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Found 210 results

  1. Rin

    Rin's Characters

    (since everyone else is doing it and seems like a good idea) Active Characters: Rinoa Alikylan Sakimura-Tachibana Morven Manah Bastian Absolon Frederick von Ludwig Silas Umbra Night Sayndar Lammecoli Rai Saimiricho Testudo Xu'Ghen Yu Amaranth Varuna Lex Varuna Rheumy Ether Av'Syrus Kogal Tachibana Zenith Vrdin Jargon Crimson Platinum Esben Eden Ayssa Lucinda Chrysanthemum Velveteen Magnus Children of the red blood moon (Tba) Sabbath Newly made ones: Argyll, Morwenna, Joslyn, Eslyn Inactive Characters: Lanzo Beatrix Sindane Lucifer Espen Yevan Magenta Night Ritsu Valentin 'Rune' Severin Kyou Ren Enzo Ahti Aimo Arvo Kyuun Von Dressel Egon Ansgar Zephyr Rhemiyl Caprice Khrushchev Esben Sol Oisin de Ivaneous
  2. Grubbistch

    Mia Uldwar

    "The Uldwars will live on, and I shall lead them into greatness."
  3. "Gaia’s love is an endless thing, and by Her guidance, I shall herald Her Light."
  4. "The tides, the trees, it was all me. You're welcome."
  5. Basic Information Name: Aster Ghyle Highglenn Nicknames/pseudonyms: Ash, Glenn Title(s): N/a currently Age: 24yrs  Apparent Age: Somewhere in her mid-twenties Race: Satyr / Faun Gender: Woman (She/Her) Sexuality: Pansexual Marital Status: Unwed Birthplace: Small, secretive forest village Alignment: Lawful Neutral Physical and Appearance Weight: 100ish pounds, give or take Height: 4'11 Physique: Rounded and soft but physically agile Eyes: Hazel with human pupils Hair: Light brown Complexion: Tanned and heavily freckled Voice: Higher tone but she's generally got a pretty quiet speaking voice Tattoos/markings: No tattoos, but she's still growing out of her childhood fawn spots Unique traits: Furred light brown goat legs; Velvety goat ears; Two small horns growing out of her forehead pointing back Typical Attire: Loose fitting white renaissance-esq shirt with flared cuffs fastened down on her wrists using small black buttons. Puffy, equally loose brown pants tailored specifically for her more unique stature. A red and white striped bandanna, either wrapped around her head or tied around her neck depending on how sunny the day is. A dark leather belt and holster around her waist is also normally visible. Psychological Information Demeanor: Cheerful; Realistic; Eager to please  Strengths: Determined; Hardworking; Independent; capable Weaknesses: Desperate for praise; Can quickly become overwhelmed; Easily manipulated; Unwilling to give up on specific tasks/goals, but much more willing to give up on interpersonal relationships Quirks: Compulsively starts counting things when in a high-stress environment; Messes with her ears/horns when embarrassed Likes: Cities; Getting a bit tipsy but not enough to get fully drunk; The ocean and all the life contained within; Sheepdogs, specifically sheepdogs  Dislikes: Small towns; Traveling by wagon; The party lifestyle; Kids in general; Rich people who flaunt their wealth Equipment Mundane: · One small brass oil lantern · A small journal filled with a log of her travels · A leather canteen filled with drinkable water Weapons: · Two small silver daggers, kept in a holster around her waist (Visible to any onlookers) Other: · N/A for now Skills & Deficiencies Mundane:  · + Skill – Gardening; Baking & Cooking; Woodcarving; Sewing; Identifying Fauna and Flora · - Deficiency – Socially Inept; Has trouble learning new academic skills (ex: learning how to speak and write the local language, learning advanced mathematics, etc); Not musically inclined, can't hold a beat to save her life Combat: · + Advantage/Skill – Physically fit; Quick-witted; Inclined to use the environment to her advantage · - Deficiency – Untrained; Unwilling to take the final blow, so to say (Will not knowingly kill a sentient creature in a fight); Vulnerable to ranged attacks History Aster was born in the small village of Hadleigh, nestled deep in a forest commonly thought to be dangerous due to high fey activity in the area; these rumors of danger kept Hadleigh secret when kingdoms rose and fell around them. Aster was born to Ghyle Kegg Highglenn and Veris Roc Highglenn; Aster was a planned child, and her parents had married two years prior to her birth. Aster spent her childhood helping her father herd their small flock of sheep, and learning useful skills from her mother who brought in money as a seamstress. Aster always had trouble connecting to the other young satyrs of the town; she was too serious and collected for the other kids, who paraded their youth joyously. She learnt basic math from her parents and learned to read and write as well, though her academic troubles and impoverished situation meant further education was impossible for her to obtain. Still, she learned any other skills her homesteader parents could teach. As she hit adulthood, there was immediate pressure for her to marry and bring in wealth and extra hands to help on the farm. Aster pushed back again her parents expectations, not wanting to settle down and become a housewife and hating all the available age-appropriate boys in the village. Eventually she snapped and had a huge fight with her father, and afterwards she packed her things and left Hadleigh for good. Her journey continues; for now her biggest motivation is traveling in order to find adventure, meet new people, and discover new places she could only dream of in her youth.
  6. Name: Otomaru OwariMethod of Combat: Owari-ryuDate of Birth: Late FallPlace of Birth: -Race/Ethnicity: HumanHeight: 5'8''Weight: 142 lbs.Reach: 32" inches.Body Type: Athletic, lean muscle. Built like a runner.Other: Equipment Abilities Physical Specs. :: (( Benching [ 250lbs ], Lifting off the ground [ 200lbs ], Overhead lifting [ 300lbs ], and Striking [ 800psi ] )), Speed (( Running [ 22mph ], Climbing [ 12mph ], Swimming [ 10mph ] )), Agility (( Jump Distance [ 10ft ], Jump Height [ 5ft ], Reflexes/Reaction Time [ 0.87s ] ))
  7. _______________________________________________________________________________________ "Please don't allow my boyish looks to mislead you, I am a Bladed murderer." New Moon Disciple / 1st Division Akatsukizukuyo Member of the Ookami Clan Satsujinken 殺人拳 & Gedō 外道 Practictioner, Bladeslayer, Kuji-In Specialist Okami Yokai - 16 Years of Age - Son of Shiroyasha, the White Devil aka Shihan of Rising Sun Pair of Double-edged Katana Katsujiken "Life-Giving Sword" style Bloodline Limit: Wolf Man's Curse 5' 7 " 125 lbs Birthplace: Yokai Realm Body Type: Lean, little to no muscle mass Eye Color: Iridescent Silver Hair Color: Dark purple, almost black.
  8. Name: Mikazuki MomijiMethod of Combat: Hinode-ryuDate of Birth: Late FallPlace of Birth: Hinodegakure, Makai Forest (Yokai Realm)Race/Ethnicity: Hanyo (Half yokai, Half human)Height: 4'10''Weight: 102 lbs.Reach: 26" inches.Body Type: Lithe, lean muscle. Built like a runner.Other: General Reference Equipment Abilities Physical Specs. :: (( Benching [ 150lbs ], Lifting off the ground [ 200lbs ], Overhead lifting [ 200lbs ], and Striking [ 600psi ] )), Speed (( Running [ 21mph ], Climbing [ 8mph ], Swimming [ 12mph ] )), Agility (( Jump Distance [ 8ft ], Jump Height [ 5ft ], Reflexes/Reaction Time [ 0.67s ] ))
  9. Name: Komorebi KageyamaMethod of Combat: Kageyama-RyuDate of Birth: Late SpringPlace of Birth: Kageyamashima, Ukiyo (Yokai Realm)Race/Ethnicity: Human (Host to a Rasetsu)Height: 6'10''Weight: 218 lbs.Reach: 40" inches.Body Type: Atheletic, well defined.Other: General Reference, Alternate Reference 1 Equipment Abilities Physical Specs. :: (( Benching [ 250lbs ], Lifting off the ground [ 500lbs ], Overhead lifting [ 200lbs ], and Striking [ 800psi ] )), Speed (( Running [ 17mph ], Climbing [ 6mph ], Swimming [ 10mph ] )), Agility (( Jump Distance [ 8ft ], Jump Height [ 4ft ], Reflexes/Reaction Time [ 0.47s ] ))
  10. “Would you rather build a house on a foundation of glass or a foundation of stone? Obviously you’d choose stone, right? Then why are you so fond of these meaningless ‘traditions?’ Remember, rules are made to be broken and glass breaks very easily.” [Basic Information] First name: Masaru Surname: Yanaihara Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 30 Marital Status: Single Orientation: Heterosexual Text Color: #0066ff [Physical Characteristics] Eyes: Brown Complexion: Fair Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 172 lbs. Hair: Black, short cut Voice: Smooth, more of a tenor Attire: Varies, but often wears casual clothing, or just wears his formal clothes rather casually. Body Alterations: Tattoos of varied animals adorn Masaru’s body. [Reference Image] {Note: This is not a direct reference, but it does give an accurate depiction of how Masaru looks and not necessarily his demeanor. I also do not own this image as it belongs to its respective owner(s).} [Backstory] Being born into a society based around form and function, the second son of the Yanaihara family was a wild card amongst his family. While his older brother Takahiro was steadfast and attentive alongside his parents, Masaru was restless and independent even from a young age. It wasn’t unusual to see the young boy hiding in some obscure place in the estate. His interests also veered in taboo directions. While being enthralled by the mysteries of nature is one thing, but having a strong interest in yōkai is a completely different story. Even in adulthood, Masaru has thoroughly enjoyed the mythos of the dangerous and supernatural. Behavior from such a restless childhood grew into rebellious fervor as a young adult. The Second of the Yanaihara clan is notorious for just disappearing for a couple of days, presumably venturing outside of the clan’s territory. It’s been generally agreed upon that Masaru doesn’t fit the traditional mold of his clan, which leads to judgement towards the head family themselves. Try as they might, Masaru can make his own choices and he chooses to stand out. After being forced to abide by such superficial traditions, he does show some resentment towards his family as they were shoved down his throat. [Personality] Masaru is a free-spirit and free-thinker. He’s not one to be tied down by the rules of his clan and decides to choose his own path. This often drives him to make decisions that get him in trouble as they are unappealing to most (or just bad ideas in general). Despite this, Masaru maintains an optimistic attitude towards it all. There’s not much that can sour his mood, and even so he’s quick to recover if something does. Alignment: Chaotic Good Likes: The Outdoors, Various Mythologies, Wildlife Dislikes: “Da Rulez” [Abilities] Masaru was, more or less, forced to abide by society’s standards. Most denizens underneath the shroud of the Yanaihara clan strive to pursue some field of the arts as a part of their life. It’s not really as a rule, but a subtle cultural standard (albeit much less subtle in Masaru’s case) that most abide by. As a result, Masaru begrudgingly took to drawing, however he took this unwanted practice and made it into something surprisingly appealing. Aside from drawing the creatures of legend that fascinate him, Masaru has also become quite the wildlife sketch artist and cartographer. So far, he’s mapped out the majority of the territory the Yanaihara controls along with surrounding areas. As an adventurer at heart, his desire to explore the world spurred his drawing in this direction. [Weapons] Masaru’s weapon of choice is a wooden staff of standard length. His staff is painted with vivid blues and whites like that of flowing water. While he was also forced to apply his energy into a more “productive” medium, Bōjutsu is one of the few things he’s naturally skilled in. His athletic and acrobatic prowess shows in how he uses his weapon, often integrating vaults, spins and flips into his techniques. However, Masaru has also aspired to learn the way of the sword. He currently keeps a katana he purchased hidden from view of others, though he still is a novice by most standards, mainly due to the lack of formal training. [Acquaintances] The Yanaihara Clan of the Datsuzoku Dynasty [Current Character Canon] More Coming Soon...
  11. Name: Markus White Nickname: (People can decide) Ethnicity: Caucasian Nationality: Born in Raven's Landing Age: 23 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 195 lbs Body type: skinny and lean yet muscular Hair colour: Raven black Hair style: 2 inches above the shoulder,clean, smartly styled Eye colour: Deep blue Eye type: Normal Skin colour: Tanned Voice: Deep and rough yet gentle and calm giving it a seductive tone Fashion type: Secretive: cloaks and dark clothing Facial Hair: N/A, clean shaven Scars: N/A Piercings: N/A Tattoos: Grace w/ heart and dagger behind it on his right wrist Family: Ashley White (mother-deceased), William White (father-deceased), Jessica-Rose White (sister-unknown) Personality: Markus is a kind and gentle person who is loyal to the end. He isn't known to be violent but can have an aggressive attitude at times which is caused by a personality disorder. History: he was born in the cliff-side city of Raven's Landing. He lived near the cliff edge where he and his sister spent most of their time looking out to the water below always creating tales of heroes and beasts that fought there and all the lost secrets that the outside world held. At the age of 16, his parents died of illness leaving him and his sister to fend for themselves at such a young age. After a few months of their parents death, both parties slowly fell into a depressive state leading to a series of aggressive criminal actions on both behalves. They were both sentenced to 5 years in solitary confinement. They were separated on release and haven't made contact since. He wakes up every day with thought of her and tries to imagine what her life has brought her after release. He has now been out of confinement for the past 2 years, where he has made a new life for himself, found love and has became a respected person through out the city.
  12. vielle

    Takatsu Renjiro

    Takatsu Renjiro — mourning embodied through and through ; ► B A S I C S age: 29 race: human class: warrior occupation: minobi representative of the kamaitachi birthplace: midlands, genesaris ► L O O K S height: 5'10" weight: 168 lbs gender: male hair: raven black eyes: dark amber voice: deep and commanding ♪ Oh, the things that you do in the name of what you love You were doomed but just enough ♪
  13. "Enenra" — shadows and smoke and shattered memories ; ► B A S I C S alias: Kiriyama Erina age: 27 race: human class: warrior; assassin occupation: pyō of the ōmagatoki birthplace: midlands, genesaris ► L O O K S height: 5'7" weight: 123 lbs gender: female hair: raven black eyes: chestnut brown voice: airy and birdlike ♪ Now you're moving on and you say you're alone, Suspicious that this string is moving your bones ♪
  14. Wanderer - Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten Kingdom Given Name: Eli Amsen Alias/Assumed Name: Vito Actual Age: 26 Physical Age: 26 Mental Age: 26 Gender: Male Gender Role/Expression: Masculine Species: Human Hometown: Blairville Appearance Hair: Blonde Eyes: White Facial Features: Nothing of distinction. Physical Impairments: None. Build: Tall and lean. Clothing: Light padded leather armor with a reinforced cloth cloak. Accessories: Bone Mask, selection of enchanted rings and multiple pouches. Other: N/A Weapons - Main: Long Spear Secondary: Bowie Knife Other: Smoke bombs, throwing knives, throwing nets. Companions -Floki the Drake Personality - Top Three Defining Strengths: Patience, willpower and agility. Top Three Defining Flaws: Panics under-stress, stubbornness, slow learner. Material Fears: Large insects. Emotional Fears: Being captured. Abstract Fears: None. Material Desires: Treasure (Amulets, coins, etc.) Emotional Desires: Restart his old raiding group. Abstract Desires: None. Large-Scale Aim: Establish a base and restart his old group Small-Scale Aim: Raid and loot. Backstory - Born in Blairville, Eli was brought up in life of a gypsie trader. He was raised with a loving family, who frequently traded and traveled on the open roads. It was basic, but they made a good living. At the age of 10, both his parents passed away in large scale fire at a trade market in Casper, leaving Eli orphaned. Fortunately, his uncle Augustus was willing to adopt him. This brought him into the life of a marauder, a man who raids the raider. Augustus was a member of an unnamed raider gang, a somewhat more moral groups of pirates. They were known for primarily targeting, but had no problem targeting larger ships owned by the rich. This was unfortunately their downfall. At the age of 24, Eli was returning from a raid. As he entered the base, he came back to singed corpses and burning structures. A rich group of nobles and well known pirates combined forces to end the group, reducing them to nothing more than ashes. Eli, the last standing member, continues the traditions of the group.
  15. Raion Saikaku — Basics Real Name: Leo Jae Hyuk Tsūmei (Registered Alias): Raion "Reo" Saikaku Age: 18 Race: Human Class: Apprentice Swordsman Occupation: Swordsmanship Student (Hinode no Gakko Ryu) Birthplace: Weland, Terrenus Residence: Midlands, Genesaris — Looks Height: 5'9" Weight: 170lbs Gender: Male Hair: Black Eyes: Gray — Skills Hōjutsu (Gunnery): ∎∎∎∎∎ Kenjutsu (Swordsmanship): ∎∎∎∎∎ Taijutsu (Hand-to-Hand): ∎∎∎∎∎ Ninjutsu (Guerrilla Warfare): ∎∎∎∎∎ Adventuring: ∎∎∎∎∎ — Personal Goals: Integrate into the Datsuzoku Empire. Voice: Masculine, stern, loud.
  16. Persona · born · · Aolis Sylvanus · given · · Aolis · legacy · · Nationality; Sylvania · · Genus; Sylvanian High Elf · · Begetter; Amirus Sylvanus; Morganna Alethis · · Sib; · matrimony · · single Conception · where · · Sylvanian Ilses, Kadia · when · · Summer · present · · 345 Features & Physique · height & weight · · 6'6'' . 180 lbs. · sex & health · · Male . Peak · general · · complexion + · · eyes + · · hair + Battle · vocation · · Knight-EnchanterGhilan'him Banal'ven · armor · · Armor of Asrius SylvanusEnchanted · weapons · · Spirit Blade · · High Magic · · 
  17. Lithist O'Malley Off world mechanic Sinder Plant girl Dante Main Warden Sasha The Gun Warden Nikolai The Shield Warden Chloe "Night Dragon" Benoit Villainous Daughter of Palgard Minerva The Demonic Hemomancer Ragnar Amarth The Norse Demi-God Shannon The Human Ouija Board
  18. "I do not care if you hate me or respect me, but you will obey me."
  19. Name: Linda Linda Title: The Madame, Fräulein Silverbush, Founder and CEO of the Silverbush Conglomerate Visual Age: Early Twenties Sex: Female Sexual Orientation: Questionable Specialization: Businesswoman Brief Description: The white-haired, yellow-eyed, plain-faced woman(does not have jaundice). Slender build, average height, average features. A simple businesswoman wanting to make a name for herself. There is nothing suspicious about her. She is as normal as any ruthless businesswoman can be. Or is she? Unfortunately, she's just the Mistress Blackhead
  20. Profile Name: Yineffe Telvarna. Gender: Female. Race: Oiche Duende (Night Elf). Birth Place: Terrernus Wastes. Appearance Visual Age: Early 30’s. Last recorded age was 59. Hair Color: Silver/white. Eye Color: Yellow/Green. Skin Color: Warm grey. Body Type: Very tall and thin. Height: 6' 1 Weight: 91 lbs Other: Adorned with pale tattoos. Combat Class: Defensive mage, novice healer. Weapon of Choice: Yineffe has limited offensive training therefore she would rather flee than fight. She does carry a small obsidian dagger and will attack if pressed, however ineffectually. Healing is a skill Yineffe has studied little. She can seal mild lacerations and clear bruises, but lacks experience with large, internal, and/or life-threatening injuries. Yineffe’s major talent is in magic deflection and disruption. She can effectively turn her enemies abilities against them, reflecting spells and nullifying complex incantations. Spellbook Offensive Snap Fire: Conjures a small utilitarian flame. Defensive Basic Ward/Barrier: Protects against low level spells and regenerates a fraction of the parties stamina. Simple Heal: Restores a bit of energy and heals non life-threatening injuries. Mirror: Reflects high level offensive magic back at the caster. Spilt: Divides and scatters incoming magical attacks greatly reducing their strength. Personality General Mood: Tentative. Somewhat judgmental. Sucker For: Gold/opal jewelry and any form of fortune-telling. Annoyed By: Useless house pets, especially cats. Preferred Drink: Chilled mint tea. Background: Raised in an aggressive cult-like clan far into the Terrernus desert, Yineffe's identity has always been wrapped up in her family. Now, as an exile, she struggles to understand her place and has yet to realize the extent of freedom, knowledge, and danger in the world.
  21. 「DATA-INQUEST DETECTED. ACQUIRING IDENT-TAG... ... >[VERIFYING... VERYFYING...] ... >[VERIFIED. WELCOME, USER. REQUEST DATA-CRYSAL SCRY? Y/N] ...> [CONFIRMED. LOADING PROFILE: OPMED_F://325 DESIGNATION: 'BANDIT'」 '- You hear that ringing in your ears, son?' >[LOAD: PERSONAL INFORMATION] Name: Gheist Lysander Salvador Designation(s): 'Bandit' Rank(s)s held: Private of the 1st Terrenus Lancers (OPMED DIVISION) Species: Human, Cybernetically Enhanced Age: Born 561 WTA, thirty-six years old Birthplace: Blairville, Terrenus Occupation: Mercenary liaison attached to the Terran Armed Forces, Private - 1st Terrenus Lancers (Former) >[LOAD: PHYSIO-REPORTS c. 595] Height: 198cm/6'6" Weight: 90kg/200lbs Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Build: Muscular 「LOAD PHYSIO-PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION, FILE DESIGNATION 34-B3 Y/N ... >PLAYING: ++ '-this is Doctor [REDACTED], beginning second session with Private Salvador. And how are we today?'++ ++ 'Jubilant, Doc.' ++ ++ 'Don't be so morose. These things are part of protocol, after all. Your superiors asked me to do this, they're... worried about your state of mind. I believe one or two mentioned a concerning lack of... 'inhibition' when you conduct yourself in and out of uniform.' ++ ++ 'You gonna fix my head Doc, is that it? Some ink-blots, a box of tissues and getting in touch with my more sensitive side?' ++ ++ 'No, none of that today. I want to know why you took that bribe, Salvador. Your comrades can't trust you now, the death of trust is the death of cohesion within a squad. They seem to believe you'd do anything for money, without question.' ++ ++ 'Without question? No. I'd ask how much.' ++ ... >END PLAYBACK.」 Note(s): Allergic to Canid species. >[LOAD: EQUIPMENT LIST] XDR-7 'Cataphract' Weave: A form-fitting suit of synthetically forged armour. The suit's appearance stems from basic human musculature - whose materials are chemically rendered derivitive of mithril. Though the forerunner metal's protective properties have been lost following the cultivation process, the suit's electro-stimulated muscle-coils enhance the wearers physical capabilities considerably. Feats such as wall-running, tossing fully-equipped insurgents like dolls and considerable speed when running are some of the many enhancements the suit confers onto the wearer. Bandit wears a kevlar-weave set of combat-fatigues over the suit. XDR-7-H 'Graeae' Helmet: An advanced helm that interfaces with both the XDR-7's systems and the cereberum of the wearer. An influx of data streams across the helm's peripheral vision, allowing for the user to task-manage as easily as breathing. Equipped with thermal, night and electrical vision spectrums. Capable of filtering out most benign toxins/chemicals in the air, as well as a half an hour supply of air. XDR-RTs: A lightweight set of thrusters located at the base of the suit's back. Enhances the already considerable agility conferred by the Cataphract weave. Capable of sustained 'hovering' for a few seconds, and allows the wearer to jump a considerable distance. CP-41-L 'Longbow' DMR: A bull-pup frame marksman's rifle, favouring precision and reliability over stopping power. Chambered in the 8.19mm 'Shrieker' round, propelled by the combustion of a magical crystal located in the cartridge's base. Silenced and featuring a 6x zoom scope that is capable of interfacing with the Graeae HUD.
  22. A book containing the dossiers of characters. Permission to post: @ianthine @SoulOfTerra
  23. Statistics Epithet: “Life is cruel but friends make it less cruel… unless they’re dead in which it’s even crueler” Moniker: Kingsly Doe Title: (none) Visual Age: 22 Birth Place: Terrenus Race: Kobold (grey) Alignment: True Neutral Gender: Male Class: Gladiator physiology Hair: None Eyes: Dark Gold Height: 1.3m Weight: 33 kilograms Voice: shaky and guttural Build: Slim with muscular arms clothing • Patched cloth trousers • Dark yellow feathered cavalier hat • Dark yellow ragged cape • Spiked wooden pauldrons skills • Scurry (Quickly scampers around in an unpredictable manner usually in an attempt to dodge oncoming fire or draw attention to themselves) • Tail slam (uses his tail as a blunt weapon to inflict damage at the risk of being counterattacked on its sensitive surface) • Lizard Brain (will immediately prepare and overreact to any sign of danger like an anxiety attack of spider-sense) Inventory • Roman cestuses • Leather Satchel • sewing kit History: Kingsly was born into battle a group of Kobolds had been captured as slave gladiators but he was trained traditionally unlike his kin, he was built for death. Once he was old enough he spent his days fighting and fighting and fighting as his clan’s numbers diminished until one day it was just him all alone. He did not weep over this he merely took his mother’s makeshift sewing kit and began working making himself a rag tag costume, if he was doomed to be a performer he would be the best damn performer alive. Eventually after years of hard work he was set loose by a group of freedom fighters and now he aimlessly wanders exploring the new and amazing world with a childlike and carefree personality completely unwarented from an ex-slave who watched his family die.
  24. Full Name: Lotte Bililieu Age: 23 Birth: 02/21 Height: 5’9” Weight: 120lbs Hair: white Eyes: green Occupation: Journalist Parents: Dead Siblings: None Race: Behovian - Behovians are a race of aliens with pinched elongated ears and an olive tint to their skin. Any hair on their body is white if they grown it. Their eyes vary in color. All Behovians are able to communicate with people they are close to through telepathy by completing a linking ritual. Their skin can also secrete an acidic liquid as a defense and most of the race is fairly naturally athletic. Apart from these characteristics their minds function identically to humans. They are a proud race, but have no spiritual or religious beliefs. They have respect for all life forms. Hobbies: Working, teaching, collecting, writing, drawing/sketching, knife throwing Likes: colorful decorations, color in general, nice formal clothing, accessories, dreary weather Dislikes: tight spaces, discrimination, sweet foods, liars, people who are too happy Strengths: lying, manipulating, acting, empathetic Weaknesses: hypocrite, emotionally unstable, falls in love too fast, pushes people away Character Background: Lottes family relocated to Earth when their home planet became unlivable. At the time Earth had just begun to integrate new found alien species onto its planet in order to expand relations between galaxies. With help from other planets for a time it seemed the galaxy was thriving. However, on Earth a lot of alien species were met with cruel discrimination. Lottes family being the first of many to move onto the planet were unfortunately met with violence. Her parents were brutally murdered and she herself was almost killed. She barely made it out alive. To this day her families killers are unknown. Growing up in fear of never knowing if they would come back for her she lived a mostly sheltered life. Her aunt was able to take custody of her and give her a stable and loving home life thankfully. She has since grown up and devoted her life as a journalist to solving people’s stories and helping them by sharing hers. This trauma has set her back in life a great deal though because of it she devolved a great amount of PTSD, agoraphobia and androphobia (fear of men, especially human men). It has stopped her from forming many close interpersonal relationships with people and often gets in the way of her career.
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