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  1. Vito, Marauder and Drug Trafficker ► Basics ♦ Image: Link ♦ Title: Vito ♦ Name: Eli Amsen ♦ Age: 26 ♦ Race: Fae Cursed Human ♦ Class: Raider ♦ Occupation: Settlement Leader ♦ Birthplace: Blairville ► Looks ♦ Height: 6'3" ♦ Weight: 250 lbs ♦ Gender: Male ♦ Hair: Blonde ♦ Eyes: White ♦ Voice: Deep ► Persona ♦ Temperament: Melancholic ♦ Alignment: Lawful Evil ♦ Traits: Patient, sadistic, stubborn, relaxed, ♦ Likes: Raiding, learning, isolation, creating, aqquiring wealth ♦ Dislikes: Authority, ► Skills ♦ Melee combat / Expert with swords, swordstaffs and spears. ♦ Sharp shooter / Expert with crossbows. ♦ Earth manipulation / An expert user of earth manipulation. ♦ Alchemy / Understanding of wild plants and uses in concoctions. ♦ Fae blood (Current - fire) / Able to adjust and adapt body for resist one element. However, it takes three days of focus to change resistance. ► Equipment ♦ Seige Crossbow / Heavy duty crossbow, primarily used to take down heavy opponents. ♦ Bowie Knife / A well made knife, multipurpose. ♦ Smoke Bombs / Is what it days, a bomb that releases smoke. ♦ Demon Fog / A seed that when cracked allows for short distance teleportation, unstable and still requires refining. ► Inventory ► Past ► Threads
  2. THE BLACKSPEAR CARTEL Name: The Blackspear Cartel (Black Spear) Symbol: A woman pierced from behind by a spear Colors: Black, black and black Description: A mercenary group whose true purpose is the collection, compilation, segregation, and transcription of knowledge, history and experiences. Members: Neutral Relations: Everyone else Brief History: An idea created by the Black Maker, Lord Suzy. The concept was to create an information gathering collective as a container for all the knowledge stored within the Lord Suzy's mind. Being someone who has lived for an unrealistic amount of time, the old man has an intense need for a storage device so he can share the burden of his memories. Thus the cartel is born. Joined threads in Chronological order: Upper Echelon Member (before the dissolution): 1. Khakina Khatun 2. Serraida "Sera" Mavajo Honorary Members: 1. Saki-San
  3. It's been here far longer than any of us could identify... ...older than stone... ...timeless as the sea... ...from depths, dark as pitch, as vast as the sky... ...that nameless Serpent. Depiction of the Drowning Dream, as Described by M'yr Boldbarrow, Present Day The Acolytes of the Coiled Serpent are a recently founded religious group, founded in Taen, in the Veluriyam Empire, by a small group of enlightened residents. According to their own findings, the small group of prospectors investigated what they claimed to be the flotsam of a 'large ship wreckage' they had discovered in the Wetlands. They gave no indication where this wreckage could be found, and folks willing to look for this wreckage have either not come forward to point out where it is, or converted to the religion sometime afterwards. M'yr Boldbarrow, a human male that had been a part of the prospecting expedition, wrote about their encounters in a journal he kept with him along the trek, and within its pages, described their travel to the ship, their perilous adventures within as the ship's interiors constantly changed and made little sense, describing stone staircases, ascending higher than the ship was long, and massive, distant towers made of smooth bone, and of being plunged into frigid salt water oceans long not long into their travels. The journal does appear to be water-damaged, and many pages have become brittle through exposure to salt-water. However, even as these works begin to describe the impossible, the writing gets more and more frenzied, and backtracks multiple times, before describing the ship's interior in far more understandable ways. Not long after, the details of the exploration end, and the details of the Serpent begin. The Coiled Serpent, Its Pelagic Mind Treading Above the Wake, is described as a long-dead skeleton of a massive being, with jaws that would have rivaled the size of the very ship they'd encountered, yet enshrined comfortably within it. The skull alone had several holes for eyes, was bleached and cleaned thoroughly by salt water, and a fresh spring of clean water trickled from its foundation, pooling on the rotting wood floor of the ship. Its teeth, the size of sabers each, were needle-like and strong, strong enough that M'yr was able to take one, prick his hand on it, and resume writing the rest of the journal in its blood, using the tooth as a quill. The journal goes on to explain the horrible dreams and visions this discovery gave M'yr, of drowning in vast, infinite seas, with only the Serpent for company. The Serpent spoke to him, in his own tongue, but its words were spoken in a way that did not chronologically make sense, with syllables shifted around, and the sentence beginning 'somewhere not at the beginning, but not at the end, and rounding back again'. Yet, as M'yr struggled to breath in the crushing depths, he found that he understood what the Serpent had said to him, but only as visions, as ideas that blossomed in his dying breaths. When he resurfaced, he'd decided to document the findings of his Dreams, even going so far as to have paintings made of them, and continuing to write in his journal. Others, from the expedition, and those who trekked out to find this vessel, came to him as well, with their own dreams and visions of the Serpent. Sculptures were made from clay and mud and wood, paintings created with oils and pigments and blood. They met often, in public spaces, to loudly discuss of their findings, and the Serpent's warnings of the Coming Flood. According to they, the Coiled Serpent, Its Pelagic Mind Treading Above the Wake had offered unto them a vision of destruction, far and vast, of whole worlds plunging beneath the sea. They interpreted this as instructions, as warnings to flee the coming destruction, and to save those they could. Thus, the religion's primary doctrine is to 'Prepare Us, For the Rising Tides.' They do so primarily by helping out in communities around them, digging ditches to break the tides, sandbagging, waterproofing homes and helping prepare food and water supplies, in anticipation of this flood. Their efforts are largely helpful, and many folk flock to this idea of preparedness, when they do show up to help. Their work does not stop there, however. The Acolytes must also be prepared to do everything they can to protect their homes and families, and will delve into dangerous ruins, or face treacherous foes in order to confront the coming tides with every defense they can. Their efforts are true, and manic, and unrelentingly so. Even as simple, untrained workers and vagrants, they struggle ever uphill, seeking favor with their great god in order to escape the rising waters. For the Seas are vast, and unforgiving, and we cannot chance being dragged beneath the surface. All Hail.
  4. V.C.F Special Agents Level [3] Clearance. . . [Accepted] Special Agents are assigned to conduct special missions or to lead FSTF and MTF [See Mobile Task Force]. Special agents are recruited from the best of the MTF and FSTF level agents [Who are already the best of the the regular security and research personel] and are paramount to the security of the Foundation. They answer directly to level-5 Administrators and are allowed to have level 4 clearance on any and all Foundation databases. There are currently. . . [3] profiles to review.
  5. BasicName: Name's Will. Will Sharr. I'm glad to know you. Race: TerranAge: Late thirtiesBirthplace: I was born in a small village, near the Scudder Forest and Selemath. Alignment: Neutral GoodOccupation: Head of the Founder's Library. Explorer. I used to be a hunter, but I guess there isn't much to hunt down here. Dust and stone, huh? I'm used to it by now.Weapon: Crossbow, knife.Clothing: Trousers and boots. Collared shirt, dark brown leather vest, glasses.PersonalHair: Beard, brown with greyEyes: BrownSkin: FairBody: Muscular. Well-built. Height: Six feetWeight: 170 pounds Traits: I've been in Totenborough for a year now. When I got here, I was all smiles as per usual. It's a different place, though, isn't it? Not sad, not dour, but not chipper. These people...they know life. They know what it is to work for a meal and some shelter. My smile is still pretty easy, but I'm subdued. Pretty fitting for a librarian, hm? Ah, other things. My voice is deep, tone even and gentle toward most people. I've a calm disposition, but my assistants know how I am when I'm angry. A good joke gets me laughing, though. New info on the Founders gets me excited. And new things on the worldrifts... that'll interest me too. Abilities Over the years, I've seen many things. The people you meet in Valucre can change you, often for the worst, but sometimes they can make you better. I'm well versed in combat, mostly grappling and throwing as opposed to throwing kicks. My eye has held true all this time, too, so my crossbow and I make a good pair. I'm well versed in the languages of Valucre, though understanding them and speaking them are two different things. I can understand and read most dialects, but saying words is tricky for my clumsy tongue. The hope is that I won't insult anyone. I promise, I will try my best. Since I was young, my mind has always been in tune with my environment. If that counts, you'll find that my sense of direction is hard to disrupt, and my ability to use my surroundings is more than adequate in most situations. In terms of useless skills, give me a guitar and I'll play a song. Something to fill the air with a bit of joy, right? Totenborough can be so quiet at times. The stones need something nice to echo. Weaknesses My secrets have come to define me. Ah, they used to tell tails of Will the Wild Spirit. The man with a taste for the unknown. That's still who I am, and the Founders of this city drive me to open up a new book every day, but... The Will of the past was so open. Well, I guess he could afford to be. Back then, my biggest secret was my heritage. The fact that my parents were boring was an embarrassment, but now? Now I need to overthink everything I say, keep my mouth shut about so much, and make sure I don't slip. I'm still that Wild Spirit, I believe. I'm still that man who would risk everything for a mystery. I'd risk my life to understand the world we live in just a bit better. That kind of impulsivity is dangerous. I'm a very trusting man, and in Totenborough that's probably foolish. Still, I can't help but love these people. They welcomed me, after all. Equipment Crossbow Bolts, mostly normal, but some enhanced Explosive Bolt Tranq Bolt Flare Bolt Long knife Quiver Watch Glasses Story Well, I'm Will, but that's not the most interesting part of me, is it? No, I suppose not. Right, so I'll just hop in, hm? Where I'm from or, rather, when is maybe a decade from now. It happened rather quickly, as I was exploring the wilds of Taen, as one does. It's an interesting place, Taen. Part of Valucre, but also part of the other. So many mysteries in that land, and I just wanted to see the wildlife for myself. I'd known of the portals, of course, but they usually allowed for spatial transport. Whatever worldrift I'd taken landed me in Taen, but back in time. I've been here for years, and I found Totenborough rather early on. These people have created a city for themselves. The members of society that lay on the fringes of awareness banded together to make a haven, and that haven welcomed me. I took on the Library and picked up assistants as the vast stock of books proved to be a tougher project than anticipated. The people of Totenborough know us well. They know my mission too. You see, these Founders disappeared and told nothing of where they were going. Is it possible that they encountered a worldrift portal? One that displaced them just as I have been? The answer, I'm afraid, isn't just in the Library. There are traces of the Founders throughout the tunnels. Taen is a fascinating place, but the Underground City? Even stranger. 
  6. Lost Scions Theme "Our blades are bloody" The Lost Scions are a sellsword company of notably ill repute and dread. They are comprised of nine core members, each of which is of a different race and is highly proficient in combat and in other areas, along with a company of goblins, hobgoblins and deep gnomes. In total, the band numbers around ninety members. Given the entire company's reputation for cruelty and violence, they tend to be hired by individuals, organizations and factions who are just as bad or around there. Despite spreading terror and wreaking havoc where they go, whether to obligate a contract or not, the Lost Scions are known for keeping their word to their employer, never breaking a contract, while many other sellswords are willing to betray anyone if the payment is greater. Conversely, the Lost Scions will see their job to its completion, even if the end might result in being hired in turn by someone else to attack their first employer. Led by Veron Blacktear, a tall, strong and pitiless Skaven from the under-city of Nesthome, the band has earned a number of derogatory nicknames over time and over space, such as the Bloody Mongrels, the Wild Beasts, the Circus from Hell and the Bastards of War, for its members' brutality, racial diversity and outlandish ways, while the members themselves are individually split on whether they find these names insulting. They are also called the Rippers for their combined practice of maiming and mutilating their targets; namely, Veron's propensity to cut out the tongues of his enemies and his own troops, namely the deep gnomes and his goblin force, even castrating the lesser goblins, and removing an eye as punishment. He may also command the feet of prisoners to be removed to prevent them from escaping. Meanwhile, a wood elf within the company is fond of flaying her targets alive. The standard of the Lost Scions is a black crown with a red eye in its center, almost with the appearance of burning, above two black crossed swords on a field of red. Status Active Type Sellsword company (mercenary company) Role Mercenary services and brigandage Standard Two black swords crossed beneath a black crown, a burning red cat's eye in its center, on a field of red Motto “Our blades are bloody” Sayings and Phrases “Mud and blood” "Line the pockets and the purses, the heads and the hearts" "Eyes that are not there cannot see, tongues that are not there cannot speak" Headquarters The Dreadvault Though largely a roving band of sellswords and brigands, the Lost Scions do have a headquarters that they visit and retreat to in order to load or offload supplies and bounties, planning and organization, and to carry out various other matters. The seat, called the Dreadvault, is located in the Great Pine Barrens of southeastern Terrenus, largely secluded from other settlements nearby. It is a fairly small castle befitting a small mercenary company and what few servants reside at the ground day and night, with or without their owner and hosts. The fortress is built of thick grey rock quarried from a nearby mountain, though these days only rumors can attest to who laid the stone. Where the owner doesn't care to entertain the topic, those who know about the castle surmise that it was built from the ground up by laborers forced under the whip of the Lost Scions themselves. Upon completing the construction, the laborers were invited to feast for a day and a night inside the halls of the castle. That night, the castle's master, Veron Blacktear, had their throats slit at the dining tables while they were in revelry and burned their bodies in a courtyard bonfire, all in order to hide the secrets of the building. Others say that the Lost Scions seized the castle by force from its previous owners. If the latter version is the true one then it might explain a particular element of the Dreadvault's image. A minor lord, Edwardo Brocktree, was said to once inhabit the castle, if ever he existed. One day, Veron arrived with his marauders and demanded that Lord Brocktree relinquish the castle to him. When Edwardo refused, Veron stormed the castle and butchered its inhabitants. Its defenders were taken outside the walls, bolted to X-shaped crosses and flayed alive—Lord Brocktree and his family included. The crosses remain outside the walls to this day, with occasional coatings of new blood. No matter what it may have used to be called, it is little wonder how the castle received its name of "Dreadvault". It is the permanent residence of Captain Veron Blacktear of the Lost Scions, a malicious sellsword company who behave as brigands more oft as not. The castle hands know by now to keep to their order of keeping the castle in order no matter how long their master is away, while when the Lost Scions do return they do so with the plunder of murder, massacre and mayhem, and sometimes even with a convoy of prisoners, many of whom never see the light of day. If they do then it only makes them scream. Operations The Lost Scions operate predominantly in Terrenus, being restricted to the land where they have not yet taken to sea or ocean and islands and continents further away from mainland Terrenus. However, they have to some degree been active all over Terrenus—north, south, east and west. The actions of the Lost Scions are simple if never quite routine. A variety of contracts may be local and close to their headquarters, permitting them a circuit of service before they retire to the Dreadvault with their payment and loot. Other contracts may be established from the other side of the map. If the band is already traveling throughout Terrenus, local contracts become whatever is nearby their current location. Furthermore, these mercenaries need no contract to engage in their conduct. Often, they simply spot a village or a caravan and decide to take whatever they want and do whatever they will, pinning them as brigands. Age Under a decade old Founded Under a decade ago from 598 WTA Founder Veron Blacktear Leader Veron Blacktear History The Lost Scions are relatively young in Valucre, their inception occurring almost ten years ago. For an organization based on violence, however, the years have overall been good to the membership. The leader of the Lost Scions, Captain Veron Blacktear, was born and raised in the Skaven under-city of Nesthome. For years, he partook in the civil wars that ran rife throughout the halls and tunnels of the Rats. Around the time that the newly appointed King-King of Skarr Clan worked to usher in an era of peace and prosperity for the Rats, Veron committed a crime that led to his exile from Nesthome. Ever since taking topside, Veron escaped the Forgotten Wood and carved his way across southern Terrenus, learning of the world that awaited him and taking for himself whatever he could get away with taking. Eventually, he sold himself as a sellsword, putting the skills that he learned in the chaos of Nesthome to the coin, till the lone mercenary found himself a band to lead. Thereafter, Veron established the Lost Scions sellsword company and took their services across all of Terrenus. To this day, it is their method of operation to sell their services to anyone willing to pay high enough, without much care as to the nature of the job, and to otherwise reave and raid as they desire. Recent Events Mouths to Feed Following the requests for outside assistance put out by Mayor Lars, representing Nesthome and Tradetown of the Forgotten Wood in southeastern Terrenus, the Lost Scions caught word and answered the call to arms. While wagons are being set up in Tradetown to trade for food and supplies in order to help feed and sustain the growing populations, other wagons are set up for raiding in order to seize the necessities by force. Captain Veron Blacktear and the Lost Scions arrive in Tradetown to offer their services for the scouting and the raiding. Ranks Captain Veron Blacktear The Captain of the Lost Scions is the company's leader, its supreme commander. Commander Wruzree Dryaalyrr The Commander is the second-in-command of the Lost Scions, the captain's chief deputy. Lieutenants Urtag Ummor/Qaarek Ki-Ki/Vatoctl-Jei Chuxtl/Kroznog Lagoth/Galrim Ironbreaker/Sandos Martalan/Mynfales Lonomir Beneath the Captain and the Commander are seven lieutenants of equal rank and authority among one another. Their power is put to use when it comes to leading the main force of the Lost Scions, an assortment of hobgoblins and lesser goblins. Members and Units The Nine Referred to simply as "the Nine", the echelon of the Lost Scions include the band's leader and his eight subordinates, including the one commander and seven lieutenants. Veron "Cat's Eye" Blacktear Rank: Captain Role: Leader Race: Rat ("Skaven") Sex: Male Mount: Blade (black courser horse) Equipment: Longbow Glaive Scimitar x2 Parang x2 Barbed and bladed tail Metal fingernail-claws Kris Smoke grenade x3 Throwing knife x8 (Image is not a fully accurate representation) Veron Blacktear is the supreme leader of the Lost Scions as the company's captain. He is also the founder of the band, having personally recruited its members, and is the owner of their headquarters, the Dreadvault, and their mobile base of operations, the Scourge. Cruel and cunning, Veron is self-assured in his ability to lead and maintain order among his sellsword company and band of brigands, given their various personalities and backgrounds, with shared themes for brutality, savagery and peculiarity. Veron's right eye, like most of his species', gazes out as a black orb. His left eye remains hidden behind an eyepatch. Rumor has it that his left eye is whole but is covered due to "shining with malice", "red like a bloody fire" with a pupil as "striped as a cat's eye", earning him the nickname of "Cat's Eye". A Shkei, Veron was always among the few Skaven of Nesthome to be considered bigger and better than most other Rats, a feat of health that he has maintained even more broadly during his time in Terrenus proper. There is yet more to Veron than meets the eye. His agenda is as mysterious as whatever truly exists behind his eyepatch, but it has much and more point and purpose than wanton pillage, slaughter and destruction as befits the reputation of his band. Whatever it is that Veron is after, whatever object he ultimately seeks, it has yet to be revealed to anyone but himself. Only Veron knows what Veron wants. Wruzree "Midnight" Dryaalyrr Rank: Commander Role: Second in command Race: Drow Sex: Male Mount: Twilight (midnight blue panther) Equipment: Longbow Cutlass x2 Kukri x2 Greased and flanged whip Kris Smoke grenade x3 Throwing knife x8 Nicknamed "Midnight" for his charcoal skin and ashen hair, Wruzree Dryaalyrr is the second in command of the Lost Scions, serving as Veron's deputy within the mercenary company and his closest confidant. He is from a drow colony that was overtaken by a rival faction of high elves who had waged war with the drow in a campaign to abolish the slavery that fueled their economy and industry. Wruzree was himself a slave owner, subjugating thralls of various elven breeds including high elves and wood elves, along with humans and dwarves. Like most of his kind, Wruzree was merciless and brutal to his subjects and intolerant of any rights or freedoms that they declared or that the high elves declared for them. When at last the high elven faction had succeeded in subduing the drow and liberating their slaves, Wruzree's entire way of life was aimless, his sense of purpose lost. He decided to abandon the ruins of his homeland and the rubble of his people, leaving them to their defeat. His bitterness and his anger were unleashed upon a den of bandits not far from a village. It just so happened to be the same hideout of highwaymen that Veron Blacktear had been hired to eliminate after they had drawn the ire of a local lord. Reaching the cave, Veron mistook the drow for one of the bandits and the two crossed blades. Impressed by Wruzree's combat prowess, and after learning of his identity, he offered the drow a place at his side and a new purpose for his swords. The two went on to form the Lost Scions. Urtag "Rattleneck" Ummor Rank: Lieutenant Role: Third in command Race: Gnoll Sex: Female Mount: Chopper (white snow bear) Equipment: Crossbow Battleaxe Arakh Katar x2 Kris Smoke grenade x3 Throwing knife x8 Urtag Ummor grew up in the fighting pits, a bloodsoaked arena where the victor was the one still alive and the loser was dead upon the ground. As a cub, she had been captured by poachers and sold into slavery, having suffered cruel mistreatment at the hands of her masters and been raised to give spectacle to an audience. Urtag proved her worth, winning match after match over the years, each victory proven by her still drawing breath. She took a finger from each opponent that she slew and made a necklace out of them, earning her the nickname "Rattleneck". Veron Blacktear once served as a spectator to these contests, where Urtag's fury and technique had moved him. He bought her freedom on the condition that she fight for him instead. Urtag had scoffed at the offer, saying that all the rat was doing was trading one form of slavery for the other. Instead, she asked him to go ahead and buy her freedom and she would freely join up with him as her new employer, but not her master. Qaarek "Bloodmist" Ki-Ki Rank: Lieutenant Role: Third in command Race: Arakkoa Sex: Female Mount: Murmur (pink ostrich) Equipment: Staff One-handed flail Kris Qaarek Ki-Ki was personally sought after by Veron Blacktear after hearing about strange rituals in the mountains. Word had traveled of a dangerous sorceress who was experimenting with binding rock with flesh, creating a golem in essence, and the entire undertaking had fascinated Veron. True to the tale, there the arakkoa was, resting atop a mountain peak with strange magic surrounding her form. She had barely taken notice of her visitors, save that Veron had been traveling with a dwarf who had served as a traveling aide to this location. The arakkoa had introduced herself as Qaarek Ki-Ki. She was less interested in why these individuals had come to her and more interested in the dwarf. She asked her to serve in her procedure. The dwarf declined. Veron asked what the use of the dwarf would be. Qaarek revealed that she would make the perfect candidate for her golem. Veron agreed. He gave her the dwarf, writhing and howling, and the arakkoa did with her as she willed. The golem was created but lasted only minutes before its energy gave out. Qaarek decided to join Veron in the hopes that she would find the perfect female dwarf. That one was not. Kroznog "Slayer" Lagoth Rank: Lieutenant Role: Third in command Race: Orc Sex: Male Mount: Dinner (brown yak) Equipment: Crossbow Greatsword Waraxe Kite shield Bowie Kris Smoke grenade x3 Throwing knife x8 Kroznog Lagoth is a giant above many, standing at eight feet tall. He is a red orc who hails from an orc region high and deep in the mountains. Having proven himself time and again of his ferocity and ability to kill and destroy, Kroznog had quickly risen in his society to become a warlord with a domain and an army of his own. He used his new power to wage endless war with rival orc clans. More often than not, Clan Lagoth came out on top. Eventually, the never ending conflict and struggle for control grew weary for Kroznog. He had everything he had ever hoped for but that itself was not enough. One day, he simply decided to leave his homeland in order to explore the world at large, even if his version of exploration amounts to wreaking havoc and unleashing onslaught. He was eventually caught terrorizing a village when he came across Veron Blacktear. Veron was debating whether to accept a bounty and kill the orc when Kroznog admitted to doing what he did because he was bored. From that moment on, Veron promised him as much entertainment as he could provide. Vatoctl-Jei "Coldtongue" Chuxtl Rank: Lieutenant Role: Third in command Race: Lizardman Sex: Male Mount: Godless (green raptor) Equipment: Composite bow Spetum Falchion Chīmalli Kabutowari Kris Smoke grenade x3 Throwing knife x8 Vatoctl-Jei Chuxtl wasn't sought after or come across by Veron Blacktear and the Lost Scions. Rather, he had actively sought the Lost Scions and their leader himself. The reputation of the sellsword company had since been traveling across certain lands by the time that Vatoctl-Jei caught word. He finally caught up to them and did not hesitate in revealing himself and requesting an audience with Captain Blacktear. It was an odd enough request that Veron obliged. The lizardman then proceeded to tell Veron a tale of how he was on the verge of losing hope until he learned of the existence of the Lost Scions and regained it. Vatoctl-Jei is a self-proclaimed descendant of the lizard's god-king, known simply as the Lost One or the Lost God, and the rightful heir of the deity's throne. He spends each day in prayer that he might achieve his divine right through the machinations of the Lost Scions, an order and organization that he claims was sent by the Lost One himself, with Veron as the herald. Vatoctl-Jei intends to see his destiny fulfilled, though it requires the Bountiful Harvest to get there; the feasting of souls, the eating of their flesh and blood, so that the Lost One may be appeased. Veron has agreed to grant the lizardman much and more in the way of sacrifices, and the throne to follow the wake. Sandos "Mad Sandy" Martalan Rank: Lieutenant Role: Third in command Race: Human Sex: Male Mount: Diego (tan camel) Equipment: Composite bow Fauchard Shamshir Rondache Khanjar Kris Smoke grenade x3 Throwing knife x8 Sandos Martalan was once a part of one of Terrenus' most elite policing and military units, the Wastelands Border Patrol of the Badlands in northern Terrenus. He had proven himself a valued member of the organization, felling more than one Suujali during his service and spending his other captures and kills on bandits who preyed over the desert landscape. However, at one point, Sandos was said to have turned mad, some saying that it was due to gazing into the eyes of a Suujali for moments on end. Whatever the reason, madness had indeed overtaken him, when one day he set a whole guard house on fire with a number of WBP warriors within it. Sandos was never proven to be responsible for the crime, though speculations were rife enough that he was discharged from the Border Patrol. The rest was self-exile as he roamed the Badlands as a bandit, burning his victims alive. At one hour he found himself drinking in a tavern when a small group had entered and declared themselves the Lost Scions. Lost is indeed what they were. Their leader, Veron Blacktear, was looking for a guide. Sandos offered his services. Those services have never ceased. Galrim "Maul" Ironbreaker Rank: Lieutenant Role: Third in command Race: Dwarf Sex: Male Mount: Rock (grey goat) Equipment: Carbine Warhammer Flanged mace Scutum Throwing axe x3 Kris Smoke grenade x3 Throwing knife x8 Galrim Ironbreaker traces his roots to the clan of his namesake, Clan Ironbreaker. Neither a particularly old or new dwarven clan of Tazarek, the Ironbreakers held enough light among their contemporaries to be recognized if not revered. What they were most known and named for was their strength and iron will. When Tazarek began opening its gates to foreign relations, the Ironbreakers were among those who had rigidly resisted. When the leadership of Tazarek had won out, the Ironbreakers had given in. Galrim was among those who had not. He sought revenge, not against his people, but against the people who he did not welcome. He set out from Tazarek with a force of dwaves to target refugee camps on the outskirts. They massacred all they came across. Their actions were quickly caught onto. By fate or by chance, Galrim had been breaking his water on the mountainside when the Tazarek Guard routed his troop and took them into custody. Galrim knew what would happen to him if he returned to the halls. He did not. When Veron Blacktear found him, he was a marauder without a cause beyond prize and strength. The Lost Scions gave him both. Mynfales "Husk" Lonomir Rank: Lieutenant Role: Third in command Race: Wood elf Sex: Female Mount: Orowen (red elk) Equipment: Bladed longbow Dao Elven dagger x2 Kerambit Push dagger Fillet knife Kris Smoke grenade x3 Throwing knife x8 Mynfales Lonomir is from a woodland realm of elves and was raised among them up through her childhood. She learned their ways of peace and their ways of war, bonding with nature as much as she bonded with a bow. As a young adult, Mynfales received an invitation to travel to a location where an archery tournament was being held. She had since earned renown and relished it within her homeland. The offer was easy to accept. The tournament, however, was much more private than she had expected. Publicly, though, its contestants, if they did not live up to the game, were executed. Mynfales was the only winner, though her prize was nothing short of not being able to return home and instead being molded into an assassin. She soon learned the art of stealing another's skin to disguise herself as them, though eventually the art of peeling with her knife became something that she enjoyed as much as plucking a bowstring. After failing to assassinate the leader of the Lost Scions, Mynfales knew that returning to her master meant death. So did her new master, so she killed the old one for the new and now she serves only one. Assets Troops Hobgoblin Cavalry Numbering thirty in all, the Lost Scions employ hobgoblins as the main force of their company. With heights and builds to rival humans, they are identically equipped in plate and chain armor from helm to greave, and armed with a composite bow, halberd, longsword, shield and dagger. They are the backbone of the Lost Scions, their greatest strength resting with their bodies if not their brains. Yet, as hobgoblins, they are particularly more intelligent than goblins of lesser breeds. Within the Lost Scions, that means obeying orders and following commands almost robotically, ever led by the Nine. Their cavalry steed is a courser of varying coats, any of black, white, brown or in between. In part, their feat of discipline, obedience and loyalty extends beyond the hobgoblins themselves. A significant reason for their endless servitude is what their master has imposed upon them. Veron Blacktear, the Captain of the Lost Scions, personally ripped out all of their tongues, ensuring that mutiny could not be easily planned among those who cannot speak to one another. Furthermore, without the ability to relay speech, the hobgoblins soon learned that they had nowhere else to go and survive for it. Apart from a few of them having lost an eyeball that their master plucked out for disobedience, they are treated well, earning large shares of the plunder, prizes and payment for their service. Goblin Wolf Riders Where the hobgoblins number thirty, the lesser goblins aren't much farther ahead, amounting to forty in all. Unlike their superior counterparts, these smaller goblins are more lightly armored, allowing greater agility and flexibility on the white or grey direwolves that serve as their mounts. With a limited variety of plate, chain and scale armor, and sporting weapons including swords, axes, clubs and spears, the purpose of the wolf riders is to harass and scatter the enemy, provide a screening, chase down fleeing targets and scout ahead of the main force. Unlike the hobgoblins, the goblins are less organized and disciplined, but no less subject to the pains and penalties from the masters if they take themselves too far. Like the hobgoblins, their tongues have been removed by Veron for the same reasons, yet he took his insurance policy a step further. Veron feels that his hobgoblins deserve their rapine as oft as they can get it, but experience has taught him about the dangers of letting his goblins keep their gift. For this reason, he has had each one of them castrated root and stem, a condition they have since sought to compensate with sheer savagery. Deep Gnomes of the Scourge Fewest in number but greatest in engineering are the deep gnomes of the Lost Scions. Amid the goblinoid ranks of the sellsword company, only a few have ever glimpsed the dark faces of the deep gnomes. Veron never lets them leave his armored wagon and roving base, the Scourge. They operate the vehicle at all times, keeping the engine in check, steering the controls and manning the vehicle's offenses and defenses. Treatment of the deep gnomes is quite similar to the goblins and hobgoblins. They have all had their tongues cut out and been castrated, giving them little to no reason to ever leave the Scourge or entertain the thought of desertion. Over time, ideas of freedom have become an alien concept. For want of a better statement, the deep gnomes of the Scourge are the very vehicle that they live and breathe in. Furthermore, since the Scourge may contain any or all of the Nine within it, the secrecy of their conversations is ensured amid a crew who cannot talk about what they hear, nor of the cargo and treasure stored in the same wagon. Vehicles Scourge Scourge is the name used for the armored wagon that serves as the Lost Scions' mobile base of operations. It is comprised almost entirely of dark grey steel, with the thickest plating on its body especially. At the rear of the van is a magitech engine that propels the vehicle, with a single chimney exhausting purple fumes. Spikes protrude from the front and back, both to repel attackers and give damage. The engine is littered with spikes while barbed wire curls up the chimney, deterring anyone from tampering with either. The armored wagon has eight reinforced wheels, a serrated scythe protruding from the center of each one and always caked in dried blood. Skulls and bones decorate various parts of the wagon's exterior, small banners of the Lost Scions' coat of arms hanging from its sides while a larger banner stands erect on a pole at the center of the wagon's roof. The Scourge is one of the largest armored wagons in Terrenus, namely one that is used outside of military employement. It has an outside driver's seat typical to most wagons with a door behind it that leads into the wagon's body. Metal shutters serve as windows when opened along with narrow slits that allow permanent vision from within. The wagon also has a door on either side and a hatch on the roof, and a smaller hatch at the rear to access the engine. (Image is not an exact representation) Mounted on the front and back of the wagon is an artillery gun for each end, capable of firing bullets and bolts. Another gun rests atop the roof. All three guns must be manned from the outside by an operator for each one. A small hatch beneath the wagon may also be opened to deploy mines while the shutters lining the sides may be opened to fire projectiles. Access to the Scourge is prohibited to only the core members of the Lost Scions, numbering nine in total with the leader included. The only exceptions are the vehicle's operators. A small group of deep gnomes pilot and operate the wagon, maintaining the engine, the driving controls and manning the guns when needed. In the event that for some reason the engine gives way, a gnome can steer it from the outside driver's seat at the front with the manual force of the company's many steeds once tethered. The gnomes may operate the vehicle with or without any of the nine members onboard. They are never seen outside of the wagon, the vehicle also being their home indefinitely. Like the goblin units within the Lost Scions, Veron personally had their tongues cut out, though each gnome has both his or her eyes. Mounts [In serious need of images] Blade - Black courser horse with red eyes and a silver tail and mane - Veron Blacktear's mount Twilight - Midnight blue panther - Wruzree Dryaalyrr's mount Chopper - White snow bear - Urtag Ummor's mount Murmur - Pink ostrich - Qaarek Ki-Ki's mount Dinner - Brown yak - Kroznog Lagoth's mount Quetz - Green raptor - Vatoctl-Jei Chuxtl's mount Diego - Tan camel - Sandos Martalan's mount Rock - Grey goat - Galrim Ironbreaker's mount Blood - Red elk - Mynfales Lonomir's mount Allies The Lost Scions have no known allies of late. By contract, they are generally allied with anyone who has hired them, if only for the duration of the contract. Enemies The Lost Scions have made many enemies over the years, from folk at the wrong place and the wrong time to rival mercenary companies and factions at war with the factions who hired the Lost Scions.
  7. V.C.F Foundation Security Task Force Mobile Task Force Level-[2] clearance [accepted] A Mobile Task Force is a team of personnel that represents the Foundation's best and most effective field agents and researchers in their respective fields. Mobile Task Forces are sent in when ordinary facility personnel are unable or are ill-prepared to deal with incidents or threats of a particular type. There are currently [02] documents available for review. FSTF Alpha-01 FSTF Beta-4 FSTF Omega-01 FSTF Zeta-04 [Further clearance. . . Accepted] [Loading...]
  8. overview ► NAME The Yanaihara Clan of the Kaminari ► CREED “The World, Our Canvas” ► HERALDRY A majestic peacock. A symbol of compassion and kind-heartedness, the noble peacock is believed to have the power to counteract poison and invoke rain: an altogether apt representation of the Yanaihara Clan, aside from its colorful feathers symbolizing the artistic values of the Clan’s culture. ► ORGANIZATION The Yanaihara Clan is well-versed in culture and various pursuits in the fields of art, literature, and drama (specifically kabuki/nogaku theater). Members of this clan do not normally follow the ways of the blade and the art of war; with their inclination towards social and cultured brilliance, many rise up to become political figures and government officials, ikebana/tea ceremony masters, renowned artists, and the like. Those who follow the ways of combat rise to become skilled warriors in their own right. Yanaihara's traditions and natural inclinations towards being socially and artistically adept make their members wealthy—politicians and famous artists, for example—which could help boost their reputation and economic status. The Yanaihara Clan is also regarded as the the political and cultural face of the Kaminari. Their beliefs and general demeanor are rooted in authority, elegance and the arts (along with affluence). While a good portion of members do pursue political occupations, there’s an overarching cultural flamboyancy that symbolizes the status of the Yanaihara. While they do strive to live among others, they are not bound by the restrictions of others. This is shown in their attire, their performances; even their military has a flair to them, as most of it hybridizes the art of war with the art of dance. The Kamaitachi The Kamaitachi make up the inside defensive core that serves the Yanaihara family. All members have a wide range of skills that contribute to their expertise. Not only are they all trained assassins, diviners and surveillance officers, but they’re also disciplined actors that possess other gifts such as culinary prowess and theatrical skills. This means that they can serve as the family’s all-purpose traveling party, offering their services as both entertainers for guests and watchful eyes in the presence of groups of interest. The Ameonna The Ameonna comprises of Onna-bugeisha and Kunoichi who excel in both showmanship and subterfuge. Designated political movers and kingmakers of the clan, they employ their considerable skillsets to install Yanaihara clansmen into various positions of power in society, all under the guise of purveyors of entertainment. Outwardly, they operate as geisha within Yanaihara’s various establishments. The Minobi The Minobi stand as the Yanaihara Clan’s sword and shield: masterfully trained warriors with a flair for combat that resembles art, a showy display that melds both dance and war. Apart from the conventional martial disciplines, their expansive repertoire includes tessenjutsu (the martial art of the war fan), kusarigamajutsu (the martial art of the kusarigama), and bōjutsu (the martial art of the staff). With a myriad of choices at their disposal, each member of the Minobi customizes their arsenal however way they desire. > The Kōzui, an elite Minobi task force that helps spread renown and public knowledge of Yanaihara's military prowess. The Yosuzume The Yosuzume are the most numerous amongst the Yanaihara and are regarded as the most benign faction. They dedicate their whole lives to their chosen craft as artisans of renowned fame and skill. Aside from individual pursuits in the field of art, the Yosuzume also manage the recreational institutions of the clan, such as theatres, bathhouses, shrines, and the like; this elevates their status as some of the wealthiest among the Yanaihara. ► AFFILIATIONS Allies: The Imperial Government (Datsuzoku Dynasty) The Owari Clan The Shokan Clan Enemies: N/A Neutral Parties: The Okami Clan The Inari Clan ► BACKGROUND/HISTORY The Yanaihara Clan is a family that hails from a time long past: the original settlers in the land now called the Kirishima Province, in between New Union City and Mezthaluen. Upon the takeover of the Midlands by the Datsuzoku Dynasty, the Yanaihara sought to keep their lands and influence even under this new imperial authority. They swore allegiance to the Emperor as a lesser clan under the recently-established Kaminari, but there are rumors in the wind: the Yanaihara seek for more, and they will stop at nothing to get what they desire. lore by @vielle & @Animal
  9. Given Name: Fafnir Alias/Assumed: Name: King, Great Elder, Rune King. Actual Age: 150 Physical Age: 70 Mental Age: 90 Gender: Male Gender Role/Expression: Male Species: Human Hometown: Not given Appearance Hair: Grey Eyes: One blue, one pure black. Facial Features: Nothing of distinction. Physical Impairments: Right eye missing. Build: Tall and bulky. Clothing: Fine clothing, Chimera Pelt armor, heavy metal helmet. Accessories: A large collection of enchanted jewelry. Other: N/A Weapons - Main: Enchanted uru war axe. Secondary: Uru seax. Other: A grand collection of spells, preferring rune magic. Personality - Top Three Defining Strengths: Intellectual, wise, veteran. Top Three Defining Flaws: Stubborn, bad tempered, bit of an asshole. Material Fears: None. Emotional Fears: Loosing his people and kingdom. Abstract Fears: None. Material Desires: More enchanted gear. Emotional Desires: None. Abstract Desires: None. Large-Scale Aim: Further expand Cavecrest outside of the cavern. Small-Scale Aim: increasing trading and foreign relations. Description - King of Cavecrest and powerful enchanter, Fafnir is the unrivaled ruler of Cavecrest Cove. Fafnir is a man of power and dignity, nearing 150 years of experience has given him great knowledge of rune magic. This has allowed him to augment whatever he so desires, including his own body to prolong his life. He can often be found in The First Hall wearing his chimera pelt armor, enchanted jewelry and wielding a war axe. His face ever covered in a metal helmet, few have actually seen what lay behind it. It's rumored that his right eye sees all that happens within the cavern, those that gaze into that eye for too long will begin to feel weak.
  10. Wade

    Naho Raiders

    "I don't understand your specific kind of crazy but I do admire your total commitment to it." - Walter Crowley, potentially on the wrong end of a spear DESIGNATION Currently operating in the city of Vanora, the Naho Raiders are a mercantile company of elite soldiers-for-hire. They were formed in the days of Queen Analea, originally comprised of five local mercenaries, and made a name for themselves when they cleared the Naho Bay region of a Brumak infestation. Using the shells of the monstrous crabs to fashion their own weapons and armour, they can be identified by their crustacean-like apparel and the faint golden sheen it produces. The Raiders are generally well-respected throughout Vanora and many other parts of Thraece, having amassed a reputation for their skill, integrity, and hot-blooded tenaciousness, in addition to a long list of outstanding achievements reeking of suicidal bravery. Leadership is fairly selective of the jobs the company undertakes, preferring to operate on the right side of the law, or at the very least on the moral side of a conflict, such as when they fought in the rebellion against the Tyrant King. PERSONNEL The Naho Raiders consist of roughly 300 individuals. Members are grouped into squadrons of five, with each one being led by a single captain. Members are outfitted with a choice of light, medium, or heavy Brumak armour, and are trained to use a spear and shield, though they may use whatever weapon they’re most comfortable with in the field. War beasts are occasionally employed depending on the job, many of them being aquatic in nature. The Raiders also make use of horses when they need to travel beyond Vanora's borders. ESTATE The Naho Raiders occupy a fort known as Angler's Rest, which is built in a cliffside located on the outskirts of Vanora. A handful of guards watch over the drawbridge at all times, and visitors are escorted upon entry once they've been appropriately questioned and searched. The fort contains a spacious courtyard where members perform most of their training, in addition to barracks, stables, an armoury housing their prized Brumak gear, a feast hall, a notorious game room, and an assortment of offices. SQUADRONS Seventh Squadron Elliot Kessler (Captain and newly appointed head of the company) Daghi Atawahi Cormac Turnberry Boone Simeon Baxter
  11. "Ordo Contra Furor" -Valucrean Containment Foundation motto The VCF is a foundation that is tasked with the containment and if need be, concealment, of mystical, physical, supernatural or anomalous objects, beings, artifacts, relics, weapons, creatures, fauna, flora, etc that may/will/has the potential to harm any living sentient being, directly or indirectly. The Foundation has no ties with any government, country, nation or entity meaning that it cannot be prosecuted under any law whatsoever. The Foundation protects the Valucrean world from dangerous things, ranging from the individually dangerous to end of the world extinction threats. Sometimes the Foundation is not able to contain these threats and employs on help from others, lest for the world's sake than their own. (I am aware that this foundation is very similar to the SCP foundation and it is indeed intentional. This is due to the lore of the organization which will be revealed below.) Founder: [REDACTED] [REDACTED], circa [REDACTED] - Present day (Age known to be +200 years old) Current Leader: [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Staff count total: +- 598 000 (Terrenus) +- 674 0000 (Genessaris) +- 356 000 (Renovatio) +- [REDACTED] (Alterion) Facilities and sites: Facilities Facility 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05 are located in Terrenus, Genessaris, Renovatio, and Alterion respectively, each in the near center of the respective continents with the exception of Facility-05, located on the far northern coast of Alterion to monitor the Vortex constantly (see CS-1). Each facility acts as an administrative center for the sites that are scattered throughout the regions themselves. Each site contains a CS (Containment subject) and the sites are built to be able to contain such threats. Facility 01 to 04 was built in numerical order, each facility remote from civilization and disguised to blend into the environment and the regions themselves. For more information, refer to the spoiler below. Sites Each site has a similar layout to assist in constant transfers of staff members throughout different sites but is built differently to contain the threats within said sites. The sites are all of the same layout except for a key few (Namely Site-19, site-239 and site-876). They all are built as a groundscraper, reaching a depth of 1.5 km, divided to the HCU, LCU, and CCU which takes up 20%, 70% and 10% of the depth of the groundscraper respectively. For more information, refer to the spoiler below. Background: [REDACTED] See incident OS-92
  12. Ships Finance Journal Crew Members Vito ~ Ships captain Caden Fuller ~ Leader Ye Fiddy ~ Drugs Maker Alias Mamma Yolander ~ Partner located in Norkotia Enemies ??? Footholds Norkotia Blairville Cavecrest Hydra's Haven Work in Progress Last Chance Hell's Gate Routes Route 1 ~ Blairville to Norkotia = 2300km Cavecrest @1100km Route 2 ~ Norkotia to Hell's Gate = 1400km Route 3 ~ Hell's Gate to Last Chance = 6400km Log First Meeting Recipes 1 ~ Hazen Root Ingredients: Korenia root, lunar hood, odium and vodka Description: The root of the korenua plant soaked in lunar hood and vodka, user slowly munches on the root to create a relaxing 'out of body' experience. 2 ~ Black Stardust Ingredients: Baneweed, golden falserod, odium and ash Description: A mixture of ground up herbs and ash, black stardust is by far the cheapest to make and arguable the most dangerous. Once inhaled or consumed it creates extreme hallucinations, potentially lasting hours depending on quantity taken. Results may be dangerous for consumers or those around. 3 ~ Odin's Haze - Always marked with a gold X Ingredients: Creeping charlies, golden falserod, odinberry and dragons ash Description: Named after the ruler of Terrenus, whether that be an insult or compliment, Odin's Haze is the strongest and most expensive drug currently produced by Vito. The user ignites the crystalline drug and inhales the fumes. This results in a long lasting trance, survivors of which describe as seeing all but remembering nothing. So far the drug only has a 3% survival rate as most will die via heart failure, so consider this a one way trip. 4 ~ Smores Ingredients: Horehound or shoofly, baneweed, odium, marshmallows and biscuits Description: The lightest drug currently produced, a smore with added hallucinogenic plants. The sticky properties brought on by the horehound/shoofly causes the smore to bind to the inside of the users mouth, prolonging the hallucinations. A relatively mild and relaxing drug, popular for is cheap price and ease to hide. 5 ~ Necro - Always marked with a black X Ingredients: Visionplant, zoe lily, odium and photas Description: An extremely dangerous drug taken via eye drops, the drug causes extreme hallucinogens which has been known to cause death by seizures. Users claim to see the dead walking around, trying to talk to them and even attacking them. Long term users experience necrosis of the eyes and blindness, but claim to still be able to see the dead when drug is used. 6 ~ Courage (White packaging) Ingredients: Snap dragon, blackbrush, baneweed and golden falserod. Description: A basic stimulant to help improve focus, reduce stress, general disorders, etc. Courage can be bought cheap and unless taken in dramatic amounts will cause little to no harm, making it popular amongst the more common folk. The drug is most commonly taken in form of a tablet, however some idiots will surely find more dangerous ways to use it. 7 ~ Courage+ (Blue packaging) Ingredients: Snap dragon, blackbrush, baneweed, golden falserod, bog bean and hype agaric. Description: The fat daddy of courage, courage+ is a stronger and more variable form. Doing everything courage does, whilst also enhancing physical capabilities. Reducing joint pains, muscle fatigue, increase energy, etc are a few examples. However, these added benefits come at the cost of more dangers. Excessive consumption will result in paralysis, kidney damage and heart failure. Taken in tablet form. 8 ~ The Infernal Ingredients: Dragon tongue, baneweed, hype agaric, opium, manamoss, carnivora, odium and baneweed. Description: The Infernal is a hallucinogenic drug designed to create a berserker like state in its user, the user will perceive any and all living (and in some cases non-living) as threats. The drug induces an aggressive euphoric emotional state, the length of which is heavily dependent on numerous factors such as species and amount consumed. What the users sees is depended upon them, with each user perceiving something different. The drug simultaneously boosts strength, stamina, healing, mana regeneration and alertness. Over consumption may result in heart attacks and brain damage. 9 ~ Maestro Ingredients: Demon blood, odium, baneweed and korenia root. Description: Maestro, a drug newly developed for vampyres, is a drug similar to hazen root. The drinking of Maestro causes a relaxing out of body experience. Plants go through heavy distillation and filtering before being used in the final production, to ensure the full digestion and absorption of material can be complete. Stock Odium Vodka Lunar Hood Korenia Root Baneweed Golden Falserod Creeping Charlies Odinberry Dragon Ash Horehound Shoofly Photas Zoe Lily Visionplant Blackbrush Snap Dragon Bog Bean Hype Agaric
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  14. VASSAL NOBLE HOUSE OF SHEATHE Name: House of Sheathe/ House Sheathe Creed: "For the glorious Sheathe" Heraldry: A hoe and sickle crossing each other. Symbolizes the everyday arms used by the ancestors and then used in combat by the current head, Holliness (Holly) Sheathe. Colors: Black, grey and green. Organization: The Sheathes are merely commoners, their legacy is the land they till and its produce. There's not much to say since all they do is farming and selling their harvest. Anyone joining though would have to use the Sheathe's surname. Members: Holly Sheathe (Holiness)- Head Folio Sheathe - a farmer Piezo Sheathe - a farmer Emma Sheathe - Holly's Mom. Presumed dead WIP Domain: 10 sqm of flat plains at Corinth (10 sqm more waiting for canonization) Affiliation: Allies- House Hildebrand (Public) Enemies: ??? Neutral Relations: Everyone else. Background: A farming house long loyal to the Hildebrands. It was only upon her Holly's return that the Sheathe's name was raised from the muck. She was a bastard leading her commoner relatives to make a name for themselves. Thus House Sheathe was reborn. (WIP) @vielle
  15. Vito's Drug List 1 ~ Hazen Root Ingredients: Korenia root, lunar hood, odium and vodka Description: The root of the korenua plant soaked in lunar hood and vodka, user slowly munches on the root to create a relaxing 'out of body' experience. 2 ~ Black Stardust Ingredients: Baneweed, golden falserod, odium and ash Description: A mixture of ground up herbs and ash, black stardust is by far the cheapest to make and arguable the most dangerous. Once inhaled or consumed it creates extreme hallucinations, potentially lasting hours depending on quantity taken. Results may be dangerous for consumers or those around. 3 ~ Odin's Haze - Always marked with a gold X Ingredients: Creeping charlies, golden falserod, odinberry and dragons ash Description: Named after the ruler of Terrenus, whether that be an insult or compliment, Odin's Haze is the strongest and most expensive drug currently produced by Vito. The user ignites the crystalline drug and inhales the fumes. This results in a long lasting trance, survivors of which describe as seeing all but remembering nothing. So far the drug only has a 3% survival rate as most will die via heart failure, so consider this a one way trip. 4 ~ Smores Ingredients: Horehound or shoofly, baneweed, odium, marshmallows and biscuits Description: The lightest drug currently produced, a smore with added hallucinogenic plants. The sticky properties brought on by the horehound/shoofly causes the smore to bind to the inside of the users mouth, prolonging the hallucinations. A relatively mild and relaxing drug, popular for is cheap price and ease to hide. 5 ~ Necro - Always marked with a black X Ingredients: Visionplant, zoe lily, odium and photas Description: An extremely dangerous drug taken via eye drops, the drug causes extreme hallucinogens which has been known to cause death by seizures. Users claim to see the dead walking around, trying to talk to them and even attacking them. Long term users experience necrosis of the eyes and blindness, but claim to still be able to see the dead when drug is used. 6 ~ Courage (White packaging) Ingredients: Snap dragon, blackbrush, baneweed and golden falserod. Description: A basic stimulant to help improve focus, reduce stress, general disorders, etc. Courage can be bought cheap and unless taken in dramatic amounts will cause little to no harm, making it popular amongst the more common folk. The drug is most commonly taken in form of a tablet, however some idiots will surely find more dangerous ways to use it. 7 ~ Courage+ (Blue packaging) Ingredients: Snap dragon, blackbrush, baneweed, golden falserod, bog bean and hype agaric. Description: The fat daddy of courage, courage+ is a stronger and more variable form. Doing everything courage does, whilst also enhancing physical capabilities. Reducing joint pains, muscle fatigue, increase energy, etc are a few examples. However, these added benefits come at the cost of more dangers. Excessive consumption will result in paralysis, kidney damage and heart failure. Taken in tablet form. 8 ~ The Infernal Ingredients: Dragon tongue, baneweed, hype agaric, opium, manamoss, carnivora, odium and baneweed. Description: The Infernal is a hallucinogenic drug designed to create a berserker like state in its user, the user will perceive any and all living (and in some cases non-living) as threats. The drug induces an aggressive euphoric emotional state, the length of which is heavily dependent on numerous factors such as species and amount consumed. What the users sees is depended upon them, with each user perceiving something different. The drug simultaneously boosts strength, stamina, healing, mana regeneration and alertness. Over consumption may result in heart attacks and brain damage. 9 ~ Maestro Ingredients: Demon blood, odium, baneweed and korenia root. Description: Maestro, a drug newly developed for vampyres, is a drug similar to hazen root. The drinking of Maestro causes a relaxing out of body experience. Plants go through heavy distillation and filtering before being used in the final production, to ensure the full digestion and absorption of material can be complete. 10 ~ Fae Silver Ingredients: Fae blood, odium, silver, mercury and creeping charlies. Description: A light red drink, fae blood gives the user a few minutes of pain relief and emotional ease. With a 0% survival rate, the drink is often used by those with dying relatives trying to bring peace to their loved ones. 11 ~ Viking's Moonshine Ingredients: Water, maize, datura, yeast, snap dragon and golden falserod. Description: An alternative moonshine directed at those looking to drink, whilst travelling long distance. Viking's Moonshine is a healing beverage and energy stimulant, perfect for those looking to get drunk on the road. 12 ~ Honey Moonshine Ingredients: Water, maize, datura, yeast, honey and odium Description: What it says on the label, moonshine with a hint of honey. 13 ~ Mossbark Moonshine Ingredients: Water, maize, datura, yeast, moss bark, odium and golden falserod. Description: A brand of moonshine straight from Taen, brewed within the moss forest. The brew will provide the user with a natural connection to wild beasts, tho this has been shown to be selective with the species. Hallucinations and euphoria are a side affect of the brew, so caution is always advised.
  16. The Jaati Dynasty is a fledgling thing, kept small by feuds with neighboring and a stubborn insistence of staying independent. Theirs is a strange society, but one that works well for them nonetheless. Geography Topography Cityscape Climate Flora and Fauna Demographics Culture The Jaati Dynasty's culture is modeled heavily after ancient Indian culture, with a complex Caste system that forms the foundation of their society and influences every day life. Economy The Jaati Dynasty makes its wealth from textiles, spice production and mining operations as major exports. Major Companies and Institutions Parks and Recreation Landmarks and monuments Government Local government On the lower end of the spectrum most town's and cities are governed by magistrates or hierophants, both of which are extremely loyal to the top end of the spectrum. Federal government The Jaati Dynasty is ruled by a monarchy system of divine Providence that secures the position of the active ruler. Every ruler is chosen by a sacred rite which determines the best possible candidate for the job. Education Transportation Roads and Highways: Basic stone Rails/Subways: None Riverways: Cab (mounted horse, etc?): Generally driven by beasts of burden like oxen or cow Private: Notable Residents History Canon Past
  17. Name: Tyr Age: Unknown ( Appears around early 20's ) Race: Prism, Fallen, Fae Height: 5'4" Weight: 130lbs Body Type: Well toned. Blood Type: Unknown Temperament: Tyr likes to get a rise out of people, she likes the physical confrontation. Shes very sarcastic and blunt, very rarely will she sugar coat anything. She isn't the most friendly of people to get along with, but she can be a valuable ally. Loyal when she needs to be, otherwise a smart mouth who likes money. A "What's in it for me?" attitude. She can also be known to flirt from time to time when the mood suites her, yet it could likely result in getting eaten. Reference Photo: See Avatar photo. Traits Prism Abilities: Tyr has the ability to absorb the color of her surroundings through her eyes. Through absorbing the color she is able to convert it into a more solid and usable substance pertaining to the elements. Reds and scarlet's would produce flame or the equivalent of. Greens would produce earth elements like soil, rock, trees, and other plant life. Blue tones would produce water attributes varying between the actual liquid or its solid ice form. Yellows would be the least of the solid substances, producing more of a gas or healing properties. The usual Prism is only able to hold two or three colors, a High Prism is able to hold more then that. However, the color is contained within a gold ring surrounding the outside of the irises. When the user uses too much of the color, the halo will snap, allowing the color to roam freely through the whites of the eyes and driving that person into madness. - Ability later lost in story line. Fallen Abilities: Her Fallen traits are where she gets her wings from as well as the ability to absorb pain. Through these abilities, it allows her access to a slow regeneration rate if she is injured or loses a limb, but it doesn't completely heal the wound. She may be able to absorb the pain to help push her through certain circumstances, but she does scar easy. - Wings later lost in storyline. Fae Abilities: These abilities allow her to hear whispers or voice of 'spirits' and the like. For example, an ordinary human wouldn't be able to hear a tree say anything, but with her abilities, she may choose whether or not to converse with them. More of a spiritual ability, it works with the elements as well as animal. History In a time where man had barely begun to explore the cusp of their world, a time where beasts and magical creatures roamed the earth without fear and secrecy. There lived a society of higher intellectual beings who had progressed much farther in this age. Their great wings beat heavily in the air as plums of dust lingered in their wake. These beings were called The Fallen, revered as Fallen angels, these creatures had massive wings and eyes that seemed to swallow the very rainbow, known for their prowess in battle and various skills. They were honorable and loyal to their kind, and in the wake of their age they had taken the more primitive beings under their wing so to speak as their protectors. These weaker life forms would look to these beings like gods, in the wake of this human age they would have been ushered into a new era. The Fallen has been around for thousands of years, during the progression of their race they had many skilled workers in various trades. Some of those being skilled blacksmiths, one in particular would rise above all, for this being was responsible for the seclusion of The Fallens city supported by massive black chains. His name having been carved into the stones of time would be known as Rykr, a fierce and craven being. He sought power above the rest of his kin, the fires of his forges fueling the ever growing obsession for control over these lesser creatures. In his travels, he would come across an alloy so dark and dense he would later convince those humans to work his mine. He worked these creatures to their deaths, some never seeing the light of day for their entire lives. He had kept breeders far away from the rest of the civilization. Keeping the strongest of them and thrusting them into the depths of the mine. Many often didn’t make it past their 15th name day, dying where they stood and left in the dark. This being known as Rykr, a heartless and cold creature, would continue this tirade for a century, the other Fallen must have known something was off, however they would not question the motives of the madman so long as production continued. Their blades were sharp, they maces blunt and their chains ever growing. Time passed quickly and the ever growing civilization of humans began to spread out and cultivate the land around them. Unbeknownst to them the ever growing danger that lurked beneath their very feet while The Fallen looked on from their city above. As the years passed by the ever growing mining system had curved and snaked its way all over the area these humans lived on. Spanning hundreds of miles wide and some hundred miles deep, this tunnel system was essentially the backbone of their production. Rykr had finally seized some form of control over these lesser creatures and in doing so gained the respect and control of his own Fallen kin. It wasn’t until the great collapse that the Fallen bonds would be tested. In the wake of that day, the sun was high however the air extremely cold. It had been a day like every other, unknown to anyone the coming danger. As the mining civilization continued their ever growing dig, a great quake would shake the very foundations of this land. The vibration could be felt for miles and what had happened next no one could have predicted. A great fissure would have begun to open, the vastness and speed of its growth astronomical. The sound of earth ripping open, the great roar and rumble of the very ground itself slipping away into nothingness. For Rykr has not known of a massive chasm stretching to the depths of the earth's core, the quake was merely the much needed push the earth needed to swallow the land back up and reclaim what was once hers. As the screams and plumes of dust subsided, the remnants of the human city could be seen falling off into an ever expanding darkness. The Abyss had swallowed the mine Rykr had worked so hard to construct, the vastness of the Abyss like a physical representation of the very emptiness Rykr now felt. Peering down, one could not see the bottom, for it swallowed all light and made all color impossible. With the discovery of their fallen brethren, the remaining human population chose to rise up and revolt against the Fallen. Now seeing them as Demons in disguise, they would take up arms and seek to destroy the very beings they once saw as Gods. Many of the Fallen had perished in the great revolt, many choosing the go against their nature and flee to far off lands. Some had chosen to strike up arms against Rykr, severing his ability to fly and casting him and his followers out of their order, choosing to bring the remaining humans to their great city. Rykr would from then on be known as the False God of Chains, his remaining followers choosing to descend down into the depths of the abyss where they soon formed his highest ranking legion known as The Seven. As the centuries passed, The False God had managed to corral his remaining human breeders, keeping them alive and prizing them above all. For they were the key to his new revolution, he would cultivate a new breed of human cross breed. Breaking all laws known to man, these beings were soulless creatures who thrived off the very darkness they were bred into. They were gray skinned creatures with eyes and hair as white as snow. Their teeth like tiny razors that would crush through the bone they ate. For this False God could not create his army without death. The arrogance and naivety of the City dwellers above, having grown ignorant and blind to their history, had soon begun to run out of room for their own dead. Choosing to cast their own kin over the very edge of the Abyss instead of burying or burning them would be their downfall. They had grown lazy with the privilege of advanced technologies, choosing to ignore the very constructs of what made them survivors. The remaining Fallen had abandoned these primitive creatures of lands of their own or to seek out their own kin, soon growing tired of the proceedings of man. These actions would come to be the cities undoing. Unbeknownst to the City above, The Seven had been preparing for this day. The day the city would become weak and allow the False God and his army a release from the Abyss. This would be the day of the Great Collapse, the day men women and children were dropped off into the darkness while they slept. For history never told those ignorant city dwellers who had constructed those very chains their precious city now rested. On that great day, The Seven would sever the massive support chains keeping up its weight, plunging the city screaming into the depths of the Abyss. The dust had barely begun to settle before the False Gods creatures descended on the dead and living alike like rabid dogs. Bones broke, blood splattered and the sickening wet sound of thousands of hungry mouths filled the darkness. The next morning when the dust had cleared and silence followed, the grey skinned creatures still lazily feeding on the haphazardly strewn corpses. The False God would begin his ascent back up those very chains that now dangled into the Abyss leading up to the now desolate city remnants. It was in the False Gods own arrogance that he had not realized The Seven had begun to disapprove of his current way of thinking, seeing now his plan was never for the Fallen and themselves but more for his new found pets. If left to his own devices, Rykr, who now swore himself the God of Bones would sweep across the land and swallow whole the very constructs his people had sworn to protect. In that wake he would amass an army so great that no one would stand in his way again. The history books were never completely accurate of what happened after that day. The full identities of the Seven would remain a mystery save for themselves. It was said that the first of the seven, the strongest and most abrasive of them all was a woman. So badly scarred from battle and so numb to the pains of the world, had chosen to stand against this God of Bones in defense of the Seven. They called this one Carnivaal Crii, her current whereabouts if there was one is unknown. For it is said that after the battle her body, left charred and broken, had been left to the chains she once helped support. She would have had tossed the False God of Bones back into the Abyss, but not before he’d wrapped a chain around her throat amidst the sacrifice and left her to dangle to her death. The False God would have landed at the bottom of this pitch black hole, his broken body looking up toward a sky he would never see. Even as his own creatures slowly began to descend upon him would his eyes gaze up, looking past the woman he had once called his comrade who now awaited her own slow death. The remaining seven destroying the remaining ties to surface had with the Abyss. A bittersweet end to a tirade of a madman, so consumed with the need for control he lost site of his own true potential. Time had etched itself in stone and the Seven had soon disbanded. Seeking far off and better things. With the fall of one of their own, the remaining six would say their farewells. The youngest of the group known as Tyr, wanting a more quiet life on her own. Syfr, a rank below Carnivaal, would look for the remaining Fallen scattered through the wind. Rys would have followed his twin, The duo would write a history of their own. And time would scatter the names of those three who remained lost in time. ------- The years would pass like a blur, the sands of time flowing and yet for this particular vessel time seemed but a cruel punishment. For the Fallen, time had been irrelevant. Their forms never truly aged, save for the color of their hair which would lighten over time. The sign of an older Fallen could be seen by the white of their hair and the brokenness of their eyes. For within those color changing hues was the ability that made them what they were. The outer iris was what had contained the swirling, ever changing color of their eyes. Containing the essence of power that helped generate the colors into a more tangible, usable substance. The more one used these abilities, the closer it brought them to madness. For severing the halo that contained these present colors would cause a Fallen to be driven to insanity. Wings were merely this a means of transportation, an evolutionary construct meant to create a more diverse humanoid creature. Where as Fallen could be bred, the conditions of such made extremely difficult, making the spread of these particular creatures through the centuries next to impossible. Unknown to them how many had survived the fall of the City of Chains and the Abyss the had been the end of The False God. It would have appeared that the presence of madness itself had left its mark within The Seven, such a horrendous act against a lesser life form could have no other plausible explanation. With time a constant moving equation, it would have left our present character with a sense of emptiness. Having arrived to a land so different from her own, the only comforts of home were that of the reflections of one's inner most thoughts as she rested in a small cave within Abyss of this realm. The heat and flowing lava constantly in motion as the heavy beating wings of dragons drowned her thoughts. Within this orange glowing cavern, these creatures seemed to bow to only one. The smaller ones, later known to be called Wyverns, who seemed to feed off the scraps of the larger beasts did not stand a chance against the sheer force that was these dragons. Their massive wingspan stretching far across the walls of The Scar, they had made their hunting grounds a battle within the skies and only the brazen or foolish dared to enter these territories. With the Wyvern creatures looking like mere hatchlings in comparison to their larger counterpart, these dragon like creatures seemed to hold a patriarchal system of their own, with the biggest one being its leader. This dragon would devour all that opposed it, whether it was its own kin or those who served it. History books never held a name for this creature, but it was said that with every flap of his great massive wings that it could have leveled thousands of homes. Word over the horizon was that this great massive beast was somehow connected with a particular branch of people. However, due to our protagonists previous involvement with the human kind she had chosen a more solitary approach to her current way of life. Truth be told, after what she and her siblings had done she wasn't sure if she could bare to look another mortal in the eye the same way again. Having had a taste of such power, when the halo of her irises had begun to deteriorate the more she used her ability, the harder and harder it had become to control that sudden desire for more. It was almost a palatable substance, so thick and sweet across the tongue it would whisper great promises of a larger world. Something had broken in her then, so driven by power and blinded by her need to serve her family, she would have moved earth for them. With the False Gods corruption whispering in her ear, she had been naive in thinking this was what a family was and had aided them in destroying the City of Chains. It was then when the outer iris of her eyes had snapped. As the grays and reds swirled within her eyes like red hot steel, forming tendrils like oil that snaked down her neck and shoulders, reaching out to her fingertips to form the massive halberd that was used to break the seventh chain supporting the great city. The force of said strike rippled through her form, the sound of steel groaning as it gave way. As the screams of a thousand innocent souls coursed through the night air, the city plunged into the Abyss. Her own scream lost in the night as she dropped to her knees, clutching her head. It had taken everything the Seven had left in them to put down The False God of Chains, at a great cost to one of their own, who had been left in the Abyss with the very creatures they helped create. They would have disbanded soon after, some to never be seen again. The present world she had found herself in was a vast series of islands that expanded as far as the eye could see. Having turned her back on what had once been her home, she had found herself sitting in a cavern overlooking a waterfall of fire that cascaded down into a massive river that led into the belly of the volcano. It would be here where her path would cross amidst this massive dragon. With the years having drawn on, her sleek black feathered wings would have taken her far. The small thin chains that seemed to fuse with the very spines of those wings would give a soft chime as she moved through the cavern. At this point in time our protagonist would have still had them, the loss of such would become a pinochle point within this story. Trapped with the vastness of her thoughts, it would have been time that dissolved the madness of what the color had broken within her. Having chosen to abandon using such gifts for fear of losing control again, the colors forever flowing freely within her eyes a testament to what she had come so close to losing. It would have been a day like any other for her, a day spent surviving, avoiding humans the best as she could, which wasn’t a difficult task. Unbeknownst to her the wyverns she had been roosting near had caught on to the intruder within their territory. As those great black feathered wings ascended into the skies on her way back toward the hole she had been hiding in, four of the winged creatures would surround her. One at her back, another blocking her path forward. The other two had chosen to block her chances of fleeing by either diving down toward the ground or a desperate push upward. Fight or flight was little option, she would have attempted to bank to the left in an effort to evade the threat before her, but the winged beast above her would have dropped down at her heels. A moment of great desperation was all that had been needed to snap the restraints she held upon the colors within those eyes. As the creatures massive jaws clamped down upon the end of her right wing, the sound of the thin bones snapping muffled by the sound of her scream as her hands beat against the beast's face. She was left with little choice, face being ripped to pieces like the very humans she had cast into that pit, or use her ability to save herself. As the second wyvern closed in from below, clamping down upon her left leg as she tried to fend off the first. Those same tendrils of color spread out from her eyes, the only tangible color she could hold on to the color of the very wyverns that fought to rip her to pieces. Seeping down across her upper torso like a sea of tiny spider webs the black, green and reds would swirl against the paleness of her skin. By the time the color has enveloped her form it had been too late for her wings, for the wyvern at her back had made short work of tearing them open in a burst of feather and bone. With the second wyverns jaws still planted in her leg, it’s massive talons trying to make an effort to tear open her spongy form. The roars and bellows of the wyverns mixed with those of her own in pain. As the color leached out of her eyes that same pull snapped something she had long thought repaired. The tendrils would creep along her form, lashing out toward the wyverns to attach themselves like tiny little barbs. Moving toward the eyes and burrowing themselves into the wyvern's very skull. In their thrashing frenzy, those very wings that hard carried her through centuries would be taken from her. Her now broken and bleeding form left to plummet toward the cavern she had sought refuge in. In those great moments as death passed before her, the color beginning to fade from her eyes, the great shadow of a massive dragon had appeared. As the drowsiness of blood loss began to overtake her and darkness tunneled her vision, a great roar echoed in the distance of her consciousness. The remaining two wyverns had scattered upon the sight of the large dragon, shrieking in detest to their meal being interrupted. A now limp and unconscious form of the young Fallen who had now been stripped of those ancient Fallen traits, had been reduced to a ground dwelling being, would indeed be falling. Plummeting toward the earth below, the form would lay broken at the bottom of that great waterfall she so often looked out upon. Time would seem to drag on in what felt like an eternity, those prism eyes now devoid of color would gaze upon those falls unseeing. The irony of such a thing, to live and fight for family, to be turned and corrupted and used for a war she didn’t even see coming. To be cast aside like the very creature they had used in turn, stripped of all that had made her Fallen. Using her powers in the end had still resulted in such an untimely demise, and yet she could not bare to have herself torn asunder like those creatures had done so long ago. As her form lay crumpled, the stars a welcome comfort as her broken form lay prone. A great tremor struck the ground, sending a small vibration across the ground that shook the floor of chasm, allowing loose rocks to fall from small crags against the walls. The ground shook with each step from the dragons mighty feet, great talons scaring the earth. The weight of which crushing stones to dust. The snout of the creature stretched forward as it drew in her scent, he knew she had been hiding here and somehow he knew why. For as she lay there, eyes unseeing, a guiding voice would creep across the darkness of her thoughts. Like a great boom within her subconscious, the creature spoke into her mind. “Your time has not come, Fallen one.” The beasts chest rose with a heave if it’s mighty lungs, the heat of its breath would pierce through her very soul. It would sear her to her core, warming every fiber of her being and still, this force kept going like an overflowing cup. “Consider this your second chance at a home worth fighting for.” With one last great huff, the beasts nostrils flaring. It would rear back its head. Deep golden eyes with dagger like pupils would stare down upon a form that lay motionless. As the life crept back into her broken body, the only word that screamed within the void of her mind was this. Why.. Another great burst of heat from the dragon, it’s nostrils flaring as dust blew out from below it. It would give a shake of its head as a sound one might register as momentary laughter crept through her mind. Spreading his large wings, the strength of its great legs bunched before it began to lift itself off the ground in great sweeping gusts. The force of his wings pressed her further into the ground as dust clouds enveloped the canyon. “Atone.” As the dust clouds settled and silence befell upon the canyon like a blanket, the mighty dragon was gone. The light of day beginning to crest over to top of the canyon, our young Fallen’s bloodied fingers twitched. Blood and dirt caked itself to her body as her once broken form began to slowly move. Testing the limits of this new found strength, she would find that pain had no longer existed. That the empty feeling she had felt for so long had been overcome by a sudden sense of longing. With creaking bones and blood shot eyes, Tyr would begin to stand. Her wings were gone, replaced by two ragged scars that roped down from her shoulder blades to the middle of her back. Pale, pink scars the only indicator of what was once there. Her eyes, once a varying hue contained by a thin golden ring on the outer iris was now broken. The colors flowing freely within the white of her eyes, mixing with the specs of gold from the outer iris. Rising to her feet, she would begin to walk toward the next chapter along her journey. Years would pass and still she would keep moving, never seeing the dragon again, time moving on as if The Fallen had never existed. As the winds blew across the sands of the desert, she would find herself drawn to the Ancient Isles. Something here had called her, unsure of what it was, she would stake her claim within the walls of a kingdom known as Balarun. Never truly knowing just why she was here, and yet there had been a sense of safety here. It’s people, like her own, were strong, adaptable. Using the region to their advantage, there had been a sense of pride in calling it home. As the darkness of her hair soon began to fade, she would often spend her nights under a blanket of stars, gazing up upon the towers as thoughts of another time played within her head. --------- Time would move on and it would seem this quiet life had not been as fulfilling as she had anticipated. Having chosen to leave her present home within the this realm. The Ancient Isles would begin to shrink in the distance as our current protagonist made her leave. Something was pulling her back in the direction of The Abyss, far away from the Balarun Isles and the current destruction of the new world she had found. It felt as though she had just discovered this new place to sink her roots in, only to have them ripped up once more. Leaving her with the sudden empty feeling that had overcome her so long ago. To work so hard and for so long at what she had only to have such success stripped away yet again, why.. So many questions leading with why. With her bags packed, her tames sheltered and fed, her breeding productions ceased and what stock she had freed, she would have only kept what remaining tames she could before shutting her gates and barring them. Wards had been set in place for that in the event of the Fall of the Isles, when the wards would shatter and the lands she had claimed would be swallowed back up by the Void, what possessions she held would be shifted into limbo. A suspended state that would render everything frozen, unaware while in stasis, like that of a deep sleep until she was able to call on them when the coast was clear. As she ventured alone, driven by the hunger of what called to her in the back of her mind. The weather playing little heed in hindering her movement forward, she would press on until she reached her destination. It would have been a couple days of straight travel, stopping only long enough to gain a better vantage point so she could find the shortest path onward. She would not make camp, nor bed down for the night. Barely eating what rations she had brought with her, she kept moving. The lands had changed over the course of a thousand years, the hills and mountain ranges shifting and reshaping into smaller and more narrow pathways. Various cliffs and valleys broke up the forested territories. Trees would have ample space to grow tall, so large that men couldn’t even fathom wrapping their arms around half of its great trunks. The woods so vast and condensed, clear man hadn’t traversed them as villages had become farther and fewer between. Small creeks and streams dotted the landscape, adding to the tranquil setting. However something was off. The silence in the area would fall upon one like a blanket. The streams seemed to come to a stand still and the birds had long fled. Life appeared to be draining from the land itself as small black tendrils snaked themselves up from the roots of the trees. Wrapping themselves up their great trunks, streams would begin to dry and fish no longer moved. The realm was slowly dying. Tyr approached the woods, the whispers seemed to grow heavier. Those prism eyes of hers would swirl with the changing colors of the forest, various hues of green and brown mingling with the paler blues. Yet the more she looked at these trees, the more the color seemed to darken in her eyes. She would find herself reaching for the blackened bark of one of the trees, her fingertips playing across its roughness as her touch lingered mere centimeters from one of the tendrils. The closer she came to the Abyss, the stronger the pull would become. Finding it harder and harder to resist the pull of her abilities. The color called to her, promising power like it had all those years ago. She would pull her hand away, choosing to press onward as her eyes began to darken. Replacing those softer hues with darker counterparts. Drawing nearer to the mouth of the Abyss, a familiar voice had broken through those whispers, the great boom of that false God Rykr. Tugging her deeper into the darkness. Standing now at the mouth of the great cavern, her gaze would peer down into its endless depths. ‘There are no more questions here, child. This is who you are.’ Her eyes would fall closed as she allowed the familiar warmth to wash over her. Listening closer to the whispers of the creatures far below, the trapped souls of the long gone city dwellers ripped asunder. As a small sigh escaped her lips, her eyes would open as the darkness enveloped the whites of her eyes. The colors no longer vibrant, merging into black that seeped from her eyes, running down her face and down her tan skin, spreading out across her form like vines. Standing at the mouth of the Abyss, she would allow the power to take hold as a small craven smile danced across her lips. This feeling alone had left her more at peace and full then she had for thousands of years, the promise of strength and unending destruction left her feeling a different sort of empty. Something had broken in her once more, something that may never be fixed. Watching through a veil as if seeing herself in a different light, she was dimly aware that that part of her subconscious was no longer in control. Her gift had now become her cage and as she turned back toward the direction she’d come, the tendrils seemed to drip from her fingertips. Merging into the form of the great halberd she had wielded within the City of Chains collapse. The same blackened armor morphing over her skin, glinting like oil and reflecting the color in darken moving pools. As the visor covered her face, the tendrils stealing her breath. Death would loom behind every step as the corruption seemed to spread even further out from the Abyss, spreading through the thickened wood from a different direction. ------ The call of corruption had been too much, having ventured back into the Abyss had granted her access to the Void, a place between realms that allowed the darkest of creatures access. With the gradual spread of corruption steadily devouring the Ancient Isles, Tyr had found herself within the void. The call from the Death God booming in her ears, he would have brought her into his aid for the battle of the Void. Faced against a man she once served with honor who now sought to stop the Death God, our battle of corruption would rage with Tyr's subconscious fighting within herself as the good side of her fought to break free. The recollection of the man before her her guiding light. She could not face off against her greatest ally, a man who had sheltered her in her time of need. The battle within the Void would continue, Tyr had dropped her weapon, the blackened armored helm having slipped away like oil as her darkened prism eyes lingered over the figure who would currently oppose the Death God Leprechaun. The voice that screamed inside her head to repent of the death she was about to help sow, it was not that of the man she had known as King Drachen but that of the mighty dragon that she had come across thousands of years ago. The force of which would have broken the hold on her inner conscious. For the consciousness that had once been so grateful for the second chance at life had heard him, the halberd dropped to the ground with a clang. The woman's conscious fighting with the corruption that ate away at her. It is in these moments of weakness where one can truly see, with the woman having been rendered momentarily useless by the call of the voice. The force holding Drachen at bay would have thrust him forward into the light for his own chance to see. The door behind the woman would open as the armies of death rushed descended to meet those of the light armored King. Lead by the Death God himself, adorned in blackened armor that seemed to seep and move with tiny tendrils. A mace rested at his side while a shield adorned his left arm. He would rise above his army of the dead, floating in the air as his pitted gaze reached the man before him. He would smile, through jagged teeth he spat his words like venom, “You come into my realm demanding me to repent.” With a wave of his hand, the army of black clad beasts surged forward to meet the golden armored men of King Drachens army. The answering call of steel would ring in the air as the first wall of men was met by the shrill screams of the trapped souls the Death God controlled. Steel on steel, the songs of battle raged as the heavy beating wings and bone chilling bellows of wyverns answered the fray as death reigned from above. The wyverns having answered the young Dragon Kings call to battle, his eyes would glow a deepened yellow hue as he adorned his helm to answer the call of battle. The Death God would answer, his mace coming down toward the Kings deflecting shield as the sword Drachen wielded bathed in flame would rise up toward the other man. The force of the blow would momentarily drive the two men back for a breath before they descended upon each other once more in a raging scream of steel on steel. The two would match each blow, meeting such with one after another. The young kings shield pelted with dents, the Death God would abandon his own for save of more control over his mace. A chanced blow only the gods themselves could have predicted, the young king had managed a blow that would have sent a spider crack to weave across the helm of the Death God. Unhindered or uncaring, the Death God raged. Flames would kick up as small clusters of men had burned, yet the armor that had adorned the army of King Dragon did not so much as singe. The flames seemed to drive the men on, fueling them and renewing their vigor as the battle continued. It would seem the armies were close matched, with the Death Gods own beasts meeting the calls of the wyverns above. Some would have fallen as black spear bolts stuck out of their chests and necks, falling from the skies to land on men of both sides. The answering roars of the Void Beast could be heard as its masters fury could be felt. There had been so much anger in corruption, so much violence and death. Having answered a call of honor and duty, only to be met with un-calculated odds. The two forms would clash. The young Dragon King in his white glowing armor, his sword bathed in flames would met blow after blow with the opposing foe. Who's own armor seemed to glow in a different aura, coming off in waves like tendrils. When the god would reign down upon the king with his mace, the dragon shield coming up to deflect its final blow, he would drive the pommel of his sword into the cracked helm of the Death God. The metal would shatter as a small trickle of blood ran down the paled features of the Leprechaun. Who’s eyes were as black as the very void itself, corruption bled from his eyes as his fiery red hair framed his daunted face. In his moment of weakness, the young King Drachen’s guard would fall. His golden eyes would widen as his gaze befell upon the man he had called his brother, his closest friend and council. A man who had been to hell and back with him through his reign within the Ancient Isles. Seeing this moment of hesitation, the Death God who’s judgement had been clouded by corruption and a seed for power would withdraw a blade from his belt. Driving it between the ribs of the Dragon King, he would bring himself into the kings field of vision as his hand twisted the blade even further. Golden eyes would look into those of his dear friend, a deepened look of sadness washed across his face as his features paled. His tone was hoarse as the blood threatened to fill his punctured lung. “Leprechaun... My most valued friend.. This is not you.” Armor clad hands would clutch the blade upon his ribs as the sword he wielded fell, the sound of such would strike the ground as the wyverns roar was met with rage for they had felt their kings pain. Something would stir within the Death God, as if awakening from a long slumber. How long had he been shrouded here. Buried deep within this darkness of hate and destruction. As those blackened eyes peered into the golden hues of his friend, his mind would break as he felt his hand upon the dagger in the man’s ribs as if feeling it for the first time. As the blade withdrew, blood pooled between the broken plates of the young kings armor. The darkness would fade from the Leprechauns eyes seeing his friend for the first time since the battle of the void began. Replaced by the emerald glow they had been before, he looked into the eyes of his friend and comrade with a look of anguish. What had he done… “Drachen…” The dragon king would collapse to his knees as a small trail of blood spilled from the corner of his lips. Those golden eyes searched his friend, asking why as his gloved hand clutched the blackened armor of the man in front of him. The Leprechaun would drop to his knees in front of his friend, clutching the other man's arm as he stammered for an explanation as to why he had just stabbed his king and friend. Those golden eyes would seem to burn as the voice that replaced Drachens had returned with the booming tones of Balarun. A single word would be all he spoke as the dragons flame seemed to shroud the young king like a golden fog. The voice would boom inside the Leprechauns broken mind as the golden flame began to burn up his arm. Repent.. As the golden tendrils coursed over the Leprechauns form, the form of the young dragon king would be no more. The power that surged through the Leprechaun chased the darkness of the void away. The answering call of the beast baying in the distance as the pain could be felt across the void. The corruptions hold upon the Leprechaun had been broken at the cost of one of his dearest friends and allies. As the battle raged within the void, the Leprechaun would flee toward the open portal. Set on closing it to prevent the Beast from escaping and destroying the realm. His last chance of atonement was to use the Dragon Kings last gift as a way to bring an end to the darkness. The young King had never truly known his purpose, knowing the dragon would have need to call upon him one day. What he had not known was just who he was helping repent. For this journey was not his own, but that of the Leprechaun. Who's path would lead him to three great stones. These massive stones were blue, red, and green. With the help of the young dragons gift, he would be able to unlock these three obelisks and seal the portal to the Void forever. Sealing the darkness within himself in its depths as well. They say that the day the three terminals were activated, the Beasts mighty roar was heard through the sky as three colored beams of light poured out into the sky above. Maybe…. Just maybe… This was our survivors last chance, before their world changed forever. The rift would open and our protagonist Tyr would emerge with no recollection of her time within the void nor what became of the people she once called family, waking in the woods of some strange new land once more..
  18. Way of The Rising Sun "When you step beyond your own gate, you face a million enemies." Famous for its powerful Shugenja and Swordslayers Hinode no Gakko and is often challenged by other dojos or single fighters. Students will not only be encouraged to learn the Nation's fighting style, but cover a basis of other techniques such as Kuji-In Empowerments, Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu martial arts. It's important that not only the People of Jigoku embrace and learn Hinode no Gakko style, but also the entire continent of Genesaris as a whole. Over an extended period of time, the planets conflict manifests a certain harmony, but in those moments when the elements of the planet collide -- when there is an earthquake, or a tsunami, or a hurricane -- that conflict is sudden, massive and violent. Frequent users of the Rising Sun will begin to feel a profound sense of harmony within themselves and their energies, that the body organs are no longer in conflict with one another. - "It is imperative to not deny or suppress the inherent power that resides within even the least of us, but to recognize its nature and strive to render ourselves worthy of it." "The goal of Hinode no Gakko is to reach the opponent quickly and drive power through them in a single burst with smooth coiling and uncoiling actions, utilizing hand techniques, dynamic footwork, or throws various strikes (with palm, fist, elbow, fingers, etc.), kicks, joint locks. The most basic notions of movement and body mechanics in the art were heavily influenced by the practice of staffs and spears. However, expert practitioners are known for their ability to "flow" in and out of the way of objects. There are few kicks except for extremely low foot kicks (which avoids the hazards of balance involved with higher kicks) and some mid-level kicks, and techniques that are prized for their working within key principles rather than aesthetic value." Ranking Systems: New Moons: The freshman beginner class and lowest level of students that display the most difference in power. Prospects for the future warriors of Datsuzoku. These New Moons are completely fresh in the ways and philosophies of Hinode no Gakko as majority of new students often begin at the bottom of the totem pole. Inexperienced in combat, they are assigned to basic starter classes within the Dojo. Current Members: Ozu Moromichi First Quarters: The sophmore journeymen members who have reached a level of maturity and ability that primarily consists of leadership skills and tactical prowess. Once a year the New Moon student has the opportunity to be promoted to a First Quarter if he/she defeats a classmen of desired promotion in a combative exam. If the underclassmen fails at doing so he/she will remain at said rank for another six months until opportunity arises once more. In rare cases, winner does not always guarantee promotion nor does failure preclude it; if the observing Shihan or Soke feel a New Moon displays the necessary qualities for a First Quarter that apprentice student will be promoted regardless of how they place in the exam. Current Members: Mikazuki Momoji Full Moons: The senior class elitist of the Dojo, highly experienced and highly skilled warriors whom generally oversee the entire organization for the Shihan and so forth, Soke Grand Master Kenshi. A select few of these classmen however, also serve serve as Wolves of Jigoku, officially ranked members of the Okami Clan otherly known as the Akatsukizukuyo or Day Breakers. These handful of elitist are the defense system or patrolmen whom safeguard the traderoutes of the New Union Frontier and it's neighboring borders. In the event of direct harm to the School or to the Nation of Jigoku itself, these mighty sword wielding spellcasters prove vital in ensuring the city's safety. Current Members: n/a Shushou School Captain: n/a Shihan Head Instructor: Shiroyasha Moromichi Soke Grand Master: Kenshinobu Momoku
  19. The Owari Clan “You may discover that when there is no resistance to being in Hell, Heaven opens up and Samsara reveals its true nature as Nirvana.”
  20. danzilla3

    Clan Shokan

    CLAN SHOKAN The Shokan clan was created by Shokan Eiji. a former mercenary who fought beside the Emperor; displaying great loyalty and courage. As gratitude, the Emperor has made him nobility, and given him permission to assemble his own clan. Shokan welcomes all who wish to join, so long as they pledge loyalty to the Datsuzoku. Even those who have known dishonor; ronin, disgraced nobles, bandits, can all find a new start under the banner of the Shokan. Clan Shokan only has one goal; to further the interests of the Datsuzoku Empire in any way that they can. Acting as soldiers, diplomats, and assassins, they will do whatever it takes to ensure that the nation that has become their home thrives. Shokan is always willing to help other clans, as they view them as fellow servants to the Emperor. To this end, they are willing to teach their diverse array of skills to all who serve him. |Heraldry| The Lotus is the symbol of the Shokan clan. As it symbolizes rebirth, the members of the clan are reborn from their past lives into their new ones in service to the Empire. |Credo| "Redemption through service." |Organization| The Clan is made up of three branches; Sento (Warefare), Surveillance (Kanshi), and Diplomacy (Gaiko). Each branch has a leader who oversees their division's operation, and reports back to the leader of the clan. All branches have a school that teaches their particular skills to others. Sento is responsible for the clans military duties. Kanshi handles covert operations such as spying and assassination. Gaiko trains their diplomats who interact with other clans, and on behalf of the Datsuzoku. |Divisions and Offices| SENTO (Warfare) The Sento branch is responsible for training and managing the clans samurai and other warriors. In addition to multiple martial disciplines, this branch also is responsible for teaching things like strategy and tactics, as well as battlefield medicine. In short, if a skill could be considered vital to surviving on the battlefield, it is taught here. KANSHI (Surveillance) The Kanshi branch mages the clans intelligence operations, and trains and manages the clans shinobi. Here members and allies can learn spycraft, assassination, and other covert arts. While all branches are open to any who would join, potential members of Kanshi are scrutinized more harshly then candidates for other prospective branches. GAIKO (Diplomacy) The Gaiko branch houses the clans diplomats known as Daijin (Ministers), and are responsible for relations with the other clans. Like the other branches, they teach diplomatic skills to other members of the clan as well as its allies. |Rank, Reputation, & Advancement| CLAN HEAD The leader of the clan. All other members report to him Currently held by: Shokan Eiji BRANCH HEAD The leader of one of the Branches, responsible for overseeing their Branch. SENTO (The General): Aegis Rishagi KANSHI (The Spymaster): So Chan GAIKO: (The Ambassador): Odokizashi Saki SAMURAI/SHINOBI/DAIJIN The most experienced and skilled members of the Branches. They are often put in charge of squads of apprentices (Minarai) SENSEI The rank given to the instructors at the three schools. This rank is equal to that of any of the three ranks above. MINARAI An apprentice, the foot soldiers of each branch. They have gained enough skill to no longer be considered a mere student, but are not skilled enough to be a Samurai/Shinobi/Daijin. Minarai Kanshi: Shi Ku STUDENT The lowest rank. Every new member starts out here, unless they can present a reason why they should be allowed to skip ahead. |Indoctrination| Message danzilla3 |Allies and Enemies|Primary Location:Affiliations:— Allies: N/A— Enemies: N/A— Neutral Parties: N/AGoals and Activities TBA Accomplishments Acquired an airship laden with treasure from Whispernight. Current Plans Preparing to attack Strider City.
  21. Acta Arcana Acta Arcana is a peer reviewed periodical Arcane Journal with articles covering the spectrum of Arcane research. Published by an independent board and reviewed by the Academic Arcane throughout Valucre Acta Arcana is the leading source of Academic Arcane information for academic researchers, archivists and inquisitive mages. Published on a monthly basis it's content include letters, research notes, articles, supplementary articles, data papers and once annually accumulated review articles on the various research in specific fields done throughout the year. Managed and edited by an independent board of mages and funded by donations from across Valucre Acta Arcana has no true owner and instead exists to further the growth of the arcane throughout the world. To prevent potential Government censorship or target by those opposed to the arcane Acta Arcana has no headquarters or physical structure, publishing is done by contract basis throughout Valucre by untold numbers of printing companies and the names of those on the board are kept confidential. Research Grants Acta Arcana recently announced it's intentions to provide research grants to independent academics pursuing arcane knowledge. Those interested in applying for a grant need only submit a compelling thesis for their research. Published Material None, yet. (If you'd like your academic research to be published please PM me and I will include it in the monthly Roleplay News posting as well provide a link to it here.)
  22. The "Wolf Man's Curse" "At the age of six all members are usually given their own lupis canine, becoming practically inseparable in bond with their wolves by the time they reach teenage years. Their fellowship ties the two together until death, working alongside their clansman. When battling enemies, they fight in collaboration and are quite dangerous in combat." Upon joining the Ookami Ichizoku of the Imperial Nation in Jigoku members are intiated by means of lycanthropic afflictions, usually by bite or scratch from another clansmen or Swordslayer. They will then be given a mark on their body which shows the sealing of the spirit. This transformation is connected with the presence of the full moon. Those born into the clan by two Ookami parents have bred the wolf spirit within naturally, thus resistant to the curse's side effects. The curse itself is a sickness. The symptoms of such an illness are - shortness of breath, spiked fevers, swollen cervical lymph nodes, abdominal and muscle pain, and headaches. Members gain the attributes of werewolves, most evident being ability to change with the natural characteristics inborn to both wolves and humans, including senses, stamina, deftness etc. In addition, they are attributed strength and speed far beyond those of wolves or men and may have them in lesser amount even when untransformed. Their lycan-form may be completely natural wolf in form, something resembling a great Dire Wolf, or even something directly from the darkest dredges of human fear for wolves. Although some instinct is likely to influence a werewolf in transformed state, this varies from completely animal mind to perfectly aware human, even to the monster craving for blood. Although it is very commonly linked to werwolves, they aren't all vulnerable to silver or other traditional weaknesses. A minor set of other passive abilities are listed as followed, members are not subjected only to knowing these they are additions to whatever they may be able to accomplish: ) Nightvision ) Unnatural Regeneration ) Enviromental Adaptation ) Temperature Regulation ) Predator Instinct ) Feral Mind ) Lunar Empowerment ) Muscle Mass Enhancement / Muscle Armor A minor set of passive Clan Ninja Arts (Sonic Roar:) The clansman takes a deep breath then lets a giant roar sending a giant wave of sonic vibration destroying everything in its a path and sending its victim flying. It can clear 50 metres of dense forest or places hard to move around. (Passing Fang:) The clansman moves at a target at high speeds and delivers a body slam. Because of how quickly they move, the user travels in a fairly straight line, necessitating that they anticipate the target's movements in order to ensure a successful strike. As they move at the target, the user spins rapidly in order to pierce targets, drilling even through stone. (Dynamic Marking:) While spinning through the air, a companion starts urinating, scattering the urine across a wide area. Any opponents that the urine sprays are likely to be confused, embarrassed,and, if it gets in their eyes, temporarily blinded until they can flush it out.More useful to the companion and their Ookami partner is that they can easily track the urine's scent, allowing them to locate anyone who has been marked by the urine regardless of where they are or where they go.
  23. Silica is remade as Quin Limerick. Zaiko is remade as Samuel Dulavich, he is still a fea but much less of a dick Dean is less of an ass and his backstory will be remade. Mochi is still a Wisp, ill make a Bestiary for that. (with some other monstrosity and celestials) Acer is no more. Make ~( Gone/Dead in my native language ) This is just the following changes ill make along with some other things.
  24. THE KINGFISHER HISTORY Built during the Genesarian airship renaissance as the tensions with Terrenus simmered down, the enterprising Robert Dorian used up his life's savings to commission a luxury passenger airship that would ply the airways of the continent with the best balance of speed, durability and airworthiness that money could offer. Though not as high-tech as the military or as sleek as private craft, the Kingfisher boasts more creature comforts for passengers and cargo space for freight. Where it lacks in offensive weaponry, it makes up for it in heavy armor. No expense was spared in procuring steel and dense ironwood to build its sturdy frame and impact-resistant shell. Even the viewing panels at the front of the ship are reinforced with latticed metal. In emergencies, the panels can be automatically covered with steel sheets to prevent damage. Fins at the side and rear of the ship provide stability and aid maneuverability even during turbulent weather. One blue Exalta crystal sits openly and shines brightly on the top deck which aids visibility to other airships during the night and also presents a fake target for pirates whereas the main fuel crystal lies deep inside the ship right next to the engine. SPECIFICATIONS Passenger Capacity: 150 Persons Crew Capacity: 
30 Persons Freight Capacity: 10 Tonnes Length: 50 m Width: 10 m Depth: 10 m No. of Decks: 5 Powerplant: Two Empyrea-Tech Mk. III Thrusters Auxiliary: Four Exineris Industries E-2500 Generators Cruising Speed: 35 knots Maximum Speed: 50 knots Amenities: Segregated Seating areas (100 Economy seats, 40 Express seats) 10 Private cabins for Special Skills class passengers Captain's cabin & Crew's quarters Dining hall with attached kitchen Washrooms & limited showering amenities NOTABLE CREW Jenny Belford (Chief Mechanic) Don't let those dainty looks and frilly dress fool you. Jenny Belford is more than willing to get her hands and clothes dirty. A self-professed airship enthusiast, Jenny has an unhealthy obsession with all machines that can fly, much to the chagrin of her wealthy upper class parents who wanted to marry her off to a noble family to increase their own standing. With the help of her two older brothers, she managed to escape in the dead of night and came upon Robert Dorian just as he was about to board the Kingfisher for takeoff. After listening to her story and much pleading, he decided to take her in. Discovering her innate talent in fixing things, he decided to train her to become a mechanic and her fate has been tied to the Kingfisher ever since. She admires Allen Dorian greatly and always tries to make time for him during her breaks. However, any intentions no matter how obvious always seem to fly over his head. Will she get her wish eventually? Theresa Vellheim (Chef) Also known as Mother Theresa to the rest of her fellow crew members due to her motherly nature and ability to seemingly fashion tasty dishes from even the worst of ingredients! The kitchen is her domain and no one, even Captain Allen Dorian himself risk pissing her off without being threatened to be fed with nothing but water and gruel for the rest of a voyage. A widow who lost her husband and only son during the war with Terrenus, Theresa fell into a state of depression. Losing her home and being forced to sleep in the streets. One day, Elena Dorian passed by and took pity on her, giving her a second chance by letting her serve in the ship's kitchen. There, her skills as a cook flourished and she found new purpose in serving the ship's passengers and crew hot meals with smiles on their faces. For this, she would always be grateful to Elena Dorian and (by extension) her son out of respect. Sebastian (Butler/First mate) A harsh taskmaster and strict disciplinarian, one would be forgiven if they mistook Sebastian to be the Captain instead of Allen Dorian. As first mate, he ensures the smooth running of the ship when Allen is not on deck. However, the rest of the crewmen know he has a gentle heart under the nerves of steel; showing care and concern to his fellow mates. A former marine who escaped a crashing airship during a battle with Terrenus forces, the Kingfisher was on the scene of the wreckage when they passed by the battle site. The soldier was found by the Dorian family and they took him in and nursed him back to health. Instead of returning to the military, he decided to desert and took on a new identity: Sebastian, loyal Butler to the Dorian family. He is calm under duress and even calmer under fire. A skilled sharpshooter and formidable fighter, he has personally trained Allen as well as led the defense of the Kingfisher on multiple occasions when pirates attacked. When it comes down to the crunch, he would be willing to sacrifice his own life for the sake of the Kingfisher.
  25. Faction Name: Zaross Hive Race: Antec Hierarchy: Zaross Hive works as a singular entity, overseen by an eternal being they call Zaross. Through a psychic link, each member of the hive communicates information to Zaross, making this enigmatic figure a knowledgeable creature amongst the leaders of the city. Heraldry: A green Z over a black field Population: An approximate guess is not possible at this point, but it is believed that the Hive consists of tens of thousands. Economy: Zaross Hive does not operate as others do, for they require no coin to make their society function. While they provide a vital service to the city by maintaining it's infrastructure, they require little food or water, mainly taking payment in the form of strict rations that the city's officials are happy to give in exchange for gold. Role in Alethea: In truth, even with all the concentrated effort of the Savior Raveena and the survivors of Raz-Nagore's evil reign, it would have taken years, along with crippling debt for many, had the Hive not arrived and made their offer. For a share of food and water, Zaross Hive would work to rebuild that which was broken, and so the deal was struck, and the insectoid creatures went to work. Using chitin forged tools of surprising strength and durability, the Antec people had rebuilt in months what would have taken years to accomplish. Though there are sometimes disputes between Zaross Hive and the other factions, none can say they have not carved their own space in Alethea, sharing the underground and other unknown nooks and crannies with the Skaven. Leader Profile: It is simply known as Zaross, for It is Many Things, and yet Nothing at all So much is unknown about the mind behind the Antec people. All that is known is that it is a powerful psychic, able to shield the Antec from any attempts at following the connection they share, thus revealing It's identity. What Zaross wants is unknown, but a fear lingers in the minds of those who wonder too long about it. Should Zaross decide to attack, will they be able to stop It? Every faction leader will say yes, but it is still unknown just how many of the insectoid Antecs lurk just beneath the streets of Alethea, possibly awaiting the day when the signal is given, and they go to war... Faction Artifact: None
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