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Found 69 results

  1. What are some roleplay ideas that you've had that never saw realization? Did it make it to the water cooler, into an actual in-character thread, or did it stay only in your head?
  2. I was wondering this myself cause apparently I don't exactly develop my main character in such a way that allows her to like develop more techniques etc, learn new skills that would useful or allow her abilities to be used more practically. How do you guys do this in rp so naturally without it taking over the plot? Is there a certain way to develop this I'm not aware of?
  3. Not nearly to the same level of detail as we have available for the Valucre canon, I'd be interested in providing some shared settings that people can interact with in Alternative and am curious who else might be interested in doing something like this together or in parallel. Like maybe a persistent Prohibition Era New York or Chicago or Las Vegas (or all 3) that provides a shared setting for roleplay in Alt and can even be modified through character action. Maybe it'll just be a changelog style thread where anyone can post an update to it or something like that Some ideas: Prohibition Era Someplace for gangster style roleplay Something more Scifi Modern earth A downton abbey type place Something superhero / My Hero like Steampunk Post apoc / zombie Who wants to do something like that? Created: Endless worlds - science fantasy Oatpeak - western Cicero - Noir / prohibition
  4. Just something I've been wondering for a while When browsing lore of locations (cities, landmarks, nations, etc.) how much lore do you look for? How much detail do you need to be able to rp comfortably in the setting, or what details are enough for you to go by? Do you prefer detailed lore that outlines every notable aspect of a location -- down to breeding patterns of local wildlife, plumbing and waste disposal, etc. -- or is a general description of the location's appearance good? Do you prefer having all the details at hand, or do you want enough freedom to exercise your creativity? How much lore is enough?
  5. I've been discussing this with multiple people about how anti-magic works on the world of Valucre. I view this way personally: Arashi, my main character can't absorb mana and uses her powers kinetic/spiritually. That would technically mean she can't be harmed by anti-magic due to not having the ability to harness mana which anti-magic works on to negate in the first place.
  6. Thought it was semi-useful and it costs only the time it takes me to copy and paste to capture it in archival form Csl Today 9:06 AM is the storage movement basically the internet? supernal Today 9:08 AM Not quite. That’s more the Crook which is more closely like the TCP/IP stack desolate milkshake Today 9:08 AM i dont think there's necessarily a "the internet" like IRL, but most magitek can be networked supernal Today 9:08 AM TSM is more “like” a Wikipedia. A centralized info store Csl Today 9:08 AM ahhhhh supernal Today 9:09 AM Crook allows for ad hoc creation of inter and intra nets but there isn’t a “world wide web” supernal Today 9:09 AM Unless you ask the weaver ? Csl Today 9:09 AM time to make a world wide web then! Csl Today 9:09 AM the Weaver? desolate milkshake Today 9:09 AM Grumble would sort of be like a private network accessed via a Crook widget or something Csl Today 9:11 AM so looking at it as hard Canon, it'd be limited to terrenus magitek/magitek with a crook widget? supernal Today 9:13 AM hmmm. youd be limited to magitek, not necessarily terrenus brand magitek desolate milkshake Today 9:13 AM IIRC the holoarrays were also network-capable before the Crook was invented supernal Today 9:14 AM they were but they were limited to the main stations / main cities. the crook "democratized" the ability for consumer "electronics" to network supernal Today 9:14 AM (was the idea anyway) desolate milkshake Today 9:15 AM in terms of "hard canon" networking sounds like it'd mostly be using the Law of Contagion / contagion links, instead of something like fiber optic cables desolate milkshake Today 9:15 AM someone could probably lay cables if they could avoid getting killed by all those monsters out there Die Shize Today 9:15 AM pew pew supernal Today 9:16 AM lol a yuuja comes across the cable just casually cuts it, brings down the internet Csl Today 9:17 AM oooh. this is super helpful for wrapping my ict-ignorant head around the concepts Csl Today 9:17 AM seems like the faux tons could solve the problem of needing wires tho, if they work at near-lightspeed? Csl Today 9:18 AM also whales already do that irl and cause internet problems iirc supernal Today 9:19 AM they dont work at near light speed, but they are pretty fast supernal Today 9:19 AM yeah but whales dont have sickle claws is what i'm getting at! desolate milkshake Today 9:19 AM imo it would be a different technology, but the idea of faux-ton "posts" is similar to cell towers desolate milkshake Today 9:20 AM its like a step in that direction supernal Today 9:20 AM yeah but not super because its LOS limited vs waves that can propogate omnidirectionally supernal Today 9:20 AM and their radition goes through walls. FT specifically will materialize data if they hit a physical barrier supernal Today 9:20 AM someone could look at that and come up with a related tech but i think itd be different too Csl Today 9:21 AM ?? Csl Today 9:21 AM this is giving me ideas supernal Today 9:22 AM good! Csl Today 9:23 AM so magitek)crook networks = wireless contagion (magic) links, but no established www yet, and FT= LOS cell towers, kinda supernal shout out to @Csl and @desolate milkshake
  7. Whilst not directly spoken about (From what I've seen), I've noticed on a few occasion the concept of overpowered being used whilst discussing other topics. So this just got my curiosity going, how do you personally define overpowered? I bring this up because I do argue with myself about it. Most people seem to define it by a single characters powers, such as reality warping or ability to cast giant firestorms. But it's rarely talked about in cases where an individual controls a city or army. A character could just be a regular human, but if he controls an army of 1000 soldiers is that OP? If that same character happens to control a city the size of Hell's Gate, is that OP? Neither of these things are a real 'power', but do make a character very powerful. I've never had an issue with powerful character as they can create good plot points, but I would like to hear your opinion on the topic.
  8. What weapons have you encountered in Valucre? And to make things interesting, no repeats (variations are fine)
  9. As the title suggest. Just some brainstorming that appears to be sparking in chat that I want to capture in part in something with a longer shelf life
  10. I want to crowdsource this. There are so many different storylines of different levels that it'll be good to get input from many different data points instead of just what comes to my mind from personal interactions. I'm trying to come up with a list of wanted criminals. This is distinct from general villains because it doesn't care about moral stance, just about criminality of activity, so a prolific thief with a heart of gold would still find themselves on this list. This requires visibility. If the character you want to submit (yours or someone else's, and both are welcome) is a shadowy mastermind and not enough people would know about them to be able to give information on them, then no need to apply. This also requires a sanity check. If the player isn't reliable, you can mention the character but it probably won't make its way to the list, since an ability to be engaged and be present on a schedule that keeps other players engaged is a fundamental criteria for me for this.
  11. Exactly what it says on the tin; just wondering if anyone who's run original RP sites ever published (or considered doing so) more 'traditional' - I.e. novels - stories that are set in their RPG's universe? (Or in this specific context, Valucre) Not necessarily has to be in a commercial capacity, of course - I.e. free to read web novels also fit the bill; but the bottom line is creating traditional, non-interactive fiction (I.e. novels, comics, etc.) that take place within one's original RP setting.So the question to Valucreans here would be twofold, namely...1.) Have you ever published (or considered doing so) stories based on your RP's setting?2.) Would you ever write on a RP whose admin has published (or intends to) stories based on the site's setting? (Say, imagine rewriting the transcripts of the latest sitewide plot into a web novel which is hosted on off-site blog, like for example, Wattpad)And also a bonus question...3.) If you're a site admin and a RPer on your site has been found to be publishing 'fanfics' (or is intending to do so) of your RP, what would you do?3a.) Do you consider 'traditional' fics based on your RP's setting as part of the site's canon? (I.e. The events of a fic providing the catalyst for the current site plot)
  12. Specific to on Valucre and actually played out rather than in the background narrative If so what were the circumstances?
  13. So today I was struggling with finding a name for a type of architectural structure when I stumbled upon Wikipedia's Glossary of Architecture. I thought other people might find it useful when they write, so I encourage you to post whatever helpful information resources you can in this thread for others to learn from. This includes writing tutorials, description aids, various how-to's (e.g. blood spatter analysis, surviving in the wilderness) and other neat information you think will help others with their writing. RULES DO post helpful resources in any form, whether it be through video, audio, infographic, pdf, or website link. Don't be afraid to recommend books as well. Feel free to also request help to find resources to aid in your writing or character building/development. DO feel free to ask for particular resources (in addition to posting a resource) or respond to other user's pleads for assistance with their writing! If the conversation should last longer than a couple posts, then please move to PM. DO NOT turn this thread into a circlejerk about "things you hate that other writers do" and instead work on providing solutions. If you want to correct someone on an incorrect resource they've posted, provide an alternative resource and leave a brief comment notifying them of their error. DO NOT litter the thread with chatter! If you have something you'd like to discuss with another user, PM them! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE COMPILATION DOCUMENT UPDATE 12/18/15: You can now access a fully compiled document of all the resources posted in this thread. It will be updated with every new full page that gets added to this thread.
  14. Specific to on Valucre and actually played out rather than in the background narrative If so what were the circumstances?
  15. Rabbit

    Quick Inspirations

    As the title says, a quick bit of inspiration that can get your creativity going at short notice. Music, pictures, videos, playlists, etc. Just for people who are struggling and want a little something to help them get moving.
  16. Although quests and artifact hunts get featured a lot because they’re standardized to provide a pick list of options I’m curious about the kinds of things outside of that which people may have gotten up to on the site So what’s one “thing” you’ve done?
  17. Here is my list of "board leader grade" metamaterials in Terrenus: https://www.valucre.com/topic/33303-terrenus-materials-list-detailed/ Here's an example of a detailed entry on one of those materials: https://www.valucre.com/topic/33303-terrenus-materials-list-detailed/?do=findComment&comment=592307 And here are the next three materials I'd like to focus on fleshing out: Nth Starmetal Uru Anyone (or multiple ones) interested in taking a stab at one of these?
  18. Die Shize

    Valucre Wars

    Valucre is a world if ever there was a world, from Terrenus to Genesaris and all the lands left and right and up and below, and on that note how many wars have there been in the world or how many wars are still being waged? By 'war" I do mean war. "War" in the sense of actual armed conflict between two or more nations, states, nation-states, kingdoms, empires and what have you as opposed to gang feuds or pocketed skirmishes. Further, I'll include wars that are restricted to lore/worldbuilding over IC development. As in, a particular land in Valucre might have had a war waged in its history without that war being roleplayed out in real time. War is war, whether it's in the history books or an open IC thread. As an example of the former, Orisia has suffered civil war time and again in its history. Before, during and after the royal House of Beauchene claimed the throne, civil wars plagued the Island of Summer. As far as I know, however, this has not been roleplayed out—yet. Conversely, in IC real time roleplay, Ataraxy's invasion of Nu Martyr saw his PC, Lilith Reiter, seek a certain crown with the backing of other roleplayers' PCs and triggering a defense of PCs on the other side in real time. So, all in all, I'm hoping for a diverse input to my query; answers from people who have observed or experienced wars in Valucre, landowners who have such wars in their history books, and a variety therein. Who knows, getting this information might even allow us to compile a list of wars and even add a timeline to that list. Hit me!
  19. Through one of my many RP threads going on, it has come to my attention that none of the lore (that I can find), addresses the type of art found in those lands. What styles do they paint in, do they even have artists? What era's does the different lands base they paintings from? I need references!!
  20. For those who don't know, GM's are Game Masters. DM's are Dungeon Masters. Dungeon Masters are a somewhat downsized version of the same thing. A Board Leader might be a GM, running that whole setting and determining what standard their areas are held to. A Dungeon Master (DM) is the person running your particular story, but they can also be called GM's depending on semantics. I have a question for you. Do you like being in control of a story, determining the ebb and flow of awesomeness and letting others run wild in your world? Or do you prefer just participating and letting your character be the representation of your awesomeness? I'll give some semblance of an answer first. I love DMing! In no way do I claim to be the best at it, but I don't think there is such thing (Although we can all agree @supernal throws a great shindig). But I, as many RPers do at some point, decided that I enjoy building RP settings and coming up with interesting stuff to throw at RPers who might come there. On top of fun stuff to throw at the RPer though, I struggle to make it palatable. I enjoy something I constantly have to work at, but I also get worn out after extended periods of effort lol.. So while I enjoy the DM game, every now and then I enjoy chilling out and just RPing. If you prefer RPing, or have been deterred from/intimidated by DMing, then why?
  21. Roen

    Their Voice

    It occurred to me that while we are all adept at describing our character’s physical appearance, and some even go so far as to commission art for visual reference, we typically don’t talk about what they sound like. So, tell me. Who do you hear when your character speaks? Who do you hear when someone else’s character speak? I’m very curious.
  22. In other words, what is their primary residence? Not just at the country level, but the city level, and even more specific if at all possible. Feel free to talk about multiple characters but please don't dump a dozen on people all at once. Do two or three at a time and then wait for other people to engage before coming back for more Are they natives to where they live or did they migrate, and if so, from where? Why?
  23. This is specifically for on Valucre rather than other platforms (other sites or chats) or other games (like TTRPG) Why did they die / why haven't they died? p.s. - although admittedly a specialized definition and more interested in the more conventional version, playing an undead counts but only if they were living before and transitioned through play into undead
  24. Are you interested in a continuous, low pressure opportunity to engage with new writers? Are you interested in helping grow and strengthen the Valucre community and assisting new members in understanding and navigating the site? If those sound like you then you may be interested in becoming a mentor at the tavern of legends. What does it take? Here are the essentials: That you actively engage new members in the TOL roleplay thread and ooc thread, cycling through NPCs as appropriate (a bus boy, the bartender, the weapons check guard, etc; anything listed on the first post of that you can think of) You'll have support from me and other staff So as to keep new members actively engaged your posts should be on the faster but shorter end of the response time and post length spectrum A short post every 1-2 days is preferred That you guide new members either to TOL quests, which they can complete by themselves or with other new members, or to areas in the greater Valucre area that you think suit their tastes and interests. If you have the time and interest to play NPCs in their quests that’s fine / even better! But not expected If you’re interested let me know!
  25. Everybody has a plan, everybody has a dream! What is yours? Both IC and OOC! I'll start, I have a few. OOC: 1. I want to run a place, mostly because I'm completely obsessed with writing lore and it gives me the best opportunity to do so. However! I'm new, inexperienced on the site and completely unproven on my reliability. So that will have to wait. 2. I've always wanted to organize and successfully pull off an armed revolution. Build it slow, make terrorist strikes, assassinate Government officials, spread propaganda and then eventually rise up! SEIZE THE- Ehm. Moving on. IC: 1. I'd like Leo to find a 'job' after he graduates. Wandering adventure is fun, but having him work for someone or something just feels more right.
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