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Found 26 results

  1. "If a bomb were to go off, that building towering over the sky would know, it always knows" The matter of extra construction workers was getting out of hand, yes there were meny things to be made and yet all of those possisions are filled, leaving meny with nothing to do but repair the same roads over and over again or other maintaince work. It became clear that they could be used for something more and something big something like a space project. Yet there was always that one person who messed everything up and not everyone was so trustworthy. This how do you know who is to be trusted and who to not? Well it only spells one thing for the government, and that was to begin the construction of a wonder. One that was sure to bring out the best and worst in people, and also one where workers could be observed without intervention and with ease. A wonder that truly would be great. (For your knowledge here is the basic information) [ Cold war Thermos (Emporian atomic age wonder)] Type: Wonder; Bunker; Museum; detection center. Effects: 1. direct pin point detected of WMDs from up to 105 miles out side the territory borders (stacks on other bonuses if any) 2. Increases current warhead capacity by 50% 3. Creates 5 artist slots,2 musision slots and 6 writer slots. 4. Increases production relating to nuclear weapons by 15% 5. generates 3 political power per turn "well then it shall be then, a wonder shall be constructed one that would show that we and our history shall remain as is, with its policy of heavy nuclearization"- King Lewis of Lexdord had said before bicking up a tablet and pulling some files describing its architectural detail, size, and even its purpose. "as you can see in begins arching outward to a point as you get to the higher floors " "That sounds lovely but aren't arches cliche? Oh what does it matter actually? Just as long as it includes a lab or two." Rotwell had happily replied "and what about security? Im pretty sure theres a person or two who would love to smash the wonder before its finished" said one of the 3 congressmen.
  2. How long had it been since Reinhardt had found himself in this strange and fascinating new world? What had been born from an Alchemical mishap became one of his crowning discoveries. There existed realms of Existence outside Earth and his own timeline. Or perhaps he should say Dimension, Universe? Whatever the case may be he had to find a way to connect a path between this realm of Existence and back home in France. For a few reasons. one of which was his coven must be deathly scared due to his absence. Or perhaps time was affected differently and nothing had changed since his accident. But such questions and answers would have to wait. He had set up several bases of operations across this world so He could always have a place to fall back to should the Winds of Favor blow against him suddenly. He was dressed in in leather leggings and vest. He had a pair of goggles resting atop of his head. he had a white tee under his vest as he began working on his latest piece of work. A Bike that hovered off the ground but was powered by Steam. He had seen in other nations similar vehicles powered by Mystical and Arcane means. But he lacked any knowledge of how those contraptions worked and decided he would replicate their feats with his own knowledge and understanding. An oil stain streaked his right cheek. He grabbed a wrench and began torquing a bolt into place with ease. He found solace in his solitude in his repetitive actions while building new devices. @Hani
  3. The way the world seem to be heading for has told time and time again that Lexdord requires a new motive of transport for incase they weaken into nothing "Today we are what? A piron Engine? Do you know what that takes, how long it might take to even bring it online?" As Rotwell had sent his team of scientist to work on the projects. "yes Rotwell I know but you've got to understand that this world is the way to its end if you havent seen the reports.....so were going with building that Piron engine early rather then late" The King had said through a secure line "Dont say I didn't warn, these things are fragile as well Cap'n" "Then we'll cover it with protective metals. Now stop complaining and get reserching! Ill fax you the list of priority things." Then the screen went dark laveing Rotwell to start on the first of very difficult project to come. The scientist were baffled as neither of them knew what a Piron engine was, yet from what whas heard about it, it had something to do with super magnetic charged ion particals. The list of other technologies that were to be a priority went through the system's computer and copied itself as a paper listing just what the king wanted by the end of the year. "He does know that its not going to be easy..." As the small model funnel shape steel outer mid cast of the engine was being constructed to give it as an example of what the end product was surpost to look like. Rotwell announced to the scientist in an enclosed disclosed room about the engine and explained its purpose "So this is whats known as a piron engine" its sleek silver streaks that when compared with other engines was pretty unique. with its sharply shaped front and back enclosing a cylinder like sphere enclosed within the classic funnle cone shape of an engine "This is recalled as one of the finest engines that could ever be" of course that probely wasn't true anymore as things get updated all the time, however based on the information left from the damaged data base it pretty much was true to them. "everything that we are to work on for the future of not just our own...but the future of Valcure. As you have heard there are ELE (Extinction level events) being detected all around the globe. Though meny are quickly calmed and relived there are a few however that are currently growing at an unprecedented pace and soon it would be too late." saying this somberly as he dramatizes the large scale events like Elderion's spiritual end, and what ever was going on in Kadia. "as you can see the end will soon come...but will all of us have to face it? Mabye not....mabye if we discover enough to to something about it no one will have to die yet there are some that chose to kill rather then save and because of this....we have left them and actully everyone out of this." depicting that the project remain a secret even to the closest of allies. "And because of this you all might be living here for a while, something like.....4-5 months but then again you shouldn't seem surprised as this is what we all signed up for... To give our lives to research and to presue better technologies, we were never told to just stop" as the scientists stared with blank faces, hiding their regret within newfound responsibilities. As the fate of everything they knew could hang upon their research. They headed over to reaserch bay one
  4. "The mind was a place of privacy, a place of secrets, and where great ideas come to be. But what if we could hack it?" The base was silent yet it was crowded, a meny around, walking quietly through the halls of concrete and metal. below around a mile underground lay a box and a prisoner test subject tied up next to it, it was occasional that testing of secret projects happened in this location (as its so secret im am liable to not give away any description of its location). this time however the test was neurological, to see if the test subject could be more then just influenced by phycic energy, but controlled, assimilated rehabilitated and the scientist had to make sure to impact that person permanently in someway. "Rotwell ,commander Holgan is arriving hes coming to check up on the project!" "Well then lets give this man a good show and tell then, not too much show though, we wouldn't want to take too much time." He said excitedly but quietly "Front and center" came in the Holgan quietly "why is there to be silence here? I wasn't informed about it" "Ohh not to worry, we were just informed yesterday anyways moving on theres the thing you came to see" pointing at the box as it began its testing phase. [Insert sci-fi sounds] as it came online. Nearly instantly the test subject began violently shaking and began screaming and yelling "Still just influencing the subject's mind but...its not actully controlling it, thats still a shame but were getting there, I mean attention to the screen" as he went to a computer on the side and pressed some keys that displayed the subject's brain and a energy signature attempting to break through the brain. "Yea the mechine attempts to 'drill' into the Victim's subjuct's mind iteslf" As the screens displayed that the signature wasnt getting all the way through the brain. Not yet.....
  5. "Famine, a scourge that always had threaten the stability of a diet, it caused by hunger of the people would always be present,but today the scourge shall meet its first fallings"-King Lewis Tis was a normal arid day in the kingdom of Lexdord. The skyies with clouds streaking across like missle trails or jet trails, as they leave their exhaust. But today yet again begin the threats of riot caused by this hunger. Dispite the influencers powers it could no longer hold them back. It was alone, against almost a million minds and now it became overwhelmed. "This stupid thing! Always gafailing at the worst times!, who ever wanted this ancient device clearly never saw its limits!" Said a technician who was looking at it inside and out. "Yes a bit outdated but it survived, plus we can. Always upgrade it to updated standards" said Rotwell But lets not pay attention to that -----elsewhere in Lexdord city In one of five generic (boring) schools at a science fair were a child namex Rachel Oli had "Water as you might already tell can retain and contain information the same way memory chips do except better much better, Now I was thinking that by using radiation we could do stuff like transport goods from one place on the world to another insta-" At this point the judges had begun walking away (rude ikr) but it was due to fact that well there were already meny other ways and they just plain didnt like the idea. "..........well then dont worry I have.....ummm a second project that is...well REALLY IMPORTAINT...LOTA MONEY INVOLVED" that part was sorta. True,to create the mechine she had to over a course of a year buy parts the altogether costs around 789,652 common diamonds (or 1,124,665 U.S dollars) which is buy itself alot of money. Origanly it was built for the purpose of getting herself into her scientist career or perhaps even starting her own company, like meny others at her school who all wanted to become similar things "Let me tell you about something revolutionary and exciting, something also including water"
  6. "The world accelerates towards eventual Annihilation , as all worlds do new technologies are developed some form allies with one another but some are destined to seek all the power...to control all that exists within their eyes, to become god themselfs. Yet in the mist of their endeavours they or others that feel threaten may take precautions in a way that ends with a really big bang, this time its something more terrifying then a nuclear warhead this time it is something more, something that would make people feel unsafe once again for the future" The day had clear skies, the sun was shining, and various waves bounced upon the shores of an island so small it was more described as an insignificant hill perfect for certian weapon testing. The first of meny soon to come this was more then the average nuclear bomb, this was a Thirmanium bomb. Boiled in a spinning vat of various reasources like Buborium set to cook for 24 hours until it turned bright red and had its density increased using hydrologic pressurizers to turn it into more of a delicate spherical gel ball the size of a person's head. One that floated in a medium within its bomb capsule. They had build their first and hopefully only nuclear submarine just for this purpose, this test, the 'makers' left suspiciously unnamed were most likely hoping for good results else where. On the Submarine which was being transported to Water well City via airship (2 actually carried it) the bomb was loaded similarly like a torpedo. The transport was quick and within under an hour it was on its way to secretly begin its weapon's test on the insignificant island. ------At ×××××× Facility also known as The X Nexus "Well All going according to plan? I really hope they hurry, I just want to mass produce these already, then we'll have fear on our side" "I dont know how those children were able to conjor up this feat but I love it! Now we have a secondary use for your great gift. However do they wish to continue to remain anonymous? " Rotwell questioned. The thing was there was no children, no one had actully 'conjored' this weapon up, instead the ingredients had accidentally been found within the database in a thought to be corruped file which it turns out only the file itself not its contents were corrupted....but Rotwell never knew that and would never know the council and King Lewis would make sure of that. "Yes and we the council decided it so, anyways how long until the launch commences?" "14 minuets sir considering the speed of the vessel, however we put so. Much into the speed that we never bothered with stealthing the submarine due to all of that strange emp dedication " "We wont need stealth after this, infact I dont believe any sort of stealth could hide that explosion i mean stealth can barely hide a regular classical atomic bomb explosion." Speaking as if Rotwell was a mere child. Shuffleing towards the large array of screens that were tracking everything making sure to record every bit of information for historical benefit and future analysis to futher its research and looking at it it seemed that the sub was headed south south east ---back to the sub Soon it would arrive at the small island and the test would commence. If done right the nations around will know not of who detonated the explosion or how but even where it exactly detonated will prove to be difficult. If this was done right
  7. Lexdord's guide to handheld Weapons and daily equipment for both its citizens and soilders .. First off you have to know that yest although we use stereotypical weapons like guns, rifiles, and snipers we also have one that was a gift from our great leader. More on that later For now we get onto the citizens and what they are allowed for arment. ------ Steel knives: Mundane knifes made of steel with ether a waxed wodden handle or a handle of stone Stinging Arse poison: ether in a pouch or a glass bottle this in dust, liquid or gas form causes powerful pain by over exciting nerves sometimes even to the point where nerves receive damage. Effects lasts for up to a week. ---- [Now for the security force] This is what they get Supreme kinetic Vaton baton: But It's really just a kinetic bat that sends people flying Taser Laser: a taser thats a laser....its a laser taser! It shocks and causes major cramps by disrupting the muscles and its elastisity causing it to stiffin rapidly, even if you could move through the stiffness you'll end up tearing tye stiffined muscles which causes internal damage to not only muscles but sometimes organs Carbon fiber Riot shields: riot shields but made out of carbon fiber Sniper rifle: Elite cops and army men only especially those that can remain out of sight even when in sight, they use an array of physical, acidic, or implosive and act like well...a rifle Handgun: cant get a more basic gun then this Various magic spells: well idk theres too meny ro lable! [now before we talk about military well talk about Prions and what they are (WIP] A Piron is a specific hyperionized partical that has been fissioned ioniclly through the use of electro magnetics. There are a total of 5 diffrent types of pirons that have slightly diffrent effects and energy levels, they are created In a similar way as how an ion engine works. There are actully over 458 diffrent pirons but only 5 are actually useful (or matter) in their own way.....to simplify them and pervent your brain from exploding we've labled them by letters and corresponding energy levels. A+,B+,0, A-,B- Remember since its simplified the absolute ion charge is not labled only its relative to one another With 0 being netural
  8. The United Federal Kingdoms of Lexdord Aero flighting standards report Level of security required: Public (general information for the general public) Type: Airship class labeling Authored by: Education Bureaucrat society --------- Standard Class: a group of common balanced ships whom are balanced in aspects of flight speed, attack power, defences (includes point defence and Arcane force fields), and detection (ether its own or how well it can detect others). This class of airship is the normal every day airship that you might see, most also call it the 'Average class' as it seems like airships within this class are infact the Average of the bunch. Pincer class:: A class of Airship which has an unusual amount of speed due to ether an efficent engine upgrade, being outfitted with tech that works too well, a very good reactor or being lightweight in comparison to its heavier counterparts. It comes at the cost of limited weaponry that can be thrown on it but other then that it has no other penalties associated with it. Troit class: A class of airship built to seige and pillage made mostly of ranged seige equipment
  9. In a world filled with microorganisms of all types, there was always a struggle to become dominate. At first it was just regular microbs destroying microbs. However the presence and fleeing of an extraterrestrial microb known as Z-35 around 2000 years ago visited and used the world as its little 'experiment' granting them the level of sentience that it was gifted Decades went by after it fled as fights and battles grew in numbers throughtout the various microbs. Within 1657 years only 6 remained and by the year 1978 only three were left The Corilians being the most dominant as they have the most organized coral reef cities and had begun gaining atomic power The RexRexo red Algae was second being a raypunk society yet having spots in their territory where technology was less developed Then there were also the Manitrix who instead of technology uses magic to defend against the war. Alas it was pointless as in 1996 they were destroyed by a sudden barrage of atomic weapons Then there were two As the Rexrexo algae had begun their own atomic weapons, at this time some had begun building exo-skeletons out of steel and copper, often requesting that several algae bond together for it to operate. However our story starts in a less developed colony of algae, it didnt really have a name none but the capital has a name called Agirea yet the colony was sorly known as a lesser state and thus though it not be its name it was known as lesser state 5# one of the newer colonies, it was to be a buffer to pervent the coral hordes from invading the land by blocking one of several passage ways, if this plan worked then it'll give them time to build up an army sufficient enough to stop the hordes Thats when it happened, all that was heard was a terrifying screeching sound followed by the sound of rushing water, as if the water was flowing out to somewhere. The whole colony was ripped from its attachments and got sucked up by a disk shaped portal that proceeded to suck up all of the algae in the colony, closing suddenly seconds later leaving a gap where the colony used to be...... -[somewhere in Eastern Oo'xora near a stream]- The colony was dropped into the slow going stream where it eventually setteled on the ground, the shock of this would cause panic as they have been dropped in unknown and unreached territory....
  10. Once a forgotten place, a place where monstrous guards march and patrol in a tower hanging upside down. Just recently discovered by accident when a cruise air ship went off its regular trails and ended up coming back with a report that there was a strange structure that resembled a tower and a small landing platform coming out of it. Yet it seemed like it hadn't been maintained for a long time as vines had attached themself to it, meaning that there is evidence of a water source somewhere inside A group of mercenaries was to be collected and sent to record the findings as the kingdom had shown little interest on its contents.... They would board what is known as the Arched, a quick small transport just large enough for a crew of 12.
  11. "The fate of the doom station of old remained a mystery as its construction had halted over a year ago." "yet in light of new advancements and new ideas the secret service branch of the government of Lexdord came up with an idea a GRAND idea. "We are to believe that inorder to survive in an ever disordering world we need to have an ever strengthening security force both technologicaly and magically but mostly techology speaking" A speech from the king Himself just over a week ago to both respark the station and to provide a more powerful security system not just for lexdord but even its surrounding neighbors would be safe wether they know it or not They will always be under watch........ The idea was to convert the station into a security hub and replace its outdated tech with new and powerful computers which will when in operations begin its quest to survey the entire nation and more........ yet it wasnt exactly automatic as it still needed people to over look the comupters, manage security teams, hire spys, take down unwanted organizations, and eventully know every thing about everyone..... except those secret projects of Lexdord's course, the computer would be preprogrammed to mark those as nothing, no markings....no problems due to the other hundreads of nothing tags that would be present diplaying that nothing special was going on there, this is to ensure that in the case of an invasion the new holder of this station never finds out about the projects. Down below the heaven gate that would send the first crew to the station began to open......
  12. Twitterpated

    The Rise

    Several months ago, the Datsuzoku sought to create a powerful, semi-sentient weapon. One of the Emperor's Harem personally worked harder than any to create the plans and begin the production of this ambitious venture. Misfortune struck however when the Concubine was seized from his Empire. Despite her absence, construction continued as she had already planned, and so it would until they hit a road block in production itself. In the present day, that very Concubine has returned to her home Empire, and even more so, her home land as it had now been acquired by the Empire. Not only did these facts bring great joy, but also a better means of completing their task at hand. Thanks the the inclusion of the Grand Kommandant and her abundant resources she afforded them, Koji himself modified the prior production, enhancing some of it's finer features in a land more knowledgeable and equipped for launching things successfully into space. After all, they maintained HAVEN. Production had finally met completion once more, and now they were ready for the final steps before attempting the launch. Noi herself was the final component that would bring the weapons to sentience. By interfacing her AI with the Satellite's Computer, she would literally become the perfect living controller. She could maintain status and position of the satellite as well as re-position it in order, arm/disarm it, and fire it. if the launch failed today, a lot of work would have to be done over again. Though the Emperor doubted that their efforts would be in vein. He was all but certain that the launch for be successful. His larger concern was how well the energy system would be, and how efficient the device would be over all. Likewise, he questioned the general life of the device without having to provide live launches into the atmosphere in order to perform maintenance and general upkeep. Any moment, Noi would arrive at the laboratory and launch site. While awaiting her for immersion, Koji was hard at work checking in with the Magitechnicians and Magitech Engineers about the status of the finer hardware prior to launch. From simple plating, down to the wiring, along with photocells to capture renewable energy, and of course the placing of their ingredients necessary for firing the device. A healthy Exalta Prism as the core, surrounded by a dozen healthy, albeit slightly smaller Shadestones. The dish that held them resembled a lotus, in which it would bloom in order to arm itself, and disarm afterwards to recharge. Not unlike the lotus which was famous for a short bloom before their pads receded into what ever waters they had risen from. When disarmed, the satellite had been upgraded to boast a cloaking device that kept it safely hidden. However, once armed, it remained completely visible until post firing when the device has been fully disarmed once more. "Preparations look good, continue to monitor your stations until assimilation has been completed, and the launch has been initiated." @Chappu
  13. The day was filled with clouds that didnt rain, just passing through as if it were part of a passing dust storm that died down, the clouds made a curving effect in the sky making the city seem like it was being devoured by darkness yet this cloud effect was not uncommon. Cali was downtown, after what had happened in Terrenus he decided to return to his hometown in Lexdord to relax for a bit. He was also planning on heading over to Titan city to see one of the fights that happen within the colosseum they have. He didn't go inside the capitol building to meet with his collages, he didnt feel like attracting that kind of attention right now as he just wanted to see the city sights once again. He then started his way to the salt desert park were it was almost deserted of people. "Must not be in season, well lucky me" As he sat on a bench to watch as the few people who were there poured water just to see it being repelled by the salt often being splashed onto their faces.
  14. @Twitterpated @Chappu @Etched in Stone Seo planted her hands against her hips whilst admiring the tavern in it's obviously withering age. Here she had planted the seeds of her future, and it's here her memories are woven into the boards of the floor and the sake cups soaking in the sink. Scattered at her bare feet are the remnants of a past that has dripped by her sluggishly; dirt, leaves, the coming of autumn were distinctive in their color and make. I bet your name is ... A patron stepping onto the porch of the tavern broke her chain of thought, forcing her back to the realms of reality. The memory found her often, especially when she is caught admiring her little humble beginnings. There hadn't been enough time to thank him and he has never returned since then, leaving her to often thank the memory of the man who could see without seeing. Perhaps one day he will find himself at his table, asking for the Firelord Sake (they haven't served it since that day), asking her to join him for a drink. “They’re ready.” The small woman nodded and waved away the waitress, who was more than happy to mold into the shadows. Today is supposed to be auspicious - she will be the judge of that. Gathering her courage, she stepped back into the quiet tavern that is dimly light due to the fading candles stuck in various corners. Tables lined with various colorful pillows are all polished till they nearly gleam in the flickering candle light; only four customers occupied the establishment, along with a small scattering of waitresses and waiters. It was quiet, comfortable, and a perfect day for talks and negotiations. The dark haired woman sat at the table set further to the back of the tavern, giving them some semblance of privacy that had been asked for. Sitting directly in front of her is a woman wearing a iron mask and next to her is another woman who appeared far too lush to be inside such a dark tavern. Neither of them spoke, not that they had to, Seo is not involved in their business and is just here to ensure all goes smoothly - whatever that all is. Simply providing them a place to discuss things and stuff, she remains on the outside of their dark world. They remind her of the groups of men and women who often occupy the tables for gambling and drinking. All of them are usually deep into conversation about something or another that involves killing something, someone, or taking something from someone. She assumes these two women are here for something akin to that, and their company will be the one providing the tinder to their needed fire. Hopefully - and one can only hope - she will not be caught between blows.
  15. The shell of a former metropolis stand on the amidst the largest island in the Oo'Xora region, forgotten to the Mainlanders. After the Halycon ravaged the region, it remains at a stand still in it's desolate state. The region has been left without trade or any sort of assistance, at least up until the arrival of a new Sovereign claiming the lands under the Imperial brand hailed as The Datsuzoku. The late decision to house the heir to the Empire on his own throne here, after making him a native to the region by birth-rite, the island is now deemed as live and open to trade and any other variety of assistance it's neighbors and sovereign can afford. Thanks to the hardships of life, the unruly citizens of the region a plagued in a myriad of ways. Alongside the Nelrosis, most of the people here have found themselves born with discolored skin, usually ranging between red, blue, yellow, or some combination there in. Furthermore, the once notable and honorable warriors of the nation ranging from Shinobi to Saburai have found themselves divided in dishonor, clinging to street life and branding themselves into cliques and gangs of dominance over the Podunk city and it's all but shattered economy. Though the Emperor intends to unify these separated factions, some conflict still remains within the city as they struggle for power under that of their Sovereign, fighting to be the ones in the spot most viable to drive them into immediate success beneath the new rule.
  16. Aleksei

    How far

    @Twitterpated "You love him, right?" The woman shrugged her bare shoulders, her face holding a mask of indifference towards the question. It was the third time in the last thirty minutes she was asked that question, and she chose to leave her partner curious. Right now it's merely a matter of teasing Celine than really hearing her answer the question. So far the Concubine has been able to deflect the silly woman and her curiosity. "Will you ever tell him?" "No, why would I?" Leoa was leaning against the wall with arms crossed over her chest and one ankle relaxing over the other. Her appearance was skeletal, bare-bones dressed in ucissore robes darkened by her plight. The helm of death is worn well by the woman who was taking pleasure in teasing and pushing the other woman; it showed by her lackadaisical demeanor for she lacked the facial properties to portray it all. Celine's last reply shocked the woman enough that she became slacker against the wall, and even more amused. No, why would I? The Lion allowed the question to roll around in her head for a minute. Why should she? Indeed, that is a pretty good question she hadn't considered in the grand scheme of things. Celine had always been the perfect soldier, the perfect mind, the perfect woman - why risk all that on uneasy feelings? The minute she was brought into the fold of the harem she took her tasks seriously, even went so far as to allow herself to be tortured for his sake. There was nothing that could stop the Concubine from being perfect for Koji. "I suppose it doesn't bother you then." "Absolutely not." Celine gave her friend a brief smile that barely reached her golden eyes. Their travel, the everything for them being here, for meeting Koji, has taken a toll on her. Also the guilt. She trusts Desmond just as much as she believes her Emporer, both men are highly regarded and held relatively close to her heart. While Desmond was at fault for Kaori's kidnapping, she understood that there are weaknesses in his heart that had been exploited. "Will you ever tell him?" She tipped her head, Leoa's question putting her on the spot once again. Celine found it to be a silly notion to even try to say I love you to the Emporer, a person who, while not unable to have love, felt it differently. She could selfishly tell him her feelings or she could carry on with life as it is and be comfortable. It is a bit of a struggle but what part of her life isn't? Celine's child is held captive, and it was by her own mistakes that Kaori is out of her mother's grasp. There are no excuses for her inability to protect one of her Emporer's precious things. Word had been sent to Koji to meet Celine in Oo'Xora, any mention of the Empress of Kadia was left out. Corvinus was not aware his wife had risen from her tomb, has been in contact with a few of her children, and is now working against a plot he has long ago written. Leoa chose to compromise her title as wife and Empress by siding with Desmond's decision to free Kaori and her mother, but that put her against a mighty beast she hardly has control over. The Emperor of Kadia will not be pleased by her decision to remain secretive, then again, he isn't the sort to not pull such an underhanded trick himself. It is a comfort though, having the Lion on their side to fight against Corvin's hypocrisy. "What if he loves you?" "He loves me a great deal, but you're too much of a romantic to understand that kind of love." "That's ... fair." A skeletal finger tapped the ebony curve of her chin.
  17. [LEXDORD CAPITAL CITY] It was a nice day in the kingdom of Lexdord, as the morning breeze echoed itself throughout the land bringing clear clean air along with it, it was warm as the sun rose from its depths of darkness. The king had been awake an hour before, as he was prepairing to meet with some diplomats. In his floating castle made of gleaming marble he was measured and had talors fabricate a thinner more fit clothing for him. "How does diplomacy work again? Its still kinda a funny subject to work with" The informant merely said that to be friendly with others and by agreeing to neutral grounds to gather freinds is of an upmost importance if this kingdom was to last. Lewis however had diffrent plans, he wasnt thinking about staying forever for eventully when his crew find out where they are in the cosmos they would set off immediately back home. At least that was the current plan of course making some friends wouldn't hurt. Laying around the table were the other surviving members of his crew and the city mayors, meny whom have not been properly introduced. The chatting was going around as reports came in through telephone networks and screen showcasing the latest economic status of the kingdom, the one type of product that was still slugging behind was food, and agriculture products. "Lets hope that these nee comers offer food" The royal adviser whispered. And was quiet awaiting for the guests to arrive. (Its not too short is it?)
  18. Chapter I They surveyed the landscape"dry and arid" one said" looks like were high above the clouds"said another"Captain Lewis" a third said as she showed him the cargo room "utterly destroyed"she said and the clone was gone probably lost in the ocean of this world Lewis thought all they had were their weapons,food 3 Nano eggs and one Buborium nuke . Then some one found civilization. In the distance was a floating castle and onward they went the 17 out of 20 survivors headed to their new home High rock.It seemed that High rock had a food problem people were going hungry on the streets they had an idea but it was temporary , their food stocks were full to the brim it seemed to be the only cargo unharmed by the crash.we have enough food to feed everyone for about a month in the mean Time we need to set up irrigation points and we need a molecular binder the captain thought but alas the only binder got destroyed. So then they went to work with whatever they had left. They had setup a tower made out of stone that collected the water from the clouds then they created a specialized farm, it wasn't that great though but when the crops grew it would feed the people here eventually and grow the kingdom "Captain Lewis they had no king and they want you to be their king".
  19. There was something that felt special about traveling expansive lands and knowing that they were held beneath your rule. Such feelings were much more enjoyable when there was somebody to share it all with. For the first time in a long time, it would seem the rising Sovereigns of this region had finally decided to spend some of their time alone exploring the new lands in which they possessed. Koji had already had the pleasure of exploring Oo'Xora Capital as well as a bit of the remainder of the mainlands. However, it appeared that within their reach were also several islands scattered across the water and air from the floating continent's mainlands. Mention of there being such a great amount of unexplored land under their prefect, it only made sense to scout and survey the land. Naturally they payed selected individuals to manage the hard work for them, though that did not spare their curiosity. Koji and his beloved Kimi craved to get out and see Oo'Xora in it's entirety, and so they were. Ryu Kotei found himself sitting lotus with an inky cloud of shadow beneath him, and his beautiful Empress upon his lap and leaning comfortably into his chest. With his chin resting atop her head, his eyes carefully searched the immediate environment below for anything that looked particularly interesting. With nothing of express interest was abundant, Koji had apparently thought up another way to spare them the boredom and upset of a wasted trip out. Then again, no time spent with his beloved was a waste. Not to him at least. "Perhaps we should make a game out of exploring our growing nation. While searching for points of actual interest, perhaps we should abuse this opportunity to survey specific areas that will certainly require names under our affect. Not just the islands far and wide, but all the corresponding landmasses and bodies of water as well. Perhaps we can find the most beautiful forest, or even the highest mountains in which to erect the Oo'Xoran Temple in your honor." A snicker rumbled from his chest as his draconic arm cradled her, his lurid thumb caressing her bicep to and fro as he began speaking to her. Certainly he would feel her reaction before she spoke it, and he would know it just as intimately as he knew her. Still, he was certain that she would at least entertain him a bit if she wasn't outright interested in the act itself. Still, the thought of naming landmasses after themselves and their brand, their heir even. His human hand that rested upon the growing swell in her belly remained still, patiently waiting for some semblance of feeling from within. For as much as he could tell beyond a doubt about this child, there was so much that still eluded him. An abomination of a creature, even more than either of His parents respectively. Certainly there was only greatness to be born twixt the demonic hybrids of Dragon and Kitsune kind. "Perhaps we'll find inspiration for a name for Him. Likewise, something to name after him." He added as he continued to wonder why it was so difficult for him to elect a name for their unborn son. Whatever the name wound up being, the sure thing was that it would be a name of pride and strength. A name fit for a future Emperor. He had no doubt that his Empress had a few in mind, though it was entirely possible that nothing would be settled upon until the miracle was actually born. This reminded him, Kimi never managed to mention to Koji what Shuyi's prophecies were in respect to the unborn heir. He wouldn't bother her about it, though he would have to be certain to pay Shuyi a visit himself in order to inquire about the prophecy himself. Likewise, he needed to continue working to figure out just who exactly had them and the midlands in their sites. It was likewise about time to check in with the Imperial Adviser herself as well. Dove. Between the two of them, and perhaps even a newer acquaintance unbeknownst to him, Koji was sure to be prepared for any and all conflict to come his way in the foreseeable future. Even without any future knowledge, considering such knowledge could change at any given time, Koji had been diligently at work to ensure that they were ready for a multitude of things. What they meant to him was something that only his Empress and himself knew for certain, in which she could rest assured that he would never fail to protect them. @Akako Akari
  20. Trexasle


    The whirling sounds of fluorescent lights and the beeping of the EKG machine brought him out of what seemed to be a forced slumber. He hesitated to open his eyes though, he was still quite tired and would love to have gotten a bit more sleep, However, along with the noises, the blinding light now made it impossible. He opened both eyes and… Wait, Both eyes? He wasn’t aware he had both eyes, as he slowly opened his eyelids to grant himself with the gift of the afternoon sun. The alien was shocked to learn that he had recently regained depth perception. The left corner of his sight was now fully visible and in color, no errors or anything. In his sights a sprawling city with large buildings, flora and technology, The Building structure giving off a beautiful asian inspired feel the fauna that shrouded the smaller buildings giving them a unique air that for some odd reason only looked even more vivid than before, the greens and yellow hues actually made him feel tranquil, something after all that happened to him the past few days, was needed. However, the shock of it was quickly affronted by the sudden throbbing pain in his left eye. He reached for it, and groaned with his left hand. “Ack, Why does my left eye hurt?” “Because you’ve never used them before.” Leon’s eyes shot to the direction of the voice, an aging seemingly oriental man, peppered color hair and a stern face. His glasses which seemed a bit too large for his head shape dangled down from his nose ever so slightly, but to the point you wondered why he wore them. He held a clipboard in his hand, which only had Leon even more curious than he already way. “Glad to see you’re awake, your bandmates brought you here about two days ago.” The doctor spoke. Leon remembered exactly what had happened to him, the jailbreak, his damaged hands and fingers. It was at that point that Leon looked down at his right hand. Only to see cold steel. He could move it, and it was quite accurate but other than that he felt nothing. Just cold, unforgiving steel seemingly melded into his bronzed burned skin. He stared at the doctor with a confused look who seem to only give him a nod. “We could not save most of the hand and forearm, too much nerve damage and it was starting to gain a nasty infection, luckily a good prosthetic went well, same with your eye, took up a while to get past the burnt flesh and extract the remains of the Schlera. Though it seems whoever did this number on you got to most of that before us, I believe we have replaced it with a somewhat approximate recreation of the original eye.” The doctor did not smile even though Leon let off a chuckle. Something about it just seemed funny, one of the most harrowing events of his life and he came back even less human going in. He reflexively moved the now metallic right hand, rotating the wrist to make sure it was working as intended. He quickly shot himself out of the bed only for the doctor to attempt to push him back down. Leon blinked but it seemed the doctor had more to say. “You should’ve died, that amount of blood loss was tremendous but it seems your bandmates were determined to keep you alive after what happened to you. You have a lot to thank them for…” Leon chuckled, Luke, and Mae did manage to get him out of that harrowing situation, It was becoming a habit it seems. Him getting in trouble and his bandmates came and save his ass. He actually felt relieved at this. “Doctor, I think I’ll be fine as a soldier I’ve suffered through much more than this. You worked on my body, I would assume you at least knew that.” His voice was a bit rough, but not terrible probably tired from him belting the guards away during the breakout. The doctor merely nodded, “Well I cannot honestly encourage it, but everything seems to check out. However, I must warn you. I do not recommend you leave the hospital just yet we need to find you a donor. However, with your odd physiology that might be tougher than…” Leon had lifted himself up again off the bed and stared around. The breeze between his knees made him quickly look down to see only a blue hospital gown. He stared for a quick second at it and back at the doctor. There would be no donor, if blood loss was an issue he would simply recover his way. “I’ll be fine…Now…Where are my clothes?”
  21. The town known as only 'Magitech community town' is what the place is called, in the empire of Lexdord. Various cars quietly roamed about though the streets passing the great halls of the town (though small in territory size the building were taller then sky scrapers) sitting as the grand education center for all...except vampires, vampires are the only creatures truly hated by the people and government alike. Free admission was set for a lottery celebrating the 89th anniversary of the town, although free you can only join once per yearthen you ether wait until next year or pay the hefty fee to enter. "Only 60 people will be chosen to enter for free." Said the grand master of the town (basicly mayor) "now put your hand into the electronical booths, it will give you a ticket with a number on it now let us begin!" The first numbers were "43378" a Naga slithered inside "33390" A gargoyle flew to the door "44785" A man in a top hat walked inside "58953" A dragon girl aged 14 silently marched indoors...
  22. Blazing suns and Ebony flesh. Golden sparkles and Sandy prints There weren't many chances where Dominic had the time to relax next to the ocean. Yet when the times did arise one could never go wrong with a bit of rest and recharge time! With a rather skeptical smirk he gazed down from the dunes onto the beach were the sands lay undisturbed. The sun was low in the sky turning the beautiful blue to violet and orange. The clouds were like soft cotton balls that could easily be squished in the palm of ones hand. A gentle breath of air escaped his lips as crimson orbs settled upon the sky above himself. Behind him ivory and jade ruins of his old home lay in a heap, ivy grew this way and that interlocking the rubble into place. This ground was a land of nightmares yet he found joy in the buried past that he once called a cage. "Kupo! We needed this vacation, Ku ku~ We've been fighting for so long Kupo~." Robin floated through the air like a day dream, the violet sky stood in stark contrast to his own soft fuzzy fur. Giant onyx eyes glinted like the water in the setting rays. Dominic could only offer a chuckle as he allowed his hair to break free from the pony tail upon his back. The long cornrolls looks almost like dreads but in a neater fashion. Today he was clothed in a foreign fashion, wearing only a set of shorts with a black and gold trimmed bandana at the waist. The emblem which lay out in the open for all to see was that of his family crest. With his feet bare and upper body embracing the breeze, Dom rolled his shoulders in an attempt to relax himself. "As true as that may be Robin.. I can't find the charge here to relax myself.. We've been diving into those waters all day, my body feels much better however my soul does not-- Cannot feel restored.. I can still taste the sulfur in the back of my mouth.." Narrowing his eyes the man dismissed the topic with a shake of his head, making his way down the beach he would rather walk than talk about his missing link. Robin's only response was a short, 'Kupo..' before flying around behind his companion. The ground crunched gently beneath his feet as he stepped through tall grass. His palms grassed the sharp tips that bent like hot glass does to the wind. The sensation was somewhat electric as the nerves jumped at the sensation. Was relaxation for the corpse a possibility or was it something to aspire to if he were ever to perish at Sarandiel's hand. Once more his crimson orbs narrowed before turning back to their violet hue. The darkened moment had passed for now as the necklace of bone remained lodged in his skin for all to see. For those with an aura they would feel the presence of darkness, a heavy twisted malice thick with blood lust. It could take years before the tables turned however, the young War Lord would see the world baptized in flames and beneath the heel of his boot. Such a pleasant thought make a smile spread across his lips as he looked into the ocean. Perhaps if he kept these thoughts in mind he might actually find a small measure of piece if anything else. Still he did not deny that he missed company either, Robin was more or less an extension of himself rather than an individual. The moogle never left his side even in the darkest hours of most certain death. "Perhaps we might find a companion through out our time here at home. I doubt anyone would come to the beach with the ruins of our home behind us. We were not a very popular family; I remember a certain bloody past that brought much change.. Revolutions built on the backs of the Kuz'Ar.. Maybe that path might change in a time after my own.. Perhaps if I had children or if Pazzo had kids.. I doubt this however.." Dominic's words were loud and clear as he walked himself onto the sands. The soles of his feet embraced the dying warmth of the sun on the sands, a gentle breeze caressed his face before guiding him to the waters edge. "Let us stay here for a bit till high tide kicks in.. Then these sands will disappear till the morn."
  23. Chappu

    Sword to Sword

    'A new world awaits us, Shimada-sama.. I shall carry your ideals into the future with my own.. As you always said, never forget the ideals and dreams of those who have gone.. For they will help shape our future..' Goro lifted a small cup to the air before drinking down the saki before a white marble tomb stone. It's face was carved into the likes of Buddha a Shaolin tradition that his teach often enjoyed. Smiling gently the lad rose up slowly, his kasa hide the darkened features of his face from sight. Adjusting the sleeves of his yukatan the ronin turned away from the tomb, dipping slightly to grab the saki bottle and his spear from off of the ground beside himself. A faint smirk crossed chapped lips as he reached into his folds to grab some balm for the dry sensation. Once it was fully applied Goro wasted no time in stepping onto the docked boat which waited for him at the side port along the river. Oo'Xora was a place the looked a lot like him to him, yet he clearly understood the difference between the two. He was no longer on what was called earth, the people in this land called this place Valucre..The ebony warrior flexed his hands lightly adjusting the metal gauntlets on both hands, a item he had picked up during his time practicing the Step. Out of habit he slowly inhaled to get a grasp for the current items upon himself. Counting out the handful of Sendon's and a few windmill shuriken's; Goro felt immense comfort knowing he had his favorite weapon the kursaigama upon his person as well not to mention a sword on the hip with his spear. Now for more this might have weighed a person down, however Goro was in fact a towering man. Standing at six feet four inches the weight made no dent his in ability to evade and move. Perhaps if they were each about ten pounds heavier then yes.. Yet the lad had trained to carry twice his own weight and still carry himself effectively. Adjusting his hakama pants slight he smiled against the gentle breeze. Brown hues gazed at the reflectively clear water. A masked face stared back at his own as he adjusted the kasa accordingly. The shadows were his helper and so long as he kept to himself on most accounts the Ronin would have no problems in this new land. Keeping the spear firmly in hand it rested against his shoulder as well, the one rule he learned was the trust no one since Kambei Shimada's death. The boat turned and broke against the rustling waters with ease, fish slipped past this way and that as they sought more open waters. For now he would have a small measure of peace. @Etched in Stone
  24. @Jesus Negro "This is it, the culmination of everything bound within my flesh. Until the world is flung through space, my abhorrent destiny shall not cease to grow. Death to all those who do not believe. The Path of the Left-Hand is secure in my blood.. In the end, darkness shall befall the world in which these beings live. Renavatio will rise again beneath a, Blood Stained Sky." - Dominic Ku'Zar Summer Solstice, Ruins of the Ku'Zar family Residence. 'Dust and ashes.. There is no life to be found here.. Nothing left to be held in place.. All that once was is now gone. A past long since forgotten. Burned and over grown with wild life and time.. The Ku'Zar bloodline is down to two. The remaining sons who stand as a Immovable Object and a Unstoppable Force.. Dominic and Pazzo. Now just Dominic remains here within these ruins. Sarandriel calls to him from beyond. A burning sensation that reached its peak within grassy slopes of Oo'Xora. The rural lands were hardly fit for sulfur ridden air and carnage painted skies. The sound of torment raging upon every breeze that passed by. Abhorrent rifts of despair and fear often filled ones lungs if they were not careful.' Salt and Pepper hair hung from a skull long since riddled with a migraine beyond control. No matter how many blockers Robin placed within his brain, the moogle would not cease the necklaces burn. The pain was almost pleasurable, had he a soul of his own he might have said nostalgic. Yet the only nostalgic feeling he had was the emptiness that matched the slopes he stood upon. The once jade palace was nothing more than a memory for most and a myth to the world. None would ever hear of the tale of such a broken family ever again. Their fate was sealed like a scrolls within Rome's greatest library before Nero's great fire. The death of such knowledge was a a harmful stroke the worlds beyond, as for their family history. The same respect could not be said about them. Traitors is what some might have labeled their family line, standing against the PRIDE troops and all government affairs. Such was their brutal end and never the less, Pazzo's ascension to the PRIDE ranks. To which Dominic hand nothing but joy and honor for Pazzo's choice. A smothered chuckle escaped chapped lips as Dominic sauntered the grassy slopes. Opening and closing his left hand he could feel his blood boiling. The migraine was almost enough to make him recall the scents of Sarandriels domain. "Perhaps.. I shall resurrect a shrine here for such an Enigma. Maybe then we can get somewhere better?" Raising a brow the Moogle remained lodged within his robes, nibbling upon its food supplies. Yes a shrine would be the best answer. Yet that would have to come after whatever was needed at this moment. Slowly waving his left hand over the ground a small purple warren opened at his feet. From within came his long sword. Gripping it firmly in hand the blade was somewhat damaged from his encounter with Pazzo. A good memory no doubt he would remember till the end of his days. Taking the blade he stabbed it into the ground before taking a seat before the blade. Placing Legion within his lap, Robin was placed upon the ground before him. Taking out the Femur bone of Mana, the Squire was sure to placed the summon on stand by. Should anyone dare to interrupt the space provided to Sarandriel, Mana would be sure to dispose of the intruders with all malice. Once all was settled, Dominic allowed himself to ease into the migraine. Within a few throbs of his frontal lobes the man swiftly left his conscious state. Darkness consumed him and all he knew besides Legion within his grasp. "Onward to the Next Trial."
  25. Chappu

    The Funeral

    As fate would have this world torn in two, sundered from Heaven's blue sky to Hells dark pits. We are the Kuz'Ar and this is the burial of the past. ~Fin Time. What exactly was time, in a sense that made everything turn upon an axis like the planet itself. From the setting of the sun to the rising of the moon brother who looked over the lands of Oo'Xora. The world seemed to stand still today however, as Dominic rose from the sheets of his bed. The sun filtered lightly poured gently against the paper fabric of the sliding doors of the building. At one point this sun light used to be the saving grace of his life in the morning. Now he enjoyed his nightmares that over took him every night with the rising moon. In the back of his mind there was a small nag that grew like a pestilence in the sunlight. The sensation was one of revelation and desire, the nostalgia of this home was something far from comforting at this point. Uncertainty clutched at his heart while he stroked the obsidian necklace embedded within his flesh. The fowl essence that leaked out from talon was more comforting than ever, lately he'd found himself sucking the color and life out of the garden below. His parents once pride and joy of a flower patch now lay in shambles at certain parts of this fortress. Three of the four gates remained sealed shut from the over grown bamboo and woods on the exterior of the walls. The front gates remained open due to the face that the doors were blown off in previous times. Their splintered pieces were already reclaimed by the earth itself. Upon the outskirts the home was surrounded in jaded statues over grown in moss and lichen alike. The ground was certain that it wanted to reclaim these grounds with due time. Perhaps Dominic could assist in such a fashion, but first something else had to be done. Clothing himself silently the man put on his hoari while leaving the rest of the old clothes folded up. They would no longer be needed no doubt, as honorable and feudal as their family had been times were about to change. Narrowing his gaze once more, the main problem came into place. His brother Pazzo wanted to be a Soldat Pride.. The same people who slaughtered their family without mercy. Yet he could not deny that he wanted his brother to be successful in this attempt, already Dominic had the names of those who he needed to kill. The deed would be done like it or not, but for once he would include Pazzo in extracting the exact vengeance they both needed to move on. His booted feet made no sound upon the freshly washed wood, taking a femur bone out of his hidden shirt pocket he rolled it within his grasp. Debating a few more moments before throwing the bone out into the open field to his left. The air shifted and rolled as the ground beneath the bone turned from lush green to brown and dusty. The fertile soil gave way to the components needed to produce bone and armor fitting to the now augmented bone structure. At first the body remained unmoved as the armor clung to the slim boned limbs and bald head. Mana came to full life without a single word, from between clenched teeth a jet of black smoke bellowed out into the open air. "You've called my Lord?" The voice rattled at first before taking on the choir of many voices, the creatures pale hues matched Dominic's in a lack of animation. There was work that needed to be done, and Mana would see that the preparations were made complete. "Take Robin and make sure the place is ready to crumble down.. There memories here no longer serve a purpose. We must now move onward into the future." Dominic cited his desire and knew it would be met. Dominic needed to find Pazzo as he needed to figure out what had to be done. "Pazzo..." Dominic's voice echoed around the complex as he made his way to the kitchen. Without a doubt his brother would find him with ease. Their relationship as family was something to be questioned. While being the elder sibling he could say he neglected to really look into Pazzo's life style choices. However he did remember the times of carrying Pazzo on his shoulders for the fun of being an older sibling. That in itself was something not spoken about, this family was a hard family to break into. Privacy was key and when it came to his brothers safety he would see it done without fail. Even at the cost of his own life, Dominic loved his little brother deeply. "Pazzo... We must speak.." The voice echoed once more a small flux in his voice gave note to the severity of this meetings context. @Fragile
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