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Found 16 results

  1. Ardon Dallas In the nights since The Commander had declared war against Nu Martyr a blanket of still silence had enveloped the province. Each night fathers locked the doors and shuttered the windows, mothers hurried their children home in hushed voices. Fearful voices. Children, to young to truly understand the depth of their situation, remained ignorant to everything butt the occasional quiver in the voice of the parents. Nor were they oblivious to the ways the eyes of strangers darted around anxiously, yet never made eye contact. Those few that did quickly looked away, not wanting to chance the potential of doom. In all manners of the phrase, Nu Martyr had sunk into a state of waiting. Waited to see what would come. Dreaded the approaching calamity. But even the least of them could sense the near tangible aura of death permeating around them. It was there. And they could fear it. Hate it. Run screaming in terror into the night. But it was coming. She was coming. And there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. The sense of foreboding was prevalent not just in the outskirts or the smaller cities scattered through Nu Martyr, but also in the Capitol City itself. The Commander's threat had not failed to spread into the province's heart, poisoning and corrupting its way to even the PRIME Ardon Dallas. The man found himself constantly stopping to take in deep breaths, failed attempts in lower his heartbeat and arresting the small trembles that shook his arms. Even pouring himself a simple bourbon was a struggle. He was a politician for Tellus Mater's' sake. Not a soldier or a general. He was ambition, sure, but a politician nonetheless. Oh gods, what if She breaks through the city defenses? Ardon sighed, pouring himself another glass after downing the first. The thought was a useless one. He'd prepared the best that any PRIME could. Military at the ready, generals called back to help plan, and war schematics sorted out until they'd all been worked to the bone. He was ready. There was no way She would make it to him. Nu Martyr the city was itself huge. A powerful city-state within the continent of Renovatio. But when combined with the help sent from the Allied Nations of Terrenus, Kadia, and every city in the Province? The PRIME shook his head in disbelief. If the cult's Commander could fight against that much fire power, surely the entire world would have been after her already. He put down his cup and beckoned a man through, tilting his head in acknowledgement. "How are the defenses looking?" Lilith Reiter The evening sun had barely begun to fall when the citizens of Keto were shrouded in literal darkness. In moments that sun had been blotted out by a black cloud or, rather, a cloud of dense black fog that moved at inhuman speeds. As if born from the cloud, the fog formed a dark skull. A golden colored crescent moon shining from within each of the sockets as streams of that black smoke shot out from the cloud and skull down toward the city. At first people were surprised, though not overly so. After all rain clouds were quite usual considering they all but lived int he clouds. Then panic slowly started to set in as it became obviously apparent that the cloud was not of a natural making. And the skull appeared. People panicked, taking off in all directions for shelter or just in simply helpless retreat in the face of something overwhelming. It was the crescent moons that set in place who it was. What was happening. The Commander had arrived. Hundreds, if not a thousands, of those streams of black smoke slammed into buildings and city roads. Infrastructure collapsed at nothing but their entrance, not withstanding even long enough to be directly dealt with. Paragon after Paragon landed in Keto, clearing the way for Her. In moments the Paragons had wiped out every other living life within a mile of their landing zone. Buildings fell to their combined might, being swiftly decimated into dust until the land was completely flat. The hadn't needed to or been ordered to do so, but it was a show of loyalty. Of respect. For some, even of worship. A final surge of black burst from the skull of smoke, causing it to grow formless. This one, however, was levels darker than the others. A palpable corrupted around it that could strike fear into the most righteous or the most villainous without a care for their alignment. It was a primal authority raised even further by the corrupted powers She wielded with the ease that a blacksmith might a hammer. Lilith Reiter landed in Keto, rings of dust exploding outward from the force of her arrival. The necromancer motioned toward the nearest Paragon without bothering to so much as look their way. "Grab a few others and begin preparations for the Summoning. The magic circle will not have any mistakes, is that understood?" The Paragon nodded. "Yes Commander." Ignoring the Paragon her red eyes stared into the distance, though not into the nothingness of an unknowable beyond. No. She stared toward the Capitol City of Nu Martyr. The force of her gaze perhaps even sparking a primal alert of danger in anyone within its path. Deathbringer sheathed at her side beat a steady purple glow, as if excited for all the souls it would soon consume. Despite its number of souls already being enormously high, this meal would dwarf it all. Its apparent excitement leaking into even her, adding an equivalent purple glow to her eyes as well. The purple energy surged through Zengi's Gauntlet and the Genesaris Soul Stone, white and black lights joining with the purple. And then an aura of necromancy soared for hundreds of miles in every direction, claiming Keto as hers. For war was not coming to Nu Martyr anymore. It was already there; and all around Keto the screams of opposition rang out like dying chirps of squashed insects.
  2. Jack had never been to Tellus Matter before, or at least not that he could remember at any rate. A place where islands floated in the sky, and cultures from all around the world blending together into something unique in all of Valucre. For the longest time he had aspired to go there, not just or business reasons, but to experience this amazing land firsthand. Part of him had feared that Port Sun would be a culture shock for him, but it didn't. Maybe that was because the Port was a territory of Taen, and was therefore similar to Lunaris, where he spent most of his time. Or maybe it was the thugs that tried to shake him and his employee down as they made their way down the street. Somehow it was comforting to know that no matter where in the world one went, they could find the same kind of ambitious young criminals everywhere. He had asked his companion to hang back, and had then given them a sound beating; stopping just short of killing them so that he could interrogate them. Soon he had learned that the muggers were members of a fledgling gang known as the Rising Suns, and that they worked out of an old subway station. He had let them go afterwards, warning them to stay clear of the place from now on if they valued their lives. He turned to Cerebri and grinned, "So, you ready to procure some real estate?" @sorainvoked @Alexithymia @Aleksei
  3. Background Context Long ago in times of strife and conflict long forgotten, a crown was lost. It wasn't a crown of royalty or a tool to demonstrate a particularly bloodline. Rather it was one forged of blood and fire, thousands of lives falling or rising at its will. Though the crown itself could not be destroyed despite hundreds of powerful sorcerers and intellects working laboriously to decimate the relic, they weren't able to inflict so much as a scratch upon it. So they hid it away, deep in the underground where not a single person would ever be able to hear of it, much less find it. Or so it was believed. For centuries the crown was guarded by a secret group in Renovatio that spread throughout Nu Martyr and beyond. The faction, originally sailing to Renovatio from Terrenus, was the Church of Three; a near cult like religion which believes in worship of all three gods: Gaia, Time, and Space. It was always their solemn belief that, unlike in Gaianism or the preachings of Odin Haze, these three were merciless gods. An ideology said to be deeply influenced by the religious conflicts of Tellus Mater. Those who are part of the Church of Three of Renovation descent view the God of Time much the same as they would the All-Creator. One in the same, in fact. Thus when those in charge could no longer bare the risk of having Asteria's crown fall into the wrong hands, they turned it toward the Church of Three. With the Church's extreme secrecy and unwillingness to bend before those they considered Heretics, such a godly relic was considered safe in their silent possession. It was a common belief that the Church of Three was an indomitable group throughout history, a stance recently challenged in modern Terrenus by a necromancer named Lilith Reiter and her cult of power hungry warmongers. The necromancer's desire to obtain lost pieces of armor previously belonging to the Witch King Zengi proved to be the Church's downfall in Terrenus. Upon retrieving the chest plate of Zengi's armor from an underground labyrinth hidden under the city of Tia in Terrenus, Lilith Reiter also took a single living prisoner with her; one who ultimately was unable to resist her power and told of their most valuable treasure. The crown of Asteria @Aleksei
  4. For the first time... ever... Thurgood and Aveline Singlance took a rigid aerostat to the very well illuminated commercial city. It cost significantly more to do so, but Aveline brought her F-350 along with a thirty-foot gooseneck flatbed trailer that was enclosed until a hydra neck flattened it. The only reason it's servicable now is because of a lot of wood and bolts. The tires don't even have air: they're filled with dried grasses that more or less serve the same function. But Port Sun is a large city, and would be slow to travel on foot. Besides, how would they get the cargo back to Lunaris from Casper? Unfortunately, all the airships departing from anywhere on Ursa Madeum were completely crammed for months. What brought them here though, is their rapidly dwindling supply of soda syrup Thurgood brought back on his last (most likely ever) trip to Gaia Prime. So they need to find a source on Valucre. In the process, they hope to perhaps make some business connections, so once their industrial projects in Ursa Madeum start producing, they may find buyers. First order of business though, is to convert their Terran precious metallic coin into Renovatian gemstone coin. So once again, the diesel engine growls as it powers the truck, trailer, and siblings through the underground tunnels into the city proper. @Thotification @SteamWarden
  5. the Babel Corporation & Cide VII [Formerly CURE] This image is the property of Babel and Reign.
  6. Although her heart was fluttering like a bird in a cage, Maya Zapatero's face was smooth and still as she strode up the marble steps of the Grand Kommandant's palace. The large ram horns spiraling out of her skull remained in perfect balance as she walked, neck gracefully poised despite the massive weight of those horns. She and her colleague were flanked on either side by three stone-faced Terran soldiers for a total of six unnecessary guns, and none of them had yet to show any signs of a personality. As someone who thrived on connection, she found the formality a bit stifling, but not unusual. After all, she wasn't here to make friends- and anyway, she was not the kind of person to initiate conversation when not on her game. Maya was somewhat of an academic, and while she had a possessed a genuinely large and warm heart, she was also naturally, painfully introverted. In spite of all this, she had taken to communications quickly, and the military had wasted in no time in placing her where she was projected to have the largest impact. Maya had not been a diplomat within the military for long, but had shown exceptional promise in her assisting roles thus far. It was this spark of great intelligence and poise, supported by her flawless academic record, that had landed her here, in Nu Martyr, to speak with someone who was fabulously more wealthy and powerful than herself. 'You are not here to represent yourself,' a voice within her hissed. 'You represent one of the greatest nations in this world. Carry yourself with dignity and do not disappoint.' Emboldened by this voice, which had taken the form of an old mentor, Maya took a deep breath ... and exhaled, all fear leaving her lungs. Just like that, she was on. A pleasant expression came to the surface of the diplomat's face, and her fidgeting gradually ceased despite the uncomfortable, formal attire. The Terran sky blue of her dress complemented her pale skin and long, dark hair, which was braided into a tight updo that kept stray pieces out of her face. The softness in her lips and eyes implied trustworthiness, while the sharpness in her step hinted at a strong confidence. The young diplomat allowed herself to relax into her environment, and took delight in the scene before them. Intricate marble carvings rose out of the ground like a shimmering mountain, simultaneously demonstrating the depth of mortal skill and creativity while also seeming as if it had been there for an eternity. Maya didn't think she had ever seen a more grandiose palace during her time with the military. The sight of it filled her heart with wonder, and she offered her colleague a quick smile before proceeding down the long, intricately lined path to the palace doors. As the sight of their welcome party grew nearer and nearer, Maya ran over their strategy in her head as a comfort to herself, covering contingency plans, possible outcomes, goals, fears, and expectations. She was ready. They were ready. It was time to build bridges. @Zashiii @Aleksei
  7. OOC: Read the Prologue here! This is a combination of myself and @Aleksei written within the tavern of legend. Scapechild slowly entered the inn, trying his best to ignore the searing pain that still resided in his lower back. A small breeze amidst the frosty air was all that could be heard. He looked around at the dusty, worn-down, wooden lobby. A few benches for meal time and a small counter to check in at. The odd part was the lack of people. There were no patrons, no beggars, nor was there even a host to greet him. Scape held his scabbard firm, ready to draw his sword if need be. Yet still, there was nothing. "Hello?" His voice was surely loud enough to be heard by anyone that might be here. "I'm seeking a room and a meal. Is there anyone here that can help me?" Still there was no answer. An uneasy feeling crept its way to the back of his neck. Scapechild went back outside. Here too, the small mountain town was empty. There was no one in the small road that passed through the whole town. No children in the streets, no women cleaning clothes, no merchants selling wares. This town seemed utterly empty and yet... Scapechild noticed something quite odd. Down the road was a small building with a makeshift forge attached. This was surely the town blacksmith. The forge held embers as if recently lit. Drawing his sword, Scape made his way down the road towards the forge. He did not like the feeling he got from this place - the hairs on his arms began to raise. Reaching the furnace, he looked inside. Sure enough the embers were fresh. They began to glow brighter, a curious phenomenon. Then a great blast of smoke and ash burst forth, sending Scape flying a few feet back. He scrambled to his feet, picking up the sword he had dropped. In front of him stood a humanoid creature made entire of ash and soot. Every movement of this creature seemed to crack invisible bones. "What the fuck are you?" The creature screamed at him; high pitched, agonizing, and utterly terrifying, the scream seemed to penetrate a person to their very core. Scapechild ran forward and thrust his sword into the creature's chest. It looked at him through the glowing holes that should be eyes. The creature swung its arm, only to be narrowly avoided as Scapechild removed his sword and backed up. Putting space between him and that creature was the plan he could think of at the moment. The creature was not deterred. It began to lurch forward. Each step a crackling and forced mess that would make even the sturdiest of men cringe. Two more swings of his sword - one across the chest, the other through the face, cheek to cheek - with no affect on the creature. Once more Scapechild put distance between the two of them, not allowing the creature a chance to attack. He had only two options left. He could run, or use the ace in his sleeve. Scapechild looked down at his left hand, covered by fingerless gloves. A small glowing glyph began to appear. He thrust his hand towards the creature. "Zephyr!" He called out. A translucent blue wave burst forth from his hand. The force of the wave was enough to cause the creature to take a step back. As well, the black ash of the creature was blown back into a thick cloud, leaving a humanoid shape of ember left standing there. Before there was even a chance that this creature could recover from such an attack, Scapechild made his move. Three more blows from his sword. The creature's right arm cut off, the left leg cut, to drop the creature to one knee, and then he turned the blade around and plunged it through the creatures head. In an instant the creature dropped to a pile of ash and soot. Another high pitched scream shook the air. Scapechild turned to find five more of these creatures walking down the road. That spell that Scapechild had cast, was not something he could do again anytime soon....
  8. @Old Man Jean Nu Martyr, the bustling capital of Renovatio, was everything Maya had hoped it would be and more. After her successful diplomatic negotiations with Primera, the Grand Kommandant, Maya had expressed interest in exploring the city to get a better feel for her temporary home. Primera, a gracious woman among other things, had suggested a few sights to see and places to visit during her stay. While she had taken a brief trip to another kingdom in Oo'Xora directly after her meeting with the Grand Kommandant, the diplomat had headed straight back to Nu Martyr in order to work on Primera's list. Ever the go-getter, Maya had resolved to visit every attraction in one day- after all, she wanted to feel at-home in this beautiful, ornate city as soon as possible for her own comfort. It wasn't just about comfort, however. Her intellectual curiosity toward the city was insatiable, especially having viewed its sprawling, green landscape from the Grand Kommandant's palace. Such a mystical city deserved her full and undivided attention, which was vast now that the hardest part of her trip, the proposal, had wrapped up. Maya practically skipped through the streets of Nu Martyr, her feet light with excitement and joy. The entire city seemed to be made of marble, from the highest tower to the sidewalk beneath their feet. It had been a little slippery in the morning dew, but had become more tolerable in the afternoon; at first, the diplomat had been afraid to step foot on the smooth, unmarked white stone, but watching other passers-by walk carelessly had given her courage. Many of the pedestrians in the morning had been personal shoppers for the city's elite, but now that the sun was gradually starting to fall in the sky, more and more elegantly-dressed men and women were traversing the streets, each dressed to the nines. Maya smiled each time she spotted one of the aristocrats, delighted by the sheer art that was their wardrobe. Everything about this city was lovely- perfect, even, with its smooth uniformity and elegance. She had not been wandering alone today. Her new guardsman, a strange elf named Itylra, had been shadowing her with a dark, stormy look in her eyes ever since they'd left their accommodations. Maya had tried to make conversation, chatting about this and that- to mixed success. There were certain subjects Itylra seemed vastly knowledgeable on, but there were many others that drew genuine cluelessness from the elf's dark gaze. Maya was curious about Ityrla's homeland, but wasn't sure how to breach the subject in a natural way. It seemed like the elf had been separated, or perhaps exiled from her country, and the diplomat didn't want to bring up any painful memories. Still, it was nice to be in Itylra's company. Her Terric was improving every day, and with it vanished that annoyingly vague accent Maya had been struggling to decipher. As they strolled through the streets, stopping often for Maya to catch her breath in the high altitude, they came across a boulevard with shops on either side of the street. Window shopping gave the diplomat an excuse to pause often, which her oddly thumping heart seemed to appreciate. Staring at one such window display, in it containing items far beyond the humble military woman's price range, she turned to Itylra with a smile. "Have you ever seen anything so beautiful, Itylra?" The vases and masterfully crafted pottery had been hand-sculpted by a master. "In Terrenus, I'd only see this kind of work in a museum. There's one in Casper called the Dragon Iris museum, which I actually recently visited, but that's besides the point- Voss Sirief! Ah yes, Voss Sirief, that's the name of my favorite sculptor featured in the Dragon Iris. We actually commissioned one of his pieces for the meeting with Primera." Realizing she had been prattling on in her excitement, Maya paused and shot her bodyguard an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry for rambling. This is just ... more than I imagined it would be, and I'm having trouble processing." The woman's dark eyes flicked back to the pottery, then to her bodyguard. With a little wave, she began to move forward at her same leisurely pace.
  9. Ataraxy

    Port Sun

    Port Sun ☀️ "The only side is the sunny side!" || General || Name: Port Sun Moniker: Port Terran | The Colony Heraldry: Three suns forming a triangle, encircled by a emerald circle. Thus representing Taen as it's well known by many the inhabitants of Port Sun that green is the Taen's major national color. || International Stance || Loyalty: Taen Empire Allies: Renovatio Enemies: N/A || Geography || Topography: Due to Port Sun by a sky port, the city is just a couple miles away from the edge of Renovatio. Only the docking for airships itself is at the port's edge. The land around the Port Sun is extremely rocky and windy, however the airship dock is well maintained and leads directly into a covered shelter. Using underground pathways, the shelter easily connects to the main body of Port Sun- the distance should take no more than 15 minutes by foot. Though most merchants simply dock their airship before unloading it to those who are already waiting with vehicles to transport the goods. Cityscape: The city itself is increasingly at a surprising rate. Large, relatively modern buildings are seemingly appearing over night and the concretely financial stability of Port Sun attracts merchants from all over Valucre like bees to honey. The city is set at the top of a hill near Renovatio's edge where multiple streams meet, only in order to cascade off the floating continent to the ocean below. Port Sun is not divided in any particular socioeconomic fashion, but there is a split between the market and the housing. The east side of Port Sun is almost completely a market, ranging from the selling the clothes and food to military weapons. The west side of the port is dedicated to housing its citizens. Other than the occasional food and clothes market, industries are not allowed to set up shop within the residential district. Climate: Windy. Very windy. The port is on the edge of a floating continent. Oddly enough, however, it doesn't rain very often. The reason for its name, Port Sun, is rather obvious. It's always sunny. || Demographics || Culture: Most people in Port Sun are merchants. so nothing has a solid price to it. Everything is bargained for. Otherwise their culture is similar to the rest of Renovatio, with a tinge of Terran influence. Population: Total: ~1.5 million Elf: ~20% Human: ~20% Renovation: ~40% Dwarf: ~19% Beast People: ~10% Other: ~10% Economy: Port Sun's position as Taen Empire's primary foreign port boosts not only the Port's ability to build in new buildings and better their infrastructure, but also requires for the majority of goods being exported out of Terrenus by the Taen Empire to go through it. From there Port Sun disperses the goods around Valucre by selling to third party merchants or directly to customers in Renovatio. Their main currency is that of Renovatio, but because of Port Sun's connection to the Taen Empire, Terran coin can also be used in certain places. Major Companies and Institutions: Aurelium Incorporated - "Where the dreams of tomorrow become the achievements of today." Noticing Port Sun's almost guaranteed profits, a Aurelium Incorporated branched out to Renovatio. While its main body may be located in Terrenus, this branch is headed by the same Director and thus is just as invested in scientific discoveries and advancement. || Government || Local Government: The local government is relatively democratic. The civil voice of a merchant city is extremely loud and therefore pushes for many changes decided on by the populace. The government itself is headed by an official who is considered a PRIME in Renovatio but a Regent in Terrenus. Under him is the council of merchants who are elected by the Port's citizens to make their voice heard. Federal Government: Above the Regent/ PRIME, is Emperor Titus Demetrius of the Taen Empire. In the end Titus has absolute authority of the Port. That said, there's never been a time in the Port's current life time where the Emperor has overruled the council. For the most part he allows the Port to run on its own. Although Port Sun is in Renovatio, it is not under the flag of the Grand Kommadant Primera thanks to an international agreement between the rulers. Emperor Titus is allowed to establish a port in Renovatio under his banner, while the Grand Kommadant Primera is allowed to do the same in Ursa Madeum. In doing so, the two ports are Sister Ports. Port Sun and Port Moon. Education: The education in Port Sun is relatively one sided. Multiple schools are scattered throughout the residential districts, but only merchant-orientated courses are taught passed the 12th year. For more scholarly education, a university or school of learning outside of the Port would be required. Transportation: Airships, cars, etc Notable Residents: ---- || History || During the negotiations of A.N.T. or, the Treaty of 597, Emperor Titus Demetrius and Grand Kommadant Primera formed an international declaration granting each other permission to set up a port in the other's territory. The international treaty not only would allow both parties to further advance their international trade, but also formed an alliance between two strong nations. Almost immediately after the declaration was formalized, Emperor Titus send a handful of airships to Nu Martyr with order to begin the construction of Port Sun. Within a couple days its foundation was up and running. The idea of having a foreign port in their land attracted the curiosity of many surrounding Renovatio's and the interest of foreign merchants who had never before seen a Terran run port in Renovatio. With the backing of the rising Taen government and its fortune as a port, Port Sun is thriving. Canon Threads:
  10. Gentle prayers came from a bowed head, slipping across plump lips as daily offerings were made. Hands clasped at chin height as hues tightly closed in honor of the Goddess. Every day Priscilla made her presence at the statue of Tellus Mater, every day without fail. So strongly believed she, in their Goddess. Her cloaked form huddled in prayer, she waited fifteen full minutes before standing once more, and releasing her gloved, clasped hands. A soft, supple leather covering digits as they folded back into the large, fur lined cloak that warmed her body. Soft, supple lines of her face peeked from the collar, pale and pleasant. Plump, rose colored lips curved into a smile as hazel eyes peered upon the statue with a serenity that few of her family seemed to be aware. Mouse colored hair bound in artistic form atop of her head, the woman turns as her heels click against the bridge all the way back to her carriage. The brisk walk was good, Priscilla finds that it clears her head after her prayers and helps her ramble on insights within her own mind, before she must return to the prattling job that is managing her parents estates and accounts. The Bellmours, afterall, are responsible for all of the waterway transportation in and out of Nu Martyr. Her parents had given her the duty of seeing to the businesses and accounts on her seventeenth birthday. As the eldest, it was her job to ensure that the company continued in their absence, or, goddess willing, their deaths. The whole ordeal left a sour taste in Priscilla’s mouth, her younger siblings carefree and mocking of her in their wild ways and youthful endeavors. Things in which Priscilla had never been part of, and likely never would. No, to Priscilla duty must come before all else. As her wrapped figure settles inside the vehicle, she sighs as she makes herself comfortable. The Driver turns down the radio, but she protests. “Wait, Gregori, please…I’d like to hear the wedding…” Priscilla offers to the greying man who sits in the front. “As you wish, Mistress.” The elder man smiles, a quirk of the side of his face. “I’ve asked you not to call me that, Gregori. You’ve known me since a child. But I’d like to hear…” She offers him a sweet, kind smile, and he nods and accepts her request by turning it up once more. Priscilla settles back and listens as she watches the city pass by. She is taken in by the tale of romance and love that the wedding presents. Among the other noblewomen, it is a source of gossip and admiration, to find such love in another person. “Perhaps someday, but unlikely.” Priscilla reminds herself, “Daydreams do no good.” She chides. “Did you say something, Miss?” Gregori asks, looking back at her. “No, thank you.” A sigh escapes her lips. “Gregori, I’d like to go to the market in the lower quarter, if you don’t mind.” “But, Miss, your parents—“ “Will never need to know, and if they find out, I assure you none of the blame will come back to you.” Priscilla assures him, her hazel gaze assuring him as her lips twist into a smile. Gregori sighs and turns back around to focus on where he is going. “As you wish.”
  11. Alexei

    Weight Training.

    Sweat covered his bare chest and arms, muscles rippling beneath fair and unblemished skin as the young man pumped his body up and down in a steady rhythm. His breath was even despite that he had been doing push-ups in rapid succession with his dainty sister sitting on his broad and muscular back, defined by a youth of training that still continued. "You know." He said between a breath. "You have to.." Another breath. "exercise as well." He finished, lifting his torso and his sister with one arm. Somehow she always managed to avoid the harsher exercises, ehile making his far more difficult than they need be. This was perhaps why he outclassed most of his age group. They needed sisters like his, then they would be as strong as him. He was handsome, or rather one might say beautiful in an ethereal sort of way. His mane of carmine hair pulled back in a ponytail that fell over his right shoulder, revealing a high forehead with equally carmine brows. His faceted opal eyes sparkled with amusement, despite his frustrated tone. He took more after his grandmother Merida, whose spirit was no doubt watching him, though for niw remained out of his sight. She had always been there, even when he was younger. Areille was much the same, beautiful in an ethereal way, with faceted opal eyes. Though where he was tall, she was a dainty spit if a thing. Where his hair was red as blood, hers was a rich pink, too dark to be considered cotton candy. Where he was calm, she was a bundle of energy. Their greatest similarity was their kind dispositions, though she was far more commandeering than he was.
  12. Alexei


    The golden blade of his spear danced and pierced through the air in precise and graceful movements. The primal allow trimmed in satisfaction as it's owner's hands gave It the blessing off movement. Ezio danced along the lush green grass, bare feet moving with superb grace and unshakable intent. He was stripped from the waist down, sweat running down a frame that may as well have been crafted from the finest primal alloy. Green eyes were focused inward, coalescing his stellar energy inside the core of his body, then transferring it through the metaphysical pathways that ran through his body. The end result was a crackling electrical discharge that held the promise of power. Suddenly he stopped, his focus returning outward as he exhaled.
  13. Jesus Negro


    [ Nu Martyr City - Cloud(North) District ] [ @B2BBear ] Although the sun shined brightly over Nu Martyr, the cold and windchill was dangerous enough to kill in minutes. Somehow the homeless survived such brutal wintry conditions, and this discovery ultimately informs Ysra of how great God truly is. (Forgive the short post, laptop is on 3%)
  14. This quest will entail traveling to New Martyr. There the participants will find that death and mayhem has been caused by a created creature of some sort. The task for those involved would be to find the creature, and kill it. After killing it, it should be contained and taken back to the Tavern by using the Heaven's Gates. There it will be shown as evidence to the contact. As this is a Tavern of Legend quest, this quest is only available to those who have been registered on the site 90 days or less. As this is requested by an individual, permission to join must go through that member, @Gilgamesh. To reiterate, you must have been on this site less than 90 days at the time you start this quest. Once the quest is completed, participating members will need to post in the ToL reporting to the contact that the deed is done (in addition to dropping me a PM.) Note from the caretaker: Leaving the Tavern of Legends through a Way Gate, our participants will appear in New Martyr. This land if very diverse. New Martyr is known for its marble and primal alloy. The smaller cities have some crime, and some of the old laboratories have gone into disrepair. The company that hired Grev's sole purpose is to change these laboratories into museums of interest and historical value. Nothing is without profit, and they want to capitalize on the reputations these facilities have of doing shady experiments. The neighborhood does have a small population of residents, still in danger of being attacked by the roaming creature. Children are given a curfew of when they can go out and play, as the creature likes the dark better than the day. Most have been advised to never travel alone, and residents have been afraid to go anywhere. Many have left the area. Those that stayed have plans to leave when they can. The laboratory in question had been created in white marble, with a castle look and feel. There were large gates at the front that have been ripped off at the hinges. Many of the castle rooms and left over furnishings have been destroyed. The bodies have been removed from the premises, but it is unclear if it had been done by authorities, or by the creature. The places where the murders took place still have evidence of the crime. No one goes around the area anymore, and to find it the participants will be pointed in the general direction, but not taken to it. Everyone is living in fear, and something must be done to rectify the situation. @Gilgamesh @hilou10 @Misty @TheElementHunter @SilandisSpindleweave @TDFY @AncientEvil01
  15. Template created by Supernal. All information on the capital and province can be found in the Nu Martyr Lore Article. Nu Martyr is not only the capital but also a province or a state that makes up Renovatio. Heaven in the Sky is home to the wealthy, aristocrats, and some of the greatest heroes in Renovatian history. It should be noted that Nu Martyr is extremely strict when it comes to security; if you look like you don't belong there you will be asked for your identification and if you cannot supply the proper credentials you will be apprehended, jailed, and deported. It should also be noted that in the capital city, you have to dress and look the part in order to get the civilized individuals of Nu Martyr to work with you. The folk here are snobby, and only view others from the summit of their noses. Quests If you want to take up a quest, PM me so that I can update this list for availability. See the Quest Index for information on payment and other available quests. Nu Martyr Quests Bounty: Class [ B ] — Target: Dawnbreaker. — Affiliation: Sons of Glory. Intel://_dawnbreaker — Anew terrorist organization listed as the Sons of Glory have been very active as of late. Two weeks ago, the faction made their debut by robbing a bank, but they didn't steal any money, so it was no robbery at all. More or less a slaughter of those whom they perceive to be apart of the 1% of the wealthiest Renovatians today. A week ago a senior Republica representative was abducted and murdered live on camera after their demands for one million pounds of gold wasn't fulfilled. Just yesterday, a terrorist going by the codename: Dawnbreaker has taken the lives of several random Nu Martyr city civilians with a high caliber sniper. We need you to track the sniper and we'd also would appreciate it if you brought the target in alive, if you can manage that. If not, just make sure the body can be identified. — Claimed by: The Leper ( @B2BBear ) and Ysra. Reward: — Item Drop: +1 Artifact, +2 Zodiac Materia (tier 2) — Spoils: +1 Tome of Incantation, Gold (5 lbs.) These quests are open to any and everyone. First come first served. Heists Classes E-S. These quests are specifically for those with characters of the class: Mercenary, thief, pirate, space pirate, or a dangerous criminal. Incursions Classes B-S Incursions are exclusive to those involved with TESA (The Earth and Sky Alliance) Completed Quests Class - info. Completed: - Canon Log Should something effect the realm's canon it will be noted here.
  16. Reign

    A modest proposal

    hadows. Shadows were the only guest tonight, inviting themselves into the company of a madman. There was no corner left untouched by the darkness that had pulled the unnatural blanket over the laboratory. There was but the hiss of a man toiling away on his projects, whatever they might be. Though no sound was made, someone else now occupied the room. How she had gotten in was a mystery as no doors had been opened to make way for her arrival. The only impression she made on this world at this time was that of a fragment of thought, but a figment of imagination. To see anything more than would have required a particular pedigree of man or woman, one rare and deserving of the opportunity and profit she carried with her in her solemn state teetering between here and oblivion. The bright red eyes that discerned themselves from the darkness appraised the other, if but only by his back turned and his distance across the room. But the likeness between he and she was hard to shake. No, it wasn't the way they acted. She could tell from the way he worked and the way his laboratory had been laid out that he was.. different.. to understate it. No, what she sensed was something transcendent of sorts. He, like Scia, was not of this world. And that was why she was here. She had been sent for a very particular purpose, and this Heidern (@Ghost) was an instrumental cog in achieving what was to come. Just as the woman seemed to be here, she then seemed to disappear. The imprint that might have been was no longer a passive observer in the distance: she had become a piece of action in an intricate game already underway. The cloaked woman gave herself to the shadows and the shadows had carried her to the other's back; her full stature materialized as a disembodied silhouette of darkness. In full offense, the woman shed the shadows like flakes of skin blown away in a violent gust of wind. What stood in its place was a pouncing lion, ruthless and determined to kill. Her legs had been spaced just slightly broader than shoulder-length, right foot leading. Scia stepped into the blow that was soon-to-come. Her left arm, having been cocked behind her, rocketed into a full-fledged strike to the other's back. She was no amateur: her entire body read a stance of zero-waste, every muscle serving its designed end to make the most of her strengths. The arm that sought its mark matched the extraordinary armor beneath the black cloak and hood; a deep silver of delirium alloy, decorated by an eerie blue light emitting from its joints and the gaps between the plates of defense. For this man's sake, one would hope Heidern was of that aforementioned pedigree.
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