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  1. open

    Read Before Posting Tavern of Legend OOC Thread When you're ready to leave the TOL and explore Valucre, check out these transition suggestions The Tavern of Legend is a jumping off point for new members, a sort of sandbox where new members can play with other new members while getting used to the site. This is especially useful for those new to online role-playing in general. Only those registered on the site for 90 days or less, or Mentors, can post in the ToL. This 90 day limit is designed to provide a time for new members to get acclimated while also giving them a gentle nudge towards role-playing in the rest of the forum. We strongly encourage participating in Tavern quests and activities as a starting point, but this isn't required and a member can leave the ToL at any time. The getting started guide can assist you as you go forward. The water cooler is a good place to check out when you're ready. You don't have to read the whole thread. Given the amount of new members that get funneled into the ToL on a regular basis, members aren't expected to read dozens or hundreds of pages. You read this post to get an understanding of the tavern, the last few posts to get a handle on what other members are doing, then you're free to introduce your character in whatever fashion you deem fit. The Tavern of Legend is an RP forum that is quasi-canon; nothing here is canonized as 'world of Valucre' lore, but its internal canon is consistent. Note that the tavern also "heals itself", so that things like holes in the wall and accidental fires won't affect the overall aesthetic. What you do in the ToL can be referenced later on in other RP threads within the world of Valucre. Any quests you complete for the Tavern that take place in canon lands can be canonized as well. At this time, the “staffing” has not been as hands on as it was previously (we got busy =/) but in time, we hope to make this a more regular part of the experience. While you are here, you can take on RP quests with less rigorous requirements than that typically found through the canon boards, get some help with learning T1, work on increasing the length of your posts (we have a 120 word minimum in canon boards) and get into the swing of how we do things on Valucre. This is also a place to meet up with other new people who might feel shy and want someone to make friends with early on. This board will be watched regularly, to ensure that people are in fact leaving posts that have content - we do not ask for much (just 20 words!), but we want worded posts (no emoticons) and no OOC stuff. That goes in the OOC section. Posts that fail to meet this requirement will be removed. Repeated infractions will lead to losing access to the thread itself. The Tavern They say the road to the tavern was once a nondescript journey, traveling through nothingness until you happened upon a quiet little hamlet out in the middle of nowhere. Farmers would wave, children following a short distance behind, curious as to your origins and intent. Only, things have changed now. You travel through lands scarred by fires and death, through an atmosphere of despair laden with only the slightest traces of hope. Burned down buildings are as common a sight as are the rats and vultures still searching for morsels. At this time, people still bury their dead- and there is many, while others hurry to get back within the cover of what remains of their home. Eventually, your journey leads you down a dimly lit path, finding that night has come upon you faster than you first expected. You come to a location said to be the corner of all existence, the point between the world of Valucre and all other possibilities. There sits a quaint structure, small and unassuming. It is only one story, hardly more than a shack, and certainly nothing like what was promised by those claiming to have once stayed within its walls. The paint is peeling, the sign is careworn and faded. Perhaps you feel cheated, having come all this way just to find some hole in the wall that gives only a welcome home to drunks too far into their cups to notice the difference. Still, there is an inviting smell coming from inside, a welcome change from the smell of death you left behind. Perhaps you should enter then, and stay for a drink or two. Even if this tavern is not what was promised, a drink and a hot meal would do you some good. But alas, the Tavern is all that is promised, and more. It reaches high, higher than you could have even imagined, the ceiling reaching hundreds of feet above. Layers upon layers of rafters fill in the gaps, where some patrons sit, served by a young man who traverses them with ease. Down below, the sprawling layout reveals a tavern with more than a dozen corners (each with its own table), despite the improbability. At the center of establishment is a large stage, where bands of bards play and leave- their lineup and styles as random as anything could be. Along what could be called the back, a long bar stretches out, ending at a doorway leading to the kitchens. Also in the back are stairs leading up to an upstairs that cannot be seen from here, and a door that leads down to the storage basement. Staff The staff is varied. Some are transient, coming and going within a few days, and others are permanent fixtures of the tavern's setting. Some are from the world of Valucre, and others are wanderers from further off. The only constants in this ever-shifting tapestry are the core staff members who manage the tavern itself, each serving their own special function. Attractions Recurring Wait Staff Young Attractive Barmaid: Early 20’s, Green eyes and chestnut hair, with a noticeably large bust. Her name is Gwen. Young exhausted Barmaid: Just out of her teens, always looks worn out and haggard. Smaller frame on top, but generous hips below. Her name is Beatrice. Young scrawny barmaid: New on the job, looks nervous and eager to please. Often speaks in a rehearsed manner, quite rapidly. Tiny, but looks healthy otherwise. Average looking. Her name is Clair. Young man with dark skin and bare feet: The Rafters server, as nimble and acrobatic as an ape in the jungles, he was hired for his abilities to assist those patrons with difficult logistical seating placements. His name is Tova. Man in his mid-twenties, blond, frequently scruffy. Rather friendly, a bit boisterous at times. He gets along well with anyone, and is known for flirting with the prettier customers who don’t come in with obvious attachment. His name is Fjorn (pronounced Fee-orn). One vacancy. Polite, middle aged man: Dark hair, normal build, a hint of silver at the temples. Polite and efficient. Named Clarence. (Died during last event) Young woman, late teens or early twenties. Caramel colored skin, dark hair, light violet eyes. Silky voice, foreign accent. Died during last event.
  2. Orisia – midday. Group by group, villagers were noosed or beheaded, a result of their submission to being conquered. There were but a mere five groups left by the time Vahliath arrived. He watched in silence as soldiers of his banner brought the weight of their hefty axes down upon bowed necks, thinning the herd until there were just two groups remaining. Vahliath moved his attention to noosed POWs. His executioner, donning ebony armour and the helmet of stag’s skull, followed Vahliath, their warlord, to those forced to balance on planks barely wider than their own feet. A cruel, but necessary torture. Those who screamed the name of Valhalla and accepted their fates would be the first to go – in time. Another four prisoners were being forced towards the gallows, heads bowed in shame as they whispered prayers to Odin, Thor and Freya most among their gods. Vahliath scoffed in disgust to their easy submissions. It was a ridiculous way to accept defeat. “Are these all of them?” Vahliath asked, his voice muffled by the black stag helmet which hung over his own, uniquely designed set of armour. “Other than the group over there,” Vahliath’s executioner gestured to those currently receiving the axe, “yes, my lord.” He Finished. Vahliath glanced towards the prisoners, unimpressed yet again. He turned, ready to depart. “Very well. Burn the village once they’re all done—” Vahliath fell silent, cut off by the struggle his soldiers had upon the gallows. The warlord looked, and his executioner paced to assist. A prisoner, even with their head covered in a sack, refused to accept the noose around their neck, even managing to kick two soldiers from the platform. Vahliath watched the resistance with amusement, until of course his executioner hit the back of their knees with his broad axe. The prisoner fell, and the executioner lifted his axe to behead the fallen prisoner there and then. Vahliath took a step forward and intervened. “—No!” The warlord shouted, his voice echoing to bring silence across the village. The executioner stopped his axe and looked down towards his lord. “Bring them down.” Vahliath added as he moved closer to the gallows. With his head arched back, his gaze never left the hooded prisoner. “This prisoner is nothing but a barbarian of these lands. They should be slaughtered like the rest—” “—Like the rest of them?” Vahliath interrupted. His executioner fell silent. “But they are not like the rest of them, willing to die because of the promise Valhalla provides. Their Pagan gods would spit at the very sight of them. But not this one. Bring them down.” The demand in his voice was clear. The executioner grunted, reluctantly shoving the prisoner forward which caused them to fall from the platform. As they fell to before Vahliath’s feet, however, the hood was grabbed from behind so they had a face to reveal by the time they reached the floor. Vahliath towered them, staring down towards their eyes. “Tell me, villager: who are you?”
  3. open

    This is the Mil Dot Lunaris: a firearm store that the kid of items that Americans could only dream of, and ammunition tipes most people don't even think are possible. Or rather, it will be. Right now it's just a platform frame on the western edge of Lunaris, between four non-elder, but still very thick trees, about 35 feet off the ground. The platform itself, though 10,500 square feet, is structurally sound enough to set two fully-loaded Airbus A380s on it. The connection to the trees would give out as soon as you set the first down, but the platform wouldn't budge. Right now, Aveline and Nadia are starting construction while Thurgood and Vivian are converting currency, obtaining building materials, looking for help, checking on the casting of the concrete septic tank, and dealing with the Mil Dot Gibson Creek location (promoting a sales manager, a range master, coordinating labor, copying pricing data from the mainframe, checking orders, etc.) and the rest of Lunaris is doing the same (rebuilding). Even though the store is under construction, this is still an open thread, in which anybody can post, just be aware that Aveline is always armed and Nadia can hear and smell a stranger long before they even show up, and I will update this post as work progresses.
  4. The date was 1690AY, 7 August. The place was Athentha itself, the largest island out of the five. The day was Tuesday and the time 12:00P.M. It was the first day of the war. However it seemed the day of the this was was coming. That the past would not be saved nor help the present affairs of the people of the island. Such plans made by the princess had people wondering what would happen to their lives, the land and her as well. Though for the years were not kind to the people. Many were slaughtered, turned into demons robbed of their free will and even became monsters like her. And the land was worried who would win in the end. Heroes had come and tried to fight the beast. But everyone had fallen to her spells and traps. It was something about her that made them betray their beliefs. And no one could ever figure that part out. What was it that drew many to the half breed in the first place? That was something the people of the land wanted to know, especially with the elders wanting her dead. And that didn't go well either. For the elders of Allia and Talia were dead. Murdered by the beast of legend. Now the three remaining elders that had been leading the people like blind sheep and feeding them lines if such falsification, had gained fat from the power they ate. Corruption the minds of the masses to believe she was the enemy. That she was the problem of the land. Without her around, the land would see false peace and change. If they ever got that far. Now the knights gathered together. Zodiac, Pluto, Neptune, Dragoon, the Yellow Leaf Brigade and Calypso came together to fight the girl. Their meeting place would be in Varuna for that was the safest place they could strageistize and find a way to get rid of her once and for all. However without the shaman Kogal, Rin wouldn't die. She would be sealed away for two decades to return after that with no memory. The elders had done to her before and she didn't like it. However the numbers of these knights were small and meager having lost many to the blight and problems of the land. And of course Rin. Another part of the lands legend was about the weather. They said that Heaven cried because of the sins not corrected or fixed. That meant all the rain that came to the land was because of this. Though most of the time it was snowing or had little sun. But in this plan of war, Rin was going to tear everyone asunder for what they did to her. And Heaven as well. The air was chilled as Rin walked down the path towards Varuna. She would give the knights a surprise they would never forget. Her bare feet marring the ground with the magi that ran open within her. She would show them all the monster they had created.
  5. There was a forgotten time within Bairville, where a beautiful performance was once held. A time when a desert flower opened her heart through music and dance, blossoming pedals of joyous freedom and mythical talent. Gold streamed from the hypnotic bends of her caramel fingers, rhythm surreally rolled from a body possessed by the ocean. Her rolling hips were waves, slithering and gliding with marvelous grandeur, and the bending arch of her back cascaded her tresses like falls of great water. In this forgotten moment where mystical dreams manifested into reality before a mesmerized audience, this nameless flower was permeated in ecstasy. She crossed the ties of the mundane and extraordinary. broke the barriers between heaven and earth. And as the melody embraced and made love to her soul, she felt the true purity of freedom through dance. But as with the fate of all purity, wickedness cast its chains and shattered the music. It ensnared her dance and purloined her freedom. The flower was shut away, into darkness. With time, the precious existence was forgotten. The sun of the Velhatein Desert settled behind ascending mounds of drought laden earth. Its licentious fingers extended across the sky and made the clouds blush. Beyond and below the vaporous display, there was naught but shadows thickening into black. The ebony shrouded the shapes of the landscape, cursing the daylight colors into ambiguous contours that broke the horizon like broken backs of fallen soldiers. Truly they were broken skeletons of prehistoric creatures. Within this aphotic landscape, the twinkle of a lone campfire dared to take a stand. Sitting within its rebellious orbs of amber, was the forgotten desert flower. Reflection of the embers licked up her endless raven streaks, shimmering off the silk textures whilst teasing her desert toned skin with whimsical light. Rusted chains rattled from her bound minuscule wrists, slithering to the rims of her ankles. Her face was down, forehead nestled into the curve of her folded knees, and through that curtain of locks, piercing blue eyes stared aimlessly. Her nude lips were agape and breathed soundlessly, her breasts heaved and compressed into the cushion of her thighs, and beneath its cavity, a heart pumped. Yet her eyes, the lack of luster and vibrancy, revealed nothing but death. Three men heavily clothed in Saharan attire also rested around the flames, their dirty hands breaking off pieces of stale bread and shoving it into their mouths. They were quiet, most of their faces covered in scarves with slits of food and sight. Their eyes were cold and irritated, burdened by lights wrinkles suggesting their middle age and chaffed from desert winds. “This is the last of our provisions, we will not be able to stay in the mountain for long,” said one of them as he finished his bread his voice as gruff and scratched as his fingers. “We are also low on gold, how much longer before our contact returns with word of the rebellion?” “It was supposed to be three days ago, something must have happened.” A silence fell over the men again, the diminutive rattling of chains suggesting the imprisoned woman had moved. “The king only has another week before we punish his lack of compliance. It's been two weeks now, and we’ve had her for a month now." “He’s being a stubborn old fool, he will respond. We just have to wait.” “We have to find a way to make a coin if we are to survive another week. If we steal too much, it will draw unnecessary attention from law enforcers.” “Perhaps there is another way,” one of the men turned slowly towards the woman, eyeing her for a long moment. “The people of Genesaris are unlikely to recognize her. Perhaps we can use her to our advantage…” The chains rattled again, the forgotten woman lifted her head. Deep hues shifted to gaze at the men through descending bangs, a spark of life twinkling distantly within her once dead sea. When dawn broke over the world the following morning, flyers floated around the Yum Janus tavern near the outskirts of Joran City. They found their ways into people’s things, under their bags and pillows, and even tucked within their pockets. Upon the parchment were words of golden ink, cursive with living streams of light within the letters. Come witness the spectacle of a woman enchanted by a grace and beauty you have never seen. Witness the rare advent of people from the Velhaltein Desert. Her mesmerizing movements will seduce your dreams to reality. She will purloin the tribulations that haunt your mind for a single night. Come, and be blessed at midnight, by The Dance of the Desert Flower. The word spread rapidly. Mere mystery of how the parchment found its way into the most protected of spots allured people to the tavern. It was in the rear of the edifice, a circle of torches scattered through the empty plain. Their glows shed delicate light upon what appeared to be an unremarkable platform of an reflective ebony mineral. The full moon was out, its virgin glows eerily shimmering in streaks across the silvery sheen, intermingling with the flashing quips of the reflected flames.
  6. "You, uhh..... I ain't seen you in here before. What's your name, doll?" "Emily. You are my client?" "Your--yeah, I guess. Where are all the--whoa!" The woman pulled herself free from the two cables attached to her forehead with a sudden yank, producing a somewhat unnerving pop in their severing but no visible damage or lasting marks. She draped her lithe body across the man with a degree of aggression that he simply wasn't used to. The whores in Sector 5 were just that, whores, and whores were the same everywhere. Most all of the Sector 5 whores were high-quality whores, but whores were whores. Whores didn't literally throw themselves onto you before you'd even paid. They waited for you to set the terms of what was going to happen, so they could get away with doing as little as possible; whatever you required them to do, but no more. This woman, was not like that. Even while she took the initiative, the man also didn't feel as though things were quite right, and not only because of that specific behavioral change. Her movements were earnest, but her face remained strangely blank. The eyes were wide open, but there was no expression in them. The delicate muscles surrounding them never shifted, almost like he was staring into a doll's face. It was creepy, but. It was also hot, in a way. As she pulled him forcefully down the hall and into a room, he didn't protest or fight back, instead finding it easier and enjoyable enough to let her take the lead. The woman maintained her assertiveness even after the door was closed and business had begun, proceeding to undress herself and act upon him with no prompting whatsoever. The more that he let himself forget about the old paradigm where he was in control and he guided the interaction, the more that he found himself enjoying the experience, and by the time it was done, his mind was made up. The man would be recommending everyone he knew to come here now, instead--he didn't know where the hell these new janes had come from, but they were definitely an improvement! --- White surveyed the line-up of "waifus" arrayed in the basement of Crystal Comforts, a high-end brothel whose building was indeed shaped like a giant alterna crystal, carved into the distinctive form of a well-proportioned nude female. While it hadn't changed at all on the outside, nor had the building itself changed on the inside either, the personnel had gone through a complete replacement over the past week. First was the timely death of the establishment's owner--a sudden heart attack, the cause unknown, truly tragic--followed by the successful auction of the business off to one "Joan Jones," a young blue-haired girl who no one knew yet whose fortune seemed absolutely bottomless as she out-bid all competition more than ten times over. White was, of course, the true persona piloting "Joan Jones." Then came the firings and "hirings." And by "hirings" this meant the replacement of the whores with White's waifus, wholesale. The establishment had seen its profits quintuple in under a week: The waifus did not demand pay, did not complain about uncomfortable lodgings, did not resist if they were asked to work long hours, did not feel remorse or conflict if they were required to perform particularly degrading acts. They barely cost more than a dog to keep fed and happy, allowing White to pocket nearly one hundred percent of the establishment's revenue with no drop in prices. He'd already been using the establishment as a base by which to sell more waifus off to other nearby businesses, and as they came to be preferred by customer and manager alike, they were steadily replacing the natural women who worked in these places. Even with surgical augmentation and chemical assistance to up their performance, human beings simply couldn't compete with the robotic efficiency of White's waifus. Sector Five would be his within six months at this rate.
  7. Renin viewed the events unfolding on the video recording in stony silence. The screen flicked off as the recording ended. Renin shivered a bit at what he'd seen--his age made him desensitized to many things which might unsettle others with less experience, but the primal fear of the unknown could never be fully erased, and the brief clip certainly evoked that greatest of all fears. What had happened to that man to bring about such a grisly chain of events? It wasn't necessarily what had happened that gnawed at Renin's mind, but rather the gaping hole of why and what. That, of course, was what he would be finding out on this mission. Stonehaven's naval command really preferred not to have to keep that power array under permanent quarantine, but given their losses in the recent Talix-Engine conflict, they couldn't spare the resources for a forceful incursion either. That was where they came in. Admiral Anderson Eiwa, the man briefing their team, turned from the computer console and surveyed those assembled before him. "Unfortunately, that's all I can show you," Eiwa said. "Other material related to this incident is classified, and not of any use to our current objectives regardless. Other than that video, we don't know anything about this situation except that the last two teams were wiped out with no survivors. Obviously, the evidence suggests that their deaths were not pleasant." Eiwa left it unsaid that Stonehaven clearly preferred to send in expendable mercenaries over their own when outcomes were uncertain. No self-respecting sellsword would take offense to that, of course--a smart man would know what kind of job he signed up for--but you never knew with some people. Renin didn't know what incentives had been offered to recruit the other members of this team, but for him, the "reward" was simple. He'd collaborated successfully with Eiwa during the Talix-Engine conflict, back when he still had command of Tazarek's forces. After that battle, he'd expressed interest in working for Stonehaven instead, but the island nation was highly isolationist and in many ways even xenophobic. His assistance on the mainland got his foot in the door; his success on this mission would push it all the way open, granting him honorary citizenship. Maybe everyone else here wanted the same, for all he knew. Eiwa had told him privately that he and other members of the family were seeking to pursue a more open-minded attitude with Stonehaven's affairs. "This here is Renin Coriander, an immigrant from Terrenus with a decorated service record under various banners. Owing to our past affiliation with him which in turn assures us of his competence, Stonehaven is officially placing him in charge of this mission. The rest of you are to treat him as your superior officer. If you'd like to take over?" the Admiral asked Renin. "Of course. Let's introduce ourselves and get the basics out of the way, then we'll proceed down to our personal craft. The Stonehaven navy is maintaining a blockade around the quarantined area, which this battleship will arrive at within the hour. From there, we'll launch out northbound for the array. I'd like everyone to share name, background, motivation, and skillset, if possible. I'll go last." @Diremast @Deviant @Hurttoto @danzilla3 @Teyler @SweetCyanide
  8. It was a time of restlessness and false peace among the people of Valoria, city of stone that rose from it's sea-side location. According to those of higher status, the town was a thriving, wondrous hype of trade and military diligence after the brutal takeover from the original inhabitants of this place approximately twenty-one years ago. For those now in power, the change of government into it's now established state of autocracy and class-based hierarchy was seen as a victory while those who were conquered still feel the effects of it two decades later as a something more than a mere thorn in their side. The people who had lived here before the change of government now dwell in the lower rungs of the ladder of society, employed as laborers and household workers (some under conditions no better than slaves) which are passed around from nobleman to nobleman like cattle. Part of this upper class, a jewel in the crown of high society, was a girl by the name of Azayla Aquus. She was brought up in this new Valoria, the city ruled by her father General Aquus for the past twenty years. Him and his army, as commanded by their emperor, had taken this city by force during the great war before she was born and he, along with councilors consisting of military men who had helped him capture this place, had overseen the running of it ever since. The original inhabitants are tired of their treatment, working tirelessly for little to no wages and considered to be beneath those of the emperors chosen nobles who had come to live in Valoria. The people will soon rise up against those that keep them chained and in poverty, wanting Valoria back for themselves. Words of a rebellion are spreading and forces opposing the rule of this new government are growing stronger in secret. After being sheltered in her ivory towers and protected by her father, receiving the highest quality education and personalized military training, Azayla is ready to begin breaking the boundaries that were set long ago at the time of her birth. She stood here now in the bustling marketplace doing just that, leaving the safety of her property without a guardian (such as one of her fathers soldiers) which would normally be keeping as close to her as her shadow while she wanders from stall to stall examining the items for sale on this late summer morning. She felt a sense of freedom at the lack of a watchful eye, her keen turquoise eyes scanning over the wares of an elderly woman selling fresh flowers. The females nimble fingers gently picked up a rose with burgundy-hued petals, her baby-blue dress fluttering about her legs and cinched in at the waist with a satin sash. She mindlessly tucked one of the stray curls of her blonde, waist-length hair out of her eyes before touching the flower thoughtfully. Her status was clear by the simple,elegant but pricey attire she wore and the silver and pearl-studded jewelry that adorned her neck, ears and fingers. If this was not enough, her reputation as the General Aquus' (the head-councillor') daughter kept the owner of the stall from being too harsh with the high-born female before her for fear of facing the wrath of her father. People who did something as unforgivable as hurting the young Aquus would experience strange 'accidents' or simply disappeared without a trace. For this reason, the elderly woman gave Azayla a polite but reserved smile before asking, "Does the rare bloom take your fancy?" The woman's voice brought Azayla back to the present and away from her thoughts, the girl looking confused for a few seconds before her face formed a subtle smile. "It is rather beautiful, I think I may purchase it." *************************************************************************************************************************** [OOC] Basic outline of the plot: The city of Valoria was overrun by a strong military force from a distant land who made sure the people became the workers for the higher-born individuals from the distant land who were allowed to move into the city. It is now about twenty one years since the war in which the military force conquered the people of Valoria and men from the original army have been placed in charge of the city and oversee the use of it's resources and wealth. There is a rebellion force that is starting to build and their plan is to infiltrate the home of the head councillor, Azayla Aquus' father, by befriending the girl and working for the family as a spy. This can be a group RP or a two-person RP done through messaging. I shall be playing Azayla Aquus, the general's daughter. If you wish to join, make a character sheet with the following basic template and add some of your own headings if you want: Name: Choose a side: (Options: *Lower class -part of the rebellion -not part of the rebellion OR *Upper class ) Age: Appearance: Weapon (not compulsory): Personality: If you don't want to make a character sheet, that's fine too. As long as in your first post it is clear what side you are on. Preferably, this RP will be multi-para. Thanks for reading this!
  9. It began like any other seasonal cold. That was what made it so devastating, in the end--the symptoms of the first stage were almost exactly the same as an upper respiratory infection, because technically speaking, it was an infiltration of foreign matter into the lungs. People coughed and wheezed, some stayed home, but many went about their day anyways, taking various herbal or magical remedies and thinking little of it. But even if the symptoms were suppressed, the end result was unaffected by any of the traditional cures. That was because, while it resembled a cold outwardly, it was much more than that on the inside. This wasn't a virus, or bacteria, or any other simple germ. It was a fungus, a magically engineered strain of cordyceps, with the basic concept kept the same, but simply modified to target humans instead of insects, plus a devilish little slapdash of necromancy infused on top. So when the coughing started again and couldn't be stopped, about twenty-four hours after initial onset, people were shocked, confused, and terrified. The manner of death was horrifying enough--people literally coughed themselves to death, a slow and agonizing process of asphyxiation that could take up to ten minutes to finally put them out of their misery when the fully germinated fungus blocked their airways off entirely. Even if that was the end of it, it would've been an awful plague, but that was only the second stage. The third stage was the true terror of Elenwen's Fungus Plague. Once its host was deceased, the fungus consumed the dead tissue entirely within a short timespan, converting the person's biomass into additional fungal matter which coalesced into a vaguely humanoid body around the original person's spine. The result was a fungus-zombie roughly half the size of the original human, vicious and ready to spread the plague further. So roughly twenty-four to thirty hours after the initial release of the spores, cohorts of fungus-zombies began to spring up in various points around the city, coinciding with the spread of the spores by prevailing wind patterns of the day. The small terrors were strong, fast, and persistent, not to mention highly resistant to damage: Slashing, stabbing, or even removing limbs barely seemed to affect them, in true zombie fashion. Since fungi do not have a central nervous system, those who tried to take them down the usual way by causing head trauma found the method ineffective, and were typically rewarded with injury, infection, or death for their trouble. Though it was possible to destroy the fungus-zombies with sufficient physical damage, the most efficient way to deal with them was quickly discovered to be fire, as their bodies would burn readily. Unfortunately, it took a considerable amount of time for them to actually burn up to the point of being rendered non-functional, which meant that setting one alight would leave one with a flaming fungus-zombie to deal with for some time, which was very likely to set their house, garden, crops, and anything else in the vicinity on fire in the meantime. So not only were people having to deal with plagues and zombies, they soon had to deal with fires that spread through different neighborhoods as people desperately attempted to burn the problem away. While the zombies were strong enough to cause harm with the impact of their limbs alone, the true risk from the creatures was the spores that they exhaled from gaping holes in their "heads," which would readily infect anyone who breathed them in. As people figured out that even trying to fight back meant almost certainly infection, given the spewing of an airborne infectant from the zombies, many decided to simply cut and run, leaving those left in the city guard and any military personnel available to try and contain the situation. If one were to be caught by a zombie, the creature, in combination with its fellows if necessary, would make every attempt to close the spore-hole of its head around the person's face, suffocating them to death and exponentially speeding up the transformation process. Elenwen watched her masterpiece do its work from the central point she had prepared ahead of time--the mother seed of the fungus, the source of the disease, had begun to grow as soon as she released the original spores. By now, it was large enough that the city block where it was planted had been consumed entirely in gigantic fungal growths, playing off of the buildings to form a surreal mixture between city and jungle. Even if the zombies could somehow be contained, clouds of spores would continue to emanate out into the city from this area, meaning that the plague could not be dealt with unless the fungus nexus were destroyed directly. Elenwen rubbed her hands together as she sat in one of the overgrown houses, grinning wickedly as she felt the ambient suffering in Dougton spike to extreme levels. It was beginning to make her feel heady even though she was at a fair distance from anyone still actively suffering--those unfortunate enough to be here in "ground zero" had been dealt with by Elenwen personally, already--but the witch knew she had to keep her wits about her. This was the transitional state, the state of chaos as Dougton moved from a place of life to a place of, well, a different life. Still alive, technically, just with less people and more fungus! Once the city was completely overrun by her plague, Elenwen would have free reign over its streets, and then she could indulge her wildest fantasies! But she wasn't there yet, and just as she suspected, one of her shades soon sent word back that the Terrenus military was sending a special team into the heart of the infested area to seek her out and apprehend her, as well as to destroy her fungal colony. Not deterred at all by this news, the witch instead laughed heartily, ecstatic at being sent new playthings to tide her over by the Gaianists. "Oh, how I'll make them suffer! They'll wish they just caught the plague instead!"
  10. Ivas drank deeply from his mug of rich, brown ale. Normally he was more conservative in his alcohol habits, but fighting a desperate battle against an army of dragon riders only to barely escape a burning city with life and limb intact, well that tended to warrant drinking a bit more than usual. Fortunately, the inn they'd made it to was more than happy to serve first and ask questions never. They weren't more than ten miles outside of Isore, but if the barmaids recognized Exarch Madon Ingeram, they sure didn't show it. The boy realized that it was actually possible that they had never seen him and didn't know him from any other knight in shining armor, which if that were the case, was very fortunate indeed. Ivas surveyed the Exarch and their third companion, the only other person to escape the flames of Isore with them, a mysterious girl named Lily. The normally cheerful traveler had a more serious look on his face, unable to escape the feeling of failure that hung in the air. All around them in the inn, the other patrons were full of worried whispers about the fate of the nearby city's unfortunate fate, as well. "Well, err..... mister Ex--I mean, uhh, old friend old buddy old pal," Ivas said to Ingeram, not wanting to get the Exarch recognized. "I want to help more if I can, but I just don't know what else we can do. Isore is....." He took another gulp of his ale. ".....just gone....." Ivas looked away and out the window, at the towering clouds of smoke that were clearly visible even from this distance. ".....What about you, Lily? Where will you go now?" he continued. "Heck, what were you even doing here in the first place?" That sounded more harsh than he had meant, but Ivas was genuinely curious. Of all the people..... Lily wasn't from Isore, he wasn't sure why he could tell that, but he felt sure of it. She was a traveler, a foreigner, like him, but he knew nothing at all about her origin or motives.
  11. "Of course. You need not serve the gods in the way that I do, in order to serve alongside us in a common cause. You shall have recompense aplenty, of that I assure you," Nieve responded to the Eyeless, serene as ever and seeming not to have noticed his question about creatures around the building. Martin, Nieve's attendant, was another story. He picked up speaking where she left off, as though they had somehow rehearsed this conversation beforehand. "There's no telling what might lurk here now that the Illuminati have seen us. Their influence..... its influence..... there's no hiding from it," Martin explained, stepping forward from his formerly relaxed post on the wall and cracking his gloved knuckles together. "I will work to purify this place with what strength I have left. I believe I can manage to create a haven for us, at least in this building, if nowhere else. But it will take..... time. I am weary," Nieve said. "We'll need to protect the high priestess while she works. You up for it?" Martin asked. "We don't have to destroy anything permanently here, just defend. It shouldn't be as bad as it was down in the canals. Up here..... there's still people, other memes to oppose it. Things aren't fully corrupted yet, like they were down there." Ivas drew Edge and stepped forward as well. "Whatever they've got..... I'm ready," he said grimly. The boy looked to the Eyeless with an expression of gratitude. Even though he said nothing, it was clear how grateful he was that the mercenary had chosen to stay and fight. This was a foe unlike any that he had faced before, so he would be grateful for every little of aid that he could get. Ivas's ordinary bravado and cheer was absent. He wasn't downtrodden and depressed about their situation anymore, not now that he had a clear enemy, but he wasn't full of his usual brimming confidence either. His sister's life was on the line, if not his whole family, hell, the whole community that raised him. This wasn't just a random adventure to him. It was deadly serious, possibly the first truly serious struggle he'd ever been a part of, since leaving Dougton all those years ago at least. --- From the outside, the inn looks relatively unassuming, aside from the strange way that it seems impossible to see anything inside it..... although a traveler not accustomed to its presence may feel a sense of foreboding when approaching it. On the inside, one will need to bring their own light source or else be consumed by total darkness. There are no humans or other ordinary folk to be seen anywhere, though occasionally noises sound from somewhere far above. Utensils, dishes, luggage, and other items have all been left sitting around as though the inn were fully occupied and bustling with activity one moment, then all the occupants got up and left with no warning. All manner of danger takes their place, and every now and then, one can see a strange symbol etched into the walls.....
  12. "The virus outbreak took a great toll on the world, sending it into a state of panic. Everyone running through the cities trying to find the closest way out of town, but no one could leave. We were all infected "they " said. We needed to stay for medical attention, guess what...nothing ever happened to us. Days going by, people turning into brainless murderers. My life was never going to be normal again, I still remember the day when my eye got infected. The oozing of puss coming from it, the terrible burning sensation it caused, I tried to ask "them" for help. All they gave me was some ointment to make my eye rott away. Someone, please help me.....I need it so badly." my hand started to cramp up after writing down in my small notebook I kept since everything happened. "Shit...." my voice was so dead I almost sounded like someone knowing they were going to die in two hours or less. The cramping got worse as I tried to move my hand to get some blood flowing back through my veins, my brother was out in the city searching for supplies for the two of us. The government already bailed out on us and the city so there was really no point in them trying to supply the remaining survivors. "I'm back!" a tall brunette walked into through the opening in the wall since the door was completely gone. "O-Oh Hey Devin..." I responded quietly. Devin smiled at me the same old grin he had since we were kids playing in our backyard on the swingset dad had set up. "Bea you alright?" he mumbled with a concerned look in his eyes setting down a small medical kit, some cans of food, and two heavy duty rolls of duck tape. Devin...the poor guy thought duck tape could fix everything if it could I would probably have my eye and be in London sipping tea with the Queen of England. I looked up slightly from the notebook and nodded quickly flashing a quick smile trying to make everything seem alright. "Yes I'm fine...just call me Beatrice okay?" I mumbled annoyed of his stupid nickname. Devin bit his lip slightly before sighing and stopping hearing the chitter chatter heading towards us. My eyes widened hearing it as well, it had been forever since anything like this happened. He covered his mouth with his finger pulling out his pistol and loading it getting ready to shoot if anything happened to us. My heart rate picked up as I lowered my hand on my dagger preparing to launch, "shhh" Devin got low preparing to shoot. (Hey guys! hopefully you guys think this is alright..sorry if its cringy I'm new to the site! )
  13. As a man that know politics well he at least had a skill he could use and what timing! The city was in turmoil he easily took the industrial district by merely walking in and causing chaos and by a vote he was in. Oh and Cameron? After what he's done he simply "disappeared" what he's done that was convince the entire sector that Cameron had not believed in the crystal. And he had "proof" he showed that "Cameron" was actually working for a anti crystal group and using mind influence made him "suspicious" after a quick investigation that had actually proved that he had been against the crystal the whole time and with that he ran and was never seen again..... And now hurttoto RPMT is leading the factories "ahh it feels good but this is just a start soon just soon" he said as he walked into a lab in the R&B building"time to create!"he used various objects and combined them with some white liquid some of it turned brown and died but the rest grew stronger he called it THE BRAIN a viral intelligent one mind syimbiot ."I would need some help with this soon enough." He said as he got to work on something. Days later he had created "helper bots" and they became a big hit in sector 4 They were very useful since their applications were infinite the fact that they looked and acted like human made them adaptable to the way people acted in sector 4. but now was a time to spread the word and multiply the influence . He sent a message to certain people that would soon respond.......later "ahh Yolo you are one of the first people that have responded back to my message" he said (still editing)
  14. (This takes place in Elendaron- Seinaru Forven) The wind's gentle touch made his hair float as he was laying on the forest path unconcious.The woods were silent overrall, only the squeak of little animals could had been heard, and the water's movements in the river nearby him.The giant trees ,with their big crowns of leaves, let only certain parts of the ground touched by the sunlight.The branches were moving because of the wind.With a loud howl, the branches let the light touch the boy's eyes, alas waking him up. He put his arms over his eyes.He had suddenly woken up, he felt like he had just woken up from a dream, but he didn't really have any dreams, so the feeling was really strange for him.When the wind stopped, and he was covered from light again, he uncovered his eyes, and realised he was laying on the ground the whole time. He stood up, cleaning the dirt of his jeans and shirt. He looked around, no one, only him and some animals of the forest, hiding in the shadows, under the trees nearby.He had no idea what to do, where to go.. he didn't even know why was he there, or since when he had been laying on the ground, unconcious. "What is this place?", he asked himself, wandering the forest path:mushrooms, trees, flowers, bushes,snails. He realised he was in a forest, but which forest, and where was the exit? "I don't even know who I am..", he thought, while looking at the river, mentioned before.There was a fallen tree on the edge of the river, he thought it would be a good idea to sit on it, at least until he would come into his senses.He walked there slowly, looking at the river, he places himself comfortably on the improvised bench. "What's my name?", he kept asking himself questions, for which he obviously couldn't find the answer.He started to search his pocket,and the only thing he could find was a silver tag, with "Elliot Normin" written on it."So.. I guess my name's Elliot?Nice to meet myself..", he chuckled in his loneliness. The ground started to shake, Elliot had a panic attack from that, little could he do before he met his first friend, a giant red dragon, nearby."Holly noodles!", he screamed.The dragon let out a roar, looking at the midget, he breathed fire in the air.That was the last thing for Elliot, because he ran away. The dragon didn't chase him, suprising, to say the least, and he thought, "Today's youth is so judgmental. .. they see a dragon having their outbirst in the air and they run away.. thinking I could satisfy my needs with their tiny, little piece of meat..", the dragon thought. Elliot was running like a maniac, the dragon so big he was still visible.He took cover behind a tree, looking over the dragon from afar, making sure it didn't follow him.
  15. @Rudolph @TheShadow @sheep @Peace Is a Lie (Anyone I forgot I am sorry. Also, refer to that as the posting order. Post in three days or be skipped. Also, blegh first post is blegh.) The grand opening for the guild of The Giant Guardians, with one of the two leaders currently being in attendance. But it wasn't like Karna expected everyone to show up immediately. After all, it was only the first few minutes of the grand opening, and it wasn't like the giant was expecting everyone to get there in the first ten minutes. In fact, he didn't expect everyone to arrive even in the first hour, though he did intend to perform the opening ceremony after an hour passed. He did intend to discuss it with their private funder, and the co owner, before he went ahead and did it. But that required them arriving, first. And so, while he waited, he spent the time productively. The man was currently sitting in front of the tent, finger carving a chunk of wood that rested in his lap. It was going to be their sign, as long as he got agreements from the two most important people that he was spending the time waiting for. The tent, and HQ, for the new mercenary guild was set up roughly fifty miles northwest of Lunaris (or what was left of it), it was near to the edge of the swamp quadrant but still residing in the jungle quadrant. A tent, just big enough for five giants, was what Karna called home, along with his compatriot giant and co opener of the guild, Bobder. The location around the tent allowed passerby to accidentally find it, being located in a clearing that had been made by the two giants that lived there. Said clearing stretched for a good acre, and the wood that had been gained from it was stacked neatly in the middle of the acre. Whole trees were stacked in a pile a ways behind the tent, which was placed immediately in sight of the clearing to attract the most attention. In front of it was the man named Karna, though he was addressed more often than not by the name the mask he wore than his actual name. Hannya. How he had met the family Silverbow was still semi confusing, even for himself. When he had been putting out the word that a new mercenary guild was in town, and recruiting at that, he had gotten contacted by the family of... He didn't actually know. The representative was going to be his first meeting with anyone from the family. And, from what he knew, there was just the three people coming. Of course, he didn't know how many people had gotten his fliers, or were going to just happen to pass by as the opening party went on.
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  17. This was Elenwen's world. Not metaphorically for once! Absolute blackness was the only thing she could see; this deprivation of her visual sensory input was accompanied by a matching deprivation of her hearing. That was just how things went when one had a thick sack tied tightly onto their head plus a blindfold and a gag on top of that. Elenwen even had some herbs stuffed up her nose so she couldn't identify her surroundings by smell. Had to be extra super duper sure that she didn't know where they were taking her! Well, technically she did know that. Slaver's Enclave, of course! But she wasn't supposed to know where exactly that was, just that that was where she would end up. Weird that they were so careful to make sure the slaves didn't see where they were being taken, if they were never going to get out anyways..... but Elenwen knew better than anyone that sooner or later, someone always escapes. She taught those stupid Gaianists that not too long ago when they thought she was their slave! But no, Elenwen didn't want to be the slave of some horrible holy priest person, so she decided to trade that out for the real deal, for being a real and proper slave. The foremost of the five brutish men escorting her yanked on her leash as she started to fall behind, causing her to trip over the chains binding her ankles together and stumble forward awkwardly, barely able to keep her feet beneath her. Behind her, another of the men slapped her across the back of the head, while a third took a pass at her bottom as she shuffled past him. Elenwen dutifully gave out a muffled cry of shock, happy to play the part for her depraved captors. It was the least she could do after the wonderful new clothes they dressed her in--a sort of leather suit that seemed custom-fit to show the maximum possible amount of leg and cleavage while somehow still covering most of the rest of everything else, save of course for an also-bared midsection. She'd overheard the men sniggering to themselves about how they took off some naive female adventurer who thought it was actually supposed to be functional armor, and now they dressed up potential sex slaves in it to fetishize them to customers. Elenwen had to really struggle not to let out a giggle herself when she heard that one. She might be crazy, but even she knew the difference between a breastplate and a "breast" plate! --- @Rin @Eagle-77 feel free to begin the thread however you like; still in transit to the enclave, or with elenwen's group arriving, with your char as part of her escort or in any other role that you like. obviously, she has allowed herself to be "captured" as the first stage of the infiltration mission, which she may or may not immediately forget about and discard the first time someone so much as gently nudges her with a whip
  18. Hidden deep within magical mists, the Valkohyr Vampire clan reigns over the underworld of Elendaron's Draco South. For generations balance has been maintained between the various forces in the region. Dark forces prowl on the edges of civilization, but the delicate touch of the Valkohyr lineage has always ensured that they do not overreach, that they do not spark a true conflict with those who live in the light. Yet in recent times, a militant holy order has formed with the goal of wiping out creatures of the night, vampire or otherwise--and they've actually been doing a halfway decent job of it, threatening to upset that careful balance of power. This group is known as the Radiant Dawn, and the forces of the Valkohyr have finally decided that action must be taken. The first skirmish has already occurred, and greater conflict is sure to come..... Recently, a group of adventurers has stumbled out of the sprawling underworks of the Steam City, Telvarnu, with word of a golden griffin guarding a secluded passage deep beneath the earth. Legends in the region speak of a powerful artifact forged by an ancient vampire lord, sealed away and guarded by this very creature, but its location has been lost for ages. Now, both sides in the brewing war rush to defeat the guardian and snatch the prize away from their mortal enemies. --- Catherine waited patiently in the dark, soot-ridden alleyway that had been marked as their gathering point. Her glittering white armor stood out like a sore thumb against the rusted-black backdrop of Telvarnu's wrought iron structures, but that was fine. She would have never been selected for a mission that required stealth anyways. Her skill set was more..... direct. It didn't matter who saw her here. While the hulking vampire-warrior was an unusual sight in the Steam City, neither knights nor vampires were wholly unheard of here, and she was minding her own business, so the citizens of Telvarnu did the same. Some stopped for a moment to gawk at the rare sight of polished metal surfaces that actually shined, but most simply shuffled past the alley without so much as a pause, having their own business which needed tending. None would come into this alleyway for any purpose normally: At its end was a manhole leading a mostly-defunct section of the city's underworks, a place visited only by criminals, treasure hunters, or madmen. Catherine was a bit of all three. After she and Jennifer had turned the Radiant Dawn priest known as Arthur, the clan matriarch, Valerica Valkohyr, had extracted all that he knew within the same very night. There was much of interest in the man's head, for he had ranked highly within their Order and thus knew much of their inner workings. Most urgent was the revelation that the Radiant Dawn had discovered the resting place of Vance's Chalice; created by a vampire lord in ancient times for use in war against a rival vampire clan, it infused any liquid it held with purifying energies that would rid the drinker of vampirism if they imbibed even a single sip from it, no matter what its contents were. The legend was that Vance had cleverly spread a rumor that this artifact in fact granted great powers of blood magic to vampires who drank from it, then allowed it to be "stolen" from his castle; when the rival clan celebrated by passing it around between all their number, they woke to find that all their powers had fled and they were human once more, at which point Vance slaughtered them all effortlessly. He had then locked the chalice away in a secret location to prevent it from ever being used against him in the same way. It had always been only a legend, but those of the Valkohyr Clan had lived long enough to know that there was often truth to such myths. Sure enough, the golden griffin spoken of as the chalice's guardian had been found stubbornly protecting an isolated passage deep beneath Telvarnu, likely having evaded discovery through a combination of its remote location in a maze-like environment and a proclivity to kill any who laid eyes upon it. They could not risk such a powerful item falling into the hands of their enemies. Vandal, the patriarch of Clan Valkohyr, had commanded that the chalice be secured with all haste and returned to the clan's castle, where it could be safely locked away if not outright destroyed. Having proven themselves against the Radiant Dawn once already, Catherine and Jennifer had been given this task, though she had also been told that others would be coming to provide assistance, as this was too important a task to entrust to only a pair of fledglings, prodigious though they may be. As soon as her allies arrived, they would remove the cover from that manhole and delve into the depths. Even though perpetual clouds of black smog heavily filtered the sunlight in Telvarnu, Catherine was still eager to be away from its glare..... --- ".....and that is why you must go, Shiel." The tall figure, clothed in brilliant white robes trimmed with gold filigree, gestured for Shiel to follow him from the conference chamber, where he had just finished relaying the legend of Vance's Chalice and laying out her mission. "I know that the chalice is real, and that it rests beyond the griffin. The Light has sent me visions of its power during my times of prayer. As you know, the high vampires captured brother Arthur only a short time ago. Though he is a faithful servant of the Light, the power that they wield is ancient as well, and I fear that he has broken before it. We must act with all haste to obtain the chalice before the vampires do. You are one of my trusted soldiers, Shiel. Your faith is unshakable--I trust you, more than nearly any other, to resist whatever temptations and corrupting influences the nightstalkers may bring to bear. I know you will do your duty. That is why I am sending you to Telvarnu. I have arranged for others to meet you there, and together you will do the Light's work. Now go, blessed child," the Prophet said. --- feel free to start out in the undercity already, or above ground in telvarnu meeting up with other characters. the undercity is basically like a gigantic engine/boiler room, with huge machines the size of buildings that form narrow corridors and tunnels between them. some are in operation, some aren't, etc. i encourage you guys to be creative and imagine it and its inhabitants yourselves in your posts, although i will certainly do so myself as the need arises. Shiel need not worry, i will bring in allies for her before there is any clash between the two main groups @Anon @Deviant @Prestississimo @Warlock @ImNoHero
  19. The halls of Tazarek were buzzing with activity, a mixture of bodies both tall and short sharing space as Tazarek's first official Magitechnological Expo began. Emmasaries had been sent far and wide through the lands of Terrenus, the Dwarven people taking a chance to open their gates to the world around them, an act of great significance to the typically isolative people. Tazarek's Representatives had taken great care to not only provide a warm and inviting environment to the foreign folk coming through but also to keep all involved safe, a bolstering of security on all fronts looking to deter any threats to the Expo and its attendees. Stretching from the great gates keeping Tazarek separate from the outside world and into the halls proper, one could see a line of presenters, many coming straight from the Dwarves own land, an array of outsiders also being allowed access from beyond Tazarek's borders to show off their wares. Further in, closer to the city itself, a checkpoint consisting of Tazarek's finest Hobs was set-up, Dwarven soldiers within the ranks of the Army, providing support within the stronghold proper. With the purchase of a temporary pass, those from outside the stronghold would find themselves able to travel into Tazarek's city, a small entourage of guards escorting folks inside and about while the hustle and bustle of the expo moved forward.
  20. Godfrey Hawkwood looked out over the skyline of Lunaris, watching as the sun began to rise over the devastated city. Smoke could still be seen rising into the sky, the still smoldering remains of the fires that the citizenry had only recently managed to put out. When the breeze flared up, he could still smell the pungent smell of the Hydra's carcass as it decayed even here, on the outskirts of the city. They were doing their best to remove the corpse from the city, but the creature was so damned large, and its hide so tough, that it was proving a challenge to do so. The knight sighed. Given a choice, he would much rather have been in back there, helping with the recovery effort. But the Emperor had seen fit to entrust him with other duties, and he would carry them out faithfully. Soon he heard the footsteps coming toward him, and saw whom he assumed to be his mercenaries approaching the meeting spot. Once upon a time Hawkwood had frowned upon the use of mercenaries, but after several such men and women had been integral in defeating the Hydra, he had revised his opinion somewhat. He turned and waved to the approaching mercs. "Greetings. I assume you are here for the contract?"
  21. VALUCRE MINECRAFT SIGNAL TOWERS :: These towers give off signals. They're bright. WASSERFALLEN :: It's a nice coastal town. MURPHYS MANSION :: It's big. SHIPWRECK :: Boats crash here. As well also, there are Megazords and giant robots that fight here, all the time. If you don't pay $5 for VIP premium access to the server, you start here. THE END :: It's a big hole. JESTERS PLACE :: A house shaped like a clown. MR & MRS POTTY :: Houses shaped like toilets. Frequent PVP action occurs here. UNDERWORLD :: A big hole, but this one actually leads somewhere. Namely an underground hellscape full of lava and 600x spawns. LIGHTHOUSE :: A house with light in it. THE DAM :: A dam. THUGNIFICIENT JOINS THE SERVER "hey guys... [inhales, exhales] uhhhh... it's ya boy, thugnificient... and i'm like, playing on this... Valyuucruh Minecraft server my dudes. it's uh... [inhale, exhales] ... geeze, like and subscribe to my channel. i paid $2 for the starter package but like, i didn't pay no $5 for the vip start cuz that's too much. i got a diamond sword and shit though. alright boys, dezz see what going on." "...what da hell-" And just like that, our noble hero Thugnificient was smited by colossal Megazords and other enemies from the hit television series Power Rangers, losing all of his starter package items and being thrust into the town of WASSERFALLEN. A regrettable flaw. However, snorting and audibly adjusting his microphone, Thugnificient would not be so easily deterred. "aight uh... hm. well that shit was.. [inhale] ..... [exhale] wow. wasn't even lit. however. ima still rule this server with my clan, [YEAH]. now yall, like... look upon my skin. got it from a premium uh, shoutout to, cuz they got this to me." And sure enough, this was true. "behold. i am a chocolate bar." Grinning, Thugnificient began to search for the nearest tree to punch in town. This would be.. a Despairfully Fateful Encounter for the Valucre Minecraft Server.
  22. You've really done it now! What are we supposed to tell the constable if he finds us? You can't just infect a bloody lord with plague and think people won't be upset! "I told him that payment for my services was six shillings and a gold coin. Bastard had the nerve to call me a fraud, a bloody charlatan! If ya ask me this Lord Rivet got what he deserved for mocking me." But the constables, what are we going to do about the constables?! "By god man you have really lost your nerve today. Once we get back to the pub, I'll buy us a round. Then we go back to our room and we have that enema you always keep yammering on about." Well...all right. Just shove him in the bushes over there and lets get back to town before someone comes by and sees him. He's gonna be a good feast for the crows tonight.
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    NB//( this is a semi lit role play. no OOC. ONLY OC /IC!. you can just hop right in into character. sentences can be as long as you like..real life ! Please keep this alive.) (ᑎᗷ: ᔕTᗩᖴᖴ ᑎEEᗪEᗪ) ⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜ ・゚゚*゚:.。..。.:*✼:✿🌹✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚ On the charming seaside Town of Casper stands a run down Cafe. This Cafe has been passed from one generation to the next. Years later and now a new owner takes over, giving the place a new look... The small apartment stands small amongst the Palm trees that lean over tall in comparison , making the small building smaller than it already is. White shutters on each window pane, making it seem vintage like, worn out even. Rose bushes growing here and there giving off a vibe of elegance, whilst subtle wafts of the rose's aroma scatter around the morning fresh air hard to miss when near by. Just outside the small Cafe stands a tall black board, advertising '' BUY ONE SLICE OF CAKE & GET A FREE COFFEE!.'' the sign read. What a good bargain! Upon entering the Cafe a fine aroma hits the nose's of fellow adventurers and citizens of Terrence. A new fresh batch of coffee beans has bean grounded! Brown stools stand close to the counter, the stools reach just above the counter so as to get a view of what goes on behind in the kitchen. Draped curtains hang loosely along the curtain rails giving the whole cafe a relaxed and warm feel. Small chandeliers hang from the ceiling above, all in different shapes and sizes. Sofas here and there arranged loosely around the cafe, for those who want to just relax. Brown furnished wooden tables and chairs set out in the center of the room, enough space to move around in, especially in the rush hours. OᐯEᖇ ᒪOOKIᑎG TᕼE ᔕEᗩᔕIᗪE TOᗯᑎ Oᖴ ᑕᗩᔕᑭEᖇ. ᑕᗩᔕᑭEᖇ Iᔕ KᑎOᗯᑎ ᖴOᖇ ITᔕ ᖇOᑌGᕼ TEᖇᖇᗩIᑎ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗷEᗩᑌTY. ᗪEᒪEᑕTᗩᗷᒪEᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ TᖇEᗩTᔕ ᖴOᖇ ᔕTᗩᖇᐯIᑎG ᑫᑌEᔕT ᔕEEKEᖇᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗩᗪᐯEᑎTᑌᖇEᖇᔕ! We do hope you visit us soon~! @Deviant
  24. My, my, my, what a chilly day it is out here in the woods. One would believe it to be the sign of winter, but winter had just passed, had it not? Time was never something that was properly kept track of in the mind of a wandering plague doctor. Nevermind the fact that he didn't happen to have a watch on him, he couldn't very well keep track of the days he had been out and about. "Madness will do that to you, ya know. The mind wanders, it corrodes like iron left out in the rain. Rusty, dusty and nary a marble to be found." That's quite rude to say, but fair enough in observation that it couldn't be appreciated. Now that we have properly estranged ourselves from traditional expectations of reality, how about an introduction, mm? "No." Now that's just being difficult for no good reason at all. The king was coronated seven years ago and still you cannot manage a simple how do you do? "King was coronated forty years ago. Or was that forty moons ago? Bah! I'll not have my manners be put into question by metaphors and irrationalities." Suppose that's all that can be expected from a madman walking through the woods with a stick, a ratty coat and a bird mask for a face. One would even argue that you are beyond having good manners, and would even be considered a common guttersnipe of a vagabonds tryst with a gypsy. "Heh, at least I can still perform a jig like a madman on the eve of Saint Gilweed's Execution." Yes well...that's nothing to be proud of.
  25. << Aesir OCs welcome. Please ask prior to picking up any member of the royal family, or having your OC be related to them. There is no thread-wide post order, but please allow everyone your character is interacting with a chance to respond prior to replying. >> Hel's appearance upon Asgard was all they needed to know Ragnarok's time had come. Even before her skeletal foot set upon the shimmering Rainbow Bridge, a chill crept forth through the royal city, seeping into the souls of every creature who made Asgard their home. Heimdall would for the first and only time leave his post to escort the young goddess to the palace, fearful glances and hushed voices trailing past them. Already, Odin Allfather had gathered the others in his Great Hall, grave and uncertain looks draped upon the visages of every last family member. The silence held, none of them willing to break it for fear doing so would move them closer to their doom. All of them had of course known Ragnarok would happen. They'd simply expected to have more... time, perhaps. A full evening of impassioned monologues and furious arguing later, they'd at last settled upon their battle plan, but even the children knew they were far from being at ease with it all. How could they, with all that Ragnarok foretold? If the legends were to be believed, some of them weren't to survive the week. Most of them. Lady Sigyn proposed it, and then Queen Frigga demanded it: as much darkness as there was over the horizon, the Aesir could always find a reason to celebrate, and that held no less true now than at any other time. Was it not a rare blessing to have the whole family gathered at once? Such an occasion was one to be met with feasting, dancing, merriment... That they approached the dawn of war only made it more important that this time be cherished. And cherished it would be. With hardly a day remaining before they descended upon Midgard, garlands were strung, tables were set, and musicians were summoned. For a single evening, the grand ballroom would open its doors to all of Asgard's citizens, that they might meet, greet, and celebrate the expansive royal family - its latest additions included. After all, there was no telling which of them would be left to rule Asgard in the aftermath of Ragnarok. ⸞The Guest List⸟ Odin Allfather - Ella-Marie Stark Frigga - [unclaimed] Thor - [unclaimed] Loki - Kio Lady Sif - [unclaimed] Lady Sigyn - Dragonslover Enchantress Amora - Dragonslover Slejpner Svadilfarison - Kio Fenrir Lokison - Dragonslover Hel Lokidottir - Fruitsnacks Narfi Lokison - Dragonslover Vali Lokison - Dragonslover Ella-Marie Stark - Ella-Marie Stark Crystal Armick - Fruitsnacks Brandon Armick - Fruitsnacks Eldi - Kio