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Found 135 results

  1. envoyd


    THE POWER of the perfect CREATION! NAME : antares - -. SPECIES : artificial anunnaki AGE : 26, ageless. GENDER : male ( he / him ). ORIENTATION : aromantic / greysexual. TITLES (S) : the fifth son AFFILIATION : XANATHUS, nibilis, himself. DISCIPLINE : - - ALIGNMENT : neutral evil. APPEARANCE . EYES : eyes known to change ; sharp and cruel, half - starved and half - empty. HAIR : waist - length, smooth and seen cascading down his back, a youthful shade of onyx. SKIN : sickly pale ; HEIGHT : 5’5”. BUILD : he is built for war, extremely imposing, lean and broad. VOICE : deceptively soft but is known to dip into a growl, eloquent thanks to his upbringing. NOTABLE TRAITS : antares is known to stare blankly at objects, he also has random nose bleeds. BIOGRAPHY he is a contradiction. he is a god. one in three, three in one. like mary virgin and mother, like man good and evil. he thinks of himself as an hyperbole, and perhaps he is one: the apotheosis of everything flawless & flawed, and in himself, he embodies a blooming decay of ethics to birth the apex of amorality. he is perfectly aware to be something unfathomable; to man, and to his own kind —— as the mightiest man on earth is he who stands most alone, and so he stands. he still retains vague reminiscences dispersed all across his memory, of rearing horses and ruins, shadows cast and a plague of greed scattering through dying limbs. they are naught but pulsating scars of wounds suppurated and healed, and as pain is by now unknown to the hardened tissue, so the memory of a past life is foreign to him. the name and the year reverberating within the cavernous recesses of his soul are yet clear to distinguish: granada, 1492. aged twelve, where three gods converged in harmony till then, a child would bid his farewell to a changing world & be reborn on NIBIRU PRIME. his own name and date of birth left behind, and be chosen only through endless suffering; and he, witnessed himself molding the world in his own image. EDGE OF THE GODDESS. edge of the GODDESS manifests as a human-like feminine entity, slender in body build with curves not particularly accentuated, white eyes, onyx hair, and skin. devoid of melanin and warmth, her appearance is that of something ethereal, a ghost ― a gleam of moonlight reflected in a mirror. her hair almost reaches her feet, with two long strands falling over her shoulders, and upon it, suspended in front of her face so it covers the latter and her hair completely, a semi-transparent white veil concealing the entirety of her features besides their shapes. her attire consists of a black jacket, topped off with white fur around the hood, she walks wearing high heels she has no pupils: her eyes are mirrors. in her released form, her appearance nullifies. all that remains of her is her veil, white and luminous, fluttering around and indistinct humanoid shape of darkness. in both forms, her voice is low and steady, akin to the rustling of old paper and leaves. however, she has no specific scent, no accent, her skin tastes like nothing; she’s inconsistent, evanescent, imperious. much like her wielder, edge of the GODDESS is prideful, amoral, highly intuitive, observant; as a weapon, she is entirely devoted to antares ― relentless and wise, she has been guiding him until he could take the lead himself. disliking negotiations and quarrels, knowing the most intimate secrets and recesses of his being, she is a less patient individual: she shows appreciation for those who are loyal to her master, while she does not spare her contempt and harsh words to those who are his enemies ABILITIES . WEAPONS : expertly trained in almost all types of weaponry, however he does have a soft spot for weapons of legend, particularly claymores, and other swords, his main weapon being ( edge of the GODDESS. ) SHADES : antares creates three different types of shades, which are full embodiments of three different members of XANATHUS. two can be used at a time, for a duration of time. EDGE OF THE GODDESS : antares can project darkness/shadows in a way that allows them to cut through matter from a distance. edge of the goddess can also transform anything into dark matter. this also allows the use of dark matter with their physical combat skill, channeling dark matter through parts of their body or use the dark matter for defensive purposes. by wielding this claymore he can turn dark matter into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. HEARTLESS ANGEL : antares summons two shades mirroring two members of XANATHUS ( early childhood. ) they circle their target, giggling like children, before attacking them with a crippling move. ( almagest. ) ALMAGEST : rotates the edge of the goddess perpendicularly to himself, projecting a beam of black-and-white energy to strike the opponent multiple times. ULTIMA : concentrates a severe amount of magical energy into an indivisible spot, resulting in an extremely powerful localized explosion. DARK MATTER MANIPULATION: ability to manipulate dark matter, a substance scientifically theorized to make up most of the physical universe. this happens when he "phases out" losing all interest in the surroundings before him. in this so called state of his, he is remarkably violent.
  2. Name: EsmeraldaSpecies: Engineered HumanGender: WomanRank: PrivateUnit/MOS: O-1S/SniperChronological Age: 3 YearsMental and Physical Age: 18-21 YearsHeight: 4'3.5"Weight: 132 Lbs.Body Measurements: 32-22-43Hair Color: Smoky White to Ruby Gradient from Roots to TipsSkin Color: Light BrownEye Color: RubyVoice: TBA Psychological Information Having spent most of her young life undergoing the rigorous training to become a Sniper, Esmeralda possesses an extremely strong will and a persistent desire to achieve perfection. While skills as a markswoman are exceptional, her strongest ability is her seemingly indefatigable work ethic. However, while Esmeralda is relentless in her pursuit of perfection, she is almost excessively submissive. She is a poor leader, lacking in charisma and influence, in spite of her pulchritudinous visage. In addition, she is quite naïve and deficient in wisdom. This trait makes her a loyal soldier, but more disturbingly, it also lends itself well to her potential ability to kill...Physical InformationPossessing a short-statured figure that can be described as both top and bottom-heavy, Esmeralda is gifted with a strikingly curvaceous form and nigh-impossible proportions. She bears large and chunky thighs which merges into voluminous hips and a plump steatopygian posterior. Her torso is thin in comparison to the excessive width of her hips, but she retains visible abdominal tone and musculature, honed due to years of sniper training. Up top, Esmeralda supports an extremely ample bosom that forms a distinct contrast to her slight and narrow shoulders. Eilara also possesses muscular biceps and toned forearms, hinting at her extraordinary upper body strength which allows her to carry heavy and long-barreled weapons with ease. Esmeralda has a diamond-shaped facial profile with a narrow forehead and a slightly pointed chin. Her lips are incredibly plump, and she tends to paint them in a dark ruby shade. Even so, her eyes are by far the most dazzling feature of her visage. Her pure ruby sclera, light ruby irises, and dark ruby pupils combine to grant her features a preternatural aspect. Finally, she has light brown skin with strong golden undertones.History KX-06 was created by GRAFT in 18595 WT, as part of a classified cloning and biogenetic research contract with the Terran military. Intended as a semi-experimental project in the production of cloned and biosynthetic soldiers, KX-06 was implanted with a host of memories that grant her a selection of basic language, social, practical skills. In addition, since she emerged from her growth tube with the physical, mental, and neurological of a young adult, KX-06 did not experience a childhood. In the first week of her life, KX-06 chose the name Esmeralda for herself, after a prominent dancer and internet personality. During this period, Esmeralda underwent a regimented course of socialization training, during which she about Terrenus and more broadly, the world itself. In the second week of her life, Esmeralda was indentured into the Terran military and began basic training. In spite of her lack of experience in shooting, Esmeralda proved herself to be a consistent shot with magitech rifles and crossbows. After basic training, she was selected to undergo Terrenian Sniper Training Program. For the next three years of her life, Esmeralda was tested and pushed beyond her breaking point. Nevertheless, Esmeralda quickly developed a tireless work ethic which saw her through to the end of the program and resulted in her graduating near the top of her class. EquipmentMana-Charged Sniper Crossbow: Esmeralda's crossbow is a custom-built model which utilizes a mana-powered system to charge the weapon after the arrow is loaded into the track. This allows the arrow to fly at speeds exceeding 300 m/s, many times faster and more powerful than bolts or arrows released by standard crossbows. The arrows fired by the crossbow have a mass of 850 grains and utilize a needle-point bodkin tip to increase anti-armor capabilities. However, due to the extreme forces imparted upon the crossbow in the process of firing, it requires strong, yet flexible materials in order to withstand the stresses of firing. Nevertheless, the crossbow far more quiet than virtually all magitech firearms, even when suppressed. However, the crossbow must be loaded with an arrow after every shot, a process which takes roughly ~2.5 seconds. In addition, the weapon requires a rigorous maintenance schedule in order to maintain optimal power and accuracy. In order to assist in target acquisition, the crossbow is mounted with a variable zoom scope with a maximum magnification of 10x.Military IDCrystal Communications DeviceE.M. SpectaclesMaterials DatabaseAutonomous Crystal Spotter
  3. Csl

    The Paralios Twins

    Pallas and Lenore The twin sons of Titus Demetrius and Rozharon Paralios. Born of ash, feather and bone, the brothers were woven from strands of Taen’s bioarcana, awoken fully grown and imbued with a fraction of their mother’s memories. While designed to stand at their mother’s side and serve her with undying devotion, the twins have been given their freedom to do as they please. In their mother's absence, they have begun to shape their own roles in the world. PHYSIQUE build: athletic hair: black eyes: gold (apparent) age: 26 wings: four each, black Youthful. They bear their father’s golden eyes, but there’s something otherworldly in them that resembles the void in their mother’s. Perhaps it's the silent, knowing laughter dancing in them. Perhaps it's firey spark of a distant land's magic. With wings hidden, they almost look human. But their arms are wings too, feathers disguised as fingers– four total, four hidden. There's a synchronicity in their movements, something beyond mirroring or mimicking. Each motion is a complement, a half of a pair. They often speak in unison, or complete each others' sentences (one mind, two bodies). ABILITIES The twins’ abilities are derived from their parents' and the arcana of Taen. This has gifted them weaker powers that work in accordance with each other, granting them greater versatility. Gates of Babel A shared pocket space that allows the twins to store, create, transfigure, and manifest objects. The longer an object is stored, the more difficult it is to retrieve. Objects of greater mass take a longer time to manifest and create. Chryschoros Dominion Manipulation of light and space, extending to limited telekinesis where spatial manipulation is applied. The twins can impose Dominion on objects within thirty feet of them. Soma Simulacra Limited ontokinesis. Applied with Dominion, The twins can embody different physical forms. This ability is mostly used to conceal their primary set of wings in the form of their arms. The twins cannot change into a form with greater mass than their original bodies. Vierescence The innate ability to manipulate wildlight, one of Taen’s two core arcana. Fragmentation The creation of new, unique, autonomous individuals of their kind through splicing fragments of themselves (feathers) into a new physical form. Partial fragmentation can be used to create objects with strong contagion links to the brothers. Born from the same fragments, the twins are inextricably connected. The borders between their minds wax thin, allowing them to communicate with each other. I. Pallas Unbind these bones of mine from time Remove this tongue that it may speak An eye to give, an eye to keep To hear.and see thy hungry dreams A pound of flesh to take and eat To watch, awake, to never sleep Unfind myself, be that I seek The land is mine, the land is me Regent of Taen When his mother left, Pallas chose to stay. He took up the mantle of Regent, endeavoring to continue his father's legacy. His purpose became Taen – to govern and protect the three cities, and to unravel the secrets of the pocket dimension. The land demanded balance, an equilibrium between civilization and wilderness, between coherence and chaos. And so Pallas keeps the balance, with eyes and ears everywhere and silent words in the minds of the Governors. From Caer Loerem, the seat of the Empire and his family’s residence, his unseen hand guides the paths of the growing cities. Personality Pallas is the traditionalist, the phlegmatic, one perfectly at ease in both storm and stillness. One has to be, in Taen’s ever-shifting lands. In contrast to his brother, Pallas dislikes his family’s proclivity towards illusion and manipulation. He’s straightforward in both speech and action – often terse, but with a biting wit and dry humor. Despite his gruff demeanor, Pallas genuinely cares about those he governs. As all the Paralios are, he is close with his family, and loves his little sister dearly. Specializations Vierescence – Pallas has a stronger, innate connection to Taen's bioarcana, allowing him to heal people and redirect the flow of wildlight with ease. He has found himself skilled in forging contagion links with wildlight. With this ability, he's crafted rings, used to keep in direct contact with people in notable positions within the Three Sisters. "You're the other half. Remaining half, I should say” II. Lenore Imperial Ambassador Oathsworn When his mother left, Lenore left as well, and went southwards, beyond the sea. Instead of Taen, he found a home in the islands of Ursa Madeum. While his brother watches the woods, the wetlands, and the mountains, his eyes are set on the world beyond its borders – the fractured continent and the tremors that continue to shake it. For now, Lenore lives on an estate in Svanhild, acting as a consultant for House Hildebrand. He lives a simple life for a prince, tending to his orchards and beehives which earn enough for him to live on. His proficiency in wildlight makes a good match for the kingdom's specialization in agriculture, and his bond with the Oathblade Guzon obligates him to be protector of the islands. Personality Lenore is the more conniving of the pair - sometimes unnervingly so. He takes after his mother in this way, finding ease in manipulating others and orchestrating events, a practiced precision in lining up people and plans like dominoes to tip over. Despite his obvious enjoyment of mind games and toying with people, Lenore is a ray of sunshine, a friend to all, a sharp contrast to his twin’s taciturn demeanor. As expected of a prince, he has an appreciation of art and the finer things in life. Lenore, however, is not uncomfortable with wearing a variety of faces. Specializations Vierescence – While he lacks the extent of his brother's power, Lenore is more precise in his wildlight control. Organic manipulation is his forte, helping in the creation of more proliferative variants of Svanhild’s crops. Chryschoros Dominion – Lenore shows no reservation in bending light and space to conceal what is there and create what is not. The breadth and complexity of his illusions surpass his brothers’ now, and fall close to his mother’s ontokinesis in effectivity. Geokinesis - His bond with the Oathblade Guzon allows Lenore to control earth, including seismic activity.
  4. Name: Mythandriel "Myth" Zvenda Age: Appears to be somewhere in her late teens, early twenties, but is actually hundreds of years old. Race: A Forest Dwelling Elf (Oiche Dundae) Birthplace: She was born on a snowy night in the Wilds of Fracture Currently Resides: Absalom Lineage: Zvenda Hunters Occupation: Wine Brewer Other Information: - She has an Ivory Morph Ball Python called Dorian who is her constant companion - Has an immense love of animals, and her quarters is often overrun with them - Has a unique love for herbs and plants - She grew up on her own, so she often has a hard time fitting into adult society, but that adds to her charm
  5. Name: Spear Thistle Epithet: The Spear Thistle Fairy, The (minor) good tidings fairy, The spiny weed sprite Age: appears to be anywhere between 16 and 25. anywhere between three weeks and 900,000 years likes: adventurous behavior, noble causes, poking her nose in things, messing with people from time to time, meat. dislikes: deserts, bureaucracy, boredom, spinelessness Alignment: Fun Race: Fairy Class: A+ Apearance: A tiny fairy with slightly larger pointy wings, every part of her looks either fuzzy or spiky, although it makes her purple hair look a bit messy. She's got a big presence about her and a "Don't tread on me attitude on her youthful face Clothing: Spear Thistle wears a green, short, collared, sleeveless dress patterned with specks of light tan. The Dress also has a tall spiny collar. on her legs, Spear Thistle wears thin, green, ankle length leggings, and pointed, green shoes that look like they are made of leather leaves. long fingerless green gloves of the same leather leaf material, stylized to look a bit sharp and spiny. Height: 4 inches (5" when counting wings) Weight: 2 ounces Gender: female Skin complexion: remarkable, almost like a doll. Hair: purple, short in a spiny messy bobbed hair style Voice: bright, spritely, but a bit croaky and jaded as well. A bit sunken in. Eyes: big, youthfull, a mix of green and purple. Build: young adult, female, a bit meatier than you might expect Features : long pointy ears long pointy green wings that give an extra inch to her total height has a slight glow all about her. Mostly green, but purple around her hair. Magic/Abilities: Generic powers: Invisibility, flight (wings), luminescence, spiny, tiny, proportionally massive strength, super human endurance, enhanced agility, clever, Bow and dagger proficiency, wide reaching voice, superior magic resistance, quickened recovery. Fey Biology: as a fairy, certain effects that something might have on a humanoid body, sometimes don't apply to her. Fairy Magic: there is much that fairy magic can do and most of it is mischievous and manipulative. Spear Thistle can do all sorts of things as make people fly, make people fall asleep, turn people into porcupines, make things shrink, make things grow (but she can't make herself bigger than her natural size). a couple of her spells can directly harm others, but in combat she almost always makes use of supportive magic to turn the tide for her lumbering friends. Much like her name sake, she likes to prick unsuspecting miscreants, but doesn't care to be uprooted or trampled. Spear Thistle can turn into a more mobile but weaker wisp form, where she appears as a ball of Purple light with green ephemeral wings Personality: Spear Thistle is a weed through and through. She likes to live the life of a vagabond, popping up wherever she wants to go with little direction and having fun wherever she ends up. She's a big fan of happy endings though, so she sometimes reveals herself to good natured people down on their luck to give them a helping hand. Of course, this all leads to opportunities for chaotic fun just like her normal goings on, but with a dash of karma thrown in to make it sweeter. grabbing her is very much not advised. Equipment: She sometimes wears leather-leaf armbands over a mix between arm warmers and archery gloves.
  6. 𝑭𝒊𝒓𝒔𝒕 𝑮𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆 First name: Yuriko Surname: Kido Race / species: Yokai, Todomeki Gender: Female Age: 25 Occupation: Petty thief / aspiring botanist Hometown: Port Caelum Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 𝑨 𝑪𝒍𝒐𝒔𝒆𝒓 𝑳𝒐𝒐𝒌 Appearance: Standing at 1.8m, Yuriko is a gangly woman with a slender face framed by dark wavy hair that comes down past her shoulders. As expected of a dodomeki, one of her most notable features are her eyes, not the ones on her face but the glistening golden eyes covering most of her body from the neck down, but mostly clustered on her legs, back, and unnaturaly long arms. Typical Attire: Yuriko’s outfits generally consist of a simple long-sleeved top, loose pants, and boots fit for long treks. Depending on the climate, she may opt for a hooded cloak or a coat. Sleeves usually have noteable extensions , sometimes with different fabric sewn on. She also has a fondness for draping scarves and shawls. 𝘼𝙨 𝘼 𝙋𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙤𝙣 Personality: With a toothy smile and chipper demeanor, Yuriko is seemingly outgoing and friendly. Small talk and the like seems to come naturally to her and she doesn’t shy away from most physical contact. In fact, some may find her almost too quick to get chummy with others. Unfortunately, not every gesture or invitation of friendship is genuine. Most of the time, it is merely to lull the other into a false sense of security. Yuriko is a seasoned thief, stealing more out of envy and greed than necessity. Her own materialistic desires are her greatest vice. However, not everything she does is a facade. Her interest in botany and love for plants is very much genuine. And so is her optimism in being able to get out of any sticky situation she may find herself in. Likes: Luxuries, botany, gardening, Dislikes: The cops (or any equivalent of such), flying bugs, hospitals, hot weather Abilities: Stealth, agility, lock-picking, identifying plants, herbalism, wide range of vision (due to having eyes all over her body), sewing Weaknesses: more eyes means more weak points, easily tempted by riches and luxuries, easily distracted, low endurance History: -to be added- Current goal: Simply to travel freely, learning more about the flora of the world. (Although this doesn’t mean she’s above indulging along the way). 𝑷𝒐𝒔𝒔𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 Equipment: lockpicking tools, sewing kit, a pair of cloth gloves, a switchblade Inventory: a notebook thick with leaf pressings, a case full of stationery, leaf and stem cuttings, usually more than one wallet (at least one of them is stolen),books on botany, spare clothes
  7. First Name: Ronald Surname: Furfoot Nickname/Alias: Ron Age: 18 Visual Age: 25 Sex: Male Race: Satyr Marital Status: Unmarried Alignment: Chaotic nuetral Occupation: Bard Class: Bard Sub-Class: Gunslinger Pets: None [PHYSICAL] Height: 5'0 Weight: 150 Hair Color and Style: Brown short fur with a bit of an afro Eye Color: Hazel Build: Stout Complexion: Tan Scars: Small scars on chest from runninh through briars Physical Disabilities: None Tattoos: None Voice: Tenor Resistances: Cold Disease [MENTAL] Hopes: To live a simple life without trouble Fears: Poachers Likes: Music. Country. Apple pie Dislikes: Unseasoned food. Pacifists, priests Personality Traits: Humorous, daring, hospitable Habits: Clacking hooves together Mental Disabilities: Dyslexia Sanity: Decently sane Rivals: Werewolves Allies: None Weaknesses: Fire Strengths: Strong with bardic magic, skilled with his sawed off shotgun [GEAR] Headgear: None, no helmets accomodate for his horns Upperbody: Leather armour with satchel belts Lowerbody: Kneepads but no pants as his fur covers in extremities Feet: No shoes accomodate for his hooves Weapon: Sawed off shotgun. Harmonica Storage: Satchel belts Accessories: None [SKILLS] Specialization: Music [MAGIC] Specialization: Bardic magic Religion: Believes in many of the Genesaris dieties Birthplace: The Genesaris wilds Family: Mother and father are living in a shack in the Gebesaris wilds Quotes: "I jus wanna live the way the gods intended me to, and if anyone tries to get in my way, I'll give them a couple warning shots" Biography: Ron was born in his ma and pa's shack in the Genesaris wilds. He was raised like any normal Satyr, but was curious about the goings on in human villages. He would visit every so often and trade the kids berries for human made toys. A simlar process is how he managed to get his hands on his first harmonica. It was junk but it was more than enough to allow him to practice. His parents did not involve themselces in human affairs; however were fine with Ron's actions as long as he was careful. When Ronald turned 16 he left his poarents to start his own life a bit closer to civilation but still in his own isolated shack. He earned some money playing harmonica on the street and at bars. Even though he was generally popular one night his shack was attacked by some bandits and he was robbed blind. At this point was when he started saving money for something to defend himself. After a couple months he managed to buy a sawed off shotgun, track down the bandits, kill them, and claim his stuff back. Now he just likes to stay at his shack and socilize with humans while also ocassionally taking on bounties.
  8. Name: Merit Longmorrow Aliases: The (Old) Boneweaver, The (Old) Bone Wizard Allignment: Chaotic Good Race: Human Gender: Male Marital Status: Single. Apparent Age: 70s Actual Age: At least 90, likely beyond 100. His precise age is forgotten. Appearence Age: At least 90, likely over 100. Apparent Age: 70 - 80 Height: 5'6'', often hunched over and appears 5'4'' Hair: A few wispy white and grey strands remain on his scalp, accompanied by a thin, pointed goatee of the same colours, 3 inches long. Eye Colour: A faded blue Skin Colour: Once pale, almost grey Personality The sharp crackle of snapping bone is the last thing you'd expect to hear before death, but it may be what keeps you alive. The Old Boneweaver manages to find himself wherever he is needed most, passing through valleys notorious for lethal falls, or sweeping through a recent battlefield in search of those wounded but not yet dead, saving them from their fate. You might even call him kind, well, unless you had been unfortunate enough to receive his kindness. He will put your bones back where they belong and seal flesh wounds with a temporary cartilaginous material that drops off like a scab, but unlike other healers, he won't sooth you. Many state that the pain matches or even exceeds that of the wound's infliction. Merit never demands payment for his healing, but accepts gifts and tokens of appreciation, especially enjoying good food, good company, and shelter. Merit always asks questions, inquisitive about the lives of those he helps, but ask him about his past and you are unlikely to get anything coherent in return. Background The child of a family of farmers, Merit Longmorrow was born into poor health. This is unfortunately one of very few of his early memories. Over the decades his bones slowly decayed and his strength was sapped, leading to a change in profession. Unable to continue working on the family farm, he became a librarian, devouring knowledge as often as he could. This is where he found it. Tucked into a forgotten shelf he found and old, dusty grimoire. This book taught him many things over the years. It had been written long before Merit had been born by a necromancer, detailing the manipulation of the undead. Studying the book initially made Merit uneasy until he found a use for this knowledge. Could this necrotic power command bone to heal, sealing fractures and fusing broken bone together? It didn't take long before children, wanting to avoid the wrath of their parents after injuring themselves in the woods, found their way to the town's library. Sometimes Merit would have out-of-town visitors who brought those suffering with birth defects or poorly healed wounds. Over many decades of study, Merit became old, much older than he was expected to reach, and with him aged the town, eventually becoming plagued by consistent famine. The people slowly trickled away in search of somewhere more sustainable, eventually leaving the old librarian, alone. Even Merit could not live here, so with the grimoire tucked under one arm he locked the door to the library and set out into the world. While he had kept his body alive, his mind had begun to decay at this point. He no longer knew why he healed, but it was what he did best, and it was clear death wasn't going to come for him soon, so he wondered the land. Every day he practiced. Every day he improved. And every day, he forgot a little more about why he did this.
  9. i. - B e g i n n i n g s - Birth Name: Artemis Sharpe. Given Name: Artemis Sharpe. Nickname(s): None, yet. Titles: None, yet. Gender: Female. Physical Age: 35 Actual Age: 162 Species: Witch. Date of Birth: 27/06 Birthplace: Aelindra City ii. - P h y s i c a l - Height: 5'8" Weight: 57kg Body Type: Ectomorph - quite skinny and thin. Hair Colour: Brown. Hair Style: Thick, bouncy hair kept in a high ponytail. Eye Colour: Green, with a haziness over them. Skin Tone: Fair. Complexion: Clear. Fitness: Average. Physical Health: Mostly good, though she is blind. Voice: Soprano, light and airy tone. Identifying Features: The tattoos of winding vines around her lower legs. Non-Human Features: None.iii. - M e n t a l - Personality: Artemis is a very wise woman. She is a very calm woman with a peaceful aura surrounding her; despite her soft demeanour, she can calm the atmosphere of a room just by walking in and bringing up a new topic. Despite this, when needed she can summon up her sternness, a kind of firm but kind discipline that can only come from being around for such a long time. She is a kind woman who does her best to help those in need. Artemis is rather strange as well. She's a typical slightly weird village witch woman, and this definitely shows up in how she acts. She has been known for a while as the strange town witch, as she often comes out with random advice or wisdom that doesn't make any sense at the time. Fears: Creepy crawlies such as spiders. Goals: To master her magic and find interesting artefacts, Alignment: Neutral Good. Mental Health: Good. iv. - L i f e - Status: Lower middle class. Class: Magician. -Subclass: Sorcerer. Romantic Status: Single. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Occupation: Apothecarist and spell caster. Residence: A little cottage in the woods on the outskirts of Aelindra City. The cottage doubles as a shop, with the entrance leading into her shop from which she trades. A room to the left, behind the counter, is where she dries or packages her herbs, and the room to the right of the main room is where she practices her healing and spell casting for clients. Behind the counter, stairs lead to the first floor where she lives. Pets: Not technically a pet, but Artemis has a familiar named Ashir. He is usually in the form of a white cat, though familiars are not completely one animal. As spirits, they can take on other forms. Ashir can, in battle, take on the form of a particularly fierce and strangely white panther. Most of the time though, Ashir allows Artemis to see through his eyes when she needs to, for example when she needs to read something in one of her many books. v. - C o m b a t & S k i l l s - Skills: Artemis is skilled with magic, both her abilities and general witchcraft. She is also skilled with herbalism and gardening. Active Abilities: -Name: Lifebringer. -Effects: Artemis has a connection and control over plants, allowing her to move them and grow them. -Weaknesses: For her to use plants, they have to be alive. She also cannot create plant life from nothing, which leaves her unable to use this ability when she is away from greenery. -Name: First Sight -Effects: Artemis is quite skilled with divination as part of her witchcraft, but sometimes even without using divination tools she can get visions of important events. -Weaknesses: These visions aren't usually directly useful. Instead, they're often something that needs to be interpreted such as a symbol related to the coming event, or it could be a small hint of something that will cause this event. It can take Artemis time to figure these out, leaving her with only knowledge that something will happen, just not what it will be. Passive Abilities: -Name: Natural Affinity -Effects: Her affinity for nature is what allows her to see what's around her. Anything living, she can see, or rather sense. -Weaknesses: This ability is far more useful where there is more greenery and life. Where mosses grow all over the ground, she can easily see where she is stepping. If venturing out into barren mountains with others, she would likely only be able to sense her companions and any animals in the vicinity, not her surroundings. vi. - I n v e n t o r y -Attire:-Head: A simple silver chain headpiece with a small droplet shaped piece of labradorite hanging in the centre of her forehead. -Body: In warmer weather, she wears an off the shoulder white tie neck shirt, and a green sash and loose drape that looks like leaves around her waist. In colder weather she wears a warm green dress with draping brown fabric off the shoulder and a brown sash belt at the waist. She also wears a brown cloak when it's cold. -Arms: Her dress's sleeves in the winter. In summer, a pair of bracelets that look like woven sticks. The one on her left arm goes up most of her forearm, whereas on her right arm its a true bracelet that only sits on the wrist. -Legs: A brown ankle-length skirt in the summer. In the winter, her green dress. -Feet: Brown slip-on shoes in summer, warmer yet light feet wrappings that extend halfway up her shin. These are made of soft animal skins and fur.Armour: -Head: None. Her chain headpiece is enchanted to soften blows, particularly magical ones. -Body: None. -Arms: None. -Legs: None. -Feet: None. Weaponry: A staff she named Spellbinder, as she uses it both as a very large wand for casting spells, and for combat. The staff is one she has formed herself from a tree using her magic. Tools: Her staff, when used as a wand, a ritual dagger for various spells, runes and tarot cards, crystals, candles, salt, various herbs in pouches, small vials, small pots for salves, and her fairly small cauldron she uses both for magic and for cooking. Items: When travelling, she brings various items with her; a tent, and sleeping bag, a water canteen, flint and steel, and a messenger bag in which she keeps her magical tools. vii. - A r t & C r e d i t - aconitte
  10. i. - B e g i n n i n g s - Birth Name: Ketania Orrill. Given Name: Ketania Orrill. Nickname(s): Ket. Titles: Moonwing. Gender: Female. Physical Age: 20 Actual Age: 22 Species: Dragonblood. Date of Birth: 23/03 Birthplace: Mageside. ii. - P h y s i c a l - Height: 6'1" Weight: 78kg Body Type: Mesomorph - strong and athletic. Hair Colour: Brown. Hair Style: Loose and wavy hair that reaches mid-chest. Eye Colour: Blue. Skin Tone: Warm beige. Complexion: Mostly clear aside from a few beauty marks and blemishes. Fitness: Good - especially her strength. Physical Health: Good. Voice: Mid-range, mezzo soprano and very smooth. Identifying Features: A small scar on her right cheek. Non-Human Features: Her various draconic features can appear or disappear at her own will, but most of the time she has sapphire blue leathery wings and the same coloured scaled tail, with golden spines and a double arrowhead on the end. Her pupils are slitted, her teeth are sharp fangs, and a pair of gently curved golden horns protrude from her head. She also often has scaly, clawed hands and feet, and a forked tongue.iii. - M e n t a l - Personality: Ketania is quite possibly the most stubborn person you will ever meet. Once she sets her mind on doing something, she is almost impossible to divert from that task. What doesn't help either is that she is also incredibly headstrong and overconfident, meaning she tends to charge into things with too much bravery. She is, however, incredibly loyal to those select few she trusts. Get on her good side and you've got a protector for life. Because she's so tough, she doesn't like to admit it, but she does feel strongly towards people she's close to, and if you can manage to catch her with her guard down, she might just admit it. Ketania is quick to anger about bad things befalling those she cares about, though she tends to be quick to anger about most things. She may be volatile, but a quick bit of logic as to why she can't charge in headfirst from someone she knows well is usually enough to calm the storm. Fears: Dogs, strangely enough, and one of her more deep fears is having her freedom restricted. Goals: To know her lands and become as strong physically, mentally and emotionally as she can. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Mental Health: Mostly good, apart from her probable anger issues. iv. - L i f e - Status: Commoner. Class: Fighter. -Subclass: Dragon Knight. Romantic Status: Single. Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. Occupation: Traveller/warrior. Residence: Mostly anywhere she can light a fire and put up a tent. Pets: None. v. - C o m b a t & S k i l l s - Skills: Ketania is fairly skilled with broadswords, as well as being adept at survival and camping. She's a great hunter especially, as comes with dragons being predators. She's not shy of fist fights, despite being able to use a sword, and she can use her pyromancy quite well too. Active Abilities: -Name: Pyromancy -Effects: Ketania can control and summon her own fire, such as making things combust and throwing fire. -Weaknesses: She can only control a relatively small amount of fire. If she wants to, for example, cause a larger amount of fire or perhaps an explosion, she would have to slowly build up the energy that would need to be released for that. Explosive fire is perhaps the hardest for her, as it's a very sudden release of her energy and needs to be built up first. -Name: Shifting -Effects: Ketania can shift her draconic features at will, allowing her to armour herself with scales or use her enhanced draconic senses. She can also shift into her full dragon form. This full form is, from nose to tail, roughly 20 metres long, 1o metres tall at the shoulder, and her wingspan is 30 metres. Her build is quite light and her wing membranes attach far down her tail for lots of surface area. -Weaknesses: While she can remain humanoid with various draconic features without much effort, it takes her both effort and time to fully shift into her dragon form, leaving her highly vulnerable. Shifting fully is awkward as her limbs and body change, so she cannot fight properly. She also has to have plenty of space to do so and has to have enough energy to complete the shift. Passive Abilities: -Name: Draconic Strength -Effects: Ketania is far stronger than the average human, around 3 times stronger. This strength also means she's somewhat able to withstand harder blows. -Weaknesses: While she is stronger, she is not more agile than an average human, and this can be used against her when she charges into battle. vi. - I n v e n t o r y -Attire:-Head: None. -Body: A simple cloth tunic underneath, and in the winter a fur jacket and her cloak. -Arms: Long sleeves of her tunic. -Legs: Cloth pants. -Feet: Brown leather boots.Armour: -Head: None. -Body: Her leather chest plate - sleeveless, with her sword sheath hanging from the waist and other pouches she uses for storage. -Arms: Leather pauldrons, bracers and fingerless gloves. -Legs: Leather greaves. -Feet: Her boots. Weaponry: Her broadsword, Ashrune. At the base of the blade, by the hilt, a blue rune symbol glows faintly and the pommel contains a sapphire. Tools: None. Items: When travelling, she only carries the bare minimum; a tent, a sleeping bag and a water canteen. vii. - A r t & C r e d i t - Marcela Freire
  11. vielle


    Juno — a wilderness in the soul ; ► B A S I C S age: 22 race: human class: scavenger occupation: collector of arcturon birthplace: ignatz, terrenus ► L O O K S height: 5'4” weight: 108 lbs gender: female hair: black with multi-colored tints eyes: ashen coal (left eye partially blind) voice: raspy and diminutive — a thicket amidst the bones ; • • •
  12. Dauner Light


    Profile Name: Dauner A. Light Nickname: Lightning bolt Dauner Age: 17 Race: Half Human - Half Dragon Gender: Male Alignment: Chaotic good Class: Swordsman Known Affiliates: None Hair: Dark and short Eyes: Brown Skin: Light-Dark Height: 1.76 meters Weight: 68.15kg Build: A bit muscular Nature: Childish and impulsive but intelligent. Addicted to combat and food (meat especially) Appearance: Wears a plain, black shirt and black plants with sandals. Has a sash-like clothing around his waist which holds his swords in place. Weapon Info: Type: Two katanas of rare grade known as the twin blades Ichira and Nira Blade length: 32 inches Powers: Posses unstable lightning magic. His magic is will based and doesn’t require spell chant except for high level spells. His lightning cannot be used directly in combat but can be channeled through weapons for stronger attacks. Lightning can also be channeled into his sword and fired as a long range attack in the form of a slash and also to modify the swords effect when it comes in contact with objects. He can also shoot lightning bolts out through his sword though it's not a commonly used technique
  13. Meraxa


    Name: Hela Gender: Female Age: 26 Height: 5'9'' Weight: ...Why would you need to know? Measurements: This is getting personal now... Species and Type: Hela is human, though not born of Fracture. She is originally a child of Renovatio, by way of the isle of Babylon in La Guardia; not the city, but a peninsula nearby Profession: Member of the Terran Diplomatic Corps - TDC - a subsidiary of the Terran Military, with assignment to the Office of the Special Ambassador for the Former Dominions and Other Outlying Territories Appearance and Descriptions: Hela has done well to acquire for herself a more clearly and outwardly feminine appearance, though it is one that many would remark as being slight in its features, and at times more 'handsome' than beautiful. She has a lean, well-toned figure, her skin often several shades darker than those that stand around her. Her hair falls to approximately shoulder length, and is typically something of a mess; it is a darker brown colour, while her eyes are a golden-brown. While Hela has means and appearance that varies by circumstance, she regularly wears a purple cloak, a recently introduced mark of office. Bio: It's honestly a bit strange, for Hela to discuss her past. 'Her' history, as she would unequivocally and comfortably conceive it, began only a few years ago, with her enlistment to the Terran military. Prior to that, there was a figure that occupied the space of the being that would become her, but that she has since become so disconnected as for it to feel like a whole other being, even if it is at the most fundamental level, herself. It didn't help however that few around her would even recognise her as... well... 'her'. For when the world first saw the thing dangling between her legs, they did as most did, and proudly declared her a boy. As Ammu. For many years, as a child with no notion of why such was a distinction at all, it didn't bother her. Then, it did. At first, it was in small discrepancies. Preferring the way other girls got to present themselves - in clothes, in hair, in personality - as vs what she, a 'boy', was supposed to use. Then she would look at herself, whether from the neck or in a mirror or in a the quiet pools in which she bathed herself, and realise what she was missing, as well as what she possessed but should not have had. Puberty made this all the worse, as though the world and the gods were actively forcing her to play at something she could not be; laughing at her from on high and sneering at her plight. Much as she might protest how this simply was not right, her pleas largely fell on deaf ears, whether that of the world, the gods, or even her own family. The last were tragic in their own way; supportive, but of the idea that she would eventually become comfortable in being their 'son'. It wasn't easy to run away, both emotionally and in practical terms, but when she was taken to the city as part of a trip for... something - she has long forgotten what - she took her chance. Ordinarily one might suspect this to mean the end of her, but she found that in places like Babylon, there were enough corners desperate enough for labourers, and willing to ask few enough questions, that they would take on anyone. They falsified her papers, though she was still 'Ammu', and she began working as a cleaner in amongst the city's great shipyards. It was after a year of this that she acquired a meagre enough means with which to buy - really, bribe - her away aboard one of the great vessels, to entirely leave her previous world behind. She honestly had little idea that it would wind up in Terrenus - both the nation and continent as it was then called - but it was a surprise she would come to welcome. Terrenus was an even more disparate nation than Renovatio was; apparently villages could be as they were centuries prior, even as modern cities like Hell's Gate grew higher and higher into the sky. It was an entirely an expectation that one might be able to arrive from within the land while lacking official citizenship, so there were various avenues for acquiring it. It just so happened that in Hela's case, military service was one such avenue. It was also work that she could acquire with otherwise minimal qualifications - having somewhat lacked for a formal education beyond the most primary level - as the Terran military itself provided training. Initial training was... productive, but also noted to lag in key areas. If you were to ask her instructors now, they would equally observe that 'Ammu' had difficulties in focusing on long-term tasks. Their performance inevitably declined, beyond a level that could be reasonably expected by fatigue. Add in difficulties in interacting with their peers, and it became clear an intervention was required if they were to make the most of this asset. After a formal diagnosis of her dysphoria was acquired, she underwent a procedure to alter her body to match her identity. Over the course of a year her muscle mass shifted, certain features were lost, and others gained. By the end, for the first time, she could look upon herself from the neck, in a mirror, or in a pool of water, and truly feel that she was looking upon herself. Taking up the name Hela to disconnect from her prior appearance, Hela was soon cleared from training for active duty. It was a little fast tracked, but a rather naive Hela had assumed that it was because of her evident skills. Not because, say, the situation in the empire had very quickly, and very suddenly, gone off the deep end. Civil War was in full swing, even if few would admit it, and the military was being asked to smother the flames before they might spread. It was in the midst of the fall of Tia that Hela found herself alongside her company, trying to enforce some semblance of order upon the evacuations in an outlying settlement. A vampire or some other form of Unnatural instigated a riot - really, a pin dropping could have - and the company had a fight on its hand. Something, somewhere, exploded, and whether from a shop of curiosities, the secret stash of occult ephemera some nobleman kept in the attic, or perhaps buried in the walls of a house, unseen for centuries, a red gem found itself flying through the air, and piercing Hela through the heart. Miraculously, she survived, but it put her military career on the backburner while she recovered. A recovery that most doctors at first glance had deemed impossible: Heart ailments among the grunts was rather undesirable. But three months in, something unusual was occurring. The stitching that doctors had done to keep the chambers of her heart together had been replaced by something else; sinew, but not of a human kind. Hela had regained all basic functionality. In the months that followed, the 'sinew' hardened and grew into a gem-like layer over the heart itself, and was warm to the touch. Hela felt powerful. At some stage, a doctor's hand slipped in a procedure, and where Hela had not been numbed, she felt pain. Something instinctive reacted, and Hela spewed fire from her lungs. While fortunately no-one was harmed, it did mean the destruction of an operating room was now on her record. Further study and examination concluded that Hela was being changed somehow. The exact nature of it was unclear, and a cause for concern, but it did seem to bring an immediate and practical benefit: She was empowered in a way that was quite unusual, even among those that trained themselves in the mystic arts. She could melt swords at a touch, and throw fireballs across a room, with no incantation or other materials required. She could see people based upon their warmth as much as their image, and stand within the freezing cold relatively unfazed. It were as though she was some kind of fire based elemental; perhaps a jinni, though neither are exactly to Terrenus. Investigations as to the origins of the crystal had been unproductive as well, so the precise, root cause for this all, remained unclear. Nevertheless, having undergone yet another dramatic change, Hela was once more cleared for service in His Majesty's army. However, while the longterm consequences of her change were being monitored, and because a new Office was in desperate need of numbers to fill its ranks, she was moved from a frontline role, to that of a diplomat - aided by the fact she had demonstrated a keen ability in learning new languages, even before her change in nature. In particular, she was assigned to the 'Office of the Special Ambassador for the Former Dominions and Other Outlying Territories', a more... experimental branch of the Diplomatic Corps, intended to resolve the Civil War and its impact upon the continent of Fracture. Indeed, it is one of the first official referrals to the increasingly common colloquial name. In any case, they are tasked with bringing peaceful resolution, coexistence - and ideally, reintegration - with those territories have chosen to forsake the empire, better build and sustain good relations with the numerous enclaves the Empire surrounds, and manage the empire's relations with those powers that should seek to interfere with the former two. It is no secret that the Alliance of Sovereign Nations has been a driving factor in the formation of this Office. Hela welcomes the opportunity all the same. Uncertain as to the full implications of her new abilities herself, she appreciates the certain freedom of operation that such a posting provides. Further, it'd be nice to see more of her still new home without half of it trying to kill her. She can only her new... fiery side, does not cause anymore complications for the continent in her new role. Personality: Hela is a woman who likes to focus on two things: The present, and the future. To live in the present, and to build towards the future, to be a bit more precise. Elaborating on the former, Hela believes very much so in the idea of seizing the moment, though the implications of such a mindset vary considerably from context to context. In idle, more relaxed settings, it can make her seem rather a frivolous and flighty woman, often trying things for the sake of it, and rarely able to keep herself from showing her interest in some new novelty. When given a specific task to do by her superiors, and when able to do seemingly something about it, she finds it very difficult to veer away from drilling away at the assignment, even if she's making little progress, or something else requires her attention. In both instances, Hela is not one to leave herself unprepared, doing her utmost to ensure that she has the capacity to achieve or attempt whatever is required of her, whether that's being limber enough to take on some new sporting activity, or keeping three pens on hand with which to write - one to give away, and one she can afford to break, with a backup for both of those. With regards to the future, Hela often tries to think about, arrange, and account for as much as possible in one go - so long as it does not concern herself. She has an almost comical habit of thinking through the consequences of things as far along as she can go, at times delving into insane conspiracy theories that would require a domino effect so ludicrous that none would conceive of it as remotely possible. Even she won't really believe it. But she will consider it all the same, if in part so she can plan out absolutely how best to avoid things potentially going so awry. She is in that way fairly meticulous, trying to account for as many elements as she can conceive of. This would simultaneously make her a great and terrible planner for many a formal event, depending on how according to plan one would like things to go. In terms of personal interests, Hela is still somewhat in the phase of searching them out - having abandoned much of her prior self to start anew. One thing she's gotten a firm fix on, particularly from the months spent in recovery, is reading. Regardless of the actual subject matter of the work in question - though she will confess, she is a sucker for a good, slow burn romance - she will simply consume the information within, which is both a potential practical skill, and a good time waster. It helps her come to general terms - if not a full understanding - of new subjects quickly, which is invaluable as a diplomat, who'll often have to do quite a bit of background reading on their subjects. With regards to that particular matter, Hela makes an effort to be patriotic, but not prideful - to defend the interests of her adoptive home, but not try and unnecessarily cudgel those that she (and Terrenus) would rather have onside. Powers and abilities: As discussed above, Hela has a gem embedded inside her heart, and quite an odd one at that. It has overgrown much of her heart - and the chest above it - without impeding its functions. Indeed, it has given Hela a whole new lease of life and an array of abilities, with most centred around heat and combustion; otherwise, a general conversion of magic towards an applicable end. By no means is she a true spellcaster, but it is certainly... useful, though there are lingering questions on what will happen to her longterm. ■ Hela can eject fire from either any orifice of her body that she so chooses, or from a short distance above the surface of her body. Though ultimately there isn't a technical functional difference between any such points, if she puts her mind to it, Hela will mostly tie the scale of what she unleashes to particular places and poses. That is to say, she will most often draw up a single flickering flame from her finger, while opening her maw wide is for the purposes of unleashing a flaming torrent. She can even control the course of the flame beyond her body to a mild extent, as though it were an extension of herself, allowing her to curve it around corners - beyond the natural way in which flame fills a space - or hold it back and build the pressure for an explosive burst. ■ Though not possessing any actual form of enhanced strength, as far as she is aware, Hela does possess a newfound resilience to harm that, when paired with the explosive bursts as mentioned above, do at least allow her to hit hard, even if she'll still struggle with lifting weights at the gym. It also still hurts like hell, and seems to scrape off the surface layers of skin - it's just the muscle tissue beneath that now proves unwilling to tear unless struck by particularly severe force, in turn shielding the bones from shock. ■ Hela can, both generally and on focused parts of her form, radiate heat, beyond what is natural. While having to be careful in the former example not to unwittingly ignite her clothes with too high a temperature, in focused applications like her hand, she can raise the temperature on contact to such a level as to soften - if not melt - given metals. ■ As one might expect, Hela is generally immune to fire and the warm now, while equally having a higher tolerance of the cold through her own warmth. 'Immune' however should be understood in the context of 'for practical intents and purposes', not 'to the absolute limit'. Much like a person cannot generally withstand temperatures too far above their own, Hela as well cannot be placed in a scenario where the heat is too great, lest it overwhelm her - it just happens that she would have to be placed somewhere inside a volcano or similar for this to begin being an issue. Or get on the wrong side of a particularly powerful dragon, whichever happens first. ■ A most unusual ability, and one with curious implications, is the fact that Hela need not necessarily draw upon the loci to channel her magic. She most often will, like anyone else, but through testing in artificial vacuums, it has been demonstrated that Hela can in fact nevertheless unleash her abilities, seemingly through the conversion of her own blood into mystical energy as a fuel source. As of right now the process seems to be fairly inefficient, and dangerous; to do so too long, a matter of minutes at present, is to consume enough blood as to affect her general health, and require recovery. ■ Though unable to manipulate heat and flame borne external of herself, Hela can feel and perceive it; to see not only in terms of light, but temperature as well, enabling her to see in the dark, and see through various forms of illusion. Skills: ■ Hela is an extremely gifted polyglot, possibly though unconfirmed as enhanced by her recent changes. ■ Hela is also versed in a wide if shallow array of subjects, through her book learning. She can speak to an amateur level on all sorts of subjects, though she realises there are quite a number one simply does not comprehend without being an expert to begin with ■ Hela's also very good at keeping a tidy home, if just for her own peace of mind ■ Being required to meet the physical standards of an infantry unit in the Terran military, Hela is physically able, though not exactly a brute powerhouse. ■ Similarly so, Hela possesses basic skills in cooking, construction, logistics, coordination, foraging, camping, hand to hand combat, ranged combat, mounted combat, and pretty much anything else to be reasonably expected of a Terran private Possessions: ■ The clothes on her back, including a prized purple cloak. It is in fact spun from silveril grown on a steel base, rendering it as light as any other fabric, while far more durable than mere cloth - though not quite to the legendary extent of mithril. ■ Hela is also possessed of a spear and shield, each made of Novonium. While known for its malleability under an electrical current, the metal itself has a high melting point, and subsequently, a greater resilience to the abilities that someone like Hela possesses. ■ Crystal Communications Device: CCD. Quantum encrypted communications to/from Central as well as with other units. Frequencies must be tuned into the device but can handle multiple-band communication. ■ E.M. Spectacles: Crystal lenses, in the form of glasses, monocles, contacts, etc, that can be made sensitive to different bands of the electromagnetic spectrum via pressure. Allows for night vision, magnetic imaging, and thermal imaging. That last point is a bit redundant for Hela, but the other features are still useful. ■ Military ID: Smart-card with stored photographic and biometric information as well as encrypted token with access pin. Grants access to military barracks, armaments, research, and severely limited satellite access with approval and oversight. Weakness: ■ While able to generate a great deal of heat and flame, Hela ultimately has her limits, and those limits can be lowered through circumstances of environment. If soaked, her output will take a while to recover. In water itself she will generate more steam than actual flame. In the cold, exerting herself will require more noticeable effort than at room temperature. And of course, if there's little oxygen to go around, it's going to be a hard time to start up at all. ■ As mentioned, Hela doesn't truly control flame beyond her creation, and this actually extends to things she has already set on fire. So she cannot torch a carpet and then make the flames from it fight for her. ■ Through some unfortunate 'testing', Hela can confirm that materials and other means that disrupt magic in some form - such as the hearthwood bows which are standard issue to many of her Ranger colleagues - will in fact affect her abilities, including her resilience. Fortunately the effects seem limited to an area around point of contact, and she will recover with time, but an arm with an arrow in it still really hurts. ■ As previously mentioned, while she can use her abilities for a limited time in 'zero magic' environments, to do so is basically induce blood loss on herself in a matter of minutes.
  14. V.C.F Special agent profiles Level [3] Clearance. . . [Accepted] Special Agents are assigned to conduct special missions or to lead FSTF and MTF [See Mobile Task Force]. Special agents are recruited from the best of the MTF and FSTF level agents [Who are already the best of the the regular security and research personel] and are paramount to the security of the Foundation. They answer directly to level-5 Administrators and are allowed to have level 2 clearance on any and all Foundation databases. There are currently. . . [4] profiles to review.
  15. How would someone describe contempt, the encroaching feeling of hate that permeates all existence, an unstoppable force of nihilistic terror that silently screams at the top of its non existent lungs. What will would that feeling enact upon the world if it could. What is that inhuman giant standing just behind a metal gate staring at you with unseen eyes. Name: Epithet: The malicous entity Age: likes: dislikes: you Alignment: Race: Class: Apearance: A hulking Figure, it wears a long leather coat, black as pitch and a head piece, made of old stone and rusted metal, that resembles an unknown beast gagging on an indecipherable mass of iron. The eyes of the headpiece are hollow, and nothing can be see within, but a burning hatred can be felt radiating outward into the world, a sickening red light can be seen in those sockets from time to time, a seething light of misery and contempt. Its feet are heavy with boots stained beyond recognition. Its hands are similarly so, gloves stained to the point of blackness. The thing makes no sound, beyond the shuffling of its hulking form Height: 6'10"-7'11" Weight: 8 metric tons Gender: ... Skin Texture: I don't think it has skin Hair: if it doesn't have skin, probably doesn't have hair ether. Voice: mute Eyes: malicious nothingness, seething contempt Build: large, hulking, humanoid but not quite human. The proportions don't lend itself to lean, fat, or buff entirely. The immense mass is readily apparent Features : big weirdly proportioned big hands stained with black liquid the head piece is composed of a separate mantle on the shoulders and collar bone, and a mask/helmet that covers the entire head. There is detail work on both, but they are hard to make out. Both are made of a mixture of old stone and somewhat rusted metal Magic/Abilities: Unrelenting: terrifyingly strong, a single unlucky blow can be fatal. Can move at high speeds in short bursts, otherwise moves moderately slow. ignores difficult terrain. able to wield weapons Unstoppable: immune to all status effects and conditions. resistant to all damage. does not stagger when attacking and hit. immune to exhaustion, starvation, suffocation, limb removal, memes. If bound binding will corrode over time, if banished will return to this plane of reality eventually. If enough damage is sustained, it will stop moving, leave, or collapse; regardless of what happens, it will continue pursuing after some time has past. The Black Tar: Often times when this entity appears, the surrounding areas fills with several feet of an opaque black liquid, that smells of misery and counts as difficult terrain. Evil things emerge from the liquid that also try to impede and kill the victims. The Malicious entity does not care about the well being of these things. Personality: The malicious entity is a malicious entity. It pursues and tries to kill anyone and everyone. There ways to get its attention. It is unknown if there is any way to make it stop. It cannot be reasoned with. It cannot be talked to. It cannot feel empathy. It cannot be worn out. It cannot be tricked. It cannot. It cannot. It cannot. It. Equipment: Things that can kill you
  16. Sloan Mechanics INC. Ceo: Theodore “Theo” Christian Sloan Age:36 Gender:Male Family: Not married, no kids, one younger sister, parents deceased Social Status: Wealthy Description of Appearance: He’s tall, around 6’4”, and slender, with slight muscle tone to his chest and arms. He has dark brown hair that he wears down, and it hits his shoulders. For business meetings he’ll tie some of it back, but he mostly just wears it down. He has a scruffy goatee that he trims when it gets too long. He dresses in mostly in neutral tones, browns and grays, using splashes of color in his ties or pocket squares. Business History: Sloan Mechanics started with Theo’s Great Grandfather back in the year XXXX, and it started as a humble auto parts factory, but quickly grew as steamboats grew in popularity. And of course, with humanity comes war, and most factories were required to begin to build weaponry; guns, trucks, and planes. Weapons quickly became their most profitable product. The business became very successful, and the family grew very wealthy as a result. The company has been passed down from Father to Son each generation, and with each generation the business flourished. When Theodore became the next CEO, he wasn’t content with the way the factory was running, and he had bigger dreams. Dreams outside of weapons and steamboats. He wanted to wipe the slate clean. So, he shut down the factory, fired all the staff, and hired a team of scientists and doctors, and for three years, nobody heard from or saw Theo. Then one day, he emerged with a huge announcement. The company of their past was gone, and something new had emerged. Business Currently: With the announcement of the new direction Sloan Mechanics, people were skeptical. Androids? It was certainly different. But with countless demonstrations of the skills and abilities of Androids certainly got the attention of those who could afford them. Their use are versatile, ranging from house maids to armed security. Newer models are even able to carry children, for mothers who don’t want to ruin their figures. -The First Android- Serial Number: 001 Alias: Ms. White Model: She’s the first ever successful android to come out of Sloan’s factory. She’s a female model, with a slim figure, and pale white skin. She stands about 5 feet, 4 inches tall, and sports pointed elf-like ears. She has long stark white hair with bangs cut at an angle, and she has bright, almost glowing red eyes that seem to analyze everything. She normally dresses in a white formal button down dress shirt, and a tight black pencil skirt. She wears a white shawl around her arms, and is often pairing the ensemble with black pumps. Her serial number may make her seem outdated, but in fact she always has the latest updates. She’s often the first they are tested out on. Features: Update .01: Allows android’s eyes to zoom in and magnify objects up to 500x. Hearing is also amplified. Update .02: Allows android to move fluidly, allowing joints to move without resistance, allowing a complete 360 degree rotation of all limbs and joints. Update .03: Allows android full use of automated weapons on command with verbal permission from operator. Update includes cannon like weapons to form from the arms, and shoot a laser like projectile to incapacitate targets. Update also includes taser. Update .04: Update allows android to know the most common languages spoken. Useful for diplomatic purposes. Operator: Theo Sloan Occupation: Secretary and Security OTHER FILES HAVE BEEN CORRUPTED… UNABLE TO ACCESS
  17. UNTIL I GET DETAILS WORKED OUT THIS IS VERY WIP! Basic Info Name: Arashi Full Name: Arashi Sato Nicknames: Dragon Lady - by Khaki Dragon Bitch - by Sera Titles: Crimson Dragon - name given after the legendary Crimson Dragon Knight-Samurai - self proclaimed Black Knight - due to the pitch black color of her armor Other Names known by: Agent Tempest - name for VCF Agent 0053 - name for VCF Species: Dragon-Human Hybrid (60% Crimson Dragon, 40% Human) Age: Physical - 17 Biological - 21 Mentally - 18 Chronologically - 13 Birthplace: September 1st, 577, Terrenus Family: Renji Sato (father, alive) Mother (alive) Moshra (adoptive mother, alive) Dr. Marigold Ravenspire (adoptive father, alive) Sevra (adoptive older sister, alive) Rivana (adoptive older sister, alive) Fye (adoptive younger sister, alive) Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Class: Barbarian Sub-Class: Tank Occupation: Agent of the Valucrean Containment Foundation, Mercenary, Knight-Samurai (Self Proclaimed) and Thief Elements: Fire/Electricity and Ice Weapon: Bow, Knife, Handgun Armour: Custom Prototype Powered Armor Personal Hair: Light Brown, reaches down to her shoulders Eyes: Crimson Red and Dark Blue in both eyes Skin: Light Body: Slightly toned in the chest Height: 6"2 Weight: 100kg Demeanour: Highly arrogant. "Enjoys a good fight", non-comformant to hierarchy. Likes: Cats, Food, unknown Dislikes: Needles, Authority, unknown Powers Electrokinesis (Electricity Manipulation and Creation) Explosive Pyrokinesis (Fire Manipulation and Creation) Cryokinesis (Ice Manipulation and Creation) Electro-Pyrokinesis (Electric-Fire Manipulation and Creation) Cyro-Pyrokinesis (Ice-Fire Manipulation and Creation) Thunderstorm Creation/Manipulation Scale Manifestation Dragon Transformation Draconic Burst Abilities Cold & Heat Resistance Radiation Resistance Enhanced Durability Supernatural Strength Enhanced Regeneration Enhanced Speed Enhanced Muscle Usage Decelerated Aging Enhanced Stamina Enhanced Vitality Enhanced Senses Peak Human Intelligence Enhanced Lung Capacity Sharp Teeth Poisonous Blood Natural Electricity, Fire and Ice Immunity Skills Skilled Archer Natural Predator Notes:
  18. ***THIS IS A MAJOR W I P*** SAVING PERIODICALLY [warning: semi-dark content] -> Basic Information Appearance Information <- -> Voice Actor // Theme song Race and Origin <- -> Class, jobs, ranks Accomplishments <- -> Species Special xtras Strengths / Weaknesses <- -> Animal Companions . the hidden raven . "once you commit a crime... you will Never be Free of it." -x n a m e b a s i c s X'yros Vas Vadaam ( Eggs-Zie-dros ) +( Vehs ) +( Veh-dame ) X, X'y -Used by the general public due to complications pronouncing the name properly... or forgetting. Height : Weight : Skin :Hair +The average human height is greatly surpassed by this bear of a man who towers in at 6'7" exactly, or 204 cm. + Like a modern day football player, X'yros is built very fittingly for his height. His muscles are not sinewy, but thick and heavy enough to push his weight to 280lbs. +Born on the hot plains amongst his tribe, his skin color is a cooler earthy mixture of browns with a splash of darker speckling over his face, shoulders, and back. +Not only does his black hair stand up on the top of his head, but it is also flecked with gold on the tips that will grow with his hair naturally. image links are not up-to-date, so suffer with shit art until I can get around to it. Currently completed portrait , Old Outfit Fullbody , Crazy Old without final edits for a few days sorry ❤️ Voice Example Theme Song [Subject to change] race/Species- Sun'Gei - A Dragonborn people World Alignment: +Neutral. He wants nothing to do with nobody to the point of even preferring to sleep out in the woods or anywhere where people aren't. class/job/rank: ----- X'yros has no job besides odd-jobs that farmers or other lower-classed citizens ask of him to do. He accepts their gifts of food or drink, sometimes even lodging as payment, despite not needing any of that. The change of scenery has brought him to Pity the weak and the poor. He is learning a lot about his place in the Universe being out in the World, he still has a respect for his People and Birthright to keep himself human with others, he is learning what it's like to get stepped on and walked over by the rich. Sexuality: Seems to flirt with women a lot... Seems also flirt with men a lot... Bisexual {: Personality: "From Fierce and Stoic... To a drunken loungin' Bear. Yup, he's sleepin' in the Hay pile again." +After being exiled from his Tribes and homeland in Osiris, X'yros has found himself rather grateful to be living a life without responsibility, and takes full advantage of dozing out under the sun whenever he grasps the opportunity. He has turned into a True Neutral, not going out of his way to follow the Laws and yet not going out of his way to break them. If he can't bring himself to respect someone, then he remains quiet or responding in simple words to prevent any arguments. He is more of a thinker and daydreamer unless paired with amusing company, back home he was noted for his Cunning and Intelligence, here people seem to judge his character as aloof. Fighting: +Should it ever be inevitable, X'yros will not hesitate to clash with another person or group of people. X is man, yet not man at the same time. He has a very unique fighting style that is in it's very raw form of fist-to-fist combat with no preferred weapons unless a Spear happens to be handy. He is agile, fast on his feet, quick to react, and fights to maim or Kill. +Small squabbles between some people can be easily broken up or just avoided, but when another person higher up in the social class or has an unfair advantage over another, he will intervene. This leads him into getting into quite a bit of trouble. Strengths Chart: +Here, his strengths at different levels will be measured.
  19. Here's the list of all my characters and lore since they can no longer fit under my signature. 😅 The Black Spear Cartel (organization/lore page) The Mistress Blackhead / The Madame Linda Linda/ Middy Ochre / The Dead Mistress Khakina "Khaki" Khatun / PRTY - Pretty - Blackspear cartel ex-member. Now a freelancer. Serraida "Sera" Mavajo - Backspear cartel ex-member. Now a freelancer. Naherin Streicher / Mana Nahi - Blackspear cartel ex-member. Now works for the Norkotian military. Tedimius "Teddy" Caedirii / The Black Teddy - Blacspear cartel ex=member. Now works for Hyperion as part of Aphelion. Holiness "Holly" Sheathe / The House of Sheathe (profile page/members) - aristocratic family of Ursa Madeum Shishi Delan "Shishi" Frigadotter / The Maiden Ravenbush - the good sister. Knight Apprentice at the Order of Force Majeure. Minny and Plushie - eldritch twinsies last seen working under the Legion of Doom. Prty's siblings.
  20. ____x____x : e s s e n t i a l s : "It is absolutely required... Learn your place and follow orders 515" Commander Theodan Alexander Birth Name: Κυνηγόσκυλο πεντακόσιες δεκαπέντε - (Kynigóskylo pentakósies dekapént)Used Name: Pyrrah. (post biography)Alias(es): 515, Hound. Age: 200 earth cyclesVisible age: Appears around 18 relative to humansDate of Birth: 22000:BCLineage: >>>Father: King Cerberus {} Mother: Queen Alexandera. Class: Omega Tier (thats low)-- Sub Class: ReliefOccupation: WandererAlignment: NoneMarital Status: PromisedBirthplace: Erebus____x____x : v i t a l s : "Its very important your services satisfy" Queen AlexandraHeight: 5.6Weight: 340lbsHair Color: BlackHair: Long and wildEye Color: Orange (with black whites)Handed: AmbidexterousSkin Tone: GreySkin Condition: Supple and smoothPhysical Condition: GoodVoice: Young, fierce, innocentArm Length: normal____x____x : s t a t u s : "one is nothing without their name. Its all you have so I'll give you one; Pyrrah, yeah! That's a cute one!" Toby McGavenaughStrength: Far in excess of a normal humanPower Classification(s): Lower end of the families scaling. Potential is S classed but base is C.Blood Type: DivinePrimary Residence: NonePrimary Discipline(s): Hands, Claws, Acrobatics-- Sub-discipline(s): Flame magicInnate Abilities: Fire conjuration, Fire immunity. Special Abilities: Dilated perception, ____x____x : p e r s o n a : Personality: A fierce but loyal hound. She will fight to the bitter end, fang and claw for those she cares for. She's prone to fits of depression, anger, outrage, and berserking under the right unfortunate circumstances. Bio: In her service under King Cerberus, her father, she and his armies conquered nearly they're entire plain of reality. Which is a near limitless separation from where she is now. Near the end of the conquest her father rewarded his subordinates, she and her 665 sisters included; each with a single 'wish' of sorts. Most wanted something in the form of territory, or power. She requested to not need to fight. He responded by banishing her from his realm. ever to return. Upon awakening, she met a young man, a boy really. Named Toby McGavanaugh. Toby refreshed and helped her. He even gave her the name she has now. Toby died a few years later, and Pyrrah blamed herself. She wanders now in search of peace.____x____x : f e a t u r e s :A. Body Art: NoneB. Scar Tissue: None____x____x : b r e a k d o w n :____x____x : w e a p o n r y :Weaponry : Claws and fangs.Attire. (see image for basic idea)-- Headwear: Collar-- Upperbody: none-- Armaments: Shackles-- Lowerbody: Black underwear, -- Feet: shacklesArmor.-- Headwear: None-- Upperbody: armored plate-- Armaments: None-- Lowerbody: Armored tasset-- Feet: None (images available at request)____x____x : a c c e s s o r i e s :____x____x : d e f i n e :____x____x : c r e d i t s :
  21. Name: Maxwell Rubicante Epithet: The Dazzling Age: N/A appears to be in late 20s, early 30s likes: The unbreakable, bone shaking, blood boiling, soul exploding power of music and passion dislikes: the people who stand in the way of a love filled universe, shining like a milky way of incandescent rhythm Alignment: Chaotic Good (but not bothered by slavery so take this with a grain of salt) Race: looks and claims to be human, is actually an Efreet Class: Dancer Apearance: Maxwell is a man of unparalleled beauty, his whole body glistens and sparkles in the ever present embers of dance and vigor. he is striking from sharp autumn red eyes to wavy hair that refuses to tangle. Height: 6'2" Weight: a secret 😉 Gender: male Skin Texture: feels almost divine to the touch, his muscles are not overtly prominent, but can be felt like he's made of marble Hair: a deep rich red color,medium length, rather wavy and seems to flow back. Always impeccable Voice: a complete control over the vocal range, his normal way of talking is rich and full of gusto, capable of making this smooth voice whisper and boom without the need to yell Eyes: large, sharp and soulful, it's hard not to get lost in them, in entranced longing, or paralyzing fear. his eye color is a autumn red Build: Fit but leaning on the thin side. very androgynous body language Features : regardless of location or perspective, Max looks dazzling. lighting is always sublime and his whole body seems to glimmer and shine. the area around him is literally filled with twinkling lights. served by the butler Thomas Boyle, who is completely loyal to Maxwell, although Maxwell's literal shine sometimes complicates matters. arguably Despite his appearance and mannerisms, Maxwell is quite intelligent and rather manipulative Magic/Abilities: Generic stuff: superhuman stamina, heightened reflexes, heightened senses, supernatural athleticism, unshakable resolve, Not Quite of Flesh and Blood: Maxwell possesses an abnormal physiology due to his, abnormal nature. This includes regeneration, being able to survive injuries that would be anatomically fatal, and reconstitution. Barring extreme circumstances, when killed, Maxwell is reborn in the fire planes of the Velhatien Desert over the course of several weeks. All memories are retained, and this process is possible as long as human ambition burns on. Improved Self Love: it's physically hard for Maxwell to hurt himself or push injuries he sustains further. For example, if Maxwell sustained a leg injury, him using the leg like normal wouldn't worsen the injury. granted this has a limit, and Max can't walk on a leg which is broken in half or straight up missing. Although Maxwell is harmed less by fire he creates Superior Heat Resistance: Maxwell is unaffected by high temperatures and anywhere from resistant to outright immune to fire based damage depending on how hot it is. he never breaks a sweat. Master of Dance: Dancing is as natural to Maxwell as breathing and it shows. His constant movement makes him a tricky target, he can rapidly go from busting a move to dodging an attack with a supernatural grace that beggars belief. bending his body and momentum along with it, he can strike with surprising force given his lack of bulk. -(dancing does not impact his ability to fight and move as it is his ability to fight and move.) Unlimited Passion: Maxwell produces a fiery aura that permeates the world around him, filling the world with passion and energy. the size of this aura varies depending on environment and context, alone in a arctic cave, the aura is tiny, in a stadium full of people or a city wide riot, the range is massive. the effect is however lessened if someone cannot see or hear Maxwell or they have a low temperature physically or emotionally. This aura is powered by both his passionate flame as well as any metaphorical or literal flames in the immediate area. The aura builds alongside these factors and has several effects. The temperature within range of Unlimited Passion increases, the temperature is directly proportional to distance from Maxwell and how empowered the aura is. It quickly becomes dangerous to be within close proximity to Maxwell due to the intense heat. Unlimited Passion also improves physical ability pushing people further and further alongside their enthusiasm and passion. however, as their passion increases, so too does their risk of self harm. someone caught up in Maxwell's aura can find themselves not noticing small injuries or the like and putting weight on an ankle which is ready to snap like a twig, and even then, it's possible they won't get why they're just suddenly falling over. Lastly, this aura boosts magic and skills that benefit from heat and actually works as a catalyst for more efficient spell casting (again, relative to the intensity). -(aura around Maxwell that makes things heat up based on how hot it is emotionally and physically. everyone is stronger the closer they are to Maxwell, but it is easy to get burned or forget to not put all of your weight on a pulled muscle. Boosts magic that would have an affinity to increased heat and makes spells cost less) -a less often mentioned aspect of this power is how it ties into Maxwell's ability to influence and enrapture the minds of people. Most people have a habit of just obeying his every whim. Results may vary A Burning Heart Needs A Burning World: Maxwell is a master of fire magic, able of both manipulating existing fires and creating fire himself. Maxwell does this via dance, having open flames lash out like whips, making pillars and walls of flame that stick around for a bit or longer if Maxwell keeps them powered. Maxwell can also create fireballs which go out and explode and able to created arrows of flame which build up and fly towards targets. The ranges vary on several factors of intensity and the ones thrown can travel the length of regular ballistics. Maxwell can cause flames to cover parts of his body during attacks, these dissipate afterwards A Shining Star Pierces Darkness And Hearts: Maxwell can turn his fiery heat into a bright light, creating piercing lasers or stunning (and possibly blinding) light shows. unlike ABHNABW, ASSPDAH deals something more akin to radiant damage instead of fire damage. A Booming Blast Rings With Passion: Maxwell Can cause his sound to boom and his voice to be heard. in combat, he can create short range concussive blasts. Ritual Genie Magic: Maxwell can preform more general magic outside of his specialties through rituals, these often require special ingredients and are pretty much always services Maxwell preforms for others, with the prices often being steep and costly in more ways than one. Personality: Maxwell sees himself as the shining star of Valucre and sapient life in general. every second is an opportunity for him to dazzle people with his looks and abilities. This isn't to say he's entirely self centered. he loves finding charm in others and getting people to be just as pumped up as he is. Although this doesn't always end well as few people can take the heat. He also detests evil people as they work to destroy the lives and happiness of others, which means that Max loses people to be charming and admire him. Equipment: a wide wardrobe of fashions ranging from gaudy, to tasteful, to bizarre. It is unclear where he gets these outfits, or where he keeps them when he isn't wearing them, but they seem custom made as they don't really impede his movement and can somehow be unharmed by the insane temperatures and amount of fire. when he isn't wearing an outfit that can take the heat, he also wears a form fitting sleeveless top and some form fitting knee length bottoms. He has these in multiple colors a golden bracer with a large blue gem that appears filled with flowing water. muffles Maxwell's Unlimited passion when worn, limiting range to self.
  22. 𝑭𝒊𝒓𝒔𝒕 𝑮𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆 First name: Starts with a D... Surname: Starts with a T... Monicker(s): The Man in The Drains, Drainage man, Drainy, Drain Race/ species: Clump of moist hair possessed by a vengeful spirit Gender: Male. Age: Unknown but has been haunting drains for at least four years. Occupation: None. Alignment: Chaotic neutral 𝑨 𝑪𝒍𝒐𝒔𝒆𝒓 𝑳𝒐𝒐𝒌 Appearance/ physiology: Drainy’s physical body is primarily comprised of wet matted hair held together into a roughly humanoid shape by that special gunk you find in shower drains, trace remains of blood, and ectoplasmic matter. On the front of what passes as his head is a pale, hole-ridden plate resembling a shower drain cover. This plate is made entirely of flexible ectoplasm and can be bent and squished as Drainy squeezes through narrow spaces. Every single hole of this plate serves as eyeholes, unblinking but twinkling with an odd vigor. Loose strands of hair fall over and cling to their face plate. The number of digits on his extremities vary but usually number at 2-3 for convenience. The thicker the strand, the easier it is to control. However, too many different appendages is, of course, confusing to consciously control for a ghost that can barely remember their own name. Through the hair, one may spot flashes of red - the dried blood of a dying man which forms the “heart” of this being. Typical Attire: Naked in the drains but will don a dirty oversized raincoat and black rain boots when traversing outside of the drainage system. 𝘼𝙨 𝘼 𝙋𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙤𝙣 Personality: Although Drainy was born from a thirst for vengeance, he does not remember who (or what) caused his death aside from the fact that he died cursing powers above. All he recalls of his life are his initials (D.T), the fact that he was a dude, and vague recollections of various moments spent with faceless friends and family. As such, all the bitterness and hatred that holds together this spirit ends up being directed at ...anything. He is simply an angry little mess. Distrust and skepticism, especially towards religious organisations, dominates his disposition towards others. Drainy does not make friends. Doesn’t matter that maybe he might want a few… but he would never admit that! Never! Drainy believes in divine powers, gods and demons, and he will try to pick fights with them if possible. Not a wise choice, but then again he literally does not have a brain. When given something to be angry towards, reasonable or otherwise, he loses whatever common sense he has and tends to act brashly. That and his pettiness knows no bounds. When calm, however, he does appear to have some sense of strategy and often plans out his haunts beforehand. Despite his openness in expressing anger, Drainy has difficulty expressing other emotions. To show sadness or remorse is to show weakness, or so he believes. And thus Drainy bottles up all his emotions into a molotov cocktail of feelings that he throws when provoked. Of course, that's not exactly his kneejerk reaction to all other beings dead or alive. He has a soft spot for bugs and smaller critters. Likes: Dark, narrow spaces. Bugs. Piano music. Dislikes: Blinding light. Dry spaces. High temperatures. If you pee in the shower, he will personally strangle you to death. Abilities: Flexible and able to squeeze through tight spaces. Able to form additional prehensile appendages of hair. Already dead and thus cannot be killed, only exorcised. Can reform out of any wet clump of hair. Crawls and slides very fast. Weaknesses: Easily flustered by nudity (which sucks when one haunts bathroom drains). Weak kicks and punches. Clumsy feet. Stench can easily be detected from 2 metres away. Flammable. Overly rash at times Past: With each drop of blood dripping down the hair-clogged drain, his consciousness had faded. However, his emotions did not. Face down on the cold damp tiles of a bathroom with a blade (or was it more?) in his back, they only grew- fear, desperation, regret, and anger. With well-timed sermons and empty promises, they had wasted his time. And now, he was wasting away his life. All for the approval of a deity that would never smile kindly upon them. The same deity revealed before him as his vision faded, grinning back down at him as his life literally went down the drain. Betrayal. But by whom? Faces were blurred, voices distorted, pain was sharp. Along with his soul and along with his blood, his grudge left the flesh. Down the drain. Into the dark confines. Eventually preserved in a motile prison of blood and hair - an empty husk of who he was filled with lingering resentment. Current goal: To find who or what killed him as well as to fulfill whatever new grudges ends up holding along the way. 𝑷𝒐𝒔𝒔𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 Equipment: A plastic knife and fury. A lead pipe, 1.2 metre in length, that he uses as both a weapon and a place to stuff himself into when needed Inventory: Indefinite number of cockroaches that live inside him. Chunks of mould.
  23. (WIP) Theme: Wymp's Theme Basic Name: Wymp Affinity: Title: The Guiding Light Race: Human Age: 32 Birthplace: Isore Alignment: Lawful Good Occupation: Commander of the Cardinals Weapon: See "Equipment" Personal- Appearance- (TBD) Stats- Growths- Skills- Equipment- History-
  24. Csl

    Janus Dove

    JANUS DOVE LOOKS Well. It’s flattering - I’m oft mistaken to be younger than I am. Perhaps it’s the blue eyes, the golden locks- though I’d say I’m nothing special, a mere Plain Jane - heh. I am older than I look. No, really BACKGROUND I’ve business some ways east of Casper. Family’s running it now; I’ve went and overworked myself a few months ago. Thought it was time for some rest and recreation. So here I am! Traveling for leisure. Might take a dip in Vanora. Have a cup at that pretty teahouse in the capital. Visit that one museum. Indulge myself in some local gossip. These are exciting times, hm? What better way to make an entrance than a party? DISPOSITION Now that's an interesting question. Do forgive me if I seem jaded at times; I do still find the inanities of existence delightful. Of late I’ve been seeing things through… let’s say… a new perspective. Head’s a bit loose, what with the … accident I had a good while back. Funny thing ‘bout the mind, see- it gets muddled a lot. Oftentimes it doesn’t do what you’d like. It’s not picky with the memories it hauls up from the back of your skull to smack you at the most inopportune times. Rather dampens the mood, which is rude. This life’s got more than enough memory to ponder and I’d rather keep the past locked away, thank you very much. This wasn’t an issue until recently, mind you, but the guilt’s beginning to impinge on my enjoyment of this vacation. All the same, I’ve made it my quest to relish every pleasure I find in my days here. I’ve freed myself of certain burdens; if that comes with these discomforts, then so be it. I’ve put quite an emphasis on practicing candor with my family. I suppose being true to oneself should be part of that. ABILITIES I’d say my wit and wisdom are all the weapons I need. But yes - I don’t look like it, but I’m half decent with a sword. I do like to get up close and personal, so a knife’s much preferable. I'm not awfully fond of conflict though; being light of foot and nimble of finger helps with that. Other than that, I’m afraid I’m perfectly human. THREADS none yet. PM Csl for plotting!
  25. TLDR: it's a giant tiger sized black lizard that can control air currents to fly like a frilly green fish, goes around eating anything that moves, it doesn't understands humans or human society but respects its decision to be sort of pathetic and make no sense, it's cute! Name: Jaw finder Epithet: none Age: N/A likes: devouring meat. preferably legally Alignment: true neutral Race: often misidentified as an abnormal Lizardfolk, actually part of a species called a 'Chimera Dragon' (Chimaeram Draco) Apearance: Jaw Finder is a large lizard with a frame resembling a mammalian ambush predator but with reptilian features, this includes a scaly hide and a serpent like head with way more retractile fangs than you would expect Height: 7'5" standing up on hind legs, usually hunched over a bit so usually closer to 6'7". nose to tail, Jaw Finder is around 10 feet long but rarely stretched all the way out Weight: 330 lbs Gender: Reptile Skin Color: the scales are a glossy black, the webbing of the frills and sails are green Skin Texture: the scales feel polished and smooth. the webbing feels warm, smooth, and elastic. Voice: Jaw Finder doesn't move their mouth much while talking, their talking voice sounds monotone and sort of rough , but they can also make hissing sounds and high pitched chirps. Jaw Finder talks almost entirely with their windpipe, their glottis, and some innate wind magic. Eyes: yellow, large, and front facing. Jaw Finder's pupils are usually vertical slits but expand into circles when in the dark or agitated. Build: strange, mixing a variety of traits Jaw Finder most closely resembles a normal Lizardfolk but with a thinner build and a skeleton better suited for quadrupedal movement. Features : an almost 4' long non prehensile tail which usually drags behind Jaw Finder, This Tail has a tough underside and hosts many of Jaw Finder's webbed sails, as well as counter balances their weight when standing on their hind legs. This tail is essential to Jaw Finder's movement and balance. if lost it can take up to several weeks to regrow. long sharp retractile claws on both and teeth that can regrow if lost flexible joints, can contort body in fluid ways capable of sticking to surfaces with hands and feet A 5ft long prehensile tongue which is a robust sensory organ that can also pick up small objects and strike with whip like force. Abilities: sorry if all over the place slow regeneration, can recover completely from serious injuries over a matter of days or even hours, can be speed up by eating enhanced senses, dark vision, can taste smells and can sense supernatural phenomena expert tracker expert stealth, especially in dark environments and given Jaw finder's size can change color to better blend into environments ironclad stomach, can eat most meat raw and suffer no adverse effects, can climb non slippery surfaces with no difficulty can move and evade at high speeds, can do this with contorting body to weave in and around people natural swimmer and can hold breath for several hours teeth and claws have hardness rivaling steel can bite with tremendous force Jaw finder's tongue is spiny, can extend upwards of 5ft, can strike with the force of a whip, and is prehensile, able to support upwards of 20 lb fast reactions improved leaping ability natural armor from scales Magic: yes this lizard can magic enchanted focus, jaw finder can enchant their ability to see and focus on an enemy, focusing in on how to strike them better and to better predict attacks, jaw finder can focus further too improve these effects Current manipulation, Jaw Finder can manipulate and draw in air and water Currents around them to do a variety of things, such as greatly expanding the range that they can actively smell and other things you can do with controlled currents. zephyr mode; Jaw Finder uses the currents around them to create a slipstream and winds for hidden sails all over their body, this allows Jaw finder to 'swim' around at high speeds while also turning rapidly and striking with increased force, Jaw Finder also has enhanced spacial awareness and can glide. while doing this and can increase the currents over time by building up focus and spending magical energy, pushing the speed even further, although eventually the handling worsens. Personality: Jaw Finder is a being that lives to hunt, taste, and consume. they go from habitat to habitat hunting and eating all matter of prey and predator alike, then moving on, once the unique flavors have become known. despite this animistic nomadic lifestyle, Jaw Finder is quite intelligent and cognitive, although very inhuman. Jaw Finder acts with a strong sense of desire, pride, and respect; and believes the first two inherent in all life, while the third is an important way to see others and live in multiple worlds. Jaw Finder respects the pride of the herbivore who eats the grass just as much as the pride of the carnivore that eats the herbivore. in this way, there is no greater or lesser, just a constant test of one's desire to live against another, and a pride in the struggle which should be respected. it is in this that Jaw Finder also respects the alien world of soft bodied humanoids. Jaw Finder doesn't understand most of 'human' society or thought process because it is so detached from the literal, also because Jaw Finder has barely anything in common with members of society, but still respects them because they must be doing something right to flourish as much as they do. even if they are small, soft, shaky, noisy, have way too many emotions, rely on an overly complex system of expressing those emotions that makes no sense, and have difficulties with respecting many species; they can things really well and some are definitely trying to not be so alien. Jaw Finder also struggles with human language, ideas like pronoun dependent sentence structure, or being an active speaker are just unnatural to them. so every sentence is said passively and as if the pronoun was it. also metaphor is a struggle. Equipment: it's a lizard, why would it wear pants? can store things in it's throat, probably idk
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