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Found 10 results

  1. Aleksei

    [GS] Aquarius.

    ・・・】 God: Aquarius・・・】 God Slayer: @SteamWarden・・・】 OOC: Thread Aquarius has begun to flood the surrounding area, forcing the inhabitants of a nearby town to evacuate. The growing fog has begun to freeze the enormous forest, making it difficult to breathe and move around; the rising waters are poisoned by the bodies of dead animals and individuals who did not outrun the flooding.
  2. Ardon Dallas In the nights since The Commander had declared war against Nu Martyr a blanket of still silence had enveloped the province. Each night fathers locked the doors and shuttered the windows, mothers hurried their children home in hushed voices. Fearful voices. Children, to young to truly understand the depth of their situation, remained ignorant to everything butt the occasional quiver in the voice of the parents. Nor were they oblivious to the ways the eyes of strangers darted around anxiously, yet never made eye contact. Those few that did quickly looked away, not wanting to chance the potential of doom. In all manners of the phrase, Nu Martyr had sunk into a state of waiting. Waited to see what would come. Dreaded the approaching calamity. But even the least of them could sense the near tangible aura of death permeating around them. It was there. And they could fear it. Hate it. Run screaming in terror into the night. But it was coming. She was coming. And there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. The sense of foreboding was prevalent not just in the outskirts or the smaller cities scattered through Nu Martyr, but also in the Capitol City itself. The Commander's threat had not failed to spread into the province's heart, poisoning and corrupting its way to even the PRIME Ardon Dallas. The man found himself constantly stopping to take in deep breaths, failed attempts in lower his heartbeat and arresting the small trembles that shook his arms. Even pouring himself a simple bourbon was a struggle. He was a politician for Tellus Mater's' sake. Not a soldier or a general. He was ambition, sure, but a politician nonetheless. Oh gods, what if She breaks through the city defenses? Ardon sighed, pouring himself another glass after downing the first. The thought was a useless one. He'd prepared the best that any PRIME could. Military at the ready, generals called back to help plan, and war schematics sorted out until they'd all been worked to the bone. He was ready. There was no way She would make it to him. Nu Martyr the city was itself huge. A powerful city-state within the continent of Renovatio. But when combined with the help sent from the Allied Nations of Terrenus, Kadia, and every city in the Province? The PRIME shook his head in disbelief. If the cult's Commander could fight against that much fire power, surely the entire world would have been after her already. He put down his cup and beckoned a man through, tilting his head in acknowledgement. "How are the defenses looking?" Lilith Reiter The evening sun had barely begun to fall when the citizens of Keto were shrouded in literal darkness. In moments that sun had been blotted out by a black cloud or, rather, a cloud of dense black fog that moved at inhuman speeds. As if born from the cloud, the fog formed a dark skull. A golden colored crescent moon shining from within each of the sockets as streams of that black smoke shot out from the cloud and skull down toward the city. At first people were surprised, though not overly so. After all rain clouds were quite usual considering they all but lived int he clouds. Then panic slowly started to set in as it became obviously apparent that the cloud was not of a natural making. And the skull appeared. People panicked, taking off in all directions for shelter or just in simply helpless retreat in the face of something overwhelming. It was the crescent moons that set in place who it was. What was happening. The Commander had arrived. Hundreds, if not a thousands, of those streams of black smoke slammed into buildings and city roads. Infrastructure collapsed at nothing but their entrance, not withstanding even long enough to be directly dealt with. Paragon after Paragon landed in Keto, clearing the way for Her. In moments the Paragons had wiped out every other living life within a mile of their landing zone. Buildings fell to their combined might, being swiftly decimated into dust until the land was completely flat. The hadn't needed to or been ordered to do so, but it was a show of loyalty. Of respect. For some, even of worship. A final surge of black burst from the skull of smoke, causing it to grow formless. This one, however, was levels darker than the others. A palpable corrupted around it that could strike fear into the most righteous or the most villainous without a care for their alignment. It was a primal authority raised even further by the corrupted powers She wielded with the ease that a blacksmith might a hammer. Lilith Reiter landed in Keto, rings of dust exploding outward from the force of her arrival. The necromancer motioned toward the nearest Paragon without bothering to so much as look their way. "Grab a few others and begin preparations for the Summoning. The magic circle will not have any mistakes, is that understood?" The Paragon nodded. "Yes Commander." Ignoring the Paragon her red eyes stared into the distance, though not into the nothingness of an unknowable beyond. No. She stared toward the Capitol City of Nu Martyr. The force of her gaze perhaps even sparking a primal alert of danger in anyone within its path. Deathbringer sheathed at her side beat a steady purple glow, as if excited for all the souls it would soon consume. Despite its number of souls already being enormously high, this meal would dwarf it all. Its apparent excitement leaking into even her, adding an equivalent purple glow to her eyes as well. The purple energy surged through Zengi's Gauntlet and the Genesaris Soul Stone, white and black lights joining with the purple. And then an aura of necromancy soared for hundreds of miles in every direction, claiming Keto as hers. For war was not coming to Nu Martyr anymore. It was already there; and all around Keto the screams of opposition rang out like dying chirps of squashed insects.
  3. Jack had never been to Tellus Matter before, or at least not that he could remember at any rate. A place where islands floated in the sky, and cultures from all around the world blending together into something unique in all of Valucre. For the longest time he had aspired to go there, not just or business reasons, but to experience this amazing land firsthand. Part of him had feared that Port Sun would be a culture shock for him, but it didn't. Maybe that was because the Port was a territory of Taen, and was therefore similar to Lunaris, where he spent most of his time. Or maybe it was the thugs that tried to shake him and his employee down as they made their way down the street. Somehow it was comforting to know that no matter where in the world one went, they could find the same kind of ambitious young criminals everywhere. He had asked his companion to hang back, and had then given them a sound beating; stopping just short of killing them so that he could interrogate them. Soon he had learned that the muggers were members of a fledgling gang known as the Rising Suns, and that they worked out of an old subway station. He had let them go afterwards, warning them to stay clear of the place from now on if they valued their lives. He turned to Cerebri and grinned, "So, you ready to procure some real estate?" @sorainvoked @Alexithymia @Aleksei
  4. ・・・】 God: Montis Maximus・・・】 God Slayer: @danzilla3・・・】 OOC: Thread Montis Maximus screams as it throws itself against the jagged comforts of the mountainous terrain that's smattered with small reddish stones. It's loudness shakes the snow and rock from the tall peaks of the surrounding mountains, threatening the small towns and villages littering the area.
  5. Rabbit

    A Big Leap

    A Big leap Characters - Vito Summons - Floki , Shaka , Cookie Background Music (If you so choose) - Link Vito sat on the deck of his destroyed ship, reading the book Chinafel had given. His lifes work was written in the bulky journal, listing a variety of recipes and prior summons he created. Whilst the raider had little practice with the arts, he felt confident in his ability to create average powered summons. Chi had shown him a lot, taught him well. He got up and examined his companions before going out to practise, each were still recovering and required more time before they made the journey home. Vito was unfamiliar with Nehalen, Renovation as a whole was rarely charted territory. In the land of the gods, he was clearly but a speck of dust. ‘They’re healing well, are you ready to start training?’ ‘Yeah, guess we’ll being using the crater. Seems like we can just use the old battleground and a training one instead.’ Lowering himself from down from the deck, he strolled over to the crater. Giving his old friends grave a nod on the way by, Shaka was currently sat cross legged at base. One at the crater, Vito removed his cloak and took out the sphere. ‘Now, just as I told you yesterday’ He placed the sphere on ground, focusing his mind on the object he wanted to build. He envisioned how it looked, the size, its purpose and how it would burst through the ground. The ground began shaking, a large stone golem rose before him. The shape was rough, but clear enough to know what it was. ‘Good, keep going.’ Again and again, Vito made stone golems. There were ups and downs, but overall progress was noticeable. He practiced for hours, golem and golem. Till he ended up with an army, crude but an army nonetheless. ‘Good, you understand adept level earth manipulation. Sooner or later it’ll become second nature, almost like muscle memory. Nice that we can skip a few a step, building is one of the greatest utilities one can perform. However, destruction is truly the king that’ll save you life in battle.’ ‘Define destruction.’ ‘Earthquakes, waves of spikes, opening crevices, etc. Open your fucking mind up, are you that simple?’ ‘Calm down, I was just meant potential. So teach me how to destroy, the way you did when I thought you.’ ‘First, lets rid are selves of these hideous golems. Focus on them, the same way you built them, but some method of destruction instead. Turning them to ash, exploding or crumbling. Their destruction be your will, your life’s purpose. Not angry, but determined.’ Vito followed his instructions, holding the sphere in his hands. He envisioned the one before him exploding backwards, like boulders from a catapult launching towards their enemies. There was a small shake from the golem statue, a small crack formed before it shattered. A few rocks flew back, but not the explosion he foresaw. ‘First attempt, again.’ The training followed the same procedure as the creation, golem by golem he destroyed them. Each one becoming more destructive, until he was knocking down two at a time. His breathing became heavy after he’d destroyed the static army, his head splitting in pain. ‘Tired, that’s good. You’ve worked hard, time to recover. To manipulate magic without true potential will result in higher mental strain, overdoing it may result in damage. Rest up.’ Vito did what he said without question, laying down on the cooling dirt surface. He stared at the cloudy sky, the winds were heavier than normal. In the distance he could explosions and shining light, more chaos being caused by the gods. Battles pursuing, will be going for a long time. Weak will fall, the strong will pursue. It’s just a matter of time, maybe some gods will live one. He closed his eyes, leaving the answer to time. For now, he just wanted to rest. The gentle breeze was refreshing, despite sitting in a crater or rubble. Some wildlife had finally to the area, the birds chirping was not something he thought he'd miss. Over the course of a few months, it'd become very apparent what the raider had been missing in order to pursue further in life. Something simple, but hard to trust. 'Before we call it a day, I just want to try something.'
  6. Csl

    Port Sun

    Photo by Lerone Pieters on Unsplash Name: Port Sun Moniker: The Helianthus Location: Nu Martyr, Nehalen Population: ~800,000 Protection: Zatrikion - ~76,000 Government: The city is under the rule of Terrenus’ Veluriyam Empire. It is headed by an appointed governor. A council of seven manages different sectors of the city. Port Sun is a trade city located in Nu Martyr, Nehalen. It is one of two sister cities constructed as agreement between Nehalen and Veluriyam. The city’s Terran equivalent is Port Moon, located in Ursa Madeum. Nehalen portal tech connects the two cities, allowing instantaneous travel between the two. This connection allowed Port Sun to become a major center of commerce between Terrenus and Nehalen. Perched on the eastern rim of the floating continent, the city’s primary feature is Allochor, its airship docking station. Similar to Taen’s Arcturon, its architecture is predominantly gold-tinted lucental glass high-rises. From the curve of Allochor, buildings radiate westward. While small, Port Sun is a growing pioneer in aerospace engineering, combining Nehalen’s airship technology with Khartes’ specialization in organic technology. Notable Locations The Aphelion - a high-end commercial center that functions as a marketplace, also housing several taverns, inns, and merchant stalls. Site Mirasol - a Khartes research facility focusing on the development of alternative propellants and flight-capable biovessels. Allochor - Port Sun's airship hangar. Notable Individuals Kade Ioannes - a strong-spoken businessman and governor of Port Sun. Gladys Caroline - head of Site Mirasol Empress Rozharon - Empress of Veluriyam. History In 597 WTA, after the first meeting of the Allied Nations of Terrenus, Nehalen’s Grand Kommandant Primera and Veluriyam's Emperor Titus struck an agreement to trade pieces of territory. Nehalen's Port Moon was constructed in Stronghold, Terrenus. Veluriyam's Port Sun was constructed in Nu Martyr, Nehalen.
  7. Aleksei

    [GS] Aestus.

    ・・・】 God: Aestus・・・】 God Slayer: @Alexei・・・】 OOC: Thread People run as the fires chase them. The small city is nothing but ruins, leaving behind memories and a group of Zodiac Knights working against the destructive God. Aestus flies above the fighters, throwing shots of fire at them before having to regain her strength.
  8. Background Context Long ago in times of strife and conflict long forgotten, a crown was lost. It wasn't a crown of royalty or a tool to demonstrate a particularly bloodline. Rather it was one forged of blood and fire, thousands of lives falling or rising at its will. Though the crown itself could not be destroyed despite hundreds of powerful sorcerers and intellects working laboriously to decimate the relic, they weren't able to inflict so much as a scratch upon it. So they hid it away, deep in the underground where not a single person would ever be able to hear of it, much less find it. Or so it was believed. For centuries the crown was guarded by a secret group in Renovatio that spread throughout Nu Martyr and beyond. The faction, originally sailing to Renovatio from Terrenus, was the Church of Three; a near cult like religion which believes in worship of all three gods: Gaia, Time, and Space. It was always their solemn belief that, unlike in Gaianism or the preachings of Odin Haze, these three were merciless gods. An ideology said to be deeply influenced by the religious conflicts of Tellus Mater. Those who are part of the Church of Three of Renovation descent view the God of Time much the same as they would the All-Creator. One in the same, in fact. Thus when those in charge could no longer bare the risk of having Asteria's crown fall into the wrong hands, they turned it toward the Church of Three. With the Church's extreme secrecy and unwillingness to bend before those they considered Heretics, such a godly relic was considered safe in their silent possession. It was a common belief that the Church of Three was an indomitable group throughout history, a stance recently challenged in modern Terrenus by a necromancer named Lilith Reiter and her cult of power hungry warmongers. The necromancer's desire to obtain lost pieces of armor previously belonging to the Witch King Zengi proved to be the Church's downfall in Terrenus. Upon retrieving the chest plate of Zengi's armor from an underground labyrinth hidden under the city of Tia in Terrenus, Lilith Reiter also took a single living prisoner with her; one who ultimately was unable to resist her power and told of their most valuable treasure. The crown of Asteria @Aleksei
  9. For the first time... ever... Thurgood and Aveline Singlance took a rigid aerostat to the very well illuminated commercial city. It cost significantly more to do so, but Aveline brought her F-350 along with a thirty-foot gooseneck flatbed trailer that was enclosed until a hydra neck flattened it. The only reason it's servicable now is because of a lot of wood and bolts. The tires don't even have air: they're filled with dried grasses that more or less serve the same function. But Port Sun is a large city, and would be slow to travel on foot. Besides, how would they get the cargo back to Lunaris from Casper? Unfortunately, all the airships departing from anywhere on Ursa Madeum were completely crammed for months. What brought them here though, is their rapidly dwindling supply of soda syrup Thurgood brought back on his last (most likely ever) trip to Gaia Prime. So they need to find a source on Valucre. In the process, they hope to perhaps make some business connections, so once their industrial projects in Ursa Madeum start producing, they may find buyers. First order of business though, is to convert their Terran precious metallic coin into Renovatian gemstone coin. So once again, the diesel engine growls as it powers the truck, trailer, and siblings through the underground tunnels into the city proper. @Thotification @SteamWarden
  10. the Babel Corporation & Cide VII [Formerly CURE] This image is the property of Babel and Reign.
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