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Found 188 results

  1. Jotnotes

    Water Cooler Thirst

    Well, you goons and goonettes, it's that time of year again; the day immediately after Valentine's Day, because I was doing other stuff except writing. Last year around this time, I set up multiple 'dates' with people at random on here, and set them against each other to see who could write the most amusing, or interesting thread possible. It didn't work very well, for whatever reason, and I can only assume that it was because love is dead, and Valucre killed it. Sorry folks, but if you're in love right now, it's cancelled. Blame the site. Anyway, I thought about it some more, and decided that I was going to try a second round of matchmaking. Do you have a pining in your soul for romance and intimacy? Do you get way too interested in the lives of fictional characters? Do you have a free space in your busy, busy roleplaying schedule? Then this is for you. If you are interested in participating, I will be accepting entries for the next week or so. What you need to do to join is: Leave a message below, affirming your interest. Doing so will let me know just how many people actually want to play along this year. It gives me a chance to anticipate your involvement, and also reminds me to DM you, if something goes awry. DM me afterward, with your character's information. I specifically need a link to their character page, and their orientation/interests. This is important, so I know who is cool with what, and so that I have some idea what I'm working with. If you have anything else to add, like their dating history, turnons and baggage, feel free to do so. Again, all of this needs to remain private, so DM it to me, instead of posting it below. If you forget, I will assume you did not read the instructions, and fail to include you. Once I have a healthy roster (or very sparse roster, even) of candidates, I'll get around to presenting a list of arranged dates, and randomly choose one of them to act as the host. The host is responsible for planning the date out, where it takes place, what the date involves and so forth. Following that, I will immediately DM the 'guest' (not the host) with a completely random modifier, that will change something about the date, either for the better or worse. This will supply conflict and intrigue, and give you guys something to do besides flirt awkardly and eat food. Not all dates will go well, and most may even end with fist-fights if you like. I'm just here to spread the love, man.
  2. omit_needless_words

    Young gnome seeks bodyguards for world travel

    Meet Trout. Trout just graduated from school, and he wants to see the great sights and taste some adventure (and delicious local desserts) before he settles back home in Chesterfield. He’s not a fighter, and he’s looking for some protection and guidance and maybe companionship as he explores. My rough plan is to have a mostly light, funny, flavorful tour of some of the more famous places in Valucre. I’m not so worried about saving the world, just exploring it, meeting cool people, maybe getting kidnapped by bandits along the way, maybe getting eaten by a swamp monster, who knows? If this sounds fun to you, feel free to post in this thread, or just hop in IC! My current plan is to post a bit in the Cap and Bells Market while Trout gathers supplies for the journey. I can think of at least four hooks for a character in this story: Bodyguard Trout is looking to hire a bodyguard or two to keep him safe on his journey. The pay is good, with only a small chance of being swamp-monster food. Bonus if you can provide transportation (horses, van, flying carpet), I hear the lightning rail is down… Traveling companion If you also want to see the sights and enjoy the exotic foods of Valucre, feel free to come along! It could be another local from Chesterfield, or any other character as long as it fits. Trout will eagerly try to talk anyone into joining him. Sneaky type looking for a cover story If you want to scout out a particular place or run a covert mission without attracting attention, this could be a great cover story to explain why you’re snooping around Terrenus. Trout is not particularly worldly or difficult to fool. Antagonist I think it’s a given that we’ll encounter troubles along the way. If your character is the trouble-making type, you might be looking for easy pockets to pick. I’m not sure how this would work exactly, but I’m open to suggestions.
  3. On the surface, I just want to roleplay my two main characters buying some carbonated beverage syrup for the Mil Dot Lunaris. Going deeper though, I want to establish one or more business connection(s) for later, when they start building their industries, which ideally will not be one directional by any means.
  4. Lady Gilaen

    Wandering Wares

    Hey there! So I'm looking for one or two small group, or one on one stories that would allow me to play my current favorite, Enid. I have some loose story ideas that I can flesh out as needed, but ideally I'd like to develop a plot together as a team in order to meet everybody's needs and interests. That said, Enid is a magic shop owner and a fortune teller, and the nature of her business allows me to place her just about anywhere at any time (convenient or otherwise). I'm open to adventures or smaller stories that revolve around her shop. If you have a character that might be in need of magical items, or if having their fortune told would help drive their story, that might be a good place to start. Below is a brief description of the shop from another thread, for a little more context: I move pretty consistently between jobs and projects, so there's probably going to be some weeks where I can only post once. But I want to try and be more active than I have been in the past. (I'm always online and checking to see what's new anyway.) You can reply here or send me a message if you're interested in coming up with a plot together. Please and thank you! ❤️
  5. elixir

    Rekindling Old Flames.

    Ay, it's ya boi. Alas, it is a New Year and one of my resolutions is to make a comeback on this wondrous site. Therefore, I'm merely looking for (a) committed partner(s) to ruffle up some sheets with me and isn't afraid to write behemoth replies because that's my kink. I'm going to contact a few people in the days to come to see if they're willing to write with me, but I figured that I would put something up here for safekeeping. Fun fact: I do better with one-on-one threads because I love the intimacy between my partner and me; plus, that makes the ideas open-ended and everlasting. I have a really outdated character page which has links to my past threads in case anyone wants a preview of how I write and whatnot. Any scenarios and genres are okay with me! Want to start something from scratch? We'll start from the bottom and make it to the top together! We can discuss everything here or in PMs!
  6. Apologies, I aim to annul this alliteration annoyance. Anyway, after an attempt at attaining and activating the adventures of two additional allies, I found that intrigue involving either of them was infinitesimal. This thread, through thorough thought and prompting proposals, and attempts to aid in interest gathering. Saila silently stalks cities. Such a scamp! Dangerously, this devil drinks magic. Mayhaps this makes her a malicious murderer? Or a tragic, terror, tortured by terrible torment? Either way, I hope to see if anyone would like to involve her in a plot in some way. Jalafrax jealously japes...heroes. Haughtily, he has not heard a word of whether or not his wicked ways could cause his consecration. Nevertheless, this nihilistic necromancer never gives in. A veritable villain for venerable ventures. If one wishes to face Jalafrax, I think he'd be good as either a villain for a hero, or as a part of some sort of magic research team. Nevertheless, I'm mostly fine with anything. If either of these characters pique your interest, please inform me.
  7. Guten Morgen, Nachmittag und Abend, My name is Reinhardt Relzion, of the Relzion Coven. I ended up here in your world by incident of a Alchemical Experiment. While I do find myself in need of returning home. I am thoroughly intrigued by your World. If you ever find yourself in need of a man who is both Proficent with the Blade, Making Alchemical Draughts, or a Steamwork Engineer. Please feel free to enlist my services. I promise I don't bite...that hard. P.S. I do prefer jobs that can get bloody, lead me into Laboratories of Alchemists, Steamwork Engineers, or anything with High Society. Please understand I rather not get involved with the religious sorts and Any local Churches. Vielen Dank and I wish you all the best.
  8. Vansin

    Die in a Swamp

    You read it right! @Moon Owl is preparing to lead his glorious 1st Legion of Coth against none other than the massing Sahaugin tribes in Coconino Marsh and we need someone to play a force of ~200 Sahaugin to oppose and eventually lose to the 100 men of the 1st! This will be a canon thread, so dedicated thread-finishers are encouraged to apply.
  9. OctoberSkys

    Romantic Notions

    I have two Ideas based off of Classics (Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood ect.) with a twist. If you are interested in hearing about them PM me and I would be more than happy to go over them! I am wanting someone who can post often and write more then a small paragraph.
  10. Mollusk

    Rise of a Necromancer

    Jalafrax is a necromancer with cunning, evil plans. What a dastardly sort, he is! He is available to attack, bewitch, annoy, scheme about, oppose, assist, enslave, or resurrect your characters, today. Perhaps you're a grand hero who is starting out, and want an enemy to grow alongside you. Perhaps you're some sort of cleric, or druid, or paladin, or other type of "Say no to necromancy" type folk, and want to purge him. Perhaps you're an undead character, and need someone to bring you back from the grave. Jalafrax is available to fulfil your necromancy needs! Oh, also, Jalafrax can be found anywhere. Because I haven't bothered figuring out where he is.
  11. Genre: Fantasy Location: Genesaris Idea: Saila is a poor girl who suffers from a condition that devours magic. Nobody knows, except for her, how this manifested, but it has lead to some unforeseen consequences. She desires to consume magic as much as possible, and in doing so, could wreak havoc in a place where magic is omnipresent, venerated, and held up as a pillar of society. Like Genesaris. If your character or organisation wants: To destroy magic, because it's bad. To destroy magic, because it complicates your plans. To investigate antimagic, in hopes of being able to use it. To cure or kill Saila because magic is good. To cure or kill Saila because magic is necessary. Or any number of things, perhaps Saila is a character that could interest them. If you feel that there's a way for them to interact that's beyond glaring at the dishevelled child in the street, please respond! I'm open to any suggestions!
  12. hello there; i am looking for a rp with quick replies. i'm fine with nearly any scenario, though my posts really aren't all that long. so... i hope that won't be a problem
  13. Tajra

    FxF Brainstorm of ideas

    Hi, My rp side just shut down, so I am in need of a new one right now. I am new to valucre, but not new to RP. I am not from English speaking country. My English will never be 100% correct, but I believe that I won´t make many essential mistakes. Although the length of my posts may be affected by it, I try to match the length of my partner. I play only F x F relationships and I can control some side characters for better plot development. What I love the most when I RP is slowly building a relationship and deep, realistic characters with their desires, fears, hobbies, likes and dislikes. I also like to include drama and contrast in my RP. I enjoy a variety of things so you will find posts that are loving and caring and the ones that are extreme and brutal. (I lost my data to that shutdown site so I won´t post her as many plots as I would have 😞 Just PM and we can create something together) **craving right now Bold is preferred role Police officer x thief (Thief = Character B is my preferred role) Character A is a highly skilled and respected police officer. How else would that be when she sacrificed everything to her career. She lives alone in an apartment, works hard and long hours. She is set on helping people in need and yet she is usually cold to them. One day she saves the life of a street pest (character B) when they are confronted by the local gang and beaten almost to the death. If character A knew what will come out of this she might have done things differently that night…and maybe she might have not. Character B is no ordinary scum. She is an extremely talented thief with cheerful yet mysterious personality. She shows up in the character A home, claiming that she will repay the debt. (this can start from the first meeting or after several months when character B was most of the time somewhere near character A – showing up in her home without keys, cooing her from the ingredients she brought with the money she stole from character A earlier…) I would love to see the struggle within character A as she is faced with options to either report the thief (of which she grew quite fond of even though she would never admit it) or tolerate (sometimes enjoy) her company for a bit longer. Well, that is it. If you have any questions or improvements - tell me. I also accept your plot ideas – let´s discuss them! Have a great day Tajra
  14. OctoberSkys

    Open for buisness.

    Hello lovelies! I would like to Express that I am open for roleplaying! I am able to reply as often as with in the day or every three days. The minimum I will write is one entire page on a word document. If anyone is up for it I am open! If you have any ideas I would love to hear them!
  15. Ichi

    Can I play too?

    Jokes aside, I forgot how to muscle myself into RP's here on Val. Anyone wanna write with one of my characters? Any story will do. I'll be honest, I'm really rusty. I can, however, compensate with my devilishly good charm! Yep, cause I have that.
  16. pandemonium

    LF RP partner

    Looking for a committed RP partner with an emphasis on building up characters from scratch in Terrenus. Leaning toward Terrenus's major Church or military, but open to starting as just about anything, adventurers, politicians, whatever. If you have a character, or an idea, you've been wanting to explore but lacked a partner for, then this is for you! Looking specifically for something that accounts for the continuity between characters and their relationships. If anyone's interested, post here or send me a PM.
  17. Alright I’m looking for any good rps but I do want some good one on ones to fill in the space between big rp posts. It’s a lonely world. I have some ideas of my own not listed knowing it’ll push people away but also trying to lore people who want to build up a relation ship. I’m down to do most anything with some exceptions. But I wanna know someone before I make a broad pitch so I can angle for something they like. I’m long for a long term partner. i can manage a paragraph or be literate but I usually try to match my partner’s post length. Be warned we’ll probably end up being friends
  18. roboblu

    Be my comrade

    UPDATED JUNE 1st, 2018 Hello, friends! Right now I'm keeping up with a moderate level of activity on Val, and I have a few really great characters that I'd like to progress into more advanced plotlines. If you're ever interested in forming a partnership/companionship with any of the following characters, or they happen to fit a vacancy in your grand schemes, please feel free to reach out via PM or Discord (#8132) - Discord preferred! My other characters, most of them inactive, are linked in my signature. Maya Zapatero - young diplomat in the Terran military currently stationed in Nu Martyr (Renovatio). Is planning on touring the nation before establishing a Terrenus consulate within the capital. Could use some native friends and/or colleagues within the government. Very lawful, courteous, needs help breaking down her boundaries to relax a little. Loves to learn about other cultures. Izusisil Vedanta na Tukelea - Nymerian healer apprentice with a penchant for mischief. Loves to flirt, loves to test the patience of her mentor. Would jump at the chance to get in trouble and/or show off to a fresh audience. Merenus Syesa zi Moitiane - Highly skilled Nymerian artist who has become somewhat of a hermit since his partner died. Would benefit from some company, and occasionally takes commissions - but only for a worthwhile cause. Wren Sheppard - former Terran soldier with a companion dragon named Cricket. Was recently employed by the Melisende family as a bodyguard for Princess Cosima, but will be leaving the Cold South to travel for a while. Angsty, but exceedingly kind and patient. Likes to have fun. Could use a short fling or something to make him realize what he’d left behind after leaving Cosima. ARCHIVE September 2017 requests:
  19. OctoberSkys

    Fresh Start

    I am ready to start up another adventure. I would like to get back into the swing of things and give myself a dead line again. I am wanting to post every three days for now and move up to a more frequent replies. I am open to any ideas you have and can not wait to hear them!
  20. Hey Valucrians! Literate roleplayer here still getting used to the site's many features after a long time away so for the time being i'm looking for a few partners to roleplay with me one on one. I prefer you come up with a plot and i'll agree to it but if it's necessary and you don't have one then I have a plot and a world ready for both of us. My genres include but not limited to: High fantasy(My strongest preference), action, adventure, gore, mythical, supernatural, sci-fi, ero(not the bulk of the story).
  21. WalkingWarrior

    Seeking A Mentor (Closed/Fulfilled)

    It's as the title suggests. My character Red is seeking a mentor to teach him in the ways of magic. Character info can be found here or in my signature. Genre: Fantasy, maybe a bit of Sci-fi depending on how you perceive magic. Location: Somewhere in Terrenus, likely a small pub or something similar. Definitely a smaller town rather than a large city, Red's scared of crowds. Idea: The idea is simple and straightforward; Red wants to find himself a magic teacher. He's been enamored with magic since he was a kid, and despite all his self-made attempts he hasn't got very far. Red isn't a terrifically imaginative man so the nuances of creativity and the mental capacity for 'imagine anything' that typical magic covers will be difficult, if not impossible for him to grasp. He's going to need someone to teach him at his level, so to speak. Someone patient, practical, and above all else capable. FAQs: None yet.
  22. Cheezeegriff

    More Important is the Journey

    More Important is the Journey has some openings again! After taking off from Dragonsoul Summit in an Airship, being raided by pirates and crash landing in the mountains, only a few of the original party members remain. The wherabouts of the others are unknown. Lost, dead or injured, their fate remains a mystery (OOC: they left the RP for various reasons, mostly life). There are essentially about 3-4 openings for people to join our RP, More Important is the Journey, as they try to brave the terrible mountainous wilderness and head to the nearest bastion of civilisation, Stormward. To join you will need a character who: a) Was on the airship that was attacked by pirates and crashed. You'll need a reason for them to be travelling from Dragonsoul Summit. b) I'll allow one player to generate a character who has a remarkably good reason to be in the middle of nowhere between Dragonsoul Summit and Stormward - ie. who wasn't involved in the crash. Your character doesn't need to know our characters. Probably simpler if he/she doesn't. It was a big airship with lots of passengers:). The situation: the airship has crashed remarkably gently, being still partially buoyant and is pinned against some cliffs on a mountainside by the wind. It's essentially resting on the slope of some mountains. Below is a snowy slope leading down to a valley of boreal forest. The season is autumn and it is pre-dawn, ie. very early in the morning. Flexible post rate and order. Quicker is better but we've gotten quite slow in our old age. But don't let that slow you down if you want to post often. Please let me know if you'd like to join and with which character:). Read more about the OOC thread here: It's by no means necessary, but if you wish, you can read up on the existing RP here: Old info follows. It gives a general idea of the purpose of the RP: Edit: A position is available as of 19-1-18. Put a message here if you're interested. So far the heroes have haggled prices for bodyguards etc and are now about to board an airship to Vdara. It's likely they won't make it without some problems;). So if you'd like to join you'll need to have a character travelling from Dragonsoul Summit to Vdara via airship, and come up with a valid reason for this. Jon is a sell-sword, a ranger, a druid of sorts and something of a drifter. Journeying from place to place he calls everywhere home, and is more comfortable in his sleeping sack around a campfire than in a musty inn. He usually provides guard-and-guide duty for travelling caravans, though he travels alone just as comfortably with his own animal companions: an ice bear, a tiger and an eagle owl. He's telepathically linked to them so even when they're not in sight, they're usually nearby, and he knows what they know. I'm after a roleplay about travelling, making friends, companionship, sharing the road together. We'll pass through beautiful landscapes and through harsh and pleasant weather, inspect the occasional peculiarity like old castle ruins or druid circles, isolated villages and prosperous farmsteads. But mostly it'll just be our characters sharing a journey. Because the journey is more important than the destination, especially to someone whose home is anywhere. I'd prefer to keep our party small. Maximum of 6 characters including Jon. The less we have the more regularly I'd like to post, but I'd like something at least once every 3 days. Flexible posting order according to need and availability. If you know youre going to be away for a post cycle then that's ok. Just make an excuse for your character to be absent for a bit. You can read about Jon in the character threads. I'd post a link but I'm currently operating things from my dumbphone. Will put one up later. You should also be warned that Jon has made a few enemies out there in the big wide world. We're bound to run into a few. He also has his own agenda. His wandering isn't aimless, even though it can take many dirdctions. It would be very cool if your character had a specific personal mission/ambition as well. Something that involves travelling. You can pay Jon to go with you or you can offer him your services to travel for free with him. This was partly inspired by a road trip I've taken with my family. We're on the last leg of it now. We'll have covered about 5000km by the time we get home. I hope to post some photos soon, just as a bit more inspiration. Post below if you're interested. Include what your character's motivation will be. You can lie, but Jon wouldn't trust anyone who says they're just travelling for the sake of it.
  23. Hello! Thank you for taking a look at this thread. I'm new here, but not new to role playing! As stated in the title, I'm looking for partners for both original pairings/plots, and fandoms! Before we begin, I have a few requirements! 1- Please be active. I lose interest if my partner doesn't reply often. I'd love multiple replies a day, but I'll accept one reply a day. 2- Please use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as third person. 3- Match my length. 4- Let me know if you want to quit or change something, or if you're going to be gone for a few days. 5- Be 18 or older please! This is simply because of my own age. So, for canon, I will gladly double up. I only do canon/oc pairings for myself, but if we double, I'll do canon/canon or oc/oc for your romantic pairing. I prefer male/female, but I have a few female/female. I will do whatever pairing genders you prefer for your own pairing. Fandoms (Bold is preferred, * means I have a plot, and Italics mean that a f// pairing is acceptable) The Walking Dead* Supernatural Percy Jackson Dragon Age Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy 8 Chrono Cross Pokemon Dragonball Z Death Note* Ouran High School Host Club Avatar: The Last Air Bender* NANA Naruto FMA: Brotherhood Psycho-Pass Marvel Steven Universe* Sailor Moon Life is Srange Fallout 4 Tomb Raider LOTR The Hobbit Disney/Pixar Fatal Frame Sherlock Originals Basically, anything you can think of, I'm sure I'd be interested. I'm very interested in fantasy and the use of magic, along with historical things. I like unusual pairings as well! If you don't see a fandom listed, please feel free to ask! I'm sure I've forgotten tons! And don't forget to ask about an original pairing you want to do. :>
  24. Not really trying to do any sort of specific group structure, I’d like to keep it down to three extra people. We can discuss where we want to post, what we want to post about (the ‘theme’ of the thread,) and what characters we wanna use. Not in any particular order. I’m available basically any afternoon or evening. But if I don’t post, well, it’s because I am busy.