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Found 15 results

  1. The Battle of Forsthaven July 16th, 598 So, I realize the map above is pretty crummy, but I forgot to make a better one, so I just threw it together at the last minute. Green are the Norkotian forces, Crimson are the Forsthaven forces. You can choose to focus one of the locations on the map, whether on your own, or paired with other players. I will post background posts for battles over certain strategic targets, but not every battle. Anyway, here are you possible targets: 1. City Hall - More of a morale target than a strategic target. Were the Norkotians to take the city hall and hoist their flag over it (especially if the mayor is also captured in the process), it would be a severe blow to the defenders' morale. 2. Sheriff's Office - The main headquarters of the defenders. Seizing or destroying it would disrupt Forsthaven's ability to coordinate defenses, not to mention take away their primary armory. 3. Hydroelectric Plant - The primary generator of electric power to the city. Capturing and shutting it down would severely hamper Forsthaven's communications, as well take down most of the city's power. 4. The Lifts - A series of elevators used to haul people, vehicles and cargo from the upper plateau to the lower plateau. Capturing it would prevent movement of vehicles and heavy equipment between the two parts of the city. 5. The Old City and The Ramp - The historic downtown which contains many prized buildings, such as numerous churches and temples, old government buildings and museums. Nearby is the ramp, a winding footpath that acted as the original road between the upper and lower city. Capturing this would prevent any form of retreat or counter-attack from one city to the other. 6. Commerce Sector - Filled with fuel stations, warehouses, banks and other businesses, as well as hotels, this sector is the central hub of Forsthaven's trade market. It is the place most filled with foreigners. Cast Tyler Executor Tynes | Mayor Cordoza | Colonel Krieger SteamWarden Lag-Nor | Lady Blaze Infernal Isaiah Vielle Nina Castro | Mateo Castro Thotification Linda Linda | Naherin Weber | Khaki | Sera Zackrobbman Clive McTeague | Zack Miller | The Tin Man Fierach Unknown
  2. Erin Hale had been in Terrenus over half a year now, having been deposited in the western hills shortly after Elendaron’s demise. The months afterward were spent mostly walking, scavenging for food and supplies, doing occasional small jobs for the tiny towns she came across along the way. Up until that gig in Palgard anyway, when she finally scored a decent haul. She tagged along with her employer until they got to Casper, where he paid her the sum she was owed, before departing. Erin, finding that Casper was the primary port city in Terrenus, and thus had good central access to the rest of the continent (and other continents), plus a steady flow of people and information, decided this was as good a place as any to set up a new home base. Even though she had a decent amount of money, around 25,600 in the currency of the world she originated from, she knew it would not last forever. Choosing an apartment that was clean enough to be comfortable, but simple enough to be reasonably cheap, she began taking small mercenary jobs around the town, whilst setting up an account to hold her money (most of it, anyway, she didn’t trust anything enough in this world yet to put all of it in one place). Somewhere along the way, she caught wind of a job going down in the outlands, some unimportant backwater called Zühl or something. Some collector from Casper had caught wind of a mythical artifact somewhere out there in the desert, and he was paying stupidly good rates for a team to back him up. Notably, he did not want individuals who were heavily reliant on magic, something about magic not working right out there or something. That seemed to scare away a lot of his would-be bodyguards, since it seemed magic was relied on by a few too many people around here. Erin may have used magic potions for stealth purposes, but the bulk of her skill was self-earned, and her weapons needed no mystical hocus-pocus to work. So, a little trip out to the desert, get paid a ton of money to guard a fat oaf until he found out what he was looking for didn’t exist, then come back to Casper and take a few weeks off. Nice and easy, and better yet, no magic or high-tech shite to screw with her mind or body. Who knows, this gig might even be a little fun…
  3. Character - Vito Summon - Floki Tags - @supernal Background Ambience (If you so choose) - Link Quest - A Friend in The Ouread Bounty hunting, raiding and moving into the drug business have all yielded their profits. Yet Vito found himself moving so slowly towards his goals that it was unbearable, even the patient raider had his limits. He needed something more, a way to further expand his trading. Cavecrest offered an easy way to trade amongst other raiders and criminals, but it was still far too slow. After much internal debating and pacing, he'd finally made up his mind. A partner was not just wanted, but required. He'd been a hired sword on many occasions, but never worked in business with someone else. Thankfully, he was able to call in favors from Fat n Kat. The local gossipers had many ties outside of Cavecrest, thankfully sending word out to a gangleader named Caden. They even went as to give him a private room, which they'll show his potential partner to. 'Hmm, looks like my work round here has at least payed off. Can always rely on Fat to come through, even if Kats a little more stubborn.' Vito sat waiting with a tankard of rum behind the round table, his summon lay asleep in the corner. It was pretty hard to sneak Floki into the inn, but he always finds a way. He hated being without back up, the drake had quickly grown to be part of who he was. A sudden knock at the door snapped him out of thoughts.
  4. October 3rd, 597… “Sir, the proposals you requested for modernized naval vessels have arrived for your review.” Joseph Tynes looked up from his desk, which was covered in various proposals, requisitions and other forms, all piling up steadily since the declaration of the Norkotian Union mere weeks ago. The job of building a military from scratch was not as easy as he hoped, since there were many, many logistical obstacles to overcome. However, being able to review actual military designs and proposals made the tediousness worth it. The request for naval designs had been submitted even before the military was declared, as Tynes wanted drafts ready for when the day came. Numerous engineers and shipbuilders from the coastal cities were asked to submit proposals for diesel-powered, military-focused warships, and now some of the results were ready for consideration. “Clear my schedule for the rest of the morning.” Joseph grinned, as he took the folders from the officer, “I’ll be busy for a while.”
  5. Tyler


    NORKOTIA INDEX Directivism Security Technology Regent: Joseph Tynes Contact: Tyler AMA Artifacts Geography Topography Norkotia is located on the northeastern border of the Plateau of Zühl, a large, flat highland region in Terrenus's heartland. Most of the land is exceptionally flat, with the main exception coming in the form of artificial lakes and depressions that are the result of strip mining operations. Most of Norkotia's major cities are situated on the shores of Garrison Bay, a large, natural harbor connected to the larger Sidereal Lake. Natural resources are abundant in the region, particularly fossil fuels. Oil drilling has gradually become more and more common, as its uses and benefits have expanded with time. While most of the land is used for farming, strip mines for coal and minerals are fairly common in the outlying areas, while oil derricks and pumps can be found nearly anywhere. Magic is weak in the region, previously only about a quarter as strong as the Terran average, but even weaker now thanks to the changes in the Shawnee loci. The reason for this magical scarcity is unknown. Regardless, the local impotence of magic has caused the natives to invest deeply in fossil fuel and mechanical technology, instead of magictech as is found elsewhere. Likewise, the magic sensitivity of most of the citizenry is far below the Terrenus average, possibly thanks to years of being raised in an area so devoid of it. Below is a list of nearby locations and their approximate distances East: ~1050 miles to Hell’s Gate South-East: ~650 miles to Langley Keep West: ~950 miles to Blaurg Mountain Cityscape While officially considered a single city, Norkotia can be more accurately described as a sprawling, but sparsely populated conglomerate of several smaller towns, connected by a sturdy system of roads and railways. There are a few relatively tall buildings, but not as many as one would find in most major cities, as expansion of the city has traditionally gone outward rather than upward. Most of the citizens live in houses rather than apartments, with brick structures being the most common, though wood, concrete, and metal buildings also exist. The "Metro" is the most densely populated region within Norkotia, consisting of Norkotia City itself and four smaller, but adjacent towns. The largest of these is Stahlburg, where much of Norkotia's industrial power is concentrated. On the opposite end of Norkotia City from Stahlberg is Millersburg, the primary center of agricultural commerce. Outside of the metro area, the population density declines rapidly, with most cities possessing populations of less than five thousand people, many only totaling in the hundreds. The largest of Norkotia's outer cities is Arkholm, a port located several miles north of the metro along the Garrison Bay coastline. If any town in Norkotia has a reputation for hosting magic or the supernatural, it would be haunted Arkholm, which carries a long, strange history of witchcraft, occultism and unexplained occurrences. Climate At the height the summer months, the Norkotian region traditionally reached semi-arid conditions, while the dead of winter could feature brief periods of severe cold. Most of the year, the region is temperate, though dry, with drinking and irrigation water being primarily provided by the nearby Garrison Bay. However, following the expansion of the Shawnee Glacier, the heat of the mid-summer has lessened, resulting in a reduction of water shortages. This has come at the cost of the growing season's length, as well as even colder spells during the winter months. Flora and Fauna While there are few forests on the Norkotian plain, scattered tree groves can be found amidst the fields and farmland. These groves include a mix of deciduous and coniferous trees, along with numerous common types of underbrush. A particularly woody shrub grows wild in the unshaded fields and is commonly used to make paper products, reducing the need to cut down the scarce trees in the area. Most animals in Norkotia are relatively docile, with several types of deer, antelope and undomesticated cattle being common. Predators usually come in the form of roving bands of coyotes or wild dogs, though a large species of predatory cat, known as the Plains Prowler, occasionally appears in the regions outside the larger towns. On very rare occasion, the feared Green Bear has been spotted in the countryside, though these usually stick to the less inhabited coasts and oases elsewhere on the plateau. Despite the presence of these creatures, the most dangerous animal in Norkotia is the venomous rattlesnake, whose deadly bite is known to kill predator and prey alike. Some rumors exist of more monstrous species existing throughout the plateau. The most prominent one in Norkotia itself is an old legend of a sea monster in the depths of Sidereal Lake, which people have claimed to have seen in Garrison Bay from time to time. Demographics Culture The majority of Norkotian natives follow a quasi-Gaianist faith called Directivism. According to this religion, Gaia had given the Earth to mankind as a vast wilderness to tame and conquer, rather than to tend and nurture as mainstream Gaianists believe. This line of thought originates from several local scriptures not included in the Gaian Bible, though whether Odin Haze had rejected these stories from his compilation, or simply had never heard of them, remains unknown. Regardless, the local religion encourages the exploitation of natural resources, such as fossil fuels, as part of humanity’s Divine Directive to tame the world. Another element of Directivist religion is a strong stance on sexuality and marriage. Directivists believe in a strict adherence to marriage vows, with all intercourse outside of this context being considered animalistic and sinful; a violation of the Directive for humanity to transcend the tendencies of the wild. Despite this, a significant secular movement, encouraged by certain corporations and intellectuals, began to weaken the Directivist influence on Norkotian society. This resulted in a spike of infidelity and promiscuity, along with the unpopular legalization of prostitution and other unscrupulous businesses. This movement is now in rapid remission, thanks to the efforts of Joseph Tynes and the Norkotian Nationalists, though at least 35% of the population could still be considered atheist or non-practicing. Norkotian accents are generally Germanic in nature, deviating from the traditionally Romance-based dialects throughout the rest of the continent. However, these accents can also vary drastically depending on whether the speaker lives in one of the towns or in the countryside. The most common accent is the "Metro" accent, which sounds like a Midwestern American accent. Second most common is the "Frontier" accent, though some call it the "Redneck" or "Cowboy" accent, which sounds like an American Southern accent. A smaller minority possess the "Norkic" accent, which sounds like a German accent. Most who speak this way are migrants from outlying towns who still speak the old Norkic language, which may or may not be descended from a prehistoric Genesarian tongue. Economy For many years, the Norkotian economy was primarily agricultural, but innovations in the use of the region’s vast petroleum reserves has caused a gradual shift toward industry. Still, thanks to the development of the local road and rail infrastructure, and the further development of mechanized farming methods, farming has remained competitive and increasingly efficient. Despite the improvements in farming, the industrial elements of the Norkotian economy are seeing the greatest advancements. Petrogel, a semi-solid form of refined petroleum, has become a popular bullet propellant, replacing dangerous gunpowder and its expensive alternatives. Another petroleum product, plastic, has become an incredibly popular material for use in manufactured products. A hardened plastic alloy armor, petrosteel, was recently invented and is starting to see use as body armor for soldiers, as well as for aircraft construction. Companies and institutions BlackBlood Energy Incorporated: Works with petroleum and coal exploitation and refining. Officially the largest private company in Norkotia, though it is ultimately not much larger than the most of its rivals. Schmidt Arms Company: Provides popular weapons and gear to hunters, survivalists, corporate security and law enforcement throughout the area. It also holds the most government contracts of any company for military development and production. Norkotian News Corporation: Largest media conglomerate in Norkotia. Operates a TV channel, radio station and newspaper, in addition to other mediums. Most of its leadership was arrested or fired after a major corruption scandal. Government Local government In the past, most Norkic towns followed a long-standing system of having an elected mayor and appointed sheriff, with the former acting as the political leader and the latter providing for law enforcement and security needs. Towns also had their own militias, which usually included, and were led by, the sheriff and his deputies. However, this system often resulted in many of the larger landowners, energy corporation leaders and mining guild bosses taking control of the towns through threats or bribery. After the formation of the Norkotian Union, local sovereignty was reduced in order to better combat corruption and encourage cultural unity. While mayors remained an elected official, the old sheriff departments were merged into the Internal Security Bureau, or InterSec, Norkotia's new national police force. This allowed for better coordination of security and defense against the growing threats emerging across Terrenus. Federal government Just as with the preceding Norkotian Confederation, the current Norkotian Union is ruled by a council of elected members, with a chairman acting as the de jure leader of the government. The council includs multiple members from Norkotia City proper, along with at least one member from all the surrounding towns under its influence. The chairman is elected separately from the remainder of the council and is expected to mediate disagreements on the council and further balance the needs of the both the central city and the outlying towns. Following former chairman Joseph Tynes's assumption of the office of Grand Executor, the balance of power within Norkotia began to shift. The position of chairman, filled by Roland Stracht, one of Tynes's supporters, became more of a liaison between the Executor and the lawmakers on the council, while the council itself maintained legislative and budgetary powers. However, all military and police authority came under the executive branch's jurisdiction, and with exception of project funding, the Executor was no longer subject to the processes of democracy. This, in effect, made the Grand Executor the de facto ruler of Norkotia. Education Education up through high school is paid for and managed primarily by officials within the school’s immediate locality. Only the Norkotian University, the lone higher education institute in the region, receives direct funding from the central government. Higher education is not emphasized as much as life skills, and such, many children and young are allowed to pursue trade apprenticeships or on-the-job education, rather than continue through high school or college. Transportation Roads and Highways: Norkotia has a sprawling system of paved roads connecting all the towns within the greater city’s influence. The well-developed infrastructure is designed to allow the general citizenry easy travel with motorized vehicles, which are the primary means of personal transport. However, horses are still often used by those in the outer regions. Rails: A system of railways, built largely before motor vehicles became popular, weaves through the numerous towns and mining facilities, allowing for larger bulk transport of materials. Thanks to the rise of motor vehicles, its usage has declined in recent years. Shipping: Iron ore is largely shipped into Norkotia from neighboring villages on the far side of Sidereal Lake, in exchange for food and fuel. Airports: Initially, most aircraft were used either for crop spraying or specialty transport for wealthy citizens. However, advancements made thanks to military research, along with the expansion of Norkotian influence across larger swaths of territory, have made both the capability and necessity of public airlines more vital. Even so, civilian flight remains expensive, and is rarely utilized by the lower and middle-classes. Notable Residents Joseph Tynes: Youngest man elected to Chairman of the Norkotian Council. Now holds the title of Grand Executor, giving him supreme power over all Norkotian security and defense forces. Diric Redbridge: Chief advisor to Chairman Tynes. First Vulk to hold a position in the Norkotian government. Stephan Schmidt: Heir to Schmidt Arms Company and noted philanthropist. His late father was noted for inventing many popular firearm designs, a legacy he has proudly continued. Kersh Engel: Eccentric surgeon and cybernetic enthusiast. Was exiled for his unethical experiments and later arrested in Port Caelum for kidnapping and murder. He was eventually rescued and assigned to military research by the Norkotian government. (Formerly) Shane Haydes: Wanted arsonist and murderer. Fell-in with a band of pirates in Casper, but now lives as a criminal and terrorist in Last Chance. Mara Mercer: Cyborg and bounty hunter. Was among Kersh Engel's illegal experiments following a traffic accident. History Canon Past
  6. @Hani NOTICE Music Image Image The Gold Rider Waking up, she felt lazy like the radio. She saw nothing, but the gentle music was undeniable. It soon introduced the voice of a man who sang words just as foreign. He wasn’t alone. A chorus of unintelligible conversation was suddenly detected, along with footsteps. It took a train of effort to part her eyelids and in turn herself from an unknown slumber. What began as a grey world revealed itself to be the front of a chair, with a slender beam of sunlight streaked across it. Finally, her eyes were opened. Rotating the hand of an equally slender arm stretched upon a table, it was evident that she was indeed female. Fingers of a woman. An array of tables and chairs that catered to two were spread about, floating upon a sea of grey tiles. People sat around but the woman couldn’t recognize any of them. Her eyes peered into those strange faces that smiled at and laughed to one another, but none of those souls were even aware that she was watching them. At the end of her line of sight was a bar with a plethora of bottles lining the wall. Maybe that’s how I got to be in this predicament. One thing was for certain: she had no idea who she was or how she got to be in this bar, one that was called The Grey Flood based on the napkins. Name. Identity. She had neither. After patting herself down, all she really had was a yellow shirt, brown pants and a hat that hid blonde hair. Did I braid it or did someone else? The thought quivered on her lips, her head slowing while her heart raced. Another familiar feeling. I don’t know who I am or how I got here. And I am panicking.
  7. The following artifacts are scattered about the Plateau of Zühl and the Sidereal Lake basin and may or may not be within Norkotian territory itself. However, please tag all threads pursuing these artifacts with the "Norkotia" tag regardless. Rules: Please follow the Standardized Artifact Rules when pursuing artifacts in Zuhl or Norkotia: In addition, please observe the following rules: Artifacts are less potent while still in the Zühl region, due to the magic-dampening loci. Please factor in that the artifacts should be anywhere from 50% to 10% of their normal power level while on the Plateau. Character magic in general will be weaker while on the Plateau, again, ranging anywhere from 50% to only 10% of normal capacity. Threads will not be canonized unless this is reflected in the narrative. If indicated in the artifact post, it will be required that you roll for a curse from the List of 100 Curses at least once within the thread (twice if you pursue the artifact as an S-Class Artifact). Due to the Zühl loci, the number of posts the curse holds effect for can be reduced by half. Rules: Lost Idol of Thonras Urn of Seelen Moon Orb Amulet of the Hound Essen Device Book of Chaos
  8. All dreams were symbolic, duh. But lately Adime felt the symbols in his dreams were conspiring to a fever pitch, and frankly getting a little out of hand; or maybe he was just remembering them to a level of detail which had escaped him all his life until recently. That wouldn't be so uncalled for. He'd gone through quite a shock, quite a bit of trauma. He lost his whole life. Not just his material possessions, which weren't infinite or anything but which were numerous enough to feel their void like a tangible pressure, but his family too. His friends. His petty little work enemies and the strangers which had become familiar through the various static routes that took him home, work, park, so on. Stress like that tended to change a person right down to the epigenetics; changes like that were so deep and far-reaching they were coded into your double-helixes and you passed it down in your blood, hoping your children wouldn't have to bear the weight of your burdens meanwhile strapping it right on their backs. The animal-pulled covered wagon rocked on uneven ground and shifted Adime in the wagon. His eyes opened to a naked view of the Wilds, trees on either side of them, the sky unobstructed by the reach of complex buildings, and then the smell of soot and burned things invaded his nostrils. This was no dream. Adime turned around, closed his eyes, and got back to it.
  9. In the days following the declaration of the Norkotian Union, the largest civilization on the Plateau of Zühl had undergone a rapid and dramatic transformation. The unrest caused by the assassination attempt on Joseph Tynes was squashed within a few weeks, while the introduction of the new national police force, known as the Internal Security Bureau or “InterSec”, had seen to the prevention of any further disruption. All across the fledgling union, the long standing sheriff offices were slowly absorbed into the new agency. The classic blues and greys of the sheriffs and their deputies now gave way to white and black, while revolvers were slowly replaced with automatic pistols and horses with jeeps and armored cars. Meanwhile, the Norkotian Military had grown rapidly, swelling into three full divisions, or nearly thirty-thousand full-time soldiers. It was nearly a tenth of Norkotia’s entire population, though it was comprised mainly of the young, the unemployed, the poor, and even prisoners promised amnesty in exchange for service. In addition, another five reservist divisions, comprised of part-time soldiers who trained during periods when not at school or work, were also available. On top of all this, a recent influx of refugees from the now destroyed City of Tia was promising to further boost both the civilian and military population. Even so, the available army was still no match for the armies of rival nations across the world, even the ones just here in Terrenus. Expansion would be necessary, but before this could be done, more technological and organizational progress needed to be made. Luckily, many fresh innovations were ready for approval, and with Joseph Tynes returning from his eventful stay in Ursa Madeum, they merely needed to be presented to his attention...
  10. @Afro Punk @Abigail666 @Ichi @Seraphina Jeanne @Bkfootball It had been a bit of a trick to sneak these people into the city, but it had been done. These people were a group of five foreigners, recruited and transported to a derelict warehouse in the once vibrant industrial sector. The economy in Norkotia had been in gradual decline for some years now, with much of the manufacturing being moved out of the city or closed down. It definitely wasn’t the type of place a tour guide would take visitors if they were trying to show off the beauty and rich history of the country. But this was no tour. Their purpose was a grim one. These beings had been recruited for their ability to fight and to kill. So when they all were assembled in the decrepit structure, it was no surprise to find a large map of the industrial sector spread-out on the table, as though this were a war room for generals to gather and talk strategy. But there were no generals, but rather a man in a tan suit, dark tie, and charcoal hat. He lurked in the shadows, pacing back and forth as he waited for his team to assemble. “Good evening.” he greeted them, as their escorts filed back out of the building, leaving just a couple of guards at the door, “Welcome to Stalhberg. You’ll find the official district border with Norkotia City proper about a half-mile east of us. But what is more important is what lies a half-mile north of us.” He pointed at a highlighted area on the map, where several buildings were marked and obstacles were indicated. The map itself was the only thing directly lighted in the dim room, thanks to a fixture that hung from a long chain from the high roof all the way down to just above eye-level. Still, though the light was focused directionally on the map, a couple of these foreign mercenaries would recognize the man in the suit as the same one who had overseen an earlier operation in the countryside surrounding the city. “Here is the last stronghold of Daran Wenig, the ranking executive of BlackBlood Energy Incorporated. It seems Mr. Wenig has gotten it into his head that he is above the law and that he ought to be the one directing affairs of the state, rather than the elected representatives. But local politics is not your concern; your interest in Wenig is strictly monetary. I need him brought back to me, preferably alive and intact. But if his head is all you can manage, then I will accept that too. Wenig is holed-up in an old refinery that belongs to his company. It is relatively small and is no longer active, so don’t go expecting to shoot a drum and blow the whole place; it’s been pretty well cleared-out of explosive materials. What it hasn’t been cleared of is private security soldiers. Wenig has a small army of men defending the place, and he’s repurposed many of the old towers and scaffolding as sniper positions and weapon emplacements.” He pointed at several pins on the map, indicating said emplacements. “Local police have been unable to crack the defenses, but they’ve at least been able to scout the outermost enemy positions. You’ll find they have the main street covered by a rotary gun, here. I’d suggest avoiding that spot. The facility is surrounded by a short wall with a barbed-wire fence atop it, but there are gates on the east and west sides of the compound. We don’t know precisely where Wenig is, but we suspect he’s located in the foreman’s offices.” He stepped back from the table and map, his arms now being placed behind his back as he prepared to finish-off his briefing. “We don’t know what you’ll encounter once you breach the outer defenses, but I’m confident you can handle things once you’re inside. Local police may move in behind you, but they will not be aware of your operation, so try to be out of there before they arrive on the scene. Your mission will be considered complete regardless of whether you or the police capture or kill Wenig. You merely must not allow Wenig to escape under any circumstances. Are we all understood, then?”
  11. It was two weeks into September when the Millersburg Voyagers hosted their home opener against the Bay City Packagers, the prime matching up the second week of the Norkotian Semi-Professional Football season. Donning their navy and gold home uniforms, the Voyagers possessed one of the most feared defenses in the league, while their run-based offense was known for known to brawl over opposing defenders. Opposite them, wearing their visiting white, green and silver outfits, were the speedy Packagers, whose quarterback was one of the long-running stars of sport, and their passing offense known for its potent aerial assault. As a whole, the Semipro Football League, or SFL, had existed for nearly a hundred years, though the game itself had changed relatively little in that time. A tough, blue-collar sport, it attracted farmers, industrial workers, lake sailors and numerous other working-class men, giving them an organized venue to let out pent-up aggression, show off their skill, or just make some extra money on the side. Unfortunately, the violent nature of the sport meant that an injury could put a man out of work for a significant period of time, but such was the risk the players were willing to take. Many of the business elites desired to shut the sport down to reduce missed work hours, while the intellectuals often scoffed at the barbaric nature of the sport, yet it had endured and even thrived. There was enough money in the sport now that some of the best players were even able to go fully professional. Such was the case for the Packager’s starting quarterback, as well as a couple of key defensive players for the Voyagers. For this particular game, there was an added element of intrigue, as the Chairman of the Norkotian Council himself would be in attendance. Joseph Tynes, a native of Millersburg, one of the several town that made up the Norkotia City suburbs, had been a lifelong fan of the Voyagers, and though his advisors strongly urged against it, he was dead-set on being there for the heated rivalry game. In fact, Tynes felt it necessary to public show his endorsement of the sport, especially after the years of bad press it had received (despite how much money it made for the networks when they carried the games). But neither the chairman, nor the few thousand fans in attendance, could possibly have known that it would not be the game that this day would be remembered for...
  12. @Abigail666 @PandaHat @Seraphina Jeanne @LightningBolt They had been given an address, little more. Seeking it out would bring them to a decrepit farmhouse out on the lonely savanna that spanned the great plain between mighty Hell’s Gate and the distant mountains that stood sentinel around Blairville. Right in the midst of this plain was a sizable plateau, which rose more gradually from the lowland in the South, but which starkly dropped off into the the deep depths of Sidereal Lake to the North. Not far from the shores of Garrison Bay, known locally as Garrison Lake despite its connection to the larger rift lake, lie the region known as Norkotia. Officially, Norkotia City was a somewhat larger port city located directly on the bay, and served as the seat of a confederation containing its surrounding city-states. But the limits of this coalition only extended so far, before the political influence of the capital city began to wane and give way to many smaller villages and communities, which operated independently despite their common culture and heritage. These more isolated places, despite having their own mayors and sheriffs, often fell under the direct or indirect control of major landowners, coal or mineral mining companies, or powerful energy conglomerates. That decrepit farmhouse they all now gathered in was but a few miles from a town in such a situation, and one could easily deduce that the massive strip mine visible even from here was the lifeblood of the village. Whether or not they, the small collection of foreigners and transients that had been directed to this place, had taken time to learn this local lore or not, mattered little in the end. The one who had organized this little gathering, by sending out agents to distant cities, towns and even roadside taverns, only desired that they perform a simple task. “Are there any more?” the man who was addressing the assembly inquired, but his guards at the door signalled negative, “Then let us begin.” Dressed in a tan suit with a dark tie and wearing a charcoal-grey hat, the relatively common-looking human looked over the men and women who had gathered in what had once passed as the farmhouse living room. There were a few somewhat more local-looking fellows, but most had the distinct look of foreigners, exactly what he wanted. There were about ten of them in total, but three or four of them caught the man’s eye as the ones likely to become the ringleaders of this little gang, while it lasted. “You have all been summoned here for a specific purpose.” he continued, “I’m certain your recruiters already gave you an idea of what is being asked of you, but I shall attempt to clarify it for your benefit.” He hiked a finger over his shoulder, pointing out the foggy, broken window toward the dusty road that led toward both the town and its neighboring strip mine. “Kohle Creek is your target. The town is run by a corrupt mayor and sheriff, who both owe their position to the nearby mining guild. Your primary task is to kill the sheriff, the mayor, and anyone who attempts to come to their defense. Your actions will likely draw-out private security enforcers from the mines. Kill them too. However, I must emphasize that I do not want a massacre here! The citizens can be roughed-up a little if needed, but avoid killing them unless absolutely necessary.” He eyed the foreigners, gauging their reactions and temperaments as closely as he could, allowing himself a brief pause in speech before he continued. “Once the opposition has been eliminated, you are to intimidate the townspeople, make demands, and possibly cause some superfluous damage to the town to make your point. But do not totally destroy the town or take any of the people hostage. Ideally, I would suggest you make some sort of demand and provide a deadline for them to meet it, then depart. Presuming you are not followed, you will all regroup here to receive further instructions, or payment should we no longer require your services.” At this point he looked directly to the most outlandish of the foreigners, particularly the ones he suspected of being magic users. There were a few that made little effort to hide it, based on their attire. “If you have not already, you will soon learn that magic is significantly hampered here. The locals have learned to live without it, but this also means they more unfamiliar and fearful of it. I encourage those of you who have it, to make liberal use of it. You will find that even small displays will be get you a long way.” the man in the suit appeared near the end of his briefing, “Now then, if any of you have questions, I suggest you make them quickly.”
  13. "Mr. Chairman, may I have a moment of your time?" Joseph Tynes, the recently elected Chairman of the Norkotian Council, and thus holder of the highest station among the Norkotian people, raised his head from his desk to face the speaker. Standing at the door to the Chairman’s office was Diric Redbridge, chief advisor and close friend to Tynes. "Diric, how many times have I told you to just call me Joe?" Tynes inquired, rather than immediately respond to his friend’s request. Diric shifted a little, tilting his head and raising an eyebrow. "Precisely two hundred and ninety-four times." Diric answered stoically, "Sir, is that information relevant at the moment?" Tynes chuckled at that. Unlike most Norkotian political figures, Diric was not a human, but rather a Vulk. Though the extent to which individuals devoted themselves to the dogma varied, Vulkish culture dictated a strict focus on logic and reason, while at the same time suppressing emotion. Diric may not have been the most ardent adherent to this philosophy, but Tynes sometimes concluded that he had to be in the top ten. "I suppose it only proves how stubborn we both are." Tynes replied to the latest query, then leaned back and motioned for Diric to take a seat, so that the first query could not be presented, "What’s on your mind?" "I have just been informed that certain documents belonging to members of the Norkotian News Corporation have been leaked to members of our administration as of last night. I have yet to view them, but according to those who have, they provide compelling evidence of a conspiracy against your administration." Diric explained, his voice calm and deliberate as it always was. "There was word of a break-in at the NNC building last night...." Tynes noted, "So, I have doubts that these documents are mere leaks." "You are likely correct. However, while this may be the work of thieves, if these documents are proven authentic, it would be grounds for a full-scale investigation into numerous hostile organization. I’ve already sent the files in for authentication. Once we are certain, I suggest we turn them over to the Sheriff’s office and get search warrants for all the individuals and organizations involved." Diric continued. "You know what the media will do if we send police to go searching the homes and offices of their executives." said the chairman. "I am. However there is one reporter with the Garrison Tribune that I believe will help us get ahead of the rest of the media. I believe you have met her before, Kim Erlich." "Yes…" Tynes nodded, delaying a moment to make sure he remembered correctly, "She was there the night of the election." "She has also been the most factually correct in her reporting about your administration. Based on my calculations, approximately eighty-six-percent of current news coverage about you is false, exaggerated, or reported in a way that emphasizes perceived negatives. However, her reporting has been only twelve-percent inaccurate." the Vulkish man noted. "We’re lucky she still has a job. I’m surprised she gets that level of honesty past her editor." Tynes rubbed his chin, before narrowing his eyes, "You intend to leak the details to her?" "Yes, but not until the warrants are in place and search parties have been dispatched. If we are lucky, we will catch the conspirators before they have a chance to destroy any further incriminating evidence they may possess. If a news story breaks too soon, they will have forewarning." "Agreed." Tynes nodded, "I trust your ability to manage the order of these events. Before I do anything further, I would like a copy of these documents to read myself." "I will have copies prepared as soon as they are authenticated, Mr. Chairman." Diric informed his superior, now standing up from his seat, "They will be delivered as soon as complete. I will keep you apprised on any new developments." "Excellent. Thank you, Diric." "Mr. Chairman." Diric offered a nod, before turning to leave. He had work to do.
  14. @scrivener @Diremast It was a damp, chilly spring night in Norkotia. A misty rain flowed down from the heavens, creating a humid atmosphere supplemented by the cool breeze that flowed from the across the mighty Garrison Lake. But though a miserable night such as this could chill the bone, the natives had come to appreciate moisture whenever it was present, for it would be at a premium when the arid summer months rolled around. Still, it took a man or woman of cheery disposition to make light of a night such as this. Fitting, it would seem, that unscrupulous dealings were to be had on this night. A pair of unaffiliated foreigners had been clandestinely summoned to a crumbling brick warehouse at the edge of town, away from the watchful eyes of law enforcement officials and militiamen. The rotten, worm-eaten doors were not locked, allowing the two men access to the dark innards of the abandoned structure. Within lie the broken-down relics of a more useful time, when this warehouse saw frequent business and was staffed by a full complement of employees. But now the only object in the building that wasn’t wreckage was a lone, rectangular table standing at the very center of the warehouse. Closer inspection would reveal a large box-shaped object that appeared to be a primitive sound recorder of some sort. A small note pinned to the table indicated a button they should press to begin the playback and receive their briefing...
  15. "Hey! Quiet! The results are coming in!" Several sets of eyes looked up at the man who sat beside the radio in the corner of the dimly-lit basement barroom. A feeling of unease and uncertainty permeated through the air, as those in the de-facto campaign headquarters of the Norkotian Nationalist League impatiently awaited the official word on the election results. Not one of them expected victory for their candidate, as the opposition they faced was formidable and well-entrenched, though a few had hope that a good showing could inspire future anti-establishment movements. "With ninety-seven percent of the ballots recorded, the race for chairman has now been officially called." the voice of the radio announcer spoke, as the volume was turned up for all the here, "And it looks like we have a startling upset tonight. Nationalist candidate Joseph Tynes has been declared winner, edging out both incumbent Chairman Bill Chamblers, and his primary challenger Lars Beddeck. We now turn to our expert panel for analysis on this unexpected result..." All eyes in the room widened, then turned toward the man whose name had just been spoken. Joseph Tynes, an ambitious young man to whom the Nationalists had pinned their hope, now found himself at the center of attention. “Congratulations, Mr. Chairman.” the man at the radio stammered, both surprised and elated by the news. As many of the other people in the room offered similar messages, the lone representative of the media, a newspaper intern sent here only to get a statement from the Nationalist League’s leadership after their expected defeat, shoved her way to the side of the upstart chairman-elect. "Mr. Tynes! Mr. Tynes!" she shouted over the sudden explosion of noise in the small, smokey chamber, "Can I get a statement for the paper on your victory, sir?" Tynes leaned back in his chair, overwhelmed by all that was happening around him. The intern’s words managed to register in his mind, forcing the young man to hurriedly concoct a statement to express himself. As he tried to form the thought in his mind, he couldn’t help be reflect upon the long road it had taken to get here...
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