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Found 2 results

  1. Preface "I don't want to position myself as some guy who knows everything, who has all the answers. I don't know what a hero is, so I can't say that's what I am. I'm just a guy that hurts people that like to hurt people. Like, I could say it's being brave and fighting for what you believe in but what's that got to do with anything at all? "A thief feels braver than you'd think if you've never stolen anything, anything that's really worth something from someone that really wants to keep it that is. There's a fear. Of getting caught, of facing consequences, that goes the same for thieving as it does for killing as it does for, I don't know, orchestrating development loans to rebuild infrastructure after you bomb the living daylights out of it. And overcoming that fear is what makes those bad people bad people as much as it makes the good people good. "So I'm like, so what? So what about being strong? So what about having conviction and, and grit, and so what about being clever, and inspiring, and kind? If I looked deep down I think I could honestly say I'm just being selfish. I can't stand it. I can't stand that slavery is justified for profit, that genocide is legal because an idiot king says so, that these shit-eaters are out here killing people on the basis of 'gimme yours cause god says so'." Jericho was inside of a mobile clean room, what looked like an enclosed trailer, but whose walls were fortified against intrusion and espionage by means both material and arcane. He sat in the single chair and on the single table before him rested an ultrablack gauntlet. All of the above was a little ritual which Jericho enjoyed with items of power. It was something akin to the naming of a sword, but a thousandfold, because Jericho gave it more than a name, he gave it his passion, revealed the glinting and various facets of his manifold truth. He slipped the gauntlet on and took one minute to let his body adjust to the power, masked its presence by means of a resonant feedback loop with the ghost-pouch also on his person. He left the clean room after that, threaded the crowd to get to his transport, and made his way off Terrenus. OOC
  2. Fantas-Menagerie The Menagerie is as its name suggests, a collection of creatures from all over Valucre; known, newly discovered, and engineered. Unlike a regular zoo, one might find in any of the larger cities of the world, this is a mobile outfit that travels the entire globe. Bringing fantastic beasts and myths to the neighborhoods of those daring enough to face them; and possibly their own fears. Everyone knows when Fantas-Menagerie has come to town. Lights, balloons, music, and a very colorfully quaint tent set up on a quarter of an acre of flat land. How does so much fit into such a small space? That's simple...it's magic! Every creature in the Menagerie has a huge habitat that provides it the means in which to thrive comfortably, without fear of harm or endangerment. Although it is a world of wonderment, it is not unusual for people to question the eerie magic or business deals continuously taking place inside the Menagerie. One can only imagine what lies in the shadows of its greatness, constantly pushing against its superficial surface. Ripples, however, are a natural occurrence for any business venture. Despite its partnership with the Daius Industry Conservatory based in Izral, it lies outside the reach of the Alterion government. Managed by a sole Operator and donated funds procured through multiple business agreements.
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