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Found 5 results

  1. NARRATIVE - THE DRAGON AND ITS SHIP It was not the first undead dragon to make its way to Kaurilia nor will it be the last. The dead city perhaps has something that attracts these excessively large winged reptiles, these needlessly large winged reptiles even go so far as to make the city their humble home. What can this elegant yet necrotic scaled beast of death and destruction want with such a lifeless city? Perhaps no one can tell. However, that is not the point of this story. Going back a few hundred years, there was a ship. Not just any ship but the rumored Godhand. It was a thing of beauty but not even the most beautiful and majestic ship can be immune to the curses of Whispernight. And so, one fateful stormy night, as one such grandiose airship happen to pass upon the rumored dead city of Kaurilia when one of the rumored undead dragons seemed to have developed a fancy for such a glorious object. What can a winged reptile get from a flying airship? Not very much but that did not stop the scaly flying monstrosity from charging at the poor thing. Perhaps this was the last time the airship was seen, at least from Genisarian eyes. It plummeted down to a nearby mountainous region, one that was close to the dead city of Kaurilia. It laid there on that unknown ground, forever lost, forever forgotten. The ship is still in good shape all thanks to its incredibly durable build but with no one to pilot it, it is now just a waste of space and with that undead dragon guarding it, will it every take flight once again?
  2. THE MADAME LINDA LINDA What was it that always led her to come back to this broken land? Was it the wrongness then? Is it seeking respite? Perhaps a cure to what ails it? She never found any reason but one thing she was always sure of was that the place calls for her. The Whispernight calls for her. This time around, Kaurilia was her destination. In her search for catching one of the famed magestorms, she had found it prudent to start with the traces of the last recorded storm. Whispernight. Her only problem is the undead dragon that plagues this land. Its breath is mostly lethal, not to mention its size and bulky strength alone can easily crush a woman such as Linda. She's not one to shy away from a fight though and not even a dragon can stop her from attaining her goal.
  3. It was perhaps by chance but somehow it seemed that Khakina's recent adventures within Whispernight may have somewhat tainted her abilities. The portal with which she and Arashi were sucked into had somehow brought both fighters high up in the sky of the ruined city of Kaurilia. The two are hundreds of meters above the air, plummeting to the ground at a lethal speed. Khakina did not have time to worry about falling to her death as her sights are only trained on Arashi. I should rough her up a bit so she'll give up chasing the Madame. Snarling, Khaki wrapped the winds around herself, slowing down her descent and then sent a harsh gust towards Arashi's falling figure. "I'm sorry half-breed. I need you gone for now." @Metty Meanwhile, somewhere nearby a roar was heard. It was one of the undead dragons that plagued this poor city of Kaurilia. Will it interfere with this fight? Who knows? One thing is for sure though, it seemed to be waking up after sensing one of its kind nearby.
  4. So this is where my journey takes me, to the great reaches of the Rising West, to another dead city, to fight more monsters. This time however would be far different from my other forays into the harsh lands desecrated by these wretched curs. No longer will I be wandering aimlessly, hopelessly lost in the madness of my own making. From this point on, I had a plan now, one which would finally see the end of Whispernight, and bring peace to Valucre. Lucas was surprised to hear of my message to him, explaining how I had a change of heart. I felt awful bringing a child into this, but it was the only way I could get the resources I needed. Beyond the horizon was the city of Kuralia, broken like so many others, and teeming with unholy life. With the capital city of Aelindra so close by, it makes me wonder. Did they abandon this place for fear of the wretched horrors within, or did they just stop caring? No matter, deep within this place lies what I require, and I have no intention of leaving it alone to the ravages of time. Here upon this cliff, I would begin to examine my left hand, a daily ritual to understand how far my damnation had grown. I had long since accepted that my transformation was irreversible, an acceptable sacrifice for my mission against the forces of Whispernight. Already it was spreading throughout my upper body, creeping up my neck and heading towards my waist. Would this be my fate? For my entire form to become a blackened husk of blackened rock and hateful fire? Perhaps, but if so, then that is acceptable, as I was likely never meant to be around others as a normal human would. My fate is intertwined with the damned, to become the monster I need to be in order to combat the darkness plaguing this land. The sun was blocked out of view by the dark clouds of a coming storm. Like a rabid dog I had come to despise water in all its forms, knowing that in the water, there lies my death. A building block of life has become my poison, thus driving the divide between myself and the rest of humanity. Who am I now? Am I still Orion? For now perhaps... Wind rustled through my brown robes, secured to my body by the black chains that now enslave me to my new purpose. Soon Lucas would be here to pick me up, and we would ride together to meet our next challenge. In a way I admire the child for his bravery and tenacity. For now our goals align, a common purpose to make this world a better place, whether by heroism...or cleansing fire. @HollowCipher
  5. Tabidachi - Starting On a Journey The journey had not been a long nor treacherous one, though it had not been short nor without necessary effort. As such, Chijono Heika and his assembly of approximately 100 men and women had made steady progress on their journey here. Stopping to rest or even to camp only when necessary. While Koji himself was not in need of such things as rest on a human standard, likewise those in his company of undead populace, he was not so cruel as to abuse his people. After all, what would be the point of marching so many to an easy grave prematurely? Dressed in simple, yet traditional purple robing accented and embroidered with silver and a bit of black and donning the Emperor's Crown complete with a hair pin not only to affix it properly, but to host it in place. The rest of his silky black curtain of hair left to naturally cascade to about his shoulder blades. The bulk of his assembled forces were dressed much more appropriately for conflict however, clad in plate armor of black, reminiscent of another time, another place. Though specific location of such varied, the golden kamon was certain to be displayed upon every single uniformed soldier affiliated to the Dynasty. Kokuryu No Kibo, The Black Dragon Scale, an obvious and direct homage paid to the Emperor himself. Naturally, as a strong and proper sovereign, he leads the militant force directly. Despite past luxuries he found himself without steed this day. While his followers would surely feel humbled that he would traverse the lands on his own two feet as they were expected, surely this was not his reasoning behind such a mundane travelling option. The most accurate reasoning would fail to be pondered or realized as they seemed to be nearing their destination, the ruins of Kaurilia. With a simple raising on his right (Draconic) hand, he erected two ebony scaled fingers, signaling his army to be vigilant and weary. With no visuals of the Dragon rumored to be haunting the region, surely some of those in attendance wondered if such a wretched, undead creature was still present itself or not. Though even from this distance, Koji found himself with a grin breaking the form of his previous and usual emotionless expression. For he could feel the mighty beast without mistake. Local plant life no matter how cluttered or sparse found itself swaying naturally in the passing gusts of wind that caressed the traveling party. All seemed quiet compared to the whispered expectations of rumor perpetuated back closer to their home. Too quiet in fact. Fortunately, the men and women of the Datsuzoku brand had been well trained and prepared for a large multitude of conflict, ranging from the prowess needed to slay the likes of common man and of great terrors alike. Though if Koji had it his way, there wouldn't be much conflict to be found between his forces and the nature of these ruins. As the rumor implied, "Defeat the Undead Dragon and claim the spoils of the ruins for one's self", Koji was certain that they would have to do something to ensure the acquisition of anything they could recover from the ruins. However, these spoils were the least of his interest. It was not that he was uninterested in the rumored treasures to be found here, though he was much more interested in the wretched Undead Dragon mentioned to be lingering here. He wished not to slay the dragon, but to dominate it, and to claim it as his own. The likes of such a majestic and lurid creature would prove to be an invaluable asset to not only him, but to the entire Empire itself. While his knowledge of Exalta Prisms was limited, he was certain that they held great power. Not only were there weapons made of such a variety to be found, but even the dragon itself was mentioned to maintain its animation by feeding from the power of an entire prism! With his hand lowered once more, and each hand depositing itself in the opposing sleeve of his robe, Koji found himself suddenly taken aback as he would flawlessly notice the back in formation, as if he had eyes in the back of his head. The trees surrounding them, nearly all of them in fact, had begun to acquire an unnatural sway that simply could not be attributed to the passing winds. It seemed that not unlike the Jubokko living scattered through the forestry of Jigoku Country itself, these trees had grown animated with life of their own even. Whether they had naturally mutated into awry things, or they harbored spirits that superimposed their existences, these living trees had already began to assault the traveling party once they found themselves surrounded. Koji stopped, and knowing his back was watched in tandem with his own preternatural senses, he would keep his scarlet eyes viewing his most direct front, as well as his peripheral vision. Still with his hands concealed, he stood calm and ready, his grin failing and returning his face to that solemn, emotionless mug complete with narrowed visage that could only be described as a cold smoldering gaze. His reptilian pupils slightly dilated, growing sharper and thinner as his men reacted accordingly. It took a man being snatched up by a tree to warrant this reaction from the party, and in unison, as if a single force, the allies of the seized man fought to free and retain him. Those too far to help the one focused on the trees nearest them. "Focus on our defenses, we press onward to Kaurilia!" He exclaimed as he would begin to move forth once more. Bladed weapons would hardly prove suitable to fight the likes of solid trees, those of a more mundane variety anyway. The Emperor understood most of those in attendance weren't fortunate as he was with his myriad of gifts and abilities that complimented his prowess in almost any and every situation that he could be thrown against. He was from a plane apart from this one, one much harsher than this one in fact. It was in his home plane that he was groomed into part of the monster he was today. Thanks to the Yokai Queen herself however, Koji had been unbound, and evolved into the perfect monster that now lead a legion of his own military. An apex predator in man's clothing. When the inevitable happened and the Heika found himself targeted by one of these trees himself, it took little effort for his lips to part which revealed tiny tongues of flame licking between his fanged teeth. His jaws snapped open a moment later, ushering forth a torrential gout of flame that shrouded the parts of the tree within range. The tree recoiled and began to dance chaotically as the fire spread upon it without regard. The Dragon Fire imparted upon it worked to shroud it as he ate away at the tree's layers and so desperately worked towards its core. 'I suppose they aren't much like the Jubokko after all...Their roots remain planted, even though their ambush has turned into a formidable skirmish.' @danzilla3
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