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Found 1 result

  1. Port Kyros The Docks - Boarding The Peregrine It hadn't been long since the Hyperion Empire expanded within the borders of the Rising West. Though as it had, it made granting favors to close friends that much easier; likewise lucrative. Though he'd never made a habit of it before, one Xartia Pendragon deigned himself worthy of asking the Empress Raveena for such a thing. He request was an easy one to comply with, a vessel. While their were more efficient crafts to be used to get to where they'd be going, Xartia was certain the sea was their best bet. Thanks to the Empire's relations with the Nymerians, they needn't worry about the safety or severity of the oceanic waters. Not only did this maximize their time to prepare, though this was how they best stood the chance of arriving at their location undetected. He had plenty of explaining to do, and considering his own thoughts and feelings, it wouldn't surprise him if those he asked to assist him in investigation a mere hunch decided to change their minds. Failure was a last resort, though being discovered was the highest risk. Enslavement, death...Either way, one had to be willing to risk their life to embark on this journey with this Magician. There he was, pacing back and forth; His feet clapping dully across the planks of wood, his face the result of his racing mind. He'd already come to terms with the risk her was taking, and decided that the risk was well worth it. It was a confusing time for him, accepting something that wasn't necessarily to benefit himself. To risk it all for a none necessity, but for somebody important....For something he considered important. His underlying purpose mattered not though, all that mattered was that he wished to find an incredibly rare artifact; The value of which was infinitely priceless. Via the likes of scrying and divination, the Cambion had narrowed down the location of one of those infamous Cornerstones. He hypothesized that one was either in Stonehaven, or most likely Antigone. That one most likely either being the Time Stone, or the Reality Stone. Either way, it's value was limitless. There was no doubt in his mind that these Stones were potentially the most powerful items in Genesaris. Even if they weren't the most powerful, he was willing to wager that they were powerful enough to wish none of the stones ended up in the wrong hands. At least this adventure would prove as a proper and thorough testing of the usefulness and the integrity of his suits. Any day now he'd get over his nervousness and formally open his shop to the public. This trip may or may not reassure his stance on his suits and their usefulness. So long as they decided to travel with him, Xartia had taken the liberty of designing a suit for each member of the team. Something neutrally compatible, and universally useful. Despite the additional perk of each suit which varied, they all shared the common trait of suppressing the signature of one's aura. Though it couldn't suppress the signature of a cast spell or the likes there off, it was fully capable of masking their magical ability to the likes of machines or fellow arcane sensitive persons. Where they were going they would need it, and once they were all finished, they could keep the suits should they decide to. The one he wore didn't seem like anything special, even with the sunset on the horizon. A White shirt, half buttoned with its tail tucked into his black slacks. A matching black jacket, and freshly polished black dress shows. A closer inspection would prove more beneficial, the most noticeable accessory on his person being the polished gemstones that had been cut into the buttons that made up his jacket and shirt in the least. @Voldemort @Malintzin @The Courier
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