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Found 227 results

  1. Soooo, I'm a returning Role player from this site. I've been gone for a year now and looking to get back into the swing of things. I have have Four Characters that can be used. I'm really looking for small group roleplays, one on ones, and stories that build character lore. My primary focus is getting myself reconnected to my characters and making new writing companions. Expect to see me crawling around the threads for Quests.
  2. In the link below you'll find a first post involving one of my characters, a blindsighted P.I. who's taken some time to enjoy some tea and waiting for the future love of his life to walk through the door and offer to share his table. Points to note if you're considering joining up: I like wordy posts. So much I ensure that my posts are at least 150 words long, though it usually reaches the 200-word mark. I expect the same This character is good-aligned. No evil characters, please. This character is also straight. That means female charrie, not genderless. You must be willing and able to post at least once every few days, though everyday is preferable (this extends until the 25th, after which my posting speed will slow down to between "1 per week" to "1 per 2 weeks" Any takers?
  3. Mystery of the Bloody Red Specter

    Okay so I played out an interesting little interaction in the Hyperion hub thread with this character I created and will be calling the Bloody Red Specter. In this thread I am looking for someone willing to either playing an investigator for Hyperion or someone hired by the authorities of Hyperion to investigate this character who has been seen in various places, some are normal places that are just odd for someone to be in at certain times of night, and others are definite no go zones that should be off limits to normal civilians. Efforts to apprehend and question the Bloody Red Specter so far have been ineffective, which is where the other player will come in. The Bloody Red Specter is an enigmatic entity that is around five feet tall, wears a blood red cloak and doesn't make a sound through their footsteps. It doesn't register on thermal sensors but is detectable via magical detection. At this point in time no one has reported talking with this character but it has been seen collecting various mundane objects such as scraps of paper, a broken piece of mortar, and various utensils. No significant connection has been found between the objects seen collected and the location of where they've been taken from. Your job is to locate, apprehend and interrogate the Bloody Red Specter in order to find out why they are in Hyperion and the reasoning for their actions. Killing the Bloody Red Specter is forbidden but incapacitating them is allowed. I think this will be a fun, spooky little mystery quest for anyone that wants to take part in it and see just what the heck is going on.
  4. Looking to fill a role

    I'm new here(Obviously :p), and looking to get my feet wet. I've been reading through the world lore since yesterday, so I think I have a fair grasp of the setting. I'd like to start with a simple 1x1 thread, with no particular character or theme in mind. If anyone is looking for a partner for any ideas they had, I am ready and waiting to get started!
  5. Hello there! Well, as the title says, I am looking for one or more partners to participate in some 1x1 RPing that can take place either in messages or as a thread (I'm not fussy). I have been roleplaying for about eight years now and usually like hefty, paragraphed posts (i.e.-more than 8 sentences ) My post rate is not set, I can post anything from three times a day, to three times a week. The minimum I will post is probably once a week. I find the genre's that most pique my interest are: Fantasy (this includes supernatural-based things.) Historical Sci-fi Action (Not too gory.) Adventure Romance-ish (?)---> [Light, about pg 16-18. I like 'fades to black'.] I can do most genres if I find the plot interesting/creative enough, however... I am not interested in: Anything erotic (Hell to the no.) Anime (I just don't have enough knowledge) Real life (A tad boring in my opinion) Furry-anything (Unless it's like werewolves or shape-shifters in which case that will be in the fantasy category). I usually play original characters, although I don't mind doing something creative with certain fandoms (e.g.- Percy Jackson world but you don't rp as a Percy Jackson character.). I prefer my RP partners to be over the age of 17/18 but this doesn't have to be set in stone. I also only play female characters who are between the age of 18-22. I don't have anything super specific planned in terms of plots and am open for ideas. Drop me a personal message or comment on here :). (Thanks for reading this far. *congratulatory thumbs up*)
  6. Hello! My name is MissAllynn, but please feel free to call me Raleigh or Allynn. Once upon a time, I was very active in Valucre, but quickly faded into obscurity when depression sank it's vicious teeth into me. I'm back now! BUT I need help getting back into the swing of things. I would love to create something alternative...but I also kinda miss fucking shit up and running shit with Madame Valentine. So, I guess I'm really game for whatever at this point. I just need help. HELP ME HELP MYSELF.
  7. hey everyone. It's me Rin. While I wait for main canon posts and other posts I decided to put this up. I'm looking for an RP buddy to write with during the waiting of posts. Someone who will enjoy writing with a rambler and evil plots of chaos and corruption. I have my own board called Athentha in the Elendaron section. Anyways, PM me or hit me up here if interested. I am mainly active, posting every day except the weekends which is my me time. ❤Rin
  8. If you were given the chance to disobey Fate, would you take it? Introductions Hello! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this little interest check I've made. If you stumbled upon this thread by accident, welcome! I do hope I can convince you to stay a little while longer. Please, do take a seat and have a biscuit. Whilst I could probably spend hours composing an essay on as to why I found Fire Emblem: Fates to be something of a let-down in terms of both plot and characterisation, I'm instead going to put my energy into finding fellow writers. Who, hopefully, would also like to explore the characters and world this instalment into the Franchise has to offer. I've listed below some of the characters I'd love to base a roleplay around, along with some general ideas which can be used as springboards for brainstorming. That said, however, I am generally very open to possibility! Whether the narrative is purely canonical, or if it veers off into some outlandish AU territory, whether our focus be the characters found in-game, or instead the (mis)adventures of an OC: I'm interested in seeing where things can go with the information we have and some creativity. Housekeeping This profile is quite new. I have, however, been roleplaying for years now. If you'd like to see examples of my writing whilst I'm still building my content count, please feel free to ask. I am mainly seeking 1x1 set-ups for roleplays. I will, however, consider forming a small group of three to four people if we're able to set up a schedule that means posts will remain regular. My posting length varies between a few sentences and several paragraphs of around ten lines. I'm a firm believer in posting what is necessary and what is fun to write, however, so I don't typically enforce a post-length requirement of any sort: just no one liners, please. I usually post once every one to three days, sometimes more! If you can't post that frequently, however, please don't be put off. I'm perfectly happy arranging something that is weekly or longer in order to fit your needs. Feel free to ask questions! Whether it's here or via a PM, fire away, even if it's something you think might sound stupid! Ideas Please note that all of the scenes listed below are only prompts. They can be changed, tweaked and adapted to what you are looking for, or completely ignored, if you so wish. Moreover, the details are not set in stone, and I do not require that we play these scenes exactly as they are written here. I'd rather they be used for simple inspiration than anything else. I'm a fan of snowballing. This is where we start with something simple, and through writing and improvisation with one another, it naturally builds into something more complex, if we so wish. I'm mainly seeking to play a female Corrin as my main character, whilst also playing other main characters, OC's and background characters in an NPC style as we need them. I'm especially interested in partners who want to play, or are interested in playing: Xander, Camilla, Leo, Ryoma, Hinoka Mikoto, Garon, Felicia or Gunter as their main characters. I would really like to explore their relationship with a Corrin. This, however, does not mean I won't play anyone else, or that I won't play beside anyone else! I am always seeking a challenge and finding ways to adapt my writing, so if you have a request or preference, just let me know, and we can very easily brainstorm something. The above is simply just an expression of interest. 'Hasty Marriages Seldom Proveth Well' To Put It Simply: King Garon tries to set Corrin up into an arranged marriage to an unkind noble. One of her siblings or another character volunteers to take her hand instead. The Full Thing: Ey! 'The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen': To Put It Simply: Corrin goes missing from Nohr as a child. Years later, it turns out she was raised in a tribe as a slave. The Full Thing: Voila! 'The Lion King': To Put It Simply: A major pre-Fates re-write idea.
  9. More Important is the Journey

    Edit: A position is available as of 19-1-18. Put a message here if you're interested. So far the heroes have haggled prices for bodyguards etc and are now about to board an airship to Vdara. It's likely they won't make it without some problems;). So if you'd like to join you'll need to have a character travelling from Dragonsoul Summit to Vdara via airship, and come up with a valid reason for this. Jon is a sell-sword, a ranger, a druid of sorts and something of a drifter. Journeying from place to place he calls everywhere home, and is more comfortable in his sleeping sack around a campfire than in a musty inn. He usually provides guard-and-guide duty for travelling caravans, though he travels alone just as comfortably with his own animal companions: an ice bear, a tiger and an eagle owl. He's telepathically linked to them so even when they're not in sight, they're usually nearby, and he knows what they know. I'm after a roleplay about travelling, making friends, companionship, sharing the road together. We'll pass through beautiful landscapes and through harsh and pleasant weather, inspect the occasional peculiarity like old castle ruins or druid circles, isolated villages and prosperous farmsteads. But mostly it'll just be our characters sharing a journey. Because the journey is more important than the destination, especially to someone whose home is anywhere. I'd prefer to keep our party small. Maximum of 6 characters including Jon. The less we have the more regularly I'd like to post, but I'd like something at least once every 3 days. Flexible posting order according to need and availability. If you know youre going to be away for a post cycle then that's ok. Just make an excuse for your character to be absent for a bit. You can read about Jon in the character threads. I'd post a link but I'm currently operating things from my dumbphone. Will put one up later. You should also be warned that Jon has made a few enemies out there in the big wide world. We're bound to run into a few. He also has his own agenda. His wandering isn't aimless, even though it can take many dirdctions. It would be very cool if your character had a specific personal mission/ambition as well. Something that involves travelling. You can pay Jon to go with you or you can offer him your services to travel for free with him. This was partly inspired by a road trip I've taken with my family. We're on the last leg of it now. We'll have covered about 5000km by the time we get home. I hope to post some photos soon, just as a bit more inspiration. Post below if you're interested. Include what your character's motivation will be. You can lie, but Jon wouldn't trust anyone who says they're just travelling for the sake of it.
  10. LF Roleplay

    Looking for something to do, preferring Terrenus mainly, but I'm not against any of the boards. I am open to any sort of thread, so if you have something you would like to do with your character, but haven't yet found someone interested enough to do it with you, then look no further than me. The only caveat is that I don't have a lot of time for posting. The one guaranteed day I'll be able to post is on Mondays. Any other day I can get a post in is just a bonus. Pitch me your idea here, or, if you prefer, send me a PM.
  11. requesting romance roleplay

    I decided to do a romance FxF roleplay, because I just feel like it, cause fuck it. So it starts out simple, so my character sort of loner type girl, who's parents both died so she lives with her drunk aunt that is neglective. Your character who's whatever kind of character you'd like meets my character, and then both of them start bonding over the equally rough life they've had. That summer they decide to run away from home, and that is when they start developing feelings for each other. I'll just pick the first person that wants to do it, but they have to give me here a character sheet. Just follow mine. Name: Kimberly Hunter Age: 17 Appearance: Personality: Kimberly is pretty closed off from people she usually doesn't open up to anyone, she's not very friendly she will always try to avoid a conversation. She's sarcastic, and will hardly say a word to anyone. The most she will ever say to a stranger is "thank you". She doesn't care what she wears as long as it's what she likes. Though Kimberly acts very apathetic, she is sensitive and she over analyses things. She likes to think that everyone is the protagonist of their own book, and there's a deeper meaning in everything. History: Many years ago she had a perfectly normal life, that was until she was five years old and her parents died in an accident, she then went to the custody of her aunt and uncle everything seemed once again normal until her uncle died of lung cancer and she her aunt now depressed and emotionally unstable, so she turned to drugs and alcohol, and started neglecting her niece because she wasn't emotionally able to take care of her. This caused Kimberly to have a sense of independence, and to develop a sort of I-look-out-for-number-one kind of attitude.
  12. Mediavel Fantasy

    i just wanted to do a Fantasy Based with my new character,i don't care about the writing,and also can be in PM if anyone want to don't have any plots planned since i'm kinda absent
  13. Greetings everyone. I have been struck with the abnormal urge to take on another quest (Mahaskiel of the Ancient Curse), so here I am putting myself out there to everyone so that I can ask if anyone would like to join me. The quest itself is for a legendary crossbow called Mahaskiel within Genesaris's heart of darkness: Saint Desolatus. If you seek a legendary weapon who has uncanny speed, accuracy, spacial intelligence, poisonous bolts, immunity to spells, the ability to not be broken, and a knack of always returning straight back to you, then you've come to the right place. However, there is a catch: as with most legendary weapons of superb caliber, this one has a slight caveat attached: it is cursed -- possessed. It's evil power will corrupt even the noblest of souls, and will drive it's owner mad. There is a man in Mageside City who knows how to purify the weapon, and seeks retribution for those who have been slain by its bolts that are blacker than lacquer. I am searching for someone who has a character who will take on this mage's call to retrieve the bow so that it can be purified. If you shall succeed, you will most likely have this unique crossbow all for yourself. To be quite honest, I was planning on soloing this mission so I could claim the bow for myself, but where is the fun in that? Instead, I have a proposal for you: rather than being your standard protagonist co-player, I want to be an antagonist. To be more precise, I want to be the foil to your character. My character wants the evil entity that is sealed within the bow for himself, and he is perfectly willing to murder all those who get in his way (I mean of course, if you let him). If you want the bow, you'll have to go through both the npcs, and through my own character. As for the technical side of things, I am searching for a small group of up to 2 other people. The posting time will range from 1-2 days so that everyone has a chance to write; however, everything is flexible. I have no idea how this story will turn out as it seems to be a bit of a stretch, but may I once again invite you to join me? What do you say, are you up for the challenge?
  14. Looking for a romance to join~

    Though I will say I'm up for any kind of experimention in terms of how the romance plays out, I just don't want to get into anything too weird. NSFW stuff is fine with me as long as there's no gore or forced situations in the romantic parts. My character Jophiel is a very curious and creative shaman with magic and spirits that he uses to create cool little creations out of his art tablet. He's a bit shy at first but quite playful once you get to know him and lived most of his life out in the woods playing with spirits and the forest he lives in attracts lost child in the woods or even depressed people who are lost in life, thus jophiel has some experience in helping people out. But another problem he tends to have is that he is a very cute guy, in fact hes so cute that people often mistake him for a girl! Though I will say jophiel is open to both genders, he would more so fall in love with a girl than a guy, but if any guy characters want to do a romance with him, just saying you'll hav to work for it a little. Quick note, even though jophiel mainly lives in the woods, I don't mind putting him in a different setting like in a city or such. His curiousity does tend to have him explore places everywhere.
  15. As the title says. I'm bored so, I want to play with you fine folks. I want to try and get better at playing an evil character, and at a good character. I know evil is getting boring but I love playing that role. I Rin am trying to get better at fighting and writing so I'm looking to write more rps either anywhere in val or in my board. I'm still a novice so don't judge too much lol.
  16. Looking for an rp!

    I don't really care the size but I have time for a new one as a recent rp partner I had has found himself with limited time! So I need a new rp! :) I have a bunch of characters all right.... HERE! Feel free to request any character but Faith! :) I personally want to test 52 and Aela out... 52 more though! XD
  17. I have not been around for a bit however I am unfortunately for my favorite Denizens Back! As the name suggests I’ll be tantilizing you wirh multiple offers ranging from Alternative Ideas and fandoms , to pseudo canonical ( as in the locations used) to brand new ideas of places that will probably only exist inside the realm of the roleplay! im currently looking to get all cyclinders firing again so not a fan of a group? Got ya covered like one rp but not the post order? Don’t worry eachbwill be set up varying depending on audience. So I hope I can SATE you as I do Crave so myself. For reference I will reply At least once a day! If I don’t either something has happened or you need to get on my case. Much as I hate it. now then due to the large ideas I’d rather not get a strike on me for dumping to many ideas on to the cooler so if that’s all sorted let’s begin! Starwars as classic to start to the list off I haven’t seen much of this idea. I’m aiming for a imperial style but I have no qualms about multiple sides and multiple people. More details for intrest pokemon. I’ve started this once before but it fell through ADVENTURES FOR SALE! Step right up all you knew comers for the infamous Tavern of legend man Tobais! The merc who doesn’t know who he really is and switches personalities just like masks! This thrilling quests involves you the rooki getting swept along with this man in the quests to learn more about the world and proper adventurejng technique minus the greed! ( 1x1) looking for something set in val? Got ya covered! Nersherdere ! A up and comming nation is currently one place. The Snowy mountains of Genesaris the coldes place in the world! Come view the marvelous that lay here for you! This can either be the tale of an adventurer , a slice of life, or of a Shellshocked Citizen finding the rest of the world! ( Creater creation required here) TIDAL LOCKED!: on a once beautiful world now destroyed in science epriments* the plant lays divided by light and dark light being a radioactive hellish wastleland dominated by the Fear doctors and their perfected soldiers who sow terror into their citizens with impunity. On the dark side the much more forcing government tries to hold back the fearful hordes with what ever is nessary. Leading to some morally gray areas. the Dark- you play as a blind person in this one. the plot isn’t set as this clearly revolves more around character than the plot. However your meant to face challenges that would harass even those with eyes obviously this will lack any visual discptions in it, hope you packed some other senses LOTR: I just really wanted some more orcs after the Shadow of Games. This one is still up for delopment though. just want to say some of these are mostly blank because I want to work on the story with the group adding in the element of Hey I helped make this and hopefully decreasing drop outs. Quests: we all band togther and when we find a Val quest call the others and form up like a squad to properly beat it. helping the way home!: My Character is a body snatcher named Alishar! He can jack your body and whatever abilities you packing by touching you skin. There are several other types but this focuses mainly on him. Because of his ability he is a hated and loathed creature THE HUNT!: a mysterious creature was sighted Go find it for a reward! Please call ————————— for info! Based on a mimic this one will be rather humorous depending on your humor. The Infestation: blah blah normal undead zombie stuff obligation and all. Potential but this one I want help with. them finally I have a few ideas for pirates and knights and a few other things but you’ll have to ask for those ( Don’t worry no way anyone will be intrested in any of these)
  18. So...I've been rping for about three years now (maybe 4? I don't keep count). I have been busy for the last few months and consequently have not been very active on this site, this combined with the slow death of the RP group I was previously with has made me look for something new I can sink my teeth into. My usual genres are fantasy, medieval, drama/thriller/action style RP's, however I would be happy to try something a little different to what I'm used to. Message me/ comment on here if you have something for me or an idea I can look at. Lastly, thanks for taking the time to read this! :)
  19. Party Crashed (Tia)

    I’m looking for a partner for a 1x1. As some may know, Tia is an eternal battlefield between humans and vampires. However, a tourist would most certainly not. Con is a Serial Killer, and he’s found a love interest (actually it’s all just a ruse so that he can stab her several times in the torso). They’ve been in a relationship for 2 weeks, and this is the last date that he has planned, the night that he is going to take her life. However, their romantic picnic gets screwed up by vampires, an incident that would’ve ironically saved the girl’s life. I post at a rather fast pace, since this will be the one and only thread that my one and only character will be involved in, so I’m looking for someone who will be able to keep up, minimally 1 post a day. If you wish to partake in this Roleplay, I’m most disappointed to have to reject any male characters, as Con is a straight man. However, there’s plenty of opportunity for those who prefer writing that sex when the bloodthirsty monsters come to crash the date :D
  20. Interest Check

    Okay so, I've been trying to role play this idea but it just doesn't seem to happen. If anyone of interested, feel free to message me or comment on here. Here's the idea: It's a modern version of Beauty and the Beast. Instead of being a prince, the beast is the leader of a dangerous mafia group. Beauty's father owes the Beast money, so the mafia lord abducts her father. From there, the Beast contacts Beauty and sets a meeting time where they'll discuss how she's going to get him the money her father owes, but Beauty offers to trade places with her father. I'm open to have more than one person to role play this with. Also, if you have any suggestions or wish to role play this, let me know.
  21. melting girl society

    Hello there everyone. I am the leader of a new group full of slime girls. just talk with me if you want to rp with me.
  22. I have a character called Dread, a straight cursed octopus mermaid (or cecaelian if you prefer) with a 'Dread Aura' that causes people to enter a fight-or-flight state, the dread and unease giving way to terror the closer they get. Being underwater lessens and mitigates the potency of the effect, an effect that is outright absent to outcast people. She's a good person, a total pacifist, who finds her situation inconvenient to her quest to make friends. To learn more, I highly recommend reading the below thread. So, my request is this: help me find a male character of yours who is immune to her eldritch aura (by that I mean 'is used to being treated as an outcast in some form', it would make relating better than 'this character is immune to eldritch brown-notes') who would be willing to be her friend, and possibly eventually lover. The scene can either take place above water or underwater, depending, and will hold in my board, The Bastion of Ash'eh. University has started today, so posting rate could be anything from 3 days to 1.5 weeks, and I'd prefer if your posts came at the same frequency. I should also mention that I like making long posts averaging about 200 words, and would appreciate it if your posts were the same length (at least 150 words). Who's interested? Possible interested parties:
  23. I'm looking for another thief to explore a haunted mansion with. Psychological shenanigans will abound as our characters fight the spirits from this world and the ones beyond in a simple burglary gone way, way wrong. If you're interested, PM me and we'll work out the details. I'm looking for only one other person, so I guess it's first-come first-serve.
  24. Fite me

    It's as the title suggests, I'm looking for a spar. I know there is another thread on here with someone requesting a sparring partner, but I'm looking for different requirements in mine. The spar will be hand to hand No powers, supernatural reflexes or abilities Realistic bodies, humans only I'm not interested in poetry in your post, only include what you need to include that is of relevance to the fight. If you feel like you can knock me out in 2 lines of text then don't feel like you're not writing enough, go for it. However that doesn't mean that you just rush everything. Keep it clear and concise for as little confusion as possible. I'm looking for a fairly active poster. I don't want this fight to drag on for a week irl. I need someone who can post multiple times a day, or at least once per day as a minimum requirement. And yes, I understand that a lot of you are busy and my posting requirements might be ridiculous. I stand by them. Looking for someone with experience in this in the hopes that I'll learn a thing or two from them as I'm fairly new to hand to hand myself. I don't have a character sheet, and I don't require one from you. All the information we need to know is the following: Height: 6'1 Weight: 170lb Age: 23 Body build: Mesomorph. Strong, lean muscles. Proportional features. Gender: Male Other possibly important traits: Light on his feet, moves with precision and grace, like a dancer. Fighting style is reactive and fluid, more focused on counter attacks and exploiting mistakes than a more offensive approach. Name: Let's call him... Jay. Did I just make him up on the spot? Yes, yes I did.
  25. Hello everyone! I'm looking for a sparring partner for a combat-oriented short rp. I still haven't had any occasion to practice with my character's abilities, so I'm looking to let out some steam! I already have an idea for the setup, which could be held anywhere but I was thinking of Union Capital. Ideally it would end up with us being allies, as we could take part in future events on the same side. There are still 0 open positions for this thread. After receiving some questions in private, I thought it would be better to clarify some points: We will use the T1 system; There will be a 72 hours limit for replying; Your character must comply to Mild Powers (but just for fun I want to experiment without it in the future!); Your character may use any type of weapon or equipment, as long as it is described in their character profile. Any kind of magic is allowed too, within reason; Your character must have a sufficiently complete profile, so we can both establish and fix our abilities before the combat starts. As mentioned in T1, you cannot come up with new skills on the spot. I'm looking for someone who is willing to put some effort in this, so I require that you are ready to produce at least 400-500 words per post.