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  1. Art by Shkumbin Ferizi CITY OF NEW EVERRUN OVERVIEW Everrun was just a small town to the west of Casper when John Wilder first arrived there. The people there were warm and friendly. Without asking anything in return, they gave Wilder food and shelter to help him during a journey. To repay their kindness, he later helped them fight off a group of bandits that had driven them from their homes. He then left, though he intended to return one day. Tragically, the town would be burnt to the ground before this could happen. No one seemed to know for sure what happened, though there were rumours. Wishing to honor the fallen, and needing a place to start a new enterprise, John would build the city of New Everrun atop the ruins of the old. From the ashes of the old, New Everrun has emerged. A powerhouse in the tech and defense industries, as well as a place to indulge in life’s pleasures, there is something for everyone here. Elite mercenary groups are available for deployment all over the world. R&D firms pursue the cutting edge of everything from medicine to nanotechnology. World class restaurants and casinos await those in search of thrills seen as illicit in other cities. Five-Star hotels provide unparalleled comfort, with pleasurable company is just a call away. Catering to both business and pleasure, New Everrun stands ready. CITYSCAPE Size: 100 Miles John Wilder has described New Everrun as a city with a split personality. The Commerce Sector is a modern city that caters to private business; with a focus on private military companies. The Entertainment sector is a place where any vice can be indulged. Each sector varies greatly in architecture and culture. Buildings in the Commerce Sector are the same kind of stone, glass, and steel affairs one could find in any major Terran city. Though many PMC’s are headquartered here, effort is taken to keep overt displays of militarism to a minimum. Soldiers wear suits and plainclothes, and weapons and armor are not worn in the city limits. Any business can petition for a business permit from the government, after which they can purchase land and begin construction of an office. The main residential district is also located here. The Entertainment sector by contrast is an almost gaudy affair. Neon lights and architecture with cultural influences from all over the world. Any vice a person can imagine can be indulged here. Gambling, prostitution, drugs, booze, all of it is legal here. Despite the rowdy party atmosphere, order is strictly kept by the Guard. A light rail system connects every part of the city. Private transportation generally takes the form of skycars as well as bicycles and other self propelled vehicles. DEMOGRAPHICS Total Population: 100,000 The Sentinels: 10,000 (With more in reserve in case of emergency) Human: 70% Non-Human: 30% CULTURE New Everrun’s cultural landscape reflects its dual nature. Citizens value the rule of law, but also place a premium on personal freedom. Every inhabitant of the city is expected to contribute to the society. Corporations are taxed alongside the gambling dens, and any attempt at evasion is harshly dealt with. For their money, the citizens are rewarded with well maintained roads, and a generous social safety net. Even those who burn themselves out in the Entertainment Sector can rebuild their fortunes by signing up for public works, or a tour with a PMC. Addicts can find treatment facilities throughout the city to help them kick their addictions. Opportunity is everywhere in New Everrun, though one must be careful what they sign up for. Though vice is one of the city’s calling cards, it is strictly controlled. All purveyors in the city must have a license from the city to sell their wares. Prostitution is especially well regulated. All sex workers must be of legal age, given regualr medical checkups (paid for by the city) and be working of their own free will. Workers are also allowed to unionize, and have a right to revoke consent at any time, though payment may be forfeited for that specific client. Law enforcement in the city is the responsibility of the Guard. Every PMC that operates in New Everrun is expected to contribute soldiers for Guard duty. GOVERNMENT Government in New Everrun is a strange mix of monarchism, meritocracy, and democratic values. John Wilder is the undisputed Governor of the city, and is the only political entity in the city not subject to public oversight. Wilder chooses individuals that he believes have demonstrated the talent and ability to do a given job. However, the citizens are allowed to submit their own candidates for these positions, and if a certain threshold of support is demonstrated, a vote between the two candidates is held. A vote of no confidence can be called by the populace at any time; though not against the same official more than once every six months. The Sentinels The Sentinels function as the city guard for New Everrun. While their primary day-to-day function is as law enforcement, they are also responsible for guarding the city from outside threats. Mostly a volunteer organization, any citizen can join. Outsiders can also earn citizenship through service in The Sentinels. At any given time, a third of the ranks are made up from mercenaries on loan from the assorted PMC’s headquartered in New Everrun. Private Military Contractors Widely referred to as PMC’s, Private Military Contractor is the technical term used for the various mercenary outfits operating out of the city. As they bring in a third of the city's revenue, they are greatly respected. Under the Pact, they are compelled to contribute to the ranks of The Sentinels. Given their experience, they are also responsible for training new recruits to the organization. In addition, they are expected to provide additional manpower and resources to the defense of the city in the event of an emergency. HISTORY For generations, Everrun had been little more than a waystation for those traveling to and from Casper City. The population was mostly farmers and merchants, and it wasn’t uncommon for citizens to never go more than fifty miles from their place of birth. Villages like Everrun could be found all over the world. Most who passed through probably never thought about it again after they left. Sadly, it would grow famous for tragic reasons. Two years ago, bandits raided the town; driving out the citizens and setting up a new base of operations there. John Wilder, who had once been shown great hospitality by the citizens of Everrun found the survivors and offered to lead them in taking back their home. After a fierce battle, John left, promising to return again someday. But that day would come too late. Sometime after WIlder left, the city was taken under the sway of a mysterious Prophet. This Prophet was said to be able to perform miracles in exchange for worship. It is not entirely clear what happened next, but at some point the town was burned to the ground. No survivors have been found to shed light on what happened. When he returned, Wilder found only ashes to greet him. Seizing upon the opportunity provided to him, he built a new city on the bones of the old. He named the city New Everrun in remembrance of the town that once showed him great kindness. TIMELINE 596- Everrun is overrun by bandits, then subsequently retaken by citizens led by John Wilder 597- November- The town of Everrun mysteriously burns to the ground with no survivors. 598- December- John Wilder returns to find the city destroyed. Construction begins on New Everrun.
  2. Plovdiv The current capital city of the House of Plovdiv, this city of incredible importance to it's people, and to it's house. It also has numerous ore reserves in and around the city, thus making it the production heartland of the House, and it's Oblast is responsible for nearly 60% of all output. With a population of around 120,000 people, and steadily growing, the city continues to thrive with a very luxurious lifestyle for it's inhabitants, and almost all of the nobility resides here. Geography The city is landlocked, though it has it's water reserves and has a mixture of buildings and nature, in a perfect balance. Situated on top of a hill, it has very sturdy walls and is a very strong defensive location. Infact, the one thing that will be seen from far away is the massive Baldwin's Tower that watches over the city and acts as a very powerful observation post, almost impossible to damage reliably from far away. Actually, the city being situated on a hill provides quite the scenic landscape when combined with the nearby woods and roads, and all kinds of ordinary flowers can be found in and out of the city. Furthermore, it features a unique kind of flower, called Smurtflower (or deathflower). These kinds of plants are amazing collection trophies, and for a reason. They are incredibly dangerous, with it's entire body being highly poisonous, and deadly to practically anyone, young or old, healthy or sick. They also seem to have gained a will of their own, and occasionally take action themselves, releasing spores which are poisonous if approached. There is also a myth of an ancient giant-protector of the city who would awaken from a hidden slumber when the people need him the most, and help fend off invaders. Culture As the capital city, Plovdiv is an embodiment of the patriarchial and traditional way of life, alongside emphasizing unity in it's inhabitants. Here, gender equality is a rare sight, and forced marriages based on family connections are not uncommon. Also, status matters, and the upper class are treated with respect. Economy The economy here is focused on the production of goods, thanks to the relative safety for work, as there is no fear of bandits or rogues to interrupt and scare the populace in Fortress Plovdiv. This ensures high production quality and quantity, as there is no need to fear all of your work being wiped away by a robbery or a murder any attempt will get quickly halted by the garrison force, and the walls themselves act as a strong deterrent; the Krum Laws are incredibly strict, based on a 'you get punished in accordance with what you did' style, and body parts regularly get cut off thanks to the severity of the law system in Plovdiv, as the highest standards must be enforced in the most important areas. Education Education is provided either by a central academy (Philippolis-Plovdiv State Academy) or a number of different other lesser entities and schools. Education is fairly universal, and mandatory before joining the armed forces, with little in student debts and tuition fees. Many of these entities, including Philippolis-Plovdiv, also teach trades to their students. Government The government is split between the nobility (mostly the King's family, along with the lesser bolyars), and the Advisory Council, where the nobility holds the majority of the power, being responsible for the making and enforcing of laws and bills, as well as construction and just general government stuff. The Council, however, which is elected from the populace of the House, acts as an advisory body, and has guaranteed right to propose new stuff with a high degree of influence. This has often resulted in ideological splits and political violence, but has also ensured the people got what they needed, and no money was spent on lavish, unnecessary shiny towers while the populace was needing basic infrastructure and more housing. Also, Plovdiv, being the capital city of it's own province..or Oblast, also holds the governor, a middleman noble who is tasked with the day-to-day administration of the Oblast on behalf of the Family whenever possible. Military There is no concrete army the city possesses. Rather, most of it's protection comes from the fairly large Plovdiv Liberation Army. However, it is worth noting that there is still a garrison force, consisting of the following Veteran formations: 900 Home Guard 500 Cavalry 200 Strike Force an undisclosed number of irregular formations, such as mages, minutemen, haiduti/guerilla fighters, and various support, though an estimate is that they are also in the several hundreds total. Landmarks Royal Parliamentary Palace- This is the place where the family ruling Plovdiv lives. Heavily guarded, and visits to the area where the palace lay is highly restricted. It is also one of the only legal place where laws, bills and treaties may be signed that are legally binding for the House. The palace also holds Baldwin's Tower, a giant tower that also acts as an observation post and, at least in rumour, a prison. Plovdiv Oblast House- This is the place where the Governor lives. Also heavily guarded, and with restricted visits. It is another legal location for the signing of documents. A noticeable feature is the statue of the tri-colour flag positioned in front of the area the house is located. People's Parliament District- This is the area where the Council, Governor, and the Royals get together to govern. This district also contains the housing for all the council members from all three factions of the council. Another heavily guarded area, but not restricted for visitors. A legal location for the signing of documents. There is always an honour guard with a tri-colour present indoors and outdoors. Nevsky's Cathedral of the Fallen: This is the main place of religious worship for the official religion the House follows (closely tied to Orthodox Christianity), and is also the legal burial place for any deceased Tsar. It is the last place where documentation can be signed. There is no guard, nor restrictions, aside from the days in which important religious ceremonies are being run, and there is an honour guard present at all times, but rather than a tri-colour, they wear religious symbols. People's Square: This is the central area of Plovdiv, and, per government decree, exempt from construction in the area and it's vicinity, thus giving a stark contrast to the rest of Plovdiv, which has buildings. There are also small gardens with trees and flowers planted there, and is where many festivals are held because of how open it is. Also, all government buildings are on the edges of the Square, and within the Square itself, there are many monuments; some are for leaders; some are for brave men; some are for poets; and some are for the house's culture itself. Access to this area is completely unrestricted, though that obviously changes when you approach the important buildings. Also, it is not uncommon for several areas being designed for Trade, where exchange of goods is legally possible, and encouraged. That does not mean trade outside of the Square is illegal, but it's the only place where the trade is truly regulated by the government, and offers the most reliable prices and deals in the city, as well as where the fairness-of-trade policies are most enforced throughout the city, and the area where Traders are the most reliable, thanks to strict requirements to operate there, most notably, a license and government permission.
  3. Name: (SAD) Nickname: Sage Sex: Non-Type Requiem Archetype Age: Post Lore-Source Sound Armament: Yggdrasil Stick of our Ancient Link Biology: Dark Signature of the last funeral dirge Assets:AEK Contract. Library: Darkrender Chronicle of Chaos Temple: Seelie Sanctum 9th Dimmension Meta: Darkrender Chronicle is the lore of our realms of Sonata Eden. Seelie L_Space_organized Judas_Space_Jesus_SourceAEKContract. It's a tragedy that defined. And disconnected from Primary Lore. Tavern of Red Dragons Seelie Sanctum 9th Court Last Funeral Dirge of the 4 Winged Angel. source sound anomaly E-Types operate on the dark sound xenotype. Aecreed Sand Source is a chronicle of kinetic golden sand that Deconstructs, and Reconstructs on witness testimony. Never taking the same source material. Ultrasound can be defined as Quantom Lava deconstructing, and reconstructing matter on the Alchemy transfer. Sonata the realm is a form of the maelstrom of storms enabling the planar material. Yggdrasil Tree was part of the thoughts in chaos source branch. Tao Gargoyles guard the source tree from scavengers, witnesses, guardians, and lost souls. The Shadow Council operates on an internal case by case basis attempting solve each trial by deploying an Agent. Court of The Seelie operates on the chaos principal wave theory Reconstructs then Deconstructs realm objects. Temple of the Hand Maidens is the chorus of sound connected to the eternal triad of Dark King, Lady Amethyst, Lord De Leon, Bunnies of peace. Witness CORP IS a substitute corporation for the hand maiden Court
  4. Welcome to Ursa Madeum! This document serves as an overview for the board, the nature of the setting’s lore, and its roleplay guidelines. It’s strongly recommended to read this document before posting in the setting -- we want you to enjoy writing here, and that includes understanding the expectations for those looking to make their mark in Ursa Madeum. The Setting Ursa Madeum is a medieval fantasy, low-technology, high-magic setting. It, most importantly, is also semi-contained setting. This means that while Ursa Madeum exists in the continent of Fracture, and within the greater world of Valucre, we prefer to treat it as its own little world. Because of this there are limits on what’s allowed in Ursa Madeum in order to preserve the setting’s themes and atmosphere. (After all, it’s off-putting to write a pompous nobleman thinking how to escape an arranged marriage when down the street some dude with a laser gun’s fighting a werewolf with a katana.) Magic Magic is common in Valucre, and comes in many forms: practical, magi-tech, psionics, spells, enchantments, and more. While the islands are rich with arcane energy, magic use is rare in Ursa Madeum. The island’s history is bloodied by magic*, and associated as a weapon wielded by those in power against the common folk. Magic has become a thing of horror and wonder, feared by the general public and viewed with suspicion and trepidation. Even magical creatures or races - such as elves or animal-folk - are discriminated against. However, magic is commonly used by the rich and powerful - the nobility and the aristocracy. It is a tool by the nobles, who are often the only ones who have the power and resources to utilize magic for their purposes. House Dali, for example, uses magical Faux-Tons as transportation across the islands, and House Mythal has scores of trained sorcerers. When designing an Ursa Madean character or considering a magic-wielding character to play in UM, keep the above in mind. We prefer storylines that don’t use magic as a plot device -- where instead of relying on magic, characters struggle to solve problems by their own smarts and/or skills, where conflict is not between arcane forces, but stems from people, powers, and situations. Technology Ursa Madeum’s Genius Loci renders industrial-age technology and beyond unusable. While the main lore article states “Middle Ages and Early Renaissance,” technology limits are more thematic and differ on a case-to-case basis. That said, we do have specific limits. Guns and machine-driven methods of transportation, for example, are strictly prohibited. In place of cannons, ballistae and espringal/springalds are used by pirates for naval warfare. The rule of thumb is that if you’re bringing it into UM for a combat/technological advantage, and not as a lore piece that will contribute to the community and setting, it won’t be allowed. Plots and Canon Ursa Madeum is a shared setting. This means that Ursa Madeum storylines do not exist in a vacuum. With few exceptions, nearly every thread in Ursa Madeum is considered canon, whether it goes through the canonization process or not. However, there are two “levels” of plot in Ursa Madeum one should be aware of. The Organizational Level If we view the organization level of UM as a game, we can say that the “playing pieces” are not individual standalone characters, but are groups or organizations. Plots on the organizational level are those that heavily impact the setting. These involve events such as the formation of new cities, unions between political powers, the introduction of new technology, amassing soldiers, and more. Characters involved in the organization level of RP are usually from the noble class or the aristocracy - they’re rich, they have lots of land, have wide access to resources and magic. These are the top 1% of Ursa Madeum’s socio-economic ladder, or those with enough influence that almost all of their actions have notable social and political ramifications. Aside from nobility, organizations may come in the form of guilds, businesses, pirate crews, gangs of thieves, or more. This level of roleplay is ideal for those who want to pursue long-term storylines with Ursa Madeum, establishing a canon presence and actively making a mark on the setting. Engaging in this level of plot, however, requires more responsibility. You’ll be expected to maintain a reasonable level of activity, interact with other players, and adhere closely to the setting's lore. The Individual Level If we view the individual aspect of UM as a game, we can say that the “playing pieces” are not groups or organizations, but are individual characters unaffiliated with any existing canon group. Unlike the organization level of roleplay, plots on the individual level rarely have widespread impact on the setting. While these are still canon, and can impact the setting, the impact on the lore is far less than that of storylines on the organizational level. Plots usually focus on the individual development of singular characters, learning new skills, adventuring, and more. Characters involved in the individual level of UM plots are usually unaffiliated with overarching groups, such as the nobility or aristocracy. Among others, they may be servants of the Noble Houses, commoners, adventurers, pirates, errant knights, or shapeshifters on the run. This level of roleplay is ideal for those who prefer individual stories over of grand, overarching plots. Examples of individual plots involve adventure quests, slice-of-life encounters, and combat training. The Semi-Contained Setting As a semi-contained setting, Ursa Madeum has limits on interconnectivity -- on plot elements being connected to the world outside the setting. Generally, we limit interconnectivity to the continent of Fracture, but this will depend on a case-to-case basis. On the individual level, Characters from outside Fracture may enter Ursa Madeum, and vice versa. On the organizational level, entities from Ursa Madeum will be allowed to interact with entities in Fracture, and vice versa. However, Fracture-based organizations will be discouraged from having a permanent canon presence in UM. To avoid things getting messy, we generally discourage using plots and characters from outside Ursa Madeum when playing at the Organizational level. If you love the setting, great! But please don’t use it as a stepping-stone for a grand, continent-wide plot you have planned. Exceptions can be made for any of these restrictions if any plot involving relations between UM and an external entity (even outside Terrenus) contributes to the shared UM setting and doesn’t merely further a player’s personal agenda. Why all the limits? But out of limitations, comes creativity — Debbie Allen Valucre is a wonderful shared creative space that can support plots, characters, and themes of any genre and flavor. However, I believe it’s important to maintain the distinct identity of a setting’s lore. A limited setting gives writers the opportunity to test what you can create within those limits-- or for more competitive people, a level playing field. Ursa Madeum encourages interaction and conflict (as long as you keep it IC!) As much as possible, plots within UM should contribute to the setting, as well as the roleplaying experience of other people in UM. Roleplay is by nature, collaborative. This isn’t a place to flaunt your character’s cool powers or advance your sneaky world domination ideas - it’s a place to create cool stories together with other people. That said, don’t be intimidated by the limits, as these aren’t set in stone. If you’re simply someone looking to RP in a medieval fantasy setting and have fun creating a good story, please don’t hesitate to reach out with your ideas! Above all, what we want to create is a board with a good writing environment, welcome for writers both old and new to enjoy 🙂 Contact Persons While I, Csl, manage the overall board, Ursa Madeum has plenty of player-managed setting elements. Here’s a short index on the main players - who owns what, and who to contact if you’re interested in writing with them! @Csl - Overall Board Leader @Wade & @Samø - Board Regents (contact for lore questions if Csl is unavailable) @vielle - House Hildebrand / The Queendom of Svanhild @supernal - House Dali @King - House Kholin @Aleksei - House Mythal / King Milorian If you’re done reading this guide, proceed onwards to the main Islands of Ursa Madeum lore article. For any questions, feel free to PM @Csl, or post in the Eridianus AMA.
  5. Description The S.P. main branch is the flagship building of the distributed Derrgard library system. It functions as a source of primary education for the citizens, a research wing for higher educational pursuits, and several divisions which are dedicated to the historical preservation of information. It is made up of several buildings, each of which has multiple floors. The interior of the main branch has four publicly accessible floors, which include the ground level and floors 1-3. On each floor is a corridor which runs the length of the building from north to south and has approximately 150 rooms, with a higher concentration on the north and a lower concentration on the south. The ground floor consists of coat-check, a lending library, newspaper room, and space for public communications. Divisions General Research Local History Cartography and Artifacts Manuscripts and Archives Rare Books Art and Prints Staff Ciara Kelly - Librarian. Teacher. Services TBD
  6. The Noble House of Plovdiv-Thraece Creed: 'Unity Makes Strength'. This creed is representative of the culture the house represents, and emphasizes their key attribute: Unity in Decisions. It also gives a hint towards many of the values of the House, revolved around the family, the community, and their need to be united, because alone, anything will crumble, but staying together means collective strength. It also implies a connected nobility and peasantry where both work together for the greater good, and each has their rights and responsibilities, and each must support the other, or both will die. It also finds it's way in the army under a different creed: 'In Unison We Fight', making it very clear that men in the army see each other as comrades, and that the greatest failure of all is to let down your fellow soldier, and that never breaking in the face of an enemy is a great honour. That is why, often, units that have taken horrible damage, and have been annihilated, continue their task, with the same great resolve and with the same great determination as before, even as more fall, because retreat could mean having other people at risk just because that group decided not to continue it's mission. And so, they march again, and charge again, and die again. Family: The current family is a somewhat typical nuclear family, with 5 members. (Excluding the wives from the other family lines) The Grandfather, Krum of Sliven. Respected and cared for by his family, he is remembered for his generosity and paving the way for what his sons would inherit. He also founded many other institutions, including the army, and how it is managed. The Father, Boris of Plovdiv, is the main actor in the noble house (OOC: and the person I will play as the most by a long shot), as well as the current ''Tsar'' of the territory the house manages and rules over. A skilled diplomat, who naturally prefers the Red groups within the House, and frequently sides with them, he is also a skilled military leader, with special skills involving Recon, Trickery, as well as Infantry and Cavalry Expertise, allowing him to be more effective in managing all parts of his army, helping them gain offensive and defensive advantages. Additionally, Krum of Sliven's second son, Stanislav of Khaskovo, is also an actor in politics, and assists Boris in all of his tasks and endeavors. Both Boris's son, Simeon of Malomir, and Stanislav's son, Boyan of Sredets, are fairly young, having been teenagers for only a couple of years, and are still in training by their parents when it comes to leadership, politics, warfare, and diplomacy. They are also currently taught basic survival skills, and thus, do not participate in the House's affairs. Background: Native to the region of Thraece, this is where their entire house is based in. Their holdings and effective control is in the Northeast part of Thraece, with the West border being the Acros-occupied zones, the Southern border being the Plovdiv-Pomorie line. They stick to their traditions, but are never afraid to experiment, and are fans of literature and poems, something shown during the Golden Age, where literary, and linguistic works boomed. Thanks to Krum of Yambol's policy of armed neutrality, and relative suppression of any radicals, they were left somewhat alone by the governments surrounding them. This is examplified during both the Black Knight and Taen Empire invasions, where the House allowed access to Plovdiv terrtiory (albeit not joining the fight), seeing it as impossible to stand against both threats, and preferring to have the armies march as friends, and not enemies. And they prospered as a result in both cases, not suffering under the purges and executions, and gaining favors over time. This compliance had gone as far as siding with the Tyrant King during their invasion, and under Krum the Elder (of Yambol)'s rule, implemented many restrictive legislations on taxes, and labor, and ramp up the executions to levels not imaginable even to the Tyrant King himself. They also kept normal relations with everyone, as well as uphold all of their duties as nobility. Even during the initial turmoil and the start of the chaotic wars, and Boris's ascend to Tsar, Krum the Younger (of Sliven) insisted they maintain the policy of armed neutrality, not knowing what would even happen. However, a recent change of doctrines and ideas have seen increasing legionnaire representation alongside the moderates, and Boris of Plovdiv has also seem armed neutrality as an unsustainable concept in the face of this shift in the political landscape, and these legionnaires increasingly look towards Ylia as the first step of decisively unifying the several Thraecean regions they see as rightfully belonging to the House. Also, while no Tsar has dreamed of rightfully claiming said title over all of Ursa, they have still dreamed of exercising their power and influence over all of Ursa Madeum, and dream of having the opportunity to form what they call a 'Electoral Coalition', a trading, military and joint cooperation pact between multiple houses to exercise control over all three islands and destroy the decisive one-person rule of Kings, and replace that with a system based on their own; where Kings still rule, but would be advised by the People, so the nobility makes better decisions beneficial for everyone. Even if the House gained total control of the islands and claimed the throne for themselves, they still hope to implement an advisory system that will last. Finally, Boris himself was to fulfill an old prophecy circulating among some people: Find the Ruin Oathblade, and merge it with the spirit of their greatest general, Krum the Elder, to create a powerful new blade with an immense energy potential capable of granting him superhuman powers to dominate the landscape, and as someone who would appear as a God of War to any mortal, as well as a protector to his people. Estates: The House, as mentioned previously, effectively controls the Northeast of Thraece, with a rough map of the effective ownership and control being as such: Within this area of effective control, generation of wealth, and thus tax income, comes from farming, production of various goods and services, as well as trade for the two port cities, and taxes vary between them based on local taxation laws. Port cities usually value goods and assign a tax to them, some percentage of the assigned value. Military: The army of the House of Plovdiv is a somewhat small, but professional force, with regular training and refreshers. In peacetime, it stands at about 12,000 strong, and can often reach as high as 17,000 members. This army consists of 4 division models: Home Guard (Granichno-Teritorialna Divizia) units are primarily border forces and defensive divisions. Thanks to their small size, at 2500 men, they move very quickly, and training for these units is specialized for defensive purposes. In warfare, these units could act as frontline defenders, where they stop attacks from much greater formations thanks to superior training, and company-level support from other divisions, often available thanks to doctrinal perfection. These units really attack, as their numbers mean less overall pressure applied. Additionally, Home Guard units are well-suited for crossing areas with lower overall supply, where large formations would break formation more easily. Usually, such a division, when broken down, will consist of Infantry with multiple defensive and logistical assets and company-sized units (for when they are with other divisions), and some Traction-based Trebuchets behind the frontline. Cavalry (Elitna Konna Divizia) units are the main mobile force of the House of Plovdiv. With a divisional size of 4000-6000 men, they are the body helping to crush enemy defenses with assaults and mobile warfare. Their job is usually to create (and hold) encirclements that trap other forces and prevent them from retreating, instead leaving them at the mercy of other units, even Home Guard, that, in the absence of proper supply for the enemy, can prove extremely effective at crushing them and preventing any survivors of the onslaught from escaping. They can also choose to break defensive lines, forming a breach to collapse an entire system of fortifications. Cavalry, staying true to their name, is the fastest unit in the army. When broken down, they consist of large amounts of pure cavalry, and a number of Trebuchets that can keep up with the mobile nature of the front. They also consist of multiple company-size support siege tools, logistics teams, and recon detachments when cooperating with other divisions to help them as well. Strike Force (Kralska Gvardia) units are, however, the most important, and the largest division, often comprimising 6500-8000 men of different fields. Their job is to lead the assaults on all enemy positions, because they are elite units with a lot of experience that is also the most involved in the guarding of the nobility. In short, they are the main body, and are a universal unit. When broken down, they contain a line of Cavalry, with even more Infantry behind them, and a solid formation of Towed Trebuchets behind the frontline. They also contain logistics teams and fortification construction teams both in the division itself, and in the company-sized support units to help other divisions keep up. They also contain support units with trebuchets and ballistas, recon teams, and even include further logistics' measures such as checkpoints, and cavalry support units assisting supply convoys. Faction Groups: Within the upper management of the House, which sees it's representatives elected by the People, and who serve as the advisory body for the Family to run the House, exist Factions/Groups/Unions. Formed by both citizenry and the noble alike, they are a key piece when it comes to the life of any influential person in Plovdiv. However, not all groups see themselves as the same, and they all also have other assets at their disposal, often tapping in magical sources for their agenda. And, when they get enough support, they will start using their projects and assets and begin using them in aspects of the House. Some groups do not even need to be officially supported, they just work silently and behind the scenes. 'The Red Blood Movement', also referred to as the 'Independence Legionnaires', are radicals seeking to make a shift in the government and in the political landscape. Their primary aims are to establish the House as an Autonomous, or Independent state, and also seek to take over several regions in the South that they see as 'rightful territory of Thraece that should be ruled by a Thraecian Tsar', often with violent means. As such, this group enjoys the following: Militant Approach: This group uses militaristic, violent and discriminatory methods, often culminating in aggressive assimilaton of non-Plovdivians and non-Thraeceans, to push their agenda and seek independence. They also supply the high-ranking personnel supporting their cause with magical, and often deadly, bottled spells. They also reward them and their loyal guards with enchanted weapons, a rarity in Ursa Madeum, only available for the rich and powerful. (Set the Rule: Spells are Available for use by High-Ranking Commanders✔️, Weapons for the Bodyguard and Nobility now have added attributes) Will for Identity: Their quest to promote an identity for the region, and neighbouring ones, is quite extensive and is a frequent part of the army's indoctrination, as these radicals gain support. As such, the men have high Morale, and thus perform better, when fighting in claimed states, and even more Morale when they fight in their heartland. This indoctrination also emphasizes aggression, so subcommanders are more likely to use tactics such as 'Na Nozh!', which typically yield more casualties, but are the most likely to break an enemy defense, or leave fewer survivors of an encirclement. (Men are no longer as demoralized fighting on foreign soil if a Claim exists, they are hardened when fighting on their core territory, Set the Rule: Can use 'Na Nozh!' tactic: ✔️) 'The White Constitutionalists', also referred to as the 'Loyalists' are a group seeking to remain a part of the greater Ursa Madeum kingdom, and continue the status quo. They also hope for a quick end of the Civil War, and have not ruled out joining it to bring a quicker end to the suffering. As such, this group enjoys the following: Champions of Diversity: This group does not discriminate against other ethnicities and population groups outside of the House, and it's goal is to promote calm. As such, when men do have to march into occupied territory, they see less resistance from the locals than predicted, because these locals' values are respected, and there is little attempt at erasing their culture. Often, they are even supported by the Neutrals, even through magical means, sometimes including a respect for the natives' use of magic itself. (There is less resistance in occupied states, resulting in overall better production and supply, as workplaces and infrastructure is sabotaged far less than usual.) Policy of Neutrality: Their commitment to preventing needless suffering has resulted in fewer protests, demonstrations, riots and uprisings throughout their land. (There is additional Stability, and the production growth is higher.) 'The Green Preservers', also referred to as the 'Reformists', are a group that does not have any political aims. Rather, it simply wishes that the people remain satisfied and continue to live their lives as normal. As such, they do not care about which of the two groups takes power: They will simply work in the shadows to ensure the House stands united. As such, this group enjoys the following: Wealth Distribution: The will of this faction is to see that there is little inequality, and that the people remain happy and do not cause mayhem. As such, they go to extensive lengths, using their connections to both prior factions to divert resources towards more equality between the richer city areas, and the poorer towns and villages, something that has proven incredibly popular with everyone, for different reasons. (There is additional Stability, and Construction Efforts progress faster than predicted, and with more efficiency.) Backroom Backstabbing: As they have seen Coups and Wars, the Reformists have gone to great length to prevent civil unrest from hitting home. That means they go to great lengths at eradicating support for plots linked to overthrowing the government, and when that will not work, assassinations and other borderline illegal activities are employed to prevent forced Coups and violent overthrowing of the House, which would certainly lead to unrest and war. And as long as the group stands, so will their determination to keep the political system from crumbling. (Set the Rule: Coups and Civil Wars cannot happen as long as the 'Reformists' exist, unless the war is provoked internally: ✔️) Affiliations: Has Access; Granted By: Has Offered Access To: Has Trade Deals With: Has a Non-Aggression Pact (+Trade) With: Has a Guarantee of Sovereignty (+Trade) on: Is Guaranteed By (+Trade): Is in a Faction With (+Non-Aggression Pact, +Trade, + Access, + Guarantees): At War With: Giving Support (Include Type of Support) to: General Attributes: Cavalry Experts: The men of the region have experience with cavalry and it's usage. Decision Makers: The men can take more efficient courses of action, and do it faster than regulars. Eagle-Eyed: The men are more precise with ranged weaponry. Enhanced Shields and Armour: An exclusive talent for the nobility, and their bodyguard, a part of the elite strike force units, is the usage of magically-enhanced armour and shields, letting them withstand a lot more punishment than any normal person ever could. Special Rules: (These rules, as well as the regular ones, affect the entirety of The House of Plovdiv and it's interactions with Ursa Madeum) Internal Participance Disagreements: Some groups disagree on what route the House should take. So, when support for a certain group becomes high enough through any means, this group will perform a peaceful switch of the government, and will steer the House towards their aligned Civil War Faction, alongside declaring Independence for at least the duration of the War. Additionally, if the 'White' party remains in power long enough, and the civil war is ongoing, they will pick a side and declare Independence for at least the duration of the War. Also, depending on which faction prevails, one of two Special Rules will replace this Rule. The success of the 'Red' group will replace this rule with 'Red Legionnaires in Power', and will result in a wave of support for the war effort at the cost of sabotage against White-held institutions, damaging infrastructure and buildings until a calm sets in. The success of the 'White' group will replace this rule with 'Constitutionalist Victory; Political Violence retained', and will result in a massive loss of government stability and war support thanks to mass civil unrest perpetrated by the Reds, and will not go away until the Red Blood Movement is suppressed, which will return the stability and support, and even expand them. Violent Confrontations: Alignment fanaticism can sometimes pierce through even the most staunch defenses: If support for the 'Red' group is high for a while, but is not high enough, the fanatics will begin causing mayhem to try and force a switch. If a faction uses this opportunity and throws in behind the fanatics with the aim of forcing a change of government, it will be successful, and the fanatics will bypass standard alignment and instead automatically join the Faction of whoever supported them. However, this will shatter the stability and result in a brief civil war. Unity Makes Strength!: The people, who see themselves as one community, strongly oppose any foreign ideological intervention into their politics, and prefer domestic ones. Foreign ideologies outside the main trio will have great difficulties in establishing support for their own ideology than if they were to support a pre-existing domestic one.
  7. Welcome to the Federation Project! Here you will find all the current (and future!) information about the project seeking to recreate a professional armed force and nation in Valucre, with someone passionate about the army, and who is not doing it for just fun, but out of the love and patriotism for his country, and seeking to bring it's culture, and it's glory, alive. Below are all the links to the current information threads directly related to the Project! Khan Asparuh of Bulgaria/The Federation The Federation Forces and the Recreating of an Army
  8. Designation: Name: The Garns Etymology: Named after the great wolves living on Rath Lux Moniker: The Garns / A Garn Heraldry: Black wolf's head with mouth open. Gang members have a symbol tattooed on their wrists Hierarchy: Founder: Rufus Barnett the "Black Wolf", often called "Old Wolf" by new members Current Leader: Rufus Barnett Members: "Spiders" - specialists in collecting information, spies; "Trolls" - muscle men, tribute collectors, bodyguards; "Dogs" - pickpockets, scammers, drovers; "Players" - planners, croupiers, brains of the organization General: Location: A "less friendly corner" of Port Reach Affiliations: — Allies: Nygrim Venti, trade partners. — Enemies: The Martyneers, competition. Establishment: Agenda: Petty theft and fraud, collecting tribute from ships using "their part" of Port Reach, conducting numerous illegal activities in Port Reach, including the casino the "Wild Card" and the brothel the "Belladonna" Historical: Recent Events: After several years of stagnation, an injection of fresh blood slowly lifts the gang off their knees.
  9. Hello and thank you for Reading this. This is the Character Sheet I have put together for my Dwarf. While i may be Inexperienced compared to the other migrants, I hope that I can bring something Interesting to the Roleplaying Table of Valucre. I hope my Char is up to Snuff, considering that, at the Start, he was either Considered a Joke, or an Autistic dark iron Dwarf. Aight, here goes. First Name: Orion Surname: Slatestout Nickname: Orik Location: Rath Lux Alignment: Neutral good Race: Dwarves Marital Status: N/A Gender: Male Age: 75 Years Status: Newcomer in Town. Job Class: Mental Therapy/Hunting/ Mining [Physical] Voice: Deep and resonant. Eyes: Akin to Orbs of Lava. Complexion: Coallike Height: 1.7m Weight: 125Kg, (In Full War plate and Gear) 75 without it Build: Equal to that of a Workout-maniac Hair: Bronze Strains of Hair, plaited into braids along his Skull, still leaving a Mane that does any Lion Justice. Defining Features: A Beard that has been chiselled instead of cut. [Mental] Nature: Good Natured, Equipped with a Cheery disposition, extremely slow to Anger, would die for his Friends. Doesn´t have a Single lying Bone in his Body, and will point out the Truth wherever, whenever and even when it´s Obvious. (Example: If someone is said to walk on the Road to Redemption, he will Point out that Redemption isn´t a Physical matter, so you can´t take a Road to it. ) Hopes: he will find someone who loves Hugs as much as he does. [Dreams] Becoming a Smith of sufficient Skill to Rival the Gods. Fears: that he won´t be accepted by others, and that they Secretly Dislike him. Likes: Hugs, Wine and Whiskey ,Animals and his work. Dislikes: Leaf Lovers, Unnecessary Violence, Wasteful behaviour. [Gear] A Full set of Gothic Armour, complete with a Surcoat. He also has real Brass Knuckles under his Gauntlets. [Weapons] A Strap on Heater Shield with a Hook on the Inside for ease of Transport, an Arming Sword, a Dagger on his left lower Arm, And a Warhammer with a head the Size of his Skull. Not to mention a Bow with 36 Arrows. Rounding up the Arsenal is a Crossbow specifically for Grappling Hooks, with Ammo for ten Shots. [Magic] He can move most common Building Materials or Resources for crafting by Telekinesis Has an Aura that calms any Creatures, big or small, Prey, or Hunters. He can choose when to use it. Surrounding him, is an Aura comparable to that of a Campfire. It relaxes those around him, and seems to say: Relax. I won´t do any Harm to you. “Ultimate Ability:” Hands of Fire. This sets his Hands ablaze, allowing him to either throw Fireballs, or set his Hammer on Fire, for maximum Melee devastation. [Abilities] Talented Jeweller and Miner. His Items are of Higher Quality, better Grinding Technique (In Case of Gems and the Likes), Higher Durability (Chain links don´t Snap as easily) and seem to have a better reaction to Magic.
  10. ~Statistical data: Title: Wandering Apprentice Visual Age: Appears in his late thirties. Birth Place: Not known even onto him. Race: Elf Alignment: (N) Neutral Good (Good) (Able to operate in morally gray areas though) Gender: Male (M) Class: Apprentice/Adventurer ~Appearance Data: Hair: Silver/Platinum coloured hair. His hair is kept in a long ponytail and consistently well combed/etc. Eyes: Green eyes. Height: 7'0" (Elves are tall and typically lithe/etc but Velly is well muscular type) Weight: 265 lbs Build: Velindrel is a tall and well muscular toned type. He keeps in tremendous good physical shape. He has an athlete's build, someone who does a lot of physical labor. Condition: He's generally in top physical shape at all times. ~Equipment data: Clothing/Armour: Simply stated Velindrel does not have a need for armour of any sorts, he simply wears plain clothing for better mobility and things of that nature. He does have a tendency to wear rustic outfits befitting a life style of consistent crafting and producing fine Elven gear. ~Skills and Ability Sheet: Racial Ability: Elf Dna: Sometimes, Velindrel's blue blood is capable of feats of magical properties. It is how he is able to augment basic crafted gear and construct magical items in the teachings of his people. With concentration, Velindrel is able to enchant certain properties (He cannot yet control this power directly it can have sometimes chaotic effects) onto, say, a crafted dagger. Basic properties are much more accurate in nature and are easier to imbue on an object. Later on, he will be able to tap into the teachings of his people... Personal Powers Data: (To make a potentially ultimate style crafter I am willing to forgo a LOT of combat style powers/etc) Way of the Forge: Taught directly by an eccentric old mastersmith in Casper named simply The Maester, Velindrel knows his way around a forge. Simply state, all basic and moderate tier equipment that requires manual labor to craft, Velindrel will craft it and charge a moderate related fee. (He is a businessman after all) Hard Worker: Velindrel has worked hard the entire time in Casper. As such, he has picked up the necessary skills to work effectively on this or that project and it can reduce time cost associate with constructing most things. The Way of The Old Masters: Velindrel is an elf and has rudimentary knowledge of how to magically enchant and augment crafted items. In this way he can make items similar to the old ancient items of his people. Eventually, all of that age's enchanted items will come from Velindrel and his teachings directly.
  11. The Heartweald - "What do ya mean you can't feel it? It literally beats together with ye-... oh, I get it. You're an outsider, ain't cha? Oh well, stay 'ere long 'nuff, and you'll know what I mean." There is a famous tale among the locals of the Island, the Rathians, as they have chosen to name themselves, one that claims that the very land they live on is alive. Now, any shaman or witch high on shrooms, any mage that uses the elemental spirits in their magics really, can tell you much the same. The land lives as every stone, every gust of wind, every fire and every bit of liquid water is alive, as it has an elemental spirit within it, most of them however, have souls that are either dormant or far too weak to interact with the world around them. These elemental spirits are, in fact, so soulless that they may as well be called undead, but that is not the point of this particular tale. No, the tale of the mystical, primordial Heartweald is much deeper than that, deeper than even the rivers of blood spoken off in maddened tones by individuals infected by the hemocraze. Every local of the island, be they born on the island or an outsider that has lived upon it for long enough, can tell you that there is a sort-of feeling, a calling, inside of them. Like a child that does its best to scold them if they do bad things, often reacting in violent ways and rewards them with "luck", whenever they do something that makes it, and others, happy. Heroes of the Island tend to live unnaturally long lives, meet their soul mates as if they were created just for them and the like. Much the same way, evil doers are punished without fail, especially those that are considered to be "bullies". That said, just like any child can scold or be physical with an equal, that same child will bow down and cover in fear of those that have done things shocking to it. Evildoers whom pracice their arts to the extreme may find themselves being coereced instead of despised, appealed to instead of rejected outright. Albeit, as time has gone on, neither heroes nor villains are as celebrated as they were in times long gone by. Weaker minds are also said to be influenced by the Heartweald, forming an unnoficial hive mind mentality with everything around them. Just as every tree in the forest has its place and job, as a host to mushrooms, just as the mushrooms live on their specific trees and feed the other lifeforms on the island, so to do people have their own place in society, seemingly tailored to their own mindset and, in the rarest of occassions, almost as if their place was forged for them long before they were born. Naturally, people, beasts, monsters; all living creatures have those whom rebell against the preset paths laid out before them, which is why the Islanders have so many outcasts and exiles. This is also said to be the main reason behind the Rathian's communistic views on many of life's questions. After all, its much easier to be a member of the collective, when the alternative is a constant, childish feeling of utter guilt for "failing" to conform to "societal" demands. All people have a place. All people have a purpose. A perfect world that cannot be judged or broken! The viewpoint of an innocent, hopeful child. An intricate example of the Utopian Dream made flesh. That all said and done, there's no "concrete proof" that the Heartweald is even a thing. Perhaps, its due to the fact that nobody on the Island questions it and that it seems to run from outsiders, especially those who come to investigate its presence. This has brought birth to a rather "atheistic" point of view that has ended up becoming popular on the island; as even the locals themselves preffer the "theory" of them just being better people than any "outsiders", which is how a society such as theirs could have even come to form, rather than it being the work of some invisible, childish, but learning, thing.
  12. DESIGNATION Name: Red River's Church Etymonology: Named after the supposed rivers of blood that flow beneath Rath Lux's marble'd surface. Moniker: Null. Heraldry: The image of a flowing river, colored red. Said to be drawn into the dirt by those afflicted by the hemocraze in times long past, in their own blood. HIERARCHY Founder: Unknown. Leader: Unknown. Members: Mythical sages, priests draped in red, hemocrazed madmen. GENERAL Location: Unknown. RELATIONS - Unknown. AGENDA - Unknown. BACKGROUND - The Red River's Church is a legend. A mythical tale fomed from the maddened babblings of hemocrazed individuals whom often speak of a terrible river of blood, seemingly dripping upwards and onto the surface of the land, unseen by all, but also felt by all. Several stories told to scare children mention deranged red priests, each a flayed man covered in red clothing, screaming of impending doom right before slaughtering all they see and falling apart into a pool of steaming blood. Not all such tales are horrifying though, as it seems some legends depict the red priests as sages instead, wizened individuals of indescriminate gender that have led the Islanders on the correct path time and again. Nevertheless, it has been more than seven hundred years since the last time a person actually survived the hemocraze, so these legends may as well be simple, groundless myths.
  13. Myrinda


    DARKWOOD Description - A pine forest with a dark floor which is shrouded in mist. The forest emanates a dark energy that can make an unprepared mind begin to hallucinate all manner of things. Mischievous shades and ghosts roam around playing tricks on any traveler that enters their borders. The people who live in this forest are grim and very suspicious of outsiders. The plains to the north marks the territory of their oppressive enemy, the Kingdom of Light. Harsh treaties has been forced upon the inhabitants of Darkwood limiting the extent of the magic they can use and banning traditions that the Light deems too much of a threat. The mages use dark magic and train at the academy in Ilrohall. They learn to use illusions, summoning, and spells that affect the mind. But dark magic involving death or pain are forbidden to learn, but this magic is practiced by the rebels south of the Mountain Wall. As a result the kingdom is in a civil war. To the south is Riptide Island, home to the arcane wizards who tend to keep to themselves. MILITARY People with an aptitude for magic are encouraged to train at the academy. For those who show to be inept at magic are given the choice to train to be a soldier. The fortress of Shadow Stand guards the south from the necromancers and their horrid creations with a garrison of four hundred mages and soldiers. The watchtowers to the north alert the kingdom of invaders. The shades and dark elementals scattered around the forest band together in times of turmoil to protect their home. Ilrohall holds a garrison of seven hundred mages and soldiers. GOVERNMENT Darkwood is a small kingdom with the Elemental Lord of Darkness, Ilro Shadoweye, being the current ruler. He has a council of archmages who advise him and deal with the smaller matters. He is wise, powerful in magic, and able to compromise. It's the latter that creates a matter of dispute among his subjects. Some believe that he should be more strong willed to his adversaries, while others believe that he is making the best of the situation. INDUSTRY Most trade comes from the merchant ships at Troll Town and the ones at Port Black. Regular trade is done with the wizards of Riptide Island. The items being traded is livestock, grain, and a special gemstone found in the rivers. These gemstones glow a dark purple and contain magical properties. Another special item that Darkwood specializes in is a flower called Nightshade used in many potions and poisons. NOTABLE LOCATIONS Ilrohall - the capital city of Darkwood and home to the Academy of Darkness the sole place where mages are trained in the conjuration and illusion arts. Gravestone - home to the necromancers and undead monsters. It is a hub for all magic that is unholy. The Ruined Tower - once the gathering place for archmages, philosophers, and any seeking knowledge and power. When the necromancers' rebellion started, the tower acted as neutral ground for the warring sides. But suddenly the tower was discovered to be completely abandoned. Every sign of life was nowhere to be seen even the great libraries that hosted vast amounts of knowledge. There is no idea as to what happened to create such a mystery, but the tower itself is shrouded in mystical energies. Those who investigate the tower eventually find themselves back in their homes with no memory or indication of leaving the tower.
  14. DESIGNATION Name: Wyldmagi Coven Etymonology: A group of self-taught, often exiled folk, all of them magically gifted. Moniker: Shaman/Witch Heraldry: A lone, blue Ambershale Tree. HIERARCHY Founder: Baba Goya, The Witch Queen (Deceased) Leader: Exalted-Shaman Klaus Morthal, The Islewarder Members: Witch, Shaman, Great Witch, Great Shaman and their leader, the Exalted Witch/Shaman. GENERAL Location: An ancient fortress located at the highest reaches of Rath Lux's northernmost mountain, said to be only reachable through magic or flight. RELATIONS - Magic users gathered together for personal safety and growth. Their mountain home, as well as the exotic beauty of some of their members, has made them the primary targets of the Beaut Posse, but they have no clear enemy or ally. AGENDA (and background) - The expansion of their influence in the wake of Rath Lux's current chaotic and leaderless state with the primary goal of relaxing the grotesque societal punishements dished out for the simplest of crimes, as well as the banning of banishment/exile of people just because they are born with a talent for magic. RECENT EVENTS - The coven has bought several previously abandoned buildings in Heavenshire and rebuilt them to serve as a sort of "Mages Guild" within the barony's capital and help the mages expand their influence. To their surprise, their presence there was more than welcomed, as the leaderless people of the Island now look to them for leadership and guidance, even while rejecting the many of the notions that the Wyldmagi would have them enact as laws.
  15. DESIGNATION Name: Hedon Enclave Etymonology: Rich folk of both types come together to form an aristocratic group tailored to the protection of their interests, which is to say; to live life as snobbishly, hedonistically and freely as possible, while using each other as a means of being out of the laws reach. Moniker: Null. Heraldry: It is unconfirmed, but the less-fortunate folk believe that the members of this pleasure cult each have a golden rose tattoed somewhere on their bodies. HIERARCHY Founder: Ancient Rathian merchants. Leader: They have no single leader, but a council of the richest is believed to be leading the cult. Members: Unknown. GENERAL Location: Speculated to be Port Reach and Heavenshire, respectivelly. RELATIONS - Being a collective of merchants, they are quite friendly to everyone whom has coin to spend on their goods; be they pirates, regular folk or even monsters. AGENDA (and background) - Expand the reach (and availability) of their Black Market, in spite of the strict laws governing Rath Lux. RECENT EVENTS - A certain young merchant woman has been wrongfully excused of her murders, with the guards all but outright ignoring her nightly activities. Many speculate that this is due to the Enclave's work, but nobody is completely sure.
  16. DESIGNATION Name: Beaut Posse Etymonology: Nobody knows the why or the how the trolls came up with this name. Moniker: Beauts / The Trolls Heraldry: They have none, but often tend to leave crucified remains as the marking of their passing. HIERARCHY Founder: Nastey Kahren Leader: Nastey Kahren, the Troll Queen, her stinkin' majesty. Members: Troll, Alpha Troll, Kahren's Boy, Kahren's Bigga Boy, Kahren's Bestest Boy and Kahren. GENERAL Location: Unfortunately for literally everyone else, the Trolls have hollows built into every single mountain on Rath Lux. It is not known which one they consider their capital, or if they even have one in the first place. RELATIONS - They're trolls. Lead by a deeply jealous female that has titled herself a Queen. She likes to cook and cut up things she considers prettier than herself, which is basically everything and everyone. And her "boyz" are more than happy to rush into danger in order to fulfill her every wish. AGENDA (and background) - Kill everything that lives and breathes... and then those that don't. RECENT EVENTS - For an unknown reason to anyone but themselves (and, lets be honest here, perhaps even themselves), the Trolls have been highly active as of late, with several failed raids directed at Heavenshire itself in recent times.
  17. DESIGNATION Name: Nygrim Venti Etymonology: If their captains are to be believed, Nygrim Venti translates to Black Wind in some ancient, forgotten language that their original crewmembers found while pillaging a ruin and the name just stuck with them. Moniker: The Venti / A Venti Heraldry: A golden coin tipped in black tar. Most commonly seen on the sails of their skyships or on the tabards used by the pirates. HIERARCHY Founder: Unknown ancient pirate king. Leader: Fleet Admiral, Rysriel "Von" Clementine, the "Scourge Of Sealess Shores". Members: Deckhand, Dock Worker, Freebooter, Pirate, Swashbuckler, Strongarm, Musketeer, Ship Captain and Fleet Admiral. GENERAL Location: As this is the biggest and meanest group of sky-pirates inhabiting the coast of Rath Lux, the majority of their forces can be found at "Outsider's Landing", just west to Heavenshire and past the Barrier Mound. RELATIONS - Though they are infamous Sky Pirates, their relation with the people of Rath Lux is amicable and trade between the factions is frequent. This is largely because the current leader is an exiled local of Rath Lux, which has granted her access to several trade deals that most outsiders would consider "implausibly lucrative". AGENDA (and background) - Apart from continuing their raids and living a life of pure, lawless hedonism, the sky pirates are largely disinterested with the goings-on on the Island. Though, they are still pirates, which means that this may change at any given moment. RECENT EVENTS - The Venti have just come back from a massive bout of raiding and pillaging the mainland and thusly, their warriors are resting on their Fleet Admiral's command.
  18. DESIGNATION Name: The Martyneers Etymonology: Named after their founder and current leader, plus the fact that their organization is the result of a mutiny. Moniker: "The 'neers." / A 'neer. Heraldry: A rotten brain covered in moss. Most often used on flags that the gang uses to mark their territory. HIERARCHY Founder, and leader: Farkel "Iceflake" Marty, aka the "Greenest Thumb" Members: Farm Hand, Farm Boss, Thug and Rookie. GENERAL Location: Undiscovered cavern system on the southwestern shores of Rath Lux. RELATIONS - They are a group of ex-sky pirates with brains addled by experimental drugs. They hate everybody but themselves, provided that they aren't high enough to hate someone in the first place. AGENDA (and background) - Farkel Marty is a man that, once he discovered the halluciogenic properties of the moss called "Muckbrain Ferry", had the bright idea to try and turn it into a consumable drug. His former boss didn't like having her crewmembers high off their rocker 24/7, so she tried to kill him. Unsurprisingly, Marty saw it coming and prepared to fight back, thusly leading a mutiny against his former captain. Originality is not a popular pirate trait, but a high ego is, which is how you get the name of this newly-established gang. RECENT EVENTS - The pirates have managed to make use of the extensive cavern systems on Rath Lux to create vast underground farms dedicated to the creation of "Iceflake", the drug made from the cooking and distilation of Muckbrain Ferry in springwater. The way they managed to do this is unknown to the public and that is for the best. Their current "bestseller" version of the drug on the black market, comes in the form of a "joint", a rolled up piece of soaked herb that needs to be "enjoyed" as quickly as possible, lets its consumption becomes poisonous.
  19. Map of Rath Lux - as the Island is known to the Locals. FLORA - "Look, we've got moss, evil water moss, a berry bush, shrooms ya can eat, a plant with a funny name and a tree. What more could you possibly want?!" Ambershale Pine - These trees are strangely enough, the only form of trees on the entirety of Rath Lux. Both of its forests are filled to the brim with only this one type of tree, which would indicate that they are somehow special, but they really aren't. Perhaps, a long time ago, there were other forms of trees, but the inhospitable climate combined with the unrelenting sunlight had driven them to extinction. Nevertheless, these hardwood pine trees are named for their ability to produce amber within minutes of being struck, which makes them difficult to cut down and use in woodworking, but also causes them to form a natural coating of amber after being felled, making Ambershale wood possess properties simillar to iron geodes and an indredible durable lumber. All of Rath Lux's settlements use this lumber to create the tall walls sourrounding them as well as some very selective furniture, prefferably not the kind you sit on. If you find yourself alone in a forest, well you'd best forget trying to use this wood to get a fire going unless you've managed to find a large enough pile of especially-dried out lumber. Hunters, scavengers and forestwalkers alike usually work together create such piles of lumber, placing them in places where the sunlight reaches most in order to dry the wood quicker. Marrowcap - As is to be expected within forests of especially hard wood, one may find these purple-capped shrooms growing out of the very amber mentioned before. Marrowcaps are edible mushrooms, though you wouldn't think that at first glance, or even attempt, due to them having evolved a tough outer layer of flesh, much like one would expect from bone. These hardy mushrooms hide their edible bits inside of their long white stalks which needs to be broken through in order to be consumed as the actual stalk itself is not edible unless cooked for more than two days straight. The caps of the mushrooms are edible as well, but are likely to give you indigestion should they be improperly cured prior to cooking. It should be noted that the growth areas of these plants are highly contested by packs of predators, due to the taste of the "marrow" inside being quite simillar to the real deal, if not considerably more gamy. This is why, rather than as a food source, hunters have often used these mushrooms as components to create traps for larger animals, though this is ill advised for newbie hunters due to the dangers of attracting one predator far too many. Wanderberry Bush - Small, green bushes with sparse, but edible fruit that tend to grow alongside roads. It is unknown if these bushes preffer growing next to cobbled stone or well-beaten dirt, but one can find colonies of them at just about every crossing or popular stop alongside the settlement paths. Their fruit is a blood-colored berry that gives a short but very sweet burst of juice when popped and is known to possess a strange, almost relaxing effect when consumed. Some have stated that eating these berries during travel helps them stay more alert and awake, require less sleep and generally feel more energetic than they normally do. However, excessive consumtion can lead to a minor addiction. The berries themselves are often used in local pastries or dilluted into drinks alongside springwater. Domestication of the plant has proven to be nigh impossible, as the berries seem to need the coldest of winter in order to form, if they manage to grow out of planted soil in the first place, which is rare in itself. Some older folk claim that the berries will only grow out of soil that they were spat out on as seedlings, which works well with their popularity with travellers, but this is just an unconfirmed rumor that happened to make sense. Bulgeweed - Despite its rather comical name, this plant is one of the most important parts of Rath Lux's agriculture. It is a form of greenish-brown moss that forms bulbuous, edible pods not that different from potatoes. In fact, you could even call this plant an inverse potato. It is hardy, grows well even when planted in soil of poor quality and does not require much water. Prolonged exposure to darkness seems to kill the plant and any efforts to bring it back to the mainland have proven unsuccessful due to the plants withering suddenly, so the locals have speculated it to require access to the unnatural sunlight that permeates the Island. Bulgeweed is used in just about every aspect of cooking and is the Island's staple crop, but there really isn't much else to say about it. Muckbrain Ferry - A greenish-black type of moss that grows solely on the surface of water. It is often used by wild mages and witches in rituals as the water used during cooking it gains halluciogenic properties. Scarce few patches of this plant actually remain, as the locals detest any form of drug use with rabid fervor and actively work to burn down and exterminate the plant. That said, the criminal element of the Island has managed to create large farms of these on underwater lakes and are currently attempting to create a drug based on it called Iceflake, though it seems they are having some difficulties. Perhaps, that is for the best! Luxian Culv - This is the dark green moss that covers the entire Island. It can grow on stone, has no actual value and just serves to make the place look nicer. Its only notable quality is that, due to their darker coloration, the moss seems to absorb a large amount of sunlight, causing it to be noticably hot to the touch. FAUNA - "There's the good beasties and the bad beasties... though sometimes, me Bessy makes me think otherwise." -Domesticated Animals- Unsurprisingly, the Island's cadre of domestic beasts is pretty much as to be expected: chickens, cows, goats, horses, pigs and sheep. They aren't any different from what can be found elsewhere, except perhaps hardier than most and not quite as populus. This is mainly due to the locals prefference to consume the meat of the wild animals rather than their domestic equivalents. Most think that this is just because the wild variants taste better, but some jaded minds think that there's a darker reason for it all... Runehide Deer - These deer are the most populous animal of the Island and can be found pretty much anywhere. They have coarse hide which grows in strange, circular patterns that the male deer often use to strike poses in order to attract females, which has given birth to more than one rather comical moment, as hunters preying upon these are liable to suddenly lose their composure and start laughing at the unfortunate deer making poses and attempting to look good for the females. Even more so when the females end up being completely disinterested and annoyed at their continous attempts. The bucks should not be underestimated though, as like anything else on the Island, they can be quite deadly as their antlers have evolved to be able to rip apart Ambershale bark, which should be a good indication to what they might be able to do to people caught in their furious charge. Their meat is extremely valuable and delicious, being apparently infused with a form of natural magic and their furs make up the majority of Rath Lux's clothing industry. Pale Bear - What happens when you throw a bear on an Island with preternatual sunlight that never fades? A pale bear. They are nearly completely furless bears with permanent black spots under their eyes and overextended frontal claws. These bears have been denied their need to hibernate and forced to adapt to the environment. These poor creatures eek out a meagre living, being incredibly weaker than regular bears and highly susceptible to disease. This existence of suffering has caused the creatures to be extremely agitated and aggressive, attacking everything and anything on sight. Thankfully, their disease-ridden glistening white skin makes for poor camo. Unlike their cousins on the mainland, these bears hunt in packs that can range anywhere from three to twelve and use hunting tactics simillar to lions in order to isolate and successfuly catch their prey. Their apparent weaknesses should never cause anyone to take them lightly as they are currently the biggest cause of death for everything else on the island, even exceeding the massive criminal underworld with their bloodthirst. Garn - Massive wolves with glistening black fur and that grows both all over their body as well as around their necks much like a lions mane, with the average member being about two meters tall and one and a half meter wide, with jaws that would make a shark ashamed of itself. Nobody knows what exactly caused the Islands native wolves to transform into these dramatic, horrifying beasts but for the average person, one thing is certain; if you see a Garn, its probably already too late. The dangers presented by these monstrous wolves is often forgotten however, as everything they possess is valuable. The meat around their spines is as tender as high quality steak, their bones make delicious soup and can replace traditional iron for toolmaking and their exquisite fur is very popular with the richest of merchants, whom are more than willing to pay a premium. The mane'd heads of these creatures are highly popular as throphies, mounted on walls and the beast themselves are the champions of many local stories, the idols used to make statues and artistic representation in general. A dead garn is valuable indeed, but a living one? Only the most skilled hunter could ever hope to tame such a creature and the secrets of how this can be achieved is hidden well, though those who have tamed a Garn say that the secret should stay a secret for good reason. This has done nothing to stop the bravest of fools in attempting to do so. Winterwing Roc - Large, white-feathered birds of prey that inhabit the mountains of the fjord, preying on the wilder variants of domesticated animals, such as mountain goats, wild hogs and horses. Not much is known about them, but their eggs are often used in omeletts. The breast meat of these animals is a popular and sought after food source for the locals, though outsiders often find the meat to be tasteless or even disgusting. Their feathers are a crucial component in the crafting of dresses, arrows and traditional jewelry. Some aspiring hunters have also tamed the beasts and their high level of intelligence has turned them into the primary "mailmen" of the Island. Despite their meat and feathers being valuable to the locals, killing these creatures is a crime as they are considered sacred, being one of the few wild creatures that are not innately hostile to the people of the island. They can easily reach the height of the average person and can easily carry more than twice their body weight, which has caused some braver people to use them as flying mounts. Wanderstalker Python - Named for their use of the Wanderberry Bushes as hiding spots, these long pearly-scaled snakes are the nightmare manifest for many travelers. Adults can reach over six meters in length and have a poison that sends a shock to the targets brain, rendering them unconscious on bite. Many consider the Pythons to be a form of Island monster, but they are not officially recognized as such due to the fact that they are intelligent enough not to consume people, even when spooked, they aren't actually venomous as their poison seems magical in nature and are popular as pets for the locals. Like all the others animals of the island, their meat is delicious to the locals and abhorrent to any outsider. Their main food supply are rodents, such as mice and rats, but sometimes, the largest among them can hunt bigger prey, such as mountain goats or even the unfortunate Winterwing Roc, whose nests they will often raid for eggs. MONSTERS - "... monsters?... you mean the bloody Garn and Pale Bears AREN'T, considered MONSTERS?!" Trolls - Mean, big, tough, strong, disease ridden and semi-intelligent, these cruel creatures typically live in caves at the bases of the mountains within the fjord. They will raid, despoil, plunder, ravage and burn down everything they can, driven by a senseless, deep-seated jealousy of all other races, even things like insects. Trolls are such a menace to society that even the bandits are respected more. Kill or run on sight, because they can be expected to do exactly that to you. Ettini - Giant, mountain dwelling humanoids, each equipped with the intelligence of a particularily dim-witted child. Unlike what most may think, Ettins are extremely peaceful and may not even attack you on first assault, as they understand that people are afraid of them and its not like a few arrows or cuts will do any actual damage. They will often try to befriend anyone they see and work hard to please them in order to achieve that friendship, much like bullied, outcast children. Many take pity on these poor creatures for it and its not exactly rare for an Ettin to become part of a village or even live within Heavenshire itself, trading its immense capacity for manual labor for food and social interaction. While the abuse of Ettins is not a direct crime, people doing so will find themselves being despised by society, which suits the criminal element rather well, as they turn some of the Ettins into slaves and living siege machines. That said, an Ettin is just as dangerous as one may think. They may have the personalities equivalent to exiled children, but children too can be pushed too far... and the damage that an angry, likely-teary eyed Ettin can do is a terrible wonder all on its own. Hemocraze - The Hemocraze is not one beast or a singular type of monster. Rather, it is a form of disease that causes immense bloodthirst within the individual, whilst also causing them to develop greater strength, agility and nigh-implausible willpower. It is not known how exactly one may contract this "disease", but it has been known to affect pretty much every inhabitant of the Island. A hemocrazed garn will devour its own pack and have its eyes turn crimson, a pale bear will relentlessly carve away at everything before it dies from an overtaxed heart, a normal person's veins will bulge and they will go berserk until those same veins pop and cause death, a troll will grow as large as an ettin and become five times as horrible, runehide deer turn into carnivores with a prefference for human flesh and so on. Some have speculated that this disease comes from the Hemorrhagic Gas released during Emberite mining, but the miners themselves seem unaffected, so this is considered false by most. It should also be noted that the Hemocraze seems to exist solely on Rath Lux, as taking a crazed person away from the Island on time is the only known cure. However, even with the berserk effects gone, that person will forever be changed from the experience, causing many of the afflicted to kill themselves right after regaining their sanity. Dryads - Spirits of the Wild that can take upon many forms, be they animal, plant or even humanoid. Despite what many tales of exotic, often erotic, encounters with these creatures may tell you, they are the entire opposite of what one may actually expect from these creatures. Their forms are too many to be described but one can usually tell that a dryad is in their presence due to the vines and tree roots covering whatever forms they choose to take. Killing a dryad is something permitted only in the most dire circumstances, as their presence infused the land with magical energies, increasing its value in many, many ways. The villagers of Vitas Village, for instance, have several "tamed" dryads that helps them grow their crops in this otherwise impossible climate in exchange for the fulfilment of whatever flights of fancy the dryad may have. They are ancient creatures, often centuries old and the locals tend to view them as respected elders rather than monsters, with a few of the aspiring newfound cults even viewing the enigmatic spirits as living gods. PLAYER INDUCED CHANGE @Frederika Since Frederika introduced three new plants to the island, things have changed. The first plant has been the Arthrostylidium Reflexum, a new kind of bamboo that she introduced to the island. It's a fairly tall, yellow, and thin plant of bamboo, which has big green leaves towards the top of it. It is usually called by the locals with a variety of colorful names: Lemonstalk, Pisstuber and "tall yellow fuckers". Thanks to its properties, it has found a variety of uses. Having a new kind of wood has allowed people to make different things, first of all, been housing. This kind of bamboo is much lighter than Ambershale Wood, but still has a good degree of sturdiness attached to it. The houses made out of bamboo needed different building techniques to build properly, otherwise, such buildings would have been easy targets for thieves. That's why people started to mix both the woods to make new buildings. The houses made out of Arthrostylidium reflexum only are cheaper than the Ambershale Wood, resulting in the least wealthy to slowly move into those, making an even more clear differentiation between the rich and poor, even if it helped the extremely poor to have a roof over their heads. People being people led to some discrimination towards the least wealthy, even between insiders. Arthrostylidium reflexum is also being used to make simple tools, kitchenware, and furniture. The sudden need for more and more bamboo has made woodwork rise, creating new required jobs for the population, some immediately mixing it with the same artistic designs learned by sculpturing marble. The seeds of the Arthrostylidium reflexum, as well as its leaves, are also used to make new foods and beverages, giving the people more culinary variance for day-to-day life. The second plant is much different. It's a modified alga which absorbs the properties of the water it's put in. The alga itself is a red one, with thin branches and semi-transparent, orange leaves. The leaves are edible. The Palmariales, as she calls it, is exclusively used from Frederika to produce a special, light, highly-addictive drug which she sells for a high price, or that she uses to bribe others. The drug itself is similar to marijuana, but a sort of improvement. It makes people high to the same degree and extent but is highly addictive. It is said that while high on the plant, you see life and everything else from a different point of view, much clearer yet at the same time dizzy, some even daring to call it a third eye. It's also said that you can both eat it or smoke it inside a bamboo, which is the preferred way by many. It's unconfirmed if the producer actively makes use of it or not. The drug is known as "Red Belladonna". The last plant has been seen by very few people. The Dandelion is the same plant you can find outside of the island, the only difference being the slightly bigger build. People that have seen them said that they were gathered in small patches of the land, really close one to the other like they couldn't grow properly.
  20. Tyros

    Rath Lux

    RATH LUX - "Isle Of Eternal Light" Description: Rath Lux is a small barony located in the north easternmost part of La Guardia, a floating island bathed in constant, unnatural light, whereast even the blackest of nights blind none. Despite this, the Isle is just as cold and unforgiving as its neighbouring lands, in some ways, even worse off. Perhaps the most striking effect of this habitual inhospitability is its general lack of population; the saner parts of which consists mainly of four hamlets and a singular large township. Any animals found here are either horribly lost or migrating to some other, less dangerous land, though there are those whom persistently subsist within the confines of this marbled fjord. MILLITARY - "As one would expect from backwards savages..." The villages and town of Rath Lux are little more than scuttled settlements, hurriedly constructed together behind tall walls which far supercede all but the most noble of buildings, of which there are not many. Apart from the rulling family's standing retinue of veteran soldiers, the people are protected largely by garrisoned millitia, travelling adventures and heroes. All in all, there are an approximately two hundred and upwards to a five hundreds worth of soldiers within the entire island, just enough to protect the main settlements from bandits, ravenous beasts and other horrible creatures that lurk within its undisturbed depths. The Isle is also host to a surprisingly large fleet of merchant ships, though they can't be exactly described as combat worthy vessels. GOVERNMENT - " .... 'least there was one... once..." Rath Lux is a barony ruled over by a singular noble family; the Mayne's. Its most recent ruler is a baroness by the name of Catherine Mayne, a woman of splendour and opulence, with good looks and ambitions to match. Easy on the eyes, but not so much on anything else, the baroness is a woman of desire and fulfilment, whom will stop at nothing to see her hungers sated. Heavy taxes, brutal punishments and tragic judgements have become the norm under her tyranicall rule. Many hoped that the return of her husband, a commoner knight that is only known by the moniker of Tyros for reasons unknown, would help usher in an end to her tyranny... and, in a way, that was exactly what happened, as since the Knights return from warfare, nobody has heard or seen the baroness. Rumors abound that her disappearance is connected to the tragic "accident" afflicting the pairs only son, Dray, which had left the young boy paralyzed through most of his body. To remedy the lack of overral guidance, the people of Rath Lux have begun to rely on wisemen, witches and shamans alike to guide them through these desperate times, alongside several prominent merchants.. INDUSTRY (and Economy) - "Strike the whitest spot at an angle, sonny. And uh, try not to inhale too deeply." Much, if not all of the productive efforts on the Isle come from its vast supply of a "metal-like substance" called Emberite alongside the great amounts of marble mined out as a byproduct. Emberite is a material which can be found encapsulated within the purest of white marble stones, which make up more than 70% of the Island itself. It a soft metal, on about the same level as copper, but it has two unique properties that make it extremely valuable to the right buyer: it becomes stronger as it absorbs heat, turning denser and tougher than even the highest quality steel, while also being completely safe to the touch. This, of course, makes forging it in the usual manner absolutely impossible, but aspiring fire mages and alchemists still find it to be well-suited for their needs, the fulfilment of which has become a rather profitable mercantile venture for more than a few of Rath's otherwise unfortunate inhabitants. This material is exceedingly dangerous to mine however, as releasing it from its marbled cage causes it to expell a kind of reddish gas that, if inhaled in high enough quantities, can act as a hemorrhagic aerosol, quite litterally causing the afflicted to bleed from the inside out. Naturally, some crazed individuals are attempting to reverse its effects, make it an item for healing, though they have yet to be successfull in their efforts. If not working with Emberite itself, one may normally be found making use of all the marble. Sculptors, musicians, artiste of all shapes and sizes have risen to prominence with the people of Rath Lux and it is not rare to find ancient statues hidden away in the wilds, the memories of past lives carved into the most beatific of forms. RELIGION - "Worship? I'd like to see ya pray while the Pale Bears maul yer family!... wait, yer suppose to pray before 'at happens?! I- why didn't anyone ever tell me!?!" The people of Rath Lux are not very spiritual in nature, as the Island has fostered a hardy and jaded people more concerned with the benefit of the whole than their own personal individuality. From youth, children are carefully drilled to act as a collective, bullying is severely punished, perhaps even with exile. All must do their part, everyone has a preset fate. If you do not like it, you can leave and face the wilds on your own at any given moment. However... this has recently begun to drastically change, as the people have begun to call out into these same outcasts, these same wildmen and women, these witches and shaman of the olden ways, with each and every last one of them teaching a different set of rules, while singing the exact same tune. Many cults are beginning to form and only time will tell as to which of these spiritual guides will reach for the top. One cult stands out from the rest, one which is most attuned to the brutality and savagery of the Island itself, almost like a reflection or a cancer, waiting, feeding; plotting to consume the entirety of its people. Whatever may be the case, the Red River has begun to stirr, to twist and to coil... POPULATION - "Ain't many of us here, never were. We like it that way. You should remember this as you walk our lands, outsider." As one may come to conlude via a simple look at the Islands map, most of its population is scattered. The four walled settlements hold only a maximum of a thousand people each, with only the Township of Heavenshire actually reaching and sustaining that number of people. No, the majority of Rath Lux's population is made up of raiders, bandits and would-be despoilers of lands. Its outer reaches are dotted with caves, many of which house entire "unnoficial" settlements, hidden treasure troves and Black Markets, making the Islands borders a fertile breeding ground for crime. That said, this mass of evil doers never focuses its attention on the Islands inhabitants unless they become desperate. One would think that the people of the Island are often recruited to the ranks of these criminals, but that is also not the case, due to the sheer hatred for individual pursuits that the people have fostered. The Islands current baroness, on the other hand, is more than willing to strike a good deal with the often unseen hands which guide the criminal world. NOTABLE LOCATIONS Port Reach - As its name may indicate, this port is the orginal landing zone for the Islands inhabitants and, as such, has grown to become its main trading hub and only legitimate connection to the mainland. Despite the wealth it brings to the people of Rath Lux, it has remained a largely depopulated landmark, with the majority of its bustling markets being filled with merchants coming from deeper inland, alonside the what few provisioners arrive to ply their trades from the mainland. That said, this place is the "capital" for the Islands leading mercantile figures, with many warehouses and market stalls dotting its marbled streets. Heavenshire - Much like its name would suggest, the township of Heavenshire is located in a spot of wonderous natural beauty, sourrounded on fjords on all sides, it is situated on a smaller Island within Rath Lux and is one of the main causes behind the Islands name, as it is constantly blasted from all sides by unnatural light. This is where the majority of the Islands artists and industrial sector lies, with a singular Emberite foundry containing nigh the entirety of the working class. This close-cut society has allowed its members to become quite skilled at metalworking, woodworking and mining, alongside all of the more artistic pursuits of individuals. (First picture is a good indication to what Heavenshire looks like.) The rest of the island's hubs are the main emberite mine; otherwise named the Bleeding Gulch which is situated to the north of Heavenshire, a farming and a hunting village, both of which are close to the city and may eventually be subsumed into it, should the people continue to prosper as they are right now. There are no notable landmarks otherwise officially known, due to the dangers presented by the Island itself as well as the inhabitants unwillingness to stray off the beaten path unless absolutely required. RECENT HISTORY Quest - "Herbs, forest, ADVENTURE!... ugh.": @Frederika decides to go on a quest of her own to "enrich" the flora of the island (for mostly her own benefit), despite knowing that what she calls the "Will Of The Island" will likely protest. Her first attempts are successfull as the island accepts a form of desert bamboo and seemingly ignores the dandelion flower seeds she had spread around, but refused and destroyed her more "exotic" plants, forcing her to only grow them from the comforts of her own home. Thread - https://www.valucre.com/topic/44643-rath-lux-quests-herbs-forest-adventure-ugh Quest - "Frederika's Mouse Problem.": @Frederika@Shal Right after Frederika finished dealing with a mysterious force behind her house, a new one entered this last one. She followed it to discover a spirit, Shal, which was merely giving Frederika some presents to symbolize their friendship. Once Frederika accepted it, the satisfied cat left. Thread - https://www.valucre.com/topic/44676-rath-lux-quests-frederikas-mouse-problem/ Quest - "Witts Progenial Problem.": @Aliester Magna arrives on Rath Lux, seeking a paying job fit for an adventuring knight. He sets off to find the missing daughter of a tavernkeeper by the name of Witts, but runs into several magnitudes of trouble both along the way and on the way back, forcing the knight to improvise many times as the threads of fate lull him forwards... and back again. Thread - https://www.valucre.com/topic/44629-rath-lux-quests-witts-progenial-problem/ Quest - "Aliester's March.": @Aliester Magna continues his personal quest on the island, having started the hunt for the dryad known as Nela Silvertongue, the true evil behind the disappearance of the tavernkeeper's daughter he had saved before. Tracking her down to Vitas Village, the knight confronted the dryad directly once night fell. Alas, as this was her home ground, the monster proved too powerful for the knight to slay alone and realising the truth of his words, the villagers quickly joined his side. Nela however, was a life-eater, a monstrous dryad with the power to drain the life of living things and would only be slain if she were set on fire. However, after a long and bloody fight where many people of the village died, the combatants drew the ire of the "Goddess Vytar", an extremely ancient and powerful dryad whom assessed the situation, her arrival causing both sides to drop on their knees, even the knight himself choosing not to utter a word. Her judgement made, Nela was disintegrated, turned to dust with a magical blase of immense power. However, the knight would earn no reward for his delivery of justice, as too many have fallen to achieve it... and, it seemed, he had dragged himself into a war far more cruel than he ever wanted. For now though, he finally felt free to do as he wished! Thread - https://www.valucre.com/topic/44684-rath-lux-quests-aliesters-march Quest - "Principium.": @Frederika@Myrinda@Shal@Phosfasium@Dray - This is part one of the Island's "Main Questline". n Tyros/Myrinda/Frederika Having spent the majority of the past few months perfroming cruel ritualistic sacrifices and horrendous, inhumane experiments, Baron Tyros wakes with a feeling of intense melancholy. Standing in front of a mirror that once belonged to his wife, the man reocunts all the horrors he had commited, likening his once proud manor to a despoiled corpse, still useful to its own ravager. Wandering the blackened halls, the baron recounts his warlike past. Deciding that his dark goals have been accomplished, he frees the last prisoner he still had within his dungeon, a wolf-woman by the name of Millery, the consequences of which may or may not be felt in the near future. At the height of his melancholic episode, the villagers of Heavenshire finally gather up in rebellion, finally rising up in arms against their silent government, seemingly lead by unseen hands. The baron regroups with one of his employees, a witch from faraway lands by the name of Myrinda Ravenlash, a sociopathic but otherwise genius woman whose alchemical prowess had aided in much of the baron's work. As they fight off the horde of rampaging peasantry, the manor itself comes alive, or unalive, with the souls of all of the barons victims, the monstrous undead assaulting both parties as the entire household is locked down, preventing escape. Luckily, a hidden escape tunnel could be found in the manor's library and the duo escaped the burning building after the baron had confirmation of his sons survival. They found themselves in a cave near Camp Garnstooth, where they killed a troll, hunted for food, ate and healed their wounds. Though the desperation of the situation did not break either of their minds, it still took a heavy toll on the two antisocial villains, causing them to develop a quickly growing, romantic bond, even if they were little more than curious business partners up to this point. They made their way to Port Reach during the cover of night, coming very close to death as soon as they left their cavernous safe heaven as a Red River Priest walked dangerously near the pair. Highly caffeinated and running on fumes, the duo reached the port at the break of morning, relying on the goodwill of a particularily happy tavernkeeper grant them respite. Poisoned by Wanderberry Extract due to the barons lack of forethought, the duo slept for two entire days before waking, an embarrassing mishap causing them to gather more attention than either of them wanted. Collecting themselves, the baron and the witch walked hand in hand through the town, visiting a bank, then a smithy as Tyros required a new sword, before finally arriving at a restaurant for some lunch, as well as to meet up with the „blackest of roses among a field of gold“. Once the preliminary talks were completed and a rudimentary plan set up, the blackest rose left and the two finished their dinner. The Atmosphere quickly headed up and the following night would be one full of, ahem, „violent romping“. - Shal/Mozart/Dray/Frederika Torches lit up in Haevenshire! Although there was no sign of an attack, the people organized an uprising against Baron Tyros, storming his estate in the middle of the night. Had they discovered the truth about the nightmarish experiments carried out by the ruler of Rath Lux, or perhaps the mysterious Will of the Island, Heartweald, decided that it is time put an end to it? Whatever the reason, a furious crowd broke through the gardens to the interior of the property with a supposedly clear purpose. Kill the baron and destroy everything that is associated with him. Dray, the son of the baron and the reason why he committed his crimes, was in a tower away from the main battle. His teacher Mozart, aware of the impending threat, prepared for them both to flee. Meanwhile, Shal the Cat Spirit, watching everything from afar and curious about the results of Tyros's experiments, set off to look for the child of the baron. During their escape, Dray and Mozart ran into attackers disconnected from the main group. Thanks to the quick thinking and cleverness of the teacher, they managed to get out of this situation without bloodshed. Shal, having found the son of a baron, and Mozart, led them safely through the property, allowing them to escape into a nearby forest. Confronted by the Cat Spirit, Dray and his teacher questioned the motives of the strange creature. However, due to the lack of other options, they decided to trust Shal, who promised them a safe journey to Port Reach, where the Baron's colleague and Shal's friend Frederika lived. The journey through the woods was peaceful until the group encountered bandits who were camping in the area. Once again, thanks only to Mozart's oratory skill, a fight was avoided. A further route to Port Reach led through the beach, where Mozart would experience the mischievous nature of Shal. After a few hours of wandering, the group reached the city. The group met with Frederika, who after a short conversation with Shal took two refugees into her home, providing them with a safe heaven. Shal, using the opportunity to separate itself from the group, decided to use their connection with nature to find out what fate met Baron Tyros. Having learned that he is alive, the Cat shared this information with Frederika and Mozart. Each of the three had their plans to use this information. The cards were dealt and the dice were thrown. The great game is just beginning.
  21. This thread is open for play. Stories which spin from this thread will be made into their own threads. Description The Shrew is a large two-story timber framed building, well known for the master craftsmanship attended to its construction and furniture. It was once a manor house, and has a collection of artwork for public viewing which is closely monitored. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses. There is a meeting hall, a bar, a lounge, and a bath area attached to the back. Staff The owner of the establishment is Berna. She has a reputation for having been a grand adventurer but has since retired to marry and raise a family. She is accomplished with stiletto daggers and is known to keep important company. Menu Roasted Pork and Rye Biscuits, Tankard of Ale Poached Chicken with Nutmeg and Orange Pie, Glass of Mead Steamed Oxen with Cinnamon and Dried Peach, Glass of Brandy Rumors The Temple of the Prism, a sect which worships light, has been vandalized. There is a rumor that a recent gift to the priests is actually a powerful phylactery for an ancient spirit and is the target of thieves. unlocks the Temple as a location and access to medical practices An ancient obelisk set with gemstones is said to have erupted in the sewers during routine maintenance. Maintenance workers describe a palpable sensation of dread when near it. unlocks a subterranean location and access to a new race Scrolling Parchment is the biggest library in Derrgard. There is talk that one of the librarians is from the outside and is using magic to alter his appearance to insidious ends. unlocks the library and access to books on technology and magic Current Time and Weather Afternoon Warm and balmy
  22. Gundushar Geography Climate: Gundushar is cold nearly all year round, with winter bringing in blankets of snow, spring and autumn leaving it wet with rain, and finally in the summer it becomes at least warm enough for long sleeves and moderately thick trousers. Flora and Fauna: There are a variety of shrubs, roots and berries that grow upon the mountain Gundushar inhabits. On a regular basis one can see snakes, goats, mountain lions, squirrels and bears all doing what they do out in the wild. Culture Language: Most everyone speaks the Genesarian tongue, with the trade language coming up second. As the city's population is a majority dwarf population, the dialect is heavily affected to reflect this. Religion: There are differing religious views within Gundushar, with the two major ones being a worship of ones ancestors and the other being a worship of a Bitheistic religion centered around the Warrior and the Mistress. Education / Technological Development: Gundushar strives for excellence in all things, and so they have developed a comprehensive education system centered around discovering the best means of which to personalize each students path to success. Because of this they hold a strong grasp on most understandings of magitech and beyond. Government and politics Law: The law in Gundushar is straightforward and ever changing. Judges interpret the laws as required for the situation, determining whether or not an exception must be made in order to further continue the standard of excellence within the city. Foreign relations: As of now they are currently independent, but enjoy a healthy, friendly outlook on dealing with other nations. Military: Gundushar's army is entirely volunteer based, focusing their efforts on infantry armed with mid ranged magitech rifles. While this is the case they do have some cavalry as well as heavy artillery that serves as the primary means of defense for their city. Economy Gundushar's economy is heavily invested in the forging of weapons, followed by the brewing of alcohol and finally goat herding as the three major industries in the mountain city. History Founding: Gundushar is officially founded in 590 WTA. It is declared sovereign by it's own means and is nestled within Wicker Mountain in the Rising West.
  23. A theory is a framework. Laws explain things in that framework. The framework and the laws inside of it are subject to discovery, modification and change as the game world develops. Law of Equivalent Exchange: All magic comes with a cost. This is usually seen as the consumption of material spell components but can also be seen as physical damage (bruises, cuts, disfigurement, etc), intangibles (sanity, memories, emotions, and in particular secrets), accelerated aging, and in extreme cases even death. Casting magic in a group mitigates this effect.
  24. This skeleton is light by design. It isn’t meant to be used as an exhaustive checklist to fully flesh out a character but as a base template to act as a reference and give the character a frame. For the purposes of development consider characters as being Beginners, Proficient, or Expert. At the moment, Noland recommends characters who are Beginners to get the most out of the development cycle of your character but are willing to accept characters closer to Proficient. No characters should be Expert. Appearance What does your character look like? What do they wear? Note - as of April 2020, species is limited to Human. Personality What does your character act and sound like? What are their interests and hobbies? History Where do they come from, who are their family (if this is important), what are their motivations and their goals? What pushes them forward and what holds them back? Equipment Items of importance Tools of the trade Weapons Abilities At the moment general magical availability is locked. Plan for an underpowered mage until magic is made generally available. When magic does become generally available characters will be able to choose a primary attribute that can be used for magic - examples: DEX for dancing or gestures, CHA for bards, INT for wizards, WIS for monks, etc. Skills. What the character can do and is capable of. Note - as of April 2020, characters are locked from going any further than Proficient. Skill range: untrained (0-10%) | novice (11-30%) | proficient (31-60%)| expert (61-80%) | master (81-99%) The default mode of conflict resolution will be crowdsourced Rule of Cool (what makes for a better story according to the players?) but players are encouraged to leverage skill checks as often as possible (where it won’t wreck the story) These are based off of the familiar Big Six attributes of RPG. Determine what your character is good at and what they are poor at based off of your character’s history. For a “balanced character” be proficient in 3, novice in 2, and untrained in 1. Strength is physical power and related prowess Intelligence is brains and education Wisdom is intuition, awareness, and willpower Dexterity is speed, precision, nimbleness and related prowess Constitution is physical resistance and stamina Charisma is attractiveness and charm Example: Berna Terrene
  25. Humans What do they look like? Humans are bipedal organisms whose phenotypic expression varies wildly, causing a wide range of physical characteristics. They range, on average, between 4-6 feet, 100-300 pounds, and from pale white to dark brown or nearly black skin. Humans lack external tails, have several blood type systems, have opposable thumbs, and are sexually dimorphic. They have a faster and more accurate throw than other animals and are among the best long-distance runners in the animal kingdom, but slower over short distances. They have thin body hair and sweat to regulate temperature. They are omnivorous and are known to greatly alter habitat by means of technology through irrigation and construction, usually in support of their food systems or for urban planning. How do they think? Humans are individualistic creatures. Their hierarchy of concern is as follows: first themselves, then their families, then their species, and finally other species. Because of their relatively short-term lives, humans are obsessed with construction and progress at nearly any cost, even the well-being of humans and other races, so long as the ends justify the means. Their art leans towards the mechanical and visual, so humans are best known for their paintings, sculptures, and tools. What can they do? Humans are known for their ability to learn a wide variety of skills and to learn those skills more quickly than the other races. They excel at making mechanical contraptions to supplement their frail bodies and blunted senses. Reptiles [currently locked] Polygons [currently locked]
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