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Found 150 results

  1. Darling König

    Lilliana Umise: The Shadow Marksman

    Basic Info: Name: Lilliana Umise Class: Shadow Mage/Sniper Place of Birth: Plegia Childhood Home: Halidom of Ylisse Gender: Female Age: 17 Race: Human Blood Type: AB+ Appearance: Weight: 149 Lbs Height: 5'3 ft Hair: Long, Messy, Crimson Hair Complexion: Soft light Creamy Skin, Freckled Build: Lithe Defining Features: Scars down her back from being lashed as child in the Orphanage before she was taken by Laurent and Miriel, She bears a black lotus on the base of her neck General look: Psyche: Personality: Stoic and Highly driven. tends to ignore those who try and interrupt his studies. Is protective of his family and Friend. Motivations: To protect and help Thirteen become accepted by society Personal Life Motto: Nothing is more Important than the life of your loved ones! Guard them with every fiber in your body! Likes: Likes Cooking, Adventuring, Making Picnics for Thirteen, Showing off her sharpshooting and gun skills Dislikes: People who Bully Thirteen, People Afraid to Try new things, Repetitive routines Interesting tidbits: When nervous she bites her right index finger so much she bleeds at times, Constantly runs her hand through her hair making sure it stays messy, When bored in camp will pull out her lute and make up a song on the spot...constantly Birth Sign: Libra Birthday: 9/26 Abilities: Shadow Step: Can move to any Shadow within a 20 meter range, No Cooldown Trick Shot: Can fire her guns off in strange direction and the Shot can ricochet and strike it's target at an Improbable angle, Eagle eye: After a Two Minutes of Carefully staring into the distance can attain the vision of an Eagle, 10 Minute Cooldown and a Migraine headache, and Silent Casting (Can cast Tome and Stave based magics without Mediums or Incantations.) Skills: Proficient in Long Rifle and Small Arms. First Aid, Wilderness Survival, Cooking, House keeping, Lute Playing, and Sign Language Equipment: A Spell Carbine and Two Spell Revolvers, Wilderness Kit, A Machete, Her lute and a Camping Kit for her and Thirteen Related Lore: Lilliana Umise: The Shadowy Trick Shot, The Voice Of Victory
  2. Darling König

    Thirteen, The Silent Tactician

    Basic Info: Name: Thirteen Class: Dilettante/Tactician Place of Birth: Plegia Childhood Home: Halidom of Ylisse Gender: Male Age: 17 Race: Hybrid (Genetic Hybrid of Human, Manakete, Taguel) Blood Type: O+ Appearance: Weight: 173 Lbs Height: 5'7 ft Hair: Long, Shaggy, Ash grey Complexion: Olive Skin, Freckled Build: Lithe Defining Features: Peaked ears, Scaling on his firearms and calves, Serpent slit Pupils, Mute, wears reading glasses even though he has perfect vision. General look: Psyche Personality: Stoic and Highly driven. tends to ignore those who try and interrupt his studies. Is protective of his family and Friend. Motivations: To Prove that he isn't a Monster the Halidom should fear. Personal Life Motto: Sacrifice is a necessary part of life. You shouldn't fear to sacrifice your entire being if it means the success of the Mission. Likes: Eating with his Family, Practicing his combat skills, Studying a new subject or New tactics, Lazing away the day with his friend, picnics. He really likes Picnics. Dislikes: Loudmouths, Bullies, and anyone who would try and hurt or degrade his parents or friend. Interesting tidbits: Idly twirls his finger in his locks as he reads a book. keeps Several metal ring puzzles of varying design and challenge he solves when not reading his books. Birth Sign: Libra Birthday: 10/1 Abilities: Draconic Rebirth (Rapidly recover life force when critically injured.), Beastfolk Agility (Achieves near supernatural reaction time and movement speed.) Silent Casting (Can cast Tome and Stave based magics without Mediums or Incantations.) Skills: Proficient in all combats styles pertaining Swords, Lances, Axes, Bows, Staves and Tomes. Tactician's Eye, Home-making, Lockpicking, Bartering, Sign Language, First Aid. Equipment: A Steel Sword, A Tome of Each magical element, medical bag, lockpicking set, cartographer kit, Wilderness survival kit Related Lore: Thirteen: Imperfect Perfect Tactician, The Silent Hand of Victory
  3. Flame Hero: Endeavor

    [WIP] Renji Sato, the Supreme Commander

  4. Ataraxy

    Marik Cayne

    Marik Cayne -:- Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire -:- "I bet I can beat that." -Marik Cayne || General Overview || First Name: Marik Surname: Cayne Race: Human/ Psyren Gender: Male Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Age: 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 Height: 6" 2' Weight: 180 lbs Skin Color: Marik is naturally tan, a sharp contrast to the many pale inhabitants in Terrenus. While in the big cities he wears a large black cloak to cover it up. Body Shape: Around 6% body fat. Hair Color: Dark black resembling the dead of night. Hair Length: Usually cut relatively short but now hangs down to the bottom of his chin. Normal Eye Color: Blue eyes that seem to always be reflecting the raging waves of an angry ocean a midst a storm. Berserker Eye Color: When Marik falls into his rage and takes the helm of a Berserker, his eyes are died a deep red- ones that are soaked in hundreds of magic runes that can be visibly spotted as black markings within the blood red coloring. Draconian Blood Eye Color: Upon using a skill that pulls upon his draconian markings, Marik's eyes will take on a bright gold. Tattoo: On the upper right of is right pectoral major- slightly below where the shoulder begins- is a Tribal Dragon Tattoo bestowed upon Marik by the last known fully grown Dragon in Muhir. The tattoo is in the shape of a dragon, red and fierce. The body of the dragon rests on his chest, slightly below where the shoulder begins, the head extends toward the center of his chest and the tail extends from the chest-shoulder area and wraps around his bicep and triceps down his elbow. Markings: Marik has two marking, one on each of his forearms. Right Forearm: A marking in the shape of a dagger- this is Eterna merging with Marik to await further need. Left Forearm: A marking in the shape of a quarter-moon that represents his bonding with Crystal. Shirt: It changed periodically, but his favorite things to wear is a relatively tight white t-shirt. Jacket: Either his magically blessed cloak or a normal black leather jacket. Trousers: Any thing that is spacey enough for him to move freely in. || Personality || Broken by a haunting past of torture and imprisonment, Marik spends his new found freedom living every day as if it was his last. He doesn't fear what should be feared and doesn't give thought to the opinion of others. To Marik, everything is a silver lining. The torture he endured as an imprisoned child soldier dwarfs nearly anything he might encounter be it dragons, ghosts or creatures only alive in myths. For what could possible be there to fear in death? It very well might be a reprieve from the heavy burden infinitely squatting on his shoulders. The swordsman spends his days with a small, sly grin on his face and a pure heart. Only in times of battle or life threatening moments, does his little smile expand into a wild grin that spreads from one ear to the other. To some Marik may appear a villain and to others, a hero. But the truth is that he is neither. There are no alternate objectives or hidden agendas to what Marik does. The driving force behind everything that Marik does is whether or not he'll find it fun. Due to this, he often finds himself in dangerous situations. To those who know Marik, there is one trait that is constantly getting him into trouble. His extensive sense of curiosity. This along with his lack of fear and fun seeking attitude has shown to go at odds with a handful of governments throughout Valucre, though the "wild child" personality tends to attract the female species. He is neither good, nor evil. Marik is simply a man trying to live his life to its fullest. || Background || WIP || Abilities & Powers || Primary Discipline - Overclocking: Similar to a modern day computer, Marik's body gives him the ability to force it beyond its given capabilities. Each phase of Overclocking presents a combination of new abilities along with increased stress on his body. Each phase builds on top of the previous, allowing Marik to gain power beyond what the average Valucrian could dream of. Each phase requires a couple seconds to activate. Level One - The first level increases each of Marik's seven major senses to alien capabilities; Hearing, sight, taste, touch, smell, vestibular, and proprioceptive. It will also give a huge boost to his physical body allowing him to run longer and faster. Jump higher and further. Punch harder and faster. Approximately, his max speed is 50 mph and max punch strength of 8,600 pounds. With his senses popped to the max, Marik cannot be fooled by invisible attacks, attacks from behind or attacks focused on discombobulating him in terms of self awareness and positioning. This isn't to say that he's immune to them, simply of there's an invisible chair within roughly 6 feet of him, he'll sense it's presence in that location. Level Two - The second level gives another increase to Marik's physical body, but the most important part is that it pushes his mental capabilities to the point that it opens up a doorway to telekinesis. At this point, he can't invade or damage another's mind, but he can move objects and block element attacks with power generated from his mind. Physical boost; max 100 mph and max punch strength 10,000 pounds. Level Three - The third level allows Marik to summon mental "hands". These "hands" are representative of his telekinesis growing to the point where he can combat with the mind of others. Using this ability, Marik opens up a channel between himself and his opponent where the side with the stronger mental capabilities will be able to damage their opponent's mind directly. A strong enough mental strike can render an opponent brain dead. The "hands" can also be used in accordance with the second phase and be used as a form of physical attacks. Example, punch the opponent with these "hands" from a distance. This phase creates such pressure that the temperature surrounding Marik drops well below freezing with the introduction of the "hands". Marik can move these hands at approximately 25 mph if used simultaneously and 50 mph if only one is used. The speed, however, is just for conception reasons. No "hands" are actually formed- it is only the travel time of Marik's mental pressure. When the "hands" squeeze an enemy, it is Marik's mental ability contorting their body. Level Four - The fourth level was attained once Marik obtained his Dragon Tribal Tattoo. The introduction of draconian magic into his system resulted in Marik adopting certain qualities. While not all the consequences are known, Phase Four Marik becomes surrounded by a bright golden barrier that naturally protects him from most non-physical attacks. It is a walking barrier that is near impenetrable but draws heavily on Marik's physical strength. When used to its maximum capability, Marik's hair turns a shade of gold which changes back only upon his next overheating. This phase is a fully defensive form that uses all of Marik's mental power- leaving the battle to be fought on a solely physical platform. Overheating - The fourth level is currently the limit for Marik in both mind and body. Using Phase Four over two consecutive times Overheats Marik. He will be rendered unconscious for a period of time and his body temperature will shoot up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam will rise from his body as he recovers from the overload. Due to his recent attainment of a Dragon Tribal Tattoo, Marik's overheating periods are now shorter and less painful. Secondary Ability - Fire Bender : Marik can create and manipulate fire. The fire cannot burn Marik, but burns anything else; friend or foe. This ability has always been within Marik, but did not start to rear its head until Phase Four was achieved. It seems to have unlocked something in him, even though his ability to manipulate fire is different in even its base form from his other two abilities. It's not mental. His mind does not control the fire, but his body. His blood. He can feel the magic in his veins. Tertiary Ability - Hydrokinesis : Without overclocking, Marik is a master at water manipulation. While not born with this ability, he may as well have been. His mastery of this ability was at such a level no one would ever suspect it was a recent discovery. Because of Marik's affinity with this element, he is able to push it past simply controlling the flow of water or transforming said water into ice. He can control the water within living beings and pull water from deep in the earth. There is water in the air. Water in the ground. It is every. All one has to do is look for it. Quaternary Ability - Bonding Absorption : Whenever Marik makes a deal through bonding or a contract, he gains the abilities of those he's connected with. The ability starts out at different levels depending on Marik's inherent aptitude toward it. So far: One of the last remaining Mother-Dragons of Muhir -:- Fire Bending, or, the ability to manipulate fire Crystal Kennex, an ice dragon -:- Hydrokinesis, or, the ability to manipulate water (ice) || Innates & Passives || Draconian Resistance Marik is less effected from elemental attacks than other attacks. Due to Phase Four of overclocking, the more Marik uses it, the more his body retains the defensiveness of that aura. This applies to elemental attacks with a hard solid form such as fire, water, lightning. Berserker When rage overcomes consciousness. At a time when Marik is either on the verge of defeat, in a corner, or loses himself in the thrill of the fight, his mind enters a kill or be killed primal mentality. He can't differ friend from foe and attacks anything that moves. When Marik becomes a Berserker, he receives every spell learned from previous Berserkers and thus gives him unimaginable offensive capabilities. He needs not utter a sound for the spell to be enacted at full power. While Marik is no longer able to use his other abilities, this Innate basically tuns him into a spell caster. Telepathy Marik has the ability to communicate with others using his mind. It only works with a select few that have opened their minds to him. It does, however, also give him the ability to put up a wall and block telepathic attacks at his mind. This can also allow him to create a connection between his mind and another's, if they allow him in, but when used against another with mental powers this becomes a double edged sword. || Equipment & Weapons|| Dual Swords -:- Apollo -:- The first sword he uses is a cursed katana- sheathed on the left of his waist to be drawn by his right hand. -:- Artemis -:- The second sword he uses is a cursed rapier- sheathed on the right of his waist to be drawn by his left hand. -:- Curse of the Dual Swords -:- Both of his sword are Cursed Swords. He doesn't know who cursed them or what curse is actually in them except for that the swords were made with the curse. Every part of the swords were forged with cursed magic. When blood fall on the sword, the blades absorb it with a purple glow. The more blood it tastes, the more powerful the swords become. Once the purple light dies out, the swords go back to their state pre-blood. His swords have two major abilities. The first that they can shoot off fire balls that are colored purple and are tainted with poison. Even the smallest burn spreads deadly poison. The bigger the burn, the faster the spreading of poison. Their second ability is to release toxic gas and allow the wielder to direct the approximate path of the gas (allows the wielder to surround the opponent or enemies with poisonous gas). An innate ability of the swords is to slash and hit elemental or non-physical attacks as if they had a physical form. -:- Eterna -:- Eterna is a magic dagger created by Marik's bond-mate, Crystal Kennex. As a Dragon blade, Eterna has various magical components that combine to make it an extremely rare weapon. The first, being that it materializes and transforms into a marking on the right forearm on its chosen master. Other abilities have Eterna have yet to be determined. -:- Anti-magic Gloves -:- Marik's black leather gloves are laced with anti-magic coating that, over the years, has soaked into them making the gloves one of the strongest counters to magic. Specifically, the gloves work on spells, not elemental affinities. If Marik manages to touch the spell with his gloves, the magic will shatter like if he had just punched a thin piece of glass. -:- Cloak of Physicality -:- Marik's cloak transfers an non-physical attack toward him into a physical attack. For example, if Marik is blasted with a ball of fire, it will hit him like he was hit with a boulder- not something made of fire. If the attack is purely elemental, like a blast of wind, the elemental damage of that attack transforms into a physical force. || Appearance Progression in Arcs || -Past to Present Photo References- -:- Dragon of Tellus Mater Arc -:- [Past] -:- Ghost Hunter Arc -:- [Past] -:- Solum Irae Arc -:- [Past] -:- Vdara Kingdom Arc -:- [Past] -:- Taen Empire Arc: Founding Lunaris -:- [Past] -:- Taen Empire Arc: Exploring the Wilderness -:- [Present] || Threads: Completed and Ongoing || -:- In order from oldest to most recent -:- Genesaris In the Night Garden: Completed (Genesaris) Tellus Mater- Travel not roleplayed. Paid for ride upon learning of festival Carnivale!(Veera): Completed (Tellus Mater/ Muhir) A Dead Man Tells No Tale: Completed (Tellus Mater [Muhir]) [Attains Tribal Dragon Tattoo. Dragon blood is absorbed into his body giving him additional abilities similar to a dragons] The Frost, the Beast, and the Hunt (Dragonscale Quest): Completed (Tellus Mater [Northern Rosinder]) - Hears of the ghosts Terrenus- Voyage not roleplayed. After hearing of ghosts, Marik made his way to Terrenus to get in on some of the action Hunting in the Badlands, Frozen Over By the Coldsnap: Completed (Terrenus) Dead Mans Bones: Completed (Terrenus) Raiders: Completed (Terrenus [Ursa Madeum]) Chaos Event: Ooga Booga!: Completed (Terrenus) - fights ghosts and destroys machine creating them Stranger Incoming: Completed (Terrenus) Million Dollar Bounty: Completed (Terrenus) Carry On Wayward Son: Completed (Terrenus) - Gained a pirate ship as his own and left to Genesaris as there was nothing more for him in Terrenus. He'd come for the ghosts and stayed for the man with black eyes. Genesaris- Voyage not roleplayed Search for the Legendary Swordswoman: Completed (Genesaris [Cold Mountains]) Beware The Dragon City: Completed (Solum Irae, Ceyana, Genesaris) {Solum Irae} Before The Golden Throne: Completed (Solum Irae, Ceyana, Genesaris) The Touch of Fear: Completed (Genesaris [Reyer's City Prison]) Meeting with Authorities: Completed (Vdara Kingdom, Genesaris) - Because of the situation, Marik finds himself required to serve out a sentence as part of the Vdara Military Mission "Black Baron": Halted (Vdara Kingdom, Genesaris)- Tracking down a corrupt baron who has captured rare creatures for an illegal collection. Frees Crystal from his grips. Terrenus- Left Genesaris- Not Role-played Land of the Free: Completed (Taen, Terrenus) Lost Boys of Taen [Marik and Max Adventure]: Halted (Taen, Terrenus) A Double Edged Sword: Ongoing (Taen, Terrenus) My Brother's Keeper [Artifact Hunt - Closed]: Ongoing (Taen, Terrenus) The Reverie Ball (Open Hub): Ongoing (Ursa Madeum, Terrenus) Fights (In order from first to last) Universal Colosseum Battle on the Bridge: Marik versus May: Completed (Loss) Fighting in an Abandoned School: Hana versus Marik: Completed (Draw) Dead Mans Bones: Completed (Terrenus) (Win) V-T1 Round 1: Marik Cayne Defeats Ferris Hadid: Completed (Win) V-T1 Round 3: Marik Cayne vs Van Edmund: Completed (Loss)
  5. Ataraxy

    Luna Bell, First Child of Taen

    🌙 Luna Bell 🔔 -:- First Child of Taen -:- "Ga goo ga." 🍀 BASICS 🍀 Age: 2 Birth Date: January 3, 595 Moniker: First Child of Taen | Brat Hometown: Lunaris, Taen Gender: Female Voice: Light | Gentle 🌲 PHYSICAL 🌲 Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Purple-ish red Complexion: Fair, but darkening to olive as she gets older Height: 2 feet and 8 inches ☘️ DEMEANOR ☘️ Likes: Being thrown in the air | Playing with Mork'Outh-made rattle Dislikes: Celery | Tomatoes | Being ignored Emotions: Happy | Quirky | Playful | Confident Fears: Losing her rattle Alignment: Unknown 🌱 SKILLS 🌱 Wildlight: Connected to the magic from birth, uses rattle as a foci for the magic Crying: Very loud & very annoying Persuasion: Her way or the high way 🌿FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS 🌿 Delilah Bell -> Mom | Alive | Happy | Cares for Luna daily Joseph Bell -> Dad | Alive | Happy | Works long hours as a Lunaris boarder guard Siblings -> N/A Friends -> N/A 🌷 BACKGROUND 🌷 A few months after Taen portals first opened in the Blue Hills of Terrenus and a few weeks after the founding of Lunaris, Delilah and Joseph Bell became the first proud parents of Valucre's first ever Taen-born child. Given the name Luna by her parents in honor of the city itself, the baby girl has grown up in a warm and loving environment from her parents and neighbors alike. After her birth, however, it was soon discovered that Luna possessed unknown abilities in the Mork'Outh's Wildlight magic. The Mork'Ouths hypothesized that it is because, to a certain extent, the Land of Taen has recognized the child and blessed her with a connection to its very roots. In an effort to not only cultivate this ability but also to protect the child from chaotic usage of the magic, the Mork'Ouths crafted a special rattle for Luna to wave. Though most days she spends chewing on the rattle rather than wielding it. 🌹 THREADS 🌹
  6. vielle

    Shirin Izora

    SHIRIN IZORA to your palette, i'm translucent; at least when i am looking at myself ♦ ► R O O T S age: 26 race: human occupation: lady attendant of the matriarch of house hildebrand birthplace: ursa madeum ► S T E M S height: 5'11” weight: 144 lbs gender: female hair: ashen black eyes: dark cobalt voice: smooth and reserved ► F L O W E R S temperament: phlegmatic alignment: neutral good traits: straightforward, quixotic, inquisitive, pedantic, devoted, vulnerable likes: multicolored plants, chaotic spaces, and long work hours dislikes: chess games, windy days, and having nothing to do ► L E A V E S skills; ♦ extensive plant knowledge ♦ basic agricultural knowledge ♦ proper etiquette, befitting a servant of House Hildebrand ♦ medicinal knowledge ♦ a little bit of gardening, courtesy of Varda’s influence ♦ herbalism ♦ managing the household ► F R U I T S relationships; ♦ varda ♥♥♥♥♥ ♦ jasper ♥♥♥ ♦ aspen ♥♥♥♥ ♦ nairne ♥♥♥♥♥ ♦ esme ♥♥♥ ♦ merel ♥♥♥ ♦ kalika ♥♥ ♦ suri ♥♥♥♥♥ ♦ iyalon ♥♥♥♥♥ ► S E E D S threads; ♦ the blood we share ♦ a funeral with no tears ♦ a rough start "productivity is a good look on you, boy.”
  7. Thotification


  8. vielle

    Ardís Valkyrja

    Ardís Valkyrja — chooser of the slain; ► B A S I C S age: 27 race: archangel class: swordswoman + sorceress occupation: wanderer birthplace: city of angels ► L O O K S height: 5'11” weight: 143 lbs gender: female hair: ghost white eyes: vibrant aquamarine voice: dark and deep ♪ Because you are, holy water I'm dying of thirst, no I'm not gonna make it ♪
  9. Flame Hero: Endeavor

    [WIP] Arashi Sato, the Crimson Dragon

    Arashi, full name Arashi Sato is a 17-year-old hybrid, who lives as an adventurer and tries to fight evil around the world of Valucre. Despite her known abilities and powers through experimentation, Arashi has had a rough childhood, going through harsh experimentation. Since been a kid, Arashi has always wanted to be a hero but never had the ability to, due to her experience in using her powers and abilities at their minimum potential. Due to her family history, Arashi possesses a hidden power by the dragons that bestowed power on her family, however, since then, nobody but Arashi has successfully activated it. Appearance Physical To be written. Attire To be written. Personality Arashi is known as a "problem child" to those around her and gets constantly into all sorts of trouble with those around her. Arashi doesn't seem to care about her reputation in any way or form, as long as it doesn't affect her so-called "justice" in any way. Arashi tends to be fairly vulgar and aggressive, using pretty blunt language and often talking crap about people with little to regard to their feelings. She is pretty short-tempered, often taking offense from comments and can sometimes even resort to straight up violence. Arashi seems to be very blunt about her feelings, going straight up to attempt to beat up bad guys that keep making peoples lives worst. Arashi seems to be fairly clumsy and overly energetic at times, has a habit of constantly getting angry at people for no reason. The draconian constantly have a hard time accepting the blame for literally anything, as she doesn't recognize when she's at fault. Arashi is known to be fairly arrogant around pretty much everyone, getting beat up easily if she attacks them and loses. Her own arrogance is often her own fault as she believes she can do anything. Arashi has a strong sense of justice, often thinking about what she's doing is right. It seems very hard to sway her opinion from her type of views, as she would often ignore others who don't agree with her. She seems to stick to her own rules, leading her to get into trouble or do something bad. While she may have her own "rules", she often disobeys anyone that's in authority. Despite her flawed sense of justice, Arashi is extremely honorable when it comes to her foes, going to often give them a chance to attack first or give them a fair fight. Despite her whole arrogant and vulgar personality, Arashi is known to have a soft spot for animals, mainly cats and a huge love for dragons of all things. She constantly is working towards becoming nicer to people overall. She is somewhat of an idiot at times, easily believing things overall, such as bad guys that claim to be good guys and is easily convinced into doing things. It takes her some time to realize that she's been tricked, and she often doesn't find out till later. Stubborn and highly regardless and well as having complete disregard for controlling her powers which often get things destroyed, leading to some sort of criminal charge or what everyone calls "Arashi" insurance, she is extremely destructive and determined. She also often steals things that she thinks people don't need and tends to be pretty ignorant in literally lot of things. Background Story Arashi was born to Renji and her mother, seventeen years ago. She grew up a pretty normal childhood until the two unmarried parents split up, due to Renji's secret experimentations being found out. After that happened, Renji took Arashi with him. Unknown to Arashi's mother, Renji didn't give Arashi a normal childhood but one of extremely painful torture and pain through the harsh experiments to turn her into a draconic superhuman soldier she had been forced through for his own research about how to create the strongest superhuman. It was many years the young Arashi was forced into the painful experimentation she was forced to go through by her own evil father of all people. Thankfully in a stroke of good luck, Renji had let another scientist help him in his research, the scientist who she would soon see as a father-like figure in her future. After much time, Renji had accidentally killed Arashi through experimentation. This led to a pretty bad argument between the two scientists, resulting in scientist reviving the young Arashi as a clone of the original. From that day forward, Arashi left with a scientist, who had ultimately saved her life that day from dying from her father for good. This led to Arashi started to think of the scientist as a father type figure for the many days and months they spent traveling together to the time she was actually adopted by her adoptive mother. Arashi grew up in the small village in Terrenus with her adoptive mother and siblings. This was the family she grew up to love till the end of time. After that years had passed, she had wondered where the scientist that saved her went. She grew up a pretty normal childhood after she was adopted, except from manifesting her powers at the age of 10. Which certainly was a surprise. Arashi wanted to be a hero from that day forward, trying to get a grasp on her powers and abilities when she was growing up. She had failed time and time again, taking up Archery as a hobby, only to find out she was good at it. The young draconian had given up on her dream of being a hero to save the weak as she never had the talent and grasp on her powers to do so. Equipment Powers Draconic Electrokinesis (Dragon Energy Infused Electricity Manipulation) To be fully explained. Strengths: Useful in against Water Element users or enemies in the water. The user is immune to their own electricity in water bodies. (Passive) Very effective against draconic beings due to the draconic energy infused within. [Half dragons, dragons, wyverns, draconic shapeshifters] (Passive) Can form different constructs to benefit the user such as shields, walls, platforms, fortifications, and restraints but it depends on their skill level. [Electrical Constructs] (Active)* Useful against certain vehicles, aircraft and other various methods of transport due to the electricity likely affecting the controls and technology. (Passive) The user is able to detect Natural Electricity sources. [Electricity Detection] (Passive) The User is able to sense the weak electrical fields used by living beings and uses that to locate them. Electricity is generated by everything so it makes it easier to find them. [Electric Field Detection] (Passive) The user can conduct, generate and charge electricity through their body, living beings and objects. [Electricitly Conductivity and Electricity Generation] (Active) The user can create solid objects out of electricity. [Electricity Solidification] (Active)* The user can use electricity in their attacks and use it in their combat style. [Electrical Attacks and Electrokinetic Combat] (Active) *Not unlocked yet. Needs development to create that. Weaknesses: Electricity may be redirected by conductive materials. (Passive) Foes with Full Electrical Immunity will not be affected. (Passive) The user has to constantly find sources of electricity in order to charge up their power in order to use it effectively. (Active) The user might have problems using their electricity with electronics if they have no idea how to control their electricity properly. (Active) Using too much electricity at once can harm the user. (Active) Using it effectively depends on the user's skill, natural strength and capacity to control it. (Active) A strong enough magnetic force may hinder the user. (Passive) Power is useless against the electrical resistant material, such as rubber or silicate. (Passive) Draconic Explosive Fire Manipulation To be fully explained. Strengths: * Useful against Nature, Ice, and Metal Element Users or in Nature/Ice/Metal environments. The user is always immune to their own flames that are generated in these environments. (Passive) Very effective against draconic beings due to the draconic energy infused within. [Half dragons, dragons, wyverns, draconic shapeshifters] (Passive) Can form different constructs to benefit the user such as shields, walls, platforms, fortifications, and restraints. [Pyrokinetic Constructs] (Active) User can burn and melt objects and beings with enough heat. [Burning and Melting] (Passive) Can create explosions using their own flames. Weaknesses: * Foes with Full Fire Immunity will not be affected. (Passive) Using it effectively depends on the user's skill, natural strength and capacity to control it. (Active) Control of emotions and restraint are essential to use this power. Uncontrollable emotions may cause the user to overload and potentially be catastrophic. (Active) Fire Immune materials or Fire Resistant materials will probably not be affected very much. (Passive) The user can only use kinetic energy to summon the flames. (Active) Hot enough flames may kill the user or hinder them greatly. (Active) When they run out of the fire, they have to absorb it from natural fire sources. (Active) *Section not fully complete. More Strengths and weaknesses to be explained. Draconic Ice Manipulation To be fully explained. Strengths: To be fully explained. Weaknesses: To be fully explained. Draconic Electro-Pyrokinesis (Dragon Energy Infused Electric-Fire Manipulation) Test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Draconic Ice-Fire Manipulation Test Strengths: Weaknesses: test Thunderstorm Creation/Manipulation Test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Draconic Burst [Not really used, yet to be explained] test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Immense Spiritual Power Arashi is extremely strong by standards that by a certain point, she is able to manifest her spiritual energy as an aura. As well as have complete control over how much energy she uses at once without burning out all at once. Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Scale Manifestation *Not unlocked yet. Needs development to manifest that. To be fully explained. Strengths: To be fully explained. Weaknesses: To be fully explained. Dragon Form* *Not unlocked yet. Needs development to manifest that. To be fully explained. Strengths: To be fully explained. Weaknesses: To be fully explained. Abilities Enhanced Regeneration Test Strengths: Can regenerate near fatal wounds that an average human won't able to survive. In very good physical shape due to regeneration almost healing all wounds. Can heal minor and moderate wounds in under a day. Damaged nerves can be healed to an extent. Organs and limbs can be regenerated in under two weeks. The user can survive without them till the regeneration is over. Weaknesses: Starvation, dehydration, and suffocation would still kill the user. Scars caused by magic or anything of the sort would not heal completely. Cannot survive decapitation or a wound in the heart. Anti-Regeneration or Healing Factor Nullification powers would negate this. Damage done by irreversible powers or magic cannot be negated, meaning the user will die if it's a fatal wound or if bleeding out. Damage may exceed the rate of regeneration. Regeneration can only stop so much blood loss. Destabilization, One-Hit Kill, Destruction, Death Inducement, Disintegration, and Incineration would interfere with the user's regeneration, potentially stopping it completely. Wounds inflicted in battle would not heal instantly, only when the user hasn't received any more damage. Enhanced Speed Test Strengths: The user can run faster than most average humans. Can only run up to 80mph at max. Weaknesses: People with faster speed will easily outspeed the user. Speed can be nullified by Speed Nullification. Useless in combat situations and only useful for running away in them. The user can only run for so long without running out of energy. The user has to constantly wear friction and heatproof clothing to prevent any extreme accidents occurring. Speed doesn't mean maneuverability, as they will likely have problems with stopping and turning corners. Without experience, the user will likely get tired out easily. User's physical state determines how fast their speed and endurance. Enhanced Durability test Strengths: The user can resist damage and not feel it till much later. The user can resist things like getting hit by a baseball bat, that would break after them being hit by it, getting shot non-fatally in multiple places, survive an entire building collapse, survive a large scale explosion while having almost fatal injuries and withstanding hits from superhuman strong enemies. The user can survive jumping 300ft from a building. Weaknesses: The user can only take so much damage without succumbing to the damage done. At maximum, the user would take damage that would kill an average human and only be stunned by it. Some users that are much stronger would be able to punch through the durability pretty easily. Cannot resist gunfire. Durability Nullification would render this ability absolutely useless. Superhuman Strength test Strengths: Can lift large boulders, trucks, and cars. The maximum is 10 ton overall. User's strength generates shockwaves at maximum strength. With Enhanced Muscle Usage, the user can go beyond their strength limit. Weaknesses: Takes time for the user to learn how to control their strength without harming everyone around them and handling objects. The user may break their bones from how strong their punches and strength is. Their extreme strength may send people flying from how strong their strength really is. Enhanced Muscle Usage Test Strengths: The user can go beyond 100% strength of their muscles and truly go beyond their hard limit. Can overpower enemies with stronger durability, much more strength and shock absorption. Weaknesses: May cause quite a bit of time to recover from using over 100%. It would damage bones and muscles from the sheer power it uses, but Recoil Nullification can prevent that. Decelerated Aging Strengths: User ages slower than a normal person. Weaknesses: Age Manipulation can nullify this. Due to her halted aging, the user is stuck as a teenager (17) for the rest of their life. Enhanced Stamina test Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Enhanced Vitality test Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Enhanced Senses test Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Peak Human Intelligence test Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Enhanced Lung Capacity test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Thermal Resistance Able to resist -200°C and 1000°C. Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Extreme Radiation Resistance Arashi can survive up to 200 lethal doses of radiation compared to the normal human dose of 4-10. Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Sharp Teeth test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Natural Electricity Absorption test Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Natural Fire Absorption test Strengths: test Weaknesses: Test Natural Ice Absorption test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Skills Naturally Skilled at Hand-to-hand Combat (Novice Hand-to-hand Combatant) Test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Naturally Skilled at Weaponry (Novice Level) Test Strengths: test Weaknesses: test Techniques General Electricity Storm Discharge* - Releases a discharge of yellow electricity around Arashi that is used to shock multiple foes. It’s enough to seriously injure an average human or knock out a foe. Storm Discharge: Overload* - Releases a bigger discharge of yellow electricity. Can be used to seriously injure somebody or even outright kill an average NPC. Electric Aura* - Arashi surrounds herself with an electrical aura that increases her reaction time and reflexes slightly. Electrical Healing* - The user can use their electrical powers to heal others and themselves by absorbing the electrons and using them to stimulate molecules, repairing damaged cells. The electricity can also be used to reduce fatigue as well as restarting the heart and repairing any possible brain damage. Due to being draconic aligned, the user can heal themselves or others slightly faster than usual. Arashi also heals from absorbing natural electricity. Electrical Wall Crawling* - Arashi is able to scale buildings and objects using the static energy in the air and by generating electrical fields. Fire To be added Ice To be added Explosion To be added Ice-Fire To be added Electric-Fire To be added
  10. Hurttoto


    [legend=Character Sheet] [BASICS] [box] First name: ROODY Surname: THE Nicknames: BUN BUN Alignment: Lawful Good Race: cartoon (a bit on the classical side say...2006 stuff mabye so not that classic) Profession:Cartoon shows? Affiliation: * shrugs* Religion: none...... Hometown: Town of Animi, Lexdord Marital Status: single Gender: M Age: unknown [/box] [PHYSICAL] [box] Voice: high, similar to some obe whos alwats shouted quite a high voice for his age. Eyes: brown, no blue no,....ok tbh i have no idea Complexion: well he has gray fur Height: 4"7' Build: Slim Hair: gray Scars: none Tattoos: none [/box] [MENTAL] [box] Demeanor: Bright and ready to spread cheer Hopes: that everyone could enjoy cheer no matter how dark they be (personality wise) Fears: thinner but who has that here? Likes:those that agree with cartoons Dislikes: those that dont [/box] [GEAR] Various cartoon gags [box] Top:cotton fur Bottom: brown jeans [/box] [WEAPONS] gags of course! [box] WeaponNameHere: [/box] [SKILLS] [box] SkillNameHere: [/box] [box] Age 00: Born [/box] [FAMILY] [box] Father: NameHere; years old Mother: NameHere; years old [/box] [STORIES] [box] Age (StatusHere):ThreadTitleHere [/box][/legend] wip
  11. vielle

    Curious Hummingbird | "Birdy"

    Curious Hummingbird — fly, little darling; ► B A S I C S age: 12 race: changeling class: archer occupation: huntress birthplace: zendikar, tariel ► L O O K S height: 4'4” weight: 56 lbs gender: female hair: wheat-summer blonde eyes: golden amber voice: sweet and birdlike ♪ You've always loved the strange birds Now I want to fly into your world ♪
  12. Dizzy00

    Karla Junco

    Karla Junco (Alias) Nickname: La Gachí, Cat Queen, widow, butcher's niece City of Birth: Catalina del Sur (Spain and Mexico hybrid culture meant to stem from a Fantastical location to batter fit world) Age: 18 Religion: Catholic Influence Living in: Slums, or with butcher Livelihood: Petty thief, pickpocket, scammer Status: single-never married Mother Tongue: Spanish Home: shelters, neglected attics, basements, sewers, streets, slums, churches Background Karla was born to a vagrant, in Catalina del Sur Monastery. The mother was hopped on Pichje* only semi-aware she was pregnant or even in labor. Consequently, the child underwent Pichje withdraw, nearly dying in the process. The mother was arrested by authorities shortly after. Once free, the child's mother visited irregularly, usually inhibited by Pichje. The youth disappeared regularly from the confines at the church. This behavior was sometimes associated with visits from the mother or attempts to find her. The mother disappeared completely when the child was ten years of age. Cause for disappearance is still unknown. Karla Junco, then known as Isabel Castro, was incarcerated on charges of assault, battering, underage inebriation, panhandling, fraud, and misconduct. The Church eventually dropped her name from the register for sexual misconduct, aggression, and gang affiliation. * Pichje is an illegal narco-depressant. The drug is usually administered in the fold between the lip and teeth with syringe. The drug originates from Pichjemas syrup, a flower-cousin of the poppy. Side effects of using pichje include depressed senses, visual or auditory hallucinations, and peeling and/or bruising around the administered area plus orifices of the face (long term). It is also prone to irritate the digestive and mucus systems, making addicts look like they are crying; hence the term wailers or wailer or in Spanish chilladores or chias is used to describe addicts. Characteristics: Addictions: cigarettes, drinking Bad habits: Picking at teeth, man-eater Color of Eyes: Dark brown The color of Hair: Dark brown Her hair is a mop of fussy brown curls. They are usually braided and pinned on the top of her hair with cloth. Conceals an ice pick, and lock pick. The color of Skin: Caramel Good habits: precise, straightforward, perfectionist, collected Face: Sharp and full of angles, deep set dark yes, heavy lashes, full lips, small nose, broad smile Weight: gaunt, light (Nearly anemic) Build: like a column, bones visible under unhealthy paling skin Mental characteristics, quick-witted, grudging, confident, more rational than emotional, curious Emotional characteristics: cold, calculating, witty, charming, will usually come off as rude Clothes Top: Light or cheap cotton and wool, sometimes combined with shawls Bottom: lose light skirts and slacks, sometimes a mix of pants and skirts combined, assortment of belts, ropes, and holsters for carrying sword, drinks, banjo, and to keep her clothes on her emaciated frame. Other: Stolen blue army blazer Black leather boots
  13. J. A. Horton

    Alistair Deoward, the Lightning Wolf

    Statistics Moniker: Alistair Deoward Title: The Lightning Wolf Visual Age: 24 Birth Place: Hodra, Neo Oeste, Elendaron Race: Human Alignment: None Gender: Male Class: Magi - Ranger Personality: Lone Wolf Physiology Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Height: 6' 1" Weight: 168 lbs Voice: Medium Tone, a bit Raspy Build: Athletic Clothing Black Bandana around the neck. Pulls up over mouth and nose on occasions Hunter's Jerkin Mercenary gloves and bracers. These are a combination of leather covered in areas by metal plating. Traveler Boots Belt with pouches. The belt also has a wolf buckle on it. Black linen cloak with a hood. Skills Wolfkin: Due to an unknown phenomenon, Alistair has always been perceived as wolfkin to nearly all wolves. They view him as an alpha in their pack and treat him with the corresponding respect, usually following his commands. Ranger/Merc Skills: Alistair grew up in the rural areas of Neo Oeste fending for himself and providing for himself. He learned how to hunt at a young age. Because of this, he is very adept at hunting and survival skills. He is extremely resourceful and an excellent tracker. Along with this, he is proficient in stealth and is cunning. He makes a living by picking up odd jobs, mostly mercenary jobs, and therefore carries a sword and is proficient in sword combat and some hand to hand combat. Electric Based Magical Powers: Alistair has a variety of spells that vary in the amount of magic, concentration, and skill needed to cast. Most of these spells work in conjunction with his weapons or physical abilities to give him an advantage in battle when it is needed. Alistair has a base Magicka of 500 pts. This can be increased by trinkets. He can use more Magicka than what he posses, but this has a moderate risk of self-injury, and the further beyond his limits he goes the more likely he is to die from overexertion. It should also be noted that the abilities Static Aura and Charge Blade have base magic requirements listed; however, if Alistair pours more energy into the abilities to get increased effects, it requires more magic energy to sustain. The levels of skill for spells are as follows (Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, Master) Static Aura: Sparks begin to roll off Alistair's body as he is granted the ability to move at increased speeds and augmented strength. Alistair has been able to use this ability since a young age. It is the first power he attained when his magical abilities were manifesting. (Magic Required: 20pts/min used in battle//Concentration requirement: Low//Skill Level: Novice) Charge Blade: Alistair focuses electric energy into his blade causing it to glow a bright blue while small trendles of electricity ripples off the blade. This increases the sharpness, strength, and durability of the blade while the spell is active. The more energy Alistair pours into the blade, the stronger it becomes; however, this requires more magical energy consumption. (Magic Required: 10pts base/min used in battle//Concentration: Little, the more energy put into the blade the more concentration is needed//Skill level: Apprentice) Lightning Trail: can create an electrical energy trail from the blade and control the movement of the trail as well as the shape. (Magical Requirement: 40pts more on top of the Charge Blade requirement//Concentration: Medium//Skill Level: Adept) Wolf Hunt: Creates electric clones of Alistair that can fight according to his will. He can use them to scout and see what they see. (Magical Requirement: 40pts/clone/min in battle//Concentration: Medium//Skill Level: Expert) Lightning Fang: A giant lightning arc that can be released in a horizontal or vertical manner. (Magical Requirement: 150pts/cast//Concentration: Medium//Skill Level: Expert) Lightning Execution: A giant lightning strike usually released from the blade of Alistair's sword; however, with more concentration he can call it down from the heavens. (Magical Requirement: 250pts/cast//Concentration: High//Skill Level: Master) Wolf Essence: Alistair surrounds himself in an aura of an electric wolf. This increases his speed and strength to the extreme. However, this puts tremendous stress on Alistair's body. (Magical Requirement: 100pts/min//Concentraiton: High//Skill Level: Master) Inventory A teardrop blue pendant necklace. This trinket has the ability to store Alistair's unused Magicka. He can store up to 300pts of Magicka in it, however, it takes several days to store that much into it along with deep meditation. It is only used in emergency. First Aid supplies and potions 1 bottle of poison oil to but on blades and arrows Provisions Information Journal and Map Hunting Bow with 20 steel arrows 5 Throwing knives 1 steel dagger. This is carried in a scabbard on the back of Alistair's waist. 1 steel longsword with an ornate hilt and handle lined with silver and depictions of a wolf pack hunting. This is carried in a scabbard on Alistair's back.
  14. Basic: Name: Reinhardt Relzion Race: Dhampir, Noblesse Age: Unknown "Birthday": 16th day of Month of the Crane Apparent Age: early Twenties Birthplace: Dresden, Germany Last known Abode: St-Guilhem-le-Désert, France Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, With a Playfully Cruel side Class: Steam Tech Engineer Sub-Classes: Alchemist, Warrior Occupation: Engineer, Alchemist, and Noble Elements: Blood and Steam Weapon: Sabre and Steam Powered Revolver Personal: Hair: Long and pulled back in a loose ponytail Eyes: Light Forest Green Skin: a Light Golden tan, Freckles Body: Lithe/Athletic Height: 5' 10 Weight: 148 Abilities: Accelerated Metabolism, Restless (Doesn't actually has to sleep, just enjoys sleeping), Healing Factor, Superhuman reflexes, Superhuman strength Immunities: Poisons and most diseases, Resistances: Psychic attacks Equipment: As mentioned above and basic adventurers' pack. Personality: Sociability: Generally Sociable, A bit aloof, Whimsical, Easily bored Outlook: A bit fatalistic and Dark humored Adventurousness: Wants to experience his Immortality can offer him Nervous tics/quirks: When he's not paying attention he casually cleans his glasses, when bored he plays with a fang, When he's interested in a person he will be seen staring at someone like he's about to eat them while twirling a lock of hair. Religious Beliefs: He's a Lost Lamb who used to follow God Hobbies/Interest: Studying the Violin, Inventing new Steamwork Inventions, protecting those beneath him Strengths: Strong Sense of Personal Responsibility, Loyal to Coven and Allies, Highly Intellectual. Weaknesses: Acts on a Whim, Likes to be in control, Distrusts anyone with close Religious Ties. Likes/Dislikes, Favorites, and Pet Peeves In general: Likes: Tinkering, Inventing, Trying new things. Dislikes: Boredom, Inventor's block, Hunters/Inquistors Favorites: Color: Burgundy Clothing: His Necklace and Earrings Place: The Laboratory Food/drinks: A well aged Wine Music: Baroque Books: Engineering and Alchemist Animal: Serpents Time of Day: Twilight Least Favorite: Clothing: None Place: His coffin, The Church Food: Burnt Meat Simple Pleasures: The Sound of Rain singing on the Windows, The Hiss of Steam, The Huffing of an Alchemical Reaction. Greater Pleasures: A new Invention, Playing His Violin, Spending time with his coven Preferred Haunts: Urban territories or the Countryside Most prized possession: The Necklace and Earrings his first and only lover had ever given him before she was killed by Hunters. Battle Statistics (A+ best, F- worst): Strength: A Defense: C Magic: F- Magic Defense: C- Speed: A+ Agility: A+ Endurance: B - Intelligence: B - Other (healing, magic & mundane): A
  15. UnsavoryAvery

    Victor Odell

    Moniker: Victor Odell Visual Age: 18 Birth Place: Opharion, Alterion Race: Human Alignment: N/A (no alliances formed yet) Gender: Male Class: Lone novice mage physiology Hair: Medium-length, shaggy, black Eyes: grey-blue Height: 5'6" Weight: Somewhere around 115lbs Voice: soft/quiet Build: very thin Condition: visible scars on the chest and thighs, but otherwise healthy aside from being underweight clothing black shawl deep red silk shirt worn black pants (some holes near the cuffs) black combat boots skills Victor Odell is skilled at caring for various arachnids as companions. While he is but a novice mage, he's a fast-learner and can pick up different spells rather easily, too. inventory • Credits: • Dan: Profile Layout.
  16. TheEyeOfNight

    Avarice Lynch and Roht

    Given Name: Avarice Lynch Actual Name: Probably not Avarice Lynch Visual Age: 31 Birth Place: Terranus Race: Human Alignment: Questionable Gender: Male Class: Bureaucrat Physiology Hair: Black Eyes: Green Height: 5' 11" Weight: 170lbs Build: Average Clothing • Fine furs and slender armor Skills - Diplomacy, cunning, political manipulation - Well-versed in basic rune magic Avarice Lynch arrived in Genesaris discreetly, after being exiled from Terranus for a variety of charges while holding office there. Alongside his faithful bodyguard, the gnoll Roht, he has elected to make the best of his new home and begin the journey from rags to riches all over again, with a new name and a familiar smile.
  17. ==================================================================================================== (InsertImageHere) Name: Elliot Griitinuolt Nicknames: ElG Age: 19 Size: 4?...... Height: 7"8' Weight: 132 LB  Hair: Gray and fuzzy Eyes: unknown Notable Traits: Blood line sight: Can identify people through ether tasting their blood or staring at them for 3 minuets straight. Phycic sense: Can sense if someone near is using or is capable of using phycic abilities. Chrono Vision: Sometimes can see glimpses of ether the future or the past however since this power is still relatively unstable see actully cant tell when the glimpse came from (Lost) Fabric lancing: sadly she lost this ability when in battle so its not worth mentioning. ==================================================================================================== Combat Data: TBA ====================================================================================================  Strengths: (Insert Image Here) (Power/Weapon/Armor/Skill/Ect goes first, replace one with another as needed) Power: Description:  Power: Description: Weapon: Description: Armor:  Description: Power: Description: Power: Description: Skill: Description: Skill: Description: Power: Description: Power: Description: He has other tools and weapons as well, but those are his signature weapons and abilities. Weaknesses: (Insert Weakness Here): Description: (Insert Weakness Here): Description: (Insert Weakness Here): Description: ==================================================================================================== Personal Data: ==================================================================================================== History:
  18. vielle

    Andraste Líadáin

    Andraste Líadáin — the dark awaits. ► B A S I C S age: 34 race: khenra class: shapeshifter occupation: wanderer birthplace: amonkelh, tariel ► L O O K S height: 6’5” weight: 207 lbs gender: female hair: grey fur, blue locks eyes: ice blue voice: sharp and raspy ♪ They have been to the moon I'm just a caterpillar dead in my cocoon ♪
  19. Hurttoto

    Gaylord Mar (wip)

    ____x____x : e s s e n t i a l s :Birth Name:Gabil ArteUsed Name:Gaylord MarAlias(es): noneAge: 21Visible age: 19Date of Birth: IdcLineage: none existentClass: gunslinger-- Sub Class: guy with a magic missleOccupation: Mercenary cuz hes bored and farming because of lineage Alignment: evil but ends up doing heroic deedsMarital Status:singleBirthplace: Lexdord____x____x : v i t a l s :Height: 6'7"Weight: 132Hair Color: bronzeHair: short and mobileEye Color:greenHanded: LeftSkin Tone: paleSkin Condition: goodPhysical Condition: goodVoice: firm (russian accent)Arm Length: 4 feet____x____x : s t a t u s :Strength:. Lifts 60 pound weightsPower Classification(s): electric, telekinesis Blood Type: O-Primary Residence: government housingPrimary Discipline(s): Political and Economics-- Sub-discipline(s): Mathmatics, forms of science, agriculture Innate Abilities: phase into a sub-dimension, can create demonic feces that grows in water and eventully becomes sentient and goes on a killing rage in a searching for more water(dies in high salinity compounds). Can partially control metalsSpecial Abilities: *initiate groundhog day*____x____x : p e r s o n a : ____x____x : f e a t u r e s :A. Body Art:B. Scar Tissue:____x____x : b r e a k d o w n :____x____x : w e a p o n r y :Weaponry : Depth :mini sniper rifle, uknownAttire.-- Headwear:-- Upperbody:-- Armaments: -- Lowerbody:-- Feet:Armor.-- Headwear:-- Upperbody:-- Armaments: -- Lowerbody:-- Feet:____x____x : a c c e s s o r i e s :____x____x : d e f i n e :____x____x : c r e d i t s :
  20. A Most Sovereign Lady

    A Most Sovereign Lady's Character Dossiers

    [Dame Astride Mélodie Durant] statistics Epithet: the Gentle Moniker: Title: Dame Age: 24 Visual Age: 17 – 25 Birth Place: Rysel, Kingdom of Valmont Race: Human Alignment: Lawful Good Gender: Feminine Class: Knight physiology Hair: Blonde Eyes: Gray-blue Height: 5’5” ft (167 cm) Weight: 105 lbs (47 kg) Voice: Melodic Build: Astride is lithe and narrow, lacking in bulky musculature she doesn’t have immense upper body strength of some, though she is not weak. Her muscles are well defined within the standards of her frame of build, her legs and back muscles are more well developed than her arm and shoulder strength as such she relies more on agility than being purely overpowering. Condition: Healthy Strengths: Astride's small size lends itself to her fitting into places not really meant for people to fit into, and depending on the situation people may or may not find it more difficult to notice her. She is well spoken and finds it easy to garner attention. Weaknesses: Her faith wavers, lost in a strange land filled with all sort of contraption that she has no knowledge of has shaken her to her core. She is also entirely mortal. clothing Apodesmos (a band of linen that is wrapped across the breasts and tied or pinned at the back, a pre-modern equivalent to a bra) Tunica intima (a pre-modern slip made of linen, ends at the upper thigh) Chiton (a simple tunic-like garment of lighter linen that is pleated, ends at the lower thigh) Boots skills Martial arts, including swordsmanship, use of polearms such as lances and spears, use of shields and other defensive equipment, mace and flail training, and hand to hand combat. Healing Magics inventory Mail Coif (head armor) Hauberk (upper body armor) Mail skirt (lower body armor) Mail gloves (hand armor) Silvered steel long sword Quotes: “True wealth is to be abundant in wisdom and virtue.” Credits: • Dan: Profile Layout.
  21. Thotification


    Name: Prty Aljfgkl Zmncv (Pre-ti Ala-ja-fa-ga-kil Zi-mi-ni-civ)Nicknames: PrettyAlignment: NeutralRace: Eldritch AbominationSexual Orientation: Questionable Gender: Unknown..resides in the body of a female mercenaryVisual Age: early teen [PHYSICAL]Voice: Cutesy alto voiceEyes: Blue, Like to wear glasses once in a while Nose: Cute button nose Face: Soft FeaturesComplexion: FairHeight: A little over 4 ftWeight: LightBuild: LeanHair: Switches between lightblonde or white After the events at Shawnee, Prty fuses with Khakina Khatun the Pretty Paragon [SKILLS] Physical: Enhanced physical prowess, enhanced sense, enhanced regeneration, cannot die through mortal means. True form is ugly af! Not pretty at all. Magical: Covers a variety of elemental and non-elemental magic. Specializes in Air and Light. Esper Ability: Vector Manipulation (manipulate vectors within one feet of her), Light and Electromagnetism generation/Manipulation, Telepathy/telekinesis, Heat Manipulation, Manipulation/generation of the four fundamental forces, Energy absorption. (All esper abilities have an effective range of a meter all around the user). Innate Ability: Projection (can project mundane objects from thought) [Brief History] Neither the PRTY nor her host was from this world. All info about the female merc was she cam form a land with technology so advanced the people in her land can easily reach the stars. The eldritch abomination on the other hand was from a another land, from anther time but these two were simultaneously transported to this realm.. [True Form] Ugly AF!
  22. Thotification


    Name: Linda Linda Title: The Madame, Fräulein Silvernerbusch, CEO of the Siverbush Conglomerate Visual Age: Early Twenties Sex: Female Sexual Orientation: Questionable Specialization: Businesswoman Brief Description: The white-haired, yellow-eyed, plain-faced woman(does not have jaundice). Slender build, average height, average features. A simple businesswoman wanting to make a name for herself. There is nothing suspicious about her. She is as normal as any ruthless businesswoman can be. Skills: Silver tongue: Her words can close deals easily Moneymaker: Her presence can boost business Weaponized Money: She can slap people silly with a thick wad of cash. Always generates a critical hit. **While they may look similar, Linda Linda has no relations to Veluriyam's Teresa
  23. Thotification

    Middy Ochre (Mistress Blackhead)

  24. BlackOrchid02

    Jovi Stralti

    statistics Quote: "Every person has two sides. The one they show the world, and the one they keep to themselves." Moniker: Jovi Stralti Alias: Enigma Visual Age: 20 Birth Place: Terrenus, Blairville Race: Human/Terren Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Gender: Female Occupation: Potter by day, Bounty Hunter by night physiology Hair: Dark Brown, curly hair Eyes: Brown with green specks in them Height: 5'2" Weight: 135lbs. Voice: Mute Build: Average with muscles in a few places such as arms and legs clothing • Daytime Outfit • Outfit (Minus Sword) • Primary Weapon (Only Sniper Rifle) • Secondary Weapon skills • Moryggan's speed and agility help her sneak through the shadows. She is skilled with throwing knives and daggers. inventory • A satchel hanging across her body. (Inside is some paper and pen, her daggers, various items kept from her travels.) • A small pouch of gold concealed under her cloak Credits: • Dan: Profile Layout.
  25. vielle

    ONYX | house c'zirqonia

    ONYX WHO: rival artifact-hunters working for the noble house C’zirqonia of Crystallo Stella. While normally at odds with each other, the pair has often been assigned to work together on material retrieval missions. ♦ Hunters are rare in C’zirqonia, trained to track down and acquire artifacts or objects of note outside Crystallo Stella. The Onyx are apprentices of two mentors who are rivals and practice vastly different disciplines. ♦ way of the magnetic — focuses on stealth, roundabout approaches to problems, subtlety; strict and disciplined. way of the radiant — focuses on efficiency and straightforward approaches, destruction; proud and independent.