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Found 488 results

  1. Pun VERY much intended! Issac Graham, administrator of the Hera branch of the Prometheus Initiative is looking to establish medical clinics throughout Terrenus! But since he can't be everywhere at once (Until the cloning experiments bear fruit) he is looking for people to head up these clinics. Ideal candidates should have a backround in medicine, and good organizational skills! Or just enthusiastic. Hell, we'll settle for just interested. So come on down and see if you have what it takes to be part of an elite group looking to save lives. Because if Issac can become the head of an entire division, that should be evidence enough that our standards aren't that high!
  2. So my friend gave me a sudden burst of creativity to create a character. The thing about it is that it was during a discussion about rp, but they usually do DC fandom roleplays. Because of this topic the character that came to be would be in this universe. Who is he? His real name is David, but his "hero" name is Sorcar. He is his own hero, as my friend's character was a protege of Batman, and he has the ability to teleport. He wears a hat and mask that covers his mouth. His eyes are the only thing you can see in his face, he also wears a trench coat, and underneath that is typical teenage clothing, as he is around 15, it's still undecided. David though, isn't exactly a hero, yes he is a hero and does not kill, but he steals, especially when he was starting. He is mostly a thief in the beginning of his career (lol). I am not sure the best place for him to live in the DC universe though, my friend said somewhere where stealing is common, so my only idea at the moment would be Gotham. Anyway that is David. I'd really like to do this since it's in my head now, anyway time for what this rp would actually be. I want it to be more of the beginning of David's abilities (meaning more thievery, because I wanna do that). I'm willing to allow anyone with or without powers. I'd say the only thing you couldn't do would be an actual famous superhero (Batman, Superman, Flash, ECT). I'm fine with your character working under them, unless you can convince me otherwise. Anyway, I feel like this could be a fun alternative to. Feel free to ask questions and let me know what you think.
  3. OctoberSkys

    Fresh Start

    I am ready to start up another adventure. I would like to get back into the swing of things and give myself a dead line again. I am wanting to post every three days for now and move up to a more frequent replies. I am open to any ideas you have and can not wait to hear them!
  4. Deus Ex Aizen

    The Raid

    It is said the road to Hell is paved with good intentions... ...what a load of shit. “Good, you’re here.” A woman turned around, and it was only by the grace of your wits that you realized she wasn’t real. The projection was so life-like, you thought you could smell wild Gardenias on her. She looked Welander, save for her hazel-green eyes. You quickly recognize her as the Queen Regent of Hyperion. “I’ll make this simple. I want to hire you to raid an island for its technology. There is a wall that surrounds the island. Its citizens do not leave. This is not quite the magitech that Genesarians are known for, and mages are not welcomed among the people. I need someone smart and crazy enough to retrieve what I need without endangering my people. Yes. You are expendable, but if you’re the right type for the job, you won’t get killed and still be paid for your services, correct? Assemble a formidable group, I will send the map for you to review. Because the future of the Empire rests on having this technology, you will be greatly rewarded for your services. If many of you survive, I am willing to pay you to remain in my services to work off your crimes in service to the Crown. This will not be menial work, but hard, life-threatening work. Leave now, if you think you can’t hack it. But the rest of you, I’m interested to see who comes forward. We meet at dawn.” All at once, Raveena’s projected image deconstructs—and she is gone. -- So in light of the technology that I intend for Port Kyros, I want to stage a raid on Antigone Isles—which lies directly across the channel from Port Kyros in the Rising West of Genesaris. It’s full of modern and futuristic technology, but it has a startlingly dark history as to how this came about. I want you to steal as much of this technology as you can while you have the chance, be it blue prints, prototypes or finished products. Or die trying. I want the crazy, the hungry, the hopeless, the broken, the greedy, and the needy for this raid! The end game is not only to start generating activity in Port Kyros, but to also form a splinter cell group that will remain in Rae’s services for the foreseeable future. I will not be DMing this, but I am looking at having a storyteller to get involved, who can study Antigone’s lore and create some good obstacles for everyone to overcome (so if anyone wants to volunteer for that, by all means!) It's going to be intense and dangerous so if anyone wants in--let's do the damn thing. And also if you've never seen the Raid movies, watch them. @Bardic Knowledge @danzilla3 @The Hummingbird
  5. Setting: Pirate's Cove, Misral, second largest island in Ursa Madeum. Dead of night, calm weather with a full moon showing. Genre: Medieval fantasy/intrigue Objective: To convince the pirate lord to swear fealty to House Uldwar to serve as a makeshift navy/privateer operation. Danger level (Average): As this is a diplomatic mission, violence is not to be expected, but it is possible. Aggression towards the pirate lord or his lackeys will result in them returning the attack in kind if not worse. The use of characters with calm heads is not mandatory but is advised. Character death will not happen unless owner of character wishes for it to happen. Reward: Substantial amount of gold, recognition within the court of House Uldwar and possibly your own pirate ship. Desired Story Arc (Subject to change by participant request): A secret meeting is being held with the Pirate Lord of the Pirate's Cove in Misral and Lord Uldwar, Patriarch of House Uldwar and majority landowner in Misral. In this secret meeting, Lord Uldwar intends to recruit the Pirate Lord and many of his associates to act as Privateers in behalf of House Uldwar, to both protect their trade routes and harass the ships of their competitors so they may build up their own businesses. Through this House Uldwar would begin to start outfitting and improving on Pirate's Cove, making it it's own bustling city in a sense as the raiding would bring in more gold to the area. One twist that will come of this story is that the second oldest daughter of Lord Uldwar, Mia Uldwar, will be on the ship disguised as a boy. Whether or not you notice her will be up to you, giving you the choice of either turning her in to her father or letting her be and interacting with her a little. Should the pirates discover her it has the possibility of jeopardizing the entire negotiation, that detail is dependent on the people involved. Overall this isn't going to be a very action heavy thread (unless you the participants want to make it such). It really does depend on what the interested parties want. Should a tie come up on this decision I will weigh on and break said tie. What Roles Am I Looking For?: Minimum is one player to play as the Pirate Lord but I can play that role if no one wants to. Other than that you can play as either a mercenary in the employ of either Lord Uldwar or the Pirate Lord to make sure the other doesn't try anything funny. If you wish to participate in a different capacity then that is fine, just let me know and we can work it out on this thread. Please post a character sheet if your character has one (otherwise a short description of who they are and what they do) if you are interested in this kind of story. Expectations: Expectations are good communication, good behavior and an open mind towards other people's ideas. Posting window is once per three days, but I will allow at least a week so long as you let us know in the OOC thread that you need more time. As this will be a canon thread we will be going by the mild power settings and for the standard amount of words per post. Created Opportunities: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!: A valuable shipment of rum has gone missing! Discover it's whereabouts to receive a nice reward from the proprietor of the local taverns within the Pirate's Cove. Quest Type: Repeatable Reward: Some gold and a free night's stay at the tavern. Post Requirement: Ten or more Something stirs beneath the waves...: A sea monster has been spotted making trouble in the seas! Kill it, and bring it's briny hide in for a reward. Be it kraken, hydra, or royally pissed off snapping turtle, they'll be the perfect addition to your maritime legend! Post Requirement: 20 or more Quest Type: Repeatable Reward: If turned in to House Uldwar, a grand party held in your honor with a magical item made from the beast you have slain. If turned in to the Pirate's Cove, a raucous party will be held in your honor, with rum and women aplenty. A magical item will also be made from the beast you have slain. X marks the Spot!: There be buried treasure in a deserted island somewhere in those seas. Find it, claim it as your own, and reap the rewards of your labors! Quest Type: Repeatable Quest Reward: Large sum of gold coins and jewels, plus one item made from the Terran material list. Post Requirement: 20 or more
  6. (Edit: added information about possible rewards, and where I want to take this thread...) Surely, it is common knowledge that wolves are considered to be one of the easiest creatures to slay in modern fantasy and fiction settings; however, if our the strongest NPCs in the Imperial South can't handle them, then surely there is something more to these creatures than meets the eye. The quest I'm looking to take up is in the small shanty of Cobran in Genesaris that had been overtaken during the course of the Whispernight Ragnarok. I am looking for those brave enough to help me liberate this town from the beasts which terrorize the few human inhabitants that still live in it. The rewards for such a task is varied; however there are some pieces of verified loot within the quest details. Aside from that, This quest's purpose is to help reestablish Cobran to its former glory, and perhaps free the Imperial South from the white wolves, and maybe an even more dangerous threat... Now, you are probably wondering: wolves? What makes them so hard to kill, they are just a bunch of normal animals my magic-slinging, sword-wielding, super-amazing adventure can take down with ease. The problem isn't in the strength of these creatures, but their intelligence. Their primary strength lies in the warpack — a group of roughly one hundred fierce and cunning beasts that are as vicious as they are intelligent led by an even more dangerous, sinister leader. The fiends of this area work together, so in short, it will be a small ragtag group of around fifteen challenging an army. There will be wolves, werewolves, beasts of all kinds, and perhaps a few enemies of magical nature that you will be expected to face. The key to this quest will be strategy. Sure, you may believe your character can take on four, maybe five normal wolves at a time; however, don't expect to be able to fight them off from all sides. If you are cornered, that's it. A team of around ten of these monsters should have more than enough the power be overtake you in seconds. The weakness of a single wolf is made up by the rest of the pack. If one goes high, expect the others to go low, to your right, to your left, from behind, and all around. As for the werewolves et al., you should be prepared for whatever cunning tricks they have as they are twisted apparitions out for your flesh. A wolf in man's skin is a hunter that you should be wary of. Perhaps we will be able to free this town from one of two of the dozens of warpacks that occupy it, or perhaps we will be running with our tails between our legs. The choice to join me on this quest is yours. ◆ ◆ ◆ As for the technical parts of this water cooler post, I am looking for a group of around three to seven others. There is currently a group of fifteen soldiers within Cobran right now from caravans as described in this thread (I will have the actual thread up either today or tomorrow, so watch close for updates). Four of the characters in the main party have already been introduced, and are the currently known NPCs (minus Frygg). If you join, then your character(s) will be a part of this group of people who just arrived in the previous linked thread, and are up to date on all of the events that just happened (up to the last post). I am really striving to roll out at least a post by the day. There is a tentative posting order given this quest; however, it is not fixed (essentially there is no posting order, but it would be nice to follow a general pattern). There should be some courtesy time for people who are next to post (around a day since the last written post); however, if you feel that your character is going to do something right there and then, then write, write, write! Sorry for being so stringent about this kind of thing, I am just so used to having really amazing threads written by fantastic writers die out because it was one person's turn and they flaked for a few days without saying anything, allowing others to become bored and abandon thread entirely. Still, if things come up, then just message the group! We can work things out IC, and in the end, real life if more important than our activities here. However, I must stipulate the most important criteria, one that is absolutely necessary if you are to come aboard... You are willing to have a little fun and enjoy writing! I hope that super long paragraph wasn't too discouraging, and I hope to see (and meet) some new faces around here! Join me on this adventure young traveler, and let us craft an adventure unlike any other. To help you decide, here is a cute emoji that describes how I'll feel if you say no: 【 = ◈ ︿ ◈. = 】← sad face
  7. Hey Valucrians! Literate roleplayer here still getting used to the site's many features after a long time away so for the time being i'm looking for a few partners to roleplay with me one on one. I prefer you come up with a plot and i'll agree to it but if it's necessary and you don't have one then I have a plot and a world ready for both of us. My genres include but not limited to: High fantasy(My strongest preference), action, adventure, gore, mythical, supernatural, sci-fi, ero(not the bulk of the story).
  8. Deus Ex Aizen

    What's on the Horizon?

    So the Festival was meant to break in news from an IC perspective, but I also want to throw up future events I have planned and get a general feel for who all is interested in what. I have plans out the wazoo that are slow to come together since we're in the process of renovating plus moving, and then my last semester of college before I head out west for a new job. I really just wanna thank everyone who volunteered to help me kick off Hyperion, and big thanks to Raze for letting me take a crack at two more territories in the Rising West. Also big big thanks to everyone who is thus far participating in the Festival of Lights it's turning out to be quite fun but it's far from over yet. So! I'mma just roll down the list of what's going on, where it's happening and what's coming up. Feel free to chime in, pitch ideas. Hyperion - Terrenus Current: Festival of Lights - Exhibition Matches (MOBs): Because it's mostly for storytelling over a win, I wanted to showcase exhibition matches for the Festival. I'm looking for about seven more people, as I have one volunteer already, for four matches. Quest Board: Hyperion Quests are up, with one completed, one pending. The Cut and Jib Tavern in the Wilds of Terrenus is available for quest members to meet and greet before beginning their quest. The Sadira Amar: This is an open hub thread for shenanigans and casual social RP. It also doubles for those who ICly want to RP having an artifact synthesized or repaired. Future: Honor and Valor: This will be a thread to basically thank and reward those who participated in building Hyperion, assisted in securing Alethea, helped with Port Kyros, as well as those who fought to defend Hyperion in the Festival of Lights. There will be titles grants, land grants, and pretty shinies to be given. The first Hyperion Academy Class Discussion: A poll will go up for the topic to be discussed IC. An official IC/Sign up will go down, with date and time. I plan for this to be a regular thing with the Hyperion Academy. The Mage Guild: I intend to pull together an organization that is honestly a simplified version of the Ministry of Magic, for lack of better comparisons. Within Hyperion, the Mage Guild will be responsible for observing, teaching and regulating magical affairs in the community. Those who run or participate in the guild will be responsible for their own plots, quests and content. Wartime: Having discovered the true killer of Carmine Empire's regent Akako Akari, Raveena is assisting her father in war against the growing empire in the Midlands to bring justice. An Imperial Wedding: Oh lala, a mawwiage. Port Kyros - The Rising West, Genesaris Current: The Raid: Queen Raveena has assembled a ragtag group of mercenaries with the skill and gumption to retrieve advanced technology from Antigone Isle across the bay. She has plans to introduce the technology to boost commerce and overseas trade, but first the group has to make it off the island alive... Future: Welcome Aboard the Nautilus: This will be a periodic Hot Spot, that can double as a pass/fail Quest (not so different from Whispernight). The Nautilus is a re-purposed ship that has become a traveling fine dining restaurant that will travel around Genesaris. Be prepared to encounter epic shenanigans, and most likely fight for your life as you'll likely encounter ridiculous sea creatures, races, and occasionally be tasked with saving the ship from certain doom in exchange for pretty shinies. Here, there be Pirates: I'd like to plan something akin to the Faction Wars in Alethea, but more or less Naval Fleet vs Pirates. It's an organic idea, one that is growing and changing and I welcome ideas and discussions about it. I've already begun running it past a couple of people and ideas are brewing so if you have anything, please bring it to the table to be discussed! Alethea - The Rising West, Genesaris Current: The Enoteca: A Wine Bar doubling as an office and workshop for the Imperial Scrivener Artamese Prewitt. Found an ancient dodaad and dunno what it does? Got wonky magic that you can't read? Got an artifact that needs synthesizing? Bring it to Arty! She'll take a look. Future: Alethea's Charity Tournament: To help restore the city to its glory after the destructive revolution that freed the human populace, Raveena has opted to host a charity tournament. Crowds will be encouraged to place a monetary bet on their favored fighters. Those who lose their match will have their wages put towards funding the city's restoration. The winner of the tournament overall may keep their accumulated value, and will have the option to trade it in for a synthesized artifact. Clan Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Britty - For some time, as I have posted screenshots of my activity from time to time on my profile, at the bottom one will have noticed a project under this name that has been there for nearly a year. This project was inspired by Praetorian volunteering me for clan wars, albeit such a great idea never came to pass. It did inspire me to create an underground city that was inspired by a book I read, and a particular criminal organization underground, and I decided Alethea was the perfect place of turmoil to place this project. I've been working extensively on lore with others, building up to this big political clash in Alethea. The population elected Raveena as Queen, but there are plenty of dissents who would rather see the Beast King's son on the throne. Loyalist and Seperatists have trickled into the underground city of Ikaria, for he who controls Ikaria, controls the city. Thus the turf wars began as groups split off into factions and went to war with one another. As technology--including weaponry--was "lost" from the Raid of Antigone, it made its way from Port Kyros and Alethea, making the growing number of factions fighting with or against the Queen all the more dangerous. This is where you will come in, where you'll be given the opportunity to join a pre-made faction (I have a few to choose from), or create one of your own, and you will roleplay out skirmishes with other factions for control of Ikaria City, which is ruled by a mysterious shadow regent in Raveena's absence. Part of the overarching plot is discovering the true identity of the shadow regent--if you can get through their many puppet regents first. Future Organic Projects: These are still in the brainstorming phase of things, but will come forward as major plots down the line. Port Thea - Ursa Madeum, Terrenus - A sister port to Kyros. I've yet to design a solid concept for it, and will be scouting for a regent once I have that concept nailed down. TOTAL DRAGON ISLAND - Arlais, The Arcane East, Genesaris - I think it's plenty self explanatory...but there will be more, gird your loins. I just wanted a reason to put down TOTAL DRAGON ISLAND. King is working with me on this project so expect great things. Find the Cost of Freedom - Slaver's Enclave, Genesaris - Raveena and Force Majeure Knight Jinsoku are teaming up to bring an end to slavery in the Enclave once and for all.
  9. BiggieSmalls

    The Prometheus Initiative

    The Prometheus Initiative "The Future of Magic is in Social Progress" -The Prometheus Initiative's Motto- The world is a strange, interesting place. Terrenus especially has undergone strange changes, and continues to undergo worrying social and political events, ranging from the Civil War going on in the cities, to the Guild Wars going on in Blairville(brought about thanks to the Safeguard Riots), to the elimination of the security of the common folks' jobs in Hell's Gate, to the conflicts between humanoids and undead in Tia, the civilization within Terrenus is undergoing massive political revolution and change, and thanks to the escalation of conflicts, magic continues to be a source of death and destruction, used as much as a weapon as an axe or sword. Fireballs sear individuals within the streets, organizations with magical clout wield mages like soldiers, and assist in the destabilization of governments, leading to an outcome of war and suffering, where magical knowledge will become commonplace as a weapon, a tool, meant to inflict one person's will onto others, and take control of them through brute force. On top of that, despite the widespread nature of magic, it remains a relatively insignificant part of the lives of the common folk, who rely on their old tools and old ways in order to ensure that things get done, albeit in a way that is rife with inefficiencies. Despite the everyman's access to magical prowess, the mages who would teach them how to apply it to the tools of their trade remain in lofty towers, restrained by their studies, religions, and searches for arcane secrets. This only widens the gap between mages and the common folk, resulting in magic being relatively unused, treated as a strange anomaly amongst individuals, with social progress between these different power groups coming to a screeching, grinding halt, as the search for magical power and secrets of the universe, knowledge that will help individuals understand and secure their own place in the universe, but offer nothing else of substance to the common folk, becomes the norm. However, one mage has decided to try and change that, by starting up a movement he refers to as the Prometheus Initiative. The Prometheus Initiative's goal is to demystify the arcane arts amongst the people, teaching individuals how to wield magics to better their situations, by introducing specific, economically-assisting arcane arts to the common folk. Amongst the P.I.'s goals are the demystification of magic through exposure at all levels of society, the adjustment of the current economic system to allow a new middle-class skilled laborer, introduced in the form of the Mage-wright(a working-class mage), the training of all magical-prowess-having individuals in order to harness their abilities, to use magic to increase the general quality of life of all people at all levels of social class, and the change of magical research from unknowable secrets and warmaking to developing magical tools to improve quality of life and occupational opportunity for the mage-wright class. Hey everybody! Biggie Smalls here! I'm putting this up because I'm curious about whether or not individuals in the community would be interested in joining the Prometheus Initiative, something that I've started through Promethean Banking and Security, an organization built around the idea of mages applying their abilities in order to create businesses that could thrive in ways traditional businesses would not be able to, through the usage of magic. Stuff like magical glyphs and trap runes being used by business mages who would, upon payment, provide arcane runes, locks, and security in the form of charming and enchanting areas to make them more difficult to invade or take over. As I'm sure you can tell, the general goal of the Prometheus Initiative is to improve the quality of life of people with magic. So, if you're interested in joining an organization to apply magic in creative ways to solve the problems of the everyman, and restructure the economy of the world through magical prowess and smart business decisions, feel free to shoot me a PM or leave a message in this thread! If you have any questions about the initiative, feel free to leave them here too, I'd be happy to respond to any questions you guys have!
  10. Izral, also known as the "free city", is also home to an unfortunate bit of slavery Jericho, founding member of the vigilante group Justice out in Terrenus, isn't much of a fan of slavery, no matter where it's at. He has a notion to drop in on Izral and kick some teeth around until he can find the keystone holding it all together so that he can take it all apart Right now my plan for success involves three distinct threads to carry through different arcs. Right now I'm looking for people that also violently oppose the slave trade to help me take it apart; that said I'm also open to players fulfilling other roles in the story, I'd just like to discuss it before hand to make sure the story doesn't get derailed as a consequence I'm not looking for antagonists yet, though I will be for the second arc, because I don't want to rely on a person to provide the opposing force in this plot's infancy If you're interested post here with either a link to a character sheet or a brief bio about who they are and what they can do IC thread
  11. On Biazo Isle, there’s a species of territorial crab called the Bramok. Think big motherfuckers the size of Shaquille O’Neal. Or Big Shaq if that’s more your style. They’re unique to the island’s south-eastern coast, where it’s part ashy jungle (kind of like a lush version of Morrowind), part-lava field. They’ve made their nest in a small canyon located near the base of the Baiyale volcano. Recently, the Bramok have become way too aggressive in their expansion because I need a valid reason to kill them. On top of the crabs, there’s also this loony bin tribe of modern degenerates that worship the Bramok as gods. They hunt for the crabs, protect them from harm, kidnap villagers and sacrifice them for drugs. It’s all very symbiotic. Details on that later, if you’re interested. Basically, the military’s been called in to destroy the Bramok nest and wipe out the tribe. At the same time, this’ll hopefully make the land safe enough for the establishment of a faux-ton post, and maybe a research outpost in the future. My character, Echo, will be a part of this mission. Anyone can join but priority goes to military characters. Also, it isn't first come first served. tl;dr: venture into an exotic wasteland, kill drugged-up tribals, fight multiple Big Shaqs, burn down the nest. Maybe you’ll get paid while you’re at it. This will likely be a bit of a slower, more flexible thread (3-5 days to post?) due to life, other threads, and the fact that, occasionally, I kinda need to sleep. That said, it'll be somewhat of a long-term commitment, though hopefully not too long. I’m looking for about 5 people. Got any questions or comments, lemme know either here or via PM. Same goes if you wanna get in on the action. Thanks for your time, fam
  12. @jaistlyn A mysterious stranger has appeared in Yh'mi. James Eredas, a warrior hailing from the world of Gaia has come to Valucre in search of challenge, danger, and death. He will find plenty of all. The only question is if there will be anybody brave enough to accompany him into depths.
  13. danzilla3

    Rise of Angels

    One hundred miles south of the city of Selemath, a desperate fight for survival is being waged in the unlikeliest of places. The town of Everrun had paid no heed to the recent civil war, feeling they were far enough removed from the fighting to remain neutral. Sadly, this turned out to be untrue, as while they had avoided the fighting, they became a prime target for those driven to desperation and depravity by the conflict. A tribe of bandits descended on the small town, looting, killing, and worse as they swept through the complacent town. Some managed to escape before they could be captured; and they have vowed to take back their homes, and avenge their loved ones. OOC: Yea, it's faction time baby! We're looking for an undecided number of people looking to make their mark on Terrenus. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, comment down below and get with us! And in case you needed another reason to join us, here is a video made by one of our members! Who wouldn't want to adventure with Tony Jaa and Bradley Cooper? Communists. That's who.
  14. Red the Ambivalent

    A demon spawns

    So, I'm looking to drop my demon character back into Val, and since Pk desperately needs my attention, and I'm starting to feel better about writing a bit, I want to introduce her back into PK. She's a close friend of Reds, so she's likely to run under the radar if she were to possibly mess around and cause some trouble. So, as a way to help me get back into the groove, I'm looking for a partner or two to run around Predators Keep and cause problems, nothing stressful or important, just a bit of fun. Any takers!? On another note, I have an ice mage that I could use instead, although she's more on the innocent side and would probably accidentally cause trouble, she's super sweet though.
  15. Etched in Stone

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    To begin, my character is not from this world but from Gaia Primus. There are seven pureblood families. I encourage more Houses to come and play along and join us as a Society of Purebloods. However, I think starting with one which would be Choisel, would be a good start until we find more followers. I was kinda' shaky about this one, seeing as I don't know how Valucre and you all are going to take the idea of a totally new race of vampires here. For the most part I feel, people generally don't like vampires, but we all know how cool these undead beings actually are. These pureblood families are the first of vampires and are considered as the highest ranking from a lineage far, far away. I've looked at the vampires of Valkohyr and we share common abilities for the most part, but this is a different breed of vamp from a totally different world. I have information on the pureblood in my profile if you'd like to look. As for goals I plan to take some things over with time. Primarily I want this to be a unification of Purebloods. Let me know what you think, guys!
  16. Grubbistch

    Extinguishing the Flames of Hate

    Now that House Uldwar has established itself with a new city on the island of Misral, there are many challenges left to deal with. One of the more pressing challenges is the local populace, around one thousand approximately, who are aggressive towards the newcomers to the island. The reason they are angry towards them is thug House Uldwar was once aligned with the Tyrant King Damien before the invasion of Taen. Many times they were sent out to pacify and to subjugate the native people on the island, with many atrocities being committed under the current Patriarch, Oscar Uldwar's, direction. These tensions have flared up in many of the surrounding villages refusing to trade with the people of Port Mars, to more extreme cases of violence being committed to those trying to settle on the land itself. If things aren't taken care of soon, an open revolt is bound to happen, and rumors suggest the natives have access to an old supply cache of weapons leftover from the oppressive regime. Efforts to make peace with the natives so far have not gone well, but the eldest daughter of House Uldwar, Illyana Uldwar, believes her plan will finally create peace. She has commissioned a small convoy of food, medical supplies, clothing and clean water to visit the major villages on the island to help with their needs. It is her deepest hope that this will help foster a more supportive relationship between the ruling government and the local populace so that things can run smoother on the island. However in order for this to work she will need help in protecting the caravan, which is where you folks will come in. I am looking for a small group of people to work with on this writing prompt. In order to make things more interesting and challenging, there is also a no killing rule in effect on this thread. Slaying any of the natives or anyone else in the area that Illyana finds out about, then your character will be fired from this mission and asked to leave immediately. Should Illyana die during this quest the thread will immediately be considered a failure and drastic consequences will be written out as to how that will effect House Uldwar. The turn order is going to be loose because I don't like to keep people in an order. Everyone will post once in a round before I start the next round with a post of my own. The goal of this thread is to reach at the very least three pages, but a minimum is not being enforced. Those that succeed will be rewarded greatly for their services.
  17. aesome

    Seven Swords Stolen!!!

    So @The Shy Fennec gave me a fun idea that he's gonna participate in, as well as myself while storytelling. Taking from an idea from Naruto and the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, I'm bringing a twist to Valucre. A powerful woman has stolen seven mighty blades, each tied to a deep and powerful secret, and has hidden away in her own personal fortress. Located in one of the most dangerous areas in all of Valucre, these trap-laden halls must be traversed and overcome before this enchantress can bind the swords to her will and gain god-like powers. Who wants to join the call and maybe get a one-of-a-kind non-canon item in the process? lol
  18. Kaess Festival of Lights: Arcadia District Kaess Festival of Lights: The Atrium of Lights
  19. Thread: Dancing on Moonbeams! Where: Avylon, Renovatio What: A celebration of Renovatio opening its gates to everyone. When: Spring, at night Something fun and generic for anyone wanting to dip their toes into Renovatio’s amazingness! Anyone and their mothers are welcome to join and mingle and laugh or cause shenanigans - I’m always open to all sorts of shenanigans. I want to keep this completely open for everyone, so don’t feel shy or overwhelmed, and if you need help understanding anything, don’t hesitate to ask me. What you should know: It’s been a very, very long time since Renovatio has willingly opened its arms to the world of Valucre. After the loss of their Grande Kommandant Merida Persona, her death a punctuation to the beginning deterioration of Renovatio; the disappearance and then reappearance of Merida’s daughter Primera, the now Grande Kommandant; recovering the Will of Renovatio, reawakening the Star Gates scattered around the floating land piece to keep it in the sky; Renovatio is now ready to make itself known on the map. The plague completely taken care of, and the Will of Renovatio now back in the proper hands of Grande Kommandant Primera Cartyr, Renovatio is back and safe to prosper. Having been in control for some time now, Primera has sent a summons to anyone willing to accept one to come visit her home and discover its wonders. This is also an opportunity to anyone wanting to talk politics with the woman in control of all of Renovatio and her associates. This will be a rather large festival full of food, dancing, drinking, and the usual events that comes with a colorful night festival. Star Gates These gates are portals that open to very specific stars that burn beyond the gates pearly exterior. Each of the four main cities of Renovatio have a Star Gate: Avylon, New Martyr, Oo’Xora, La Guardia. The stars are the once fabled Manabai’wok Steorra had given the human man she had loved forever ago; with their discovery, they’ve kept Renovatio from crumbling and are currently the reason why it is still floating, making the Will of Renovatio unnecessary in that regard. Each gate is heavily protected by Primera's Will, a bastardization of her own abilities given by birth through her father Justice Cartyr (a man who was taken from her far too soon by The All-Mighty Primus), and her mother Merida Persona who was a devout follower of Primus, meshed with the Will of Renovatio that is fully under her control and only her control. The Will helps the coldness from the heavens remain inside the gates and also ensures that nothing goes in and nothing comes in, unless permitted. Secondly are the guardians of each gate, specially picked to protect the gates, just as an extra layer to the precautions already in place. Each individual has their own set of particular skills and they are not afraid to use them, so please be respectful. Visitors are welcomed and even encouraged to visit the gates, for they are indeed a sight to see! There are a few shrines beneath each one where people have paid their respects for the Goddess Steorra and her blessings, since it's through her aid that Renovatio is still in place and that Primera is able to rule as she does. Story of Steorra Steorra, the Maiden of our Moon, the Mother of our Salvation, the Besotted of Primus. Her fable is sad, as most are, and it began at a time before when the land of Renovatio was wild with freedom and beauty unimaginable. She watched over us, smote by His hand, she made her home on the Moon where she watched the children of Primus shape and form into beings blessed with unimaginable beauty and grace. Lonely, for He refused any entrance to her pearly realm, but not alone the woman of the Moon found companions in the stars created by her timid hand. The milkways, the belts, the planets, and beyond, all are touched by her soul in poor attempts to show that she is indeed worthy to be looked upon by the people of Renovatio as something to be revered - loved. As a sign of her strength and power she created the Manabai’wok - giants. These creatures made from the sky itself are wild beasts that, from snout to tail, reach a magnificent nine feet and weigh about seven hundred pounds. A mane of wild hair trails down the length of their slender backs, only to end at the tips of their busy tails. Beautiful for they are in the likeness of Him, peaceful for Her touch is gentle, and playful for they are for the People - they kept the moon less lonely. Eager for love, it is written that the Maiden had fallen in love with a mortal, and though the love may have been true to her, it was not for the man. For twenty-one days he would stay with the Maiden, plucked from the beauty of Renovatio to occupy Steorra’s cold realm, he lived in harmony for those days before being returned to his home. Sadly his intentions became clear, as his only wish was to capture the Manabai’wok. Through his stays he gained the Maiden’s love and trust, which in turn her truest companions also shared the same feelings towards the man. Once the truth is revealed she does not spite the man in any way. Instead she allows him to take five of her precious Manabai’wok to Renovatio, learning that he only wanted the giants to help protect his new home. Giving thanks for her love and kindness, the man swears to always remember the Maiden and rightfully praise her name. Simply put, Steorra’s grief is grand. It’s said that her tears created the endless band of stars that can be seen in the night sky. Steorra was lost to history, replaced by the current patheon and Primus’ neglect. She and her creations were forgotten to time. Until now. The Manabai’wok The Original Five are named: Canopus, Rigel, Hadar, Acrux, and Deneb. Once a Manabai’wok chooses his/her Master, they are bound together till death. A sign of their binding are dark tattoos dug into the right arm of their Masters, the designs ranging differently on each person. A Manabai’wok rarely chooses a Master that may be considered overly powerful or blessed by the Gods, instead preferring to choose those that are purely human, helping them keep the balance by showing the purity of being powerful in their own simplicity. On death, the Manabai’woks soul will return to the Moon, reuniting with their Maiden. If she so chooses, Steorra will return the Manabai’woks soul to Renovatio, allowing it to be reincarnated in the form of a human that can transform into the original form of the giant. But if she chooses to keep the giant, they will simply be added to the starry sky. The original five giants were made stars, and before they were discovered, they couldn’t be found in the constellations, making most believe that the Maiden had kept them for herself. With Steorra’s reawakening, Manabai’wok run freely across Renovatio, and there is only one recorded individual that’s rumoured to be a reincarnation of the original five.
  20. Trevor Wisegem

    Evil Lurks in the Darkest Corners

    Yo would anyone be interested in doing something with my character A'rrazaah? I feel like I haven't really used him, and I want more people to see just how much of a dick he is XD I don't really know what I have in mind, I just want to like... cause destruction. lol. He is also on a personal quest, that I haven't had any idea how to start here so he's just neglected (lol). So yeah, if anyone wants to destroy a few towns with him, let me know I just want to use him, but I don't know where to add him. So if someone could help, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  21. As a general note, some of the territories in mind for this quest are either already in process of becoming something, or have plans to be turned into something once discovered/settled. Circumstances surrounding region details and viable rewards will be fully discussed and agreed upon prior to one starting this quest. At large, the mainland region outside of Ventus Temple as well as Oo'Xora Capital and the lot of its neighboring chain of islands are the ideal targets of this quest. I will try to provide a visual references of the areas most available to the request above. Feel free to stick around and inquire about not only the quest above, but also about planned development in mind for the region as a whole. There's no telling where your interests lie if you're simply unaware.
  22. Years ago I tried making an opt-in bounty list but it didn't get used very much. My speculation is that most people didn't even see it, but also I think that people who wanted to use it as a storytelling element didn't put enough orchestration into it and people that wanted to use it as a means to engage in combat didn't have a simple and concrete means to resolve conflict. Basically the idea for my little trial is as follows: The system of combat resolution is the TDS, Chip Damage variant (explained in link above), along with the dice roller Both parties can agree to use the OBS alternatively If you want a bounty on your character, post here with a link and I'll update the bounty list Designate whether your bounty should be taken Alive / Dead or Alive If I get enough interest I'll come up with a classification system to determine bounty value and reward If you want to be a bounty hunter, post here with a link and I'll update the hunter list For hunters going after Alive only bounties, the end result for either the bounty or the hunter will always be incapacitation. For hunters going after a DOA, the character death can go both ways Note that administration does not usually enforce character deaths but will do so in Terrenus for any characters volunteered for the bounty list, since it is opt-in If you enter a bounty hunter and don't use him they'll be flagged as unreliable and ineligible for jobs (at a player level, not just a character level) If you enter a bounty and don't play your character in threads, at the very least when requested by a bounty hunter for the purposes of fulfilling the bounty, then your character will be considered caught. Any further play with that character will only be recognized if you perform a successful Escape first. See below for more detail on escapes. Cool down period: A bounty that successfully beats their hunter enters into a 30 day cool down period where they cannot be hunted again. This is in lieu of a "running away" mechanic Agreeing to be placed on one or the other list is agreeing to the above conditions so if you don't like it then don't sign up. That said I invite members to take this basic system and modify it however they wish to run their own bounty system, but if you keep most of what I've written a link back here would be appreciated. Running away In order to run away you need to prep at least 1 time, even if you are using the prep-less Basic module. 1 = 25% chance of escape 2 = 50% 3 = 75% 4 = 100% You cannot attack and prep to escape in the same turn. Instead your character should be turning their attention on explaining the advantages that give them a better chance of escape, such as a smoke bomb, running into a crowd, putting on a disguise, etc. You can run away immediately, with a low chance of escape, or hope that your HP holds out while you prep for a greater chance Prison and Escaping This is something I haven't tried before. Anyone caught by a bounty and not considered dead is placed into prison, which will be a single thread in which prisoners can make posts to try and escape. Prison thread and instructions here Am open to feedback but note that doesn't mean I'm committing to any changes. So if you're interested, post below with your character. If they're a bounty, what crimes did they commit? If they're a hunter just say so. As I get more people I'll make a list in this first post. Rewards Terran material Weapon class of any Standard material Object class of any Government material (except Silveril) A reward from the rewards table of Bi'le'ah; rerolling if it lands on material or artifact Unclaimed Jennifer Mullins | Alive | Government | Mass murder Jasper Shade | Alive | Government | Grand larceny; assault and battery Aerona El-Amin | Alive | Government| Illegal gambling; petite larceny Raven Kanzaki | Alive | Private | Treason from Predator's Keep; smuggling; destruction of private property from Orisia; resisting arrest; murder Arashi Sato | Alive | Government| Theft; destruction of public property Lucian | DOA | Government | Mass murder; felony assault; destruction of property Black | DOA| Government | Mass murder; felony assault; destruction of property Claimed Kallias | DOA| Government | Mass murder; felony assault; destruction of property - Targeted by Feng Jun-fan in first day of his/herlife Fulfilled Uric Densaw | Alive | Private | Reneging on a contract job and taking the loot for himself - Fulfilled by Willow Church in PM. Capture successful. Item reclaimed and returned to original owner. Rin | DOA | Government | Mass murder; felony assault; destruction of property - Fulfilled by Alexander Polybius in blades and spears. Capture successful. Rin placed in prison. Dan Palmer | Alive | Government | Grand larceny; assault and battery - Targeted by Terryn Rosk in Unwanted Attention. Capture successful. Dan placed in prison. Bounty Hunters Willow Church Feng Jun-fan Alexander Polybius Selandra Windfall Terryn Rosk changelog 2017-12-31: added option for "orchestrated battle system"/OBS 2017-11-22: added prison thread; added rewards 2017-11-29: added "cool down" period 2017-12-08: added "run away" mechanic
  23. The Shy Fennec

    Stuck in a New Land [Interest Check]

    Alright, still new, so this is a fairly open RP thread, located between the desert and tundra of Terrenus. Now, since I'm new, so's my character! Fresh into this strange world, she has no idea where to go, but forward. Feel free to join, probably with a newer character, whenever you'd like here! Just be sure to let me know!!! You can also join the OOC here!
  24. In the summer of 26 AO, the coffee-fueled, aspiring captain Harlow Foster set out on seemingly normal shore leave to visit the World Fair San Yara Menagerie with two of her best shipmates in tow. Amongst the event’s boisterous crowd, the three found themselves drawn to a particular tent, in which participants were promised to “learn the power of the mind” by way of an up-close encounter with an ancient, powerful Harpy known as HocusPocus. During her time on stage, the giant bird appeared to hijack Harlow’s body, launching her into a perpetual reverie that would prove difficult to end. Upon surviving the mind-altering experience, the Captain-to-be would find herself haunted by depictions of a ship she didn’t know or recognize, and after suffering through weeks of relentlessly repetitive visions, Harlow would finally decide to set out in search of it. Despite harboring doubts of this mystery ship’s existence, Harlow’s right-hand weapons master (who’d previously accompanied her to the Fair), Kalco, would join Harlow in her quest to discover the truth behind her dreams. The two, along with a third newfound friend, Donovan, would venture from Blairville, through the Wastelands, to the Dead Peaks, in search of the foretold ship. Along the way, the triad came to realize they were being followed by someone known as the Black Mantis, who appeared fixated on Kalco (for reasons unknown), and who would ultimately attempt to deter them from both finding the hidden ship and keeping their comrade Kalco at their side. After a top-of-the-mountain, violate exchange with the Mantis, Harlow and Donovan would win out in acquiring the ship, but would end up losing something far more valuable. In the end, upon returning to Kalco’s position at the base of the Dead Peaks, the duo would find their friend gone, save only a bit of blood as the lone surviving artifact of her presence. Since then, Harlow has spent her time in search of her lost friend and preparing to bring justice to those responsible for Kalco’s disappearance. It's now 28 AO. Feeling ready, and knowing that it’s unlikely she’ll succeed alone, Harlow, now Captain of the Cloudstrider, has begun her search for a qualified, diverse line-up of hires to help seek out her first official target: The Black Mantis. Wahoo! This is the main story-line for my character Harlow. Looking for 2 - 3 people to join, nothing huge. Ideally looking for those a-okay with slower paced/longer-form RP with a real interest in collaboration. There will be combat and experiences in this thread that’ll be partially driven by dice rolls, and some things driven by player character details. Also open to helping others advance and move forward their own character plots, so if there’s something you think your character might be able to achieve for themselves in this thread, definitely want to hear about it. That said, would love to have any of the following sorts of characters round out the crew (I'm open to more than this, but wanted to provide some kind of direction): - Heavy / Mercenary - Mage / Healer (bonus for those who have experience with phylacteries) - Hunter / Tracker - Scholar / Folklore Expert Please post character sheets if you’ve got ‘em, or any kind of additional information you can provide, if you don’t have one. I’d like to gauge interest before making any decisions on who’s in, so I have a chance to balance out the team, if needed. Finally, please note that this thread will be canonized! Aaand, that’s it! Happy to answer any questions.
  25. Grubbistch

    Reclaiming What is Ours

    This writing prompt is a focus on the aftermath between the small trade war between House Aetherion and House Horbrace in the Great North. The short end of this story is that the two noble families went into a trade war after Horbrace slighted Aetherion, and Aetherion subsequently won said war. Now House Horbrace has been forced out of the Great North leaving all their holdings to the victor House Aetherion. Unfortunately there are a few problems to deal with before they can fully settle on their new land. Three of the biggest problems are: Setting Rewards Requirements I am looking for one to three people to take part (more can take part if enough interest is gathered) with a loose turn order with every post round being started by myself. This thread will likely not have much action in it, leaning more towards character development and diplomacy.