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Found 1 result

  1. There was a chill wind that had passed as a tall captain stepped off the boat followed by someone covered in robes. It'd been a long trip and Beris was glad to see the two figures he wanted to put into the ground off the boat first. There was a lot the shaman needed to gather before getting off with the large mass of people traveling on this cruiser. He was able to pack his things quickly however and was top side before most were as he got to watch the captain and the 'VIP' he assumed was a mage walk from the boat. Beris leaned against he mast waiting for everyone else to go away. Part of him was glad to be gone, away from the Ardesians for a bit. There was some annoying issues that had caused Al to give a leave of absence to everyone. Kreig went to work on a forge with Lenix, Ishanis went looking for a tailor to get some new outfits and her primary gown sown, that homoculus had drifted off from the clan to go on a 'revival walk' which he thought was a sad joke. The shaman didn't care he decided to just get away for a time, hoping that with luck he could get something for the Yarakul to coincide with. The 'waiting' in line thing had killed his patience. Beris took a run for the edge of the ship. The crew had shouted for him to remain in line, before they could move to stop him, however, Beris had leaped off striking the wooden dock with his cloth covered feet before using the pegs that held the dock in the water to hop off of to get the move on. "Get out of the way!" He shouted as he leaped from peg to peg. There was a lot of held in aggression brimming from him that he wanted to be free of, right now was a bad time for someone to try and stop him which is why he moved as he did. Beris was lightly loaded. There was no armor on him, only a light cloth shirt and a hooded jacket tied to his waist. His legs had tan cargo pants which bore his axe and knife in separate sheaths attached to his belt. His feet were covered with a cloth-type 'bandage' covering which was made to be very resilient and inlaid with runes to accept changes in temperature if Beris poured essence into them to change the temperature accordingly. Around his back, the shaman had a rucksack with very light supplies including some food and a bottle of water strapped to the side. There was a pouch inside the sack which held his travel currency with him. He did not plan on spending much. There was a necklace made of some bone and wood fetishes that hung from his neck along as well, useful to help channel his magic if it was needed. It would only be a few minutes of jumping from posts to walls then down to the streets till he could move about the town freely and find something to do. With luck it would be relaxing to help overcome the long trip and the harsh mental torment he endured as a result of the Ardesian usurping. @Hani
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