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Found 8 results

  1. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 2 Minutes Law-enforcement spread thin. Checkpoints in surrounding towns will lead to decreased patrols and increased criminal activities. Martial law imminent. Riots anticipated. Citizens warned to lock their doors and stay off of the streets. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 32 Minutes My money is on Doughy Jim and his Doughy Regime levying a militia and turning Dougton into a police state within the week. If you aren't a fan of power-mad maniacs, curfews, and rationing systems, consider skedaddling while you can. If you can't leave Dougton, Gaia help you. Food isn't the only resource necessary to maintain our standards of living, and the new regime will probably hang hoarders from streetlights. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 1 Hour 58 Minutes Words cannot do justice to how I abhor Doughy Jim and his cronies. They have not acted in the best interests of their people. Quite the opposite. The withdrawal of all federal employees from Dougton kneecaps Dougton's defensive capabilities and exposes the populace to myriad terrors that are all too common in this day and age. Recently, Tia was razed and Last Chance and Casper were attacked by formidable foes. In the latter cases, these foes were repelled by Terrenus Military forces working hand-in-hand with local law-enforcement under the command of elite Terrenus Military commandos: Peacekeepers. Furthermore, the federal employees Doughy Jim is intent on evicting will be stripped of any property they cannot carry out of the city with them without fair compensation for their losses. It is unknown, at this time, if Terrenus Military veterans and retired federal employees are also subject to Doughy Jim's tyrannical whims, but it is certain that they will be viewed with suspicion in days to come. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 3 Hour 14 Minutes I phoned my attorney and instantly resolved to ignore his advice. All enterprises owned by House Glasmann have ceased operations within Dougton and all other areas in open rebellion against the Empire. Other "Hell's Gate fat cats" have, in response to Doughy Jim's unwarranted hostility, followed suit. The flow of affordable, complex goods to Dougton, especially medicines and birth control, will be greatly diminished for the foreseeable future. All patients with chronic illnesses, including allergies, are urged to stock up on necessary supplies before they run out. ­čĺŐ Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 7 Hours In a concentrated dose of exceptionally insipid Doughy Propaganda, former regent Jim Jenkins (Doughy Jim) claims "Hell's Gate fat cats are stuffing their faces with our food and issuing edicts to conquer us" and "The royal government is trying to turn our city, that we built with our hands, into a test bed for their experimental weapons." Fake news and a complimentary recipe for disaster. Yum! Doughy Jim can't even decide whether the royal government or House Monroe is pulling the strings in his half-baked delusion; he ought to call it quits, don his tinfoil hat, and commit himself to the nearest sanitarium while he's ahead. ­čą│
  2. [Excerpt from Hell's Gate Tribune LIVE's Broadcast - XX/XX/30 AO] Earlier today, Lady Caeceila Glasmann, representing House Glasmann of Hell's Gate, held a press conference condemning Lady Akako Akari, current monarch of Port Caelum, for harboring Dredge, infamous leader of the Legion of Doom. In a rousing speech that showcased her talent as an orator and her concern for the safety of the people of Terrenus, Caeceila demanded justice for the victims of Dredge's numerous atrocities, to date and in future. "Dredge is a rabid beast that we must put down. He infects all he touches with an insatiable lust for blood and flesh. I will see him executed, if only to check the spread of his disease." Caeceila declared with the same aggressive passion that earned her the moniker "Our Gore-Spattered Heiress." While Caeceila voiced her unwillingness to accept anything less than Dredge's head from Lady Akako Akari, her policy on the Legion of Doom was "open to negotiation." "I am of the opinion that the Legion of Doom's rank-and-file have been sorely used. I single-handedly broke up the Red Festival, where Dredge brought his first wave of minions to heel, and from what I observed, most of his forces are either mentally incompetent or mentally ill. I would pity them if I did not despise the evil things they've done. If Lady Akako Akari has her heart set on letting foxes run amok in her hen house, that is her choice, but it is my duty to inform her that she will pay restitution commensurate with the crimes of each criminal she retains." According to Caeceila, if Lady Akako Akari chose to retain all of the members of the Legion of Doom, she would have to pay blood money for each civilian the Legion of Doom slaughtered, the sacking of various villages throughout Terrenus, notably Tormo and Albor, assorted damages to Last Chance, including blood money for each soldier crippled or slain in the line of duty, and the value of the Legion of Doom's ill-named Forgotten Fleet, which was stolen from Last Chance. Though Caeceila Glasmann has no authority to speak for the government of Terrenus, her speech resonated with a number of people within Hell's Gate who have since started a petition to prompt the government to demand extradition of Dredge and key members of the Legion of Doom. Caeceila later expressed her confidence in Emperor Rafael's judgement announcing, "I am convinced that Emperor Rafael understands that Dredge is not an asset but a liability and will see to it that Lady Akari refuses to harbor terrorists in the future. I intend to draw the attention of Emperor Rafael's administration to this issue to ensure it is resolved swiftly." When correspondents questioned how she would react if Lady Akako Akari refused to negotiate on this matter, Caeceila Glasmann chuckled and replied, "I am not a fan of assassins or blackmail, and I freely admit that because I have no intention of applying either to this situation. I am confident that Lady Akako Akari has a modicum of honor and will accept the challenge I am about to issue. Let it be known to all that I am challenging Lady Akako Akari to a duel to settle this matter, provided she finds the terms I've laid out unreasonable and refuses to negotiate. If she declines this challenge, sends another to fight in her stead, attempts to sabotage me and mine, and slash or tries any other rubbish on for size, she dishonors her ancestors, disgraces her city, proves herself a coward, and ultimately relinquishes her claim to nobility. A name and a title don't mean anything if you aren't willing to live up to them." It sounds like a nasty dispute is in the works, folks, and you can be sure that, when it comes, Hell's Gate Tribune LIVE will setup on the sidelines so you can cheer on our very own Gore-Spattered Heiress in real time. And now, a word from our sponsors. [@Akako Akari, @Dredge, @King, @supernal]
  3. [Excerpt from Gov't Press Conference - XX/XX/30 AO] Later that same day, Major Steel Metireal, representing the Terran Empire, held a press conference in response to Caeceila's uncoordinated and unmoderated soapbox soliloquy. The Lady's saving grace in avoiding charges of inciting to riot was that she steadily and repeatedly denounced any affiliation with, or authority from, the Terrenus government; she was simply a private party airing her concerns in a manner afforded her by her station and generational wealth. The official response was pithy, communicating as much by what it said as by what it didn't ÔÇô calling out that on the one hand, "our political scientists have concluded the Carmine Dominion is unlikely to charge Dredge for previous crimes committed outside their lands, and the disruption to Dredge's forces at Last Chance has no doubt sobered him to the consequences of unchecked warfare against an organized enemy." And on the other hand, not chastising Caeceila in the least for her loud and public upbraiding of Lady Akako Akari. Steel was glacial compared to Caeceila's flame. " . . . in summary, Empire has no standing extradition treaty with the Carmine Dominion. We have been previously engaged in diplomatic talks and are optimistic as to the outcome, but have no legal mechanism by which to extract Dredge from Genesaris on the standing of his crimes on the mainland. "However ÔÇô the Terran Empire is officially issuing a combination bench warrant and DOA bounty on Dredge and all identified members of the so-called Legion of Doom. If in Terrenus, all officers are authorized to enforce the law on sight by any means necessary, and both domestically and abroad mercenaries, paramilitary, and bounty hunters are authorized to use lethal force in claiming the bounty. Historically the Carmine Dominion has not offered protections to those charged with a crime, and expect the only exceptions to be those motivated by personal conflict." And now back to This is Terrenus, followed by Clever, Clever Charles.
  4. My my, what do we have here? Is it true? Did the incomparable, undeniably talented Andromeda Sunchaser really fall off the face of Valucre? Well it's certainly possible, as everyone knows Valucre is flat. You didn't? Oh don't worry my sweet readers, mama Sunchaser is here to tell you everything you need to know about the world, and who is making a fool of themselves in it. First up we have our favorite convent of crazies, the Church on the Hill. These eccentric nuts are lead by a man named Constans, who may or may not have gotten a little tipsy one night, set fire to his temple and then instead of owning up to it, he decides to start up his own cult! To think of how things would have gone if the insurance pulled through. Now the big religious man begins talking about a big Green fiery God that gives him visions of the future and how he is the true God and blah blah blah. It's all just so predictable, isn't it? Con man convinces gullible hicks to follow him because he can promise them safety and security, yet he just can't seem to get his head out of the clouds, or maybe out of the inviting bosom of the many, MANY women he surrounds himself with on a near constant basis. The signs are quite obvious if you look hard enough, from the big snake he has hanging around him (over compensating much?) to the way he busies himself in trying to recruit as many young, beautiful women in his flock as possible. Quite frankly the only thing left to wait for now is for him to get caught with his pants down (literally in this case) trying to anoint a young, impressionable girl with his 'holy oil'. And if we are pursuing answers, how do we know his faithful congregation isn't already aware of what he's doing, and just plays along with him? It seems that his most promoted members are women. Maybe one has to take their licks, or in this case thrusts, to get ahead in the group? Whose to say. Oh wait, me of course, because I know just what it's going to take to get people to see this Constans as the real criminal he is. Now, out of the goodness of my heart, I will speak no further. To write out the rest of such a horrific and heinous crime in the basic subscriber package would be an injustice, to those who pay extra, that is. So consider the facts, my readers, and just remember what kind of man is lurking behind those pretty women and acts of strange splendor. Once you invite the wolf into your flock, you'll have only yourselves to blame when he goes hunting for your little ones... Stay tuned for my next installment, my little pretties, as your selfless reporter goes after a little Justice of her own. Have fun and remember to chase the sun!
  5. House Singlance of Ursa Madeum has just finished constructing their manor on the northeastern coast of Corinth, and they're opening it to all of Valucre for a party! For those not in the know (which is a vast majority of Valucre), House Singlance is dedicating themselves to dragging Ursa Madeum out of their current low tech level and into modernity, and is the newest noble house in the island chain, promoted personally by Rozharon Parálios, Empress of the Veluriyam Empire after their victory over the tyrant Damien Gillick. The house's matriarch, Aveline Singlance, has even released the fact that there will be a major announcement that will impact the Ursa Madean political scene. So whether you've invested in Ursa Madeum's political landscape or not, this party may be worth checking out.
  6. In´╗┐ a´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ shocking turn of events, the story of Lady ´╗┐MeridaÔÇÖs once-secret, now-infamous kidnapping has concluded in a fashion guaranteed to surprise and disturb y´╗┐ou. Just over seven days ago during the new holiday of Reverie, Lady Merida Spiderwalker was kidnapped by unknown parties while participating in the celebratory maze event being held by Emperor Titus. Plucked from the Emperor's very own estate! Evidence quickly began mounting which pointed to Luis Uldwar, third eldest son of Oscar Uldwar, Lord of Port Mars and fugitive, as the perpetrator of this crime most foul. Imperial investigations didn't begin until almost a full day after the kidnapping when the Wyrmalker Dali in´╗┐telligence arm released a public statement to the effect of the Lady's kidnapping and considerable effort expended to find the culprits and secure her release. Top investigaters outside of ´╗┐Dali made little progress, unable to locate either the Lady or her kidnappers, until Lady Merida appeared back on the isles out of nowhere.´╗┐ She was found battered, malnourished and mutilated in a small town near the southern end of the Free Marches, led to the burg by two strangers identifying themselves as P´╗┐ale Shade and Dark Shadow. These strangers, dressed in black and white cloaks and masks, were reported to have saved the noblewoman from two fisherman working under the orders of´╗┐ Luis Uldwar. Pressure was mounting on House Uldwar, an already poor sentiment plummeting further still when the accused young Lord was seen fleeing Port Mars with Fatesbane, a´╗┐ family heirloom handed down since the beginning of the House, in his possession. Godric Uldwar, the estranged son, returned after many months away, now ma´╗┐rried to Lady Evienne Goldcourt Dali, removing Lady Mia Uldwar from her seat of power and declaring all necessary actions would be taken to find his younger brother and turn him over to the authorities.´╗┐ Things couldn't possibly get any stranger than that, and yet they did when officials at House Dali, quiet during all this, released a sudden statement indicating they found the tru´╗┐e villains. Previously thought dead by execution, the twins Ursula and Marcella Descartes, had resurfaced to put an end to a blood feud between their kin and its ancient enemy, House Uldwar, by im´╗┐plicating them in the kidnapping and torture of Merida Dali. The twins were apprehended on the Dali estate when they attempted to carry the guise as Merida's guardians, rather than her pe´╗┐rsonal demons, but were quickly identified. Far from being a criminal, Luis Uldwar's voluntary testimony (according to Wyrmwalker reports) proved instrumental in confirming the identity of the´╗┐ twins, after which Wyrmwalker interrogation techniques succeeded in confirming the rest of the details. The twins not only confessed to the kidnapping and torture of Merida, but th´╗┐e murder of two local fisherman, conspiracy to outrage public decency and effect public mischief, and conspiracy to murder in the first, second, and third degrees. Medical examiner reports co´╗┐nfirm the health of the twins during their continued detainment on Dali grounds, and vouchsafe for the humane conditions expected of any prisoner. With the real culprits caught ´╗┐and Merida's weeklong harrowing journey come to an end, Ursa Madeum can rest easy knowing that two more murders have been brought to justice. What House Dali will do to these prisoner´╗┐s has yet to be announced. Written by: Grubbistch Edited by: supernal´╗┐
  7. Humanitarian or traitor to the people? That has been the question ever since Illyana Uldwar has made a public statement regarding some people's notions about what to do about the pirate menace in Ursa Madeum. Illyana Uldwar is the eldest daughter of Oscar and Cassandra Uldwar, as well as a fervent believer in Gaianism. When asked about the aggressive stances some of the other nobles have on the pirates who roam these waters, she had this to say. "To´╗┐ openly attack those attempting to escape persecution and genocide, as has been the history of Pirate's Cove since the reign of King Damien, without due pro´╗┐cess or a chance to pay back their debt to society is not only a demonstrable insult to the supposed human rights afforded to all men and women from the A.N.T. treaty, but a dark sign that evil behavior that should have been left behind in the Dark Times of the past will be condoned by the central leadership so long as it is directe´╗┐d against those who do not agree with the political powers´╗┐ currently leading all Ursa Madeans today." Many have found her courageous in this statement, others holding a belief that she is a sympathizer for the maritime marauders. This comes after her growing popularity through the widespread efforts being made to give aide to those affected by Damien's rule. Instead of attacking those that live on the fringes of society, Illyana Uldwar believes they should be embraced with open arms and open hearts. "Those with no other options will resort to villainy in order to survive. We as a society are to blame for the perpetuation of a lifestyle that requires one to become a pirate in order to make a living. If we were to offer amnesty and forgiveness to them, I believe enough pirates would put down their swords and start a new life, one where they wouldn't have to put their lives on the line in order to feed their families." This idea of absolution has not been received well by most citizens. Many people have felt firsthand what it's like to be at the business end of a gangplank, and so have denounced the humanitarian's ideals as naive and foolish. For now we will simply wait and see which side Emperor Titus takes on this debate, and whether or not even pirates deserve a second chance at life.
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