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  1. Grant stood on the deck of the small boat he had procured; double checking the rigging and doing other last minute checks on the vessel. The vessel had been purchased well above its worth from a fisherman who would now be able to afford a better one. It was often the little things that the prince took comfort in these days; and the way the man's eyes had lit up when he'd heard the offer was one of them. Of course, today he was in higher spirits than most. He had asked Lady Delphine of House Mythal to accompany him on this journey, and she had said yes. He had practically been walking on air all the way to the docks. The prince had met the Lady during a visit to the city that her family was building on Thrace as part of a proposed trade route. Through some strange combination of natural chemistry, and recognition of each others traumatic pasts, they had hit it off. When they parted that day, they had agreed to see each other once again, and today was that day. Though he had thought about wearing something fancy, but had eventually settled on a more practical outfit. He had however cleaned himself up a bit, and trimmed his beard. Preparations done, now he need only wait for his shipmate. @Aleksei
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