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Found 13 results

  1. High above the beds of Lagrimosa and Genesaris, comfortable on their even plane, a world away from the world remains nestled in the air—Cierno, the floating islands. Here, water and rock share the sky, with rivers that dance with the wind and towers that stab the clouds. Yet, for all this glory and grandeur, Cierno was not so different from her cousins with regard to her makeup; she just happened to be floating above both. The latest rumor also did not speak toward Cierno in the clouds but, rather, a city on a cloud floating far beyond. The rumor, however, remains only thus. One man is determined to change that. Elgar E. Tosenrun has sent the flyers throughout Cierno and the world below, calling on adventurers to take to the clouds and find only one which may hold a city on its very surface. This was the opportunity for discovery and exploration, to brave the skies and solve a mystery with the promise of reward. So, there in Highcroak Tavern in Nu Martyr, Elgar would remain, waiting comfortably for a small group of voyagers to help him find this city and unlock its treasures for all the world to see! Looking for a group of four max (myself included) to explore the skies via airship, chasing after the tale of a city said to dwell on a cloud itself. I will settle for just one other person if it comes to it! I'll serve as light GM, nudging the story along while taking part in it, with help from my fellow roleplayers. We'll start out in Nu Martyr, Nehalen, Cierno, in Highcroak Tavern in the city. Since a particular portion of the roleplay will have our characters be airborne, I figured we could all share my character's airship. Either that or we each have our own hot air balloon and play bumper balloons? I plan on having the IC thread up by this weekend. I didn't mention the brevity rule because it is not in play but I am going to encourage it nonetheless! Any takers? IC thread
  2. One of the next holidays is Valentine’s Day, so in honor of this I have decided to have a Valentine thread or two. There are six different areas in Seinaru Forven, and each one will have a lucky winner to a well thought out Valentine date. The events will be planned, and the theme will be around romance/love. This does not mean your character has to find love, or get into the romance of the moment. This is just a normal free event with a Valentine theme. How your character decides to react in the events will be up to you. I have a character that can be the date for every one of the areas, but if enough people are interested I can set up the event and others can enjoy the threads. I can participate in at least two threads, but no more. The posting time will be up to the participants. If in a thread with one of my characters there will be a three day wait before I will be able to post a response. This event will only be available until Valentine’s Day, so if the thread has not begun before then it will be closed to new participants. If the thread is two full pages or more and finished, it will be added to the canon of the area. If you are interested please post your interest in this interest check and add the character you'd like to participate with. Here are the dating options: Dashkanchay To begin the date in Dashkanchay we will start with a tour of the city in a romantic carriage ride. This will be a great opportunity to introduce yourself to your date and to set the tone for how you want the event to go. The carriage will lead you over to a theater where there will be a play to attend and dinner afterward to discuss what you have seen with your date. The next day the event will include a night at a local museum where you will admire the art, history, and collections. Karmathen This date will begin with a couple’s tarot reading from a local fae who lives in the area. It will reveal more about who you are dating as well as your possible futures. Then you will move toward a paint and sip event, where you will drink wine or spirits while painting a canvas for your date. It will be a fun activity and you get to take home a souvenir. The next day you and your date will participate in a Valentine’s sweets contest. The best tasting concoction will win a prize of gold and the reputation of best chef. Lo’Bre In this event we begin with a poetry reading centered on a love theme. You could choose to bring your own love poetry or just listen to the poetry of others as you get to know your date. After that you will make a trip to the Blues Bar, where wonderful music is played and wonderful food to enjoy. The next day you will be participating in staying overnight at the local haunted hotel, where no one sleeps. It is a place where people go to see the supernatural, and you might have an opportunity to sooth your date’s fear as you take on the scary other-worldly occupants. Kinumo Here you will begin with a game. This game is a game of clues to escape the room and win. It is a great way to break the ice and get to know your date. The next day you will be having a picnic under the tree of knowledge, and the day will end with stargazing with your date. Dawic What better way to get to know your date then to go on a romantic gondola ride? Enjoy the beautiful sights of the area as you get to know your date. Later on you will take a tour to see the swamp monster, one of the most famous myths of Dawic. See if the creature appears for you and your date as a bonding experience. Then the next day you will be going on a scavenger hunt in the sea caves. Find all the objects to beat the others playing the game and win a trophy. Eneraith Climb the black mountains of Eneraith, which will be full of obstacles. When you reach the top you and your date will be rewarded with a spa day in the famous hot springs. The next day there will be a bonfire to celebrate the romantic holiday, and Wyvern rides will be given to those interested in soaring in the darkened skies by the full moon.
  3. This is a role play Where either: 1(yc) comes home to find (mc) you’re partner, sick with the stomach flu or cold or vice versa. 2 yc comes to the hospital complaining of an upset stomach and mc takes care of you and a romance is born. 3 date night gone bad by way of food poisoning, Where one of us unknowingly orders bad food. My character Resren is an elf with many traits of his kin, but he has a weak immune system and can get sick easily. Despite his weakness, Resren is also a doctor Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.
  4. Here by my character Whatever fighting rule set you wanna do is up to you, we can discuss all those details here if you so desire.
  5. Hi there! I'm ZeeNathan. You can either call me Zee or Nathan. I'm new to the website and am looking for partner to roleplay with me. I have several ideas ready to go and, if you like it, we can costumized it together! But..... Before we get into the plots, here are somethings I expected from my partner and what you can expect from me. It might be a bother, but please read this first so there won't be any problems in the future. Since now you know what I expected from my partner and what you can expect from me, if you met the requirement or if I met your requirement, then, you can continue reading. If there is something you don't like about my requirements, we can still talk about it. I'm an open-minded person. At least that's what most people around me said, not me. Well, enough with that. Let's move on to the plots, shall we? 1. Not The Chosen One [Cross Dimension Adventure] Genre: Medieval Fantasy, Adventure, Magic, Mystery, Action, Romance (optional) 2. We Just Want To Play! [VR World] Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Virtual Reality, Adventure, Comedy, Slice of Life, Modern, Futuristic 3. Your Warmth [Cross species Romance] Genre: Modern Fantasy, Dark Romance, Drama, Mafia, Action, Shadow Organization 4. Untitled [Sci-fi Military School Life] Genre: Sci-fi, Slice of Life, School Life, Military, Futuristic, Action, Fantasy (optional), Romance (optional) There are still a lot of plots that I didn't put here since I don't want this to be too long. These plots is not fixed. Meaning, if there is something you don't like about it, we can still change it together. I also hope you can add some of your ideas into the plot so the story will feel like it belongs to both of us! Welp, I didn't realize its already this long... Woops. Well, if you're interested in one of the plot, reply to this post or PM me so we can discuss things further. See you later!
  6. I don't know if my ideas can be suitable for this place, but I would like to try to find a partner for them. I prefer 1x1 role play. I don't have a plot, but I have two ideas. Before exposing my ideas some minimal information: I prefer a male / male story, which also involves intimate relationships I like real Asian photos for my characters, but it's not the letter of the law About ideas: one of them is related to an alternative universe called the A / B / O universe. I've read a lot of facts about the relationship between an Alpha and an Omega. I am still new to this field, but I want to learn as much as possible. The first idea would be: A lone alpha, who owns a car repair shop - he being a mechanic - wakes up one day with an abandoned car at his workshop. There's an injured and beaten omega in the car. The alpha takes him home, calls his cousin to see him. After consulting his doctor's cousin, he gives the mechanic a treatment plan. The lone alpha procures all the written products and takes care of the omega as advised by his cousin. When the omega begins to recover, he cannot speak because of the shock, but the alpha continues to take care of him and be kind, gentle and affectionate with him. But when the omega starts talking, what will the lone alpha find out about him? The second idea would be: A guy of average condition, shy, studious, with a scholarship, always jumping when it comes to helping someone, he finds himself in class in college with a handsome, athletic, rich guy who thinks he has everyone at his feet. Beautiful girls swarm around him, but he's sadder. Nobody knows why he doesn't smile much. By chance, the two get closer. Will the smiling, shy guy manage to soften the heart of the "ready money" guy? I don't know what else can I say. Feel free to put questions.
  7. Hello! I am hoping to start up an adventure with Esdel. I am not used to doing RP with more than 1 person, but I would love to maybe start something with 1-3 people. I am still getting used to the lore of Valucre, but I have at least a good few years of RP experience under my belt. However, it would be appreciated if someone who joins the adventure is more savvy with Valucre lore than myself. I really love an RP with some good angst, some romance (if it goes that way), excitement, development.... I was thinking replies will be every 2-3 days at the latest, but definitely flexible, as I know life gets busy. Esdel is fairly underdeveloped as a character currently. Flirty by nature, doesn't know who he is yet, kind of moody, a bit daft. Very open to the plotline and I look forward to conjuring up ideas with, hopefully, a few of you. 🙂
  8. Looking for partners, friends, and annoying adventurers looking for somewhat reluctant sidekicks for my new character Nerisei: She's in Aspyn now, and I'd like to start there if possible since I'm new to the site and getting used to all the lore. Some ideas I'd have are: -Meet her up with some Gaian clergy, have them explain the faith to her a bit, try to convert her, and help her develop her powers, which are innate from her dryad blood -Quest around Biazo Isle, especially anything to do with protecting the local forests -> Maybe start with something a bit more minor, then work up to the more main questlines of Biazo like joining the Half-Men, etc. -This quest on Biazo: "Investigate the origin of the pigmen whom dwell in Biazo's thick forests. Find out what caused them to retreat, and determine if they are sapient, malicious, or diplomatic." -Bump into someone who's "not from around here" and looking for a guide of the forest, get into some trouble. Open to other ideas, let me know if anything piques your interest :3
  9. Hello all, looking to get my feet wet with an RP group or partner. My character is Xen’Khan, a young man with a heart full of wanderlust. I’m looking for a very fantasy oriented setting with some sci-fi elements that could bleed in at times. I haven’t played in years so I’d like to let any potential Roleplayers know that my writing will probably need a lot of improvement and I don’t know how much I’ll realistically write per post. With all that being said, Xen’Khan is a little bit generic right now, but I intend on developing him into a more fleshed out and complex character through Role-playing eventually. I don’t think I have much else to say right now, I hope this Ad is okay. I’m looking forward to hearing from whoever responds to this. Thank you for reading.
  10. Hello wonderful people. I'm looking for an RP partner to help me flesh out a new character. I think I'd like for it to be a one-on-one thread (at least until the characters have a bit of a defined relationship). I'm hoping for someone who posts regularly. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in more details.
  11. Hey wonderful world of Valucre, I'm looking to get back into forum Rp and was hoping to do something casual, maybe epic or crazy, with two of my usual characters. I'll link them below. Basically ones a shadow magic casting mage with a taste for fear and adventure. The other is a hardened merc who usually ends up in groups that soften his hard exterior and allow him to finally lower his guard(big into magitek and the arcane arts). I'm also willing to completely make up a new character if that's what someone wants to do to.
  12. Hello! I am trying to spread some faith and bash evil in its face across TerFractImosa!! Yshmael, Gaian Apprentice and Nomadic Pilgrim is seeking out evil on a path (unorganized but loosely) eventually delivering him to Yh’mi once he becomeS a Paladin. So help me get those thread counts up! Peaceful or warfare I don’t mind! Spitball with me about Gaia too! I wanna live the lore!!!
  13. Guest

    3 plots, one setting.

    Plot 1 “The Dreamer.” The point of this Roleplay is to carry out a White Sands RP centered around the discovery of the metaphysical nature of its world. This is a horror Roleplay, expect placentas, puss, bodily fluids, shifting flesh, trippy dimensional travels, flesh-eating stillborns, pregnant women with their stomach bursting, and meeting the Elder One’s in some form. The idea is to explore the madness of the dreamer, as our character inadvertently discovers the reality of all verses existence. It will begin in the White Sands, where our characters will be sent to investigate a disturbance reported within the Obsidian volcanic mountain ranges. I will post a follow-up post explaining the factions and the lore. This is from Mild-Moderate power characters; combat will be featured, though don’t expect to one-shot everything. No stakes, no fun. Also, the setting is Middle eastern, with Asian elements along the green outskirts of the continent. It is primarily contained within the Obsidian Canyon. Plot 2 “Devils, Monsters and Eldritch things.” In the White Sands, the main characters are engaging in a struggle to prevent the assimilation of all sentient life. The Eldritch horde has broken through the wall, and is ravaging the land east to the Bandits pass. The point of this Roleplay is to play out the horrors through the eyes of unsuspecting ordinary folk. So merchants, ranchers, some militiamen, and of course, your bartender. Our characters will not be bad asses, nor will they be genuinely experienced in handling much in the way of such otherworldly monstrosities. Again this is a Middle eastern, with light Asian influences. No knights, no European influences permitted as this is the horror through the eyes of the common man. Plot 3 “They came from the sands.” This is your more tame plot; it will take palace within Ashtown, which is located just outside of the range of the Obsidian mountains, surrounded by a sea of bleached dunes. The town is mostly filled with beetle ranchers, and farmers, however, your character from any Fantasy setting without tech is welcomed. The purpose of this Roleplay is that people are vanishing, disappearing into the night with no sign of a struggle. A local kitsune hunter is dispatched to investigate, as they have a budding relationship with the town. This will be a mystery/action/drama roleplay involving our characters trying to figure out why people are vanishing and trying to stop it IF they can learn the truth. It will be centered around the notion that the noble house of the region may somehow be connected, so expect some mild political intrigue, conspiracy, and of course, revulsion. The main idea’s behind these roleplays purposely obscured, as I don’t want the players to be able to metagame, nor do I want to spoil the twist and turns that MAY come up depending on the characters actions. To join, I will need to see your character sheets, to ensure no one too overpowered, not able to fit in the setting joins and accidentally derails the whole experience. @Papershoggoth @Lucid Dream
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