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Found 31 results

  1. Aleksei

    [GS] Ventus.

    ・・・】 God: Ventus・・・】 God Slayer: @Twitterpated・・・】 OOC: Thread Prompted by the ferocious pain flowing through its body, Ventus thrashes about the mountains. Random bursts of cold wind are thrown about, slicing mountain and man who dare come near the failing God. High above clouds begin to collect, threatening the cold mountains with freezing rain.
  2. Aleksei

    [GS] Baal.

    ・・・】 God: Baal・・・】 God Slayer: @Fierach・・・】 OOC: Thread Lava bursts and flows over the cracked ground; terrible heat covers Baal as he stomps forth towards the encampments freckling the area. He swings his mighty sword in confusion, flicking lava and debris against rock and sand. Surrounding him is a growing wall of flames.
  3. Aleksei

    [GS] Ynliss.

    ・・・】 God: Ynliss・・・】 God Slayer: @Infernal・・・】 OOC: Thread The scorching desert is rapidly shrinking as Ynliss rages through the heated sands. Blood flows from the bodies of the Zodiac Knights that have fallen from Ynliss' rising anger; his rampage causes the sands to shift, kicking up storms that surround the angry God.
  4. Hebishima (Snake Island) Geography Snake Island is the smallest island to the northwest of the mainlands respective to Oo’Xora. Climate Tropical Savanna Demographics Culture Hebishima consists of a plethora of serpentine and reptilian creatures: Snakes, lizards, drakes, kobolds, and other small draconic species. Before the arrival of one of Emperor Koji’s concubines, the island was largely left in a chaotic state; Without any semblance of intelligent life. Thanks to her influence before her untimely passing, the island has formed its own understood hierarchy among the reptiles, in which her son has been left holding the mantle in her wake. A son of the Emperor of the Datsuzoku Dynasty. Civilian Population: Approximately 10 million Minors (Under 16): Approximately 3.5 million Elderly (Over 60): Approximately 650,000 Male|Female Ratio: 45%|55% Economy Major Companies & Institutions N/A Parks & Recreation N/A Landmarks & Monuments The western coast of the island is majoraly covered by a vast mountain range. A sophisticated tunnel system that rivals even that of mention worthy Dwarven populations has been made throughout the mountains without sacrificing the stability of them. Considering not all are fortunate enough to occupy this region so elevated, most of the islands inhabitants sleep in smaller caves and caverns if not within the intricate tunnel systems found throughout the island itself. Government & National Security The only notable group found within the island call themselves the Orochi, a clan of sentient serpent-like creatues, headed by a child of the Emperor Koji and his late naga concubine. Deigned the strongest on the island, he rules with dominance unparalleled, in which his legions consist of all the monsters inhabiting the island with him both mundane and otherwise. Education There is no formal education to be found among these savages. Survival of the fittest is the law of the land. You either hunt or become one of the hunted. Transportation Dirt roads, mostly travel by foot. (Outside the Capitol) Ports, Piers, & Riverways. Horses & Chariots. (Inside the Capitol) Notable Residents Orochi, Utsu - The first born son of the Emperor Koji, leader of the Orochi Clan. History Canon Past
  5. Twitterpated


    Emporia Geography Settled on the border of southern Avylon and north western Oo’Xora, this nation is a mix of the two regions, blended together through time and tragedy alike. It’s epicenter straddles the border between prefects, and so far remains an independent nation within the graces of the Grand Kommandant. Climate Mediterranean Demographics Culture Emporia consists of a diverse cast split between middle eastern and asiatic influences, gaining qualities of both the people of Avylon and Oo’Xora. Their nation borders the two prefects, causing a slight divide among the people in which they rival one another without alienation or descrimination leading to internal conflict. While the south had the superior lands and persons for things like farming and smithing, the north is known for following suit with its Avylon ancestors and producing this smaller nation’s best warriors. With a certain lack of technology, Emporians rely on their martial prowess first on average, magic being the second strongest quality they hold currently. Civilian Population: 1.2 Million Minors (Under 16): Approximately 350,000 Elderly (Over 60): Approximately 250,000 Male|Female Ratio: 39%|61% Economy Major Companies & Institutions TBA Parks & Recreation The Bazaar - A diverse marketplace teeming with independent vendors buying, selling, and trading goods literally from all around. Typically collected from raids and/or trades made during travels. If you see something you like, get it now, for it may not be there once you walk away and return. Landmarks & Monuments The Palace - An Islamic design of a castle, the precious gem sets out of time and place compart to the architecture found throughout Nehalen. It’s faux golden accents topping the walls of the palace are often said to be blinding on a bright sunny day when reflecting the sun’s rays. Relatively never open to the public beyond the courtyard, Varangian guard actively patrols the palace night and day. During moments of public address, it’s common to glimpse the Sultan on the balcony extending from his throne room, where he speaks to the people of his nation. Government & National Security The nation is ruled over by the reigning Sultan, accompanied by the Kaliph (Prime Minister/Religious Figure Head) and a Wazir (Royal Advisor). The personal guard of these figure heads, as well as the majority of the ranks within the military are referred to as Varangians. Regardless of designation, most men and women of Emporia are well versed in the martial ways. One’s trade or profession typically dictates their name unless they elect a preferred title or name for themselves. Varagian are not just defenders of the homeland, they are wandering mercenaries, raiders, and hassassin. Education Emporians often grow into the trade of their family, unless they choose to apprentice under a person or family of a different role in their more simplistic economy and way of life. Transportation Dirt roads, mostly travel by foot. (Outside the Capitol) Ports, Piers, & Riverways. Horses & Chariots. (Inside the Capitol) Notable Residents The Sultan of Emporia - Ruling Sovereign of the nation, often the strongest warrior, sometimes an inherited position. The Kaliph of Emporia - Often a rank claimed by the nation’s greatest Sahir or Sorcerer. The Wazir of Emporia - An elected, trustworthy official with great knowledge. History Canon Emporia has shown support of their neighboring Emperor Koji by not only appearing in some amount to pay their respects to the Empress at her coronation in Genesaris, but also by donating to the entertainment surrounding the event. Despite this they have yet to formally align with the Datsuzoku Dynasty, abusing their location as a means to so far remain an independent country split between two larger nations. Past
  6. Aleksei

    [GS] Libra

    ・・・】 God: Libra・・・】 God Slayer: @vielle・・・】 OOC: Thread Hooves wildly stomp the jungle, causing wild life to scatter and the Zodiac Knights to falter. The small tribe that had called the area home moved to assist the Knights who are recovering from the massive explosive sphere that had been thrown at them. Libra is ready for war, prompted more as the life is slowly drained from him.
  7. Aleksei

    [GS] Vita.

    ・・・】 God: Vita・・・】 God Slayer: @vielle・・・】 OOC: Thread Gigantic trees are scattered across the relatively flat area; spears of sharp grass protrude from every crack and crevice, dripping with morning dew. Vita sits in silence, her shoulders shaking with the tears she sheds while the air around her becomes poisonous with her hate.
  8. Twitterpated

    Neo Oo'Xora

    Neo Oo`Xora The Golden Dragon is approximately 560 miles West (30min/airship) of La Guardia. Oo`xora is a rather unique destination, for she is nothing like its elder sisters. The heart of the mega-capitol city is very advanced and constantly bringing about evolution to a point that some scientist/alchemist felt the Renovatian race would soon exhaust all its potential and opportunities. The more rural areas outside of the capitol resemble Edo times with very little technological advancements only favored in few arbitrary locations. According to the Renovatian Census Bureau, the population of the Oo`Xora province is around 15,000,000 (capital: 1.3 million); 90% of the people being Renovatian and Damiryans as the minority at 10%. Geography Oo`Xora is known as the Golden Dragon because of a single wonder that can only be observed from outer space. Satellite imagery revealed to the public by the Accademia showed that there are massive intricate line systems spanning across the land that takes the shape of a grand dragon chasing the setting sun. Climate Mediterranean Demographics Culture More than half of the population of Neo Oo’Xora consider themselves spiritual in some committed way whether through teachings, careers, or straight up lifestyles. Most of the citizens, however, are quite accustomed to living the minimalist life, even among those found in the heart of the city, with the most advanced tech in Nehalen, perhaps all of Renovatio. Despite a certain sense of comradery, the citizens are often times welcoming of tourists and refugees alike, even in the portions of the mega city that already appear to be overpopulated. Their primary diet consists of vegetables, fruits, and grains such as rice. A decent portion of their food comes from the famous World Tree, the rest being grown in greenhouses complete with labs. Seafood and poultry are most common meats to come by, with red meats being found if one is willing to pay a bit more than it is worth per pound. After the events of Halcyon, it seemed that Hume and Nelrosis alike found further genetic mutations, rendering many of the regions people with oddly colored skin. While more than half of the population appears as memory would serve, a healthy amount of them feature red, blue, green, or yellow skin respectively. Even more rare were the few that featured one of those colors, accented by a secondary color in similar fashion to birthmarks, burns, or scars. The only ones of these ‘ethnic groups’ that segregate themselves are those that choose to affiliate with some sort of organization, be it religious or criminal. Organized crime is the majority of crime, in which there isn’t a whole lot of crime thanks to unity through hardship. It’s safe to assume that most of the crime committed by those within the city do so against outsiders, unless something domestic is personal. Civilian Population: 3.5 Million (Capitol) (18 Million - Province) Minors (Under 17): Approximately 450,000 Elderly (Over 60): Approximately 850,000 Male|Female Ratio: 49%|51% Economy Between the flora and fauna carried here like the plethora of man and manlike creatures, and the waterways, the economy flourishes with natural water sources and seafood. The water source helps with the dry and drought seasons by supplying water year round. The primary currency of this nation is gold, silver, and copper coins, brandishes with the Kamon on one side of the coin, the opposing side hosting a serpent-like dragon among clouds. Minted coin of similar make is acceptable from any place at equal value to the national coins weight. All outside currencies taken in are systematically melted down and minted into one of their national brands. Major Companies & Institutions TBA Parks & Recreation Landmarks & Monuments The Temple of Ventus. Enigmatic and mysterious, the temple of Ventus acts as a Primal crown sitting high above the beautiful land of Oo`Xora. In the day its All-seeing eye (the pyramid's tip) casts a vibrant golden hue over all, sparkling like a gem in the sky that could be seen from a thousand miles away, and strangely, dulls in the ambiance of moonlight. Ancient scriptures explain that the temple is in fact a ship piloted by none other than the Herald, Ventus. To this day, archaeologist discover hidden areas within this colossal structure, though the bridge remains hidden for the temples complexity and puzzles have yet to be mastered. There are four airship docking stations on the north face allowing tourists to explore the ancient megalithic spacecraft, which has actually helped the economy tremendously, generating substantial income annually. Ukiyo (The Floating World, Formerly known as The Cosmic Dragon) is one of the most famous venues in Nehalen, if not the greatest. Specializing in Oriental and Mediterranean cuisines, exotic cocktails, and unrivaled entertainment. There are several floors that host parties/raves and other unique club and lounge atmospheres all day, everyday. Whether your taste is for the domestic, or something a little more exotic, you'll find your spice of life here. (The picture will change once I find a new fitting one.) Government & National Security PRIME Belah Predecessors: N/A SOLDAT 200,000 3rd Class SOLDAT, 40,000 2nd Class SOLDAT, and 500 1st Class SOLDAT uphold the law in Oo`Xora, receiving their orders directly from the Prime SOLDAT. The Celestial Guard The idea of this organization became reality, conceived by way of the Enforcement Act passed shortly after the Cialo event. Both air and space are better protected, and has been as safe as it has ever been. Zodiac Knights A sacred society of unique Renovatian warriors tasked with protecting their home-front and foreign affairs. There are usually only a handful [~6] of Zodiac Knights watching over cities outside of the capitol. The Lurid Inquisition Approximately 500 Inquisitors remain in the nation to facilitate exploration teams and to reinforce the regions defenses. The Imperial Army of the Datsuzoku Dynasty 10,000 Tengu Knights, 1000 Tatsuo; these forces as divided and used as task groups, commanded by the Inquisitors of the Lurid Inquisition. They are the grunts and foot soldiers, added brawn to the brawny brains of the Imperial Forces. Education All styles of the Imperial Arts offered in Jigoku have opened branch schools in Renovatio save for the School of the Rising Sun. Transportation Roads, Expressways & Autobahns. (in the Capitol) Train stations & Subways. Ports, Piers, & Riverways. Horses & Chariots (outside the Capitol) Air stations. Notable Residents Belah - Current acting PRIME, Shogun of the Datsuzoku Dynasty History Canon Beautiful As Autumn Past With the interference of the Dastuzoku Dynasty and the Emperor Koji himself, Oo’Xora had recieved nothing but boons of growth over the past several months. Being rather technologically advanced herself, Noi, one of the Emperor’s Concubines, has even donated time, knowledge, and energy into the region as it is her birthplace. Her home. While the centermost point of the town remains the most advanced, the outskirts now resemble more of a cyberpunk utopia trapped inside a time well before it’s proposed existence. The rural life found minimal enhancement by the well spring of advanced tech the nation had to offer. This advancement has also lead to the building of confidence and inspiration, giving those brave enough just enough courage to see families embarking on a journey of their own. Expanding to settle new territories and jump start new businesses, all within the comfort of their allegiance to the Datsuzoku.
  9. Twitterpated

    The Rise

    Several months ago, the Datsuzoku sought to create a powerful, semi-sentient weapon. One of the Emperor's Harem personally worked harder than any to create the plans and begin the production of this ambitious venture. Misfortune struck however when the Concubine was seized from his Empire. Despite her absence, construction continued as she had already planned, and so it would until they hit a road block in production itself. In the present day, that very Concubine has returned to her home Empire, and even more so, her home land as it had now been acquired by the Empire. Not only did these facts bring great joy, but also a better means of completing their task at hand. Thanks the the inclusion of the Grand Kommandant and her abundant resources she afforded them, Koji himself modified the prior production, enhancing some of it's finer features in a land more knowledgeable and equipped for launching things successfully into space. After all, they maintained HAVEN. Production had finally met completion once more, and now they were ready for the final steps before attempting the launch. Noi herself was the final component that would bring the weapons to sentience. By interfacing her AI with the Satellite's Computer, she would literally become the perfect living controller. She could maintain status and position of the satellite as well as re-position it in order, arm/disarm it, and fire it. if the launch failed today, a lot of work would have to be done over again. Though the Emperor doubted that their efforts would be in vein. He was all but certain that the launch for be successful. His larger concern was how well the energy system would be, and how efficient the device would be over all. Likewise, he questioned the general life of the device without having to provide live launches into the atmosphere in order to perform maintenance and general upkeep. Any moment, Noi would arrive at the laboratory and launch site. While awaiting her for immersion, Koji was hard at work checking in with the Magitechnicians and Magitech Engineers about the status of the finer hardware prior to launch. From simple plating, down to the wiring, along with photocells to capture renewable energy, and of course the placing of their ingredients necessary for firing the device. A healthy Exalta Prism as the core, surrounded by a dozen healthy, albeit slightly smaller Shadestones. The dish that held them resembled a lotus, in which it would bloom in order to arm itself, and disarm afterwards to recharge. Not unlike the lotus which was famous for a short bloom before their pads receded into what ever waters they had risen from. When disarmed, the satellite had been upgraded to boast a cloaking device that kept it safely hidden. However, once armed, it remained completely visible until post firing when the device has been fully disarmed once more. "Preparations look good, continue to monitor your stations until assimilation has been completed, and the launch has been initiated." @Chappu
  10. "If a bomb were to go off, that building towering over the sky would know, it always knows" The matter of extra construction workers was getting out of hand, yes there were meny things to be made and yet all of those possisions are filled, leaving meny with nothing to do but repair the same roads over and over again or other maintaince work. It became clear that they could be used for something more and something big something like a space project. Yet there was always that one person who messed everything up and not everyone was so trustworthy. This how do you know who is to be trusted and who to not? Well it only spells one thing for the government, and that was to begin the construction of a wonder. One that was sure to bring out the best and worst in people, and also one where workers could be observed without intervention and with ease. A wonder that truly would be great. (For your knowledge here is the basic information) [ Cold war Thermos (Emporian atomic age wonder)] Type: Wonder; Bunker; Museum; detection center. Effects: 1. direct pin point detected of WMDs from up to 105 miles out side the territory borders (stacks on other bonuses if any) 2. Increases current warhead capacity by 50% 3. Creates 5 artist slots,2 musision slots and 6 writer slots. 4. Increases production relating to nuclear weapons by 15% 5. generates 3 political power per turn "well then it shall be then, a wonder shall be constructed one that would show that we and our history shall remain as is, with its policy of heavy nuclearization"- King Lewis of Lexdord had said before bicking up a tablet and pulling some files describing its architectural detail, size, and even its purpose. "as you can see in begins arching outward to a point as you get to the higher floors " "That sounds lovely but aren't arches cliche? Oh what does it matter actually? Just as long as it includes a lab or two." Rotwell had happily replied "and what about security? Im pretty sure theres a person or two who would love to smash the wonder before its finished" said one of the 3 congressmen.
  11. How long had it been since Reinhardt had found himself in this strange and fascinating new world? What had been born from an Alchemical mishap became one of his crowning discoveries. There existed realms of Existence outside Earth and his own timeline. Or perhaps he should say Dimension, Universe? Whatever the case may be he had to find a way to connect a path between this realm of Existence and back home in France. For a few reasons. one of which was his coven must be deathly scared due to his absence. Or perhaps time was affected differently and nothing had changed since his accident. But such questions and answers would have to wait. He had set up several bases of operations across this world so He could always have a place to fall back to should the Winds of Favor blow against him suddenly. He was dressed in in leather leggings and vest. He had a pair of goggles resting atop of his head. he had a white tee under his vest as he began working on his latest piece of work. A Bike that hovered off the ground but was powered by Steam. He had seen in other nations similar vehicles powered by Mystical and Arcane means. But he lacked any knowledge of how those contraptions worked and decided he would replicate their feats with his own knowledge and understanding. An oil stain streaked his right cheek. He grabbed a wrench and began torquing a bolt into place with ease. He found solace in his solitude in his repetitive actions while building new devices. @Hani
  12. The way the world seem to be heading for has told time and time again that Lexdord requires a new motive of transport for incase they weaken into nothing "Today we are what? A piron Engine? Do you know what that takes, how long it might take to even bring it online?" As Rotwell had sent his team of scientist to work on the projects. "yes Rotwell I know but you've got to understand that this world is the way to its end if you havent seen the reports.....so were going with building that Piron engine early rather then late" The King had said through a secure line "Dont say I didn't warn, these things are fragile as well Cap'n" "Then we'll cover it with protective metals. Now stop complaining and get reserching! Ill fax you the list of priority things." Then the screen went dark laveing Rotwell to start on the first of very difficult project to come. The scientist were baffled as neither of them knew what a Piron engine was, yet from what whas heard about it, it had something to do with super magnetic charged ion particals. The list of other technologies that were to be a priority went through the system's computer and copied itself as a paper listing just what the king wanted by the end of the year. "He does know that its not going to be easy..." As the small model funnel shape steel outer mid cast of the engine was being constructed to give it as an example of what the end product was surpost to look like. Rotwell announced to the scientist in an enclosed disclosed room about the engine and explained its purpose "So this is whats known as a piron engine" its sleek silver streaks that when compared with other engines was pretty unique. with its sharply shaped front and back enclosing a cylinder like sphere enclosed within the classic funnle cone shape of an engine "This is recalled as one of the finest engines that could ever be" of course that probely wasn't true anymore as things get updated all the time, however based on the information left from the damaged data base it pretty much was true to them. "everything that we are to work on for the future of not just our own...but the future of Valcure. As you have heard there are ELE (Extinction level events) being detected all around the globe. Though meny are quickly calmed and relived there are a few however that are currently growing at an unprecedented pace and soon it would be too late." saying this somberly as he dramatizes the large scale events like Elderion's spiritual end, and what ever was going on in Kadia. "as you can see the end will soon come...but will all of us have to face it? Mabye not....mabye if we discover enough to to something about it no one will have to die yet there are some that chose to kill rather then save and because of this....we have left them and actully everyone out of this." depicting that the project remain a secret even to the closest of allies. "And because of this you all might be living here for a while, something like.....4-5 months but then again you shouldn't seem surprised as this is what we all signed up for... To give our lives to research and to presue better technologies, we were never told to just stop" as the scientists stared with blank faces, hiding their regret within newfound responsibilities. As the fate of everything they knew could hang upon their research. They headed over to reaserch bay one
  13. "The mind was a place of privacy, a place of secrets, and where great ideas come to be. But what if we could hack it?" The base was silent yet it was crowded, a meny around, walking quietly through the halls of concrete and metal. below around a mile underground lay a box and a prisoner test subject tied up next to it, it was occasional that testing of secret projects happened in this location (as its so secret im am liable to not give away any description of its location). this time however the test was neurological, to see if the test subject could be more then just influenced by phycic energy, but controlled, assimilated rehabilitated and the scientist had to make sure to impact that person permanently in someway. "Rotwell ,commander Holgan is arriving hes coming to check up on the project!" "Well then lets give this man a good show and tell then, not too much show though, we wouldn't want to take too much time." He said excitedly but quietly "Front and center" came in the Holgan quietly "why is there to be silence here? I wasn't informed about it" "Ohh not to worry, we were just informed yesterday anyways moving on theres the thing you came to see" pointing at the box as it began its testing phase. [Insert sci-fi sounds] as it came online. Nearly instantly the test subject began violently shaking and began screaming and yelling "Still just influencing the subject's mind but...its not actully controlling it, thats still a shame but were getting there, I mean attention to the screen" as he went to a computer on the side and pressed some keys that displayed the subject's brain and a energy signature attempting to break through the brain. "Yea the mechine attempts to 'drill' into the Victim's subjuct's mind iteslf" As the screens displayed that the signature wasnt getting all the way through the brain. Not yet.....
  14. "Famine, a scourge that always had threaten the stability of a diet, it caused by hunger of the people would always be present,but today the scourge shall meet its first fallings"-King Lewis Tis was a normal arid day in the kingdom of Lexdord. The skyies with clouds streaking across like missle trails or jet trails, as they leave their exhaust. But today yet again begin the threats of riot caused by this hunger. Dispite the influencers powers it could no longer hold them back. It was alone, against almost a million minds and now it became overwhelmed. "This stupid thing! Always gafailing at the worst times!, who ever wanted this ancient device clearly never saw its limits!" Said a technician who was looking at it inside and out. "Yes a bit outdated but it survived, plus we can. Always upgrade it to updated standards" said Rotwell But lets not pay attention to that -----elsewhere in Lexdord city In one of five generic (boring) schools at a science fair were a child namex Rachel Oli had "Water as you might already tell can retain and contain information the same way memory chips do except better much better, Now I was thinking that by using radiation we could do stuff like transport goods from one place on the world to another insta-" At this point the judges had begun walking away (rude ikr) but it was due to fact that well there were already meny other ways and they just plain didnt like the idea. "..........well then dont worry I have.....ummm a second project that is...well REALLY IMPORTAINT...LOTA MONEY INVOLVED" that part was sorta. True,to create the mechine she had to over a course of a year buy parts the altogether costs around 789,652 common diamonds (or 1,124,665 U.S dollars) which is buy itself alot of money. Origanly it was built for the purpose of getting herself into her scientist career or perhaps even starting her own company, like meny others at her school who all wanted to become similar things "Let me tell you about something revolutionary and exciting, something also including water"
  15. "The world accelerates towards eventual Annihilation , as all worlds do new technologies are developed some form allies with one another but some are destined to seek all the power...to control all that exists within their eyes, to become god themselfs. Yet in the mist of their endeavours they or others that feel threaten may take precautions in a way that ends with a really big bang, this time its something more terrifying then a nuclear warhead this time it is something more, something that would make people feel unsafe once again for the future" The day had clear skies, the sun was shining, and various waves bounced upon the shores of an island so small it was more described as an insignificant hill perfect for certian weapon testing. The first of meny soon to come this was more then the average nuclear bomb, this was a Thirmanium bomb. Boiled in a spinning vat of various reasources like Buborium set to cook for 24 hours until it turned bright red and had its density increased using hydrologic pressurizers to turn it into more of a delicate spherical gel ball the size of a person's head. One that floated in a medium within its bomb capsule. They had build their first and hopefully only nuclear submarine just for this purpose, this test, the 'makers' left suspiciously unnamed were most likely hoping for good results else where. On the Submarine which was being transported to Water well City via airship (2 actually carried it) the bomb was loaded similarly like a torpedo. The transport was quick and within under an hour it was on its way to secretly begin its weapon's test on the insignificant island. ------At ×××××× Facility also known as The X Nexus "Well All going according to plan? I really hope they hurry, I just want to mass produce these already, then we'll have fear on our side" "I dont know how those children were able to conjor up this feat but I love it! Now we have a secondary use for your great gift. However do they wish to continue to remain anonymous? " Rotwell questioned. The thing was there was no children, no one had actully 'conjored' this weapon up, instead the ingredients had accidentally been found within the database in a thought to be corruped file which it turns out only the file itself not its contents were corrupted....but Rotwell never knew that and would never know the council and King Lewis would make sure of that. "Yes and we the council decided it so, anyways how long until the launch commences?" "14 minuets sir considering the speed of the vessel, however we put so. Much into the speed that we never bothered with stealthing the submarine due to all of that strange emp dedication " "We wont need stealth after this, infact I dont believe any sort of stealth could hide that explosion i mean stealth can barely hide a regular classical atomic bomb explosion." Speaking as if Rotwell was a mere child. Shuffleing towards the large array of screens that were tracking everything making sure to record every bit of information for historical benefit and future analysis to futher its research and looking at it it seemed that the sub was headed south south east ---back to the sub Soon it would arrive at the small island and the test would commence. If done right the nations around will know not of who detonated the explosion or how but even where it exactly detonated will prove to be difficult. If this was done right
  16. Lexdord's guide to handheld Weapons and daily equipment for both its citizens and soilders .. First off you have to know that yest although we use stereotypical weapons like guns, rifiles, and snipers we also have one that was a gift from our great leader. More on that later For now we get onto the citizens and what they are allowed for arment. ------ Steel knives: Mundane knifes made of steel with ether a waxed wodden handle or a handle of stone Stinging Arse poison: ether in a pouch or a glass bottle this in dust, liquid or gas form causes powerful pain by over exciting nerves sometimes even to the point where nerves receive damage. Effects lasts for up to a week. ---- [Now for the security force] This is what they get Supreme kinetic Vaton baton: But It's really just a kinetic bat that sends people flying Taser Laser: a taser thats a laser....its a laser taser! It shocks and causes major cramps by disrupting the muscles and its elastisity causing it to stiffin rapidly, even if you could move through the stiffness you'll end up tearing tye stiffined muscles which causes internal damage to not only muscles but sometimes organs Carbon fiber Riot shields: riot shields but made out of carbon fiber Sniper rifle: Elite cops and army men only especially those that can remain out of sight even when in sight, they use an array of physical, acidic, or implosive and act like well...a rifle Handgun: cant get a more basic gun then this Various magic spells: well idk theres too meny ro lable! [now before we talk about military well talk about Prions and what they are (WIP] A Piron is a specific hyperionized partical that has been fissioned ioniclly through the use of electro magnetics. There are a total of 5 diffrent types of pirons that have slightly diffrent effects and energy levels, they are created In a similar way as how an ion engine works. There are actully over 458 diffrent pirons but only 5 are actually useful (or matter) in their own way.....to simplify them and pervent your brain from exploding we've labled them by letters and corresponding energy levels. A+,B+,0, A-,B- Remember since its simplified the absolute ion charge is not labled only its relative to one another With 0 being netural
  17. The United Federal Kingdoms of Lexdord Aero flighting standards report Level of security required: Public (general information for the general public) Type: Airship class labeling Authored by: Education Bureaucrat society --------- Standard Class: a group of common balanced ships whom are balanced in aspects of flight speed, attack power, defences (includes point defence and Arcane force fields), and detection (ether its own or how well it can detect others). This class of airship is the normal every day airship that you might see, most also call it the 'Average class' as it seems like airships within this class are infact the Average of the bunch. Pincer class:: A class of Airship which has an unusual amount of speed due to ether an efficent engine upgrade, being outfitted with tech that works too well, a very good reactor or being lightweight in comparison to its heavier counterparts. It comes at the cost of limited weaponry that can be thrown on it but other then that it has no other penalties associated with it. Troit class: A class of airship built to seige and pillage made mostly of ranged seige equipment
  18. In a world filled with microorganisms of all types, there was always a struggle to become dominate. At first it was just regular microbs destroying microbs. However the presence and fleeing of an extraterrestrial microb known as Z-35 around 2000 years ago visited and used the world as its little 'experiment' granting them the level of sentience that it was gifted Decades went by after it fled as fights and battles grew in numbers throughtout the various microbs. Within 1657 years only 6 remained and by the year 1978 only three were left The Corilians being the most dominant as they have the most organized coral reef cities and had begun gaining atomic power The RexRexo red Algae was second being a raypunk society yet having spots in their territory where technology was less developed Then there were also the Manitrix who instead of technology uses magic to defend against the war. Alas it was pointless as in 1996 they were destroyed by a sudden barrage of atomic weapons Then there were two As the Rexrexo algae had begun their own atomic weapons, at this time some had begun building exo-skeletons out of steel and copper, often requesting that several algae bond together for it to operate. However our story starts in a less developed colony of algae, it didnt really have a name none but the capital has a name called Agirea yet the colony was sorly known as a lesser state and thus though it not be its name it was known as lesser state 5# one of the newer colonies, it was to be a buffer to pervent the coral hordes from invading the land by blocking one of several passage ways, if this plan worked then it'll give them time to build up an army sufficient enough to stop the hordes Thats when it happened, all that was heard was a terrifying screeching sound followed by the sound of rushing water, as if the water was flowing out to somewhere. The whole colony was ripped from its attachments and got sucked up by a disk shaped portal that proceeded to suck up all of the algae in the colony, closing suddenly seconds later leaving a gap where the colony used to be...... -[somewhere in Eastern Oo'xora near a stream]- The colony was dropped into the slow going stream where it eventually setteled on the ground, the shock of this would cause panic as they have been dropped in unknown and unreached territory....
  19. Once a forgotten place, a place where monstrous guards march and patrol in a tower hanging upside down. Just recently discovered by accident when a cruise air ship went off its regular trails and ended up coming back with a report that there was a strange structure that resembled a tower and a small landing platform coming out of it. Yet it seemed like it hadn't been maintained for a long time as vines had attached themself to it, meaning that there is evidence of a water source somewhere inside A group of mercenaries was to be collected and sent to record the findings as the kingdom had shown little interest on its contents.... They would board what is known as the Arched, a quick small transport just large enough for a crew of 12.
  20. "The fate of the doom station of old remained a mystery as its construction had halted over a year ago." "yet in light of new advancements and new ideas the secret service branch of the government of Lexdord came up with an idea a GRAND idea. "We are to believe that inorder to survive in an ever disordering world we need to have an ever strengthening security force both technologicaly and magically but mostly techology speaking" A speech from the king Himself just over a week ago to both respark the station and to provide a more powerful security system not just for lexdord but even its surrounding neighbors would be safe wether they know it or not They will always be under watch........ The idea was to convert the station into a security hub and replace its outdated tech with new and powerful computers which will when in operations begin its quest to survey the entire nation and more........ yet it wasnt exactly automatic as it still needed people to over look the comupters, manage security teams, hire spys, take down unwanted organizations, and eventully know every thing about everyone..... except those secret projects of Lexdord's course, the computer would be preprogrammed to mark those as nothing, no markings....no problems due to the other hundreads of nothing tags that would be present diplaying that nothing special was going on there, this is to ensure that in the case of an invasion the new holder of this station never finds out about the projects. Down below the heaven gate that would send the first crew to the station began to open......
  21. The day was filled with clouds that didnt rain, just passing through as if it were part of a passing dust storm that died down, the clouds made a curving effect in the sky making the city seem like it was being devoured by darkness yet this cloud effect was not uncommon. Cali was downtown, after what had happened in Terrenus he decided to return to his hometown in Lexdord to relax for a bit. He was also planning on heading over to Titan city to see one of the fights that happen within the colosseum they have. He didn't go inside the capitol building to meet with his collages, he didnt feel like attracting that kind of attention right now as he just wanted to see the city sights once again. He then started his way to the salt desert park were it was almost deserted of people. "Must not be in season, well lucky me" As he sat on a bench to watch as the few people who were there poured water just to see it being repelled by the salt often being splashed onto their faces.
  22. @Twitterpated @Chappu @Etched in Stone Seo planted her hands against her hips whilst admiring the tavern in it's obviously withering age. Here she had planted the seeds of her future, and it's here her memories are woven into the boards of the floor and the sake cups soaking in the sink. Scattered at her bare feet are the remnants of a past that has dripped by her sluggishly; dirt, leaves, the coming of autumn were distinctive in their color and make. I bet your name is ... A patron stepping onto the porch of the tavern broke her chain of thought, forcing her back to the realms of reality. The memory found her often, especially when she is caught admiring her little humble beginnings. There hadn't been enough time to thank him and he has never returned since then, leaving her to often thank the memory of the man who could see without seeing. Perhaps one day he will find himself at his table, asking for the Firelord Sake (they haven't served it since that day), asking her to join him for a drink. “They’re ready.” The small woman nodded and waved away the waitress, who was more than happy to mold into the shadows. Today is supposed to be auspicious - she will be the judge of that. Gathering her courage, she stepped back into the quiet tavern that is dimly light due to the fading candles stuck in various corners. Tables lined with various colorful pillows are all polished till they nearly gleam in the flickering candle light; only four customers occupied the establishment, along with a small scattering of waitresses and waiters. It was quiet, comfortable, and a perfect day for talks and negotiations. The dark haired woman sat at the table set further to the back of the tavern, giving them some semblance of privacy that had been asked for. Sitting directly in front of her is a woman wearing a iron mask and next to her is another woman who appeared far too lush to be inside such a dark tavern. Neither of them spoke, not that they had to, Seo is not involved in their business and is just here to ensure all goes smoothly - whatever that all is. Simply providing them a place to discuss things and stuff, she remains on the outside of their dark world. They remind her of the groups of men and women who often occupy the tables for gambling and drinking. All of them are usually deep into conversation about something or another that involves killing something, someone, or taking something from someone. She assumes these two women are here for something akin to that, and their company will be the one providing the tinder to their needed fire. Hopefully - and one can only hope - she will not be caught between blows.
  23. The shell of a former metropolis stand on the amidst the largest island in the Oo'Xora region, forgotten to the Mainlanders. After the Halycon ravaged the region, it remains at a stand still in it's desolate state. The region has been left without trade or any sort of assistance, at least up until the arrival of a new Sovereign claiming the lands under the Imperial brand hailed as The Datsuzoku. The late decision to house the heir to the Empire on his own throne here, after making him a native to the region by birth-rite, the island is now deemed as live and open to trade and any other variety of assistance it's neighbors and sovereign can afford. Thanks to the hardships of life, the unruly citizens of the region a plagued in a myriad of ways. Alongside the Nelrosis, most of the people here have found themselves born with discolored skin, usually ranging between red, blue, yellow, or some combination there in. Furthermore, the once notable and honorable warriors of the nation ranging from Shinobi to Saburai have found themselves divided in dishonor, clinging to street life and branding themselves into cliques and gangs of dominance over the Podunk city and it's all but shattered economy. Though the Emperor intends to unify these separated factions, some conflict still remains within the city as they struggle for power under that of their Sovereign, fighting to be the ones in the spot most viable to drive them into immediate success beneath the new rule.
  24. Aleksei

    How far

    @Twitterpated "You love him, right?" The woman shrugged her bare shoulders, her face holding a mask of indifference towards the question. It was the third time in the last thirty minutes she was asked that question, and she chose to leave her partner curious. Right now it's merely a matter of teasing Celine than really hearing her answer the question. So far the Concubine has been able to deflect the silly woman and her curiosity. "Will you ever tell him?" "No, why would I?" Leoa was leaning against the wall with arms crossed over her chest and one ankle relaxing over the other. Her appearance was skeletal, bare-bones dressed in ucissore robes darkened by her plight. The helm of death is worn well by the woman who was taking pleasure in teasing and pushing the other woman; it showed by her lackadaisical demeanor for she lacked the facial properties to portray it all. Celine's last reply shocked the woman enough that she became slacker against the wall, and even more amused. No, why would I? The Lion allowed the question to roll around in her head for a minute. Why should she? Indeed, that is a pretty good question she hadn't considered in the grand scheme of things. Celine had always been the perfect soldier, the perfect mind, the perfect woman - why risk all that on uneasy feelings? The minute she was brought into the fold of the harem she took her tasks seriously, even went so far as to allow herself to be tortured for his sake. There was nothing that could stop the Concubine from being perfect for Koji. "I suppose it doesn't bother you then." "Absolutely not." Celine gave her friend a brief smile that barely reached her golden eyes. Their travel, the everything for them being here, for meeting Koji, has taken a toll on her. Also the guilt. She trusts Desmond just as much as she believes her Emporer, both men are highly regarded and held relatively close to her heart. While Desmond was at fault for Kaori's kidnapping, she understood that there are weaknesses in his heart that had been exploited. "Will you ever tell him?" She tipped her head, Leoa's question putting her on the spot once again. Celine found it to be a silly notion to even try to say I love you to the Emporer, a person who, while not unable to have love, felt it differently. She could selfishly tell him her feelings or she could carry on with life as it is and be comfortable. It is a bit of a struggle but what part of her life isn't? Celine's child is held captive, and it was by her own mistakes that Kaori is out of her mother's grasp. There are no excuses for her inability to protect one of her Emporer's precious things. Word had been sent to Koji to meet Celine in Oo'Xora, any mention of the Empress of Kadia was left out. Corvinus was not aware his wife had risen from her tomb, has been in contact with a few of her children, and is now working against a plot he has long ago written. Leoa chose to compromise her title as wife and Empress by siding with Desmond's decision to free Kaori and her mother, but that put her against a mighty beast she hardly has control over. The Emperor of Kadia will not be pleased by her decision to remain secretive, then again, he isn't the sort to not pull such an underhanded trick himself. It is a comfort though, having the Lion on their side to fight against Corvin's hypocrisy. "What if he loves you?" "He loves me a great deal, but you're too much of a romantic to understand that kind of love." "That's ... fair." A skeletal finger tapped the ebony curve of her chin.
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