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Found 8 results

  1. There's a dragon waking up in Black mountain over in Seinaru Forven! There's a city on the top of this mountain, so as you can imagine this causes some problems as the dragons waking is causing earthquakes, and avalanches. So we need to go stab this dragon a whole bunch with pointy sticks as dragons resist magic pointy sticks. I'm looking for 1 to 3 more people to help me with said poking of a dragon and sense I know most people need incentive I come prepared with free cakes for all! And you know... I guess the base reward of a dragon egg and possible dragon scales... But I know the cake should be enough. Comprehensive list of details: Goal: Found dragon's cave and poke it a bunch Stab every pie on the way Needs: 1-3 more people to help poke dragon Rewards: Free cake from yours truly as a bribery for friendship incentive, and the quest rewards of dragon egg and/or dragon scales Location: Black Mountain/Eneraith in Seinaru Forven Pace: I would prefer once every day or once every 3 days if once a day isn't possible. I will remind you after a week before skipping you PS: Rainbow sheep might be spotted on the way and they look cool. Quest is dragon legend in that post should you wish to investigate it yourself. Pointy Stick Army: @Dabi (Dauner) @AthenasFire (Vivian, The Archivist) @L E V I A T H A N (Saul [Correct me if this is the wrong link just what I found]) @Fallen Joy (Ferrah [Character is listed on the page]) @Sirloin (Kaia, The Blind Archer) (Gone?) OOC: IC Thread
  2. This is a role play Where either: 1(yc) comes home to find (mc) you’re partner, sick with the stomach flu or cold or vice versa. 2 yc comes to the hospital complaining of an upset stomach and mc takes care of you and a romance is born. 3 date night gone bad by way of food poisoning, Where one of us unknowingly orders bad food. My character Resren is an elf with many traits of his kin, but he has a weak immune system and can get sick easily. Despite his weakness, Resren is also a doctor Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.
  3. I'm looking to write a story on this site, and hoping I can find fellow creative writers here to embark on this endeavor with me. The goal is to write fairly frequently with a minimum of at least one post per day. I'm willing to write any type of story, so for people who want to dedicate a little bit of themselves to exploration and fiction, please feel free to share ideas with me on a story you want to write. I don't really have a character, and I'm with either adhering to Valucre's lore or creating new lore. I like all types of stories, but since this is a collaborative art, I think dramatic personal stories would be for the best. Stories that have characters with goals that require interacting with and understanding other writer's characters in order to achieve said goals. Stories like The Shawshank Redemption, Romeo & Juliet, The Darjeeling Unlimited, and The Godfather, etc. (Random, I know, but these stories focus on the characters, not the action or something you see in a Heroes Journey type of tale) *Note, this is simply a preference, and I'm willing to adapt and expand my horizons in writing and reading.
  4. I’m looking for some RP partners who are interested in doing an RP in Genesaris. It can be fantasy, adventure, or action I’m open to most things though. I don’t need overly long answers either, just send me a message or reply here if you have any ideas, and I also have an RP open in the TOL if anyone is interested! -Felicity
  5. Hello wonderful people. I'm looking for an RP partner to help me flesh out a new character. I think I'd like for it to be a one-on-one thread (at least until the characters have a bit of a defined relationship). I'm hoping for someone who posts regularly. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in more details.
  6. Hello! I am new to this site, but have been roleplaying online for quite a few years now. I have made a character and have been pondering about how to start a story with him. My character is an assassin, but he can easily serve a lot of other roles, too. Do we end up going to investigate a mystery? He can be a sneaky mastermind! Are we doing a monster hunt? He's combat ready! What about just some socializing or slice of life stuff? His personality is the biggest on the continent (or so he claims...) I'm up for most things, but here's a couple things I'm not interested in right now: Adult stuff (I'm currently 17 years old). PvP (Maybe at some point, but I'm looking to start with something co-operative to get a better handle on combat Anything that has no goal (I love socializing aimlessly as my character, but threads like those often fizzle out pretty quickly) So, I'm not exactly sure how roleplays are 'run' here, I come from a DND background, so I'm used to there being a GM. Seemingly, that's not necessary on this site. Neat! I'd be up to joining a local quest with you, or becoming your partner in crime, even :). I'm not really looking to GM a thread, mostly because I want to play in one too, and that seems problematic. That's not to say that I'm not up for collaborating to move a story along, I just don't want to have to be in charge of the thread. I also don't mind playing as NPCs on top of my main character, as long as neither of us expect them to be the stars of our story 🙂 If anything I said was confusing, I apologize, I've never been on a site where roleplay is handled like this 🙂 Note: It doesn't have to be in Union City, but definitely somewhere close by, at least. I'm totally up for being spirited away from there, though! This is just my suggested starting location, I'd be excited regardless of where the story takes us around the world! Thanks for reading, I'm excited to start playing with all of you 🙂
  7. Hey, my fellow role players. I’m not going for lengthy introductions unless you ask, specifically. However, lol. Those of you curious to read this now, I am seeking a few story-teller npcs for the current thread with my Nosferatu. Him and his bride from a distant past attended the Purple Penguin and won’t be not long until the party is ruined and the club notices it’s infested with a pair of bloodsucking undead. Another incident it would seem instead of plaguing New Tia, it was accurate to say that this was a random occurrence out of the spark of desire and greed from a totally seperate Vampire coven.. A massacre and conversion of innocent people is said to occur, something I’ve worked towards in a separate thread for Martial Town. I’m cool enough to be almost down with anything you’re willing to put together for the sake of RP and fun. Whether you play a worker, bartender, hell perhaps off-duty cop, security. Slight opposition, Whatever. If you’re willing to turn and wish to continue a role in the Choisel house of vampires using this opportunity as a platform, I’m also down for that. Thanks for volunteering to help!
  8. Hey wonderful world of Valucre, I'm looking to get back into forum Rp and was hoping to do something casual, maybe epic or crazy, with two of my usual characters. I'll link them below. Basically ones a shadow magic casting mage with a taste for fear and adventure. The other is a hardened merc who usually ends up in groups that soften his hard exterior and allow him to finally lower his guard(big into magitek and the arcane arts). I'm also willing to completely make up a new character if that's what someone wants to do to.
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