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Found 4 results

  1. The Battle of Forsthaven July 16th, 598 So, I realize the map above is pretty crummy, but I forgot to make a better one, so I just threw it together at the last minute. Green are the Norkotian forces, Crimson are the Forsthaven forces. You can choose to focus one of the locations on the map, whether on your own, or paired with other players. I will post background posts for battles over certain strategic targets, but not every battle. Anyway, here are you possible targets: 1. City Hall - More of a morale target than a strategic target. Were the Norkotians to take the city hall and hoist their flag over it (especially if the mayor is also captured in the process), it would be a severe blow to the defenders' morale. 2. Sheriff's Office - The main headquarters of the defenders. Seizing or destroying it would disrupt Forsthaven's ability to coordinate defenses, not to mention take away their primary armory. 3. Hydroelectric Plant - The primary generator of electric power to the city. Capturing and shutting it down would severely hamper Forsthaven's communications, as well take down most of the city's power. 4. The Lifts - A series of elevators used to haul people, vehicles and cargo from the upper plateau to the lower plateau. Capturing it would prevent movement of vehicles and heavy equipment between the two parts of the city. 5. The Old City and The Ramp - The historic downtown which contains many prized buildings, such as numerous churches and temples, old government buildings and museums. Nearby is the ramp, a winding footpath that acted as the original road between the upper and lower city. Capturing this would prevent any form of retreat or counter-attack from one city to the other. 6. Commerce Sector - Filled with fuel stations, warehouses, banks and other businesses, as well as hotels, this sector is the central hub of Forsthaven's trade market. It is the place most filled with foreigners. Cast Tyler Executor Tynes | Mayor Cordoza | Colonel Krieger SteamWarden Lag-Nor | Lady Blaze Infernal Isaiah Vielle Nina Castro | Mateo Castro Thotification Linda Linda | Naherin Weber | Khaki | Sera Zackrobbman Clive McTeague | Zack Miller | The Tin Man Fierach Unknown
  2. @Hani NOTICE Music Image Image The Gold Rider Waking up, she felt lazy like the radio. She saw nothing, but the gentle music was undeniable. It soon introduced the voice of a man who sang words just as foreign. He wasn’t alone. A chorus of unintelligible conversation was suddenly detected, along with footsteps. It took a train of effort to part her eyelids and in turn herself from an unknown slumber. What began as a grey world revealed itself to be the front of a chair, with a slender beam of sunlight streaked across it. Finally, her eyes were opened. Rotating the hand of an equally slender arm stretched upon a table, it was evident that she was indeed female. Fingers of a woman. An array of tables and chairs that catered to two were spread about, floating upon a sea of grey tiles. People sat around but the woman couldn’t recognize any of them. Her eyes peered into those strange faces that smiled at and laughed to one another, but none of those souls were even aware that she was watching them. At the end of her line of sight was a bar with a plethora of bottles lining the wall. Maybe that’s how I got to be in this predicament. One thing was for certain: she had no idea who she was or how she got to be in this bar, one that was called The Grey Flood based on the napkins. Name. Identity. She had neither. After patting herself down, all she really had was a yellow shirt, brown pants and a hat that hid blonde hair. Did I braid it or did someone else? The thought quivered on her lips, her head slowing while her heart raced. Another familiar feeling. I don’t know who I am or how I got here. And I am panicking.
  3. Erin Hale had been in Terrenus over half a year now, having been deposited in the western hills shortly after Elendaron’s demise. The months afterward were spent mostly walking, scavenging for food and supplies, doing occasional small jobs for the tiny towns she came across along the way. Up until that gig in Palgard anyway, when she finally scored a decent haul. She tagged along with her employer until they got to Casper, where he paid her the sum she was owed, before departing. Erin, finding that Casper was the primary port city in Terrenus, and thus had good central access to the rest of the continent (and other continents), plus a steady flow of people and information, decided this was as good a place as any to set up a new home base. Even though she had a decent amount of money, around 25,600 in the currency of the world she originated from, she knew it would not last forever. Choosing an apartment that was clean enough to be comfortable, but simple enough to be reasonably cheap, she began taking small mercenary jobs around the town, whilst setting up an account to hold her money (most of it, anyway, she didn’t trust anything enough in this world yet to put all of it in one place). Somewhere along the way, she caught wind of a job going down in the outlands, some unimportant backwater called Zühl or something. Some collector from Casper had caught wind of a mythical artifact somewhere out there in the desert, and he was paying stupidly good rates for a team to back him up. Notably, he did not want individuals who were heavily reliant on magic, something about magic not working right out there or something. That seemed to scare away a lot of his would-be bodyguards, since it seemed magic was relied on by a few too many people around here. Erin may have used magic potions for stealth purposes, but the bulk of her skill was self-earned, and her weapons needed no mystical hocus-pocus to work. So, a little trip out to the desert, get paid a ton of money to guard a fat oaf until he found out what he was looking for didn’t exist, then come back to Casper and take a few weeks off. Nice and easy, and better yet, no magic or high-tech shite to screw with her mind or body. Who knows, this gig might even be a little fun…
  4. Character - Vito Summon - Floki Tags - @supernal Background Ambience (If you so choose) - Link Quest - A Friend in The Ouread Bounty hunting, raiding and moving into the drug business have all yielded their profits. Yet Vito found himself moving so slowly towards his goals that it was unbearable, even the patient raider had his limits. He needed something more, a way to further expand his trading. Cavecrest offered an easy way to trade amongst other raiders and criminals, but it was still far too slow. After much internal debating and pacing, he'd finally made up his mind. A partner was not just wanted, but required. He'd been a hired sword on many occasions, but never worked in business with someone else. Thankfully, he was able to call in favors from Fat n Kat. The local gossipers had many ties outside of Cavecrest, thankfully sending word out to a gangleader named Caden. They even went as to give him a private room, which they'll show his potential partner to. 'Hmm, looks like my work round here has at least payed off. Can always rely on Fat to come through, even if Kats a little more stubborn.' Vito sat waiting with a tankard of rum behind the round table, his summon lay asleep in the corner. It was pretty hard to sneak Floki into the inn, but he always finds a way. He hated being without back up, the drake had quickly grown to be part of who he was. A sudden knock at the door snapped him out of thoughts.
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