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Found 195 results

  1. SugarGrrrl

    Anwyn Olyver

    Full Name: Anwyn Olyver Also Known As: Wyn Race/Species: Fae Gender: Female Age: 21 Birthday: January 21st Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Can fly, but wings are only strong enough to carry herself. Fire elemental. Can conjure and control flames. Skilled archer. Notable Strengths: Very stealthy and light on her feet Notable Weaknesses: Not a fast runner, also very dainty so not so strong Physical Appearance:(pic) Usual Attire: She usually wears royal uniforms with golden emblems and buttons. Her mother gave her a white cloak which she wears. It was knitted from the feathers of a phoenix, keeping the inside nice and toasty Inventory: Bow, case of infinite arrows, sack of rubies made into dust for magical purposes Vehicles(s): Horse - Paleo Personality Details: Wyn is a very curious gal. She almost always has her nose where it shouldn’t belong. She isn’t very easy to upset, but she also isn’t one to tolerate someone being mistreated. She will stick up for others, but not often herself. She brushes things off easily, but it isn’t hard to push her to the point of crying. She has a thirst for adventure and traveling. She is usually seen with a smile on her face and is always the first one to strike up a conversation. Likes: Reading, learning new things, eating exotic foods, animals and nature Dislikes: Staying cooped up, quiet places, the cold weather
  2. vielle

    Wynonna Sinclaire

    Wynonna Sinclaire — o captain my captain ; ► B A S I C S age: 36 race: human class: markswoman occupation: captain of the airship Cardinal birthplace: sigil, city of doors ► L O O K S height: 5'8” weight: 129 lbs gender: female hair: black streaked with silver eyes: steel grey voice: lively and smoky ♪ Children of the future, let me tell you somethin' Boogie is my life since when I was young ♪
  3. Dolor Aeternum

    Dolor's Character List

    Agony Agony is an ancient entity cast down by forces unknown to the land of Valucre. Comprised mostly of a dark primordial ooze that seems organic in nature but is resistant to any organic manipulation or anti-magic, it chose to observe the sentient beings of this world in an attempt to find its place and purpose. One of the leaders of the Abaddon Triumvirate, he has gone on several quests to further their agenda which consists of amassing enough power to ensure the safety of the oppressed and prevent further oppression. Valucre Exploits/Threads 1. Journey (Completed) Summary: Agony's first introduction to Valucre lies here. Confronting Alukai and Lucis DuGrace, Agony is left reeling after annoying the two relatives. Mentions of Irene Gabriela Du'Grace seem to cause the being to twitch for some unknown reason. 2. Power Beckons (Completed) Summary: Agony appears and formally displays his affiliation with an organization called the Abaddon Triumvirate. The Abaddon Triumvirate recruits several interested individuals, with Agony suddenly being joined by a curious fae named Lunara. 3. Safe riots and kidnapping (Completed) Summary: Agony along with his subordinates search for a gypsy artificer named Bruga with the intent to recruit her to the Triumvirate's ranks. There they encounter opposition from those who have kidnapped her and seek to eliminate said opposition in order to acquire a new asset. 4. Walking in a Winter Wonderland [Black Queen Arc] (Completed) Summary: Agony, along with Lunara, Rodan, and Nines attend the second coronation of the Black Queen of Orisia in an attempt to use the uncertainty of her reign to gain influence and power in the Summer Isles. Agony is disguised as a knight of Patia named Dolor. Malice, the Orisian Warlord, enters in gruesome fashion. After observing the Black Queen and other attendees, Agony hatches a plot to kidnap the depressed Black Queen to free her from her burdens but is met with opposition from Malice. Agony coaxes Lunara into providing some of her fae blood so that the queen ingests it, knowing its magical effects would make the queen easier to handle. Gabriela, the Black Queen of Orisia, ingests some bloodwyne laced with that blood out of frustration from the disaster of the coronation ceremony. Malice assumes an assassination plan is underway and thus singles Agony out to end the plan before it sees its end. Malice ejects Agony from the building, thrusting him through one of the castle windows where a fight between two behemoths commences. 5. Gardens garnished in Gore [Black Queen Arc] (Completed) Summary: Agony confronts Malice and after the warlord gains the upper hand in battle by eradicating most of Obtenebra, Agony divulges his affiliation with the Abaddon Triumvirate as well as his plan to kidnap the queen. Malice strikes a deal for Agony to become his informant within Terrenus and other lands while also introducing the potent energy of La'Ruta to him. Malice also lets Agony know he will not become an obstruction to the kidnapping plan as long as Gabriela returns to Orisia. Obtenebra learns how to regenerate itself from complete eradication thus making Agony that much more unpredictable and dangerous. 6. Maze Undue [Anima Imperium] [Black Queen Arc] (Completed) Summary: Agony and the rest of the Black Queen's kidnappers are forced to confront the two beings that care for her the most. Agony attempts to appeal to Roen's hospitable nature but the betrayal of Dr. Marigold Ravenspire sparks a series of events that see Lunara, Rodan, and Agony stuck between the Dreaded Margrave and the Carmine Emperor all while Gabriela breaks then goes into labor. Cunning allows Agony, Lunara, and Rodan to escape but not before ensuring the ill will of at least one of the pursuers and the release of a chaotic entity that was kept secret within the Anima Imperium. 7. Long Road Home [Black Queen Arc] (Completed) Summary: After the events that occurred at the Anima Imperium, the three members of the Abbadon Triumvirate involved (Agony, Lunara, and Rodan) quickly distance themselves from the chaos they caused. During their travel, they are forced to come to terms with their failure and what this means for the organization going forward given the betrayal of Nines and Dr. Marigold Ravenspire. Rodan and Lunara, both disguised as human females, confront Agony and insist that he tell them why he had kidnapped the Orisian queen as well as why he had left them in the dark throughout the entire process. Agony admits his failure and admits his obsession with power prompting everyone to agree that proper communication is paramount if they intend to continue to work together. They travel to Hell's Gate where Agony acquires another asset and Lunara also brings in an acquaintance of hers to help Rodan return to Weland. 8. Lirrey Lines (Ongoing) Summary: Agony and Lunara head to Yh'mi where they take on a job offer from Doctor Xeyal to travel to Lirrey. Their main objective is to escort the doctor's servant Sasha in exchange for a favor of their choosing and also a means to travel easily past the Order of the White Hand's defenses into Yh'mi. Lunara yearns to acquire power she feels lies in Yh'mi while Agony accompanies her in order to pay off his blood debt to her from the events in Orisia. With the new status quo of the Abaddon Triumvirate following their failure, the already shaky bond between Lunara and Agony is put to the test. Yh'mi seeks to test them in other ways as well. Lunara acquires a whole host of new abilities after a dangerous confrontation with the Lirrey Star and Agony is worried for what that may mean for his companion. Nevertheless, they trek forward and continue their perusal of Lirrey's secrets. 9. Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid) (Completed) Summary: Agony arrives in the midst of a large battle between the LoD and Terric military forces led by Peacekeeper Michael Commager. Masquerading as Dredge, the LoD's leader, he infiltrates the battlefield solely to gain intel concerning both sides and their abilities/resources. Forced to dynamically change between a visage of Dredge and a new one inspired by previous events, he manages to learn much more about the Order of Force Majeure's leader, Michael Commager's ability and the worth of Dredge's forces. Taking some military grade equipment, he narrowly escapes the battle but not before the military becomes aware of his presence. They choose to not apprehend him for now but that doesn't mean they will be as forgiving the next time around.
  4. ♦ to have p o w e r beyond belief. . . ephah ivanenko ► B A S I C S age: 21 race: human class: blood mage occupation: operative birthplace: raven's landing, genesaris ► L O O K S height: 5'9” weight: 131 lbs gender: female hair: ebony black eyes: brown, glows red when using powers voice: dark and deep threads: 1, 2 rami barzegar ► B A S I C S age: 29 race: human class: sand mage occupation: operative birthplace: velhatien desert, genesaris ► L O O K S height: 5'11” weight: 172 lbs gender: male hair: sandy gold eyes: bright aquamarine voice: lilting and accented threads: 1, 2 . . .is the n o b l e s t pursuit.
  5. Solaeris

    Gwyneth Weiss

    ~General Information~ ~Physical Description~ ~Voice Traits~ ~Health and Hygiene~ ~Personality~ ~Fashion~ ~Talents~ ~Relationships~ ~Family~ ~Mannerisms~ ~Views/Opinions~ ~Secrets, Regrets, and Fears~ ~Social Life~ ~Likes/Dislikes, Favorites, and Pet Peeves~ ~Emotional Characteristics~ ~Spiritual Characteristics~ ~Combat~ ~History~
  6. Wade

    Calvin "Blueblood" Church

    CALVIN "BLUEBLOOD" CHURCH Tremble in fear, peasant swine! For the rivers will run red with the blood of my enemies, and I will drink it all with the yearning of a loveless alcoholic! ESSENTIALS Name: Calvin Church Race: Human male Age: 20 Birthplace: Palgard, Terrenus Occupation: University Student (Biochemistry) Alignment: Chaotic Good PHYSICAL Height: 6’4” Weight: 173 lbs Hair: Dirty blonde Skin: Pale Eyes: Cobalt Build: Lean and fit, handsome yet slightly starved Voice: Breezy and insincere Blood Type: AB+ MENTAL Temperament: Sanguine MBTI: INTP Traits: Introverted, easygoing, clownish, secretive, cunning, insensitive BLUEBLOOD Calvin’s eccentric alter-ego, as well as the name of an extremely rare genetic mutation. It turns his blood blue and renders him incapable of using of ordinary magic. In exchange, it grants him a natural affinity for blood magic and limited necromancy, and is considered overwhelmingly taboo in all continents of Valucre. Some of his abilities are as follows: Hemophilia Decay Voodoo Vampirism Corpse Possession Vitality Transfer Single-Use Blood Markers Blood Mist / Blood Rain Blood Rage Note: Each of these have a direct impact on his physical wellbeing. Thus, he will limit the use of certain abilities, especially those with the potential for death. Other: His usual attire consists of a ridiculous blue suit, a tricorn hat, white gloves, and a plain white mask flecked with his own blood. In terms of equipment, he tends to carry a knife, a silenced pistol, and a kevlar vest that he wears underneath his suit.
  7. vielle

    Frey Soloveiv

    Frey Soloveiv — hey there demons; it's me, yah boi ; ► B A S I C S age: 26 race: human class: innate mage [séance] occupation: freelancer birthplace: umbra, genesaris ► L O O K S height: 6'1" weight: 149 lbs gender: male hair: jet black eyes: dark green / neon white during a séance voice: sarcastic and cold tattoos: —plenty. ♪ For the debt I owe, gotta sell my soul 'Cause I can't say no, no, I can't say no ♪
  8. Hurttoto

    Amber Enre

    QUICK SHEETNAME: Amber EnraIS A(N): Human, dragon hybridGENDER: FemaleAGE: 56MARITAL STATUS: SingleSEXUAL PREFERENCE: Asexual HEIGHT: 7'4”WEIGHT: 178 lbs.ALIGNMENT: lawful neutralSTATUS: aliveEYES: redSKIN: whiteHAIR: short, brownBODY: lithe OUTFIT: cloth under shirt, and a vest of leatherPERSONALITY: pretty optimistic at times ABILITIES: manipulation of objects such as concrete, stone, wood, water, and oil (however everything moves at a pace as if some one was speed walking and carring these materialsPARAPHERNALIA: A Staff of Awa (can flimg you into the sky; canteen of water ; otherCURRENT THREAD(S): upcomingBIOGRAPHYBACKSTORY: 2+ paragraphs describing history before first thread, if applicableTHREAD 1: 1-2 paragraphs describing first threadTHREAD 2: 1-2 paragraphs describing second thread. Continue until last completed thread.PERSONALITYTRAITS: 2-3 paragraphs describing tendencies, likes/dislikes, and other notable traitsREPUTATION: 1-2 paragraphs describing how others view your characterRELATIONSHIPS: 1 paragraph for each character your character has a special relationship to, be it romantic, platonic, or a rival/nemesisSEXUALITY: 1-2 paragraphs describing your character's sexual preferences and viewsPOWERS AND ABILITIESOVERVIEW: 2-3 sentences describing basic power set; 1-2 sentences describing weaknessesPOWER/ABILITY 1: 1-2 paragraphs describing a power/ability, with example post (link)POWER/ABILITY 2: 1-2 paragraphs describing power/ability, with example post (link)PARAPHERNALIAITEM 1: 1-3 paragraphs describing weapon, tool, or other itemITEM 2: 1-3 paragraphs describing weapon, tool, or other item. Repeat for each new weapon/tool/item.APPEARANCE3+ paragraphs describing how the character looks: what his body is like, what he's wearing, how he holds himself, etc.
  9. Die Shize

    Wallace Ambrose

    Wallace Ambrose ___________________________________________________ The Iron Captain Character Theme "She taunts me. She haunts me. The Blue Lady of my dreams. Her bed is as soft as it is slippery. Cold and damp and cruel. Her body is as wavy as a dancer's and as twisted as a crone's. Her belly is ever pregnant with malice lurking in the dark depths. She sings storms, she laughs hurricanes, she roars tsunamis, drunk on power and swimming in eternity. She is the oceans of the world, the seas that surround the lands, beating salt against rock. And I have come to claim her." —Wallace Ambrose Bio Monikers & Titles Monikers Titles Appearance Tall, muscular, broad-shouldered and sharp-jawed, Wallace might be as imposing as he is handsome—in a plain-faced kind of way. A prominent scar runs from above to below his right eye, while the eye itself is as intact as his left. It is from his overall exterior that the intimidating and relentless reputation of the Iron Captain has spread far enough to cause a few pirates here and there to sail in the other direction when they see the scales of the Iron Justice. When pirates see the sails of the Iron Captain, they pray. Attire Wallace's trademark outfit consists of a black and red palette; predominantly black with red lining, while the once 'black' material has since been rendered charcoal-grey in appearance after wear and tear upon the sea. Shedding one garment for the other, he is usually always wearing his black leather cloak, salt-stained after years of weathering the sea and its wind. For a sailor, it can be noted that Wallace tends to nevertheless attire himself in otherwise well-kept and tailored clothing with a definite price behind it. History The history of Wallace Ambrose is an enigma. His closest crewmembers, namely Commander Cordon Blous, his First Mate, know that he is from the Arcane East of Genesaris, but the knowledge ends there. It is known among a few that he once had a wife, but no one can say how long ago, as Wallace reserves talking about her to the walls of his mind alone. He has a personal hatred for pirates, dealing out death and brutality in waves upon them wherever his ship sails. Indeed, though the Iron Justice is a privateer vessel operating out of a mercenary capacity, doing more than hunting down pirates, a pirate hunter she certainly is—more so her captain. Valucre Events Hired by the noble House Karradeen of Ursa Madeum, Captain Wallace Ambrose was contracted to hunt down the pirate vessel the Silver Swan and her Captain Fiora Pendragon. However, the pirate had bested the privateer, splitting the Iron Justice in two and decimating most of her crew. Over time, Wallace all but vanished from the face of Valucre. He has only recently returned to Ursa Madeum, with a new Iron Justice, a frigate to succeed the brig, and a larger crew. Sailing into the islands, his first stop was before a familiar face: House Karradeen. The noble family contracted the Iron Justice with eliminating a piratical incursion within the territories; the first step in proving the Iron Captain's worth after his prior loss, and redeeming himself in the eyes above the hands that pay him. Personality A serious, stubborn, rigid and ruthless man with a strong sense of duty and justice, if of his own tailoring, Wallace is the type who establishes a personal code and adheres to it for no one else but himself. Living up to appearances alone, then, is a superficial boast that he could only scoff at. A skilled sailor, an experienced commander and a fierce warrior, his thirst for battle is all the more acrid the further he is on the front line; something that can only be quenched by the blood of his enemies. Wallace believes in both passing the sentence and carrying the sentence out; if he demands that a man's neck feel the cold steel of a sword, it is Wallace who will swing that sword. He will stop at nothing to achieve victory, either short-term or in the long run. If he is given a job, Wallace will see that job through to the end, sometimes no matter the personal cost or surrounding sacrifices. Failures are a lingering disappointment to him, amid both himself and those who work for him. Enemies who slip through his hand are enemies to be caught by the hand beneath his other. This stubborn ritual is in part due to Wallace's overall bitter nature, finding little room for humor or passing pleasures in his life. His sole focus appears to be upholding the laws, either those of his employer or his own. Wallace has little time or patience for most people, being something of a misanthropist. The only lives that he truly values are those aboard his ship, but even then there is a mutual understanding among the captain and the crew that all of their lives are just drifting breezes within the sea's wind. Flesh rots away, exposing bone to be corroded by the water washing over it. For the Iron Captain, death upon the sea or within it is the greatest end to a person's life that one could hope for. It is Wallace's conviction that what awaits him at the bottom of every ocean of Valucre is the same no matter where his body lands: the warm, cold, welcoming and repulsing arms of the abyss. Abilities The Iron Justice and its Iron Captain are not known worldwide by any means. Wallace is not out to make himself a celebrity. In part, this is due to the MO of the Ironborn as a whole group. When the crew seeks to kill a target, they kill it. When they seek to capture one, they capture it. Any abilities that Wallace has beyond the natural prowess of his own body generally leave no witnesses to attest, as he uses such 'abilities' sparingly. Otherwise, Wallace is highly adept with melee and firearms, using a variety of bladed weapons and magitech guns. His choice of weapon at any given time typically depends on the situation. For instance, he might pick off an enemy crew with his rifle, board the ship with his boarding axe then switch to swords, knives and pistols for close quarters combat. Wallace tends to fight with a weapon in either, being highly adept at alternating between one hand and the other, in large part due to being ambidextrous and having keen eye coordination. This further allows him to vary between, not just one hand and the other, but also what kind of weapon is in either hand. He might use two swords at once, or a sword and a dagger, or a sword and a gun, or two guns. Equipment Weapons Firearms Musket - "The Baron's Eye" Multi-barrelled Flintlock Pistol x2 - "Check" and "Mate" Axes Boarding Axe - "The Kraken's Kiss" Swords Cutlass - "The Contender" Basket-hilted Scottish Broadsword - "Gentleman's Handshake" Knives/daggers Poignard Sword-breaker - "The Iron Grip" Cinquedea - "Lucretia's Gift" Kukri x2 - "Salt" and "Rock" Hidden blade x2 Various grenades and throwing projectiles Armor Fighting at sea for the most part, armor is a sure way to sink and drown. Wallace doesn't sport much of it. Roleplays A Pirate's Life for Me! With Fire and Steel
  10. Archeos

    Circe Yaan

    [BASICS] First name: Circe Surname: Yaan Nicknames: N/A Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Race: Anthropomorphic Spider Profession: Mercenary Affiliation: Cult of Power Hometown: Unknown Gender: Female Age: 401 [PHYSICAL] Voice: Sultry Eyes: Many Complexion: Fair Height: 9' Build: Humanoid Arachnid Hair: Everywhere Scars: None Mark: Lunar Crescent [MENTAL] Likes: Procreating, Eating Children Dislikes: Holy Magic, The Watchers, Humans Fears: Lilith Adores: Lilith [GEAR] Unknown [WEAPONS] Unknown [SKILLS] (P) Web Coating - Circe's webbing is coated with a natural fire retardant, making it highly resistant to that which spiders fear the most. It does not alter the physical composition or tensile strength of the webbing, however. (P) Aranea Sensibus - Circe has limited powers of clairvoyance that activates if she would suffer lethal harm within thirty seconds. However, she cannot see beyond those thirty seconds and can only use this function once per hibernation period. This exception does not apply if Circe is within a zone her consciousness recognizes as her nest or one belonging to her children. In addition, Circe can detect movement and actions anywhere that her webbing touches if an action were to interact with or in some manner disturb them. This serves to make it extremely difficult to ambush her, nigh impossible. It is recommended to either develop a counter to this ability, or be prepared to overwhelm her such that she cannot make effective use of this ability, prior to an encounter. (A) Aranea Kannibalisere - Circe can consume her own*, or prey she has hunted, to mend wounds and restore her condition. The stronger the foe and the more she consumes, the faster and more potent the recovery. She cannot use this ability while actively participating in combat, so she must use autonomous magic or find some other way to prevent being disturbed during the process. Should she be interrupted after prep one, she will convert the energy that would've gone towards healing to instead provide a temporary boost to her physical strength, speed and dexterity. Should she be interrupted after prep two, she will convert the energy that would've gone towards healing to instead provide a temporary boost to her magical might, processing ability, magical dexterity, and can shorten a spell by one prep, once. Once the third prep has completed, Circe will begin to restore herself in accordance with the quantity and quality of the consumed. This ability requires three preps regardless of the quantity or quality of the consumed. S - Highest Quality Prey; a foe of superior strength or ability to Circe herself. 100.00% (Complete) Restoration. A - High Quality Prey; a foe of equal strength or ability to Circe herself. 33.33% (Major Wounds) Restoration. Requires 3 to be consumed at once to reach S rank restoration. B - Average Quality Prey; a foe of lesser strength or ability to Circe herself. 3.66% (Minor Wounds) Restoration. Requires 9 to be consumed at once to reach A rank restoration. C - Poor Quality Prey; a foe of negligible strength or ability to Circe herself. 0.135% (Pride) Restoration. Requires 27 to be consumed at once to reach B rank restoration. *Circe's known offspring range from C to A rank sequentially, and thus provide the same benefits as those ranks and have the same requirements. **Certain offspring allegedly have the same, or at least a similar ability to Circe. It is, in fact, scaled relative to the strength of each offspring. So, a B tier offspring would receive 100% restoration from consuming an A tier foe, three B tier foes or kin, or nine C tier foes or kin. No hatchlings have been observed engaging in this behavior, so it is safe to assume that only the newly identified offspring share this trait. (A) Broodmother - Circe is capable of hatching offspring as an offensive ability. All of her offspring have share her trait of being highly resistant to fire, but otherwise the most they share in common is visual similarities, with one possible exception. It was thought for a long time that she could only spawn one type of spider, known as a "hatchling". However, following a particularly nasty encounter with her that left a party almost entirely eradicated, two additional types of offspring were reported. While they were able to roughly gauge the conditions for each type of offspring, it is unknown exactly how many types there are in total. i. Hatchling: One Prep Hatchlings are small, miniature spiders that are visually similar to Circe. These are the offspring most commonly identified in sightings and encounters. As such, far more information about them is available. In a zone recognized as her nest, she can spawn upwards of 100 hatchlings to fortify her defenses. Outside of these zones, she spawns an average of ten. Each of these hatchlings are about as strong as the common man, and so they aren't too difficult to handle when sufficiently prepared. Don't let your guard down, though. If you find yourself caught unawares and defenseless, they have the numbers to tear through you until not even bones are left. ii. Broodling: Two Preps Broodlings are ungodly abominations that strike terror into the very souls of those who observe them. A horrid amalgamation of spider and human fetus, discolored and forever shrieking in an excruciating pitch. Has only been reported once, so accuracy of information may vary. Appeared to hatch in a group of five. Like the mother who birthed them, they have cannibalistic tendencies and can consume both prey and kin to restore themselves and repair wounds. They also seem to use some sort of psychic attack that targets the soul of the being facing them, resulting in paralysis or even death. Even more, they are all venomous and have a variety of effects based on which type of broodling they are. The full extent has yet to be catalogued, but it is said that the eye color corresponds to which type of venom they carry. Red eyes correlate with an enraging venom that fills the victim with bloodlust and seems to exert some sort of light hypnosis, forcing the victim to attack anything in a nearby radius, duration unknown. Potentially Fatal. Yellow eyes correlate with a potent paralytic agent that can even stop bodily functions, even unto killing or mentally disabling the victim, duration unknown. Potentially Fatal. Black and white eyes correlate with a venom that can only be described as dark, ancient magic. It seems to slowly creep through the body of the victim, tearing them apart at a molecular level. Within a minute the victim will become nothing but dust. Fatal. Addition colors were reported, but the effects are unknown. iii. Huskmother: Three Preps Detailed information isn't scarce on this creature, it is nonexistent. Allegedly, Circe is said to have been wounded during the fight and promptly retreated to shed a husk of herself. It had remained in the corner while she had engaged the party once more. At some point during the conflict, however, it had reanimated and attacked from the rear of the party. Combat potential couldn't be analyzed, as the party was already exhausted from the prolonged battle. It would eat or trample any kin that fell in its way, but it is unknown if it was benefiting from this in the same way Circe does. No further information was recovered. [FAMILY] The Eternal Ones [THREADS] Dread It, Run From It, Destiny Arrives All the Same
  11. vielle

    Sólja Rumnaheim

    Sólja Rumnaheim — one more ale before the doors close ; ► B A S I C S age: 126 race: mountain dwarf class: warrior occupation: soldier; saboteur birthplace: tazarek, terrenus ► L O O K S height: 4'7” weight: 149 lbs gender: female hair: auburn eyes: emerald green voice: gruff and husky ♪ I am a soldier, I won't surrender Faith is like a fire that never burns to embers ♪
  12. Gre

    Duke Rayn the first

    statistics Name: Rayn (last name unknown) Nickname:Duke Visual Age:30 Real age:30 and a half Birth Place:Unknown Race:Human Gender:Male physiology Hair:Black Eyes:Red Height:2 and half meters Weight:70 kg Voice:Normal clothing •Totally black robes skills •Magic and Stealth inventory •Knives
  13. Moon Owl

    Reinstein, Marcus

    Confidential F.I.S.T Candidate report: Reinstein, Marcus Date of Birth: [REDACTED] Birthplace: [REACTED] Physical attributes: Displayed excellent physical strength and conditioning during thorough testing of power and endurance. Fully recovered from knee injury from [REDACTED] incident that occurred 10 years ago. Candidate considered psychically healthy and fit for active duty. Mental evaluation: Demonstrated exceptional resolve and tactical reasoning to complex situations and conditions. When confronted and intentionally provoked with [REDACTED] incident, candidate showed a signs of exceeding hostility. Interview concluded with the Candidate forced to be restrained and the interviewer was relived and sent to the medical center with a fractured nasal cavity. Candidate exhibit potential exploitable trauma and may become violent if pressed with [REDACTED] incident, caution advised. End of report. Confidential
  14. Thotification


    THE GODMOTHER As The Godmother Rarely ever appears in person Controls one of the largest crime organizations in Palgard Kills only as a last resort Combat skills and powers are unknown Genevieve AInsworth -:- 45 Year Old but looked very young for her age Long blond Hair Soft Brown Eyes Fair skin Retired business woman and philanthropist five feet 100 lbs Surprisingly fit for an old lady Family are both dead, no known relatives Mild mannered and gentle Skills include "Mother's Blessing" (boosts a person or objects trait/characteristics), "Mother's Regret" (reduces or lowers an objects trait/characteristic) and "Mother's love" (a skill that allows the Godmother to 'link' with her children, which lets her share her skills with them)
  15. Ace

    Elisha "Levi" Ripken

    Name: Elisha (prn. like Elijah) "Levi" Ripken Associations: Justice Role: Operator [Basics] Gender: Female Age: 26 Birthplace: Casper Height: 5'6" Build: Waif Eye Color: Gray Hair Color: Silver Complexion: Pale with pink undertones Distinguishing Marks: Eyebrow and cartilage piercing Education: Some; incomplete. [History] To be continued [Gear]
  16. Metty

    [WIP] Stormy, the Beefly

    Name: Stormy Nicknames: The Polite Beefly Species: Ursa Madeum Beefly (Lemon) Gender: MaleAge: 4Birthplace: Ursa MadeumAlignment: True NeutralClass: NoneSub-Class: NoneOccupation: Best friend of StormbreakerElements: To be decided Weapon: NoneArmor: NonePersonalHair: NoneEyes: Normal Sized Fur color: LemonHeight: 25cm (50cm wings)Weight: 4kgPowers Limited Telepathy Limited Telekinesis Abilities Enhanced Regeneration Resistances
  17. vielle

    Diana D'Angelo | 'Beast'

    hide your villains; the b e a s t is on the prowl. . . "Heya, how's it going? The name's Deedee fucking D'Angelo; don't you forget it!" ► B A S I C S name: Diana "Deedee" D'Angelo age: 17 race: elf class: local everyday citizen occupation: student; hockey player birthplace: palgard, terrenus ► L O O K S height: 5'9" weight: 133 lbs gender: female hair: dirty blonde eyes: bright ice blue voice: high-pitched and chirpy ► P E R S O N A temperament: sanguine alignment: chaotic neutral traits: loyal, brash, outgoing, blunt, determined, selfish "The Beast is a-hunting." | mask status: HERO | Known Attributes (from Sophia Santiago's UnMasking; local gossip and conspiracy theory blog) — had once gone by the moniker Cerberus, but a run-in rescue with local schoolchildren cemented the shorter nickname Beast Sophia: I liked Cerberus more, dear god—Beast? Tragically uninspired, that one. 2/10 stars — irises (contact lenses? something else??) and vigilante apparel glow neon during a 'hunt'; significance unknown Sophia: Okay, now, that is a fashion statement. Absolutely delightful. Take note, vigilantes—neon is the new black. — tech-savvy — practices freerunning/parkour to get around the city, aided with trusty grappling hook (homemade??) Sophia: You can take me home swinging to third base any time, Beastie. — dark-haired, deep voice (vocal modulator??), unnaturally agile and fit Sophia: I'm not saying I'm a slut for hot-n-fit Masks, but—yes, fine, I AM. Happy, everyone? — rumored to have supernatural abilities; unconfirmed? Sophia: I'll unlock your secrets soon, Beastie. Beloved fans: you can get those details here first on Sophia Santiago's UnMasking! shh—hear that? the h u n t is afoot.
  18. vielle

    Eirene Valakis

    Eirene Valakis — she most gracious, priestess of ardent charity; ► B A S I C S age: 24 race: human class: aristocrat occupation: priestess of the cothic church birthplace: casper, terrenus ► L O O K S height: 5'8" weight: 161 lbs gender: female hair: amaranth red eyes: bright baby blues voice: soft and lilting tattoo: snake symbol of the cothic church across her back and wispy clouds on her upper arms ♪ It tries to bring me back to those times, when I think of outcomes across the memories ♪ ► P A S T Born the youngest daughter to an aristocrat family in Casper, Terrenus, Eirene had long been considered precocious as a child. Despite her parents’ secular views towards religion, she instead embraced it, learning all she could about gods and supernatural beings of worship in the hopes that she may one day place her faith at the altar of the one most worthy of it—and she eventually had. On the day the green sun had appeared in the sky, she had felt her heart stir, chaotic and joyous in her chest. Eirene had then set out from her hometown, leaving her wealth and her prestigious lineage behind her in pursuit of something beyond herself, onwards to that rural town of Coth. . .
  19. Die Shize

    Kolvern "Red Hands" Rikalsky

    Kolvern "Red Hands" Rikalsky Villain Character Theme By Day He is Kolvern Rikalsky, the head of Cyclone, Inc., a growing player of Palgard By Night He is Red Hands, a brutal and vindictive villain whose crimes are gaining notoriety throughout the City of Chaos. -:- Kolvern Rikalsky -:- 40 Years Old Dark Brown Hair Gey-Green Eyes Light Skintone Owner, founder, CEO and Chairman of Cyclone, Inc. Six feet three inches tall 250 LBS Muscular Build Projects Himself Through Cyclone as a Liberator of Anarchy -:- Red Hands-:- Wears a mask that covers identity Main colors are Black and Red Appears to commit random crimes Kills at will Has been reported all throughout Palgard Expert at hand to hand combat Fists are his primary weapon, though has used other 'tools' depending on the crime Secret Identity: Unknown Skills/Abilities: Ruby-knuckled 'red hands' that can transform at will from regular human hands and can cast lightning Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Strength Enhanced Durability High intelligence and hyper awareness Technologically adept, with special designs in both his dress suits and villain suit Electromagnetic ability Flight
  20. Ataraxy

    Jake "Skylord" Evans

    Jake "Skylord" Evans By Day He is Jake Evans, a leading Prosecuting Attorney for the City of Palgard By Night He is Skylord. A costumed hero in Palgard with growing recognition among the average citizens. -:- Jake Evans -:- 28 Year Old Light Brown Hair Brown Eyes Tanned Skintone Prosecuting Attorney for the City of Palgard Six feet 2 inches Tall 195 LBS Athletic Build Dozens of Scars Cover His Body Father is Alive Mother is Deceased Condition of Other Relatives is Unknown Believes that Palgard is His Responsibility -:- Skylord -:- Wears a mask that covers identity Main colors are Blue, Red, and Yellow Saves the weak and injured Never kills Is mainly active in Downtown Palgard or the Slums Skilled, but unrefined, in hand to hand combat Weapon varies between a staff, guns, and his fists Secret Identity: Unknown Known abilities: Limited Flight Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Strength Enhanced Durability *Unless given express permission by me, your character may NOT know Skylord is Jake Evans or vice versa.
  21. Edric Schafer

    Edric Schafer

    Basic Information Name: Edric Schafer Nicknames/pseudonyms: n/a Title(s): n/a Age: 22 Race: Human Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Alignment: True Neutral Physical and Appearance Weight: 178 pounds Height: 5’10 Physique: Lean and muscular Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown, clean cut Complexion: Fair Voice: Prim and proper with a accent of the haughty upper class. Tattoos/markings: N/A Typical Attire: A white collared shirt, with a brown vest, black pants, loose hanging belt, and black shoes. On the left side of his belt lies the scabbard that holds his duelist’s saber, while the right side of his belt holds the holster of his flintlock pistol. https://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-29/bb-foreign-attire.html Psychological Information Demeanor: Rash, and alert, Edric is always one to rush into a situation at the first sign of trouble, often without fully thinking it through. He always tries to behave as a gentleman, respectful, humble, brave, dutiful, and selfless. But often falls short of these virtues, his inner selfish, cowardly, and vengeful side often conflicting with what he considers to be the “right” way to behave. Strengths: Resilent, intelligent, quick thinking, dependable, always follows through with a promise. Weaknesses: Quick to anger, rash, headstrong, quick to act, can hold a grudge. Quirks: Will challenge those he sees as slighting him to a duel of first blood. Likes: Mild tempatures, respect, meat, friendly sparring, hunting, reading, hikes, exploring, adventure. Dislikes: Extreme tempatures, disrespect, vegetables, manual labor, repetitiveness, boredom. Equipment Mundane: Compass: A simple gold compass, with arrows facing north, south, east, and west. Monocular: A silver monocular, with decent visual magnification. Pack: A brown leather pack large enough to carry a couple day worth of food, spare pistol cartridges, the Gentleman’s Handbook, and the rest of Edric’s mundane tools. The Gentleman’s Handbook: The only book that Edric had on him when he appeared on the road to the Tavern of Legends. It is a 217 page book that outlines how a man should behave, dress, talk, and fight. Edric, knowing nothing else, tries to follow this books advice to the letter. Though often falls short. Weapons: Dueling Saber: A mundane dueling saber of three and half feet. It’s hilt is embroiled with gold, and it is of excellent craftsmanship, but it has no special qualities of its own. Flintlock Pistol: A standard, single shot, flintlock pistol with nothing unique or visually distinct about it. Is prone to miss, missfires, and general unreliability. Other: Skills & Deficiencies Mundane: + Educated - Edric can read, write, solve basic math problems, and understand the basics of science. + Fitness - Edric has great dexterity and can use his hands in work to great affect. Alongside having the endurance and strength to keep on going where others would fail. - No real skills - Edric does not know how to do most “mundane” tasks competently. either having known more skills but forgetting them during his “journey” to the Tavern of Legends, or having never learned anything of the sort at all during his life. Combat: + Fitness - Edric is extremely physically fit, and dexterious. Giving him a slight edge in combat. - Inexperienced - Edric has never been in a actual fight as of his current experience. Any experience he may have had before the journey is now lost, he is as fresh as a newly recruited conscript. - Untrained - Edric does not know how to properly fight, his only knowledge being the limited passages on fighting found in the Gentleman’s Handbook. - Muggle - Edric does not have the capability to learn spells. Abilities Class: Mortal Duelist Capabilities: Weaknesses: Miscellaneous:
  22. [General]First Name: UnknownSurname: UnknownNickname: GrovelLocation: XAlignment: NoneRace: HumanoidMarital Status: NoneGender: MaleAge: UnknownStatus: AliveJob Class: Servant[Physical]Voice: Slightly deep and wheezy.Eyes: BlueComplexion: XHeight: 6 feet 5 inchesWeight: 60 kgBuild: LeanHair: None.Defining Features: Grovel is of humanoid origin, due to his entire external body being composed of thick deep scar tissue it is hard to tell exactly which race he is. He is also covered in deep black tattoos of seemingly randoms shapes, that when damaged will slowly reform. [Mental]Nature: Ever changing. Personality: Grovel has little to no social skills and is mentally unstable, often found groveling and fidgeting. Easily exited, even the slightest bit of kindness can result in great joy. But also easily scared, the slightest hostility may result in fleeing or combat. Mental State: Unstable. Good Traits: Undying loyalty to those he considers friends or his master. Bad Traits: Plenty. Hopes: Find a master.Fears: Not finding a master.Likes: Master and bread.Dislikes: Masters enemies.[Gear]Head: Cloth HoodTorso: Cloth CloakLegs: Cloth TrousersFeet: NoneHands: Cloth Gloves Other: Small Makeshift Backpack[Weapons] Rusty Short Sword Small Knife[Magic] Self Curse - Slave Shield - Any and all damage taken is also dealt to the attacker, but damage taken by the caster is seemingly doubled. Self Curse - Black Ace - Temporarily sacrifice two senses to heighten one. Self Curse - Blood Angel - Heal a target's wounds, but the caster will take on those injuries. Self Curse - Demon Seed - Target gains demonic like strength and endurance, however caster enters a state of paralysis.[Abilities] Berserk - When near death Grovel will enter a berserk like trance, which only end with time or death. Extreme Endurance and Strength- Years of use and abuse has left grovel with extreme endurance and strength, capable of taken high amounts of damage and can carry whatever needs to be carried. Jury Rigger- Over many years of being a slave, Grovel has learned to fix and repair many items with little to no equipment (Only applies basic items like swords and lanterns). [Weakness] Mentally Unstable - His mental instability makes him unpredictable at times and borderline paranoid, he could flee halfway through battle or begin to get angry at seemingly nothing. Over Reliance On Others - Grovel struggles when by himself, he always like to be following someone. Being by himself only encourages his mental instability. Self Curse - Can only learn self curse magic. [Inventory] A rock called Fluffy that is somewhat shaped like a rat (emphasis on somewhat). Master's Ring 13 x Loaf of Bread. 1 x Sheet of Cloth. 1 x Walking Stick.[Lineage] Unknown[Family] Unknown. [Property] None. -Background-
  23. Minuet of the Nightingale

    Minnie's Magnificent Characters

    Index I. Iridescia "Dawn" Prysm (inactive) II. Trixie (inactive)
  24. vielle

    Yanaihara Kōharu

    Yanaihara Kōharu — the spirit blade, elegance in form and ferocity; ► B A S I C S age: 31 race: human class: noble + swordswoman occupation: shōgun of union city birthplace: midlands, genesaris ► L O O K S height: 6'0" weight: 148 lbs gender: female hair: ebony black eyes: dark, stormy blue voice: crisp and refined ♪ It tries to bring me back to those times, when I think of outcomes across the memories ♪
  25. Sorano

    Lancastor Phelindentry.

    .:Comprehensive. {Name} Lancastor Phelindentry. {Age} Infinite. {Birth Date} The beginning of time. {Birth Place} Within the darkness before the dawn on the first day. {Marital Status} N/a {Race} Fjǫlkunnig. {Sex} Androgynous. {Alignment} Neutral .:Features. {Hair} None. {Eyes} None. {Skin} Greyish green, tough and leathery. {Height} 7'5” {Weight} 245 {Handed} Ambidextrous. {Physical Condition} Sylphlike. {Voice} Whimsical, elegant. .:Attire. {Head} N/a {Upper Body} N/a {Lower Body} N/a {Feet} N/a {Extras} N/a .:Weapons. -Undetermined. .:Skills. -Oracle. -Highly intelligent. .:Past. .:Current. This profile is currently under construction.