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  1. Here’s the OOC chat for the Path of the Owl Roleplay.
  2. Attention to @amenities, @Djinn&Juice, @danzilla3, @L E V I A T H A N, @Zashiii, @Noko, @The Alexandrian, and @Metty. The time has come and the Isle of Biazo faces sudden danger. The Arch-Demon: Kahd'Xel Yedapher, and 4,300 of his evil Xelken minions fly out from their fortress in Groff Basin and head straight for the City of Aspyn. Drawn in by the holy power of the righteous seed that nourishes the lands around Aspyn, These vile enemies of Gaia intend to ransack this fine city and contaminate the land with deadly toxins. While there are far more defenders than attackers in this fight, the Xelken are a ruthless and horrific foe that will use the plagues and poisons at their disposal to murder scores of innocent civilians and refugees. This includes the otherworldly plague that causes sapient creatures to turn into grotesque horrors loyal to Kahd'Xel. Fight to save the 6,000,000 people that live within Aspyn's walls and force back this unsightly foe in the name of Gaia, the goddess of nature. (OOC): After nearly three months of preparation it's (almost) finally here! The general set up for this thread is that Kahd'Xel and 4,300 of his Xelken minions will attack via the air and try to destroy and pillage the city of Aspyn as much as possible. It's been nearly two months since the events of Treedell, and very few people know of the Xelken's journey westward, across the Wasteland. The attack will be happening late at night and there will be little time to receive word of the Swarm's approach before they reach the city. A rough estimate of the enemy forces is 2,500 smaller wretches (mostly insects), 1,500 medium sized wretches , 120 large Wretches, 130 insect horrors, 30 fungal horrors (carried in on large transport insects), 20 flesh horrors, 2 surprises, and 1 Kahd'Xel. Also, many of the Horrors will be equipped with vakar weapons and shields crafted out of Suujali carapace, which negates magic but not kinetic energy created by magic. the goal for the defenders is to protect the citizens, prevent the Xelken from stealing resources, and routing the Xelken forces. The Xelken will be trying to steal people and property while letting loose clouds of miasma into the city, Expect that your character will have to deal with poisons and diseases if they are inside the city. Finally, we should take some time here to establish what characters everyone will be playing and a rough idea of what they will intend to do in this thread. Squid Peanut - Kahd'Xel Yedapher: Commanding the Xelken forces and doing battle with the city's defenders. (An immortal Demon fueled by an ever burning hatred of the Goddess Gaia and all sapient life.) Amenities - Michael Commager: (Assumed) Commanding the City's defenders and doing battle with the Xelken forces. (A famous hero who shaped Aspyn into the city it is today and believes himself the literal son of Gaia) Djinn&Juice - ? Danzilla3 - Li'El Avinoach: Working under Michael Commager to help in the City's defense. ( A gaianist paladin who tried out being a serial killer for a bit but had a change of heart and is re-leveling paladin.) L E V I A T H A N - Yshmael: (Assumed) Providing Assistance in the defense of Aspyn (one of the Gaia's Hand who served under Michael Commager) Zashiii - Shishi Ravenbush: Intentions Pending. (Assumed) (Twin sister of the Chaotic force known as Middy Ochre, Shishi feels obligated to be an overt force for good to balance out her family name, which neither her nor her sister actually use.) Noko - (Currently Undecided): Will be providing for the defenders in some indirect and loosely aligned way like providing information and maybe armaments. The Alexandrian - Caeceila Glasmann and Camelia Sorina : Will be assisting the defense of the city with some forces of House Glasmann while trying to find a way to quickly Repel the Xelken forces. Camelia will be assisting her friend Caeceila and trying to protect her. (An indignant Warlord from the Hell's Gate nobility and her best friend, chaotic good body horror Cat-girl.) Metty - Arashi Sato and Stormbreaker: both are trying to prove themselves on the field of battle, although Stormbreaker wants to protect the civilians while Arashi just wants to punch the monsters and look cool. (Arashi is a headstrong bio-engineered half dragon with a self destructive hero complex. Stormbreaker is Arashi from an alternate timeline that is always wearing full body power armor and has yet to tell Arashi that they're the same person.) This event has been organized by both Amenities and myself and will be effectively closed but not necessarily limited to the people named in this post. Hopefully this all goes well and we have a lot of fun. Oh, and don't forget to follow this thread to keep updated Here is the thread POSTING ORDER @squid peanut @amenities @The Alexandrian @danzilla3 @Metty @L E V I A T H A N @Zashiii @desolate @Sigil Warden
  3. Dead God's Inheritance is a thread situated in the Moss Forest of Taen, around a small village called Pellas. Pellas, according to recent news, has come into the great fortune of a whale washing ashore, which supplied the entire town with food, oil, fuel and bones for tools, and craftswork. Trouble arises, in the realization that Pellas doesn't live anywhere near the sea, yet still managed to export so many of these goods to the rest of Taen. This is the OOC for the thread, which can be found in the Taen Board, or here. Remember to follow both threads, so you know when someone has posted in them! Currently, there is no posting order yet, as we're trying to get everyone in. When you have time, please feel free to introduce yourself here, and drop your character sheet here as well, so people have an easy reference to your character's appearance, among other useful stuff. Ideally, I would like everyone to get their first post in within a week, so we can start quickly. The thread will be broken up into three 'scenes' or settings: The Ferry, Pellas and the Seaside Cannery. I will be providing full maps of each area, which will include details such as items of interest, strange events, enemy encounters and so forth. In addition to this, you're encouraged to make your own fun, either by engaging with each other, or the setting I've supplied you with. We will get the most out of this thread if you take the time to write posts that give everyone else involved in the scene something to work with. By that, I mean, touch stuff, read things, think out loud, flirt and fight, try to 'guess' the ending early, if that's the sort of thing your character might do. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask in here! I have lots of free time each day, so I'll probably reply quickly on most days! @Zashiii @Tyler @Shatter @Hydrangeas @Rabbit
  4. IC Thread: Interest Check: Party: @AthenasFire (Vivian, The Archivist), @Dabi (Dauner), @Fallen Joy (Ferrah [Character is listed on the page]), @L E V I A T H A N (Saul [Correct me if this is the wrong link just what I found!]), @Sirloin (Kaia, the Blind Archer), @Mickey Flash (Playing the dragon) This way we don't over crowd the interest check with chatter! If I don't have your character sheet by your name or the wrong one just let me know if you want that fixed! This way its organized and we can quickly access everything we might need.
  5. Heya! This is the OOC for the thread 'Dirty Deeds Don't Come Cheap'. This is where we'll be keeping close tabs on the posting schedule, asking any questions that might be relevant to the thread or our ability to write, and a general information-keeping place. The cast for this thread is: Me, playing as both Priscilla Arrettle, and another character, who I'll post later. @Venus Sprite and @Houndy Poochykins In this thread, we are following, or at least trying to follow Brevity rules, which you can find here. To put it simply, though: You have a word limit of about 350 words, and each time you post, it must advance the scene in some way. For example, your first post in this thread will introduce your character, and have them interact with any information from the last few posts in the round to move things along. Respond to other questions and comments, interact with the environment, try to make something happen, etc. There's a 3-day posting order, so you'll need to get your posts in quickly and on time to keep things moving. If you have issues with that, speak up quickly, so we can decide how to respond. And lastly, your posts should always move forward. Contribute and add to what's happening. Keep it goin.' That should do it! Please when you have the time, drop your character sheets below, and get a post in when you can.
  6. OOC thread for Let's Solve Some Problems I saw @supernal do this 'Session 0' for a thread we were in and I loved it so much I'm stealing the habit. Overall, I found it super helpful to have a written outline of what was going on and who was who that I could reference as we go on, as well as to make sure we're all on the same page at the start. This is modified a bit to fit this thread, but hey - let's see how it goes. 1) Premise There are some bad things happening in Hasturia's mines which are impacting their ability to mine and produce Valiras. Having heard this, and being interested in Valiras, Phoebe (Noko) wearing her Michelle Beauregard persona will travel to Hasturia, along with a business associate (Shikai), and express a want to personally support and facilitate small business investment in Hasturia, particularly in regard to their Valiras production. Lady Kuanji informs them of the issue; Michelle offers to solve this problem, then off we go to do some pest control in another thread. This is a meet and greet for the most part. 2) Setting and Theme Lady Kuanji's business address, Hasturia. 3) Characters Michelle Beauregard (Phoebe) - @Noko Aden Ramseyer (Shikai) - @danzilla3 Lady Kuanji - @Dabi Riha Carthrage? (Riha Carthrage) - @DarkHorse
  7. This thread begins with the Terran military moving in on Cae and HGA as soon as HGA cuts the power grid and starts forcing Aspynians out of their own homes, military investigators pressing HGA as to why they came to help and then displaced already traumatized citizens. @danzilla3
  8. Pest Control is a thread based in Nesthome, in the Wilds of Lagrimosa. It features @Houndy Poochykins @MyStalker and @Die Shize as bounty hunters, mercenaries or otherwise adventurers, as they seek to figure out who has been targeting workers and travelers on the road into Tradetown, and put a stop to any further casualties before it begins to negatively impact Tradetown's supply routes, and the profits of the Merchant's Guild branch located within the Town. This OOC serves as a sort of one-stop for everything in the thread that isn't spoken 'In Character', meaning that anything that does not serve the narrative directly. This will include questions about the environment or characters, links to other threads, pictures, music and so forth. Furthermore, discussions on what to do in the thread, reminders to post, or any other relevant information can go here, so feel free to use this space however you like. I would recommend that we all start by sharing any relevant character sheets pertaining to our characters. From there, we can safely access whatever information is needed to produce a post.
  9. This is the topic. So far so good.
  10. An OOC thread for me and @Felicate Firstly, do you have any good title suggestions? I really don't know what I should call this story. Also, is there anything you want to add into the plots I have made? If not, we can go straight into making our character.
  11. An OOC thread for me and @Sirloin Do you wanna start writing you character first?
  12. Greetings and welcome! This will be the OOC Chatter Thread where we can plan stuff and discuss about the roleplay, as well as, throw in suggestions to better improve the roleplay and whatnot. @amenities, @Zashiii, @danzilla3, @Walk Among The Abyss, @carrionjackal, @Die Shize, @Djinn&Juice and @DarkHorse (DarkHorse make sure to let that other player know this is the OOC Thread)
  13. Simply a place to collect Character and/or relevant lore links that might come up during the 'Rookie Mistakes' thread being played by Sentaris and supernal Main Topic: Rookie Mistakes Characters: Tharun Plot/Lore: TBC
  14. https://www.valucre.com/topic/45236-union-city-my-shop-elysian/ Hello everyone, I finally got my shop up and running in union city its in the middle of the market place so if anyone's character needs repairs for armor, weapons or farm equipment or the like I have a smithy to help also conversely I sell those things too. Along having an apotchary. So if you just want to come.in an buy what you need and take it home or if your character is truly I'll I have rooms inside to serve as a clinic. Everything is reasonably priced. So I hope to see everyone coming in soon. -Celina
  15. Hello! I am new to this site, but have been roleplaying online for quite a few years now. I have made a character and have been pondering about how to start a story with him. My character is an assassin, but he can easily serve a lot of other roles, too. Do we end up going to investigate a mystery? He can be a sneaky mastermind! Are we doing a monster hunt? He's combat ready! What about just some socializing or slice of life stuff? His personality is the biggest on the continent (or so he claims...) I'm up for most things, but here's a couple things I'm not interested in right now: Adult stuff (I'm currently 17 years old). PvP (Maybe at some point, but I'm looking to start with something co-operative to get a better handle on combat Anything that has no goal (I love socializing aimlessly as my character, but threads like those often fizzle out pretty quickly) So, I'm not exactly sure how roleplays are 'run' here, I come from a DND background, so I'm used to there being a GM. Seemingly, that's not necessary on this site. Neat! I'd be up to joining a local quest with you, or becoming your partner in crime, even :). I'm not really looking to GM a thread, mostly because I want to play in one too, and that seems problematic. That's not to say that I'm not up for collaborating to move a story along, I just don't want to have to be in charge of the thread. I also don't mind playing as NPCs on top of my main character, as long as neither of us expect them to be the stars of our story 🙂 If anything I said was confusing, I apologize, I've never been on a site where roleplay is handled like this 🙂 Note: It doesn't have to be in Union City, but definitely somewhere close by, at least. I'm totally up for being spirited away from there, though! This is just my suggested starting location, I'd be excited regardless of where the story takes us around the world! Thanks for reading, I'm excited to start playing with all of you 🙂
  16. This is the OOC Thread. Here, you're free to ask questions about the thread, clarify anything about someone else's posts, or ask for any specific plot beats or events if it suits you. This is where everything that is not in character goes, so put whatever you like here! I will also tag you in here from time to time, if you miss your turn to post, like so. @ReachForStars @Silent Sword To get things started, I think I can explain exactly what we can anticipate. The Great Exploder is a sensitive vehicle, carrying sensitive ammo, and as a result will stay on the roads at all times. Roads are rarely overburdened with too many obstacles, so hopefully between the four of you, the wagon can get there without exploding. To make this stretch for 2 pages, feel free to pick fights, or suggest unhelpful use of the Great Exploder as befits you!
  17. INCOMING MESSAGE FROM ://ENCRYPTEDIP:RE:UVMUTANT//CLANDESTINE Thank you for choosing Clandestine Industrial for your biotechnological security needs! As you've doubtlessly heard by now, our state-of-the-art laboratories are constantly evolving; developing new and fantastic security measures to fit any combat scenario, without the hassle of interference from foreign technologies, remote-transmitted viruses, and other tragic machine downfalls. This quarter, we are proud to unveil our latest efforts in the ongoing fight for bioweapons on the front line; the UV Mutant! The UV Mutant, at a first glance, might seem like something we're already familiar with. After all, who hasn't used lab-grown super-soldiers before? Don't let early concept art fool you, however! Each mutant may start in a humanoid form, but that's only the steroid and adrenaline appetizer to this front line fiend! Using breakthrough technology in cellular coding, Clandestine Scientists working hard in one of our remote facilities have found a way to selectively program cell growth and death in particular, and fantastical patterns! Coupling this with regular, repeated doses of ultraviolet light from microLEDs implanted into living tissue, causes the sudden formation of cancers in specific parts of the bodies on command. From there, we inject a powerful miracle drug into the body, which rapidly and violently accelerates the programmed cell growth and death of the cancer cells we developed prior. In a matter of minutes, your new subject starts looking more and more physically impressive! But we don't stop there! Our UV Mutants are selectively chosen based on the genetic mapping of their body. In particular, we are looking for a specific weakness in a particular karyotype, which allows us to insert special cells into the bloodstream that automate this process, allowing forcible cell growth and manipulation to occur almost indefinitely. We're getting close to the end, so try to keep up! After the first few months of mutation, our mutants reach what we consider 'critical mass', where they rarely develop larger skeletons after a certain point, at which point we're able to surgically enter the mutant's brain and perform a series of mini procedures to implement tradition cyborg combat routines into the cerebral cortex. The end result: Constantly growing, self-repairing combat drones that can be programmed remotely to attack specific targets at will. Or, UV Mutants! You might think that the UV in 'UV Mutants' might stand for 'Ultraviolet,' based on the programmed cancer cells in the body. In fact, UV stands for Ultraviolence, based on the primary coding behind our new frightening friends! Your UV Mutant, when you collect it, produces a number of specific chemicals in its brain whenever active in order to propel it into the fight. We like to keep things simple, and forcefully starve the weapon of nearly all chemicals when it isn't fighting: this includes dopamine, adrenaline, testosterone and more! Using traditional conditioning strategies, we can force the mutant to blindly throw itself into combat scenarios as often as it can in order to maintain the near-ecstastic sensation of bloodlust, for an indefinite period of time. Once your weapon is deployed, sit back, and watch as it ruthlessly throws itself nonstop at everything it can find to kill as quickly as possible! Furthermore, your mutant comes equipped with a powerful 'Kronenburg 12-Gauge Collar', designed to cleanly and abruptly eliminate your Mutant once it remains idle in the field for more than 2 hours without killing something. Talk about an easy clean up! It bears repeating that your weapon will faithfully live up to its name, but can it spot the difference between unarmed civilians and armed opposition? No! In fact, in order to guarantee that your UV Mutant maintains our tried and true scorched earth policy, we've taken the liberty of installing a very straightforward, but very effective targeting system in the brain. It will kill things, destroy obstacles and avoid walls, and that's it. Your mutant has no other function but to slaughter! We're particularly proud of the potential Ultraviolence our mutants can commit, and we certain hope you will be, too! However, if you ever need to instruct your mutant to perform targeted demolition, or perhaps you want to guide it towards an intended target, all UV Mutants respond to a low frequency laser targeting system, included with your purchase. By using the targeting system, you can redirect the UV Mutant wherever you like! By now, you're probably wondering how you can get your hands on your own UV Mutant! You're probably wondering 'Can my mutant feel pain?' or 'What animal do we use to produce the results needed for UV Mutant development?' However, at Clandestine Industrial, we think the more important question is: How do you want your mutant to get the job done? We said already that our mutants are genetically coded to build new organs, muscle and bone based on a specific code--we call this a 'mutation'--and when you purchase your own UV Mutant, you get to selectively chose your own mutations in order to build your own mutant as best as possible! Take a look at the form below, and get started building your own personal weapon, by sampling our various mutations in the Mutations Catalog!
  18. @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose This here's our little spot for discussing things about the RP. I'll be starting the topic anytime today or tomorrow so look forward to it.
  19. Here is the OOC thread @L E V I A T H A N @Eth Unidus
  20. This is the OOC for The Lengths We Go To, and the space to put character sheets, ask questions out of character and whatever else may be necessary. I would ask everyone involved to introduce their characters here with a link to their character sheet, and a small blurb about them. It can be as simple as 'They are just visiting Hyperion' or as complex as 'They are a warrior, come to Hyperion in order to try and pick up a contract with the local authority.' Up to you really, and there are no real requirements. To answer a few questions we may have early on: This thread will involve the party's efforts to help Eryel find her belongings, recover them, and then use her recovered wealth to finance an attempt to get her father medicine to save his life. It will involve elements of investigation, burglary, detective work and combat of varying kinds. Everybody has a week to post, with the timer beginning for the next person immediately after the person before them posts. You can try and @ the person after you so that they know they can post, if you like. I will send out messages reminding folks if they have not posted by the 6th day waiting on them, and if we wait more than 7 days we will skip that person until they return. I expect this thread to take some time to finish, and you are, of course, welcome to drop out at will, if something comes up, or it becomes impossible to continue. You should want to post with us because you're having fun, not out of obligation. With that in mind, take some time to read the first post, and introduce your character to the scene when you are available. @vielle @Zashiii @Sanonymous @squid peanut @Peach
  21. @supernal @Venus Sprite Here be the OOC thread for our IC thread and o'er there be sandwiches. IC thread WC thread Feel free to use this thread to chat to one another regarding the roleplay, brainstorm ideas, hit me with ideas and questions and comments and concerns, or just hit me for anger's sake
  22. The Lore for Athentha: Hello all, I have decided to do some rps with other characters since the main rps are slowing down, due to circumstances beyond control. So, I want to focus on Vanilla and the battle to gain the third most powerful house in Athentha. What I need from you awesome, lovely people is players for the Cloverheart house, save for Claude, as I'll be playing him along with Malachite Valentina and the two seeds Vanilla and Platinum. So, in this rp, the Red Blood Moon Organization has dimished leaving Vanilla and Platinum without a purpose. So the second seed has decided to obtain the Cloverheart house and turn into her own organization. One better than the Red Blood Moon Organization. Platinum is just along for the ride. Being alerted to this reveal, Malachite Valentina has offered his services to help aid the young Claude in defending his house. Its pretty much an easy rp. You don't need to know much of the land since I'm flexible with creative ideas. Lore above for reading if you need info. Questions can be asked here. Though I have limited hotspotting and no internet, mobile data, I'll be slow to answer. Apologies. Lookimg for a 5 people. Posting order when rp starts, and 3 day wait before skipping turns. --Rin
  23. Hello RP friends. This is the thread to go to if we have our OOC thread matters to discuss. This is also where we can let others know if we plan to be away for a while, or give a little poke to those next to post in the thread. The posting order for this thread is 3 days at most between posts, after that you're skipped. Once everyone has posted the first post that will be the new posting order for our thread. The rules are be considerate of other RPers. And communicate with each other. Got any questions? Feel free to ask here. Ideas? I'd love you to freely express them in the OOC. Something bothering you, or another post written by someone else needs an edit? Constructive criticism is good, as long as it's constructive. Now I'm starting this thread out with a post at Kinumo: And I already set the stage for Shaym arriving and people looking at him funny. If you'd like to have your character know him personally, and give a greeting, this would be a great first post. And you don't have to know Shaym. Your character's might just know each other, or no one. We'll start with the intros, and make some stuff up as we go along (my favorite thing to do). Also, it doesn't happen often, but others might join the thread after we've posted a page or two. If you would rather not break the flow of the posts, just let me know and I can make the thread closed. I say the more the merrier, as long as their character can find a place to belong in the story. Here is a link to the thread:
  24. It's finally here, after all this time! [Canned Applause] Alright, but before I get started, I have to make a brief disclaimer here for all the newbies looking at this right now. Take a second and read this next bit, because it's incredibly important. DISCLAIMER: The following list is composed entirely of races other users have already made characters of, and as such this list is always growing. Additionally, this list is not official, and not fully inclusive. You are by no means expected to pick from this list when making characters, nor do you need to conform to this list in any way. This list is not official. This list is not official. Additionally, I am hoping to constantly add more races to this list as I go, so if at any point you would like a race submitted to this page for others to consider using, then by all means go ahead and send me a private message. I'm on here almost every day, and I reply quickly, so it won't be hard to see something you made end up on this page. Also, a tremendous thanks to @supernal for not only supporting this idea before I even started working on it, but also constantly checking in with me. Props to that guy. The following document is an ongoing list of many races that appear in Valucre as player characters and NPC's. They have been documented here for ease of access and identification, and to help new and veteran users find new ideas for characters quicker. The list updates often (hopefully) and I will attempt to frequently interact with users in order to add new races that I find interesting. Please, use this list to your own discretion, and remember that this serves as more of a guideline instead of stiff rules. Do as you please, and make a character you're happy with. If you would like to submit a player race of your own, please feel free to PM me with the following formatting. Race Name: (Official and Colloquial) Basic Physical Description of the Race: (Things like size, weight, body type, etc; are they furries? Zombies?) Age of Race: (How long has the race been around for?) Place of Origin: (If they're indigenous to Val, just specify what continent they came from. Do they share any common ancestors with other races on Val? Are they from another world?) Character Sheets for Reference I am fairly lenient in terms of composition, so as long as all of this information exists somewhere for me to find, I will be satisfied.
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