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  1. Before hand: I will be editing this every now and then, going into more description in certain areas instead of being vague/brief and half assed about it. What I have right now was something of a quick description, nothing more. Name: Lycarias Type: Humanoid/Animal Size: Under normal circumstances: Females- 5'6" to 6'0"- 140lbs. to 159lbs. Males- 6'0" to 6'3"- 187lbs. to 215lbs. Location: Near Moonwood, caught between it and the Fracture deep in a valley of raging rivers and jungle-like forests. Taking a small roaring river that leads to a massive cavern. Environment: Jungle/Cave/Ruins Organization: Group/Pack Special Qualities/Abilities: Lycarias are wolf people, so while they have a humanoid body they still retain the traits of regular wolves, such as enhanced hearing and smell. The entire race were more of primordial druids, practicing an ancient Earth Worship alongside a race of Giants. Because of their worship they used earth magic and bindings. The race as a whole are quite experienced with weapons, masters at hand to hand with claws and gauntlets, a secondary mastery is of weapons however nothing can compare to their stealth. As for individual powers, save Druidry, each of the tribes spammed the globe at one point. This diversity in certain environments allowed them powers/abilities pending on their area: say an Arctic tribe, they would generally have a thicker coat but in turn they would be weak to fire magic, capable of using Frost Magic and contacting ice elementals. The particular tribe Rain Dark is part of, the Cave tribe, were able to utilize camouflage (most of them), shadow and darkness manipulation, and were able to influence their physical prowess pending on how "in touch" they were woth said powers. They were also capable of summoning spirits, contacting the dead, and speaking with Earthly elementals. Alignment: True Neutral Description: Lycarias are humanoid wolf people, having more a human appearance whilst retaining fur, strong hind legs, tails, ears, and an almost wolfish head (think of a werewolf on this). Generally a Lycarian are a tribe of people who's growth turned into a kingdom, while still active during the day, they are well known for hunting predators and prey at night. The Lycarias range in different colors from white, to grey, to black, and to brown. Their eyes are a pitch black but their pupils (Iris) stand out by glowing any given color. Colors are used as a form of ranking, most Lycarias while warm colors like red and orange make them hunters, scavengers, and gatherers; brown and yellow are marked as warrior and guard. Yellow and white are deemed as higher ranking members (sages), while cooler colors like green are marked as scouts. Blue would be marked as a prophet and holy leaders, while purple or magenta are marked as pack Alphas. Those who have a grey or silver Iris are deemed as a war chieftain. As for their build in muscles and intelligence. Starting from the feet up, there two different types of legs that diverge this particular tribe, half having hind legs much like a wolves (bear that the legs have the same density as a humans albeit thicker in muscle) where the "feet" are more like back paws, however more accommodated to the races walking in evolution; they are particularly faster but can't turn too quick while running due to different joints in the ankles. The other half are what one would expect of humans legs, the defining difference are there are hair covering the legs (and entire body, much like any animals) and there are tough pads on the feet much like a canines. The only difference with Lycarias is they've grown a tail. The rest of the body is almost human. Below is a primary example of how they look male/female:
  2. How to get there, into the Lupus Thick Lupus Sanctauii is an ancient kingdom of it's own, while residing within the Fracture region in an opened-roof cavern, it is heavily hidden by many ravines, hills, and resides in the thickest and most dangerous of jungles. It's easy to get lost in the Thick as there are many twists and turns, but with the right knowledge of it's original geography one could possibly find the old kingdom. But how could someone know of a map? Turns out, it's difficult to even get one. There's only one map in existence and for it to reveal the location of a "place full of treasures" it would be set at insane prices from merchants and selling cartographers. Once the map is attained, one would follow a heavy river near Moonwood, following it till it reaches a massive ravine with rapid waters. Going along the ravine will not get someone into the entrance, instead, they'd have to travel in the rapids and be carried at least ten miles North. Once beyond that distance they would need to quickly take a smaller river that breaks left of the main rapids, doing this would take perfect timing as the currents travels at 40mph. If they do make it, the small river can take them down steep paths that lead to a peaceful lake, and along the lake are massive stone bridges leading out to the once open cavern. Above, the top of the cavern is missing, tree branches grow overhead allowing decent amount of sunlight through. Across the lake is an old wooden gate, but instead of a welcoming appearance it's aged wood and vines tell of abandon. Past the gate, a place abandoned, the old village Far beyond the gate there is a village of old stone and wood. This village is the ancient Lupus Sanctauii, or rather a relic of it. The village appeared to have been a city at one point, housing thousands of citizens. Once it was a bustling place, full of souls who simply lived. Littering here and there are skeletons of odd bipedal wolf creatures, still clad in robes or armor. The cobblestone streets are covered in moss and overgrown weeds, the oak trees planted there long ago either died, fallen over or surprisingly still standing full of life. Buildings remain almost intact, either crumbling lightly or heavily, but the further one goes into the village, just before the massive temple buildings appeared to have been destroyed and lit ablaze. There are many of the odd skeletons clad in bonemold armor, however amongst them are many orcish, drawven, and humans remains. A battle was held here once and it appeared no one made it out. These remains of the four races and damaged buildings can be seen littered all the way to the steps of the old temple. There, barracades of wood and iron were breached and massive chunks of the temple steps are missing, leaving many spots crumbling away and a hazard for those walking up. Vetus Lupus Abstulit The temple itself is filled with catacombs and rooms housing more skeletons and war riddled walls, cuts, scratches, and bloodstains market the wall and floors. Straight forward a half mile is a massive chamber filled with long tables and more remains thought to be a throne room. In its center rests a black granite sarcophagus, a purple hue of a glow surrounding it. Along all its surface are old etchings of a different language and glyphs of old runes, still active and keeping whatever is inside there. In one room is the forge, a place of crafting items and weapons. Another is a large library holding sealed scrolls. However not many of these other rooms can be determined what they were used for as the crumbling temple crushed their insides or they were destroyed beyond repair by battle. Underneath the entire temple is a vault, truly filled with many treasures and ancient relics that could land a massive price. In its center however is a massive mummified wolf lies on the floor, curled up with its head resting on it's front paws. In front of it is a small shrine built purely of iron, it retains the shape of a wolf's skull, runes and markings carved into it. The entire vault remains locked, the only way of opening it is through an amulet as a key, but not one of these rooms nor skeletons possess such a thing resembling it's shape.
  3. Wade


    Drasir The Free City Bilgewater - Street, Sean Yang Drasir is, first and foremost, a free city in Ursa Madeum, and is therefore not subject to the Kingdom’s rule or to that of any noble house. Over time, it has grown into a seedy metropolis built on piracy and greed, known for its drunken, boisterous charm, as well as its ruthless clientele. Founded five hundred years ago, Drasir traces its roots back to the legend himself: Sir Creighton Drasir, pirate captain of the infamous Tide Turner and its motley crew. The story goes that the Tide Turner met its doom out at sea during the catastrophic Twilight Storm—all while carrying vast amounts of riches that would make even the wealthiest of Andelusian nobles swoon. Merchants were the first to discover its wreck along the western coast of Thraece, dashed against treacherous, maw-like cliffs. The ship was reported to be empty, oddly enough, with no trace of its crew or cargo anywhere in sight. Believed to have survived, rumour spread that Drasir travelled inland to hide his treasure. Rogues and sailors, outlaws and warlords, even pious knights flocked to the sight of the wreck. A small community formed as a result, birthing the port town of Drasir, with each subsequent visitor building upon its shaky infrastructure until it evolved into the glorious pirate haven it is today. As things currently stand, Creighton Drasir’s true fate remains a mystery. Geography Topography Drasir is situated along the west coast of Thraece, deep in the recesses of a winding fjord. Its cliffs are set into a U-shaped valley flooded with saltwater and precarious sea stacks that render navigation difficult. Both ends of the channel can be freely accessible and are the only reliable methods of reaching the city—the cliffs surrounding it are often too steep to travel on foot, making the area a highly defensible location. Some of the rock walls tend to curve up and outwards, giving the impression of a jaw with stalactites for teeth. The heart of Drasir lies in such a sight, often referred to as the Maw, and is connected to a dense network of caverns burrowing deep through the fjord’s outcroppings. Cityscape For a city with no regard for planning when it comes to the delicate matters of infrastructure, Drasir has done remarkably well for itself, regardless of its many faults. Amid the barnacled, rotting docks, the weather-beaten buildings, and the zoo of debauchery running wild through the streets, lies a gritty sort of grandeur. The architecture is sweeping and vast, scaling cliffs with towers that lean a little too far to the side, always building upon itself like a hive fashioned from wood, stone, steel, and the occasional drop of blood. Much of the city is navigable by boardwalks, rope bridges, creaky stairs, and primitive elevators. A few districts are fraught with caverns hiding all manner of curiosities. Several outposts litter the fjord, typically acting as exclusive clubhouses for gangs, with plenty of ships crowding the docks belonging to one type of crook or another. Climate Drasir experiences a subtropical climate like the rest of Ursa Madeum but gets noticeably more fog and than cities further inland. The weather is fair year-long, the temperatures peaking during the new year (June). There tends to be heavier rainfall from November to April, and a dry season from May to October. Flora and Fauna > Olihen – The story tells of an unnaturally giant squid that can drag ships all the way down to the Fortuna Gallo, where crews will find rest amid the ocean’s darkest depths. An ancient and elusive creature with the ability to decimate fleets and leave no trace of its appearance. Few have claimed to see it with their own eyes, and only a handful are telling the truth. > Bore Leech – Not all battles need to be won with cannon or rifle fire. Often all that’s required is a barrel of bore leeches, a bit of saltwater to ‘activate’ them, and a means of launching the barrel across to the offending ship in question. Given a few minutes, these worm-like creatures will tear through the thickest of hulls with vicious ease, using razor-sharp teeth to decimate anything and everything in their path. > Scarak – One of nature’s finer attempts at creating a walking nightmare on eight legs, complete with large pincers, a sturdy exoskeleton, and a stinger sharp enough to puncture steel. Pressurized sacs inside of its abdomen allow a Scarak to heat ingested water to boiling temperatures. This water is kept in reserve for emergencies involving larger predators, upon which the Scarak can either squirt or inject it via the stinger at the end of its tail. > Coral Golem – Unique gestalts created from a colony of parasitic invertebrates called Pirinoa. These creatures begin as tiny polyps drifting underwater in search of a host to infect via ingestion. Should this occur, the polyps spread through the host’s body, infecting bone, muscle, and organs until eventually reaching the central nervous system. At this point, the colony assumes full control of all bodily processes, using its host as a mobile, carnivorous feeding ground before decaying into a more traditional coral deposit. Pirate Cove, Piotr Krezelewski Culture Drasir is a corrupt city of opportunity where gold and violence are the only two currencies that matter. No one rises to the top without being ruthless, a little cunning, and more careful than a jester at a funeral. Throughout the years, the tides have swept together an unruly sum of society’s refuse: drunkards, murderers, thieves, wenches, all with no place to go but Drasir for solace. Economy Despite the city’s ramshackle appearance, plenty of coin passes through its hands; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look for it and having the stomach to actually go fetch it. In many regards, Drasir is a place of extremes, where the poor are some of the poorest in the entire nation. On the flipside, the rich are some of the richest, hoarding treasures valuable enough to sway armies. Travellers looking for under-the-table merchandise will discover no limit to what they can purchase. Black markets mingle freely with candid businesses, offering exotic wares that would normally be impossible to find anywhere else. Some goods can be also acquired through favours—quite a few individuals are fond of making their debtors work—or bought on a patron’s credit depending on how much influence they wield over the market. Education Crime and profanity. Those are the two things Drasir will teach a man. Any other skill is secondary and better learned elsewhere in Ursa Madeum. Government There is no official authority governing the city, nor has any measure of law been formally established. What few rules that exist belong to the powerful and the wealthy, including gang leaders and pirate lords, alongside merchants who’ve secured a sizeable influence. Security Without a proper guard to police the streets, citizens are forced to look out for themselves. Gangs offer protection services for a premium to people residing within their territory. Mercenaries line every corner, assassins roam alleys and rooftops, and noble souls looking to keep the peace are far and few in between. Despite the lack of solidarity inherent to the city’s nature, residents have frequently come together to repel invasions from the government. These historic displays of power have deterred any further attempts to conquer Drasir, as anyone foolish enough to try will be met with the full might of Ursa Madeum’s villainy. Notable Residents > Dorian Finch – Arguably the most enigmatic pirate lord in all of Drasir, privy to secrets and information that could turn a kingdom onto its head. His wealth knows no bounds, nor does his long list of favours, and he seemingly has a hand in everything and anything that goes on within the city. Rumour has it his face was stolen from him long ago by an ancient spirit. He wears a blank mask at all times, covering even the eyes, in addition to a dark hood concealing the rest of his head. > Vera Granger – A half-elf and longtime madame of the Pink Pearl, which serves as part brothel, part steam-house, and part theater and burlesque parlour. It’s a little-known secret that Vera is a powerful witch, proficient in the arts of scrying and charm crafting, among other lesser magics. Many come to her seeking their futures or simple tokens of good luck, but her services don’t come cheap, and happy endings aren’t always guaranteed. > Amadeo Mortimer – Amadeo is the leader of the Shepherds, a fairly new gang in Drasir, known for his hateful disposition towards all abnormal beings. Nonhumans, mages, and beasts have much to fear with him in the city, as he’s fond of rounding them up for public execution, with each subsequent show gaining a larger following. The Sea Devil, Brenda van Vugt Notable Locations Within Drasir > The Black Spot – Easily the ugliest tavern in Drasir, but also the largest and rowdiest. It burned down thrice in the past decade and stands to burn down a fourth time every night. The barkeep, Madman Smithers, is a shifter with hammerhead shark-like features. He has the habit of quelling bar brawls with outrageous violence, which, unsurprisingly, serves to aggravate the situation even further. > Fig Town – No one really knows why this market is called Fig Town. There are no figs to speak of, and it’s clear that most of its shoppers have never seen a fig in their lives. The market is tucked away in a massive cavern lit by torches and lightstone veins, with several offshoot tunnels branching outwards into the cliffside. Different shops open at night when the others close down—it’s generally agreed upon that the best merchants present their wares from midnight to dawn. > Executioner’s Drop – A colossal waterfall, estimated to be sixty meters tall, slanting off the edge of the city into a river leading inland. Rows of jagged rock line its perimeter, housing makeshift prisons and watchtowers. It’s a popular tradition to execute one’s enemies by tossing them over the edge of the drop. Outside Drasir > Fortuna Gallo – It’s common belief that the souls of those lost at sea will inevitably find their way to this oceanic trench. The water above Fortuna Gallo runs like a dark scar on the ocean’s surface, and its depths are whispered to be the home of unknowable terrors like Olihen. > Whalesgrave – A coastline filled with whale carcasses found on the northern shores beyond Drasir. There are as many as thirty dead whales lining the ground in varying states of decay. The air is putrid with rot, teeming with carrion feeders of all shapes and sizes. It’s considered bad luck to visit this area, as far too many in the past have died from illness shortly after. > Great Fog Reef – Several miles to the west lies a region permanently shrouded in fog, concealing a gargantuan reef beneath its waves that remains largely unexplored. Some claim to hear whispers coming from the fog, others distant cries for help. Those curious enough to venture inside usually don’t come back, and the few who make it out alive are haunted by the reef’s mysteries. > Putnam’s Point – A precarious little settlement hidden atop the fjord’s southern entrance, watching over the sea at large for any signs of potential danger. Messenger hawks are used to relay letters to a post office in Drasir, where the letter will either be read publicly or given to the appropriate correspondent.
  4. Wade

    Port Mars

    Port Mars Caribbean Port, Cristian Chihaia With the dissolution of House Uldwar and the disbandment of its armies, Port Mars has fallen under the authority of the new Ursa Madean government. It is considered to be one of the most important trade centres in the entire archipelago, namely due to its access to precious ores found within the local mountain range. The city currently possesses a population of 100,000 people. That number is expected to dwindle in the wake of Mount Egon’s recent eruption, however. Those who haven’t already left are hard at work rebuilding what was lost in the fires, relying on the community’s sense of solidarity to get the port back on its feet. Geography Topography Port Mars hugs the coastline at the south end of Misral, bordered by Kingfisher Bay to the west and Mount Egon to the north. Black sand beaches make up a large portion of the city’s outer curve, backed by sandstone cliffs and outcroppings streaked with foliage. A dense, rocky jungle awaits travelers further inland. Geysers, hot springs, and tar pits are plentiful due to the area’s geothermal activity. Much of the vegetation at the base of Mount Egon, which continues to belch out smoke on occasion, was decimated by its eruption and reduced to a fine layer of ash. Those few pockets of greenery that still exist must now contend with fields of semi-cooled magma—most aren’t expected to fully harden until the better part of the year has run its course. Cityscape Port Mars is a bright-spirited bastion of civilization and commerce, attracting merchants and tourists from all over the Kingdom. Its streets are crowded and noisy, filled with the aroma of saltwater on a cool breeze, always bustling with activity come rain or shine. Many buildings in Port Mars are painted with warm, modest colours. Palm trees and leafy ferns, as well as far-reaching vines, decorate both brick roads and dirt paths alike. Quaint villas facing the ocean dominate the upper half of the city, while the lower half thrives with merchant vessels coming in and out of the harbor. Climate Port Mars experiences a subtropical climate like the rest of Ursa Madeum. The weather is fair year-long, the temperature peaking during the new year (June). There tends to be heavier rainfall from November to April, and a dry season from May to October. Flora and Fauna > Inkfiend – A solitary type of necrophage known to lurk around swamps, preferring to lie in wait for passing prey before springing an ambush. They possess dark oily skin, a ghoulish-looking figure, and a disturbing lack of facial features hiding a razor-lined mouth. While Inkfiends rarely venture beyond the boundaries of their own homes, some grow emboldened to hunt at night when they’re most difficult to spot. > Rocktail – Named after the stone-like substance armouring their tail and spine, these saurians are widely regarded as the apex predators of the southern mainland. They grow to be about nine to ten feet tall, with a thick and resilient hide, powerful muscles, and claws sharp enough to rend flesh with sickening ease. An instinctual cunning makes them dangerous to even the most experienced of hunters, and the populace’s general consensus is that it’s best to leave them alone. > Naghu Hound – Typically found prowling shallow waters for smaller crustaceans, Naghu are domesticated, dog-like amphibians with mollusk-like tentacles. Their lean bodies make them well-suited to both swimming and running, and the average hound comes up to a man’s waist and weighs roughly three hundred pounds. Culture Port Mars experienced a rigid, martial doctrine under the Uldwars’ militaristic reign. Only recently have its citizens begun to relax in light of the house’s abrupt termination. What used to be whispered gossip now flows freely, seeping into conversation at dinner parties and gatherings. Gender-based customs that determined a person’s occupation have been done away with, replaced with a new freedom to choose. Some traditions, on the other hand, are too deeply ingrained in the population to simply fade away, but the city has become a more easygoing place overall, if not slightly more chaotic. Economy Port Mars is home to a bustling market offering every ware under the sun. Traders from Corinth and Thraece, even smugglers from Pirate’s Cove, regularly visit to peddle their goods, while all manner of craftsmen line the streets. The area’s rich, volcanic soil makes it ideal farmland for settlers, and the igneous rock surrounding Mount Egon boasts a wealth of precious minerals. Education Weaver Academy stands as the port’s most prominent learning institution, training a privileged few in the ways of the arcane and other specialized fields of study. It’s estimated that only one person out of a hundred manages to pass the entry exams every year. Those who can’t afford to pay tuition are relegated to learning a local trade. Pirate Town, Maurico Abril Government A council of five watches over the city to ensure all things run smoothly. For matters of national importance, they defer to the central authority of the Andelusian government. Military 8500 infantrymen 200 honour guards 100 knights 300 mercenaries Brigantine-class ships Notable Locations Within Port Mars > Uldwar Keep – Once the home of the now-defunct House Uldwar, this castle serves as the seat of power for the newly established city council. It is built atop the bay’s largest cliff where it overlooks the entirety of the port below. An honour guard is always on duty to deter loiterers and thieves. > Skipwatch – A popular recreational district in the upper end of town, named for attracting soldiers who’d skip out on work to come drink themselves silly. Visitors will find taverns, gambling dens, theatres, and bathhouses, in addition to minstrels and street performers entertaining large crowds at busy intersections. > Barobourne Square – This large plaza stands at the centre of Port Mars’ merchant ward, littered with trading posts and market stalls, much like the neighbouring fish market. It has reputation for skilled blacksmiths who supply much of the city watch’s weapons and armour, though traders also come here to buy gemstones, spices, potent alchemical brews, tropical fruit, Naghu Hounds, saurian leather and bones, fabric dye, trinkets, and all other riches of Misral. > The Pit – A colosseum where gladiators and knights do battle for glory, upholding one of the few bloody traditions leftover from the Kingdom’s early days. Beneath it lies a vast underground prison housing hundreds of convicted criminals, many of whom stand the chance to win their freedom in a variety of lethal—if not intentionally one-sided—contests. > Kingfisher Dockyards – To the west lie the dockyards, nestled in the mouth of Kingfisher Bay. The area is host to a fish market processing all types of aquatic meat, shipwrights, smugglers, and a neighbouring boardwalk full of charming little restaurants. Scorched Earth, Daniel Conway Outside Port Mars > Mount Egon – Once the beating heart of Misral, the volcano currently lies silent. It is believed to have fallen dormant with the defeat of the elemental residing at its core. Its peak is easily seen for miles, being the tallest of the island. Some of the lava ejected from its caldera has yet to fully cool. > Ashlands – A fresh layer of ash blankets this region like the thick dustings of a snowstorm. Only the petrified skeletons of a dead forest poke out amid the bleakness. The Ashlands, as they were named, were destroyed by Mount Egon’s violent eruption. They span a large portion of the volcano’s base in an uneven, concentric halo. > Iramai Mines – An expansive mine network tucked away deep within the Ashlands. Its quarries provide aluminum, copper, gold, lead, nickel, silver, zinc, various gemstones, and a very small quantity of lightstones. > Blackburn – A sleepy fishing village to the east of Port Mars built along the shores of a black sand beach. Word has it they make the best noodles on the island. Sources tend to be local and biased.
  5. Welcome to Nede, guys! Ataraxy here ? This is the newest venture of mine, and is currently set up to be bigger and better than even Veluriyam and the Cult of Power. Maybe even combined! BUT! In order to do so, that depends on you, the people of Valucre. And, I suppose, my ability to spin tales and stories are important too lol Well then, without further ado and rambling for your's truly, let's get into the nitty gritty details about Nede and what it's all about! It's my kingdom, right Ata? That's what it's for right? Right? Right? Goddammit, Lilith you're way to early. In fact, you're in the wrong fucking thread! Go to the Interest Check. That's more about you. This is an overview. ... Whatever. Bye then, stupid creator. Will you be the one to walk these unknown lands and become the Demon King? The one who stands above all as the God of Nede? Or will you fail? Will you quiver in terror? Are you brave enough to try? Welcome to the Garden of Eden Nede
  6. territory of the queendom of svanhild Grand Square_street by Wadim Kashin The City of Cal Eteris golden fortune awaits; With the establishment of a new independent realm in Ursa Madeum, the Queendom required a new capital city in which to situate its seat of power. It is with this notion that the city of Cal Eteris is formed, housing the royal court and its retainers within its walls. Standing as the shining center of learning and research in the region, this is where the Queen rules over her subjects from the towering heights of a newly-renovated Ravenel Castle. Cal Eteris houses the bulk of the Queendom’s population, with approximately 950 thousand people living within the city’s borders as well as in the surrounding farmlands. Geography Topography Cal Eteris is established from the foundations of what had once been House Hildebrand’s ancestral estate, located northwest of Andelusia along the banks of the Symarron River on the island of Corinth. It is nestled in the arms of Veilcrest Fell, the mountain ranges casting protective shadows over the northern district of the city. Well-worn roads connect it to Andelusia and the surrounding towns in the area; the city also stands as one end of the Mountain Pass over the highlands, thus connected to the city of Ilvor through this rocky highway. Medieval city by Jung yeoll Kim Cityscape Cal Eteris is a city formed through gradual expansion, construction efforts spawning from the Hildebrand estate outwards to connect various villages into one immense urban cityscape. Due to this manner of establishment, there is great diversification in terms of architecture amongst the various wards of the city, boasting the mark of a melting pot of varying beliefs and cultures. Nevertheless, unifying elements such as the Queedom’s sigil and banners of deep green and gold permeate the streets of Cal Eteris. Scenery ► City Proper — Citizens strolling through manicured parks and spacious alleys lined with market stalls bursting with wares. Charterhall students gathering at street-corner cafes and libraries to discuss the latest developments in technology, inter-realm politics, Trade House rivalries, and other esoteric matters. ► Outskirts — An endless stream of travellers along the main highway, moving to and from the city onwards into the horizon. Forests rife with magic and mystery, concealing ruins from the eras of Queen Decamron and the Tyrant King ► Farmlands — Farmers trudging to and fro carrying heavy-laden cargo wagons transporting food into the city. Vigilant hired deputies surveying the fields from their wood-and-straw watchtowers. Evenly-spaced rows of vegetables and fruits flanked by orchards of hardwoods and softwoods for timber. Climate Situated beside a river at the foot of a mountain range, Cal Eteris experiences relatively mild weather. Summer monsoons are frequent, bringing much needed rain in the midst of normally boiling hot days and sticky-humid nights. With the unpredictable pattern of rain-dry-rain especially in the middle parts of the year, many farmers have opted to invest in greenhouses and arcane devices in order to facilitate a stable environment for their crops Flora and Fauna As a city focused primarily on agriculture, Cal Eteris prides itself on the multitudinous array of natural resources available to its citizens. Aside from the usual flora and fauna one can find in Ursa Madeum, the city and the surrounding region boasts the following: ► Titanberries (pictured above) — Oversized berry trees that come in all shades and flavors found amongst regular-sized berries, titanberries grow naturally along the shores of the Symarron River, taking advantage of their close proximity to water in order to reach heights of almost fifteen feet tall. Almond berry mousse, a popular local dessert, employs one titanberry per serving. ► Fumellara — Also known as indigo dreams, they are small, purple wildflowers that sprout and bloom around the foot of Veilcrest Fell. In late summer and early autumn, the flowers turn to seeds, which are small, black, and shiny. These seeds can be ground and consumed as a paste or within an oil, usually employed as a potent ingredient of sleeping draughts and medical anesthetics ► Jackalopes — Tiny jackrabbits with antelope horns. Jackalopes populate the forests around the farmlands, sometimes venturing out of their habitats to steal crops from unsuspecting farmers. Some arcane meddling during the Decamron era have resulted in a particular strain of jackalopes that have developed bird wings, thus allowing them the ability to fly. Culture talevyrr art by Raen (@rirennel) Present circumstances have all led to the instilling of haste upon the minds of the general populace. With the tenuous, albeit-opportunous situation that the recent establishment of the Queendom presents, many have put their fate in the saying that fortune favors the bold. It is commonplace to hear stories of new innovations and discoveries on the streets almost everyday; due to this prime nesting ground for ideas and possibilities, one would find it all too difficult to keep their finger on the pulse of the city and its happenings. Economy With the support of its vast surrounding farmlands, Cal Eteris’ primary source of economic growth is agronomy, followed by tourism and agriculture technology. The Queen’s desire to establish the city as a place of learning and transformation has led to the pursuit of advancements in the fields of science, technology, and education, subsequently boosting not only the overall wealth of the populace but also their way of living. Education In the spirit of inaugurating the birth of a new realm, Queen has sent out a call for renowned scholars and free-thinkers to strengthen the city’s academia. There are two main schools of learning in Cal Eteris: the sprawling institution of Charterhall and the arcane school of the Ivory Spire. Students enroll in Charterhall to learn a trade and gain membership and status amongst the guilds of the city; grants and funding towards research and development have sparked bitter rivalries between the various Trade Houses within the academy. Government As the capital city of the Queendom, Cal Eteris houses the monarch as well as the royal court. However, the inner workings of the city itself is under the management of the royal princess Lady Esme Hildebrand as the current City Governor and a city council installed to help directly oversee local matters and provide justice in court if necessary Military 13,000 knights of the Order of the Orchid — headed by Lord Protector Iyalon Izora and Commander Kana Hironori 500 wardens from House Kinclaith — composed of members from the sheepfolk, harefolk, firbolg, and gnome clans 500 warriors from the Hinode Clan 1,500 local militia 250 Symarron river guards 20 armored river windships Notable Residents ► House Hildebrand — Once a Great Noble House of the previous government under the jurisdiction of the Veluriyam Empire, House Hildebrand is now the royal family of the Queendom of Svanhild. Its head of household, the Lady Varda Hildebrand, now sits as the monarch of the independent realm. ► Ser Obadiah Credde — Famed river shipwright, he designed the first of the vessels now used in the Windship Regatta. Nowadays, he lives in his humble shack near Chimewater, only resurfacing from whatever fugue he dives into for the rest of the year to take part in the annual regatta ► Daisy Featherbee — A harefolk fletcher who uses magic-infused feathers to adorn her finely-crafted arrows, which are said to never miss their marks. Her work is of such quality that various fae visitors from the Fenwyld make a point to purchase arrows from her before they join the Wild Hunt. Daisy loves to talk about her adventures spent traveling far and wide to personally obtain her materials, and she never misses a chance to share the story of how she had been given the opportunity to meet the Sister Regents of Ilvor in person. ► Meier — A strange nonhuman merchant that hides its true appearance beneath a pale mask of bone and many layers of silken robes. It fences occult and arcane stolen goods, no questions asked, if one were able to find it and pay a hefty amount of coin, or perhaps do its bidding in matters concerning the city’s underworld. Notable Locations art by Wadim Kashin Within Cal Eteris ► Ravenel Castle — Once known as Ravenel Manor, this towering blackstone fortress was the ancestral home of House Hildebrand. With the ascension of the Lady Hildebrand as Queen of Svanhild, the estate has been expanded to become a suitable home for the royal family and their retinue. ► The Spring Palace (pictured above right) — The legislative and judicial seat of power of the Queendom of Svanhild. It stands as the ceremonial hall of the Queen’s royal court, where the monarch calls upon the council of her subjects in various matters involving her rule over the realm. Foreign emissaries inducted into the ranks of the Queen’s Court are also provided residence here. ► Silkflair Lane (pictured above left) — This wide and well-paved avenue hosts a community of eccentric artists, textile weavers, exotic cuisiniers, and bohemian clothiers all looking to ply their trade and make a good fortune out of their wares. Colorful fabrics billow in the wind from every balcony, and the plethora of vibrant hues make the community a designated hotspot for tourists exploring the city. ► Chimewater — A small harbor built along the banks of the Symarron River, Chimewater’s docks are lined with tiny windchimes forged by the hands of the city’s youth: a tradition that calls upon the local belief of a river god that would bring forth good fortune should the tinkling of the bells be heard in the wind. Chimewater is the starting point for Cal Eteris’ annual Windship Regatta, with its sister harbor Canterstone Wharf located further down the Symarron serving as the final destination for the competition. harbor town by J.C. Park Outside Cal Eteris ► Timekeeper's Arch (pictured above) — Built upon the ruins of two old bell towers from the Decamron era, this stone archway boasts an ornate turret clock made out of gold and blackstone. The timepiece is powered by an iron pendulum rumored to contain the exhumed remains of the Tyrant King, ashes stolen from the battle that had killed him (according to many con-artists looking to hoodwink hapless tourists of their coin). ► Acadia — Acadia is House Hildebrand’s summer home, located further down the Symarron just beyond the borders of Cal Eteris. Secluded, tranquil, and rarely visited by outsiders, it is used by the Hildebrands to enjoy the beauty of the river and the natural scenery all around them. A giant greywood tree, tended to by generations of Hildebrands, is the centerpiece of this quiet abode ► The Greywood — Greywood trees were created specifically by the first Hildebrand crop scientists—extremely hardy trees with red or orange leaves and the titular grey bark. These trees produce greywood, a tougher type of wood that can resist fire and enhance the magical properties of objects created with it. The first Hildebrand planted the Greywood to the southeast of Acadia, surrounded by sharp jagged hills. Rumors of abductions and unearthly shadows moving within the foliage have led to the popular belief that the Greywood is haunted or cursed, and so there are only a very few to ever make their way inside the forest. Even fewer manage to return: a flicker in their eyes, faint but razor-edged. ► Daggerway — Named after Evanora Evendagger—the infamous halfling thief who claimed to have stolen the jeweled necklace of Queen Analea Decamron and have ridden on a pony through the mountains alone to avoid capture, Daggerway is a blackstone fort established at the foot of Veilcrest Fell, standing as the watchtower overseeing travellers on the main highway passing through Cal Eteris and leading up to the harsh highlands. History Canon - -
  7. Underground City of Totenborough GEOGRAPHY Laying at the nexus of three quadrants, the cave system in which the city is located is a blend of its above ground surroundings.. Smooth, hard stone makes up just about everything from floor to ceiling. Water streams in through cracks in the rock, creating trickled and waterfalls alike that feed into a vast subterranean river that flows from the entrance all the way to the other side. What soil there is inside is quite fertile, and many species of plants have evolved to live there. Entire cliff sides can be small forests, and all the flora is fed by natural sunlight that filters in through a method that is not well understood. Deposits of various minerals and ore are scattered throughout the cave system, predominantly iron and gold. Totenborough itself sits on a massive natural island that forks the river around it. CLIMATE Due to its subterranean nature, temperatures in Totenborough rarely rises above 60 degrees fahrenheit. At night temperatures drop to 30 or lower. During the winter, it is not uncommon for parts of the river to freeze. CITYSCAPE While the island on which it sits is quite large, Totenborough was designed to take advantage of vertical as well as horizontal space. As the lowest three levels were built by its mysterious first inhabitants, everything from there up has been added within the last year. Because of this, the two sections are often referred to as New and Old Totenborough. The lower portion was made with a magic technique that shaped the stone into structures. New Totenborough was made with steel, glass, wood, and of course, stone. Once they had reached the ceiling, they branched out and began to build into the walls of the cave itself. A giant, stone-shaped wall surrounds the island on all sides, protecting it from intruders. The only way to enter or exit the city is from the South or North passageways. DISTRICTS Commercial The heart of the city, where artisans, farmers, inkeeps, and blacksmiths make and sell their wares. Here one can find all the usual shops and amenities found in most cities. Of particular note are the metalworkers who make beautiful jewelry from the gold and gems found in the mines. Agriculture A vast expanse of farmland located on the eastern part of the island. This is where food is grown and raised to feed the people of the city. Corn, wheat, and hops are staple crops, with a few more exotic species of fruit and vegetable also grown. Most of the meat eaten in Totenborough comes from fish caught from the river; but some traditional livestock are raised in the city. However, their relative scarcity makes any kind of meat other than fish a relative rarity, and therefore more expensive. The hops are used in the production of Totesbier, a beer with a high alcohol content that starts out extremely bitter before finishing very sweet. Mining/Foundry Built on top of the largest known deposits of iron and gold, the western sector of the city is where minerals are mined and then refined. Efforts are underway to dig new tunnels into the side of the cave, but are proceeding cautiously. The industrial heart of the city, this portion of the city runs twenty-four hours a day to keep churning out a steady stream of gold and steel, two of the primary exports of Totenborough. Residential The southernmost section of the city, this is where most of the inhabitants of Totenborough reside. Homes in Old Totenborough are considered the most desirable, with dwellings in New Totenborough tending to be cheaper, but also smaller. The Bastion A giant rampart built into the stone wall that surrounds the city. This part of the city is where the legendary Battle of Totenborough took place, and the place where the mysterious being known as the Entity emerged. Beyond the gate is a bridge that leads into the mountain quadrant, and deep into Xer territory. Though neither the Xer nor the Entity have been seen since the battle, the Gravekeepers Legion keep a close eye on both the passage to the mountains, and the hole the Entity emerged from. Of the twenty thousand Legionnaires, five thousand are always stationed here. NOTABLE LOCATIONS The Graveyard The largest inn in the city, stretching from the bottom of Old Totenborough all the way to the top of New Totenborough. Bridges leading to the inn extend from every floor, so one can reach it from any part of the commercial district. Travelers looking for a warm bed and a hot meal, or locals looking for a drink after a day’s work will both find their needs catered to. It is said that all manner of business takes place in the Graveyard, both legal, and illegal. Founders Library A library located within The Bastion that houses hundreds of thousands of texts written in an unknown language. So far, none of these texts have been translated, and will remain under guard until they are. In addition to the books and scrolls there are a number of artifacts housed in the library as well; weapons, armor, stone tablets and more left behind by the Founders. The Painted Tombs A tomb located in the commercial district that was presumably used by the founders. Thousands of coffins line the walls, each custom decorated seemingly as a tribute to the dead. No remains have been found in the coffins, raising further questions about the fate of the Founders. Most interestingly, the walls of the tomb are painted in what seems to be an illustrated history of the founders. Sadly, much of it has been damaged, and is in need of restoration. The Dragon’s Hoard It’s a well known fact that the best metalcraft in Totenborough are made and sold at The Dragon’s Hoard. Known for their discerning eye, smiths and artisans from all over the city sell their wares here. While membership at the Hoard is not necessary, members pay only five percent of a commission fee as opposed to the normal ten. DEMOGRAPHICS Population: 100,000 Culture The people of Totenborough were originally a band of refugees, wanderers, and other people with nowhere else to go; and are a widely diverse group, with no one race being dominant. Used to cooperating with each other to survive, there is a strong sense of community among them. Conversely, citizens are expected to pull their own weight, though exceptions are made for the sick and elderly. For most of these people Totenborough is the first real home they’ve ever had, and they will fight tooth and nail to keep it. Resourceful by necessity, the citizens will always make the best out of what they have, and find a way to survive. The city is welcoming of wanderers, offering temporary housing and food to them. Those looking to stay long-term are expected to contribute just like everyone else. Economy The main exports of the city are steel, gold, and Totesbier. Lunaris is their main trading partner, though with the construction of the Taen Highway, they now also export to wider Terrenus. GOVERNMENT Mayor (Interim): Zoran Markovich Military: The Gravekeepers Legion The Gravekeepers Legion is the 20,000 strong force of soldiers and guards that keep order and protect the city. 5,000 of them are always stationed in The Bastion on a watch that rotates out every month. LOCAL ITEMS Totesbier A beer with a high alcohol content brewed with a mix of unique fruits grown in the city. The beverage starts out extremely bitter before turning extremely sweet at the end. Quite strong, one pint of Totesbier is often as potent as two pints of normal beer. Stoneshaper Ring One of the items left behind by the Founders were rings enchanted with powerful magics that allowed their users to shape stone to their will. The effect only lasts as long as the wearer is touching the surface being shaped with the hand wearing the ring; and only affects stone within a five foot area. Orefinder Goggles Enchanted goggles that allow the user to see through rock, and highlight ores and minerals located beneath. The area of effect is a twenty foot cone starting from the wearer. HISTORY Ancient Little is known about the Founders of Totenborough. From the buildings they left behind it can be inferred that they were fairly advanced; featuring indoor plumbing, aqueducts, and primitive forms of climate control. Rings that allow the wearer to shape stone, goggles that can see veins or ore through rock are just some of the artifacts they left behind. Though they left behind many paintings and carvings, as well as an entire library of scrolls and books, no one has yet been able to decipher them. It seems that the Founders were aware of the Xer, and that they often clashed with them. At some point they disappeared; but why, when, and where they went is currently unknown. Contemporary Totenborough was rediscovered by Zoran Markovic after arriving in Lunaris. He and his band of outcasts had come to the city looking for a fresh start, but found it ravaged by a recent Hydra attack. While contemplating his next move, Markovic found an old text in a ruined library that spoke of an ancient underground city; and even provided a map. Feeling they had nothing to lose, he and his band made their way through the jungle, and found the promised city. Unfortunately, their arrival did not go unnoticed, and Xer from the mountain attacked them. They were able to drive them off and seal the North Entrance to buy some time. Zoran put out a call to any willing to help defend the city, and a group of mercenaries answered. Together, they fought the Xer to a standstill; at which point The Entity emerged from underground. After transforming some of the Xer into Salamanders and driving the rest off, it gave a few cryptic words of warning to the new inhabitants before pursuing the Xer into the mountains. Totenborough would spend the next year building and growing, largely staying out of the affairs of the Veluriyam Empire which they were technically a part of. Most recently, they partnered with the city of Lunaris in building a highway between the two cities to help facilitate trade.
  8. THE QUEENDOM OF SVANHILD auspicium melioris aevi Contact: @vielle The Queendom of Svanhild, or simply Svanhild, is an independent realm in Ursa Madeum formed after the exit of the Veluriyam Empire and the subsequent formation of the archipelago’s autonomous Kingdom. It is ruled by Queen Varda Hildebrand of House Hildebrand from its seat of power in the city of Cal Eteris. territories Cal Eteris, City of Golden Promise A shining beacon of prosperity and opportunities; the seat of power for the Queendom of Svanhild. ⯆ Hildebrand Estate (Ravenel Manor, Acadia) The Greywood Symarron River The Silver Halls of the Order of the Orchid Vanora, City of Silver Waves A sleepy village turned bustling coastal city located on the shores of Thraece. Ilvor, City of Eternal Twilight An isolated stronghold under a perpetual night sky; the seat of power for the Fae Sister Courts. ⯆ The Fenwyld Veilcrest fell Other Territories Estates of the noble houses under the Queendom. ⯆ Penderyn Estate (Villa Meliae) Kinclaith Estate (Fairfield, Ember Grove) Hinode Estate (Himitsuno Heights) Cardona Estate (Paraíso, Rockshore) Farmhouse De'Laire overview Demographics The overall population of the Queendom amounts to approximately 3 million in number. It consists primarily of humans, with other subgroups comprised of nonhumans and Fenwyld fae. Economy Carrying on from the ancestral roots of the founding royal family, the Queendom’s economy is built primarily on agriculture, mining and extraction, and tourism. The agricultural sphere is by far the largest source of economic activity, and is considered Svanhild's bread and butter. With the overflowing bounty of natural resources, the Queendom exports its goods to its friendly neighbors, trading raw resources for luxury products and services. Government The Queendom of Svanhild is an absolute monarchy under the jurisdiction of the current monarch Queen Varda Hildebrand. The monarch rules with absolute power over the state and government, taking counsel from the royal court as is necessary. The succession of power is by appointment of the current monarch. Upon enthronement, the monarch also takes on the title of Archduke or Archduchess of the Fenwyld, ruling in conjunction with the Sister Courts over the city of Ilvor. The Queen’s Court The royal court of Svanhild, also called the Hildebrand Court after the current royal family, is composed of members of the royal household, the noble houses, foreign emissaries, and lesser courtiers. The Spring Palace in Cal Eteris functions as the court seat of power, where the Queen asks for council and consent from her subjects on legislative and judicial matters. Foreign emissaries within the Queen’s Court include Sir Shel Arseidel of the Veluriyam Empire, Doctor Silas Harriden of Senaria, and Ambassador William Donnell of Norkotia. Foreign Relations The Kingdom of Ursa Madeum Veluriyam Empire Senaria Norkotia Order of Force Majeure Allied Nations of Terrenus (A.N.T.) Military Various organizations make up the overall military of Svanhild, amounting up to approximately 285,000 soldiers. This consists of the royal guard, the city watchmen, members of the Order of the Orchid, and each noble house's stock of warriors overseeing their own regions within the Queendom. Vanora has a navy of 20 ships and looking to expand their fleet; the coastal city is also protected by 50 Eagleships through an agreement with Ylia City. Culture The people of the Queendom retain their founding liege's values and beliefs; the concept of peace and prosperity is the foundation of society, uplifting the traits of diligence and ingenuity amongst the populace. Many live simple, idyllic lives in a pastoral landscape which needs they greatly respect and care for, and with the security that the generous distribution of wealth provides, there are reports of lessened criminal activity within the cities (with the notable exception of Ilvor). The Queen's subjects tend to be cheerful, helpful, and family-oriented people, though they are also known to be inclined towards dangerously complacent or fatalistic mindsets brought about by their easy and enriched way of living. Technology With the outpouring of support towards scholarly pursuits both in the scientific and arcane fields, the Queendom is slowly acquiring new technology to further improve the livelihood of its people. One such advancement lies in the field of transportation, wherein the Noble House Cardona has made use of kelpies to pull carriages through arcane bodies of water across great distances, allowing for faster travel between the cities. Many other efforts have turned to developments in agricultural technology, further boosting the production of economic resources. history coming soon.
  9. Opportunities in Taen If you are a dreamer, come in If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic-bean-buyer If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire For we have some flax golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in! ― Shel Silverstein Looking for a place to grow your roots and start your stories in this strange land? I present the list below for your perusal, a carefully curated index for roles requests, prompts, and quests for the peculiar, perilous land of Taen. I place an emphasis on long-term plots and storylines, and encourage user-driven efforts as much as I can. For questions, post in the Veluriyam Empire AMA. If any of the opportunities below catch your eye, feel free to post in the Taen OOC or shoot @Csl and @danzilla3 a PM! ▸Become a notable individual Establish your character as a person of significance living in Taen. They'll get a spot on the lore article of the city of their residence! SUGGESTED ROLES → Explorers pursuing knowledge of the land → Mercenaries, sellswords, and soldiers → Merchants, entrepreneurs and establishment owners → Organic technology mages and engineers AVAILABLE CANON ROLES Arcturon is in need of → Scientists, Researchers, and Inventors → a Governor → a Sheriff → Constabularies Kuiperal is in need of → Mountain guides, spelunkers, and mercenaries → a Governor → a Sheriff → Watchmen The Zatrikion is in need of → Played characters of the City Watch ▸Explore and discover lore Trek to the blank places across the map, push the boundaries of our knowledge, and have your name written in history. Examples of setting elements you can canonize include: → Landmarks and geological features - Taen is full of mysterious, marvelous places. → Cities, settlements, and buildings - build them, found them, discover them, drag them in from other worlds → Plant and animal species - Include your findings in the Taen Book of Beasts → Metamaterials - alien ores, fossilized skeletons, magic-infused minerals, dangerous glowing rocks, and more. Taen is an open-world setting designed to support nearly any lore element-- just make sure to run ideas through @Csl before trying to canonize anything huge! ▸Start a plot Have some grand, long-term storyline you’d like to set in motion? Want Taen as the background of a lovecraftian nightmare, an alien invasion, or the return of an ancient civilization? Taen is a setting that can support nearly any genre and storyline, from sci-fi to steampunk to dark fantasy. Plots have a better chance of approval if they: Encourage user participation (e.g., it gives other players roles to fill and events to join) Generate opportunities Does not conflict too greatly with Taen’s sci-fi, weird fiction and urban horror themes ▸Take up a Quest The tried and tested path to wealth and fame. Proceed to the Taen Quest Index below for a list of quests in the islands.
  10. V.C.F Foundation Security Task Force Mobile Task Force Level-[2] clearance [accepted] A Mobile Task Force is a team of personnel that represents the Foundation's best and most effective field agents and researchers in their respective fields. Mobile Task Forces are sent in when ordinary facility personnel are unable or are ill-prepared to deal with incidents or threats of a particular type. There are currently [02] documents available for review. FSTF Alpha-01 FSTF Beta-4 FSTF Omega-01 FSTF Zeta-04 [Further clearance. . . Accepted] [Loading...]
  11. overview ► NAME The Yanaihara Clan of the Kaminari ► CREED “The World, Our Canvas” ► HERALDRY A majestic peacock. A symbol of compassion and kind-heartedness, the noble peacock is believed to have the power to counteract poison and invoke rain: an altogether apt representation of the Yanaihara Clan, aside from its colorful feathers symbolizing the artistic values of the Clan’s culture. ► ORGANIZATION The Yanaihara Clan is well-versed in culture and various pursuits in the fields of art, literature, and drama (specifically kabuki/nogaku theater). Members of this clan do not normally follow the ways of the blade and the art of war; with their inclination towards social and cultured brilliance, many rise up to become political figures and government officials, ikebana/tea ceremony masters, renowned artists, and the like. Those who follow the ways of combat rise to become skilled warriors in their own right. Yanaihara's traditions and natural inclinations towards being socially and artistically adept make their members wealthy—politicians and famous artists, for example—which could help boost their reputation and economic status. The Yanaihara Clan is also regarded as the the political and cultural face of the Kaminari. Their beliefs and general demeanor are rooted in authority, elegance and the arts (along with affluence). While a good portion of members do pursue political occupations, there’s an overarching cultural flamboyancy that symbolizes the status of the Yanaihara. While they do strive to live among others, they are not bound by the restrictions of others. This is shown in their attire, their performances; even their military has a flair to them, as most of it hybridizes the art of war with the art of dance. The Kamaitachi The Kamaitachi make up the inside defensive core that serves the Yanaihara family. All members have a wide range of skills that contribute to their expertise. Not only are they all trained assassins, diviners and surveillance officers, but they’re also disciplined actors that possess other gifts such as culinary prowess and theatrical skills. This means that they can serve as the family’s all-purpose traveling party, offering their services as both entertainers for guests and watchful eyes in the presence of groups of interest. The Ameonna The Ameonna comprises of Onna-bugeisha and Kunoichi who excel in both showmanship and subterfuge. Designated political movers and kingmakers of the clan, they employ their considerable skillsets to install Yanaihara clansmen into various positions of power in society, all under the guise of purveyors of entertainment. Outwardly, they operate as geisha within Yanaihara’s various establishments. The Minobi The Minobi stand as the Yanaihara Clan’s sword and shield: masterfully trained warriors with a flair for combat that resembles art, a showy display that melds both dance and war. Apart from the conventional martial disciplines, their expansive repertoire includes tessenjutsu (the martial art of the war fan), kusarigamajutsu (the martial art of the kusarigama), and bōjutsu (the martial art of the staff). With a myriad of choices at their disposal, each member of the Minobi customizes their arsenal however way they desire. > The Kōzui, an elite Minobi task force that helps spread renown and public knowledge of Yanaihara's military prowess. The Yosuzume The Yosuzume are the most numerous amongst the Yanaihara and are regarded as the most benign faction. They dedicate their whole lives to their chosen craft as artisans of renowned fame and skill. Aside from individual pursuits in the field of art, the Yosuzume also manage the recreational institutions of the clan, such as theatres, bathhouses, shrines, and the like; this elevates their status as some of the wealthiest among the Yanaihara. ► AFFILIATIONS Allies: The Imperial Government (Datsuzoku Dynasty) The Owari Clan The Shokan Clan Enemies: N/A Neutral Parties: The Okami Clan The Inari Clan ► BACKGROUND/HISTORY The Yanaihara Clan is a family that hails from a time long past: the original settlers in the land now called the Kirishima Province, in between New Union City and Mezthaluen. Upon the takeover of the Midlands by the Datsuzoku Dynasty, the Yanaihara sought to keep their lands and influence even under this new imperial authority. They swore allegiance to the Emperor as a lesser clan under the recently-established Kaminari, but there are rumors in the wind: the Yanaihara seek for more, and they will stop at nothing to get what they desire. lore by @vielle & @Animal
  12. Name: Jonathan Bruce Morgan, for short, Bruce Morgan Alias: Light Knight Gender: Male Age: 45 Weight: 1.90 meters Height: 88 kilograms Affiliation: The Destiny League, current Leader Powers/Abilities: Bruce has no power because he is a human being. You could say that his genius intellect is his power for he is one of the smartest people on Earth. Being an ex-assassin now, back in his days he was trained under his mentor Antipatros, he's a master at stealth and assassinations, but he rarely uses them. He is an expert hand-to-hand combat and martial artist trained in many martial arts, to name a few, Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, ranking him with the topmost skilled martial artist, coming to a very close second to Shad, and he has a genius level intellect. Because he was once an Assassin, the bleeding effect which is called the Eagle Vision allows him to see in a sixth sense motion, which grants him the possibility to see hidden messages and his opponent's weaknesses, but that doesn't always work, it also sometimes slows attacks from him in a slow-motion view, allowing him to dodge them. Appearance: It is to be noted that he visibly aged to that of a 45-year-old man, but he someway managed to maintain a youthful appearance at that age. Please do not this is not my image nor do I have the right to claim it as my own. It belongs to Ben Dahlhaus and here is his Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/bendahlhaus/ Personality: He has some personality traits, such as being very intelligent, is kind, helpful, friendly and very witty. He was once arrogant but now after what has happened, that is no longer the case as he quite became selfless at best, endangering his life for the benefit of the others. Bio: Bruce went through a lot, being an assassin and an arrogant kid with money in his pocket, to being a renegade, quitting his life as an assassin and falling in love with his wife Katrina which would give birth to two twins, Logan and Sophie. He went to some stages of character development as he became form selfish to quiet selfless, enduring losses such as his parent's death, mentor and his friend Scar, he was the only one which still maintained his life properly after the defeat of Darkseid, making him the most optimistic person at that time. These past three years, Bruce has been obsessed with creating the most powerful armor he could think of because the previous iteration, the Prime Armor did outstandingly impressive against Darkseid it merely costed his life and he doesn't wish for that to happen again. So he would use these three years to tinker day and night till he in his view at least, perfected the armor, it is now more powerful and efficient than before, whosoever threatens earth again will think twice in challenging Earth's new protector, Bruce Morgan. Armor: Endo-Sym Prime Model Armor 2 Appearance: This image does not belong to me and nor do I take ownership over it. I found it on the website called Pinterest and here is the link to where I found it: https://www.pinterest.de/pin/864620828442325977/ Armor Features: The Endo-Sym Prime Model Armor 2, is Bruce's next highly advanced armor suit, which is made out of full liquid smart-gold titanium-metal which hardens instantly on connection with the user's body. The biggest changes of this armor than his previous one, Prime Model, is that this suit is based off symbiote biology, so it doesn't rely on tech for the initial bonding process with its user, the start-up is completely psionic. He of course tinkered with it and the symbiote suit is no longer weak against psionic attacks or fire attacks. The psionic bonding with the suit allows its user to control it remotely, and call for it with no needs of electronics. Bruce has currently stated that the suit can "feel" him the same way he can "feel" the suit, and referred to it as "alive". This connection extends to the point of it forming fully into a humanoid form that has similarities to that of a symbiote suit even when not bonded to someone, to punch through barriers in an attempt to get to its owner at his psionic command, but it does not have intelligence of its own, only a psionic link. The Armor can also absorb electromagnetic energy once it finds the correct frequency of said energy since the suit is made out of a symbiote, fire and psionic attacks are no longer anymore a weakness and because it is not made out of nanobots there wouldn't be a weakness of frequency in the nanobots for others to exploit. Deformable: The suit can be deployed or disintegrated in a natural way by a psionic command from Bruce to the Suit which lives currently in him, the bond is safe and because the symbiote is not sentient in the words that it can't think for itself, Bruce doesn't feel exhausted when and after using it and it doesn't feed off his life force. Armor Capabilities: Super Strength: The armor amplifies Bruce's base strength and combat skills to extreme levels of peak super strength, the previous armor, the Prime Model was indeed strong enough to make the Mad Vestal bleed which is to be stated that the skin of a Vestal is super durable and it would take a lot to make one bleed. So he took that base knowledge and amplified it, the armor is much stronger than its previous iteration allowing him to fight powerful beings up close and leave a nasty mark. Durability: The Prime Model was durable enough to withstand a powerful blast from Darkseid, which is to be known that he was the strongest Vestal in history, he remodeled it and now the Armor is even more extremely durable, capable of withstanding powerful blasts and strikes, and as his previous iteration was completely bulletproof, this one is as well. Airtight Seal: The suit is able to contain and separate the suit's inner environment (including the wearer) from the outside environment. This includes both underwater, gas, radiation, and space. The suit is also capable of self-supplying breathable air to the wearer if the outside environment is unable to reliably supply any. Anti-Phasing Tech: The armor has a completely sealed surface which prevents any sort of exposure to the armor's internal machines. The nano-particles vibrate with a blazing fast frequency which prevents beings phasing through and getting into the armor. Surface Reforming/Augmentation: The suit is capable of forming external modules that include lighting refocuser (which can be charged if a lightning or electricity user is near by to charge it up and fire concentrated beams of light which can lock on to the target and fire) and different forms of energy blades and energy shields. High-Velocity Flight: Like its previous predecessor, the Prime Model 2 can achieve hyper-velocity flight at full flight power with extremely powerful thrusters formed from both boots, the armor is, most likely, able to travel so fast it can reach Mach 15. Extreme Portability: The sit can manifest itself from Bruce's body to either wrap around forming his armor or dissolving it into him. External Structure Deployment: The suit is capable of shooting some of its armor material to form structures to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, such as clams, tools, and so on, which are all techno-organic. Weapons and Tools: Repulsors: The standard weapons of the suit. These repulsors are more powerful in their standard mode then it was with the Prime Armor. Repulsors can be formed on the back of the suit, offering more offense. Unibeam: The unibeam is fired from the center chest RT. Given the energy output of this model, it is the most powerful repulsor tech on the suit, being more powerful than its previous iteration the Prime Armor. Formed Weapons and Tools: As with The Prime Armor could form a wide variety of weapons and tools, some of which include a blowtorch, extra repulsors, an energy refocuser, energy shield, and a gauntlet sword, so can the Endo-Sym Prime Model Armor 2 do as well only more efficiently. Shoulder Formed Micro-Missile Launcher: The Armor can form Micro-Missile launchers on its shoulder plates and gauntlets. When fired they can achieve a powerful effect on impact. Medical Suture Spray: A special spray of unknown composition stored in the gauntlets of the suit can be used to help seal and heal wounds much faster. It also doubles as a quick repair method for ship hulls. Repulsor Lighting Refocuser: The Repulsor Lighting Refocuser is a weapon that appears on his back which can absorb lightning and electricity and refocus it and disburses it into concentrated powerful beams and it is much more powerful than its previous iteration the Prime Armor. Cloaking mode: A while back, Katrina gave him a cloak which enabled Bruce to go invisible and now he finally found a chance to properly use it, he has implanted the cloaking technology in the suit and now it can turn him invisible and it also has a small EMP which disturbs the frequency of any other cloaking seekers and detectors, however, it can only help him so much if he is not battling or forming any other weapon and remains stealthy during that period of time, if he is to interact in battle and shoot the cloak would reveal his position. Miscellaneous: The suit is completely immune to psionic, fire, frequency and EMP attacks, though the EMP attacks can slow him at best it is not a complete guarantee. Armor Profile: Designer / Creator: Bruce Morgan Users: Bruce Morgan Affiliations: The Destiny League Mark Number: Mark 2 Prime Armor Armor Class: Special Suit Armor Type: Symbiote-Techno-Organic-Biology Armor Color: White, Dark Grey and Light Blue Armor Height: User's height Status: Active Armor Data: Power Core: New Element Arc Reactor Mark V Armor Systems: Mercy A.I./OS Weapons: Repulsors Unibeam Micro-missiles Handbladea Cannons Energy Displacer sentries Energy Blades Battering Rams Energy Displacer cannons Automatic Repulsor Cannons Shields Foot Unibeam Power Mallets Foot Clamps Katar Zero Cannons Repulsor Lighting Refocuser Energy Shield Cloaking mode Energy/incapacitating/Bullet Ammunition Guns Armor Composition: Liquid Smart-Gold Titanium-Metal Armor Capabilities: Real-Time Thermo/X-ray scanning and tracking Superhuman Strength Superhuman Durability Augment Generation Airtight Pressure Seal Hyper-Velocity Flight Special Features: Symbiote-Technology Infra Scan/Eagle Vision Deformable Helmet Stabilizing thrusters Surface Reforming External Nanostructure Deployment Material Redirection Material State Control Limited Deployment Mode The New Element Arc Reactor Mark V: This is the most advanced Reactor designed by Bruce, and like its previous predecessor, it is utilized by the Endo-Sym Prime Model Armor 2 as well. This heart-shaped reactor is the power source of the armor suit. The Reactor also works in conjunction to bigger more efficient Micro-RTs to provide better power distribution and powering newly formed modules which increases the power of.
  13. Moi

    Race Info: Kuu

    Name: Kuu Description: A Race of "New Gods" created from the Tears of their Lord Above All, Kuudras. Their purpose is to protect the balance of life and death playing as both the Heroes and Villains of History. When sent to a planet/world shrines are erected at their landing and doubles as their home, built by said God. Their purpose is to act as a way to gather followers to Increase their power and influence, and can only enter another's Shrine if invited. Also to accept wishes of visitors for payment. The Shrine is made from Kuu Wood and grows as the God gains strength. Each God is born with a Soul Blade unique to themselves to aid in their journey and is considered taboo to use against another Kuu. The Strength of the Blade is as Strong as the wielders Will. Their Soul Allows them to Trancend Death physically and be reborn into the world anew gaining back their memories as they Challenge their Soul/Will. The Stronger the Will the stronger the souls can become. A Kuu may also gain in strength by gathering a following fueled by their belief,etc. A Kuu with a 1000 men, is as powerful. Upon completion of Shrine a pilgrimage to visit all land before sea on their first few years returning the shrine when nessiscary. Physical Appearance: Normally Humanoid, will take on features of observing sentient race. Body types and Heights vary. A unique symbol of the Kuu only seen by other Kuu and those with True sight. Age of Race: 5000yrs Origin: Deminsion outside of the Known Universe, Kuu Avg. Physical Lifespan: 1000yrs+++ Avg. Spiritual Lifespan: Infinite (Can be sealed) Abilities: Kuu Soul Soul Manipulation (no soul stealing in pc combat) Soul blade Reincarnation w/ Memories Summon Familiar Belief/Faith/Prayer/Worship Empowerment
  14. Csl

    The Land of Taen

    [ Best viewed on desktop ] The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. —Robert Frost Welcome, stranger There are two paths you could have taken to arrive here. Most take the first— the doorways the yawn open in the Blue Hills, those rings of sapphire light. Most flicker in and out like will-o'-the-wisps. But one gateway perpetually stands open, ever-burning blue. It sits at the end of a well-known, well-trodden road: a beacon for refugees, an escape route from the scorched cities, murderous cabals, and plagues of the mainland. If you’ve taken the second, why, you are a long, long way from home. Those who come by the second path find themselves tumbling through the void between worlds, torn from their homes, their lands, their worlds. The same blinding blue light greets them as it hurls you into this realm, unceremoniously flinging you out of its maw. Now, here you stand: may it be amidst mossy forest, foggy marshland, hollow mountain, or barren desert. Step carefully, stranger. The forest paths double in on themselves, and the trees change places when you blink. Take a shovel to the desert sands and you’ll soon hit spacecraft metal. There are dead stars in the mountains and sleeping behemoths in the swamps. Remember: this is the corpse of an old world. Its dreams are wild, hungry creatures. Its whispers call forth feral things from beyond reality’s horizons. This is the crossroads of the wild and wondrous, a convergence for all things strange and surreal. And still, for many, it is home. Welcome to Taen. Navigation Lore Article Otherworlder's Guides Local Legends Bestiary and Botany The Three Sisters Totenborough The Frontier Quests & Opportunities AMA OOC Discussion The Veluriyam Empire and now, the weather ▷ scntfc - Beacon Bay ▷ scntfc - Lantern ▷ Connor Sherlock - Blasted Heath ▷ Connor Sherlock - Myth-born Dreams ▷ Connor Sherlock - Daemon Soul of An Unhallowed Thing
  15. The Three Sisters The cities of Lunaris, Arcturon, and Kuiperal are collectively known as the Three Sisters, or Tres Marias. Each are major cities founded by the Veluriyam Empire, and have strong cultural and trading ties with each other Lunaris - The capital city of Taen and seat of the Veluriyam Empire. Population of 2 million. Arcturon - city with a large population of scientists, academics, and engineers. Base of Khartes, Veluriyam’s research institution. Population of 300,000 Kuiperal - military outpost, hotspot for adventurers, explorers, and mercenaries looking for employment. Population of 300,000
  16. Wade

    The Frontier

    Pulse: Hub of the Frontier Canyon City, Tu Bui The Frontier is a civilian, Terran-based project created to send scientists, explorers, and colonists to settle in Taen. Tracing its roots back to a powerful business syndicate, the initiative derives most of its funding from a tightly-knit group of privately held corporations. Its ultimate goal is to establish a permanent presence in Taen as a means of capitalizing on its resources and studying its interdimensional nature. Geography Topography Directly to the north of Pulse lies one end of the mountain quadrant, host to a vast subterranean network that remains largely unexplored. To the south and west stretch miles of vibrant jungle, with generous quantities to the east bordering the edge of Taen. Cityscape Pulse is a bustling city despite its relative infancy, nestled in a jungle plain near the southern end of Taen’s mountain range. Thick, armoured walls, roughly fifty feet in height, surround it on all fronts with the exception of the mountainside acting as a natural blockade. A singularly monolithic tower, which can be seen scraping the sky from miles away, resides at the city’s core while functioning as the Frontier’s main base of operations. Known as the Sanctum, it was modelled after the colossal micro-cities of Hell’s Gate, being internally self-sustaining with regards to energy, food, water, and waste disposal. The majority of its facilities are purely utilitarian, being dedicated to industry and scientific research rather than entertainment and leisure. A heavily-guarded mining district controls the northern section of Pulse, regulating access to the underground highway leading directly beneath the mountains. Expeditions haven’t ventured far but what’s been explored of the cave network has been appropriated by the Frontier. Fungi farms have been especially successful, in addition to fisheries built along subterranean lakes. Pulse isn’t large enough to warrant too many roadways, so it relies on a rail and shuttle system for public transportation throughout the city. The Sanctum, likewise, operates on elevators and automated walkways, with security and maintenance staff getting access to carts and freight shafts. Colonial One, Adriaan224 Climate Pulse enjoys a tropical climate, remaining comfortably warm throughout the year. Peak temperatures occur during the summer with heavy rainfalls frequenting the winter. Depending on the time of day, certain parts of the city will experience cooler temperatures, as the Sanctum’s shadow is so utterly massive that it can blanket entire districts for hours at a time. Culture The first settlers of the Frontier were recruited from the best and brightest Terrenus had to offer. Combined with the regimented nature of their environment, they developed a society that values efficiency and solidarity. Residents are typically passionate about their work, drawn by the promise of adventure in an alien world, with unemployment being virtually nonexistent due to the Frontier’s meticulous handle over its own resources. Newcomers tend to be of a similarly high caliber, since the organization relies on a stringent screening process upon immigration. It’s also wary of third-party businesses, allowing few to set up shop without strict supervision. Crime is extremely low but has seen a minor spike as of late, likely as a result of a rapidly-expanding infrastructure offering more wiggle room in terms of deviance. There is a general air of caution concerning Taen’s native population. This is primarily due to tensions between the Frontier and the Veluriyam Empire threatening to boil over into hostility. The Director of Colonial Affairs has made an effort to quell any feelings of animosity, having recently launched a campaign to foster better relationships with outsiders. Limited work opportunities are not uncommon as a result, with benefits including free education and temporary housing. The public’s reaction has been mostly positive so far, though a clear sense of division still lingers in the air, making it difficult for outsiders to truly fit in or feel like they belong. Racial Demographic (Population of 250,000) Human: 70% Elf: 10% Robotic: 10% Draconian: 5% Other: 5% Economy Pulse is entirely self-sufficient and continues to grow at a staggering rate, thanks to the Sanctum’s vast array of facilities and the abundance of materials found in the local environment. The city is not infinitely wealthy, however, and has to be careful about how to manage its resources. Ventures beyond the walls tend to be far and few in between but with fairly high profit margins to offset their scarcity. Lab-grown food remains a staple in most diets. High-yield carbohydrates and textured proteins are especially prevalent. Pulse’s farming industry is still young and learning how to properly harvest from the environment, so natural ingredients are rare and, more often than not, fairly expensive. As the central hub of the Frontier, Pulse is also responsible for many of the initiative’s smaller settlements. Trade occurs almost exclusively on this level without touching the Veluriyam Empire whatsoever. Business with Terrenus is sporadic due to the impractical nature of warp travel. This usually manifests in the form of a rare supply shipment at important junctures to cultiave Pulse's continued growth. Frontier technology is easily the most advanced in all of Taen. Even by Terran standards, the project could be considered cutting edge to the point of fantasy. Recyclers, devices capable of breaking down materials into their raw, individual components, are the unsung heroes of the current generation. Fusion power and AI are just as important in the maintenance of infrastructure, while breakthroughs in medicine have radicalized developments in the average citizen’s health. Currently, the city’s biggest endeavour is learning how to master worldrift energy. Credit: Kenneth Fairclough, Fred Augis, Oliver Guiney Government For all intents and purposes, Pulse’s government is the Frontier’s government. It is run by Director Richard Tanenbaum with the aid of a small council comprised of Pulse’s departmental heads. Council: Director, Richard Tanenbaum Superintendent, Luyn Kaigal Head of Research and Development, Mark Chowdhurry Chief of Security, Javier Ibaka Director of Colonial Affairs, Eileen Zhang Security The Frontier came to Taen with its own privately funded military, a small force that makes up for its size with state-of-the-art technology. Soldiers both protect the city from exterior threats and police it from within. Anyone entering or exiting the city must pass through quarantine and security without exception. 6000 soldiers 30 destroyer-class airships 20 Ogre Assault Mechs 50 suits of power armour Notable Locations Within the Sanctum > The Lift – the largest and most central set of elevators. Authorization, often presented in the form of a security pass, is required to access certain floors. > Residential Blocks A, B, C, D, E – living quarters clustered in densely populated common areas. They come in a variety of pods, cabins, or luxury apartments depending on a person’s rank within the Sanctum. > Skywalk – located near the upper floors, Skywalk is essentially a giant balcony protruding from the microcity’s trunk. All manner of entertainment is found here, as the area is solely recreational. Invisible forcefields prevent people from falling over the railing and down a kilometre-long drop. They also help to maintain a comfortable temperature at an altitude that would otherwise be considered freezing. Artists: Gary Inloes, Kory Lynn Hubbel Outside the Sanctum > Miru Highway – a guarded thoroughfare located within the northern mining district, extending two miles beneath the mountains with several branching pathways along its length. The subterranean portion is lit by a mixture of artificial and natural lighting, the latter existing in the form of lightstones and bioluminescent flora. Fungi and fish farms can be found here. > Arboretum – a small patch of jungle preserved during Pulse’s construction, and a hotspot among locals looking for a quiet escape from the city's hustle and bustle. It is located directly beside the southern section of the walls. There’s been talk about potentially doubling the area as an open zoo. > Saiko District – a flashy commercial and business centre with a strong sense of cultural diversity. Widely regarded as the best place to go for food, shopping, leisure and entertainment. History Beginning in mid 595 WTA, Richard Tannenbaum sent agents to investigate the portals leading to Taen through the Blue Hills. One of these portals was discovered to be stable, remaining active for a set few hours during the day. It opened onto a wide open plain straddling the line between Taen’s jungle and mountain quadrants. Tannenbaum hired a select few companies to go there in secret and begin construction of a massive warp pad, while development of the Sanctum took place in an isolated corner of Hell’s Gate. In 597 WTA, the warp pad was used to teleport the now-completed Sanctum to its location, anchoring the micro-city in place after expending its single-use charge. From there, the Sanctum was able to start building the wall that would cement its foothold in Taen. The territory was later renamed as Pulse once the community outside the Sanctum had grown to a significant size. Lunaris took notice of Pulse’s presence when scouts reported the sudden appearance of a massive tower overnight. Many believed the Frontier to be an extended arm of the Terran military. Suspicions, despite a few lackluster efforts, have not been put to rest since, and the Frontier's unapologetic efforts at expansion have left the Veluriyam Empire concerned. Potential WIP
  17. "Ordo Contra Furor" -Valucrean Containment Foundation motto The VCF is a foundation that is tasked with the containment and if need be, concealment, of mystical, physical, supernatural or anomalous objects, beings, artifacts, relics, weapons, creatures, fauna, flora, etc that may/will/has the potential to harm any living sentient being, directly or indirectly. The Foundation has no ties with any government, country, nation or entity meaning that it cannot be prosecuted under any law whatsoever. The Foundation protects the Valucrean world from dangerous things, ranging from the individually dangerous to end of the world extinction threats. Sometimes the Foundation is not able to contain these threats and employs on help from others, lest for the world's sake than their own. (I am aware that this foundation is very similar to the SCP foundation and it is indeed intentional. This is due to the lore of the organization which will be revealed below.) Founder: [REDACTED] [REDACTED], circa [REDACTED] - Present day (Age known to be +200 years old) Current Leader: [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Staff count total: +- 598 000 (Terrenus) +- 674 0000 (Genessaris) +- 356 000 (Renovatio) +- [REDACTED] (Alterion) Facilities and sites: Facilities Facility 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05 are located in Terrenus, Genessaris, Renovatio, and Alterion respectively, each in the near center of the respective continents with the exception of Facility-05, located on the far northern coast of Alterion to monitor the Vortex constantly (see CS-1). Each facility acts as an administrative center for the sites that are scattered throughout the regions themselves. Each site contains a CS (Containment subject) and the sites are built to be able to contain such threats. Facility 01 to 04 was built in numerical order, each facility remote from civilization and disguised to blend into the environment and the regions themselves. For more information, refer to the spoiler below. Sites Each site has a similar layout to assist in constant transfers of staff members throughout different sites but is built differently to contain the threats within said sites. The sites are all of the same layout except for a key few (Namely Site-19, site-239 and site-876). They all are built as a groundscraper, reaching a depth of 1.5 km, divided to the HCU, LCU, and CCU which takes up 20%, 70% and 10% of the depth of the groundscraper respectively. For more information, refer to the spoiler below. Background: [REDACTED] See incident OS-92
  18. Themes: Political intrigue, pirates, medieval fantasy Technology/powers: low-tech, high-magic, mild powers Contact: @Csl and @danzilla3 For six years, the once-great kingdom of Ursa Madeum suffered under the bloody rule of Damien Gillick. The madman seized the throne after the disappearance of beloved Queen Decameron, shutting off the islands from the rest of Terrenus by a magical blood barrier created from the murder of thousands. Now, over a year has passed since the Veluriyam Empire overthrew King Damien and took the islands under their wing. Ursa Madeum, reborn from the waves, continues its slow return to its former glory. These are times of change. Veluriyam has left, giving the islands its independence. One kingdom has split into two. While relations remain amicable, the Queendom of Svanhild refuses to bend its knee to the new government. The waters remain turbulent. The two kingdoms share an uneasy peace. Pirates plague the waters of the Southern Sea. Ursa Madeum’s old noble houses quietly pursue their own goals, navigating a complex web of conflicts and alliances. In these times of turmoil, Ursa Madeum’s future seems uncertain, its present steeped in political intrigue. Welcome to Valucre’s own game of thrones. News 19/9 - A masquerade ball is held to celebrate the coronation of Ursa Madeum's new king. 6/10 - Veluriyam departs from the islands. The nobility decide on a new government for Ursa Madeum. House Hildebrand and its lands become a separate Queendom. 5/23 - A volcano elemental emerges from Mt. Egon, bringing calamity to Misral. House Tankred perishes in its rampage. Navigation Overview | Quests | User Lore Index | AMA | Club OOC
  19. Opportunities in Ursa Madeum Hello, stranger. Looking for a place to dip your toes in this island chain of politics and pirates? Look no further: I present the list below for your perusal, a carefully curated index for roles requests, prompts, and quests for the lovely land of Ursa Madeum. I place an emphasis on long-term plots and storylines, and encourage user-driven efforts as much as I can. For questions, post in the Veluriyam Empire AMA. If any of the opportunities below catch your eye, feel free to post in the Ursa Madeum OOC or shoot Csl and danzilla3 a PM! @Csl and @danzilla3 a PM! ▸Join a noble house Blood is thicker than water, as they say. The most direct way to launch oneself into the mayhem of Ursa Madean politics: create a member of an existing noble house. A list of currently recruiting houses are as follows: House Dali → Want to join a noble house? House Hildebrand → Send a PM to @vielle House Karradeen → Send a PM to @Tyler ▸Create an aristocratic family Tea parties, gossip, and the occasional glass of poisoned wine. The Aristocracy is social class below the nobility, composed of prominent families that hold significant social and economic power. These are the spectators, the ones on the sidelines of the game that is Ursa Madeum's politics. Perhaps, through time and growing influence, they may even become players. Interested? Send Csl and danzilla3 a PM with the details below: Name: Overview: Brief description of the family, what goals/plans they have, where they stand in UM society. Members: Include the head of the family. Estate, domain, holdings: Where do they live? What properties (land, resources, businesses, etc.) do they own? History: Important periods are the time of Queen Analea, the reign of the Tyrant-King and the Veluriyam occupation. ▸Become a notable individual Be master of thy fate and captain of thy soul: establish your character independently as a Notable Individual: a local of one of Ursa Madeum’s many cities. Create an artist to paint the natural wonders of the archipelago (e.g., pretty daughters of wealthy elites). Create a monster-hunter and hunt down non-humans. Create an assassin and offer your poison-brewing services to scheming nobility. The possibilities are endless! Need some inspiration? Head over to the Veluriyam: Updates and Canon thread and check the Opportunities in the quoted canonization summaries. ▸Create an organization Political intrigue is intriguing, sure, but the lives of common citizens are rich with stories begging to be told. and stories, of course, are best told together, with friends, and while in pursuit of common goals. Thumb your nose at nobility; create your own organization! Some examples of organizations are shops, guilds, pirate crews, bandit groups, crime-solving agencies, and magic academies. Check the Tomes of Andelusia for a full list of the existing Ursa Madeum-based organizations. ▸Start a plot Have some grand, long-term storyline you’d like to set in motion? Fancy the islands as the background of a murder mystery, a fencing tournament, or the discovery of dragons? Plots have a better chance of approval if they: Encourage user participation (e.g., it gives other players roles to fill and events to join) Generate opportunities Fit in with Ursa Madeum’s medieval, low-tech, and high-magic themes. ▸Take up a Quest The tried and tested path to wealth and fame. Proceed to the Ursa Madeum Quest Index below for a list of quests in the islands.
  20. i. overview ii. members iii. estate iv. the hinode clan v. house kinclaith vi. house cardona vii. house penderyn viii. vassal houses & other locations ix. the arborum x. threads
  21. territory of the queendom of svanhild Symbiotic Fantasy City by Christian Dimitrov The City of Vanora on silver waves; Vanora had once been a humble fishing village built on the ruins of an ancient city that had thrived on the shores of Thraece since before the Queendom came into being. With the growing demand for expansion in the aquaculture industry, House Hildebrand has seen fit to aid the village to build its way up into a thriving hub for commerce and enterprise. Vanora has a population of roughly 40,000 which continues to grow as the city gains more citizens from Corinth: artisans attracted by the potential this coastal paradise offers not only in the economic sphere but in agricultural, adventuring, and scholarly pursuits as well. Geography Topography Vanora is situated along the eastern coast of the island of Thraece, at the tip of a small cape locals call the Ivory Heights. Flanked by towering rock formations and weathered stone cliffs, the city’s natural defenses make it a safe haven in the midst of pirate threats. Various roads connect Vanora to its neighboring coastal villages, with busy highways leading further north to Port Thea and Ylia City. If one were to explore the wildlands surrounding Vanora, one would find places ripe for further exploration, which may be of great interest to adventurers and treasure hunters looking for new exotic locales to conquer. As the city is built on the remains of a long-gone society, one need not look any further than the soaring towers of Cimmerian Keep high above Vanora’s cityscape as it casts tall shadows upon the land whenever the sun passes behind the crest. Safe Haven by Andreas Rocha Cityscape Vanora is a city built over three periods: before the rise of the Queendom, the aftermath of the Tyrant King’s death, and the arrival of House Hildebrand. Therefore, its current urban landscape is composed of mismatched structures and crumbling pieces of architecture built one on top of the other, such as a ruined bridge now used as the structure for an open-air marketplace, or ancient stone pillars and foundations being used to construct an entirely new establishment. The old and the new mesh together in a symphony of sights that would normally appear discordant, but are ultimately harmonious thanks to the efforts of House Hildebrand and a leading team of urban planners. Scenery ► Ports — Sailors and dockers hustling about and singing raunchy sea shanties. Workmen preparing ships to sail out into open waters or to unload them of their cargo. Carts rolling over wooden platforms to reach the fish hawkers intending to buy stocks and sell them to stall owners in the marketplace. Dock bells ringing and answered by horns from the boats dotting the seas further out. ► City Proper — Orchid knights and city guards patrolling the streets in groups of three, gleaming lances held high. Horse-drawn coaches rumbling over stone brick streets. Children playing Fisherman's Luck and Liar's Dice in narrow alleyways. Groups of people cooking and eating together over communal cooking pits. ► Outskirts — Travelers entering and leaving the city like a flowing river that never ceases. Farmlands stretching out across the plains in fields of wheat, corn, tomatoes. Seemingly endless woods with ancient ruins and moss-covered statues off the beaten path. Climate Due to its coastal location, Vanora enjoys a more equable climate with moderate temperatures all year round. This allows the city to boast a serene atmosphere for any travellers looking for holiday destinations. The spring brings with it a heavy amount of rain; nonetheless, children tie colorful banners along the streets to bring splashes of color to an otherwise somber landscape. Summer is hot and humid, causing locals to seek out the cool waters of the ocean in large droves. Flora and Fauna The city enjoys a most varied array of aquatic flora and fauna for both consumption and admiration. Aside from the plentiful marine life one would normally find in the oceans of Ursa Madeum, the waters near Vanora boast the following extraordinary creatures: Ocean Creatures- coral reef, open ocean, deep sea by Seb Avila 1 ► Teal Shelled Chelonian — Popularly known as Tealshells, these large legless turtles swim off the coast of Thraece in small groups of five or six. They are peaceful grazers of seaweed along the ocean floor. Due to their vast numbers, the people of Vanora hunt them for their meat: a primary ingredient found in local delicacies such as spiced rainbow stew and artichoke dipping sauces. 2 ► Giant Sea Gourd — These creatures appear to be a strange mix of flora and fauna in one entity, causing frustrated debates amongst marine researchers. The coral reefs are the Giant Sea Gourd’s natural habitat. The tubes sticking out of its carapace periodically spew out spores that enhance plant growth; fishermen collect these spores to make cheap fertilizer for use on land flora. 3 ► Angler Shrimp — Found in colder and deeper waters, the massive Angler Shrimp is known to be carnivorous, using its luminous esca to lure in schools of fish into its gaping maw hidden behind its whiskers (antennae). Only the most daring of fishermen would attempt to hunt down these creatures, as they've been known to pull nets and anchor lines down into the depths, consequently drowning smaller vessels and damaging large ships. However, with great risk comes great reward: angler shrimp meat is a rare commodity the wealthy would pay a great number of shillings for, and the creature's esca can be used to form unique light fixtures that come to life all on their own when it gets dark. monster design 01 by drazebot ► Brumak by @Wade (1) (2) — Aggressive and fiercely territorial, the Brumak are a varied species of crustaceans who live in a symbiotic relationship with each other. Their shape and size slightly differs from individual to individual, though they tend to be large and bulky with an almost golden carapace. Rocky shorelines are their preferred habitat, in addition to small islets and damp caverns, and they often bide their time beneath the sands, waiting for prey to ambush as they pass by. Culture With House Hildebrand ushering in its branch houses as well as many of its vassals to Vanora's shores, the city has ultimately become a melting pot of races, cultures, and religions. Humans mix with the smaller racial subgroups of elves, harefolk, sheepfolk, gnomes, and firbolgs. Ul'dah Citizens Art - Final Fantasy XIV Vanora has grown from sleepy fishing village to bustling city with unprecedented speed. Despite their rising numbers and wealth, the people of Vanora continue to uphold the values of a tight-knit society, working together to boost each other up to greater heights. An entrepreneurial mindset is common amongst locals, which ultimately leads to innovation and creativity in the economic and cultural spheres. The City of Silver Waves can also be called the City of Possibilities—provided one knows where to position himself in a quick-growing community of idealists. Economy Aquaculture remains as the primary source of economic growth and exports for Vanora, with agronomy and textile production tying for second. With the excess of raw food materials in the city, many budding entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to create innovative products and services, such as making the logistics of food deliveries more efficient or constructing aquariums for the wealthy. As these businesses flourish, so does the city itself; the cycle of growth continues on, boosting overall wealth and therefore the standards of living within Vanora. Education The Candlesea Academy has been recently established as an esteemed institution for academia in the city, with specialized courses for those seeking to study aquaculture, cartography, coastal engineering, naval architecture, and sail training. Government The city is under the governance of House Hildebrand, with a trusted council of five elders (see below: the Vanorian Council) installed by the noble house to help directly oversee local matters and provide justice in court if necessary. Military 2,000 knights of the Order of the Orchid — headed by Ser Alfred Belanger 500 wardens from House Kinclaith — composed of members from the sheepfolk, harefolk, firbolg, and gnome clans 100 warriors from the Taira Clan 300 Naho Raiders — headed by Captain Elliot Kessler (@Wade) 500 local militia 15 caravels with fully functioning crew 5 galleys with fully functioning crew 50 Eagleships — Through an agreement with Ylia City and House Mythal, Vanora is protected with a sizable fleet of Eagleships patrolling its waters night and day. Notable Residents ► Vanorian Council — Composed of five trusted elders, the Vanorian Council are considered as the city regents; however, they ultimately bow to the will of House Hildebrand as the higher authority when it comes to authoritative decision making. They draft and approve legislation, ordinances, and public works for the betterment of the community. The distribution of the city treasury and taxation orders are also handled by the council with oversight from Lord Jasper Hildebrand. Baroness Lorraine Maignes (aristocratic landowner) Shak’al Wehu (tribal chieftain) Dr. Ebeneezer Alichade (head of marine research) Captain Deimos Darringer (esteemed sailor) Lady Esmeralda Gloryday (House Kinclaith representative) ► Branon “Skinner” Montalart — Acting Harbormaster of Candleport. He once lost an arm to a leviathan attack a few years past; with his remaining arm, however, he wields a blade like no other. He is fond of visiting organized fighting pits near the docks and dueling hapless challengers looking to win a bet, often mocking his foes for their inability to defeat a cripple whenever he wins. ► One-Eyed Tris — An infamous former pirate now turned tattoo artist who only inks those that have looked upon the great leviathans of Ursa Madeum's waters and lived to tell the tale. A tattoo from Tris not only serves as a mark of competency and prominence, but can be imbued with luck charms and other magicks that would aid sailors, should one be persuaded to pay her the extra shilling. ► Émile Dyker — A frivolous purveyor of personal luxuries such as soaps, hair oils, perfume, and fine silks who also dabbles in a little fortune telling. Some say that his drowned lover Mauricius is now a ghost that whispers secrets in his ear. Notable Locations Within Vanora ► Isidore Park — Once a crumbling castle from the days of the Tyrant King, House Hildebrand has since repurposed the structure into an expansive estate reminiscent of Acadia's style of architecture. Aside from its recreational gardens that are open for public use, Isidore Park also serves as Vanora's seat of power, where the Vanorian Council come together to discuss local matters. Jasper Hildebrand had given the estate its moniker in honor of his wife Kalika's maiden name. ► Candleport — Vanora’s harbor usually appears to almost glow in the sunlight due to the pale limestone and whitewood used in its construction. With enough space to accommodate ships of all sizes, it also has a bell tower that doubles as a lighthouse, warehouses for shipped goods in and out of the harbor, and a dry dock for ship repairs. Candleport is named as such due to the local tradition of families setting up candles by the shores to guide their sailing loved ones home to land. ► The Hungry Cod — A newly established tavern commissioned by House Kinclaith, the Hungry Cod offers one interesting attraction: the whole floor is lowered and covered in a pool of water about a foot deep, with tiny colourful fish swimming around and nibbling the dead skin off your feet. An engraved sign on the door says, "No shoes!" The proprietor—an elderly gnome named Rosie Lorridan—takes great pains to remind newcomers that there's nothing like a free foot massage whilst they enjoy a good drink. ► Temple of Windsong — A monastery built within the ruined remains of a large ship long since grounded near Vanora’s ports. It is guarded by a Thracian tribe that worships the sea and the wind. In order to even step foot inside, one must have at least spent 15 years of their life at sea. A large whalebone altar has been set up in the center of the temple, where the tribe prays to their sea god for good weather and safe sea travel on behalf of the more superstitious of Vanora’s sailors. ► Angler's Rest by @Wade — An impressive limestone fort built into the cliffside of Vanora’s outskirts, separated by a drawbridge presiding over a fairly steep drop. It is currently occupied by the Naho Raiders, a local company of elite soldiers-for-hire, known for their hot-blooded tenacity and golden Brumak-shell armour. Their leader, Elliot Kessler, is a level-headed man of affable character, and can be found sleeping in his office when he’s not buried under a mountain of paperwork. expedition by Anton Chernoskutov Outside Vanora ► The Mermaid's Tear by @SweetCyanide — A unique travelling shop run by the Glendower siblings. Jewelries crafted with rare seashells and dangerous sea animals are sold here. A turtle leviathan popular among the locals accompanies the merchants everywhere. They only appear in Vanora twice a week, so get them while they're hot! ► Cimmerian Keep — With its darkened walls and hollow halls, the ruins of this ancient stronghold have yet to be fully mapped. A ragtag group of adventurers calling themselves the Brave Heralds have set up camp by the gates to serve as their base of operations for exploration runs within the keep. They have a propensity for lighting giant bonfires that can be seen from miles away, inadvertently becoming a makeshift lighthouse at night. ► Nereid's Gates (pictured above) — A rock formation that rises to the heavens a few miles north of Vanora, between the city and its distant neighbor Ylia City. Magical occurrences abound within the vicinity of this natural structure; it is said that the sea nymphs have blessed it as their chosen altar, and that whoever makes their way to the top of the sheer rock face would be granted an unspeakable wish. Many seek to determine whether this legend is true or not, undeterred by the location's turbulent waters and sharp sea stacks. Many have tried, and many have lost their lives to the danger that surrounds Nereid's Gates. The few that do manage to make their way up disappear altogether—whereto, exactly, no one knows for sure. ► The Inkwell — Five miles off the southeastern shore of Vanora and amidst what seems like an endless reef of bright coral lies a dark hole in the ocean floor. It measures 500 feet across, is near-perfectly round and lies just 30 feet below the waves. While what investigation into The Inkwell has all but revealed it to be nothing more than an ominous pit, it has done nothing to quell the rumors of it being a hiding place for countless treasures of the pirates of old, or perhaps the lair of an ancient leviathan. ► Niyogyugan — A small atoll inhabited by a village of sentient coconut people called the Niyog. They worship a giant baobab tree growing in the middle of their island’s lagoon that gives life to their people. They have basic tools such as spears and dugout canoes, and would much prefer to be left alone due to prior experience with people hunting them for consumption. Kakamora sketch from Moana (2016) by Josh H. History Canon - -
  22. MEET THE FULL HORIZON 'Inspiration was found when we looked to the sea and the sky. When you sail with us, you will notice the two aren’t divided but united by this one perfect line — the very same one that inspired the Full Horizon. Full Horizon unites all by getting you together with great fun, comfort, dining and exotic entertainment. And most importantly, with one another.' Owner: Nefarious Cruise To/Depart From: Last Chance (with plans for Casper, pending safe harbor) Tonnage: 90,090 GT Length: 293.2 m (962 ft) Beam: 32.2 m (106 ft) Draft: 8.5 m (28 ft) Decks: 13 (12 guest accessible) Speed: 25 knots (46 km/h; 29 mph) Capacity: 2,501 passengers Crew: 872 Wait Staff and Cooks (300): These individuals are uninformed in button-up collared shirts, vests, aprons, and are regularly donning cleaning materials and/or food trays. The Wait Staff is held to the utmost levels of quality, and in return, they are afforded fantastic benefits and a caring overseer. One hundred of these individuals are highly trained and caring cooks who spend all day and night preparing luxurious entrees and drinks for seafarers. This swashbuckling crew knows the hard knocks of restaurant life better than anyone. Some say the seasoned, tattooed cooks could double as hardened pirates if they ever wanted to, but instead they dedicate their lives to clean living and delicious cooking. Ship Maintenance and Operations (253): Ship Maintenance and Operations is comprised of a sect of highly skilled engineers, navigators, and scientists. On-the-go repairs, adaptations to keep the Full Horizon updated with the times, and the ship’s general route are controlled by this group. Casino Staff (206): A large repertoire of gymnastical card dealers and handlers, entertainers ranging from awe-inspiring to hilarious, and various table managers fill the casino menagerie during all hours night and day to facilitate gambling in its various facets. Security (113): Cameras fill every aperture of the Full Horizon and multi-doored vaults fill its lower decks, near the boiler rooms where engineers and maintenance crew dwell. In secret rooms filled with the filament of surveillance video, one hundred skilled men and women serve the Full Horizon’s owner (Nefarious) and protect the ship from any ne'er do wells. Perpetrators of first offenses will be locked in the brig for a time proportionate to the crime. Second-time offenders will be shuttled off the Horizon back to the deck. Capital offenders whose offenses are judged bad enough by upper staff are thrown overboard. HIGHLIGHTS Casino The heart of Full Horizon is the elaborate casino. The state-of-the-art casino comes with 318 slot machines and 28 gaming tables offering blackjack, craps, poker, baccarat, and roulette. The pool tables (a favorite!) are stabilized by a computer-controlled gyroscope. They adjust with the motion of the ship to keep the table-top level with the horizon. If you are looking for a true red carpet experience, the ship has exclusive VIP rooms with three tables that can be interchanged to meet guest preferences and requirements. Rock-climbing wall Dare to rise above the rest and take on the signature Rock Climbing Wall. From beginners to speed climbers, everyone can enjoy an unparalleled view from 40 feet above deck. Solarium Slip away to this indoor and outdoor retreat. The Solarium is your slice of paradise, with soothing whirlpools, warm sunshine, and a refreshing water mist. Bottomless Sips Gallery Catch a glimpse of the magic that happens in the kitchen on a tour of the galley, then indulge in delicious eats paired with bottomless sparkling wine. DINING Ante Cafe If you're feeling a bit more casual, come enjoy the deli eats that knock it out of the park. You'll find quick bites to please the pickiest palate, from made-to-order salads to fresh-pressed panini and sandwiches. Windjammer Cafe Needing a little pick-me-up? From a nice breakfast blend to get you going to an after-dinner cappuccino, just drop by this cafe for sweets, specialty coffee beverages, and a bit of people watching. The Middle Man Sweeping, multi-level ambiance, world-class cuisine and the most attentive staff at sea — welcome to the Middle Man. Enjoy each morning with breakfast served at your table from the professional wait staff. On sea days, stop in for lunch and enjoy specialties that span Valucre, from simple burgers to a sophisticated dish. The most unforgettable affair, dinner features extraordinary personal service from your dedicated wait staff in a fantastic experience and a new menu each evening. Chip Grille Explore Valucre dish by dish. Start your day with a sampling of delicious breakfast offerings, including all your breakfast favorites, indulgent fresh pastries, juices and much more. Lunchtime, choose from a wide variety of signature specialties - like fresh-pressed paninis, pastas, salads, soups, sandwiches, hearty dishes, and various carving stations. Don't forget dessert! Cap your day off with something sweet from the dessert station. Diamond Club Lounge Loyalty has its privileges. Full Horizon has an exclusive Diamond Club lounge to thank our most valued Diamond Club members for their continued loyalty. From concierge access to complimentary continental breakfast, and even complimentary cocktails at happy hour, our most loyal guests enjoy special perks in a space reserved just for them. Serenity Lounge Serenity with a twist of sunshine and lime. Reserved exclusively for guests of Diamond+ level accommodations and above, the Serenity Lounge presents complimentary continental breakfast and evening drinks. So from croissants to Cosmos, we've got your cravings covered. Bubbly Bar Whether you prefer onboard thrills or seaside chill, raise a glass of bubbly at our Bubbly Bar and toast to a day well-spent. Discover your perfect pairing for adventure at sea. Point Sky Bar Quench your thirst here at the Point Sky Bar. While you're soaking up the vibe of the Solarium, grab a refreshment from the bar, where friendly bartenders serve wine, beer, cocktails and chilled umbrella drinks perfect for sipping beneath your poolside umbrella. 
  23. Cave Town By IIDanmrak Theme: Low Tech, Fantasy, Criminal, Mild Powers. Description If you were to follow the endless streams which swerve their way through the high altitudes and venture through its many cave systems, you may stumble across The Cavecrest Cove. A small town sat at the heart of The Ouread, inside the mountains themselves. A small hub for adventurers that may not fit into regular society, for whatever reason. The unique and rustic city sits inside a large cavern south of The Badlands, sheltered from the harsh elements. The entrance can be found just above a large frozen lake, nestled on the mountainside. Whilst one may enter by foot, it is not advised. For the entrance sits high up the cliff-face, the harsh elements make climbing both laborious and dangerous. No, the best way is by airship. The town in itself could be described as a small skyport, welcoming any travelers who find their way in. Demographic Cavecrest Cove, or Cavecrest for short, has a small population of just 1500 people. The population does not have a native species, but is primarily human and orc, with a growing badgerfolk population. Various other species exist within the town, but are primarily travelers rather than residents. Most humans and orcs live inside homes on the islands, with some choosing to live on floating homes on the water-pool. The vast majority of badgerfolk live inside dens, built into the cavern walls. Culture in Cavecrest Cove is fairly basic, with the majority of the population being non-religious. Most humans and even some badgerfolk have taken on more orcish traditions, centered around honor and strength. This unwritten honor code has lead to a very strong and low-crime rate community, removing most theft and unwarranted violence. Many disputes are settled with duels in the cities many arenas, rather than being settled by a higher body. But despite society becoming more orcish, home-life and structure has become more human. With most orcs giving up a polygamous society ruled by a chieftain, in favor of a more standard hierarchical system ruled by a governing body. Religion in Cavecrest Cove is almost non-existent, with a small group of cultist who worship the skeletal remain of a water dragon names 'Volos'. The group are firm believers that the dragon was a demigod who created the water pool at the bottom of the cavern, believing that it is sacred and should not be taken for granted. The current number of cultist is unknown, but believed to be low and rather peaceful. In the past they have offered help and shelter to fisherman who have lost their homes on the water, so most residents are both comfortable and welcoming of the group. Social Climate A small town and fairly new at that, Cavecrest has mostly kept to itself. The towns self sufficiency and location has not helped with situation, with outside interaction being mostly limited to the few who know of it. As the town has grown trade has increased, but this is moving at a slow pace. Since the Cavecrest has no regulations from outside sources, it often attracts pirates and other darker characters looking to trade. It's market is often referred to as the black bazar, a middle ground for people to trade illegal or government regulated goods. This has caught attention from outside figures, furthering issues with foreign relations. Despite its unregulated market and popularity with criminals, Cavecrest has little to no crime. This is mostly due to the honorable nature of the city, theft and unwarranted violence being considered worthy of shunning. With the majority of the population being battle hardened, even outside criminals are unlikely to commit offences. This has lead to strong ties back to orcish strongholds and certain human clans. The town is extremely in-tune with the flora of the cavern, as it's considered to be a lifeline of the town. The bioluminescent fauna makes up a vast majority of light sources, with the majority of the population using and knowing how to cultivate the naturally occurring light source. Magic is also a staple of the town, with magitech being a growing commodity of the town. With magitech following a similar path as the flora, to be used as light sources. This love of fauna and magitech grew due to issues in the past with using wood and coal, as it caused major air pollution which caused health issues for many of the townsfolk. Geography and Climate Cavecrest Cove is a small town built inside of a naturally occurring cavern, formed inside the mountains. The homes and other various structures are built on islands, supported by large pillars and columns. The bottom of this cavern is a large pool of fresh water, its source can be traced back through underwater caves to various streams and lakes found throughout the lands. The entrance sits at the side of the mountain, with a tunnel slowly lowering towards the cavern itself. The entrance is large enough to have small to medium airships enter. The climate of Cavecrest Cove can only be described as bitter and gloomy. Strong cold gusts are all to common, with construction of a cave door being considered to help with climate issues. Cityscape The various islands can contain roughly 2-30 buildings varying on size, purpose and status of each structure respectively. Each island will sit at different heights, with higher houses being generally owned by the richer community. The lower areas tend to be filled with the working class community, with no real class boundaries as poverty is almost unheard of. Along the walls, many dens can be found. Connected by spiraling bridges, all leading to one central island acting as the gateway. These belong to the badgerfolks, a small group in the community who often act as the miners. Certain marked dens act as mines, which is where Cavecrest Cove acquires most of its ores. Larger islands can be found closer to the center of the cavern, this is where the main ports and services can be found. There are three main islands, each serving its own purpose. The first island is for ports and warehouses, making up the bulk of trade with outsiders. The second island sits in the center of the three, providing community services such as police and medical facilities. The last island is the market area, considered to be the heart of the community. As most houses are separated, it's the one area were everyone can meet up. Providing services such taverns, enchanters, blacksmiths and restaurants. There very little that can't be found at the market! The smaller islands scattered around the larger islands are primarily homes, generally hosting 2-3 houses per island. Each section is connected though bridges, lifts or even smaller makeshift ports. The lower regions is where most production takes place, the majority of which is farming. Ore processing, textiles, woodsmithing, magicraft and more take place on these lower levels, Providing the town with all necessities and resources required to survive. The farming industry is almost entirely built upon floating homes and structures, using the water pool to provide all its resources needed to feed the town. Almost all light sources in town are magical or made using bioluminescent plants/fungi, due to issues in the past caused by coal and wood usage. All building when being designed are made to accommodate the use magicraft technology. You can find most buildings with pots of glowing plants scattered around or glowing fungus growing on the walls. Locations of Interest ~ Baruk's Port: Named after it's creator, Baruk's port is the largest port in Cavecrest Cove. This is where those visiting will first come to, with the port being large enough to hold 20 ships at a time. Designed to unload and load up cargo as efficiently and quickly as possible, it's the gateway to trading with the outside world. It's old wooden structure and rusty metal sign boast it strength, after years of use and abuse it still holds strong. ~The First Hall: Located at the very center of Cavecrest Cove sits a great hall, built by the founders of Cavecrest, Baruk and Fafnir. Carved from stone and cladded with trophies of their fallen foes, the building is a testament to the towns power If one were to look closely, they may notice the hundreds of small runes carved into the stone. It's the oldest building in Cavecrest, built around an enchanted firepit which emits a blue flame, created by Fafnire on their discovery of the cavern. The First Hall is both the home of Fafnir and meeting ground of governing bodies, welcoming all who wish to visit the town leader. ~ Ironclad Barracks: Both the home of the police force and military, the fortress was made as a strong hold to counter any raids or criminal ativity that may occur. Equipped with ballistas, hwachas, mage towers, raid ships, prison systems and more. The Ironclad barracks guarantee safety to its civilians, regardless of internal or external threats. ~ Crest Market: The largest market area in Cavecrest, it's the heart and soul of the town. Every service and good Cavecrest has to offer can be found here, loved by outsiders for its loose regulations. Pretty much any services or goods can be sold or bought, often called The Black Bazar by pirates and criminals alike. ~ Scrilly Isles Enchanter: Found at the corner of Crest Market sits the shop of a talented enchanter, owned by a man who goes by Scrilly. It's a quaint old shop sat on the market corner, a large enchanted anchor sits above the entrance. What is it enchanted with? Nobody really knows other than him. The enchanter has worked with civilians, Ironclad Military, bounty hunters and more. Whatever enchantment you want, chances are he can do it. ~ Three hearts Smithy: The towns one and only blacksmith. What was once three different blacksmiths, joined forces to create one grand forge. The blacksmiths are veterans in the work, along with their forge can create just about anything if you have the means to pay. ~ Yamin Mine: A large mine run by the cities badgerfolk, its small and vast extending tunnels seemingly never end. Producing most basic metals, such as iron and copper. Nth and LRI metals are also commonly produced, often used in the production of airships. ~ Fat Kat Inn: The most popular inn found in Cavecrest, this three story inn can host nearly 200 people at a time. With more than 100 rooms for rent, it's the stop off point for any traveler entering town. Just look for the giant cat sign, you can't miss it. ~ Maia's Brewery: The small towns brewery, mass produces enough rum to knock out every pirate in Valucre. ~ Temple of Volos: Found on one of the lower islands, the Temple of Volos is built inside the skeletal remain of a water dragon. The cultist worship the skeletal remain, viewing it as a demigod. The temple is always open, welcoming those who wish to prey or have questions. The leader of the cultist and owner of the temple goes by Alro, who can always be found standing in the entrance. ~ Sancrum: A large arena like building found opposite barracks, this building is used for the taming and training of any beasts acquired by town. Run by Olfin, the Sancrum will often produce beasts for military and other protection services. Common species will include wolves, various bears, predatory birds, etc. More rare species may include batfinks, dragon spritens and ridgebacks. On extremely rare occasions wyverns will be trained for those of a higher status. ~ Nine Hells Library: This building gets its name from its nine floors of confusing and ever twisting bookshelves, it's the tallest building in Cavecrest. One could easily get lost on its expansive collection, from non-fiction to the occult. Owned by Eve, she'll get you a book on any topic you want. ~ The Factories: A series of factories and productions lines located at the lower regions of the cavern, producing any and all products need by the town. An airship production line and repair station can be found here. ~ The Farm: A large farm that expands roughly 50% of the water pool, farming resources such as fish and seaweed. It provides all food and water needed to sustain the town, being run by multiple families and businesses. ~ The Graveyard: All citizens of Cavecrest are buried here, a sacred and protected area. To cause trouble here is to anger the whole town. People of Interest ~ Fafnir: King of Cavecrest and viewed as a saint amongst his people, Fafnir rules without question. Fafnir is a man of power and dignity, nearing 150 years of experience has given him great knowledge of rune magic. This has allowed him to augment whatever he so desires, including his own body to prolong his life. He can often be found in The First Hall wearing his chimera pelt armor, enchanted jewelry and wielding a war axe. His face ever covered in a metal helmet, few have actually seen what lay behind it. It's rumored that his left eye sees all that happens within the cavern, those that gaze into that eye for too long will begin to feel weak. ~ Olfin: Leader of the Ironclad, son of Baruk and right hand man of Fafnir. The orc warrior keeps order and fights chaos, whether it's in town or out in the wasteland. He can often be found at the barracks training his soldier, the tall orc wields his spear at all time. Ready for combat, hoping for it. ~ Slim: Head of the Three Heart Forge, a orc-human hybrid. With more human features, he has green skin and pointed ears. The expert forger was labeled a prodigy by the three owners before him. ~ Fat and Kat: Fat, the husband of Kat. Kat, the wife of Fat. A human couple who hear all the town rumors and love to talk about them, especially with travelers. Owners of the Fat Kat Inn, biggest inn of Cavecrest and no doubt the most popular. ~ Scrilly: Town enchanter and closest friend of Fafnir, Scrilly is very popular amongst the townsfolk. His kindness shared and wisdom sought after, Scrilly is always willing to lend a hand. He shares a passion for enchanting, often undertaking great enchantments with Fafnir himself. ~Alro: Head priest of the Temple of Volos. Other than being known as the head cultist, little is actually known about this man. Tho most don't care, as he has shown to be very kind to those who have experienced misfortunes. He has been known to always offer help and words of wisdom to those who seek it, or not. ~ Deshi: Elder beast master, Deshi is head of Sancrum. Training the most difficult beasts and in charge of the apprentices. ~ Rolo: Town drunk. ~ Eve: Owner of the Nine Hells Library and town 'princess', she always gets her way. Despite her dramatic attitude she's considerable a good natured person, highly intelligent and very resourceful. ~ Maia: Old timer and one of the first to settle down in Cavecrest, Maia is loved by all and consider a town hero for her healing brews and charitable nature. Flora, Fauna and Agriculture Flora in Cavecrest is extremely diverse for it's size, with the majority being non-native. Many bioluminescent plants and fungi were brought into the town as a way to reduce pollution, becoming extremely popular and cultivated by townsfolk. Most crops produced is hydroponically grown, such as scallion and seaweed. The crops produced and do not carry much variety, so much is imported. Fauna was almost non-existent upon discovery of the cavern, with the exception of monsters and aquatic life. Most fauna has been introduced as pets, pest extermination and military purpose. Sea life is precious to the community, providing most food required for the town and allowing it to be self sufficient. Education Education follows the standard practice of most towns in Terrenus, focusing on subjects such as maths and english. However, combat and history receive notable focus. As the town prides itself on strength and honor, to understand its history and be able to fight is must. Combat focuses on teaching pupils the basic of each weapon, allowing the youth to be accustomed to a weapon of their choice. History teaches pupils about the towns past and the various tribes that came together to form it. There is one main school in the town, with many of the staff being public members volunteering their time. When a student begins to specialize in a weapon or craft, a member of the public who also works with said tool or craft is asked to take on the student. This allows the student to pursue both an education and apprenticeship. Military With most members of the public being trained, the town in itself could be considered a stronghold. 300 Active soldiers 900 Reservist Soldiers 7 Ballistae 7 Hwacha 12 Raid airships Goverment and Economy Unregulated by external sources, Cavecrest is very isolationist. Tax rates are low, with most being used to fund it's military and expand it's production line. This low tax rate and unregulated economy has made it popular with many traders, most being of illegal intentions. Allowing for a great market expansion, growing in popularity with external tribes and strongholds. This self sufficiency and isolationism has been met with little opposition, allowing for great stability. Government officials are hand picked by the king, Fafnir. Corruption is not unheard of, but extremely rare. History Founded in 18,440 around an enchanted firepit, Cavecrest was formed by King Fafnir and Baruk. What was originally mean't to be an outpost quickly prospered into a small town. Made up by a multitude of human tribes and orish strongholds, Cavecrest residents quickly integrated. Whilst the town has very little in terms of history and major events, raids were all to common in the beginning. Leading to the formation of the Ironclad Guards, Baruk and Fafnir lead the charge on the many oncoming raids. Forged in war and bound by honor, Cavecrest quickly grew to be a formidable foe. Notable Events- ~18,438: Cavecrest Cavern was discovered. ~18,440: The town of Cavecrest Cove was formed. ~18,448: The great pirate army was repelled. ~18,448: Fafnir was crowned king. ~18,510: The formation of the Cavecrest government. ~18,556: Baruk's death.
  24. Table of Contents First Volume, Creation Second Volume, Formation Third Volume, Ruin Fourth Volume, Cosmic Peace The Beginning Boljimir, the All-Creator Lailah's Demise Rumination Foreword Habitation O████ Incineration Expansion Glossary Iao, the First Ojurian Speech Eclipsed Nurture Sacraments Karael League Sofiel’s Awakening Elysium Welcome, reader. Call me Evalise. I am knowledge and history in its comprehensible form, and I am the creator of this compendium. Here you will find all there is to know about us, the [REDACTED]. Please be advised that whilst we coexist with other divinities in this vast universe, they will not be mentioned in this collection. We respect their creation, theologies and followers. They have their own domains, and this is ours. Reader, this compendium is to help you understand us. My precursors are not easily fathomable, and therefore, I will make them as such with the best of my ability. My fellow kin is complex but soon you will learn that we not enigmatical as some claim us to be. You shall see that our tales parallel your own. Clarity: this is my gift to you.
  25. The Jaati Dynasty is a fledgling thing, kept small by feuds with neighboring and a stubborn insistence of staying independent. Theirs is a strange society, but one that works well for them nonetheless. Geography Topography Cityscape Climate Flora and Fauna Demographics Culture The Jaati Dynasty's culture is modeled heavily after ancient Indian culture, with a complex Caste system that forms the foundation of their society and influences every day life. Economy The Jaati Dynasty makes its wealth from textiles, spice production and mining operations as major exports. Major Companies and Institutions Parks and Recreation Landmarks and monuments Government Local government On the lower end of the spectrum most town's and cities are governed by magistrates or hierophants, both of which are extremely loyal to the top end of the spectrum. Federal government The Jaati Dynasty is ruled by a monarchy system of divine Providence that secures the position of the active ruler. Every ruler is chosen by a sacred rite which determines the best possible candidate for the job. Education Transportation Roads and Highways: Basic stone Rails/Subways: None Riverways: Cab (mounted horse, etc?): Generally driven by beasts of burden like oxen or cow Private: Notable Residents History Canon Past
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