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  1. Genre: Action and adventure, perhaps a little mystery depending on how the story shapes up Location: Lagrimosa Basic premise: Indiana Jones mixed with elements of MIB aka government sponsored adventuring for the purposes of anthropological and archeological research. It will be a dungeon crawl type of thread with exploring rooms and dealing with what you find but the emphasis will be more on character dynamics than on combat. There will be a lot of improv! This will be limited to Empire's military personnel, either existing or new, which means you can become part of the military as a function of joining this thread. For existing personnel rank won't be a determining factor of individual or group dynamics for this mission. I will provide GM services for a limited amount of pages (right now I'm estimating 2-3) after which we can wrap the thread up or the players can continue, using my notes or breaking into their own direction as desired We'll have a more proper session 0 once there are some players / characters involved Characters Cadmium Emile Pettifor Session Zero
  2. "That might be the most important thing to understand about humans. It's the unknown that defines our existence. We are constantly searching, not just for answers to our questions, but for new questions." –Benjamin Sisko, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Born to Be Wild - IC thread Chesterfield De Viento Hey, folks, it's your friendly neighborhood Shize-Man again, kek, here to spin my webbing and capture some flies. Guess what? You're the flies! AND YOU'VE FALLEN INTO MY TRAP Some of you may successfully escape. Others will remain with me into eternity...or at least unto the end of our roleplay? Courtesy of our Supreme Commander, there exists a place in Lagrimosa called Chesterfield. It is a field of chests. Or is it? It's not. It's an urbanized science fantasy western nation-state city and city-state nation, but you're better off learning more about it from the corresponding link. Within the region of Chesterfield there is this pretty spiffy forest called De Viento. That's Spanish for "of wind". It's catchy. I like it. I also like the theme of this forest and I quote: " A forest where the trees are living bioships." Living. Bioships. Know of another place like this in Valucre? Me neither, so I'm sold. Yay. Here's another quote: "When they reach budding age, they can be bonded with, boarded, and used as functional transport." Budding. Bonded. Boarded. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. I mean, I'm probably not planning on going the Battlestar Galactica route anytime soon, but I am taking the route that leads to my getting a bioship. In this thread called Born to Be Wild, my character, Tyra Delane, has just arrived in the city of Chesterfield to eventually make her way to De Viento and see if she can't procure herself a bioship all flippity-flip. I've never done a roleplay like this before so I am quite excited fufu to the mufu. The question I have for you is...WHO'S WITH MEEEEEEE supernal posted the De Viento lore page on May 26 of this year. What that could mean for us OOC is that we could translate our new knowledge of this area to the IC level. What that bout of nonsense means is that maybe your character has just learned of this forest where the trees are living bioships and, like my character, wants to get one. You of course don't need my thread to do that but, since I'm starting off in a 'tavern hub' setting, you have the option of banding with me to discover this perennially awesome bioship place. Personally, I'm going for a fairly long and in depth roleplay for this one. I plan on spanning multiple threads where my character will ultimately acquire a bioship and familiarize with it. I'm a firm believer in there being a time and a place for jumping right in and taking off but I don't think that this is one such occasion. So, yeah. I don't have subtitles or bullet points to put in this WC thread because this isn't so much an event thread as a who's-with-me thread. I can solo this shindig, or get feelers down the road as roleplay rolls on, but I want to open this up to the public off the bat because I think that De Viento is as stellar as the stars. If you want to join me now or later, feel free. I'll eventually max my IC thread out on participants depending on how things go. For now, post at your leisure, or hit me up here with any questions because, as much as I can ramble, I usually cover less than the basics. On that note, the IC thread has this rather long 'journal entry' that you can totally skip without missing anything. Otherwise, I'll see you on the field of chests.
  3. Heyo! Again, I reach out to you, Children of Gaia! Devotees beneath the Wyld, Weaver, and Wyrm! Before we start, I should tell you I have a major motive here. My Clergyman is Gaian Apprentice Yshmael, The Thrice-Blessed Agent! I am developing him up the rungs of the clergy to the point of Paladin (and then even further to an Inquisitor!). He is one of deep misfortune in his recent past, and now works by Her Will throughout the Continent in an effort to snuff evil and Unnaturals and preserve life all over while creating a nice and loving space for people to get close with Gaia, as well as more objectively the world around them. i seek to further establish my character within the Gaian Clergy, but I cannot do that without taking the initiative to spread the word and smite evil and Unnaturals!! Here lies a reference to Gaianism! For newcomers and those unfamiliar with the Gaian Orthodoxy, here we go! Points of interest! Most of these places have varying genres, but overall they are places in which we might cultivate a loving relationship with Gaia and the Orthodoxy. Yh’mi Aspyn Behods Ignatz The Glacier formerly known as Shawnee(?) -- This one is for the truly adventurous, being that it is questless and simply a free form space by which we might explore! I am Open to any and all Encounters, though! Do not let my Gaian fixation deter you. y o u d o n o t h a v e t o b e w i t h i n t h e C l e r g y t o p a r t a k e , b u t i t h e l p s ! I just want some faithful friends ❤️ Let’s mingle!! WHOOOOOOOAAAAAA YOU MADE IT TO THIS POINT, KEEP IT UP (please)! MORE INFORMATION Easy picks all around. Feel free to suggest your own quest selections from anywhere, for anything. I am not a small box kinda guy, so let me hear you! That being said. Here we go! From Ignatz, with love! Class A: At the eye of the storm that tears across the land lies a floating citadel. Class B: The funeral for a good fighter was disrupted by enemies he made while alive. Class 😄 An illusion of peace and tranquility is projected over a nearby village. The players must escape the illusion and see what's really happening. From dearest Behods, my options of interest are here! Class B: Gold and Gems and Greed. [Repeatable; 2nd player optional but recommended] There's money to be made in Béhods, and why wouldn't you want your own cut? Get your map of potentially dubious origin, assemble a crew - or go it alone - and see if you can't make a fortune for yourself out of what lies beneath the mountains. Just uh, try not to run into Pyrolisks, Gargoyles, Bandits, competing prospectors, an overly zealous knight, or the trolls that are said to live deep in the dark, scornful of the outside world and its disturbance of their ancient passages... If you do, then good luck! Class B: The Hound of Béhods. Younger adherents to the Order of the Word are telling of something strange they have encountered in the deeper, less commonly delved corridors of the Temple. While denying exactly what it was that had them find somewhere so out of sight, they swear by the apparition of a fierce, monstrous hound that chased them away. The Order proper is quiet on its intended response, giving the adherents time and space in which to speculate: Perhaps it guards some ancient treasure, tucked in a forgotten chamber? Maybe it is the spiteful spirit of a Druid, seeking vengeance on those that occupy their hallowed halls today? Or it could it's the spiteful spirit of a knight, murdered or forgotten, and not laid properly laid to rest. Only one way to find out... Class B: Feeds the Trolls. In ages past, the people of the mountain lived in harmony: those above and below. But the recklessness of the Order of the Word has seen this harmony brought to an end, and now it is widely known that the trolls beneath will attack on sight any outsider, for fear of further disturbance. Most of the Druids have begrudgingly accepted that the ages old tradition of a peaceful meeting has come to an end. But Abarran the Younger is not most Druids, much like his father. He wishes to go, blue lens in hand, in the steps of his forefathers, down to The Path That May Only Be Walked Together, where he expects a counterpart of the trolls to meet him, with a purple lens in hand. Abarran the Elder, cautious and wise, would ask that you travel with his son, and keep him safe from any dangers that may face him. And, perhaps, reclaim the first piece of a peace feared lost. Class A: Star of Brilliance; Star of Mourning. A most fateful day is set to fall upon the Temple City, with many a traveller who would otherwise not make the journey doing so in anticipation of it. The streets are overflowing, and every inn is full, as the Emerald Eclipse approaches - that is, an eclipse set to occur in tandem with the ten minutes that the sun turns a dazzling green, itself an occasional recurrence of a previous event. While most view it as a time of celebration to mark a most rare occasion, there are those who view the event with great caution. Abarran the Elder, something of a pariah among his fellow Druids, has nevertheless put out the call for aid in monitoring the night's proceedings. It may be that nothing happens in those ten minutes, but if it should, then he wishes to be ready. Literally any and all Aspyn quests are fantastic steps toward civilizing a space and bringing peace to an otherwise chaotic space! Dearest Michael is a man of resources, and I'm sure talking over rewards and such are more than capable. (please don't take my word as truth; this is simply an assumption ^ ^ ; I know he loves us though ❤️ ) My top pick for Yh'mi, unless anyone wishes to simply Explore and find out what resides in the Darkness! I am open to all Quests within Yh'mi! One-Eye Zapping *Available* Hide contents Quest Description: Recently, a beam of red laser light has been seen shooting towards the sky near to the village of Lirrey. The Order of the White Hand requested investigation of this phenomenon, and found that the laser is shooting from the eye of a dead Cyclops - one of the larger of their kind. The laser seems to be relentless, and does not require any kind of power source. No other Cyclops had been known to be able to shoot lasers, so the Order is unsure of what caused it. Nevertheless, they are requesting aid to find a way to stop the laser temporarily, and harvest the Cyclops' eye safely so that they will be able to install it at the Furthest Point fort that is in the midst of being built as a defensive weapon. Quest Level: B+ Recommended group number: 2 to 5. Minimum thread length: 40 posts. Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level B. The creatures of Yh'mi may be hanging around the corpse of the dead Cyclops, devouring its flesh, and adventurers may also encounter its Cyclops brethren attempting to retrieve the body of one of their kind. Storyteller: Not required. Reward: In addition to monetary rewards, each adventurer will receive a ring that can store some of the energy of the laser, and they will be able to release the energy at will. (Laser beam 5 seconds, 2 uses.)
  4. ... and not for the sake of a joke. Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! Today, I bring you an opportunity that's a little out of the ordinary. Tracking down and obtaining an artifact is pretty typical fare, isn't it? Group meets in a bar or something, intrepid leader susses out the details, and the merry band of adventurers is of to seek out an object of great power- but, oh, how often have you seen somebody undertake a quest to take an existing artifact and make it stronger? To take one of those objects of great power and make it another cut above? That there is precisely what I'm here for. I'm looking for a partner with which to undertake this task. But I'm not opposed to making this a group of 3 or 4, depending on how much interest I get! As this will be raising a B-class artifact to an S-class, it will be three pages long, making up the difference between the artifact class requirements. Standard norms for my threads apply: skipped if no word about posting status after three days, posting order established by the order of the first round, etc. etc.
  5. Hey! My name is Nesy and I am pleased to meet you. Looking for roleplayers. My character is here^ My nation is a social democracy and I'd like for people to visit it and roleplay with me! Anybody actually! Anybody wanting to roleplay with an alien who became elected by the people? You got me right on! ^ And here is also the thread. The people are funded on Egalitarian principles and respect anybody's sexuality! Let's say people are equal, it's pretty much a democracy. More information can be given here or in PMS! Jump in anytime! Ask me anything! Thank you. PST: An important note: If you want to see how the political parties are looking like, then here is more information down below! Parlimentery information: Political parties: 5 Total seats: 380 Here is a representation of the parliment, this is how it looks like basically from the seats. Party information: Black: Kommunistiske Union: 25 / 380 seats Red and black: Social democrats of Agana 315 / 380 seats Yellow and black: Market Socialist party of Agana: 15 / 380 seats Brown and red: Anarcho-Kommuniste: 15 / 380 seats Gray: Jernpartieske front: 10 / 380 seats More detailed information:
  6. Hello! I am hoping to start up an adventure with Esdel. I am not used to doing RP with more than 1 person, but I would love to maybe start something with 1-3 people. I am still getting used to the lore of Valucre, but I have at least a good few years of RP experience under my belt. However, it would be appreciated if someone who joins the adventure is more savvy with Valucre lore than myself. I really love an RP with some good angst, some romance (if it goes that way), excitement, development.... I was thinking replies will be every 2-3 days at the latest, but definitely flexible, as I know life gets busy. Esdel is fairly underdeveloped as a character currently. Flirty by nature, doesn't know who he is yet, kind of moody, a bit daft. Very open to the plotline and I look forward to conjuring up ideas with, hopefully, a few of you. 🙂
  7. Priscilla Arrettle, recently returned to her position as runesmith and merchant, has a bit of a problem. Or rather, the problem the size (and value) of a mountain. The runesmith several months back bluffed about owning an impressive, but abandoned mine shaft etched into the mountains North of Vdara Kingdom, a mine which now pumps out a generous amount of precious metals. Her faithful mining crew of kobolds have steadily churned out enough new mithril and platinum to make Priscilla a very wealthy woman once again. But there's a catch; the mine originally belonged to somebody else, somebody neither Priscilla has never met, and according to her research, nobody has seen or heard of them for a long time. Without many leads to go off of, Priscilla bent every resource she had (including visiting her ex) to finding some clue as to how to find the identity of the former mine owner. Now, she's fairly certain she has enough evidence to go off of. However, she's not alone. Since day one, Priscilla has been shadowed by other merchants, many of them vying for the mine and her lucrative operation. Should they discover the deed before her, not only will they be able to claim it for their own, they'll be able to confiscate her profits and materials for their own as well. Furthermore, making money off someone else's land and resources is theft. Priscilla could easily end up in prison for the rest of her life if this goes south. So instead of looking for help through the regular channels, Priscilla Arrettle must once again look to the streets for a handful of rough, efficient, and hopefully understanding brigands, thieves, outlaws or mercenaries to do the job in her stead. If they succeed, the payout will be nothing short of expansive...assuming they actually decide to hand the deed to Priscilla when they're done, that is. This is thread four, or possibly five in an ongoing series involving Priscilla Arrettle, my runesmith maskmaking merchant. With this thread, we'll likely see the end of her current misadventures, as she finally recovers enough wealth to rebuild her hard-earned fortune, and perhaps even start something more significant. If what you've read so far interests you, take a look below and see if this is the thread for you! Who: A group of adventurers not affiliated with any major political or state factions. This group should ideally comprise of between 4 and 5 different people. I am providing one of my own characters, Kian, to guide the thread forward. @Houndy Poochykins has also expressed interest in joining the thread with one of their characters. @Venus Sprite has previously written with Priscilla in another thread, and might be interested in joining us for another adventure (maybe?) That leaves space for 2 or potentially 3 more writers. As stated before, these characters should ideally be located on Genesaris, and be independant contracters, unaffiliated from any major groups. If you have a character that is a part of a major group, but you want them to join anyway for lore reasons (or money reasons), talk to me about it, and maybe we can arrange something! These characters don't necessarily have to be good or evil; they also don't necessarily have to help Priscilla in the end if they don't want to! There's a lot of wiggle room here, so pick what works best for you! What: The thread will consist of the party following Priscilla's only lead on where to find the deed to a number of locations in order to collect it. This will involve burglary, grave-robbing, and probably fighting some undead/magical guardians of some kind, and perhaps some monsters along the way. Furthermore, Priscilla's information broker isn't the best oiled wheel on the cart, it seems, as the party will likely be tailed by other prospectors eager to reach the deed first. Depending on how you want to do this, there could be some murder, a little treason. Who knows what'll happen, right? Because the thread is meant to be canon, it'll need to reach a certain page limit to be considered canon. This also means that upon completion your character earns a valuable artifiact. And because I'm the guy who makes this stuff canon for this thread, I get to dictate what that is. You'll probably leave with a handsome smattering of cool stuff, including your own custom-made runeite mask. What's a runite mask? Well, Runeite is the material used by smiths (typically runesmiths) to give weapons, armor and other equipment enhanced magical properties. This includes junk like making the sword set on fire, allowing the mask to drink blood, changing your shape--all kinds of stuff, potentially! Your mask will be custom made to give you a benefit that reflects your character, so you're guaranteed to get something cool! Where: The thread takes place in and around Vdara Kingdom, in Genesaris. It's a pretty cool place to write, and you should write there more. In fact, you should write in Genesaris too. Do it, you silly fool. More importantly though, the thread will involve travelling from Vdara Kingdom to a nearby city to follow up on a lead. From there, the party will need to determine how best to track the deed down, by visiting a few places around the city. Lastly, the party will need to return the deed back to Vdara Kingdom, at the Merchant's Guild, so Priscilla can finally get it updated with her name. When: The thread will begin within 3 days of confirming enough writers to start. As I already know that Hound wants to participate, and I intend on bringing my own character, this means we will likely be ready to go after two people express interest in the thread. However, if we get 5 characters for this thread, we'll start on that same day, to keep everybody from waiting too long. Because of the nature of the thread, I expect that at the longest, it'll take us about two months to complete, at the longest (hopefully). Don't forget, we're writing at a pace of at least one post every 3 days, so hopefully we get things done quick! Any questions? Any concerns? Let me know below! I'd be happy to hear them!
  8. Did you see what I did with the title? If not, look again 😜. So, hi all. It's your favourite Dabi again, and today I'm out for blood. So I'm looking for a thread where I can have my character kill a bunch of people. If you have an open thread that allows that possiblity, or if you're planning such a thread, or even if you're just interested on starting one up, please let me know. Now on to the details, but before that, you might want to take a look at this character sheet. So if you've checked out the sheet, you'd know by now that this is about Dauner A. Light, my human-dragon-demon hybrid. Here's the story. Dauner's dad was half human, half dragon, and his mom was a demon. Their union bore then a son who turned out to be a quarter human, a quarter dragon, and half demon. However Dauner's demonic self had been locked away in an entity known as the varhia, which resides in him as a curse, rendering his magic unstable. When he first arrived in valucre, Dauner was half human half dragon. During his stay in valucre, he's had to kill 6 people already unlocking part of the varhia and returning it to him. Now he's 6% demon, 47% human, and 47% dragon. All he has to do is kill 44 more people to unlock his full self, and here's where things get complicated. Dauner doesn't like killing, though the more demonic he will become, the more he'll grow accustomed to it as a way of life. Hence the reason for this interest check, that is, to get him into a position that forces him to kill (nobody ever said I have to respect my character's desires. Life isn't fair, he'll get used to it) Upon killing the 44th person Dauner would become his true self and would finally be rid of the varhia and the curse it comes with. Feel free to ask me more about anything you don't understand. So anyone interested in helping a guy out?
  9. Hey hey folks~ I'm in the mood to join an RP that's set outside of the Valucre canon. I don't have any concrete ideas that I'm set on, but a few broader settings that come to mind include: - cyberpunk - Cthulhu mythos/eldritch horror, either in the classic 1930s era or in a noir-style 1950s - Fallout post-nuclear apocalyptic (preferably East coast) - The Witcher-esque, not canon characters - other monster horror or outer space/sci-fi tropes maybe? -a re-imagining of Greek mythos in a more flavorful universe, maybe. Kinda like in the games Hades or God of War? I would be interested in incorporating dice into options 1 and 2, but that's not essential. XD And since I feel like I'm just grasping for ideas, I'm also open to hear any settings anyone else has an itch for! Now, I do have a lot going on right now and would only be able to post about once a week if we're talking super literate. More often if brevity is embraced. Amenable to romance if it's well-paced and earned, but mostly just looking for an adventure or thriller with big-bad intrigue. Please don't be offended if I don't agree to the first opportunity that presents itself. It's possibly going to be a challenging transition for me coming back to RP, so I'm looking for the one that really revs my engine, and is easy enough to follow along in terms of readability while still being engaging enough to keep me motivated.
  10. Looking for partners, friends, and annoying adventurers looking for somewhat reluctant sidekicks for my new character Nerisei: She's in Aspyn now, and I'd like to start there if possible since I'm new to the site and getting used to all the lore. Some ideas I'd have are: -Meet her up with some Gaian clergy, have them explain the faith to her a bit, try to convert her, and help her develop her powers, which are innate from her dryad blood -Quest around Biazo Isle, especially anything to do with protecting the local forests -> Maybe start with something a bit more minor, then work up to the more main questlines of Biazo like joining the Half-Men, etc. -This quest on Biazo: "Investigate the origin of the pigmen whom dwell in Biazo's thick forests. Find out what caused them to retreat, and determine if they are sapient, malicious, or diplomatic." -Bump into someone who's "not from around here" and looking for a guide of the forest, get into some trouble. Open to other ideas, let me know if anything piques your interest :3
  11. I made this check for @Skyy813 based off of our posts on their wall: https://www.valucre.com/profile/14349-skyy813/?status=55052&type=status I already suggested ursa madeum but figured why not get some suggestions from other members + serve as a bit of a looking for group type check for the new player?
  12. We've hit our player goal and are no longer soliciting. If you are still interested in joining, please PM me first. Genre: Sci-Fi (Dystopian/Survival) Post-Apocalyptic Far Flung Future, confined to one city. Location: TBD but most likely Alternative Idea: In the far-off post scarcity future technology is the catalyst for speciation of humanity. Genetic modifications, bodily augmentations, cyberization, and religious fundamentalism has created distinct ideological and physiological difference. Transhumanist clash with purist in the political arena as both sides question what it means to be a human or even alive. Ethical considerations and regulations relax in some areas and tighten in others, largely depending on which paradigm is dominating the public eye at the moment. With the global consciousness focused on the debate of what it means to be human, no one pays heed to a growing pandemic. Within the depths of the web whispers about nanomachine plagues and weaponized viruses start to spread. By the time that the mainstream media has picked it up, it’s too late. The exact mechanization isn’t understood, but something is killing humans and transhumans alike, indiscriminately. Within a few years ‘humanity’ has been reduced to a handful of barely functional cities. No longer an interconnected globalist world, most of the large population centers have become isolationist city states that compete for scarce resource to maintain some semblance of their former life. Class systems quickly erupt as those with access to resource soon find themselves in informal positions of power and authority. This causes a noticeable increase in crime, a social disease that thought to be extinct, turning many sections of the once thriving cities into slums. Expectations: There isn’t a hard cap on technology, but there should be a strong inclination to not utilize energy or resource intensive items, due to resource scarcity. Genetic modification permits anthromorphic builds that could resemble mythical creatures, however there should be some element of realism. An Angel build would need to be light to achieve flight, which means reduced strength and hollow bones. Purist are unadulterated humans, that believe technological modification is wrong for philosophical or religious reasons. Transhumanist is any group that opts for modifications, be it genetic, synthetic bodies, cyberization, or what have you. There isn’t a central plot, the idea is to bring character motivation together to generate a one-shot story. FAQ
  13. Regardless of where you are in valucre or worlds beyond, a man dressed like a jester approaches you. He is tall and strong wearing a crown of green feathers, various iron jewelry lies about his head and neck. He says nothing but hands you a letter and a map. Looking up he seems to have vanished into thin air. It reads: “Greetings initiate, The Lodge has received your letter and has reviewed them with utmost diligence. After sending our agents to observe you in secrecy we find you fit in mind, body, and soul to undertake the challenges on the path to anahyat’dä. This is an honor granted to few in the land of Valucre so rejoice before your journey begins. For it is said that iron sharpens iron, and so you shall be. The Lodge wishes you immense luck upon your grand journey. But, this path is one of danger and hardships. Make sure you are prepared for the long days and cold nights that lie ahead. Make sure that you bid farewell to your love ones for you may not survive the ordeal. It is expected that upon arrival to the meeting place provided by the courier’s map that you surrender your equipment and other belongings to the anahyat’dä who shall guide you in the first steps on the path of the owl. Farewell and best of luck, Kaia Nddear” The map provided to you shows a clear cut path from your current location to a location hidden deep in the wilds of Lagrimosa. This line moves in conjunction to where you stand, meaning no matter where you are, you can always find your way to this place. Little do you know many eyes look upon you even as you read, judging, and observing your movements like a predator to prey. —End Scene— My apologies if this seems a bit foreboding but I figured for my first organized rp I should kick it off with a bang. But enough about this, what about the Roleplay. For some context (not canon), The Lodge is a mysterious group of hunters who have proven themselves above the rest, and their members are often employed in matters of grave importance such as the slaying of dragons. These hunters call themselves anahyat’dä, the elvish word for owl. In this Roleplay you will be led through the initiation rites of The Lodge and if you wish to continue perhaps a plot that leads to the eventual gaining of the title anahyat’dä. Generally speaking I’m looking for a group of decently active lads, lasses, and everything in between who would be interested in having some fun with this. Think the Chūnin exams from Naruto but with a tribal theme. If your interested feel free to send me a pm or post down here. I’d appreciate it if you could provide character sheets. But, I’m not going to require it. Anyways have a good day. My apologies if I’ve screwed this up in anyway, since this is my first water cooler post. OOC: For reference here is the Rp thread;
  14. Hello all, looking to get my feet wet with an RP group or partner. My character is Xen’Khan, a young man with a heart full of wanderlust. I’m looking for a very fantasy oriented setting with some sci-fi elements that could bleed in at times. I haven’t played in years so I’d like to let any potential Roleplayers know that my writing will probably need a lot of improvement and I don’t know how much I’ll realistically write per post. With all that being said, Xen’Khan is a little bit generic right now, but I intend on developing him into a more fleshed out and complex character through Role-playing eventually. I don’t think I have much else to say right now, I hope this Ad is okay. I’m looking forward to hearing from whoever responds to this. Thank you for reading.
  15. Alright, so my character Bishop is about to start gaining activity around New Everrun starting with this Fade Out quest. Anyone interested in joining me is invited whether it be as a friendly, neutral, or enemy. @Malintzin I've already vaguely mentioned Jade gave him a lift to town if you wish to partake, @danzilla3 I know you're kicking me off as the governor but am not clear if you plan to host the opposition or not. Lmk and we can modify this invitation accordingly. 😁
  16. The short of it is that there is going to be a promotion celebration at base #34 which will honor those soldiers recently promoted to new ranks and which will be open to all levels of military. Although the event itself will not be formally canonized, interactions that spring from it can go anywhere their players please, and are super-dee-duper encouraged Although limited to military personnel, soldiers at the private rank are allowed / encouraged which means that you can use this as a reason to sign yourself up, make some friends, and set yourself up for shenanigan-adventures! Here's the base: https://www.valucre.com/topic/37713-military-base-34/ How's the military overview: https://www.valucre.com/topic/43800-terran-military-overview-and-information/ Here's our flag! Interested?
  17. There's a quest of moderate difficult started in Chesterfield by a member who has since left the site and given the quest back to me as management. In terms of minimum post count most of the first page is filled up, (hence the half off. I'll be adding another post summarizing the significant contributions or exposition points so far then providing a scene skip for interested players to jump in. It'll be more of a conventional dungeon crawl since the premise of exploring ant politics was something the previous member introduced on their own and may only have interested them. If new players want to explore this concept they're very welcome to but note that's not what I'm offering. I'm deliberately reducing things in my attempt to salvage a thread while managing my contribution to it. To that end I'll be offering a limited GM experience. This will include a rough map of the crawl and some guidance as to where to go and what to do through narrative posts, NPCs, or OOC prompting, as convenient and applicable. Once we reach the third page and satisfy the minimum requirement I'll step back. The thread can be canonized at that point or I can hand over any remaining GM information to another player or the group and players can continue following my milestones or making up their own. Where things get a little spicy is that I will be asking each participant at least once in the thread to roll on the Narrative Damage System and incorporate taking damage in some way throughout the course of the thread. You can remove the Lethal result for this but if you opt into it and it happens I'll figure out a way to do something really neat with it or something: https://www.valucre.com/topic/40180-narrative-damage-system/ If anyone is interested let me know. Current IC thread with summary: https://www.valucre.com/topic/44908-quest-politics-part-i/?do=findComment&comment=811691 Participants: Pygmalion, Eth Unidus, Hojicha Characters: Momji, Severin, Eth Post order: Eth Unidus, Hojicha, Pygmalion
  18. Riding the Winds, A Swashbuckling Heist Genres: Action, Adventure, Swords & Sorcery, Intrigue, Crime, Heist Location: Port Caelum, Genesaris Idea Summary: A virtual unknown within the city has been secretly arranging for a number of individuals to conspire together in order to successfully steal an airship from within the city itself... And not just any airship! The Avery has been moored amidst one of the lower airship docks in the southern side of the city, and contains enough of a score within it to easily be worth assaulting in the clouds. But not all of us are so lucky as to have a means of easy transportation through the air. Therefore, in this city, with larger than life monsters making it their home, and protecting the Airship Avery, this unknown, a man by the name of Bellamy, has called you all together. With blade, tactic, spell, and whatever else you can bring, let's start to make a grander move on this stage, and make off with both the airship and the wealth... And hopefully, with all of your lives. Expectations: Session 0. Looking For: A Group of 3-4 other players for this. Little Note: I plan on working simultaneously as an ST and utilizing Bellamy Vane(my currently only character) in order to piece this together. The goal is to minimize Bellamy's influence, and have him utilize a broad but shallow diversity of skill sets in order to better amplify your skills and your ideas, to piece together this heist. This makes my job as ST easier, because it helps guide my character's actions along paths that will be better utilized by and work more easily with other players. Suggested Readings: So. Hey there. Welcome to the meat and potatoes of this interest check. I'm currently looking for 3-4 people in order to run what amounts to a mixture of an airway steampunk-esque swashbuckling adventure, with a focus on swords and sorcery, taking down monsters with skill, cunning, and force, and using that in order to leverage a better success to accomplish great things. With that in mind, I want you to know that the feel I'm thinking of going for is a mixture of high fantasy swashbuckling, Pirates of the Caribbean style, and an Oceans' 11 Style heist. Investigating what's there, what's going on, how to get to it, and executing the plan towards maximum efficacy, will be decided on you all, the players, while I run with a support character who's happy to work with you all in the background. With that in mind, I would like to make the comment that the mixed modern-magic and Far Eastern aesthetic of Port Caelum will influence some of the creatures and enemies that will be getting in your way, utilizing a diversity of different Yokai, Japanese-style magic interpretations(such as Onmyouji), and various other challenges and roadblocks along the way, though the modern-day aesthetic will be utilized in order to maintain believability. I don't want to make this a cake walk, so the challenges are intended to be, well, challenging, but if you're smart and pull things off easily, I'm happy to bend the narrative towards making the characters who join feel like the protagonists of their own moments, provided that they're not done in an extremely over-the-top way. If you have any interest in joining this, hit me up. I'd be glad to chat with any of you, and if you have any questions to ask me about what I'm doing, where I plan on going, etc., leave those for me here too, I'd be happy to hit you all up. Thanks for reading!
  19. I’m looking for some RP partners who are interested in doing an RP in Genesaris. It can be fantasy, adventure, or action I’m open to most things though. I don’t need overly long answers either, just send me a message or reply here if you have any ideas, and I also have an RP open in the TOL if anyone is interested! -Felicity
  20. Looking to start an Infernal faction/royal court. I've been looking to start a successor to the Legion of Doom, an all out evil 😈 for evils sake kind of feel. Whether a seasoned writer or someone looking for your first RP your soul is welcome in the Infernal Horde. I am looking to make this canon but as of now I'd like to make it a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I am also welcoming any and all oppositional opportunities, demons need slaying and those heroes can be you!
  21. Hi! I’m new here but Im looking for people to roleplay with in the topic I created recently. I’m currently just looking to build up relationships between characters so if you’re interested please join!
  22. A few days ago, a scout returned to Hydra's Haven from an outing. He spoke frantically of a mad people who presided east of Lunaris, claiming that they had gone insane. He himself exhibited strange symptoms in the following days, changing his story; never adding up to his original claim afterward. With no shortage of hired hands between and about Taen and Fracture, an immediate listing was posted for work. An added note advises caution, as scholars have theorized that some strange, vile creature may have manipulated the village into becoming it's mind slaves. Little is known about said creature, due to those who survived encounters with such only hardly able to acknowledge it's very existence in retrospect. What is almost certain, is that something in the Moss Forest is driving people insane, likely preying on them. It is possibly capable of exerting psionic ability, and told to resemble the liking of a rare Eldritch Hydra of some sort. The listing asks for any of guile or glory to gather at the inn in Hydra's Haven and ask the keep for a man known as 'Jared Haywood' to inquire further. Mission Title ~ Hunt and Kill the False HydraMission Location ~ Unnamed village, east of LunarisMission Reward ~ Gem encrusted gold statue + ??? (With acquisition of knowledge about the monster)Mission Requirements ~ 8 Post MinimumDescription ~ A recon scout into a village which had fallen silent reported back, stating the village had fallen into a state of insanity. Scholars have researched into the matter, believing the village to have fallen under the control of a prior monitored false hydra. Use whatever means necessary to exterminate the creature. It is desired that minimum casualties occur, but will not result in any penalty. Research into false hydras is highly advised. I'm looking for 1-3 other people to help hunt down this bad boy. It's going to be an odd tale, involving slaying a fleshy snek monster, some dancing villagers, a Doo Wop siren song, and potential brain damage. 😉 While the quest was set at an 8 post minimum, I'd like to see it through as either a B or A ranked quest. Meaning, 2+ pages for a B rank, or 3+ as an A rank. 80 word minimum per post. This is to meet the canonization requirements for The Veluriyam Empire, specifically Taen. Additionally, other possible reward could be gleaned from this quest in the form of learning an 'Eldritch Doo Wop Hymn' which will be elaborated on in thread, and whatever benefits/deficits could come with partial, or permanent 'Split-Brain' disorder; with Shafafa on the side. Post below with questions, or to show interest, and I'll get back to you as shortly as possible. I'll likely have the interest check available for a few days, or until we've reached capacity; at which point I'll be setting the thread up.
  23. I have a serial killer that is hunting over in Nu Sicily, so its a real mobster type of deal. If anyone wants anymore info just lemme know, schedules a bit rough.
  24. After being forced to retreat north from the land nearby Zuhl Plateau by the brave actions of three daring heroes and a squadron of mach 10 fighter jets; The Arch-Demon, Kahd'Xel Yedapher, begins marching west across the Sandy Wastelands towards The Sea of Regrets. While the deadly Suujali, man eating cactus, Wasteland Border patrol, and Shamanistic Mahrjan tribes found within often serve as deterrents to most that would attempt such a journey, Kahd'Xel sees them as little more than food sources, to feed his ever growing host of Xelken minions. What unspeakable monsters will follow the Arch-Demon out of the desert? What does the Gaia Hating Kahd'Xel intend to do with such a force? Only time will tell. (OOC) The evil exploits of Kahd'Xel continue! This thread will be rather different from the last one as the intent of it is to Amass a force of Kahd'Xel's minions so that he can establish himself as a large scale threat. Unlike the previous one, I'm not really looking for people to oppose Kahd'Xel doing this as much as I would like this to be an opportunity for other evil characters to interact and hopefully form connections with Kahd'Xel to strengthen the unity of people who really think we should kill Gaia(nists). This thread will follow Kahd'Xel as he uses his vile powers to convert all forms of life he can encounter in the wastelands into Loyal Xelken minions. Then it will conclude with Kahd'Xel establishing his base of operations on the north west coast of the Lagrimosan mainland. Kahd'Xel may be evil, but he and his minions aren't going to devour people who ally themselves with him against Gaia and Gaianists. He is surprisingly loyal and helpful to people that share his hatred for Gaia/ will help him in his quest to kill her. Being an ally of Kahd'Xel will let you command and use the Xelken (and their ever expanding surveillance network to your own end. Kahd'Xel won't be handing over everything he has by any stretch, but he can totally lend useful monsters such as the stitch worm, a creature that can shape and mend flesh and bone like wet clay, or even a mighty horror that can fight for you and communicate using Oldspeak. Not to mention, once Kahd'Xel formally establishes himself, you can use Kahd'Xel's facilities to have your physical form (or that of your followers) modified and enhanced to your liking Le Thread
  25. With the bell tolled at the Low-Tide Festival hardly even a few months ago, the public reception of the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast has changed. The trench-diggers, the sandbaggers, the food supplies and supply distributors that courted the residents of Taen, in particular those around Arcturon, still remain, but their presence brings tension. The trenches are dug, and now fill with a grey, surreal rainfall from never-sunny skies, but their diggers are rare. Fugitives, some of them. Myths, others. Their work at the Low-Tide Festival brought the ire of several authorities, and while many of them have joined the effort to keep the peace, and avoid the inevitable flooding, they have other motives, seeking out the Acolytes responsible. Most are questioned and left alone. Others brought in for questioning. The Acolytes have never been stronger, but their work grows dangerous. M'yr Boldbarrow, the appointed 'leader' of the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast, rallies even now to pit his companions against greater and greater threats. Their latest objective; to find the meaning of the visions M'yr and many others observed when the bell rang, and see if perhaps their slumbering god can yet be reached. However, such work is dangerous, and best left to those not involved in the cult. Hence, M'yr's friends have scrapped together enough money to hire a mercenary or five. Enough muscle and mindpower to break into one of the most ancient and strange buildings in Taen; the rumored infinite Library of Totenborough, housing ancient scripts and books older than Taen itself. Such a break in will put the Cult at direct odds with the authorities, and certainly will not be easy, but M'yr believes it is imperative to finding the answers they desperately need. Hello There! This thread is actually the second in a series surrounding the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast, Its Pelagic Mind Treading Above the Wake. an esoteric clergy surrounding a mysterious, anamolous ship found in the wetlands of Taen, that promises the end of times in the form of endless rainfall. They hope to prevent this doomsday--or at least make sure as many people survive it as possible--by working as volunteer workers, waterproofing homes, digging ditches and raising funds to buy food for less fortunate families. However, they moonlight as desperate followers of their Doomsday cult, following the guilt-ridden leader M'yr as he attempts to steer them towards salvation, and answers. This thread can actually hold any number of writers, including just myself, as a few NPCs may be present to help M'yr in his task. The thread itself will include elements of espionage, burglary, stealth, and likely light to heavy combat, while the party of mercenaries work to break into the Library in the underground city of Totenborough, and help M'yr find books relevant to their interests. Along the way, the party may learn about the cult more, as well as M'yr's own reasons for establishing the cult, while also getting a chance to explore the ancient secrets of Taen. It's also entirely possible that the party will be offered some kind of position in the Acolytes, if it is so offered. Furthermore, the contents of this thread are likely illegal. M'yr is acting outside of the law, and against the wishes of the various forces aiming to suppress the Cult's rise to prominence. While your actions are valid, and can change the outcome of the thread potentially, keep in mind that you are directly influencing the Acolyte's public perception as well. Discretion is needed. Lastly, the thread will likely operate on a once a week basis, giving the next guy in line 7 days to post before moving on to the next. This thread is also Canon, meaning that anyone who participates may leave with various Taen artificats, and maybe a few cultist items in tow. Lots to be found, and lots to do. If this interests you, please feel free to express your interest below, and maybe leave a character sheet. After about 2 weeks, this interest check will close, or if we get 3 volunteers by the end of the week first. Thanks for your time, and good evening!
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