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Found 111 results

  1. I want to crowdsource this. There are so many different storylines of different levels that it'll be good to get input from many different data points instead of just what comes to my mind from personal interactions. I'm trying to come up with a list of wanted criminals. This is distinct from general villains because it doesn't care about moral stance, just about criminality of activity, so a prolific thief with a heart of gold would still find themselves on this list. This requires visibility. If the character you want to submit (yours or someone else's, and both are welcome) is a shadowy mastermind and not enough people would know about them to be able to give information on them, then no need to apply. This also requires a sanity check. If the player isn't reliable, you can mention the character but it probably won't make its way to the list, since an ability to be engaged and be present on a schedule that keeps other players engaged is a fundamental criteria for me for this.
  2. Specific to on Valucre and actually played out rather than in the background narrative If so what were the circumstances?
  3. So today I was struggling with finding a name for a type of architectural structure when I stumbled upon Wikipedia's Glossary of Architecture. I thought other people might find it useful when they write, so I encourage you to post whatever helpful information resources you can in this thread for others to learn from. This includes writing tutorials, description aids, various how-to's (e.g. blood spatter analysis, surviving in the wilderness) and other neat information you think will help others with their writing. RULES DO post helpful resources in any form, whether it be through video, audio, infographic, pdf, or website link. Don't be afraid to recommend books as well. Feel free to also request help to find resources to aid in your writing or character building/development. DO feel free to ask for particular resources (in addition to posting a resource) or respond to other user's pleads for assistance with their writing! If the conversation should last longer than a couple posts, then please move to PM. DO NOT turn this thread into a circlejerk about "things you hate that other writers do" and instead work on providing solutions. If you want to correct someone on an incorrect resource they've posted, provide an alternative resource and leave a brief comment notifying them of their error. DO NOT litter the thread with chatter! If you have something you'd like to discuss with another user, PM them! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE COMPILATION DOCUMENT UPDATE 12/18/15: You can now access a fully compiled document of all the resources posted in this thread. It will be updated with every new full page that gets added to this thread.
  4. Not nearly to the same level of detail as we have available for the Valucre canon, I'd be interested in providing some shared settings that people can interact with in Alternative and am curious who else might be interested in doing something like this together or in parallel. Like maybe a persistent Prohibition Era New York or Chicago or Las Vegas (or all 3) that provides a shared setting for roleplay in Alt and can even be modified through character action. Maybe it'll just be a changelog style thread where anyone can post an update to it or something like that Some ideas: Prohibition Era Someplace for gangster style roleplay Something more Scifi Modern earth A downton abbey type place Something superhero / My Hero like Steampunk Post apoc / zombie Who wants to do something like that? Created: Endless worlds - science fantasy Oatpeak - western Chicago - Noir / prohibition
  5. Specific to on Valucre and actually played out rather than in the background narrative If so what were the circumstances?
  6. Rabbit

    Quick Inspirations

    As the title says, a quick bit of inspiration that can get your creativity going at short notice. Music, pictures, videos, playlists, etc. Just for people who are struggling and want a little something to help them get moving.
  7. Although quests and artifact hunts get featured a lot because they’re standardized to provide a pick list of options I’m curious about the kinds of things outside of that which people may have gotten up to on the site So what’s one “thing” you’ve done?
  8. Here is my list of "board leader grade" metamaterials in Terrenus: https://www.valucre.com/topic/33303-terrenus-materials-list-detailed/ Here's an example of a detailed entry on one of those materials: https://www.valucre.com/topic/33303-terrenus-materials-list-detailed/?do=findComment&comment=592307 And here are the next three materials I'd like to focus on fleshing out: Nth Starmetal Uru Anyone (or multiple ones) interested in taking a stab at one of these?
  9. Die Shize

    Valucre Wars

    Valucre is a world if ever there was a world, from Terrenus to Genesaris and all the lands left and right and up and below, and on that note how many wars have there been in the world or how many wars are still being waged? By 'war" I do mean war. "War" in the sense of actual armed conflict between two or more nations, states, nation-states, kingdoms, empires and what have you as opposed to gang feuds or pocketed skirmishes. Further, I'll include wars that are restricted to lore/worldbuilding over IC development. As in, a particular land in Valucre might have had a war waged in its history without that war being roleplayed out in real time. War is war, whether it's in the history books or an open IC thread. As an example of the former, Orisia has suffered civil war time and again in its history. Before, during and after the royal House of Beauchene claimed the throne, civil wars plagued the Island of Summer. As far as I know, however, this has not been roleplayed out—yet. Conversely, in IC real time roleplay, Ataraxy's invasion of Nu Martyr saw his PC, Lilith Reiter, seek a certain crown with the backing of other roleplayers' PCs and triggering a defense of PCs on the other side in real time. So, all in all, I'm hoping for a diverse input to my query; answers from people who have observed or experienced wars in Valucre, landowners who have such wars in their history books, and a variety therein. Who knows, getting this information might even allow us to compile a list of wars and even add a timeline to that list. Hit me!
  10. Through one of my many RP threads going on, it has come to my attention that none of the lore (that I can find), addresses the type of art found in those lands. What styles do they paint in, do they even have artists? What era's does the different lands base they paintings from? I need references!!
  11. For those who don't know, GM's are Game Masters. DM's are Dungeon Masters. Dungeon Masters are a somewhat downsized version of the same thing. A Board Leader might be a GM, running that whole setting and determining what standard their areas are held to. A Dungeon Master (DM) is the person running your particular story, but they can also be called GM's depending on semantics. I have a question for you. Do you like being in control of a story, determining the ebb and flow of awesomeness and letting others run wild in your world? Or do you prefer just participating and letting your character be the representation of your awesomeness? I'll give some semblance of an answer first. I love DMing! In no way do I claim to be the best at it, but I don't think there is such thing (Although we can all agree @supernal throws a great shindig). But I, as many RPers do at some point, decided that I enjoy building RP settings and coming up with interesting stuff to throw at RPers who might come there. On top of fun stuff to throw at the RPer though, I struggle to make it palatable. I enjoy something I constantly have to work at, but I also get worn out after extended periods of effort lol.. So while I enjoy the DM game, every now and then I enjoy chilling out and just RPing. If you prefer RPing, or have been deterred from/intimidated by DMing, then why?
  12. Roen

    Their Voice

    It occurred to me that while we are all adept at describing our character’s physical appearance, and some even go so far as to commission art for visual reference, we typically don’t talk about what they sound like. So, tell me. Who do you hear when your character speaks? Who do you hear when someone else’s character speak? I’m very curious.
  13. In other words, what is their primary residence? Not just at the country level, but the city level, and even more specific if at all possible. Feel free to talk about multiple characters but please don't dump a dozen on people all at once. Do two or three at a time and then wait for other people to engage before coming back for more Are they natives to where they live or did they migrate, and if so, from where? Why?
  14. This is specifically for on Valucre rather than other platforms (other sites or chats) or other games (like TTRPG) Why did they die / why haven't they died? p.s. - although admittedly a specialized definition and more interested in the more conventional version, playing an undead counts but only if they were living before and transitioned through play into undead
  15. Are you interested in a continuous, low pressure opportunity to engage with new writers? Are you interested in helping grow and strengthen the Valucre community and assisting new members in understanding and navigating the site? If those sound like you then you may be interested in becoming a mentor at the tavern of legends. What does it take? Here are the essentials: That you actively engage new members in the TOL roleplay thread and ooc thread, cycling through NPCs as appropriate (a bus boy, the bartender, the weapons check guard, etc; anything listed on the first post of that you can think of) You'll have support from me and other staff So as to keep new members actively engaged your posts should be on the faster but shorter end of the response time and post length spectrum A short post every 1-2 days is preferred That you guide new members either to TOL quests, which they can complete by themselves or with other new members, or to areas in the greater Valucre area that you think suit their tastes and interests. If you have the time and interest to play NPCs in their quests that’s fine / even better! But not expected If you’re interested let me know!
  16. Everybody has a plan, everybody has a dream! What is yours? Both IC and OOC! I'll start, I have a few. OOC: 1. I want to run a place, mostly because I'm completely obsessed with writing lore and it gives me the best opportunity to do so. However! I'm new, inexperienced on the site and completely unproven on my reliability. So that will have to wait. 2. I've always wanted to organize and successfully pull off an armed revolution. Build it slow, make terrorist strikes, assassinate Government officials, spread propaganda and then eventually rise up! SEIZE THE- Ehm. Moving on. IC: 1. I'd like Leo to find a 'job' after he graduates. Wandering adventure is fun, but having him work for someone or something just feels more right.
  17. Share them! Some of my own I've especially liked: Twizzen and Walmart From outside my own brain I liked Tyler's Rodan character because it reminds me of Rodin. Notwithstanding my adoration for the Thinker, the similarity between the two and Rodan being a "flesh sculptor" to Rodin's "actual not-gross sculptor" gave me a ?
  18. You! Yes, you! Do you have a changeling, shapeshifter or some other synonym for beings that change form often, typically in order to fit into society? Then I want you to put their character sheet, and your own background/speculative fiction/lore about them in this page. The goal is to generate a conversation about changelings, involving the people they matter to the most---you, the people who already have changeling characters. What kind of conversation am I looking for? Well, there's plenty to be discussed. Firstly, I want to explain: when this discussion is finished, I'll be adding a tentative post to the Unofficial Valucre Character Race List. I want to add as much history to the Changeling entry as I can, and offer as much introspection about them as possible. This will also, hopefully, give the Changelings a sense of shared identity, a place to call home, and whatever else we can come up with. So, what I need from you is to post your character sheets for your changelings, and @ anyone else that has a changeling that you are aware of. Share as much about your changeling as you like, and offer any personal lore and canon that you'd like considered. We can discuss what fits into the narrative of Valucre, and work together to shape the Changeling identity.
  19. Since I plan to do these every week, I may at least make my own thread for them. What follows is an accumulation of my knowledge as an amateur Sabre fencer. Sabre is fast and aggressive with less emphasis on technique and strategy than the other disciplines of fencing. (Don’t get me wrong, though, there’s still plenty of that.) A lot of ideas and strategies translate well into real-life sword play. So if you’ve got a character who uses a light/one handed sword, then I hope something in here could be of use to you and your role playing adventures! Without further ado... Your fencing tip of the week.
  20. Either in this world or another, and feel free to be as specific or as general as you want
  21. It's time, ladies and gentlemen and others! Tales of Redemption is Open for Entries! Here's a refresher on the definition of "Redemption" we'll be working with: Redemption doesn't have to be big or totally transformative, but it does imply a moral shift in behavior or perspective. Your main character doesn't have to go from being a devil to an angel in 2000 words, but someone should probably become at least a little less awful for at least a small, significant moment. HOW TO SUBMIT AN ENTRY: PM me with "Tales of Redemption" in the subject line, along with the title of your story and a word count. I will respond when I have received it, but please give me 72 hours before poking me; life things happen to me with a disturbing frequency (see: intended contest opening on April 1st). OFFICIAL RULES: 1) Submissions will be accepted from now until midnight on April 29th! NEW DEADLINE: MAY 15th! The entries will be posted in random order on April 30th MAY 16th!, and voting will open May 1st MAY 20th! 2) Maximum length is 2000 words. There is no minimum word count. 3) Stories can have any tone, from grimdark to flight-of-whimsy, as long as the central theme is redemption. 4) Entries must be original, unused work. Do not plagiarize, and definitely don't plagiarize yourself. I will be checking. 5) YOU ARE SWORN TO SECRECY! Your submission must be known only to you and to me. Do not give anyone any information that they could use to easily identify your entry. 6) One submission per participant. Revisions or substitutions will be allowed up until the deadline, but only one entry per contestant will be posted. 7) Please double-check your formatting. The only editing I will do to an entry is to fix any errors that happen with the copy/paste function. 8 ) Entries MUST HAVE A TITLE. I refuse to post a dozen stories all named "Untitled #1", "Untitled #2", "Untitled #3", like happened in Spinal Chills a couple years back. That was maddening as a participant, and probably would have been maddening as a voter, and in any case it's my contest so it's my rule. Give it a title. PRIZES: Prizes depend on the number of entries received by the deadline. Five or fewer entries: 1st Place: A custom user title, courtesy of @supernal! (if the winner already has a custom user title, then we'll come up with something different and cool, but I just now at this very second thought of this problem, so that's my bad.) Six to Ten entries: 1st Place: $15 Amazon gift card, courtesy of @Veloci-Rapture! 2nd Place: A custom user title! Ten to Fourteen entries: 1st Place: $25 Amazon gift card! 2nd Place: $10 Amazon gift card! 3rd Place: A custom user title! Fifteen or more entries: 1st Place: $50 Amazon gift card! 2nd Place: $25 Amazon gift card! 3rd Place: $10 Amazon gift card! Honorable Mention: A custom user title! [NOTE! Gift cards require a valid e-mail address to send them to, so be prepared to provide one!] WORKSHOP THREAD: Finally, if you've got questions of a general "how do I write stuff goodly?" variety, come on over to the Spring Contest Workshop Thread! It's been pretty dull so far, but I'm hoping we can give out lots of advice as the timer ticks down! Don't be afraid! Let's have a great contest! Give Valucre your best shot at a TALE OF REDEMPTION!
  22. Pretty much what the subject says If your response is low on the engagement scale I may ask some probing questions
  23. I call it RIPT, pronounced RIP IT! (Now RIPET; still pronounced the same!) I recently saw Get Backers and thought their system of service classification would be interesting to apply to Valucre. I don't want to go through all of those threads again like I did for the other indexes, so this will be a crowdsourced effort. By making people actively post their own links I hope to auto-curate only potentially active orgs too If you have/own/manage an org, post about it here with a link and let me know which service they fall under. If they're a multi-service org, then pick the primary one. None of this multi-classing BS Open to suggestions on how to improve this but want to keep it simple by design Classes Retrieval = "Get that thing back". I imagine this in the line of private investigation. Find this person or thing, and/or bring that person or thing back. A bounty hunter would be a good example. An insurance investigator that tracks and retrieves stolen art/equipment/etc would be another great example. Infiltration = "Get that thing or break into that place". A catch-all for general criminal services or orgs that would do the stealing or infiltration or extortion type crimes Protection = "Secure this thing". The actual guard or security that protects a person, place or thing in transit or at rest, and can apply to concepts (such as reputation) as well as concrete items Extermination = "Kill or hurt that person / thing". Assassination and mercenary type services. Transportation = "Move this thing". The service that moves materials, people, etc, from one location to the other. Shipping companies, smugglers, and fences would all fall into Transportation. If, like many transport, they also offer security during transportation, they would be Transport if transportation is their primary offering Organizations Casper Shipping Company; Transportation Blackspear Cartel; Protection Burning Bushes for Peace; Transportation Toxicant; Extermination House Karradeen; Transportation Book Ends; Infiltration Redeemer; Protection Justice; Protection Handymen; Infiltration
  24. This is Valucre's canonization guide: https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/resources/general/canonization-guide/ I made this thread so that members, new and old, can ask any questions about the canon process that they may have
  25. Let me start off by thanking everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. Thank you Internally we're still discussing some of the finer points of the data, and I've separated the long form text responses into a separate discussion which involves more standardization so as to make the data anonymous (or near enough) as well as easily digestible (more signal, less noise) You'll see more updates on that, and the graphs for the below will be released separately to increase engagement, but here are the summarized results to share a great deal of the data in a fashion (I think) conducive to conversation (without the burden of expectation to engage in conversation) Based off 42 responses Most people (41%) take 30 minutes to post; the second largest group (26%) takes 1 hour Most people (29%) come here for the IC (a 1); the second largest group (21%) come more for the IC but also lean OOC (a 4) Most people (50%) access the site on PC; the second largest group (45%) on mobile Most people (98%) think Valucre loads quickly (according to their subjective experience) Most people (62%) find Valucre's lore has the answers but requires effort to get to those answers; the second largest group (38%) finds the answers easily Most people (52%) think Valucre's lore is unique; the second largest group (38%) think Valucre's lore is familiar but uncommon Most people (60%) like to read fantasy; the second largest (14%) like to read sci-fi Most people (62%) like to write fantasy; the second largest (12%) like to write sci-fi Most people (67%) prefer groups 3-5 in size; the second largest (26%) prefer one-on-one Most people (75%) have roleplayed on forums/bulletin boards for more than 2 years; the second largest (10%) for 1-2 years Most people (52%) have roleplayed on Valucre for more than 2 years; the second largest (16.7%) for 1-2 years Most people (69%) prefer collaborative combat; the second largest group (24%) prefer turn-based combat Most people (83%) enjoy character interaction the most; the second largest (14%) prefer exploration Most people (36%) heard about valucre through word of mouth; the second largest groups tie at 26% and are Search Engine and Topsite list
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