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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bartle_taxonomy_of_player_types It's a pretty simple model so by no means take this as an exhaustive analysis of player motivations and types. Those exist but this is more just to be like hey neat I think like in most things that people are different types depending on the game, on why they're playing the game, on the shifts of their personality over time, etc etc. But which do you think you are, or were, or have spent most time as? This isn't about judging one type as better or more natural or more productive than the other, just being like hey neat
  2. Unicorn jerky, dragon steak, fairy popcorn bites, etc. Fantasy foods or cooking isn't often what grabs the attention of people when playing games or RPing in general. But what are some fantasy foods you've used or have ideas about? In a realm only limited by imagination, i'm surprised I haven't seen more about it.
  3. Your characters or someone else's, but specifically the dialogue bits instead of the narrative bits Got any to share?
  4. What are they and where can you find them? A low energy attempt to crowd source locations of interest nested inside the already interesting locations of planet Valucre
  5. supernal

    RP best practices

    I’ve done a thread like this before and I’ll do it again and again! What are some useful best practices or rule of thumb or general guidelines, etc etc, that you’ve found useful and want to share?
  6. It can be at the macro level or as micro as you care to make it. Tell us the place and just one word to describe it but feel free to give more detail around it in a new paragraph or something like that. If it has lore feel free to link to it! I thought this might be a fun way to surface lore you might not otherwise run across
  7. Hello everyone. I was thinking a little bit today about characters and character motivations. When I was a bit younger, I had a great many characters, and going back over some of the posts I wrote from years ago, I noticed the following things in my own writing: Volume over quality A degree of uniformity amongst mooks/minor characters Disparity between minor and major characters in terms of influence A lack of adventurousness on my part for major characters, some for minor With this in mind, and when I came back to RP, I wanted to focus much more on some specific qualities: Quality of posting Consistency in characters No minor characters In a sense, I think that I was personally bored with how bloated my RPs got before, and keeping track of what a dozen characters were doing got frustrating. To be fair, I frustrate easily and don't like things to be too chaotic so this probably was related to that sense of frustration with RP in general. What I refer to above with 'volume over quality' is that I had dozens of characters, but very few of them were characters that I legitimately enjoyed RPing as, and many of them felt more like 'means to an end' as opposed to 'exploring the characters' (which is what I feel I'm more into now). As a result, a lot of those characters felt 'the same' or at least 'generally indistinguishable from each other'. I could probably have swapped out any number of those characters of any of the others and not even have noticed that error. For the record, I don't think that there is anything specifically wrong with having characters that are a means to an end, only that it's not really my cup of tea anymore. If you use characters like this and enjoy doing so, that's perfectly fine. In a sense, I think that personally I'm more interested in flexing my writing in a more cohesive and refined way (it stands to reason that it is easier to have consistency of character when you have two characters than if you have twenty). When I say refined, I need to be clear that I'm talking about my own ability to write on the subject with a sense of clarity, conciseness, and purpose (a thing that I found lacking in my own writing when I had too many characters). I'm curious to hear what people think about their own characters, their motivations for writing them, what the characters are motivated by, and why they do the things that they do. The lack of 'minor' characters means that I'm not really interested in having dozens of support characters (though I think that *some* support is important). For that reason, I'm listing [some] motivations for my own characters so that people can see where I'm coming from. Alexis: I think that she's my favourite character and I thought it would be really interesting to see what it would be like to plant a character that is more or less a Disney princess into Valucre. She has a lot of qualities that exist in similar archetypes, but is also a character that largely doesn't enjoy conflict. She is written with a sense of 'self-awareness' (as is Disney's sense of self-commentary in recent movies), and has a lot of song and hopeful themes. I enjoy writing her because she feels very contrary to what I have historically RPed as. Annan: I wanted to have a character that relied heavily on emotional elements in how I RPed her. I wanted to also have a character who had immense depth through back story, but also not 'throw it all on the character sheet'. I thought it might be more interesting for me to explore how her own backstory might affect her ongoing life, and I want to incorporate her history into her life so that I could flesh out the character actively as opposed to making her past static and her future malleable. Yh'mi: Yh'mi is a bit more of a wild card because I know who the character *used* to be, but I'm not sure what it is that she will become. This one, despite having the most history with, is also the character that I feel is the most chaotic because I rely a lot on what happens to her to dictate how she reacts and how she will feel about things going forward. I'd love to hear what you guys think about your own characters, why you RP them the way that you do, etc.
  8. Dragons, gods, relic hunts and more dragons are very common things seen in fantasy settings and roleplay. By no means am I complaining about this, they're commonly used for the simple reason that they're fun! But what're some creatures and concepts that you'd like to see more often in RP threads and fantasy settings in general? And have you ever tried to start a thread with that concept, but never got enough interest?
  9. Nobilis

    Writing Styles

    I think that with every character I make, I try to vary the writing styles a little bit. Some times I find that this works well, other times it helps me to identify things that 'sounded good in principle, but wound up lacklustre in practice'. Recently I've been testing a few things: Water narratives, music narratives, horror, *mild* fourth wall breaking, and ways to expand on ideas through back stories. So yeah, let's hear it, what are you guys testing and working with? What do you like to read? What do you like to write?
  10. Cribbing off Rabbit's thread Share your best moments, favorite arcs, memorable characters, so on and so forth. Online or offline, through whatever medium is relevant
  11. So today I was struggling with finding a name for a type of architectural structure when I stumbled upon Wikipedia's Glossary of Architecture. I thought other people might find it useful when they write, so I encourage you to post whatever helpful information resources you can in this thread for others to learn from. This includes writing tutorials, description aids, various how-to's (e.g. blood spatter analysis, surviving in the wilderness) and other neat information you think will help others with their writing. RULES DO post helpful resources in any form, whether it be through video, audio, infographic, pdf, or website link. Don't be afraid to recommend books as well. Feel free to also request help to find resources to aid in your writing or character building/development. DO feel free to ask for particular resources (in addition to posting a resource) or respond to other user's pleads for assistance with their writing! If the conversation should last longer than a couple posts, then please move to PM. DO NOT turn this thread into a circlejerk about "things you hate that other writers do" and instead work on providing solutions. If you want to correct someone on an incorrect resource they've posted, provide an alternative resource and leave a brief comment notifying them of their error. DO NOT litter the thread with chatter! If you have something you'd like to discuss with another user, PM them! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE COMPILATION DOCUMENT UPDATE 12/18/15: You can now access a fully compiled document of all the resources posted in this thread. It will be updated with every new full page that gets added to this thread.
  12. What is a major goal for just one of your characters right now, and how far along are they to achieving that goal?
  13. I can't think of a better way to word it and am not sure what I mean, which is probably why, but I think it'd be neat to experiment more with things that take X to develop, or which trigger on Y, or which are only available during Z Okay have fun with that. I'll pop back in myself now and again with working examples as this concept consumes me from within
  14. What is the most significant challenge your characters have overcome and how did your characters overcome it? How did this challenge affect your characters, other characters, and the setting?
  15. Hey y’all, I’ve recently been thinking about character design and the kinds of things you have to keep in mind when it comes to making RPing as a character easier. a big detail I’ve noticed from having different levels of success with different characters, is that you really need to make sure your character can engage in casual conversations. It’s a deceptively huge limitation especially if you made their personal interests things that would require tons of writing to pull off or don’t come up naturally. so I was wondering. Are there any other examples of things that turn out to be way more important for having a not tedious RP experience? or just, what’s something that you feel is really important to give a character when making them? (this train of thought was started because of @Dupin thread about character design processes so credit to them for that.)
  16. Hey y'all! Not sure if this is the right spot on the site for this or if this has been done before (so forgive me if it isn't or has been). What is your "typical" process for coming up with a character? Do you start from an image you've found online/drawn? Do you build around a cornerstone and, if so, what do these cornerstones tend to be (e.g. a badass quote you thought of, a story you had in mind, a set of interactions/RP scenarios you've envisioned)? Or do you do something totally different? Obviously the answer will be different for everybody and, even among individuals, the process might be different each time. I'd wager however that with a bit of meditation you'll uncover that you do follow a creative pattern...and I'm very curious how all you talented and creative folks go about creating your wonderful creations. As the process for characters often spills over to other story telling features, I imagine this will be a useful exercise in multiple ways: i) It'll help you better understand yourself and provide you with insights on how you might consciously want to tune certain aspects of your process. ii) We will all get a glimpse at how others go about it and maybe learn/incorporate some of that into our own methodology. iii) We may get a sense of certain biasses/expectations that may underly the stories we tell as a collective which are possibly causing storytelling "frictions" (not sure what to do with this information if it is something real, but it can't hurt to have). iv) I don't have a fourth reason, but I'm sure somebody else will and I think lists with roman numerals get spicier once you get the "v"s and "x"s into the mix. To kick off the conversation, I'll mention what I usually do. Essentially my process usually starts with me thinking "Ooo that's an interesting piece of lore, there should really be more done with that." From there I'm naturally led to envisioning a general genre or set of stories that would serve this purpose. At this stage I'm off to the races and my process goes something like this - First I do some internal philosophizing. I ask myself "What are some examples I can draw on?", "What really made a character in that example good for the purpose?", "What made them bad or would've improved them?", "What else needed to exist in the story for a type of character to really shine?", etc. At the end of this I usually have a basic skeleton (or set of skeletons) and a basic set of goals/benchmarks. Now I start tossing around ideas with myself and see how they fit in with the previous step. Most of the stuff from this stage will get tossed out or saved for later. With a set of ideas for multiple aspects that characters are made up of, I'm ready to start organizing the ideas. I look at what I've come up with and try to figure out how they'd look when taken "as a whole". I don't want a set of disjoint ideas forcefully glued together, so I start shedding ideas/parts of ideas or molding them a bit. Cool, so now I have a basic skeleton/the "core" of the character in place. I finish off by adding those little flourishes that make the character "real" and "pop" in my mind. The little personality tweaks, the way their powers manifest, their name, so on and so forth. Usually at this stage I like to ask myself "What makes my character different from the other characters I've seen for this purpose?" and that helps drive these final details. I also occasionally start with what I referred to as a flourish and try to figure out how that gets me to the start of this process, i.e. ask myself "what sorts of stories would this benefit".
  17. supernal

    Limited GM

    How interested (or not!) would you as a player be in a “service” where another player will GM a plot for you but service is limited by time or content. Meaning they will stop GMing after X weeks or months, or after Y posts or pages of roleplay
  18. Overall, my RP experience has generally been mild in comparison to some stories I've heard. I've had some good times and some bad, with a fair few cringe inducing moments here and there. But my overall experience definitely leans much farther into the positive end, with few note worthy bad times worth a story telling. So, just curious if anyone has any stories of there bad RP experiences. Online or in person, anything goes.
  19. Just like the title says, better give a couple examples. Thurgood Singlance: he gets shit done. Aveline Singlance: A faaaar better, and female, build of Thurgood Singlance. Challara Arabett: A dim follower, victim of Yh'mi, but she's strong. Soker Kidwt: A work in progress. No, seriously. Vivian Singlance: A sapient fox trying to be Aveline. Nadia Singlance: Thurgood is rubbing off on her.
  20. Metty

    Explosions and MP

    Okay so here's the laydown: I have a character that create explosions using explosive flames. These range from small to room size (building in certain places and with buildup obviously). Is this allowed in any shape or form on the site?
  21. Canon lists are usually threads of accomplishment. What have your characters lost? Physically or mentally or symbolically or in exchange or whatever else might apply
  22. In contrast to Supernal's thread "What Have Your Characters Lost", what have your characters won, earned, realized, stolen, built, acquired, or otherwise gained? My main characters, the Singlances, gained a new appreciation for the environment, infrastructure, and ironically, petroleum. They've also gained a thriving business. Thurgood gained powerful allies in John Wilder and Grant Knight, Aveline gained a position in law enforcement.
  23. So, language barriers are something I'm hoping to play around with in group threads once my exams are over. I have used language barriers before, but only in super mild non thread affecting ways. I'm interesting in creating solvable language barriers, so I've been looking around online for guidance on it. I've slowly been thinking up potential ways to do it. I'm just curious to know if others on site have used language barriers in their threads and how did you solve them in RP? I'm also looking into creating a writing system, but it's all still in the works. So far, Artifexian's and David Peterson's youtube channels have been great help with this subject, for anyone else interested.
  24. I'll start by saying that I'm not looking for suggestions that are drugs, sex, or gambling, mostly because I've already done variations on all three and those are also among the most common "entertainment industry" offerings I've seen Many other forms have been touched on, and I'm looking to do more of those (like museums!), or conceive of new forms if possible. I have a handful of ideas in mind and / or already in play but I'm curious. What would a place have to have to make it a tourist destination? A place people go for honeymoons or special dates or on vacation? . . . a boardwalk!
  25. Using the word "background" here will have variable mileage. Things that I consider background-type services are things that some RPers pivot characters or even the whole of their roleplay energy on. With that in mind though I'd like to see what comes to mind from people when asked to think about the kind of in-character services that don't see the spotlight and might be interesting if they did So personally, as it must be: I like and would like to see more of tailor and fashion types, more bard types which get more consistent use and maybe even do little ditties on IC exploits as pulled from various canonization threads, and more apprentice types to see more complaining about dealing with learn-ed maesters
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