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  1. Legacy of Requiem - The New Leaguers Prologue On this Earth, many things have happened, to the World's first Superhero, called Captain Shad, to an Arrogant Billionaire Assassin turned a Hero Bruce Morgan and to a Mighty Being called Magnus and his extraterrestrial homeworld, which was far away from Earth. One could say that this one has experienced quite enough, to the discovery of the Cosmic Twelve Beings called the Vestals and the Mad Vestal called Darkseid with his Kaethrani as an army and that other life forms exist on different planets. It would seem that Earth was no longer alone in the Universe so from that discovery, everything changed... These powered individuals would form a group called, the Destiny League. Which was once an idea to see if the world could bring powerful individuals into a team, so that they could fight the dangerous battles, that the humans never could. It was indeed a success but these Heroes did not know that they would cause other powerful beings to take an interest on the planet Earth, for Darkseid, the true enemy of Life, wanted to wipe out the entire Universe off of its life. He almost succeeded, for the half human and half vestal called Scar, the apparently chosen champion of the Vestals would stop him, which would only cause for the life in the universe to be only half wiped out. As the three long years would pass, the heroes would grief over their total failure and the ones that they have lost. But they were not without hope, because of Bruce's intellect they would discover the ability to travel through back in time, to collect the powerful Crystals, which was a device which gave the Vestals incredible power, they would collect them and come back in the present to undo what Darkseid did. But Darkseid was no fool, for he discovered the attempt to undo what he has done, because of Scar using the Crystals undoing what Darkseid did, they would then have the longest battle in history. The battle was indeed a long one and hard fought one at that, but the heroes would win, because Scar sacrificed himself and used the Crystals and kill Darkseid and unfortunately because not even Scar could use the unlimited and limitless power twice, which created the Universe, only Darkseid could have but that extracted a very heavy toll. Scar would die a noble death, his sacrifice would not be in vain, the same would go for the rest of the other fallen heroes....this was the story of Infinity Requiem but now a new one beginnings... Rules -No killing/seriously maiming other characters without player consent. -No metagaming or godmoding. -No auto-hitting; no auto-dodging, keep it real to some extent. -Please keep characters balanced, and avoid creating any Mary Sues. You can have a strong/powerful character, but they still need limits, flaws, and weaknesses. -While Players are not limited at how many characters one can have. I prefer if you have two-three characters and can play them well, instead of having five of them and are not fully fleshed out, so please keep in mind Quality over Quantity. -Please try to keep your character sheets up-to-date over the course of the game. While the Character Sheets on here are not a must, I prefer if you at least did a quick one so that I can get the feeling to see what the character is, what can it do and so on. It can be also very detailed but it doesn't need to, just tell the important stuff if you don't want to take your time. -While Superheroes are needed in this setting, I don't force you to make them be paragons of virtue and morality, but some good hero characters are needed for this story as well, so please keep the balance between Villains and Heroes, I don't want to see that there are too many Villains and no Heroes to combat them or wise versa. You can play as Hero, Anti-Hero, Villain, Anti-Villain and other affiliations. -OOC discussion will be kept civil and respectful, both in the RP and in the PM. I will not tolerate name-calling, insults, harassment, or anything else of the kind. -While it does not have to be totally PG-13, please keep it clean, no explicit content and excessive Adult themes, while your characters can swear, don't make it too excessive, keep it balanced and please keep it clean. If you want to have a romance, again doesn't need to follow the PG-13 Rule but it does not have to be explicit content like we are in a Pornographic Setting, so keep it to some extent clean and viewer friendly. -Please refrain from making OOC-only posts in the RP. -Other standard Valucre Rules. -Failure to abide by these rules can result in your removal from Legacy of Requiem - The New Leaguers. Information Now there are some things, I want to mention before we can get started. This RP tells a story, while you are free to roam around and create some side plots which can also be significant to the plot which drives this story. You can't just do whatever you want, kill my characters or something like that. You are free to roam around, but you wouldn't get to destroy planets or something on a planetary level, you must first talk with me to see if I agree with you and to see if it does fit in my story...which I can already say it won't happen, this Earth will not live another big fight which could possibly end the universe, because the world now needs to grow accustomed with the new heroes, which is you, the player so till then, there wouldn't be that kind of scale of battle, for the time being. Also, there are some races in my universe, for example, the Cosmic Beings which are the Vestals and live in a different reality called Vestalia, but sadly you won't get to play them because they are freaking powerful, you can interact with them but battling against them won't bring you anywhere because they are powerful and basically they have plot armor, and there will never be another Mad Vestal, Darkseid was the only one and now he is dead, thankfully. The Kaethrani, are energy beings with control over energy manipulation, so it means that they are killable but it is really hard to do so and they have no home planet they roam the galaxy and when they grow tired they go in their pocket dimension which is a place for them to rest. So I don't recommend doing one of them if so maybe a downgraded version of the real thing because these dudes can destroy solar systems if they want to. And they are basically viewed as evil monsters so yeah not good to get things started. There are also Devine Beings, which are practically what the Asgardians are, that's what Magnus is. The differences are that they can have wings, interact with humans, live on planet earth and do not have a shady past. I don't have anything on you doing a Devine Being character, also known: Angel, Angelic Being. But I'd like if you would talk with me first to come to an agreement and see where this might lead because there is this Homeworld called Zuerus, which is a huge planet, it's earth 15 times the size so yeah. And there is this king called Allbeing Omen who is the father of Magnus. There are also meta-humans, of course, you can play them since they are not that powerful but I do recommend to keep them balanced and not too op. There is also a bit of John Wick/Assassin's Creed references around here, but I am not looking for that, for if I would have, I wouldn't call this a Superhero RP, but if you want to play as one, let me firstly know and we'll see what we can figure out. So you have a lot of room to experiment with, create any character you want, except for the Vestals and Kaethrani, because come on, no one likes battling against powerful beings which can take supernovas any day of the week. So you are free to experiment just let me know what kind of character that is, send me the link of the character sheet, again it does not need to be overly detailed but the most important stuff must be there so I know what characters you are playing and so that the other players will know too. Also, I have my share bit of characters, so I'll be sure to do my character sheets so that you may get the idea who they are, what have they done, what can they do, personal stuff about them and so on. And if you have any questions about the Homeworld called Zuerus and anything really, ask me in the OOC Thread and I'll gladly to respond to you. Also, the story takes place in America, and some heroes may live in different cities but their DL Tower would be located in New York. If you want to sign up your characters with a link to your sheets, here it is the link where you can tag me and post them so that I may take a look at them: The Story It is the year 2040, for the past decade the world has changed, technology has evolved beyond our expectations but the Cities still remain normal, there are no over the top cities, it mainly remained the same over the years but technology has improved significantly, it surely did not stay the same after the Cataclysm which wiped out half of the Universe's life because of Darkseid, but because of his death alongside Earth's Greatest Protector Scar, everything returned to normal. At least, so it would seem because some of the heroes have fallen in battle and died and others have retired and now the people of Earth are still trying to recover after the past three years since they won the battle against Darkseid, the World was not in chaos but it was in dire need of new heroes, to protect them and save them when need be. The Fallen Leaguers are: Scar, Bambu, Voltex, and Logan. The Retired Leaguers are: Shad, Reyes, Jade, Katrina, Falcon, Mike, Vience, James and John. The Remaining Leaguers: are: Bruce, Magnus, Spider-Man, Jack, Nathan, and Doctor Mercy Earth has lost some of its protectors, be it retired or by death. But fear not, because Bruce now the leader of the Destiny League and the others would guide you the player through this story. They will be there for you and serve as a mentor figure, it was time for the New Leaguers to appear to take the place of the old ones so that they one day could rest on a grateful planet, but the real question is, are you ready to take that kind of responsibility? what are you prepared to do? will you be a Villain? Hero? something in between? one which only fights for himself? it was time to figure those questions out...
  2. Winter ,2020 January 3rd Brooklyn Heights, New York City Davis' eyes snapped open, the digital pings sounding off from his smartwatch and waking him up instantaneously from his nap. He knew what the pings meant. The expectation that one day he would hear that all too familiar sound kept him from sleeping peacefully, ongoing chaos and violence outside my Brooklyn apartment notwithstanding. Part of him wanted to just close his eyes and just hope it would disappear, like as if everything happening was just some horrendous dream. The other parts however, were screaming at him to press that button. The dilemma in his mind played out like a literal angel and devil sitting on each side of my shoulders and arguing over what he should do next. You don't have to do this! It's fucking biblical out there! You can just leave everything behind and wait out until this thing blows over! The government can go to hell, that cash you got are all taxpayers money anyway. It belongs to the people, man! Well... People meaning you, since there's no one around to complain or anything. The devil hissed. Don't listen to him! The angel would retort. It's your duty, it was what you were trained to do! Where's that patriotism you showed to the interviewer during that government scholarship application? The feds paid you an extra thousand bucks on top of your day job, every month, for 2 years! WHAT WOULD YOUR MOTHER SAY, FOR GOD’S SAKE?! God fucking damn it. I hate my conscience. Davis groaned mentally. Knowing that he would regret it for the rest of his life whether he pressed that blinking orange button on his damned smartwatch or not, he got his ass off the bed and carefully put on his Augmented Reality contact lenses and wireless earpieces. Taking a deep breath, Davis pressed the button. Instead of exploding and Killing him, thus saving himself the hassle of going through whatever crap he would have been expected to do, something akin to an orange holographic wave pulsed from his body and spread throughout the entire room. Bits of lines and digital confetti sprung from thin air and covered any and every object in the room like as if it was scanning them all. "ISAC intelligent Operating System active. Connecting to local Division network. Please standby." A digitized male voice sounded off. Davis let out a breath of relief at the familiar voice. At least it was working. The training program of the Strategic Homeland Division, or The Division for short, had prepared agents on how to operate the system. Back then, the trainers told them it was still in Beta testing. Now, he was eager to see the full version in action. Not because he loved tech in general, but because what it could do probably would save his life in the upcoming weeks. Whether that was good or bad thing, he wasn't sure if he was honest with himself. He didn't want to die, but then again living in this shitstorm wasn't actually much better either. Oh well... "SHADE tech synced. ISAC is now online. Welcome Agent Davis. Playing your activation briefing now." The voice announced. "Out of the frying pan, into the fire." He mumbled. It was do or die now. Nothing could change that. All of a sudden, a holograph appeared before him together with a whole list of accompanying pictures and snippets of news reports appeared in mid-air. The aeronautical engineer smiled a little. No matter how many times he practiced using the AR contacts, the 3D holographic technology still amazed him. Wow, this surpasses anything in the civilian market! If the private sector got hold of this, everyone would have a field day. "This is an emergency transmission to all Division agents receiving this message. The ‘Green Poison’ pandemic has reached critical levels. As far as we know, your area's federal and state departments and agencies save for a few have collapsed. Thus, the reason you are now receiving this message. Therefore, on my authority as the President of the United States of America, Executive order 51 is now in effect. The Strategic Homeland Division is now Operational." The voice was unmistakably the President’s. Davis felt a twinge of sympathy for him, because it was his last term and now he had to deal with all that crap before stepping down. Not that he was a Liberal or a conservative by any means, he just didn’t care enough to take sides and took the ones which held most to his own belief system at the time. "All Division agents are to link up and report to your respective section commanders in your city or state to receive further instructions. You have been trained and equipped to handle this type of scenario over the years. Now is the time to use it. Your overall objective is to restore order and rebuild society on together and on behalf of the government by any means necessary. Your authority and security clearance has henceforth been upgraded and now supersedes any other operative, agent and/or federal employee in the field. Before moving out, make sure you have your standard issue weapons and equipment that was handed out to you before your inactivation. Upon the ending of this transmission, your profile will be activated and the RFID GPS tag in your armband patch will broadcast your signal to other agents in the network. The citizens of the United States of America are counting on you. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Godspeed agents, and may God have mercy on the United States of America." As soon as the message ended, Davis stood on top of his bed and ripped the knock-off Van Gogh painting hanging on at the top off the wall, revealing the safe he had installed two years ago. Opening it, he pulled out the familiar black suitcase emblazoned with the SHD logo on the top. Placing his glowing smartwatch near the center lock, there was a beep followed by a low whirring before the lock snapped open; revealing all of his Division issued gear: Sling bag with waist strap, check. Beretta M-nine pistol with thigh holster, check. Navy MP-five sub-machine gun with suppressor and red-dot sight, check. Extra magazines, check. Urban camo vest kevlar soft plate inserts, check. Clear lens ballistic eyewear, check. Finally, supplies of N-ninety five particulate masks. Double check. Couldn't be too careful these days. Dying through sickness would have been such an agonizing way after all. Most importantly, it would NOT be cool. If he wanted to die he would rather go down guns blazing. So there. He hastily put them on as soon as he could on top of his inner wear. It was now in the middle of winter and snow had would just not stop falling. Hence, he made sure to wear shades of black, white and grey to blend in with the urban surrounding as best as he could. Once locked and loaded, he headed for the door, pulled out his pistol and leaned against the wall right next to the door. It was time to see how good SHADE tech really fared. "ISAC, pulse." I spoke, softly but clearly. The familiar orange holographic wave pulsed from his body and flowed over and through the floors, walls and ceiling in search of life signs to mark and highlight. Within seconds, a number of marks with directional arrows within his view pointed towards their locations above and below him. They were marked yellow, which meant they were most likely unarmed civilians. He had to give credit to the software engineers. This stuff was amazing! He could not only see their locations, but also their silhouettes through the concrete. A few were still going about their business. Some looked like they were scared shitless, holed up inside their apartments, trying to make a little noise as possible. But for the most part, majority of the apartments were empty. He would have given them some of my ready to eat MREs, but the mission came first. Getting out the door, he worked his way to the ground floor and switched to my sub-machine gun as he neared the entrance to the streets. "ISAC, scan for contaminants." "Scanning... Immediate area is safe." Came the reply. Great. Which meant he didn't need to waste his mask after all. Taking a deep breath, Davis turned the handle and opened the door. A blast of cold air greeted the exposed portions of his face as he stepped outside; his weapon at the ready in case there was something or someone waiting for him. Fortunately, or unfortunately, instead of finding a horde of reanimated zombies, which he was definitely not expecting by the way, there was nothing but empty streets all around. He had to admit that the sounds of an empty street besides the howl of the wind sent shivers down his spine. It was… disconcerting to say the least. Nevertheless, he had to press on and contact his colleagues. Taking a hunch, he made his way towards the piers. Strolling down the street with his weapon at the low-ready, he kept a look out for any less than friendly individuals. But so far it was nothing but stray dogs and the occasional passer-by who would bolt at the sight of a well-armed person. It wasn’t surprising to say the least. "ISAC, scan nearby frequencies for any agents." Davis ordered. "Scanning." ISAC replied. "Agents identified. Coordinates and communication frequencies uploaded." "Can anyone hear me? This is Division agent Davis Kwan. If anyone's hearing this, please respond! I've been recently activated and making my way towards Brooklyn Bridge Park. We can rendezvous there."
  3. Kitana just moved out and is in her new apartment. she is hoping to meet someone. but never expects it to be at a local park. she makes friend with this person and they get close, even moving in together, and thing get closer than ever.
  4. This world would have been a peaceful place if not for the Humans who sought out power for power sake and to control the world with advanced pieces of technology but now it is too late, for they have set that path in stone and those who have this goal would want to see it till the end in its full fruition. It was believed that Humanity has finally reached its highest peak in both science and technology because the discovery that Ahab Balaena made, he was a very well known Scientist in the Technology Department but little did he knew that the Ahab Reactors, who were named after him because of its huge impact it had on the world for decades, would be the cause of a War. A war that would make Humans turn against one another because the Ahab Reactors were the latest advanced pieces of technology, because they could power anything and make it last for forever because it generates enormous amounts of energy via transforming the artificial generated vacuum elements that were now used to power their interstellar traveling ships. These Ahab Reactors were made to be physically indestructible and once one was manufactured it would continue to proceed energy forever. Because of Ahab Balaena's blessings people sought it out to take it from themselves once the mass production of Ahab Reactors were set into motion and once they did a group of people from over all around the world gathered in the corner of Earth to discuss their actions that will shape Humanity for forever. Because these Ahab Reactors could power and sustain anything, they came up with the idea of creating Mobile Armors who would be unmanned and piloted by Artificial Intelligence, with one simply and direct goal. To take down large groups of Civilization to simplify their true goal, to rule over the world with an iron fist. This group was called N.E.C.R.O.N and with the help of some background friends they manage to take a Ahab Reactor of their own and once their top Scientist Engineers, learned how to properly reproduce the reactors they were once again one step further in completing their goal. Proving that the Ahab Reactors were now easily manageable to be reproduce in amounts of stocks, they finished a rough sketch on what their Mobile Armor should look like but the idea was that it should look like a Bird, an elegant being that even when it delivers a death blow it still has a certain grace to it, with large claws and legs that could be use as arms. A beak that would shoot out concentrated energy beams that can destroy city and the ability to fly with ease, the rough idea was of an Angel...called the Hashmal which one of the ten classes of angels in Judaism, that were sent out by God to punish. How ironic it was that they used "Angels" to punish the Humankind just because they did not want to bow before anyone and wanted to live a life where freedom was allowed for everyone, N.E.C.R.O.N more so demonized the Angel meaning because the cause was a evil and selfish one. Once the Artificial Intelligence was implanted in this Angel it was ready to go, for weapons it had the deadliest of them all such as the capabilities to fly and even in space. Having claws that could penetrate and impale anything besides Nanolaminate Armor. In fact the whole Hashmal was made out of Nanolaminate Armor. The Nanolaminate Armor was a defensive, metallic paint with multi-layered molecular arrangement that is vacuum deposited on the armor of mobile armors and ships. First glance, the armor seemed hard but in principle it was a very thin cushion with several layers. It is also effective against physical projectiles, where its energy bearing molecules can absorb the impact from live ammunition and explosive charges, thereby protecting the machine's body from damage. Also the armor's strength is influenced mostly by the Ahab Waves or Particles and the gravitational field that was generated which also had an effect on the armor's multi-layered molecular arrangement. And if the Ahab Reactor would shut down, the armor's capabilities would also drop. The Hashmal also had a Beam Weapon, whenever the Mobile Armor opened its so called "mouth" it fired a concentrated beam of energy that takes a bit to fire and has a massive damage output with its destructive power and effective range, besides that there was the Kinetic Energy Shot Launcher's which were mounted on each claw that allowed the Hashmal to fly or hover around from place to place which could also fire rockets that were more like protruding weapons. If Hashmal had a effective weapon during close combat situation it was none other than the Superhard Wire Blade with a blade that had high hardness that was attached to a wire made of a special alloy, that was mounted on the back of the Hashmal's head. The wire's special alloy is vicious because it can bend flexibly when charged with a trace amount of electrical current and can move easily in any direction and it can also be used as a launch surprise attack from blind spots. They also made sure that the Mobile Armor and future ones would have an Energy Supply System that were build into each shoulder and were located behind the large red panels. This system supplied power to the Plumas via microwaves, even so the system is not directly related to combat, it is more so than proof that Mobile Armors are an autonomous unmanned weapons. And lost but not least there are the Plumas, they are also an unmanned but small, sub-unit produced by the Hashmal and since it is the Angel the sub-unit it is its so called feathers that are in reality deadly just like the Hashmal. It has a pair of claws on its arms and a drill on its tail and a concealed railgun underneath its regular red eye. A single Pluma is no real threat however, if there are in large groups then they can become a real problem because they can easily decimate productions plants, human beings and Cities. In melee combat they close the distance by hovering then leaping or flying as they launch with their attacks. They can attack from various directions, which can confuse the enemy with their tricky movements because of their thrusters around their body as it makes them able to move around with agile movements and with ease. Also the power they receive is from the supplies that come from the Hashmal via the microwaves and it operates based on the orders coming from the Mobile Armor and it will not stop functioning unless it is destroyed. While they are made to be serving units and attack while protecting the Hashmal, they can also carry out other functions, like scavenging, collecting resources such as fuel, propellant and other materials the Mobile Armor needs to be repaired by the Plumas themselves and it can also manufacture new Plumas with these resources if the enough amount of time and materials are given as they can multiply infinitely. The Plumas also serve as a collective data about the surroundings of the area which is transmitted in real time to Hashmal as they are a part of the Mobile Armor. "Finally, we're finished." Said a Scientist who was in his mid 40s with black heir, fair skin, brown eyes, glasses, standing about 5'7 with a neutral expression and a slim body, as he sighed of relief, they have been working for hours none stopping as the leader of the N.E.C.R.O.N's Jonathan Wallace, the 6' tall muscular man with grey hair and beard with black accents to it, having blue eyes and a imposing stature, was standing besides his favorite Scientist Abraham Brown. "Well they are only 10 units." Jonathan said with a brief chuckle before folding his arms under his chest, staring at the Hashmals as they were being transported. "You have them on stand by?" He asked Abraham. He looked at him and slightly gave him a nod. "Yeah, they are to be honest still prototypes." He used a cloth to dry the sweat on his forehead and Jonathan placed a hand on his shoulder. "Abraham, they are perfected. We've been at this for 3 years and now we are so close to reach our objective." "I know but we still don't know if they are capable enough to do what we set them out to do." Abraham said, still worried because he was a perfectionist and he always wanted to make sure things would go according to the plan, something Jonathan knew all to well. "Set them outside and activate 2 of them and let's watch how they do our job for us in matter of seconds." He said as he withdraw his hand back in its folded position. Abraham took a deep breath before taking his console and taking out 2 units as ordered and setting them down. Working some schematics he finally activates them and once they did, they became alive immediately as the Hashmal started to walk as well as the other one, surprised enough Abraham felt as he looked at Jonathan. "Of course, we had to set a microchip inside the AI so that it wouldn't kill us but the rest of the humans. Only a fool would create a weapon that will destroy even its master." His edged out voice spoke as the Heshmals were tracking a few signals, turning their head into the direction with the biggest population. "Berlin, Germany." Abraham said and Jonathan looked at him. "That's were the biggest population in Germany is...they are heading towards it." Then they watched how the Hashmals folded their legs into their shoulders and flew off in a instant while making a few mechanical noises and sounds. Their base of operations, or at least the one they used in making the first pair of Hashmals was in Germany and now their first experiment shall happen live before their very own eyes, as Abraham and Jonathan watched how the Hashmals were approaching Berlin in a rather fast pace. "They are fast." Jonathan said with a grin. "It is mostly because of the Ahab Reactors." Abraham adds. "They are getting closer by the minute...I guess this is the moment of truth, me and you have been waiting for 3 years now." He said as Jonathan chuckled. "Indeed my friend, indeed." The two Hashmals landed in the City of Berlin in Germany and their humanity extermination system was picking up multiple humans that were now staring at them, in pure shock as to what they were. When the Hashmal opened its beak, revealing its beam weapon the people immediately broke into panic and started to run in different directions. Causing havoc and chaos in the street as cars were speeding off, the Hashmal's beam weapon charged and fired in a straight life killing many people by vaporizing them into nothing but ashes. The other Hashmal deployed its Plumas that were starting to get into the 10s and then 20s and 50s. Building up the number into 100s as the Plumas rained havoc upon the people, killing them with their claws or railguns with significant ease, the Government of Berlin already took notice of this and they sent in the military. Soon tanks and helicopters came in but it was too late as the Hashmals already killed over 2.000 of people. Throwing everything they had with the best of technology they had such as live ammunition, it did little to affect the Hashmals as they used their beams to destroy the helicopters and some of the tanks that were firing down upon them. The Hashmal got hit but it did not damage any vital part as it was aimed towards it shoulder, commanding the Plumas to take care of the tanks while the Hashmal took care of the soldiers that continued on firing upon them. The other Hashmal took note that the soldier's main priority was escorting the civilians, realizing this the Hashmal followed on their trail, while the soldier's fire power did little to nothing in easing this Mobile Armor down before it unleashed another devastating beam of energy that destroyed the civilians as well as the street and a few buildings. "Somebody call reinforcements!" A soldier said through the line before watching how the Plumas were going towards him and the outpost, screaming with a inhuman scream. The Plumas made short work of the soldiers, jumping from one car to another with relative ease. Using their thrusters all around their bodies to throw off the soldiers that were aiming their guns at them that already did little to no damage. "They are everywhere!!" Another said. "We are going to die, nooo!!!" One screamed as rage took over him but he soon died as a Pluma jumped on him and stabbed him with its claws before the others were surrounding the soldiers and firing at them with their railguns, eliminating them quickly. The massacre continued, soon everyone was in danger as the Hashmal deployed even more Plumas, approximately 300 or so as they ravaged the area rather quickly. And now their next objective is to head towards the Government building of Germany's capital, Berlin. Speeding towards it while they continued to destroy everything that stood in their way the German Military stood little to no chance as it was something they have never seen before and they were so terrifying that the soldiers were trembling from angst. "We need to get you out of here." A Government agent said to the Federal Cancelar. "I am not going to retreat like a coward." He protests against that decision. "But Sir, if we stay here we can risk getting ourselves killed. Our weapons cannot penetrate its armor nor do we seem to have something effective against it!" The General of the German army said. "And we cannot risk killing even more civilian lives with a nuke! We need to get out of here now! Time is of the essence, Federal Cancelar!" The Federal Cancelar nods his head and listens to the General. "Very well. Let's go while he stil have the chance." They immediately head off and walked outside the building heading towards the helicopter and quickly getting inside before the Cancelar had a scare when a Pluma jumped on the window before the Pilot took off and flew upwards, throwing the Pluma off and on the ground. "They are here, get us out of here!" The General barked the orders. Once they were up high in the sky they sighed out of relief but little did they know that Hashmal was flying towards them and they started to panic. "Oh god. It's coming straight for us!" The pilot said as he tried to out maneuver it but the Mobile Armor wouldn't be so easy to trick as it opened its beak and the beam charged. "We are going to dieee!!!" One of the soldiers said as the Cancelar opened to say something but right then the Hashmal destroyed the Helicopter with its beam weapon, killing Germany's Federal Cancelar. Jonathan found himself laughing with a twisted laughter as he watched how the Hashmal killed a very important Government figure in nothing but matter of a few hours. "See this is the power now we poses!" He clenched his fist. "If it took nothing but a few hours. Imagine what we could do if we had 30 of these..no 50 and even more!" He said. "We will rule the world less than a year!!" He continued to laugh. Abraham nods his head, realizing that he now needed to do. "Yes, sir." He said. "I'll do my best to construct as many Mobile Armors as we can. Now that we know they work, mass production should start with no drawbacks." "I never expected less. Old friend." Jonathan then walks away and lets Abraham alone in the shadows as this man was working every day and sometimes a few hours in completing the project called 'Angel' building Mobile Armors that acceded the number of 20 in just 6 months and they set them out to conquer Germany and France in matter of days, it seemed hopeless to resist because neither country could detonate nukes because of the people and mostly because these Mobile Armors took them by surprise every time and the Governments couldn't do much when the surprise attacks hit, afterall it was Europe they did not expect a beginning of a war... Indeed, it looked as if it was a war but one that the humans couldn't win because they didn't know what they were up against and as the months turned into years, soon the Mobile Armors started to kill human lives in 1000s reaching up to 50.000, 500.000, 1.500.000, 5.000.000, 10.000.000 and when it reached 15.000.000 the people soon learned that this is not going to end and if they don't do anything to stop these Mobile Armors no one can guarantee if there was ever a new tomorrow. The world needed someone who was strong in mind and body, that had cunning wits and intelligence as well as the ability to take over the leadership role and lead people in situations as dire as these, the world needed someone and that someone was Agnika Kaieru, the one who would create the Angel Hunters with the help of Gjallarhorn, a military organization and the 72 Gundam Frames and their first ever made Gundam named after a Demon Lord, Bael....
  5. The Path that Leads to Worthiness Deep withing this galaxy somewhere in the center of the milky way, there was a planet but not unlike any other planet, nor would there be any other like this one. This was Zuerus, a small planetary body that serves as home to the Zueruzian's such as the Prince of Zuerus, soon to be King, Magnus, and their Ruler and King Father Allomen. It exists in another dimensional plane and is bigger than the size of the United States. It is not round like the Earth, does not spin on its axis, and does not revolve around the sun. This was the paradise home, the Prince of Zuerus, Magnus Omenson lived and strived in with such harmony and peace under the rule of his father Omen, the rightful King of Zuerus. However, all of this did not come with some bloodshed, for Omen only recently choose to live a benevolent life. That desire came right before his first son and future King to the Throne, Magnus was born, as a kid he used to tell him about the great stories of his battling days. But little did Allomen knew that this was just feeding Magnus' ego more and more, wishing to be like his Father, a conqueror but he told his son that a Wise King never seeks out War but he must be always ready for it. However if Magnus took his Father's words to heart is unknown to this day as it was about the time where Magnus would get coronated as the next rightful Ruler and King of Zuerus but sadly his wishes would not be approved of this day as unfortunately the past always came back to Omen as the enemies of Zuerus came and interrupted the coronation. Magnus mad in his mind and his heart full of hatred he does the unthinkable and takes his group of friends with him and travel through all the way to the other realm which was part of other and many more. The enemy did not show hostile intent nor did they want to play to the acts of a little boy hiding behind a man, feeling mocked Magnus would strike down his enemy and thus a battle began which was short lived as Omen came into rescue and took Magnus and his friends away from the enemy's planet with leaving the message that he is sorry fo his boy's action and that the peace should still remain. Magnus and Omen got into a heated Son to Father conversation, Omen trying to talk some sense into his son who was now nothing but arrogant and does not know what he has been given, while his Father tried to reason with him and talk with him about his past failures and that is not the way on how a King should behave. Magnus would end up calling his own Father a old man and a fool with other terrible words, disrespecting his Father and everything he has done for him, giving him powers, giving him life, a safe place and a safe world with peace and now he is trying to ruin that peace. In that moment, Omen breaks all ties loose with his Son and strips him away from his powers, taking everything that he gave his son back as well as his weapon and says. "I, Father Allomen, cast you out for your iniquity, pridefulness and arrogance which has been found in you, for you are not worthy to possess the power I have entrusted you with from birth. So in the name of my Father, my Grandfather and my Great Grandfather I cast you out!" As Magnus was cast out of Zuerus through the opened portal Omen opened, he spoke a spell or a curse depending on what people want to call it, into his weapon and said. "Whosoever shall possess this Weapon, be he not with iniquity, pridefulness, selfishness and arrogance but with selflessness and worthiness, shall posses the power of my son Magnus." Magnus followed by his weapon that day would fly out of his homeworld, Zuerus like a sky rocketing lightning bolt that was coming faster than the speed of light towards the planet of none other than Earth, wherever Magnus may have crashed landed, he would stay there if he does not become worthy, he would stay till he would die for he was now a mere mortal man, not an average one but a mortal man, who now knows shame and that what has been given can be taken back. @Aleksei
  6. She raced back on over to the mailbox, huffing and puffing as her two lovely daughters came waltzing in, removing their shoes. "G----get that...m-mail------for me dear.....got-------big----------------------news heading my way!!!! your mother.....is....about------to---------------get--------------------PAID!!" she wheezed out in a miserable sentence. Uhm, sure mom...…...should I open this one first? It's from Lord Brigidine Employment Agency, Earth Division, Building E. A-Hem...….to Mrs. Vonoxia, Guardian of the Earth Mortal Realm, DAICHON Division; Please be advised that after careful consideration for your new Position, we at LBEA are pleased to announce a New Techincian's Division beginning at said date. This Division was created in early 2036, Earthian year, as a defense against those that would cause harm to remaining innocents in this Realm. Your new position as Field Guardian entails transporting items to and from the Realms of Valucre, with constant supervision from the Director over our sister Division, "The Company," none other than your current Field Supervisor, Lord Benaires Silver Alex DAICHON. Your new said Uniforms and equipment will be sent by the time that you receive this letter. Our number is on the bottom of this letter. Sincerely, Trishona Eckerhart Operations Manager." Vonoxia then snatched the said letter out of her daughter's hand to make sure that she was not playing any tricks on her. "I DID IT!!!! NO MORE POVERTY!!!!!!! I am IN THE FUCKING MONEY!!!!!!!! Master...……….after nine trifling YEARS of working for the humans, your LOYAL Servant is about to embark on a journey for which she can send her daughters to College!!! ALRLLLRIGHTTT!!!!! Benaires M' Lord, you really know how to put a smile on a girls' face!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!! Girls, forget school today!!! We are going SHOPPING and getting some good Breakfast!!! I think I still have some money that your father sent me!!! Get dressed. We are GOING out to CELEBRATE!!!! Your Uncle Benaires got me a PROMOTION!!!!! WHOOOO_HOOOO!!!!!"
  7. She was picking herself up from the floor. Blood trickled from her nose as she stood right back up, wiping the blood from her nose with her shirt. Her father then struck her again, making her wince a bit, but she could withstand it. "I told your ass to get my SMOKES you little DIMWIT!!! I've worked 16 hours and all that I wanted were some smokes to go with my dinner. Your DUMB-ass can't even do something as simple as that? What the hell am I sending you to school for in the first fucking place? Go clean yourself up and get out of my face Mo-Mo. You are such a FUCKING idiot sometimes!!! Geez...what kind of a daughter ARE you?" yelled her father, as he shook his head and put his whip back on the shelf in anger. She wiped her tears and took a deep breath; she could probably kill him at any time, but her mother always told her that her father was under much stress these days. She mewed out to him, "Sorry dad...…..I'll do better next time, I promise!!" He waved his hand and handed her some money, now just talking in a much lower tone, "Why don't you go out for a little while...get some fresh air or something. Here, go buy yourself something to wear for the dance next week. You CAN go do THAT right...I'm sure of it....you are such a fucking twit!!! Be back in time for bed please....can you DO THAT RIGHT please?" "Anything you say dad. I'll go out now...." Her mother was in the kitchen, hearing the entire event take place. She glared over at the Meat Cleaver for a few seconds before putting out her cigarette. "You know, you really should watch your fucking temper Charles. That girl has the best grades in the entire school and you just beat the sweetness out of her over some fucking cigarettes? I wish you WOULD touch me; I'd be on the evening news smiling at your sorry ass!!! I thought you were going to get the Vodka tonight? What? You forgot to do THAT because your had your fist balled up at HER again?" said the woman. Charles scratched the back of his head in utter confusion. "She.....knows not to forget my smokes for dinner. She KNOWS better than that. I'll take her shopping and get her hair fixed up on Friday, okay?" "Hmmmph……..that STILL doesn't clear our the implications of your assault on the poor girl. And I was told that you were supposed to buy her a new Basketball and a jersey for her team practice on Saturday. Get your head out of yer ass Charles!! She deserves some praise everyone once in an while. Go and wash up while I Check on the Roast please; you have been complaining about how dry it tastes anyways...THIS time I hope you fucking CHOKE on a piece while having a FUCKING heart attack!!!" Charles lowered his head while shuffling out of the kitchen!! Vigmordia wiped her face with a wet towel while putting the money into her purse. "He's always frustrated with me. I don't know what to do anymore. Guess I'll go and get something to drink; hang out with Legion." her father then opened up the front door, shouting out TO her, "Mo-Mo!!! PICK UP SOME VODKA for your mother please. Tell David at the Liquor Mart that I'll come and pick it up in an hour. You want your hair fixed up tomorrow or not?" She yelled back to him, "Huh? Get that half -gallon off the Pool Table in the Basement. Uncle Graymite left that for you before he went off to work a few weeks ago!!! I want a full wash and rinse!!! And don't be LATE!!!" He yelled back to her, putting up his thumb, "OKAY!!!!!!"
  8. Location: 37,200' above sea level, 200 miles due west over Marianas Trench. Sub level 3 of Heli-Carrier, Containment and Analysis Center. [Dr. Artemis Kline] "Our interactions with the enhanced, the other worldly and so forth has given us an elevated understanding of things like this. Decades ago we wouldn't be able to even quantify something like this let alone analyze it, but we've gained an understanding. It's a matter conversion drive. An immensely powerful one at that. Im sure you know how matter conversion drives function, they assimilate ambient matter, through a process still not entirely understood it's converted, and the result is stored, usable energy unlike anything occurring naturally. We've seen energies like this only within environments akin to planar rifts and such. Cosmic energy, quintessential, planar energies more reactive and abundant in power then anything on this planet or in this world for that matter. This artifact....it's unreal. It's capable of powering the entirety of the PLANET indefinitely.." There was a powerful silence that gripped the room at first and then those ambient sounds normally overlooked or unheard seemed to become amplified. You could hear odd things, like electrical current running through the walls, the slides of tiles in a clock. The low hum of a fan on several motherboards. Dr. Kline and Section Chief of the S.I.U (Supers Investigation Unit), as well as the holographic image of the Secretary of State all looked at the artifact, ---a baseball sized, Metallic Sphere with runic symbols engraved into it that radiated a profound hue of whites, oranges and reds. They were awe-struck. Excited, and scared all at the same time. Their country as both benefit and suffered severe losses in the name of discovery, and have fast learned that these artifacts typically have been lost, and remained lost for a reason. Not all things SHOULD be found, let alone by mortal men unable to comprehend or fathom their true potential. Section Chief Marcus Stone cleared this throat and spoke loudly. [Section Chief Marcus Stone] "Send it back. I say we put that thing right back the fuck where we got it, no, not even, I say we throw that shit deeper then where we got it. This things energy signature is ridiculous, if we were able to detect it that far down bottom, how many people are eye balling it cruising around at this altitude? And did you see this?" Stone would turn and tap a few keys on the fiber optical display which advertises a video clip, albeit not 100% clear of some hulking figure seen battling 3 creatures that were supposed to be of MYTH, and legend. A battle that waged on just METERS away from where their dive team retrieved the artifact, nearly killing them all in the process. "S.I.U has been compiling a profile, checking the telemetry and the biometrics on this figure since we got the thing. Whoever that is, was able to first not only go to the bottom of The Marianas unaided, but moved through The Thermocline, retrieved it, got it back back across that border, JUST to get into a fatal 4 way with creatures i haven't seen since clash of the fucking Titans. What if he won? What if he comes looking for it? What if he isn't alone? You two are eyes wide with power and chance but you aren't going to be the ones on the front line facing down the obstacles that are sure to come looking for something like this." Her voice came not to long after he said his piece, and it was respect for his position that kept her from interjecting. Unfortunately there would be little room understanding. This country has benefitted from finds like this in the past, and the chance to procure an indefinite source of energy to be used, and a process to be synthesized and replicated for possible military and civilian use was just to big a chance to skip out on. [Secretary of State Priscilla Robinson] "Which is why our government has put forth a substantial amount of money, and effort into seeing that we are well protected from threats like those Section Chief Stone. We established the Supers Investigation Unit for the soul purpose of monitoring, countering, containing and even eliminating unnatural events such as these, and you've been sufficient at it. This country, no, the world, stands to benefit to much from this artifact and what it can show and do for us. We will not be turning down the chance to advance over the possibility of one or a few. Under executive order you are to bring the artifact to head R&D Facility Tango , 30 miles west of the Pentagon for immediate containment and study, and you are NOT to let anyone get in your way. The ground transfer team will meet you in New York. Good day gentlemen." And her holographic image would be gone. Stone and the Doctor would stand there a moment looking over the artifact one last time before stone would turn, lock eyes with the doctor and continue out and away from this area. They would reach New York in 5 hours at this speed and heading, security details would be assigned and set into place and their priority was to get this to ground transfer undisturbed. Meanwhile....the artifact gave off QUITE the signal, only time will tell if the section chiefs fears were warranted. <Comm> Chatter was being intercepted by several Black Market syndicate and crime organizations, footage of the event and battle have been leaked to social medias and news outlets world wide. This artifacts existence was moving beyond the unknown into the known and this was sure to play havoc on it's delivery into safe storage going smoothly.
  9. Modern Illusion: Unusual World
  10. Everything is so dark.... Where am I? A girl around the age of 21 laid on the ground of a room with padded walls restrained with a straight jacket, dark grape colored bruises covered her neck. Her eyes had the darkest dark circles anyone could have, along with the sense of death coming from her eyes. Veronica. Her name was Veronica, she had long black hair that flowed down her shoulders and high cheek bones that could be kill a man. Everything was blurry, just big blurry shapes. The only thing she really could make out was the door in front of her with bars going down the open window. What did she do to end up here? She thought to herself as she sat up slowly falling back almost but managed. "Hello?" she called out her voice soft and raspy. Nothing, just the sounds of groans from other what you could call cells. Along with frantic mumbling and laughing from down the hallway. Veronica took her time standing up going to the door before she fell back as a man with rounded glasses and slicked back blonde hair looked through the small window. He wrote down a few notes on a cracked clipboard, "Veronica Wisely....Mentally unstable....shock therapy seemed effective.... " he mumbled as he wrote down his notes before noticing her trying to figure out who he was. A small smirk came to his face, "Morning sunshine....you feeling the need to slit your wrists again?" he asked as Veronica started to remember everything. It all came back before a sharp shock of pain busted through her head. "AGH!" she groaned loudly as the male chuckled. "Fucking insane whore." With that Another memory came to Veronica. This male was Dr. Thomas D Smith. The lead doctor of the insane asylum she was put in. "Have fun dear...the nurses will take you down when social hour is near." he said banging on the door walking away. Veronica panted then screamed trying to get out of the straight jacket. "YOUR INSANE! I'M NOT INSANE!" she screamed as tears streamed down her face. "I'M NOT INSANE I'M NOT INSANE!" Hours later Veronica was taken to a room where other people rocked in chairs or sat in corners holding blankets and stuffed animals, a radio played with old swing music playing. She groaned as she now had a muzzle on from trying to bite a nurse along with the same straight jacket she was in. She was put in a chair near the radio, her eyebrows furrowed as she scanned the small room scoffing at everyone she saw. "I'm clearly more stable then half the idiots in this place." she growled. (Hey there! Just a heads up later on I will be posting character descriptions on my own account if you want to know background info or you can leave that up to the roleplay to reveal! I will be roleplaying Veronica and Dr. Thomas D Smith as well! Have fun! Please write at least four to five sentences before submitting so it makes it easier to reply! Thanks! -Noah ? )
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