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Found 459 results

  1. Aelindra, the Grand Capital of Genesaris. A city steeped in centuries of innovations and higher education, it has become one of the continent's wealthiest City States. A place where the youth of the West come to fill their minds and hearts with the Knowledge and Grandeur of the Rising West. More importantly, it is the one place where it holds high anticipation for one major event. The Elections! From every corner of the Grand Capital the citizens crowd the streets, listening to Politicians as they are vying for the most coveted of positions. The Seven Seats! Though the Elections are quite a while away there is an uproar causing waves throughout the citizenry. Reform has come, a party built-up and filled by Second-string nobles, merchants, and all those who desire to change and repair not just a corrupt council, but to help those affected by the damage of Whispernight. Its leader Alfonso d'al Sancroix has gathered six hopefuls, who will join him in reaching a heights the old Council who are too old and fearful to try for. Alfonso and his comrades have decided to set out on a journey to recover Godfury from Telerian. They will prove though action that their words are not empty. Are you willing to take a chance? Memebers/Characters 1. Alfonso d'al Sancroix -@Garion 2. @Aleksei (DM) 3. Olandra "The Ugly" Aetherion -@Grubbistch 4. Caius d'al Cazarosta -@Alexei 5. Virgil Faulkner -@danzilla3 6. Aunoma Eiwa - @-Lilium- 7. @Maverick 8. @Maveranne [I'll have your profiles linked here soon.] Threads Prelude- Coming Soon Chapter I- Coming Soon
  2. Just Some Street Thugs

    Have you ever wanted to just roleplay a normal thing into a cool story? Here is your chance! In Blairville, crime is popping up over the streets. Come help get rid of these thugs with any means necessary! This could be an opportunity to test out any new characters you have, or you could just mess around with an old character. I will be using my new character Londeran Bilner. If you would like to join, just tell the character your using (it doesn't have to have a character sheet) and let's get this thing started!
  3. HEY EVERYONE! I'm bored, so what did I do? I created A DUNGEON! it's inspired by a game on the app store called Shattered Pixel Dungeon, but it will be really fun! IT WILL HAVE: EVIL CREATURES TREASURE CURSED ITEMS MAGICAL ITEMS WHY WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO JOIN WOOOOOOOOO! (if you can't tell. I'm hyper) Anyway! Who's interested????
  4. Soooo, I'm a returning Role player from this site. I've been gone for a year now and looking to get back into the swing of things. I have have Four Characters that can be used. I'm really looking for small group roleplays, one on ones, and stories that build character lore. My primary focus is getting myself reconnected to my characters and making new writing companions. Expect to see me crawling around the threads for Quests.
  5. Consider this a preliminary interest gauge - I’ve been toying with the idea of recruiting a couple of players to join the Order of the White Hand in Yh’mi. I hope to give the Order more personality.. there’s two ways I’m thinking that might work, one is having one or two people to play any of the paladins from thread to thread as NPCs, in a storyteller role, or having one or two players actually creating their own PC paladins (but these paladins ‘belong’ to Yh’mi, i.e. they wouldn’t travel out of Yh’mi unless it’s part of their duty.) As the paladins are familiar with Yh’mi, players will be expected to familiarize themselves with the lore of Yh’mi, and because of that, will naturally play storyteller-like roles in threads. We can also plot things like what kind of code the paladins live by, what kinds of things they take care of on a day-to-day basis, and think up of quests in Inns’th etc. It’s a pretty long-term commitment (not just one or two threads - we’re basically collaborating on lore for the environment), so I’ll have to screen anyone who may be interested! Criteria are activity, interest in Yh’mi, ideas and how well we work together - by spending some time together to plot a few stuff (this last point is subjective, I know, but we all want a pleasant collaboration right? Haha.) I’m not 100% certain if I’ll go through with this yet, but if someone can get me excited about it, I likely will! :P
  6. In the link below you'll find a first post involving one of my characters, a blindsighted P.I. who's taken some time to enjoy some tea and waiting for the future love of his life to walk through the door and offer to share his table. Points to note if you're considering joining up: I like wordy posts. So much I ensure that my posts are at least 150 words long, though it usually reaches the 200-word mark. I expect the same This character is good-aligned. No evil characters, please. This character is also straight. That means female charrie, not genderless. You must be willing and able to post at least once every few days, though everyday is preferable (this extends until the 25th, after which my posting speed will slow down to between "1 per week" to "1 per 2 weeks" Any takers?
  7. Mystery of the Bloody Red Specter

    Okay so I played out an interesting little interaction in the Hyperion hub thread with this character I created and will be calling the Bloody Red Specter. In this thread I am looking for someone willing to either playing an investigator for Hyperion or someone hired by the authorities of Hyperion to investigate this character who has been seen in various places, some are normal places that are just odd for someone to be in at certain times of night, and others are definite no go zones that should be off limits to normal civilians. Efforts to apprehend and question the Bloody Red Specter so far have been ineffective, which is where the other player will come in. The Bloody Red Specter is an enigmatic entity that is around five feet tall, wears a blood red cloak and doesn't make a sound through their footsteps. It doesn't register on thermal sensors but is detectable via magical detection. At this point in time no one has reported talking with this character but it has been seen collecting various mundane objects such as scraps of paper, a broken piece of mortar, and various utensils. No significant connection has been found between the objects seen collected and the location of where they've been taken from. Your job is to locate, apprehend and interrogate the Bloody Red Specter in order to find out why they are in Hyperion and the reasoning for their actions. Killing the Bloody Red Specter is forbidden but incapacitating them is allowed. I think this will be a fun, spooky little mystery quest for anyone that wants to take part in it and see just what the heck is going on.
  8. -The Forbidden Woods- What could possibly await us, where man fears to tread? Since time immemorial, places linked to the fae of Terrenus have been known as uneasy, tenebrous places. Places where the tightly packed trees and dense foliage, as well as ancient fae magic, begin to weigh on the minds and hearts of men. Those who enter places like this, the fallow home of natural spirits, rarely find their way out, and those who do are...affected. The very trees sap the memories and sanity of trespassers, either through some unseen magic, or through the choking isolation these trees seem to provide. Who is to say what truly lurks in these Forbidden places? Only rumors and stories can supplant any tangible theories, ranging from the presence of some long-slumbering god of the forest, to the more reasonable theories about a hidden race of faerie, so xenophobic that they cursed their own home in order to deter outsiders. Whether or not these tales hold any weight is still not conclusive, but one thing is certain, they have served to keep the vast majority of potential trespassers at bay. The situation in Terrenus is growing increasingly more volatile, and never before has the continent been in more disarray. Conflict abounds, and between the roads being used as major choke points and valuable resources being controlled in the interest of feeding and supplying the armies of each major faction, the bystanders are the ones who hurt most. In the far eastern section of Terrenus, villages and towns are reliant on supplies located closer to the center of the landmass, and with tensions brewing it will soon prove impossible to maintain any civilian roadways into the mainland, and supplies from the major city of Ashville have slowed to a trickle. With no other options left to them, many will be expected to leave their homes and seek sanctuary elsewhere. Unless, of course, there is an alternative solution. Which you already know there is, don't you? It's why you're reading this. The Forbidden Forest, or the Forgotten Forest, as some might call it, looms quite close by. While the twisted advance of the ancient trees may be intimidating, it's still possible that an opportunity to preserve the homes and livelihood of the civilian population could still be found underneath the forest's darkened canopy. At least, that's what one charismatic young woman believes. She has claimed to have made her way through the woods, and met with the denizens therein. If such a claim is grounded in reality, and not in fiction, then surely there exists an opportunity for a parley of sorts. Perhaps there exists a chance the people who want nothing more than to survive the oncoming civil war ☥ So! You've made it this far, have you? Well, let me take a minute more to convince you that this thread is worth joining. This faction, first and foremost, belongs to @Chouette. Without his idea, I would not have decided to get enrolled in the civil war at all, and so the events of the upcoming thread would never have happened. The goal of this thread, of course, is to chronicle the founding of what I hope to be possible the most tragic element in the Terrenus Civil War. Participants will be helping each other navigate through the faewilds, facing off against treacherous beasts, encountering never before seen elements of the fae wild, and communicating with the reclusive fae, in the hopes of helping those who need it the most. PAQ's (Possibly Asked Questions) What kind of characters can we use? All of them! So long as they are acceptable by MP and Terrenus world standards, there are zero limits on the kinds of folk that can come into the thread. Give me anybody you like! How long will this thread be? The thread has to be a minimum of two pages long, but seeing as I have a definite plan for what we should expect upon entering the woods, I would say that we should expect approximately five pages, give or take a few. Do not be discouraged, as the convenient location of the thread allows us to do a sort of drop in and out style of writing; if you're no longer able or interested, you can simply let us know and bow out. We simply assume that you were swallowed up and spit out by the woods, so nothing of value is lost. I will also look into whether or not it is possible to leave with some kind of artifact or loot for your troubles. What will this thread even be about? Well! If you like: Diplomacy Traps Exploring Mass Murder Then this is the thread for you! So you've heard my spiel. Thank you for taking the time to read this little interest check of mine. Please note that the thread is currently underway, and I will not turn down any volunteers. If you post in here with a character sheet and express interest, then feel free to also make your first post here. Thanks again, and have a good one!
  9. Honor Among Thieves OOC

    Here's where you can find out what the top stuff means. Danger Step:4 | Post Step: 5 | Quest Grade: S- |Reward: Post Credits+Item It appears that a new guild started up in town and as one could imagine, the established guild isn’t happy about the competition. Normally, the guild would just go to war with the new upstarts and remove them from the picture themselves, but as it turns out, the new leader is a clever bastard. Part of the reason why they are so difficult to pin down is that they are not operating out of one location, but out of several cells connected to the greater network. Rumor has it that there is a central location, but only the guild leader remains there, none of his lieutenants. The organization is complex and difficult to pin down; it will take a great deal of legwork to unravel. Hence, the longtime guild is hiring out, looking for a group with the right combination of investigative skills, tenacity, and “muscle” to take care of the problem. In order to bring down the guild, you are going to have to locate all of the lieutenants and eventually the leader, taking each one of them out. There are a couple ways to “take them out”- you can capture them, obtain evidence of crimes, and then turn them over to the guards or you can just kill them, keeping in mind that discovered bodies lead to bounties. Either way, it will not be easy. If you choose to seize them and turn them into the law, you will have to extricate each one of them without alerting the other thieves, as they will just warn all the rest. If you choose to kill them, you’re going to have to take out all the present members as well. When you successfully complete the mission, the thieves will make it worth your while. Not only will you get paid, you’ll receive what is called a “Guild Token”, a mark of honorary guest membership to the guild, granting you access to certain privileges. You will be alerted to where guild contacts reside in the city, which opens up access to favors they can grant for you. They can tell you where to find available fences (people who buy and sell stolen or illegal goods) They can provide you with info gleaned off the streets as well as generally reliable rumors They can set you up with hired help, should you need someone to do some… sneaky stuff for you If you are trying to outrun some thugs or have guards hot on your tail, they can get you situated at a safe-house or bring in backup to help you fight them off. You will be told the location of some guild networks, which will help you move about the south district without detection, and can get you past the south gate and into the east district without paying the tax. Minimum group: 4 Recommended group: 4-6 Danger: You will be dealing with a criminal enterprise who would much rather stay in business. When you threaten the wellbeing of anyone, they tend to fight back, and when you threaten the wellbeing of a not so nice group of people, you can expect some not so nice responses. They are organized, carry big numbers, and you can expect many to be pretty competent combatants- tread carefully, and do not underestimate anyone. Storyteller: Recommended, not required. I am looking for at least 3 more people for this. I'd prefer an infiltration and take down from within strategy, if possible. As such, thieving abilities are a must. Also, competent fighting might help, but may not be required, depending on how we want to do this. As the post in the link above says, posts must be at least 150 words. 25 posts per person.
  10. @jaistlyn A mysterious stranger has appeared in Yh'mi. James Eredas, a warrior hailing from the world of Gaia has come to Valucre in search of challenge, danger, and death. He will find plenty of all. The only question is if there will be anybody brave enough to accompany him into depths.
  11. Feast or Famine

    Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, What-the-F*ckery Location: Terrenus, Northwest of Doughton You've spotted a small, torn notice hung on the very corner of an open board as you pass by it, somewhere in the area of Doughton. It looks different from the rest, catches your eye, and it draws you over to lift it from beneath the nail that holds it. At first, its faded ink makes reading tough, so you bring it closer to your face, noting the faint smell of... old barn. Perhaps it's been in the sun for a while. You wonder how long? Intrigued, you begin reading: Please help. We herein seek those in Terrenus skilled in the investigation and resolution of complex and extraordinary occurrences, those who hold no fear against the unknown or unsightly. We, the citizens of Loughmiller, have befallen an unfortunate fate: Endless hunger. Our people can't eat the food on their plates; it falls to ash before they taste it. Many have grown meager and have become desperate. Our small, humble town holds poise on the cusp of collapse. There is naught for hope among us, as even the food imported from Doughton fails to fill our stomachs. There are children here. We don't have much money, but we'll pay whatever we can with the means we've got to anyone who can find out how to stop this. You may wonder why we don't just leave. Simply put, we can't. We are two days of travel on horseback directly Northwest of Doughton. I'm seeking 3 - 4 people for this who have characters with skill sets, occupations, or personal interests that would likely respond to the above notice. Didn't want my WC post to get massively complicated my first round back. Hit me with questions :)
  12. Are you brave enough to enter Yh'mi? Genre Horror, thriller, action, adventure, player vs environment. Description Yh'mi is a friendless, desolate place at the south end of Terrenus. Few Terrans even talk about it, as if they are afraid that even uttering its name would invoke the horrors of the land. Most pretend the area does not exist, even though they know that it is always there, always trying to consume, always trying to breach the walls that hold it back... The protectors of the land are called the Order of the White Hand, a small splinter cell of paladins from the Gaian church. They maintain Inns'th, a small location that can hardly be called a town, at the edge of Yh'mi. Their mission is to explore the lands of Yh'mi and hold back its attempts to expand. Recently, there had been a war against one of their own who had been corrupted by Yh'mi's influence. Although Inns'th emerged victorious, part of the wall has been destroyed, and they suffered heavy casualties. Thus, there is an urgent need for help, which leads us to... quests! Quests New quests are now available in Yh'mi! They range from class C quests to catch thieves (min 15 posts), to engineering materials for the wall, to mining, to class A quests mapping underground paths and portals etc. Lots of variations for all players! There is also room for nefarious exploits, if you so desire. Revamped lore For those who already know Yh'mi, I have updated the bestiary to include more creatures. For new players, I have organized the information and flagged out the essentials, so you don't have to read all the lore to take on a quest. Head on over to the board here to check it out - https://www.valucre.com/forum/235-yhmi/ RPing in Yh'mi - directly affect canon! As some of you know, Yh'mi is a little different from the rest of Val, in that it is quest-driven. Yh'mi has an overarching storyline, and how it unfolds is dependent on players' actions. Future quests are a direct result of events in current quests. For example, in the war stated earlier, the greatest warrior of the Order of the White Hand was killed because of a direct action from a few of the players. This loss affects the atmosphere in Inns'th and all future quests, as the strength of the Order is now reduced. However, they did manage to kill the rogue paladin in the end, which is good news for Terrenus. This interest check is to draw people's attention to the quests. If you would like to take up any of them, let me know here or PM me! __ Will you become a hero? Or another victim of Yh'mi?
  13. Need some burglars...

    A Case For Journalistic Integrity Genre: Western/Dieselpunk/Fantasy Location: Norkotia, Terrenus Idea Info: Okay ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be my first open RP set in a city that I’m building-up. Since the location is my creation, I’ll be GMing the plot and controlling most of the NPCs. I only need one other writer as a minimum, but I’ll take up to three. This is not first-come, first-serve. I would like to canonize this thread if it actually happens, so I reserve the right to deny people based on their posting reliability, writing quality or character choices. (Makes me sound like an ass, but would like to make this a quality thread.) Also, I’d ideally like for you to read up on Norkotia before signing on, but I’ll give a brief summary of what the place is like so you know if you’re interested or not before wasting time reading the whole article: Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the RP’s story premise: The recently elected chairman of the Norkotian council is exceptionally unpopular with the current ruling elite. The chairman’s supporters suspect that the media is collaborating with corporate and political leaders to unfairly undermine the new regime. Now, a few months after the election, several shady characters have began moving about the city, seeking criminals, transients and foreigners for a secret mission. Indications are it involves breaking and entering a facility to steal something, but details are kept vague until the prospective burglars were willing to commit to the mission. Once they have committed, they will be given a mission briefing from an individual over a voice recording. It will then be explained that their task is to break into the headquarters of the Norkotian News Corporation, the city’s largest media conglomerate, and search for any information that would implicate the news media giant of collusion with other entities. The facility has no magic barriers or high-tech devices, but it is guarded by private security guards and is of sturdy construction. It is preferred that the burglars accomplish their goal undetected. Payment will be less substantive if no incriminating evidence is recovered. The PCs will be paid in the form of unmarked silver bars. The RP can either start at the secret assembly point where the PCs receive their briefing, if people prefer that to be on-screen. Alternatively, this can be skipped and the players can start outside the NNC building and start the burglary right off the bat. As I said, I will GM the NPCs and will try to describe most of the settings and scenarios. If you decide to create a local character, run it by me first, but I generally expect everyone will be providing "foreign" characters. I'm probably forgetting some piece of information, so keep an eye on this post in case I edit new things in. And be sure ask if any of you have any questions. I've never officially created an RP or GMed an actual plot on Valucre before, so bear with me.
  14. A new martial arts school is beginning to make its presence known on the continent of Terrenus! Currently recruiting for many positions! For more info, go here!
  15. Thread: Dancing on Moonbeams! Where: Avylon, Renovatio What: A celebration of Renovatio opening its gates to everyone. When: Spring, at night Something fun and generic for anyone wanting to dip their toes into Renovatio’s amazingness! Anyone and their mothers are welcome to join and mingle and laugh or cause shenanigans - I’m always open to all sorts of shenanigans. I want to keep this completely open for everyone, so don’t feel shy or overwhelmed, and if you need help understanding anything, don’t hesitate to ask me. What you should know: It’s been a very, very long time since Renovatio has willingly opened its arms to the world of Valucre. After the loss of their Grande Kommandant Merida Persona, her death a punctuation to the beginning deterioration of Renovatio; the disappearance and then reappearance of Merida’s daughter Primera, the now Grande Kommandant; recovering the Will of Renovatio, reawakening the Star Gates scattered around the floating land piece to keep it in the sky; Renovatio is now ready to make itself known on the map. The plague completely taken care of, and the Will of Renovatio now back in the proper hands of Grande Kommandant Primera Cartyr, Renovatio is back and safe to prosper. Having been in control for some time now, Primera has sent a summons to anyone willing to accept one to come visit her home and discover its wonders. This is also an opportunity to anyone wanting to talk politics with the woman in control of all of Renovatio and her associates. This will be a rather large festival full of food, dancing, drinking, and the usual events that comes with a colorful night festival. Star Gates These gates are portals that open to very specific stars that burn beyond the gates pearly exterior. Each of the four main cities of Renovatio have a Star Gate: Avylon, New Martyr, Oo’Xora, La Guardia. The stars are the once fabled Manabai’wok Steorra had given the human man she had loved forever ago; with their discovery, they’ve kept Renovatio from crumbling and are currently the reason why it is still floating, making the Will of Renovatio unnecessary in that regard. Each gate is heavily protected by Primera's Will, a bastardization of her own abilities given by birth through her father Justice Cartyr (a man who was taken from her far too soon by The All-Mighty Primus), and her mother Merida Persona who was a devout follower of Primus, meshed with the Will of Renovatio that is fully under her control and only her control. The Will helps the coldness from the heavens remain inside the gates and also ensures that nothing goes in and nothing comes in, unless permitted. Secondly are the guardians of each gate, specially picked to protect the gates, just as an extra layer to the precautions already in place. Each individual has their own set of particular skills and they are not afraid to use them, so please be respectful. Visitors are welcomed and even encouraged to visit the gates, for they are indeed a sight to see! There are a few shrines beneath each one where people have paid their respects for the Goddess Steorra and her blessings, since it's through her aid that Renovatio is still in place and that Primera is able to rule as she does. Story of Steorra Steorra, the Maiden of our Moon, the Mother of our Salvation, the Besotted of Primus. Her fable is sad, as most are, and it began at a time before when the land of Renovatio was wild with freedom and beauty unimaginable. She watched over us, smote by His hand, she made her home on the Moon where she watched the children of Primus shape and form into beings blessed with unimaginable beauty and grace. Lonely, for He refused any entrance to her pearly realm, but not alone the woman of the Moon found companions in the stars created by her timid hand. The milkways, the belts, the planets, and beyond, all are touched by her soul in poor attempts to show that she is indeed worthy to be looked upon by the people of Renovatio as something to be revered - loved. As a sign of her strength and power she created the Manabai’wok - giants. These creatures made from the sky itself are wild beasts that, from snout to tail, reach a magnificent nine feet and weigh about seven hundred pounds. A mane of wild hair trails down the length of their slender backs, only to end at the tips of their busy tails. Beautiful for they are in the likeness of Him, peaceful for Her touch is gentle, and playful for they are for the People - they kept the moon less lonely. Eager for love, it is written that the Maiden had fallen in love with a mortal, and though the love may have been true to her, it was not for the man. For twenty-one days he would stay with the Maiden, plucked from the beauty of Renovatio to occupy Steorra’s cold realm, he lived in harmony for those days before being returned to his home. Sadly his intentions became clear, as his only wish was to capture the Manabai’wok. Through his stays he gained the Maiden’s love and trust, which in turn her truest companions also shared the same feelings towards the man. Once the truth is revealed she does not spite the man in any way. Instead she allows him to take five of her precious Manabai’wok to Renovatio, learning that he only wanted the giants to help protect his new home. Giving thanks for her love and kindness, the man swears to always remember the Maiden and rightfully praise her name. Simply put, Steorra’s grief is grand. It’s said that her tears created the endless band of stars that can be seen in the night sky. Steorra was lost to history, replaced by the current patheon and Primus’ neglect. She and her creations were forgotten to time. Until now. The Manabai’wok The Original Five are named: Canopus, Rigel, Hadar, Acrux, and Deneb. Once a Manabai’wok chooses his/her Master, they are bound together till death. A sign of their binding are dark tattoos dug into the right arm of their Masters, the designs ranging differently on each person. A Manabai’wok rarely chooses a Master that may be considered overly powerful or blessed by the Gods, instead preferring to choose those that are purely human, helping them keep the balance by showing the purity of being powerful in their own simplicity. On death, the Manabai’woks soul will return to the Moon, reuniting with their Maiden. If she so chooses, Steorra will return the Manabai’woks soul to Renovatio, allowing it to be reincarnated in the form of a human that can transform into the original form of the giant. But if she chooses to keep the giant, they will simply be added to the starry sky. The original five giants were made stars, and before they were discovered, they couldn’t be found in the constellations, making most believe that the Maiden had kept them for herself. With Steorra’s reawakening, Manabai’wok run freely across Renovatio, and there is only one recorded individual that’s rumoured to be a reincarnation of the original five.
  16. If you were given the chance to disobey Fate, would you take it? Introductions Hello! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this little interest check I've made. If you stumbled upon this thread by accident, welcome! I do hope I can convince you to stay a little while longer. Please, do take a seat and have a biscuit. Whilst I could probably spend hours composing an essay on as to why I found Fire Emblem: Fates to be something of a let-down in terms of both plot and characterisation, I'm instead going to put my energy into finding fellow writers. Who, hopefully, would also like to explore the characters and world this instalment into the Franchise has to offer. I've listed below some of the characters I'd love to base a roleplay around, along with some general ideas which can be used as springboards for brainstorming. That said, however, I am generally very open to possibility! Whether the narrative is purely canonical, or if it veers off into some outlandish AU territory, whether our focus be the characters found in-game, or instead the (mis)adventures of an OC: I'm interested in seeing where things can go with the information we have and some creativity. Housekeeping This profile is quite new. I have, however, been roleplaying for years now. If you'd like to see examples of my writing whilst I'm still building my content count, please feel free to ask. I am mainly seeking 1x1 set-ups for roleplays. I will, however, consider forming a small group of three to four people if we're able to set up a schedule that means posts will remain regular. My posting length varies between a few sentences and several paragraphs of around ten lines. I'm a firm believer in posting what is necessary and what is fun to write, however, so I don't typically enforce a post-length requirement of any sort: just no one liners, please. I usually post once every one to three days, sometimes more! If you can't post that frequently, however, please don't be put off. I'm perfectly happy arranging something that is weekly or longer in order to fit your needs. Feel free to ask questions! Whether it's here or via a PM, fire away, even if it's something you think might sound stupid! Ideas Please note that all of the scenes listed below are only prompts. They can be changed, tweaked and adapted to what you are looking for, or completely ignored, if you so wish. Moreover, the details are not set in stone, and I do not require that we play these scenes exactly as they are written here. I'd rather they be used for simple inspiration than anything else. I'm a fan of snowballing. This is where we start with something simple, and through writing and improvisation with one another, it naturally builds into something more complex, if we so wish. I'm mainly seeking to play a female Corrin as my main character, whilst also playing other main characters, OC's and background characters in an NPC style as we need them. I'm especially interested in partners who want to play, or are interested in playing: Xander, Camilla, Leo, Ryoma, Hinoka Mikoto, Garon, Felicia or Gunter as their main characters. I would really like to explore their relationship with a Corrin. This, however, does not mean I won't play anyone else, or that I won't play beside anyone else! I am always seeking a challenge and finding ways to adapt my writing, so if you have a request or preference, just let me know, and we can very easily brainstorm something. The above is simply just an expression of interest. 'Hasty Marriages Seldom Proveth Well' To Put It Simply: King Garon tries to set Corrin up into an arranged marriage to an unkind noble. One of her siblings or another character volunteers to take her hand instead. The Full Thing: Ey! 'The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen': To Put It Simply: Corrin goes missing from Nohr as a child. Years later, it turns out she was raised in a tribe as a slave. The Full Thing: Voila! 'The Lion King': To Put It Simply: A major pre-Fates re-write idea.
  17. Our story begins thousands of years ago. With none other than a group of warriors, vagabonds, poets, healers, and many more. A group most people would refer too as...the gods. Yes those gods. You know who I mean. Zeus. Poseidon. Ares. Those gods. They acted like petulant children and it messed with our world. Messed it up so badly that apocalypse has come and they don't know how to fix it. How do I know all this you ask? Because my dad....is a god. Not just any god. My dad is Apollo. He basically drives the sun. Technically he pulls it with his horses and his chariot but it's essentially the same thing. Anyways I'm getting off topic. Pretty much what happened is all the gods slept around and played with our world as if it's a toy. Eventually they ended up at war. The battle lines were drawn and battles raged until eventually some gods died. It majorly messed up our world. Now is the time for a new group of heroes to fight through the wasteland and make the world better than it was in the past. This rp is going to be based in a post apocalyptic setting based around greek mythology. Geological setting will be northeast USA. The gods that have died are Hera, Thanatos, Hades, Demeter, and Artemis. You may choose to play as human, demigod, satyr, or dryad. Looking for a group of 4-6 (including myself) for this rp.
  18. Rise of Angels

    One hundred miles south of the city of Selemath, a desperate fight for survival is being waged in the unlikeliest of places. The town of Everrun had paid no heed to the recent civil war, feeling they were far enough removed from the fighting to remain neutral. Sadly, this turned out to be untrue, as while they had avoided the fighting, they became a prime target for those driven to desperation and depravity by the conflict. A tribe of bandits descended on the small town, looting, killing, and worse as they swept through the complacent town. Some managed to escape before they could be captured; and they have vowed to take back their homes, and avenge their loved ones. OOC: Yea, it's faction time baby! We're looking for an undecided number of people looking to make their mark on Terrenus. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, comment down below and get with us! And in case you needed another reason to join us, here is a video made by one of our members! Who wouldn't want to adventure with Tony Jaa and Bradley Cooper? Communists. That's who.
  19. FTW - Come bang with the best!

    A Russian Metahuman with super strength and an attitude has arrived in Terrenus and began recruiting new goons for his "syndicate". In exchange for one's allegiance, he offers comradery and wealth, and to the exceptional, he offers the gift of super strength as he himself possesses. In the midst of Terrenus' great civil war, this criminal organization strives to cement itself within the nation, and to fight for it's success against all else. With the high tension rising in Terrenus, and the turmoil of rising religious sects in an already prejudice society, what reason might "you" have to join this motley crew? Money, Respect, Power? Perhaps you crave all three. While this thread will be left quite vague due to the simplicity of the actually happenings, I will at least leave the link to the IC thread I have started. As I continue to post, more will become known about the situation over all. Feel free to speak here, or even ask questions. Likewise, you may message me with any words or interest in regards to. (Warning: This is quite literally an offer to join a "Street Gang" working to establish itself in the underground world of Terrenus. Criminal activity is a must! I'll note here this is a direct plot currently associated with the Civil War Phase 2/Factions plot.)
  20. You know what sucks more than sitting around doing nothing? Standing around doing nothing at large events! That's why, for the grand opening of Wonderland Resorts we have activities out the wazoo! What is the Wonderland Resort? Thanks for asking! The great entrepreneur and philanthropist Ross Edmund noticed that there just weren't any super hip party spots in Terrenus and decided, "Man, this is wack." So with a generous investment from a vigilante organization, some hefty tax breaks, and a massive loan, he built the ultimate great escape! Situated in a Northwestern mountain range, Wonderland Resort features several attractions for peo...vam.... creatures of all ages and size, including all year around artificial snow! Now, I'm not going to bore you with a long drawn out description of each setting. Only because I can do that in the IC thread. What I'm going to tell you about are the super awesome crazy activities! The main event will be taking place at the jointly located Contrarier Ski Lodge and Venin Tavern and Grill. It's a super sweet Murder Mystery game, check out the details below! Fastidio Water Park is a series of wave pools connected by lazy rivers and water elevators (yes that's a thing!) Here you'll be able to enjoy the Amateur Comedy show and the Dunk Tank. The Verargem Ski Slopes make up the majority of the resort and will be hosting the super scary, super intense Ski Maze Obstacle Death Race of DOOOOOM! But that's not all, if you are brave enough to venture into the Supplice Spa you can get your fortune read! By now you might have noticed something about tournaments and ETT and some other stuff, and I'm sure you are wondering what on earth that could. Well, it wouldn't be a proper event if people couldn't punch the ever living crap outta one another. So, I figured the most appropriate place to hold a T1 tournament would be Chapel Mensonge, because nothing says worship like bloody knuckles and a broken face! If you're interested in participating in one of the events, let me know! Because @Mag is running the murder mystery event, he has asked people to to PM him to sign up. In order to simplify this so that there are minimum gaps, please include me in the PM. With regards to the other events, you can list what you'd like to do in the PM or also just volunteer in the thread. Basically just get the information out there and I'll consolidate.
  21. Two Realms As One

    Long have the Fae courts observed the mortal realm, jealous of the bounteous resources of life and death held therein. In the eternal lands of the Fae, trapped in the Spirit Realm as they are, there is no death, and without death their cannot be true life. So, many years ago, a plan was put in place. Changelings were left in many a home in the country of Terrenus, and while most were rooted out, a few survived. Now, amidst the chaos of Civil War, these wayward children of the Fae have united, coming together in one place, a small town called Lumin. Together, they've accomplished something long thought impossible. The group found a way to open a stable portal into the Spirit Realm, and through it have come their masters, intent on claiming their rightful place in the mortal realm. Lumin was a town on the brink of destruction. An agrarian community located dangerously close the Coconino Marsh, the thriving town represented one of the bulwark communities established to help prevent the marsh's spread. However, to accomplish this arduous task, the town relied on assistance from the megacities and the federal government. In spite of their rough role in the world, massive tax breaks, incentives for moving their, and a thriving job market kept the town prospering. However, the advent of Civil War changed all that. Suddenly, the federal government has other matters to attend to, and each megacity and small kingdom has their own concerns. Left alone, it wasn't even a single season before the flooding of the marsh destroyed huge swaths of farmland and drove the community to the point of collapse. Amidst the suffering arrived the Fae. Their agents in the mortal realm had been looking for just such a trouble community, and the crafty changeling jumped at the chance to bring their overlords into the mortal realm not as conquering monsters, but rather as benevolent saviors. The Fae were upfront to the community about why they were there, and what they wanted, for the Fae cannot lie, and the town accepted their help, because when you're a farmer draining a toxic swamp, the person protecting you and buying your crops doesn't much matter, as long as they exist. Of course their was some descent, there always is with great change, but many of these detractors quickly changed their tune after some cautious recommendations, or ceased making any noise entirely in the case of the truly devoted ones, and all seemed well for the Fae. They had their foothold in the mortal realm, willing mortal subjects, and a breadbasket to feed their sudden need for food. Things were good for Lumin as well. New benevolent overseers, a voracious market to pedal their crops in, and all the magical help they could ever want draining their problematic swamp. Unknown to all parties, however, were the inherent dangers of their mixing together so. The Fae are children purely of the Wyld, with little influence from the Weaver and the Wyrm. However, in the mortal realm, the influence from these two primal forces is much greater, and unexpectedly, the Fae began to fall ill. Similarly, the people of Lumin began to change, corrupted by the overwhelming Wyld magic leaking from the portal to the spirit realm. Now, the fragile symbiosis between the Fae courts and the town of Lumin is on the brink of collapse. The Fae stand poised to retreat back into their realm and the people of Lumin are threatened by the loss of another group that might protect them from the whims of the swamp. Neither side wants the Fae to go, and everyone is desperately rushing to find a solution to the problem. Somehow, the Fae must be made to stand up to the Wyrm's influence, not eternally, as they did in he spirit realm, but at least longer than the few months they've had in the mortal one. Similarly, the mortals must be made resilient to the Fae corruption, or they risk losing themselves to the madness of the Wyld. Fortunately, the group that bridges the divide between these two worlds, the Changelings, have a plan. They believe that by introducing enough of the Wyrm and the Weaver to the pocket of the spirit realm from which the Fae arrived, they might be able to stabilize the Wyld leakage and immunize the Fae against the worst of the effects from both the Weaver and the Wyrm. There journey will not be an easy one, but it must be made, for the sake of the town of Lumin, and of the Fae themselves. Alright, so after that whole long IC info dump comes the OOC stuff. This thread is an interest check for a faction thread related to the Terrenus Civil War. Consequently, whatever thread spawns from this post will need to be canonized. I'm looking for a small group of players to represent the party dispatched into the spirit realm to introduce the Wyrm and the Weaver to a pocket world never subject before to their direct presence. If enough people show interest, I might act as a designated GM, and if not I'm more than willing to RP this myself with a few others (or alone if really truly need be). All of that said, if you're interested in embarking on this quest, please post your interest here.
  22. A Symbol of Unity

    Update: The fan has met the excrement in the harsh peaks of the Blaurg Mountains. Rock trolls are attacking a supply caravan on a narrow switchback known as the Cauda Draconis, with more making their way towards the city that sprawls around the Temple of the Holy Word. Meanwhile, three of the five members of the Holy Council have begun an exploration of a strange warren revealed by the construction... and have disappeared along with their entourage. I'm looking for people willing to play any of several roles: defenders of the caravan on the pass, members of the response force climbing up to help them, people on the city watch preparing a hasty defense, or (especially) members of the rescue team being dispatched to find the missing councilors. You can be mercenaries, or you can make a member of The Order, or even come up with some other idea, run it by me! I can do this while thing myself, but it'll be more fun with more people! Read the thread (or even just the last post) here, and/or read the brief rough-in of The Order of the Word here. Original Interest Check: Across the valleys and plateaus of the Ouread below Blaurg Mountain, sounds of industry echo off the rocky cliffs. The rapid chinks of hundreds of hammers blend with the rumble of stone and the creaks of wagon wheels, and directions yelled out by foremen and workers bounce eerily off the granite. People trickle through the winding passes, all headed in the same direction, and rumors spread among them of a great temple being carved into the mountainside. There is work to be had and money to be made, and probably more importantly in this sparsely populated region, there is a gathering of company the likes of which hasn't been seen since the founding of Blaurg City. Goat herders, trappers, miners, and lowland loggers have suddenly found their wares in high demand, and the scuttlebutt has reached even beyond the harsh peaks to the ears of entrepreneurs from Blairville and elsewhere. Merchants and cobblers and millwrights and mercenaries, whose fortunes were annihilated by the ravages of war, are making the difficult journey for the hope of a new start. Are you among them? ----- OOC: The Order of the Word (brief write-up here, WIP) has begun construction of the Temple of The Holy Word, a symbol of their new unity and a beacon of hope for those who seek to restore the unity of Terrenus. It's a monumental task under the best of conditions, made even more ambitious by the dangerous climate and creatures of the mountain range. I'm looking for players who'd like to help build this new faction's stronghold, either as new members of The Order or as wanderers seeking to build their fortunes on the hopes of those who seek to use this humble beginning to reunify the continent. Or in some other capacity, I'm totally flexible! Post here if you're interested!
  23. Whispernight, doe!

    It’s quest-day, my dudes. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH- 'Kay so, I’m looking for comrades to follow me into Telerian. A couple characters of mine are trying to nab an airship, and while I know that sounds awfully plain, I promise you this adventure will be anything but. There’ll be monsters, loot, quality banter, and the opportunity to develop your characters in an awesome story. For the purposes of keeping this thread eyesore-free, I’ve outlined the premise in spoilers below. Beware the casual tone. Now, I’m going explain how I like to operate. I’ll be spearheading the thread as GM for the most part, where I drive a good chunk of the plot; that doesn’t mean you guys can’t push the narrative though. In fact, I encourage people to collaborate or take charge when they’re up to the task, so long as it doesn’t completely derail the thread (or introduce useless tomfoolery). I’ve got a rough outline of the plot in my head, so you’re all free to ask for details to use in your posts; alternatively, you may introduce completely new elements, provided they’re a good fit for the story. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome. We’ll be working off of a 3-day skip timer. I understand life gets hectic sometimes, so I’m willing to allow extensions when the need arises. If your turn is skipped, feel free to post whenever you have the chance; it just won’t affect the post order. Speaking of, the post order is determined by who posts first. If red posts, then blue and green, the order will be: red, blue, green. Rinse and repeat. I’m not sure how many people I want for this yet, though I’ll probably cap off at six- seven if I feel like pushing it. We're currently sitting at two spots filled. Anyone can join, doesn’t matter if you’re old or new. I’m not looking for any specific types of characters, so don’t worry about fitting a certain mould. I reserve the right to refuse any player for whatever reason. So yeah. If you're down to clown, lemme know and post a character sheet (or not, if you don't have one). I also require a quick AAAAAAAAAH to finalize your interest.
  24. /This quest is the part of repeatable Whispernight quests/ If you have some business in Aelindra City or you're just passing by in this area, you might've heard stories about the abandoned Port City. From darkest beasts lurking between ruins to ships deep frozen into an ice wall and full of treasure. Most people treat those stories as just rumors or a madman's gibberish. However, there is one captain claiming to be the one of a few survivors of Whispernight Ragnarok. Most of his fortune, as well as his own ship, had been left behind, so he is seeking the opportunity to go back and reclaim what belongs to him. And that's why he needs a crew. To travel the fallen city, to confront monsters in the area, to carve inside the ice barrier inside the ship and acquire as much wealth as possible. There could be gold, provision, accessories, magic items, you name it. Most of loot would be evenly divided between the crewmen. However, there might be a certain family relic that the captain would claim for yourself - no matter what other might think. If you're interested in treasure hunting on a sea shore, you can talk with an aforementioned captain in Aelindra City. Keep in mind, that it might not be the only group travelling to Port City. If you pursue your own interest, you can organize a rivaling group. In that case, things might get a bit competitive. Currently a single group of 3-4 players is expected.
  25. Dream a Little Dream

    Hello, Val Pals! So I did a bit of a thing (You can find it over here) and now I need some willing participates to dig about in my sandbox. Well. Essentially, I've been on a bit of hiatus for about a year (I'm so sorry, unfinished roleplay partners, I love you) and in the spirit of dipping my toes back in the swirling water of interactive creativity, I'm leaving the fate of my elvish character Ioreth under your control. Here's the rundown: An amulet, possibly evil, most likely spooky, needed a quick despelling for fast reselling. Ioreth's brother, another elfy sort named Draug (character sheet to soon be updated), passed it along to her and probably did not say please. She disappears for quite some time, seems to appear in a vision, and now he is in the Wilds making his very best attempts to break a possibly evil, most likely spooky spell. Now, where do you come in? There are multiple options for your character. And by that, I mean probably two. You're more than welcome to provide any additional suggestions, of course. Depending on your interests, you can pop on in on the physical realm or the metaphysical realm. (Imagine some glitter where those italics are, if you please.) If you wish to be the latter, your job is to figure out what happened to Ioreth while navigating what could be a dream world, or what could be a spiritual purgatory. I'll be giving you puzzles to solve and obstacles to overcome, although what you choose to do is obviously up to you. A warning: have your foot fall in the wrong place, and you may just need to wake up. If you wish to be the former, you will be with Draug and you have to try to open up a tree. Sounds simple, no? You'll see. Your own pace is your decision, and I would like to encourage you to explore your writing and your creativity as much as you want. Have some fitting art or music you want to include? Please do so. Wanna get weird? Go right ahead, my friend.