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  1. ... and not for the sake of a joke. Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! Today, I bring you an opportunity that's a little out of the ordinary. Tracking down and obtaining an artifact is pretty typical fare, isn't it? Group meets in a bar or something, intrepid leader susses out the details, and the merry band of adventurers is of to seek out an object of great power- but, oh, how often have you seen somebody undertake a quest to take an existing artifact and make it stronger? To take one of those objects of great power and make it another cut above? That there is precisely what I'm here for. I'm looking for a partner with which to undertake this task. But I'm not opposed to making this a group of 3 or 4, depending on how much interest I get! As this will be raising a B-class artifact to an S-class, it will be three pages long, making up the difference between the artifact class requirements. Standard norms for my threads apply: skipped if no word about posting status after three days, posting order established by the order of the first round, etc. etc.
  2. Original interest check Mechanics 1) Health Points (HP) When a character suffers physical damage, their HP is lowered. At tip top condition, they are able to perform 3 actions in a turn. As they get injured, their movements slow and they get less and less actions. Your number of actions for the turn is based on your HP at the start of your turn. You don't immediately gain an extra action after healing, only on the next turn. Every character starts with 5 HP. 2) Sanity Sanity affects your character's state of mind. The less sane you are, the more likely you are to miss or damage yourself, or even attack your team mates. I leave it to each of you as to what low sanity means for your character. Sanity rolls are applied per action, so if you use your first action to increase your sanity, you can use the improved sanity for the next action. Characters who participated in the first arc starts from sanity of 4 due to mental exhaustion from the previous failure and prolonged stay in Yh'mi. Fresh characters start with sanity of 5. 3) Skills Unlike the previous round, your character has a set of skills that they draw from, which differs from character to character. Each character will choose a set of skills from the skills list below. This will form the list of actions that your character gets to choose from every turn. Everyone will get 3 normal skills. On top of that, characters from the first thread will get 3 special skills, and new characters only get 2 special skill. The extra 1 special skill represents the characters gaining experience from the last battle and being able to form a better strategy for this fight. Movement does not require an action, but the distance you can move per turn should make narrative sense. Choose the actions that fit your character's fighting style the most! Support characters (heal, buff etc) could be as useful as offensive characters. Normal skills (choose 3 for your character) - Has no usage limit. Can be stacked in that turn (e.g. attack 3 times). You can delay 1 action over to the next turn (e.g. if you have 3 actions, you can delay 1 action so you have 4 the next turn). Special skills (existing characters choose 3, new characters choose 2) - Each one of these actions can only be used 3 times throughout this whole Furthest Point Part 2 arc. These actions are still affected by sanity, but if they miss or backfire, then they are not considered to be used. Use them wisely! Q: Can I choose an action not on the list when building my character's skills? A: Yes, but run your idea by me for approval please! Q: Can I change my skills halfway through the thread? A: I have no plans to allow for that right now, but if we find any of the skills problematic later on, I may allow a change. Put your characters here!: IC thread:
  3. High above the beds of Lagrimosa and Genesaris, comfortable on their even plane, a world away from the world remains nestled in the air—Cierno, the floating islands. Here, water and rock share the sky, with rivers that dance with the wind and towers that stab the clouds. Yet, for all this glory and grandeur, Cierno was not so different from her cousins with regard to her makeup; she just happened to be floating above both. The latest rumor also did not speak toward Cierno in the clouds but, rather, a city on a cloud floating far beyond. The rumor, however, remains only thus. One man is determined to change that. Elgar E. Tosenrun has sent the flyers throughout Cierno and the world below, calling on adventurers to take to the clouds and find only one which may hold a city on its very surface. This was the opportunity for discovery and exploration, to brave the skies and solve a mystery with the promise of reward. So, there in Highcroak Tavern in Nu Martyr, Elgar would remain, waiting comfortably for a small group of voyagers to help him find this city and unlock its treasures for all the world to see! Looking for a group of four max (myself included) to explore the skies via airship, chasing after the tale of a city said to dwell on a cloud itself. I will settle for just one other person if it comes to it! I'll serve as light GM, nudging the story along while taking part in it, with help from my fellow roleplayers. We'll start out in Nu Martyr, Nehalen, Cierno, in Highcroak Tavern in the city. Since a particular portion of the roleplay will have our characters be airborne, I figured we could all share my character's airship. Either that or we each have our own hot air balloon and play bumper balloons? I plan on having the IC thread up by this weekend. I didn't mention the brevity rule because it is not in play but I am going to encourage it nonetheless! Any takers? IC thread
  4. The Five W's Who: 4 players max (including yours truly) | Choose your own character What: Action, adventure, mystery, sci-fi, cyberpunk/post-cyberpunk, city When: Present day Where: Martial Town, Lagrimosa Why: Futuristic setting to explore and engage while telling an appropriately themed story via collaborative effort Ride with me to Martial Town! The Neon City is a myriad of neon lights one moment and flashing muzzle fire the next. Like a bowl of cereal, life is great, or it sucks like soda through a straw. Sometimes it's a bit of both. It's good, it's bad. It's cyberpunk. In Martial Town (and unless supernal's reading this and knocks my noggin with a corrective coiled newspaper) there are three primary 'districts': The Peripherals mark the city limits/suburbs and are slums ruled by gangs (law: low); The Buffer is the main urban area of the city for residential, commerce, entertainment and shopping, and is (mostly) policed by the MTPD (law: medium); The Core is the city center with a focus on political and corporate power, including company and government headquarters, and is policed by the military (law: high). We're going to start out in the Buffer. Namely, in the CyberFunk Cafe (blurb in Martial Town page). Our story will follow themes of action and adventure, sci-fi and mystery, with a cocktail of political and criminal intrigue. Choose your own character, from private investigator to cafe server to whatever works best for you, because our PCs will all be strangers to one another who are quickly plunged into a problem regardless of their career choice. You'll find out what that problem is in just the first few posts! Till then, my OP will have enough foundation to play with, from news on TV to living NPCs and an excuse for me to showcase CyberFunk. There will even be IC clues as to what will shortly happen! I'll serve as 'light GM' with some serious emphasis on 'light'. I know the bare basics of our building blocks but basically after the first few posts we'll all be relying on each other to tell this tale. This is very much a collaborative effort both IC and OOC so get that imagination ready to rock and roll! There will be a posting order that will be determined by whoever posts first after my OP and pace is 1P/3D. Are you cyberpunks up for it?
  5. One of the next holidays is Valentine’s Day, so in honor of this I have decided to have a Valentine thread or two. There are six different areas in Seinaru Forven, and each one will have a lucky winner to a well thought out Valentine date. The events will be planned, and the theme will be around romance/love. This does not mean your character has to find love, or get into the romance of the moment. This is just a normal free event with a Valentine theme. How your character decides to react in the events will be up to you. I have a character that can be the date for every one of the areas, but if enough people are interested I can set up the event and others can enjoy the threads. I can participate in at least two threads, but no more. The posting time will be up to the participants. If in a thread with one of my characters there will be a three day wait before I will be able to post a response. This event will only be available until Valentine’s Day, so if the thread has not begun before then it will be closed to new participants. If the thread is two full pages or more and finished, it will be added to the canon of the area. If you are interested please post your interest in this interest check and add the character you'd like to participate with. Here are the dating options: Dashkanchay To begin the date in Dashkanchay we will start with a tour of the city in a romantic carriage ride. This will be a great opportunity to introduce yourself to your date and to set the tone for how you want the event to go. The carriage will lead you over to a theater where there will be a play to attend and dinner afterward to discuss what you have seen with your date. The next day the event will include a night at a local museum where you will admire the art, history, and collections. Karmathen This date will begin with a couple’s tarot reading from a local fae who lives in the area. It will reveal more about who you are dating as well as your possible futures. Then you will move toward a paint and sip event, where you will drink wine or spirits while painting a canvas for your date. It will be a fun activity and you get to take home a souvenir. The next day you and your date will participate in a Valentine’s sweets contest. The best tasting concoction will win a prize of gold and the reputation of best chef. Lo’Bre In this event we begin with a poetry reading centered on a love theme. You could choose to bring your own love poetry or just listen to the poetry of others as you get to know your date. After that you will make a trip to the Blues Bar, where wonderful music is played and wonderful food to enjoy. The next day you will be participating in staying overnight at the local haunted hotel, where no one sleeps. It is a place where people go to see the supernatural, and you might have an opportunity to sooth your date’s fear as you take on the scary other-worldly occupants. Kinumo Here you will begin with a game. This game is a game of clues to escape the room and win. It is a great way to break the ice and get to know your date. The next day you will be having a picnic under the tree of knowledge, and the day will end with stargazing with your date. Dawic What better way to get to know your date then to go on a romantic gondola ride? Enjoy the beautiful sights of the area as you get to know your date. Later on you will take a tour to see the swamp monster, one of the most famous myths of Dawic. See if the creature appears for you and your date as a bonding experience. Then the next day you will be going on a scavenger hunt in the sea caves. Find all the objects to beat the others playing the game and win a trophy. Eneraith Climb the black mountains of Eneraith, which will be full of obstacles. When you reach the top you and your date will be rewarded with a spa day in the famous hot springs. The next day there will be a bonfire to celebrate the romantic holiday, and Wyvern rides will be given to those interested in soaring in the darkened skies by the full moon.
  6. "That might be the most important thing to understand about humans. It's the unknown that defines our existence. We are constantly searching, not just for answers to our questions, but for new questions." –Benjamin Sisko, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Born to Be Wild - IC thread Chesterfield De Viento Hey, folks, it's your friendly neighborhood Shize-Man again, kek, here to spin my webbing and capture some flies. Guess what? You're the flies! AND YOU'VE FALLEN INTO MY TRAP Some of you may successfully escape. Others will remain with me into eternity...or at least unto the end of our roleplay? Courtesy of our Supreme Commander, there exists a place in Lagrimosa called Chesterfield. It is a field of chests. Or is it? It's not. It's an urbanized science fantasy western nation-state city and city-state nation, but you're better off learning more about it from the corresponding link. Within the region of Chesterfield there is this pretty spiffy forest called De Viento. That's Spanish for "of wind". It's catchy. I like it. I also like the theme of this forest and I quote: " A forest where the trees are living bioships." Living. Bioships. Know of another place like this in Valucre? Me neither, so I'm sold. Yay. Here's another quote: "When they reach budding age, they can be bonded with, boarded, and used as functional transport." Budding. Bonded. Boarded. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. I mean, I'm probably not planning on going the Battlestar Galactica route anytime soon, but I am taking the route that leads to my getting a bioship. In this thread called Born to Be Wild, my character, Tyra Delane, has just arrived in the city of Chesterfield to eventually make her way to De Viento and see if she can't procure herself a bioship all flippity-flip. I've never done a roleplay like this before so I am quite excited fufu to the mufu. The question I have for you is...WHO'S WITH MEEEEEEE supernal posted the De Viento lore page on May 26 of this year. What that could mean for us OOC is that we could translate our new knowledge of this area to the IC level. What that bout of nonsense means is that maybe your character has just learned of this forest where the trees are living bioships and, like my character, wants to get one. You of course don't need my thread to do that but, since I'm starting off in a 'tavern hub' setting, you have the option of banding with me to discover this perennially awesome bioship place. Personally, I'm going for a fairly long and in depth roleplay for this one. I plan on spanning multiple threads where my character will ultimately acquire a bioship and familiarize with it. I'm a firm believer in there being a time and a place for jumping right in and taking off but I don't think that this is one such occasion. So, yeah. I don't have subtitles or bullet points to put in this WC thread because this isn't so much an event thread as a who's-with-me thread. I can solo this shindig, or get feelers down the road as roleplay rolls on, but I want to open this up to the public off the bat because I think that De Viento is as stellar as the stars. If you want to join me now or later, feel free. I'll eventually max my IC thread out on participants depending on how things go. For now, post at your leisure, or hit me up here with any questions because, as much as I can ramble, I usually cover less than the basics. On that note, the IC thread has this rather long 'journal entry' that you can totally skip without missing anything. Otherwise, I'll see you on the field of chests.
  7. Adventure calls to you, will you answer? My character, Thyphainne Gladesinger, along with some of her fellow paladins from the Oathkeepers, will be investigating the ruins of Old Khaiperon, in the mountains below Hell's Gate. This is going to be a perilous mission, where we are likely to encounter bloodthirsty bands of humans who had gone mad from the previous destruction that had been reigned down upon the city, as well as other hazards that await. If you'd like, you may join as either a character already made, or have your character along as part of the Oathkeepers, or even make a new character that is already part of the Oathkeepers if you desire. All that truly matters to me, if I'm being honest, is that we all have a good time playing out this story. Those that are interested please post here and we can figure out the basics like character motivation, rewards, and anything else you can think of. [IC Thread]
  8. Hey! My name is Nesy and I am pleased to meet you. Looking for roleplayers. My character is here^ My nation is a social democracy and I'd like for people to visit it and roleplay with me! Anybody actually! Anybody wanting to roleplay with an alien who became elected by the people? You got me right on! ^ And here is also the thread. The people are funded on Egalitarian principles and respect anybody's sexuality! Let's say people are equal, it's pretty much a democracy. More information can be given here or in PMS! Jump in anytime! Ask me anything! Thank you. PST: An important note: If you want to see how the political parties are looking like, then here is more information down below! Parlimentery information: Political parties: 5 Total seats: 380 Here is a representation of the parliment, this is how it looks like basically from the seats. Party information: Black: Kommunistiske Union: 25 / 380 seats Red: Social democrats of Agana 315 / 380 seats Yellow and black: Market Socialist party of Agana: 15 / 380 seats Brown and red: Anarcho-Kommuniste: 20 / 380 seats Gray: Jernpartieske front: 5 / 380 seats More detailed information:
  9. There's a dragon waking up in Black mountain over in Seinaru Forven! There's a city on the top of this mountain, so as you can imagine this causes some problems as the dragons waking is causing earthquakes, and avalanches. So we need to go stab this dragon a whole bunch with pointy sticks as dragons resist magic pointy sticks. I'm looking for 1 to 3 more people to help me with said poking of a dragon and sense I know most people need incentive I come prepared with free cakes for all! And you know... I guess the base reward of a dragon egg and possible dragon scales... But I know the cake should be enough. Comprehensive list of details: Goal: Found dragon's cave and poke it a bunch Stab every pie on the way Needs: 1-3 more people to help poke dragon Rewards: Free cake from yours truly as a bribery for friendship incentive, and the quest rewards of dragon egg and/or dragon scales Location: Black Mountain/Eneraith in Seinaru Forven Pace: I would prefer once every day or once every 3 days if once a day isn't possible. I will remind you after a week before skipping you PS: Rainbow sheep might be spotted on the way and they look cool. Quest is dragon legend in that post should you wish to investigate it yourself. Pointy Stick Army: @Dabi (Dauner) @AthenasFire (Vivian, The Archivist) @L E V I A T H A N (Saul [Correct me if this is the wrong link just what I found]) @Fallen Joy (Ferrah [Character is listed on the page]) @Sirloin (Kaia, The Blind Archer) (Gone?) OOC: IC Thread
  10. Do you need a mercenary company? I'm not talking about a lone swordsman—though, to my own detriment, I have those in spades—but a full-fledged organization of mercenaries who offer their services for coin or otherwise. These are not your romantic pay-me-for-great-justice knights in shining armor who conveniently employ a group of pages to keep their armor shining despite their mercenary status. These are hardened folk who, at least on the surface, are primarily motivated by coin. Pay them enough money and they will fight for you. Pay them even more money and they will kill for you (hey, just look up Niccolo Machiavelli for why you should not rely on mercenaries since they are more willing to "damage" the enemy at lowest risk to themselves, if they turn up at all). Granted, even beyond some idealized notion of fighting for coin but really for peace, my mercenaries do have more going for them than simply getting paid. They may have their own agenda, but if the price is right then they will work their agenda within yours or put it on hold for the sake of a bounty. After all, everybody needs to earn a living, right? What better way to get paid than to let one's sword earn the currency? On that note, you might recognize the term "sellsword", but I also have 'sellsails' in my midst. So, if you need a mercenary company that takes to land or one that takes to water, I have you covered on both fronts. Lost Scions Led by Captain Veron Blacktear, the Cat's Eye, these guys are far from scrupulous. In fact, unless you're a total jerk and/or don't really care about collateral damage or what happens to the folk on the way between Point A and Point B, you're probably better off forgetting that you ever heard about the Bloody Mongrels. Operating primarily in Lagrimosa, these guys are a savage bunch. They are motivated by presently unknown reasons beyond gold and cash (currently they have seen action for the Skarr Clan of Verm) but the latter should not be overlooked; much of their membership prizes greed above all else and they will maim and murder to obtain it. Despite their forté for death and suffering, once the Lost Scions are given a contract they will fulfill that contract from beginning to end. They will not break the bind. Look at other sellswords around the world and how quick they are to change sides from this army to that one when a better proposition comes along. They will backstab and betray by the changing wind. Not the Lost Scions. A merciless and mutilating band of brigands, but they will at least honor their contract. ...They might fulfill their job and then be hired by someone else for a new job against their previous employers, sure, but that's not exactly betrayal, is it? Ironborn If you want swift justice, look to these sellsails. The Ironborn operate out of the Iron Justice, a watercraft that can sail on sea or river. The Ironborn are led by Captain Wallace Ambrose, the Iron Captain. Their preferred trade is that of hunting pirates, and to that end they do so with brutal efficiency. You probably have heard of dread pirates roaming the seas in all four cardinal directions, pillaging and plundering at will. But have you heard of the one ship in their midst, that one with a black and red hull, a hammerhead corvus, a lightning bolt for a ram, a figurehead of Lady Justice, black and blindfolded and howling with sword and scales? This is the ship that the dread pirates dread. The Iron Justice is currently operating in Ursa Madeum. They have been terrorizing pirates left and right, sailing into sponsored domains with corpses swaying and their living prisoners shackled in irons to receive their justice. The Ironborn will not go out of their way to make a bystander's life difficult, but best not to get in their way. These are a cold and hard folk, their lives spent hunting down groups and individuals who the average person would not dare cross paths with. Their captain is relentless and unwavering in his crusade to eliminate pirates and he has no imagination that is constrained in any way to make them suffer. The Ironborn are also known to employ themselves as privateers, more or less the legal version of pirates with letters of marque to harry rival states and factions, and as mercenaries to fight with fleets or carry out solo operations beyond hunting pirates. The latter is their game but they have many enemies as long as the hand pays enough to take those enemies out. So, do you need a mercenary company? Land or water? Is morality a code that holds you back? Then you might want to reconsider this thread...otherwise, sign up here...and may your soul be saved...
  11. I'm looking to write a story on this site, and hoping I can find fellow creative writers here to embark on this endeavor with me. The goal is to write fairly frequently with a minimum of at least one post per day. I'm willing to write any type of story, so for people who want to dedicate a little bit of themselves to exploration and fiction, please feel free to share ideas with me on a story you want to write. I don't really have a character, and I'm with either adhering to Valucre's lore or creating new lore. I like all types of stories, but since this is a collaborative art, I think dramatic personal stories would be for the best. Stories that have characters with goals that require interacting with and understanding other writer's characters in order to achieve said goals. Stories like The Shawshank Redemption, Romeo & Juliet, The Darjeeling Unlimited, and The Godfather, etc. (Random, I know, but these stories focus on the characters, not the action or something you see in a Heroes Journey type of tale) *Note, this is simply a preference, and I'm willing to adapt and expand my horizons in writing and reading.
  12. Hey folks- throwing a quick interest check out there. Phoebe is looking for a winter home in Genesaris and would like to dive in and talk to some locals in Mageside; specifically, she's looking pull up a stool at a bar and talk with people who have knowledge of the culture, carmine vampires, what-the-fuck-with-the-emperor, all the religions, the mageside council, that-ugly-vampire-temple-in-mageside, how-do-feel-about-life, why-aren't-we-all-just-food, etc. You know, normal drunk bar talk. So, down to the nitty gritty: What's in it for you? First, easy, fun, slice-of-life, roleplay Gossip-mongering; who doesn't love gossip? A chance to make yourself known to Phoebe and the Dead, though she'll be masquerading as Riha Carthrage. However, if you and she have overlapping needs, beautiful things can happen! I'll OOCly be using this to start to flesh out plots in Mageside, so if you're down for something in particular let me know. What's in it for Phoebe? IC knowledge. I like to get my gossip the old fashioned way, so the things you say will be things that enter the IC world and might be used to support decisions. Contacts and a more real-world understanding of Mageside and the Carmine Dominion I'll probably have the thread up later today or tomorrow. In the meantime, hit me up with any questions.
  13. In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. Blade Sweeper After its devastating role in the sinister razing of Blairville off the face of Terrenus one dozen years ago, this Legendary S-Class Airship from Genesaris disappeared into the darkest pages of Valucre's history. Both the victims and perpetrators of its greatest attack willingly piled the dirt of current events over the wartime catastrophe until Blade Sweeper was buried by time. That is, until the demons who lurk under politicians' beds and in their closets at night, came for their cut. That is, until the Dead came for its reprisal. Looking for 1-2 Players This is a grand opportunity for an outsider to join the Dead in their pursuit of Blade Sweeper. Respond to this Interest Check to join us for a mission and potentially, membership in the Best Damn Crime Syndicate on Valucre. Post Order: @amenities @Delicious Steak @danzilla3 @Noko @500bees < it is your post @Zigzag @Zashiii IC Thread: Required: One rotational post every 4 days.
  14. Hey folks! I'm looking for one, maybe two people, to join two existing players in a dungeon crawl type thread in Hasturia. We'll be marauding through the dark, killing monsters, and trying to escape with all our bits intact. Currently, we've got @Greenmntman and @danzilla3 involved, so it should be awesome! The start of the thread is already up, here, along with the general posting guidelines and how that the thread will be run. We'll be looking to get started in the next few days!
  15. I did it when they finished their manor in Ursa Madeum (which is now likely just a hole in the ground), but this time, it's in the town of Inari in the Kingdom of Hasturia, . Like last time, this is not an exclusive event; Thurgood and Aveline welcome everybody that does not have ill intent, and if somebody does, just remember that they own two gun stores, Aveline is the Captain of the Lunarian Protectorate's Special Operations Squad, both have actual combat experience, so they're definitely packing, and know how to use what they pack. Otherwise, Thurgood is making barbecue, Aveline is making sides, they're making very strong moonshine for this party, as well as bringing plenty of wine from Taen, and there will be great desserts. So, you in? Thread is here, (EDIT: I completely forgot that the Valucrean new year is in the middle of summer...))
  16. It's a grim occasion in Umbra today, and the Headmistress of Bronte Bodice Brouchard stands poised to send out a request that positively drips dread. Sealed away in a singular enveloped, composed of a thin, combustible paper that will almost certainly burn away after a number of hours, a call for unspeakable, and yes, regrettable, action is mailed out to a random tavern near the outskirts of Umbra's city limits. The bar will, ideally, draw a number of unscrupulous individuals tonight. It has to--Bodice didn't spend all that money on buying an all-day happy hour at the tavern for nothing. The promise of free booze far from the prying eyes of guards and nobility will surely draw out some of Genesaris' most depraved, morally grey mercenaries. As it leaves her office, behind her stoic, tired stare the Headmistress hopes it draws more than dumb muscle this time around. The letter reaches its intended bar, and as per his instructions, the tavernkeep puts it up where any patron can see it. It reads as follows. To Those Whom it May Concern The Arcane Academy Bronte, Located in the City of Umbra, is looking for eager arcane prospects to participate in a number of regrettable, yet morally necessary acts. Individuals seeking to apply should possess a firm understanding of the arcane, or display some small amount of aptitude with magic, in addition to a strong resolve, and high moral fortitude. If interested, please write an unsigned letter to... The letter does not designate who wrote it, and should it ever be found out, the Headmistress has people in place to take the fall already. As it disappears from her grasp, and therefore, her concern, she returns to her desk and reviews the various components that make up the plan once more, as she runs through the plan in her head yet again. Bodice was planning, in no uncertain terms, a series of high profile vandalisms against arguably her greatest rivals and also her new prospect allies. Namely, the other libraries and bookstores of Umbra, and the collectors who donate so generously to their locations. A ludicrous amount of wealth is put into these other stores, wealth that Bodice is convinced she can easily use just a little bit better than these other stores and locations ever could. Worse, these other libraries are in possession of books and tomes of a rare, one of a kind sort, generously put on loan by their donors. It won't do. With the help of her newly hired thugs, Bodice would arrange a series of simultanous, yet 'accidental' fires in each and every one of these locations. Damage would, by the time all is done, number in the millions of gold pieces. Ancient, unrecoverable texts, and history books detailing a world that can never be revisited will go up in smoke, beautiful Umbran architecture will burn to cinders in the span of one night. Every library in the city will be destroyed. Except for two. The one Bodice recently acquired and renovated, open to the public and beautiful, and the massive, revolving shelves of Bronte's Arcane Library, a monolith of moving shelves, airborne reading spaces and moving staircases, both also catching fire, but having the fire be stopped moments after it begins. In the Headmistress' mind, the praise and admiration she stands to gain will crush and lingering doubts about her talents, her abilities as a leader and teacher. Yes, teacher. Her fires wouldn't just be stopped, no, they'd be halted by members of her own school. The latest and brightest minds of Umbra, working tirelessly to protect its wealth of knowledge and art--true champions of what makes their city wonderful. Even as she reclines in her chair, she smiles tiredly to herself as she pours another bottle of fine red. The city will adore them, adore her. Nothing will be out of reach, with that kind of control. The investors in those other businesses will surely see how safe and reliable her libraries are, and flock to her en masse. Donations will come in, and with it, more and more favors to call upon, powerful men and women who will drop everything at her request. Well, maybe not immediately, but they will. Nobody who knew Bodice walked away with having something to offer her. Of course, there wasn't just the money. Those rich farts, those wealthy clergymen and collectors of the profane and secret would doubtlessly inter their rare works in her libraries. Giving her--giving her students access to that kind of knowledge would put them above all else, she was certain. Of course, she wasn't only relying on them to give her the books afterwards. Should nobody else intervene, those books in the other libraries and stores would surely burn, and Bodice was nothing if not a lover of the fine arts. Her arsonists would have to not only set the fires 'accidentally', but also find a way to retrive the rare books in the process, for her own collection. She'd pay extra for those, of course; money was no object in this game for her and the contents of those books would doubtlessly be worth the price paid. She took another sip of red, and watched the world beyond her windows. It would take, she estimated, less than thirty minutes for the note to arrive at the tavern, and in less than twelve hours after that, the paper would catch fire. There would be no evidence after today. She wondered what kind of assistance she'd collect in that timespan. Who was sober enough, talented enough and above all worthy enough for this work? She wouldn't have to wait long to find out. So this is the first in a number of aggressive, plot-moving threads with high stakes, danger and a big ol' reward stacked on it. If you read the short post above, you'll have a pretty good idea of what this thread should entail, but I'll be providing an overview down here. Overview: Bodice Brouchard, the Headmistress of Bronte, is looking for a group of talented young mages, sorcerers and magic users to assist her in the systematic immolation of a series of competing libraries, book collectors and stores, all of whom she suspects have wealthy donors and sponsors. She believes that this destruction will cause the donors to move their money and book collections elsewhere, likely to her own libraries as they will not be damaged by the fires. That said, she also expects the would-be arsonists to recover any potentially valuable books from the stores and libraries that burn, as well as protect her own libraries from taking too much damage, all while dressed as members of Bronte's student body. In doing so, Bodice will prove that her school and library are the only places safe enough to entrust any sort of monetary investment and book storage, while also adding to her growing collection of rare important books and favors from authority. Should the group be successful, they will be offered full-ride scholarships at Bronte, Genesaris' single most prestigious Arcane School and the pride of Umbra. This thread is canon, meaning that there will be a post limit must reach, in order for things to be completed. Your characters will also receive a reward of money and magical items for their work, in addition to the promised place at Bronte. This also means your character should meet the demands of any canon thread, including meeting Mild Powers, as well as just generally being suited to the environment they're going to be writing in. Furthermore, this thread uses the Brevity system, meaning that posts can be short, to the point and advance the story, the posting time is shorter, and the pace of the thread is faster. If this sounds like something you, or a friend, would be interested in writing in, please leave a message below! I'll be looking for around 3-5 participants, meaning I can start the thread with 3 participants after a while, but will start the thread right away if we reach 5 participants.
  17. Throwing out those feelers to see if anyone is interested in some island jungle fun. One option is a quest to protect some traders harvesting some resources at the bottom of Mount Ichthys. See Lore Another option is to research new species and the natural landscape. Adding @amenitiesto this. I enjoy a good post or two a week. A few people is fine. I find large crowds can be difficult in navigating so possibly no more than 4 peeps. But I don't follow my own rules so....
  18. You are officially welcome to the Seinaru Forven Hunting Party Come one, come all to the newest tradition for Seinaru Forven, a hunting party given by the royal court. This hunting party is by the request of Queen Malia, who was recently discovered after her disappearance during the Spirit Wars. This is the first public appearance she has made since being discovered, so this is also a 'Welcome Back' soiree given by Seinaru Forven. Two forms of attire will be required, hunting apparel and black tie. The hunting will take place at dusk and the dancing and socializing will take place after. The animal that is being hunted will be Karmathen's own allops, which if you catch one you can keep for their teleporting abilities. If you are interested in attending we would like a RSVP. The location of the hunting party will be in Karmathen, the most magical land of Seinaru Forven. Entrance into the land will be ...... a little challenging. No iron is allowed. *For those interested this could possibly be a cannon thread. Important links: Seinaru Forven Karmathen Seinaru Forven Bestiary Queen Malia Skacharm Those interested in attending: Venus Sprite - Igni LEVIATHAN - Saul danzilla3 - John Wilder Dabi - Dauner A. Light Sanonymous - Ronin Lilium - Jacklean Gisela Jesma Bower IV & Ina Akeno ThatWeirdBlobThing - Carpet Houndy Poochykins - Dia Maybe Acies ab Vesania - Rin -
  19. There's a strange new man that arrived on Osiria Isle. But what brings him here? And why? And how? Somebody call up the lawyers so we don't get sued by Disney, because Devin Tammarrason is in a Whole New World. And he sure as hell ain't no prince charming...
  20. Currently looking for another writer or two to join in on a heist! End goal is to obtain the complete, detailed plans for the light rail system that connects every part of New Everrun - this including maintenance entrances, run offs, signal systems, power placements, etc. Initial meeting location is in Chesterfield, while the majority of recon and actual job will take place in New Everrun. Contractor: @supernal Current Thieves: @sapphicSphinx @500bees OOC THREAD LOCATION
  21. Hi there! I'm ZeeNathan. You can either call me Zee or Nathan. I'm new to the website and am looking for partner to roleplay with me. I have several ideas ready to go and, if you like it, we can costumized it together! But..... Before we get into the plots, here are somethings I expected from my partner and what you can expect from me. It might be a bother, but please read this first so there won't be any problems in the future. Since now you know what I expected from my partner and what you can expect from me, if you met the requirement or if I met your requirement, then, you can continue reading. If there is something you don't like about my requirements, we can still talk about it. I'm an open-minded person. At least that's what most people around me said, not me. Well, enough with that. Let's move on to the plots, shall we? 1. Not The Chosen One [Cross Dimension Adventure] Genre: Medieval Fantasy, Adventure, Magic, Mystery, Action, Romance (optional) 2. We Just Want To Play! [VR World] Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Virtual Reality, Adventure, Comedy, Slice of Life, Modern, Futuristic 3. Your Warmth [Cross species Romance] Genre: Modern Fantasy, Dark Romance, Drama, Mafia, Action, Shadow Organization 4. Untitled [Sci-fi Military School Life] Genre: Sci-fi, Slice of Life, School Life, Military, Futuristic, Action, Fantasy (optional), Romance (optional) There are still a lot of plots that I didn't put here since I don't want this to be too long. These plots is not fixed. Meaning, if there is something you don't like about it, we can still change it together. I also hope you can add some of your ideas into the plot so the story will feel like it belongs to both of us! Welp, I didn't realize its already this long... Woops. Well, if you're interested in one of the plot, reply to this post or PM me so we can discuss things further. See you later!
  22. It's been a bit so I want to throw some more eyes towards this thread! I'll have the OOC thread below. All are welcome. Non-cannon so any character can join in no matter where they are across Valucre. There will be a refresh to the thread due to some sizzling out but for those who are still involved, please continue as you please.
  23. Hello! I am hoping to start up an adventure with Esdel. I am not used to doing RP with more than 1 person, but I would love to maybe start something with 1-3 people. I am still getting used to the lore of Valucre, but I have at least a good few years of RP experience under my belt. However, it would be appreciated if someone who joins the adventure is more savvy with Valucre lore than myself. I really love an RP with some good angst, some romance (if it goes that way), excitement, development.... I was thinking replies will be every 2-3 days at the latest, but definitely flexible, as I know life gets busy. Esdel is fairly underdeveloped as a character currently. Flirty by nature, doesn't know who he is yet, kind of moody, a bit daft. Very open to the plotline and I look forward to conjuring up ideas with, hopefully, a few of you. 🙂
  24. Priscilla Arrettle, recently returned to her position as runesmith and merchant, has a bit of a problem. Or rather, the problem the size (and value) of a mountain. The runesmith several months back bluffed about owning an impressive, but abandoned mine shaft etched into the mountains North of Vdara Kingdom, a mine which now pumps out a generous amount of precious metals. Her faithful mining crew of kobolds have steadily churned out enough new mithril and platinum to make Priscilla a very wealthy woman once again. But there's a catch; the mine originally belonged to somebody else, somebody neither Priscilla has never met, and according to her research, nobody has seen or heard of them for a long time. Without many leads to go off of, Priscilla bent every resource she had (including visiting her ex) to finding some clue as to how to find the identity of the former mine owner. Now, she's fairly certain she has enough evidence to go off of. However, she's not alone. Since day one, Priscilla has been shadowed by other merchants, many of them vying for the mine and her lucrative operation. Should they discover the deed before her, not only will they be able to claim it for their own, they'll be able to confiscate her profits and materials for their own as well. Furthermore, making money off someone else's land and resources is theft. Priscilla could easily end up in prison for the rest of her life if this goes south. So instead of looking for help through the regular channels, Priscilla Arrettle must once again look to the streets for a handful of rough, efficient, and hopefully understanding brigands, thieves, outlaws or mercenaries to do the job in her stead. If they succeed, the payout will be nothing short of expansive...assuming they actually decide to hand the deed to Priscilla when they're done, that is. This is thread four, or possibly five in an ongoing series involving Priscilla Arrettle, my runesmith maskmaking merchant. With this thread, we'll likely see the end of her current misadventures, as she finally recovers enough wealth to rebuild her hard-earned fortune, and perhaps even start something more significant. If what you've read so far interests you, take a look below and see if this is the thread for you! Who: A group of adventurers not affiliated with any major political or state factions. This group should ideally comprise of between 4 and 5 different people. I am providing one of my own characters, Kian, to guide the thread forward. @Houndy Poochykins has also expressed interest in joining the thread with one of their characters. @Venus Sprite has previously written with Priscilla in another thread, and might be interested in joining us for another adventure (maybe?) That leaves space for 2 or potentially 3 more writers. As stated before, these characters should ideally be located on Genesaris, and be independant contracters, unaffiliated from any major groups. If you have a character that is a part of a major group, but you want them to join anyway for lore reasons (or money reasons), talk to me about it, and maybe we can arrange something! These characters don't necessarily have to be good or evil; they also don't necessarily have to help Priscilla in the end if they don't want to! There's a lot of wiggle room here, so pick what works best for you! What: The thread will consist of the party following Priscilla's only lead on where to find the deed to a number of locations in order to collect it. This will involve burglary, grave-robbing, and probably fighting some undead/magical guardians of some kind, and perhaps some monsters along the way. Furthermore, Priscilla's information broker isn't the best oiled wheel on the cart, it seems, as the party will likely be tailed by other prospectors eager to reach the deed first. Depending on how you want to do this, there could be some murder, a little treason. Who knows what'll happen, right? Because the thread is meant to be canon, it'll need to reach a certain page limit to be considered canon. This also means that upon completion your character earns a valuable artifiact. And because I'm the guy who makes this stuff canon for this thread, I get to dictate what that is. You'll probably leave with a handsome smattering of cool stuff, including your own custom-made runeite mask. What's a runite mask? Well, Runeite is the material used by smiths (typically runesmiths) to give weapons, armor and other equipment enhanced magical properties. This includes junk like making the sword set on fire, allowing the mask to drink blood, changing your shape--all kinds of stuff, potentially! Your mask will be custom made to give you a benefit that reflects your character, so you're guaranteed to get something cool! Where: The thread takes place in and around Vdara Kingdom, in Genesaris. It's a pretty cool place to write, and you should write there more. In fact, you should write in Genesaris too. Do it, you silly fool. More importantly though, the thread will involve travelling from Vdara Kingdom to a nearby city to follow up on a lead. From there, the party will need to determine how best to track the deed down, by visiting a few places around the city. Lastly, the party will need to return the deed back to Vdara Kingdom, at the Merchant's Guild, so Priscilla can finally get it updated with her name. When: The thread will begin within 3 days of confirming enough writers to start. As I already know that Hound wants to participate, and I intend on bringing my own character, this means we will likely be ready to go after two people express interest in the thread. However, if we get 5 characters for this thread, we'll start on that same day, to keep everybody from waiting too long. Because of the nature of the thread, I expect that at the longest, it'll take us about two months to complete, at the longest (hopefully). Don't forget, we're writing at a pace of at least one post every 3 days, so hopefully we get things done quick! Any questions? Any concerns? Let me know below! I'd be happy to hear them!
  25. Did you see what I did with the title? If not, look again 😜. So, hi all. It's your favourite Dabi again, and today I'm out for blood. So I'm looking for a thread where I can have my character kill a bunch of people. If you have an open thread that allows that possiblity, or if you're planning such a thread, or even if you're just interested on starting one up, please let me know. Now on to the details, but before that, you might want to take a look at this character sheet. So if you've checked out the sheet, you'd know by now that this is about Dauner A. Light, my human-dragon-demon hybrid. Here's the story. Dauner's dad was half human, half dragon, and his mom was a demon. Their union bore then a son who turned out to be a quarter human, a quarter dragon, and half demon. However Dauner's demonic self had been locked away in an entity known as the varhia, which resides in him as a curse, rendering his magic unstable. When he first arrived in valucre, Dauner was half human half dragon. During his stay in valucre, he's had to kill 6 people already unlocking part of the varhia and returning it to him. Now he's 6% demon, 47% human, and 47% dragon. All he has to do is kill 44 more people to unlock his full self, and here's where things get complicated. Dauner doesn't like killing, though the more demonic he will become, the more he'll grow accustomed to it as a way of life. Hence the reason for this interest check, that is, to get him into a position that forces him to kill (nobody ever said I have to respect my character's desires. Life isn't fair, he'll get used to it) Upon killing the 44th person Dauner would become his true self and would finally be rid of the varhia and the curse it comes with. Feel free to ask me more about anything you don't understand. So anyone interested in helping a guy out?
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