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Found 246 results

  1. This here is the OOC Thread of Not all Threads Involve Water Feel free to use this space to talk amongst yourselves, share resources (including Character Sheets and Area Maps) If you're not already enrolled in this thread, feel free to post in here, and see if we have an opening of some kind! We may use your help if the Skaven threat proves too great! @Bkfootball @Neondragon7 Also, on that note: A Warm Welcome to Neondragon7 for joining rather spontaneously! Have you got a character sheet and stuff you'd like to throw our way?
  2. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Hello all! Here is the OOC for Under the Hot Desert Sun, I am waiting to see if there are any more takers on the RP and then I will get it rolling! This is gonna be fun! Here is Khepri, The premise is that she is finally able to return to her home land after a traditional 5 year exile following her "shame." She is basically going to go on a rampage and destroy some stuff / people : ) @The Bone King @ODSTDRAGON
  3. The sands of the Velhatien Desert stretch as far as the eye can see, and doubtlessly reach equally deep into the earth. Before the sands, before the heat, and the arid, unforgiving climate, what secrets once laid here? What lost, forgotten relics await the persistent, and the wary underneath these sprawling dunes? What dangers could possibly await the intrepid and persistent explorers in the secret, untouched crypts of the decayed civilizations beneath the desert? What ancient history awaits them, within the corridors of this mysterious ZIggurat? The Thread: Our Cast in this Thread is: @Garion as Azytzeen, a well-traveled psyker, familiar with conflict and danger already. @Alexei as Ghoul Slayer, a battle-hardened warrior, with an almost fetishistic obsession with slaying (you guessed it) ghouls. @Mollusk as Pollst Greeneye, a bard. I accidentally thought his last name was 'Talethief', but his real last name is also quite telling, I think. @Dolor Aeternum, as Ilyana Sevryn, a well-trained adventurer, with a penchant for shiny trinkets, seeking out secrets, and sticking people with the point end. @Zashiii as Zatalya of Izral, who apparently does not need a permission slip to explore ancient tombs beneath the desert. @Csl, both of whom have not yet revealed their characters. (I for one, am on the edge of my seat with anticipation) @ourlachesism Hello and welcome to what will hopefully be a very, very active OOC Thread, for what is otherwise a rather straightforward dungeon. Here, we will be able to post our character sheets early, so we have a better understanding of who is participating in the thread, and what kind of personalities you'll be encountering. I'll also be sorting through the character sheets from time to timse for important, plot-relevant details. As always, we'll also be able to ask questions, keep up to date on whose turn it is to post, and more. But this OOC Thread is far more than that, this time around. In fact, as far as this thread will be concerned, this post is more important to me than the thread itself. This is because I will be writing primarily in here. My posts in this thread will actively detail each new environment we encounter. Every trap, piece of architecture, the lighting, the taste of the air, each and every monster and baddie we come across, it's all going to go in this thread. This is because my goal is to minimize the hand holding within this thread, and in doing so, hopefully make the thread read far more organically, and feel more engaging for you, the writers. I ask only for you to suspend any disbelief you might have in this method, and give it your all. It's, theoretically, the closest I can get to writing a thread the same way I might write a campaign in Pathfinder, or Dungeons and Dragons. So, I would ask that when you get the notification from this thread you post your character sheet, or write a little something about them here right away. That will show me who is interested, and still willing to participate with the thread. Sometime this evening, or perhaps tomorrow sometime, the main thread will go up, along with a post that will detail the party being briefed on the situation they're getting into, transport to the location of the dungeon, and from there...well, that's entirely up to you, once we get inside. The Ziggurat, her ancient treasures, and her untouched history awaits you around every corner. I do hope you have fun.
  4. The Umbral Year has finally arrived in Athentha and its islands. A new child has revealed herself only as Ra. She plans to rejuvenate the islands to keep it afloat in the sky by feeding it the souls of the islands citizens. So, in its time of need every knight and elder along with the resistance, except Sayndar who's off on another assignment have raised up arms to fight the incoming storm. However, those who help the child will gain secrets and forbidden knowledge that the mere mortal citizen does not. I'll be thinking up rewards shortly. And you can to choose to stand with Athentha or destroy her completely to bring forth a new age. Looking for possibly 2-10 people since its a big task ahead. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Interest Check, OOC...
  5. Part One: @Tyler as Abigail Karradeen, representing House Karradeen @notmuch_23 as Aveline Debbie Singlance, representing House Singlance @Archeos as Asrael Demetrius, representing the Taen Empire @Moon Owl as Arnau Dermont, representing House Dermont @Aleksei as Austere Mythal, representing House Mythal Hello everyone! I'll go in and edit this OOC with more information as needed, for now, I've just included the basics. You can find a description of how the threads will operate at the beginning of each of them, and I'll carry over staples into this thread for ease of access. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, go ahead and post them here and I will attempt to respond in a timely manner. I'll be making the first post in the thread, and afterwards, you all are welcome to begin. Thanks!
  6. Crystallo Stella Nation Name: Crystallo Stella Capital: Nigrum Stella Ruler: Aurora Aequaliter-Nubila Geography Topography The underground world of Crystallo Stella extends underground from the north where Raven’s Landing stands, through the mountain range to the south to Saint Desolatus. Entrances to Crystallo Stella are found at the base of Wicker Mountain, and the coast of Raven’s Landing hidden in the face of a cliff. Other entrances have yet to be discovered, or manmade. Cityscape When eyes are first laid upon the capital of Crystallo Stella, ‘Nigrum Stella,’ massive buildings made of stone and quartz can be seen from high altitude on a well-traveled road deep into the mountain. The quartz mimics the sun powering much of the city, other stones give off glows of multiple colors giving a show of lights. Architecture The building architecture is very similar to the ancient romans, many have the flowing water through the floors to in home baths and mini baths that hold fish or other water living creatures often used as pets or simply food. The houses are held up by the massive carved rock pillars that are often seen to be covered by the green vines of a jungle plant that had adapted to the darker environments, as well as the climate. The roofs are open to the sky made of natural quartz crystal, which is often found incorporated into the structure of the houses, other more high-quality minerals are found in the buildings of the upper-class citizens and public buildings like the royal house and temples. Crystallo Stella appears to be a massive mountain that often changes its formation due to the high priests/priestess manipulating the mountain to allow in the elements (sunlight, rain). Climate With a steady 70/80 temperature with humidity mixing with the coolness created by the inside of the mountain. Even with the city being deep within a mountain, a natural jungle supported by the indigenous people allow for massive vines and trees to take over, with the earth having been manipulated to allow for the jungles and water to take over. Flora and Fauna Outside Crystallo Stella is a thick jungle full of thickly grown trees that cover most of the canopy, moss most often found on the trunks of the trees and on any fallen fauna. Wild flowers can be found in patches where the sun pushes through the canopy much easier. Mushrooms and many other nocturnal growing plant life can be found in the caves and in trunks of the trees. Further into the mountain thick green vines and jungle life oddly grows in the dark, natural minerals like quartz crystal can be seen protruding from the rock face inside the caverns. Demographics Culture The culture of Crystallo Stella is made up of a mix of different races: Faerie, Dwarves, Elf and Human. The differences can be seen in the architecture of the buildings that were crafted by the Dwarves working with the Fae to give the inside of the mountains life, and magic powered crystals bring light and other items to life for the people. Economy The underground City of Crystallo Stella is self-sustaining, every outside village contributes with farms, some specializing in certain crops, animals and the like. No outside commerce has been brought to the City, but with the exposure that will soon change. Religion The people worship Mother Nature, and everything given to them by her. The land is the most sacred to them, they’re often seen protecting ancient life like the tree. The high priests and priestesses can be found worshipping in the temple built around a massive tree with a face, or performing rituals for the seasons. It is said that the Tree is a link to the Tree of Life, a life line to the great mother Gaia. Parks and Recreation Landmarks and Monuments Silver Stella Castle Large white stone carved castle cut from the rock of the mountain give way to the home of the royal family, and birth to the natural spring water that feeds other streams and rivers. Luna Lake A large natural spring lake that is housed outside the castle of the royal family, often a meeting place for the people and the royal family in times of annual events. Divine Rose Tre Temple A beautiful massive tree within the waterfall that houses the priests and priestesses that worship and teach about Gaia and all that she has done for her children. Found inside the temple is an odd tree with a face, the source of worship for all the practicing citizens. Blue Agate Library of Other Worlds The Blue Agate Library can be found carved into the eastern wall of the mountains, the structure donning large carved columns and a roof made from the blue agate. Inside the library is housed works from all over the world of Valucre, pieces that are brought back from travels of outside agents of the royal family. Some of the most delicate of works are kept under lock and key and are often put on display for the people to visit. Forgotten Gardens Large dome building leading into a garden of many flowers and shrubs that grow from ground to ceiling, the all crystal cut windows allow for the rays of the sunlight to nourish the plant life. This often a popular place for families to visit or for those who are doing a hand fastening. Government Local Government The Government consists of the ruler the Queen/King, and a council of Nobles stationed throughout the underground nation of Crystallo Stella. Each of the smaller villages are ran by the nobles, each house cares for their individual citizens managing any crime that may pop up. Each Noble House has a small army that can be called upon in times of war, or diplomatic reasons. Education Academies are found in the central part of the city, it houses the teachings for children as young as 4 years of age, until they mature into young adults. This academy gives them a chance to decide to take on a trade or a specialty at the age of 18 allowing them to join guilds and continue as apprentices. Transportation Long distances of travel the people of Crystallo Stella can be seen traveling by carriage or horseback. Roads and Highways Riverways Parts of Nigrum Stella is ran through with a large river that came from the waterfalls that stem from the Temple itself. Other water sources can be found deeper in the mountain where smaller villages are stationed. The largest pool of water can be found outside the Castle, the lake provides for a cool place to retreat from everyday stress. Cab (mounted horse, etc.?): Horse drawn carriage. Private: Notable Residents Royal Aequaliter-Nubila Family; Queen Aurora Aequaliter-Nubila and Queen Mother, Iris Aequaliter-Nubila. Council of Nobles. History TBA Canon TBA Past TBA
  7. Yo, this is an OOC thread for this thing I started called "The Crescent Hammer"... It's open btw if u didn't read the thread name.. Uh... It's about Arsinia Crescentia and her shop, the Crescent Hammer... But it'll probs evolve into something else more adventure-y later. It depends... I guess I just want to see where it goes? Basically some chill chatting w/ Arsinia, but if you want to start an adventure, tell me here or PM me. Uh... Thanks! Btw, you can hop in anytime. But if it's in the middle of the RP try and find a good way to introduce yourself in... At least meeting the other characters. Just popping in to post something where you aren't around the characters is a nice way to introduce yourself, but whatever... If this is too vague and confusing for your understanding, ask me to explain it better.. :/ NEW OOC Thread IC Thread
  8. Ichi

    Not So Bonely Anymore

    This is an OOC. It exists. Kapow! Now you're energized! Your welcome.
  9. Cheezeegriff

    More Important is the Journey OOC

    More Important is the Journey follows the travels of intrepid adventurers with various goals. It's about learning to get along, facing challenges together, sharing meals and adventure together despite one's differences. We'll pass through beautiful landscapes and through harsh and pleasant weather, inspect the occasional peculiarity like old castle ruins or druid circles, isolated villages and prosperous farmsteads. But mostly it'll just be our characters sharing a journey. Because the journey is more important than the destination. Without the journey, what do we learn? Cast of Characters Cheezeegriff as Jon Kowal, AKA Jack, a sellsword with a thing for animals. Jotnotes as Priscilla the runecrafter, an escapee from some nasty individuals. Mickey Flash as Michelee Subar , an old cat that looks like a young cat that looks like a human. Mag as Arzada, a female nostalgic and lonesome vampire with a lust for travel. Currently inactive due to busy life schedule and unconscious PC. Withdrawn/Inactive Players (listed here for easy return to active) Tia Dalma as Kinaaz Achlys, a fairy from your worst nightmares (or dreams, if you're into that sort of thing). Missing. Last seen a few days before the pirate attack. Presumed to have flown to safety or dead, or joined pirates. JaviD'Arcana as Yonx, a blind samurai looking for the Samurai Way. But not with his eyes. Missing. Last seen injured fighting with pirates. Presumed dead. The Blex as Ronin, a security samurai who hates knives and bullets. Missing. Last seen fighting pirates. Presumed dead. Rin as Vex, a demon with as many weapons as tattoos and three belts besides. Failed to get on the airship. Important Links >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Link to the RP thread: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Link to the original interest check We're playing on Genesaris. Read about it here. Our starting location is Dragonsoul Summit, a land ruled by monsters. Eventually however we will move on from this location. Our final destination is Vdara, a journey of more than 12000km, or just under the circumference of the earth! Bring a few spare pairs of socks. Posting Order Flexible. This means you can post in any order, so long as it adds to the richness of the story for everyone. For instance: if you find yourself online at the time as another player, feel free to have a bit of back and forth over a few posts each where it fits into the story. But in the event of major incidents make sure everyone gets to have a go. Post Length Post length is irrelevant. If you want to write swirling prose of of floral epicness, feel free. If you only want to write a few sentences, that's also fine. I personally prefer writing that gets to the point. Not simple or boring. Just succinct. But you won't get reprimanded for spending two paragraphs writing about the way your character's hair reflects the dazzling moonlight. Inactivity Policy If you plan to be inactive for more than a week please let me know on this thread. Otherwise if a person is inactive and this is holding up the RP, my policy is to work around it. For instance if my character asked your character (Percy) where you got those scars, and you don't reply and a few other things happen I want to interact with, I might say, "Percy paused with a thoughtful look. Jon left her to think and walked over to Reginald to make sure he didn't miss out on any raspberry pie." After a couple of weeks I will mark the thread as semi-open and bump the interest check thread in the water cooler. If you come back you'll still be allowed back in. We can handle one more player if need be. It just won't be marked as open again until a couple of players become inactive.
  10. Tyler

    Black And Red (OOC)

    This will be our OOC chat area for Mission 3. I will work on starting the RP itself once I have OOC chats for both missions up. Here's our cast for this one: @Tyler as GM/Narrator/NPCs @Abigail666 as Persephone @Ichi as Vince Redhill @Seraphina Jeanne as Hyeok Kyoungjong @Bkfootball as Cal If any of you have some questions, please ask so I can answer them! Also, in case I don't do a good enough job of explaining it in the opening post, I imagine all of your characters were recruited as they were passing through towns or villages in the relative vicinity of Norkotia. So places like Hell's Gate, Langley Keep, maybe Blairville, and any number of unnamed towns in-between them all. If you guys are curious where Norkotia is on the map, it's situated on Sidereal Lake in Terrenus.
  11. IC: Background Some of you may remember, or have participated in the Maddening Mists event (omg!! It's 1.5 years old!!). With the wrap up of the last spire at the Gaian Academy, we finally have all the codes of the 5 spires! You can try solving the puzzle, it will please @supernal's geeky mind A-anyway, regardless, though the Terrenus mainland is now mostly free from the maddening mists, something is happening in Yh'mi. The mists from the Whitewoods are thicker than ever, even enveloping the Broken Plains. Yh'mi creatures are driven mad by the mist, even attacking their own, thus suggesting that this is not an effect of Yh'mi itself, but something external. The paladins of the Order of the White Hand regard the threat of the growing mist as the same as/even greater than Yh'mi itself, and they are taking emergency measures to find the source of the thickening mists and destroy it. RNG rules 1) Roll a d100 for the effect, and d3 for the number of turns. 2) You only post your roll in the OOC right before your turn (You can roll right now if you want, but don't reveal the results. So that there is no metagaming, intentional or not, by other players) 3) Your character is not conscious that s/he is affected, until s/he recovers. You cannot self-heal. 4) Affliction for one turn is considered as from the start of your current turn to the start of your next turn. This might be relevant due to other people's interactions with your character. 5) Volentia and Nieve can heal one character each during their turns, either physically or mentally. (Provided that plot-wise, they are in a state to do that.) Everyone decides who should be healed before each of their respective turns. When afflicted by: Berserk, Amnesia and Loss of concentration, they cannot heal (the person chosen will not be healed). Exhaustion, the healing will not be as effective (e.g. only cutting the duration of an effect by one turn instead of two). Nightmare and Phobia, they cannot heal if they are near enemies. Magic chaos.. that might be bad news... General Rules Loosely 3-day skip, you're fine if you give a heads-up if you need more than 3 days. There is the possibility of character death, but as always in my RPs, it is up to the player to decide if a character dies or is just badly injured and out of commission. This RNG system is experimental, so I may do some balancing along the way, please bear with me if I need to do that, my aim is to make this as fun as possible! Battle Map Updated based on this post: ↖ White woods ↑ C C C C K C C C C C C C C C K S ↓ A V MG MR N F Inns ‘th ↓ Size of spider enemy:
  12. Tyler

    Intimidation Game (OOC)

    Okay, so this will be our OOC chat area for Mission 2. I will work on starting the RP itself once I have OOC chats for both missions up. Here's our cast for this one (this doubles as our posting order): @Tyler as The Man in the Suit/GM/Narrator/NPCs @LightningBolt as Dahlia Gloomwood @Seraphina Jeanne as Hyeok Kyoungjong @Abigail666 as Persephone @PandaHat as Gisela Valance If any of you have some questions, please ask so I can answer them! Also, in case I don't do a good enough job of explaining it in the opening post, I imagine all of your characters were recruited as they were passing through towns or villages in the relative vicinity of Norkotia. So places like Hell's Gate, Langley Keep, maybe Blairville, and any number of unnamed towns in-between them all. If you guys are curious where Norkotia is on the map, it's situated on Sidereal Lake in Terrenus.
  13. Venus Sprite

    OOC: A Fellowship in Frost

    Friends travel together towards a wedding between tribal royalty. But what will they find when they get there? An RP focussing on relationships, character and adventure. @Fennis Ursai@Scout22@purplepanda Scout, it's your turn!
  14. Fennis Ursai

    A Silver Ticket Gamble (OOC)

    Welcome to the OOC section 😛 For any questions or any discussion feel free to post them below.
  15. Hello ladies and gentlemen. It's your local nonsensical rambling fool, Rin. I know I've done a couple of water cooler posts to little success, buuut I decided to try again. I am looking for an rp partner during my waiting times for main storyline rps and side rps. And because I love piling on things on top of things, here I am. Gives me time to slack off on my one offs. What I'm looking for is just someone to rp with me even if its just once a day. I'm mostly into any genre, but really good at fantasy. I have male and female characters, links in my signature. I do almost all types of rp, but I don't do the really heavy risque types. Like more than I already write. Samples of my work, also in my signature in the Athentha board link. I mostly write evil characters, with a few exceptions of good ones. I don't mind torturing them either. So... I hope I worded this right. I'm terrible at words. ❤️ Rin
  16. Grubbistch

    DFotOS OOC

    @supernal Out of character thread for our naval battle IC thread
  17. roboblu

    Diplomatic Arrival OOC

    @Hurttoto @Old Man Jean https://www.valucre.com/topic/40235-the-diplomatic-arrival/ Lovely first round of posts fellas! I’ll probably get around to posting tomorrow or on Saturday.
  18. Jotnotes

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    This is the OOC thread for the aforementioned Ruin has come to Ashville thread. With this in mind, direct all OOC comments and questions related to the RP to this thread. Above me, in the spoiler, is the posting order for the time being. I believe that I am being more than fair, giving everyone seven days to post, each. This gives you all the time in the world to post, and it also allows me to say, without hesitation, that if you don't post, we will skip and forget about you. Too many threads get held up because people slack on their posts. Not this one. If you get forgotten, the thread will make up for it easily, and it will move on without you. So...post in three days, yeah? Also, if any one of you wants to argue the posting order, let me know. If you think you'd like to post before someone else/after someone, we might be able to arrange that.
  19. Promotion Celebration The Terran military is hosting a promotion celebration for several soldiers that have recently risen in the ranks. All members of the military, even those not promoted in some time, are invited to attend. There will be food, a disc jockey that’ll rattle the walls, a wonderfully designed party environment with soft lights swirling about in artificial fog, pool tables and a phrase game that will encourage guests to mingle with their brothers and sisters in arms. This exercise, though celebratory at heart, is being carried out with the expectation of team building among military personnel. The objective is for the guests to form lasting bonds with fellow soldiers whom they have not yet met. The hope is that this will improve communication among military personnel outside of missions as well. Celebrated personnel are as follows, Cadmium Metireal ( @supernal ), Barrett ( @amenities ), Anouk Enouk ( @Radioactive ) and Nur the Feral ( Me! ) And this is the venue: Military Base #34 Celebration Event Phrase Game The celebration will be accompanied by a phrase game that encourages IC social interaction with as many other guests as possible. Below are listed several social activities, or triggers, that must be performed in-character in order to be presented with the possibility ( dice roll ) of acquiring one or two letters for the phrase. When a guest has successfully acquired all seven letters, they win the prize. The phrase for the event is Suujali, which has a total of seven letters in it. This means that winning guests must, at the minimum, perform at least seven of the social triggers listed below. Depending on how well guests roll, they might unlock more than one letter per social trigger, but no more than three at any time. Hidden Game Details on a possible second game will be withheld and can only be unlocked if certain circumstances are met. Triggers Introducing yourself to someone new. Asking what someone’s hobbies are. Agreeing to work ( do a military mission ) with someone at the celebration. Dancing with someone new. Proposing a toast. ( Can happen once per player ). Exchanging contact information. Inviting someone outside for a more personal interaction. Asking the DJ to play a specific dance track. Gather a few newly acquainted colleagues for a picture. Interview anyone who is celebrating a promotion using a video camera. ( Same person can’t be interviewed twice. ) Give someone a home gift (as this would require foreknowledge of gift-giving as a trigger it is fine for soldiers to come bearing small gifts). Inviting someone out to a social meeting outside of work. Introduce someone you know to someone else you know. Establish a resource channel with another guest ( make personally crafted equipment available to one another ). Sing a song for the audience. Rules Only Terran military personnel are allowed to participate in the celebration. This is a social gathering. If physical conflict occurs, it shouldn’t grow to such a degree that it overpowers the original premise of the thread; the military police will escort you out. Although there will be no hard word number cap, we do suggest players try and stick to a 200 word max. This’ll make the thread easier to respond to and also make it easier to meet the phrase requirements. Whenever one of the trigger conditions are met, players will roll a d100 in the dice rolling thread and the rewards are as follows: 1-60 = 1 letter, 61-80 = 2 letters, 81-100 = 3 letters. The results should be included in each post and once a player has obtained a total of seven letters to complete the phrase, the game ends. Only one trigger per post is allowed. Prize The winner of the phrase game will be able to choose Access to one set of equipment from a higher rank or different unit Object class amount of any Standard or Government material Letter Track | Dice Roller Pembroke Maira: 2 Cadmium Metireal: 4 Delistair Paige: 4 Nur The Feral: 5 Maya Zapatero: 4 Hana Alenko: 3 Other than these essentials, I'll note that there is also a loose posting order. Furthermore, interested parties can post as soon as they're done reading this post! The venue is already up and I dare say it's a shame that it has been since September of last year with no activity. Let's change that. Any questions or chit chatter can be posted here.
  20. Dizzy00

    OOC Quest of Babdol

    A group of interesting individuals, go on a quest to solve the murder of a zombie. The story revolves around a strange obsidian ring.
  21. Grubbistch

    Cleaning Up the Mess (OOC)

    Here is the link to the IC thread. Post at your leisure as I do not wish to rush anybody. Any questions you have please direct them here and be sure to follow both this and the IC thread to keep track of any updates or changes. First off I would like to thank everyone who signed up to be here. I want to make sure we all have fun and have a good time, which is mainly why this is up. Having a clear line of communication I find is vital to making a thread successful, as well as making sure everyone is on the same page for an idea. If you know there is going to be a conflict with your schedule or some other circumstance that will prevent you from posting for an extended period of time, know you will not be judged for letting us know about it in this thread. Real life will always be more important than a hobby, and I would never make someone feel bad about having to back out for personal reasons. Now as my first question here let's start off with what kind of reward is your character looking for? Do they want money, land or some kind of favor only a powerful political faction could grant? The more information we have about your character's motivation the better we can come to a mutual understanding of what everyone wants out of this thread. Links to the info for House Aetherion and their religion of Astra Terra will be up soon in case you would like access to that lore as well. Good luck and have fun everyone!
  22. Hello there! If you're reading this, then either you have nothing else going on at the moment, you sort of caught a glance of it on that side bar thing on the main page, or most likely you're actually a part of the thread, or looking to become a part of the thread! Regardless, this is the OOC Section of the thread. As usual, everything not spoken in-character, as well as any questions, comments or announcements regarding the thread itself, will end up in this thread. Remember to follow it for updates and additional information. I'll also be supplying a series of links to other pages on this document as well. These links are meant to supply you, the writers, with additional resources that you might find useful. Maybe. The Original Beyond all Mortal Ken Interest Check as written by the lovely and talented @Chouette I have yet to hear back from Chou since my takeover of the thread, but he has made his interest in the project evident even now, and I hope that he chooses to work closely alongside me during this thread. I would value his input. My revamped Interest Check It's very likely that neither of these will be too useful for you, but they're here if you need them. The Thread <<< Posts should go here! The Terrenus Faction Civil War Thingy OOC Whether or not you are fully involved in the whole matter, this thread is both relevant and interesting, as this thread ultimately serves to introduce a faction into the civil war. Lastly, I am going to mention this once, I think. The current posting order is nonexistant; I need a first, or second post from everybody looking to be involved in the thread. You have a total of two weeks to get the post in, so there's no reason not to put something in there if you're interested in writing with us. At the moment, it is Tuesday, March 13, so you folks have until March 27 to get your posts done! Following that, we will either arrange a posting order of some kind, or determine how otherwise the thread will move along. And that's about it! Below this I'll be listing everyone who expressed an interest in the thread, in order to get us all on the same page. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  23. "The Legion of Doom Arc" Who are we? The "Legion of Doom" is a nameless organization consisting of so far newer characters that have been thrown into the mix of Terrenus. We are a group that intends on changing the very landscape and Roleplay that takes place on the continent. We of course serve the forces of evil and wish to present ourselves as a driving force for change. When a system becomes stagnant and the status quo is carried on for too long, the system experiences entropy. The slow and utter demise as it goes through its own heat death. Activity much like matter cools down and becomes uniform and bland. We wish to be the new energy and hype that builds everything back up and has players exited for what will come next. What are our goals? As previously stated, our goal is to bring change. Be it momentary or long term, we wish to take the system that is currently in place and flip it upside down or alter it in a way that can elicit excitement or fun. We of course won't get there through just power and God modding, but through skill and technique. This will be covered soon enough though. While our characters goals do differ, and maybe yours will too. We understand that to craft the new world many of us seek to create, first we must burn the old one. The famous words "Let the past die. Kill it if you have to." Reign true for us a driving force. If and I do strongly say IF we are successful in that act, we may murder and fight among ourselves to until only one stands to build that utopia. While that may not be the case, it's also equally as possible that we villains unite to create a new world together. That's the joy of our goals, it's all left to the story and how individual characters react. How does this work? More than anything "The Legion of Doom" is a huge subscriber to progress, story, and starting a story from its beginning. Only through hard work and an overall sweeping main arc with many different intertwining sub plots and interactions do we intend on accomplishing our goals. I personally stress that while we may be a driving force for change, sometimes change can be halted by those in power. So what is of course valued among us is the possibility to be defeated and lose. We might very well not succeed in our goal and that's ok. As long as we provide a level of hype, fun, and ability for all to join and have a blast, then our overall OOC goal as a team of writers was a success. It's not about winning or losing, it's about the story. So if you are a story driven person we want you here. How can I join? Well that's simple! Just message me with your Discord information and I will gladly add you to our chatroom and we can go from there to introduce you into current or future threads and plots. All are welcome to join. What if I'm a goodie two shoes hero? Even if you are fundamentally opposed to our goals from an Out Of Character and In Character position. We welcome you to join our discord regardless and help plan epic threads where conflict, amazing scenes, and story is put first. We want to make this as much a sweeping member oriented event as possible. The staff here have enough on their plate and we as members and fans of writing can create our own epic tale. All are welcome. Posting Requirements No one likes to talk about this. We all have lives outside of writing and we all of course have our own problems. However we do ask that if you involve yourself in a thread you post at least once a day or at the bare minimum, once every two days before you are skipped and the plot goes on without you. While we won't harm your character while you are away, we will proceed with the plot to keep the thread or story from losing interest. I hope you understand and if you can't accommodate these requests then please message us before hand if you wish to join a thread. All are still welcomed, but the story does have to come first. In Conclusion. To keep this short and sweet, we are simply here to have fun. You are all welcomed to join and to a part of a sweeping epic. We require that all our assets and abilities be earned through threads and stories. We aren't looking for an easy win or a way to dominate. We want all of you to participate and have fun. Feel free to add me on discord, I am Zeds Dead#8227
  24. Grubbistch

    First Steps to War [OOC]

    @HollowCipher @Animal @Etched in Stone All right here are all the interested parties for our little assault on the dragon's lair. Hollow I believe you said you had a plan for the dragon when we spoke in PMs?
  25. This thread is for any questions, concerns or discourse you may have about the King's Feast Event. I'm still planning on having the event go live this evening. There will be a 'Rankings' Thread pinned at the top of the Cosanastre Board for you to keep track of rules, points and any necessary links. (I'll fill the links in as they are posted.) Before/As we get started I have something of a survey for all our hunters. Links to the items can be found in the Rankings Thread. Note: This survey will help us determine what Artifacts to put on hold. If you're currently questing for an artifact (thread must have begun prior to Oct. 31st) you have until the end of the event (JAN 1) to wrap the thread up. There's no wrong answers and no choices will be removed as a possible prize due to low popularity. This is to ensure that you, the individual, get the specific prize you want when you win. Rank the items in the order that you’d want them if you win the Hunt. (I'll use my own order as an example. If you have suggestions) 1. Class IV or below Alterion Artifact 2. Tellus Seed 3. Custom Artifact/Prize 4. Hunter's License 5. Notoriety Market Credit 6. Familiar (any creature Class IV or below) 7. Participant Suggestion (Two for Glen Coco. You go, Glen Coco!)