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Found 379 results

  1. Deus Ex Aizen

    The T.H.R.I.V.E. Initiative

    After the fall of the Tyrant Regime, the Taen Empire and it's noble houses established themselves across the islands of Ursa Madeum. The island of Thraece is in dire need of arable land and healthy water to rebuild business and establish Port Thea and it's Consulate ties to Terrenus and Genesaris proper. As the only noble family on the island, House Senaria is spearheading a Conservation alongside the Thean Consulate to help restore the land, and protect and preserve it's ecological integrity, as well as provide an institute for studying, collecting, and breeding new flora and fauna across Ursa Madeum. Certain to be quite the task, she's enlisted the help of other Taen nobility and beyond to assist her in Thraece's renaissance. Thus she proposed THRIVE. Thraecean Headquarters for Rehabilitation and Innovation of Vital Ecology Phase 1: Restoring Coastal Integrity - The coastal waters are rife with dead zones. As areas suffocate from a lack of oxygen due to explosive algae growth triggered by nutrient poisoning from the mainlands, flora and fauna alike either die off, or relocate beyond ideal reaches, a notable reason for Thraece's economic suffering. Extract these suffocating sea beds and help revive the oxygen levels in the water. Introduce new species of floral and fauna (open invitation for lorecrafting!) so that the biome and begin to balance itself out! Phase 2: Restoring the Mainland Integrity - Stripped of nutrients and life, Thraece is practically barren, but holds enormous potential. Having made a deal with the local leyline, Raveena is keen to make the land arable again. Introduce new flora and fauna with the help of House Hildebrand, House Senaria hopes to revive the agricultural business for Thraece, as well as the future Port Thea's economic boom. Phase 3: Building the Conservation - Once the land and sea have been returned to a healthy state, the Thrive Conservation will be built as an open Hot Spot for Port Thea. People will be able to study lore, create lore and invent new species of flora and fauna to contribute or borrow. I like the idea of an IC think tank, where people can study for medicinal purposes whether it's to heal someone or poison them. Of venturing to Port Thea for a quest to find or breed a unique species that is a key component to something else. Of finding the scale of a rare fish for artifact creation. I personally have an apothecary I'm adding to the city so I'll personally get plenty of use! I think the possibilities are limitless, and having everyone's ideas pooled in, invites a wealth of knowledge and information sharing. One component of Thrive will be something like a group that is responsible for traveling outside of UM and collecting species, studying them and reporting back and if any would be vital or may thrive in UM. Some may be quests, others may be Slice-o-Lifes. I'll flesh out more details based on interest. I thought it'd make for a really great project that people could help contribute with. Anyway! Look forward to more details on that once I get caught up with posts I owe.
  2. Fennis Ursai

    A Silver Ticket Gamble (LFG)

    Greetings potential employees I, the great gambler of the Astral Planes, am seeking potential talent for a little investment. In particular, I am looking for a small group of adventurers or 'enforcer' types to help 'secure' a light encampment of hostiles so that I may turn it into a worth while investment location. For those seeking a potential opportunity to turn a quick payout for light physical work, seek out the small heavily armored man that hails by the name Vashka. As a side note, he seeks liquor fairly heavy. To those willing to take on a light task, the pay out will be compensation by means of gems, the currency that will never go wrong. For those that show an aptitude as well as a 'spark' for this line of work will see themselves in standing within my good graces as well as more opportunities for employment. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of this little business opportunity. -The End Game Hello everyone, this is an inquiry for a small group of adventures. This is open for 'any' persons no matter skill level or how confident you are in your roleplay ability. For information, this is a light quest, very low risk of death but high risk of injury. This will be the start of a line of quests by the benefactor know as 'The End Game'. As for characters I do not care what alignment or walk of life/experience of character. I'm hoping for a maximum of eight OC's willing to clear out an area of hostile denizens. The rest of the details will be given once the characters make contact with Vashka. As for the location, I will be setting the location to Blairville, where the contact will be spending at least 5 days wandering the city before either moving on or until a party has been found. Once your character makes contact with Vashka, they will be informed to hold onto a very light pebble (magical for those attuned to 'ancient' millennia old magics) which contains a tracker and responder sigil within it to contact the potential employee as well as making them much easier to find for when Vashka will be assembling the pack together. The most important thing is have fun 😄 Looking forwards to seeing you all on the job. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me or post them below 🙂 Spot 1: InvokedDuality Character: Alar Hindel Spot 2: Zashiii Character: Middy Ochre Spot 3: sparklingwyatt Character: Kalonea Fielrance Spot 4: Spot 5:Witches Brew Character: Ji-woo Spot 6: Spot 7: Spot 8: To the action!
  3. Years ago I tried making an opt-in bounty list but it didn't get used very much. My speculation is that most people didn't even see it, but also I think that people who wanted to use it as a storytelling element didn't put enough orchestration into it and people that wanted to use it as a means to engage in combat didn't have a simple and concrete means to resolve conflict. System The system of combat resolution is simplified MOBS, along with the dice roller Victory roll is made at the end of 5 rounds unless the opponent has managed to escape D2 for win/loss, rolled by the hunter. Other systems, such as TDS, remain as options as long as both parties agree If you want a bounty on your character, post here with a link and I'll update the bounty list Designate whether your bounty should be taken Alive / Dead or Alive and if the bounty is Private or government Warrrant Although it doesn’t have to be canonized, bounties should refer to actions taken in posted roleplay If I get enough interest I'll come up with a classification system to determine bounty value and reward If you want to be a bounty hunter, post here with a link and I'll update the hunter list For hunters going after Alive only bounties, the end result for either the bounty or the hunter will always be incapacitation. For hunters going after a DOA, character death applies both ways Note that administration does not usually enforce character deaths but will do so in Terrenus for any characters volunteered for the bounty list, since it is opt-in If you enter a bounty hunter and don't use him they'll be flagged as unreliable and ineligible for jobs This applies to both the player and their character If you enter a bounty and don't make allowances for a bounty hunter (letting them post in a thread, starting a new thread, etc) for the purposes of fulfilling the bounty, your character is automatically caught. Unless you Escape from prison (see below for more details), further play by that character will be ignored in Terrenus Cool down period: A bounty that successfully beats their hunter enters into a 30 day cool down period where they cannot be hunted again. This is in lieu of a "running away" mechanic Hunting artifact holders Require at least two hunters TDS instead of MOBS Artifact holder is Nova tier Agreeing to be placed on one or the other list is agreeing to the above conditions so if you don't like it then don't sign up. That said I invite members to take this basic system and modify it however they wish to run their own bounty system, but if you keep most of what I've written a link back here would be appreciated. Escaping This only works in the TDS where players trade hits - if the system used is MOBS, then your "escape" is your "victory". In order to run away you need to spend at least 1 post in preparation for the escape, with consequent posts increasing your chance of escape, and you only get 1 chance. 1 = 25% chance of escape 2 = 50% 3 = 75% 4 = 100% Your character should be turning their attention on explaining the advantages that give them a better chance of escape, such as a smoke bomb, running into a crowd, putting on a disguise, etc. You can run away immediately, with a low chance of escape, or take a risk on losing all of your HP for a higher chance Prison and Escaping This is something I haven't tried before. Anyone caught by a bounty and not considered dead is placed into prison, which will be a single thread in which prisoners can make posts to try and escape. Prison thread and instructions here Am open to feedback but note that doesn't mean I'm committing to any changes. So if you're interested, post below with your character. If they're a bounty, what crimes did they commit? If they're a hunter just say so. As I get more people I'll make a list in this first post. Rewards Terran material Weapon class of any Standard material Object class of any Government material (except Silveril) A reward from the rewards table of Bi'le'ah; rerolling if it lands on material or artifact Claimed Unclaimed Fulfilled Bounty Hunters Marik Cayne Mara Mercer Inquisitor Sacks Aadya changelog 2018-07-12: removed inactive hunters 2018-07-07: removed bounties inactive for more than 3 mos or with deprecated character links 2018-07-05: made MOBS the default 2017-12-31: added option for "orchestrated battle system"/OBS 2017-12-08: added "run away" mechanic 2017-11-22: added prison thread; added rewards 2017-11-29: added "cool down" period
  4. In celebration of the legacy of the legendary and ancient Order of the Sword Saints, the most noble and well respected House of Dali is organizing and hosting a Festival of Blades that is going to be held in Ursa Madeum. The event serves to praise the beauty and art of sword fighting in the form of the clashing of blades and spilled blood in heated combat. Word has been sent far and wide at great expense to invite the most naturally talented and renowned warriors both within Terrenus and surrounding continents. The festival will be divided into three acts, all with different types of challenges for the participants to conquer. Should you not wish to partake in the combat there will be a place where people attending the spectacle will be able to socialize during and between the acts. The fighting and the socializing will be in different threads to avoid confusion. You can also apply to be part of a pre-selected jury for each Act. The jury will act in character to vote and give reasoning to their vote to settle disputes and other matters that might rise up. Note that because the jury need to be as unbiased as possible you cannot fight within a act that you are also controlling a jury member for. Please post below if you want to partake in the fighting, be in a jury or just want to attend the event to give homage to the legacy of the Sword Saints, partake in conversations or just watch the fighting. This event will also lay the foundation of the return of the Order of the Sword Saints. Should you be interested to join the order then please tell me here or PM me in private and we can discuss it in more detail. ___Act I___ Group Exhibition You’re only as strong as your weakest point. Work together with your companions to dominate the battlefield and crush your opponents. Make the most of your own strengths while exploiting the weakness of your enemies. Fight hard until the last man standing for as long as one still draws breath victory is always certain. Rules & Regulations Victory will be achieved when all opponents from the opposite team have been defeated or have yielded. No time limit during exhibition. Each participant will be allowed to post once and must then wait until all have posted before being allowed to post again. Should any participant not respond within a reasonable time they will be given a warning to post within 24 hours or be considered to have yielded and will be out. Any disputes or other matters that might rise up will be settled by a pre-selected jury. Participants Tansy Wyrmwalker Dali (House Dali) @Diremast Lord Oscar Uldwar (House Uldwar) @Grubbistch Jury Princess Teresa Demetrius (Taen) @Ataraxy ___Act II___ Singles Exhibition The ultimate showdown to settle superiority. Keep your wits about you, to read your opponent, take advantage of their mistakes and outmaneuver them to claim victory. At the end of the day there can only be one, the question is do you have it what it takes to claim victory against your opponent? Rules & Regulations Victory will be achieved by points in best of three rounds. For each round a maximum of five posts by each participant is allowed and the winner of each round will be decided by who has the advantage after said moves. If nobody has advantage after five moves the round will be draw. Should the final round be considered a draw, an additional sudden death round will be had where the winner will be determined. Should any participant not post within a reasonable time they will be given a 24 hour warning to post or be considered to have yielded and their opponent will be victorious. Any disputes or other matters that might rise up will be settled by a pre-selected jury. Participants Tansy Wyrmwalker Dali (House Dali) @Diremast Karim Haldar (Prospect) @Diremast Lord Oscar Uldwar (House Ulwar) @Grubbistch Sabine Fenvaris (House Senaria) @Deus Ex Aizen Iyalon Izora (House Hildebrand) @ourlachesism Jury Princess Teresa Demetrius (Taen) @Ataraxy ___Act III___ Horde Survival Exhibition Battle the most vicious and fierce monsters from the wilds of Terrenus. Survive and claim glory or perish and become lunch food. Display your skills in combat while you compete against fellow warriors to slay the most beasts before the last creature lays dead on the ground. But be careful or the hunter may very well become the hunted. Rules & Regulations Victory will be achieved by the participant with the most points at the end of the a classic exhibition of horde mode. Outsmart your fellow participants to prove yourself at the superior hunter. Injuries to beasts will grant points between 1-3 due to severity of the injury inflicted to the target. Kills will always grant 5 point to the participant striking the killing blow. Should two or more participant strike a killing blow together they will all be granted 5 points. Any disputes or other matters that might rise up will be settled by a pre-selected jury. Participants Lord Oscar Uldwar (House Uldwar) @Grubbistch Iyalon Izora (House Hildebrand) @ourlachesism Jury Princess Teresa Demetrius (Taen) @Ataraxy Should you want to join as a fight please also post a link to any character sheet and also if you are representing any land/organization etc. Please note that this event is to celebrate the aspect of sword fighting, therefore any weapons that are not bladed ones are not permitted, nor is the use of magic or other similar abilities. Although Valucre is mild power, this even shall be in the Enhanced Realism power scale, meaning that your character will be limited to that scale during the fights. Below you will find some basic info regarding the power levels allowed. Allowed Enhanced Strength Enhanced Speed Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Agility Any skills or techniques based on the above will be allowed. Not allowed Magic of any kind Telekinesis or other mental powers Elemental manipulation Any skills or techniques based on the above will be not be allowed. These are not fights to the death but rather exhibitions so you can use that to explain why your character would hold back. If you have any questions feel free to post them below and I will answer. More info will come regarding the event itself. Rules and other content might change to better cater to the enjoyment players. While the fights will be in T1 style the idea is that it will be quite the casual event, the main goal is not to determine the most skilled individual in T1 combat but rather the fun aspect of each participant.
  5. Etched in Stone

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    To begin, my character is not from this world but from Gaia Primus. There are seven pureblood families. I encourage more Houses to come and play along and join us as a Society of Purebloods. However, I think starting with one which would be Choisel, would be a good start until we find more followers. I was kinda' shaky about this one, seeing as I don't know how Valucre and you all are going to take the idea of a totally new race of vampires here. For the most part I feel, people generally don't like vampires, but we all know how cool these undead beings actually are. These pureblood families are the first of vampires and are considered as the highest ranking from a lineage far, far away. I've looked at the vampires of Valkohyr and we share common abilities for the most part, but this is a different breed of vamp from a totally different world. I have information on the pureblood in my profile if you'd like to look. As for goals I plan to take some things over with time. Primarily I want this to be a unification of Purebloods. Let me know what you think, guys!
  6. " Yes, I need children brave enough, adventurous enough to test out my newest creation!! A dungeon for children! - No, I am not mad! Children all crave adventure, and I have made just the thing to fit their fancies!" There was a man sitting in the town square in Doughton, screaming all this to no one as he was tossing fliers from his sleeve in all directions! There were far, far too many fliers, spilling every where and creating quite a mess. Next to the man stood a Gleaming door connected to nothing, and had engraved on it in ashen black lettering that read "CHILDREN ONLY." This seemed to be an obvious trap, the man by the door was wearing a gaudy and unpleasant green and purple striped pin-stripe suite for peet sake! That black dreaded hair and his metallic grin that showed no happiness... The man tapped on the door, and as it opened he slowly slid inside, giving one last piece of advice to any one listening. "Just, don't try to enter if you are not a child! I am looking at you... Seventeen year olds!" The man slid fully into the door, leaving only a mass of fliers and the door with him standing transfixed in the air. Soon after his leaving, the fliers shuddered horribly and took to the air like a mass of birds, heading towards the orphanage in that very location and plastering themselves all over the building. The fliers read in glittering golden print: " Seeking all ages, children born for adventure! Treasure and glory (most importantly fun) await you here! Tired of only having bugs and cats to slay and wish to hold a sword in your hand? Come in to the door in the square, and if you do survive, only glory and gold can be had for you here! Hate the head of the orphanage and wish she would go away? Wish you could afford a house to get you off the streets? All are welcome in Taddius's Dungeon for Tot's!" ( The rest is colorful illustrations of birds gently pecking holes into cactuses and filling the holes with ribbons, what did that even mean?!) ——————---------------------——–— (( Okay so I'm looking for a small band of rugrats under the age of 17 who would enter the dungeon around the same time, or even band up together to explore this 'child friendly' dungeon. They all don't have to be orphans from Dougton, but they definitely have to be children! Lemme know if you guys have any interest in this. Basics; there's a door, there's a dungeon, and children is a must.))
  7. Grubbistch

    There's Oil in these Jungles!

    Setting: The island of Misral, thick jungles and hot weather. Daytime, early morning Genre: Adventure Objective: To claim two oil fields in the name of House Uldwar Danger level: Average-High (Chance for being attacked by an assortment of wild animals and/or hostile humanoids and for inclement weather.) Reward: A sum of gold considered enough to live like a nobleman for three months and possibly an item either magical enchantment or of a unique material exclusive to the Terran material list. Desired Story Arc: First Phase: To explore the thick jungles in order to locate at the maximum two oil fields, so that House Uldwar can set up a drilling operation to extract the oil. Second Phase: After discovering each oil field, a random encounter will be rolled for (a total of six in all) that will keep the party from securing said field. Once the obstacle is removed then the field will be considered secure. Third Phase: Once the last oil field has been secured, a random weather phenomenon will be rolled which will be played out as a natural disaster. The party will need to either find a place for shelter or outrun the disaster in order to make it to safety. What Roles Am I Looking For?: At the very least two people with each or both playing a role that I would wish to have for this quest. Your character doesn't have to meet this requirements, they are only a preference for helping to make the story go smoother. 1. A survivalist who is skilled in navigating wild terrains. 2. A magic user well versed in the arts of geological magic. Expectations: Good communication, an open mind for ideas and a willingness to keep disagreements civil. Created Opportunities: With the acquisition of one or two oil fields, House Uldwar grows in both wealth and political clout, bringing them one step closer to their ultimate goal of the crown.
  8. So my last attempt to make a RP focussed on friendship and companionship has slowed down considerably, and I'm looking to start another so I actually have something to do around here (as suggested by @The Alexandrian). Hopefully one that will keep on flying until the entire story is complete. Basically I want a RP that isn't about some buffed up assassins/heroes/mercenaries after some treasure and one about less powerful, more regular beings, who are more invested in each other as friends and companions and their NPC friends and family. Perhaps their goal isn't a trinket or power but rather the safety and wellbeing of each other, or that of some NPCs. Heck, I want my PCs to make friends they can rely on in difficult times, like Harry Potter or something, and to face the evil together. Does anyone else want that? If so please hit me up. I'm probably looking for two other people. Maybe three if I have enough interest. I intend to play with Torie but haven't finalised the setting yet. It'll be small and intimate, like a small town or village, a single street in a city where the neighbours look out for each other, a trade caravan or the crew of a ship. Generally speaking the starting location is just a place to branch out from. When danger threatens we'll be on the move together! So please let me know if you're interested:).
  9. Greetings! Vielle here 😆 I lovingly represent the bountiful House Hildebrand of Ursa Madeum! To put it simply, we style House Hildebrand as the Queen’s Chalice, with jurisdiction over plentiful farmlands, crop research, and somewhat-most of the food supply of Ursa Madeum. We’re all about that plant life. 😉 Now, there is a Game of Thrones occurring in our fair nation, and to increase our wealth and power as a noble house, I'm inviting some lovely people—and by that I mean you, yes, you!—to take part by taking control of one of the lesser farming houses of Ursa Madeum under House Hildebrand! Definitely more fun to write together than alone! 😃 Now, of course, you can play the farming houses however you want: the name, the house members, the land, the crops you control, everything—except that the houses will either be under House Hildebrand’s jurisdiction or partnership, or in negotiations to obtain better ties with our noble house. We’ll also be doing threads to gain more Land, too 😅 (You can also do diabolical stuff. I'll pretend I never saw you 👀) This interest check also extends to anyone who'd like to make a character and be a part of or mingle with House Hildebrand. If you'd like to get in on our very own Game of Thrones through connections with our noble house, that will be quite lovely as well! If these ideas interest you, please leave a comment or send a PM my way so we can plan out our, ehem, plots of intrigue 😆 House Hildebrand welcomes you, and may your lands be peaceful and your fields be prosperous, as ours are. For Peace and Plenty! 😉
  10. -Lilium-

    Welcome Aboard Strangers.

    Now is the time! Come one, come all, to the intriguing island city of Stonehaven We have a lot of refurbishing going on. New content in the works Lots of open positions for you amazing people to place your characters in Plans, ideas, and more plans We are currently searching for creative thinkers, willing to place their input on a very closed society in order to widen the crack in the door. Do you think that might be you? Iffen ya do, please contact me day or night, and possibly leave a message with your hopes, your wants, your dreams, your desires, your ideas, and/or anything you have on your mind regarding this advertisement… And I will get back to you in as quick a fashion as I possibly can. As always, we appreciate your time and attention. May the day find you well.
  11. pandemonium

    LF RP partner

    Looking for a committed RP partner with an emphasis on building up characters from scratch in Terrenus. Leaning toward Terrenus's major Church or military, but open to starting as just about anything, adventurers, politicians, whatever. If you have a character, or an idea, you've been wanting to explore but lacked a partner for, then this is for you! Looking specifically for something that accounts for the continuity between characters and their relationships. If anyone's interested, post here or send me a PM.
  12. -Lilium-

    Bestiary Submissions

    Hello Citizens of Valucre! I am working on something relatively large and would like to reach out to all of you for some assistance. What I am looking for are creatures that you have made [or would like to make] for a special venture I have in the works. I have found a lot of interesting plants and creatures on Valucre already, but what I would like is to have the input of multiple creators rather than a few, so that everyone who wants to submit something can have it showcased to the world. Please feel free to drop your submission here or in PM. Things I am looking for: Even if the section you may want is marked out, if you still want to submit something to share with the world, just let me know. I will make it happen for you. 8/8 - Creatures of flight 4/4 - Creatures that live on, in, and under the ground. 9/10 - Creatures that live in the water. 7/10 - Plants Here below I have a list of the information that is needed in order for your submission to be placed in the template pictured. Please do not forget to share an image as well. Thank you & Goodnight!
  13. Deus Ex Aizen

    What's on the Horizon?

    So the Festival was meant to break in news from an IC perspective, but I also want to throw up future events I have planned and get a general feel for who all is interested in what. I have plans out the wazoo that are slow to come together since we're in the process of renovating plus moving, and then my last semester of college before I head out west for a new job. I really just wanna thank everyone who volunteered to help me kick off Hyperion, and big thanks to Raze for letting me take a crack at two more territories in the Rising West. Also big big thanks to everyone who is thus far participating in the Festival of Lights it's turning out to be quite fun but it's far from over yet. So! I'mma just roll down the list of what's going on, where it's happening and what's coming up. Feel free to chime in, pitch ideas. Hyperion - Terrenus Current: Festival of Lights - Exhibition Matches (MOBs): Because it's mostly for storytelling over a win, I wanted to showcase exhibition matches for the Festival. I'm looking for about seven more people, as I have one volunteer already, for four matches. Quest Board: Hyperion Quests are up, with one completed, one pending. The Cut and Jib Tavern in the Wilds of Terrenus is available for quest members to meet and greet before beginning their quest. The Sadira Amar: This is an open hub thread for shenanigans and casual social RP. It also doubles for those who ICly want to RP having an artifact synthesized or repaired. Future: Honor and Valor: This will be a thread to basically thank and reward those who participated in building Hyperion, assisted in securing Alethea, helped with Port Kyros, as well as those who fought to defend Hyperion in the Festival of Lights. There will be titles grants, land grants, and pretty shinies to be given. The first Hyperion Academy Class Discussion: A poll will go up for the topic to be discussed IC. An official IC/Sign up will go down, with date and time. I plan for this to be a regular thing with the Hyperion Academy. The Mage Guild: I intend to pull together an organization that is honestly a simplified version of the Ministry of Magic, for lack of better comparisons. Within Hyperion, the Mage Guild will be responsible for observing, teaching and regulating magical affairs in the community. Those who run or participate in the guild will be responsible for their own plots, quests and content. Wartime: Having discovered the true killer of Carmine Empire's regent Akako Akari, Raveena is assisting her father in war against the growing empire in the Midlands to bring justice. An Imperial Wedding: Oh lala, a mawwiage. Port Kyros - The Rising West, Genesaris Current: The Raid: Queen Raveena has assembled a ragtag group of mercenaries with the skill and gumption to retrieve advanced technology from Antigone Isle across the bay. She has plans to introduce the technology to boost commerce and overseas trade, but first the group has to make it off the island alive... Future: Welcome Aboard the Nautilus: This will be a periodic Hot Spot, that can double as a pass/fail Quest (not so different from Whispernight). The Nautilus is a re-purposed ship that has become a traveling fine dining restaurant that will travel around Genesaris. Be prepared to encounter epic shenanigans, and most likely fight for your life as you'll likely encounter ridiculous sea creatures, races, and occasionally be tasked with saving the ship from certain doom in exchange for pretty shinies. Here, there be Pirates: I'd like to plan something akin to the Faction Wars in Alethea, but more or less Naval Fleet vs Pirates. It's an organic idea, one that is growing and changing and I welcome ideas and discussions about it. I've already begun running it past a couple of people and ideas are brewing so if you have anything, please bring it to the table to be discussed! Alethea - The Rising West, Genesaris Current: The Enoteca: A Wine Bar doubling as an office and workshop for the Imperial Scrivener Artamese Prewitt. Found an ancient dodaad and dunno what it does? Got wonky magic that you can't read? Got an artifact that needs synthesizing? Bring it to Arty! She'll take a look. Future: Alethea's Charity Tournament: To help restore the city to its glory after the destructive revolution that freed the human populace, Raveena has opted to host a charity tournament. Crowds will be encouraged to place a monetary bet on their favored fighters. Those who lose their match will have their wages put towards funding the city's restoration. The winner of the tournament overall may keep their accumulated value, and will have the option to trade it in for a synthesized artifact. Clan Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Britty - For some time, as I have posted screenshots of my activity from time to time on my profile, at the bottom one will have noticed a project under this name that has been there for nearly a year. This project was inspired by Praetorian volunteering me for clan wars, albeit such a great idea never came to pass. It did inspire me to create an underground city that was inspired by a book I read, and a particular criminal organization underground, and I decided Alethea was the perfect place of turmoil to place this project. I've been working extensively on lore with others, building up to this big political clash in Alethea. The population elected Raveena as Queen, but there are plenty of dissents who would rather see the Beast King's son on the throne. Loyalist and Seperatists have trickled into the underground city of Ikaria, for he who controls Ikaria, controls the city. Thus the turf wars began as groups split off into factions and went to war with one another. As technology--including weaponry--was "lost" from the Raid of Antigone, it made its way from Port Kyros and Alethea, making the growing number of factions fighting with or against the Queen all the more dangerous. This is where you will come in, where you'll be given the opportunity to join a pre-made faction (I have a few to choose from), or create one of your own, and you will roleplay out skirmishes with other factions for control of Ikaria City, which is ruled by a mysterious shadow regent in Raveena's absence. Part of the overarching plot is discovering the true identity of the shadow regent--if you can get through their many puppet regents first. Future Organic Projects: These are still in the brainstorming phase of things, but will come forward as major plots down the line. Port Thea - Ursa Madeum, Terrenus - A sister port to Kyros. I've yet to design a solid concept for it, and will be scouting for a regent once I have that concept nailed down. TOTAL DRAGON ISLAND - Arlais, The Arcane East, Genesaris - I think it's plenty self explanatory...but there will be more, gird your loins. I just wanted a reason to put down TOTAL DRAGON ISLAND. King is working with me on this project so expect great things. Find the Cost of Freedom - Slaver's Enclave, Genesaris - Raveena and Force Majeure Knight Jinsoku are teaming up to bring an end to slavery in the Enclave once and for all.
  14. The Skarr Clan Not All Floods Involve Water The Forgotten Woods are, unsurprisingly, forgotten for the most part. The strange magics that work within the forest defy almost all attempts to travel through them. This not only cuts off trade routes between neighboring territories, makes the abundance of lumber there unobtainable, and also eats up tonnes of space to develop upon. Perhaps this is what has made the Skaven's abrupt appearance within the woods, or the rumors of Skaven in the woods at least, are causing such a commotion. The Skarr Clan, the small faction of Skaven that have found their way into the heart of the Forgotten Woods, have been sighted more and more along the outskirts of the Forest, scouting and poking along. Skirmishes can be heard from deep within the woods, echoing through the night. Though it's never seen, it's evident that blood has been spilled in the Woods already. It is unclear what will happen in the coming weeks. The Skaven are at odds with the fae living within the Forgotten Woods, and open conflict seems to be just around the corner. Weapons of war are surely being forged already, on both sides, and tensions can only continue to mount. Without some kind of insider information, it is unclear who will win the war for the Forgotten Woods...and who should win the war. See, the Skaven's position in the woods offer a unique opportunity. So long as they are thriving within the woods, the magicked trees will continue to be cleared out. Roads will eventually--hopefully--emerge, and trade will flourish along these new routes. If the Skaven are victorious, it would be in the neighboring territories' best interest to get on their good side. Does this mean the Skaven are justified in slaughtering the fae? Certainly not. There's no clear explanation as to how best to proceed, no obvious explanation as how best to approach the oncoming conflict. That won't stop some people from trying to make a difference, one way or another, however. In fact, one merchant has already put up posters in a handful of smaller settlements, looking for escorts. Looking for guards who can: -Protect a Carriage and One (1) Passenger along multiple routes through the Forbidden Forest All expenses covered; Food, Equipment, Reparations and Insurance Please get into contact with--- The Skaven's numbers will continue to grow, and if they are left untended they will surely overrun the fae no matter how well-organized their will. Through user participation, the Skaven's numbers will vary drastically following the conflict, along with that of the fae they're facing off against. There's no telling how this conflict will unfold--through your interaction, you may help shape the fate of the Forgotten Woods, and that of Terrenus at large.
  15. Aleksei

    Assassination plot, yay!

    Location: Aelindra City What's the plot?: My Council Member was poisoned! An assassination attempt to remove her from her seat on the Council of Seven. What do you need?: A variety. Any characters are welcome to join this little story of mine. What do I need to do?: Find the would-be assassin and either 1. Kill them or 2. Champion their cause. If option 1: It removes the threat entirely and you acquire the antidote for Elilah. Everyone celebrates! If option 2: You help the assassin escape and make up a story on you unsuccessful capture. No remedy is given to Elilah, and she is forced to endure, finding another cure. What's the premise here?: This will essentially allow my character to continue her radical views, using the assassination attempt to bolster her cause. No matter what choice your characters make, it will profoundly affect her position on the Council of Seven. Posting: 1 every 3/4 days. I'm available again for a while now, thanks to rearranging my schedule around. Pretty simple premise here! Your characters will be playing detective, maybe have to do a little killing along the way, but no matter what they will be paid well while also having a part in a canon thread. This is just a page in a bigger plot that will eventually have the original Council Members (Elilah excluded in this) removed and replace, starting reform in Aelindra.
  16. @jaistlyn A mysterious stranger has appeared in Yh'mi. James Eredas, a warrior hailing from the world of Gaia has come to Valucre in search of challenge, danger, and death. He will find plenty of all. The only question is if there will be anybody brave enough to accompany him into depths.
  17. Setting: Pirate's Cove, Misral, second largest island in Ursa Madeum. Dead of night, calm weather with a full moon showing. Genre: Medieval fantasy/intrigue Objective: To convince the pirate lord to swear fealty to House Uldwar to serve as a makeshift navy/privateer operation. Danger level (Average): As this is a diplomatic mission, violence is not to be expected, but it is possible. Aggression towards the pirate lord or his lackeys will result in them returning the attack in kind if not worse. The use of characters with calm heads is not mandatory but is advised. Character death will not happen unless owner of character wishes for it to happen. Reward: Substantial amount of gold, recognition within the court of House Uldwar and possibly your own pirate ship. Desired Story Arc (Subject to change by participant request): A secret meeting is being held with the Pirate Lord of the Pirate's Cove in Misral and Lord Uldwar, Patriarch of House Uldwar and majority landowner in Misral. In this secret meeting, Lord Uldwar intends to recruit the Pirate Lord and many of his associates to act as Privateers in behalf of House Uldwar, to both protect their trade routes and harass the ships of their competitors so they may build up their own businesses. Through this House Uldwar would begin to start outfitting and improving on Pirate's Cove, making it it's own bustling city in a sense as the raiding would bring in more gold to the area. One twist that will come of this story is that the second oldest daughter of Lord Uldwar, Mia Uldwar, will be on the ship disguised as a boy. Whether or not you notice her will be up to you, giving you the choice of either turning her in to her father or letting her be and interacting with her a little. Should the pirates discover her it has the possibility of jeopardizing the entire negotiation, that detail is dependent on the people involved. Overall this isn't going to be a very action heavy thread (unless you the participants want to make it such). It really does depend on what the interested parties want. Should a tie come up on this decision I will weigh on and break said tie. What Roles Am I Looking For?: Minimum is one player to play as the Pirate Lord but I can play that role if no one wants to. Other than that you can play as either a mercenary in the employ of either Lord Uldwar or the Pirate Lord to make sure the other doesn't try anything funny. If you wish to participate in a different capacity then that is fine, just let me know and we can work it out on this thread. Please post a character sheet if your character has one (otherwise a short description of who they are and what they do) if you are interested in this kind of story. Expectations: Expectations are good communication, good behavior and an open mind towards other people's ideas. Posting window is once per three days, but I will allow at least a week so long as you let us know in the OOC thread that you need more time. As this will be a canon thread we will be going by the mild power settings and for the standard amount of words per post. Created Opportunities: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!: A valuable shipment of rum has gone missing! Discover it's whereabouts to receive a nice reward from the proprietor of the local taverns within the Pirate's Cove. Quest Type: Repeatable Reward: Some gold and a free night's stay at the tavern. Post Requirement: Ten or more Something stirs beneath the waves...: A sea monster has been spotted making trouble in the seas! Kill it, and bring it's briny hide in for a reward. Be it kraken, hydra, or royally pissed off snapping turtle, they'll be the perfect addition to your maritime legend! Post Requirement: 20 or more Quest Type: Repeatable Reward: If turned in to House Uldwar, a grand party held in your honor with a magical item made from the beast you have slain. If turned in to the Pirate's Cove, a raucous party will be held in your honor, with rum and women aplenty. A magical item will also be made from the beast you have slain. X marks the Spot!: There be buried treasure in a deserted island somewhere in those seas. Find it, claim it as your own, and reap the rewards of your labors! Quest Type: Repeatable Quest Reward: Large sum of gold coins and jewels, plus one item made from the Terran material list. Post Requirement: 20 or more
  18. have you ever wanted to be a god in a world? Wanted to make the rules for the inhabitants (at least the ones you control)? If yes plz consider this. also its first come first serve I will update every 2-8 days at the latest I am going to try to revamp this
  19. Our story begins thousands of years ago. With none other than a group of warriors, vagabonds, poets, healers, and many more. A group most people would refer too as...the gods. Yes those gods. You know who I mean. Zeus. Poseidon. Ares. Those gods. They acted like petulant children and it messed with our world. Messed it up so badly that apocalypse has come and they don't know how to fix it. How do I know all this you ask? Because my dad....is a god. Not just any god. My dad is Apollo. He basically drives the sun. Technically he pulls it with his horses and his chariot but it's essentially the same thing. Anyways I'm getting off topic. Pretty much what happened is all the gods slept around and played with our world as if it's a toy. Eventually they ended up at war. The battle lines were drawn and battles raged until eventually some gods died. It majorly messed up our world. Now is the time for a new group of heroes to fight through the wasteland and make the world better than it was in the past. This rp is going to be based in a post apocalyptic setting based around greek mythology. Geological setting will be northeast USA. The gods that have died are Hera, Thanatos, Hades, Demeter, and Artemis. You may choose to play as human, demigod, satyr, or dryad. Looking for a group of 4-6 (including myself) for this rp.
  20. Jotnotes

    All we need is SLAG

    Unsurprisingly, Bodice Brouchard--Headmistress of Bronte, The Umbra Academy of the Arcane--has run into some major difficulties financing the full restoration and renovation of the Umbra Public Library. Her issues are varied, but the primary problem comes from a lack of resources. No amount of gold can make up for a serious lack of precious metals, ideal lumber and high quality masonry. As a result, progress on the rebuild has been...lackluster. In order to combat this stagnation, Bodice has found an elegant, if a little drawn-out, solution; becoming yet another pawn in the elaborate game of resource production and management. Through a little well-placed financing, and calling in a few favors, Bodice has managed to arrange for the early release of notorious Kobold crime boss Wilhem "Will" Shankyu (Pronounced "Will Shank You") as well as several of his cronies. Through the delicate art of faking ledgers and forging money laundering schemes, Bodice arranges for the financing of this motley crew, so that they can set up a 'SLAG' refinery. SLAG, or Solid Liquid And Gas, is a unique compound that Kobolds are renowned for. Through their peculiar refineries, SLAG can be used to do just about anything--wiring, sheet metal, stonework, smithing, minting and on and on--the science is a little harder to explain, but the results speak for themselves. If Bodice can set up this refinery, and get it running, the Kobolds will generate mass revenue and be able to put more funding into their business, which will allow them to collect the resources Bodice needs to finish the Library. Plus, she'll make a fat profit from the refinery's sales! It's a Win-Win! However, one major problem still remains. Bodice has very few means of getting her new band of convicts to where they're needed without arousing suspicion, or linking her to the refinery, meaning she's forced to rely on...unprofessional sources to get her little venture off the ground. That's where you come in. What do you say? Are you up for a little capitalism? Hey everybody! The gist of this thread took waaaaay too long for me to come up with, so I'm really hoping I do a stellar job of relaying it to you, the readers! In essence, Bodice will be paying the party in question to escort Shankyu (or just Shank if you prefer) to the designated build site, where they'll take care of the rest. The party will be responsible for escorting supplies as well as protecting the kobold masses. Now, I can already hear you saying "Jot, that sounds terrible. People don't like escort quests in games, why would they like them in their table tops?" To which I reply: Because this isn't your daddy's escort mission! For each person that joins the group (up to four players total, besides myself, there will be an additional two kobold cronies. These cronies don't go running into danger unless they're told to, and because I'm responsible for writing as them, they're not likely to do any stupid shit that gets them all killed. Additionally, you are almost completely in full control over what you want them to do. Run for cover? Done? Stand and fight? Easy. Moreover, your character gets paid twice for this quest, and one of those times is up front! Before embarking, your crew will have a big pool of money to share, and with it you can gear up your kobolds however you like! Maybe you want to put them all on overwatch, so you buy them all rifles! Maybe you wanna have some fun with them, and you dress them all up differently! Maybe you just want the Kobolds to run around in their plain attire, while you keep that fat stash of loot for yourself! You have total freedom on how you choose to use that money! Hell, you could even use it to buy yourself some cool shit before the adventure begins! I do hope that is enough to convince you that this will be a good time. I'm looking for anywhere between 2 and 4 other writers for this one, and I'm suggesting that we'll have a single post up a week. I know it's summer time and everybody has plans, so I'm hoping that a week-long deadline will be enough to give people a chance to post whenever they can. And...that's it! You got questions? I might have answers? Concerns or criticisms? I'll take those too! Really, if you've read this far and are still interested, I'd be happy with any feedback at all, just because I'm so grateful for you taking the time to read this mess of an Interest Check. Thanks again!
  21. I've been toying with the idea of an insurance company that protects their clients in a variety of ways. They don't just provide indemnification after a loss, they recover what was stolen. If a customer is killed (and that customer paid the right price) they'll bring them back from the dead. I'm thinking it goes even further though, like a city can take out a policy and the insurance adjusters (representing the company) will protect it (best case) and pay for any losses (worst case). Think of like Wolfram & Hart from Angel with less Evil intentions. They're not necessarily good or bad, they're fulfilling their contract, regardless of what that might be. Right now it's just something I'm toying around with, hence the rambling, curious if anyone else would be interested in catching/stopping some bad guys. Notes: Hawke, Owll & Ravensley Insurance Society An international and interdimensional Insurance Firm with offices throughout Valucre. Their home office is located in Cosanastre, Alterion. HORIS is the largest Insurer in the world and specializes in both Property & Casualty Insurance as well as Life & Health Insurance. Since its founding HORIS has been serving its clients by providing a wide range of support services. HORIS clients don’t just expect design and execution of their projects. They expect a partner that can guide them through the design, regulatory, approval and implementation processes. HORIS clients can rely on expertise to support them in their processes from the beginning to its continued . The road ahead can be full of unknown obstacles. Place your trust in those who have walked the path thousands of times. Our team brings centuries of experience and expertise to your doorstep. HORIS doesn’t just provide financial security for their customer’s losses, they offer loss prevention as well. HORIS isn’t a by-the-numbers organization, they’d rather see your property whole and returned to you than offer a functional equivalent. To its premier elite members HORIS offers a number of services including: asset protection and acquisition, corporate and industrial espionage, healing and necromancy, legal services, Real Estate, Voodoo, Entertainment, Science, Research and Intelligence, and Interment Acquisitions, Product development, Rule, form and manual filings, Advisory services, Regulatory relations, and insurance operations.
  22. Pun VERY much intended! Issac Graham, administrator of the Hera branch of the Prometheus Initiative is looking to establish medical clinics throughout Terrenus! But since he can't be everywhere at once (Until the cloning experiments bear fruit) he is looking for people to head up these clinics. Ideal candidates should have a backround in medicine, and good organizational skills! Or just enthusiastic. Hell, we'll settle for just interested. So come on down and see if you have what it takes to be part of an elite group looking to save lives. Because if Issac can become the head of an entire division, that should be evidence enough that our standards aren't that high!
  23. Fright Night Deep within the wilds of Terrenus there lays the large and bustling town of Tormo. A town far removed from the chaos of Terrenus’ massive cities. A place where one can help live off the land and escape to a simplistic life of comfort and family. Which is why it will be the first of many victims that the Legion of Doom will claim. This story and thread is all about the Legion’s first foray into Terrenus. Though only at a small level of course. With the Legion now equipped with an army of goblins and war beasts, it’s time to start the process of raiding, killing, and bringing hype and stakes to Terrenus based role play. We are here, we are in your face, and we’re throwing down the gauntlet. In short though, the Legion will be striking a large town in a fashion that will remain unknown until the start of the thread. There will be mass amounts NPCs to fight, enemy writers, and of course myself. How Will This Work? How we intend for this thread to function is a bit more free form in nature. There’s no real posting order other than the common curtesy of waiting for your dance partner to post. While the overarching plot of the story will more than likely go at around a post or two every other day or so, if you get caught in an individual duel with someone, y’all can just fight and bounce posts back and forth off each other as much as you want so long as it doesn’t drastically effect the plot or those who haven’t posted yet. Some property damage is of course alright, just don’t go destroying the town. Other than that, just enjoy yourself and make sure you act within site rules and Terrenus’ mild powers ceiling. I don’t want to read. “Haruki was the ultimate warrior who had no equal, because he was born from the gods and was perfect in every way. So he drew his blood rage katana that was sharpened atop god mountain one billion times and could cut through the fabric of reality to unleash his faithful steed who was also a god.” Please and thank you. Story Elements & Details We’re really shooting for these core themes of good vs evil, and how heroes can rise to the occasion to save the innocent. While that is what we want at its base element. We also have a bit of a mystery thriller aspect to the thread as well for those joining opposition. Who are the people attacking the town, what do they want with Tormo, and other little bits and bobbles scattered in thread. We want to make sure that while we offer the “swish swish, clang clang” of combat, that the thread isn’t just that on its own. For those who love a good mystery and want more out of a story. Not that there’s anything wrong with a good fight. The thread itself will become active this Thursday. If you are interested in joining feel free to drop a comment here, join our discord, or simply wait until the thread becomes available on Thursday. All are of course welcome to join and we always love to have anyone interested in writing with us.
  24. Though her store lay smack-dab in the middle of a bustling metropolis, our bright young protagonist felt the world fall away as she opened the brown, slightly crinkled envelope with shaking hands. The letter within smelled vaguely of lavender; the script, while written in a dark, confident ink, wobbled a little, perhaps due to the aging hands that had scrawled them across the parchment. She was a quick reader, but had considerable difficulty getting past one line in particular. Her eyes scanned the lone sentence again and again, willing herself to move on but never quite managing. 'I am placing the care of Floracle in your hands.' The woman swallowed hard, though she could not quite settle the lump in her throat, and looked around the empty store with something like desperation in her eyes. She had not bothered to turn on the lights as sunset faded into evening, and soon the faintly glowing moonflowers were the only source of illumination within the shop. Eventually the woman turned back to the fragile paper in her hands. She read the last few words by the blueish light of the flowers, but where she was expecting an "I love you," or perhaps an expression of hope for a long and happy future, her grandfather had written two very strange, very ominous words. 'Forgive me.' The Floracle Flower Shop and Apothecary has recently changed owners! Determined to see the shop flourish, humble botanist Valentine Marie is hiring employees to help with basic gardening, shop maintenance, and delivery services. Although her twin brother Caspian is returning from his studies at the Gaian Academy to help with management of the estate, both siblings agree- there is definitely room for growth, and with it, more hands on deck! Do your characters already work at the Floracle? Are your characters in need of a flexible employer who won't ask too many questions? Please comment below, shoot me a PM, or message me on Discord (roboblu#8132) for more information. I should also mention that the Floracle serves as a front for a number of ... questionable business endeavors that poor Valentine and Caspian have yet to discover. In a back storeroom grows some of the most noxious, dangerous plants imaginable- ingredients to potent drugs, black magic, and a sharply glinting collection of surgical equipment for the care of those who can't quite afford to be seen at a hospital. The Floracle may be on strictly neutral territory, but it has seen business from even the shadiest of figures. If your character needs immediate medical services, a quick fix, or a rare ingredient for dark spell- well, I'm sure Valentine and her brother will figure things out. Feel free to offer suggestions or ideas! If there's enough interest, we may host a small re-opening celebration. 🙂 (also, you may have noticed there's no definite location posted yet ... it'll probably be in Terrenus, but I'm still figuring things out! Be patient, you!)
  25. HumanBean03

    Open for business

    Hey everyone!!! I am unemployed for the time being and need something to do with my life. If you have any open quests or brilliant ideas you are wanting to share with the world? Well reply here and let me join you!!!!