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Found 7 results

  1. A handful of weeks had passed since Samson delivered the Mori armband to Ankou and Lilith broke Samael, turning the young boy from something with potential to something dangerous. With her goals more than accomplished in Terrenus, Lilith put the continent behind her. Perhaps to return one day, perhaps not. The winds of power would take her wherever they beckoned. In those weeks various rumors had spread through the Cult of Power's Genesaris branch like a hungry fire, deftly alerting Lilith to the discovery of a Genesar Cornerstone. To her knowledge, as well as those of the Lunar Daughters' swirling in her thoughts, the Cornerstones had been lost for ages. Not that Lilith was particularly interested in most of the Cornerstones- they held abilities far removed from her own, even those that came close being not necessarily worth the effort with Terrenus held similar artifact but were much closer. That, however, all changed when whispers of the Soul Cornerstone reached her ears. After generations the stone was once again said to have appeared, this time in the Bloodstone Marshes. The Soul Stone not only aligned with her personal capabilities, but would prove a powerful addition to Zengi's gauntlet. Together the two would prove to be a power beyond anything Valucre has seen too date. Displaying a lazy grin, Lilith knocked against the side of her Ghostship and a landing board expanded out of seeming nothingness. With the soft clatter of her boots on the solidifying ghost wood, the powerful Terrenus necromancer disembarked onto the northern coastal of Genesaris. Though she hadn't particularly forced any of the Paragons to accompany her, those that had would be following her exit so that the Ghostship could vanish once again. Patiently waiting for Lilith's summoning. Glancing down at the three figures who awaited her, Lilith gave a rare faint smile in their direction. One Paragon, Mercury, one servant of Ankou, Samson, and a new member, Cerin. The new member, though Lilith thought of her already as a Paragon, had yet to undergo the initiation and was not marked. That would swiftly be changed. "Hiya, Commander," Mercury shrieked, rushing to Lilith. The little vampire tried to bow but her momentum carried her forward despite the attempt, rolling her straight into Lilith's legs. "Hello Mercury," the red-eyed Commander drawled. "I see you are still... you." The vampire gave a giggle as she straightened back up and went to go hug, or try to hug, Ankou. In the meanwhile Lilith turned to Cerin. "Mercury has spoken very highly of you in her letters, Cerin. What do you hope to gain from joining us?" @AngryCacti @danzilla3 @vielle @Thotification @Chappu @King @Tyler @Veloci-Rapture
  2. Today was the day, the Grand opening of the finest Martial Arts school in Genesaris. Hundreds if not thousands gathered around Hinode no Gakko, though only a fraction of that percentage were actually permitted entry into the Dojo gates. Those whom were not granted passage still had the luxury of viewing the opening ceremony via telecommunications and video screenings, installed throughout the nations of Jigoku and Ooxora. Easily the school occupied five hundred persons including staff and personnel, yet the Dynasty’s population was considerably much larger than that and could not house every individual that wished to view such a monumental event. Those who were fortunate watched and sat in the stands outdoors awaiting the entrance of the Moon Students and their Soke Grand Master, Kenshibobu Momoku. While their Shihan had other duties amongst the Okami to fulfill, he did not attend and was pardoned because of his service. The day couldn’t have been any more beautiful with the sun peaking out just a little past noon, shinning bright, blessing the people of Jigoku and it’s Shungenja Swordslayers for the gathering. Vendors of all sorts set up small booths along the perimeter of the dojo grounds, rice cakes, sake, clothes, souvenirs - you name it and it was there. The crowd waited in desperate anticipation, fathers cheered and hooted for their children those who were accepted and appointed as New Moon students. Others cried out of joy in support of them, while a majority of Moon students ascended into higher ranks - graduating into Half Moons, Full Moons and even the amongst the elite ranks of honorary Akatsukizukuyo. All should have been present at this time. Clan leaders and representatives, the Shogun yet primarily, the Emperor and Empress themselves. The People cheered and chanted further, roared and clapped out of excitement. For once, they stood unified as an entire Nation whether differences amongst them had been settled or not.... it was like they put everything aside to support this day. Personal grudges, the hatred for others. While they fought hard and against each other in work, devotions, and dedications for favoritism of the Emperor. Today, truly drew them even closer as brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, friends and family. Differences, quickly went out the window and the event had only unified them more. Nearly an hour passed before Yokai taiko drummers broke the anticipating desperation in commencement of the ceremony. What began in single slow beats, a basic low toned 1-2 rhythm, gradually increased in volume and pace exciting the audience even more as they conversed with their neighbors. From the great entrance doors of the dojo three drummers presented themselves slowly marching into the outdoors side-by-side in formation. Fireworks made from lurid powders designed by no other than the Hiwatori clan set ablaze shortly after, skyrocketing into the air combusting into bright colors and glimmering lights. The people could not believe their own amazements as they watched and spectated from the benches. A lone drummer sounded the horn hanging from a cord around his neck which in turn, signaled students to head towards the training ground from indoors. The first group to been recognized and called to the proving grounds were the New Moons. One by one they walked forth starting with their most honorary first, finishing with the newer prospects at the end of each respective class. Ozu Moromichi had been Team Captain over the New Moons, excelling in his studies at top of his class in only six months from his enrollment. He walked as a natural leader pacing each step between in bare feet, enough confidence impressed even the ground beneath his soles - the people of the Nation would think this teenage boy studied honorably under the teachings of his second cousin the Soke himself. Those would assume this young man held a high esteem and pride for the Okami clan and Dynasty his ichizoku served was falsely claimed. Honestly, he only cared about exceeding his father’s strength that one day he’d be able to kill the scum of a man. His iridescent clear blue eyes scanned over every possible face present in search of his father. While this was suppose to be a time of celebration and happiness, he didn’t feel as so. His internal systems raged to boiling, oh he would have challenged his father to a death battle here and now, in front of all these people to display he was the only true heir of the Satsujinken style. At the cost of his own life would he risk it. The Shihan Lord Shiroyasha never failed him, his only child in fact, he always failed him; failing to encourage his studies with his cousin Soke Kenshinobu. Though he didn’t seek out any appraisal from the man, as he glanced further at the many faces from Jigoku he realized in his own fruition how much consideration they took of his service, more than gratefully. The sixteen year old Shugenja stopped abruptly in the center of the training ground, one hand spread its fingers flatly upwards while the other pressed against the first in a closed fist. Standing completely erect with only the heels from his feet touching, Ozu commenced a deep bow and pushed with him forth his hands outwardly towards the crowded audience. While the other New Moons were making way to the outdoors Ozu took this time to show off one of his fancied tricks, not that he was showboating. Rather, he was displaying just what exactly the school itself had to offer and this was a good time to release some of his stresses from he day in general. He raised a foot straight to the air swiftly, to the sky his entire leg lifted a total 180 degrees. With that, his back arched just enough to maintain his grounding while he pushed forth and upwardly on the planted foot. Applying a small amount of Yoki to the soles of his feet, his circulatory system charging just enough throughout his 361 tenketsu before releasing in a exhibition of slight prowess. Ozu went airborne performing a backwards somersault as his leading foot ignited into a burst of searing crimson flames. The crowd did not believe their eyes in witnessing this yet, as he went flipping an entire 360 degrees they had no choice, but to except the fact this young man executed a flaming reverse somersault kick almost flawlessly. In his extreme confidence, he lifted the following leg from the rear as it too bursted into crimson flames before he landed back on both legs in the position prior to his trajectory. Ozu completed another bow in the same manner as the crowd uplifted in roar and utter satisfaction. This was Ozu Moromichi, the future of Hinode no Gakko if he only desired to be so. Yet, the death of his father by his own hands was most desirable than heading the Dojo as Shihan or leading the Okami clan as warlord. They would remember this day, the people and they would remember his face, the son of the White Devil Shiroyasha. @Twitterpated@The Rabbit Emperor@Hani@ShogiJesus @Aleksei @vielle
  3. Immediately following the completion and the hype of the Empress' coronation, a young woman appeared mysteriously. This of course happening just after the vengeful spirit of the late Empress paid them a visit to wreak havoc if only for a brief moment. The young woman came with her eyes and feet bound, and she refused to speak, or to make just about any sound for that matter. The Emperor has done little more than visually observe her, though the fact that she was marked with the number seven, and the way in which she was marked was indicative of the original plans for how they would mark their concubines, a choice that was never invoked upon the harem prior to Kimi's early departure from this world. The only thing he was certain he didn't regret in her passing was the fact that he kept his promise to her. Though Akako was alive and presumably well even now, there was no mistaking that he they had killed her. Penance had been delivered as it had been promised. What was more, Kimi was alive to witness her own vengeance. In which of course they conceived their heir in the entrails of the then slaughtered Yokai Queen. The simple occurrence of the number seven, and even now roughly two years later having never officially met the final concubine since the harem was formed, was enough to pique Koji's interest. Even though it had been nearly a year since Kimi's death, he wanted to believe this woman was but another gift that lavished upon him in her wake. "Bring me the girl, summon Shuyi immediately, and inform the Empress that I require her company once the Prince has been put down." With Katiya now filling the shoes of Kimi once wore, it was only right that she was present to observe and even differ to when he was unclear of his thoughts. If Nana could or would not speak, and he refused to express his own abilities upon her, then Shuyi would figure out the necessities he lacked for deciding first the authenticity of this young woman, and then as to if he was willing to accept her or not. His family and himself had been through so much. They've bonded in way he had never imagined he would care for another life. For a new face to suddenly join them was nearly a ludicrous thought in his mind without truly considering it. He never wanted a harem in the first place, and though he had learned to love this one, he consistently failed to replace a lost wife on his roster. With one delivering herself to him, he wasn't yet sure how to handle the situation. His thoughts fell to the Kodo in his lack of knowing what he wanted, in which it was announced in the beginning that those capable of completing the trials would be crowned as concubines, admitted into the sister wife lifestyle and charged with baring the Emperor's legacy. He had broken his Kodo before, for Katiya. More than once at that. If it was what he wanted, would he dare to do it again? @Dreamer @Akako Akari
  4. Between Koji's own ability to sense the supernatural, and his colleagues of similar qualities, something they had never yet experienced in their time spent on Genesaran soil was the infamous Magestorms the region had to offer. He had heard stories, and had known them to happen on the continent since his arrival, though for a great season they were spared from the storms effect. The storm coming was said to be a strong one, it was reported that this specific type of Magestorm was referred to as The Weakening. Thanks to it's projected path of travel, the storm was predicted to last over the New Union Frontier (The Midlands) nearly twice as long as it's neighbors. The Weakening being a storm that weakens anything in the nature of the arcane, it only made sense for Koji to evacuate his family. With one, possibly two of his wives expecting, his two beautiful children, and his beloved Empress, their departure for the next couple of months only made sense. Lest the storm pass over sooner than anticipated. Preparations had been made to facilitate the transition, in which he left his Imperial City of the capable hands of his Seer, his Imperial Advisor, and the General of his Military. @Akako Akari @Mag? @Etched in Stone (Shuyi, Dove, and Kenshinobu) Over the weeks that had passed since the Empress' coronation, the sites of the Datsuzoku brand had been busy at work fortifying structures and bolstering defenses for the storm to come. While the storm wasn't worrisome, the threat of invasion was far too great. The arcane forces of the Imperial Army and the Lurid Inquisition would find themselves in a weaker state during the storm, in which they would be left to hibernate in shifts to bide their energy. The hybids, humans, and some undead were to be the driving force of defenses while the Imperial family was away. Outside of Jigoku and Union City respectively, the bases and smaller towns and villages worked together to supply all with approximately just what they needed to survive the storm if things went too awry. As for the communities still hosting Trees of Evil and the abominations that flocked to them, they were left to stand on their own with what little population remained drawn to each respectively, the other creatures migrating away from the storm just as the Emperor was. The first tell-tell sign he should temporarily relocate was the sudden migration of the gore crows that had been breeding throughout the region. Koji wasn't quite ready to reveal the monsters breeding in his lands, though nature even in this sense could not be stopped. Whatever scourge and chaos spread to the surrounding nations was inevitably wrought, he would just have to hope that the creatures could return in the wake of the storm without witness or question; Or, that they had all been dispatched or otherwise prevented from returning in the first place. Regardless, more would come to replace the lost, and more would come in general. The final task before leaving for Nehalen was the placement of TENNO in Genesaran airspace. The weaponized satellite shifted in the orbit of Valucre, positioning itself over Genesaris. Over Jigoku as a middle point to be exact. Should cause for concern arise in his absence, this tool could be used as a defense as well as to send a message to anyone foolish enough to try and invade them during a weak moment in existence. Koji himself would've been foolish enough to stay if it hadn't have been for events in his history that bothered him to this day. So long as he was at his best, and surrounded by those he loved, he had no worries of survival. While the mysterious Nana was still uncertain on his mind, Koji too chose to bring her along. His words had with Shuyi weighed heavily on him, in which he would have to harshly consider them before passing ultimate judgement. Perhaps by the time he returned, his mind would be made up.
  5. While celebration was not a foreign concept to this rapidly expanding nation, this particular night there of was special beyond compare to any other that came before it. There was a lot of public recognition to be had, in accounts to their past, present, and future as a clan. As a nation. As the winds of change ushered in the shifting of seasons, they too inspired the Dynasty to its affect. Crowds both native and foreign gathered through open invitation to come and recognize the myriad of good fortune recently bestowed upon them, as well as the bad that kept the balance. Thus was the nature of duality. Without discriminating between the two, the citizens and visitors alike joined the Emperor in celebrating all of their changes, and thus far unhindered success. While the public continued to see a strong and ambitious Emperor, he himself felt more and more at war with himself. Though even he was unwilling to forgo tonight's celebration over all. For he had plenty to be proud of, a lot to be thankful for. The various foods being prepared created a smell unusual to even Jigoku on a normal day. Men and women drank, talked, laughed, and danced together, and children played in the streets. Some where in lurid costumes and or body paints, some with firecrackers and others with intricate flags and paper lanterns. While there was no specific portion of the city off limits, the majority of the crowds seemed to pack themselves about the expanse market, the infamous Black Dragon Tavern, the alluring Red Light District, and the large and popular town square. The Tengu Knights stood about the Emperor's pagoda, where he currently sat upon his throne within, with two children in his lap. A small and beautiful girl cradled in his Draconic arm, and a smaller, younger boy cradled upon his more delicate human arm. Despite the warm flame his children lit within him, the Emperor found himself with his natural default of an expressionless face featuring narrowed eyes. Or was this simply so well practiced it felt natural? The return of the Emperor's first born was perhaps a strong enough antidote for the tragedy surrounding the fresh life of his heir. Especially considering Celine too was still safe, and healthy. The current fate of Kadia was something of misfortune, though whatever may come of it, he was certain it would have Corvinus rolling in his grave. He wasn't sure where the man went, or if he was already dead, either way he wished he was the one to make it so. Though perhaps Koji could find some solace in the fact that he was gone and his legacy was so abruptly plunged into turmoil of any degree. Briefly he considered that one of his Kunoichi was still in the company of Kadia and it's rising Emperor when things went dark. He could only hope for her survival and return in the future. For now though, Koji too would find means to celebrate in this fact, that there was a chance Kadia and the Imperial South no longer held the means necessary to oppose them directly. Perhaps without Corvinus they didn't even carry the desire as a nation. Either way, none of his concerns were great enough to deter him from hosting an event that was open to the public near and far, on the brink of war at that.
  6. On the outskirts of Strider City, a lone woman leaned casually against the frame of a wooden post. The odd thing was, however, that the wooden post belonged some feet away as it had previously been used to hold up the Traveler Restaurant's rafters. Now it was instead being used as a makeshift spear, a broken branch so often used to stick a pig. Except what it poked out of wasn't a stick. It was a man. A drunk man at that. The sight of his belt buckle being undone and pants unzipped as if he'd been sure of his score tonight was in stark contrast to the pure terror that filled his eyes and contorted his expression. The wooden post was gutting him. Stabbed in his midsection, just to the right of his spine. Lilith had half a mind to kill the man right there. There was just something about drunk men and their consistent inability to determine whether or not she'd be an easy target that never failed to annoy her. Any dimwit with have a brain could feel the intense power that rolled off her, power that originated from each of the three continents in mass quantities. But not drunken men. Or drunken women for that matter, though Lilith found herself in situations like these with women much less. There was just something about the fact that they were male and drunk and in the middle of no where that incentive them to try forcing their will on her. On Her. It was so ridiculous it was nearly funny. She almost laughed. Almost. And, yet, she resisted the urge. Not out of kindness or pity for the mortal insect that had stirred her wrath, but because she'd recruited a healer for today. She doubted the healer had any intention in becoming one of her Paragons, but something had told her a healer would come in handy during this trip. With the Soul Stone Lilith could do much and control life in general, but healing others had always been a skill that alluded her. Especially in physical wounds. She tended to do more harm than anything else, even when she bothered to try doing otherwise. Lilith didn't spare another look at the stabbed man nor did she care to watch the life drain from his eyes; there was no pleasure in killing him. It had simply been something necessary. Obstacles needed to be removed. With a small tuck, she pulled back a few loose strands of light brown hair behind an ear and walked into restaurant. @Song Sprite
  7. ON THE ACQUISITION OF HIGH ATLAS █▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ◆◈◆ █▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ A PRICE ON IMMORTALITY █▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ◆◈◆ █▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ SULLIVAN CIAR OHDRAN A bead of sweat rolled down his temple as his host turned away and sauntered to the other end of the ornately decorated room. The walls were dressed with a regal crimson, floral design. The floors were a dark hardwood, smooth and with a beautiful sheen. The velvet chairs, the golden candelabras — everything spoke of this man's wealth. Not wanting to show Sullivan his seeming unease, Russell quickly wiped away the perspiration, fearing in the back of his mind how his host would react. Even with back turned, the man's reputation gave him an aura of intimidation which cloaked his every action. The occasional sound of the crackling wood in the fireplace was the only noise the trader could latch onto in the otherwise silent room. Even though he had just entered moments ago, for Russell, it seemed as if hours had passed. The air itself felt heavy, not from the humidity, but from the sheer presence of the man. “Would you like wine, or water?” Sullivan asked in a polite, formal tone, shattering the suffocating silence. The man had stopped in front of the fireplace, his tall silhouette now eclipsing the only source of light in the room. “Wine please,” the trader said in a hoarse voice, throat dry from a day’s worth of travel. While he was not necessarily one to drink, it would be rude to not accept his host’s good grace. Perhaps this trip would be easier than he thought. Sullivan came back to his desk, a golden pitcher embossed with flowers in his left hand and a large wine glass in his right. This was the first time since entering that the trader had the opportunity to get a good look at the man who he had traveled so far to talk to. Russell's host was old as evident by the short dark hair with flecks of gray, yet his eyes still blazed with youthful ardor. His suit was a fine, silky satin, so soft that it looked almost sinful to wear. As Sullivan placed the glass on the oak tabletop and began to pour, Russell’s eyes couldn’t help but dart down to the man's cuffs. To his surprise, his host’s hands were weathered and battered. Numerous, jagged scars circled and around the man's knuckles, spider-webbing across and along the backs of his hands. Russell couldn't fathom how a man who was well-off and had more money than most to have such injuries. It was a jarring. “You’re curious, are you not?” the man replied with a knowing grin, not even needing to look up to see Russell gawking at him. “About my hands?” “No, no, I would never ask about something so perso-“ “You don’t need to lie,” Sullivan cut in, halting the pouring of wine. Putting the pitcher down, he turned towards the trader, steel gray eyes piercing through the man’s forced propriety. “You know, I just can’t stand it when people don’t speak what’s on their mind.” Taking a seat on the other side of the table, Sullivan learned forward and folded his hands on his desk, maintaining a hawklike gaze at Russell. The trader was petrified. “They say you can learn a lot about a man just by looking at his hands,” he continued. “They say a you can tell a butcher from a baker, a mason from a chemist, a man from a woman — and, it’s true. Looking at your hands, I say... that you are a man who is just about to get married.” “H-how could you tell?” the trader stammered, shocked at the insight. “Clearly by your engagement ring,” Sullivan laughed, a deep, resonant laugh. Still, his eyes were not fully shut, and Sullivan noted Russell wringing his hands before placing right hand over left. “Now,” he said in a more sober tone, “How would you say I got these scars on my hands?” The trader pondered, as if carefully considering what words would come next, and answered, “Would it be that you obtained them sometime during University?” “No,” Sullivan flatly stated as he slumped back into his chair. “Getting these many scars in University is the mark of a man whose bad at his trade, and I assure you that I am a master of trade.” “My apologies, sir. I did not mean it,” Russell sheepishly whispered, eyes looking down at his hands. Sullivan gave the trader an extended period of silence just so the man would have a few moments to realize the gravity of his comment. Did the trader even know who he was talking to? “Don’t worry,” he reassured the trader, voice slow, punctuated, with notes of disdain. “It will take many years until you reach my age, and when you do, I am sure that you will be much better at reading people’s hands. As for your first lesson on the subject, let me tell you about my hands.” “You see, as a boy, I always got into trouble. Whether it was with the other kids, or with an adult, I always got into fights. And you know what these scars tell you?” Russell dared not answer again. “They tell you that I never lost a fight.” Sweeping his short peppered hair to the right, he made a gesture towards the cup of wine. “Now, have a drink, and let’s talk about business.”
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