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Found 390 results

  1. Try-outs for Bad Guy Infamy mysterious and powerful criminal syndicate is hosting a try-outs of sorts; a trial mission into the land of Taen for the chance to be inducted into this immaculate trade. Taen, too peaceful? Nonsense! Or at least, that’s what someone might have said 2 years ago. Today though, there is a certain constituent of the criminal class who searches out people and places like this. Someone who is too complacent, too inactive or inattentive, can get their whole world shaken up like a snowglobe! Even some who keep their fingers wrapped tight around their wallets can find themselves shaken up and broke any day. Mortimer's Research Laboratory of Extradimensional Matters and Magical-Affected Physics in the land of Taen fell under a certain someone’s scrutiny when it accepted the yolk of much of Taen’s main city, Lunaris’s scientific innovation. Furthermore, Mortimer’s established itself as the city’s lead apothecary. His advances in medicine and the distribution of pharmaceuticals has attracted the attention of a doctor named Theodore Alexander Roxyer-Rollins Amantis. He has come with four associates, representatives from a pharmaceutical firm called Catalyst Medicinal Corp. in search of employment at Mortimer’s and a contract between Mortimer’s and Catalyst. Good fortune willing, Amantis and the Catalyst representatives hope to establish a pharmacy supplied exclusively with Catalyst medicine. @amenities and @-Lilium- pose as pharmaceutical representatives from Catalyst while Amantis talks them up to Mortimer. What Do I Want? (any of the below) 1-2 Players: Pretend to be pharmaceutical interns with high ranking members of the criminal syndicate and scope out other pharmacies in Taen, then convince them to sell Catalyst medicine; secure permits from Taen quality control centers for Catalyst meds to be distributed in Taen; submit article to the local paper about how Catalyst medicine saved you or a loved one from illness; etc. The effectiveness of the extra 1-2 Players may allow one or both of them a comfortable rank in the mysterious and powerful criminal organization.
  2. Eternity

    Winter Solstice Celebration

    With the month of December beginning, Crystallo Stella and Queen Aurora Aequaliter-Nubila are inviting each and everyone of you to join them and their people in a massive celebration of the winter solstice. Come indulge in the Fae culture, play with the pixies and enjoy yourself a complimentary quartz crystal that can project the aurora borealis by the touch of the hand. Unsure about what Crystallo Stella is, visit this link to get to know the hidden underground nation. The gem hidden in the rough (Genesaris). Any questions can be directed to me here or in DM.
  3. Freedom in the Innocence of Avarice ouse Dali emerges ever farther from the sands of history, golden family roots finding light and thriving in the cracked dirt. Word of seamless Northtrail leadership and culturally privy Goldcourt tongues spread like wildfire. Attributes, members, and associates of the family’s branches were soon to be found in almost as many places as word of them could be. With growing recognition of the family, as with growing recognition of anything, came a swell of those who held house Dali in ill rapport. While reception of the family was largely well met, the world must always pockets of dissolution. The culturally privy could be mistaken for conniving, the air of leadership snide. What is this? Avarice Goldjest, considered a connoisseur of fashion in his circle of family and friends, had taken liberties with his father’s small fortune and gone travelling the Terran countryside with a couple friends. Well, he had come to village outside Dougton when he found himself accosted for his effeminate attire. Avarice stood up for himself boldly, flavoring his rebuttal with a couple spicy words he thought might add to his masculinity. Unfortunately for Avarice, the person he had exchanged verbal fisticuffs with was the village elder. His friends were not of enough fortitude to defend him when a group of luddite farmers in a recovering village called Tormo had locked him up for the slew of pompous insults; they were, however, man enough to return to House Dali and request help for their friend’s unfortunate blunder. In addition to a warning about the happenings upon Avarice, his friends tell of a large wolf prowling the area that attacks Tormo at night. Belos Titansinger, high priest and lawman of House Dali, answers the call to trial for Avarice’s freedom with two apprentice attorneys or journeymen he finds along the way. Together, the three will venture to Tormo and, do trial with the primitive folk village’s high counsel, and do what it takes to get their loudmouthed cousin back. Just how they will accomplish this feat may entail more danger and surprise than first meets the eye. What do we need? 1-2 people: Join Belos and save Avarice to advance in legal standing in house Dali; see what you can find in the blossoming village of Tormo; attempt to gain favor with the high counsel of Tormo, with Avarice, or Belos. @Diremast @KittyvonCupcake @ethela penna @Witches Brew (All other Dali family members tagged just in case they want to participate)
  4. -Lilium-

    The Illuminarium

    Hello Valucre! I am currently looking for person's who would like an opportunity to have a doorway from the amazing maze of Fantas-Menagerie that will be opening very soon...to a place of your choosing! Please see below for a description of the Illuminarium, and beneath it two sections for doors: Locked and Unlocked. Illuminarium A fantastic and unique feature of the Menagerie that boasts its own imaginative landscapes. Comprised of handmade craft, nature, and technology is the magical maze of the Illuminarium. There are multiple areas within the maze where secrets can both be built and unfolded. Crystalline rocks formations, mirrors, nanite walls, and various types and colors of glass with a mixture of Mirror Sprite playfulness… Can send people to different portions of the menagerie, transport them to otherworldly areas, and link them to different places around Valucre. Pick an entrance and choose wisely, because there is no telling how long you will be gone… The Illuminarium can generally be viewed as an infinite maze/labyrinth due to the number of materials used and displayed. With the helpful pranks of the Mirror Sprites that have begun to dwell here, the walls and doors are constantly moved around, making an exit nearly impossible to find. Keeping that in mind, each person wanting to enter is granted a panic button they can push when they become bored, fearful, or completely lost. Specialty doors: Unlocked [Open to the public] The Wonderworld The Hither and Yawn High Rock Full Deck The Andelusian High Tea Society Precious Pastries [opening soon!] Locked [Restricted Access] The Redeemer ***Just a note since someone brought up my lack of strategy regarding the security of these doors to Fantas-Menagerie and its customers... When the entire lore goes up, you will find that trying to break into or destroy the menagerie through these doors will be incredibly difficult. More often than not, once someone goes through a door they will not be permitted to return to the menagerie through it. So please plan your adventures carefully if you do not want that to happen. This idea is merely to help other museums, conservatories, businesses, and organizations created by the writers of Valucre participating. Like a safety hub. There are a lot of fail-safes being placed to ensure the safety of the menagerie and all of its animals and staff members. This is neutral territory and will hopefully be respected as such so that everyone is able to enjoy it. This does not mean there won't be special events and dangerous times mind you, they will just be carefully considered before being allowed.
  5. Greetings! Vielle here 😄 Boy, this interest check has been a long time in the making— Míra Andronov, headmistress of Toxicant, is an enterprising businesswoman who has it in mind to establish various entrepreneurial endeavors around Terrenus and acquire both wealth and power in equal measure. Through these businesses, she seeks to extend her influence across the face of the continent, and soon to even beyond its shores. At the same time, Míra is also a cultured woman and highly enjoys art and similar intellectual, creative pursuits. Thus, her repertoire of enterprises includes various opera houses, one of which she is soon planning to construct and open in Coth. tl;dr We're establishing some opera houses around Terrenus, and I'm looking for some people to answer the call! ÓPERA TOU MOIRAI | or simply: Opera Moirai Location: Blairville, Terrenus When she became the Crow, Míra Andronov brought along her family’s opera house and incorporated it into the criminal business. Now, it caters to not only those fond of opera, but to the underground syndicates as well. I'm looking for at least 2-3 writers to join me in establishing Ópera tou Moirai, a lavish opera house in Blairville 😊 This thread takes place in the distant past, when Míra first acquires the deed from her family and revitalizes the ailing opera house into a more revered, highly-respected enterprise. Investors and esteemed patrons are also welcome to join! Possible rewards: a favor that can be used to call in a Toxicant agent for your personal goals/quests, gold, connections, and the like. Let's talk perks if need be! ÓPERA STON AÉRA | or simply: Opera Aera Location: Coth, Terrenus Looking for new business opportunities, Míra Andronov plans to establish an open-air opera and performance center in Coth. Due to the circumstances of said location, the criminal underbelly usually present in her other establishments is notably absent (for now) in this one. But no matter; Míra has more than enough of that to go about at the moment. I'm looking for at least 2-3 writers to join me in establishing Ópera ston Aéra, an open-air opera house in Coth 😊 This thread takes place in the current day and age, and will encapsulate the process of buying land to construction to formal opening of the cultural institution. Investors and esteemed patrons are also welcome to join! Possible rewards: a favor that can be used to call in a Toxicant agent for your personal goals/quests, gold, connections, and the like. Let's talk perks if need be! If you're interested to join in, please do specify which opera house you'd like to write for 😊 Feel free to PM me or comment below if you have any questions! ❤️
  6. Do you want to die? Do you want everyone to die? If you answered "No!", then you should probably attend a round-table to discuss surviving the inevitable apocalypse. The Terran Empire is calling on citizens and their allies who have the means and the wits to discuss solutions for problems facing the modern Terran: the Unnatural Dilemma, the Body Snatching Menace, the Genius Loco, and more. Join us at SAD today, or you'll be really sad tomorrow! If there is a tomorrow. SAD will be held at the First Temple in Ignatz. All high-ranking members of the clergy and military will be present to observe the conference. IC Link: Symposium Against Doom. Thread has started and is closed on a case-by-case basis to future attendees. Hi everyone. 😃 I'm looking for characters that might be able to help solve many of the crises facing Terrenus today: diplomats, scientists, engineers, wizards, soldiers, neutral foreign nationals who want to survive, etc. SAD will be a dialogue driven thread. Since dialogue should keep moving, we're going to follow brevity rules (300 word max, 3 day turnaround) and characters should have something to say about the topic on every turn. The Terrenus government will implement sweeping changes based on the points raised at the Symposium. The way I imagine it proceeding: a Terrenus official will open with the 😲dire😲 facts of life in Terrenus, and we'll circle through the round-table to present experiences, theories, thoughts, concerns, questions and most importantly how to deal with it all. Be prepared to be famous or infamous depending on what solutions you suggest. Disclaimer: any hostile or evil creatures that come within 10 miles of Ignatz during SAD will be destroyed. Attendance List: 1. Grubbistch - Elsera Elludoria (Diplomat - Terrenus) 2. Lilium - Capria Belvardi (Diplomat - Terrenus) 3. Ataraxy - Saturn (Reporter) 4. Tenkai Matsumoto - Tenkai (Order of Force Majeure) 5. Deus ex Aizen - Raveena (Regent - Hyperion) 6. supernal - Evelyn DeLamprey (Engineer - Handymen) 7. Paroxysm - Renata (Peace Keeper - Terrenus) 8. Grimmholt - Audric (Count - Grey County)
  7. Grubbistch

    To Make an Omlet...

    Setting: Alethea, the Underground, clear weather, daytime. Genre: Crime Mystery Objective: To bust up a ring of smugglers who have stolen a cache of Aluran eggs from Flock Cloud-Dance. Danger level: High-(This group is dedicated with getting away with the sale of the purely innocent offspring of the Aluran people. They will not go down quietly nor will they go without a fight. Hyperion authorities have authorized that anyone looking to turn these felons in may do so dead or alive.) Reward: Large sum of gold, notoriety amongst those in the criminal underworld of Alethea, and a personal gift from Flock Cloud-Dance. Desired Story Arc: Reasonably malleable so long as it stays within the confines of the lore of the given area. Intro: Huxbert "Black Bull" Goldgrave, a recent addition into the rough and tumble world of bounty hunting. His first job, the leader of a ruthless group of smugglers known as the Snatchers, who just so happens to be a real son of a bitch of a werebear. What he was doesn't matter to the minotaur, only that sweet payoff at the end does, so he puts in the time to try and pin down their location within Alethea. That is where the other writers come in. Help or hinder Huxbert in his journey as he delves into the dark depths of the underbelly of Alethea, risking life and limb to take down this group of outlaws. Your choice determines the outcome of this story, and could very well shape the fate of lives born and unborn. What Roles Am I Looking For?: At the very least two people with each or both playing a role that I would wish to have for this quest. Your character doesn't have to meet this requirements, they are only a preference for helping to make the story go smoother. 1. Someone of neutral or good alignment to help Huxbert. 2. Someone of neutral or evil alignment to oppose Huxbert. Expectations: Good communication, an open mind for ideas and a willingness to keep disagreements civil. Created Opportunities: With the smuggling ring defeated, a question is left hanging in the air. Who were they working with, and why did they want Aluran eggs?
  8. Years ago I tried making an opt-in bounty list but it didn't get used very much. My speculation is that most people didn't even see it, but also I think that people who wanted to use it as a storytelling element didn't put enough orchestration into it and people that wanted to use it as a means to engage in combat didn't have a simple and concrete means to resolve conflict. System The system of combat resolution is simplified MOBS, along with the dice roller Victory roll is made at the end of 5 rounds unless the opponent has managed to escape D2 for win/loss, rolled by the hunter. Other systems, such as TDS, remain as options as long as both parties agree If you want a bounty on your character, post here with a link and I'll update the bounty list Designate whether your bounty should be taken Alive / Dead or Alive and if the bounty is Private or government Warrrant Although it doesn’t have to be canonized, bounties should refer to actions taken in posted roleplay If I get enough interest I'll come up with a classification system to determine bounty value and reward If you want to be a bounty hunter, post here with a link and I'll update the hunter list For hunters going after Alive only bounties, the end result for either the bounty or the hunter will always be incapacitation. For hunters going after a DOA, character death applies both ways Note that administration does not usually enforce character deaths but will do so in Terrenus for any characters volunteered for the bounty list, since it is opt-in If you enter a bounty hunter and don't use him they'll be flagged as unreliable and ineligible for jobs This applies to both the player and their character If you enter a bounty and don't make allowances for a bounty hunter (letting them post in a thread, starting a new thread, etc) for the purposes of fulfilling the bounty, your character is automatically caught. Unless you Escape from prison (see below for more details), further play by that character will be ignored in Terrenus Cool down period: A bounty that successfully beats their hunter enters into a 30 day cool down period where they cannot be hunted again. This is in lieu of a "running away" mechanic Hunting artifact holders Require at least two hunters TDS instead of MOBS Artifact holder is Nova tier Agreeing to be placed on one or the other list is agreeing to the above conditions so if you don't like it then don't sign up. That said I invite members to take this basic system and modify it however they wish to run their own bounty system, but if you keep most of what I've written a link back here would be appreciated. Escaping This only works in the TDS where players trade hits - if the system used is MOBS, then your "escape" is your "victory". In order to run away you need to spend at least 1 post in preparation for the escape, with consequent posts increasing your chance of escape, and you only get 1 chance. 1 = 25% chance of escape 2 = 50% 3 = 75% 4 = 100% Your character should be turning their attention on explaining the advantages that give them a better chance of escape, such as a smoke bomb, running into a crowd, putting on a disguise, etc. You can run away immediately, with a low chance of escape, or take a risk on losing all of your HP for a higher chance Prison and Escaping This is something I haven't tried before. Anyone caught by a bounty and not considered dead is placed into prison, which will be a single thread in which prisoners can make posts to try and escape. Prison thread and instructions here Am open to feedback but note that doesn't mean I'm committing to any changes. So if you're interested, post below with your character. If they're a bounty, what crimes did they commit? If they're a hunter just say so. As I get more people I'll make a list in this first post. Rewards Terran material Weapon class of any Standard material Object class of any Government material (except Silveril) A reward from the rewards table of Bi'le'ah; rerolling if it lands on material or artifact Claimed Unclaimed Fulfilled Bounty Hunters - ranked Mara Mercer Victories: 1 Losses: Willow Church Victories: 1 Losses: Alexander Polybius Victories: 1 Losses: Terryn Rosk Victories: 1 Losses: Marik Cayne Inquisitor Sacks Aadya Victories: Losses: 1 changelog 2018-11-30: added back those hunters who completed at least one thread; ranked hunters against completed threads and most recent completions 2018-07-12: removed inactive hunters 2018-07-07: removed bounties inactive for more than 3 mos or with deprecated character links 2018-07-05: made MOBS the default 2017-12-31: added option for "orchestrated battle system"/OBS 2017-12-08: added "run away" mechanic 2017-11-22: added prison thread; added rewards 2017-11-29: added "cool down" period
  9. Deus Ex Aizen

    The T.H.R.I.V.E. Initiative

    After the fall of the Tyrant Regime, the Taen Empire and it's noble houses established themselves across the islands of Ursa Madeum. The island of Thraece is in dire need of arable land and healthy water to rebuild business and establish Port Thea and it's Consulate ties to Terrenus and Genesaris proper. As the only noble family on the island, House Senaria is spearheading a Conservation alongside the Thean Consulate to help restore the land, and protect and preserve it's ecological integrity, as well as provide an institute for studying, collecting, and breeding new flora and fauna across Ursa Madeum. Certain to be quite the task, she's enlisted the help of other Taen nobility and beyond to assist her in Thraece's renaissance. Thus she proposed THRIVE. Thraecean Headquarters for Rehabilitation and Innovation of Vital Ecology Phase 1: Restoring Coastal Integrity - The coastal waters are rife with dead zones. As areas suffocate from a lack of oxygen due to explosive algae growth triggered by nutrient poisoning from the mainlands, flora and fauna alike either die off, or relocate beyond ideal reaches, a notable reason for Thraece's economic suffering. Extract these suffocating sea beds and help revive the oxygen levels in the water. Introduce new species of floral and fauna (open invitation for lorecrafting!) so that the biome and begin to balance itself out! QUESTS FOF PHASE 1: Phase 2: Restoring the Mainland Integrity - Stripped of nutrients and life, Thraece is practically barren, but holds enormous potential. Having made a deal with the local leyline, Raveena is keen to make the land arable again. Introduce new flora and fauna with the help of House Hildebrand, House Senaria hopes to revive the agricultural business for Thraece, as well as the future Port Thea's economic boom. Phase 3: Building the Conservation - Once the land and sea have been returned to a healthy state, the Thrive Conservation will be built as an open Hot Spot for Port Thea. People will be able to study lore, create lore and invent new species of flora and fauna to contribute or borrow. I like the idea of an IC think tank, where people can study for medicinal purposes whether it's to heal someone or poison them. Of venturing to Port Thea for a quest to find or breed a unique species that is a key component to something else. Of finding the scale of a rare fish for artifact creation. I personally have an apothecary I'm adding to the city so I'll personally get plenty of use! I think the possibilities are limitless, and having everyone's ideas pooled in, invites a wealth of knowledge and information sharing. One component of Thrive will be something like a group that is responsible for traveling outside of UM and collecting species, studying them and reporting back and if any would be vital or may thrive in UM. Some may be quests, others may be Slice-o-Lifes. I'll flesh out more details based on interest. I thought it'd make for a really great project that people could help contribute with. Anyway! Look forward to more details on that once I get caught up with posts I owe.
  10. Grubbistch

    In Gaia We Trust

    The people have been given their freedom, now they must be given purpose to direct their newfound freedom. I for one cannot think of a better use than to help one's fellow man, for freedom from tyranny does not mean freedom from moral obligation. -Illyana Uldwar Setting: The island of Misral, Port Mars, daytime Genre: Political/Religious intrigue Objective: Celebrate Gaia and to spark a revival movement towards her worship in Ursa Madeum. Danger level: Low- As Illyana Uldwar is of noble birth and eldest daughter of the Lord and Lady Uldwar, she has been afforded a great deal of protection in her cause. Several knights, including a Dog of War, have been assigned as her protectors. Violence is possible however, but please make sure to discuss this with ne first before proceeding. Reward: Satisfaction of spreading the Holy Worship of Gaia to those that have lost their faith during the dark times. (More tangible rewards are possible but must be discussed before playing them out in the main thread.) Desired Story Arc: During one of her times devoted to prayer, Illyana Uldwar is given the inspiration and courage she needs to finally make an attempt on spreading the word of Gaia throughout Ursa Madeum. Her journey starts out in Port Mars, where the people feel uncertain and alone on their spiritual journey through life. Through her efforts, she hopes to awaken a fire within their souls, so that they may no longer feel alone in this frightening world. What Roles Am I Looking For?: One to three people to serve as companions or guards during this, its really up to you how you wish to be involved in this story as I left it open ended. Expectations: Good communication, an open mind for ideas and a willingness to keep disagreements civil. Aiming for at least two pages. Created Opportunities: Success of this mission means effecting the religious beliefs of the people of Ursa Madeum. This may also anger or threaten those that wish for the islands to remain secular or following a different religion as well.
  11. Vansin

    Die in a Swamp

    You read it right! @Moon Owl is preparing to lead his glorious 1st Legion of Coth against none other than the massing Sahaugin tribes in Coconino Marsh and we need someone to play a force of ~200 Sahaugin to oppose and eventually lose to the 100 men of the 1st! This will be a canon thread, so dedicated thread-finishers are encouraged to apply.
  12. Yo, this is an OOC thread for this thing I started called "The Crescent Hammer"... It's open btw if u didn't read the thread name.. Uh... It's about Arsinia Crescentia and her shop, the Crescent Hammer... But it'll probs evolve into something else more adventure-y later. It depends... I guess I just want to see where it goes? Basically some chill chatting w/ Arsinia, but if you want to start an adventure, tell me here or PM me. Uh... Thanks! Btw, you can hop in anytime. But if it's in the middle of the RP try and find a good way to introduce yourself in... At least meeting the other characters. Just popping in to post something where you aren't around the characters is a nice way to introduce yourself, but whatever... If this is too vague and confusing for your understanding, ask me to explain it better.. :/ IC THREAD Thanks to @LastLight for telling me to move this here :/
  13. ChaosLord

    Medical Malpractice

    A hospital is asking for help. Just recently, someone brought in an unknown child. He was found naked in a field with no possessions or belongings, and his body was covered in scars and abuse. The child was unable to be identified, and no one has come forth to claim him. It is a mystery that has everyone troubled and curious. He wont talk about it himself, and although he seems able to move around he also keeps getting colds randomly. Due to the implications of the scars, and who knows what else was done to him, the hospital has requested adventurers and others to help deal with the mysterious patient and try to get him to open up or remember something about his past. It should also be noted he tends to suffer from a severe cold or fever from time to time. Some doctors, mental and health, suspect that maybe his lack of communication might be from the trauma he endured, or that it caused him to lose all of his memories. So far, all attempts to use memory recovery magic have failed, so they need a more....organic...approach. However, the hospital also wants them to be adventuers for another reason. They have learned that the child is a possessor of a rare blood type, that is capable of being compatible even with other rare blood types and just any blood type in general. His blood might even have some sort of healing or age-stopping qualities, and although they do their best to secure patient info, they are worried about criminal organizations trying to abduct the boy, or someone who wants to bump themselves up on the transplant list. Therefore, they are looking for able bodied adventurers that are willing to escort and protect the child around to see if they can jog his memory or get him to open up, whichever the situation is, and stop him from being kidnapped and sold on the black market. Anyone who is interested is asked to go to the hospital and meet with him. There are also some concerns that he is like this because people are trying to kill him, and due to rumors of it being possible he is an otherworlder based on how his immune system is acting and other such details, they are also concerned about attacks from religous extremist groups, such as Gaia's Pureborn: LOOKING FOR Adventurers who would be willing to do all this. And maybe those who want to deal with a nurse with sass. Also maybe someone to play a doctor who ends up getting involved. EXPECTING a good amount of action and intrigue, but also a lot of heart to heart moments with the patient, Noah Bell. (Some of the nurses gave him the nickname Noble) Also plenty of socializations, maybe a few rants about idealism and morals, and so on. One major enemy will be an NPC Radical Religous group I created, called Gaia's Pureborn. HOW I EXPECT IT TO END is likely going to be with some revelations, some defeated badguys, and quite a bit of emotion. ANd of course, a concerned doctor trying to care for Noah with effort above and beyond the normal levels.
  14. Rin

    The Black Heart Mirror

    Interest Check. Looking for 2-6 people. The seed Vanilla has been giving the mission of hunting down lost artifacts of the Red Blood Moon Children Organization to sell in her shop. However recent whispers in the little sleepy town of Ebony-Yahera has rumored one such artifact is uncovered. The Black Heart Mirror. A powerful yet dangerous artifact. Since it lies with a few other artifacts, the Black Heart Mirror Ore Bow and Quiver, the Red Blood Moon Chalice, the Ebony Quicksilver Rod and the Farenheit Celisus Heart Sword, it would quite an exciting adventure plus artifacts to acquire for all. I'll be linking the artifact page here as well as adding the aforemented artifacts to it. Hopefully you'll come along for the ride. Ask questions here or PM ❤️ Rin And the link to the artifacts: 1. Zashii- Mistress, Sera 2. Ourlachesism-- 3. Hurttoto 4 5. 6.

    Looking for a partner

    Hello! It’s me again! have you ever seen Soul eater ? I’m looking for a relationship like that. A partner and a close friend to undertake adventures or maybe undergo roleplay’s in pm. in case you aren’t in the know about the show which wouldn’t surprise me and still find intrest here this is how it works! basically a human teams uo with a personified Weapon. ( kinda like all those weird card games, with Cryptids, weapons, food, ghosts, etc.) however this weapon is alive and still has their own personality. They can’t be used without someone to wield them and the weilder is completely vulnerable without them. Sounds fun right? Obviously this requires an active partner who posts a lot, and someone willing to put in tons of time for development and to keep it going. Mom halpy with a post a week! And all I ask is you let me know if you can should something come up!

    Want a haunted suit of Armor?

    I’ve been Dying to use My oC Revan for a long time. Of course it’s hard to use him and get him into threads he often can’t go far. Plus a general issue of being unable to communicate with his helmet on and his body in pieces. Revan died a long time ago and a long forgotten place, for a forgotten cause to save people, and has faded from memory. However his armor never gives never yields and fails to rust. It’s mysterious as it is impervious. They say the Nobel Knight died of Blunt force to his body. Which is true. His soul is now trapped in the very armor he held so dear and used to defend his forgotten and fallen empire. Luckily for a weird Collector, patron of the supernatural, cultist for dark arts, or a lone adventurer you can buy or find the armor ( probably in pieces. ) there is all sorts of fun to be had here! Why not try it out?
  17. Etched in Stone

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    To begin, my character is not from this world but from Gaia Primus. There are seven pureblood families. I encourage more Houses to come and play along and join us as a Society of Purebloods. However, I think starting with one which would be Choisel, would be a good start until we find more followers. I was kinda' shaky about this one, seeing as I don't know how Valucre and you all are going to take the idea of a totally new race of vampires here. For the most part I feel, people generally don't like vampires, but we all know how cool these undead beings actually are. These pureblood families are the first of vampires and are considered as the highest ranking from a lineage far, far away. I've looked at the vampires of Valkohyr and we share common abilities for the most part, but this is a different breed of vamp from a totally different world. I have information on the pureblood in my profile if you'd like to look. As for goals I plan to take some things over with time. Primarily I want this to be a unification of Purebloods. Let me know what you think, guys!
  18. ChaosLord

    The Unnaturally Gifted Children

    Okay, so let me first state this semi confusing statement. 1: This is not a school RP. 2: This RP will feature a school. Basically, in ways it both is and isn't a school RP. What my idea is basically a group of young characters that happen to be or become friends and classmates getting involved in one another, only instead of typical drama one might expect, they end up getting involved in things like Terrorist plots, investigating ghost stories, dealing with pan-dimensional bounty hunters seeking new and unique trophys, dealing with various dangerous and powerful monsters, saving the day, sometimes causing some chaos, getting into fights with seasoned warriors, and practicing and perfecting their supernatural and magical abilities while also sometimes using them in unnatural ways (for example, while exploring a mountain, suddenly using a combination of Earth Magic, Water Magic, and Fire Magic to build a hot springs and then taking a dip, or maybe something more simple and casual, like summoning a monster to ride to school to avoid being late, or such). Basically, it would be a variety of RP down the line, with some comedic and casual moments as well as plot and intense moments. It would probably be on Terranus somewhere, still looking at cities but if anyone has a suggestion that would be awesome. RIght now, considering a place near the ocean, like Casper, but still looking through stuff. We can probably work something out about ages, but this is the character I plan to use right now. Anyways, please let me know if you are interested!
  19. @jaistlyn A mysterious stranger has appeared in Yh'mi. James Eredas, a warrior hailing from the world of Gaia has come to Valucre in search of challenge, danger, and death. He will find plenty of all. The only question is if there will be anybody brave enough to accompany him into depths.
  20. Grubbistch

    There Be A Wolf In These Ruins

    Setting: The island of Corinth, thick jungles and hot weather. Daytime, early morning. The Skulking Grounds Genre: Adventure Objective: To claim both the True Crown of Ursa Madeum and to reclaim the remains of Sir Sarvos the Unchecked Danger level: High- A vicious werewolf prowls the grounds, as well as the ghosts of the hunted and traps covering the estate. Reward: The True Crown of Ursa Madeum Desired Story Arc: The full force of the Dogs of War knight order is coming down to Corinth to quest for treasures of great power. In one of the ruined fortresses, known with dread as the Skulking Grounds, these champions of House Uldwar desire both artifact and remains of one of their greatest members in known history, Sarvos the Unchecked. Recently, the knights have uncovered knowledge of a thief who had stolen the crown shortly after the disappearance of the Queen, a master of stealth who had come to Ursa Madeum to plunder all of its magical treasures. After pilfering the True Crown of Ursa Madeum, the thief ventured into the Skulking Grounds, knowing that any artifact of Sarvos the Unchecked would fetch a high price. The thief went into the ruins, but has never come out, his death likely due to the werewolf rumored to lurk within the ruins to this very day, always hunting for new prey to devour in its massive maw. What Roles Am I Looking For?: At the very least one person to serve as either helper or competition for the Crown and other such treasures that may be in the Skulking Grounds. Others can join in, really just depends on how your character fits into the story overall. Expectations: Good communication, an open mind for ideas and a willingness to keep disagreements civil. Aiming for at least five pages for this thread. Created Opportunities: If Oscar Uldwar is allowed both the remains of Sir Sarvos the Unchecked and the True Crown of Ursa Madeum, then he will indeed be a force to be reckoned with in the political and military scene of Ursa Madeum.
  21. Twitterpated

    Searching for a Prime Minister

    Alright! So I've decided that while things are still kind of slow my villain's Empire building, now would be the time to put officials and important titles to current. While most things are assuredly covered, one important role I'd like to have filled would be the Prime Minister. He/she will presumably rest over Union City and oversee the council there, in charge of selecting and dismissing council members, as well as providing final ruling over all matters especially on a council/governmental level. @ourlachesism I know you had some brief interest in getting involved, perhaps this is your cup of tea? Anywho, this will be open for a while. The current activity thread Sokui no Rei will partially include recognition of this Prime Minister. In the case that one can't be found among the players, I will resort to placing an NPC in the role until further notice. The new thread mentioned had several likes on the opening posts with no replies currently, so there's time to cast your name into the hat!
  22. The Imperial nation of Jigoku invites the world to witness the rise of its new Empress, as well as the formal recognition of the nation's heir among a few other notable persons of interest. Come celebrate with the Datsuzoku, and pay your respects to all being recognized throughout the celebration! @Dreamer @Aleksei @Chappu @Etched in Stone @Mag (Best water cooler thread ever!)
  23. Archeos

    Open Storybook

    Hello everyone, I am planning to write something slightly different than normal and would like to see if anyone is interested in joining. I plan on making a chronicle of the continent of Terrenus in its current state and thus decided to have my character travel all around the continent, to every location of interest to me. I want to make things a little more exciting though, so I have decided to add two clauses to this journey. I) I want the chronicle to exist as though someone who truly lived in this world had written in. So, I won't spend too much time in each location, a week or two IRL at maximum. Furthermore, I will be writing only things that are happening in each location while my character is there. So, if a quest is underway in a city, I would want to write about it. but if it isn't resolved before I leave, then it is left unresolved as far as my character is concerned. Furthermore, while I will write this to be mostly objective, it won't be completely impartial. I will include personal anecdotes and opinions on current events. In the grand scheme of things, this means that the chronicle won't contain the writings of an omniscient character, and is even unreliable to a certain extent. I think it would be an interesting challenge and a fun way to record the world at a more personal level to the characters who live in it, rather than just us as the authors. II) As I am traveling the world, other characters besides NPCs exist. I think it would be entertaining to have multiple co-authors on this chronicle, all characters who are joining me in my travels. They can contribute multiple perspectives to each city, or even visit other locations my character is not at, and discuss events from their perspective. An interesting consequence of this approach is that an inhabited world means you will run across people completely on accident. So, if my character or a co-author is in a city or location where you have a character, you would be welcome to jump into the thread and start interacting with these characters. It can be as complex as deciding to have your character join my own for a few cities, or we simply meet in a forest and share a meal. Once you decide you are done with the thread, you can simply have your character leave. You wouldn't need to tell us beforehand either, for the purposes of this thread, you can just start a reply to the thread and write your character into the situation. I believe this would be an interesting and entertaining challenge for myself as an author, and would also serve as an in-universe method of spreading information on a massive scale, as the chronicle would be a book that another character could purchase once it is "completed" and published. Of course, the unreliability of the medium can be used for more than simply spreading information. A character could speculate on certain things and, if logical enough or if the character is prestigious enough, these speculations could be accepted as true by the inhabitants of the world despite not being true in actuality. I can describe a number of other possibilities, but I'm interested to see if anyone would be willing to participate in this to any degree first. What do you think?
  24. The beginning of a musician's journey to becoming business owner in La Guardia Renovatio. Currently doing freelance work to save money for the last airship parts he needs to get his business off the ground. His ultimate goal being: making and managing a jazz club inside of an airship. However, to achieve this, he'll need to form a band that will leave the public no choice but to know they exist so that when the Blue Icarus Jazz club is opened it does not end up being empty. Setting:La Guardia, Renovatio. Daytime. Objective:Form a band for the "Blue Icarus" Danger level:pretty much nonexistent. The roles I'm looking for:Musicians or individuals looking to invest in the making of the "Blue Icarus"
  25. Mollusk

    Rise of a Necromancer

    Jalafrax is a necromancer with cunning, evil plans. What a dastardly sort, he is! He is available to attack, bewitch, annoy, scheme about, oppose, assist, enslave, or resurrect your characters, today. Perhaps you're a grand hero who is starting out, and want an enemy to grow alongside you. Perhaps you're some sort of cleric, or druid, or paladin, or other type of "Say no to necromancy" type folk, and want to purge him. Perhaps you're an undead character, and need someone to bring you back from the grave. Jalafrax is available to fulfil your necromancy needs! Oh, also, Jalafrax can be found anywhere. Because I haven't bothered figuring out where he is.