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  1. Wisegem School of Magical Arts

    "Hello there! my name is Trevor Wisegem! Welcome to my school for the young, old, large, and small! Here you can learn how to channel your inner magic into something amazing! Not only will you learn to use magic, you'll also learn to fight! Because even mages should know how to fight without magic. Now, since I don't exactly have a whole lot of funds for this school, I can only accept about five students at the moment. But never the less! You will enjoy your time here. I was taught once by a great mage, who had a very large school, and I want to carry on his tradition. So! What do you say? Come on in! I mean come on, who doesn't want to summon a freaking fireball, or move objects with their mind?" He gestured to the building behind him, which looked to be liked a dojo, but more suitable for magic explosions and such. The building had plenty of beautiful plants and scenery around, which made anyone who looked at it feel calm.
  2. The Khovfe Pub

    Please State when your Character Enters and Exits the Pub The Khovfe Pub RP Info Current Menu: Drinks Skeletal Ale w/ A Shot of Khovfe - A Pitcher of Ale with a Shot of something Drasx calls Khovfe Amalian Pale Ale Food Drasx Mystery Pie - A Meat Pie made from Meat Services A Stay at the Inn. Potions Pleasure Potion - Brings about a Euphoric Feeling (Non-addictive, but one can become reliant) Canon
  3. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries "Turn back the clock on pain and poor health." Toward the edge of town, settled at the end of a row of homes and other shops lies The Pendulum. Looking like a standard Predator's Keep building, the only thing that sets it apart is the lingering smells of potions brewing and a short line of people sitting on the outside of the building on scavenged wooden chairs. There was a set time on the door, hours that the owner of the establishment preferred to keep. The sign reads: 6AM to 6PM All Week Other Emergencies Ring Backdoor Bell Fortune Telling BY APPOINTMENT ONLY How strange a place that does healing and other health benefits (much like a clinic) had set hours. The owner preferred it this way considering her own schedule. Upon entering, there was a single wooden counter top painted with a dark stain. All around the entry way were small thin shelves containing example bottles of what was provided...which seemed to be in the hundreds. Tinctures for bad knees, crows feet, warts...the list went on in alphabetical order along the walls of the tiny bottles. As your gaze wanders around, there was yet another sign that read off a list of other services. Massages, Chiropractic Care and Advanced Healing. Below the largest sign however, was a small, ornately painted sign. Fortune Telling--Appointments Only You have to wonder why a seemingly above average healing clinic was offering Fortune Telling services. Maybe it was for the superstitious? After all, the only cure for the wary is to dismiss their woes right? The doorbell rings and an older man enters, coming up to a small metal bell and giving it a small ring. From around the back, there was the sound of shuffling papers and tiny feet. Instead of a grown person, a child approached the counter and stepped up onto a platform that was hidden behind the counter so they could stand. It was a human child, a small girl with straight brown hair and a seemingly mature dress adorning her. The attire of a Mage's apprentice. Considering what was in the shop, it would be no surprise that people would send their children to apprentice under the mysterious fortune teller. "Ah, Mr. Wishers...Right on time. She'll see you shortly once her other client is finished."The child spoke eloquently. Heads turned as shoes started to meet wood and the heavy sigh of a young man came down the stairs holding his head with his hand around a small object. The child went to the bottom of the stairs to greet them and lead them out the door before they could change their mind. The small child would return to the older man, waving for him to come behind the counter and up to a small flight of stairs that lead up to the mysterious second floor. It could only be assumed that this was where they performed the fortune telling but it seemed like that it was enough to wear even a healthy young man out. Or maybe that was the massage parlor? Who knew. Not even you yet. The child would return to counter to write down a time on a ledger next to the name of 'Allen Wishers', closing the book and putting it under the counter. The bell would ring again and another customer would come, complaining of pain somewhere and the small child would go about the business of retreating a slightly larger bottle as well as a small pamphlet to go with it with instructions. "Just remember to read it."The child informed elderly woman in front of her. "Don't drink it, just mix it into your bath. That will help with your back pain." The child received the payment, pocketing it into a pouch around her lithe waist that jingled with more coins inside, giving her the right change in return. "Have a nice day."She could chime, flashing a customer service smile and watching the old woman walk out the door with tincture in hand. This was the daily routine. The selling of tinctures, the keeping of appointments...one had to wonder if the cures along the walls and the mysterious owner had any real merit. When the old man returned from upstairs, the child would do the same and lead him out to the door. There was a second set of foot steps descending the stairs, sounding more like heels than flat work shoes. An elf with white hair descended from upstairs, clad in black and wearing an exhausted smile on her face. The child would frown, approaching the woman. "You've exhausted yourself again with all of these appointments." "Shush...I know Pound Cake. They have me working harder than usual. I do have quotas to meet."She spoke, yawning and rubbing the back of her neck. "It's Priscilla." "When you are with me, it's Pound Cake. Just like your siblings Red Velvet, Devil's Food and German Chocolate in other areas are. Easier to remember. So many apprentices, so little time to remember names."The elf shrugged. Her attention turns to you who have been standing there, watching the whole exchange of coin and conversation. "Well now...Welcome to The Pendulum...How can I help you?"
  4. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Read Before Posting Tavern of Legend OOC Thread When you're ready to leave the TOL and explore Valucre, check out these transition suggestions The Tavern of Legend is a jumping off point for new members, a sort of sandbox where new members can play with other new members while getting used to the site. This is especially useful for those new to online role-playing in general. Only those registered on the site for 90 days or less, or Mentors, can post in the ToL. This 90 day limit is designed to provide a time for new members to get acclimated while also giving them a gentle nudge towards role-playing in the rest of the forum. We strongly encourage participating in Tavern quests and activities as a starting point, but this isn't required and a member can leave the ToL at any time. The getting started guide can assist you as you go forward. The water cooler is a good place to check out when you're ready. You don't have to read the whole thread. Given the amount of new members that get funneled into the ToL on a regular basis, members aren't expected to read dozens or hundreds of pages. You read this post to get an understanding of the tavern, the last few posts to get a handle on what other members are doing, then you're free to introduce your character in whatever fashion you deem fit. The Tavern of Legend is an RP forum that is quasi-canon; nothing here is canonized as 'world of Valucre' lore, but its internal canon is consistent. Note that the tavern also "heals itself", so that things like holes in the wall and accidental fires won't affect the overall aesthetic. What you do in the ToL can be referenced later on in other RP threads within the world of Valucre. Any quests you complete for the Tavern that take place in canon lands can be canonized as well. At this time, the “staffing” has not been as hands on as it was previously (we got busy =/) but in time, we hope to make this a more regular part of the experience. While you are here, you can take on RP quests with less rigorous requirements than that typically found through the canon boards, get some help with learning T1, work on increasing the length of your posts (we have a 120 word minimum in canon boards) and get into the swing of how we do things on Valucre. This is also a place to meet up with other new people who might feel shy and want someone to make friends with early on. This board will be watched regularly, to ensure that people are in fact leaving posts that have content - we do not ask for much (just 20 words!), but we want worded posts (no emoticons) and no OOC stuff. That goes in the OOC section. Posts that fail to meet this requirement will be removed. Repeated infractions will lead to losing access to the thread itself. The Tavern They say the road to the tavern was once a nondescript journey, traveling through nothingness until you happened upon a quiet little hamlet out in the middle of nowhere. Farmers would wave, children following a short distance behind, curious as to your origins and intent. Only, things have changed now. You travel through lands scarred by fires and death, through an atmosphere of despair laden with only the slightest traces of hope. Burned down buildings are as common a sight as are the rats and vultures still searching for morsels. At this time, people still bury their dead- and there is many, while others hurry to get back within the cover of what remains of their home. Eventually, your journey leads you down a dimly lit path, finding that night has come upon you faster than you first expected. You come to a location said to be the corner of all existence, the point between the world of Valucre and all other possibilities. There sits a quaint structure, small and unassuming. It is only one story, hardly more than a shack, and certainly nothing like what was promised by those claiming to have once stayed within its walls. The paint is peeling, the sign is careworn and faded. Perhaps you feel cheated, having come all this way just to find some hole in the wall that gives only a welcome home to drunks too far into their cups to notice the difference. Still, there is an inviting smell coming from inside, a welcome change from the smell of death you left behind. Perhaps you should enter then, and stay for a drink or two. Even if this tavern is not what was promised, a drink and a hot meal would do you some good. But alas, the Tavern is all that is promised, and more. It reaches high, higher than you could have even imagined, the ceiling reaching hundreds of feet above. Layers upon layers of rafters fill in the gaps, where some patrons sit, served by a young man who traverses them with ease. Down below, the sprawling layout reveals a tavern with more than a dozen corners (each with its own table), despite the improbability. At the center of establishment is a large stage, where bands of bards play and leave- their lineup and styles as random as anything could be. Along what could be called the back, a long bar stretches out, ending at a doorway leading to the kitchens. Also in the back are stairs leading up to an upstairs that cannot be seen from here, and a door that leads down to the storage basement. Staff The staff is varied. Some are transient, coming and going within a few days, and others are permanent fixtures of the tavern's setting. Some are from the world of Valucre, and others are wanderers from further off. The only constants in this ever-shifting tapestry are the core staff members who manage the tavern itself, each serving their own special function. Attractions Recurring Wait Staff Young Attractive Barmaid: Early 20’s, Green eyes and chestnut hair, with a noticeably large bust. Her name is Gwen. Young exhausted Barmaid: Just out of her teens, always looks worn out and haggard. Smaller frame on top, but generous hips below. Her name is Beatrice. Young scrawny barmaid: New on the job, looks nervous and eager to please. Often speaks in a rehearsed manner, quite rapidly. Tiny, but looks healthy otherwise. Average looking. Her name is Clair. Young man with dark skin and bare feet: The Rafters server, as nimble and acrobatic as an ape in the jungles, he was hired for his abilities to assist those patrons with difficult logistical seating placements. His name is Tova. Man in his mid-twenties, blond, frequently scruffy. Rather friendly, a bit boisterous at times. He gets along well with anyone, and is known for flirting with the prettier customers who don’t come in with obvious attachment. His name is Fjorn (pronounced Fee-orn). One vacancy. Polite, middle aged man: Dark hair, normal build, a hint of silver at the temples. Polite and efficient. Named Clarence. (Died during last event) Young woman, late teens or early twenties. Caramel colored skin, dark hair, light violet eyes. Silky voice, foreign accent. Died during last event.
  5. The Trader George Chapman had taken special care in avoiding the labyrinth forest marked on his map. The Sci-Mage of Blairville had written that the place had such a strong course of ley lines within the area the forest an almost sentient nature. Many who had traversed the place had never made it out alive, and those who have, normally by mistake. Speaking of Blairville... the trader had two horses pulling his wooden cart. inside his cart were many things, but of the many things, a few in particular were some Blairville goods. He had "borrowed," some mana crystals, gold, and coal from the mines and they were stored now in wooden crates. With his supply of mana crystals restored, he had gotten back on track to the Hills of Noddendody. and the next pitstop was... "According to the map, a place called predator's keep..." The Travelling Trader had said under his breath. He spoke to himself in his normal, deep and guttural handsome-sounding voice. He looked ahead, at the looming walls bared with gates. Would the guard imposed there, if any, let him through?
  6. Nanatsu no Taizai's, Philosophical Objective "There is no clamorous roar from Thunder, without a vicious strike of Lightning. No pouring Rains, without a foundation of burdensome Clouds. Without Evil, there is no rivalry of Goodness. Yet, there is a thin equator that divides these, two opposing forces. In the Gray area we stand to maintain, such Order and Balance. Live by the Code, Die by the Sword." Nanatsu no Taizai Code "Be ruthless, be Merciless. Look death in the face and show no Fear, not even to thy Buddha. Embrace it, for you have gave the Mind, Body and Spirit a Honorable death." ----------- - This will be our first act, the setting takes place in the middle of a lush Evergreen forest at just about Noon. The story takes place almost 20 years before the Rise of the Datzusoku Empire. Six out of the Seven have been recruited. In order to prove that they will serve without question; in a test of strength and talent, each will be put against one another in a short melee, spar (4-5 post-limit at least, one post-per-day, 3 duels in-total). Those who do not wish to comply will be forced to death or even worse, Seppuku. Everyone could still use their character's Innate abilities, seeing as they're physical traits of the individual's Race. I can't do nothing about that, just don't go overboard. We are still mild powers here as by site rules. * Remember everybody, that this is Chanbara, Adventure, Fantasy-themed and I can't stress the concept in any simpler terms. Various types of Magic is allowed such as manipulation over the elements, necromancy, whatever you can think of but this isn't any birth place for Wizards, Mages, Spellcasters, Warlocks etc. You get the idea. We are Swordsmen/Swordstresses ideally from a variety of races/backgrounds with the acception, any type of Sword is allowed. I don't want to read about more magic and spells being cast, than your character using Melee because I'm going to tell you, your in the wrong place for that type of styling or setting. We all come from different backgrounds so it is fine. I don't want to come off as rude or seem to embarrass any one because I'm not that type of guy x.x This is a reason we're in the Alternative-section and honestly, I wanted to keep this idea to myself before actually, submitting it to the public. You're not that good at roleplay-based fighting, or never tried to explain using a Sword in words? Good, that's fine. We all eventually get better with practice. I want this to be a learning experience for everyone, but more importantly, I want to make sure we're all having fun playing Our parts as well. We're a team and I'm not the best of writers myself. We could all learn :) --------- "We are not sworn under Blood and Oath as Brothers and Sisters, for even Ichizoku (family) stab each other with disloyal Hearts. We are Seven; for you chosen are now Nanatsu no Taizai of this, New World. I give you my life in exchange, for your Blades in battle." The Shugyosha held a proud wide-grin from under the brim of his Straw-hat or Kasa. Breathtaking stoic White orbs reflected a stiff hardened gaze from the Apex predator staring at the gathered Warriors. He would observe those before him in poised demeanor his body expressing said dominance; their characters, to body language, from ulterior motives, to the way they perceived the Hanyo in retrospect and ultimately his blind sight. His Canine senses slightly flaring a nostril that wouldn't be noticed, sniffing for the faintest signs of weakness, timidness, or even deeper than that and in to the core of their very Essence and hearts. These were supposed to be Seven Deadly Sins, a sacred Force not to be reckon with. He would step the foot on his right, slowly, dragging sandaled Zori with him and his almost 6", solid 200lb frame across the compact ground in to the center most-section of the group. The flourishing aroma of Sakura on his person permeating the air with an almost girlie sweetish scent. His hands crossed over and tucked warm-fully in the intricacies of his Crimson Silk Yukata. His faithful and ancient Tenbatsu, had not been secured to the Senpai's white sash or Obi on this occasion. Think twice, if one thought he couldn't summon it at Will. Any Sin amongst the band that could source out energies or pick up the amounts of Yoki generating from the Daiookami would also realize the translucent White flame topping over and encasing him in what was known as, the formidable Spirit Aura. "First, prove yourself to me your allegiance and discipline. I have arranged for each of you to contest one other's skills and strength in a duel. Despite the spreading rumors of my undenying favoritism, each of your names were in fact, paired and scribed before our meeting today." The youthful near Two-hundred year old Bushi still held young and ageless features as he halts in the middle of a suitable piece of land that appears roughly 20x20 feet long, just an even rectangular surface of ground wide-enough to commence only one duel at a time. He pulls out a roll of parchment from the sleeve of his elegant Robe with a paled and feminine left. Though he is visibly Blind, fascinating enough, he seems to read the scroll pridefully in the following. "We must be solid in foundation, if we wish to hold any significance in this New World. Wrath is first, to commence against Greed. Then, it's Lust and Envy. Last, we have Gluttony and Sloth. Remember. Live by the Code, Die by the Sword." It is then, he retreats from the Arena as a spectator to allow the first Combatants to step in to the rectangle and introduce themselves. He rerolled the scroll in hand and slipped it back into the confinements of his Summer robe only to pull a bright red Fuji apple out with the same hand. He would pit the fighters against each other even before they get to knew one another's name, in the unknowing their was fear created Kouman was still a genius! Falling to the sitting Lotus, he snaps his fangs into it's crunchy crispness as the nectar rolls down his throat with taste he could never forget, back home in the Yokai Realm. How strange it was that a Wolf indulged in the fruits of Mother Nature. "Commence!" The Legendary Swordslayer exclaimed as he spat away the skin from the Apple in his maw and let the games begin. @Al Sa-her @Misty @kyuri @ezkiel777 @Robbie Rotten @VulcanTheDrunken
  7. Chapter I They surveyed the landscape"dry and arid" one said" looks like were high above the clouds"said another"Captain Lewis" a third said as she showed him the cargo room "utterly destroyed"she said and the clone was gone probably lost in the ocean of this world Lewis thought all they had were their weapons,food 3 Nano eggs and one Buborium nuke . Then some one found civilization. In the distance was a floating castle and onward they went the 17 out of 20 survivors headed to their new home High rock.It seemed that High rock had a food problem people were going hungry on the streets they had an idea but it was temporary , their food stocks were full to the brim it seemed to be the only cargo unharmed by the crash.we have enough food to feed everyone for about a month in the mean Time we need to set up irrigation points and we need a molecular binder the captain thought but alas the only binder got destroyed. So then they went to work with whatever they had left. They had setup a tower made out of stone that collected the water from the clouds then they created a specialized farm, it wasn't that great though but when the crops grew it would feed the people here eventually and grow the kingdom "Captain Lewis they had no king and they want you to be their king".
  8. "The virus outbreak took a great toll on the world, sending it into a state of panic. Everyone running through the cities trying to find the closest way out of town, but no one could leave. We were all infected "they " said. We needed to stay for medical attention, guess what...nothing ever happened to us. Days going by, people turning into brainless murderers. My life was never going to be normal again, I still remember the day when my eye got infected. The oozing of puss coming from it, the terrible burning sensation it caused, I tried to ask "them" for help. All they gave me was some ointment to make my eye rott away. Someone, please help me.....I need it so badly." my hand started to cramp up after writing down in my small notebook I kept since everything happened. "Shit...." my voice was so dead I almost sounded like someone knowing they were going to die in two hours or less. The cramping got worse as I tried to move my hand to get some blood flowing back through my veins, my brother was out in the city searching for supplies for the two of us. The government already bailed out on us and the city so there was really no point in them trying to supply the remaining survivors. "I'm back!" a tall brunette walked into through the opening in the wall since the door was completely gone. "O-Oh Hey Devin..." I responded quietly. Devin smiled at me the same old grin he had since we were kids playing in our backyard on the swingset dad had set up. "Bea you alright?" he mumbled with a concerned look in his eyes setting down a small medical kit, some cans of food, and two heavy duty rolls of duck tape. Devin...the poor guy thought duck tape could fix everything if it could I would probably have my eye and be in London sipping tea with the Queen of England. I looked up slightly from the notebook and nodded quickly flashing a quick smile trying to make everything seem alright. "Yes I'm fine...just call me Beatrice okay?" I mumbled annoyed of his stupid nickname. Devin bit his lip slightly before sighing and stopping hearing the chitter chatter heading towards us. My eyes widened hearing it as well, it had been forever since anything like this happened. He covered his mouth with his finger pulling out his pistol and loading it getting ready to shoot if anything happened to us. My heart rate picked up as I lowered my hand on my dagger preparing to launch, "shhh" Devin got low preparing to shoot. (Hey guys! hopefully you guys think this is alright..sorry if its cringy I'm new to the site! )
  9. Escape the Lab roleplay!

    You find yourself in a cell, when you notice that you see other people in different cells you ask what was going on. A girl who seemed to be like a computer glitch said that your are in a lab, captured. She said that some people in the lab were made, like her. Will you escape or be a lab rat forever? roles: scientist, captured test subject, made test subject, guard.
  10. [Ayyyy everybody. This is an Open call. First come, first served. I'm gonna say this right now; I would really prefer a character with physical weapons rather than magic. Or at least not ONLY magic attacks. Because to me, they suck. Otherwise; have at it! My character re-heals after he dies so go for the jugular.] Jack Ransom hadn't been in a proper fight in an age. He needed to get rid of some aggression, the sooner the better. He stepped onto the open field, eyes narrowed as he looked at his surroundings. He was in a grassy meadow, with thick tree-line surrounding in a rough circle. It was almost perfect. Jack would have preferred a Colosseum, but this would suffice. He wondered who would come - if any one was to come at all - and what their powers would be. Nothing would deter him though. He'd be able to fight to the death and live another day. But once he was killed, he would hand over the glory of victory to that person. That is, if he was the one to be killed. Of course, Jack wasn't planning on murder. He'd subdue, at the very most. His beast form would be more appropriate for that. The beast-man yawned, then took out his flintlock pistols and spun then on his index fingers. "No one's gonna come, huh?" He said loud enough for anyone in the vicinity to hear. "Guess I'll have to just claim victory..." He said, then shifted his eyes so they turned bright orange. He smirked as his teeth shifted. They became larger, and turned a dark grey along with his gums. He was intentionally changing slowly. Waiting for someone to come and see the competition they were up against.
  11. It was a quiet night at Swally's. Bard sat by the window, gently strumming his lute as the salt sea breeze caressed his stubble-stained cheeks. He inhaled deeply, there was something so familiar and comforting in the sounds and smells of the sea. Just then a server approached. "Fill 'er up for ya love?" The server gestured to his nearly empty pint of ale. Bard tilted his head aside, and gave a deep squinty-eyed grin. "That has to be the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me...yes, another would be most appreciated." Just as the server turned to fill his pint he slid the coin of tips which hung at her side. Gingerly tossing in his hand the light feel spelled a not so active night for the young woman. Just then, Bard stood and stepped quickly to her, "Beg pardon, you dropped this. One would think better next time to keep coins closer to her person." Her thanks were met with a smile that, were it any more staged, he'd compliment it with a dance number. It wasn't a second guess or guilt which made him return the coin, it was simply too light to make any effort seem worth the swipe. Looking over the patrons, or lack there of, he would take up his seat at the window once more and strum his lute gently. This time, a tune began to form. Without request, a song was to be had. A hungry feeling, came o'er me stealing And the mice were squealing in my prison cell And the auld triangle, went jingle jangle All along the banks of the Royal Canal To begin the morning, a screw was bawling Get up you bowsie, and clean up your cell And the auld triangle, went jingle jangle All along the banks of the Royal Canal The lags were sleeping, humpy Gussy was creeping As I lay there weeping for my girl Sal And the auld triangle, went jingle jangle All along the banks of the Royal Canal Up in the female prison, there are seventy five women 'Tis among them I wish I did dwell Then the auld triangle, could go jingle jangle All along the banks of the Royal Canal All along the banks of the Royal Canal The last bit garnered some laughter as the pint made it's to his table. "So lads...another?" He asked his audience, small as it may be, it was an audience none the less. Their cheer would bring a grin as he strummed another tune. Such was this night of meeting the locals.
  12. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley

    Ivas drank deeply from his mug of rich, brown ale. Normally he was more conservative in his alcohol habits, but fighting a desperate battle against an army of dragon riders only to barely escape a burning city with life and limb intact, well that tended to warrant drinking a bit more than usual. Fortunately, the inn they'd made it to was more than happy to serve first and ask questions never. They weren't more than ten miles outside of Isore, but if the barmaids recognized Exarch Madon Ingeram, they sure didn't show it. The boy realized that it was actually possible that they had never seen him and didn't know him from any other knight in shining armor, which if that were the case, was very fortunate indeed. Ivas surveyed the Exarch and their third companion, the only other person to escape the flames of Isore with them, a mysterious girl named Lily. The normally cheerful traveler had a more serious look on his face, unable to escape the feeling of failure that hung in the air. All around them in the inn, the other patrons were full of worried whispers about the fate of the nearby city's unfortunate fate, as well. "Well, err..... mister Ex--I mean, uhh, old friend old buddy old pal," Ivas said to Ingeram, not wanting to get the Exarch recognized. "I want to help more if I can, but I just don't know what else we can do. Isore is....." He took another gulp of his ale. ".....just gone....." Ivas looked away and out the window, at the towering clouds of smoke that were clearly visible even from this distance. ".....What about you, Lily? Where will you go now?" he continued. "Heck, what were you even doing here in the first place?" That sounded more harsh than he had meant, but Ivas was genuinely curious. Of all the people..... Lily wasn't from Isore, he wasn't sure why he could tell that, but he felt sure of it. She was a traveler, a foreigner, like him, but he knew nothing at all about her origin or motives.
  13. Long was it, for a tropical island to take shape in a world of magic and monsters. Longer still, Baaj remained unknown, even to the ships that flew overhead. Natives lived as tribes, separated on grounds of gods and traditions. There were hundreds of smaller tribes on the small little mass of land surrounding the volcano at first. Over time, diplomacy and advancement lessened the number until tribes started gaining reputations. The Paoa, the Owaiiki, the Kamalani and the Maoa being the most prominent names in their history, they had discussed unification as a distant consideration beyond the occasional counsel their leaders had held in the years before the Scarlet Rule, but the idea had been enforced by their arrival. All in all, the leaders were placid, even to the dissatisfaction of some of their kin, when their arrival had come with the demand of such unity. Being mostly elderly and wise enough to see past the issue of an invasive force assuming control, those leaders had consented to it, seeing it as an ultimate victory, despite the upset that came with it. The introduction of foreign economy and conflict might not have been as welcome if they were not so quick to resign, and perhaps those who opposed the Scarlet Rule might have had more hope in reclaiming their solitude with their leadership, but such was not the case. The argument about their warrior-regent's reception of a foreign dignitary landing on the beach in the night not long ago had seen infinite faces to a coin, and he'd heard double that number of complaints during his tasks outside his manor on the mountainside in the time leading up to Malligard Luxon, his second advisor's selection of a Prince and Princess for Baaj Island, and who better than the children of leaders of the two greatest tribes the island had seen? Though he had taken his time, the man's intellect shone forth once more. Finally, he might see peace in his tasks. At least for a time... He wasn't sure what measures would need to be taken if this act was unsuccessful and the people remained unsatisfied. But nonetheless, Malligard and all his plump glory stood to Soris's left, and on his right, Thorald Fauri, his first advisor, held a stately manner that even a regent such as he might come to envy. There were others, as Soris spoke, who sat behind him. Members of his government that only some small groups had truly heard the right rumors to know the names and titles to: Ferrin, Praucia, Fallan, Maximus, and Pan. The only natives who could be sure were the two standing behind the curtains, waiting for their introduction. Kealohilani and Poema, those who were to be named as Prince and Princess of the island beneath the Rule. They had been briefed about them as those that they would be reporting to, though Thorald was the one intended to receive and distribute their reports excluding emergency. The temple of the Baajan priests of Kue'asari had been turned into a gorgeous hall, completely adorned in gold-woven fabrics and vibrant silvers and dark greens and reds, amounting to one of the most lavish things Soris might have ever seen. The pillars hardly seemed to be visual obstructions, more as works of art wrapped in works of art. More to look at than one might have seen otherwise. Which was fortunate, he had considered opening the golden beach to the public for the event, but a light yet warm rain and an early dusk outside would have spoiled the scene which, instead, was lit with bright braziers and comprised of brilliant construction. It had all come together according to some measure of fortune or fate that he was quick to discount as coincidence. There were more important things at hand. Soris's speech had been lengthy. Definitely the sort where one might question whether the intention was to make the audience of the Golden Coronation wait, swishing their wine in their glasses, for the festivities to begin. It culminated in the recital, spoken loud and clear over the crowd despite lack of a technological implement to assist his volume: "Thus have you been gathered. Not quite so grand as the Red Queen herself might have seen, of course, in celebration of a final declaration in the vein of summation, so that we might see an end to what strife has laden our journey from this uneasy malaise, to an era of prosperity. We hope to see a new demeanor held among our citizens. Happiness and comfort. We are here to protect, and much as we serve the Scarlet Rule, I want you to know that me and mine," He said with a gesture to the officials arrayed about him, "Are here to serve you. And so, without further ado, we come to the conclusion we've been leading up to. There are two of yours here today, who I mean to seat as two of mine. We shall bring the meaning of being a Baajan and the meaning of being a citizen of the Scarlet Rule closer together, and soon, you will come to learn that those two definitions are synonymous." His smile was fake, but so very well practiced. Only officials who had made similar speeches might have marked it as such. Otherwise, he just looked prideful in all that he had accomplished as regent. And speaking of practice, about half of it had gone into the pronunciation of their names. "Poema Kamalani shall now be titled Princess of Baaj Island! And so shall her successors, favoring females of her blood, inherit her title so long as Baaj's banners are Red. And like do we see the new title of Kealohilani Paoa, Prince of Baaj Island, whose title shall be inherited by his successors, favoring males of his blood, until the Scarlet is the color of the beaches, and not the flags!" He finished, gloriously as intended, with his hands in the air, inciting a sense of triumph which coaxed more supportive woos from the crowd than expected, amounting in a supportive cacophony. That was a good sign toward the fortune of their decision. "Thank you, all of you, for coming here today and partaking in the grandeur of this event! Let it be known that the Rule is strong, and it shall serve as a foundation for Baajan prosperity long as at least I, Soris Talra, can hold a sword." He finished his speech with an image in his mind of glorious vanity, defending the name of Red's kingdom even after she had died, holding Baaj island as a last bastion in her memory. He turned around at the podium, and the Prince and Princess recognized their queue to step out from behind the curtain, parading waves and recognition from the back of the stage to its end, and into the crowd to signal the beginning of the night's revelry. Soris held a glass of golden liquid in the air and said his last words as his officials filed out into the open space to make way for the band and its handlers assembling behind him. "Have a good night, everyone!" And he downed the glass before making way, and finding his stubborn path to the long table of great catered delights, inviting those who chose to beg his audience to accompany him.
  14. Proprietor & Blacksmith - Alma 'MoonHammer' Luminare Blacksmith Specialty: Alma Luminare is known for: Crafting magically enchanted items with both weight reduction and elemental magic through mastery of smithing. About MoonHammer Forge: • MoonHammer Forge is open to everyone in need of unique, customisable items and equipment, ranging from: personalised weapons, armour, shields, tunics, riding equipment (saddles etc), furniture and jewellry. Note: personal requests may be granted, just speak with Alma Luminare.• Depending on the level of item/s requested, Alma Luminare may present the customer with a quest of equal skill, in order to (a) acquire the necessary materials/gemstones/magical artifacts desired for an items creation and (b) test the skills/abilities of the requesting user, to ensure items of certain powers do not fall into the hands of those too weak to wield them.• Further testing via various means, may also be conducted by Alma Luminare in order to garner a better psychological understanding of a customer, to ensure these items of power do not fall into the wrong hands. • To the rear of MoonHammer Forge, is the Training Yard. This area may be used for the various means: Testing pre-requisite by Alma Luminare prior to receiving items of powers. Elemental Magical Combat training in solo/pairs/groups, by any member of the public. General social/drinking hang out spot for any member of the public (Note: Barrels of Ale available to all paying customers). WELCOME!
  15. Zine Encampment: Two Miles South of Predator Keep The ragged breathing of a horse, pushed to its breaking point, heralded the arrival of a visitor to an idle camp nestled in the deep forest surrounding Predator Keep. Drawn in by the characteristically orange coloured flame given off by the smoky braziers littered around the camp, which announced that the camp was manned by men of Zine, the newcomer rode in and dismounted, revealing himself to be armoured as those waiting in the camp. Harsh eyed and crudely armed, the men who acknowledged the horseman with a curt and monotone ‘Hail His Holy Emperor’ did not look the part of humanitarians who had been sent to provide relief for the Keep in troubled times. Yet that they were. Members of the Zine Relief Expedition, distributing grain to the poor townsfolk in their time in need. It was hard to imagine anyone looking at these men gratefully as they accepted what meagre rations they may have offered. Two men, armed with heavy looking dark iron bar maces, lazily lifted themselves from the fire. The entire camp centred around that single blazing pit, though the ‘camp’ was truly just six tents emblazoned with the emblem of Zine, in which would reside thrice as many men. Those same men who strode over to their visitor, dimly curious as to what the message was they were to receive. They were too quick to judge him by his armour and his dimly echoed reply to the Zine greeting, in the darkness with the forest canopy cutting out what meagre light shone from the half-moon above it was a forgivable error. Yet had he been a threat to them, they would already have died for that complacency. “What’s yer business man?” One asked, a gangly fellow with lank muddy blonde hair, he had the eyes of a brute all the same. “My business is with the Ambassador, churl, fetch me a fresh horse.” The newcomer coldly demanded. “Wha?” The man’s angry response quickly became a strangled stutter as the man turned, his pale face catching the fierce glow of the braziers and the campfire. It was a brutal face, marked with scar and other signs of battle, but it was the deliberate wound that caused the sudden change in his questioner’s demeanour. Across one side of his face was a terrible burn, very much like a cattle brand, in the shape of a sword running horizontally across his cheek. “Bloodguard… here? I’ll go get a horse.” The gangly man literally ran around to the cattle pen at the back of the camp, leaving his short statured fellow with the far larger newcomer. “Hah, wise decision Mortimer.” The short man chuckled, a little nervously. The sight of a Bloodguard, one of those hollow men who lived but to fight and defend their charges, had obviously unsettled him. Though the man before him was not dressed so differently from anyone else in the camp, in dark chain and hauberk with a mace at his side, it was the emptiness in those eyes which set the hairs on the back of a man’s neck on edge. It was no easy thing for a man to look into the eyes of another and see complete emptiness behind pale blue orbs. If they were the windows to the soul, it boded ill for the Bloodguard. They were the living embodiment of ice. No wonder they were called Empty Men. “Any news from the Holy City, Bloodguard?” The short man asked, seeking familiar ground on which to regain his nerve. “None I wish to speak of, re-join your comrades and await your instructions.” His reply was almost robotic, and like a robot, he expected that same level of efficiency from those around him. The man walked off, his tail behind his legs, muttering something about ‘Aristocrat Dog’. The Bloodguard heard him perfectly well. Turning back to his flagging beast of burden, he stripped it of his belongings. Slinging the bags over one shoulder, he carried his crossbow and shield over to his next mount, a rangy looking creature probably from the baggage train. He eyed it thoughtfully and decided beating the man to death for the less than subtle insult was hardly worth his time, instead dismissing the lanky guard to go back to the fire, where more than a few curious faces were staring in his direction. He ignored them all as he strapped bags to the beast’s saddle and tied tight his crossbow and shield. There was no need to seek direction from those in the camp, a Bloodguard could always find his charge.
  16. Eliza took a drag of her electronic cigarette and blew the smoke out in the shape of rings. She followed the sunset from a rooftop, legs dangling from the edge. A scaly hand followed the shape of her left horn, while she was lost in thought. It was almost time. For a moment longer, everything was bathed in a delicate, pink light, and for a few heartbeats it seemed as though her red skin was glowing. Then the last beams of sunlight disappeared in the horizon. She took one last drag. The smoke hung in the air; that and a light smell of strawberries was the only sign that she had been there. She grabbed a hold of the edge and slid down the wall of the house. Her long nails, almost claws, grabbed a ledge. She hung there for a moment longer before making the jump all the way down. She crunched down a bit, but kept her balance when her feet hit the ground. She corrected the binoculars that hung from a string around her neck and walked down the narrow street. The almost six feet tall woman ignored the looks she received, the whispers she heard from the door frames and alleys as she passed. She had grown so accustomed to being an outsider that it barely bothered her anymore. Four, five, six... She counted the number of alleys she passed, then suddenly turned down the seventh, leading to a larger street. She looked left, then right, momentarily disoriented. She unzipped her waist bag and found a small, round object that had the appearance of an old compass. However, when she pressed a button in the back of it, it lit up. She whispered the name of a tavern. With a little beep, the device's color turned red. The needle pointed east, and she followed the directions with a sigh of relief. She couldn't be late - the gang-leader had been clear about as much.
  17. The date was 1690AY, 7 August. The place was Athentha itself, the largest island out of the five. The day was Tuesday and the time 12:00P.M. It was the first day of the war. However it seemed the day of the this was was coming. That the past would not be saved nor help the present affairs of the people of the island. Such plans made by the princess had people wondering what would happen to their lives, the land and her as well. Though for the years were not kind to the people. Many were slaughtered, turned into demons robbed of their free will and even became monsters like her. And the land was worried who would win in the end. Heroes had come and tried to fight the beast. But everyone had fallen to her spells and traps. It was something about her that made them betray their beliefs. And no one could ever figure that part out. What was it that drew many to the half breed in the first place? That was something the people of the land wanted to know, especially with the elders wanting her dead. And that didn't go well either. For the elders of Allia and Talia were dead. Murdered by the beast of legend. Now the three remaining elders that had been leading the people like blind sheep and feeding them lines if such falsification, had gained fat from the power they ate. Corruption the minds of the masses to believe she was the enemy. That she was the problem of the land. Without her around, the land would see false peace and change. If they ever got that far. Now the knights gathered together. Zodiac, Pluto, Neptune, Dragoon, the Yellow Leaf Brigade and Calypso came together to fight the girl. Their meeting place would be in Varuna for that was the safest place they could strageistize and find a way to get rid of her once and for all. However without the shaman Kogal, Rin wouldn't die. She would be sealed away for two decades to return after that with no memory. The elders had done to her before and she didn't like it. However the numbers of these knights were small and meager having lost many to the blight and problems of the land. And of course Rin. Another part of the lands legend was about the weather. They said that Heaven cried because of the sins not corrected or fixed. That meant all the rain that came to the land was because of this. Though most of the time it was snowing or had little sun. But in this plan of war, Rin was going to tear everyone asunder for what they did to her. And Heaven as well. The air was chilled as Rin walked down the path towards Varuna. She would give the knights a surprise they would never forget. Her bare feet marring the ground with the magi that ran open within her. She would show them all the monster they had created.
  18. The Bloody Tide

    Looking to start a pirate-themed roleplay. It will be set in a fantasy world in a napolenic/18-19th century time period, which anyone participating with the roleplay can add to, such as mentioning towns, kingdoms, etc. There will be aspects of magic, but I want to keep it somewhat realistic, with cannons and muskets being the most advanced weaponry. I'm thinking of starting off as either castaways or crew members, whichever you choose. Anyways, leave a reply if you're interested. 2-3 people would be ideal, this is only my second roleplay on this site so I don't want it to get too hectic.
  19. An Odd Encounter

    Benjamin was walking in the middle of Elendaron when he walked past a telephone pole. He noticed a wanted poster attached with some tape. It read, "Wanted: Mad Scientist. If interested call: 555-555-5555. Benjamin was looking for something to do anyway. He pulled up his phone, and dialed the number. The man on the phone had a very raspy voice. He said, "Did you call about the scientist?" Benjamin was slowly regretting what he was doing. Benjamin replied with a hesitant, "Yes." The man continued,"You need to meet me at the Chinese place downtown tomorrow. You also need to bring some friends along with you," Benjamin tried to reply but was interrupted by the man hanging up. Benjamin still decided to do this quest. It was just going to be a little bit harder than he expected. Benjamin walked around trying to find people to help him. He set up signs that had his phone number for people. This was going to be way harder than expected.
  20. Tales of Valoria

    It was a time of restlessness and false peace among the people of Valoria, city of stone that rose from it's sea-side location. According to those of higher status, the town was a thriving, wondrous hype of trade and military diligence after the brutal takeover from the original inhabitants of this place approximately twenty-one years ago. For those now in power, the change of government into it's now established state of autocracy and class-based hierarchy was seen as a victory while those who were conquered still feel the effects of it two decades later as a something more than a mere thorn in their side. The people who had lived here before the change of government now dwell in the lower rungs of the ladder of society, employed as laborers and household workers (some under conditions no better than slaves) which are passed around from nobleman to nobleman like cattle. Part of this upper class, a jewel in the crown of high society, was a girl by the name of Azayla Aquus. She was brought up in this new Valoria, the city ruled by her father General Aquus for the past twenty years. Him and his army, as commanded by their emperor, had taken this city by force during the great war before she was born and he, along with councilors consisting of military men who had helped him capture this place, had overseen the running of it ever since. The original inhabitants are tired of their treatment, working tirelessly for little to no wages and considered to be beneath those of the emperors chosen nobles who had come to live in Valoria. The people will soon rise up against those that keep them chained and in poverty, wanting Valoria back for themselves. Words of a rebellion are spreading and forces opposing the rule of this new government are growing stronger in secret. After being sheltered in her ivory towers and protected by her father, receiving the highest quality education and personalized military training, Azayla is ready to begin breaking the boundaries that were set long ago at the time of her birth. She stood here now in the bustling marketplace doing just that, leaving the safety of her property without a guardian (such as one of her fathers soldiers) which would normally be keeping as close to her as her shadow while she wanders from stall to stall examining the items for sale on this late summer morning. She felt a sense of freedom at the lack of a watchful eye, her keen turquoise eyes scanning over the wares of an elderly woman selling fresh flowers. The females nimble fingers gently picked up a rose with burgundy-hued petals, her baby-blue dress fluttering about her legs and cinched in at the waist with a satin sash. She mindlessly tucked one of the stray curls of her blonde, waist-length hair out of her eyes before touching the flower thoughtfully. Her status was clear by the simple,elegant but pricey attire she wore and the silver and pearl-studded jewelry that adorned her neck, ears and fingers. If this was not enough, her reputation as the General Aquus' (the head-councillor') daughter kept the owner of the stall from being too harsh with the high-born female before her for fear of facing the wrath of her father. People who did something as unforgivable as hurting the young Aquus would experience strange 'accidents' or simply disappeared without a trace. For this reason, the elderly woman gave Azayla a polite but reserved smile before asking, "Does the rare bloom take your fancy?" The woman's voice brought Azayla back to the present and away from her thoughts, the girl looking confused for a few seconds before her face formed a subtle smile. "It is rather beautiful, I think I may purchase it." *************************************************************************************************************************** [OOC] Basic outline of the plot: The city of Valoria was overrun by a strong military force from a distant land who made sure the people became the workers for the higher-born individuals from the distant land who were allowed to move into the city. It is now about twenty one years since the war in which the military force conquered the people of Valoria and men from the original army have been placed in charge of the city and oversee the use of it's resources and wealth. There is a rebellion force that is starting to build and their plan is to infiltrate the home of the head councillor, Azayla Aquus' father, by befriending the girl and working for the family as a spy. This can be a group RP or a two-person RP done through messaging. I shall be playing Azayla Aquus, the general's daughter. If you wish to join, make a character sheet with the following basic template and add some of your own headings if you want: Name: Choose a side: (Options: *Lower class -part of the rebellion -not part of the rebellion OR *Upper class ) Age: Appearance: Weapon (not compulsory): Personality: If you don't want to make a character sheet, that's fine too. As long as in your first post it is clear what side you are on. Preferably, this RP will be multi-para. Thanks for reading this!
  21. So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World

    ~10:30 PM, local time~ ___________________________________________________________________________ The vigilante group known as The Watchers had never been to Tia before, but of the five of them, the one with the most experience for it would have been either Nathan or Arthur. The ones that the Watchers had sent however, were neither of them. Nor were they the ones most experienced in technological marvels. In fact, both men held such things with disdain and in the case of one of them, with some measure of fear. Those two were Arthur's brother, Elias Morn - and the Fairy Knight, Gale Hawk. They both trusted Nathan's judgment and they went about the city on their assignment without question - but the younger Morn twin couldn't help but wonder if their leader was flawed in his way of thinking. His reasoning was that both men were experienced working together - and that Elias was the best of them at reconciling differences. Furthermore, they both favored stealth and speed in their fighting styles as opposed to brute force. In his mind, this was a situation that required a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. All that made sense, of course, but neither he nor Gale were particularly fond of technology - and neither of them was fond of Vampires either. That was to say, Elias didn't mind them, but it didn't strike him as right for a creature to feed on human blood. The recent upheaval meant that tensions were high between the Vampire and Human populations. Sporadic violence and suckings became increasingly frequent, as did reprisals against those that had nothing to do with the attacks. This in turn led to further bloodshed and made the whole situation worse. Elias had done his best to keep the peace; several times he had intervened on behalf of the Vampires - stopping human attacks against the ones he knew were not responsible and occasionally beating the offenders unconscious before handing them over to the security forces. The number of Vampire to human attacks were less frequent, but he knew that sooner or later he might be called to intervene. For his part, Gale kept to himself - often going out at night, supposedly to gather intel. Several times, the next morning - he usually did so whilst covered in bruises. He didn't answer when questioned, but at a guess, and from the lack of bite marks - he had been busy as well. After the third night this week on patrol, Elias decided that a routine change was necessary - and suggested they head out for drinks. Surprisingly, Gale agreed on the condition that Elias foot the bill. They headed out from their (temporary) headquarters in a small hotel room and started walking the rest of the way to Jidoor Hall - the largest of the taverns & inns in the city. While on the way, Elias noted that tonight was particularly quiet. The streets seemed deserted. Even the usually noisy Steamgear Clan's HQ (an abandoned factory on the lower east ring) was deathly silent. That struck Elias as unusual, especially because he had frequently spent his patrols targeting their members - focusing on taking them out whenever he wasn't settling disputes. The gang was notorious for abducting tourists and citizens at night and was responsible for a series of violent muggings. Elias had broken up more than three of those in as many nights. Now, there was nothing. No trace of life anywhere. "Gale." He said, putting a hand on his companion's shoulder. "Do you hear anything?" "No, why?" The Fairy Knight replied. "Do you?" "No. That is why I'm suspicious." "Think this may be linked to the riots?" Gale asked, coming to a halt. "Normally, I've heard this is a city that never sleeps." "It's a strong possibility." Elias agreed. "Let's investigate." _____________________________________________________________________________ In another section of the city, the boxer, Jack Ortega* was likewise out on a late-night walk, for much the same reasons as the Watchers. Though he was ignorant to their current presence in the city, he was aware of them by reputation - as he frequently read the papers and had become a great fan of their exploits. Fighting demons and criminals alike - taking down those that the law wouldn't. It seemed they were doing the world a favor. In between fights, Jack prowled the streets like his hero, Arthur Morn, dispensing his own brand of justice. His skills which served him so well in the ring also played well into his efforts against the criminal underworld. Slightly shorter than the average Terrenian male, Jack was still extremely muscular - and frequently cited as being perhaps the strongest pound-for-pound boxer in Terrenus. He recently tried his hand in the growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts - specializing in grabs, holds and quick strikes. Jack wasn't normally the type to do vigilante work, but recent events had changed his mind. Using his Mixed Martial Arts training (and donning a biker's helmet), he went about the city at night, beating muggers and purse-snatchers to a pulp with his bare hands. Tonight proved to be somewhat boring, however - as he found nothing. No purse-snatchers, no muggers, not even a civic dispute. The whole city was quiet as a graveyard. Turning away from that morbid line of thinking, he rounded the corner of Riverside Park and the adjacent structures and kept going, making sure to keep his head low and his eyes open. ((*This is a general idea of what he looks like))

    first there was nothing Then there was something, that something was THE WORLD The world was just stars and rock flying around in space, the world thought it was interesting so it did nothing However after a few Eons the world got bored of all of the fire, rocks and matter so it decided to make 3 new elements: water, air and life so it made a planet with anything on it like a medieval kingdom next to a futuristic city and a dark and gloomy castle on a prehistoric mountain right next to a modern day suburbia. The world wanted to know what the people it just added will do once they meet each other, the world was interested. This is all of their stories
  23. Sissel Inkflank the Pegasus (Yes, passer-by. this is indeed a my little pony roleplay on Valucre.) had just landed at the top of his small tower near Everfree. Today, of all days, was the day he would pick a topic that would be rejected by his superiors. The male pony was a news reporter in Ponyville, and he liked honest reports a little more than his boss did. The topic that he chose today was reporting about a mystery long wondered in Ponyville; was the mint located in the Everfree Forest an official one, and was it illegal? A review with Government officials provided the short answer; no, it was perfectly legal. But his boss didn't like the report. He didn't think it would attract too much attention. Sissel's boss usually likes reports that Sissel does on racing teams, when they reveal huge scandals or the like. But Sissel didn't enjoy harming a pony's reputation. But it was the honest truth, right? He sighed. "And today is the day just before evaluation. I wonder what my paycheck is going to be this time?"
  24. A Familar Face Forgotten

    For what seemed like an eternity Zeonis was surrounded by silence and the all encompassing darkness of the void world, save for the occasional sound of his own footsteps tapping against the infinite darkness under his feet. Trapped with his own scarred and tormented thoughts, he trudged forward, staring absent minded into the void world before him, each step bringing him closer to his goal. His tattered clothes and armor grew heavier with every step he took, but yet he continued forward. It wasn't normal for someone to walk through dimensions like this. Such travel would be near impossible as only the brightest minds and most talented mages could attempt such a feat. When they did, it was always a short affair, teleports and jumps through this dreadful world. Yet here was Zeonis, slowly making his way through it, an extended stay in this null world. How would someone even find their way into such a precarious situation? It all started with his first attempt at making it back to his home realm via a portal summoned by one of his vassals. Inter-dimensional travel is a strange and fickle ordeal. A single mispronounced word can turn what would have been a fun filled and sunny vacation to your home realm into a living hell. At times it could be a faulty crystal or an outdated formula for calculating planar shifts. Maybe it was an incorrect set of coordinates given to you by a half-dead astrology student suffering from mild psychosis. Or in Zeonis' case; sabotage. Zeonis was one of seven children born to Emperor Vangelis and Empress Cyhil of Ata'ren. Among all of the children, Zeonis was the youngest, and the first to be born into an era of peace. Ata'ren was at war with itself with Emperor Vangelis at it's helm. He considered it a necessary evil, the remnants of the old regime threatened to over throw the fickle peace he managed to establish. Years after his father's victory there were still those who pledged allegiance to the defunct empire and craved vengeance. When word Zeonis' disappearance spread throughout the land, the group seized their chance to strike. Through relatively unknown means they rigged the portals into Ata'ren to malfunction throwing many a civilian into the void realms and beyond. The emperor ordered all portals leading to and from their world to be sealed. Unfortunately for Zeonis, he never caught word of this. On his way through the portal back to his home world he was thrown violently into the void realms where he would remain for an unknown amount of time. Each time the boy would attempt to return home, he would find himself flung into another strange place. One jump led to another and soon Zeonis found himself on another planet. The world around him filled with unimaginable horrors and alien life. It was from that point on Zeonis' memory ceased. Something caused the gap in his memory, and no matter how hard he tried, nothing seemed to make him recall what happened. Zeonis only experienced small pockets of what happened to him during his night terrors. The horrors replaying in his mind were enough to make the hope of sleep a fleeting pleasure. The boy, now turned young man made sure to keep himself awake for as long as possible. He dreaded what lovecraftian horrors he would recall while he slept, the experience of revisiting it alone was enough to send waves of unholy terror running through his body. Zeonis was near the point of collapse once again as he continued his trek until a small miracle occurred, he found a signal. Zeonis was born special, he was born a psion. Gifted with incredibly telekinetic powers passed down through his blood from his mother. The young psion managed to hone his abilities enough at a young age to the point where he could send out his conscious and touch other sentient life forms. It was a form of psionic echolocation if you will. The small caveat to this was that boy was talented but inexperienced. Zeonis could not handle the recoil from such an action. If he touched minds with a particularly powerful psion, it would be enough to render him unconscious. A strange raspy chuckle emerged from Zeonis as he recalled the scene. He had just emerged from a portal into the world of Sigil, the city of doors. Fresh from his escape from home, the boy eager ran out into the open city of Sigil, bewildered and confused by it's strange architecture and stranger denizens. Quick to find new friends, the inexperienced psion followed the trail of a particular group into an alleyway. Zeonis couldn't recall the exact event that occurred, but only the stinging searing pain from him touching minds with every psion in that alleyway. The shock made him fall limp, and when he woke, he found himself in the care of one Red the Ambivalent. From there he would go on to briefly study underneath her and Raven Kanzaki until he departed and ended up in his current state. Zeonis' pace quickened as the source of the signal grew closer with every step he took. He soon broke out into a wild run as he prepared himself to exit from the dimension. His labored breathing increased as he ran, pushing his muscle aching muscle far past their point of comfort. His wild and disheveled hair whipping about wildly and he gained speed. A surge of joy welled up in his bruised and battered chest. He could feel it now, the end of his journey was near. He would be free of this accursed place! Gathering what little power he had left, Zeonis thrust his hand forward tearing a gaping hole in the infinite void revealing another world yet again. At full speed the young prince burst from the rift preceded by an ear deafening bang. Zeonis' landing was harsh and ungraceful as he tumbled and flopped end over end, nearly taking out a group of pedestrians in the process. It was quite a spectacle to behold! Rolling over once more onto his back Zeonis could clearly see the large sign hanging above him. It read: The Kinetic Grille. "I'm free..." he breathed. With his last breath Zeonis sent out a pulse of psionic energy, desperately clawing and reaching for any psionic mind within a 5 mile radious. Before he could even face the recoil he blacked out. Zeonis was finally free.....
  25. It was an excellent night. The moon was in its Waxing Gibbous phase, piercing the day with its red glow. How truly marvelous~ However. Sadly, some people in this glorious land were not so grateful for the lunar energies that bathed us all. No. Some were noisy, filthy, and dressed in pink. A true taboo of fashion and style. What you needed was a nice pair of gentleman's white gloves, a purple suit with fuchsia collar, dark green curled-tip dress shoes- and swagger! Yes, that was how to handle oneself, especially in foreign lands. Dressing like a prostitute with a blue scarf and yelling loudly to all poor passerby would simply not do. "Mooooooon~ I'll accept your invitation, squire of Gaia! MOOHOOHOOhoon!" Yes. By a stroke of great misfortune, the challenge had been heeded by he - Kenny Moonblade. He had been rather parched, at least by homunculi standards, and approached this quaint tavern for a quick sip of ale. Unfortunately, a cross-dressing loudmouthed boy opened the door and didn't bother to continue waltzing in! So the 6'7" moon-headed "man" was left to stand behind the ratlike "prince" during his speech some three feet while tapping his shoes impatiently on the cobblestone road beforehand. How audacious. Filthy mixed breeds were hardly better than humans at 'tall, and this one had a tail sticking out of their gaudy looking pants for the love of all that was lunar. Atrocious! Unfashionable! Distasteful! Dull! Gross! Filthy! Unclean! Disgusting! Boring! Stupid! Dumb! Idiotic! Dated! Passé! Antiquated! Behind the times! Good god, his tail. Not too unlike that of a pig, if you entwined their swirled pink bottom and smeared it with feces! No. He'd thrash this braggart post haste and possibly even get a free drink out of the deal for his patronage. Genius, Moonblade!