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  1. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Read Before Posting Tavern of Legend OOC Thread When you're ready to leave the TOL and explore Valucre, check out these transition suggestions The Tavern of Legend is a jumping off point for new members, a sort of sandbox where new members can play with other new members while getting used to the site. This is especially useful for those new to online role-playing in general. Only those registered on the site for 90 days or less, or Mentors, can post in the ToL. This 90 day limit is designed to provide a time for new members to get acclimated while also giving them a gentle nudge towards role-playing in the rest of the forum. We strongly encourage participating in Tavern quests and activities as a starting point, but this isn't required and a member can leave the ToL at any time. The getting started guide can assist you as you go forward. The water cooler is a good place to check out when you're ready. You don't have to read the whole thread. Given the amount of new members that get funneled into the ToL on a regular basis, members aren't expected to read dozens or hundreds of pages. You read this post to get an understanding of the tavern, the last few posts to get a handle on what other members are doing, then you're free to introduce your character in whatever fashion you deem fit. The Tavern of Legend is an RP forum that is quasi-canon; nothing here is canonized as 'world of Valucre' lore, but its internal canon is consistent. Note that the tavern also "heals itself", so that things like holes in the wall and accidental fires won't affect the overall aesthetic. What you do in the ToL can be referenced later on in other RP threads within the world of Valucre. Any quests you complete for the Tavern that take place in canon lands can be canonized as well. At this time, the “staffing” has not been as hands on as it was previously (we got busy =/) but in time, we hope to make this a more regular part of the experience. While you are here, you can take on RP quests with less rigorous requirements than that typically found through the canon boards, get some help with learning T1, work on increasing the length of your posts (we have a 120 word minimum in canon boards) and get into the swing of how we do things on Valucre. This is also a place to meet up with other new people who might feel shy and want someone to make friends with early on. This board will be watched regularly, to ensure that people are in fact leaving posts that have content - we do not ask for much (just 20 words!), but we want worded posts (no emoticons) and no OOC stuff. That goes in the OOC section. Posts that fail to meet this requirement will be removed. Repeated infractions will lead to losing access to the thread itself. The Tavern They say the road to the tavern was once a nondescript journey, traveling through nothingness until you happened upon a quiet little hamlet out in the middle of nowhere. Farmers would wave, children following a short distance behind, curious as to your origins and intent. Only, things have changed now. You travel through lands scarred by fires and death, through an atmosphere of despair laden with only the slightest traces of hope. Burned down buildings are as common a sight as are the rats and vultures still searching for morsels. At this time, people still bury their dead- and there is many, while others hurry to get back within the cover of what remains of their home. Eventually, your journey leads you down a dimly lit path, finding that night has come upon you faster than you first expected. You come to a location said to be the corner of all existence, the point between the world of Valucre and all other possibilities. There sits a quaint structure, small and unassuming. It is only one story, hardly more than a shack, and certainly nothing like what was promised by those claiming to have once stayed within its walls. The paint is peeling, the sign is careworn and faded. Perhaps you feel cheated, having come all this way just to find some hole in the wall that gives only a welcome home to drunks too far into their cups to notice the difference. Still, there is an inviting smell coming from inside, a welcome change from the smell of death you left behind. Perhaps you should enter then, and stay for a drink or two. Even if this tavern is not what was promised, a drink and a hot meal would do you some good. But alas, the Tavern is all that is promised, and more. It reaches high, higher than you could have even imagined, the ceiling reaching hundreds of feet above. Layers upon layers of rafters fill in the gaps, where some patrons sit, served by a young man who traverses them with ease. Down below, the sprawling layout reveals a tavern with more than a dozen corners (each with its own table), despite the improbability. At the center of establishment is a large stage, where bands of bards play and leave- their lineup and styles as random as anything could be. Along what could be called the back, a long bar stretches out, ending at a doorway leading to the kitchens. Also in the back are stairs leading up to an upstairs that cannot be seen from here, and a door that leads down to the storage basement. Staff The staff is varied. Some are transient, coming and going within a few days, and others are permanent fixtures of the tavern's setting. Some are from the world of Valucre, and others are wanderers from further off. The only constants in this ever-shifting tapestry are the core staff members who manage the tavern itself, each serving their own special function. Attractions Recurring Wait Staff Young Attractive Barmaid: Early 20’s, Green eyes and chestnut hair, with a noticeably large bust. Her name is Gwen. Young exhausted Barmaid: Just out of her teens, always looks worn out and haggard. Smaller frame on top, but generous hips below. Her name is Beatrice. Young scrawny barmaid: New on the job, looks nervous and eager to please. Often speaks in a rehearsed manner, quite rapidly. Tiny, but looks healthy otherwise. Average looking. Her name is Clair. Young man with dark skin and bare feet: The Rafters server, as nimble and acrobatic as an ape in the jungles, he was hired for his abilities to assist those patrons with difficult logistical seating placements. His name is Tova. Man in his mid-twenties, blond, frequently scruffy. Rather friendly, a bit boisterous at times. He gets along well with anyone, and is known for flirting with the prettier customers who don’t come in with obvious attachment. His name is Fjorn (pronounced Fee-orn). One vacancy. Polite, middle aged man: Dark hair, normal build, a hint of silver at the temples. Polite and efficient. Named Clarence. (Died during last event) Young woman, late teens or early twenties. Caramel colored skin, dark hair, light violet eyes. Silky voice, foreign accent. Died during last event.
  2. Home [Martial Town]

    The home of Guin, a young adventurer living in Martial Town slums. A small middle floor studio apartment Guin has managed to repair or otherwise clean the run down apartment into a livable environment. Few in amenities it has a tub, an old mana impulse stove, a ice enchanted fridge and an old twin sized bed. For the occasional company she keeps a small table with three chairs in the center of the room. It is not heated, and while it has electricity it is far from reliable and frequently goes out. Guin enjoys being home, and can often be found winding down after an odd job or adventure. All in all it a simple home on the outskirts of Martial Town, a deeply dangerous area that rarely has visitors. Guin does not own this apartment, and instead rents it from a faceless multinational housing corporation - any defaulting on the rent means she is quickly evicted, for Martial Town has limited tenant protection laws. [OOC - This is a hub thread for my character Guin where I will roleplay her in between quests/jobs/adventures, it is open to visitors - if you'd like to interact with Guin at her home throw a knock on her door!]
  3. The King's Feast [NS0]

    Cosanastre, the Holy City--Riva's pride and joy. It has stood for a thousand years, seen the rise and fall of Kings. Today it just may see something remarkable. The streets had been cleared, notices had been posted, every creature on the Alterian continent had been collected, and the Daius R&D lab raided for some new ones. At long last the time arrived to start the Feast. Gamblers, seekers of fortune, Regents and nobility alike, took refuge in the Cathedral overlooking the massive sector. The Lessers and those souls not fortunate enough to compete in the hunt or the games watched from crystal screens across the nation. The streets of sector 0 were empty, as were the rooftops. The hunters were afforded full scope of the city in their battle against the beasts. Each Hunter was individually greeted by a representative of the High Mason and afforded a prayer, blessing and any last requests they may have before the bloodshed began. As dawn began to fall over the city, streetlamps and spotlights flared to life—birthing a city of lights that shined brighter in the dawn of the morning than the stars against the midnight sky. Members of the legendary Hunters association stalked the city prepared to keep the peace, if necessary, while the Poor Sons and Justices guarded the elite and more fiscally minded individuals. A bare speck on the vast backdrop of the blood red sky moved atop the cathedral. The High Mason, garbed in ceremonial robes of ebon and crimson raised his arms towards the heavens and the Crystal’s light filled the city, projecting not only his voice—but an image of its chosen vessel above the city for all of Cosanastre to see. “My children,” Ocelot’s voice intoned. “It is a most auspicious day, for today we celebrate the King’s Feast! That fateful day when our Savior Riva rose up and liberated Alterion from the clutches of a tyrannical despot. Today we Feast and today we hunt in honor, not only of her bravery and sacrifice, but those of her followers and most especially of those innocent viciously murdered by the mad Winter King. This is a day where we remember the dead. We wish them well in the afterlife, for we know they are safeguarded by the light of the Crystal—that eternal beacon in the vast darkness of Xaengri-La. This is a day where we give thanks. We acknowledge the blessings poured upon by the Crystal and we Feast to remember the first supper celebrated by the Masonress and her burgeoning church. This is a day where we celebrate joy. The joy of living, the thrill of the hunt. The promise of gifts, prizes and the merriment of food, drink and togetherness. This is a historic day, my children. Today you may die, and the Crystal will guard you through that bleak night. Today you will struggle, you will toil against beast, monster, Demon and machine. But, above all else, today you will meet your destiny. You will face the darkness and know that the light of the Crystal shines upon you. May the light of the Crystal always find you...and let the King’s Feast begin.” On cue, carriages and cages opened across the city, flooding the streets with a variety of aberrations and monstrosities. The various waiting areas where the hunters had been corralled opened up, providing them access to the now wild Sector. The King’s Feast has officially begun. Original Art Credit OOC Notes RP SPECS Type | adventure; horror; science fantasy Classification | collaborative; canon event Combat | PvE—NPC Dice System; PvP—Disallowed Dramatis Personae Status Type | Open Activity | Active; 1 post a day minimum Limit | 24 hrs; subject to change pending # of players* GM | paradigm; subject to change pending conversations SYNOPSIS The King's Feast has officially begun. This thread represents the Northern section of Sector 0. Remember that the Sector's of Cosanastre are so massive that they are Mega-Cities unto themselves and walled off from one another. Posting may now begin. Happy Hunting. ...there's blood on the horizon. layout credit | paradigm
  4. It had been approximately a week since their arrival to the largest continent this world had to offer, Genesaris. This was the perfect breeding ground for his life goal. In the heart of the land mass itself, the aspiring Emperor would plant the seed of his will. Once properly incubated, he hoped that it would not only flourish and provide them with a home. Yet eventually he hoped to acquire the continent, and beyond it's reach the world. One day, the entire Material Plane would rest at his mercy, bowing to his will. And when nothing was left, Koji would bask in the aftermath with his Empress. He would live in eternity with her in his arms, satisfied at their success of restoring chaos to the realms. For now though, it would all begin with focus on the task at hand. The insertion of the seed into the incubator. By now his motley crew had succeeded in securing a perimeter a fit for their Capitol's city limits. Their current population was not an impressive one in comparison to great nations already established, but for a starting point their turn out was great. Donovan has been busy since the wedding at Blaurg mountain, spreading the word of their arrival across the lands. Surely he had received word of their location in Genesaris. By now, it was likely even known to the neighbors nearest them of their arrival. Not to mention the witnesses in the north that watched them enter the continent and travel the water channels straight to the heart. The presence of Humans, Demons (Spirits), and Undead alike came together to account for what would be an amassed presence of a few hundred easy. Patrols were set up around the area to ensure that construction could begin and proceed as anticipated, without any outside interference to disturb them. The Undead having virtually limitless stamina, albeit coupled with a certain lack of strength, were best suited in squads capable of moving goods to and fro as needed. They were the ideal general laborers, led by minimal stronger, more sentient Undead such as Vampires kept these squads together and productive in addition to their received prime directive from Koji himself. What a wonderful gift it was to be a Shadow Dragon, equipped with a tongue by birthright that was capable of compelling the Undead to his whim with speech alone, much like how they could do humans. The human's sense of engineering coupled with the strength and stamina of demon and yokai, they would orchestrate coordination of supplies dispersal and actually be the ones to physically lay the ground work, the foundations for their Capital. Koji would reserve the right for his respective wives, Empress and Concubine alike, to remain within their tent's leisure. Though they were welcome to provide assistance with building if they so pleased. As far as Koji was concerned, without him, none of this was possible. All of this was his work, alas he need not do the petty tasks such as construction directly. His commands being issued would be the majority of his direct work in this part of the building process. "shafaer nomeno nakit wharacic wer dian di vi z'ar fossk...the dian di sia legacy! " Though most that heard him would fail to comprehend his native tongue, that last word held enough emphasis to get the point across. His joy was boundless as he saw so many bodies fast at work, and all for him. The best part was that these people had flocked to him of their own free will, meaning that they would be some of the most loyal subjects he could hope to have as time went on. Life in his nation could be called hard, strict, or even extreme by some. However, it couldn't be as bad as others thought if he had people coming from every direction to be a part of. Weak minded mortals loved the fallacy order presented. Though Koji believed it was high time that a Messiah such as himself had appeared to the Material Plane. Someone that would be so direct in their aim that it was their name, Datsuzoku. By showing those they effected with the darkness, they too would show them not to fear that darkness. How to embrace it. He would expose order for it's fraud, as the main proprietor of the grey evils of man. Though the man was obviously corrupt and evil in alignment, his faux lawful nature would be his saving grace as he pulled off the greatest swindling that at least this world would ever see.
  5. Note: I am not participating in this thread, merely structuring it and offering it up on a first come, first serve basis. The thread will accept no more players after 5 join or after 10 posts, whichever comes first Event name Safe riots and kidnapping OOC thread Reward 1x forged magic license 1x flash mask (hide face from electronic and visual surveillance) 1x Object class starmetal (multiplies impact force) Requirements 1 page for 1 player; 2+ pages for 1-3 players; 3+ pages for 4-5 players Content As a consequence of the civil war, riots in Blairville over the Safeguard Act continue to escalate in violence and scope. Pro-magic and pro-safety guilds are in constant battle for dominance, and both parties find themselves in conflict with the Constabulary, Blairville's local police force. Two sizable guilds, the Crimson Ledgers and the Bronze Crescent, have recently disbanded their Blairville chapters due to the loss of life and the depletion of magical items in their most recent skirmish. In the disorganized confusion that followed, Bruga, a goblin gypsy artificer which worked for both guilds as a contractor, has been kidnapped by parties unknown. Goals Rescue Bruga from whoever kidnapped her Once rescued Bruga will reveal she was working on plans for a negabjurium amplifier. To complete her work she needs the lungs of a gargoyle. She has information on such a creature rampaging in the Unterholm On returning with the gargoyle lung, protect Bruga while she prepares her item – basically defend her against one meaningful attack, however you define this in the thread
  6. Power Beckons

    The missive distributed had catalyzed a portent that, while seemingly no different than several in Terrenus’ past, had come at a moment tailored to the fancies and deep needs of those that sought a foundation worthy enough to support them. Boldly distributed to the masses, this lack of discrimination provided the perfect veil to cover the meeting that would be held within the embrace of the Patian industrial sector on this day. Whoever managed to decipher the location of this meeting was worthy of attention, though this attention could easily become warped and unforgiving. The burgeoning arm of industry that the Outsider had managed to conjure provided ripe opportunity for advancement but an even greater opportunity for those who preyed on the greed that it freely coaxed. Such greed was enough to convince one of the entrepreneurs to host an ‘advancement meeting’ supported by the promise of ephemeral exclusivity for the span of two weeks from a branch of their choice. So this is where the three pronged weapon given the symbolic name of ‘The Abaddon Triumvirate’ decided to conduct this meeting for the time being. The promise of the attendance of at least one of the triumvirs should have been enough to establish the importance of this gathering. Would it be the charismatic black knight or the artistic sculptor that would make themselves visible immediately? Nay. The third appendage of this triumvirate would be the first to grace the attendees with its presence. The current manager of this meeting oozed into the limelight, an almost gelatinous black liquid slowly coalescing at the head of a long table. The liquid pooled for a few seconds on the floor before elevating itself to a level that was several feet high. The room was simplistic in nature and nothing like the haven that Ker had established for them. Some of the attendees were likely to be fledglings within this organization so they would need to earn the honor of entering into their home which would only be bestowed should they prove how much commitment they had to the ideals of this organization. The conference room that would host this meeting, while significantly large with a seating area and bar, was mundane enough to avoid tickling those who would simply wish to leech off of the ideals and efforts of others here. Those who were here needed to be fully committed or at least willing to execute fruitful actions that would edify and bring them closer to their goal. Crimson spheres slowly emerged from the mass of liquid to observe whoever was already present within the room. Time would be given for annoying pleasantries and fellowship as the meeting would not commence for another hour. Though this marketing campaign that Ker had orchestrated should attract potential members with enough intelligence to decipher the location of this meeting, Agony was far more concerned with making sure the ones who would operate under his leadership were worth his time. The rigor of what they had to accomplish to even be present in this meeting would be sufficient to weed out the worthless and those of ill intent. The others who had already established themselves within the group would be presented with an opportunity to finally meet other members of this budding organization. The days of sparse operations and communication have been discontinued. It was a bittersweet development in the eyes of Agony who abhorred communicating with most but was now realigned into a role that would inevitably mean more social interaction and much more complexity. Even worse now was the temporary absence of Ker and Rodan, leaving him the ‘honor’ of the open address. Undulating black would remain immobile at the head of the table with the occasional shift of those crimson orbs. Each individual orb would move of its own accord, sliding across the black liquid-like mass that did not decide to take any form whatsoever just yet. The amorphous triumvir was infamous for behaving outside of what some would consider the norm. The few that have managed to survive encounters with him were still deprived of the stability that came with having a face to associate with the name. With his left eye focusing on the door behind him and his right eye staring across the long table of this meeting area, he would wait for everyone to establish their position before having to endure what would come next.
  7. [ Ravenspire ] A Chance Encounter

    "Hmmm...Article II, Crossing Precinct, Code 1.1. Only individuals under gainful employment of the Capital Ring may enter the district," said the monk, quietly reading aloud. "Well, I sure hope this isn't heading there. I don't believe I'm considered 'gainfully employed'." Tenkai didn't expect the trip to be this long. Of course, he should have expected as much given that he was traveling from one end of the island to the other. Taking a transport obviously cut the travel time by a wide margin, but it was still going to be an hour or two. Luckily, he had been provided with some particularly peculiar reading material. When Tenkai first arrived at the port city of Parime, the first thing he ran into was a military checkpoint. Not an unexpected thing to find at first blush, but Tenkai could tell by their manner of action they were in no mood to be trifled with. Not that Tenkai intended to give them any difficulty in the first place, but he was far more careful to avoid any misunderstanding. "Article IV, Code 1.1, Upon your arrival to the city, you are to divulge the full extent of your abilities to the proper authorities. Well, check that off the list." Tenkai wasn't exactly sure how to describe the "extent" of his abilities to the authorities. It actually seemed like an incredibly strange request to make in the first place. Did they want a full list of techniques and spells and what have you? Probably not, or at least that's not what Tenkai had given them. He told them he was a monk, a practitioner of spiritual arts and exorcism, proficient in utilizing his own spirit energy. They seemed to regard that as being a "psyker", which was a modern designation for the term "psychic" that Tenkai had actually heard used in places outside of Kadia. Yes, being a spirit sensitive human was indeed one form of psychic power, in a sense. Tenkai couldn't exactly use telekinesis or read people's minds or any of the other abilities commonly associated with psychic power, but communing with spirits and controlling one's own spirit energy was tied to a similar discipline. It also made Tenkai sensitive to many of the same things psychics could sense, so he could at least be considered psychic in that regard. As for his other abilities, that was a bit more difficult to describe. He called himself a "swordsman and martial artist", which caused the seasoned military men to quirk a brow at the oddly dressed traveler. At least that was how the monk remembered it. Tenkai didn't particularly look like much, and what he did look like was some sort of holy man. He couldn't be sure whether that was what made them wary of him or the fact that they didn't seem to believe him when he said he was a swordsman. Of course, that was when Tenkai showed them his sword, the yōtō Muramasa (妖刀[村正]; Cursed Sword [Muramasa]). Neither of the guards seemed very impressed by its appearance, and when he mentioned that it was a cursed sword, they merely laughed at him. It seemed that in these parts, weapons that were "cursed" or "magic" were a bit more visually impressive from the outset, and with their rather high tech looking close combat weaponry, Tenkai's blade looked like some flimsy pieced of steel with a single edge and a guard too small for their tastes. The only other thing he could mention, in all honesty, was his eye. Or rather, what was now in place of the eye that used to rest within his right socket. He told them it allowed him to see and interact with spirits, which was true enough, though that was probably the simplest way of putting it. By then they had grown tired of Tenkai and, judging by his demeanor, deemed him non-threatening. They recorded the information and set the monk on his way with a warning to keep his "sword" under wraps, though they weren't entirely convinced he could do anything with such a simple looking weapon. Nothing else about Tenkai seemed threatening enough to be forbidden, though the monk had yet to find out the real reason why they weren't worried. "Strange that they would do that, but I guess it's a matter of security," Tenkai mused to himself as he pondered the memory, flipping a few pages back in the booklet he was reading. It was given to him by the very same military officers, said to be a brief primer on Kadia's Imperial codex. They recommended that he study it and stay in line, lest he get a rude awakening. How thoughtful, Tenkai had thought of the gesture. "Let's see here...Civil Services, Code 1.1 'One man from every family must attend Academy and spend a bare minimum of five years in service to the Imperial Legion'," he continued, rubbing his chin in thought. "Mandatory military service? Hmm..." ------------------------------------------------------------------------- It wouldn't be too long until the transport arrived at his destination: Ravenspire. Truth be told, Tenkai wasn't entirely sure why they'd give a name ending in "spire" to a city. The name itself evoked a feeling of some massive, towering castle scraping the sky. Of course, as he looked to the city itself, the name began to make more sense. The massive Corvinite Obelisks didn't seem to be the same kind of spires Tenkai was more accustomed to ascending like some sort of tower, but they were still spires in a sense. The black metal gave off a strange, golden glow that, oddly enough, seemed a bit unsettling to Tenkai. He could tell that the pulse was more than just some natural resonance. It was some sort of field of influence that washed over the city itself like some sort of psychic territory. Except...this wasn't a "psychic" territory at all. It was most certainly some sort of force of will, but it wasn't a psychic emission. If anything, it seemed to dampen the psychic resonance of his surroundings, making his Soul Sight somewhat fuzzy. Tenkai didn't understand it completely at first, wondering if he was just having a bit of a headache for a moment. Yet even when he did have a headache, his eye didn't react in the way that it did. Even Muramasa seemed a bit perturbed by the surroundings. Was this field of influence that of Kadia's so named "God Emperor" that he kept hearing about on his trip here? And why was Tenkai here, sailing all the way to Alterion on Tellus Mater, and then to Kadia of all places, specifically to reach Ravenspire? He had heard that the city was a giant university campus, but it wasn't higher learning that drew him here. After all, there were other places that could catch his interest more on Kadia than Ravenspire. No, there was good reason for him to be here. There was a familiar face or two he was still trying to look for, and he had heard through the proverbial grapevine that he would find them here. Quite a long way to go just to catch up, but as far as Tenkai was concerned, it was worth it. "Code 1.2...Every female citizen must bear at least one child by their thirtieth year. Their thirteenth year? And they must? Why, that's--!" Tenkai kept himself from making an outburst as he departed the transport, slowly walking down the bridge connecting the concentric rings of Ravenspire together. He remembered how wary the military personnel had been with him at the checkpoint. It was likely that they didn't take too kindly to outsiders passing judgement on their way of life. Such was the nature of a strict, authoritarian culture. The more and more Tenkai read of it, the more uncomfortable he began to grow. By now, he couldn't decide whether it was what was written in the codex or the emanations from the obelisks that caused his unease. Of course, he would try and drown it out by getting himself something to eat. He was a bit peckish by now, and there seemed to be plenty of little shops and stalls along the way. So he decided to get himself a little something-something as he went. One of the stalls had some rather tasty-looking foodstuffs made of thinly sliced meat stuffed into a rolled up flatbread with cream sauce. It reminded him of a similar street food that he remembered from his home many worlds away, causing him to wonder whether cultural similarities among human races popped up like this in other worlds. Unlike some monks, Tenkai was not a vegetarian, though it was always a fuzzy issue with him to begin with. Some schools of Buddhism carried the stipulation that a monk could not eat any meat that was killed on their behalf. Others, much like the Japanese tradition he was a part of, de-emphasized vegetarianism, as humans were already so sinful that abstaining from the consumption of meat was not enough to ensure happier rebirth. Even so, Tenkai did not eat meat very often, and relied on his spiritual practices to overcome the negative karma of consuming meat. It wouldn't matter much for him in the end, anyway. He was a very unorthodox kind of monk, and with the many regrettable things he had to do in his life, the "negative karma" from eating meat was just a drop in the bucket. Of course, there was also no reason not to treat himself a bit while traveling after several long months of nothing but small rations of rice and dried soybeans. "1.3-A," he said, continuing to read as he ate his wrapped sandwich, "'Items found to be cheap, or faulty, shall be refunded at triple their original cost.' That sounds awfully in the eye of the beholder, no?" It was a good thing he didn't want to return that sandwich. Well, not that he could, really. @Deus Ex Aizen @Fierach
  8. Memoriehm Dynamic Locale; subject to change pending plot progression. OOC Notes RP SPECS Type | adventure; horror; science fantasy Classification | collaborative; canon Combat | PvE—NPC Dice System or T1 Story; Dramatis Personae Status Type | Open Activity | Active; 1-2 posts a week Limit | 24 hrs; subject to change pending # of players* GM | paradigm; subject to change pending conversations SYNOPSIS layout credit | paradigm
  9. Lost memories

    A warm breeze snaked through the trees, rustling the leaves. It tussled the curly, knotted mass of deep red hair spread across the ground. Its owner was in a similarly disheveled state, her pants and baggy shirt covered in a mix of blood and dirt. Next to her lay a dog nearly as big as she, his shaggy grey coat flecked with mud. He was whining, his nose occasionally nudging the woman's cheek in an attempt to wake her. She groaned and scrunched up her bruised face before opening her green and gold flecked eyes to look up at the tree canopy with confusion. She turned her head stiffly to regard the dog next to her with surprise, he let out a bark and wagged his tail. "What the hell happened?" She groaned and attempted to sit up. Shooting pain shot up her side and her head spun, she quickly lay back down with a bigger groan. The dog continued to whine and nudged her shoulder with his nose. She reached out an arm and gently stroked his head, the dog was familiar with her, but she couldn't remember ever having a dog....in fact, she couldn't remember anything prior to her waking up. She sighed and tried to push herself up to sitting once again, gritting her teeth she pushed through the pain shooting up her side and the world spinning and managed to sit. She closed her eyes a moment and hoped the spinning would stop, it was making her queasy. When she felt the earth still, she bravely opened one eye and closed it quickly to prevent the dog's wet lick from going into her eye. He was sitting too, wagging his tail and panting, he attempted to lick her again and she pushed him away. "Agh!" She cried, trying to fend off the dog while her side agonized her, "enough! enough!" He sat back and looked at her expectantly. "I don't suppose you know how we got here do you?" She asked, "A better question would be where are we?" He continued to wag his tail and regard her happily, he barked causing her to flinch from the splitting pain in her head it caused. "Not so loud!" She scolded, "My head feels like it is going to fall right off my body..." She looked down at her blood soaked clothes and put a hand tentatively to her scalp where she felt a burning pain. When she pulled it back there was a red smear on it from blood. "I've got to get all this cleaned out..." She ground out, attempting to use a nearby tree to pull her to standing. The dog began to whine and lay back down. "I'm not going to lay back down." She said through gritted teeth. The world spun again and she clung to the tree, her stomach finally losing its battle, she vomited. The dog looked at her knowingly and she could swear it looked a little smug, as if to say "I told you so." "Yeah, yeah yeah." She glared back at it, waiting for the world to stop spinning. When it did she took a tentative step forward, when the world didn't spin and her stomach didn't empty, she took another one and then another. The dog stood and followed her, occasionally looking at her quizzically. "I need to see if there are any clues as to who I am, who you are or even how we got here." She told him, "Be helpful and start looking too!" He sniffed around while she slowly scanned the ground around her. "Nothing but dirt!" She said in frustration, the movement loosening up her stiff limbs. The dog sat and barked, he looked at her expectantly once again. She approached him and he nosed the ground, she bent stiffly and lifted a necklace from the ground. She ran her thumb over the dirt encrusted engraving on the back. It read "Zafira." "Who is Zafira?" She asked, "Is that me?" The dog barked and wagged his tail. "I'm going to take that as a yes for now..." She searched the ground for any other clues, "Now I have to figure out what you are called..." The dog stood and pranced in a circle, whining. Zafira ignored him and continued to search, she found a strange looking stringed instrument in the bushes. It looked to be once ornately painted and carved, it looked battered and well used now. She plucked a few strings for amusement and her fingers flew across the strings, producing a haunting melody before one of the strings broke with a very ugly sounding "thwang." "Well....it appears I know how to play music." She said furrowing her brow, "But how can I remember how to play music if I cant remember the name of the darn song?" The dog barked and wagged his tail happily. "You don't happen to know where a stream would be do you?" She asked the dog, fully expecting him not to answer. He leapt up and loped off into the woods. Zafira shouted angrily after him and began to stiffly walk in the direction he ran off to. He doubled back and walked next to her. "If we are to be companions I should figure out your name..." She mused, "Perhaps I will just make one up." The dog growled. "Fine, I will try to figure it out..." She tried to think through the splitting headache, but it was like trying to hold sand, it kept slipping away, "Its no use, my memory is gone...is it -" She looked around, "Tree?" She could have sworn the dog raised an eyebrow at her. "You are right that is a stupid name, I would never name something that..." She looked around again, "Sky?" He ignored her and continued to lead her towards water. "What about Cat?" She joked, he growled at her again, "It was just a joke - jeez - Good thing there is no one around, they would probably think I'm crazy talking to a dog." The sound of running water caught her attention and she momentarily gave up on her quest to remember the dog's name, she wasnt even sure if the name on the locket was her name. But she would borrow it for now.
  10. Bull's got a new Hammer. Oh it's an awesome thing, he'd assure you. Not more then a sparse few days of having it in his possession and you couldn't count how many things he has smitten with it. Worse still, how many times he's threatened to SMITE someone with it, sometimes in a Norse accent for no apparent reason. Where it came from? Who knows, but ever since that time he was thrown through a dimensional rift and landed in Asgard---Meeting the great Thor himself. He's wanted one. That was a ways ago. Since returning to these realms, he hasn't quite recovered the entirety of his power (MP-Bull), and wouldn't fair nearly as well as he did against the Thunder god were he had to face that trial now. He will return to glory by walking the path set before him. Just as he found his NEW self during his imprisonment within the Pillar Realms, he will do so again, and this little project of completing his hammer for Maximum Whack-a-Fool Goodness was just the thing he needed. It took him a day to get here, he chose not to jump but rather trecked it out. Many climbs. Many elevations. A few falls, a couple of scuffles and he was staring at a vast, brilliant door which serves as the entrance to MINES OF SERN. So the information was legit, and it would be in this place that a sect of Mutant-Dark Elves, practitioners of Dark Magic, and perverted sciences. They had developed a new "Strain" of Mythril that was essential to his weapons progression. Only thing that stood in his way was that legend had it, that these "Elves" were tools. Bad businessmen and even WORSE as traders. Proteus Aspired for not having to use violence but sometimes, you have to shit what it was. Still, Wasn't anything wrong with giving things the old college try. The titan approached the door which had a large body of water at his rear. This caught Proteus' attention, briefly. It smelled--Odd. With his attention back at the door. As he was instructed by his source, he'd call out. "I am KING Proteus Rauz, i've come seeking to barter or purchase Mythril from you!...May I be granted Entrance!" There was a silence. Birds could be heard. Bugs of the sort as well. Quiet enough to hear a Rat Piss on cotton almost. Then before him, at the doors top. An eye opened and from it's center a beam of light which constructed a construct. The construct was a tall individual, lithe, every bit of 6'4" in height, a male, but his features were slightly twisted. Around his eyes were blackened as were the tips of his pointed ears. Slender fingers had claws at their tips. "We've heard of you King.....All the more reason why we will MOST CERTAINLY NOT be allowing you here. BRUTE!" Bull kissed his teeth some, and drew a heavy breath and at it's release interjected, "Times have changed...I, have changed. I assure you I am not here with ill intent.." And Bull was cut off "And we do not care! Now remove your FILTH from our domain, lest you be dealt with!! You've NOTHING of interest to us!" Insults. Proteus' arms crossed and his index finger tapped bicep furiously. He was struggling to keep his composure in the face of a total tool. He firmly rhetorted. "2-Million Gold. For a kings share of your new Mythril.".......He brandished a large travel bag, indeed filled with the quantified equal of 2 million gold in the form of massive bricks. There was that silence again. Those birds. Those bugs.. That cotton pissing rat again. The construct seemed to had been mulling it over. See Elves were alot like common man. They were creatures of habit, they could be swayed. They were businessmen and at the end of the day money talked. But the problem?...Again, they were like common man. They believed themselves to be cunning. They were trifling. Greedy. Uncaring. Beneath the water, a monster had been given incentive. It's massive tentacles spreading and churning beneath the water, which would have rippled and surged as it approached, and out of the water one of these LARGE appendages shot out of the water at pace and COILED around the Titans' waist, who was honestly--surprised! All that the king could see was the constructs twisted grin, "WE WILL TAKE YOUR GOLD, AND YOUR LIFE!....."
  11. Wisegem School of Magical Arts

    "Hello there! my name is Trevor Wisegem! Welcome to my school for the young, old, large, and small! Here you can learn how to channel your inner magic into something amazing! Not only will you learn to use magic, you'll also learn to fight! Because even mages should know how to fight without magic. Now, since I don't exactly have a whole lot of funds for this school, I can only accept about five students at the moment. But never the less! You will enjoy your time here. I was taught once by a great mage, who had a very large school, and I want to carry on his tradition. So! What do you say? Come on in! I mean come on, who doesn't want to summon a freaking fireball, or move objects with their mind?" He gestured to the building behind him, which looked to be liked a dojo, but more suitable for magic explosions and such. The building had plenty of beautiful plants and scenery around, which made anyone who looked at it feel calm.
  12. Its gonna be a good scrap!

    (Somewhere thirty miles off the coast of the South Ocean) Peaceful silence was broken by the screaming friction of atmosphere and asteroid. Hurtling towards the earth at incredible speeds, its landing caused a tremendous noise to shatter the serenity that once filled this place. Dirt, trees and animals all were either obliterated or thrown high into the air in the wake of the space rock making contact with the planet. Resting at around three hundred feet in radius, the object from the void lay dormant, with peace slowly returning. Deep within the pock marked stone, something began to stir, and there was noise coming from the inside. Such a great clatter it was, that the beasts pf the forest kept well away from it. Without warning, an opening is created in the rock as a square sized chunk of asteroid is violently ejected from the surface. Inside is what looks to be a complex system of living quarters fashioned from several different space faring vessels. "A'right boyz, time to see dis new world we just buggered up all violent like." A massive, muscled green arm shot out from the opening, pulling up the body of the deadly warboss Gremkar. With his second arm pulling him out the rest of the way, Gremkar took a look at the world of Valucre before him. "Ha! I bet dese humies got lots o'loot for me to plunda." He wore a collection of ramshackle armor, bits and pieces of steel plating painted in his colors, piss yellow and blood red, along with the skulls of his victims, dangling off his attire with twine and string. Painted on his bulging chest was the symbol of his tribe, an orc fist breaking through a wall. "Get out here you gits! I ain't got all day to wait around for ya!" Soon more orks began to exit the asteroid, more and more and more until a startling realization began to set in. This wasn't simply a normal raiding party. This was an invasion force. "Get started on making my new fortress, then we can get working on finding some humies to kill." With a snaggletoothed grin the twelve foot tall greenskin began walking into the forest, dual choppas in hand as his boyz began dismantling their ship in order to construct the fortress. "I sure could go for a fight..."
  13. Corner Cafe

    NB//( this is a semi lit role play. no OOC. ONLY OC /IC!. you can just hop right in into character. sentences can be as long as you like..real life ! Please keep this alive.) (ᑎᗷ: ᔕTᗩᖴᖴ ᑎEEᗪEᗪ) ⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜ ・゚゚*゚:.。..。.:*✼:✿🌹✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚ On the charming seaside Town of Casper stands a run down Cafe. This Cafe has been passed from one generation to the next. Years later and now a new owner takes over, giving the place a new look... The small apartment stands small amongst the Palm trees that lean over tall in comparison , making the small building smaller than it already is. White shutters on each window pane, making it seem vintage like, worn out even. Rose bushes growing here and there giving off a vibe of elegance, whilst subtle wafts of the rose's aroma scatter around the morning fresh air hard to miss when near by. Just outside the small Cafe stands a tall black board, advertising '' BUY ONE SLICE OF CAKE & GET A FREE COFFEE!.'' the sign read. What a good bargain! Upon entering the Cafe a fine aroma hits the nose's of fellow adventurers and citizens of Terrence. A new fresh batch of coffee beans has bean grounded! Brown stools standing, reaching just above the counter tops. Guests who chose this spot had a full view of what went on behind the scenes. Draped curtains hung loosely along the curtain rails giving the whole cafe a relaxed and warm feel. Small chandeliers hung from the ceiling above, all in different shapes and sizes. Sofas here and there arranged loosely around the cafe, for those who want to just relax. Brown furnished wooden tables and chairs set out in the center of the room, enough space to move around, especially in the rush hour time. OᐯEᖇ ᒪOOKIᑎG TᕼE ᔕEᗩᔕIᗪE TOᗯᑎ Oᖴ ᑕᗩᔕᑭEᖇ. ᑕᗩᔕᑭEᖇ Iᔕ KᑎOᗯᑎ ᖴOᖇ ITᔕ ᖇOᑌGᕼ TEᖇᖇᗩIᑎ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗷEᗩᑌTY. ᗪEᒪEᑕTᗩᗷᒪEᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ TᖇEᗩTᔕ ᖴOᖇ ᔕTᗩᖇᐯIᑎG ᑫᑌEᔕT ᔕEEKEᖇᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗩᗪᐯEᑎTᑌᖇEᖇᔕ! We do hope you enjoy our company~
  14. Sakura Onsen Sento The Sakura Sento was a beautifully built building of bamboo and stone, a building kept to the ancient look of those others that had come before it. Outside was a beautifully marbled jade path that led to the massive sliding doors that opened up to a jade marbled counter where two women of asian descent sat waiting to greet their customers. The inside walls were decorated soft pinks of the sakura tree, and dark maghoney browns. Vases of cherry blossoms and lilies decorated small tables that were placed throughout the many halls that led to each individual bathrooms. Pull strings in each room would be used to order the salts and flowers that would soak in the hot onsen waters, while the attendants laid out the finest of bathrobes and towels for each guest. The layout and decor was of the best taste, even little gold could be spotted in the very fine lines of the flowers themselves on the walls. Eternity had finally found something she wanted to give to everyone, and it was the seduction of the hot springs mixed with the temptations of the salts and flower petals with oils. There would be attendants for each customer’s taste, men and women who aimed to please those who would so graciously give up their coin for such luxuries. The men and women would dress in black and soft pink robes, their hair would be neatly braided or up in buns. Each would be pleasing to the eye, many of them having been taught how to maintain their appearance when working for Lady Sithis. It was finally opening day of the grand hot spring bath house, the attendants were ready for what would be brought throughout the day. Customers of every status would begin to pour in through the doors, each paying for their bath room. The rooms would range from many sizes depending on what would be paid up front, and others of lower born would share a community bath at a more affordable rate. While the attendants of the bath house ran back and forth prepping each room to the specifications of each customer, life in the Sakura came to life.
  15. Space Western?

    So i wasn't really able to keep up with the previous rp that i wanted to start, but things are less hectic right now and i just thought it would be a good idea to do a space western. I have some rough ideas for the lore: Humanity was able to fight off an alien invasion thousands of years ago, this actually turned out to be a sort of trial by this alien alliance simply known as The Throne to pick out warrior species to work for it. Since humanity wasted a ton of resources during the initial invasion, we're a bit too afraid to refuse the offer to join the alliance because of our need for resources. So humanity joins the alliance, and we're hired as mercenaries throughout the parts of the galaxy ruled by The Throne. Anyone interested?
  16. Artificer Shop | Quest Board

    Quests Primary Artificer | Soap MacTavish If interested in participation of quests, please PM @Armada for approval before posting. Quests Sacred Moulding Pen | Rain, Rain, Go Away! Class II | Sector III | Quest Rank D When Sector III was in control of Governor MacTavish, the illusion of possibility remained open because of the principle of Additive Alchemy, a discovery of the BBDC. However, all fairy tales are doomed for unhappy endings. Although Governor MacTavish no longer rules Sector III there remains untold amounts of artifacts and relics researched and developed in the BBDC lab – including the Sacred Moulding Pen. Enter Sector III and seek entrance into the floating fortress above, Olympus, and brave the halls. Watch out for the traps! Arachnid’s Eye | The Spinster | Reserved for @-Lilium- Class II | Arkadia Prime | Quest Rank B Ah, so you’re searching for the Arachnid’s Eye, are you? HAH! I hope you have Riva’s own luck tucked inside those pockets of yours and the spade to dig a grave – BECAUSE. YOU. WILL. NEED. IT. – The rumors through the grape vine will have you knee high in shit, wading your way through lies and deception until weary bones finally collapse without a glimpse of the ancient artifact. However, I will deal you a square deal pretty lil ‘un, because I enjoy your eyes. Radiant Mantle | My Brother's Keeper | Reserved for @Chappu Class II | Izral | Quest Rank A There were rumors of an ancient artifact residing inside the borders of Izral, a relic of the previous empire which once ruled all of Tellus Mater before the introduction of Riva. Rumors however are just whispers gently told in the evening before a fire. Across the ages, time’s whimsical steps and dancing feet aided in transforming the legend of Radiant’s Mantle into myth, causing disbelief in the masses before it became nothing but a rumor Father Time | Let's Start a RIOT! | Reserved for @danzilla3 Class II | Lands of Alterion | Quest Rank A A former mercenary crew and long time employees of MaGNUS Corp, the Blackfire Raiders, have turned to piracy in their time of crisis. Proving to be too much for the small village's militia and what few Poor Sons stationed there, the raiders have begun ransacking the city. A request for help has been made. RIOT, Alterion's elite super soldier force is currently overtaxed and always looking for new members to join their ranks. Clear the city of insurgents and confiscate any MaGNUS tech they may have. Screeching Monkey, Crouching Tiger | Let's Start a RIOT! | Reserved for @Mag A former mercenary crew and long time employees of MaGNUS Corp, the Blackfire Raiders, have turned to piracy in their time of crisis. Proving to be too much for the small village's militia and what few Poor Sons stationed there, the raiders have begun ransacking the city. A request for help has been made. RIOT, Alterion's elite super soldier force is currently overtaxed and always looking for new members to join their ranks. Clear the city of insurgents and confiscate any MaGNUS tech they may have. Alternate Reality | Catch a Tiger by it’s Scotch! | Class II | N/A | Quest Rank C The Alternate Reality. The Illusion Eye. However you name this bugger, this Class II artifact is priceless. In order to obtain a capsule of this swiggin’ ‘ol stuff you will need to challenge Soap MacTavish to match and either force him to admit defeat or land five blows. Black Jade | Drunken Dragons | TBD Class II | Mo Choi, Kadia | Quest Rank A A catalyst of the Physical Plane, Black Jade is more than some pretty trinket to be worn. Black Jade is part of the Planar Fraccion Conductor collection, a rare and ancient collection of the land WinMX, with incredible powers. However, in order to possess the Black Jade, the individual will need to travel into Mo Choi, Kadia undetected otherwise the God Emperor Corvinus will have you for breakfast. If this doesn’t discourage you from pursuing the Black Jade, then this will: You will need to find and kill a legendary beast. Good luck! Soul Harvest | I'm not your mother | TBD Class III |Lands of Alterion | Quest Rank A | Reference While the initial [DA] mission was deemed successful, members of Alpha Squad had dismissed the Final Boss’s chamber for hidden treasures. The diamond Soul Harvest remains on Alterion’s Skyline castle.
  17. •TABLE of CONTENTS • Special Thanks to: @paradigm & @Armada for Creations Arachnid's Eye Cathartic Trigger Chimera Deadshot, The Decay Blades ( owned, Syncopy 'Roku' ) Dragonslayer Eye of the World Father Time Fenrisulfr [ sought by Chappu, 10/2017 ] Flechette Highwind, The [ sought by dvsn, 11/2017 ] Jormungandr [ sought by Alexei, 10/2017 ] Minotaur, The ( owned, THE_BULL 'Bull' ) Nosferatu PFC | Physical Earth PFC | Soul Harvest Radiant Mantle [ sought by Chappu, 11/2017 ] Raijin Reaper's Eye RS | Riva's Wand RS | Riva's Staff RS | Riva's Axe RS | Riva's Greatsword ( owned, paradigm 'Grievous' ) RS | Riva's Dagger RS | Riva's Short Sword Roads to Ruin Sacred Moulding Pen Sanctus & Malus Temporal Nail Witchcraft & Wizardry Specialized Items: Tellus Seeds Alternate Reality [non-combative] [RS | Riva's Battle Set] If a player has two pieces of the set (or more), each weapon from there on out gains +1 to Preps held as the strength of the Crystal is increased by proximity. If a player has three pieces of the set (or more), each weapon gains an additional +1 to attacks. If a player has four pieces of the set (or more), the player may then create a SLOT ABILITY for each weapon—these are 'taught' abilities that can be used on command without draining the player's talent pool, mana, or fatiguing the player. Lastly, if you are reading this and you are disinterested because the +1's to various things like 'attacks' don't appeal to your style of combat (T1 over Dice NPC), then you may take the liberty to modify the present status to reflect something more T1. e.g. Instead of additional +1 to attacks, you gain a rush of energy which allows you to strike more ferociously. It's the same thing, worded without the notion of dice. You get the idea. Same goes for any other sets or items you will find here. The Dice System is not mandatory or forced. NEW DISCLAIMER RULE! (Initiated: 10NOV2017) If it has been more a month since the last post, you can contact a prime-GM of Alterion [ @Syncopy, @paradigm, @Aleksei ] and request to seek the artifact or legendary someone else has been attempting to claim, but has gone stagnant. A.) Chances are, we will permit you to start unless we know of the variable circumstances of the player's situation and they have expressed a holding pattern or wait time. B.) That being said: If you are having life issues, problems posting, internet/phone issues, or otherwise have something in your life that is troubling you to the point that you cannot currently post, but it may be temporary—let one of the aforementioned know so that we can hiatus your thread(s) and let others know if something has arisen! Communicate and you will be covered (unless the reasoning is trash). C.) A & B being said: if the first user comes back after the month has been passed and a new user has started their quest, the first cannot stop them from claiming it (exemptions: RoE—Izral) and must wait until they either claim it or lapse as the first did and continue their original thread. D.) After 3 months of stagnant posting, your name will be removed from the OP for seeking and a new thread will be required to be started (unless stated otherwise by a GM).
  18. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries "Turn back the clock on pain and poor health." Toward the edge of town, settled at the end of a row of homes and other shops lies The Pendulum. Looking like a standard Predator's Keep building, the only thing that sets it apart is the lingering smells of potions brewing and a short line of people sitting on the outside of the building on scavenged wooden chairs. There was a set time on the door, hours that the owner of the establishment preferred to keep. The sign reads: 6AM to 6PM All Week Other Emergencies Ring Backdoor Bell Fortune Telling BY APPOINTMENT ONLY How strange a place that does healing and other health benefits (much like a clinic) had set hours. The owner preferred it this way considering her own schedule. Upon entering, there was a single wooden counter top painted with a dark stain. All around the entry way were small thin shelves containing example bottles of what was provided...which seemed to be in the hundreds. Tinctures for bad knees, crows feet, warts...the list went on in alphabetical order along the walls of the tiny bottles. As your gaze wanders around, there was yet another sign that read off a list of other services. Massages, Chiropractic Care and Advanced Healing. Below the largest sign however, was a small, ornately painted sign. Fortune Telling--Appointments Only You have to wonder why a seemingly above average healing clinic was offering Fortune Telling services. Maybe it was for the superstitious? After all, the only cure for the wary is to dismiss their woes right? The doorbell rings and an older man enters, coming up to a small metal bell and giving it a small ring. From around the back, there was the sound of shuffling papers and tiny feet. Instead of a grown person, a child approached the counter and stepped up onto a platform that was hidden behind the counter so they could stand. It was a human child, a small girl with straight brown hair and a seemingly mature dress adorning her. The attire of a Mage's apprentice. Considering what was in the shop, it would be no surprise that people would send their children to apprentice under the mysterious fortune teller. "Ah, Mr. Wishers...Right on time. She'll see you shortly once her other client is finished."The child spoke eloquently. Heads turned as shoes started to meet wood and the heavy sigh of a young man came down the stairs holding his head with his hand around a small object. The child went to the bottom of the stairs to greet them and lead them out the door before they could change their mind. The small child would return to the older man, waving for him to come behind the counter and up to a small flight of stairs that lead up to the mysterious second floor. It could only be assumed that this was where they performed the fortune telling but it seemed like that it was enough to wear even a healthy young man out. Or maybe that was the massage parlor? Who knew. Not even you yet. The child would return to counter to write down a time on a ledger next to the name of 'Allen Wishers', closing the book and putting it under the counter. The bell would ring again and another customer would come, complaining of pain somewhere and the small child would go about the business of retreating a slightly larger bottle as well as a small pamphlet to go with it with instructions. "Just remember to read it."The child informed elderly woman in front of her. "Don't drink it, just mix it into your bath. That will help with your back pain." The child received the payment, pocketing it into a pouch around her lithe waist that jingled with more coins inside, giving her the right change in return. "Have a nice day."She could chime, flashing a customer service smile and watching the old woman walk out the door with tincture in hand. This was the daily routine. The selling of tinctures, the keeping of appointments...one had to wonder if the cures along the walls and the mysterious owner had any real merit. When the old man returned from upstairs, the child would do the same and lead him out to the door. There was a second set of foot steps descending the stairs, sounding more like heels than flat work shoes. An elf with white hair descended from upstairs, clad in black and wearing an exhausted smile on her face. The child would frown, approaching the woman. "You've exhausted yourself again with all of these appointments." "Shush...I know Pound Cake. They have me working harder than usual. I do have quotas to meet."She spoke, yawning and rubbing the back of her neck. "It's Priscilla." "When you are with me, it's Pound Cake. Just like your siblings Red Velvet, Devil's Food and German Chocolate in other areas are. Easier to remember. So many apprentices, so little time to remember names."The elf shrugged. Her attention turns to you who have been standing there, watching the whole exchange of coin and conversation. "Well now...Welcome to The Pendulum...How can I help you?"
  19. Good Ol' Days

    What a disgusting, revolting, colorful display. There it was, just sitting peacefully in the southwestern part of Cosanastre (the very first city founded, just for your information), glittering like a well polished crystal and singing it's siren's song: the Cathedral. Ah yes, today the bells tolled, beckoning different sorts of worshippers to its freely dusted halls and oiled pews. Today these worshippers find themselves praying to the gods of green and gold; the reverent prayers whispering through the the beating heart of the Cathedral. Serge bunting decorated the outside of the Cathedral turned gambling hall, enticing anyone and everyone to come inside and enjoy the raucous going on. Matching the exuberant decorations, guests were dressed in peacock colors; several of them, all on one body. The women wore reds, purples and greens. There were checks, stripes, brocades, appliques, and lush embroidery. The men matched the women, if anything, they were far more decorated than their counterparts. Clearly they are all extremely excited for The King’s Feast, an event that has recently been reinstated by the ever illustrious, gracious Ocelot Royce, the High Mason and ruler of Alterion. Inside, trestle table after trestle table bowed underneath the sheer weight of food stuffs. There was a roast boar stuffed with rabbits that were stuffed with partridges - sans trees, unfortunately. Pies of every type covered the white tablecloths. The free-flowing wine, ale, beer, and metheglin added to the already high spirits of the guests. One one table was a large white swan, baked and dressed and then reassembled so that it looked almost alive, every feather repositioned perfectly. It didn’t stick out though, because in the most centered table full of all sorts of seafaring creatures is a ginormous tank with a mermaid swimming inside. A Nymerian, to be more specific. Her dark hair was braided with beads and shells and crystals, akin to the black-blue sky sparkling with polished stars; her tail looked like the expanse of a early morning sky with oranges, reds, blues melting together; from waist up she wore nothing, representing the normal Nymerian wear, showing the lace-like tattoo beneath her breasts. The tattoo on her right arm shimmered with her panic, causing the shapes to appear as if they were moving with each swish of her tail as she swam from one end of the tank to the other. She was one of the many prizes offered for the day's events, and to win her you must be betting on either a group, individual, or a monster itself. All those betting will be put into a drawing to receive the Nymerian, no matter their losses or winnings. In the center of the grouping of tables was an open area. Here jesters danced and sang, people conversed, acrobats cavorted; the noise was tremendous, filling the Cathedral to the brim. And outside is absolutely no better! Anyone who can’t fit inside, found themselves a seat just about anywhere that was safe, mostly the rooftops and a few even made their homes in alleyways (out of harm's way of course). Because these sorts of events always bring out everyone's competitive streak, various household games like poker, go-fish, and whatever else kind of games gamblers contrive in the moment, are scattered around for anyone to join in. The heavier hitters were at their chosen tables with handhelds scattered around them; faces of the competitors and the monsters they're working against flicker across illuminated screens. All are welcome to place bets on either the monster hunters or the monsters, just to add some fun into the whole ordeal. Disgusting, colorful display of celebration and the day has only begun. How to bet: Easy! Everyone put your bets down in your posts and I'll keep track of everything. Anything that has monetary value (weapons, armor, jewelry, monsters of your own, etc.) you can use to bet, so have fun with this! Also reasonable, pleaasse. Once there is a list of items gathered from all people betting, I'll use a randomizer to select who gets what item to make it all fair. So Group A is for Participant AB but group B is against them and are for the monsters; Participant AB wins, so group Bs bets are given to Group A. Games: I don't care if you guys want to play a drunk, drug induced game of hide and seek, have fun! I will be introducing a version of Truth or Dare but with drinking, using a system where I think of a number 1-6, the participants pick a number, and the loser has to drink and then pick Truth or Dare. The dare obviously can't be hella disruptive but I want people to have fun with this and put their characters in awkward positions.
  20. Zenith Rue, SubHub of Absolon, Athentha 1678AY, 3 April Thursday, 12:00A.M Yazu sat in the carriage as it rode to Absolon. He placed his hands in his lap as he shook his head once more. He didn't understand the decisions made by all those involved. Two elders were dead by the hands of the princess. And he knew that even though she had decided to come back to the title, that it wasn't the case. The elders wouldn't just let some crazed beast take the land. At least two of them didn't and now they died. Now, the matter at hand. The girl herself. Yazu figured that she decided it was time to not be pushed around anymore. And though he admired her changing her tune, it felt like someone made her choose. Not the elders as he wanted to try and work with the girl unlike the other elders. Since Athentha was both their home, he wanted legitimate peace among it. Placing his hand against his temple, as he knew that Miach had created her for one purpose. He hoped to God it was not what he was thinking. And he had heard the downfall with the shaman. That he was lost and Yazu hoped that wouldn't happen. In all truth he was a key to helping the girl. The knights were assembling at the capital and there they would form some plan. However, he also knew the downfall of Sol-Morwenna with the twin Esben children. Yazu knew this was a disaster. As the carriage continued down the road, the elder wondered what would happen now. Who would come out of this unscathed? Who would win? Yazu had no idea what would happen. The elder sighed. It was time to get serious about this. It was time to either fight or die.
  21. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    This is the Mil Dot Lunaris: a firearm store that the kind of items that Americans could only dream of, and ammunition types most people don't even think are possible. Outside, there is a switchback staircase in the front leading up to the front covered porch, which continues to the left and right sides beyond the trees. Wooden tables and chairs provide places for people to sit and eat. The front wall is mostly wood-framed windows, surrounded by profiled trim and cedar shakes. Suspended rope walkways also connect to the porch at different places.The windows themselves are triple-pane ballistic polycarbonate, three inches combined, with argon pockets. There is a ramp to a freight elevator on the loading dock for people who can't or won't ascend the stairs, as well as deliveries. A large sign stands on the front roof, with the Mil Dot logo (and name) laid in very white oak with dark ebony. The inside has two areas; the public area, and the private area. The public area takes up 70% of the volume and reaches through the supports all the way up to the underside of the roof decking. The back roof has the same windows as the front wall, and the same density. During most days, the only light needed is in the cases. All of the walls have cedar paneling, all of the lights are warm white LEDs connected to a direct current system, and rock maple covers the floor of the store portion. The eatery is separated only by the line where the maple flooring meets the yellow cedar. The same wooden furniture sits in this area that sits outside, and a wall from floor to ceiling separates the public and private sections. The freight elevator opens up from the "private" area on this wall in a way that does not allow the public free access. Restrooms flank the elevator shaft. The cases that line the back and left sides are heavy, with teak-covered metal frames holding heavy ballistic polycarbonate panes. Rifle racks and heavy cabinets sit behind them, with register terminals between banks of cases. Sharp-eyed observers may even notice the ample tinted camera domes, the Browning M2 and Mark 19 emplacements and firing slots up on the walls and roof sections. The private area is just for people who work here, which includes the kitchen, storage areas, office, utility spaces, and where Thurgood and Aveline live. The only coatings applied to any of the wooden surfaces, inside or out, are clear varnishes and resins, all designed to show the wood's natural beauty. Overall the structure is actually stronger than the trees supporting it. Inside the non-window walls is not just insulation and wiring, but heavy ballistic fiberglass and polycarbonate panels that combined can stop a .50 BMG full-metal jacket round. There is a full inside-outside water deluge system and chemical foam nozzles for fire supression (as well as flame-retardant varnishes and resins), large-scale greensand and DE filters and UV disenfection for water with two cisterns in the "private" area of the roof underside. A 10,000-gallon septic system with integrated grease trap remove waste from drainwater before returning it to the jungle. 80 individual 100-watt solar panels stick above the canopy to charge forklift cells in the utility area (that has ventilation to prevent hydrogen buildup). The forklift cells then power everything else either directly, or through a three-phase pure sine inverter. The Mil Dot accepts lots of different currencies, but the most prominent is this metal exchange: 1 oz of Tin = .25 USD 1 oz of Copper = 2 USD 1 oz of Silver = 10 USD 1 oz of Gold = 50 USD 1 oz of Platinum = 100 USD 1 oz of Rhodium = 500 USD. These do not reflect prices in the real OOC world. Now with Out Of Cartridges (OOC) thread!
  22. Dancing Through Deserts

    There was a forgotten time within Bairville, where a beautiful performance was once held. A time when a desert flower opened her heart through music and dance, blossoming pedals of joyous freedom and mythical talent. Gold streamed from the hypnotic bends of her caramel fingers, rhythm surreally rolled from a body possessed by the ocean. Her rolling hips were waves, slithering and gliding with marvelous grandeur, and the bending arch of her back cascaded her tresses like falls of great water. In this forgotten moment where mystical dreams manifested into reality before a mesmerized audience, this nameless flower was permeated in ecstasy. She crossed the ties of the mundane and extraordinary. broke the barriers between heaven and earth. And as the melody embraced and made love to her soul, she felt the true purity of freedom through dance. But as with the fate of all purity, wickedness cast its chains and shattered the music. It ensnared her dance and purloined her freedom. The flower was shut away, into darkness. With time, the precious existence was forgotten. The sun of the Velhatein Desert settled behind ascending mounds of drought laden earth. Its licentious fingers extended across the sky and made the clouds blush. Beyond and below the vaporous display, there was naught but shadows thickening into black. The ebony shrouded the shapes of the landscape, cursing the daylight colors into ambiguous contours that broke the horizon like broken backs of fallen soldiers. Truly they were broken skeletons of prehistoric creatures. Within this aphotic landscape, the twinkle of a lone campfire dared to take a stand. Sitting within its rebellious orbs of amber, was the forgotten desert flower. Reflection of the embers licked up her endless raven streaks, shimmering off the silk textures whilst teasing her desert toned skin with whimsical light. Rusted chains rattled from her bound minuscule wrists, slithering to the rims of her ankles. Her face was down, forehead nestled into the curve of her folded knees, and through that curtain of locks, piercing blue eyes stared aimlessly. Her nude lips were agape and breathed soundlessly, her breasts heaved and compressed into the cushion of her thighs, and beneath its cavity, a heart pumped. Yet her eyes, the lack of luster and vibrancy, revealed nothing but death. Three men heavily clothed in Saharan attire also rested around the flames, their dirty hands breaking off pieces of stale bread and shoving it into their mouths. They were quiet, most of their faces covered in scarves with slits of food and sight. Their eyes were cold and irritated, burdened by lights wrinkles suggesting their middle age and chaffed from desert winds. “This is the last of our provisions, we will not be able to stay in the mountain for long,” said one of them as he finished his bread his voice as gruff and scratched as his fingers. “We are also low on gold, how much longer before our contact returns with word of the rebellion?” “It was supposed to be three days ago, something must have happened.” A silence fell over the men again, the diminutive rattling of chains suggesting the imprisoned woman had moved. “The king only has another week before we punish his lack of compliance. It's been two weeks now, and we’ve had her for a month now." “He’s being a stubborn old fool, he will respond. We just have to wait.” “We have to find a way to make a coin if we are to survive another week. If we steal too much, it will draw unnecessary attention from law enforcers.” “Perhaps there is another way,” one of the men turned slowly towards the woman, eyeing her for a long moment. “The people of Genesaris are unlikely to recognize her. Perhaps we can use her to our advantage…” The chains rattled again, the forgotten woman lifted her head. Deep hues shifted to gaze at the men through descending bangs, a spark of life twinkling distantly within her once dead sea. When dawn broke over the world the following morning, flyers floated around the Yum Janus tavern near the outskirts of Joran City. They found their ways into people’s things, under their bags and pillows, and even tucked within their pockets. Upon the parchment were words of golden ink, cursive with living streams of light within the letters. Come witness the spectacle of a woman enchanted by a grace and beauty you have never seen. Witness the rare advent of people from the Velhaltein Desert. Her mesmerizing movements will seduce your dreams to reality. She will purloin the tribulations that haunt your mind for a single night. Come, and be blessed at midnight, by The Dance of the Desert Flower. The word spread rapidly. Mere mystery of how the parchment found its way into the most protected of spots allured people to the tavern. It was in the rear of the edifice, a circle of torches scattered through the empty plain. Their glows shed delicate light upon what appeared to be an unremarkable platform of an reflective ebony mineral. The full moon was out, its virgin glows eerily shimmering in streaks across the silvery sheen, intermingling with the flashing quips of the reflected flames.
  23. Sweat and Blood Roman had heard rumors about the training grounds which were finally displayed in front of him after a long travel. If Roman was to face the odds of fate itself, he would have to learn to handle his own. It was nice to rely on others but he knew for sure that there would be times where he would need to stand his own grounds. He approached the place with a long and thin dagger as his only weapon. He held no specific attachment to said weapon as it was more of a ritualistic tool for him but figured that it was better to enter such a place with at least something. He was told that there were few places better than here to learn the basic of fighting. He knew that there was no way that anyone here could help him with his special abilities, but martial prowess on its own had a massive appeal. Looking around to all the buildings, he had no idea where to start. He roamed around, noticing just how well thought out everything was. It was clearly a place made for learning and efficiency, not fancy displays or to impress. The very place itself was speaking strongly of the values that were apparently taught here. He nodded to himself. Even before meeting a single person, the atmosphere of the place told him her made the right decision.
  24. Winds in the night (Modern Roleplay)

    The winds blew through the large oak trees outside of the small apartment window, the leaves slowly fell to the ground as the sun rose from the horizon slowly. It's rays basking a light across the city skyline. The baby blue curtains lined the window blocking most of the rays of the sun from creeping their way into the room onto the black blob lying on the bed. One single strand of light made its way through onto the "blobs" face. The blob was a male named Victor Blank, he had the eyes of a killer sometimes while other times he could have the gentlest eyes anyone had ever seen. Followed by his eyes his hair was the other outstanding thing about him, it a deep purple color all throughout. Of course, it was dyed. He groaned as his eyes met with the bright light which wasn't helping him much with waking up from his slumber. "Ugh." he muttered pulling himself up from the bed and scratching the back of his head to notice what time it was. "Shit! I'm late oh no no no no no no." he threw the blanket off him seeing his alarm didn't go off and it was around noonish. He proceeded to throw on clothes his tie half on and half off as he darted through the door trying to make himself look presentable almost tripping over his cat Nickilo. Before anything else could happen to ruin his day he was out of the apartment building onto the sidewalk making his way down the street to a small cafe bumping into people on the way. "Sorry! Excuse me! Pardon!" he called out running across the street almost being hit by a taxi driver. The bell of the cafe rung as the customers looked at him his appearance looking terrible and messy. He ran behind the counter into the back throwing on an apron and fixing the tie and his vest putting a smile on his face. God this day couldn't have started off in a way better way.
  25. Eliza took a drag of her electronic cigarette and blew the smoke out in the shape of rings. She followed the sunset from a rooftop, legs dangling from the edge. A scaly hand followed the shape of her left horn, while she was lost in thought. It was almost time. For a moment longer, everything was bathed in a delicate, pink light, and for a few heartbeats it seemed as though her red skin was glowing. Then the last beams of sunlight disappeared in the horizon. She took one last drag. The smoke hung in the air; that and a light smell of strawberries was the only sign that she had been there. She grabbed a hold of the edge and slid down the wall of the house. Her long nails, almost claws, grabbed a ledge. She hung there for a moment longer before making the jump all the way down. She crunched down a bit, but kept her balance when her feet hit the ground. She corrected the binoculars that hung from a string around her neck and walked down the narrow street. The almost six feet tall woman ignored the looks she received, the whispers she heard from the door frames and alleys as she passed. She had grown so accustomed to being an outsider that it barely bothered her anymore. Four, five, six... She counted the number of alleys she passed, then suddenly turned down the seventh, leading to a larger street. She looked left, then right, momentarily disoriented. She unzipped her waist bag and found a small, round object that had the appearance of an old compass. However, when she pressed a button in the back of it, it lit up. She whispered the name of a tavern. With a little beep, the device's color turned red. The needle pointed east, and she followed the directions with a sigh of relief. She couldn't be late - the gang-leader had been clear about as much.