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  1. Original interest check Mechanics 1) Health Points (HP) When a character suffers physical damage, their HP is lowered. At tip top condition, they are able to perform 3 actions in a turn. As they get injured, their movements slow and they get less and less actions. Your number of actions for the turn is based on your HP at the start of your turn. You don't immediately gain an extra action after healing, only on the next turn. Every character starts with 5 HP. 2) Sanity Sanity affects your character's state of mind. The less sane you are, the more likely you are to miss or damage yourself, or even attack your team mates. I leave it to each of you as to what low sanity means for your character. Sanity rolls are applied per action, so if you use your first action to increase your sanity, you can use the improved sanity for the next action. Characters who participated in the first arc starts from sanity of 4 due to mental exhaustion from the previous failure and prolonged stay in Yh'mi. Fresh characters start with sanity of 5. 3) Skills Unlike the previous round, your character has a set of skills that they draw from, which differs from character to character. Each character will choose a set of skills from the skills list below. This will form the list of actions that your character gets to choose from every turn. Everyone will get 3 normal skills. On top of that, characters from the first thread will get 3 special skills, and new characters only get 2 special skill. The extra 1 special skill represents the characters gaining experience from the last battle and being able to form a better strategy for this fight. Movement does not require an action, but the distance you can move per turn should make narrative sense. Choose the actions that fit your character's fighting style the most! Support characters (heal, buff etc) could be as useful as offensive characters. Normal skills (choose 3 for your character) - Has no usage limit. Can be stacked in that turn (e.g. attack 3 times). You can delay 1 action over to the next turn (e.g. if you have 3 actions, you can delay 1 action so you have 4 the next turn). Special skills (existing characters choose 3, new characters choose 2) - Each one of these actions can only be used 3 times throughout this whole Furthest Point Part 2 arc. These actions are still affected by sanity, but if they miss or backfire, then they are not considered to be used. Use them wisely! Q: Can I choose an action not on the list when building my character's skills? A: Yes, but run your idea by me for approval please! Q: Can I change my skills halfway through the thread? A: I have no plans to allow for that right now, but if we find any of the skills problematic later on, I may allow a change. Put your characters here!: IC thread:
  2. "That might be the most important thing to understand about humans. It's the unknown that defines our existence. We are constantly searching, not just for answers to our questions, but for new questions." –Benjamin Sisko, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Born to Be Wild - IC thread Chesterfield De Viento Hey, folks, it's your friendly neighborhood Shize-Man again, kek, here to spin my webbing and capture some flies. Guess what? You're the flies! AND YOU'VE FALLEN INTO MY TRAP Some of you may successfully escape. Others will remain with me into eternity...or at least unto the end of our roleplay? Courtesy of our Supreme Commander, there exists a place in Lagrimosa called Chesterfield. It is a field of chests. Or is it? It's not. It's an urbanized science fantasy western nation-state city and city-state nation, but you're better off learning more about it from the corresponding link. Within the region of Chesterfield there is this pretty spiffy forest called De Viento. That's Spanish for "of wind". It's catchy. I like it. I also like the theme of this forest and I quote: " A forest where the trees are living bioships." Living. Bioships. Know of another place like this in Valucre? Me neither, so I'm sold. Yay. Here's another quote: "When they reach budding age, they can be bonded with, boarded, and used as functional transport." Budding. Bonded. Boarded. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. I mean, I'm probably not planning on going the Battlestar Galactica route anytime soon, but I am taking the route that leads to my getting a bioship. In this thread called Born to Be Wild, my character, Tyra Delane, has just arrived in the city of Chesterfield to eventually make her way to De Viento and see if she can't procure herself a bioship all flippity-flip. I've never done a roleplay like this before so I am quite excited fufu to the mufu. The question I have for you is...WHO'S WITH MEEEEEEE supernal posted the De Viento lore page on May 26 of this year. What that could mean for us OOC is that we could translate our new knowledge of this area to the IC level. What that bout of nonsense means is that maybe your character has just learned of this forest where the trees are living bioships and, like my character, wants to get one. You of course don't need my thread to do that but, since I'm starting off in a 'tavern hub' setting, you have the option of banding with me to discover this perennially awesome bioship place. Personally, I'm going for a fairly long and in depth roleplay for this one. I plan on spanning multiple threads where my character will ultimately acquire a bioship and familiarize with it. I'm a firm believer in there being a time and a place for jumping right in and taking off but I don't think that this is one such occasion. So, yeah. I don't have subtitles or bullet points to put in this WC thread because this isn't so much an event thread as a who's-with-me thread. I can solo this shindig, or get feelers down the road as roleplay rolls on, but I want to open this up to the public off the bat because I think that De Viento is as stellar as the stars. If you want to join me now or later, feel free. I'll eventually max my IC thread out on participants depending on how things go. For now, post at your leisure, or hit me up here with any questions because, as much as I can ramble, I usually cover less than the basics. On that note, the IC thread has this rather long 'journal entry' that you can totally skip without missing anything. Otherwise, I'll see you on the field of chests.
  3. Looking for players interested in a storyline you’d see in old martial arts movies and various battle manga where the heroes travel from room to room, taking turns having one on one battles with various villains until they reach the boss. Currently, @Spooky Mittens is playing the opposition at each interval, while myself and @Damnatus will play two of the combatants facing off with the villains of the story. So, we’re looking for at least another combatant for the protagonist side. The player has to be interested in RPing non-powered sword/spear fights. Also, we’re looking for non-combatants as well. While a fight ensues, the fighters not currently in combat along with any non-combatants will be interacting on the sidelines like they do in various battle manga. I don’t have a hard limit on the number of non-combatants, as long as it’s not a totally ridiculous number of people. Either way, we’ll just see who happens to be interested in a story hook like this. Combatants: @Voldemort @Damnatus @Noko Non-Combatants: @Mystic_Lhoth ??? GM/Bad Guys/Swordude: @Spooky Mittens
  4. Hey! My name is Nesy and I am pleased to meet you. Looking for roleplayers. My character is here^ My nation is a social democracy and I'd like for people to visit it and roleplay with me! Anybody actually! Anybody wanting to roleplay with an alien who became elected by the people? You got me right on! ^ And here is also the thread. The people are funded on Egalitarian principles and respect anybody's sexuality! Let's say people are equal, it's pretty much a democracy. More information can be given here or in PMS! Jump in anytime! Ask me anything! Thank you. PST: An important note: If you want to see how the political parties are looking like, then here is more information down below! Parlimentery information: Political parties: 5 Total seats: 380 Here is a representation of the parliment, this is how it looks like basically from the seats. Party information: Black: Kommunistiske Union: 25 / 380 seats Red: Social democrats of Agana 315 / 380 seats Yellow and black: Market Socialist party of Agana: 15 / 380 seats Brown and red: Anarcho-Kommuniste: 20 / 380 seats Gray: Jernpartieske front: 5 / 380 seats More detailed information:
  5. You are officially welcome to the Seinaru Forven Hunting Party Come one, come all to the newest tradition for Seinaru Forven, a hunting party given by the royal court. This hunting party is by the request of Queen Malia, who was recently discovered after her disappearance during the Spirit Wars. This is the first public appearance she has made since being discovered, so this is also a 'Welcome Back' soiree given by Seinaru Forven. Two forms of attire will be required, hunting apparel and black tie. The hunting will take place at dusk and the dancing and socializing will take place after. The animal that is being hunted will be Karmathen's own allops, which if you catch one you can keep for their teleporting abilities. If you are interested in attending we would like a RSVP. The location of the hunting party will be in Karmathen, the most magical land of Seinaru Forven. Entrance into the land will be ...... a little challenging. No iron is allowed. *For those interested this could possibly be a cannon thread. Important links: Seinaru Forven Karmathen Seinaru Forven Bestiary Queen Malia Skacharm Those interested in attending: Venus Sprite - Igni LEVIATHAN - Saul danzilla3 - John Wilder Dabi - Dauner A. Light Sanonymous - Ronin Lilium - Jacklean Gisela Jesma Bower IV & Ina Akeno ThatWeirdBlobThing - Carpet Houndy Poochykins - Dia Maybe Acies ab Vesania - Rin -
  6. Heyo! Again, I reach out to you, Children of Gaia! Devotees beneath the Wyld, Weaver, and Wyrm! Before we start, I should tell you I have a major motive here. My Clergyman is Gaian Apprentice Yshmael, The Thrice-Blessed Agent! I am developing him up the rungs of the clergy to the point of Paladin (and then even further to an Inquisitor!). He is one of deep misfortune in his recent past, and now works by Her Will throughout the Continent in an effort to snuff evil and Unnaturals and preserve life all over while creating a nice and loving space for people to get close with Gaia, as well as more objectively the world around them. i seek to further establish my character within the Gaian Clergy, but I cannot do that without taking the initiative to spread the word and smite evil and Unnaturals!! Here lies a reference to Gaianism! For newcomers and those unfamiliar with the Gaian Orthodoxy, here we go! Points of interest! Most of these places have varying genres, but overall they are places in which we might cultivate a loving relationship with Gaia and the Orthodoxy. Yh’mi Aspyn Behods Ignatz The Glacier formerly known as Shawnee(?) -- This one is for the truly adventurous, being that it is questless and simply a free form space by which we might explore! I am Open to any and all Encounters, though! Do not let my Gaian fixation deter you. y o u d o n o t h a v e t o b e w i t h i n t h e C l e r g y t o p a r t a k e , b u t i t h e l p s ! I just want some faithful friends ❤️ Let’s mingle!! WHOOOOOOOAAAAAA YOU MADE IT TO THIS POINT, KEEP IT UP (please)! MORE INFORMATION Easy picks all around. Feel free to suggest your own quest selections from anywhere, for anything. I am not a small box kinda guy, so let me hear you! That being said. Here we go! From Ignatz, with love! Class A: At the eye of the storm that tears across the land lies a floating citadel. Class B: The funeral for a good fighter was disrupted by enemies he made while alive. Class 😄 An illusion of peace and tranquility is projected over a nearby village. The players must escape the illusion and see what's really happening. From dearest Behods, my options of interest are here! Class B: Gold and Gems and Greed. [Repeatable; 2nd player optional but recommended] There's money to be made in Béhods, and why wouldn't you want your own cut? Get your map of potentially dubious origin, assemble a crew - or go it alone - and see if you can't make a fortune for yourself out of what lies beneath the mountains. Just uh, try not to run into Pyrolisks, Gargoyles, Bandits, competing prospectors, an overly zealous knight, or the trolls that are said to live deep in the dark, scornful of the outside world and its disturbance of their ancient passages... If you do, then good luck! Class B: The Hound of Béhods. Younger adherents to the Order of the Word are telling of something strange they have encountered in the deeper, less commonly delved corridors of the Temple. While denying exactly what it was that had them find somewhere so out of sight, they swear by the apparition of a fierce, monstrous hound that chased them away. The Order proper is quiet on its intended response, giving the adherents time and space in which to speculate: Perhaps it guards some ancient treasure, tucked in a forgotten chamber? Maybe it is the spiteful spirit of a Druid, seeking vengeance on those that occupy their hallowed halls today? Or it could it's the spiteful spirit of a knight, murdered or forgotten, and not laid properly laid to rest. Only one way to find out... Class B: Feeds the Trolls. In ages past, the people of the mountain lived in harmony: those above and below. But the recklessness of the Order of the Word has seen this harmony brought to an end, and now it is widely known that the trolls beneath will attack on sight any outsider, for fear of further disturbance. Most of the Druids have begrudgingly accepted that the ages old tradition of a peaceful meeting has come to an end. But Abarran the Younger is not most Druids, much like his father. He wishes to go, blue lens in hand, in the steps of his forefathers, down to The Path That May Only Be Walked Together, where he expects a counterpart of the trolls to meet him, with a purple lens in hand. Abarran the Elder, cautious and wise, would ask that you travel with his son, and keep him safe from any dangers that may face him. And, perhaps, reclaim the first piece of a peace feared lost. Class A: Star of Brilliance; Star of Mourning. A most fateful day is set to fall upon the Temple City, with many a traveller who would otherwise not make the journey doing so in anticipation of it. The streets are overflowing, and every inn is full, as the Emerald Eclipse approaches - that is, an eclipse set to occur in tandem with the ten minutes that the sun turns a dazzling green, itself an occasional recurrence of a previous event. While most view it as a time of celebration to mark a most rare occasion, there are those who view the event with great caution. Abarran the Elder, something of a pariah among his fellow Druids, has nevertheless put out the call for aid in monitoring the night's proceedings. It may be that nothing happens in those ten minutes, but if it should, then he wishes to be ready. Literally any and all Aspyn quests are fantastic steps toward civilizing a space and bringing peace to an otherwise chaotic space! Dearest Michael is a man of resources, and I'm sure talking over rewards and such are more than capable. (please don't take my word as truth; this is simply an assumption ^ ^ ; I know he loves us though ❤️ ) My top pick for Yh'mi, unless anyone wishes to simply Explore and find out what resides in the Darkness! I am open to all Quests within Yh'mi! One-Eye Zapping *Available* Hide contents Quest Description: Recently, a beam of red laser light has been seen shooting towards the sky near to the village of Lirrey. The Order of the White Hand requested investigation of this phenomenon, and found that the laser is shooting from the eye of a dead Cyclops - one of the larger of their kind. The laser seems to be relentless, and does not require any kind of power source. No other Cyclops had been known to be able to shoot lasers, so the Order is unsure of what caused it. Nevertheless, they are requesting aid to find a way to stop the laser temporarily, and harvest the Cyclops' eye safely so that they will be able to install it at the Furthest Point fort that is in the midst of being built as a defensive weapon. Quest Level: B+ Recommended group number: 2 to 5. Minimum thread length: 40 posts. Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level B. The creatures of Yh'mi may be hanging around the corpse of the dead Cyclops, devouring its flesh, and adventurers may also encounter its Cyclops brethren attempting to retrieve the body of one of their kind. Storyteller: Not required. Reward: In addition to monetary rewards, each adventurer will receive a ring that can store some of the energy of the laser, and they will be able to release the energy at will. (Laser beam 5 seconds, 2 uses.)
  7. Did you see what I did with the title? If not, look again 😜. So, hi all. It's your favourite Dabi again, and today I'm out for blood. So I'm looking for a thread where I can have my character kill a bunch of people. If you have an open thread that allows that possiblity, or if you're planning such a thread, or even if you're just interested on starting one up, please let me know. Now on to the details, but before that, you might want to take a look at this character sheet. So if you've checked out the sheet, you'd know by now that this is about Dauner A. Light, my human-dragon-demon hybrid. Here's the story. Dauner's dad was half human, half dragon, and his mom was a demon. Their union bore then a son who turned out to be a quarter human, a quarter dragon, and half demon. However Dauner's demonic self had been locked away in an entity known as the varhia, which resides in him as a curse, rendering his magic unstable. When he first arrived in valucre, Dauner was half human half dragon. During his stay in valucre, he's had to kill 6 people already unlocking part of the varhia and returning it to him. Now he's 6% demon, 47% human, and 47% dragon. All he has to do is kill 44 more people to unlock his full self, and here's where things get complicated. Dauner doesn't like killing, though the more demonic he will become, the more he'll grow accustomed to it as a way of life. Hence the reason for this interest check, that is, to get him into a position that forces him to kill (nobody ever said I have to respect my character's desires. Life isn't fair, he'll get used to it) Upon killing the 44th person Dauner would become his true self and would finally be rid of the varhia and the curse it comes with. Feel free to ask me more about anything you don't understand. So anyone interested in helping a guy out?
  8. My roleplay information Player name: Belle Gold Fandoms/original verse: ONCE UPON A TIME Characters: Looking For someone to Play Rumplestiltskin/ Mr. Gold for me. I am willing to be someone for you in exchange. Timezone: Eastern Times online to RP: I'm free pretty much all the time. I will let my partners know when I cant be online. Language: I only speak English. Canon Pairings: Rumbelle OC Pairings: maybe Mature: Yes Violence: Yes Strong Language: yes Grammar: 9/10 Average Desired RP Post Length: I am a very literate Roleplayer. I write para to multi para replies but I will occasionally do shorter ones. How much I write depends on how I am feeling and what the situation is in the roleplay. The longest I have written is 10 paragraphs the shortest I have done is 4 paragraphs. Will Not Do: NO RAPE!! I may mention it for past events but I WILL NOT roleplay it so don't ask!! Other than that I'm fine with pretty much anything! Age requirements: I will roleplay with anyone but I prefer to roleplay with people around my own age range which is 18+ if someone wants to roleplay with me and os not 18+ then I will under no circumstances do any kind of smut!! Cuddling, kissing and handholding are fine but nothing more. Places you can find me: if I am not on here than you can find me on discord at Belle Gold#2586 Here is some more info on my character and what I am looking for. Looking For: I know that this may be a shot But I am looking for a long term roleplay partner to play Rumplestiltskin Mr Gold. If you dont know the fandom we can do our own thing only thing I ask is the characters has the same names and personalitys, however if my partner wants to change things up a bit then that's fine with me. I'm very flexible and can work with pretty much anything. I am also more than willing to do a double up if my partner wants. If you do know the ONCE Upon A Time fandom then we can discuss if we are going to do canon or non- canon. I am fine with ether or. I have alot of ideas that I would like to try but most of them are pretty dark and intense but they are also fluffy and romantic. I love fluff, romance and angst. I am also more than happy to hear some other ideas as well. Age wise I am willing to roleplay with anyone but I prefer to roleplay with people 18+ if any smut is going to be involved. I am okay with roleplaying smut but ONLY if my partner is 18+ Handholding, snuggling, kissing and affection is fine but NOTHING over that if you are under 18. I am not going to sugar coat this. I play Belle to help me cope with my actual life and to raise awareness for disabled people. That being said Belle is disabled like me which means she needs her husband to care for her. She tries to be indapendant but it is hard for her sometimes she can be very stubborn at times but she is also understanding. There is a backstory that tells how Belle became disabled which I will DM to whoever wants to see it because it is quite long. If anyone is instrested or has any questions or would just like to chat then DM me my inbox is always open!
  9. The short of it is that there is going to be a promotion celebration at base #34 which will honor those soldiers recently promoted to new ranks and which will be open to all levels of military. Although the event itself will not be formally canonized, interactions that spring from it can go anywhere their players please, and are super-dee-duper encouraged Although limited to military personnel, soldiers at the private rank are allowed / encouraged which means that you can use this as a reason to sign yourself up, make some friends, and set yourself up for shenanigan-adventures! Here's the base: https://www.valucre.com/topic/37713-military-base-34/ How's the military overview: https://www.valucre.com/topic/43800-terran-military-overview-and-information/ Here's our flag! Interested?
  10. As maybe possibly promised, here is my third quest that I'm hosting in Yh'mi! And this is the big(ger) one too! Did I really end up putting the interest check off this long? rip Description: Venture into the Whitewoods, while trying not to die! Locate a particular variety of vine, then figure out how to harvest it without dying! See if it can be used to calm Saevion... without dying! Is there a trend here? Definitely not! And hey, if this ends up succeeding... Saevion. Riders. ? So anyways, I'm looking for at least two, and up to four other people to undertake this quest with me. Also, as promised, @Ghastardly
  11. With the bell tolled at the Low-Tide Festival hardly even a few months ago, the public reception of the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast has changed. The trench-diggers, the sandbaggers, the food supplies and supply distributors that courted the residents of Taen, in particular those around Arcturon, still remain, but their presence brings tension. The trenches are dug, and now fill with a grey, surreal rainfall from never-sunny skies, but their diggers are rare. Fugitives, some of them. Myths, others. Their work at the Low-Tide Festival brought the ire of several authorities, and while many of them have joined the effort to keep the peace, and avoid the inevitable flooding, they have other motives, seeking out the Acolytes responsible. Most are questioned and left alone. Others brought in for questioning. The Acolytes have never been stronger, but their work grows dangerous. M'yr Boldbarrow, the appointed 'leader' of the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast, rallies even now to pit his companions against greater and greater threats. Their latest objective; to find the meaning of the visions M'yr and many others observed when the bell rang, and see if perhaps their slumbering god can yet be reached. However, such work is dangerous, and best left to those not involved in the cult. Hence, M'yr's friends have scrapped together enough money to hire a mercenary or five. Enough muscle and mindpower to break into one of the most ancient and strange buildings in Taen; the rumored infinite Library of Totenborough, housing ancient scripts and books older than Taen itself. Such a break in will put the Cult at direct odds with the authorities, and certainly will not be easy, but M'yr believes it is imperative to finding the answers they desperately need. Hello There! This thread is actually the second in a series surrounding the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast, Its Pelagic Mind Treading Above the Wake. an esoteric clergy surrounding a mysterious, anamolous ship found in the wetlands of Taen, that promises the end of times in the form of endless rainfall. They hope to prevent this doomsday--or at least make sure as many people survive it as possible--by working as volunteer workers, waterproofing homes, digging ditches and raising funds to buy food for less fortunate families. However, they moonlight as desperate followers of their Doomsday cult, following the guilt-ridden leader M'yr as he attempts to steer them towards salvation, and answers. This thread can actually hold any number of writers, including just myself, as a few NPCs may be present to help M'yr in his task. The thread itself will include elements of espionage, burglary, stealth, and likely light to heavy combat, while the party of mercenaries work to break into the Library in the underground city of Totenborough, and help M'yr find books relevant to their interests. Along the way, the party may learn about the cult more, as well as M'yr's own reasons for establishing the cult, while also getting a chance to explore the ancient secrets of Taen. It's also entirely possible that the party will be offered some kind of position in the Acolytes, if it is so offered. Furthermore, the contents of this thread are likely illegal. M'yr is acting outside of the law, and against the wishes of the various forces aiming to suppress the Cult's rise to prominence. While your actions are valid, and can change the outcome of the thread potentially, keep in mind that you are directly influencing the Acolyte's public perception as well. Discretion is needed. Lastly, the thread will likely operate on a once a week basis, giving the next guy in line 7 days to post before moving on to the next. This thread is also Canon, meaning that anyone who participates may leave with various Taen artificats, and maybe a few cultist items in tow. Lots to be found, and lots to do. If this interests you, please feel free to express your interest below, and maybe leave a character sheet. After about 2 weeks, this interest check will close, or if we get 3 volunteers by the end of the week first. Thanks for your time, and good evening!
  12. Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I'm fairly new to Valucre so please excuse any poor wording or wrong terminology and such 😅 Anyways, into the roleplay check! So in Yh'mi there is a group of paladins intending to cleanse the land of whatever corruption is plaguing it, you know the White Hand paladins well. But what if there was more than just animals and corruption to face? What if some group was actively opposing them from the shadows? I had a cult just sitting around in the back of my head for a while now, named "The Hands of Abberoth." obviously it would be evil aligned. This cult would attempt to cut off the White Hand at every turn. The Hands of Abberoth would also be searching for this corrupting power, not to destroy it, but to harness it. To exploit its power, for what purpose we could decide later. The Hands of Abberoth serve Abberoth, Lord of Oblivion. Abberoth is a multi-limbed, most notably multi-handed, god. He is not the god of death, but rather oblivion. Total annihilation, burning into ashes, etc. As such his disciples are destructive, though Abberoth may not lend much power to them. Abberoth would rather point them towards artifacts of power, or show them how to attain power themselves in other ways. I am looking for Hands of Abberoth, as well as paladins of The White Hand (ranked or unranked, I don't mind either). I will be leading the cult (well my character will be but you get the point) Feel free to ask me any questions! P.S. I added group small and group large because I wanted a small-ER group for The Hands of Abberoth than for the White Hand.
  13. HEAR YE, HEAR YE! THE QUEEN IS TO BE WED! Hello everyone! It's Vielle again, coming to you from the Queendom of Svanhild to cordially invite everyone to a royal wedding! The Queen of Svanhild is to be wed to Sir Quinton Swan, and the realm rejoices in a most glorious fashion. The city of Cal Eteris is rife with preparation for the upcoming festivities. Everyone is invited, whoever you are and wherever you come from! The only limit I can give is that all attendees must be in medieval or fantasy regalia/dress, as per UM’s tech limits. This means that modern and sci-fi themes (such as cybernetics, pet robots, etc) won’t be allowed, and any tech brought into the Queendom is subject to degradation and forced disuse. If you’ve got any guns or gadgets or other high-tech stuff, please just leave them at home; you can always get them after! 😂 EVENTS Taking inspiration from the old traditions of the royal house, marriage is celebrated through three aspects: mind, body, and soul. Because of this, there are three main events of the wedding: a wedding banquet, a tournament, and a scavenger hunt. • • • The soul speaks, bringing forth life and death in equal measure. Love is nothing without the capacity to share what is within. . . BANQUET No proper wedding can call itself such without a bountiful feast and a dance floor! 😂 Mingle with people from all walks of life, hailing from the highest echelons of Svanhild society to the colorful sea of faces from the commonfolk. Make connections, associate yourselves with those in power, or enjoy the festivities with your own circle of friends! It's going to be a wonderful evening for all. If socializing is not quite to your taste, there's always the generous spread at the dinner table, or the strange events that'll be occurring throughout the night. . . 👀 *NEW! SUB-EVENT: THE ORACLE RSVP LIST: House Hildebrand [ @vielle ] Rozharon Parálios, Lenore Parálios, Amoréi [ @Csl ] Addison Nacht [ @Phoebe ] Ewyer Nacht [ @HellstenNacht ] Amraphensbane [ @Shatter ] Dauner A. Light [ @Dabi ] Alexander Rookstone [ @Sanonymous ] Isabella Morcia Marquez [ @Pasion Pasiva ] Madame Silverbush, Holly Sheathe [ @Zashiii ] Raveena Jhanavi Bartolme Senaria [ @Malintzin ] *tentative Rowan Knight [ @The Hound ] *tentative Adá of Hyperion [ @L E V I A T H A N ] *tentative Grant Hyperion [ @danzilla3 ] Jinsoku Hayabusa [ @Twitterpated ] Ilyana Sevryn, Xavier Thoro'kan/Aislyn [ @Dolor Aeternum ] Ana [ @Veloci-Rapture ] Kalmuli [ @Kalmuli ] Farah Marin, Mahariel Marin [ @Witches Brew ] Kalicity Darkbane [ @Malaysia NightReaver ] Sue Hawthrin [ @ChocolateGold ] Igni [ @Venus Sprite ] Aeda [ @elixir ] Luca [ @Lucinda Valentine ] Evelynn Serana Nightmoor [ @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor ] MORE TO BE ADDED. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! The mind deliberates, solving all problems it encounters. Love is nothing without the wits to understand and to adapt. . . SCAVENGER HUNT Thanks to the wonderful @-Lilium-, the Fantas-Menagerie is making its way to UM for the wedding event! TL;DR: it’s a scavenger hunt/treasure quest of sorts where your characters solve riddles related to the constituents of the Menagerie, following a route around the area that leads to the hiding place of the prize. Get your deerstalker ready—let’s see how well you know your lore! 😉 The mechanics of the scavenger hunt are as follows: At the starting line, every participant gets a riddle about one of the things found within the Menagerie (creatures, plants, caretakers, people, etc). At the start of each “round”, PM the Arbiter (that’s me!) with your answer to the riddle. If you get the right answer, you’ll be moving IC to the next exhibit and obtaining another riddle which will be given at the start of the next “round”. If you get a wrong answer, you stay in place IC and try to give the right answer at the start of the next “round”. This is a race to the finish line. Whoever gets to the hidden prize first wins the event! This is a competition, of course, and any IC form of sabotage (stealing the answer from another player, haunting the footsteps of another player and fighting them for the prize) is a-okay as long as it’s discussed OOC beforehand! The prize for this event is the mysterious Viessan Egg known as the Egg of Caged Song, courtesy of @Fierach (thank you! 💖). RSVP LIST: Jorahel of the Ishia Tribe [ @Rabbit ] Alexander Rookstone [ @Sanonymous ] Ana [ @Veloci-Rapture ] J. Rymer [ @Vaudevillian ] MORE TO BE ADDED. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! The body overcomes, thriving against all odds. Love is nothing without a vessel to have and to hold. . . TOURNAMENT I’m not as well-versed in all the different RP combat systems as I’d like to be yet, so for this tournament, the rules of @Ataraxy's Load, Block, Shoot will be used, with myself acting as the Judge. 😊 Based on my prior experience using this system, it’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s competitive, so it should work rather well! The tournament is set in an no-holds-barred, round robin style. Ultimately, I will need at least four competitors for this event to happen; if there’s little interest in this particular venture, I’ll be relegating the tournament to a background event. The prize for the winning combatant is three vials of your choice from the four prominent consumable artifacts of Svanhild (Phoenix Blood, Moon Wine, Golden Scarab, Siren’s Scent). RSVP LIST: Rozharon Parálios [ @Csl ] Vito [ @Rabbit ] Alexander Rookstone [ @Sanonymous ] Jinsoku Hayabusa [ @Twitterpated ] J. Rymer [ @Vaudevillian ] MORE TO BE ADDED. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! • • • So, there you have it! Celebrate with us however you see fit—if you’ve other, more nefarious plans in mind, send me a PM here or on Discord and maybe we can work something out. 😉 The wedding IC threads will be up sometime next week! Please RSVP below or in a PM, as I’ll be tagging all those who have RSVPed in each event! If you’ve any other questions about the overall event, please feel free to ask me here or in a PM. Hope to see you all soon! 💖
  14. In the long ago ages of darkness, or as called in modern education, the age "Before Gaia," Zengi reigned over near 600 years of desolation. In that time, before the valiance of Jason of the Lions, there was nothing that stood as a shield between the people and their death. And when someone that wasn't Zengi rose to power, it was Levas the cruel. That was the option of the people, a two person ballot. The most violent tyrant history would ever see, or the bubonic witch king that reigns death and disease over Terrenus. It is in this terrible time, that a creature was born from that despair, from the intense desire for salvation from the horrors of the era, from fear, and from hope. There are select few that still remember the name, few that know it's real name, few that know who it is and what it's done. The origin of this creature, this specter, is commonly understood by these lonely few and what records remain from the time, to have been born from Zengi himself. Whether the Witch King created it personally, or whether one of the desecrator arch-bishops did, or whether it was even on purpose, is unknown. What is known, is that while Zengi assaulted the land and slaughtered it's people- This spirit, this genie, assaulted it's very soul. It is Sharps. The Maelor. It's true name is Wollygod (Wool-e-odd), but only the most ancient texts, select individuals, or high desecrators, would know that name. A demon. A genie. An evil spirit. A specter. A something. Far too human in appearance, and deceptively vile. Sharps granted wishes. All wishes. He would find a stable hand with dreams of fiefdom, and do everything he could to make that a reality. No matter how impossible, no matter how disruptive or unrealistic or destructive a regime change, he would destroy lives to make this happen. He did the same for everyone who solicited him. All these wishes were soulbound dreams, consecrated in a thick, brown, leatherbound ledger. Eventually, people took notice. Word spread. And eventually, too many wizards became arch-mage, too many kings changed crowns too many times too fast, too many villains were successful and too many heroes had too many problems to solve. History was on a wild, wild rollercoaster, and he was building the track. He was filling the seats. And he was making it go faster, and faster, and faster, each time he pulled the lever. Finally, a group of powerful individuals gathered and put together the pieces- This can't be happening naturally. Someone is behind the chaos. And so they tracked him down, like an animal, and butchered him. They just didn't understand. They don't want their lives lived to their most intense climax? Simpletons. Ignorance. Idiocy. Ignorance. Idiocy. Ignorance. Idiocy. But. Not all were simpletons, not all were ignorant, not all were idiots. His ledger survived his murder. And therefore, so did the dreams inside, and with them, Sharps. So the cycle began, for the first time. Time passed. The ledger moved through time, by Gaia's hand. Through growing trees, through rainfall, through libraries, and eventually, into the hands of a lucky soul. Sharps spoke to this soul. Wollygod spoke to them, and promised them everything. So he was summoned, brought back, and turned history upside down again. Then people noticed, and again, he was slaughtered like some villain. Ignorance, again. And again, and again, and again. But this time, the heroes were a bit smarter, and even though they couldn't destroy the ledger, they would do their best to erase it's history. Then, they sealed it away. Confident that it was solved for good. Confident, that it's pages would never be read again. No one would ever find it, and no one would ever read the dreams inside. But they couldn't have known, that you would. Okay folks! I hope you liked that intro, because I have got some GOOODS for you folks! Heres the deal people, I need recruits! I am in the process of getting this fellas existence entered into canon, and I want him to hit the modern era. So here's what I need, and what I'm offering. If you check my signature, you'll see a very old org called The Mailers. He runs that, check it out, I'll revamp it and redo the page, but for now it still holds up. He runs that. You'll also find his sheet there, check it out! You can join that. But first, I need a volunteer to find this Ledger, and summon Sharps back to the world of the living with a vessel and everything. The details of how, and the consequences, can be discussed. But largely I need for him to have free will at the end, "summoning gone wrong" cliche is in full effect. This is negotiable, however, so feel free to make your case known. I need someone to be one of the relatives of the many groups of heroes who have heard of this spirit, part of an org that would know of the significance of Sharps' summoning, or to otherwise understand the historical ramifications of whats going on here. An antagonist, or maybe even someone looking to take The Maelor's power for themselves, through some kind of genie lantern deal. or maybe just the typical hero, looking to put this evil away, maybe for good this time. Any other interested parties! I might add more, but those are the basics. Thanks for reading. Once this gets going, there will be far more opportunites to 1x1 with Sharps, or for any other interested parties.
  15. 2020 EDIT: I just came back after quite a long while! I am not sure if this is in the right area so if this thread does need to be moved, I understand completely. I am looking to be involved in any role-plays that may need a female character of any type. I can fulfill almost any role that may be needed for anyone! I want this return of mine to be a permanent one for sure and I want to create new relationships with a lot of you on this site, so I hope I can receive some responses to this thread. I respond to posts here and in private also! Your choice on how you wish to contact me. I also have a Discord as well, which is Constance#4036!
  16. Location: Renovatio > Nehalen > Oo'Xora > Takaramachi (Treasure Town) It has been said countless times that one must learn to adapt and evolve with the times, or parish in their failure to do so. The slaying of the Gods has lead to a time of Imperial silence, in which the Emperor Koji has been missing since such tragic events began. As the age of man kicks off, those that had been here before the Emperor and that would no doubt be here long after him see this as their opportunity to rise! To reclaim their streets, their land, their home...Their honor! The times changed, and with it technology. While the gifted minority could still weild blades in the most preternatural applications, and a vast majority remained arcana inclined, the need for things like Saburai and Shinobi alike was greatly diminishing. The already shattered clans of that endured the history of these lands have a new plan to restore their former greatness by way of new prowess. Borrowing from their Northeastern neighbors, the clans of old work diligently to establish a strong family. A young ambitious man by the name of Hu Bai Ying has been rallying his brothers and sisters from the Oniwabanshu and the Shinku no Hasu alike in order to storm the Gokudo Gang base at their docks. Removing their potential opposition not only secured their dominance, but also let the smaller cliques around town know that they could either fall in with the movement, or become a victim of it. Nothing in life cam be gained without sacrifice. Hu Bai Ying deemed himself worthy of carrying the torch that would lead him, nigh all of Takaramachi into times of great prosperity! No big seat of political power was necessary, besides, both his associates and himself had already mastered the arts of working from the shadows. Together they will form what he has chosen to call The Heaven and Earth Society. tl;dr - Inspired by the Nu Martyr Mafias, the Oo'Xoran province is experiencing a fresh birth of Yakuza families (with some external, similar influences). I will be starting a thread today to establish the beginning of this plot. All are welcome to join, but I'm applying a once per week post minimum in order to attempt ensuring we don't stall out waiting for someone. Feel free to Express interest, drop comments, questions or concerns here. My DMs are always open if you'd rather keep your thoughts or ideas hush hush. I plan on establishing one other Yakuza in Jigoku (Genesaris), and one of my buddies is working on one for Oo'Xora Capitol. This interest check is however, specifically angled for this particular family.
  17. Hi guys. Sorry for the black eyes. Some girls caught me pee- err cleaning the women’s bath. They misunderstood and ganged up on me. Poor me huh. Anyways, let’s get down to business. I’m gonna be needing some help in preventing the assassination of King of Hasturia, Dauner A. Light. Huh? You want the story behind this? Sure, why not. *Ahem* As you all already know, it’s been about one and a half months since King Dauner of Hasturia went missing. In order to find him, Ariana Linus, captain of the Hasturian royal guard, headed out to the Queendom of Svanhild where he was last seen, along with 20 soldiers from the Legions of the Black Blade. A lot of things happened along the way, which you shouldn’t bother yourselves with right now. After they finally arrived in Svanhild, the group found out about an assassin who was seen with Dauner, bringing about the possibility that Dauner was working with these bad guys. Further investigation later revealed that Dauner wasn’t working with the assassins, but was instead an assassination target. After an encounter with the assassin’s underlings, Ariana had to send most of her men to the hospital, leaving her with just four. The assassin’s plans did not go as smoothly as he wanted as Dauner mistakenly boarded the wrong ship and headed to Renovatio, Nu Martyr. The assassin then arranged for Nu Martyr to be the place where Dauner breathes his last, but there’s an angry Ariana chasing after him to ruin his plans. It is unknown how strong the assassin’s forces are, and as such, help is requested from you valiant heroes of Renovatio. Help us save this airheaded king from these assassins. To make things worse, Dauner seems to have tangled with the Nu Sicilian mafia in the wrong way, and no one knows how this will end up unfolding. Talking of Nu Sicilian Mafia just makes me wanna tag @Ataraxy@Aleksei@danzilla3@Veloci-Rapture@Sanonymous@Darthgamer101 Dunno why i first thought of you guys, but i reckon we can talk about the Dauner problem since the Renovation cosa nostra is the four families and not only the Gualtieros. If you're interested, we can always work out some sweet plot dependent and plot independent events that involves all our families, but if not, I can always just play it with the Gualtieros. Now if you'd please excuse me, I have to go pee- *Ahem* clean the public bathhouse.
  18. Hey, I joined like some days ago, but never really got started. Soooo Im looking 4 a way of introducing ma char 2 the RP world, and like im unsure where and how, or who 2 contact, I mean IC and all. So if anyone feel like they might have some use 4 ma char, then feel free 2 sorta exceptionally "god mode" ma char into whatever setting seems fitting, I mean, its even ok 2 do so? In any case, I would b ok with an intro where ma char were either.., arrested, captured, adopted, recruited or hired. Looking for something like: Low magic, dark fantasy, magic science, steampunk, dieselpunk, medieval <-(or at least half of it) Ma char have a sorta long backstory, so Im only gonna post the first and the last parts, I mean, if it would help make a realistic event, based on ma characters story so far, ty ❤️ Feel free 2 tell me how much of ma design im allowed 2 use, I made 3 ability optional, 4 potential re-balancing and stuff ❤️ Char link (exclusive extended lore) hope this helps ❤️
  19. Houses on the rise Noble Houses that had long been removed from the ruling and political systems of Nehalen are now emerging from a history long thought forgotten to time. These powerful and noble individuals believe that it is their responsibility to fill in the gaps of authority left by the deceased PRIMES and to ensure that the Age of Man stands triumphant. The Great Houses of Renovatio consist of only High Imperialists, noble individuals who are able to trace their roots to noble ancestors who are hailed to have forged and built Nehalen throughout its history. Below the Great Houses of Renovatio is the House of Lords. The House of Lords are Lesser Nobles that typically work in Nehalen' Parliament, such as Marquesses, Counts, and Barons. The House of Lords is split between those Houses which side with the Imperials, and those with side fully with the Aristocracy who push back against the Royal Family and Imperialists, believing that power should lay heavier with Nobles than it should with the Royals; even if many are nouveau riche and cannot trace their roots to established nobility. Nehalen has reached a new age: The Age of Man. The Old Gods have been dealt with, a new Grand Kommadant has been crowned, Nu Martyr has a new face, Avylon and La Guardia PRIMEs have been killed, and a whole lot of dust has been kicked up. With these new changes comes a need for new faces, so @Ataraxy and I offer all of you an opportunity to - once again! - affect the lore of Nehalen. Things are pretty easy around these parts: Look at the brand new lore! This is a given! In order for you to understand what is happening in Nehalen, you should read the lore to make things easier for yourself. Choose a Province! There is currently ONE province that needs a Great House to lead them: La Guardia. Claim your spot in the Hierarchy! We don't just need Great Houses, but also Noble Houses that will make up the House of Lords! We need you (and friends if you have any!) to write a 1 page thread about your House claiming their seat as the respective leader of their province. Q&A: How many pages do the threads need to be? We are looking for at least 1 page. Can always be more but can't be less! How do I make my House? Well that is completely up to you. Their history and their actions are up to your imagination! If you need assistance, I and @Ataraxy are here to help. We suggest creating a lore sheet for your Houses so people have a reference and can be informed! What are the Factions? Here is what can be found in the lore: Imperialists The Imperialists support the Grand Kommadant and their family. They believe that magic should not be restricted and individuals who are touched by magic should live freely, be treated fairly, and be allowed to operate in society with everyone else without being judged for their abilities as per the teachings of the Primier Cycle. Aristocrats The Aristocrats are known to not be friendly towards Imperialists and the royal family; they are always facing off against the Imperialists and the royal family for increased authority within the government. They not only believe that authority should rest mainly with the Nobility, but also that magic should be restricted and individuals touched by magic should be treated as objects, not as people since they have blasphemed against the teachings of Creationism that deems magic appropriate for only those who have been blessed by a Saint of the Church. I finished my thread, now what? Tag myself and @Ataraxy in your summary for the thread. What happens with the area I've claimed? The best part! The player who claimed the Great House will take the lead and work together with their Province's Lesser Nobility to write up a new landing page for the area you've claimed. I'm now a ruler of my area, what can I do? You rule, of course! Take this as an opportunity to do whatever you like (within reason, duh); make this your sandbox and get to creating and having fun. What we expect from you is activity, so that means you draw in the interested crowds however you deem necessary. I'm confused and need someone to hold my hand! That's what we are here for! Tag either one of us and we will be more than happy to assist you in reaching your goal ❤️
  20. Want to go to a academy devoted to magic and many other lost arts? The headmistress is interested in filling the roster,both of her students and some aisstant teachers! Come on in with whoever you want,just tell me the fandom its from ,if any, and a lil about them! I'll see you in class! Pst,down here. Wanna infiltrate or attack that magic academy and take it down? Step right over here. But keep it hush hush,the headmistress has the eyes of a hawk.
  21. Hello! I am trying to spread some faith and bash evil in its face across TerFractImosa!! Yshmael, Gaian Apprentice and Nomadic Pilgrim is seeking out evil on a path (unorganized but loosely) eventually delivering him to Yh’mi once he becomeS a Paladin. So help me get those thread counts up! Peaceful or warfare I don’t mind! Spitball with me about Gaia too! I wanna live the lore!!!
  22. Guest

    3 plots, one setting.

    Plot 1 “The Dreamer.” The point of this Roleplay is to carry out a White Sands RP centered around the discovery of the metaphysical nature of its world. This is a horror Roleplay, expect placentas, puss, bodily fluids, shifting flesh, trippy dimensional travels, flesh-eating stillborns, pregnant women with their stomach bursting, and meeting the Elder One’s in some form. The idea is to explore the madness of the dreamer, as our character inadvertently discovers the reality of all verses existence. It will begin in the White Sands, where our characters will be sent to investigate a disturbance reported within the Obsidian volcanic mountain ranges. I will post a follow-up post explaining the factions and the lore. This is from Mild-Moderate power characters; combat will be featured, though don’t expect to one-shot everything. No stakes, no fun. Also, the setting is Middle eastern, with Asian elements along the green outskirts of the continent. It is primarily contained within the Obsidian Canyon. Plot 2 “Devils, Monsters and Eldritch things.” In the White Sands, the main characters are engaging in a struggle to prevent the assimilation of all sentient life. The Eldritch horde has broken through the wall, and is ravaging the land east to the Bandits pass. The point of this Roleplay is to play out the horrors through the eyes of unsuspecting ordinary folk. So merchants, ranchers, some militiamen, and of course, your bartender. Our characters will not be bad asses, nor will they be genuinely experienced in handling much in the way of such otherworldly monstrosities. Again this is a Middle eastern, with light Asian influences. No knights, no European influences permitted as this is the horror through the eyes of the common man. Plot 3 “They came from the sands.” This is your more tame plot; it will take palace within Ashtown, which is located just outside of the range of the Obsidian mountains, surrounded by a sea of bleached dunes. The town is mostly filled with beetle ranchers, and farmers, however, your character from any Fantasy setting without tech is welcomed. The purpose of this Roleplay is that people are vanishing, disappearing into the night with no sign of a struggle. A local kitsune hunter is dispatched to investigate, as they have a budding relationship with the town. This will be a mystery/action/drama roleplay involving our characters trying to figure out why people are vanishing and trying to stop it IF they can learn the truth. It will be centered around the notion that the noble house of the region may somehow be connected, so expect some mild political intrigue, conspiracy, and of course, revulsion. The main idea’s behind these roleplays purposely obscured, as I don’t want the players to be able to metagame, nor do I want to spoil the twist and turns that MAY come up depending on the characters actions. To join, I will need to see your character sheets, to ensure no one too overpowered, not able to fit in the setting joins and accidentally derails the whole experience. @Papershoggoth @Lucid Dream
  23. Reposting this due to my original having been posted with little details, causing lack of interest moreso than normal. Someone told me that I should lock the original thread and repost. Sorry if that method is frowned upon here, however now that I've ironed out many of the details in addition, i'd like those who initially read my poorly put together thoughts may reignite interest for such a thing. The following is copied from the edited version of the original thread, with some formatting flair added. I've also added tags and a prefix to properly convey my intent. I'm not sure what post time limit I should look for for this kind of rp, because I'm not even sure if there will be any interest " I've been thinking for quite a while of trying to find a way to have a legal drama role play. Set in alternate history real life in the late 1980s. I'm not sure how to proceed with such, yet, but I'd like to check for interest before I set about writing anything out or making a character to do so. Addition: Basically how I'd like to run this to is as either a small group acting as investigators and witnesses in the trial, with one person as narrator for what evidence is found by them, witness Npcs and the opposing counsel, and other parts of the court and world. This role play would require a bit of time investment toward research of laws on the part of the narrator, and in character research to that effect. The case would consist of the death of a well known, but minor politician within the city. The investigators would need to use the evidence to convince the jury of the innocence or guilt of the suspect based on that evidence. The trial and investigation shall have the following steps. 1.) Death of victim 2.) Prefile Investigation determinating cause of death, and method (whether it was murder or not). This will include interviewing witnesses. 3.) Filing suit: If the players find enough evidence to rationalize it as a crime, then the players or npcs can decide to charge someone with the crime. 4.) Arraignment: this is where (in this rp) the suspect will be arraigned and asked to submit a plea based on the narrator. This plea may have complications as an innocent can plea guilty or vice versa for a number of reasons, or insanity, or in some cases crime of passion. If a player is acting as defense counsel, they will have interviewed their client and know whether they are actually innocent or guilty and will be charged with acquitting their client regardless of actual guilt. This step is actually is a combination of multiple steps in real life for entertainment and creativity's sake. In character the players will be given time before the next court date. And at this arraignment the judge will decide whether the suspect will be held in jail or released on bail or bond. 5.)Pretrial Investigation and Discovery: this step is further investigation between the arraignment and trial. Due to discovery the defense and prosecution may investigate different avenues of evidence, but must share all evidence. Any evidence not given in discovery is inadmissible (unusable) in court. This step may be repeated at any time at request of the counsel and approved by the judge. 6.)Evidence submission hearing: this will be a court hearing in which evidence is provided to 7.)Jury selection: this step is where defense and prosecution attempt to choose a jury that is most likely to be "fair" often times political and racial prejudices based on statistics, as well as case details will push this narrative step forward. Both sides will use those details to strike potential jurors from selection for either side or cause recommendation for certain jurors. Some jurors will be stricken and recommended by both sides for different reasons. This will occur before trial and during the Investigation and discovery. 8.)Trial: this step may take multiple hearings, but this is where both counsels use the same evidence at hand to prove or disprove guilt. The counsels will each get opening statements which is telling the jury judge and audience what they believe the evidence will show, making their position known. 9.)Jury deliberation: this step will only be included if a player or players are jurors. The jurors will talk about the evidence and use such to decide how they wish to vote. The jury must be unanimous in deliberation before announcement of guilt. If unanimously found guilty, they will also argue their opinion of sentencing. 10.)Announcement of finding: this is when the Jury lead announces their vote. If not unanimous, then they can explain why and request more investigation and discourse. If found guilty they also announce their recommendations for sentencing. 11.)Sentencing hearing: if found guilty then the counsel can debate sentencing. The defence obviously trying to reduce sentencing at minimum away from the death penalty. 12.)Sentencing: this happens at the end of sentencing hearing. The judge uses the arguments of the opposing counsels and the jury recommendation to decide sentencing. 13.)Appeals: if players wish, then the case can be taken to appeal court. Contrary to popular belief, appeals court cannot overturn a case based on new evidence. Only based on the mistreatment of facts and evidence by those involved. Appeals can appeal the finding of guilt or innocence, or the sentencing. 14.)Countersuit: if the defendant of the case is found innocent, then due to any jail time due to not being released on bail or bond during the trial, the cost of time and money from their defense, the loss of income or employment due to their arrest, or the emotional, social, or physical distress, or defamatory media caused by the suit, the defendant may pursue a countersuit for this damages. Or lawsuits against other entities which caused such due to their trial. These cases will be separate from the murder trial and mostly will take place in a civil suit, taking the same pattern as the original trial. The positions players may take with their character are as follows, all others unlisted will be played by the narrator; Defendant, Prosecution counsel, Defense counsel, Jurors, Investigators. I said before that I would like an alternate reality modern campaign originally, however a modern fantasy campaign would also work. So long as a modern-like court system exists. This would allow players to bring existing characters as jurors, defendant, or investigators. "
  24. Have a bone to pick with someone? Need help with hunting someone down, maybe a little espionage, perhaps a tête-à-tête? Whatever the case, if you need someone to make someone“change their mind” or you’re just looking to get a little money and some recognition, then I’ve got the right person for you! But if you want her to scratch your back, you gotta scratch her back. What do you need to do? It’s simple: retrieve certain magical items and return them to my character. She will be taking these magical items and putting them in a museum of some kind - or her private library, doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter the means (legal or not) how the items are obtained, just as long as they are returned to her. A list of items paired with a prompt can be found below. I will tell you where you can find the items, the prompt is a little added spice to keep the story flowing (also an extra opportunity to earn some goodies!), and give you four options to pick from for my character to do in return for you getting her the item. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask me! Instructions Step 1: Pick an item. Step 2: Complete a 1 page (can be more!) thread claiming the item. I will start this thread off so introductions can be made. Step 3: Summarize the thread and tag me in it. Step 4: Return the item to my character and collect your prize. Items & Their Threads: Ancient Notebooks: THREAD — Arcanist's Notebook — Botanist's Notebook — Historian's Notebook — Physician's Notebook — Theologian's Notebook » Claimed: @paradigm » Completed Prompt: A Necromancer seeks Lichdom not for themselves, but for their child. Their child is afflicted with a disease that no healing spell has been able to cure, so they believe their child can be saved if they turn them into a Lich. ↳ Reason with the Necromancer and obtain the item. OR ↳ Kill the Necromancer and obtain the item. Deal: Pick one of the four options here. ▪ Hunt someone down. ▪ Intimidate someone. ▪ Frame someone. ▪ Take payment and nothing else. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Eldritch Tome: THREAD — Eldritch Archer — Mystic Marauder — Sorcerous Sentinel — Spell Sword » Claimed: @Zashiii & @The North Wind » Completed Prompt: An asteroid has fallen from the sky and has stopped mere moments before it hits the ground. The asteroid begins to segment itself into layers, exposing floating fortresses and cities. Investigate one of the cities and get the item. ↳ Destroy the asteroid once item is obtained. OR ↳ Save the asteroid so it can be studied. Deal: Pick one of the four options here. ▪ Hunt someone down. ▪ Intimidate someone. ▪ Frame someone. ▪ Take payment and nothing else.
  25. The quote above is the artifact we're going to hunt down. Hello everyone! Today I'd like to put a new quest on the table that is set in Eridianus, a new area in the Lagrimosa continent. Genre: Adventure, MagitechLocation: Eridianus, LagrimosaIdea: It has come to the attention of Martial Town's GRAFT Center that a small rural area in Eridianus have been blessed by strangely bountiful harvest since a landslide dislodged one of the rivers running towards Barnstable Coast into a new bed. Shortly after, a visiting GRAFT employee came back to their employer with incredible claims ranging from apples of eternal youth to the very rain in the farmlands bringing the dead back to life. While no doubt exaggerated, the idea that something in the area had healing properties was worth investigating, and so the company sent over a few agents along with a handful of able-bodied volunteers to investigate the matter. For the two months duration of the investigation, the hired help will be provided with temporary living quarters, food and medical care, after which any new clue or useful witness found earning them bonus credits on their final pays depending on the importance of each find. Should something noteworthy be found by the end of the investigation, each volunteer would be allowed a single top-grade enhancement of their choice, free of charge. Along with the volunteers, a squad of soldiers were sent as hired muscle and deterrents for would-be thieves, a local guide was hired to keep anyone from getting lost and point the search to the most likely area for the strange phenomena and finally a single agent from GRAFT was sent to act as a liaison and as enforcer of the contract signed by the whole lot. Overall, about two dozen 'mercenaries' were hired for the venture, a few of which would be played by you, I hope. As for the quest itself, I've got a basic outline of obstacles towards acquiring the comb that you are free to expend on or suggest tweaks as they come to you: the rural welcoming committee not being so welcoming the guide having to be tracked down after trying to make a run for it with their advance payment the fields and orchards starting to get sentience dealing with a heartbroken seasonal god Expectations: I'm looking for three to five people, not including myself, and I'd like at least one character with experience as a farmhand, one as a hunter and one character with some decent musical talent for plot purposes. Each character would most likely be from Martial Town due to the place's tendency to hire its own above all else, but should anyone want the guide's role they would of course be from Eridianus instead. I don't know if I mentioned it but most of these people would be from the lower class, with some exceptions in the soldiers since the military and the government seems to be the only two stable jobs to be found in Martial Town that is not likely to get you in jail or worse or something. As for OOC purposes, I don't have any length or quality requirement as long as we keep to the 'third person, past tense' format and that everyone try their best to contribute to the plot and advance and better the story overall, that it may be with character development, lore or even just enjoyable plot twists. FAQs: I'll post any questions you guys ask here, so keep em comin' and check back here from time to time! 🙂
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