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  1. Csl

    The Tavern

    ◀ Return to ToL Index The Tavern The Tavern is both everywhere and nowhere. Those who come upon it find it through different ways; through doors and holes, or even as simple as stepping from one world into another. You may have happened upon the tavern on a nondescript journey, traveling through nothingness until you happened upon a quiet little hamlet out in the middle of nowhere. Eventually, your journey leads you down a dimly lit path, finding that night has come upon you faster than you first expected. You come to a location said to be the corner of all existence, the point between the world of Valucre and all other possibilities. There sits a quaint structure, small and unassuming. It is only one story, hardly more than a shack, and certainly nothing like what was promised by those claiming to have once stayed within its walls. The paint is peeling, the sign is careworn and faded. Perhaps you feel cheated, having come all this way just to find some hole in the wall that gives only a welcome home to drunks too far into their cups to notice the difference. Still, there is an inviting smell coming from inside, a welcome change from the smell of death you left behind. Perhaps you should enter then, and stay for a drink or two. Even if this tavern is not what was promised, a drink and a hot meal would do you some good. And there you find that the Tavern is all that was promised you - and more. It reaches high, the ceiling reaching hundreds of feet above. Layers upon layers of rafters fill in the gaps, where some patrons sit, served by a young man who traverses them with ease. Down below, the sprawling layout reveals a tavern with more than a dozen corners (each with its own table), despite the improbability. At the center of establishment is a large stage, where bands of bards play and leave- their lineup and styles as random as anything could be. Along what could be called the back, a long bar stretches out, ending at a doorway leading to the kitchens. Also in the back is a door that leads down to the storage basement. Weapons can be checked at the door or brought to the weapons counter, where the character will be relieved of their weapon and given a chip when they're ready to reclaim it. Locations Weapons counter - located on the right of the door. All entering the Tavern can either check their weapons at the door or bring them here. Characters will be relieved of their weapon and given a chip when they're ready to reclaim it. Kitchens - Off the back of the bar are the kitchens, where you can speak directly with the cook. On the other side of the bar is the office where you will often find the head of waitstaff, if she is not out on the floors herself. Bath House - A neat row of clean outhouse facilities are in the lot out back of the tavern. A bit beyond that is a building about a quarter of the size of the tavern itself, and houses three large bathing tubs. Staff Some of the staff are transient, coming and going every few days. The only constants in this ever-shifting tapestry of are the core staff members who manage the tavern itself, each serving their own special function. The Cook: Ghallen Berwater – Gaian Priest A former Gaian priest who has retired from the cloth to take up his second greatest passion: food! He supervises kitchen operations, gladly takes any compliments to the chef direct, and is liable to give tours of his facilities to the curious passerby. Ghallen is bearded, broad-shouldered and swarthy, carrying a warrior’s build. This fearsome figure is softened somewhat by the sky-blue apron (embroidered with the Terran Empire flag) he’s always wearing. The Bartender: Vaddok Fantore – Former Alterion Merchant An alchemist businessman who never tires of trying to sell you another drink or some fine plate of food. Vaddok is a devoutly religious man full of information of Renovatio as a whole. He loves to talk, and will craft you any drink while spinning yarns about legends pertaining to Valucre. Vaddok is rather average-looking, with thinning brown hair and green eyes. Has a cowlick on the back of his head that stands up rather prominently. The Bouncer: Lonely Night's Hand – Former Genesarian Edgemaster and Arcantian A stern and quiet man with little patience for rulebreakers. His real name is unknown; most just call him ‘'Night'. As a former Edgemaster and a manipulator of darkness, his powers are great and his skills with short swords deadly. Night is taller than most, with a large build and piercing gaze. Carved on his left arm are intricate runes. He keeps his dark blond hair in a braid. He tends to keep himself at a respectful distance from most people, patrolling the tavern clad in brigandine armor. Head of Waitstaff: Levhea Morytol – Former Elendaron adventurer A former adventurer from Elendaron seeking some stability in her older years, Levhea is a middle aged woman with patience for any sort of shenanigans or tomfoolery. Although her exterior is cold, she is happy to regale you with tales of her homeland and her travels. Levhea is well-built, with fiery red hair that’s greying at the edges. She still wears splintmail armor much of the time, and has a great sword big enough to cleave a giant's head off in one clean stroke. Head of Entertainment: Cadriel Douma -- Bard from parts unknown A bard who likes to keep the majority of his personal details close to his chest. He is a marvelous performer, playing dozens of instruments, singing with a sweetness sure to move an angel who has been graced by the muses themselves, and he also has other talents, including juggling, knife throwing, magician's tricks, and comedy routines. Cadriel is a friendly, sociable guy who loves to make people happy and can drink with the best of them. He appears to be approaching middle aged now, but damn if that man is still not one of the prettiest to have ever been formed. He has angular features, jet black hair and piercing blue eyes that just melt your soul. He has a smile that reaches ear to ear and a musical laugh. He only carries daggers on his person, but prefers to resolve conflicts by tapping into his musical talents, which have a flare for magic. Recurring Staff
  2. 21, August 1678AY Jacques Azura-Risa, Hub of Malachite-Topaz. Rowan Tuesday, 2:00P.M The rain had finally stopped failing as the cloaked figure made their way into the city of Malachite-Topaz. The events that had occurred in a cave days ago stirred whispers of the emberheart awakening again. And that was worrying, since the people of Rowan didn't experience the problems of Athentha and Talia. But here, here in Rowan something was starting. Something bad. Atlas remained under her cloak, trying to figure out if Azura-Dawn was alright. She had not gotten word back from her in days since she went looking for one of the emberheart swords. Atlas was cursing herself for allowing her cloverheart to be tainted and corrupted. And she wanted to make things right. Atlas stood there then, her golden yellow eyes looking about for Azura-Dawn. Where are you my friend? Atlas thought to herself finding a bench to sit upon. I do hope you didn't fall to the emberheart. Atlas sighed softly. Rowan was awakening again yet into an age of uncertainty that the young elf was afraid of. Azura-Dawn was needed in attempt to keep things at peaceful resolution.
  3. Failure. The last encounter had failed, making Esben toil away in the basement of his mansion. Val Cruxia was a safe place to house himself from his last escapade. And he could work in peace from the ever annoying Valentinas meddling in the elf's affairs. As he toiled, exhausted from the late nights of trying to break open Azura-Dusk's prison core. Esben muttered, groaned and slammed the tool down in frustration. The elf hated that he couldn't open a single cube like core unlike everything else he could. Wiping the sweat from his brow, Esben walked out of his lab and out of the house. The fresh air would do him well. Esben had locked himself away in the lab once Crescendo and Shishi had left. He rubbed his temples as Azura-Dawn wouldn't give up any secrets to open it either. Azura-Dusk's twin, she kept her mouth shut when it came to her sister. If only I can get her to tell me her secrets. Esben said to himself as he crossed his arms against his chest. Even that prison cell I keep her in, she doesn't speak. That will can be broken somehow… Esben shook his head as he looked up. It was mid-day, so the white clouds were heavy with rain almost about to burst. The elf sighed, knowing this being his first failure didn't sit well--he was not taking it well.
  4. Csl

    The Lounge

    ◀ Return to ToL Index 3: The Lounge All areas of the Lounge are managed by Prognosticator, an artificial super intelligence whose knowledge about Valucre is unparalleled. They mainly appear through the main screen of the Compendium, though they can also manifest as throughout the Lobby in screens or as holograms. They appear as a faceless mask with tree-like antlers. Locations A holographic navigation board greets you when you enter the Lounge. Here, you see descriptions of the Lounge’s various locations. Main Area - a carpeted area with several benches along the walls. A fountain lies at the center of the space, a few mangrove trees rising from its waters. Between its roots float glowing water lilies. Underwater, strange genetically-modified creatures swim about - glass-skinned fish with pulsing organs, robotic frogs, and alien-looking jellyfish. There are two vending machines along one wall, and two more fountains at opposite corners. Sparring Room - A room with a fenced-off ring that can simulate any environment. Here, people can practice their fighting skills in safety and without repercussions. Visitors may spar with each other or fight hardlight opponents created by Prognosticator. Observation Deck - A vast enclosure that allows characters to view any location on Valucre as it appears in real-time. The Compendium - a digital repository where characters can access knowledge about Valucre in various ways. On the back wall of the room is a screen where Prognosticator normally manifests. There are also two widescreens on the left side of the Compendium Repositories - a set of modular library shelves. Characters can request a topic and the Repository will produce various media materials in its shelves - books, audio recordings, newspapers, and the like. Terminals - several desks equipped with Crystal Computing Devices (think personal computers) where your characters can access the Storage Movement, Grumble.crk, etc. Digital Resources Some examples of in-character digital resources that can be accessed through the Compendium: The Storage Movement Grumble.crk
  5. The Copper Bell Hotel Casino is, obviously, a gambling establishment. This one isn't as opulent as the King's Fountain, has humanoid dealers on real tables with real cards, chips, dice, wheels, and balls, unlike the Helix, and is a generally affordable place. There are two main entrances: one from the "street" and one at the subway station (yes, it has a subway station). Both have large sheets of polycarbonate letting natural light in during the day, and are about fifty feet high. The five floors above the entrance floors are open to each entrance. The street entrance shows the ends of the first five floors of the casino, while the subway entrance shows the five floors of the mall and entertainment. The floors and walls are all hardwood facades with copper decorations that actually look surprisingly modern. The casino floors have plenty of slot machines, craps, classic Blackjack, Spanish 21, Pai Gow (not Pai Gow Poker, but actual Pai Gow with Chinese dominoes), Five Card Draw, Texas Hold 'Em, Roulette, Faro, Caribbean Stud, and Sic Bo. there are also Keno and Bingo parlors. The mall has various tenants from across Valucre, and plenty of vacancies (it's a big mall, hard to fill it all at once), including a food court. The casino has a buffet of comfort food, and the kitchen is available for orders from the casino floor or hotel rooms. There is a multi-use venue that hosts fights, concerts, performances and other sports. There is also a bowling alley, with 20 lanes of standard 10-pin, 10 lanes of duckpin, and 10 lanes of candlepin, and eight bars scattered around the property. The Hotel is fifty stories of rooms and family suites. The rooms aren't very fancy, only having a bed, microwave, mini fridge, chair, alarm clock, basic bathroom (shower, toilet, sink),Suites have another bed, a couch that can convert into another bed, a couple more chairs, and another TV, but are always clean, comfortable, and reasonably priced. In fact, everything under the casino's control (that is, not in the mall), is priced for lower-class people to generally afford. Even the slots and table games have minimum bets as low as two ounces of tin.
  6. Jasper-Aria, Hub of Val Cruxis Val Cruxis, Athentha 300 Days before the Revival of Azura-Dusk Tuesday, 12:00PM. Ferghas sighed as he stood there. He wasn't annoyed just disappointed that things had gotten this bad. Especially since the elder and Rin failed it from time to time. He eyed the Crowned Hearth with distrust because of everything she had done. Seldeth had broken free of the Black Heart Mirror but some effects had remained. And though she wanted to repent for her misgivings at the same time, the elf was not the same girl that started out in Platinum-Neptune. Ferghas wasn't the same either from his ordeal. But he decided to meet with Seldeth to help plan a course of action to combat Azura-Dusk should she awaken. And the two now reconvined in the Rising Moon Inn. Along with another head figure, Rin. The half-breed had put her transgressions and past mistakes behind her to tackle the bigger threat at hand. Ferghas looked at both women and shook his head, this was going to be harder than he thought. I don't think this plan is going to work at all. Seeing Esben has corrupted both the emberheart and cloverheart, that we might be in trouble. Ferghas replied as he looked down at the map. His right finger pointed at the small city of Aria-Malachite. I mean I don't even think the Zweifer Malachite-Topaz Cloverheart Sword and shield still resides there. It has to be there. Kogal wrote down the location of the three Zweifer Cloverheart items that haven't been corrupted. And that was one of them. Rin replied as she sighed softly. So that's where we are going Ferghas. We can sort our personal issues out along the way. Rin's right. Seldeth piped up. If we wait we'll never be able to conquer the ones that continue to serve Azura-Dusk. And we'll be outnumbered. Ferghas, pleaze trust us for once. Ferghas grunted as he stood, rolling up the map. Rin was glad someone was around to read the maps, since she was terrible at that. She then knew they'd have to take the train, which she didn't have a problem with. The three then gathered their meager belongings and headed out to the train station. None spoke. Well for a moment before Rin shook her head. Hm half-breed? I forgot to mention that Vex will meet us in Aria-Malachite. He wants to do this to make up for his transgressions. I allowed him to accompany us once we get there. I hope it's not an issue. The two nodded as they boarded the train and sat in the carriage part of it. Neither voiced their complaints and things seemed to be quiet for the moment. Which they didn't mind at all right now.
  7. The Underdepths of Ebony-Yahera, Border of Absolon and Ebony-Yahera Athentha 31 Days Before Azura-Dusk's Awakening Outside Val Roux Tuesday, 1:00P.M Rin shook her head as she stood in the underdepths tunnel like pathways. It seemed it was inevitable that the elf maiden--no, monster known as Azura-Dusk would make her return soon. Hiding out wouldn't save the half-breed any longer nor did it suit her but she did it on behalf of Sayndar and his so-called resistance. The resistance that had decided to vanish as the rumors came more and more true. The half-breed knew one option she could use against Azura-Dusk, it was the old weapons of Absolon Athentha. It was made of red clover seeds, black azura clover seeds and uncorrupted cloverheart. It was called Malachite-Topaz Maelstrom. A spear and sword set. Of course Rin had no idea where it was located. The old maps said the Malachite-Topaz temple, the new ones saying Farenheit-Abalone. She wished Seldeth was here, she could help with locating this. Sighing, the half-breed made her way down the tunnel, a hand grabbed her shoulder twirling her around. Rin slapped the figure in the cheek. At least it wasn't your oar. Sayndar sputtered as he rubbed his bruised cheek. Though I'd rather it was seeing you hit harder without it. Find the weapons yet? Or have you been standing here all this time? Real cute. Rin spat as she rubbed her head, chuckling a bit. But no, seeing you know more about these tunnels than I. And these maps are conflicting at best. Sayndar, do you really think they're revive Azura-Dusk? I mean, who'd be that-- Rin, you really need to learn about Athentha and its people. If what the rumors are saying, it's that blasted elf behind it. Seeing no-one can bloody catch him. But what worries me besides you, is Azura-Dawn has been missing for a few weeks. Sayndar replied as they continued walking down the tunnel towards the exit near Absolon. And if she spills your location, then we'll have more problems than we already do now. She wouldn't tell. Azura-Dawn knows that we cannot allow her twin into the world. I took over ruiling Athentha for its best interest. Though, I've not done my best, it's better than her. Rin said as she stopped then. Azura-Dusk will turn these people into monstrous elves of their greatest vile notions. Their degeneracy, their hatred, their--their greatest sins. Corrupted by the black azura clover seeds, they won't be the same. Sayndar rubbed his temples as he stood there. Something worse than Rin, he couldn't fathom it. Of course dealing with her would have to wait now, as he looked up at the half-breed. Vex would meet them at the train station so they could plot where to look for the Malachite-Topaz Maelstrom. Outside the tunnel now, the half-breed looked at the man, her personal rival, would be the best to protect her. Annoying more than usual if you ask me. Even more than you. And even though I despise being near you, I need to make sure Azura-Dusk isn't brought back. Sayndar muttered as he looked at her. I wouldn't put it past a tourist comes and revives her at this point. Let's go, Vex is waiting for us at the train station. Rin nodded. And so they began to walk down the cobblestone street to the trains. She hoped this would go without a problem.
  8. The Noodle Shop Attribution: Gelof7 Layout Sharpmate Noodle Shop has only a single floor and serves noodles that have been described as dazzlingly mediocre. This fare here is always cheap, always filling, and always no less than decent tasting. It is open 24 hours a day, more popular late at night than any other time of day, always has at least three customers, and the wooden sign that hangs in front of the window has lettering of a faded lilac which somehow manages to remain legible. Note - this is a hub thread and as such may host multiple arcs at the same time. Players can use a text header to help distinguish arcs Thread History Ruiser and Luna Menu Noodles Beer Tea
  9. Artist: ned-rogers Note: open to members of the military only Purpose Inspired by Daniel Sage's Base #33, the purpose of this military base is to serve as a central meeting hub for members of the military that want to interact with other soldiers outside of missions. Examples of the kind of activity that make the best use of this hub are: Rest / idle time going into, or coming out of, an active mission Practicing skills and maneuvers relevant to your unit Making use of specialized tournament and training fields for those wishing to spar, practice combat, work in teams, and so on. Practicing coursework in the library or with members from other departments to shift from one branch of service to another or to collaborate on mission intelligence Layout Bali's Bistro: A 10 mile march away from the base is Bali's Bistro. If the food in the mess hall is too bland or not alcoholic enough, visit Bali's Bistro for food whose "not free" price tag reflects an uptick in quality and alcohol. Barracks: Where the soldiers go to sleep! Communications Depot: Where soldiers can send and receive communications in any media, ranging from paper letters to holo-array projections, and can range from plaintext public communications to encrypted private and secret communications - basically players can send messages to one another through here Library: Since the advent of the Crook and its connections to TSM, this base offers public access terminals to TSM stored data. A smaller number of military terminals can be used for encrypted communications and access to confidential data. Mess hall: An attached edifice where a soldier can go to get their three square meals a day and chat it up with other soldiers. Food served only at 8AM, at 12PM, and at 4PM. Potemkin village: A small dummy village has been setup nearby for saboteurs to destroy and engineers to rebuild. Training fields: Specialized rings and fields for those wishing to spar or practice combat in simulated environments, both one on one and in small teams. Security It's a military base. Not interested in making this a combat zone but yeah, it's got defenses Canon Crucible Study: Soldiers Cadmium and Delistair work together to engineer a new apotropaic solution for soldiers in the field facing off against unknown magic.
  10. A hub thread is basically any persistent setting thread where people can casually come and go to interact with that particular setting. A common example of this is the generic tavern setting, but it's not limited to this. To make it easier for people to locate these, especially now that Valucre Discord access comes with a small post requirement, I figured I'd list them off here. Feel free to post any other hub threads, and I'll update this first post as they come in. New ones are included at the bottom Time and Weather images The sadira amar [hyperion; terrenus] Cap and Bells [Terrenus] Church on the Hill [Terrenus] Book Ends [blairville; terrenus] Black anvill hub [Terrenus] Floracle Flower Shop and Apothecary [Casper, Terrenus]
  11. Sagittarius-Archipelgo, Azura-Dawn 8, September 1678AY Tuesday, 12:00P.M Vex tilted his head as he read the map. It was a big map of Azura-Dawn, and he was a foreigner to the city along with its massive hubs. He noticed a few streets that were unmarked, unfounded that it could hide a relic of the Cloverheart house. An oar made from the leaves of the Cloverheart tree, tye Fahrenheit Varuna leaves and bark. The demon man had an idea of where to look first, the hub of Sagittarius-Archipelgo. And so here he was, standing in front of a large building. A castle to be precise. He shook his head as he rolled up the map. Impressive Athentha didn't steal all the relics of the islands. Vex thought as he walked down the dirt cobblestone path, his hands behind his head as he let his thoughts go. Rebirth was a strange thing to the man, but he was thankful Sayndar finally figured it out. Well, sort of. Vex whistled as he walked. He was sad not a lot of people used an oar to battle with anymore. He missed those old days but they were long gone. He didn't remain in the past but he did like to reminisce.
  12. sweet as cherry wine ; The wedding ceremony is one to be remembered for all who attend. It comes from the old traditions of the royal house, one taken from their roots as a family forged from war, and even from those distant ancestors beyond the shimmering seas. The vows were taken from a time when they had to raise warriors, and so marriage is to be a union that shares all. Marriage is to be celebrated through three aspects: mind, body, and soul. Here is the joining; here is where two become one. The soul speaks, bringing forth life and death in equal measure. Love is nothing without the capacity to share what is within. They speak promises, first. The Queen takes her husband’s hands in her own, clasped together as they declare their ties to one another, what the inner core within has to say for everyone around to hear. He tells her he adores her in all the languages he knows, some foreign even to her own cultured ears, and that vulnerable heart in her chest clutches tight, hard enough to squeeze the air out of her lungs. She repays in kind, in full, in counterpart. She may not be able to speak all the words heard around the world, but she can tell him she loves him. Even something as simple as that. It is no hardship. The mind deliberates, solving all problems it encounters. Love is nothing without the wits to understand and to adapt. Here, the couple presents each other a conundrum of their own making, one for the other to solve in their own time. It has been prepared long before the ceremony, these puzzles borne as products of their own thinking and devising, and the moment is merely a formality to be shown to the rest of the world. The Queen cannot help her smile when her husband reveals he has solved hers from the moment she had given it to him; she has long conceded that he is a more worldly soul than she will ever be. They are of one mind, of one will, of one judgment now. Where one’s thoughts go, the other follows; there can be no misgivings where there is an all-encompassing virtue of understanding. The body overcomes, thriving against all odds. Love is nothing without a vessel to have and to hold. The Queen places her hands on her husband’s shoulders, shivers when he drags his fingers up her arm to mirror her: slowly, teasingly. As practiced many times before, they kneel down on their knees, bowing before each other as lovers, as equals. They will share in all and may share of themselves to others, but in this aspect, the body can be devoted to only their other half, in this lifetime and whatever may be to come. Amidst the quiet murmurings of blessings and oaths spoken in their honor, they touch their foreheads together, and in the final echoes of the last words, they bind themselves with the final act of a kiss. They have shared many kisses before this moment, but here: here is a kiss that feels like a beginning, or the first rays of sunshine, or a brand new dawn. They are man and wife. Queen and her King Consort. Varda places the raven crown twin of her own coronet upon her husband’s brow and names him her right hand, her master and servant in equal measure. She looks on into the deafening crowd—and holds on to Quinton’s hand just a little bit tighter than before. BRIGHTSTONE MANOR > CAL ETERIS click to enlarge. map credits to @Csl a little night music ; Brightstone Manor is a stunning sight in the cool spring evening, glittering lanterns and elaborate glass chandeliers brightening up the night as a sea of visitors come to the shores of the wedding party grounds. It has only been newly opened to the public as a luxurious event center, its opulent space inaugurated by the extravagant banquet of the Queen herself, of all people, and so the staff of the castle are at their very best behavior. Every speck of dust is banished to the ether, every piece of silverware polished to shining glory, and the food and drink are served in a generous overflow. The dining room is full of tables laden with plates filled to the brim with delicious food: prime fare for any food lover’s tastes, both gourmet and gourmand alike. Sweet music fills the halls, an underlying backdrop to harmonize well with the constant bouts of conversation flitting in the air. The Queen and her husband are happily welcomed by the crowd upon their arrival to the castle, taking their place at the head of the Great Hall where they greet guests and thank them for attending. The siblings of House Hildebrand flit around the halls in scattered groups: Jasper and his family are in the study, Aspen and Esme are dancing joyously in the Great Hall, and Nairne and Merel are playing chess together in the game room. It has been an eventful long day, and yet, the clock has yet to strike seven in the evening. The night is young, and so there is more that remains to be seen in the hours to come. . . • • •
  13. When they told you this was the place to go, they really were not kidding. The inn itself is huge, both outside and on the inside. Four stories tall and as big around as some government places, this place looks like it could fit a small army if it had to, and knowing Genesaris, it probably has a time or two. The outside décor is simple but neat, with fresh paint and nice trim, and a bright cheery sign that proudly shows off its name. When you walk inside, mixed aromas of honey mead, ale, pipe tobacco, cherry tree logs burning in the hearth, and whatever the special of the day is, greet you. The bar itself is long and managed not by just the owner, but by two assistants as well, the bar occupying enough space to seat forty.   Opposite the bar is as stage, where bards play almost every night, and directly in front of that is an open floor with specialized wood flooring, designed to take a beating from those who have had enough to drink to go dancing without the fear of looking stupid. Surrounding that, literally dozens and dozens of tables, operated by a crew of anywhere from eight to twelve servers, depending on the day and the time of day. Beyond the bar you have the kitchens, where a full on team of folks work to keep food coming and everyone happy. This place is not just an inn; it’s a fine establishment for middle class people looking to have a good time, or passing adventurers to take a load off.   Though it is in one of the best neighborhoods of the city, they still take no chances and keep two very large bouncers on hand, these two twins in fact. Short, wider than a barn and ugly as sin, you find out that despite how fearsome they look, these two are downright hilarious and love to kid around with ya—but don’t piss them off, because they’ll also just as happily toss you out on your face, and they keep score with how many teeth fall out. It’s a brutal game, but such as it is for those two brothers- gentile until provoked.   Rooms are available on the third and fourth floor, the second reserved for meetings and other important functions, often used by politicos or other “important people” (often college professors). If you aren’t looking to stay the night but plan on getting work instead, feel free to look at their vast bulletin board, where you can find people in need of assistance. Or, if you are looking for help yourself, put up a notice.   Happy drinking!   [offtopic]This is a general RP area, where you can drop in to claim a quest or just come in to have characters meet up and BS for a while. All I ask is that you respect the lore and don’t trash the place without at least letting me know, so that way I can provide you with a realistic response- not saying the place could never go down in flames, but it shouldn’t be as easy as striking a match either, right? Anyway, I will not man this thread, feel free to NPC servers, the bartender, his assistant bartenders, the patrons, anyone and everyone. Have fun and wear the place out.[/offtopic]
  14. 4, August 1678AY Azura-Dawn Temple Fahrenheit-Abalone, Lyonesse Tuesday 12:00P.M Rin closed the big leather bound book as she placed her hands into her lap, Azura-Dawn looking at her. The ties these two held went back to the days of the Athentha-Yral War. But the half-breed had come here seeking a Cloverheart item, as she knew that Azura-Dusk was growing restless in her prison. Azura-Dawn had sought out the half-breed princess as a last resort, last option. Rin looked up with her crimson black orb of an eye at Azura-Dawn. They were in her temple, something that surpassed any of Athentha's temples in size and stature--stature that outweighed any city in the east and west of Athentha. And though Fahrenheit-Abalone was in Lyonesse territory, the half-breed knew this was more important than petty squabbles between both lands. The half-breed was more annoyed by the fact Azura-Dusk was more of a threat than her. That was not even right. Azura-Dawn cleared her throat, breaking the growing silence finally after an hour or two. Well, I will tell you this, what we are about to do might get one of us killed. Rin said as she stood up, her bones creaking and cracking due to her age. I rather it be me than you. But the Rising Ambition Bow and Arrow rests in the Fahrenheit-Abyssal cavern. And it's filled to the brim with demons. Great. Azura-Dawn said with a sigh. The item we need is in a cave infested with demons. What could be worse than that? I mean, I can handle demons, but these I feel aren't normal demons. Well, there's one more thing. Azura-Dusk's general, Azura-Fahrenheit will be there before reaching the cave. Rin replied. Azura-Dawn shook her head with a groan as she stood up and eyed the half-breed princess. She asked her if she could trust Rin. The half-breed said she could. Rin didn't want someone upstaging her, nor doing what she did best. Walking out of the temple, Azura-Dawn followed her quickly as she felt things were umanswered and it bothered her. Rin, are you really going to help me keep my sister sealed or are you going to betray me? I know about what you did before, so I can't fully trust you. That's something you're going to have to decide for yourself. I cannot tell you how to feel about me. But know this, I plan to do the best I can to keep Azura-Dusk sealed. Unless, she found someone stupid enough to become her host.
  15. 4, August 1680AY Azura-Dusk , hub of Val Cruxis North of the Athentha-Lyonesse border Tuesday, 11:00A.M Things had settled down since the last time war had been announced. In fact, things had changed a lot among the islands since last we told a tale about Athentha and its sister islands. New elders, descendants of the old ones, now took over rule for the islands, save for Lyonesse. As rumors whispered Grant Lyon had returned in a rebirthed state. And for the half-breed princess, she vanished. Some say she vanished, others say she abandoned Athentha. No-one truly knew. Vanilla sat on the bench, as she had been thinking about her next move for a while now. Garnet holed himself up in Talia, Esben--well, he was the same. But she had no purpose now that the Red Blood Moon Organization was no more. Shame really. Standing beside her, was the odd ball Platinum. He wondered if they could obtain the powerful third house while the others slacked off. The Cloverheart Malachite house. Of course, they would require help, as two seeds couldn't just go up to them and ask politely to bend to their organization. Vanilla sighed. The second seed knew that she'd have to start over again, rebuild to a new path. You know Claude would be a great assest to create the organization. Platinum said as he looked at her, worried about the second seed. Though, his house being obtained, won't be so easy to take. The Cloverheart house isn't a pushover either. I know Platinum. But we are just two seeds trying to regain our fallen ground. Vanilla said as she stood up. I guess we should go pay Claude a visit then. Then we can go from there I suppose. Platinum placed his hand on her shoulder, as he tried to comfort her. He did care for the second seed even if he didn't show it. But if she was going to start an organization and start over, she'd need allies. Walking down the cobblestone streets, they headed west to the inner city of Azura-Dusk. --- Claude shook his head as he removed the helmet. His shaggy platinum hair messed up from said helmet. As he smoothed it over, he looked towards the guard captain. The city had grown quiet and he had grown quite bored of the non action. I don't see the point of keeping knights when there's nothing for us to do. Claude whined as the guard captain raised a brow at him. Athentha is calm, the monsters and beasts aren't around and the townspeople are in peace. We're just standing-- Do not be so annoying Claude. Malachite replied as he appeared, leaning against the wall. We continue to keep the Cloverheart Knights around in-case something does happen. Esben still roams around, causing chaos. And more beasts can appear due to the seeds around. "Malachite is right Claude." Gullius replied. He rubbed his temples as they stood there talking. "And it's Atlas' rule. As high elder, we follow his rules absolute. Now, there are rumors that two seeds have returned to Val Cruxis to rebuild the organization from the house of Cloverheart." Claude's orange-yellow eyes widened at Gullius' words. His house in danger? How could it be? No-one spoke much of his house since their tongues wagged most about the Valentina house or the Gilchrist house. Malachite didn't like this either, as another house was targeted. Come Claude, we must prepare your house for battle. We--I, Malachite Valentina, shall aid you to help keep it intact. He said as the young elf nodded. Good. G'day, Gullius. They departed towards the inner city of Azura-Dusk to the Cloverheart house. Thimgs would become interesting indeed.
  16. Location: Royal district, Jiyuu, Hasturia A new day awaited! The sun had just risen over the city’s horizon and people were already beginning to go about their daily activities. Kasumi had finished preparing the tavern for business by the time she turned the sign at the door to “OPEN”. Since it was the only tavern within in the neighborhood, it tended to get crowded early and she always had to be ready. Assisting her was her kid sister Mariko Makimura. Just as always, by 9am, the tavern was almost full. Standing behind the bar with a gleaming smile was Kasumi, happily tending to orders, while the waitresses, Yuko and Laura scurried along carrying orders to the clients and taking the orders of new clients. The bell above the door rang once again revealing Shelly on the other side as she slowly walked in with a gloom on her face. “Welcome Miss Shelly” Kasumi greeted. “Good morning Kasumi. Any news yet?” Shelly replied with her look not improving at all. “Well, It appears as though Mr. Hunter never got your letter. Seems like his seclusion really is keeping him away from any news about the world” Shelly stayed silent for a short while. “Then I guess I’ll have to go see him myself” “Eh!!! That’s dangerous!” “I know, but what other choice do I have? Dauner’s been gone for over a week now and there’s no sign of him coming back anytime soon” Shelly said as she slowly broke down. “When I started the Eastern Dragon Tavern, I thought we’d put these dangerous lives we’ve been leading up to now behind us. With Dauner being king, he won’t have to go out on some dangerous adventures again. But then he just had to disappear! And that too without saying a word about it to anyone”
  17. Crow's Nest tavern and inn located in Aligoria and is the main base for Crow Company Not far from the docks in Aligoria there is a tall building made of timber, painted in warm, inviting colors. A big sign on top of the front door reads "Crow’s Nest: Tavern & Inn". Weary travelers and curious tourists can find comfortable accommodation and excellent customer service here, in one the city’s newest taverns. "It’s cheaper than staying at The False Ship," you hear people say. "And lacks the spooky atmosphere, y’know?" Crow Company bought the deed in (598 WTA) and after a quick renovation the tavern opened its doors to the public. The new business came with new job opportunities for the people of Aligoria, and it’s known that the owners also hire people that come from other places from time to time. Furthermore, it’s a hub for more than innocent travelers – if you have a need for information, be it from legal sources or some a little bit more shady, or if you need a job well done, in Crow’s Nest you’ll find what you need. So, what are you waiting for? Everyone is welcome at Crow’s Nest! (But be careful what you ask for… and be sure you’ll be able to pay.) Note: This is a hub thread so you’re free to enter whenever and interact with a) Crow Company’s members as long as they’re available; b) NPC personnel; c) each other: use it like any other hub point to have meetings or a night out or a pit-stop to sleep as you try to complete your tiring quest. Floor plan First: Tavern with bar and tables. Drink and food. Second: Inn where people can rent rooms to sleep. Third: Floor dedicated to members of Crow Company only. Amenities: Locker storage, bath, small stable for mounts. credits: base skeleton created by eggsinabasket, heavily updated by reachforstars
  18. Csl

    The Lobby

    ◀ Return to ToL Index 3: The Lobby Here is a place to linger, to deliberate on where to go before you enter the wide world of Valucre. Locations Waiting Area - At the center of the waiting area are several rows of comfortable seats. Before that is the Information Booth, where several posters of various locations are displayed. A blue-haired woman sits behind the desk, sorting some brochures. The nameplate on the desk reads “Lacey.” Way Gate Station - Beyond the waiting area is a corridor that resembles a train station or an airport. Along one wall are three portals glowing a blinding ultraviolet. The Way Gates are able to send you anywhere in Valucre. Characters by users who have been on the site for less than 90 days may return to the Tavern. Event Center - This area of the Lobby is currently locked. Information Booth Genesaris Lagrimosa What's Next? Once your character has left the Tavern, it’s time for them to enter the world of Valucre. We hope your experience in the Tavern has been enlightening. If you’d like a writing partner to help you get started outside the Tavern, you can reach out to one of our Tavern Helpers! Check the Open RP tag for open threads you can jump into. Check the Water Cooler. You can join existing interest checks or create your own! Browse the quests or opportunity lists of various locations on Valucre: Lagrimosa Quest Index Lagrimosa Suggested Progress Paths Chesterfield Quests Eridianus Opportunities Index Genesaris Quest Center Genesaris World Building Opportunities Whispernight Quests Cierno Quest Hub Nehalen Relic Index Seinaru Forven Quests Athentha Quests | Athentha Artifacts and Relics Kadia Relic Quests
  19. THE AMPHITHEATRE OF ELYSIA > CAL ETERIS | DESCRIPTION Many who visit the Amphitheatre of Elysia notice a strange occurrence that happens fairly often. When standing within the high walls of this massive structure, one can hear the phantom roar of a thousand feet stomping against the stones, a thousand voices lost to the wind as they yell victory or anticipation or despair. Beyond these frequent phenomena, there is tangible magic in the air. The mages and druids that live in Silkflair Lane, those folk who have abandoned lives of adventure and danger for drama and entertainment: they provide a unique twist to the otherwise mundane scenery of the stadium. With the flick of many arcane hands and the murmurings of legion-strong spells, the backdrop of the arena can turn into a simulation of anything in the world, even things entirely foreign to a local’s eye: a snowy forest, a giant spider’s nest, the innards of an active volcano, the depths of a darkened mountain chasm. With such strange, wondrous circumstances a staple of the Amphitheatre, it is no wonder many flock to the hundreds upon hundreds of viewing seats it houses, clamoring for a place within the oftentimes crushing sea of bodies to view the spectacles it hosts within. | MAP map credits to @Csl | CURRENT EVENTS The Queen's Wedding Tournament
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