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  1. V.C.F Special Agents Level [3] Clearance. . . [Accepted] Special Agents are assigned to conduct special missions or to lead FSTF and MTF [See Mobile Task Force]. Special agents are recruited from the best of the MTF and FSTF level agents [Who are already the best of the the regular security and research personel] and are paramount to the security of the Foundation. They answer directly to level-5 Administrators and are allowed to have level 4 clearance on any and all Foundation databases. There are currently. . . [2] profiles to review.
  2. Asura, Aspiring Scientist An aspiring young scientist, currently working for the Illyria Scientific Division, currently pursues her goals of blending technology and magic together in order to lower the clash between different cultures. Tho her ranks are low and ideas do not fit most agendas, she strives forwards. Given Name: Asura Botis Alias/Assumed Name: Lil Actual Age: 19 Physical Age: 19 Mental Age: 19 Gender: Female Gender Role/Expression: Female Species: Halfing / Demon hybrid Hometown: Illyria Appearance Hair: Long black straight hair. Eyes: White Facial Features: Nothing of distinction. Physical Impairments: . Build: Short and lean, only 3ft tall. Clothing: Black and white jumpsuit. Accessories: N/A Other: Horns sawn off at all times whilst in the company of Illyria residents. Weapons - Main: Wrist mounted flamethrowers. Secondary: N/A Other: N/A Abilities: Levitation, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation and phase. Resistance: Fire Companions and Alias - ~ Personality - Top Three Defining Strengths: Highly intelligent, trustworthy and quick learner. Top Three Defining Flaws: Shy, panics and weak. Material Fears: N/A Emotional Fears: Crowded areas. Abstract Fears: None. Material Desires: Extraterrestrial material. Emotional Desires: N/A Abstract Desires: N/A Large-Scale Aim: Remove the gap between science and magic. Small-Scale Aim: Buy her own house.
  3. Name: MHYNJYHYQJYT (Mee-nee--cue-tee) Nickname: Minny! Race: Eldritch Goddess (Shackled Version) (WIP) Name: PLSHYMJYNCHKYN(Pla-Shee-Munch-keen) Nickname: Plushie! Race: Eldritch Godesses (WIP)
  4. "My destiny is to the path of the Godslayer. All obstacles will become a testament to my skill as a warrior."
  5. (Work in progress) Name: Lukaz Surname: Evermore Alias': Notorious Age: ? Race: Human Maritial Status: Single Hair: Eyes: Colored dark orange, subject to change Height: ? Clothing/Appearance: Quirks: Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Past: Abilities:
  6. "You think Grugga slow, you think Grugga stupid. Grugga show you why Grugga best chief. Raaargh!"
  7. "Learned a lot from my pa, mostly how to be a good dwarf and how to build things proper. You want strong enough to weather time itself, you come to me, or get used to seeing yer buildings falling at the slightest breeze."
  8. "Murrrgglll grrr rak! Murglll murrrrgl rak rak grrrr!"
  9. "When you've crossed the desert as many times as I have, you'll find your mind is open to pretty much anything out there."
  10. Raion Saikaku — Basics Real Name: Leo Jae Hyuk Tsūmei (Registered Alias): Raion "Reo" Saikaku Age: 18 Race: Human Class: Apprentice Swordsman Occupation: Swordsmanship Student (Hinode no Gakko Ryu) Birthplace: Weland, Terrenus Residence: Jigoku, Genesaris — Looks Height: 5'9" Weight: 170lbs Gender: Male Hair: Black Eyes: Gray — Skills Hōjutsu (Gunnery): ∎∎∎∎∎ Kenjutsu (Swordsmanship): ∎∎∎∎∎ Taijutsu (Hand-to-Hand): ∎∎∎∎∎ Ninjutsu (Guerrilla Warfare): ∎∎∎∎∎ Adventuring: ∎∎∎∎∎ — Personal Goals: Integrate into the Datsuzoku Empire. Voice: Masculine, stern, loud.
  11. A book containing the dossiers of characters. Permission to post: @ianthine @SoulOfTerra
  12. Zane Laurence Arkwright More to be added; this is a rough bio I have of him already adapted for Super Hero Story type settings. Nickname: Arkwright, Z, Ark, whatever works. Superhero/Villain Name: ARK Appearance, Etc. Age: 23 Birthday: December 7th Gender: Male Height: 6’1 Weight: Thin, 145lbs General Appearance: Medium-Long Hair, Bangs; Dark Brown (appears black). Thin Almond-Shaped, Blue Eyes. Casual-wear. On the right upper arm, shoulder area, there is a tattoo of a small silhouette of crows flying. Personality and Mental Health General Personality: Usually he’s not too difficult to talk to. Though, if triggered or agitated he is sometimes standoffish and unstable. Likes: Video games (lol), soda, He likes blades of any sort, guns too! That started when his dad gave him his first blade at age 12. It was a needle-point, and its handle was decorated elegantly. He displayed it on the wall of his room, marking the start of his collection. Dislikes: Well, I suppose he dislikes most people, yet he doesn’t show it. Flaws: Unstable emotions, more abnormal unlike that of some young adults have. Fears: Losing those he cares about… (Ex. Closer friends, family) Strengths: Would say he’s pretty decent in a fight, but sometimes he gets too arrogant for his own good. When he cares about something, he doesn’t intend to give up on it. Weaknesses: His arrogance. Sometimes he makes the mistake we all do, running off his emotions and making decisions based on them. He’s also not a very great swimmer, ironically… (You will see why that’s ironic). Mental Illnesses: Minor PTSD. Mental-Well Being: Though things of his past haunt him, He is generally calm in most instances. Powers Natural born ability to manipulate water. "Natural" meaning this ability occurred naturally without any magic of any sort. He creates a field with his hands/arms and the water connects to him somehow. (lol sorry I do not know how to explain that scientifically). Part of this ability includes making something Zane calls “water blades” which are thrown with such a high pressure, that it can cause damage. Power Weaknesses: Around drier, hot areas, such as nearer to fire or hot weather, the strength of his power dissipates, as does his own physical strength.
  13. Nebula

    Alkha lo'Es

    [BASICS] First name: Alkha (Ahl-kh) Surname: lo'Es (low-is) Nicknames: Al, lo'Es Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Race: Elf/Human Profession: Adventurer Affiliation: None Religion: None Hometown: Kinumo Marital Status: Single Gender: Female Age: 38 [PHYSICAL] Voice: Low, raspy. Eyes: A deep brown, almost black. Complexion: Lightly tanned Height: 5' 11" Build: Slender, lean muscles. Hair: Long, wavy and white. Usually in multiple braids. Scars: Quite a few. One very long one running down her leg, another one from her eyebrow to the corner of her mouth, and another few across her shoulders. A very long one right down her stomach. Tattoos: A large Tree of Memory covering her back. [MENTAL] Demeanor: Quiet, keeps to herself. Hopes: That she will discover something new. Fears: Being underground. Likes: Freedom, travelling, uncertanity. Dislikes: Being tied down, wolves, bandits. [GEAR] Top: A hooded, green cloak over a grey tunic and light leather armour. Also a weathered satchel. Her sword hangs at her side. Also, two steel gauntlets. Bottom: Steel toed boots, leggings, again, light armour. [WEAPONS] Ayastelle: A broadsword, specifically made for Alkha. Made of high quality, it’s her preferred weapon. Also, it’s named after her mother. Just because. Daggers: Two daggers she uses as a last resort, or for other purposes. Poisons: Assorted. Two for quick deaths, one almost untraceable one, and another one for a slow, painful, prolonged death. [INVENTORY] Maps, a money bag, satchel, spare clothes, a few rubies, ink, Ayastelle, poisons, daggers, dried food, a water pouch. [SKILLS] Flight: Literally just what it says. She can't fly long distance, though. Pyrokinesis: Just what it says. She isn't too powerful, though. Swordsmanship: Again, just what it says. She's naturally skilled, but could do with a little improvement Age 00: Born in Kinumo. Age 06: Mother began to educate her on other lands, and her fascination grew. Age 13: Mother killed by bandits. Age 13: Left Kinumo. Age 14: Almost killed by a wolf, but saved by a traveller. Age 14-19: Travelled with said traveller, trained in swordsmanship. Age 20: Bought Ayastelle, left the traveller. Age 20-26: Travelled alone. [FAMILY] Father: Unknown Mother: Ayas Valcross, deceased, human [THREADS] Completed: Current: Grave Robbing in the Dead of Night
  14. The dead aren't going to miss it, why not allow the living to profit off of it?
  15. Baobhan Sith


    Used Name: EdelweissAge: 25Lineage: An unimportant one, probablyOccupation: Does various odd jobs. Makes a pretty good bodyguardAlignment: Neutral GoodMarital Status: Single Brief History: Edelweiss grew up a farm girl in a small village on Orisia. An only child, she was tasked with helping with the sort of farm work that most fathers reserve for their sons. All the work got her in peak physical condition, which she still strives to maintain, even after leaving her family's farm. Though a complete nobody on a grand scale, she's known for being pretty tough in her little hamlet, and has occasionally been asked to help escort and defend travelers and merchants, usually for a hefty sum.Height: 6'0"Weight: 170 lbsHair Color: RedEye Color: BlueHanded: RightSkin Tone: PalePhysical Condition: Basically pure muscleVoice: Alto, generally speaks pretty loudBody Art: Wears war paint on her face and biceps. s t a t u s :Strength: Far above average strengthPrimary Discipline(s): Defense of any sort-- Sub-discipline(s): Cooking, hunting, wilderness survival, still retains a bit of her farming knowledgeInnate Abilities: Pretty tough. Can take a strong beating and keep on fighting. Special Abilities: War Cry: When in battle, Edelweiss can belt out a war cry that inspires herself and her allies and intimidates her enemies. (I'll mostly leave this up to player interpretation) Blade Spin: Edelweiss puts her full strength into a spinning attack with her current weapon that knocks back enemies within range, and largely ignores armor. Her next two attacks will be significantly weaker after using this move. Weaknesses: Not particularly bright. Isn't too good with solving puzzles or resolving complex issues. Doesn't know the meaning of stealth w e a p o n r y :Weaponry : Depth : Wields the blade shown in her picture. It's meant to be a two-handed weapon, but she can one-hand it if needed.Attire: See picture. I will draw attention to the skull, however.Armor.-- Headwear: None-- Upper body: Leather armor, along with a steel plate over her chest-- Armaments: Leather wrist guards on both arms-- Lower body: Has protective plates over her knees.-- Feet: Leather boots, leather shin guards. a c c e s s o r i e s : Small store of war paint Canteen of water A well hidden pouch where she keeps her money.
  16. || posted with @ethela penna's permission MEREL HILDEBRAND “Ever the power is ours to unmake – never to make. Love and high castles are not built by just two hands. To dance is the work of two; not to dance, just one. Just one and both are unhappy. You always knew that, sister. You, and Jasper, and I.” —appellation merelese “merel” hildebrand —birthright female; human; heiress hildebrand —maturity 19 —persona cheer / bubbles / radiance / brilliance / obsession / obstinance / iron-willed / beloved —talent deception / thespian —inheritance “the brand”: BRYNHILDE — a Hildebrand family treasure, the last gift of Strom Hildebrand to his darling daughter, Merel Hildebrand. Traditionally granted to the oldest son of the Hildebrand line. Symbolic, ceremonial blade, dull with disuse.
  17. Name: Efemaer TourmaliaMethod of Combat: Date of Birth: Mid-summer (26 Years old) Place of Birth: Crystallo StellaRace/Ethnicity: FaeHeight: 5'9''Weight: 132 lbs.Reach: 32" inches.Body Type: Endomorphic, well toned.Other: Equipment Abilities
  18. KELISETTE D'ERCO, The Wayward Scholar ** Background Info Pending ** BASIC INFORMATION Moniker: Keli Alias(es): Scholiast Kelis Sobriquet(s): The Word Breaker Gender: Female Actual Age: 28 Apparent Age: 25 Race: Human Orientation: Straight Profession: University Epigraphist PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 5’4'' Weight: 120 lbs Figure: Hourglass shape with soft musculature Complexion: Fair with cool undertones (Porcelain) Hair: Dark Golden Brown Eyes: Olive Green Voice: Tight and refined in unknown company, but sweet and bright when comfortable or excitable. Tattoos/Brands: None Scars: None Other Identifiers: Low straight eyebrows, upturned eyes, thin bowed upper-lip, low-bridged nose, and round-shaped face MENTAL STATE Demeanour: Borderline obsessive-compulsive, she is academically driven with an insatiable curiosity. Ambitious but private, she is goal-oriented and rarely wastes her energy on endeavours that do not contribute towards achieving those goals. She’s not socially inclined as she generally prefers solitude and often appears rude if not arrogant during her interactions with others. Although a starry-eyed idealist to the core, she is governed by logic and is prone to over analyzing certain matters, especially those pertaining to the heart. Likes: Literature (non-fiction and scholarly works), solitude and quiet places where she can study or think in peace, and has a particular fondness for furry creatures Dislikes: Social gatherings, drinking, gluttony, idiocy, and general laziness. Desires: To study and translate as many ancient texts as possible and be the first to unravel the secrets of humanity’s dark past. Phobias: Astraphobia (Fear of Thunder and Lightning) Motivations: To understand the past so that we may know how it will affect the future. Quirks: Sneezes when she’s nervous or anxious, and sniffles if she’s upset. Hobbies: Singing, particularly songs from old folklore. Talents: Fast learner and quick thinker, adept at solving puzzles or riddles, keenly observant, can speak multiple languages. TYPICAL ATTIRE AND ARMAMENTS Casual Headwear: Maroon wool hooded shoulder cape with mink fur lining Protective Headwear: None Casual Upper Body: Sage green scholar robe with intricate golden embroidery fashioned after the imperial style with a wide open neck and black sheer underlining. Protective Upper Body: None Casual Lower Body: Robe extends downward mid-thigh, with sheer leggings and a black modesty petticoat underneath. Protective Lower Body: None Protective Footwear: Sage thigh-high boots secured by belted straps and trimmed with golden embroidery after the imperial style. Typical Armaments: None Accessories: Wide black leather belted bodice with decorative buckle, chandelier earrings, and the golden tassel of servitude to the Empire. BACKGROUND INFORMATION Father: Salvin l’Erco. Town blacksmith, specialization in tools. Mother: Isa l’Atheiu. Wife of a blacksmith, head of household. Siblings: Jakin l’Erco, blacksmith apprentice. Selv s’Erco, Imperial soldier. Anesse Erco, daughter and youngest sibling. Other Significant Relatives: Distant relatives that she has had little interaction with. Hometown: Erco, a small town a few hundred miles northeast of the Imperial capital.
  19. ' The Commander of the Aligorian Shadow Guard, and trusted right hand of the Shadow King Neque. Born in Aligoria (Once known as Teaville, before it's takeover) and having spent much of his life toiling away as a lower-ranked town guard, the rise to power of Neque and Sibyla came with a major promotion for Alexios. A skilled tactician capable of handling operations both subtle and not so subtle, he is also no slouch when it comes to fighting by himself. He favors the spear and the greatsword, but is proficient in other melee and ranged weapons as well. While he boasts all of this skill, however, his ambition and determination can be sometimes be overtaken his lack of experience in commanding, and hesitation stemming from that. As time passes, he will grow more experienced and gain confidence, eventually making this weakness fade to being negligible in all regards. Threads (current): A Dark Investigation- In which Alexios is tasked with investigating the rumors of Weland having been abandoned by its population, and stake a claim for Aligoria in the city if they turn out to be true... a seeming cakewalk, but trepidation lurks in the shadows. Threads (finished): Sweep the Leg- In which Alexios established an Aligorian outpost to secure wood, stone, and metal deposits for the kingdom. The outpost is currently under joint occupation with Chesterfield as part of the agreement following the skirmish between the two factions over the outpost.
  20. Name: Iblis XhaosiMethod of Combat: Date of Birth: Mid-summer (19 Years old) Place of Birth: -Race/Ethnicity: HumanHeight: 5'11''Weight: 162 lbs.Reach: 34" inches.Body Type: MesomorphicOther: General Reference Equipment Modified Flail Abilities Magnetokinesis
  21. Selected personally by the Shadow Princess, Sibyla, these three women of Aligoria are part of the force that was sent to Yh'mi. While Frederick York and Ilene Cantu led most of the Aligorian force on the expedition to the Furthest Point, these three remained behind in Inns'th with the remainder of the force... Stella Frost- Warrior of the Aligorian Subservors. Eldest daughter of an offshoot of the Frost family, she bears no ill will against Sibyla for her role in casting down her cousins. Clad in Uru forged armor and wielding a frost-cloaked blade, she is both the shield that serves as a bulwark against Yh'mi's creatures, and the sword with which they are struck down. Umbra Hillbrooke- Youngest daughter of the noble Hillbrooke family of Aligoria. She is part of the Shadow Guard, but prefers light leather armor to the black cloaks and hoods prevalent among these shadowy warriors. The Inanis bends the shadows around her to her will, and her skill with her arm-mounted crossbow and her dagger is unparalleled. Tenebra Stillsun- The only daughter of the Stillsun family, held in high regard but not bearing the noble status of their peers. She has been taught the arcane arts by the Shadow Princess herself, and she wields the dark powers of the Inanis alongside the more common elements like fire and lightning. Threads (current): Hold Your Vines- In which this particular trio of Aligorian ladies begins an expedition into the Whitewoods in hopes to verify (or disprove) the rumors of the Tempest Vines calming Saevions... Threads (finished): N/A
  22. Name: Tyr Age: Unknown ( Appears around early 20's ) Race: Prism, Fallen, Fae Height: 5'4" Weight: 130lbs Body Type: Well toned. Blood Type: Unknown Temperament: Tyr likes to get a rise out of people, she likes the physical confrontation. Shes very sarcastic and blunt, very rarely will she sugar coat anything. She isn't the most friendly of people to get along with, but she can be a valuable ally. Loyal when she needs to be, otherwise a smart mouth who likes money. A "What's in it for me?" attitude. She can also be known to flirt from time to time when the mood suites her, yet it could likely result in getting eaten. Reference Photo: See Avatar photo. Traits Prism Abilities: Tyr has the ability to absorb the color of her surroundings through her eyes. Through absorbing the color she is able to convert it into a more solid and usable substance pertaining to the elements. Reds and scarlet's would produce flame or the equivalent of. Greens would produce earth elements like soil, rock, trees, and other plant life. Blue tones would produce water attributes varying between the actual liquid or its solid ice form. Yellows would be the least of the solid substances, producing more of a gas or healing properties. The usual Prism is only able to hold two or three colors, a High Prism is able to hold more then that. However, the color is contained within a gold ring surrounding the outside of the irises. When the user uses too much of the color, the halo will snap, allowing the color to roam freely through the whites of the eyes and driving that person into madness. - Ability later lost in story line. Fallen Abilities: Her Fallen traits are where she gets her wings from as well as the ability to absorb pain. Through these abilities, it allows her access to a slow regeneration rate if she is injured or loses a limb, but it doesn't completely heal the wound. She may be able to absorb the pain to help push her through certain circumstances, but she does scar easy. - Wings later lost in storyline. Fae Abilities: These abilities allow her to hear whispers or voice of 'spirits' and the like. For example, an ordinary human wouldn't be able to hear a tree say anything, but with her abilities, she may choose whether or not to converse with them. More of a spiritual ability, it works with the elements as well as animal. History In a time where man had barely begun to explore the cusp of their world, a time where beasts and magical creatures roamed the earth without fear and secrecy. There lived a society of higher intellectual beings who had progressed much farther in this age. Their great wings beat heavily in the air as plums of dust lingered in their wake. These beings were called The Fallen, revered as Fallen angels, these creatures had massive wings and eyes that seemed to swallow the very rainbow, known for their prowess in battle and various skills. They were honorable and loyal to their kind, and in the wake of their age they had taken the more primitive beings under their wing so to speak as their protectors. These weaker life forms would look to these beings like gods, in the wake of this human age they would have been ushered into a new era. The Fallen has been around for thousands of years, during the progression of their race they had many skilled workers in various trades. Some of those being skilled blacksmiths, one in particular would rise above all, for this being was responsible for the seclusion of The Fallens city supported by massive black chains. His name having been carved into the stones of time would be known as Rykr, a fierce and craven being. He sought power above the rest of his kin, the fires of his forges fueling the ever growing obsession for control over these lesser creatures. In his travels, he would come across an alloy so dark and dense he would later convince those humans to work his mine. He worked these creatures to their deaths, some never seeing the light of day for their entire lives. He had kept breeders far away from the rest of the civilization. Keeping the strongest of them and thrusting them into the depths of the mine. Many often didn’t make it past their 15th name day, dying where they stood and left in the dark. This being known as Rykr, a heartless and cold creature, would continue this tirade for a century, the other Fallen must have known something was off, however they would not question the motives of the madman so long as production continued. Their blades were sharp, they maces blunt and their chains ever growing. Time passed quickly and the ever growing civilization of humans began to spread out and cultivate the land around them. Unbeknownst to them the ever growing danger that lurked beneath their very feet while The Fallen looked on from their city above. As the years passed by the ever growing mining system had curved and snaked its way all over the area these humans lived on. Spanning hundreds of miles wide and some hundred miles deep, this tunnel system was essentially the backbone of their production. Rykr had finally seized some form of control over these lesser creatures and in doing so gained the respect and control of his own Fallen kin. It wasn’t until the great collapse that the Fallen bonds would be tested. In the wake of that day, the sun was high however the air extremely cold. It had been a day like every other, unknown to anyone the coming danger. As the mining civilization continued their ever growing dig, a great quake would shake the very foundations of this land. The vibration could be felt for miles and what had happened next no one could have predicted. A great fissure would have begun to open, the vastness and speed of its growth astronomical. The sound of earth ripping open, the great roar and rumble of the very ground itself slipping away into nothingness. For Rykr has not known of a massive chasm stretching to the depths of the earth's core, the quake was merely the much needed push the earth needed to swallow the land back up and reclaim what was once hers. As the screams and plumes of dust subsided, the remnants of the human city could be seen falling off into an ever expanding darkness. The Abyss had swallowed the mine Rykr had worked so hard to construct, the vastness of the Abyss like a physical representation of the very emptiness Rykr now felt. Peering down, one could not see the bottom, for it swallowed all light and made all color impossible. With the discovery of their fallen brethren, the remaining human population chose to rise up and revolt against the Fallen. Now seeing them as Demons in disguise, they would take up arms and seek to destroy the very beings they once saw as Gods. Many of the Fallen had perished in the great revolt, many choosing the go against their nature and flee to far off lands. Some had chosen to strike up arms against Rykr, severing his ability to fly and casting him and his followers out of their order, choosing to bring the remaining humans to their great city. Rykr would from then on be known as the False God of Chains, his remaining followers choosing to descend down into the depths of the abyss where they soon formed his highest ranking legion known as The Seven. As the centuries passed, The False God had managed to corral his remaining human breeders, keeping them alive and prizing them above all. For they were the key to his new revolution, he would cultivate a new breed of human cross breed. Breaking all laws known to man, these beings were soulless creatures who thrived off the very darkness they were bred into. They were gray skinned creatures with eyes and hair as white as snow. Their teeth like tiny razors that would crush through the bone they ate. For this False God could not create his army without death. The arrogance and naivety of the City dwellers above, having grown ignorant and blind to their history, had soon begun to run out of room for their own dead. Choosing to cast their own kin over the very edge of the Abyss instead of burying or burning them would be their downfall. They had grown lazy with the privilege of advanced technologies, choosing to ignore the very constructs of what made them survivors. The remaining Fallen had abandoned these primitive creatures of lands of their own or to seek out their own kin, soon growing tired of the proceedings of man. These actions would come to be the cities undoing. Unbeknownst to the City above, The Seven had been preparing for this day. The day the city would become weak and allow the False God and his army a release from the Abyss. This would be the day of the Great Collapse, the day men women and children were dropped off into the darkness while they slept. For history never told those ignorant city dwellers who had constructed those very chains their precious city now rested. On that great day, The Seven would sever the massive support chains keeping up its weight, plunging the city screaming into the depths of the Abyss. The dust had barely begun to settle before the False Gods creatures descended on the dead and living alike like rabid dogs. Bones broke, blood splattered and the sickening wet sound of thousands of hungry mouths filled the darkness. The next morning when the dust had cleared and silence followed, the grey skinned creatures still lazily feeding on the haphazardly strewn corpses. The False God would begin his ascent back up those very chains that now dangled into the Abyss leading up to the now desolate city remnants. It was in the False Gods own arrogance that he had not realized The Seven had begun to disapprove of his current way of thinking, seeing now his plan was never for the Fallen and themselves but more for his new found pets. If left to his own devices, Rykr, who now swore himself the God of Bones would sweep across the land and swallow whole the very constructs his people had sworn to protect. In that wake he would amass an army so great that no one would stand in his way again. The history books were never completely accurate of what happened after that day. The full identities of the Seven would remain a mystery save for themselves. It was said that the first of the seven, the strongest and most abrasive of them all was a woman. So badly scarred from battle and so numb to the pains of the world, had chosen to stand against this God of Bones in defense of the Seven. They called this one Carnivaal Crii, her current whereabouts if there was one is unknown. For it is said that after the battle her body, left charred and broken, had been left to the chains she once helped support. She would have had tossed the False God of Bones back into the Abyss, but not before he’d wrapped a chain around her throat amidst the sacrifice and left her to dangle to her death. The False God would have landed at the bottom of this pitch black hole, his broken body looking up toward a sky he would never see. Even as his own creatures slowly began to descend upon him would his eyes gaze up, looking past the woman he had once called his comrade who now awaited her own slow death. The remaining seven destroying the remaining ties to surface had with the Abyss. A bittersweet end to a tirade of a madman, so consumed with the need for control he lost site of his own true potential. Time had etched itself in stone and the Seven had soon disbanded. Seeking far off and better things. With the fall of one of their own, the remaining six would say their farewells. The youngest of the group known as Tyr, wanting a more quiet life on her own. Syfr, a rank below Carnivaal, would look for the remaining Fallen scattered through the wind. Rys would have followed his twin, The duo would write a history of their own. And time would scatter the names of those three who remained lost in time. ------- The years would pass like a blur, the sands of time flowing and yet for this particular vessel time seemed but a cruel punishment. For the Fallen, time had been irrelevant. Their forms never truly aged, save for the color of their hair which would lighten over time. The sign of an older Fallen could be seen by the white of their hair and the brokenness of their eyes. For within those color changing hues was the ability that made them what they were. The outer iris was what had contained the swirling, ever changing color of their eyes. Containing the essence of power that helped generate the colors into a more tangible, usable substance. The more one used these abilities, the closer it brought them to madness. For severing the halo that contained these present colors would cause a Fallen to be driven to insanity. Wings were merely this a means of transportation, an evolutionary construct meant to create a more diverse humanoid creature. Where as Fallen could be bred, the conditions of such made extremely difficult, making the spread of these particular creatures through the centuries next to impossible. Unknown to them how many had survived the fall of the City of Chains and the Abyss the had been the end of The False God. It would have appeared that the presence of madness itself had left its mark within The Seven, such a horrendous act against a lesser life form could have no other plausible explanation. With time a constant moving equation, it would have left our present character with a sense of emptiness. Having arrived to a land so different from her own, the only comforts of home were that of the reflections of one's inner most thoughts as she rested in a small cave within Abyss of this realm. The heat and flowing lava constantly in motion as the heavy beating wings of dragons drowned her thoughts. Within this orange glowing cavern, these creatures seemed to bow to only one. The smaller ones, later known to be called Wyverns, who seemed to feed off the scraps of the larger beasts did not stand a chance against the sheer force that was these dragons. Their massive wingspan stretching far across the walls of The Scar, they had made their hunting grounds a battle within the skies and only the brazen or foolish dared to enter these territories. With the Wyvern creatures looking like mere hatchlings in comparison to their larger counterpart, these dragon like creatures seemed to hold a patriarchal system of their own, with the biggest one being its leader. This dragon would devour all that opposed it, whether it was its own kin or those who served it. History books never held a name for this creature, but it was said that with every flap of his great massive wings that it could have leveled thousands of homes. Word over the horizon was that this great massive beast was somehow connected with a particular branch of people. However, due to our protagonists previous involvement with the human kind she had chosen a more solitary approach to her current way of life. Truth be told, after what she and her siblings had done she wasn't sure if she could bare to look another mortal in the eye the same way again. Having had a taste of such power, when the halo of her irises had begun to deteriorate the more she used her ability, the harder and harder it had become to control that sudden desire for more. It was almost a palatable substance, so thick and sweet across the tongue it would whisper great promises of a larger world. Something had broken in her then, so driven by power and blinded by her need to serve her family, she would have moved earth for them. With the False Gods corruption whispering in her ear, she had been naive in thinking this was what a family was and had aided them in destroying the City of Chains. It was then when the outer iris of her eyes had snapped. As the grays and reds swirled within her eyes like red hot steel, forming tendrils like oil that snaked down her neck and shoulders, reaching out to her fingertips to form the massive halberd that was used to break the seventh chain supporting the great city. The force of said strike rippled through her form, the sound of steel groaning as it gave way. As the screams of a thousand innocent souls coursed through the night air, the city plunged into the Abyss. Her own scream lost in the night as she dropped to her knees, clutching her head. It had taken everything the Seven had left in them to put down The False God of Chains, at a great cost to one of their own, who had been left in the Abyss with the very creatures they helped create. They would have disbanded soon after, some to never be seen again. The present world she had found herself in was a vast series of islands that expanded as far as the eye could see. Having turned her back on what had once been her home, she had found herself sitting in a cavern overlooking a waterfall of fire that cascaded down into a massive river that led into the belly of the volcano. It would be here where her path would cross amidst this massive dragon. With the years having drawn on, her sleek black feathered wings would have taken her far. The small thin chains that seemed to fuse with the very spines of those wings would give a soft chime as she moved through the cavern. At this point in time our protagonist would have still had them, the loss of such would become a pinochle point within this story. Trapped with the vastness of her thoughts, it would have been time that dissolved the madness of what the color had broken within her. Having chosen to abandon using such gifts for fear of losing control again, the colors forever flowing freely within her eyes a testament to what she had come so close to losing. It would have been a day like any other for her, a day spent surviving, avoiding humans the best as she could, which wasn’t a difficult task. Unbeknownst to her the wyverns she had been roosting near had caught on to the intruder within their territory. As those great black feathered wings ascended into the skies on her way back toward the hole she had been hiding in, four of the winged creatures would surround her. One at her back, another blocking her path forward. The other two had chosen to block her chances of fleeing by either diving down toward the ground or a desperate push upward. Fight or flight was little option, she would have attempted to bank to the left in an effort to evade the threat before her, but the winged beast above her would have dropped down at her heels. A moment of great desperation was all that had been needed to snap the restraints she held upon the colors within those eyes. As the creatures massive jaws clamped down upon the end of her right wing, the sound of the thin bones snapping muffled by the sound of her scream as her hands beat against the beast's face. She was left with little choice, face being ripped to pieces like the very humans she had cast into that pit, or use her ability to save herself. As the second wyvern closed in from below, clamping down upon her left leg as she tried to fend off the first. Those same tendrils of color spread out from her eyes, the only tangible color she could hold on to the color of the very wyverns that fought to rip her to pieces. Seeping down across her upper torso like a sea of tiny spider webs the black, green and reds would swirl against the paleness of her skin. By the time the color has enveloped her form it had been too late for her wings, for the wyvern at her back had made short work of tearing them open in a burst of feather and bone. With the second wyverns jaws still planted in her leg, it’s massive talons trying to make an effort to tear open her spongy form. The roars and bellows of the wyverns mixed with those of her own in pain. As the color leached out of her eyes that same pull snapped something she had long thought repaired. The tendrils would creep along her form, lashing out toward the wyverns to attach themselves like tiny little barbs. Moving toward the eyes and burrowing themselves into the wyvern's very skull. In their thrashing frenzy, those very wings that hard carried her through centuries would be taken from her. Her now broken and bleeding form left to plummet toward the cavern she had sought refuge in. In those great moments as death passed before her, the color beginning to fade from her eyes, the great shadow of a massive dragon had appeared. As the drowsiness of blood loss began to overtake her and darkness tunneled her vision, a great roar echoed in the distance of her consciousness. The remaining two wyverns had scattered upon the sight of the large dragon, shrieking in detest to their meal being interrupted. A now limp and unconscious form of the young Fallen who had now been stripped of those ancient Fallen traits, had been reduced to a ground dwelling being, would indeed be falling. Plummeting toward the earth below, the form would lay broken at the bottom of that great waterfall she so often looked out upon. Time would seem to drag on in what felt like an eternity, those prism eyes now devoid of color would gaze upon those falls unseeing. The irony of such a thing, to live and fight for family, to be turned and corrupted and used for a war she didn’t even see coming. To be cast aside like the very creature they had used in turn, stripped of all that had made her Fallen. Using her powers in the end had still resulted in such an untimely demise, and yet she could not bare to have herself torn asunder like those creatures had done so long ago. As her form lay crumpled, the stars a welcome comfort as her broken form lay prone. A great tremor struck the ground, sending a small vibration across the ground that shook the floor of chasm, allowing loose rocks to fall from small crags against the walls. The ground shook with each step from the dragons mighty feet, great talons scaring the earth. The weight of which crushing stones to dust. The snout of the creature stretched forward as it drew in her scent, he knew she had been hiding here and somehow he knew why. For as she lay there, eyes unseeing, a guiding voice would creep across the darkness of her thoughts. Like a great boom within her subconscious, the creature spoke into her mind. “Your time has not come, Fallen one.” The beasts chest rose with a heave if it’s mighty lungs, the heat of its breath would pierce through her very soul. It would sear her to her core, warming every fiber of her being and still, this force kept going like an overflowing cup. “Consider this your second chance at a home worth fighting for.” With one last great huff, the beasts nostrils flaring. It would rear back its head. Deep golden eyes with dagger like pupils would stare down upon a form that lay motionless. As the life crept back into her broken body, the only word that screamed within the void of her mind was this. Why.. Another great burst of heat from the dragon, it’s nostrils flaring as dust blew out from below it. It would give a shake of its head as a sound one might register as momentary laughter crept through her mind. Spreading his large wings, the strength of its great legs bunched before it began to lift itself off the ground in great sweeping gusts. The force of his wings pressed her further into the ground as dust clouds enveloped the canyon. “Atone.” As the dust clouds settled and silence befell upon the canyon like a blanket, the mighty dragon was gone. The light of day beginning to crest over to top of the canyon, our young Fallen’s bloodied fingers twitched. Blood and dirt caked itself to her body as her once broken form began to slowly move. Testing the limits of this new found strength, she would find that pain had no longer existed. That the empty feeling she had felt for so long had been overcome by a sudden sense of longing. With creaking bones and blood shot eyes, Tyr would begin to stand. Her wings were gone, replaced by two ragged scars that roped down from her shoulder blades to the middle of her back. Pale, pink scars the only indicator of what was once there. Her eyes, once a varying hue contained by a thin golden ring on the outer iris was now broken. The colors flowing freely within the white of her eyes, mixing with the specs of gold from the outer iris. Rising to her feet, she would begin to walk toward the next chapter along her journey. Years would pass and still she would keep moving, never seeing the dragon again, time moving on as if The Fallen had never existed. As the winds blew across the sands of the desert, she would find herself drawn to the Ancient Isles. Something here had called her, unsure of what it was, she would stake her claim within the walls of a kingdom known as Balarun. Never truly knowing just why she was here, and yet there had been a sense of safety here. It’s people, like her own, were strong, adaptable. Using the region to their advantage, there had been a sense of pride in calling it home. As the darkness of her hair soon began to fade, she would often spend her nights under a blanket of stars, gazing up upon the towers as thoughts of another time played within her head. --------- Time would move on and it would seem this quiet life had not been as fulfilling as she had anticipated. Having chosen to leave her present home within the this realm. The Ancient Isles would begin to shrink in the distance as our current protagonist made her leave. Something was pulling her back in the direction of The Abyss, far away from the Balarun Isles and the current destruction of the new world she had found. It felt as though she had just discovered this new place to sink her roots in, only to have them ripped up once more. Leaving her with the sudden empty feeling that had overcome her so long ago. To work so hard and for so long at what she had only to have such success stripped away yet again, why.. So many questions leading with why. With her bags packed, her tames sheltered and fed, her breeding productions ceased and what stock she had freed, she would have only kept what remaining tames she could before shutting her gates and barring them. Wards had been set in place for that in the event of the Fall of the Isles, when the wards would shatter and the lands she had claimed would be swallowed back up by the Void, what possessions she held would be shifted into limbo. A suspended state that would render everything frozen, unaware while in stasis, like that of a deep sleep until she was able to call on them when the coast was clear. As she ventured alone, driven by the hunger of what called to her in the back of her mind. The weather playing little heed in hindering her movement forward, she would press on until she reached her destination. It would have been a couple days of straight travel, stopping only long enough to gain a better vantage point so she could find the shortest path onward. She would not make camp, nor bed down for the night. Barely eating what rations she had brought with her, she kept moving. The lands had changed over the course of a thousand years, the hills and mountain ranges shifting and reshaping into smaller and more narrow pathways. Various cliffs and valleys broke up the forested territories. Trees would have ample space to grow tall, so large that men couldn’t even fathom wrapping their arms around half of its great trunks. The woods so vast and condensed, clear man hadn’t traversed them as villages had become farther and fewer between. Small creeks and streams dotted the landscape, adding to the tranquil setting. However something was off. The silence in the area would fall upon one like a blanket. The streams seemed to come to a stand still and the birds had long fled. Life appeared to be draining from the land itself as small black tendrils snaked themselves up from the roots of the trees. Wrapping themselves up their great trunks, streams would begin to dry and fish no longer moved. The realm was slowly dying. Tyr approached the woods, the whispers seemed to grow heavier. Those prism eyes of hers would swirl with the changing colors of the forest, various hues of green and brown mingling with the paler blues. Yet the more she looked at these trees, the more the color seemed to darken in her eyes. She would find herself reaching for the blackened bark of one of the trees, her fingertips playing across its roughness as her touch lingered mere centimeters from one of the tendrils. The closer she came to the Abyss, the stronger the pull would become. Finding it harder and harder to resist the pull of her abilities. The color called to her, promising power like it had all those years ago. She would pull her hand away, choosing to press onward as her eyes began to darken. Replacing those softer hues with darker counterparts. Drawing nearer to the mouth of the Abyss, a familiar voice had broken through those whispers, the great boom of that false God Rykr. Tugging her deeper into the darkness. Standing now at the mouth of the great cavern, her gaze would peer down into its endless depths. ‘There are no more questions here, child. This is who you are.’ Her eyes would fall closed as she allowed the familiar warmth to wash over her. Listening closer to the whispers of the creatures far below, the trapped souls of the long gone city dwellers ripped asunder. As a small sigh escaped her lips, her eyes would open as the darkness enveloped the whites of her eyes. The colors no longer vibrant, merging into black that seeped from her eyes, running down her face and down her tan skin, spreading out across her form like vines. Standing at the mouth of the Abyss, she would allow the power to take hold as a small craven smile danced across her lips. This feeling alone had left her more at peace and full then she had for thousands of years, the promise of strength and unending destruction left her feeling a different sort of empty. Something had broken in her once more, something that may never be fixed. Watching through a veil as if seeing herself in a different light, she was dimly aware that that part of her subconscious was no longer in control. Her gift had now become her cage and as she turned back toward the direction she’d come, the tendrils seemed to drip from her fingertips. Merging into the form of the great halberd she had wielded within the City of Chains collapse. The same blackened armor morphing over her skin, glinting like oil and reflecting the color in darken moving pools. As the visor covered her face, the tendrils stealing her breath. Death would loom behind every step as the corruption seemed to spread even further out from the Abyss, spreading through the thickened wood from a different direction. ------ The call of corruption had been too much, having ventured back into the Abyss had granted her access to the Void, a place between realms that allowed the darkest of creatures access. With the gradual spread of corruption steadily devouring the Ancient Isles, Tyr had found herself within the void. The call from the Death God booming in her ears, he would have brought her into his aid for the battle of the Void. Faced against a man she once served with honor who now sought to stop the Death God, our battle of corruption would rage with Tyr's subconscious fighting within herself as the good side of her fought to break free. The recollection of the man before her her guiding light. She could not face off against her greatest ally, a man who had sheltered her in her time of need. The battle within the Void would continue, Tyr had dropped her weapon, the blackened armored helm having slipped away like oil as her darkened prism eyes lingered over the figure who would currently oppose the Death God Leprechaun. The voice that screamed inside her head to repent of the death she was about to help sow, it was not that of the man she had known as King Drachen but that of the mighty dragon that she had come across thousands of years ago. The force of which would have broken the hold on her inner conscious. For the consciousness that had once been so grateful for the second chance at life had heard him, the halberd dropped to the ground with a clang. The woman's conscious fighting with the corruption that ate away at her. It is in these moments of weakness where one can truly see, with the woman having been rendered momentarily useless by the call of the voice. The force holding Drachen at bay would have thrust him forward into the light for his own chance to see. The door behind the woman would open as the armies of death rushed descended to meet those of the light armored King. Lead by the Death God himself, adorned in blackened armor that seemed to seep and move with tiny tendrils. A mace rested at his side while a shield adorned his left arm. He would rise above his army of the dead, floating in the air as his pitted gaze reached the man before him. He would smile, through jagged teeth he spat his words like venom, “You come into my realm demanding me to repent.” With a wave of his hand, the army of black clad beasts surged forward to meet the golden armored men of King Drachens army. The answering call of steel would ring in the air as the first wall of men was met by the shrill screams of the trapped souls the Death God controlled. Steel on steel, the songs of battle raged as the heavy beating wings and bone chilling bellows of wyverns answered the fray as death reigned from above. The wyverns having answered the young Dragon Kings call to battle, his eyes would glow a deepened yellow hue as he adorned his helm to answer the call of battle. The Death God would answer, his mace coming down toward the Kings deflecting shield as the sword Drachen wielded bathed in flame would rise up toward the other man. The force of the blow would momentarily drive the two men back for a breath before they descended upon each other once more in a raging scream of steel on steel. The two would match each blow, meeting such with one after another. The young kings shield pelted with dents, the Death God would abandon his own for save of more control over his mace. A chanced blow only the gods themselves could have predicted, the young king had managed a blow that would have sent a spider crack to weave across the helm of the Death God. Unhindered or uncaring, the Death God raged. Flames would kick up as small clusters of men had burned, yet the armor that had adorned the army of King Dragon did not so much as singe. The flames seemed to drive the men on, fueling them and renewing their vigor as the battle continued. It would seem the armies were close matched, with the Death Gods own beasts meeting the calls of the wyverns above. Some would have fallen as black spear bolts stuck out of their chests and necks, falling from the skies to land on men of both sides. The answering roars of the Void Beast could be heard as its masters fury could be felt. There had been so much anger in corruption, so much violence and death. Having answered a call of honor and duty, only to be met with un-calculated odds. The two forms would clash. The young Dragon King in his white glowing armor, his sword bathed in flames would met blow after blow with the opposing foe. Who's own armor seemed to glow in a different aura, coming off in waves like tendrils. When the god would reign down upon the king with his mace, the dragon shield coming up to deflect its final blow, he would drive the pommel of his sword into the cracked helm of the Death God. The metal would shatter as a small trickle of blood ran down the paled features of the Leprechaun. Who’s eyes were as black as the very void itself, corruption bled from his eyes as his fiery red hair framed his daunted face. In his moment of weakness, the young King Drachen’s guard would fall. His golden eyes would widen as his gaze befell upon the man he had called his brother, his closest friend and council. A man who had been to hell and back with him through his reign within the Ancient Isles. Seeing this moment of hesitation, the Death God who’s judgement had been clouded by corruption and a seed for power would withdraw a blade from his belt. Driving it between the ribs of the Dragon King, he would bring himself into the kings field of vision as his hand twisted the blade even further. Golden eyes would look into those of his dear friend, a deepened look of sadness washed across his face as his features paled. His tone was hoarse as the blood threatened to fill his punctured lung. “Leprechaun... My most valued friend.. This is not you.” Armor clad hands would clutch the blade upon his ribs as the sword he wielded fell, the sound of such would strike the ground as the wyverns roar was met with rage for they had felt their kings pain. Something would stir within the Death God, as if awakening from a long slumber. How long had he been shrouded here. Buried deep within this darkness of hate and destruction. As those blackened eyes peered into the golden hues of his friend, his mind would break as he felt his hand upon the dagger in the man’s ribs as if feeling it for the first time. As the blade withdrew, blood pooled between the broken plates of the young kings armor. The darkness would fade from the Leprechauns eyes seeing his friend for the first time since the battle of the void began. Replaced by the emerald glow they had been before, he looked into the eyes of his friend and comrade with a look of anguish. What had he done… “Drachen…” The dragon king would collapse to his knees as a small trail of blood spilled from the corner of his lips. Those golden eyes searched his friend, asking why as his gloved hand clutched the blackened armor of the man in front of him. The Leprechaun would drop to his knees in front of his friend, clutching the other man's arm as he stammered for an explanation as to why he had just stabbed his king and friend. Those golden eyes would seem to burn as the voice that replaced Drachens had returned with the booming tones of Balarun. A single word would be all he spoke as the dragons flame seemed to shroud the young king like a golden fog. The voice would boom inside the Leprechauns broken mind as the golden flame began to burn up his arm. Repent.. As the golden tendrils coursed over the Leprechauns form, the form of the young dragon king would be no more. The power that surged through the Leprechaun chased the darkness of the void away. The answering call of the beast baying in the distance as the pain could be felt across the void. The corruptions hold upon the Leprechaun had been broken at the cost of one of his dearest friends and allies. As the battle raged within the void, the Leprechaun would flee toward the open portal. Set on closing it to prevent the Beast from escaping and destroying the realm. His last chance of atonement was to use the Dragon Kings last gift as a way to bring an end to the darkness. The young King had never truly known his purpose, knowing the dragon would have need to call upon him one day. What he had not known was just who he was helping repent. For this journey was not his own, but that of the Leprechaun. Who's path would lead him to three great stones. These massive stones were blue, red, and green. With the help of the young dragons gift, he would be able to unlock these three obelisks and seal the portal to the Void forever. Sealing the darkness within himself in its depths as well. They say that the day the three terminals were activated, the Beasts mighty roar was heard through the sky as three colored beams of light poured out into the sky above. Maybe…. Just maybe… This was our survivors last chance, before their world changed forever. The rift would open and our protagonist Tyr would emerge with no recollection of her time within the void nor what became of the people she once called family, waking in the woods of some strange new land once more..
  23. "The Time of dragons has come, and with it A new age of fire. Those who do not serve the scales shall become the ash from which their glory shall rise. A phoenix that will bathe all in their merciless retribution" In the outer regions of Kalopsia existed a Quarry owned by The Farad-Abdi Family who garnered their wealth from many high caste elite in the grand kingdom, seeking the extraordinary and Avant-Garde qualities from the brilliant gems and priceless materials that were otherwise unheard of. A specific gemstone known as the Xilagua only existed within Kalopsia' own region and was prized for it's bedazzling sheen of technicolor brilliance; The manual labor required to harvest such jewels needed a great deal of effort and thus they invested in slave labor, seeking those born of the scale for their capacity to work underground and innate ability to resist heat exposure ; buying all these 'beasts of burden' they could find and expediting their mining far above their projected numbers. It had become an enterprise that Girai Farad-Abdi built with the blood, sweat and tears of The Dragonborn race. Tetra-Sutra-Gaul was born in the slave quarters their slaver's called 'The Scale Burrow'. A proverbial slum that was carved out in an adjacent rock-face from the quarries where they toiled tirelessly. His parents, Kleo-Rasum and Jerik-Sha, working in the quarry for a few years before they had started to become close to one another and wanted to try and start their own family amidst the throes of subjugation. His birth bringing a light to their overcast existence and giving The Scale Burrow a brighter outlook. The offspring made to do the transportation using mine carts and trolleys that ferried the Xilagua and other minerals out of the deeper shafts within; Gaul having a rough upbringing of pushing heavy carts to and fro and having to learn quick and adapt to the exasperating days of labor. His parents doing their best to care for him amidst the stress of capricious slaver's. Girai's wife and heiress to the Farad-Abdi Quarry wanted to give the dragonborn better conditions and fought against the slavery they used for profit...but with his children and even a spiteful sister unmoving in their desires to work the scales as much as they could survive kept Girai and his wife from ever seeing eye to eye. The Hatchling soon growing into a spindly, but proud dragonborn that strived to work as hard as his father did. Gaul witnessing whippings and starvation, watching the elderly too old to work simply give out from exhaustion and die as the carts they were pushing crushed them on their descent back into the mine. It was hard for him to ignore the atrocities that were befallen his people and so he wanted to give them hope, preaching and gallivanting about a bright future, the strain of the carts and the darkness of the mines lifting as he held sermons everyday that coincided with work. His aura of endurance and optimism seeing to the fiery hearts of many of his kin; desiring to work harder in hopes of one day earning their freedom. A longsighted goal, but one they could work to achieve. A group of fool-hearty dragonborn took it upon themselves to try and take Gaul's message to heart and attempted to escape; A riot breaking out soon after and claiming the lives of twelve slaves and Girai' own son. The head of The Family being pushed to show some sort of example to reinstate the order that this 'Gaul' has destabilized. The family taking Gaul's own parents to be executed to keep the rise of rebellion quelled. Gaul tried to make peace with his master's but Girai had become undone with the death of his son and made Gaul watch as his parent's were slain for the mistakes of their son. Everything falling to pieces as Gaul witnessed the wickedness of man. It was the strangeness of fate that decided the day of which Gaul's life would be burned to ash so too would the whole of the world it seemed...or to Gaul that is what it looked to be. The Fiery wrath of a dragon supreme consuming the lands in fiery death; blanketing the lands in sheets of conflagration. Her wingspan blotting the very sun as she created her own upon Kalopsia. Gaul knelt in irons before the fresh corpses of his parents before seeing A gargantuan shadow through the decedent windows of Girai' manor. A pillar of fire erupting from this shadow and lighting up the quarry in a sweltering blaze he could feel from his own knelt position. The executioner, the guards, and even Girai himself were absolutely taken aback by the sight of the inferno illuminating their shocked faces. Alarms immediately resounding as Girai barked orders and tried to rally some sense amidst what appeared to be a full blown attack. Attack implied that a defense existed when in reality it was already too late. Gaul taking this opportunity to escape through a shattering window and see the cause of such destruction. He couldn't believe his eyes as he witnessed A remarkable sight. His dragonborn kin speaking of legends and rumors that there existed a race of Dragon, untainted by the other species' genetics; Some believing that they themselves were the true gods that had existed eons ago leaving their children as a reminder of their greatness. Gaul couldn't believe he was looking upon the epitome of his race as she flew across The Quarry and bathed in the purest fire. He was surprised to find that as he rose from prostrating before such a holy sight; the very gaze of this dragoness was upon him as she landed with a cacophonous thud atop The Quarry. She was ancient, inevitable, and absolutely gorgeous. It was as though she were looking directly into his draconic soul...before a spout of fire unhinged from her magnificent jaws and torched the manor behind Gaul. A back-light of scorching flame causing tears to streak down his scaled cheeks. the flames consuming him and the entirety of the quarry until it was nothing but ash. Tetra-Sutra-Gaul rising from the ashes of the homestead once owned by the late Farad-Abdi. He had survived the incorruptible fire due to his heritage and now he rose from the ashes...born anew. He consecrated the ash upon his scales and vowed to return The Dragons to their rightful deification. they would speak fire that the world would bow to, and he would be their.. Ash Keeper
  24. Name: Shad Hogans Alias: Captain Shad Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Alignment: Hero Affiliation: Destiny League Legal Status: Citizen of the United States of America with no criminal record Place of Birth: Las Vegas Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Lucas Hogans (Father, deceased), Harper Hogans (Mother, deceased) Powers/Abilities: Shad is officially an Infinity Requiem Character and while I never really got into detail in his origins and powers, I can now, since what I am joining is not really cannoned to the whole spectrum of things, this should work. Well, let's hope at least. Captain Shad's powers were given by a race of an advanced techno-organic race which were called the Knights of the Universe, they were responsible for protecting other planets which could not fend for themselves, so they'd always interfere to protect them and sometimes they would choose the perfect warrior to bond with their Knight Serum, which would give the user incredible powers. The mysterious Knight Serum metabolized and enhanced all of Shad' body functions to the peak of human potential, as it was described to be "the next big step in human evolution", while still remaining completely human. Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Shad has no superhuman powers, although as a result of the Knight Serum, he was transformed into a "perfect" specimen of human development and conditioning. Shad is as intelligent, strong, fast, agile, and durable as it was possible for a human being to be without being considered superhuman. Although the KS is definite, he maintains an overall healthy lifestyle including a regular exercise regimen and a balanced diet. Peak Human Strength: Shad' physical strength is enhanced to the very peak of human potential. As a result, he is as physically strong as a human being can be without being classified as superhuman. Captain Shad can bench press 500 kg (1,100 lbs) which was consistent with his strength level, as benching was easier than military press lifting. He can snap steel handcuffs and chains and is capable of break wood walls and steel doors with a single kick. Peak Human Speed: He can run at speeds of up to approximately 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour), and has on occasion run a mile in little over a minute when under duress (which would roughly be a little less than 60 miles per hour). Peak Human Stamina: Shad' body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing chemicals in his muscles, granting him exceptional endurance and lung capacity. He can exert himself at peak capacity for an hour and a half without rest and before showing any signs of fatigue. Peak Human Agility: His agility is greater than that of an Olympic gold medalist. He can coordinate his body with balance, flexibility, and dexterity. He also has the ability to leap 50 yards out in a single bound and 20 ft into the air without a running start. Peak Human Reflexes: Shad' reflexes border on a superhuman level. His reaction speed is 20 kph, which makes it possible for him to dodge gunfire even in short range from multiple gunners at the same time. Peak Human Durability: His bones and muscles are denser and harder than normal, to the highest human potential, which makes him very durable compared to a normal human. He is durable enough to the point that if a person beats him with a thick wooden stick, the stick would eventually break and Shad would show little discomfort. This level of durability is how he survived other forms of extensive punishment throughout his career. Peak Human Healing: Shad' healing speed and efficiency are at the highest limits of human potential, which means he can heal faster than most humans. The white blood cells (WBCs) and the KS in his body are efficient enough to fight off any microbe, foreign body and others from his body keeping him healthy and immune to most if not all infections, diseases, and disorders. Peak Human Mental Process: His mental performance has been greatly enhanced, allowing his mind to operate in the most efficient and rapid manner possible. One manifestation of this is his tactical genius; the ability to quickly process multiple information streams (e.g., threat assessment) and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations. Shad also possesses a near-eidetic memory, meaning that he never forgets anything and has perfect recall. This enables him to remember any military tactic and apply it to any situation. Peak Human Senses: Shad' senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are at the highest possible limits of human potential. He once said that he is able to dodge bullets because he sees faster than them. Peak Human Aging: The KS dramatically slows Shad's aging due to extensively healthy cells. It was once stated because of this it is possible that he may indefinitely maintain his youth. Master Martial Artist: Shad is an expert in hand-to-hand combat being very skilled in multiple martial arts. His training first originated under the Knights combat experts whose fields of expertise were any kind of martial arts and ancient and forgotten martial arts during the Wars. While the majority of the instructors' curriculums were simplified for training their Knight Forces, it is possible that they trained Shad in the more complex techniques because his body was already developed for them and because the majority of his combat knowledge (including his gymnastic-based techniques) was already established. As a result, Shad is well versed in Boxing, Judo, Jujitsu, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Karate, Tai Chi, Capoeira, Wushu, and Shield Fighting Martial Arts and Combat. It is also possible and likely that he studied more disciplines in the present after being discovered by the Destiny League. He has utilized all martial arts techniques from physical combat to chi manipulation. Shad is one of the finest martial artist earth has ever known. Master Shield Fighter: His years of training and experience with his unique shield, as well as its physical properties, allow him to accomplish amazing feats with the item. Aside from bashing foes and blocking incoming attacks, he is able to throw it with nearly perfect aim. Shad can hit multiple targets with the same throw by means of ricochet, and could even achieve a boomerang-like return effect, allowing him to strike enemies from behind or retrieve the shield without objects to ricochet from. Master Tactician and Strategist: He is an accomplished strategist. He had been widely considered one of, if not the greatest, tacticians on the planet, both on and off the battlefield. He is able to formulate battle strategies and his brilliant tactical sense allows him to alter any strategy to fit the changing need of the situation. Advanced Military Operator: Shad is well-versed in all Armed force disciplines including intelligence gathering, escape arts, assassination, demolition, survival tactics, hunting, swimming, mountaineering, march or drill skills, map making, map reading, decoding cipher and other secret code messages, reading and making wood craft signs and other secret code languages, disguising, interrogation, computers, explosives, communication systems, vehicles and electronic appliances used in armed forces. Master Acrobat: His years of training and experience have made him an expert acrobat, gymnast, and aerialist. Indomitable Will: Shad is a very strong-willed person. He is able to overcome most forms of temptation and resist the effects of extreme pain, drugs, and toxins to a great extent. Shad accepts his own mortality and refuses to rob any sentient creature of its freedom. Shad is also capable of resisting all forms of mind control; only the strongest willed individuals have a chance of enslaving him. Expert Marksman: Shad can throw most projectile weaponry with great aim and is well-versed in the use of firearms, though he prefers not to use them. Weapons Proficiency: He does not typically utilize weapons other than his shield, but in desperate situations, he wields additional weapons to ensure victory. He is proficient in wielding swords, daggers, throwing knives, staffs, sticks, tonfa, axes, maces and clubs and even firearms. Multi-lingual: Being taught by the Knights, he can speak fluently, English, Russias, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, French, German, Russian, due to his training he might be as well a lingual in other languages as he also does speak the Knights Ancient Language, which is a very hard language to learn even for him which to a normal human it is next to impossible. Appearance: (Credit goes to the respective owner: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZzgXN) Also forget Iron Man in the background, he isn't featured. So first off, yes, he is a parody of Captain America. But, that doesn't mean he looks like him. So there are some notable differences since I suck at drawing this good I am unfortunately going to ask you to imagine the changes I'm about to tell you. Right off the bat, there is no star on his chest, there is no A on the top of his forehead helmet. The blue you see on him is now replaced by a light translucent blue as if it's glowing and then the white is replaced by gold, the brown accents will remain on his belt and the shield straps. When Shad doesn't wear his suit he looks like this: Height: 1.91 meters Weight: 88 Kilograms Age: 35, but maintains a youthful appearance because of the serum Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Dark Blond Beard Style: Short and faint Hair Style: Short and styled Voice: Friendly and inspiring voice. Weapons: Captain Shad's only weapon is his shield, a concave disk 2.5 feet in diameter, weighing 12 pounds made by the Knights and gifted to Shad. The Shield is made out of rare metal in the entire Universe, it has many names but the most frequent one goes by as being called Angelic Steel. Finding this element in many quantities is very rare but it is said that most quantities can be found on the Angel Knights' Homeworld and it is the hardest, most durable element in the Universe, and like Vibranium, it can absorb projectiles and/or kinetic energy, and then blast it back at the target. As per usual, I will say the differences Shad' Shield has, so there is no star in the middle. The largest and first coat of red paint on the top is replaced by translucent light blue and so is the second small coat of red paint as well. The Silver and the Blue is replaced by gold, and the shield has a function, when Shad uses it there usually be some ancient hieroglyphic writings all around the shield which would glow and from the edge of the shield it would transform into sharp edges like a buzz saw to be exact and so he can use the shield to cut through anything and of course the function is retractable and functions on the behalf of the users will. Personality: Shad does have a moral center, he has a sense of right and wrong rather than something he's striving to achieve, though he's often presented with moral dilemmas, he will always try to do the right thing, even when doing it is difficult and next to impossible. Besides those, he is nice, friendly, kind at heart and sometimes funny when he sees the mood is going a bit dark he will try to light it up one way or another. Bio: Shad Hogans was a normal human living in the year of 2019 till one day when he was the only living member of his family since his dad and mother passed away, Shad was chosen by the Knights which were sent out by the Angels to protect the Universe of a dangerous war between the mortals and the Kaethrani, a group of demi-gods. So they were searching for a pure-hearted guy, or at least a trying to be one, for them, it did not matter the thought about doing it mattered. So he was recruited, and well like every alien encounter he freaked out until they calmed him down and explained everything to him and what they will like to do. They wanted to use the Knight Serum which was an angelic essence, made with magic and science so that the human will still be a human and not a meta or superhuman, they told him good becomes better and bad becomes worst, thankfully Shad was already good, or at least trying to be the one doing good and so he accepted and the procedure began with a 100% of success and then Shad became Captain Shad. He was trained the best way the Knights could have trained someone and Shad quickly rose from the ranks and became from a mere guy into a Captain which was leading the Forces of the Angels against the Kaethrani, long story short, the Knights win but at a cost, unfortunately, Shad was stuck on the enemy ship and he ordered them to rain down hell on it even if it did cost his life and with some bickering they did it, though they have thought he was dead, a few decades a strange alien ship would arrive by crashlanding, it was the year of 2068 were the Destiny League Initiative was formed, the war hero Captain long thought to be dead returned, due to the ship actually going into a stasis lock and freezing itself it also slowed Shad' aging and did not age one bit when he returned back it was as if he did a time skip. Shad would have a lot to catch up to and eventually, he would join the Destiny League and become their leader into putting a stop to another threat to planet earth, of course, they would succeed and from there everything started to change for Shad, (here comes the kicker) one day, unfortunately, due to Destiny Leaguers messing up with time to go back to fix something that has happened, Shad would get teleported into a different reality and Universe, it was a totally different thing for him, the Universe was called the Valucre, and so yet again, he needs to adapt to the situation and try to find a way back home but if not then he needs to learn how to live in this new Universe. Fun Fact: I've done some changes to how things would go, so this should be noted that this is not canon like his disappearance again is not canon and would not affect my main Universe, called Infinity Requiem, this could be another Universe in the unknown Multiverse in Infinity Requiem where their attempt in teleporting back in time would go wrong and Shad would land here. Alright, hope you have enjoyed!
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