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  1. ROZHARON PARÁLIOS EMPRESS OF THE PARÁLIOS DYNASTY Suladiaz, Eridianus To: The Alliance of Sovereign Nations, the Terran Empire, concerned parties From: Rozharon Parálios Subject: The dissolution of Veluriyam I am dissolving the Veluriyam Empire as the central authority over Taen, Suladiaz, and all associated territories. While its leadership may have fallen to me in Emperor Titus’ death, I do not wish to continue what he began - an empire that no matter how benevolent, was built on conquest. I will be clear with my intentions: I and my own have no desire to play savior to other nations merely to siphon resources from their lands. It is our desire that in these uncertain times full of conflict, we may create a place of harmony. Neither I nor my family have any claim to royalty. We are outsiders to this world, and we have shed no soldiers’ blood to claim land as our own. What we do have are natures attuned to, and perhaps originating from the voids between worlds. We are beings of liminality, possessing an inherent awareness of the spaces between worlds and loci. In Eridianus, one such place as this, we do not intend to command; we intend to guide. By mutual agreement with Taen, Tethys, and New Everrun, I announce the formation of THE ENCLAVES OF ERIDIANUS, a coalition of political enclaves, each bound by pact under the supervision of the Parálios Dynasty. It will stand as a nation built on cooperation and mutual agreement. Each enclave of Eridianus will retain their sovereignity within the bounds of their territories, with the Dynasty serving as mediators for matters such as trade and travel. Eridianus will replace Veluriyam in the Alliance of Sovereign Nations and shall include representatives from each Enclave, accompanied with members of the Dynasty. For them to better serve the Enclaves, I am also restructuring both Zatrikion and Khartes as joint institutions between local military and research and development units. Let the geographical region subsumed by the new loci henceforth be known as the ERIDIANUS REGION. These are times of change; it only seems appropriate to recognize this, as we enter a new era You lied. You've always know where she's been. Yes. How? I made your brothers from skin and life-fire. A feather of hers, a strand of hair- I've tracked down gods with less. I burned a secret and the Oracle told me the rest. You didn't take her back? (Realization) You didn't want her back. She's not my child, not like you are. She is too much like her father. If I had brought her back we would not have the peace we've worked so hard for. What do you mean? Their past speaks for itself. He invaded a nearby nation for resources and proclaimed himself their king. He held a ball with so little security that a noble was kidnapped under his nose. I know he intended to conquer Tethys, and even later expand his empire further. She was much the same, reckless and hotheaded. I know she nearly went to war with a dwarven city over minerals. I know she had plans to meet with a military house over weapons deals. Both these, she planned, without notifying either myself or her father. ... Look at my memories. I'm not wrong. She was young. She's not like us. She would've become worse. If I had brought her back she would have insisted that she had a right to the empire. Under her rule, strife and conflict would have bloomed. I wouldn't have allowed it. She would have resisted. I would have put an end to it. Leaving her there, alive, was better than the alternative. The alternative- The safety of our family comes above all. I have only one daughter. Her name is Morrigan.
  2. To His Majesty King Milorian Mythal of the Ursa Madeum Isles, As ordered by Her Majesty, Grand Kommadant Primera Cartyr, prior to her passing, I have been leading an extensive investigation into the whereabouts of the disappeared Veluriyam Princess, Teresa Demetrius. Though originally suspected to have incurred the same illness as His Imperial Majesty Emperor Titus Demetrius, the magic residue of Her Highness' last known location proved to be inconsistent. The magic residue remaining, however inconsistent with that of His Majesty's illness, was yet relatively unknown. It has recently come to my attention that a new land has been spotted orbiting the Nehalen mainland, known as Grad na Ang'eli. The Nehalen delegates whom have interacted with the Ang'eli diplomats have since understood this name to translate roughly as the City of Angels and the previous home of His Majesty Emperor Titus Demetrius. If it pleases Your Majesty, please confer with the attached files for further details regarding the newly appeared island. On a simple suspicion of mine, Nehalen researchers were ordered to compare the magic residue of Her Imperial Highness' place of disappearance with that of Grad na Ang'eli's appearance. I am both pleased and saddened to announce to Your Majesty that the analysis proved the magic to be a match. Although more investigation must be done before further action can be taken, it is my sincerest belief that Her Imperial Highness disappeared at the hands of those within Grad na Ang'eli. At the bequest of Her Majesty Grand Kommadant Primera Cartyr and Her Majesty's friendship with Your Majesty, I will continue to look into this with the hopes of one day fulfilling the desire of those respected since deceased. Please send word of your intentions going forward. Yours Truly, His Grace, Duke Aedos Chanaril of Nu Martyr's Sovereign House of Chanaril @Aleksei
  3. A look into the Parálios Dynasty: an interview with Princess Morrigan Penned by Felix Tailingh Hebdomadal Press April 15, six in the morning: a golden-eyed starling taps on my window, bringing a missive from Cair Loeren. After I overcome my panic, I take the letter. “Dear Mr. Talingh,” it reads, “I am Morrigan Parálios, the youngest child of Empress Rozharon and Princess of Cair Loeren. I know my existence - and many things about my family - has been the subject of much misunderstanding, speculation, rumor. As the Editor-in-Chief of the Hebdomadal Press, I would like to arrange an interview with you. I believe this would be a good opportunity for the citizens of Taen to know more about myself and my family.” A week later I am ushered to a garden gazebo in Cair Loeren. The castle is a mystery in itself - somehow, within the towers lies a lush garden, vines blanketing sheer stone walls. The princess, seated at a wicker bench greets me with much enthusiasm. She is seventeen, she tells me, physically. She notes my quizzical look. “We don’t age like humans,” she explains. “I’ve only grown conscious recently, but my being is immortal.” This brings more questions than answers. Regardless of my confusion, the princess bids me to take a seat before continuing her self-introduction. She has an air of youthful wonder about her - her dark hair is chopped short, streaked with ultramarine, and as she speaks, she toys with the end of her knitted belt. “I’m the youngest of four siblings, the only daughter,” she says with a laugh. “An heir of the Parálios Dynasty, yet also a princess of Taen. I think that’s an important distinction. The Dynasty - mostly my mother, the Empress - oversees Eridianus. Pallas doesn’t involve himself much in family matters these days.” She toys with a strand of her hair. “Mom has Eridianus, Pallas runs Taen, and Lenore has his own business across Lagrimosa. I’ve chosen to stay in Taen for now, with Asterion, doing my part in serving the people.” “Asterion, your older brother?” I ask. The eldest Parálios son is the least-known of the four, though he’s often been sighted whenever the princess makes a public appearance. Asterion towers above his siblings, his warrior’s build intimidating most who cross paths with him. With those all-black eyes, there is no mistaking him as anything other than the son of the empress. “Yes. He’s the firstformed of us four, my big brother!” Asterion, the princess explains, came into being far before the Empress Rozharon arrived in Valucre. She does not delve into the details, but mentions he is skilled in the ways of war. Once-estranged from their mother, the oldest Parálios now resides in Cair Loeren along with her and King Pallas. Pallas and Lenore were created much later, she explains, in Ursa Madeum. She, herself was made in Taen mere months ago. “There is no name for what we are,” Morrigan says. “Except ‘Parálios’, because we were born from fragments from our mother. Parálios. That’s the name she chose for herself when she arrived in this world.” This is the first time she has spoken of the Empress’ origins. Empress Rozharon first made herself known in 596 WTA, taking over the then-named Taen Empire in the emperor's absence. Since then, she has continued to rule the empire, now named Veluriyam, even after her husband's death. “We’re Parálios - both in name and nature,” the princess repeats. “Pallas says we are those who stand at the shore, at the border between void-sea and the tangible, physical world. I don’t fully understand what he means by that, but I do know that our nature allows us a greater awareness of the supernatural. I think we’re predisposed to the otherworldly and extradimensional, we have an innate understanding of the liminal spaces between different worlds and loci. Arrogant as it sounds, it’s why Pallas oversees Taen so well! With this power our beings hold, we must use it for the good of this world - and that’s what we do, each in our own way!” “And what, princess, is your way of doing good?” I ask her. She beams at the question, clapping her hands. “A lot! I’m a lot more hands-on than my brother. Since September I’ve been working with the local governments of the Free Cities to establish a baseline for social welfare programs. There are plenty of disparities in public services between the settlements, you know! Arcturon’s leading in terms of security and public health but job security for laborers and businesses isn’t great, and something needs to be done with the working conditions in the underground factories. Lunaris didn’t have the best internal law enforcement, but the Lunarian Protectorate’s helping with that.” Truly, anyone who has been keeping an eye on the princess’ activities will note her involvement in the Cities. Despite her youth, Morrigan has developed a quick grasp of governance. Unlike her brother’s distant leadership, the princess explains, she prefers to involve herself at the ground level, where things happen. Modest as always, she attributes this to her Arcturon tutors and the extensive collection of literature in Cair Loeren’s Serapeum library. “I also really like helping out in Neatia,” she adds. “May Dolos and I are really good friends! I’m glad the agreement to accept Tia’s refugees went through. That’s one practice from the old empire’s Taen’s upholding, even with it’s separation. Our borders will always be open for all who want to start a new life in Taen.” “What are your thoughts on Taen’s secession?” “You’ve heard my brother’s speech, haven’t you? We Parálios intend to be mediators, not rulers. We don’t want to be architects. We don’t want to force nations or- or even civilizations to conform to some grand plan we’ve laid out. We’re gardeners. Taen deserves to flourish on its own. Independent, self-sustaining, not meddling with other nations. The cities are fit to rule themselves without our direct intervention, and Cair Loeren is only there to facilitate. Pallas himself, he’s bent on keeping the balance between wild and civilization. I… don’t have any of his powers, or any powers, so I’m just doing what I can as a regular resident of Taen. I mean I do have a budget from Cair Loeren, but all I’m doing is getting people together! Coordinating projects. Facilitation is the key word here.” Indeed, Taen’s king is a distant ruler. Morrigan does not elaborate on his ‘powers’, and shakes her head when I probe. Neither does she give an answer when I inquire about the prince’s injuries. It’s not her story to tell, she says. At this juncture, a servant comes along to serve refreshments. I’ve learned a fair bit about the princess at this point, as she continues to chatter while we eat. She’s helping Asterion build a menagerie of injured creatures they’re rehabilitating. She’s considering diplomatic missions with the lizardfolk of Taen. She’s talked with Athnolcithandriss once, and found her very nice. I inquire about her family’s current whereabouts. “Mom’s out of Taen,” she says of the empress. “I think she’s looking into the loci expansion. But we started having this family, together dinner every weekend. I see Lenore at together dinner too, but he leaves really early. He has a place in Ursa Madeum, I think that’s where he stays most of the time.” “What about your sister, Teresa?” “I don’t know. I never really knew her. She disappeared before I was made. It’s been so long since she’s been gone, too. I think Mom went as far as Renovatio looking for her. Pallas said he doesn’t see her in Taen’s future, so even if she were alive, she’s never coming back here. It’s kinda sad. I feel we’d be around the same age? I don’t really think much about it, though - I’m just happy we’ve found our place in this world, us five.” I bid goodbye to the princess shortly after this, thanking her for her time. She tells me to keep an eye out for word from the Empress - these are times of change, she says. Strange as her stories were, it’s comforting to know the Parálios clan is, in many ways, very human- Princess Morrigan, most of them all.
  4. Taen’s Genius Loci expansion, the pocket dimension’s collapse, and what it means for Lagrimosa April 6, 598 WTA Penned by Tora Esthe What changes these few months have brought to this land! Most unexpected of all, and most notable, is Taen’s sudden expansion. Without the slightest display of light or sound, the walls of the pocket dimension have collapsed; this bubble of a world expands, then explodes, and finally embeds itself into the Blue Hills. Stark against the azure waves, a defiance to the natural; a geographical interloper, borne from a rift between worlds. Worlds within a world become part of the greater picture. Taen lodges itself into Valucre, becomes part of the whole - even as jarring a contrast as it is. The loci, the ocean of change and influence, is voracious. It expands, invades and consumes like an arcane tidal wave. That which cannot be transmuted, shifted or absorbed is discarded or eradicated. Citizens have noticed Taen’s distinct signatures influencing the land around them. Trees upturn their roots and take to walking. Talking, too. Luminous rays of light dance and flicker across midnight skies, before becoming solid and descending onto the earth in showers of fragments of iridescent, shimmering stone. Daytime auroras have become common, dyeing the clouds in worldrift-blue. As far as we can tell, the new loci’s reach extends across Barnstable Coast, stretching as far as New Everrun and Tethys in the west, and Timber Creek and the Black Ridge in the east. To say that this loci blanketing the continent’s south is still Taen’s might be incorrect. It is rooted in Taen’s loci, yes, and has pumped the arcanosphere with wildlight and worldrift, bringing with it even Taen’s spatio-temporal quirks. Yet if there is one thing known of Taen’s loci, it is that it does not destroy; it devours, integrating what exists into itself. Loci do onion, after all, their influence existing in tiers and layers. Whatever this new region is, its nature is distinct from Taen’s. Despite the foreign loci’s expansion, it has not overpowered the loci of the territories within it. Ursa Madeum’s magic and technology levels remain low, its arcanosphere dominated by Deep Magic. Everrun’s magi-technology remains functional. The expanded loci appears to skirt around the borders of existing loci, enclosing them, but not exerting its influence over them. At the very least, it is far easier to enter Taen now. As for what this means for the continent at large, only time will tell.
  5. Station: Skyburn 46.9 Airtime: 1:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. Date of Newscast: January 6, 598 WTA Anchor: Oliver Oxenfree Good afternoon, everyone. Oliver Oxenfree here live from Arcturon City with some as-ton-ish-ing news. Just this morning, King Pallas Paralios announced that Taen would be seceding from the Veluriyam Empire. You heard it right, folks -- it’s King Pallas now. The former prince-regent has declared Lunaris, Arcturon, Kuiperal, and all associated settlements under Cair Loeren as sovereign from the Empire. The King delivered the announcement in Cair Loeren’s throne room. The speech was also broadcast live to the cities via radio -- if you didn’t manage to catch it, we’ll be replaying it later tonight. For now, here’s the gist: MSC IN : PALLAS SPEECH RECORDING "For the longest time, Taen has served as a refuge from the dangers of the continent. It was a free land, free from the chaos in the megacities, free from the influence of foreign powers. When the first settlements formed, they were built by the people, for the people. "But perhaps, over time, Taen has become what it yearned to escape - merely another territory under the umbrella of an uncaring empire, one that has once, even, invaded and conquered another nation. "As Prince Regent of Taen and head of Cair Loeren, Taen’s governing authority, I am declaring Taen an independent from the Veluriyam Empire. The cities Lunaris, Arcturon, Kuiperal, Totenborough, and other settlements will remain under the authority of their own governors. Cair Loeren will serve as the intermediary for relations between the cities and nations outside Taen. It will also coordinate aspects of governance such as inter-city trade and national defense, and oversees each city’s implementation of public health, infrastructure, and social welfare programs - to ensure each citizen is taken care of. "We will continue to work together with enclaves such as Stronghold to provide a place for refugees. If necessary, the Cities will also provide military aid for our allies in Yh’mi. But only those who are willing - no more shall your soldiers be sent to far shores to fight foreign battles, no more invasions of Ursa Madeum. "From this day on, the Free Cities of Taen will stand on their own, bowing to none. I am hereby relinquishing my position as regent of Veluriyam. I may be the son of the empress, but the land is mine as much as I am of it; I will serve it and its people above all, as your king." MSC OUT The decision itself comes as something of a surprise. King Pallas once was the prince-regent of Veluriyam, ruling Taen on the Empress’ behalf. Given how close the King and his family were, this decision comes as something of a surprise. We here at Skyburn forty-six point nine do not condone rumor mongering, but the Three Sisters are buzzing with speculation. The most popular theory seems to be that the King’s had a falling-out with his mother, Empress Rozharon. Notably, this is King Pallas’ first public appearance in months, and Gaia, how the man has changed. Those present at the Cair reported that the King seemed unwell, but that seems just a bit of an understatement. The king seems to have lost an eye and an arm, further fueling the falling-out theory. We all know the Paralioses are powerful -- who else would be capable of wounding the man but his own family? Again, there’s little evidence for this. The Paralioses are a secretive bunch, that much we know of. Even more surprising is Pallas wasn’t alone while delivering the announcement. He was accompanied by two of his siblings in their first public appearance - a brother and a sister. The brother, audiences reported, looked to be older than him, while the sister looked younger. They’ve yet to be formally introduced, but we’re hoping for an update from our king. And perhaps, a word from the Empress about this recent development. Veluriyam has just granted Ursa Madeum its independence last year - without Taen, it seems the empire’s domain is rapidly shrinking. These are times full of change, folks. We here at Skyburn forty-six point nine will be here with you for the ride, delivering the news that you deserve to know. Up next, we have Doctor Carina Gomez, here for an interview on Arcturon’s revolutionary communication system, the I-D sign . . .
  6. On Fears and the Heroes We Need: the Fall of Biazo and Michael Commager Biazo City, 22 AO / 590 WTA Have you seen it? The crumbling of the Terran way of life? The peace and quiet evaporating in your very hands? This reporter sees it, and the feeling is gutwrenching sometimes. The kingdom has lost many of its greatest assets, security at the forefront. It is hard to look at the kingdom's suffering and come up with anything good, but for us to get better that is what we must. Maybe by looking at that suffering closely enough will show us the way out. Any perspective must be explored. So to do that, we must start at the beginning, or at least in the early stages of this great chasm that still grows between our lands. We start here. With the fall of Biazo City. Four years ago the once, if only briefly stalwart kingdom of Terrenus, lost Biazo City. This reporter is sad for the loss of so many Biazans even to this day. But that isn't where this all started. No. To truly understand what happened to this beloved Terran land, we have to go back six years into the past. Back to 24 AO, or 592 WTA. Biazo City was a prosperous realm, as you can see, but one surrounded by wilds. When they weren't dealing with mutant fish invading their shores, its citizens were forced to cope with encroaching hordes of bloodthirsty unnaturals. Since it was a hotspot for their kind, an unnatural organization bent toward capitalizing on the existing attraction of their kind planted a seed of unnatural energy in Biazo City. Little by little, more and more, a trickle became a flowing river. One day, unnaturals swarmed the City wholesale. It was a slaughter. The city was leveled by covens of vampyr leading other unnaturals like rabid dogs into the homes of the innocent. All good seemed driven from Biazo, darkness pervading. Until the Terran military arrived. Until the Gaian clergy arrived. These two righteous forces converged on Biazo City, crashed down like the very Hammer of Gaia on the skulls of those who smote her realm. Vampyr and Unnaturals were both leveled by the light and destroyed with extreme prejudice by the combined forces of the indomitable Terran military and Gaia's noble clergy. At first. This reporter recalls following the event live with bated breath! It was truly a defining moment for the Terran kingdoms. Truly a devastating time to be a Terran. Citizens of the city were evacuating, but not fast enough. Despite the power of the Terrans, the numbers were visibly stacked against them. Despite the strategy of the military, and despite the dedication of the clergy, the people of Biazo were in need of something extraordinary to rescue them. They were in need of a true hero. They needed somebody like Michael Commager. Average people lock themselves into doing things one way, but this reporter remembers hearing the news of his arrival on the scene like a surprise entrance in an Izrali cage fight. It was the most punk thing ever to happen in the military! Even if the kid died, this reporter was ready to follow him through the whole Biazo story. Thing is, he didn't die. Not at all. He crushed his foes. Chasing the devils into their own nest, Michael Commager beat them down and saved dozens of Terran soldiers who are still alive to tell the tale today. He killed probably hundreds of those dirty scum. He must still be cleaning that undead blood from under his fingernails. He was a perfect instrument in guiding the Biazans to freedom. Archbishop Twizzen and the Gaian clergy created a seed that would grow a tree of holy energy. Lt. Commager's assistance allowed the clergy to place the seed, growing a massive tree of divine energy. It would be a good thing, offsetting the magnetism of evil creatures that already existed there. Unfortunately it rendered all of the City a chaotic ruin now refereed to as Bi''le'ah, but it is one that no longer draws in swarms of unnaturals. There was no saving Biazo, but its people had two options. Salvation, or likely death. Terrenus required a hero that day. All of them got Michael Commager, and they needed him! Michael was made Peacekeeper from the whole venture. Word is he's established a new colony on the northern coast of Biazo called Aspyn, and it's making a killing! Citizens from other cities who share fates like Biazo City are crowding there in hopes of a better tomorrow. Some are crowding there just to see the man responsible for saving so many people from the fated City. If I were a gambling man (I am some Saturdays), I would bet my chips on this man in almost any situation. That's all for now! More on Heroes We Need later. ~ Quill D. Penderghast
  7. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 2 Minutes Law-enforcement spread thin. Checkpoints in surrounding towns will lead to decreased patrols and increased criminal activities. Martial law imminent. Riots anticipated. Citizens warned to lock their doors and stay off of the streets. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 32 Minutes My money is on Doughy Jim and his Doughy Regime levying a militia and turning Dougton into a police state within the week. If you aren't a fan of power-mad maniacs, curfews, and rationing systems, consider skedaddling while you can. If you can't leave Dougton, Gaia help you. Food isn't the only resource necessary to maintain our standards of living, and the new regime will probably hang hoarders from streetlights. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 1 Hour 58 Minutes Words cannot do justice to how I abhor Doughy Jim and his cronies. They have not acted in the best interests of their people. Quite the opposite. The withdrawal of all federal employees from Dougton kneecaps Dougton's defensive capabilities and exposes the populace to myriad terrors that are all too common in this day and age. Recently, Tia was razed and Last Chance and Casper were attacked by formidable foes. In the latter cases, these foes were repelled by Terrenus Military forces working hand-in-hand with local law-enforcement under the command of elite Terrenus Military commandos: Peacekeepers. Furthermore, the federal employees Doughy Jim is intent on evicting will be stripped of any property they cannot carry out of the city with them without fair compensation for their losses. It is unknown, at this time, if Terrenus Military veterans and retired federal employees are also subject to Doughy Jim's tyrannical whims, but it is certain that they will be viewed with suspicion in days to come. Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 3 Hour 14 Minutes I phoned my attorney and instantly resolved to ignore his advice. All enterprises owned by House Glasmann have ceased operations within Dougton and all other areas in open rebellion against the Empire. Other "Hell's Gate fat cats" have, in response to Doughy Jim's unwarranted hostility, followed suit. The flow of affordable, complex goods to Dougton, especially medicines and birth control, will be greatly diminished for the foreseeable future. All patients with chronic illnesses, including allergies, are urged to stock up on necessary supplies before they run out. ? Caeceila Glasmann @realCaeceilaGlasmann * 7 Hours In a concentrated dose of exceptionally insipid Doughy Propaganda, former regent Jim Jenkins (Doughy Jim) claims "Hell's Gate fat cats are stuffing their faces with our food and issuing edicts to conquer us" and "The royal government is trying to turn our city, that we built with our hands, into a test bed for their experimental weapons." Fake news and a complimentary recipe for disaster. Yum! Doughy Jim can't even decide whether the royal government or House Monroe is pulling the strings in his half-baked delusion; he ought to call it quits, don his tinfoil hat, and commit himself to the nearest sanitarium while he's ahead. ?
  8. [Excerpt from Hell's Gate Tribune LIVE's Broadcast - XX/XX/30 AO] Earlier today, Lady Caeceila Glasmann, representing House Glasmann of Hell's Gate, held a press conference condemning Lady Akako Akari, current monarch of Port Caelum, for harboring Dredge, infamous leader of the Legion of Doom. In a rousing speech that showcased her talent as an orator and her concern for the safety of the people of Terrenus, Caeceila demanded justice for the victims of Dredge's numerous atrocities, to date and in future. "Dredge is a rabid beast that we must put down. He infects all he touches with an insatiable lust for blood and flesh. I will see him executed, if only to check the spread of his disease." Caeceila declared with the same aggressive passion that earned her the moniker "Our Gore-Spattered Heiress." While Caeceila voiced her unwillingness to accept anything less than Dredge's head from Lady Akako Akari, her policy on the Legion of Doom was "open to negotiation." "I am of the opinion that the Legion of Doom's rank-and-file have been sorely used. I single-handedly broke up the Red Festival, where Dredge brought his first wave of minions to heel, and from what I observed, most of his forces are either mentally incompetent or mentally ill. I would pity them if I did not despise the evil things they've done. If Lady Akako Akari has her heart set on letting foxes run amok in her hen house, that is her choice, but it is my duty to inform her that she will pay restitution commensurate with the crimes of each criminal she retains." According to Caeceila, if Lady Akako Akari chose to retain all of the members of the Legion of Doom, she would have to pay blood money for each civilian the Legion of Doom slaughtered, the sacking of various villages throughout Terrenus, notably Tormo and Albor, assorted damages to Last Chance, including blood money for each soldier crippled or slain in the line of duty, and the value of the Legion of Doom's ill-named Forgotten Fleet, which was stolen from Last Chance. Though Caeceila Glasmann has no authority to speak for the government of Terrenus, her speech resonated with a number of people within Hell's Gate who have since started a petition to prompt the government to demand extradition of Dredge and key members of the Legion of Doom. Caeceila later expressed her confidence in Emperor Rafael's judgement announcing, "I am convinced that Emperor Rafael understands that Dredge is not an asset but a liability and will see to it that Lady Akari refuses to harbor terrorists in the future. I intend to draw the attention of Emperor Rafael's administration to this issue to ensure it is resolved swiftly." When correspondents questioned how she would react if Lady Akako Akari refused to negotiate on this matter, Caeceila Glasmann chuckled and replied, "I am not a fan of assassins or blackmail, and I freely admit that because I have no intention of applying either to this situation. I am confident that Lady Akako Akari has a modicum of honor and will accept the challenge I am about to issue. Let it be known to all that I am challenging Lady Akako Akari to a duel to settle this matter, provided she finds the terms I've laid out unreasonable and refuses to negotiate. If she declines this challenge, sends another to fight in her stead, attempts to sabotage me and mine, and slash or tries any other rubbish on for size, she dishonors her ancestors, disgraces her city, proves herself a coward, and ultimately relinquishes her claim to nobility. A name and a title don't mean anything if you aren't willing to live up to them." It sounds like a nasty dispute is in the works, folks, and you can be sure that, when it comes, Hell's Gate Tribune LIVE will setup on the sidelines so you can cheer on our very own Gore-Spattered Heiress in real time. And now, a word from our sponsors. [@Akako Akari, @Dredge, @King, @supernal]
  9. [Excerpt from Gov't Press Conference - XX/XX/30 AO] Later that same day, Major Steel Metireal, representing the Terran Empire, held a press conference in response to Caeceila's uncoordinated and unmoderated soapbox soliloquy. The Lady's saving grace in avoiding charges of inciting to riot was that she steadily and repeatedly denounced any affiliation with, or authority from, the Terrenus government; she was simply a private party airing her concerns in a manner afforded her by her station and generational wealth. The official response was pithy, communicating as much by what it said as by what it didn't – calling out that on the one hand, "our political scientists have concluded the Carmine Dominion is unlikely to charge Dredge for previous crimes committed outside their lands, and the disruption to Dredge's forces at Last Chance has no doubt sobered him to the consequences of unchecked warfare against an organized enemy." And on the other hand, not chastising Caeceila in the least for her loud and public upbraiding of Lady Akako Akari. Steel was glacial compared to Caeceila's flame. " . . . in summary, Empire has no standing extradition treaty with the Carmine Dominion. We have been previously engaged in diplomatic talks and are optimistic as to the outcome, but have no legal mechanism by which to extract Dredge from Genesaris on the standing of his crimes on the mainland. "However – the Terran Empire is officially issuing a combination bench warrant and DOA bounty on Dredge and all identified members of the so-called Legion of Doom. If in Terrenus, all officers are authorized to enforce the law on sight by any means necessary, and both domestically and abroad mercenaries, paramilitary, and bounty hunters are authorized to use lethal force in claiming the bounty. Historically the Carmine Dominion has not offered protections to those charged with a crime, and expect the only exceptions to be those motivated by personal conflict." And now back to This is Terrenus, followed by Clever, Clever Charles.
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