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Found 187 results

  1. supernal

    Want to join a noble house?

    It's been over a month since the bump in the last thread of this nature I posted and am posting a new one to take advantage of the widget House Dali is my noble house in Ursa Madeum. I have a lot of plans for it, some already done, some in the process, and some still just aspirations. Everyone is pretty engaged so the answer is, get more people! You can learn more about Dali here: https://www.valucre.com/topic/40402-lost-house-of-dali/ Some previous accomplishments, to give you an idea of things you can do which benefit both your character and the overall House Arranged marriages and / or formal trade agreements between other noble houses or external entities Aided a noble house in investigating a suspicious death - the Wyrmalkers of House Dali are experts in intelligence Established Faux-ton fast travel posts between Dali estate, Casper, Biazo, and have now connected Andelusia and Misral via their estate connection and a connection in Qrill (a town in Misral) Established a vineyard in Biazo Established a museum and art gallery in Misral Trendsetted some fashion standards and social networking at high class events And the stuff that I'd like to do and need help with: The vineyard is a business - make it more successful Gain an additional 5 square miles with another expansion thread Forge more alliances inside and outside of Ursa Madeum We have a lot of transmutation characters but could use more for the other guilds: Abjuration, Enchantment, Divination, Illusion Replace Tansy Wyrmwalker - in this case the existing character would transfer to you as a player rather than making a new character I'm specifically looking to grow the Dali house so your character would either be a Dali from blood or marriage, whether recent or long past. You would also pick one of the sub-families/branches to be a part of (Wyrmwalker for intelligence, Goldcourt for fashion, etc)
  2. This is hard. This is so f-ing hard. Am I going to die here? - Location: Yh'mi; Furthest Point, fledging battlement. It has been weeks since we made it to the Furthest Point. We have been holding well, better than I expected. The group that arrived a week after us brought fresh supplies, which alleviated our desperate state. We have managed to retrieve a smattering of building supplies and tools from the two wagons that had been destroyed, but a lot of them are damaged, and all the food and has been stolen by our enemies. The creatures of Yh'mi made scattered attacks, but we have managed to hold them back. There have been casualties, those who had been taken down by surprise in the dark. A low wall has been built, reducing the chance of surprise attacks. But we cannot rest. We are vulnerable until the fort is completed. There will be many more gravestones on the ground before we reach our objective. May Gaia fold those who have fallen and will fall for the cause into her warm embrace. -- Fidelitas, paladin of the Order of the White Hand. - Claiming the Furthest Point Thread 2: Nightmare Descends Background (for context, optional reading) Plot of this thread A group of adventurers, warriors, mercenaries as well as fearless builders have been building the foundations of the fort at Furthest Point. However, the next wave of attacks are coming, and this time, the attacks are not merely physical. Expect to be plunged into a realm of nightmares, hopelessness and despair. You will be fighting nightmare monsters, and trying to escape from your greatest fears. Broad Mechanics (Read this carefully!) There will be dice rolls for fights. Similar to the first Furthest Point thread, I will be using the Roll12 system, but enhanced with changes. (You can see the Roll12 rules of the previous thread here, but some of the rules will be changed.) This thread will be based on nightmare realms. Some players will get the chance to create their own nightmares that the rest of us play in and try to escape from. There will be monsters. Death can happen to your characters, but maybe not in the way you expect. I promise there will be no permadeath (unless you wish it to), but your character runs the risk of having perma damage, like lost body parts or madness etc. When you join the thread, you are agreeing to this! Characters continuing from the first Furthest Point will have a perk, that will be announced later. This represents their experience gained from dealing with the first wave of monsters. Who can join? Any player can join, and I will take any number of players, but take note that your character should not be expressedly evil, or undead (if they are in disguise, or don't act outwardly evil, that's fine). The Order of the White Hand are Gaianists after all, and they will not work alongside characters who are evil or Unnatural. Mercenaries, justice heroes, anyone from the ANT nations are good examples of characters who would fit in nicely. Thread Pacing and Length Each round lasts 2 weeks (sometimes extended to 3, over holidays and stuff). If you don't post by the end of the round, you will be skipped. Our last thread lasted for 4 months, I expect this to go on for a bit longer than that. When will the thread start? End of March or beginning of April. Rewards There is IC gold given from the Order of the White Hand, but there are also opportunities for loot and weapon/armour upgrades if you stick till the end. - This is still considered an initial interest check, I wanted to see how many people will be joining, before I finalize the dice roll mechanics! So if you would like to join, comment! If you are interested in being one of the players constructing the nightmare realms, do let me know that too! I might select people (to run the nightmare realms) if there are many of you interested in doing this. It will be selected based on activity and reliability of posting. I would not like to have to pick up GMing from someone else who disappears halfway. There is no limit to the number of regular players though. Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂 Tagging everyone active from the previous thread. New players are also welcome! Please explicitly let me know if you will be joining!: @HollowCipher @Thotification @EpicRome23 @sorainvoked @SelenaNichole @Dolor Aeternum @P.N.See @Tyler @ChaosLord @Lawman @Akiris @Fierach @notmuch_23 @zackrobbman, and also, since you expressed interest, @princeben07 Players: 1. jaistlyn (Fidelitas) 2. Thotification (Sera, Khaki) 3. Fierach (Sheryl + 2) 4. Tyler (Murray and Cap Guy + numerous) 5. Grubbistch (Uldwar troops) 6. HollowCipher (Dan) [Nightmare realm potential creator] 7. EpicRome23 (Gormaric & Eri + numerous) [Nightmare realm potential creator] 8. sorainvoked (Aryssin) 9. princeben07 10. bfc (Hensch men) 11. Roen 12. P.N.See (Vlad) 13. SelenaNichole (Selena) 14. zackrobbman (Charlie) [Nightmare realm potential creator] 15. ChaosLord (Noah) [Nightmare realm potential creator] 16. Akiris (Ed) 17. vielle 18. Veloci-Rapture (Leo Manville)
  3. Who likes festivals!? It's been awhile since I've seen a festival thread or mass parties. Now since I don't wish to have a festival on Valucre, mainly because I don't know how to go about doing it. However since I have my very own Crescent City which is known for it's festivals, parades, and fun. Crescent City is an extraordinarily unique city. It's culture, people, and outstanding friendliness is what makes it known for it's amazing sense of fun. The city officials in charge of travel and magic had finally done it. They made universal travel happen finally! So in honor of this achievement they decided to hold a festival. A universal festival. This festival, unlike the former ones, will be multi-day event and go through the entire days it's active. Crescent City is a very unique city with its style and design. It is inside a magic bubble that once inside the enormous city appears in the style you are used to. Everything is the same throughout, the size of the buildings, the streets, the capital building, the coliseum. Which means if a forest creature is in the city it'll appear more nature styled but someone from a more mechanical style city is next to them they'll see it in a more machine style. Now what makes the city so friendly is that it's not known for violence (unless it's in good fun of course) but rather it's diverse group of people who inhabit within. It ranges from semi/humanoid races to aliens to demons and angels. The start of the festival begins with a portal. Millions upon millions of portals appear from seemingly thin air. Looking through the other side you see a a city. Normally you wouldn't walk through a new portal to who knows where but something entices you. A sense of wonder, fun and friendliness. Even to those of you who are considerably diabolical and evil, you feel like something is drawing you in. Though no matter who you are, you'll most likely be enticed walk through. Once you get through however, you aren't compelled anymore. It's all your decision now. Will you stay and have fun and enjoy the festivities? Maybe make new friends? Or maybe... find out about the city itself. Something about it just doesn't seem... natural. Almost as if something more sinister is going to happen. Although that might just be your imagination running wild. Or is it?
  4. "United we stand, divided we will fall." Interest check: Roll12 rules Post summary to track things To keep easy track of things, write a summary at the bottom of your post. An example would be: (*Note: Monster players, do this for each of your monsters too! Name them as well, e.g. xxx A, xxx B, so it would not be confusing.) Posting order You can post multiple times, but you can only roll dice once per round. Extra posts can be used for narrative purposes. But don't put up spitfire posts! The round ends when everyone has posted, or when reasonable time has passed. You can post before the first monster post too, but that would be a narrative post, and you will still need to post again later for your attack. IC thread: Summary of everyone's positions and statuses: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w6oi2m7C7JDcY1iJE6R31ukrGqhX_Tsj8ZvqX46Pcao/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Genre: Western Location: Oatpeak, in Alternative Premise: The railroad stop has just been constructed. A load of provisions, medicine, money, and other goods is bound for its first stop into Oatpeak. Your role in this premise is to rob it and sell the goods on the black market for profit. FAQs Is there a GM for this roleplay? Yes. @Die Shize has graciously volunteered to GM the overall plot here. As a GM rather than a regular player don't anticipate that he will have to post every turn and sometimes his post may be simple and information just to help players, but he will also take control of key NPCs throughout the story. What roles are you looking to fill? These are listed in order of preference. If we only get enough people for the 1st, Die will GM the other sets; if we get enough for the first two, he'll only GM the last, etc A few people to play the train robbers Amenities - robber One or two to play on-board Pinkerton private detective Blex - agent One or two to play the sheriff and their deputy/deputies Wade - deputy
  6. EtherealWings

    Secrets of Xetheria; OPEN Role Play.

    A couple of rules+notes before I set the storyline. Please respond with your character bio first before we begin. It is not necessary to leave a backstory as further knowledge of characters will be added as the story progresses. If you have any questions please ask. I would also like to add that I prefer to write with those who are closer in age with myself. 🙂 The time-manner of responses for this story is flexible and as a group (or otherwise) we will work with each other's schedules. I'm pretty lenient with this. I have written the beginning of Chapter one to get things started, but we may keep this post for Character and story information only. I may make a new post with a copy of the start of Chapter 1 and we will write from there. -Safe for work only. Please, no romance or sensual themes. I'd like the focus to be on the elements of the plot and character development. Violence is ok. (Please refrain from using profanity). -NO Lgbt themes/characters permitted. Thank you for understanding. -Recommended to have literate responses, but multi-paragraphs are optional depending on your preference. I don't mind the length of the responses. Add detail. Now that this little message is over, let's get to the fun part... Story plot + more. Setting: Year of 4035. Place: A planet called Xetheria. Nature: Most of the plants/wildlife are various colors. Outside of the city, there are forests as well as other towns. More info: No magical/mythical themes, the genre is mostly sci-fi. However, being it is a different planet, there are several strange animal creatures, which can be made up by whomever. Other: There is currently no real major ruler over the people, as there aren't many citizens anymore. This has led to an amount of chaos. Groups have been made with protective leaders who reign within their town or camp. Keep in mind technology has been further advanced. This includes weapons, tools, fabrics, and transport, even though the city is in the state it is in. As for a villain/antihero/antagonist character, I'm really counting on collaborating with you in regard to this. I've had a couple of general ideas. One is that either Zane Arkwright or one of your characters will have no recollection of any damage they might have caused, hence the mystery of this fallen city. However, if whoever the antagonist is, has remembered his/her actions, he/she must have a current motive for keeping everyone blind. Otherwise, if there was a war and a person alone was not responsible, there is bound to be an atagonist in the midst of the madness. I'm leaving this all in our hands, to collaborate and share ideas to create a fun and hopefully successful, suspensful, aannd exciting, story! My Starter Characters. (Basic Info). Will add more as the story develops. Name: Zane Laurence Arkwright Gender: Male Age: 24 Height: 6'1 Weight: 145lbs, Thin Hair Color/Style: Black, Semi Long, past his ears, with wisped bangs over his forehead. Eye Color: Almond shaped, Blue eyes. Clothing: Black diagonal zippered vest & Black long-sleeved shirt underneath. Dark Blue Pants, boots. Other: Right arm is a silvery blue cyborg prosthetic. Name: Freya Gender: Female Age: 22 Height: 5'6 Weight: 125lbs Hair Color/Style: Long, straight dark brown Hair, straight-cut bangs. Layers. Eye Color: Brown. Clothing: Black leggings and flats. Purple long-sleeved, knee-length tunic/dress. Cross pendant on a thin, black necklace chain. Background What is not known by most characters in this story is the destruction that had come before. I'm thinking a war or an antagonist had been the cause of this. Further information will develop as the story develops. The story takes place in a foggy, desolate city on Xetheria. Purple vines cover the ruins of each once glistening skyscraper. Some buildings are more intact than others, sure, but the roads lay cracked and remnants of what was once a prosperous city now lay nearly empty of life. Upon entering the city, few have daydreamed, have let their minds wander to visions of what life must have been like for its prior citizens. As far as it is known, those do not recall what happened, for if there was a recollection of what event had occurred here, no one had mentioned it. Families and individuals dare not live in this city, for the sight of it causes much restlessness to any who come to visit. Chapter 1: Is it the beginning or is it the End? In the midst of the city, closer to the heart of it, a young man's eyes open as fog enters the dimly lit room, encircling him. He must've left the window open and fallen asleep. Tired and groggy, he lifted himself to his feet. The window, from where he stood, was set just at his head, so when he went over to it, he had to shut it by standing on the tips of his toes. The room was in an underground space just below the building. That must've been why it was mostly intact. In the room, everything was set up in an organized, minimalist manner. There was his small makeshift bed, an old, rusted table, and a small backpack on the floor leaning against the wall. He had been living here for as long as he could remember. The door of the room was dented, and he couldn't get it open to explore the rest of the underground rooms, which he assumed were just old storage rooms for what used to be an office building. Keeping up with daily routine, he took fruit from his bag he picked the day before, put the backpack over his shoulder, and climbed out the window.
  7. Etched in Stone

    Divide To Conquer

    I know I'm late, but ..... Looking for a small group of antagonists to basically be the main opposing force for my character and his Coven. Their goal is to acquire as many followers as possible of course, this is a repeatable quest and as mentioned by Hummingbird there is no need to canonize any Whispernight quests. A few from Choisel would be setting out to explore these lands, try to negotiate or form some type of alliance with the existing league and if that does not work, acquire things all lastly by force we can come to figure in a small skirmish or something. For those in need of a basic summary of what the place is/looks like: Talix-Egine A city run by gears, including a central gear that operated the entire city on a wheel of science and architecture seen nowhere else in Valucre. Home to more math and logic than magic, Talix-Engine’s near impenetrable headquarters that operated the entire city was overrun by doppelgangers and evil spirits. The city was in the end toppled. This ruin is one of the most dangerous, overrun with undead creatures that seek nothing but to destroy all that is left. Everyone who was gone here has died at the hands of violent geists. Led by a league of vampires wielding ancient, powerful swords capable of nullifying and reflecting magic spells, be the one to defeat the horde and free the city from the curse of Whispernight. I'm looking to start things as soon as possible. What do you guys think? Even if you just want to tag along for added story without being the opposition, that’s fine too.
  8. Die Shize

    The Cyberpunk City

    "Cyberpunk is a Speculative Fiction genre centered around the transformative effects of advanced science, information technology, computers and networks ("cyber") coupled with a breakdown or radical change in the social order ("punk")" —TV Tropes ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Martial Town Terrenus roleplay project Where the neon lights are as bright as the hope for the future is dim. "The key pillars of the cyberpunk genre are advanced technology, dystopian society, and trenchcoats." —Jane Douglas, Outside Xbox Profoundly Discriminating Reading Theme "I never asked for this. They say they saved me, but I'm not sure 'saved' is the right word." —Adam Jensen, Deus Ex: Human Revolution "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain." —Roy Betty, Blade Runner "Welcome to the desert of the real." —Morpheus, The Matrix Shall we plug our minds into the machine and wander this world together? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Martial Town. A city that never sleeps, and a city that never sleeps never really wakes. During the day, Martial Town looks as dry as it feels, with a sprawling mess of mismatched buildings alongside street lamps locked in a lattice, like the twisted limbs of barbed wire. Against a bustling backdrop that suffers no silence lingers a blur of smoking vehicles and pedestrians lost in a fog of drudgery as they grind themselves into the grave. Laundry is thrown over the power lines, hungry dogs bark in the alleys at the cats that stalk the rats, workers toil for the corporate crown and crawl the streets like ants without a colony. Cyber cafes pulse with energy, shopping malls thrum with activity beneath the drums of greed that beat consumer desire into their hearts, while the harlots join the denizens in the drug dens to prepare themselves for the night's lust. Shining over it all, as though laughing from a throne so impossibly far removed from the tiny clutter beneath it, the warm sun bathes the boiler as a golden liar that hoards the gold from the poor. At night, however, when the sun goes down and the moon rises to replace it, the city of Martial Town takes on a brighter light—but perhaps a far less hopeful one. The dry and drab buildings are overshadowed by the glow of a myriad of brilliant colors. Neon lights transform the city into a whole new world, illuminating the streets amid lamps suddenly alive with vigor and the need to shine. Corporate advertisements are painted with smiling faces, their voices echoing into the alleys, as though the gods of the galaxy had been erected to remind the citizens that they were not alone. It is all a lie. A marketing deception to keep those citizens under the thumb of the true rulers of the night: Dystopia and Moral Myopia. The arcades and the bars and the clubs pulsate with a million drums of music. The drug barons and the body-sellers and the body-snatchers stalk the darkness for their next victims. The criminal organizations seek to assert their organized crime on the populace, and the black market opens after the shopping malls close, selling a cybernetic limb to the worker who lost his first one in the factory, and a pair of eyes to a thief who just wanted to replace his good ones with ones that could see in the dark. The skyline of Martial Town is lined with stone structures between metallic towers that scrape the sky. These are the constructs cast off from a dying Palgard that refused to stay down, and that serve all hours as a creeping reminder of the city's dichotomy. In the day or the night, the center of Martial Town, called the Core, is its own town within the city; a military district where the music of marching boots join the chorus of piercing whistles in a symphony of security. This protection, however, comes with a price. As far as the arms of the armed can extend, the eyes of the all-seeing can see, and the biggest threat comes from the defenders themselves. Like a mini-police state, living in the Core of Martial Town means spending many moments wondering if there might be a knock on your door, and if the people who knock on your door might just inform you that they are there for your safety and the security of the city and they will now show you this personally if you will please come with them and ask no questions. The outskirts of the city, meanwhile, are like lava surrounding a volcano. Where the thumb of the military can press down and press hard, so hard that it may as well be a boot stamping on a face forever, the gangs and clans and tribes in the peripheral parts, in the slums and the neighborhoods and the forgotten gutters, are their own power and authority. In the corporate towers that loom over the city from its core, conversely, the outer rim of the crooked circle is claimed by crime like a cancer. However, the disease is slowly spreading all over the city, seeping forward like a black ooze each time the armed forces clash with the outlaw elements. In Martial Town, nowhere is really safe, and no network is really secure. The question is, then, is there a cure? Will you find out? Will you adventure through the day? Will you journey into the night? Will you pull yourself from your familiar lands and your known realities and enter the virtual space of the Cyberpunk City? Will you plug your mind into the machine and wander within this world? The choice is yours. All you have to do is make it. Like a decision between a red pill and a blue pill. All you have to do is swallow it. But you can only swallow one. As you contemplate this choice, then, heed the words of Morpheus: "You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." The choice is yours. Choose. "The future is already here—it's just not very evenly distributed." —William Gibson The Cyberpunk City is a roleplay project currently underway for Martial Town, located aside from Palgard, Southern Terrenus. This is a "roleplay project" in the sense that it is in its early development stage, with potential updates to the lore page of Martial Town itself alongside IC canon/non-canon growth and progress. To begin this cyberpunk adventure, one and all are welcome to join me in what will serve as a 'hub' setting of sorts. Shown below, but not limited to this scope, are a small handful of locales that you can, effective immediately, participate in. Set up stories and write those stories out to your heart's content. Maybe your character is a cyber ninja. Go jack their brain into a plug in the CyberFunk Cafe! Just be home in time for dinner or mama will spank you for turning your brain into jelly. Or is your character a private detective, and you're seeking some hardboiled film noir? If you heard that the MTPD was only employing its own officers, then somebody doesn't want freelancers like you investigating them! Perhaps outside of the law is a better fit for your criminal ways. Pal's Guard is something of a private retreat for scum of all kinds, and you're sure to pick up a beer and a lucrative job there, assuming that you make it out alive... Feeling jazzy-funky-dancy-wunky? Better skip the CyberFunk Cafe. You'll find all manner of wild partying in The Purple Penguin, but don't take the wrong pill or else you might see a purple that you didn't know existed, before you pass out and never wake up again. Sometimes, however, things do go wrong and a little too crazy. You might wake up from a drunken stupor to find that your hand was chopped off by a Bessho-kai corporate samurai. Have no fear! Visit a GRAFT clinic, open 24/7, and just get a new one! Then again, your character might prefer to don suit jackets over trenchcoats. A business type, eh? A corrupt corporate executive, maybe? Well, you won't find any company headquarters listed right now, but that's awesome, because you can make one and add it to the hub! YAY! You can view the hub here. IC thread(s) listed below! 1. [MTPD] Tears in the Rain Stay tuned, folks. Turn on your telescreens, flip out your AR phones, switch on your VR housewife, put your earphones on and listen to that deep AI manly voice, because sooner or later Martial Town, The Cyberpunk City, will be hosting its very first public event! The black market, every criminal's favorite trade show, every crime fighter's biggest headache. When it comes to the government and certain corporations, they might fall somewhere in between. No place in the world seems totally free from a black market's plague but, when it comes to Martial Town, illegal commodities are booming. For the right price, a customer can get the right weapon. More than that, they can get a whole new right arm without having to go through GRAFT paperwork. They can even get a new brain. Some, however, go through a whole transformation that calls into question whether they still exist as an entity of flesh and bones and, if so, one with the same soul. Cyborgs are a growing force within Martial Town, and "force" is a correct term here. Mechanical augmentations usually make you stronger, faster and tougher in a number of ways. And not everyone likes that. More to come.
  9. Through the Sigil’s Door/On Far Away Shores What is it? Through the Sigil’s Door and On Far Away Shores is a two part story arc that will take players far away from the world of Valucre on a journey through the multiverse. A journey fueled by money, violence, and madness. Players will work their way through extra-dimensional doorways, a magical city filled with shady characters with ill intent towards them, and finally to another dimension filled with hostile lifeforms poised on killing them. It is not a mission or undertaking for the weak of mind or feint of heart. Players will be expected to either engage threats directly, or solve problems and puzzles as they occur through their travels in a more cloak and dagger type of fashion. Now you must be asking, where might this all be taking place specifically? For our journey we will be leaving Valucre and headed to the infamous plane of existence known as Sigil, The City of Doors. Plot Details The Crime Lord Miss Blonde is not of Valucre, she is of a dimension far far away from Val. By “persuading” a PlanesWalker Wizard to assist her, Miss Blonde now has the ability to return home. However, it is not to stay. When torn from her reality, she was separated from her three children. Her intention is to use the limited time she has to cross over and retrieve her children and bring them back to Val. This will not be an easy endeavor though. For in order to find her reality, she must cross through The City of Doors. This is where you come in, hiring a crack team of mercenaries, adventurers, and anyone else brave or stupid enough to risk inter dimensional travel, Miss Blonde is gathering all those willing to make this trip and no price is too high. You can use this thread to diverge and go on your on quest in Sigil, you can follow Blonde and the others and deal with the perils of the city’s wards and politics only to then help her find her children and extract them all while fighting off the (and lets be honest here) the vast legions of enemies Miss Blonde has made over the years. So this is not the kind of quest if you’re a good person. It takes a certain kind of ruthlessness to traverse dimensions so if you’re morally grey enough or want to be put in positions that might compromise your integrity, this is for you. I really want to entire story to read and play out with the kind of style of a gangster movie meets an adventure fantasy if that makes sense. Also feel free to drop a character here that might not be completely on the side of Miss Blonde. Expect the thread to kick off in the next two days.
  10. Ataraxy

    Nu Martyr Goes to War

    Shall we go to war once more? Long ago in times of strife and conflict long forgotten, a crown was lost. It wasn't a crown of royalty or a tool to demonstrate a particular bloodline. Rather it was one forged of blood and fire, thousands of lives falling or rising at its will. Though the crown itself could not be destroyed despite hundreds of powerful sorcerers and intellects working laboriously to decimate the relic, they weren't able to inflict so much as a scratch upon it. So they hid it away, deep in the underground where not a single person would ever be able to hear of it, much less find it. Or so it was believed. For centuries the crown was guarded by a secret group in Renovatio that spread throughout Nu Martyr and beyond. The faction, originally sailing to Renovatio from Terrenus, was the Church of Three; a near cult like religion which believes in worship of all three gods: Gaia, Time, and Space. It was always their solemn belief that, unlike in Gaianism or the preachings of Odin Haze, these three were merciless gods. An ideology said to be deeply influenced by the religious conflicts of Tellus Mater. Those who are part of the Church of Three but of Renovation ancestry view the God of Time much the same as they would the All-Creator. One in the same, in fact. Thus when those in charge could no longer bare the risk of having Asteria's crown fall into the wrong hands, they turned it toward the Church of Three. With the Church's extreme secrecy and unwillingness to bend before those they considered Heretics, such a godly relic was considered safe in their silent possession. It was a common belief that the Church of Three was an indomitable group throughout history, a stance recently challenged in modern Terrenus by a necromancer named Lilith Reiter and her cult of power hungry warmongers. The necromancer's desire to obtain lost pieces of armor previously belonging to the Witch King Zengi proved to be the Church's downfall in Terrenus. Upon retrieving the chest plate of Zengi's armor from an underground labyrinth hidden under the city of Tia in Terrenus, Lilith Reiter also took a single living prisoner with her; one who ultimately was unable to resist her power and told of their most valuable treasure. The crown of Asteria However, Lilith was not the only one who has heard of the crown. In fact, news of the Asteria's crown being found has spread throughout Valucre like wildfire. It's corrupt power infamous for the destruction it brings in its wake and the monsters it makes out of those who wear it. Upon hearing the news and its rumored location being within his land, the PRIME of Nu Martyr, Ardon Dallas (character sheet TBD), led a small army to the Church of Three's location. After a few small skirmishes, he came out with the crown. Ardon Dallas, PRIME of Nu Martyr, now has enough power to act on his ambitions. He may have even turned his eyes upon the Grand Kommadant, his ambitions were so grand. But then another word spread. This one striking fear in even Ardon, bearer of Asteria's crown and PRIME of Nu Martyr. "The Commander is one her way to Nu Martyr for the crown. All who stand in her way will perish." Will you stand in her way and risk death for glory, or join her for power and glory? OOC Do you stand with Ardon Dallas to protect Nu Martyr (both the province and the city), or do you join the attacking party for riches, wealth, and power? Let me know so I can mark you down and keep track of all the sides! I don't have a specific player limit in mind and I don't know how many people this will attract (don't wannt be cocky :p) but I'll definitely cap it if I start feeling its getting out of hand. You CAN do miniature T1 fights, but I don't have time to settle random cat fights. So make sure you have character sheets, an agreed ruleset, and a judge before you start doing it. Narrative fights are preferred. What happens to the crown is already more or less established (PM me and Aleksei if you want to challenge my claim I guess), but the fate of Nu Martyr relies a lot of on character interactions and decisions. While the actual city of Nu Martyr is limited to a few buildings of damage (don't want to ruin a major city my first real time RPing in Tellus Mater lol) the province itself and outskirts of the capital city are essentially war grounds. As are little towns surrounding it and whatnot. So what YOU do and what YOU decide will have a major effect on how this thread plays out. I will be GM, so keep me in the loops of character interactions such that I can best orchestrate stuff within the thread. @Aleksei being the BL of Renovatio, however, will have the last say on anything she decides need her attention. I'm new to TM so if I'm doing something you guys know goes against some part of the lore or rules I missed, let me know ASAP. THIS WILL BE A BIG BATTLE. It's not a little skirmish. The crown of Asteria is a hella powerful Renovatio Relic that used to belong to the daughter of a Titan who was powerful enough to defeat a past Grand Kommadant. It's very important and PRIME Dallas isn't going to give it up easily. Nor should he. To give an idea, I'm thinking there will be about a million "soldiers" one each side. More or less. No idea how many threads this will be. Most likely one because this is sort of Lilith's/ my introduction into Renovatio so I don't want it to be too long. But a few threads will hopefully result from this. If @Aleksei is up for it, I'd like for her to take up the PRIME role for this fight. If she's too busy (cause busy busy bee she is), I can double unless someone else wants to step in. You are also allowed to "join" the attacking forces without necessarily being on Lilith's side. An example of this would be if the Dead or the Legion of Doom wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to bolster their infamy. *There shouldn't just be ONE large clash. Nu Martyr is a huge province. Make this story fun. Communicate with the other side and set up fun scenarios. Don't be afraid to lose a battle because there's more than one in a war. Clashes between player forces should be talked about before hand and planned accordingly. 🙂 Let's affect some lore you guys! TO WAR! Defenders of Nu Martyr @Alexei @Djinn&Juice @Fierach @Hurttoto ? @notmuch_23 @Tenkai Matsumoto @Twitterpated ? @-Lilium- ? Attackers of Nu Martyr @Ataraxy @Thotification @Die Shize @Metty @Archeos @danzilla3
  11. Mickey Flash

    This Land is Your Land....

    The land of Seinaru Forven is a survivor of the Elendaron "Spirit Wars" (as the locals like to call it). The event is very fresh in the people's minds, with lost friends and loved ones. They are afraid of what had happened, even though it seems to be over for them now. The land became a floating island, and ever since everything had seemed to calm down to common life again.... Everything except for the cities, and villages that have disappeared without a trace. There are forests and unexplored land there now, with no sign of the cities that had once resided there. This is where our story will begin. Virgin lands bring all kinds of ideas to mind... bottomless pits, strange creatures, man eating plants, and spontaneous earthquakes.... the possibilities are endless. Instead of me just making something up, I believe it will be more fun if I create a thread or two where the RPers can create something new (or old depending on the idea) to add to Seinaru Forven. There is the possibility of adding it to Seinaru Forven's canon, but only if it's a thread with a beginning, middle, and an end, more than just a few posts, and something interestingly new to add to the lore. The more creative, the better. All that's required is to bring your character and your imagination. Here are a few links to better acquaint yourself with Seinaru Forven, and their recent unfortunate events: If there are any questions, feel free to PM me. I'm hoping to make more than one thread out of this, if enough interest is shown.
  12. Haelikor

    War never changes. Or does it?

    Behold. My brave new foray into the new One Line RP Board, War. With a deep story and a brand new system never before seen, it's sure to blow you away. However, to adequately game balance the massive world I've created, I'll need players who are willing to roll up their race and class and even select their starting feat in Post 3; will you become a noble Human Construction Worker with Endurance, a quick witted Android Harasser with Agile Tongue, or perhaps a mystical Magic Swordsman Charles Barkley with Juggle Load? I need hotblooded, strong roleplayers to thrust into this roleplay. Together.
  13. Unicorgi

    Spiderverse roleplay!

    it’s a spiderverse roleplay! I’m not very good at explaining things but this is going to be a mostly sandbox roleplay with character driven plot that takes place in a super big city. You can be any character you want, any oc or already existing spider character and you live in the city (i am REALLY terrible at explaining these things wow. Trust me it’s a lot better than it sounds) you can be any version of Spider-Man or venom (spiderpool also allowed) so have fun! THIS IS NOT A ROLEPLAY OF THE MOVIE closing this due to lack of interest. message me If you wanted to join
  14. A Night To Remember Let’s get to the point. My character Miss Blonde is at a party in Hellsgate looking for a particular wizard who supposedly can navigate dimensions. Her current arc is to find her children in her old reality and bring them to this one. However, it’s a party thread. So A Night To Remember is an open thread with a loose to no particular posting order as it’s a party. I want the whole affair to be chaotic and jumbled. If your characters have business in Hellsgate then you can advance it here, you can do what you want and have fun be it just hanging out and connecting with NPCs or other player characters. HAVE FUN! That’s what I want from people. No matter what it’s an adventure and I want people to just enjoy themselves. There are no rules, you can show up and punch a guy in the face, it can end in a shootout, it can be whatever you want it to be. My only request is that you let the story build before doing anything absurd. Let things take their natural course before screwing things up.
  15. Assume that the following (tentative) letter is readily available alongside a some sort of letter-of-introduction-ish device (posted in town squares, on quest boards, etcetera) for the benefit of all characters across all forums. While the letter calls for characters who want to better Valucre, evildoers/neutral-parties may be able to sneak in as long as they aren't too conspicuous. Esteemed compatriots and foreign VIPs, It is my great honor this day, [Insert IC Date], to invite you to an enchanting evening at my ancestral home nestled in the arboreal spires of Hell's Gate on [Insert Second IC Date]. Though the first killing frost of this inhospitable season has already claimed its lot, my heart is not hardened to the suffering of our people and the plights of our neighbors. I trust you shall pardon my candor, for I must confess that this year was exceptionally unkind to this world we share. From the manifold tragedies Whsipernight wrought to the disconcerting fragmentation of Terrenus through which a psychopath ignited a full-fledged race war, our people, the people of Valucre, have experienced loss of such magnitude that we, despite the variegated powers, clout, and prestige we wield, will struggle to make them whole. I wish I could assure you that our fortunes are secured by the favor of the divine, that their light would guide us through our dark hours and deliver us from the evils that besiege us, but mere platitudes make poor bandages for a gushing wound. So it is that I welcome you to my house. So it is that I entreat people of every nation to come together under one roof, to gather around one hearth, to break bread together and forge lasting ties to one another. I am confident that together as one people, as one Valucre, we can trounce what misery fate foists upon us. This offer extends not only to those of a venerable bloodline but to petty nobles, soldiers, warriors, industrialists, scientists, engineers, merchants, and any other parties that are willing to breach the artificial barriers that divide us in pursuit of a far better future for all. For those that lack the means to travel to Hell’s Gate, my staff shall make all necessary arrangements upon receipt of your RSVP. Lodgings at the Glasmann Estate shall be provided for VVIPs. Formal, tailored apparel shall also be provided as necessary. The format of the event shall be as follows: [Please note the similarities between the format of this event and speed dating. The intent of this format is to cause characters and players that might not otherwise interact to engage with one another in the hopes of facilitating further rp. This is also why the IC qualifications for entry are so general.] Each guest shall be randomly assigned a number. Each number shall be associated with a collective and rally point. [Each player rolls dice in the dice roller. Each player’s character will be placed into a group depending on the range in which that number falls. Dice that are rolled and the predetermined ranges will depend on the number of characters involved in the event. Suggestions regarding the quantity of characters in each group are welcome.] Each guest shall congregate at the rally point and await the arrival of the other members of the collective. Once a collective is assembled, the members shall remain in each other’s company until the bell tolls. [The event will be divided into rounds. A round will end after a set amount of RL time has elapsed. Again, suggestions are welcome regarding the RL length of each round. Rounds may be extended as players see fit, but characters must be “cloned” in doing so as all participating characters are technically required to transition to the next group when a round is called.] When the bell tolls each number shall be assigned to a new collective. This process shall continue until the bell tolls twice consecutively, signaling that all guests should begin to prepare for the formal dinner that will be served. I urge you to join me for this momentous event. Very Respectfully, Lady Caeceila Glasmann Round 1 Pairings (Updated 11/18/2018):
  16. Unicorgi

    Supernatural delta team

    "ʷʰʸ ᵈᵒᵉˢ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸ ˢᵘᵖᵉʳⁿᵃᵗᵘʳᵃˡ ⁱⁿᶠᵉˢᵗᵉᵈ ᵗᵒʷⁿ ᵍᵒᵗ ᵃ ᵈᵃʳⁿ ᵒˡᵈ ᵗʰᵉᵃᵗᵉʳ ⁱⁿ ⁱᵗ?"- ᵍʳⁱᶠᶠⁱⁿ Oak Park Illinois. Just one of the many towns in the world. One of the many towns specially situated near one of the weaker spots in what separates the natural world from the supernatural world. Yknow obviously fake. But what if it wasn't? Because it isn't. In these sort of places you’ll often find a group of people who actually know this, some more militant than others but all with the same goal, keep the supernatural at bay and in their places and make sure nobody knows, because if they did well, you can imagine what kind of chaos the world would descend into.The year is 2019 and you just so happen to be one of those “lucky” people who have some sort of inherit ability to understand this world.and thats my hook for this roleplay!(i got the idea from looking at screenacne's horror is our home roleplay and i thought i could build off of that. some of it also comes off of the Dead City books series.)so in this roleplay you would be part of a group of people who spend their night tracking down and controlling the supernatural creatures living there (sometimes with the aid of some of the creatures themselves)i will add much more of the needed info into the actual roleplay if this turns out to be something people like.tell me if there is anything you want to know or i need to add
  17. supernal

    Terrenus military sign ups

    Terrenus is in a state of flux. The civil war has seen the lightning rails and warp gates knocked out of commission, the wastelands turned to shawnee tundra as the genius loci fight among themselves, their losses and victories causing sweeping changes across the face of the nation, and city-states with a claim to sovereignty have been popping up like acne. And that's not even to speak of the various cults rising and plagues disseminating at the hands of a lunatic few . . . and the body-snatcher peril which has already infested many of the mega-cities. Join the military's tireless efforts to keep the darkness at bay. Fight enemies of Empire, go on diplomatic missions to strengthen alliances or forge new ones, join HERB or PETAL to catalog some of the exotic flora and fauna which either remain a mystery or are even as-yet unheard of. Research and engineering roles abound too. Note of interest - joining the military is a necessary step for citizenship and a great toehold for political aspirations. More information and available positions can be found in Terrenus Military - Hierarchy Information on open and taken assignments in Terrenus Military - Assignments Chat with your fellow military mates in the Terrenus Military OOC If you're interested or have any questions, post here or send me a PM.
  18. Twitterpated

    Liberating The Slaver's Alcove

    After a run in with some local Slavers in Genesaris, the aspiring Slayer known as Jinsoku has decided to take it upon himself to raid and dismantle the Alcove, ultimately freeing the slaves that are already there, and hopefully stopping more from being created. While he very well could do this job on his own, things always go a lot smoother with the right team having been assembled. As a note, Jinsoku affiliates with The Order of Force Majeure whom affiliates with the Scarlet Regions as it's base resides in Predator's Keep. He also affiliates with Hyperion in the Rising West. These affiliations should not be mistaken as the source of this quest, rather this man Jinsoku himself simply couldn't bother to continue turning a blind eye to such a terrible operation happening presumably with the government's support considering the lack of response to the activity. A large group could be ideal, though it seems that any time the involved parties include more than 3-5 people, things start to get a little lost in translation, or the wait time between posts becomes so wide the activity never finishes. For that reason I'm open to a larger or smaller group for this job depending on who is involved and how those of us involved decide to go about the "quest". Also, in the case of larger interest, don't be surprised if I break one huge group into two or three small, fair sized groups for just that reason. This plot is intended to be submitted for canon. It'd be nice to get at least two volunteers to join me, though I definitely wouldn't be going beyond nine additional participants. (Max Party Size = 10 (Including Jinsoku))
  19. I have a noble house in Ursa Madeum and have many plans for it, some in flight and others waiting for earlier threads to resolve. Unfortunately I only have so many hands! I'm consistent, so I know this stuff will get done one way or the other, but I'd love to see multiple things going on at once and then bringing it all together If you're interested in being a member of a noble house then check us out!: https://www.valucre.com/topic/40402-lost-house-of-dali/ Some previous accomplishments: Arrange marriage between a member of house Dali and a member of house Mythal to formalize/solidify their alliance. Both are in their early teens and are NPCs. The one on the Dali side is female Aiding House Hildebrand in uncovering details about a sinister and murderous plot in their family oh my goodness! Establishing a fast travel post between Dali and the mainland (Casper and Tia) and more importantly connecting it to Biazo Isle where they have a vineyard Also re-discovering their vineyard (this was also a land expansion which grew our holdings an additional 5 square miles) Striking a partnership between themselves and the Floracle Apothecary in Casper Vineyard has been cleaned up and in the process of opening for tourist business. Being managed by Merida Spidervalley (Witch's Brew) under Ampelos Spiderwalker Goldcourt line has made a few intriguing pieces of fashion which are gaining in popularity thanks to Envienne Goldcourt (Likelymissfortune). Envienne is also making a point to patronize various high class parties and get-togethers. And the stuff that I'd like to do and need help with: Start producing and selling the new fast-growing wine and drum up tourist business to the vineyard Gain an additional 5 square miles with another expansion thread Forge more alliances inside and outside of Ursa Madeum Goldcourt has begun trendsetting fashion. Keep pushing the envelop and make Goldcourt Dali a household name in thought leadership around fashion/art/high culture. I'm specifically looking to grow the Dali house so your character would either be a Dali from the ground up or would be your own character which you are marrying into the Dali family. You would pick one of the sub-families/branches to be a part of (Wyrmwalker for intelligence, Goldcourt for fashion, etc)
  20. Jotnotes

    Dungeon-makers wanted!

    Kachow! What's popping, weirdos? In case you didn't get it in the letter above me, I've had a brilliant idea, and I'm going to attempt to use you, the reader, as a guinea pig! My observation was that most dungeons are designed by one person alone, who knows all the secrets. Not only is this boring, it's also very easy to predict; once you know how the creator thinks, it makes it easy to figure out what you're supposed to do. I believe that I can challenge that, and create an entertaining dungeoneering experience for everyone, with a few simple ideas. You're looking at the first idea right now, even! Enter NARC, the Nondescript Alignment of Reclaiming Collections is a mostly made up on the fly group of nosy do-gooders who collect artifacts and the like. If you want, they are the Mcguffin Men, of sorts. Without a tangible presence in the world, or meaningful contributions to Valucre, they serve as our setpiece, as a nonprofit organization that collects expensive things, puts them in boring obsidian chests, and gives them to wayward adventurers to dispose of for a while. Of course, NARC knows what's in each box, and supposedly eventually returns to pass the box on to a collector. However, to keep the pieces safe, they need helpers. So, in this thread, I'm looking for helpers! I'm looking for anywhere between 1-6 brave volunteers to collect a box (the contents of which are random, so there's no telling what's inside) and...hide it! That's right! Before you go anywhere with it, the group gets to choose from a random assortment of potential dungeons to hide their box in. It could be a small, forgotten tomb belonging to some northern tribe of giants, or a massive ancient pyramid, hidden in the jungles somewhere! Maybe, it's even hidden in the middle of a city, in an unmarked building or warehouse. Regardless, once the dungeon has been chosen, and the adventurers have their map, they have to get through the dungeon to one of the possible hiding places for the artifact. They'll be faced with traps and enemies along the way, and even have a few opportunities to avoid or manipulate these as they see fit. Keeping the traps intact, or the monsters alive, means they can be used as cheap labor to protect the artifact, which is important for the last step! Once the dungeon is navigated, and the artifact hidden, the adventurers get to finalize the dungeon however they like. Each expedition has a fixed budget (dependent on the size of the dungeon) and they're free to spend that budget as they like. By that, I mean they can call upon NARC to supply the dungeon with whatever they may need. Spend money on installing swiveling crossbow traps, or hire some servants to subdue and transport a giant snake into the dungeon! The options are there for you to play with, and you can even go beyond the veneer of NARC's budget and get creative, caving in doorways to shut off easy paths to the dungeons, set down runes, or tripwires to set someone up for a fall. Hell, you can even leave your character behind (or a clone of your character) to guard the piece themselves if you like! Once you're through, however, your characters are paid out of the remaining budget and sent along. If the attempt to crack the dungeon fails, and the artifact is recovered by NARC, you get paid again and whoever attempts to break your dungeon gets laughed at. By you. For being such a creative young thing! So there's my pitch! Explore a dungeon, fight many things, and redecorate as you see fit, then make fun of people who can't figure out your puzzles and riddles. Sounds good, right? This is an interest check, so if you have a passing interest, or want to see how this pans out, leave a little message so that I know! If you'd rather be on the receiving end, and explore a dungeon made by other folks, stay tuned! Once this dungeon is finished, you'll have a chance to try and crack it!
  21. Die Shize


    A long, long time ago, on a website far, far away...there was this event called "Survivor". Basically, it involved dropping PCs on an island with only a few basic items, like a knife, spear, canteen etc. Each player started out on different parts of the island, and they started out alone. The goal was, like the title, to survive, and ultimately to be the final survivor. This was indeed a long time ago, like fifteen years, so I don't remember much except that it was quite popular and people looked forward to this event each time that it would come around. You can imagine some PVP was involved. This was a site where PVP was basically a constant in any thread in the sense that a person didn't need permission to engage in it. I only say that because, despite this prevalence, Survivor conversely wasn't so much about killing off rival players as it was fending off NPC creatures and the elements. In fact, players would even partner up or group up to beat the odds. Though survival was paramount, players and GMs discovered how fun it was to just survive against nature and the island's creepy-crawlies, despite the fact that the PCs were ultimately pitted against each other. The event masters would even step in to GM monstrous bosses that the contestants had to overcome. That was probably where most of the 'PVP' took place, with some collaborative touches from the GM. Well, I could probably rant on, but false memories would probably overtake what few real ones remain. First question I ask is has Valucre ever done anything like this? Regardless of that answer, would anyone be interested in doing something like this? This is by all means only an Interest Check right now. I want to get thoughts and feedback. If enough interest is given, then maybe details could be fleshed out and we could host our very own Survivor!
  22. In lieu of providing an IC bit to spice up this interest check, allow me, for the sake of brevity, to cut straight to laying out what I intend to accomplish in associated threads. In the very near future, House Glasmann of Hell's Gate shall endeavor to fabricate a capital ship with the singular mission of facilitating the paramilitary operations of Lady Caeceila Glasmann and her burgeoning private army. The capital ship shall be a perpetually airborne aircraft carrier capable of functioning as a mobile base and delivering heavy fire support to land and air based targets. As a leading pioneer in cryonics and advanced medical technologies, Glasmann Cryonics appears, at first glance, unsuitable for such an ambitious undertaking that diverges so drastically from its typical field of expertise. However, the direct involvement of the enigmatic Lord Glasmann and Lady Glasmann, neither of whom are known to any public entity except in name, and the judicious allocation of physical resources and favors owed has spurred this project ahead not only to the point of feasibility but to the point where designs and specifications have been stamped/approved and legally binding contracts have been signed. Wave after wave of contractors are flocking to Hell's Gate to profit from this monumental labor. An army of skilled laborers has found gainful employment in realizing a weapon which will cement the power of House Glasmann within and without the nation of Terrenus. When HGS (House Glasmann Ship) Silver Vision is complete, House Glasmann will inevitably wield military might on par with small city-states not in numbers but in sheer technological prowess. But... All is not well in Terrenus. The continent is rife with brigands, villains, and opportunists who would use Silver Vision to achieve their own, nefarious agendas. A few seek to destroy the vessel outright. Nothing would crush House Glasmann's morale quite like completely obliterating what is meant to be the key to their aerial predominance. Others would hijack the vessel once it is complete, adding it to their own arsenal and harnessing it in their own tyrannical campaigns. Still others would exploit the opportunity the construction of Silver Vision presents to sidle up to House Glasmann and craftily embroil them in wicked schemes. Upstanding forces, House Glasmann included, are aware of the threats such a tantalizing prize will inevitably draw and have taken measures to prevent the Silver Vision from falling into the wrong hands. In something approximating an alliance, they defend Silver Vision or offer their expertise to a weary House Glasmann and are rewarded in turn with shares in the final product. How will your characters influence this event? Will control of HGS Silver Vision remain with House Glasmann or will another party wrest it from their hands? This I leave to you to decide. This canon thread, and associated canon threads, shall revolve around various factions fighting for control of Silver Vision. I intend to push for canonization of Silver Vision as an S-Class military asset. While I will strive to paint a picture of Silver Vision's construction, it is up to you, and your respective factions, to impact the development of Silver Vision in some way. Your characters may, for example, attempt to assist House Glasmann, attempt to tamper with the airship, or even try to steal the airship and fly it out of the city. Attempts to meddle with this project are encouraged, and as this is a chaotic event, there is no cap on the number of players allowed to participate. Planning and preparation will, as usual, increase the chance that your faction/characters will succeed. Failure to acquire a share in HGS Silver Vision will not result in complete failure; characters who "fail" to achieve their missions will receive awards per arrangements we agree to in the OoC/Interest Check beforehand. As implied, factions/characters are encouraged to battle each other in the main thread or in associated threads, and battles needn't be physical. Please notify me of such threads so I can include link them in the final request for canonization (it would also be nice if such threads were also separately canonized). Ultimately, I, and the players of whoever allies with House Glasmann, will respond to attacks upon it, and such allies shall receive awards like gm permissions for HGS Vision in their own scenes. At the time I am posting this OP, no such alliances have been forged. Opposing forces are similarly encouraged to form their own alliances with predetermined rewards to increase their chances of success. Incidentally, conflict over HGS Vision need not take place within Hell's Gate. If all goes well, this will be a crazy plot potentially spanning multiple threads with loads of IC conflict and character development. For convenience, I'll post summaries of each participating team's progress as events unfold. The main thread will detail HGS Vision's construction and other spin-off threads, which any player can create, will be linked in this OP as it is updated. If the format sounds confusing or the scope is a little intimidating but you would be interested in participating if it was made clearer or if the groups were smaller, please leave a comment below and we'll work something out. Thanks!
  23. Alright Lads and Lassies. I need your help. i need everyone who views this everyone who sees this to do one simple thing. Talk and spread the word. me and my staff are about to under go a massive operation. We we will be making Valucre’s Largest Event in the site’s history. Larger than Whisper night which shatters and entire Continent’s people. And larger than the first satielet that the Nersh and Reno have yet to do. anyway, wanna know how big we shooting here? Infinity war, Crisis on infinite earth, Spiderverse, Read Dead Redemption 2, Starwars EU Huge. Every single Continent Huge! So huge It’ll be like the Tavern for all of Val everyone can get involved. And you can pick up the story from where you are. Now I’m not doing anything ground breaking like a massive War or Invadion, however this could lead the road to that one day, but instead a HUGE treasure hunt. The rewards? Access to the Legendary Merc’s stash. Which will be so large Individual nation’s will want to scrub and hit the earth running for even a minute percentage of the reward! Now this will not play out like an ARG, or like those crazy huge video game hunts that go irl. Everything will be here and Valucre and be determined by character interaction. Finding the right stuff will take searching through threads, but beyond that, no meta Shinanigans. You can even hunt down the Merc to ask him yourself ( tho he won’t tell you and Trying to kill him is off limits ) so inneed hype and I need word to get around. An event this large , it requires high player count. And oh Gosh I’m going to be so over whelmed by how many threads I’ll have to manage. Also note, this will all be real time, snooze ya Lose. You can help us out, but your excluded from the reward because well you’ll end up bits of the information. You will tun into dead ends, danger ( possibly from other players) and you can even miss parts of the quest it’s so huge, but to get to the end will be a challenge, it may even break your character or spiral them into doubt. but speaking there is riches, weapons of immense power, crazy cool items, oh you know itll be worth it. Besides you can make friends. If youve seen ready player one, this is pretty much the Val equivalent. But all IC. Obviousky this event will be Cannon. And with such a fun bit, that means it interconnects with lore. Some of the cities and people may not be here any more. Now threads will be posted so you don’t have to try and track down threads they participated in. Which will give exposition. This is all open ended. Go crazy with your writings. I’ll only step in ( or a staffer) should you talk to appropriate people, monsters, gonto the correct locations, or pick up a trail. So go on a murder spree and covientoy run into a important npc. ( you could kill them but that doesn’t help you st all. ) anyway. I’m aiming to have prep done by May, and to launch sometime soon after that. Welcome to the Game.
  24. -Lilium-

    The Illuminarium

    For anyone just now viewing this, we are always accepting more doorways! - Lilium, 23 Jan 2019 Please look HERE to better understand where it is going. Hello Valucre! I am currently looking for person's who would like an opportunity to have a doorway from the amazing maze of Fantas-Menagerie that will be opening very soon...to a place of your choosing! Please see below for a description of the Illuminarium, and beneath it two sections for doors: Locked and Unlocked. Illuminarium A fantastic and unique feature of the Menagerie that boasts its own imaginative landscapes. Comprised of handmade craft, nature, and technology is the magical maze of the Illuminarium. There are multiple areas within the maze where secrets can both be built and unfolded. Crystalline rocks formations, mirrors, nanite walls, and various types and colors of glass with a mixture of Mirror Sprite playfulness… Can send people to different portions of the menagerie, transport them to otherworldly areas, and link them to different places around Valucre. Pick an entrance and choose wisely, because there is no telling how long you will be gone… The Illuminarium can generally be viewed as an infinite maze/labyrinth due to the number of materials used and displayed. With the helpful pranks of the Mirror Sprites that have begun to dwell here, the walls and doors are constantly moved around, making an exit nearly impossible to find. Keeping that in mind, each person wanting to enter is granted a panic button they can push when they become bored, fearful, or completely lost. Specialty doors: Unlocked [Open to the public] The Wonderworld The Hither and Yawn High Rock Full Deck The Andelusian High Tea Society Precious Pastries [opening soon!] Locked [Restricted Access] The Redeemer ***Just a note since someone brought up my lack of strategy regarding the security of these doors to Fantas-Menagerie and its customers... When the entire lore goes up, you will find that trying to break into or destroy the menagerie through these doors will be incredibly difficult. More often than not, once someone goes through a door they will not be permitted to return to the menagerie through it. So please plan your adventures carefully if you do not want that to happen. This idea is merely to help other museums, conservatories, businesses, and organizations created by the writers of Valucre participating. Like a safety hub. There are a lot of fail-safes being placed to ensure the safety of the menagerie and all of its animals and staff members. This is neutral territory and will hopefully be respected as such so that everyone is able to enjoy it. This does not mean there won't be special events and dangerous times mind you, they will just be carefully considered before being allowed.
  25. The Official Event Thread is Open! Darkness and Havoc A truly unfortunate union has taken place in Orisia, as Tenebre and Havoc have joined forces for the sake of causing the most amount of damage as well as claiming the maximum number of lives. In a sweeping move, the likes of which have never been seen in Valucre before, these two ancient and powerful deities have pulled and twisted the very fabric of reality in order to introduce the physical manifestation of another landmass in order to literally drop it atop of an already existing location, without the slightest regard for any living being. Ceyana is under attack, and there isn’t a warlord alive or enough mystic magic to stop the impending doom. As a new reality is forced to push and shove its way into Valucre’s existence, pockets of empty space have begun to open, sucking in and tearing apart anything and everything that happens to fall into them. There are clouds of darkness, like a dense black smoke, rolling across the newly forming countryside, choking and suffocating whoever gets caught breathing it. With no hope of salvation, all that is left for those who are able bodied and mentally strong enough to endure the horrors that will unfold all around them, is to try and escape. Come and join our open event, play a brash and selfless hero who tries to save as many souls as possible, or look out for number one, and make sure you get yourself the hell off the island before it’s too late. Setting While the events that are currently destroying a huge portion of Ceyana take place all over the island, for the sake of our event we will be concentrating on Antigua, the biggest city under the jurisdiction of the Black Queen. Antigua skirts the edge of one of the most robust and gorgeous rain forests of the island, and the city streets melt seamlessly from civilization to lush and totally wild greenery. People here seem to live harmoniously with nature and all that it has to offer. Some streets are paved, and still many more are open canals that flow naturally through the cityscape. The city is densely populated, which means it will be in a total state of anarchy and chaos as more than two hundred thousand people try to find a way to escape. Transportation will be near impossible to come by, so if you’re planning to survive, you’ll have to get crafty or sneaky. City Map City Key A. Evaton Castle B. Lowlands -- Primarily a transportation hub for people and goods, this area of the city is mostly defined by high industry sectors, densely crowded residential blocks, and a distinct lack of recreational locations such as parks, gardens, or plazas. C. High Gardens -- A residential area for up and coming middle class citizens, High Gardens is recognizable by its wide streets, plethora of green open spaces, and beautiful mid sized homes. D. Tranquil Heights -- Three distinct areas located on the highest parts of the city grounds, Tranquil Heights is home to the richest citizens of the Antigua. Houses here are palatial, with huge amounts of space dividing each along with ample country roads. E. Garden Groves -- Fruit tree groves, primarily avocado, apple, orange, lemons and limes. F. River’s Crossing Financial District -- Home to open air markets, stores of all kinds, and artisans of nearly every discipline. G. Arena of Thorns (inside the walls) -- The place where Antiguan’s go to de-stress and be social. A literal melting pot, where rich and poor come together to cheer on their favorite champions. Dangerous creatures are housed here, expect them to go free and roam the city streets once the event gets going. G. The Ancient’s Cemetery (outside the walls) -- A strange, massive mound of earth with tombstone-like protrusions. No one really knows what this place is, but legend has it that the dragon’s once buried their dead here. H. The Bread Basket -- An area of heavy agriculture, where the less visually appealing crops are grown and where livestock is raised. Objectives Evacuate the citizens of Antigua or save yourself. Tend to the wounded, if so inclined. Fight off the dark creatures that will emerge from the random pockets scattered around Ceyana. The tougher creatures may drop sweet sweet loot. (List of creatures to come) Bonus: Attempt to find and confront Havoc and Darkness to stop prevent further loss by engaging them. This will not stop the success of this catastrophic event but it could modify how or make things worse. They are hidden deep within the rainforest. Good luck! Rules -Open event, anyone and everyone is welcome. -No posting order outside of established individuals that are obviously interacting with each other. -Completely cooperative role play. Feel free to discuss with others what you would like to happen to your character. If you decide to kill off your character, it doesn’t necessarily mean they succumb to either Havoc or Darkness. They could just as easily be killed by someone or die as a result of any number of things, be creative! -Combat with lesser creatures does not have to be DM’ed by anyone though we may introduce elite level monsters that will require collaborative effort to take down. Be stylish and descriptive with how you deal with them. Come together to save innocent lives! -This event’s ending has already been established. There is no saving Antigua, or the rest of the affected areas within Ceyana. However, the size of the affected area can be lessened should the bonus be completed. -@Dolor Aeternumand I have final say in what occurs should any conflicts arise or any resolution is needed. PM for serious conflicts or concerns. Who Can You Play? While you are free to play whatever character with whatever background you like, I thought it would be fun to include a little list of common species that might be found around these parts -- just in case you want to create a brand new character for the event. -Orisian Human -Illyrian Human (you'll have to PM @Dolor Aeternum for more details). -Vampire (not to be confused with Orisian Vampyre) -Dragon Folk ( while Solum Irae is one of the few areas that will not be affected by the event, it is not far-fetched to say that there may be some dragon folk visiting Antigua while this is all going down). -Rainforest dwelling Elf -Any foreign visitor