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Found 22 results

  1. Hey. I wanna go help Blairville by being a deputy. My group, the Shields of Valor are gonna be there. Anyone wanna join in? Can't promise I'll be able to post quickly, but I'll do what I can.
  2. Since Aveline Debbie Singlance will be the captain of the Lunarian Protectorate's Special Operations Squad, she's preparing for the role, and there is one glaring hole in her skillset: mêlée combat. So, in preparation for her role in training and leading the SOS, she's seeking out someone that can train her in an efficient and brutal style of mêlée martial arts... ...and her brother might just join her...
  3. Hey y'all, I'm Currently doing an RP to try to convince the City of Dairut to do some urban development, and need someone to DM (Dungeon Master) as the City council. While this would usually fall to King as it's his city, His schedule is currently very busy, and is in favor of someone else DMing (Dungeon Mastering) as the city council. Once we know who it will be, King can DM (Directly Message) you about how to DM (Dungeon Master) as the Dairut city council. The Council consists of seven individuals who are the wealthiest members of Dairut society. This will probably be best for experienced RPers, as it will require writing for seven people with distinct personalities Created by someone who probably isn't you. If you want to see the thread Here it is, it's just the process of my characters going to the council chamber, sorry if the writing is rough. Hope you guys are interested!
  4. Except when you chew it there’s no bubble. If you want to chew gum with me then I don’t need a DM or a PM or a GM. Looking for something that takes no long term commitment except if it ends up being a roleplay that keeps on chugging because it’s just that cool. Nothing to GM for or plan out or keep graphs and charts or dice rolls (unless it tickles your fancy then by all means). I took a quick glance of gander down the old WC but alas it looks like most threads are already booked so hey-ho here we go. Got no immediate theme or story or character but I always like the excitement of choosing or choosing at random one of these auditory scenarios found at www.tabletopaudio.com Any takers? Will roleplay with anyone except @amenities
  5. So, long story short, I have a threads that’s hanging in the breeze. I’m not sure why, but the person that I was supposed post with hasn’t posted in the month after I started the thread. So, unfortunately, in the interest of keeping the ball rolling, I’m postponing our partnership and seeking out someone to fill the spot in this particular thread. Im role playing what will appear to be a large, black wolf in a forest north of Alethea in the continent of Genesaris. If you are interested, I will send you a link.
  6. Hello guys! I am Nesy and I am here to roleplay as Nesy Celvius. He's a Celvestian alien being from an other planet coming into visit. So, let me tell the plot to you! After the alien war that broke out in Terrenus. Nesy has discovered magic. The Alien wants to learn more about Valucre and he wants to be a part of it! Who will step up for Nesy and help him to the path of power and glory? Because he's truly up for some monster hunting and exploring! Maybe convince Nesy to abandon his technology tempororly and learn some magic instead! Learn and become very powerful. The adventure starts now! Who will step up for him? Alright guys, who will step up for Nesy and who will help him? Maybe he can abandon his technology and finally learn magic and learn to be a part of Valucre! Let's take this to the next level shall we? Please reply to this forum or pm me. Because I'd love to roleplay with anybody! Clock is ticking 😉 OC: https://www.valucre.com/topic/43203-nesy-celvius-the-multiversal-extra-terrestrialalien/
  7. Greetings ladies and gentlemen in Valucre. A disturbing war has broken out between 2 races. One are Celvestians which are commanded by Nesy. One are Retruvians commanded by..Someone. This will become an epic battle in between 2 races! However not the entire force will be there. So what should you expect? Destruction Ruined nature Chaos Potential death tool. Loads of violence. Terror. How did the small scale war start out? It all started out in the "Tavern of Legends Season 3." when Nesy got a transmission from his enemy that they have found him. While he was just goofing around with his extra terrestrial friends which was interupted by a warning. The Retruvians will send an entire arsenal of 1000 troops that will be hunting for Nesy and including eradicating this entire planet.. But Nesy wont give up because his troops will reinforce Nesy during the fight so the troop ammount is like 1000. This war will happen somewhere in the forests of Valucre in an isolated location 50KM away from the large Tavern. So where will this war break out? Somewhere in Terrenus in the wild natures. It'll start out silently but ends with total destruction. Will Nesy save Terrenus from total destruction by Retruvian forces. Or he'll die in glory? Time to find out who wins.. -- My OC. So who's going to be the retruvian? It's work in progress but maybe it's going to be NPC's Everyone may join this small little event I planned.
  8. Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is (cannot tell in real life) but I can tell my nickname! Nesy. Alright friends. So I am very new to Valucre.. I was wondering if anyone could roleplay with me.. Doesn't matter if it's 1x1 or a large group. I'm flexible with everything. I'd love to use my new alien OC.. So if there's anyone interested please message this topic... Nesy has newly arrived to this planet and he's very new. He does not know everything or non anything. So please feel free to teach my OC about this wonderful world! Thank you very much! ? I'm just a very bored lad.. ;( Looking anything spicy yknow. Anyone may satisfy me. My OC:
  9. Alrighty, I figured that I had procrastinated long enough - now is the time for me to just post it. Link here, looking for a partner to engage in my first RP on this site (though not in general)! Genre: That isn't really a focus for me - action, mystery, adventure, the whole nine yards. I'm fine with anything for this particular start, really. Location: Genesaris (or anywhere nearby) would work well, as that's where my character, Khada Reis, dropped down to begin with. Of course, I'm sure that i can work something out if you had another location in mind. Idea: This will be Reis's first time in Valucre in general. I planned on having the little guy start off about a week after arriving in Genesaris, so that he'd be somewhat used to things (at least, whichever city he dropped down in). Interactions can range from anything, new enemies to new friends (though it takes a bit to gain his trust), mentor characters, or anything else. The plan was to start some sort of interaction with Khada, no matter the nature of it. He needs to get used to the world around him before starting on his main quest. My pace varies from time to time. I like to post every day, but hey. Life happens sometimes, and I occasionally wait a few days before posting. Still, I like to try and be consistent. If you're worried about me negating the RP as a whole, then don't worry! I've got experience in keeping up^^ Anywho. . . interested?
  10. Probably shouldn't do this since I just started college but fuck it. I have grown quite an attachment to my character Ethan. Everyone on this app that knows me: YA THINK?! And I'm thinking maybe find people for him to talk to. You know let him have friends, maybe a mentor, maybe a lover, maybe a rival, or maybe a villain. Either way, please roleplay with me
  11. Yello Val it’s me again! This time I have rp ideas to pitch. ( yet again) however this is based on DND. Wel based, I mean I’ve seen some videoed about the creatures don’t know to much about all the complex lore but have had some ideas. So. Now then, you don’t have to know about dND to do these as I’ll explain them in depth. Nor do I require a campaign but if you have a campaign idea revolving around these ideas, feel free. I’m not into the dice rolling because I have bad luck. But if you want them I’m fine with doing them. Anyway I digress. I’ve included several non dnd based ideas. But I’ve labled them as such. Anyway most of these are redemption stories, alignment changes, and involve cute sweet cuddly goodness on normally evil characters. Not all ideas involve evil characters so be warned! A relationship of Morbiosity! black dragons are one of the most vile dragons imaginable. They live in putrid swamps and prefer things to rot and die. So what happened when a emotionally unstable and depressed mortal wanders into this dragon’s territory? A slow but steady friendship! I think a moody teens and a bike dragon would get along, since one wants to die and watch things die, and the other enjoys the Vileness in life. I imagine it starts slow, and has a gradual build before the dragon considers the human part of its life. So what else have I to pitch? I had some ideas but they’ve floated away now. I’m down for redemption and evilness galore. Have an idea of your own? Feel free to pitch! Don’t get discouraged if you see a lot of comments! I’m always game for something new and exciting
  12. Priscilla Arrettle, formerly a talented runesmith and craftsman, has fallen on troubled times. Having made her way back to the merchant's guild in Vdara, she failed to recover much of her previous wealth through insurance. Worse still, the majority of those costs went to the party that got her there in the first place, who disbanded swiftly, leaving her with a few gold pieces to rub together, but little else. She has a few benefits to her name, however, armed with a few scavenged weapons, clad in clean, undamaged clothes, and fed, cleaned and a little better than she was before. This puts her in the prime situation to look outward--and even upward--in search of new ways to reclaim her fortune. Fortunately, Vdara is full of people; aspirants, adventurers, warriors and guides, so hopefully finding someone to help her once again won't be much of a challenge. Finding wealth, following that, will follow shortly. This is an effort to try and move my character Priscilla's own story along. If you've read above, you certainly understand by now that she's a talented and impressive smith, capable of giving any character she interacts with some quite powerful objects, if things go to plan. I'm looking for...anyone, really. The goal is for Priscilla and her new company to look for leads, opportunities or jobs that will serve to make all involved a lot of money. This could mean busy work, honest jobs, mercenary work or, if they're convincing enough, crime. Priscilla is comfortable with nearly everyone (except vampires), is pansexual, meaning she can, and might find any character appealing if they get to know each other, and she's doing her best to claw her way back to her place in the world. She's determined, but desperate, and willing to try anything if pushed hard enough. Do you have a character/s that are also looking to make some coin? Are you interested in investigating destroyed caravans, sacked villages, abandoned mines and other ambiguous leads, in the hope of making some coin? Express your interest below and include a character sheet, and I'll try to get back to you right away! It'll be fun, potentially long-standing and hopefully entertaining for everybody.
  13. A couple of rules+notes before I set the storyline. Please respond with your character bio first before we begin. It is not necessary to leave a backstory as further knowledge of characters will be added as the story progresses. If you have any questions please ask. I would also like to add that I prefer to write with those who are closer in age with myself. ? The time-manner of responses for this story is flexible and as a group (or otherwise) we will work with each other's schedules. I'm pretty lenient with this. I have written the beginning of Chapter one to get things started, but we may keep this post for Character and story information only. I may make a new post with a copy of the start of Chapter 1 and we will write from there. -Safe for work only. Please, no romance or sensual themes. I'd like the focus to be on the elements of the plot and character development. Violence is ok. (Please refrain from using profanity). -NO Lgbt themes/characters permitted. Thank you for understanding. -Recommended to have literate responses, but multi-paragraphs are optional depending on your preference. I don't mind the length of the responses. Add detail. Now that this little message is over, let's get to the fun part... Story plot + more. Setting: Year of 4035. Place: A planet called Xetheria. Nature: Most of the plants/wildlife are various colors. Outside of the city, there are forests as well as other towns. More info: No magical/mythical themes, the genre is mostly sci-fi. However, being it is a different planet, there are several strange animal creatures, which can be made up by whomever. Other: There is currently no real major ruler over the people, as there aren't many citizens anymore. This has led to an amount of chaos. Groups have been made with protective leaders who reign within their town or camp. Keep in mind technology has been further advanced. This includes weapons, tools, fabrics, and transport, even though the city is in the state it is in. As for a villain/antihero/antagonist character, I'm really counting on collaborating with you in regard to this. I've had a couple of general ideas. One is that either Zane Arkwright or one of your characters will have no recollection of any damage they might have caused, hence the mystery of this fallen city. However, if whoever the antagonist is, has remembered his/her actions, he/she must have a current motive for keeping everyone blind. Otherwise, if there was a war and a person alone was not responsible, there is bound to be an atagonist in the midst of the madness. I'm leaving this all in our hands, to collaborate and share ideas to create a fun and hopefully successful, suspensful, aannd exciting, story! My Starter Characters. (Basic Info). Will add more as the story develops. Name: Zane Laurence Arkwright Gender: Male Age: 24 Height: 6'1 Weight: 145lbs, Thin Hair Color/Style: Black, Semi Long, past his ears, with wisped bangs over his forehead. Eye Color: Almond shaped, Blue eyes. Clothing: Black diagonal zippered vest & Black long-sleeved shirt underneath. Dark Blue Pants, boots. Other: Right arm is a silvery blue cyborg prosthetic. Name: Freya Gender: Female Age: 22 Height: 5'6 Weight: 125lbs Hair Color/Style: Long, straight dark brown Hair, straight-cut bangs. Layers. Eye Color: Brown. Clothing: Black leggings and flats. Purple long-sleeved, knee-length tunic/dress. Cross pendant on a thin, black necklace chain. Background What is not known by most characters in this story is the destruction that had come before. I'm thinking a war or an antagonist had been the cause of this. Further information will develop as the story develops. The story takes place in a foggy, desolate city on Xetheria. Purple vines cover the ruins of each once glistening skyscraper. Some buildings are more intact than others, sure, but the roads lay cracked and remnants of what was once a prosperous city now lay nearly empty of life. Upon entering the city, few have daydreamed, have let their minds wander to visions of what life must have been like for its prior citizens. As far as it is known, those do not recall what happened, for if there was a recollection of what event had occurred here, no one had mentioned it. Families and individuals dare not live in this city, for the sight of it causes much restlessness to any who come to visit. Chapter 1: Is it the beginning or is it the End? In the midst of the city, closer to the heart of it, a young man's eyes open as fog enters the dimly lit room, encircling him. He must've left the window open and fallen asleep. Tired and groggy, he lifted himself to his feet. The window, from where he stood, was set just at his head, so when he went over to it, he had to shut it by standing on the tips of his toes. The room was in an underground space just below the building. That must've been why it was mostly intact. In the room, everything was set up in an organized, minimalist manner. There was his small makeshift bed, an old, rusted table, and a small backpack on the floor leaning against the wall. He had been living here for as long as he could remember. The door of the room was dented, and he couldn't get it open to explore the rest of the underground rooms, which he assumed were just old storage rooms for what used to be an office building. Keeping up with daily routine, he took fruit from his bag he picked the day before, put the backpack over his shoulder, and climbed out the window.
  14. 1000 Years of Wynter Genre: Action, adventure, Sci fi, supernatural, romance* Location: Alternative/non canon Plot: *So romance is always optional and dependent on character interaction or wether or not we want to include it. Please be cool with playing NPC to keep plots and character developing and moving. Also please at least give a paragraph ~ I’m easy to talk to so also feel free to OOC chat me anytime. Other than that I don’t have any expectations or things to tell you before we intitially speak.
  15. Torie is a young shape-shifting druid from a tribe of druids that hail from the cold north of Terrenus. Her people value many things, such as strength and kindness, but none so much as knowledge or wisdom. They believe the only way to gain wisdom is through experience, hence their young adults are encouraged to travel and learn. Doing so increases their status within the tribe. Seeking to increase her status, Torie has been travelling the world for the last couple of years. She's after knowledge but she's easily distracted by the luxuries she's found in the more southern civilisations. She loves attention, making new friends, wine and above all, food. She wants new experiences but also the comfort of a nice warm bed and someone to brush out her fur. Boys are particularly distracting - being in the form of a big tiger (ok, a VERY big tiger), she doesn't get much attention from them, but she'll do her best to encourage a handsome young barkeep to apply a brush to those hard-to-reach places. … like her back, I mean! Torie might be a bit mischievous but she's not kinky. Essentially I would like a RP where Torie has someone to learn from, interact with, clash with. You could be someone with a skill that Torie wishes to master (like cooking! Or weaving, or gardening or farming. Anything she can do with her large but nimble paws, or with magic, particularly if it's useful to her tribe), or you could be someone who encourages her to get up to mischief and distracts her from her True Path (whatever that is. It's all learning, right?). You might be someone mean, who wants to exploit Torie's ability to control animals, or her ability to change shape. You might even want to take advantage of her exceptional strength. Whoever you are, I'd like to meet you and discuss ways our character can interact. Let me know if you're interested, and please check out Torie's page in my signature for more information. Hope to RP with you soon!
  16. Hello and greetings I’ve recently been accepted here and am in need of practicing for possible para rp. This will be my first time doing such a style.What I need is just a small amount of character info and a picture if you are able.Name:Age:Hight:Weight:Eyes:Race:Alliance:Force talents:The primary focus in the beginning will be to see to it that as certain someone gets off Kamino for each of our characters to survive. “Mayday.. mayday... A cloacked man rascally coughs up a little more blood and gasps. “mayday.. calling the Kamino system for.. for emergency medical..” he coughed a bit more. “support.. turning on auto pilot..." A bright red light flickers as he flips a few switches. Upon landing on the platform in the dark and stormy night blood from the wounded male rushes with the water and off the platform. Before passing out from wounds mixed with the damaged armor and the salty rain water he looks at Y/C and asks "and who.. are you?". The worrier collapses and is taken to emergency care by 2 clone troopers.I apologize if if this is really shallow I did come from a Facebook page.
  17. Hi everyone! As mentioned in the title, I have a slice of free time here, and I'd like to start some 1x1 stuff if anyone's game. All threads will end May 1. Pace can be whatever you have time for between now and then. As for content, my happy place is slice of life with a heavy dose of character development - I'm also game for an adventure or quest if someone wants to bang one out with me. A lot of my characters are somewhat on the passive/reactive side, so I particularly enjoy working with goal-oriented characters and writers who have plot ideas they want to bring to life. I've got lots of time right now so I can potentially open up several of these threads! My characters are in my sig, or I could make a new one if the situation seems to require it.
  18. Gil

    Wandering Wares

    Hey there! So I'm looking for one or two small group, or one on one stories that would allow me to play my current favorite, Enid. I have some loose story ideas that I can flesh out as needed, but ideally I'd like to develop a plot together as a team in order to meet everybody's needs and interests. That said, Enid is a magic shop owner and a fortune teller, and the nature of her business allows me to place her just about anywhere at any time (convenient or otherwise). I'm open to adventures or smaller stories that revolve around her shop. If you have a character that might be in need of magical items, or if having their fortune told would help drive their story, that might be a good place to start. Below is a brief description of the shop from another thread, for a little more context: I move pretty consistently between jobs and projects, so there's probably going to be some weeks where I can only post once. But I want to try and be more active than I have been in the past. (I'm always online and checking to see what's new anyway.) You can reply here or send me a message if you're interested in coming up with a plot together. Please and thank you! ❤️
  19. Well, you goons and goonettes, it's that time of year again; the day immediately after Valentine's Day, because I was doing other stuff except writing. Last year around this time, I set up multiple 'dates' with people at random on here, and set them against each other to see who could write the most amusing, or interesting thread possible. It didn't work very well, for whatever reason, and I can only assume that it was because love is dead, and Valucre killed it. Sorry folks, but if you're in love right now, it's cancelled. Blame the site. Anyway, I thought about it some more, and decided that I was going to try a second round of matchmaking. Do you have a pining in your soul for romance and intimacy? Do you get way too interested in the lives of fictional characters? Do you have a free space in your busy, busy roleplaying schedule? Then this is for you. If you are interested in participating, I will be accepting entries for the next week or so. What you need to do to join is: Leave a message below, affirming your interest. Doing so will let me know just how many people actually want to play along this year. It gives me a chance to anticipate your involvement, and also reminds me to DM you, if something goes awry. DM me afterward, with your character's information. I specifically need a link to their character page, and their orientation/interests. This is important, so I know who is cool with what, and so that I have some idea what I'm working with. If you have anything else to add, like their dating history, turnons and baggage, feel free to do so. Again, all of this needs to remain private, so DM it to me, instead of posting it below. If you forget, I will assume you did not read the instructions, and fail to include you. Once I have a healthy roster (or very sparse roster, even) of candidates, I'll get around to presenting a list of arranged dates, and randomly choose one of them to act as the host. The host is responsible for planning the date out, where it takes place, what the date involves and so forth. Following that, I will immediately DM the 'guest' (not the host) with a completely random modifier, that will change something about the date, either for the better or worse. This will supply conflict and intrigue, and give you guys something to do besides flirt awkardly and eat food. Not all dates will go well, and most may even end with fist-fights if you like. I'm just here to spread the love, man.
  20. Meet Trout. Trout just graduated from school, and he wants to see the great sights and taste some adventure (and delicious local desserts) before he settles back home in Chesterfield. He’s not a fighter, and he’s looking for some protection and guidance and maybe companionship as he explores. My rough plan is to have a mostly light, funny, flavorful tour of some of the more famous places in Valucre. I’m not so worried about saving the world, just exploring it, meeting cool people, maybe getting kidnapped by bandits along the way, maybe getting eaten by a swamp monster, who knows? If this sounds fun to you, feel free to post in this thread, or just hop in IC! My current plan is to post a bit in the Cap and Bells Market while Trout gathers supplies for the journey. I can think of at least four hooks for a character in this story: Bodyguard Trout is looking to hire a bodyguard or two to keep him safe on his journey. The pay is good, with only a small chance of being swamp-monster food. Bonus if you can provide transportation (horses, van, flying carpet), I hear the lightning rail is down… Traveling companion If you also want to see the sights and enjoy the exotic foods of Valucre, feel free to come along! It could be another local from Chesterfield, or any other character as long as it fits. Trout will eagerly try to talk anyone into joining him. Sneaky type looking for a cover story If you want to scout out a particular place or run a covert mission without attracting attention, this could be a great cover story to explain why you’re snooping around Terrenus. Trout is not particularly worldly or difficult to fool. Antagonist I think it’s a given that we’ll encounter troubles along the way. If your character is the trouble-making type, you might be looking for easy pockets to pick. I’m not sure how this would work exactly, but I’m open to suggestions.
  21. On the surface, I just want to roleplay my two main characters buying some carbonated beverage syrup for the Mil Dot Lunaris. Going deeper though, I want to establish one or more business connection(s) for later, when they start building their industries, which ideally will not be one directional by any means.
  22. Ay, it's ya boi. Alas, it is a New Year and one of my resolutions is to make a comeback on this wondrous site. Therefore, I'm merely looking for (a) committed partner(s) to ruffle up some sheets with me and isn't afraid to write behemoth replies because that's my kink. I'm going to contact a few people in the days to come to see if they're willing to write with me, but I figured that I would put something up here for safekeeping. Fun fact: I do better with one-on-one threads because I love the intimacy between my partner and me; plus, that makes the ideas open-ended and everlasting. I have a really outdated character page which has links to my past threads in case anyone wants a preview of how I write and whatnot. Any scenarios and genres are okay with me! Want to start something from scratch? We'll start from the bottom and make it to the top together! We can discuss everything here or in PMs!
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