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Found 2 results

  1. Arthur rubbed the sleepiness out of his eyes, pressing his back comfortably to the gunwale of his dinghy. It had been the third such morning since arriving at the wild stretch of coastline where they’d made their camp. However, this morning was undoubtedly different as it was when his contact in Casper had predicted that their target vessel would sail past where they planned to intercept, and the tension of the moment weighed on the black mage. The mutant steeled himself as he began his morning preparations, knowing that he was as ready as he’d ever be, and that he had surrounded himself with capable allies. Of course, it was also possible that the boat would be late, or that the merchant ship had passed them as they sailed down to their camp without any of them noticing. He hoped not or else the heist was a bust, and he would have to deal with impatient fences and companions who expected payment after their little excursion was over. Taking a deep breath and putting his thoughts aside, Arthur laid out various objects from his hygiene kit, leaning his mirror against the opposite gunwale and pulling off the tin lid of his shaving soap. The mutant dipped his bristle brush a few times in the warm water he collected in his brass scrying bowl, then swirled the brush over the surface of his shaving soap in rapid, circular motions. Slowly, he spread the foaming soap across his wolfish features, creating a beard of white suds across much of the black mage’s face. As he did so, his fiery eyes admired the white sands and green vegetation of the sand bar (just off the actual coastline) his portion of the party had selected as their amphibious staging area. The seventeen foot dinghy he’d purchased in Casper was beached on the side of the sandbar that faced Lagrimosa proper, using the tiny landmass and it’s tall beach grass to hide the vessel from passing ships. Meanwhile, his gaze turned to the tall beach grass which camouflaged a trio of tarp shelters. Two of which supplied sleeping areas for Arthur and the two companions that made up the amphibious assault portion of his plan, and a larger shelter that acted as an observation post. Then his eyes drifted back to the mainland, his sights soaring towards the peaks of hills and cliffs where the last two of their company laid in wait. An airborne assault that would certainly give Arthur and the others ample opportunity to board the merchant vessel. Arthur unfolded his straight razor, the steel shining silverishly under the light of Valucre’s sun before dipping the razor into the mage’s scrying bowl. Wet, the mutant applied the razor to his soapy flesh and began the slow process of shaving away his thick stubble. That morning, Arthur was dressed in a pair of boating shoes, black swim shorts, and same colored short-sleeved button-up with a golden sun flower print. The first couple of buttons were left undone, giving the mutant the appearance of an adventurous tourist. Which was just as well. Arthur preferred looking like he was on vacation as opposed to what he actually was now. A pirate. A thief of the sea. @Akako Akari @Damnatus @Spooky Mittens @L E V I A T H A N
  2. A familiar wasn't just a pet for the wizard, it was an important facet of their life that can be invaluable in their work. With a familiar at his side, Luis Uldwar would be one step closer to finally being a fully fledged wizard in Valucre. To make the one he wanted, however, he would have to go on a fairly difficult journey, one that could be as dangerous as it was amazing. Are you sure you can trust this guy? Luis assured the separate consciousness inside of him, the one that he called Nietzche, that this person could be trusted. With all the money he was offering him for it, he had a hard time thinking of how he could be considered untrustworthy. You can think of plenty of reasons as to why someone cannot be trusted. Take me for example. For the crime of simply existing, you didn't trust me. Recent memories of various spells backfiring due to Nietzche’s interference came to mind, detailing just why Luis was reluctant to fully trust him. Not my proudest moment, I’ll admit, but hey, we've come to be a good team, right? It was true that they seemed to do well together, but Luis still had his doubts about his motives. Having to be here on the docks was bad enough, and it didn't feel good that he was going to have to be on the sea for a while just to get where they needed to be. If he didn't blow most of the gold he had on hiring the professional companion maker, then he could easily just book a passage on an airship, but alas, he would have to go for the cheaper route. Out here in Port Mars, his last name at the very least got him a discounted trip to Last Chance, which he could then go from there to his true destination. No Man's Land. So have you said your prayers yet? “About a hundred times. I think Gaia might be sick of me by now.” I would too if I had to listen to you grovel all day long. @Rabbit
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