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  1. ____x____x : e s s e n t i a l s : "It is absolutely required... Learn your place and follow orders 515" Commander Theodan Alexander Birth Name: Κυνηγόσκυλο πεντακόσιες δεκαπέντε - (Kynigóskylo pentakósies dekapént)Used Name: Pyrrah. (post biography)Alias(es): 515, Hound. Age: 200 earth cyclesVisible age: Appears around 18 relative to humansDate of Birth: 22000:BCLineage: >>>Father: King Cerberus {} Mother: Queen Alexandera. Class: Omega Tier (thats low)-- Sub Class: ReliefOccupation: WandererAlignment: NoneMarital Status: PromisedBirthplace: Erebus____x____x : v i t a l s : "Its very important your services satisfy" Queen AlexandraHeight: 5.6Weight: 340lbsHair Color: BlackHair: Long and wildEye Color: Orange (with black whites)Handed: AmbidexterousSkin Tone: GreySkin Condition: Supple and smoothPhysical Condition: GoodVoice: Young, fierce, innocentArm Length: normal____x____x : s t a t u s : "one is nothing without their name. Its all you have so I'll give you one; Pyrrah, yeah! That's a cute one!" Toby McGavenaughStrength: Far in excess of a normal humanPower Classification(s): Lower end of the families scaling. Potential is S classed but base is C.Blood Type: DivinePrimary Residence: NonePrimary Discipline(s): Hands, Claws, Acrobatics-- Sub-discipline(s): Flame magicInnate Abilities: Fire conjuration, Fire immunity. Special Abilities: Dilated perception, ____x____x : p e r s o n a : Personality: A fierce but loyal hound. She will fight to the bitter end, fang and claw for those she cares for. She's prone to fits of depression, anger, outrage, and berserking under the right unfortunate circumstances. Bio: In her service under King Cerberus, her father, she and his armies conquered nearly they're entire plain of reality. Which is a near limitless separation from where she is now. Near the end of the conquest her father rewarded his subordinates, she and her 665 sisters included; each with a single 'wish' of sorts. Most wanted something in the form of territory, or power. She requested to not need to fight. He responded by banishing her from his realm. ever to return. Upon awakening, she met a young man, a boy really. Named Toby McGavanaugh. Toby refreshed and helped her. He even gave her the name she has now. Toby died a few years later, and Pyrrah blamed herself. She wanders now in search of peace.____x____x : f e a t u r e s :A. Body Art: NoneB. Scar Tissue: None____x____x : b r e a k d o w n :____x____x : w e a p o n r y :Weaponry : Claws and fangs.Attire. (see image for basic idea)-- Headwear: Collar-- Upperbody: none-- Armaments: Shackles-- Lowerbody: Black underwear, -- Feet: shacklesArmor.-- Headwear: None-- Upperbody: armored plate-- Armaments: None-- Lowerbody: Armored tasset-- Feet: None (images available at request)____x____x : a c c e s s o r i e s :____x____x : d e f i n e :____x____x : c r e d i t s :
  2. Nobilis

    ~ Annan ~

    Whispers of the Water "Annan water, you loom so deep and wide I would cross over if you would stem the tide" - Annan Water, The Decemberists | Name: Annan. | Sobriquet: None. | Actual Age: Several hundred human years. | Apparent Age: Early-30s. | Station: Kingyo. | Gender: Female. | Height: 5'3". | Weight: 50 kg. | Dominant Side: Left. | Physique: Lean. | Eyes: Copper. | Hair color: Copper-red. | Hair style: Long, curls. | Skin Tincture: Pink. | Affiliations: In service to her majesty. | Occupation: Spy. | Nature: Cautious, curious. | Alignment: True Neutral. | Likes: Her majesty, song, the sea, rivers, rain, water, warm baths, learning. | Dislikes: Violence, attempts to dominate, fire. Attire | Torso: Linen or cotton shirt, dresses. | Hips: Belt. | Legs: Pants or skirts. | Footgear: Shoes. Gear Annan Water, being a spiritual force and not an organic creature does not require many of the needed accouterments that many mortals need. As she has no need for sleep or eating, she rarely if ever needs to carry supplied with her. Her clothing is a physical manifestation of her own spiritual force and is tangible. She can, at will, alter the physical qualities of her own form (her clothing is an extension of this, though once created it does not require effort to maintain). Items created by Annan in this way cannot be used to adversely affect the world by command of her majesty. As an example, Annan cannot manifest weapons. If separated from manifested items for longer than 24 hours, they will convert back to water. Abilities Her heritage grants her the following abilities: | Water-breathing: Kingyo have exceptional gills and can easily breathe under water. | Emotional Conduit: Annan is an emotional conduit and is highly empathetic. While her own experience is limited in terms of life on land, emotions are a universal factor. All kingyo are able to intuit emotions and feel them very strongly. This allows them to be very effective communicators and empaths, but can also cause them to need to deal with the difficulties associated with intense emotions. Due to their mastery of emotions, and despite feeling things strongly, they cannot be emotionally manipulated. As they are conduits of emotion, they can share their own memories and the emotions related to them, with others. This is akin to opening a door into their psyche and feelings, but the receiver must opt to experience them. Because of the intensity with which she feels emotions, this can be (and often is) exceptionally overwhelming for the receiver. The experience dissipates quickly, but the feelings related to the experience are often remembered well. | Swimming: Annan is a remarkable swimmer and has no difficulty in this task. She can maintain high speeds, even if encumbered. | Internal compass: Annan has a deep and innate understanding of compass directions. She can locate north, south, east and west effortlessly. She also has a general understanding of where bodies of water are located. She can find rivers, lakes, and oceans quite easily (though getting to them may take time). She is exceptionally in tune with water and is aware of any water in her immediate vicinity without effort. | Pass for Human: Short of her gills, which are visible to anyone who looks at her back, she is almost impossible to differentiate from a human.
  3. ____x____x : e s s e n t i a l s :Birth Name: Nathaniel BellamyUsed Name: BellamyAlias(es): Bellamy VaneAge: 28Visible age: 33Date of Birth: Unknown, even to him. Celebrates his birthday at the beginning of each year.Lineage: Incredibly poor; Unknown parentage. Claims to be of some kind of royal blood, but when pressed on it, his story remains inconsistent.Class: Amongst the poorest of the poor, save for a number of things he's... "Acquired" over time. -- Sub Class:Occupation: Good-For-Nothing, Ne'er Do Well, and Aspiring PirateAlignment: Chaotic (?)Marital Status: Single. Always, Single.Birthplace: Port Caelum, Genesaris____x____x : v i t a l s :Height: 6'2"Weight: 192lbsHair Color: Chestnut BrownHair: A greasy mess of chestnut locks that are taken intense care to slick back, only carefully out-of-place, windswept brushes spilling around him.Eye Color: Pale BrownHanded: AmbidextrousSkin Tone: A working man's tan, slightly tawny, but not dark.Skin Condition: Rough, callused skin, bruises coating it moreso than scars, and workers' calluses coating his hands and fingers.Physical Condition: An athletic build, honed primarily through acts of labor, moreso than any particular kind of physical regiment.Voice: Rough, scraping. The kind of hoarse voice that makes it seem speech is hard for him, but deep enough to rumble in his chest.Arm Length: 1 Arm____x____x : s t a t u s :Strength: About the level of a slightly above-average adult man. Nothing particularly strong, but nothing weak either.Power Classification(s): Jack of All Trades, Master of None; Slight skills in a number of varied fields, but not enough to be particularly skillful in any one field more than anyone with practice.Blood Type: The type that he would prefer to remain inside of his body.Primary Residence: The streets of Port Caelum, and whatever Taverns will take his credit.Primary Discipline(s): Empath. Bellamy claims to be a very powerful psion, though it is uncertain whether or not he is telling the truth. His telekinesis is only capable of moving small objects, and his telepathy can be turned away only a thought. But typically, one of the few uncanny abilities he seems to have is a knack for people's feelings, often detecting them in the form of colors he can perceive with a physical kind of luster to them.-- Sub-discipline(s): Swordplay, Dueling, Tactics, Psionics. -- -- Psionics: His spell knowledge exists primarily in the form of psionics, which allow him to wield his spells tacitly. Psionically invoking minor telekinetic impacts, easily shut out telepathy. These straightforward abilities typically are incapable of affecting an opponent on their own. -- -- Tactics: A sharp wit, and a life on the streets has him often pay attention to what others might not notice, which has resulted in him paying a great deal of attention to his surroundings. This enables him to better come up with a number of distinct strategems. Many of which are ineffective. But a 40% success rate means he still succeeds often enough to survive. -- -- Swordplay/Dueling: As with anyone, he's better at dealing with one target than a number of targets. His swordplay skills are rudimentary, but good enough to get him by in a one-on-one with the weak or inexperienced, whom he has at least five times that he knows of preyed upon for what he calls "Luxury Money".Innate Abilities: Tacit Casting, though it requires more focus to lay spell work without word to give form to the spell than it does to cast with a whisper.Special Abilities: A drive that borders on desperation not to die unhappy and unfulfilled. Given his status as a man who sleeps in a gutter more often than not, this is a very real concern.____x____x : p e r s o n a : Bellamy is a man of slovenliness and sin, often personifying himself as such. A lazy nature, drunken and shambling, he chases after vague things, under the notion of "finding happiness"... Which often finds himself seeking out worldly pleasures. Dissatisfied with men and women, with booze, with drugs, with food, the vast majority of the pleasures he seeks out seem to have little impact on him, despite how fervently he chases after them. Despite his constant chasing of sin and debauchery, he finds little satisfaction in it, and often walks out of dens of vice wearing the same expression as he wore going in. He is easily pushed and driven to follow the whims and ideas of others, taking action towards causes he doesn't seem to care much about, and often plays devil's advocate for the passionate, challenging their viewpoints with ill-thought-out considerations of his own. Despite this, he seems almost philanthropic, donating whatever money he hasn't sunken into his vice of the evening to others who need it, spending coinage as easily in a gambling den as he does in the hands of the homeless. Had he not donated half of his earnings to others, over time, he would have had more than enough money to afford a room in an inn, or a small apartment, with his myriad odd jobs. Overall, his sin and philanthropy, at constant odds with one-another, seem to define him, as well as his careful perceptions of the emotions and feelings of others, his emotional intelligence often leading him to minimize conflict, which seems to be one of the few drives that seem to drive him towards his goals... Well. As long as it's conflict he can avoid in the first place. He seems to loathe conflict in the form of social situations moreso than actual fighting. He often adapts his own goals towards others, making himself come across as something of an emotional lightweight, driven towards situations by casual prodding and poking, provided it prevents things from going poorly for him. Bellamy seems a man of oddities and contradictions. Loathing argument, but playing devil's advocate of his own will more often than not. Spending money just as much on charity and philanthropy as he does on vice, criminality, and sin. A living series of contradictions, with the same kind of hollowed expression worn no matter which he adapts, his fixation on living a "fulfilling" and "happy" life his greatest, simplest motivation.____x____x : f e a t u r e s : Rather average in stature, he seems to be a person you wouldn't look twice at. Despite whatever handsome features he might have, or have had, he seems to care little for them, resulting in a beard that's mostly scruff and hair that's usually slicked back by its own grease. The only thing respectable about his features are the calluses of a hard-working man on his palms and fingers, and the fact that his skin has, miraculously, retained its health over many, many years. His musculature isn't particularly impressive, even if it is enough to accomplish what he needs to get done.____x____x : b r e a k d o w n : Bellamy was born in Port Caelum, and abandoned from childhood at a quiet orphanage by the name of Ubume's. There wasn't much to do there, according to him. You lived. You lived a little bit every day, and sometimes it was a struggle. In the struggle for survival, while his peers learned the values of hard work, determination, self-efficacy... Bellamy didn't. He learned none of those things. When he was a child, he learned how to swindle. How to feel momentary satisfaction. The disappointment of being unlike everyone else. The knowledge of what happiness was. He learned all of these things, and so many more, by reading the emotions of the children around him, and the prospective parents and hard working adults. The joy of children playing, that he didn't feel. The alcohol that seemed to titillate the workers once their hours were over. The glee of parents and children both when they were finally joined together. But he, the child with the false smile, was always seen as a wrongness. Something that left those around him profoundly uncomfortable. The way his empty gaze flitted from thing to thing of mild interest. The lack of understanding of the morals and values that were being taught to him. The hollowness in his tone as he explained each detail leading to his few successes. Bellamy was a sociopath. His regard for laws is minimal, his respect for authority tends towards what they're doing for him or against him at the moment, and his sense of right and wrong is nonexistent, beyond a hollow mimicry of what others find important. He isn't evil, nor is he a monster. His emotional capability is simply... Limited. His attempts to reach out and understand the feelings of others have resulted in a clinical understanding of emotions, coupled with his empathic sight allowing him to read the hearts of others. But true understanding seems to be constantly out of his reach. His impulsive actions and lifestyle have resulted in him living without compass or guidance, and his lack of regard for his own safety has resulted in something of a mixed history. Criminal work seems to be his forte, though he'll hollowly respond that he only does it when he has to to live. But his money is spent on vice for the sole purpose of feeling something, of that being what the workers at Ubume's orphanage would do in order to feel relaxation, since he can't understand himself, let alone others around him. He considers himself a hollow puppet. Something more machine than man. And with living a life of disappointment, of lack of understanding, he has recently considered the notion that maybe a normal person's life isn't for him... And started to piece together a plan to try and uncover a measure of excitement, joy, or dare he dream of it, happiness, in the face of a major change. ____x____x : w e a p o n r y :Weaponry : Two blades, one of a thicker, shorter build than the other. A scimitar and a rapier, neither of which are named, and both cast in steel, to make it lightweight and durable enough for prolonged usage. The long, thin blade is meant primarily for keeping others at a distance through traditional fencing and dueling methods, while the shorter, heavier blade gives him openings when people try to get within his range. If only he was good enough to use this strategy effectively...Attire.-- Headwear: N/A-- Upperbody: A white shirt with a number of conspicuous alcohol stains on the chest, and a heavy cloak.-- Armaments: A pair of utilitarian blades, one long and thin, the other thick and short. Without inscription, name, or any sign of unique craftsmanship, they seem to come across as simple weapons. But they have a secret to them. An ancient, powerful secret, that results in them being incredibly effective weaponry... They are hewn out of steel, and sharpened with whetstone, until they are sharp enough to cut through flesh. That's it. He's nothing special.-- Lowerbody: Trousers, heavy and warm, they provide him insulation when he spends the night in a gutter.-- Feet: Tall, worn, Leather boots.Armor.-- Headwear: N/A-- Upperbody: A bronze breastplate, old and scraped up enough that it no longer shines, with scratches and scars from years of battles against stone walkways, pavement, and occasionally the weapons of others.-- Armaments: N/A-- Lowerbody: N/A-- Feet: N/A____x____x : a c c e s s o r i e s : A pair of bracelets, made of what look to be prayer beads, that he wears exclusively around one wrist. ____x____x : c r e d i t s : Audia Pahlevi - Pirate Man Art
  4. Name: Alistair IstrefiMethod of Combat: N/ADate of Birth: -- (approx. 400 years ago)Place of Birth: Eurasia, Earth*Race/Ethnicity: Indo-EuropeanHeight: 6'2"Weight: 158lbsReach: 38"Body Type: Lean, athletic build. Runners physique.Other: ________________________Equipment+.] Weapon 1: +.] Armor: ______________________________Abilities +.] [Passive] - +.] [Active] -
  5. This is a profile list for characters along with any information about the writer that is needed to start any RP! For those who are curious. Preferred RP styles are; - Action - Mystery - Thriller - Character Drama - Exploration Preferred genres are sci-fi and fantasy. Characters include: Drake Owen Primary: Genesaris Brighton "Redbeard" Langston Andrea Hunters Grey Denning
  6. The Waif of the Sea "My girl, linen and curls; Lips parted like a flag all unfurled; She's grand, the bend of her hand; Digging deep into the sweep of the sand" - Summersong, The Decemberists | Name: Alexis. | Sobriquet: Alex. | Actual Age: 24. | Apparent Age: mid-20s. | Race: Siren. | Gender: Female. | Height: 5'6". | Weight: 53 kg. | Dominant Side: Right. | Physique: Slender. | Eyes: Blue. | Hair color: Blonde. | Hair style: Short, often messy. | Skin Tincture: Sun-kissed. | Affiliations: Unknown. | Occupation: Singer. | Nature: Curious. | Alignment: Chaotic Good. | Likes: Music, song, the sea, string-instruments, children, cats and dogs, coffee, apples, warm baths. | Dislikes: Arrogant people, violence, being away from coasts for too long. Attire | Torso: Linen or cotton shirt, dresses. | Hips: Belt. | Legs: Pants or skirts. | Footgear: Shoes. As she is in a perpetual state of travel, she does not wear burdensome clothing. She prefers clothing that dries quickly and is light to wear. She dislikes clothing that is tight or form-fitting. While she will always dress simply when given the choice, she does like formal wear or clothing that she considers 'pretty-people clothes'; usually evening gowns. formal wear, things that glitter or sparkle, etc. Gear Alex travels light, and often carries a bag with a change of clothes, rations, basic supplies (cutlery, first aid, etc.), and money. The bag is not a mundane item and has a minor magical enchantment that makes the coin pocket undetectable. The bag also seems to be able to carry more than it should be able to. She is not wealthy, and the bag itself is often worth more than its contents. The bag was a gift from a sibling and she will not part with it willingly. Her general nature, however, makes it likely that she will leave it unprotected as long as she believes she is alone or in good company. From the exterior, nothing about the bag suggests there is anything of value to it. Alex does not carry weapons. Abilities Her heritage grants her the following abilities: | Water-breathing: Her line of Sirens originate from the sea, but are comfortable both in and out of the water. Her lungs are able to switch between water and air easily, but she does need to take a moment to adjust between mediums. | Swimming: Alex is a very adept swimmer and her ability to navigate through water is masterful. She is a very fast swimmer and can often out swim even the most competent land-dwellers. She does not require swimming equipment, which she considers 'bulky' and 'in the way'. She does not require any protective equipment to cover her eyes and salinity has no impact on her vision. Excessive pollution or something in the water may cause irritation depending on what it is. | Intuition: Sirens have a strong ability to measure the character of an individual. They often make snap judgements about character and are rarely wrong. This ability is not without downsides, as purposeful masking of identity can cause a Siren to dislike individuals that they would normally like, and can also cause them to assume someone to be less dangerous than they actually are. | Internal compass: While Alex is notoriously bad with directions and maps, she has a deep and innate understanding of compass directions. She can locate north, south, east and west effortlessly. She also has a general understanding of where bodies of water are located. She can find rivers, lakes, and oceans quite easily (though getting to them may take time). She has more difficulty finding smaller bodies of water (creeks, puddles, etc.). | Pass for Human: Sirens have no difficulty at all passing as Human and are almost impossible to distinguish from them. | Musically attuned: Sirens are able to pick up musical instruments almost immediately; they typically only require a few minutes of 'toying' with the instrument to learn the mechanics of it. Their ability to play music on instruments borders on supernatural, but is actually more akin to 'adjusting' already existing knowledge (much in the same way that one who knows how to swim would just take a bit of adjusting before they were able to swim through a more dense medium). Sirens love finding new instruments and once they learn how to plan an instrument, they never forget how to play it nor do they 'get rusty'. | Singing: All Sirens are exceptional singers, and can sing expertly without any training. They have a very wide vocal range, but always have personal preferences. A Siren's ability to sing generally has two forms: Natural and Enthralling. Natural songs are no different than the songs of a human. They have no impact on an individual beyond the impact that any song may have (if people like music, they may like a song; if people dislike music, they may dislike it). Natural songs have no ability to tangibly impact the world around them. Enthralling songs are a thing of legend; the story of Sirens luring ships to crash on the craggy rocks off coasts, while generally not a thing that Sirens enjoy doing, are not without some degree of truth. Enthralling songs have supernatural effects, and can range depending on the intention of the Siren. Enthralling songs can be used by a Siren so long as they are able to make noise (humming, whistling, etc., can have an effect). Alexis' Songs Alex has a series of Enthralling songs that she is quite well-suited to singing, and these can have different effects. | Magpie: Typically whistled or hummed, this song is extremely appealing to small animals. This can cause most animals to trust a Siren and will permit the Siren to touch, pet, or interact with animals in ways that would be impossible for humans to do at will. | Sirenum scopuli: Is a song of belonging; typically sung by a Siren when they return home after a long time away. It is also sung in memory of home, especially when a Siren has been away from the sea for a long time. This song is able to temporarily create a sense of belonging in an individual or group. This can cause people to become less aggressive, and more accepting of strangers where they normally might not be. This song cannot remove feelings of deep-seeded hatred, though it may be able to pacify anger so as to avoid direct conflict. | Aglaopheme: Is a melancholic and lambent song that draws forth deep emotions. People hearing this song tend to become very introspective and focused on their own mental issues. This is not an inherently negative effect; some examples include 'thinking about a long lost love' or 'the life decisions made in youth'. This song can cause strong emotional reactions in people who are prone to feeling emotions strongly, but has little effect on dissociative individuals who have difficulty or are unable to connect to their own feelings. | Thelxiepeia: When people imagine Sirens luring sailors to their doom with honeyed songs, they are thinking of Thelxiepeia. This is a song that inspires deep and utter devotion and obsession with the Siren. Its effects can be devastating and long lasting as the affections of the listener can take a great deal of time to forget. While all Sirens are able to sing this song, some are better at it than others. Alex is very good at singing this song, but also dislikes it because it subverts a person's own decisions and free will. However, this song, can be a very effective defence for a Siren who is in danger. | Calliope: This song causes damage (temporary) to eardrums and can induce pain, nausea, extreme dizziness, and unconsciousness. Alex will not use this ability unless her life is in mortal peril. This song does not affect creatures that are unable to hear, but will have effects on creatures that have ears as the song also causes distortions in fluids in ears. This song can be lethal under water.
  7. Massive List of threads Arashi has been in. Threads below are non-canon, after next post threads are canon.
  8. Dupin

    Liam Fuller

    Liam Fuller General Name: Liam Fuller Occupation: Organized Crime Affiliation: The Heavy Hand Age: 31 Species: Human Gender: Male Birthplace: Last Chance Alignment: Neutral Evil Physical Appearance & Gear Stylish, successful, classy, intelligent, calculating, cold, and decisive are just a few words that come to mind when looking at Liam. He personifies what he is--a successful criminal who prefers to use his mind and for whom the means always justify the ends. This image is very much intentional and curated according to Liam's design; he understands that appearances dictate the initial trajectory of any interaction and thus requires mindfulness. In public, Liam is scarcely seen in anything but tailored slim-fit 3-piece suits. He stands at around 6ft tall, weighs about 170lbs, and carries his weight evenly across the wiry, athletic build he meticulously maintains through diet and exercise. Liam has piercing green eyes--the kind that give off the impression of peering into the most heavily guarded vaults of your mind. His hair is a deep brown and, though the length often changes, is always styled. His face is almost always cleanly shaven and dons glasses with a frame to match his suit. As a fashionable man who appreciates the art of accessorizing, in addition to his glasses, Liam tastefully compliments his outfits with pocket squares, ties, etc. and always wears an appropriate timepiece to match--sometimes a pocket watch, other times a wrist watch. For numerous professional reasons, Liam keeps precision knives and different chemical concoctions hidden in his clothes. The only part of Liam's appearance that is outside of his design (much to his resentment) is a noticeable scar crossing the left side of Liam's neck. The mark is clearly an artifact of having his throat slit. In Liam's mind, the mark is a distasteful reminder of his family's fall from power in Last Chance. His enemies succeeded in slitting his throat once, but they failed to kill him. Unfortunately for those enemies, Liam is committed to making them regret their failure; he will not make the same mistakes again and he guarantees that they missed their only chance to slit his throat. Background & Personality Being born a Fuller, organized crime runs in Liam's blood and he is really damned good at it. From a young age it was abundantly clear that Liam had a knack for playing the world around him like a game of chess, and his twisted family was very supportive of him "practicing". With age came ample experience with the family business--soon the novice player became a bonafide grandmaster. His uncle, the previous leader, suddenly transferred power to Liam's cousin Caden, a decision Liam whole-heartedly supported (albeit sooner than anticipated). Unlike Caden who is a charismatic criminal all-rounder, Liam was a different kind of beast not particularly suited for leading--he was something more specialized, something more subtle. Liam's way of looking and talking to people didn't inspire them to follow, it was cold and impersonal like he was looking at tools to be used. In addition, Liam wasn't approachable nor relatable to the common rough-and-tumble criminal in their empire, he preferred to keep his hands clean and appreciated the finer things in life (art, music, gastronomy, etc.). In short, Liam was happy to work for Caden. He respected Caden and saw his cousin as one of the few men capable of harnessing Liam's talents. Despite his outward appearances, which is conscientiously curated to exude the cold sophistication of a cut-throat businessman, Liam has an explosive rage within him. Often he chooses to keep it bottled up and harnesses the violent fury to single-mindedly execute his devious machinations, but on occasion he lets it loose. Few know this side of Liam, and even fewer are alive to talk about it, but it's described as an abrupt metamorphosis from the usually cold puppeteer into a sadistic devil. After the fall of his family's rule in Last Chance, gory rumors spread of Liam's death--face down in a dilating pool of blood gushing from his throat. However, these were misleading fallacies or, rather, deliberate lies. It is true that Liam knocked on death's door, but he managed to survive. Liam spent the time following his alleged death patiently gathering intel on his family's enemies while posing as a medicine-man. He knew that his cousin Caden would be preparing for proper old-testament vengeance, and Liam also knew that Caden would seek him out when the time for retribution was ripe. During Liam's limbo of gathering information and planting seeds for the requiem to come, he periodically released forgeries with steganographic messages that only Caden could recognize as instructions for a rendezvous. Expertise Games & Puzzles, The Psyche, Medicine, Alchemy/Chemistry/Poisoning, Art (e.g. painting, sketching, sculpting), and Knife Fighting.
  9. The Life of Pablo: A Tale of Bravery, Luck, and Humble Beginnings Attribution: A Shipwright Disclaimer: Not what Pablo looks like, just what Pablo wishes he looked like. By: The Narrator
  10. Intended to be expanded upon when I make more characters. And worded and formatted better when I make more time. Vivia My anime-faced, orangutan-handed thieving imp. Trokozha The alien skincrawler. 12/8/2020: Finished Vivia's character sheet. 19/8/2020: And all has gone to hell. 24/8/2020: Thing are back in order. Re-added Trokozha's character sheet.
  11. Credit - Djorn, Piccrew Basic Info Name: Rosael Solaris Race: Terran Human Gender: Female Age: Late-20s, Early-30s Birthplace: Tal Village Alignment: True Neutral Occupation: Former mercenary. Shadow of her past self. In between odd-jobs. Physicality Hair: Rosael has very thick, coarse and wavy dark brown hair. In length, it reaches the very top of her shoulders. She used to shave it close to her head to keep it from getting in the way, but has since let it grow. Eyes: Her eyes are a sharp hazel, tinged with flecks. Skintone: She has tan, olive skin. She does not burn in the sun, but she freckles rather than gets darker. Because she has a golden undertone to her coloring, the pink hue of her scars tend to be more noticeable in contrast. Body: Rosael has a toned body, broad with muscle. She is scarred, calloused and weathered. Most notably, she has scars on her thighs, forearms and chest, as well as a prominent gash behind her left ear. She walks with a limp due to her fractured left kneecap and torn ligaments. She tightly binds the injured area in strips of fabric. Height: 5’7 Weight: 145 lbs Personality Positive Traits: Intelligent, adaptable, snarky. Negative Traits: Irritable, skeptical, insecure, judgmental, deceptive. Hopes: To move through the world as discreetly as possible and to live out the remainder of her life. Fears: Accountability for her former crimes. Skills Strengths: Physical strength, ability to survive in harsh conditions, mercenary background. Weaknesses: Sustained injuries, chronic pain, slow pace. Weaponry: Walking staff. Carries a dagger on her person, just in case. Formerly proficient in hand-to-hand and swordsmanship, but her injuries have greatly impeded her abilities. History Rosael Solaris was born in Tal Village of Aletha City, in the warm Rising West of Genesaris. She had the childhood of a nomad, moving around constantly, never staying in one place for too long. Her father, Ari, was a gambler and a drunk. Her mother, Nevra, was a deeply troubled and neurotic woman who would disappear one week and stay in bed for days the next. She had one older sister, Vivarre, and one younger sister, Thalia. Growing up, she was a lively, bright child and a Tomboy, with an "unladylike" sense of humor and a heart for adventure. She dreamed of sailing to faraway lands and discovering legends untold. In Dairut, her father sold family heirlooms and trinkets for far more than their worth, and she learned about the depths of people's greed and hunger for capitol gain via the institutional practice of slavery. Her dreams of heroism began to fade away that year. In Coastal Grande, she received a proper public education for the first time, and her mother abandoned the family once and for all. In Kethlarin, she rode horses, worked with her father in the fields, hunted for food and studied under the strong warriors. Most importantly, she learned how to beat up any boy her age that she wanted to. She cried when they had to leave. At sixteen, Rosael came of age in the Union Capital of Genesaris. She enjoyed going to taverns, drinking and arm-wrestling the scariest looking men she could find, flirting with the armed guards that kept the city safe and dipping her toes into increasingly shady activities when she discovered she had a knack for pick-pocketing wealthy citizens. Stealing turned to robbing and smuggling for different groups, never giving sole allegiance to any. Her crimes eventually landed her in the Strider City. Her repeated attempts to escape and continued bad behavior extended her initially very lax sentencing. The hard physical labor she performed as a prisoner made her stronger and increased her endurance. Upon her release, she returned to the Capital and found that her father and sisters had left. She used the money she made during her time in Strider to purchase a pair of shortswords and some basic, competent leather armor so she could begin to seek out freelance mercenary work. For five years she made her living as a mercenary, occasionally falling in and out with different bands and groups, but mostly preferring to work alone. She continued to improve upon her skills and train consistently. Out of her arrogance and sometimes, desperation, she often took on particularly extreme or unethical jobs. Her final assignment turned out to be a set-up from a group whose business she threatened. They ganged up on her, attacked her within an inch of her life and left her to die in an alley. Miraculously, Rosael survived. Her knee was completely fractured and her ligaments torn, making mobility difficult and painful and leaving her more vulnerable than ever. She quit life as a mercenary immediately after, and vowed to assimilate herself into normal life as much as possible, if she even can.
  12. desolate

    Marcos Solà

    Information Name: Marcos Solà. Race: Human (Aberration). Apparent age: Twenties. Birthplace: Lagrimosa (Másallá). Occupation: Redacted -- Redacted -- Investor. Discipline: Psionic sorcery. Hair: Curly, medium brown. Eyes: Orange. Complexion: Light. Height: 5'8". Weight: 152 lbs. Languages: Terric, Redacted, Redacted. Skills: Deception, Insight, Medicine, Perception, Persuasion. Background According to the register, Marcos comes from an undocumented family that immigrated to Terrenus from secessionist territories during the geopolitical events that reshaped Fracture into Lagrimosa. He has a medical license but appears to have never practiced in Terrenus, and he maintains a vast amount of wealth through private equity investments—emphasis on private. None of these resources seem to be used for anything out of the ordinary. Currently, Marcos is domiciled in Hell's Gate, though his assets include real estate in all major Terran cities. Several are listed on Orebnb. Special abilities Aberrant Ancestry: No charm or sleep effects. Astral Step: Teleport to an unoccupied space within 30 feet. Confer to another with touch. Darkvision: See in dim light within 60 feet as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. Keen Senses: Increased awareness. Warped Being: An invisible ectenic barrier surrounds him. Psionic sorcery Acid Splash: Affects a 10 foot radius within 60 feet. Mage Hand: Move small objects within 30 feet. Message: Telepathic communication up to 120 feet. Mind Sliver: Disorienting psychic spike within 60 feet. Poison Spray: Range 10 feet. Arms of Hadar: Tendrils batter all within a radius of 10 feet. Dissonant Whispers: Psychic disturbance within 60 feet and frightens. Grease: Slick grease covers the ground in a 10-foot square within 60 feet. Sleep: Sends creatures into slumber in a 20-foot radius within 90 feet. Calm Emotions: Suppress emotions within 60 feet for a 20-radius sphere. Turns hostility into indifference. Can end charm and fright. Detect Thoughts: Learn surface thoughts within 30 feet. Searching deep thoughts risks detection. Enlarge/Reduce: Target size doubles and weight is multiplied by eight, or size is halved and weight is reduced to one-eighth within 30 feet. Invisibility: Grant invisibility on touch until target attacks or casts. Suggestion: Target within 30 feet follows suggested course of activity. Psychosomatics Distant Sorcery: Increase area or range of psionic sorcery. Empowered Sorcery: Nuke. Empowering Reserves: Empower a mundane ability for an action. Imbuing Touch: Imbue a mundane item to contend with the supernatural or incorporeal. Sorcerous Fortitude: Imbue self with increased vitality. Subtle Sorcery: Render psionic sorcery undetectable. Twinned Sorcery: Multiply psionic sorcery. Equipment Briefcase: Mejía designer briefcase. Contains Pinteresco brand digital recorder, digital camera, burner smartphone, cellular headset, and portable scanner. Includes stationery supplies, universal connector, travel size toiletries, and medical kit. Anti-theft measures provided by Labóveda SA. Drones: Several levitating drones loaded with alchemical and medical tools. Includes a suite of diagnostic software. Networked and encrypted. Hirelings Hvalr: A Lagrimosan frost giant (Palyopama) from Gran Hielo. Approx. 30 feet tall, 10 tons, and carries a massive great club covered in eldritch ice. Innate cryokinesis manifests Ray of Frost within 60 feet. Now has a hive of Xelken sting flies inside of it. History Lots.
  13. Name: Daisy Blair Age: 22 Race: Technically a Catgirl (Neko, Catfolk, whatever you wanna call it) but not really. You'll see 😉 Gender: Female Height: 5'4" Weight: 118 lbs Dominant Side: Left Physique: Thin, fit Eyes: Green, slit pupils (as cats do) Hair color: Black Hair style: Shoulder length, straight, bob, no bangs Skin Tincture: lightly tanned Occupation: Adventurer, Rogue Soft Spot: has a soft spot for the weak Likes: Fish, groups, shiny objects Dislikes: Strong heat, sour foods, restrictive clothing Clothing: a black tee, brown overalls, a thin green jacket, a set of brown hiking boots, and a satchel
  14. Tai

    Tarton Baentlar

    Basic Information Name: Tarton Baentlar Alias: The Noble Age: 1'409 Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Species: Drow; Dark Elf [Noble] Height: 6'3 Weight: 213 Abilities & Skills Natural Abilities: Longevity Tarton can live for a very long time, he also has higher resistance to sickness and aging. Night vision Due to living in the Underdark, Tarton can see in the dark easily. Magical Abilities Aggregation Tarton can accumulate mass into a sphere by concentrating hard enough. He can do this with people, and animals as well. There is a few more techniques he can do with this magical ability. Repulsion Along with attracting things, and matter, Tarton can also push things away after he brings them close together, as a sort of explosion. Adhesion Manipulation Tarton can use this ability to easily scale walls and cause things to stick together. Or things that are together, to fall apart. Barrier Creation By spreading the matter he brings together out, he can create a barrier to protect himself. Magical Ability Limits Tarton has a hard time with certain things being brought together and they can cause him to become tired, and strained. This is the same with his repulsion technique. Also with Adhesion he cannot create adhesion, he can only manipulate already existing adhesion. With Barriers, they aren't unbreakable, and the larger they are, the harder they are to hold for an extended period of time. Special/Personal Skills Tarton is a skilled warrior in combat, and can use daggers and swords easily. He also can negotiate very well too with others. Personality Noteworthy Traits: Tarton is cold, and sometimes snarky and rude. But he will respect people who are in his family. And if you cross his family, he will take his revenge, and swiftly. He is very passionate about the things he cares about, and he is also cunning too, he is a very smart man, and has a great knowledge of the outside world and just the world's history in general. Likes: Tarton enjoys learning about history, and politics of the outside world. He loves protecting his family as well, and keeping their name safe. Dislikes: Tarton hates his family being attacked, and he doesn't like humans all that much, and other races of elves. Weapons The Daggers of the firstborn Biography Tarton was born into a royal family in the underdark, the city that the dark elves were banished to long ago. He was happy with his family and their life, he had a comfortable childhood, and he enjoyed being alongside his family. He grew up always loving to speak to others and learn from his father. He Loved learning about magic. He also had to learn how to be a leader, since he was the first born of his family. So, from a young age he has been smart, and respectful. In his teen years he would learn magic and all the different forms. He has grown up, helping lead his family and keep them successful, as well as starting to take over as their leader. Now, he looks to keep them as a very powerful family, and keep his whole kingdom happy.
  15. Jade Bladehawk Pilot | Smuggler | Pirate Art by cyberaeon. This art is commissioned, do not use without permission It's clear from first glances that Jade isn't local. She first arrived in Valucre in pursuit of an alien. In her own words, "That sorry sack of meat stole my ship, crashed it, then pawned the parts off for his own ship! HE'S DEAD!" A grounded space pirate with no ship nor dignity, Jade relies on her deep-seated love for money to get out of tight situations and is fast-learning the piratical ways of being a land privateer. Cynical, competitive and disagreeable, Jade is almost always looking out for herself and is a self-proclaimed scoundrel. A gifted pilot, Jade smuggles goods through the Kyrosian channels as a Santado privateer for the client that pays the most, and is willing to double cross the wrong person to get what she needs. Hard-pressed to talk about her past, Jade believes in freedom and that she became a privateer to get away from her boring old cyberpunk life, which is quickly coming back to haunt her as she ventures into New Everrun. She prefers to live in the now, if Tzak Bishop doesn't get her killed first. Whether on the ocean or in the sky, Jade prefer to be called captain. Birth Name: Yu Xu Alias(es): Jade Bladehawk, Biyu Age: 29 Date of Birth: Will Not Disclose Lineage: ??? Class: Rogue -- Sub Class: Swashbuckler Occupation: Kyrosian Smuggler | Santado Privateer | Hired Muscle Alignment: Chaotic Good Marital Status: Single Nationality: Foreign; Chinese Citizen of: Khaiperion, The Rising West, Genesaris Eye Color: Dark Brown Hair Color: Whatever feels right Height: 5’5” Stature: Lithe and Athletic Adventure Tracker Will be updated regularly, so stay tuned Fade Out - New Everrun, Eridianus, Lagrimosa
  16. ”My strength comes not from the God’s, they turned their eyes away when they took mine.” [BASICS] First name: Kaia (Pronounced Kai-ya) Surname: Nddaer (Pronounced nod-ear) Nicknames: N/A Alignment: Lawful Good Race: High Elf Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Age: 21 [PHYSICAL] Voice: A soft and gentle masculine voice, very consistent, yet reassuring. Eyes: A pale murky gray mixed with a hint of blue, generally resembling that of someone who is deceased or blind. Complexion: A pale white similar to an elephant ivory tusks. Height: 6’1 Weight: 165 lbs Build: Tall and slim without being wiry. He suits his size very well, and if it weren't for being tall, you'd most likely think nothing of any outstanding features of his frame. Hair: Kaia’s hair is long and white, extending down to the end of his shoulder blades. The consistency of his hair is incredibly thin, his mother referencing to it sometimes as ”Like cutting feathers off of a bird.” Tattoos/markings: A small rune tattoo in the shape of an eye is positioned precisely an inch above his brow line. Smaller ornate lines similarly interjects from the eyes structure [MENTAL] Demeanor: Kaia is a fairly femininely presented male, holding a very matron-like personality, seeking to put others before himself in various acts of altruism. He almost always holds a soft smile, not only for himself but to potentially comfort those around him. The saying of his old teacher Draymael (Dray-mull) ”Smile in all things young one, for as you grow old you will regret the times you didn’t.” Is words that have stuck deeply with him. Hopes: Kaia hopes to one day explore most everywhere as he holds himself as a fellow that desires to go places and not live in complacency. Fears: General fear of having to be forced into a position to kill another sentient creature. Likes: Helping others and hunting Dislikes: Pain, suffering, and eggs [GEAR]: Just the essentials, Kaia wears a white robe with gold accents, and wears a quiver across his hip. Tucked in his robe is a leather breast sheath which he houses his dagger. He’s never minded sleeping outside, it’s soothing to his soul. [WEAPONS]: Kaia carries an ornate longbow made from mahogany wood, using simple oak shafted arrows with iron tips, fletched with what appears to be a rather mismatched set of feathers. Aside from this, he carries a small iron dagger with a black leather wrap across the handle. [STRENGTHS]: Stealth and a pseudo night vision provided from his psychic sight. Furthermore Kaia is skilled in the art of instinctual shooting. [WEAKNESSES]: Blindness. This is fairly debilitating for the world he lives in, as even with psychic sight he fails to see inanimate objects, which sadly make up a large portion of most things. A deep sense of moral obligation furthermore stops him from sometimes doing the things necessary to survival, such as stealing food. [SKILLS]: Having grown up a hunter who stalked his prey, Kaia has had plenty of opportunities to learn the various arts of stealth.. Echolocation: Before Kaia had gained the ability to view auras, he learned a valuable skill as a blind man; echolocation by producing a clicking noise to tell if objects were. Growing up his father had taught him this skill, mainly so Kaia would stop running into walls and furniture, this was much to the dismay of his siblings. Psychic sight: Through focusing on the rune tattoo on his forehead Kaia can ”see” through this psychic ”eye”, enabling him to see the life force energy of other living things, however heavily armored beings and buildings still remain largely an issue as it seems such materials tend to act as a barrier for the aura of life to escape, as if they were hiding directly behind a barrier. This skill directly drains Kaia’s energy, often leaving himself tired after extended periods of use. [FAMILY]: Aredhel Nddaer (a-ray-hel): Kaia’s often overly doting and worried mother. Natkar Nddaer (gnat-car): Kaia’s father, a local mason to the small village he grew up in, a rougher elf of tall and burly stature, the classic patriarchal figure. He taught Kaia pretty much everything he knows. Alma Nddaer (all-maw): Kaia’s 12 year old younger sister and twin to Abbada Nddaer, just your average brat and hell-raiser, such is fairly common for children of that age, particular of girls. Abbada Nddaer (ah-bald-rah): Kaia’s 12 year old younger brother, and Alma’s twin brother. Generally a shy fellow and polar opposite to Alma. [Backstory]: The blind given sight Kaia was born to his parents at a very young age, and being the first of three siblings he was more or less the test subject of various parenting techniques. But, quickly Aredhel and Natkar noticed something wasn’t quite correct with their son, no matter what they did he didn’t seem to interact with his surroundings unless something was placed in his hands. As such was Aredhel’s nature she began to worry about the child and brought him to the village apothecary to which they learnt he was blind, not anything that a parent couldn’t deal with. The gods had never much smiled upon Kaia or his family, they lived the mediocre life of a mason, occasionally taking work as a hunter and huntress if animals would begin to encroach on their village. However, Natkar and Aredhel were jealous, jealous of their neighbors and the relationships they had with their perfectly normal children. This took the most toll on Aredhel desperately wanting her son to truly know what his own mother looked like. It’s something she still longs for and dreams of to the very present of Valcure, and regardless of their jealousy they still loved their son as their firstborn child. Life went on as normal as it could until Kaia was almost thirteen years of age, when the Nddaer family had found themselves at a local festival, and with all sorts of various wonders of the eye to see, Aredhel started to grow in a saddened state as she described the various beasts and wonders to Kaia that still clung to his mother like a small child for fear of running into moving things that would prove difficult to dodge on ear alone. However, something was different this time, they passed a tent covered in all manner of esoteric symbols, a hefty and jolly wizard peeking his head from his tent, bored of the monotony of his simple attraction of mere card tricks, something that grew old to the fellow a long time ago. He approached the family and inquired to Kaia why he still clung like he did, as the wizard had found it odd for a child of his age to still participate in such oddities. After learning of Kaia’s ailment the wizard made a simple offer, for Kaia and his family to visit his tent and to see what he could do for the boy. In Natkar’s eyes this man was clearly just a shill, attempting to take advantage of their son, but Aredhel was much more easily convinced and after giving the pleading eyes of a mother towards Natkar he simply didn’t have the will to deny her of what hope she had been just provided. So the couple and their son ventured into the tent, to find a vast range of various objects of unknown magical origin. Several species of birds hung in cages from the tents ceiling, producing a cacophony of noise when they entered. Taking a seat the wizard pulled out a leather bound tome covered in a thin film of dust, opening it to reveal a book of various symbols each marked with a different purpose. After flipping through several pages the wizard pushed the book over to Natkar nearly knocking over a vial of black ink in the process, a symbol of an eye lay open on the page. This was it, this would do. A contract seemingly appeared from nothingness, it was simple, the wizard would provide Kaia with the rune of psychic sight and in return he would be housed and fed by Kaia’s family for the remainder of his time in the village till his caravan left. It was a bit of a steal for the family, mainly for the factor of pity he had on Kaia, regardless it would give him the time to teach Kaia how to use his new “eye”. After signing the contract and getting an ok from Kaia it was consumed in flames. Wasting no time the wizard provided Kaia a potion to lull him into a deep sleep so the procedure could begin. After Kaia had fallen asleep the wizard quickly and skillfully tattooed the symbol on his forehead, in correlation to the belief in the third eye, a psychic organ present in every sapient and sentient being. After treating the area with various healing herbs and bandages the wizard had concluded his work and left the unconscious Kaia to his parents' care. Come the following day Kaia had awoken around noon, to find the wizard very eager to begin the training in use of his psychic eye. The procedure was simple, by employing a light focus on his rune he could gain access to the ability to view the energy of living beings at the cost of slight fatigue as it would drain a bit of his own energy to follow the law of equivalent exchange. The first several times to barely any result. But, as with all things we must practice. Such a routine continued till roughly a week till the wizard finally departed, leaving Kaia with an impression that he was convinced not the strongest magic could possibly erase. Just a reference for Kaia’s tattoo:
  17. Hambrack


    Name: Hu'ka (pronounced [huʔˈɡa]) Usage notes: In his native language, nouns differ wether they are in the first (Hu'kas), second (Hu'kape), or third person (Hu'kawi). Gets offended if other people use his first person name. Species: Human altered through magical experimentation. Gender: Male Age: ~25 Appearance: Messy brown hair, with a clean shaven beard, fuzzy sideburns and a split moustache. Stocky but short, at 1,65m tall and 80kg heavy. Tanned light skin and brown eyes. Always wears a beige boonie hat and a matching vest. Several dark veins are visible through his skin. Background: Hu'ka comes from a remote village he is no longer welcome in. In it, he was an apprentice to an old and powerful mage, and he admired her so much he sought to do everything he could to learn what she knew. He eventually found her old tome of spells, written in a language he couldn't read. He at first tried to decipher the meanings himself, but eventually found an even better solution: use magic to teach himself to read any language possible. Eventually his interest in this new field took over and he learnt that just about everything was fair game to him. He could decipher codes and find hidden messages. He could even find hidden symbolism in paintings. He was the pride of his town, and soon was offered jobs as a spy for various high-ranking people. However, his constant use of magic took its toll on him, and he began to show signs of wear from overdose, both physical and behavioural. How a translator spell could cause such damage is unknown to him, but he suspects it's because of how it directly accesses his mind. Regardless, he began to look a bit spacey, and even after ceasing his use of magic he continued his study of languages, often seemingly to ignore or forget to eat, sleep or even breathe that one time. Curiously, none of these things were what drove him away. Instead, he simply got in a fight over a text with the son of a highly-respected elder, and his spaceyness and general lack of tact led him to be expelled from his village. He didn't mind this, and in fact relished the opportunity to travel the world. With a backpack full of everything he needs (and more) he set off on a quest to learn every language possible. Abilities: Language knowledge: He has collected immense knowledge of many languages, be it through magic or traditional learning. He's also very adept at learning new languages. Magic: While he knows a variety of spells, most are at a very rudimentary level (making sparks, moving a cup, etc). His most honed one is the "deciphering" spell which he can use to learn any language he reads (though it is limited to the aspects of the language present in said text, he can't learn new words if he doesn't read them). It can also be used on code, some puzzles, and in a more symbolic sense. Strength: Despite his small size, Hu'ka is very strong, capable of lifting about twice his own weight. He also has a very strong grapple, capable of holding on and applying pressure to opponents much bigger than him. Though this does not apply to his direct blows, which are somewhat lacking in comparison. Stamina: He's very hard to tire. Odd Mind: Most of the time, his mind is too focused on language to bother doing much else. This has its fair share of problems, of course, but also allows him to be immune to most forms of mind games and persuasion, as he is too busy pondering about specific words and grammar parts to be confused about the contents. Weaknesses: Magic overload: Somehow, his seemingly benign use of magic has corrupted him, scaring him and making his already drifty mind even spacier. He sure stands out in a crowd. Slow: He's a very slow runner, and not that good of a power walker either. He's not bad at small, sudden movements (his reflexes are pretty standard). Ditzyness: Can sometimes be callous and uncouth, as well as not having any idea what's going on around him. His single track mind can also be thrown off with a carefully worded statement, especially if wrapped in a form of poetry.
  18. "In a land of corruption, death and nightmarish horrors of all shapes and form, how can a mere man with a spear serve as yet another reason for corporations to hold their secrets tight, for powerful individuals to watch their backs, for them to fear being alone, in the dark? Simple - do your job well, and make sure they never see you coming. Oh, and potentially life-threatening body augmentations help too, I suppose." Name: Wydren Caeruli Nickname: Wade Age: 21 Gender: Male Race: Human Alignment: Neutral evil Location: South-west Lagrimossa Occupation: Criminal, Syndicate agent I own the trash art above, and no one steal trash, so I don't really have to worry Physical characteristics: Height: 5’9 Weight: 60kg / 132lbs Build: Lean, athletic Complexion: Tanned Hair: Faux hawk, Grey Eyes: human, amber Skills: - Wade is a formidable melee combatant, having honed his body to fit the rigorous demands of his missions. Growing up in an environment when he constantly had to face savage beasts and demonic entities, every muscle strand and nerve in his body are attuned to the cut and thrusts of combat. He wields his preferred weapon, the Caeruleus spear with great proficiency, swift thrusts, swings and spins with the spear blending seamlessly into one another as he attacks with practiced efficiency. He maintains an acrobatic kick-based fighting style when disarmed. In both cases, he takes advantage of his relatively small build and relies on agility, with quick and fast attacks with the intention of forcing the opponent on the defensive. - A half implemented pseudo-nervous system grafted into his body through an experimental procedure strengthened him further. When activated through a neural cue, it forcefully draws in arcane energy from the arcanosphere through his skin into specialized "arcane circuits" in his body, an excruciating process which creates temporary, lengthy traces of bright white light on his exposed skin. The energy is distributed to his active muscles, increasing the forces exerted by them. The heart also receive boosts in strength which significantly increases blood flow, speeding up respiration. Prolonged usage can be fatal, however, as doing so leaves visible burns on his skin, overheats his body and pushes his blood pressure to extreme limits. Therefore, Wade normally restricts the active time of his arcane circuits to a maximum of one minute. - Having risen through the ranks of a criminal syndicate as one of its best field operatives, Wade is adept at infiltration, sabotage and assassination. He excels at stealth and is highly proficient in sowing confusion through visual and auditory cues and distractions - a quick surge of energy from his spear can overload runic systems and create a panic-inducing blackout, for example. He is highly resourceful, able to source equipment from his surroundings and manipulate those around him to accomplish his tasks. He has experience in disabling security devices ranging from simple locks to more advanced security systems with the right tools at hand. - Wade is talented at forging and magi-tech crafting, and he can be found tinkering with such devices in his spare time. His designs are often crude but functional, and they get the job done. His skills are also required to keep himself alive through constant application of energy-binding runes to prevent the arcane circuits in his body from overloading. Weaknesses: Wearing only light armor and lacking shields or any arcane forms of defense, Wade trades protection for agility. As such, he can be easily incapacitated when an attack manages to land. Wade specializes in melee combat, lacking powerful ranged weaponry or the capability of unleashing destructive spells from afar. His revolver gauntlet is sometimes unreliable and is meant to suppress with its low damage output. Wade's arcane circuits come at a price, for the experimental nature of the surgery which grafted the system to his body as well as its constant use resulted in irreparable bodily damage. Wade frequently coughs out blood due to damaged respiratory functions, and he has a tendency to black out after prolonged usage of his circuits. As overuse can likely result in death, he is extremely cautious in its usage. Personality and traits: On the surface, Wade appears to be friendly, striking up conversations and making witty remarks to those around him with a sardonic smile. This is a facade, for inside, he is thoroughly cynical and nihilistic, and a merciless fighter with no qualms about committing evil if it furthers the agenda of the syndicate in which he serves. Whatever the job, however brutal or dirty it gets, Wade is unflinching in what he sees with simple clarity as his mission. Wade is an operative dedicated to serving a small hidden crime syndicate, to which he is highly loyal. His true nature contrasts with his outward personality - he holds many things around him in contempt, and he is an apathetic killer, with nothing stopping him from slaughter and destruction to achieve the goals of the Syndicate. To him, spilling blood is second nature. During operations, Wade is sharp and focused, yet he sometimes allows his surface personality to resurface in the form of sardonic taunts and jabs at those around him. He has a high degree of situational awareness and is quick to tactically analyse a situation and come up with a plan to achieve his objective. However, he tends to grow rash and impulsive when failure looms before him, such as when struggling against powerful opponents, and combating this and retaining hold of his calm and focused mindset is a constant challenge to him. Fighting the tempting urge to leave his arcane circuits on past safe limits is similarly a great struggle. He is extremely pragmatic and dislikes those that are driven by virtuous morals, as they strike him as either pretentious or ignorant. Wade, while open to making acquaintances and partnerships with him often the one to offer introductions, does not trust others easily, and he mostly offers assistance to others only to further his own goals. Wade does possess some form of pseudo-honor. He dislikes putting the defenseless in harms way, though he still feels disdain for them. "It is their own responsibility to grow their strength to fend for themselves," a thought ingrained into him through experiences from his youth. His unwillingness to harm innocents stem instead from professional pride, a trait which also ensures that he would always reciprocate any help he has received in kind. While relying on efficient and cunning approaches to ensure success in operations, Wade secretly prefers honorary combat over more disreputable methods, relishing a chance to truly prove his worth in a fair fight, though it is clear to him that his missions are always the top priority - he will stop at nothing to achieve the goals of his Syndicate, even if it ultimately requires him to betray his honor. The only exception is the act of sparing someone who had done him notable favors in the past, for he does not consider this to be virtue-driven, but simply common decency. Wade is considerably self conscious about the ugly yellow scars across the body formed from the usage of his arcane circuits, and he attempts to hide them through clothing which leaves little exposed skin. He is a mild alcoholic, with him frequenting taverns and bars when not on missions. Likes The syndicate in which he serves. Money, booze. Tinkering with his devices, smithing. Efficient and crafty tactics during operations. Dislikes Crowds, heat. Do-gooders. Pumpkin pies - "Which maniac invented these?" Wade despises authority which he deems undeserving - "Those weaklings hide behind their legions of soldiers and mercenaries. They don't deserve their power. They deserve a spear tip through their necks." By association, he dislikes those who serve such unworthy leaders. Gear 'Caeruleus Spear' The Caeruleus Spear is his magitech-infused primary weapon, forged by Wade himself to suit his specific needs and to complement his arcane circuits. It is a 2.1m/ 6.9ft long spear, carefully cast to ensure an even weight distribution, with an ash wood shaft laced with conductive metal circuits and a tungsten-infused carbon steel spearhead. The other end of the spear consists of a small but considerably dense ball of metal to act as a counterweight to its weighty front, and a spike for planting the spear into the ground. The weapon is jammed with magitech: just below the spearhead are thick coils around the shaft, and when activated, they focus the enormous supply of energy, transported by brass pipes up from an arcanosphere-harvesting cell embedded in the shaft below, onto the surface of the spear tip. The metal is instantaneously coated with blinding white light as it is heated to phenomenal temperatures, releasing branches of baleful crackling energy into the surrounding air. At this stage, a thrust from the spear can effortlessly plunge through rock and metal, but the spear can only sustain such a state for half a minute before the cell is depleted due to its slow rate of harvest, though the unhealthy decision of supplying energy from his own arcane circuits to the spear is always available to Wade. When spun with the spear's coils activated, the weapon is a blinding wheel of pure, destructive energy. Wielding the spear, Wade employs precise swings and thrusts coupled with agile movements, with fast, controlled spins acting as transitions between them. He is able to use the spear as a vaulting pole to launch himself into the air, drawing the spear back as he spins in preparation for a deadly attack from above. Activating the coils at the right stage in battle is crucial for defeating stronger opponents. The spear can also be used as a powerful throwing weapon when the coils are activated. Vaulting high into the air, Wade arches his back, spear held high, transferring all of his available energy from his own arcane circuits into his weapon in addition to that supplied from its own power source. With the spear tip crackling with white hot energy, he hurls it towards his target with all his might. This is usually a last resort for Wade, though this is surely the most powerful attack he can unleash upon an opponent, for if the target fails to dodge it, only the thickest armor and strongest arcane shields can resist the full might of its impact. During stealth operations, Wade faces the constant challenge of hiding the long pole arm from sight, but he has adapted to disguising the spear as common long pole-like objects, such as brooms. Magi-tech Revolver Gauntlet Wade's secondary weapon, a ranged alternative to his spear. Mounted atop an enlarged yellow brass gauntlet on his left arm is a magi-tech revolver. It has ten chambers, cycled with a mechanism mounted around the gauntlet's surface. Instead of traditional gunpowder, it is armed with small canisters of energy which unleash individual blasts of white hot energy when fired. Additional ammunition canisters are stored in pockets on the inside of his vest. It is a crude and unpredictable weapon which has a tendency to jam, and it is known to overload when fired repeatedly, hence Wade uses it as a complement to his mainly melee-focused fighting style instead of relying solely on it to deal damage from range. It has a safe firing speed of approximately two shots per second. Eye piece A compact eye piece which provides dual magnification and night vision capabilities, worn over Wade's right eye. Contains externally powered photo-anodes and cathodes, thin refractive crystals and a yellow phosphor layer. Wires snake out of the eye piece, connected to needles embedded in the right side of Wade's neck, allowing it to be directly powered by Wade's arcane circuits. A toggle on the eye piece controls magnification. Attire: Wade frequently pairs a tight fitting, grey light armor beneath a leather sleeveless vest. The armor is light and flexible with a focus on heat resistance, but otherwise trades protection offered by heavier forms of armor for agility. His carbon steel boots balances protection and weight, with a specialized rubber layer beneath his soles to absorb sound as he sneaks towards unsuspecting targets. A sole silver earring hangs from his left ear. Biography Wade was born in the mega-city of Tia, Lagrimossa to a pair of mechanics in a time where steel and steam still dominated the city's industry, and he grew up learning their craft with avid interest. His parents brought him along when they left Tia to sell their craft elsewhere, settling in a village far from the city where their engineering skills were in high demand. That was where he was first exposed to the horrors of life beyond protected city walls. The village had been left to fend for its own, neglected by those who claimed to rule the surrounding lands. Bandits, savage beasts - a world where one has to fight to survive. He put his smithing and engineering talents to good use, helping to forge gear for the village's guards. When he was slightly older, he trained with the village's garrison and was exposed to his first battles - often wounded, but his passion for battle stoked. However, this ever-present danger motivated his parents to return to Tia. At this point, Wade was of age, and he opted to remain in the village to fight and protect its residents, and to make a name for himself. Soon, being a simple guard of a small settlement was not enough to satiate his desire for glory and adventure, and he left to join a mercenary band. Together, they pulled off multiple successful jobs, and he grew close to his fellow mercenaries through their many adventures. During this period of time, they faced all manner of monsters and powerful entities, which pushed Wade and his friends to seek greater power. As a result, the mercenary band accepted an offer from a renowned magus to be the subjects of an experimental augmentative procedure involving the grafting of "magic circuits" into their bodies. The magus claimed that the circuits will allow them to channel great amounts of arcane energy to smite their foes. Predictably, it went awry, causing outrage among his fellow mercenaries, but Wade was satisfied with the results despite the fact that his new capabilities was far from the magus's expectations, with the consequence of deteriorating health in the long term. He continued his journeys with the mercenary band, wielding his new augmentations to great effect. What would turn out to be their final job started as a simple escort mission for a noble's convoy through the untamed wilds to a port-city, but what attacked them on the way was no savage beast, which they could have easily handled, but well armed hunters out for the nobles head. Unbeknownst to Wade and his mercenaries, the noble had greatly angered several factions, and was on his way to flee this part of the continent. It was a bloodbath, for the attackers were no mere hired guns - the factions opposing the noble had sent their strongest warriors to eliminate him, nightmarish, demonic, powerful. Even with their augmentations, they were outmatched. Many of the noble's guards and most of his friends were slain, their bodies riddled with bullet holes, deep gnashes and scorch marks, but the attackers were ultimately fended off and their client was untouched. Wade survived through sheer luck, though not unscathed. His first experience of this circuits overloading ever since the wretched system was planted inside him left him in a near death state. After recovery, he confronted the noble, demanding compensation on behalf of his friends' families, for they had signed on without being fully informed of the threats the noble faced. The noble claimed that it was all part of their contract, which was a technically legitimate claim, and Wade was forcefully dismissed. He forged a new weapon in anger, a magi-tech infused spear which he would wield to seek vengeance. Wade eventually tracked the noble down to a guarded penthouse in the port of Last Chance, sneaking into his quarters under the cover of night and slaying countless guards in the process before running the spear through the noble's heart in his sleep. Now a fugitive, Wade crossed the continent to return to his village, but when he arrived, there was nothing left but tattered wood and debris - it had been razed to the ground by bandits several moons ago. He moved on, a nomad wandering south-eastern Lagrimossa, developing a drinking habit to stave off the sorrow. One night, he was approached in a Tavern by cloaked figures who wished to offer employment, with claims that they had heard about his exploits. Goons from a small crime syndicate, one among the many in the crime ridden lands, specializing in gunrunning operations involving magi-tech weaponry among many other criminal activities. Desperate to find something to dedicate his life to, Wade accepted their offer without hesitation. He started off with joining raids on Imperial caravans, escorting the Syndicate's illicit cargo between towns and participating in the Syndicate's conflicts against other bandit bands and rival criminal organisations. Rising up the ranks, he soon transitioned to solo operations - intelligence gathering, sabotage and assassination, jobs which bolstered a sense of professional pride in him. Unlike his compatriots within the syndicate, who preferred to shroud themselves in anonymity, he did not care for secrecy, fully relishing the glory that his deeds brought him. Tragedy struck with the fall of the mega-city of Tia to The Dead, and the rest of his family, his only other forms of attachment to the world besides the syndicate, perished with it. After his grief, Wade fully dedicated himself to the criminal organisation, with a newfound compulsion to take on as many missions as possible. The syndicate gave him life and purpose, though he was not without his own ambitions. He desired to climb to the top and overthrow its leaders, to rule the syndicate and shape it to his own liking. But for now, he will patiently await his chance while he focuses on his missions laid before him.
  19. Tai

    Ardreth Liamenor

    Basic Information Name: Ardreth Liamenor Nicknames: The Crimson Destroyer. Age: Ardreth's exact age is unknown, but he is very old. Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Race | Species: Titan Demon Personality Likes: Ardreth is very passionate about protecting hell, and serving whoever is atop the throne. Other than doing his job as a servant of hell, Ardreth enjoys soft music and a good book. When he isn't battling for hell, Ardreth can be found in his fortress, alone. Which he enjoys the peace of, since it helps him clear his mind. He also enjoys nice meals, which he often makes himself, since he lives alone. Dislikes: Ardreth isn't the most fond of those who are carefree, and sometimes can be flamboyant, and those who draw attention to themselves, this can annoy him. Since he tends to not try and draw attention to himself. He also doesn't like hard liquor, he usually enjoys red wine. He also doesn't like it when people come into his home unannounced. Personality: Ardreth is very blunt and he can come off as rude to others, but he respectful of those who are above him, usually the ruler of hell. He can sometimes disagree with other demons who give him an order, unless it's a direct quote of the ruler of hell. He is also very focused, and strong willed when he has a goal, nothing will stop him from the goal, even if it means harming innocent people. Although his usually demeanor is calm, and collected. He does enjoy speaking to others, when he invites them, or if they are someone he knows. Powers Powers: Supernatural Body Ardreth being a super natural being has a stronger body than most beings, also, he has enhanced sight, smell, durability and healing with this power. In his true form, this is greatly amplified to where he can tear apart large mountains with ease. Tendril Generation Ardreth can generate tendrils from his body, usually from his back. This power can be used to restrain foes, and grab things, in his true form it is used to knock down things and tear them apart. Smoke/Smog Manipulation Ardreth can cause smoke and smog to surround areas if he'd like, this is most prevalent in his true form. He can control the temperature of this to cause people's skin to burn and boil. If this smoke and smog is inhaled for too long, it can cause death. Hellfire Manipulation Since Ardreth was formed from Hellfire, he can control hellfire at will. In his true form, he expels this power through his mouth, much like a dragon would. And in his base form, he does this through his hands. This fire is much stronger, as it can destroy the soul of the target, rather than just the body. Weapons The Blade of The Crimson Destroyer Affiliations Affiliations: Lillith, Hell, Lucifer. Biography Biography: Formed from pure hellfire, Ardreth was formed to serve under the ruler of hell, no matter who that be. He has been extremely loyal to the throne of hell. He isn't loyal to the person, he is loyal to the throne, so whoever sits atop of the throne, is who he will be loyal to. He will do anything for the throne, even if it means killing, being a demon that doesn't bother him much, so he can do this with no remorse. Ardreth has also been through many battles in his day, even since before Lucifer was locked away, and if he is ordered, or it is ordered, he will help the man out of his cage, if he is ordered. So with this, Ardreth is loyal to Lillith for now, until Lucifer is freed.
  20. Metty

    Rai Glasmann

    Not to be confused with Stormbreaker or Arashi. Basic Info Name: Rai Full Name: Rai Glasmann Nicknames: None currently Titles: The Original - name given after being the Original out of her and Arashi Species: Unknown, appears to be fully human Age: Unknown, appears to be about eighteen years old Family: Glasmann Family Alignment: Lawful Evil Occupation: Personal Hair: Light Brown, reaches down to her shoulders Eyes: Crimson Red and Dark Blue in both eyes, Purple when powers activated Features: Rai has a number of features on her body that make her stand out from normal dragon hybrids, these include: Face: Red V-colored scar over the bridge of her nose Chest/Torso: X shaped scar over the center of her chest, smaller one of the right side of her abdomen Arms: Draconic crimson red tattoo like markings reaching down to her hands Skin: Light Body: Toned in upperbody and arms Height: 6"2 Weight: 100kg Demeanour: Likes: Cats, Food, unknown Dislikes: Needles, Authority, unknown Powers, Skills and Abilities Powers Unknown, TBD Abilities Thermal Resistance - Rai can resist up to hot temperatures at the melting point of titanium and cold temperatures of about liquid nitrogen level (roughly -190). Limitations - She can still get burns internally and externally if fire and heat bypasses her hard limit. She can still get frozen internally and externally if cold and ice bypasses her hard limit. Rai is resistance to only the temperature and not the effects, so smoke, debris, slippery ground and other things will still affect her. Enhanced Durability - Rai is able to withstand a huge amount of damage physically due to her being enhanced with the dragon DNA running through her veins. She's able to shrug off attacks that would stun or harm an average human being, allowing her to basically withstand fatal blows that would kill humans as well as tasers, tranquilizers, chemicals and poisons (in combination with her Enhanced Regeneration). Due to this, Rai is able to withstand ranged weaponry such as arrows (iron and steel tipped ones), and similar to any being able to resist bullets, as they just bounce off, barely causing her pain. She's also resistant to small scale explosions, such as grenade and explosives in a small scale, as well as the sharpnel produced by it, providing it cannot cut through her skin, anything above what leather armor can stop, she's very weak to. She is able to fall from 200ft (an average skyscraper) and survive with minor injuries and wooden weapons (such as bats) break on impact. Like the majority of her other powers and abilities, Rai's Durability is getting stronger very slowly through exposure through combat and training, allowing her to become more durable overall her body as well as her scales. Limitations - Bullets are very effective against her, as they seem to tear through her skin. Rai can still be injured or even killed by fall damage of over 200ft (an average skyscraper). She isn't immune to high level tasers or electricity. Having higher durability alongside her Enhanced Regeneration doesn't make her immune to being affected by tranquilizers, chemicals and poisons. High level tranquilizers, chemicals and poisons still have an extremely potent effect on her. Rai can only withstand so much damage before it finally takes effect before her durability takes enough damage to render any atack on her basically as powerful as they would be to a human. Her durability can be turned off by power erasing chemicals and objects, rendering her just as powerless as a human with no magic or abilities. Raii isn't immune to pain and feels it the same way humans and normal people do. Enhanced Durability gives her practically no recoil protection. Supernatural Strength Enhanced Regeneration Supernatural Speed Enhanced Muscle Usage Decelerated Aging Enhanced Stamina Enhanced Vitality Enhanced Senses - can see in the dark, hear from two miles away, track people from two miles away Peak Human Intelligence Enhanced Lung Capacity Sharp Teeth Poisonous Blood Skills Natural Predator
  21. Basic Information Name: Set Nicknames: Seth, The God of Chaos, The usurper of the Throne Age: His exact age is unknown, but he is very old. Sexuality: Heterosexual Race | Species: Pagan God Personality Likes: Being the God of Chaos and really anything evil, Set, or Seth enjoys causing chaos and suffering. He likes to cause this for his amusement, especially since the pantheon of Egypt doesn't have much business in the modern day, he has to find a way to entertain himself. He also likes power, and being in control. Nowadays, Set enjoys modern foods. Dislikes: Set dislikes most other gods, especially his brother, and Isis. As well as Horus, since they were the ones to remove him from the throne of Egypt. He also dislikes any order when he isn't the one ruling over it. He also hates losing control, evident when he was taken off the throne of Egypt. Personality: Set is a very cunning god, who probably shouldn't be trusted, he would betray his own family. This is evident in what he did to his brother Osiris. He also is very vengeful, since he also wants his revenge on Horus, and his parents. He can also become angered easily, if it's the right circumstances. Powers Powers: Divinity Being a god, Set has a greater body, and raw strength than humans and most other beings in the world. He can also become stronger when worshiped. This also grants him to be immortal unless he is killed by violence, or other magical means. Desert Lordship Being the god of the deserts, Set has complete control of deserts, and all animals who live in the desert. Another thing that stems from this power is that he can control and generate sand and use it for a various array of effects, such as being able create sand portals for him to travel into. He can also turn his whole body into sand, to become intangible. He can also create sand storms. And in advanced cases, he can create Desert areas out of nothing. Chaos Manipulation Being the God of Chaos, Set can manipulate chaotic forces of the world, such as inducting chaos, like anarchy or disasters. He can also turn people into dust if he wanted. Also, he can harness, the energy of chaos and turn it into a weapon of raw power, such as shaping it into a blast. He can also cause others to become confused, and disoriented. With this, he can cause them to hallucinate. Storm Manipulation Set is also the god of storms, so this allows him to control storms. With things such as electricity, wind, and clouds. He can control these all separately, or if he wants to, he can create them all at once to create massive storms that can cause great destruction. Weapons The Khopesh of Set The Spear of Set Affiliations Affiliations: The Egyptian Pantheon Biography The first five gods of Egypt were born of the union of the brother and sister gods Geb (earth) and Nut (sky) after the creation of the world by Atum. Osiris was the first-born, then Isis, Set, Nephthys and Horus (known as Horus the Elder). As first-born, Osiris was elevated as ruler of the world which, to the Egyptians, meant the land of Egypt. Osiris found the newly-created people to be barbarous and uncivilized and so gave them culture, taught them agriculture, provided them with laws, and instructed them in the proper ways to worship the gods. Osiris took his sister Isis as his wife, and she bestowed on humans her gifts of compassion and equality for all. The world was a paradise where everyone, man and woman, was equal under the reign of the royal couple, food was abundant, and no one suffered any want. Set grew jealous of Osiris' power and resented his success. His resentment grew more bitter after his wife Nephthys, attracted by Osiris' beauty, disguised herself as Isis and seduced the great king, becoming pregnant with the god Anubis. Set decided to remove his brother and had a magnificent casket created, the most beautiful chest ever made, tailored to Osiris' exact measurements. He threw a grand party, to which Osiris was invited, and after the banquet told the guests he had a special surprise. He revealed the chest and said that whoever could fit most perfectly inside could take it home. One by one the guests climbed into the casket but could not fit until Osiris' turn came. He lay down in the casket and found, of course, that it fit him perfectly. Set then slammed the lid on and threw the casket into the Nile River. The casket with Osiris' body inside floated down the Nile and out to sea, finally coming to the shores of Byblos in Phoenicia, where it lodged in a tamarisk tree. The tree grew quickly around it, encasing it, and Osiris was lost to the people of Egypt. In time, the king and queen of Byblos came to the shore and noticed the beauty of the tree and its sweet scent and had it cut down and brought to their court as a central pillar. Back in Egypt, Set took the throne, and the harmonious balance which had been maintained by Osiris and Isis was lost. Set was a chaotic and unpredictable monarch who brought storms and drought and the people turned on each other in their efforts to survive. Then, Horus was born sometime later, and he would battle his uncle for control of the world, eventually, Horus was able to dethrone his uncle, and Set was condemned to travelling with and protecting Ra.
  22. Epithet: Elisar Omanan. Moniker: Eli (ˈilaɪ) Title: Sage Visual Age: 21 Birth Place: The Deadwoods. Race: Half-Elf. Alignment: Chaotic Good. Gender: Male. Class: Shaman. physiology Hair: Ashy brunette. Eyes: A foggy sea green hue. Height: 5'10" or 177.8 centimeters tall. Weight: 153 lbs or 69.4 kilograms. Voice: Raspy and measured, carrying a fair bit of bass. (example below.) Build: Slim and lithe but with semi-broad shoulders. Condition: Physically healthy and fit, however prophetic visions and past trauma have left his mind in a state of turmoil. clothing A long, bright turquoise cloak that drapes down below his waist and has a collar that covers his neck and lower jaw. A rather strange hat bearing ear-like ornaments at its top. It's large enough to conceal his pointed ears and long, bundled hair. Baggy burlap pants tied at his hips by a cloth belt. A sleeveless, dark-colored shirt with an open back. Sleek gloves that run from his elbow all the way to his knuckles before stopping at his fingers. inventory A large satchel, full of various ceremonial items, medicinal herbs and survival supplies. A leather-bound journal. His mother's necklace - consists of a simple hemp chain, adorned with an emerald periapt cut into the shape of a leaf. His father's dagger; a curved blade that bears wispy and flowing grooves along its flanks. skills and abilities • Fortunetelling & Divination: Esoteric and oftentimes far too vague, Elisar's prophetic insight is the result of rigid and rigorous study. His isolation and meditation has granted him uncanny glimpses into the Deep Magic that permeates his home, although the meanings behind his visions are as varied as his perceptions. Sometimes they come as whispers on the wind, other times as vivid dream sequences; more often than not he dismisses these as not being particularly useful. Still, what he can't shake is the overwhelming feelings of dread or elation that follow his prophetic episodes. He's considerably experienced with reading omens of all sorts, finding them either on purpose or accidentally during his day-to-day life as a young hermit. • Conjure Weaponry: Elisar's father was natural born warrior, scholar and summoner. It's from him the half-breed inherited this arcane tradition, through which intense focus and self-discipline allows for one to form various weapons seemingly from thin air. These weapons are magical constructs given form by the user's will and vitality - they disappear shortly if their wielder is to drop them. As Ursa Madeum's general public is very wary of magic, Elisar is hesitant to openly utilize this ability as the weapon's appear as ethereal and semi-transparent, not exactly inconspicuous. Elisar can currently sustain up to two weapons at once. The forms these weapons can take is limited only by the user's creativity, ranging from short and longswords to spears, maces, whips and even bows. Conjured weapons possess strength and durability similar to normal weapons if only slightly enhanced, however they vanish after a short time depending on how exhausted the user might be.
  23. Still a work in progress. To do: (i) Fill out missing details (pseudonym/hacker handle, background details, add a picture of his equivalent of the hacker symbol/the runic symbol for "movement"). (ii) Go through and edit. (iii) Tweak the formatting (looks fine for now). Aymeric Nastacia de Laplace General Name: Aymeric Nastacia de Laplace Titles: - Father of Swarm Golemics (Self Proclaimed) - Magitech Network Whisperer (Self Proclaimed) Visible Age: Late 20s Date of Birth: ~100 years old, but who has the time to count? Species: Elf Gender: Male Birthplace: Somewhere in the Terran Wilds Alignment: Chaotic Good Professional Occupations: Hacker, Activist, Cryptographer, Cypherpunk, Magi-Technologist, Scholar Areas of Expertise: Runic Programming, Magitech Networks, Cryptography, Magitech Security, Autonomous Magi-Physical Systems, Runic Composition Calculus, Swarm Golemics Pseudonym: **** Appearance Height: 6’4” Weight: 185 lbs Voice: Modulated; High-Mid Range Eyes: Pale violet Skin Tone: Fair with a hint of color. Aymeric's skin has a natural sun kissed glow. Build: Lean and athletic. Aymeric's weight is held evenly throughout his wiry frame. Any muscle mass he has is purely utilitarian. Hair: Smokey silver with locks reaching just below his shoulders in messy waves with choppy layers. Small braids can be found hidden among the cascades of silver. With a natural part on the right side of his head, Aymeric's hair sweeps to the left and out of his face. Tattoos: Aymeric has geometric and runic tattoos etched all over his body in black magitech ink. Taken as a whole, these tattoos seamlessly come together to form the intricate magic symbolism which enables Aymeric to use Runic Macros (see below). In essence, each ink particulate can be thought of as its own tiny golem with the express goal of working as a collective to "transport" runes in different parts of Aymeric's body across "ley lines" and into "macro slots" on Aymeric's fingers or toes. Due to the magical nature of these tattoos, Aymeric has to regularly check and maintain the tattoos against the Law of Chaos. The only parts of Aymeric's body left free of the magitech tattoos are his face and spaces he's reserved for future extensions. Author's note: A full description of what these tattoos actually look like is included in a separate post below. Skill Set Primary Stats: Intelligence, Dexterity, Agility Proficiencies: -- Systemic Analysis - With enough abstraction and creativity most systems can be understood as sharing certain structures, processes, and complexities. Aymeric's talent for breaking systems around him down into their fundamental building blocks and seeing what "makes them tick" is perhaps one of his greatest assets. What is perhaps most striking to those who see Aymeric at work is his speed and ability to see "systems" where others do not. -- Magitech Hacking and Exploitation - The art of finding unintended or overlooked consequences arising from the laws and properties used in designing magitech, and then applying these consequences to solve a problem--whatever that problem may be. Aymeric is so skilled at this that often observers assume he is "breaking the rules". The fact of the matter is, rules are rarely as exhaustive and rigorous as their creators intend them to be. -- Material Programming - The act of encoding purpose into matter using runes that draw in magic from some source. By inscribing runes with varying properties and intent into matter, Aymeric is able change certain properties of matter. One of Aymeric's most profound realizations about the use of runes, and arguably his most notable contribution to the foundations of magical theory, is that nearly all modern magic can be recreated by a finite (but possibly debilitatingly complex) combination of only a handful of simple runes he has dubbed "runic primitives". By cleverly composing these primitives Aymeric is able to recreate runes commonly used in practice more efficiently. Taking this one step further, Aymeric is also able to hierarchically prescribe precise sequences of runic primatives to construct "runic algorithms" which change materials in rigorously defined and well ordered ways. By carefully orchestrating algorithms inscribed on sets of objects and the timing with which he does the inscriptions, Aymeric is able to generate complex behaviours. It is important to note that not all matter is equally responsive to the influence of runes and that certain runes are more effective on certain objects (per the Law of Parallel Symbolism). In addition, due to the nature of how magitech functions, magitech tends to be particularly susceptible to these techniques. -- Runic Programming via Runic Macros - Using the special magitech tattoos all over his body (see above), Aymeric is able to quickly and efficiently construct relatively complex runic algorithms. Distributed across his entire body are numerous runes of varying complexity which Aymeric can swiftly "load" into the "macro slots" (tattooed circles at the extremities of Aymeric's "ley lines") on each of Aymeric's fingers and toes for use as needed. Aymeric is also able to load these macros into the earrings he often wears, thus turning his earrings into the functional equivalent of makeshift "hands-free" CCDs. Combat: Though not typically a fighter, Aymeric is not helpless when called to action. His time navigating the darkest underbellies of society has forced him to develop some aptitude in hand-to-hand combat, wielding knives, and using magitech firearms. In addition, his expertise in magitech and weaving together runes makes him quite dangerous in the right environment. With the right materials in hand, Aymeric can quickly jury rigs makeshift tools and lays traps. If given the time to prepare Aymeric is also able to construct large swarms of simple golems that are quite terrifying as a unified collective. Personality Most often Aymeric is just a guy with (many) strong views, his head in the clouds, and a propensity for (suddenly) changing topics. However, being simultaneously very logical, unintentionally aloof, arrogant, a smidge self-deprecating, and cursed with a case of "diet-neuroticism" makes Aymeric a tad difficult to deal with at times. He occasionally refuses to partake in social mores, is overly blunt, and points out just about anything he finds funny or absurd happening around him with little regard for the audience. Though these tendencies occasionally get him in trouble, they are often dismissed by their victims as minor irritants. With a little time, and an open mind, most people realize that Aymeric rarely means offense and that these are usually byproducts of an overly active mind or his misunderstood take-it-or-leave-it style of humor. Of course, as is the case with many eccentrics, this socially clumsy persona is out the window when one of his passions is concerned. If the discussion is about magic, magitech, or any issue close to Aymeric's heart, then expect his gaze to become uncharacteristically focused and his intellect to match the rumors. Gear - Regular t-shirt. Often solid black. Other colors, patterns, etc. have also been seen on him. - Regular zip-up black hoodie. Nothing special. Keeps him warm, gives him a hood to obscure his face when needed, and has nice big pockets for him to obfuscate the hackery voodoo he is doing with his hands. - Black skinny jeans with varying degrees of wear-and-tear. He usually owns one and wears it to the ends of its life. - Black backpack with multiple pockets. Pretty plain looking, but has zippers and buckles sealed with runes. The seals are based on one of Aymeric's favorite chaos-based encryption schemes. Without brute force, the only "key" is a recreation of the runic primitives Aymeric has set as the "initial conditions" of the lock. Inside this backpack Aymeric keeps all sorts of magic resources, tiny pre-made golems, and other tools of his trade. - A regular knife with a harmless looking crystal in the pommel. What use could Aymeric even have with a magitech crystal anyway? Aymeric keeps this knife sheathed and hidden at his waist under his shirt/hoodie. - A generic aluminum cigarette case with the runic primitive for "movement" embedded into it. Nothing special. It really is just to facilitate Aymeric's bad habit by neatly sheltering his cigarettes. The rune on the case isn't channelling magic and is just there for symbolism (more details on this symbol in the post below). - Aymeric always has two or three earrings in each ear. These earrings are almost always made of magic resources (usually crystals) and Aymeric is often swapping them out depending on his needs. Common uses include information storage on the fly, network detection/scouting, and passive exploits just to name a few. It is not unheard of for Aymeric to reach into his backpack and pull out spares in the middle of a job. Aymeric's usual attire is intentionally nondescript. Blending in is an important part of his work. Also, Aymeric doesn't like "cluttering his mind-closet" with fashion concerns anyhow. The only stand-out part of his usual wardrobe is something lacking in his usual wardrobe; Aymeric doesn't like wearing shoes and rarely does.
  24. Rembrandt


    Name: Chrysma (No last name) Age: 24 Height: 5' 5 Eye color: Heterochromatic eyes, one a soothing hazel, the other glowing orange with glowing symbols going up and down. Hair color: Black Disguised clothing: Anything they need True clothing: An indigo robe with many hidden pockets. Gender: Agender Pronouns: They/Them Appearance summary: Chrysma is a person, aged about 24, stands at around 5' 5, and has heterochromatic eyes. One a soothing hazel, the other glowing orange with symbols going up and down their left eye, marking them as a threat. They usually can be found wearing an indigo robe, hiding many secrets inside hidden pockets in said robe. Chrysma's background is TW for a lot of things. Namely: Death, Murder, Violence, Gore, Blood, etc. Traumatizing stuff basically. Oh and religion. Background: Chrysma's past is a blur to them, and they ritualistically cleanse themself of any memories of it. They don't WANT to remember it, and Abberoth obliges as Chrysma is their most loyal follower. Chrysma grew up tragically. Their father died when they were three. Their mother when they were four. It was march third when they woke up, and blacked out. It was 3:30 in the afternoon when they came to their senses, blood and a knife in their hands, their mother’s corpse on the floor. They were put into jail shortly after that, despite not knowing what was happening. They went to sleep, and in the morning awoke to the mark on their left eye. A single symbol that was hot to the touch. They felt a power within them that they had never felt before, it was invigorating, and exhilarating. They were tested all day, but when they wanted to backlash, they felt the mark becoming hotter than comfortable. Their patience was being tested, their RESOLVE. Perhaps it was TRYING to break them. Perhaps it was merely testing. When they were eight, they broke. A boy had decided it would be funny to shove the meal they had worked so hard for into the ground. They yelled out words they didn't even know they knew, and the boy's bones melted into jelly. Their eyes glowed with power, and they knew they had done the right thing. They moved on like that, a few even joined Chrysma. Fewer still believed their story about the mark at first, but most soon came to believe them. They escaped at age ten, with the help of their fellow juveniles. They escaped into the forest, and found a book just lying on the ground. They had almost missed it. It reeked, most likely because it was bound in human flesh. They opened it excitedly, and learned the name of their savior. "Abberoth." They knew that the name would be with them forever, and thus. It still is.
  25. Artamese Prewitt Scrivener | Archaeologist | Sorceress I own this art, please do not steal or use without permission or I'll smite you Artemese was born on Terran soil in Blairville, where she spent most of her childhood and teen life. Her father Ansel Prewitt was a respected merchant and budding scholar hailing from Mageside city. Her mother, Jezabel Antigone studied and often times taught lecture between the six Libraries of Metaphysics before relocating to Blairville where she pursued a career in the mystical arts upon discovering a latent talent for sorcery and alchemy. She has two sisters, the eldest being Jona Prewitt—who went on to pursue a career as a well-known herbalist who turned to Gaian Faith, and Onaria Descani (nee Prewitt) who became the youngest Artificer recruited by the Chapel Alliance. Prewitt's parents valued the mystical arts and education and encouraged Artamese and her two sisters to pursue both. Her education concluded upon dropping out from the Gaian Academy to study abroad at Bronte, Academy of the Arcane in Umbra City, Genesaris. After displaying no obvious war affinity and a fateful encounter with a Hell Hound, she discovered her ability to analyze magic in real time; able to dissect and study various branches presented to her. Analyzing the abilities of others was the extent of her talent, which proved fruitless for a lucrative career as the position was highly coveted and competitive among Genesaris' military forces. After several job rejections Artamese relocated to Patia where she took on work as a librarian assistant, research analyst and linguist. Upon hearing of her analytical skills, the Chapel Alliance recruited Artemese into becoming a Scrivener—one who records current events in the magical world, including the discovery of new branches of magic. While she excelled in this line of work, she found it mundane and boring--a position that didn’t take her as far in life as she wanted to go. Following the idea that the past gives birth to understanding the present and future, she began to use her ability to study ancient sorcery. Despite testing the patience and ethics of her peers, Artamese pursued her dream career as a Scrivener who studied the past, doing her best not to fell prey to becoming a pawn to the ambitions of the Chapel Alliance, who have their own agenda. Having become acquainted through a mutual friend with the Empress Raveena, the Psionic Sorceress recognized that someone had intentionally invaded Artamese's mind with the Scrivener none the wiser. Knowing the reputation of the Chapel Alliance, Raveena employed Artamese into her services as a skilled Artificer for the Empire while granting her the freedom to conduct her archaeological research so that she could keep a protective eye for the young sorceress. Birth Name: Artamese Prewitt Alias(es): The Blue Scholar Age: 31 Date of Birth: 561 WTA Lineage: Blairville, Lagrimosa Class: Sorceress -- Sub Class: Archaeologist Occupation: Scrivener for the Chapel Alliance | Imperial Artificer of Khaiperion | Professor at the Devonshire Institute of Magitechnology Alignment: Chaotic Good Marital Status: Single Nationality: Terran Citizen of: Khaiperion, Genesaris Eye Color: Grey Hair Color: Chestnut Brown Height: 5’6” Stature: Lean Familiar: Hell Hound - Simon Personal Effects: Enchanted Glasses | Scrivener's Codex Adventure Tracker Will be updated regularly, so stay tuned Time Stone Acquiesce - Antigone Island, The Rising West, Genesaris | Currently Ongoing Building Imradel - Khaiperion, The Rising West, Genesaris | Currently Ongoing The Enoteca: Wine and Workshop - Port Kyros, The Rising West, Genesaris | Open Hub
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