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  1. Metty


    Not to be confused with the non-Alternate Universe/Prime Arashi. Basic Info Name: Stormbreaker Full Name: Arashi Sato [mostly unknown to public, prefers to not being called this if found out] Nicknames: None currently Titles: Electric Vigilante - name given after her using her electric powers to do vigilante like work White Knight - due to the bright white color of her armor Species: Dragon [Crimson Dragon hybrid] (apparently, but appears to be completely human minus the dragon tail) Age: Unknown, appears to be about twenty five (actually 121) Family: Ravenspire Family: Dr. Marigold Ravenspire - biological/real father - human - had Stormbreaker with her biological mother originally Kaynara - biological/real mother - Fae - had Stormbreaker with Marigold originally Arashi Sato - younger alternate version of self that went through different events - Crimson Dragon hybrid - related to Stormbreaker through almost the same DNA Glasmann Family: Octavia Glasmann - mother - Silver Dragon - through DNA modification Caeceila Glasmann - younger (older in Wartorn Valucre) sister -Silver Dragon hybrid - through DNA modification Rai Glasmann - younger sister (didn't exist in Wartorn Valucre) - Crimson Dragon hybrid - similar DNA so related Various other members of the Glasmann family through DNA modification Sato Family: Various ancestors of the Sato family Dr. Renji Sato - father - modified human - through DNA modification Many unnamed dragons - that she has modified DNA from Alignment: Chaotic Good Occupation: Terran Military Contractor, Bodyguard to Rai Glasmann [former], Former Engineer/Scientist, Vigilante (in private) Image of Stormbreaker in power armor by Ishida1694. Do not steal. Social Status: (what do I put here tho) Fame: Hell's Gate Military (Eminent); Rai's Bodyguards (Eminent) Personal Hair: Light Brown, reaches down to her shoulders Eyes: Magenta Skin: Light Body: Toned in upper body and arms Known Scars/Personal Features: Like the prime Arashi, Stormbreaker has a few scars and markings that are exactly the same, the jagged crimson red over the bridge of her nose, the two X-shaped scars over abdomen and chest, the crimson red draconic markings on her arms, her crimson red draconic tail and the scales on her shoulders that reach onto her chest somewhat. Other than that, Stormbreaker has a ton load of scars from torture and firefights, preferring to not talk about where she got them if she ever took her armor off. Height: 7"7 Weight: 100kg Demeanour: Known to hate killing, prefers to not talk about personal life, hates her armor being taken off Likes: Cats, Food, Cae, being treated with respect Dislikes: Needles, Enrele, Dredge/Legion, idiots Fears: Gaia Equipment: A suit of power armor that she never takes off, unknown how she got it, but it covers her face and body enough to prevent any suspicion. Claims to be gifted from an old friend who died in the line of duty. Only very few people (Holly, Cae, Arashi, Marigold) have seen her with it off. Languages Spoken: Terric; Draconic; Unii; Genesaris; Renovatio Languages Written: Terric; Draconic; Unii
  2. "I'll wait on you inside the bottom of the deep blue sea..." - MISSIO Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea by MISSIO Black Sea by Natasha Blume Hold Your Breath by Ruelle White Flag by Bishop Briggs I'd Love to Change the World by Jetta Glitter & Gold by Barns Courtney Broken Crown by Mumford and Sons Who Are You? by SVRCINA Renegades by X Ambassadors Soldier by Fleurie Bad by [Billie Elish Cover]Michael Jackson My Blood by twenty one pilots Just because... Lost Boy by Ruth B
  3. (Credit goes to pinterest for this image) Life in Tazarek was good, for a time. There was work for ages, and a deep sense of pride one could feel, surrounded by your own in a bastion of dwarven culture. In time, though, things shifted, and I began to hear the call of something bigger than me. Many recognized it as a sign from Thundermar, a being credited with the creation of the dwarven race, but I didn't think so. It was something deeper, something more than that. I had to find out what it was, even if it meant leaving everything I knew behind. So I packed up my things and headed out into the world beyond the mountains. In time, I joined the Gaian church, knowing this to be the calling I had heard. Through them, I hope to find a greater purpose in life, and perhaps do some good for the common folk. Who knows, it might just be a little fun as well.
  4. ☾ she loved death's hands, how they minded their own business ☽ - - - - - - - - - name amaris age appears 22 also known as sister black bird height 5'4" build slight and dainty, hair a wealth of dark hair trickles to a halt around her knees, its purple sheen like black hyacinths skin she's like, terribly pale eyes her eyes are a somber grey, staring out from beneath squarely chopped bangs is often accompanied on her adventures by bastian, her faithful warg can summon a bone sword with a cold aura her
  5. (page from notebook of this person.) I Write this so I don't forget who I am. Before i describe myself, there is something you should know. At the moment I'm writing this, I'm being pulled from world to world. every time i get to a new world my body gets reset to the first jump i made. even though i have no control about the jumps, i must remember to keep going. avoiding everyone brings disaster. better to have friends which you have to part with, than to be alone. Every time there is a major change. I'll add it to this notebook, i just hope it's still with me on the next reset. * Note: somehow, it was. i wonder why only this. Description after a reset Name: Unknown. * Note:Don't get attached to old names. some can't even pronounce them, it's better to gain a new name that fits the world you are in. Race: Human * Note: If I'm human, why do i keep getting send to different world. Physical Age: 20 * Note: It seems that currently the earliest reset is after one year, or about when i am 21. * Note2: The reset this time happened after 57 years. this is the longest yet, i even grew old, around 77. Helped a lot with people taking me serious though. Gender: Male. * Note: it seems i gained the ability to change gender. i wonder if it stays when i get reset again. * Note2: it didn't Birthplace: Home. not much else to say, i don't know the name of the world. Occupation: Traveller. * Note: Collecting information is key. maybe in some worlds that are similar i can take the job of a teacher. I'll try to learn as many facts and skills as possible. they can't reset my mind after all. Hair: straight, Dark blonde, messy. Eyes: Cyan. * Note: I woke up in a new world, and a change seems to have happened. whenever i look in a mirror without my glasses, my eyes change colour. * Note2: After some tests it seems that they are linked to my current emotions. for some reason my eyes retained their normal colour through my glasses. this effect carries through worlds. maybe a something can stop the reset? Skin: Light. Body: Average, not much special to note. * Note: it seems that scars also disappear during a reset. perhaps if i ever find a way to reset at will, maybe i can use that to heal myself in an emergency. * Note2: i can easily adapt to different systems of magic or what ever they call it in that current world. even if you need some strange organs in your body for it, i can still learn it. perhaps my body changes more than i thought during a reset. Height: 1.8 Meters. * Note: my body seems to sometimes change in size to adjust to the race that occupy the current world. Weight: 78 KG I met some interesting people today. they came from the same world as i did. although it seems he can move himself from world to world. I'll keep a list of people I've met that i might meet again here. Scientist: He doesn't want to give a name after i told my reason for not having one. Maybe if i meet him more often I'll write down more about him times met: 5x Teacher: another one without a name. although this person is found in a strange place, somewhere between worlds. I'm writing this down while sitting next to him. apparently he has been sending me to different worlds after the last one disappeared. I only know that he doesn't use a human shape. I should thank him for letting me keep the notebook and my eyes. * Note: I just read this and i can't remember any of this. who is this person, and why did i call him teacher. I need to remember to write more about him when i meet him again. Times met: ???x I think it's best to also note that i sometimes come across people from my original world. but they all seem to be in their first jump. i also never met any of them again. i think they are restricted to one world. * Note: is this because of that teacher? After my eyes it seems that another thing was changed to my body. perhaps it has something to do with that teacher from before. But I'll note every ability that i can keep from world to world here with a description of what I've figured out by testing. Let's start with my eyes. as noted before my eyes change colour depending on my emotions. although i don't know all of them i know a few ones. I'll continue to add them as i figure out more. - green: curiosity. some friends pointed out to me that there was a green glow beneath my glasses when i was asking lots of questions. - Red: anger. Sorry for losing my cool, but don't talk about that stuff so casually. - Dark blue: Calm. just relaxed. i was expecting it to be sad, didn't expect this. *I Note: Something weird happened today, while i was talking to someone, dropped my glasses, when i looked at him, he looked completely different. I'll write down more about this as i figure it out. * Note2: Proof of truth. that's what the winged ones called it. * Note3: terrible findings, don't forget this. when i don't wear my glasses, I'm more susceptible to things like possession. although i slowly build a resistance to these things the longer they affect me. * Note4: someone told me the next sentence, maybe it can help me understand the eyes in the future: The eyes are the gateway to the soul. even though i don't really call it an ability, I'll still write down about this notebook. In here I'll write things about me that are relevant for more than one world. maybe if i get the chance I'll make more for different worlds, but I'm afraid i won't be able to carry them all. I've read about this one in different worlds so it's worth it to write it down. they call it the babel tongue. to keep it simple it's a skill with which instead words you communicate with intentions. the words are heard by the other person in a way that they understand what you mean. i don't know yet if it also works the other way, but i need to keep an eye out for this skill. * Note: i was able to find someone to teach me. * Note2: even though I'm able to take my progress to the next world. it will take a while to perfect this skill. * Note3: I'm not the best in this, but now i can at least understand the languages of the different places i visit. it may not be perfect, but it's enough to communicate with others. I gained something truly amazing. after i helped the home world of the winged ones, they gifted me a special pair of wings. the proof of the guardian. unlike most of the winged ones, i can fly with these. it seems that instead of bound to my body, it's bound to my soul. but in return, they made me forget what i did there, and where the world is. i only know that i helped them with something, and gained wings that enable flight for me. * Note: I've been training to fly with them. it feels almost natural. I've been told that they consume a lot of energy, but i don't feel weaker. maybe all the travels made me stronger somehow. * Note2: i don't know how to explain how it happened. but somehow i summoned a sword while trying to protect my friends. even though i succeeded half, i passed out after that. * Note3: my wings, I'm able to transform them into the sword, but they get pulled away from my back, if i overuse it i might die if i don't get them reattached before i loose to much blood. side-note: it's not blood, it seems that when using it, my life force is being pulled out. but when i woke up they were restored together with my life force, how did i replenish it. what is going on. * Note4: Aparently it's named the Gaia sword, it lends energy from the world while i use it, but i need to use my own strength to summon it. maybe the energy from the world? It seems i made that last entry a bit confusing, so i add all the important things about the wings in one entry here. - They are called proof of the guardian. and they are connected not to my body, so i think they are connected to my soul. - they allow flight. I've trained a lot with it and i think I'm not worse than any of the ones that are born with wings. - secondary function. Gaia sword. - the Gaia sword is made out of two halves that form together to create a single sword. the halves are made from both wings. - the sword uses the energy of the world I'm in at that moment. but it takes a lot out of me to summon it. - if I'm separated from it. the sword disappears. - i lose consciousness when i use it. when i wake up my wings are reattached. i don't know yet if some creature does that, or if it's part of my skill-set. Not really an ability, again, but still useful. My memory seems to work better lately, if i learn a task in a previous world, i can also preform it in the next. I'll focus for now on bettering my survival skills and my use with weapons. after that I'll find useful information that i can use in multiple worlds. i think I'll start with the different races I'm coming across. they often are similar after all. (end of current version of notebook. if i manage to find more information about this individual. I'll add to it. following are some notes about his current situation: apparently at the moment he stays in a place they call Valucre, at some barony called Rath Lux. He uses the name Mozart at the moment, gifted to him by the son of the current Baron Rhean Ryszard-Mayne, husband of the late Catherine Mayne. He was taken in by the son of Rhean after he heard him play on an instrument made and decorated by hand. at the moment he acts as a teacher and general protection of this son Dray. he uses his free time to learn more about this world and is learning it's magic system. starting with light magic to protect the household. it's not sure what his progress is with learning the system. He has some disagreements with the baron, but doesn't intervene in his deeds. focussing on the safety of the son and the household. We will continue to monitor his current form.)
  6. "So long as the winds shall blow, the name 'Brutus di Villanueva' shall be carried upon it!" Brutus di Villanueva is a product of his time-- A gentleman to the end, despite his reputation. Born to a poor family and failing as a clerk, his intelligent nature combined with an adventurous spirit had him rise to prominence among high society of Nehalen. An avid party-goer and wooer of high-class courtiers, his barrel-chested physique, dark skin, and above-average stature have been the subject of many erotic essays and novels. Though he is no slouch in a sword fight, his strength lies in an investigative mind and a powerful charisma... And a long career as a chronicler among the various courts he has the pleasure of visiting. He is beyond empathetic in nature, valuing a colorful imagination and warmth in all he does. "People of all corners of the worlds, harken! Caballero di Villanueva has arrived!" As for his clothes, his fine, white breeches are matched by his gold-inlaid lead-heeled boots. On his adventures, he typically wears a frock-coat of a cream color embossed in silver thread over a blouse of fine lace. The whole ensemble is tied together with a fur cape, and a tricorn hat with a swagger of artificial roses and feathers adorning it. His hands are well-maintained with manicure and softening creams. The closest thing he has to a callous is on his left middle finger, from holding a pen too vigorously. His abilities, though unquestionably powerful in an arena of the mind, are better focused on the physical sphere. There is no question about his strength, nor his endurance; his weapon of choice is a courtly rapier, bearing the head of a stallion as the pommel. In a fight, he favors graceful agility over raw strength, though a superior swordsman could easily depose his ego with advanced technique. He does not have the physique for bows, instead favoring a more relaxed alternative; he carries a three-barreled pistol of ornate metal make imported from Genesaris. If he had it his way, he would take artillery the size of a small hut everywhere he went, as it is one of few weapons used at a range which abides by his skill set. His sense of space and scale alongside a mind for detail makes him a skilled navigator on sea, sky, and land; as a horseman, he is a skilled rider, but does not have much skill in rearing them in a high-stress situation such as a battle. If he ever found himself in such a scenario, he would prefer to be on the general's staff, in a tent a parasang or two behind the skirmish line. "Be ye a slow-poke, a dawdler, or a killer, I command you; here comes Brutus di Villanueva-- Make way for Genius!"
  7. vielle

    Ardís Valkyrja

    Ardís Valkyrja — chooser of the slain; ► B A S I C S age: 27 race: archangel class: swordswoman + sorceress occupation: wanderer birthplace: city of angels ► L O O K S height: 5'11” weight: 143 lbs gender: female hair: ghost white eyes: vibrant aquamarine voice: dark and deep ♪ Because you are, holy water I'm dying of thirst, no I'm not gonna make it ♪
  8. ⬤ Identification ↳ Senso Yanakido ⬤ Phonetic ↳ //, " \ ˈsen¦sō \" ⬤ Referral Identity ↳ //, “Abbadon”; Erebeus ⬤ Lineage ↳ //, Iwashiroian (human) ]⬤ Gender ↳ //, Male ⬤ Birthdate ↳ //, ??? ⬤ Birthplace ↳ //, Tanegashima, Iwashiro ⬤ Vocation ↳ //, Lance of ∞ “I met a man with a mysterious lance. Actually, he was more like a devil disguised as a man. I believe it was when I just arrived at a forest in a bordering region of the The Tanegashima Empire and Meizhou Dynasty to investigate it under the imperial order. The forest was extremely quiet, suspiciously so. I was about to order the soldiers to search. Suddenly... I saw a man in the shadows of the forest. He was alone, but he was mumbling as if he was talking to someone else. Then he saw us standing out here with our mouths agape. He slowly walked out of the shadows with a creepy smile on his face. He didn't look like he was of this world. I thought he was the devil himself. Maybe it was because I didn't know who my enemy was. A gut feeling of fear that I hadn't felt for a long time came back, screaming at me to run. I ignored it and was about to crouch into a fighting stance when I saw the lance in his hand shimmer. I don't remember clearly what happened next. I think the soldiers were lying on the ground. My right arm felt numb. And I heard the mysterious man's maniacal laughter. When I opened my eyes, I was at an Imperial medical relief station, missing my right arm. That explained the numbness I felt before I lost my consciousness. But I didn't have time to wallow in pain. I had to let my superiors know about the devil. Two years have passed since I turned in my last report and returned home. I still dream about the devil sometimes. A while ago, one of my comrades from my days in the Imperial Army visited me and brought me up to date on what's happening in the outside world. Abaddon was what the devil was called. It refused to cooperate with the Empire or the Dynasty, so the government through armies at it. It obliterated every single one of them. But it always let one soldier leave alive, my comrade said. Suddenly the devil's maniacal laughter rang in my ears again. I know now that I didn't survive that day; I was saved, so I could send a warning to everyone else who would come to the devil after me.” ⬤ Class ↳ //, Lancer Purgatorio Have you seen the night sun? A strange phenomenon had been sighted everywhere in the world. A pitch darkness that denied the existence of light was enough to terrify all living creatures to the core. This caused the monsters to act out. The kingdoms on Iwashiro were forced to launch subjugation efforts and an investigation to find the cause of this unknown fear. Anyone could join this investigation, and countless reports were submitted. The most notable report was about seeing two glowing yellow eyes in the darkness. This report had the words "he" and "unknown entity" frequently used throughout it. The leaders of the Meizhou Dynasty decided that this whole thing was an act of rebellion committed by a certain group and ordered its elimination. Tanegashima on the other hand played their hand cautiously, their knowledge of Isamahii Garden and the forlorn secrets giving them some insight as to its origins. Then, the situation changed all of a sudden. What was once perceived as simple darkness started causing deaths. After countless soldiers died without an apparent cause, the royal leaders realized the seriousness of the situation. They sent out an elite unit of soldiers to trace the darkness. And after many more soldiers were sacrificed, they found the man who they believed to be the mastermind behind this phenomenon. Unlike what was reported to them, he was alone. "Are you all that the Empire can send?" The proud elite soldiers bristled at his taunting remark, but they didn't dare get close to him. He smelled too much like death. "Are you afraid?" The darkness chuckled. "But you're impressive, coming all the way here to find me, I'll give you that." Suddenly a pitch darkness settled around them, blocking all the light. His body began darkening as if absorbing the darkness. He was the unidentified entity mentioned in that report. By the time they realized that, it was too late. All they could do was listen to his final words for them before their death. ⬤ Titles ↳ //, — Lancer Purgatorio: Bearer of Issai Ōsatsu No Shukugō (Curse of Annihilation), he is the host of [insert spear's name here]'s karma, the great embodiment of primordial evil. Some see him as a corpse who has lost all humanity, and others as a weapon of very few equals. ↳ //, — The Devil Knight: A trailblazer of death he sends all those who stand before him to meet the Devil. There can be none saved that have died by his hand. ↳ //, — Blaze Ritter: ??? ↳ //, — Deimos: The personification of terror, he's considered a deity in the lands of Iwashiro, the living embodiment of the dread caused by war and death. ⬤ Class Great Chaos Knight (all sub-classes) ⇢ Sub-Class: Dark Centurion ⇢ Sub-Class: Demon Lance ⇢ Sub-Class: Dark Knight ❀ Mastered Classes: Unknown. ⇢ Character Level: 4000 ⇢ Character HP: 4689242 ⇢ Character SP: 8754232 ⇢ Character ATK: 14547922 ⇢ Character DEF: 8456246 ⇢ Character INT: 5215325 ⇢ Character RES: 7464653 ⇢ Character HIT: 13646546 ⇢ Character SPD: 95421536 ⇢ Archery: B ⇢ Daggers: ? ⇢ Maces: B+ ⇢ Firearms: ? ⇢ Polearms: Z ⇢ Staves: E ⇢ Swords: C ⇢ Unnarmed: C+ ⇢ Projectiles: A+ ⇢ Whips: A+ ⇢ Shields: ? ⇢ Hammers: ? ⇢ Axes: S ⇢ Air [voltia -- ether]: ? ⇢ Fire [voltia -- ether]: A ⇢ Water [voltia -- ether]: ? ⇢ Earth [voltia -- ether]: B ⇢ Electricity [voltia-- ether]: ? ⇢ Shadow [voltia -- ether]: Z ⇢ Light [holy]: F ⇢ Time* [space]: A ⇢ Alchemy [transmutation]: F ⇢ Psionics [non-elemental]: A ⇢ Cosmic* [non-elemental]: ? ⇢ Planar*: ? *Cosmic involves intricacies of "The Force" and Planar is reserved for storytelling ❀ Favourite Food: ? ❀ Favourite Drink: ? ❀ Favourite Book: ? ❀ Likes: ? ❀ Dislikes: ? ❀ Common Quotes: ? ❀ Friends/Allies: Sato Kaneda, Alexandria Uzuki, Camber, ? ❀ Family: ? ❀ Rivals: Sato Kaneda. ❀ Enemies: The world. ❀ Appearance
  9. nenrill

    Varhac Orikkur

    ⭒☆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆⭒ Name: Varhac Orikkur ⭒☆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆⭒ Pronouns: He/him Race: Catfolk (basically? He can turn into a lynx though. Werecat?) Age: 28 Birthplace: Genesaris (A very small village in the forested mountains of the Southern Swell) Class or Occupation: Hunter (former), Homesteader (current) Personal Hair: Short, wavy, dark brown Eyes: Dark brown Skin: Light skin with a tan from working outside, lots of freckles Body: Muscular but not in the big bodybuilder kind of way Height: 5’7” Weight: Average Abilities and Resistances Can turn into a lynx, athletic, knowledgeable about local flora and fauna and its uses Equipment Hunting knife, day’s worth of snacks + water, small pouch of money, some rope, small firestarter Extra Was exiled from the village he was born in and now lives alone in the forest. Occasionally he will travel to the nearest towns for supplies he cannot provide for himself, but he doesn’t do this often. He’s blunt, grumpy, and closed off, but fiercely loyal to those who manage to get close to him, and very disciplined.
  10. Dagný THE SIGILMANCER basics age: 36 race: human class: sigilmancer occupation: tattoo artist location: raven's landing mbti: istp moral alignment: cn || sisterhood of witches height: 5'7” weight: 129 lbs gender: female hair: inky black eyes: dark brown voice: hoarse and shrill persona Friendly but very private, calm but suddenly spontaneous, Dagný's mercurial moods are as fluid as the ink she uses on her skin. She can be a challenge to predict, even by those who claim to be a friend or an ally. Dagný is a witch who is deeply fascinated with her craft. She is near obsessed with it; this affliction has led her down the path of isolation, at least in regards to her personal affairs. On the other hand, she has learned the ways of the business proprietor, and ever since she has set up shop in Raven's Landing, Genesaris, she has found success as a tattoo artist—with a little bit of dabbling in mercenary pursuits on the side. Worldly attractions and pastimes interest her greatly, but she holds no true regard for anything but her own self. Upon her recent induction into the Sisterhood of Witches, however, her loyalty now extends to her fellow witches and to all under this organization. magicks A self-proclaimed metropolitan witch, Dagný has chosen to reside in bustling cities for most of her life, in stark contrast to most fellow practitioners of witchcraft. Her magic has thus evolved to suit the urban landscape around her. Insignia Magic - The primary focus of her practice of witchcraft. Dagný can infuse her magic into the drawing of sigils on her body as well as on other people's bodies; these can have all sorts of effects ranging from enchantments to potential arcane "wells" from which to draw magic from and perform conjurations, transmutations, and the like. These magical sigils and their effects fade over time or after a certain amount of spell usage. Because of the nature of her magic, she has access to a wide range of spells, but she is limited to the sigils that are currently etched on her skin at a given point in time. The stronger the ink she uses and the longer it takes to tattoo the sigil affects the power of the spells corresponding to those sigils. Herbalism - Dagný finds arcane gardening to be a relaxing pastime, aside from its fulfillment of the need for specific plants and herbs for her craft. Her knowledge of the nature and uses of herbs adds insight to her magical studies as well as aiding in the creation of potions. Her ability to treat illnesses and wounds is augmented with the use of medicinal plants. Item Enchantment - Years spent in the confines of the cities meant that Dagný had to learn how to create magical tools and items on her own to aid the practice of her craft. The process of item enchantment involves the casting of various spells to imbue an ordinary item with magical properties. She makes use of this skill to sell tiny baubles enchanted with spells that uplift emotions, or perhaps ensure the owner's absolute safety for a day or two. LIST OF SIGILS AND THEIR SPELL EFFECTS COMING SOON. ART BY PETER XIAO
  11. *Picture is not mine, but acquired on the internet Name: Willow Bright Race: Human Occupation: none (but looking) Age: 19 Gender: Female Alignment: Neutral Birthplace: Tethys Height: 5'3 Weight: 101 lbs Body Type: Slim Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Tattoo/Scars: none Likes: Kittens, travelling, honesty Dislikes: Lying, bad jokes, bad breath, hurtful teasing Quirks: Afraid of heights Personality: Can make friend easily, but can leave a friend easily too. Is a bit on the pessimistic side. Uses sarcasm on a regular basis. Become less guarded around plants and animals than she is around humans/other species. Attire: Wears simple human clothing for different outings. Mostly pants/blouse/boots for travelling, and a simple dress for events. Weapons: Whatever weapon she can find on hand, since she has no powers or extra strengths. History: Her parents died when she was young, but she's unsure how it actually happened. She was raised by her uncle, who was cruel to her emotionally and raised her to feel bad about herself. She is driven to succeed by her life experiences. She is studying to be an herbalist. Threads: https://www.valucre.com/topic/45545-a-celebration-in-red-the-feeding-iii/#comments https://www.valucre.com/topic/45656-run-for-ever/
  12. Teresa Demetrius Imperial Princess of Veluriyam Empire Basics First name: Teresa Surname: Demetrius Moniker: N/A Alignment: Neutral Good Race: Archangel/ Daughter of Fallen Profession: Imperial princess of the Veluriyam Empire Affiliation: Veluriyam Empire Hometown: City of Angels Gender: Female Age: 16 | 17 | 18 Physical Eyes: A shade of pure gold Post brainwash her eyes have taken on a sky blue Complexion: A slight tan during the summer, but base complexion is fair Height: 5' 6" Build: Slim and athletic Hair: Dirty Blonde Wings: Once bright white, now turned black. Currently has 4 wings. Mental Demeanor: Reckless, wild, and kind Hopes: To destroy those that ruined her life and rebuild her father's legacy Fears: To let her father's legacy be forgotten Likes: Revenge, recognition Dislikes: Being used Gear Armor: Angel armor. Extremely strong metal found only in the City of Angels. The armor increases speed and provides a defensive sphere when under attack. The angelic armor is full bodied, ranging from helmet to boots. Winged patterns run down the armor to symbolize her connection to the City of Angels whereas her under armor is a dark green that shows her position in the Veluriyam Empire. Sword: There is a long sword that Teresa always carries with her called Sapphire. It was given to Teresa by her father when she turned sixteen as a sign of her achievements in the City of Angels traditions. Skills & Abilities Close Combat - Trained in secret by the royal guards, Teresa has become adept in a variety of hand to hand combat styles including Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu Swordplay - In her martial arts training Teresa was also trained in sword arts that can be said to have very close similarities with kendo. Weather Manipulation - Teresa has the ability to control the weather to an extent. This ability is usually used consciously, but under certain situations subconscious effects could result such as snow suddenly falling from the roof when she's cold, among other emotions, or an occurrence of indoor rain when sad. Although she can't control the elements like elemental benders, Teresa's power of the weather, in certain circumstances, can allow her to control portions of the four elements and their subcategories. Background Teresa is no stranger to the politics of royalty and nobility. And while she used to be extremely naive as Imperial Princess of Veluriyam, after being kidnapped and brainwashed by the City of Angels, having her father, Emperor Titus, killed by the same angels with a divine virus, and her birth mother dismantling the Empire that was rightfully hers, she is no longer that naive princess. Broken in both heart and soul, Teresa forges forward with nothing but the will to rebuild her father's legacy. Family Father: Emperor Titus Demetrius Mother: Kaisáreia Rozharon Parálios Past Threads Hanami - Flower Festival [Open] - Completed Constructing a Stronghold - Completed MT3:1 - Teresa vs Akiris - Completed The Reverie Ball (Open Hub) - Completed The Reverie Maze [Accepted Participants Only] - Completed/ Dropped
  13. vielle

    Grey, Muriel C.

    Grey, Muriel C. 26 | F | NEW EVERRUN, LAGRIMOSA "It was thought by many that by entering New Everrun's dog-eat-dog world of politics, Miss Grey might be in over her head. Nevertheless, she seems to be of a notion that infallible cheerfulness and unyielding determination will be her recipe for success. We shall see, Madame. We shall see." — The Everrun Daily Bulletin, Issue 92 Miss Muriel C. Grey is a citizen of New Everrun, originally hailing from the northern outskirts of Hell's Gate. She is currently the protégé of John Wilder, governor of the city. Having studied political science as well as having dabbled in engineering and magitech in her hometown, she had spent time traveling the continent before finally landing a position in New Everrun's fledgling new government. Eventually, her paths crossed with John Wilder, and circumstances had worked themselves out in her favor when he took her and her career under his wing. Her practicality and levelheaded approach to any obstacle is juxtaposed by a sunny disposition and an almost detrimental amount of altruism. She is a self-proclaimed workaholic; her meteoric rise through the ranks of the local politics scene is often attributed to this very trait. She has also recently taken up the pursuit of learning self-defense and the use of firearms, something she has been advised to do but is ultimately rather reluctant to study. ART BY PETER XIAO
  14. HOUSE OF KHARON-FOY | DESIGNATION The House of Kharon was once an esteemed aristocratic family before its wealth dwindled in recent years, when the more foolhardy of its members squandered their assets away in the very establishments that built their fortune. The marriage of the Duchess of Kharon and Sir Obadiah Marcus Foy, however, has bolstered its coffers as well as its reputation. The House of Foy has made a name for itself in the business of recreational drugs and magical elixirs, and with a noble title secured to its benefit, the combined houses are suitably positioned to expand their investments and estates. The members of the House of Kharon-Foy are Orisian vampyres, with some notable exceptions. The identities of the odd ones out are not immediately clear upon first glance; only upon close observation or through entrusted information will the true nature of these members be known. The Kharons’ distinguishing trait is their dark red irises, while the Foys are notable for the purple hue of their eyes. | MEMBERS Sir Obadiah Marcus Foy → No one quite knows where the patriarch of House Foy had come from nor where he had obtained his wealth. The mystery that follows his name serves him well in his business exploits; he is known to be an indiscernible personality. If there is one fact the public can agree on, it is the observation that he adores his wife, the Duchess of Kharon, whom he affectionately calls his “dear Theo”. Cassian Percival Foy → Cassian Foy is reputed to be a most worldly man. The flourishing of the Foy apothecaries is often attributed to his singular focus on the advancement of the family business. He is known to frequent establishments in both high society and city’s underbelly, always on the prowl for a good business deal—or perhaps even bargains of the more illicit kind, if one were to go looking to him for such. Libitina Amalié Foy → Miss Libitina, as she is affectionately dubbed by the public, is famous in Umbra as a prodigious opera singer, despite her apparent youth and the strange paleness of her complexion. If one were to look through the family archives, one would see an uncanny resemblance between Libitina and a deceased older sister from four hundred years ago. No one dares ask any of the family members about it, however. Lady Theodona, Duchess of Kharon → The trappings of nobility fit her well, as her title demands: she is elegant, poised, and unfailingly polite to all. She is deeply pious, devoted to the Sitraic Faith far more than most of her kind. Despite what many believe is a union born from necessity and greed, Theodona Kharon had married beneath her station for love—or whatever strange phenomenon passed for the feeling these days. Helena Kharon → There are rumors that the only child of Lady Kharon had been born out of wedlock, for the man who had previously held the title of Duke of Kharon was thought to be infertile. No matter the whispers that haunt her, Helena has proven her worth to many of her critics with the successful opening of The Circosalia, the lavish gambling house she had established in collaboration with her step-brother Cassian. Alistair Peregrine → The right hand of Obadiah Foy requires a great amount of competence and patience, and Alistair Peregrine has these qualities in spades. He is rarely absent from his master’s side, carrying out Obadiah’s wishes to the best of his abilities—of which, of course, he has a considerable amount. Andrachne → It would be quite easy to mistakenly assume the gender of the stoic guardian that stands by Cassian Foy’s side; they would prefer you don’t even try to speculate. It is said they are the reason why Cassian haunts the shadows of the Kul’daru district without fear. After all, when one is protected by a talented duelist, one tends to win fights more often than not. | HOLDINGS & ESTATES The House of Kharon has long built their wealth upon the foundations of their “houses of entertainment”. The establishment of recreational and entertainment spaces had brought them renown and affluence, though it had also been their downfall in the later years of their bloodline. With its union to the House of Foy and the acquisition of Foy Apothecaries, they are beginning to regain solid footing in their field of expertise. ♦ The Circosalia | Umbra, Genesaris → The most recent establishment built by the collaboration of Helena Kharon and Cassian Foy, this luxurious gambling house has quickly become the new haunt of the city’s elite. It has adopted the theme smoke and mirrors for its interior: glass sculptures and free standing walls are wreathed with what seems to be a perpetual cloud of faint smoke from the patrons’ cigars and tobacco pipes. ♦ Chamber of Uladris | Umbra, Genesaris → A worn-down building that had once been a glorious theater house at the height of the House of Kharon’s wealth. The architecture is thematically tied to that of the swan and its feathers, with great sweeping arches and alabaster columns. It is currently under reconstruction at the behest of Sir Obadiah Foy. ♦ Eil’Tyr | Umbra, Genesaris → A sprawling fight club establishment can spectators can watch and gamble on the outcomes and prospective show fighters can look to earn coin and reputation. It operates similarly to its counterpart The Ring of Pain in the Kul’Daru district, although its patrons lean more towards the higher echelons of society. The establishment also acts as intermediary between those seeking to hire competent hands for work outside the fighting ring and its show fighters. ♦ Foy Apothecaries | Umbra, Genesaris / Carmine Dominion → The organization that has made the Foy family a household name when it comes to recreational drugs and magical elixirs. There are many branches located throughout the Carmine Dominion, with the main manufactory located on the outskirts of Umbra. [ full lore article and list of products coming soon ] → art by peter xiao ///
  15. My parents were merchants, going from place to place, living on the road, and meeting new people every day. It was a good life, but as it seems in our world, the good never lasts long. One day, as I was putting away camp, I had this feeling of anger due to trouble with packing away equipment into knapsacks. Then everything was on fire, yet I was untouched. Since then, I have learned that my powers are psionic, as my emotions trigger them. My parents felt it was best to send me to the Gaian Academy, so I could learn to be a true adventurer and use my abilities for the betterment of everyone. It was difficult, but I learned a lot, including how to control my psionic abilities. Since then, I have turned to life as an adventurer, studying for some years at the Gaian Academy, before leaving on my own. Hopefully, with these abilities of mine, and the knowledge passed down to me by my teachers at the Academy, I can do my part to make Lagrimosa a better place.
  16. I think she’s too powerful please spare me- Basic Name: Mizuki Kaneshiro Race: Unspecified (may be altered through swapping forms temporally) Age: 15 (years since existence) Birthplace: Unspecified (differs per timeline) Class or Occupation: Timeline Traveller Personal Hair: Cyan Eyes: Cyan on the right, crimson on the left Skin: Pale Body: Spry, lean build Height: 6’ / 1.8m Weight: 121lbs / 55kg Abilities Temporal Traversal- The ability to travel through time, space, and thus realities (see MWI). Also allows for form shifting and ability copying. Limited by mental strength. Minor Chronokinesis- The ability to change a state of an object in time. Does not apply to anything bigger than a box of popcorn. Temporal-based Form Shifting- Ability to switch forms. Requires quite a bit of time to set up. Swordsmanship- She’s also very skilled in kendo. (And somehow being able to manifest a sword with unprecedented power in a bamboo blade. All hail King Artoria.) Equipment A pocket clock- Souvenir from an older timeline. Is able to tell the time in any timeline accurately. (Night of Nights intensifies.) Excalibur- Air that cuts. And blasts. And does blast cuts. And can be manifested in any other sword. (All hail King Art-) Timeline Shifter’s Coat- A rugged coat with no true origin. A pack of cards- Up for a game, gentlemen? Thread History (What do I put here, lads?)
  17. This thread is going to include all my different characters so I can keep track of their timeline, and provide a surface level reference for people to interact with to assist with RP. Table of Contents 1. Lia 2. Astra 3. Arista 4. Iruha
  18. Octavia Glasmann I Work In Progress IDENTITY: Birth Name: Octavia Glasmann I Ceremonial Name: Kore Glasmann VII Title: Countess of Hell's Gate Social Status: Countess of Hell's Gate; Head of the Glasmann Comital Family Fame: Biomedical Circles (Eminent); Draconic Dominions (Eminent); Hell's Gate Nobility (Eminent) Citizenship Status: Civilian of Hell's Gate Languages Spoken: Terric; Draconic; Elvish; Dwarvish; Elemental; Drow; Undercommon Languages Written: Terric; Draconic; Elvish; Dwarvish; Undercommon PHYSICAL SUMMARY: Species: Silver Dragon Forms: Humanoid - Common Knowledge ??? Ethnicity: Moon Elf Sex: Female Height: ??? Weight: ??? Eye Color: Icy Blue Hair Color: Silver Body Type (Build): Slim; Athletic Voice: Melodic Apparent Age: Mid Twenties Laterality: Right Dragon ??? Sex: Female Length: 22 Feet (6.71 Meters) 580600 Weight: 1,280,000 Pounds (580600 Kilograms) Eye Color: Icy Blue Voice: Sibilant Pattern: Solid POWERS: Cyromancy ??? Animancy ??? Poison ??? WEAPON/VEHICLE PROFICIENCIES: Weapons ??? Vehicles ??? TECHNICAL PROFICIENCIES IN: ??? UTILITY SKILLS IN: ??? SHORTCOMINGS: ??? ARSENAL: ??? ???
  19. [BASICS] First name: Xen Surname: Khan Nicknames: “Whisper” Alignment: Chaotic Good Race: Drow Elf Gender: Male Age: 22 Job(s): Sell Sword, Thief, Adventurer [PHYSICAL] Voice: Deep and soft Eyes: Crimson Complexion: Light Grey Height: 6’3 Weight: 190 Build: Mesomorph Hair: White, Crew Cut Tattoos/markings: N/A [MENTAL] Demeanor: Quiet, Suspicious Hopes: To create a family through new friends Fears: Drowning, Loneliness, Death Likes: Food, Psychedelic Mushrooms, Cold Weather, Sleeping Dislikes: Undead, Outwardly Hostile People, Hot Weather, Waking up early, Being Alone [GEAR] A fairly well maintained black cloak, dark grey leather armor, tall black boots, a large rucksack full of non perishables and miscellaneous tools [WEAPONS] A great sword, a bow, and a quiver of arrows [STRENGTHS] Kind, Caring, Loyal, Brave, Physically Strong [WEAKNESSES] Trusts Easily, Manic Depressive/Bipolar, Sensitive, Hard to calm down when eventually angered [SKILLS] Running, Jumping, Climbing, Archery, Lock-picking, Breaking and Entering, Swordplay [FAMILY] Zek’Khan, Father, Presumably Alive, Blacksmith. Stubborn but loving, Zek’Khan had lived his whole life in the underground of Valjer, and was adamantly opposed to returning to the icy surface. Though, eventually giving in and opening up his own smithing shop. He had groomed Xen’Khan to be his successor and to take over the family business. Xea’Lee, Mother, Presumably Alive, Home maker. Xea’Lee has sacrificed much of her life to cook and clean for her family. She had even sewn most of the clothes that her husband and son both wear. She was Xen’Khan’s best friend growing up. Having spent his life thus far in a frozen hell hole, Xen’Khan had spent most of his childhood fawning over stories from the rest of the world. Longing to leave is snowy home. Against the wishes of his father, Xen’Khan saved up as much money as he feasibly could to take a single airship to Union City. Creating a rift between his family, and starting his adventures into a world totally alien to him. He has not spoken with his family in six years. Being a Smith’s son, he knows how to use swords of all sorts very well. He’s also very proficient in archery, having trained in it since a very young age.
  20. Enchantress-apprentice Nicoletta art by kthelimit on DeviantArt Identity Full Name: Nicoletta Mihaly Egnatius Age: 22 Race: Terran Human Birthplace: Blairville, Lacrimosa Profession: Healer Occupation: Pupil of the Illustrious Wizard Tower in Blairville Title: Enchantress-apprentice Physical Description Hair: Brown, shoulder-length Eyes: Golden Skin: Dusky Build: Lissome, slight; little muscle mass Height: 165cm (5'5") Weight: ~59kg (130lbs.) Principles Alignment: True Neutral First and foremost an academic, Nicoletta puts the pursuit of knowledge before both ethics and morals, and maintains that the advancement of herself, her station, and that of her affiliates to be more important to her than doing the right thing. While she prefers negotiation to violence, she is not above lying or saying nothing at all to protect those she is loyal to. This discipline was taught to her by her instructors at the Illustrious Wizard Tower in Blairville: a code of silence meant to protect wizards from the Gaians, and more recently from the law of Safeguard. Despite this, she would condemn all but the closest of comrades if there was no other way to survive, and for a vital companion she would surrender if fighting was not an option. Ethical companions: Nicoletta prefers the company of those who would not let themselves be tied down by ethical constraints. As a scholar in a highly competitive field, she sees arguments of ethics to generally be an obstacle to her success, but she is not without a personal code. Betraying her allies still comes with a cost of conscience she may not always be willing to pay, so she prefers to drive them away from danger, rather than cause trouble and let everyone else deal with the fallout. Likewise, she would much rather subterfuge to disarm or bypass a foe, than risk retaliation by attacking them. To Nicoletta, the concept of honourable combat is too idealistic to be true, much like dirty fighting is an oxymoron. Moral companions: Although she has few moral compunctions, Nicoletta prefers the company of those who would avoid harming the innocent if only because it means her work is more likely to go unnoticed. Although Blairville has given her much and values those in her career highly, she does not seek to actively improve the realm. Instead, her ambitions are mostly personal, and if she does provide for someone, she will expect to be repaid. Otherwise, she holds many virtues that others celebrate to be worthy of critical assessment, even basic charity. Professional companions: Nicoletta will never betray another wizard except in the most dire of circumstances. She has come to respect her peers greatly and will typically cooperate with them if only to obtain more experience in her field, especially those senior to her. The streetwise and roguish who can assist her in accessing secret lore and ancient artifacts locked away either in active, populated cities or the ruins of past empires will find her interested in their services. She considers herself to always be in need of at least one protector or bodyguard, never turning away loyal muscle. However, she sees paladins, exemplars, and knights of goodly faiths and orders to be threats, however, most especially Gaians, whom she quietly considers her enemies and seeks to undermine if the opportunity presents itself. Social companions: Although she does not particularly rely on emotional support, the life of a wizard's apprentice can be lonely, and she has learned that without good help, getting anywhere in life is a struggle. However, Nicoletta is self-important due in part to her privileged upbringing; open admirers may find themselves manipulated, while those who do not show her respect, even without being asked, may find her progressively becoming less obedient & agreeable. To a new acquaintance she may seem of mercurial temperament, and her standards are indeed nebulous. History Nicoletta is an apprentice enchantress at the Illustrious Wizard Tower in Blairville, a tower known for its studies in practical applications of magic. It is a competitive institution, and due to its exorbitant tuition, only wealthy students stand a chance at gaining access to its facilities. Enrolled by her father Mihaly at age 14, she has studied almost every legal form of magic at a moderate level. Her speciality is healing, and her competencies lie in helpful enchantments, especially those that help soothe pains of body and mind, and keep the body stable during periods of high stress. Many of her peers look down on her choice despite the practical nature of most of their studies, considering it a waste of her talents, though these criticisms are usually left unspoken when they are injured and it is her that comes to their aid. Over the years she has spent here, she has become fairly popular with her classmates, her skill in magical healing often breaking the ice for her. Her life changed when the Safeguard Act was established, and it couldn't have had worse timing for her father. The unrest caused by this law ultimately gave his opponents the resolve to make an attempt on his life, and they proved successful, cornering and killing him in his home. Nicoletta was devastated, and the effect of this tragedy caused her marks to plummet to the point she was nearly ejected from her enrollment at the Illustrious Wizard Tower. Her father's last will was for his fortune to go toward Nicoletta's tuition, but so much of his wealth had been stolen by his killers that even if his wishes were respected, the remaining sum was insufficient to cover even one year's tuition more, and she had several more to go. On top of this, there were extensive fees to pay if she was to delay her compulsory military service, a duty for which she would be approached only months after her father's death. Not all was lost, however. Nicoletta's mother, Esther, an airship crew engineer, was able to scrape enough money together to cover her tuition. She urged her daughter to live frugally and ration what funds they had left, but it took a long time for both of them to heal, though it did not take very long for the reality of their situation to set in, and Nicoletta eventually realised her mother was right. They eventually stopped speaking on account of disagreements over Mihaly's actions; Nicoletta believed he should have been allowed to pursue his interests regardless of whether or not it was forbidden, and that he protected them by keeping them out of it, while her mother, on the other hand, believed that the risk he took was selfish and unforgivable. Before the two could reconcile, Esther decided to leave Blairville for Hell's Gate with her airship crew, but she continued to pay her daughter's tuition and military service exemption fees. Every year that goes by, the military recruiters return, and their fees for arranging temporary exemption grow, but so too do Nicoletta's magical abilities. While she was able to separate herself from some of the finer comforts of her expensive lifestyle, she also began selling her services as a healer in the Tower District, making use of both her magical spells and a variety of traditional medicines. It was a humble way to spend her time compared to what she was used to, but it filled the void that her father's passing left in her life, and it led to a number of new connections that helped her move on. Now, the prospect of graduation is finally within sight—but there is one more task. To shed the title of apprentice for good, and earn the title of Enchantress that she has come so far to achieve, she was to leave those gilded spires behind and step out into the wild world beyond Blairville. With her mother's money dwindling, and many debts left to pay, she had been on borrowed time for a long while already. Lagrimosa's dangers, known and unknown, loomed in her mind, and Nicoletta regretted that she had none of the combat experience the Terran military would've afforded her, let alone the training. She would have to hope for a miracle to survive this trial. Family Mihaly Egnatius: Father. Deceased. Mihaly was an affluent wizard in Blairville who lived a private life. Since before Nicoletta was born, Mihaly was a senior instructor at the Radiant Wizard Tower, a tower renowned for producing competent battle-mages and spell-blades. The wealth he earned from his station enabled him to provide his daughter with a prosperous life, securing her future through higher education. Secretly, however, he also practiced the dark arts, funding his profane research with the wealth he had amassed. He hid this truth even from his own daughter, and for a long time he was never found out, but as his experiments became more daring, rumours began to circulate and the Gaians caught on. Tensions mounted until the Safeguard Act came into effect; days later, his home was broken into and he was murdered in his chambers, then dragged out into the streets. Nicoletta's mother requested custody over his remains, but the Gaians have locked him away in a crypt under their control, and his tomb remains sealed to this day. Much of Nicoletta's comfort in life was provided by Mihaly; she has never forgiven his killers for taking him away from her. Esther Egnatius: Mother. Alive. A loving mother and a skilled engineer. As a member of an airship crew, she is often away from home. She suspended her duties for a brief period after her husband Mihaly perished so that she could grieve with her daughter, but they have grown distant due to disagreements over his dabbling in dark magicks. As well, Esther always warned her daughter not to rely so much on her father's wealth, reasoning that her lavish lifestyle could lead her to ruin. Nicoletta respects her mother's work ethic and traditional, world-weary viewpoints now more than ever; her family legacy has been tainted, and her father's wealth is all but gone. Esther funded Nicoletta's studies herself in spite of the wedge driven between them, continuing to send money home from Hell's Gate where to this day she works on airships both at port and in the sky. Nicoletta wishes to one day repair their relationship, but she is not ready to give up her academic pursuits just yet. Ithraides Egnatius: Older half-brother. Alive. A patron of the romantic arts known for his leading roles in stage performances, Nicoletta's half-brother is eight years older than she is. Neither of the two have ever met his elven mother before in their lives, and the two rarely see each other, on account of Ithraides traveling the world to reach a wide audience. On the rare occasion of his return to Blairville, it is to visit his family, but his life of fame and fortune has many costs of its own, and he has frequently had to ask for financial assistance from them. Nicoletta and Ithraides bonded well for the short time they spent together, but word of Mihaly's death reached him months late because he never had a direct line of contact to his family. When he finally returned, Esther promised that she would supply him with a reliable means of communication to stay in contact with the rest of his family no matter where he was in the world. Nicoletta was not so understanding. Her rage in grief was so great that she attacked him, but he refused to retaliate against his half-sister or report the battery, instead swearing never to speak to her again. He has not returned to Blairville since. Irene Mihaly Egnatius: Younger sister. Alive. Irene is a caretaker by passion, having dedicated her life to orphanage work. She has a kind heart and a gentle temperament, but since Nicoletta has had access to the Illustrious Wizard Tower's archives for all her life, she has found little reason to visit Irene. Although the two don't know each other very well, and their incompatible lifestyles have kept them apart, she was the only one Nicoletta could say goodbye to when the day came that she was to leave Blairville's comforts behind. Equipment Clothing: Blairville high society outfit. Nicoletta's fashion reflects the choice of many a student of the Illustrious Wizard Tower. Soft fabrics loosely worn are comfortable throughout the day, and upon the wearer do not weigh heavily. Armour: None. Weapon: Wand of Deceit. A simple wooden wand used to focus and direct arcane magic. This particular wand is enchanted with the spell Deceptive Glamour, which when cast will surround the wielder of the wand with illusory copies of themselves. The illusions will mimic every action the subject takes but are not capable of causing harm; they will be disrupted upon contact with any moving object smaller than a fist-sized stone, and anything larger than that will cause them to dissipate. Ring: Egnatius Signet Ring. A silver ring fitted with a flawless tigerseye gem, used to deliver Nicoletta's family seal in wax. It is rumoured that wearing this magical ring as a symbol of her father's protection has changed her eye colour to its striking golden hue. This particular ring has been enchanted with the spell Cloak, which when cast will place an invisibility spell over the wearer. The spell will only be effective if the wearer remains still, and it will only last a few minutes. Abilities Telepathy. Magical ability. Nicoletta is capable of transmitting her thoughts and feelings directly to the minds of a willing recipient. A mental link can be established indefinitely by nothing more than eye contact and the recipient's positive reaction, and it can be severed deliberately by either party with a mere impulse. If Nicoletta cannot see the recipient, she must enter a trance to communicate with them. While in this trance, she cannot react to her surroundings. At longer distances, Nicoletta can only make the recipient aware that she is attempting to contact them. Restoration. Magical spell group. The healing school of magic has been her primary area of study from the beginning. She is capable of many treatments, from stopping blood loss to mending a broken bone. The process can be extremely painful if rushed, but more thorough care typically involves pain-numbing magic as well. The more wounds she restores, the more she is fatigued from mana expenditure. Nicoletta can only heal someone who is within arm's reach, with the lay on hands method being most efficient. Arcane Theory of Practical Elemental Manipulation. Magical spell group. Nicoletta is learned in the Illustrious Wizard Tower's art of elemental magic, and has a limited portfolio of spells at her disposal which allow her to make use of it. Although heating up water in a tea kettle may seem superficial, perhaps even hubristic, it can save time in the wilderness where clean water is not always available at a moment's notice. Static in the air can be captured and launched as a bolt capable of delivering a momentarily debilitating shock. Dust and sand can be launched into a cloud that obscures vision and irritates the eyes and open wounds, and one little spark is enough to ignite an oil lantern if there is no flint on hand. An accomplished wizard may consider these spells mere cantrips, but to Nicoletta, who has little experience with wilderness survival, they are a lifeline. Intrusive Thought. Magical spell. A conjured distraction invades the victim's mind. The victim, who must be able to see Nicoletta, is aware that she is the source of this unpleasant thought. Immediate responses vary: a regular person may turn and flee in fear or confusion, while a magical adept recognises this as mind-altering magic; animals might run away, or they might become enraged, depending on the temperament of the species. The intrusive thought's influence grows the more it is rejected or fixated upon, but it will go away if ignored. Any stress or paranoia caused by this spell can usually be cured with the affliction itself. OOC Section I will be updating this space as Nicoletta develops. My goal is to fill it with relevant information that helps you understand where she fits into your character's story, as well as what she is capable of, and what she offers to a narrative. Since the page is a work in progress, feel free to leave any suggestions and constructive criticism you may have, so that I can improve it! Please refer to the "companions" section of the profile up above, if you'd like a primer on how our characters might interact, whether that is as allies, friends, rivals, or enemies. I'm comfortable with all writing & posting styles, and looking to make new friends whom I may provide inspiration to. Here is a list of general list of themes and my comments on them. Things I approve of, and things I try to avoid, will appear here for the sake of clarity. It is likely to grow over time, this is just off the top of my head. Adventure: The kind of roleplay Nicoletta was created for! Whether it's battling against the odds as a team, or simply being humbled by what wonders of the world exploration reveals, leaving the comfort zone and forging bonds with other characters in dangerous situations is something I greatly enjoy. Dice: While not necessary, never being certain how things will go keeps the tension up. The roll of the bones is satisfying to me in and of itself, because it means the story can head in any direction and we might be in for a surprise. Gritty: Life on the road isn't easy. A healer-mage can make it a little less deadly, but not every problem can be solved with a flick of the wrist. Challenge makes victory much sweeter! Magic: Being a student of a magical academy, Nicoletta has a lot to learn from other wizards, so competing or training with them is sure to be a good story kicker. Romantic: Nicoletta is not looking, but may consider suitors. There are consequences to everything, it must be understood that our characters, like all people, are imperfect; it might not work out between them. Social: Roaming around a town, relaxing in a quiet library, finding a nice tree to sit under, just talking and getting to know other characters can be a fun way to make new acquaintances in between adventures, and provide much-needed context to all the hardships they face on their long journeys. Thank you for reading, please let me know if you've got questions, I don't bite! Updated 07 October 2020 - proofreading, added abilities and OOC section 🙂
  21. ____x____x : e s s e n t i a l s : "It is absolutely required... Learn your place and follow orders 515" Commander Theodan Alexander Birth Name: Κυνηγόσκυλο πεντακόσιες δεκαπέντε - (Kynigóskylo pentakósies dekapént)Used Name: Pyrrah. (post biography)Alias(es): 515, Hound. Age: 200 earth cyclesVisible age: Appears around 18 relative to humansDate of Birth: 22000:BCLineage: >>>Father: King Cerberus {} Mother: Queen Alexandera. Class: Omega Tier (thats low)-- Sub Class: ReliefOccupation: WandererAlignment: NoneMarital Status: PromisedBirthplace: Erebus____x____x : v i t a l s : "Its very important your services satisfy" Queen AlexandraHeight: 5.6Weight: 340lbsHair Color: BlackHair: Long and wildEye Color: Orange (with black whites)Handed: AmbidexterousSkin Tone: GreySkin Condition: Supple and smoothPhysical Condition: GoodVoice: Young, fierce, innocentArm Length: normal____x____x : s t a t u s : "one is nothing without their name. Its all you have so I'll give you one; Pyrrah, yeah! That's a cute one!" Toby McGavenaughStrength: Far in excess of a normal humanPower Classification(s): Lower end of the families scaling. Potential is S classed but base is C.Blood Type: DivinePrimary Residence: NonePrimary Discipline(s): Hands, Claws, Acrobatics-- Sub-discipline(s): Flame magicInnate Abilities: Fire conjuration, Fire immunity. Special Abilities: Dilated perception, ____x____x : p e r s o n a : Personality: A fierce but loyal hound. She will fight to the bitter end, fang and claw for those she cares for. She's prone to fits of depression, anger, outrage, and berserking under the right unfortunate circumstances. Bio: In her service under King Cerberus, her father, she and his armies conquered nearly they're entire plain of reality. Which is a near limitless separation from where she is now. Near the end of the conquest her father rewarded his subordinates, she and her 665 sisters included; each with a single 'wish' of sorts. Most wanted something in the form of territory, or power. She requested to not need to fight. He responded by banishing her from his realm. ever to return. Upon awakening, she met a young man, a boy really. Named Toby McGavanaugh. Toby refreshed and helped her. He even gave her the name she has now. Toby died a few years later, and Pyrrah blamed herself. She wanders now in search of peace.____x____x : f e a t u r e s :A. Body Art: NoneB. Scar Tissue: None____x____x : b r e a k d o w n :____x____x : w e a p o n r y :Weaponry : Claws and fangs.Attire. (see image for basic idea)-- Headwear: Collar-- Upperbody: none-- Armaments: Shackles-- Lowerbody: Black underwear, -- Feet: shacklesArmor.-- Headwear: None-- Upperbody: armored plate-- Armaments: None-- Lowerbody: Armored tasset-- Feet: None (images available at request)____x____x : a c c e s s o r i e s :____x____x : d e f i n e :____x____x : c r e d i t s :
  22. Nobilis

    ~ Annan ~

    Whispers of the Water "Annan water, you loom so deep and wide I would cross over if you would stem the tide" - Annan Water, The Decemberists | Name: Annan. | Sobriquet: None. | Actual Age: Several hundred human years. | Apparent Age: Early-30s. | Station: Kingyo. | Gender: Female. | Height: 5'3". | Weight: 50 kg. | Dominant Side: Left. | Physique: Lean. | Eyes: Copper. | Hair color: Copper-red. | Hair style: Long, curls. | Skin Tincture: Pink. | Affiliations: In service to her majesty. | Occupation: Spy. | Nature: Cautious, curious. | Alignment: True Neutral. | Likes: Her majesty, song, the sea, rivers, rain, water, warm baths, learning. | Dislikes: Violence, attempts to dominate, fire. Attire | Torso: Linen or cotton shirt, dresses. | Hips: Belt. | Legs: Pants or skirts. | Footgear: Shoes. Gear Annan Water, being a spiritual force and not an organic creature does not require many of the needed accouterments that many mortals need. As she has no need for sleep or eating, she rarely if ever needs to carry supplied with her. Her clothing is a physical manifestation of her own spiritual force and is tangible. She can, at will, alter the physical qualities of her own form (her clothing is an extension of this, though once created it does not require effort to maintain). Items created by Annan in this way cannot be used to adversely affect the world by command of her majesty. As an example, Annan cannot manifest weapons. If separated from manifested items for longer than 24 hours, they will convert back to water. Abilities Her heritage grants her the following abilities: | Water-breathing: Kingyo have exceptional gills and can easily breathe under water. | Emotional Conduit: Annan is an emotional conduit and is highly empathetic. While her own experience is limited in terms of life on land, emotions are a universal factor. All kingyo are able to intuit emotions and feel them very strongly. This allows them to be very effective communicators and empaths, but can also cause them to need to deal with the difficulties associated with intense emotions. Due to their mastery of emotions, and despite feeling things strongly, they cannot be emotionally manipulated. As they are conduits of emotion, they can share their own memories and the emotions related to them, with others. This is akin to opening a door into their psyche and feelings, but the receiver must opt to experience them. Because of the intensity with which she feels emotions, this can be (and often is) exceptionally overwhelming for the receiver. The experience dissipates quickly, but the feelings related to the experience are often remembered well. | Swimming: Annan is a remarkable swimmer and has no difficulty in this task. She can maintain high speeds, even if encumbered. | Internal compass: Annan has a deep and innate understanding of compass directions. She can locate north, south, east and west effortlessly. She also has a general understanding of where bodies of water are located. She can find rivers, lakes, and oceans quite easily (though getting to them may take time). She is exceptionally in tune with water and is aware of any water in her immediate vicinity without effort. | Pass for Human: Short of her gills, which are visible to anyone who looks at her back, she is almost impossible to differentiate from a human.
  23. ____x____x : e s s e n t i a l s :Birth Name: Nathaniel BellamyUsed Name: BellamyAlias(es): Bellamy VaneAge: 28Visible age: 33Date of Birth: Unknown, even to him. Celebrates his birthday at the beginning of each year.Lineage: Incredibly poor; Unknown parentage. Claims to be of some kind of royal blood, but when pressed on it, his story remains inconsistent.Class: Amongst the poorest of the poor, save for a number of things he's... "Acquired" over time. -- Sub Class:Occupation: Good-For-Nothing, Ne'er Do Well, and Aspiring PirateAlignment: Chaotic (?)Marital Status: Single. Always, Single.Birthplace: Port Caelum, Genesaris____x____x : v i t a l s :Height: 6'2"Weight: 192lbsHair Color: Chestnut BrownHair: A greasy mess of chestnut locks that are taken intense care to slick back, only carefully out-of-place, windswept brushes spilling around him.Eye Color: Pale BrownHanded: AmbidextrousSkin Tone: A working man's tan, slightly tawny, but not dark.Skin Condition: Rough, callused skin, bruises coating it moreso than scars, and workers' calluses coating his hands and fingers.Physical Condition: An athletic build, honed primarily through acts of labor, moreso than any particular kind of physical regiment.Voice: Rough, scraping. The kind of hoarse voice that makes it seem speech is hard for him, but deep enough to rumble in his chest.Arm Length: 1 Arm____x____x : s t a t u s :Strength: About the level of a slightly above-average adult man. Nothing particularly strong, but nothing weak either.Power Classification(s): Jack of All Trades, Master of None; Slight skills in a number of varied fields, but not enough to be particularly skillful in any one field more than anyone with practice.Blood Type: The type that he would prefer to remain inside of his body.Primary Residence: The streets of Port Caelum, and whatever Taverns will take his credit.Primary Discipline(s): Empath. Bellamy claims to be a very powerful psion, though it is uncertain whether or not he is telling the truth. His telekinesis is only capable of moving small objects, and his telepathy can be turned away only a thought. But typically, one of the few uncanny abilities he seems to have is a knack for people's feelings, often detecting them in the form of colors he can perceive with a physical kind of luster to them.-- Sub-discipline(s): Swordplay, Dueling, Tactics, Psionics. -- -- Psionics: His spell knowledge exists primarily in the form of psionics, which allow him to wield his spells tacitly. Psionically invoking minor telekinetic impacts, easily shut out telepathy. These straightforward abilities typically are incapable of affecting an opponent on their own. -- -- Tactics: A sharp wit, and a life on the streets has him often pay attention to what others might not notice, which has resulted in him paying a great deal of attention to his surroundings. This enables him to better come up with a number of distinct strategems. Many of which are ineffective. But a 40% success rate means he still succeeds often enough to survive. -- -- Swordplay/Dueling: As with anyone, he's better at dealing with one target than a number of targets. His swordplay skills are rudimentary, but good enough to get him by in a one-on-one with the weak or inexperienced, whom he has at least five times that he knows of preyed upon for what he calls "Luxury Money".Innate Abilities: Tacit Casting, though it requires more focus to lay spell work without word to give form to the spell than it does to cast with a whisper.Special Abilities: A drive that borders on desperation not to die unhappy and unfulfilled. Given his status as a man who sleeps in a gutter more often than not, this is a very real concern.____x____x : p e r s o n a : Bellamy is a man of slovenliness and sin, often personifying himself as such. A lazy nature, drunken and shambling, he chases after vague things, under the notion of "finding happiness"... Which often finds himself seeking out worldly pleasures. Dissatisfied with men and women, with booze, with drugs, with food, the vast majority of the pleasures he seeks out seem to have little impact on him, despite how fervently he chases after them. Despite his constant chasing of sin and debauchery, he finds little satisfaction in it, and often walks out of dens of vice wearing the same expression as he wore going in. He is easily pushed and driven to follow the whims and ideas of others, taking action towards causes he doesn't seem to care much about, and often plays devil's advocate for the passionate, challenging their viewpoints with ill-thought-out considerations of his own. Despite this, he seems almost philanthropic, donating whatever money he hasn't sunken into his vice of the evening to others who need it, spending coinage as easily in a gambling den as he does in the hands of the homeless. Had he not donated half of his earnings to others, over time, he would have had more than enough money to afford a room in an inn, or a small apartment, with his myriad odd jobs. Overall, his sin and philanthropy, at constant odds with one-another, seem to define him, as well as his careful perceptions of the emotions and feelings of others, his emotional intelligence often leading him to minimize conflict, which seems to be one of the few drives that seem to drive him towards his goals... Well. As long as it's conflict he can avoid in the first place. He seems to loathe conflict in the form of social situations moreso than actual fighting. He often adapts his own goals towards others, making himself come across as something of an emotional lightweight, driven towards situations by casual prodding and poking, provided it prevents things from going poorly for him. Bellamy seems a man of oddities and contradictions. Loathing argument, but playing devil's advocate of his own will more often than not. Spending money just as much on charity and philanthropy as he does on vice, criminality, and sin. A living series of contradictions, with the same kind of hollowed expression worn no matter which he adapts, his fixation on living a "fulfilling" and "happy" life his greatest, simplest motivation.____x____x : f e a t u r e s : Rather average in stature, he seems to be a person you wouldn't look twice at. Despite whatever handsome features he might have, or have had, he seems to care little for them, resulting in a beard that's mostly scruff and hair that's usually slicked back by its own grease. The only thing respectable about his features are the calluses of a hard-working man on his palms and fingers, and the fact that his skin has, miraculously, retained its health over many, many years. His musculature isn't particularly impressive, even if it is enough to accomplish what he needs to get done.____x____x : b r e a k d o w n : Bellamy was born in Port Caelum, and abandoned from childhood at a quiet orphanage by the name of Ubume's. There wasn't much to do there, according to him. You lived. You lived a little bit every day, and sometimes it was a struggle. In the struggle for survival, while his peers learned the values of hard work, determination, self-efficacy... Bellamy didn't. He learned none of those things. When he was a child, he learned how to swindle. How to feel momentary satisfaction. The disappointment of being unlike everyone else. The knowledge of what happiness was. He learned all of these things, and so many more, by reading the emotions of the children around him, and the prospective parents and hard working adults. The joy of children playing, that he didn't feel. The alcohol that seemed to titillate the workers once their hours were over. The glee of parents and children both when they were finally joined together. But he, the child with the false smile, was always seen as a wrongness. Something that left those around him profoundly uncomfortable. The way his empty gaze flitted from thing to thing of mild interest. The lack of understanding of the morals and values that were being taught to him. The hollowness in his tone as he explained each detail leading to his few successes. Bellamy was a sociopath. His regard for laws is minimal, his respect for authority tends towards what they're doing for him or against him at the moment, and his sense of right and wrong is nonexistent, beyond a hollow mimicry of what others find important. He isn't evil, nor is he a monster. His emotional capability is simply... Limited. His attempts to reach out and understand the feelings of others have resulted in a clinical understanding of emotions, coupled with his empathic sight allowing him to read the hearts of others. But true understanding seems to be constantly out of his reach. His impulsive actions and lifestyle have resulted in him living without compass or guidance, and his lack of regard for his own safety has resulted in something of a mixed history. Criminal work seems to be his forte, though he'll hollowly respond that he only does it when he has to to live. But his money is spent on vice for the sole purpose of feeling something, of that being what the workers at Ubume's orphanage would do in order to feel relaxation, since he can't understand himself, let alone others around him. He considers himself a hollow puppet. Something more machine than man. And with living a life of disappointment, of lack of understanding, he has recently considered the notion that maybe a normal person's life isn't for him... And started to piece together a plan to try and uncover a measure of excitement, joy, or dare he dream of it, happiness, in the face of a major change. ____x____x : w e a p o n r y :Weaponry : Two blades, one of a thicker, shorter build than the other. A scimitar and a rapier, neither of which are named, and both cast in steel, to make it lightweight and durable enough for prolonged usage. The long, thin blade is meant primarily for keeping others at a distance through traditional fencing and dueling methods, while the shorter, heavier blade gives him openings when people try to get within his range. If only he was good enough to use this strategy effectively...Attire.-- Headwear: N/A-- Upperbody: A white shirt with a number of conspicuous alcohol stains on the chest, and a heavy cloak.-- Armaments: A pair of utilitarian blades, one long and thin, the other thick and short. Without inscription, name, or any sign of unique craftsmanship, they seem to come across as simple weapons. But they have a secret to them. An ancient, powerful secret, that results in them being incredibly effective weaponry... They are hewn out of steel, and sharpened with whetstone, until they are sharp enough to cut through flesh. That's it. He's nothing special.-- Lowerbody: Trousers, heavy and warm, they provide him insulation when he spends the night in a gutter.-- Feet: Tall, worn, Leather boots.Armor.-- Headwear: N/A-- Upperbody: A bronze breastplate, old and scraped up enough that it no longer shines, with scratches and scars from years of battles against stone walkways, pavement, and occasionally the weapons of others.-- Armaments: N/A-- Lowerbody: N/A-- Feet: N/A____x____x : a c c e s s o r i e s : A pair of bracelets, made of what look to be prayer beads, that he wears exclusively around one wrist. ____x____x : c r e d i t s : Audia Pahlevi - Pirate Man Art
  24. Name: Alistair IstrefiMethod of Combat: N/ADate of Birth: -- (approx. 400 years ago)Place of Birth: Eurasia, Earth*Race/Ethnicity: Indo-EuropeanHeight: 6'2"Weight: 158lbsReach: 38"Body Type: Lean, athletic build. Runners physique.Other: ________________________Equipment+.] Weapon 1: +.] Armor: ______________________________Abilities +.] [Passive] - +.] [Active] -
  25. This is a profile list for characters along with any information about the writer that is needed to start any RP! For those who are curious. Preferred RP styles are; - Action - Mystery - Thriller - Character Drama - Exploration Preferred genres are sci-fi and fantasy. Characters include: Drake Owen Primary: Genesaris Brighton "Redbeard" Langston Andrea Hunters Grey Denning
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