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  1. Zigzag

    House Harrkonen

    House Harrkonen Creed: Be Just In All That You Do Sigil: An Orange Horse Head with Four Horns, each one behind the corresponding horn at the center of the head in a consecutive line on a green field. Family members: Darien Harrkonen - Patriarch of House Harrkonen Liadrin Harrkonen - Matriarch of House Harrkonen Turalyon Harrkonen - First son of Darien Gavinrad Harrkonen - Second son of Darien Tirion Harkonnen - Third son of Darien Saidan Harrkonen - Fourth son of Darien Background - House Harrkonen was established shortly before the reign of the Tyrant King. At the behest of the Queen, Darien ventured into the wilderness and hunted a great beast that was terrorizing a local village. With great strength, courage and determination, he slayed the beast and brought it down. They ruled justly, having developed a strong sense of fairness from a Code of Ethics handed down from generation to generation, where legend says the first paladin came to be. When the rule of tyranny came forth, the Harkonnen family went into hiding, fighting from the shadows to reduce the damage that would be done to the populace of Andelusia. When Gillick attempted to murder the abhumans, the Harrkonen family mounted a valiant defense, allowing many to flee the island upon boats, saving as many lives as they could before they themselves fled by boat. When he was finally dethroned, House Harrkonen rejoiced, and came out from the shadows to rejoin the others. Since then they have worked to rebuild, and to resurrect the former glory of their once mighty house. Through the use of their Code of Ethics, the Harrkonens once more rule with a great sense of justice and law. House Harrkonen encourages philosophy and civil discussion. They are known for their benevolence and sense of right and wrong. Estates - "The Cathedral" A large, formerly abandoned fortress now ruled by the Harrkonen family which resides due west of Andelusia at a halfway point between the city and the sea. The Cathedral is stylized as a church, but holds many defenses and strong doors (think Notre Dame). Their main source of income is farming, primarily grain, and their military might is a small but effective fighting force known as the "Crusaders" lead by the Harrkonen family themselves. These Crusaders are knights, archers and footmen who have sworn to upjold the same code of ethics as their commanders. Goals - To bring truth and justice to Ursa Madeum, to quell the rebellion and bring peace once again. They primarily plan on doing this by stopping the rebellion and returning the king to his rightful place on the throne.
  2. THE HOWARDONIAN FLEET The New Power of the Seas History of the fleet. The Alphen Beginning In 1859, Jack H. Howard had been working as a captain for the Alphen Fleet for nearly a year. The Alphen Army & Navy had been going in a downward spiral. Despite the heavy riches of the country it seemed no cash was spent on any of the armed forces nor civilian life. Howard couldn't do much about the Army and basic life of the civilians but he did decide to rise up and do something about the navy. Over the course of a month, Howard designed a ship which would go on to be the most powerful ship in the world at the time. Howard went on to the countries Admiralty and demonstrated the ship's power and superiority over other ships to a crowd of 40 people. The highest ranking man in the room was a man called Angel. The history between Angel and the country was vague to Howard and in all situations Howard decided to side with him. Angel started to build the great fleet of 90 Wolf Class ships. After the fleet was completed and the flagship named Glory was completed, Howard lost the fleet to the hands of Angel who took over the fleets command and announced himself as Admiral. Howard and his friend Mansfeld, who and been helping the military, were enraged at this sudden change. Howard and Mansfeld had helped the country in so many ways, including making a realistic map and calming tensions between Alpha and Atlas. Howard and Mansfeld eventually came up with a plan. The Grand Mutiny of 1860. The Grand Mutiny of 1860. The Grand Mutiny was the largest mutiny in all of history. Howard has secured an agreement with the Atlesian Leader, Montoya to help him flee Alpha with his fleet. Howard himself came up with a plan to get the whole fleet out. The plan was simple and easy though also risky. At a moonless night Howard and his men would rush to the ships and prepare to leave. The Atlesian Navy would sail near and send men on lifeboats to help with the evacuation. The ships would sail out with the power of wind instead of steam to the Atlesian gulf. The Invisible fleet would follow suit the morning after. To everyone's, including Howard's surprise the plan worked. All 90+ ships of the Alphen fleet were now in Atlesian Control and Jack Howard was announced Admiral. The Purple Dye Trade. Howard had now been in Atlas for two months. In this time Howard had began the Purple Dye Trade with his second man, Mansfeld. The Purple Dye Trade was a large trade between the Nerridean Isles, Erenia and Gallia along with their colonies. The trade made a massive circle of influence in the seas. A total of 45% of the sea was controlled by the Atlesian Fleet. This massive area which was now owned by Howard, along with the trade itself brought nearly 2,000,000 million into Howard's pocket per week. The instant millionaire immediately spent this cash on funding for the country and his fleet. The heavy income drastically upgraded the Atlesian Empire and made Howard one of the richest in the world. The fleet would go on to number at 150 ships and spanned across the world. The Erenian Empire or The Crown Empire agreed to hand over the rank of Admiral to Jack Howard, making him Grand Admiral of Atlas & Erenia. However, on the other side of the globe something bizarre was brewing. The Erenians were being threatened by the Bulgarians in the north. Howard, who was now a technical Erenian, decided to do something about it. He couldn't do much though so he just kept an eye on the Bulgarians. The Coalition - SSU War & The Fleet's Major Victory. In early 1860, Howard was dating a girl named Tozi. The two had been together for two months and the relationship was strong. One day though the relationship proved that the Bulgarians wanted war. Tozi was captured by duck. During her time in the torture rooms she noticed Duck talking to Khan, the leader of the Bulgarians. After she eventually got out she ran to Howard and told him that Duck and Khan agreed to invade Erenia with their own armies. Howard wouldn't let this slide and reported it to Montoya. The two agreed on war and warned Minori, queen of Erenia, about the impending attack. The Atlesians, Erenians with help from the Gallicans, invaded Bulgaria. At the start of the war Howard tricked a portion of the army to the eastern side of the country to let a major attack begin on the western beaches. The war strangled on for a month till Montoya made a breakthrough in the south and the Atlesian army marched inward from the west. Howard took on the fleet off the coast of Sozopol. The battle ended in a victory for Howard's fleet. The losses were similar but it was a major win for Howard since it proved the strength of the Wolf Class. Howard's forces later landed in Sozopol and made the final charge of the war. In the final hours a horrible action was made on accident that would remain in the hearts of Howard's troops. 500,000 civilians were killed in a Howardonian bombardment on the city. The reason of these casualties was that Khan never agreed to evacuating the civilians. The war ended with more respect and territory for the fleet and the collapse of the SSU's reputation. The Collapse of Atlas and the Rest of the World. The Three Nation Fleet. In 1861 the fleet had now taken over most of the seas. It had a small fleet and port in the territory named Bastion and another massive fleet in Gallia. The three nations of Atlas, Erenia & Gallia made the three nation fleet. An unbeatable force. The Three Nation fleet, all under Howard's soul control was the arguably most powerful force in the world and had the power to take over the world. This also made Howard one of the most powerful in the world, arguably the most. However a sat fate for Atlas came in 1861 when the nation was suddenly attacked by a race of tree people and was pulled underground. Mansfeld died in the tragedy. Luckily Howard was away on a voyage. When he returned the whole fleet was called to evacuate 1 million people and move them to Gallia. In the massive evacuation Howard came across the Bulgarians once more in a spiteful jealous state, especially with their attack on Hawk. Either way the fleet left with their Target, earning more respect. With the collapse of Atlas, Howard set his new home in Gallia and made the Howardonian Private Fleet. The Howardonian Private Fleet was to keep the Three Nation Fleet intact. it consisted of thee 90 ships of the Atlesian Fleet. Sadly though the rest of the world followed Atlas. Gallia became corrupt with the invention of C.H.I.R.I., Duck became more powerful and Bulgaria was getting stronger. Howard became weaker and weaker within the world and the power of good was collapsing even if Howard had invented the first turret prototype. Then.. the sinking of the H.P.S Glory. The H.P.S Glory sank by a boiler explosion and went down in under an hour. Most of Howard's crew went down with it. The Glory was Howard's flagship for over 2 years and had served with him for his whole Admiral life. The sinking inspired Howard to leave 404. The long history of Howard and his fleet would later move on to the world of Valcure. It was a new page for Howard and his men. The fleet would move over to Valcure and begin a new fleet there. The Howardonian Fleet. (This post will be updated with more information along the way.)
  3. Wade

    The Howlers

    "Sorry to break it to ya, ladies, but I don't have a plan." -Captain Alistair to the Asphodel's crew LOCATION The open seas of Ursa Madeum DESIGNATION Pirates, smugglers, mercenaries, the Howlers check all those boxes and more. In the end, it all depends on the job they're doing and how much they caretabout the law in a given moment. Relatively famous for their numerous exploits, borderline legendary in the ports of Drasir, the Howlers are a motley crew of talented hardasses who specialize in sabotage and thievery. Their ship is a galleon named the Asphodel that bears flags of a Creighton hound depicted mid-howl. It is captained by the enigmatic Alistair Tilman, whose true identity remains hidden behind a white whalebone mask. AFFILIATIONS All manner of scum in Ursa Madeum An on-and-off alliance with the Naho Raiders Walter Crowley, but the Crown doesn't know about it THE CREW ► B A S I C Name: Alistair Tilman Race: Unknown (Null) Age: Early thirties, supposedly Birthplace: Ursa Madeum Occupation: Captain of the Asphodel ► P H Y S I C A L Height: 6'4" Weight: 185 lbs Skin: Unknown Hair: Unknown Eyes: Unknown Build: Tall and broad-shouldered ► P E R S O N A Temperament: Sanguine MBTI: ENFP Traits: Calm | Charismatic | Intrepid | Private "What is it they say about me exactly? That I feast on virgin women on a full moon?" ► B A S I C Name: Badu Tafari Race: Shifter Age: Early thirties Birthplace: Thraece, Ursa Madeum Occupation: First Mate of the Asphodel ► P H Y S I C A L Height: 6'7" Weight: 217 lbs Skin: Dark Hair: Bald Eyes: Amber Build: Tall and muscular ► P E R S O N A Temperament: Phlegmatic MBTI: ISFJ Traits: Kind | Loyal | Observant | Reliable "Surely there are better ways of going about this, Captain. Many that don't involve dying. ► B A S I C Name: Marcus 'Chef' Rath Race: Human Age: Late forties Birthplace: Noviria, Ursa Madeum Occupation: Quartermaster of the Asphodel ► P H Y S I C A L Height: 6'0" Weight: 178 lbs Skin: Beige Hair: Dark brown, greying Eyes: Grey Build: Stocky ► P E R S O N A Temperament: Choleric MBTI: ISTJ Traits: Practical | Blunt | Organized | Stubborn "You're like the razor I use to trim my sack. Great at a distance but fucking unpleasant when you get in my face." ► B A S I C Name: Piper Langley Race: Human Age: Mid Twenties Birthplace: Port Mars, Ursa Madeum Occupation: Gunner of the Asphodel | Firstborn Twin ► P H Y S I C A L Height: 6'2" Weight: 160 lbs Skin: Sun-kissed Hair: Wheat Eyes: Sky blue Build: Lean ► P E R S O N A Temperament: Sanguine MBTI: ESTP Traits: Puckish | Bold | Tough | Insensitive "I can't believe that actually worked. I should do this more often." ► B A S I C Name: Victor Langley Race: Human Age: Mid Twenties Birthplace: Port Mars, Ursa Madeum Occupation: Surgeon of the Asphodel | Secondborn Twin ► P H Y S I C A L Height: 6'2" Weight: 175 lbs Skin: Sun-kissed Hair: Wheat Eyes: Sky blue Build: Lean ► P E R S O N A Temperament: Phlegmatic MBTI: ESFJ Traits: Dutiful | Sociable | Patient | Weary "Might want to find something to bite down on. This shit can reanimate a corpse."
  4. Taen Compendium Organizer An organizer, documenting all compendiums in one area. Taen Compendium I ~ Flora and Fungi Taen Compendium II ~ Fauna Taen Compendium III ~ Simics Taen Compendium IV ~ The Obyrith Taen Compendium V ~ The Automaton Taen Compendium VI ~ The Shifted Taen Compendium VII ~ Aspects and Deities Taen Compendium VIII ~ Races Taen Compendium IX ~ Languages Taen Compendium X ~ Settlements and Locations Taen Compendium XI ~ Materials Taen Compendium XII ~ Artifacts Taen Compendium XIII ~ Folktales
  5. Designation: Name: The Garns Etymology: Named after the great wolves living on Rath Lux Moniker: The Garns / A Garn Heraldry: Black wolf's head with mouth open. Gang members have a symbol tattooed on their wrists Hierarchy: Founder: Rufus Barnett the "Black Wolf", often called "Old Wolf" by new members Current Leader: Rufus Barnett Members: "Spiders" - specialists in collecting information, spies; "Trolls" - muscle men, tribute collectors, bodyguards; "Dogs" - pickpockets, scammers, drovers; "Players" - planners, croupiers, brains of the organization General: Location: A "less friendly corner" of Port Reach Affiliations: — Allies: Nygrim Venti, trade partners. — Enemies: The Martyneers, competition. Establishment: Agenda: Petty theft and fraud, collecting tribute from ships using "their part" of Port Reach, conducting numerous illegal activities in Port Reach, including the casino the "Wild Card" and the brothel the "Belladonna" Historical: Recent Events: After several years of stagnation, an injection of fresh blood slowly lifts the gang off their knees.
  6. DESIGNATION Name: Red River's Church Etymonology: Named after the supposed rivers of blood that flow beneath Rath Lux's marble'd surface. Moniker: Null. Heraldry: The image of a flowing river, colored red. Said to be drawn into the dirt by those afflicted by the hemocraze in times long past, in their own blood. HIERARCHY Founder: Unknown. Leader: Unknown. Members: Mythical sages, priests draped in red, hemocrazed madmen. GENERAL Location: Unknown. RELATIONS - Unknown. AGENDA - Unknown. BACKGROUND - The Red River's Church is a legend. A mythical tale fomed from the maddened babblings of hemocrazed individuals whom often speak of a terrible river of blood, seemingly dripping upwards and onto the surface of the land, unseen by all, but also felt by all. Several stories told to scare children mention deranged red priests, each a flayed man covered in red clothing, screaming of impending doom right before slaughtering all they see and falling apart into a pool of steaming blood. Not all such tales are horrifying though, as it seems some legends depict the red priests as sages instead, wizened individuals of indescriminate gender that have led the Islanders on the correct path time and again. Nevertheless, it has been more than seven hundred years since the last time a person actually survived the hemocraze, so these legends may as well be simple, groundless myths.
  7. DESIGNATION Name: Wyldmagi Coven Etymonology: A group of self-taught, often exiled folk, all of them magically gifted. Moniker: Shaman/Witch Heraldry: A lone, blue Ambershale Tree. HIERARCHY Founder: Baba Goya, The Witch Queen (Deceased) Leader: Exalted-Shaman Klaus Morthal, The Islewarder Members: Witch, Shaman, Great Witch, Great Shaman and their leader, the Exalted Witch/Shaman. GENERAL Location: An ancient fortress located at the highest reaches of Rath Lux's northernmost mountain, said to be only reachable through magic or flight. RELATIONS - Magic users gathered together for personal safety and growth. Their mountain home, as well as the exotic beauty of some of their members, has made them the primary targets of the Beaut Posse, but they have no clear enemy or ally. AGENDA (and background) - The expansion of their influence in the wake of Rath Lux's current chaotic and leaderless state with the primary goal of relaxing the grotesque societal punishements dished out for the simplest of crimes, as well as the banning of banishment/exile of people just because they are born with a talent for magic. RECENT EVENTS - The coven has bought several previously abandoned buildings in Heavenshire and rebuilt them to serve as a sort of "Mages Guild" within the barony's capital and help the mages expand their influence. To their surprise, their presence there was more than welcomed, as the leaderless people of the Island now look to them for leadership and guidance, even while rejecting the many of the notions that the Wyldmagi would have them enact as laws.
  8. DESIGNATION Name: Hedon Enclave Etymonology: Rich folk of both types come together to form an aristocratic group tailored to the protection of their interests, which is to say; to live life as snobbishly, hedonistically and freely as possible, while using each other as a means of being out of the laws reach. Moniker: Null. Heraldry: It is unconfirmed, but the less-fortunate folk believe that the members of this pleasure cult each have a golden rose tattoed somewhere on their bodies. HIERARCHY Founder: Ancient Rathian merchants. Leader: They have no single leader, but a council of the richest is believed to be leading the cult. Members: Unknown. GENERAL Location: Speculated to be Port Reach and Heavenshire, respectivelly. RELATIONS - Being a collective of merchants, they are quite friendly to everyone whom has coin to spend on their goods; be they pirates, regular folk or even monsters. AGENDA (and background) - Expand the reach (and availability) of their Black Market, in spite of the strict laws governing Rath Lux. RECENT EVENTS - A certain young merchant woman has been wrongfully excused of her murders, with the guards all but outright ignoring her nightly activities. Many speculate that this is due to the Enclave's work, but nobody is completely sure.
  9. DESIGNATION Name: Beaut Posse Etymonology: Nobody knows the why or the how the trolls came up with this name. Moniker: Beauts / The Trolls Heraldry: They have none, but often tend to leave crucified remains as the marking of their passing. HIERARCHY Founder: Nastey Kahren Leader: Nastey Kahren, the Troll Queen, her stinkin' majesty. Members: Troll, Alpha Troll, Kahren's Boy, Kahren's Bigga Boy, Kahren's Bestest Boy and Kahren. GENERAL Location: Unfortunately for literally everyone else, the Trolls have hollows built into every single mountain on Rath Lux. It is not known which one they consider their capital, or if they even have one in the first place. RELATIONS - They're trolls. Lead by a deeply jealous female that has titled herself a Queen. She likes to cook and cut up things she considers prettier than herself, which is basically everything and everyone. And her "boyz" are more than happy to rush into danger in order to fulfill her every wish. AGENDA (and background) - Kill everything that lives and breathes... and then those that don't. RECENT EVENTS - For an unknown reason to anyone but themselves (and, lets be honest here, perhaps even themselves), the Trolls have been highly active as of late, with several failed raids directed at Heavenshire itself in recent times.
  10. DESIGNATION Name: Nygrim Venti Etymonology: If their captains are to be believed, Nygrim Venti translates to Black Wind in some ancient, forgotten language that their original crewmembers found while pillaging a ruin and the name just stuck with them. Moniker: The Venti / A Venti Heraldry: A golden coin tipped in black tar. Most commonly seen on the sails of their skyships or on the tabards used by the pirates. HIERARCHY Founder: Unknown ancient pirate king. Leader: Fleet Admiral, Rysriel "Von" Clementine, the "Scourge Of Sealess Shores". Members: Deckhand, Dock Worker, Freebooter, Pirate, Swashbuckler, Strongarm, Musketeer, Ship Captain and Fleet Admiral. GENERAL Location: As this is the biggest and meanest group of sky-pirates inhabiting the coast of Rath Lux, the majority of their forces can be found at "Outsider's Landing", just west to Heavenshire and past the Barrier Mound. RELATIONS - Though they are infamous Sky Pirates, their relation with the people of Rath Lux is amicable and trade between the factions is frequent. This is largely because the current leader is an exiled local of Rath Lux, which has granted her access to several trade deals that most outsiders would consider "implausibly lucrative". AGENDA (and background) - Apart from continuing their raids and living a life of pure, lawless hedonism, the sky pirates are largely disinterested with the goings-on on the Island. Though, they are still pirates, which means that this may change at any given moment. RECENT EVENTS - The Venti have just come back from a massive bout of raiding and pillaging the mainland and thusly, their warriors are resting on their Fleet Admiral's command.
  11. DESIGNATION Name: The Martyneers Etymonology: Named after their founder and current leader, plus the fact that their organization is the result of a mutiny. Moniker: "The 'neers." / A 'neer. Heraldry: A rotten brain covered in moss. Most often used on flags that the gang uses to mark their territory. HIERARCHY Founder, and leader: Farkel "Iceflake" Marty, aka the "Greenest Thumb" Members: Farm Hand, Farm Boss, Thug and Rookie. GENERAL Location: Undiscovered cavern system on the southwestern shores of Rath Lux. RELATIONS - They are a group of ex-sky pirates with brains addled by experimental drugs. They hate everybody but themselves, provided that they aren't high enough to hate someone in the first place. AGENDA (and background) - Farkel Marty is a man that, once he discovered the halluciogenic properties of the moss called "Muckbrain Ferry", had the bright idea to try and turn it into a consumable drug. His former boss didn't like having her crewmembers high off their rocker 24/7, so she tried to kill him. Unsurprisingly, Marty saw it coming and prepared to fight back, thusly leading a mutiny against his former captain. Originality is not a popular pirate trait, but a high ego is, which is how you get the name of this newly-established gang. RECENT EVENTS - The pirates have managed to make use of the extensive cavern systems on Rath Lux to create vast underground farms dedicated to the creation of "Iceflake", the drug made from the cooking and distilation of Muckbrain Ferry in springwater. The way they managed to do this is unknown to the public and that is for the best. Their current "bestseller" version of the drug on the black market, comes in the form of a "joint", a rolled up piece of soaked herb that needs to be "enjoyed" as quickly as possible, lets its consumption becomes poisonous.
  12. vielle


    THE EBONCLAD T H E SERPENT HOUSE T H E WHITE ROSES [ LOCKED ] [ LOCKED ] WHO WE ARE | The Cabal of Ebonclad is a loose coalition of entities and individuals united in the common purpose of completely overthrowing the existing social order in Ursa Madeum. The goals of the cabal's members vary, with the ███████ desiring the complete annihilation of sentient civilization, the pirate rebels under ███████ desiring the extermination of the nobility, ███████ seeking to take vengeance against her kin in ███████ and secret agents from the ███████ seeking to create a political vacuum for their nation to expand into. WHERE WE COME FROM | wayward heart (the course it wanders thus): [ongoing]
  13. Welcome to the land of my imagination! || Click on the character picture to see them in more detail! || *Images for Lilith, Marik, and Hawk are custom made. Stealing or using the images without permission is a copyright infringement and is illegal. Lilith Reiter ACTIVE Unsung Horror | The Commander | Moon Witch | Lunar Marzanna "The world is not a crutch for the weak, but a goal for the powerful." Lilith is a powerful necromancer with an urge to obtain great power. She does not set out to kill others. It is not her intention to murder. This would imply that there are lives important enough to warrant her attention. The squashing of a sentient life, to Lilith, is akin to stepping on an insect. She made her name known throughout Valucre by spreading a vicious disease in Casper, Lagrimosa; capturing the Genesari Soul Stone and a high class Genesari Airship; and her invasion of Renovatio that led to the take over the Nu Martyr province. Aedos Chanaril ACTIVE Duke of Nu Martyr "War has no winners. Only those who have lost much and those that have lost more." As head of the Great House Chanaril, Aedos reigns supreme as the Duke of the Nu Martyr duchy. To most, he comes off as unapproachable due to his always calm and arrogant attitude. There are many that believe this is caused by his position as the Duke and having been spoiled by the previous duchess, but those closest know that he had no choice but to adopt that persona during the civil war House Chanaril underwent between Aedos and and his parents over a decade ago. Kieran Salvatore ACTIVE Don and Boss of the Salvatore Mafia "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." Kieran is cold and distant to strangers, but can be charming to friends and absolutely vicious to enemies. He works all hours of the day and night making sure that his territory in Nu Sicily is operating according to the Salvatore Code. While others may strut with supernatural power, its Kieran's ruthless and tactical genius that makes him a force to be reckoned with. Alexander Hawk ACTIVE Detective with the Terran Government | Director of F.I.S.T. "I am Detective Alexander Hawk of F.I.S.T. You're under arrest. Do not resist or you will be leaving me with no option but force." Hawk is an enforcer of the Terran law on a national scale and only gets involved when the local forces can’t handle it. His job is not to get physically entangled with the subject of interest (SOI) but to instead collect information and find out everything he can about the SOI, Hawk sometimes has to dip down into the gray area in order to get the information. Athena Romanov ACTIVE Directer of Aurelium Incorporated "The world must advance or it will perish in its own stagnation." Athena is neither nice nor cool. She is cold but only because she is calculating. Her life is her work and it shows through her dedication to it. Unlike some well-known scientists who are either famous or are drowning in infamy, Athena is not sadistic. The only joy she takes is from a successful experiment. Marik Cayne INACTIVE Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire | Psyren | That Troublemaker "I bet I can beat that." Broken by a haunting past of torture and imprisonment, Marik spends his new found freedom living every day as if it was his last. He doesn't fear what should be feared and doesn't give thought to the opinion of others. He is neither good, nor evil. Marik is simply a man trying to live his life to its fullest. In doing so, it is more often than not that Marik finds himself in trouble with whatever authorities are present. Teresa Demetrius INACTIVE Imperial Princess of Veluriyam "Veluriyam is not a land, nor an empire, nor a country. It is not something that can be taken or dismantled. It is a belief! A people! We are Veluriyam!" Teresa is no stranger to the politics of royalty and nobility. And while she used to be extremely naive as Imperial Princess of Veluriyam, after being kidnapped and brainwashed by the City of Angels, having her father, Emperor Titus, killed by the same angels with a divine virus, and her birth mother dismantling the Empire that was rightfully hers, she is no longer that naive little princess. Broken in both heart and soul, Teresa forges forward with nothing but the will to rebuild her father's legacy. Fiora Pendragon INACTIVE Pirate Captain of the Silver Swan "Aight, ya bloody savages. Drop that gangplank and let's go find some treasure." Having duped House Karradeen of Ursa Madeum for a ton of gold, Fiora used that money to start her own pirate crew and since then has been sailing around the seas. Other than a few scuffles with law enforcement and Abigail Karradeen, Fiora has never been more free. Although her personality can be warm, she is usually rather crude and abrasive. If you want something sugar coated and said nicely, Captain Fiora Pendragon is not the woman you want to ask. Julius Thorne INACTIVE Lagrimosa Peacekeeper | Original Hybrid "When there's nothing left but a wall or obstacle, find another way. Don't waste your time on hitting a wall." Julius' concern lays with the people of Lagrimosa. Anyone who threatens the people of his country are as dead as those already asleep in their graves. To those he defends, there is no one greater to be behind. To those that threaten what he protects, only death awaits. Titus Demetrius DECEASED Emperor of Veluriyam | King of Taen | Angel-King "A leader who fails to prepare, has prepared his land for failure." As Emperor of the Veluriyam Empire, Titus was in charge of millions. With so much life and death resting on his every decision, Titus had both an incredibly strong amount of will power and absolute determination. Titus would strike down his enemies and empower his allies. Though he tried to see the view of others, in the end, he knew in his heart what was right. In May of 597, Titus passed away under suspicious circumstances due to contracting an angel-virus.
  14. " a pound of flesh C O L L E C T I O N current: thread thread thread previous: thread thread thread B I O G R A P H Y "We've only taken back what has always been ours." Once upon a time, the Fedele family was known for their love of the flesh. A lesser noble house, but a noble house nonetheless, they rose above most as an established patron to coveted courtesans. What had set them aside from the rest selling flesh was their ability to provide the best individuals to please the needs of many. Each courtesan had been separated into two different groups, giving consumers options spanning from young ladies to handsome men. These courtesans were claimed to be a drug as they brought upon a feeling most have yearned for, but unable to obtain. The establishment of patrons gave the Fedele family a rolling income, making them rich and prosperous. Having the wealth to obtain the power to become a Great House, the Fedele family was singled out as a threat to the other Great Houses and their kind. As a lesser house, it was by their divine right to remain so, and any attempt to become greater was often snuffed out, for it threatened the stance of the Great Houses who've been established for years and years. It was the belief of the Fedele family that all houses should share the wealth and power, creating an even playing ground that could sprout opportunities that would benefit everyone - not just the wealthy. Some would see this belief as hypocritical as the Fedele family refused to share their secrets that made their courtesans desirable above the rest. They also would pick and choose who they supported in terms of charity work and benefactors. In the end, they barely shared their wealth, and when they did, it was for their profit. It could have been because they were selfish, or it could have been their caution. Nonetheless, it did not matter. A traitor lurked within the ranks of the Fedele House, and with the traitor's signal, the Fedele House was snuffed from history. One humid night, the halls of the Fedele estate were cast in shadow and blood. Members of the Great Houses used their power and wealth to hire mercenaries to kill the Fedele family, a way to ensure that no member of the Great Houses would be named in the massacre, and the work could be seen as an act of revenge of some kind. Having made enemies over the years, the massacre was hardly surprising, and the death of the house was quickly swept under the rug and left to be a disposable piece of history. Not every member of the Fedele House was killed. Two were kept alive; the traitor and their partner were allowed to escape as long as they remained hidden for a time and relinquish their power and wealth, which would be spread among the Great Houses. This traitorous act had been done in hopes the Great Houses would finally acknowledge the lesser noble houses and share their wealth that's been so highly coveted by the wealthy and royal. It was promised that eventually, the Fedele family would be able to obtain their rights as a lesser house, yet that never happened. Neither did the shift of power, for it became apparent the Great Houses had no intention of sharing their prosperity. The traitor lived in squalor and hate, vowing that the Fedele family would rise to prominence once again. And it's with that vowel of revenge did the Fedele family dug themselves out of a deep grave. Years have gone by, and once again, the Great Houses of Nehalen are carving their way through the ranks of nobility to assert themselves as "betters." It was not the betters who saved the people from the Paragons of Nu Martyr, though they make miserable attempts to take the recognition. It had been them, the four families who protected the people and their way of life. The Fedele Siblings (Jacob & Isadora) have yet to recover the full rights to be a lesser house, but they have put their family name back on the map. Tapping the veins of their past, the siblings have made a living out of producing more courtesans to appeal to the masses, along with appealing to the shaken public searching for peace in such dark times.
  15. Salvatore Famiglia || One of the Four Families || I. OVERVIEW In the wake of Nu Martyr becoming under-siege by Cultists and massacring people throughout the province, the Salvatore Famiglia protected those under its charge within the city of Nu Rosinder. As the battles waged on and the death of many wiseguys began filling the streets, it wasn't long before those being protected rose up to join the Salvatore ranks. The Salvatore follow a strict code of conduct and take pride in being more law enforcement than they are thug. Even when a soldier needs to dirty their hands with the blood of a civilian, it's only when the Code has been broken. Every person within the Salvatore territory knows the Code and is expected to follow it. Those who don't and endanger the lives of others are dealt with harshly. Prior to the attack on the province the Salvatore Famiglia had focused mainly on extortion of public officials and infiltrating legal business for money laundering and racketeering. Murder and assassinations, although occasional, were left as last resorts. There were, of course, certain members that broke the unspoken rule at first, but Gregorio Salvatore, the Don at the time, handled those indiscretions without even blinking. Only when enough coffins were filled by young mafioso that even the innocents knew the Salvatores did not tolerate disrespect to their code did the killings stop. Among those within the Salvatore territory, this is still talked about even today as the day of mass cleaning. II. HIERARCHY Going lowest rank to highest rank: Associates -> Soldiers -> Caporegime -> Underboss -> Boss/ Don An exception to this is the Consigliere who is the adviser to the Boss and outside the standard hierarchy. An heir, though not officially part of the hierarchy, tends to have support from the Boss and is thus considered to have status equal to the underboss. An underage heir is usually called Young Boss or Young Master. An Associate is someone who does work for the Mafia but is not part of the Mafia. This can extend to Cugine, young civilians trying to join the Mafia, or simply those that are being forced into cooperation. Soldier are the lowest rung of those who are part of the Mafia and are where most start out. These are the goodfellas who collect dues and force those to follow through with their deals or obligations. A Capo is a mafioso who has made their name known and is in charge of a district. Within this district they run a handful of crews filled with soldiers. It's their job to uphold the Code and keep order within that district. Underboss is the second-in-command. They are the direct supervisor of the Capos and deal with any situation which isn't important or dire enough to be brought to the Boss. They are also first in line to become the Boss if anything happens to the previous Boss or if the Boss' heir isn't of age. Boss or Don is the top position of the Mafia and the Salvatore Famiglia. Their word is law. The only constrain to them is the Code, which they are allowed to add to but never take away from. III. THE FAMILY Boss: Kieran Salvatore Previous Boss: Gregorio Salvatore [Deceased] Underboss: Capos: Soldiers: Associates: IV. DATA LOCATIONS AFFILIATIONS Allies: — Enemies: Cult of Power Neutral Parties: House Chanaril V. HISTORY Before the invasion of the Cult of Power and before the fall of the PRIMES, the Salvatore Famiglia didn't exist. Their current territory was ruled by another family known as the Sperrazzo family. However, the Sperrazzo had no Code and were viewed by many as being not Mafia but a gang of thugs. Murder and the destruction of property were popular past times from the Sperrazzo members and fear was nearly drowning out the district of Nu Rosinder. When Oscar Salvatore and his wife Rebecca Salvatore were murdered in their bed by the Sperrazzo because they wouldn't accept the family's protection, Oscar's brother Gregorio Salvatore was enraged. Well known in the Sperrazzo district as an open dissenter of gangs and the emergence of a true mafia to replace the Sperrazzo, Gregorio chose to throw aside his issues with the way the Sperrazzo handled affairs and beat them with their own stick. After starting his own crew for revenge, they quickly began taking up territory and gaining support among the citizens of Nu Rosinder. Despite the merciless way he handled the Sperrazzo family, Gregorio never allowed that to influence how he treated those under his charge. Firm and without forgiveness to those who broke the code, but true to his word of protection and kept a peaceful order in the district. Eventually a full out war exploded between the factions, but many of the gangsters within the Sperrazzo family had been turned and those who couldn't follow the Code, killed. Rather than a war, after a week it quickly became a massacre as Gregorio took control over the territory and executed the Sperrazzo Boss and Underboss. Unfortunately Gregorio Salvatore was killed during the invasion by a group of second generation Paragons that had attacked the city. Surviving Gregorio is his son, Kieran Salvatore, who took control of the Famiglia in his father's wake. Unlike many other Mafias in Nu Martyr, the Underboss is only to step in if there is no heir or the heir is unworthy. Kieran had long since proven himself and held the approval of many of the mafioso. Only a small faction, those against the position of Boss being passed down like some noble title, still dissent. VI. THREADS
  16. The Gualtiero Family The Nu Rosinder Mafia I. OVERVIEW The Gualtiero Family is one of the famous four families of Nu Rosinder. They are a crime family that specializes in a variety of illegal activities, most of which are disguised as legal, while the rest happen in the shadows. These businesses include racketeering, drugs, prostitution, extortion and money laundering. The family has a strict code of honor which is enforced with an iron fist, and anyone who breaks it is immediately taken care of. Depending on the reason why they broke the code, they are either killed or subjected to a very harsh punishment, though it’s mostly always the former. II. HIERARCHY At the top of the families hierarchy is the boss, also known as the ‘Godfather’ and commonly addressed to with the title ‘Don’. He is the family’s ultimate authority, and his word is law. Beneath the boss is the family’s underboss, also known as the ‘Capo Bastone’. He is the family’s second-in-command, and is the direct supervisor of the Capos and deal with any situation which isn't important or dire enough to be brought to the Boss.He is mostly always the Boss’ heir. Heis also first in line to become the Boss if anything happens to the previous boss and if his heir isn't of age, or if he doesn’t have an heir.The Capo Bastone reports to the Godfather. The Gualtiero family has three underbosses, though two of them are lower in rank than the actual second-in-command. They usually just have the role of overseeing the family’s businesses, though they can be given different responsibilities as well. The Consiglieres are advisors to the godfather and sometimes, one of them ends up being his right-hand man. They are part of the family, though not a part of the standard hierarchy. They serve as mediators of disputes, representatives or aides in meetings with other families. The second to last position is that of the capos, who each lead a division of the family’s soldiers and/or a district under the family’s control. It is their duty to ensure that the family’s code is honored by everyone under them, as well as ensuring that order is kept within their divisions. Finally, at the bottom of the family’s hierarchy, are the soldiers. This is the position where every new recruit starts at. They are the family’s executioners, who carry out the orders given by their superiors. The associates of the family are people who work with/for the family, without actually being part of the family. They include anyone from a burglars or drug dealers to a lawyers, investment bankers, police officers or even politicians. III. FAMILY Boss: Ricardo Gualtiero Underboss: Consinglieres: Capos: Associates: IV. DATA LOCATIONS Nu Rosinder AFFILIATIONS Allies: Enemies: Cult of Power Neutral Parties: V. HISTORY The Gualtiero family has existed for a long time. They used to be a noble house in old times, but after a scandal involving them, they were stripped of their titles and authority, and their lands were seized. For a long time after that incident, they lived in disgraced, generation after generation. It came to a point where they had had enough. The head of the family at that time had a brilliant plan to revive the dead house, only this time, they weren’t going to be a noble house. He slowly worked his way up in the underworld, gaining more and more power in the city. He took advantage of the same politics that had forsaken them to make a name for himself and his house. This rapidly led to the creation of the Gualtiero family, which specialized in organized crime. After his death, his heir took over and began a reformation of the family. He didn’t like how the family handled situations as it made them look just like a gang of thugs, and so he came up with the family’s code. Through the code and under their new boss, the family quickly became celebrated. On the outside, they became a peace keeping force that helped regulate crime in the city, while in the shadows, they still continued their shady activities. Though he changed the family, under him, they still remained violent and ruthless. The boss had succeeded in making the family great again by the time he died, shot during a business transaction. His son, Ricardo Gualtiero, took over the running of the family and continued what his father had started. He worked hard to improve their reputation, as well as eliminate that ruthless and violent part of the family. He brought about a doctrine of compassion. Just when the family was beginning to prosper, the Cult of Power launched their invasion on Nu Martyr. Ricardo and the family protected the city of Nu Rosinder alongside the other families, losing many men in the battle, but also inspiring courage in many who joined their ranks to help fight against the threat. After the invasion, the family soon enough became clean in the public eye, though there are a few who still try to expose the crimes they commit in the shadows. VI. THREADS
  17. House Chanaril || The Great Duchy of Nu Martyr || I. OVERVIEW House Chanaril is one of the four only Duchies of Nehalen, Renovatio. The Duke or Duchess which heads the House answer solely to the Continent's Grand Kommadant and no one else. Although technically a step behind The Sovereign, House Chanaril has long been one of the strongest supporters of the Crown and are given much leeway in how they behave toward the monarch and their family. It is unknown why House Chanaril with all their power and authority, never overthrew the ruling Royal House in previous eras. Some speculate there is a blood contract involved, but the answer is only speculated. Perhaps it is simple loyalty toward their Crown. The Duchy of Chanaril is known for neither it's love of war nor its love of scholarly prowess, such as the Houses of the La Guardia and Avylon. Rather those within the province of Nu Martyr and the Chanaril Duchy are known for their resilience. Centuries have past and almost always Nu Martyr has drawn the short end of the stick; but the people always stand back up, stronger than ever. They are also known for the skills in subterfuge. From assassinations to political upheavals in the highest Renovation offices, House Chanaril is said to have their hands in everything. It's even rumored that the new Grand Kommadant actively avoids trips to Nu Martyr, especially now that Paragons from the Cult of Power wander the recently devastated province. As a Great House of Nehalen, House Chanaril is the leading power within the province of Nu Martyr. Although the prefer to keep within their direct domain, what the House has historically dubbed The Chanaril Territory, they now hold the authority of the entire province due to the recent proclamation of the new Grand Kommadant. With all the PRIMEs dead, a new power must take their place. II. HIERARCHY At the top of House Chanaril's hierarchy is the Duke or Duchess, whichever is the blood relation to the previous House Head. Then it is the spouse of the bloodline. Following them is the Duke or Duchess' direct descendants. After that are the extended family, such as uncles, aunts, siblings, nephews, and nieces. Then the Knights. Second to last are the House servants, such as maids, butlers, and kitchen folk. Finally, the slaves. Although House Chanaril treat their slaves decently in general, it is not a guarantee for every family member as slaves are considered the House's property under new Renovation Law. III. THREE GENERATIONS OF HOUSE CHANARIL IV. DATA LOCATIONS The Chanaril Territory - The area which was once the city of Nu Martyr and then where the Cult of Power's Paragons established the Kingdom of Ascension, has recently been overturned. With the death of the previous Nu Martyr PRIME and the province's abandonment by Lilith Reiter, House Chanaril grabbed the reigns and began to take back what was once their territory. At the center of the Chanaril Territory is fairly abundant city and the Chanaril Mansion. Fortress of Nu Martyr - Outside the direct territory of House Chanaril, the Fortress of Nu Martyr is the communication post where all data within the province is relayed. Dycrose - With House Chanaril becoming the main power of Nu Martyr once again, the city within their direct territory known as Dycrose has risen to the Provincial Capitol City; especially as it was one of the few cities in Nu Martyr to avoid the destruction of the Cult of Power's Paragons. The citizens don't know why the Cult of Power avoided the Chanaril Territory, but their thankfulness outweighs any suspicion as to His Grace's actions. AFFILIATIONS Allies: The Royal House Cartyr Enemies: — Neutral Parties: — V. HISTORY VI. THREADS
  18. Damn Good Soda Company Organizational Information Organization Type Private Limited Liability Company Industry Food and Beverage Headquarters Casper, Terrenus Subsidiaries Damn Good Energy Damn Good Diet Area(s) Served Terrenus Hyperion Empire CEO Tyler "Fizzy" Delp Notable Members Tyler "Fizzy" Delp Thurgood Albert Singlance Historical Information Founded 18,322 WT (as Delp Medicinal Tonics) Reorganized 18,476 WT (as Damn Good Craft Soada Company) "It's not just good, it's damn good!" ―Damn Good Craft Soda advertising slogan The Damn Good Craft Soda Company makes various flavors of carbonated soda pop for both retail sale, and syrup for wholesale dispensation. History Founding Like many other current soda companies, this one was founded originally as a company making medical tonics. Back then, carbonated water was seen as a medicine, which many makers added various ingredients, and sold them with dubious medical claims. The law eventually caught up with these companies, who were forced to remove unproven medical claims. Reorganization After "medical" tonic companies were forced to abandon medical claims, most other companies just added lots of sugar to their recipies with no other changes; not the Damn Good Craft Soda Company. They focused on making great-tasting carbonated beverages with new recipes. Until very recently, the Damn Good Soda Company only served Casper, and remained very small. Previous members of the Delp Family wanted to keep the company small, as they felt getting too large would cause too many problems. Tyler Delp threw those notions out the window, reformed the company as an LLC, started expanding, and added artificially-sweetened beverages and energy drinks... ...then ran right into the problems his ancestors were afraid of. Unfortunately, Tyler Delp expanded too much too soon, and had trouble covering expenses and loan payments. Thurgood Singlance, one of the partners of the Mil Dot Stores, became a fan of the beverages, and purchased a share of the company, injecting much needed cash, and a person with experience in business and logistics. Ideals & identity "The damn good diet drinks you've been wanting for years" ―Damn Good Diet Soda advertising slogan The Damn Good Soda Company is proud to be a (at least partially) family-owned company for over 10 generations. Since the laws forcing the company to reorganize, the company has been focused on delivering quality product with no compromises on quality.
  19. Mil Dot Firearm Stores Organizational Information Type Private Partnership Industry Retail/Foodservice Area(s) Served Lunaris Totenborough Port Kyros Partners Thurgood Albert Singlance Aveline Debbie Singlance Historical Information Founded 2014 A.D. Earth Gregorian Year(on Gaia Prime) Reorganized 18,596 WT (in Lunaris) The Mil Dot stores are retail outlets selling firearms, ammunition, other munitions (such as grenades and missiles), some mêlée weapons (mostly knives), survival supplies, armor, tactical accessories, and appropriate apparel, as well as foodservice sections where practical. History Founding The Mil Dot was founded on Gaia Prime in an area west of Durem that does not fall within the jurisdiction of any government, and thus, was allowed to sell anything and everything they wanted. The original building was cast from the same hardened concrete used for military bunkers, and had an underground range. Reorganization Aveline Singlance, while driving to make a sale, had herself, her pickup, and the trailer it was towing (including their contents), moved to the Moss Forest through a sudden portal (which happen frequently in Taen). Aveline helped slay the hydra, and was thus allowed a parcel of land; the parcel the Mil Dot Lunaris sits on now. Thurgood Singlance was able to get to Valucre initially through a portal to Sigil in La Guardia, but once that closed, he had to hire some mages to open a new one, but were only able to do so once. Ideals & identity The founders and current partners of the Mil Dot believe in giving everybody the means to effectively defend themselves and their property (for a price, of course), and living in the dangerous land of Taen has only reinforced that. Now though, there is an emphasis on environmentalism, again from living in the mostly pristine Moss Forest. The Mil Dot Lunaris uses solar panels and biogas to generate electricity, processes its own sewage into biogas, and then into compost along with 99% of their garbage (including the bags). This compost enriches the soil in the large garden which provides for most of the vegetables served in the café. The Mil Dot Port Kyros uses wind turbines for its electrical needs, the underground portion to regulate the temperature in the whole store,and will also have a garden fed by natural compost.
  20. Legion Of The Black Blade || The Force Of Freedom || “Freedom cannot be obtained, it must be achieved” I. OVERVIEW The Legion of the Black Blade is a paramilitary force, with headquarters in the city of Jiyū. They are the kingdom’s primary nonmilitary peacekeeping group. The Black Blade is held tightly together by an oath of fealty sworn to the commander upon joining. II. HIERARCHY The Commander is the highest authority in the legion and his orders are absolute. He commands all the forces spread throughout the world of Valucre. The Vice Commander is the legion’s second-in-command. It is his duty to handle all affairs that do not necessitate the intervention of the Commander. He supervises the Captains and ensures the proper running of the legion. He is the one who takes charge when the Commander is unable to perform his duties. The First Officer is the member of the legion who works directly under the Vice Commander. He gathers statistics of the legion’s internal and external affairs, and reports them to the Vice Commander. He is also responsible for the security of the Commander and Vice Commander and commands a division of soldiers that assist him in his duties, and make sure the Katana No Ie is safe at all times. He ranks higher than the Captains in the legion’s hierarchy. The Captains are the leaders of divisions of the Black Blade. They are responsible for the soldiers under their command, and they report to the Vice Commander, or to the Commander in emergency situations. There are two types of captains: Base Captains and HQ Captains Base Captains are those captains that command a base away from HQ. The bases are the legion’s link to other parts of Valucre. HQ Captains are those captains that command divisions that are primarily garrisoned at the legion’s HQs. They rank higher than base captains in the legion’s hierarchy. Some HQ Captains do not command any divisions. These captains are known as Special Officers in Waiting, as they are likely to move up the Special Officer position. While awaiting their promotion, these captains have the responsibility of supervising the captains that command divisions, be they base captains or HQ captains. Lieutenants are high ranking officers within each division. They may include the division captain’s second-in-command as well as other trusted officers who have a degree of authority over the lower soldiers. Each captain has the permission to structure his division as he sees fit, meaning each division might have different types of lieutenants as well as different number of lieutenants. The Soldiers are the bottom of the hierarchy. It is the position at which every new recruit starts at. They are the legion’s backbone as their role is one of the most crucial. Special Officers are officers very close to the Commander. They are responsible for all the activities of the Black Blade that happen in the shadows. They also serve as the legion’s intelligence officers. They are not part of the legion’s standard hierarchy. They train spies who work under their command. III. RANKS Commander: Dauner A. Light (@Dabi) Vice Commander: Philip Granier (@Dabi) First Officer: Lana Anderson (@Dabi) Special Officers: Gozen Doragon (@Dabi), Shelly Kuanji, (@Dabi), Daemon Targaro (@Humble Blood) HQ Captains: Base Captains: IV. MILITARY Soldier count: 1000 Number of divisions: 5 Number of Captains: 4 Number of Special Officers: 3 INFO Prime Division The Prime Division is the division commanded by the first officer, and which is in charge of the protection of the Black Blade’s HQ as well as the safety of the Commander and Vice Commander. This is the only division permanently assigned to Black Blade HQ. Base Division A base division is a division which is permanently assigned to a particular base. They represent the Black Blade in the area in which their base is built. HQ Division An HQ Division is one which is primarily garrisoned at Black Blade HQ, but can roam around the land of Valucre after obtaining special permission from the Commander or Vice Commander. They are not permanently assigned to any place, and so have more freedom than any of the other divisions. Promotion Pattern: Soldier -> Lieutenant -> Captain -> HQ Captain -> Special Officer in Waiting -> Special Officer -> Vice Commander(If Vice Commander is unable to perform his duties) -> Commander(If something happens to the current commander) In some cases, Special Officers in Waiting can be promoted directly to Vice Commander by the Commander if he sees that they are more suitable than any of the Special Officers. The Vice Commander automatically becomes Commander if something were to happen to the Commander. V. DATA LOCATIONS Jiyū (HQ): The Black Blade’s HQ is known as the Katana No Ie. AFFILIATIONS Allies: Enemies: Neutral Parties: VCF DIVISIONS Prime Division: 1 Base Divisions: 0 HQ Divisions: 4 VI. HISTORY Year 598 WTA The Rise: The Black Blade is founded with Dauner A. Light As its founding commander. VII. THREADS Adventure Dawn (Completed) Weapons Deal (Completed)
  21. The Final Bastion "To bear the mantle of power and to resist the temptation to exploit it is a burden for only the strongest of wills and the purest of hearts." ~ "Power alone is not to be feared. The one who wields it, is." ~ Preamble The Final Bastion is an organisation originating from Universe-404, which is a completely separate entity from Valucre. It is a hierarchical society with large pools of resources, both intellectual and economic. Its military is ever evolving and highly formidable, possessing a wide array of weapons from various time periods, modified to fit the combat style of Valucre. Vision To face the dangers that humanity should not have to face unprepared. To safeguard the common man and protect the innocent. To expose deceit and uphold righteousness. For Esstevan.
  22. Lightweight/Portable Gear (Now, there is a lot of gear to cover here, so for right now the most popular ones among Khan will be covered and the rest later.) (All of this equipment is manufactured by SARSDC and it's various subsidiaries. Currently, there is no other company that has signed a contract deal allowing them to legally manufacture these. That, or they are a member of the Federation Army and have access to this military equipment.) Relic of Independence Said to be the very symbol of Khan's achieved goal towards national independence. This shiny somewhat golden sword/relic is a valuable treasure and an even more valuable and versatile tool. Now, like all swords, it does all normal sword stuff, like swinging, stabbing and slashing. It's first major advantage is it's ability to increase the potential harm that an enemy takes because this blade is far sharper and makes some very, very deep and lasting cuts. The second major advantage is it's direct link to Khan himself. This means, in effect, that the sword cannot be used by Khan's pure form. However, this also means that when Khan is in a host body, this sword will not be destroyed until the host body is destroyed, at which point it will just retract itself back into nothingness, just as it came. Also to note is that this sword is required to be in Sword Mode for some of Khan's abilities to work, and for others to gain new options. Without it being in Sword Mode, Khan cannot access these options and cannot draw energy to use them until the sword is in Sword Mode. However, if an ability requiring the sword mode was used and then the sword was switched into the other mode from Sword Mode, that ability will remain active for as long as it is intended to originally. For example, even if Khan uses Weaken as a projectile then switches from Sword Mode, the projectile will continue travelling and the effect will still be felt by the foe if they get hit, as the energy was already spent on that projectile. However, why would Khan even switch away from Sword Mode if it is so crucial? The other mode is Transformation. In this, the sword stops being a...well, sword. It can then become many things, most of which will be discussed in other portable pieces of gear, but it is worth nothing that Transformation has two limitations: The fact it takes some time, usually several minutes, for a transformation to succeed, and the fact that the only allowed weapons are ones that are considered 'Portable', as in 1-3 men can carry and use the tool along with all of it's assets. This means that the RoI cannot turn into an airship, but could turn into a rocket launcher or a machine gun; something that 1-3 men could fully utilize. It can also turn into various tools, such as lockpicks, as well. Weapons made by Transformation fire rounds with golden-ish tracers. Among their bonuses are: Increased Penetration for all Projectiles, increased accuracy for the guns themselves, hydrogen-based propellants, and finally the rounds themselves share the 'deep wound concept' with their sword counterpart, furthering harm. Also, Khan does not have to carry rounds, as they are simply assembled with energy every so often, enough to sustain fire with the guns for a significant amount of time before actually needing to halt fire due to an ammunition shortage. Now, before we move onto weapons, let me first add a disclaimer: Not all weapons are available to Khan at any one time. Sure, he has many, but before quests and other threads, he is considered to have prepared his type of weapon he will be using and will use it during that quest. It is possible to switch between weapons and vehicles mid-rp, though it will take time. For Lightweight Gear, Khan can simply carry most of it outright, or have the RoI be one of them, and can use one Heavyweight Vehicle at a time. (A heavyweight vehicle is for example, a tank, plane or an airship.) Makarov/Макаров Pistol 'M2' A standard 8-round sidearm for the army, it is very reliable and fairly accurate, and has served Khan very well at close to medium ranges. Widely available and easy to conceal, it is a very nice choice for stealth-based missions. M2 Variant has improved quality, penetration, and ease of repair and maintenance. It also comes with an attachable silencer and a nice iron sight. Weaknesses include the lack of laser-based sights, which are almost always better than iron sights, and a very small clip size. Avtomat Kalashnikov/Автомат Калашников (AK-47M/AK-74M) A standard assault rifle for the Federation Armed Forces, it also sees much use with Khan as his standard firearm which is carried with him when he is deployed on quests, or in other heavyweight vehicles. With a 30-round magazine, fantastic medium range accuracy, good reliability and ease of repair and maintenance and high stopping power and penetration, enough to penetrate most protective armor, it is an effective assault rifle for all conditions and quests. It additionally comes with an attachable silencer, grenade launcher for anti-infantry or anti-armor grenades, and a laser sight that is hard to see with a normal eye, requiring a visor to see. There is also an AKS-47M variant with the fold-able stock, used when Khan is participating in airborne operations, and also able to operate the same equipment as a regular gun. Weaknesses include the fact it is a Jack-Of-All-Trades, so while it is very good at pretty much everything, it could occasionally get outperformed by arms with greatly increased specialization in their respective fields. Also, it sometimes overheats when fired extensively. Maschinenpistole/Картечен Пистолет MP40-M This modified MP40, made in Germany, is currently the premiere submachine gun of all Federation Army personnel. It is even issued to the pilots and tank crew, as it is fairly compact. To bring the weapon to modern standards, a number of improvements have been made, but with consideration to keep the unique look and firing that made the weapon so iconic. To start, the design has been improved and strengthened so the durability and longevity of this weapon has been increased, and it has also proven a partial remedy to feed issues. New rounds have also been introduced, chambered for the unique cartridge it has, but with significantly higher accuracy and penetration values, similar to the AK-47M(Bulgaria). It also comes with an attachable silencer and is also made to be fairly easy to conceal. Weaknesses include the fact that the Iron Sight is integrated with the Laser Sight, meaning occasional confusion for more inexperienced combatants who are only used to an iron sight from this gun. Also, it is not fully insulated, meaning burns might occur if used incorrectly. PKM Model 4 Machine Gun While not used by Khan himself too often, it is mounted on his heavyweight ground vehicles in remote controlled stations. Sharing much of the qualities as his assault rifle, it is fairly accurate, reliable and easy to repair/maintain, with high stopping power and penetration to penetrate armor, as well as 100-round magazine, and having an attachable grenade launcher and a laser sight + visor introduced in Model 4 alongside increased rate of fire, making it a very nice gun against all infantry. It is even occasionally nicknamed 'Khan's Buzzsaw' by other operators, a reference to the MG42's nickname of 'Hitler's Buzzsaw'. Weaknesses include a long reload time, weight, or more specifically, the amount of weight present, and occasional overheating thanks to it's improved rate of fire in Model 4. Knockback Rocket + SpeedBoots + RPG-RJ: Now, Khan has 3 things that help him gain mobility. First, is the Knockback Rocket/Grenade. This kind of rocket does little explosive damage (and has a slightly smaller explosive radius), and also detonates upon contact with the ground. To compensate for it's lackluster explosion, it exerts massive knockback on targets, with the amount depending on whether the target is directly hit or not. A non-direct hit will send a fully-equipped soldier flying a few meters in the air, but a direct hit will send them flying a lot higher. Also, Khan uses it to propel himself in a direction to cover vast distances with a direct detonation underneath himself. SpeedBoots are exclusive to Khan, and allow him to use great amounts Energy to gain a massive Speed bonus, allowing him to go up to 60 km/h and sustain this top speed as long as an energy supply is there. They also amplify Knockback effects, making it perfect for a combination of a Grenade/Rocket propelling to quickly cover vast distances and close on his prey. It can also exert massive force via kinetic energy, making it an ability in it's own right, unique and valuable. The RPG-RJ is a rocket launcher, just like the regular RPG's, that is also designed to fit the Knockback Rocket, making those quite portable. It is also helps propel the Rocket with great speed, just like all other launchers do, so direct hits are easier. 'Verba'/Верба Man-portable Air Defense System M/V A portable air-defense SAM system carried by 1 man, it uses a High Explosive Semi-Piercing Guided Missile (M14-01) with multiple sensors in the infrared, thermal and night modes to accurately track aircraft. With 8 km operational range, it can quickly shoot down aircraft with a fairly high rate of fire, accuracy and very good penetration, especially penetration through shield barriers, It is also very easy to repair and maintain, as well as use. While it can accurately shoot down airplanes, and even light airships, it cannot actively engage more armored and large ones unless there is special attention paid to their weakspots, and even then it will often do limited damage, often requiring many shots to actually bring down one. Other things the 'Verba' is noted for is it's fantastic vertical reach, making it usable against all air targets, as well as ease of supply and concealment. It is also worth noting it can be deployed very quickly, making surprise attacks quite costly for any opponent meeting soldiers armed with this rocket launcher. The M/V variant in particular improves the reliability of the targeting sensors and improving the penetration, as well as decoy-and-jamming resistance, greatly, updating the Missile from a M14-01 to an M14-02, which is much closer to 'Khan's Sling' missile designed for destroying air targets and other missiles with advanced warheads and sensors. Notable drawbacks of this launcher are it's one-round clip, relatively normal sights which leave much to be desired compared to other sights, and lack of secondary guidance for the crew, making the missile only able to rely on own guidance and jamming resistance. 'Kornet'/Корнет Portable Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher Platform M/V2 A portable Anti-tank system carried by 1-2 men, it can use either a Shield-Penetrating Guided Missile(SPGM M15M-01), or an Anti-Tank Guided Missile(ATGM M15-01) with multiple sensors in the infrared, thermal and night modes to accurately track enemy armoured formations. With 9 km operational range, it can quickly immobilize and destroy vehicles with a decent rate of fire, great accuracy, and excellent penetration for both SPGM and ATGM, through shielded objects and conventional/unconventional armour respectively. Decently easy to repair and maintain, as well as to use. However, the fact that both types of rounds are effectively recoilless, and contain their power in the advanced shaped charge also means certain things like heavy ERA, strong sideskirts, or fenced/caged armor may limit the effectiveness of these rounds. Other notes include the availability of secondary crew guidance in all modes for higher accuracy (added in M/V variant), quick deployment and good concealment, and the strong resistance to decoys and jamming devices (added in the M/V2 variant), effectively bringing both rounds to M15M-02 and M15-02, considered much closer to a 'Krum's Sling' ATGM designed to destroy all ground vehicles with advanced warheads and sensors. Notable drawbacks of this launcher are the single round clip, optimal working conditions under 2 men (Khan can operate it solo with full effectiveness, weight is no issue for him), and the short time that SPGMs require to lock on to shields (about 1.2-1.5 seconds). 'Build-Your-Defense' Portable Kit Mk.1 These kit packages are usually carried by many specialized units, such as Engineer Support Companies, Paratroopers and the Elite Guard units, as well as Khan, and are portable. Specially sealed, and made to even resist C4 Explosives, and are also totally bulletproof. This is a requirement, as the man-made seal shields the payload, and keeps it in optimal condition for the load itself to be docile. While in the kit there are building materials, what comes out of it is even more unique: A swarm of tiny drone builders. These tiny workers, in extremely large numbers, possibly in the hundreds, work together in a massive group to rapidly dig, prepare and construct a basic entrenched position for at least a squad of soldiers, sometimes finishing in as little as 25 seconds. They are also extremely resilient to many countermeasures, such as EMPs and jamming, to the point where these are not efficient. As for how they do it so quickly and so efficiently for a simple hive-mind AI, it is speculated by many within the Legionnaires' People's Republic of (Greater) Bulgaria that they are no just AI in a tiny metal hull, and have magical influence for many of their properties, but the government, led by Khan Asparuh, has not confirmed nor denied these claims. Weaknesses of the kit include the fact its currently in relative trial phase, and is not truly widely available, and the fact the hive mind only creates more basic fortifications. It has not learned how to make anything complex, and that is still up to the men on the ground to do. Protection and Biohazard Equipment Often, Federation forces might need to be deployed in areas deemed...less hospitable for living beings...or for anything, really. This might include resource extraction missions from desolate planets with toxic atmospheres, or nuclear-war ravaged sections of a universe, or magic, virus, or some other unknown alien pathogen-contaminated areas. For this, Khan and SARSDC have worked extensively on designing and providing adequate biohazard protection gear for their men. Protection Equipment, referred to as 'Medical and Laboratory Protection Suits (Federation Standard for Medical Regulations) FSMR07, is a specially-designed suit worn by military and civil medics in areas suspected or confirmed to be contaminated by a virus, bacteria, or some other contagious disease. They are designed with those in mind, featuring full body coverage with lightweight materials for protection, and a respirator with good coverage and filtration. Their use is..obvious: Give medical personnel the right coverage to treat their injured in a safe Biohazard Equipment, referred to as 'Hazardous Environment Suits' (Federation Standard for Military Biohazard Regulations) HES (5), is an extension of the FSMR-series, but adapted for all personnel, and deployed in locations regarded inhospitable to regular life as we know it, and where the environment itself would also fight back, both native creatures and the planet itself. Among it's many features are: Extended protection, full body and facial coverage with a reinforced gas mask granting extended filtration to filter out and shield against radiation, radio comms, a general HUD for displaying basic information, such as rough body condition, and increased agility in both sprinting and jumping, with greatly increased jump height and brief speed boosts on a lesser degree compared to the SpeedBoots, though both do stack. It also monitors the general health of the person, warning them with scripted voicelines about various conditions, from large falls, to general heavy or deadly state of condition, to lacerations and melee attacks, to gunshot wounds, to them recharging the suit, to them being exposed to certain dangers, such as radiation, chemicals, overheating, electrical shocks, biohazards, nerve agents, internal bleeding, and poison. It can also administer general pain-relievers, suppressants and antidotes, as well as regeneration vials to overcome many of the problems, such as the nerve agent suppressors to antidotes for poison, chemicals and biohazards, and regenerative vials as well as pain relievers to deal with fall damage, bleeding and gunshot wounds faster. Lastly, the (large) suit offers an energy shield. Normally, energy sources would be portable and brought as groups of HES-equipped infantry move together, and these devices often have a port to connect a tube to the storing location for recharging, though plugging in batteries when a source is not available, or if Khan is manning the suit, simply putting own energy into it, is a viable alternative. What this offers is general protection against projectiles and melee attacks, as well as magical attacks, though it does not cover drowning protection or fall protection (it might still try and cover it sometimes). It can even withstand a direct anti-tank rocket hit, though it might entirely deplete the energy available in that storage container and might still leave some harm for the unfortunate survivor. Alongside the shield, it has a built-in flashlight to help navigate in the dark. Heavyweight Gear/Vehicles T-90M1/M2BG // T-72M6/M7BG (Khan-Proekt 1943 Model B) A T-90 Blueprint presented to Khan during the designing of the first T-90(A)BG Tank, 2011 (Earth). The T-90M1/M2BG is currently the premiere Main Battle Tank for the Federation Ground Army, having entered service about 1-2 years ago and being the official successor to the T-90M1BG, the vehicle designed to replace the aging platform of the T-72M5(I)BG series of vehicles by extensively redesigning the vehicle and giving it capabilities suited for any battlefield, which will be looked in detail one by one. Thus, M1 earned the nickname T-72M6BG, and this current variant, T-72M6/M7BG, respectively. Using a PKM Model 4 machine gun that is remotely operated, it also serves as a tool to execute the 'Rapid Assault' doctrine, where after air supremacy is achieved, ground forces will try to speedily rush through the frontline with air support, while hunting down any and all enemy SAM presence to protect the Air Force, though with some caution, discretion and prioritization. This is all a part in the bigger 'Combined Simultaneous Arms Offensive' doctrine of warfare. Proekt 1943/Project 1943/Проект 1943 'AM6 Adv.' Gun: This is the latest version of the 125mm AM-series of guns produced in mainland Greater Bulgaria, the number 6 signifying it's presence as a 6th generation Federationist Main Battle Tank. It is fully superior to all other variants of the series, and overall truly competitive with all other tank guns. It features good length, allowing for honed accuracy to the point where the tank can nail even tiny weakspots on other tanks from a reasonable 3km distance, and can nail them in general from about 7-8km. Using an autoloader, it can fit rounds with good length, allowing for solid penetration, letting it remain competitive and make it stand up to other armored opponents in a fight, whether close quarters combat or long range sniper duels. It also enjoys the benefit of the potent and dreaded 'Krum's Sling' (A) Missile, the missile designed to destroy enemy armor and shields with ease using it's excellent penetration, advanced Four-Phase Shaped Charge Warhead with Kl inserts, letting it combat some ERA and other spaced armour more effectively, advanced guidance sensors for both the commander, gunner and the missile itself, which also works to counteract the effects of smoke screens and losing sight of the Missile, advanced resistance to jamming and Soft Kill Active Protection Systems, as well as hardened outer hull, letting it also lose less performance against Hard Kill APS. Krum's Sling is truly an advanced ATGM with few weaknesses, being the traditional spaced armor, ERA and APS, though their protective capability has now been called into question. However, it does not just use the Krum's Sling (A). It has two more available round choices. The first is an APFSDS round, the AM6A2. This kinetic energy penetrator has good penetration, enough to penetrate the weakspots of even the best ground opponents, and even go through the armor outright in some cases. It also keeps it's penetration as it flies rather well, with very high velocity, around 1,750 meters/second. This makes it excellent against vehicles relying on defenses meant to stop explosion-based warheads, and can really only be countered by it shattering because of the degree of approach, or by the most modern APS, which may shoot it out of the sky. It also has the HEAT warhead, the 'Куршум' AM6H1. This explosive penetrator has excellent penetration, enough to penetrate all RHA at long distances, because it does not lose penetration with distance: Explosive rounds rely on their chemical-explosive power to punch through, not kinetic energy. While being able to destroy anything that only has RHA, pretty much no matter how strong, is certainly nice, this round only has a standard Tri-Phase Shaped Charge, making it significantly more vulnerable to ERA, Spaced Armour, Caged Armour, and Sideskirts, than the ATGM variant. The gun depression on this vehicle is 7-8 degrees down, and that is what matters. Armour: The protection of this vehicle is entrusted to a strong RHA+ KBa Composite hull and turret, and the strongest points, such as the Upper Front Plate and the Front of the Turret, are about 830-920mm thick. The general armor is around 800mm. It is worth nothing that parts of the Lower Front Plate are around 20% thinner. The sides of the hull are also fairly strong and come equipped with strong composite KBa Sideskirts, letting them waste HEAT and ATGM penetration, while the hull rear can mostly only resist anti-tank grenades. As for the turret, it's shape is effectively hemispherical, letting it bounce shots more often, and even the sides are exceptionally strong, with a good part of the sides only being 25% thinner than the front (those parts cover 50% of the total side turret area). The rear is weak, though also prone to a lucky bounce or two, as the rest of the turret is. To summarize, the frontal armor is nearly impenetrable to even advanced rounds, with the turret being a literal fortress with few weaknesses, while the sides can also resist blows exceptionally well, and waste all enemy HEAT ammunition for as long as the tank is either kept frontally or to the side of the ammuniton, and there is no lucky turret ring hit. The steel of the armour is very high-quality, greatly decreasing spalling effect and letting the armour resist the blows rather than shatter by the impact of a shell. Current data on Armour Protection (assuming the steel is normal quality, high-quality will increase these paramaters somewhat) Base T-90M1/M2BG: Against Kinetic projectiles frontally(APFSDS): 800-920mm, against HEAT-based: 960-1,104mm//Against Kinetic projectiles sideways(APFSDS): 60-700mm, against HEAT-based: 144-840mm//Against Kinetic Projectiles rear(APFSDS): 50-250mm, against HEAT-based: 60-300mm *T-90M1/M2BG with 'Rila' ERA: Frontally against Kinetic, with average 40% value: 1120-1268mm, against HEAT-based, with average 80% value: 1440-1656mm//Side against Kinetic: 84-980mm, against HEAT-based: 216-1260mm//Rear against Kinetic: 70-350mm, against HEAT-based: 90-450mm *Rila is not available on every T-90M1/M2 tank as of yet, and also, these statistics are based on projectiles slightly older than Rila. Older projectiles will suffer even higher value increases, or might not even go through altogether, while the MOST modern projectiles will handle Rila slightly better. Remember, high-quality materials will increase these values by around 20%.(?) Notable weakspots of this vehicle are the lowermost part of the Lower Front Plate, small parts of the Turret Roof Armor, the lowermost part of the sides where a hit might damage the turret ring, rendering the turret stuck, and the rear of the vehicle in general, though hitting the rear area from the sides will still mean you hit the side armor, you have to actually face the rear straight on to be hitting the weakspot. Also, the sides cannot resist kinetic rounds unless they are 10 years older than the M1/M2. Hitting the LFP may injure crew, turret roof armor penetration may damage the gun, and a lucky penetration through the turret ring will knock out the turret, penetration of the side armor might damage the transmission, and penetration of the rear will knock out the engine, possibly start a fire, and also might set off the ammuntion, resulting in an ammo rack explosion, though because there is a safe blast door storage for the ammunition, the tank won't be shredded. Also, it has a turret-mounted PKM machine gun accessible both remotely and by the commander. 'Rila'/Рила ERA: Additionally, the armour comes with preset, built-in locations for the placement of ERA. The ERA compatible with this vehicle is of local design, and is called 'Rila', after the tall Federationist mountain Rila. 'Rila' is a powerful heavy Explosive Reactive Armour piece, made up of a composite between steel and a KBa plate behind the explosive payload. When it is just about to be hit, just like all other ERA, it sets off small explosions, degrading the penetrator and altering the projectile's path, decreasing penetration. 'Rila' is said to reduce about 85% of HEAT and ATGM warhead penetration when hit properly, with the round being close to perpendicular with the ERA block. The 'perfect' case example here is an ERA Rila Block placed on the front of the turret, where our example gunner is aiming. If he fires directly at the front of the turret, this is considered the optimal case. However, when not hit properly, such as from the side where the payload cannot truly affect the round, it will only reduce the penetration by about 50%. Additionally, it has showed that it can reduce kinetic projectile penetration by about 27-75%, depending on many variables, such as the number of penetrating cores, hit location, and overall luck. This ERA block covers most of the vehicle's armor, except the rear hull area, and is placed on the sideskirts as well. It also further able to be placed on the turret roof, though there it will only provide marginal protection. Fire Control System 'SU-6RFFDT'/СУ-6РПВЗП: The vehicle itself has many sensors in many locations. This works to directly assist the Fire Control System, and indeed give it what it has: tracking and displaying enemy targets to the gunner and commander in a box, giving both some basic battle data such as distance, estimated hit probability and best shell to fire, as well as displaying them on the screen in thermal, infrared and night vision modes, all while assisting in the gun stabilization when the gunner has a lock-on the target by ensuring the lock-on remains. It also gives the gunner estimated lead needed to take at the target, letting the gunner quickly use all of this information and adjust where needed, and also notifying the commander when something believed to be a vehicle, based on models, heat signatures, shapes and even magic signatures and magic usage in the area. This might mean that even a tank that has been staying perfectly still can be detected just because SU-6 has identified the shape of a cannon, tank hull, turret, tracks, or has identified the heat signature of the engines and has then displayed it to both gunner and commander in thermal imaging. Of course, it is not 100% perfect, but it also rarely gives false flags, looking for either a sure identification or multiple pieces of identification before actually notifying the commander. This also means a mage that has casted a spell, or even used a potion or a fireball, will be detected and the crew will be notified. All of this also applies to the rear camera the vehicle has. SU-6 also has a Battle Management System built into the Menu, and it is the RFFTD. This battle management system gives the crew a map of the surrounding location, if possible, and also serves to track enemies and allies on an interface for better situational awareness. It also gives warnings when the vehicle is targeted by targeting lasers, magic-based spells and attacks, and by ATGMs on said map, displaying their path, distance and the area(s) likely to be hit. It will also warn of various environmental hazards, included, but not limited to: radiation, cliffs, water, fire, earthquakes, tornadoes, and 'magical environmental hazards', such as poison spells cast in the area that have lingered, among others. SU-6 has an Automatic Assistance mode. In this mode, SU-6 takes more roles. When tracking and displaying, it will also rotate the turret towards the target and perform lock-ons, as well as keep them. It will react to anything that sets it off, such as a detected enemy vehicle or combat personnel, mages and wizards included, among other magic users, if the commander has not given it inputs to not respond, where it will then notify the commander. Alongside, it will also respond to it being targeted by lazers, rockets, guided missiles and magic attacks, by turning the turret and opening fire as soon as possbile unless inputs were given not to do that, in which case it will only notify. It will also heed environmental hazard warnings and do it's best to take an appropriate course of action to avoid them. ***This mode is extremely dangerous to use, as the Automatic Assistant has often experienced bugs in performing any or all of these functions. Sredets Army Research & Software Development Company (SARSDC) is currently looking for a solution regarding the AA's somewhat flawed state, though as the AA itself is new, no solution has been found as of yet. A recommendation when using AA is to never let it run for an extended period of time(any more than 10 minutes), as the problem has been linked to the memory resources not being distributed properly and evenly, leading to spiking usage after this extended period of time and a complete slow or a total bricking of the entire software.*** Directional Energy Shield/Насочен Енергиен Щит: The T-90M1/M2 is equipped with a brand new Energy Shield. There are two types of shields: A weaker full coverage shield, which can stop considerable damage, but can be broken fairly easily after 1 or 2 shots from a high-caliber gun, and can be recharged over time. There is also a DES system placed in the turret that allows the turret to project a stronger energy shield that is capable of resisting serious damage, including railgun shots, but can only do so in one direction. It can also recharge, and it can recharge slightly faster. Note that both shields also are three-dimensional, meaning the bottom part of the tank can also be covered. Active Protection System: The active protection system consists of two separate components: 'Radetzky' Dazzler/Soft Kill APS system, and 'Kolev' Hard Kill APS system. 'Radetzky' is a fairly new system, consisting of two black-colored 'box' sensors mounted on the front of the turret, placed on the 'Rila' ERA packages positioned there. These dazzlers' jobs are to jam incoming guided missiles and other guided attacks by attempting to disrupt sensors and also attempting to the guidance links between the guider and the guided projectile, also known as 'infrared jamming'. Another option for disruption is by directly breaking line of sight for the guided projectile by smoke screens/aerosol. 'Radetzky' works directly with SU-6 when it comes to ATGM interception by being an available option for attempting to stop a guided missile, and in AA mode, is automatically activated first and will also try to turn the turret towards the incoming projectile(and thus the likely shooter) for a fast response, something normally done manually. A fun fact for Radetzky is that sometimes, it has successfully disrupted a magical attack in either it's making or while it has been on course to the vehicle, however, this is only possible at around or less than 33% of the time, at best. If successfully intercepted, a guided projectile will be completely jammed, rendering said projectile useless and there will be no armor penetration attempts. The main disadvantage of 'Radetzky' is the probability of an unsuccessful jamming, which does exist and is about 25% for each option, where both can be employed. It also only offers protection at 180 degrees, not 360, meaning only the front and a part of the sides are covered, while the rest is not. 'Kolev' is a brand new Hard Kill Active Protection System, consisting of a small panel on the turret roof. This System intercepts ATGMs and other guided attacks with a precise counter-rocket, disrupting the entire warhead and decreasing the penetration greatly or even totally rendering an ATGM useless with chances being around 95%-100%. Presented as an option when an ATGM is detected by the SU-6 Module, in AA mode, it is only used if 'Radetzky' has failed to totally stop the projectile(s). Also, in AA mode, it will also turn the turret towards the incoming projectile and the likely shooter. It has also been tested and proven to actually counter magical attacks with 50% chances, while offering 360 degree protection, meaning full coverage. It is worth nothing that 'Kolev' has around a 50% chance to engage Kinetic penetrators, with around 40-75% effectiveness. The main disadvantage of 'Kolev' is the fact that it might not truly stop the missile, but only reduce penetration by a reasonable amount, usually around 40-75%,depending on the level of complexity of the warhead, such as the number of phases. This means a very advanced missile such as Krum's Sling will only lose around 35-40%, where as a single or dual-phase missile will lose around 80%, or get stopped outright, which can happen sometimes(usually also 25-33% of the cases). It also has limited charges, up to 7. Engine 'BalkanDvigatelT'/Balkan Engine T/Балкански Двигател Т: The T-90M1/M2 uses a powerful engine with the name 'BalkanDvigatel-AM6'. Producing 1200 horsepower, and the vehicle weighing in at ~48 tons, that means there is 25 horsepower/ton, making the vehicle be able to drive 70km/h on roads, and around 52-55km/h on rough terrain. This makes the vehicle very manueverable, with excellent hull and turret traverse speeds. Infact, Khan loves the BalkanDvigatel so much, he often drifts the vehicle, flexing on others about the sturdiness and manueverability in that way. Not to forget, the T-90 features a reliable filtration and cooling system, so no toxic fumes from either the outside area or the engine itself, if present, will enter the crew compartment or any other part of the vehicle and will safely be removed. This does include radiation filtration, as well as filtrations against magic spells. This vehicle also has a large combat range of 600km before needing refueling because of the 1700L of fuel available in either auxiliary or stored locations. This vehicle is also capable of fording up to 5-6m deep(requires snorkel). However, despite all of these advantages, the engine is occasionally prone to catching fire when it is hit. A fire is even more dangerous, as it might set off the ammunition in the blast door storage, denting the power of the vehicle significantly, or worse, completely stops the vehicle in it's tracks. MiG-29/35 M3 ASPM&Decoys Expansion Pack V2 'Super Mikoyan Mod. 2' Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29A 'Fulcrum A' flight. Ever since, Khan and the crew have worked extensively on bringing the legendary plane to truly competitive standards. The MiG-29/35 M3 ASPM&Decoys(will be defined later, when we talk about Armament) EP V2 'Super Mikoyan M2' is currently the newest technological advance in the Federation of Republics's Air Force, and because of the extensive resources put into the air branch, very available despite it being almost brand new. This specific variant is very much new by being a semi-complete overhaul of the entire plane from an armament and technological standpoint, while keeping the legendary shape mostly intact, hence why it has the nickname 'Super Mikoyan Mod. 2', to honor the continuation of the branch with the first 'Super Mikoyan' MiG-29s being operated by Khan himself more than 15 years ago. This plane now serves as the backbone of the entire Air Force and it helps execute Khan's warfare doctrine of 'Unchallenged Air Supremacy', as a part of his larger 'Combined Simultaneous Arms Offensive' doctrine. In 'Unchallenged Air Supremacy', the planes and SAM systems cooperate to destroy all enemy air presence as quickly as possible, and achieve complete air supremacy quickly to begin a bombing campaign to support the ground offensives, if there are any such offensives. As such, the plane has several design features to help it execute it's part of the CSAA doctrine, which we will look at. 30mm 'AM6S' Autocannon: One of the options for dogfights and when performing attack runs is the 30mm autocannon. It is a fairly old, but optimized, piece of technology. Storing 150-200 rounds, which can be Armor Piercing Stealth(APS), High Explosive Stealth(HES), or High Explosive Incendiary Stealth(HEIS). APS, being used to demolish other attack aircraft and also to attack small ships and armored personnel carriers, has great penetration for a 30mm round and also flies very, very fast, making it hard to dodge. HES is used to combat enemy infantry during attack runs, and has a contact fuse for detonation, spreading shrapnel and devastation everywhere. HEIS can be used against both enemy planes and enemy infantry with great effect. All of these rounds are also Stealth, meaning they give off no tracer and are harder to track for both sides. Aside from the autocannon, the Super Mikoyan has 3 hard points on each wing and 1 location for bombs under the plane between the engines. The wing points have been remodified, the sturdiness of the entire aircraft improved, the maximum takeoff weight greatly incrased, and the wing slightly extended to allow for more missiles to be carried. The first two hardpoints(from center of plane extending outwards) are designed to carry either 3 Air-to-Air Guided Missiles or 3 Air-to-Surface Guided Missiles, while the third hardpoint is designed to either carry 2 Air-To-Surface Guided Missile(class 2, so overall better against ground targets), or 2 Anti-Ship Guided Missiles, and all are capable of supersonic speeds greatly exceeding Mach 2 and 3. Let's look at the different missile models. 'Khan's Sling' (A) Air-to-Air ASPM: Khan's Sling is the MiG-29's best air-to-air option, and this is a rightfully deserved title. Belonging to the ASPM/Sling class, it has a four-stage explosive penetrator and Kl inserts, the sister material of KBa, except designed for offensive use, a 6kg warhead, with a 35-40km range. This basically means it will shred any other attack aircraft like the Mikoyan if it connects, no doubt about it. The plane won't just be brought down; it will be annihilated by the sheer explosive and penetrating potential. This missile can even bring down larger airships and spaceships, or at the very least cause considerable damage, especially when a weak spot is hit. It has both radar and Infrared guidance modes. Also, the cool thing about ASPMs(Advanced Sensory and Penetration Missile) is their seemingly sentient behaviour, as if they were a part of Khan's soul. Of course, that is just granny's stories, and in reality, it is all thanks to the 'S' part in ASPM, the sensors. They are very advanced, and we mean VERY. They have both radar and Infrared guidance modes, where IR is often preferred to be used, unless it's a dogfight, in which case it is best to fire radar guided missiles first as the radar already has the enemy combat plane detected. IR mode allows the missile to target the engine of another aircraft/vehicle/etc. by the heat emissions and do not emit any detectable radar waves. In this mode, the missile behaves just like a regular heat-seeking missile. Of course, it wouldn't be special if it was just that. The IR guidance is especially advanced, and the typical countermeasures, such as flares typically do little to stop it, unless the heat emissions from the flares fully blind the heat emission from the engine exhaust, and the engine exhaust's heat emission is massively reduced. That is because of two things: The sensors and on board electronics' ability to distinguish signatures better, and the ability for the missile sensors to keep the original target locked-on. So, unless the flares are very good and the pilots very skilled, there is little countermeasure against the IR guidance mode missile. Radar-Guidance mode allows the plane to use both it's own radars, and the missile's own sensors, to track and engage aircraft/vehicle/etc. by their return. The sensors for radar guidance are also very advanced, and keep their lock-on better, but also still emit detectable radar waves. That means both attempting to overwhelm the missile with false signals, and attempting to curtail existing ones, are less effective, making the missile very resistant to jamming, and ensuring that most of the time, the missile overwhelms the countermeasure and connects anyway. The only real counter here is Stealth. Having a really low RCS(Radar Cross-Section) can often stop a Khan's Sling from prematurely locking-on and defeating the other countermeasures. Of course, low RCS will not stop Khan's Sling from engaging, but it will weaken it's grip regarding lock-ons, and increase the chance of electronic and mechanical jamming working. Lastly, for the Sling, it is worth noting that the pilot can switch between IR and Radar at any moment, so if one of the two guidances was defeated, the other can still be activated, and the pilot of the enemy airship or aircraft now has to deal with the other guidance mode as well. Example: A flare has led the missile away, defeating IR, but has not exploded. In this case, the pilot, if he has not treated the missile as 'fire and forget', can switch to Radar and the Missile will then lock-on to the aircraft that tried the flare countermeasure as the on-board plane radar already has the enemy plane detected, and the sensors also detect it immediately by it's radar return. Now the enemy pilot has to try and confuse the radar guidance as well, or be destroyed. If he succeeds, the missile is completely useless, as both guidances now remember wrong targets, but if he fails, he and his plane are probably destroyed. 'Thracian Fire'/Тракийски огън Air-to-Surface ASPM: A reliable option for the MiG-29, belonging indirectly to the Sling class, with a four-stage explosive penetrator and Kl inserts, just like the Air-to-Air option, except that they are also improved on with stronger Kl inserts, indicating it's purpose: Attack enemy armor from the skies. With a 8kg warhead, 20km range, advanced IR, TV and radar guidance and encasing of it's own that has proven somewhat resistant to soft kill and hard kill APS countermeasures, the chances of a hit are quite high. This missile does around 1500mm of penetration against enemy armor if it has not encountered serious ERA resistance(which is likely because of a four-stage penetrator, even if ERA is present, but better, heavy ERA like Rila will give serious resistance), and can do crazy damage if it penetrates, if not outright blow up the entire vehicle. This missile is not a true ASM, and is more an 'anti-tank missile' than an actual 'air-to-surface missile', with it's effectiveness greatly reduced against static fortifications and enemy ships. Class II Missiles are ASMs, however. They have a 250kg warhead, 35km range, IR, TV and radar guidance, standard four-stage penetrator, some of the best Kl inserts, and strong encasing, few soft or hard kill APS's can hope to stop it. With very good hit chances, it will absolutely demolish any ground vehicle, almost always disregarding it's protection, and flat out blowing it up, and can also reliably target, damage and destroy industrial facilities and bridges, as well as concrete bunkers, runways and hardened shelters. It can also target ships, though it's speed is sometimes too low, at only Mach 2 sometimes, to actually consider it a viable anti-shipping weapon. That said, feel free to do whatever. 'Golden Sands'/Златни Пясъци (A) Anti-Ship ASPM: For targeting a ship, the best choice of a missile is the 'Golden Sands', once more, indirectly belonging to the Sling class, with the typical explosive penetratior with Kl inserts, as well as the typical resistance to APS measures, IR-TV-Radar Guidance and higher hit chances. However, where the missile differs is it's lower warhead weight and far greater speed. The warhead only weighs 100kg, and the missile can fly at well over Mach 3+. It also has a long range of 115km. This means it can fire at ships from a very safe distance, inflict considerable or potentially destructive damage, and then retreat, probably before a substantial countermeasure was mounted. Also, the Mach 3+ speed basically makes the missile all but impossible to intercept with counter-rockets in the first place, and gunfire against it is pointless. Of course, it is still possible to actually stop a connection with previously mentioned measures, but it is also somewhat harder to pull them off against a 3x supersonic rocket coming to town. Strategic Bombing: What the MiG-29 can also do is drop bombs. It can drop up to 2 precision-guided(usually laser or radar), general-purpose high-explosive, 400kg warhead bombs of the KHN-5-6 class, travelling at about Mach 0.5-1.2 with decent precision. Those are also a method of taking out infantry, buildings, vehicles and sometimes, ships. The holding section/launch platform for them is placed between the engines. Additionally, a small number(around 10%) of all 'Super Mikoyan Mod.2's have had their launch platform modified so that instead of carrying bombs, they can carry a single KHN(A)5 Nuclear Tactical Missile. Smaller than conventional nuclear bombs, it is not used for city-wide destruction, but often, to deal tremendous damage to large enemy formations, sometimes wiping them out totally. Usually having a 75kt nuclear warhead with higher yield, it can totally paralyze enemy divisions and if it happens to be an EMP one instead of a nuclear, totally disable most technologies, including friendly. Of course, this lower kiloton total means that it is not viable for targeting populated areas, but could still totally destroy industrial and tactical targets. It just has to be closer to the area targeted to actually achieve the desired effect. Of course, the Asparuhovgrad Federation is not confirmed to have any major nuclear stockpile; Most of their efforts are directed at countering and intercepting nuclear bombs, tactical missiles, SRMs, MRMs, LRMs and ICBMs. However, there is a small stockpile of about 100 Strategic Nuclear Missiles and Bombs, and about 200-250 Tactical ones, so the inventory of nuclear exchange is fairly limited, hence the low conversion rate across the Mikoyan series. DRON5/ДРОН5 Decoys: The MiG-29 'Super Mikoyan' can also utilize infrared/heat seeking and radar countermeasures of it's own. It has flares to confuse and hopefully divert/destroy any incoming heat-seeking/infrared projectile, and also it can deploy a towed jamming decoy behind itself to attempt to divert and confuse projectiles with radar/wave-based guidance. When using those countermeasures, the chance of success is around 66%-100%. If those do not work, it can also deploy a Drone mid-air that can both distract heat-seeking platforms with flares and the heat of it's own, and can also utilize built-in jammers to attempt to divert radar and wave guided munitions. When using the one-time drone, the chance of success is 100%. Directional Energy Shield/Насочен Енергиен Щит A1: The aircraft uses an energy shield, just like all other available aircraft in the Bulgarian Air Force and most ground vehicles. In the aircraft case, the shield is split in a 70/30 strength output, in a three-dimensional manner. The entire front and the side until the end of the side wings are covered with 70%, while the rest of the side, and rear, are covered with 30%. The bottom is treated in the same manner. That means the front and frontal sides can withstand hits from a similar magnitude as the T-90's directional shield, and the rear sides and rear itself can withstand the same magnitude of hits as the first, full coverage shield on the T-90. Fire Control System 'SU-6RFFDT(S)'/СУ-6РПВЗП(О): Owing to the same advanced level of sensors and radars as it's other counterparts on land and sea, it also utilizes the same SU-6 system. However, it has been reworked and simplified to suit the fact there are only up to 2 people in the aircraft, compared to 3-4+ in all other vehicles. As such, it has a bigger VR presence and the system itself is placed in the pilot's uniquely tailored helmet, with the pilot's movement of hand in certain locations choosing different options. First, the helmet VR mode has to be activated. If it is not, the pilot can perform all actions as usual, but they will be done manually. Upon activating VR mode, the pilot will, and should, no longer attempt to reach for anything but the gear and the steering. As a second safety measure, the pilot has to hold his glove in the position of the display for more than 1.4 seconds, and any harsh movement will cancel the displays switching. There will be several displays for him when VR mode first becomes active: Damage Self-Assessment, Air Combat Display, Location and Positioning, Bombing Display and Automated Flight. After one is clicked, a number of other displays will appear, which are as follows, depending on what one clicked. Choosing options also requires a click, and to switch back to starting Menu(default shown when the VR system is activated), one has to click the 'Exit All Displays' display located at the very bottom. To exit, simply detach the helmet and press the button safely positioned on the left side. Damage Self-Assessment is exactly that: The pilot and co-pilot having the knowledge of what damage they have taken and what has broken down during a flight by a display in the center, as well as also provide any available solution(s) on a sub-display(s) below it. Clicking on a sub-display will swiftly lead the plane to try and apply the selected choice. Clicking on the center display will zoom it for better overview. Air Combat Display shows any detected nearby enemy aircraft within combat range of the Air-To-Air Missiles on a display at the top, as well as if the plane is targeted by any other enemy aircraft or anti-air systems. If the plane is indeed confirmed to be targeted, which it likely will be able to(this chance is basically 100%, so no point arguing there), it will display to the pilot from where roughly the targeting is coming from(1) ,if there is any radar waves emitted by the incoming projectile(s)(2) and any available countermeasures, such as flares, jammers and drones(3), as well as any response possibilities, such as air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, and anti-ship missiles. (4). Those are all available in their own sub-displays where (1) is positioned in the center, (2) right beneath, and (3) and (4) are positioned on the left and right side of the pilot, respectively. When (4) is used, the missiles can also be guided by the pilot if they so choose to, which will prompt a live display with the missile flying and them steering it by looking in the direction. Location and Positioning shows the pilot a map of the area, as well as all allies and all enemies within the map area. Clicking on this display in general will zoom in, whereas clicking on an allied icon will show their vehicle, type, model, as well as their location and their presumed status on a sub-display to the left. Clicking on an enemy icon will show their presumed vehicle, type, mode, as well as their confirmed location and presumed status on a sub-display to the right (Presumed means there is a 66%-100% chance of it being correct.) It also shows any nearby hazards, such as dangerous turbulance, storms and radiation, and more on a sub-display below. Also, there has been a recent software update: High-Resolution surveillance cameras have been installed and integrated into a display in this section. These cameras have enough precision and quality to take detailed imagery of what is below and in front of the plane, and then show them to the pilot, who can identify various flags, shapes and even people! Bombing Display shows any detected nearby ground enemy vehicles within combat range of Air-to-Surface, Anti-Ship, or Tactical Missiles, as well as Guided Bombs. In the case of bombs, it will estimate when to strike and what lead needs to be taken, as all other options have automated sensors of their own to estimate. All the options for firing will be displayed on a sub-display located below the map, with basic prioritization as to what should be fired. The pilot can also guide all of these munitions by the method described in ACD, bombs included. Tactical Missiles and Guided Bombs with confirmed nuclear payload(an automated check done by the system itself, the pilot has no control there) require a second round of clicking on them, as well as a third safety mechanism where they type in a randomly picked code from a list of available codes issued to them by the High Command, notably Khan, when said command has deemed it necessary. Automated Flight is a single display. When clicked, it will show a map similar to L&D, and the pilot can draw a general route for travel, as well as choose the speed of the flight. At that point, the system will /reliably/ take control over the flying of the plane according to the pre-determined setup and show them distance, flying speed and estimated arrival time. It is worth nothing that Automated Flight will cancel if: the plane is steered, the pilot uses an option from the Air Combat or Bombing Displays, or the plane is being targeted by something, the last also flashing a loud warning to the pilot to notify them and immediately opening the Air Combat Display section for them. Engine 'BalkanDvigatelA'/Balkan Engine A/Балкански Двигател В': The Mikoyan is powered by two 'BalkanDvigatel-AM6' engines, but specialized for aircraft, thus given the letter 'A' in their designations. These two engines allow the aircraft to have a maximum speed of around Mach 3 at high altitudes, and around Mach 1.3 at low altitudes. This can be greatly increased to around Mach 6-7 with a Superbooster, designed to get the planes into space, at the cost of 50% more fuel usage and some stress on the structure, requiring the pilots to perform as few turns as possible. It also has a standard range of 3,100-3,500km, which can be improved with 2 additional fuel tanks up to 4,000km, at the cost of some missile inventory. It is also worth noting that it can receive in-air refueling by the numerous and advanced Federation Air Force's transport aircraft fleet, perhaps up to a solid 6,000 km or more, which aside from carrying armored vehicles, Khan(sometimes, especially when he is on diplomatic missions and with specialized and advanced Mi-24 'Super Hind Mod. 2' Escorts), and other military personnel for parachuting if need be, it can also carry a significant stockpile of fuel for Mikoyans and Hinds to refuel and stay in flight. One notable thing that the Mikoyan has, though others do also have it, is the ability to operate in the stratosphere and in open space, that being the effective service ceiling of this machine. It can wage space wars, and it has had a few vital implementations on ALL aircraft for them to do so, including better and tighter seals, oxygen tanks and filters so the pilots can breathe in space, greatly improved strength of the entire structure, added emergency pressurization and life support(helium and nitrogen), full thermal protection systems, and tiny solar panels for recharging fuel in space, as in-air refueling there would be next to impossible. Otherwise, it can do anything it can normally do in space: fly, patrol, track and destroy incoming enemy aircraft. With spaceships, which are available to the army, this is even easier. Note that the plane has a G limit of -11/+13, as it is a fighter-bomber-general supremacy craft and is required to be able to perform rapid turns and engage in manuever combat. The rate of climbing on this plane is almost 400m/s, though it can be increased to 780m/s with the Superbooster. The superbooster itself can only run for so long before it actually begins to be a cause of concern for the strong thermal protection, and should only be allowed to work for around 30-50 seconds at a time. KV-2/152 M2MBG (Khan-Proekt 1940 Model C) A KV-2 tank during the Second World War. Khan's experience with the vehicle has led him to revive the old legend of the derp tank and make it a formidable threat, though it's purpose has been diversified noticeably. This is examplified in the 'Modern' KV-2, KV-2/152 M2MBG, which has given the vehicle of legend a number of improvements that alongside making it longer and slightly wider in general, as well as changing the shape up a bit, still largely keeps the appearance of the vehicle as it was back in 1940 and 1941. And much of it's purpose still remains the same: Blow enemy forces out of fortified positions and blow open enemy armour with a 152mm communism launcher used exclusively by this vehicle, and is considered the second largest caliber gun in the entire Ground Army, beating out the 125mm communism launcher of the T-90, the 122mm communism launcher of the Gvozdika, and the 30mm ones of the Mikoyan, Hind, and Spartan, while also matching the caliber of the 'Taran', a rare 152mm SPG of it's own(that will not be covered because it is very rare to meet a Taran, only less than 30 exist.) and only being beaten by the big launchers of pure Marxism-Leninism-Titoism-and-maybe-Stalinism of the airship supercarrier(s) that the Air Force owns. It also maintains it's second function: Baffling enemies with how difficult it is to kill. Thanks to some much improved armour, composites and 'Rila' ERA, it is indeed capable of confusing enemies, even when hit at it's sides, by how it ends up surviving, and being pretty resilient to it's modern tank counterpants and all but impervious to infantry-based anti-tank weapons, with only the weak top plates being a disadvantage when it comes to the air....though that shouldn't be a problem too often. It also got a new function, courtesy of a better 152mm derp gun with some fancy new adjustments and technology: Long distance SPG Shelling with Guided Rockets and the ability to use Plasma-Core Rounds to blow open most things it comes across. Of course, it is difficult to arc Plasma-Core rounds, and they are not guided, but who needs guidance when you have a ridiculous amount of firepower put in one vehicle, just like the old days? Of course, it is not the main tank in the army, but it is still available in decent enough numbers to function as a support for both the artillery and the Panzer/tank divisions. Proekt 1940/Project 1940/Проект 1940 'AM6 Howitzer 152mm' Gun: The tank is iconic for it's 'derp gun'. Keeping the tradition, it's main armament is a 152mm towed artillery howitzer that has been heavily reworked to be accomodated in a turret, rather than a stationary position in a towed artillery hull, with the notable changes here being the ability to fire Guided Rockets and Plasma Rounds. So, let's look at the rounds. First, it does carry standard HE rounds. The 'Взрив' AM6HE1 is a great projectile to fire at almost anything. It's explosive, but unguided, rounds, can cripple enemy armor, fortifications and infrastructure. Though it won't often destroy vehicles with high-quality armor that is thick enough, against anything that is not so fortunate, the blast will totally shatter the armor and blow it open. It will also get totally nulled by ERA and Spaced Armour. It also carries Guided Rockets of the 'Разруха' AM6G1 class. These guided rockets allow the KV-2 to become a mobile artillery howitzer-tank, by having it fire from dozens of kilometers away at enemy fortifications and do tremendous explosive damage. It can also combat armor slightly better, though the difference is marginal, at around 10%. As per tradition, they are difficult to intercept and countermeasure. Lastly, it fires Plasma-Core Rounds of the 'Плазма' AM6P1 class. These unguided HE-like rounds are far, far stronger than the usual 'Взрив' ones, capable of penetrating defense fortifications, and have a much larger blast radius to assist their combat against infantry. It also finds itself having an easier time going through countermeasures that would normally defeat regular High Explosive ammunition. As such, it is not fired too often, because it can result in some serious friendly fire, but rather, is used when the KV-2 is besieging a city and wants to quickly kill off garrisons of enemy infantry from several kilometers away. Armour: The overall armor of the KV-2/152 M2M is around 10-15% thinner than that of the T-90M1/M2 in most locations, and their armor values are identical frontally. However, the turret ring is more visible, making for an easier turret knockout. This is compensated by the strong gun mantlet, adding some additional protection. 'Rila'/Рила ERA: The KV-2 uses the same ERA as the T-90M1/M2, with the same effectiveness and properties. Fire Control System 'SU-6 RFFDT'/СУ-6 РПВЗП: The KV-2 uses the same FCS as T-90, with sensors and same guidance options, and behaves identically to the one on T-90. Directional Energy Shield/Насочен Енергиен Щит: The KV-2 has a directional energy shield of it's own with similar properties to the T-90 one. There is the lesser one that covers the entire vehicle at all times, however the stronger shield's coverage is extended to 180 degrees coverage in a hemispherical manner. Active Protection System: 'Radetzky' is used on the KV-2, and there are some field tests for the 'Kolev' system, though it is not currently equipped. Otherwise, their effectiveness is identical. Engine 'BalkanDvigatel'/Balkan Engine/Балкански Двигател: The same engine as the T-90, however, the vehicle is somewhat heavier, at around 55 tons, makes it somewhat less manueverable, but still fast, overall. It is not slow whatsoever, thanks to all the advances in technology T-34/62 M4BG (Khan-Proekt 1980 Model E) The T-34/62's original model, during the 1980s. Khan has since then turned the vehicle's purpose from a static defense to something more modern. This is what the T-34/62 M4BG is. A reliable, lower-cost option that works very well, and is appreciated to be there. Built in the tens of thousands, with nearly all of them still seeing service, it is still a vehicle of choice for both the Federation Ground Army with 300 (Out of an armored force of 500 tanks) in service, all M4 variants. It also sees use within all of the extraterrestial territories of the Asparuhovgrad Federation, with a regular ratio of 4 T-34/62s to 1 T-90M1/M2, or even greater. They are various types, including older M2 and M3 variants. Usually, they use it because the T-90 is often too expensive, or because they are a recent territorial expansion not overseen by Khan during the expansion, and has not received the status of an Extraterrestial Oblast/Извънземна Област yet, and thus has no access to the latest gear in large numbers. Anyway, it is a formidable vehicle, even if outclassed by the latest gear out there. Proekt 1980/Project 1980/Проект 1980 'AM5 Adv.' Gun: This is similar to the AM6 Adv, but a generation lesser, and has some notable differences, and also similarities. First, as all AM4+ series, it fires the same types of rounds as the AM6 Adv, those being APFSDS, HEAT and ATGM. It also shares the autoloader feature and almost the same length, however the accuracy and penetration are still lower by about 10% from the age of the gun alone. For APFSDS, it fires the AM5A2 round. With a velocity of 1,650 meters/second, and slightly shorter penetrator, compared to AM6A2, the round, on it's own has about 12% less penetration. For HEAT, it fires the AM5H1 of the same class. The only difference here is a slightly smaller explosive load, and thus only 15-17% less penetration. For ATGM, it carries a slightly older version of 'Krum's Sling' (A), the only difference here also being a slightly smaller explosive load and slightly less resistance to countermeasures, thus resulting in about 7%-8% less penetration, and a marginal increase in countermeasure effectiveness. Armour: Now, despite the name suggesting that the armour is that of a mixed T-34 hull with a T-62 turret, this is not very true in the modern variants. The hull has been greatly reinforced, and the turret has been replaced with the T-90M1/M2 one. This makes the armour quite unique. The hull itself is not that great when assuming kinetic rounds are fired at it: The UFP section is around 500mm thick, and with ERA, one can expect decent frontal survivability against HEAT and ATGM rounds. However, it is still behind that of the T-90 by a significant number, and this makes the T-34/62 unable to seriously resist modern anti-tank kinetic rounds. The LFP section is around 400mm thick, and also has some ERA in the upper part. This does not affect it's HEAT and ATGM performance greatly, though. Assuming it will resist what UFP will resist is advised. Sides are as thick as T-90M1/M2, and the rear is actually a bit thicker, and the engine a bit more protected. Turret is as thick as T-90M1/M2 in all location, and has all available assets with it. So, a hull-down T-34/62 has the same protection as the best vehicles out there, and it has a nice, unorthodox gun depression of 11 degrees to make use of this hull-down tactic. There are also PKM remotely operated or commander operated machine guns mounted on turret, as per all vehicles. 'Rila'/Рила ЕRA: The T-34/62 uses 'Rila' ERA, as all Bulgarian tanks do. Same effectiveness as when employed on T-90M1/M2. Fire Control System 'SU-6 RFFDT'/СУ-6 РПВЗП: This system is the same in how it works and what it does as the T-90M1/M2, minus the adjustment for this being a different generation tank, of course. Directional Energy Shield/Насочен Енергиен Щит: As there is a T-90 turret, there is also the directional energy shield in both variant, with same effectiveness. Active Protection System: Both 'Radetzky' and 'Kolev' are available and used on the T-34/62. So, overall, the APS is of about the same quality as that of the T-90M1/M2. Engine 'BalkanDvigatel'/Balkan Engine/Балкански Двигател: This engine is also used for this tank as well. However, the fact this is a lighter armoured vehicle means the manuverability is even greater than that of the T-90, by about 15%, making this a truly nimble beast for colonial warfare. 2S1 SAU-122/155 M4/M5BG 'Gvozdika' A 122mm 'Gvozdika' amphibious artillery piece. Backbone of the Federation Ground Forces's support core, where there are not that many MLRS systems present. Thus, it serves at the primary long-range assault gun, made in VERY large numbers. To give a perspective of just how many Gvozdikas are present in the Federation Ground Forces, let's take the figure of 500 total tanks that are T-90M1/M2s and T-34/62M4s, and add 50% more to that number. This is just very roughly how many artillery pieces the land forces have. And it is a LOT. Subsequently, during combat and especially during sieges, many will be present, which often leads to a quick end of the siege, and another nice thing is because they are so available and easy to make, yet so deadly, they are a staple of all overseas/extraterrestial territories/colonies with ties to the FGF. This has also led to it getting some of the biggest prioritization when it comes to upgrading, on equal footing with all of the new shiny things out there, sometimes even enlarging the hull and turret with expansions, such as Gvozdika 2. A notable derivative of the Gvozdika Self-Propelled Gun is the larger, heavy SPG 2S2 SAU-155 M1(I)BG 'Gvozdika 2'. It features a larger hull + turret that houses a larger 155mm 'AM6SPG2' Heavy Artillery Gun, that can do anything the 122mm can, along with the roughly same armour thickness, same fire control system SU-6, ERA, and the same BalkanDvigatel engine. However, as a fairly recent vehicle, it is only available in fairly small numbers of about 500-600 pieces, a large portion of which is stationed in the mainland. It is also not a replacement for the original Gvozdika. It is meant to be a platform alongside the original Gvozdika guns, providing a heavier firing platform when available, which is often not needed, but still extremely nice to have. This also means we won't cover it in full detail here, and look at the main SPG, Gvozdika (1) 122mm 'AM6SPG' Artillery Gun: This is the primary armament of the Gvozdika, and thus, heavy attention is paid to the gun's perfection. FIrst, it fires standard APFSDS rounds- AM6S1. Nothing too special here, as it is a twin of the AM6A2, if only having some arc to it's flight trajectory. Overall, it's attributes are strikingly similar: Similar penetration values and similar speed of flight. Secondly, it fires a 122mm ATGM, which, to be frank, also bears many similarities to a Krum's Sling (A), with a notable difference: Unlike Krum's Sling, where the phases of the shaped charge are more evenly divided, the 122mm version has significantly more power put in the first and second stage, and less in third and fourth, indicating a second purpose of knocking down buildings. Lastly, this gun fires a conventional 122mm HE round of the 'Взрив' AM6HE1 class. There is no major difference in the explosive power, and is extremely popular during artillery barrages and duels, and is perfect for shredding charging infantry. Alongside it's wide use, this is considered the standard round to be fired, as it's fairly versatile and effective during siege efforts. Fire Control System 'SU-6 RFFDT'/СУ-6 РПВЗП: There is nothing unique about the Fire Control System. It is fully integrated for artillery use, and also integrated for interoperability with all other fire control systems of the same type, and possibly even beyond. Assuming it has the same values as all others is advised. Engine 'BalkanDvigatel'/Balkan Engine/Балкански Двигател: Again, the same engine is used here, but the Gvozdika is far lighter, resulting in this being an extremely mobile artillery piece, which comes at the expense of having virtually no armour against any anti-tank kinetic projectile. S-400M3 'Triumph of Sarajevo' SAM System (With Anti-Rocket and Anti-Ship Capabilities) *For Anti-Ship, there must be a full Artillery Battalion-sized unit with Secondary Firing Platform N-400EM 'RSrpska' Two S-400 systems, along with more visible. Being the primary anti-air, anti-rocket, and anti-ship defense system for Khan's state, there are many battalions full of these, both in the mainland and in all colonial and affiliate states. Also, to note, a 'battalion' is not JUST the launchers. These kinds of systems require command and support vehicles as well, such as radars, just to begin with, alongside the rocket load itself. SARSDC packs battalions in the following manner: Each battalion has 10 rocket launch platforms, along with 180 rockets, and the aforementioned command and support vehicles. This is an universal thing, and exists in all purchases of these systems, as well as their adoption by previously mentioned states. This system is an integral part of the entire fighting capacity of the armies of the Federation, allowing for massive air coverage, as well as occasional ship and rocket hunting. This allows the Air Force to operate in relative calm, even when the enemy has a sizable fleet of airplanes and airships, as they are lethal, and are available in large numbers, with the mainland having 20 battalions or more, and most of the colonies having at least 3-5 each. As for their lethality and hit chances, it is something SARSDC research is looking into making as reliable as possible. So, that said, successful hits will often obliterate smaller aircraft to bits, and can cause great damage to even large airships, and sustained damage will often result in the destruction of said airship, should measures not be taken. It will also do heavy damage to any ship it hits, and it can shoot other rockets out of the sky if they happen to be close range. So, let's look at what armament could a truck possibly have to be considered a matter of national importance. 'Kris's Sling' Surface-to-Air ASPM: Named after national hero Kris Asparuh, who also influenced the nickname 'Triumph of Sarajevo' as his greatest achievment, the total encirclement and near wipeout of an entire army near the city with that name. And this rocket proudly deserves to carry the name of one of the most aggressive commanders of the nation. In a way, this and the Khan's Sling counterpart are very much alike. They are both ASPMs with Four-Stage Explosive Penetrators, meaning they will totally shred any small aircraft they come into contact with. They both have extremely advanced sensors that have potent defenses against jamming and other countermeasures, and they both have two guidance options: IR and Radar Guidance. So, needless to say, it is outright deadly, and can even intercept other missiles! (Missile Interception is only possible when the target is at 90km or less distance, under optimal conditions) What it has better than the Khan's Sling is RANGE. This missile can hit any aerial target up to 600-650km away, with that upper range being for larger airships and with radar. Under less optimal conditions, such as smaller aircraft and IR guidance, the range is only about 420km. Still, incredible range, and ensures that the enemy Air Forces never get into the skies and think they will have comfort, because they might just get slammed with the equivalent of a giant hammer and sickle. In turn, this makes the already-effective Bulgarian Air Force even more effective, and can perform operations it never previously could due to possible counter-sorties. It also makes kill counts quite high. 'Liberation Day' 3MR78 Surface-to-Air Rocket Interceptor (ASPM): This missile is an extension of 'Khan's Sling', a missile that can technically also intercept other missiles, though it's not the main purpose of that Sling, and this missile, bearing the date of Liberation Day, 19th of February 1878 (3th of March 1878 in the current calendar), is designed to be a dedicated ballistic missile interceptor, alongside the interception of other potent missiles and weaponry, including incoming cruise missiles. Of course, it might not be just cruise missiles, and it can intercept a variety of projectiles, but those few are examples nonetheless. As this is a very new missile, having been introduced to the army only about 2 years ago, it means that despite it's advanced technological assets, it is still not perfected and fine-tuned, something done to other parts of the army, including, but not limited to the Super Mikoyan fighter jet and the Khan's Sling missile itself, both of which, thanks to their earlier introduction almost 15 years ago, were perfected and turned into deadly killing machines, even against other deadly and highly-rated competitors. As such, the 19F78/3MR78's range is only about 100km against ballistic and cruise missile targets, and the occasional chance to miss is there, despite advanced sensors. However, the ability to shoot down other missiles and projectiles is still incredibly powerful, and still makes this a decent weapon in the right hands and circumstances, and current early tests have shown fairly promising results, perhaps justifing it carrying the name 'Liberation Day', and proving itself to be a terrifying defensive AND offensive weapon in the future, as it gets numerous technological advancements from both Valucre and local development programmes. 'Reunification Day' 6SE85 Surface-to-Surface Dedicated Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (ASPM): A standalone design introduced 10 years ago, this missile is designed to be used by the S-400 support firing platforms, giving it ample anti-ship capabilities, given the Federation's history and many of said history's worst moments being naval losses on colonial territory. This, in Khan's eyes, would be no more, as now all S-400 rocket complexes can actually fire off this cruise missile and hit ships with significant precision at amazing ranges, often several hundred kilometers, greatly boosting regional naval supremacy, alongside aerial missiles from aircraft and helicopters. Additionally, this design has been tested a few times already, so no local development programmes are truly needed, and it does indeed carry it's name with pride. Of course, the drawback to this is that 6SE85 may only be launched frrom the smaller secondary firing platform, the N-400 'Republika Srpska', and that the S-400M3 cannot fire it, as it's too small. Administration (Command and Control Centre) System 'B55D': This administration system works as the backbone of communications, backend targeting and management. While not directly assigned to each S-400 unit, it is still a part of it, as 1 administration system manages up to 7 full battalions, secondary platforms included. The C&C centre is usually a military-grade truck or two, usually S-400 trucks, but with extensive communication, backend signal receiver, ECM and ECCM equipment instead of firing tubes. Of course, B55D is of paramount importance, hence why their placement is strategic and often located in heavily defended areas, because without a B55D to manage, up to 7 battalions are massively compromised and left to rely only on their local radars and whatever communication equipment they have, with no way of protecting against ECMs or backend verification of radar detections. Kamov Ka-50M3 'Super Shark'/Mil Mi-24(e) 'Super Hind V2' Attack Helicopter A Ka-50 helicopter. Usually designed as a single, or dual-seat attack helicopters, different needs by the Federation Republics's Air Force have given rise to different innovations to give the FRAF just what they deem necessary for modern warfare. These helicopters are the result of several competing ideas on how to solve the everlasting problem Khan has faced when designing them: He could not make a single-cockpit design with powerful enough armament to justify an attack role without also compromising it's ability to transport troops and participate in paradrop operations as both transports and escorts of the larger Transport Planes. And so, Khan settled on a design incorportating both the Ka-50's coaxial rotors, a single cockpit with two pilot seats from a special design of the formerly operated Mil Mi-24(e), known to the Feds as the 'Super Hind', that was very well-made to be both light and effective against even heavy caliber machine gun rounds, as this was to give it the same rough armour thickness as the main armour, which can withstand even anti-materiel rifles occasionally, alongside carrying over the Anti-Tank, Anti-Ship and Anti-Air Missiles from the Hind. It also allowed it to be both light enough and also elongated a little bit, in order to carry 6 passengers. 'Khan's Sling' (B) Air-to-Air ASPM: With 2 missiles per side wing, these missiles are roughly the same as their Mikoyan counterpart, and perform roughly the same. However, one area in which the helicopters' missiles specialize is better interception performance, pointing towards the idea that a helicopter is never as fast as a plane, and it will never fire a missile first against one. So, the missile is specialized to track attacking sources and prevent them from hitting the helicopter. Of course, they still have all the regular statistics as the Mikoyan version, and guidance. They just have an easier time protecting thanks to this small modification. 'Krum's Sling' (B) Anti-Tank Guided Missile: Inside the largest holding bay on the wings, lay 21 anti-tank guided missiles of the 'Krum's Sling' (B) class. (B) stands for a different modification of the original (A) missile. While it retains all of it's statistics as (A), (B) also has a stronger initial explosion upon contact, making it also a small bomb against infantry or infrastructure. This is to give the helicopter a fighting chance against enemy infantry hiding behind concrete structures, where the penetration of the autocannon might not cut it. 'Golden Sands' (B) Anti-Ship ASPM: On the second holding bay, there are 4 'Golden Sands' (B) Anti-Ship Missiles. The (B) Modification gives it a larger warhead with a penetrating core, increasing penetration by almost 25% while still retaining all other statistics, including Mach 3 or above flight speed. It also has a selective 'Torpedo' mode, with it's own specially added propulsion. This penetration increase is due to the possibiltiy of encountering large enemy ships, and the need to either hit their weakspots from above, or switch into 'Torpedo' and hit their weakspots from under. 'Torpedo' is also a practical solution to hunting undersea vessels down, such as submarines, and decisively sink them once it successfully goes through whatever armour there is. 30mm 'AM6D' Autocannon: An earlier version of the 'AM6S' present on the Mikoyan, this one was designed for helicopters, featuring a semi-rigid mount that, while limiting it's turning ability, gives it better overall accuracy. Featuring APS, HEIS, and HES rounds, it features much of the statistics as it's Mikoyan upgraded counterpart, but lesser penetration and anywhere from 360, 420 or 580 rounds, with a firing rate of 250 rounds per minute. Jamming and Flare Decoys: This helicopter features standard towed jammers and flares, but does not feature a DRON5 Drone Decoy currently. Fire Control System 'SU-6 RFFDT(S)': Again, it features the same interface as it's Mikoyan counterpart. However, it has a small helmet and interface modification designed to make Interceptions easier, and also is given a special section called 'Submarine Hunter'. This mode allows the pilots to have the helicopter radars track for submarines specifically on a map similar to the L&D one, and will display them to the pilot, who can then launch 'Torpedo' Mode missiles against it as all other sections' interfaces require. It can also drop Depth Charges or other Anti-Submarine Assets, if there are any present. Directional Energy Shield A1: As with all other vehicles of SSK origin that are supposed to be on the battlefield, it features an energy shield, split in a three-dimensional, 75/25 manner, emphasizing the need to face the attacker rather than be hit from the rear, which is incredibly weak, and also emphasizes group missions of multiple helicopters that protect each other's flanks as a way of combat. SSC-54M2(FD) 'Super Spartan' High-Capacity Military Transport and Parachute Drop Airplane A base SSC-27M2 'Spartan'. Currently, there are anywhere from 70 to 80 operable aircraft of this type, transporting men, soldiers and supplies to where they are most needed, at very high altitude, and have little means to defend themselves. Also, we are not looking at them. We are looking at the far larger SSC-54M2(FD), known to the Federation as the 'Super Spartan', with around 35 planes available at once. These larger variants are purposefully created. They are high-capacity transports, also responsible for carrying out risky, yet valuable (and sometimes needed), paratrooper division and battalion drop ops, including dropping motorized (basic trucks and truck-based light assets), mechanized (armoured cars and IFVs) and armoured (T-90M2 tanks with amphibious modifications). The plane can carry (listed as separate examples of maximum possible load or room for each) 1. Around 200 soldiers with full gear, or 160 paratroopers, with the possibility to carry up to 100 medics and also have up to 120 spaces for injured personnel, as well as carry up to 20 medics at the same time. 2. It can carry up to 3 trucks, or 3 tracked IFVs inside, alongside up to 40 soldiers or 25 paratroopers, or perhaps up to 15 medics with no seats for injured personnel until paradrop of at least one IFV. 3. It can carry a single T-90M1/M2 with up to 10 soldiers/6 paratroopers/3 medics and no seats for injured personnel until the paradrop of the MBT. Also, the MBTs designed to be paradropped by the Super Spartans (~150-250) have the bulk of their DES face downwards in a 3D manner during their descent, and are slightly less armoured, losing 10% of their base armour (to make them around 43 tons). As for what else Super Spartans come equipped with, let's see. Air-to-Ground Surveillance, Airbrone Detection,Warning and Control (AGS/ADWC) System 'AVG-111-5B': In addition to their large carrying capacity, equal to a small airship (which, let's be real, SSC's are small airships anyway), it has a secondary function of high-altitude air control. For this, it is given a radar inside of the plane, capable of detecting objects, such as low-flying non-stealth aircraft at 450km, and medium/high-altitude non-stealths at around 700km. As a part of the system, there is also a camera system available for taking photographs of things below in high detail. 'Khan's Sling' (B) Air-to-Air ASPM: On the wings, there are up to 8 'Khan's Sling' missiles of the (B) class attached, designed to protect the plane from incoming aircraft, and intercept attacks. Directional Energy Shield A1: As is tradition, a shielding system in a 70/30 3D manner is installed to help defend against anti-air defenses. BMP-23/БМП-23 {Mod. 5-9-0} Light Infantry Fighting Vehicle A Base BMP-23 of the Federation Army. Currently, around 700 are in service and are actively produced. This infantry fighting vehicle is...special. Unlike many other designs, which are based on..something, the BMP-23 is special, as it was a purely local design by Khan himself for the Federation. Thus, it is also locally produced in larger numbers than any other. It helps that the design is based from the Gvozdika. Carrying 10 men as passengers and with a crew of 3, they are also able to be parachuted down from Super Spartans and can withstand fire from most weaponry with a caliber up to 20mm. It is worth noting that several variants of the BMP-23 exist in limited numbers, like Recovery Vehicles (БМП-23ВМ (Възстановителна Машина), Military Police Patrols (БМП-23ВЖПМ (Военно-Жандермерийска Полицейска Машина), Police Cars (in case of dangerous criminals who are armed and might have connections with other dangerous personnel) (БМП-23ТБПМ (Тежка Бойна Полицейска Машина), Firefighting Vehicles (БМП-23ОПМ (Огнебойна Помощна Машина) and dedicated Tank Destroyers (БМП-23ТПБПМ (Тежна Противотанкова Бойна Пехотна Машина). All of these variants exist with at least 15 vehicles each. As for the Tank Destroyers, them being the largest number, with around 55-80 vehicles available, and some manufacturing for them, need a bigger discussion. The BMP-23(HAV) is armed with a 125mm cannon, almost the same as the T-90M1/M2. It also features the same ATGM as that tank, and a significantly stronger turret and hull protection, capable of withstanding even anti-tank gunfire, the same FCS and Sensor system, and an engine producing 420 horsepower to propel the 18-ton machine, which can have 2 fit inside a paradropping plane, at just about the same 60+ km/h as the tank. It also has an Active Protection System of the Kolev branch. It also does NOT transport infantry, using the space for the ammunition instead. However, the Infantry Transport variant is what we will look at. 23mm 'AM6' Autocannon: Using the same relative brand as it's tank cousin, the 23mm autocannon is designed to punch through other armoured cars, jeeps and all sorts of light scouting vehicles. It can also kill off any infantryman approaching, no doubt about it. Being able to fire Armour Piercing Composite Rigid (APCR), Incendiary Explosive (IE), and High-Explosive (HE) shells, it is flexible enough, and incredibly accurate, even on the move, even with automatic fire and reliable automatic lead and targeting. It also has a secondary, remotely operated PKM M4 machine gun with standard shells enjoying many of the benefits as it's larger counterpart. 'Kornet' (B) Rocket Platform: On the top of the vehicle, there is a 'Kornet' anti-tank launcher present. However, (B) class features better penetration and better turning for both SPGM and ATGM, actually making it a viable alternative to the Krum's Sling that is so relentlessly present on the larger behemoths. Both also feature a 1km increase in range, and the SPGMs will now both destroy shields, and also disable their reappearance for a short duration, thanks to the extended Stun effect they now bring to the user shielding themselves. Fire Control System 'SU-6 RFFDT': A staple of the Federation's ground armour, this system was adapted for the 23mm autocannon and the machine gun, and can be synchronized. Otherwise, it has similar capability as it's tank counterpart, being able to perform the same functions as that counterpart. Smoke and Jamming Dischargers: While this is rarely equipped (and thus, not mentioned) on other combat vehicles, the BMP-23 features up to 6 smoke dischargers. Their whole purpose is to obscure regular vision with a thick cloud of smoke and aerosol, deal with guided attacks by denying guidance via vision to the vehicle, and with the newer jamming devices installed that block, distort and distract unknown electronics, there is ample electronic warfare capability given to these machines. Also, something worth noting is that there is a Smoke Exhaust system that can also perform Smoke Screens in a different manner directly connected to the Fire Control System. When using it, there is the option of releasing a 'Smoke Burst', once enough Smoke was collected from the Smoke Exhaust system. With 1 use and usable every so often, that means they can still conceal themselves after being spotted even if they ran out of canisters. Engine 'D-82M': This engine is smaller, producing 360 horsepower to propel the 16-ton vehicle at great speed, easily making 60+ km/h achievable. With a reliable filtration system, it can protect from toxic fumes, and has a large 650km combat range, and can ford up to 6 meters deep. However, like other engines, it has a higher change of catching fire when directly hit.
  23. THE BLACKSPEAR CARTEL Name: The Blackspear Cartel (Black Spear) Symbol: A woman pierced from behind by a spear Colors: Black, black and black. Sometimes grey but mostly black. Description: A mercenary group whose true purpose is the collection, compilation, segregation, and transcription of knowledge, history and experiences. Members: Neutral Relations: Everyone else Brief History: An idea created by the Black Maker, Lord Suzy. The concept was to create an information gathering collective as a container for all the knowledge stored within the Lord Suzy's mind. Being someone who has lived for an unrealistic amount of time, the old man has an intense need for a storage device so he can share the burden of his memories. Thus the cartel is born. It was later revealed that while the Blackspear cartel has long been created, it was just recently that it has spreas its name. Prior to going public, the organization has mostly kept to its own thus leaving very little trace in the annals of history. There were no accounts on how old this organization is but the Blackmaker allegedly claims that he has been in val since the dawn of time. Other members too, like the Lady has claimed to have lived for a few centuries in Valucre. She also alleges that she have lived longer in and has been jumping realms. Khakina and Sera were her first members and claimed to have lived a few millenia before entering Valucre. One may or may not believe such claims but one cannot deny that they all possess knowledge beyond their years. Members/Affiliated Personas The Blackheads: 1. The Blackmaker / The Suzerain 2. The Black Frigid / The Lady 3. The Black Mid / The Mistress Upper Echelon Member (before the dissolution): 1. The Black Khaks 2. The Black Serr 3. The Black Mana 4. The Black Hoe 5. The Black Natz 6. The Black Wallnut 7. The Black Annals 8. The Black Sans Honorary Members: 1. Saki-San 2. Shishidelan Friggadotter Graduates (Members who left before the dissolution): 1. The Black Deck - currently working for the Fracture Military. Has cut all ties to the cartel. 2. Black Sheth - currently detained at Last Chance.
  24. Sketch Crow Company is made up of just Lupin and a few NPCs right now but he's already a growing name in the criminal underworld thanks to his involvement on the assassination attempt in Ursa Madeum. He's beginning to recruit a little more talent to make his own highly efficient group instead of relying on chance to give him someone competent for a mission. Crow Company is a combination of NPCs and PCs. Agenda Crow Company wants to become so wealthy they're the ones who have to start worrying about mercenaries and thieves, rather than always being the mercenaries and thieves themselves. Not sure what that looks like yet but damn it's going to be grand. Ambitions Get all 4 core roles Get all 4 supporting roles Complete a quest ladder: C (Done) - B - A - S Core Roles The variety or typecast of your skills and abilities doesn't matter but the role you fill will be the one that your character specializes in. If the group needs an expert in that role, that's your character, so make sure that it's an appropriate fit please. Lupin the Fighter - backup rogue Shoko the Healer - backup mage Malek the Rogue - backup fighter Mage Supporting Roles Berserker (barbarian, tank, etc) Bard (politician, etc) Druid (beast master, herb expert, etc) Ranger (longshot, tracker, etc) Threads headless snake - we help stop a band of rebel resistance and get our own tavern and inn and member sleep quarters
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