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Found 4 results

  1. When they told you this was the place to go, they really were not kidding. The inn itself is huge, both outside and on the inside. Four stories tall and as big around as some government places, this place looks like it could fit a small army if it had to, and knowing Genesaris, it probably has a time or two. The outside décor is simple but neat, with fresh paint and nice trim, and a bright cheery sign that proudly shows off its name. When you walk inside, mixed aromas of honey mead, ale, pipe tobacco, cherry tree logs burning in the hearth, and whatever the special of the day is, greet you. The bar itself is long and managed not by just the owner, but by two assistants as well, the bar occupying enough space to seat forty.   Opposite the bar is as stage, where bards play almost every night, and directly in front of that is an open floor with specialized wood flooring, designed to take a beating from those who have had enough to drink to go dancing without the fear of looking stupid. Surrounding that, literally dozens and dozens of tables, operated by a crew of anywhere from eight to twelve servers, depending on the day and the time of day. Beyond the bar you have the kitchens, where a full on team of folks work to keep food coming and everyone happy. This place is not just an inn; it’s a fine establishment for middle class people looking to have a good time, or passing adventurers to take a load off.   Though it is in one of the best neighborhoods of the city, they still take no chances and keep two very large bouncers on hand, these two twins in fact. Short, wider than a barn and ugly as sin, you find out that despite how fearsome they look, these two are downright hilarious and love to kid around with ya—but don’t piss them off, because they’ll also just as happily toss you out on your face, and they keep score with how many teeth fall out. It’s a brutal game, but such as it is for those two brothers- gentile until provoked.   Rooms are available on the third and fourth floor, the second reserved for meetings and other important functions, often used by politicos or other “important people” (often college professors). If you aren’t looking to stay the night but plan on getting work instead, feel free to look at their vast bulletin board, where you can find people in need of assistance. Or, if you are looking for help yourself, put up a notice.   Happy drinking!   [offtopic]This is a general RP area, where you can drop in to claim a quest or just come in to have characters meet up and BS for a while. All I ask is that you respect the lore and don’t trash the place without at least letting me know, so that way I can provide you with a realistic response- not saying the place could never go down in flames, but it shouldn’t be as easy as striking a match either, right? Anyway, I will not man this thread, feel free to NPC servers, the bartender, his assistant bartenders, the patrons, anyone and everyone. Have fun and wear the place out.[/offtopic]
  2. OOC This is basically a sparring match. All are welcome to join just PM me to join first ........................................ Sunset had come and gone and Hinoka had spent most of his day on horseback before finally arriving in predators keep. His back was sore and the case in his back was heavy. Setting it down with a gentle *thud* he rubbed his lower back to alleviate some of the pain. His spine giving a few alarmingly loud cracks and pops before finally settling into place. "Man I'm way to young to be this sore." He grunted as he untied his bags from his horse. It was odd how much of his life he fit within these old leather bags Making his way to the closest inn he would order a stiff drink and a room before taking a seat in the corner of the room and enjoying himself. Counting the last of his coin he wondered what exactly costed so much money to get here. And it would be another 2 weeks before his next payment was delivered. He wondered for a short moment how long he could survive on an all ale diet before hearing a familiar sound. A low cheer from the back of the pub gave way to the muffled punches and hearty laughter. Hinoka walked closer as he made his way through an excited crowd huddled around a particularly large fighting ring, where two men brawled. It had to be at least 10 yard in every direction surrounded by a wooden fence. It was a fight pit! And that's when his problem solved itself. He would bet on himself and part some fools with their coin. Sauntering over to place his bets he would await a challenger.
  3. “Hurry up Matti, you don’t want to be late!” Her mother called out to her from the kitchen, where she finished putting together a special breakfast for her going away to boarding school. She still could not fathom how her parents found the money to get her into a proper school, but they did and now she was going away. Standing in front of the mirror, she did all she could to control her unruly hair and made sure her blouse remained free of wrinkles and her knee length skirt smooth. She felt nervous, nervous about leaving and about having to meet new people and make new friends. Her mother assured her that everything would go well, but she still felt a little scared. After one more glance in the mirror and yet another fruitless attempt to tame her wild hair, Matti slowly trudges from her room to the kitchen, where her mother stands over the stove, warming a pot of porridge seasoned with real shredded fruit—a rare treat for their home. To say they were poor would be to gloss over their state of affairs with a generic paintbrush, missing the finer details that made up the picture of their home life. Both her parents worked more than twelve hours a day, six days a week, making a pittance at some factory in the middle of the district. This left her and her brother on their own, with her responsible for seeing him to and from school and keeping him out of trouble. Now that he was nine, her parents said he ought to be able to handle watching out for himself while they gave her the “opportunity of a lifetime”.   “There she is. My, you look lovely. I’m sure you’ll fit right in.” Her mother’s smile is drawn and obviously forced, just the hint of sadness blended in. Her stepfather sat at the table, waiting for breakfast while he oiled his tools he used at work. He spoke little as is and even less so toward Matti, he and she never forming much of a relationship at all. Not to say that they fought or felt mutual dislike or anything of that nature, but rather they simply existed near each other without taking interest in getting more familiar than they were. Matti stayed quiet out of shyness and the hope of going unnoticed, he remained so out of what seemed a disinterest in most everyday interactions. He spoke somewhat with her brother, his actual son, but even then, their interactions were far less than what tended to be “normal”.   Her stepfather looks up from his work and glances at her appraisingly, looking at her for a second or two longer than he normally bothered, although he still failed to make eye contact and ended in the same bored way he had any other time he acknowledged her existence. It surprised Matti that a man so indifferent to her took strides with her that they afford her a better opportunity than most other children in the slums ever had. Though Mezthaluen mandated that all children be given some education, the schools in their area hardly resembled schools at all, filled with up to fifty kids in each classroom and short of supplies or motivated educators- it was a small wonder that any of them ever learned anything at all.   “Moooom, I’m hungry!”   Her brother came in just after her; he still dressed in his undershirt and a pair of shorts, hair in a bigger mess than hers and sleepiness still in his eyes. He stumbles into the room and sits at the table, getting not so much as a glance from the man who headed their home, he reserving his words for when he thought it pertinent to speak. Matti sat in the seat beside the boy, smoothing down his tousled hair with her left hand while her mother dished up bowls of the steaming food. Though porridge itself become a regular staple in their morning meals, the smell of spiced apples and plums made the dish seem entirely new and exotic, a mouthwatering delight she might not see again for years. “Leave my hair alone Matti, I gotta eat!”   Her mother no sooner put a bowl in front of him before he swatted away her attempts to smooth out his mess he called hair, finding herself still trying to take care of her younger brother despite leaving in the next hour or so. Withdrawing her hand slowly, she realizes just how much she would miss taking care of him, even if he could be a real pain sometimes. Though he often teased her and seemed to go out of his way to give her trouble, he still relied on her and made her feel important. For all his complaints, he even occasionally thanked her for her help and on one occasion admitted his appreciation. She wondered how he really felt about her leaving- well, at least how he might feel after he eats, since that boy never thought of much else when food was on his mind. “Be nice to your sister Thumos, she’s leaving today, remember?” Her mother chides the boy gently, seeming to use her trip as leverage to get the boy to act a little more cordially in their final morning as a complete family. Thumos does not respond with words, but instead glances up quickly before shoveling food back into his mouth like it were going to disappear any moment now. Matti chose to relish the meal instead, eating in slow measured bites. It allowed her to enjoy it more while avoiding upsetting her already mercurial stomach. Her nervousness seemed more like “butterflies in the tummy”, but instead like a swarm of hornets had built a nest somewhere in there, if only they had the room. Matti was decently tall for her age, but she never seemed to fill in, always slightly built and waifish. Her mother used to joke that a strong wind might someday take her away.   It takes an extra effort, but she does eat the entirety of her bowl, leaving nothing for her vulture of a brother lingering nearby, hoping to get leftovers. Thumos sighs in disappointment when she hands the empty bowl over to her mother to go wash. Her stepfather finished his food at some point as well, but like with everything he did, he completed the meal silently. Matti assumed he would remain silent the rest of their brief time together, but he surprised her when he spoke.   “Mind yourself and do what you’re told. Things will be better that way.” Matti glances up surprised at the man she barely knew, the statement amongst the longest he ever said to her. In doing so, she missed the nearly alarmed expression her mother made, one that disappeared as Matti gave an earnest response in her quiet way. “Yes sir. I’ll mind.” This seems to satisfy him enough, the man only maintaining eye contact for a few more seconds before excusing himself from the table, leaving for his and her mother’s room, likely getting whatever else he needed for work. Matti too gets up from the table, making sure once again that her clothes looked neat and proper, taking to heart what she once heard from a teacher at school.   First impressions mean most in this world.   She certainly did not want to give her new schoolmates and teachers the impression that she was some poor kid who planned to squander her rare opportunity. Her conscientiousness seemed to please her mother, so Matti assumed she did the right thing in making sure she came off as a proper young woman. Her carefulness nearly went all for naught when her brother, still wearing nearly a fourth of his breakfast, attempts to lunge at her with his arms held wide. She just barely manages to get out of the way.   “Thumos, you’re filthy!” “But I want a hug Matti. Are you sure you gotta go? School is sooo boring anyway. Who’s going to take me to go play while you’re gone?”   Matti could not help but smile, the feeling of being appreciated- and wanted- something she only got in the smallest doses.   “Oh, you’ll be fine, you and your friends are plenty good at keeping busy. I’m going to go learn about the important things, and then someday I’ll open up a real shop and take all of you away from here.” Thumos smiles at this. “Really? I want to see the business district! Some say they sell fresh food right on the streets, right in the open. How crazy is that?” Matti smiles and nods, but just before she answers, she catches a glimpse of her mother, looking sadder than before, the woman turning away just before tears rolled onto her cheeks. Matti waves of her brother and walks over to her mother, giving her a tight hug. “Don’t worry mom, I’ll visit as soon as I can.” Her mother, looking off into the distance, does not answer for a long moment. Finally, in a voice of resignation, she says, “I’m sure you will. I’m sure you will.” Before anything else can be said, a sharp knock comes from the front door. 
  4. [offtopic]This is a completed thread, imported for cannon purposes. It will eventually find its home in the new city, but until such time, I am dropping it here. I am going to combine the contents of multiple threads into one, to prevent cluttering.[/offtopic] Whispers to the Apprentice The young man sweeps the cathedral floors, preparing for the next service. The priests have pushed him much harder as of late, the final days of his apprenticeship finally ending. There was little else for them to teach him, for the rest came with the acquired wisdom of time and listening to the gods; such lessons cannot be taught by mortal men, only through the divine’s imparted knowledge could one advance further. Already, he has managed to provide healing for mild injuries and maladies, he successfully identified the herbs required of an acolyte seeking priesthood and he managed to summon a rather large wolf in the nearby woods a week earlier. Since his readiness to begin the final testing became apparent, his mentors began pushing him three times as much. Such is a standard practice of their order, making you work for your right to test. The young man knew he would test for the cloth very soon. Finishing the mundane task, the youthful attendant switches the worn and nearly used up candles for new, fresh sticks, tossing the old into a bag for recycling. Later in the evening, they will charge him with melting the wax, removing the stubs of the wicks and sending the melted wax to the candle makers for reuse. It was busy work, things easily accomplished by the novices, but given to him simply to limit his time for studying, forcing him to study that much harder for his exams. The pressure was great, but he knew what he signed up for when he turned over to the seminary many years earlier, and he was near the end of his journey. Soon enough, the three brothers will bring him among their ranks of Clerics, making him one of their own, and thus he will begin his career of helping others. With the last of the candles switched out, the apprentice hauls the bag out to the backroom, where they will sit until he has to move them later in the evening. After disposing of the leftover wax, he heads back to his dormitory to change into his service robes so he can assist the night’s service leader with the evening prayer and blessings. After all that, the rest of his chores will require finishing and only then will he have six hours to study and sleep, doing whichever he should choose, knowing full well that studying will take up the majority of that time. It was the hardship he bore to complete his path and accomplish his dreams. As he changes into his robes, the resident pauses for a moment, suddenly filled with a strange and bizarre notion, a distant belief that the Clerics mean to make him fail, to single him out from among the others and see to it that he, out of all the rest, fail his tests and lose his chances. The notion leaves as soon as it came, turning to smoke and fading with all his other thoughts that race within his mind. He finds the thought out of place, strange and a little frightening, but reminds himself that it is a silly notion, to believe that of all people they would single him out for failure. He had seen the pattern before, every time someone came up for testing they were tested not only on skills and knowledge, but patience, compliance, and the ability to manage studies amongst everyday hardships. Nothing out of the usual happened with him. Shaking off the fears, the apprentice departs for the main church, ready to assist in leading this evenings mass and service. *** Mass just started, and already the room was humid and stuffy. Hundreds of people piled into the pews, taking up every bit of space the church had available for seating, leading to some few to opt for standing instead of trying to cram themselves between the others. Several conversations took place between individuals and families; some whispered, some aloud, all of them contributing to a sonorous humming that reverberated through the halls. Normally, the echoed voices were a welcome sound to the young man, for it meant a great turn out for the services, an event that made all their efforts seem worthwhile, not to mention the amount of tithes that would come in. Today, the instant buzzing put the apprentice on edge, all of the voices finding just the right way to strike a nerve in his psyche. He had no idea what led to such a level of irritation and anxious revulsion, from a normally welcome event. Putting his thoughts to rest, the young assistant pushes back his momentary frustrations to the back of his mind and resumes the final preparations for the services, laying out their tomes and ensuring the pulpit resided in its proper place. He went through and brushed away the little dust that managed to collect in between the last few days, since the reading of the last sermon. With his tasks complete, the soon to be cleric finds his proper place, ahead of the novices but to the side of the fully-fledged clerics, and waits for the ceremonies to begin. In the meantime, the people kept up their idle banter and visiting, the sounds kept echoing off the chamber walls and the young man continued to feel his mind fall from ease. Why such a normal occurrence made his heart pump and his throb on this day escaped him. Fortunately, the entrance of this week’s reader put his restless ponderings to rest, only the thoughts of duty remained within his unsettled mind. The service began as it always did, with a brief reading from some of their important scriptures, and then a request of blessing for the families who were undergoing difficult times. This transitioned into the actual lecture, reminders of the duties of the Three Brothers’ Followers, a reminder for courage as well as love and a desire for balance, for all three were a key facet to their faith. Most of the people followed along well enough, nodding in the right places, bowing their heads when the moment called for it. As it always went, a few in the back dozed off between songs and speeches, catching up on sleep at the expense of the Gods’ time. No matter, the Brothers are wise and forgiving, and perhaps know more to their situation than he a mere apprentice, understood himself. About two thirds of the way through the sermon, the young man’s mind began to wander again, taking on thoughts foreign to him and frightening in their own right. He tried to wash his mind clean of such staining thoughts, but they tried with much effort to remain firmly fixed to the front of his mind. The thoughts persisted for what felt like hours, but could not have been more than a handful of minutes, when he suddenly heard a voice from behind him. He thought he heard someone call to him, a sort of seductive tone, trying to lull him into leaving the proceedings. Naturally, he looked to see who may have been calling out to him, and who would call out to him in that way, but nobody was there. The ceremonies wrapped up without too much more occurring, other than one of the members snoring loudly in the back, leading to a mix of amusement and anger amongst the crowds. The apprentice could not help but give a light smile to the situation, finding it more of a silly event than a necessarily “Sacrilegious” action. He heard nothing more out of the ordinary during the rest of the proceedings and was able to collect tithes without any unusual circumstances presenting themselves. The young man was glad for that reprieve, chalking up his recent string of odd thoughts to being nothing more than stress and a lack of sleep, two things he needed relief from dearly. He makes a promise to himself to forgo an hour of studying to get just a little more sleep, to sleep a week straight upon passing his final tests. All seemed well, until a voice shouted from down the halls, screaming obscenities, seemingly directed at him. The anger in the voice alarmed and frightened him, for while he was trained in staff, he had no weapon on him and to be honest, he was only a cleric, not a warrior. Why someone felt so much anger at him in particular was beyond him, but clearly, someone was very upset with him. The yelling continued as he walked towards its source, trying to find whom he made so angry and to rectify the situation. Only, when he crossed the hall and turned the corner, he found nobody there at all, and the voice was gone. Was it a real person playing games, or was there more going on than he understood? The young apprentice becomes very afraid.
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