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  1. We've hit our player goal and are no longer soliciting. If you are still interested in joining, please PM me first. Genre: Sci-Fi (Dystopian/Survival) Post-Apocalyptic Far Flung Future, confined to one city. Location: TBD but most likely Alternative Idea: In the far-off post scarcity future technology is the catalyst for speciation of humanity. Genetic modifications, bodily augmentations, cyberization, and religious fundamentalism has created distinct ideological and physiological difference. Transhumanist clash with purist in the political arena as both sides question what it means to be a human or even alive. Ethical considerations and regulations relax in some areas and tighten in others, largely depending on which paradigm is dominating the public eye at the moment. With the global consciousness focused on the debate of what it means to be human, no one pays heed to a growing pandemic. Within the depths of the web whispers about nanomachine plagues and weaponized viruses start to spread. By the time that the mainstream media has picked it up, it’s too late. The exact mechanization isn’t understood, but something is killing humans and transhumans alike, indiscriminately. Within a few years ‘humanity’ has been reduced to a handful of barely functional cities. No longer an interconnected globalist world, most of the large population centers have become isolationist city states that compete for scarce resource to maintain some semblance of their former life. Class systems quickly erupt as those with access to resource soon find themselves in informal positions of power and authority. This causes a noticeable increase in crime, a social disease that thought to be extinct, turning many sections of the once thriving cities into slums. Expectations: There isn’t a hard cap on technology, but there should be a strong inclination to not utilize energy or resource intensive items, due to resource scarcity. Genetic modification permits anthromorphic builds that could resemble mythical creatures, however there should be some element of realism. An Angel build would need to be light to achieve flight, which means reduced strength and hollow bones. Purist are unadulterated humans, that believe technological modification is wrong for philosophical or religious reasons. Transhumanist is any group that opts for modifications, be it genetic, synthetic bodies, cyberization, or what have you. There isn’t a central plot, the idea is to bring character motivation together to generate a one-shot story. FAQ
  2. Regardless of where you are in valucre or worlds beyond, a man dressed like a jester approaches you. He is tall and strong wearing a crown of green feathers, various iron jewelry lies about his head and neck. He says nothing but hands you a letter and a map. Looking up he seems to have vanished into thin air. It reads: “Greetings initiate, The Lodge has received your letter and has reviewed them with utmost diligence. After sending our agents to observe you in secrecy we find you fit in mind, body, and soul to undertake the challenges on the path to anahyat’dä. This is an honor granted to few in the land of Valucre so rejoice before your journey begins. For it is said that iron sharpens iron, and so you shall be. The Lodge wishes you immense luck upon your grand journey. But, this path is one of danger and hardships. Make sure you are prepared for the long days and cold nights that lie ahead. Make sure that you bid farewell to your love ones for you may not survive the ordeal. It is expected that upon arrival to the meeting place provided by the courier’s map that you surrender your equipment and other belongings to the anahyat’dä who shall guide you in the first steps on the path of the owl. Farewell and best of luck, Kaia Nddear” The map provided to you shows a clear cut path from your current location to a location hidden deep in the wilds of Lagrimosa. This line moves in conjunction to where you stand, meaning no matter where you are, you can always find your way to this place. Little do you know many eyes look upon you even as you read, judging, and observing your movements like a predator to prey. —End Scene— My apologies if this seems a bit foreboding but I figured for my first organized rp I should kick it off with a bang. But enough about this, what about the Roleplay. For some context (not canon), The Lodge is a mysterious group of hunters who have proven themselves above the rest, and their members are often employed in matters of grave importance such as the slaying of dragons. These hunters call themselves anahyat’dä, the elvish word for owl. In this Roleplay you will be led through the initiation rites of The Lodge and if you wish to continue perhaps a plot that leads to the eventual gaining of the title anahyat’dä. Generally speaking I’m looking for a group of decently active lads, lasses, and everything in between who would be interested in having some fun with this. Think the Chūnin exams from Naruto but with a tribal theme. If your interested feel free to send me a pm or post down here. I’d appreciate it if you could provide character sheets. But, I’m not going to require it. Anyways have a good day. My apologies if I’ve screwed this up in anyway, since this is my first water cooler post. OOC: For reference here is the Rp thread;
  3. With the bell tolled at the Low-Tide Festival hardly even a few months ago, the public reception of the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast has changed. The trench-diggers, the sandbaggers, the food supplies and supply distributors that courted the residents of Taen, in particular those around Arcturon, still remain, but their presence brings tension. The trenches are dug, and now fill with a grey, surreal rainfall from never-sunny skies, but their diggers are rare. Fugitives, some of them. Myths, others. Their work at the Low-Tide Festival brought the ire of several authorities, and while many of them have joined the effort to keep the peace, and avoid the inevitable flooding, they have other motives, seeking out the Acolytes responsible. Most are questioned and left alone. Others brought in for questioning. The Acolytes have never been stronger, but their work grows dangerous. M'yr Boldbarrow, the appointed 'leader' of the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast, rallies even now to pit his companions against greater and greater threats. Their latest objective; to find the meaning of the visions M'yr and many others observed when the bell rang, and see if perhaps their slumbering god can yet be reached. However, such work is dangerous, and best left to those not involved in the cult. Hence, M'yr's friends have scrapped together enough money to hire a mercenary or five. Enough muscle and mindpower to break into one of the most ancient and strange buildings in Taen; the rumored infinite Library of Totenborough, housing ancient scripts and books older than Taen itself. Such a break in will put the Cult at direct odds with the authorities, and certainly will not be easy, but M'yr believes it is imperative to finding the answers they desperately need. Hello There! This thread is actually the second in a series surrounding the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast, Its Pelagic Mind Treading Above the Wake. an esoteric clergy surrounding a mysterious, anamolous ship found in the wetlands of Taen, that promises the end of times in the form of endless rainfall. They hope to prevent this doomsday--or at least make sure as many people survive it as possible--by working as volunteer workers, waterproofing homes, digging ditches and raising funds to buy food for less fortunate families. However, they moonlight as desperate followers of their Doomsday cult, following the guilt-ridden leader M'yr as he attempts to steer them towards salvation, and answers. This thread can actually hold any number of writers, including just myself, as a few NPCs may be present to help M'yr in his task. The thread itself will include elements of espionage, burglary, stealth, and likely light to heavy combat, while the party of mercenaries work to break into the Library in the underground city of Totenborough, and help M'yr find books relevant to their interests. Along the way, the party may learn about the cult more, as well as M'yr's own reasons for establishing the cult, while also getting a chance to explore the ancient secrets of Taen. It's also entirely possible that the party will be offered some kind of position in the Acolytes, if it is so offered. Furthermore, the contents of this thread are likely illegal. M'yr is acting outside of the law, and against the wishes of the various forces aiming to suppress the Cult's rise to prominence. While your actions are valid, and can change the outcome of the thread potentially, keep in mind that you are directly influencing the Acolyte's public perception as well. Discretion is needed. Lastly, the thread will likely operate on a once a week basis, giving the next guy in line 7 days to post before moving on to the next. This thread is also Canon, meaning that anyone who participates may leave with various Taen artificats, and maybe a few cultist items in tow. Lots to be found, and lots to do. If this interests you, please feel free to express your interest below, and maybe leave a character sheet. After about 2 weeks, this interest check will close, or if we get 3 volunteers by the end of the week first. Thanks for your time, and good evening!
  4. I started a thread going after the Blade of Flames for my character Arashi a while back, December 31st to be exact. I'm over a page done already and currently it's lacking players. So here I am, I'm currently asking for people to help me finish this thing. I'm down to four players including myself, but currently, I lack direction other than a very faint idea on where I want to go. But other than that, it's going extremely slow as of current. Thread in question. Other players are: @Twitterpated, @Meraxa (?) and @Zashiii So I'm here asking for some help completing this thread.
  5. Location: Renovatio > Nehalen > Oo'Xora > Takaramachi (Treasure Town) It has been said countless times that one must learn to adapt and evolve with the times, or parish in their failure to do so. The slaying of the Gods has lead to a time of Imperial silence, in which the Emperor Koji has been missing since such tragic events began. As the age of man kicks off, those that had been here before the Emperor and that would no doubt be here long after him see this as their opportunity to rise! To reclaim their streets, their land, their home...Their honor! The times changed, and with it technology. While the gifted minority could still weild blades in the most preternatural applications, and a vast majority remained arcana inclined, the need for things like Saburai and Shinobi alike was greatly diminishing. The already shattered clans of that endured the history of these lands have a new plan to restore their former greatness by way of new prowess. Borrowing from their Northeastern neighbors, the clans of old work diligently to establish a strong family. A young ambitious man by the name of Hu Bai Ying has been rallying his brothers and sisters from the Oniwabanshu and the Shinku no Hasu alike in order to storm the Gokudo Gang base at their docks. Removing their potential opposition not only secured their dominance, but also let the smaller cliques around town know that they could either fall in with the movement, or become a victim of it. Nothing in life cam be gained without sacrifice. Hu Bai Ying deemed himself worthy of carrying the torch that would lead him, nigh all of Takaramachi into times of great prosperity! No big seat of political power was necessary, besides, both his associates and himself had already mastered the arts of working from the shadows. Together they will form what he has chosen to call The Heaven and Earth Society. tl;dr - Inspired by the Nu Martyr Mafias, the Oo'Xoran province is experiencing a fresh birth of Yakuza families (with some external, similar influences). I will be starting a thread today to establish the beginning of this plot. All are welcome to join, but I'm applying a once per week post minimum in order to attempt ensuring we don't stall out waiting for someone. Feel free to Express interest, drop comments, questions or concerns here. My DMs are always open if you'd rather keep your thoughts or ideas hush hush. I plan on establishing one other Yakuza in Jigoku (Genesaris), and one of my buddies is working on one for Oo'Xora Capitol. This interest check is however, specifically angled for this particular family.
  6. Hi guys. Sorry for the black eyes. Some girls caught me pee- err cleaning the women’s bath. They misunderstood and ganged up on me. Poor me huh. Anyways, let’s get down to business. I’m gonna be needing some help in preventing the assassination of King of Hasturia, Dauner A. Light. Huh? You want the story behind this? Sure, why not. *Ahem* As you all already know, it’s been about one and a half months since King Dauner of Hasturia went missing. In order to find him, Ariana Linus, captain of the Hasturian royal guard, headed out to the Queendom of Svanhild where he was last seen, along with 20 soldiers from the Legions of the Black Blade. A lot of things happened along the way, which you shouldn’t bother yourselves with right now. After they finally arrived in Svanhild, the group found out about an assassin who was seen with Dauner, bringing about the possibility that Dauner was working with these bad guys. Further investigation later revealed that Dauner wasn’t working with the assassins, but was instead an assassination target. After an encounter with the assassin’s underlings, Ariana had to send most of her men to the hospital, leaving her with just four. The assassin’s plans did not go as smoothly as he wanted as Dauner mistakenly boarded the wrong ship and headed to Renovatio, Nu Martyr. The assassin then arranged for Nu Martyr to be the place where Dauner breathes his last, but there’s an angry Ariana chasing after him to ruin his plans. It is unknown how strong the assassin’s forces are, and as such, help is requested from you valiant heroes of Renovatio. Help us save this airheaded king from these assassins. To make things worse, Dauner seems to have tangled with the Nu Sicilian mafia in the wrong way, and no one knows how this will end up unfolding. Talking of Nu Sicilian Mafia just makes me wanna tag @Ataraxy@Aleksei@danzilla3@Veloci-Rapture@Sanonymous@Darthgamer101 Dunno why i first thought of you guys, but i reckon we can talk about the Dauner problem since the Renovation cosa nostra is the four families and not only the Gualtieros. If you're interested, we can always work out some sweet plot dependent and plot independent events that involves all our families, but if not, I can always just play it with the Gualtieros. Now if you'd please excuse me, I have to go pee- *Ahem* clean the public bathhouse.
  7. The Spider is injured in the middle of a dirt road in the Wilds of Lagrimosa due to a group of bounty hunter's attacking him and driving him from his den. You find the Spider while travelling on this dirt road for a reason of your choosing and can choose to help them in their mission for revenge, convince them to leave their home behind, or straight try to kill them whatever you feel like doing. The goal of this roleplay is to develop my character the Spider, to gain some sllies in the world of Valucre, and of course to have fun. This is my first attempt at trying to make a questline/start so if there is anythibg I could do better please let me know The IC thread has already been made an can be found here. I'm excited to see who would like to rp with my arach-kin OOC
  8. Stapled to several walls in Vdara, at about chest-height are several notes, which seem to have appeared overnight. Each note is written in barely legible common, and one of them in particular is written on an asymmetrical piece of parchment. It's filled with spelling errors, some of which have been crossed out, while others have been rubbed out with some kind of rubber eraser, permanently smudging the paper. However, it is legible, but just barely. Helo! We need helo help moving kargo! Wijitz Great Exploder is good macheen, but needs patint patent! Pleez take to Vdarr Vdora Dragon Town so we can patint! Thank! Despite the request written on the note, it isn't really obvious who wrote this message. Who is 'Wijit', what is 'The Great Exploder' and where is it kept? Trying to solve this strange conundrum promises to be a riddle on its own. Maybe there's someone around who knows more? Hello everyone! This is actually the second thread in a short series I am doing on the Kobold occupation of the mountains near Vdara. The Kobolds, small, ambitious, if a little clueless dragonoids, have established a strong lair within an old mine that fellow adventurers helped liberate for them. Now, as they dig and shape their new home, more and more Kobolds arrive to settle within the mountain, and with them comes the Kobold Inventor Wijit. An excitable tinkerer and aspiring machinist, Wijit seems to be one of the more eccentric minds in the Kobold's domain currently. Her latest, greatest invention, 'The Great Exploder', might just get the attention of the Merchant's Guild in Vdara, if she can get it there in one piece. Who: I am looking for roughly 2-4 volunteers for this thread! This thread is quite straightforward, so this is an excellent opportunity for newer writers to dip their toes into the strange and magical world of Genesaris! Furthermore, given the straightforward nature of the thread, there's no need for your characters to be particularly strong or well-developed. If they're willing to escort a potentially destructive war machine through the winding hills of the Great North, then they're a fine fit for the job. What: The thread in question revolves around finding the Kobold inventor Wijit (which is accomplished off-screen. The party will arrive outside of the Kobold lair, and from there get a chance to explore The Infinite Magmaworks, meet Wijit, and take on the quest. From there, the thread will involve moving Wijit's invention down to Vdara kingdom, to the Merchant's Guild. From there, one only needs to prove it works, and get the patent for it. When: This thread should ideally be accomplished in around 5 pages, at the very most. It's not that long a travel, and resistance close to Vdara shouldn't be terribly great. With the further addition of two kobolds, and a potentially self-destructing weapon tagging along, the trip probably won't take long. Where: This thread takes place in the Carmine Dominion, in the Great North in Genesaris. Genesaris is a land of magic and high fantasy, with lots of possibilities for different characters to flourish. You can read up more information on Genesaris here! How: Pretty straightforward, this thread is about interacting with NPC's, escorting two kobolds with a big unstable weapon platform, and haggling with merchants. It's also very possible you'll get to fight a thief or two, or a wild animal. Why: This thread is entirely monetary-based. The kobolds, bless their little hearts, haven't had time to develop full, meaningful gear and magical weapons, so you likely won't leave with much beyond coin. Currency doesn't really have too much of use beyond roleplay purposes, so you can certainly take it and use it how you see fit. Maybe this is a chance for your character to buy some better gear? A new steed, or a one-way trip elsewhere? That's entirely up to what you like to do with it. The thread goes up once I have 4 volunteers, or after a week passes and I have enough volunteers. If you have further questions, or would like to know what kind of characters work best for this scenario ("Hey, can my character join?") feel free to drop a character sheet and ask! I'll accept any comers for this particular thread.
  9. The quote above is the artifact we're going to hunt down. Hello everyone! Today I'd like to put a new quest on the table that is set in Eridianus, a new area in the Lagrimosa continent. Genre: Adventure, MagitechLocation: Eridianus, LagrimosaIdea: It has come to the attention of Martial Town's GRAFT Center that a small rural area in Eridianus have been blessed by strangely bountiful harvest since a landslide dislodged one of the rivers running towards Barnstable Coast into a new bed. Shortly after, a visiting GRAFT employee came back to their employer with incredible claims ranging from apples of eternal youth to the very rain in the farmlands bringing the dead back to life. While no doubt exaggerated, the idea that something in the area had healing properties was worth investigating, and so the company sent over a few agents along with a handful of able-bodied volunteers to investigate the matter. For the two months duration of the investigation, the hired help will be provided with temporary living quarters, food and medical care, after which any new clue or useful witness found earning them bonus credits on their final pays depending on the importance of each find. Should something noteworthy be found by the end of the investigation, each volunteer would be allowed a single top-grade enhancement of their choice, free of charge. Along with the volunteers, a squad of soldiers were sent as hired muscle and deterrents for would-be thieves, a local guide was hired to keep anyone from getting lost and point the search to the most likely area for the strange phenomena and finally a single agent from GRAFT was sent to act as a liaison and as enforcer of the contract signed by the whole lot. Overall, about two dozen 'mercenaries' were hired for the venture, a few of which would be played by you, I hope. As for the quest itself, I've got a basic outline of obstacles towards acquiring the comb that you are free to expend on or suggest tweaks as they come to you: the rural welcoming committee not being so welcoming the guide having to be tracked down after trying to make a run for it with their advance payment the fields and orchards starting to get sentience dealing with a heartbroken seasonal god Expectations: I'm looking for three to five people, not including myself, and I'd like at least one character with experience as a farmhand, one as a hunter and one character with some decent musical talent for plot purposes. Each character would most likely be from Martial Town due to the place's tendency to hire its own above all else, but should anyone want the guide's role they would of course be from Eridianus instead. I don't know if I mentioned it but most of these people would be from the lower class, with some exceptions in the soldiers since the military and the government seems to be the only two stable jobs to be found in Martial Town that is not likely to get you in jail or worse or something. As for OOC purposes, I don't have any length or quality requirement as long as we keep to the 'third person, past tense' format and that everyone try their best to contribute to the plot and advance and better the story overall, that it may be with character development, lore or even just enjoyable plot twists. FAQs: I'll post any questions you guys ask here, so keep em comin' and check back here from time to time! 🙂
  10. The Shields of Valor are moving to become the dominant mercenary group in Genesaris. Ramping up recruitment, setting up outposts and now absorbing other mercenary groups into theirs to bolster their ranks. If any choose not to join, then they will be crushed! You can either thrown in your own group, make one up or even join the Shields as they consolidate their power in Genesaris. Details will come as people join and we discuss the ideal story to write about.
  11. Hello, I am hoping to gather a group of writers to help me with a story I wish to enact within our little world of Valucre. Specifically this is taking place within a city called Imradel, which is situated in the Rising West section of Genesaris. It boils down to this: I have a character, an elven wizard by the name of Lancellar, who wishes to enact a highly ambitious ritual. The ritual involves using a building that she was allowed to construct within the city of Imradel as the base of operations for the mercenary group she is apart of, the Shields of Valor. By using this building, which is designed specifically with the intention of harnessing magical energy, she intends on creating her own star. Now this isn't the usual kind of star. Such a star that Lancellar wishes to conjure is one in which holds no mass, it's light doesn't harm you in any way, all it does is act as a sort of beacon of goodness. Feelings of calm and peace roll out of the miniature star for as far as we can make it, depending on how large the thread gets, giving the people of Genesaris and possibly beyond a reprieve from the pain and suffering they might be feeling. Of course, doing this doesn't come without it's own risks. How I envision this, is that some dark force, played either by myself or someone else, is going to be involved in trying to stop this. Whatever their reasons can vary, from either wanting to squash out a beacon of hope and goodness or just feeling antagonized about so much good energy being gathered in one place, whatever, it's going to end up being a situation where the building must be defended from these evil forces of shadow and cruelty. So I am hoping for people to either join in on whichever side they wish, so long as we are all here to have some fun, yeah? Oh yeah, here's the description of the building in question. A circular domed building encased within an octagon, with large towers at each point, connected on three levels all around. In this, it will become a focal point of magic, and the center of the Shields of Valor's arcane might. @Shatter you up for being involved in this maybe?
  12. I started this thread some while back now, and in the beginning we started out somewhat strong, and have since slowly trickled to where we are I am now. As I near the third month of barely keeping this thread afloat without defaulting on time restrictions for this particular stone, I humbly ask, who among you is willing to help me finish this thread? It's about half way through the minimum requirement of five pages. I already generally know how I am going to steer this plot, but it's so incredibly boring to write by myself. I appreciate the folks that have tried to help me already, and would love to continue with y'all, but I can't wait around longer than three months for a single reply from any one person. Times get hard, shit gets crazy, shit happens. That being said, I need a small group that can at least post once a week for me, with me, so that we can fulfill this plot and I can fulfill plots I hope to have following this particular one, which leads to potential plot for folks moving forward relative to this plot, the time stone, and the island that the stone will be found on. (Antigone Isles)
  13. Exhaustion burned through their body, hot and dull, an aching pain that filled their being more than anything they'd ever felt in their short, shallow life. Their senses were long since dulled; no longer could they feel the bitter cold of the store house, nor the heat of the blood and matter that continued to splatter across their face, the exposed, raw flesh beneath the skin, and the protrusions of bone and clay and coral that jutted from beneath their skin. There was probably pain there, as the coral spilled out, the craggy, broken meat that was their cold and frigid shell. Their hands--both of them--were numb. They couldn't feel the heavy axe they wielded in one hand, nor did they feel the fingers they'd already cut off. They looked so soft and pink and clean, despite the blood and filth that was smeared over them. Their eyes didn't work the way they were meant to, anymore; was that their limb, that broken, salt and coral-encrusted mass that held firm to the blubber before them? They didn't know, and they couldn't care. The axe came down. Their ears didn't work, so they shouldn't have heard the keening wail of the already dead creature. But they did anyway. It made their fingers ache. A small village in Eastern Taen, somewhere among the Moss Forest, a small village has come into tremendous fortune! A massive, reportedly-translucent whale has washed ashore, and the local whaling community has been able to grind the unfortunate gentle giant down into meat. The fat sells easy and burns well: a fantastic alternative source for the town's people, and with such a tremendous surplus of meat, oil and bones, all number of exports have found their way into larger communities, and, somehow, has even managed to end up outside of Taen in a few places. However, not all is well, as a short investigation into this small town--a town so small, it hardly has a name--reveals a series of confounding revelations. For one, not a single one of the various bone-hewn weapons, oil-based candles or tightly-wrapped bundles of flesh belong to any known species of whale. Furthermore, no information on their famous 'whaling' community has any records anywhere. They apparently don't ship anywhere, and apparently, was never constructed by anyone, ever. Perhaps most uncomfortable of all, however, is the fact that there are no oceans, no saltwater seas, or anything large enough to hold a whale in Eastern Taen... This thread is a minor disambiguation of an ongoing series of threads I'm already doing in Taen, involving the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast, Its Pelagic Mind Treading Above the Wake. I say 'Disambiguation.' This is because while some content might be similar, this thread is largely uninvolved from the larger cult, and doesn't feature any similar story beats, nor is it meant to be a continuation of that thread series. Instead, this explores different elements of the entity the Acolytes worship, by seeing how other folk might interpret coming into contact with the unknown. The primary goal of this thread is straightforward enough: a small gaggle of unexpected investigators, tourists or adventure seekers must explore the town, discover the true nature of the mysterious whale, and live to tell the tale. The thread will require a fair amount of investigation and curiosity on the writer's side, and features a pretty straightforward blend of exploration and combat. Combat, speaking of which, revolves around fending off deranged villagers who have drowned in the visage of the unknown, and perhaps even confronting another terror that lurks within the unseen sea that seems to have engulfed the town. The pacing of this thread is approximately one post per week. This is in order to give as many people an opportunity to participate in full without feeling pressured. I expect regular posts, mostly because we're all trapped inside for the forseeable future, but I'm fine with giving people time to get a post in when it suits them. My current policy is to remind folks after 4 days if they haven't posted yet, and moving on after the 7th day. This thread needs to be canon by Taen standards, which I believe needs to be 2 pages in length at a minimum. I am looking for just about anyone. This thread doesn't have a word requirement per post, nor does it require a certain amount of posts, or activity to participate in. My only request is that your characters have a character sheet ready, primarily for visual reference. You should be comfortable with depictions of body horror, and have a general sense of timing and scope. For example, if you're the type to decide the reaction to being attacked by Jason Vorhees is to blow him up with your mind sorcery, or the bazooka you failed to mention you had, you're probably in the wrong place. There will be opportunities for gratuitous fight scenes; but I'm also looking for dread, and terror. Upon completion of this thread, there will be rewards! Among standard canon rewards, everyone involved will also receive the following! an impending sense of dread the ability to hear the unrelenting droning of the waves lapping on the sides of the Grey Sea a cool and unique occult artifact If you are interested, feel free to tell me below! My primary goal with this thread is to kick a little more attention towards Taen, and give people a little bit of a scare, perhaps. If you're looking for somewhere to start, or otherwise want to get involved, give us a shot.
  14. I’m looking for 2-3 people to start up something of a vigilante group. Garland needs some like minded individuals to join his cause in ridding Alterion of Merchant Princes and other nations of bad people in general. Something similar to Night Raid from Akame Ga Kill (for lack of a better comparison). still in the idea stages so I’m eager and open to hear everyone’s interest/ideas.
  15. INCOMING MESSAGE FROM ://ERRORERRORERR Hello, and thank you for participating in our exciting and experimental test trials! By now, you're probably already on your way to testing, where you'll witness firsthand our state of the art facility! Keep in mind that while the hydraulic blast doors may be eight inches thick, tampering or knocking on them is against your contract, under User Argreement Stipulation 31, Addendum 3a. Soon, you'll be participating in real science--and testing one of our proudest products! Your muscles will be stronger than ever. Your bones will be stronger than ever. Your heart will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind ERROR: AUDIO TO TEXT PRINTER FAILURE. PLEASE CONSULT SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR FOR TROUBLE SHOOTING. ERROR LOG: HTTP//CLANDESTINE.INFO.14467 Are you sick of playing it tame? Has recent events begun to weigh in on your psyche, making it difficult to find things to focus on at home? Are you sick of checking for new threads, only for the nothing to change? Are you sick? Perhaps the cure you're looking for is...Ultraviolence. What is Ultraviolence? Ultraviolence is an upcoming thread in which three to four unwilling test subjects are subjugated to horrific experiments, involving the injection of a terrifying super drug. This drug accelerates the growth of cancers throughout the body, while also placing strict genetic coding inside the growths. The results include enhanced senses, development of new, previously unnamed organs, biotic reconfiguration, and perhaps most importantly: blind rage. How does Ultraviolence work? Ultraviolence involves the participants slugging, slashing and slaying everything in their path. The thread is seperated into three acts: each act offers a unique visceral experience to sink your claws into. I intend for this thread to be reactive: the violence directly responds to your ability to commit violence. The more aggressive and dangerous you can be, the more the violence ups the ante. You push hard, and the baddies push back harder. You may have heard me say 'Mutants'. This is because your character will be mutated based on two large tables of mutations, one 'good' and one 'bad'. These will shape how your character looks, performs and, of course, commits Ultraviolence. Those tables will be put up once things get in motion, but feel free to imagine and dream up your mutations in advance! Odds are your mutations will appear on the list anyway, and if they don't, you can bargain for them. Who can participate in Ultraviolence? Ultraviolence, as you can imagine, calls for folks willing to write at length. If you're particularly fond of writing graphic depictions of horrible mutant on robot murder, you came to the right place. Additionally, Ultraviolence isn't looking for 'edge'. There's a fine line between being blinded by fury, and being the lead singer of a boy band. Please find it. Lastly, Ultraviolence is not a canon thread, and as a result, I would ask that you start with a unique character, or even a throwaway character. In Ultraviolence, your mutations, and how you wield them, matters more than who you are. Where does Ultraviolence take place? Ultraviolence takes place in Neo-Lagrimosa (is that what we're calling it now?) Specifically in The Cell, a massive underground bioweapons research facility owned by Clandestine Industrial. Clandestine is not known for their strong ethics, but instead their willingness to ask the big questions. Questions like "Can you rip a tank in half?" And "How much ammunition do you need to burn in order to reduce a mutant into pulp?" Starting in their state of the art testing facilities, then slugging your way through the civilian-filled labs and offices, then mashing your way to the facility's nuclear reactor, the only thing standing between you and revenge is a legion of biologically engineered soldiers, machines and weapons of mass destruction. When does the Ultraviolence start? Ultraviolence begins exactly 10 days from now. If we get 4 volunteers sooner than that, the Violence starts sooner. Why? F̶̨̧̧̡̨̛̛̘̖̼̖̱̺̼̗̗͙̹̻̠̼͉̼̤͙̞̣͖̖̳̯͇͙̺̯͎̪͇͔̹̻͈̣̭̬͎̳̪̰̦̝̭͙̪̯͓̠͍̜̦͔̀̈́̆̓̈́̇̄̾́̈́͑̆́̾̀̅̃͋̎̉̂͛̾̎̓̓͂̓̃͌͛̎̾̑̍͒́̀̌̐̇̓̔̈́̇̓̀̈́̈́̎̌̾̐̍̏̽͗̕͘̕͘̚͘̚͘͜͝͝ͅo̵̧̢̮̰͉͎̥̯̫̻̞̭̯͇̥̻̝̱͖͍̮̦͓͔̝͔̯͍̱̳̳̪̳̻͔̖̦͕̙̬͚̻͎̥̘̝͉͓̼͈̫̠̯̠̭̬͛͑̋͋̽͒͋̄̐́͐͂̈́̎̆̐͂͐̉̅̒̓̓͗̊̀̿͌̍̓̓̀̈́̾̐͌̋̌͑͑́͐̇̈̌̊̓̏̂̀͆͗̈̊͊̇͌͆̆̐́͆͒͋͋̌̉̈͑͛͛̔͂̏͗̀͆̊̾̒͐̀͆̂̕̚̚͘͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͝ͅͅͅr̵̢̡̢̢̡̢̡̖̱̙̟̺̣̺̦̖̞̺͍̗͚̖̗̼͇̯̹̤̣̠̤̫̘̩̼̹͈̻̣̹̜͎̫͍͖͚̠̳̝̤̫̪̝̜̙̘̫̺̖̭͎͖͓̫̳͍͙͚͈̼͓̭͚̮͚̻̮̹̙̬̲͔̭̩̫̈́́̐̐̋̉̈̾͊͑̐͋̍̓̏̌̀͆̓͋̓́̂͌̀̀̓̄̃̈́͋̽̑̂̎͐̾̾̊̿̓̌̀̿̃̒͑͗̀̑̎͆̇̉̃͒̆̇̍̇̌̋̂̔͐̕͘̚̚͜͝͠ͅͅ ̷̧̢̧̢̼̘͚͉̠̱̩̜͈̜̤͇̞͈͍̫͙̲͓̠̭̮̩͚͙̖̠̹̗̥̲̪̘̞̥̯̺͙͓͔̪͖̗̳̘͍̼̯̰̼͕̹̲͚͈͖̜̦̖͇͎̙͖̆̌̆̈̃̍̅͌͊̎̆̅̓̓̏̅̈́̉́̄̈́̿͑͋̒̔͠ͅͅͅF̶̨̡̨̡̡̧̛̛̛̖̥̬̮͇̞͕̺͙̫͖̯̺͙̬͎̘̰̥̪̯͔̻͚͕̰̝̗̬̳͔̀͐̽̓͋̒̂͒̂̃̾͛̿̑́̽̄̉̆̌̀͆͂͆̅̈́̍͐̐̈̿̇͑̈́̽͗̆͑̊́͊́̍͌̊̈́́̈́̂̽̑̑̐̔̊̎̋̈́͊̈́̕͘͘̚̕̕͜͜͝ͅͅư̶̧̢̝̱̗̠̗̱͑̔̋̅͒͗̌̈́͛̑̿̊́̏͊̈́̽̈́͂̆̾͌͋͂͑̄̽̒̂̏͘͝͠n̶̨̨̡̢̛̛̜̦̖̮̮̬̻̼̣̮͖̖̰̰͙̬̺̜͙͔̥̹̳͖̲̰̦̤͍͋̂́̓̌͒̂͒͌̓̄̇̿̉͗̍̈͛̏̎́̿̈͊̃̀̓̑̏̐̀̅̍̔̔͒̀̏͑͋̽̈̎̉͘̕̚͠͠ͅͅͅ
  16. Rabat the Righteous calls forth champions to his aide! Within the famed Bravot Library, imaginary characters are causing havoc for everyone inside. Protagonists, antagonists and extras alike are running rampant, causing people to flee at the sight of them, and threatening the very building itself. Order must be restored! Join Rabat Kechem, Invoker of the Fifth Realm of Hulmar, Destroyer of Evil, Master of the Divine and Celestial, Instrument of Order, Champion of the Grand Temple of Dakaris! As he works to bring peace and silence to this great repository of both fictional and non-fictional works. Such work is incredibly important, as evil works best against those who have not armed themselves with knowledge! The first of many of these escaped characters is Sniffron, a giant nose made of ice from the incredibly popular work The Baron of the Amulet. He smells all, including your fear! Then there is the famed poetic hero known as Fawn-Mixcyote, a knight who believes dams are actually sea monsters that must be slain! And if you are not yet afraid, then know that the beloved and mischievous Moon-Doku is also on the loose. A trickster god from long ago, in the shape of a frog doing a complex mathematical puzzle. It is easy to think he's harmless, until he has ensnared you in one of his clever deceptions! Will you take this quest up with Rabat, and take your place up in history with all manner of heroes?! Post now with your character, and be aware of the rules set in place for this quest. 1. Each post must be at minimum one hundred words long. There's also certainly going to be things from this thread as well because I spent a damn long time finding it and it shall not be put to waste.
  17. While the Datsuzoku Dynasty has already found it's home near the heart of Genesaris, they seek to thrive in their home environment as opposed to the simple survival they're currently accustomed to. As the population grows, so does it's demands. In order to create measures to pertinent to their success, the Emperor has made the choice to build a dam in the Great Lake in order to monopolize it's resources. The Datsuzoku invites it's allies, neighbors, and it's own citizens to help carry out the orders and see the dam to fruition. It is also said that all volunteers will be rewarded with at least one gifted item (likely exclusive to the dynasty), and pounds in gold for their time and effort. For the purpose of trying to complete this project in a timely manner, I will likely divide the main tasks up into separate threads. This to say that while over all I'm seeking a large group, each individual thread will likely be limited to smaller groups respectively. While I'm not settled on any one specific way to go about this, I'm also open to ideas from anyone regardless of considered participation.
  18. Hey. I wanna go help Blairville by being a deputy. My group, the Shields of Valor are gonna be there. Anyone wanna join in? Can't promise I'll be able to post quickly, but I'll do what I can.
  19. Note: There's a bit of fluff before the actual Water Cooler Pitch begins! Feel free to read or ignore it as you see fit. Just look for the page break (the big line) for when the fluff ends! ...If you are reading this, it made its way through the screen test for the paper, and is hiding among the classified. I'm sorry if you were expecting another illiterate 'missed connection' or vexing advertisement for feminine company... "Eryel?" The woman at the desk sat upright quickly, releasing the pen. It rolled off the desk and struck the ground. Ink spattered across the floor, a handful of dark droplets on a dusty floor. Eryel was already gone before it went into free fall. Her garments swished audibly as she stepped quickly through the hall into the back room, moving past the only chair back there and towards the only bed back there, as well, in the only room besides the store front. Sitting in the bed--not really a bed, but a mattress, tucked shamefully into the corner and draped with fabrics, blankets, rugs and whatever else they could muster--was her father. Her Pawpaw. Her family. He was sitting up again, and she immediately took offense, sinking to her knees by his side. Her hands reached for the rag in the shallow bowl of water on the side of the bed, wrang it out, and pressed it against his forehead. "Eryel, please. Please." He lifted his hands up in defense, but she dutifully washed his features, cooling his face and cheeks. He eventually caught the rag, and she let her hands drop into her lap. She blinked at last, realizing she'd been abstaining. "But Pawpaw, your fever--" She barely even got four words out before he spoke over her. "It will pass, Eryel. Please. Don't worry so much." He took a sharp breath in, then coughed harshly. Her resolve broke, and she reached forward, as if to comfort him. He recovered eventually, and pressed her with a question; a familiar one at that. "Our things?" She thought about her note, still unpenned at the table. She hadn't left the store yet, hadn't left her father's side. She couldn't; where would she go? Hyperion was a massive city, too large for her to navigate quickly and easily. She lacked the familiarity of her surroundings to know where to go, where to check. In the time it would take her to get the things back, hours would have passed. She often worried that a few hours would be all it would take for her father to grow worse. She gnawed her lip. She had to tell him the same answer to the same question, again. "Pawpaw, I'm sorry, but I can't find out--" Again, cut off. It was amazing she still chose to try and speak. "Eryel, listen to me." He leaned forward. It pained him. It pained her. "I will be fine, but without our belongings we have nothing working for us. For me to provide for you, for us." He took another breath, and didn't finish his thought. She clung to it, as if it might fade away. "You need to find out where it's been put," He told her. Again. "Just, please. Eryel. Be safe." He gave her mild pat, and the dutiful guardian got back to her feet. Her garments swished with less vigor on her way back to the storefront. Before she even made her way back behind the counter, however, familiar moving shapes in the shop itself caught her attention. She paused, dusted herself off, and put on a smile. None too big, but genuine enough. She stepped through the curtain hiding their small home from the storegoers, and extended her hands in greeting. "Hello there! Just browsing today?" Eryel Emmingwether lived alone with her father in their modest home in Ashville, a family of reasonably successful merchants. Before the Ashville Incident, her father was already sick, and being forced to move made things worse for the two. Doubly so, when the caravan moving their valuables was seperated from the caravan moving themselves. Now, a duo of frightened refugees in Hyperion, Eryel desperately hunts to recover her father's lost belongings, a loss that she takes as a personal failing. But you're here now, whoever you are, browsing the shop on your way past, and Eryel manages to remain a shrewd negotiator and impressive saleswoman. Perhaps you, brave hero, can take some time out of your day to help a young woman collect her family riches? This Interest Check is the beginning of a small series of quests aimed at introducing a new character I developed, the titular Eryel Emmingwether, as well as playing in an about Hyperion. This thread will likely involve exploring Hyperion and following potential leads within the city, looking for different means to breach security of various kinds, and some small combat. I expect this particular thread to have a posting frequency of one per 3-5 days, but this is up to debate! I expect the thread, ideally, to last maybe a few months, assuming we have dedicated posts! I am looking for anywhere between 2 and 4 writing partners for this one, although the more of us there are, the longer the thread may be! You're welcome to come in pairs, if you and a partner wish to write together. Lastly, as this thread is meant to not only bring activity to Hyperion, but also advance a character, this thread is to be considered canon, and your character can get some cool artifacts and loot, at the end, and if your characters also need to develop, that can be arranged too! This water cooler thread will stay up for approximately 2 weeks, after which the thread will begin, unless we get 4 or so before then, in which case we can begin sooner! If nobody wants to join in 2 weeks? Well, I can always write alone this time. ?
  20. Looking to sink my hands into these territories. I am happy to run interactions on the water with Nymerians or on land with a few different characters. If you’ve got any ideas feel free to catch me !
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