Cancelar nods his head and listens to the General. "Very well. Let's go while he stil have the chance." They immediately head off and walked outside the building heading towards the helicopter and quickly getting inside before the Cancelar had a scare when a Pluma jumped on the window before the Pilot took off and flew upwards, throwing the Pluma off and on the ground. "They are here, get us out of here!" The General barked the orders. Once they were up high in the sky they sighed out of relief but little did they know that Hashmal was flying towards them and they started to panic. "Oh god. It's coming straight for us!" The pilot said as he tried to out maneuver it but the Mobile Armor wouldn't be so easy to trick as it opened its beak and the beam charged. "We are going to dieee!!!" One of the soldiers said as the Cancelar opened to say something but right then the Hashmal destroyed the Helicopter with its beam weapon, killing Germany's Federal Cancelar. Jonathan found himself laughing with a twisted laughter as he watched how the Hashmal killed a very important Government figure in nothing but matter of a few hours. "See this is the power now we poses!" He clenched his fist. "If it took nothing but a few hours. Imagine what we could do if we had 30 of these..no 50 and even more!" He said. "We will rule the world less than a year!!" He continued to laugh. Abraham nods his head, realizing that he now needed to do. "Yes, sir." He said. "I'll do my best to construct as many Mobile Armors as we can. Now that we know they work, mass production should start with no drawbacks." "I never expected less. Old friend." Jonathan then walks away and lets Abraham alone in the shadows as this man was working every day and sometimes a few hours in completing the project called 'Angel' building Mobile Armors that acceded the number of 20 in just 6 months and they set them out to conquer Germany and France in matter of days, it seemed hopeless to resist because neither country could detonate nukes because of the people and mostly because these Mobile Armors took them by surprise every time and the Governments couldn't do much when the surprise attacks hit, afterall it was Europe they did not expect a beginning of a war... Indeed, it looked as if it was a war but one that the humans couldn't win because they didn't know what they were up against and as the months turned into years, soon the Mobile Armors started to kill human lives in 1000s reaching up to 50.000, 500.000, 1.500.000, 5.000.000, 10.000.000 and when it reached 15.000.000 the people soon learned that this is not going to end and if they don't do anything to stop these Mobile Armors no one can guarantee if there was ever a new tomorrow. The world needed someone who was strong in mind and body, that had cunning wits and intelligence as well as the ability to take over the leadership role and lead people in situations as dire as these, the world needed someone and that someone was Agnika Kaieru, the one who would create the Angel Hunters with the help of Gjallarhorn, a military organization and the 72 Gundam Frames and their first ever made Gundam named after a Demon Lord, Bael....
  12. Updates Personal I.D. Numbers are mandatory. If you are an illegal, you can make up a fake one.] If I am away and the RP needs to progress, Atlas can be taken over until I come back on.] You can now sail across the sea and find hidden continents and other uninhabited continents. Try to find the lost continent, which is called The Unknown.] Personal I.D Numbers are a combination of numbers and letters and about 4-10 characters long. For example, Atlas's P.I.N. (306BA-4732)] The tracks "Old Gielnor" and "Attack on Gusling Mansion has been changed. Made an email for the Amarthene Estate Complaint form] Changed Josephs last name from "Glister" to "Tarago" to match the prequel story "Gielnors Last Stand: The Banished Prince] I moved this from another RP site to here so sorry about the formatting, I am slowly working on making it stand out. Please PM me your character once you made it with the character sheet! ? Thank you. Gielnors Last Stand UST The GDVC Old Gielnor Old Gaelis The Beats of Phoenix Town Attack on Gusling Mansion The Criminal Underground Uncharted Waters The Magic Towers Hum Gielnors Last Stand Theme (For now) Gielnors Last Stand Credits - Blackout World Factions - (Ongoing) Wizards Council The Wizards Council is an incredibly important faction in the world of Gielnor, and there is only one building...Which is located in the capitol of Gielnor; [b [i Phoenix Town.]] The council houses legendary wizards and Elder Wizards along with High Wizards. These three types of wizards specialize in all of the magic classes in the world of Gielnor, the council members set the rules on all the magic and how it is to be used. Failure to abide by their rules can lead up to jail time. The council leader is Winston Eldersoul, people may become a council member but only if they have advanced enough through their magic skills. Wizards Council Application: (WARNING: Only people who are good can join the Wizards Council...Sorry evil players. ;/) Name: Age: Powers: Magic Level: Personal ID Number: Amarthene Estate Amarthene Estate is where former President Simons lives, he is the current president of Amarthene. He has four senators who are named; Senator Harry, Senator Williams, Senator Lyle, and Senator Ryan. This place is where current dealings with finance and everything to do with dealing with Amarthenes problems are done at. This place may not be as awesome as the Wizards Council but they also have dealings with them as well since they are a part of the world of Gielnor. Without the Amarthene Estate, Amarthene would have anarachy all over the continent of Amarthene. If you feel like someone in Amarthene is harassing you or doing anything to threaten, or make you uncomfortable...Please message us by filling out this form. Amarthene Estate - Complaint Form Name: Age: Reason for complaint?: Personal ID Number: Personal ID Number of offender: Once you are done, send the form over to amartheneestatecomplaints@gmail.com The GDVC (Gielnor Disease/Virus Control) The GDVC deals with all sorts of epidemics in the lovely world of Gielnor, they are much like the CDC in the world of Earth. Their main job is guarding a massive gate that leads to another part of Gielnor; [b [i A closed off continent.]] The closed off continent has a massive dome surrounding it and it is walled off from the world. This continent is named Old Gielnor, which was struck with a deadly evil virus from the Arcane Clan about 400 years ago during the legendary heroes Kalvin and Khalaris time. It was closed off and the dome has been upgraded ever since to fit with the current technology. Entry is not allowed through the gate unless you are an RPOG member or a GDVC member. GDVC Application (Only rpers who are good can join, not evil rpers.) Name: Age: Talents: Any infections?: Personal ID Number: Nernias House of Kings This is where all the kings of Nernias meet here and discuss major politics and world trade. There are titles among these kings but also civilians may join if they are deemed worthy by The High Council. The titles for civilians along with perks; Advisor - Can discuss world trade with the kings and makes 10% off of the kings economic buildings (Markets, Inns, Taverns, Brothels, Etc), The income for each economic building the king has is 1000 sacreds (Nernias currency) Legionnaire - You are the kings right hand man/woman, you are usually at his side during important events and meetings. You help him with his battle plans and usually take to the front line in battle. Don’t worry, you’ll be accompanied by guards and soldiers. Because you also command your squad. Royal Merchants - You control the world trade and buy and sell various items to certain continents and countries. You must be okay with going out to sea though. That is the only rule. NHK Application Name: Age: Ethnicity: Were you born on Nernias? If no, then where?:]] The High Council The high council is from a hidden continent called Ugenstrav, A nordic like continent. This council deals with all the laws around the world of Gielnor. They are the worlds government and run everything. No one is allowed to join and entering Ugenstrav is forbidden by capital punishment. No one has ever seen the council members...They only receive letters. Royal Docks Express The RDE (Royal Docks Express) is located in the capital of Gielnor; Phoenix Town. This faction is used for trading between the Royal Merchants from Nernias, they receive various goods that citizens want or need. The owner of this faction is named Captain James Sabertooth. People can work at the docks...You just need to meet the requirements (Hunting - Lvl 5, Fishing - Lvl 3) RDE Application Name: Age: Skills: Are you in any other faction?: Nernias Euphoria Farm This is where the medical pink plant is mostly grown and shipped to Gielnor via Royal Merchants. Workers and farmers take good care of the plants to make sure they are grown to perfection. People can work here but need to meet the following requirements; (Farming lvl 5) NEF Application Name: Age: Skills: Do you currently smoke Euphoria?: Do you do any other drugs?: (Magic Dust, Fairy Dust, Nernias Caps, or Green Lightning?)] The Arcane Clan Also known as The Arc, they are an evil demonic race that want to destroy Gielnor and they attack the magic towers. Their true leader is known as Arcanum. Who is said to be sealed away on another planet. You can join this faction but once you do you are no longer a good player. You will become an evil player until you leave the clan. The Arcane Application Name: Age: Skills: Any crimes you commited? Do you pledge yourself to our all true leaders Arcanum and Irving?: Do you pledge that if you ever leave our order you will become a target?: The Royal Police of Gielnor The RPOG is the main military branch in the continent of Gielnor, they are the soldiers and police who work on stopping The Arc. Ganzu is the 2nd In Command, he runs the RPOG operations. If a crime is being committed a citizen will alert an RPOG member. If a crime has been committed please make a report at the RPOG office located in Phoenix Town. In order to join The RPOG, you need; (Attack Lvl 5, Defence Lvl 7, and Agility Lvl 4) RPOG Application Name: Age: Skills: Would you like a starter weapons pack?: Would you like a partner?: Personal I.D. Number: RPOG Complaint Form Name: Age: What crime did you witness?: Was the attacker wearing any mask?: If you saw the attacker would you please provide a photo?: Would you like 24 hr protection? (RPOG members support you and try to stop people from killing you...Try that is): Magic Tower Repair Co. The Magic Tower Repair Co. deals with repairing the magic towers that have been blown up or just shut down randomly due to malfunctioning. They use special tools and magic stone along with magic energy hose. Citizens can join, but they must have; (Magic Lvl 10, Crafting Lvl 5,) MGRC Application Name: Age: Skills: Do you wish to be paid in holo currency or magic energy?: THE CRIMINAL UNDERGROUND The Criminal Underground (TCU) is a mysterious faction that seems to operate all over the world of Gielnor. It is speculated that the location to the faction is literally underground and the only way to access it is via blindfold. Several factions such as The Arc and The Incanter Society are elite members of The Criminal Underground. The Criminal Underground operates in many trades such as; weapon/drug smuggling, assassinations, kidnapping, thievery, regicide and more. There is no true leader of TCU and probably will never happen. Each big crime boss of each criminal faction runs TCU and all meet once a year to discuss their plans for the year ahead. Only way to join TCU is to be recommended by a big crime boss which usually isn't easy. The requirements are as follows; Underdog (Criminal Rank) Five years with current criminal faction Phoenix Technologies Phoenix Technologies is the leading company in the smartphone and PC era, they have developed more than 6.5 billion smartphones and computers with their own OS known as Phoenix OS. Many devices run this OS and is widely used all over the contient of Gielnor. The Phoenix, their top selling brand phone is a favorite among the RPOG due to the walkie talkie system implemented in the hardware. Plot Gielnor is the most technological continent, more advanced than Japan and USA combined. Only using magic to power items instead of electricity and modern power. Magic Towers are placed around the two continents Amarthene and Gielnor, these towers hold the magic energy used to power the objects. A road in the sky powered by alchemy is used as a fast way to get to Amarthene or Gielnor faster than on the lower roads. Cars are common in Gielnor, such as airships, guns, and other objects that is powered by magic. Amarthene is the America of the world of Gielnor, it is a continent that has more money income than Gielnor but Amarthene shares half it's wealth with their friendly continent Gielnor.]]]] Nernias is the continent on the far east, sadly not as technologically advanced as Amarthene or Gielnor, Nernias is a steam-punk continent that has a few kings in power. One of them branded a tyrant by the name of King Ivorian the III. This rp takes place in Gielnor and Amarthene for now, here is the actual plot! An evil demonic group called the Arc is resurrected by a grand necromancer called Irving. He and his evil group start a war with Gielnor and Amarthene, this rp will take you through the history and stories of the world of Gielnor...Bad guys and good guys will collide... Betrayals will happen... Loved ones will be lost... This is... GIELNORS LAST STAND... Premade Characters The Good Ganzu Varson - Open Age - 38 History: Ganzu is the 1st commanding officer of the Royal Police of Gielnor. He wears a naval outfit and a naval hat, and he also has a medium length beard, he can also be cranky at times as well as serious or funny. Mostly serious though. Kalas Varkas - Open Age: 23 History: Kalas is the Assistant Officer of the RPOG (Royal Police of Gielnor) He is still young but he is wise and alot of people can learn a thing or two from him. Jack Lyons - Open Age - 35 History: Jack is an ex pirate who is now a bartender who fights for the greater good. He wears a red bandana, and has short blue hair. Age: 35 Joseph Tarago - Open Age - 65 History: This Nernian man is a very experienced fighter with swords. He may be old, but he can still kick ass and take names with his dual sword skills. He hails from the Itula Tribe, a tribe known for killing. King Desto - Open Age - 77 History: King Desto is the proud king of the Gielnor continent and the founder and leader of the RPOG. Ganzu and Kalas serving under him. Atlas Storm - Me Age - 19 History: Atlas, the main character is the rp, he was taken in by Joseph as his guardian after his parents were murdered. Atlas had joined the RPOG along with Joseph, and their good friend Jack. Mason Reiner - Open History: Once a bad guy to previous heroes in the Gielnors Last Stand series, he decided to become a butler for King Desto and serve under him and the RPOG. He has since been a good ally. Kate Burgess - Open Age - 23 History: Kate was betrayed by her family at a young age when they tried to sacrifice her to the Arc Clan, now as an adult Kate joined the RPOG and will stop at nothing to eradicate the Arc...And maybe find her parents, who now have a bounty of 3 million Holo coins (Currency) Ashely Silver Age - 25 History: The cook of King Destos castle, she is a famous cook on Prime TV as well as worldwide, some people from Nernias even come all the way to Gielnor to try Silvers amazing food. Lilly Angel -Open Age - 22 History: Lilly is a bounty hunter, she hunts down some of the worlds most dangerous criminals in Amarthene and Gielnor. Irving is the most wanted man...Lilly is still trying to find him throughout the world, including other bounty hunters...]]]] The Bad Irving - Open Age - Unknown History: After the previous leader of the Arc died, this evil necromancer took over. He is a malevolent man with horrifying powers. He will stop at nothing to take over the world of Gielnor. Vega - Open Age - 120 History:An Arc member who lives in Amarthene, he is wanted for the bombing of three Magic Towers in Gielnor. His motives are unclear to why he bombed them, but it caused a temporary power outage and killed over 4000 people. Arcanus - Open Age - Unknown History: Arcanus is the creation of the previous leader, Lexius. He is wanted for the attempted assassination of King Desto and the Council Members of Amarthene. Morwinia Fable - Open Age - Unknown History: Morwinia Fable is the leader of nightmares, her pet is called the Nightmare Beast, which consumes peoples souls whole in one bite. She is a high ranking officer in the Arcane Clan Gale Winters - Open Age - 18 History: Gale is a recruit in the Arcane Clan, she just joined. She is nervous to be here, but her magic talking demonic hairpen is there for her... >:] Made Up Characters The Character Sheet Username: Name: Age: Weapons: Powers: Alignment(Good/Evil/): Talents: Appearance: Where do you live?(Amarthene,Gielnor,Nernias): Personal ID number when you became a civilian in Amarthene or Gielnor: Any augmentations?: Family members(Not your real ones): Job(Not your real one): History: Welcome to the wonderful world of Gielnor! In order to pass and become a full citizen in Amarthene or Gielnor you must answer 5 questions, there will be seperate questions for good and bad! If you skip the questionnaire, it will result in your application being denied! Mandatory Questionnaire (Good) 1: If you saw someone in the Magic Tower that looks suspicious, what would you do? 2: Someone was being harassed by a bully in public or in a public building, what would you do? 3: A friend of yours told you a secret of how he's going to steal some of the Magic Energy from a Magic Tower. since this is illegal what would you do? 4: You saw a group of people in purple cloaks who resemble the Arc. What would you do? 5: You were stuck in a situation where a family member of yours commited a serious crime. What would you do? Mandatory Questionnaire (Evil) 1: You have just been accepted into the Arc! What would you do? 2: You were given magic bombs and instructions on blowing up a Magic Tower. What would you do? 3: You have just met Irving, your boss and mentor! What would you do? 4: A high ranking officer in the Arc has given you a task to kill an entire family, including the kids. What would you do? 5: Irving has given you a task to kill the Senator of Amarthene, what would you do? Rules -No godmodding! You can be a badass all you want as long as you don't make yourself godly and start killing people without permission and making yourself invincible. You can die. -No cybering, if it get's to that please take it off site or somewhere else. I don't like seeing my roleplays littered with posts about sex. -Violence is allowed, there will be alot of violence. Just don't take it too far and coat the entire world with copper flavored kool-aid -Romance is allowed, just no love at first sight.Romances must be developed and built. Slow and steady wins the race. Fast and hasty wins the race too but ends up running too fast and runs of a cliff and dies by accident. -Please try not to use one-liners, 500 character posts aren't that hard. If you find that hard just try to do 300 characters. I mean, come on. -Enjoy the roleplay! Oh and no ditching without telling me so please?
  13. It's the year 3713, and the people of Earth had solved much of the problems that faced them in centuries past with the creation of enhanced technology. Now, the common population was working only to support the AI that kept society functioning in top shape. Everyone was getting bored. They had accomplished most everything they had even thought possible, the most remarkable of course being the creation of the ultimate VR experience-the Endless Horizon. A simulated world with endless possibilities-all it takes is a thought, a bit of designing in some menus, and you can have a world of your very own. At the moment, a large event was about to take place, or so everyone heard, with the media spreading the info like a wildfire. Record numbers of people had diven into the Endless Horizon through the microchips connected to their brains at birth. The medieval city everyone had gathered in was abuzz-but for how long would that happiness last?
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