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  1. Simply a place to collect Character and/or relevant lore links that might come up during the 'Rookie Mistakes' thread being played by Sentaris and supernal Main Topic: Rookie Mistakes Characters: Tharun Plot/Lore: TBC
  2. Dead God's Inheritance is a thread situated in the Moss Forest of Taen, around a small village called Pellas. Pellas, according to recent news, has come into the great fortune of a whale washing ashore, which supplied the entire town with food, oil, fuel and bones for tools, and craftswork. Trouble arises, in the realization that Pellas doesn't live anywhere near the sea, yet still managed to export so many of these goods to the rest of Taen. This is the OOC for the thread, which can be found in the Taen Board, or here. Remember to follow both threads, so you know when someone has posted in them! Currently, there is no posting order yet, as we're trying to get everyone in. When you have time, please feel free to introduce yourself here, and drop your character sheet here as well, so people have an easy reference to your character's appearance, among other useful stuff. Ideally, I would like everyone to get their first post in within a week, so we can start quickly. The thread will be broken up into three 'scenes' or settings: The Ferry, Pellas and the Seaside Cannery. I will be providing full maps of each area, which will include details such as items of interest, strange events, enemy encounters and so forth. In addition to this, you're encouraged to make your own fun, either by engaging with each other, or the setting I've supplied you with. We will get the most out of this thread if you take the time to write posts that give everyone else involved in the scene something to work with. By that, I mean, touch stuff, read things, think out loud, flirt and fight, try to 'guess' the ending early, if that's the sort of thing your character might do. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask in here! I have lots of free time each day, so I'll probably reply quickly on most days! @Zashiii @Tyler @Shatter @Hydrangeas @Rabbit
  3. INCOMING MESSAGE FROM ://ENCRYPTEDIP:RE:UVMUTANT//CLANDESTINE Thank you for choosing Clandestine Industrial for your biotechnological security needs! As you've doubtlessly heard by now, our state-of-the-art laboratories are constantly evolving; developing new and fantastic security measures to fit any combat scenario, without the hassle of interference from foreign technologies, remote-transmitted viruses, and other tragic machine downfalls. This quarter, we are proud to unveil our latest efforts in the ongoing fight for bioweapons on the front line; the UV Mutant! The UV Mutant, at a first glance, might seem like something we're already familiar with. After all, who hasn't used lab-grown super-soldiers before? Don't let early concept art fool you, however! Each mutant may start in a humanoid form, but that's only the steroid and adrenaline appetizer to this front line fiend! Using breakthrough technology in cellular coding, Clandestine Scientists working hard in one of our remote facilities have found a way to selectively program cell growth and death in particular, and fantastical patterns! Coupling this with regular, repeated doses of ultraviolet light from microLEDs implanted into living tissue, causes the sudden formation of cancers in specific parts of the bodies on command. From there, we inject a powerful miracle drug into the body, which rapidly and violently accelerates the programmed cell growth and death of the cancer cells we developed prior. In a matter of minutes, your new subject starts looking more and more physically impressive! But we don't stop there! Our UV Mutants are selectively chosen based on the genetic mapping of their body. In particular, we are looking for a specific weakness in a particular karyotype, which allows us to insert special cells into the bloodstream that automate this process, allowing forcible cell growth and manipulation to occur almost indefinitely. We're getting close to the end, so try to keep up! After the first few months of mutation, our mutants reach what we consider 'critical mass', where they rarely develop larger skeletons after a certain point, at which point we're able to surgically enter the mutant's brain and perform a series of mini procedures to implement tradition cyborg combat routines into the cerebral cortex. The end result: Constantly growing, self-repairing combat drones that can be programmed remotely to attack specific targets at will. Or, UV Mutants! You might think that the UV in 'UV Mutants' might stand for 'Ultraviolet,' based on the programmed cancer cells in the body. In fact, UV stands for Ultraviolence, based on the primary coding behind our new frightening friends! Your UV Mutant, when you collect it, produces a number of specific chemicals in its brain whenever active in order to propel it into the fight. We like to keep things simple, and forcefully starve the weapon of nearly all chemicals when it isn't fighting: this includes dopamine, adrenaline, testosterone and more! Using traditional conditioning strategies, we can force the mutant to blindly throw itself into combat scenarios as often as it can in order to maintain the near-ecstastic sensation of bloodlust, for an indefinite period of time. Once your weapon is deployed, sit back, and watch as it ruthlessly throws itself nonstop at everything it can find to kill as quickly as possible! Furthermore, your mutant comes equipped with a powerful 'Kronenburg 12-Gauge Collar', designed to cleanly and abruptly eliminate your Mutant once it remains idle in the field for more than 2 hours without killing something. Talk about an easy clean up! It bears repeating that your weapon will faithfully live up to its name, but can it spot the difference between unarmed civilians and armed opposition? No! In fact, in order to guarantee that your UV Mutant maintains our tried and true scorched earth policy, we've taken the liberty of installing a very straightforward, but very effective targeting system in the brain. It will kill things, destroy obstacles and avoid walls, and that's it. Your mutant has no other function but to slaughter! We're particularly proud of the potential Ultraviolence our mutants can commit, and we certain hope you will be, too! However, if you ever need to instruct your mutant to perform targeted demolition, or perhaps you want to guide it towards an intended target, all UV Mutants respond to a low frequency laser targeting system, included with your purchase. By using the targeting system, you can redirect the UV Mutant wherever you like! By now, you're probably wondering how you can get your hands on your own UV Mutant! You're probably wondering 'Can my mutant feel pain?' or 'What animal do we use to produce the results needed for UV Mutant development?' However, at Clandestine Industrial, we think the more important question is: How do you want your mutant to get the job done? We said already that our mutants are genetically coded to build new organs, muscle and bone based on a specific code--we call this a 'mutation'--and when you purchase your own UV Mutant, you get to selectively chose your own mutations in order to build your own mutant as best as possible! Take a look at the form below, and get started building your own personal weapon, by sampling our various mutations in the Mutations Catalog!
  4. This is the OOC for The Lengths We Go To, and the space to put character sheets, ask questions out of character and whatever else may be necessary. I would ask everyone involved to introduce their characters here with a link to their character sheet, and a small blurb about them. It can be as simple as 'They are just visiting Hyperion' or as complex as 'They are a warrior, come to Hyperion in order to try and pick up a contract with the local authority.' Up to you really, and there are no real requirements. To answer a few questions we may have early on: This thread will involve the party's efforts to help Eryel find her belongings, recover them, and then use her recovered wealth to finance an attempt to get her father medicine to save his life. It will involve elements of investigation, burglary, detective work and combat of varying kinds. Everybody has a week to post, with the timer beginning for the next person immediately after the person before them posts. You can try and @ the person after you so that they know they can post, if you like. I will send out messages reminding folks if they have not posted by the 6th day waiting on them, and if we wait more than 7 days we will skip that person until they return. I expect this thread to take some time to finish, and you are, of course, welcome to drop out at will, if something comes up, or it becomes impossible to continue. You should want to post with us because you're having fun, not out of obligation. With that in mind, take some time to read the first post, and introduce your character to the scene when you are available. @vielle @Zashiii @Sanonymous @squid peanut @Peach
  5. Hello RP friends. This is the thread to go to if we have our OOC thread matters to discuss. This is also where we can let others know if we plan to be away for a while, or give a little poke to those next to post in the thread. The posting order for this thread is 3 days at most between posts, after that you're skipped. Once everyone has posted the first post that will be the new posting order for our thread. The rules are be considerate of other RPers. And communicate with each other. Got any questions? Feel free to ask here. Ideas? I'd love you to freely express them in the OOC. Something bothering you, or another post written by someone else needs an edit? Constructive criticism is good, as long as it's constructive. Now I'm starting this thread out with a post at Kinumo: And I already set the stage for Shaym arriving and people looking at him funny. If you'd like to have your character know him personally, and give a greeting, this would be a great first post. And you don't have to know Shaym. Your character's might just know each other, or no one. We'll start with the intros, and make some stuff up as we go along (my favorite thing to do). Also, it doesn't happen often, but others might join the thread after we've posted a page or two. If you would rather not break the flow of the posts, just let me know and I can make the thread closed. I say the more the merrier, as long as their character can find a place to belong in the story. Here is a link to the thread:
  6. @supernal @Venus Sprite Here be the OOC thread for our IC thread and o'er there be sandwiches. IC thread WC thread Feel free to use this thread to chat to one another regarding the roleplay, brainstorm ideas, hit me with ideas and questions and comments and concerns, or just hit me for anger's sake
  7. It's finally here, after all this time! [Canned Applause] Alright, but before I get started, I have to make a brief disclaimer here for all the newbies looking at this right now. Take a second and read this next bit, because it's incredibly important. DISCLAIMER: The following list is composed entirely of races other users have already made characters of, and as such this list is always growing. Additionally, this list is not official, and not fully inclusive. You are by no means expected to pick from this list when making characters, nor do you need to conform to this list in any way. This list is not official. This list is not official. Additionally, I am hoping to constantly add more races to this list as I go, so if at any point you would like a race submitted to this page for others to consider using, then by all means go ahead and send me a private message. I'm on here almost every day, and I reply quickly, so it won't be hard to see something you made end up on this page. Also, a tremendous thanks to @supernal for not only supporting this idea before I even started working on it, but also constantly checking in with me. Props to that guy. The following document is an ongoing list of many races that appear in Valucre as player characters and NPC's. They have been documented here for ease of access and identification, and to help new and veteran users find new ideas for characters quicker. The list updates often (hopefully) and I will attempt to frequently interact with users in order to add new races that I find interesting. Please, use this list to your own discretion, and remember that this serves as more of a guideline instead of stiff rules. Do as you please, and make a character you're happy with. If you would like to submit a player race of your own, please feel free to PM me with the following formatting. Race Name: (Official and Colloquial) Basic Physical Description of the Race: (Things like size, weight, body type, etc; are they furries? Zombies?) Age of Race: (How long has the race been around for?) Place of Origin: (If they're indigenous to Val, just specify what continent they came from. Do they share any common ancestors with other races on Val? Are they from another world?) Character Sheets for Reference I am fairly lenient in terms of composition, so as long as all of this information exists somewhere for me to find, I will be satisfied.
  8. This is the topic. So far so good.
  9. Hello and welcome - Here is the OOC thread for our Gypsy fam. I am working on our Gypsy lore - its just going to take me a hot moment to get it done. Lets all just introduce our characters and you all can PM me to figure out how your character got into the Romai wanderers or met Lillai and I can create a family structure to put into the info page. I am still figuring out a location for these folks to roam and am open to suggestions on that one. TTFN ta-ta for now!
  10. Welcome folks, to the OOC Thread. As always, this is the place where I'll be putting any maps, pictures, drawings or notes that I believe, or you believe, will be useful. It's a multifunctional resource to pool our information, exchange ideas outside of the thread, and keep up to date on whose turn it is, whether people are having issues responding, or taking issue with anything written down so far. Hopefully we'll be able to make good use of it. To break it in, I'd ask all of ya to put your character's profile sheet in a comment here, so that you can follow the topic and keep everybody on the same page. We can also argue about important things in here, like where we'd like the thread to take us, what sort of posting schedule we're able to commit to, and anything else we wish. @Venus Sprite @Token @Grubbistch
  11. Mae Govanen Friends, Strangers, and Fellow Fortune Seekers, If you happen to be receiving this message you have happened across my Emergency beacon spell. I must be brief but I am Captain Richter Konig of the Justicar. In a recent battle we fought against a Nest of Sky Pirates left my Vessel severely damaged and unable to to make harbor for formal repairs. We are currently Grounded and in needs of supplies to perform emergency repairs. The Goddess has blessed us that most of our engineering team made it out alive. But most of our Personal flyers were destroyed save a handful. We have located a forest and cavern that should provide us the necessary raw materials to salvage my vessel. But alas my former command crew is all missing in action and I need to leave my Ground crew and Marines to keep the Auxiliary teams secure while we secure the resources. I need the aid of a few brave souls to assist me in acquiring these materials. If we all happen to make it out of here alive. I could use capable hands on my Ship. Goddess watch over you. (Themes: Action/Survival/Adventure)
  12. This is the OOC Thread for Mouths to Feed, in which a desperate cluster of warriors, brigands and murderers attempt to identify, mark and steal whatever food, wealth or property they can. This Thread is all about spreading the infamy and desperation in which the Skaven and their newer non-rat friends scramble over everything they can in search of food and supplies. Things might get messy fast, and Skaven are easily disposed of in combat. It's going to be bloody work, but there are families that are relying on this raiding party to return home, piled high with grains, meats and cheeses. To that end, I'll introduce the cast. Zhot Blightburrow is a newer generation glaive-rat, wielding a heavy, cruel weapon designed for the newer generations of better-fed, better raised Skaven pups. He's never had to fight anything before, but is imbued with that peculiar mania that all ratbloods have. He's ready to put his life on the line--and his foes to the blade. Skritch Glassmaw is a Skaven marks-rat, carrying a crossbow, and little else. He's a survivor of the original war for the Forgotten Woods, and participated in plenty of skirmishes in and around the woods during his time. He lost an ear in conflict, and since then has made a habit of aiming for the eyes first, to minimize the chance of being hurt. He's ready to do what it takes to earn his supper. Khrol Skysplitter is a Grey Seer, a male Skaven, castrated at birth and raised originally as a caretaker for Skaven broodmothers, only for his horns to grow in, announcing him as one of King-King's chosen. As a Grey Seer, he imbues the bitter cruelty his kin have suffered, and channels that into terrifying sorcery. Embittered by the nature of his life, and the training endured as a member of the Grey Seers, Khrol despises man-thing with a passion--which he turns back on them with a vengeance. Thril Shadowweaver is a Skaven Gutter, draped in dark black cloth and wielding two bladed shields--like katars, but designed to protect the wrists as well as work as bladed weapons. Thril is a rare example of a female Skaven not being turned into a Broodmother--after her birth, another, healthier Skaven picked her as a future mate, only to die shortly afterward. She could not be converted afterward, and instead has taken up the mantle as a Gutter, murdering man-things in silence for King-King. Her duty is towards the Clan that gave her this rare life, but she pines for greener pastures, and finds herself greatly intrigued by human culture, foods and society. Those who will be joining us, feel free to provide a small blurb about your character, or a character sheet in here. This is where thread updates, questions, and discussions will take place. Be sure to follow both of these threads, to keep up to date.
  13. This begins the OOC Thread for Silver Ticket Calling. Looking forwards to RPing with you all. Please, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them. @Thotification @Die Shize
  14. Hey everyone! I'm tagging everyone in here who has shown interest in starting this thread with me. I plan to wait until everyone has made their first post before making this a closed thread. There are already quite a few in the thread, and to keep the momentum going instead of having a three day wait time before skipping to the next one in the posting order we will have a two day wait time. This could change as we see how many stick with the thread. I started this off as an auction for artifacts found in a monastery, but the artifact we are going to be searching for isn't in the monastery. Something will lead us on a journey to the artifact though. Just wanted to make that clear. Don't want to make it too easy. Your character can start anywhere you want. He/she can start outside of town, in town, in the hotel, standing at the auction tent, or at the site of the monastery where it all started. It's up to you. Hopefully we will all be going on the journey together though. @ODSTDRAGON @princeben07 @danzilla3 @Thotification @Cheezeegriff @Voldemort @JackDoggo
  15. Before I forget, let me link the important links (lemme know if you have any important links to throw up, will not put up character sheets): Nu Martyr Goes to War Interest Check (has background information I'm not going to retype, but that should be kept in mind) Nu Martyr Lore Article Cult of Power Lore Article IC Thread (when it goes up) Okaaaaaaaay, hey guys! Yeah, I know I said I'd have this up by Friday/ Saturday but, as the saying goes, "man plans; god laughs." Not much I can do when I get hit in the face by a head cold lol Anyways, here's the OOC and I'll have the IC thread up as soon as a I can, though that will probably be early tomorrow afternoon. So here's a quick drawing of the Nu Martyr Province that I put together. It's a very quick map and I didn't bother setting the lines/ colors perfectly. Note that blue is water, sand is land, and the void space connected to the land is where other provinces are, so we can just ignore those parts. For this thread they're irrelevant unless you want to somehow mix in other provinces. Which you can, but at a tangent. Looking at the map you'll see that, along with the two red dots, there are 18 smaller purple dots. Each of those purple dots represent a smaller city, village, or town that characters can attack or defend in basically any form they want to. You can consider these to be "ready made" cities in the sense that you have the right to make them what you want. If you like, you can choose to canonize a city with Aleksei if it grows on you, but that's not really the point of them lmfao Here are the 18 cities you can choose from, the numbers here corresponding to the numbers on the map. Nu Rosinder and Mu Martyr (the city), are playable but not for destruction. That would have to be on the outskirts of it. Note that I do NOT expect all of them to be used. I honestly would be extremely surprised if more than 5 end up used, but you're free to destroy any of the ones that you want. Or save them. Or whatever. Draven Skaiway Primaria Apolypse Yascrow Shrreb Collorea Parrish Landonia Hungary Fannow SkyHaven Ralrome Algany Taronta Nu Delo Keto Tabtany Let me know if you destroy a city or something so I can mark your name down beside it with a small description like "destroyed" or whatever. For the record, Lilith will be arriving in Keto (17) and making her way toward Nu Martyr. So arrange yourself with that in mind as she will be heading toward the Nu Martyr dot. Oh, also any two parties that want to fight need to come up with a system and let me know so I can record it here. That way we can avoid the *ahem* misunderstandings that sometimes occur in big threads when people engage in T1. Feel free to ask any and all questions here. Defenders of Nu Martyr @Alexei @Djinn&Juice @Fierach @Hurttoto @notmuch_23 @Tenkai Matsumoto @Twitterpated @-Lilium- @Chappu @Sir Nathaniel @Tyler Attackers of Nu Martyr Me @Thotification @Die Shize @Metty @Archeos @danzilla3 @Tyler
  16. Here is the OOC for the Bloodsport Yh'mi Nightmare World. Here you can discuss strategy, beg for mercy, throw complaints at Hollow, or wail in despair. It's up to you.
  17. Quest Information: "... A valiant warrior who was taken from us far too soon. Consider his ring as good as found, it is the least I can do to honor him." Hello there, people of Valucre! Today, I'm looking for at most two people to join me in a rather quick quest (really, if we take three of us, that's 5 posts each. We could knock that out in a few days if we really wanted to) to find a wedding ring around where the breach in Inns'th's wall used to be. We can kick some Chhitten around, marvel at the Aligorian workers as they work on reinforcing the newly repaired walls with Uru, and just have a grand 'ole time in the jolly old land of Yh'mi! ... And maybe a little glimpse into the machinations of Neque, the Shadow King? At any rate, I will be bringing along Ocelia, amnesiac elven mage whose magical traps were very helpful to ensuring the successful defense of Inns'th.
  18. PALGARD -:- Our very own Gotham -:- The premise of this Interest Check is very simple: who would like to play a hero or villain with me? Although Palgard doesn't see much use and a lot of the newer players might be like wtf is that place (click the name to be linked), it's essentially a city run rampant by anarchy with very little if any ruling factions. In fact, most sane people have left it for Martial Town. But that makes it even more like Gotham! My idea is to run this in an episode format. Which is basically just threads labeled with E1, E2, E3, etc. I think it could be fun to just watch the numbers roll up and whatnot, idk. Now I want to be clear, this isn't something for "World saving heroes" or "villains that plan to take over the world" type characters. Similar to superhero shows/ comic, we're going to be specifically focused on Palgard and stuff going on in Palgard. Everything else can suck it lol Characters will have to be those that feel some sort of duty or responsibility to Palgard because it's their home/ their family lives there etc. So I'd prefer characters to not have already made outside affiliations. For example, I'm not going to plop Titus down in Palgard and call him the Veluriyam Angel. While the thread is light hearted, I do want participants to take it seriously and at least try to stick with it. I personally think this will be really fun! (after watching Gotham + starting Young Justice >.> haha) There will be conflict but it'll be narrative. Winning and losing is irrelevant cause in Superhero stuff no one really loses or wins forever. Always another round to be fought, so let's have some fun with it! Not like Palgard can get anymore fucked either way lol Oh! Also, Heroes and Villains have to have something that makes them unique and a Hero/ Villain name cause secret identities and stuff (although villains don't HAVE to have a secret identity, they still have to have a villain name). It'll be boring if everyone is classic hero A or classic anti-hero B. All good superheroes have a unique quality to them. Like Batman. Catwoman. Hulk. Thor. Etc etc etc Powers should follow MP and the Terran mainland limitations ? If anyone is interested in this, lemme know!
  19. hello fellow roleplayers, its your favorite rambler who likes to bother people, me. Anyways, I am on the third chapter of one of my biggest rps ever. Its about the war happening in the floating islands due to the princess of the land, Rin. At first she wanted to bring peace back but now she's changed and became evil. What I'm rambling about, is as I decided to focus on the third island, since Athentha and Lyonesse gets tons of exposure. Talia, has its own sets of problems. A dying cult resurfacing. Its princesses caught up in this mess. So for this chapter, I brought in a knight who fought against the mirror and barely escaped. She seeks out Ra, a demoness from Lyonesse, to help her learn more of the secrets of this organization. Lore, though very disorganized, I was wondering if one or two people can help me out by playing a character or two to help destroy any hope of these two finding a light to crush the Black Heart Mirror Organization. So, I need someone to play Nebula's old captain of the Plutonium knights, that has become committed to the cult, and wants to spread more mirror pieces. And another character to play someone from Ra's past to persuade her to the side of the black heart mirror. Sorry if my words are muddled, I am terrible at explaining things. Can ask questions here. All lore, and things Athentha located in the signature and the link posted above. also, here's the girst two chapters to get caught up on if needed. ❤️
  20. For thread OOC if needed. @Infernal @Thotification @Chemister_Kaane @Vilhardt Character Sheets
  21. Hello, my lovely goons. Let me just start by saying, dungeon-making is a terrifying and dizzying process. Tonight, I churned out three random dungeons, populated them randomly with enemies and traps, and flavor text. I say this with the greatest of confidence: I would not wish any of these dungeons on anyone. They are terrifying, they are dangerous, and they are the perfect place for this experiment to begin. So, the rules: You, the party members, have been paid up front, and have been supplied with one-way transportation to the front door of the dungeon in question. You may explore it as you see fit; you will be supplied with a barebones map of the dungeon, for traveling needs, and of course, one of you is holding the Crate. You are free to explore as much as you see fit, and stash the crate where you want. When you are satisfied, you may begin messing with the dungeon as you please, and this includes a ridiculous range of tools, traps, and other things. You can request monsters be transported into the dungeon, as added security, hire thugs to take up residence inside, or whatever you see fit. It's all on you. If you want, you can even avoid fighting baddies to keep them around as security. Before we can do that, however, we need to meet our cast. @vielle and @Hurttoto, feel free to present your character sheets here, get to talking about whatever you like, and put in a first post in the thread, here. You can both decide, in your post, which dungeon appeals to you the most, and cast your vote. In the event of a tie, I would recommend you try and resolve it yourselves, before I have to break the tie. Once that is concluded, I can fill you all in on how you get to the dungeon, and we can begin!
  22. Class A: Help the military establish outposts for displaced refugees from Biazo City and protect them from raids Aspyn is a budding mega city embedded on the southwestern hemisphere of Biazo Island. Northward, the ruins of Biazo City, Bi’le’ah, warp on under the influence of an unnatural magical rift. Within the ruins there still survive mutated and deformed people. Their sustenance, their features, their minds are all twisted by the magical catechism that befell Biazo almost a decade ago. It took the Half-Men many years to rise from the haze of what happened. As if a nuclear bomb had dropped on them— an unfortunately comparable incident to what had actually happened— they wandered blindly in the magically radioactive wasteland. Then they slowly organized into clans. Some clans tried to reorganized and pick up new life in the chaos of Bi’le’ah. Other clans probed out, searching for somebody to blame. They found Aspyn. The Mule's Half-Men Attack One of the cornerstones of authority and peace in Terrenus, Peacekeeper No. 5 Michael Commager, took up residence in Aspyn specifically to defend against threats coming from the north. Now he runs continental conquest in search of evil, and Aspyn finds itself naked to attacks from Half-Men, who come down to steal from supply caravans moving to and from Biazo Abbey, a holy location on Biazo Island that lies to the east. Aspyn Watchmen put out a request for authority figures and do-gooders to come stop the Half-Men clan sent by Bi'le'an crime lord the Mule, and come up with a solution to the problem. Possibilities include: Cutting a deal with the Half-Men Killing a significant portion of them and establishing future measures to deal with them Finding a Half-Man leader to take hostage Etc. Join @J. A. Horton and I to solve this problem and fortify Aspyn! Players wanted: 1
  23. Things to know This meeting will determine (IC and OOC) the government of Ursa Madeum after the Veluriyam Empire leaves. There will also be some minor concerns brought up (oathsworn, misral incident, should airships be a thing) I'll mostly by facilitating the meeting (both IC and OOC), but it's up to your characters IC to decide the future of Ursa Madeum~ Major and Minor nobility is invited, will be welcome to voice their views, and will be allowed to vote. One representative per house. Senaria, now regarded as an embassy of Hyperion, and Singlance (to be reassigned outside Ursa Madeum) will be participating, but not as noble houses Spectator characters who are not the heads of the noble houses are welcome. If there are enough spectators who want to roleplay sipping tea and reacting to what's being discussed, we're having a thread running parallel to the main meeting thread. Thread mechanics Round-based, no posting order. I'll post for Roz at the beginning of each round and may have her respond within rounds when needed. You may reply multiple times in a round as long as you don't post twice in a row or actively spam replies. Be sure to check in the OOC if anyone wants to post before you post again. One round for arrivals/introductions. One (or more, if needed) rounds for minor concerns/announcements. No set number of rounds for the remainder of the meeting, which will be about the new UM government. Same as with the funeral thread, attempts to break the peace or cause a scene will have IC consequences. No posting order, no rounds for the spectator thread. Assume it's taking place parallel to the main thread. I went ahead and made an OOC but I'll need to confirm those who are attending. Thread's going up as soon as I write the first post. Independence is near :) Attendees Abigail Karradeen Thurgood Singlance Grant Knight Godric Uldwar Alexandros Kholin Varda Hildebrand Miloran Mythal Ampelos Dali Spectators Holly Sheathe Joseph Tynes Andross Kholin Jasper Hildebrand Merel Hildebrand Illyana Uldwar Delphine Mythal Primera Topics of discussion Eruption of Mount Egon House Tankred Damages; state of Misral Mia Uldwar Capture of Oscar Uldwar; Leadership of Uldwar The Oathsworn Ursa Madeum Independence Assembly thread: Spectators thread:
  24. Here you can ask me questions about the story, characters, universe and so on. Keep it civil and respectful, there is no need to fight each other. Here you could also send me the links for your character's sheet, which I am looking forward to. Also here you will get updates about the RP, for instance, if you have questions about Magnus's homeworld I will make a post explaining it here and if you want a super duper detail version of it. Well, it would have to wait but I could make it happen on a new topic which is linked here and in the first RP post which I have done and the same goes for any other question really, just ask and I will respond. So, I hope will enjoy this wild ride!
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