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Found 3 results

  1. It was perhaps by chance but somehow it seemed that Khakina's recent adventures within Whispernight may have somewhat tainted her abilities. The portal with which she and Arashi were sucked into had somehow brought both fighters high up in the sky of the ruined city of Kaurilia. The two are hundreds of meters above the air, plummeting to the ground at a lethal speed. Khakina did not have time to worry about falling to her death as her sights are only trained on Arashi. I should rough her up a bit so she'll give up chasing the Madame. Snarling, Khaki wrapped the winds around herself, slowing down her descent and then sent a harsh gust towards Arashi's falling figure. "I'm sorry half-breed. I need you gone for now." Meanwhile, somewhere nearby a roar was heard. It was one of the undead dragons that plagued this poor city of Kaurilia. Will it interfere with this fight? Who knows? One thing is for sure though, it seemed to be waking up after sensing one of its kind nearby.
  2. NARRATIVE - THE DRAGON AND ITS SHIP It was not the first undead dragon to make its way to Kaurilia nor will it be the last. The dead city perhaps has something that attracts these excessively large winged reptiles, these needlessly large winged reptiles even go so far as to make the city their humble home. What can this elegant yet necrotic scaled beast of death and destruction want with such a lifeless city? Perhaps no one can tell. However, that is not the point of this story. Going back a few hundred years, there was a ship. Not just any ship but the rumored Godhand. It was a thing of beauty but not even the most beautiful and majestic ship can be immune to the curses of Whispernight. And so, one fateful stormy night, as one such grandiose airship happen to pass upon the rumored dead city of Kaurilia when one of the rumored undead dragons seemed to have developed a fancy for such a glorious object. What can a winged reptile get from a flying airship? Not very much but that did not stop the scaly flying monstrosity from charging at the poor thing. Perhaps this was the last time the airship was seen, at least from Genisarian eyes. It plummeted down to a nearby mountainous region, one that was close to the dead city of Kaurilia. It laid there on that unknown ground, forever lost, forever forgotten. The ship is still in good shape all thanks to its incredibly durable build but with no one to pilot it, it is now just a waste of space and with that undead dragon guarding it, will it every take flight once again?
  3. THE MADAME LINDA LINDA What was it that always led her to come back to this broken land? Was it the wrongness then? Is it seeking respite? Perhaps a cure to what ails it? She never found any reason but one thing she was always sure of was that the place calls for her. The Whispernight calls for her. This time around, Kaurilia was her destination. In her search for catching one of the famed magestorms, she had found it prudent to start with the traces of the last recorded storm. Whispernight. Her only problem is the undead dragon that plagues this land. Its breath is mostly lethal, not to mention its size and bulky strength alone can easily crush a woman such as Linda. She's not one to shy away from a fight though and not even a dragon can stop her from attaining her goal.
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