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  1. Dumping this here for the players involved. I will be doing most of just DM/GM and NPCS. It will be up to you to get this neuyral island to finally get off its ass and get involved with the incoming war. A small party will suffice.
  2. Hello there! If you're reading this, then either you have nothing else going on at the moment, you sort of caught a glance of it on that side bar thing on the main page, or most likely you're actually a part of the thread, or looking to become a part of the thread! Regardless, this is the OOC Section of the thread. As usual, everything not spoken in-character, as well as any questions, comments or announcements regarding the thread itself, will end up in this thread. Remember to follow it for updates and additional information. I'll also be supplying a series of links to other pages on this document as well. These links are meant to supply you, the writers, with additional resources that you might find useful. Maybe. The Original Beyond all Mortal Ken Interest Check as written by the lovely and talented @Chouette I have yet to hear back from Chou since my takeover of the thread, but he has made his interest in the project evident even now, and I hope that he chooses to work closely alongside me during this thread. I would value his input. My revamped Interest Check It's very likely that neither of these will be too useful for you, but they're here if you need them. The Thread <<< Posts should go here! The Terrenus Faction Civil War Thingy OOC Whether or not you are fully involved in the whole matter, this thread is both relevant and interesting, as this thread ultimately serves to introduce a faction into the civil war. Lastly, I am going to mention this once, I think. The current posting order is nonexistant; I need a first, or second post from everybody looking to be involved in the thread. You have a total of two weeks to get the post in, so there's no reason not to put something in there if you're interested in writing with us. At the moment, it is Tuesday, March 13, so you folks have until March 27 to get your posts done! Following that, we will either arrange a posting order of some kind, or determine how otherwise the thread will move along. And that's about it! Below this I'll be listing everyone who expressed an interest in the thread, in order to get us all on the same page. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  3. https://www.valucre.com/topic/38831-the-gaian-church-overview-personnel/ I'm looking for 2-3 other players that are willing to participate in a relatively quick paced thread. By relatively quick I mean a 2 day skip time. My character just went from apprentice to priest himself and is set on continuing to climb the ladder I'm specifically looking for players interested in joining the ranks and then completing a thread or two to level up, so to speak. So if you intend to join and rank you'll start as an apprentice. If you don't care about being listed or ranking then you can start as a priest also I haven't yet decided on the quest but it'll be a breezy C level in Terrenus, and may be in Biazo Isle. I'll also prefer players I haven't written with before Players Harlow Off Topic
  4. What's the Sitch, Valucre?

    Alright, so apart from a particularly nerdy and niche topic name here, I've actually got a bit of a silly thing I'd like to try and get y'all involved in. Coming back into the Valucre fold, I'm finding myself re-reading over old topics and notes, and one of the things I happily stumbled onto was the notes that made up a Genesaris Ragnarok thread myself and @Kirakushi put together... Besides being a terribly fun romp with a giant dragon, it was also one of the first threads I experimented with "Blurbing"... Basically writing short and sweet descriptions for each of the posts that helped me drive forward action (And ultimately put them in their proper order) Now, normally I'm not super great at being succinct, 'cause I'm a word nerd and I love me some hot paragraph action, but putting blurbs to these 1,000+ word plus posts pushed me to make things memorable in a way I didn't before. With that introduction aside, here's what I'm looking to (hopefully) get out of this topic: I'd like to see you lovely folks take some of your most memorable posts and summarize them in 20 words or less. For example: Cowgirl Chromillia and her inevitable bucking. Aisha lowballs a dragon. Literally. Chromillia conveniently needs no prose. Aisha amends her mistake... With a railgun. Basically, I'm asking y'all to elevator pitch your posts to me. So... Have at it. And have fun with it too!
  5. Full Name: Kian Thi'zad Aliases: Kian, Key, Kitty Sex: Male Race: Catfolk Age: 23 Height: 5'10 Weight: 160 lbs Orientation: Heterosexual/Closeted Bicurious Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Physical Description: Kian has short, chestnut-brown hair and ears to match, the former of which he keeps quite short in order to minimize any effort that needs to go into it. Besides this, Kian often comes off as roguishly handsome, in part due to his obviously feline ears and eyes, as well as his thin, limber figure and natural smirk. His eyes are a bright amber tone, reminiscent of lantern light, and oftentimes appear to contain almost a dancing, humorous tone to them. Coupled with his fair skin and smooth facial features, at a first glance he seems just like the rest of his kin--charming to a fault, and very easy on the eyes. Like many other catfolk, Kian has a tail about fourteen inches in length, with a slight kink in the end (from an old injury). Kian typically dresses in lightweight, airy clothes made of either soft leather or cotton, which he tends to hide underneath a well-made cloak and hood. Kian also owns a small feathered cap, like a bard's cap, though he doesn't wear it frequently. Kian typically wears either a quiet frown or a confident, almost smug smirk, though he claims that both are neutral expressions. Behavior: Confident in purpose, and remorseless in practice, Kian is a loner by design, and has been since he first started digging up graves. The not-too distant loss of his parents and younger sister have given him a lot to think about in the dark hours of the night, and generally he tries his best to avoid thinking too hard about them while he's going to bed. This, of course, leads to him mulling over it in the daytime, which can prove a distraction. Kian does possess a healthy knack for pushing aside his somber attitude to feign interest and enthusiasm whenever he ends up in social situations. When he isn't being a moody sulk, Kian is quite the social character and quickly picks up on social queues and follows the flow of a topic easily. He's quick to charm almost any woman he comes across, and isn't afraid to show off or brag a little if it helps him out. To this end, Kian can be incredibly competitive, and gets hot-headed very easily. Kian is easily humiliated if he isn't able to quickly rebuke any rude comments pointed in his direction, or if someone tries to outperform or put him down in public. Kian often hates his cat ears for this reason, and seriously considers reevaluating how he dresses from time to time in an effort to seem more masculine. Identity issues aside, Kian can be a genuine friend if he's given the chance to grow on someone, although his heart and soul are bought much quicker with gold and lust. Job: As a Graverobber, Kian's primary focus is finding and unearthing buried goods--wherever they may be. An expert on not just stealth, but also lock picking and fencing stolen items, Kian puts much of his effort into breaking into old graves and sealed crypts in order to plunder the goods buried there. Such a task demands a lot of preparation, and the wily Graverobber knows how to best carry a bunch of equipment while making minimal noise. If accosted, either by foes living or dead, Kian quickly turns his tools of the trade on his enemies, swinging around his shovel with deadly accuracy and piercing through scales, rock and armor with his trusted pickaxe. When at a disadvantage in terms of range, Kian also makes excellent use of ranged items, hurling slim silver knives great distances to injure or incapacitate foes. Ultimately, Kian can always rely on the element of surprise, and a well-placed strike with his shovel to knock most combatants out. Equipment: Gravediggers' Shovel: A long-handled shovel made from sturdy, well-treated wood and topped with a fine iron head, this shovel was originally meant to dig fresh graves, not exhume old ones. It does the job well, however, and if the situation demands it, can also be used as a long-handled weapon. Strikes over the head with this tool are infamously painful, and often enough to knock out potential attackers. Pickaxe: A heavy two-bladed pickaxe, this tool is often used for piercing stone and hard minerals, but can also be used to crack open sarcophagi, and even armor and tough animal hides if need be. Naturally, getting his in the head with this tool is often a little more lethal. Flashing Daggers: Slim, double-bladed knives made of lightweight silver. Often thrown one at a time as a ranged offensive tool, or multiple times at once to force distance between the user and the foe. These daggers are made of silver, and gleam dangerously in the moonlight, making throwing them in the dark far easier than throwing most other knives. Traits: Loner: A natural wanderer, Kian does his best work when his allies give him space. During combat, Kian has improved movement and reaction speed so long as he is far enough from the rest of the party. Fence: Kian has been on the market long enough to know the subtle signs of a Fence, and can sell and purchase stolen goods in just about every market. He can also haggle fairly well with merchants of all kinds, owing to his natural charisma. Unexpected Blow: If Kian enters combat with a surprise attack, he may potentially knock out his target with a single strike. This is considered nonlethal, and may wear off at the party's discretion.
  6. A new version of the previous thread as it grew disorganized and gross to I, the great Haelikor. "What is this?!" A thread where I, Haelikor the Great, will review things. "Review? Review what? How? What criteria? Who are you?" Shut up guy. "Alright, what is it you review?" All kinds of stuff. Character profiles. Roleplayed fights. Poems. Whatever breh. "Do you do it out of... 10, 100, 5..?" You'll see kid. "What can I expect?" Action. Drama. Excitement. I use profanity and sexy metaphors that'll pump steam under your collar, and really rev you up. Get your gasoline cooking hot. TABLE OF CONTENTS RED YUSUKE THE POTATOMANCER - here. She is an archer first and a queen second. And she is a terrible archer. MARS CANDY BAR ART TIMES & HIS TWO EERILY SEXUAL CHILDREN - here. I think the title speaks for itself really. He's got a paddle. And it's wanting action. THE PHILLY SEAHACKS VERSUS THE SAN FRANSISCO DOUBLE AMERICANS - here. God bless the USA. And to all, a good fire. ROEN THE CYBERDEMON VERSUS CORVINAVIUS THE SWORD GUY - here. Thrust thrust thrust thrust!!! Works in Progress :: -Roen vs Alsexei. However, they're posting at the speed of smell. So I, being a high fidelity reporter of sorts, will scout around for other great material to mix into the fold. -Scouting. If you have any submissions, fire them my way- who knows boy'o. Maybe I'll bless you with a review..! -Dinner. It's not bad pizza. Tried something a little exotic, shrimp and jalapenos. Has a unique texture. Updates // 01-29-2018 :: Made the thread. Wooh. This took a lot of work. I'm tired now. 01-29-2018 :: First new review. It was gross. 01-30-2018 :: Hm. I can't feel my legs. Times are tough. Also, I got more submissions. So I'll probably tackle them later in the week. 02-02-2018 :: Alright. Chopped a profile out before I clocked out for the night. I'll chop through the next two sometime tomorrow probably. 02-05-2018 :: Sportsball. 02-09-2018 :: Wooh. What shit. Roen vs Alexei done. I'll get to the other two profiles here sometime this weekend. Nyoho!
  7. PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL This document is strictly private, confidential and personal to the client, (1) Ms. Emmeline Walter-Loupe and the named owners of the enclosed contract, these being: a one (2) Mr. Brecht, of Brecht and Undercroft Law Firm and Consultants, and a one (3) Ms. Undercroft, of Brecht and Undercroft Law Firm and Consultants. This document should not be copied, distributed or reproduced in whole or in part, nor passed to any third party. EMPLOYEE #XXX2: EMMELINE WALTER-LOUPE "I CAN MAKE YOUR WISHES COME TRUE. FOR A PRICE." PERSONAL DETAILS Name: Emmeline Walter-Loupe Preferred Name: Emmie Address(es): [HIDDEN] Age: 23 Date Of Birth: February 29th, XXXX Star Sign: Pisces Place of Birth: XXXXXX, Terrenus Name of Father: Caspar Walter [ † ] Occupation: Baker Cause of Death: Stroke Induced By The Introduction Of A Silver Bullet Into Left Arm Notes: Recognised his jolly demeanour. Well-liked by most. Trade Union Representative and one of the founders of C.O.W.L. Name of Mother: Anne-Marie Loupe [ † ] Occupation: School Teacher Cause of Death: Blunt Force Head Trauma, Internal Bleeding Notes: Known for her tendency to day-dream and her forgetfulness. Siblings: None Named Guardians (Past): (1) Mr. Martin Turner [ † ] Alias: Mr. Machite Teuer Occupation: Werewolf Hunter Contract: Complete, Collected. Named Guardians (Present): (1) Mr. Brecht Occupation: Lawyer, Banker (2) Ms. Undercroft Occupation: Lawyer, Species: Lycanthrope Pack Affiliates: None Class: Upper Lower Class AFFILIATE DETAILS OFFICIAL MEMBER OF COWL: COMMITTEE OF WORKING LYCANTHROPES RESIDENT CONSULTANT OF LJB: LYCANTHROPE JUSTICE BOARD ACCREDITED BY THE TBBC: THE TERRENUS BAR OF BLOOD CONTRACTORS EMPLOYMENT DETAILS Occupation: Junior Partner at Brecht and Undercroft Law Firm and Consultants Areas of Specialisation: Blood Contract Law and Practice Blood Contract [?]: Yes [DETAILS HIDDEN] Status of Blood Contract [?]: Ongoing [DETAILS HIDDEN] Employment Stipulated by Blood Contract [?]: Yes [DETAILS HIDDEN] Basic Training Completed: Yes Customer Satisfaction Rate: 99% Contracts Negotiated: 50 Contracts Signed: 49 Contracts Fulfilled: 5 Ongoing Contracts: 44 Average Interest Secured Per Contract: 48.5% of Principal Sum Warnings Recieved: 0 Disciplinary Meetings Required: 0 PHYSICAL DETAILS Human Form Height: 5'5" Weight: 60.8kg Hair Colour: Dark Auburn Eye Colour: Blue Skin Colour: Pale White Lip Colour: Pale Pink Brow Colour: Brown Notable Features: Heavily Freckled. This is most noticeable across the cheeks, bridge of the nose, and the forehead. Extensive Scarring. 1)Twenty long, white scars,(approximately 5cm in length), to be found on the arms and thighs. 2)Three black gouges,(approximately 30cm in length),run diagonally from the right shoulder across the back. 3)Four bite marks,(approximately the size of an adult's curled fist), present on the left thigh, left shoulder, right wrist and the back of the neck. Lycan Form Lycanthropy Type: Type One, [Inherited] Details of Type One Lycanthropy: -Type One Lycanthropy is passed from parent to child. -Type One Lycanthropy allows an individual to shift from a human form to a lupine form at will. -Type One Lycanthropy is impacted by the lunar cycle: or, more specifically, 'lunar energy'. This is energy that is emitted from the moon, which increases as the moon's states change. This energy reacts with the lupine genes present in Lycanthropes, and makes them stronger. However, when the moon is full, this 'lunar energy' emitted is so potent that the lupine genes become aggressive, and take over the body and mind of the individual, until the power source is reduced. This can cause adverse effects, with some of the most common being: Forced Transformation From Human To Wolf. At full moon, the body is shifted against the individual's will, which is known to be an agonising and often dangerous process. Temporary Loss Of Sanity When in this state, Lycanthropes become increasingly animalistic. Because of this, reality can blur, they can lose the power to both speak and understand language, become violent, are rendered unable to recognise human friends and family, and can have disjointed thought processes. Bloodlust Some Lycanthropes can become desperate to hunt and kill prey whilst in the state. Exhaustion (Post-Full Moon) The swell of power, and then subsequent loss of it, alongside the physical and mental strain the transformation has on the individual, usually exhausts them for several days following full moon. Nausea (Pre and Post Full Moon) The power of the moon can make some individuals feel incredibly ill, dizzy and weak. Number of Individuals 'Turned': [DETAILS HIDDEN] Height: 6'1" Weight: 70.8kg Fur Colour: Brown-Grey Eye Colour: Yellow Other Blood Type: O-Positive Allergies: Chocolate, Cat Hair Physical Ailments: Slight Limp (Right Leg) Dominant Hand: Right
  8. Please feel free to ask questions or request additional clarification in this topic. Feel free to banter as well. The comprehensive and complete rule set is available in the spoiler below. I'll update this post once brackets are up. As of right now I have the following people partnered: @Magister with @dvsn - The Janitors (Because they're going to take out the trash? Those are fighting words, kick their asses!) @Aves with @HollowCipher - Team B @The Bone King with @Die Shize - The Sandal Bandits (.... never change Die Shize, please never change.) @Acies ab Vesania with @Ayden - Team D @Stumbler with @Fierach - Team E @amenities with @Ataraxy - Team 7 (Because someone can't count!) If you would like to switch partners, please negotiate among yourselves. <3 If you guys would like to change your team name to something more creative, let me know.
  9. The Monster Girl Expeditionary Force, or MGEF as it'll be called for the duration, is a mercenary organization operating out of Elendaron. The group entirely employs Monster Girls, and touts itself as a form of integration for the girls into modern society. Founder(s): Orrinore: A Succubus who craved the more cultured life of her former prey, Orrinore found herself enamored with a well-meaning carpenter and with him at her side, managed to establish a new life for herself. Orrinore understands her true nature well enough, but seeks to overcome her base instincts by vowing herself to her husband. Together, they run the MGEF as joint owners, making sure the girls under their care are paid properly for their work, and that nobody hurts themselves or the people they’re working with. Orrinore is a sort of mother figure for many of the Monster Girls, and even those who aren’t terribly close to any of the other girls are still called by name by their compassionate leader Maxwell Hayden: A mild-manner carpenter turned mercenary leader, Hayden found himself the object of desire that Orrinore became enamoured with. Smitten both by her beauty and her drive to overcome the various barriers between them, he swore his faithfulness to her and set about trying to make a life together. At her behest, they ended up making their home in the forests of Elendaron, where in time they grew to befriend and care for some of the monsters living within. In time, they put together the money to become a well-established mercenary group, labelled the MGEF, where he and Orrinore work hard to keep an eye of the girls under their care. Unlike Orrinore, Hayden himself spends less time working with the girls and instead makes frequent trips into towns for supplies and weapons at their request, though he does work hard to accommodate them all. It's ingrained into their minds very early that the monster girls are not allowed to use Hayden as food. Leaders: Naleen: One of the older women in the MGEF, Naleen is a lamia who often operates on her own or acts as a supervisor for less experienced members, keeping tabs on how they behave and backing them up should the situation demand it. Though officially there's no real hierarchy to the group, as it acts like a sort of extended family, Naleen is generally considered to be a second in command, behind their founders. Members: Leanna Abbot: A human spirit, wandering the earth as a poltergeist, Leanna is a newer member to the MGEF, but no less useful than the others. Acting as a sort of rogue or spy for the mercenary group, Leanna's attraction to the MGEF stems from her interest in her former life, namely the buzz and brilliance of humanity that she's long since been apart from. For the most part Leanna is a fairly quiet member of the group, but she does see role models in Naleen and Orrinore. Anemonia "Nia" : A violet slime who wants to be good, and took up the healing profession to further that goal. A lack of empathy and a selfish streak a mile wide makes fitting into society rather hard, but at least she's skilled at her job! Remember, if it burns, it's working! Could this be you? Find out here. General Information: Due just south of the forest’s center, in Elendaron, lays a rather well-made farmhouse, encircled by lush, recently planted trees. This farmstead, with its long, narrow fields and plenty of breathing room, plays the role as the unofficial official headquarters of the Monster Girl Expeditionary Force, or the MGEF. This mercenary group is newly formed, and boasts itself as being a nonprofit organization aimed at helping Monster Girls learn to cooperate and tolerate living along the more civilized races of the world. Historically, Monster Girls have always been wishy-washy across the globe.. Some places tolerate them, many places accept them, but there have always been a few outliers, a few odd cases, a few monsters here and there that just aren’t able to fit in. For them, this mercenary group offers a chance to work alongside trusting, well-meaning adventurers and travelers, pick up some much needed life experience and hopefully learn what it means to be a functional member of society. The MGEF was established roughly a year ago by the proprietor, who operates the business in tandem with her husband. Their goal was to shed the misinformation about Monster Girls that still lingers in some parts of the world, while taking in and caring for any displaced monsters they might find in the woods around their home. The farmstead was built from the ground up by the couple, and while it’s rough going, it’s a wholesome living for the two of them. Given that the proprietor is a succubus, she can’t conceive children of her own without some small effort on her part, and so she oftentimes sees the younger members of the organization as her foster children. She puts a great deal of trust into the girls under her employ, and while she recognizes that they may be naive, uncaring or cruel at times, usually leaves them to conduct their own efforts. Most of the time, she focuses on ensuring they get paid and don’t get mistreated.The girls themselves do much of the operations that go on within the MGEF, and are entrusted with advertising, arranging supplies and determining payment, though they get help from time to time from their benefactors and landowners. The MGEF is boasted as a mercenary group, meaning that they take on paid work posted by governments and independant employers alike. Operations: -Ongoing: Seismoloth Hunt: In response to a recent request put out, Naleen has agreed to join the group assembling for a hunt in order to take down the monster safely and effectively. -Completed: History: -Feats: -Events:
  10. This is the OOC thread for the aforementioned Seismoloth hunting thread. All OOC questions and discussions should be directed here. Additionally, any new information and character sheets should be linked here in order to accomodate the rest of the folks in the thread. I'll be putting a page in here about the Seismoloth after we start moving.
  11. More Important is the Journey OOC

    More Important is the Journey follows the travels of intrepid adventurers with various goals. It's about learning to get along, facing challenges together, sharing meals and adventure together despite one's differences. We'll pass through beautiful landscapes and through harsh and pleasant weather, inspect the occasional peculiarity like old castle ruins or druid circles, isolated villages and prosperous farmsteads. But mostly it'll just be our characters sharing a journey. Because the journey is more important than the destination. Without the journey, what do we learn? Cast of Characters Cheezeegriff as Jon Kowal, a sellsword with a thing for animals. Jotnotes as Priscilla the runecrafter, an escapee from some nasty individuals. Mickey Flash as Michelee Subar , an old cat that looks like a young cat that looks like a human. Tia Dalma as Kinaaz Achlys, a fairy from your worst nightmares (or dreams, if you're into that sort of thing). JaviD'Arcana as Yonx, a blind samurai looking for the Samurai Way. But not with his eyes. Interested People (in order of priority) 1) The Blex Withdrawn/Inactive Players (listed here for easy return to active) Rin as Vex, a demon with as many weapons as tattoos and three belts besides. Important Links >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Link to the RP thread: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Link to the original interest check We're playing on Genesaris. Read about it here. Our starting location is Dragonsoul Summit, a land ruled by monsters. Eventually however we will move on from this location. Our final destination is Vdara, a journey of more than 12000km, or just under the circumference of the earth! Bring a few spare pairs of socks. Posting Order Flexible. This means you can post in any order, so long as it adds to the richness of the story for everyone. For instance: if you find yourself online at the time as another player, feel free to have a bit of back and forth over a few posts each where it fits into the story. But in the event of major incidents make sure everyone gets to have a go. Post Length Post length is irrelevant. If you want to write swirling prose of of floral epicness, feel free. If you only want to write a few sentences, that's also fine. I personally prefer writing that gets to the point. Not simple or boring. Just succinct. But you won't get reprimanded for spending two paragraphs writing about the way your character's hair reflects the dazzling moonlight. Inactivity Policy If you plan to be inactive for more than a week please let me know on this thread. Otherwise if a person is inactive and this is holding up the RP, my policy is to work around it. For instance if my character asked your character (Percy) where you got those scars, and you don't reply and a few other things happen I want to interact with, I might say, "Percy paused with a thoughtful look. Jon left her to think and walked over to Reginald to make sure he didn't miss out on any raspberry pie." After a couple of weeks I will mark the thread as semi-open and bump the interest check thread in the water cooler. If you come back you'll still be allowed back in. We can handle one more player if need be. It just won't be marked as open again until a couple of players become inactive.
  12. Full Name: Ohma Titles: Stoneskin, Axe Murderess, Bandit Queen, 'Vvulfson' Sex: Female Age (Apparent): 37 Age (Actual): 50 Height: 8 Feet, 3 Inches Weight: 390 lbs. Orientation: Straight Alignment: Lawful Evil Physical Description: A veritable mountain of a woman, the half-giantess Ohma towers over nearly everyone she encounters. With a tall, muscular frame and wide hips, her half-giant lineage doesn't distract from her human assets all that much, and from her sharp, almost noble facial features to her hip-length raven hair, at a glance it would be easy to dismiss Ohma as a simply amazonian human being. Yet, like the rest of her species, she does have her tells, like her impressive musculature, and her ember-colored irises, like molten steel. Like other half-giants, Ohma's skin behaves like a natural suit of armor and rapidly hardens in response to trauma, giving it a rough, often stone-like texture for a short while. Due to the nature of her race, she wears limited clothing at all times--often roaming the battlefield topless, clad in a full length fur or leather cuisse to keep her legs and toes from harm. Tribal traditions place a heavy emphasis on finding glory in combat, as well, and oftentimes Ohma can be found slaked in the blood of...whoever. Kinsmen, enemies, blood has always been synonymous with war, and to wear it over your form is not unlike warpaint to Ohma. Occasionally she also dons a tribal helm, often forged from a cured beast's skull dipped in molten metal. Helm or no, however, there's no losing sight of Ohma as she barrels into battle, splattering her foes across the plains with her axe. Behavior: Prideful and violent, Ohma sees violence as the ultimate display of strength, and never shies from a fight. When in groups, she often picks fights with whomever assumes the role of leadership, but if unable to instigate a fight or unable to find a flaw in their reasoning will comfortably resort to offering guidance. Though her impression of the world is limited in scope, she recognizes teamwork and cooperation as a valuable, often-times vital tool to be wielded even by the strongest of foes. Ohma has no sense of honor, believing that fighting should happen at any time, and one must always be ready for it. Beyond this attitude, Ohma cares little for the weak and will even go out of her way to attack those who show weakness in her eyes. Once she makes a friend, however, she takes care of them, almost in a matronly way. Ohma believes that a woman's husband should be her superior in all ways, and if he shows weakness then he is unworthy of her. Nobility and hierarchy mean little to Ohma, though she does recognize leadership in groups when necessary. Ohma doesn't believe in secrecy, and will speak her mind or do what she must in plain view, even at the risk of causing something to go wrong. Equipment: Two-Handed Battleaxe: Long-handled with a simplistic design, the typical single-bladed battleaxe was designed with wedging through armor and hacking through bone in mind, and this weapon is no exception. Ohma's axes are often much larger than the typical variety, and with that extra size comes extra weight, length and--of course--striking force. The average blow from Ohma's axe is often enough to rend through flesh and muscle and bone easily, allowing her to split people wide open, if not outright cleave them in two. Fur Armor: Often found wearing a full length battle skirt and cuisse, Ohma's natural defenses make heavy armor a burden for the most part, as strikes that can pierce the armor will also certainly pierce her flesh in the process. By limiting her armor, minor injuries will quickly force her skin to respond before she takes any serious injuries. These fur pieces often cover her extremities and legs, preventing the enemy from crippling her from range or getting in easy shots at her legs and feet. Ohma doesn't often wear any armor or clothing over her chest, instead preferring to walk around naked from the waist up. This can be distracting to some, but seeing her battleaxe swinging at you often makes you quickly stop staring. Tribal Headgear: Ornate Helms and Battlemasks have often been a staple amongst her tribe, and Ohma still carries on this tradition from time to time. Her headgear is often ornate in appearance, putting more emphasis on form than function, with the intention of striking terror into her foes before slaughtering them. These pieces often feature the skulls of slain beasts, or can occasionally be more exotic, such as special headpieces or burial masks. While wearing any headgear, Ohma often keeps her hair bound together with a piece of twine or something similar. Racial Feat: Stoneskin: Half-Giants often retain or develop unique properties based on their predecessors, and Ohma's ancestors were better known as mountain giants. These nomadic figures were used to fighting against all matter of beasts for survival, including other giants, dragons and direbeasts of all sizes. As a result, their skin often turned to stone as they did battle, and this feat is shared by Ohma and her kin. Upon taking physical trauma (magic-based trauma counts in *some* cases), Ohma's flesh rapidly becomes almost scabrous, like scales made of flesh. These toughened dead cells are thick enough to stop arrows from piercing Ohma's flesh, and make half-giants exceptionally hard to deal with in close quarters combat. This natural armor fades quickly after being out of combat, meaning that quick, rapid hit and run strikes can often be enough to skirt around her defenses. Personal Feats: Survivor: Ohma was the sole survivor of a tragic event that killed her family (also, she was the tragic even that killed her family.) As a result, she has higher endurance than normal, and is able to weather far more devastating blows. Backstory: Raised among a tribe of her kinsman, Ohma is a full-bred half-giantess, born of two second-generation half-giants. During her time with her tribe, she learned quickly to wage war, as was her tribe's custom, and swiftly met her match in the form of a battleaxe. Long, unbalanced and made for slaughter, such a weapon appealed to the very nature of Ohma and what her tribesman had instilled into her, and she trained ruthlessly with hers, as often as she could. The Stoneskin tribe, her people, were well known for their lust for fighting; and while they kept livestock and grew some food, their primary source of anything came from the other tribes and settlements they raided. That said, Ohma was sent upon her first raid at sixteen years of age, making her a murderess well before she was a woman, in many respects. She found glory in their raids, and often spent more of her time fighting the hapless defenders than she did pillaging. In the years to follow, however, her tribe was not only approached by, but befriended by recent addition to their territory, a group of marauders who claimed to be 'Vvulfsons.' Vvulfsons, descendants of the infamous pirate Vvulf, were said to be brutal, warmongering half-beasts who were sent into the mainland at a certain age in order to claim their own land. Her kind had encountered Vvulf once or twice in the past, and the encounters were a part of the half-giant's lore; stories of vicious battles on the shores, storms raging all around them while a massive mountain of a gnoll slew their kin almost effortlessly with pistol and steel. Such tales invoked Ohma's visions of bloodlust and glory, and when the marauders came seeking a bride for the Vvulfson, she eagerly offered herself. She was traded without complication, and swiftly married to her new husband. Initially, Ohma was pleased with her decision; to be around the kin of legend was surely a boon from the gods, after all. However, the years grew long, and as Ohma saw no battle during her time as wife, she began to despair. Her husband was not what she envisioned a Vvulfson to be. While his men led raids, he gorged himself on the fruits of their labors, and counted his share greedily. He grew fat and his blade grew dull, and Ohma's despair turned to rage. One night, while her husband entertained a few new women his men had collected from a raid, she snapped, and dragged the coward from his bed. She pulled him from the tent, where he screamed and kicked, and while his men watched, she broke his back over her knee and dropped him in a heap. Silence reigned, then, in a low, impatient tone Ohma made her intent clear. The way she saw things then, she was the new leader of the band. They could either accept her leadership and do as she commanded, or they could die. She guaranteed none of them would get far enough away if they tried to run. Needless to say, the cowards buckled under her will, and Ohma assumed leadership quickly. Under her guise, their forge was stoked, and their blades hammered anew. Ohma raised an army of brigands from the gibbering masses her husband had controlled, and in no time sent them to work, leading raid after raid, after raid. Years of decay had left the Bandit Queen lusting for blood with a thirst she didn't know she'd possessed, but in the wake of his death, she inspired her men to great heights. Raids were savage and bloody, the loot they collected vast and impressive. For a spell, Ohma's ruthless reign seemed unquenchable, until her performance exceeded the patience of the tribes she once knew. Her band was raided, by her own kind as well as others, in a joint strike that quickly crippled their defenses, and Ohma could only watch as her men fell around her. Yet the half-giantess wasn't as easy to break as her men. In the one-sided battle to follow, Ohma struck her former friends and foes with such a bloody zeal that few could match her ferocity. She cleaved former friends, ended old feuds in the blink of an eye. When the noise finally died and the men got the sense to retreat, Ohma was still standing, scars pocking her stiffened flesh. Yet, for every cut upon her, the people sent to crush her village suffered a death or two of their own. Corpses littered the battleground, weapons tossed about like impromptu headstones, certificates of death everywhere. Ohma no longer had a home there, with her new group of warriors, and her old family lay dead at her feet, crushed all but to extinction. In the wake of such an attack, there would have been little else to do, little else to pillage, and Ohma understood that, in this fight, she had killed her future in this place. She gathered what she could and struck off, bloodied and exhausted, but proud. Now, she strikes out into the world in search of greater battles, more chances to test her might, and in the process, she hopes to rebuild what she destroyed, and perhaps create a city that would welcome people like her. Vicious, bloodlusting bandits and marauders, teaming together to organize raids and assaults, defending one another from the perils of the world. Until that point, however, Ohma is alone, and still carries the unofficial title of "Vvulfson." After all, she killed the original owner of that title, and any true Vvulfson wouldn't have been slain so easily.
  13. THE WISEMAN Haberdashery and Metaphysical Shop Audio Advertisment | Queue Quote At Approximately 7-8 Seconds In ~ “Here at The Wiseman, I have taken it upon myself to assume responsibility for the persistent necessity of fresh, attractive styles fit for any respective gentleman. With a humble, modest beginning, The Wiseman aims to corner the market in terms of providing goods and service to the gentleman in need. Fabrics, ribbons, buttons, ties, cufflinks, tie clips, socks and even shoe accessories are sold in tandem with a plethora of health and beauty products ranging from soaps and washes to shampoos, conditioners, colognes, and aftershave. There will also be a wide range of miscellaneous merchandise available both relative or exclusive to men and the few things not. Whether shopping for one’s self, a love one, or even a significant other in one’s life, we ensure only the best products one’s money can buy, And then some! So, come see me, Xartia Raye Pendragon The First, for all masculine essentials one could need and desire!” (Quote wraps at approximately 43 seconds.*) As the commercial implies, founder, owner, operator, and haberdasher Xartia Pendragon has pooled time, money, and resources tirelessly into the funnel called entrepreneurship. Despite being a Count and former prince and interim King of one court, and the Regent of another, this ambitious gent finds himself not nearly spread too thin to pursue personal goals. With a reaching hand aiming to clench a Barony within his grasp, the Magician finds himself already primed and ready to find his business in what seems to be the perfect place to market his product. Not because of the great location with customer flow to anticipate, but because the setting was simply perfect for this business that would otherwise outplaced in surrounding territories. While this didn’t mean he wouldn’t branch out, it simply meant that he sought stronger roots in which to sustain his business upon. To find this diamond in the not so rough, one must travel to a place outside of technology, and ultimately the comfort zone of the average citizen in today’s society. Our humble journey begins by arriving upon the shores of Nvengaria, where the Magician becoming businessman would seek counsel with the King of this very land to establish the origin of his most recent, yet highly ambitious goals. If he could have it his way, every respectable man, especially sovereign, spread across Valucre would prefer his brand over any other. He would certainly stop at nearly nothing to see his goals achieved.
  14. The Shield Family

    Shield Residences The Shield Family Farm Derrin, Susan, and Lucas Shield grew up on their parents' farm, and they too were involved in the Terrenus military. It was those values upon which their teachings were founded, and the two men were brought up in service of their country and loved ones. Either of the two brothers, in death or in life respectfully, would speak well of their parents, Meghan and Arax Shield. Derrin, being their elder son, was the first to inherit the farm, and hired help to tend to it during his service in the military. His time doing so, however, earned him another farm south of Hell's Gate, which he took over as a matter of convenience and good will, offering their childhood home to his brother Lucas and his growing family. Now, after Lucas's passing, the farm has been entrusted to his wife, Tawni Shield, and will later be inherited by their eldest, Yelstadt. Derrin's Farm South of Hell's Gate, perhaps closer to Tazarek than the aforementioned city, lays Derrin's farm, to which he tends in his retirement. Having had no children and been left by the one woman he loved, he seems to intend to live a quiet life of relative solitude until he passes. Ownership of the farm is likely to pass to one of his nephews in the event of his death, if not back to the Terrenus government.
  15. WAR :: Chat Thread.

    Here's the OOC for the main roleplay of the One Line roleplay board - War.
  16. Ebony-Yahera Quest

    Looking for land? Treasure? Cursed artifacts to up your stats? Do you love adventure? Going to other lands and exploring? Then look no further, for this quest is for you. Esben (sister to Esben Eden) has forced the princess of the land to help her extract many of the artifacts that lay asleep in her homeland. However this one hits hardest for it's where Rin grew up. So, she'll have to relive many events of the past. If taken on, probably best to use a character you won't mind losing in case you do. I apologise, not good at creating these to entice people to rp with me, but the rewards are really good.
  17. OOC - (to be determined)

    Space for OOC thread.
  18. The Hand of Valjer

    The Hand of Valjer Alright everyone. First of all, I would like to thank you all for showing great enthusiasm for this idea that I pitched less than 24 hours ago. I was half asleep and delirious when I was putting the interest check on the Water Cooler, and really didn't expect people to respond this quickly. I really was happy to see that many were interested in joining me on this dangerous line of quests in one of the most inhospitable areas within all of Genesaris. So far, there are seven members who will be participating in this event, and they are @Soldat Tenaille, @Twitterpated, @SabersFire, @Deus Ex Aizen, @Grim Wolf, @HumanBean03, @Etched in Stone and @Pseudonym (referencing myself in third-person for no reason in particular). As you already know, the whole goal of "The Hand of Valjer" thread is to expand the established Gensaran quest of slaying a Wyrm into a greater line of quests whose end goal will involve the lost Dragon God Valjer. How it involves Valjer, who knows -- that strongly depends on how everyone decides to shape the story! The characters that you choose from this point will become engrossed in an adventure that I can't wait to see unfold, so brace yourselves travelers, for this will be a saga of epic proportions. What we write here will (hopefully) shape and impact Genesaris lore. Just a friendly reminder that this thread is going to be based heavily on canon, and will hopefully be canonized itself. Don't forget about mild powers and the other requirements for a thread to be canonized, etc. etc. etc... (I honestly don't know why I threw this paragraph in here since mostly everyone here has already read the rules, but I'm new so whatever. I'm still getting used to the established customs here). With all of that done away with, the preferred pace for these threads will be one post every 1-2 days. Since we have a huge group of seven people, there should be much room for flexibility in terms of all of our schedules. I know that we all are probably busy people and have our own lives, so posting order won't be strict -- we can always just decide who goes next if something comes up. The reason why the posting time is so short is so that everyone can get a chance to contribute to the thread at least once a week -- don't want anyone being left out! I am currently working on a rough sketch of the npc's and whatnot, and hopefully we can get someone to act as them. If we can't get someone to act as the *cough cough* central character *cough cough* Wyrm and/or other npc's, we could always just designate someone within our group to play two characters (e.g. One person plays their main character and a npc) That is pretty much everything I have to say for now. I am going to be posting some relevant information within another post which is coming very soon. In the meantime, please post the characters you will be using here, and feel free to discuss and whatnot! See you all soon, -Pseudonym
  19. Anton Fortacore

    Name: Anton Surname: House Fortacore Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 21 Orientation: Heterosexual Birthday: 3. April Short biography: Anton was born to House Fortacore, a noble family which received its status due to its founder's military accomplishments as a general. By the time Anton was born, House Fortacore held one small castle (Storm's tip), and mostly relied on trading and investment to keep itself alive. Anton, being the second and last child, received good education, although still inferior to his brother, who was the heir. In his early years (0-10), he learned noble etiquette and general knowledge, out of which economy was the highlight. Throughout his childhood, he proved to be cunning, not scared to lie to reach his goals, and displaying a strong sense of humor, which often got him into trouble. In his teenage years at the castle (11-17), he spent his time practicing fighting a lot and continuing his economic education. The former traits persisted, especially the second one. However, Anton's goals seemed to be good natured, never doing anything he calculated would have lasting injuries, and doing going smart with his business. Romantically, Anton had little to none experience. Even though he was very socially active with his friend group, he didn't seem to pursue romantic interests. All was well until, at 17 years of age, due to the actions of his father, Storm's tip was sieged and taken. He escaped thanks to a merchant caravan which were on good terms with his family. The following 3 years (17-20) were spent living a normal life in the caravan, trading around, furthering his charisma and trading skills (he also intensely practiced fighting during this period, making him able to put up a fight). At 20 years of age, the caravan was destroyed in a bandit attack, from which Anton managed to escape once again. Since then, he traveled alone in his goal to return to Storm's tip and search for the remainder of his family. He knows it is unlikely, and it is likely he is the last member of House Fortacore. Personality: Anton is a charismatic guy, with a good sense of humor, making a joke out of every situation, which again helps him relax and think. He fancies himself a 'lady killer', even though his flirting methods often push women away more than they bring them closer. However, he seems to be rather adept at making friends. Physically, he is in decent shape, nothing too muscular, but certainly strong enough. He knows his way with a sword, able to stand on his own, and win a battle against someone unfamiliar with fighting rather easily. However, he is often the underdog when fighting anyone with extensive fighting experience or education. Morally, he is a rather good person, even though he has little way of showing it. He will not be charmed by things that might do so to other people (money, sex etc.), but however he will do almost anything to reach his goals. His wits do not disappoint, and that intelligent side of him is the strongest one. He also doesn't care much for honor, and will often disregard it when making choices which might reach his goals (however, he will take the morality of the situation quite seriously). Hair color: Brown Eye color: Green Skin color: White Facial hair: no facial hair Attractivness: Quite handsome, perhaps a 7/10 State of mind: Isn't generally depressed, although he displays some signs of it. Loneliness and regret are emotions he often feels, and despite his cheery persona, that might sometimes lead to him hiding from the world and closing down. Sense of humor: Dry, often sophisticated and witty. [Will add more once the character is more developed, not really any need to write more now]
  20. rp ?

    anyone up for a hetalia rp ? i rp the republic of ireland , gaul , ancient britannia , or northern ireland i will let you choose the ships i would want to do : for ireland : prussia x ireland , The netherlands x ireland , or even denmark x ireland for northern ireland : i dont really have anyone i ship with him so you can choose ancient britannia : germania , Scandinavia , or even Kyivan Rus gaul : germania , Kyivan Rus , or rome i do at least 3+lines and sometimes a paragraph but i can play more then one character just message me or comment so i can message you about it
  21. Welcome to the Justice Recruitment and Evaluation Center, also known as J-REC. Here you will be run through 3 separate evaluations to determine your suitability for Justice, as well as what niche within the organization your character can best fill. Evaluations happen in three stages, two of which can be completed at any time. The first stage is the in-character interview. During the interview your character will have to answer seven questions. Six of which will be provided beforehand. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, so feel free to answer them however you want, and in as much detail as you want. The six questions are: 1) What would you say your greatest weakness is and why? 2) If you had a team member that was ineffective, incompetent, and disruptive, how would you deal with them? 3) What are your top two greatest strengths, and how do you leverage them? 4) How do you define evil? 5) What is the worst thing you’ve ever done, and what did you learn from it? 6) What is your greatest achievement? At any point in time you can role play out an interviewer asking you these questions. Once they’ve been answered I will take on the role of the interviewer to ask you the final question. The second stage is a mission, for this mission you may choose to work with up to two additional people. The exact details of the location and the requirement will be laid out in the IC thread. However, there are some extra restrictions to the mission. You are only allowed to make 5 posts, and a post must be no less than 120 words and no more than 500 words. This event will largely be self-paced with some oversight from me. This is a collaborative event by nature, however certain actions may result in it becoming competitive. Once the IC thread is created for these events there will be a week and a half time limit to complete both stage 1 and stage 2. Failing to complete one or more stages does not automatically disqualify you from Justice. The third stage will commence once the time limit has run out on the first 2 stages. This will be a competitive event in which anyone who opted to not drop out will engage in a team fight against an opponent controlled by someone with Game Master/Dungeon Master authority. Winning the fight is not required for final acceptance into Justice. Please feel free to discuss the IC thread, ask questions, as well as plan and organize yourselves. CLICK HERE FOR THE IC THREAD!
  22. Ruin has come to Ashville

    This is the OOC thread for the aforementioned Ruin has come to Ashville thread. With this in mind, direct all OOC comments and questions related to the RP to this thread. Above me, in the spoiler, is the posting order for the time being. I believe that I am being more than fair, giving everyone seven days to post, each. This gives you all the time in the world to post, and it also allows me to say, without hesitation, that if you don't post, we will skip and forget about you. Too many threads get held up because people slack on their posts. Not this one. If you get forgotten, the thread will make up for it easily, and it will move on without you. So...post in three days, yeah? Also, if any one of you wants to argue the posting order, let me know. If you think you'd like to post before someone else/after someone, we might be able to arrange that.
  23. The Solaris Inquisition (OOC)

    This'll be the new OOC hub for the Solaris Inquisition, expect quest logs here. A group of mercenaries and worried citizenry have joined the Sons of Solaris in investigating the activities of select outsiders in Predator's Keep, they have narrowed down their objectives to two major tasks. Acquiring a portion of Zine grain to be tested. Hunting down and destroying Ghouls in the Keep and an 'abomination' in the forest outside.
  24. This thread is for any questions, concerns or discourse you may have about the King's Feast Event. I'm still planning on having the event go live this evening. There will be a 'Rankings' Thread pinned at the top of the Cosanastre Board for you to keep track of rules, points and any necessary links. (I'll fill the links in as they are posted.) Before/As we get started I have something of a survey for all our hunters. Links to the items can be found in the Rankings Thread. Note: This survey will help us determine what Artifacts to put on hold. If you're currently questing for an artifact (thread must have begun prior to Oct. 31st) you have until the end of the event (JAN 1) to wrap the thread up. There's no wrong answers and no choices will be removed as a possible prize due to low popularity. This is to ensure that you, the individual, get the specific prize you want when you win. Rank the items in the order that you’d want them if you win the Hunt. (I'll use my own order as an example. If you have suggestions) 1. Class IV or below Alterion Artifact 2. Tellus Seed 3. Custom Artifact/Prize 4. Hunter's License 5. Notoriety Market Credit 6. Familiar (any creature Class IV or below) 7. Participant Suggestion (Two for Glen Coco. You go, Glen Coco!)
  25. OOC Psionic Autopsy

    So here's the OOC, folks. Any questions, either regarding the roleplay or each other's characters, will end up here. You can put literally anything you want in here; I don't mind that much. @HollowCipher @FenrirLoki Which reminds me; you're a fan of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series than, I'm guessing @HollowCipher. Did you have a preference when it came to series, or did you enjoy all of them equally? I rather liked the series on the Egyptian Gods, myself. They never got past the first two books while I was in school, so I don't think I finished it. I just found myself enjoying it a little bit more than the other two series.