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Found 57 results

  1. Grubbistch

    There Be A Wolf In These Ruins

    Setting: The island of Corinth, thick jungles and hot weather. Daytime, early morning. The Skulking Grounds Genre: Adventure Objective: To claim both the True Crown of Ursa Madeum and to reclaim the remains of Sir Sarvos the Unchecked Danger level: High- A vicious werewolf prowls the grounds, as well as the ghosts of the hunted and traps covering the estate. Reward: The True Crown of Ursa Madeum Desired Story Arc: The full force of the Dogs of War knight order is coming down to Corinth to quest for treasures of great power. In one of the ruined fortresses, known with dread as the Skulking Grounds, these champions of House Uldwar desire both artifact and remains of one of their greatest members in known history, Sarvos the Unchecked. Recently, the knights have uncovered knowledge of a thief who had stolen the crown shortly after the disappearance of the Queen, a master of stealth who had come to Ursa Madeum to plunder all of its magical treasures. After pilfering the True Crown of Ursa Madeum, the thief ventured into the Skulking Grounds, knowing that any artifact of Sarvos the Unchecked would fetch a high price. The thief went into the ruins, but has never come out, his death likely due to the werewolf rumored to lurk within the ruins to this very day, always hunting for new prey to devour in its massive maw. What Roles Am I Looking For?: At the very least one person to serve as either helper or competition for the Crown and other such treasures that may be in the Skulking Grounds. Others can join in, really just depends on how your character fits into the story overall. Expectations: Good communication, an open mind for ideas and a willingness to keep disagreements civil. Aiming for at least five pages for this thread. Created Opportunities: If Oscar Uldwar is allowed both the remains of Sir Sarvos the Unchecked and the True Crown of Ursa Madeum, then he will indeed be a force to be reckoned with in the political and military scene of Ursa Madeum.
  2. Fennis Ursai

    A Silver Ticket Gamble (LFG)

    Greetings potential employees I, the great gambler of the Astral Planes, am seeking potential talent for a little investment. In particular, I am looking for a small group of adventurers or 'enforcer' types to help 'secure' a light encampment of hostiles so that I may turn it into a worth while investment location. For those seeking a potential opportunity to turn a quick payout for light physical work, seek out the small heavily armored man that hails by the name Vashka. As a side note, he seeks liquor fairly heavy. To those willing to take on a light task, the pay out will be compensation by means of gems, the currency that will never go wrong. For those that show an aptitude as well as a 'spark' for this line of work will see themselves in standing within my good graces as well as more opportunities for employment. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of this little business opportunity. -The End Game Hello everyone, this is an inquiry for a small group of adventures. This is open for 'any' persons no matter skill level or how confident you are in your roleplay ability. For information, this is a light quest, very low risk of death but high risk of injury. This will be the start of a line of quests by the benefactor know as 'The End Game'. As for characters I do not care what alignment or walk of life/experience of character. I'm hoping for a maximum of eight OC's willing to clear out an area of hostile denizens. The rest of the details will be given once the characters make contact with Vashka. As for the location, I will be setting the location to Blairville, where the contact will be spending at least 5 days wandering the city before either moving on or until a party has been found. Once your character makes contact with Vashka, they will be informed to hold onto a very light pebble (magical for those attuned to 'ancient' millennia old magics) which contains a tracker and responder sigil within it to contact the potential employee as well as making them much easier to find for when Vashka will be assembling the pack together. The most important thing is have fun 😄 Looking forwards to seeing you all on the job. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me or post them below 🙂 Spot 1: Witches Brew Character: Ji-woo Spot 2: Spot 3: Spot 4: Spot 5: Spot 6: Spot 7: Spot 8: To the action!
  3. Grubbistch

    There's Oil in these Jungles!

    Setting: The island of Misral, thick jungles and hot weather. Daytime, early morning Genre: Adventure Objective: To claim two oil fields in the name of House Uldwar Danger level: Average-High (Chance for being attacked by an assortment of wild animals and/or hostile humanoids and for inclement weather.) Reward: A sum of gold considered enough to live like a nobleman for three months and possibly an item either magical enchantment or of a unique material exclusive to the Terran material list. Desired Story Arc: First Phase: To explore the thick jungles in order to locate at the maximum two oil fields, so that House Uldwar can set up a drilling operation to extract the oil. Second Phase: After discovering each oil field, a random encounter will be rolled for (a total of six in all) that will keep the party from securing said field. Once the obstacle is removed then the field will be considered secure. Third Phase: Once the last oil field has been secured, a random weather phenomenon will be rolled which will be played out as a natural disaster. The party will need to either find a place for shelter or outrun the disaster in order to make it to safety. What Roles Am I Looking For?: At the very least two people with each or both playing a role that I would wish to have for this quest. Your character doesn't have to meet this requirements, they are only a preference for helping to make the story go smoother. 1. A survivalist who is skilled in navigating wild terrains. 2. A magic user well versed in the arts of geological magic. Expectations: Good communication, an open mind for ideas and a willingness to keep disagreements civil. Created Opportunities: With the acquisition of one or two oil fields, House Uldwar grows in both wealth and political clout, bringing them one step closer to their ultimate goal of the crown.
  4. pandemonium

    LF RP partner

    Looking for a committed RP partner with an emphasis on building up characters from scratch in Terrenus. Leaning toward Terrenus's major Church or military, but open to starting as just about anything, adventurers, politicians, whatever. If you have a character, or an idea, you've been wanting to explore but lacked a partner for, then this is for you! Looking specifically for something that accounts for the continuity between characters and their relationships. If anyone's interested, post here or send me a PM.
  5. The Skarr Clan Not All Floods Involve Water The Forgotten Woods are, unsurprisingly, forgotten for the most part. The strange magics that work within the forest defy almost all attempts to travel through them. This not only cuts off trade routes between neighboring territories, makes the abundance of lumber there unobtainable, and also eats up tonnes of space to develop upon. Perhaps this is what has made the Skaven's abrupt appearance within the woods, or the rumors of Skaven in the woods at least, are causing such a commotion. The Skarr Clan, the small faction of Skaven that have found their way into the heart of the Forgotten Woods, have been sighted more and more along the outskirts of the Forest, scouting and poking along. Skirmishes can be heard from deep within the woods, echoing through the night. Though it's never seen, it's evident that blood has been spilled in the Woods already. It is unclear what will happen in the coming weeks. The Skaven are at odds with the fae living within the Forgotten Woods, and open conflict seems to be just around the corner. Weapons of war are surely being forged already, on both sides, and tensions can only continue to mount. Without some kind of insider information, it is unclear who will win the war for the Forgotten Woods...and who should win the war. See, the Skaven's position in the woods offer a unique opportunity. So long as they are thriving within the woods, the magicked trees will continue to be cleared out. Roads will eventually--hopefully--emerge, and trade will flourish along these new routes. If the Skaven are victorious, it would be in the neighboring territories' best interest to get on their good side. Does this mean the Skaven are justified in slaughtering the fae? Certainly not. There's no clear explanation as to how best to proceed, no obvious explanation as how best to approach the oncoming conflict. That won't stop some people from trying to make a difference, one way or another, however. In fact, one merchant has already put up posters in a handful of smaller settlements, looking for escorts. Looking for guards who can: -Protect a Carriage and One (1) Passenger along multiple routes through the Forbidden Forest All expenses covered; Food, Equipment, Reparations and Insurance Please get into contact with--- The Skaven's numbers will continue to grow, and if they are left untended they will surely overrun the fae no matter how well-organized their will. Through user participation, the Skaven's numbers will vary drastically following the conflict, along with that of the fae they're facing off against. There's no telling how this conflict will unfold--through your interaction, you may help shape the fate of the Forgotten Woods, and that of Terrenus at large.
  6. Setting: Pirate's Cove, Misral, second largest island in Ursa Madeum. Dead of night, calm weather with a full moon showing. Genre: Medieval fantasy/intrigue Objective: To convince the pirate lord to swear fealty to House Uldwar to serve as a makeshift navy/privateer operation. Danger level (Average): As this is a diplomatic mission, violence is not to be expected, but it is possible. Aggression towards the pirate lord or his lackeys will result in them returning the attack in kind if not worse. The use of characters with calm heads is not mandatory but is advised. Character death will not happen unless owner of character wishes for it to happen. Reward: Substantial amount of gold, recognition within the court of House Uldwar and possibly your own pirate ship. Desired Story Arc (Subject to change by participant request): A secret meeting is being held with the Pirate Lord of the Pirate's Cove in Misral and Lord Uldwar, Patriarch of House Uldwar and majority landowner in Misral. In this secret meeting, Lord Uldwar intends to recruit the Pirate Lord and many of his associates to act as Privateers in behalf of House Uldwar, to both protect their trade routes and harass the ships of their competitors so they may build up their own businesses. Through this House Uldwar would begin to start outfitting and improving on Pirate's Cove, making it it's own bustling city in a sense as the raiding would bring in more gold to the area. One twist that will come of this story is that the second oldest daughter of Lord Uldwar, Mia Uldwar, will be on the ship disguised as a boy. Whether or not you notice her will be up to you, giving you the choice of either turning her in to her father or letting her be and interacting with her a little. Should the pirates discover her it has the possibility of jeopardizing the entire negotiation, that detail is dependent on the people involved. Overall this isn't going to be a very action heavy thread (unless you the participants want to make it such). It really does depend on what the interested parties want. Should a tie come up on this decision I will weigh on and break said tie. What Roles Am I Looking For?: Minimum is one player to play as the Pirate Lord but I can play that role if no one wants to. Other than that you can play as either a mercenary in the employ of either Lord Uldwar or the Pirate Lord to make sure the other doesn't try anything funny. If you wish to participate in a different capacity then that is fine, just let me know and we can work it out on this thread. Please post a character sheet if your character has one (otherwise a short description of who they are and what they do) if you are interested in this kind of story. Expectations: Expectations are good communication, good behavior and an open mind towards other people's ideas. Posting window is once per three days, but I will allow at least a week so long as you let us know in the OOC thread that you need more time. As this will be a canon thread we will be going by the mild power settings and for the standard amount of words per post. Created Opportunities: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!: A valuable shipment of rum has gone missing! Discover it's whereabouts to receive a nice reward from the proprietor of the local taverns within the Pirate's Cove. Quest Type: Repeatable Reward: Some gold and a free night's stay at the tavern. Post Requirement: Ten or more Something stirs beneath the waves...: A sea monster has been spotted making trouble in the seas! Kill it, and bring it's briny hide in for a reward. Be it kraken, hydra, or royally pissed off snapping turtle, they'll be the perfect addition to your maritime legend! Post Requirement: 20 or more Quest Type: Repeatable Reward: If turned in to House Uldwar, a grand party held in your honor with a magical item made from the beast you have slain. If turned in to the Pirate's Cove, a raucous party will be held in your honor, with rum and women aplenty. A magical item will also be made from the beast you have slain. X marks the Spot!: There be buried treasure in a deserted island somewhere in those seas. Find it, claim it as your own, and reap the rewards of your labors! Quest Type: Repeatable Quest Reward: Large sum of gold coins and jewels, plus one item made from the Terran material list. Post Requirement: 20 or more
  7. Alright I’m looking for any good rps but I do want some good one on ones to fill in the space between big rp posts. It’s a lonely world. I have some ideas of my own not listed knowing it’ll push people away but also trying to lore people who want to build up a relation ship. I’m down to do most anything with some exceptions. But I wanna know someone before I make a broad pitch so I can angle for something they like. I’m long for a long term partner. i can manage a paragraph or be literate but I usually try to match my partner’s post length. Be warned we’ll probably end up being friends
  8. roboblu

    Be my comrade

    UPDATED JUNE 1st, 2018 Hello, friends! Right now I'm keeping up with a moderate level of activity on Val, and I have a few really great characters that I'd like to progress into more advanced plotlines. If you're ever interested in forming a partnership/companionship with any of the following characters, or they happen to fit a vacancy in your grand schemes, please feel free to reach out via PM or Discord (#8132) - Discord preferred! My other characters, most of them inactive, are linked in my signature. Maya Zapatero - young diplomat in the Terran military currently stationed in Nu Martyr (Renovatio). Is planning on touring the nation before establishing a Terrenus consulate within the capital. Could use some native friends and/or colleagues within the government. Very lawful, courteous, needs help breaking down her boundaries to relax a little. Loves to learn about other cultures. Izusisil Vedanta na Tukelea - Nymerian healer apprentice with a penchant for mischief. Loves to flirt, loves to test the patience of her mentor. Would jump at the chance to get in trouble and/or show off to a fresh audience. Merenus Syesa zi Moitiane - Highly skilled Nymerian artist who has become somewhat of a hermit since his partner died. Would benefit from some company, and occasionally takes commissions - but only for a worthwhile cause. Wren Sheppard - former Terran soldier with a companion dragon named Cricket. Was recently employed by the Melisende family as a bodyguard for Princess Cosima, but will be leaving the Cold South to travel for a while. Angsty, but exceedingly kind and patient. Likes to have fun. Could use a short fling or something to make him realize what he’d left behind after leaving Cosima. ARCHIVE September 2017 requests:
  9. Jotnotes

    All we need is SLAG

    Unsurprisingly, Bodice Brouchard--Headmistress of Bronte, The Umbra Academy of the Arcane--has run into some major difficulties financing the full restoration and renovation of the Umbra Public Library. Her issues are varied, but the primary problem comes from a lack of resources. No amount of gold can make up for a serious lack of precious metals, ideal lumber and high quality masonry. As a result, progress on the rebuild has been...lackluster. In order to combat this stagnation, Bodice has found an elegant, if a little drawn-out, solution; becoming yet another pawn in the elaborate game of resource production and management. Through a little well-placed financing, and calling in a few favors, Bodice has managed to arrange for the early release of notorious Kobold crime boss Wilhem "Will" Shankyu (Pronounced "Will Shank You") as well as several of his cronies. Through the delicate art of faking ledgers and forging money laundering schemes, Bodice arranges for the financing of this motley crew, so that they can set up a 'SLAG' refinery. SLAG, or Solid Liquid And Gas, is a unique compound that Kobolds are renowned for. Through their peculiar refineries, SLAG can be used to do just about anything--wiring, sheet metal, stonework, smithing, minting and on and on--the science is a little harder to explain, but the results speak for themselves. If Bodice can set up this refinery, and get it running, the Kobolds will generate mass revenue and be able to put more funding into their business, which will allow them to collect the resources Bodice needs to finish the Library. Plus, she'll make a fat profit from the refinery's sales! It's a Win-Win! However, one major problem still remains. Bodice has very few means of getting her new band of convicts to where they're needed without arousing suspicion, or linking her to the refinery, meaning she's forced to rely on...unprofessional sources to get her little venture off the ground. That's where you come in. What do you say? Are you up for a little capitalism? Hey everybody! The gist of this thread took waaaaay too long for me to come up with, so I'm really hoping I do a stellar job of relaying it to you, the readers! In essence, Bodice will be paying the party in question to escort Shankyu (or just Shank if you prefer) to the designated build site, where they'll take care of the rest. The party will be responsible for escorting supplies as well as protecting the kobold masses. Now, I can already hear you saying "Jot, that sounds terrible. People don't like escort quests in games, why would they like them in their table tops?" To which I reply: Because this isn't your daddy's escort mission! For each person that joins the group (up to four players total, besides myself, there will be an additional two kobold cronies. These cronies don't go running into danger unless they're told to, and because I'm responsible for writing as them, they're not likely to do any stupid shit that gets them all killed. Additionally, you are almost completely in full control over what you want them to do. Run for cover? Done? Stand and fight? Easy. Moreover, your character gets paid twice for this quest, and one of those times is up front! Before embarking, your crew will have a big pool of money to share, and with it you can gear up your kobolds however you like! Maybe you want to put them all on overwatch, so you buy them all rifles! Maybe you wanna have some fun with them, and you dress them all up differently! Maybe you just want the Kobolds to run around in their plain attire, while you keep that fat stash of loot for yourself! You have total freedom on how you choose to use that money! Hell, you could even use it to buy yourself some cool shit before the adventure begins! I do hope that is enough to convince you that this will be a good time. I'm looking for anywhere between 2 and 4 other writers for this one, and I'm suggesting that we'll have a single post up a week. I know it's summer time and everybody has plans, so I'm hoping that a week-long deadline will be enough to give people a chance to post whenever they can. And...that's it! You got questions? I might have answers? Concerns or criticisms? I'll take those too! Really, if you've read this far and are still interested, I'd be happy with any feedback at all, just because I'm so grateful for you taking the time to read this mess of an Interest Check. Thanks again!
  10. Rose parker

    Corner Cafe

    Tired from those long adventures? Need a little coffee boost? That's right, this is the place to join to quench those thirst urges! We are a friendly bunch, don't hesitate. Genre: Fantasy Location: Terrenus, on the seas side of Casper Idea: Casper's city's own little " Cafe corner" on the seaside in the town of Terrenus. The idea of this role play is to provide fellow adventurers and citizens of Terrenus a place to quench their thirst, and satisfy those rumbling tummies! So many quests and adventures to do so little time to eat? Don't hesitate and join the " Corner cafe" group! Lots of yummy treats to eat, and friends to meet. All races are welcome. Any more queries do Pm me :)
  11. Hey guys! Me and my lovely assistant @Wade (and @SweetCyanide!) are looking for two characters to join us on a Whispernight Quest in Port City. Wade's character Teddy is a charming, heart-breaking bounty hunter, while Cora is a smol and angry sailor; the two have paired up in the past for various adventures, and may or may not be repressing feelings for one another. (It's all very middle-school.) We're looking for characters who can play off of this dynamic and these personalities for some good, old-fashioned treasure hunting. The thread will likely begin at a party hosted by one of Teddy's contractors, where he will convince Teddy to lead a crew to retrieve treasure from Port City. Your characters will likely already know about the quest, and come to the party to meet Teddy before rolling out. This is where the quest begins. We have a rough guideline for how we'd like the plot to go, but are definitely open to suggestion and all of the fun that comes with a group RP. Ideally, the frequency will be around once per week, but Wade and I are both constantly in a state of dying, so patience is a must. Please comment below or DM me with interest! 1. Cheezeegriff 2. Zashii
  12. In the summer of 26 AO, the coffee-fueled, aspiring captain Harlow Foster set out on seemingly normal shore leave to visit the World Fair San Yara Menagerie with two of her best shipmates in tow. Amongst the event’s boisterous crowd, the three found themselves drawn to a particular tent, in which participants were promised to “learn the power of the mind” by way of an up-close encounter with an ancient, powerful Harpy known as HocusPocus. During her time on stage, the giant bird appeared to hijack Harlow’s body, launching her into a perpetual reverie that would prove difficult to end. Upon surviving the mind-altering experience, the Captain-to-be would find herself haunted by depictions of a ship she didn’t know or recognize, and after suffering through weeks of relentlessly repetitive visions, Harlow would finally decide to set out in search of it. Despite harboring doubts of this mystery ship’s existence, Harlow’s right-hand weapons master (who’d previously accompanied her to the Fair), Kalco, would join Harlow in her quest to discover the truth behind her dreams. The two, along with a third newfound friend, Donovan, would venture from Blairville, through the Wastelands, to the Dead Peaks, in search of the foretold ship. Along the way, the triad came to realize they were being followed by someone known as the Black Mantis, who appeared fixated on Kalco (for reasons unknown), and who would ultimately attempt to deter them from both finding the hidden ship and keeping their comrade Kalco at their side. After a top-of-the-mountain, violate exchange with the Mantis, Harlow and Donovan would win out in acquiring the ship, but would end up losing something far more valuable. In the end, upon returning to Kalco’s position at the base of the Dead Peaks, the duo would find their friend gone, save only a bit of blood as the lone surviving artifact of her presence. Since then, Harlow has spent her time in search of her lost friend and preparing to bring justice to those responsible for Kalco’s disappearance. It's now 28 AO. Feeling ready, and knowing that it’s unlikely she’ll succeed alone, Harlow, now Captain of the Cloudstrider, has begun her search for a qualified, diverse line-up of hires to help seek out her first official target: The Black Mantis. Wahoo! This is the main story-line for my character Harlow. Looking for 2 - 3 people to join, nothing huge. Ideally looking for those a-okay with slower paced/longer-form RP with a real interest in collaboration. There will be combat and experiences in this thread that’ll be partially driven by dice rolls, and some things driven by player character details. Also open to helping others advance and move forward their own character plots, so if there’s something you think your character might be able to achieve for themselves in this thread, definitely want to hear about it. That said, would love to have any of the following sorts of characters round out the crew (I'm open to more than this, but wanted to provide some kind of direction): - Heavy / Mercenary - Mage / Healer (bonus for those who have experience with phylacteries) - Hunter / Tracker - Scholar / Folklore Expert Please post character sheets if you’ve got ‘em, or any kind of additional information you can provide, if you don’t have one. I’d like to gauge interest before making any decisions on who’s in, so I have a chance to balance out the team, if needed. Finally, please note that this thread will be canonized! Aaand, that’s it! Happy to answer any questions.
  13. KittyvonCupcake

    Need a Job? Like Books?

    Hello, hello. Book|Ends, your friendly local tomestore, will be hosting a quest in search of Herrington's Black Book of Summonings. Information will supplied below. Contract workers, mercenaries, and ragtag vagabonds are more than welcome to contact the head of the Book|Ends Retrieval Specialists Ioreth Rhavon via messenger imp, crystal communicator, smoke signal, or politely worded letter. Misspellings and improper grammar will be corrected in red ink. This includes the smoke signals1. The mission will take place in the southwest district of Blairville. A rendezvous point will be arranged shortly. As a D level quest, only 7 responses per person are necessary before closing out the mission, unless an Act of Gaia or sheer exhaustion dictates otherwise. 1Please do not ask B|E associates how, as we only know that she can and will do so.
  14. Grubbistch

    Necropolis Rising

    Hello and welcome my fellow writers. I have quite the opportunity for those wishing to get into the political scene in Orisia. This is a story that is high in intrigue, character development and plenty of mysteries to uncover. It is here on this interest check that the noble house of Estella-Negra makes its debut and first move in the grand game of the political world in Orisia. In this story I am looking for specific people but I can also adapt and work with other characters on it as well. The gist of the story is that House Estella-Negra wishes to become the sole ruling family in the city of Izabal. For centuries House Estella-Negra have patiently waited, taking any opportunity to advance themselves until only one obstacle lies in their path. A noble house of vampires holds a tight fist over their properties in the city, doing everything they can to thwart the attempts of Estella-Negra at gaining more power. Known as House Sangre, the tensions between the two families have been rather fierce as of late. Now Estella-Negra wishes to remove their rival in order to finally achieve the control they have sought. This quest will be mainly for any other noble houses in Orisia wishing to be apart of a quest to help advance their own agendas. Estella-Negra is going to need help in dismantling the political and monetary power of House Sangre. While there is a preference for other houses in Orisia I won't turn down anyone else willing to get in on this, and can adapt the story to help make others be more valuable in it. The big thing about this though is that in order to fully gain control of the board I need to make a thread containing at least sixty posts to take control. That means this is going to be one for the long haul, though I feel the story is solid enough for this to take that many pages to finish. Posting order is loose unless it needs to be changed, I hope to be able to write with some of you wonderful users out there.
  15. The Ardesian House is looking for those willing to aid in the search of justice! We, the Ardeisan house, are recruiting those willing to aid in the assassination of a corrupt king! We seek able bodied warriors, killers, guardians. Those willing to aid shall be paid more then adequately for their troubles. If one is interested in this lone of work, the Ardesians will be in touch. There's is a spot at the bottom of the flyer for people interested to tear off that reads: Hold onto this if you are interested in the job. HOI! I'm looking for some people to help me progress a character arc forwards, those willing to aid in the killing of an off world king will be paid in a sum of trade bars and even in gems depending on how they preform. Once the job is completed the character will earn favor with a house of werewolves that will be building an empire. Do note the risk of death is fairly high (55-65%) since the enemy has trained werewolf warriors. If you are fairly new or even have a character that isn't very experienced don't be afraid to join in. I'm not just looking for god-slayers, I am however looking for people who are willing to post on a regularly weekly basis, if you can't keep up the pace you can drop out or forgo a turn. I've gotten a bit impatient on waiting on this so I figured I'd do it now since things have gotten slow.
  16. Grubbistch

    Mystery of the Bloody Red Specter

    Okay so I played out an interesting little interaction in the Hyperion hub thread with this character I created and will be calling the Bloody Red Specter. In this thread I am looking for someone willing to either playing an investigator for Hyperion or someone hired by the authorities of Hyperion to investigate this character who has been seen in various places, some are normal places that are just odd for someone to be in at certain times of night, and others are definite no go zones that should be off limits to normal civilians. Efforts to apprehend and question the Bloody Red Specter so far have been ineffective, which is where the other player will come in. The Bloody Red Specter is an enigmatic entity that is around five feet tall, wears a blood red cloak and doesn't make a sound through their footsteps. It doesn't register on thermal sensors but is detectable via magical detection. At this point in time no one has reported talking with this character but it has been seen collecting various mundane objects such as scraps of paper, a broken piece of mortar, and various utensils. No significant connection has been found between the objects seen collected and the location of where they've been taken from. Your job is to locate, apprehend and interrogate the Bloody Red Specter in order to find out why they are in Hyperion and the reasoning for their actions. Killing the Bloody Red Specter is forbidden but incapacitating them is allowed. I think this will be a fun, spooky little mystery quest for anyone that wants to take part in it and see just what the heck is going on.
  17. Hello there! Well, as the title says, I am looking for one or more partners to participate in some 1x1 RPing that can take place either in messages or as a thread (I'm not fussy). I have been roleplaying for about eight years now and usually like hefty, paragraphed posts (i.e.-more than 8 sentences ) My post rate is not set, I can post anything from three times a day, to three times a week. The minimum I will post is probably once a week. I find the genre's that most pique my interest are: Fantasy (this includes supernatural-based things.) Historical Sci-fi Action (Not too gory.) Adventure Romance-ish (?)---> [Light, about pg 16-18. I like 'fades to black'.] I can do most genres if I find the plot interesting/creative enough, however... I am not interested in: Anything erotic (Hell to the no.) Anime (I just don't have enough knowledge) Real life (A tad boring in my opinion) Furry-anything (Unless it's like werewolves or shape-shifters in which case that will be in the fantasy category). I usually play original characters, although I don't mind doing something creative with certain fandoms (e.g.- Percy Jackson world but you don't rp as a Percy Jackson character.). I prefer my RP partners to be over the age of 17/18 but this doesn't have to be set in stone. I also only play female characters who are between the age of 18-22. I don't have anything super specific planned in terms of plots and am open for ideas. Drop me a personal message or comment on here :). (Thanks for reading this far. *congratulatory thumbs up*)
  18. Once again, the Official Game and Fishing board has posted another series of wanted posters, calling for the attention of idle steel and unused sorcery. These bounties are often made with the understanding that this particular hunt exceeds the limits of the professionals; the guards and soldiers garrisoning in nearby cities aren't able to risk their positions in attempting to route the beasts themselves, and the cities plagued by these monsters cannot afford the help of well-prepared guilds. Thus, the Game and Fishing commission is responsible for potentially luring several freelance adventurers to their demise, and all for a much, much more reasonable price. This particular poster lists as the following: Assistance Needed In the tracking and culling of the Seismoloth. Bounty: 25,000 Cr. to be split with all other members No insurance necessary: The Game and Fishing Board does not offer benefits in the event of death, injury or dismemberment. Contact your local Game and Fishing office directly, or via appointment if necessary. Seismoloth are a rare find in the current state of things. Though able to make their home in just about every terrain, the beasts are notoriously timid, and keep a very limited territory, though they often defend this space to the death. Terrifying to behold, such beasts are capable of startling speed and strength, but are best known for the impressive amounts of adrenaline they constantly produce, keeping the beasts constantly in a state of fight or flight. Worse still, frightening off a Seismoloth is next to impossible; the monsters are often incredibly possessive of their clutches, and, again, will assault anything growing too close to their homes. And, in their paranoia, this just so happens to be a very, very broad radius in comparison to their limited territory. Seismoloth don't seem to have a concept of size, and are easily frightened--and provoked--by creatures of all sizes. This means that when they come across equally timid species, they may be likely to retreat immediately, but upon being aggressed by a far stronger predator, fight ruthlessly to the death. Their natural armor and impressive might makes this an issue, as Seismoloth are known to take down beasts many times their own size, even proving to be a danger for dragons should they draw too near. Needless to say, the Seismoloth isn't to be taken lightly, and there's no guarantee that anyone attempting to fell the monster will come back in one piece, or at all. --- Continuing with my trend of monster hunting threads, this is the third installment in the series. The rules are fairly simple; we spend a round introducing the cast, followed by a round explaining the situation and maybe one or two moving towards the monster's known area. Depending on the size of the party, or the general attitude, we may spend some time tracking it, followed by a brutal fight to the death. This time around, however, I'm putting more of an emphasis on 'to the death.' I won't be actively seeking to kill the players, but I won't pull any punches with the monster, either. Fight smart, or walk home with some serious wounds. If you let me know beforehand, I can also potential be life-threatening to your particular character. I'm fixing for a three to five man group, not including myself. If you're interested or might be interested, post a message, a character sheet if you have one, and whether or not you're okay with potentially getting murdered by a monster I just made up ten minutes ago.
  19. Warlock

    Something Lurks in the Forest

    Up in the Black Range Mountains, a be city for the dwarven people is under construction. Things have been going well, but there have been many odd things lurking within the forests. Disappearances, strange noises and sightings of strange creatures lurking just beyond the tree line. Until all this has been sorted out, the construction is henceforth halted. Can you brave the mysterious creatures lurking within the forests? There is plenty of loot and rewards to be had for those that are. Its dangerous out there, so be sure to come in ready for battle! Post your interest here and a brief description of the character you are using if a profile is not available. Hope to have some fun writing with all of you!
  20. This is General Firebrew of the Tazarek military. We are requesting rescue in the Great Mountain Range of Genesaris. If anyone is out there, please help us, we have many wounded, and no means of protecting ourselves against the elements. Anyone who can find us and give us aid, we promise on our beards we will compensate you with gold and jewels, whatever you wish, just please- In the distance, there was the sound of an unearthly howl. What in the name of the...everyone, prepare for battle! In the southern reaches of the Great Mountain Range in Genesaris, two dwarven airships arrive to colonize a new home. One disappears, the other crashes in the craggy landscape that is filled with danger. Their odds of surviving are slim to none, unless someone answers the call... Will you be the ones to brave the treacherous twists and turns of the Great Mountains? Do you laugh in the face of dangers that could lurk in every nook and cranny? Then respond to the call, save General Firebrew, and discover what has become of the second airship to unlock mysteries, combat dangers and earn some dwarven gold. For honor, for glory, for Tazarek! This thread is set near the base of the mountains some distance away from where the distress call is received. Those who wish to take part in the adventure will have their characters meet up there once I have made the next post setting up the location. From there the participants will navigate perilous terrain, defeat dangerous enemies and discover incredible secrets all in the depths of the Great Mountain Range. Danger setting is set to Medium-High, there is a possibility of character death, but can be mitigated through planning and teamwork. Loot reward is also set to high, and any artifact acquirement can be discussed in the OOC thread I will put up shortly once enough interest has been gathered. This is an exciting adventure I hope to share with everyone and I will promise 110% in giving everyone a fun and exhilarating opportunity to write in a classic adventure setting that is sure to be extraordinary. All those that wish to join in please post here in this thread with either a link to the character you plan on using or a description of who they are and their powers if a profile is not available. Edit: Link to IC thread-https://www.valucre.com/topic/38666-there-goes-the-neighborhood/
  21. There's a lot of bad shit in the world. Terrorists killing the innocent, devil's violating the pure, corporations stealing land and wealth from everyone... and the government does nothing to stop them. And why would they? Those in power are Genocidal Kings who carry out racist crusades and Vampiric Emperor's who bleed their subjects dry! Who is left to stop them? When you’re holding your loved ones close, staring down death, and the atrocities that are about to befall your family creep through your mind....do you really want to count on the red tape bound process of the Peacekeepers and Edgemasters to save you? The countless thousands who died in Patia and Telerien City did. How much was their faith worth? Sometimes the system works. Most of the time it doesn't. So where is the Justice? The swift justice owed to the victims? The furious Justice owed to the vile? The righteous retribution that is balm to the tortured, and punishment to the profane? It is here. It is us. We are Justice. Justice aspires to be an international organization dedicated to righting the wrongs of the world. It is a bastion of hope, a lighthouse in the darkness, and an oasis in an unrelenting wasteland. What the government, the army, and the guards can't or won't do... Justice can and will, by any means necessary. Justice isn't a government lapdog operating on a politician’s dime. No - Justice is you. Justice is the strength of every father, the heart of every mother, the soul of every brother and sister, and the unwavering determination of every survivor to beat back the darkness. Justice is vindictive retribution fueled by oppression-born rage that crushes the would-be untouchable and brings to heel those tyrants who think themselves gods. Our common goal is doing the good that the police, the guards, the military, the guardians, the protectors, edgemasters, peacekeepers, inquisitors, champions, and gods cannot and will not do. Join us and together we will lift mountains, slay demons, and save all people regardless of cost. Join us, because in the end it is Just Us against a disinterested world, and Justice is the only organization willing to take the necessary steps to make it a better place. Justice was founded by @supernal and @desolate some years ago, with the intent of having an organization make deep and meaningful impacts to the lore of Valucre. Above all, the group is dedicated to the eradication of evil and the betterment of the world through any means necessary. To be clear, this is very much a “The ends justify the means” group, so traditional, morally rigid heroes need not apply. Currently, Justice is looking to expand. We aim to move throughout Terrenus, Genesaris, and Tellus Mater. We are in the process of establishing outpost throughout all sub-boards. But to do this, we need you. We need dedicated role players willing to contribute time and energy to reshaping Valucre. Every mission, every objective, will be geared toward adding to the established canon and lore. And unlike bounty hunters and mercenaries, we aren't just concerned with getting our mark. We want to bring stability to the people we liberate and ensure that evil is too scared to ever set foot in that community again. If you've ever wanted a real opportunity to contribute something meaningful, this is it. Don't fear the unknown, rise up, grab your sword, and join us on an adventure of a lifetime.
  22. Warlock

    Next Stop: Ashville

    The exiled King of the dwarves Gradric Greatbeard is on the move and headed towards Ashville in his quest to discover more about the creator of the dwarves Thundermar. This quest will be centered around the search and discovery of artifacts detailing the journey of Thundermar during the mythic ages of Valucre as he tries to lead his people to a better home. Gradric will be accompanied by one dwarven paladin Thun Mune and two dwarven missionaries in this particular quest. I am looking for individuals interested in a bit of mercenary work so as to stay safe since you never know what's going to happen. Posting order will be once per week at maximum with a loose turn order but everyone does only post once so things don't get cluttered. Further details on the quest will be in the OOC thread once enough people have joined
  23. I have not been around for a bit however I am unfortunately for my favorite Denizens Back! As the name suggests I’ll be tantilizing you wirh multiple offers ranging from Alternative Ideas and fandoms , to pseudo canonical ( as in the locations used) to brand new ideas of places that will probably only exist inside the realm of the roleplay! im currently looking to get all cyclinders firing again so not a fan of a group? Got ya covered like one rp but not the post order? Don’t worry eachbwill be set up varying depending on audience. So I hope I can SATE you as I do Crave so myself. For reference I will reply At least once a day! If I don’t either something has happened or you need to get on my case. Much as I hate it. now then due to the large ideas I’d rather not get a strike on me for dumping to many ideas on to the cooler so if that’s all sorted let’s begin! Starwars as classic to start to the list off I haven’t seen much of this idea. I’m aiming for a imperial style but I have no qualms about multiple sides and multiple people. More details for intrest pokemon. I’ve started this once before but it fell through ADVENTURES FOR SALE! Step right up all you knew comers for the infamous Tavern of legend man Tobais! The merc who doesn’t know who he really is and switches personalities just like masks! This thrilling quests involves you the rooki getting swept along with this man in the quests to learn more about the world and proper adventurejng technique minus the greed! ( 1x1) looking for something set in val? Got ya covered! Nersherdere ! A up and comming nation is currently one place. The Snowy mountains of Genesaris the coldes place in the world! Come view the marvelous that lay here for you! This can either be the tale of an adventurer , a slice of life, or of a Shellshocked Citizen finding the rest of the world! ( Creater creation required here) TIDAL LOCKED!: on a once beautiful world now destroyed in science epriments* the plant lays divided by light and dark light being a radioactive hellish wastleland dominated by the Fear doctors and their perfected soldiers who sow terror into their citizens with impunity. On the dark side the much more forcing government tries to hold back the fearful hordes with what ever is nessary. Leading to some morally gray areas. the Dark- you play as a blind person in this one. the plot isn’t set as this clearly revolves more around character than the plot. However your meant to face challenges that would harass even those with eyes obviously this will lack any visual discptions in it, hope you packed some other senses LOTR: I just really wanted some more orcs after the Shadow of Games. This one is still up for delopment though. just want to say some of these are mostly blank because I want to work on the story with the group adding in the element of Hey I helped make this and hopefully decreasing drop outs. Quests: we all band togther and when we find a Val quest call the others and form up like a squad to properly beat it. helping the way home!: My Character is a body snatcher named Alishar! He can jack your body and whatever abilities you packing by touching you skin. There are several other types but this focuses mainly on him. Because of his ability he is a hated and loathed creature THE HUNT!: a mysterious creature was sighted Go find it for a reward! Please call ————————— for info! Based on a mimic this one will be rather humorous depending on your humor. The Infestation: blah blah normal undead zombie stuff obligation and all. Potential but this one I want help with. them finally I have a few ideas for pirates and knights and a few other things but you’ll have to ask for those ( Don’t worry no way anyone will be intrested in any of these)
  24. As Hell's Gate begins to suffer at the hands of progress, progress takes a strange turn as a group of travelers arrive to the city. These strangers, known as Forged Men, are creatures not of flesh and bone, but of steel and electricity. Unlike other androids, these individuals seem completely sentient, with the ability to think and to reason. When asked their intentions, they explain they are refugees from the destroyed city knowj as Talix Engine. For months they had traveled, wanting to find a new home where they may continue their work. What is their work you ask? The Forged Men were constructed with the purpose of maintaining small temple like centers which holds a technology many have not seen as of yet. Others call it magic, but the Forged Men call it The Gift, for it is something they give freely to anyone, without any cost to themselves. This Gift is a complicated apparatus meant to deliver the user into a virtual world where their desires can be met effortlessly. Whatever the heart may want, The Gift can give it to them, but it is only a temperorary thing, as the Forged Men warn that prolonged exposure can be dangerous. However, if one wishes to experience The Gift for all time, then they need only give a small donation if they wish, and they will be set up into The Final Gift, which is a metal tube that holds the user in place so they would not be disturbed. In choosing to live in The Gift, the user gives up their life entirely, for disconnecting after so long will most certainly result in death. In order to help placate those that believe their practices are wrong, the Forged Men regularly take the jobs left open by those that have chosen the Final Gift. Will you wish to take part in this gift of the Forged Men? Do you believe they are wrong and wish to destroy them entirely? Post here to state your alignment and once enough have joined I will begin the thread.