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Found 6 results

  1. It's the year 3713, and the people of Earth had solved much of the problems that faced them in centuries past with the creation of enhanced technology. Now, the common population was working only to support the AI that kept society functioning in top shape. Everyone was getting bored. They had accomplished most everything they had even thought possible, the most remarkable of course being the creation of the ultimate VR experience-the Endless Horizon. A simulated world with endless possibilities-all it takes is a thought, a bit of designing in some menus, and you can have a world of your very own. At the moment, a large event was about to take place, or so everyone heard, with the media spreading the info like a wildfire. Record numbers of people had diven into the Endless Horizon through the microchips connected to their brains at birth. The medieval city everyone had gathered in was abuzz-but for how long would that happiness last?
  2. You and a group of people are tasked to acquire an extremely powerful artifact from somewhere, but as to where you will be going is still unknown. During the beefing, you were told that this mission was tasked to you by your superiors as a test run of a new technology that has been created. This technology was from a project that had been going on for a few months in the dark. You and group members are the first people outside of the lab to know about this project. It was code name "Project Tempo" and its goal was to utilize a new found temporal space called "W". This space has a few proportions that the scientist have only started to harness. They said that small tests on mice have shown positive results, but prolong exposure in "W" can have adverse effects on the physical body. Following this was a short clip on how the terminological equipment works. In the video, there were 4 distinct electronica l devices in the shape of wrist bands. it almost looks as if it were made of cloth. The first one was strapped to a rat over its wast. Connected to the band was a wire with a button. what the button was pressed quickly the rat became a pail semi translucent blue. same for the 2nt band but rather them blue its red, and the 3rd with Silver and finaly the 4th with a soft Green. "As for what you will be capable of in said "Temporal Space" is what we will be testing" The director of the mission beefing mentioned, "Now any questions."
  3. Modern Illusion: Unusual World
  4. Palpatine spent his life conquering the galaxy, and exploring various aspects of the dark side of the force. He even believed that beyond the outer regions of the Galaxy was the wellspring that fed his connection to the dark side. Darth Sidious studied, and continued his late master Darth Plagueis's dabblings in cheating death. His ultimate goal was to have all the power and live forever. The force washed through him collapsing the bridge between life and death as he fell down the shaft and suspended his body in an undying incorporeal hybernation. In this state the dark lord was unthinking, and hardly aware of himself, but his force-influenced state became a beacon, saturing the dark side of the force with his energy. Somewhere far beyond the outer regions of the Galaxy, an entity very powerfully bonded to the dark side of the force heard the call. Snoke allowed his body to pass through the force and came face to face with Darth Sidious's incorporeal form. It was drenched with the dark side energy, and Snoke reached out to it. Palpatine instantly began to stir, remained incorporeal, and was very weak. Snoke thought Palpatine was a God and pledged himelf to his service. Palpatine sent Snoke to collect the remnants of the Empire, find Luke Skywalker, and finish the Jedi. However, learning of Ben Solo, the young naive grandson of Anakin Skywalker who was abandoned by his parents, Palpatine ordered Snoke to gain his affection and influence him toward the dark side. Snoke's plot went unhindered at first, but when Luke put two and two together he confronted Snoke and ejected the student from his academy. Snoke, using the private ordeal to his advantage, attacked Luke. Luke defeated him in a gruesome duel and allowed him to leave and forbidding him from returning. The old jedi never offered Ben a reason for doing so, and resentment grew within the boy. Luke sensed this and the force offered him a glimpse of a possible future. He ignited his lightsaber in a moment of uncertainty and weakness before coming to his senses, but it was too late and Ben ignited his saber. The confused and angry boy collapsed the rooftop over his uncle with pure rage. Another student, that belonged to a cult called the Knights of Ren, took the opportunity to pledge himself to Ben Solo, the grandson of Darth Vader. Together, the two destroyed the temple and killed the other students. He took Ben to the Knights of Ren and when they learned of his identity they endowed him with the title Kylo Ren, their master. Snoke found Kylo Ren and claimed Luke had attacked him and wrangled his body with the force. He had Kylo return him to the First Order to recover from his grievous wounds. Palpatine was still weak, but with Snoke's devout loyalty, he commanded The First Order and the Knights of Ren led by his late apprentice's descendant. He would not reveal himself until fully recovered, and in the meantime had Snoke take on Kylo, the Knights' Chosen One, as an apprentice. Palpatine knew the boy's true potential and had Snoke train him in the dark side of the force while he recovered, stranded amidst the wreckage of the Death Star, pulling the strings from afar.
  5. “You really messed up this time...” Lotte thought to herself as she gazed outside the tinted window. The weather was dreary and befitting the mood she was in. The light patter of rain made her ears twitch, she would never get used to this planets strange temperature changes. Where she came from there was only ever sunny weather, but where she came from was also unlivable. Earth had given her both a new life and taken a part of her away. There were already so few Behovians left, after the murder of her parents she was truly alone. A pod pulled up next to them at the intersection, a little boy in the pod next to them looked over and stared at Lotte. She stared back at the boy and suddenly he began to cry. She abruptly turned away and sank into the chrome seat. Taking out a small pink stone she pressed on its center and a hologram flashes, all of her writings are stored here. She jotted down something and then put the stone away. ”You da first alien I ever saw with such human like features, ‘sides dem ears,” the man driving said, an attempt at small talk? He looked at her through the rear view mirror, a perverted gaze, now she realized what his comment meant. Lottes ears perked up and then sank down as she looked back out the window at the crying boy. “Are all you alien chicks prudes?” The man asked. ”I’d appreciate if you’d pay attention to driving. My company has paid for my transportation, I don’t want to have to report you,” her palms gripped her bags strap tighter. The man scoffed, “whatever,” he pressed a button and the windows went completely black and a partition appeared separating the front and back of the pod. “Sorry, this point on my boss says no one can see. The location is private.” He then takes off. Lotte took a deep breathe, letting it out softly. Were these signs that she wasn’t making the right choice, or were they signs telling her that if she did do this that things could be better than what they are? She takes out her pink stone and jots that thought down before slipping into a surprisingly deep sleep. ”ey, hello, we’re here. I gotta charge extra if you delay me.” Lottes eyes fluttered opened. She looked outside at her destination. The rain had stopped and turned into snow. It was as though they were in a completely world. She stepped outside of the car, the stillness of the atmosphere was calming and eerie. The facility was humongous. The entire exterior seemed to be white and surrounded by all types of flora. She wondered how the plants survived at all. There were candecent lights lit up every where and the ground was dimly lit up as well. Everyone instructed to come was told to only bring themselves. She looked up at the blue sign which read “EQIXUM” below it a tagline “Bringing you a brighter future, today.” She breathed in deeply before walking toward the entrance.
  6. [Acho system log.....] The Acho system is a system containing 3 planets with only one being habital and that one being a sattlight to a semi-gas planet 1.32 sizes of Valucre orbiting a yellow star and is about 6-8 system jumps away from the Valucre system yet there is said to be a portal located here that has a direct connection with a portal located on Valucre although the exact location of this portal remains a mystery. These are the names [Achol 'sattlight'] Type:Continental oceans Orbital distance from star: 1.0012AU Size: 33865.36 miles in circumstance Habitbility:1.12 (-0.001p) where p=pollution per year Civilisation:Titans/ type: Upper middle ages Other notable life forms: tall moss trees and vegetation like grass (desc) smallest in the system being 0.68 size of the valucre world yet it inhabits as the only life supporting world in the system. Containing continents like Pangia and Lofilr the countries of the two lay sepreate due to diffrences in ethical and governmental belief dispite having the same religion, same economy and same morals yet due to ethics and government. -- [AACHO 'Planet'] Type: Toxic gas mini giant Orbital distance from star: 1.0012AU size: 1.32 Valucre size Habitility: -1.004 (0.001p)(-0) Civilisations: deteriorating scattered atomic age city states comprised of a hominoid species Notable life forms: Humans, humanoids, grass (desc) It looks as though recently (I mean 100 years ago) this was a briming home world full of Hi tech cities about to explore the great unknown. So...what happened? A corporation known as Hasin had produced a new type of liquid using illegal techniques, thing was that it was dubbed 'Uridium' because of iridium's rarity and glamour (which glamour is what they have in common) however after using its unique properties of converting matter ito more of itself they became careless and ended up with a problem that didnt stop growing as it continued to convert matter itself into more Uridium. Within days entire citites had to be evacuated. it was soon found out that enough of it causes it to off gas and become toxic, at this point a few of the governments decided to establish a series of floating islands incase it became too late, which eventully it did. Before it did completely they counstructed a structure capable of filtering the now toxic air which took over the lower athmosphere dispite quarantine attempts only 32 cities placed on floating islands existed at this point along with various island smaller scattered throughout the skies they had dropped their original flags and honor and devolved into various city states at this point they figuared out that with powerful magnetcs they could repel the Uridium .However a war between two of the city states for control over the great air filter for the one that controlled it could demand and threaten others for resources. After the war unknowing to them the filter got damages and begun spewing the toxic air from below upward towards the upper atmosphere meny were sent but none came back and as things worsened these city states brought up a plan, to construct a way to pump and use the uridium as their last hope, succeeded they did as they used the corporate fabricators of old to construct air tight domes and air filters like mad, and to repair damages done by both age and deterioration, however at some points riots broke out and an unstable floating ground destroyed most of these structures and caused meny cities to be destroyed along with the heavy hurricane like weather that rose every week so often were these storms that meny cities fell before they could build a storm resistant dome barrier. By using magnetic pipes and a magnetic pump which was self powered the remaining people remained inside their collapsing safety bubble awaiting better days. Even with the hitech air suitfilters it still was extremely difficult to breath in and most that went out basicly died however eventually few did return but only with news of not being able to reach the great air filter before they began running out of air. Even reporting that their suits were beging to thin an tear pretty easily. -- Acho lll Type:barren Orbital distance 2.679 AU Size 1.12 of Vaulcre Habitalily: 0.000 Civilisations: none No notable life forms (Desc) A rather cold world filled with wastelands and radioactive deserts being devoid of life and an atmosphere this planet doesnt really have much to it other then its barren Wip
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